Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1843 Page 1
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t r th Vol. 50.?Wliol* No. 3?74. To tiie 1'udiic. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except New Year's day and Kourtbof July. Price 'J cent* per copy?or $7 id per an num ?|>ostagH? paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALb?published every Saturday morning?price 0} cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postages paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed tint the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the worlil, and is thetefore, the best channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiKToa or thu Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. To Bualneaa Advertisers. Advertisers and men of business, who want to make the selection ol a vehicle for their notices in the ap proacbing spring business, are particularly called to the following authentic documents, relative to the circulation of the two leading papers in the city .? New York Hkrald ) Sim Office, N. Y., > Office, Nov.l, 1843. ) Aug. 38, 1843. ) Messrs. Pkrsse It Brooks : Mr. H. V. Butler :? Gentlemen :? Sir.? Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Office, New York Office, N. Y., five hundred Seven hundred and fifly reams of paper per week, for reams per week ef the small six months irom the 15th of rixed paper 33 >133? for the October, 1843, to he of this Daily Herald. ~ quality, size and weight, the Also 60 reams per week of same to be paid for in cash till) lurge sized 32 i?M?ior me every iwu ween.*. Weekly Herald.foronn yew M. Y. BEACH, from this date, to beofqutli- 1 accept the atx>ve order, ty equal to this specimen - and agree to furnish the paPayraents to be made each per accordingly. week in cash, in full for that H. V. BWTLKR. week. Aug. 31,184-2, JAMES O. BENNETT. Witness, M. S. Bkalh We accent the above order and will deliver it as directed. PER8SE Sc. BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street Jams. Row v., / wilnemes. SaMUFL Bcman, S By these documents it will be seen that the Herald has a much larger circulation than the Sun, and is therefore decidedly the best for advertising. Yet we would not osk nny person to select either paper, contrary to their own views and feelings. The paper maker for the Sun is a very respectable and very honorable man?and a capi al paper manufacturer. So also are our paper makers, Messrs. Tersse and Brooks, with whom we have dealt to the extent of nearly $-J60,000 in paper. Advertisers will remember the# ? facts. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS^ PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. AiF^MiSj' Fare reduced to 33 cents. Krom tne loot of Ceurtlaadt street, New York (Every day?Sunday soareptcd.) Loaves New York Leaves Newark Al 9 A.M. At i T. M At 7X A. M. At IX P. M l'X do 4 do 8 do. 3>? do. <X do 9 do. ft do. 7 do. 11 10 do ON SONDAY8. Krone the foot of Conrtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and fX P M. At IS P. M. and 10 P. M NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Letvc New York. Leave Elisabeth Town. 9 A.M. 7 A.M. 1 P.M. IK A.M. a* " 10* A. M. 4X P. M. IX M. S P. 94. ?K " The irains foe WesllWId, riaioficld. Bouodbrook, Hotnervilte, kc., connect with the 8 A M, land 4lf P M trains from New York, daily, Sundays eicepied. Kare bee ween New York end Elisabeth Town 26 cents. Kare between do and Somerville, 7i cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. from the foot of Courtlandl street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Bniuewick At A. M. At 6X A. M. * 9 P. M. Ou Muudays die iX and'X A.M. 'ripe from New Brunswick 2*-i r. M. tram I rem >rw * >ra, are uiiiuea. fare between New Ye"'t nn<l New Brunswick, 7J cent*. H iLthway, SO cents ^B fhe far* in the J? ami 7)4 A. M. train from New Bruna^B aick. anil IX and 4X M. rraiu from New York, haa been re ^Bducea. ^B New York and New Brnnswiek, to S6 ernta. ^B and Rohway to 37X ^B ra*?engri? wIhj procure their ticketa at tlie ticket office, re ^Hceive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticker* are received by the con ^Hluctor only on the Jay whejumrchaaed. Ill Sir>*_ MOK HIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, H New Arr-maeeieut?Thu Road having been re-laid at treat ^Huprnse witii the moat approved and heaviest H rail, to aeeore ^Ha r.ili'and expeditions conveyance between Mew York and ^HMorristnwn, will commence rnnninc two trip* daily, Suudays ^Hrirt-|ilrri, on and after M- inlay, Jan, '-8 ^H Kirn Train from Morriatown will feare at7M A M. ^H Be rood Train from Morriatown will leave at IX P M. ^H Kirst Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at ^H^lecond Train from New York will leave at IX P M?Naw^Hrk at IX P M. ^H fatten (era by the Moraine Train from Morriatown will ar^Hive at Newark in time for the 9 A M Train to New Yo'k, or Hhe morula* Train to Philapelphia; bv the Afternoon Train ^Hhey will arrive at Newark in time for the 3X P M Train to ^^Biew York or the Evening Train to Thiladelp1 la. Passengers by the Morning Trai from New York will drive ^H' Morriatown in tune to dioe and take any of the Stage* run^^Bincwcat or north from 'hat place. J26 lm*ec WINTER AllRANOEMKNl. AAoffi .13/> FffL^LffirykAiLTri^b LINK DIRECT. Bm Newark, New Brnnawick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordan^H town and Burlington. THROUGH IN HI* HOURS. ^^B,e*ie New York.from the foot of Coiwllandt treet.dailv, at9 M and 4\ P M. ^Bllu morning cine proceeds to Bordcntown, from thence by ^^HriCmnoat to fhiladelphn. Thr Kvening Line proceeds direct te Camden, (opposite ^^ hiladelphia) withont change of can. ^^B l'asacugeis will pvornre their tickets at the office foot of ^^Kourtlaodt street, where a cammodions steamboat will he in ^^Ha<l>oe*as, with baggage eratei on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, ^^Hithont being opened by the way. Each train u provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apart^B'nu and dressing rooms expressly for tlig Ladies nse. Keturaing, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of ^^Bliestnut street by raflroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and ^^ n'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leare Philadelphia at IA M, being a ^^ inrinnatioD of the lines from New York. ^Bi?(liii*r ^H~" STATEN ISLAND KEKKY Knot of Whitehall street *|f HTTTnd after Dec. 3d, the steamer 8TA1 EN ISLANDER, ^^ lll run as follows, until further notice ^ EAVK STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. WA.M, 9 A.M. iju I' M. jZ P.M. ^ dlr 4(? NEW YORK AND BOSTON KA.IL AoAi) LINE. ^'n ^?^T!lc?Hu4ND Wo*??T?n IlaiLnoans. ^^^ Compcird of the foHowing superior steamers running in con^^Bction with the Norwi^k flc Worrestei and Wo! tester k Bos^^ n Hail Koadt? woai KSTKR. Cape. J. H. Vanderbilt. HnKW HAVKN, Cap. J. K. Dnatan. ^ iXMOPalTWA, Capt . ^ i'n and after Monday, Nov.llvt.thw line will be run tri-weak^^H, leaving N^w York, Tneadayi, Thursdays and Satnrdays %"iry ~*P*W7 From Peek Mi|?, East H'ler. nfw and anlfiwiid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain ffl leave every Tueaday, Thnrxday and Hatur4 o'clock. Boston will be forwarded immediately on the >re boau at Norwich, and will proeeed witha or baggage. urination enquire at the office of 1>. B. ALLK.N. 39 Paca ?lip, npataire. e forbid (mating any one oa account of the vricra. n2Sr KOK A LB AN Y? Hour Changed?On and afier Monday, Uih inatant. and until further notice, paaeengera for Albany, via Houaatonic pre thia citv by Hteamer Croion or Nitorod, excepted) at 7 o'clock, A. M. from Catherine at Hirer, arriving in Albany aamc evening. POMEKOY fc CO.^2 Wallat. It LI V KHPOOj? Packet of III" tat of March. Black Ball Line)?The aitpi tior last tailing aliip Oxford, (,a|>t. Halhoutie, will anil ai IT day, having excellent accommodation!, a|e JOHN HEKDMAN, 61 Month alMet. trra from England. Ira'and, Scotland and engaged with the aukacriber bv aplrndid liiat s.aailing weekly from Liverpool to New Vork Ipn in, NfW Orteana and Mobile, thereby aflent for, a |>aaaage to the nearrat |mrt in the i their intended rrlilement forwarded for any amount, payable in towua throughout the IInitvd Kingdom. For lie apply (if by letter i oat paid) to the old tmnt Paaaage < fficr, aa above. jjfr t adheaive Kelt lor ahratliiiig topa oi hornet nana, for "ale in Ion to auit pnrcheaere, by E. K. COLLINS * CO, M Moatb at E NE NTE1 SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1843. ^ m m OLL) ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. UASSAUK to and from Great Britain and Ireland by the regular line of packet*, sailing on the l*t, 7th, 13th, lWhand 25th of each month. The old Black Ball line of packet* are a* follows?? Snip NEW YORK. Captain Cropper, " CAM BRIDGE. Captain Buistow, " COLUMBUS. Captain Cole. " EUROPE, Captain Kurber, " SOUTH AMERICV, Captain Bailey, " NORTH AMERICA, Captain Lowber, " ENGLAND, Captain Waite, " OXKOKD, Captain iUthbon*. , . The Commercial L1 lit* i* composed of lorty sailing *hipi, all commanded by mru of (treat esperieuce. r ir?t cl i?n slops will al o be despaicned Irom Liverpool to Boston, New Orleans tnd Mobile, three lime* per ineuth; to Baltimore, Charleston and Savanuah, twice a month, to the differont ports in Butiali North America weekly. 1 he?llt?scriber, in making known his arrangements for the year 1843, beg* to call the attention of tho*e (>er?on* residing in the United Stat** and Canada, who wish to send (or their friend* to come Irom En*laud, Ireland, Scotland and Walea, that they can olwav* be accommodated by tne line of packet *hip* (ailing a* a bore; and in order to give more facility aDd quick despatch to the emigrant, lirat class well-known American ?hip?, comprising the Commercial Line will, iu addition to the packets. be despatched by his Liverpool agents^ every three or four day* during the ?ea?ou, thereby avoiding any detention. Those sending for their friend* may rest assured iliat everything con nccteil with hi* business will be executed with his usual prompter*! With these at range ineul* the subscriber hopes to command a preference for this line, aud a continuation of the public patronage which his been so liberally bestowed for many years past; and iu all cases when parties decline comiug the money is refunded, as customary; a free passage can also be secured by steamboats from the ditfereut ports in Ireland and S-otlsnd to Liverpool. Remittances and Drang?With regard to his arrangements for ihe payment of hisdrafts, they are such as to warrant every satisfaction, and are paid at all tne btiuking houses on demand, throughout Great Bntain and Ireland. Those persous, therefore, throughout the Uuitrd State, who wish to remit money to their Iriends residing in any part of the United Kingdom, will plene notice on the receipt of the amount here, with uaine aud address of the party to receive it, a sir .It for the amount at i lie rataof $5 per pound sterling, will be forwarded per steam ships or by first packet ship, aud a receipt or duplicate of same returned through the post office For further particulars apply, (if by letter post pain I to JOHN HKRDMAN.61 South street, or J. tk. W. Rt /BIN ?>ON, Goree Piazsas, aud Neptune st, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. In Scotland?Messrs Daniel Wright & Co., Glasgow. In Ireland?Dinnis Delanv, Esq., Dublin; Messrs. Joseph Allen & Co., Belfast; Mr. Wm. Cairns, Londonderry; A. Muv> ray, Esq . Coik. d23e? TAPSOOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. jsr The subscribers beg to call the attention of their friends ami the public generally, to their superior arrangements for briuuiiiu; out passenger* from, anil remitting money to, any par* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Walei, iu tne magnificent packet ships, comprising the new Line ok Liverpool packets,* viz Ship ROSC1US, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS.CaptainCohb. bhip SHERIDAN, Captain Depvyster. Ship G ARRICK, Captain New ship HOTTINGUER, Captain Btu.ley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredge. Sailiuft twice every mouth; and with the " UNITED LINE," composed of su|>erior first class American ships, sailing every ten days, will make fire ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby preventing the possi bility of unnecessary detention. Passages dirrct from Loudon, Bristol aud Greenock to New York Also from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Sava" nah, Charleston. Philadelphia, Boston aud Baltimore, and the vurio s ports in British North America, can at all timet be engaged on liberal terms. Persona wishing to send for their friends, will not fall lo ace the advantages to be derived fiom selecting this line in preference to any other, aud they may rest assured that unnsnal care will be taken lo make ilie passage agreeable, the shitw being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. Iu all eases where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage from the various seaport, of Ireland and Scotland, can also be seen red. The regnlar packets for which the subscribers are agent", sail as follows, viz :?To and from London ou the 1st, 10th, aud 20th of each mouth. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, l?th, and 25th of each mouth. New Orleans. Mobile, savannah, an i Charleston, weekly throughont the season. remittances. Persons in the country wishiug to send money to their friends byeuclosirg the sum lliey wish sent, with the name aud address of the parties to receive it, m.y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per fir't packet, after the receipt tnereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, w ithont discount or any o:l? r charge, at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches. Eastern Bank ! Scotland, Greenock, aud their branches, Messrs. James Bnlt, Son Ik Co., Bankers, London, Exchange and Discouul Bank, Liverpool, au.l in very psissllisl town of Ureal Britain avid Ireland Knrtlierputiculars nude known on application, if by letter, post paid, to il^y r W, fc J. T. TAP8COTT, <3 Peck Slip, N. York. i?$fy j&Mt PASHAGKVROM GRE^ffiurrAIN AND IKELSND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th aud 19th of every mouth.] Persons wishing lo send lo the Old Country for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come ont in this superior i-ine of rackets, sailing from L iverpwol . unctually ou the 7th and 19tli of every month. Tt ev will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly conunumca lion from thai port. One of the lirm ( Mr. James D. Roche) is there, t? see thit they s)-.all be forwarded witli care and despatch. Should the i>arlies agreed for not couie out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduc tion. Tne Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool rackets, comprise the following magnificent 8hi|>s. viz:? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EL'KlPrE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior aud unequalled e.irnngemeats, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of thatsupporl which Iws been extended Is them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting tnouev to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drifts at sight for any amonut, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PttESCOTT. ORO I E, AMES It CO. Bankers, London,. which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the princi|?l towns throughout England, Ireland. Scotland and Wales. Apply,or address, (if by letter, postpaid,) ROCHE. BROTHERS It CO. 16 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port fbr Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to the old conntry will find it to their comfort end advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. _ d27 r -i~ RAIL ROAD LINE OF BTAOEB fflU yKOV1 NEW YORK TO BEDFORD.? mWyddWh On aud after Tuesday, January 3d, 1813, the subscribers willruua liue of stages from Bedford to New York three times a week, as follows:? Leaves Softy's -laasion House, Bedford, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday moruiug at 8H o'clock. Leaves the Kail llond (lore), corner of Bow ery and Brooms its, New York, every Tuesday, Thnitday and Saturday morning, by the 9 o'clock cars, iwssing Marble Hill, East Chcsler-White Plaius, Robhius' Mills, Mile Square, Newcas tie, aud Bedford. HIRAM DEFOREST, G. C. LEWIS, Proprietors. The Red Bird Lice of Srsges will continne to run during the winter from White every day at o'clock, and New York at I o'clock, P M., Sundays excepted. HIRAM DEFOREST, ft lm*cc Proprietor, WINTER ARRANGEMENT?sTlrt BlT< UVi PKINS' Line ol Stages for Yonkers, Tfl'tfy'lin* Dobbs Ferry, Tarry Town, SingSing, Sodom and Soutiieast. in connection with the Harlem Railroad. This lint will leave New York at 9 o'clock daily, by the Railioad cars for Wilhamsbridge, and will convey passengers as far as Sing Sing and Peeksgill. And on Tuesday, Thursday and Samrday, the line Will be extruded to Sodom. On Mondays, Wedn< sdays ami Fridays from Sodom to NvwYork. S. M. TOMPKINS, Proprietor. The Railroad Fare from Williamsbridge to New York is 26 cents. fl02w?r WINTER ARRa NGKMENT? For Goshen cTjJ-via New Vork and Erie Railroad.?Fare to, $l,iO?Tinner's $?,2i. On nnd after Monday, January 2d. IMI. .he can of the New York nnd Em K.iiiioad will mn in cunuectiou with the s*e?mboat Utica, Uapt A H. Schnltx, dally, Sci dayv excepted. K"f Passengers? Leave Duaueairret pier at 9 o'clock, A. M.; leave Goshen at quarter past 8, A. M. For Freight?Leave Duaiic street pier at 3 T. M.; leave Gothcn at lialf-bast 8 A. M. H. C. SEYMOUR, Snpeiinteiiduut and Engineer. The pavsengvrs train connects at Tamer's with Beach's Mail Stages for Newhurgh, New Paltx. Kingston, Catskill and Albany, aud at Goshen with tile Carbondale and other Western Line of Stag"'- W 2 PASSAGE FROM ClV ERI'OOL?The very Mfl@Wsnperior packet ship MEMPHIS, Capt Knigbt, will JBrngBBssail from Liverpool early in March. Feisous wishing to send for their friends can hare them brougnt out in her or any of the regular packets by applying personally, or if by letter, fostyaid^ McMU 100 Pine street, corner til South. P S?Drafts for any amount, payable at sight in any bank, branch, or aaenr.y of a bank, in England, Ireland and Scotland, turn by applying >? Abort. iV?L Agfr- PASSAGE FOR LONDON?lueket 1st Martb. ?3WV?The apltndi.i last tailing purkrt ?hip I H LAjtftSjMLDKI.rHIA. Captain Hovey, will mil poaltively u an?vr her regular day. ... Having splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and Sieerage passengers, for passngn early application should be mad j en board or to W. A J. T. PAP8COTT, 43 Peck Slip cor South at. The Philadel) hia sails frotn London on the Itth Aiuil, afford inn to |x*rsnn> wishing to send fur Uieir Irieuds a favorable opiiortnnity o( having them brought out in her or any of the regular line on liberal terms, and tl ose wishing to remit money can have drafts on London for any amount, payable on demand, without discount, in all the principal towns of Orrat Britain. _ 211 r_ x*j?- FOR LONDON.- Pa< ket of Ihe l*t March.?Thv flSV splendid, t'sst sailing Packet ship PHILADELPHIA in HOV?v, will ?ail m aboif, Ii?r teguUr day. )!?? idprrior a?rommodationa for cabin, i-cnnd cihir ami stt crage paaaenRcr*. I or |?iMg0t tirly IprticiliOQ >liniildj>c inndr On board* "r to JOHN IIKHDMAN, 1^7 r 61 Houthatrept. | PAbsAUL M)K .NEW OHLKaNi?(Tnly Hruul \r Line?The ?| lfudid .lut sailing packet ship ONF.K, Capt. Jackson, will tail ioaittf?ly on UMMarch, hrr regular day. Having ap'Bdid accommodations far cabin, aaeotMl cabin and itccr.Mij passengers, lor i Midge , aaily application ahonld be macron boardT fjfT 41 feck mip. CQMwr Howl* tr?t. BERLIN IKON CASTINGS. i 17HAWKS and Fenders, Mercury patterns; Summer Orna" meats Ac. for sale low, to close a coosiaament. noli*; okljuchs a kkl'ukh. U Broaiat. W YO V YORK. TUESDAY MO NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T., tiKrom New York 011 the JMli and, Liverpool on the Iltr it/ ettch mtnlk. j&&L Fkwm Nbw Yobiu Ship UAKKICK, (Captain Win. Skiddy, 24lh February. Sliii ROSC1US, Captain Juhu Collins, 25lti March. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 21th April. Ship 8 H Ell ID A N. Captain K. A. Dcpeyster, 25th May. Fiiom Liviupoivl. Ship 81DDON9, Captain E. 15. Cobb, 13th February. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th March. Ship GARRICK, Captain Win. skiddy, 13th Apiil Ship ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, 13th May. i Theses hips are allot the lirat claaa, upward* ol IMt tens, built bthe city of New York, willi sacli improvement* aacombiue ireat speed with nnnsual comfort for passengers. Every care ha* been takeu in the arrniiKement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is SIUO, fur which ample store* w ill hi provided. These ahipa are cptnin aided by experience:.' maulers, who will inake every exertion to Rive general atiafac'itin Neither the captain* or owDera of r'. vxt owill be responaiole for at y letter*, parcels or packati raen I by llieni, uuleaa regular bi tla of lading a*e signed therefor. For Irvight or pa*:, tub, .apply to E. K. COLLINS U CO., 56 South at.. New York, or to WM. k JAS. &ROWN fc CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packets will be charged 12}, rents per single il?e't: SO cent* per ounce, and newspaper* I cent each. f3 r JHH NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS & M M. T^anUom New Yorkltitli, aud IromLive rpool 5tl^^acn month. Ship ROCHESTER, 800 ton., Philip WooHhouse, i 161,1 *eb ry* Ship HOTTINOUER, 105(1 tons, } ,?tl, \t,?j, Ira Burselv, , 16th March. New ahip LIVERPOOL, 1150 Lons, i 1M, ?_,:i John Eldritfge, (l?th April. New ahip , 1200 tona, ,#lh Msy These substantial, last sailing, first class ships,all built in the citv ol New York, are r. mmaided by men of experience and ability, an., will b* despatched pnnctually on the 10th of each mnth. Their cabins arc elgaut and commodious, and are furnished | with whatever cau conduce to the ease and conifoilol passengers. Neither t e captaius or owners of these ships will be respousib'e for any arci ls or packages sent by thi in, antes* regular bills ltidiiig are signed therefore. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 87 South street. New York, or to KIELDEN, BROTHERS fc CO., If 7 y r Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. '1MIK of Liverpo^^^^^reafter be L despatched it) the following order, excepting that when the linyofsailiu&failion Sunday, the ihipe will xail on the succeeding day. Kor New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, t June I July 19 616 tons, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. G. Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 tona, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L.Waite f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, l July 1 Aug 19 BOO lous, < Nov 1 Dee 19 J. Knlhboue. r March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 610 tons. Nov 19 Jan 7 E.G. MerxhaMi'Mar 1* May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 6 IB tona. > Dec I Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.r April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, ( Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons. Bee 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.r April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, iSep. 1 Oct 17 850 tons, ' Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barscow.f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, ' Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will he observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample atores of ever* description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be famished by the stewards. GOODHUE II CO.. 61 Sonth St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-slip, N. Y. JeJI lyo BARING ??OTHERS Ik CO.. l.Vol. FOR NR1 HLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW RK LINE OF PACKETS # m M po: the better accommodation of shi|i|ieTs, it is intended to despatch a ship from this norl on the 1st, 5th. loth, 15th. 80th, and 25tli ot each month, com.i enctng the lOtli October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will be j revented during the summer months. The following ships wit' commence this arrange mant : Ship VAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCON EE, Captain Jackson. ^hip MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard Snip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPKARE, Captain Miner. Whip oasTllN Captain l.atliam. Slup HUNTSVlLLiL Captain Muni ford. Ship OCMUI.OEE, Captain Leavill. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Cnp'uin Knight. Slap LOUISA, Captniu Mulford. These ahipe were all built in the city of New Yprk, espress for packets, aie of liglit draft of water, have recently been wly coiqa-rrdand put in Milt :idid onler.wu.'i accommodations (or passengers unequalled for comfort. They arc commanded bv experienced masters, who will makt every exerlieti to give Si-neral satisfaction. They will at all times be rowed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package, sent by o rpat on hoard ol tuein, unless regtu.-.r bills of.ading are taken for the same .id-* the value thneon expressed. For freight or passage, apply J*;*, COLLINS 8c C().,56 South hullin * woodruff, ak<?m m New OdeaM. who will promptly forward all Koods to their addrtss. 1 ha shipa of tins line are warranted to punctually aa advertised , and ffreat care will be taken to have the Roods correctly measured. ra^ ^ ^ .hjn. will prisszz! eillea on the 1st of each month duniir Lhe year 'Ims? MINERV A.Capt Brown, Fr?m H-HYTHOM^ON, C.p Sylvester, Dec 1. Kb } TRVsrm'-rV' J,fKa9' Jt!"J- M? i 1 KbptOT T, Capt Lawrjence, Feb 1. Anl l HELLESPONT, Capt A.I..11M M?1. May COHIOLANU8, Cap Hurt, AM L Jun } 1 hey are all comwree an-l copper failened.sud liave eicellrot accommodations for passengersThe price of cabtu passage will o* $106, exclusive o wines and liquors. Goods add raxed to BOYD k UlNCKEN. the a gents, will t/or7 ? other harKei iiaa those actually paii. For freight or paaaage apply to _ O. BROOM It COu or to _J??r _ BOYD k HINCKKN^ Agents. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamer aCADIA, will leave Boston for the above ports on Wednesday, 1st or March. Her accommodations for passengers are very superior, and she nm> eotni anied by in experienced surgeoii. *he is a so well innplted with b > a nets' Patent Lite Boats. Pvssage to Liverpool gl2n Passage to Halifax 20 For fmthcr information, apply to U. dKIUHAM, Jr. (iir 3 Wallttreet. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL 8TKAM BH1PS, Of I200.len* Mid 440 horae power each. Under contract with the Lordi of the Admiralty. HlBERNIA, C. H. K. Judkioa, Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, K. O. Lou, do AC AD LA, A. Hyrie do COLUMBIA, K. C. Miller, R N do Will aail from Liverpool and Boatou, via Hakfai a* follow* : FROM LIVERPOOL. PROM BOSTON Acadia, Ki-rie, K?b 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Millor, Mar 4 Apl 1 Britannia, Hrwiti, Apl 4 May 1 Hih'rnia. Jndhin*, Ap't 19 May 10 The accommodation* lor pn**?n<er* are an|>erior. The vessels are icc?m|>anied by rrperienoed surgeons, and amply supplied wiih France*1 Potent Life Boat*. Passage leduted to $120. No Berth* ircnred until paid for. Kor further information, apply ro D. BIUUHAM, JR.,at HARNDEN k 00*8, No. J Wall-?t. jine PUL.LEN & COPP'S jfsv-nito g&aft) NkvrvTfnff AiiTsF TUol AN^SStTikaL EXPRESS. Metar*. Harnden k Co. having diapoaed of their route Iron! New York to Albany and Troy, the *nb*eriber*. the old conductor* of Harnden k Co'* Northern Exrres*, from New York, will coutinue to run a* heretofore-leavin^ New York, Albany and Tray, Daily , and connect at Truy with Jacobs' Montreal Ktpreta, and will forward Bpecia, Bank Notes, Package*. Bnndles.Caaes of (Jooda. lie., to any place betwrcn N?w York and Moutrral, and throughout the Canada'*. AI?o Wait, frnm Troy and Albany t? Boitoti, and We*t from Alhauy lo Buffalo. Ail hnaiiiea* ciitruated lo their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of note*, draft*, acceptance*, fcc.. and prompt returns made roi aaane, PULLKN k COPP Offices? Pullen k Coup, 2H Wall*troel, New York. Tho*. Ornish, 15 Eiohauge, Albany. A (J. Killim*. 22R River atreet, Troy. 8. Jacob'* Eichange Court, 8t Paul at, Montreal. REFERENCED. Nrw Your. Ai.naNv. Trot. Prime, Ward St Kiu#, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob J.iitle, k Co.. Tho*. Ouugh P. Well*, John T. Smith, k Ce.. 8 K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffman, C. 8. Douglass, Oaepciter k Vermilye, F. Leake Houghton k Co. Drew, Robinson fc Co. b>4 DAILY pack \ i E EX PRE 88 CAR KtiK Albany, TROY, AND BUFFALO. i? By the llonsatonio RatlR I, ruiiLiu l~i77^T^f^rthT? C'ty to Albany ia Twelve Houre. Leave* at 7 o'clock in the morning. The eiibecrrbera have made arrangement* with the Hontatom Rail Road Company, to run aii Kinteea Car yetclnaively for out owe purpose) daily, over their road with the i>aaa*ur.< r train, running through iwi Albany in twelve hour*, and are no v prepared to receive aid forward at low rates, Specie Bat a Noun, Packages, Bale* and r.**ee of Oootl*. fcc., fer any of (lie above named or intermediate place*. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bill*, note*, draft* and account*, and inch other bnimeu aa may bo entrnatydto their care, dlr " rOMEHOf k CO.! Walleueat, New Yerk. i i> rr t ' i i rv i RNING, FEBRUARY 28: a COUNTRY RESIDENCE KOR SALE?In the villaije of H.'nover, Morns County, New Jersey, 13 inilcs from Nt-waik, on the turnpike leading to Mofratowii,? lanp two story House, commotio; i iklit rooms untl good cellar, with Kood well of woter near the door. Also good coach house and with three acres of rich land, all fenced anil in good OfQS r II tin- iho?. is nol sold at pi i \ Hi%t\\r .it will he offered at suction on Wednctdty, 8th of March, at 1 o'clock, ou the K?*r further naiticulars enquire of fOHKI'il BOOTH, Hanover. N. J., or i a i n;n; WILSON J. HUNT, We r cor fulton, N.Y. 1 Admioistrators. _fH tin r ' 4?" TO LKT?la De in street, lieai Smith stieet, Broon. jjfl 'yn, the splen iid three si. ry house, finished in the best loner, with tw.< lo's si icrnni.d at'arhed. Also, coach home, mahles. lite. A vajiety of the most choice crape vines, also several fruit treer, with a well aud pump of etcellenl prion water oil th: premises This pioperly is well calculated for the accommodation ofa res|iectable family, to whom it will be let for one year or more on sccommodatinir terms, by applying to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 8313tr 100 Pine sweet. TO LK.'i?The house snd store No.70 Laight street, | TjS corner ot Washiiicou. The store Is at present occupied ZjpLas a Siocery, slid lite occU|.aut would sell out immediately. Three dwellitiK houses iu the same row, aud some parts of housts. Inrjnire at 04 L rght st. 2.'if 3w*r MOKKlCfcS TO LET?In store No. 69 Sooth street. Apply to JOSEPH McMURKAY, 100 Pine street. I I lec TO LET?h mm 1st of May next, the modem built j pr? two story brtcu hotue, No. II Third st, with attic, besrJ^J^mrnt aiid cellar, and marble mantles throughout. Kor furitiei particulars tpqeire at I79K Pearl at tif lm* MTO LEi ? Kromlrt >lav uex., two mt detu two story I louses, in Oraiid street, near Wooster, Also, the Store No. l!9 '.'anal St., now occupied as a chair store. II could be made nit > two very convenient stores Apply to JOHN THOMPSON I |<V Imrc GO Grand or 27 Wooster sts. JBT K (I It "3XC1TZVE jtiT H A N O it roltunr PROPKKTY?A Farm of one hundred acres, situated in Kf^^rtni'road.or si* mile* Ir in Nya- k Lauding. Handsomely ntuati (1, plenty i f fruit, well watered mid woourd, and easy of access at any day in the week, by ihe above rnad.iu three hours. Kor lurther particulars enquire at :7 Gouveuenr srreet, where a nudveipe view can be seen. I7f lm*r FOK SALE OH EXCHANGE FOR PROPERTY jft&lN THE CITY OK NEW YOHK-A va uable Farm ifti ein Scarsdale, West Chester County, two inilea bslsWWkite Plains aud twenty-live 'roni New York on the mam road leading 10 and from sard places. On the premises is a spacious double two stciv dwelling house, with a kitchen attached; a nam, carriage aud out houses, all iu fine order; 2 bcariug apple orchards, mostly gr fted fruit, peach, chc'ty and neat trees, a rood well of water and cistern holding 40 hogsheads of water; about twelve acres of wood land. The whole farm well fenced and mostly with stoue wall aud id Snod repair. The Broll River crosses the rear, along which le railroad runs, now nearly complsted, to White Plains. Peisons desirous ol seeing the ore ises will find it one of the most iles.rable places iu West Chester County. Enquire of J. J. TRAVIS, on the premises, or D. BRUSH, KSQ. f2 lm*r No 92 Fnltoutl. ng FOR SALE OH TO LET-And possession given JKghthe middle ot March, toe farm belonging to the heirs of ...skvihe l.ue Joseph Woodard, situated near the junction of the Williamsburg and Newtown turnpike roads in Newtown, L I, about oue mile fr in the village of Williamsburg h, containing about 40 acres. The soil aud location are not surpassed bv aril iu the neighborhood of Wilhamsbnrgh or elsewhere. Ths l.ouse is large and comm idious, aud the outbuildings very extensive, aud it is calcnlited for n ueut'eman s residence, or an t'ltcusivc milk estabishinenl It also p issrses many advanta g.i of wafer com uiu meat ions, having two docks on the piemises Alio, one lot of about nine acres, suitable for a garducr, adjoining which a number of first'ate gsrduers from York Island hare recently located. Terms moderate. For further particulars apply to J. J. A. E BBE18, m I weod*rc No. 26 Wallst, up stain. CHAPMAN'S MAGIC STROP. WE THE UNDERSIGNED, Importers aud Wholesale Dealers, having used and sold L. Chapman's Metallic Razor Strop, do freely recommend it as being superi'r to anything which has hitherto come untler our notice of a similar nature. Signed? A Ik S Willets, importers ef hardware, No 303 Pearl st. A W Sines 8t Co, do do Jig do Willis it Brothers, do do 213 do Oakley It Loomis, do do 62 do Sheldon It Thelps. do do 23 and 27 South William. Halstedlr Brothers, do do 51 Pearl St. Kissam, Bryce It Jones, 'do 22g do Sn*>lmnTi Hi VmTf.r. imiHirtem of Kunav (Joods. 136 Pearl st. Posts it Main, importer of drugs, 44 Ceil-tr it. Field, Thompson 1* Co. importers of Dry Oneds. 55Cedr.r*t. Fellows, Van Aradalv fk (hooper, Watches, II Maiden Lane. D h eli k Co., importers of Stationery. 24) Peatl it. Win U Oouldiug, Surgical Instrument manufacturer, 33X I lhalham st. For Sale at 202 William street! To lie had l y th dozen nt the manufacturer's prices of the above firms, ami at retail, at the principal fancy stores throughout ihe city. Made at 102 William street. fl Im*tn fO PHINTKRS?For sale, three second hand medium handpresses and inking machines ; three second hand njur rove I hand-presses aud inking machines. The above presses and m icbines are in good order, and will be sold very low ou application to the HOE Printing Press Michiue and Saw M.uiul. ctmy, Nos. 29and 31 Oold street. 18f 2wr UNITED STATES HOTEL, NEW YORK.?This well known establishment has been leased lor a term ol years by the ne.ih-i nKi'ed. wlie nrr adding to the already eztenvive accointnod itiiiu a large Re tinug Room fot gentlemen. where they will find ad the principal newspapers ol thiscouutry end Europe; a Dressing Room and Barber's Shop, not surpassed by any Hotel in the country; Baths, hot aud cold; Minor's Patent V pur Baths always in re. diursi, and can be given on three minutes notice. An Ordinary for the accommodation of cili* reus aud strangers no', residing at the Hotel, will be o|iened ou a magnificent scale; and l.ept up from 6 A. M. till 12 at night. The interior of the building is undergoing a thorough repair ?refitting aud furnishing, cleaning and painting. 'ihecclebratedCrutouW.'ter is introduced throughout the House,which r. niters it not euly healthy la the eiireme, but perfectly secure ageiust fire. The location is such as makes it more convenient for merchants, travellers aud business men than any oilier in the city, being equi-distaDt Irom m st of the eastern, western aud southern m u i in boats, and in the immediate vicinity of all the Atlantic Steamers and Packet 81ii(s. The tables are supplied with the best our market affords; U.e wiucs of the choicest brands, anil selected by our best copnoi seurs; the servauts dean, orderly end attentive? iud the public may depend on the untiring efforts of its pruprietots to make the United Stales as comfortable for them na any other hotel in the Union. ISflinr BRAISTKD 8t JOHNSON. INDIA RUBBER SHOES. S3 Maiden Lane?Selling iff at -! wholesale prices, gentlemen's Over Shoes, with leather soles,both sheet an-l cloth rubber, are now -Itiug at the uaparal-lied low pric o' $LM. La liei oeer shoes id' every variety and kind at equally low prices. Tht ve guodi rre the more durable and elegant articles lobe found, aiiriiuallcaiesw.trranted. Those who have not seen our goods are particularly invited to call and csamine before purchasing. Don't lurgel the number, S3 Mauls t Lure. 211 lwis*in HUTCHINSON & RUNYON. \KTATCHE8 AND JEWeLkY Vbttl i,UW ?As the *v subscriber is constautiy receiving all descriptions of Oold aud Silvei Watches, ol the uewesc styles, fron the manufacturers in England, France and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger assortmeut aud st much less prices, st retail,Lhau at any other house in the city. Also, Gold Chains, Keys, and Oold Pencils. Oold Watches as low as 2* to 2S dollars each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time or the mouey returned. Watches, Clocks aud Jewelry repaired in the best raanh' r and warranted, timet. lest than the usual prices. O.C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, lm#ec Wholesale and Retail. 30 Wall St.. upstairs. TO THE LOVERS OF fcUHEHIOR BLACK TEA? Ilowqua's Misture?This eitremely delicious aud unparalleled Tea, so highly celebrated iu China and Europe, just imported, is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's Geneva! Tea Estvblishini lit, 121 CEatham St. New York?in Chinese packages Price St! rents and gt. 112 tm*r EAFNE8S CURED?SCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL? For the cure of Deafness, Pains, and the dischatges of matter from ihe Ears. Also, all those unagreeable noires like the I uzzuig ol insects, fa ling of water, whizzing of steamy ate tLC . w Inch Hie > nuiKinia ?i a|i|>rua>'i>iiik nearness, mm aiso generally attendant with ihedWlu. Many persons who have been deaf for t> n, tftiia, mid twenty years, and were obbgi d to use ear trumpets, have, alter using one or two bottler, thrown aside their trumiwta, being made perfectly well. rhvaiciatia find surgeons highly recoinmrnd itr use. Head the following editorial from the Timer Drarrsicss Cured.?We hare heard a great many speak of the virtues of Bcnrpt's Acoustic Oilat a reined; for Drafurai, and we nrr assured that it ia unsurpassed by anything known for the pwrpeaa. One or two instances of its curattre effects hare been pointed out to us, and tlmy are really astonishing. ? Prepared by Dr. B. Bell, and told ou agency, 306 Broadway, New York. Price >8 per bottle. fll Im sdga Kt?H ' LIVERPOOL?NKW LINK? .Regular iflniracket ol 25tl March.?Tha Spleudid Packet Bhip JSpAfasROiCIUS, (Captain John Collins, of 1100 toot, will positively sail as aboee, her regular day. For f reight ol passage, having aeeoinmodations unequalled for (ldenJor or comfort, apply on boar 1, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to 'E. K. COLLINS k CO. 56 South street. Price ol passage, SIM). 1 ne Packet Shin Biddons, Captain K. B Cobb, ul lCCfl i'us. will succeed tno Roscius, and sail the 25th of Aptil.hei regular day. Letters for the ships of this line will only be received at Oilpin . lOdHull Newt Hoom. Passengers may rely on the ship* oI this line sailing punctually at advertised. 127 r Mw BLACK BALL, or Old Lino of LIVERPOOL kf7fW Packets.?Regular Packet of 1st of March?The gMMllEwcelehratcd last sailing lavorite packet sht| OXFORD, < aptaiu J dm llathbyne, will tail positively ns above, her regular day. Persons returning to the Old Country will find it to their comfori and adv ntage to srlect this conveyance in preference to any other. Kor passage, and to .secure the best bcrtlis, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE BROTHERS S? CO., 35 Fulton st, uexl tloor to the Kultou Bank. P. 8 The Otford will nil from Liverpool on the 19th of April ?those sending for their friends, can have thein brought out in her, or m any of the Packets of litis magnificent Line, which sail from thereon the 7th and 19lh of each Month. Draftaonthe Royal B*uk of Ireland, and on Mraars. Prescott Orote, Ames ft Co . hankers, London, which will be paid free o| discount or any charge, in every town throughout England, Ireland, Senium i and wale*. For p ssage, kc , apply aa above. 1,7*The new and superb packet ahip Montetiima. burthen Ifl5u tons, Capl Allied B. L <wbrr, will aucceed the d aaiI for Liverpool ou the lath of Much, and will return again for 'his port on ihe 7th of May, her regular day. 22fr R. B. k CO. S4tJt- FOR LONDON.?Regular packet ol the l>t March. iHIW-The vers superior. fast sailing packet ship I'lllL AJSiSKnOKLPHlA, Captaia Hovey, w:11 positively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodation* forcabin.secoud cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make early application to ?M./oi*.rn wcjitnnni, !0? Pio* ?t., cor. Sooth. The aooTe will be ancccedmi bv the packet fhi|i Swit/cr Intnl. wul ?.?il on the lOlli "f March. fVrtona wi-hiea to ectid for their friemla reiidinir in the old country, ran haw thrm brought ont bythenboee ahips, or any oftheregnlar pneUrta, by apply imt n? abort ; if by li tter, paw mill, fur wA-X til. |I I ,S I All I.I Ml It. LI l.vilUrsA.N I IAS iMjWSAOK OKK1' K, 61 Sooth .treet, N? v. York-Rr*wMtKa'il'i ''ii" ? r.rclo roc aitbaeriher unci to brin. yt ; f j'.otit I'rom any part of Ureal Britain anil Ireland who mi, in Mijaucd t?y their friends her.-, hy the regular >ine of packet aliipi, atilin.' every an daya 'loin Liverpool, intout li t,line tor their frien la, in.iv rely that jmt care will be taken it haietliein deaintohed withont delay in Lireti>onl,aiiri will alwaya endeavor to merit a cohtintia ice of the public pateoua/e which her bseti ao liberally beatowed for many ycare peat; nial those remitting money riu have ,1 rails payable at all the llnjis and hr inchea inronahoiit the United Kingdom ( 'or further pnrtieulara, apt ly [if by letter, poat paid] to i?r JOHN HIlROMAN, *1 South at. I IEHA , 1843. ( rami Bachelor*' Hull in Baltimore. Taking it for granted that you would like to have some account of an entertainment lately given by the old bachelors of the good city ol Baltimore, to , fln> njrtv.a/iinir iwmilf lliprntif u/p Imun tulr?n llti I our iien to perform this office. Your pa|>er being the grand focus to whicli such descriptions usually (low, and where they are sought by the curious in these mutters, we have deemed it but an act of justice to these old fellows, that their tame should be proclaimed, so that the fair portion of your readers may know, that although, as a class, they continue to t.e overlooked and neglected, they can do Home things as well sis other folks, and a little better too. Now, it has always appeared to us strange?passing strange?that, in all the cities of the Union, so many of these woe-begone subjects are to be met with. Wherever you turn your eyes, there are the old bachelors?always accommodating, good-natured, and obliging?ready to devote themselves (the little that remains,) to the cause of the women?sustaining themselves in the most praiseworty manner, living on hope, (for they have little else to cheer them,) and the other conservative elements of decaying nature?such as wild ducks, torrapins, oysters, &c. &c. They are truly a sirfgular race, these , same old bachelors. Old maidH they look upon ? with a sort of instinctive horror?and yet it is among q this sympathising and congenial class alone, they ^ are to look f or that change in their abominable con- \ dition, which they fail to bring about in earlier and j more propitious times. They lay plans to entrap the young and artless, but in these they invariably fail. They invent modes of courtship hitherto unheard of?commit lo memory poetry which they have not the industry or sentiment to write themselves, and which they recite when occasion otters, with all due efleet?and do whatever else is calculated, either directly or indirectly, to storm the citadel, from which it would seem they are forever doomed lo be repulsed. But one thing is certain ? that if all their arts of seduction fail?if they have no particular fascination lor the hard hearts of the women; they certainly do underetand the art of giving a ball, and in thic view of their characters, otherwise so repugnant, for most of them are not even admitted to have ho iron their heads, (poor fellows!) they must he deemed, without flattery, to be useful and valuable members of society. The file to which 1 am about to introduce you, uiau li-iiln n mnul nroilitulilo unil miicmtieent nflnir Invitations were distributed throughout the country, and received a ready response in all the contiguous cities, even as far remote as Boston. The grand saloon of the "Assembly Booms," blazed with a flood o( light, judiciously and elegantly disposed?a room capable of accommodating from twelve to fifteen hundred persons. Adjoining this was an immense apartment, brilliantly decorated and furnished?appropriated to refreshments. This latttr was thrown open early in the evening, and 9erved as an agreeable lounge to those not otherwise engaged in the dance. The appointments tor the supper were magnificent beyond description, and have never been surpassed in any part of the country. A beautiful circulur table, of ample circumference covered the middle of the floor, in the area of which was a conical pyramid, rising in a gradation of shelves, covered with white damask, on which were tastefully arranged the ornamental confections and other refreshments for the more particular gratification of the ladies. This was enlivened by bouquets and festoons of the most beautiful natural flowers. In the space between the pyramids and the outer circle of the table, were stationed some 20 servants in white pantaloons and gaudy liveries. Of the 50 servants in attendance, all were marked by handsome liveries, presenting a most imposing and at the same time aristocratic Hpi>earaiice. At the door of entrance were two grenadiers on guard, in military costume, completely equipped At the door of the ladies' dressing room was another of these grenadiers, and in other parts of the house the dazzling effect of their military costume and glittering steel, contributed in no small degree to the imposing character of the scene. 'Hie supper was truly epicurean and recherche.? Without formality or ceremony, you approached the inviting circle, and regaled yourself with ices, of which there were varieties beyond enumeration, or such other articles of refreshment as the most various or fastidious apjietite could suggest. Every invention in the culinary art was here to be met with, and appeared at your bidding. Champagne flowed in rivers, and whatever was fancied, either in the way 01 viiiuup, uuiiiccuuiib, or mjuurc, was n^re in profusion, defying the hungry appetites of twice the number of persons assembled on this occasion. It really did honor to the old fellows, and will not be soon forgotten by those who were so fortunate as to stand at this liberally supplied board. The table presented the same entire and magnificent appearance throughout tlie evening, being renovated almost at the same moment that it was despoiled of its delicious treasures. With this brief outline of the preparations for this delightful festival, we must now introduce you to some of the prominent [tersonages by whose presence it was honored and adorned ; and let us premise by saying, that never, 011 any former occasion in this singularly agreeable city, have we been called to notice so much of refinement, elegance und beauty. Notwithstanding the immense size of the rooms, they presented at every turn a glittering mass oi richly dressed women. The crowd, however, was not so great as to interfere in the slightest degree with the pleasures of the waltz or quadrille. It was not more dense than would have been required to give effect and animation to the scene. From the "Federal city," in addition to Judges of the Supreme Court, members of the Cabinet, and representatives in Congress, we had a brilliant deputation from the fair sex. Conspicuous among these was the attractive MissT., a daughter of the celebrated Mrs. E., wife of the ex-minister to Spain, whose beauty and accomplishments have already drawn round her large numbers of anxious admirers. MissW. was also among the number, and distinguished by an open,generous and winning expression of faee. How op|Kisitp in character to the icy financier of General Jackson's cabinet, Iront who 11 she derives Iter origin In this department, there were others, whom it will be impossible to particularise. Threading our way through groups of familiar faces, not engaged in the dance, we recognised that entertaining person, Mrs H., the accomplished lady of the former chairman of the Committee of Foreign Relations. She is now a resident of the country, where she enjoys a repose, as the cultivator of rural pastimes, at once the opposite of scenes like the present, which she has contributed so largely to adorn, in the " Federal city," in times gone by. She was here with a very pretty daughter, whom she was just launching upon the gay world?full of life and joyous anticipations. Ily the by, we could not help remarking ujion the the absence of a smtpr. who was wont to he oresent on occasions like this (Mrs. S. G.f) and whose winning manners and stately appearance, will be long remembered, by those who bad the Rood fortune to come wulnn the circle of her Attraction. There was also the beautif ul daughter of the late Secretary of Stale, Mr. McL , who has recently united herself in marriage to a merchant of this place. Her stature was one of the finest present, and her bearing that of a person who had been born to shine at courts. We could not help noticing the singularly elegant appearance of a person who wa9 leaning on the arm of Judge Baldwin, of the Supreme Court, (Mrs. It.)? She was most gracefully attired, and presented a fine subject for the i>encil ofan artist,with herprofusionof dark curls, ana jet black eyes. Wc were also particularly gratified to meet with old acquaintances in Mrs. J. B. M., a refined and elegant lady of the old school,who was here also,with a very charming little daughter, whom she pointed out t? me in the dance, and Mrs. T., who has lately returned from a sojourn for many years in Europe, bringing back with her all her ancient elegance and simplicity of manner. To enumerate the long list of personages who udorned this most entertaining class, would tire the patience of your readers. We cannot, however, omit to no' tice, that strikingly charming looking woman, Mrs. R. f. Although engaged in the dance with three of her daughters, already arrived at womanhood, who would fancy that time could have lelt her with ao few of his unwelcome traces. But he has been singularly considerate, and there she stands, as young in spirit, aye, and as pretty, too, as those who are just breaking from the restraints of the governess, anil launching forth in the freshness of youth, uuon tins new and exciting theatre. Ilavingbeen somewhat diverted from my original purpose, by the high claims of those whom 1 have tii ken the liberty to particularise, I will now dash in among the bright and beautiful gemaMhat glitti r here and there in the mazes of the dance. To notice all who deserve a tribute ot this sort, would he impossible; to dojustice to those whose images nre now stamped upon mvbrain.ot whom we have thought so often,since the closing of that joyous scene, would he eoually fruitless. There were the daughters of Mrs. K. I, all agreeable and attractive ; one a decided beauty, lull of the roses ol youth?a fine person, and a most i attractive expression of face. Her career, though Inst commencing, has not been without interest. , She has played the belle with no nieusurtd effect, i in the " Federal city," among the choice spirits of a LD. **TiM TWO Uati. that mixed society, and Iuis s.-t nmny an old bachelor's heart to aching, in tins tortunate city of her birth. She is truly a meet agreeable, a< < <,mp||?hprt and delightful person Next in order, and occupying place in I he aame group, are the Misses S , thr eldest of whom ban recently made the tour ot' Kurope. They are daughters of a gay and active widower, occupying one of the stalely and slegant mansion* on franklin street. The youngest is a decided favorite with the gentlemen She is full of life, and unites with the simplicity of extreme youth, all the plegunce of manner, and gracefulness of mature age. She was very becomingly dressed?and seemed to be scattering her arrows with no very sparing hand. They were both particularly noticed and numired by the strangers present. There wan another face in the same group, which was decidedly attractive, hy its sweetness and gentleness of expression. This was Miss D., whom we afterwards understood to he a belle of no ordinary inlluehce. She had a fine stutely person, and appeared to be well calculated, with her soft eyes, and sunny hair, to win upon the gaze of the admirer. A little in advance, we were attracted by a fresh and beautiful girl, who had never before, as we were informed, glittered in the bright galaxy lot beauty, in this far-famed city. She was gazed at by many, who like ourselves, were rurioun 10 learn something of her history. This wae Miss M.granddaughter of the late Col. M. of this Slate. With the exception of about a week in Washington, where her spirit is still rife, this was her first appearance in (lie gay world, and a bright and beautiful I person she is. Look out, ye old bachelors, say we, I if we are to measure her influence by the havoc which she caused on the present occasion. We must now conduct you to the area, which in being encircleed by six liveried servant*, with silken cords beautifully variegated, to make room for the waltz. The hand sends lorth its thrilling music. A number of light and beautiful forms enter the lists. In a moment the giddy whirl goes round. How graceful, how animating is (he waltz ' How it causes the blood ol the old bachelor to boil within him ?how it warms the marrow in his old bones?as he is involuntarily lifted Imm floor by the merry music ! But who are these choice spirits 1 There is G. of G|pn E. (as good a fellow as ever lived) with Miss H., a fine buxom looking girl. How remarkably well the old tanner gets over the ground, with uim precious _ cnarge lncxi conies jvira. n., a neat little widow, with more activity (of movement, bv hall, than some girls at twenty. Miss G. (from New York,) also looks remarkably well and animated. Close by is the fascinating Miss M., that notorious little rogue of men's hearts, who can't help being a belle, in whatever situation. Ry-the-by, we could not help remarking how well the barrister, her father, wears. We had not seen him before tor yenrs. but it pleased us to find that one who contributed so largely to the entertainment of strangers, in the monumental city, should give such flattering evidence of a long life in prospect. The old barrister t?. a fine fellow, and, barring a certain formality and stiffness of manner, a most pleasant one, too. Rut to return. The S's waltzed most charmingly, and so did a host ?f others, whom we have really not spase to notice. As the clock struck twelve, a ring from a gong of immense power, was heard to thrill through the room. The company stood amazed for an instant; but us soon as it ceased to vibrate, the band struck up Washington's March, which announced the dawning of the glorious 22d of February, an occasion ever to be remembered throughout the world. A full length portrait of Washington, at this moment exposed to the view of the company, added to the interest and solemnity oi the scene. The idea was patriotic and beautiful, that amid the hilarity and bustle ol such an occasion, as Americans, it became us not to lorget the anniversary of a birth, which bad secured to us the bright inheritance of freedom, and its atteudant blessings. None but an old bachelor would have conceived such an idea. In the promonade, during the continuance of the march, we were dazzlecf by such a variety of bright and beautiful faces, that it would he idle to attempt any thing more than a general notice. It was a continuous chain, every where lich and attractive; but ever and nnon glittering with the most dazzling gems. The old city of monuments has been not inaptly described, when she has been called the city of beautiful women. The managers of this beautiful entertainment acted well the parts assigned them. There was the anti repudiationist, whose fame as a writer can hardly be surpassed by that which lie has acquired by his unremitting attentions to his guests, on the present occasion. There was O., and M., and E., all vieing with each other in their efforts to contribute to the entertainment of those who came from a distance; and there was that gentlemanly person, Dr. S., formerly of Washington, who, knowing our temI"-ranee habits, conducted us to a pgjvate room, to regale ourself with a glass of something more sim- . pie than was to be found at the common table. All played well tlie parts assigned them. From beginning to end, the ball was a splendid aflair. It was well planned?well conducted, and weli ended. It was a repast fit for the immortal gods. I heard nothing that would not have been complimentary to the feelings of the bachelors. May they live long ir. a st,ite of single blessedness! (if this is one of the fruits,) and should they ever determine toshow their skill again in this line. " May we be there to see." [AYNE'B EXPECTORANT?This Medicine ha. already ' proved itself to he all thit it ha* been recommended, by (lio.e who have given it a lair tot hi Ihi. couulrv, and the demand for it inert ase* daily. We have uat heard <>( an important ture of Aathnia, which hu been effected by the rue of it, lu a De ghbormg town?the caae waa that of a female who had lor a long time been under the care of a pliytii lan, bat had received do iclief, and her caae waa considered hopeless. Aa a laat reaoitahe |iurehaaed a bottle of Dr. Jayne'a Eipcetoisat, which canaed her to ripectcrate freely, gradual ly ci ased to cough, and ia rapidly reatoriug htr to health. We have bo hesitation io saying that this pieparation of Dr Javne for the cure nf coughs, colds, influenza.asthma, consumptions, fee , is ill- most valuable medicine etrr offered 10 the Ameriian pub lie. There ia uo qrracaery about it?Dr Jayne ia ore or the moat tkillnl practising physicians .in Pennsylvania; and wherever his various preparations have been thoroughly tested, he is looked upon as a great public betsfactor?Somerset, Me., Journal. v Prrpared only by Dr. JAYNE, No. JOJ Broadway, New Ywk. lm*m STeaM I1! f|V Kit, with well lighted looms to "Hoe1* buildings." Nrs 29 and II (fold atrret. Enquire on the rrrmiaea laf lew tcT tuITpublic. MllS. II., jus; airived from Paris, wishes to engage in some family \ understands ironing ana plaiting to perfection, and istlso an iicellci.t seamstress. A note left at tins off ce ad dretSed aa above, will meet Willi due alienlinn. 17 tm*m SINGLE GENTLEMEN can hare pleasant apartments and good loard in a p irate family, at Ml Kulton near Green wicn at. N. B. Day boarders admitted on most reasonable terms. J6fec ENGLISH SCHOOL, HAVANA. ISLAND OK CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATERLAND. PRINCIPAL. 'PHIS Academy waa established two years ago. onder the pa1 nonage ol :ne former Intendeni General of the Island, and other nislingu lined individuals of (he nobility and merchants ef Una city. It k eocdueied on the plan of the German ''gymnasia;" and the metnoe ot tuition is the " interrogative." All the scholars understand tor English language, and many of them speak it hibitnnlly and Ituently The Tiincipal has the etperimee of schools in France, Germany, England, aud the United States. His ehrief aim la to i ire the youth entrusted to his care a practical knowledge of iKuse branches of a polite education, which are required in all active careers, and are applicable to any. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, Sreneh. German and S|>aiiiah languages; History,Geogrs.mica, at'irui Philosophy, the practical rart of Mathematics, sod Drawius sof various ktudr. Prol'vafors of diren natious and acqniremerits reside in the establishment; and all the elaaaea receive, in rotation, instruction from the director. . Such signal puree as has attended this plan of tuiiion, that several of the pupils, under twelve rears of ages, wnte and apeak two foreign (aognpgra, In a perfectly intelligible manner, and those of nperyenra, correctly and easily. The acquisition, not only of rise Spanish, kM also of other langnagrv, ia thus placed within the reach cf the youth of the Unite.I Stares, without its being necessary fuv them is relinqii'sh the unnr advantages which tecrse from anEbgliah education The Iibioet of the rrincipni in desiring Co receive youths from the United States, is to facilitate the acqniramfut of the Eogii?h accent for his Spanish pupils, which service would b< doubly repaid them by by the latur, and to inusdnce hero the maul v spirit of the Kuglish schools. The yeans, eirirens of the United States can has* nothing to fear from the climate, the house being spacious and airy, situated ia a healthful spot, at a short distance fiom the city; and containing wilhio us limits, s fine hath sad complete gymnasium for the preservation ol the pnpila' health. Two yontna, lately arrived Irons Germsay, have passed the summer in the seiioolin perfect health. Aa the principal is a married man, and hia wde and sister have bs' g# of the junior department: children are received a am tat that vt infancy. E vety pupil eniuys his religious opinions undisturbed. 1 nr terms are ttkg per annnm, payable three months vante There are uo citrus esrept clothe* sad books. Hefvreuccv? MESSRS. ( HAS. DRAKE k BROTHER* ALEXANDER MORALES. RIM?.. all city ca^h TailorirsTabijbhm bnt, iii ii w1 hkoadway. U from lust bauds, and tl C libemi eac. .,'Zm ftwl n SSd:? ' ???bled to .ell the tt-klLW. ??.??.?? ,^V"fed,3TT.f,a rt2?r 'I'l^'hw'woD ol the luliionabfe woild. ' o woSlTd?^ '("*< <> ?? ? > "P""* *?! of entttna. havf.a employ ! >? ,./ !!.? le.t . utter, m th? couttry, eoJ will *?tr<ut to lit the m?'?t <l??cult fom ! .,, inhicriber woaM take tht. opporiunitv to correct the ?r ,^oa.."I BurW7 *' V,hl""d .\ ' . m0re for jii article of ilreia then cite where; ' rail upon the enbecrtber and hie etatemept of prtcre will roarioce the mo.t ?reiuic?l that eny article of clotnin* ceo be obtained it Ihle eiteoliilitneut at cheap and aa Utluouable e> any ether "a"?r'leodid AMortinent of Heady Made Cloihimr, toperbly made, tor aale rer? o.eap for caeh. A full auit made up at afaw hour.' notice. _ llMn?e*m KPW P. rOA . vt * f lU9 T *1 Liberty el.

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