Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 17, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 17, 1843 Page 1
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$ i THI Vol. IX.?No. 18.?WhoU No. 3X61. To tlie Public. THE NEW Y*RK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub. lUhed every day of the year except New Year'? day and Fourth of July. Price 8 eenla per copy?or $7 26 per annum? postages paid?cash in advanoa. THE WEEKLY HERALD? published every Saturday morning?price 6} centa per copy, or $3 13 per annum? poatagei paid?caih in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that tha circulation of the Herald ii ovor THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hoe the target! circulation of any payor in thii city, or tho world, and it therefore, the beet channel for butineee men ax the city jt country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiXToa er thk Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. AGENTS, 1 ne following is a list of the agents for the Herald, where subscriptions will be received, and single numbers are found lor sale regularly :? at what flack. agents. Boston, George W. Redding. Philadelphia B. Zieber. Baltimore Taylor. Washington, D. C G. B. Zieber It Co. Buffalo, N. Y T- 8. Hawks. New Haven, Conn T. K. Pease. Hartford, Conn J.W. Judd. Albany, N. Y.. . G. Jones. Troy, N. Y H. Green. Lanainab'rg U Waterford.N.Y. Thomas P. Richard*. Newark. N, J D Hmilh. Catskill. N. Y 11- Rowr. New Orleans J. C. Morgan. Cincinnati. O Robert Carnahan. Paterson. N.J Matthew Dougherty. Norwich, Con Morgan Saflbrd. Rochester. N. Y...1 L. Moore. Elizabethtown, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N. J William Soloma*i, St. Louis, Mo Woodward li Mathews. Charleston Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Augusta, Ga 8. A."Holmes. Mobile, Alsu Milton Bollemet. Poughkeepsie. Levi Smith. Trenton . ,J. Rannsley. Pittsburg, Pa. Jos. P. Israel. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldeman. Wheeling, Va Kaine. New London, Con. L. L. Sperry. Newport William A. Fry. Utica J. B.Loak. Savannah. Ga Amos Head. Nashville, Twin .A. Billing*. Syracuse. James Robertson. BOOKS FOR THE^ PEOPLE J HF. following Publications are for sale at the HERALD OFFICE, North West comer ol Fulton and Nassau its? I where all the Cheap Publications of the day can be had as soon I as issued, at the 1 PUBLISHING PRICES. THE B1DLE IN SPAIN?By Geo. Barrow. price. 25 It 50 THE BOOK OF THE NAVY, comprising a general History of the American Marine?to ! he embellished with a number ol Engrarrngs. No. 1 now ready, at the lor* price of 25 cts. ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF EUROPE, in IC Numbers. The I, II, III and IV Nos are now ready, each 25 eta. COOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to be completed in t Nos. No. 2 now ready 24 BRANDE'B ENCYCLOPEDIA. Nos 1.2. and 3, 25 URE'S DICTIONARY of the Arts, Sciences, fcc, to be completed in 5 monthly numbers. Prrce SI each. No. 3 now ready. GEORGE ST GEOKGE JULIAN, The Prince ?Nos 1, 2. J and C 25 THIERS'* HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, No 11 now ready, 25 ' THE HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION in Germany, Ec, in the 8utee?th Century, by J H Merle D'Aubigne, No 1 and 2 sow ready, 15 1 MASTER MAN READ *?by Marryat. Just YOU Ko "s LJA NDF.RS?by J. Tsvlor, "75* THE FARMER'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, and ' Dictionary of Rural Affairs?By C W JohnSPARKS' LIFE OF WASHINGTON, 6 num- " hers, each ' 25 ' JACK HlNTON, JIM. 50 It SI 00 HANDY ANDY. 50, SI & SI 25 HECTOR O'HALLORAN, No.#, L2U HUMPHREY CLINKs-R-By Smollett. Complete in one number, 25 TOM JONES, or the History of a Foundling? , complete, by Fielding, 50 . JOSEPH ANDREWS, by, Fielding, complete in I cue number, 25 L. S. D.?Or, Acconnta of Iriah Heirs, by 8 Lover, , No 1 end 2 now ready, 6,M NOVELIST^-LIBRARY. Thia Library will be completed in ten weekly cumbers. VIVIAN GREY?by D'Draeli?complete iu one ' volume, 25 VENET1A?bvD'laraeli?complete in one vol*> ?*, ROMANCE AND REALITY?by L E J m- 1 plele in one Tolume, _ M , THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'laraeli?w tbapor- \ tm' of the author, M FRANCE8CA CARHARA-by L E Landon, jj , HENRIETTA TEMPLE?by D'laneli-complete J in one rnltiM 23 ( PETER SIMPLE, by Marryat, complete in one 2 number. 23 CONTARINl FLEMING?by D'ISRAELI?complete in one number. 23 MONTHLY MAGAZINES. OODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for March, 25 GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 2i LADY'S COMPANION. 23 ' TH1& ARTIST 26 SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, Feb number, in.t published, 23 MISS LESLIE'S MAGAZINE, February number, ' juat published. lj ' THE LADY'S WORLD OF FASHION, for te March, Id WAVERLY NOVELS. ( IVANHOE?by SirWalttr Scott?complete in one J umber, 23 1 GUY MA^NERING?by Sir alter Scottcomplete in one number, 23 THE ANTIQUARH?bv Sir Walter Scott- j complete in one numher, 23 I ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number. 231 < OLD MORTALITY?by Sir Walter Scott? complete in on* number, 23 HEART OF MID LOTHIAN?by Soott-eomBRIEVE 'oiP LAMM ER'mOOR?by Bcott-com- * r lete in one number, 23 1 LWORTH?by Sir Walter Scott-eom- < plrte in one number, '23 i WAVERLY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete In c one number, <j THE MONABTER1?by Walter Beett?complete in one number. 23 THE ABBOT?by Walter Scott?complete in one ' numher _ 25 THE LEGEND OF MONTROSE, by Walter Semi, complete in one numher, 23 THE PIRATE?by Walter Seott?complete in one number. 23 J LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS. uatifuul TTnifAym If.dmnn i\f Rnlme.'a ?~ Twenty-five Centa etch.) PELHAM. j DISOWNED. * DEVEREAyX. , PAUL CLIFFORD EUGENE ARAM^ 1 LA vp DATS OF POMPEII. TK i CZARINA. , RIK.NZI. The Last of the Tribunes. , SE'.K DEVOTION. or Katharine Randolph. NABOB AT HOME, or the Return to Euitland 1 ERNEST MALTHA VERS. ALICE; or, The Mysteries; Sequel to Mallravers. COOPER'S NOVELS. : RED ROVER, in two numbers, price 3d 1 CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. AII the woiks of the abore. writer will be published in regular | rotatiou. NOTES ON AMERICA, for general circulation, 12W . NICHOLAS NICKLEBV?Postage 20 cenu under, sndliX cents over 100 miles, 3d OLIVER 1 "IsT?Postage II cents under, and ||R cenu over I0t miles, 23 PICKWICK PAPERS?Complete in one nam i THE CARIOSITY SHOP, complete in one nun- ' ber, 3d I PUBLISHED IN QUARTO FORM. LIGHTS AND SHADOWS OF FACTORY , LIFE IN NEW ENGLAND?B?a Factory Girl. It is a beautilul picture of factory life. FRANoi*?I OF V ALOIS, or the CURSE OF J S" . VALLIAR. by fc. Flagg-a tale of the , Middle Asm. Just published at the low price , oi UM THE I.IEE AND EXPLOITS OF THE DUKE , OF w ELLINGTON, including a complete Histny of the PgivnvitiLAa Wab, illustrated I with FouTT-TltnKK handsome Eiwrayiugs. , Publisheit at the low 'price of 13 cents, single topirs; Bid per hundred to newsmen. ' BIANCA CAPPKLLO-an Histerical Uomaaee I by Ladt Lyttoh Bui.wkb. Single copies I igV rim Bl J i?r hundred to newsmen. IbENTLV.Y'8 MI8CELLANV, (a republicaI tion.) just received, at the low price of I2X I ratita sinsle cony ' IbLACKWOOD'B MAUAZINr.?a republication I No. I. II* , IfAULINK?a Tale of Normandy, by Alexandre DaI man. 12* i the r^EIOHBOllS?From the Oerman,by Mary | HlMrtt, lllf I It'll EMISTRY?applied to Agri culture and rhysiolIth?? WESTERN CAPTI VE?Or the Times of * B Trumseh, 1|V LET I'EKS OF MARY QUEEN OK SCOTS? i bl Amos Slricklai.d. 25 MH.vo,Ks of the queens ok france i _ bj Vm K. Bush, 25 | THE NAUTILUS?a collection ?f Sea Tales- I A**o an Recount of the 80M hdRtf1 MUTINY, 12* t uiir/./LKWrr. by Dirkrua S m TOM BURKE OF oyR$. L s. D <>i Accounts Irish Heirs All for tVI vD?OH CASTLE |?Q HkBVENTURBi OF ARTHUR O'LEARY, ? A discount on all the above works to agents B Subscriptions for all the above Magastnes w III be received at < hisoffice, aad punctually atteudud to. litre E NE NE1 THE MCW LINK OK LIVKHPOOL PACKET#. 4 a i m Ti^TiUrom New^Trluerii, aud fro^^Li?erpool 5tli ol *acli month. Ship ROCHESTER, 800 tou., If.h Feb'rv Philip WooWhou.e, ; lGth Fabry. Ship HOTTINGIIKR, 1060 ton,, 16th Mtrch. Ira Buriely, New ihip LIVEKPOOL. 11S0 ton,, l#lh April. John Eldrli' New ?hip , 1200 tou,. 1#th May. Three ,ub?tantial, (an aailiuK, fimt cl*J? hit>?.*ll built in the city of New York, are c innmi.ded by nien of experience aud ability, auj will be dopatched j uuclually on lha 16tn ol each ""Bin. Their cabin, are elgant and cominodiou,. ^n'*l are furuiahed ?ith whaterer can conduce to the ea?e aud comfort ol paeaeuvera. Neither t e captains or own*rs of these ?hir? will be responsible foi auy i arcels or packsges sent by them, un'vss leguiar bill* lading arc signed therefore. For freight or patssge apply to WOODHULL k MINTURNS, 87 South itiret. New York, orto FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO.. f 7 y r Liverpool. WlMV jjjggF PASSAU^'ROM GRK^HmTrAIN ANdTK^LND BY THE BLACK BALL OK OLD LINE OF LIV?" RPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool oa the 7th and l'Jtli of every mouth.] Persona wiahiug to did to the Old Coiiutry for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come out in this superior L.ine of Packets, sailing from L ivernool unctuilly on the 7 th and 19th of every month. Tl ey will also have a hist rate class of American trading shi|<s, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (.Mr. Jamea D. Roche) ia there, u aee that they shall be lorwarded with care and despatch. Should the i?riies agreed for not come out, the money will be retnrned to those who paid it^here, without auy reduc tion. Tne Blank Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz J? The OXFORD, "file NEW YOHK, CA.MBHIDUE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA. Withsnch superior and unequalled ai ratigemeats, thv subscriber! confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which tins liecn extended to them so many years, for which they are giateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times oblaiti Drifts at sight for auy amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dull liu. also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, GRO f"E, AMES & CO. Bankers, Loudou,. which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, trend, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post naidO ROCHE/BROTHERS fc CO Si Fultou strert, New York, next dour to the Fulton Bank. N. B-?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail Iron this port ft>r Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parlies returning to the old couutry will find it to their comfort and advantage to select tins favorite Line for their conveyance, iu preference to any other. d27 r iff- OLD ESTABLISHED EMIOKANT FAS' CTjqPy SAGE OKI1 VIE, 61 South street, New York?RegllaBbulir Line of Packets?Tlie subsenber continues to bring out persons from auy. part of Great Britain aud Ireland, who may be eugaged try their friends here, hy the regular line ?f packet shi|>s, sailing every six days 'rom Liverpool. Per oiis sending for their friends, may rely that just care will be taken to haiethem despatched without delay in Liverpool.and will always endeavor to merit a coutinua ice of the public patronage which has been so liberally bestowed for many years past; and those remitting money can have drafts payable at all the Banks atari br niches throughout the United Kingdom. For further tuirticulars, apuTy [if by letter, post uaidl to jer JOHN HKRDMAN. 6"l South st. KOK LONDON.?Regular packet ol thr20tliof lJJMPW Kebuary 1843.?The ret) superior, fast sailing |iacket EusBfaship QUEBEC, Captaia llebbard, will positively u above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make early application on board, foot of Maiden laoe, or to JOSEPH McM U itKA ?, IOC Pine st., cor. South. The above will be succeeded by the packet ship Philadel phis, and sail ou the 1st or March. Persous wishing to scud tor their friends residing in the Dldcountry, can hare them brought out by the above ships, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter, post paid: f Mr *"OK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK?.Keguiai Packet of 26th Kebruary.?The Splendid Packet Ship jBBHbsUAKKICK. Captais William Skiddy. of 1000 tons, will positively sail as above, her regular day. r or freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on boarJ, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, Dr to E. k. COLLINS It CO. 66 Sooth street. Price ol passage, $100. 1 ue Packet Ship Roscius, Captain John Collins, ol 1100 tons, will succeed the Oarrick, ana sail the 26th of March, her Tlar day. iters for the ships of this will only ne received at Gilpin's ind Hale's News Room. Passengers may rely on the ships of tlus line sailing pnnetu,illy as advertised. f9 r NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS-Packet WRRjPW-'tf'h Feb?The splendid, well knowu. fast tai'iiig fihHabpach t sh<p UAKKICK. Capt Win Skiddy, will sail josn.Vriy as above .her regular day. The aliipaof this line are all 1000 tuns buithen and upwards* ind it is well known that.their accommodations for cabin, ie* rood cabiu and steerage passengers, are superior to any other i e o' pickers. Persous desirous ef securing berths should nst fsil to make early application ou board, foot of Wall st. or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 ferk Slip cor South st. The Oarric's will from Liverpool ou 13th April, aflording to lieisons a lavorable opportunity of having their friends lu*u*tit ut in her, or auy of the regal ir line ou ihe most reasonable iuc iuuk iif irnm inurey can nave (trails lor uy sinount. pa>able on demand without diacouDt, iu all the principal .owua o( Ore at Bnlain and Irrlmd Apply as abnre. Tke Koiciua will succeed the Oarricli,and sail on the25th March. 'fifee BLACK BAI.L. or Old Line LIVERPOOL KryjV Packets.?Regular racket of 19th of February.?The pHafi-mignitieent favorite packet ship ENOLAND, .'aiftaiD Beuj. L. Waite, will sail positively ou Monday, the flth of Feb., her regular day. The accommodations of this well known favorite line of packits lor cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed y any other line i r ship loading lor the above port Those ibout to embsrk will iinil it to their comfort and advantage to elect this conveyance. For terms of passage, and to secure he best berths, early application should he made on board, oot 01 Beeltman street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHER* A CO., 35 Fultou st, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B- The England v iltail from Liverpool on the Tin of April -those sending for their friends, csn have ihein brought >ut in her, or in any of the Packets comprising this maguifilent and old established Line, which sail from Liverpool, paneually on the 7th and 19th of every iMonth. For i asaage aptly at above. Drafts on the Royal B*uk of Ireland, and on Meaars. Prescott Jrote, Ames k Co., bankers, Londi n, which will be paid free it discount or any charge, in every (own throughout England, reltnd, Scotiani and Wales. fir OLD BLACK BALL LINK Or .A omls FOR LiVERPOOL?Packet of the 19th February? { fLThe superior well known packet ship ENOLAND, TapiTVVaite, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second :abin and ateerage passengers. Pesona about to emhbark hould make early application on board the ship foot of Beeknan it, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Snnth street. N. B. Persons sending for their friends residing in (Jrrat Britain and Ireland can have them brought nut, as usoal, by any if tha ships composing this line- and draffs furnished for any imouiit, payable without discount throughout the unite,d kinglom, apply as shove. f7 ec FaTTiCMTw FOR IlAVRE-Becond Line? Ph igPgV ship ONEDIA, James Funk, master, will tail on the BKuAbl" March. BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents I lee No. 9 Tontine Buildings. packet For The Ship iH^HELLkbPON I', Adams, Master, will positively on fethe 1st. March. For freight or passage apply to S. BROOM k CO., 10.1 Front at., or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, ffcr 9 Toutinc Building. PA88AUE FROM LIVERPOOL?H ?e ferr I CTjgV upepar packet ahip MEMPHIS. Capt Knijtht, will IfaMil from Liverpool early in March. Peraoua wishing to tend for their frienda oan have them ironght oot in her or auy of the legnlw packet* by applying wnonally, or if by letter, poatpaid, to sfOafcPH McMUIUtAY, 100 Piue street corner ui Sonth. F 8?D ra(u Tor any amount, payable at sight in any hank, uanili, or agency of a hank, in England, Ireland and Scotland, [iveu by applying aa abore. jyJ3r (J.NltlCfe LINE Ob" LIVKRPUoLfACkKfs mEJkTW?K'rst Paakel?The splendid faat aailing packet ship HBe*KVTA\V, c^pt Thoini>aon, ia now loading and will ih ci enh immediate despatch. Fur.paaaage early application ihonld be made on boaid, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Perk slip,corner Sooth atreet. Perions des'rons of sending (or their frirnda can hare them Sronght ont in thia line, on the moat reasonable turns. anil hose wishing to remit money can hare draft* for any amount eiyable on demand,without discount, mall (he principal inwna if Great Rrilain and Irelarni. 13 r UKAKTs (IN IMKLA >f?,iar.-The aubacnbera I aAjt^Wcontiiiiic to give dralta payable on demand, without BBKgdiarnnut. ,,r charge whataoerer. IN IRfcLAND?The National Bank of Ireland, the Prorin:ial Bauk of Ireland, and their branches in erery county. IN ENGLAND AND WALES-M.-asra. Jamra Bull. Son k Co., bankers, London, the Kichangr and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and their branches throughout England and Wales. IN SCOTLAND?The Kaatem Bank ol Scotland, the Ureenock Banking Company, and branches in the principal .owns -, Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter It Co. Persona in the country wishing to remit money to their rienda in any part of Kngland, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by inclosing the amonnt they wish to remit to the subscribers, with the name and address of the parties to whom it is to be icnt. A draft for the amonnt will br forwarded Ihe first packet ifter the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the same re;nmed tret first post. d*i W h J T. TArflCOTT. 41 Perk dip. New York REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, ?te., *u.HH^VThe suhsr nbrr contitines to transmit money, in sums BlHHar|arge er small to persons residing in any part of Ireaod, in the same manuer u be, and hit predecessor in bnsi esa. Iiavr done for the last hirty years, and more; also, to any ert ol Kngland or Scotland. Money remitted bv letter (postpaid) to the anbaenber, or ersonally deposited witn him, with the name of the |>erson or eraona in Ireland, Eugland or Srotlaud, to whom it ia to be ent, and nearest post town, will Ire immediately transmitted ind paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect giren or for warded Pi the sender. In like manner money with or claims on persons in any partoi Ireland, F.nglaml or Scotland, can he collected by the snbacn ?er, for peraona rending in any part of the United SUtrs, 01 Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly, i 13 tea'r (ItCOKrtE M'WHIDE. Ir . W Cedar at KF. IT'I'A.NCES TO KNOLANDriHKLAND jfrSfySCOTLAND AND WA LEs!?-PersonsproceedMMflMgm ng or irinii ting money to any part of II.r old coiiutrr , Mil .u nil time* obtain roni the subscribers drnfta nt sight, lo> IIIV rrnvlint on thr Koyal Bauk o( Ireland and on M- %st? Present, Grole, Ames St Co, Baukeis, Loudon, which an paid 'ree of discount or any charge whitsoevci, in nil the priucipai owns of the United Kingdom. For terms, apply or address, il >y letter, host litid, to ROCHE BROTHERS It CO.. 35 Fulton >., neat door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8?The subscriber! will aa heretofore have s regular saclesaton of first class American ships. ?ailnig weekly Irom Lis >ool, during tlie present year. For passage, apply aa ahoy*, ir to JAM ICR D. hOCHE. 14 Ooree Piar.aas, fltee Li?erpool. W TO N YORK, FRIDAY MORI OE3VERAL PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OK FULTON AND NASSAU 8TS. Ii supplied Willi I eery material neceiaary for the prompt, neat, ami economical execution of eveiy description ol 1TMJ0K m? S'iMiHffiiSSIS. I'n lie atte'itiou ia requested to ihia establishment, in the as nr ince ihit ample saustac ion will he giyen?ai regards typ'e graph), press work, and chatgts?to those who nqilire fancy or common, large or small work cheaply and expeditiously cxtcu ed. labels, checks. wavbills, circulars, show bills. ball tickets, steamboat hills, bills of lading, railroad bills, business cards, staue bills, catalogues, pamphlets, billheads, handbil's, notes. FOB THEATRES. CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Or any other placet where the largest deacriptiou of printing ia required. The faciliiiea for tint work are uoi equalled hv auy ofhcc in thia city, for, beaidea the large assortment of PiLAlLfl AM? ?taMAEUSOTAiL 7YP& Tlua establishment hdi ihe LARGEST PMKSSES IN THE CITY. Great pains luve been laiieu to provide every material that can i o.aiblv biofseivice.und therefore persons having occasion lor Showbills. will hutl it greatly to heir advantage to patiouixr tliia establishment. (ty-Any aize or form of Bill can be famished at very ahort notice. f 3 CHAPMAN'S MAGIC STROP. WK THE UNDEHSIGNED, linnoiter. and Wholesale I Dealers, having used and sold L. Chapman's Metallic Knur Strop, do Ireelv recommend it as beiug superi >r to auyLtriug which has hitherto come unurr oar notice of a similar nature burned? A St S Willeti, unpor'.crs of hardware, No 303 Pearl it. A W Spies 3t Co, do do sill do Willis St Brothers, uo do 21b do Oakley St Loi.mis, do do 62 do Sheldon St Phelps. do do 2b and STouth William. Halsied A Brothers, do do bl Pearl st. Kissam, Brvce St Jones, do 228 do Spelmau St Vrater, importers of Fancy Goods, 136 Pearl st. Posts vt Main, importer ol drugs, 44 Cedar st. Field, I hompson St Co. importers of Dry Goeds, 65 Cedar st. Fellows, Van St Cooper, Witches, II Maiden Lane. D n el. St Co., 'mporlers of Stationery. 246 Pearl st. Win K Colliding, Surgical Instrument manufacturer, 36X I hath ?m at. For Sale at 202 William street" To be had ny th dotrn at the manufacturer's prices of the above firms, and at retail, at the principal fancy stores lhronghout the city. Marie at 102 William street. fJ lm*m GRAND MILITARY BALL. AT AN ADJOUKVED MEETING of the Officers of Uniform Corns held at the Howard Honse on Frid-y evening last.Colouel George Smith ru the chair, it was ttesolved, That the lnvitation Ball to be givtn >t the Tivoli Saloon on i< e 21 ol Krbroar> , to comineuioMc the Birth Day of Washington, shall be strictly Vlilnaiy. Thn the Invitation Commiltie be empowered to invite HIS EXvH.LLENCv, GOV. BOUCK AND SUITE, The ( Ulcers of the Army and Navy on this ala'ion And all general officers of thr City end Couuty of New York wilh their Stall. Invitation Committer. l Colonel Smith, Captain Vandenberg, Bissel Karr, i Peers, Conk, Devoe, Vanoulcrsterp, tlough, lonley,] Khor, Cole, Ming, Cazencau, Major Bennett, Pchwartz, Lewis, Chapman, Powell, Moger, Avery, Gohley, ' Hut, Kike man, Chap. Duuham,. Prudhomme, Surg. King, Barer, Capt. Helme, Lyons, Bradley, Lieut. Cox, ruray, Sherwood, Cairns, Sergt. Brown. Reciption Commit t zk. Col. Biazel, Lewis, Peers, Sage. Smith, Powell, DeToe, Capt. Karr, Maj. Bennett, lleltne. Floor Committee. Capt. Vandenberg, Cook, Chapman, Surg. King. Cairns, Sergt. J. F. Brown. Purdy, No persou to be admitted unlets in uniform. GEO. SMITH, Chairman. ADJ. SHCLDEN, Secretary. IMtt*ec THISTLE BALL,. 'T'HE MANAGERS ol the Thistle Benevolent Association, J respectfully auuonoce that their Second Ball lor this srason, will lake place on Friday Evening,February 17th, 1843, at Tammany Hall. In aimouuring their Second B ill or this season, the Board of Managers would return their graitful acknowledgements lor the liberal patronage extended to the first. Ltir.ur .in iuclr aieut se is snrely a gratifying reflection to have been ti e means of alleviiting the d'stresr of the poor, while the method adopted for that purpose is such as cannot fail to ureet the approbation of every rational mind. The inauigers, in makiug this their las' eppeal for the season, need only advert to the revere treasure ol the times, and the many worthy persona depend! ag upon chanty With increased rfforts on the part of > the Committee to please their patrons, it is confidently hoped , their utmost anticipations m y be tealized The Ornerol Dancing according to ProgrammeMr. J. Parker has, as usual, gonetoutly vrluutecd his valuable servicer in eirectin* the- floor. s Mr. Wallace'a excellent Band has been ei gaged lor the occasion. Two Bagpipers will promenade the room, playing National Airs, nievious to the commencement and during the intermis- * aiou of dancing. Doors open at 7 ; dancing will commence precisely at 8 k o'clock. The terminal! .11 of the Rail will he known he rZe band playing "Quid night, and toy be wi' yon a." Tickela $1, to admit a Gentleman and two Ladies?to be had of the board of Managers, viti ? 0 Jamrs Corr, If Hudson st. President. \ Jas. H.trriton, 79 C< urtlandi st. Vice President. John Patten. 122 Ceoar st. Treasurer. Wm MuL?ugh'in. Hi Elisabeth st. Hush Kerr, 666 Broadway. L Wri. Hichardson,c<.r Perry and Greenwich, ' Win. Curr, 107 Troy sireet. ll S-unutl Mayeock, 219 William sireet. v Walter Liggatt, 61 Hudson st. ]i Kr"(Jht cks not tian.ferable. j. Members cm have their tickets on application to the Secretary. A. CAMERON, Secretary, l' f 11 6t*ee 26! Hud ion street. PUBLISHED AT 188 BROADWAY! 1 T ONES'S BOUKKEEPlNG.?This work is rapidly effecting as the reform so much needed in the process ol traching tins a important brnnch of mercantile education, both in this couuliy tl and in England, where it is already republished and exlen- e sitrely used as a t it book. It leads the learner to a fnll and thorough knowledge of f the important principles of the art?New York Journal of Commerce. [From the London Atlas.] He has struck out a new method of teaching the science, by d means of exercises similar to the plan usually adopted in teach- a ing arithmetic, and w* hare no doubt this will be found a very great improvement. , The above views are corroborated in the report of a special committee of the American Institute appointed to examine its merit*.?{S.*e Journal.) fl4'Jt*ec ftHAPT AND TENDER ELESH OR ERUPTIONS, t V-J and Disfigurements of the Face, and Dart or Yellow Skins cured by the Italian Chemical Soap. 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ItiaaOid at M centra cake by the proprietor, at the ai(D of ike Amencau ICagle, (3 Chatham atreet, New York. Appointed Agenla?Kteber, Jd and Dock ata. Phila, or next c to the Aii.ertcn Hotel,Waahington, D C; I State at. Boatou; c 57 State at. Albaoy; I3f Fulton at. Brooklyn; 207 King atreet. Charlraton, 8. C.; C. F. Baily, Mornatown, N.J; Ferre, Main at. Middletown, Cl Ageula wanted in all othcrcitiea. fe4 lm*ec. * fTHTAttt HITEt T8. BLICDKRs, AND OTHERS- 11 a. JAMK.3 MUHI'HY, Coiepo.itiou Ornament Mannfaernrer and Career in General, No J>J Broadway, New York, ia tl pre|>ared toeieeote, at hia rafbliahment ai lb ire, every dearriptiou of An hitei tnral Ornamciita, >or the interior finiahmg tl of dwellinga, chnrehea and other bnndinga, vix Capital* for ? Columna, and Ante do, to all the ordrra ol Architecture; , Couaol a,'I ruaa-a, Enriched Mouldnnra, Roaettea, Patetaa, " Friexe Ornemeotr, ate. to any aixe that may be required. 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OLLINB & CO., h' ftr oi fcXCHAsNUC. payable ?l tirfllt on all i ana ol I* ni<Uitd, Ireland and Bcotiana, hi ?uui? ol ?6. ?10, ?15 and ni t2? ta auv amoimt, for aala s.LVKSTIt*. f II It Wall struut and I JO Broadway. h| It K II ?NG, FEBRUARY 17, 18 Trial of Commander MeKonilc, loutTHHU Dat?Feb. 10. The member* of the Court met at hair paat nine o'clock. Captain Bolton read the following letter, which had been received by a member of the Court, from Dr. Harria, of Philadelphia:? Philadelphia, Feb. 13, 1843. Dear Our worthy friend, Commodore Hull, died this morn. ing, at 115 minutes alter 6 o'clock. He has been lor the last ten days fully sensible of his approaching dissolution, and has made all necessary arrangements to meet his last sad change. Alter making a proper disposition of his proper* t>, he purchased a lot at Laurel Hili, which is to be his last anchorage, and even sunt tor the undertaker, for the parpese ol giving him directions respecting the structure ofhiscotliu. Ha sail that he "preferred settling these matters himsflt, in order to save his wife all unnecessary trouble in the keen hours ol alflietion" Disease olten alters the character of men so that they sometimes become querulous, petulant, and attord other evidence of weakness. No change of this kind, however, was exhibited by our excellent and emineut neighbor. His last days, like his whole life, were marked by composure, firmness, and cherfitlness. Our friend Ruscheuberger, who set up with him last niglit, says, he died without suffering. I ' , have not heard what urn the arrangements tor his funeral, i but trust and hopo that they will be creditable to our city. He was a good man, and his services to his country inesti- , mable. His memory should be cherished us a gem beyond value. When thu news of his death reaches New York, I hope some appropriate notice will be taken of it. At laast I hope your Court, as is commou in civil courts, will adjourn temporarily after passing resolutions expressive ol ) our s-nse of his churacter and services. Such a tnea- J sure is not only due to the memory ol Commodore Hull, but it may be also good ]>olicy in an hour of navul tribulation, to revive the aeliievments and glut ions recollections of the past. ? ? ? Your Iriend, WM. HARRIS, Captain , U. 8. N. On the motion ofCapt. Smi th, Com. Downes was called to the Chair, and the Judge Advocate appointed Secretary. It was then, on motion of Captain Bolton, unanimously? Resolved, That a letter ol condolence be prepared and forwarded to the lady of the late Commodore Hull. The Court Martial was then called to ordcr.and the proseediugs resumed. Lieut. Gansevoort was again placed on the stand, and the following questions by the Court put to him: When Cromwell took leave of you, and asked your forriveness, did he ask you to tell any one at home that he lied innocent? A Not at that time. Q Did you report to the Commander the iniubordinato onduct of Cromwell at the time? A.?I do not think 1 did. i Q In your experience i* it uaual for the beat aeaman 1 >r a hoatewain'i mate to go aloft on the carrying away of a i mail? A ?I think not, unleai they are ordered. i Q ?Were any of the men not itationed at the foretop, md not inspected of mutiny, aloft at the time the top gal. lautmast wai carried away? ? A 1 think there were none but thoio oi whom I had my suspicions. < Q.?Were the irons of the Somers sufficient to secure prisoners? t A.?They were such as are usually onboard a man of war, but 1 don't think the handcuff's were secure enough. ri U ?Do you know whether or not the men aloft were c waiting to receive anything from the deck? c A ?Tb"y did not ask for any thing; but when I sent Anderson up he came down and took a lail block with t him. C (J? Did you see any of the other officers besides Mr. Spencer have their arms marked with Indian ink? t A.?1 do not recollect. j The President liero remarked, that as there had been juestions put, which, although legal, he would not put, s le wished the gentlemen to append their namos to their s juestions. By Captain Qwinn?Did you see In Commander M'Ken- \ "any traces of unmanly tear, despotic temper, or con- ] luct unbecoming an American naval officer?" j A.?No, sir, By Captain Gwinn?Before tho execution of the ring- I leaders "was the Somers in a state to sustain the honor of I the American flag, in case of going into action?" A ?No, sir. By Captain Storer?Was Cromw >11 known to be a na- I tive of this country? i A.?1 can't say?I think he told me he was a native of Virginia. < By Captain Paige?When you speak of the force for i taking rare ol the prisoners, do you have in your mind the warrant and commissioned officers alone ? I A.?The warrant and commission officers, and some afthe petty officers were true. t By lueJudge Aptocatf.?Was Cromwell punished for I s my of the insulio rdinate conduct you have described ? A.?He was not, except by very severe reproof, my fi reason was, that his services were indispensihle. ti By Captain Smith?Did Cromwell act as boatswain? A-Hedid. ii By Judge Advocate?Ha ;e you not seen similar mislehavior as that noticed in Cromwell in other seamen, on h loardof other vessels, without there being a mutiny? A No, sir. A By Judge Advocate?If this conduct was so marked h md 'continuous, why did not you report it? A.?I stated the reasons heforu. d By Ji'Dor. Advocate?Did you regard it atthetime as z nutinousf A.?I regarded it as highly insubordinate; 1 did not n mow of a mutiny then, or I would have regarded it as u autinoua. p< Ry Captain Smith?Did Cromwell ask you to tell any me at home that he was innocent?if so, when and hy rr vhom? v A.?Shortly after the Commander told them they were o die, he told me to tell them that if they had any messa pi ;es to send home that 1 would take them. I asked Crom- d veil, and he said he supposed his clothes, kc., would go to si lis wife. 1 asked him, "Have you no message to that vife?" He said, "Tell my poor old father,''or lather-in- d iw, I don't remember which, "that I die innocent to the 0 ist " I think. t( By J udoe Advocate?Did he bid you tell Lieut. Morris I a lat he died innocent? a _i a;,t K-c.? i.i - - <? . -J "D...1CUM e?OCUHOn mil If dont think it wsi addrewed to me7 By Junnr Advocate? Is it not your opinion, that if an c< Ction hud impended, such an event would hove recalled lie crew to their duty, supposing a mutiny to have exist- di d7 C( A.?No air. 1 think they would have ran off with Ler. h 'he was a fast vessel,|and Cromwell often apoke of her g* peed. (e By Judge Advocate?After the occurrence of the maat lid vou charge the men who were aloft with being idle o nd dilatory, and ifao whatwaa their anawer 7 w A ?I think 1 apoke to them whilat they were aloft, and h he Commander laid something to me, which prevented c ne from apeaking again. President?Yau had better confine yotir anawcra to a he terms of the questions. ByJudge Advocate?Did you ever charge Cromwell tl ind Small with plotting aloft after the occurrence of the ? nast, and if so, what was their reply 7 o A I don't think I did so charge them. By Judge Advocate ?Did you not, after the arrest of C >tr Spencer,believe almost all the grown seamSn, ex- a :ept the patty officers, to be his accomplices 7 A.?Not all, Sir. I ,had suspicions, however, after- b varda. ii By Jupok Advocate.?Were not tho battle-axes within ii wo feet of where Mr. Spencer sat ironed 7 q tl A.?He leaned his back against them sometimes. By Judge Advocate.?At the time Mr. Spencer told ' oil he would have a conversation with you when his r nlnd was in a suitable state, was he not in tears 1 p A.?1 dont recollect. c By Ji'nflE Advocate?Did Mr. Spencer read whilst in ? onflnement, or did he sit idle, as far as employment was n oncernedT A Sat idle, I think. u By Catt. McKkhiie? State all you wcollect of the con- p ersation between the Commander and Mr. Spencer,when c lie latter was informed of his fate. n A ?1 dont recollect anythiLg out Mr. Spencer's reply, a hat he (the Commander) was too hasty. P Commander McKkkxie here put a queation relative to t lie alledged statement respecting the subordinate use to 1 thich Cromwell intended to put Spencer on board the rig. if the mutiny had succeeded, but it was objected to si y the Judge Advocate and deemed inadmissible, inasmuch J D a the witneaa knew nothing of it from his own know dee. t* By Cant. McKaxzia?When Mr. Spencer was arretted ai id ho admit that he had had a paper in hia cravat 7 A ? Yet. Sir b By Capt. McKsxzta?Were you present .when Spencer pi nd Cromwell passed each other in the gangway before ci fie execution ?did Cromwell appeal to Spencer to attest is Innocence? p A.?No?nothing then pasted between them. By Capt. the time when Mr. Spencer g ppealcd in behalf of Small, did he express any regret on p ccountof the fate of Cromwell 7 ti A?No. Sir. tl By Capt. MrKimiic?Were the young gentleman on otrd the Somers, of whose relationship to the Common- p er the Judge Advocate questioned you, treated with any C< peeial indulgence 7 A ?No, Sir. it B) Cant. McKrkzir?Do you believe that alter the ar. sat of Mr. Spencer the plot went on gathering strength, rith or without the agency of Mr. Spencer 7 ti A.? I believe it did. By Capt. McKeisrit?Wat not the tramping of (At men hi oming aft, when ordered by Midshipman Thompson, in vi high Hrgrtr ditnrdrrly and diirtiptet/ul ? w A.? Kri, I holiert it wat. to By Captan McKsnna?Is such amodeof appreaching m le quarter dock usual oi allowable on tioard a man of B< rar f wl A.?It it not. loi Commander McKvvrta put an immense numher ol uestions to this witness, many of ithem inadmissible, St ad most of those which were put were precisely similar an i those put before the Court or Enquiry, so that it is un- iai ecosaary to repeat them now. Tho lollowing one we wi ive, as it was asked on the previous day, but emitted in n r report. ay Did the cheers given by the crew after the execution al- of >r your conviction that two thirds of the crew had A< cen disaffected I A ?No, Sir. of As a specimen of many of those questions,the following th lay be presented :? Ai " Von have stated that on the morning of the iflth a ul was seen on the larboard bow?suppose that ahe hen w ten an American merchant voaael in diatraaa?from the B< [ERA 43. mutinouH condition of Iter crow, what uiiitauco could the Homer* have rendered her, or could *he have rendered her auv assUtanca I" The colts and cat* used on (ward the Homer* were produced by Captain McKanzie. The witness *tateil that they were lighter than usual. The jackrt* of the boy* were usually removed, hut the ?hirt allowed to remain when punishment wa* inflicted with the colt. By the Coubt?Whattime el ip*ed from the putting of thw rope around the neck*'of the prisoners till the time they were run up? A.?dome time ?I think three or four minute* By Juduk Anvoc* i a?Have you not stated on thi* ** aminntion that you never asked Small if he was engaged in any plot with any one on Mr. Spencer's list but Wulos ana .wr- spencer i A.?I believe that I have answered that question?1 asked him, I think, who he meant by that "foretop man." By Judok Advocatb?Did either Small or Mr. Spencer tell you who that "forrtopman meant!" A I think 1 asked one or the other; but I'm not positive?they (lid not tell me, By Captain Boltor?Were the prisoners hung in manacles? A.?Yes, Sir. J it doc Advocate?I havedone, Sir. Acting Muster I'crrv wus theu called on the part of the defence, and sworn?His direct testimony was precisely the same as that given before the Court of Enquiry. The hour of adjournment arrived before .vlr. Perry's direct examination was terminated. Common Council, Board or Aldkrmkiv, Thursday, Feb. 1(1.?Special Meeting?The Board of Aldermen met agreeably to adjournment to dlscHss the report of the Special Commitiee >n the reorganization of the Alms House, and the .estubishment ol a Work House, as presented by Alderman Lck on the 30th of last month Present Alderman Purdv, in the chair?Aldermen Balis, UHderwood, Martin, Jones, Crolius, Smith, Oedney, Hatield, Stewart, Davies, West and Lee. An invitation was received from Wm. Jay Haskott, Esq. Jrand Marshal for the Temperance Celebration of the Jirth Day of Washington at the Tabernacle, to be present it the presentation ol the Banner to the Washington 1'cmperancu Guards, by James R. Wkiting, Esq. was ac:ept?-d. Alderman Lkf. moved a suspension of tho usual busiloss lor the nurnose of tukin? un document Mo. 73 con. aiiiing the ordinance an reported by the Special Commitee relative to the reorganisation el the Ainu 11 >u?e Dolartinent, and the establishment of a Work House, which van adopted. The first title divides the institution now in charge of ire Commissioners of the Ainu House into five ilepattnen's, which shall consist of an Alms House, a Nursery, i Work House, Hospitals, and the out door puor. Alderman Ckolius here took the chair Section 1st authorises the appointment of one person to luperuitend and direct, in accoruance with the present aws, who shall bo entitled tho "Commissioner of the ilms House Department. ' Alderman Puanr opposed it, and moved that one or nore persons lie selected for that purpose. Aldermen Undkewnod and Jones advocated it. The section passed, Aldermun Purdy voting in the negative. The second section appoints the commissioner for three retire, aud allows $3,600 per annum tor his services. Alderman Stewart moved an amendment, appointing he commissioner lor one year. Alderman Jones snid that he wished to place the matter listinct from party considerations, and should vote lor a .ommissioner irom each party, there being also a prison :ommissioner to be ap|>ointed. Alderman DsviEisaid there were three parties, and but wo commissioners?there was the whig party, the demo ratic, and the Tyler party. Alderman Orates said there was no such party here as he Tyler party- He would like to see it in this Board or tear any member avow it. Alderman Davits moved lo strikeout $500. leaving tho alary at $3000. This amendment was adopted, aud the ectlon passed, giving the appointment for three years. Section third, allews the commissioner, in conjunction vith thtj committees on charity and alms honse of both loartis, to tlx the salaries 01 tire omccrs and agents em>loyed in the department? passed. Section 4th, authorizes the commissioner to advertise ror proposals to furnish the necessary articles of lood for :he alms house, which shall be given to the lowest bidder who conforms to the specifications passed. Section 6th prohibits the commissioners from being in :erested in any manner in the purchase of articles lor the J use ol the department?adopted. Section 7th allows the Common Council to remove the sommissioner from otlice at any time on evidence of in;ompetenceor violation of duty?adopted. Section 7th, 6th and 9tb, relate to tho requisition and ray merit of moneys?adopted. SectionJOth prohibits tne admission of aay person to he alms houie unless with consent of commissioners? idopted. Section 11th allows the commissioner to give relief to amilies who may require relief, and furnish particulars o the comptroller?adopted. Section 12th provides suitable food and clothing for the ainates ol t e almshouse?adopted. Section 13th allows the commissioner to select such ours for visitors as he may dsem proper. Aldermsn Purely objected, and said he should not, as an kldermnn, go cap in hand to ash admission to thu alms ouse. Alderman Davies asked why the Alderman of the 10th esircd more ]M>werasan individual thau one of the c dims of his own ward. Alderman Stewart thought it should be the duty of the lembersolthe Common Council to visit this institution id ha thought they should not deprive themselves of the Dwer of visiting it whenever they pleased. The lection was Anally pawed by a-lding that any lemher of the Common Council ihould be allowed to iiit the alms houie whenever he desires. Section! 14thand ISthcompel the Commissioner to resit to the Mayor annually, or oftenerif required, the con ition of the Department, and to keep a record of all per>n* admitted and discharged. Adopted. Article 2d authoiiiei the appointment of asuperintenaut of the outdoor poor, with a Hilary of $1000, with no ther emoluments or perquiiitei, His duties compel him > attend daily at the office of the Commiiiioner to receive pplicatiom lor relief and diitribute aid, kr. Adopted. Article 3d authorises the appointment of a chief clerk to le Alms House Department for one year, with a salary r $800, and perform all duties incumbent thereto. Adopt Article 4th authorise! the appointment of a superinten. int of the Alms House, who, under thedirection of the immissioner, has the exclusive control of the Alms ouse, with n salary of $700, a suitable living for himIf and children and furnish his own apartments. Adopd. Article Mh appoints a steward of thgAlms House by the ommissioner and the Committee on Charity and Alms, ith a salary of $600, and no other perquisites. He is to ave the charge of all articles used in the home and the Lothing of the inmates, kc. Adopted. Article 8th appoints a matron in the same manner, with < salary of $130, with board. Adopted. Article7th appoints a superintendent of the nursery hv re Common Council, with a salary of $300, with board, rho shall have charge of all that relates to the children f the Alms House. Adopted. Article 9th allows the Commissioner and Committee on :harity and Alms to appoint a matron of the nursery,with salary of $200 and board. Adopted. Article 9th appoints a superintendent of the work house y the Common Council, with a salary ol $740, with Hvng for himself and family in furnished apartments. He ito have the exclusive control of the work house, under lie direction of theCommissioner. Adopted. Section 3d authorises the employment of every pauper those age and health will permit, at such mechanical, agiculturalor other labor as shall be found to suit their caacitv. and in case of refusal to work, to nnniih them hv onfinement on bread and watei. On neglecting three I ucceisive tinv i to work, the pauper is to be expelled and I ot el lowed to return. I Alderman Pfenr objected to their being allowed to manlecture anything from the raw materiel that would comete with mechanical labor, except such hi would be neeaaary tor theme of the pnuperi, and offered an amendlent to that effect, which wa? defeated by a vote ot 7 tod i follawiAyea?Aldermen Martin, C'roliua, Smith, tinly, Stewart and Welt?1. Nayi?Aldermen Balii, nderwood, Jonee, Gtdney, Hatfield, Daviea and Lee?7. he lection wai then adopted. Section third provided that the article* manufactured hall be inch a* are uied in the Almi Houie and Pri-ion epaitmenti. Alderman Wist propoied to add that none ih-iuld be lanulactured except luch aa are uied ie the Almi Home ad Priion Depart manti. A long debate here eniued, in which aomeof the mem en were wild enough to allege that they thought the auper labor would compote with the mechanic! of thii ityThe amendment wai finally defeated, and the lection niaed aa originally introduced. Section fourth autliorir.ei the CommiMioner to mn all rounda unoccupied for agrioultural purpoiec. *nd to cmloy an experienced gardener or larmer, to aid in the cutvation of fruit* and vegetablea, which are to be void, and ie proceedi paid into the city treaiury. Adopted. Sectiou Mh, authoriiei the Comminioner to allow and ny to the pauperi inch amount for extra lalior aa he may uniider proper. Adopteil. Section fl, 7 and a, are relative to the dutiea of the Superitendent Adopted. Article 10, relatei to the Hoipital. Alderman Sthwact propoied a mhititute for thii arcle Alderman Cisnrawoon contended that the compariion tween the death! in the City Hoipital and thoie in Bcllene, antated in the report, wai not fairly drawn, ai it wa* ellknawn that the character of the patient* admitted inthe latter, were generally inch aa could not obtain ad ittance elaewhere. He believed that the mortality at llevue, wai not more than it would have been eliehcre, under the lamecircumitanrei, and he had theopinn of the late phyiician, Dr. Vache, to that effect. The nubititiite for articlo ten, introduced by Alderman ewart, wai laid on the table, and ordered to tie printed ; d all that part of the ordinance relative to the re-organ ition of the Medical department of the Aim* Hcu*e, Ac., as pasted over until the next meeting. Article tenth, relates to the general proviiion* of the stem, and among other matter* prohibit* the eligibility a man and hi* wile in the department at the same time ifopted. Chapter 10th. article lit, provide for the appointment a Oomminloner of Priaona by the Common Council, for ( e term of three y ear*, at a lalary of fl,S00 per annum ( loptrO. * Section Sd, anthotixaa the Commiaiioner in conjunction , ith the Comanitte e? of Police, Watch, and Priion* of both tarda, to appoint and Ax th# aalarie* of iuch officer* or * w LD. Him Two CenU. agents, us may be employed, except thase provided for In thia chapter. Adopted. Section 4th allow* the commissioner to appoint as many keeper* a* may be necessary to take charge of prisoner* at woik out otthe penitential y, at the rute of $4A0 per an num. Adopted. Article 31, section 1st, appoints a chief clerk by the Common Council, ut a salary of (000 per annum, whose duty it shall be to keep the accounts of the prison department. Adopted. Article 3d authorizes the Common Council to appoint a keeper of the Penitentiary, who shall reside within the es taldishment, and be supplied with suitable provisions and lurnished apartments tor himself and lamily, and a salary of(7!>0 per annum. The keeper, with the Police Committee ure authorized to appoint, with the approval if the commissioner, u deputy keeper, with a salary of (400 per nmu nve guards and eight keepers, with salarieof Alio two women who understand making of clothing, to superintend the female*, with a aalary ol f 'iOo. Article Hth was passed as follows "The said Keeper shall class and separate prisoners according to the nature of their offences, in erder that those convicted ol trilling crimes, and their first offence, shall not be associated v\ ith old and hardened otlenders. Prisoners convicted for vagrancy shall in all cases be kept separate and apart from those convicted of a criminal act. In the classification of prisoners, the keeper shall- be under the direction ol the Commissioner " Article fourth, relative to the appointment of physician to the Penitentiary Hospital, Sic., was passed over without action until the next meeting Article filth, provides for the appointment ot a ntewaru of the Penitentiary, with a salary ot $000 per annum, and u matron with $'J00 per annum. The remainder oi the ardinance was adopted, and is similar to the present. The Board then adjourned to Monday evening next, at 5 o'clock. Boakd or Assistants?A special meeting of this Board was called to discuss the tax hill passed the Board of Aldermen on the 13th inst. The Board met accordingly, and discussed the subject at great length As the whole subject was fully dikciuseil the other evening, in the other Uoard and reported in the Herald, we shall not go over the ground again. Home alterations were made which iendeis it necessary that the whole should go back to the Board of Aldermen again. It being uncertain what will finally he its shape anil character, we shall let it rest lor the present. The Board then adjourned to next Monday evening. Superior Court. Belore Judge Oakley. Tub Osr.ii Lispbnabd Will Casb. Ki ii. 16.?This case was resumed on thu part of the prosecution. Several other witnesses examined, and the prosecu ion rested. Oun. Sanvord then proceeded to open the case for the defence. As thu prosecution rested much sooner than was expected, we were accidentally not present at the commuucerrent of Qeu. Bedford's speech. Towards the close, he laid down the law annlir.AhlM in IK. *"1 claimed that under the law rightly interpreted, Alice had full capacity t > under stand any subject the wai engaged in, or to which hei mind was directed, and therefore that she had testamentary capaaity. The law snlr requite* the person to understand distinctly and clearly the act in which he is tngaged. That when the tho subject of property wa9 spoken of, Alice perfectly uaderstood what she wai |M>ssessed of, and how she intended to dispose of it, and the reasonable, natural and proper disposition of it. He theu cited Vflth Wendell, page 301, and read from Mr. Verplanck's opinion. He contended that Alice was of sound mind within the meaning of the law. Her mind wus clear and distinct. Always gam sensible answers?never irrational auswers?that she was sensitive?had a good memory? strong Icelings upon the ' death of her lather and mother, and of her sister, Mrs. Stewart, and others. The sanity or capicity o: Alice , was a medical question, and one lor them to decide ; and all medical men who have kuow n her, concur in thinking her of sound mind. Geti. SiNroni) concluded his very able speech with some remarks upon the immense amount of property involved in this suit?more than is contained ia any one ward ot tria city, and the great disiurbnnce which its unsettling would create among the owners, tenants, he. He then ottered in evidence the ot giual deed of same data as the one road tiom the tiook by the other side, and bearing date lath Sept. 1316. Leonard Lispenard and Alex'r L. Stewart and wile,on the hrst part, and Robert M. Livingston, and Sarah B. Livingston, on the second part He next produced the will of Alex. L. Stewart, dated 7th July, 183'J, devising to Robert Stewart his personal estate, Sec. Col. Jab. Wstsoi* Wkbb was then sworn?vsir dirt. By O'Cohnob?I am (he husband ol oue of the daughters of A.L. Stewart. OVnimH?fSt' in ?n inlxr^alp,! nrttnuH If fT-? please, mid wu object to bis testimony. Col. Wmn wiu unxious to explain his connaction In tba matter, hut was not permitted. Home document* were wanted by Oen. Smitord, which were not in Court, and Col. Wehli wa* set aside for the present. Mr. Horatio Averill. (brother-in-law ot Col. Webb?1 reside in Tioy, and am a merchant; I knew Alice, 1st first thought her rather idiotic; I have known several persons w ho did not posses* more mind than Alice; I was sick there in MO and '30; Alice w as kind to me: brought me the newspapers from the oltice, and would say that the papers had not yet been read in the office: wlwn she ate sfie held her head close to her plate, and was uwkard. Towards strangers she was shy; she seemed pleased with any uttempts to converse with her; the helped herself at the table and used a knile and fork the same as other pdbple; I never saw food cut lor her to my knowledge. Q?Do you think she had capacity to makes will.' O'Coxnoa?We object to that question. Judge Oaki.ev?I think the question improper. Witness? After my sickness, I used to oall at the house: would see aunt F.lsie; and tell her who I was and how 1 was, and she in reply would tell me about herself, and how the othar members of the family were engage*. I should say she possessed as much mind and memory as a great |Kirtiou ol mankind who aru uneducated. Minn Host, of Clinton, Wew Jeraey.?He testified to the tact that Alice often held conversations with him upon the weather. He thought she knew who her friends were, and whether they were deserving of her property r not. 'I hoM4? EoMoiDj.of New York.?Wsi in the employment of Mr. Stewart nearly fourteen yeari, sa book kee|e er and confidential clerk; Alice used to carry messages between the two houses; she came to the office to get money to pay hills; she performed her duties well and discreetly; she also came to the office far papers, pens, ink, Sic. She has been left in sole charge ol the office. This witness's testimony was eery lengthy, and went to prove that Alice could conduct small talk very well, and do many small things?washing dishes, lie She was very corpulent, near sighted, and drank wine. [Here Mr. O'Connor produced a printed paper, which produced some excitement in Court ] Q.?Did you write that paper A ?I decline answering, unless the Court directs me to felt. Ji doc Osxlst?Answer the question. WiTisass?I wrote the paper, aad for the purpose that it should be printed, and I caused it when published to be circulatvd; I wished the public to understand the whole subject, und be disabused ol some unjust opinions in relation to Mr. Stew art's course. The witness was very reluctant to tell his connexion with the paper. On his former examination before he Surrogate he had declined answering in relation to it,on the ground that it would criminate himself, or get him indieted for libel. It appears, however, that the paper is now outlawed, so far as a criminal prosecution la concerned. It wss not read in Court, hut will be by Gen. Hanford. After some sharp shooting between the counsel on both sides, the Court adjourned. V. S. District Court. Before Judge Betts. Ft a. Id.? TTnilad St'taa vs. Dutunr a T* .'lime umIi for L Pitdanna, of Pant- The preaent Collector aeized, in December 1*441, la cazea bombazine*, merino* and mvnilin ue Ininea, mported in the abipa Ville tie Lyon and Utica, and consigned to D. kL. The invoice amount! to about $10,000, which, it ia asierted, i? M to 70 percent helow the teal value, and the zeiznre wai made on the latter account. The preaent trial ia to teat the quaation. The ceae ia not yet decided. For plaintiff, Meaara. Hodman aad Wataon. For defendant, Mr. F B. Cutting. Hankrtapt Mat, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. # Laannl 1.' man, merchant, N. Y. IbtKAnrri. Effict* of nit Scurtt.?Letters have been received m this city from the -Sandwich [elands, overland, to the 80th of October. My the following extract, which we have been permitted to copy, it will be seen that the scurvy has raged fatally on board an American whaling ship. We learn front another source thst the name ot this ship is the George, of New Bedford. "Last Monday news was brought from the other side of this island that a ship was at anchor there, with nearly all hands dead with scurvy. Dr Wood immediately went over with Capt. Cash, and found the news true. The captain and six seamen had died?and not one of the survivors was able to manage the helm They had tried to reach the harbor of Honolulu?but could go no farther than to make the island, when some of the missionaries went on hoard and anchored the ship The mate has since died. A crew of sailors was sent over toman the ship, and she has iust hove in sighi to leeward, and will be in to-morrow."?Rotten Journal. /Capital ITWIeHMENT-Laet evening of the Debate V' hetweeu Hon J L. O'ffuHiran mil Re*. Geo. B. Cheever, at the T^herurtcie. . . , , The Debute (whic i wa* not rlr>?+<l on U?t e?cntn? announced) will bt reaewrd aod rouclnded on Krid?v eeen n*. Kr 17, in pursuiiiCe of the invitation of Mr. O'dnllivtn OP fhnf The Tariff?On Bi'urdey eeeiunc the Debe'e between J. Blunt. H-""?oly, P. Oonwio and e. J. Tuden, E?qra , wilt r I eat The am n" the audience will be taken at the eloae of h> Debate. Ticketi tliNLcenta. HUGH MAXWELL. Prcaident W n WF.DOWOOD 9e< R*f ' i > \ M PtIW fcR, with well liiihted rooana rp let-in "Mm ? ~ bnildinga," No* 29 and It Gold atrial. Enquire oe the uriniva. IS twee J I.N OLE GENTLEMEN can hare pie >a mt apirlineniaajJ * (nod board in a ptivate family, at 101 Fulton near (freew rich ar. N. B. Dav boardera admitted no mner retaonable ternM. lAfec

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