Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX. No. 5ft,?WhoU No. 3?0S. To (h? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publlnhed every day of the year except New Year'a day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 28 per aanum-postages paid?cash in advanoe. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday Borniss?nrlcfl 81 r.nnti n?r coijv. or 11 12 Der annum? poetages paid?ca*h in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald la over THIRTY THOUSAND, and Increasing nst. It hat the large tl circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and it themfore, the belt channel for butinett men in the city or country. Price* moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the most moderate price*, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiicTOB er the Hxaaco Eitxsl.i*hm*i?t, Northwest cornet of Fulton and Nassau street*. nTO LET?Tht premises lorrnnly occupied by (he late James Dobbin, Kso.. between the tlh and till avenues, extruding from *1 to abUi street, conaiaiius of a tpatioo* and convenient dwelling, with (table and amiable ort!io??" '.attached, with a large garden in perfect order, well fill ? \ -tvi ry variety of frnit. and an abendance of ahruhbv ry >li jjatioi. the most sightly on the island, commanding at ,*iaireview ot the surrounding country, and the ouiy one overlooking the receiving reaonrmr?being a uesimble resideuce for a private family ; or would be let .o a careful tenant for a public house, being about 5 minutes' walk from the Hail road. A lao, about five acres ot posture land adjoining the abov* premises, to let with or without the same. Enquire at Ml 3d aviiiue, orof WM K. NEWTON, j>17 1m*r No.20 Chambers street. jj* COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOfTSALE-ln the pjw village of Hanover. Morris County, New Jersey, 13 miles fi^Lfrom Newark, on the inrnpikn leading to Murrutown.a large two story nouse, contatntug eight rooms and good cellar, with good well of water near the dO"r. Also good coach hoose and stable, with three acres nf rich land, all fenced and in good order. If the above is not sold at private will be offered atanctiou on Wednesday, 8th of March, at 1 o'clock, on the nreinis's. F"r further particulars enquire of JOSEPH BOOTH. Hanover. N. J., or I Administrators WILSON J HUNT, West cor Full, n, N.Y. J Artnunistratora. f8 lin'r OFFICES TO LET?In store No. OT South street. Apply to JOSEPH McMUHHAY, 100 Pme street. 11 lee hoiiK on the Puiaic Hirer, it the intern ctionof the J~|J^ Railroad and Morris Canal, lately occupied hy Orrin Di< kinsou, well calculated lor a boan'ing houic, containing II rooms, with a good barn auu well of water Also the Whaif eear the above premises, adjoining the lumberyard of J Poiuier, 'uing 1 0 feet front, witn-storehouse Premises ? Her ding Irom the rirer to the railroad, aud contiguous to the outlet of the Morris Canal. Enquire of I 11 2w ec A. GI KFOkO. Ill Broad st. TO LET? From 1st of May neat, the modern built ffvj? two story brica house, No. II Third st. with atiic, base^JULmrnt and cellar, and marble mantles throughout For further particulars inquire at479K Pearl st Itf lm? dmA TO LEi?From 1st May Dei,, two mrrfern two story ffll Houses, in Oraud street, near Wooster. Also, the JUaHL Store No B9 Canal at., now occupied as a chair store It could be made into two very cou?enient ato es Apply to JOHN THOMPSON fl^-Mmrc 60 Grand or 87 Wooster ?t?. 'w Foft SALE OR EEOHANQR FOK cM V PftOpw PEKTY?A Farm of oue hundred acres, musted iu -tttfLKoclilajid County, ten miles by the New York and Erm Hai'road.or sis miles Ir on Nyark Landing. Handsomely situated, plr uty of fruit, well watered aud wooded, and easy of access ai any day in the week, by the above road,in three hours. For further particulars enquire at ?7 Goureueur srreet, where a eudscipe view can be se,n. 171 lm*r hd TO LET?A neat genteel two storied house, 178 ffw Siaih Avenue, near the stage route, for the low aum of XJjLttt'i to a good tenant. Apily at 106 Nairau street, or 107 siaih Avenue. 27f 3tr FOR i ALE-Farms in the village of Jamaica. L 1 ? VC*STwo handsome farms, containing? the oue fifty-four, tlie wJ^.othei foity-eight acres of land, properly divided into "rab'e. i*stnre and woodland. They are in a good state of cultivation,and are aituated a short distance south from the railroad, to which their front extends parallel upon South street. On one t&rm the improvements consul of a good two story house, barn, ?ud necessary outbuildings. On the other there is a good site lor building They will be sold low if soplied for immediately. Apply to FRANCIS 8. BROWN, llf6t"r No. '3 wall street FOR"SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR PROPERTY y$SlN THE CITY OF NEW YORK-A va ntble Farm nboat 80 acres in Scaridale, Weit Chester Couaty, .1? halaarWisita Pis..,. n/4 rmanfc.Ave mm NJssw VrirW on the maiu road leading to and from laid placet. On the pr-miaee u a ipacions double two itorv dwell ma home, with a kitchen attached; a Mra, carriage ami oat houses, all in floe Older; 2 hearing apple orchards. moatly grafted Trait, peaeh, cherry and pear treea, a good well of water and cittern holding 40 hogsheads of water; about twclre acre* of wood land The rvholo farm well fenced and moatly with atone wall and in good repair. The Broil Hirer croaaea the rear, along which tlx- railroad rnua, now nearly completed, to While Plaint. Prisons deairoua ol toeing the ore iaet 'rill find it ooe of the moat det.'able plaeea in West Chatter County. Enquire o( J. J. TRAVIS, on the prumisoa, or D. BRUSH. ESQ. ft lm*r No 92 Fulton at. SINiTLK GENTLEMEN can have pleaaant apartmeutaand good hoard in a p.irate family, at 201 Fulton near Green w .eh at. N. B. Day boardera admitted oa moat reasonable terms. MM TTNTTED STaTkS HOTfTL. NtW YORK.-Thra well known establishment has been leased lor a term of yean by the Mtidemgned. who are adding to the already extrneive accommodation a large Retiring Room for gentlemen, where they will find all the niiuci|?l newspapers ot thit country and Europe; a Dressing Room and Barber's Strep, not surpassed by any Holei in the country; Baths, hot and cold; Minort Patent V-por Baths always iu readiness, and can be given on three minutes notice. An Ordinary fer the accommodation of eiliaeu> and strangers not rtaidiug at tht Hotel, will be opened on a magnificent scale; and kent op from k A. M. till 12 at Bight. The interior of the baildmg it undergoing a thorough repair ?re fining sod furnishing, cleaning and painting. The celebralrdCrolonWater ia inlroduced throughout the House,which renders it nut only healthy in the extreme, but perfectly secure agiiust fire. The location is such as makes it more convenient for merchant!, travellers and business men than any other in the city, being njui-distaiit Irom moat ol the eastern, western and southern steamboats. and in (he immediate vicinity of all lire Atlantic steamers and Packet Shift. The tables are supplied with the but our market affords; tae wines of the choicest brands, and selected by our beat connoi seura; the servants clean, orderly and attentive?and the public may depend on the untiring efforts of its proprirton to make ike United States as comlortab e for them at any othe. kotel in the Union. laflmr BRA13TED ?t JOHNSON. ENGLISH SCHOOL. I HARLEJMHINN*' WAVKRLANDVpftiNCIPAL. THIS Acailemv was established two years ago, under the pa 1 tronexe 01 '.IX termer Intendeui Ueneral at ihe Island, **d Other aisniwuuneo mdivitrvalt of t'.ie nobility sari merchants of uincit;. ii i' ftocducted on the plan of lb* Oeiman 'ivaiuii*;" and tlx mrtno" ol tuition u the " interrogative." All the scholar* understand the kmliih ItidfMie, and many of there apeak it htbirnally and nueutly The Principal liu the experience of achoola in France, German* England, and the United Sutra. Hi* chief aim la te ire tlx yonth eiitrustej to hi* ear* a practical knowledge of thou braaaheaofa i>olii* education, which are required to all active careen, and are applicable to any. The couree of study, therefore, comprehend* the English, Sranch. Oman and Spanish languages; History, Geogre .dues, aural Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and n wings of varionakinda. I'rofssson of divan nanon* and acquirements reaide in the ev tablishmeMt and all the claaac* receive, in rotation, in*Unction from the director. Such signal incceaa ha* attanded thia plan of tuiiion, that aevcral of the pupil*, under twelve yean of age*, write and apeak two foreign fang oagee, in a perfectly inMlBfiU* manner, and those af nper years, correctly and eairiry. The aeqeiaitioB, not only of the Bpaniah, bat alao of other languages, it thua placed within the reach of the youth of the Untied Slat**, without its being necessary for them to relinquish the many advantages which accrue from nn English education. The object of tlx Principal iu desiring to recaiee youth* from the Uuited State*,u to facilitate the acquirement of the English eceent for hia Spanish pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to introduc* here the maaly spirit of ihe English school*. The yenug.citiuna .>1 the United fltsisa can have uolhitia in fear from the clt Bite, tin house btiuf ipaciottiind airy, situated id a healthful apoy, at a short diuaoet from the eity; and cental unit within ita lunita, a fine bath and complete gymnasium for the preservation of the pa pile' health. Two you the, lately arnv-jd Irom (tnina ny, hare paaaad the aanoei in the re.iool m pertcci hrnlth. As the principal la a married man, and hia wife and inter hare ha' v* of the ioinordepartment: children are reeeieed at any sttoat of iatnM*. t vary papfl enjoys fan religious opmious andistnrbed. I hs lerma are MM per an nam, payable three months in ad am a Them are no sauna esaept clothes and books. Hefereneos-MKSARB. CHAS. DKAKlf A BROTHERS. Al.KXANDK.xt MORALES, ESQ., nil Havana CHAPMAN'S* MAGIC STROP. Wit, THE UNDERSIGNED, Importers and Wholesale " Deulers, having used and sold L. Chapman's Metallic K >xor Strop, do irealy recommend it aa being superi'i to anytiiiug winch has hitherto come aMcr our notice of a similar nature. Sinned? A <t Willets. importers ef hardware, Ho MS Pearl St. A W Spies It Co, do do III do Willis at Brothers, no do Hi do Oakley A Lot,trus, do do ?8 do Shr Id on A Phelpe. do do 25 and f South WilHam. Htlsted A Brothera, do do 5t Pearl at. Itiseam, Bryce A Jones, do 23a do Snelman A Vrater, importers of Fansy Goods, lit Pearl st. Poat* at Main, importer o? dray*, 1? (- dotal. Vie Id, 1 homitaon k Co. importer* of Dry (ioeda, M Cedar at. Vellowa, Van And*)* k Cooper, Watehea, II Maiden Lane. D e el It Co., 'Uiportera of Hlat.onery. 343 Pearl at. Win H Oooldiug, ?urgieal luairnmeut manuiactnrer, ?K ( ha I ham at. Vor Hale at 301 William atreet To be had hy th doaen at the manufacturer'* prieea of the bore Irat, and at retail, at the principal fauey atorea ihronghoat ihe city. Made at 113 William aUoet. 13 lm*m I IT^-lu the month of Vebraary. IM3. between Bottalo -La and thia city, a letter enelonng eembctte No. 93. dated Jan. 30, IUI, mi fifty ahirrain the capital atoek of the Conineretai Bank ef Manchester, Miu , ata ding in my name ? Any peraon having found the name, will be amiably rewarded by forwarding it to the anbeenber. NawYork, Vtb 17,l|i3. I pi-toan?-"r Q. W. HATCH. TO PHI rf TEHH?Kor aale, three aer. tid hand medium handpreaava and inking maehmea i three aeeond hand aoperroyal nand-pieaae* and inking machiuea. 1 li? aborrpreaeea and m ichinca are in good order, and will ha told rery low on application to the HOE fiinting Prea* rilarhiu* auu Daw 01'uuiui loiy, iNoa. 2Bau<l II Uold itn-et. tirtwr 'PWlSfcB?* )Mi?* toKluli Undport Hail, Heine, H<nin(, and (fill N?l Pwiura, entn|>riainc a lull auortiarul of d If real !?? , ?e<l all of very anprHor qaalitv and lata imporr?, Poraalebv KtJWD. K I.IIUINa kco. Iff r M Hn-iih .tree! 1>AT(-N i' 5HE2ET5ISa pa i-kIT?? baTrT of a Trry m? r#?n'?f ATiclr, aach approrrd of ?bd wall a<Uuko?I forbot I"M ol imi?, rwfi of hoINli he., far mU b? t. k collins k co, vhfr 5eHnuih mrrft. SUP?* t'HRtAU?TO b*le( n?i*nl ghon Third, white untl k ' f*v? n. In 1 aitd tu? ualla, lor 15I* hv k K roLLing k CO., W" M Sonth atrest E NE 1 NE\ MEW JERSEY RAILROAO AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. "?3SSj&^ Fare reduced to 95 cents. Prom tne loot of Coortlaadt (treel, New York (Kvery day?Monday roar opted.) Loaves New York Leaves Newark Vl ? A.M. All 7. M Af 754 A.M. AllXP.M "X do 4 do. I do. 3X do ?* do 9 do on. 7 do. |! It do ON SUNDAYS. ? ioo the foot ol Cvurllandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newut. At A. M. arid ?X P M. At IK P. IVL and It P. >1 NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York Leave Elisabeth Town 9 A.M. 7 A.M. t r VI Ik A.M. 2* mk A. M *\ P. M. IK M. i r. !M. 9* " The trains tor Weatlield, Ptniuheld. Boaudbrook, Houierville, fcc., couuuct with the 9 A M, 2 and i% P M trains Irom New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Knre bei ween New York and Elizabeth Town 2h rents. Hare between do and Hoinerville, 76 cenu NEW VORK RAtlWAY AND NEW RRUNSWICR. Eare reduced. 9 rom the foot of Liberty street, daily, teate New York. Leave New Brunswick At 9 A N. At 5K A. M. & : 9 rjn. On Hnndays the SK and 7K A.M. iritis from New Brunswick and ?V P. M. train from New Y irk, are imitted. Kare between New Yo-'i .juii New Bmnswiek, Vj cents. Rahway, jo ceuu Ttir tare in the Oka and 7K A. M. tram from New Bruus ivick, Hiid i% <111(1 i\ P. M. tr.iio from New York, haa been re dnccu. New York ami New Brunswick, to M cents " end Rah way to 37H " Passengers who procure their ticked at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketi are received by the cod doctor only on the day when purchased. fll 3m* MORRIS AND ESSEX RAILTKOAD, New Arrangement?Thi? Road having been re-laid at (Teat expense with the most approved and heaviest H rail, to secure a safe sod evp< dilious conveyance between New York and Monistowu, will comm-uce. minium two trips daily, Sundays excepted, oil and after Monday, Jan, >1. First Tiaiu from Moiristown will leave at 7)4 A M. Second Train from Morrislown will leave at 134 P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at 9X A M. Second Train from New York will leave at 2)4 P M?Newark at 3)4 P M. Passengers by the Morning Train from Mnrristown will arrive at N-wark in time for the 9AM Train to N? w York, or the inorniug Train to Philapelphia; by the Alteruoou Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the :it< P M Train to New York or the Evening Train to I'hiladelp ta. Passengers by the Morning Ttai horn New York will airive at Morriatowu in time to dtue and take any of the Stages running westor north from that place. j26 1t?*pr Ub I UTV Li suits .,J1/Ubi,i'i saaga-ggto aIIH 5lE^cE3BK:3Ht:^HE_ NKW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN BIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty llreet, daily, at 9 A M Mid tV P M. Td? morning Line proceeds to ilortlentown. tram thence by tennboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct te Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) withontchanre of ear*. Paiseugers will proenre their tickets at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious steambo't will be in reaainesss. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for thy Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M,and S o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at T A M, and 4 P M, being a continuation of the lines from New York. DAILV PACKAGE EXPRESS I'AK KOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. \Wm * iff WHp By the Housatonic R.tI lloni, rtinnine through from thia C'ty to Albany in Twelve Hoar*. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Hootatoni lUil Road Company, to run an Express Car ,'cxclnsivtly for out own purpose) daily, over their road with the passenger train, rouninft through ho Albany in twelve Itonrs, tun are now mMi to receive and forward at low ratea, 9i*cir Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of (ioods, He., for any of llie above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and aeecnuts, and such other business as may be entrusted to their care. dJr POMEROY It CO. I Wall afreet. New York. PULLEN te CUPP'b tygWYoEyin, b^r i< EAL EXPRESS. Meun. Harnden A Co, having disposed of their route Iron New York to Albany and Troy, the snbseribera, the old conductors of Haruden A Co'i Northern Express, from New York, will continue to run as heretofore, leaving New York. Albany and Trey, Daily , and connect at Troy 'nth Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Paekages.Bnndles.Cases of Goods. Ac., to any place between N?w York and Montreal, ana throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, Ac., and prompt returns made for the same, PULLKN A COPP. Offices?Pnllen A Copp, JJ< Wall street. New York. Thos. Gongh, IS Exchange, Albany. A G. Kilkios, U1 Hirer street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Ksehaoge Conrt. St Panl at, Montreal REFERENCES. Nkw Vom. Albsnt. Trot. Prime, ^Ward A King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, A Co., Thoa. Gough P. Weils, John T. Smith, A Co.. 8 K. Stow, Pepoon A Hoffman, C. 8. Douglass, Carpenter A Vermilye, K.Leake Houghton A Co. Drew, Kobinaon A Co. n24 - WINTER ARRANOEMENT-For Goshen ffigftHJl via New York and Erie Railroad.?Fare to Go mfjHBHHT.iiitii i uraer * e < ,z *. (Mi ami hum Monday. ~^*W Jumiutl. ml ih? r?ri of the New York end Eri<- Railroad will run in conneciion with the n'cimboat tiea. Cant A- H. Scholtx. daily, Sundays excepted. .-r Paaeenger*?Leave Duane street pier at 9 o'clock, A. M.; leave Ueshcnatanartrrpaat I, A. M. For Freiihc?Leave Puaoe atrret pier at 1 P. M.; leave Uoanen at half-bast ft A. M. U. C. SEYMOUR, Sepeiintendunt and Engineer. Tne paaseDRcri train connect* at Tnruer's with Beach'* Mail Stage* fo: Ncwbanth. New Paltx. Kingston, Catakill and Albany, and atOovhen with tne Carbondale and other Western Line of ItifM. _______________ 11^ y STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street On andaAer Dee. 3d, the steamer STA1 ENISLANTDER. wfll ran ae follows, andl farther notice LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. KA.M. ?A.M. 'iP.M. 's&P. M, dl r Frtll HsTiTat iikn rtYynpnni Tile Koyal Mail Steamer aCADIA, will leaee Boston far the shore ootil on Wednesday, 1st of Mareh. Her accommodation* for passengers are rem an peri or. and ahe n arcomnatneri by an experienced targeon. She is alao well snpplied with Kinacia' Patent Li'e Boats. Passage to Liverpool $12(1 Passage to Halifax 20 Vor further information, apply to D. BH1UHAM. Jr. ftbr _ _ 1 Wall street. Hill PISH AND NOKl'H AMERICAN KOVAL MAIL BTKAM ?H|PS, Of I2tt),tuna and *49 horse power each. Under rrr.tract with the Lords of the-Adnvr'ty. HlBF.RNIA, O. H. K. Jndliins. Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. do CAI.Hl>ON I A. t- O. Lou. do ACADIA. A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will mil from Liverpooland Beater, ina Haklai m fot'owa: mo* LKiirooL. raoit lerna. Acadia, Ityne, Feb 4 Mar I Columbia, Millet, Mir 4 Ap'l I Britannia, Hereto, Apt 4 May I Hihrruia. Jndkina, Ap'l 19 May II The accommodations lor paaarncara are ati|>eriOT. The resaela are aceempanied by eypenenoed mnrrnna, and amply aupplird with Francra' Paleot Life Boat*. P laaaye reduced ta ll?0 N<> Her .na tectireu until paid for. For further information apply fo D. BHIUILAM. JK.,at HAIt.NPK.N St CO'9, No. jWall-et. j30r BAIL ROAlT LINE OF BTAUF.9 ^ FHOM NKW YORK TO BKDFOKD.? WSBP9K3bOb and efterTueaday, Jaonaiy 3d 1943, the aher-rihera will niua line of ?la?rt (roni Bedford to New York three timet a week, at foliowa:? Hoaae. Bedford, erary Mommy, WaiJorsday and Friday morning at BH o'clock. leeaeea the Hail Road Hotel, corner of Bowery and Bauome J?* New York, eeery Toeaday, Thuudny and Bainrday JtT."'ttfyh eara^ pasting MatUn Hall, Kaat jV ti i" ' i .Tiur umr, iifwtai tie, and Bedford. HIRAM DB H'O REST, U. C. LLWIH^ ^ The Red Biril Licr of W>^|n will continue to ran during the winter from White rU.o??T?ry day at S o'clock, and New York at 3 o clock, P M., ikiadavarirrntcd. . hikam DKFOHKST. Proprietor. -jg* Jl- .arHANOEMKNT-8. M. suuiiie?a.. m couneetion with the llarlrm Thin line will leave N?w York a-? o'elock daily, by the Kail mail i ara h>r ? illiam.bndire, and will ronvyy paaarniirn aa far aa Hint Sin* and I'tekaaill And on 1'itrad iy, Thursday and San rday, ihe line will he exttndnd to Sodom. On Mondays, Wado. adav? ?"? ' rldays from Sodom to New York. H M. TO.MrKl.NS. rropnutor. The Kallroad Kare from \Villiamabrid*e to New York ia 21 cent*. * fl#iw*r W YC V YORK, FRIDAY MOR NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL TACKKTB. r" ?'lfr<'in New York 01. the 25th audi Liverpool oil the Uth 4f each mmth. A Ml M. M. ^TTi3 n.wTSTT* Ship V? ^ piAiu Win. Skiddy, 25th Kebiuiiy. i diiip nunviuii, v<a|ii<>iu juiiii < minis, iam marcn. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th April. Bhip SHEH1DAN, Captain E. A. Djpeyster, 25tii May. Khom Livkkpoxl. ttlup SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Febraiur. Ship SHEHIDAN, Captain K. A. Briieystrr, 13th Maioh. Ship OAHHICK, Captain Win. skulily, 13th Apiil Snip RO8CIU8. Captain John Collins, 13l'i May. These i hip* are all ol the first cliui. upwards ol IMS Lena, built tutlie city of New York, with aach improvements a combine (teat s|>eed with uuuinal comfort fur passr infer*. Krery care ' has been taken in the arrangement of their aceoinuiodatioiu. The price of passage hence i* SUN), for which ample atorea will tie provided. These ahips are qnnmauded by eaiierieuce; rnaatera, whe will make ererv eieraon to (ite genet J atitfaciou Neither the captains or owncra of f til ewill be responainle for ai y letters, t .areola or pucka|('. saeuibv them, nnleaa regular br I la of lading are aigued therefor. If or Ir. ifht or pa.v.ub, apply to K. K. COLU.NS In CO., 54 South at., New York, or to WM. Ik JAS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packets will be charged 12)? cents per tingle ?he' ': 50 ceuta per ounce, and new at?wt?era I cent each. ft r /HE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKET*. ilfty Toaatltrom New k era ib.n, and froiuLi^rpool 5th ui acn month. Ship RO' HESTER. 800 ton., iaii, jr^w1,,, Philip WooHhouae, i '"nEebry. Ship HOTTINUUEK, 1050 tona, v.rpll Ira Burselv. , I6th March. New ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tona, ...h A :. John EldriJge, ; ,16th April. New ahip , 1200 tons, ,#th May aubataniial, fast sailing, first class shins,ill built in the city oi New York, are c minanded by men of emerience and ability, auj will ba despatched i nt.etually ou the I6tli of each au. Their cabins are elgant and commodious, and are fnrniahed ? mi wmuever can conduce to Uie rw and eoniloitol paueu(rrt. Neither t e captains or owner* of these shir* wilt be respouaib'e foi any . arcels or packages aent by thtm, un'eaa teituiai bill* lading are tinned therrlore. b or freight or passage apply to WOODHULL k MINTURN'B, ?7 South street. New York, o> to EIELDEN, BROTHERS k CO.. f 7 yjr Liverpool. I'ASSAUb^ROM GRK^TbkTI'AIN AND mtLAND I BY THE BLACK BALL OH OLD LINE OK ? LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liver|>ool oa the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Coiiutry for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have tlirm come out in this superior Line of rackets, sailing from L irerpool uuctually on the 7th and 19th of every month Tl ev will alto have a first rate class of American trading ship*, sailing every an days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One >f the lirin (Mr. James J). Roche) is there, to ace I hat they shall be forwarded Willi care and ilea patch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any ruduc rion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool rackets, comprise the following mriKnificviil Ships, via:? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. 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In answer to questions by the Judge Advocatu, the witness said It waa three or four day a before the arrest of Mr. gpencer that the conversation took place about going round the Iale of Tinea; he did not aay there were plenty of men-of-war there ; Gazeley, ttulliTuu, and Snyder nti-ssad with me; Snyder had rar oft ; Kdward Kowler is not stationed at the fa u with meCromwell cursed th < wcaander when the Jib worked badly at the lacings; Jscuried the inveutor of it. "J?Did you ever see Cromwell with his reports in his A?Oh. the paper reports of the store room you mean 7 yea, I have. Q?Have you not seen Mr. Delonde and Mr. Tillotson talking to the lder seamen 7 A?Well, no ; only when they were ordered to. Q?Have you ever seen Green pricking India ink into the arm of Mr. Delonde and Wales 7 A- Not as I know of. Capt. McKkneib put a very long question to the witness about the knowledge which he, the boy, had of the regulations of the Navy, und whither it wus innocent in Cromwell to curse the jib, or the inventor of the lacings ; to which the witness said, " he did not think it ioat innocent." Judof. Advocate?Thinking ao, why did you not report it to the rommander 7 Witness ?Because the officer* were on the quarter iicck, ami near a an tie sanl aboat it. Alter the witness hud retired, Capt. McK. came up to the Ju !ge Advocate ami said, "Now, the next bey knows a good deal mote about Mr. Spencer than I have ever been able In net out of him, and I hope the Judge Advocate will exercise his ingenuity to get it all out." Billixuk* Scott examined ny Capt. McKenzic?I was on board the Homers as a 2d class bay ; have seen Cromwell and Small talking together ; heard Spencer ask Cromwell i( he con d disguise the brig;.it was one evening after the hammocks were sent down, and at the end of the conversation he told me to take his hammmock down ; Spoiceralso asked Cromwell " if he could so dis. guise the brig as to take her into New York;" to which the other replied " that he could do it iu d ? d short order, by shipping the bowsprit aft They appeared to be serious ; 1 have heard Spenci-r and Small talk about gettina slaves ; Spencer would ask Small " how they got 'em 7" to which Small replied, " why .anchor the brig in a river, go ashore in the long boat and get 'em ;" I never knew of Spencer giving liquor away, hut he has given me money and tobacco Capt. Boi. roK?Did'nt j ou take care of his hammock 7 Witness?Yes, sir. By Captain McKenzie.?Mr. Spencer gave me tobacco, and asked me if 1 wanted any. He also said he would stand between me and the captain if I got hauled up for it. 1 was always his hammock boy during the cruise, and he once askod me, " how I should like to sail with him ;" I said verv well. He also asked what class I was in ; I told him, and he laid when he got to be a commander he would make me a teaman. Ji-dok Advocate.?Well, did you ever have any conversation with Mr. Delondeor Mr. Tillotson 7 Wra.c Wall ....' 1. I ....... .. r - rv_l__ de'a cot Tor a little while, but he uevei gave me anything Tor it. Mr. Delonde ami Mr. Tillotion both uied tobacco; I whs Spencer's bay all tho cruise, until he was arrested; I tried to be tmarl and pleat* Mm- The talk of disguising the brig was a week before Mr. Spencer's arrest. I never lieatd of talk about pirates, and slavers, except by Small and Spencer. Q.-Did not the men spin yarns about such things'! Have you not heard many stories ot that kind 7 A.?No, sir. Q.?Do you remember of the Somers being chased hy what was thought to be on English cruiser 7 A ?Yes, sir. Q?Have you everheard the crew speak of the masts of the Somers 7 A?Yes. I heard them say they raked a good deal. Q.?Did not the men say that the English cruiser mistook the Somers for a pirate or a slaver 7 A?Yes, sir. Q.?Well, how long was that before the arrest of Mr. Spencer 7 A.?1 do not remember ; but it was shortly before we reached St. Thomas. Q?Whereabouts were you when you heard the talk about disguising the brig 7 A ?I was going forward ; it was alter the hammocks hnd been sent down, and Mr Spencer told me to go and take his hummock down. Q.?Well, if you aay it was after, the hammocks ware sent down, why did you say that Mr. Spencer told you to take bis hammock down 7 Before the boy could reply, the Court aaid the question was improper, because the officers' hammocks might remain for half an hour or more after those of the crew had been piped down. The Judok Advocate did mot like this interference, which he said prevented the boy from either explaining or couvicting.himself of an inconsistency. The (intension ended by the President saying that he only wanted lo have the testimony so that the public would u iderstand it. Q ?When did you first tell of this conversation 7 A When we not home I told it to Lieutenant fianm*. voort. He called m? into the ward room and questioned me. I never told it to any one before. Cross-examination.?After the arreat ot Spencer I did not haar Small lay that Spencer muit have been either drunk or crazy. I never heard any other person say any thing shout relieving the three prisoners, after they were in irons. Q?From any thing you saw or heard, do you suppose there would have been any attempt to resoue the prisoner* 7 A?I did not suppose there would be any attempt. Q ?Did you ever hear any of the crew talk about taking the brig 7 A.?No, I did not. Q?When Mr. Spencer was lirst arrested, was it talked about that it was for fighting with Mr. Thompson 7 A.?Yes, sir. The men and boys would gather about he spar deck to talk of his arrest. I first heard of the papers found in Spencer's locker when the Captain told the crew of the mutiny, and Walton was flogged. I do not remember what was said ; 1 never heard that one of these papers had been taken out of a book. q?Did yon not hear that McKinley was making up Mr. Oauaevoort's bed at the time the papers were found in Mr. Spencer's locker 7 A.?No, Sir. Q ? Did you know that your nanae was down en that paper I A.? 1 did not. q?Did you ever tell Mr. Spencer that you would Join him in any mutiny 7 A.?No, sir. q ?Did you know what Spencer was arrested for 7 A.?No, sir. Mr. Di-f.r made some observation, to which the Judge Advocate asked why this boy's name is on the list 7 I . V. i .. I. ? " ? H' "I" ' 'i" """' Cj?From the time of Mr. Spencer's arrest, up to your aires', did any of the officer* or petty officer* ask you any question about it 7 A?No, *ir. Capt. Owns?Was it not yourduty to take Mr. Spencer'* hammock up nnd down without being paid for it 7 Witness?No; 1 was his hammock boy, but it waa not duty unie** I got paid for it. [Thi? aniwer elicited tome surprise, but th# boyfstuck to it.] ' Capt. McKeiszix?If Mr. Spencer had told you to take his hammock up and down, would you hare obeyed the order, or have told him you would not? Witness O, no, I would not have taid that The examination o( the witness here ended, and Capt. McKenzie rose and read a* follow* :? " The prisoner* brought home under a charge of mutiny in the So*)its, having been removed from the naval jurisdiction, and brought before a civil court, for rrasou* best known to those w-no had an agency In the transaction, and others of these prisoners having been discharged from the service by the civil authority, and been allowed to appear and give evidence charging that the prisoners had been cruelly treated, and confined head and heels in bags, I propose with the permission of the Court to call up Lieutenant Qansevoort, and ask him a very lew questions as ti> the manner in which these prisoner* were really confined. Both the Court and public will then see whe ther the prisoners were ireaieu wnn crueiiy or wnn all the kindnest consistent with their lafr keeping. (Signed) ALEX. 8LIDELL McKENZlE, Cammander U. S . N." Lient. OANiarooaT recalled, and examined by the accuaed : (J.?Were the top-gallant studding tails covered with hagt to keep the pritonrrt dry and warm in rainy weather 7 A.?Yet, they were. Were they tarpaulined, and did they keep eut the rain 7 A.?Yea, they were. The men had alto tew-weetcr'a to wear, with large capra to extend over their thotildera ; the hagt came up over their shoulders with a drawing .11.1 ik.;. i 1 Tk .. ...... ..... ,.,R, uv.v . iii-jtv-ia T<I; lrose, and gnve the prisoners [tower to use their limb*. Q - At you Rot into a toldev climate, wera the prisoner* furnished with blanket* and pea jatket* 7 A.?Ye? j norne of them had three or four. Q.?Before these bag* were made, had not MrKinlay nuked vou if you would see that they did not luffrr 7 A?Yr?. Q? Were the prisoner* not batter protected in bad weather than any ofthe officer* who kept the deck I A?Ye* ; they had all their'rations, and hot catfee, with fruit, after we left St. Thoma*. ? Where did the fruit come from ? A?Home from tho ward room me**, and *ome from the Commander'* *tore*. Every arrangement waa made for their romfort, con*i*tent with their *afe keeping. It wa* done by the order* of the Commander. Q. bv Ji rxin Aovocatic.?When were the?o bag* fir*t put round the prisoner* 7 A Alter we 1-ft 8t. Thoma*, but, [think, the log-look will allow. (A Did '.he prisoner ever aamplain of these hag* 7 A.?Not to my recollection. My impression i?that they w ere rather pleased with them. H._ Were the bag* kept on when the prisoner* were taken below 7 A.?The men weretaken out then. fj,_When were the men taken below 7 A.?I don't remember the exact date, but it was a short ttm*i liofnro tt'P lirriVPf!. Q.?Were #"T "f ,ho froit Mtten "? A?Not trt my knowledge. *.q lla.l thie putting the men jnptbag* enjr reference to their releaiing themielves from their iront ' I TERA 843. A.?Not to my knowledge. Q?Are any of the bag* now on board the Somen I A.?I belierc thry are, but we can ascertain in a ihort time. Q.?Did you not learn from McKinley that his feet were frozen 1 A?No, sir. By Captain Bolts*?Dul not the confinement in the bags render the security of the prisoners more precarious, as they might have worked their irons off > A?Yes, sir. Juduk Adtocatk?Refer to the log book and tell us I the temperature by the thermometer Irom the 10th of 4'? At midnight we hovait thai:? 10th Novem'.tr. !*f. 28tb No??wber J*g. mil ' I2fo " 71 ' )0th I3it> at 78 " lit OauOMUci, nth, ketwecu 12 k 1, 79 " 2d " 78" lilh Nov.mber, HI " 3d " 79 " 16th " 71 " tth " 78 " 17th " 82 ' Hi " 78 " 18th " 82 " btll "J 78 " '9.h " 82 " 7th ,T 77 " 20th " 79 " 8th " 74 " 80 " 9th " 74 " 22J " 79 " I Oth " 72 " 2hi *' 79 " lifh *' 67 " 21 ill " 78 " 12th " 62 " 2.7th " 77 " 13th " 38 " 26th " 78 " 141 h " 30 " 27th " 77 " If the object of the hags was confinement, would they not have been more in censory utter the prisoners were sent halo w 7 A ? Undoubtedly. [Here a bug wm brought into Court aud measured. Outline it was 6-4 by 3-3.] (4.?Did they uot wear theie hags for 8 or 10 days in the day time? A.?1 should say uot so long. Q?Turn to the log book and give ui the itato of the weather trom the lit of Deo to 10lh,at noon. A.?Dec. 1, "moderate breezes and pleasent." 3d, the same. 3d, the same. 4th, same. Ath, same. 6tli, same.? 7th, same. 8th, same. 9th, same entry lUth, light breezes and pleasant. Sasi'l O. Van Noansn, examined?Just before the topgallant mast was carried away, 1 noticed Small and from? ell were at the bits. Small got up when he heard the order?he got up and hauled, and the mast went. I've heard Spencer talk ot disguising the brig fnd also of throwing the boys overboard. By Judue Advocate?At the time the mast win carried away,I did not near iMr.Olivur Perry give any order at that time He was in the forecastle, but I do not remember that the Commander sent for him all 1 I never heard Small speak ol the cause ul' the mast being carried away; I never mentioned what I saw until I got home. Theoltlcer gave the order and the Commander, who waaonthe weather side, repeated it. Q?Did you not hear it said at the time that the mast was carried away to rescue Mr. Spenoer 7 A.?No Sir, not as I recollect. Here the Court rose and adjourned. uciisiai eeuioni. Beforo ^Recorder Tallmudge, Judge Lynch,' and Aldermen C roll us and Jones. Faa 33 ?Trial of John Underbill?Second Day ?The trial of ihi* young man lor a rape committed ou the peraoti of the girl Ann Murphy, at the Broadway Cottage, on Saturday, December 3d, was continued. Diatrict Attorney iVhitiho and Jonas B. Phillip*, Esq for prosecutiou, and David Graham and James T. Brady, Esqrs , for defence. The Court Room, aa for the pait few daya, waa filled to overflowing long before the time of aaaembling of the court, and ahowa tha necessity ol removing the gallery entirely, and addiug the apace below, including the two aide roams, to the body of the court room. At the opening of the court,David Graham, Eaq , roao and atatcd that he felt it hia duty at thia point of the trial to call the attention of the court to the garbled report of proceedings and evidence connected with comments,a? contained in several uf the morning papers which he held in his hand. That himself and associate had consented that the jury should separate, under a supposition that no influences would be brought to bear upon them, particularly after the instructions of the Court, but they regretted to And that the reporters of the prints alluded to, had interspersed their garbled reports with comments that were erroneous, and calculated to. create a prejudice against his client, which if submitted to, they might as well take him into the Park and try him by the mob that might be assembled on such an occasion. He thought the (lourt had power to prevent the publication, even ol the testimony, during the progress of the trial, it thev considered the rights of the client demanded it; but he knew they had the power to prohibit an unfair report, as also editorial comments thereon, and he therefore asked their action'on that point if on no other. These pipers hail pointedly and positively stated that there was no discrepancy in the testimony as given by Ann Murphy on the former and present trial, when the very reverse had been shown in several material points : and as published in one of Ihe morning paper*?(meaning the Herald.) Ho did not mean to charge that there wa? any intention on thupartof the reporter* of theae paper* to intentionally miarepreaent or distort the evidence ai given on the trial, bat that they had, he would plainly ahow before the trial had concluded. He called upon the court, therefore, to interpose their aim and protect hi* client from auch undue and unfair influence*. The foreman of the jury roae and stated that none of the Juror*, except one, had read any of the reports a* published in the morning papf r*. The Rccoaoca said there was no doubt of the power of the court to prevent comments on testimony by the public pre**, during the progress of a trial, and they regretted that any of the reporter* should ao far have transcended their duties, or the injuuction* of the Court on this point. They should prevent it in future. Enoch E. Camp, the reporter of the Herald, here lose and said he claimed an exception lrom the remarks of the couniel, as alao of the Court, as all the mateiial and important points of discrepancy in the testimony as pre sented yesterday, and on the trial of Dingier, was correctly reported in the Herald, aid he called upon the oounael who had made the motion to accord him such exception. David Graham, Esq. replied that he acceded to the re. mark of Mr. Camp, and was gratified to hear him make the statement. The matter being here ended, the prosecution called Pr.trr Jacobs, one of the city watchmen, who was worn?He was about to detail the statements afthe girl, Ann Murphy, on the night the rape was committed, a' i er ur nau eni' r?-<i me ^oiihk? wnn ner 10 arrt'ii tne parties who ba<l violated her, when The Counsel for the defence objected, on thr ground that her statements could not be given as evidence. The District Attorrst then put the following question to witness:? Quistior ? When the girl took you into the Cottage, what was done and said by her? The dafance again objected, and a long conversational argument ensued between counsel. The Court decided that as the complaintta the watchman by the girl was commenced in the street, ai d continued after they had entered the Cottage, the District Attorney had a right to enquire as to the complsint then made, Hit the question as put by the District Attorney was overruled a* too broaa By District Attorrrv .?Did she point out the place where the occurrence took place ? Counsel for the detence objected, and the question wss ByD i tiici Attorrev?What did she do after you I went with her? The defence objected. The Court overruled the obj ec tion.and the defence took exception*. Witness then stated that she went eorot* the bar room, end pointed out tb? back room where ihe *eid the rape waa committed. This witness wa* not cross-examined Alfred N. Cocrtkev, one of the city watchmen, was called. Similar questions were asked this witness, whose testimony was nearly the same asthaton the trial of Dingier. The counsel for defence again took exception to all that portion of the testimony, relative to what the girl said to the watchman. Welcome W. Renvois called and sworn?I have a room in part of the building in Broadway, called the Cottage; it is a rear building, constructed of brick ; I occupied a room in thn third story; the first story in,the rear was even with thegroundon Broadway ; it is a cellar,ow ing to the street being tilled up, and the house being an old oh; I was in the refectory under the Cottage on the night of the rape, when three men came in who appeared tobe somewhat excited; Hatlleld was one ofthe threo, but I do not recognire the accused, Underhill, as one of them. Along conversational debate hern ensued relative to the admission of testimony showing the acts and declarations of Hatfleldon the night in question, while in thn refectory. The Counsel for defence objected, and the Court were equally divided as to its admissibility-the Recorder and Alderman Crolius against it,and Judge Lynch and Alderman Jonas in favor of admitting testimony relative to the act* of Hatfield. It was then decided by the Court that an equal division allowed the admission ofthe testimony. The Counsel for defence took exceptions to this decision, which were noted. At this period,* man very genteelly dressed, came into Court, and refuting to take his hat off, Old Hays boned I him, hut he still persisted in wearing his beaver. Trince John Davis walked him up to thebar.when bedenieit mat he was intoxicated (although he appeared to be), and the Heoorder ordered ?him to be taken into the Police Office. conTinvKD.?Hatfield ?n one of the three; I think Dingier waa another; I did not know Dingier at that time; these men paaaod through 'he cellar into the back part ofthe house; afterwards I went up to my room, and 1 then heard a noise in the yard, as though a female was in distress; she said "it was too bad to use her so," or something like it; I looked out on the step, and saw a man In his shirt sleeves, endeavoring to force her through the passage way into the street. The Grand Jury hero came into Court, and presented a number of indictments, and returned to thetransaction of further business. Cioss examined by Defence?It waa about five minutes from the time that I saw the three persons pasathrough the cellar into the rear room, tmfore I heard the noise in mis yarn wiiu win w?ut?u, i uu nui ininun win over three' minntti) I am not certain that Hatfield went It rough into the buck room, 1 am positive that hr was hero. It being three o'clock, the Court took a recess until the ) ottr of fonr. Evratao Session. At the opening of the Court, the prosecution called Ja*? "cio kmi khoutt a rolnred woman, w ho waa | worn?1 lira in the baii-mcnt under the rottare, *nd keep I a refectory there with my huaband. I know Underbill I nil Hatfield?the latter I know the beat. On the night of f the rape Dingier and another perron came into our refecU LD. PrtN TW? Cent*. 1*1? <i?-"Ot.un0v' wh",h"' Underbill wm there or not; I do not know the man who w?? wiih Dingier: I only ww ? It' w,'lt rough the cellar into I lift yard, and when they came back a little fnllow named Jake Room* came with the other two-they remained in the yard about two minute* before they returned through the cellar ; 1 asked no i|Ue*tious when they went through but poke to Dingier when they went back; 1 heard a woman screech In the yard before thev went through the cellar the screeching had stopped before they went iuto the yard ; there is 11 fence in the yard, ami th* only w ay for any one to pass from our yard into Dingier'* was lorthsm to go up the steps and climh over the fence ; when thsy icturned Dingier called for a sandwich, and then Jake ! ftoome and the other man paased out with Dingier) 1 have never seen that man since , he was nearly as large a man ) Dimgler, not quite so stout; Kenyon was in the cellar when these men passed through into the yard ; 1 have not seen Jake Roome since. Mast Samites called and sworn.?I have charge oftha females at work in tho citv prison. This witness related the appearance of Ann Murphy's clothes and parson on the night of the tape, sa published on tha last trial. James Saoleh, a smart apd intelligent boy, was oslied. ' ?This witness testified to meeting Ann Murphy on th# night of the rape in Broadway,'above Broome street, whan she naked him the direction to Beekman (treat, which ha directed her to. Catherine Doves. 'railed and (worn.?On tha trd of Deremher luat 1 lived in a t ack room in the building attached to the Cottage, ovor the exchange office. Tbia woman heard the giilAuu Murphy in the rear part of the huti?e talking hi ithe went along. I heard no (creama. Dr. Miceai, physician ol the city priien. waa lecalled hy proaecution?The marka on the shoulder* of the girl appeared to be that ol an old aliramon of the skin?iha iai?l it hail been made the night before. 1 told her it waa not. THCurHiLua Ba( me culled and ?worn?This witneaa occupied a pnrt ol the lodging room in which Kenyon slept, and heard the screeches ul a female in the rear of tha house on the night the rape was committed,belore Kenyon caaiu up stairs. The prosecution rested here, and the District Attorney, in reply to an eni|niry ol counsel for defence, stated that he hud called ail the witnesses lor prosecution except one, w ho had tieen suddenly confined in child bed. He stated that he did not intend to introduce auy farther testimony, except each is was necessary to rebut evidence produced on the part of defence. Jamka T. Brapt, Esq. commenced opening for (he defence at about # o'clock. He contended that the proseou ion had not ottered a single iota of testimony to corroborate the statement of the girl Ann Murphy tliat Underbill was ono ol the pi rsona who committed the rape upon her person? thut, therelore, bis guilt was a mere question of identity, depending entirely upon her statement and naught else?tha* she alleged she had seen the accused by the light of the lump in the street alone-that he had, according to liar story, hurried her through the bar room, and while in the back room she could not see a single person so as to be able to recognize thim He asserted that Jacob I too me w as the man that brought the girl into the Cottage,which was shown by the statement of Dingier on the night he was arrested. That it had been questioned whether such a man as Jake Rooms waa any thing more than a man of straw manufactured lor the occasion, but defence would satisfy the jury by evidence without question that there was such u man, and that be was tha very individual who had brought the girl iuto the Cottage. He also stated that the ^irl came to this country in the brig which numo the disavow* d as having ever been used by her. That she had denied she had lived with Mr. Solomon, and the reason why she had denied it, was that the lived there as a servent by the name of Ann Wood. That the father ot Jacob lloonie w. s now in the court, and could he brought forward to show that there was such a young man, whose appearance resembled Underbill, the accused, in almost every particular ; that his whiskers that ep peared to form the mark of ideutity by the girl, were of similar shape and appearance, and that Ihey would bring the very barber who had shaved ofTtbu whiskers of Roome the morning after the rape was committed, and who bad not been heard iron siat v. Air. Brady concluded an able speech at about half post seven o'clock, at which hour the Court adjourned to II o'clock, this morning. ' The delence commence their testimony, at 11 o'cloek this morning, and the case will not be submitted te the jury before Saturday evening. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Fan. 21.?John 3. Edwardi vs. David Reynold*?This was an action of trespass on the cose ior damages,in cons* quence of the levying by defendant a landlord's warrant upon the furniture and fixture* of the North American Hotel in the Boweiy, on the 30th af April last, contrary to agreement. Plaintiff purchased the furniture, kc., and good will ofthe lease of the tenants, Morehouse and Hutted, but with the express understanding that defendant would wait lor $400 hack rent due from, the tenants, until lirstofMay. Plaintiff assumed to pay the rent on the first oi may. i dii ihum wan roaunrnrtu im or iweive uaya ?inc<', und wr nt partly through, when hii Honor the Judge was taken tick. After the dimming up on Tueaday, It I wan given to the Jury, and yesterday morning. Fob. Wd, they r> turned into Court with a lualed verdict,finding for plaintili -18. For plaintiff, Messrs. C. C. k D. tlgau: for defendant, Mr. P. Wilson. Albany. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Albany, TYesday, Feb. 21,1848 A number of appointments were made to day,but none of them are for the city of New York. It ta rather too bad, isn't it, to keept hete poordevils? the expectants?so long on the tenterhook* of suspense. I see our friend Paul Grout is still hanging on?ha takes matters very easy, Paul does?and lets nothing ruffle the even surface of Ins temper. By the way, it is said, that tlie bill under discussion in the Assembly relative to the flour inspection, was introduced expressly for the purpose sf providing Paul, and one or two others, with good fat little tops. I n the Senate to day, Mr. Fuulkner's bill providing for the construction of the New York and Kris Rai'road was under discussion. Mr. Porter made a long and quite an able speech against it. Thia was about all the business of importance tranaactad in 'his House to-day. Both Houses have agreed to adjourn over toI morrow, it being the anniversary of th- bir'h day of Wellington There is little preparation for an* celebration here ; the time ha- gone by for such things. Yet.allisnot quite forgotten?during the day salutes are to be fired, ar.d in ihe evening the Burgesses Corps give their annual ball, which isalways the most fashionable and crowded of the season ? By the wav, talking of dancing?a large addition has been built to Congress Hall, in which is one of the moat spacious ball rooms in the country. It has been christened Hegency flail, and a series ol private balls are to be given in rapid succession So ven ace that all pervading as the spirit of bigotry and fanaticism is here, it has not utterly extinguished and banished the taste lor polite and innocent recreationThe Troy calamity did not prove to be as serious as was at first feared. Still it was most awful and heart-rending As far as is known,twentythree persons have been killed. It is debasing to human nature to see how self-interest mixes itself into every occurrence, no matter of how terrible or awlul a nature For instance, on the occasion of this very calamity, the Troy Whig in the same article detailing th? awlul particulars, displays a grovelling tear lest the occurrence of these land slides should injure the prospects of the city, and informs strangers that the accident hsp? (>ened only in the outskirts. Simon. SPRING ARB ANGKMENT FOR 1843. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICER .>?. 81 S'Jli in 91 nu. i , .1. i. PIS8AOK to and Ironi Oreat Britain and Ireland by the rednlar line of pickru, aailinc on the l?t, 7th, Ifth, Ifth ind 21th of anch month. The old Blaefc Ball line of pncketa are a* followae? Ship .NKtV YORK. (Captain Cropper, " CAMBRIDOK. Captain Bnratow, " COLUMBUS, Caplaiu Cole, " KUROPK, Oartain Kurber, " SOUTH A Mf'RlC\, I aprain Bailar, " NORTH AMERICA. Captain Lowber, " KNOI,AND. Captain Wait#, OX FORD. Captain Rathbonc. The Coinmereial Cme la eompoaed of lortT anpannr. hat tailing ahipa, "II commanded br men of*real experience. First el lie ahipa will al o be de?paiehed Irom Lieerpool to Boaion, New Orlean# and Mobile, thrae tiaua per i.ieath; to Baltimore, Ohirleato" and Savannah, twice a mouth, to the different |>orf* in Rntiali North America weekly. 1 he Nhaeriber, ill mnkiriK known Ina arnuiawnenta for the year. 1141. he(* to eall the attention of ihoae peraon* residing in the United Slate* and Canada, who wiah to lend lor their friemij to coma I from K.ngland, Ireland, Scotland and Walca, that they can alwava be'accoinmedatrd by the line of packet ihipa sailing u abore: and in order to give more facility and Quick dmpatch to the emigrant, lint elnaa well-known Ameriean hips."H the I "inmrrnil Line will, in addition to the packet* be d?-?(>atch.-d by his Liverpool agents, erery three of fonr i/aye dnring the eeaeon, thereby avoiding nay detention. Tkna* (ending for tlwir friende may reel uinn-d iluit efery thing connected with hi* tniuneu will be eierutrd with hn unl promptness With ihete urwpinenu the tubecnber lone* to eornmand ? preference for thi> line, and a contniaanon of the ptiMir j.m ron*** which Kl| b'-rn 00 liSenlfv ImOVMI At many years |>a*t; nu?l iu .ill cases nh?i parties deciioe eoasiag the money i* refund* d, i? rnstrmary; i 'rve f??*aff? run i)*> he secured by UHunboati from ikHNMnlfilii ?a ire land *im| Srotliol to Lireri011 MttitMiNIM Dllib' Witlwpd to irifl *rr*ogemerit? I 0 | i]meot of h id ' wa*?oot every lahtf* Mod, ?nd ir , ml 11 >11 tht frtnkin* homBrt em 4emma4t thromrhmir <foal Britain mi I Irelaod aooip f*|OOM| therefoM thronghootfhe I oiu d ' * fQ wttn to fysif poaiy te their fritnds residing "? " i '' KMNHii w?|| j- ise noct< on le ' "" "" onl ww, w?th mom and address of the parti 1 * draft for the Amount at the rite or id per Poend werlin*, will forwarded per ?Team ships or by first packet ship, and a receipt, or duplicate ?f same returned through the iwetomee K r further partrcnl trs apply, ' (if by It iter post paid) to "??l\ UniDMAN tl South itreet. or J. v W. HoBI.nmON, Ootac Pimxm. at:d.Neptnn* at, Wattrloo Duck, Liverpool In (ic<.fl?"d? Mihti Daniel Wrljht k Co., Ol*?*ow lu Ireland?Omnia Dalany. Ilm., I*tUdty; Moaars. JojfPh Allen k Co , Belfaat; Mr Wm f airaa, Loiirf'titlewy; A. Mnr. ray. Eaq , Cork. ***'

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