Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. *?.?Whole No. 3)405. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?dally newapaper?pub. llehed cwrry day ofthe year except New Year'i day and Fourth of July. Price 8 cent* per copy?or $7 'J8 per annum?pottages paid?caih in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahedevery Saturday morning?price 8J cent* per copy, or $3 12 per annum? poitigei paid?caili in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald i* over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaivg act. It hoe the largest circulation of any paper in thu city, or the world, and u therefore, the beet channel for bueiness men in the city or country. Pricea moderate?caih in advance. DDIMTIVQ ftftl) blmli uvMTlltfhl ftt thu moat m/vtarnln priced, and in the mom elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiBToa or thi Hlhild CntiLiiHiiriiT, Northwest cornel of Fulton and Nassau streets. AGENTS. 1 ne following is a list of the agents for the Herald, where subscriptions will be received, and single numbers are found lor sale regularly ST WHAT ft-ACS. AOKHTS. Boston, George W. Redding. Philadelphia ?. B Zieber. Baltimore W.Taylor. Washington, D. C G. B. Zieber A Co. Burtalo, N. V T. 8. Hawks. New Haven, Conn T. H Pease. Hartford, Conn.. J. W Judd. Albany, N. Y G. Jones. Troy. N Y H. Green. Lamingb'ig A Waterford,N.Y. Thomas P.Richards. Newark, N. J.. .......... >D Smith. Catskill, N. Y H. Howe. New Orleans J.C.Morgan. Cincinnati, O Robert Carnahan. Peterson, N. J Matthew Dougherty. Norwich, Con Morgan Salibrd. Rochester, N. Y L. Nfoore. Elizabethtown, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N. J William Solomon, St. Louis, Mo Woodward A Mathews. Charleston Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Augusta, Ga S. A.,,Holmes. Mobile, Ala. Milton Bollcmet. Poughkeepsie Levi Smith. Trenton J. RaunaMy. Pittsburg, Pa Jos. P. Israel. ' V.. W A llolflMn.n Wheeling, Va Hirnm Kiine. New London, Con 1. Sptrry. Newport Will, im A, Fry. Utica. J. B. Lonk. Savuonah, Gfi Amo Head. Nashville, Teni .A.Billings. Syracuse 1 imes Robertson. C-EKTERA1 PRINTING EST BLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER Ol ULTON AND NASSAU 8TS. Is supplied wnli , i ,1 necessary for the prompt, neat, and ccon ttci ion ofeveiy detcripiion ol Public attention is iblishment, in the assurance thst ample s?. .liven?as regards typography, press work, anu .nose who nqnire fancy or common, large or sou i a cheaply and expeditiously execuied. LABELS, CHECKS. WAVB1LL8. CIRCULARS. SHOW B>LLS, BALL TICKETS. STEAMBOAT RILLS, BILLS OF LADING, RAILROAD "ILLS, BUSINESS CARDS, STAGE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PAMPHLETS, BILLHEADS, HANDBIL'S, NOTES, FOB ' THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Or any other places where the largest description or printing is reuut ed. The faciiiiies for this woik are not equalled bv any office in this city, for bisidct the large a'soumeutof PiLA'JN AWE) ?BWAEUSKJVAtL WW, This establishment baa the LARGEST PHE8SES IN THE CITY. Great paius have been l ii en to provide every material that can po-sibly be of ?ei?iee,and therefore persons haviug occasion li.t Showbills, will nnd it greatly to heir advantage to patrourze this establishment. Any arse or form of Bill can be farniahed at very abort notice. f3 WE THE UNDERSIGNED, Importers and Wholesale Dealers, having used and sold L. Chapman's Metallic Rvxor Simp, do freely r> commend it as beiua superi r to auvthiug which has hitherto coma unotr our auUoe of a similar nature Signed? A St 8 Willets, imporiers of hardware, No 303 Pearl St. A W Spies It Co, do do H? da Willis b Brothers, do do 113 do Oahley A tia.inh, do do S3 do Sin Idon A Thai;*. do do 23 and r Soath William. Ho lied I BriitJtrri. tin <ln M Pa^rl tl Kistxm, Bn" it Jones, ilo 228 do 8, >1 in.i 11 it Frszrr, importers of Fat-ay Goods, 136 Petri tt. I Po?ts v Mtiu, uniwrfer ol drugs, 44 Ctd rat. Field, ' lioinptou It C<\ imp-run ol Dry Goods. 11 Cedar ?t. Krllow., Vxn Arsdale fc Cooper, W'lehri, II Maiden Lane. i)hel k Co., mporlcru of Stationery. MS Petri at. Win K Gouldrng, Surgical Inaliuuieut manufacturer, 31M I Chatham at. To lie had 1-y th dozen at the manufacturer a prices of the above MMi and at retail, at the principal laucy sto.ra throughI out'lie city. M ide ?t 08 William tlreer. fj 1m m piHAPP AND TLNDKR FLEsh OR KHLPT10N8, V and Dialignremrnts ul the Face, and Data or Yellow skint nnj by the lia iau Chemical Boari. Salt Hheum, 'reekH iti, a< ui vy, t'iu>|dea, eryspelss, blotches,Mnjn* an. fever si n's, bites of inaecu, n.o iiuetoea, fcc.. it will cl MM 'he H colnt of dark, aenbu ut, yellow or due.lured akiu. The ItaB lian Chemical 8oa|i i? rea'ly the wilder of the are. Well B might ihe Medical Sociuiy of Paris call thia a biding, aud itH inventor. V, Brspriui. a philanthiopisr. It ii curing thousands B all ovet tie Stales and Btri-Jr possessions. It entirely eradicatcs every eruption or disfigurement ul the skin imparling In the lace, l ody, neck or arma a beaat In health ul cle 'rata1 B No iniar-prtaeotalloB it offered. One trial will suffice to recommend it to all. I B In fact there are many ids- aiciana ? ho bow prr tcribe t* it in B caaea that have balled their tkill. 1 myself I are aeen it cure eruption" alter p rsouabase 'ried inwaid and outward reinedies in vaiu, msd ceilai ly it gives discolored akiu a delicioua heal'hy, clear look. |r ia tOid at M cenla a cake by the proB Brie far, at the aigu of ike Amine,Ul Eagle. U Chatham alrcel, New York. B Appointed Agenu?Xiebrr, Id and Dock ata. Phiht, or nait H to the Au eric u Hot-I,Washington, D Cj 8i?te at. Boatou ; B 17 tliale ?t. Albany; lit Fulton at. bruoklyu; 207 King street, B Charleston, ".C; C. F. Baily, Moriutown, N.J, Ferrr, B Mini it. Middleiown, Ct. Age?u wasted m ail othercities. fet lm*rc. LKJURAUD'S POUDRE SUBTILE, FOB COMPLETELY AND PERMANENTLY ERADICATING SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. cpHE nniveraal popularity ot thia josily celebrated Chemical B A Preparation for the demurtiou at the atrongeat aad tcuaheat Hair, from the toft dowa on females upper lip and arma to the H stubborn board of m u, needa not a word of comment in ita (iii,.. Itia sufficient to a y that it ia ro be fouud iu thi- city only at the old and original office (7 Walker at, one door from Broadway?ll tier bottle. Beware of deleteriaaa imitatioaa. Where alio may be had OOURAUD'B EAUDEBEAUTE. unrisalled for eitermin-ting Tan, Pimples. Blotchea, Sallow H neaa, Sores, and all cntaneoua eruptions, and eliciting a healthy ^B juvenile bloom. gi per bottle. C. jraad'a Vegetable Liqnid Ronge,?a inperb article, and the oaly one in nee. 10 cents per bottle. ^B Oonraud'a Blanc D'Espagne, an ezcePrat preparation for ^B imi-arting a par*, life like whiteneee to the cornp ezion, free from the iniuri mi properties generally eutriimi ' hicombina^B tion for this pnrprwe. Pat nn in elegant botes at 2*> rents each. ^b Aokists.?New York?Albany, Guthrie, 4 Maiden Lane; ^B Poughkenpsie, Jared Gray; Utica, Wade, druggist; Hamilton. ^b M. Co. Gregg k Grants; Louiar ille, Louia Co.; W. A. Cliaae; ^B Goshen, Ediolr. (Ann., Myers, Chapel at. New Haven; W. ^b Faulkner, Norwich; Wells It Humphreys, Hartford; Chorlta ^b Dyer, Jtj, Providence; Thomas, Newiairt; Clowes, hair^b dreaaew Spnugheld; Greene It Co., Worcnter; Burt, Little Falla; Cogge?hell, Bouth Second si, New Bedford; Jonlau, 2 b Milk Street, Boston; Lowell. Cerleroa It Co.; Salem, lyes; Newburypert, Hodge; Porumoulh, Preihu; Poitland, Parker, ^B Kzchange at; BaMm, Guild; llallowell, Scammon. New ^B Jersey?Newark, Inppe; Princeton, Dr. Peabrook. IN., Phils , ^B 76 (yhr anut street, Lancaster, Heiniteah, druggist; Harrisburgh^B Hobiuaon. periodical agent; Pituburgh, Tu'tlet Cincinnati, ^B Thornaa k Co., Main street; Vs., Richmond, Mru. Krayter; 1) C. VVaahingtoo, Selby Parker- Alezandria. C. C. Berry; Md., Baltimore 8. 8 llenee, kc. fa: Applications lor ciea must be |>ost |Mid (none otheis are taken from the poai-ot> ^B hce) and neonmpanied with a N. Y. city relerence, nueicep ^B tiouable. W 1 lull a lew years this remarkable and nsefhl che lineal invention lor completely eradicating iupr rtluoiis hair hn itliiofd th^ his not pitch of celebrity, and cotuKaucntiy eicited th?? cupidity olIt ne?t of hn?? counfeifeitrrt, wh.i at t?mpt to suatch from ihf inventor the just recompeiiae for hie labor. Purclineert ehonld therefore ' e on their xnard and see that vrrv bottle o( the Foudre Subtile is kih>m ?.?,i l- t-. IUonrand, Poudie Sobtile, N \cut in each bottle, and the Doctor's fac aimilr enf raved on the uut?ide Wrapper Direction*, Kirnch ami English, accompany each hottle. Kemember the only office in N. Y. for the abore celebrated Cosmetic, ia?T Walkeratreet, one door from Broadway jft I inr __ WJ A rCHC.H AND JMVkLKY VKUY LOW-Aa the ?? inliaciiher iaconatantly receiving a'l deacripti u* of Uoid and Hilrer Walchea. of ilw m-w est sty le?. ftou-'h? " uiinlactnrrra iu England, Fiance and Bwitieriand, he ia e ahlrd to offer a U'gcr assortment and at much leaa pricea, at re tail, than at any oilier hi.uae in Uie city. Alao, Gold Chaini, Keys, and Gold Priicila Oold Witches a> low aa % toH5 dollars raoh. Watehn and Jewelry vachaugrd or bought. All Walchea warranted to kr?p good tirea or the money rttarned. Watches, Clocaa and Jewelry repaired ia the heat manner and warranted, at much leaa thaa the uianl pricea. U. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watchea aad Jewelry, ft lm#ee Wholeaalr arid Retail. tit Wall at., nr stairs. UNtiUKPASSfcll HY OPPOSITION." 202 MKOADWAY. rPHE chrapcat ca-li tailoring establishmeui in the city.?OwI ma to ilie faciluiea afforded Ihr aub-eribrr inptiicHaaing from fnat hands, and the librral encourage in. ut bealowed npou hia t> mporiuni of I" aliion br gentlemen i f laate, the nsrritivr would nloini the pnblic that he iaeuablid to aril (he rn< si l.'itlnouabl* garment* at much rcduc-d rates from foruv-r price*, wi houl any diminution in i|? 'lily of cloths, or style ai d iiui-h, which has won the enccmiuinscf Ihe la-lii?ii:.hlt. woild. He I Would dire, i iheir atte.itiou in parPrnlar t-i his stiuerior style of en nine and making that mosi Oifficuli article in dress, pacta limn*; having in his employ one ol III.- b it and uinei acietiu'.r | ruticM in III gontstry, ..ev.tll warnul all garments to fit. A I lull suit rnatl . p at a l, w In un1 no i?e. I Heady ma i. - In Ling a.ways loi salt- c. eap In ra?h. KbW ?D BOX, | City Cash Tailoring Kei iMfthinnit, I Iftr ' * Hreadway) E N E" NEW NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKET*. "* silfrom New York on the 24th audi Liverpool on the lXh of 'ach month. from nkwtONit" 2}".P QARJRICK, Captain Win, Skiddy, 2ith Frbruaty. Shi" ROSC1U8, Captain John Colliua, 25th Mareh Ship 8IDDONS. Caotaii. E. B. Cobb, 25th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyatcr, 25lh May. From Livvkio?l. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain F,. B. Cobb, 13th Februarv. Ship 8HERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 13th Match. Ship (JARltlCK, Captain Win, skiduy, 13th April Ship RC8CIU8. Ctptaiu John Colliua, 13i!i May. 1 hese i hips are all ol the first class, upwards ol ItM tons. built tithe city of New York, with aach iinprovetntuta i nnmbnit ;reat s|>eed with uuuaual comfort for i wear tigers Every cart lai been takeu in the arrangement ol their accoinmoUKiioiu The price of passage hence is (Inn, tor which ample stores w ill >e provided. These ships are commanded by eiuerienceri naatera, who will inake every eiertiou to give geuciat attafar ion Neiuier the captains or owners ol the shi|? will be response >le for ai y letters, parcela or psmkagrs sent by them, unless rr rular b' Ms of lading are signed therefor. Forlr.ightoi itaar.tgt, apply to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., 5t> South at., New York, or to WM. ta JA8. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. i.?rr?r? hv ftih mcki'ti will he cl aikhiI I2k4 Ccutk iter khil'Ip iheet; 50 cents per ounce, ami newspapers I cent each. I"3 r OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. AdHL~ ***~ aAJr Jjjgfe jEgyr JjKy3^ PHE ^LT^lTnE of Liveipm^^^^Sreafter be I despatched in ihefnllowiuc order, escepting thai when the '.iy of Stirling falls ou Sunday, the chips will a<til on the succeed?K day. For New York Kor Liverpool. I The SOUTH AMERICA, s Jum 1 inly 19 SIC tone < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. O. Bailey, ( Feb I Mar 19 I'he ItNUHNl), (June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, < Oe: <9 Dec 7 B. L. Waile. (Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, l July 1 Aug 19 00 tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Kathbone, ( Match 1 April 19 ThfEUROTE. I July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, \ Nov 19 7 E. G. Marshall ( Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, Aug 1 Sept 19 Sll tons. .Dec I Jan 19 A. B. Lowlier. April 1 May 19 t he NEW YORK, lAut: 19 Oct 7 900 tunc, Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.I April 19 Juue 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ilSep. I Oct 17 950 tons, ' Jaii 1 Fek 17 W.CBarstow.i May 1 Junr 19 The COLU.MBU8, i.Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as iegards the day of sailing, will he observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now filed at One Hundred Dollars. lor which ample stores ofeverv description wjU be provided, with the exception ol wines and liquo's, winch will be furnished by the stewards. JOODHUK & CO., 61 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, Burlmg-slin, N. V ie2J lvli B IHINH BROTHERS lit CO., LYool. COK NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS & Ml ML ML Mk Kor die letter accommodation of shlp|>ers, it i> intended 10 tapateh a ship from this nort on the lit, .'ith, loth, lith, 28th,Mtd 15th ol each month, com ; cueing the 10th October anil continuing IIIII il May, whco regular tlaya will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby Jtrent delays and dia.ip|H>iutmen i will be ; rerented during the aumtner mouthr. The fotlovrir g ihipt will commence this arrangement : (>hip VAZOO, Cantarn Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jacksou. Ship MISSISSIPPI. CapUiu H.lltard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Caiitam Hunt. Slop SHAKSPKARE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULliEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinaon. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Theae ahi|ia were all bnilt in the city of New Yjirk, express for packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been i'wly co|>pered and put in splendid order,with accommodations lor passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give Seneral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by sieamnost*. Neither the owu.'ra or captains of these ships will be reaporaio!e for jewelry, bullion, precioua alouea, aihrr or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package . tent ty o rput on beard of them, nulesa regular bills of .adiug are taken for the same .and the value theieon expressed. for freight or passage, apply ?.. K. COLLINS A CO., 56 Sooth St., or HULLIN A WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all toodi to their address. The snips of tliu line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will he taken to have the goods correctly measured. tot TAFSGOTT'S GF.NEK.A1j PASSAGE OFFICE, 13 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. HIV Mh rtffY The^aubscribera beg to call the attention of their friends luu nit puunc gcm-raiiy, 10 intir superior nrrauirmeim for brmgiug oat passengers (mm, and remitting money to, any par* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet ships, comprising I lie ' NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:Ship ROSCIUS, Capt. Collina. Ship SIDDON8,Captain Cobb. Ship SHr.RIDAN, Csptaiu Drpsyster. Ship GARRI' K,' aptaia Slcidly. New shin HOTTI NGUER, Captain Bnrvley Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhonse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ?hip I,IVERPOOL.''nptam R'dredge. Sailing twice every mi'iuh; mil with the" UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class American ?hi|ia. tailing every ten days, will in.ike five ships in each monih throughout the year, (or one every til davt) thereby pieventiug the potai bility of unneceaaary detention. Paaaagea direct from London, Bristol and Oreennck to New Yoik Alao ftom Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Sava" nth, Charleston. Philadelphia, Boaton and Baltimore, and the vario a port in British North America, can at all timet he engaged on liberal terms. Persona wishing to tend for iheir friends, will not fail to tee the advantages to be derived horn selecting this line in prefer ence to any other, and they may rest assured that unuanal carc will be taken to make .he passage agreeable, the ships heirg fitted up with an eye solelv to the eom'ortof patHengers. Ill all c=-sea where the parlies t> lit for decline Coming, the money will he refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage from ih>- various seaport- of Ireland and Scotland can also be aecured. The regular p.u kett for which the aub.erihers are agents, sail as follows, vit t?To and from Loudon on the 1st, lOlh, and ?0<h of eacli misnir. To and from Liverpool On Ihe 1st, 7lh. ?3th, 19th, and iith of each mouth New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, au Charleston, weekly throughout ihe aeaaou. REMITTANCES. Peraonoin the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address ofthe parties to receive it, m. y rely on a draft fbi the amount being forwarded per fir*t packet, after the receipt tnereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Draft* at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any o h. r charge, at the National and Provincial Banks of lrela< d and branches, Eastern Bank ef Scotland, Greenock, and their brauches, Messrs. James Bait, Son It Co., Bankers, London, Exchange and Discouui Bank, Liverpool, aud iu < very principal lowu of Great Britain and Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to diy r W. gt J. T TArSCQTT. 41 Peck Slip. N. York. I^^^^^RSEI^^^^^he underiucuuoned shins will be legularly dispatched from hence and Irom Marseilles on the 1st of each month dnriug th?year, thus? From New York. Maiseillei. MINERVA, Capt Brown, N <v 1. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec I. Feb 1 COURIER. Capt Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRE8COTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb I. Apl 1 HELLESPONT. Capt Adams, Marl. Mayl COKIOLANUS. Cap Haile, Apl I. Jan 1 They are all eopperea aud copper fastru?d,aud have eitellent accommodations for passengersThe price of cabin passage will be $IOt, riclnsire o wines andlniuora. Goods addressed to BOYD k HINCKEN, the s genu, will be forwarded free of other .'barges ikan these actually paia. For freight or passage apply to _ O. BROOM k CO.j or to our llUtU K HINCKKN. Agenti. SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1848. ^ irtiv OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. No. ?l SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to anil from Great Britain and Ireland by the rrf iii lar line of nacketa, sailing on t' * lat, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th of each mouth. The old Clark B ill line of packet* are a* follows*? Ship NEW YOKK, Captain Cropper, " CAMBRIDGE, Captnn Buatow, " COLUMBUS, Ca|itaiu Cole, " EUROPE, Captain k'tirber, " SOUTH AvEUIC Captain Bailey, " NORTH AMERICA, Captain Lnwber, " E,NOLAN I),Captain Waitr, " O.YKORD, Captaiu Ka'.hbone. The Commercial Lute n composed of lorty anperior. faat tail nig ahipa, all m?landed hv inrn ol great eiperiencr. Kira' cl isa ships will al o be deipaicned Irom Lirerpool to Boston, New Orleana anil Mobile, three limea per nientb; to Haiti more, Charleston and Savannah, Iwiee a month, to th? different ports in Butiah Ninth America weekly, I'he subscriber, i n m akinc kuown liia arrangements far the year 1MB, begs to eall the attention of ihoae prrtona residing in the Untied Stalct and Canada, who Wlih to aeml loi llieir friends In nunc from England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea, that they can olwave be accommi dated by tnr line ot packet ahipa tailing at abave; aud in order to give more facility and quick despatch to the emigrant, lirst elm well-know n American shtpa, comprising the Commercial Line will, in addition to the pack eta. be despatched by hia Livertaiol agents, every llirre or four day* during the aeaaou, thereby avoiding any detention. Thoie ending for their frtenda may rest assured ihat every thing connected with hit business will be eircuted Willi hit usual promptness With these arrangrmriita the luhscrrber hopes to Command a pre fere net for this line, anal a roiitimiMtou ol the public patrnnata which lira been to liberally bestowed for many years put; and in all eases when parlies decline coming the money it refunded, as cusiournry i a Irea paasage can alio Be secured by steamboats Iroin the different poita in Ireland and Scotland to Liverpool. Remittance! and li-.o.? uo.l . > ^rastSS-A'7 srsw - 5 :SSK5K; s,oiichoS?b,'l*B, f,;'ian ?" fore, throughout the United State whn w. #? l',<re* their lneitiU residing in any p.rl if the United Kingdom' will nonce on th? rrrrint of the amonnt here with iMmr int1 address of the party to ii rnvr jt> . dmit for the amonnt -.r h. rate of $4 per poundI aierliiur, will be forwarded per areeJl.him or by hint picket ship. aud a receipt or duplicate of ??m. <Br w' i (lie. f.o?t office For further parlieu Urn appl y (if by Inter postpaid) to ?.?iM?appiy, JOHN HKBDMAN.8I South Street .. J It W. H-.BINbON, Outer l*ia?m*? slid Neptune St. Waterloo Once. LlisrsMl In Scotland? Metara l).uiiel Wn,thi a, Olaaeow III Ireland?Dltilllt UelniV, Kao., Iduhllu; Mesara J|U..K M!.-n k('n, Belfast; Mr. W.n Ovinia, L.?id..?d.*'A Ma, rat. E<o . Co s ?'Se? W fc* Villi t f\Jt\ 1 Onus iN. it* msirs lurs ilivii iiu^T A" Drafts an Philadelphia aud Button, tin a tie ai 8. .1 AYLVKSTKR'8, i'l' U Wall at aud 110 Broadway. W YO YORK, SATURDAY MO THE .NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL," PACKET* ilffty iliSTi^JiHroin N?w * v.ra jti.n, and liuu^JTmirpool 6th ui ??cn mouth. Ship RO' HESTER. 80u tou.. .,,. F.K.,V Philji Wo^hou.H, 16tnFebry. blup HOTTINUUER, 1060 tout, J lfiIh March 1m buriplv, l6ttl ?*rcnNew thip 1 IVEKPOOL, 1160 tout, a.h Anril Joh'< EMiirge, Uth April. New .1,,,, , ,200 tout. 1#th M#y. Thr-ae iiib-t tuual, lait sailiug, lint clam thr a,ill built iu the citv ol New York, are c minauiJrd by ?.eu of tltwrienct at-d abili y, iu. will ba dct|?lcked , m.ctually ou the of etch m u'h. Thnr cabint are rlgaut and cninimidiout, ?nd are I'urnnhed u ith i*haicvtr can conduct- to ihe e ?e and coo fuitul pattengr rt. iNrithpr t e rantaii?? fir nurn?ra ?f ilma* .l.i - ?a,;il k* ? s'b'e fo< any anils or package* ?cut by tin in, un hi red u at bills Ihdiuii arc signed therefore. F? r freight or mm" apply to WOODHULL k MPTURV'8, 87 South >i ft New York, oi'to HELDEN, BROTHERS It < (> , ffy_l Liv-lpoM. m M m PASSAGE FROM GRKAlBtUTAIN AND Irc.LaND BY THE BLACK JALL OR OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool iij the 7th and 19th of every month ] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come out in this sunerior Line of Packets, sail in* from L ivenmol unctually on the 7th ami 19th of every month. Tl ev will also have a lirsl rate class of American tradiug shi|>s, ailuif every sit (lays, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm ( Mr. James D. Roche) is there, la see that they shall he lorwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it heie, without any reduc tiou. Tnc Black Ball , or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise I the following magnificent Ships, viz The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, CAMBHIDUE. COLUMBU*. EL ROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA. With such su|>erior and unequalled ai laugemcats, the subscribers confidently look forward for a coutiDuancr of that support w Inch has been extended to them so many years, for which they' are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amonnt, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Duh I in. also on Me sirs. PRESCOTT, UROTE, AMES. It CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irelaud, Scotland aud Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post paid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO 35 Fulton street, New York, not dour to the Fulton Bank. W n -Tk. ni.i r ;? ?r i ?i ...i < -i.; port for Livtrpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parlies returning to the old country will tiud it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to auv other. d27 r Aitfg- OLD ESTABLISHED EM1GHANT PAS WMJySAGK OKKI'JE, 61 South street, New York?RegjjfeMBmnlHr Line of Packets?The subscriber continues to bring out peisou* fiotn any part of Ureal Britain and Ireland, who may be engaged Oy their friends here, hy the regular Iiue of packet ships, S'iling every six days 'rem Liverpool. Perseus sendiug tor theirfrieii Is, inav rely that just care will be taken 10 hatethem despatched without delay in Liverpool.aud will always endeavor to merit a coutiuua ice of the public patronage which has been so liberally bestowed for inany years past; and those remitting money call have drafts .payable at all the Banks am! brinches throughout the Uuited Kingdom. Forfurther particulars, au-dy [if by letter, post paid] to j6r JOHN MKRDMAN. 61 South st. PAS SAUL FKOM LI VKKPOOL-Tne vetv wUkVW superior packet ship MEMPHIS. Capt Knight, will jffiBMSBsail from Liverpool early in March. Persons wishing to send for their friends can have them brought out in her or any of the regular packets by applying personally, or if by letter, postj*id, to JOsfcPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner ol South. P 8? Drafts for any amount, payable at sight in any hank, branch, or agency of a hank, in England, Ireland and Scotland, given by applying as shove. iv2Sr UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS Paskel?The splendid last sailing packet ship AW, Capt Thomnson, is now loading and will in ei ?,tin immediate desiiatch. For.passage early application should be made on boaid, or to W. St J. T. TAPSOOTT, 43 Peck slip, comer South street. Persona dea>rout of sending for their friends can have them bruught out in this line, un the most reasonable ttims. and those wishing to remit mouey can have drafts for any amount payable on demand,without discouut, Hi all the principal inwus of Ureal Britain and Ireland. 13 r {ff; SHAFTS ON 1HELA lb, etc.?The subscribers ?#]K?Vcoiiiiuur togire drains payable on demand, without Mjtt|b<h<count, or any charge whatsoever. IN IIIe-LAND?The National B ink of Irelaud, the Provincial Bank of Inland, and their hrauclies in every county. IN E vULAND AND WALES?Messrs. James Bull, Son It Co. bankers. London, the Exch&uge and Discount Bank, Liverpool, auil their branches throughout England and Wales. I V SCOTLAND?The Eastern Bauk ol Scotland, the Greenock Banking Company, and branches iu the principal towus; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter It Co. Persons in ihe country wishing to remit money to their friends in unv part of England, Ireland, Scotlaiid, ur Wales, by euclosiug Ihe amount tftey wish to remit to the subscribers with the i.auie and address of the parties to whom it is to be sent A draft for the amount will be forwarded the fi>st packet ifter the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the sam> re'urued per rirst post, da, w k I T TAPSCOTT 13 Peek.lip. New Ynrb HEMITIANCES TO IRELAND, he., Ac ? The subscriber continues to transmit money, in sums ?' small to persons residing iu any part of Ireland, iu the same mauuer is be, and his predecessor iu business have done for llie last hirty years, and more; also, to any I part of England or Scott,md. Mouey re Bitted bv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or ?rsonally deposited witn him, with the name of the person or persons u Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, and nearest post town, will he immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. Iii like dimmer money with or claims on persons in any part ol Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber, lor persons residing in any part of the United States, or Canada, and will he iiaid to them accordingly, jlllm"' /irnittiK vt RHIIiV. If s? I e I., ,1 remittances to e.nound, Ireland WtMV St. OTLAND AN!) WALES.?Person* pioceer1JttHb nil or tempting money to any pari u1 the old ci untn , can ai all limes obtain rom Ihe uhscubers .lralt> at sight, lor any imouin ou the Royal Bank ol Ireland and on Messrs. Present!, Urote, Ames It t,o, Bankets, Loudon which are paid free of discount or any charge whitsoevci, in all the principal towns of the United Kingdom. For terms, apply ur address, if by letter, hoat haid, to ROCHE BROTHEK8 k CO.. 34 Fulton as, nest doer to the Fulton B uk P. S ?The snhscribers wilt as heretofoie hase a regular succession of first class Amen -iui ships, sailing weekly I rom Liv liool, daring the pre?e?t year. fo naaaavr, apply as >bove, or to JAMES D. hOCHE.l4 Ill ec Lis r ol. At r ISE W LINE L.I VEnfuOL rALKc/la.? I'.ck?*' ^ el 16th Febuary.?The rpleudid Well known fast Crs sailiug packet ship ROCHESTER, Capt. Philip Wood n>e, will rail positively as above, het rvgular dav, h.ivin immeuced hi r regula trips in Messrs. Woodhull k Mimu 'sNew Line of Liverpool Parkets. l'hes cominudationa ol ihia ship lor cabin, second caMn and steerage |Miaengera,cannot be aai|?aaed, having all the improve-ven'a of the new modelled packet ?hii>?. Persons desirous of sen. g berth* should uot fail to make early application on .ra I. ""vt ef Burling Slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. esir >us of sending for ihi ir friends in the old country, can have Ihrm brought out on favorable trims, by the noove favorite ship, which leaves Liverpool on the 4ih of April, her regulai day, and ihoae wishing to remit inouey call be supplied with drafta for any ami nnt payable on demand, without Miscount, in atl (lie principal towua of Ureat Briiain and Ire.aud. I he packet ship Hottinguer will succeed the Rochester, and .ail on the 16th March, her regular dav. jtt t BRI PISH AMI NORTH AMERICAN ROkAJ MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1200.tons and 440 hone |>ower each. Undar cantract with the Lorda of the-Admiraltr. IIlBERNIA, C. H. E. Judkins, Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R V do Will tail Irom Liverpool and Boston, via Halafas as follows : from Liva. arooi.. vhom sostsr. Acadia, Kyrie, Feb 4 Mar I Columbia, Miller, .Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Rritannia, Hewiti, Ap'l 4 May 1 Hibemia. Jndkina, Ap'l 19 May It The accommodations tor passengers sre superior. The vessels rre r.crompauied by riperienoed turgconr, and amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats. Passage teiluS'd to $120. No Berths secured until paid frr. For farther information apply ?o D. BR1UHAM. JR.,at HAKNDEN k GO'S, No. jWdl-sl. jftOc .kphQ /lgM REOULAK OPPOSITION TO CATS &l . KILL, and intermediate landings, wilhout low ^KBaJHUBLbarues ?K< gular days fiom Cattskill, Mod days, Wednesdays and Fridays. Fiom New,York, Tnesdays, Thundays and Saturdays.?Fare to or from Catlakill, 40 centa. ?Berths 24 cents?P'lpprr 24 eetila. The new and fast steamer WAVE, Captain Vanderbilt. will leave Robinson st. pier Thursday Nov. 17th, at five o'clock. Fos further particulars inmnrr of the ca, tain on hoard Re running on the daya'above named. there will bt a daily com mimirttion between Oatakill and New York (and intermediate pi icea) l'??r fr?MjliMnd puaaanc vt red need price*. rifir .-t? HAIL ItOAH LINK OF STAOE9 (TtY' ifTff KHO" NEW YOHK TO BEDFORD lWBy*'tf>w On and aft- rTueaday, January 3d, ISCI the *ut>*cnher? will run a line of Viagra I roin Bedford to New York three timet a week, a* foliowv:? Leave* Stelv'a viaaaiou Home. Bedford, every Monday, Wedneaday and Fndav mommy at IH o'clock. < Leave* tne Hail Road Hotel, corner ol Bowery and Broome ata, New York, evert Thuraday, We.luetfley and Saturday morning, by the 9 o'clock ca.a, pnaaimt Marbly Hall, Eaat ('heater, and Nnvcaatle, and tlirnuyh White Plain*, Kobbina' Mill* and Mile Square to Bedford HIRAM DEFOREST, O. 0. LEWIS Proprietor*. The Hcd Bird Line o> will continue to rnu durmy the winter from White flui-v every day at I o'clock, and New York at 2 o'clock, P Vl., Sunday* excepted. Hiram deforest, fTlm'ec PtoueUtar. WINTER AKHANOF.V1EVT-S M. f(W?J^;T6v--W|T(IV 1'KINft'Line o' Stayea for Yonberv, Dobha Kerry, Tarry Town, 9 nySiny. Sodom a.,u ft,in ?*? ii conneciion wnh the Ha?lern Riilroad, Thia line will leave N?w Yotk a' 9 o'clock daily, bv tlii Kailmad . ar* lor Wii||*m*bndyr, and will convey peacenyrrv .ia fare* Sine Siny and Peckeaill And on Tntrdiy, Tfnraday atlil Saruiday, the line will be evtriidcd to Scduii. On Moudaya, Wedn adav* aud Ftidaya from H dom to New York. AM TOVilKI>S, Piojiiienr. Tbe Railtoad Fare from William?t>riilye to New f ri utj cent*. f 10 (a't OALT?2750aeeka Athlvu'a Salt, factory tilled now landnui 1' from abip Sheridan, and for aatr by dXr V k t til.I fv * rn "w^ao?ih ? L'K.LT ? Patent adhrvive Felt lor aheathiny io, a of honao* A and alupi bottom*, for *ale in loia to auil pun heaera, by JIN K. K. co, 56 South at. RK E RNING, FEBRUARY 11, NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ?0D._$38fi. j^?e rare reduced to 4n cent*. Krotn toe loot ol Courtlandt ttreet, New York (Every day?Sunday a<nrei>ted.) Leavet New York Leaves Newark \i s A.M. Aii P. M At 7K A. M At IK P. M. UK Jo 4 do. V do. is d? 4Jt do 9 do 6 do 7 do. II !0 do ON SUNDAYS From the foot of (' nrtlaodt (treat. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and iKP M. At IK P. VL and 10 P. M NEW VOItY tCLIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York. Leave Eliiabetli Towti 9 A. .VI. 7 A. M. i P. M IS A.M. 2X " I OH A. M. 4v p. m. m m. J P. M. 9H " The trains for Westlirld. Plainticld. Uouiulbrook, Soinerville *e., connect with the 9 A M, 2 r.nd 4K P M trains Irom New Yoik, daily, Sundays etcepted. Karc between Ni-w York and Klir.aheth Town 2b ceuu. Kerr bctweeu <lo and Somerville, 7b cents. Vlf'V YORK. RAHWAY AND NKtf BRUNSWICK. Karc reduced. I rora the fool of Liberty sueet, daily. Lesie New York. Leave New Brunswick At 9 A. M. At JH A. M. $ :: 9 PJVI. Uti Sundays the SH and 7H A.M. trips from New Brouawieh Mid 2\ P. M. train from New Y irk, are > milted. Kate between New Yo*'i uud New Brunswick lb ceuu Kahway, id ceut? The fare in the and Ibi A. M. tram from New Brum wick, and 2\ and IS I'. M. twin from New York, haa been re 4uceo. New York Hiid New Brunswick, to bO ceuu. " aud Rahway to 37X " I'asseiuters who procure their tickeu at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gram. Tickeu are received by the con lector only on the day when purchased. nil 3u<* NEW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ROA"]rLINE. Via Norwich aru Worcester Railroads. Composed of the loHowiiig superior steamers rnnnintt in connection with the Norwich It Worcester and Worcester It Boaton Rail Roads? WORCESTER, Capt. J H. Vanderbilt. NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Duatan. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On and after Monday, Nov.Hit,this line will be run tri-weekly.leatiu* New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only, at 4 P. M. &S& %?5$i- HA KromPecfflip, Ei!t HT?er. ~ The new and ipleinlid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passcaeers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boats aL Norwich, and will nrooeeil with. out cltangr of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office of 1). b. ALLEN, 39 Pec* slip, up atairi. Ail persons are forbid trusting any one o* account of the above boats or owners. n25r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, New A rr int" no K .'I lnvm: in i. I .it gr,..r wiih the most approved and heaviest II rail, to secure a safe and espiditious conveyance between New York and Mortistown, will commence running two trips daily, Sundays excepted, mi and after Monday, Jau, '/t. First 1 rain from Moiristown will leave at 7X A M. Second Train from Morristowu will lean at 1\| P M. Fust Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at 9M AM. Second Train from New York will leave at 2X P M?Newark at 3H P M. Passengers by the Morning Train from Morristowu will arrive at Newark in time for the 9AM Tram to N? w Yo'k, or the morning Train to Philapnlphia; by the Afternoon Train tliey will arrive at Newark i* time for the 3H P M Train to New York or the Kve>uug Train to Philadelp' la. Passengers by the Morning Trai from New York will airive at Morristowu in time to dine and take auy of the Stages running wcstoruortli from that place. lui"ec WINTER ARRANGEMENT. imffi JSSS& aIJI NEW YORK AND PIhLM)ELPHI/TRAlLR(>AB LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Treulou, Borden town and Bur-!iugton. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the loot of Libeiiv street, daily, at 9 A M audtX P M. The uiorning L.?ue proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamnoal to Philaitelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct te Camdeu, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their rickets at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious ste&mbost will be in readiness*. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, vithont being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms espresslv for thy Ladies use. Reluming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chesluul street by railroad from Camdeu, at 9 o'clock A M,and 5 o'clock, P M. Tlie Line* for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4.P VI. being a continuation of (he lines from New York. s28 2m "r DAILY PACKAGE EXrilFSsl CAR FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. Wtfl fffirf ftffl By the housatonic HailTtiMdTruiiiiine tbroiighftotn this C'ty to Albany ia Twelve Hours. . Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Houiatoni Rail Road Company, to run an Einrcss Car (exclusively for ou' own purpose) daily, over their road with the twsseuter train, runuing through >o Albany in twelve hours, and are uow prepared to receive and lorward at low rates, Specie. Bank Notes, Packages. Bales aud Cases of Goods, etc., for any of the above named or intermediate places. Wilt attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, diafts and arcoouu. and snch other business as may be POMEROY k co t Wall s'reet, New York PUL.LEN AE COPP'S ffnfilfn flAiatn .?far VlTi NEVV YORK, ALbAN Y. TKOYAND MONTREAL express. Messrs. Harnden k Co. haviug disposed of their route ironi New York to Albany end Tiny, the subseriber?. the old conductors of Harnden k Go's Northern Eirress, from New York, will coulinur to run as heretofore, leaving New York, Albany aud Troy, Daily , and connect at Trot- with Jacobs' Montreal Express. aud will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages Bn mites,Cases of Goods, fce , to any place between N?w York and Montreal, and I throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attentiou will he ptid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, fcc.. and pmmpt returns made for the same, PULLEN k COPP. Offices?Pullen k Corp, 1H Wall street. New York. Thos. Gougn, 15 Exchange, Albauy. A O. Eilkms, 128 River street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul st, Montreal. REFERENCES. N*w York. Alb***. Taoy. I'nmr, Ward St King, E.J.Humphrey, Juo. I'ayne, Jacob Little, k Co.. Thoa. Gongh. P. W ells, John T. Smith, k Ca? 8 K. Stow, Pepoonk Hoffman, C. S. Douglass, Carpenter k Vermilye, K. Leake Houehiou k Co. Drew, Robinson k Co. nit STATEN ISLAND FERRY Foot of Whitshsl I street On and after Dec. 3d, the steamer STATEN ISLANDER, will run as follows, until further notice :? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND SEW YORK IVsA.m, 9A.M. 1* 12X 1p.m. imp. m, Mi ?V HEAR, ALL YE sit K AM) AFFLICTED, HOW YE MAY BE CURED. PHiLanKLrHis, December?. ToDr. D. Javne?Dear Sir?The st'Ooishing and miraculous bemfniil iffr-cts vinr valuable Etpectnrant had on my oeishbor, the Hev Mr Rnalinit. made an farorablc an impression on my mind, ihit alter coiisuPing with ser< ral friends, and learning tfiatynu were a regular practitioner of medicine, I called upon yon and pnrcli-s, d luff i doz-n bottles, ami told you if I lived to take ihem you shon'd litre a good report from me I am alive and well this day. Thanks bo to a merciful (s >d, and tour Expirtonnt?and I now come forward cheerfully to Inllil my promise. For twenty long vears had I been a constant sufferer fiom the effects of a hard, dry cough, pain in the breast, and difficulty of breathing; the last five of which, chills and fevers, etery spring and fill, added to my miterv. I was worn away to a mere skeleton; with the greatest difficulty on'y I could get up and d'-wii stabs; my appetite was gone.and on strength had so far tailed me that my friends were i>ersn tiled I cr.uM not survive m<uy wreka an less I ubtnoed relief. Indeed, air, my siiuation was so perfectly miserable to myself, "nd so distressing to my family, that I felt willing to die whenever it should please the Mssler to lake ine home. But I heard of yonr me mi me, -i..'. in.-, lisuiri i n, ii ii'nvfo in( a um ni uiieaa" tn my poor elllicled body. Before I heil taken one bottle I egperin ced ' in.t iinn >n of nil my iymn(omi, null to my great joy I I' mrd in It.e eontinm d line of it the hnpiijeit reler In rhort, nir, it hnn in.ide a unrfect cure of me?and 1 can truly nay T hare tie detire to he belter. Nd* I consider it a duty I owe to yon, nod through yen, the public, to make inv cane known, beltetiini ihn it will be I ha meant of directing hundred< who are affli".ed at I hire been, to the me 11 a remedy which, under the blcstinga of God, 1 CO' niiler to here pietetvrd my life. Yi u are tt liberty, tir, to mike ute of tbje letter to yotir adratnage, and make my cate at atrntira'v known aa yon pleate. If there beanv who doubt lha troth ot the above acc.,iiut, refer them torn-. I thill he happy to tec them, and will not only confirm i In "ion C autemec'a, lint will give rhem iwr'icnlart which it Wi tilil he nnneceata ly to fiirnith lor the | nh'ic p-eta. W Ii eterlaating gratiiude, I tin, dear tir vour obliged ffiend. MAKY OILL, Corcerof linear, and l) rm intowu toad. Prepared only by Pr. D Jiyno, N?. 20 Heuth Third atreet, Philadelphia, and f.thit new office, 335 Broadway. Price $1 a bo'tle. fib I"1 'PO PURCHASER* Oh DAMAGED OOODS AND I PKINT ?I otton goodt, damaged or ttnineil, cm he le ich'd a id finiihed in ?ii|*rior ttyle Printa in|nred by wet, dirt, It . cm be r. firil lied at am ill e*p? uee. and in ide full y npitlti in w Cnnbr ct .mil ailiaiaa finitlieil < qenl to any in maikei,and every ce crl.ilibj of hlrachiuc, etc. etriird on. All goodt taken and delivered free of ca*ta_e. Orrterito b? tr ft with STRONG, McKldBIN k BRUCE, Id Beaver tt. Agentt lo* |H1t*r J. aHK.rUKKIVH H'eachnie It D, e Wn ka. COPPPEH? IM caaut rtbi quale.y t.nullah ( opiwi, lioin M io Mm,lor tale in Iota to auit [inrchatert by E K. COLLINs k CO., lit M South atreat- i [ E R A 1843. Trial of Commander HoKenile. Ninth L)ay?Feb. 10. At the opening ot the Court this morning, Mr. Duer, as counsel lor the accused, stated that he had a communication to present from the accused, which it was desirable should be decided on. ? earlv as possible, us it (lie request was granted, it would be necessary to send to Norfolk tor the witnesses. Mat it plkasi: the Court? 1 am prepared to piov? that in the ship in which Mr. Spencer sailed previous to his joining the Somen, he had a project to capture that ibip, and to convert tier into a pirate, ami that he communicated auch project to several ot her forward officers, and in the presence ot various of her crew- I respectfully desire to know whether such testimony will ho received hy the Court, in order that the necessary witnesses to prove it may be summoned from Norlolk. (Signed) ALEX. SLIDELL McKENZIE, Commander U. S. N. Mr. 1)tjkr made a few remarks in support of such testimony, and said it was their right to adduce it on the part of the accused at any time during their defence, as it would go fur to prove the guilt of Spencer The Court was then cleared, and on our readmission we were informed that the testimony desired by the accused could not be received in evidence. At the reoiiest o' the accused. Wales was recalled to say if lie understood from Spencer who was to have the posts of first and second officers on hoard of the Somers after her capture To this Wales replied that Spencerdid not tell him, but he presumed Cromwell was to be ihe first officer and Small the second officer, witness being the third. By the Judok Advocatk. ?Spencer did not tell me who were to have the posts of first and second officers, lie did not mention Cromwell's name,nor any name to me. He, Cromwell, was about 35 years old, of an athletic make. Small was about 30, of slight and active form. Here the witness said he would wish to correct some portion of his testimony; he did not mean to say that all the petty officers were armed at the council ol officers, for only ? were armed at that time. The others were armed on the day of execution. Q ?By the Cjurt? Do you understand navigation? A.?No. Q.?Then how do you know that Cromwell understood it ? A.?Because I've seen him working out a day's work. I've seen him with Mr. Spencer and he would tell Mr. Spencer where he was wrong. Q?Do you know that Small was mate of a vessel except Irom his own assertion ? A ?No; he told me so. H. M. IIkiskki.l, sworn?I was the purser of the Somers during her last cruize; first heard of the muliiy from Mr. Wales on the morning of the lfilh Nov. [Here the witness went into all the details of his conversation with Wales, which has been so often reported.] Mr. Duer stated after that part of the detail had been given by the witness, thai it was not their intention to examine him now, on any other point of the case, except in support of Mr. wales. It was their intention to pursue the same course with Lieutenant Gansevoort, and having got that part of the case luny proven, men go m me ouier points 011 which the defence rested. The Judok Advocate said in that case he should not ask him any questions now. Lieut. Gansf.voort examined? I wason board of the Somersas first Lieutenant; heard of the intenderf mutiny from Mr Heiakell,, the purser, on the 16th Nov., about 10 o'clock in the morning. Wales met me by the lore hatch, and told me the purser wanted to see me. [The witness then went on and related his conversation with the*purser, as that officer had hesrd f rom Wales of Spencer's plan, to capture the 80inershy making a row in the und-watch. and throwing the officer of the deck overboard. The witness went on to state what measures he took to watch Spencer and to satisfy himself of his guilt, previous to t ie sirest, and of his own recommendations that something should he done to secure Spencer. He also testified to the facts which occurred at the ar rest of Spencer in precisely the same language as before the Court of Enquiry ] I11 answer to the second question on the part of the accused, the wiiness proceeded to give the par ticulars of the carrying away of the lop-gallant must and ihe arrest of Cromwell and Small. He alsosta ted that on the evening alter this second arrest, Spencer asked him if Cromwell was confined for any thing in which he, Spencer^ wbb concerned.? Witness replied yes, on which Spencer said Cromwell was innocent, us he, Spencer, did not think Cromwell would join unless there was money on board. On a subsequent occasion Spencer said Cromwell was innocent. The witness was about to detail some conversation between himself and Small, which the Judge Advocate supposed was intended as proof of Crom well's participation in the mutiny, and he stopped the witness. A discussion then ensued between himself and Mr. Duer, as to the right to give such testimony. At last it was admitted by way of repelling the imputation of having hung Cromwell from malice prepense After tins testimony was given, a question arose as to 1 he testimony taken before the council officers, which document was not in court. It was finally decided that it was necessary that the testi mony before that council must go on the record, and in order to allow time for the copying of it, the court adjourned till this day at the usual hour. TheOeurl will herealter sit in the chanel in the Navy Yard. Literary IVotl< ti. Oates' Interest and Exchange Tables.?In these tables are shown the interest on any sunt from one dollar to ten thousands dollars, at six, seven, and eight per cent per annum, from one day to ninety-four days?from four months to eleven months? and Irom one year to six years, all consecutively?both for 3ftt) days and 305 days to the year. Also the value of domestic exchange for any sum from one dollar to ten thousand dollars, at any rate of premium and discount, from one-eighth of one per cent (by eighths) to ten per cent; and bow any sum may be invested or absorbed in a bill of exchange, at the same rates of premium and discount. And also the value in federal money of sterling exchange. in like manner as the last. The whole constructed on a plan entirely new, by George Gates. For sale at D. Felt Ac Co.'s, 245 Pearl street, and 34 Wall street, and by Carvill Ac Co., Broadway. An agent of the author will call, with the work, on the mercantile community in general. It apoears to be a work of gTeat labor, and indispensable value to the merchant. Mastkrman Ready?By Captain Marryatt ? Tales for the people and their children. Tnis is a very neat little duodecimo, and purports to be "The Wreck of the Pacific " We have not read if, but the nuthor is well known, and the publishers are D Appleton ir Co , 200 Broadway. It is a volume that will be extensively read. Tiik Foreign Quarterly Rivrrw, tor January, 1843? American Edition?By Joseph Mason. Campbell's Foreign Monthly Magazine, for February, 1843? By Carvill Ac Co., New York? This number has a continuation of "Abednego, the Money Lender." The American in Egypt?Part 2?Complete in six parts?Price 25 cents?Rambles through Aiabia, Petrtra, and the Holy Land?By J.E. Cooley. Sold byl). Appleton Ac Co. Select Library of Religious Literature?No. 3?Price 15 cents?B'Aubigne's History of the Reformation, March 1843?Saxton Ac Miles, 205 Broadway. The Book of the Navy?^Comprising a general history of the American marine, with numerous en- J gravings?By John Frost, A M ?D. Appleton Ac Co., 200 Broadway?Part 1?Complete in four parts?Price 25 cents. The Book about Anatomy and Physiology ? With numerous engravings?Turner Ac Fisher, New York?A v.'ry fine little book for children. The Anglo-American Magazine?February, 1843?This is a new work, and purports to contain ihe "cream of all the British magazines rolled into U lie. A Trkatise, magnifying, lauding, and applauding God?Hy John Landta Tor N'mv York LKOAt, Oihrrvkr?Edited by Hnm'l. Owen, for Saturday, Feb 11 ?VVe ngain commend this popular periodical lo the intimate ac quuintanceof every merchant and lawyerinthecity. Bankrapt hlit, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YOltK. John K. Drigga, aaah anil blind maker, New York , Si- , meon l?aac, furrier, New York; CyrtuL Warner, New York; Peter V. Heimance, carriage and sleigh maker, I Claverack, Columbia county , Jonah Tartar, New York i ' VVm Jark?on, late hookaoner, bfew York : Jnme? L Butler, corn merchant, New York , William 11 Snnili, oleik, New York ; John B. Uridley, New Y'ork ; Ja?. H. Saeket, J farmer . Woatcheater. ^ LD. =====3=?r^=====s PriM Twt ? ?. Albany. _ [CorrMpoDdenr* of the Herald. | Aliuny, Wednesday, Feb. & Nnc York Appointment* at lait?Temble Disappointment? Rite in the Price of Potato**? I^e^tlativt Proceeding, Clastic*, Spc. Well, the long agony ia over?or rather & part ot it. We have some New York appointments at last. From the list subjoined, you will perceive that the Old Regency are triumphant; the "old hunkers" have it all their own way. The " subterraneans" are tremendously indignant. Grout, Swackhamer, and others of that ilk, are discarded and disappointed men. There's gratitude for you?there'a the reward oi manv laborious vears scent in the oeo- I l>l?r*B cause. This is the reward of patriotism. " Can such things be and not excite our special wonder 1" tec. tec. Hut a truce to indignation, and now for the lucky men :? Imjrrimii?Saul Alley, Stephen Allen. Will. W. Fox, Thomas T Woodrufl and Charles Duaenbory, to be Water Commissioners. Henry Van Ilovenburgh, to be health officer. Stephen R Harris, to fie health commissioner. Alexander F. Vache, to be resident physician. Ilenry Everson, to be flour inspector. Where's ArculariiiH 1 I'eter Esqnirol, to he tobacco inspector. Thomas J. Stevens, to he inspector of pot and peHrl ashes. Alas for poor Jim Connor! Abraham Ternure, James B. Nicholson, Charles Mills and Jonathan Dayton Wilson, to be harbor masters. Wm. Tyack, to be master warden, Richard H. Tittle, Harry Parsons, Anthony Moflatt, Wm Ceheilson and Wm- Newcomb, to be port wardens. The above are all the nominations for New York City as yet confirmed. A number of appointments were also made for the counties of Erie, Hamilton, Tompkins, and Chenango. We shall have the rest of the New York appointments very speedily. This is somewhat unexpected, as latterly it had been thought that his Agriculturalcy was to leave them until the last moment. With most of those that have been made, every body appears to be satisfied, except of course the disappointed ones, and the subterraneans generally. But what care the people Vit's all one to them, so that they have good and faithful officers. God save the Republic ! Rut little business was done in the Senate to-day. Mr. Faulkner announced his intention to postpone the consideration of his New York and Erie Rail Road bill until Monday next, so that certain information desired by Senators might be received in time. In the Assembly an immense petition was pra* sented from the county of Oneida, praying for t|e passage of a lawpunisning the crimes of adultery and licentiousness with a penalty that would be a terror to evil doers. The signers were mostly of the lair sex. Why is not something done to relieve the poor dear creutures from the terrors under which they are laboring. Col. Hathaway, where, oh, where ia that hill ? Assembled multitudes, as with one voice, call on you to bring it forward, and with all the eloquence lor which you are distinguished, to press it to a successlul issue. Mr. Sanfordgave notice of his intention to introduce a bill for the incorporation of the N. Y. Iriah Emigrant Society. We had a grand specimen of legislative decency and courtesy afforded us to-day, by that pink of perfection Enoch Strong. This genius is the butt 01 the House, nnd the laughing stock of people generally. A petition was presented the other day for the abrogation of all laws for the collection of arbts and this conceited mass of vanity jierpetrated what he considered a joke, by moving the reference of the petition to the N. Y. delegation, on the ground that ns every thing tiiat whs outlandish and stranre in politics sprung from them, such was the uroper reference. It was agreed to, and the joke was cast on his own shoulders by appointing him chairman of the committee thus instituted. To-day, Mr. Younge called up his'resolution directing the committee to hold their se ssions in the Assembly chamber, so that all parties interested might have u chance of being heard. At this, Enoch waxed very wrath, and made an indignation speet h I in reply, concluding with the following beautiful and delicate flowers of rhetoric. " A man," said he, " who will attempt to interfere witli the business of a committee in the manner in which the gentle man dova, will be guilty ol other things, such as saying in regard to the speeches of members?' 1 don't want ts hear anymore of this stuff' (Tremendous.! Yes, sir, he would be guilty ol that. And he will attempt to get this House to meet at an early hour, or to have afternoon sessions, and then absent himself from the House. Sir, a member who wilt descend to such mean, low, and such mean things as this, would rob a grave yard, or steal the cents off* dead men's eyes, or roll potatoes out of a daad nigirer's saddle bags!" What think you of that! Beautiful and classic for the Legislative halls of the Empire Plate, is'nt it! Simon. General Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmsdge, Judge Lynch, Aldermsm Croliu* and Join I. Jiviri H. WutTina DislriH AHnrnav Fee 10?(San of Schernerhorn.?Tht trial of this Wall street financier wu sat down lor the third Monday in tha term. Cast of John Ahtrn The District Attorney stated that o ?? ing tn the absence of the counsel of the accused, (who nanus indicted tor embezzlement and grand larceny,) in the Superior Court, ha should set the case down tor trial in the third week ol the session. Nolle Proeequi?James Phillips indicted for an assault and battery on Dennis Brink, was on motion of his counsel William Stialer, Esq , discharged by a nolle prosequi having been entered on the ind'ctment against him. On motion ol Rivers 8 Wilson, a nolle prosequi was also entered in the case of Henry 8. Bsncker, indicted for grand larceny, in obtaining money from Jana Williams by False representations. Forfeited Rrcognixancte.?Francis Hpaight, indictad for an assault and battery on Wm. B Jackson and Abraham Scofield, for beating Eliza ScofielJ, not appearing, their recognizances were declared forfeited. Spaight appeared in Court soon alter and entered a plea of guilty,and was ullowed until Friday to produce affidavits in Jwstificstion of the assault, anil showing his previous good character. Sentenced?William Ward, lor an assault and battery an Dr. Sanborn, of the popular 1 Cornucopia," Park Row, was fined $19, and for a similar ntfenco committed on Robert Sears, one of the polite and attentive asiiatantiof that establishment, was sent to the city prison for ten days. John M'Kay, Indicted for robbery in the first degree, In taking fifty rents from Robert Baterthwaite, on motion of Jaines M. Smith, Jr. was allowed to en'er t plea ol guilty of assault and battery, and a nolle proiequi was entersd by the District Attorney on the sther charge, he having examined the papers and found that no other chargo could be sustained. The Court then sentenced him to the city prison for ten days. James Smith and Austin Smith, entered a plea of guilty of an assault and bsttery on Isaac Hamilton, and wsra fined $5 each. Joseph Watprs convicted ol beating Sennet P. Morris, was sentenced to the city prison for ten daye, and fined $ 2.1. John Kain for an nssult and battery on two Watchmen, named Francis Lynesnurgh end James Stevenson, was fined $10 on earh oltence, but on motion of his counsel the Court set aside the senterce until next week. John W. Welling, convicted of false pretences, Edward Kelly and Owen Mclntse for coining money, and Lafayette Green for insuring lottery numbers w ere not called for sentence. Die hnreed. - The charce preferred against David Moos of pasting a $6 counterfeit hill of the Broome County Bank to Charles H. Kowe, of 43 Titt street, on the frth of lMt month, wu withdrawn hy the District Attorney, it being satisfactorily show n that he did not know the bill waa counterfeit. Trial farJhfult and Hattrry?John Malay,John Buckley and Thomai Dooley were tried for an aaaault and battery on Henry Miner, on the Bth of laat November. Lyman K Hinckley Mated that derendanda assaulted Miner while tie wm in the performance of hla duty aa special deputy Sheriff, at the poll of the second district of the lath ward, at the election on the 8th of November last. The indictment charged that Hinckley was aaaaulted bnt no mention was made of Miner's name i n it. The result was that the |ury returned an immediate verdict of not guilty, and the parties were discharged. I'urglary in tSt Firil D?gree ?A young man named John Reed, a butcher by trade, was tried for attempting to enter the store and dwelling house ol Mrs. Susan OaflTney, widow, of 306 Cherry street, on the morning of the 16th of December but. It was proved that at about 4 o'clock in the morning the window shutter of the store was forced open, and window broken, hut no goods were stolen. The accused was arrested by John D. Wood, a city watchman, aided by James Breslin, a few minutee after tliss window ws? broken. H? was running through the Mreet with another nun in compsay with him and when arrested denied the charge,and said he was running through the Mreets to keep himsell warm. The jury re. turned an immediate verdict ol not guilty, and the accused was discharged. The case of Henry Johnson, indicted for perjury was set down lor Monday neat, and the Court then adjourned to Monday next. who wants coal 1 & f ' ,,n determined to close my interest in th* eosd tjp*v j I ?J- trade ?t soon as possible?I will thsietore tell my nock of Peach Orchard Coal, of any site, delivere i in the beat ml* r from the yard, free of caruce, at four dollars and sovsnsvi?e oenn per ton. I will w rrant it ligc-d aa any ta th? crtr-mil woith one dollar per Ion mora than Lickawana or Labial). jA vis.n DOWNS.1, dlJImSec Corner Oreenwich and King sW. BANK OIr INOLAND NOI>.8^hTWVldM9_ jyUlwi ta WaU ?, aed 130 Broad way.

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