Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1843 Page 3
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ing to tV.n eru'? notion* of the Cotliier, gave mi-'-'a'"'1' facilities < q iul to $W4,000.WO, A , re,.11 men ii i i i> 2,000,000 to 3,000,000. This was thegroat " regulatm ' Let ui now look at tbe Manhattan Bank, one of the tint commercial institutions in the commercial emporium of the United States, and withnl one of the best managed. Its 'discounts were $1,000,000, which, according to the Courier, gave to merchants $? ,000,003 of facilities in a year. The discounts and loans were as follows S. 8c .M.Allen. . . 56 152 65 Broker. Pe> kmsn, Luke 3c Hichaids 66,140 00 do .1 St A. Brown, - . 135.600 oO Cot'euSpeculators S. J.ieebe, . . 17.000 00 Broker. H ruabuBVes, . . 9,71100 J Appraiser in the 1 Custom House. <>. Brndie, - 5,100 00 Broker. (i. B ickimr, . 27,500 00 do. Chri'tnus. Lmngttou, and _ , P.lme - 20 000 00 Dr >kers. <? ah lln 8c Rollins, - 10,000 00 do J 8c g. J. i ih&Co , - 123,090 00 do Ja i ts McBride, - - 33,598 93 No bailees'. - A Nichiill - - 41 903 09 See. 1.1 fe 8c Trust i limns* "iifTem, . ?'No bu <**?? C. I' While, JI tl. Whits, 1 189,197 38 do and Hubert White, ) J (J Coster. * 206.426 00 do 41li is. Bet j. f Butler, 30,000 00 Lai d Speculator!. Foughkeei sie, 52.018 00 Trtil, $1,131,735 ol The amount ofloana on paper is over $900,000, one third of which is allotted to sire names, and a large portion on the kite system. Camub'll P. While, ' $30 300 00 Out ot business. Jit McBride St Thoj tiiiff-rn, G1.780 00 <l > Chri-tin<?, Livingstone St Frimf, 8,674 2G Brokers. Juo K. Livings!' ii, 37.800 00 Out ot nuiiness. lialsted, Haines & Co. 42.478 42 M, reliant*. $179,922 62 Will the Courier point out the beneftt which commerce derived from these truly mercantile facilities? The fact is, that banks uniformly injure commerce and trade far more than they beneftt it. The great mass of business is done by individual bills, and if, as in Europe, those bills flowed through the h>nds of private bankers,not allowed to issue paper money, the quantity of capital employed in trade would be quadrupled. All the money invested in the above two institutions, amounting to $73,1)00,000, would hare been applied to the discount of bills based on actual transactions, at cheap rates by private bankers attending to their own business, at little expense. Instead of that the merchants had the uso of about $3,000,000 only, and brokers, speculators, editors and politicians got $70,000,000 This amount in their hands engendered extravagance, caused an uxtrademand for all the luxuries and necessaries of life, and of course raised thu values. This effect the Courier man affects not to understand, simply because he knows nothiug ol'the matter. Ho was born and bred nn English Tory. His creed is the divine right of kings, the omnipotence of the British Empire, and the luxury of the aristocracy at the expense of the staiving people, through the instrumentality of bank paper. In another column, we last week estimated the produco of 1043, at $1,900,000,000, based on the census returns. This, with the imports, will form material for mercantile bills equal to $3,000,000,900, which in a great measure liquidate each other, regulate the exchanges, and employ the funds of capitalists deposited for investment with known private houses in preference to corrupt banking institutions. The following is a table of the leading features of the Banks of the District of Columbia, Jan. 1843 and 1841 Banks or the District of Columbia Jan. 1842 and Jan. 1843. "?? uun. imj. T.oans. Sptcie. Loans. Specie. Bank of the Metropolis, 483,816 81,680 608 311 126,280 Patriotic Bauk, 247.905 30 080 221,109 19,699 Bank of WasMnstton, 303,212 33,410 337,422 31,202 Firimeu'tl Mecli. Qeo'n 376,056 27,14 8 361,718 18,081 Bank o( lhc Potomac, 281 465 10.331 279 064 29.3'4 Farmers'Bank, ALsan. 127,251 22.445 140,578 25.607 1,819 705 208.014 1,851.202 251,200 dr. Drps. Cir. Dtps Bank of the Metropolis, 21.620 221 342 141.800 245,622 Patriotic Bank, 61 625 52.411 27.784 39,653 Bank ol Washiuaton, 7,180 170 372 33,211 200.347 Fanner*' it Mech. Bank, 3,335 83.200 19.825 77,<88 Bank ofP. tomac, 7,853 H'7,830 16.619 85 212 Fartuera' Bank, Alexan. 10,445 52,406 14,635 38.068 $111,658 687.591 253.874 686,080 These aggregates, by comparison, give the following result Jan. 1810. Jan. 1811. Jan. 1842. Jan. 1813. Loan, 2.567 081 1,991 246 1,819.705 1,851 202 Specie, 307,870 273,473 208 014 261,203 Circulation, 722.727 121,975 111 658 263,871 D poaites, 793,918 548,348 687,591 686.083 The return* of the New Orleans Banks, to the 1st inst. are as follows :? Banks of New Orleans. Jan. I. Feb. I, . Banks. Cir. Dep. Cir. Dep. _ IBank of Louisiana, 341,216 ),708,3i2 496.328 1,697.563 .* Canal St dai kiuit Co. 67,580 34,179 54,915 20,860 Carrollton Railroad it J?j UankiuKCo. 8,'65 4,168 4,485 4,381 i?J City Bank, 148 025 382 111 180,170 364,465 t.) Commercial Bauk, 120 495 232,757 152,195 108,735 .? Lou siana Bute Bk, 79,341 381 839 71,022 363,214 ? Mechanics' 8t Traa. | den'Bank, 303.090 1,190.203 398,950 1,185,720 v' (.Union Bauk, 148,325 487,054 149.345 355,470 1,216,237 4,420,232 1,507,410 4,100,<49 fit liquidation. Citiie ?? Bank, 386,158 330,148 370,789 341,200 Cotltclidared Asto'n, 249 352 53.163 233.765 45.031 615,478 383,311 604.554 389 231 Total, $1,831,716 1,803,247 2,111 9C0 4,489,G30 .Issels Specie Jlssels Specie j Ba'iVorLouIsMua. 7.713.378 I 902,344 7,003,299 1 824,131 * Cansl Be king Co 2,028,926 36,126 2,120,770 29,024 ^ Oirolltou Kailroadit .be B ink ins Co , 228.667 19,33 1 2,326,372 21,266 gl rity Bank, 2,770.243 426 922 3,292 .206 4 24 813 cLI Commercial B.itiV, 3 221.861 126,431 3,691,247 132.188 > Louisiana Sta r Bk, 2,19,187 338,992 2,666,204 361,181 C Mt cli in ?' & Trail ileis' Bank, 2,172,866 1,328.961 3,729.642 1,216,464 03 LUuiou Bauk, 9,088,<52 171,612 ' 0,040,17.3 36? 680 34.628.621 4,296,7873',903,218 4,708,810 Citizens' Bank, 8 723,397 93 8,791,176 686 Consolidated Aaao'n, 2,743,893 1,221 2 801,463 2u8 11,467,490 1,742 11,292,64 1 891 ToUl, $43,096,112 4,298 133 49,499,160 4,709,704 The aggregates of those paying specie are as follows :? Nov 26. Jon. Feb 1. Loans, 38,281,662 34,62-,623 37,903,2 8 Rrei-ie, 3,802,76 1 4,296,787 4,708,810 1'lrcnlatinn, 1,197,890 1,2 6 237 1.207,110 Uei> sites, 3,774 099 3,420,232 4,100,449 This is an enormous amount of specie, greater than the banks have held since 1836. It is, however, placed with them only on special depos to, and it is to be hoped will soon find its way into the channels of trade. The finances of the ft deral government are in a moat dilapidated condition, and are continually growing worse. On the 9th inst. the Secretary submitted to Congress his eatimateof the revenues and expenditures for the coming year, which,as compared with the actual receipts and disbursements of the United States for the past year. mc m luiiuws Finances or thi Ukitkd Statm roa 1812. and Estimates fob 1813, pi* Official kepobts. Rtvrnuf 1842 1843. 4 interns of 1842, 15,321665 13,001,000 Cucoins, b>n<li of 1?4I, WW ~ lauds 1,456,374 2,.'09 000 Miscellaneous, 132 967 1(10 000 Totsl revenue, $20 41 ;i,206 $15,600,000 Borrowed on Stock, 3,29dl.9 ) j hr-i rsr Do Treasury notes, 11,333,027 S ' ' Total mrans, $33,061,363 $20,483,338 Exvrndilurti. Civil List, 6,315,949 4,443 122 Military. 10,775.472 9 286.428 Naval, 8,515,469 7,881.223 Internal, ?tc. 1,615,313 1.3.0 000 Total current ex, ense, 27.432,233 22,932,773 Treasury notes redeemed, 7,836,400 2,402,390 $35 308,631 $25 335,163 The current expense lost year exceeded the current revenue by $7,400,000, and the deficit for the coming year is still greater, notwithstanding that the Secretary has reduced the estimates largely since the annual re|iort. It has always been the case since March, 1810, that the estimates af expense have been less than the reality, and Ihe revenue greater than the actual receipts; hence new loans have been constantly wanted, and a continued uneasim ss excited. A bill is now before Congress authorising an emission of $3,000,000 Treasury notes, when it is plain that nothing lesa than $10,000,000 will answer. The revenues of the government have been destroyed by the protective tariff, which hns also directly operated to depress prices of / produoe below the point at which they yield a profit, by excluding the means of sending the surplus into the foreign markets. Hence the products are unable ta make purchases at all, and imi?orted and domestic goods fall in price, not because they are not wanted, hut because tn arbitrary and wicked law has deprived con umera of the means or buying. Mr. Forward then haa the folly to appeal to this (act as an evidence that the tariff has doao no barm. Hffstntes. in relation to the loss ol revenue:? "That it i? not Justly chargeable to the existing tariff ia evident from the tact, that the price* of impoited good*, in common with others, have generally fallen since ita passage." He deprives the consumers of the ability to buy, ami thm appeals to the fact that they do no" purchase, as a proof that he has done no harm. foreign Markets Hsvsns, Jan.30.?Onthe -14th inst. six cargoes of rice were sold at 8|, 9 and 0] rs. arrobe, lour of which troni your port, an I two from Charleston. A cargo of rice has recently been sold in Matanzas from Charleston, at rs. part cash, and the balance in 30 and SO da) s. We have in port u cargo ol Rice from Charleston, unsold, and o supply of this article lor two months to come. There Is nothing ol consequence doing in our Produce market, with the exception ol some small parcel* of new Sugar, which hail arrived to town, and been sold at ftj oj to 6) lu), out these are not Axed prices?old Sugars no' muial, me stock ia reducidto n very tow boxes. Coffee, 1st quality, 0) a 10-,-id and 3d, ft a 71 per quintal. Mola> ses I rl. per keg. Kxchange on New York 4 per cent premium. About 14,000 qqls. Rice have been imported this month. Beans white, Oas rli ; Bent, Ne. I,?, Prime and Mea* ' 7 a 7 4j Buttar, American yellew, 10 a 'Jft; ( and lea, mould, li .. lb 4; SpMn.M B 84; Cheese, American. 1<? a I ; Co list), bo*, I 4* 1; do hhiU. a a 3 2; Corn, in.lwa, ?h . u J, 2ft 3 4j Flour, Philadel and Bait 14 a <H>; ditto Nt v Orleans, 14 4; Hams, Wa 14;HeriingA, smoked, 6 a 1; Lard, N. 0-, 9 a 14; Macker?l, No. 3,6 4 a 6; Onions, 7 4 a8;t'erk cargo. Eastern an.I M.-m, \e ()i leans, ! . ll;do., clear, I 4 a 10; Potatoes, 3 4 a 0 tl; KiCP,44a4ri; Colic.', lat. qua lity, 9 0 a 10; 2d and 3d quality 60 n 8; <to 11 iage, 4 a I 4 Honey, 3; Molasses, keg. 6J gallons, j a 0; Sugars, n> sorted, 4J 8? a 0 10; do wltite alone, 8 a 10; do blown 4.1 4}; do yellow, 4) a 6j;Hegar?, 8 a id; Lumber, Hoops 32 h . 34; Bo.rds, Portland W. P , 18 a '49; other esatern ports, 23 0 a 33; ritch Pine, 22 a 20 0; Shingles, 3 0 a 4 0; lil.d. shooks with headings, 6 a 7 0; Sugar box Shooks, 6j a 7J. Rrchangt?On London, 00 days sight, 10) a 13 prem ; New York, 3 a 4 prem ; Lotion, 2J a 3J prem.; New Orleans, short sight, 4 prem.; Spain, 3J u ti prem.; Paris, 2 a 3 dis. / YrigAls?To the Unit, d States, $1 per box Sugar; 4 rials per bag Collee; $2 J a $3 pe hhd. Molasses. Married, On February 12th, by the Rev Mr Richmond, Mr. Jamcs Wf.lls, of West Farms, to Mahia HcnTiaoTott, ol New York. tiled. On the 1-Jtb instant, Mrs. Masr Quiixion, widow of the lata Joseph Qninion, Bgpd H6 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully requested to attend her funaral this ufternoon, at 3J o'clock, from the residence of her grand-son Joseph Qninion, 140$ Walker street. On Sunday, the Id'h instant, of consumption, Simkon VV'kstbkook, in the 36th year of his age. His friends, and those of the family, are respectfully invited te attend his funeral this afternoon, at 3 o'clock from the residence of his brother,43 Bowery. haUlt Advices XKCK1VK1) AT THE .VKW YORK 1IERAI.U 01- PICE. Africa Nov. |i Macao Sip:. 20 AuxCayes lire. 30 Madrnx Oct. 22 Autiirua Dec. 13 Manilla Sept. 20 Bombay Nov. 1 Montevideo Nov. 25 Batavia Oct. 7 Maranham Nov. 26 Bermuda Jan. 10 J>n. 25 B hi lire April 9 Mayaguez Dec. 8 Buenos Ayres Nov. 17 Mararaiho Dec. 7 B.vhia Nov. 12 Matarnora* Jul. 14 Belize, Hond. Dec. 25 Neuvitas Nov. Ill B.rrliniloes Jan. 5 Nassau, N. T'. Jau. 25 Bogota Nov. 10 Oahu, 8. I. Oct. I Rerhice Feb. 20 Paris Jan. 2 Cai* Haytien Dec. 24 Portnu Prince Jan. 14 (Japs Town, C. O. H - Dec. 3 Ponce, P. R. Dec I Cnracoa Jan. 10 Para Dec. 21 Cif nfueyos Jan. 16 Pernarnlinco Dec. 22 Cnithagena Sept. 15 Hn.iina Sept. 23 Caraccas May 17 Ki t de Janeiro Dec. 13 fiiaitres July I Singapore Oct. 4 Oallao Se .t. 7 Sydney, N. 8. W.- Jiiue 14 Calcutta Oct. 21 St. Helena Dec. 14 Demerara Dec 14 St. Thomas Jail. 13 Faval Dec. 23 St. Barts Jan. 3 Gibraltar Dec. 14 St. Jaico de Cuba Jan 14 Guayaouil Oct. 16 St. Johns, P. K. Jan. 15 Guaynma, P. It.- Nov. 7 Sl. Croix Jan. 8 Goii.uvca Auk. I St. Martha Dec. 8 Galveston Jan. 8 St. John, N. B. Jan. 20 Havre Jan. 1 Surinam Dec. 22 Havana Jan. 30 Tampico Dec. 6 Halifax Jan. 25 Tobasco Jan. 6 Jeiemie Nov. 20 Turks Island Jin. 6 Jacmel ^ pec. 25 Trinidad de Cuba Dec. 31 j wupwn,!!!. m vers IJniz Jail. 17 London - Jan. 3 Valparaiso Oct. 16 Liverpool Jan. 4 Yucatan Jau. 15 La li-iavra Jan. 17 Zanzibar Sept. 27 Lima Aug. 6 I'aticngcra Arrived. V era Cruz?Basque Eugenia?A S Knight, British Navy; James H Kober'.son and sou, of Meiico. Pavaisnah?Bug Philur.:?O YY Banning, and 15 in thi J steerage. (< orrl'fii I ni|Mtrlatlotia Liverpool?Ship Liberty?8 pkgs Tlirs Hant & co?120 cks 20 lumpen Persse & Brooks?'0 pkgs Cameron Si Bra?d?14 do Smith, Thurgar Si co?27 Tooker, Me.ul Si co?It) D Madden Si sou?1 Warren. Hart k Leslie?14 Sheldon Si Phelps?13 cks 2' ant lis Walsh Si Mallorv? >000 sks salt 37,500 slates 8 Thompson ?150 toes coal Post Si Phillips?ljikg J Clibbnrn?I A Arnold? CO Richatdsou Si Watson?3 S Si L Holines?25 M T Nicholson ?68 J Mn?s?14 Reiss Bros Si co?1 W B BeiiJ?21 J Nicnolswn ?17 II Morris & co?17 J Connsh- 2 Hall Si Bros?42 Godfrey. j Pat'ison Si c--?I .Mr Owelty?27 Dodge, Cuinming Si co?I Jno ! Morgsn?31 Pi.ultnev Si Jenkins?? Ilorr Si Alien?I H T CltapI man?12 Peahody, Kiggs Si co?17 Wight, Sturges Si Shaw?19 I Thompson Si co?16 Garner Si co?10 Wm Chauuhey Si co?3 IVaii'lervooit Si Htyw 'rd?11 J Si J Stuart Si co?3 Nevini Si co ?7i r s 12lihos H wiukley?15crts II W iliydock?15 cks T H'll?4 Halharn Si Weed?10 Ingoldshy. Bois-eau Si co?5 Edw Pay son Si co?8 Wolf Si Bislmp? 00 bzs tin plates 100 auvils 100 I bbU 113 cks 16 cs 9 bales 14 bkts 10 bags to order. | Vera Cruz?Barque Eugenia?(Re|?>rted yesterday)?2 bis samples $lf00 F del Hoyo?6 hairs cochineal (1000 A IV iiilln? (2000 Bouchaud Si Thebvid?S3000 F Doinuie?$3000 MotZ 8l I Pelliiz?$1550 P Pou Si co? $3500 J de la Urauja? $1525 24 b iles ! cochineal 20 pkgs goat skius 2 holes apples H rgous Bros St co? I ?$929 U Si F Scnuroacht 062 nides 7 bales jalap Hcosrd Si Co ?$2095 8 C Hill?1 pkg Viltor Si Duckwilz?51 bal s skius L C Ha gous. Belize, HoHd?Brig Florida Blmci?2 bill s bats 21 lona logwood (1265 J J Labnuiise?$2465 M K Kckh ir ?$360 J Bushcn<?3 ccroous cocnineal 18 tous logwood $P 51 Bartoloniew Bltnco. Bermuda?Brig J H Stevens?133 bides 265 sheepskins 113 can no j nnrts cooper 1 Imr apecie II A Tucket?1 hai; do 2 trbls i 1 boi Middleto-i fc co | b ig siwcii- J II ItlNM Havana?Schr Asawain?200,000 orange* Cropsey & Gilmar in?20,000 segars J 1* Btauville?10,003 John Willi.?2 pkits F StOURhlOII. Domestic Importations. New Orleans?Barque Noble?200 bbla lard P Harmonv A rn?11 do hams A fc 8 Willetta?750 kt*e? 100 bh'a lard W D Harri?8 bales cotton Gtetmwav.Heurv fc co?300 VV Barnwell ?1600 |>ik:a leia-l (' H Koeers?600 bbla Hour J Harper New Orleans?Barque Geo Henry?23l<'in< rum Robe'ta fc cn?156 hhds sutrar B H Field?103 Robeits fc Willi ma?720 aks I rorn Kuvdam, 8a?e fc c??14 bales wool J P Ha qnnd?25 keys ] butter 8 K Willctt?86 bbla molasses J STaylor?19bkla tallow I 42 hhds augur to order. New Orleans?B rrque Volga?330 hhls molasses Wni Barn: well?296 hhda i-r>rk O t.eland?28 pkys J Smitb?81!) tacks corn R L Mailland?110 tea flaxseed T H Maybew?200 bbla poik Lawn nee fc co. "tcwOaUASs-Bug Frances?1022 bbla Hour Dowa ItCaty ?508 do lard G Douglass?100 do mol isaes De Peyater fc W hitmarsh. Morilk?Shi" M an- Francos?38 h -lea cotton Goodhue fc co ?48 J H 'I'alrnan?27 W Gale?27 Spofford, Tileston fcco?82 R KIiiksI md?33 E D Hurlbtu k co?8 Sturjjes fc C'esrm.n?5 8 H H?minell?54 J Mel?32 Townaetid fc Bros?9 C Williams? 62 Masters fc Markoe?105 Greeuway fc co?40 Henope fc co?7 baits 109 rolls bagging T Marirn. Mobile?Barque Luzon?31 bales cotton Holbrook & Nelson ?172 G Collins?'72 J H Talman? I bbl tallow M P Robbms? 370 bales to order. Mobile?Barque Albert Henry?|fl<) hairs cotton Treadwell fc Co?79 R L Maitlssd?56 Goorlhne fcco?15 Post fc 17i I' 11; s? 2 bis deer skins C B Foadick?2000 staves C W Tilkin. Mobile?Barqu- Toulon?84 bales cotton J 8 Taylor?100 R I. Maitiaud?29c F Moore?12) Goodhue fcco?100 Martin fc Fisher Mobile?Br>* Mor a?65 bales cotton Brown Bros fc co?'8 G Howlind?50 Thump on & Adams?81 Holbrook. Nel on fc co?22 Perkins fc Hopkins?86 O T Trimble?71 Goodhue fc co ? 30 Wi.iirr, O tle fc co?11 A Arena fc co. 1'oRT Lrois?Barque Republic?37 baleacniinn It L Maitiaud ?83 Holbrook, Nelson fcco?25 D Pomerov? 58 Center fc c:>? 177 J Mel?72 Maitiaud fc co?5 Perkins fc Hopkins. Savannah?Br it Philura?4 hhds brandy Barclay fc Livings'on?1 bale inilae K Hubbard?;0 lea rice J B G'aiea?? plies W 8i Hon?7 W Norton?2 E Darrow?I O B -lik?J 8 fc I) L ihrop? 1 K Russel'?45 ba'ea cottn.. H & W Hill?2 Murray fc Bros?50 Bira'ow fc co?14 U Havens?14 C t'arrilli?27 D Woodbury?40 W H>r. im -.11?26 Ct nti r fc c >?218 hides 2 botes aval I rrare *km> W Willrrts Georgetown. 80?Brut Juno?227 bales cotton H Coit fc co ?206 Smith. Mil's fc co?86 "ackr tr fc Bros?32 Tost fc Philltis ?101 SpnfTbrd fc Tilestot ?2 bbts 1 t link J E Wesfr rvell \/l A l? I T 1 fc/f l? tl I .a la a 1 1 . a ivi j i :>i j\ ri Pj 11 il JL. 1J . S?111 ><( U*yi of the steam Strip*. f?".* cmaitiiD. rioN America Acadia, Ryrie Feb. 4 Mar. 1 O. Western, Hoakeu Feb. II Mar. 16 Columbia, Miller Mar. 4 April I Britannia, Hewitt April 4 May 1 G. Western, Hoskrn April 15 May It I'ai keti to Arrive. Packets to Sell. FROM L1VKRPOOL. FOR LIVERPOOL. Shr (field, Allen, Jan. t United States, Britton, Frb. 13 Hottingucr, Bora'ev, Jin. 5 Rochester. Woodhnuve, Feb If, N. America, Low be r, Jan. 7 Fugland, Waite, Feb J20 FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. Quebec, Williams, Dec. 15 Qneb-c, Hebard, Feb. 20 Philadelphia. Hovey, Jan. I Philadelphit, Hovey, Mar. 1 FROM HAVRE. FOR HAVRE. Arirn, Anthony, Jan I Sully, Thompson, Feb. 16 Francois I, Am-worth, Jan- 1 Iowa. Pell, Feb. 24 Burgund .. Wntleu, Jin 8 Oneida. Funck, Mar. 1 SIARSrlLLKS MARSEILLES. Minerva, Brown, Jan. 1 Hi !! spoilt, Adams. Mar. 1 Ship Masters and Agents, We shall rsteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Silvfv. ol' our News Fleet, a lle? nort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on llietr P stage, a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newspapers or News they may hare. He will board th< m immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, wil alao confer a favor by sending to this Office all lite Marine Intelligence they can obtai.1. Nautical Information of any kind will he lltinkfully received. POUT OF IVKW YORK, FICIiRUARV 13 sun RISKS 6 591 MOON SETS 5 55 sun sets 5 30 | MlciH water 7 43 Arrlvml. Shin Lihritv. NoiIon, from Liverpool, J?h. 3, with indar, to I'oal fc Phi'lipa?33 ateerige i aniriiKoii. Slop Man' Kr.'rxva, Hubbard, 13 diy? from Mobile, wi ll cotIon, to Sturcea fc Clearman. Bikjii" Noble, Brown, '7 day, from New Orlenna, w ill* rotton, to B iralow K Pope. 9th inat let 37, Ion 73, >|>oKe barque Mar Brllard, from New Orleina for Boa'on. Ilarqnc George Henry, Kobinaon, II ilayafiom NewOrltana, with iikJii', to matter. 2d inat lat 21 16, Ion 79 21. (poke barque Pirn, of Gardiner. rrom New Orleana lor Bnnoii. deque Volga, Harwoo-I, 19 dav( fiom New Orlfint, wita mot (?e(, ke. to matter. 31(1 tilt, off the Kryi'g Pan, (poke brig Catharine, of Portl i?d from M-tantat for Havana. Barque Albert Henry, Baratow. 18 dayt from Mobile, with cotton, to Barttow St Po|>e. Barque Luzon, (Joodrich, 17 diyt from Mobile, with cotton, to mader. Bnqne Toulon, Kieh, 20 davt from Mobile, with cotton, to R. P. rlnck Bat que Republic, Gali*, 13 days from Port Leon, with cotton, in fc. D Hurihut & Co. I h intt 1st .11 45, l?>n .15 70, apoke ackr Watchman, from Attnkapa.s 'or Philadelphia. Brig Florida Blatica, kJdridge, 18 days from Balis , Hond. with logw od and specie, to B. Bunco. Left brig Jaan I. de Cartagena, KeUe*, /or New Yutk, v. d *yr; schr Homer, Pedeison, from do, dug. 1st in?t hit 25 25, Ion 71 Hi, spoke British bamuc Rtshunt, 18 ?'aya ('mm Bel?7.e for Lomhm. Biig .John H. Stevens, li. ll, 24 days from Bermuda, with mdif, to H A. Tuckrr. fits had a very boisterous passage? made the land 12 day * ?go, since which hos be**n blown off three limes as far ns lat IB. Spoke 2ilt ult. barque Verona, of Boston, ? day* from Charleston lor Antwerp. On ihe 5th inst. during a h* i KHe. Wm. Borners, whilst ifoltrc Abb tni f?M?*?uis. tell overboard froin the yard and was drowned Bng Agnes, Gray, 14 day* from New Orleans, with 254 bbls 10hhdtmoluica to Brown Broth r* tu. { <? fth intt IflltO, Ion 72, in the Gulf, saw the foremist of a vessel, with all the rigking ati ched. 11 ig Tonquin, Norton. IB days (mm New Orleans, with wheat, to K. S. Bahcork; 800 I u?hrl* do Bad^c rk P. rk. Brig Frances, log rah am, 21 nays frotn New Orleans, with flour, to m ster. Brig Morea, fcdgw. 18 days from Mobile, with eottoii, to K. 1). Hurihut 8c <o I he VI lias bet n to the northward of Hat teras since the 1st intl. with heavy gales from W to NW.aud .i nch snow. 5steerage nassenfer*. Brig Philora, Dome. 18 days from Bavannah. with cotton, to Sfitig? s fk I lenrmxti. Bug J ii iO. Lew is, 8 days from Georgetownv SC. with cotton, I to A A v.mi St < * 1 heschr H ghlander. Ton fin, before reI toned wrr< !? d on Med way's Bench, SC. would he .old f r the bent fU of th? underwriter*. St hr Ag/twain, Rogers, 11 days from Havana, with C'oi'Sey k Gilmaitia. Left ship Norma, Bsiton. for NYora, I ? ' >i* r* Nodate ,.flf KUi ula Rerf, spoke ?hi' t " 1 , H.ijth, hence f., Havna. Srfu Oliri i Brickfll, Tilby, 14 days frmn Norfolk,*lib 1. o >'H?r Hehr Jndge Hitchcock, Joura, 4 daya from Wilmington, Nt.. with naval store*. . Sclir Sterling, Ta> lor, 4 dry* froin Wilmington, NL with n<iv*l stores. M_ Sclir Ann Hvman, Norton, 4 dsys frnin Wilmington, Mb. with naval atorea, to P-Peyater k W. iim:ir*li. Sclir Two Poll lea, Kt^rra.t diva f om Baltimore, witli milac, to nutter. llvrultl ,11 ?rIne Cut r<'M|iouilciive. Okkick ok rm Uhodk laLAWDKR. > Newm.rt, Fgb.l8.MtS. S Arr 8th, Kegnlua. Haw kins, from Wilmington, NC. for New ( York, wilh las* ol jib and pan of deok loan; 9lh, Or ay Taft, ; Ahb ra, Piovideucr tor ( Inail.llou; I'ruuuacot, Thurber, and Pruilriiee, W si la, NYork for I'maidi lice. Hid lOili, Orray '1 aft, Charleston; Moaea Eddy, and Hope, NYo.k. (Icieral iitcord. Konliata Lkttih Okkicb ?The United State*, for Liter pool, will aail to-day. Htr letter hag* are at Gilpin's, in the I Exchange. | Sloop Herald Lskr, of Niwport, from Philadelphia fi r New|M>rt and I'rovnl, to e, with acargo of cjal till H.,ur, went ashore 5tli iuat. .'uriug the auow atorin,uear Black i?ock,atlhe lo ad of he Long Llaud Sound. She h.ia n,,l hilirrd hut leak* gnmf'Wbfft. " linn. (hiiiKi, Tnwno, was still .shore at Proriocctown 10th iu?t whh ligh'ri < along-ib- discharging. Shit SwiTstra si New Orleans, when ill lat 48 20, Ion 19 20, during a lieav> SIV gale, lost the a ml cutw a!tr by a lies* j anil*. Kiiesch B4?hui. ro, l h? valin, from Tain|.ico for Havre, sprung altak at sea, nml put into New Orleans lor repairs. Notice to Marlnera. The Tirana (himmh ?The Boston Atlas conlsins the followingrommtimcat,on, which gn-< to confirm the account lately publisher! of the esme, re of the dangerous rooks by this u.ime, tn the middle of the Atlantic:? Yle-sr*. Editors?In a paper of voura, dated Jan. 31st, I notieed a communieation received at I.IomI'h fmrn Is t. ItoalI .lis, of the Eagle giving an aecnunt of a rook set n try hiin oil his passage'rnm Hatribnot to Ne wlouudl n.d, which he says, lies in lat 47 37 \ , aiel Ion 28 51 W. ih o it formed three distinct points; the hi :h st to the westward ai>|ieared ahoui 801? et hish. I'his rock is by most mritiers c nsid'icdof douotful t xittence li is laid down o the chart of ilie Atlantic, in ne rly MM t UM P tn ion thai Capt. Koallori* maker it, and is called ine " Three Chimney*." I would further state, that in 1819, on my pissage in the slop Susan, fiorn Gotten burg to Boston, I passed very near, say nnefinirth of a tnile from this rock, ilia il formed three points: the highest and westernmost one Horn 7(1 t-> 8C leet. the others from 30 to to feet above the level of the sea?there Were no b cekers lo lie s- eii around tliein These rocks ne not in tin track of a ship bound to and frnni Europe; hut those coming from the Ninth Sea. and havmg strong Wrs'i rly winds to contend with, would h- likely to gaiu the longitude of them by the titne they reach their la:iluJr. Oko. Wiisilow. Whalemen. A letter from ('apt Cndwoith, of the, of Wareham, reportf her at Hiode Jinriro Dec 8. with 500 bbls sp 01 . 5 months out, all sve 11, lo sail on a ctuisr m a few days. <' lpt Cud worth has setit the following list of vessels spoken and be >rd from by him, on the Ahrnlhos Banks:? S|*ske Oct filli, Dragon, ( talk, N B 3J? rnns, 30 bkls sp: Nov 7th, Claiissa, Di Her, do, 11 mos, 16<l s|i, noniiil light wh iting; 10 h, Massason, Detiuison, Brth, 330 *p- 19th, Plienix, Small, Proviucetown. 8 mos, 320 sp; Dec 4, Gov liopkins, Mo.-i is. Bristol, 8 mos 40 Idils. Heard from Nov 12. M iri.i. Ravinntid NR lis... ann... an.. M..-I .-J on Ahrolhos Banks. Nov 13, Sainl & Thomas, Sorer. Pro- incvtowH, 8 inos, 363;16th, Jaines Munne, Strickland, I 'lymnuth, 4 mo?. rle-iTi; 19iii. Maine, Ocrin, Boston, J iiioi, 160; Moro CasHe, Waldrun, Bristol, inn bhl??(th>- M. C. was at llio Janeiro D c 13, tv ltl< loss of all three masts, boats, Ac anil would probably be condemned ) Spoken. John Brower, from Boston for Mobile, Jan 27ih, lat 87 30 N, Ion 83 JO. Kssrelgn Ports. Vera Ctvi, Jan 17?In porr, Petersburg, Larkin, of and from NYmk.arr l'tth; Nesvitas, of Ellsworth, Irom New Orleans; Victory, of New H iven, from Maracaibo, the only American vessel. Havana, Jan 21?Arr Saxon. Mansfield, Boston; Hi well, Morris, Charleston; Apwnn. Rogers. NYmk; 23d, Caroline, Jordan, Portland; 28th, Chief Mi ats, Boston. Cld 241^, Magnet, G^ge. Cienfuegos;27lh, Eagle, Fullertou, Ma tan tar; Willitm, Crocner, do. MaTANZas, J hi 19?Arr Isidore, Springer, Boston; Mil, Clio, Marwiek, Portland'. 24th, Riga. Williams, Boston. Cld 21st, & J m?, Winslow, Portland; 24tli, Dromo, Deverens, Hamburg; 2Vh, Centurion, Norris. Portland. La Quayr*, Jan 17?in por\ Orion. McMurtrie, of Philadelphia, w ig e up, only American ves>el. Ilosiir Ports. East Thomastois, Keh 6?We have had a severe gale from tile Ntt. Srlir Wm Wallace, laying oft Uiliner's Point,drifted some d st>nce and lost hoat from Iter itern, the sea malting a complete breach fr nn stent to stern. Sclir Coivo. loaded for N Orleans,-touch .sitrifv Slid tun among the breakers; cut away both loans to prevent her going on shore. Schr ludusrry, from Sulliv.t i. w itli wood, came on shore near Fales' wharf. and his gone entirely to pieces?a total loss. Schr Alfred, loaded for New York, bfok> adrift from Holmes' wharf, and drifted "in among other ve-s-ls at the wharf, doing considerable damage to thein. One arnad cchr in Owl's Head harboi rode oat the gale with safety, Wiscasset, Feb 8?Sid Tiberius, Wore, and Republic, Lincoln, Norfolk. Portland, v'eb 9?No arrival. Portsmouth, Feb 8?Sid Black Hawk, Davis, for Charleston. SC Salem, Feb If?Cld Marion, DaCusta, Maranham and a 1111' *el, Boston, Feb 11?Arr Canton, Packard. N'Orlrars; Caravan, Br iy,dps dansrs, e'llint, do; B. run. Pearson, Apalachicnlr; Champion, Danniaon, Part Leon; Viol*, Loir, La Ouavra ? Below, S?.ui, niaueltard, troin Ai-alachicola. Citl Alderman, Smith, NOrleans; Lucy. Bings. Mobile; Marielti, Brown, N York. A'r inth, Sarah, Fi ster, Boston. New Bldeoro Feb 10?Sid Krin, Best, Baltimore; Corntlia. Ricketson. NV'ork. Daiituovth, Feb 0?Arr Mercy. Kelly, NYork. Kdoaki own, Fi b 5?Air Danisms, Freeman, llappalialluock lor Boston, and remained 8th Providence, Feb 9? No a rival. Bid Zenobi.t, Remiugtou, Mobile. F?u. Kivcw, Feb 9?Arr I H Borden, Brown, NYork. Charleston. F b 7? Arr Brothers. (Br) Dam I.Dublin. Savannah, Feb 6?Arr Elizabeth, Mason. NYork St Auoustine, Feb i?Arr Maria. Atwell, Baltimore. Mobile. Feb 2?Arr Resolution, ( Br) L'verpool; Chester, I Hiunsh, B stun; John Biowtr, Sutton, do; Draco, Scars, do.? Cld Wive ly.Snow, Havre; Si lma, Prav, NYoik oOi NU PILOT?OWEN PUc.8C.lllT, Pilot lor Me* O Bedford, N iitucket Sliouli, Sostnn. Portsmoutb, Portland, Ki-nnebrck, and other ports. t 'lRceal Frye St Shaw's Nautical Store, 222 Wafer, corn r Brek nan street, N. Y ? Vice eei i Acatns' Florets, B >stou, three day* before wanted Charge the amie as from Oay H"ad jii fmisr ~ "TOOLS?T< >OLS?TOOLS. ALBERTSON'S, Con* i's, Mor ou'saiid (Jifford's warranted Cast Stei 1 I'?? ) ers. Carpenters ami Slop Carpenters Edg Tools, can re bad at wholesale aud retail. of OSBORM St LITTLE, 31 Fulton stieei, New York, (10 i er cent allowed to merchants) aud who keep on hand a In 1 assorimeii* of Conpen' TooLfc Ir n Rivets, Truss Hoops, Slave Join ers, Sloe.k HoweuFatid Crozes. Also, hn;in.*ers and Cirnnal D alers iu English, German ami American Hardware, Cutleiy, Nails, fcr kc. CilAHLE-t OSBORN, fit 3m ?c CHARLES S. LITTLE. V ALEV PIN KM. ATTENTION LOVERS ALL i-We hereby appoint THOMAS W 8 I KO.NO, 98 V s-utu stieet, near k n'ton, our sole agent in. th sale of the g-huine, never lailm*. heart rej ilciii* low lett-rs, ve'ept Valentines, having examined rhis splendid assortment. we pr n.nicce it perfect, and much superior lo any hi'ber off"r d to the uo'ice ol the love-stricken yi uth of tjotham?fri-m .', c-nts to $'i each?fit) therefore, purchase and he happy, lie hi- Valentine letter writers, comical Valentines. PBVelope a, kc St-. Uon'l loget 11 1- number, 98 Vas-au st, or the loss mill be yoars. Bv order of the Court of Hymen. HI?t?or CUPID, Secret arv. 'I HK S'f A 1 K til Ml-tiss-pni. Peshobr County?Ci.cuit ' CoUit Otto'er Term, 842?Charles Hatcher ? attachment for $11,769,27 Win. K. Hamilton It llotcoe Cob?Nonce i? hereby (irru, that it is ordered by the Court that publication be made in t e ,\ew A ork H-rald, a new p ier published -n the Citv and Ma-c of New Yoik, for six ei rkt, notifying rut ceuiti ly the itid defrndanta ol the pendency of this suit, h'nl that Ihe atia-lnni-nl his been retur led to ihia i ffite duly rir-ciited, ainj tl. tt l ey tic au I amx ar ay ma neat rei.sU't' rm ol thia Couit, io be hol-lcn in alto lor the antd County and ht-te afoiesiid, on tin fnat Monday alter the fourth Mouday in April i ear, then and Ihete to plead or demurto the plaintiff's action, or the property so "tacltcd will be sold to aattafy the plaiutifT'a and eta's ol aaid auit. Witness, is il y J. Reid. Clerk of aaid Court, this the 'Jth day of J i-juary, AD., 1843, and the seal of aaid Cotir' an. t a d. o WILKY J. RF.ID, Clerk. ABF.Al' lli'UL Head of Hair Old and young,bald and grey head. ami ill with h-d hair read this a ate un til. You perhaps Inuk.'n adc-r.t; is nniiosMble to restore the human hair,hut here are the i -nun ol u few whose l aif lias been restored after eery other lemedy faili d. Without puffing or misrepresentation, I here stale this" the positive am! real qaalit es of Jones' ' oral Hair Restorative?it will act thus on all, old or young? forre the hair to grow, stay it falling off care and remove all scurf or dandruff and tnik tight red or grey hair grow naturally dark This is so rr -amiable that all may try p; for proof of its e'Pc. ey: these respectih'e per>on? have n?ed it and citify i.e above are its onalicies in all cases, vi?*?Mr. W. Hopkins, 9! King it. NY; Mi Phillips, 198 Broome it cor of Wo 'iter; H"n Jnilg r Kdwards. ofPnilada; Mr Pearson. Navy Yard, t li ule?towu,near Boil"-n; J Power. gn eery,Fulton at Brooklyn. The above inust satisfy nil.nut h-r- are fnrth,r proofs: three cniiei s of Ulster County, N Y. certify ths same, rig:?John K Dogler, ineichatit rai'or, John Henderson, builder, Hugh W French, farmer. The i.bove persoi.s appeared before me and swore the above is a petfec'ly true sta'em- nt?L Prckover, Commissioner of Der's. This Is sold very reasonable, only-3, 6 or 8 a* tilings a b"tl- we ?re told, by /ones, 81 Chatham st. Ap 1 oinled Agents?Zieber, 3d and Dock tts Phil*, or iieit to th/American Hole'. Wsshington, D C; 8 nt f-st Boston; 67 Atate st. Alh.inv; 13'' Ful'on s', Brooklyn; 207 Kmr s', I liarltston, H ' C F B ily, Mornstown, NJ; Knrra, Mam it, Middiet w-,Cc. Agents wanted in all other eitiw. IIHn'g D~iC BT Vl'Kit n RTtTinuTP-Cr Br, iwn continu-a to afford m-dical aid to the uiifur'uiiat", by th" Use of thn shove remedy, which lias been befn-e the public since 1816. Dr B.h 'sh en iu the use of this -rticle and is practically acquainted w i h its operafiou.and is familisr with the treatment of those diseases it is de-igni d to cure. It has been repres-nt1 d as never failing to cure Or B keeps a rood assortment if the but pre oarsti ns for cniing the different classes of tnese d s'Stes. He may be consulted from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M at No. 2 Ann s-rert. Pnntrd diirctiotis and a eompeinl.ous treatise, upon certain select diseases accompany Ills medicines. His charges an- moderate, to suit the ciicumstan rs of tht patient. f IS lt*m ABL 1 O L.8.AAF.? i'he Pavili n Hotel,at Suatiua Springs, fosm with the fur- i'nre to lie appraised This li, use will ac^JHsCononodair H<0 boarders, and in forim r vears has been sis thv ocriptof frrm 12 to SO.OtiO dollars. It occupies ns illy ihnr acres, hrllig au euliru block, and will, to a suitable person, be r, uteri very low. It is central to all the sprit g-, and within a w rods of lb,* ne w f, it.,r tu..u > - - f' -. - i -c is considered dir bi < medicinal spring in the Country. T" one bavins ma in(irf the r?|liille tilenu, au ar-on. i-meut will he in 'ile satisfactory Kor finihvr paitieulrra at tily m AlEX L. McUOvALD. MS3'*m No. W Inhn at. (third story.) HOAHDINU?\fe n aingle iren leinen 9: <1 9 gentlr man eud his wife can he accommodated with good leinl and every convenience, in a private family, at No. 41 Hohinaon street. f Hlfm ljAt K*.T SHIH^Ot UNKE fioin \i w Orleans, is rliachaigI h IT it pn ' 14 E. K. UniiUNi will p #as attend I"the retel 1 ??l tr?eir w oda im'troialely. f I3ee W~H)()VV WKl.t H;s FEMALE PlLLtT?Tbir: e.ii . so relebr t d lit England, end ovi r the wind' routine utol Eur n e, h's the Aral time been intiOiliieeil into the Uniteil Stiles lit area! irtuea in rrmnvuil obstructions and other isorlers mop- espi -dally incidental t > the rriiial> trx, ore wrll knowu to all Con nrners; ai.d as soon at they are as well known liera as thev are in Europe, n - female will be without them. Toprev nt their being counterfeited but one attelit bis been appointed, ai d only m pliM whsit tiiaf ess be obtained 1 . therefore. Widow Welch's I'll a are e'er offere I for sale nt any r'her place in this ounlry, they at ill lie COUBttrfsitod. I lie ureal f one of these PiUi will no doubt induce many to counternil ihetn, au.1 th'S i recau'iiin to the public is to put them on their tiuard All letters must be paid. Price tlo.rbai. Apply el the Drug Store, 7js Chambers st'eet, Id r.ruae u est of Broadway fll Imiser ; Air tut i a NT TO OLD COUNTKYMKN.-MKtMHt a HAHNDEN It CO will draw ar their Klpreas and Foreign 1 ellai Oilice, No 1 Will street, small hills of jl2 to ?lO-l,in suint to suit, payable at sight, loi the acminutndalioa of p? raoba wishing to remit to rhnr friends iu F.ugl.nJ. Irr laud, or Scotlai d. The letter higs lor the Koyal Mail Sieaniera for Liverpool are aLoiii -de np at their "flier For lurthi r inform . apply to iiarnden U CO., 10 W II a rret. A/enta iu London? \lcLKAN, MORRIS la C'>. i . il v| er n smi ra 2 c H'l-l.T?l-Ki Fill .--i sli i log o ot hoo.ea mil ahipi hortoma. for * lr in Io s to sun . urcbeaara, hy JJ*> E K COLLIN* It CO. '* -auaihti i in i ?mmm ROOKS FDR THE PEOPLE 1 ' iwing hWifMidM are for aale m tht H ICR AI ? ?'KEK'h, North Writ i:unici ol Knlt"ti and N imju ?i ? where "II (li? Cheap Publications of the day can be had aa soon na uaued, at the PUHUSHTNG PRICES. THE I.IKE AND EXPLOITS OK THE DUKE OK w ELLINGTON, iucledina a complete History of fir Pf Niroi'Laa Waa, illnatraled with FoaTr-THaia handsome EngrsvinKa. Just |ml.|i?hei> *t the low p'ice of ?5 cuta single I'.ipi a; tin pei hundred to newsmen. THE BOOK OF IH" NAVY, comprising a general History of t e American Marine?to he embellished with a number ol Engravings. N I now ready, at the low price of _ c'a. ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF .Ell; ltM''K, in '6 Numbers The I, II, III and iV N,.e are now ready, c ich eta. COOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to b? romjdeteil ill t Not. No. 2 now ready M BRAND" 'S ENCY? I.OPASDIA, Not 2 aud 3, ? URE'H DICTIONARY of the Ar??, Scieuces, tec. to he completed in 5 monthly number*. Price SI eRch. No. 3 now ready. OKOROK MT GEORGE JULIAN, The Prince j ?Nor 1,1 3 and 25

I THIERS'* HISTORY OW THE FRENCH I REVOl.lJTION. No U liow readv. 24 THK HIH I'DHY OK THE REFORMATION in Germany, Sic. in the Siateenth Ceiilurv, bv J M Merle D'Aubigne, No I and 2 now ready, HI'ARKi' I.I KB OF WASHINGTON, 6 nuni| bi'ta. each 25 JACK HINTON, JIM. 50 A *1 00 ' HANDY ANDY. 50. $1 A $1 ?5 1 HEOTO't O'HALlORAN, No 9. KM ! HUMPHREY CI.INK K-By Smollett. Complete in one number, 25 ! TOM JONES, or tlie History of n Foundling? complete,bv Fielding, 50 JOSETH AvDREi?8, by, Fielding, complete in one number, 25 L. S. D.?Or, Accnunu of Iriah Hi ira, by 8 Lorcr, No I and 2 uriw ready, 6.M novelis-tTlibrary. Tbii Library will be completed iu ten weekly t umbers. VIVIAN OKEY?by D'Uraeli?complete iu one volume, 25 I VBNE l IA?hi D'lsr >eli?complete ill one volume, ROMANCE AM) REALITY?by LEI mnli te in ent volume, 25 THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'hr-teli?w tha portrait of the author, 25 ! FRANCBSf'A i' \ Ittt AKA?by L E Landon, 25 IliMIIETIA TEMPLE?by D'ltiaeli?complete in one volume* 25 PETER SIMPLE, by Marryat, complete in one number. 25 I CONTAR1N! FLEMING?by D ISRAELI?complete ill one number. 25 MONTHLY MAGAZINES. r.ODEY'8 LADY'S IIOUK, for February, 25 GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 25 LADY'S COMPANION. 25 THE ARTIST. 25 SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, Feb number, just on Mi In d. 25 MISS LESLIE'S MAGAZINE, February number, juat published, 15 WAVER LY NOVE LS. 1VANIIOE?by SirWaltrr Scott?complete in one timber, 25 GUY MANNERING?by Sir alter S ott? 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L S D >>r Accounts of Irish Heiia > All for Wl ^D?OR CASTLE I 12)4 AHVENTURES OF AR I H1R O'LEARY, J A di?c mm on all the ab >ve works to agents Subscript!' no for *11 the above Magnifies w ill be received at Ihtt olflne, and panda lly attended to. i '8rc C' l * RK,HTING FoifsALR R??K KhKI>* fpHE undersigned off ra for sale the copy right of hit s\stvni t c| .to..It-keeping, which hat as vet 33 years to run with nut furth* ralterati in or imnrcveim nta. 'J hia Boek la one of the moa'pr fitahle annda-d w orks in the U. Statei, and will pay a large par ceurege to any m-in her of the radewhomsy purchase the right. It ha* passed through twenty large editions in thetiaLds of Collins, Brother It Co. B oksellers of this city, and who. if th-y are willing to ?tu the fasror, can ahow bv thi n bo ik, ih it tbev have paid up to this time nearly fifty Ih usaud dollars .is inv share of the profi a. '1 hia work a in general use t'ironghout the Uni'ed States, id Schools, Acad *miea and Counting Homes, and is on the inco as- with li* population of ihc country. Of ita no rita as a 'I ear Book it la urn ?ceaauy lo -p-ak, as the pnhlic have il-ciil d that matle . It m iy be pi uu-r to say, however, that it Ins h-en tie-l..ntid* ion of all-In- w-ika on (hit subject (most < t tip in piiy ne I which have appeared under different names, anil ti ,i iway rati it mat iu iltcauoa. Being tinder ihe necca iiy of g - tig out to Europe, and being in fr?>,l uv ,, I ..I KO?I. r r .. h.. ??... .P.. .-k. (or lie, which lie *h uild not otherwise jo. Letters addressed (p st paid) to the undersigned, will hue immediate attention. JAM. ARLINGTON BKNNKT, Counsellor at Law, Arlington Home, Long Island. New York, February 8, M3. This B ok it worth ro a bookseller sixty thousand dollars. f 12 3"ec THISTLE BALL. rPHK MA NAtllCRS of the Th'stle Benevolent Association) I it sneclfiilly announce that their Second Ball fo' this senaon, will lake place on Friday Evening, February ITth, 1843, at Ta, ntneriy Hall. lo am ount iug their Second B 11 (or this season, the Board of Manngers would return their grateful acknowledgements for the lib* ral iiMrouaae , stended to the fir*"- During an incleeierii se is suit ly a grant) in J rellectiou to have been the ineans of alleri vtsiiir the distress of the poor, while the method d niteil for that purpose is such as cannot fail to meet the approbation of every rationtl mind. The rnaniLers, in makiug mis their last .,ppe-at for ihe season, need only advert to the severe pressure ol the tim *s, and the tnanv worthy persous dependl.ig upon cl arity. With increased efforts on the part of the Committee to please their tiatrons, it is confidently hoped their utmost anticipations inay be icalixed. The Or erol Dancing 'Ocor nng to Programme. Mr. J r.irkcrhas, as n<u<1,generonsly volumeed his valuable services in ''ir-ct'iig the floor. Mr. Wallace's excellent Band has been encaged (or the occasion. Two Bigpii>eri will pramrnade the room, play itig National Airs, previous to the commencement and during the intermission of dancing. Doors open at 7 ; dancitg will commence precisely at 8 0 chirk. Th? frnninati u of the B-ll will be known by the li in I |da> ing "(Juid night -nd ioy he wi yon a." Tickets f l, to admit a Geiitltmnn and two Ladies?to be had 01 the floird of Manatera, vilt ? J ones Curr, IB' Hudson st. President. Jas. H riison, 79 <' nrtlrndt rt, Vice President. lohn l'*tten, lilSCeiiar it, Treasurer. Win VcL,snghlin. II i Klixibeth st. 11iisrla Kerr, fi'li Brordw <y. Wm Richardson, coy Perry and Greenwich . Wrn Cnrr, 107 Trovs rei t. H linnel May cock, 219 William street. Waller L< ggatt, 61 Hudson st. /"Clucks tint trausfrrabla. ~''7~ Mi tubers c in have their tickets on application to the Me crcury. A. CAMERON, Secretary, 1 lltit'ec 25! Hniltoii tlrect. VICTOR tJAR' ia ZULKTA, foraMrlr of Boijota-i< ' :l> ia >lionl'l mm lot eve or that of any perton who can KMC informMi, u of hit ittidtuce, they will tourer a *ieat fa?or i| lili biolhvr, hy .itlilrettiini PEK8SE fc BROOKS. (! tmMHM No til Liberty tire*. FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. I KHM8 REDUCED TO ONLY TWO DOLLARS 1 AND A HALF for a Full Coarse o( WniTifso Lessons GOLDSMITH'S National Cmrogranhic Institute and Book K-<vi:<tc A? t^my, 254 Broadway, New York, opposite the I y fUll; entr inc?* at (ho door of PealeMuseum Air Gold rni'h respt ctfully informs the citizen* of New York and It* ? that his spacious a, artmenLs for the instruction of i"?nm nshi, And Bo<>k-K?*piinr. will close about the 15thw# March or it. Mr G. Ims obt <iued the first premium three consecutive years for the hest specimen# of on-ha d penmanship, rih?bite'd j| the meat Fairs ofihe American Ins titnte. He also i?lt dues himself to impart to all in ten lessons of one hour each his much admired system of inetcautile aud epistolary pqpman slop, or retain the money, at the expiration ?l the lessons I ?? nl emen are taught a bold, free, dashing stvle ol mercan til writing, written with the greatest rapidity. Th? ladies ac , ju re a beautiful style of epistolary writing?an invaluable j vcompluhment to the sex. , ( V oung gentlemen qualified as teachers of the art, id all its villous branches. TEH >1 ?For a conrse of Mercantile and Epistolary Writing ( Two Dollars aud a halt. B"okeepiog, reduced from fifteen to , ten dollar*, for an unlimited at eadauce. p ly able in advance. j Straugtis visiting the cily can receive a course of wnfng lea ns in two or three days. The ladies meet daily from II to I j 'c'ock; geuilemen at 9 A M, aud 7 and 8 P M. Private instruction givru. . , I For sale at the Academy, a superior article cl gold auu m tallic pens , .. , ? iiariHKfvcgi?H .br rt H Morns, M yor of the city of N York Geo Charles W fvndford. Itc . Hall, El-Mayor of Brooklyn. John D*t i?, (I veri or of Mas*achusetta. i c |1, u \M?o?t L Wieacf , Bost n 1 ILL M riO.Nh ' ' h? l i ?I'd Stares made On ^ the moil favor hU tarrvu by B J. AVLVEHTKH III ? W ?H reel > v.| it;? , Adway i * * ?11- Jlil I 1 \ f'(;'|'jf) v o * ? M V BM.1. It .? AM <S'*'?.V?< M-d ? " r I w .1' . MONDAY. At IfKo'clorfc, in the talet room, Extra and Positive Hale of Paintings, Hofaa, Ike?By cata'ogue 57 tnmW? raliuihlr {tainting* by he bett masters, of the anci* nt ?ud modern icbooli?imtnedi' tely .ift*r. 74 tofas, equal to any iu (he city?French couches, ottomans, divans, sewing <nd rockiug chiir*, 18dngi n mahogany ai.d m iple parlor do, foot benches. I impi, chandeliers, Ac. . . AI?o, th* balance ttock of an upholsterer, comprising best live geese feather beds, bolsters, nillowt, m*ltra*tei,piUi?utres, (joi'tt, blinki'ti, comforters, feathers, 10,OtK) lbs curled hair, ?c. Also, 10,000 Ibt pure curled hair lor upholsters use. TUESDAY. AtlOVf o'clock in the sales room. Extensive sale of foreign and domestic dry goods, in lots to su t, rlothins, London ana French cloths, cassnneres, vesting* in tny lengths. Also, pledged arficb ?, fancy goods, jewelry, guns, cutlery, twine watches, thinkers, Ac. Alto, ho??lit and station#- . groceries he. Alto, about 600 y \rdt English and French superfine broad and heaver clotht and castim*-ieM in I ?n to suit, 126 vest patterns, gloves, stocking*, under shins, furs, he. A'an 5 valuable witches, 3 Loudon guns, 2 trunks. seoud hand clothing 2do. merino, silk m.d -?r and handkerchiefs, ami numerous otTn . choice nonds. Also, a choice lot I |'nf?ititrv WKDNKXDAY, At inW o'clock at tli' sales room. Larfs wd aplniiliii itlr ol fn?' r it" lu uituri- of all descrim linns . from families leinoviuu, Ac ; also, first rata city made now <ln. do. ('nmpruimtmirv carpels, ma'tniff, nil eloths, beds, hcdt-rds, heddimr, sofas, rhaira, (antes. bureau*. looking glasses. wardrobes, sidaboards, elegant sofas, couches, marb'c top dressnm bureaus dilto pier and rrlltr" utiles, superb pianoforte, all kinds ol b- il room furniture, kitchen utensils Ac Also, a large additional lo' el eleant second hand furniture, removed from Brook" n for Coiirein nee of sale. Als i, :00 lbs curled liair for inilmistcig. THURSDAY. At 10 o'clock. III tbe sale rooms Sale of valuable'laiii'inas; R -.eaoud li ind and new pianofortes by the best makers in the world; includintt one of, Wo cester and Durham*. A'an, a variety of rscellent furniture. The paintniita are truly valuable Same time, > cases stuffed birds, lie. Ac. HENRY K. HIKLL, Auci'r. BY RtKLL A ARCULARf'JH. Store 314 Broadway, coiner of Dunne streets. H. Ik A. are now ready to Ktade ndvmices tc any amount on coiisiutimeu'a, K?-turns prompt. Hal*?nf real mute and out ililftr oClmn...WcaM l?s~v. .1.1 : Regular sales of LiqUnrs.Sexua. lie., ;*verv Tuesday; Furuiiu'r, Pianos, Ike , rifif WnlueiJ.iv ind Saturday. Til E?DAY~l4thliYb. At lialf-imt 10 o'clock, in the sales room. Madeira, I'oit, Sherry audother wim ft, Kin, brandy, candlea, lie. Alao, imported and domestic a-gar*. Aj?o,_U0,000 fine aegim iu bond. Sample* in ?'ore. =*3BS 8IG. RAPETTPS LAST CONCERT THIS SEASON. O KIR. RAPF.TTI baa the honor to inform bin friend* and the > public that hi? laat (fraud Concerto! Vocal and Instrumental Minic wi'l take place at VibloN Haloon. on Wednesday, IttaW, Keb. 15th, n which OMSMOB he will be assisted by the IbllnwiDK talent:? Mr?. t.oder, Mr. Bonce, Mr. Scbpffcrbe'K, _ Mr. Timin. Sijiior Rftlietti wi'l on this occaaion play two piece* of Irs own composition. composed expressly fortbii Concert, which he dedicates 10 the apiat< urs of New Y rk Sign >r Rapetti ha? been induced, in consequruee nf the hard times, to put hit tlcketa at FIFTY CENTS, Which can be iiad at the principal Muaic Slorea, and the 8alo -non the E'eniUff of the Conceit. fd* r MEDICATED Vr? PIIK BATHS, 2i Courtlandt street, established 1876?Scaibt lever, colda, inflammatory and ehrouic rheumatism,Sir cured :n a few days by the iiaa of J. P. Carroll's Medicated Vnpor Balhs. Open from 6 o'clock iu the momim: till nine o'clock at night. Sulphur Bailia require one hour's previous notice. Portable baih? sent to any part of the city or Brooklyn. BatliitiK tubs and hip hatha for hire. 110 6tn r TIT H EAT?(32 sacks Illinois wheat ex ship Oconee,from New it Or!tain, for sale by E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., f I3ac .'16 South street."! LAHD?177 barrels prim Ohio L inl cx ship Ocoime fiom New Orleana, for sale hv E K COLLINS 8t CO , f I3ec i' South street. SI)OAK?20 hhds prime New Orleans Suirar. landing from ship Oconee,from New Orleans, and for >.ale by E K COLLINS Ik CO., fllec 36 South street. PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT FOR THE TREATMENT OF VENEREAL DIS EASES, IN CONNEXION WITH THE COLLEGE OF MED/CINE AND PHAR _ MAC)r OF THE CITY_OF NEW YORK, 'i-niu miuege o' .Me<i:riiin ana mirmwy nl thecity ofNew 1 Vo; k, have opened in mmiciinii with their Medical nnil Surgical Cotiaiiltiiig Kooins, xn estnolMhinviit I'm the exclalive reception of patients suffering Iroin venereal diseases. No class of human maladies requires for their s.irc aud s-tco isful treatment a greater degree of matured experience and nr ictised ?k.II. than do those which vice entails on her vol tries ; but alas', asthousinds innst bitterly arkuowl-dce, no other class h is been so much subjected to the m ill re atuient of heartless and iiucdiicatrd pretenders?Men without cliarscter?without medical knowlekg-?without eitiorieiice?without rei|xmsihj. lity. The members of the College are fully convinced that were venereal diseases uniformly subjected to the trntinent of pro|>erly qualified physicians, a vast amount ot human suffering Would be orevcuted, auil the innocent saved from the consequences in which they are now too often involved with the guilty. .D order therefore to (oppress, as far as possible, tins ruinous quackery, the College have opeued tilts establishment, and placed it under the management of two eminent medical gentlemen of great eiperience, and sound judgment?tnen for whose respectability and talent the bigli character ol the Col lege itself is pledged. Patients or bote sesca will be admitted and receive advice gfaluitoutlv, and the necessary medicines will be dispensed to thein at lers than the usual rates. No fees wit never will he require!?. The College cht rtsh the hope that this liberal arrHDgt-ineti! will soon put a stop to the impost ire to which this flass of patients have been subjected, ami all thus affected will. It is Imped, see the wisdom ol availing themselves ol the opportunity now afforded. By n der, VV. 8. KICHAR;. HON, Agent, Office and One i ' iris Ro< ins of the College, .'V tm f N..S.U .'reel. Nrv> York. L1VKKPOOL COAL?1711 Chaldrons best Orril I oal in yard, lor sale in lots to sui. purchas?r* by JOHN HKUDMAN, f IQr HI South street. .MQ ,-ra] FOR ALBANY?Hour Changed?On and [V after Mondav, IJ'h instant, and until further jL__SLmK-iioii, .-, passengers lor A'beny, via Housalouic Ksilroid will lea*? this ejiv hv Strainer Croion or Nimw?d, daily, (Sundats .tcepted) at 7 o'clock. A. M. from Catherine Market Slip, Kast Hivcr, arriving 111 A'hanv same evening. filer I OMKHOY (ft CO.. 1 Will st. KOK LI V KkPOOL?NfcW LINK?.Kegulni sJfWV Pack*1! of Fcbruarr.?The Sj>*emiid Packet Ship '"^-Vr " * ""'iLr ' WnlTsiin 8 kiddy. of !Ono ioms, will positively tail as aliov#-, her regular dir. Kor freight or pissage, hi villi accommodation.* utirjualled for splenuur or comfort, '.pply ou boar I. at Orlt in.* w?.ir(\ foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO South street. Price ol pass &ie. flOfl. 1 ne Packet Slip Itnscios, Captain John Collins, ?>f 1100 tons, will succeed me UvrncU, and sjiI the 25th of March, lit r L- tfrrs for the shipsof this vriU only be received at Gilpin's a ul H de's V*i Itc.nin. Pa*! - niers u. -y 'it's ou the ships of tl.ii line inPiny, nurtually as advertised f9 r XdSg- fTtTlTVEMPGOL-R guhsr Packet 6 h Feb? MHRVWThe sniere", New V< i k built, fast r ai I . |i*Ckrt JmMBh b'|i ROCHESTER Philip Woodlnni-e, master,ROO til win wi on her regular dsy For passage, having legal t nil commodious tceomnin'aliona, apply to the mauler on board, w r.t tine ot Burling Slip, or 11 WOODHULL Ik MINTUKNB, *7 Snnth itrrtt. The fine packet ?hip Hnttinguer, Ir.i Burster, m uter, wi'l neree I the Hi cheater, and aail on her regul <r day, 16th of Maich. t 13 NIW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS?Packet fdTJHrV 5 b Feb?The Milerdid, well kri'iwu fait sailing AMMn acket ship O MtHIC, ( apt Win Skiddy, will awN an .tinvi , her regular day. i he >h>; scf tnis line are all 1000 tun* burthen and upwards ml their accommodations (or cabin, tecoud cabin and (tee rage pa senger*. it it well ki.own are aitpe tor to any other line of pal i. e: a. Those wishing to secure berthashunI] n*t fail to makeearly application on board, or to W. It J. T. TAT9COTT, filer <1 IVelt Slip ii i r South at. xdtJa- |,l)R LIVERPOOL?KegaUr Packetof the nth kjHM^Feh, 1841?The splendid, fast sailing packet ship JBmKhLNI TED STATES, Captain Britton, will sail a* above tier regular day. P. P.?The United States will |be <ncce?drd by the Packet Ship Oarriek. anil sail on the ?S'h of Feb. Peraniu wishing to send lor their friends, residing in the Old Country, can have them broopht out in the abore ships, sailing Imm ther- on the Is end IJth o( April, or any of the regular packets, hy applying to JOSEPH MeVURRAY, ftec 100 Pin# street, cornei . I Smith street. lAx- BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVKHI'OOL kcPjtJfV Packets.?Regular Packet of I9lh ol Febrn try.?The ipMMBw m'gtiiliecnt favorite packet ship ENGLAND, Caiitaui Bellj L. Wait#, will sail positively on Monday, the 20'n of Feb., her regular day. Thr accommodations ol this well known favorite line of packet* lor cabin, ad cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any other line i r ship loading for the above port Those about to etnb ,rk will lind it to their comfort and advantage to s-lrrt this conveyance. For terms of passage, and to secure thr best berths, early application should he made on board, foot ol Brekfiian street, or to the snhirritier* KOCHK UHOTHKKH Ik CO., 35 Kulton at, neat door to the Fullou Bank N. B. The K.bgland w from Liveiyiool on the Tin of April ?those sending for their friends, can have ihem brought out in her, or in r.ny of the Packets comprising thii magnificent and old established Line, which tail from Liverpool, punctually on the 7th and 19th of every Month. For i aaaage apply aa above. Drafta on the Royal B'uk of Inland, and on Messrs. Preaeott Orote, A met It Co.. bankera, Loudon, which will be paid free ol discount or any charge, in every town throughout England, Ireland, Bcommh and Wahat. fir ???- OLD H L \i K BALL LINK OK f\\< KK.TS nVVWKOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 19th February ? jHHMLiThe auiienor well knowr packet ship ENGLAND, t 'ant. tVaite, will positively aail as above, her regular day. Having unsurpassed ace.oinmodatiuiia for cabin, arcond cabin and aiverage paaaengera. Peons about to rinhbark should make e*rl> application on hoard the ship foot of Berkman at, or to JOHN HKHDMAN, SI South atrrrt. N. B. Peruana lending for their fnrnda reaiding iu Oreat Britain and Iu land caa have tin in brought out, a* usual, by auy of the shipa comjioaiug thia line and drafta furnialied for any aruouut, oat aide without discount throughout the uuitefl kingdom. a, plv *? ab ive. f 7 ec gjBK PACKET FOR MAKBEILLKH-^rThTThil' afWk.H>'LI KsPON l'; Adama, vUater, will poaitiaely oil JUdUuiie lat. March. f>"r freight or passvge apply to S BROOM* COT. 103 Front at., or to BO YD * HIN^KEN, Ageuu, fllr 0 Tllli I I III* Bfllldlllg FOM I.VI.W OHLKANS-LOOISIASA ANB NEW YORK LINK?Regular Paekat of thelOth of sailing packet ahip OCMULQEE, Captain Peat, nl! positively sail a* abort-, her regular uay. For frei^ht or >assage, having handsome (urrmli-<1 accommodations, apply >n board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall it, or to Q. E. K COCLINt It CO. M Sooth st. Shippers may rc'y upon Ihviiik fheiT ro-hU correctly aiur?d,arid thai *ne sh in of this hue will rail pun# tnally as adverised. Any gnara h"?* to that effect will he given and mlfilled :hat may b? f^jnirrd. Ageuls m N. Orleans, I haliiL ll Wood rn if, who will pi'??npCr v lorw&ril tl! goods to their address The packet slop Oconee, Cant uu Jackson, will sneered the OcmnlUfF, mil sail ihr 1st Mircn. ''*r rmnUi ?Uv III ec FtiH Nfcvv ?TKLH A Ns?r i( k. < i Frb? On' v Kvgular l.nn? The splendid fast * 5688?el>af kef ship I'ANT^j1 A, Ca| tain Drunis, w ill sail a* ihnve, hei regular day. Ihr shirs of this linr sill every five d.tys,and have *lf ftccomntoHjatioiM for p*uurngsrii,*|?pliration lor which should b* mvlc on hosnt, or to . _ Wk J T TAPtCOTT 13 Peck Silo cor South ?t. Thp Ofmulge* will iu< i^inI ihs rauthsi iari'i ? ' 0,1 the 30tl? int. i lit if I I ? t . V WEIGHTS <# L. * HI Pit CI HCI/lt, AT THI PA UK THEATRE. _ IMMENSE EXERTIONI. . 1 Vie (' tioii . ..ft! , Who Prof?MIOD IB tn? THRU-. itHEAT PECTAOLEH MONO a'v EvV\|nV*. (fill 13. FOR THE LAST WEEK M i TWO 01'ThE SEASON rC^Vfry P.lirnWi " mart Htt wcnird ID ill# morning. 10 order to prevent dunpp un mi nts during the rmn of the Pantomime. K<juestritn Director*... Meters. If. R.?~kw?tl %. Csdwslltder Clowns to the Circle Messrs. lints in k w?iu Perform.i.rtii fo rotnmeiiee *fr ,.?.i? monday kvk'.nin., """ thi? aplandid hill will coiiimatic with * n.wlv ......j O.rgeoo. Enociri ... C .trie 1 ..yeud, eutVd * haint gkorge inp tni f i e k v i) k a go n . in scene ii? the mem 'i.v i" hi^lp .ii m.dnigh'?th? l |1%ii1 pinna sired otercmnr hv in firr. anl poiinuou > breath of til"* motllri?rilii w -i ..i il.t i nmbat >>. foot tng ther with fat mm incident* attached to i'm marlam., arena performance. tin1 new scenery ami decora tintia hv the juitly celebrated j. wi?er darh.g .tiid daihinic diaiday by mir?*. franklin, without saddle <>r bridle. alter which, by parrirnle' deaire, paa drdaner.hy mi?a welti some reel* in the air by 'he fn nmii m 'i'l.e boudiineli of augualua ' nor, lly mom cadwaltadrr and s .rhanaon their fierce conner!. allet which a inn?r imgh .hie ? *fr y .eanra, entitled jack i uk giant killer. in which mr t> lain, h i'aliner, mm lnuit. well*, w kinrade, m ?t gleiiroy, fcc, will appear. 3gp* ar tioa period ol tlie kvetmnr au intrrinmion'of ten iiuiiutea will euine the second part wi i owmeccr witk the fnar til d.awra. nkgiu) doings uy the inoit neat and active hnyi.tlo weet hnnio |i|ayiamk boy cheitnut, and the dingt john diamainl. th?- whole to cnnrlade wnh a grand romantic legend and fierie fo'ie, appointed with new scrnea, dreaaea, decoration*. mechanical effect*, and ontrte circumvtanre* and situ ti n?, entitled the devouring ogre; THE TERROIt OF THE FROZEN REGIONS! HARLEQUIN AND THE THUMB FAMILY. the new scenery by ? meaeia smith. i wuer, b grain, whenfley and nnmeioni aaaiatant*. the maehiliery by mr speam and hit varioua machiniata thedreaaea nl all natioua by mr lewia and aaaiatanta. tin. superb female coatiimea, by mra hemming! the acreloriea and decoration*, bv meaira henry palmer and ' leorire hllaey tlie folic invented, written and produced under the di ection ol "mr j hamheiat notice. to parents and guardians. for the convenience of juvenile par'iea there will be grau.l day i'erlorwnnre every saturday afternoon, ecu* mencing at it o'clock preeiaaly, embracing all the choice awl naoalaplendid equestrian and gymnastic act > of the scan -. for pa ticnlnra aee ban ibilla at the bo* ?'l i re, winch o i Saturday will be ready lor delivery In no la clock A. M. i ntil (lie time of opening. ! r"7""Boxes, jo; Pit, 2J; Gallery 12X cents. <T;~ St- iu r?n lie secured at the Box Office, from 18 till o'clock. it* UHA'I'HAM I'M *. A ? >v T* REDUCTION OK FUlCfcw. Dress Circle, 2J inilv. fit 6.X ft nut I hi ei Ties limine ; MONDAY K. v k n l No MISER'S DAUGHTER. I'n conclude wi'li DEATH OF CHRISTOPHE, KINO OF HAYTL Doom open at 8)4 .''dock ainl il>* perlvrnnuioe win com metier at T precisely itlltlllKlili'l >)li? iWk?lC TTUCATHK. ttt Brnadwav. New York. W Coibyu's Benefit. MONDAY KVENING, will be [erforined WOMAN IIATEK. To be followed hv the FKA DIAVOLO. Fia Diavolo, .Mrs Timtn I Bcppo, Mitchell After whicli MR. LISTON. 3.7" The Doors will be opened .it half-past 8, ttlJ the to I >ri icm e* commence at T. every evening BOWERY AMPHlTHKATKB. 37 BOWEItY. I.unoi rroehain, il vawa a I'AMPHITHEATRE da Bowery, grand spectacle en Frsnccis, Anglais, Alletrand, Kspagnol et Indien. M. Pipen, tie France, et sa tronpjh huteront par ties rxercices eijuestres et d-s dances tlu Graiul Opera, <1' une force extraordinarr. Pour les details, voir lea bills du jour. Frix des logea, }J cents. GRAND GALA NIGHT. MOvDAY EVENING. Feb 13, Fieucli, German, Spanish, and Eii?luh Performances. German Band. 20 Peifortners 40 Vocalists fro a the diff-rent Temi erancc Societies. Ten [nditiii Warriors foot Canada. in (Radish.ri, six in number. Grand Euiit'strinii Paifeanr. Miiiic Irotn the Grand Opeias. slid other luterettingentertainment* for the BENEFIT OF THK LAFAYETTE TEMPEKANCi ASSOCIATION. Her Dobler Arie am item nnlerhrrcheuen Opferit Von Wiufer Morn llubuio Le Vieni Soldat Frsnraia Her Willi Orosse Arie aut dee Zimbrrliofe Yin Moxart Mom Lablache L? Marteilleite HORSEMANSHIP EXTRAORDINAIRE Mom Pipii, >1 Francaito, Mile Gardner. Gladiator T bleau, M<m Lamsc Virginia Danee, Pal llogan Wire Vnlaire, Mont Yonng Uriud Rotfo a la Elaaler, D Gardner Grind Duetto Tancredi, Herr Marc h Butch Leader ot the Baud. F Wicne A Grand Knelt.h Concert, lly tne Member of the Temperance Pociefv. Grand !' ifurmaiice in the Arena of the Glad -tor t Scene from POMPEII DANCING AND HINGING From the Grand 0|>erai. (T^" Botet IS eentt?I'll One Shilling. Childien to the boi [_' III Im Ait. LUH AN 'J'UF. A'f'Kf?.? VI ALM'i-Sl. PlllX.AUlCf.PMIA. ITMJKK HIE DIRECTION OF .Yll.sK C CUSHMAN MONDAY i1 VKMMi Feb 13, will bt perform-u BROKEN HEART. To be followed by C( RIOBI1 IF.S Oh LITERATURE. ( '.ricl'idr wtrlt TWI' K KILLED. V A. MARSHALL. Lm.t. AMVUKAN MI'SBl.l. ' .fblr Bnt'-img, Br railway, o; (ositc St. Paul's ( botch P T HMtMIM Mwu. VISIT OF THF. INDIAN CHIF.FS PROLONGEDPerformance i icy Al'ft rimou .uid Eveuug. fty?Thttdenutatl 11 of lu ll in I !?.? wuh their Warrior* tin*. Squaws frnin their na ive wild 111 th- Rocky Mountains, held a ' talk" on siitwila,, ami being a?u cd ihrnigh their interpreter that tnonttnd. who hare hern prevented bv the weather are desirous of see in.' the in. they have conn nted to reirain at the Mownm one vr. ek mote, olid h ire roluntaiily of'' SPLKNIHD'WAR DVNCK8 AND CEREMONIES, | Kten afternoon .0 half i?at or. n'ciurk, I wh'ch time the I other ptrlorinancet wi.l lake plar.e precisely the same a* _r iu the rteiiiu. I The company consists of 11 Indian* ami Squaws; Sirs, Ko* | ano Iowa*. Tie, will be ' on in the Muin ni ll mnghoui the whole day, and in the afleru e>n and earning will appear iu their KiiWo|m'o War, and other ilsuct a, showing their ravaite lunar of III , war ceremonies, religions festivals, fce. They will appsar drsssed in their |>rctiiiar and auiijue Nauru ( ostume. They are I trice, well f'-tmed, lull blooded, and aa not le looking company ol Indiana as was ever aern. >lr. H. O She man, the. p-pu'at ballad tinker; T. G. B-i-uh, the ilonic Soger; 1.1 Petite Celeste, the admired dauteute ; Alias H001I, me e n| juile Voc- hat. Lear week of the universally admired animated tableau*, Also, Signer Vivaldi's celebrated 11 ecu. oral Figures. PHRENOLOGY Au Eminent Profostor will inake Piactical Eiamin 11 ions nl visitors, and Chart?*ol ilrrelopemrnlt arid character,at a trifling extra cna ge, suited to the limes, vit: Siui|de Eiatninatioa I shilling. WitnChitt 2 shillings. With pamphlet, chart tod explanations- - 3 shillings. '*'/* The Free Lis', with the eltepton of the press, is nrcessaiily sutptnded tiiiring the r gageinrnt of th" Ind'aiir, IVrforni.tUCes cotnineiice athall-p-st I and 7 o'clonk, P. M Tom Thumb is ir-rugagrd and will appear early in Match. I .active pr-paialinu, the aablime and wondcrtnl moving D< or una of the DELUGE ! Admission "all rti cents?Children half price. fkec PICAI.K'N w w vuk k Mitwir.iim NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE UALLEHT 18 NOW re-opened: C. H. DEVOE, Mauagcr. The establishment contain. an almost endless number ol . KAHK AM) CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART! Neatly and tastefully displayed in rhrrc spacious halls, and boaars "f a Ve rv COSTLY AND ELEOA.NT PkCTUR UALLKHY, Escecding in filrnl and value any other in America. The minuter haa engaged, for every Day aid K'eniog, until further nolu e from 9 A. M to 9 o'clock P. M., the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONI9HINO OIPSY WOMAN, From England. She wishes not to imi>oae e|>on the public, by making them belieee her a Witch <r . . FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with aopernataral |??rr-but on the contrary, cl nma publicly to be able to inrtmct othcra efj Rood n.tellect and mention their leading tr? aactiona ol, PAST TIMES, THE PRESENT. AND THE FUTURE. She will tell persona whether they are married or net, and what hind of husband or wife they will g-t. describe their o * n I rhara tera and give a host of lacta and correct conc'naions f.m mied on her knowledge of the immutable sciences of pore me logy, physiognomy,renrnlogy, philosophy, he. A< proof of the ri redness nfher assertions. aha is at liberty to refei to huuilr da ornur first citizens, including clergymen, judges, attorn'V'iphysicians, and many of the moat enlightened ladiss m the riiy. f* Admission to the Mnienm, 23cents; Children hall price. An utra charge of I2H cents to those who consult the liipsy Woman. ftr MIT? HELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE WCORBYN respectfully iufoniis his frieiida and the pub lie that his BENEFIT Will tike place ou vlunday F.irti ng neat, K-b, 13, 1943, oil which occasion two new pie me I In mety ol |K)pnlar i uterfiinments, will be performed. Uoi b< oh now o|wn, fn>m II) until 4. ' 10 ,tr Rockwells PATENT I'^CK LIGHTS NO. 9 ASTOR HOUSEf MENTRANt IN "ARCLAY MUSIC. , oi HNEIDEK Ik REBHUN. Directorsof the German Band . 0 .,ud lata of Saratoga Springs, will alleud private parties aad ..ireei with abend of Irom three to twenty artieu. Applt a \?? 27 OelAiicr nrtr lb* Bower?, of No. 39 Crosby at. jyl7 lm#r MEDICAL NOTICE. 1 iH HOMER BOMTWICK. Professor of Snrgery and Sor I ) groo |o the New Y?rh Medical and Snrg'cal Institute, imriicular aticuiion to the treatment of diseases of the . erf and lungs, dysiwueia, piles, diseases of the resium. and al tale complaiiilfc f '> ml sue. i ts that has <1 tended hia H ide of Crrttiug ihoae painml end ao frequently fatal diseases, i, brought patients frotn the moat remote parts of the eountrv , place themselves under hia cart, tad out of 231 patients thai me trom a distance, all bu* live relumed to their homes per i-rly cured, and thweRls were incurable HOMER BOBTWU K, M D No. 73 Chambers street, v II lmis*m Second ben at west >< Broadway PORTl iTifl SK FEaVi A LI | 'HK9R. (At 1 mifJ Hid crl?brafed P?H?, I I1 Wp iwrr^ire, to b?r obtinwl in Biib ( "infr . ' * Ul iM4 tbf> iMt TskiuiAt , fourth I 4'' " * I