Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1843, Page 3

February 27, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ftT- Never, we think, in all our acquaintance with ich establishments, have we seen inch a bill of attracom ai Mr. Barnum otfen thil (lay and evening at the merican Museum. The Indian Chiefi, allured by the rospect of pleaiant weather, itay aud give besides their uncei and ceremoniea, great feats with the bow and ar>w, hitting a sixpence every shot, tis sai l, at incredible stances. The Kthiopean melodies and dances of the arpsof Kentucky minstrels, are the most exquisite ever roduced. We need not eulogise such dioramas as the eparture of the Israelites, and the Conflagration of Mos>w?need not speak of the never-tiring mechanical jures of Vivaldi, the fairy dances of la petite Celeste, or e songs of the excellent vocalists. People will need no -gingtogo. These Indians are just what they are re'esented, viz. Sac, Fox and Iowa warrior* and chiefs, om near the ltocky mountains. Though recently from eir native wilds, they are very friendly. They underand not a word of English, and are attended by an inter'eterandthe Indian agents, Colonel Devoe and Major ulick. Cf?- THE PHILADELPHIA SATURDAY COURIER ' ? Do do do Post Do do do Museum Do Boston Yankee Nation Do do Undo Sam II the Magazines and cheap publications of the day, for le at J. A. TUTTLE'sOeneral Agency and packing ofie, No. 4 Ann st. N. Y. TO NEWS AGENTS. The subscriber will sell and carefully pack, and transit, all the New York, Philadelphia and Boston newspars and publications, at publisher's prices, for a small mpensation. J. A. TUTTLE, General News Agent, No. 4 Ann st. flgk- .BRISTOL'S SAR9APAR.ILLA.?Many or tho it physicians in tho country have voluntarily borne itness to it* fuperior efficacy and value, as their writi certificates, now in the possession of the proprietor, ill show. Testimonials almost innumerable, from perns who have been benefitted by its use, or have seen its sdic.inal virtues tested by their friends, are also in the taction of Mr. Bristol, which prove how many, bow rious, and how extreme have been the instances in hich, by its operation, the sick and the almost despair t have been restored to health and happiness. Bristol's Sarsaparilla is a rare and invaluable combinam of vegetable remedies of established medical value, d from its peculiar properties is almost infallible in all mplaints that arise frow impurities of the blood, from b morbid action of the absorbent and glandular By stems, >m constitutional idiosvncracies, hereditary predisposiin, ami in general all cnroaic and loag standing infirmiis and irregularities of the human frame. To enumerate I the diseases In which it has been found to be a soveign remedy, would be to make this notice much too ngthy j and we can only here suggest to the reader the lue and importance of this preparation, and refer him advertisements in the pnblio paper* for a more detailed elligonce respecting its elficacy, in nearly all cases of mplaint, except those ot the most ordinary, or endemic d epidemic character. The proprietor desires only to ve attention generally directed to this article, confident it its rare virtues only need be known to be appreciate ; that it will stand the test of any trial, and that inBased usefulness, and added popularity, must be the dill result of its more extended acquaintance, tee that the written signature ot C. C. Bristol is across cork of the bottle. Iristol's Sanaparilla is for sale at Milhau's Pharmacy, (Broadway; Robert Leggatt, M.D., 17 Avenue D, and I Houston st; James Syme.flS Bewery; B. Quackenbush, I Greenwich street; N. W. Badcau; 2<I0 Bowery; J. G. ed; 143Fultonst, Brooklyn;J Syme, 44 Fulton street; d at wholesale by William Burger, 50 Courtlandt st. 0f7- OVER A MILLION OF SHERMAN'S POOR in's Plaster are sold in a year, and over one hundred tons his Lozenges have been sold in four years and a half, w many millions have been cured of coughs colds,head le, seasickness, worms, dyspepsia, and consumption can ircely be told. It is a fact, that among the multitude io have used them not a solitary complaint has ever ;n made, for where human means can do good.Shern's Lozenges are sure to do it; trust no other article; )id the miserable imitations as yon would a murderer.or net. nr. snermana warenouse i? at 10b Nassau street, ents, 86 William street; 110,273, and 459 Broadway; East Broadway; 188 Bowery, 227 Hudson street, and 139 lton street, Brooklyn; 3 Ledger Bnildings, Philndela. KJ- OLDRIDOE'8 GENUINE^BALM OF COLUMis not only a certai'i preservative, hut positively a rerative of the human hair, also, a cure for dandruff, member the genuine, that has the name of Comstock 1 Co. on the wrapper, from 24 Magazine street, New leans, and Comstock and Co. 71 Maiden lane, this city. U7- To THE MARRIED AND UNMARRIED ? ar Gristle Reader: - Are you aware that personal learance is a great fortune in this world, and that it is st disgusting for a person to have bad, yellow, or dark n, or bad hair, when they can be easily remedied, that if yonr skin has pimples, freckles, or snnburn on it, or our flesh is chapt or tender, why a cake of the Italian emical Soap will clear it finely of any disfigurement, our hair has censed growing, is falling out, or turning sy, if dandruff is in the roots, then one bottle of Jones' ral Hair Restorative is the most certain and excellent aedy ever inveuted. We assure our readers that we re seen it work wonders on persons who have thus in troubled. It is sold at a very reasonable price by tes? (we vouch for anything he tisrii of the Amean E'gle. 80 Chatimm asm*. Buy these e??olient ar lei onrr, iuu w mi uc wen bbipuhi. tny person who has a eolith or cold may be cored by i (hilling'* worth of Jones' Cough Candy, sold at the le place. Such is its excellrnce.that the money is resto-' to all who do not find it all it is represented in curing, monary complaints. Agents, Zieber, 38 Arch street ladelphia; or next to the American Hotel, Washing* ,D. C-,8 State street, Boston; S7 State street, Albany; Ring street, Charleston, B.C., or 139 Fulton street, Kiklyn. MONK Y 1HAHKKT. Sunday, Feb. 30?& P. 91. n the Ohio Legislature, on the 19th, the bill to pay the nestic creditors, by issuing $ 1,600,000,6 per cent bonds, the tenomination of $100, was lost by a vote of 31 to 33. the 20th, it was reconsidered, and passed byavoteof 0 37. Mr. Byington moved to amend the title by adig to the title, < To provide for the payment of domescreditors of Ohio," the words "by the emission of 000,000 of shinplasters." This amendment was lost, n the Kentucky Legislature, the thill to create a new )k, was loat by a rote of 48 to 49. On the 16th, how t, Mr. Renfro gave notice that he should move a resideration of the vote by which the Bank Bill waa reod. Borne who votad against it appear a little troubled ut ret timing home without any effort at relief. There eara but little doubt, among the frienda of the Bank, t it will now be carried. The defeat of the valuation ' in the Senate alarmed membera, who dare not return to withont having kept oome of their inaane promises relief. The worat feature in the Keutucky Legislature io we ver, their refuaal by a vote of 60 to 44, to tnke up revenue bill of Mr. McKee, providing for taxation to the State interest, and without prompt action, the insat can net be ppfd ! i the Illinois Lagialature, the bill to pat the Shawnre n Bank in liquidation, has been reported, and in the tae ordered to a third reading, by a majority of 49, and I pass. It authoriaaa the Governor to sell the $1,000,000 tock owned bv the State, for an equal amount of the fa'a liohilitinc nrsti.)ia 1 f fn )ia naid hv Mm Ranlr h?4nrm passage of the bill, ond the residue with intereit withtwelve months. The Legislature of Illinois have rked well. First, they will have reduced the public t over four millions of dollars. Second : they will e provided for the completion of the canal, and the dual liquidation of the canal debt. Third : they will e relieved the State treasury from debt, and placed its rations on the solid foundation of gold and silver, nth : they will have diminished the annual public exditures. Fifth : they will have rid the State of the rency of broken banks, by putting them in liquidation, th : they will have effected a total separation of the tallowed connexion of Bank and State. The Indiana Legislature have enacted a law au. rizing the Treasurer to surrender and cancel $437,060 d by the State in the State Dank of Indiana?the ik to pay one-fltth of the amonnt in bankable funds, the in:a ia six percent bond*, iaatied for the fourth instalit of the surplus revenue, or the Ave per cent treaanry ta, twice read and committed to the committee on the e Bankhe final explosion of the credit ayatem, with all ita er ramification!, if rapidly approaching. The preaent ue excitement in the atock market ia the laat glimmer la taper. It ia the flickering of the candle in ita aocket. ill flare up in a broad glare and aink in night. The ? intelligent men, the moit careful observers, and the ndeat Judgements, have pronounced the question of ition incompatible with the feeling prevalent in the sbted Statea. The preva'ling feeling of all claaaea, ia dciire of getting quit of obligationa. The agents and Marieiof stockholder!, havo anxiously traversed the ntry in all directions, canvassing public opinion, and melancholy sheke of the head with which they ik 01 me nmn, point* to the same cenclnsion, viz I? t taxes todischargu stock debt* are out ofthequcs" . Near $300,non,nnt> of*'or It debt* have been created in >art* ol the Union, ba?od not on what the people have tod, not upon their present income, but upon what it hoped they would earn, and which might tie tilched i them by the Juggle* of the paper *y*tem, without r consent. All section* of the Union lent itl aid in ing and supporting the*e bubble*. The remotest writ the extreme south, all sent their vaunting promises to -ope in the wake of Daniel Webster, who liore Rug's glorification report, " enlarged views" and " exled idesi," in triumph to London. Immense quantities paper of all description, flowed into the hands of ign contractors, far beyond what could be absorbed In I Investment. The markets became glutted, ad ces of money impossible, state failure the consenee, 1 i "i 1 m> excessive, that the 1 contractor*, In who*? hud* largo auount* were fixed. could not realize. In whatever direction the attention is turned, large holder* of depreciated atock* are encountered, leeking to *ell. They have not hitherto *old, became tale wai out of the question. For the last few month*, money ha* rapidly accumulated in the Atlantic Bank*, far beyond what they could employ in regular business. The stream of specie continue* to flow in increasing volume* to our shores, without encountering any improved demand for its employment. A stern necessity was thus created forth" banks, in order to pay their expenses and yield a dividend, to tlnd some channel (or the employment of their surplus funds. Treasurynotes were the favorite investment, and they have risen to 1J per cent premium. New York State stocks came into favor, and other stocks in succession, the prices of which have risen under the loans upon them by the banks- The nui-m>oaru wa? started .organising the boldest of the speculators, who Dy hypathecation, increase theirmeans to any cstent. Their operations have raised the prices of stock very rapidly, all descriptions have immensely improved, and the point of danger has arrived. New York 8^ are above par, and the pledge of the party in power to issue no more stock, while they were at a discount, is cancelled. The vast [quantities of stock held on all sides, here and in Europe, agitated by the high prices, are ready to be precipitated upon the market. The New York Banks hava created a bait which will draw upon them all that mass of indebtedness which crushed the United States Bank, end prostrated the system throughout the Union?impelled by the vituperation of the London press, and the affected horror of the oyalists for American credit. The stocks are not for the most part in the hands of the community, but are held ia larga lots by contract rs, like the $14,000,000 worth held by Dennistoun 8c Co. These are all eagerly watching the moment to realize, Every packet which goes to England, carries confirmations of the indisposition to pay taxes, and indications of the favorable moment to escape, by saddleing the banks here with the stocks.? The American Life and Trust assigned to Robert Curtis 8c Co. of London, the following stocks,to secure ?108,072, or ' $800,746. Bonds of the State of Tennessee $'251,000 Do do Kentucky, 439,000 Do Territory of Florida 200 000 Bo City of Macon 24,000 Do Farmers' Loan and Trust Company, 24,000 $938,000 At the time of the assignment, the Kentucky stocks were worth $307,280. They have recently risen to $386,330, an improvement of $80,000. The holders anxiously watch the market, and the moment to realize will not be lost. The result may be the final ruin of all the Banks, tec. The recent legislation in Kentucky and Ohio has given a greater blow to public credit than even the failure of other States, because it has betrayed the same desire to evade debts as was differently expressed in the repudia- ! ting States. The State of Ohio is precisely now where Pennsylvania was when her domestic liabilities prostrated her credit. The clamours in Pennsylvania against" taxation to pay foreigners, when laboring citizens are left to starve," was a powerful argument in the hands of people previously indisposed to pay, and a general paralysis soon overtook the State. Ohio has now reached precisely that point. She has hitherto never paid her debts from her own resources. Let us look at her movement last year : Receipts and Expenditures of Ohio its 1612. Received. Paid. Canal tolls and interest Interest 988,698 fund. K-ra joo " Canal " 172,Ml Expenses 12,488 Real Pilate 22,510 Dividends and depotita 1,835 Total revenue $876,805 Total interest 1,001,186 Domestic loan 350,081 Temporary loan to N. Temporary losns 1,170,231 York banks and bro- Pub'ic works 523,031 kers 428,000 $1,527,200 6 per cent bonds sold 990,151 Premiums 11,624 Total borrowed 1,788,856 Total spent 1,G93,258 Total means $2,665 661 Total disbursements $2,694,444 This is from the report of the Canal Fund Commissioners, and shows a deficiency of $124,391 in the regular revenue of last year temeet the interest, which is increased for the coming year by $112,632, being the interest on the bonds issued through the year; consequently the deficiency will be $237,018 for the present year. Besides which, there is dun the contractors $1,396,264 for work done, and $367,000, according to estimates, are required to finish the Miami Canal. Without this latter is required to raise for the present year $1,623,277, to meet interest and pay the contractors. To effect this, a bill to borrow the money lias passed, as above stated. The annual charge will be increased $120,000, making the deficit $367,000.? This is precisely what has been done in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, ami other States. It is is a virtual repudiation of the domestic debt, because the liability is only put in another shape, not paid or likely to be. The issue ofthe#?crip will injure the State credit?the refusal would have destroyed it. The evil has been in dabbling with banki, and borrowing and putting off taxation until the first is no longer practicable, and the latter impossible, in consequence of the magnitude of the sum wanted. The fate of Ohio is sealed ; and Kentucky totters on the precipice. The new bank which she will now create, is the entering wedge to her ruin. The desire to avoid debts is the cause of its creation. It is in vain to complain of this inclination. It pervades ^aliko not only every section 0{ this country, but is rapidly spreading in England. Even in N. York there are memorials in circulation for " stay law." Theblight is on the paper system, which will destroy it. The vituperation of the English press against the non-' paying American States, is a mere clap trap. The writer of the Times is an employee of Baring Brothers. The writer of the Chronicle is employed by Morrison It Sons. The sober-minded and intelligent portion of the English people, deplore the event as a feature of tho age, an inevl" table consequence of the progress of the world, and are sensible that England will soon follow. The London spectator, a leading journal, has openly proposed repudiation on the same plea precisely as that of Mississippi and Illinois, viz. that they never received the amount of the loans Mississippi and the other States say "we will pay what we received. The London writer says i " Will any man say it would bn justice to pay our debts in commodities valued by gold, if gold were to become as scarce as diamonds 7 And yet it is a notorious fact, that not only in England is gold becoming scarcer and more valuable, both by force of the causes of which we ourselves are the authors." Evidently without knowing or understanding the matter, this man has embodied, advooated and recommended the whole spirit of American repudiation. The Spectators however, not only would repudiate the government debt, but, Ouy Fawkes like, applies the match to the whole fabric, not only oi debts but of all property. Ouy Fawkes might be supposed to know the effects of exploding gunpowder -, but this man talks of altering the standard evidently with the smallest idoa of its effect. He says it is the only relief! Hrom taxation. His argument is based upon the assumptions that the relative value of the precious metals to other articles is changed?that gold hss become scarce, and that altering the names of coins will increase their quantities. This is a matter entirely distinct from the relative values rn. r. ? ?uimuuikiD?| """""KU UIB r.njc liih writer icemi to think them identical. Tiie evil in England is not that gold is more scarce in relation toother resulta oflalior, hut that too great a quantity of the reaulta of lal>or are taken in the shape of money from the many and given to the few creditors of the Government. It it were, as he supposes, altering the legal name at a piece of gold would not increase its quantity in the smallest degreeAs a measure of permanent relief, it is utterly illusory.? The English sovereign weighs 123$ grains of gold, 9IA) thousandths fine. That is to say ,such a quantity of gold is called a sovereign or pound, for convenience of tale. All debts are made payable in pounds, rathei than in so,many graina or ounces of gold. The English government owes ita stockholders annually ?30,000,000, or 609,073 lbs. Troy of gold, 910} lOOOths fine. The proposition to reduce the standard tuperci. 11 to netiuci oa,iV4 ins.oi gold.irom what is due its creditors. It still pays them XJO,000,000, but calls 111 grain* gold a ?, instead ol 12# 1 -3d grain*. Thi* i* downright robbery,'a sneaking, "thimble rigging" ex pediont, and of tho worst description, because it enable* all private debtor* to cheat their creditors in the sane wny. Whereas, the United States plan is simply to stop payments and let prlvato people do as they desire. They do not require all citizens to become rogues in order to keep the government in countenance. The measure is il lusory, because the quantity of metals is not increased one grain by it, and the receipt* of the government must be in the ?ame light coiu, end the embarrassment ill no way diminished. There is probably duo Knglnnd from all sources. Reduce the standard 10 per ct, and ?*>,000,000 of this debt will have been annihilated, millions of people ruined, and no benefit whatever derived OMpt npriWhf 10P*f rent of Iho national debt. Why thin aacritkofor ao amall an object 7 Why not repudiate at once. Wc will go into thia matter more at length to morrow, and illnatrate itaeilecta. Corn Trade. Thi* market ia largely supplied with flour of all deeoriptiona hut Oibwic, which i? acarce. Pricee for thoae brand* have advanced, and holdera are very firm. Wa quote aalea at 94,7 A. Oaio and other wmtern brands, via New Orleans, are plenty, but operation* arel amall and confined to tho trade; holder* demand 4,31 J a 4,37)', flat hoop*, sales at $4,371 a 4^0. Howard street we tfuote at $4,1X11 a 4,121; Georgetown the same, and Aleiandrln at $4- It ia full two month* before the aupply of Genesee can be increaaed, which mutt have a tendency to raiae the price of all other aorta. The large shipment* of flour from thia country to Sonth America, have completely glutted the market, to much *o that the present stock in first hand*, in all the ports of that country, is large enough to supply the demand ior,the next six months- "" At Boston, the receipts of western via New Orleans, were very large. On the22<l, 10,000 bbls. arrived. Hales are quoted of Genesee common brands $4,75, family $4,871; Ohio, via New Orleans, at $4,31 a 4,37; Howard street $4,26; Southern dull. Ule?l. On Sunday, the 20th inst. Edward Henry, aged twentyone months, son of Claudius C. Bechet and grand-son of Anthony Chardon. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon, 37th inst ., at four o'clock, from 139 Hudson street. On Friday, 24th inst. of convulsions, Theodore Cor nelius Booth, aged 10 months and 23 days, infant son of Samuel and Emily C. Booth. batsst Advices RECEIVED AT THK NEW YORK HERAI.D OFFICE. Africa Nor. 11 Macao Oct. 24 Aui Cayes Dec. 30 Madras Nov. 22 Antigua Jan. 23 Manilla Sept. SO Bombay Nov. 1 Montevideo Dec. 21 BaUvia Oct. 7 Maranham Nov. 26 Bermuda Jan. 13 Matauzas Feb. 5 Bonaire April 0 Mayaguez Jan. 21 Buenos Ayres Dec. 17 Maracaibo Dec. 7 Damp Nov. 12 Matamoras Jan. 14 Behze. Hond. Jau. 20 Neuvitas Nov. 10 Barbadoes Jan. 5 Nassau, N. P. Feb. 5 Boi;ots Nov. 10 Oaliu.H. 1. Nov. 3 Berbice Feb. 20 Paris Feb. 3 CapeHaytien Jau. 23 Portan Prince Jan. 14 Cape Town, C. G. H Dec. 3 Ponce, P. R. Dec I Curacoa Jau. 10 Tara Dec. 21 Cirufuegos Ja?. 27 Pernambuco Jin. 4 Caitliagena Sept 15 I anama Sept. 23 Caraccas May 17 Hi i de Janeiro Jan. 5 Chagres July 1 Singapore Ort. 13 Cajlao- 7 Sydney, N. 8. W.- June 14 v^aicuiia rxov. 0 8t. Helena I)fC. 14 Demerara Dec. 14 St. Thomas Jan. 28 Fayal Jan. 15 St. Barta Jan. 3 Gibraltar Jan. 9 St. Jago de Cnba Jan 14 Gnayanuil Oct. 16 St. JoTitas, P. 11. Jan. 15 Gnayama, P. R.- Nov. 7 St. Croix Feb. 1 Oouaivei Jan. 17 St. Martha Dec. 2 Galveston Jan. 31 St. John, N. B. Feb. 8 Havre Feb. 3 Surinam Dec. 22 Havana Feb. 9 Tampico Dec. 6 Halifax Jan. 25 Tobaaco Jan. 6 Jeremie Nov. 20 Tnrks Island Feb. 8 Jacmel Dec. 25 Trinidad de Cuba-Feb. 2 Kingston, Ja. Feb. 3 Vera Cruz Jan. 17 London Feb. 4 Valparaiso; Oct. 16 Livemool Feb. 5 Yucatan ' Jan. 26 La Guavra Jan. 18 Zanzibar Sept. 27 Lima Aug. 6 Foreign Importations. Ponck, PR?Brig Mary Averill?55 hints 2 bbls sugar 25 hhds molasses 13 bbls potatoes J W Archibald?100 hhds molasses H Southmayd It son. Domoatlc Importations. Nf.w Orleans?Brig Pallas?400 bbls wheat Everett It Batlelle?903 do tlonr Dwight 8c Johnson?91 do molasses J 8 Taylor?507 bbls 500 sacks corn C B Aboru?1 hhd 3 tcs 10 bbls roots Robinson 8i Ward. M A lt I T I M~E~ H E R A L P. Sailing Days of the Steam Ships. moss England. prom america Acadia, Ryria Mar. 1 G. Western, Hosken Feb. 11 Mar. 16 loiumma, printer iVlar. 4 April 1 Britannia, Hewitt April 4 May 1 G. Weitern, Hoaken April 15 May 11 Packet* to Arrive. Packets to Sail. FROM liverpool. FOR liverpool. Holtiuguer, Burster, Jan. 12 Oxford, Rathboue, Mar. 1 Europe, Maishall, Jan. 19 Patrick Henry, Delano, Mar. 7 Independence, Nye, Jan. 25 Sheffield, Allen, Mar. 13 FROM rORTIMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. Switzerland,Chad wick, Jan.10 Philadelphia, Hovey, Mar. 1 President, Chad wick, Jan. 20 Switzerland, Chadwick, Mar 10 FROM HATRE. FOR HATRR. Francois I. Ainsworth, Jan. 1 Iowa, Pell, Feb.27 K.merald, Hone, Jan. 24 Oneida. Funck, Mar. 1 Baltimore, Funck, Jan. 16 Argo, Anthony, Mar. 8 marseilles. marseilles. Minerva, Brown, Jan. 1 Hellespont, Adams, Mar. 1 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vrssels will give to Commodore Robert Silvet. of our News Fleet, a lieport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Canto, and anv Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will board thein immediately on their atrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sendiug to this Office all (he Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nantical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OP NEW YORK, FKBRUARY 87. SUIT RISES 6 40 I MOON RISES 5 38 St'N SETS 5 47 | HlflH WATER 8 29 Arrlvsd. Ship St. Lawrence, Younr, 2 days from Philadelphia, in ballast, t.> master. Brig Larch, Abbot, 24 davs from Trinidad de Cuba, with 248 hhds 48 les molasses to Chastelain & Ponvert. 14th inst. lat 31 29, Ion 7950, spoke brig President, Sargent, from Matauzas for Boston. Brig Mary Averlll.Hatch, 21 days from Pom e. PR with mrw lasses, to H. Sonthmavd k Son. On the 8th lu.i. at 10 a. m. lat 20 A, Inn 68 16. felt I he shock of an mrthonake lor three mm utes, during which time, every thing loo?e wu in motion. Brig Pallas, Blancliard, 20 days from New Orleans, with flour. &<:. to Neamitb, Leeds (t Co. 26th iust. lat 38, Ion 73 30, spoke ship Cincinnati, Bars'ow, hence far Mobile. Brig Canton, rettiugill. 18 days from Apalachicola, with cotton, lomas'er. Brig Atlantic, Brown, 2 days from Philadelphia, in ballast, to master. Brig Olive, Jeffrey,7days from Eutport, with lath and plaster, to master. Schr Sultana, Irons, 9 days from Satilla River, Oa. with 126 sticks yellow pine to N. Ealey 19th inst. lat 3< 6, Ion 78 53, saw brig Mary Emily, of Salem, full ol water?mast, spars and rigging floating alongside?blowing fresh, was unable to board her; saw no person on board. Schr Repeater, Francis. 8 days from Wilmington, NC. with naral stores, to master. The R. fell in with the schr Ann D, hence for Savannah, dismasted, and towed her to the Breakwater en the 22d inst. Schr Commerce, Jenkins, 7 days from Norfolk, with lumber, to master. Schr J. W. Bradley, Jones, 4 days from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to Mitchell 8t Co. Below, Brig Meridian. Also, 1 brig unknown. Sailed. Ship Hellespont, Adams. Havana; barques Cynthia. Bryant, F.ast Indies; Rio Grande, Cousins, NOrleans; St Cloud, Davis, do; Tnton, Carr. do: Washington, Pil'sbury, do; Princeton, Hnughton^do; brigs Bremen. (Bremj Ko|ier, Bremen: falcon. Hjr / i iii, ar.[iu'iuh~, i tuijivatna, i uriey. railadelphia; Ueo enry, Robinson, NOrleans; Manner, Kidder, <ln; Hortense. Smith, do: Mary Pennell, Given, do; Dimon, Robinson, ami Brothers, Mayhew, Charleston; Hardy, Thompson, Havana. General Kecortl. Forfiois Lfttfr Office.?The letter baas of the London, Liverpool and Havre packets, will close at Oilpia'i nest Wednesday. Short Psssaoes?The Newbnryport Herald savs that the " banine Willivm Schroder, Bayley, hence ltlh nit. arrived at Aguadilla on the 21st, in seven days. The shortest pass*ae ever made (rom this |>ort, and we mavsafely add,from any nort in Massachusetts B ly. to the island of Porto Rico." Ship Kentucky, Somes, at New Orleans I'th tnst. made the passage I'rom that port to Boston, discharged. and returned in one month and nine days! Brig Sea Eagle. Smith, from Boston, arrived at Port an Prince on the 29th nit. haviug performed her voyage to Boston and back in thirty-two days. Schr Uenl Warren. Ogle, of Philadelphia, left the Capes of Delaware on the 15th of Jan. for H ivana, and anchored at that port on the 20th of the same month, making the pa-sage in five days and six hours, the shortest on record. SLOor Hf.rsld.?A letter from Capt Lake, of the Herald, before reported ashore at Black Kock, contradicts therepcrt of bei having bilged, and states that her cargo has all been discharged, and that she will be got off without any very srrious darnsge. Whalemen, A letter from barque Cornelia, of NB. reports her on Ahrolhos Banks Nov 6(h, 263 bbls sperm oil, 6 mns out, bound right whaling. A letter from Captain Smith, of the Ohio, of Nanf, reports her on the line. Ion 177 W, July 3d, 12 months oat, with 600 bbls perm. Spoken. Csfo. Hallet. from Rn.rno fur l'.i?i Trtwi. ...J r'-l-....- u? 20. lat 4 20 N, (on ?. Valuta, of Portland, from NYork Tor Kingston, Ja. Feb 6, lat 20 14. Ion 67. Drlaware, Fisher, from Boston for Savannah, Feb IS, off Charleston Bar. Ship , from Boston for New Oilaana, Feb IS, 1st 33 30, Ion 70 30. Rirnr.i, of Boston, from NYork for Porto (lite, lat 35 20, Ion 71 30. Foreign Ports. Triridad de Ci'ba, Feb 2?In port. Franklin, Oibbs, for Boston, in 7 days; Levant, Hall, for Philadelphia, 5; Evvrton, Mayo, wtg frt; Mary, York, for NYork.5; Caailda, Crahtree, dodo; Bra, Allen. Cowri aud a mkt, IOiIi Maich; Adelaide, Baker, win frt; Neptnne, Foster, for Boston, next day: American, Adie, ilo, 5; Albion, Mitchell, wtK cargo; Martha, ( Br) Steele, from Liverpool, ding. roracr., PR Feb5?In port. Magnolia, Urannis, just anired; Condor, Wise: Triton, Curtis; John W Cap r, Davis; Maria J Eatell, (Jonld; Electro, Packard ; Kolas, Haley ; Eveline, Uonld; Delos, Eckfeldt; Relief. Btront; Aurora.Cliase; Signal, ; Bounty, Wallace, and Nonpaieil, Skinner, all waiting cargo. Going in, Berjamin, of Fiankfort llonan Ports. FnaJtaroRT, Me, Feb 20?Arr Spartan. Snibbs, Baltimore. Sid Clinton, Emerson, for Bncksporr, to (oad ice for New OrWisosssrt, Feb 20?Bid Tibetiiu, Gore, and Helen, Chare, Norfolk. Bath, Feb 22?Arr Lion, Patten, Matanxaa. dkl'on ri.ard, Feb It?Art Mayflower, Grant, Thomaston for Norfolk. Sid 23d, Geo W Kioaht, (new, 1*5 tons, of Portland) Saffoul, Hatana; Hazard, Abby M, Magnolia, and St Lawrence. Kveriina, Knight, for Boston, aid in the morning, but returned in the erening. Nr.wpttayroRT, Feb 23?Bid Mary, Cook, Baltimore; Ivanhoe, Post, Phil idelpbia. SalrW, Keh *3?Sid Granite, Upton, Cayenne; Romp, Clark, do. CM 2Jd, Busan, Wasgatt, W Indies. Sid Sapphire, Stacey, Mobilem uosrotv, peo;a?no arrival. signal i??r i narqne ana z Dugs. Clil Marion, Weeks, Apalschicola; Persia, Johnson, Charleston: III brou, Hood, NOrleaua: Albrrt, Woodbury. <lo; Sagatiaw, Loring. Jtcmelj Colnit, Nickerson, Charleston: Urhnatt, Kendiirk, NYork. Arr 2llh, Cordelia, CU|>n, Trinidad; Com Hull, HAmmoml, Mobile; Dover Cate, Baltimore; Victor, Hallet.and A M Hale, Bearse, NYork New Brnroan, Fab 21?Arr Wm Henry, Baker, Norfolk. HvAfitia, Feb 21?In port.Chickasaw, fm Boston for Baltimore; Home ilo for rhilsileMiiA: Post Boy, from Salem for Bilmnore; Ureeisn. Boiton for NYork; Pake, Crowell. do do; Lion, Biker, <lo do; Mary, Trelethen, <lo do; Henry, do do? and others. PttoviDKItcc, Fcblt?Sid Trysll, Othbs, Baltimore; Charleston Packet, Crowell, Philadelphia. Wahhkia, Feb 24?Arr Metatnora, Wioslow. Demerara. Ns.wroRT, Frb?l?Arr 21st. President, Wilber, Providence lor Norfolk; 2Sd, Kli/aheth, Wiley, Salem for NYork. Returned. Galaxy, and Adams, which sailed hence on the (1st.? Sid 2(tli, Vigilant, New York. Two roi'sail schrs, and on lore and aft, arrived last night, one fin (Jenrgetown for Providence. Arr Casilda, Goodale, Charleston fot I'rovidenc-. WasMtsriTorv. NO. Feb 17?Arr C'ot Tavloe, Cooke. West Indies; Mary Jane, Crabtree, do; 2tith, Thos Wyuns, Uaskill, NYork; Silts Crane, Johnson, de; 22d, Washintrton, Diion, W Indies; Ann Francis, 1'hillips, llaltimore. Clil Iktli, Delaware, Forbes, New York;2fth, Wolcoit, do, 22d, Paul Pry, Reuben, Silas Crane, Johnson, NYork; Pamlico, Pnlford, adtkktiiutcnt THE ATTTOCHAT OK OYSTERB. Amcuv tl a luxuries of the 8c? end eertei they ere many, Vuuj Oyster, though he'a roughly housed,lie daintiest of any; Delicious il he from (he ahell?delirium stewed or roasted; And such a diah ai Oyatera fried, Apirias never boasted. Bat oyatera are of aarious liioda, and those ptckad up at random Hetcmble not the fiah procured, by thoae who underitaud'am; And none, in all thiarity vaat, have gaiued ao much renown iu 'lite myttery of choosing them, aa that tine rattier?DOWNING. To (orniah yon the aery beat, ia Downino's pride?his pasaion; He serves them roast, raw. Hewed or Ined?in abort in eaery faahion. To Broadway, at two (orty five?to Broad atreet, hia old aland. Sirs, Fleck every day the epicures of this and other landa, B.n. Years twenty-four haa Downing toiled?until, in hia vocation. He's won a name aa widely liuowa, aa any in the nation. His fame hath reuelied to Kuroi? too; and oft brhind hit cnrlaia, . Has supped the Treaty-making Peer?1 meau the Lord Ashbarton His oysteis ^ fried?sealed from the air?have been to France And with their tlaver, the old King, 'tis mid, waslquite transported. Talking of K>le? if ever I assist at any Crowning, Twill he, as King of Oysterdom to hail onrgood friend Down IMG. No wonder at two forty-fire those arm chairs soft and cozy, Whose very aspect makes one feel luiurious and dezey; Are filled each night?and tilled as well, those li.tle cmtained cloisters W here, from unnumbered pla'ca lloatf up tlio savoy smoke of oysters. Crowds visit his'establishmests; and look at those wins throng them, You'll find our city's pride and boast, her worthiest sons,among them. And goto whirlisoe'eryou please, I'll xuarautce a banquet Such as no man dissatisfied has ever put,or cen quit. Good luck, I say, ts Downing then?but inch a wish is need leu Fer fortune, of hit juat desert has not, I know, been hcedlesa Hit oyatera are above all praist?just show me who can beat t hemLong inay be live to opeu them, and long I live to eat them. SHELLEY UA. I*. D.?The United Order of Druids, Washington Lodge. No. I. The members of this Lodge are request ed to attend at their Lodge llooin, corner of Duane and Centre ,freel, rhi. ev. >!..? t'-l. os c~..u- 1.? a new Lodge, to he called the United Brothers Lodge No. J. By order of J AS. HOLKORD. N. A. Jamkj Anvon, Secretary. IW lt*r CHRONOMETER KOR SALE?Au eight day Liverpool Chronometer for sale low Is in charge of Mr. Stewart, Merchant*' Exchauge, who will show it to puschasers. IV? r TJUNTERIAN DISPENSARY. No. 3 Division street, " eitablished A. D. 1(35, for the successful treatment o( one class ol diseases, py he use of that never failing remedy, Doct. Hunter's lied Drop. Tne unparalleled celebrity and unexampled success of this powerful preparation, has won for itself a name never to be forgotten, while there remains an afflicted being on the face of the globe. It is astonishirg to observe how very quickly and harmlessly it enters into every m nute channel, d sludging every germ, annihilating every leprous spirit of this must dreadful of all nisorders?at the same time fortifying the|system against every disposition or subsequent attack

thereof. A comprehensive treatise accompanying each vial of this mediciue, and can be had grafs. Price $1 per vial, which is warrauted in e.ery case. Cn l*trc r? HPRINtJ STYLE OK HATH, for 18IS.-Mr.O KI8H 137 Broadwav. will, on Wednesday, March 1st, introduce his Spriug style of Hats. The public are leqeested to call and eiamine them ITT 2t*ec PC E. B. HOBBY & CO., Halters, will open on Saturday, Feb. 25, at 178 Broadway, under Howard's Hotel, with an entire new stock of Ha'.s, of the spriug style, as in troduced in Paris, Jauuary, 1(43. The subscribers from a long evperience in the business, are confident that the hats that they are nbout to produce, are superior to any ever before offered to the public, being manufactured from the best materials by the most exiierieuced workmen, nnd having introduced a system of economy in the mniiufactnriug branch, they will be enabled to offer their goods as low as any other establishment in the city. Having made arrangement* with a cap maker of undoubted reputation, for neatness and taste, every care will be taken to introduce the most apptoved styles. E B. HOBBY. ft4 3t*r DAVID 8. MILLS. EQUITABLE FIRE ENGINE CO. No. 38.-The~a"hnwfl . Company will take place at the Apollo Saloon, on tins Monday Evening, February 27th. Brown's celebrated Col 1IIkiii Band is engaged for the occasion. The floor will be under'the management of a committee, who pledge themselves that this shall be inferior to no Ball hitherto gi?'en bv the Company. 1 ickers can be obtained of any of the members of the Compauy, or at the door oa the evening of the Ball. _. ? N. WASHBURN, Foreman. Theodore Payne, Sec. fZ7 lt?r BLEACHING POWDa.R8?180 casks, now landing from " ship Roscius, aud for sale by f37ec PEKH9E & BROOKS, ?l Liberty at. rT,G PAINTERS?Wanted, a persou that understands pai ntA. ing and ornameutiug chairs, for one month. Also a house nainter>'for one or two moths. A letter addressed to W. H. and leftattha Herald Office, stating where an interview may be had, will be attended to. 26l it*m QTEAMER ACADIA?Letter bags for the above steamer will close at Harnden & Co's Foreign Letter Offie, No. 3 Wall stret, on Tuesday,Fab. 28, at half-oast 3 o'clock, P. M. *1 3tec HARNDKN at CO. *fl_ FOR SACK A HORSE, SPRING CART Hi HARNESS ij?will be sold at a bargain, together or single, to suit. Also, a sledge, sleigh and lighl-wngon harness. Enquire at 33 Henwickst. 25f I drafts (rom 1? to any amount, payable on demauo, without A-'tliscntint, on all parts of England, Ireland. Scotland, and Wales, for sa'e by W. St J. T. TAP8COTT, 127 r 43 Peek slip, corner South St. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. TN nursnanceof law, I, JOHN TYLER, President ol the f United Slates ol America, do hereby ueclare and make known, that public tales will be held at the undermentioned I >11,1 .iff",..... ,,, >|,- nf ? f ,1... ^ .. .1 _ I i . nesignated, to wit: At the Laud Office at FA1RKIKLD (late Burlington) coinmcticeing on Monday, the tilth day of February nest, for the di?|>oial of the public lands within the limits of the nndermen tinned townships, to wit: North ot the base line, and West of the fifth principal meridian. Towuthip seventy-set en, of range sis. Tvwssklfa tvr?Mr aisanJ -cTcuty-setcn, ,,f I auav Se ? CO. Townships seventy-four,seventy-five, seventy-sit and seventy seven, of range eight Townships seventy two, seventy-three, seventy-four, seventy-five and seventy-seven of range nine. Towuships seventy, seventy-one, seveuty-two, and seventythree, el range ten. Townships sisty-uine of range eleven. Also, at the same time and place, for the disposal of the following detached tracts, viz : North of the base line, and East of the fifth principal meridian. The Northeast quarter and West half of the Southwest quarter of section eight, in township ssventy-seven, el range three. North of the base line,and West of the fifth principal meridian Northeast quarter of section thirty two, in township seventy, of range two. East half of Nortl cast quarter in section twenty-nine, in township sl*ty-unu_, of range four. Lots one and t so in section thirty-four, in township seventytwo of range seven. At the Laud Office at DU BUQUK. commrnciug on Monday the twentieth day of February nest, for the disposal of the public lands within the limits of the undermentioned townships: viz :? North of the base line, and West of the fifth principal me ring Townships ?ighty, eigty-one, eighty-two, and eighty-three' of range five. Township* seventy-eight, eighty, eighty-one. eigety-two, eighty-three, eighty four, and eighty-five, of range six. Townships aeventy-eight to eighty eeven, iucluiive, of range even. Alio, at the une place, commencing on Monday, the sixtn day of March next, for the diapnial of the public landa withi limit* of the undermentioned townahipa, vixr North of the bj*e liue, and Wist of the fifth principal nendian. Townahipa seventy eight to eighty-nine, inclnaive of range eight. Towuahipi eighty-eight,'eighty nine, ninety, and ninety-one, of range nine. Section* two, three, four, nine, eleven, fourteen and fifteen, near Iowa city, in township sewnty nine of lange six. Landa appropriated by law fo r the uae of school*, military, or other pan>ose*, will be excluded Irom sate. The safes will e*ch he kept open fortwo week*, (onle** the land* are iooner disposed of,) and no lunger, aud no private entries of land in the townshi|>s so offered, will be admitted until after the rxpiialion of the two weeks. Oiven under my hand,at the city of WashinMD, this twentyseventh day of September, Anno Domini, IIM2. JOHN TYLER. By the President: THO H. BLAKE, Cammnntiet qfthe Central Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS!. /very person Claiming the right of pre-emption to land in any of the townahipa designated in this proclamation, in virtue of the provisions of the act of 22d June, IS38, as extended aud modified bj the act of 1st Jnne, 1(40,or of the provisions of the lat-_ irr mi,i wnere inoic iaw? >iiu appiv l<> sucn claims Dy reason ol the alitcncs of the plats at the Register's office oq 22iI Jane, lit 1} or by virtue of the act of the 4th September, 1841, each granting certain privileges to another and different class of settlers, is requeued to prove the same to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the proper Laud Office, and make payment therefor as soon as practicable after seeing this notice, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public tale of the laud as above designated, otherwise such claims will be forfeited. Where the year subsequent to the Altng of the plats shall egpire previous to the day need lor the commencement of the sale above mentioned, claims nndrr the acts of KM and 1140, above referred to, wilt be forfeited if not proven up and paid for prior to the eipiration of inch year. THO. H. BLAKK. Conmiiriontr */ the (irnerat Land Office. ?il9 Haw mlr fg) AM KKICAN LAND AND LOAN OFFICfc.? William F,. Mino rs having above thirty years' experience in the management of Real Kstate, and possessing a large landed property himself, also feeling great confidence from the liberal patronage he has heretofore enjoyed, respectfully solicits the attention of the public to the special advantages ef the American Land and Lonti Office, at No. II Wall street, in ihs city of New York, for the purchase, sale or exchange of Houses and Lots, Farms aud uncultivated Lands, either at private or pnblic sale, aud for the hiring aud letting of Houses, Stores. Farms, Ac.; for collecting the rents, and lor takuig the general agency and supervision of Real Fa laic, also fo> (he snperin tendance of erecting and repairing Bnildings. Persons having property to sell, exchange or let, will And it to their advatuage to apply at this office rather than to any vm.<> ? ? ? <>?ri wm iu |nnui ui pcunirmv aim oespsicn. All (iroperty registered in tliia office. will, if required, be ad Termed in two or more of the most widely circulated journals, and ersry honorable exertion made to dia|>oae of the lame. Should tlie property not be sold at private sale, it will, if desired, he offered at public auction, thus giving to owners of the property double advantage. He will also attend to effecting Insurance on property, obtaining aud loaning ol money on bond and mortgage, or other securities, taking special care to receive ample sectirtty for money loaned; aud to have titles to property examined by gentlemen of the legal profession of established character fo accuracy and reputation. Holders of vacant ground that requires improving, will fi.iJ it greatly to their sdvantage to apply to him. as his knowledge of the kind of bnildings which are moat productive for the different localities, is of the greatest importance: and his long acquaintance witn the building of houses will enable him to get them erected on the most raasonabla terms at a far leaa expense than is usual. He will also take ehams of real estate intended for puhlie sales, as his ,knowledge from ei|x-rienee in getting up sales, Will be ol great ralus to those intending to dispose of their propeity Jie will prepare the advertisements, tee that they are pro|? rlyfllstribnied and superintended, and direct the aaleiand It Will he lound to be a great taring from the fact that pro|>erty lor the last three or four years lias been frequently sacrificed from the want ol proper attention and tkilliai management. Individuals or companies that require an agent to take charge of their real estate, may depend on having it faithfully and economically managed?and all moneys received, promptly paid over. persons winning iu mre or purchase property, or invest money, can moat generally be accommodated Iree of ei|>en>e?and pcraona residing at a distance desirous to sell or pnrchase real mate byscndin: a description of the property, will receive immediate attention. Persons having country seals, (arms, or homes for sale, nnd wish to havs them surseyed and drawings uken, can hate itdont in the moat elegant manner by applying at this office. Also, Contracts and other papers prepared. All letter* for the purchase, sale or etchange of real estate, or for the loaning or putting oat of money, mnat I be diructed to WILLIAM lTBIMKHS American Land and Loan office, No. It Wall street, New York,and tbe postage invariably paid. Those having money to loau can have it in vest so, free of gpanMi by csllinc at this oflke. I?f Ms*r AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BKLL. Auctioneer. BY BJCLL k HOWARD. (Stersr Not. M jinn anil 116 Full?n*tr?l.\ MONDAY. At I01< o'clock. at the auction room. Hplemiitl cabinet Curette ? rale, upholsterers stock, piano lortea, looking g'aiara, an eui raind mostaupertor aloch oi ino moat elegant city made warranted cabinet funitme or all dcacrintioiai, :? brat lire geese feather beda; V halt maltrasses, mora do bolatrra, pillowa, palliaitera.ottomans.divans, bencliea, bed and window curtains, 3 superb piano foitee. By order or the Marahal, 37 beautiful paintmfls, tome plated Warei clocks, raaea, tofia, lie. Itr. The aale of the above iruly ralnable articlea will take place on ihe day above named in the large rvoma, 113 Fnlton street, neat to oursalta looma, it having been taken for the pnrpoee by thoaeennrerned Catalogues ready and the furniture, he.. (or eramination on Saturday. TUESDAY. At 1?)6 o'clock in the aale ipomi. Extensive aale of foreign and domealie dry poods, in lota to au t; clnthiue, London aud French cloths, c uaimerea, veilings in any length*. Alao, pledged articles, fancy goods, jewcliy, (una,'cutlery, aome watcher, trinketa, he. Alao, hooka and stationery, groceries, he. Alao, about 6(10 yarda English and French au perdue broad and bearer clotha and eaaaimerca in lota to anil; 133 reat patterna, glorea, stockings. under ahhta, dura, he. Alao, i valuable watchea, 3 London ituna, 3 flunks, aecand hand clothing, J do. merino, ailk and caahmere ahawla, acarla and handkerchiefs. and numerous other choice goods. Alao, a art ol amith'a and tinner's tools, and two boxea od clothing, books, and trash, to pay transportation. WEDNESDAY, At I0K o'clock at the sales room. Large and splendid aale od first rate furniture of all descriptions, from families removing, he ; also, first rate city made new do. do. Comprisingrngt, carpets, matting, oilcloths, beds, brda'rds, bedding, sofia. chairs, tables, bureau*. looking gliases. ward rohes, sideboards, elegant sofas, couches, marble top dressing bureau*. ditto pier anil centre tables, a superb pianoforte, all kinds of bed room furniture, kitchen nteneifa, tic. Alio, a I a rite additional lot of elegant second hand furniture, removed from Brooklyn for convene ure of sale. Also, 10,000 Ibi curled hair for upholsters. Alto, several valuable counters, counting honse Turniture, Ac. ' HENRY K. HIKLL, Anct'r. BY RIKLL & ARCULARIUt?. Store 304 Broadway, coiner of Dunne street*. to-morrow" At half |>ast Ido'rlock at the melton room, Several quartet casks choice old Madeira Wine. Also, aherrv, port and claret W ine, in casks, demijohns and ess* a of one dozen, Alan, brandy gin and whiskey, in wood and grass. Also, various brands of segars. R. A A. are now ready to made advances to any amount on consignments, Returns prompt. Sales of real estate and out door sales of household furniture attended to in person. .Regular sale* of Liquors, Segars. Ac., every Tuesday; Furniture. Pianos. Ac., every Wednesday and Saturday riRANDTTONCIcRT.?Mr. K. R rfXNTSEPTwI 11 have the VJ honor of giving a (fraud Concert at the APOLLO ROOMS,on Wednesday evening, the 1st of March. In addition to hia own performance on the Violin and Flute, the following mo?t eminent talent have Tofllitem in the kindest and moit liberal manner. Madame Otto, Mr. Otto, Mfiiri. I'. L. Hill, Kor.owski, Krnit, Lehman, Gronevelt, Hegelundand R??i**r. He will take the lihertv of introducing hie daughter I ana pupil in singing and on the* piano forte, Miss laidora E. Hiinien, 12 years of age. Tickets SO cent* rack. .Concert to commence at TX o'clock. t.r /*" Particular* in email bills. f27 3t*rtc CJINGING at SIGH'T-HOTEaH'S method.-A new ^ clsss will be formed by Mr. LEACH, at his room*. No. 360 Broadway, on Thursday evrninit at 7 n'olock. Term* in advance. $3 per quarter. Mr. Leach gives private lesion* and instructions to schools. Terms liberal. An alteruoon class for children 7 years of age and upwards. 127 3t*rc A GRAND iVOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CON A T THE REQUEST of numerous friends. Signer Ha petal. ti has been encouraced by the brilliant success of his.recent Concert at Nihlu's Saloon, to organise another Musical entertainment for Tuesday evening, the 28th inst. On this occasion, redoubled efforts will be inade to gratify the lovers of music, and two new Trio's will be performed. Also, Benedict and DeBeriol's famous Tfio, upon airs Irom the So-'tiambuln. In addition to the distinguished artists who kindly lent their aid last Wednesday evening, Signor Kapetti will lie assisted on this occasion by Mr. Frederic Rakeman. 23f 3'r CLIREIIUOM'S SCOTTISH MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT, will take place at the APOLLO CONCERT ROOMS, On Tuesday Eveuing, 7th March. Coucert to commence at 8 o'clock, precisely. Tickets 50 cents each, to be had at all the Music Stores, and of Mr. C. 203 Broadway. f23 lw*r Y/TU81CAL INSTRUCTION.-Mrs. McDOUALL begs to inform her friends and the public, that she continues to give instructions on the Pianoforte at her own residence, or that of her pupils. Terms moderate. 31 West Broadway. f)9 lm a TO LET from the first of May next, the whole or part of Nos.13,37,61,anil 66 Sullivan at, being very convenient houses; halt of 23, 48, 83 -and 69 Sullivanst; the whole or part of 21 Wart street, the first floor of 17 Watt street, the second fioor of lit V-rick street; the stores and dwellings Nos. 187. 2"3, 217 and 2l9Caealstreet; parts of 26 Kenwick street, and 237 Spring street; the whole or part of 474 Hudson St.; the store and dwelling No. 167 West Broadway, and part of the brick dwelling in the rear; the store part of the premises No. 64)? Sullivan street; the first floor of 184 Laurens tt. The attention of house huutrss is requested to the above houses and tenements. Also to let, sundry tenements for colored |>eo. pie. Appfy to Thomas Edmonds, 67 Sullivan st. Peter Kelly (a Of rem, is requested to cull without delay. f27 lt*rc' 'T'HIS DAY PUbLlSHED the follow Magazine* for Febman-, viz: The London Chriatian Observer. $2 per annmn " Dublin University Magazine, $1 do do Subscription* respect fully aolicitcd by JOSEPH MASON, Publisher, 102 Broadway, ap atair . ?7*" The Edinburgh and We?tmiu*ter neviews for January are in pre**, and will he publiahedin a'ew_day*. f27 lt?ec pOST OFFI.iE, New "York, Feb. 21th, 1M3 ?Acadu A Steamer?Letter* for the Acadia Steamer, which will sail from Boston on the lat of March, will be rtceived at the Upper and Lower Post Office* in thia city until forty-five minute* paat 3 o'clock, P. M. on 1 uesdny, the i8'h luat. All letter* ao m^,wn'<ir^1T^lVh"?d,til'|'^rlUKSe0<i.,he P?" MwUr " Bo" 25f3r JOHN LOR1MEH ORAHAM. P. M. pHCENIX BANK,Clnrleatown, Mass; Newburyport Bank, J Newburyport; and Lumbermen's Bank, Warren, Pennsylvania, bought at 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, 25fr 22 Wall street and 130 Broadway. DAHQUKi FALMOUTH, from New Orleans, is diachargJJ jng at pier 3,'Eait River. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods immediately. E. K. COLLINS A CO., "? M> South street. DACKfcT SHIP R08C1U8? From Liverpool?Consignees A by this ihip will please tend their permit! on board, at Orleans wharf, Toot of Wall itreet, without delay. All goodi sot permitted ill Ave dayi, will be tent to the public (tore. 2tfr ~~ BERLIN IKON CASTINGS. PlIAMEH and Fender*, Mercury pattern*; Summer OrnaA menti, ke. for tale low. to close a contigament. no tm?r OELRICHS It KRlfUKR, 12 Broad it. HAVRE PACKET SHIP ONEIDA, of the lat March, u provided wi'.h " Francia' Paten Lile jfcaiifaBoat." HI tolMr iiffg- SHIP ATALANTA came*the "Franci*' Patent Mfff^Vhife Boat" that aaved the officer* and crew from the JMllllfipwreck of the *te*m*hi|> Clarion. 2<f(tr JUKP- ALL THE REGULAR PACKEI S-Steam *hine. HHV ateam boat*, and other psiienger vessels, carrying JHMfi*iog "brands' Patent Lile Boat!," have the word " Patent" plainly ?tamped or painted on the ?ido. f 19-tfr HAVRE PACKET SHIP hMV provided with " Franci*' Patent Life Boat* " Wtmt f 19-Str PASSAGE FOR LONDON-!acket 1st March. HUfVr-T.h^?'.I'.hndi.l fatt ?aiIing packet .hip PHILAJHHmD'<LPHIA, Captain Hovey, will tail potittvely a* above her regular day. Having spleudid accommodation* for cabin, tecond cabin and teeragc lussengera, for passage early application thould be mad: on board or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck Slip cor South it. The Philadclt hia tailt from London on the 17th April, afford ins to person* wiihing to tend for their Iriecdi a favorable opportunity of having them brought out in her or any of the regular line on liberal una*, and tl o*e wuhing to remit money can have drafts on Londou for any amount, payable on demand, without discount, in all the principal towni of Great Britain. 221 r xAg- FOR LONDON.?Packet of the lit March.?Tha rFl?y splendid. fast sailing Packet *hip PHILADELPHIA JKMBEa Captcin Hover, will **il ai above, her regular day. ' Ha* ailperior arcommodationt for cabin, *?cond rabir. and teerago nuaengrr*. For paiaagr, early application ihonld be made on board, or to JOHN HERDMAN. (27 v (t| South street. FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular agVVy Packet of 25th March.?The Splendid Packet Ship MpMgtROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, of 1100 tout, will positively sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itreet, or to iK. K. COLLINS k CO. it South Ureal. Price of passage, $100. Ine Packet Ship Siddont, Captain E. B. Cobb, ol 1010 tout, will succeed tne Rotciut, tnd tail the 25th of April,her regular day. Letters for the ships of this line will only be received at Gilpin'* ami Hale'* News Room. Passengers msy rely on the ships of this line sailing pone totally as advertised. f27 r - na uaTTTr iron i iwupnol _7 IT. JfWWftlVstr^nTe".pl?*d..W?r".VSTlinn packet ohi|< OXjSJlfcVOKD, < *l't Kalhboiie, wi'l eail poeHiraly ? *'?"*? rrr f, tfuur dav. and can yet accomm<???t*j a f?w more caota, SS^SfirU- ateeMCe ,^eBtrrtf .1 ?rty U on board, or to w fc j XAP8cOTT. JY7 r 4:1 I'erk Klip, Corner Snnlh ireet. 1&t. PACKET* KOH HAVKE?decond Line?1'h ?M^yihi|> ON EDI A, Jame? Knnk, muter, will ?ail on the ?*Ut BOYD ?t HINCKEN, Afente. .trc No. 9 Tontine Building.. B^&far.cket?To Mil the l?t March. TB1,,Tiling packet .hit OCONEE. Crta.n Jaek.on. will positively .ail*' above,ner day. For freight or pai.age, having hand.nme f-irniilie" accommodation., apply ska.? Positively no goode received after Tneaday evening, Fe krna"filfcam mar rely upon having their good, correctly meuored?an'<Uh?X.?.S. of .hi. fine w.ll.ul innctullvv."!"^ ?i.;S Any g" u> that effect will bo given and fulfilled XTnim N?Oi'leii,?, llnllin it Woodruff, whowil. prompe hWSff^drS.'c2SSOEMnJe;jj" -g* JMVIUuuI ,, Line?The splendid .last sailinafpacket ship JHHMbOCONEK, C'spl. Jackson, will sail ixwiarely on 1st March, her regular day. Having splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, for passage early applicationahonld be inu'e^on ',7fr " I'eelt Hlip. comer Boathrtrol. KOK iNEW ORLKAN8.?Packet of the J7ih sjnMfy. Kehruary.?The superior, fast-sailing Packet shin JHBK UNION. ( .plain,Rnssell, will mail as above, har regular <liy. H?s sii|>erior accnmmoilationa for cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage p'stengeri. Kor passigc, early application should be inade on board, or to john hkkdman fl ' SI Ronth afreet. TTTUTOR UAHuIa ZIjLKTa, formerty ol Bogota?7l ? this shonld meet hit eya or that of any person who can cite information of hi? residence, thev will confer a great faror ui hu brother, by addretiinK PKK88E fc BROOKS, rt !mi? ce No. <1 Liberty itreel POHTUOUtaE FEMALE PILL8. THKSt hrluiiril end celebrated Cilia, from Portugal. " A we perceive, to be obtained in thii country. See idveruea e?nt on the Imt rnlnmn. fourth neve. * MATcil BOX BOARDS-<0M pennd..juit received net 1 w fur iele bv PKIWe?E Jk BROOKS, f live bl Liberty ?. AMUSEMENTS. hibutr. CONCERTS DUIVER, A LA MUEARD-JJVrf'lP th* honor to inlona the Indie* and feotl*. I?lo. v!. I j'fci ?h*t the gre*t?nrr??? of the fovaor t'*n?rtn he* indneed him ,t >Twet rm*??e. to idd to tit* Uleal *J"ii Tui? 'd'l! J1* W'H pre??nt _ __ THIS KVK.NIMM v.k Mtk *? higlra.t oVd.TT.i"^ A'?-"V7orm,"?,"?"c?Kioo. of .ho mhs. Mutton MRS. K. I.ODKR MRU. STROMl ' 8IONOII Dfe BKUNIH 8,MR0T|!^J4RT,,N, "d Who will perform a MOLO, will, Orchestra Arronnuim^nt. Tue celebrated German Orchestra. unequalled m t|,la eitT which have given ?uch nnutual delight at the farmer <'onc?rt* will again perform undevthc directum of Mr. Kammercr ' PROORxMMK, ??arar. PART FIK8T. Oiand Overture (full Orchestral L-italpointrr Somr?"The Pretty Flower Girl," a deecriptirc 3nna? Mr* Strone, De Brian Aria?"Vi Raviso," from the Opera of Bonnambnla? Sig Martini Belina Grand Aria?"Cial Pietoao'? Mra. K. Loder Rosin i Grand Holo for the I lano Forte, with fall oreheitm aeeompaniment?Mr. Timm Humaeel Favorite Oavatiim?"Hovm ii *en la maan ni posa," from the opera of La Sonnambn'a?Mra. Ration Bellini Dnett?Between Matter and Scholar, eal'ed the celebrated FioravantiS Singing Leaaon?Mra. Strong and SignorDe Bernia riontTanti F ivorite rrermau Waltz?Full Orcheatra Labitxky The cel-brated Teraetto?"lo dim ae nel gaetire. fromthr Opera of "II Fanatieo per La Mnsiea*? Mrr. Sutton, Mra. K. Lederand Sir De Begrnis, Fioravanti Between the Firat and Serond Parta the Band, who willliarform for half an hour in the Grand Promenade, which will ha thrown open aud brilli ntly lighted for the occasion, new qnadrillea, waltzea and gallops. TART SECOND. Overture?Full Orchestra? Moxait Roiig?"That Blooming Roto"?Mrs. E. Loder? Anber Duetto Buffo?" 8e fiato in corpo havete," from the Opera "II Matrimoni Secrelo"?8ig. Da Begnia and Sig. Martini Cimaroaa Hong?"Thro the Wood"?Mra. Strong C. E. Horn (By particnlaP deaire)?Uraud Scma?"Caata Diva," with Allegro, from the favorite Opera ol Norma? Mrs. Hntton Bellini Vienna Gallo^-Fnll Orchestra Lanner Aria?'Ch *io perdesai."?Mrs. Loder Sapienza Dnatt?(by deaire)- "When a little Farm we keep"? Mra. tfnttou and Sig. De Begnia Mazxinghi Grand Finale Fall Orchestra Mr. TlMM will presids at the Piano Forte. 3 /""Tickets M cents. Doors open at 7. Coneert'to eommance it 8 precisely. f37 Itr WELCH'S OLYMPIC C1HCCI. AT THK | PARR THEATRE. BENEFIT OF MR. J. BLAKE. O-Very Particular Notice-Plaees mail he secarsd in the morning, iu order to prevent disappointments during the ran ol the Pantomime. Equestrian ^Directors Messrs. H. HorkweD It CadwaUadar .... ?w wuv>v ....... mvMr?. uunm ? nrviu Performances to commeiui at 7 o'clock. MONDAY EVENING The performance will coinmmce with the Grand National Ca valcade of warriors ok quito. Equestrian Exercises by Master Stephens. Pm de Danse, by Miss Wells. Mr C J Rogers will ridu bis favoiite act of the Sea, The Sea. The Knur Hungarians* Principal Act by Mrs. Howard. Elving Tonic Exercises by Mr. Buggies. Five Horse Act by Mr. Cadwallaaer. ITT* At this period of the Evening an mlermissiondof 1.5 minutes will eusne. THE SECOND PART will commence with Master Gltnroy in his Act of The Perfection of Horsemanship A Novel and Original CONCERT, By the most celebrated Black Vocalists of the present day, who will introduce several of the most pleasing SOUTHERN NEGRO MELODIES. The performers are of the highest grade in their art, being W Whillock, in the first rank of banjo playeri and comic vocalists. W Pelham, the great original dancer. D Emm it, a superior characteristic linger unci musician. Frank Browtr, of Bone Celebrity, vieing even with Elltle herself in castaitnet imitations After which. THE SPRITE OF THE MORNING. AND THE PLEASING, TEASING CUriDS!' |By Mr Cadwallader and the three Misses Wells. O. Stone as the Chief of the Flathcads. Unapproachable Gymnastics on rhe around by the famouaM A Grand Drnmatic Act, from Shakspcare, oy C J Roger* To conclude with OUT OF LUCK AND OUT OF PLACE. Jerry Stiek'em, John Grimaldi Wall* ft ~r~ Boies, 50; Pit, 26; Gallery 12X cents.?Cb O* meats can be secured at the Bo* Office, Iromll till * o'clock. j i CHATHAM THJfiATKJB. REDUCTION OF PRICES. Dress Circle, 26 cents: Pit 6)f cenis; Upper Tier ItK cost* MONDAY EVENING/ FOUNDLING OF THE FOREST After which. LOST fc WON. To conclude with FRANKENSTEIN. Doors open at BR o'clock and the performance will com mence at 7 precisely niTCIUCi.K'S OLYMPIC TIIKATHJL. 444 Broadway, New York. MONDAY EVENING. will be performed SAM PARR. To be followed by Che ?IM NOTE. To conclad* with BEAUTY * THE BEAST. CC7- The Door* will he opened at haJf-paai I, amd the per formaline. commence at 7. every evening ASKHIVAN rilKATHE?WALMJ'l^T, ** HlhADULt- MIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CUSHMAN .MONDAY EVENING. Feb. V, will he performed NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS. To be followed by BLACK RAVEN OE THE TOMBS. E. A. MARSHALL. Leeare BOWBRV AHPHITRKATRB. IOPEN FOR A SHORT SEASON. Under the Diiectioo of MESSRS. N. B. A T. V. TURNER. The pnblic i? reipeetfeily informed that thia favorite eata bliahment ia sow opes, with an Eqneatriaa Company nnearpaaaed in thia country. The performative each evening will be of a varied and talented description. MONDAY EVENING. Feb. I7th. URANJ) ENTREE. Uneaaalled Equestrianism by Mr. T. V. Turner, who will throw two somersets while hi* horse is in fall speed, feat never performed by any other man. Messrs. N. B. Tnrner, Whitlaker, h?. he. Great Banjo Melodists, Messrs Carter,fcc. a<f lw*r Boxes 25cts.?Pit 12K AA1KK1CAN nuHicun, Marble Building, Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Chaich P T BAHNUM, Manager. COMBINATION OF UNEQUALLED AND UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTIONS. Day Performance at 2 o'clock?Keening Performance at hallpast 7 o'clock. Mast Frank Diamond, Mr H Mestayer, T G Booth, and Richarpion, in an Ethiopean Eitraraganza. The Manager has, with great expense nod d.Acuity, procnr ed the stay for one week longer, THE INDIAN CHIEFS. WARRIORS AND SQUAWS, Never hare we been visited by so large and distinguished a party, and however high curiosity myr be raised, the anticipa tion cannot come up to the reality. These are no miser sole, degraded half breeds, bat the Wild Warr ors of the Far West, terrible in war, in peace full of kindness and hospitality. The company eonaisla of u Indians and Squaws; Sacs, Foxes and lowas. They will appear in their WHITE BEAR DANCE, Showing their mode of setting out on Hunting Expeditions pursuing the White Grisly Bear of the Rocky Mountains. OSAGE WAR DANCE. Asdsnced by the Osages on their return from Battle. To be accompanied by their own Mnaic. The dances will be changed nightly. They will appear dressed in their peculiar and aniqae Native Costume! A vanet7 of Boms by Messrs.SHE RM ANand BOOTH.and (taurine by LA PETITE CELESTE. ANIMATED TABLEAU*. The tnauniliceat Dicramie Scene or the DEPARTURE OE THH ISRAELITES To conclude with the CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW Signor Vivaldi'a decidedly unrivalled Mechanical Figares. PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Proretaor will make Practical Examination* ( viaitor*. rp" No Free Lict daring the engagement of the Indiana. Day Performance* on Wcdneiday and Saturday afternoon, at IK o'clock. Evening |<*rformance* at 7. Admiaaion to all 75 cent*?Children half price. ec PEALR'S NEW YORK JHYTIKUH NATIONAL PO^KTRAIT^AND^nCTURJt GALLERY C.^DEv'oE, Manager. The aetabhahment contain* an almoat endleat number of RARE AND CURIOUB WORKS OF NATURE AND ART: Neatly and taatefully diaidaved in rliree spacious hall*,and boaau or a rerr COSTLY A ELEGANT GALLERY OF PORTRAITS Kieeeding in extent and value any other in America Th* manager ha* engaged, for a ahort time only, the anbhaae and neantifnl exhibition of THE THIAL OF CHRIST! Thif imposing acene i* not repi earn ted by a painting but by a GROUP OF TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATRARY, THE SIZE OF LIFE. Thi* aolemn and impreaiiae scene represent* Our Hariourarraigned a* a Pruoner, with a Crown ol Thorn* upon Hie Head, before Caiphai, the High Prieat, and the Court of Pontine Pilate. In addition to the above, the Manager ha* engaged the MYSTERIOUS XND AATONISHWO From England. She wiehe* not to impoae upon th* pub%n by eaekieg them beli.v.heraWitch(;|rTuNK Possessed with supe mature! power?but on the contrary, claims pablirlf to be *ble to iDetract others efl fceod *nr4 mgnriAII flteeir Inhriin* Nga eee?;?m. ifflsr M* will tell perraa* whether they in married or nnt. and what kind of haaband or wifa they will geCdaecribe their o*n ehararirra and giro a hoat of facta and comet eoaclaaiona founded on her knowledge of the immatable ocieaeei of phrenology, phymioguomy,neurology, philoeophv, he. At proof of Ibe eorrect&ru ofher aaoertiono. the u at liberty to refer to bandaeda of oar lirel cituena, inclading clergymen, jndgaa, attorney i^ihyiieiaaa, and many of the moot enlightened ladiae in the city. CAdm iaaion to the Mnaeam, tioenta; Children half price An aitlm charge of tlX centa to thoaa who eooaalt thaOpy LECTURES ON El OCUTIO N?Profeeaor Oreeobank will deliver hie firot Irctare on Monday erening. "tn, at "ifecitatioaa?Barial of H.r Tlwwa. Moore: ; Waterloa ; S|>aech of Patrick Henry ; Selections from Hiehara 111, aad tline^e Ticket! M oanta. For the Conme of three Lactams tlfw To admit ? lady and gentleman to ooarae It May be ha I al the ookejoreeof .Me.tonh Milea, Bartlett h Welford from Pnife.aor, TJ Beekman atreat, aad at the hall. ?f JterFHA.VI UNCI/ H KENT MONEY ot all kinda pnrehaaad at the envy heeffeima Ntwlmrypoit and B?k Noma booahtendtoldat J1(1 iYJJUfBk (J HO*'' THREAD?M bale* patent Shoe Thread, while aad i? green, tu 1 aixl 2 ox belle, lot tele by _ K. K. CoWelNi fcCO.. tHt iMi ? ** *

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