Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?Ho. 60.?Who!* So. 3MT8. To the Public. THE NEW TORE HERALD ?duly nowipoper?published every day of the year exoept Now Yeort day and Fourth of July. Prioo a cento per copy?or |7 a? per annum? poatagoo paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERAIJD?publiohed ovary Saturday morning?price 0} cento per copy, or $3 H per annum? pootogeo paid?caoh in advance. invpoTiarna cm infnrmml fhiit tkfi c. i mn 1 At ion ft f the Herald is ever THIRTY THOUSAND, and iucreariag est. It Aat the Urgett circulation / any fajtrr in thii city, r the world, and U t hew fore, the bait channel for buointtt men in the oify or country. Prices moderate?oath in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PsoraiKToa or thb Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. ENGLISH SCHOOL. C H A KL JCf^DI TNN^i' AVERLA NDV pRINC I PAL. THIS Academy was established two years ago. under ihe j-atronate 01 me former Inteadem General ol the island, and other aieiuatuianetl individuals of the nobility and merchants of uus city, hi' oocducicd on-the plan of the German ''svniuasia;" and the me too? ol tuition u the "iaUrrotratiVe." AH the scholars understand the Enclish language, ana many of them speak it habitually and noeuiiy The Principal haa tha eiperience of schools in France, Germany. England, and the United States. Hit chief aim late S've the youth entrusted to his cere a practical knowledge of oae branches of a polite education, which are required in all active careers, and are ai>p)icahle to any. The conne of study, therefore, comprehends the Kurfiah, 5ranch. German and Spanish languages;History,Geographies, atnrnl Philoaopliy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Lrrawiigraoi roriuua sinus. Proff s?on of diver* uations and acquirements reside in the establishment; end all the classes receive, in rotation, instruction from the director. ... ... Such usual success has attended this plan of tuition, that severs) cf the pupils, under twelve years of ages. write and I peek two foreign languages, in a perfectly, intelligible manner, and those of riper years, correctly and eajirv. The acquisition, not only of the Spanish, hut also of other languages, it thus placed within the reach of the yonth of the United States, without its being necessary for them to relinquish the many advantarea which accrue from nnEiiglish education. The object of the Principal in desiring to receive youths from the United to facilitate the acquirement of I he Engi tah accent for hit Spanish pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by ov the latter, nud to iucroduce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The young, citizen* of the Uuited States ran havt nothing to fear from the climate, the house being spacious and .iiry, situated in a healthful spot , at a short die auce from the 'ity; slid containing within its limits, a fm< bath and rnmplf te gymnast mi for the preservation ot the pupils' health Two youths, lately arrived from Oerma ny, have passed the summer in the se.ioof >u perfect health. As the principal u a married man, slid his wife and sister bavr b?' te of thr junior department' children -jt received a an iaii*?tof infancy. K very pupil enjoys his religious opinions undisturbed. 1 lie terms are >100 per annum, payable thiee months same There are no euros evcept clothes a ud books. Fefereacee-MKHHRH. CHAS. DRAKE A BROTHER! AUKXANDEH MCkKALES. ESQ.. all Havana. JAYXE'H urEUl'UKANT-'luii Medicine naa dready l>toird itsell to be all th'tithas bnu recommended, by those who hare given ila lair fcst in this ccnulrv, and the demand Tor it increases daily. We have utt heard of an important tare of Asthma, which hia been effected by the nee of it, in a or ghboriur town?the care was that of a female who had lor a long time been noder the care of a phyah ian, bat had received no lelitf, and h<r ease waa considered hopeless. Aa a laat reaoitalie purchaaed a b dtle of Dr. Jayue'a Evpectoraut, wh'ch caoaed her to txpecti rate freely, gradual ly erased to rough, and ia rapidly rrslurmg her. to health. We have no hrsitanon in laying that rhia pirperation of Dr. Javne for the eure of coughs, cr.ldi, iiillueoxa, asthma, con'uurptiouv, fcc , ia the rpoat valuable medicine ever ottered 10 the Amerii an pub lie. There ia no giytcnery about it?Dr J syne ia ore of the moat ahilml piactiaing phyaiciaoa in Pennsylvania; and wber evrr bis rations prepar tiona have been thoroughly tested, he is lookrd poti aa a great public benefactor.?Somerset, Me., Journal. Prepared only by Dr. JAYNE, No. J05 Broadway, New York. i ?iflm?m OTkAM POWER with well lighted room* to let,in''Hor'a O buildings." Not. 29 and 31 Oold street. Enquire on the prfinittPtt 1*# rpO THE LOVERS or 8UPRKIOH BLACK TEA? J. How'ilia's Mixture?This extremely delicious and nnparallaled Teh, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, just imKed, is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's General Eslabliahmcnl, I2J Chatham at. New York?in Chinese package* Price V> crura and tl. fit Im*? NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YOHK AND NEWARK. Fare reduced to 3o cents. From tiie lout of Ceortlaadt street, New York (Every day?Sunday iiurepted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At 1 AM. Alt P. M. At 7X A. M. At IX P. W UK <*> 4 do. I do. IK do. (X do 9 do. < do. 7 do. It !0 do ON SUNDAYS. Krom the Toot of Cvnrtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. A' %W; &JSJILWMU;M Leave New York. I,e?ve Elixabath Town. 9 A. M. 7 A.M. 1 P.M. M A.M. IJ4 " 10X A. M. 48 P. M. IX M The trains for Weatfteld. PlainArld Bound brook, Somemlle, $u., eouMcrt with the 9 A M, I and 4X P M trains Irom Now York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Klixabeth Town IS cents. U??n do and Homerville. 75 cents. Nk'W VOKK. BAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kaie reduced. From the foot of Court landt rueet, daily, lakte New York. Lea?e New Bruuawick. At S A.M. A15KA.M. Ou Huudnya (he i)i and 1% A.M. tripe from New Brunswick and P. M. train from New y wk, are omitted, fare between New Ya'fc and New Brunswick, T5 centa. Rati way, . 5# centa The fare in the S* and T# A. M. trainf rom New Brunswick. and 2fi and tV P. M. uato from New York, haa been re dneed. New York and New Bruuawick, to 50 Man " and Rah way u ITM ** Passengers who procure their ticketa at the ticket office, ra eeite a ferry ticket gratis. Ticketa are reeeired by the eon doctor only on the day when pnrchaaed. PI ?n>* MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, i-'SSSHB IVewArrxnKeBieDt?Tni? Rosa having been^Taialt great eip^'ne with the moat approved and heaTieat H mI, to aecnrt a ialt- and eip*dition? conveyance between H'fy York and MorUtown, will commence running two tripe < ^ 7, Sundays earepieiK on and after Monday, Jan. >1 Fir?t Train from Moiriatown w?ll leave atTM A jfl. ftoontid Train from Morriclnwn will lenTfc At 1% P M. Kim Train from New York will Imtc at 9 A M~New*rk at Train from New York will leare at IV P M?Newark at SH P M. ta**rrnrer? by the Moraine Train from MorrutQwn will ar> nrr at Nwark in time for the J A M Train to .N> w York, or the mornimr Train to PhiUpelphia; by the Afternoon Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the 3H FM Train to New York or the Evening Train to Philedelp' ia. Poire niter* by the Morning Trai from New York will airire at Morrutown in time to dine and take any of the ntaaei runmne writ or north from that place. j? Im'rc WINTER ARRANUEMEN'l. NEW yoR A^|S HAlLTTftTtTClNE DIRECT. Y? Newark, New Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown and Buriinttton. THRUUfiH IN HIX HOVRB. Leare New York.from the loot ofCou rtl'ndt 1'rret,daily, att A M and i%( P M The tnorniug i.?u? proceeds to Herdrntown, trura thenoe by esamooat to fntladeiphia. The Keening Line proceed* direct to Csmdrn, (oppoeite Philadelphia) without chance of oar* PaMcnarr* will pwirure their tirketa at the ofEce foot ol roertland' itreet, where a ciiaiaodioui steamboat will be in cratr. onboard. Philadelphia hamtaqe cr.tes are coareyed from eity to city, IWiuivm on UK opvaea ?y ine way. Each train la provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartment* and dressine rooms evprrasly for thp Ladies use. Ketaraiac, the lines leave Plokdelphia from the foot of Clwstxmt by railroad from Camden, at o'clock A M,and f for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia Ml A M, bring a eonfinnatioo ofthelinea Iron New York. dM m?*r _ STATKN ISLAND KKKK7" Ko"t of whit.hjiiirtre.j (jSS^Sr id, the iUimiITAI E nTs LA NT) tk. will run as follows, natil farther aotace leave 8tatiin island. new york i* a.m. law Sr. m ? r. M. dS I ~"new^ votnrcttbljsx on kail road line. via norwich ano worcritrR Railroim. Compoard of the loHowin* superior .teamenranniof in connection with the Norwich It Worceate: and Worcester A Bow ton 14ail KihmIi? WORCESTER. Capt.J H. Tanderbilt. NEW ffATgN,^ Cnpt. J. K. Dm tan. On and ?rtei Monday, NoY.2)'t,lliisline will be run tri-weekfly^leanayf^w York, Tuesdays, Thnradaya and Hatnidaya Fraai I'aeh Mip, East RiterT I The new and splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain j. K. Du'fan, win leeae eyety Tuesday, Thursday and Satur I X. / Clot*. Phaaengrrs for Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival Of the above boat* at Norwich, and will pyoeeed without change of ran or bakgagr. Cor further information, enqnire at Che oflice of D. B. ALLEN, *8 I'sc* slip, upstairs. All person* are forbid ironing any on* on aceoiiot of the above boats or owner*. DSSr aMQ jg COM aLBANV?Hoar cK?o?ed-Uu ami IB ' jJAM* &1<>n,t?vi ,,l!> 'ostaol. and uo'il farther X^-mMLnolirr, paiaaug-ra for Albany, via Housatonie K.iUr > d will le*v? this citv by Hteaater Ctocoti or Nimrod, daily, (Sandaia strepted) at 7 oVIoeli, A. M. f>om Catherine t*-* -vsftgtf.ncrrg.'ff. E NE i! Cj SPRINOARRANOEMKNT H>K 4& &L J3t 4& OLD ESTABLISHED KMIOHANT PASSAGE OFFICE. No. *1 SOUTH STREET, N. T. PASSAGE to and (Vow Owal SriLaiB and InbM by the mL itilar line of picket*. ear line n the tel. Tib, I Ah. I Ah and tjlh of each moolh. The old Black Bail line of inekeu trf u fbUewa Ship NEWrVORK.. Capiaia Cwf. " CA MBHIIXlE f'aiitais knW*, " COLUMBUS, Captain Cote, " KL KOPIt. Captain kurbet, " SOUTH AmeHIC Captain Bailer. " NOHTH AM*".RICA?Cai?hm Lnwhae. " L.SOLANL>. Captain Wane, " OXVOHP, Captaia Rathbone Tha Commercial Lim m roorow^ of tarty ?l*n?. feat aailng ahipi, all commanded be mm of yrrai aiprn?ur? Fir*, cl taa ahips will J u be deapaienrd Hum Lner|.t?'l I.. B- i New and Mobile, three limre per .?aath, |o B ill mora, (.1. trleaton and Saraaeah, twice a munch, tulJ.? didarrlit |* rta 1U Hntiah North Amrrira weekly. 1 ha dPwciibee, in m.kuu; kuowu lua arraneeaaenu far the year I an, haft u> call the atlmliou of ihuar ( r<ai.'in? i. itu- I ai'ul dtatee and Canada, who wiah in aand t?r ihrir friruda to rear fro.n Kiu-Und, Iralant, Scotland and Watea. thai they can ai vara be accommodated by tar lijee of pecker abiyo railing a? above; and in order to ii? mora far luy uJ i|arek d??t alan to tha emigrant, Ural claia aill-timan Amnu'it ?lm a, i? inc the Commercial Line will, in addiiion to cna p.rkete, ba despatched by hia L>?< rpool aecnia, an ry three 01 four <la)a during the season, thereby aiaidina any detention TVoe ending for their fnrnda may real aaaarrd hat reery ihiug er a nectrd with lua huaioeaa will br rimmed with Km uee.l proinptursa With three aireagemriiU iha anbarnkai hnpee i cnininand a preference for tint line, and a comma noa of ilw public patronage whuh h>i tM<n ?o liberally b-iluaK lot Sany years past: and in all caaea when parties deeliar r. mu g e money ia refuudrd, aa caiu nwy; a Irve lOeaage can alan ha uraaf ha ateamiiAafa frnin I ha ilil'i i?ul latlla in K r, land .iihI 3 otl*u<l lo Liverpool. Ketnittaucrs aiui Drafts?Willi regard lo his arrangements for the payment of his drafts, they an each aa to warrant en nr atisfactimi, and are paid at ell the baekua huuaea on demand, throughout Orrat Bntain and lrelau<l. Those primus, ih< refore, tliroaghout the United Stale, who wi-.h lo re"*it money te their tricnds residing in any part of the United Kingdom, will ple'se notice ou the receipt of the amount here, with name ear addreaa of the party to receive it, a droit for the aaiouut as ha rateof $6 per iiound aterlirur, will be forwa'dc* i<er atram ah>|<a or by first p<tckrl aliip. and a receipt or duplicate at aaine returned through the post office Vor further particular! apply, (if by letter post paiil) 10 JOHN Soath street, or J. St W. KtlBINoON, Uorer Piiim, and Neptune si, Wat- il->o Dock, Livi n ool In Scotland?Messrs Daniel Wright It Co., Ulssgow. In Ireland?Dinnia Del?nv, Ran., Idublin; Metara. Joseph Allen It Co , Belfast; Mr. Win. Cairns, Loudnndrrrv; A Mu?. ray. Esu , Cork. dtlc TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PA3SAOE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. jft Thr ubscribrrm bt-g ti> call lite attention of than fnruda Hid (lie |nibli< gtm'rally, to their >n|wrior ai range menu for bringing out iu.iii q.'i* Irnm, ami remitting utooty to, any par* of England, belaud, Scotland or Walea, in toe magnificent packet rliipi, coinprisiint the v new Line m Liverpool p ackets," viz.jShip ROSCIUS, Capt. Collini. Ship 9IDDONS, Captain Cobb. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain Depayater. Ship GARRICK. Captaia SkidJy. New thin HOTf INOUER, Capta* Bnriley Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhoua*. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ahip LIVERPOOL, Captaiu Eidredga. Sailing twice eteiy month; and with the " UNITED LINE," compoaed of tnpenor firat claaa American ahlpa, tailing efary ten daya. will make fiy? ahipa in each month throughout the year, (or one erery sit dava) thereby preventing the poeai Pliuen direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New York. Also from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Sara" n*h, Charleston. Philadelphia, Bostou and Baltimore, and the vario s par's in British North America, can at all times be tugaeed on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived trotn selecting this line in prefer' enee to any other, and they may rest assured that uunsnal carc will be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ships being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In all eases where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be refunded withont any deduction, as usnal. A free passage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are agent*. tail as follows, vis v?To and from London ou the 1st, 10th, and 20ih of each month. To and from Liverpool ou the 1st, 7th, 13th, l#th, and 93th of each month New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, an. Charleston, weekly throughout the season. fUCMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, m.y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, withont discount or any oih. r charge, at tne National and Provincial Banka of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank ef Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bult, Bon It Co., Banket*, Loud. n, Eichange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal town of Great Britain Mid Ireland. Further p irticulars made known on application, if by letter, post pa id, to d3y r W. fc J. T- TAP8COTT, <3 Peck Blip. N. York. m ~ m & PASSAGE FROM OKK.A I HUITAIN AND IKALAND BY THE BLACK BALL OK OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7lh and 19th of every month.] Persona wishiug to send to the Old Country for their friends can innke the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come out in this superior of Packets, sailing from Liverpool aactually on the 7th and 19th of every month. m> ?? _r11 .i.n k,v. r.r.t ^i... .at? sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm ( Mr. James D. Roche) is there, te see lost they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Shonld the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any rednc Mm. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships.via s? The OXFORD, the NEW YORK, CAMRHldOK, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arraugemeats, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which fas been extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can atall times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. FRE8COTT, UROTE, AMES h CO. Bankers, London,, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, 1 rend, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post psidj ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO. 15 Futiou street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port fbr Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month, nirlies returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this lavonte Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r | RAIL ROAD LINE OF STAGES WP 4 -mfHOM NEW YORK TO BEDFORD SQBsC^MCS aQd sft> r Tuesday, January 3d, 1343, the subscriber* will ran a line of stages Irom Bedford to New York three times a week, as follows:? Leaves Seelv's Mansion House, Bedford, every Monday, Wednesday and Fridav morning at 8S o'clock. Leaves the Rail Road Hotel, corner of Bowery and Broome sis. New York, every Tuesday, Thuuday and Saturday morning, by the 9 o'clock ears, passing Marble Hall, East Cheater, White Plains, Bobbins'Mills, Mils Square, Newcas lie, and Bedford. HIRAM DEFOREST, G. C. LEWIS. Proprietor** The Red Bird Lie* of will continue to ran darin* the wiuiSi Iiwm " imr i "H'w ?*ory uay ni a w cioci, ouu iivw York at 9 o'clock, r" M? dauadayaeicepted. HIRAMDKfOKERT, fTlm'ac Proprietor, WINTER ARRANGEMENT?8. M MgBs#^HfcT??^PKlN8'Line ot Sunt for Yonkcra, TB'Bw'Hjl11'* Dohha Ferrv, Tarry Town, Singling, Sodom and Autifliras'. >n cornec: ion with the Harlem Railroad. Thia line wilt leave New York a'9 o'clock daily, by the Railroad car* for Williamabridge, and will convey paaaengera aa far aa Mtoa Sing and I'eekaaill And on Tacaday, Thuraday and Saturday, the line will be extended to Soaum. On Mcndaya, Wedn adaya and Fridaya from 8. doia to NvwYork. 8. M TOMPII.nR, Propiieter. The Railroad Fire from Williamabridge to New York ia 25 eeata. Mn2w"?? ~ WINTER AHR*>oF. ylfcN T?|.,,r Ouaheu via Nr* York and F.rie Kailroad.?bare to OoJKjUaSMH.alten $1,50?'Taint r'a On and after Monday. ZZSEH?.January 2d, IM I, tie cart ol the New York and trie Kai.i'iad will tun in Coanaetioo with the a*e<mboat Utica, Cart A II. Scbnltt, daily, Sc daya eicepted. F' r Paaaengera? l#eave Doanealreet pier at 9 o'clock, A. M.; leave Omhen at an.irter peat I, A- M. For Frei?ht?Leave limine alrtet pier at 3 P. M.; leave Ooeben at half-b-t I A. M. y ^ gEYMOUB Sopeiiutendnnt and Engineer. Tne paaaengera train connacu at Tnoer'a with Bt ach'a Mail Stageafo- Newburgh, New Paltt, Kiagaton, Catakill and Albany, and atOoahen with tne Carbondale and other Weatern Line of Stagea. 191 r RA8SAUK ~KROM LIV KRPOOL?The very iJJWWanpenor packet ahip MEMPHIS, Capt Knight, wiD JKhK^oiI from Liverpool early in March. tr?Trir ? i.kine to aruil for their frieoda can hare them brought out in her or Ray of the regular packeta by applying pe two nelly, or if b, letter. P^.d^ McMunRATi 100 Pine itreet, corner ol South. P 8?Drafu for auy amount, payable at tight in any honk, bmui k, or agency of a batik, in kiiliod, Ireland ana Hoot land, given by applying M above. ivRRr XJtJa PASHA (I hi ITQH LOWUU.N?1 uthvt lat March. ?9tW~The ?|il> mil J faat tailing packet ahip I'HlLA 4HGKaOCLPHIA, Captain Hovry, will tail poaitively aa abi,?e iter regular day. Having aplendid accommodationa for cabin, aerond cabin and a.eerage paaarngera, for paaange early applieition ahonld be mad j on board or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOT l\ 43 Peek Slio cor South at. The rbiladcli hia aaila from London oo the Uth April, affording to peraona wishing to lend fir their trior da a lavorable opportunity of having them brought out in her or auy t f the regular line on liberal torma, and it o,e wishing to remit money caa nav# dr?fia on London for any amount, payable on demand, without diaoount, in all tbe priaeipal town* of Ureal Britain. ,tl r rtS. yog l.hNnnH .L. as L TIT" fcfjSy aadiua I'ocki'i >lnp PHILADELPHIA tapLin iiovtv, will Mil ii al?>?a, her iranUr day. Ha, wperior a, commodatiooa for cabin, a-cond cabir, and a'eerrffe pmrn'ri. For paarafe, early apiilicalion ahould be mad* on board, or to JOHN HKHDMAN, IZ7 r <1 iwnli a treat PA8HAUK frtk NtW uRLKANn?Only JPfjty 1Ljnc-The aplcndnf fiut .?,|lua ^ jnGfl&OCONKL. < apt. Jacliaon, will ami iKwitiarly ?i, lit 'iviarrli, her r.aular day. Hiving ayUumd accomnvodacmiu fur <ahin, aecond cabin and itaarace paaaencara, lor paa?a?t arlr api licanou aboold be mare on bnai d. or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, |7fr 41 Perk Wlm. rmiwr Sooth ureal. BERLIN IRON CASTINGS" CIRAMK4 and teudart, Mercury patterna; Summer Omar inenia, lie Aw tale li.w.tocloaa a c?mi?anwint. m lm?r OKLKK'HS * KHUUKK, 41 Broad at. W YO W YORK, EDNESDAY MCW (INK or LIVKIII'OOL PACItT?. I aibtMa New Yorh on I ie IJth and Liverpool on the ISth ?/ ??h w.n/k m mjjk * Taeai Si ? Y iii. a?nr OAHRU H, <-(.i?in Win Sin,My, ftth Kebruaiy. Mh,i ROM II'*, lactam John Cnlluia, ISth March. Stun MIDII'INM I aptai , >. B C,.bb, tMhAcfil. . *la, MHt-RlUA V ( attain K A. Depcyater, Mth May. K?o* Litiiro*!.. i?,p 8U)J)i!?''!v< V?'- B Cobb, 11th Fvbrwur. k'r ^HKKIDAN u^uii C A Priwyater, 13th Much. 4*,,. OA RKit K. *b. ekiiliy, 11th April. Mine |U>A< II M.l y lam Jobs I'ollma. llt.S Mar. Theee btoa are *11 ?l tl* l.-.t rlua. erwarda M IMtteua, Dull! othr city of New Yoib. ith a?rh improvements a (Combine met (fired with (unreal eonrfoat lot inueengei*. t??ty cere Sea bee* tehee le the arianteeieiil > ' their ecco??mod*tioq( The peaee #f muft benre ( $'<?, for which ample atovra will fee |e**i<w<4 There ahi|* are rinmnndril by noeneuce* wee'- ra. whe will ex he every ei.rfme to (lie enteral atitlacw* N1 Khri the MyUu* er uwnetl of t' m ewill be reaponai*Jc for *1 y la litre, are*'? pecha* raen tbv them, nnleaa tenleb'bn' Mn*f '** (>.;? <1 Uwreloi ...... S-V...1...U, * JAM IROWN * ( O., Liverpool. Llhall by the pneaM will be etarfvd lltfe rente per aincle be't. M real* |? I oawa, and new .Qiinrre I Cent cech II r /Hi-: s** lim ii> uvhurooL packktb. iPOilh. AhipKO' HK'TEH Mbtoe., I i*,i. Feb1,* thai* eee. ; 1Mb Febty. Mw, MU/I I.NUl AH. Ifeftfe urn.. M.frh Nee, Art , UN low*. ^ M.y TUm ?abiUiiiMl. IbbI miIim. Ant pIaai ?ll built 111 the ? '?"< N'?V '.k ?r? f mn.,1 ,< 4 h. ?a of cil>* ricnr r Mid *k?Imr. u.-.lib. dcMMcik i t ti.Ul* oa the Mu> o1.m1i m n'h T*"" f*^** "* >lf*ai cad roanudioH, Ml u. famiM Mi "NM.t.r ta road. , la iK. .w cad roafofl ol i?m?d f " Neitkrr t r e*|X?tnt ov otirn of the? ?Kir? will tw rrapoo* * |*.Iuh km by llua, aim irfu.M bill. lidial in a.aard thrr. !..r. Wnr lirtght or huw' uii.Iv to WOOD Hut t k M1NTURNR, 7 Homh ??'? ?! N.w York. *' ? PICLDKN. BNOTHKRIt k ?*0.. I I > ; <?L0 LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS dft i& I'llt OL^Tftlfc, .1 fSTaw Li?. W . fPHS.A* il?* fall"" "M ".4m, .mi trim tkct ? ibr J' ***'* ?kk4af. Ik. ciuia wall Mil aa Hie ?.rcp.dTk. BOL'TH AMtRH jT.?t Y,]^ ?i* MMM itv? i su; ;; Thr iO'll.ANO 0"1"' if;?, . g . Tl#,!rv war n Da? T I'ar OAYOltD, *"* jr.b ? Apr,I ? kk> l?u, (No. 1 U(r l) Th# titu^r J'****" " }?',*** 1 (fiI II ThoLtKOfE, ii?1' * ^Ti * ltd 10M, / J<0? ]? jU J T ? 8 ?At6- Lawb.r.f April 1 M?y l? Th* NEW YORK. Ui| ? iW 7 **> tOBi. I Dm M f rb T i.Cr?I P*, ( April ? Jon. 1 The CAMBHIOliJC, i Rri>. I Oct t? rwrcoam.? & J ! tfTa ... >? W M*r ? - ? A Col*. Oiir II Ju|T T rnuetnainr, ?? i#f*ru* tne ?y of mi line, will ? ohti r??<i u heretofore. The priee of itaaaagr on (warJ is now filed *1 fhie Hnuiirnl Dollars, Tor whien ample etorre Merer* description will he provided, Kith the ncrptiou el wium end linnon. which will be furnished bribe stewards. GOODHUE A CO., M Smith St., C. H. MARSHALL. M Bstrliut-ain., N. Y. Je 14 lyt. B ARINU ."""TlftlM A CO.. LSpool. row sr.v jilkans. LOUISIANA AND NEW UK LINK OF FACKKTR iss. utfv ^ M M FoitnM>etter accominoa*iicinor*litp|?-r?, K isuiieiidrd to despatch a ship from thia nort on the Hi, 4th. Ifth. lath. Mth. end tttli ol each month, onin r annua the MHh October and cohtinain* until May, when regular day* will be appoiutrd for tbr remainder of the year, whereby area: delay* and disappointments will he i reveuled tlanny the luamrr mourha. The followiu? hipa will commeuee thia air*net muni Hhip VA/OiVCai*aw forntl!. Ship OCONEfc.i ajeaiu Jackson Shu. MlHHISSlhPL c*|.um Milliard Swip LOUISVILLE, Catenae llnnl. Ship SHAKSPKAKF,, Captain Miner Ship GASTON. Captain Latiiarn. Ship H' TNTSVtLLK. Captain Mutuford. Sliip OCMULGKK, Captain Lraaitt. Ship NASHVILLE., Captain [>icliinaon. Ship MEMPHIS, Cnjitain Knight Slap LOIIIBA, Captain Mulford Theac chips wrr* ill built ? th* city *f New Yiirk. mat rm for i>acfeeU, a\e of light draft of water, hae* recently been wly roina-red and put in Mdrndid order,with act omnutJaUt n? ler passenger* uuet|aalled for rotnfort. They are coinniaudrd by experienced master* who will mak* rvcry eieruen to rirr genera! satisfaction. They will at all Qmea be towed ai aad down mr .tiississipp, uy imwkmu. Neither th? owuiu nr capmus of these shi|? will br resiwuei ble for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, stl??i or idsted war* or for soy li ttrn, parcel or package, mlI I y rpit on board ot Mem, unlets regular bills at .ndmx or* taken fot the sun* ,*nd the value thereon eipreasrd. For freight or passage, apply K. COLLINS k to.,* SonthM.,or HULL1N k WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleane, who will pmmialy forward all good* to Ihrir address The stupe of thie line are warnntrd to aoil punctually as adrertiaed, and great eare will he taken to haer the goods oorreev ly meaaured. at dft A he uadeni.riiii urf hire will be icgularly dispatched fn.iu hence and I mm Mar settles on the 1st of each month durum the lew, thus? ... ........ _ From New York Marseilles MINKRVA, Cant Brown. N>vl. Jan I H'RV THOMPSON, Cap Bylveettr, Dee I Kb I COURIER. Cant Dngan. Jan I. Marl TKESCOTT. Capt L?Wient#r Feb I. A11 I HKLLF.8PONT.Capt A.Lion, Marl. May I COltlOLANCS.CapH.vale, A|.l I. Jul They are all conperes and coprer fattened .and have eicellent accommodations for passengers The price of cabin passage will oe flM, enelnsivs o wines and liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD fc U1NCKKN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other hargri than those artuall) psid For freight or passage apply to O. BROOM k CO.. or to o?r BOYD k HINCKKV. Ascitis FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamer aCADIA, will leave llwtsa for the above pons on Wednesday, lat of Marrh. Her accommodations for passenger* are rerv superior, and she is ar con. ranted hy an ei|wrienced surgeon. Hhe u a'ao well tapplied with Ftrtncis' Patent Lite Boats. Passage to Liverpool tile Passage to Hslifaa M For farther infonngtion, apply to D. BR1UHAM. Jr. On. a U/.li ...... BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN IIOtAL MAIL 8TKAM SKirS, Of UWMlii ami HI Hon* power each Under contract with the Lorde of the-Adouralia. HlBKRNIA, C. H K Judhuw, toemuri. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA. K. O. Lou. do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, hi. C. Miller, H N do Will *ul from Liverpool and Beaten, vie Halefai m fojlewa t raon Livaarooi.. raaa eoaren Acedia, Ryne, K?b 4 Ma' I Colombia, Miller, Mar 4 A pi I griiaania, Hewitt, A|<14 May I ibrrnia. Judkiua, Apl 19 May M The aeeommo'ialiowe 'or {wisennera are sopener. The reraela are ?ec?mpeni?d by ri|wneni?4 wrgaeat. aad amply supplied wiih Frances' Patent Life Boats Psaaace ledoead te SIM. Nn Bertha secured antil paid frr For farther information nppl>' D. BR1UHAM, JR.,at HARNDEN k CO*, No. 3 Wallet J30e FULLEN 3c COPP'S MB NgvFtBrAtriT^rR^V^rtB^TkRAt Meaan. Harnden h Co, hatina diapoeed of ibeir roe it j Iron New York te Albany and Tioy, the aaherrv bera, the old eondaetora of Harnden A Co'a .Northern , heretofore-iaanug New York. Albany nod Tnj, Daily , aad connect it Trov with Jacob*' Montreal tCipreu. aad will (atward Specie, Bank Notea, I'aekigra BnndletCuo >f IW*. lie., to any place between N?w York and Montreal, aad .hronghout the Canada'*. Alan Kaet, from Troy aad AHmct ta Boston, and Weil from Albany to Buffalo. All buaineaa enuniled to their charge will be promptly at tended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of antea, drafts, aeceptancra, Ac., and prompt retarn* wade for die aame, PULL1CN k COPP. Offices? Pnllen k 1'opp, Wall street, New York. Thoa. trough, lb K. i change, Albany. A U. Kilktua, lit Hirer alrret, Troy. 8. Jacob'a ICichanire Coart, St Panlat, Mootrral. RRi1 K!?I1.N' Ks New Yo*?. ? ALBAir*. Taoy. Prime, Ward k King, K. J. Humphrey, Jno. P?rue, Jacob Little, k Co.. Thos. Hough. P. W*if?, John T. Smith, k Co.. 8 K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffman. C. 8 Douglass. Carpenter k VermflTS, ? Leake Houshton k Co. Drew, Robtnaon k Co. nkl DAILY FACKAHK K.XPKkSH < Ml M'li ALBANY, THOY. AND BUYKALO. WjP By lb* Hoasatunie HailTJ^T'i^iinm^laronfOrom'TTTi C*ty t* Albany ta Twelre Honra. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning The subscriber*hare made arraagrmentt with the Hoaia inu . nan IWI.U1 <luu ?-c.7 or nwi own parpnae) daily, orrr tnnr nuit win the lauwiati rain, rwnaiac thronah ;?o AIimiiv in twalra hoars, and *r? now rtparod to rscnva and forward at low tataa, ipacia, Mok Moms, Fackacas, Balm and r*am of Uooda, Be . for any of . 'hr i boas named or interaaadiatn jdarra. Will attend |>ro?i|'tiy to the colloocioii and ivtymantsT bill., MWa, drafts and aeeonnta, and aarh other haaiuoaa as nay he sr-rtimox It CO.I Wallsosat, Now Yatb. I RE E MORNING, MARCH 1, ] a, COUNTRY RESIDENCE KOR SALE?In the villas<> of Hanover, Morn* County, New Jersey, 13 mile* from Newark, on the turnpike leading to Morriatnwo.a large two story noose, containing eight room* anil good cellar, with good well of water near the door. Aleo good coach home and atible, with three acre* of rich land, all fenced and in good L older. If the above is not sold at private will be offered at auction 011 Wednesday, 8th of March, at 1 o'clock, on the . pre mi sea For further paiticular* enquireof torjm.felaSi.'fcr. 1! f8 I hi * r ( iSflk TO LET?The h .use aud atore No. 78 Laight street. corner of Washingon. The store 11 at present occupied 1 -IJl a? .1 nocery, sud the occupant wouldsell oat immediate- f ly. Three dwelling houses in the same row, and some parts of hoove*. Inquire at 84 Laight st. 2Jf2w*r JHR OFFICES TO LET?lu store No. 69 South street. Apply to JOSEPH McMURKAY, I fM 100 Pine street. I llec kR TO LET?From 1st of May neat, the modern built p[? two story brica liousr, No. 11 Third at, with attie, bnseiik-iiI and cellar, and mirble mantlea throughout. For further pntirnlsrs inquire at <79K Pearl at. Itf lm* ijjK TO LEl'?From 1st May ueii, t wo uk deru two story ^ Houses, iu Orand street, tietr Wooster. Also, the JUJmL Store No. 89 8-mini St., now occupied as a chair store. It could be made tut > two very couvenient ato rs Apply to JOHN THOMPSON' f 19- Imrc 60 Or>nd or 27 Wooster a?a.(S tFoR SALE OR EXCHANTOTTrOtl ClTV PROPEKTY?A Farm of oue hundred acres, situated iB Korblsnd County, ten miles by th? New York and si'road.or sis milesIr in Nya< k Lauding. Handsomely situated, pit nty of frun, well watered aud wooded, aud easy of ac< MB M any dsy 111 the week, by lire above road,in three honra. For further particulars enquire at j7 Oouvenenr arreet, where a sisdseape view can bo seen. 171 lra*r MFOR SALE OR" EXCHANGE FOR PROPERTY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK-A va sable Farm J?s. of about 10 acres in Searsdale, West Chester County, two miles below While Plains and twenty-five 'rom New York on the mam road leading 10 and from said places. On the premises is a siwcions double twostorv dwelling honsr.with a kitch-u attached; a Pare, carriage and ont houses, all in fine order; t bearing apple orchards, mostly grafted fruit, peach, ehery aud irsai iters, a rood well of water and cistern holding ? hngiheadi of water; about twelve acres of wood land The licli I'sim well fenced and mostly with stone wall and in good repair. The Boils River crosses the rear, along which the railroad run*, now nearly completed, to White Plains. IVisous desirous ol seeing the pre 1 ises will liud it one of the moet des.rsble places iu West Chester County. Enquire ?f J. J. TRAVIS, on the premises, or D. BRUSH, ESQ. f> |m*r No 92 Fulton at. 555 FOR BALK OH TO LET?And iiossession given mSmf't middle ol M-.rcb. t'e f.rrr be ongiug to the heirs of JL .1.. 1... 1..... i. w 1.,a ..... tk. ?r tho Will'amaba'* and Newtown turnpike roads in Newtown, i L I, about our mil* fr in tlir village of Williatnaburgh, cou- , can. log abent ( acrra. The aoil aud location air notaur|iaaaad , be am IB (fee neighborhood of Williauiibiiruh or elsewhere. Th? boat* ib large and commodious, and the outbuildings very ' eiiruaire. <ud it la calculated fir a (cnl'emtn residents, or < MM MNlMpMM It alao poaarava many advanta I fee of wirr cont numc.liona,hating two dockanu the piemiare | Alio. O'le lot of about nine acrra, amiable for a garduer, adjoin- . Ik. m' rh a < umber of hral >au-aarduerr from York lalaud have . recently located Tertna moderate. Kor fuit her particulars 1 errdvtn J J. A. KBBET8, ftyi?eodcrc No. V Wall at, tip ataira. I CHAPMAN'S MAGIC STROP. Wt 14 UNDERSIGNED, Imtioitara and Wholesale ' Peilara, haaiua uaed and aold L. Chapman'a Metallic HIIOI Strop do freelv recommeud it at being superior to any loo* whirb has hitherto coaaa under oar notice of a similar nature. Mimed? A hi Willeta, importer* at hardware, No M3 Pearl at. AW Hiuea ft Co, do do III do Willis ft Brothers, do do 113 do Oakley ft Lixmia, do do IS do Sh- ld m ft ri.ei.a. do do S3 and V South William. Hallied ft Botcher*. do do 161 Pearl it. Kissam, Brvee ft Jouea, do Ztt do .... s.elman ft eraaar. importer* of Kaaay Uooda, IV I'earl it. Post. V M 'ib. iruiaotor ol drnita, 41 Cedent, fold, I hoinioou ft Co. importer* of Dry Goods. 35 Cedar at. ftilii*!, Van Arwlal* ft Cooper, W'tdiea, II Maiden Lane. P a el ft Co., importer* of Stationery. Mi Pearl at. Win K tloulding, Surgical luatrnmant manui'ictnrer, 33X I fulhAIII (. Kor Bale at J0( William atroet* To be bad by th-- down at the maon facta re r'a pricca of the birr twins, anil at recall, at the principal fancy atorec throogh'"ii I,, ciiy. Made at HI William aticct. ft Im'm TO PKINTK ItH?y or aalc, three < "lid hainl tneihum haodprmri and labiug maohioes ; three aeeosd hand 10|H'Proyal nand-piraari and inBinf marhiuea. 1 he shove preaaea and m lehiaea are in *ooH order, and will be aold terv low on application lo the IIOK Printiu* Praaa Machine and Saw Manufactory, Noe. H and II (Join (treat. I at tar __ I1MTMI STAT*.* HOTEL. NEW b OhB.-Tina well Cl known eatabliabment haa been leased (. ? a term of vein* br tire under irned, who are adding to the already rxtrnaiva accommodation a large R> tiring Room for gentlemen, where Bey erill Iumi a i i .pal wapapera of ihia eouniry and ur >pr; i Drrasin* Room and BaiberS 8nop, not snrpaaeed hy ! y Hotel in Ihe eotuwry; Baitn. hot and cold; Minor's Patent V por Bains always hi raadmeas, and can bo given on three minutes notice Aa Ordioaiy for (he accommodation of cili" x< aa and arr* not roaidiug ?i 'he Hotel, will be opened on a in t jibeerl ? lie; and kept Bp from (A. M. till IS ai nu'.ht. The loierrnr of rhe hoildinc i? nndergning a ihorou^n repair j ?"bi'iiu and luruwhing, cVantog and painting. 1 l.e celcbratrdf rotoi Wafer la luliodureJ thmmhont the Tlonae,which I re niters n nut only healthy in the eiirt me, bat im rfectly at care | 1* 'MIST M" ( The loeaamn aa aneh aa makes It more conveui-nt for mcr Mtrllera and k?)iH? men thau any oilier in the city. ' heme in <n>iil from auo of the raauru, waauru anil louih- ' e u uaiabinli, and in the irsmedi ita aieinity of all the Atlas- < IK IMMMI MM Mil Nhl| I IV la'dra nt an; *i:h the h at out maikrt aff.wilv; tap I pi ta of tV HmImI sra ila. anil arlee'rd by our lipat ror.aoi { NtSliuianHtli ras.ofdaily end at'entrae?aad tlir poblir may dr|? id on the ui iit'ny > Iforta ol ita t'f i|>tirtoii to make iha?- Uno.-d SlaU a aa t n forub e for them l? any elbrr hotel ' III the I'll! I Igflmr BR AMTK.I) k JOHNSON^ , INDIA Mi'BBKH HHOK.H.M Mtideol.aop? Krlrni Bat I who.rtale i-rii a iru I. ? n0> t Siwa, with leather t v vlea,hn?h ah-et au'l -lath rahhr r ere nnw ye Ring at the unpar i alelled laar price oi f I ,i? La liaa oerr ahops of tarry rariety au.l kind at riuetly low prtcee. Thrar gooda are the mora darablr an.l plrganl artaa lea to h* found, and lo all caara war- j raaipd. Iliaar aim Kate nnt aeeu our (nnda arr particularly mailrd to rail and uaaimur before purrhaaiug. Dou'l format < th- number, M Maidea Lai e 3H lai.'p IIITl ilisaiis It HIINY'IN U/ATi Mr ? \ Ml Jr.Wr.l III" Vr.HI LOW-Aa fcha , " aulseeiber 11 roratu .tly raeeieing all dearrrprt'-sa of Gold anl Hi I vp Welrltee, of Hie se neat atylea, fr*n> the niannlurtur. ra III England. Flatter aud Hwtllrrlaud he it r ,third lo uffar a larger aua rtrwi.' aud at mnrl. laaa palrea ui rttail.than al < any u'hei hnuae is the city. Alan, iaold Cham*, Ke>a, and ifiM IWila t fold Wat-hee aa low aa II to 14 dollart eaeh. Walehea aud Jewelry eirhauged or bntuiht. All Watrliea warrunted lo hear good tiaud or thr utooey returned W.uhae, Clarke aud Jr weir I rr|<atead ik the bear maunar and wa rallied, mack Iree than a a ileal i . icee (TC.TLlCN, Importer of Walchaa aud Jewelry, R l?*er WVoleitle <af lletail 0 Wall ue? urtCMru i )ka? hkdl < wi ahi'ah acol/bi ii jilh 17 For Lite cure of Deafueaa, Paine. aad the Jim haigea of i mailer fiom he Kara Alan all dlaagree-bfe wiere like I the hulling of tuae la filing of water, at hitantg of areara. , r If whirl, are at iwilnme of aprrnar lung deafnr aa. and ilea gaiter ill t atuadest with lira d tee ear Meat peep wa ah . lore hrrgdeaf for |ru. fifteen, and iweuty yeurt, aud were obi-fed I lo aer aa. :rtu|?u. luae. alter uatag ?a oa taao boatfee. fftrowu < aal'le their Humanly, being made perfrrth well Phren tana I audaurgtetta liighit raeommeud iu uaa. Hevd the following eH i * " i. I an ' I Dinar it I'litta - We have Sawed a reeat ataay apeak of the n-teei of Heirnt'a Aroeet r (Maa a f r Deafueaa. J and wa era aaear-d that if ta euaaipaan < by aaioung hb'Wt I or the laipaa One or two uiliurra of ita raralire Bern hare Seen pointed out lo aa, and (hey am real y aatornahiag ? I fr-inred hy Dr B Bell, aad aold as agnscy. W> Broadway, New York. r rvre > pe> ho'lie Ol I SI j is WW fcW'jiw JHirxkr' ?> so M?fci??Ti? *:-i ?iu p?-fc?t lttiir 4ilbH(l?< II 1. < aiMta Ja*a I aalilM. at IM MM. Will |?*itit*lr tail aa, bar r#fcilar 4>f fat IiikM ot ' [MtMi, kartw -MoMoAum t?n?|iw< fat *r*?B*ei at 5?"?" !i5ittS5M5^ti5&Piwtal paaaaaa. |W 1 IM ParaatP?'?j aofuH < * tain a. B latk of Ma* i . ut ill a?na> MM B wiw, ?? ' awl ||M *V>i of A|aU.hti "T," u?ft far Um abipa o4I*a laa# tatil ?aH Aa itrntM M <M I |wri an* llalrS N?a? < ruaow aivi all ? itv? a* W tl x taaa sailiaa Maaiaal It uMtmiaM W t | tia BLAt K BA L. at <M* Ltaa af UV I.HPOOL irHi r.. k.i. ? Magdat fMkal M laa af WaajA ? ? JUHKr . ?'?H krOlfoRP. iVtia i laa RaibAwa.. a ill aaJ fiittli M aim, Am i?aala> 4a? Vtanaa aicwafla lit IN* t'oaai't ailt At* i< ? Uarir a? Imi Ml Ml al?|i aalafl Ma Nantaaaa ta M' fc aa aaf mIwi far iaaat> aM ta waa Uaa ?a With* aa/lf I aWliratina.H ??* Aa otaOa aa A- w4 Ami at it >aaa atooat. | at ta Mm aaliniAaai. MOt'NK MOTHI I tp? ta ?a??aa at, artt iaai I4*a ftiwa Mb, r B Tha Ot'ajt a?* aaai lia Cuaifil aa iaa Ma jf Am* Oiaaa aaaAaaa At llaaw liai at raa tall daa ItMA MAI ia Ar?. at aa B| at Am f.ii. a a# 1-.1# aituAtw i Uiiaa. akK^i tail frata inaiaaa Mm ?B ooa an ?f larl , "fCJu ?* * ? ' ? ^tv" , (fcala. Am~ if. Haa*.n L-h? * ?. ?'>! * .r"^,'*7 at . wr<<n?i m HI riuaaa, M ' WT aaghaal >1Mi Irrl.aM W. niaa' ?? < WatM Km i ?+4' , ! , ? ? " ^ ? . , ... M^5sw-rc^r;siJ^fK-=t3 ,%,< for l.i?rH tik.Mkg * .?. ?*i ?! >M?r, 4ut in Ha i?-n m k. *Mat M.? ta< af*" ?l ar, R k i' o MIKHHM - 'MkMatNM MtMa^ -u arts ?!? ?. lat i??alM gat Ha< aa ? a *?n ?a MNN HiUMAk > k-fni.M"? laa fc at*aa< I- * ? nl-"lag WJ'l.ra la ? < a*H laa ata aik *a?aa4?IR?a? - m la.kat gi uv M aaktl l'?a L"i?f'g ? >?a Vaai ftaiaa. '? *g l|ja* ? a IVlana uat kiat'iti. i>ml?t a IMM ?" tkaa* a<ri fat, r > < I A* ?????* Hal < ta In atRl<in. u > . i? iauaAig anym D <<u raa, m m'I k? <araa?g?g f-? tana. Hiaha II 'hr h'H'I*1 ' ? ? ik'MMfcaat ik- Pant *??* aa w ? lana- ia'??-a>?M ?mN I" kf Vim iaM0**J is-a 'I ftubli'hx' Kwii??aat Pa??f? ' k?. ? ?? ?? ___ I ? >a> iiim r.llsWs l?t? a?aaak- I i? ro ;: :;r. fct'lf t" ' 4"? J|i?W ??ff MiwrMM arMM*4Mg|hi iuk? M>l| ?<vlmll?a t? Mlini M<4I ??4I * Inik a TSa ?ha*? ?ill ka ! < >M ki Um iwWl ?? " I ill ?ud Mil m> Um IMk of wk. a fi-noo* ?i lu?a M> mw4 lot Umu IM?M MUIII m MM ? Mdn anlrT. CM bir OnNa >i?mWi 'ml M iK? tkmm * ?, ? inv < u.? rental pack***, kr *r?H >aa h ? > . M kr *<*". ' r*??i n?i4. ' ij? OLD MTAlUWHKB Ixlu*aS I *? J|K> i iykHi?' N ? lUun'i, l.ia* "I rafki ??TV. .. M> tot rum .*? i? ? Via.- ?l i#r*oM< t orn ?r ran ot tbo*t ?* and lal.>d ? wKo imr K.toa?*cd ar i?*if IWada ?" . ***? , of parkrl >hi|? atiliiid ? ? ?'? dar? r ? Li. * m-xU M Kim i. ndn.f lar Ih. if Tr:?a*. l??T Am 44 aaan Will k> ' taken -ahaialhaia dae|i?Ud>?d wfUma* d?u? ia L>'or*?A mm a will *lw?r? end""' ' I" . w""' * ? ' ? I*"* i HRMWa wlMaH hai Iwaa m h WralW W *ia?w4 tea ?a?T T mm ia??: and lhi??c 'raitma wwv ? ?a?% faaOa jwiakta at nil ? thr Bank, and W?#?hr.Uir..aah.M the iTakfd Kia?4nM fc""""'"" ' ' " jiiWiiwair.rfiii. IERA 1843. The Miller Klamination. Before Juatice Stevens. The Ciraud Jury room waa crowded to rxceea y eaterlay, by spectators to hear the examinrfion In thMOeae. After all the witnesses on tho part of pioaoculien and lefeuce had been requested,in accordance with the rtatute, o leave thn room, while the accuaed waa examined, he defence deaired that Mr. Charles f. MiUer ahould be ixamined by the Juatice. 1 After being informed ol hia right* to auawer or not.aa he >lowed, he proceeded aa loilowe in anawer to the queaions put to him by the Clerk' Q ?What fa your age. A.?1 am 30. 1 Q.?Where were you born I ' A.?In New Jersey, Essex county. Ch?Whatia your business, profession or oalling I A.?Previous to this year, I waa a farmer. Q.?Your residence 7 A?At 333 Seventeenth street, with my lather. <4?What explanation have you to give to the charge iere preferred ogainat you 7 A.?-I believe my wife to bo under a personal and moral onstraint, and being of the opinion that 1 was better enit led to her society than any other person or persona, I ook her that I might learn whether in her seperation rum me she waa acting under the influence of her family, if her relatives, or of her own volition, and that since the las been with me she has been under no other influence 1 >r constraint than that exercised by the beat of husbanda iver their wives ; and now being fully satisfied that if the 1 iver had any affection lor mo, that she has none now, she 1 s |>erfectly free to go where she pleases forever. That in aking her I made us sol no more violence than was aiiso. utely necessary to accomplish that which 1 have aecom- ' ilisbed. And further I would state, that in taking her to he south with me, that she was not only imssive, as she I 1 tates, but wax very anxious toffee from those who had S nade her act so inoonaisteut. And in speaking with her 1 ibout what time we shoukl return, she stated that we vould not return under two years ; that the excitement night be all blown over ; and as regards the forged note, I leny ever having forged such a note, but that it is a good ind genuine one. On the night after the funeral of Mr. iVells, on my wife's and my retiring, she told me that iver since Mr. Wells was carried out of the house a corpse ier mother had been at her doinir all she could to tier uade,threaten, and have her to say that that note wasu urged one My wile told me that her mother said the was j'oung and beautiful, admired by every one, and if the would only say it was a forgery tliey could get a divorce rommo, and would settle any amount of money on her ihe wanted, and she could marry any one she pleased? ind further told her, that if she did not say so, all her amity would swear it was a forgery1, and then she would je punished as well as myself. She toid me that she :ould not spend one week at Yonkers as agreed upon, for hey would harrass her life out of her?lor her mother had followed her from the time that Mr. Wells was carried >ut of the house, begging, and at times on her knees praying, that she would say if was a forgery, until tho time we retired to bed. I told her if they (lid not let her remain [here peaceably to come immediately to New York to my f ther's, where I would meet her on my return to New Jersey. And my wife has anumbcrof times in the lifetime of Mr. Wells shown that note, and told what we intended doing with i* when it became due?and that never in my lifetime did I treat my wile in a cruel or inhuman manner, as she has tesfied here. The accused having here conversed with one oi hit counsel, J. P. Hall, Esq. relative to the points necessary for him to touch on in his statement. Mr. Jordan objected, and alleged that he had no right to advise with counsel as to his answers. The clerk stated tkat he had not conferred as to the replies to be given, but merely as to the points necessary to allude to. Mr. Hai.l replied, that it was his right to advise, and he should exercise it. (Applause from the audience.) That for the last three years that we have had that note, I have been the keeper of it not over three months, "I* ? "? ifr% rtm ulmans f Ko bonno** nf if Willi (lid OVfVUY\_ I lion of about that time, and in conversing with my wife on the whereabouts ot the note, she told rae that her mother had taken it from her and destroyed it, thereby putting it out of my power to prove it a genuine note, as all the family would tustify that it was a forgery; and in conversations with her in reference to her inconsistent conduct, she said she would give her rignt arm if she had not been raadu such a fool of; this was on board the schooner F.mpire, while we were returning to New York. Previous to arriving in this city, she had agreed with me that she would go to Yonkers with me, and spend one week, and then return aud live with me; on her brother's com ing on board, and after he had had a private conversation with iter about half an hour induration, I went into the state room where she was; she says, " Charles, do let me live with my friends, as say brother James says if I ltve with you, the whole lamily will be rained, as ail the suits will thun go against them; he says they have spent a great leal of money lor me, and also hired a bouse in New Fork on my account; do let me go and live with them, bat tbay may he happy." I told her that she might do is she pleased, and go anywhere that suited her. in re- ' 'erence to the " gunpowder plot conversation," when ve went into the private room together in the Police "iffice on Sunday evening, when tne door was shut, she ' ame up to me in a fondling manner, and saya 'Charles, I hav'ntsaid anything against you have IT" I aid if you have not, your mode of answering the qties ions were such that 1 must either be locked up in the romhs or give bail?she said '*no, you are at liberty to go vhere you please, and so am I, too," and never was there ' i word spoken in reference to a "gunpowder plot," or of i threatening nature That on opening the door I > aid 'gentlemen, my wife is deceived in this matter, she says hat I am at liberty to go where I please and she where ihe ideases," which was sai t to the crowd ot the door. The clerk here atated that the main inquiry in thia eximination was relative to what had tranipired relative to lira. Miller while in this State, as this court had no power >vcr say transactions that took place in Connecticut, or ifter Mrs. Miller had left this city. Mr. Miller replied that he was ready to answer any I ...oatiAno ?hfkt tKamaffiatrilfl thniicrht nrnn#?r (A nut I . ? D | 1--- i , Th?' clerk put the following question:? -Did your wife go with you willingly and without :on?t- aint from this city,or waa there any torco or violence ! nted bv yourself or otheri to compel her compliance? A. There waa no restraint used, nor lorce made u?e of in any manner whatever, and from the time that she lett my lather's until wa arrived in this city in the schooner Empire she always treated me as affectionately as she ever had before, occupying the same apartments with me in a perfectly willing manner and sleeping in the same bed as non and wife. And lurther, that the house where we resided in Daminick street, the front door was never locked to my knowledge, as I went in and out at all times withjut knocking ; up to lbs time that I ieitmy wifa at Yonk rs after 'he funeral of her uncle, we bad always lived torn her In a perfectly harmonious manner; any diltereneathat bad ever happened between us were always set. led at the ti i e. The accused stated that he believed he had stated all hat waa necessary. Mr. Jordan, counsel lor prosecution i>hed the right to submit certain inquiries to the Justice o be put to the aecuicd. Mr H*llobjected, as the statute had expressly prohixted s cross-examination of the accused. Mr J..m>?v iitlerrd questions, which were ob- ' acted to by Justice Stevens. The Clerk then staled that under the statute there wero wo ui three questions to be asked which he would new pat. 1 ?d Have yoo srcretly coaflned or imprisoned your ' alw In this State against her will or caused her to bo ao nnttaed or imprisoned ? ' A ? I never have , I do not mean to deny that 1 brought . sac bore In a carriage acaiuet her will and carried her into my let bar s house ; but ever after that have consulted her ' In all her ramoi als. and have obtained her perfect acqui. 1 I enr< ?d Have you sent her or caused her to he sent out of J Ikis fttate against her will ? * I Have not. The examination was here concluded, and Mr. Joan&x i*e>u dsmrik] the Msgislrste to put Certtfn questions to Mr Miller, which he offered in writing. Tho fhltow'lug era the questions put by Mr. Josnsa : ? , :?.J you Inks your w ife to your father's house on h. evening of the |Ath of January, forceably and against bee ill? M Ear what pur|<osa did you take her to the Misses Weil, r ea tho night at the iAth of January?was it to se:rrta her, or was M net? q Did yea tell any of the officers of the Navy at Nor ih that il they iaiarferad you would make their wivea etnas or any thing to thai import I M Did yea fell any one at White Plains, last fall or aimer <hat rati had ike note th.n in your pocket? - i any of tba ofgsetsol the Navy at Norfolk tell i?' p.>tir wife should not go to the West Indies un M Dadpwwr wHumm y?i publicly at Norfolk of I?K forged ikd Mia *4 Del i .'ir tii< al any timr, * hila at Norfolk, rel the Waal Ia4i? with you? <4 W i>aa taaa thai tJO.uuo nolo caacuiii). and who waa The Mefiatfwle effected, and Mr KrtBTt, ona ol th?* . L-aanaal fat hint, ralhi Itaa A M.?, it. who wat affirmed, and depoaed at fol? I i?til? m *ere?iteetitl? alreet, No. fU ; Charlet f MtUor m my at.* t ?d Will ? mi -if. a hal occur ed on lha ?oth ol January at* al yowr Vonae, in which Mn. f'harlet " Nill-r u J * I iidin i 11 In' dii ?aa al my how-. anJ I want ( .o. -I I ?J k" "* ,h*' injar lining upon habth ; '? "?? ollarrd h.r th- objected to a. hat.*) I ?i dawn hy lha tida of her, ami ..a h*. .h. i aiutad laahadharil ahe had ewer tn . ard or U>eh 'root we, aha toad aha had not, but ' hai I aaaant " 'ItMllather from place ta her thai iJid not anaoorage it; he itlawra thai I had to prranado him .nr !e lay hi* t?ar. ta apon her et*-ept If he offered hit .1 t ta h. ?t**l if ah- reCwaed him wol ta attewpt to " - **> 'i..i?g, I -hew ataf- I to h-r that It wat a 1 v i *, , on< rraatiaa that I w ta aerry that tbinga . iKe e.r. at., aort ah- wat aorry for It. too, and * Mad that i hot too had donaaud fraw a dotarwination to al lean thai 'hingawowld w have been m. I tal I " rt dial lha raarat ahe waa pwrewtng, waa Tory different WW what ahe t how Id pwrane. atwniiog that every thing t. ?t hot a?t. ! ! ah* waited till the nole be f we do?. or fihey rtaM hare ma te il tp,*eir what they if Kan, ato rwwht hor ear < *??,. I wo-<l her purpoeea and *' at hiw wo. and ah. Oewld thru heva '*ern taper d-d WW hie.. ta .a waa a heat 'he etweant of the rooTereatieii I wy hewer asoepi ? hew apeak tag ta her ahewt wy adwn te Chartaw ewjthec n tMwu. a' Uit ati* t tafce her at danghtag. I thiuh I told her that had her >a*d ail inter new hat woea thaw, whoa wweelf U.l they were at Teohera It won 1*1 newer hare hap MM* LD. 44-- la bM rw'HMi M mu.4 .1,4 t*d7 WU Mn. Mil I lor apparently at that unt I A- *ha appeared co ho , .r1-*U? oaol and collected U I | hail ever aeen h?w I *11 aatcnunrd In ftnd |,,r H Wrll id appeeranoo M ah? tii. Tha reaaon that I wu aeton- I lahed waa. that at the other two interview! at Hum ford I end kin* Alng between heraelt and hnaband. 1 understood I all* k?1 iMBtxd BWBW Q ? Wu Mra. Miller ' dreaa at thia lima torn or diaor I Mr * I A ?Nat that I iHwawiral. I <4?Waa Mra- llilirr wkih at yoer houaa confined or locked in, Jn any manarr1 A ?Nothing aaara than la oaual that I know of. a bolt ilwayaeloaed Ih# front door whan any par ion atepa in.and sannot be 0|>ened I root the out'lde <4?Did yon heap or nrhtck iha door during any part of ibntiine that you were there, or ta your knowledge your ion or any member of yeurfbmily * A?I lid not. nor none of tha family to my knowladga. 44?Where did you oral aoa Mra Millar ' A ? The Ant alter the lalt m> houae waa whan 1 law her at French's Hotel in Norfolk. (4?Will you daarrlba your first Intrrrirw with har there. A?I waa conducted to her room where aha waa. 1 think it waa a lilting room?a puhl'e ladlea' aitting room. I ipoke to har, ihvok handi with her, aaked her haw abo did. I told her that I hail come expressly to Norfolk to eeothat ahawai not taken to the Wert Indlea, or any where elao, against her w ill, that if iha would rathar go to New York! would takaher , that I never had adviaad them to go even where they were. She aaid that ehe waa perfectly willing to go to the Wert Indiei. All iha aeked wa? an aiiurance that ahc ihouhl not be kept or confined there, and not let to come home (gain. I told her that I wan eatiefied that there waa no intention to take her there and keep her. Thu was about tho amoent ol the first intcrview. Thia waa the Aret day I arrived there. It wea so or about the 7th or 8th of February. <4? When and where waa yaur neat interview, and what were the particulars ofthat ? A I think the next interview was in the tame room at this time Charles presented a paper, purporting to be en engagement that ana ahould not be detained at Mar*h niqaa beyond her with or Inclination?that ha aimply wiahml that ahe ahntild make the trio thore and back : thia paper I signed u a witness, li.?What took place alter thia T A.?I understood, anil liail understood, oa my arrival, that arrangements were all ready for them to go. and I believe they intended to (ail the same day ; the after noon of the same day they made preparation* to go on board the brig, and I went down to her ; I lett them on board und returned to the house. Q ? What occurred at the house 1 A.?I think immediately on my coming to the bouse I met Lieutenant Gardner at the door : he told me that he thought that I was placing myself and my son, perhaps in a critical situation, by consenting to let them go to the West Indies; that should an accident happen to her while there, or should sho be taken tick and die, that her friends would charge her death upon Charles, and consider me implicated ; it was a different view from whet I had taken oftho subjeet before, though' I never had advised their going, but on the contrary had felt opposed to it when 1 first heard of it; I think in the meantime Captain Green and Captain Hunter both came in ; they concurred in the opinion of Lieut. Gardner and advised me to bring them back from the vpsscI ; they said they would go with me; 1 aaid 1 could bring them up aa well without them as with them; I went to the brig and found them sitting in the cabin; I told them they bad better come up to the house and stay all night, as it waa net likely the brig would sail; Mrs Miller said it there waa any likelihood of the brig's sailing, she did not wish to leave; Mr. Miller alio expressed his unwillingness to come up; at my urgant request, they both left the brig and came with me; after we caino up, Lieut. Green oame in and said there was considerable excitement about the house, and he wee afraid there would be difficulty helore moimng die thought that even I would not be safe; I asked him what was the matter; I toM bira that I supposed it would be hardly possible that I could be in any danger among aome dozen naval offieers of the United State*; I said l had no fears on the subjeet at all; he said that there wete 6 or 10 d?d English ruffians that had come with my ion from Baltimore; and he should not wonder if Ihey were strung up and skinned before morning; I teld him there must be ions mistake about It; I did not suppose that any person came from Baltimore with my son exoept Mr Coles, who was then in the house, who did not look much like a ruffian: I told him that I had been up and down the world a good deal, and I waa never molested; 1 (hen went to Mr. Coles' room and he said that no person had come on with my son but himself; after going to my son's room and obtaining a similar answer, 1 retired to rest. Mr. EraRTS bore read a portion of the testimony ef Mr, Miller relating to the interview with Mrs Miller, and then put the following question: ? Q?Did you at any time at Net folk draw up an affidavit or any other paper for Mrs. Miller to sign7 A?I did not. Q?Did you either alone or with your son, present aay paper to Mrs Miller to sign7 A?I did not. Q? Were you at Norlolk ever in the bed room with Mr ?nd Mrs. MillorT A?I think 1 did go into the bed room when sha was antting up her things to go to the brig, the first day I arri. red, when they were about starting. Q?Was her husband there? A?I cannot say ce'tain whether Mr. Miller was there or not. Q?Was the door locked while you were in there? A?I should think it was not; I stepped in to ask a question about their going. Q?Did you leave Mra. Millar in the room when yon came out? A?I think I did. 1 stepped in and right out again, and was there but half a minute. Q ?Did you at that time or any other time at Norfolk tell Mrs. Miller that if she did not sign an affidavit or any ether paper she could never go back to New York? or any thing to that effect? A I did not. I never asked her to sign a paper, or heard her asked to sign a paper while I was at Norfolk. Q.?Did any such interview in her bed room or in any other place between Mrs. Miller, yourself and her husband. as has boen read to you from her testimony,or any thing resembling it ever take place? A.?There did not. Q.?What occurred the next day alter they returned from the brig? A.?In a conversation with my son the next morning, I advised him to return to New Yo'rk, and he concluded to return. Something was said about the manner in which they should come home. 1 told Mrs. Miller she could come home in any way she plessed. either in the echooner Empire or bv railroad and steamboat with me. I understood she selected to come by the schooner Empire?I accompanied them to the small boat belonging to the schr. Q ?Did you sign or execute any paper relating to thia miner m rsonoiK t 11 so, won wu u,uu it vsou rii|urn or suggestion. A.?After they had determined to come home in the schooner and while walking down the street with Lieutenant Green, be asked me as a pledge of my determinations' of what I had promised they should do, if I was willing to execute a bond for $10,000, that it ihotild he carried into elTect ; I told him the! 1 would as leave execute a bond for $100,000 as $10,000 : as whatever I promised to do I always performed : we toen ret armed o the Hotel, and I executed e bond to that effect in prelenceof Mr. Colee?they sailed en Wednesday and 1 left >n Friday. Mr. Evakts here reed from the testimony of Mrs. Miller ind then asked the following:? Q?Did you ever have any conversation with Mrs. Miller as to the evidence she might be celled upon to give la this matter, between herself and huabend at Norfolk or slsewheret A?I never had any conversation with her on this subject at all. Q?Did you ever request her or hear your son request her to he as lenient as possible in any evidence that she might be called upon to give, or did you ever hear her promise to do so 7 A?I never heard any thing upon the subject from her or from my son. Croit-txamimd by Mr. Joboaiv?Did yeu make any re marks to Mrs. Miller at any time while in Norfolk about a reconciliation with her husband?for them to try to live together or any thing oi that kind7 A?1 think that 1 <fid ; I think in conversations, that I observed the importance of their being reconciled and living together. (I?Do you recollect in such conversation, that you urged that they should be as forgiving or lorboaring aa possible, or overlooking each other's faults. A.?I do not remember any such ad viae, although It may have been given. ? , , q.?May she not, on your giving such or like advice have said that she would be ss lament aa poasible to. Charles, or some expression of like kindA?I do not think she did. and then I will tell the raw son; I understood from her that she had not nsds np her mind to be reconciled; therefore she would not have been likely to have made that expression; 1 alao understood aa s further reason, that she could not have made such ?x press ion, that sne ami in int mram 10 dc(bnm ny aer irian<! in the couria the should puriaa. y Who told you that? ^ A ?I do not know that I can poiitively saytnat any paron told ma ?o, but lt*ii published in the papora, and I hink I heard one of the efflcera say (0. Q? Did you not understand while at Norfolk, from her. hat ?ho had frit lenient in aome reepect or other to :harlei? A.?I understood nothing from her on the subject, only rom her appearance; ahe appeared to be perfectly free to o with him. [A letter waa here handed wltheea who taae aeked if he new the handwriting of the anperacription. It was adre*oed to Mra. Lemuel Wella, Yonkers, Westchester ontity, Now York, poet marked "New York, Feb. 13." A 1 do uot know whoae handwriting it rwaamblea; think I have aem a handwriting it resembles. Wit neat was then shown the first three linea of the ha. ideof the letter written in pencil, and asked if he had uy knowledge of the handwriting? A ?I do not knew whose handwriting it la; 1 have no inowleJge of it q ?Do you know any person's handwriting to which t tear* a resemblance? A.?I cannot say that I do. q~ Do you know the handwriting of yonr ton John Lnderaon Miller' A.?I do. la thii In his handwriting' (handing witness taa sine letter.) A.?I cannot say it is. Q ?Do you know Dr. Putnam's handwriting 1 A?I ilo not. <4?Do you know a young gentleman sail*! Milder irgcr who it sometimes celled Count' A.-l know a young man namsd Alwln H. MUderbergsr but I do not know his handwriting. The whole letter was here shown to witne?, and ha

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