Newspaper of The New York Herald, 11 Şubat 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 11 Şubat 1843 Page 3
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Tho domestic exchanges present no new feature! this week. The only material change is the fall in Alabama. They have been ai follows :? lUrvs or Bank NoTrs and Do m uric Bills. Bank S'oits. Etrckange. retafetv; bund-* . *?-iH tSecurity Banks v. mh:S B",ton a* fVuusy Ivuuia . X*7X Philadelphia- -X a ? New Jevsey *,a 1 Marj-'aml........ Hajf Baltimore % a ? Viir.inia .... iVja l,i Richmond- . 1 a lid North Carolina... lKa 2 North Carolina- tXa IX u""Kia Savannah h* X , ? , Augusta X* Jt Southi Carolina... I^a 2 Charleston >?? U Honda ? a7n Aiialachicola .? a? Alabama ? a25 Mobile 23 r25 Louisiana 2>J*25 New Orleans-. >d ?Xpm Kentucky .. .. 2 at Louisville. X* 1 Tennessee ...... 5 a6 Nashville a 3X Mississippi..... 60 s80 Natchea ? a? Missouri 6 a 8 St. Lohis IX* 2 Ohii a 5 Cincinnati, lit* Ilk Indima t a 5 2 a 2X Illinois ? a6i ?? CO aCi Michigan....... 7 alO Detroit . 2Xa 3 These rates show a rare degree of uniformity, and at the xiamo time an abundant supply ol bills of the great central point of commerce, N.York. The precious metals now accumulating at the seaports, are just ready to flow inward ami distribute themselves over tho surface of the countrv in exchange for produce. The unnaUjrafff'low money prices of produce now i? owing, aa well to the deameaa ot currency in consequence of scarcity, aa to the abundance , ofpioduce. In our article of Monday last we gave a table of the official returns of the banks of sixteen States. These have a circulation of $47,660,038,from which deducting the bills of the Illinois and Alabama banks in liquidation, gives a circulation of $40,000,000 only against $24,000,000 of specie. The following table will show the actual state of the cur" reacy in the leading States : Circ. Nutet on lid. Net Cirr. Sprcit. Maine, 1,100 261 103,622 1,002.739 173,301 Massachusetts, 8,019,900 1,883,000 0,106,900 2,682 310 New Vork, 11,800,900 4,808.761 7,062.146 8,388,669 Maryland, 1,243,397 310,000 0 43,397 1,917,437 Ohio, - 1,010,879 416,360 696 629 386 126 South Carolina, 1,231,607 276,924 964 683 400,436 Genrsii, 2,836,669 412,000 2,423,669 680,016 Louisiana, 1,216.237 316 210 901,007 4,696,787 Total $28,864,746 8,627,786 20,028,970 19,124 031 Krom these figures it appears that the currency is actually on a specie level in all the leading States. At the great centres of trade, as New York and New Orleans, it is actually lower?that is to say, specie has idly accumulated in the banks without having its place supplied in the chann els ?f business. There is now on the way from Europe'probably $12,000,000in specie, and at New York and New Orleans $6,000,000, making $18,000,000 in hard dol lar.s,to be added to the currency of the Union in circulation, during the coming year, which will undoubtedly raise its volume as high as ever was the paper currency in its most active state. The highest net circulation ol the banks was in 1837,when it reached $112,000,000,and the banks then held $87,000,000, making a credit circulation of $75,000,000 paper dollars, which has now been entirely reduced, and by the terrible process of bankruptcy. The r umber of bank failures since 1841 is 136, with au aggregate capital of $136 000,009 having a circulation at the time of foiliiro oiiunl tn *AQ Q.Vl 1.14 .LL.1, ? ? .... .w wuivu uuh depreciated 50 per cent, involving a loss of near $22,000,000 to the publicenough to pay the interest on the debt of all.the States for one year and a half. In the use of a specie currency, no loss can arise from such a source, and the dread of it being removed from the public mir.d, gives an immense impulse to the activity of specie, w'jich makes it equivalent to douJ ble the volume in a pape g currency. iSnles its. l ac Stock Kxrhangs, grOO NY State 7'?, 1'j49 10414 1000 W Loan 5's. 1870 67V 1000 Ohio 6 s, 1860 66 20 shas Kulton B? 104% 1000 . do 65>/ ro git Com, full 88 IOOO Illinois 20)2 14 do 88% 3000 Indiana stg 21S 5 Am Exc Bk 67 3000 do 22% 10 Osnton 16% 2000 Ksnlu jky6'4i mi 87 186 H?r!em 16 3000 <<o ;BW 86% 160 faterson 44 Sscond Board, $",00 Kentucky bonds 80 $1000 Ohia b3 filfs, '>100 do >20 84% <088 do b3 64 % 11100 do 6's 86-. 4000 do 61v1000 do do 86*1 1800 do 61)4 4000 Ohio b3 64)2 60 slias Long Island 48)4 Sales at the New Stock Exvttihge, 41000 N Y 7's, 1819 Mon 104)2 26 do cash 43% 2000 do 6'< 1662 blO 100)4 76 do bnw 44% 4000 do 5%'s, 1861 bS 94% 26 Cauton b30 <1 2000 Illinois 6'? 1870 rw 20% 26 Lo^g I.laud iw 48% J04?0 do do uw 19% 700 do cash 48% 16s>sU kSche alluw 116 3on do >3 48% 26 Pattenon s3 41% 36 Mohawk, Mon 28 so do s3fl 41)4 20 Mtch Uk As, cash 69% 40 do >3 44 Stat* or Trade. Sales of real estate to'day took place as follows Lot corner of 11th street and avenue A, 94 feet deep, fronting on avenue, $525. Two lots fronting on 10th and 11th streets, corner of avenue A, 25 feet front by 159 feet 4 inches, $1920. Two lots fronting on 10th and Uth street, 2$) feet front, $1040. Two lots adjoining; same dimensions, $1640 Do do do 1040 Two lots as above, 25 feet front, $1640 Do do do 1640 Do do do 1540 Do do do 1500 Do fronting on 11th street, 25 feet front, $V00O. Two story wooden building, with brick building on the rear, 185 Mott street; lot 24 1 3 feetfrOD*., 100 leet deep, $5,200. Lot on 41st street, 175 feet west from 3d avenue, 25 feet front by about 90 feet, $132 60. Cnfftt? The market is steady?Prices are yery low.? Sales have been as follows 120 hags Sumatra, 7^; 1000 bags Brazil, 7 a 8|; 350 do Laguir 4, 7| a 8J; 800 do St. Domingo, 5) a 6. Cotton?The market has bee*, very uniform in price? m"1" ,ll,B ulr.iini?he<l?Salei hare been 4500 hale* Uplands and Klor,]a 5 a 7. 1500 do Mobile*. 6} a 74; 1100 do New Orleans f 51 a 71 Auction Sale* liavebr made u lollows ;? Canton Matting?160 j,je(.eg g 4 white Matting at 34 a 35; 80 do 4 I do at 19 a 2rjj. 40 do 4.4 reJ at 59. 40 j0 5.4d0 at 38, 40 do 4-4 do at a 24$; 400 do 6-4 white at 30; 300 do 6 4 do at 30$; 20 do 4 4 at 38; 30 dodo at 25$ a 27 J; 340 do do at 26; 1'^) do 4 4 red at 27 a 27J; 190 do 5-4 do at 29; 100 do 6*4 at 31$; 6 do do white at 26; 5do 6-4 do at 22$; 6 do 4-4 d-j >t j|?. .j| do 8-4 do damaged at 19. Su*r<r_;_?j<ermg 4 month*?Cargo of Helen Grey?205 Porto Rico Sugar, 6 81 to 7c per lb; 20 do do 4 81; 7*. bhl* 5 44 100. Jlf*la*(et?6hhd? Porto Rico Molntaes, 19$ cents per gal1#D> Coffia?23 bags Laguayra, 8 to 7d per lb. Provision Market. The late severe weather has affected the market a little throughout the city. Poultry has not been brought forward ia so large quantities as usual, particularly turkies, geese, and ducks. Fowls have advanced at least twenty per cent, and twelvecants a pound is now asked. Apples are up to $2,00 a barrel. Fourteen shillings have been refused within a day or two. There has also been an advance in pork. Small quantities of good country fetch seven cents a pound and six cents by the whole hog. Beef by the quarter brings but 6 cents, one cent less than pork. Fi h are dearer, in consequence of the scarcity just now. Bass and black fish sell at 10 cents. The season for wild game is nearly over, excepting venison. All vegetables are higher in price than they were one week ago. Pricks or Provisions. Apples, bbl>- 00 a 2 00 Jowls 2 a J Beer per H> a 9 Lamb, per lb 4 a 5 Beef, per rwt.--S4.5fl af' Mutton a 7 Beef, corned 3 a I Onions, |>er hush 40 a 50 Blackl'isli, " ? a 10 Parsnips, perdez. , -3754a? Beets, bunch ? a 3 Pheasants, pair 60 a 6254 Butler, fresh, per lb 12 a 16 Porter House Stakes 9 a 10 Butter, firkin, per lb 12 a ? Pork, per lb 4 a ? Cellrry, bunch 6 a I2X Pork,|>ercwt $4 a $.6 Crabs, doz 1254a ? Pins, roasters ? a Si Chickens 3754a 75 Potatoes, bush 26 a 37)4 Cabbages 2 a 4 Potatoes, Swt,hf pk.? a 31 Clams, 100 26 -a 37)4 Quails, each, 10 a 12 Caulino# 1254a ? Sirloin, lb 10 a 12 Ducks tier pair 62^a 75 Strqwd Bass, lb- 10 a ? Dried Apples, bbl- l S1 'a Sausages ? a II Kvls 8 a 10 Turnips, |>er bushel,.? a 15 Kites, 7 for ? a 1254 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Kresh Cod 3 a 4 Turkic* 50 a Si Flouudets" ? a 5 Veal 4 a ii Oeenfl*. 50 a 75 Venison, 7 a 12 Hon. v. new comb* *25 a ? Woodeork nair.... ? OU Hickory .Notts ? a 5 I Brighton Cattle Market. I Krn.G?At market, 980 beef cattle, 700 (beep, and 9.1 ivID*. I Price*? Bttf Cltle?An advance was effected, and wc H quote to correspond, viz First quality $4 60 a 4 7ft; *e cond quality $4 00 a 4 9ft : third quality $3 50 a 3 7ft. I About *ii cnttla were told for something more than our I highest quotations?probably about $6 I Shetf? Nearly all at market were stall fed wethers, and were sold at Irom $9,60 to $4 7ft. Sun'rie ?No sale. I Oui quotations last week were not so high, probably, as they should have he en?the best part of the cattle were purchased on the Saturday previous, however, and at liet ter prices than were obtained at the market on Monday for a like quality. I l)led. On Thursday evening, flih inst Mr*. Ana Bossall, re lic.t of th" late John Bo-isall, in the 67th year ol her age. The friends ol the family, and those of her sons, are respectlully invited to attend her luneral, to-morrow af ta noon, at 1 o'clock, Irom her late residence, 130 Houston street. At New Orleans, on the 98th January, after a short but severe illness, YVu.i.iam Hs.nrv, eldest son of Wm. Whit lock, of this city, in the 37th year of his age. Passengers Arrived. I Chisikton?Bria Dimoii?Ma H L Knear>, MissM W Ktie.ip, A A Causing, I> Marvin. A 8 Baker, O It BlOMOB, <> Moore. C II Kolsom, J L Smith?2 in the steeisge. ItilARl.r.sTon? Hug Moses?Miss Reiil, Mrssri Tsylor And . Btoekwsll, suit 2 in steerage. I Mirtlgn liniMirtatlmis, Saota t'aus?Brig Brothers?With 163 tcs and JS bli h-nry I 3 cs arg <r', IS Igs re Jar, s nd 11 Igs malioaaoy, to Biett St V o>? H -IJei signs end 4n Miss wu to OMaihaw* % Co?16 b las Wig to 8|S (Tird, Tdeiton kt;o?10 cs segars 111 J J Taylor. s Ditmoatls-. Importations. Nkw Ori.kars? Ship toaisiaiia?117 hslrs cotton A Foster ?506 bills pork (I t), uglsss. Port Lron?PrigCAimlls?2i2 hales cotton Holbrook, Nel son lit co?JO J Mel? 22 1'Urpout It co?31 Center It co?9 8per; k Pstteo?O to oidsr. | H * CHABLMTOH-BfigDiewe-Wcksriee VietorSt Duckwiu -W do Av mar Jk co?4? Mul? fc Marfcoe?30 Wadsworth It I Smith?19 bales cotton R L Maillsad fc < ' ?M Lwrtu kw-4 eases Fearing It Halt?I do 8 Frost?I M Ltvinvst on?1 .!. i inekaire J Warwick?Inerce 1 bbl nce O M Wilkma?J bbls J Ward?I cm M?j A Van Bure. ?1 pkg C Morgan?9 do 1 cat t0|jlfaItk?T0t?? Brig Mos< ?TS 'ca rice T H Tillman?10 cka , D L IVIIir?I boi Towiitend & Brother*?1 do 1 H Lvncn?2 do Dr r Moat?3 logs mahogany K it C W Houghtoii?217 t< a | rice 126 biles cotton to order. MARI Tj.M ITHK RA LD . Ship Alnstcra and Agent*. We aliall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vnaela will give to Commodore Robert StuVEY. of our News Fleet, a 11. nort of the Shipping left at the Tort whence they sailed, tin ! Vessels S|n*-n on their Passage, a Liat of their Cargo, au I any Foreign Newapi|>era or Newa they may hare, lie wil board thrin immediately on their arrival. Ageuu and Correspondents, at home or abroad, w.l alao confer a favor b sending to this Office all the Mariue lu'i ll'grtice they cai obtain. Nautical Information ol any kind will be thankfull) received. ? , a PORT OF NKW YORK, FKURUAHY II [ art* rises 7 2 I moon (111 4 29 (t)iv 3 28 | high water 5 II Cleared. Ships La Duchesse d'Orleana, Richardson, Havre, Win Whit lock. Jr; Kutaw, Thomiiaon, Liv.rpool. K Irvin; Meta, (Brem) Meyer, Bremen, Otltichslt Kiuger; Wars-w, Hathaway, New Orleans, Edw K Collins It Co; Southport. Herliest, Charleston, Geo Col'ins.? Brigs Einelie, (8w) Wulff, Hamburg, W Weisaer; Arelhuaa, (Br) Card, Windsor, N8. Sonlr, Wlmney St Co; Ozello, Waite, Franklin, La.?Schra Gladiator, Kelly, St Croix, 9 W Lewis; Aiiu Maria, Baxter Newberu, NC;United States. Moore. St Ueorttea. Bermuda. W A F Daveinu.rr Arrived. Ship Louisiana, Dewhurst, 19 days from New Orleans, with cotton, to A. Foster. No date, hit 26 40, ion 27, ?W a (hip showing a signal with " Mourt" hi it. Brt|! Brothers, Mat hew, 19''ay* '""l1 Santa Cinz, to Brett fit Vine, The Brothers wae within 50 miles of the Honk oil Suudiy. Lai 24 17 lou79 26, spoke brig Gibraltar, of Waliioboro, for Gibraltar?wished to b reported. Hint Camilla. Mtudeui , 16 days from Port Leon, with co.tou, to Sturges fit Clearmno. Brig Moses, Loveland, 10 days from Charleston, lo Geo Bulklev Lat ?6 46. long 73 10, spoke the brig Danube, 4 days from N York lor NOrleans, wished to lie reported. Brig Dimon, Hobinson,6 days from Charleston, with rice, to Dunham fit Dimon. M B. Kobinsen, NeWall, 4 days from Newberu, NC. with naval stores, to master. Schr Hector, Meyers, 6 days from Richmond, with coal, to master. Schr Thorn, Beunett, 6 days from Richmond, with mdse.lo master Schr Teiian, Brown, 4 days from Richmond, with wood, to master. Schr North America, Sterling, 2 days from Yoih River, with oysters, to master. Sloop Win. Penn, Sherman, from Nt w Bedford, with oil and candles. Herald Marine Correspondence. Orr.CK op the Rhode Islander, ) Newport, Feh.9, 1843. S Arr 7th, Guess, Wainswoith. Richmond for PorttmoU h, ; 8th, H Westcoit, Vance. Georgetown (lor NYork, with loss of fore topmast, jihhoom, and bonnet off the jib; Hope, George. Yorktown for Providence: llienzi, Durfee, Providence for NYork. General ltecord. Foreign Letter Office.?The letter bags of the Ducliesse d'Orleans, for Havre, and Wellington, for London, will close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, at the usual honr this morning. Schr Mary Ann, of and from Tlomaslon, with lime, bound to th s por:, ran ashore on the Gridiron, Hurlgate, yesterday , morning, knocked off her rudder, and leaking badly? sup|wwid she will be lost. She had no pi lot on board, although slit was spokenbv too of the Sonmi pilots Shit WasMinotoN ShanklanJ, whieh cleared at Philadelphia cm the 6th inst. for New York, went ashore in Sa'emCove, , ahoui5o m.les below PortPsfio, Pa. Brio Ganoks. TaVvtie, from Sooth Ameriea, of and for Salem, with a e.vgn ol hides, went ashore on L >ng Point, near Wood Fnd, while beating iulo Provincetown harbor du.-mg i lie snow storm ou Sunday last. She Imd a Vineyar pilot auil also a Provincetown pilot on board. It was very thick, and about the time th?y discovered the Uud, the main topsail sheet parted, nnd there was not time to. Wear ship before she struck. She leaks slightly, having strained her ways, lost jib. split head of rudder; and she may b- got off after discharging, if tne wearhrr proves good. About 1700 hides were landed as soon as possible. Auorher account says whed the wind shifted to 8W it. the mglit, she beat up high on the bearli. Ashore.?A brig, supposed a Boston packet, is ashore nesr ' Salem, NJ. below Philadelphia. Quick Passages ? A paragraph is going the rounds of the papers, staling that the Chaos lias made a voyage Com New Orleausto Liverpool, and oack, iu uinety-eight days. That was a quick voyage, but by no means remarkable. The ship Bowditch, of Boston, sailed from ihe B ili7.e on the 3d ol Feb. 1825, ami arrived in Have on the 5lh of M>rch. Sailed again on .he2(Ph of M trch, aud arrived in New Orleans on the 30lh of April, thus performing the voyage iu eighty-live days. Notice to Mariner*. Caution to Marineps bound to Guayaquil?A lott?r hss tnen recei-eil at Llnvil's fiom C.ptaiu M. P. Game, of the Adrla, from which the following 'xtractt are taken, and deserve t ,e attention of all commanders of vessels h .,,,,,1 i? tb.i f?Orf Oil the 1st of September, arrived off tlie entrance of the rivir of Guayaquil, and dfap.itched a boat to the town of Puna for a Wlile beatitiK up, meanwhile, with a alight breez? front the N K under easy sail, towards the towu. most unexpectedly an I unfortunately struck the ground or a bank of bard sand, uot laid down in my chart; iu ract iny large Spanish plan of the bay I and river indicated seven fathoms, mud, uear to the very sp it where we struck. As the hank is in the route of vessels ifoiur to Tuna Tor a pilot, I notice lh" bearimts, and would nd'ise all masters of v< sseli bound up the river, to anchor in trout of Puuta Espanola, at the head of Mola Bank, and send up lor a pilot, as yet the shoals have not been properly- buoyed. The above shoal is abont half a mile in circumference, wiih hard sauel. The shoalest part has live feet of water on it, and bears from Punta Maudi-jgo 8 70 E, and from I'unta Esi>auola N 35 E, per compass. Distance from the nearest land, I of a mile to |J? miles. Spoken. Concord, from Boston for Savannah, Feb 4;h, off Charleston Bar. Foreign Porta. 8t Johns, PR. Jin 15? In port. Triumph, Harding; Sarah June, Hill; Louisiaua ; Isaac h rankliu, Brown, and others. S!d Tarqnin, Spaiki, Ponce. Home Ports. Boothiiat, Jan 31?Arr Emerald, Howard, from Lnbec for Charleston. Portland, Feb 7?No TrivaU. CM 4th, Alice, Chase, from Bmuswick, for Mobile; 6th, Rntrins, Pierce, Hivana. Pokismouth. Jan 31?Arr Hnlassah, Phiiactlphia; Joseph B. do via New Bedford. Salem, Feb 3?Cld Henry, Mesiervy, Baltimore. Sid 7th, Fiirtii Id, Burr, NViok. Boston, Feb 9? No arrival._ The steamboat Chelsea, which left the city to tow op the dismasted barque Natchez, went into Cohasaet in the afternoon. Chi Dushiiry, Ghddings, Maunzas; Lion, Peterson, NOrleans; Sulla, Bang*. Philadelphia; Mechanic, Stodder, Savannah; Vorca.Oirdler, Frederick shun;; Oilman, Hallstrum, ano Henry, Nckerson, N York. Arr 8th, John Crosby, Wheeler, Trinity. Mart. New Bedford, Feb 8?Arr Helen, Oibbs, New York. Shi Charlolle, ( Brein) Hohorst, Bremen. Providence, F. h 8?Arr Vigilant, Heath, New York. Shi Rietizi, do. Philadelphia, Feb 10?CM Backus, Stoteshury, St Thomas; Hercules, Skaats, NYoik. Ice very thick in the River. Georgetown, 8C Jan ">8?Arr Amelia, Strong, New York; 20th, Fanny Coit. Baker, do;30th, J Cooley 3t Co, Crowcll.ilo; Feb 2, Cambridge, Hall, do. Cld Juan, Lewis, do. COl Nl) PILOT?OWEN PRrSCOIT, Pilot tor 'us 4? Bedford, Nautncket Shouts, llostou. Portsmouth, Portland, Kenneheek, and other ports. Office at Fryc 8i Shaw's Nautical Store, 222 Water, corner Berkwati street, N. Y.?Vice versa Ananas' Kiprrsi, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the same as from Gay Head. j25 lirnsr U~ A O. D.-WASIILNGTUN LODGE. No. I-A gene" ral meeting of the above lodge will Oe held in their lodge room on Wednesday evening, 15th iustaot, on business of tm portance to the order. The members are particn'arlv requested to attend. Bv order of lit. A "fl fll2t?'C ' ~.M8. AMYON, fecrctnry. TO THE READING PUBLIC. THE UNDERSIGNED, at the sulicit.liou of uumermu friends, will resume th? sale of Period cala, Newspapcs and Extras, at the od Periodical and Newspaper Dep>t, No 267 Broadway, on Tuesday neat, Feh. Uth, where ihe pnnlic will find all ihe dsily papers and liithl literature of thr day at the lowestpublishine prices. This pai er, the HERALD, wi I be found at the shore, f II 2ii.2ti.a-rc J. W. KELLY St 00. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. THE Psrtnersi'ip heretofore existing belwern JOHN GALLIEIt and jaM eh MUKPHY, iu the business of ?.omposition Ornament Manul'Cinrrrs in theCiiyof New \oih, was dissolved on the 2ltt day of Jai u ry, 1813, by the mu u <1 consent of both parties. The husiDeis will tie continued at the old stinil, No. 59! Broadway, by John Uallier, wlio is charged with the collection of all debts due lo the s till Istr firm, and the liquid rtion of their liab lilies, anil ihe said John Osllier is also mpowered to nse trie nunc of ihe said firm fur the purpose af'resaid. All peiscns indebted thereto Will please pav the same without delay, and those having cl ims against the itrsn will please lo render therr accounts as "hove. john mai.likk. james mukphy. to architectsTbuilders, and OTHERS. JOHN GALLfEM, Composition Ornament Manufacturer and House ? arverf No. 592 Broadway, N*w York, 0| p s.tu Li '?Velte 11*11, has on ha.-d ai hi.? establishment ps ..bove. I * "dm*-us of Architectural ornaments eery variety. in de '.id fr? m the brst e* ttnplr *, oonii?tin| in part of capitals #01 columns, cons #les, ?(iu?>< ?-g enrich*d m ii duns, ros ftes. pMtrns Ac. fkc. * his Ii he it pre par* d to furnish (>r m tlx in in. fpiAUt?ty,au I of any si/.* required, at p ices in couforni11\ w 'I. rl>? iines. f' 'in* O'l N A M \ i AI. DMP(MTIl) AND A ID HI TK' TURaL DEC' RAT1VE WORKS ?The u?de n.neri continues the above bavin is ou bis ludividut' account. at \'o. 555 Broadway. JAMES MURPHY. Ill 1m* c UOH SALE CHEAT?A Bowling Alley, with \ ins sud aj " pnrte nsiiCf s all utar!y new. Abo a bar with glass case* mid cloch-fntuie, the clock excellent; decanters, gla s? s, casks Ac. to be sold with bar if desired All may be lemored im- I mediately. Enquire at No. 5 Murray st. in be basemen*. f 11 I w rc 1 Q 4 Q?END OK THE WORLD THIS YEAR.?Ocorn IOttO H'oris, of Albany, will lecture this (Saturday )e%enmy, ai 7 o'clock, at the Church corner of Madron and Oath rtM tti, on it cold CiMittttof D oil), ino onih*7th,flh aim 9th Chapters to-morrow, ( ^abbath day) morniiur, f einoon and evening. af the usual hours. Mr. J^forrs in (he course of objiclnf h Seroau Coining of Clliilt, anil (ha let dim fur he Iic?ii a it will tab-place Ihu year. The public re ii.Tite.l 10 at I > ! il. Scuairie. fllll**i rphk W0VDKK OK thk NiSktbknth < KNTU1 KY.?A Narra ivp ol >he Mirarnloua Viraina of th" Tyrol. na pen at cl de-crined hv nnmernua eye wit'" aara?p? raom of ibt moti unhlrnuhril reruitaoo , th-' moot unimpeachable i teerity, of tho ui"?t undoubted ver city ni.d > * lt? <1 ii ty. To th-null reli*mut man, or the firm belii vi t in revel;t on, itt well it the unhappy ?o ptic, wanhrinit withonl hoitc in .he world, thia interet'in* pamphlet will aflo d ?n infallible s"id to the one true lold, from th- unerring teatimony of llieai ataudin* mir.irl a of the Calhol d Church. Two fine copperplate viiKMVinita from drawing* taken on the apot are itiveu in the work, illuatrative of the until appearance of Iheae ' iiraordtnary heiuaa, whether in a atnte i f eeatacy or of tufTcriiut. Cottvernob ol ltaiiat onne, aoon, lim?>c casskri.y .it aovs. nyunuo. THS NEW YOhK LEGAL OBSERVER <4 thn day M contaiua Ait. I.i toil Maiuna No I; of Criminal Intention, flantrmifrjr, Jure Mark Bunits, Objection! to Certificate when writ*<1, fr ?ud not to bf ini rrtd, lie. re Samuel King; Petition '"?? r'd,i?'? ''''"l Evident e. lie The Aaai.taut V. ( . Cuttn, Dudley Seidell T. I ear*.II; Revocation of of rra1 eat-tc; Supi'tior Court; Shepherd r. (irravel, cerl*or.ui, (dead not minority: kiiKjiah (tin derided in Ni vemher and D-eeniher in Lord Chancellor Lyndhnrsi*a Court: the Muierofth'Holla Court; the Court of Qneeti'a Bench and the < or' of Cnminon Pleaa; ViirellaneniM, &c. Trruia? Price one al illiut: a cony, or $1 per annum hi it)'aucp. All the Kmtliali carca Irom November term will appear in (hit work. _ _ _ fit f|*?c VII r? HULL'S (H.V MPIC THKM HE WCOHB VN tc'irctfiiHy inform, hia f,lenila and the pub- \ lie that hi* BKNKM I will mhr place on Vtudfty fcrainnit ne*t, Keb. IJ, U43,on which nccaiion two new pieroa i and a variety ol popular uilertaminruta, will be performed. Bo* book now opao, from 10 until 4. f!0 4ti THIrtTLK BALI* THE M ANAUEK3 of the Think Benevolent Association. A r? siwrtfiilly anuonore that tlieir Second Ball for thia aion, will take pi icc 011 Kinlay Evening, Kebruary ITth, 1811, at Tammany Hall. In aunoontin* their Second Ball 'or tl.ia season, the Board of Managers ?oulil return their gratiful acknowledgement! y" Ihe liberal patronage ttendrd to the firs'- Del Ui an melt weiii ae is auirly n grai UjThe reflection to I av e beaut c meant of allrvt itir.g ti.a distress of the i oof, while the mi thou d >..t?d for that purpose is mch as cannot fail to lueel the ap|in>bition of ivery rviou I mind. The mutagen, in making !his their las' ppca! for the searon, tieeil only adtert to the trere pr.ssure el the times, nnd the mam worthy persons dependt ag upoh cl arity With increased t fforts on the part el the Committee topletse their patruua, it is conlnieiltlv toped their utmost ant trip itions may he m*lited> The Or erol I) no log -rdoMing to Programme-1 , Mr. J P.iftef I at, as u u il, Bene voluu'ted hta valuable services ine'ir rtinxlhe llxir Mr. Wallace's eacellcut Bmd has been eigvged lor the i ccn<ion. Two Bagpipers " ill promrnaile the room, plntioB National Aira, nirviuus to the coi. m-ite, inent anH ilurn g the inertnnsiouof doming. Doors open at ^ ; dancing will precisely at 8 o'clock The teriiiinatl u of the U II will be knowu by t'-e bam) playing "Quid nigbr and my be wi you a " Tickt ts $ I, to admit a Gentlemen and two Ladies?to be had of the Bo rd of Managers, v z: ? James Curr, 180 ||idson st. President. Jas. H omsou,79 to uu'rudi it. Vice President. John Patteu, 128 C< oat si, Treasurer. Win M?l.?iighlin. in Elizabeth st. Hugh K-rr, 6'>J Bn>-dwty. wm ltichardseii, c >r Perry and Greenwich. Wm Curr, 10? Troy a re?t Samuel Maycock, 219 William sireet. Walter Lrggatt, il Hud 81. IT* I Laval, ? V -~Ul Z tj!7" Members cxn have 'heir ticke's on application to the Secretary. A. UAMKRONi Pectetary, fllGt'ec JJi Hod on ?trect. miDOvV WKhi H'8 FEMALE PILLS ?Thiimedicine, so celebr ted in England, and <>* r the whole continent"' Europe, Ins forthe lirsi time b en iutioduced into tile United States Its great irtues in removing olistructions and other disorders inore especially incidental 11 the f'emaly sex, are well known to all foreign* rs; and as soon as they are is well known here as thev are in Europe, 11 f*male will be without them. To pre* nt their heing counterfeited but oue agent has been appointed, a. d only me place where lliev can be obtained. If, therefore, Widow Welch's Pills are ever offered for sale at any other t lace in this country, they will be counterfeited. The gr< at fame of these Pi'ls Will nt) doubt induce many to counterfeit them, and this precaution to the public is to pot them on lilt-ii guard. All letters must be paid. Pric* Slnrb-x. Apply st the Drug Store, 7i Chambers street, 2d house v est of Broadway fII Imisec nK. HUNTER'S RED DROP.?Dr Brown coutinu s lo afford m (Ileal aid to the unfortunate, by the use of the above remedy, which has been befmc the public since 1835. Dr B. h is b-en iu the use of this article and is practically ae(|uaiutcd w i'h its operatiou.and is familiar with the treatment of those disease! it Is design* d to cure. It has been representid as never failing to cure Dr. B keens a irond assortment of the best pienarati >11* for cuiiug the different classes of these dis-aiei. He may be consulted from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. at No. 2 Ann street. Printed diiectiotu and a compeud,oils treatise u|ion certain select diseases accompany his medicines. His charges are moderate, to suit the circumstam es of the pilient. f II tt*M NO APOLOGY ffOlTWlTiV?'When a beaulifnl Head of Hii" may he obtained by using DR. JAYNE'S HAIR TONIC. Phaktshurv. Benning on Co., Vt., Amr. 4, 1810. Dlt. Javre?De?r Mir?Learning through the medium of the newspapers the efficacy of your Hair Toui*, and being acquainted with some of those rr commending it, to wit: Rev C.C. Park, Rev. Dr. Babco-k, and Rev. L. Fletcher, and when in New York last spring I purchased two bottles, with a view to make the experiment. I have been quite bald for about 4 years, and obliged to wenr a wig. Indeed, it is constitutional wit" my family to du bald in early life. I confess, I had but little confidence in the attempt, having been so long bald and being near 10 years of age, and thai part of iny head destitute of liair exceedingly smooth. I, however, commenced agreeably to yonr directions, and used one bottle faithfully, and with very lit'le effect, but before I had used the second Dottle, a v-ry fine fuz7.y hair bee me p-rceptljde, which continued o grow, and now navug us' u nir iniru uome, I nave nail tlirev cuttings performed, and ihe prospect is verv flattering that I aliall again be bb ssed with a fine head of hair, ornamental and useful. I am exti inely gratified wnn the prospect, and fioin observations made.miuyof my friends and acquaintances, who hue hereiolore regarded (he preparation as deceptive, and only a eatch. eiinv concern, are now well satisfied that it is "Truth?No Fiction." . J. W SAWYER, Pastor of the Baptist Church, Shaflshurv, Vr. This valuable Hair Tonic is prepared only by Dr. D. J AYNE id"! Broadway, New York Price $1 a bottle. I'll 1m KELLY'* POKE EXTRACT OK HOlfhTiToOND C\NDY?Tins preparation will be found iuvilunble in cases of rough, catarrh, cioup,, bronchitis, aud a11 other diseases iucideuta! to the organs of respiiation. Uulikc many mher nostrums vended under the name of horrtmnnd candy, but wire i m fact are principally made up of narcotic and emetic drugs, Kelly's horehound randy is siinnjv what its aim! imports, and contains no other medical ingredient than a pure, highly coartotrated extractor the vegetable substance from which that name is oerived. The virtues of horehouud as a specific for pulmon .ry complaints have b*Uknown to lierhalits .111(1 pliy irians ever suic? tilt days of Galen, and the only reason that it did not long ago come iu'o more gencr d use, has treen the difficulty of ohiaitiii ( a ouflioiei.tly powerful rill ct?the rapidity and certainty Of the cure briny in a (treat measure dependent on the strength of the article. This grand Jesid ralum of concentration has now beeu attained. By an entirely new p ocess Mr Kelly hassucceedi d in expressing Irom ti e crude substance am xt act purer and stronger by many deiren th Hi any before b'aiued, and he has also succeeded in transferring it to ihe Torino! a ih licious canity without i:i the slightest degree impairing its medicinal qualities. Singers aud pub ic speakers will rind Holy's Horehotind Candy a speedy remedy lor ihe h i.arseiirss which so Irequen ly this seaiou of tire year interfrr* s with their Professional duties. All abided with coughs an I co ds should make use oft is valuable remedy without delay. The inventor only asks for it a f?ir trial. He le >r? no competition, and confident that his prepata ion wul work its own way to popularity, he only de sires'0 see its curative properties leiriy te-teil hy a disc- m'ng public. For sale wholesale aud retail at the G ithatn Confectiouaiv, 267 B'Oadway. I'll ;w*ec oast off clothing. ENTLEMEN or Families desirous of cnuvr rting their le ft Y ?fr wearing apparel into cash, can obtain for the same the highest cash price. To i.ainilies and gentlemen quitting the city or changing resideti-v, having auv superfluous effc ts to dispose of will find It much to their advantage to selid for the subscriber, who will attend them attheir residence by appointment. H. LEVETT. All orders 1 :fc at No. HI Varick street. New York, or aline addressed to BOX 107 LOWER TOST OFFICE, will be punctually attended to. f 1' lt"ec the difference. OVER SHOES?Some tip'tufacturers make {goods to imitate. and aim onlt to get them up cheap, not dream, irg'h*t a porMouof the community arc willing topayafsir price fir a reallv superior article?In the manufacture ol Day's various kind* f luili i hubln r Shot s aud Ovtr Shoes, (much pains has li cu taltee to furnish the very best article that can tie m >dc?hence ihe fir 11 re loins for tne two past i ea-s, over all others shovei tared iu conieii i m, and f ir these goods Over Shoes at M,}< fia In, 12s,.14a, 16??Ltdns, 2s. 3(, 4s 5s, 6a, 7? 8a, aiidao ii|) fo f2?Many kinds not to he fouuil el,ewh-re? Our ircck embrac-a som- twenty d-flVrrnt style, of Rubber Shnes^f hildrrn's Shoes of every possible kind,at 2n ceu'a up. HORACE H DAV, Successor to Roxbury India Rubber Co. 45 M .ideu lane. dM2<n'r IMPORTANT TO FEMALES. 04 USPKNAHD ST?MADAME COSTELLO, Kttnale O** Physician, lining had long experience and surprising ucceaa m the treaim-nt ot diaeaae incidental to her sex, apprises ladies on the poiut o( coullnrmeut of thoae rulfrriux (run auppreaaion, irregularity obatruction. he. (no matter from whatever cause,) that ?hr will be happy to afford a comfortable temporary home at her residence, or if preferred, will wait on and at'end the in at their own hotttea until |>erfectly recovered. Madame C. particularly beca to impreaa on themindsof tlie lie lie He, that she ententes personally to every c??e, so that hesitation or dread need never be apprehended. The strictest regard to secreay inviolable maintained. All communic<iions and letters must be post paid?Jl Lispenard at. f II lm*ec DEAkNESS CURED?SCARPA'S (ACOUSTIC OILKor the MM of D< afueas, l'ain?, and the discharges of matter from the Ears. Al-o, all ihoee liisagree hie noises like the'u/.ziig ol insects, fa ling of water,asbirring of ste^m, h" St . which are ay inploms of appro.wlung ilea lues. and alio generally aitendsnt w irh thedis-ase. Many pe'S' in who have been deaf fjr P n, fift en, and twenty years, and were obi yd to use eai trumpets, have, after using one or two bottles, thrown aside their rrumpets, being made perfectly well. Phvai. ians end surgeons highly re ommeod its uae. Read the following editorial from the Times Dkak.ness Cured ? We have heard a great many S|>eak of the Vlluesof 8' erpi's Acouat C Oil as a remrd for Dee fuels, and we re assured that it is unsurpassed by anylhtng known for the purpose. One or two instances of its curative effects have oeeu pointed out to ns, md they are leally astonishing ? Prepaied I y Dr. B. Bell, and sold ou agency, 305 Broadway, New York. Price J2 jier boit'c. (II lm I \ Y \ E'S EX PEC TOR A >T ALWAYS CURB) r' ASTHMA?Two or ihree doses will cure the Cronpor Hi> es f I hildren in fifteen minntes time. It immediately snbilu s ihe violence of whoopiug cough,and effects a speedy cure. H-ti'lrrds who hive been given up bv iheir physicians as incurable, wil h Coi sump ion, Spiling of Blood, and other Pnlmouaty Affetlions, have been rest ired to perfect health by it. It uevvr fails iu giving relief, For sale by OR JAYNE, 305 Broadwav. Price 51 per bottle. fll lm_ UNCUKRENT MONEY of all kinds purchased at the verybest terms. Newhuryport anil Lumbermen's Bank Notes bought asd sold at J O SYLVESTER'S. I IV 12 Wall st and I?(i Broadway. a "OFFICES TO LET?In store No. 60 South street. Apply to JOSEPH Mt MURKAY, 100 Pine street. I 1 lee m WANTED TO RENT?The lower Part of a reapee .v? table iwo siorv i ou-e, from first of May next. I'-? ' JsL'erios rn"st b- in accoirlance with the times. Adders, Q. B. at this i ffn-e, staling te< ms, loc tion fcc fll 3t*ec a l'O LE I ?At Newa k, N. Jersey that convenient I oils- on ill Passaic River, tt the inters c'ion of fh. Railroad and Morr-s Canal 'ately occupierl by Orrin I)- kiuaoi , w< II ca cul-trd ror a hoar- n g house conraiunig II o in < ilh n good Inrn an i well of water Also th? Wb-if ear iht-above pr--n i,es, adioining the lumhi i y?rd of J. Pointer, being I 0 feel fr -nr, wit" storehouse ritoimra xtendii g Iroin Ihe r,ver to the lailroad, and cootigu us tothe outlet of the Morris Ca-al Emiuire of I 11 2w ec A. Ola K >><0, 118 B-oad st. T OST?On Tuesday, Feb 7fh, a Bracelet, set with two Lj ropsz stones, with a small loektfatttolled,with the initials E. f'.nnit. Whoever wil' return it to M s. Chambers, No. 158 Wooster st, w-ll be soitahly rewarded. fl0 3'*r NOTICE?Found, one horse bl nkc and hoII.Io robe, isliich-heowi er can have by calling at No 270 Bleaker st, on proving propvr'y and paying for ties advertise merit. f 9 ft* rc ___ , OLLEC I IONS ou all parts of ihe Untied Slates msde oB 1 the eiost favorable terms bv S J. SYLVESTER. fll 22 W'11 - -? _s NEW YORK F1I4K DEPARTMENT FUND.-The"no '( rsiunl Cormniftr e of fhe Tri'itee* of the Kir#- Deputmen' Fu _? hv. h nve to C*M the *f < ntioii of the friemU <imI patrons f this fwnublr imutation to the foltsswing announcement, 11. Tec New Yoik S irrt d Viiair Sonetr h>?. in the kindest ma-on r. vo nil to p? rfo-m the grand Orvnpn n( "Di*'nl nil Ooli.ih," I r t?<- heneAt of tlie fund of this noble r-h oity, >ii T ii d 'V, Ifit" K h . on which ore ision they wili b- lunl i| Ii M Ciilbnrn, of n?s on, who h*s been i nt meil espr-ssl i for he chsrarti r of f)tT,d, and will he ,-siisf>d h, other i mi nent talent. Ticket*, $1 eich, to be ha'of the officers of the Den irimeiit, *. tin p inrip I music stores, at In- doors oil the oight of the performance, or < f ei her of lie coinimttee. MARTIff W. KMM')vS, It Spruce street. KOiUJYTII LAB A OH, !>0 We lunition, or U Oranil st. JAMES PKYKR, fl to Itr >46 Kront street. I IVKKPOOL f'OAL?17H I'll.mlmns lost Ornl ( oal iii II \ ift, (or sale iu lots to sui' purchns -rs liv JOHN HKRDMAN. tIQr _ til South street. ? >*. KOH VKW OKUAN? LOUISIANA AND JcHIVNKW YORK LINK?Regular Packet of the 20th of #4K>Kebrii<ry. the rut sailing packet ship OCMULOKK, Captain Pe?t, will positively sail s. \bove, her icenter day. Km ireirlil nr passage, having liandrome nirnisli. ii srcoiamodattoiis, apple on board, at Orlrito wharf, foot of Wan si. or to 14. K COLLINS "t CO. M Sonth st Shippers mayre'y upon novum l hoi I goods correctly mean. d iDil that "ne s|. - i.f this line will sail pin rtnally as Hireroseil. Any guara o-i > that elfecl will be given and fo I lilies! that may h? required. Agents in N. Oi leans, Hnllin Ik Woodrnff, who will prompt" ly forward all goods to their address 1 he packet shir Oconee, Captain Jackson, will sneread the Donulcen, and tail the lit March, hat regular day IIIh AUCTION SALES. ; hk.LI , Auctioneer. BY BELL 3l MbWAKD. (Jl?" V>?. 12 .f-,n i.n<l 1 IS Fultanibtti ) SATUMOAY. At WM o'c'ncl; at the "ales room. . Large and splendid vale of fLst rat-fll'ulture of all description*, from families removing, Sic ; also, first rate Wty made new il j, do. ( ntnt rislng rugs, carpets, mitlng, oilcloth*, beili, heds'edt, beildinr, ?ofn. rhsirs, tables, bure on. lookixg glasses. ward robes, siih b mivIj. elegant tof-", couches, marble top dressing bureaus ditto |>t!T i ,i! centre c-hles, superb pianoforte, all kind* nl b d room furniture, kit hen Utensil". Ac Alto, a lrfge nudum ai h)r rf elgant second hand furniture, removed from Brooktyn for conveni nee of sale. Also, iOO lbs curled hair for upholsters. TO LKT ?Two lar.e room* in 2d kZld 3d stories of No. 173 Broadway, opposite Howard'* H< tel. MONDAY. At I0V? o'cloi k, in the sales room, Kttra and Positive Sale of Paintings, Sofas, he?By logue 37 trunks valuable paintings, (>y He best masters, of the ancii lit and modem rehoots?mmcdi tely after, ?s sofas, equal

to any in the city?French couches, ottomans, divans, * wing and rocking rhaits, 18 dozen mahogany at:d ma|>!e parlor do, loot benches. I inns, rhaudrliers. Ac. . . Also, tli* I.aline" stock of au upholsterer, comprising best live geese foathei bids, bolsu rs, pillows, mrttraises.palliastres, iui u, blankets, c:mforteri, feathers, 10,0(10 lbs curled hair, etc. he. TUESD VY. AtlOV o'c'ock in the sales room. Eztetisive sale of foreign and dotnes'ie dry goods, in lots to sit t, clothing, London and Kreuch cloths, cassimeres, vestings in any lengths. Also, plci gcdartielrs, fancy goods, .iewelry, guns, cutlery, swipe watches, trinkets, he. Also, hook* and stationery, groceries, he. Also, about bIH) yards English and French au|>erfine broad and heaver c'oths and cassimeres in lots to suit, 126 vest patterns, itlovei, stockings, under shirts, furs, he. Also, J valuable watches, 3 London guns, 2 trunks, second hand clothing. 2do. merino, silk ami ca?hmere shawls, scarfs and handkerchiefs, ami numerous othei choice goods. Also, a choice lot of perfumery. HEN It V E. "ill ELL, Auefr. BY HIELL 8t AKCULARIUH Store 301 Broadway, cotuer of Duauc streets. K. h A. are now r--d to eiade advatici s !? any amount on consignments, Kettims prompt. Sain of real estate and out door sales nrh?n?ehnld turnirure attended to in person. Regular sales of Liquors. Segars. he., every Tuesday; Furniture, Pianos, he .every Wednesday and Sntnrday. SATURDAY. At 10^ o'clock, in the sale rooms. Large Sale of Kich Furniture, Irom a genteel family, removing from the city, vie- 12 lull French chairs, one rich Fteueh bedstead, one marble top wash stand, one marble work stand, one nllshed mahogany ward rube,one bureau, one toilet stand, one fine tea table one eleg<nt marble centre table,2 divans 2 ottotn ins, 2 cnurln s to match, one superior Dubois and Bacon piano forte, one card table, 4 qnartetto tables, 2 rockers. piano aiooi, covrriius c irptMii, slov* and trove pipe, Micrneu ware, (kc, all in fine onler, ami will be sold without reserve, fi r cash. TUESDAY, Nth Keh. At half-psst 10 o'clack, in the sales 100m. Madeira, Port, Sherry ami other wim s, Kin, brandy, candles, "cAlso, imported anil domestic srgari. Also, 1< 0,000 fine segars in bond. Samples in store. su5T K APETTI'S ? LAST CONCERT THIS SEASON. GIGR R A PETTI has the honor to inform, his frieutls and the a* public that his 'ast Grand Concerto! Vocal and In-trumtiital Music wi'l take place at Niblo's Saloon, on Wednesday, Evening, Keh.l3th.nn which decision he will be (assisted by the followinK talent:? Mrs. Coder, Mr. Bouce, Mr. Schoffetibe-K, Mr. Timm. Signor Rspetti will on this occasion play two pieces of his own composition. composed expressly for this Concert, which he dedicates to the ainatiurs of New York Sign ir R.ipetti has been induced, in consequence of the hard times, to put his tickets at KIKTY CENTS, Which can be had at the principal Music Stores, and tlie Saloon on the E'ening of the Concert. f4is r SINGING AT SIGHT. rPHE SUBSCRIBERS, Pri, ein Is of the NEW YORK A VOCAL INSTITUTE, cart estlv call the attention of all lovers and amateurs of Music, to their NEW SYSTEM!! by which, in an incredibly short space of time, the punil acquires a perfect and sientific knowledge o the is delightful art, and at icvi within the reach of all, viz? FIVE DOLL A IIS PER QUARTER, (IN ADVANCE) Gentlemen's Clsss? Tuesdays and Fridays, at half-past 7 P. M. Juvenile ('lass?Half-past 3 P.M. Ladies Clsss row forming. F or full particulars apply at the residence of Mr. Loder, 535 Broome street, between the hours of II and 1, daily. GEORGE LOOKR. Ip.:,?:?.i. JOSP.I'H !H. MaSSETT, S '"icipals. Institute, No th East Corner of Grand and Broadway. ff) is3t1 r A SIGN OK THE TIMES?Families are now su.iplyitiK themselves at C. J. VAN W x1' K'S Store,No. 1 C' uenties Slip, corner of Pearl stieet, with Pure Winter Sperm Oil of superior quality, at five and six shillin.'i a ca.lon. I'9 3t*ec T ARD?400 Barrels prime Ohio Lard, ex ship Ocmnlgi-e, for JL sale by E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., Illr 3C South street. WORMS! WORMS! WORMS '.-JAYNE'S TONlC VERMIFUGE?This Virmifuge is perfectly sale, a d ao pleasant (hat childrt n will not refuse to lake it. It effectually destroys worms, neutralises acidity or sourness of the stomach. increases the appetite, and acts as a genera! and permanent tonic, irml is therefoie exceidingly beneficial in intermittent and remittent levers, inuiitestion, &c.and is almost a certain cure for fever and agile, and what is of more importance, it dona it permanently. It not only destroys worms and invigorates the whole system, but it 'istolvet and carries off tlip superabundant slime or mucus, so prevail lit iu the stomach and bowels of children, more esprcial'v of those in had health. This mucus forms the bed truest in which worms produce their young ; and by removing it, it is impossible for worms to remain in the body. It is harmless in its effects on the system, and the health of the patient is al wavs improv d by its use, even wbeu no worms are dispoveied. Niftneious certificates of its usefulness have been receited, which the proprietor does nut consider uecesiary to publish. Jot > ah Thompson, uear Salem. N. J., admiristered this Vermifuge to a child between two ana three years old,, and says that io a few days she lll?llm|CC one huudredand thirty seven large worms. VI r L...A A l.ntit, of !.? P.oo. Tnwiiihin Savintrs Imti tution, Phil idelplira. gave it to one of hit children, and says that after the six'h dose it brought away about fifty worms at onre, tin- m,i| six inches Way, Mr lerdiuaud Woodruff used two bottles of this Vermifuge for dysp-psia, aud iu the course of two wet ks discharged upwards of thirty pieces of tape worm, and was thereby perfectly cured. Another gentleman of this citv had it administered to his little daughter about thr-e years old. when she had a number.of discharges from her bowels, composed entirely of little white threadworms, lie s it s ihey c tme away from her not only by hundreds, but I may tin y say by tnous ndg, separately and in solid balls as la-ge as hickory nuts, composed eutirely of dead wormr. Hick Headache?Many ladies and gentlemen have found this Vermifuge to he a permanent cure for sick headache. Piles? Nnmetous rasi s ol piles have been perfectly cured by the use of this valuable Vermifuge. F rally, what the public have long desired, a medicine of this kind, which might lie depended upon, prepared by a regulor physician, is now offered to them, and can be had of Dr. Jayne. No. 20 South Third street, Philadelphia, and at his office No. 305 Btoadwoy, New VorK. flO lm_ DI-SOLUTION?The partnership heretofore existing he tween the subscribers under the fixtn of JH1VET lit SO VIVA, was di'iolted by mutual consent, on ilie 3d instant. The affairs of the firm will be settled hv A. SOM YA.who will continue the grocery busintss ou his own account. K1VET It SOMYA. New vork. Feb7th. 843. fH 3t* r FOH ALBAiNV?Hour Changed?Ou and & .Rafter Monday, 13th iustaut. and until further -BLaHBj^baK-notice, passeugers lor Albany, via Housatouic Hailr. ad will leave this city by Steamer Crorou or Nimrod, daily. (Situdai s excepted) at 7 o'clock, A. M. from Catherine Market Slip, East Hirer, arriving in Albany same evening. f llec PO.MEKOY Ix CO.. 2 Wall st. lit FOH LIVERPOOL?NEW Ll.NE-.Kegular JfJWW Packet of 25tf h cbruary.?The Splendid Packet Ship Mb! J A RRICK, Captain William Skiddy, of 1*00 tons, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having aecominodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South street. Trice of passage, $100. 1 ue Packet Shin Roscius, Caitaiu John Collins, of 1100 Com, will succeed the Uarnck, unil iail the 20th ot March,her regular day. Letters for the ships of thii will only be received at Gilpin'a aud HaleN New a Hoom. Passengers may relv ou the ?bip? of this line sailing pnuctuslIv aa advertiaed. fO r XJKg^- NEW LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETS?Packet wjflrffV-V> h Feb?The splendid, well ktmwu faat sailing JatsLjlMl'acket slop GARUIC, Capt Win Skiddy, will sail aa -ibo-e, her regular day. The shipi of this line are all 1000 tuns burthen and upwardsand iheir accommodations for cabin, aecnnd rabiu and steerage passengers, it ia well Uuowu are anperior to any other line of packets. Thoae wishing to secure bertha should net fail to make early application on board, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, fllec 43 Perk Slip cor South at. akty- KOK LIVEHPOOL?Regular Packetof the 13th MHMN.K. I) , The aplendid, fast sailing packet ship JfifilfcUNITEU STATES, Captain Britton, will sail aa above her regular day. P. S.?The United Stares will |he succeeded by the Packet Ship Qamck and sail on the 26 ih of Feb. Persona wishing to send for their friends, residing in the Old Country, ran have thrin brought out in the above ships, sailing from thrr on the Is and 13th ol April, or suy of the regular parkets, by applying to JOSEPH Mc.MURRAY, fber 100 Pine street, corner of South street. jtdKg- BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL MTtMPV. Paeketa.?Regular Picket of 19th ol Kehrtury.?The gMMIsfin gnitleenr favorite packet slrp ENOl.AND, Canton ll hj. L. Waor, will sail positively on Monday the 20th of Keh , her regular day. The arroinmodations ol this well known favorite line of packeta fur cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any other line . r slop hiding for rhe above port Those about to embark will find it to their comfort and advan'age to select this conveyance. Kor terms of |>asiaue, and to secure the licit beiths, rarly application shnnld he made on board, foot Ol Beekmau street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS it CO., 36 Knlton si, ueit door to the Fulton Bank. N. B The md ? illail Irom Livrrpool on the Tth ?>f April ?those sendiug for their fiieiids, can have ihrm brought out in her, or ill any ol the Packets comprising ihia magnifier lit and eld established Line, which sail from Liverpool, punctually on the 7th and 19th of every Mouth. Kor | aaaage apply aa above. brails on thr Royal B-uk of Ireland, and on Messrs. Present! Orote, Ames fc t o bankers, Loinh-n, which w ill M puidlPM ol discount or any clinge, in every town tlnoughaiil England, Irelaud, Scotiana and Wales. t?r Rfc OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKETS MfV-EOR LiVEKPOML?Packet of the 19th KehruarvjMHBbThr superior well known picket ship ENGLAND, Catit. Waite, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Hiving unsurp-used accommodations for cabin, si cond cabin and steerage passengers. Pesons ationt to embbark should make esrl) application on board the ship foot of Berkman st, or to JOHN HKRDMAN, 81 South street. N. II. Persons sending for thrir trie*nils residing in Great ftp,t-. it, a I In I iii.I p,., |1,..,h I.p.,I,..I.I ni.t p. ......I oftheships cmnponjm (hi* line' mid drafts furnished for any amount, payable without discount throughout the united kingdom, apple a? shivo. f7 ec PACKKT FOR MARHKILLKH The ?hip HKLl.lbhPON l'; Adam*. Maater, will positively on jbmmntasihe 1st March. Km freight or imiinr apply to S BROOM A ( f)? 103 Front .t., or to BOYD A IIINCKKN, Agents, for 0 Tontine Building A*a? PAI KKT? KOll IIaVRK?!t. rood Line?th" sjFWSPW ship ONKDIA, James Funk, master, will sail on the ami,. Match. BOYD It HINCKKN. Agents | Vr No. 9 Tontine Buildinga. xfJC- FOR Nf A' OHLF.AN s?I'w liet I the l.'ilh o< f. v?Ou v R Line?The aplriidi i fast tailing oUjhiu kn hip PAN TTI k A. Caj tain Denuia, will sail at noove, her rtrti'ar day The shut nl this line stil r?ery fuc days.and have mcellent ceoinmiirtatinns for passengers,application 'or which shonld be mad. on board, or to W A J T TAP8COTT. <3 Peck Hip cor South at. Jh. O.mulitr will mnceed th. I'?nih.a>n<l tail on th. Nth M fill* | AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S OLTHP1C CIRCUS, AT THE PARK THEATRE. IMMENSE APPLAUSE. CONTINI Ell ATTRACTION. EVERY I)J?MO.N'?THATI'?N OF UNRATED DELIGHT. O" Very Particular Notice? 1'larea gin t he aecnrrd in the 1 morning, in orderto r rev< nt disappointment! during (he iuii n( the Pantomime. Kipieitriau Uireetoni Mtiiri. li. Kn It writ StCadwillader Clowns to the Circle Mrasra. Oossin k Wells Performances to commence at 7 o'clock. THIS EVENING. The troupe will eminence wl'h V MAON1FIUKNT KQUSTRIAN MOVEMENT GLORIOUS ICR A OF T11 E'VOYA L OU8TA V U 8 In which 2lFij'iritijaiL will appear on their high trained steeds After whin, tl,? pni.ij,. miv p.hold ihe Inrfedible feats ol J. RICAUCO. LF. MOVSTRK, who. among other feats, will lift a inaaa of iron, weighing 9,SCO noun J I! M rater Kne.ide in a Principal Act. Unapproachable Oy mniatics on 'he ground by the famona 20. Transformations bv C J lingers. i>liss Wells will uance LA KMOLENSKA. A Comic Aci, by P Carrol, and C B.i on, etilitlrd, In Lore, in Deot, nml in Liquor. Mr Nnthan in his superb net ou four horses. At this |>enod of the Evening nn intermission of Us minutes will ensue. THE SECOND PAKT w ill commence with The Four Hungarians* Perfection of Bodily Gymnastics by Mr Nnthans snd pupils. A series of Nemo Songs. Dunces, air., entitled COMIC, BUT NOT COMMONPLACE, The whole to ronrlnde with A Omnd Romantic Legend and Fierie Kolie, appointed with New Scenes, Dresses, Decorations, Mechanical Effects, and Outric Circumstances and Situation", entitled the DEVOURING OGRE; THE TERROR OK THE FROZEN REGIONS! OR, HARLEQUIN AND THE THUMB FAMILY. The New Scenery by Messrs Smith, J Wiser, B Grain, Wtiealley ami numerous Assistants. The Machinery by Mr Spears and hi< Varioui Machinis's TheDresses of all Nations by Mr Lewis and Assistants Tho Superb Female Costumes, by Mrs H-imnings The Acceisories and Decorations, by Messrs Henry Palmer and 'Jeorge Hilsey, The Folie invented, written and inn duced under the di ection of -Mr J II A in in-' st Among many singular Scenic Effects will be presented in NORWAY. The Frozen Ocean. Terrific Icebergs Floating. The rude Crncilii erected by Shipwrecked '1 ravellers,opposite THE STEEL CAS I LE. The Ogre after causing the destruction of the little Thumbs temporary abode, rides nrross in his sledge, drawn by a Polar Bear The History of the Magic net. The suffering Travellers eutraned and borne to THE CASTLE OF SKELETONS, The Ogre, a Magician and a Cannibal,(as fierce, hungry and crnel as ;any admirer ol Melo Drama could desire) Mr Jennings Diavolo llel Fuego, Fire Demon of the Gold Head, a warm friend and burning light to the Ogre, who, at his Master's word, burns people's houses about their ears, Master Perry Three Little Thumbs, i>oor things! sll Orphans, nnd burnt out fortne eonvruience of the Cannibal Ogre, who is addicted to iw&llowiug tit-bits and sweet relishes,? Mast W Kincade, Misses M A snd A Wells. The Brave French Knight. Sir Tristam, and his s high-Horn Dame La Belle Margerite, both Sliipwrecki d on tne Norwegian Coast, Mr C J Rogers and Mrs Howard heiug warning examples [jit for a Pantomime 1 how far love may tempt inconsiderate people from home. Gni Ti, an Ogress, a most hard-hearted lady, given to cut up and cut down, a lee tic fond or a largebottle and given to kick, scratch and say bad words, a lit spouse (or an Ogre, Mr T C Parsloe who leads the prey to HUNGARY! The Cannibals Refectory, buil t ol red stone and adorned with Egyptian Figures and Devices. Ogres commit anachronisms with imunBityJ HO Kit 10 REPAST. Magic Knife and Enchanted Nosegay? Tue Loss of Two Lega And Che Delivers .ce sud Transformation of the urronndiug cai tivei bv Zizili. a Merry and Mighty Monarch of Moonbeams, represented by?Mast Frederick Wood, his first appearance at this theatre, who will introduce to the city of New York Harleyuin Mr C. J Rogers Columbine Mrs Howard Pantaloon Mr T C Paraloe Ho Ho Haha, the Clown Mr John Wells Who all proceed immediately (no matter how) to the. EAST INDIES. View o( the Rajah's Palace nod Water Eatare. A Comical Operation ou a Comical Beast (let the Zoologists classify it) for it lias been eipressly engaged lor this piece, and is of a most novel figure and will perforin INCREDIBLE KEATS, Which, a* most play bills say, must be seen to be believed. Mahout Mr Carrol ENOLAND. Shop* in Waterloo Road, Blackfriars Exemplification of Wedding for Weight and Wedding for Love . Tall and High Bred Oliver Orange, Mr ' J Nathans Belinda Bunchentown, Short and Sharp, his Wife, Master B Stephens Madame La Mode, a Milliner, Mrs Wells Saucy Saiah, a Help, (heaven help her Mistress,) Mrs McFarlaud Kitty Cut'em, a Dress Maker, Miss Bedford Quentiu Quiz, (a Curiosity;) and Master of the Curiosity Shop, Mr O Stone Uriinbald Greese, a Country Lad, Huntingdon Ami ble Sisters, Mrsdames Oossin and Neeaham La Didone Ahaudonttta, a Sensalive Lady, foud of White Garlands, Light Literature aud lovely Lap Dogs, . Mr Setjeaut Augustus, the Accomplished, well known in London, Paris and on the Broadway, New York, as the Tip Top Regular Time O'Day, .Mr H Needham INTERIOR OF CURIOSITY SHOP ! Crowds of Castles aud People, a Leap, wonderful Red Coffer, Tateut Pop Gun, Heirless Chains,a Challenge but no Fight The accomplished Augustus shot through the Ceiliug?Fact not Fable. ITALY . View of the Lake of Lugatio?Black aud white?A Child lost?Pantaloon in a pucker and hung out to dry. GERMANY! (Market at Atupack, by Lamplight ! Adventures of Coffee Stand?Abstraction on a great scale. IVulganter stealing.] Ghoit of the celebrated Mother Goose, Master 8-rjeant Three Dutch Ladies in a Most?A Pl?nt! Vegetable. Man arises and iu the confusion the Market Place 11 transformed to the HALLK OF THE 8TAADHAU8 ! Laid out for a Corporation Dinner ! Dead Geeae and Live ones, all ready dressed?Animated Paatry?Row by a body Corporate?Vegetables and Whiskey Overtnrow?Roast Cowls foully treated?Aggr.n atnig and Solemn i ight ! APPARITION OF A FRENCH COOK. Viz*. that ol the celebrated UDE, 10 feet iu height and every way proportionate! Note?Mons. Dde while living was i feet 8 inches, hut every body knows there's great stretching allowed in aaipariti"iis. SWITZERLAND! Canton of Luzerne ! Two sorts of Fiddle Play ing. A Great Swell ! Bless mv, where's my Shirt ! central am erica. Romantic Ruin sutrouuded by a Forest. Monkeys, Owls and Wild Boars exeit themselves in this scene. Murder committed and brought to light * Oreat Danger in a Marble Mouth. FRANCE! Oak House at Allonville, Pays tie Caux. The Hnmors of a Sporting Match?How to Snare a Keen One. SPAIN! The Moonlight Ruins of St. Jago ! " Necromantic Vault and Enchanted Nosegay! SUBTERRA!?Trial Arch sustained by Burning Stones! Red Hot Salamanders Messrs. Runnels, Hiram and Chesnut. Celestial?The Silver City of THE MOON! Grossed by a Splendid Bridge of Rubies ! Uniiameahle bright comet, static ol course, Miss L Wells. Shooting Stais in Azure, Blue and V ilver, M irers Stephens, Glenroy, W. Kiucade and Sergeant, Misaea Wells, fcc. Fised Stars, San l'i rs, Coruscations and Lunarians generally: all atired splendidly and correctly, that rs to say, after the authorities of modern as'ronnmell, "ir J. Newton. Locke (not him on the ur derstan'hng. but the gentleman of lunar celebrity), Herschep, lie. Ike. fcc. Planets Brioht. H. Palmer, J Serjeant, H. Ncedham, B. Carrol, B.Hoyt, H-Runnels. Planets Beautiful. Mesdames Goaain, Wells, Needham, McFarland La Faute, Miss Bedford. NOTICE. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. For the convenience of Juvenile Parties there will be Grand Day Performance every Saturday Afteruoon, com mencing at 2 o'clock precisely. embracing all the choice aim moat splendid EQUF3TRIAN AND GYMNASTIC ACTS Of the Seaso . For i>a<tic<ilars see handbills at the Hot Ifice, which o i Saturday will be ready for delivery Irotn lit a', clock A. M. until the time of 0|*um/. T^Boies, 10; Pit, 25; Gallery I2X ceuts |T7" Seats can be secured st trie Bos Office, from 10 till 2 o'clock tit BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. 37 BOWERY. ONE WFEK LONGER! Previoss to the deputure of the Company to fulfil their en ff'ffi'inpiif nl fhu Trr-niivnf Tlw.ilri- Riu'iiii [C^The Malinger* of th- New York Bowery Amphitheatre Company, have the honor ?f announcing to the public ihu they ha?e concluded an engagement with Die leaner of the Trrmunt Tfeeilli, Beaton, .1 J. loin ?, to romrneure their i>-rformancrs at beauti lul .end fwluonahle ritahliahmrnt on the 20th intt. In coimequeiice of which, they aie happy to late that they will he enabled to delay their departure from this city for one week longer, during which time ine following brilliant atttacli in will be offered. Bait a '4 < ente?Pit Oue Shilling. THI* EVKNINO. Keh o. STAR AM) WALTZ ENTREE. Maater Alexander in a beautiful Act of Hr>r?"man<hip. M Oardner in all act entitled The Sailor. Clinn Penny, the well known TiWMliat will appear. Still Vaulting by the great McKurland(and the whole company Mra (Jamil e Gardner, in a brilli ini Pirnian Act. After which, A NEOHO CONCERT. Maater Walter At m ir ill a Piirictir I Act of Horaemanahip. Mr R William, will into duo- hie learned Dog Buffer. W H. wee in .o of or filled Peae*nta hfolic. 8 B Howet O. hie wild Arabia* .'e. d at he ludiin Hunter. ? Hatch will apt a aa me American Cannon Ball Dofyer. Mr Madigan w'l v. ill rule In* r xU.iragai.r.ic act of DAS TUCKED ON HOH8E1VACK. Negro Clown. B'Owu | Negro Hiding Matter, IVI ham Tocreln.le with the SERENADE. " MA f).\,\1K COSTELLO FEMALK PKRIODICAL PILLS?OmriBtved iu every raie where th# monthly periods have become irregal*/ from colda or other <:<tusea. Their certainty of action ha? l?mg beeu ackrmwleuacd by the medical profe?aion. and hundreds that have usMeaqiv tried various boasted femedie#?indeed, to sure tue these rills in therr effects, that care it Bometimea ueceiBairy t?? their use, though the? contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Adme given gratis to all thotf who tue the Puis. by Madame Coattllo, M Lit pan trd it. where the Pillt ue sold genuine. Price $1 per boi f II 1 m c c. BUilS UK K X ( HAMi" , it tight in at I V tigUud, Ireland and Scot) ?ndt in sumsoi JLlO, JlI'j and ?36 t? snv Hinoiint. fur sale by S. J. 8ILVKSTKM. f 11 22 Will ilrMi and 110 Brtva.lwav ! ( >RTUGUI i PEMAEE PILLS '"PHKSft far famed ami celebrated PiIU, from Portugal. * we perceive, io be obtained >n this country* 3ee adre/iw# mi on the leu eolom, fourth pete, * a AMUSEMENTS WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIRCUS, AT THC 'PARK TIIKATRK. SATUHDAV AFTKKNOON PBRBORMANCR. i Admirable and Kitwordiuary Pc*nei#f Wonder and Macni fir cnrr lor II.n I . WHAM! JITVKNILK FETK. I inineuse nil ,y ,,H| c^rr nu rrrrv S|icclarlr to be produced. Performance to commrlltr at 2 o'clock. _ . yi- pit 2',; Oallrry 12 1-2 rents. "atwroaV afternoon, r.b. nth, not the Ult Jiu.nii, Vr't lull two during the short uuod. I hit splendid <<,H romn.rrro Willi * newly arrangsd iiorgeoai K )ti? Mri m Chivsfric I eireud, entitled feAINT IGKORGE w.i ? With the \ i.?i. , n?w appropriate 8'enerjr. Armour Suits, Bsuours, VV?., sua each sppoiotment po sih'e to create in crest u?l An||Iob'sllon of mil who may honor lli?? . ttraordinary ,IT,,r w,th their presence. Ptol. my Kin* o l -yp'. M, j )| Amhcrtt. Of the I'oyal Am| hitnestte, Loudon II Kohn Minadth, it .% inrisli f'linee, suitor to the Princese Sabra, .-Hov'. Mait'ir, the High Inirrpreter of the TirnpleOractes Hareeant St Oenrge of England, Mr II Nerdham of the Theatie R'.ya', Dnny Lane. London. ' 9t Dennis, of France, Mr Cadwtllader ? St J'Kni of Spain, 1'irrul St Anthony, of Italy, Hiram St Autlrew, of Scotland, Rogers a. n u ' ..i isr.i.. ii 1 ? ni IMTIII. ?' ww nfn. (HiuiillKHOn St Patrick. of Ireland, Meniy Palmer Tom, Squire Errant to St George, Mr P,ir?ol?, of the Theatre Royal, Covent Girden. Babrn, Princeaa ?f Egypf, Mra Howard Aglse. her Confidant. Mia* Bedford Snare, Mridamee Bacon Beta, Smith Sedone, G in Amiu, Welle Spreevg, Jenninga Ktlinr, Nredham And the immense mechanical figure of the DRAGON FIEND. Presented at a cost of $V>0? vorked by Sif nor Guiehiardini. Iu Scene II?The Meinoiable Eight at Midnight?the Champions Steed oicrcome bv f he Fiery and Poiaouoaa Breath of the Morater?Kenrwsl of the omnat on Foot, together with various i tereating incidents attached to thia remarkable Arrua Performance. The new Scenery and Decorations by the juatly celebrated J. Wiser. A'ter which, by particular desire, La Cracovienne. by Miaa Wells. Daring and dashing dianlay by Hlragt Franklin, without saddle or bridle. Beautiful and Claasic Poaes by J J Vathaiw and his pupils. THE BKIUAND'S DEATH, Bv Mr Rogers. Somersets in the air by the famous 20. A daring and dasning act on his four steeds, by Mr Nithens. (O" Intermission of ten minutes.-/Tl The Secoua Part of the Performance will commence with the hcamifji equestrian act entitled THE SPRITE OF THE MORNINO, AND THR PLEASING, TEAnlNO CUPIDS! By MrCadwal ader and the three Miaaee Wells. Ls Cnrde Volante. by Hiram Franklin. A French Me no Act entitled In Lore. In Debt, and in Liquor, lu which the admired Mexican lidrr. Cair<>l,and the inimitable droll C Bacon, will anitear. ? NEGRO DOINGS By the most neat and active Hoyt,the sweet banjo playing boy Chestnut, and the diugv John Diamond. To conclude with a niosr laughable citravsganxa, entitled JACK THE GIANT KILLER. In which Mr i^ossin, II Palmer, Miss Louis* Wells, W Kincade, Mast Olenroy, Itc. will appear. IHATIMm i'MEAl'ltE. REDUCTION OF PRICES. Drew Circle, 26 cents: fit renist Upper Tier l?Koss THIS EVENING. EL HYDER. After which SMUGGLER'S DOG. i T" conclude with ROBBER OF THE RHINE. Doors open at 6>a o'clock and ths psrlsrmane* will cogs mence at' precisely niTCIIULL'S OLYMPIC TflUATHIk. 444 Broadway. New York. THIS EVENING, will be nerfhrmed GRANDFATHER WHITEHEAD. i n o* toiioweo nv rne AUCTIONEER. Alter which BEAUTY k THE BEA8T. r?" The Ooori will be opened at hall-past t, end the eer Innnibrei commence el 7. everv evening ATCKK1CAN THKATUB-WALRDT4T. PIIILAUKLHIIIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MI98 C CUBHMAN THIS EVENING. F'eh. II,will be performed BUBBLES OF tHE DAY. Conclude with LOVE CHASE. E. a. marshall. lew* AB1BHICAN HUBEIin. Marble Dullctinx, Broadway, opposite St. Panl'i Charcn P T BARNUM, Manager. Attraction! never equalled. La?t week ol the splendid CONFLAGRATION CF MOSCOW. Arrival of the celebrated and long expected INDIAN CHIEFS, With their VVarrinn and Squaws direct from their weetern wildi. The Manager hna increased an expense which isreiUly enormont in effecting this engagement, which is for one were only. The eoin|>any consists of 15 Indians and Squaws; Sacs, Fox and lowas. They will be seen in the Mnsenm throughout the whole day, and in the evening will ap|iear in their Kickspoo War Dance, and other danres, showing ihrir savage mode of life, war ceremonies, religions festivals, lie. They will ap. pi ar dressed in their peculiar and unique Native Costume. They are large, well formed, lull blooded, aud as nolle look ing company ol Indians as was ever seen. Mr. H. U. Sherman, the popular ballad singer ; t. g. Booth, the Comic Singer; La Petite Celeste, the admired dansense S Miss Hood, theesqaisite Vocalist. Last week of the universally admired animated tableaux, Also, Sigror Vivaldi's celebrated Mechanical Figures. phrenology.. An Eminent Professor will make Practical Examinations of visitors, and Charts of deve'opements and character, at a trill ing estra clia'gr, suited to the times, six: Simple Examination 1 shilling. With Chait X shillings. With pamphlet, chart and explanations- 1 shillings. l^7~ The Free List, with the exception of the press, is necessarily suspended du ing the ei gagement of the Animated Tableaux, as the proprietor thereof draws a portion of the receipts of the Museum, but the Manager trusts that when the low puce of admits on is teken into consideration, tkit temporary eti Insion ol the Free Visitors, will uot deter them from patronizing the establishment, and vie.nog these splendid and niiei|uall> d Peiform.tncrs commence at 7 o'clock. Dav performancei Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at IK o'clock. I i active preparation, the anblime and wonderful moving Di) orama of the DELUGE ! Admissi on to all g. cents?f'hildre n half price. flee PBALE'S iEW YOHK JIBSKUM NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE gallery 18 NOW HE-OPENED ! C. H. DEVOE, Manager. The establishment contains an almost endless number of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART'. I Neatly aud tastefully-displayed in three ipaciona hall?, and boasts of a very COSTLY AND ELEGANT PJCTUR GALLERY, Exceeding in extent and value any other id America. The manaxrr haa rnuaKed, for every Day asd Evening, until further notice, from !) A. M. to 9 o'clock P. M., the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN. From England. She wiahea not to impose upon the public, by making them believe her a Witch. < r EOKTUNF. TELLER! Poaaessed with aupematural |Kiwer?but on the contrary, claima publicly to he able to invtruct othera ef flood ititellect and mention their leading tre sections oft PAST TIMES THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE. She will tvll prraona whether they are married or oet, and what kind of huaband or wife they will get. deaciibe their nto characiera and give a boat of larta and correct conc'uaione founded on her knowledge of the immutable aeieneea of phrenology, physiognomy,neurology. philoaophy. ItC- A* proof of the eorecttn as ofher assertions, she la at liberty to refer le hundreda o'our firat citizrna, including clergymen, judges, attorneys, phyaiciana, aud many of the moat ?nlighteued ladies in the city. \C/~Admiaeiou in the Muaeutn, cents: Children hall priee. An extra chaise of I2X cent! to thoee who cooeult the Oipay Woman. Ar PRIVATE THEATRICALS. A COMPANY of Young Gentlemen, about opening a Private Theatre lot thru own amuarinvnt, draire to enter into an engagement with a Lady Performer.' Applic :nta please addreaa H. R. H., Park Poat Office. !9Jt*ec ROCKWELLS PATENT DECK LIGHTS. NO. 9 ASTOR HOUSE, ENTRANCE IN BARCLAY STREET. j y 11 lm?r MUSIC. OCHNEIDER h UK B HUN, Director! of the (ierman Band , k-> and late of Saratoga Springs, will attend private partiaa and aoireea with a baud of from three to twentv artists. Apply a No XT Delancy atreet near tha Bowery, or No. M Crosby at. jyIT lm*r FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. TERMS REDUCED TO ONLY TWO DOLLARS * AND A HALE for a Full Conrae ol Wntriiva Lraaona GOLDSMITH'S National Cnirograpluc Inatitute and Book Keeping Acacemy, 2M Broadway, New York, opposite the Cny Hall; entrance at the door of I'eali 'a Muaeum Mr Goldarndh leaiwctlully infoima the citizrna ol New York and its environ*, that hia apacinna a; ailments for the iuatxuction of Penm-nahiii and Book-Keeping, will cloae about the 13th I March nest. MrG. haa obtUDtd the firat pirminm three coaleeutive yeara for the teat apecimeua of off-hai d penmanship, exhibited at the great Fairs of the American Inatitnte. He also pledges himself to impart to a!l in ten leasona of one hoar eac h bit much admired ayah in of ineicaulile and rpistolary prams a ship, or return the money, at the eapiratiou >1 the lessons The getitlemetfarr taught a bold, fiee, naaliiug style Of mercan tile wining, wntlen with the greatest rapidity. The ladiea at quire a brautilnl style of epistolary writing?an invaluable accomplishment to the sea. .... Young gentlemen qualified aa teachers of the art, in all ita vaiiouanranchea. TEH.M.? Eora comae or .Mercantile and Epistolary Writing Two Dollar* and n h \lr; II,'keeping, reduced f rom AAevn to Irii dollarr. I'or an unlimited at endance, payable iu advance. Strangers visiting the city can receive a conrae of wrifng lea* us in two or three days. The ladies meet daily from II to I o'clock; gentlemen at 9 A M, and IK. 1 and t P M. Private instruction given. Kur sale at the Academy, a superior article ol gold and me talli- iteas. Iltrrnitscia?Hobcrt H Morris, Mtyorofthe city of N York Oru I'hirles W Sandfoid. Oro. Hall, El-Mayor of Brooklyn. John Davis, O vrrt or of Masaacnusetes. ft 2w ia*rc Hon. Abboit Lawrence. Boston \TKDH ATKD V/trOH BATHS, 25 Conrtlandt street, ash~l tablished IJ56?ScatU t lever, colds, inflammatory and chronic rheumatism,Itc cured in a few dat? by the ns? of J. r. Carroll's Medicated Vapor Baths. Open from II o'clock in the morning till nine o'clock at mgnt. Sulphur Baths require one hour's previous notice. Portable baths sent to any pare of the city or Brooklyn. Bathing tuba and Kip baths for hire. MOttier m edicat^notick. DK. HOMKK BOSTWICK. Professor of Surgery end Sur geon to the New York Medical and Surgical Institute, pays particular attention to the treatment ol dueaaes of the heart and Innss. dyspeieia, piles, diseases of the rye torn, and al female complaints. The great tuceeae that hu attended hie mode of treating those painlul and so frt tinently faul diseases, hat brought patienU from the most remote parts of tha country to place themselves under hit care, and out of 231 patients that crine from a distance, all bn* five returned to their homes per fectlvcured, and those.tivn wen incurable, tectiy cur HOMKK BOft t'WICK, M. D. No. 7S Chambers street, jylg nnt"m Second house west ot Broadway 17ICTOH <JAH< IA /ULK1A, formerly ol "Bogota?"il v this should miet hit eye or that of any person who can give information of his residence, they will coufer a great favor oi bi* brother, by nddretiing rKKSBK k RBlOOKB. ftlmneo No mtLiberty itre?i