Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1843 Page 3
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FIELD':* ANODYNE "SHAVINO I'ltEAM.? Tin* compound having been deprived of all the acrid properties belonging to the different kind* of neap in u*e, ii found to surpass every other com(K>iition in it* emollient properties. Thofe whose skim are thin, and consequently sutllT daily from the burning pain in shaving, have a remedy in this mild substitute for soap. It heals the skin when chapped by exposure to the weather or impnritie* ot the blood, and hardens it so that Irequent shaving does not cause that intolerable smarting so commonly expe rienceu. aoiu Dy uomstock & Co,, 71 Maiden Une. | 0(7- "THE TONIC MIXTURE."?This celebrated remedy is composed of live ingredient*, the active principle* of which are highly concentrated. It ia now used very extensively and with great succe** by the medica faculty, for the cure of debility, (from whatever cauie,) dyspepsia, nervom complaint*. Sold by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York. Price $ 1 per bottle. Half dozen (in ca*ea) $6. W. 8 RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College 97 Naaiau it 0T7- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, is guaranteed to cure aliform* of secondary syphilis. Pa tients effected with pains in the bonca, cutrneou* erup. tions, sore throat, and every ether ay mptom indicative of the existence of venereal taint, should use this specific without delay. Sold in bottles at $1 each, in cases of half a dozen bottles, $5, (forwarded to any address.) W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office ot the College 07 Nassau street. DIONEV MARKET, Tuesday, Feb. 21?0 P. M. The Stock Market presented no material change. The news from England was lookod upon unfavorably, in consequence of the tall of cotton, which is jjl a Jd since January 1, equal to $4 per bale, making a difference of $5 in the value of stock on hand and cron vet to come to market. The large arrival* oi specie and the quantity on the way in the Oreat Western, will no doubt further depress the rate ef money, whioh is now scarcely 4} per cent, and will cause a much further rise in prices. New York ft's may touch par, and U. 8. Government Stocks rise still higher. Ohio O's rose j per cent ; Kentucky 8's fell } per cent; City 6's rose perjfeent , Harlem rose jrf; Canton, $. At the New Board, stocks presented the same general feiture. .Vtobilo funds are dull at 20. There Is no mail through to-day. The final vote on the new Kentucky Stato Bank, or Commonwealth Bank, took place on the 16th instant. The other haDks now in existence are striving by every possible means to. defeat the creation of a new institution. It is obvious that there is already more hank capital in Kentucky than can be profitably employed| and to get clear of so dangerous a competition as would grow out of the establishment of a new one, the other banks have resorted to the ruinoua expedient of offering to extend their circulation on almost any security. The object of this measure is to counteract the feeling in favor of a new bank growing out of the supposed relief that it will give embarrassed parties. This is a fatal erroi. It is precisely that which led to the establishment of almost innumerable banks in 183-t-b, to supply the vacancy which it was supposed would grow out of the dissolution of the late national bank. It was ruinous, and was a prolific source of those evils which even now effect Kentucky, but which have ceased in many ports of the Union. Kentucky can scarcely escape ruin. If the old banks inflate to retain the ascendancy, reaction and ruin will bo inevitable. II a new bank is started, distress will be great and immediate. The failure of Louisiana to pay her interest was known in London, but the cause apparently not understood. The HSm... rami..'!,, a. I.1U?. A fact that has caused some inquiry in the city it, that while of the iutereatdue on the Louitiana bonds this month, to much as is payable at Messrs Baring St Co.'s has been paid : the rest, which is payable at Messrs. I,izardi St Co.'s, has not been paid. From the eiplanations given on the subject, it would appear that the different manner in which the two sets ot bonds have been treated arises from the different position in respect to them of the two firms wbo act as the London agents. Both sets are bonds of the Planters' Association, but of the quantity originally issued by Messrs. Baring, such a large portion has been paid off, and consequently so small a portion remains In existence, that that firm deemed it advisable to advance the dividends, conceiving that the want of funds from Louisiana would be only temporary. Messrs. Lizardi St Co., on the other hand, finding thamselves creditors on account of former, advances, and not wishing te advance more tor these dividends, pursued toe opposite course e( leaving them unpaid. It'-appears the Governor's Message, announcing that these bonds, issued by the Citizens' and Consolidated Association would not be paid, had not lieen received. What the Barings advanced they will lose, er wait lor a long time. The amount of specie brought in the Acadia yesterday was as tollows :? Charles Hill, ?850 Oeorge Pratt, ?1,700 Jvm'C I 9'>*w. 3,0 Heetd ill Welch/ 413 Hsiidt, p oi 4i C*. 10,1100 J H Pearson, 1,250 I'nuie. nan! St Km*. 3,ii)0 T. W Ward, 15,000 J K Thiytr. 20,000 Dixon It Bon, 7,000 (dossier & Co. 3,000 Order, 20,555 J. BMlliber, 2,200 J. te H. Taayer 8t Co. 2,000 Boormnii, Johnston & Co 5,'iOO Brown. Brothers, 100,000 1>? Khamfc Moore, 3 000 C H. Upham, 1,000 W. K. Choata, 780 J. Bawyer, 2,25 L. Bartlelt A Co. 1,300 B. Patten, 20,0 0 W. O. Parker, 590 Winsor & Townsvnd, 1,000 ?52,300 172,043 52,300 Total, $1,076,840 Or ?224,343 This is a large remittance, and with the sums arrived at all the ports in ships since tho last steamer, amounts te more than $1,000.00?, as a monthly remittance, without producing any apparent effect upon the exchanges,which ?? , .... ..II... In... ... II... .1 lk..l....r January. The recent Bank report! we have published, how the enormous accumulation of ip3cie on the Atlantic border. The returns of the English banks show similar results notwithstanding the export to this country, and in connection with the immense falling off in the customs and excise, give fearful indication of the prostration of the country. The following is the state of the currency to the 8th of January, 1943, as compared with former returns. Psrsn Curbcnct of England. Sei t. 17. Nov. IV. Dec. 10. Jan. 0 England. Bank of i9.9t4.000 20,104,000 10,841,000 18,284,0?<0 I'liiatr B.uika. 5 198.269 6,434,822 5,086,000 4.912,000 Juiut Sti ck Banks, 2,819,649 3,196,964 3,001,000 2,839,000 Scotland I'rirate and Joint Stock Bks, 2 543.549 2,891.866 3,091,000 2,770,000 Ireland, id. 1,663,012 2,126,829 2,104.000 2,099.000 Bank of 2.306,026 3,IC2,itO 3,138.000 3,112,000 Total circulation, 34,919,694 36.916,680 36,263,000 34,049.000 Bullion in tha Bk nf England, 9,816,000 9,907,4:00 10,611,000 11,051,000 The rate ol interest variea little from l^ai per cent, notwithstanding thii reduction of paper money and accumulation of coin out ol circulation} the reduction of paper currency within 60 days 0 per cent, embracing two months of a quarter, during which, the duties on consumable articles decreased $6,000,000. In the same time several millions of money have left England lor the United Statea. Iheaeare facts which give fearful evidence of the perishing condition of the people. The money sent to this country it mostly the proceeds of cotton and tobacco bill*. The former article ia that which alone supponsiae tuai manuiaciui nig (lisincu 01 r,nglftn<l. i nn following table from parliamentary papers, corroborate tho other evidcncm of distress in a startling manner. Nimhkr or Biui or Cotton takkn Annually run ConsrMrrioi in Knolinl?Tiir Wsioht in L??. or Yarn A no 51 ani rACTIl H [> COTTON (idi DS KiroTRXD?AND thi 'loTAo VALUK OK TSK samr OnODS. I>ar, B*t,ufC?Uon. Valued Exp. 1(M, 1,03I,!MM 198.8.0,910 ?20,656,408 1837, 1,1164.931 34)7,376.839 16,863 839 1838, 1,366,116 236,900,809 17,966,837 1840, 1,374,729 249,779.422 16,578,010 1811, 1,118 717 268,8/1,745 17,247,081 1812, 1,191,693 268,232,474 15,068.586 The three first years were considered nourishing ones for manufacturers, and Ihe throe last ol'distress. The table then presents the lact that the quantity of raw cotton consumed increased 8 per cent, while the quantity exported increased 3d percent. From whence was the excess of '26 |ier cent dorired 1 It expresses distinctly the decreased home consumption, which far the government assumes a more fearful shape in tho decreased duties. The worst feature of the table ia, however, the diminished value of the exj>orts. Had the quantity exported in 1842 main tained the same value aa in that exported in 1930, it would havelieea worth ?48,000,000, ahowiug a depreciation of 80 pat cent. It will he remembered that thia fall in value in Kngland exitted dui ing the conatantly tailing dutiea here under the compromiae act. Yet the import into thia country constantly diminished ! The undoubted cause o thit horrible diatreaa in England ia the atialcloua ayatem ot exactiug all taxea from the poor ami laborious, and exempting the fund monger* and aristocratic land holdera from all tax. The following table Irom Burnt' Commercial Qlance, give* the facta in a clear and incontrovertible light Whoi.e Taxes Collected ii* IM1 i* Orxat Britain France, 1'rt-ssia anb Austria. I,ami hit . Other lax i- Tola . Ureal BlitAiu, LI,ib3,.'>85 51,997,000 12,180,511') Franc#, 22,210,000 17,100,1)00 2 0,750,00 it am, ii 904,000 3,667,1181 7,661,1810 Austria, 8,735,080 7,700,000 13,40.1,1810 In Franca there is uo lncomu tax, and in Prussia uo head tax, This country ot England (roasts of it* liberty> it* equal lawa, it* horror at repudiation. The. people who niise the cry against tho United States never pay anything themselves; they are only the receivers of what the masses pay. The galless slaves continue to pay, Hud s'.arveand grind their teeth under oppression. When Sir Robert i'eel Imposed an income tax on these very highminded receivers ol taxes paid by other people, the island was convulsed The English finances will require more taxes inevitably. Those who now preaoh such " sound doctrine," will have a chance to test their sincerity. Salee at Um atMk Kicku?*. tVM T'catary ikjUi 101 \t MOO do 81'4 750 NY State 7'? 10l2 1000 do HI 1000 do IniTd 1000 d blw 81 UU00 Ohio 6'?, 1860 08*4 1010 do 8I\ 2IU00 do 6tK 40 his Chemical Bk 82s? '8HI0 do *6A 08 10 Farmer*' TffcSl 13 1000 do *31 08)? 10 do ;3W . 000 City 7'*, 1852 106 10 Syprcme 97"3 2000 do i't, I860 Si IIS Canton 19K <>000 do I'j. 1858 bio 91X .25 do J9^ 25 ?h*? Mrcl ai ic?'Bk 91 5 Mohawk 30 7000 K.< mucky 6'* 85 50 Harlem IfiV 0000 do 81V 150 do ltl< >000 do 81)2 Second Board 2 ?liu Kentucbv c< emnn nk>i? a>. a**/ *12000 City 5V 18:8 81)4 Sales at the New Stock Exchange. *2000 Illinois 6's, 1870 21 1000 Ohio 6'* 68)4 MOO do 11% 1000 do 68 M0? do 211? 3(i()0 do 68>? MOO NYork 5's, 1856 02', InOO do 68)2 MOO do <yi% HMI0 City 5'a, 1870 92)4 1000 do 1861 63 llilMI do 92 1600 do I860 bl6 93)4 1000 N York 5'?,1858 l> 10 93 1000 Kentucky 6*s 8t)J 2!) ?li?? Mechs Bku A*s'u 72 MOO do tw 84 25 Mohawk KK ?I0 29X 2000 do 83V 100 Louk lilaud bwr 49 3000 do ttw 83)4 50 Harlem buw 16)4 State of Trade. Sale* of Ileal Estate to-day bare been made aa lollowa :? By W. H. Franklin. The 2 story brick house No. 103 Hammersley street, between Hudson and Greenwich streets, together with a 3 years unexpired lease of the lot from 1st May next, at annual ground rent of *56 for two farther terms. The lot is 25 It lront and rear, and 100 ft in depth. $2,000 The 2 story brick front house and lot No. 40 Northmore street near Hudson street, with a two story house in the rear. Lot 26 feet front and rear by 8 feet 6 inches deep. Tart of the purchase money may remain on bond uud mortgage. 4,000 By Wilkins & Rollins. The let of ground with the elegant 3 story modern built brick dwelling house thereon, No. 36 Beach street, fronting St. John's Park, the lot being 27 by 100 feet. 11,000 Also, the lot in the rear of the above, fronting on North Moore st, being 27 by 100 feet.. 3,100 White street?The 2 story brick front house and lot No. 61 White street, with a 2 story frame building on the rear and a brick wall on one side the heighth of the buildings-, the lot is 23 it 6 inches, by 100 feet. 6,360 Also, the 2 story brick house and lot No. 63 White st, over a carriage way 16 ft 6 inches, the lot being that width for the distance of 42 it and then gradually widens to 27 ft in the rear, the depth is )oo feet; on the rear of the lot is a2 two story brick building covered with slate, suitable for a,factory. $6000 The general markets did not vary much. Cotton was very heavy under the news Provisions.?Pork?Sales of new Mess $8 37J, and Prime $6 60; old 7 62 J and 6 60. Sales of Western Lard at 6c,and City 7{c. Smoked Hams, 7 a 7J. Sugars ?Sales of New Orleans from 4 to 60. Small sales of Havana at 6 atifc. Molasses?There are steady sales of New Orleans ranging from 17} to 18?c, which is very low. Coffee-?Holders show no disposition to press sales. The operations are small, but Drices unchanged. Flour.?The stock of Genesee is helil in a few hands who ask $4 76, hut we have heard of no sales over $4 (J2J. Sales of New Orleans at $4 18} for common, and $4 37 for fancy brands. But little doing in Southern flour. Alurrleil, On the 8th Inst., by the?R?v. Mr. Starr, Mr. Owen Oafriicv, to Miss Ann McGaffihah, all of this city, * Died. At Newark, N. J., on Tuesday, 31st Inst., Thomas, youngest son of John Medcraft, Esq., uged 3 years. On Friday ,30th January, on board the ship Southerner, near Liverpool, on his passage home from New York, Mr. William Coats. Weekly Report of Interments Id the City and County of New York, from the 11th day of Feb. to the IHili day of Feb., 1843. 38 Men ; 27 Wemtn ; 63 Boys ; 66 Girls. Total, 174. DISEASES. Abscess, I: Angina Pectoris, 1: Attha, 1; Aponlesy. 3; Asphyiva, 1; Bleedinr from sfmacn, I; Burned onesided, I; Casualties, 2; Colic, 1; Consumption. 33; Convulsions, 16; Croup orhives, 6; Congestion of brain, I: do of lungs, 1; Dropsy, 4; Dro|?y in the nead, 12; do in the chest, I; Drhility, 3; Fever, 1; do scarlet, 3; Hip Disease, 1; Inflammation of brain, 6; do of bowels, 2; do of chest, 2; d > of lungs, 22 ; do of throat, 6; do of womb, 1; do of liver, t; Intemperance, 1; Marasmus, 6; Measles, 7; Old Age, 3; Organic disease of the heart, 4; Palsv, 4; Prriaiature birth, 2; Small Poi.l; Scrofula, 2; Suicide,I Ulceration of throat, 1. age. Under 1 year, 42; 1 to 2 years, 24; 2 to 6, 23; 5 tollfl, 13:'"10 to 20, 6; 20 to 30, 26 ; 30 to 40, 10; 40 to 60, 7;, 60 to 60, 9; 60 to 70, 6, 70 to 80, 3; 80 to 90, 5. CLACKS OK HATIVlTf. United Slates, 134; Ireland, 23; Knifland, 3; Scotland, 4; Ocrmaay, 3; Fiance, 2; Spain, 1; West Indies. 1; unknown, 1. Of the above, there were from the Almshouse, at Bellevue. 3; Hospital at Bellevue, 4 ; Penitentiary Hospital, Blackwell's Island, 3; Small pot, 3; Lunatic Asylum, 2; City Hospital, 1; New Jersey, 3; Staten Island, 1; Long Island Hospital, 3. Colored Persons 15. JNO. H ORI8COM, M. D. City Inspector. Lateit Advices RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OPF1CE. Africa Nov. II Macao Oct 24 AuxCayea Dec. 30 Madras Nov. 22 Antigua Jan. 23 Manilla; Sept. 20 Bombay Nov. I Montevideo Nov. 25 Batav Oct. 7 Maranham Nov. 20 Bermuda Jan. 13 Matanzas Feb. 5 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguez Jau. 21 Buenos Ayves Nov. 27 Maracaiho Dec. 7 Bahjp Nov. 12 Matamoraa Jan. 14 Belize, Hond. Dec. 25 Neuvitaa Nov. 10 Barbadoes Jan. 5 Nassau. N. P. Jan. 25 Bogota Nov. 10 Oahn, S. I. Nov. 3 Berbice Feb. 20 Paris Feb. 3 CapeHaytien Jan. 23 Port an Prince Jan. J4 Cape Town, C.O.H-Dec. 3 Ponce, P. IL Dec I Cnracoa Jan. 10 Para Dec. 21 Cienfnegoa Jan. 27 Pernambnro Jan. 4 Carthagena Sept 15 tanama Sept. 23 Caraccas May 17 lii > de Janeiro Jan. 1 Chagves July 1 Singapore Oct. 13 Callan Sent. 7 Sydney, N. 8. W.* June 14 Calcutta Nov. 0 St. Helena Dec. 14 Demerara Dec. 14 St. Thomas Jan. 28 Fayal Jan. 15 St. Bam Jan 1 Gibraltar Jan. 9 St. Jago de Cnba- Jan 14 Onayaouil Oct. 16 St. Johna, P. R. Jan. 1J Guayama, P. R.- Not. 7 St. Croix Feb. 1 Gonaivea Jan. 17 St. Martha Dec. 2 Oalveaton Jan. 8 St. John, N. B. Feb. 8 Havre Feb. 3 Surinam Dec. 22 Havana Feb. 9 Tampico Dec. 6 Halifax Jan. 27 Tohaeco Jan. 6 Jeremie Nor. 20 Turks UI anil Jan.' 6 Jacmel Dec. 25 Trinidad de Cuba Jan. 30 Kingston, Ja. Jan. 10 Vera Cruz Jan. 17 London Feh. 4 Valparaiso Oct. 16 Liverpool Feb. 5 Yucatan Jan. 15 La Guayra Jan. 18 Zanzibar Sept. 27 Lima Aug. 6 Passenger* Arrived. Rio de Janeiro?BrigZoloff? Capt O Luce, of Nantucket, late of whale ship Lima, condemned at Rio; Capt B T MeMurtrie of Philadelphia, late of vchr Red Hover, sold at Kio. Savannah?Baniue Kunomus?T Catwistle, New Jersey; O Wardwell. At Boston?In the Acadia, from Liverpool?Chas Claudius and lady Mr Findlav and lady, Mr Hillabet, Mr Mols n Jr. 1 Owen; J C Martin, beirer ofdespatehes lr?m Paris; Von Hunter, W Yesev, D Fehrman, Mr Ball, Geo Baker, M L Samuel, C. B d'lvanoe, J C Allispach, E H R Lymhn, J N Canaan Jr, A Ponti, Luisje Volonteri, Mr Brough, O H Mackav, John Robertson, Mr Jtogers, N Fielder, Geo Shaw, Geo Gottachalk, D SmalM, Mr Brown?20. From Halifax 10 Buxton?Samuel Clrland, John Fairbanks, Wm Elliot, Geo SColkett, Thomas Patton, Geo M'Kenxie, B I licks, J Hicks?8. Total 37. PoralRn Importation*. Croisstadt?Ship Commerce?374 bar* iron Fertiinaml Kuck ?2455 do Hick* It cn?I box J 8 Boweti?I do H Maxwell?I do Schmidt It Ba'chen?107 ton* hemp 120 bale* rasensdnck 16 do tlem* 139 do craih 816 pc* sail cloth 30 pkgs sheet iron 430 coils rope to o drr. Riodf. Jaixriro?Brig Zotoff?1325 hans coffee Grinnell, Minturn St co?840 A Foster 8t co?100 James Boorman?715 to canrain. Port AU Priiscf?Brig Naurroo?100 bags coffee 28 biles to bacco C Spracue?92 ceroons do 100 bags coffee 82 hide* A <' Roaaiere?198 bags coffee 9790 lbs logwood Lombard St Whitmore?72 sticks mahogany A Rolker. Ponro Camvi.lo?Schr Jonr?70 hags coffee P Harmony St co?32 Maitland St co?35 tons lignum sitae O Whitakrr?2 bx* G B Perry?21 hags to ordrr. Mataoucx?Schr Hope?1*0 hhds sngar 40 do molasies Mason St Thompson. Uomcitlr. Importation*. Morilc?Barons Nashu >?( Reported yesterdav)?53 bales cotton Perkins, Hopkins StiWhite?58 Duryea It Oreaven?17 J Lee?37 Smith. Mills St co?30 Bears, Halstead Si co?21 H l o t ?127GMiln?31 Wolf St Bixhmi? II Eno St Phelps?S0J Hoibrook St Nelson?24 Barstow St Pope. SATAnirAii?Bai<iae Kunnmns?50 csks nc* C Bolton, Fox It I ivitigstnn?100 do I bbl B*r-lay St Liviugston?04 do Smith Mills St co?87 do Depeyste' St Whitm?rsh?58 do E D Morgan ?9! do 4 bales eoltou J 8 Stone?14 do C Bar*tow St Pope?10 do David Austin?23 Stni'h, Mills St co. MARIT I ME HE RAM)" Sailing Days nf the Steam Ship*. FROM KISOLAFIP. PROM AMERIl A Acadia, Ryrie Mar. 1 O. Western, Hnskcn Keb. II Mar. 16 Columbia, Miller Mar. 4 April 1 Britannia, Hewitt April 4 May 1 G. Wealrrn, Hoaken April 1} May II Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. prom t.ivRsroRt.. for i.itp.rpooi.. Sheffield, Allen, Jan. 12 Oarrick. Skiddy, Keb. 25 liottiiiKiirr, Buralev, Jan. II Oxford, Raihbone, Mar. I ttosriiis, Collins, Jan. 13 Patrick Henry, Delano, Mar. 7 pnoM Portsmouth. Sheffield, Alien, Mar. 13 Philadelphia, Hoeey, Jan. 1 pon Portsmouth. Switzerland,Chadwick, Jan. 10 Philadelphia, Hovey, Mar. I from havrk. for havrp. Francois I, Airuworth, Jan- I Iowa, Pell, Keb. 24 RnrrnnHv W.oi.n l.n tt On.i.l. Knock Mir. I Baltimore, Knock, Jan. IK Argo, Anthony, Mar. 8 MAaariLLKi. aaanagiLLia. Minerva, Brown, Jan. I Hell<?|a>tii, Adima, Mar. I Mhlp Naileri and Amenta. We ahall rate cm it a favor, if Captaina of Viaaela will give to Commodore Koocrt Sn.vrv, of our New* Kleet. a lie port of the Shipping left at the I ort whence they aailed, the Veaaela Spoken on their Tiaaage, a Lial of their Cargo, and anv Foreign Newa|>aperi or Newt they may have. He will hoard them immediately ou their arrival. Agenta and Correapondeiita, at home or abroad, will alao confer a favor by tending to thia Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of auy kind will be thankfully reenived. POKT or NEW YORK, FKBRUARY *'*. UN 47 I MOON lllll I 17 ON 41 | II141H WATCH 2 22 Cleared. Ship Cincinnati, Wilaon, New Orleans. John Haaiteriy ? Blip J H Stephana. Hall, Bermada, H A racket; Republic, IIstri, Apalachieoln, B D llnrlbui k Co; Samaon, Sawyer, Port Loon, Key Weat and Tampa Bay, by the same ? Dutch aI I lot Maria k Adi lana-Boite n, Hotteidim, Roarinan. John 4tou k Co.?Schn John Drew, Allien, La tinayraa ami Porto C ibello, (leo Whitaher; Saunders, Merry-man, New Orleani; onstilnliou, Townaend, Savmnah. Thaildroa, Driacull, Norfolk, Stnrgea 8l Clt-arman. Arrlvod. Shin < amineree, Doling, frnm < ranatailt, Nov. 14, and Klai ore Dec. I. with indie, to order, hiparirncad heavy wraterly eilr. .luring the greater |>*rt of the |>aa*a*e. Ou the !W Dec. wu ?irtick with lichtunit:, which iplU the toP* I m??t. . . I B<njne Clianct'llor. Dunn. If 4aya from N*w^>ne?n?, W'lh | m i.nd. miilanr- to R. HotchkiM. No d?le.offO?|>e murras, ha nine Julia, 4 <)av? fin Savannah for Boston. . Birrjue Oepiey, Gaylord, 20 daya from New Orleans, Willi .uuar, to inasrer. Barngr Konaldson, Whedeti, 14 days from Ap?l*chieola,with I 712 bales cotton to Boltoo, Fot Si Livingstonlit*-que K iiix,mm, Crosbv. 8 <U\s from Savannah.with cotton, to master. 17th iust. lat 36 47, Inn 72 5, spoke schr Republic, o! and from W^ldoboro, Mi?, for Wilmington, NC. 6 d.*V? out. Brig Zotoff, Cross, (ol MaibleltntU) f?l da\s from Uio de Janeiro,.with coffer, to OrinuelL Miufurn St Co. Vessels left before rr ported. Spoke 5th iust. lat i7 30, lou 66 40, British bnjc Anger, or Ranger, 14 days fin .St Andrews loi Jamaica; 6ih, lat 29 14. Ion 67, schr 'Condor.16 days fm N York for Turks Island; 'Jth, lat 32, 'on 6730, ship Manco. Mitchell, ol Uardiuer. 15 davs irom Mobile for Liverpool: IOth, lat J220, Ion 68 50, schr Port Leon, Little, 15 daos from Ihtli f??r Maianxas?had experienced heavy weather, and lost deck load. Brig G. H. VVright, Cults, 20 days Irom Porto Rico, with 149 hhds sugar 49 do molosses to Thompsou 8t Adams. Sailed id ? ? *'lb C. 8. ship Mai ion, Armstrong, on a cruise to leeward; hng Benjamiii, Treat, for Pouce. Left hngs Sophia. Kinney, lor NYo.k Idg; Yes, cr, Lolland, for Philadelphia, 10th Feb; Triumph; Hdrdinu, for Baltimore. Idg; Mary Jane. Gill, w?g QJ'J*?} * lower, from St Thomas with a caravan; George W. Uifford, Brown, disg: schr* I.n?...?na M.rdi fnr Baltimore. wtg frt; Eagle, from Portsmouth, disg; Isaac Franklin, Brown, wtg frt; Htlin Fmcr, Fish, from Norfolk. 2d lXMj. 1st 11 23, Ion 67 30. spoke schr Ann Hoik;, from 8t Thomas lor Georgetown, SC. Brig Porto Rico, Cottrell, 23 davs from Trinidad de Cubs, with 760 boxes sugar, to Howland St Aspinwall. Left brig Sun Flower, from Jeremie, .trr 25th, and otIters before reported ? 30th ulu Caps Antonio HE ft E. 16 miles, spoke brig Venezuela. luiBmllt from Jamaica for NOrlsans. . , Brig BruUh, Merrill. 21 days Irom Trinidad de Cuba, with MOSMM molasses lO <' fct Ponvtvt* Schr Espehta, irom St J ago da i ;ttba, had unr it Trinidid. . . Br g Nauroo, Burnlion, 21 days from Port au RIpMiinlu coffee. to Lombard & Wliitronre. Brig Juan J. de Cartagena, Kellar, 27 days from Belize, Hon. with 197 logs mahogany la tniu logwood to E. Cofltu. Left schr Homer, Ptdersmi, for N York, 6 days. 7tli inst. lat 23, Ion H2, fell in with a ship's long boat, newly painted green?also, a water cask llonting near. , British brig Blue Nose, Albee, 20 days from Berbice, in ballast, to Barclay k Livingston. Spoke 1st inst. lit 20 40. Ion 70, schr Hard, from Niork for St Domingo; llth, lat 33, Ion70 10, schr Sinm, hence for St John, PR I days out. _ British brig Buffalo, McBurie, 21 days from St. Thomas, via Newport, RI. 3 days, in ballast. to master. The bodv of Mr. W. Tallman, brought from 8t. Thomas, is on board th?! Buffalo. Brig Thoru, Klwell,20 days from New Orleans, with952 bbls llour to Suydam it Sage; 93 Jo molasses to De Peyater & Whitrnarah. The T. has ex|>eiieiiced severe weather, a|ilil tails, Sic, lost overboard deck load. Brig Manhatian, Doaue, 17 daya from Apalachicola, with 558 bales cotiou (o K.D. Hurlbut St Co. Schr Hope, viitchell. 20 days from Mayague z, PR., with sugar, lo Nesmilh, Leeds Ik. co. Left bari|Ue William Scliroeder, Bailey, diagd, wtg Irt ; brigs Coch co, McCnllis. do; Oirnffe, Eldiidge, do; Helm, Card, do; Adamant. Leland. do; Bunker Hill, disg; Robert. Tallman, just an; Kllen Elizabe'h (Br) Idg for Halif x, sail few days; schrs Lucy, Meaus, sail 7 days; Taniuiu, sail nxt day. Spoke Keb lilh lat 33 40, Ion 73 48, schr Currency, for Pliilad. Sclir Juue, Uoane, 2C days from Porto Cabello, with colTre, to lleorge Wliitaker. Left barijuc Auita, Lovett, of Boston, uncertain. Schr (itrard, Stevenson, 30 days from St. Domingo, with 150 '?ga inaiiogauy 168 b igs coffee 30 tons logwood to De Peystrr Ik Whitmarsh. Schr Lewis Bruce, Studley, 26 days from Jeremie, with 1287 bags coffee 15 tons logwood to A. C. Rossiere. Schr Nidus. Stone, 20 days from Nrw Orleans, with 1200 bushels corn 750 bbls flour to R P. Buck. Schr Lodi, Brnwu. from Attakapas, La. with molasses, to Brett Ik Vose;256 bbls do 52 lihds sugar J. Peck. Schr Win. Hart, Fairlield, from Wilmingtou, NC. with naval stores, to J. Ogden. Schr S. R. Pnynter, Holland, from Baltimore, with mdse, to master. Schr Leontine, Kuapp, from Richmond, with mdse, to Allen Ik I'axson. Schr Anaconda, Longman, from Washington, NC. with naval stores. Schr Napoleon, Sweetzer, from Swausboro, NC. with naval stores. Schr Marietta, Brown, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to J. Atkins. s..i,r aMwoi 1 V...11.1:.. r ?...? ?i.u ?1... to joint Stevens. Sclir Roanoke, Green, fl days from Norfolk, with tndse, to master. Mailed. Ship Ocmulgee, I'cet, NOrleans, and others. Heruld Marine Correspondence. St. Thomis. Jan. 78 ? Annexed I send you a list of Am rriean vessels in port:? Bam or, Odnm, from New Orleans, was bound t > France with a cargo of cot'on. ont 60 days, rut in in iitress, Faking ban, hiving experienced a blow on the 'Oth Dec., ia lat 39 7, Ion IS 5,, on which day Cant. O bore up for thi? island; J W Catar, D vis, from Fnilade iphia for Fouce PR, sailed 27tH inst, to I nd; New Have-i, Powers, from St Vincent for Unny .ma. sld 27th inst; Texider, Lock'ood, fm N York for iJuayama, uor, josfarrived; Hosa'ie, H'll, fm St Croix for Lahuira. s tiled 26th inst; Wi'lis t wh) Daggett, cruise, one, just : it, put in'or supplies, with 800 ckssper'" oil; Jennet, Banner, from Biltitnnre (oi New Orleans, to sail ou er about the '0th inst; Sillv Ann, Patterson, from Baltimore, unc, waiting for frei h': PI niter. Hood, from Marin ique for Guay.nma to sail iu two days; i ussell, Jenkins, from N York, nnc. disc; Ksgle, Tre.tdwell, St Baru for 8c Domingo, 2 or 3 ds; T H Benton, Shaw, from Baltimore, disg; Delaware, Whitney, Philadelphia, do; Franklin, Patten, Guadeloupe for 8t Domingo, same day; Cornelia, Patten, do do; Wellington, Brown, from Boston, just art; Leader, Kamsdell, from Marblehead, disg;Caroline, Bowen. Barbadoes, do: Currency, Sharp, La Guayra for Turks Island, same day; William, Baker, Antigua, just arr; Lodemia & Elira, Price. Martinique, do; Susan 1 aylor, Grindell, Charleston, do; Dunascus, Chase, Bahia for NOrleani, sld same day. Boston, Feb. 20?3)f r. m. Below, shins Sophia, Snell, from Calcutta; Angelo, Clarkson. Croustadt via Fayal, where she put in with her foremast sprung; barque Claremout, Trussell, NOrUans, and one barque nuknown. Wind N. clear and mild. General decor<1. Schu Gen. Call, Kdmoudson, ocfore reposled as having come in contact with the steamer Osceola, in the Chesapeake bay, 6 iniles below Smith's Point, suuk in seven iniuutes after geltiug disentangled from the Osc'oia, iu uiue fathoms water, about six miles from the shore. The cr. w hart barely time to take to the long boat, in which Ley reached ilie shore, before the schr went down Her cargo consisted of 1900 bags coffee. Whalemen, M <ria, Kaymoud, was spoken Dee 10, with 130 bbls sp, bound Sooth. Spoken. Wlnlinorc, from New York, steering South, V el) 9 , lift 35 311, len 73 40 Lehigh, Watsou, from Philadelphia for China, Oct 18, lat 3 N Ion 21 W. Covington, Hall, from Baltimore Tor Batavia, Nov 14, lat 8 N Ion 31 W. Dumbarton, Pendleton, from Boston for NOrleam, Feb I, off Key Wert. Caroline b Mary, from Boston for Weat Indies, Feb 14, no lat, 8tc. given. Mary Ballard, from New Orleans for Boston, lat 8tc. given. Johu O Colter, from New York for Bombay, Dec 24, lat 3 15 N. Ion 22 34. Halcyon, ratten, from New Orleans for Liverpool, Feb 2, lat 53 30, Ion 70. Luconia, Porter, ftom Liverpool for Mobile, Feb 4, off Key West. Camilla, Watlinglon, from Amsterdam for NewYork, Jan 31, Lizard N 50 miles. Belvidere, from Charleston for Liverpool, Feb' 7, lat 34 18, Ion 71 30. Wellington, from Charleston for Liverpool, with rudder sprung, Jan 19, lat 38. Ion 46. foreign Pert*. AsTWEir, Jan 13?Sid Savio, NYork. Amstfrdam, Jan 16?Arr Augeliqae, Edwards, NYork. Bar Men. Jan 26?Arr J H Adami, Kotlifos, NOrleans Sid 17th, Selnller. Johanseu. do. Bstavia. Oct 4?Arr Kobt Fulton, McMichael, Canton. Cadiz, Jan 19?Arr Sobieski, Maloney, Gibraltar for NOrleans. Sid 17th, Borodino. Trott. Boston, having repaired. Cork, Jan 20?lu the Cove. Champlain, for Baltimore; Commerce. Boston; Lascar, Mobile Cowzs, Jan 21?Arr John Witt, Donovan, 'Mauritius, with the cargo of the Neoonsi t. CrxHAVKr*, Jan 21?bid Roland. Bteengrope, NYork. Cadiz. Jan 17?SIM Bnroilino, Trntt.for Boston. Cape Coast Castle. Oct 9?Arr Herald, Howe, Etmina, and sIM 13th, leeward Nov 15, Mary Paulina, Hnnt, uo: and sl'd 36 th, leeward ; 23d, Herald, Goldsmith, l)it Core, and sPd 23th for Anamaboo. Copkishaokn, Jan 20?The Melitta, Jacobson, from Gottenburg to New York, has out into Eleven, with cargo shifted. CALCUTTA, Nov 6?SIM Massasnit, Webb, Boston ; Oct 20, arr Concordia, Dorr, do. Cantor, Oct 21?Delhi, Cole, Manilla. Dartmouth, Jan 16?Arr Enterprise, Matthews, Liverpool for Savannah, with oumi s choked, sails split, and other damage; 17th, Maranham, Fleming. Liverpool for Charleston, with loss ol bulwarks, stancheons, boats, spars, Ike. decks swept, and other damage. Dover, Jan 26? Off, Virginia, White, Rotterdam for Newport. 22d?The Mayflower, Kowbottom, of Boston, was taken into Zuidrr Zee, with both anchors and chain gone. Dtnsaina, Jan 19?Sid Portland, Clongh, NYotk. Gkakrocx, Feb 1?Passed to Glasgow, Cassandra, Rogers, from NOrleans. Girorde, J in 21?SIM Sirus, Schmidt, New York. Gkroa, Jan 26?A severe gale commenced on.the 12th aud continued until IG.h, with unabated violence. Ship Frances Whitney, Lord, received considerable damage, lost main topmast, main topgallant mast, and had her starboard side much injurs d: a survey had brought in the damages at $7000?she had repaired aud sailed Jan 26th for Sumatra. Ship Exchange, Stauwood, for Boston, stripped her windlass, split plankshrar, broke rail, ripped up channels, and tore off considerable copper ?lost inaiu topmast, jibboom, kc. Th* Warsaw, Rhoades, stove bulwarks, and met with other damage. Gibraltar, Jan 23?Arr Flavin, Coffin, Boston. Havre, Jan 31?Arr Plato, Chase, New Orleans; Alexandria, Turner, do; 36th, Mrgunticook. Mayo, do; Prentice. Hopkins, do; Peter llatterick, Post, Mobile; Sabattis. Swift, Cha lesion; Albany, Watsou. NYotk. Sid 18th, Echo, Sill, New Orleans; !9th. Chevalier,; Rosalind, Bray, Charleston; Xylon, Barrel I , Mobile, Baltimoie, Kunck, IN York; 20th,Lyona, Parker, NOrleana; North Carolina, Drummoud, ilo; Henry Lreda, Marahall, Mobile; Lorena, Urquhart, do; Monument, Marshall, do; Richmond, Maaiolett, do; 21 at, Knierald. Howe, NYork; 22d, Ferai, Kuapp, Charleaton. Arr Keb I, Oregon, (Hidden, NOrleana: Tunolnon,; Ville de Bordeaux, do; Racine, Charlcaton, Hai.roKT, Jan 21?Hid A|k>IIo, Hunt. Charleaton; Corinth, Smith, Virginia. Hull. Keb 2? 8ld Naahville, Prmherton, NOrleana. Iii.r or Wight, Jan 20? Off, Oceau, Strong. Bremen for N York LlTkkrnoi., Keb 3?Arr Mary, Hulliran, Mobile; Norfolk, Snow, NOrleana; Goodwin. Daviea, do; Columbia, Clark, do; t liatham do; Fortitude, Lilly, Cli ulxaton. ( Id Mcdforil, Wither, NO I. ana. Loianora, Jan 17?Knt inwarda, Weatminater, At wood. New York, and ontwarda 18th; 2lat, Sharon, Lucaa, Boaton; 27th, St Jamea, Hebor, NewYork, and outwarda 28th. Keb 2, Montreal, Tinker, NYork. Mangina, J.tu 2?The Niagara, Scudder. from Loudon for Boaton, put in Dec 24th, leaky, and la ili&chargiug her whole cargo. Malta, Jan 17?Arr Nactilua, Lincoln, Boaton. Mkaanaa, Jan6? The Kazau, Leckie, Iroin Smyrna for Boaton, haa put in here le.ikv, having been iu contact with a ahip on I he 2d. MaiaaaniLLa, Jan 24?In port, Angola, Bell, for N York, in 3 dava.ou v American rraael Sl*RTroi?t, JJO?Nearly the whole hroadaiue of a ve??el, of hIioui *00 torn, ami' American built, aneathed with patent yellow metal, and hail a quantity of banthno in her, haa been w;tailed on ihnre. A li-ailboard in tik-d " Yloii.n," in c111 letleft, haa alio been waahed ailiore near thia port. Manual, Nor. ID?Sid, Franklin, Urn clhue, fin Beaton for Calcutta. 22d. it blew a severe gale 24th ult.. and >e inu* damage haa been iloue to the shipping here and at Pondicherry Set eral veaaela (no Amerieaua) were loat, dmn tiled, lie. The lint and le'ond offierra, and eight i f the crew, one Frant it Smith, were drowned Two French and a Dutch ve??-l pnt to ea from Pondicherry, and had notiince been heard (rotn. Macoa. Oct 4?Arr Mazei>na, Preacott, N York. Prtttai K, Feb i?The S W rocks of Scilly are covered with wrerka. among which are four figure heada, bale goods, cloth, velrela, cotton, thread, lie. A quantity of nlauka, atauchiona, and it indioaany told, lie. were alio |i?inl by a boat arr here from Srillv. Tama, Jan Jit?The Pacific, (of Philad) Latent, fan Doideaui for Nl 1 noin.M, ?? wrecked on the of Lege, near La Trite, 15th inal; mailer ami part of crew tared. PokTIMOUTH, FrbS-lld Toronto, Oruwnld, NVork. kochkli.k, jan is?The Amlrodua, from Bordeaux for New Vork, haa put in here leaky, and atherwiae damaged, and mutt ftiflCliArgc t?rrpnir. 8Tona*w*v,.lan 5?Shi 8t IVtrrtburx. Volkman. Croimadt, ' 'stiuimi? ??, Jan 15? Arr Victoria, Woodbury, Cromtadl for Boaton, rep'd and w m -eady Itu tea "J* , . _ , . 8tUD**LL Uoapi, J.mJfl?In Roads, Vrnilia, fm Liverpool 1 Snina pone, Oct 6? Sid Lmm, Poor, Chin\. Uth, Onsidi, SmtuVa, l>er 22? Ari Mo?ct>w, Simpenn, Tri#???. Tciokmouth, J*? to? Off. Henry Whelion, Loncrop*, Rotterttem for J*me? Hirer. Tkiki. Jen 24?Art HolUnder, l?,wer,( hnrlenton. V knick, Jiu 2#?Art Medor*, Tnnier, ( Wltetun. Horn* Porta. Boiton. Feb ?V-No arrival. Cld Nahant, Tliooyu. St Jaf? de Cuba; Cliuaau, CuahiuK, NewOrlesna; Maiy Bmilh, l.?wu, do; Union, P?ine, Richmond. Air llih. Acadia, ( ) Hvrtf, Liverpool; Marino, Weeka, Apalachirnla OI?a. Thaller,New Oilcan; Raiunow.|M<ni. do; Arehelaua, Crowell. Campoachy; Vulture, Walker Cane Hayuen; Nrretia. Maaurv, Minaaiiilla: (Ijmm, Soulr, Mobile via Havana and NLondon; Drinocr.i: Hnwi-a. Mobile; Win Penn, Atkina, Philadelphia; < 'undo . Cahooo, fronaicoa; Talma. Conklin. Savannah; A'lat fir. Cook Kr-iler-ckahma; Marion, Hmijlua Newborn.NC; John Dnnlap. C?a*. Ri< hinnnd; Spartvl, Dyer, Rapiwhannock; Compliance, Lnvrinan, NY?rk. PtiiLADKi.rHiA, Feb J!?Uelow, a akin anopoaed the Suaniichanua, Irom Liverpool: Hope, Short, NOrleani; Orion, Wilkina. La (iiuyra; W*atiiiiR*uii, Biahop.Matauzu; Ocn W.irren, Ogle, Havana. DkLAWAHK Riiikitii IT.Ii 10?The Cnhinaet.' Tlinmu Feuner, sod Win A Caldwell, ore now here; nleo, Magnolia, from Calais. The Elliot, for Boston, proceeded to sea yesterday. Bai.timoue, Feb 20? Arr Abbv Baker, Pratt New Orleans; Ahlrich, Baker, Mobile; I'.itapsco, Nickerson, Boston; Bt Thomas. Currier. ih> QQUND PILOT?OWEN PRXSCOTT. Pilot for Mew C* Bedferil, Nantucket Sliouls, Roston. Portsmnulli, Portland, Keiinebeck, and other ports. Office at Krye k. Shaw's Nautical Store, 222 Water, corner Beekmuu street, N. Y.?Vice ryrsa Adams' Eipress, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the same as from (Jay Head. i25 Itnisr WANTED?A young girl wants a situation as nlain cook, washersnd troner, lH>th of which she thoroughly understands. Good city reference can be given. Apply at 107 Mulberry s'. f>2 lt*r JV/JR. EDITOR?Charles K. Biaitiard, the t arpenter of'he i-'-t-ship Gaston, as stated in the Suu ol the 20th, fell orerhosrd on the 13th?it was Sunday,the 12th, while at unnecessary wnik oyer the ship's side; the crew were at work at the same time in the rigging. 122 lt*r BY ONE OK THE CREW. FMR. CHARLES STUART, who lelt Hull, Knglaud.or ' neighborhood, in September last, will call at the office <>f James Lee it Co , No. 34 Broadway, he will hear of something to his adeaetaye. 271 3t*r THE TREASURER of the Kiie Department Fuud thankk lully acknowledges the receipt of one handled dollars, ns a donation from the Gteeuwich Fire Insurance Company, bj tilt bands ol Joseph Torrey, Esq., Secretary. JOHN S. GILES, Treasurer of the File Departmmt Fund. New York, Feb. 22d, 1813. 22f Itr ~ ORDERS NO. 31. SIXTH BRIGADE N Y STATE ARTILLERY,) New York, January 20'h, 1843. i T^HAT Part of the Thirteenth Regiment located in the city E anil comity of New York, will tirade on Wednesday the 22J of Febiuarv neat, in time to fire a National Salute from ihe Battery at noon, in houar of the Birth Day of Washing too. The National Sttudaid will Ih- displayed from the llag-stafT, Ircm sunrise until sunset of said day. The necessary ammunition will be furnished hv Commissary General Storms, oa the requisition of Colonel Ming, who will cause this order to be carried into effect. By order f Brigadier General GEORGE P. MORRIS, DAVID WAG8TAFF. Aid-de-Camp^ 22flt?cc TJFFECT.H OF 'PIE CKOTON INUNDATION.?More -s-s than 7IH10 yards o| tin ami rag carpeting, damaged hy the Crotun water, will lie sold Iraa than the co>t of manufaet iirinx. A'ao lo.cnti yaula not damaged will be anhl at icdueed pi ires by JAMES OALLAOHKR. ft? 3t*rc 55 Bnwerv, opposite the Theatre. Now Heady, Peiit. 6nk Shili.inh,? JAMES'S ?NKW NOVEL, entitled FOREST DAYS: A ROMANCE OK OLD TI^ES. BY O. P. R. JAMES, ESQ., Author of "Morley Ernsteln," "The Jacquerie," "The Robber," ' Darnley," kc. Being No. XIV. of "Library of Select Norela." 1Vearlu Ready, Price One Shilling? ADA M 1! R O W N, THE MERCHANT. BY HORACE SMITH, ESQ, Author of "Br*nibleive Houie," "Ta'n of the Early Ages," "The New Forest." fcc. 22flt*r HARPER 8c BROTHERS. S. A. GOULD & CO'S VTKW YORK PATENT MEDICINE AND PERFUMERV WAREHOUSE.?At 357 Broadway may be had, wholesale and retail, a general assortment ot the choicest European aud Asiatic Perfumery, Soaps, Oils, Balms, Cosmetics, and fancy articles, together with a select emporium of the best English, French, German, American, and Indi hi approved Patent Medicines,of all descripli ns.and for all diseases. Also may be had, in large or small (juantities, all the medicinal preparations or ine ccieorairn ur. niiace ipnia, which have Mood the test of' 40 years' experience. Here alio Physicians an<l Druggist* may at all times find a supply ol the only genuine Charpee This uuiversal B tzaar of be miy and comfort la intended for both seses, to the oruamrn'. of uature, and the restoration of lisalth For details, call at 357 Broadway. N. B. A lady will lie oustantly is attendance, and, it is hoped, with general satisfaction REFERENCES John M. Bradhurst, 386 Broadway,') W. W. Brnihurst, I Bush k Hilyer, t I Wholesale Knshton k Aspinwall, f Druggists. Geo. H. I'urstr, 70 Wall street, I Comstock k Tv ler 83 Barclay st, J Hr. Fales, of Boston. Rev. Dr. Hrownlee. Key. Dr. Knos. Re-.D-. De Wiu. Re*. Dr. I'eck, Ed. Methodist Quarterly Ko*icw. Rev Va'eotiue Buck. A. R. Witmote, cor. Vesey and Washington streets. Col Joaiah Mann, 7 Fultoust. Mf ALTHOUGH sieamboat Explosions are so common and so fatal, we frtouenily see persons walking with perfect unconcern over the boilers ol an engine which is pro|ielling a boat through the water at racing sliced. Tins recklessness ol life is no less manliest in the readiness with which many per soiii suiteriug under a certain Queue swallow the spurious nu<l noxious trull vended bv humbugs aU1' charlatans. la tliii trifling with a most insidious and treacherous disorder, they are acting witliu little discretion as would be exhibited by dn officer who should rend a marine with a liicbted candle to examine the powder magazine. Sooner or later they are sure bitterly tu repent t .eir toll\. There it only one safe path?half measures are fatal?the disease must not be checked, hut eradicated. To administer palliatives merely in such cases is little heltri than murder As well might a mail hope to extinguish Vesu vius with a syringe, as ex|iect to destroy Veuerea! virus with niIk and water remedies i.el thv suffer, r who desiras Co effect a radical cure, try Hunter's Rr|> Drop. Its O|wration is trchiug, and Celt un. Sold at Uie ilunterian Dispensary, 3 Division si. f23 11*r IMPORTANT TITMKRCHANTS AND CLERKS. BRISTOW'S WRITING, BOOK-KEEPING 'AND SHORT-HAND ACADEMY, No. 235 Broadway, near Park Place, continues open Day and Evening, for OrttTLKMKIV 0F al.L AUKS. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM TWELVE TO SIX DOLLARS! Mr. BRISTOW, of London, gnaranteei to lefonn ANY WRITING, however had, illegible, or cramped, into a beautiful, free, ei|ieditious and finished Mercantile Style, u adapted to all the pursuits of life and business. In TWELVE EASY LESSONS?for onJyjSix Dollars ! Academy No. 235 Broatiiray, near Park Place. The LADIES are ta.-ght an eleKant, graceful and fashionable Running Hand : assemble daily at 11 o'clock. JUT"" VISITORS in New York can take aeoone in Three Dat^t Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., er from 4 to i i \ i n n c i C?i STENOGRAPHY. Or the amusing art of Short Hand Writing, tanglit by Mr. Briefnw ill Iwrlfn Uiinns fnr fa Winer ilnwu Unrm. ne [.onftiue Trillin, lie. lie. u fiut u any person can speak. N. B. ?A wofa of the author la presented to every pupil. _ V[y~ FOB SALE, at the Academy, up itairs, a Ouide to ihort_H>nd." 22f lm,e c flHAND MfLITAHV BALL(by invitation) at the Tivoli Saloon, on Wednesday eveunig, '2<l inat. 111 honor of the birth of Oeneral Washuvoton, the Father of our Country The room will bo taatefuily dec 'rated with flags, banuera, lie. and the muskets taken from the Hessians by (Jen. Washington in the year 1777; alan the mnakeia brought from France by (Jen. Lafayette, will be a portion of the decorationa. (Jenerali Soford, Ptryker, Lloyd, Morm, Storma, Hunt, Kierated, bnmmioii, W. L. Moms, and staffs, I he Officers of the Army and Navy on this station, will honor the Ball with their pretence. Dod worth'a celebrated Military Band ia engaged for the occasion, and no mini or expense will be snared to mak this the moat grand Military Bill ever riven in this city, as no person will be admitted uuleta in uniform (the press excepted.) A Supper will be provided at JO cents each. f3l 2 ia*r WIDO W "WELCH'S FEMALE I'lLUS-Thismedictue. "" so celebrited ill England, aud over the whole continent of Europe, has forthe first tune heeu intloduced into the United States Its great iirtues in removing ohatmctiona and other disorders more especially incidental t the female sex, are well known to all foreigners; aud as soon as they are as well known here as they are in Europe, n" female will be without them. To prevent their being counterfeited hut one agent haa been anpoiuted.and only "ne place where they can be obtained. If, therefore. Widow Welch's Pills are ever offered for sale at any in iifi i<iiicc in mil rouniiy, uiey win of couiiierieiirn. inn great fame of these Pilli will no doubt induce many to counterfeit them, and thia precaution to the (inhiic is to |iut them ou theii guard. All letters mutt be paid. Price SI per bug. Apply e.t the Drug Store, 73 Chambers street, 2d house west of Broadway. fll 1 inner NEW GRAHAM HOUSE?T^enew and splendid House No. S2 Vesey street, a lew doors from the tstor, Ims just been newly fitted up its the most ample and convenient manner, regardless ofespente, for c tixe-is and strangers who may prefer to test the advantages of the Graham ayst. m of Vegetable, to the exclusion of Animal Food The choicest fruits -ad vegetables the market may afford with the rich milk and buttr r of Orange County, will be at all times on the taMe, and every effort made to demonstrate the truth that a Vegetable Diet is most conducive to happiifss as well a? health The location is central, pleasant, and convenient <o all the steamboat landings. Terms mcderale. QsstlsUsl vidtiur theetty for a few oavs are invited to give this svstein a trial The apartments are large and airy. Shower Baths, with C.roton water, for the see-nimoda'ion of Boarders. No efforts will be spared to please and accomm >d-te those who mav favor this House Wi ll their patrouage. fig trial* American land and coan o*kice-wnitam L. Simcrs^haviui^above thirty year<' espenence^ in the mwiwawmi 'il iWill niUIlT, UIU |R,S*rSSinK -S IIHTP TUHCI) (>TOperty himself, al?o feeling great confidence from the liberal patronage he hu heretofore enjoyed. respectfully loticiu the attention of the public to the special advantages nf the American Land aud Loan Office, at No. It Wall street, in the city of New York, for (he purchase, sale or richange of Houses and Lots, Farms and uncultivated Lands, either at private or public sale, and for the hiring and letting of Houses, Stores Farms, he ; for collecting the rents, tnd lor taking the general agency and supervision of Real KsLite, also for (he superin tendance of erecting and repairing Buildings. Persons having property to sell, eirtiange or let, will find it to thcr advantage to apply at this QMS rather than 'n any other in the city, both in point of economy and despatcn. All property registered in this office, will, if required, be ad vertiaed in two or tnore of the moe: widely circulated journals, and every honorable riertion made to dispose of the same. Hhosild the property not be sold at private sale, it will, if desired, be 009red at public auction, inns giving to owners of the properly double sdiantage. He will also attend to effecting Insurance on property, oh UntilII* and loaning ol money on bond and mortgage, or other securities, taking special rare to receive ample security for money loaned; anil to hare title* to property eta mined by gentlemen of the legal profession of eatabliahnl character to accuracy and reputation. Holders of vacant gronpd that require! improving, will fi.iJ it greatly to their advantage to apply to him. aa his knowledge of the kind of buildings which are m<Mt productive for the different localities, ia of the greatest inqiortauee: and hia long acquaimanrc witn the building of hnusea will enible him to get them erected on the moat reavonable terina at a far leas eipeuae than ia naual. He will algo take charge cf real estate intended for public M|ee. aa hia .knowledge from eaperienee in getting up aalea, Will be of great value to thoee intending to diepoee of their pro|ierty, he will prepare tile advertisements. aee that they are properly distributed and luperintended, and direct the aalctand it will he lonnd to be a great saving from the fact that property (or the laat three or four years has been frequeutly sacrificed from the want ol proper attention and skillful management. Individuals or companies that require an agent to take charge of their real eatate, may deiwud on having it faithfully and economically managed?and all moneys received, promptly paid over. Persons wishing l<> hire or purchase property, or inveet money, csn most generally be accommodated tree of etpense?and peraona residing at a distance desirous to sell or purchase real estate by as-mliis a description of the property, will rrceive immediate attention. Persou* having country seats, fsrms, or houses for sale, snd wish to hare them surveyed sad drawings taksn, can hare it done in the moat elegant manner hy apply iug at this office. Also, I euirecta and other paiwre prepared. All letters for the purchase, sale or erehange of real estate, or lor'h? loaning or potting out of money, mast Ibe directed to WILLIAM L. HIMEKK. A ( l.nml and I awn I No H W*ll?tr*?t, Naw York; and tbr pnauya inrnrrtblr |>ai<l, Th<>?? tmnrij BMMMT to loan |r?a have it invtita*, tree of ?I|xdm, by calling at ihu olftea. I?f la^a, I ' AUCTION SALES. I THOVAH BKLI Anctmn?*f BY BULL k IIOWAHII "'trti h'nt. tt -Aw?. m I MS Fulton ? | nrnNi'iiniv I At IOK o'clock at the isle* room. Large and splendid tale of first rat** furniture of all dricrii.tiona. from families removing, ke-i alao, firit rate eity made Ml ill do. Comprising rug*. carpets, matting, oil cloth*, bed*. bed*'ed?, bedding, tola*, chair*, uhle*. bureau*. looking thuri, wardrobea, ililrboanl*. elegant sofa*, conehe*, marble top, drawing hnrean* ditto pier and centre . table*, a ?ui>*rb pianoforte, ill kind* of b?d room furniture, kitchen ntemil*. Ike. Alio, a larit* additie '*1 lot of elgant second hand furniture, rt united fiom Brooklyn for convenn uce of aale. Aim, 10.000 lbs curled hair for upholster*. Alio, several valuable connten, counting nonce furuitnre, he. THURSDAY. At lot{ o'clock iu the ?ale* room. Lirgc Sale of I'i.tno Fortes, Paintings, Book*, ruriiilure, work* of Art, kc. Alan a um>?'V of ncellent furniture, prevented from com III! for Saturday'* aale bv the severity of the weather; alao, the remainder of the upholsterer'* stock. iofa*. chair*, rockera, beds, matrasses. kc , bv order of a receiver. Alao, a piano forte, hymdrrol the sheriff?tome painting* and other valuable goods, kc FRIDAY. At I0H o'clock in the aale prom*. Extensive aale of foreign and domeitic dry good*, in loU to su't; clothing, London and French cloths, cassimeres, veiling* in any length*. Alio, pledged article:*, fancy good*, jewelry, gun*, entlery, ome watches, trinket*, kc. Also, book* and atationerv, groceries, kc. Alio, about BOO yard* K.ngliih and French inia-rftne broad and beaver cloths and cassimeres in lots to suit; 136 veil patterns, gloves, stocking*, under shirts, fur*, kc. Also, i valuable watchri, 3 London glim, 3 trunks, second iian.l,? 9 di, merino .ilk and n..I,....... .1,,. , .n..C. ami hsudkerchiefs, and numerous other choice goods. HENRY tt. KIELL. Auct'r. BY R1KLL k ARCVLA11IUH. Store Ml Broadway, coiner of Dunne itreeU. R. k A. are now ready to made adrancei to any ainoant on consignments, lirmnii prompt. Maleiof real estate and oat door sales of household furniture attended to iu person. Regular sales of Liquors, Segars. fkc., ererv Tuesday; Faruiiu' e. Pianos, Sic., every Wednesday and Saturday. WEDNESDAY. At 10NW o'clock, ar the auction room. A large lot of new and second hand furniture. Also 4 elegant piano fortes, one by Dubois, Bacon k Chambers; one hy Briggs; one Lindeman; one (Paris) Bouliere. Also, the entire stock of Kinds liom a genteel family removiUK from the city. Also, a fine lot of first rate beds and heddinv. Also, one English gold-finch and two English red poles, charmimr singers Alio, tine lamps, mantel ornaments, shades, mirrors, carpets, kc. nearly new. Also, anotner large lot of plants iu full bloom. FRIDAY. At 10o'clock, at the sales room, A large stock of fancy and st iple dry goods, vir.?merinos, llannrls. shawls, blankets, linens, biown and bleached muslins, silks calicos, wadding, batting fancy handkerchiefs, ribbons, gloves, scarfs aud habherdashe y. All the goods are desirable and desetvc (he attentios of dealers and families HATURDAY. At MX o'clock in the sales room, New end second hand furniture of rvery description, from good Mini.ics. SATURDAY EVENING, At 6% o'clock at thr sales roomA larice collection of superior Oil Paintings, by olil anil distinguished masters?May be eiamineil on Wednesday P. M.? Sale rnsitive. CITY CASH TAILORI N< > EST A M LIS H M E N T, 202 BROADWAY. OWING to facilities afforded the subscriber in purchasing from fiist hands, and the liberal encouragement bestowed upon bis Emporium of Fashion by gentlemen of taste,he would inform bis friends and the public that be is euablrd to sell the most fashionable garments at much reduced rates from former prices, without any diminution in quality, style and finish, which has won the euconiums of the fashionable wmld. He would'dirret attention to his superior style of cnttiuir, haying employed one of thr best cutters in the couutry, and will warrant to fit the most difficult form The subscriber woald take this opportunity to correct the erroneous impression that, "perchasers in Broadway are obliged to pay more for an article of dress than eliewhere:'* a call upou the subscriber and his statement of prices will convince the most sceptical that any article of clothing can be obtained at this establishment as cheap and as fashionable as any other house in this city. A splendid assortment of Heady Made Clothing, superbly made, for sale vert cheap for rash. A full suit made np at a few hours' notice. ISflmis*m EDW'D. FOX. MEDICAL NOTICE: "T5R. HOMER BOSTWICK. Professor of Surgery and Bur geontothe New York Medical and Siinf'cal Institute, nays particular attention to the treatment of diseases of the heart and Inmra, dyspepsia, piles, diseases of the restum. and al female complaints. The great success that has attended his mode of treaiinu those painTnl and so frequently fatal diseases, has brought patients from the most remote parts of the country to place themselves under his care, aad out of 211 patients that ci me from a distance, all bu* fire returned to their homes per fectly cured, and were incurable. HOMKK BOSTWICK, M. D. No. 75 Chambers street, j r 18 imis*m Second house wast of Broadway pOLDS. SCARLET FEVEK lic,?The faculty in particular and the public iu general, are reminded of the success attending the use of the Medic ited Vapor Baths in the above complaliits. iti- effects of which are to promote and reestablish insensible perspiiatiou, and thereby relieve all symptoms of inlerual inflammation. They are open from 6 o'olock in the mornini: till 4 o'clock at nisht. at J. P. CARROLL'S Old Establishment, fill lwitr 25 Courtlandt st. LIARDWARE?2n casks bright Trace Chains 12 do full sir.e heave Carolina Hoes 211 do genuine Sheffi- Id Anvils, well assorted B do low priced hand, pa' el and hack Saws 4 do Carnenter's Knob Locks and Curry Combs 1,000 kegs superior Cut Nails 75 baits fine Wrouirht do. 20 l- ns warranted (i) Steel, broad bars IA.I1 sices of Hair Heating, Sofa Sriogs. Chair Web, Curled Hair, Sic. for sale at low pnres. by JOHN A NEWBOtn.n 40 John straet v'li' Jll TO LET?A neat genteel two storied house, 131 Sixth Avenue, near the stage route, I'oi the low sum of to a good tenant. Ant ly at 106 Nassau street, or H2 Biith Avenue. 22fJtr mt.. MEAT AND PROVISION STORE-Stock and ] ?m futures for sa'e and Store to 1st?one of the best stands XJA.ii) the city. Apply at 109 Varick st f21 3t"re M BAKERY AND HOUSE TO LET?No, <9 Beakmau street Enquire of JOHN L. NORTON, f 19-3t*r 30 Esst Broadway. NOTICE?The steamboat ROCKLAND will lease the Toot or Robinson street for Key jK^JKaJE-l'ort this day at 12 o'clock. and eyery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until further notice. Ill lw"rc HAVRE PACKET SHIP IOWA, of the 21th, is provided with " Francis' Patent Life Boats^"^ ALL THE REGULAR PAI-KE1 B-8team ships, steam boats, and other passenger vessels, carrying ing "brands' Patent Life Boats," have the word plainly stamped or painted on the side. f IQ-tfr ~Xjgp- PASSAGE FOR LONDON?Iacket. 1st March. WWMfW?The splrndil fait sailing packet ship PHILAiisbiiuDEl.THIA, Captain Hovey, will sail positively as ahovi: her rrgnlar day. Having splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, for passage early application should be mad: on board or to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT, 13 Peck SI10 cur South at. The I'hiladcli liia sails frsm Loudon ou the 17th April, affording to persons wishing to send for their friends a favorable opimrtunity of having them brought out in her or any of the regnlar line on terms, and tl osc wishing to remit money can have drafts on London for any amount, imyable on desw.mJ mrilltAHS .li.eon i.l ill all 1 1 r i 1 lg? I nA I ItlWIll (if ( Britilll. 221 I FOH LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-.Regular |J9Wt Packet of litf February.-The Spleudid Packet Hhip 4NU&OARRICK. Captain William okiddy, of 1M0 torn, will positively aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or pasture, having aecommodatiana unequalled for inleador or eomfort, apt>ly on Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ttreet, or to E. K. COLLINS fe CO. 56 South street. Price of passage, $160. 1 lie Tacket Shin ltoscius, Captain John Collins, of MM tons, will succeed the (Jarrick, ana tail the >5th of March, her regular day. Li iters for the ships of this will only be received at Oilpin's and HaleS Newt Room. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctually as advertised. f9 r AJT&- FOR LIVERPOOL? Hegular.Packet 16th Marcn. kJflMPWThe superior, New York built, fast tailing packet jBfii&hip HOTTINOUEK, Ira Burtley, master, lODO tons bu'then, will sail as above.her regular day For frrisht or iwusage, having cT.-gaot and commodious accommodations, apply in WOODHULL It MINTURN, 07 South street. The fine packet shin Liverpool, Jno Eldndge, master, 1150 tons, will sneered the Hortinguer, and sail on her regulirday, 16th of April* ? *1f r BLACK BALL, or Old Line of LIVERPOOL tfwVW Packets.?Regular Packet of 1st of March?The jBUkHbci-lehrated fast sailing favorite packet thi( OXFORD, Captain J hn Rathbone, will tail positively as above, her regular day Persons returning to the Old Country will find it to their com* fort and advantage to select this conveyance in preference to any other. For passage, and to secure the heat berths, early application should be made on board, foot ol Beekman ttreet, or to the subscribers, _ ROCHE BROTHERS k CO., J5 Fulton st, nest door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8, The Otford will sail from Liverpool on the lorn of April ?thoie sending for their friends, ran have them brought oni in Per at in snv of the Packets of this magnificent Line, wiiic\i in11 from thereon the 7th and 19th of each Month. Urafu on the Hoyal B-nk of Ireland, and on Mesari. Preecott I Orotr, Am It Co . hankers, Loudon, which will be paid free nl diicouat or any < liarce, in erery town thionghent England, Irejand, Soman i and Wales. Kor p>ssage, he , apply as ahnrr. ir^Theuewand ?ni?erb pacltri ahip Moiita/oma. burthen 10.70 tone, Capt Alficd a L iwher, will ancrred the Oiford.aod tail for Liverpool on ihr lath of Mtrch, and will taturu again for thia |iort on the 7th of May, her rtgnlar day. -'3fr H.fc CO. KOIl LI VKHPOOL?Packet of the lit of March (Ol'l Black Ball Line J?The superior faat sailing JNMfa picket alup Oiford, Lapt. H.ithhone, will aail aa above, her regular day, haying eicellent accommodatioua, ai* ply to JOHN HEKDMAN. Kl South street. N B? Paaaeuterm front England Ire'aud Scotland and Wales, ran b* engaged with the subscriber by splendid first 'lass packet shiiw.saiiiug weekly from Liverpool to New Vork Boston. Philadelphia, New Orleans and Mobile, thereby affording to those aent for, a passage to thr nearest port in the United St .tea, to iheir intended etrleroint Drafts cau, aa nauil, be forwarded for any amount, payable in all rhr principal towns ihrmnihr ir the United Kingdom. kYr furiher iwrriculars apily (if letter i oat paid) to the old ear.iMiilieil P.rmiiMni i ? miT, miwfe. *<ir f'.V KEfs KI?K IIaV HK?Jicroii (1 Line? 1 I, JTrTk (hip ON EDI A. James rank, matter, will tail on the JKdkLltt Maich. BOYD k HINCKEN, Aarau. Ilea No 9 Tontine Bui Id mat. Km >tW OKLKANH? LOUISIANA AND dftWNKW YOIIK LINK?HeRular Ptektt of the lit Hlbi'l March. The fttt tail in* packet ship OCONEE, Captain Jackton, will positively tail at above,her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome fnnutlied accommodationt, apply on board, at Orlaana whaif, foot of Wall it. or to E. K COLLINS fc CO. M Sooth tt. Shippers may re'y upon having their goods correctly meatnrad.aud *nc thiix of thit fine will tail punctually at refuted. Any guarantee u> that effect will be Rirtn and fulfilled that may be remaned. Agents in N. Orleaua, llullui It Woodruff, a no will prompt ly forward all goods to their addreet ? . The packet thip Uaaton, Captain O EldriJge, will taccreil the Oroncc, and tail rhe 10 h March rf * If,1 - IPahsawk KOU NKVV nTOV R?*nUr Lino-Th. gnfend. I <?< iMKBU* LAUA.MA, C/ip< Bnn*", will ?'l l, Krr r<*Riil*r<tay. *r '''^'?.,rl for i <ui?Ke for oohin. trrorn eahin ?.i.l '"*V ni J> ' ^ ?*rly *|i| licMion ihonld !? q?],Apijt'0|"r, l ?fr *.? Utt ^|\wk Slip, corner Sonlh .tteet. AMUSEMENTS. NlftfjO'H. CONCERTS DUIVER, A LA MUBARD-I W. hu the honor to inlorm the1 ladies and f?nliaNew York, that h? ha* made vrwatiUMimi few ot ih* ih.iv- il-luht'nl Evening If.nM rtailff. Ihe irr.ood of which will ha irivn 00 . ? KKIDAY EVENING. Fab. IHh, IMS. lhe following rmin-ni talaut will a|.p*ar on ihia oaMMOl: MllS. HITTTON. HIONOR nk BEGNIft, mi i vi. u . - HIONOR MARTINI, m'l Mr. MANNING, who will presida at the Piano Fort*. KAMEREHT'h i J1."it.'!1.' -,tv -f?fr.oBAiEU UKItWIAW IAW?, w* i^tr. foUowint diaiuiKuithcd perlonnere EE*,. k'WVmIV {csg? SrholH-r. H'"!'1". felt*, ft"*' Voltes. Woeter, Popieuh,,,. Krlderieh, "eoio, kikI othera Programme o( the Concert in fum e bill. *nd wtTeniMv?nta. Between tlie First anil Second Put* iha Band, who will perform for half an hour in the Grand Promenade, which willta thrown ofien and brilli ntly lighted for the occasion, new quadrille a. waltses and gallops. !T7""1 icheta je cent*. Doors open at half-past ?. Concert to commsnee it half past 7 precisely. jjf *j c^WEECh?S oLvnpic ciaqui. AT THE FAUX THEATRE. HONOR TO THE NOBLE((AND DISINTERESTED Fust Kate Fetes and Hejoiciiifa, for the never te be forgotten of Vebrnarrl BIRTHDAY OK GEORGE WASHINGTON ! (T^Very Particular Notice?Place* man be aeeared m the momiiiK, in nrderto prevent disappointment* during tha ran of the Pantomime. Kqaeitrian Director* Meura. H. Rockwall k Cadwalladar. Clowne to the Circle Meean. Oo**ia k Wall*. Performance* to commence at T o'clock. THIS KVENINU. The perrormanee will commence with the Orand National Car valrade of TCHI HHF.K UHA HIAN. The beamirnl au I admired Allemeude on t boraea, br Muter John Olenrov and Mi?? I. Welta from La Revolta. PRINCIPAL LEAPING ACT, by Muter W Rincade. J J Nathaua' Poov will perform a comic act. Flying CnrJe Eierciie* by Mr. Hunlea. A Superb Compliment ry National Act entitled PA'lli'l *?Ul.L?lt.[N THUMPKT! Or? Sound the Patriot1! Nobis Name. By C I Rogers,who will assume 6 characters <<n his float steed To lia followed by the Comic Ballet of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. I'auvra Grandmammau Mm Mary Ann Walla, axed J y'ra La Pettite Hose D'Ainour,- Miss Louisa Wells, axed I " Pierrot Pounjum Master W Kiacade, axed " Le Loup Baudit Terrible Mastci Sergeant, aged 7H " Villaxera Masters Chanel, King-, Stephens; Misses A Wells, Ring. Co*. Banditti Masters K. Cineado, Glenrey, King. Two Gladiator*, by J J Nathans and CaUwallaaer. (L~/~ At this period of ths Evening an intermission of IS minutes will ensue. THE SECOND PART will rommeoee with THE POHTURER8 OF BAVARIA After which, the elegant and Operatic Act entitled THE SPRITE OF THE MORNING, AND THK PLEASING, TEAMING CUPIDB! By MrCadwaPader and the three Misses Wells. A Novel and Original CONCERT, By the most celebrated Black Vocalists of the present day,who will introdure severil af the most pleasing SOUTHERN NEGRO MELODIES. The performers are of the hivhest grail* in their ait, being w uru:,i.._L :.. .1? ?... ?v- r ??i? ?-? - - - - MlHWVKt 111 LIU IIIH 1 QUI III IK1IIJIJ |l?yCII UIU CUBIC voc (lists. W Pel limn, the great original dancer. I) Emmii, aauperiorcharacteriitic singer and mnaician. Frauk Arnwer, ol Bone Celebrity, vicing eyen with Ellslcr herself in castagnet imitations, Mr Nathan in his superb act on four horses. To conclude with BLACK AND WHITE. ITT"Boies, SO; Pit, 3S; Gallery UK crats.-fik ITT" Beats can be secured at the Boi Office, from 11 till O'clock. jle CHAl'HAHrHSiATtUi. REDUCTION OK PRICES. Dress Circle. IS cents; Pit OMcsnts; Upper Tier ltK eeats. THIS EVXNlXC JONATHAN BRADFORD. After which, THE GREAT WESTERN. To be followed by the Drama of lOM TILLER. To conclude with VALENTINE AND ORSON. Doors open at t>M o'clock and the perterasaaes will seametier at 1 precisely (HATHAK1 THEATRE. BENEFIT OF MRS. MOSSOP. On whieh occasion the following persons will appear, having kindly volunteered Mr. J. WALLA* K, Mr. SHERMAN. Mr. SHAW, Mix ROSALIE. THURSDAY EVENING, FVb. 23d. will b? enacted ROB HOY RoL Roy, J Will lack | Kriucia Oabaldieton. She mi an Diana Vernon, Miaa Hoeolie. Pr-noua to winch, LOVE ALA-MODK. Sir Calaiian O'Braahan. Mr. Moeaop. The whole to conclude with the WAG OK WINDSOR. Act Eiraf. Loeney Mi Twonlter, Mr. Shaw. Act Second, Loouey McTwnolter, Mr. Moaaop. 22f 2ttc arrciiKLL's ol. y npic thEatiuo 40 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING, will t? performed ALOATK PUMP: Alter which BOOTS AT THE SWAN. To b followed by BLUE BEAHD. To conclude with _ HOUSE OK LADIES. ITT The Doora will b? opened at hall-pael (. and Km ??rformaum eommeurr at 7. every evening ANEIUCAR TtlKATRK-WALIIVTHIT. PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CU8HMAN THIS EVENING. Feb. 23. will b. perform.# WRECK AsrioKE. To be followed by THE EARTHQUAKE. E. A. MARSHALL. Uw ? ASIKKICAN MtdEtn, Marble Building, Broadway, St. Paul's Ch.rch P T BAKNUM. Manager. THE INDIAN CHIEFS. WARRIORS AND SQUAWS, Will appear through the day, iu the Halls of the Museum, and at Sand half-put7, in their Grand and Picturesqa. una. The interne rold of the put week, having disappoiaud thousands of citizens, the Manager hu, with great etpena. and difficulty, procured their atay for one week longer. Never have we been viaited by >o large and distinguished a party, and however high curioaily may b* raiavd, the anlicipa tion eanDot come up to the reality. Thcae are no miaerabW, degraded half breeda, but the Wild Ware ore of the Far WeM, terrible in war, in peace full of kindneaa and hoepitality. The eomiway conaiata of 1} Indiana and Squaws; Saca, Fores and lowaa. They will aniiear in their WHITE BEAR DANCE, Showing their mode of veiling out on Hunting Eipedibok. pursuing the White Gri?ly Bear of the Rocky Mountains. OSAGE WAR DANCE AsdaDCrd by the Oaagea on their retain from Battla. To b. accompanied by their own Music. The dances will be changed " Vhey will appear dressed in their peculiar and nniqae Native Costume! Thoiitfh the?e Inliena were taken onlr three mootha >ince, PKKFECTLY WILD, their Niiiri Foreata, and though they cannot ouderaraud a word of Kneiiah, except throngh their laterpreter, yet they are perfectly docile, fneodly and harm leaa, and are tem|>eiate id their habite. They are lane, well formed.fali blooded,aod aa noble looking a company of Indiana ax wax everxeen. Laat week of the oniyersallv admired Including NAPOLEON CR08??NoVhE ALPS ! THE FAn*Y?OROTTO*: "d "HIPWRElK; .p.eadS CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW ! A variety of Sanaa by MISS HOOD. Maura. SHERMAN and BOOTH, and dancing by LA PETITE CELESTE. PHRENOLOGY An Eminent Profeixor will make Practieal Esamiaatioaa ef riaitorx. \T7m No Free Liatdurina the engagement of the Indiana. Day Performancei on Wertnexdiy and Saturday afternoon, at IK o'clock. Er ruing performaocea at 7. Admiaaion to all ki centa?Children half price. ee PEALE'S N1CW irOHK nviiiia NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE OALLERT IS NOW RE-OPENED I C. H. DEVOE, Manager. The etrabliahment cnnlama an almoel endlcea namber of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART: Neatly and taatrfully displayed in three apaciona halla.aad boula of a very COSTLY It ELEGANT OALLERY OF PORTRAITS Exceeding in extent and value any other ia Aaaerrc*. The manager hiu engaged, fnraahort time only, the anblime and nrautifnl exhibition of rt.lff TDl 1 I ML' t UDIETI I nb | niAU ur viiitio . Thi? imposing aeene ia not repiearntrd be e tnintiagbat by OftOUP OK TWBNl Y-THHKE ElOUjflCS, IN STATHARf, THE SIZE or LIKE. Thia aolemn and impreaaiae aceiie represents Oar Sariour arraigned as a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorna apoo Hm Head, before Caiphaa, the Hoth Prirat, aad Che CoartoT Poatiaa niiu. . ... . , ^ OIPSY WOMAN, Krom England. She wither not td irapoee apon the public, by making them IH-Iieeehera Witeh^TijNE TBL1^B{ roeaeaeed with mperaataral power bac oa da contrary, claims publicly to be able to iDetract other* eff fceod intellect and mention their leadipa tre mac bona ol TP^e VIIMS&V AND THE KUTUfe*. She will tell peraon* whether they are married or oat, aad what kind of hasbaad or wife they will get, deactibe their oda characters and fire a host of lacta and correct concltutona foanded on her knowledge of the iminnubleacieocea of rhreno enrrectaeia of her aaaertioua. eke n a( liberty to refer to hnndteda of oar ftret cituena. including clergymen, Jtidiroa, attorney e, phyaieiana, and m-uiy of the moat enlightened ladiea in the city 'C^Admiasionto the Moaenm. DoraU; Children halt pnee. An rilia charge of UK ceuta to thooa who cooenll the Oipay Wonwn. Hfr _ IfOUUTH ANNUAL BALL Of ( HATHAM Bftff P COMPANY. No. I, will be held ut Wa.hmgi Broadway, on W.dnraday ?reniog. So'. tU. The lie eplendnlly d-corated with the embleme of lV^?.uymeat. The nodrreigned rommit^e pledge^""""** "? ? errry ete'tion to make it one of the moat?' w Jr* _ eJnW keaoe. 19 C leetnutetre*! ? WJowaiOl t.ldrnJ*' .tract; John jp>ltoo. T? ? ***? Die Woo atrret. T.BhadboH. 9 * IVIIiam atreat; J Smith, & Tieheln $1?to W had of lilt of the aoore committer; ff* *t aahengton Moll, p. fa.?Noebrr'. r?lrt>r?'ed Cotillon Braaa Band la engaged for the .hot. oceaaiee KVANB, floor Monager rjn it T. HADBOLi*. Soetouiy. /ftiKLlN IRON CASTINGS. F'RA Vti< anil Kaudora, Mercury patumnt Banner Orua meiita. Be fir atle low to eloao a conaignwMiiit. r? lm*r OK.I.HICHS A KRUUKR. ?? Broad at. PACKET SHIP OAS ION. JROMNtW ORLEANS, L it diechergitig at i ier tl, fc. H. Coneigneee will pltaae Mtrail to the receipt of their good* immediately. Ulr I TNCURRKNf MONKY oi *Fl kind, pereheeid ?tthe ??r? U bertterwu. Nwwberrpiut end Lnmberraen'i Bjph NMM iMiaghl ?i?l eokd ?l J, O. 8YLTMTKR S, f I lee ? W*U (t end IM irhkdwey.

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