Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1843 Page 1
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T H Vol. IX.?No. CI,?WboU No. 3N66. To the Public. THE NEW YNHK HERALD?daily nawapapar?publlahed fwery day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Prioa 3 cents par oopy?or f7 36 par annum?poatagea paid?caih in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?punuueufrny onunuy morning?price 6f cent* par oopy, or M 13 Per annum? postage* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulatien of ;he Herald is oyer THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, >r the world, and is therefore, the best channel for iwtiuii eson in the oity or country. Price* moderate?cash in adrance. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiKToa or the Herald Eitablishmkivt, Northwest corner of Fnlton and Nassau streets. BOOKS FOR THE PEOPLE rpHE following Publications are for sale at the HERALD J- OFFICE. North West corner of Fulton and Nassau ats? where ?ll the Cheap Publications of the day can be had as soon as issued, at the PUBLISHING PRICES. FOREST DAYS, by G. P. R. James. Just u-. published. THE BOOK OF THE NAVY, comprising a Kcueral History of the American Marin*?to be embellished with a number of Engravings. No. 1 now the low pric* of 33 cts. ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF EUROPE, ia i? Numbers. Th* 1, 11, III and IV No# are now ready, each 33 c*. COOLEVS AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to b* completed in 6 Nos. No. 3 now ready 36 RKANDE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA, No* ?.?.and J, 3} ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF GEOGRAPHY, compiisiiig a complete description of the earth, to be completed in 34 parts, a part to be issued every two weeks, each _ . 33 UIIE'S DICTIONARY of th* Arts, Sctcucss, Stc, to be completed in 5 monthly numbewt. Price SI each. No. S now ready. THIERS'S HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, No 11 now ready, S3 THE HISTWRY OF THE REFORMATION Ill Ufrn&tiy, &C, in mo OUWJCUIII vvuiuj y, by J M Merle D'Aubigne, No 1 and 3 now may, 15 MA8TERMAN READ*?by Marryat. Juat published. $1.12X YOUNG ISLANDERS?by J. Taylor. 75 THE FARMER'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, and Dictionary of Rural Affain?By C W JohaBPARKSi' LIFE OF WASHINGTON, 6 Dumber*, rach _ _ 25 1ACK HiNTON, 50 fc tl 0# HANDY ANDY. ? 50, $1 fc ?l 25 SECTOR O'HALLORAN, No. 9. 12* UMPHREY CLINKER?By Smollett. Complete in one number. _ 35 TOM JONES, or the Hi*lory of a Foundling? complete, bv Fielding, 50 JOSEPH ANDREWS, by, Fielding, complete m one number, 35 novelis-ps^BRAflY. Thu Library will be completed in ten weekly rumben. VIVIAN GREY?by D'liraeli?complete in one yolume, 35 VKNETIA?byDTiraeli?complete in one volume, ROMANCE AND REALITY?by L E I mplete iu one yolume, 35 THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'leraeli?w tha portrait of the author, 25 FRANCESCA CARRARA?by L E Landon, *5 HENRIETTA TEMPLE?by D'leiaeli?complete in one volume 25 PETER SIMPLE, by Marryat, aomplete in one CONTArInI FLEMING?by D'ISRAELI-com- * piece in one number. 35 monthly magazines. OODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for March, 35 GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 35 LADY'S COMPANION. t5 THE ARTIST, for March, 35 SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, Fab number, juit publiahed, 35 MISKLESLIE'8 MAGAZINE, February namber, iuat published, _ _ 15 THE LADY'S ORLD OF FASHION, for March, ! wavehlFnovels. IV ANHOE?by SirWalter Scott?complete in one umber, 35 OUY MANNERING?by Sir alter 8 oncomplete in one number, 35 THE ANTIQUARY?bv Sir Walter Scottcomplete id one number, 85 ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number. 25 OLD MORTALITY?bv Sir Walter Scottcomplete in one number. 35 HEART OF MID LOTHIAN?by Scott-complete iu one number, IS BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR?by Scott?eomffete in one amaa bet, 95 I KENILWORTH?by Sir Walter Seot?-com plete iu one number, 95 WAVEKLY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one cumber, _ _ 35 THE MONASTERY?by Walter Scott-complete in one number. 35 THE ABBOT?by Walter Scott?complete in one number 95 THE LEGEND.OF MONTROSE, by Walter Scott, complete in one nnmoer, 15 THE TIRATE?by Welter Scott?complete in one number. S3 LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS. BeauiiTnl Uniform Edition of Bulwer's Norele. Twenty-tire Genu each.l PKLHAM. DISOWNED. DRVERKAUX. ? PAUL CLIFFORD fcUOENK ARAM' LA-IT DAYS OF POMPEII. TK C CZARINA. , , ^ v H1ENZI. The Lnnt of the Tribunes. 8K*.V DEVOTION, or Katharine Randolph. NABOB AT HOME, or the Return to England ERNEST MALTRAVER8. , w ALl'-E; or. The Myiterise: Seonel to Maltrarera. THE LAST OF THE BARONS, S3 It will alio be published thte morning et UX COOPER'S~NOVELS. RED ROVER, in two numbert, price 3* HOME AS FOUND, etela in S role. 30 CHARLES DICKE"NS' (BOZ) WORKS. AII the works of the eboreiwnter.will be published in regular rotation. NOTES ON AMERICA, for general circulation, 13X NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, 30 OLIVER TWIST. S3 DU'VlVICir re PICKS? r.nmnlft* in nna nnn her, M THE CURIOSITY SHOP, complete in ?m number, SO BARNABY RUDOE, complete in ?n? number, JO PUBLISHED IN"Q*UARTO FORM. ROSIN A MEADOWS'lHE VILLAGE MAID -OR TEMPTATION UNVEILED. Story "f City Benin and Every Day Life? by W. B Enaliah. Juit published, )!H THE BIBLE IN SPAIN?By Geo. Barrow, LIGHTS* AND SHADOWS OF FACTORY ** * * LIFElN NEW ENULAND-By a Factory Girl. It is a beautiful picture of factory life. KRANcis OF VALOIS. or the CURSE OF S . VALLIAR, by fc. Fla*g?a tale of the Middle Aari. I?X THE LIFE A^ND EXPLOITS OF THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON, including a complete History of the PcifiNiULan Wan, illaetrated with Foutt-Thuke handsome Engravings. 23 BIANCA CaPPELLO?an Historical Romance by L*dt Lvttoh Bui.wer. lt\ BENTLEY'S MISCELLANY, (a republication. ) ll|f BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE?a republication No. 1, ju?t publiihed. .... . ? PAULINE?a Tale ol Normandy, by Alexandre Daroue, 12H THE NEIGHBORS?From the Gernun, by Mary Hoar it. UK CHEMISTRY?applied to Agriculture and PhysiolTH?/ W^STeR'N CAPTIVE?Or the Timet ef T TUtnaeh, UK LET rKHS OF MART QUEEN OK 8COT8by An u? ? 2S MK.VO.RR OF THE QUEENS OK FRANCE bj Mr* F. Bnah. 35 THE NAUTILUS?* collection *f Ro* Tale*? AI?o.en ycconnt of the 80MKRB* MUTINY. 13H BHUZ/LEWIT, by Dickens (3d No. jnit peblt?h*d) TOM BURRE OF OURS. L 8. D or Account* of Irish Heir* * All for WINDSOR CASTLE 1?? ABVENTURK8 OF ARTHUR O'LEARY. A dltcoBNt oa all the above work* to agent* ?nb.rrirtiou* for *11 the above Magatiaas w ill be received at thm and piinftttnily Etteudtd iq. Wl ip t?u(.noiuniu, Impoiters and Wholeaale Dfileis, having iiaed and told ?. Chapman's Metallic Rimr Strop, do Ireely rrcommend it aa being: superior to anyihiug which has hitherto come ander oar eetioe of a similar nature Signed? All Willett, importers of hardware, No MS Faarl at. A W Spie, k Co, do do HI do Willi* k Brothers, do do JU do Oakley A Looiius, do do 43 do Sheldon li Phelps. do do 3} and T> Booth William Halsied fe Brothers, do do 51 Pearl at. Kissam, Bryca k Jones, do 2tt do Spelmnn k Prater. importer* of Tansy (foods, 136 Pearl at. Posts * Mam, importer o( drugs, 44 Cedar at. field, t hoinpeon Si Co. importers of Dry Ooeda, 53 Cedar at. fellows, Van Aradale It Cooper, Watches, I) Maiden Lane. P l> eh It Co..' reporters of Stationery. MS Pearl at. Wm H Ooalding, Surgical Inatrnment maunfaetnrar, 33X Chatham st. for Bale at 203 William streeC To be had by th doaen at the manufacturer's prices of the above fun**, and at retail, at the principal fancy Korea throughout the city. M^lentiaa William Kreet. ft lm*m tpO STlfltltiAHTi.-Bir nnuemgned wiahta to pmehaae a a atock of gooda for nation Med bonda and mortgagee? cither dry gooda, gtoeeriee, hardware or crockery, a general natortmeat wonid ne piefmrd. The nndcraigned triahca to h< Id an interview with eoma perion who haa ireani to the amruatof two thou and dolmra or n ore, who would be willing to leinnve a ihort diatance into the country?aecnruy will be given for all inyeatmenia?Oo< d reference! given and requited. An interview een be htd at MX Fearl atreet, betweea * A M. and J P.M. WM. dAoWN. ftljt*r _ ________ 'I' WINKS?SO# Italet Kugliih Bridport Hail, Heine, Hening, 4 and Oil I Net l'wiu?>. compnaiim a fall aaaortmeiil of diITarent a tea, and all of very taperior quilii, and lata impor t oo. koraaieby ICDWD. K (OLMNn k OO sal r _ M Hontk itreet fiukTprr HHKATTTI.NO PAt'EK?M balea ofi very aa? rattor article, mnch approved or aud wall adapted for hot loma ( ahlpa, raofli of honaea, Ac., far aale by E. K. COLLINS ft GO , ?fr M Soath atreet. E NE NEW 1 M0L TO LfcT?The premises formerly occupied by the ~v | Ute Junci Dubbiu, Kao-, betweeu the 4th anJ tth ave/ 1. unci, i-iteudiiiij from 13 to afcth atreet. coosistinf of a ?incion* and coureuieur dwelling, witli stable and suitable outhouses attached, wiui a large garden in perfect order, well filled with every variety of fruit, and an abundance of shrubbery?the situatio i the moat sightly on the inland, commanding an entensive view of the surrounding country, and the omy one overloohing the receiving ie>ervoir?being a uetirnble residence for a nrivate family ; or would be let 10 a careful tenant for a public house, being about 5 minutes' walk from the Kail road. AI so, about five acres ol pasture land adioiuing the above premises, to let with or without the same. Enquire at 911 3d avenue, orof WM K. NEWTON, )|ITlm*r No. 90 Chambers street. "jiT COUNTRY REsIbBN. K FolOlALfc-lo the |;"M village of Hanover. Morris County, New Jersey, 13 miles IdMLfrom Newark, on the turnpike leading to Morristown.a laige two story nonse, containing eight rooms and good cellar, with good well of water near the door. Also good coach bouse and stable, with three acres of rich Isnil, all fenced and in good order. If the above is not sold at private sale,it will be offered it auction on Wednesday, 8th of March, at 1 o'clock, on the premises. For further paiticnlare enquireof WI^^()N J*fdl?NT,^est'oor ffuiti'n,?N.Y. I Administrators. fB lni*r jj* OFFICES TO LET?In store No. #9 South street, ^^^g Apply to JOSEPH McMURHA V, Jlil 100 Pine street. 1 llec ml TO LET?At Nvwi'k, N. Jersey, that convenient pM house on the Passaic River, at the intersection ol the JafiARailroad and Moma Canal, lately occupied by Oiriu Dickinson, well calculated for a boarding house, containing II rooms, with a good barn anu well of water Also the Whmf ecar the above premises, adjoining the lumber yard of J. Poinier, being I 0 fret (rout, with storehouse Premises extending from the river to the railroad, and contiguous to the outlet of the Morris Canal. Enquire of 1II ?w ec A. UIKFOrtO, 118 Broad at. I M TO LET?From 1st of May next, the moderu built \ |->iM two story brica house, No. J1 Third at,,with attic, bast J^J^ment a'id cellar, ana inarnie mantles inrougnout. r or further pellicular* inquire at S79K Pearl ?t I5f lm? ftaA TO LET? From lit May nex?, two mcderu two itory fl? Houses, in Orand atreet, near Wooater. Alao, the JiaiHt Store No. 89 Canal at., now occupied as a chair atore It could be made into two very convenient stoes Apply to JOHN THOMPSON f 19-*lmrc 60 Orand or 87 Wooater ata. j|f FOR SALE OH EXCHANOITr"OK CITY PROPEKTY?A Farm of on* hundred acrea, aitnated in J^HiKocltland County, ten milei by the New York nod Erie Railroad,or ail miles Ir nn Nya?-k Lauding. Handsomely aitnated, pltnty of fruit, well watered and wooded, uud easy of access >it any day in the week, by ihe above road,in Lhrre hours. For Inrther particulars enquire at 17 Gouveuenr arrest, where a andscipe view can brse>n. 17f lm*r JgMtt FOR I11 ALE-Farms in the village of Jamaica. L 1.? ySq|Two handsome farma, coutainiog?the one fifty-four, the 4iwUh.o(hei forty-eight acrea of land, properly divided into 'fable, pasture ana woodland. They are in a good state of cultivation,and are situated a short distance south from the railroad, to which their front extends parallel upon South street. On one (arm the improvements consist of a good two story house, barn, and ueceasary outbuildings. On the other there is a good site for building They will be sold low if applied lor immediately. Apply to FRANCIS 9. BROWN, I8f#t"r No. '5 Wall street wwd? FOR SALE OK KXCHAJNOE FOR PROPERTY SC&1N THE CITY OF NEW YORK-A va uable Farm wtfn^ol about 80 arret in scartdale, Went Chester County, two miles belewWhits Plains and twenty-five rom New York on the main ros>l leading 10 and from said places. On the premises is a spacious doable two storv dwelling house, with a kitchen attached; a ban, carriage and out houses, all in fine order; 2 bearing apple orchards, mostly gr-fted frnit, peach, cherry and pear creee, a good well of water and cistern holding 40 hogsheads of water; about twelve acres of wood land. The whole farm well fenced and mostly with stone wall and in good repair. The-Bros* River crosses the rear, along which the railroad runs, now nearly completed, to White Plains. Persons desirous of seeing the pre i ises >rili find it one of the most des.rable places in West Chester County. Enquire of J. J. TRAVIS. on the premises, or D. BRUSH, ESQ. ft lra*r No 92 Fulton st. TTNITED STATkS HOTEL, VuHK.-TI?. well U kuown establishment has been tensed tor a term of years by the undesigned, who are addiDg to the already extensive accommodation a large Retiring Room for gentlemen, where they will find ad the principal newspapers of this country and Europe; a Dressing Hoout aud Barber's Shop, not surpassed by any Hotel iu the country; Baths, hot aud cold; Minor's Patent F?por Baths always iu readiness, aud can be given on three minutes notice. An Ordinary far the accommodation of citi* sens and strangers not residing at the Hotel, will be opened on a magnificent scale;and kept np from 6 A. M. till 12 at night. The interior of the building is undergoing s thorough repair ?refitting and furnishing, cleaning and painting. The celebratedCiolouWater is iutroducsd throughout the House,which renders it not only healthy in the extreme, but perfectly secure against fire. The location is such as makes it more convenient for merchants, travellers and business men than any other in the city, being eqni-distant I rom most of the eastern, western and southern steamboats, and in the immediate vicinity of all the Atlantic Steamers and Packet Shits The tables are supplied with the best our market affords; tke wines of the choicest bra- ds, and selected by oar best counoi seurs; the servants clean, orderly end attentive?aud the public may depend on the untiring efforts of iu propiietois to make the united stales as comlortaD e lor tnem as any otne. hotel in the Union. ltf Imr BRA1STED & JOHNSON. English school. HAVANA. ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATER.LAND, PRINCIPAL. rpHlS Academy waa established two years ago, under the l>sL trunaite ol me former Intendetu General ol the Island, and other eisuncuisned individuals of the nobility and merchants of tnueity. It k eocductedon the pianof the Geinaan ''gymnasia;" and toe metooc ol cuilnm is the "iatcrrogative." All the scholars understand trie English language, and many of them speak it habitually and nnemly The Principal has the eanerience of schools in Prance, Germany, England, and the United 8tales. His chief aim Is to S'?e the youth entrusted to his care a practical knowledge of oae branchee of a polite education, which are required in all active careen, and are applicable to any. The eonne of study, therefore, comprehends the English, French. German and Spanish languages; History,Geographies, Natnrul Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Drawimtsof various kinds. Professors of divers nations snd acquirements reside in the *etablishmrnt; and ail the claasee receive, in rotation, instruction from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan of tuition, that am vera I of the pupils, under twelve yean of ages, write and speak two foreign languages, in a perfectly intelligible manner, and thoec ef riper years, correctly and easirv. The acquisition, not only of the Spanish, bat also of othai languages, is thus placed within the reach of the youth of the United States, without its being necessary for them to relinquish the many advantages which accrue from anEngliah education. The object of uie Principal in desiring to receive youths from the Uuited Slates, is to facilitate the acquirement of the Eagmh accent for his Spanish pnpils, which service would be donbly repaid them by dt the latter, and to introduce here the raunly spiritof the English schools. The yeans, citisens of the United States can have nothing to fear from the elimate, the house beine snacioos and airv. situated m a healthful (pot, it a short distance from the city; and containing within its limits, s fine bath and complete gymnasium for Ine preservation ol the papil*' health. Two youth*, lately arrived from Germany, have passed the summer in the sc.ioof in perfect health. As the pnacipal is a married man, and his wife and sister have be' ye of theiauiordepertment: children are received at any attnat of infancy, fe, very pupil enjoys 111* religions opinions undisturbed. 1 He terms are ftOO per annum, payable three months in advent e There art noestras evcept elothra and books. Re fereneee?MESSRS. CHAM. DRAKE fe BROTHERS. ALEXANDER MCflALEB, ESQ.. nil Havana. LOOK AT THIS. ^^GENTLEMEN'S Cork Sole Boots,thebest of 4Pm Quality, $5 00 do Water Proof Boot* do t 60 do Light French Calfskin Boots, do S3 to 4 00 do India Ruboer Oyer Shoes with leather soles, 1 00 do Plain Rubbers, 34 do Dancing Pumps, 1 00 do Daucuig Uaiter, I 76 do Worked Slippers 1 OP And all other kinds of Boots and Shoes in fashion; ladies gaiter boors, buskins, slippers, ues, quilted shoes, prunella shoes, white and black satin slippers, button shoes; ludia rubber strap-furred, plain and all other kinds of overshoes; clogs, mocaiin*. and the greatest assortment of boy j boots and shoes, misses and children's, ol all kinds to be found in the world, all ol our own manufacturing, and the beat of French goods, and warranted to be the beet, and as cheap as the cheapest, at 307 Broadway, the corner of Franklin st. and at 91 Canal street. GREGORY It CAHILL, lee ia<? ui DISSOLUTION GF PARTNERSHIP. rpHE Partnership heretofore existing between JOHN QAL^ LIER and JAMES MURPHY, in the bnsiues* of <omposition Ornament ManaCcmrera in the City of New York, waa diaaolved on the 2lat day of January, 1843, by the mutual consent of both parties. Tha business will oe continued at the old stand, No. 682 Broadway, by John Gallier, who is ch tried with the collection of all debts due to the said late fiftn, and the liquidation of their liabilities, anS the said John Usllier is also empowered to use tne name of the said firm for the purpose aforesaid. All peisons indebted ther -to will please pay the same without delay, and those havingclaims against the firm will please to render the'r Seconals as stays. JOHN UALLIKR. JAMES MURPHY. TO architectsTbuilders, and OTHERS. JOHN GALLIER. Composition Ornament Manufacturer and House Career, No. 691 Broadway, New York, oppos.ta Lafayette Hall, has on hand at his establishment aa shore, specimens of Architectural ornaments ol every variety, modelled from the best examples, consisting in part ol capitals lor columns, consoles, tinsses enriched mouldings, rosettes, paterns. Ac. Ac. Ac., which he is prepared to furnish promptly ui any quautity.andof any sine required, at prices in conformity with the timrs_ ft I lm*in 3EGARS-SEGAR3. 1 RIOI ?S'S"HAVANA AND PR1NCI Pfc XKHAV A KIUU Lo O MA V AiiA Al'v MlliivirEi Ofil/AlV STORE, wholesale and retail, baaeroent SI dPilliain it. Kiondas, in half and quarter bote* Do. No. half aud quarter boxes Norissas, in quarter aud eighth do Para Hegalos, in quarter do Regalias, of a superior quality, in K, H and l-IOth boxes Congress*. in quarter boiea A'muucaa, do do La Norma, do do I.a Ksneranxa, do do 'l'rea Aungot. in cartons of M each London Regalias, ip carious of 41 each La Pros I a, m quarter boxes Miscan's spotted, in quarter boxes Fanetiila's, do. of superior quality Vuceneudad, do geraoraa, do Phaeipes, ef the Kendon, Crus and 8aus, all ant. to dab. rrrmaTstas, in quarter boxes Al rentes do GoiiiUntint, do Bnsiamentas, do K.tin?r? Rpssliss A* ^ oie?. a superior article. oH *?dfT*?ers plied on reasonable terms. ? ? lei# !m#r SUOAK?an hhda prime New Drlt-nnil^n.'.THIZ I thip Oconaa/rom Naw OrU?,?, ,Ba Jifcl ,r<,,n ,lw E * COLLINS * lo.. M Sooth >trra COMTEK? IMMNi Hoeli.h Coppe,. of ..rT..?? fiom 10 > 32 ox, |t>r talc by "P"*?'?"T o?l? goolltf. K. K. COLLINS h CO., Mft Month ?tT?t offTTF: TtfR'KAD-it IslMltltBt JUio. Thread, white emi C green, in I and t or balla, for ajle by E. K. COLLINS A CO.. Mft 54 Booth Ira el. W YO iTORK, WEDNESDAY M' THE NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I X^TIiMrDm New Yori^6ih, ?ml (roiiiLiTerpool 5lh ol iacb mouth. Ship HOI 3oS^#tUn- UhKebly. 8U? H? ImB^Vu"' 10i? ,0", '?* March. New ship LIVEHPodL, 1150 tons, ?n,:i John Eldriege, Hth April. New ihlp . 1300 ton.. 1#th MtyThese substantial, last .ailing, first slu -v.,all built in the city of New York, are c minaodrd by men of experience and ability, an j will be despatched j m.dually on the 10th of each month. Their cabins are elgaut and cominodions, and are furnished s> ilh whatever can conduce to (he e \se aud comfort of pasaeugers. Neither I e captain, or owners of these ships wilt be responsible for any i a reels or packages sent by thi in, un'ems regular bills lading are signed therefore. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN8, 87 Mouth street. New York, or to FIKLDEN, BROTHERS It CO., f 7 y r Liverpool. nfHv rfHv Mfy PASSaTJktVrOM ORkS^rTVaIN ANriTRlTS.NO by the black ball or old line ok liverpool packets. [Hailing from Liverpool oa lite 7th aud 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to seud to the Old Country for their friends can make the accessary arrangements with the subscribers, and hare them come ont in this sunerior nine of Packets, sailing from L ivenavol i unctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. tt rv wfll alio have a lirtt rate claii of American trading ships, ailing every lix daya, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the Ann (Mr. Jamra I>. Roche I ii there, te tee that they ahaJI be forwarded with care aud deepatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid tt here, without any redne lion. The Black Bill, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz 1? The OXFORD, fhe NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled airaugemeats, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that suitport which iuis bean extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, cau at all times obtsin Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also oa Messrs. PRE SCOTT, UROTE, AME8 Ik CO. Baukers, Loudon,. which will be paid on demand at any ol the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towus throughout England, Irelaud, Scotland aud Wales. Apply, or addiess, (if by letter, post paid,) ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO. 35 Fulton street, New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port iur uucrpooi on me lit anu istn oi eacn mouth, parties returning r> the old country will And it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Liu* for tlieir conveyance, in preference to any other. _ _ d27 r OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAS CTjyV SAOE OFKFJE, 61 South street, New York?RegjHSMifaulnr Line of Packets?The subscriber continues to bring out persona from any part of Great Britain and Ireland, who inay be engaged ny their friends here, hy the regular liue of packet ships, sailing every six days 'rora Liverpool. Persons sendiug lor theirTriends, may rely that just care will be taken to harethein despatched without delay in Liverpool, and will always endeuvor to merit a coutuiua ice of the public patsonage which has been so liberally bestowed for many years l>ast; aud those remitting mouey can have drafts payable at all the Banks and branches throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars, ap.?ly Tif by letter, post paid] to ;6r JOHN HEKDMilN, 61 South ?t. OLD BLACK BALL LINE Ob lAitT tilnFOK LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 19tk February? JHHbThe superior well knowu packet ship ENGLAND, Caot. Waile, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Hiving unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Pe.ions about to embbark should make early application on board the ship foot ofBeekman at, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street. N. B. Persons sending for their friends residing in Great Britain and Iceland can have tbem brought out, as nsoal, by any ofthe ships composing this line- and drafts furnished for any amount, payable without discount throughout the united kingdom, apply as shave. f7 ec DRAFTS ON IRELAND, fcc.-The subscribers uKJtVW continue to give drafts payable on demand, without jSJMbditcount, or any charge whatsoever. IN IKr.LAN L)?The National Bank of Ireland, the Provincial Bank of Ireland, and their tiranches in every county. IN KNULAND ANB WALKS?Messrs. James Bull. Son It Co., bankers, London, the Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and their branches throughont England and Wales. IN SCOTLAND?Tlie Eastern Bank of Scotland, the Oreenock Banking Company, and branches in the principal towns; Sir W m. Forbes, Hunter Ik Co. Persons in the country wishing to remit money to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by enclosing the ainunut they wish to remit to the subscribers, with the name and address of the pinks to whom it is to be sent. A draft for the amount will De forwarded the fust packet after the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the same returned per first post. d?i W.kl T. TAPWCOTT. 41 Peck slip. New York. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND jMfW SCOTLAND ANB WALES.?Persons proceedJwWllms'Og or remitting money to any part of the old country, can ai all times obtaiB rom the subscribers dralts at sight, for suy amount on the Royal Bank of Ireland and on Messrs. Prescett, Orote, Ames It Co, Bankeis, London, which are paid free ef discount or any charge whatsoever, in all the principal towns of the United Kingdom. For terms, apply or address, if by letter, host haid, to ROCHE . BROTHERS A CO.. 33 Fnlton *t, next doer to the Fulton Bang. P. 9.?The subscribers will as heretofore have a regular succession ?f first class American ships, sailing weekly from Liv pool, daring the present year. For passage, apply as above, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 Ooree Piazzas, 1111e Liverpool. "fFB- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet ol the 25Ji y&wwy Kebrnaiy, 1(43?The splendid picket ship UAKiUKiRlCK, Capt Skiddwill tail u above, her tegulai P 8 ?The Girrictr will he sccceeded by the packet ihip P> trick Henry, and sail on the 7ih ol March. Persons wishing to send lor their friends residing in the old country .can ha?e ihein brought eut by either ol (he above ships sailing from Liverpool on (he 13th and 23th of April, or any ol the regular packets, by applying to , JOSEPH McMURRAY, 171" 108 Pine, corner of South street. NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKET8?Packet (H^Hlh Feb?The splendid, well known, fast sailing EHfaiacket ship GARHICK, Capt Wm Skiddy, will sail jtosti iVt'iy as above,her regular dsy. 1 lie shi|? of this line are all 1000 tuns burthen and upwards' and it is well known that their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are superior to any other line ot packets. Persons desirous of securing berths should net fail to make early application on board, foot of Wall st. or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck Slip cor Southst. The Oarrick will from Liverpool on I3ih April affording to persons a favorable opportunity ol having their friends hreusht ent iu her, or any of the regul >r line on the most reasonable terms; ane those wishing to remit moeey csn hare drafts for any amount, payable on demand without discount, in all the principal rowus of Great Britain and Irclmd. Apply as above. The Roscins will succeed the Oarrick, and sail on the 26lli March. 'Sfec PASSAGE FROM Ul V KKPOOL?The very HV^sojienor packet ship MEMPHIS. Capt Knight, will JBMMwsail from Liverpool early in March. Futons wishing to send for their friends can hare them brought ont in her or any of the regular packets by applying personally, or if by letter, pott paid, to jfosfePH McMURRAY, u iuu riue nrcci, cuturi ui o?uui. P S?Drafts for any amount, payable at tight in any hank, branch, or agency of a bank, in England, Ireland and Scotland, given hy applying a* above. JTttr iff- PACKET FOR MARSEILLES The (hip iJUfV'HtLLkloPOM , Adams, Master, will positively on ^HBfethe l?t. March. For freight or pastiKe apply to 8. BROOM k CO., 103 Front at, or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agent*. f|r 9 Tontine Building. " gMf-' KOK NKW ORLEANS?Kim Packet Btnp? |M9W To sail on llth mat?The superior, well kuown packJHEMLet slop AUBURN, Capt Diirfee. will positively tail a* above her regular d*?. Can handsomely accommodatea few more cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengrra, if early application is made on board the amp at pier 13 E R. or to JOHN HERDMAN tc,f te <1 Honth atrre t. IEKKEKHON INSURANCE COMPANY?No. 47 Wal J street, corner of'Hanover street. This Company con tinnes to inanre against loss or damage by fire on bnildings. goods, wares, or merchandise generally; also, on yesacls and cargoes against loss or damage by .aland navigation, on as favorable terms as any other office. DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Kliaha Riggs Thomas T Woodruff Anson Baker Benjamin R Robion Martin Hoffman John R Davison Joseph Allen John II l,ee Joseph Drake .. Francis P Sage Samuel Underbill Thomson Price, James R Whiting Mases Tucker Joha P Moore John C Merritt Win K Thorn Caleb C Tunis James K. Holmes THOMAS W THORNE, President GEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. s2* 2t aw MkK rpHE K.LKCTRO-MAONKiM: PLATES pri|>ared by 1 liMRIol Paria, MM aold is New Yi>rk, 63 Franklin Ninnard. ?t the Mten price of SI 50, are acgnowledgeil bv manv phyaiciana, and all other peraoua who have tnai) them, to oc, and a/a id fact, moat rlficaciwua lor cnriag all aervona affrrtiona aud imiua, aa ihrtnnattain . nenrnlgy, the gont, tie douloureni, megrima, paralvaia in the b- ginning, d'aeaaea of woman, pa'e coTora, ameuorrheea, aiip|ireaaiona, rapora, nerroua atttrka, kc ; they calm inatantaueonah nerTiiua agitation when id bad Ageula? In Boatou, Meaara. Ronton kS'evtna; in Buffalo, Mr. C. C. Briatnl; in t harlratnn, Mr. Lepnnee. i;28 lm*r rpO PRINTERS? F"or aala, three aeroud hand meiitnm handI yreaaea and fkintt machinea ; three aeeond hand auperroyal nahd-,>ieaaea aud inking machitiea. The abovepreaaea and michinea are in good order, and will be anld very low on application to the HOE Printing Prraa Machine ami Saw Manufactory, No*. 39 and 31 Gold atrert. Ilftwr MUV.lL.AI. INSTRUCTION.?Mra. McDOUALL hega to inform hai frieuda and the public, lliat ahe continuaa to inatructiotia on the Pianoforte at her own residence, or that of b? rpupila. Terma moderate. 31 Wert Broadway. fl9 Im TO THE PUBLIC. MRS H., juat arrived from Paria, wiahra to in aoroe family; uuderatanda noning and plaiting In perfection, and ia alao an excellent aeamatreaa. A note left at tola offer ad d re teed aa a bote, will meet with due attention. IT lu*m 1*7AT< IIKS AND JBWKLKY VKKY LOW-AI th* W (Ut?crib?i ia coiutantly receiTiny all tetcripton* of (fold ami Silyri W.ttrhee, ol the nowrii *tyle?, from ihe ri.aiiutactnrer* in Kii|[land, Franc* and flwil7.erlaii<i, he ia o tabled to offer a larger.ia*orlm?nl ami ?t much !*?i |>ric?a, at retail,thr.n at uiy other heme in the city. Al?<>, tfold Chain*, Key*, and Gold Pencil*. Gold VV.itche* a* low a* JO to ij dollar* each. Waichra and Jewcliy raclwiured or houyhr. All Warehe* warrants d to keep rood time or 'he money remrnrd. Watchea, Cloclu and Jewelry repriirrd id the bent manner *nd warranted, Iinnch le?a than the nancl price*. ti C. AL.L.KN, Importer of Watahen and Jewelry, Hi Iru'ee Whnleanlr anil Detail. ? Wall ft., np *talr* Pk.LT ?P*tiut "ndh**! v eKelt lor heathiun lop* of honM* r .wj au. ifix* !<* in lnutn suit iwirrH?ft*ra. hv jjsr B. K. COXLINS.fc CO. M ?<*th it ' ?RK I ORNING, FEBRUARY 2 MEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Paro reduced to 45 cents. Prom toe foot of Ceurtlandt (tract, New York (Every day?Sunday ? ??(ei>ted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark at j A.M. Ati r. M Ai A. M. Ai IK T. M "H do 4 lio 8 do l)i do iX Jo 9 do 6 do 7 do. II 10 do ON SUNDAYS. C om (he foot of Cnnrtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and iX P M- At IK P. M. awl 10 P. M. NKW YORK. ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave Now York Leave Elisabeth Town 't A. M. 7 A. M. 3 P. M. ?X A.M. 2# " 10K A. M. fKP.M IK M. 3 r. M. 9X " Ph.: trains for WestfVrld. Plainfield. Boundbrook, Somerville *r., connect with the 9 A M, 2 and 4K 1' M trains lrotn New York, daily, Sundays eicepted. Kare between New York and Klinabeth Towu 35 cents. Care between do anil Soinerville. 75 cents. VYH YUI1K IIAIIWAV AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. 110m the foot of Liberty street, daily. Lome New York. Leave New Brunswick At 9 A. M. At 5* A. M. ?*..* $ :: 9 P.M. )n Monday* the 5K nndTH A.M. trip* from New Brtinrwiek rod 3V !' M. train frum New Y irk, are omitted. Fore between New Yo-'t .tno New Bruuawick, 75 cent*. Haliway, 50 cents The li re in the j)% aud 7 >4 A. M. ttainf rum New Bruua wick, and and <JK ? M. train from New York, haa been rt duced Now York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Rabway to 37X " raa-.t'iiHcra who procure tiieir tickets at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratia. Tickets are received by the cou luctor only on the day when purchased. I'll Hit.* MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, New Arriugeaieul?This KoaiT having bceu re-laid at great expense wiih the most approved and heaviest II rail, to secure a safe aud exp'diliotis conveyance between New York and Morriatowu, will commencr running two trips daily, Sundays excepted, on aud after Monday, Jan, '-i. FirstTrain from Moiristown will leave at7j< A M. Second Train from Morriatowu will leave at Ik P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at 9X AM. Second Traiu Irom New York will leave at 2X P M?Newark at IX P M. Passenger* by the Morning Traiu from Morristown will arrive at Newark iu time for the 9AM Train to New York, or the morning Train to Philapulphia; by the Afternoon Train they will arrive at Newark in time lor the 3X P M Tram to New York or the Evening Traiu to Philadelpi ia. Passengers by the Morning Tiai Irom New York will airive at Moirtatowu in time to dine and take any of tho Stages mulling west or north from that place. j2t> lm*ec WINTER ARRANGEMENT. .wmea sal N K i NK DIRECT. Via Newark, New BvmiswicU, Princeton, Trentou, Bordcs town mid Burlington. Til ROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New Yotk, from the >(oot of Liberty street, daily, at A. M and P M. The inominc Line proceed* to ttordeutown, (rum thence by tic.iiiiPoat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct te Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without cnaiiae of cars Posseugers will procure their ticket* at the office foot ol Liberty street. where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness*, with nogiage crate* on board. Philadelphia Baggage crate* are convayed from city to oil*, without being opened by the way. Each train 1* provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartment* and diessiug room* expressly for thp Ladies u*e. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M ,and 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4,1' M, being a continuation of the lines from New York. a2tlm*r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS CAR FOR ALBANY. TROY, AND BUFFALO. By ths Housatouic Rail Uond, ruuuins through from mi* C'lT to Albany ia Twelve Hours. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Houiatoni Rail Road Company, to run an Expree* Car .exclusively for out own larrpose) daily, over their road with tne nasseuver tram, running through no Albany iu twelve hours, anil are now prepared to receive and torward at low rates, Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of Goods, Jtc., for any ol the above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and such other business as may be entrusted to their care. u2r i U.v1ILKl> Y it CO. 2 Wall ?tre?t. INr.w Yorfc. PULLEN Ac COPP'S fliMB -SK& ^ZLHl NEVVYOltK^ ALBAN r, TttOV AND MONl'hEAl. EXPRESS. Messrs. Harudeu A Co, having disposed of their route Irom New York to Albany and Troy, the snbscribera, the old conducton of Hurudrn k Co'i Northern Express, from New York, will continue to rnn a? heretofore gleaning New York, Albany and Trey, Daily , and cotiDectaiTroy with Jacobs' MiHimI Express, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bnndles.Cases of Goods, lie., to any place between N?w York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boa ton, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All buaineaa entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particnlur attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, Ac., and prompt returns made foi the same, PULLEN A COPP. Offices? rullen A Copp, 2MI Wall street. New York. Thus. (lough, 15 Exchange, Albany. A O. Kilkins, 224 Kixer street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Conn, St riul at, Montreal. REFERENCES. New York. At,n*r?x. Trox. Prime, Ward A King, E. J. Humphrey, Jim. Payne, Jacob Little, A Co., Tboa. (Jnngh. P. Wells, Johu T. Smith, A Co., 8 K. Stow, Pennon A Hoffman, C. S. Douglass, Carpenter A Vermilye, jr. Leake Honahton A Co. n... & c ^ EH AHBANOEMENT?For tinbrn iiJCTJ *1" New York and Erie Railroad?Fare to Oo 1.50?Tnrurr's J'.Jt. Ou and after Monday. j3BZ?_Jann?ry 2d, 1841, ihe cars of the New Yrfrk and Erie Railroad a ill tun in connection with the a*?amboat Utica, Daft A. H. Schult7? daily, Sundays excepted. if Passenger*?Leave Dnane street pier at 9 o'clock, A. M.; leave Ouslien atanaiter past 8, A. M. For Freisht?Leave Duaue street pier at 3 P. M.; leave Goshen at half-bast 8 A. M. H. C. SEYMOUR, Supeiinteudnnt and Enitineer. The paaaenitera train connect! at Taruer't with Bcnrli'i Mail Stage* for Newburgh, New Paltz, Kisgston, Cntskill and Albany, and at Goshen with the Carbondale and other Weatern Line of Stages. 181 r RAIL ROAR LINE or STAGES ^jfmr fc-^FROM NEW YORK TO BEDFORD.? On nnd afterTneidav. Jannarv 3d, 1813, the anbarriben wilt rnna line of stage* from Bedford to New York three time* n week, a* follows:? Leave* Beelv's Mansion House, Bedford, every Monday, Wednesday ami Friday morning at 8X o'clock. Leave* the Kail Koad Hotel, corner of Bowery and Broome sts. New York, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, by the 9 o'clock cars, passing Marble Hill, East Cheater, and Newcastle, and through While Plains, Kobbins' Mtlla and Mile 8-juare to Bedford HIRAM DEFOREST, U. C. LEWIS, Proprietors. The R?d Bird Lire of u'uge? will continue to run during the winter from Whirr rlfun* every day a( 8 o'clock, and New York at t o'clock, r M., Sundaya excroUMi. HIRAM DEFOREST, f7lm*ec Proprietor, WINTER ARRANGEMENT-8. M. ^TOMPKINS' Lino ot Stafea for Yonkera, Dobha Kerry I Tarry Town, SiugSiim. Sodom anil Souiheaa'. in connection with the Harlem Kill road Thia line will leaia N-w York at 9 o'clock daily, by the Railroad rare for WilliamtbrulKe, and will convey naaeengera aa faraa Sing Sin* and Peekikill. And on Tneaday, Thnreday and Bn'urday, the line will be tvtended to Sodom. On Moudaya, Wedui edaye and Kridaya from Sodom to NewYork. S. M. TOMPKINS, Proprietor. The Railroad Fare from WilliamabridKe to New York ia 25 ceota. fl0 2w*r STATEN ISIiANI) FERRy! ^3* Koot of Whitehall a treat (Jimi^ifterDec. Id, the ateamer 8TA1 ENIS^^VDf^T will run aa followa, amil further notice LEAVE HTATEN ISLAND NEW YORK. , IKA.M, 9 A.M. 12 I2H 2 P.M. ?><r. M. dJ r 4 V KOK ALBANY -Hour ( haumd?On and Q| i *T2f jPaticr Mondav, Dili inatant. and until further notice, paearugrre for Albany, via Hoiiaatonic Kntriil will leave this cite by Steamer I oiion oi Nimmd, ,1ailv ( Similar a HVmired I at 7 n'rlork A M. from I Catherine Msraei Blip, Eut Kirer, airisink in Albany same eTeninc. fllec rOMKKOY it CO.. 2 Wall ?l. BRITISH AM> {MOUTH AMKH1CAIN KOkAL MAll HTCAM MHirS, Of I J99itens and 449 horse power each. Under contract with the Lordtof the Admiralty. HlBBKNIA, C. H. hi. Judkina, Commander. UKlTANNlA, J. Hewitt, do CALKDONIA, B. <1. Lott. do ACADIA, A. Ityriei do COLUMBIA, B. C. Miller, R N do Will nil from Liverpool and Bosteu, ?ia Halifai ae follows: raow tin trooi.. rtira eos-ron. Acadia, Hrrie, >?h 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, M>r 4 Ap'l I Britannia, Hewiti, Apt t May 1 Hiberuia, Jmlkins, Ap'l 19 May 19 The accommodations for pnssemrers are saiirrier. The ?e?*e|s are ncrernpanied by eiperieuoed surueons, and amply supplied with Brances' Patent Life Boats. I aatnffv inlutrd to 1120. .No berth! unlit paw icr. For fimlier information apply 'o D. BRIO HAM, JH.,at HAKnDKN k CO**, No. 1 Wall-* jTOc TO THE LOVERS OF SUPERIOR BLACK TEA? Ho wqaaN Miiturr?Th* rtirrinnlv d*lif*n.n? and nuparal Iliad Tfk, io UtuM v r*l?l>r?tr<l in China anil Europe, jnst inportid. ? now for talr at liio Canton Tea Cnmiamy'i Oeneral I Ten EaUbliahmrnt, 111 Chatham*. New York?in Chioeie packagea. Priee SO canu and $1. I'll ln*r I ERA 2, 1843. Trial of Commnnder MeKcmlc. Eiohteeoth Dat? P'eb *JI. Mr. riRBT waa recalled by Com. McK.en7.1e, and in aniwer to aome <iueationa from bim,atated hia opinion that alter the arreat ot Mr. Spencer hia accomplicea became moredeeperate-, hia reaaou waa that thoae who had convened with Spancor but not promiaed to join, would think that they would be diaoovered and thought guilty, and were, therefore, desirous to rescue the prisoner*; and thoie who had really Joined, were made more desperate from thinking that they would he discovered hy those in confinement. By Junnx Advocate?Were ?ot McKee and M< Kin ley punished alter the arrcet of Speucer A.-No. Capt. McKxisr.nt remarked that he was himself under the impression that iMcKue had been punished after the arrest. WiTvrss?Waltham was twice punished after the nr. rest. By Capt. Pikic?Before the execution, and finding McKee and Wilson, on that paper, wore you not us certain t,ey had joined Mr. Spencer as if you had seen their names in the list of ceitain! A.?Yes, sir. <d ? Before the execution, from these circumstances did you not form the opinion that the list of certain wus not lull anil complete I A?I did. Q?Before the execution, judging of the conduct of Cromwell and Small, and without regard to Mr. Spencer's nier, which of them did you think the worst? L.?Cromwell?in this way,that I thought him the ringleader. By Judge Advocate.?On this cruise, before the execution, was McKee or McKinley flogged? A.?McKee, 1 think not?McKinley was, and I remember only once, for disobeying the Commander's orders on shore, and overstaying his liberty. Q.? Give your reasons for suspecting at of your own knowledge and observations, that Cromwell was an aceom plice of Mr. Spencer .' A I saw that he had become absent, not so attentive as formerly to hit duly, his disposition to rule, hit general manner, d*c. Q.?Have you not heard Lt. Oansevoort praise Cromwell as an invaluable man, and that he would on his re. turn endeavor to get him made a boatswain 1 A ?Yes, sir, I heard him say he was invaluable; but to the best of my recollection did not hear him say he would get him made a boatswain. <4?Was not the mast carried away on the 27th, immediately alter putting on the sky-sail ? A.?It was fliteen minutes after the sky-sail was set. By Com. Oodkn?Had you not a fair wind, and did not the vessel sail faster in your given course, than if you had steered for the nearest islands 1 A.?Yes. sir. By Com. McKenzie Sky-sails and royal studding-sails had been repeatedly carried on former occasions. Commander McKknzie hero presented the following paper May It fi.kase the CouaT? Several of the most important witnesses among the apprentices of the Somers having recently disappeared mysteriously, in a manner to indicate a malign agency to injure my cause before the Court, and the length to which the investigation is drawing being likely to furnish time for additional inroads on the number of those important witnesses, 1 propose, with the permission of il... r?..H r<ir III,. nri>A?-nt the *.*nmmation of the officers, in order to introduce testimony more directly bearing on the guilt of Cromwell, ere it is too late to obtain it. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, (Signed) ALEXR. SLIDELL McKENZIE." Judoe Advocate?If that is meant as an intimation that any of the friends of the persons referred to have been instrumental in procuring their escape, it is very important, 1 think, that some examination of the charge should be made by the Court, before it be placed on the record. President?What lias tho Court to do with it 7 How do you account for the escape of the witnesses 7 Judoe Advocate?It is a mere matter of opinion. They may have been enabled to escape by one side as well as the other, President?It is quite proper that that go on the record that they have escaped. Mr. Duer?Some reasons seem certainly necessary in order to explain the departure lrom the order of examination of the witnesses. Judge Advocate?vVhy, the character of the testimony does not depend on the rank of the witnesses, surely. Had I regarded the evidence of theso hoys as ot such importance, and been in Captain McKenzie's place, I would nave certainly called them beforeCaptain Bolton suggested the erasure of the phrase " malign agency." Captain Turner?(to Judge Advocate)?It does not apply to you. Judge Advocate?'To me, sir! to me! I should like to see the DiHn that would cast inch an imputation on my character. Inevarhuard before, however, that a prosecutor wua not bound to ask that an allegation, charging the escape of witnesses to the side ol the prosecution, should be founded on proof. The paper was then ordered to go an the record. William Newcll, an apprentice, was then called and nxamined on the part of the defence [Thia is the witness who testified before the Court of Knuuiry respecting the paper with "geometry figures on the back of it," and alphabetical characters on the other side, which he says he saw Spencer show to Cromwell W e reported his evidence fully then, and it does not need reiietition here. It will ba recollected that Newell admitted that he had been ehown apaptr at Commodore Perry'e houie before hie examination, which he swore was the same as that seen by him in the hands of Spencer.* 1 Q by Commander McKeriie?Did the paper you than aw resemble either of those now shown you, and if so, which of them 7 [The papers found in Mr. Spencer'R locker were handed to witness ] The Judoe Advooate objected to the form of this question, and suggested that it should be putin the lolloping shape:?Are either of the papers you now see, that seen by you in the hands of Mr. Spencer 7 Mr. Duer?Pardon me?lean first ask whether there is any resemblance. He may swear with greater or lc*s certainty, and the Court will judge of the value of his testimony. Jcaiiv. Advocate?It is clearly a leading question?hut I let it go. I wish to avoid as much as possible all discussion. The witness then testified that the paper he saw resembled one of those now shown him. Cross-examined by Judge Advocate. When did you firat enter the service 7 In June, 1840. What were you on board the Somer* 7 Second captain of the lore-top.? When were you first placed on board the Somers 7 When she was prepared lor her first cruisa, in May, 1847 Who were your moat intimate friends on board 7 I waa intimate with almoat all the crew. Who slept in the next hammocks to you 7 Van Velaer, and part of the time a boy named Rice. Who were atationed with yon at the gun 7 Mallory, By water, Dowd, Swift, Manning?that'a all I recollect. What part of the cruise did Rice sleep in the next hammock to you 7 I'm not certain. What time of the day was it that you saw Mr. Sptmcer and Cromwell together with the paper I 1 don't recollect. How long had they the paper out 7 About two minutes. What waa you going by them for 7 Nothing particular. Where is the store room 7 On the berth-deck. Did you notice any body by at tho time 1 No. How near were Cromwell and Mr. Spencer to the forehatch 7 1 hey were almost close by the scuttle. Wero Mr. Spencer and Cromwell still talking when you last saw them at that time 7 Yea, sir. Were you not within a few feet of them 1 Within two feetoftnem aa I passed by. Was Cromwell's face or back to you when you saw them 7 His back. Waa Spencer's face towards yon 7 No Had you just come down through the hatch ? Yea. When you last taw them, did you atill see the paper? Yes. Did you hear any of the remarka then between Mr. Spencer and Cromwell 7 No. Waa Mr. Spencer holding the paper immediately in front ofCromwellf No. Take that pieceof paper and thow to tho Court how tho partite were standing, and how Mr. Spintor woo holding it. The witness leaned down on the table.aide by sido with Captain Gwinn, and holding the paper in one hand, pointed with liia fore finger of the other nand to it. " This la the way," be said, " Spencer stood, pointing to it with hia pencil " Q?Well, TMtis, how did tou saa the back or the rariR 7 A?Oh ! sis, it was doubled up is this wat, (and the I witmit ituu- doubled up tho pitta of paper handod him Ay the I Judge jldcocate, so that about one-third of its back surface wo* viMMn to a person standing ueninu mm.; Q.? Why then did you not, when replying to the former qiieition, double up the paper in that way I A ?Because I thought you asked me about the way Spencer and Cromwell stood, and not the way he held the paper. Q ?Look at that paper, and lay whether, ij doubled up in Mr. Spencer*t hand at you deicrihe, the character* in Mr. Spencer t writing would hare been vilible to you or notI A ?I can't say, air. Q.?It not the lower half of the paper without geometrical figurei on the hack' A.? Yet, that it the lower quarter. Q ll as much as half were doubled over, could any of the writing be seen? Mr. Duan here looked uneasy, and muttcrnd something we ilid not bear. The President said, " Why, II it was doubled close he could not have seen the writing; and there was a good deal of buzzing conversation round the table, but the w itness answered, " It so doubled, the writingcould not have )>e?n seen " Q How much of it was doubled over! A?There did not appear to be much. q If not much doubled ovtr, and ihera ara no (conetrical flgurea on tha lower quarter, how could you have ?e?n them ! A.?I aeed them, Sir; I dont know how I aeed them. By t:ommander Shubricx?Wa* the paper doubled down cloie f A?No. Sir. Jcnnr AnvereTt?I never underatood him to aay that it wet. When did you flrat tell that you aaw Mr. Spencer and Cromwell ?o engaged 1 A?On board tbt Sotnrrt.a/Itr wt ramr in. Q?Whom did you drat tell? A ?Lieut. Otnievoort. q Why did you tell him? A. -He wet enquiring round thebrig If any one knew about it; I wrote it on a piece of paper and tent it in. q ?Were not tuch enquiriea made about the brig before 'he execution? A Some of them wero called in itcfore the Council of Officer*. Q ?Did you not hear heforo the execution that a p?por wiin trangn cnKraoiera n.tu neon loiui i in .<n iponcer'a locker1 A. I heard eome of the li?y? mention i it. Q.?Why did you not tell any one.on board refnre yottr arrival hare of what you aay you had ?wn betwoen Cram- I well and Mr. Itpmiceri A. ? l wn not ankod. ?d -Do I I understand yon then to aay that you never mentioned thla | to any one of your meiamatea, or thoae at the gun with T" "" +r LD. PriM Tw? Centa. you, or any one 011 bo i\rrl, before your arrival in New York 1 A.?I diil mention it to Clarke. u execution. ^ - bid t on ?0t at ftrit ,Hy yon ,,i(1 not tiou it to any one, and now .ay yo? mentioned it to Market A. I .li.l not recollect before the. I had mentioned it to him. t^.?Hae not Clarke ran oil' A.?Yea Q ? Were you not particularly questioned about that paper before the Court o( Enquiry 1 A?Yes, Sir. H-Did you tell the Court of Enquiry that you had mentioned to Clarke having aeen that paper? A?No, Sir; they didn't atk me Q.?Did yeu mention to Clarke alter arriving here that you were going to tell about it? A.?Not that 7 recollect. Q?Did you not know that Clarke waa examined before the Court of Enquiry, and did you aak him whether he had told what you mentioned to him? A ?No, Hir. Qf A* you (ay you were not particularly, intimate with any one, how did it come that you told only Clarke? A?( don? know, Sir. Q.?What brought about the conversation between you.and Clarke? A ?I don't know, Sir. Q. 1 ook at thia paper and lay if you iwear that that waa the paper? A ?I cannot iwear that, for I did'nt mark it; to thti lw<at nf mv huliof (liat ia (h? nnn*r D -.Dill vnn nnf swear before the Court of Enquiry that you were juat going past at the time you saw Mr. Spencer and Cromwell together I A.?Yet, and say so atill. Q ? Did you tell the Court ol Enquiry that the paper waa held Partly doubled by Mr. Spencerf A.?No, Sir, I wasnt aaked. Q?Before you testified belorn the Court of Enquiry diJ not several gentlemen question you particularly about thia paper'/ A. No Sir, only one. tj_Who waa that gentleman, and where were you examined by himT A ?7 htlitvt it vat Mr. Duer, and it waa at Com. retry'*. Q?How lone had the Somera licen in when you mentioned thia to Lt. Oanaevoort. A.? I don't know,air. Q.?You aay you only aew it aa you were pawning by, how could you undertake to aay you saw writing on it / A.?It wasn't writing, air, it waa croaaea, or something like that. Q.? Do you know of Mr. Spencer's having ever shown Cromwell hia day'a work! A.?Ne.air. Q?Were you near enough to diacover whether the paper had arithmetical flgurea on it? A I waa near enough, but I didn't pay attention enough to aee whether it waa writing1 or marks that Mr. Snencer had been making. Q.? Were people patting about lha ibip at tha iimi rou itw Mr. Spencer and Cromwell/ A.?Yea, dir. Q.? Would they not bane been teen by any ont Coming down the hutch ' A.?Yea. Q.?Can you tell how long they bad been in conversation before you |>ane<l by? A?No, air, Q?Are not people constantly patting up 'and down tha )orthatch when at sea? A?Yes. Q?How near would any one coming 'own the iorehatch must hare been to them t A.?About fifteen feet, 11?Were they standing near the scuttle? A?They were sitting, air, and almost right under tho scuttle Q Were they sitting eloae together? A.?Yes, on a bo* out of the store room. A.?Was it Cromwell's business to go in and out of the store room lor things that were wanted? A?Yes. Q?Had that box been taken out of the store room that afternoon? A?I can't say, sir. Q?Was the store room door open? A.?Yes. (^.?Who was muster's mate on board the Homers? A?There was none. Q.?Who did that officer's duty? A.?I believe the master-at-arms. By Capt. Uwisrs?Was there a ladder at the scuttle, or was it to givo air and light? A?There was a scuttle. The hour of adjournment had now arrived. [Note Commander Ogden has been several times styled "Commodore" Ivy the compositor. The gallant gentleman, although he deserves to be a Commodore, has not yet reached that rank, and therefore wishes tha erroi corrected? Rep] Interesting from Yucatan.?We have received from the Merchants' Exchange News Room in Boston, the following interesting intelligence from the Republic ot Yucatan It whh brought to that place by the Archelnus, which Bailed Irom Campeachy on the 23d ult. It is interesting, giving a brief history of that country since its separation from Mexico. The brig Yucataco, one ol the Mexican Heet, had deserted and joined the i uchuii party at sibal. The Mexican troops were deserting their poat, and joining the Yucatau i>arty, every day. It waa thought Santa Anna would be forced to retire. ' Campeachy, Jan. 21,1848. The revolution in Yucatan commenced in th? latter part of 1838, and was directed against the military abuses, so irequent in all Spanish countries, and more especially in this, where a profound reference had always been made to the powers that be." whether their proceedings were law or not. In the commencement of 1840, the revolution waa general throughout the State, and Campeachy, the last strong hold of military despotism, was compelled to capitulate. The State then reformed its former constitution, authorizing the liberty of the press and liberty of conscience, but at the same time adhering to the Mexican confederacy, according to the constitution of 1824, but requiring as a tint qua non of her acceptance, certain privileges, which have already been published. In this juncture of affairs, Mexico experienced another revolution, under the direction of Saata Anna, who promulgated certain bases of regeneration, called the Plan of Tacubaya. After thieL Hanta Anna attempted to reconcile matters witn Yucatan, and sent ministers to Merida for that purpose, llut he demanded too much. He sent a sloop of war, which captured one of our vessels. Then came the Mexican Heet off Laguna, he i urticular, of the operations of which have, already been given. That place fell an easy prey to the superior Mexican force. The government of' Yucatan,seeing that openhoatilitieawere not to be staved off, began to prepare for war. They sent to the coast southwest of Campeachy, 12<K) troops to observe the movements of the Mexicans, with orders from Lemas, the commander-in-chief, to retire as soon as the enemy made his approach, and not risk a battle. This general hasucted throughout, in the same weak and undecided manner. # ? ? After the loss of her fleet,Yucatan had constructed four small sloop gun boats, of 30 tons each,with two guns, one aft and the other forward These vesaels were well manned, and proved a great annoyance to the Mexican fleet, and once compelled the famous iron steamer Guadaloupe to haul off in much haate. ****** Since the battle of the Eminence, when the Mexicans gained the hills around Campeachy, there has been frequent skirmishing without much effect, although our troops always get the best of the fight. The Mexicans continue constantly to send six luch shells and twelve pound balls Irom their entrenchment. Desertion and disease have po thinned the ranks o the enemy, that of 5.000 troopa sent at various times, no more than 2UlM)remain, and desertions and deaths will soon leave but a miserable remnant of the invading army. We should have driven the entire force of Santa Anna from our shores a long time ago had aot Lemas, our commander-in-chief, proved a traitor. He has gane over to the Mexicans, the Yucatacss giving him his pass|>ort to quit at once. It seems that he likes variety, for he once turned traitor to Mexi co. We presunre he thinks that "turn about ia fair play." General Hesslons Before Recorder Tallmadgc, Judge Lynch, and Aldermen Crolius and Jones Km. ilst.? Trial of John Underbill for Rap* on Jinn Murphy?The court room wai crowded to excess this morning, to hear the disgusting detail! to be brought forth on tbie trial. James R. Whiting, Esq., appeared in his eat as District Attorney, assisted by Jonas B. Phillips, K.sq , for prosecution. David Or ah am and Jas. T. Brady, Esq., for defence. Censidarable time wss occupied m empaniielling the three remainiag jurers. who were finally selected as follows: Stephen Healy, Wm J. Pease, and 1 ranklin W. Silley. The jury rmu nnelled on Monday were?Benjamin R. Theall, John Young, Ahner Lawton, Isaac N. Samuels, James M. Wiseman, Ilobt. Waterbury, Joseph B. Nones, Sidney Stewart, and John B. Oassner. T? onty-eight were culled on Monday, and all set aside except the above named, asd thirty-one yesterday, before the jury was completed. Alter the name* ol <'\o*e Iffnni had oeen recaiieu uy me clerk, District Attorney Whitivo rose, and after a few exprea?ive ami appropriate remark!, offered the following :? Resolved. That thi* Court have heard with no ordinary fcelinga of regret, ol the deoeaen ot Parr.a A. Jar, ao long known ai one of thote occupying the Drat rank in the legal profession. Received, That Mr. Jay'! iliatingniahed poaitian daring the early period of our National and State existence, hia uprightneaa and integrity in private life, hla acquirements at a scholar, and bis long continkMce with nonor and credit in the Held ol public service, and aa presiding Judge of thia Court, demand Irom the Court the expression of their regret by hia death, their sympathy with his ,*ur'iving relatives, and their respect tor his memory. Itesolved, That the Clerk enter these resolutions upon tho minute! of the Court, and transmit a copy, duly authenticated,to the family of the deceased Tho Rscoatir.a rasi-onded on behalf of the Court, and ordered that the resolutions he entered upon the minutes, and aa a mark ot respect to the character of deceased, ordered the Court to he adjourned until Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock. HEADS OF HAIRAC. BAURY, artist in llsir. IWm London.-The ueoorr ? a- i n ika ni hnir. m a r luilrt of the ralnr lr( upon paraooal li?urr. ,ud capHciOU freak of Nature, rh. human form .a deo*r lU fair proportion, art la itaortcd to iu ari^ won,|rrflll to aupply tWrflelT'icS Ventilation diacneaitt* "I^ I. I Nat rr deAMe? p,,., %bo>? and aiMairiit Wlr. aud 8<ml M T#Rtl|UlBC ch nil other*. h'-ir prcBi!jr nunc D.tBr.i u.;, rowt ? r ?r 11 r ihrir he iu# shaped wise U7 1 . / " r. 3?K rlSIu?lty M& Cheir ?*'*}' ? * f* well aa Jit 11 atyle ol Aaisii >"d uri?D?eraent all combine to (orr h perfect bead* of ha". thnt *?? ??' bo aeon to bo fully apt.r. catr .1 A . '-fCt cu of Ba ry a r ai hradeof hair ?wi 1 vntinfv f? f mo'( rmuUiout thu they are tn- o??t *n& che ieit in thr niy, who honly cau b? h d at UaBroadway. rornrrof f.itu rty afreet. up ataira. ? a 1 - - PORTUGUESE FEMALE , 'PHKSIC f*r fimnl and e?l?bratr<l PilU. from *r*' 1 nr ( ?re?iT?, to he nbtAiucil >n ihu eo?intr?. *? ,d* " nlou th? lul column. fourth i**?.

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