Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 8, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 8, 1843 Page 1
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th: Vol. IX.?Wo. 39.?Whole No. 3399 < 0 To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?published every day of the yeer except New Year'i day and Fourth of July. Price 9 centa per oopy?or f7 2# per anavim?poet ages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD? published every Saturday morning?price 0} cents per copy, or $8 12 per annum? postages paid?cash in advuncu. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald it over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing aat. It hat the Urgett circulation of any paper in this city, or thr no rid, un4 it therefore, the hett channel for huttnett mm in the eity or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING ol all kinds, exueuted at the most moderate prices, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiBToa er the Herald Establishme*t, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. AGS! NTS. 1 ne following is a list of the agents for the Herald, where subscriptions will be received, and single numbers are lound lor sale regularly :? st what place. agents. Boston George W. Redding. Philadelphia ,,,,.i.B. Zieber. Baltimore vV. Taylor. Washington, D. C O. B Zieber k Co* Butialo, N. Y T. *. Hawks. New Haven, Conn T. H. Pease. Hartford, Conn J. W Judd, Albany, N. Y G. Jones. Trov. N. Y H. Green. Laniingh'rg fc Waterford.N.Y. Thomas P. Richard*. Newark, N.J D Smith. Catskill, N. Y H. Rowt. New Orleans J. C. Morgan. Cincinnati, O Robert Carnahan. 1'aterson, N. J Matthew Dougherty. Norwich, Con.. Morgan Safl'ord. Rochester, N. Y L. Moore. Elizabethtown, N. J Sam "el Crone. New Brunswick, N. J William Solomon, St. Louis, Mo Woodward k Muthews. Charleston, Amoa Head. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Augusta, Ga S. A.^Holme*. Mobile, Ala Milton Bollemet. Poughlteepiie Levi Smith. Tren'on J. Raunsley. Pittsburg, Pa Jos. P. Israel. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldecaan. Wheeling, Ya. Hiram Rainc. New London,Con L. L. Sperry. Newport William A. Fry. Utica J. B. Loak. Savannah, Ga Amos Head. Nashville, Tenn A. Billings. Syracuse James Robertson. ISO^TiiUVJl".. io) GENERAL P&ZNTINQ ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU 8TS. la supplied with everv material necessary for the prompt, neat, and economical execution of erety description of c3ss PitMir attention ia requested to this establiihment, in the assnrance that aanple salisfac iou will he git ru?as rt g irds typograi hy, press work, ami clia-ges?to those who r. qmre faucy or common, large or ami 1 work cheaply and expeditiously executed. LABELS, CHE'KS, WAi BILLS, CIRCULAKS, SHOW B Ll.H. BALL TICKETS, STEAM BOAT "ILLS, BILLS OF LADING, RAILROAD PILLS, BUSINESS C\RDA, STAGE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PAMI'HLE t'S, BILLHEADS, HANDBIL'S. NOTES. FOR THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, rUBLIC MEETINGS, Or any oth*r pieces where the largeit drrcrii lion or printing ii n-qui rd. The ftciliies for tl.ia woik aie no equalled kv auy office iu this CUT, for. benide* the large a?s?rtmentof PiiAJM AW? ?swAsaEwiim TYPE, Tins ?s; ihlishment has the LARGEST PitlrSSKS IN THE CITY. Great pain* have been laben to provide every material tha Cpn pn.sihly be often ute,mid therefore penous having occa sviu for Showbt'lle, v hml it greatly to heir advanuge U p?:ioio*e thia eatab'ishtnciit. E^Auy aiieor lorui of Bill ciu be fnrntslied at very ahor notice. f 3 THE l' N DKIISIONFD, ^mjioiteri and Wholesali H 'Ml Hutip. do I o 11V recommend it u brum aura rt t to any thins which ha* hitherto come under oar oolite of a similar ua lure. Signed? A * S WilLt?, iiuporiera cf hardware. No 303 Pearl at. A W Spiet fc Co, do do 3>IS do Williab Hn-lWrt, tio do S16 do Oak'et It Lm?mi?, do do f2 do 8h? Idt'ii It Pnelpa. do do 23 and S? South William HOt rda Br th. r?, do do 31 Peirl at. Kit* till, Br* re Si Jonea, do ill do it, rlm-ui St Fraer. imporfera of Fancy Goods, I JO Pearl St. Pints x Main, impo-ter ol drugs, 44 Ced rat. Field, > hoir*i ion Ik C importers oi Dry Goods. S3 Cedar at btilows, Vau Artdale I 0<>|er, W flies II Maiden Lane. ! gel Si Co., mpurlera of Bia'ioneiy. ;4 Pi-arl ?t. Wm li Oouldimr, nurgictl Iustin.iieut manufacturer, SSH t huh in tt. To be had iy the do*-it M th* mam'actnrer'a pri et of th? a'.-.ti fi int. an'' tt rrt-ul tt ib- prim-ii-al lancy thr -ugh out he c tv M_*de t iQI W illitm atieat. fi lin m OVr Ral|Og.S ?First Premium?Suit Cheaper.? I'm Rd burl I il a rtubber Ktttliliinm-el, <3 Maiden Ian-, h i? e re due ii inair piictt io a lltile above entt lor India Ru'-ber Shon ii.e ilia D y't firtt premium Kubber Shoes and Otrrahort helug iletrr i lu-d ta s-II "Ut their eileuaivr t'ock, which en brae a rverv an d m market at incheirrrmely low pr.Cci rathe th*ri keep ihem over t il aimuier areaon. F -r yeara p-at our tlTrrahoea hare nceiv?d the fiut rremi rim* over am aud all othera offered in eouip* tition, and tnia wi diem more of an ariuireut thau meie broad uni}uali>leu aaaen Mat i?r on direetly in mated in (anahiatas their't tin W, " Fte-aare bitter than augumeuu" and lha latt- r thai sa ri lion. V t many hnyera are ai ly enough to adopt men boasting ?aaertion aa their rale by which to judge. dSO ?m*r OP KICK Ob Jr>E*-K9UN l\sUKAMi K COMPANY New York, February 6;h, l?lt. AT AN FLECTION (or Director! of ihit Institution ' o ih? enaoi g y*"r, hel l thii diy tt lieir office.the followiui named *- ntlem- u w-re rlec ed such directors.? Thou a W Tonpnc. Klisha higes, Thomas T. Woodruff, B niaioin H. Rabaon, John K Di'iton, Kitueit P Sure, Thomson Price, Jrse-hA'lin, Johu H. Lee, John P. Moo-e, Mote* Talker, Jam- a K. tiolmea, Caleb C Tauia, J*met II whiting. Aus-oBtkry, Win. K Thorn, J3'?e h Drake, IradHiw ev, John C. Merrill, Thorn Moirell. At a anbteijueut inerTog, Thomaa W. Thorne, Kiq.,wai n n n ona v ra-cltcted Pnatdeiu (or ihe rnan ng yatr. I T S r UEO. T. HOPE, P acre tare. OOURAUIFS POLUKb aUbllLE, FOR COMPLCTfc CV AND PERMANENTLY ERADICATING SUPLKKLUuUH HAIR. THK nnivvrtil imimlnniy ol ihu jn?ily nrUbratrd Ch.miea T.|>?rauoii for the deetru'tion of the Itroofest mid touehre Hmr, ffoui the >ofi down oo IrinvWi apt1*' hf end eruu to th< ituhhnrn bmra of m u, need* not ? word of comment in iti prMte. It te off'rient t? 'T thet it ie 'o be found in thi* cit] ?nil et tlie old end nrnginal ofGee (7 W.uker tt, one dnor froo Broil*>iy?tl |iei bottle. Bewere of drlrterinue imitetioee Where eleo may be >.ed GOUKAUD'M 15 A U l> L. B UUTE. nnrnailed foreelrrmiu ling lan, ['imidea, Bloteliea, Sallow Ueae, Boree. and all cuuu'out t iuiUum, nil. elirit ng a health] Juvenile bloom. & tier bottle. Conraod't Vegaiuolr Lionid Konge.? r.ui e.b wide. an< ilie only one in uee. Ml rente per txilile. (Joarand'e Blanc U'tlepagne, an eteeBma. prei.iration lo iititartinK a |?re, life like nlnteneee to the rumieeiion. (*"' from the injaari me |ootn-vn?a (enemlli ent.-rinu inrocnmhina tion for Ilua iitifpiier rut up in el' unit boir* at 21 rente earli AoKUTi ?New York?Albany, Outline, < Ma'den Lei e IYuil', J..ird ?imy; Ulica, Wade, diugiriit; Hamilton M. Co. Gregg U Ootiti; Louiitillr. Loum Co.; W. A. ChaM* Goshen, C* no., Mvers, Chain*I st, New Haven; W Faulkfeer, Norwich; WflUa Humphreys, Hartford; Charl'i l)>?' J j Providence; Newport; Clown, hair dresser, spnngfVtld; Greene & Co., Wore r; Burt, Li'flt KM It; Coggeshall, south Second ?t. New Bedford: Jordan,! Mi:k ?trect, Boston; Lowell, Carletoa U Co.; Salem, Ives Newburyport, Hodge; Portsmouth, Pre At n; Poit I and, Parker i:irdi?ug? ?i; Bangor, Guild; Hallowed, ftcammoa. New Jersey?Newark, i rtppc; Princeton, Dr. Beahrook. Pa.,Phila. 71 ( heanut strum, Lancaster, lieinitesh, drurgist; Harnsburgh Robinson. periodical agent; Prtulmrnh, Turtle; Cincinnati Thorn** * Co., Main street; Va., Richmond, Mrs. Krayter P. C. Washington, Selby Iarker: Aleianciria. C. C. Berry Md., Bauimoie s. B-Ilaoec, etc. Itc. Applications for agen cies must be post paid (none othei- are taken from the oost-of Bee) and arc irpanied with a N. reference, tioeicep tionable. Wi htn a few >ears this rematk^blr and useful che oneal in-ellioU for corop CtHy eradicating superfluous hair auaiO'd 0-w hi. he>t pitch of Ctslebmy aou consequent!) Stated the cupidity o? a nest of base counterfeiters, wh . at : rupt to inarch from the inventor the jnsi recompense lor hn labor rurihi'.sers Mtould Flu ie fine ' ? on their go-oil and sr? that et? i) ho tie of tr? Poudie Subtile is square, and K Kelii O'liKiid, f'oud.t t^uIttilf, N. V., i-iit in each bottle, and th< Di'i' ih'i far simile tiipMU'd on the ouisidt wrapper. pnec tiooa, Krenr h and Knglish, accompany each bottle.' !1? member the only ollict in N. Y* I'M the above celebrate Com*?i c, js 67 WMJu r Mm vt. otic door from Broadway. ft' CHAI'f AND TKMiVh KLK.-II Oil K It I 1 IONS ai d DiibfCtm m> nts of the Kace, aud Dam or Yellow skim cured by the ha mu Chemical Bom>. Salt Hh? um, frtck lrs.s u vy, tdmplrs, erys pelss, bioti tie?.uw rj lit-w an feie sjo's, bft? s ol iiisfCts, ino'qurtoes, 4kc , it will dative Mm color of da k suuhu ul, loa ir di-c I ied skin 1 Jta lisii Chemical Btmp i? tea'ly rhe w odcr of tht airr. Wt l pus' m he Mtdn ai SooUny of Pvirii call t|?*, able nig, aud it ;nv? iK , M Besprini, i nilnith opisr. I; i? curing inou: and g|l bvkr the Stat* * and Un'idi pOhsmsictH. I' entnel eradi ?ahs i iery eiupiiou or di?Aggreuifnt (.f ine akin, imparting t tlia lace, rtslv, io.Ck or arras, a beaat to health ul c:e i?ea ? B?? ir. Y prist)*'!1 n s off nd. Guo tri.'l will suffici t ? rt tomiijriiu il to ?*M lii fact llwrr am inai y uhiair.i, ua who now tin tent** t' ii i cut* thai bare bnlil. it thei? nk.II. 1 myarlf hat# ?u-n n cur rrh|rioh? atirr |. r?ms have nitil inwaid r.nd "Uiwarii rrmi J" " 'ii rail', ml e- tm > it gitpl ,i cotumd ikiun dt lici 'n .K'ai in ,?.I>*'?r lima, I' ltaoiil ?t M rt uta a c <ka by U ? |iu MUlnr. al the sigh ul 'hi- fla t cm K ?lv.M ( liallmn .lr. r IS?? Viiib. Ap.riut, d Agtnl -Z'thir. Jd and Drch ?ia. PMIa, or I ei to the An.trie ii Hot ,Wd?hiiigr<>ij, D Cj 8 Si*tr M B'Moi 57 4iat? it. Albany; 1 KultonU. brooklvni 2L7 Kinu m-?*v, * C.; C. F. Baity. Mon ut?wu, N.jr" fan, M Ui#ec w..ud ta all other eiute. E NE1 NEW 1 THE NEW LIVE OE LIVERPOOL PACKET< -yj iMB Jfiy ToaTilironi New t .m i6 n, and lrou^L^rpool itii ot ncn month. 8liipRO' HESTER.unfltuo.. ?.. . .. .. Phil.p Wo..H|?,u.e, i V* Ship HOT fINOUER. 1010 torn. .... Ir- Uut.elv, I??l. March. New (hip I IVEKI'OOL, 1L0 iona, ...u ?,ir:i John Kldrid*t, l8Ul A'""New ship . J2U0 toua, |6lh j^ayi A Theac sub tatmal, (aat tailing, lir?t cla?t ahirt, <ll buill in the citv ol New York, art c inn,ai,did by men of ciiwnence ai u abili'v, aua will be di a,latched j a-elual!y on thu I6t.. ol each month. Their cabina are rlgant and cominodioua. ?ixiare furntahed ? iih whaterer can conduce to the ??se and comfoitol p*saengeri. Neither I e captain or ownera of thege rhirs will be reaprn h'e foi any . nrcelaor piclcaaea aent by thiin, uu eaa tegu ar billa ladinK are amued then !' re. JPor Ireight or mm'Iv to t...T ? WOODHULL t MINTUHNS. 87 South ti'ert. New York, orTto FIELDEN. BROTHERS St f O , f 7 y r Livrpool. m M M 5 PASSAGE FROM ORE A I bill TAIN AND IlltLAND BY THE BLACK JALL OK OLD LINE OK f LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th aud 19th of every month.] Persons wishing loseud 10 the Old Country for then fneinla can make the necessary arrangements Willi the aubacribera, and hare ihcm come out in this tunerior line of Packeta, aailiug from L iverutrol unctually ou the 7th and 19th of every month. T* ev will alao have a liral rate ulnae of American trading ?hi|W, lailmp eveiy ail daya, thereby affording weekly communication Iroin that port. One of the firm ( nr. June a D Roche) u a there, la aee inn they ahaJI lie lorwarded with care aud fleapatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the motley will he returned to thoae who |>aid it here, wi.hout auy r. due * lion. I Toe Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packeta, comprise the following magnificent Shine, vit >The OXFORD. fhe NEW YOHK, CAMBMDUE. COLUMBUs. e EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, I ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With each auperior aud unequalled aiiangemeata, the aubacribera confidently look forward for a continuance oi'lhatsnpport which )wa been exleudrd to them au many yeara, for which n they are grateful. 1 hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, diawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub lin, also on Messrs. PRESCOXT, GROPE. AMES k CO. Baukets, London. p which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their ? Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*. Apply,or address, (if by letter. postpaid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO si Fulton street. New York, ueit dour to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?Tire Old Line of Liverpool Packet* tail Iron this j port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parlies 4 returning to the old country will find it to lh-ir comfort and advantage to select tins favorite Line for their conveyance, in ? prqirrwiicc ui my tuner. n<g7 r q OLD ESTABLISHED EMIOHA.NT PAS rfjafy HAOK OKKP^K, 61 South atreei, New York?RegjKSlRfiiU^r Line of Packela?The suutcnber continues to bria,; out person* f>om any part of Ureal Britain uud Ireland, a who may beeugaged by their friends her.-, hy the irgnl ir line of packet ships, tsiliug every tix day? rom Liverpool. Perinti> tending tor their fiien ft, mav rely that jurt care will be Liken '? hatethein desptinh-d without delay in Liverpool,aud will always endeavor 10 merit a eoutiuua ire ol ihe public patronage whicn has been so liberally bestowed for in any years pas'; and Uio-e remittlug money can have drafts payable at all the Banks and brioches throughout the United Kiutdotn. For further particulars, ap,.ly [if by letter, post i>aid] to ' j?r JOHN H-.HDviAn. ?l f?. u'hst. ' FOR LIVERPOOL NEW LIAE?.Hegui.ii " tJkWW Packet ol 2Sll February.?The Splendid Packer Ship Amb?>Ua11RICK. Captain William Skiddy, of IIKKl tons, will positively tail as above, Iter regular day. For freight or n passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on boar J, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, . or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South street. a Price ol passage, tlOD. '1 ue Packet Ship ltoscins, Captain John Collins, ol 1100 ,i tons, will succeed the Uarrick, and sail Uie 15th of March, her t| regular day. * L Iters for the shi|>s of thu will only be received at Oilpin'i and Hale's News Room. Passengers lirav rely ou the tlupt ol this liur sailing punctual- ? Iv as advertised. j26 c XA* PAS8AOE FROM LI V ERPO> ?L-Ti.e vetv superior packet slop MEMPHIS. Lapl Kuikht, will jM|fi|?aail from Liverpool early in March P< isous wishing to tend for their friends can hare them brought onl in her or a?.v of the regular packet! bv applying personally, or if by letter, post i?id In ' JOSEPH McMURRAY, , 100 Pine street, corner ul South. I P S?Drain for any imwuut payable at tight iu any i ank, bianeb, or agency of a bank, iu Euglaud, Ireland and Scotland, j given by applying at above. iv?tr ; UNITED LINE OH LI VEHruoL PA* EEIS kffJwW?F'trst I'a Set?I he tnVndid latl tailing p.t k i ship , iBllBH^EUTAW. Capt l now loading anil will in a' .%oh immediate despatch. For p.stage early application I ahould be made on boaid, or to 1 JW.&J. T. TAP8COTT. ,! i 43 Peck lift comer Smith siren. i ' ' PeNions des;rous ofsemliiw lor their friends can h ive them br night out iu this line, en the most rrumutilc turns. and I those wishing to remit money cau have drafts for any amount ( ay able on demand,without discount, mall the piiucipal iowil i , of Ureal Biitain and Ireland. 13 r : h Oil LI V LKPUtiL?K. rum I'stk. t oi toe in ' kWaV f "brua-1 , 1843 The very au|>erior packet ship J jJUji^OtOKOe: WASHINGTON. Capl Burrows, will san as JOSEPH McMURRAY, jKtr 100 I'inc, corner ol South aireef. , DRAFTS O.N IKELA.iUTfcc.?The subscribers aJyMPy.continue lo give dralts payable on di rua?d, witlioot AmhMsbiIi-coiiiii, or toy charge whatsoever. IN IK r. L A N D?The National B oik of Ireland, the Provin* cial Bank of Ireland, and then lanctie, iu every county. IN ENGLAND AND WALKS?Messrs James bull. Sou I It Co.. bankers. London, the Kvc auite and Discount Bank, Lit erpom. and itiew br nch?< throughout Knglaud and Wales. IN SCOT! AND?The Kas'crn Bank oi Scotland, tlir Greenock banking Com, any, and branches in the principal t 1 towns; Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter It Co. ( Persons in the country wishing to remit money to their t frit uds in any part of Englaud, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by r enclosing the amouut they wish to remit to the subscribers . with the name and address of the parties to whom it is to be t teut A draft for the amount will be forwarded the fi-at packet iftrr the receipt thereof, slid acknowledgement of the tame re- u i 'annul per lirst ixrst. ( dlt W k j T TAPSOOTT. 43 P-elr.lin V,. Voek. " HKVllT i ANCKS to, ?tc., etc.? 4$fy The subar.riber continues to transmit money, in sums JBflMblarge or small to persons residing iu any pari of Irelaud, in the same n.snuer ts lie, and his predecessor in bnsi* ness have done for the last hirty years, and more; also, to any port of England or Scotland. Moury remitted kl leiier (M paid) to the luhscribcr, or ' wraonaJly deposited witn h.m, with the Dame of the person or ' persons 'n Irelau.i, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be em, and nearest post town, will be immediately tiansmitled I and paid accordingly, and a receipt to effect given or for I warded to the tender. In like manner money with or claims on persons in any part ot ' r Ireland, England or Scotland, can he collected by the sobscri- < [ aer, for persons tetidiug in any part of the Uuited States, or ' Canada, and will be paid to them aecnrdingi v. < i 12 tsw*r /?K OHIIK M > B H 11H'. Ir Ml ahr < t AAKfc- !< . MITT AXLES I P. KNOLAM), I H ELAXI) 1 Wfffy SCOTLAND AND VVAlES.?Persons proceed MUfmia OS or reuniting money to any part oi the old c 'tiuiry ca? at alt timet obtain rom the subscribers Jralta at tight, lor , tnv amount on the Royal Bank of Ireland and on Messrs Prescett, Wrote, Ames A 1,0, Banke t, Loudon which are paid free of discount or any charge whiltoerei, in all the principal towns of the United Kingdom. For terms, apply or address, if by letter, boat haid, to ROCHE BROTHERS k CO.. 33 Knlton tt, nest door to the Fallot B ink. P. 8 ?The sat scribert will as hi retofore have s regular saccession of lint class American ships, ssilmg werkly Iroin Liv pool, uuriug the eomiw year 1113. For passage, apply as abosc dan r j as ? NEW LI,NE i.lVr,nrmiL ck- < fg' V et I6tli p'ehutry ?The pi, ,,did well known fast I Jkka *s sailing packet ship ROCHESTER, Capt. Philip I I Whoc I use, will sail positively as above, her regular da\, t hat in i iinmeiiced her rrgtila trips in Mcrtrt. Wooilhnll k i Mima, 't New Line of Livi r|mol Packrit. I The* comtnodalinus oi this ship lor cabin, second rabhi arid , r steel age passengers, cannot be surpassed, having all the improvt- i I hp's of ibe new modelled packet ships Peis us desirous of ' iy n. v berths tliould not fail t" make early application on it-a. I. f?M of Burling Slip, oi to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 1 13 Peck Slip, cor. .South at. eair ins of tending for iln ir in tue old cuuuI try, can hare th ui brought out on favorable lenns, by the aoovr lavonte ship, whn h leaves Liverpool on the 5 h of April, I her rrgnlai day, and those wishing to limit money < so be suie plied w .th drafts for any em nm payalil- . n desu ud, wi.houi . discount, in all the principal towns of (Jieat Brnain and Ire> .and. I he packet ship Hottingusr will tPcceed the Rochester and 0 ,ail ou the 'Ah March, her regular day. j2a_r \ ; BRITISH AND aUIUH aMp.HIk.AN HtrtAL M?.ll ' STEAM SHIPS, ' . Of I'AraA is its! lift U t- V Undar rantrart with the L >r.U of the AJmiralty. j } HlBRRMA, C. H. K. Judkine, Commander. ! r l?Kl J ANMA, J. Hewitt, A? n CALKOONIA. R. H., <*> ACADIA, A. Kyrry do j COLUMBIA. C. C. Miller, R N* do , ; Will Mil from Literjolea I Botteu, ?i* Hil.f.n aafollowet f ; rftoa Llttarooi. rttoM afltTun , I Aeailie, Hrrie, I1'# A Mar 1 , Colombia, Miller, Alar 4 A|-'l I f Britannia, Hewiu, At>'l 4 May 1 v H'b.rnu. Juilkina, Ao'l 19 M?) 18 t; , The arcnmaio 'atioae itir (>i?i' nytra are ??i*i lor, , I The ?e-?fl? 're ci ?m|Wi led by rtiwrieimra K.ijfona, and v amply eupiilit d wiih Fiatu re'PaieutLt(a Boala, j I Piutir tr> at dtofltfl \ t rtenl'i ntil paid frr. , t KoHiirthrr i formation'n i D. BRlCUAM. JK.,*i HAK.xDKN Sr CO'3, No. J WrlUt. ' ' JL!^ fi awrt RKUULAH OlI'OSITION TO I A Is < I -e-f KILL. aii 1 itileriRtiiale landing*, without tow I I Jfc?Jfi iUl.han<? ~K. gular ?U\*t horn Cattakill, Moi? <Uvt? VVrdii?and Krii!.iy?. Iftor.i New York. Tue?day?, I T ?ur?dnyt and f**turoay?.~ b are to or from C.iilanill, 60 ceut*. J ? ?Berth* 26 cem??H'ljipf r 26 cell's. p 1 The flew nuti fast ate.imer WAVlC, i *p>am Yanderbilt. will V* Pobl,,,0?> Pi*' 'A hu onlay Nor. 17th? at tire o'clock, r H or furibr r |<a(iiv iilart iiNjuirr of the ca tain on board. By f rmu.lug on the flay a'abor* named. there will hi a daily com Truncation between ( \tSL ill .uid View York ( oil in termediau I I'lac.eR) (or freight ?nd i iiue it reduced iiricea. nfii B i ? h\\L HOA7~UNK ~uk 'MAOh? P HO -I NKW vohk TO bmikcku rs?y???n -milaii - I' i . ? ' - ira :B'j,or"* ^,k I W/L?"Vi ,Hr,' Brilfofd, M'rf Monday, J W.dU'?0JS rrid?v m?miHC MBHoMocfc ? n _ i_. Ko?,l Holtl, earlier ol Bowery...* Broom. ' ?*' T ^ ,h'? J ,Xl .i" v' l',,u",'*y 9*??r<l?V morning, by Mm t o rlock eg... ,,U,|,? M ill. K ??r ; \^^S2!iXSsr Ai- ; ' The Bed Bird I.IC* 0f "'Itttt will goutim. lo rui/iluri'ui th. c ' muter iriini WhiU- fla.i ???ry d.y ?t R o'clock. aadN.?v h ' 7oik at 1 o'clock, t* V., iluuiUy??xccliUi<(. . , _ HIH A\i DK? ORR8T, J H !?*?? PropruiJT, IV vo fORK, WEDNESDAY J IEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. k ciu'm* lu?i o! Courtlaadt men, New York. (Every,dar? Sunday ton(opted.) Leave* Newark J ? -V >> AtV ?; M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. >1"H A? 4 do R Jo. do 43K do 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. 1) VI do. ON SUNDAY*. K rom the foot el C.urtlacdf itrert. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. auii 4 k P M. At IkP. M. and 10 P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Eliiabuh Town. ? A. M. 7 A. M. * P-M- au A.M. p lOK A. M. *\ P. M. ik M. j r. m. " The trains for Westlirld, ftainlfeld. Bouudbrook, Somerrille, .e., connect with the 9 A M, 2 sua 4X P M traius Irom New 'oik, daily, Sundays eiceptvd. Fare bat ween New Ynrk aod Elizabeth Town 26 ceau. Kare between do and Souierville. 76 cent* IJf W YORK. RAHWAY AND NE\* BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced, t roin the foot of (liberty street, daily. Leaic New York. Leave Now Brum wick At 9 A. M. At ->? A. M. IX P. M. >2 i\ " 12^ " 9 P. M. On Snnoays the 6*< and 7X A.M. rnpe from Now Brunswick nd 2X P. M. tram Ironi New ' irk, are omitted. Ksie between New Yo-' aao New Uruuswic.k, Tj cents, rtanway, .11 Mill* l'lie laro in the 57* aud 7>% A. M. train from New Brnua nek, and 2J? and ?. M. trjiin from New York, liaa beeu ir need. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cent* " and llahway to S7X " Passengers who procure their ticket* at the ticket Ofhce, re cite a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by ihe con actor only on the day when purchased. nil 3tn* "NEW "YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ttOATrETNEVia Nokwii h t*D Wurlestk* RaiLn.-aDS. Composed af the (allowing superior steamers running in conaction with the Norwich it Worcrstri and Worcester V Bosun R ill Roans? WORCESTER, Capt-J H. Trndeibih. NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Duiian. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On and aftai Monday, N'oy.21st,this line will be ran tri-week y, leariBg New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays uly, at 4 P. M. dHwWhgtk d>i ilCrflkN ,s*1 " I The new and splendid steamboat .NEW HAVEN, Captain . K. Dm,tan, will leave eeery Tuesday, Thursday and Satnray afternoon. ai 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately oa the rnval of tlis abore boat* at Norwich, and will proeeed withut change of cam or baggage. For farther information, enijtiira ar the office of 1). B. ALLEN, n Peek alip, up stairs All persons are forbid trusting any one oa account m thr bore boats or owners. nili MORRIS AND ESSEX KAIL KUALI, smmsmas New Arr .titiemriii?1 In, Road Having hern re-latd .it grea' i;a use wi h ilie most approved and hear .est H ra I, to secure ?af and esp'diiious conveyance hctwevn New York and doristown. will coiinneucr running two trips daily, Sundays iu eptril, an aud after M ?uday, Jan vg. b ir?t 'I iaiu from Moirutowu w>11 leave at Chi A M. Second Train Iroin Morristown will leave at 1^, P M. First Tiaiu Iroin New York will leave at 4 A M?Newark at \i\ M. Second Train from New York will leave at 2X P M?Newrk at 3>4 r M. ?assrugcrs by the Morning Train from Morristown will arive ai N- wark in lime for ine 9 A M Train to N< w I oik. or le morning Train ro i'lu'apelpliii; by tile Afternoon Train ley will airier at Newark in time lor the 3S P M Train to im Yo'k or tbr Eve ong Tiaiu to flii'adelp la. Pas-enger* by the Morning Tiai fioin New York will airive t Murriatnwn in t ine to iliue and lake any of the Htagea runins wear or uoni Iroin thai place. 1/6 l TI*ec WINTER AltHA ilibMhNl. ftw I 'ITIMi . "JEW VOKK DIRECT. /in Newark. New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordc* towii and Buitiiiuloii THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. ..eave New York, from the loot of Liberty street, daily, at II k M and 4 \ I' M. 'lire mummy 1,'iie proceed* to Boruemown, from thence by te.uniioal to rmiarlelphia. The Eveiiinit Lipe proceeds direct to Camden, (oiipotite 'hiladelphia) without chance o I care Pa**emter* will procure, their rickets at the office foot ol Li >erty street, where a conimodiuns steamboat will be ill readi lesaa. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates aru eonvtyed from city to cite without being opened by the way. Eiirh train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartmoils and dressing rooms aipressly for thy Ladies use. Hemming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot ol dheatuui slrrtl by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.aud i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P being a continuation or the lines from New York. :2t Sm?r 5AILY PACKAGE KXI Kk aT < Vi( KUR ALBA.Nk. TROY. AND BUKKALO. 3y the iil.L'v,u,-T^^^-,u ,iou- -11 r.. i vt i iiom t>.ia 1 "t? to Albany is Twelve Honrs. Leaves at 7 o'clock in thr morning. The anbscribere have trade arrattgeineuu with the Hon ra oni Hail Koail Company, to rnn an Kiurea* Car (exclusively or ou own purpose) daily, over their roarl with tne naaaent ei rain, running through M Albany in twelve honri, aud are now irepared to reeeivv and forward at low rates, specie. Bank Note*, Packages, Bales and Case* of Goods, lie., far any ol he above narard or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills. lOtet, diafta and accounts, and inch other business as may be ntruated to their care. dlr POMEROY k CO. 1 Wallstreet. New York. PUL.LEN & OOPP'S SEW YOh7 ALbAsV. T ItOV AN li E AL EXPRESS. Messrs Harnden It Co. having disposed ol' their ronie ron: New York to Albany and Tioy, tha snhscri>era, the old eondactor* of Haruden Ik Co'i Northern Etn.-eas, from New York, will coutmu? to rnn as reretofore .leaving New York, Albany and Tray, Daily , aud lonnect at Troy with Jacobs' Vloutreal Kipreaa, and will for ward Specie, Bank Notes, Pack sges. Bundles,' net of (fo'*di. ke., to any place betweeu Nsw York and Montreal, auj hro'ighont the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be oromullv ai ended to. ('articular attention will be pod to the collection if n tea. drafa, acceptance*, Ike.. and prompt remma made Cot be unt, PVLLEN k COPP. Ofllcea?Tultcu It Oorip, 2U Wall *trcrl. New York. Tt.oa. Ornish, is ".(change, Alh-uiy. A U. *"ilkiu?, 22* llierr atreet.Troy, H. Jacob'* Exchange Cnort, St ran) *i, Montreal REFERENCES. New Von?. ALBaat. Taoy. ?rmr, Ward U King, K. J. Humi-hrer, Jim Payne, lacob Li'tlc, h Co., Time. Uougli. P. Weil*, lohn T. Smith, k Co.. S. K. Stow, IVpoor k Hoffman, C. S Donald" 'arponter St Vermilye, F. I.eake Hotiehtoii U Co. drew. Uohiuaon It Co. ium _ STATE N ISuANl) FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street On and after Dec. W, the steamer STATEN ISLANDER ?>ll run n? f >'low*. mill further notice ah AVE HTATKN ISLAND NEW TOKK lkA.M, 9A.M. 1* I2>4 2 p. m. sir.M. <H T 4V PARR'S LIFE Pir.LS. "PHIS Fine Harbal Medicine ln? acarecly been introduced into the I'Lited S'ate. tit mouths, ret in thit ahort apice if time, * ilkott inv eatraiardinary et?-rli?n? on t m (mrt oi t e raprirtoh, il ?ale in ibe States of New Yoru, Pi nnavlvsnia <1 w En. la* I ami t. <:i -I*. ha? i o rea-eil with such api Mty pi to ctrred their moat aangnine i t|iectal! na The <uhlie a-e now begioniii'-' to mider'tainl and *| pi-ciute the mi etinr f# if of tln? mild . *d cine to the powerful pnr, an eta ha I liaet- hint ilheito aolit aha m in t'l* a ape nf |>i I la wliieli nay give leliel f't a ? oil liiae lull alwajra at the canen e of he iy?tem, by - nl eMing it slid rendering It m ire liable to reel*. -g hi ml .-i immpl n' On tsi coinr ry, Pari'a Lifei Mh gently i tadicate diteaae ' y removing all batruetmnt in hi ideal,nal < HI I, I nrili li ar the bin. tl, Mrenathenilin thr ayaein, and err a in* a natural *1 d healthy anion of th?* h dy?they Lo kci powe-lully .i? a toaic, MM rwtma to tiie i a'leti a loin: nit appetite and u hrallht craving for loml. Aa a family m<icine it ia aneuitallri!, and may he lak'D We cvny nu mber of faini'v I pin the y onion it to I he oldeat, being peritc Iv free rom all mineral prepv itmni, an ing no po'ii, and retina on Ml v a a pars tiee. Many t< in ilea who hiee taken ttii* m dirine peek in the liuhia' i i ma ol" the great te-aiAtlhev h.iehtd rem ihr Uie ol it, and to ill ft male* ofa delic I'e habit of bole ye wou'd !>=* I Culatly iec"imutnd tint m diomv; ih-y mil md it aa'ei able n? lake. a mi lima '< the ayn m, anil certain id tareinnai a the ur and bad l orn' r in in the hod ? n the l| r na the torpid md bp itnouii ui tluula that h ivi 'i d dormant ii be li ily do I a i|i> winter, but are "earn bioi a ' ml* r* iTi'y't ?l|l lie *p< Cililt rermlTrd h? Mkl ir Par V L'f- P'l cry night, b lore g, ii g to bed, foi two cr ihret we The mop ie or h .vi alr? d> muiv eieell- M lettiinoui ila O'" th* el* ,Ca y ot I air'* l.ifr FVIa in hjl.on* and ao.rb ttir complaint,, tironi* earr* n| c'd m aiipatiou oif.t bowel* dia.npsu, ie?r eoinidainu, dehilit- and rot plan tt inciitei lal 10 feie Ie Tbt f llnwtn* "ie b earliiu** aitenti tor the anh m P.rr'i *1 e Villa, where m>y be had aratia tli* L'fe and Time* J" I'hoin ? parr, with two liae en( at inyt, ai d murli otln hip tun mailer J.ine? 1 o iiiw ill I) u. gut and L'hemi t, N Willi mitrm t; loth on St t'o. 11(1 B. i d?ay and 10 A-'or Hon, ; Ahinh m Ui d< tk ?'i tl.tiMgia ? and ch"ini?:? n n i hniitbn t, No '.71 I n dway, comer < hain' t ratret f ( llitid Sunlit* I o No. 17 La?t Uiimtlway ; P. ppkie, 013 H o .lwa?. Ci.r. ti Li-p.'ii*id t it!; Jiiho 1! D i d, dn . g it, Broadway, corier II , eck i ire,- , ,V W B 'it' iti. How y M.ilicin, atorr, 760 Bow. ry ; ihn I' Hart, d aagot, 74G irr&tid > oraer N rfiig ?tict; lyin 'a Modirin *'o e, d3 B wr"ty, e,? ner SVn'Ser so ; tin by me, c on-r K?l?i n ml Vaii-r nrrrtti Hum rtt, ,b ngg'tt. >67 Orertiwich a'reet. n, v the cot net <>( I- mnhlin; , St J, i n ding'oo, apoilii e rii a, tiiuinon, comer ,,| r puna tieet ; K. L. Cmloii, i hernial and upot ic ny, 273 HI ker, i rin r J 'n,* atreet , .1. Wei doTet, cruggiat and ip DieCirf, g,,. 141 Kiahlli >e- t ne. BroeklVli?C. Weill B.moua, aeeil, dray, and ,.aten? mi di lie w tr I. o i.*e, U4i% holt 01 ati'. t| ol',I whideaate it lie prte netor'aelb T ROB Kit 1 '? St I tl, Cl.iirnd u fi ^<*4 cor, D iim ?t ,ti.U Hi?i <iwa>. Small ' i I > 3> i ?.' Lug, o. hi ly he** l) ce t fermnii d am u I b n i ? n g> ncy lur lb, i. a In in 'h outnry, wi I pb .? direct their lettera, poft p id, to P. Poena St t/O le'ler br i 907 N'W t"Tk. (ft l,n?c Je.!* F ?I atent ?dlieii?e t''eil lor tin atluug io, a ol boutaa y and ahipi bBttoma, for a?le in Iota to tint purcbaaera, hy J30C H- K. LO, M Sontl. at, RK I CORNING, FEBRUARY ! Trial of Commnnder MrKcnzlc, Sixth L)av? Fkb 7. The Court was call"d to order a few minutes after 10 o'clock, and the journal read. Mr. was called, and the followine question pur to him, in writing, by Commander McKenzie. Q?Continue your narrative of what you know of ihe inutiuy, from ihe point of (into where you left ott yesterday 1 Witnesscontinued in detail the same particulars uft nrf* vumdv mihli Witness asked if it was proper for him to give any rem ?rks which Spencer had made in his hearing about the Commander, which was admitted by the Court. The Judge Advocate objected to witness stating what Cromwell had said relative to his being in a 6laver Mr Duersaid, let liirn go on, and we will bring it out afterwards. The witness continued his narrative, and concluding, the President asked if Captain McKenzie had any questions to ask witness. * Q. bv McKenzie?Were any of the crew present when S|>encersaid he would like to throw Captain McKenzie overboard* A ?Yes, there were several; Cromwell, Small, Wilson, McKinley, Neville, and one or two oitieia. Q, ?What ellect had the remarks of Mr. Spencer, when going ashore in the boat, at Messarado, upon the crewl A ?I could see a smile upon their faces. t| ?Do you know anything of the manner of Mr. Spencer when he addressed Captain McKenziel A ?He was very obsequious and respectful lie used to say, when in the steerage. "I'll not say yea, or not say no, to turn." His manner on deck was very different to him. Q ?Did or did not Mr. Spencer pass a large portion of his time with the crew, and was he, or was he not, unusually intimate with theml A?Yes; he spent a large por ion of his time with them, and kept aloof from the officers Q?Did or did you not observe which of the crew he was most intimate with 1 A?Cromwell, Small, Wilson, McKinley, Nevi le, Golderman, the cook. Walkin, Sullivan H? waa very intimate with the black cook. He waaaf so intimate with the Maltese Gallia, and sometime! lent him his pipe to smoke Ry the Judge Advocate- Snencer never tnadf me any presents of money while on board. Srnal was a shrewd man, and had been mate of a vessel Small's manner and actions satisfied me that Spencer had broached the subject of mutiny to him be fore he did to me. I never induced in any muii nous conversation with any one before the conversn tion with Spencer. The Judge Advoca 'k here put a very long ques tion, which was objected to by the counsel ot accued, and the room cleared until the question was ar gued to the court. On the opening of the doors, the Judge Anvo catk stated that he had withdrawn the prevmui question, but would put the following as a substi tute:? _ Q.?Assuming Spencer to have been in je6t, wha would have been your conduct had you been accus ed of the mutiny before you had made a report of i to the captain ? A ?I don't know, sir. O.?You have spoken of a written Bfh'-me ; saw it the one that was in Spencer's handkerchief 1 A ?I did not see ii that night, but seen it after wards, when it was taken out ol his locker. Q.?flow do you know that the one taken ontoi lite locker was the one that was in the handkerchief? A.?To the best of my knowledge and belief i wa? the ?ame one. Q ?What are your reasons for it and belief ? A.?1 do not know. Q, ? What are your reasons f r knowing that thi wa> the same paper, when you did not see it on th i night 1 A ?Because Spencer told me he had one. q?|ltd he tell you the one he could show yoi was in his locker. 1 A ?No sir. , C| ?Have you any other reason for believing thu jihe one in the handkerchief was the one taken Iron , (the locker, except the fact that Spencer told you hi Hud one with the names of the men on it I A.?No sir. Q ?If your name had been found on that plan how would you have acecounted lor it ? , A ?Why, that it was put there without mj knowledge. Q ?Did he tell you your name was put down or th it plan. A?V- he did not. Q.?You say tint Mr Spencer told you that h? IihiI a plan and that some twenty were with him? did you know this before tliat evening 1 A ?No, air. A question was here proposed Hnd the Court wai again cleared. On opening the doors the following question was put by the Judge Advocate. \Vh"n Mr. Spencer told you iie intended to mnkr a scuffle some night when he had ihe mid watch,rut with his associates to the mainmast, call vr. lio gers and throw him overboard?did you tell hin thut it would be likely to arouse the men and pre vent liirn Irom going on with his plan, which he tolc you was to open the aim chest and distribute their io the men, and to station the men at tlte hatchet and proceed in person'o the cabin to murder tin Commander and the officers in the ward room tint steerage, and of slewing the two after guns arount so as to raly; t|ie deck, and call up the men to se lect those to be thrown overboard, considering In had but twenty associates in a crowd of one iiun dred and twenty msn and boys J The Counsel for accused objected to this qnestioi and stated that he should offer n protes' if desired by the Court. He stated that the question was con irnrv to h 11 precedent Hi:d rule, and lli*? objection will he heard this morning at the opening of the Court, at 10o'clock. I>onlsvlll>;. [Correspondence of the Henld.] Lomsvn.i.K, Ky., Jan 28, 1843. James Gort>on Bennett, krq :? Dear Sir :? In your next weekly number of the Herald wil you oblige a few of your subscriber* in this place b informing them whether a nou-residerit coming t , New York is liable, in any case, to linirisnnmen for debt, and whe'h'T any Rail is demanded ttec.l An insertion in your valuable pHperot the law i New York, whirh reiates to the collection of debt of non-residents will much oblige a SrascRiBKR. Answer?A non-resident in New York is liabl to arrest and imprisonment under the State law.Hc may be bailed under the same law. But und< the bankrupt law, it non-resident can take the bene fit at once. Bridge port. [Coneapondonce of the Herald.] ItRrrHiEPoRT, Feb. G, 1843. Pi xt Hoax, $c. Dear Bennett :? These are times of hoaxing, indeed: and if tfu end of the world approaches as last as hoaxes an< delusions make their appearance, this world wil he involved in impenetrable gloom and darknet: long before the 23J of April next. The last hoax that has come under our observation is this: A day or two since the evening mail arrived, and among other documents were found a letter addressed to the Postmaster, purporting to be from the Post Office Department, Washington, informing him of his discharge, and another document to a certain individual, informing him of his appointment, all post marked, and directed in " npcle pie order," and apparently correct. Tins w a a iImiik entirely unexpected, and of - nurse it caused no little int-re-t and excitement, as the Pos'mcs or, heina a staunch Tyler man, and the other being a fi-rv locotoco However, it war generally believed, as the postmaster in Sirai 'inn iini urrn removed unoer me same circumi-tunces. Tim one in happily disappointed, and the mh-rV rustle in the air is crushed to Moms; (or it turned om to he nothing bur a hoax. "mnie weeks ftn.'e the " gixards" of the citizens (if Bridgeport were gladdened by the appearance of t!ie teamboat Superior, to run m conaeciiou with the lloneatonie hail Head, to leave on the arrival of the ears in the evening, winch would he a great accommodation to Alb-inv pess< nger* t and not only that, Imt it would enable the Herald to furnish Albany newsu day in advance, as Potneroy'g 3Cxnress is detained over nigltr. What has become of this boat ? She nude one trip, and alter that was minus Nv might easily c'ear $7o per day a' long as the North river reiuuined closed. Thai's all. Solitary Confivkmknt.?Win. H. Babb hung himself in Moyamensing prison, Philadelphia, on Wednesday lasl IE It A I i, 1843. Albany. fCorri?pon>lence o^tlio Herald. | Ai.bany, Monday, Feb. 6, 18-13. Mattni and 'thing* in General? lsgi*ldive Pro- I cttdingt?Office Hunter?, Religion, fyc. The turmoil ami strife that a short time since, appeared destined to rack the locofoco paity to its centre, have now, to all outward appearance, subsi- J ded, but never was the adage " appearances are deceitful" more applicable. Beneath the garb of calmness now presented, the moat subtle intrigues 111 and plottings are being carried on. This s'ate of Cl uftiirs, from the very nature of things, cannot exist * hut for a short time, and it will be matter of sur- 11 prise, if at the termination of the session there is not a grand explosion, which shall rend the Democratic " party in twain, and throw them in a minority at the '' next election. The " old Regency"? the Bank men '* ?the conservative, if you please?(-ranch of the de- y mocracy?are now in the ascendant?the tiover- tj nor is with them, and inde|?endent as he undoubtedly is?in a great measure all the appointments will be more or less under their control. The h radical, or ultra locos, on the other hand, are far si from being disheartened, but on the contrary are [ rallying with iheir might to eflect a change. They feel that iliey have the great majority of th" parly " witlt them?and they are determined to triumph n And with such master spirits to aid them as b'lagg, a Young, Holhnan. Bryant, etc., who can doubt hut 11 that they will eventually succeed. Their editor in ' this ciiv, O'iteillv, is a match lor Croswell, in evi ry j4 thing that consiimtes a political editor, and us he '' | is far more democratic in Ins habits and association, 11 so will he be lur more p pillar. Alre.idy he wages H war on the new State Printer, will all the fierceness r , and ardor of a political adversary, and lie hss to c sustain him, too, a majority of the country press.? ! nut not until the nominations tor me tan elections are to be made will rjne contest be of much couse, quence. Then in every ward meeting, caucus, etc will the parlies lie found pilled against each ol ler, '' and the probability is, that the result of the contest 1 [ will leave the Forty J'hievea' party triumphant. In the Legislature on Saturday there was but little H done. The House was occupied the greater part 1 ' of the dav in the discussion of dr W. Hall's reso lulion relative to the Virginia Inspection Law. which ' I whs eventually referred 10 a select committee ol 1 five. 1 ' No appointments announced as yet for the uteri- ' dian of the empire city?what will the poor devils of office seekers do 1 The living is very expensive ' indeed in this ancient Dutch metropolis. You may add to the list of applicants,the names of s the following gentlemen IVter L Haiiirnan, lumber inspector. Wnnren L. Doig,harbor master , Jatues 1 Iteatiie, inspector ol green hides. IVter V Dubois, inspector of flour. The religious excitement still continues. The J sar of fanaticism is in the ascendant and common sense on the wane. On yesterday, there were no bos than ninety odd new converts baptized and ta ken into the church. The majority of them were j females. Simon. ' Lioularllle. H fCorrMpoDilrnre of the Herald.) Louisvili.e, Jan. 28, 1813. ,, Flare up at the Medical College?Fashionable Elope- l< ment?Business?Trade. f From events of recent occurrence at our Medical 1 Institute, itsreputation must fast and rapidly increase , t Hitherto its halls have, day after day, presented tinsnme dull monotony of scholastic and professional studies; no broils, disputes or quarrels of any discrip b tion hav? disturbed its quiet ; all has passed ofl e -inoothly and tranquilly; not the slightest event ol the most trifling import ha*, until a few days pas'. u seemed to give it that noieriely which all colleges, more or less can boast; no petty discords havesprtinc up among the students, until lately, to cause am i! commotion amongst its honorable professors, or to II give ri*e to vogue conjectures or rumors, as to the p resuit of such flare-ups On the 2<?ih ult , he remembered, the college yard j1 became the scene of h fijhr. which wns the first iti.ii ' i should be chronicled since the erection of its clas- * sic walla. "Hie cause of the quarrel was trifling, as ' is always the case in such matters at college. One of ^ the combatants in going to get a drink, was rudel> '' ? pu-lied out of the way by one of the students, and on j demanding the wherefor, received a blow lor lin inquisitiven'sa Afterthe lecturr wasnver, yonngO proceeded to the court below, and stripped for a re '' gular set to ; his antagonist on coming out was in ' stantly assailed, and a regular Kentuck bite, gemg< y and scratch hght took place Young C at one limt ' was in a fair way to get the best of bis opponent, '' ! when be seized C. by his long hair, and bv giving it se- r veral hearty pulls, soon made tutu cry prreiivi. They were soon seperated and both parties retired well sa- 1 i tisfied. Thiu nfljtr hnwpwpr nrnvp'l tr\ Ko Km# thu nmln/lu I' i to another of\ more serious nature, and more tra '' gic in its termination. Two of the students, a Mr f !4. nnd P?-, had a dispute ol very trifling kind, and 'J i on a suniect of little or no impori; angry words soon ' ensued, becoming every moment more and more se ' rinus, when linally one of the disputants spit in the 1 other's tace, wheretor, he immediately drew a pisto i and failing to fire if, the other, i*., drew his am) dis , * charged itscontents at hHopponenMheballof which struck him on the forehead, and passing ofT in a glancing direction, inflicted a wound of a very se rioits nature, although it is hojted not to prove tatal V'oung S. immediately left the city: whether he was ' pursued or not, I am not able to state. A rumor of rather a ridiculous nature was afloa' ' 1 in our city to-day, which, liy the hy. is authentic, concerning n runawny match The parties are both young, and the 1-tdy extremely handsome, and has been quite a belle at our halls and parties. The young J mar has just commenced his novetiate in the law The parents of both parties were deadly opposed t< * he match, and started in quick pursuit. The intel ligence having been communicated to them about i ^ half an hoor after their elopemen', they were ov? r 1 hauled before anything serious could have occur ed, they not having had time enough to he joined i " y die bondsofholv wedlock; they were brought home, 1 and the matter is now at rest, perhaps forever. The river at present i* in a very good state? boats of all cla-ses are enabled to run. Freights are n iT nty, hut at low prices, at least from this port to s Vevv (Orleans. At Cincinnati the rates are nearH a fourth greater for pork, flour and the h.xc, the cause p of which i? obvious. Pork in New I'rleaus at pre- ' sent com mantis a pretty good price ; and as there is a great probability that the market ntav be flooded, imrnrii>r- ?jnu?; mrn urr ju-i ?o oe pruppru. i<ih inuHii has taken advantage ol this, l>v ofleriiu hieh?r pru***.-* to boa's in iak< t! ? produce '<? NV* Orleans; and boats loading for pott will go to ' Cincinnati and take in their freight at ?125; and ' some tlitre IohiI her at (?2 a 87 cents lor flour and i pork. As they can pH*e over the falls, they have not to pay the heavy tax they otherwise would, ha" they to go through the canal. Cincinnati will b\ this mean-" get her produce to market in good time, and command lair prices, whilst ours will have to 1 i hedisprsed of hi a sacrifice, owing to the latenese , . of its arrival in inirket Should the shippers lvre ' Imld to their present reduced prices, such will in- ' ' evitttbly be the case; and nothing hut the great' ?t 1 freak of fortune cau make it otherwise. HAWKEYK. 1 t ' Nt.w York Lkoisi.axi rk.? Wc have the proceed- ' ings of Saturday only In the SENATE, the hill to amend the chsrterof Hie 1 Nautilus Insurance Company was passed, and the bill relative to Common Schools in Brooklyn. Little else of interest was transacted. In tiik Assembi.Y.?The Speaker presented (he memorial of Alexander Thompson and James Leak'' claiming to he heir of John O. Lenke, against grant tug the proceeds of the Leake estate to the Lewkt and Watts orphan house. Mr Jonvs, from the Committee on the Judioiarv. to which was referred so much of the llovernorY VI.HpDr ri. rrhr- l( the COflt rove Mil liflwu-n N?.i? York itiifi Virginia, r.nd also the bill introduced b\ VIr. J to repe?l the net id 1^40, extending the right of trial by jury to fugitive slaves, made a dctuilec report on the several subjects committed to their care. The report is very denunciatory of the course taken by t'overnor Seward in reierence to this con trovem Mr. Dai.y after speaking ot the ability of 'here port, moved the printing of ten times the usual nuin her of copies of the report ,, This motion led to pome warm discussion, when Uie ipiestion whs finully laid on the table. Afte some routine biMtiieas, Mr. W. Hall's resolution, dt reeling the Attorney Ireneral to test tin* contuution tit I v of the Virginia inspection law, was referred t. i ?e|ect committee, consisting ot Messrs. Duly, Hall, Hatha way, Lefind, and Richards. On Mr. VV Hall's moiion the bill allowing fur- ? thertime for the Receiver ot the Commercial (tank ^ in which lojmake ahnal diviJend, was ordered to a third reading. < LD. Pile? Two MnU. Buffalo. [Correnpomlence of ih? Herald.] BiFrauj, Feb. 1, 1S48. lurineu?Monty Mattire?Excitement aKaintt the Herald?Rehgiout Movement i? Bankrupt I aw Commercial Advert tier?McKenzie?Tht Wtailur ?Armuemnitt, fyc. ames Gordon Bennett, Esq.!? Dear Sir:? As your correspondents do not always keep you dvised of what is Jaily transpiring in our lovely ity of the lakes, permit one of your old "letter Titers," after a long silence, to resume his pen, if ot for the benefit of your numerous readers, at list, for his own amuseme.nt. Many events have iken place here during the past year, which had icy been recorded in the Herald, would have tfirded much valuable information to the patrona of our paper, and been of infinite advantage to our cizens and the public. During the winter, an usual, very little busineM as been doing here, and the prospects, until spring, d tarns l am able to jud^e, are far from Haltering, i is true, that some of our merchants, who majago aeir tttr?iry in a prudent manner, will b? able to i* i t their New York creditors in an honorable way nd others, perhaps, will hardly visit your city in or spring. It is 'o he regretted hy every good ciizen, that so much dishonesty has been practised rnotig us. However, it I am not mistaaen, a more ealthv and prosperous Mate i t tilings is npproarbig. Every tiling seems to indicate such a result, nd I have no douht but that in a few years prospeny will again smile upon our city, and we shall henme a more happy and industrious people. This is great country, New York is a noble btate and But' do is to be a great and flourishing city. Her march 9 onward, and nothing will permanently retard hsr lestiued greatness. '1 he great chain has been rivetd, and time and space, comparatively P|ieHking,mHy ii?w he annihilated. The citizens ot Boston and luiialo have become, as it were, near nrtghboura nd who can comprehend or estimate the great and mportant results o| such a proximity 1 In reference to money n atbrs I have hut little to ommunicate. The largest portion ot the paper in irciilnlion here is of our own Suie, though we ha?? i sprinkling of Ess ern, Western, and Canada nods, the latter Deing at a discount ot 24 percent, rettera'ly s|ieaking, however, since the explosion if our lUitl'rtlo hanks, and the extermination ot some J financiers,our circulating medium hasaauiTird a more healthv s ate; which, to our business uen, is a ..Biter of peculiar gratification. Another exciti nient has just lie. n commenced iere in reference to the New York Herald and the founc Men's Association. You will recollect that onieihing similar occurred last spring, w hich termiiitted as this will, 111 smoke! A tew ot the merniers ot me institution, to i-how their wond? itul love or tnorsliiy, object 10 filing the Herald in the resdug room, w ith the flimsy pretence that they are in langer of being contaminated by a peiusal of its tolmnna! Yet. the same individuals, it thry have an ipportuaity ot reading the paper in private, will do .0 with little or no fei lings ot compunction, and ierhaps indulge in many acts, the discontinuance >f which for years you have so ably edvoated What consistency ot action, and what a ive of virtue and morality! A great revival ot leligion has been progressing ete for some weeks, and a larger numberol nnrts, it is said, have been " hopeiully converted," ncludiug several haikslidt rs, who were swakined nuler the preni hing of Mr Avery some iwo years ance. It begun hi the Methodist Church, but ihe :o id work appears to he spr? Hduig, as several ol the tlier churches have commenced protracted meetiias, which seem to indicate vtty important results. There appears t" be much need of a reformation in uiciery here, and if such a revival will have a ten lencv to produce such a state ol things so devoutly o tie ho.ied toe, I would say 1st the ball roll on. Since there has been a prospect of the rep> al of he bankrupt law, a sreat rush has been made by unity here to avail themselves of its provision*; ana nanv who made application at an early day have teen" put through," and are dashing out in great tyle, at the expense ol their uniorlunate creditors, t is no uncommon thing lo see, as we are passing long our principal streets,the name of a bankrupt in ill letteis,"looming om" in front of a large and well died store. How truly fortunate some men are to lave friends ready to assist Ih? m to a heavy a ock of oods, as soon as they get rid oi their liabilities! I lo not say that such individuals have perjured ihem* elves, but 1 have seen men at the sales of the -signeet, bid in their own assets, in some cases mounting to thousands of dollars, (even at their >wn prices.) for a mere trifle. There may have teen instances where the law lias not b? en abused, nit the evil resulnng from it, ns a general thing, ca I eaard it, can hardly be eainnaied. The Commercial Advertiser, an you will perceive iy its columns, continues very vindictive towards lie Herald. The traih is, the circul tion of your aper is too great in this city, fo please the worthy roprietors of the Commercial. Some feeling has been manifested lieie in re renco to Commander McKenzie, of the hrijt lomem. The lady of one of our distinguished cittena, being clotely connected by blood 10 one of iie mutineers, has received much sympathy from >ur citizens, but generally it is believed the execu ion was nnsoiuiriy necessary, anci mat oommanaer dcKenzie, Inr his pn>mp' action in tne matter, is en.tied to the highest credit. During the month ot January the weather haa reen unusually mi'd, but February hns come in like l roaring lion, with a tremendous gale. We had 10 lean than five alarms of tire during the night, one of which were destructive to property. The w inter amusements are prmcipaly confined o balls and parties, which, notwithstanding the carcity of money, Hre " got up" in good style, and [en^rally well attended. A military ball, given by Company D. ?f the City Guard*, at the Armory, is aid to have been the best of the season, lliia ompiny is composed ol some of our most artiva oung men, who are well skilled in military, tactica, ud deserve well of our citizens. Some pre pa rat ions a re making for the commeoceaent ol boa negs in the spring, and many anticipate more pTos|iert>us season than we have had lor a lumber ot years. Several new and splendid packet mats are to commence running between this city md Rochester early in the season, and as soon aa hi- opening of navigation, all will again be hie and ictivity among us. Many large and substantial buildings will bo reeled during the summer, and Buffalo will again issume her former prosperity. Yo?M,Stc. S. Mr Er?TOR:? As many of our citizens are complaming of scar lty of mm water, wtiy would it not answer tor 'he omtnisgiorier* to ippoint ?ome person to attach rose to the hydrant* and fill the cisterns of such as m^lit want it, by their paving a reasonable sum. Chose who are living in ilieir own houses of course o he excluded from this privilt ge? having it only Xtcnded to tho-e who are considered as tenants, md more particularly those who expect to move he first of M <y. I am wrflsfietl there are many families who would >e p|ea?ed with such an arrangement if from no itlmr feeling than that ol sympathy tor t.reir washervomen. I could wish you would just give these ;ent!eriirn ? hint in this matter, and when you hava ny soiled clothes, you may, by way ol retnunernlori, send them to iiiv Laitndriiss. r(IU NKVV Oltl.KA.N5 ,01'IHIA.NA ANI> NKVV YOKK LINK OK PAt'KVTS. m> m m m m go- Ihs l-eircr << . (iinmrsUoerwsr II TinfHfd-a ( a <:h s (hip from thi( ?>ri ?ri iht Id, Jth, lO'h, IJili Kith, a th ol each moiiiti, rum mews *hr Iftth oernlirr inn C htitn k 'II il M iy, when renuisi ilry? *?ill hi <p|Hiiiueij for th? rerun!-' of the y??r, whmhy *re?i 'M?y? mil li*>i|>|.'iutmi ? i!t h? i rrven'rrl 'tnriu* (he minnief mnnrhe Ti e fnOnnim* 'ip? wo comnn-nrv fhi? arranvi mno' f t hln I A / I 'I l I w.i. I I $v?ip OrONKK ( JtcltM.ii. *hi( \TI rSISSlt'PI. Captain lliihord. SUi?. LOrtSVlLL*. I'iiMm H.?'if. Sin, MIAK^CKARK, t iptitttt v' net. hip CiASTUN. (Uyum LiU>?? Ship HCNTSVILI.K I V>n MurnM. Ship ?CV1UL?;KK Captain I. mrt. Sim NASH VILLI", ''tpMiu Diciiiiwou. Ship MKMI mi Kimrhr shil LOl 'SA, Captain VlullV.r.1 I i'l-ar ibtjia w-re ??I built in the cI tr ' ! New V .irk, flip ea*. for pnfKflfj, tre of Held drift of wtter, hflvt 'eft utlv hseu wl y eomieird?ml |>MI in ?pleiidid order.with wnmpuHlniii ir [' i * "a "*i?- pi 'Ih ii for ->ii.fnrf ihey irr - -in nandr d v I'ti't rifii. ' uteri, who m*k? -??ry m-ninininr ,it%I ?aHrUcti<<i. r oil' t II 'lOiri lie tow ed up and ovit (he Vfiiliflfli'i'l i b> 'rmti'iiiflU. \.., -ri'. iwi.-Ti tr i-ApMirtfl->f-he?e will tw roflpowi. lor jewelrv, bullu ii. precious (tooea, (ilmr or ,,|*r, J ware, f,ir miv Iflttrii, r*rct-l nr 'wckufe tent bp -,-r -n of en, mt ? r-tr'f.r > ! t sf inlioii are taken lot the tAir.e *rd r ro'iifl fheieon mpreri. d. War f-einht or p-saamje, apply I" K COLLINS a CO., V Month ?t..oi HIM.LIN IkWOODKI'hh Ajroi io Naw rl. m?. who will promptly flirwird ill anod* to tti e it ,.M;?. SI The alupa o( t.hi? lim ?tr wnrraured to ?e.l punctually u *d.rued, and litest oare will he taken to ha?? the fundi correatmi'imirrd mt [K W bUlifTfjKT llunk 7Vnt?? wanted lot iTSort time ~. Dral'uaa Ph.lad.lohia.ind Boa,.^ K,, UlJ n WaJJ M and U$ Broadway.

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