Newspaper of The New York Herald, 7 Şubat 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 7 Şubat 1843 Page 1
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T HI V??t. IX.?Wo. n,?Whole Wo. To the Public. r THE NEW TOIIK HERALD?dailynewspaper?publiskv! every day oftho year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price a cants por oopy?or $7 id per aunum ?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price flj centi per copy, or $8 It per annum? poMigp* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS nre informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOU1 SAND, and increasing a?t. It hat Iht largest circulation of any paper in thit city, ^ or the world, and it therefore, the hett channel forburinest <i men in the eity or country. Pricos moderate?cash in ad- p van ce. " o PRINTING ofall kinds, executed at the most moderate < nrk-c* and in tlie irost elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnSFBICTOK or THE HkkacU Ektahi.ishmkivt, Northwest cornet of Fuiton end Nassau streets. til AGENTS. 1 tie following is a list of the agents for ths Herald, where sulxci iptions will be received, anil single numbers arn (ouud fur sale regularly :? ST WHAT SLACK. AOKKTS. Boston Oeorge W. Redding. Pliilud.lphia ?. E. Zieber. Baltimore W.Taylor. 1 Washington, D. C Q. B. Zieber k Co. Bnlialu, N. Y T. B. Hawks. New Haven, Conn T. H Pease. Hartford, Coun J. W Jtidd. Albany, N. Y G. Jones. Troy, N. Y H. Green. Lnniiiigfi'ig k Waterford.N Y. Thomas P. Richards. Newark, N.J 0 Smith. Cutskiil. N. Y H. Row a. New Orleans J C. Morgan. Cincinnati, U nwwus/urnmiBu. Pa'erson, N. J Matthew Dougherty. Norwich, Con Morgan Salford. Rochester, N. V L. Moore. Eliz.ibcthtown, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N. J William Solomon, St. Louie, Mo Woodward & Mathews. Charleston Amoa Head. '1 Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Augusta, On S. A..,Holmea. Mobi'e, Ala Milton Bollemet. n, roughkeopsie Levi Smith. H Tren'on J. Raunsley. n Pittsburg, Pa Joe. P. IxraeL " Louisville, Kv W. A. Huldeman. Wheeling, Va. Hiram Kaine. New London, Con L. L. Sperry. Newport William A. Fry. T ' Uticu J. B. Look. Savannah, Ga Amos Head. Nashville, Tenia A. Billings. K Syracuse James Roberteon. aEXVBRAA VlLTNTima S ES rABUSEMENT, N. W. CORNER OK KULTON AND NASSAU STS. Is supplied with everv materisl nee entry for (lie prompt, ucat, ami execu-ion ofevrty description m &&xsois s?sa3Ea3S? Pu l?r stir lion is rei)urstrii to this establishment, in the as- <4, sure-it sth it ample satisfsc ion will be given?as regards type co gnu hy, pre.-s work, amtchs-ges?to who riqnire fancy or te common, largo or sntsll work dimply and expeditiously y, SXtCUlSd. _ hi LABELS, CH E< KS, WaV BILLS, CIRCULARS, y SHOW H I.IS, BALL TICKETS. ni STEAMBOAT SILLS, BILLS OF LADING, va RAILROAD BILLS, BUSINESS CARDS, Ka TARE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PAMPHLETS, BILLHEADS, ih HANDBIL'S, NOTES, er HSHCOMEV ? yon THEATRES, CIR-CUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, ,n LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Jj] Or any otli- r places whew the largea description of printing is r? qui i d. The ficili irs for this ivoik are no- equalled bv any a? ofltco in this city, for, besides the large assortment of of P1Am taws ?BMAMSbWAL ;? Tins esi lbhshmn.t has the LARGEST PtliiSSEA IN THE CITY, Great pti is have been tshe-.i 10 provide every material that ,|, stout'..i Showbills, will lin.l ii anally to heir advantage to pt'ionnn Ihii MUbliihitttflt. ,,, K/" Any size or form of Bill cm be furnished at very short no ice. ?3 ov AOOT>6 CfTANCfc in1* offers to any per-on wi-hng to CI commence the wliolt sale aud rela'l Wiue and Liquet bu*i- O I'. -t, The ?loch, futures, li.irse, wagon slid harness, aUo the B; IMvil! it new olrnd ,.r urle ?t a bargain, with t? ot ear* an k'l.cliout Ma' Hilt. The store i. now doing <t rood wh.i'r tic aud tetai: buainran, and be easily iorreaeed. The |>C ch-i|> grocery boainen rau be added with little eipeiur atid to gre ;it adTin tag : The store it larite with i good cellar, a tuated or: 01.tea eooainartel.snd the neighborhood illicitly,iOpulaucl. Tli ft'; t rau hi r duces! to suit the purchaser Item low. The K pr. prtt tor's only reason for selling is ou accouut of leaving the m cooutri. V B The above is an eacel en' oppoitunity for a-y rersou ?h wishing to commence business. An early a indication u re cuevTeo. Address W. M. R Herat I Office. fSJt'r 'PUE MiW YOKK L.'.O.VL OUsKHVEK is published ? -f In Sainiiel Owen, Edltora-iO rrO|.tictrr, at a2 Anuatret t, (j, crery satnroav. price one shi'liug |>er copv. or Si per minum,in i" rdvAiicr. Iu addition to the decist'-na in the American Goarts, jj nil 'he imp rt tit ruses in the following Courts wil! aipear fioin M'chaelmaa Term, Nov., 18'2 The I.ord Chancellor'* * ourt. The Vice Ohsuce'lor of England* Conn. Vice (chancellor Keifbt, Bruce's ( oart. 1n Vice Ch*nrel1or. Wigiam'a Coo t. Point of tiuetu'a Bench. l,e t of Coo mon Pleas, and Court of Each qm-r. f3St*r WE THE UNDERSIGNED, Impoitera and Wholesale Di.ileis, hasp a uae.1 and sold L. Chapman's Metallic It tor t'rop. do freely rrcommtud it as bring auiwh r to anything w Inch has hitherto come nnatr otir notice of a similar nature. Signed? A ?i S Wi!let?. importers of hardware, No 303 Pearl *L AW S pies A Co, do do 'ell do Willis Ii Br. the re, uo do tIA do if Piglet & Loi.mi', do do *3 do ? Si I t. .. . Pi .I . .In .1, ?? ..J ,, a I. w.ll... Br tin n, do do 58 Petri at. :c Ki??tra. Or or He Jnnea, do 828 do <r S i Im. ii It Frir.. r. importer* of Farcy OooiU, 128 Peril at. -h I'naU v Maiu, importer of drnga, 44 Crd*rat. Kinld, ? hoinpaou kC". impnrtera of Dry Gooda. JJ Cedar it. ! > llowi, An At dale Ik Cooper, W?trhea, II Maiden Lane. l> ml * Co.. iii|xirtrra of Stationery. 245 Trad at. Win K UouldibK. Surjical Iuatrantent m.uiafactnier, S3X Chatham at. 'I o >-e had hy the doaen at the mannfactnrer's pricea of the ahotr fiiuta, and at ratail, at the principal fancy atom thn>a(hoat 'lie ciiy. f> Ini'm GOURAUD'S POUDKfc, SUBTILE, FOR COMPLKTH.v evil PERMANENTLY ERADICATING 8UPfc.ltfcAAJUUtt HAIR. ?b* fPHE nniyersilI t<opnlarity ol ihujna'ly celebrated Chamieal < ? I'reperaiion lot the det'iurtioti ol the atrongeat and tnuithrat a , Hair, from the anft down on lemtlea nppar lip aud arna tp the a'ohboru heard of mm, ueeda not n word of comment in ita bl pr.iue. it ia aufficient to aay tiiat it ia to be found in thi- ciiy o only at the old and ordinal office 87 Walker at, one door from |h Broadway?:SI per bottle. Beware of deleteriona lmilatioar. |h Where alto may be had % GOURAUD'S li A U l1 t. ttliAUTE. q tiLii?*l!ed for frti-rmin ting Tau, I'implea. Rlotehea, Sallow u aa, Sorea, and all cm*a-.>ua r ioi<tiona,and elicit.uc a healthy rc I iveide hlootr. per h'ttle. , j 'T ?>.>ur?ni k vegtiuoir uii|uiu nuuge,?* oajiero *uuu?, aiiu Uhi oo'y oh* in a??. Ml ?< uu per botlle. tiourauu ? Blaur D'Kapagnr, no ncfllM' prenaration for imi-trtiu,: a pure, life llae whiteness to the completion, free from the inju.i rts proiiartir* iteneially euternui intocombination Tor thu ,-iirposc. rut on in eha-tiit hues at 25 eetita each. q Aaoirrt.?New York?Albany, Uulhrie, i Maiden La?'e; Pnnabkeupaie, Wray; Utira, Watle, -IniKKial, Hamilton Vt. Co. Urctr It Grants; Louisviile, Lotus Co.; W. A. Chase; th.sien, Dhoti. Ct tin., vlyers, Clu|iel at. New Haren; W . V K?mkner, Norwich; Wella k Humphreys, Hartford; Churl- i l> er. J .. I'rosiilrnre; Thomas, Newport; Clowes, hair- ay itre-scr. Sprinueld; Urrew It Co., Won:-tier; Burt, Li lit h lit; <-oRKr-hall, South Second ?t. New B-tlltstti;, 2 ,Viik rtieet, Bosion; Lowell. Caileton It Co.; Salem Ivn; Newbury pert, ll< <e; Portsmouth, Prmt n; Poitlsnd, l'arker, Lschance tt; iiaiunr, tiuild; Halm well, r.aii:irma. New Jersey?Newark, 1 ripi*, Princeton, Dr. Peabrook. IV, Hula , TR i liesluu strse L.u>eia? r. Ilrinitesh, drut'gis!; HariinhuighK ibioaou penodiOfl ?g?i,|; Putsioigh, Tuule; Cincinnati, Thomae it Co., Main tiieer; V.i , Richmond, Mra Kr?y?rr; D.C. 'Vaahillgton, S-lhy Parkin; Alrtandris. C. C Hi try; | Mil., Bsllitrore S. S Hanoi , he. Sir Anmirarions Inr teeni ctf* * '?t Ur 10*. i tid (none utiiei- art taken from the i?o*t-ot- cl lire) Hi"';??' ? wilh a N. reiireitCf, uurxctp N tion.ibU* Wi.liiii a-t*w >cai* chi? remarkable and uaefnl che n\ it'TMr ?i* tor cmrtp'etely eradicate ? rui#rflQi'U? tin', <>\ \ ii&a mm hi d i'v !? ^ ^p'tcn rtf ct'lebnty. and consequently ii eieiteri the cupidity U' x ie.?r ?f b.**e counterfeitere, wh . \i "i tfiop i match f om tht lOTintot il * iix km tnpi na (ofbia ?4i ' labor. Pnrrhiaeis ?b<mld therefore ' r. on their guard *nd s? r ir that r?t ry bo tic- ol tFoodre Subtile is squaret and K Kchi w (Jour.lid, l oud o Mih'ili-, n- \ % ? mi frtcli bottle, and the nt li- 1 on tlM onaul* wrapper. Dim* ih tioi s, French aud English, accompany each bottle. Kintemhci the only oilier in N. Y. for the above celebrated d< Oan.fl.c, It 67 Walker atr??t, <ue door from Broadway. q, |f? I'or ? / tHAPT AND TK.NDKR FLE-H OR KHUPTIONB, !" v .1 <1 Dofi ini lit* of tbr Kmi.hiiJ u im or Y'llow >kiiia r, ruwil ii iii?! km i in Ch'inirai So?i>. Shall rhruniati.m, ,>v incklra, ntu-ry, 11iniilir.. rry?i|i"lu? blolrln", innrphrw au, n, fpVif * i v lull a of IllafCU. Ii O'iptlM-Ora, ill', IO 1 klltC tha (,|| oolnr of da-k tiinbii ill, yellow or due- I it'd ?ku>. 1'hijlf*, h? li.n Clioimeal Soap it ie* ly tie wnHer of Hie are. Will una Hie Mrihuil Sociaty of I'ari. call thi? a bli"iinn, turn it loiiitiir \ bii|i|irn.< r 1'lnliiiili o|>i?i. It ii cumin ihoti, Il In all orar tlic Stuti a and Itri'i h poiavnaiona. It ciiturly eraili- ?i ratca r?rly e.uption ?r riiaOkurririPiit of the aViu. inipar.ii'K I" th ?lic mcr. I miv, in ck or Praia, a tie ant fit. lieallh'ul rle om a fo IM.i rii'r-|,f aiTlaiii ii m off rril. Ouo tnal will uifBce to n - th eunimrliit It 10 nil. pi ti tlurc ?rr-oaiiy |h a'rhna ?lio now prucribe tHiin at i"in I' .it Ii 'Ve h.iffleil I In-if akil'a. I inva< Il I n?r rrin It ilire r.i trap o il.rrp raoiiihue nicd inwn.d nJ ontwnril r n ? oi I l > I l > Il , ell Ctotai ly it K'??n 'iicolnicil akin n diliCMUt in hfal ii , cli ir look. I i? aOid nt 5<i tinli 1 c 'ka by tl.e p?o* (i i!.' ik -I h Amo cat. Ii tile. B? | hitii >m atrret, is. m Ymi . api lilt il A<i'H ?Zi?Ih r, 3 1)| i k at. i'iiiladtlphU, or trit ?n the A . t ric ii Hi ! *,WaahitiutnB, I) ('; n tt.atr at. B"?tny; S7 ,'iiti'?t. Athil'V ; Ii#' 'tl'ton.t. llionkl)n; ?(i7 Ripy al.-cot, i*'l - ii. ~.C; C. K. limb/, Mori i. town, N.J, k'errr, A y no it litldaloo ii, tl. Agruta w,liiid in all Otlnreiliea rn ' I Iw* - c. ? I Lltl - UP! oil. 11 a k' .1 ahrathioK to. a of hootaa I P A ?n i all.pi |ioitom*. for *iila in lo'ato au it pnirhaacra, by J31;? R. K COliLlNS.Jl CO. M Month it. |? S N 'E NE1 NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ' eitfrotn New York on the tith mi > Liverpool op ike llth j4 each m?nlh. ,t4S ^ gfo ! hnM NK? Vohk. 8hip OARRICK, Cepuln VVm. Skiddy, iMh K'biuuy. Shin UOHC1UB, Captain Juliu Collins, tSlh March. Ship 8IUUON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 2jlh April. Ship SHKKIftAN, Captain F. A. Depeyalai, itilii May. FROM LirKRPOHi.. .Ship SfDDONS, Cam.'.i.: K. B. Cobb, lith Fcbrnarv. Ship SHERIDAN. Cupl-in F. A. ibepeyxter, llto Match. Slop tiAtlltICK, Captain Win. "kiddy, Ktib April Ship KOSCII S. C ipuin John Cnilinv, 13th May. Th< ; irt' lit ol the f.rst cleat, upwards ol Ifct Una, noilt [ tin city of Now York, with such improvements a^acombine eat ?|x ed with auuanal comfort for lawutrn. Every can is heeii takeu in the arrangement ol their accommodation*, he |iKfi? of p.ta?k.^e hence is JtJCU, for which ample store* ?ill ; provided. These ship* are commanded by experienced axler*, who will make every exertion to /ivo neuenu a'tifac an Neither the captain* or owner* of the ihi|? will be responxic ft;r 11 y lerrer*, parcel* or packaai.. will by them, uule?a retlai b: I." of ladiiiK are signed therefor. For ir-icli'. ot iMtvutk. apply to E. K. COLLINS St ("O., '.m Month K., New Vork.otto WM. St JAS. BROWN U CO., Liverpool. Lctteu by ih? packet* will be claimed !2)j cents per xinitlr eet: !.l) cent* l>er ounce, and iihwm ocrs 1 cent irh fl OLD LINE LIVERPOOL RACELTSi. 4Ar. a&L. toiM, I'HK ULiHtNK of Packel^or Ll re r JK>'v^^^^moeal'I'r be despatched id the following unlet, exceptiug that when the ly ol'oeliii,-. falls ou Hun-lav, the ships will gait on the succeed g day. H or N e w Y ork for Liveiuuol. rh. SOUTH AMERICA (June 1 Julj 9 01* tou? Oct I Not 19 D. G. Bailee, ^Knb ] Mar 19 Pht R?hiLANO, I/use 19 Auu 7 750 loin, (Oct 19 Dec 1 L. L. Waite ( 9,-; I? \pril 7 PH? O YKOKD, t J1J7 ! Aug .9 POO rout, 7 Nov j Dec )9 J H. ilihiiut I \! ,<r| j April '9 t'ht: EUROPE, . h\ .9 Kupi 7 GUI rout, '.Nov 19 J.tii 7 tt. II. -VI ifl'aP I M H 19 M I; 7 Hi- NORTH AMER.V A, t Aug 1 s, pt 19 I>13 totlr < Per. | .Ian 19 A. 11. I.nnbrt.f Ai'ot. i Ma) '? I'he NEW YORK. I Aug ii Oct 7 TOO too- < Dec 17 Feb 7 T. ii. Cropper* April '9 June 7 PheCAMBHIDOE, i Sep. 1 Oct >7 850 tons, vjac I S'elt 17 W. C Bars to vi. f May 1 don- 19 die COLUMBUS, iSert L9 Nov 9 JOiods, I la' j? vlai 9 O. A. Cole 'Maj 19 July 7 Punctuality aa iegards the day of ?\ilinu, will be observed at retofore. The prim of passage outward ta MVllMljOlM undrsi! Dollars, for which ample stores ofeverv description 1 y t>e provided, with ihe exception of wtiirs and liquors, h'.ch will be turuiaiieu In the sietv. ids GOODHUE Ik CO ,61 South ?t., C. H. MARSHALL. 98 Burling-slip, N. V. K-m lrh HA RING BROTHERS it CO., L'ikmiI APSCOTTS (i.-NEMAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. ?!?. 4& j&fb liih Tne subscriber* beg to cell the attention of their friends id ihe public generally, to their superior airangemeiiti r bringing out passeusers from, aud remitting money to, any r" of England, IteUud, Scotl nd or Wales, in tne magnificent cbet Jhiiis, comprising ihe new Line ok Liverpool packets, viz Ship ROSOIU3, Capt. C dliuj. Ship SIT) D ONS,Captain Cobb. snip Captain Uepnyster. Ship OAItRU 'K,' inlaid Shiil.1 y. Mw thin HOTTI VUUKlt, Captaiu Bnrtley. Ship SOUTH Ml N KR, Captaiu Woodhouse. Ship ROC Hi* STE R.'.'apt.iiu P.ilmrr. New ship LIVKRPOt'L. <Inptiim Eldredre. lihug twice every month; inri with the" UNITED LINK," mpixed of superior lift class Ami riuan ships, sailing eiiry 11 iluys, wilt nuke five ships iu each month throughout the tar, (or our trerv si* days) thereby preventing the posai lity of unner.cssary (lt-iemtuii. Passages direct from Loudon, Bristol and Grreuoclt to New nik Also Tom Livtrisoltn New Orleans, Mobile, Sara" h, ChnrVaroit. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the iho s pur's iu Briti-h North America, can at all times tic roared oil liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fall to sec e advantages to be dt rived liom selecting this line in prcferice to any other, and they may rest assured tlmt unusual care ill be taken to make .he passage agreeable, the ships being ted up with an eye solely to the cnm'nrt of passengers. In all cues where the parties si nl for decline coming, the oney will be refunded without any deduction, us usual. A re passage from the ?arsons seaports of Ire'laml and Scotland, ,o also he secured. The regul tr p.- ket* f r which the subscribers are agents, sai1 follows, via I trier: LtmdonAH the 1st, lOth, oid ?(Vh ' each mon . Toattd from Lirerimni on the Ir.t, 7th, 3th, >li, and tjth <.f each month New Or'< .ins, idohile, Sai j.Ji, an Charleston, weekly throughour the season REM ITTAN CE8. rersoni iu the country wishing to t end mr.ney to their friends r enclosing ihesuin they ?ish sent, with the name and ad noinit being forwarded per tir?: pick-t, after the receipt ere of, aud au acknowledgement for the sauie returned per ail. DmIU at tight, for any amount, are payable on demand, withit discount ..r any o .In r charge, at the National and Proviual Banks of Irela. d and brnirhes, Ka?ern Bank e f Scotland, ernoclt, and their branches, Mesur*. Junes Bu't, Son St Go., IUM,Loads*, Kichaoge and Disrouui Bank, I,,vcipool, idioiTerj principal town of Great Briiain .aid Ireland. Fnrtber particulars made known or application, if by Setter, ml paid, to by r \V. St J. T. TJIPSrOTT. G Peck Slip. N. York. |S A. Jgy rAWatTS l^^^^MAIlSEILLr^^^The underlie intoned iim will be icguiarly dispatched from hence and from Marines on the 1st of each inonih during the j ?*r, thu*? From New York. Marseilles, ivesvi i - . w xr - , ?__ , 'RYTHoSirsJWrCiTp Sylvester, Dec!'. Feb *1 OUKIKK, Cent Duiiw, Jan 1. Marl iltMCOl T, C?|it Lawrence, Feb I. Apl I KLLKSI'ONT, CapC A.laina, Marl. Mayl SRIOLANUH, Cap Hails, Apl I. Ju? I They are all cjpperea and copper rt'sreueil.and have emeileut r.ommod.itions for peasmiger*The price "f cabin paesaKe will be $108, exclusive o *iuei d lienors. Moods addressed to BOYD Ik M1NTKBN, the ? gent*, will 1 forwarded free if other hni pes than these actually paid. For fp : ht or pas*a*tv apply io O. BROOM Si CO.. or to o22- BOY Li at H1SCKK.V, Agents FOR NEW OKLhAbe. OUISIANA AM> NKW YORK LINK OF PACKETS. !? m m M For the i ctfer accouimodatioiiof shippers, it i? intended ' spieli a ship from this nort on thr Is!, Jtli, lO'li. 13th. Zfith, li d tli oi each month, eom encing the ltitli October and contiut;g nnill May, when reitnlar days will be ippoiuted for the r?* aitulrr of the year, whereby a real delays and ilisappuiutineu I ill W ; re vented duriug ihe au miner months. Thefbllowiii ips wil' commence this arrangement: Mup YAZOO, Captain Cumeli. Ship OCONEE, Cnpuiu Jsclmon. Shy. MISSISSIPPI, Ca|.t*iti Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain i I nut. Ship 8HAKSPEARE, Captain Minor. hip MASTON. Canuiu Latham. Ship MUNTSVILLs., Captain Nluuiford. Ship OCMUI.MEK, Captain L. avitt. Snip NA S11 YILLF.. f'aptain Dickinson Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight Sliip LOUISA, Ca|*niii MnPonl. The.r ibips were all built in ih? city of New Vprk, ei|irei? for packets, are of light diaft uf water, hava rrventU been ' wly eo(?|iereil end put in tiilriidiil urder,with accoinnii illation* naMfriucra inipiiusllpd for iviialiirl. TK?u at* .'iin.rnai.tluil r eaperienced masters, who will make every ei?r?wu to ?i?t ueral satisfaction. They will ol all times b? towed up and >wn the Mississippi by sleninitoals. Neither the owuors or captains of theie shit* will or it >i>oiuie for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silaer or plated ware, for any tellers, parcel or pacluce, saut by j tpst on board ol em.'iulrss rexuiar bills if lading are taken for the same And e raliie theieon cipresaed. For freiiht or pau??e, aprly !V. 81 GO., S6 Month at., or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agrnt 111 Navs rleuos, who will promptly forward all koo<1? to their tildrest. The sniia of this line are warranted 10 sail punctually as sdirtised, and (mat can will ho token to Save the Roods enrreermeasured. ?1MUNG Alt KanGKMENT FUK 1848T J&M&L J LU ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. No. hi SOUTH STRliKT, N. T. ) A99AGE to and from Great 9 n-.iu and Irelud by the re gMtr line of picket*, sai.iug on te 1st, 7tb, 11th, I!>lh and | ifli <> i nch month. The M Bu k Bill Iiiim of p.?ckfi* nri* a* follows?? wfiii> sNKW YONK. Captain Cropper, " < AMnHluU^i Ceptain D.u?to^, * COLUMBU9, C iplni;i Cole, M EL HOPE. Ciij tain Fnrber. SOUTH AVfcRIC i. Captein Boiler, M NOIITH AMERICA. Captain Lowbsr, 41 K nOLAN I). Captain Waite, 4 OXH)HL>, Ca-'Min The Com Lu.c m eoinpo ?il f lorty superior. fast limit ship*, all com? tauleii hy ntn ol great experience. Firs' its ?h jis it ill si o he ?lerp?i cfied from Liverpool to Bn'tou, few Orleans and Mobile, three time* per .i?nfh; to Baltiore, Charleston rnd Nivalin ih,. (Wire a month, to the ilirternf ports in Bntish Ninth America weekly. 1 he subscriber, i rn-kinu' known his arrauirevn^nij fer (lie year '84 ?, b k* to til the attention of !' <'.** i* rton* trtini-m tu me union rate a and Canada. wi?o w i?h to and tor flit ir friend* to coin* o..? Kiu l iid, lit fan I, Scotland and Wal??, tltnr they ran al? ava be accomon rived hy tne i?u? o| i tack at rdri>? ftaihr.u *? twte; and in order to give more t *.e lny and quick dniatrh 'o m emigrant, tirat wt I'-b?> wn American ?h:pa, comprp.g the Commercial Line will, in ado it u?u to the picket*. he patched b> nit L'Vtrpool aaeuu, evi ry dirce or four day* anrig the ae .1*011, lluicby atoidinx any detention. T'-osr ndiug for their friend* m.iy feat runnri d ih.?r every thing mooted with hia buiiocM will he eiecut- d witn hit naual otnptuets. With th' A?* atm'iu' incut* 'he subscriber hopes to tnnuand a prefereiica for Lh?t line, ami t cootinu HOi???l the iblic pntrnun,.. which h ? been to li*> r ttty in rtowe (or any yrara paat; and in all c?a? a wn* u paiUta decline ir money it refunded, ar ci' .iomaryt p fret pas-tig** can al* > ' f,-scar*,td by tli^tmhoatt Irom tin* different poita in Ireland wl Scotland to Liverpool. Kemirraiict t and Urnlm?With regard to hit arrangement* Tihe payment of hiadraftj, they are Mich at to warrant e\- ry 11*1 action,.and are pud at ill ihe h.tuning houtt * on dt man f, roui'hwnt GiraiBiit.ini an-1 Ireland. J Tioh? persons, there* re, throughout thti IJuiti <! State, who w i->h to ??.- * it money te eir mend* residing in any partol the United Knnrdnm, will e??e wee on the receipt of the amounr here, with n.iine and dress n the p wty fo icceive ir, a di .ft for the am Hint at he leot & 'i*r ponnd merlin^, will be lorwa il ! per *u-uoi *h'pi r ny list p cUt i thip and a receipt or duplicate of aatiK reirne* through the |?<?.atcfh^e Koi further pirticul marply. I by It ter poal paid) to K F$ J H W. H? BIN-UN. Uoree nud Neptune at W*?.tIj, <4 |)., rt, Liverpool. In Scotland?Messrs U ante I Wright It Co., Glasgow. In Ireland?Diiiois Del-my, Kwq., Iduhtiu; Mc*ara. Joseph .lleii bk ( n , Bell?**t; Mr. Win. Cairna, Lund.>ud* try ; A. Mur iV.Kui.Coik d?3c* J lWST RTFo i ah< * Draft* Philadelphia and B ston, lor j?nlc qt S.J SV LVKHTJCIUP. dilr U Wa.I at and 1J0 Broadway. i . w vo IV YORK, TUESDAY MOl PAl^U^KROM wliK.A^^^VAIN A BY THE BLACK '1AM, OJt (>LD LINE OE LIV* Ht'OOL PACKETS. (Hailiue fir<>ni Llven?H)l <>j liie 7ih and 19m of ?.?erv' month.] Pt'i.ion* wifhiug lo vend to the Old Country for their friend* c*u mike the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, hu<1 have the in come out in this superior of Packet*, tailing from L ivt rpool unmnlly on the 7tli and !0th of every month. Tj ev will alto have i rtrst rate of American trading shij*, j.Mlir tr every six days, therehyr affording weekly ronimnrnca- % Lieu Mora lint nor t. One of the iirin (Mr. Jamer. I). Roche I i* tr n . 4 ihat they shall be iorwHiUcd *v 1U1 care and despatch. I Should the parties Pnr nr.# ?.. ?u., ?.;n I lid returned to thoue w ho pail it Iwr, wi.hoat any re due tion. Tr.c Black Ball, or Old oi Liverpool Packer*, comprise the following inni:niftc?nt Ship*, tiz:? The OXFORD. The NKW YOKK, CA MilH ID UK, COLU Mb U.S. EUROPE, BOUTIl AMERICA, ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled aitaiute meats, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance ofthntsnpport which Juu. been extended to them so mauy years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting mouev to their relatives, cau atall times ohuiu Drafts til right for any amount, diawn direct Y on the Royal Bank of I re Ian'T, Dublin, *U.? on Messrs. PRE8COTT, UKOi'K AMES 81 CO B inkers, London. S which will be piid on demand ar any ol ihc Boiks, or their Blanches, iu all the iirin-ipal towns thiojfhout England, Irelaud, Scotland nud Wale?. Apply, or add ess, (if by letter postpaid.) ROCHE, DUO THEWS & CO & Pulton strert, New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The O'd Line of Liverpool Packets *ail roivi 'his port for Liserpo d on the 1st aud 9th ol each inouili. Par'it* v returning to the old couutry will ti <d it to ih ir comfort and ilvantage to i Irct tins favorite Line for their conveyance, in nreference to \u\ ?ther ?l ? ^LL) E^TAMLIft' c D r. . iTi aTT ~ RAPE OlfKl L,6i Souto ?i eel, New York?Rr ^ I jMoPhBsi'i c?i Line ol i'a ket*?Tne t.u"?cobei continue to 01.:.-. ut ieisou< fnm uin {art nt ttr> *l lints' and I eland who may he ngaged by their friemht har , hy the H-gul tr lint oTpicket ships, s tiling every six days rorn Liverpool. iVr- ' sou - sending for their irieu *s mav rely that junt care will he taken o nave them despati h d without del ay in Liveinool,aud will always endeavor to m.-rit a coutiuua ce of die public patronage which has been jo liberally bestowed for many years past; and f.ho*e remit ting money cm have drafts payable at all the B'aoks and bnuches ihroaghoUt the United Kiu^dorn. ^ For Ihrthe 1 ?> menhirs, np ly [if by le'ler. po*t paid] to j6r JiMri.\ H-.UP vl AN. 61 S. uth ?t. k&L KOI< LIVEN POOL?NEW LI .N L?.Key 41* 1 idUMrV Packet ..?( 2otl February.?-The Splendid Packet Hhip i#lSL?l2?OAllRlCK. Captain VVillunt Satddy. of LOGO tons. '5 will j'oMt,vtl> ml as above, her regular duv. For freight or hi p untagt, having lecoinirtodatioiih unequalled for splendor or Mrufnrt, apply on bu<*r i. at OrUatu* wharf, foot of VVall streel, SO L. X. COLL1N8 A CO. .On South street Price of puss:, u . S i"" 'itte Packet Slap Roscian, Captain John Collins, ol liM tons, will succeed the Gtrrick, and >ail the 25th of March,her f gi'l.-i day. I L f Nth forth* xhincol rhu will*>! a* i and llale'a Nrw? Monro. Paaaeiifce f? mar r?'v oo the nhin* ollhu line .ailing puncm..!- <' Iv M?d.en>?eil. j?6 c <W jAi. PASSAGE FROM LnTtHPu ar^Tio" vt-'i y kTxSV. inferior packet rh |> MEMPHIS. Capt Knight, will JvnMboKadfrom Liverpool early in March ,| 1' urn. within* i<? imkI for iheir friends can hare them brought otil in lirr or n .y ( l lhe leitular packeta by applj lug per.ou-ily, or if by letur, no.tpaid. t > JOsEI'H McMURKAY, IOU Piue .treel corner ol South. P S?Drafli for any amount jmyablo at unlit iu auy i auk, branch, or agency of a bank, in Enghrud, Ireland and Scotland, given by applying M above. it23r J AjSr- UMTED LINE Ok Li V h.Kl UnL PAt.KE I S * MlORfV?F-v?t Pa ?kel?The i-n'einlid lasi sailing pack-t ahio ' SmSs&EVTA\V, C-|it Thoirir-auu, i> row loading nutl will e: in t, ,i ii iniiiitdi'ite d .patch. For.pesiagc inrly application ilioultl be tnadtf on boaid, or to W.fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Perk ally, corner South street. 3. Pcraoni derrona of aendiuK lor their friend* can have the in brought out in thia line, en the iron reaennable turns. and ai thus-wishing to remit money rau have ilralt* for any amount parable on drinaDd.avitlinni discount. malt the principal iowui r> of Ureal Iiiitaio and Ireland. 13 r " FOR LI VKKl'OOL.?M- Itutdl i'Htk t ill toe in I K bfim \, 1843?The rr?> superior picket ship 4 JwlliJfilHfct iKORGi WASHINGTON, Cupt Burr.uti, will , -11 els lD /I e. J JOSEPH McMURUAY, j3flr 100 Cine, com - r of South strict. I)HAFTS ON 1KKLA s t>, Uc. ?'The subscribe r* IC yjkJvconaiiuc to give drafts payable on dtinanU, without m vKofcfdiscount, or any charge whensoever. IN I Ite-LANU?'Tlit: National B ink of Ireland, the t'vovin- v tui nana "i irciiuu. inu 'nrir oraucnet in e?er\ couuty. IN RNOLAND AND WALKS?Messrs. James Ilult, Son ,, It Co. bankers, London, the KtchanKe nud Discount Bank, Liverpool, and their broicljrr throughout Kngland and Wales. I "v '.i!OT>. AND?Tin. Kasteru Bank v.i _ Scotland, the . Gee:."'1 Bankiuk Cob; suy, and branches in the priuciiutl ? (oatis; St Vnr. Forbes, Hunter & Co. rerm iii in vhe country wishing to remit Diouey to their . friends iu nur part of J?ui<Utnd, Irvlaud, Scotland, or Wau ?, by enctosioii the aniunut they wish to remit to the subscribers ,, with the nam* and address of the parties to whom ii is to be sent. A draft for 'he amount will be forwarded the li'st packet . after tar receipt thereof, aiulnckuuwIedgcRJi'ui of the sain, retnruc'l per first post. .12 W I| I T TAMTOTT ft Paeli .tin. Vew Voik y?WP- KEMITTANCKS I'll ItlKLANU, Be., Be.? K'.;*f^The subscriber continues to transmit money, tusuins n fljwflSfce1 tree or small lo persons residing iu any pari, of lie iiiiv, 111 me .. .we luniiut'i m na, .luu ill* premier**;-r in HUM- I in ? have done for the la*t hirty year*, an-J more; ?.l?o, to nay 5 |wrl nl KotIidiI nr Scotland. Money re niued bv loiter (pout paid) to tlie subscriber, or % xmonally depotited witn him, with the name of the per?ou 01 ,>1 i?on? >u Ireland, Knrrland or Scotland, to wkM K to lie act*,and nearest pout town, will be immediately tlaiiMiiittrd Li and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that eircct ffi'eu or for warded to the tender. In like manner money with or claim* on pemint in any part ot Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the rnbtcriaer, for pcreont retidiuK in any part of the Ouited Slate*, or Canada, ami will be iwid to them accord iuirly. II i12lm?r < >*rry II* 1 v. a4<-PIIIiTfr.. Ir.. a* Cedar ?'. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND JHRjySCOTLAND AND WALES.?Per*on? proceed JHHfia us or remittitur money to any parto'Ihe old C'uiutre , can ai all tune* obtain rorn the nubicubert drafts at tight, (or " any am?unl on the Royal Bank of Ire'nnd and on \Ie*?r*. :J Prrteett, Urate, Ainea St i.o, Bankeit, Loudon, which arc paid \ free of diaconnt or any charge whatsoever, in nil llie princi|?l town* of the United Ki.-xd. ui. Kor trrnu, apply or aodro**, if by letter, host ha id, to ROCHE BROTHERS It CO.. " 3i Knltou *t, ne\t door to the Knltoi B ink. P> 8 -TIr1 Mil>scribf n will a* ^heretofore hive 4 regular sue* -??? aniH, )uii<u?[ v ecKiy ironi I*IT pool. Durum tlie eoiniu* year 1813. Kor passage, apply -u above .130 r J.* - N I", w LINt, LlVhnrullL, I'AtKr, 1 "v.?J',ck*t ^ ri 16th Kebnary.?Tit" splendid will knowu fait M.|w i - '' ir packet ship ROC 11 KS TKR, ( apr. Philip \ Wood use, will sail positively as above, lier regular ilav, liawn t srorocnced hi r regnla lri|>s in Messrs. Woodhnll It Mimu. 'a New Line of Liverpool raikrts. 11 Tiles coiiimodation* ol this ship'or cabin, second cabin and o, steerage passengers,cannot be sui| asscd, hiving all ihe improve- jr -sen's of ihe nt-ve modelled packet ihins. Persons desirous of h h i. a berth- should not fait to make early applicatiou on e ,i a 't of Burling Sim, "i I.., ,, \V. & J. T. TAPSCOTT. J 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. d Persons esir >ua of sending for th? ir friends in the old couu- | trv, can hate |K*. m brought out us faeorable trims, by th? note laeorite ship, which leases Liverpool on the 5 It of April. t her rrgalai day, ant! those wishing to remit money can be sup- r, pited w tth drills lor any am 'Hit payable on demand, without ji discount, in all the principal towns of Urest Bman and Ire.sud. 'I he packet shin Hotllnguer will succeed the Rochi il'r and ail ' ii ihe 16th March, her iceular dnv. )26 r iJHl 1 ISii Ai>U MiK'i M A.V1JI.rtu. A:v STEAM SHIPS, Of llOfl.twus ami 410 horse power each. Under ror.tract with the Lords of th?-Admiralty. I HlBERNIA, O. H. fc- Juilkina, CominansMr, 1 rUtl I'A.NMA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do ' COLUMBIA. tt. C. Millar, R N do Will sail friun Liverpool and Buatou, via Haltfat as follows : a ritiISS LIVS.KPOOL. raow HOSTOP. p Acsdis, Ryrie, ?>& 4 Mai 1 f Columbia, Miller, Alar 4 Ap'l 1 rt Hriiannia, Howiti, Ap'l 4 May 1 p Il'hrriiia. Jadkins, Ap'l 19 May 16 p The acarninio 'ati'"-s lor piss-nsers ?re su|>enor. tl t he ve-srls ?re ci ?mp?oie"i by espenenoen annteom, and n amply supplied with K> meet'Patent Life Boats. ll P sssge e-'ue-d to H70 Vi, Menus accused mtil paid for. e Kor further i, formal! -n -pply 'o I" D BRlUliAM, J44.,si HAK.vDEN h GO'S, No J Wallet. ll J Or ti STAihiN lalnANU KKU.RY >,o"t" On .Hid alter Dec. 3d. the steamer STATEN ISLANDKN, ai will run as follows, until further notice . si

LEAVE STAT id N ISLAND NEW VOllK f, ll.'l A. M, 9 A.M. w 19 U>4 fi IP. M. 3? P. M, it IV S UA REiiULAlV OITO'SITHJN to < ,\Ts m :'t?rrai* KILL, and intermediate Undines, wiihoutiow H Till fm CW ?K Kiilnr (faya from CattAkill, Mo t ?" days, WfdnM<iKy??iMi Kridaya. Fiom York, Tueadaya, P' Thunidaya and Pafimlaya.?Fai* to or from Cattakill, 5b r^nra. - B< tha I 01 d| ? Jo: tr 35 < aant#. Tli? nt wand fm atramer WAVB, Captain Vaod^rhiiL will li Kobin??ou at. |?i?-r Thursday Nov. I7th, ?l Ave oVInea. fof furtht r particulars in jmrc of the ca ton on l>onrd. By L rioi.iuK on thr rtaya'ah^Tf narnMl. th?re will bi * daily row T loi'tH'-.ttton between ( (UkilUnd Svw York (andtu'nrrTwdiatr ? * ) I or frnght oni i-nw^f priffa. n0f 11 AIL IIOA I 1.1 NIL or il'JAUItl* !? Hfc?m FHO I N K W YOU K TO BKUFOK1) ? *' On end ?fr rTnead.iy, Jamiuy 3.1 IR4I the ? ?iiii? ,ihet. will ninwliuc of sl-ifeilrom Hedlori to New York ihr. . limes n week, ? fojiow.:? L?.v?? S.fl.'J eitniuii IJnuse, (Isdford, everv Moudty, , Wi ilti'adiiv .mil Pride- inoiuint n? 9f+ o'clock 7, I,flies"': Mail Road Hufrl, corner ol' Bowery nini llnnne , Is, .New S ork every Thuisdiy , YVfliietu-.y (nil Siui.Wv J ir. o hi ilk', by ilie !? o cloth c? *, patsing ilnrble Hill, KiVst *. tlhrelir, .Hid Newcastle, "nil rhronfb Wliite PI ins, Bobbins' J' MilUnml Able Bqu.tre lo Bedford IilKAM DKKOKKST, ir U. C. LfcWIS. N t ? ,, Noprietori. ^ i re- ?? " i mi blue *" " w)bhbup 10 run nuririf: ine winter i >111 White I'ImH every ?lay ut A ?'cl< Ck, null New I1' YorkKt n .lock, i' >?., Suudky? excertrrf Hilt A>1 DKkOHKST, rrtal*M PriinrieinT, ECONOMY IN DRESS W JJ9Btl(?M)WAY. OrlO-ITK TlIK KOUVTAIN. r [Tvnii. nn.t nt t? the lt>ni I nm fn niih' n > ?ert l" n iirlr hi cKithuu ?t I n>iu?rtioi>nhly niojer.t- prices, for (> wmchuitts i it time hi rn .if ; hit, M et ?o'icit i?. ?IM'( .. those capsb'e ol pu d'II firs-tile emit t | ij, n ?y mny jmlite of 'tie inii.iei m ills oilmen to tti. ee t'aVii'A pr re tly inouei . . . .... I"1 Ptr.'ii|tei? in tlie citv renoirin* (vmtnn, will plrnus learn ou,,'ri "- WM. T. JENNINGS. 1 179 lin*r iiwI Tutor. p COPPPElG-mcutt fintrloti ( ni'ivi, imui M i in it ox, lor sals in hits to mit imteiissirk by cit K. K. COLLINS k CO.. to llr M South street. RK I iNING, FEBRUARY 7, JEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. rwe reilutvd to cciita. From tne loot ol CHurtlandi itrect, New York. (F.vory day?Sunday ?<?ir eptod.) Leaser -.'w Ynif, Leaves Newark i ? A. U ' i f. M ?t T* A. M At I* P. M ' y* ! > 4 tin. 8 'Jo. S>4 do. 4 A tr do. & do. 7 On, 1' !Q co. ON SUNDAYS. /rem lie 'iDl of (Viarrl.mdt street. Leave Nov York, Leave Newark. A: 0 A. M. and iK P M. At IK P. vt. and lit P. M. NKVV H)ftK, KLL2AJ1ETH TOWN. Leave New Vork. Kliitlwnh Town. * A. M. 7 A. M. ? P.M. 8K A.M. i# ? " I0H A. M. P. M. 1H M. ? r. m. ><*{ " The trains tor Wcstfeld. rteiofield. Borinlhruok, Hotnervilie ?.. connect tvitlr thu 9 A .M, t! uu P M trains from Ne' oik, dady, Sundays excepted. Fare hei ween New York <ui! Klisahcth Town 3!> cents Fare eiween do and Soinerville, 7J cents, riev.r yiHK HAHWAY AMJ NKVfr BRUNSWICK Fare reduced. I torn u>e loot of Lincitv itma, darly. Le&re New York. Leave New Brunswick 4U 'J \ J. At t>>W M. 3* f. M. T2 " iv " iaii M ? P.M. On nandaya 'he il% anil ?V A.M. wipe front New Srnniwiill P. M. train (rum Nr* ' irk, are mitted. Earn (Paw u Nkw Vn jo NVw Bruniwit-b ry ceii, :<al<w?uv. id cent1 ht l'i:- in tin j,> m l T,a A M. uhiu' ruia >* v llrun '.-K 'I'll IV and l'< *1 'ill Crntn New Vork.bat been' need. 'Vew Vtirk and Nt o tliiinawii-b man i>Ih. " I "ill R<lllWa> lv JJ'l " .. i ?vrt w.iv procure iiit n tiettfU at tin i.arinlhce, r, v a ferry ticket graiie Ticker, are reeei?<td by the co. UCIor only on the day when puicliiued. nil 3m* NEW YORK AND GUST"~N hAlI.ROA l> u'SiT' Via Norwich inn Woiicr.itkt,ljj. Computed of the following >ui?riiii tii nmeii running in coo sctico with Urn Non? icb Ht Worceilei and Worcester Si Rot iD It iii R?a-'?? WORCESTER, Copt. J H. Vanderbilt. NEW HAVES', Cavt../ K. Dmtu. CLEOPATRA, C*pt On anil "ftei Monday _Ni,v.2Ut,ihi? line will be run tri-weeii t, lennnq New Ymk, Tue.idays, Thursdays anil Saiurd.iv ily, at 4 P. M. Tim new Hiid splendid ,,n.?m!i<n NKtV HAVEN, Caput . K. Duslan, will Lave entry Tuesday, Thursday and Batui IV .afternoon, At 4 o'clock. Pasvhijers lor Bosiuu will be forwarded immediately on th rival or the above boat* at Norwich, and will proceed witli it change of care or baggage. Koi furtlier lufonnatioii. enquire at the office of 0. B. ALLEN, J9 Peca alip, up atairi. All persona are forbid trotting any out. oa account of th love fioaU orowuere. 112Ar MORHIS AN D ESSEX KaIL ROAD, Nfiv Arr ingv?ueiii~'1 lin having hceu rt-lnu at grei (,. v.i h ike'n nivroTi I nd ei( H ntilv tofecnt tit* and iptdidoiu ooiveyioct bttwetB New York en 1or:istown, * ill commence running two trips daily, Sunday ij eptedj on and al\er M mliy, J in. */8. hirst 1 mm Irom .Moirivtown will Itave at ">4 A M. Second Tram from Morrittown will leave at IA( I' .VI. Kirvi Tram Irom New Yoik will leave at 9 A M?Newark i A M. Second Train Irom New York will leave at 3?L P M?New rk at 3X I' M. I'aascugrrs by the Morning Train from Morris'own will ai re ? N wark in time for 'he 9 A M Trim to Ntw Yo'k. r ut morning Train to Phi'apelphit; hy the Afternoon Trai ley will arrive at Newark in lime lor I he 3 S P M Tram I lew York or the Kvc mg Tiaitt to PhiUdelp la. Pa*?eugert by the Morning Tiai horn New York will airiv : Morrtatowu inline to iluie and take any of the Stages rut nit wear or north from that place. j'S lm*ee WINTKH AKHA xGCMKN'l. ~~ IEV, VORH A N iVriTri, AI) I'l I. PHI \ U AI LTT( )A LJ I, INI * DIKKCT. rin Newark, New Brunswick, Priuceton, Trenton, Borilei town .mil Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. u'aVe New \nrk, from the toot of Liberty street, daily, at L M am! tX P M The morning none proceeds to Borileuiowu, from thence b eainPoat to fhilenelphiu. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Catndeu, (npposil hibv.ielphiu) without change of cart Paijeugera will tlieir tickers at the office foot ol L erty street, when a cotmno'lion* eteamboat will be in read "s*a. with baggage crates 00 hoard. Phtledelphia btggnge cates arc ronveyed from city to cir rithout bein" opened by the way. Kaeh train u provided with a Ladies Car, in which ate ajiar letls mid dressing rooms expressly lor li e Ladies use. Hi-turning, the 'tries leave Plnfnlelphia from the foot ti 'hestmit "reet by laiirood from ''amdeu, at 9 o'rlork A M.att o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 1, brim, a continuation of the lines Iroui New York. YB 3m* r lAII V PACKAGE KXI'lUia I Alt KOH ALBANY TROY. AND BUFFALO. JSSMK?S??lc ly the Housatonic Rail Ko-td, ruuniur through from this C't' to Albany in Twelve II urs Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arr nigetitr :its with the Hon u ini Rail Ro d Company, to rou an Express Car (exelnsivet irou' own purpose) daily, over their road with the uasscuse ai", running taroagh Albany in Ivvelve boamufl tire noi rrpared to receive and lorward at low rales. Specie. Ban otes, Packages, Bales ajid Cases of Goods, 4c , for any ( ve above named or intermediate places. Will rtteud promptly to the collection anil payment of bills mrnited lo Hint care. d!lr POMEKOY fe CO. J Wait ?'reet, New York. PULLEN <fc GOPr'S Mmn. Haruden 8t Co, I.avion diipoaerl of rh?ir rom on- New V.irk to Albany .and Tioy, the atibarr pr?. the old conductor* of Harcdrn It Col* Norther iwreea, from New York, will continue to rnu a eretofore-le*?iUi$ New York, Albany and Trey, Daily , an ounert at Troy wi'h Jacob*' Montreal K. lore**, arid will for rard Siteie, Bank Sole*. Pick me* Bundles,Caaea of <h>"di Le , to any |>la?e between New York and Monire.M. in hroutrhour the Canada'*. Alto Kail, from Troy ami Alb .?y u lotion,and Weil frotu Albany 'o Buffalo. All bn?ineaa minuted to their charge will be promptly at. r ruled to. Particular attention will be paid to the cnllrctim if n- tea. drafts, acceptance*, lie., and prompt return* made fo he Mine, PULL EN Si COPP. Office*?PJillen It Copp, !!? Wall atreet, New York. 1 no?. douifii, ij p.ich-mig.. AH?mv. A CJ. Kilk>ri?, 22R Hirer itrret, Troy. 8. Jacob', Kacbmur 'nnri, Si Paul at, Moutreal REFERENCES. Ntw York Alban*. Trot. 'nmc, Ward U Ku.'f, E. I. Humphrey, Jno. Payee, acoh l.ittir, A Cn. Thoa. (lough. P. Weil,, obu T. Smith, Si Co., S. K. Stow, Vpoon tu Hi'ttinnn, C. S. Doug la, -uri-rutt't It Vermilye, F. Leake fotighton It Co. )rew, Robinson It Co. n24 _ pARR.s life pills. "PHIS Fine Herbil Mcdiciii* h*s ?cireely been introduce fhe I nited State* *ix mouths, yet in this ?horl sp-ic f tim?-, wrhout mrv eitMordimt/ exeiiion# on t^e part ot th ropneturs it sale in the Sr.ites of New Yon, Pennsvi vmn if? w Knvlsnd States aid C Wtda, hu increased with tuc ipp'ity *s m exceed then most sangoitie eipectati n? Th u'dic a?e re w to uiidt r-taiiri and ai pr? cint? the si erior efTicacv of tlm mild i. ed cine to the poweifrit pur ativ* list h*ve b en itherto sold th* in in the * ap?? of pills wliic lay give telieff r a oit time but always at the ?nt? e? le system, hy ? uf ehluig it ^uil rendering i? more l-able to r* eivr- *giti of he i coinptcn's. On tn ton* r ri , Pa rr'? Lit ' IN gently eradicate diseas- y removing all obstruct!* in n lie infest nnl c in I, .nrif)i n the Mo- d, it'eniifhtbiua th' sy in, anil crea ing a natur ?l .1 d health) action of the b dv?the l?o ac? powe?iully m a tonic, an?l re?t ?re to the i a'leii a Ion ?l aji|irfit# and .i health craving A?r food, limi'y mr ifiii' 't is nneqaall-d, and may be tak^ri kv every member o lami'v i oin the vnnnitest lo the oldest, bcinv |?erfec ly ire' om all mineral prp-uatoni, giving no pam, and acting ii.i'dh i a on re live. Many frmi'a who hive takeu tm? modicitj* * . k hi tlie high* ' terms uf the *rt <it benefit thev hivelta* mn the use of if, and to all f male* ofa d? lie ?'e habit of h?? iv e would particularly lecomm* tid this m dtcinr; th-y wil r>d it agr? < .hie to take, soothing fo the syslr in, ami certain it i removi* g the srnr a*> I had burner trcin the bodi? in ill* , r ue the torpid and aciitnoui us fluids have laid dormao i he h iily dmi* k ?h winter, hut are egaiu nro< g r into ?c vity, wi|I be .cptedily removed by tilu. g Par.'* Life P?l rerv night, before going to bed, for two or three we?- a . 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Hart, d uggt f, ?Irnnd, enrarr N rt <k stieef yinr*s Mtdicin stoie, 63 B w* ry, co ner Wdkar *! eel ?hn Sytne, C in-r Fulr? n and ^V'nter *rr? rts ; H r<cr h v- r t, driigg'st. Greenwich sr? er. n? *r cl??* comer of Kranknn (k J. i o dintffoii, apothec riea, 227 Hmls?>ri, corn# r ??t Spriiu reet; K L. L*?iion, flcrni r ant ap* f *C\ry, 2^3 Bl**erfcer ?rner J ins sfrt e'; J. WctdoVer, < iu/gist and apothecary ... Ill Kyli'lt *v lie. IIro* k!vn?IW li.? 8 mom, seed, drug, and patent me*li ?te wir house, kull^n street, and wholesale it lh?* p.o ietor'scfftr T KOBKHT'* fk ( G, f laretulon House, cor. Djsti* st and Broidwiy. ^m\'l ht T:i2ltcut*. L rgo or family bote *ft cent?. Per* iiid aivotis f obtai iiijf an egeucv for their sile i?i lha tuiPry, w i'l pl-.ise dir? ci their letters, i?ost p id, to P. Ho? rts J* Co. ! r h. x 907 _N'*w York. ffi Imj*^ [khK, I'OKK LNI) vlUTfO.N, t the sto ' Weil uid Wirreii-slrcets.?Families, slhopkeepcrs, and rocrrs, who wish to pinch;*** the above article* b> r'tt* gunc r, ate rtqucsled to Clll sf rbe above place, w he e ttiey will I \ , movniag * svp< not qiilitjfi d ai ices miifetl i ?trie times. As economy is toe order ot the day, irch??t r* will find it to their intrust to rait as above. !?.. .? r 101 J ,111 I 1*1 T "NVINKH?hO I'niipnrl inenOMetotv, ,, cnmr.lrtv a??.>rirni-nt or Seine, Men in* mil Old Net wioe?, twin iX to JS l'< The atrnve twine* ,ne VI of rein importatien, am) crest eve tin lieon takou iu the (alec>n of the mnierMl *ud m rhemnnnUefara. Kor isle in loo nit porch* mr*. bv KOwD. K COLLINS Si CO. illtr M Sooth (treat JERA , 1843. U Albany. LCorre?j)oudeucrt ol the Herald.1 At bany, Feb. 4,1843. Grand. Flare up in Albany?fevers' Stratagem*? Animal Magnetism awl the Albany Medical College?Great Magnetic llwix?Dr. M'Naunh'on's Experiment* in Neurology?Experiment* in Christianity. Dkau Bennett :? nr.. n .1. : Ari....u< - a -: i at >t r- .nir nu uyiug ui iau*iuci : /viimuii magnetism has been riding on tin* high horse in Albany for the last six months, and almost revived the days ot Salem witchcraft! Doctors, lawyers, clergymen, politicians, day laborers, pretty women, and little children, have all run wild with excitement in telling of the doings ot this wonder working mystery. This will account for the hoax played upon them during , the last three months,by a tall sleepy looking youth, from Vermont, the explosion of which hns produced this terrible paroxy in of laughter, which has convulsed the diaphragmrs o' the whole city. It shears that while some ot the citizens were carrying on their magnetic operations, and declaring that tbev had tnade wonderful cures, the Professors oi 'he College, whom they endeavored to convince, fell hack upon their dignity,and told the meg. netizers wi h a significant snide,that they had no time tor the cnltivati mi ot a hum nig. This redoubt' d the magnetic z al Passes, svmpilhv. voli'tnu, som < amhillisut, clirvoyance, were all ihe rage !Wonderful experiments, and wonderful cures wertalked ahuii: uuti> i; became obvious, ihui urdewilp* faculty beci.-red themselves, they would be drowned in a seaof Aniaml Magnetism! To defeaitlie inagnetizers, ilp-v pi died upon a tail ungainly youth, who had secretly sworn vengeance against one of the operators. This"Var[I mount youth," yclept Luther, was told thut it he would feign himself a subject, and entrap the magnetizeis, lie would render an inestimable service to tlic cause of orthodox science. Luther was a shrewd i- youth, and did not need much encouragement to ? execute ihe plan He had concejved an itcning fondness for one of ihe black eyed daughters of a certain Mr. , who had figured largely as a magnenzer He sougnt an intimacy wuh thelamiiy, and spent his leisure hours in dosing aliendance at u the shrine of his gay love. Poor Luther, however, ' lound tliat it wvs much easier to umferstand the anatomy of the bones, from the ot Iruntit to the r? ' coct-ygis, than to understand the anatomy of the heart. He was unable to make a single incision with the scalpel of love into the impenetrable heari r of the young damsel. His sleepy eyes and hanging lip were entirely destitute of the animal magnetism which fascinates the girlsj and the old folks were equally obdurate against his wishes. Finding thus that he could not make a magnetic operator, lie determined to become u magnetic subject, and, to it he <>| erated on oy his young love?then to go into a ? profound sleep, play the somnambulist, and to permil the young ladies to try all manner oi experi ments on Inm while asleep. This part he acted out with a fortitude worthy of a lover. They thrust pins ,, i' to hi-, flesh, made him eat a salt cellar lull of full, and obey all manner of etratige command*, ' which he executed with extreme fidelity. Nothing r. was too ridiculous for him then to believe?nothing i too absurd for him to attempt. " Are you a.-leen," u the niagnetizers would say, "Yes," responded Lu? iher. Now, said 'he magnetizing tormentors, "you e have become a fish?you are a fish," and pointing to '* his aims?"Don't you see your linnf" "Yes,"said Lu ther, "what scales ! I see them as plain as day."? "Get up and walk," said Ins malicious magnetizera." "I can't stand." said Luther, determined to keep up the delusion, that he considered himself a fish! "Now I command you,'J said his magnetizera. Luther thought it necessary to keep up the . character of the fish in all respects, and accordingly fell prostrated upon the lloorand wiggled hisarme ? and feet to the excessive amusement of all the spectators, and delight of the little children, who con>y sideied Luther the moat charming companion they t< had ever found. For some months these scenes were kept up. Like i- Magnus Snoro, while the beautiful Ice-Witch dnnc 1 ed around him, Luther would be outstretched in r, somnambulism m his little sylph-like enchantress passed around him, happy to lie thus ne,ir tier, and 10 liear the unguarded merriment of those who ,1 deemed fnin asieep. What were his emotions at t these interesting aetisons, we should be entirely at a , I sea to divine, were it not for tfie fact, ifiat they were many years ago embodied by a "Varniouni Poet," in those happy lines:? :t "When Teggy "a dog her arms imprison, Oh, how I with my placo wai hio'n ; Then how I'd wiggle, twist and turn To get n pat from hands like her'u!" At length he determined to secure hia end by win* ning the confidence of the old ones. He had made so little progress with his beloved, that she even i- laughed at bis magnetic exhibitions, and declared * that she could perform better than 'hat herself. He, K " an m a suuoen, orcume soreiv concerned inr his k eternal salvation?went forward with liia damsel to '' the anxious seut for the prayers of the holy?came i, back, professed repentance, and knelt down with f the old gentleman for prayer But all was vain ! magnetizing and praying, faith and re|>entance, groaning and sighing, all did no Rood to the disconsolate youth; with all his piety, somnambulism, and clairvoyance, iie could not glenn any hope. He de terimned then to have bis revenue. At this juncture. Dr. Buchanan, the neurologist, L arrived in town, and began to lecture The ma? t nc'izera at first regarded Dr. B. suspiciously, but i soon came to the conclusion that animal magnetism n was but a minor department of neurology, and that 5 Dr. B. should b- the < ireaf Mogul of the new science Luther determined to immortalize himself, and extinguish the new s> ienre at a single blow, by relating his experience, to the confusion of all the mat netizers who had assembled at the lecture. This was highly gratifying to Ins professors, who entered into the plan with heartv good will [t arranged that the grand drnmfmtm should take place after the D ctor's lecture. The plan leaked orit?expectation was on tiptoe, an't a crowd of pro fet-sors, lawyers, teachers, wags, tec , attended to see the explosion. The lecture waslistened to with that profound sdence and a tention which precedes the bursting of a storm At its coneluunn, Luther came forward to serve as a public subject, decla, ring that he was willing to endure any thing for the ' satisfaction of the audience or illustration of the science. The wags who were in the secret helped on the cau?e by nominatinir Dr. McNTanghton, one of our <1 Rmall fry schoolmasters, to make the neurological e experiments Another of the professors of our college was nominated. whohpinga more modest man, refused serving for such a purpose. Dr M , with a countenance all gravity and innocence, advanced to the stand, and now commenced the farce between the professor and pupil. Tee learned professor laid aside his cloak and advanced to the stand, remarking tiiat il entire igno ranee was any qu tlification for such experiments, lie would be a proper person to make them Advun cing ilirn to Lu her, in full view of the whole audience, with as much gravity and apparent innocence as if he had been entirely unconscious of the humbug? which was as fuhv understood by a large pari of the audit nee as by himsell?lie placed his fingers upon the cheeks of the young scion ol Esculapios, in the most scientific style imaginable, rearing his dexter ihumh upon Ifie sinister side of Luther's nasal protuberance, somewhat in the style in which an old stager tips his nose when he hears ,i long dull story he does not care to befeve. This fine much of wit was lost upon the greatest part of the audience, who were on the lookout lor something more | interesting from the principal |a*rfortner; for Lullier wasdvcidedly the lion of the evening, and seemed J. det?'.mined not to he outdone bv fits professors In a verv short time he began to feel an awful sense ol weakness, and leaned hack against the wall in a 1 IihIf hen' attitude, with his t ic flushed?" Oh, (surd { Luther) I shall vomit !" The I nrned professor 1 compassionately desisted?the wacs laughed?the ' gulls stared?the ladies sy mpa'hized, and every body ; looked eagerly for I lie second act ; The learned professor with a peculinr grace, as soon as his unfortunate ptipd had revised from his severe attack of sickness, advanced again to the I charge, with his thumbs and fingers fully displayed against the face of Luther. Hut soon the inventive I il... I...tor ik. .... ..I ik.. I... mer, and concentrated alj tteultn upon himself.? Ile discovere-l that the fingers of the professor had this time a remarkably intoxicating power, and reeled and staggered around tlie stand as it he had t iken several glasses more than his ordinary allowance This display we&t ofl witli universalopplatt-e The ortifessor retired from the field crowned with laurels, and the ll ixen headed schoolmaster took his place anil experimented on a smaller scale, showing Luther how to read with one eye further than with the other. Tins went off rather poorly The galvanic battery was then called (or to galvanize the subject and see whut eflect it would produce. Lutlter took hold of the wires, discovered that the I shock was no joking matter, und pointedly declined -uhmitting. 1 Next came the expose?Luther had noted down I nil his experiments among th? inagnetizers, and be L D Hi Hm Twi CinU. gan to tell them one by one, appealing to various persons who had been his operator*. Thia produced roars ot laughter. Every body ?H, amused at the curious scenes lie developed ! The honest old gentleman, lor whom lie had been so good a subject, was perfectly thunderstruck " And how did you do that 1" lie would ask, as Luther told his exploits ?" how did you find that out V*?" how did you know what was going on 1"?" h?w did you know what was in Mr 'a noiisel" To all these questions Luiher answered fully, explaining what wers his tricks, and who were his conledera'es. Every body laughed ; the magnetizera, it ta aaid. swore h little at the " base impostor," and the professors of the Albany Medical College entered the whole matter upon their journals, in order to prepare introductory lectures lor the next year, upon medical ethics, and Dr. McNaughton'a neurological experiments! John Smith, Jr., of Arkansas. Albany. [rnirrtprmlrhre of the Herald. I ny, "rtday, Feb. S, 1843. Movement $ in Ruilroat/t?tlu Ajipointmentt?Legitla'urc?Trouble, Sfr. An important move to the travelling public has recently been made. The railroad companies between the Hudson river and Buffalo, through a convention of delegates, have resolved that the passage between the two extremes, shall hereafter be made in 23 hours, including stoppages?the rates o! fare aretohe materially reduced, mid many other im oriinii reforms adopted. A person may now go irom New York 10 Buffalo in from 30 to 35 hours, Quick enough in all conscience. The Legislature have been doing up anv amount of talking during the last three days. The topics have b"en in the Senate the New York and Erie Kabroad hill, mid in the House, the Virginia lnspecti 'ii Law. The Senate were in executive session lo-day, and it is understood for the purpose ol confirming the New York appointments. The office seekers Irom that city have been on the tiptoe of excitement all day on the subject, but as yet the result of ihe se ssion has not beeu promulgated. Geo. B. Warner, Irom New Yo'k. wants to be measurer general ol grain ; Isaac L Judson, would like to he hop inspector ; James Connoi's chance lor the post of inspector el |*>t and pearl ashes, is considered as A No 1. Conrad Swackhamer looks blue, and his face is wonderfully elongated to-day. It is supposed that he has heard some disastrous intelligence. In the Senate to-day, as usual, a large number of petitions and remonstrances for and against the repeal ot the exemption law, were received. The movements on this question are evidences of the mutability ol legislation in thiscountry. Just as the people have passed through the inconveniences, and are about to r?Hp the benefit of a wise and humane measure, in u moment all is imminently jeopardized by the fickle mindedness of our legislators But the present legislatuie dare not repeal this democratic law?they may modily it, but they will not dare to go so lar as to entirely abrogate it. A bill was reported to amend the charter of the New York M?rble Cemetery; also two bills by Mr. Franklin, for altering the map or plan of the city of New York by discontinuing 154th street. A long I debate then ensued on the New York and Erin Ilailroad bill, the sole object of which was merely to work out something which might be distorted into political capital. The uttempt was, however, I ihink, unsuccessful._ Although this is the third day's debute on this question, it was not got through with, and we may look lor a continuation of it to-morrow. The greutest demagogue in ihe present legisl>tluture, without a single exception, is Mr A. fi Dirkiu-on. In this resject, he goes lar ahead of even the New York city delegation, who have long been niaiked by that characteristic. In the Assembly lo-day another petition was presented from inhabitants of the 12ih Ward ot the City of New York, against being taxed for bringing the Croton water into the city. The people of the county of Monroe Imve done a great injustice to one of their citizens, in taking him Irom the tail of his plough, and sending him fo the Assembly to make a judge of himself. This Mr. E. Strong is certainly one of the greatest ignoramuses the world ever saw, end he lias not the common sense to hide it, by keeping his mouth shut. He had the House in a roar of laughter to day, at one of his peculiar ideas of legis'ation und mode of expression. The bill to incorporate the New York floating dry dock whs reported favorably to-day. Mr. Daly reported against the petition of the Common Council of the city of New York, relative to the sale of pressed hay. The Judiciary Committee to-day were discharged, by request, from the consideration of Mr. W. Hall's resolution, directing the Attorney General to institute suits to test the constitutionality of the Virginia inspection law. and the resolution laid on the table. Mr. Jones' bill, repealing the law granting a jury trial to fugitive slaves, had its second reading A concurrent resolution was laid on the table, fixing on the fith inst. for the appointment of a State treasurer. Simon. Harrlsbarg, [Correspondence of (Ik Herald. J House of Representatives, ) HARRisnuno, (Penn.) Feb. 3, 1H43. $ Sayings and Doings in Harritburg?A Storm brewing* in Politics. Jamf.s Gordon Bennett, Esq.? Dear Sir : ? Beintr at Harrisburg on a visit, it occurred to me that it would be well to advise you, and through you the public, of the saying." and doings of this Capitol. The present Legislature may, with propriety, be entitled the working or industrious session. There is less dissipation nnd more business done thnn at any other of meeting Solons of this State for years. The Spirit of Temperance hae had i's influence?no more is heard the boisterous midnight revellers, over whose cups were concocted, in times past, schemes of fraud and peculation. for whirfl fh* n*r?nlr? rin/l Stat* nnur oiifler The Committee1 to compare bills, reported this morning that they had compared the bill to repeal the Court of 'ieneral Sessions of the city and county of Philadelphia, and sent the same to the Governor for his signature, so that this universally acknowledged nuisance will he abated, and the Legislature regarded as tin excellent Board of Health. Scarcely had the fact been announced of tha bill having gone to the Governor, ere a letter from one of the Judges, Joseph M. Doran was read, protesting against the repeal upon Constitutional grounds, and claiming the right to receive his salary for ten years, complaining most pifeously that when he was appointed he had a lucrative practice is a lawyer, of which he is now deprived, &c . but forgetting to add thut when he was appointed that two other gentlemen had to occupy his present position. He also asks to have his conduct as a Judge or as a citizen inquired into. Hi? letter was read, and of course laid on or under the table, where if will long remain, as the Legislature have thought proper to pursue the economical plan of legislating them out of olfice in one day, rather than occupy a month in the impeachment of certain Judges. One of the Judges, anficipnjing^hia late, resigned. it is not Hip Oesi man wno nrst tor-ikes n sinking t?hi|>. It mny be said with tnith, in tins instance, that it would be wrong to punish the receiver while 'he thief escapes li is not difficult to understand from the citizrns of Philadelphia, whose conduct rohhed to ihe greatest extent that Court of the public confidence. Who is faithlese and treacherous to his friends cannot hope for public countenance, much 'ess public confidence.? Philadelphia is not the theatre for successful practice of the kind. We recommend a change of residence wnh change of station?it will be found necessary if what is generally suid | and believed be true. There is a political storm brewing here, which will break out before the close of the session.? There is considerable grumbling and murmuring ?gain?t the Governor. I low fur it will prove inpirions to him, tune inust determine. The ouibreak is however certain. We have hud occasion to murk lie course of ihe members from the county n| Philadelphia. Mr.Turtin is the efiicien' member; his proper element is politics. I predict lor liini a successful course lie is mild, conciliating and generous to all. You shall hear from nie again. O. P. Q. WHO WANTS COAL I C' I Tf% t m rmii.eJ eloie my in'ercft in th? rial ch'r, I ?.). no. n so roM'blr?I will therefore 1* my P i. Orchir' Coil, nf ?nv me. ileliTe'e ji p,- >.?,( ort). r from the >anl. ft** t four doll it* and v??n<yfi.n C. II l -r ton I will v* r "tit II ? ?<v-.l M anv in th; ejt; ? in I wo 'h our dollar per ' <"? >nn" ""n Laikawana or Lehigh. J* >l>' UIIWNM . dtj im'ft rorn?r OreenwIc'i and King ata. tp tie eye of M7 IIKNHY FAKI^Y, CitiI t"gi 1 nrci he n e*rne,tlr roqtuated M write to lua aiatera, addraa cil to the care i f MK8BR8. J. IH J. COL^AN k CO, f'4 ftwr*rr I, Dow fit* Hill, London. 1 IVKKP06L COAL?171 Chaldroof bitt^Orrnl Coal I? iX"*'"U ,D '0U W ,Uit HERDMAN