Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1843 Page 1
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THJ Vol. IX.?Wo. 61.?Whole Ho. MM. To the rmhMc^ THE NEW Y?RK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of tha yaar except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price a cents per copy?or f7 96 per annum?postages paid?cash in advenes. THE WEEKLY HERALD-publishedevery Saturday morning?prico 6J cents per copy, or fS 14 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ant. It hoe the Urgett circulation #/ any paper in thio city, or the world, and is therefore, the hoot channel for butinett men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. 1 PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the moat mtuWein { prices, and in the most elegant style. ' JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor or the Herald Establishment, North w?t cornet of Fulton end Nassau streets. BOOKS FOR THE PEOPLE 1 'T'HE following Publications are for wis at the HERALD J-' Or FICE. North Wen cornet ol Folt-iu end Nassau it*? I where fit the Cheap Pnblicatioua or the day can be had aa toon aa issued, at the < PUBLISHING PRICES. ! ROSINA MEADOWS,THE VILLAGE MAID ! -OK TEMPTATION UNVEILED, a , Storv of City Scene* and fcrery Day Life? I by W B E?ali*h. Juit published, 12m \ THE BIBLE IN SPAIN?By Gro. Barrow. , THEIBOOK OF THE NAVY, comprising , ftk4? , general History of the American Marine?to I lie embelliahcd with a number ol Engravings. No. l now ready, at the low price of 25 eta. \ ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF EUROPE, in it Numbers. The I. II, III and IV Not are now ready, each 25 eta. COOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to be completed iu Nos. No. 2 bow ready 25 BRANDE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA. No# i.2 and 3, 25 , URE'S DICTIONARY of the Arts. Science*, Ac, to be completed in 5 monthly nnuner*. t Price SI each. No. 1 now ready. GEORGE ST GEORGE JULIAN, Tha Prince , ? No* 1,2. J and ?, 25 , THIERS'* HISTORY OK THE FRENCH . REVOLUTION, No li now ready. 25 THE HISTORY OK THE REFORMATION , in Germany, be. in the Sixteenth Century. I by J H Merle D'Aubigne, No 1 and 2 now I ready, jj MASTER MAN READ K -by Marryat. Jo.e YOuKg''8Lk.NDER8-by J. Taylor. ,1?75* THE FARMER'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, and Dictionary of Rural Affair*?By C W Jjha on, it , SPARKS' LIKE OF WASHINGTON, number*. each 25 i JACK HlNTON, 31*. 50 A SI 00 HANDY ANDY, 50, ft Ik $1 25 HECTOR O'HALlORAN. No. ?, 12* HUMPHREY CLINKER?By Smollett. Com- J plrte in one number. 25 > TOM JONES, or the Hittory of a Foundling? l complete, by Fielding, 50 < JOSEPH ANDREWS, by. Fielding, complete in o?e nnmber, 25 t L. S. D.?Or, Account* of Irinh Heirs, by 8 Loror, i No 1 and 2 now ready, t* ( NOVELIS"FS~LIBRAilY. ' Thia Library will be completed in ten weekly cumbers. VIVIAN OREY-by D'Israeli?complete iu ono volume, 25 VENETlA?byD'Ifraeli?complete in one vol'ioie. I ROMANCE AND REALITY?by L E I m- , ulete in one volume, 25 1 THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'lsraeli?w thapor trait of the author. 25 , FRANCE8CA CARRARA-bv L E Laudon, 25 * HENRIETTA TEMPLE-by Disraeli-complete , in one volume 25 PETER SIMPLE, by Marryat, complete in one nnmber. 25 CONTAKINI FLEMING?by D'ISRAELI-com- j pleteiu one number. 25 < MONTHLY MAGAZINES. J GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for March, 25 ' GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 25 LADY'S COMPANION, 25 XHK AHTI8T U* ARGENT'S MAGAZINF1, Feb numbeY, just 1 published, 25 I M|SS LESLIE'S MAGAZINE. February number, just published. 15 J THE LADY'S WORLD OF FASHION, for I March, 15 waverly"novei<8. i 1VANHOE?by SirWalter Scott?complete in one , umber, _ 25 . GUY MANNER1NG?by Sir alter H ou- 1 complete in one number, 25 , THE ANTIQUARY?by Sir Walter Scottcomplete in one number, 25 , ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one nnmber. 25' OLD MORTALITY?by Sir Walter Scottcomplete in one nnmber. 25 HEART OF MID LOTHIAN?bv Scott?com plete in oue number, _ _ 25 I BRIDE OF LAMMKRMOOK-by Scott?con- i plete in oue number, _ 25 | KENlL WORTH?by Sir Walter Hcott-com plete in one number, 25 WAVEBLY?by Sir Welter Scott?complete in , THK?MONASTERY ?by Welter Scut?com * ! plete in noe number. 25 t THE ABBOT?by Walter Beott?complete in one number 25 I THE LEGEND OF MONTROSE, by Walter i Scnit. complete in one number, 25 i THE TIRATE?by Walter Scott?complete in one number. 25 LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS. \ Beautiful Uniform Edition of Bui wet'a Novela. Twentr-fcire Centt eaeh.l PELHAM. DISOWNED. uevereaux. paul Clifford LATT J) A Y S1OFMTO M PEII. Bf$&?oR?eNLMt of the Tribunca. SK'.K DkVOTION. or Katharine Randolph. NABOB AT HOME, or the Return to England. ERNEST MALTRAVER8. ALl''K: or. The M\*teries; Seonel to Maltrarera. THE LAST OF THE BARONS, 25 It will alao be pubiiahcd thia morning at 1 'H COOPER'S-NOVELS. . RED ROVER, in two numbcra, price SO CHARLES DICKE"NS' (BOZ) WORKS. AII the woiks ef the ahoee writer will be publithed in regular rota'ion. ON AMERICA, for general circnlation, 12H NICHOLAS NICKLEBY?rnettae t# cents under, auOlM eeule over 1M mile*, 5* OLIVER TW loT? Postage 11 cent* nnder, and llE cent* over mo wiles, 25 PICK WICK PAPERS?Complete in one nam THE CURIOSITY SHOP, complete in oue noe * ber, St PTTBT.ISUVn IV niTlBTn nnnu a. as as a a aa as **' r V1V1VL* | LUJHTH ANU SHADOWS OF FACTORY < LIFE IN NEW ENGLAND?By i Factory (Mrl. It it a piciin of factory life. Price, If* < FRANCl* OF VALOIS, or the CURSE OF i 8 ' VALL1AR, by fc Flee*?a tale of the Middle Ace*. Jaat pabllahed at the low puce l THE*' IFE AND EXPLOITS OF THE DUKE *** I OK wELLlNOTON, including a complete Hiitjry of the PaPlirtVLaa Wan, tllaatraied with FoBTr-TnaBB haadaome Enaraviiigi. J Publiahril at the low 'pnce of U cenia, aiDflc ? tool, a; tic per huudrrd to new ?men. ? BIANCA C/aPPELLO?an Historical ttomaace by Lane Lyttoh Bui.wan. Stwtie copies ' Ilk eta BU t>er hundred to newamen. BKNTCr.VS MISCELLANY, (a republic*- ' tion,) jaat received, at the low price of I2H ' B LAC K W O^'8?a/aO AZIN B-a rcpnb> (cation | No. I PAULINE?a Tale of Normandy, by Aleaaudr* Du- ^ THE^EiOHBORS-From the Mary J Bluett. 'I* " CHKMI8TKY?applied to A|ri altar* and PhyaiolTHf^ CAPTIVE?Or the Timet ef * J LET fERR OF MART QUEEN OF SCOTS- 1 QUEENS OF FRANCE " * THf? NAUTILUli?a collection ef Sea Tal?t? ^tl?? AOMKKS' MUTINY. 11* . ^OM ) J tv/^DSOl^i^ASTLiif Hcira All for J ABVENTURES OF ARTHUR O'LEAKY, J 1 A disc tint on all theabova works to agenta , Subscriptions for all the above Macaaines w ill be received at t thiaolbra, and punctually attended to. jttrc CHAPMAN'S MAGIC STROP. I "WAr.MK' U N DKRBHWEB, lanponera and Wholeaale i union, nan on ii. Ulwp?Ti Metallic , Hi tor Strop, do freelv recommend U u being MBrnT to any- * ihii>? which mi hitherto com* umci our notice of mailer nature Stoned? ... ? I A Hi Willrte, imporu rt of hardware, No at Poor! et. A W 8pwt It Co. do do ? do ? Willi* It Brother., do do !U do Oakley A Lovmw, do do ** do ] Sheldon AThel pa. do do tt and fl South William. 1 HeleirdA Srothera. do do Id Petri N, Xitaam, Bryee A Ji-nei, do 2M do St elman A Fmeer. importer* of Fanay Oood?, 111 reail it. Po?t> It Main, iiniMirter of drupe, 44 Cedar it. _ . . ifoZKrEA&tiss v.L!? srata lSi" f hatham *t. , For Bala *1201 William *trcet' n be h*d by lh< doien at the manufacturer'* price* of the nhovi firm*. *nd at retail, at the principal fancy *tore? ihrouglioat 'ha ?ity. Made it ma William ?U*at. fl lm?m ' IMPORTANT TO OLD COUNTRY ME N.-MEB8HS. . 1 HAKNDKN k CO will draw at their iCiprtu and Foreign | I,filer Office, No 1 Wall treel.MnaU hill* of etchanpa Irom ( ?1 to ?i#,l, in umi to mil, payable at aight, for the accommodatum ol penon* wiahiag to remit to (hair Inand* in England, t Ireland . or Scotland. I ( The teller hag* lor the Royal Mail Steamer* far Lirrrpool , are aUo made ap at their offiea. , For f?rth*r information apply ta , HARNDEN A CO., I .. , ..... 1 Wallairett. , Ay?nta in London?MACLEAN, MARR1S A CO. Lirernool? WILMKR A SMITH flgea ITNI.URRENT MONEY of all kind*pnrchaead al the eery , ZlSiSS, *?? ? -jjKgHSjyj? | fling 12 W&l *t awd 1M Broadway. e mm NEW THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. a m m. m TuwHirom New YurkieTh. and from Liverpool 5(h 01 i*ch month. Ship ROCHESTER. 80? ton., } 14lW p?w>iv PhiK. Woxtliooie, ) Wlh F#b ,y" Ship HOTTINUUKK i - ? 1m Burselv, ' > '?lh MarcH. New ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tous, } 14th Alirii John Eldridge, I Wh April. New ship ? , iioo tons, j ^ M,y> Thess iul??taniial. fast sailing, first class shins,all built in the citv of N??w York, are c mrnaud* d by men of experience aud ability, ana will be deipatchod t ULCiutily on the 16th of each month. Their cabim are elgant and roininoUiou?. are furnished with whatever can conduce to the eaae and comfort of passengers. Neither t' e captains or owners of these ships will be retponlible for any i arcelsor packages sent by them, unless regular bills lading are signed therefore. '"'^"stcsdsm.m^iubn. ? ? V South street. New York, or to KIELDEN. BROTHERS It <:0., f 7 y r Liverpool. 4?v ^AMAOEVROhlORKAWRTrAIN AND IKITSND BY THE BLACK BAI.L OR OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool on the 7lh and 19th of every mouth.] Periou. wishing to tend to the Old Country lor their frienda san make the necessary arrangements with tfie luhseriberi, and tare them come oat in this superior l.ine of Paclreti, saiIidk from L ivenwol lunctaally ou tlie 7th and I9lli of every month. Tl ev will also have a Brat rate class of American trading .hips, tailing every sis days, thereby affording weekly communication from that oort. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Rochet is ( there, te see that they shall be forwarded with care and des- s jatcli. ! Should the parties agreed for trot come out, die money will fte returned to those who paid it hare, without any rednc tiou. Tne Black Ball, or Old Liue of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Shipe, viz:? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arraiigenreats, the subicribers .confidently look forward for a continuance of thatsniijort which Iwis been extended to them so many years, for which hey are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting mouev to their relatiree, can gall times obtain Drafts at sight for auy amount, drawn direct >u the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dubliu, also on Messrs. PRE8COTT, GROTE, AMES h CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banlu, or their tranches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireand, Scotland and Wales. Apply.or .ddreaa, <*%'$?^&VhEBS * CO. JJ Fulton street, New York, neat dour to the Fultnu Bank. N. B.?Tile Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this >ort for Liverpool oo the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parlies eturning to the old couutry will tiud it to their comfort and id vantage to select tins favorite Liue for their conveyance, in [reference to my other. ATI r AdRg- OLD KSTABLI9HKD KMIOKANT l'AS aWWySAGK OK KICK, 61 South street. New York?Reg HMmiu'ar Line of Packets?The subscriber coutmne* to inn* out persons from any part of Ureat Britain and Ireland, vho may be engaged by their friends here, hy the regular line if packet ships, sailing every sis days 'rom Liverpool. Perons sending lor thcirTrien Is, isav rely that just care will be aken to ha ?e them despatched without delay in Liverpool.and will always endeavor to merit a continue ice of the public MtNuiage which has la en so liberally bestowed for many years >ast; and tho?e remittiug money can iiave drafts payable at alt he Uhnks and branches throughout the United Kingdom. Knr farther particulars, apply [if by letter, poet paid] to jSr JOHN HtRDMANTdl South at. OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK t A .KKT8 lIlfLFOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the IttJv February? HMBEsThe superior well known packet ship ENGLAND, Jape. Waite, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second :abin and steerage passengers. Pesons about to embbark honld make early application on board the ship foot of Beeknan at, or to JOHN HKRDMAN, SI South atreet. IN. B. Persons sending Tor their friends residing in Orrat Britain and Ireland can have them brought out, ax, by any >f the ship* composing thia line- and drafu furnished for any mount, payable without diicount throughout the unity) king)om. apply ai above. r7 ec xAOP- DKAKT8 ON 1KKLAND, fee.-The aubacribeia aJH^Wcoutinue to give draft* payable on dtrnadd, without SBaKndiiCount, or any charge whatsoever. ^^THKLAND?The National Bank of Ireland, the Provin:ial Bank of Ireland, and their brenche* in etery county. IN KNOLANT) AND WALKS?Meaar*. James Bait. Son k Co., banker*, London, the Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and their branch** throughout Kngland and Wale*. IN SCOTLAND?Tim Eastern Bank of Scotland, the lireeuock Banking Company, and branche* in the principal awns; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter It Co. Penan* in the country wishing to remit money to their friend* in any part of Kngland, Ireland, Scotland, or Wale*, by inclosing ike amount they wish to remit to the subscribers, with the name and address of the parties to whom it is to be XL A draft for the amount will be forwarded the first packet ir the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the samerelamed per first post. d?i W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT. 48 Peckslip. New York. RKMITTANCKS TO 1KKKAND, fee., fec.ifl^Ttw subscriber continues to transmit money, in soma PlBblinie or small to person* residing in any part of Ireand, in the tame manner is he, and hit predecessor in baseless, havs done (or the last hirty years, and mors; also, to any Wit of Kngland sr Scotland. Money remitted by letter (postpaid) to tha subscriber, or personally deposited with bim, with the uame of the person or persona in Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, to whom it is ui be lent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted ind paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or for warded to the sender. In like manner money with or claims on persons in any part ol Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, can be collected by the subicrimr, for persons residing in any part of the United States, or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. iia lm?f UltOHfft. M-BRIDE. Ir.. WCedarst HKM1TTANCK8 TO KNGLAND, IRELAND JHWWSCOTLAND AND WALKS.?Persons proceedIHmKaing or remitting mouey to say part of the old conutn', :?u at all times obtain^rom^he subscribers drafts at sifht, for in j Nmvum vu hi* ?uym 0(uik 01 ircmna ana on meuri. 'reacett, Orole, Ann He Co, Bankers, London, which are paid 're* of diiconnt or any chaise whatsoever, in all ihe principal owua of the United Kmgdoin. For lernu, apply or addreaa, if ty letter, hoat bard, to ROCHE,BROTHERS It CO.. Si Kulton at, neat doer to the Fnltou Bank. P. 8.?The aabacribert will ai heretofore have a regular aueseaaion of firat elasa American shine, aailiug weekly Tram Liv tool, daring the present year. For passage, apply ?a above, >rto JAMES D. hOCHE, 14 Ooree Piar.zaa. 1II ?C Liter pool. I'OU LONDON ?Regular packet ol ttie20thol C ebuary lg43 ?The ver? superior, faat tailing packet Ubaliir QUEBEC, Captaia Hebbard, will potititely lail aa aoore. her regular day. Having very superior aeeommodationa for cabin,aeeoad ckbiD ind ateernge paaaengera, pertous wuhing to thoald nake early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUitMAF, 100 Pine at., cor. Sonth. The above will be snccredid by the packet ahip Philadel >hia, and tail on the lat of March. Peraona wishing to tend lor their frienda reaiding in the lideoutry, can nave them orimuht out by the above chips, or iny of the regular pneketa, by apidyiag aa above ; if by letter, mat paid. f!4' FOR LI VEKI'OOL?NEW LI NE?.Regular JillfV Packet ol 23U February.?The Splendid Packet Ship Em?oaRRICK. Capuia William Skiddy, of lOilO loot, will |>oaiuvely ait! aa abovr, her regular day. For freight or taaaagt, haying aeeommodationa mit-goalled for aplendui or omfort. apply on boar I. at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall aUeet, it to fc. k. COLLINS Ik CO. SS South street. Price of passage, SIM. 1 ne Packet Ski Boacine, Capuiu John Collins, of 1IM nu, will aoecaed the Oarrick, and tail the 23th of March, her ngnlar day. Letters for the shipa of tnia will only be receiyrd at Oilpinia mdHaleS News Room. Pbaaengen may rely on the ships of tlus hue sailing pnnctnaly anadvartinad. far ftfg FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular racket of tbetS'h mSVy Febrttai y, 1K43 The splendid packet ship OA R HhlUCK, Cipl tliiMir, Will >iil < sbove, her nitiln lay. ,8?TI? titoick will b? uccrrdtil by lh> packet th>p >?rick Hen;y, and sail on ih? 7.h of March. Persons wishing to s< nd'or their frirmls residing in the ?Id MMy cm have them brought rat by ei'L r ol the above ships ailing from Liverpool on the 13th and 35th of April, or any 01 lie regular packet*, by apply in* to joheph memurray, 17fm 100 Pine, coiner of South meat. JC*g- NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETSI-Packet jqfljRjFWM'.h Feb?The splendid. well known faat sailing BUKiLpMket ih'P OARKICK. Capt Wa M kiddy, will anil osu.Veiy aa khove.her regular day. The ahipaof tbi* line are all logo tana burthen and upward** ud it ia well known that llieir accommodatioua for cabin, seond cabin and ateerage paiiengris, are mpe'ior toany other i"e ot packets. Persons ueairotiaef securing berths ahonld net fail to make arly application on board, loot of Wall it. ot to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, 13 Peck 8lip cor Souths!. The Oarrick will from Liverpool on I3ili April affording to eiaona a farorablr opportnmty of hating thtir frienda hrouvht int lu her, or any of the legal ir line on the moat reasonable erms; ane thoae wishing to temit moeey can have dralra for I my amonnt. payable on demand without discount, in all the principal iowns of Orrat Bntaiu and Ireland. Apply aa above. 1 Tlie Motrins will eeeceed the Uarriek.and aail on the 35th March ' '6fee iJQjt black BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL aftjfk. Packets.?Regular Packet of 19th of February.?The Mb m 'gmlicent lavorite packet ahrp ENoLaND, aptaiu Briij. L. Watte, will sail positively ou Monday, the Otn of Feb.. liar regular day. The accommodations ol thu well known farorite linaof iwckta lor cabin, ad cabin and steerage passenger! are unsurpassed ty any other lute < r ship loading for the above port. Thoae inont to embark will find it to tneir comfort and advan'age to eleet thia conveyance. For terms of passage, and to secure he best berths, early application should he made on board, oot Oi Beekman street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHER* It CO.. 35 Fulton st, neil door to the Fulton Bank. N. B. Tha England willail'rom Liverpool on the Tin of April { -those seuding for their friends, csn have them brought mi ia her, or in any of the Packets comprising this magnincut and old established Line, which sail from Liverpool, puue ally on the Tth and l?lh of every Month. For | aaaage ap>ly as above. Drafts on the Royal B"uk of Ireland, and on Messrs. Ptcscoit srote, Ann It Co.. bankers, Loud. u, which will be paid free l discount ot any charge, in every town throughout Eugland, relsnn, Mcniiaa i and Wales. flto pHE Kt.M 'I'kO-MAti.N s i It fLAI'r.n prepared hy I La mod may of Peria, end sold in >ew York, 15 Trsnklin dreet,by Ninuerd. at the atodrrtire price of SI 50, are acknowi darn by many I hysiciaua, and all oilicrjwrsi na who liarc ried them, to be. a-ul are iu fact, most rflieici..ns (or earing dl yervons affections and imids. .is ihenmslisin , ueura'gy, lie gout, tic Ooulonrent. megrims, jiaralytt* in the b- giiitiing, liseasfs rd women, pa'e colors, amenorihers, suppressions, rapors, ueivous a'tacks, fce ; they ?nsi iiutantaiseoutlv nerroos agitation when in bed Agents?Iu Boston,* H->nion h Stevens; iu Butfala, Mr. c. c. Bristol) in (-harlrston, Mr. Leprince. |i3Hln.*r T"6 PRINTERS?For sale, three tec, nd hand medium handA presses and p.king m?clnnee ; three aeooud hang super'Oyal i.end-piesees and inking machines. f he above presses and m ichinee ara in good ntder, and will ?e sold veiy low on application to 'he HOE Printing Press Machine and Haw Manufertoiy, Not. N and SI Unit street. Hflwi i W YO YORK, MONDAY MOR] NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. _Sfi?i -'I'M' Fare reduced to IS criiti. Kroin tuclost ol Cenrtlandt street, New York. , (B?ery day?Sunday not cptrd.) ., Leajee New York Leaves Newark 11 Ali r. M At 7* A. M. AtlHP.M UH do 4 ?lo. 8 do. 3)i do. *x do 9 da 6 do. 7 do. )| 10 do. ONSUNDAkh. Kiobi the fool ot Cenrtlandt etroci Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. aud lU I'. M. At IK P. M. and 10 P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. New York. Le?v. Klixabeth Town. 5 f?" LIS: ?F.M. fat"' t P.M. 9Jt " The trains for Westfieid, Plainfield, Boundbrook, Bamerville, kc., counect with tiie 9 A M, I slid 4K I'M trains from New York, daily, huodays excepted. Fare jietvvreu New York and Klixabeth Towu23 cents. Kare between do ami Honiervilte. 75 rents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY ANU NK,tf BRUNSWICK. Kare redueed. t roin the foot of Liberty itreet, daily. Leaie New York. Leave New Bruuewick At 9 AM. At SK A. M. Jfc P. M. 72 ' <V " 13* " 9 P. M. t>n Sundays the SK and 7>k A.M. tripe from New Brunewirk and P- M. train from New Y >rh, are -wnitted. Kaie between New Yvhantl New Brunswick, TJ cents. Rahway, So cents The fare iu the JH and 7^f A. M. traiuf mm New Brunswick, and 2\ and 4* P. M. tram from New York, has been re dnced. new York and New Brunswick, to Ml eeuis. " and Railway to 37" Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the con doctor only Oil the duywhen purchased. fll 3n?* MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, New Airanpeuieiil?Tm? Road having bceu reTaid at great expense with the most approved aud heaviest H rail, to secure asa(-aud eruditions conveyance between New York and Morristowu, will commence running two lri|M daily, Suudays excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, >i. First Tram from Motrutown will leave at7)? A M. Second Train from Morrislown will leave at IV P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at 9* A M. Second Train Irom New York will leave at 2V I* M?Newark at S)k I' M. Passengers by the Moraine Train from Morristowu will arrive at Newark in tuna for the 9 A M Train to New York, or the mnruiug Train to Philapeiplua; bv the Altrruoou Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the 3K P M Train to New York or the Evening Train to I'liiladelp ia. Poaseniters by the Morning Tiai from New York will airive at Morristown in tune to dine and take any of the Slazes runnine wcat or north from that place. jZ6 loi ec WINTER ARRANOJ&MEN'l. n r. i n f, DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and BuriiuKion. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Learc New York, from the loot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and 4l( P M. The morning i.(ue proceeds to Bordentowu, Irom thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct l* Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of ears. Passeugers will procure their tickets at the office fooc ol Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness*, with nagguge crates on board. n,:l.a.i.i.,. t. ? r :?? ? without being opencuT hy the way. Euch train > provided with a Ladies Car, iu which ate aparluieuls and dressing rooms expressly fur thp Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.aud S o'elock, P M. The Lioea for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, sod 4 P M. being a continuation of (he lines from New York. dttlm*r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS CAR FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. By the Housatouic RailRoaJl, ruiininaihrough from Hiis C'ty to Albany ia Twelve Honrs. , Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Hon latoui. Rail Road Company, to run an Express Car,'exclusively for ouv own purpose) daily, over their road with the naaneDier train, running through to Albany in twelve hours, and are now prepared to receive and forward at low rates. Specie. Bank Notes, reckages. Bales and Caae* of Uoods, kc., for any of the above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and aceonnts, and sach othor business as may be entrusted to their care. dtr POMKBOY fa CO. I Wall street. New York. PULLEN to COPP'S JM&Q -flRfr NKRTYOKIC ALBANY, THOl AND M(INd REAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Harnden k Co. having disposed of their mute Irani New York to Albany and Tiny, the subscribers, the old conductors of HaroJen k Co's Northern Express, from New York, will cootinne to mu at k?.\i_m v.,,1. a il a n-:u *....1 connect/! Troy wiLh Jaeobs*Montreal Kxprei*. ami will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bundles,C.ises of Goods, ke., to any plane between N?w York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All bnaineas entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, dmfca, acceptances, bc? and prompt returns made for the same, PULLE.N k COPP. Offices?Pnllen k Copp, Ik Wall street. New York. Thos. (Jough, IS Eschange, Albany. A O. Filkius, 231 Riser street, Troy. S. Jacob's Ktchaocr Court, St Paul st, Montreal. references. Nkw Yoaa. Annans. Trior. Prime, Ward k Ktug, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, I Jacob Little, k Co., Thoa.Oongh. P. Wells, i John T. Smith,It Co.. S K. Stow, i Penoon k Hoffman, C. 8 Douglass, I Ciri>ent.rr St Vrrmilye, If. Leake I Hoiikhtou St Co. Drew. Hobinaon fc Co. n24 I _ .WlNTETT aS?a nTJE.MENT?For Goshen 1 fJjjCiig) J via Ni-w York and Erie Railroad.?Pare to GoJuKHMLshcii $1,50?Tuiur r's $l,2i. On and after Mouday, Janosry 2<l, 184 I, ilie cars of the New York Slid Erie Railroad will tun ra conneciion with the s-e-mboat Utica, Capt A H. Schnltt. daily, Sundays egcepted. b r Pa-aenfers? Leave Diiane street pier at 9 o'clock, A. M.; leave G' alien at quarter past 8, A. M. For Fioilii?Leave Puane street pier at 3 P. M.; leave Goaheu at half-bast 8 A. M. M C SEYMOUR, Snpeiinteiidnnt and Engineer. Tne passengers train connect* at Turner's witii Utach's Mail Stage* (oi New burgh. New Palu Kisgston, Catakill and Albany, and at Goshen with tne Crrbondale and other Western Line of S'aget. 18' r s*[atkn islanp ferry Foot of Whitehall street ^Ot^i^a1??Dcc. 3d, the straiuerSTAl EN lBLANDKk, will run aa follows, nn'il further notice LEAVE STATiiN ISLAND. f?EW TOHR IMA. M. 9 A.M. II 13* 1P.M. Ik P. M, <13 r 4* jgji Foil ALBANY?Hour Changed?On and ^xSraPafirr Mondav, 13 h instant, and un'il fnrth< r ** m ? patseugers for Albany, via Honeatonic ntnriHa win tfivx inii en ny nit'imt r ' roion or lyrnrno, r'aily, (Snodat vicepted) at 7 o'clock, A. M. from Catherine Market :? in, Kut K t? e r, airiv:ng in Alhany aamo evening. f I leg H)MKH'>Y It CO- 2 Wall at. BHillitH Arsu son i ? A.vtr.nii/Ar* autai. ?iAi STEAM SHIPS, Of IW.tutn "ltd M hone i?wet each. Under eantract with the Lorda of the-Adrntrilt?. I HlBEKNIA, C. H. E. Judkiua, Commander. ' iKI'i'ANNlA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA E. O. Li'tt. do , ACADIA, A Ryrie do 1 COLUMBIA, K. C. Miller K N do , Will ail from Liverpool anil letttt, m HtUiht at follow#: i mnw LiraaronL. fhom untrue i Acadia, Kyne, E?h 4 ,M?r 1 , (iiilttmbit, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l I i Britannia, Ilewiti, Ap'l 4 May I Hitxriiia. Jndkina, Apl 19 May IS | The accommo<'atinwi lor pnaaengera are tn|>erier. , The eetaela am aeeempented by rapeneuoerl anrgeooi, and imply supplied with Vrancea' Patent Life Boats. | Paasige teilnced te *IJ0. Nn Bertlia erureti until paid for. t Eor further Information apply to D. BR1UHAM, JK , at HARNDEN ft CCN, No. S Wall-et. r J 30c , On and aft, tTttwilir linatrv 3,1, ||4l, the ' tuhmertben will run a line of ataga ?from Bedford lo New York three timet a week, aa fojiowtt? Learra Sttrhh ytanaiou Houie, B< dford, every Monday, I Wediiraday arid Fridai morning at 1H o'clock. Laarea Uw Rill Road Hotel, corner of Bowery and Broome Y ta, New York, every Tneaday, Thuitday and Saturday morning, by the 9 o'clock eata, paaaing Marble Hall. Kant Hheater, and Newcaatla, and through While Plains, Monbina' Milla and Mile Square to Bedford HIRAM BEKOKE.HT, O. C. LEWIS, Proprietors. The R?t| Bird Line of s-ag<a will eontimie to ran dnring the winrrr ikim tVhtte I'l.,-a every day at g o'cloek, and New York at I o'clock, P M.. Sunday tetcpteil. HIRAM DKaOREST, f7 Im'ec _ ___ _Pr"t>riei?r. j "^jjT , WINTER AHHANOEMEN I ?8. M ! ?T4*v'PKIN8|jrine o S ag,, tor Yonkera, ta> W-Zr*Dobbs kcrry.Tarrv Town, 8 nosing, Sodom . tud faomoeai . in coiiiieciiou with the Harlem Rnlroad. Thu lina will leara N"w York a 9 o'cloek daily, hy the Railioad rara for Wi'liamrbrtdiie. and will cooeey juaat ngera aa faraa Sing Sin* ami Peektsill And on I'noday, Thura- . day and Saturday, the Inio will be < a landed to Sod,on. On . Mondavi, Wedu ndaya aud K tidaya from Hodom to New York, t S M. TOMPKI.N8. Proprietor. [ The Railroad fare from Wtlliamabridge to New York ia H . cents. f 10?w?r | I* o the lovers oh iu peri or blaik tea? Howqna'a Mtature?Thta rjtremely delict,,n? and ttu| amileled Tea, ao highly celebrated tn China ami Europe, just tenported, ta now for aale at the Canton Ten Company h timers I i Tea Establishment. M Chatham at. New York?m Chinaea I paekagea. Pnce id cauta and (I. Ill lm*r RK H VING, FEBRUARY 20, IS TTN1TKD-iTATES rtoTttL. NtfW YoRK?Thiewell known hat been leaeed lor aterm of yeara by the uoderMgned whoait adding to the already ratrnaire accoir moduli..n a I nrgr Retiring Room for gentlemen, where they will find all the i.iincinal uewapapera of chin country and; a Dregttui; Room and Barher'a Shop, not aurpntaed by I any Holel in tin- country; Batha, hot and cold; Minor'a Patent a V pot Hatha ajwiya in re adiuraa, itud cau be gltuu oo three , minute I notice. All Ordinal y for the accommodation of cili- 'J zena and atr->u;;ers not reiidiug at the Hotel, will be o|iened ou I a m'guificri.l >r ile; and kent up from fi A M. till 12 at night. v The interior of the building it undergoing a thoroug h repair ?refilling anil furuiahing, cleaning aud painting. ThereinbratedOrotonWater it introduced thrnughont the Hooae,which 8 renders it not only liealthy In the eitrrme, but perfectly aeenre j The location ia ancli aa make* it more couvauient for mer- e chants, trav ellrrs and business ineu than any oilier in the city, being erpii-diatant Irom moat <1 the eastern, western and south- c eiuste.'inboits, and in the immediate vicinity of all the Allantic Steamers and racket Shiia J The tihleasre supplied with the heat our market affnrda; tt? 1' wine* of the choicest bra da, and aelrcted by our beat counoi p aeura; the servants clean, nrdetly and attentive?a?d the public nay depend ou the untiring effort! of ita proptietota tn make the United Statea aa coinfortab'e for them as any othet hotel in the Union. c 18 nnr BKAISTKD 8t JOHNSON. fc 81 LISPENARl> STREET ti TO MARRIED LtUlKS,?Madam* Onalello, female p I hyaiciau and graduate aa midwife, oflVra her profeaaional ? services lo the Indies of this country. The anatomical and physiological pt t uliaiities which distinguish the female, im- " pose upon her diseases and functions altogether her own? " Many o. these diseases are exceedingly complicated and oh- tl acure, itijuirmi; eu accurate knowledge of the female system to t treat themnarith sue;ens. p Is it line justifiable, usy ail imperative duty we owe suffering i hnmanity to give relief in some cases, especially if we possess the knowledge of a* he means or remedies whereby this desirable object can he effected. h Madame Cost llo having had long experience and surpriaiug ti success in the treatment ofOianasrs incidental to her sex, ap- r prises ladies on the point of confinement, that she will be hap- t py 111 attord a C< in'ortatilc .enioorary home at li-r residence, where they can always have the best medical treatment and the moat matronly care and nursing, or if preferred, will w ait ou v and atlei d lheiu at their owu houses until iierfrctly recovered * Madame O. pa ticularly begs to impress on the minds of ih*' o delicate, that she officiate* person illy in every case, to that ti hesitarion or drt ad nn'd never be apprehended. _ M. B.?Madame' oslelio would inform lailiea residing out of r' the city, whose health wou'd not. ad in it of travelling that she 11 would devote her |iersonal attendance upon thvm in any pait of * the United States within reasonable dist inct'. it Madame C can be consulted at her residence, 34 Lispenard b atieet, at all times and w ith tne itricteit rcga'd to secrecy All rominiinicatiouaand letters must h- post paid. ftl lm"r ? UNITED ST AT tv- ,1 T v a vm pn u i nut 4. 121. late 129 Chatham itieet, Mew York. t? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 1 f'HE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for b A sale uew and fragrant Tea? of every variety aud style. p Their assortment specially includes the innst delicious toil J. powerful grades ol tiretu. and black E?rry package bears l)ie tamp of neatness and eli-uuiec, and the Tear therein are so * ' thoroughly seemed from light aud air that th iir quality anil power will remain unimpaired iu any climate Their svstrm tl of prosecuting business is perhai>s scarcely to be creel led. It y founded upon the almost reward to the r>i<ht? of he custom- ^ Or. especially wi h tespert ro weight >ud quality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to returu soy , articles which (ail to give them the (nllest satisfaction, which " the money will he cheerfully and promptly refunded. Court- ol try merchants, pnhlie establishments, heads of families, and ai shipmasters will find it a decided advantage to snptdv them- Cl -.elves from this establishment. Coffee roasted every dav Onleis from all parts of the United States oxeeated with c promptitude and despatch. IT?*' The only warehouse in America for the sale of Houqua't eclebrsfed pi.el- T- a fill lm*T RMAHTIM Si CO., 'Hi Johu street, up stairs, importers and publishers. The Pillowing works, in point oi publicatior, A! are seldom equal'cd aud never surpassed.? tl BsrtletlV American Scenery, iu parts or complete. c " Canadian " " ? Find-u's Tshlesnx of National Character, Beauty and Costume Findeu's Gallery of British Art. This work has no equal. u Views in Scotland, iu parts or complete. tl " Ireland, " ' t, Burns' Poeos, illustrated, in parts or coraplute. Fletcher's Glide to Family Devotion, in purts or complete. Phillips' Pilgrims Progress, lb steel plates *' . Views on the Danube, in pars. J1 Andall the London illustrated works of superior merit. A few exqnltite engravings oil hand, suitable for scraps, at ' ti cents rer doxen As these are loose ergraviiui from the abore p, and < tdier works, those who are collecting a scrap book will ' find this an npport'inity that seldom offers. Aveiits snnidied on liberal 'errns iv3t) lm*r IMPROVED PATENT SELF-RAILING LIKE ?' BOAT. ?' THK Subscriber having inven eda new aud valuable imA prov> men' in Lif?i Boats, respectfully invites to the tame the at entioii of Men hints and ship maatria. a The quality estu dally distinguishing th a Boat from eve-y e other lite invention, is tu capacity of frteing itaclf entirely from water by the operation of Self-Acting Valves, for which, together with ^i-r ,inprovcmmti, the subsciiber h.n bo u granted L< tlefWatent. lit a aea way, iheae ralvet operate by t<;e natural motion of the Boat, aud in a calm by comninpi gating to her an undulating or rocking motion; ther acuon la ao perfectly effie-cinui in ridding the Boat of watrr and leaving her entirely free, that the aubacriher claima for hia invention a high auperioiity over every other form ol construe- a tion. A second and highly important advantage poi'vsed by thia tl Boat over every other method of Life Boat,is the greater ap ice p obtained on the inside by the curve linear form of the chainbeta * or caaiuga, thus making them serve rhe double purpose of Life [( and Quarter Boat, and doing away w ilh the expense of providing ships with an ealra Boat, in addition to '.he number requir- is ad forordioary occasions. Having devoted several years in bringing hit inventiou to its HI preaeutjierfeetiou.lhe anbsenber toliriu for it the elimination , lion of Ship Owners, Shin Maatera and others, anil ia content that ita adoption aa the only perfect Life Boat, or its rejection A as worthless, should real solely on iu ineriia. LEWIS RAYMOND, Boat Builder. felg 2w*m .11 West at.. N. Y ^ American land and loan o*imctt?wmiani L. Siir.eri haviucabove thirty years" tmarilMI in the D management of Real Estate, and possessing a large landed proI*rty himself, al-o feeling great confidence from the libeial patronage lie has heretofore enjoyed, respectfully solicits the f(1 alteuliou of the public to the special advantages of the American Land and Loan Office, at No. 14 Wall street, in the city th of New York, lor tin- purchase, sale or exchange of llouaea and Lots, Karma and uncultivated Lands, either at private or 1' rmlilic sale, aud for the hiring and letting of Houses, Stores , Farms, Ike.; for collecting the rents, and lor lakiug the general agency .and supervision of Real Estate, also for the supertu (j tendance ol erecting and repairing Buildings. Persons having property to sell, eirhange or let, will liud it to their ad v am age to apply at this office rather than to any other iu the city, both in taiintof economy and despatcn. All property registered id this office, will, if required, be ad r veruied in twoor more of the inos:wniely circulated journals, and every honorable exertion made to dispose of the same. d Should the property not be sold at private sale, it will, if desired. be offered at public aucli' n, thus giving to owners of the v' property double adv an Mgr. s< He will also atteud to effecting luau.aiice on property, ob r, taiuing and loaning of money on bond and mortgage, or other mcurities, lakiug special ease to receive ample security for " tnoney loaned; audio have titles to property examined by gen- If lleinen of the legal profession of established character fo ac- 4, suracyand reputation. ' Holders of vacant grotird that requires improving, will ft., J it ' treatly to their advantage to apply to him. a* hia knowledge of If the kind of buildings which are most productive for tie differ- ()| rut localities, is of llie greatest importance: and his long acqiiaiutaiice witn the building of houses will enable film to gel " them erected on five moat rravonable terms at a lar less expense Hi than Is usual. fie will also take charge of real estate intended for public i tales am his knowledge from esperietteu iu getting up sales, Will be ol great value to those intending to dispose of their VV property, he will prepare the advertisements, see ihat iney are properly distributed and superintended, and direct the sale .an'l It will he Ion ml to be a great saving from the fact that properly s lor the last three or four years bak bv> u frequently sacrificed n from the want ol proper attention and skillful management. to Individuals or cmpanies thit require an agent intake chugi oflluirreal rslite, inay depend on having it faithlully aud ' economically mamged?ana all moneys received, promptly ii piidover iVihoiis wishing to hue or purchase proiiertv, or v invest inoney, can most gi-ucrally he arcoinmodated Iree ol expense?and persons residing at a dislauce desirous to sell or puichase real ?t ebyseudin a description of tnr property, p will icceive inmo Jiate attention. Persons bavp'g country seats. a farms, or houses for sale, and w ?h to have them snrveyrd and drawings t.keti, cm have itdone in the mostclegant muiDer by apidviug at tills office. C Also, Cauirai It and other pspers prepaied. a All letters for the purchase, sale or exchange of real estate, . or for the loaning or putting outol money, most be directed to WILLI A M L. Si MEK9, American Land and Loau office, 0 No. 14 Wall airael. New f orkiaiul the imitate invariably pant a Those liavi'g inoney to loan rau have it uivestao, free of r expeuse, by calln g .t this office. It.f lm:t*r . WATCHES AND JEWELRY VttlY LOW-Aa (he J ** subscriber is constantly receiving a'l drscrip'i us of G ill ' aid bilvei Watches, of llie eew eat styles, from the n annla n rurers in Englamt, Fiance and Swuxeiland. hi is c ah'rrl to > f frr** l&rg?*r*ttffrl0MI s?.?l h much less uric#*. fit rttsil.ihdii ar ^ iny otiifi h>uif i* t/?*>. Al??, (#ld Ch^inv I ' Q.#ld Pencils Ool?l W<rebel a* low ?s to i?i ft dollars inch tl Wntofwik ?od Jew??ry eicnaiigefl or fhl. Wsiclie# w?r *? muted to nr?<> kimmI t?? e h? m?u*y r?ruru?d Wsiche%, Clocks sod Jewelry rsiwiirsd in the. !>tst ru?mi?*v */?d etrrmujd, I (norli less that the nsuAl prices c< II. I A LL1CN, Importer of W ?tfhe? nid ii welry. fl) Wh-des ?t ?l M >f >rt 1f? '.V -tlI tr 'pat*tr?. , 5ITY CAHl TAILORING KtfTAlTU8H"\lKNT, 1 202 KKOADWAY. ,, i vWINO 10 faciliuea afforded ihr auhaciiber m purchaaiiiK < ' (rum fnat handa, anil th: liberal encouragement bestowed pun his Kmixuiaui ol F iliion by Kentlemen of taete.he would 01 uform his flieudt and the public that he i? enabled 10 tell the hi iwtt hcMtmMl u'irn,?nt. *1 irHieh reduced rale. from li.rm-r l: vice*. Wiiliunt auy di?n>nntinn in qnality, atyle and lioiali, : which lutt won the encomuma of the fashionable woild 'a He w..ul Irttr,. t attention t > hit anpenor ttyle of rattler. I hi i.ivit K employ*J one of lh? h it eu'ier. in the country , ami r. .ill warrant to lit the meat difficult f rm The .nhteT her wnnlil take thi. opportunity ?o correct th. If irroaeoua inpieuion ilia' "perchaarr. iu Broadway arc obliged ^| 0 pay mora for an aniclr uf ilreu lhau el .ewnrrc; a ca'l up >n i't .ubariiber ai d It a itatemciit ol pric a will coanuca the noat epticil lhat any arilcle of cloluimt c?u b? ohtaineil at ln hia rrlabli.hmrut aa cheap and aa fashionable at any other |>l mute in thii city. A tplendul a?ortm?nt of Ready Made Clothing, ?U|ierbl> r Bade, lor tale yer. e.eap for c??h. I" A full auit made ap at a few hour*' notice. lo IJf Imit* m ED WD. SOX. IIHDOW WET.TTi'8 EKMALK me, T '' ao celehr .t-il i i England and r the whol. cnntorntol ' ?.ur i| e, hu fur the (irtt tune brru iutioiluced into the U Piled Ul Intra lit yreat iituea in removing obitruction. and othei i.ordert more eanecially incidental t > the female aes, are well mown in all foreitnert; and aa toon at they arc <a well known lera aa ihev a<e in Europe, n < female will lie without them. I'll pre* nt their being counterfeited but one agent hai been ht ppointed, aid onlyoiie where thay can be obtained. If, hi refute, Widow Weleti'a Pith are erer offered fur tale at any *" th#r place in thit country, they will be counterfeited. '1 he f at fame of thete Pill, will no donht induce many to countereir them, and thit precaution to the public ia to put them on in/ heiiauard. All Irnrra muat be paid. Price $1 per Ima. Ap dyct the Drun 8Iore, Ti Chamber* atreat, Id tou.e we?t ol mi 1 road way f 11 laanec M kDIG A L NOTICE. thi |AH. HOMED UOSTWICK. Professor ol Hnrgrry and Hut VJ Iteon 10 ilia >?w 1 urk Medical an.I tiiinceal Inatitulc, dtfl ?ya particular ajteu'iou to the tie.ttmeul of Uiaeatea of the . ii- i rt and lunct, dvaiu'ia'a, pilea. diae.iae* of the rectnin. and al fit einale coinplaiiift. 'i he creat mcci-aa tint ha. attended hia nod? of tro.uin* thote |?iiitnl and ?o IV. ipiently latal Jiaeai. i, iaa hroii*i?t patient, from the moat reaiou parte of the couture II o t>!.iea 'hcuimla'aa under In. tea, ami out ol !3i patient, that yyp ? uie Innn a diaunee, alj bu five rclunpd to their homea per l.. ectly cured, and lho?? fire were incurable. HOMKK BOSTW1CE, M. D. re No 75Chamber* atreet, |yW1flrin*m Beootul hinme weal >1 Bw.adwai CELT ?Pafeut adhe.iv* E*lt lor tlwuthiuc tnti* ol houaea ?c ~ and .hipa botioma. foi 'ale in Iota to ewit purckeaert. by JJOc E X COLLINS h CO, M Month at til gggggg? [ERA 143. Awful Calamity. [Krom the Albany Argni.J Great Lank Slide at Trov, Forty Lives jOst, Sf.vkkal UgoTRoYKD.? We have ccounta ot a fearful calamity at Troy occasioned iy a landslide, scarcely inferior in extent, and it is eared, even more denirucuve of life, than that vlnch occurred several years ago. The elide occurred south of the former one,on the atne hill?the avalanche crushing and nearly huryn< several frame buildingsat the foot of the hill,and xtending quite across Main street The verbal accounts vary in imrticulata, but nil oncur in reprenenling the lose of life and the teens if distress aa terrible beyond description. The lolowingletter from a correspondent furnishes all the ariiculars aa yet within reach :? Trot, Feb 17, Ini't putt 6 I' M. Our city has been again visited with an itwlul ulamity. Another terrible avalanche bus swept louses uinl fAmiliu* away in it* course of destruo ion. It ia useless to attempt to particularize when it is itterly impossible to <lo ao on this mournful occasion, luttico it to say, that the earth alnle occurred in the im nediate vicinity oi the terrible avalanche of 1837, about jur o'clock this afternoon, covering sores of ground at he base ot the hill, and crushing to atoms some teu or welve houses, nearly all occupied. Whole lamilies have crished, and the only warning they received was the eath blow that carried them into eternity. I have just left the ruins to communicate to you these ew lines. There, ull is panic and confusion. Kight or en dead bodies have already been taken out from the tiins, and how many alive or partially Injured I cannot ell. The crowds are moving in masses (rom s|>ot to spot, ud In the centre of each the martal remains of some one rho has p Tithed, are being carried from the scene of detraction to some more suitable place. The municipal Iticers are on the spot, doing all that is possible to he j rescue the living, if any are yet to he fjtind, nn.l to take are ol the dead. When 1 left, the smoke was gushing *om the smouldering ruins, and several hose companies rere there. While I am writing, the alarm hell lor lire i ringing, but I do not apprehend that the destruction can e augmented by Are. Let me assure you that the scene presents an awful and lelancboly sight. Babes in their cradles, mothers with ivo hours ago breathed freely Bud in health, hnvu been l ??n from the ruina, mutilated anil mangled corpses, 'he buildings destroyed were nearly all ne.w, and had ut recently been erected. They were tenanted priuci ally by poor and industrious mechanics The details of te calamity yon will receive more ot large through our ity papers of to-morrow. I will state for the information of your di tant readers, lat the centre of the avalanche was at the head of faihington street, n little below what has usually been rmed the "five puints'of this city. The names of the families that have perished, that 1 ave been able to learn are, Birdsall, (the father, the son r Major Birdsall. who wss shot some years ngo near the rsenai in Albany.) D.iy, Kelley. and some others that I snnot now recollect. P. S.?Since the above was in type, we have reeived the following alip from the 'l'roy Budget:? Daily Titer Budoft Extra, ) Feb 17-6 r. M. J Awful Catastrophe.?About 4 o'clock this afternoon, Bother land-slide occurred from the hill (Mt. Ida), where te awful catastrophe of .January 1, 1837, transpired, exceding in extent and consequences that memorable disster. Some eight or ten dwellings, occupied by poor familins, rere crushed and buried beneath the mass ot enrth. In arse, it is supposed there were not less than thirty or forf persona, only ten or twelve of whom escaped. Within an hour, nine bodies had been dug from the Bins?fire of which were without life, one partially inired, and three not beyond recovery. Had this avalanche occurred Im the night, the destrucon of lile would have been still greater, as many occu ants of the houses were absent at their labor or elsehere. a. man irom the country, pautng at the time wuntui am, leaped from hi* sleigh and encaped. Tho hor?ea id load of wood wore buried beneath the earthWe juat lelt the icene of disaster. H ia one of horrific eaolation. Thouaanda were congregated on the apot, nd a corpa of efficient men engaged in penetrating tho arth and clearing away the Iragmenta of buildingsAlbany. (Correspondence of the Herald.] Albany, Friday, Feb. 17. Last uiglit was the coldest of the season, and at bout 7 o'clack this morning, in a sheltered situaion, the thermometer stood 13 degrees below zero, luring the course of to-duy, the weather has inuerially moderated, and at this present writing, it i snowing, with a fair prospect cf another heavy tow storm On the whole, we are in enioyment F weather that would not be out of place in the rtic regions. Mr. Samuel G. Hathaway, of Chemung, was tory elected Speaker pro tein. of the House, (fen'l avis intending to be absent. This is an appropriate nmpliinent to Col. H., and a merited tribute to his ilenta and worm, ne is well acquainted with all ip details of legislation and parliamentary rules, nd will no doubt discharge the duties of presiding Ificer with strict impartiality and general salisfacon. It is now almost certain that no attempt will be inde to secure a legislative nomination of Mr. Van uren lor the Presidency. Although there is no oubt but that a majority of both Houses are in faor ol his nomination, yet such has been the pro^riptive conduct of those who profess to be his 'tends and lead for him here, that on that reason lone, success could not be calculated on with cerunty, and of course, postponement, would he tar, tr preferable to even the slightest chance of defeat t cannot be either concealed or denied, that under te lead of such young men as Young, Flagg, nnd fliers, ilie radicals, or the "forty thieves party," as icy are termed, are fast increasing in strength, innence nnd numbers. In the Legislature to day, there was but little jsiness of importance transacted As usual, it nsall talk and no work. Tn the Henate, the bill r the reduction of salaries. Sri; . was under discus on until they went tnto executive session. The mly of the N- Y. and Erie Railroad to certain redution* of inquiry, whs received to-rlav, and orderd printed. The hill from the Assemhfy relative to ne charter of the Bowery Fire Tnfiirauco Company, ras favorably reported In the Assembly, after the election of the Speaker ro tem. a large number of petitions were presented nd referred Mr. Pent* reported Irotn the select committee, omprising the delegation Irom New York, Kings, nd Richmond, an important bill on the subject ol he nil -it laws. A resolution was adopted, tailing n the Comptroller to report to the Legislature the mount of money necessary to he raise d during the urrent ypar, for canal and other State purposes 1r. J. B Smith gave notice of a bill roqutring the ,ong Island Rnilroatlto burn fossil coal The Com of the Whole reported t<> the Howse the hil elntive to the inspection of flour in the City of New rork The hill for the payment of contractors wai len under consideration until the hour of adjourn lent. Several apimin'itten's were made to-day for th> aunties of Broome, Erie, Warren, and Saratoga A most appalling calamity occurred in Troy this Ffernoon, occasioned by a tremendous land slide oi valanche, which was more extensive an d destrucve of life than that which occurred several years (o. The slide was a little south of the fori tier one, 1 the same hill?the avalanche crushing and nearly trying several frame buildings at the foot of the ill, and extending quite across Main street adtsnee of some one hundred and fifty yards from the ill Whole families have perished. At the fas'ac units some eight or ten bodies had been taken o?n the ruins, Hnd people were still engaged in diking others our, though it was a rwont herculrt' Bk, the slide covering several sews The build gs destroyed were nearlv all new, and occupt d incipally by |>oorand industrious me .'hanics It is ipposed that the loss of life will exceed thirty or riv |wrnon8. infre were several wwi mimuw us ii nd hair breadth escapes. si .mom P. S I have since learned from agent 'eman from roy, that they had succeeded in get ting from jdar the snow 23 bodies, 5 of which had life. S. Naval ?The Independence, flag ship of the >me squadron, went to sea from Norfolk on the th inst. The Pensacola 'Jazette, after noticing a story goj the rounds, to the effect that the U. 3. B hip Falj luth was lately fired into by a British st.earner, ie when and the where, are not given,) aod that s Falmouth returned '.he compliment with a broad le, and so crippled the steamer that she was liged to be towed into port, says " The FalmouHx is now . t anchor at the N'.rvy ird. She is, we understand, destined to bring i> ur inister, Mr. TftcmpgM, from Mexico, and hits en detained here in consequence of his not beina* ady to leave before the 1st of March, and also bv e illness of one of the lieutenants and several of e crew at the. Hospital Lieutenant Craven, also the Falmo'dth, was detached Irom her a sp"r, ne ago andjweat north the Missouri ." I LD. Priot 'I'wu Cants. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Tn* (Jurat LiivrntRD Will Cat*. Fr*. 19 ? The Ooart Room wt? again excessively crowded. The interi ?t and excitement in this rate are very great. Evidcnc* to* thi Dinner CovrinuKo?Johanna BkTtiow*.?I retide at 147 Hudaon street, next door to Mr. Stewart : I knew Alice; thia witneaa confirmed delendant'a points, she had boon visited by tome person in rela tion to thia cnae. [At thia point, us at otliura during the progress of the cute, counsel on both sidea became somewhat ir.i?re.t?i and excited, in relation to the admissibility of evidence on the subject of visiting witnesses?giving them papers to wear by, lie.; more sharp shooting ] Mrs. Isabella Bard.?I reside at Ming Sing. I was 8nl>erinten<lpnt of lha Female Prison there; I knew Alice l.ispeaard. This witness confirmed defendant's points. Croii-'txumined by O'Connor.?1 never notiaed in Alice any extraordinary stupidity or dulness, my own sight was very had ; in ail my intercourse with her, 1 never hrard her say anything in reply to inv questions, more than " Yes," or " No," or "Well." (The cross-extiminntion here was very severe in relation to the luterest which this witness had felt, nnd taken, in procuring the testimony of Mrs. Vincent, to he used In Alice's case.) William Kdmoros. I.reside at Jfto Bleacher street; I knew Alice Llspcnard ;I first saw her in 181#, and had ample importunities of knowing Alice well; | was chief conti dentialclerk; when the will oiold Anthony Lispenard was proved, among others I notified Alice Lispenard ; I callid on her, snt down hy her, and told her my business; Alice aaid something in reply, hut I don't recollect what occurred; 1 frequently saw Miss Alice, hut never had much conversation with her. Crosa-eraminul by O'Connor.?i kept the hooks, and kept Alice's account; I have made a great many charges against Alice upon the hooks, hut I never govs her any credit for anything, I do not know whether she could read or not. t^.?Did you get u document printed, that has been referred to t A.?I got a little document printed, which my brother wrote; I did it at my brother's request; he paid me lor the work. Mrs. Sarah Wass**.-Oon. Sans-ord.?Where do you live! Witness ?I reside at J04 Bowery. lien. Saxdeord.?How old are yonf Witxdsj.?I am over JO?[Laughter?the lady being very manifestly under 70 ] Judoe Oaki.ev.?These inquiries in relation to ladies' age* had better he omitted, unless it is a matter ol importance. This witness testified to Alice's taking some care of her child. She confirmed Rome other ot defendant'k points. ' Irs. mihoaker Mi; anon?I reside at Him k*kill; I knew Alice for two years; she boarded with Mrs Godwin in any house lor one year, the next year with Mrs. Taylor, who took Mrs. Godwin's place; I lived in the lower part of the ? Haute house; I had small children ; Alice we? very fond o f them; I never knew her to cry after the children's playthings; I never saw anything silly in her; I asked her one day why she. walked out so much and never rod* ? Hhe replied that it was loo expensive to ride, and she cou Id uot afford it; she said she would leave all her fortune or property to Alexander L. Stewart, lor none ol thereat thought anything of her, nnd nevercalled to see her Crust-examination by O'Connor?1 r.ame from Peakskill yesterday; I was sent for by Mr. Stewart; I was formerly examined before tho Surrogate; the Rev. Charles Stewart came up after me the other day to Peekekill; he took down my evidence. Nothing special was elicited in the cross-examination. Mrs. Jane Martin?I resident 141 Grand street: 1 knew Alice Lispenard ; I first knew her wheu 1 was about nine years old , I was intimate in tho family till I was about 'JO; there was not much difference between our ages, she might have been a little the oldest; Alice wu in the habit ol looking at things eloie and sidtweys [with her head a little hanging down]. In her conversation I saw nothing siilv or foolish; she would goorseadto thehrewbouse for beer; she drank beer instead of tea; in our play 1 mean; Al'cc had Just as much beer as she wanted. Cruet-examined by Mr. O'Connoa?I was 60 last October; one year younger than Alice. O'Connor?When you were out playing, and got bttr to play tea with, did you drink of the beer ? A?No; water; we all ate oysters. O'Connor?Wheie did you get these oysters that you used to play tea with? A ?We nil used to go down and gather them off tho rocks. O'Cotseoa?Well, how wai it about Alice'* finding the oysters; could *he pick thein oil the reck* a* well a* the re?t ofvou? A ?I never ?aw anv difference in her and the re?t. O'Conbor?How di(l *he pick them off the rock*; did she put one eye down lidewaya clone to the rocki? |alluding to her mode of eating her victual*. Mr. O'Connor'* question* here began to vex the witne**, and the told him.] Witw*i? (angrily)?If you keep potting luch question* tome I won't answer you notbin atal. Judge Oakl*v?Be patient, Mr*. Martin, and anawer all the questions put to you O'Cotsrsoa?Well, Mr* Martin, you have?aid that you u<ed to pick oyater* oil ol tho rock* in your play; can you tell it* what else you did I Witisbss?We used to jump the rope. O'Coisaoa?Did Alice jump the ropel Wn.-scss?Yes. O'Cowvor?Well, Mr*. Martin, which oould jump the rope bent, you or Alicel Witness?I don't know a* there was any difference. O'Connor ?Have you ever seen Alice drunk 1 Witnes*.?/ have teen he* dntnk more than twice But I never spoke to her when the w as urunk. In reply to cross-examination she further stated :? Mrs. Stewart brought me a paper a few days since, and told me that my memory might be treacherous, and I might need it I told her I did not want it. She left it with me. Mr. 0*Connoh here prodeced in court the deposition of witness before the Surroga'e, with her signature attached, in which the iwrari that the never taw Alice drunk. Mr. O'Connor called the attention of the court to the contradiction in th? witness' testimony then and now TMr.?nosii Vats Doi.sen.?I reside in VandHin street ; I knew Alice for 1A year* ; I made dresses Tor the family ; i...... i....-.i si.?. .n.i ;AL.. I ..... dresses lor Alice the Name us lor oilier* of the family ? there wai nothing ridiculous about them. Alice appeared quite affected by the death ol hhr iiiter. Croti t lamination by O'Coxxoi.?Alice ha* held conversation* with tne irequently on various subject*, and lor *ome leneth of time. Q.?By whom are you now employed 1 j A ?I am now employed by the family of Robert Stewart ;'l ilo work for them. A memorandum was made of my thoughts before my examination before the Surrogate. Mrs. Charles Stewart took down thnske'ch. A fair copy was mnde and left with me, ro that I could read it, and look it over. Mr* Charles Stewart has given me very recently, withinafew days, a copy of my examination before the Surtogote. /have it now at home. Diaecr.?I hare known Alice sent to the office to get money?an 1 she has got so much lor one purpose, and so much for another. The witness also related *ome conversation had with her ahout Mr. Charles Stewart's mar. riage?in which the said Mr. Stewart's children had now hernme her rrlationfl Bstsvt Stocktow [colored] ? I knew A ieeLispenard; I have known her joke ; I never knew her silly. When on her death bed, on oneoccasioD she was in great pain, and became impatient, and said, " I wiih ! wai dead " *aid I, "that is wrong, Miss Rltie." Said she, " I* it V' and then sbt asked, " In there any pain in Heaven V I said no She said no more. She a\?n, on one occaaion, spoke of tier sister'* Itinera!?" it was very large,"? and of her sister's cottin with the plate on it, and said, " I should like to have one like it." Oneroid day, she told me she should not like to be a Vaftitt that day. Mrs. Stewart (Senior) was a Baptist?Mr. Stewart was not. . Cro$?-txamined by O'Coisjioa.? I live at Princeton, N J. \ now I went to the Ksndwich l?l*nd* with Mr. Charles I Stew art, and was with him at the death of his wife I re turned with him tothis country; I whj nurse in his familj 1 read my testimanv over \ esterday, as it is printed in the * hook. It was at Mr. Stewart's house In relation to being a Baptist, ?n r- flection, I think Alice al'o asked. " How do they dip Vm?as they do candles 1" It further appeari d on the former examination of this witness before 'he surrogate, that AHee had said, in the conversation slluded to | about heaven, " I don't dnow what kind 01 a place heaven is." or something to that effect. This witness appeared to be very intelligent, candid, and conscientious. 1 The Court here adjourned to next Monday. (XJ" The American Museum this week presents attractions of sa extraordinary a kind, that with anything like decent weather, it cannot fail to be crowded in every story. Bs'nnm gives bis patrons singing, comic and sentimental, dancing natural and mechanical, the beautiful animated tableaux ?o universally admired; and eclips ng all, the party of Indian Chief* remain through tho week, giving their grand war dances, Ac. , at i and half past 7 every day and evening Lose not this opportunity to see the most interesting spectacle ever shown to a ci vili/ed man. tjf PACKET FOR ^AK^KIM.K- 'h h~i HF.L'.i^rUN ' , ? ' ? ? m'I P -intely oil IHIMfciho It'.. Yarch V r fr?ikl,i "rp.t ? '<> ? BROOM ft I <V 01 t-mnr tt.. or to B ?M) k HIV' KItV, A -nit. fgr _ n To..tin- Bmlrloif XJB?- FA8SAOK rRO yi LI v y,R PQi?L-Tie ?.rv in pen or P?cket "P ME MPHI A. Cape Knight, will JmHC* "I from Lirerpool early in March IV,.on. wi.himt to tend <br their can hare them brought out in tier or a?y of the regular packet* bv applying penumally. or if by Inter. l-ty-id^ vtcMURRA Y, 100 Pm? .trert, romer ot South. PA-Drafta for any tma..nt jwvnble at tithi in any -auk, hr?n.h,ora*'"<-f of a bank iu Eaglind Srti.t'nnd h'y upplrl' k ? thote. ivWr r<rp pAAAAUK FOR NEW ORI.K.ANf-'?niy >SW Rraulu I < <?'The -?.) i,.li I fate limn packet ahip 7*KL^.1I vtTI.'lEF. '* T' r?l, will tail poaitlyrl* on O-t^rtT her reankw "lav Having han,la.>m- aeeommoJationa f..r cabin, ottnii cabin tml tteer.ure pinratrn. For paaaaga ??rlv to hcaiion .hou'd he mi.'e i.nboa d. " to ',,,T 1 W. A i r TAPS! OTT, pf, I I Peril tlip. e. rnrr *..n?h .r?-e? fjfg- KOM NIC# uHLRAN"?Ftrat ftaket Ann? To tail on H'b mil-The .niier or. well k, own peckJtSuQUwel thip At-'R' RN.Catt 0?rfre, will pOa'MVtly ?.|| AtTihoye h< r regular 4 ?. Oaa kxaOaHarly accommodate a lew mor, cabin, 5td cabin mil tleiragr petreiujera, if early nppliea I,on ..mad. on Hoard the a?,p ? ^^V^DMAN l?< ec ?l South ttti -1.

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