Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1843 Page 3
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win soon louiel,.however, thai (purchasers could not be had Tor to great a quantity at once. Therefore, in March, 1700, $75,000,000 of land bond* were iaiued, receivable for lands, bearing four per cent intereat. Very few of the State creditors who received them had inclination or ability to buy laud* with them. They must either tell them in the market, or keep them on hand. It then became necessary to take ofl'tho interest, and give them the nature of currency, by making them a legal tender. This urn i?uc ni'iii imaiiy ai par, out were soon exhausted, ana in June, four month* afterwards, a new issue of $150,000,000, without interest, to circulate as money, was decreed. From this time the assignats continued to he almost the only resource of the government ? The depreciation of the paper had gone on pari panu with the emission until in 1795 thoy were worth 6 cents on the dollar only. Tho depreciation was mostly apparent in the rise in prices of provisions payable in assignats. The government resorted to every means to check the fall by imprisoning six years in irons any one who bought or sold them for leas than their face for specie. The peo. pie dumanded that the brokers who were thought to be the cause of the fall should be guillotined. Many of our sagacious State governments have lately laid lines upon the brokers because broken bank notes depreciated. All these attempts were of course utterly fruitless. The issue went on at the rate of $50,000,000 per month because there was no other resource. The public, creditors were all paid in this money. A person having a claim for $1000 interest would really receive $50 only. At length it was enacted at the instigation of Cambon,that all the public debts should be converted into annuities. A holder of stock for $1,000 was merely inscribed in the great national books as entitled to $60 per annum, and all other evidence of debt destroyed. These annuities were still paid in assignats, which finally fell to one mill on the dollar. The progress of the ls3ne was as follows Issues or Assignats, 1790 to 1790. Valve. March. 1790, $75,0(10.(1(1(1 or f.400,000,000 par. July. 1790, 150.000.000 ,8.0.01)0 000 To St-pr. 1792 , 281,250 000 1,500.000.000 " Aug. 1793 , 201.375 000 1,070 000.000 90 cents. " " 1791, 117,500,000 624 000,000 80 " " Jan. 1795, 675.000 000 3,600,000,000 7 " " Mat, 1736 , 6,937.500 000 37 000 000 000 X ct on l?0c Tot. issues, $8 437,625 000 45,000.000 000 Redeemed 1,687,500,(00 9 000,000,000 OutitandinK, 6,750,125 000 f.76,000,000 C00 At this time the assignata were no longer available aa a currency, ipecie began to make ita appearance and trade to revive. The government, instead ot relinquishing the issue, altered its form. Thus assignats were of their nature a mortgage on the public property, which required delay to realize by sale at auction. It was therefore resolved to issue for their redemption " mandats," which wero to be receivable for lands directly, at a fixed price, say 29 years of its annual worth, which was supposed to nave ueen iia vaiue in i/wu. i nis would give a greater value to the mandats than the assignats ; it was therefore determined to iaaue them at the rate of 1 lor SO assign ate.? The >0,000,000,1)00 out was to be reduced to 34,000,000,000, by forced loans and other means, which sum was funded in 800,000,000 mandata, 1,800,000,000 more mandata were issued for public service, making 3,400,000,000 of mandata, equivalent to 73,000,000,000 assignata, or $13.100,000,000! ! These were created on the 37th March, 1706, and in a lew weeks sold at IS cents, but soon rose to 80 per cent ; but in Nov. 1796 fell to .5 per cent? when the government declared they were no longer receivable for lands except for their current value, and in December refused to take them at all for public dues, and they ceased to exist. Here was an enormous swindle without the smallest attempt at reimbursing the billholders. It necessarily involved another. The government being deprived of paper money began to calculate its regular means, which were greatly deficient. The public debt under Cambon had been converted into annuities These amounted te $33,000,090 per annum. The direc. tors decided to pay one fourth only in money, $13,400,000, and give bonds for the balance, redeemable in public lands. These soon became entirely unsaleable, and therefore it was a repudiation of 75 per cent of the national debt. This to the creditor was a relief, because he still received more money than when he received the whole amo nt in asaignatiFor all this terrible robbery and repudiation in France, the excuse of revolution and state necessity may with some face be pleaded. But no possible palliation can be offered for the part taken by Great Britain in the matter. The paper aystem of France would have laatcd much longer, but for tha notorious forgeries of the English government. Shiploads of counterfeit assign at s were sent over and disbursed in paying the English agents and royalist emissaries, in evary part of France. This tended more than anything to the depreciation of the |>aper and the ruin of the resources of the government. The French government procured its resources by issuing paper as money, and directly absorbing what it wanted to support the war from the generation then present. The English government did the same thing to a certain extent. It authorised the Bank to sua pen J any issue its worthless paper, enacting at the same time the severest penalties against those who attempted to take the paper for less than its face. Exchequer bills were also issued to the extent of ?00,000,000, or (300 000,000 ; but besides this, ?000,000,000 sr $3,000,000,000, were added to the stock debt, which is now on the eve of repudiation. For all this horrible oppression and enormous ex penditnre, no excuse whatever exists. A mere hate of republicanism by the oligarchy prompted the meaanres which were kept alive by jealousy and envy of the power ot France. The enthusiasm of the people was indee' aroused hy fears of invasion,Dut the battle of CamperdewD removed all possibility of such an event. The rest was all to gratify the ambition of Pitt, who w as no whit better than his rival Robeapiere. He, indeed, did not sruillotine people, but he hange-l and banished the choiceit ipirita of Ireland, and the suffering of 30,000,000 of (tarring people for the laat thirty year*, to pay hit iniquitous waste of money, forms a man of human wretchedness far exceeding that of the Reigu of Terror. Even Pitt was startled at the atrocity of his conduct, and in 1708 declared that the debt could not he increased with out crushing the nation, and that the wants of the year must be raised by taxation within the. year ; but with increasing hardihood he fell again into the old system ; and the peoplo of England hare dug, groaned and sweated for 37 years, in producing ?10,000,000 per annum on ?810,000,000, equal to $4,000,000,000, which has been paid to the atockholdera, and the debt is as large now as at the commencement of that period, altho' ?490,000,000 or $3,330,000,000 was ail the meney ever received from the stockholders Franoe haa long since recovered from its exhaustion, while that of England is daily becoming greater. In the ace of thaae facta, is it ignorance or insanity which ' prompts the people oi the United States to talk of new debts, based on public lands 7 Either is not so astonishing as the wonderful degree of impudence which prompts the English, whose government haa been before the world in ail the characters of slave dealers, repudlators, tyrants, forgers, robbers?and are now perpetrating in China the most stupendous act of piracy and murder the world ever saw?abuse the United States because they cannot pav n mall debt. Alter discharging in full $.400,000,000 since they escaped the rule of a blood stained oligarchy. Sales at the Stock Kirtianxa ffiflflO NT State 6's, 1862 102 7 ahaa Del It Hudson 86V woo do I02)i 21 Bk ?f Com. lull 9->)4 WOO Ohio 6's, I860 iJO 70 85 do scrip 96l4 2?n0 do 70V 100 BU of Kentucky s6<l 40 flmifl do 70\ 30 Equitable Ins Co 73)4 <MHm do 71 00 Auh k Hocnester 90 2000 do s30 70V i Canton IDS 2000 do 70V i Mr hawk 29)4 1000 do ?30 61H :o do tf.m 30 S 3000 Illinois 21 4o Harlem sld 17)4 41)00 Kentucky t's Hi .40 do 17 ( , 4000 do 84 W 40 Paters?n 43*4 1000 do s> ai'4 .40 do 41 3000 do 84 )< Second Board. $1000 Corporal'u J's, 1870 9t $1000 Kentucky 6's 84X 2100 do 90 5 shas Aub A Syr. 90 Commercial Stock Btohangs-lS Wall at. $1(108 NY 6's. 1868 ban 10t){ $1000 Ohie ?'s, I860 b30 70 V 3000 Ohio ?*a, 1160 70 1000 do 70S l-HO do al 70 2000 Illiuoisfi's, 1870 bJO 2I& 3(4)0 do al 70>< 2000 do blj 2IS IOOO -Jo bio 71 ooo old em Trnoteseh Wl* 1000 do nw 70 24 ahu Prfraon KKal) 42W 1000 do s30 09s 30 LIsland MR a3 24)4 1000 do 70S 23 Mahawk RK b30 30 State of Trade. Sales of real estate have been made to-day, with the follow ing result House and lease of lot No. 16 Clinton place, 8th street, (late residence of Mr. lleyer); lot S7| feet by half the Mock; house 37J feet by .40; lease from Bailors' Snug Harbor, at $11-2.60 per annum, with usual covenants ol renewal, $11,000. No. ISO (Clinton street; lot 24 feet by 100; on front of lot isatwoatery brick front bouse, on the rvar a three story brick home 20 by 26 feet, $4,200. Two story frame house and lot en 7th avenue, near Si*trenth street; lot 26J leet front,23 1-3 feet rear, by 100 feet deep, $1,476. Two story frame house and lot, 26 by 02 feet, and lot of same dimensions, and stable adjoining, known as Nos. 276 and 277 Eighteenth street, $$.M0One story frame hoaae and lot, 26 by 02 leet, No. 260 I J8th street, $l,4d?. Two story franco house and lot, 26 by t.3 leet, No. 217 ioi i niirri, n,iw. .Ithrt?Balea of poU ft,10) Pi-ailn, at ff.AO. Cnffte ? The markat kaa Uat ita bunymry. Pri-ea|Df'il m n li one quarter of a rent |>erl> lower; B1a7.1l at. Of i? Hj cent ; LaRiiayra 7$ a 8; Cuba 7} a Hf; Krean Java hJ; Vlarar.aiho7}, 4 mot; an-l St. Domingo Af a t? conta, caah. Coiitm Bui it ' * ''"e ' i'i<>ei> n iliipoaitlon to await ailviaea |mt (l . < - ' I" I.' 7100 lialea Upl?n<t anil Klmi !.i .1, ' at* SOU Miiliila, At 8; *00 Naw Otlcnna, ii M i" >j, abort price, together auto. | .flurried, In the city of Mexico, Jan. 30, at tii* resilience of Dr. A.. 8. Wright,by the Ht. ltuv. John Black, Consul of the United States, James Gobdon, Esq. of New York. to Miss Iulia Natalii Tvsla, of Havana. 1 ho celobratinn v. as honored by the presence of hit Excellency Oen. Wad.ty I'hompton, Minister of the Uniteil States, and all Uh American citizens resident at the city of Mexico. At Geneva, 14th Dec last, Mnns. Pai l Daoial Goxzai.vk Obano D' Mad'llc Cathebine, Comptesse Zeppelin of Strutgard, Wurtembtirg. Died. At Geneva, on the 50th n't. at the residence of his fa iher, John Ruckcl, formerly of thil City. tateit Advices VtEi'KIVKD AT TIIK NEW YOKE HERALD OFFICE. Vfrica Nor. II Macao Oct 24 VniCayes Dec. SO Minimi Nor. 22 lutivua Jan. 21 Vanilla Sept. 20 Bombay Nor. I Montevideo Dec. 21 Balavia Oct. 7 Maranhaui Nov. 26 Bermuda Jan. 13 M Feb. 13 Bouatre April 9 Maya^uez Jan. 21 BuenoaAjtea Dec. 27 Mararaibo Dec. 7 B'blO Nor. 12 Matainoraa Jan. It Belize, rlond. Feb. 4 Nenvitaa Nor. 10 Jan. 3 Nasaau.N. P. Feb. 5 go??t* Nor. 10 Oahu.8.1. Nor. 1 Berbice Feb. 20 Paris Feb. 3 Cap* Haytien ... Jan. 23 Portau Princ Feb. 9 Cape Town. C. O. H Dec. 3 Ponce, P. R. Dec I Coracoa Jan. 10 Para Jan. 27 Uenfuegoa Jan. 27 Pcrnambuco Jan. 22 Carthaitena Sept 15 lanama Sept. 23 Caraccaa May 17 Hi > do Janeiro Jan. 5 K'W* July 1 Singapore Oct. 13 (all SeuL 7 Sydney, N. 8. W. June M Calcutta Nov. 6 St. Helena Dec. 30 Dememra Jan./ 30 St. Thomas Jan. 28 Fayal JanJ 15 St. Barta Jan. 3 Gibraltar Jan. 9 St. Jago de Cuba Jan It Cinayaooil Oct. 16 St. Johhs, P. R Jan. 15 (vnavama, P. R..... Nov. 7 Su Croix Feb. 1 Jan. 17 Sl Martha Dec. 2 Galveston Feb. 11 St. John, N. B. Feb. 8 Havre Feb. 3 Surinam Dec. 22 Havana Feb. 15 Tampico Dec. 6 Halifax Jan. 25 Tobasco Ian. 6 Jeremie Nor. 20 Turka Island Feb. 8 J acme 1 < Dec. 25 Trinidad de Cuba... Keb 2 Kingston, Ja. Feb. 3 Vera Crux Feb. 5 London Feb. 4 Valparaiso Oct. 10 Livertiool Feb. 5 Yucatan Feb. 4 LaGuayra Jan. 31 Zanzibar Nov. 25 Lima Aue. 6 Passengers Arrived. London?Packet ship Hendrick Hudson? W B (Jnnn, of London; Mr* Snler, W Steele, H lloldius, Scotland; Mr Loan, NYork. New Orleans?Ship Emilv?Mrs Frrrall, Mr Hushes. Savannah?Bris Wilson Fuller?L Gheenleaf, sou 3 in the steerage Charleston?Brig George?MrsB Hull and two children, Mrs P Lawrence, F J Belts, 8 Barnett, H Beutz.and ? Foot. Pamngeri Balled. LivERfooL?Packet shin Oiford?Mrs Dennisoa and child, of England; James de la Hooke, Canada; Mr Biase'l and lady, New Orleans; Mr Carroll, Rudolf Auguste Witthaus, Thomas Churton and son. New York. Knreljn Importations. London?Ship Hendrick Hudson?31 nkgs G B More wood? 2 Patoub Stewait?3 H Jones?0 C Clark?107 O Chapman?17 Post b Main?5 Srone b co?3 Oorr b Allen?2 Timson & co?2 Wright, Ptnrses b Shaw?2 Nevins b co?1 G B Blike?9 G Fnti?3 C Baldwin?4 Bancs bco?3 Wiley b Putnam?2 E Curtis?2 G C Thorburn?2 Richardson b Watson?2 O Ewing ?5 Lewis bFairman?380 ions coal J Griswold?1 hhd 1 qr csk md.e C Nannerv b co?3 i kgs G T Palmer?1 Gilbert b co?1 C N Baleu?1 J Hunt?1 Hart bco?1 H Co'gate?1 J C Mntler ?2 J W b H Mali?1 Divis, Brooks b co?1 J B Lasala?1 Cronlev h co?1 A Nash-1 O B Tina-I W Watts?1 H Romer?1 O Oakley?1 Hutchinson?1 R b T D Charmer?|J W Beuiamiu?30 E Fiedler?J J Connah?22 W W b F H Mali? --0 W Vyse?4 D Aopleton?3 Bartlett?3 F Smith?6 D Oakey bson?3 OHbF Morrison?7 K Forrest?14 Dodge, Gumming b co?3 G Boyer?3 W Gwin?30 bottles quicksilver) Farr b Powers. Oporto? Brip F.ffoit?371 or pipes 10 pipes 7 1-7 do 10 1-10 do wine 24 bd's white corkwood 62 qtls black do 22 hi bis lemons 1 ck ginseng 3 bss mdse John Osborn?2 hhds wine S Rowland? 100 qr pps M C Melette. Oporto?Brig Sea Bird?(Reported yesterday)?103 bbls 52 qr casks 4 hhds 9 pipes 10 hf do wine 8blocks granite 86 bdls 81 qtls cork wood G M I.enghi. St Catharines?Brig John Enders?9280 hides 86 bags coffee A Patrnllo. Baracoa?Schr Cohannet?18 sticks cedar 21 do mahogany 91 bales tobacco 39bagfeoflTee 197# cocoa unts 13 bbls honey B Aymar. Curacoa?Schr Ontario?3834 pes Rio Hache wood 78 bales goat skins Boonen Graves?13 do J Henry. Port au Platt?Schr Erie?219 croons tobacco 174 hides A C Rossiere?100 ceroons tobscco K W Thorn?100 B Aymar b co?00 Tredwell b Crowley?4 bbls M Ogden. Domestic Importations. Vrw On'.FAiss?Ship Emilv?(Reported yesterday)?Poik andlsrd ? I I! H*nii?E K Collins k co?O W Edw-nis? Smalt, WtMi?m? Si to? Brown-E Hoome?WScJJimrs ?Bogrr- V K-Iceland?A AFerill 8t co? P A Messier. Apalaci'cot.??Oriif MeiiiU?10't bale* cotton Bnitart 8c Kuecland? I' ' F.rvior?49 Spofford 8c Tileston?20 Bishop 8c Swift?1 ho* It N Savainah? Hoc Fuller?76 hairs cotton Smith,Mil's 8c co?50 9 Branson?<i tl Lester?4 O Collins?1J casks rice Williams 8c Northam?I pure A Atkins?1 tee 12 bags Havilanil. Keese 8c CO?2 tks 4 ii'il. oil A U Hazird 8c co?149 casks rice J Snkert 8c co Charleston?Briir O rw?(Reported yesterdav)?S89 tea 29 lif do lice Victor St Due' w .*?11 halts cotton Q Bulkier? 10 Rogers, Grosrennr !t K' lcU.i.n? W .'o yarn W T Mali?'5 pkgs Townarnd 8c Brothers?5 P S !c B Post?3 Bows, Untfiu St Putman?48 to order. M A RI T IMEHE HA L D. Balling Daps of the Steam Ships. prom bnolard. prom america G. Western, Hosken Feb. 11 Mar. |r. Columbia, Miller Mar. 4 April 1 Britannia, Hewitt April 4 May 1 G. Weatern, Hosken April 13 May 11 Packets to Arrive. Packets to HaU. PROM LIVERPOOL. FOR LITPRPOOI.. Virginian, Allen, Feb. 1 Patrick Hrnry, Delano, Mar. 7 from Portsmouth. Sheffield, Allen, Mar. 13 Switzerland,Chadwick, Jan.10 for Portsmouth. President, Ch .Hwick, Jin. 20 Philadelphia, Hovey, Mar-4 prom Havre. S witzerlaiid, Chad wick, Mar 10 Emerald, Howe. Jan. 24 for hatec. Baltimore, Fuark, Jin. IG Oneida. Fanck, Mar. 4 Atgo, Anthony, Mar.8 Minerva, Brown, Jan. t Marseilles. I ncursponc, AUams, >Mr . 2 Ship Nuton and Agents. We ?hnl! exteem it n favor, if Captainx of Vessels will (rive to Commodore Robert Silyey, of onr Newt Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a Liat of their Canto, and ajv Foreign Newspapers or Newt they may hare. He will hoard them immediately on their arriral. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OK NEW YORK, HI ARCH ?, SUIT RISKS 6 351 MOOIY SETS 7 31 Pit SKTB J 10 I HtOH WSTER 10 9 Cleared. Sliipe Henry Pratt, Fairfowl, Liverpool, K H Lscombe; Hellespont, Adams, Marseilles, Boyd k Hiiiekrn; Enma, ( Brem) Tecklenherg. Bremen, Noltenios k Payenstedt; Oconee, Jackson. New Orleans, ? K Collins k Co.?Barque Osoray,(saylord,do, J Taylor.?Brigs Tower, Wilson, St Johns, PR. 8 W Lewis; Belle, Mvera, Wilmington. NC. E 8 Powell; Jnno, Lewis. Georgetown, 8(, A Averill kCo.?Schrs Lewis B'Uce, Slndley, Alexandria, 8 W Lewis; Southerner, Couklin, Wilmington, NC. J Ogdrn; Fr-tik, Lewis. Savannah, Stargcs k Clearman; Empire, Powell, Norfolk, do do; Trio, Cnatnherlain, Boston. Arrlwed. Packet ship Ilendtick Hudson, Htark, from London and Portsmonth, Jan. 20, with mdse, to J. Oritwold Brie John Enders, Mason, CO days from St. Catherines, with hides and coffee, to Hopkins k Hawley. Left 'British' barque Brunette, of Falmouth, 4 mot out, with 100 bhls >nm oil; brig Penobscot, of Nantncket, 14 mot, 100 spm. No date, lal 2G 40 S, Ion 42, exchanged aiguals with whale bug Bogota; lat 21 8, Ion 33, spoke ship Nimrod, of New Bedford, clean: lat 21 8, Ion 32, was boarded by ship Columbia, of Sag Harbor, bound home, 1700 wh 400 snm. The J. K experienced very heavy weather; has been on the coast 12 days. Brig Effort, Koopmau, 42 day* from Oporto, with wine, fcc. to J. Otborn. Brig Merida. Matthews, 1C days from Apalachieola, with cotton, to matter. No date, lat 31 13, Ion 74 3, spote U. 8. schr Orampns, from Norfolk, bennd on a cruise?all well. Brig Wilson Fuller, Cobb, 7 days from Savannah, with cotton. to Dnnham k Dimon. Brig J A. Lancaster. Loveland, from Richmond, and 1 days from the Capet, with coal, to matter. Whilst beating up ycaterdav, run ashore the mud flats near Ellis's Island?will be got off next tide. Schr Ontario, Vintl, 21 days from Curacoa, with wood and skins, to Boonen Graves kCo. Left schrs Oanl Francis, 8m <11, for Boston, ltth Feb; Cnilew, Ryder, for NewYork, do. Brig Hudson, Martin, for Wilmington, NC sailed 3d. with WOO hhlt salt. Barque Rosalie, Hill, of Philadelphia, sailed 8th lor 8t. Croix. 22d lilt. in.the Gulf, lat 31 20. Ion 72 37. I . severe gale from S W. ml loit overboard P. H. Uullier, male, of Scituale; George Stanton, of Boston, was fonnd dead on deck afier she righted. When the srssrl went over, the foremast gave way, end after she righted fonnd IJ4KI strokes of water in her; stove bulwarks, long boat, lost galley, broke main boom, and split all her sails Schr CoUannet, Hsrtlott, IJ days ftom Bararoa, with mahogany, kr. to Foster <k N'ickerson. Left schr Ceyion, of Bath, from S.vannah, disg. Sehr Erie, Mathews, 13 days from Port an Halt, with tobacco, to A C. Iloastere. Left no American vessels. Schr Grecian B'ker. Boston. Schr Constitution, Mirtin, Virginia. Schi American, Virginia. Sehr Sasrhare, Mapley, Virginia. Schr Ellen Rodman, New Bedford. Below, One brig, unknown. Mailed. Ships Oiford, Ralhhone, Lireipool; Union, Huaaell, New Orleans; haroue Smvrna, Champion, Amsterdam, and others ? Wind NV. Herald Marine Correspondence. Orrick or thf. Rhode Isi.ander,) Newport, Feb 27, 1143. t Arr J3i. Potomac, Duncan, Georgetown for Providence; ?li* Hand. Biker, Providence for Baltimore; Kanhawa, Handy, do for Norfolk: 21th, Tryall, Gibhs, do for Baltimore. Sid Vigilant, N York. ..... Arc 2Jrh, Home, Howea, Bos'on for Philadelphia; Lion, Baker dodo; Kllen llodman, Sheppard, New Bedford for NYoik; Win G.?y, Dyer. Provincetown for Virginia; Effort, Kenny, New hurt pint for Baltimore; Anon, Miller, Bristol for N York; Pomona. Sherman, NBedford fordo. Sid Ualaiy, President, Tryall, Mrdiaon Ail>ins, KI17.S Hand, and Kanhawa; hut the wind h'tilrd to sW and the first five relurued, uud the E H went into lAiniiiugtou. . ArrMth, lii.ode laland, Hnll, Providence for NY"rk. A full "oaV big pafd upthsr west side of Conauicut this r M. ?r'h?Sldall t?i, vs, ,i w Til hound vss els in port lor a harbor, eicept Madison and Pomona. 9 a M, commenced snowiug. Oentral llecortf. Packct iHir hbli.rtmnr, A Um?, for Martrillct, will tail to-day. Her latter hagt arc at Uilpin't, in the Merchant*'Exchange. Smr Emii.t, Crane, from New O I. mii, tip rirnced Ttry irvrre erailier-^lotttail*, bnl wark*, Ac. St Kry Wy.tT, F,b. 11 ?Since my Ittt, ,.thine hit transpired ne,r worth ininnninicttirm. Th- b it Fun' u A.lib, h .* h?eu iimtlied, and nine niter hnlra *ir>- loim 1 hir. il Iir. atb I t ' I ittom V't:aevi 11 on the larboard aide, and two on the ain't lar.l. She it now britiji repaired. in order to pnirei d wi l\ ['? .tnjoioh r pait <d destination. Judge M.rrninot hati'.. r .irned, nothing haa yet been done In the cate of brigt Uu< Vlead *nd Herald. A rettel from Tnttngu report! that llie chr Mida . Capt Storar, from New Orleana bound to NYorh, with a cargo of flutr, wat atnore at that place a lewdaya ago. Hhe got off Without I e aaantaner of wrecker*, aod proceeded in hcmyege.hiringtattained uotnigry. Sitta I'mjtJtwti a, of Bingor, Me., (before reported) wa. Milan in witii, Jan. ?, iat 11 19, Ion 7J M, by tha Sabine. hence it New Orleana. Kound both niaita -jonr, iibboom and | 'piit alaudiOK, alripiwd of Ik > ail. and ritftfiiit;, and nbnndoiieti, her hnll appirentlv inirond -der. ? Schii k ar(i.a*i>. bu i h. o.' Vw York, ftoin New Orleana. went aahore ut ttiei-.l mi the it I in ^ |dr. "?? Her papeta wire t ! "Jew Orleana by ih# Two Dioibera. Cupt Vmltli'loi lh' d ?i gi??l. - Scan Om.v Oaiiumti a. ol New York, from Portland tor I.Hbee. belmr rem ltd ... orea< Deer Ule.arral Lubec I01IP 11 r n.">, i..v ami inolaaaea, v i? ?old for the b'uelitol me i?d< >w ite-?. WiiAtra Avia ?There ia iniuraure on the Avia, at the New Bedford Merihaon' office for $1001, 'a lid 10 be reiotured at t e New Ymk 'vonoffice) and at nit' New Bedford Cornmaiciai tliOO. Tlieie 11 alao $6000 on the Ann Maria at the v"nJmeri ^al. There ia probiti'y oilier inaur tire iu New York auu Connecticut Whalemen. Arr at 8 tlem 36th ult. Kmera'd, Stafford, Pacific Ocean, tta llolmra Hole, willr'1500 hhla ml, tOO so. and 11,500 lha bone.? Left at Tahahuann Oct 17, S|Mirtati, Nant J5 tnoa out. 17C0 ap; neinatia, NL. 350U wh 500 ap. Stroke Dec 9, lat 35 6 13 W Tyleaton, Nam. 60 daya out, cle ti; Jan 7, lat 4 14 SJI ... i/angeii, oiattapottetl.B mos out, 300 aP- l"" E. sold at Hobart Town, 30 bbli ?p. A letter from Mercator, Delano, of NB. ret oris her at Port Louis, Mauritius. On 15. 29 mm out, 800 sp aiul GOO wh, wanting 160 or 200 bbls to (ill?would sail on the 2fith Oct. for south ward and home, Spoken, 8chr Mary, with mainmast sprun? and leaky, Jan 26, lat 33 9, Ion 26. foreign Porta. Trinidad di Cu?a, Feb 7?In port, Ft?nklin, Gibbs, for Boatou, soon; Levant, Hall, for Philadelphia, "do: Evvrton. Mavo, for N York; Casilda, Hall,itisi;: Sen, Alien Cowea and amkt, 10th Match: Andrew Rine.for NYork, nt*l day; Albion, Mitchell, for do; Androscoggin, Davis, wig frt; Eastern Star, Deuninz, disir. St Juan, C A, no date?In port, Umnla, Roberts, of NYork. exprcti d to sail next day for Rio Salado, Old Providence, and to return to St Juan and for NY ork ahout lsr Feh. Oporto, Jtn 13?In port, Lancet, Kruse, for Charleston, unc. Sid 17th, Effort, Koopman, NYoik. Home Port*. BnoTiiBAT, Feb 21?Arr Only Son, NYork for Eas'port. Wiscasskt, Feb 26?('Id Peru, Oram lihvana. Salem, Feb 24?Sid Romp, and Granite; 25th. Susan, Wastrait. West Indies. Boston, Feb 28?Arr Calisto, Blanchard, Apalaehicola; Julia, Bennett, Savannah; China, Small, do; Cape Fear, Young, Washington, NC. Signal for a brig Cld Dahnatia, Howes, Mobile; Oak, Ryder, Philadelphia; North Star, Winslow, Richmond; Victor, Bassett.and Spaitel, Dill. NewYoik. Arr 27th, Birminuham, Hatch, Livertonl; 'J61I1, Cleopatra's llargr, Lewes, Del; Mail, Nichols, NYoik. Edoartown, Feb 26?Arr Annul i, Lowry, Richmond, and remains. In port 77th, Lnrana Holmes Hole, Feb 22?Arr James Otis. Ellmi. Washington NC for Boston; Mary, Treletlien, do for NYork; 21th, Chickasaw. Kendrick, Boston fur Baltimore: 25th, lvanhoe, Post, Nywhuryport for Philadelphia; Krankliu, Kellar, Thomaston for Frrdericksburg; Grecian, B iker, Boston for NYork Sid Chickasaw, James Otis, and Mary. Arr 26th, Antares, Crowrtl, Philadelphia for Boston. Sid lvanhoe. Franklin. Grecian. Arr S7lb, Patriot. Rich, Apalaehicola for Boston: Richmond. Ilyder, K tedtricksburg for do. lu pott a si. Patriot, Antares, Richmond. Providence, Feb 27?Arr Casihla, Goodell, Charleston: M Eddy, Bltve ii ; Vantic, Stuart,and Jaa Lanpheer, Kenney.New Yo.-k. Below, in the ice, off Pawtnxet, a fore and aft schr with cotton on deck, supposed the Mertle, Payne, from NYoik. Cld Reaper, Kent. St Thomas and a mkt. _ , . n.ip.ur.i.rni>, ,'inui I?(irr nuniuiinn, Bisnop, Matan7.^1. Cld Shenandoah, Welsh, New York;Orion, Wilkins, La Guayra. I AraLaCHicoLa, Fob 10?Arr Pioneer, Smith, NYork. Mobil*-, Feb 10?Arr Trentou, Msnann, Liverpool; Jrarph Porter, Wilson, do; Auu Hall. Hubert, do; Marengo. Gray, Havre; Uucai. Latham, New York via AptUchicola; Marine, Vennard, Boaton; Coosa. Moore, Philadelphia} Argon. Chase, do; Augusts, Sherwood, Savannah: Gulnare, Tibbiti, Casliuc; Export, Gardner, Havana; Augusta, Post, do. "WfANTED?A smart active man to act as waiter in a private vv family. Good city ref.reuce required. Application at this office. m2Strc TXPANTEU?A situation by a respectable youug worn in as " chambermaid and to take ca e of children, or to d > the genera* housework iu a small family Enqu:re in the rear of No. 77 Mulberry street, up stairs. Best ot city refe euce given. m2 2t*r BRANDRETH'S FILLS, Secured bit filters Patent of the United States THE METHOD OF PREPARING THE BRANDRE TH1AN VEGETABLE EXTRACTS. Caveat entered Oth June, 1842?Patent granted to Benjamin Brandreth, '20th January, 1843. '"PHE extract! of whic ? Brandreth'* nils are compoaed are 4- ebiaiotil by thi> now patented process, without boiling or any application of heat. The active principle of the herb* ia thu* secured, the *amr a* it i* in the LIVING VEGETABLE. The public should be caution* of medicine* rrcomnent'eJ in advertisement* *to!en from me, in which the Contemptible Robber* ileal my language, merely altering tee name. Time will show the*e wholeaale deceivers in their true light THE MEDICINE OF THE PEOPLE. [C/~" BRANDRKTH'8 PILLS are the People'* Medicine, proved by thousand* who daily recommend them to the afflicted. The BRANDRETH PlLLS are growing every day more l-opul.n; their virtnes are extending their usefulness. The sick of both sexes are daily deriving benefit from thein. No case of disease but they can be used with advan age. Blotches or hard lumps of the akin they speedily cure, so with erysipe las, so with salt rheum, so with indigestion, so with coughs aud colds, so with costiveness, so wills cancer, so with hot parched lips, and canker in the month. Let the afflicted use this medicine, and they will find they requi e no other. hold it 26 cents ter box, with ftill direc sons, at 241 Broadways 271 Bowery, MM Hudson street, and at E. H Tripp's, 167 Division street. New York. IT?- TO INVALIDS.^ (T7~ How important if i i that vou commence without loss of lime with BRANDRETH PIi L9. They mildiy but surely remove all impurities Irom the b'ood, and no ease of richness can affect th? human frame, that these c lebrat-d Pi'ls do not relieve as much as medicine c in no. Colds and Couohs are more brnifn ted by the BRaNDRETH PILL9 than by Lozengea and Candies. Very well, perhaps, as i-alli-lives. but worth nothing as kradic atpbs ! (iiseascs from the human system The BKANDllEVH rli.LS cube, they do not merely relieve?iliey cuie. Ui usrs, wbi iher chronic or recent, infections or "tlnrw se, will certainly be cured by the use of tl.ese al'-snfflciulit t'. ' . CURE OF CANCEROUS SORE. t ino Sino, January 21, 1843. Doctor Benjamin Pranphk th : Honored Sir ? Owing lo yru a deb: f -riptide that money cannot pay, I m'c i * ill iced io make a public acknowledgement of the benefit rny m'r naj u'eii ed from your invaluable Pills. Aboot thrse yvartih s wntershe was tah n wirh a |iain in her ankle, wliioli a on h, carve very murh intlimnl, and swollen, so mnch ao iliut we bectme much al-rined, and sent for the doctor. During his attendance th' ptin ami swelling increased to an alarming degree, and in thiec weeks from its first commencing it became a runainT sore. She could get no rest at uight the pain was ao great. Our fin Doctor attended her for sis months, and she ireeived no benefit whatever, the pain growing worse and the ore larger all the lime. He said if it was healed up it would be her death, bnt be app<-itrd to be at a lost how to proceed, and my poor wi'eati'l continued to suffer tint most terrible toitores. We there fore sought other aid, in a Botanical doctor, who said when he firat saw it that he could i?on cure the sore and give liei ease at once To our surprise h? gavr her no relief. ana acknowledged that it quite baffled all his skill. Thus we frit after having tried during one whole year the experience of two crlebratsd physicians in vain.iu absolute despair. Mv poor wife's conititmion rapidly filling in the prime of her yeari from her continued suffering. Uuderthese circumstance > we concluded tbat we would try your Universal Vegetable Pill*. determined to fairly teat tireir curative ef(ecu To mv wif.'a great comfort the first lew doses afforded great relief of the pain. Within one week to (he astoni?hmcnr ol nnraejvea and every one who knew ol the care, the awelling and the inllammation began to eeaae ao that ahe fell quite eaay, anil would aleep comfortable, and air, after six weeka' uicshe waa able to go thrcngh the houae and again attend to the management of her family, which ahe had not done tor nearly fourteen months. la a little over two montha from the time ahe first commenced the uae of yonr invaluable Pills her ankle waa quite sound and her health better than it had been in quite a number of years before. I lend yon this statement after two years teat of the rure, considering it only an act of justice to you and the public at large. We are, with mneh gratitude,' Very respectfully, TIMOTHY & V.LIZA A. LITTLE. P.8?The Botanies! Or. pronounced the sore cancerous, and finallv asid uo goed could be done, unless all the tlesli was cutoff and the bone scraped Think a ki id Providence, this made na resort to vour Pilla, which saveo ns from all further misery, nod for which we ho|* to be thankful. T k F.. 8. (T7" Dr. BRANDKKTH'S Principal Office, 211 Broadway, V7Y.; Retail Offices 274 Bowery, and 189>4 Hudson strec. Boston, 19 H'-nover street. Providence, II. I., John Shaw. H'.rtfoid, 4'.onn., Henry Ben'on. New Hareu, Conn., O W. Croak/. Norwich, Conn., W?, Faulkner. Philadelphia. 8 Ncr'h-eighth st. Mallimore, cor. Laighls and Mercer stt> eta. Richmond, Va., 191 Main ?t. Charleston. 8. C 95 K isl Bay. Albany. N. V? at 8. Yan Schaak's store, 44 Market it. Utlca, 89 Uen see it. Rochester, H. Serantom, opiwsile Eagle Tavern. Buffalo, W. W, WiUtts. New Biunswick, N. J , Henry Vrooma. Pittsburgh. 126 Wool street, and by orer 20.000 agents in the United States. Observe, the Pills, to be genuine, must be bought of a regular Agent?proved by his having a Certificate ol agency. And further obseivr, that the bnxra are covi red with labels printed in both red and black ink, and that there are aix Signatures of Dr. Be: jamin Brandreth on each hox, i wo on each label, one being signed B. Brandreth, and the other B.njsmin Brandreth. Be careful and get the Thuk Pills. _m2 tmeiidfcltwy*ec_ CM UF. PROOF IRON SAFES !!!?It is a well known " fact that Wilder'* Salamander Safes are i anre protection againal fire, they never haviDg failed to preserve whatever hare been entrusted to their kerpiug, though frequently exposed to intense heat in blast fumscea, and ihe burning of oil and candle, drug, and other store house*, when other aafea ex wised to the same hral have been totally destroyed Wild'-r's fire proof* cau only be had at the Iron Sa'e and Safetv Lock Warehouse of SILAS C. HKRKINU. N.B.?Oid f'shrnn Knob Safes, such as have bec> lak'ii in part payment for ihs SalanaDder, for tale at from 50 to 75 ner WM !? ? than fint cost. ?! Iw d?8t2twy'r MFOUND-A Newfoundland Do*. The o~ . ner can h%vff |,im i>y proving property and ptyinv charge* 1 hv applying to I . Finnell, 615 Bioadwav. IT not called rrek, will b? sold for eharres. ml lt*r 'I'HK LATE CAPT IRA MOODY?Bhoadd this mere the I- eye of tic legal heirs of the above mined, they mity hesr of something to their adv.iu eye by calling oo the subscriber, 22 Sgiut Marks Dace, New Yotlt. m22w#r L DIC hOKEBT CITIZEmBOF NEW ? ORK?HEAD I HH?New yoik, Feo23, 1143 Colonel l.onglag?i. ear 8u:?I deem it not only a privilege bat a daty I owe to the afflte'ed to state in the most public inauuerthe beneficial offsets of voar valuable medicine, the "Ore-t Western Indian Panacea ' M son, a lad of 8 years of are, was seriously afflicted with acroflnla or eruption on the head, which formed a sore that r H. red almost the rniire top of lush ad. All the Iffil rem* I'ts ptnved entirely aaeleas and nnarailtnr, the cate assuming an alarming form. Learning the nature of your Panacea, and ttie liumeinos cares it had effected, I was induced to obtain a bottle, and from its use my sun is entirely rrstop d. I feel nnwillmg to illow the opportunity *o pass, wi bout giving my teefimony in favor of its truly enpetior merits. Respectfully, y w o bed tent servant, WM. N. ANDH69, <6 Broadway. Priee ffl,'#? Cor sale at 305 and 830 Broadway; eor of Grand and Muleerrysts; 98 Cathaiine at; 37tl Bowery; I7I Hudson st; fee in2 2 * r KELLY'S DOUBLE EXTIIVCT OF SAKSAPAHILI.A I'ANDV.?One iHintid of this candy coutsius the active principle of ttso pounds of the Sarsa|>arilla root, and is srairanted to be the best remtdy iu cases of llheuma'ism, and iH all diseases arising fiora nerroui excitability, or from morbid humors in the blond In cases of cosiireness, and in those peculiar affections of the aliinrntary canal arising from dryness and want of a due secretion It ir without a rival. The propiietor has himself experienced its beneficial effects, and therefore speaks 'r im experience. In all derangements of ihe secretions it will be found of incalculable advantage, and where the (-institution has suffertd trom the use of mercury, or from other causes of debility, this Double F.xtraetof Sao, spirilla will bring joj- and gladness. in scroium, curvy, nuu mi wiiin KMiiuuiiir mirc ioui; in coughs and colda; in diseases of the akin, as salt rheum, erytipelas, and the like, the brnelit will h>ve to be experienced to be appreciated. Sold in package! of four ounce* fjr 25 centa. Let those who are using Aarsapvrilla give it a 'rial in tbia form. To be nad at J. W KfelLLY S (in imn Confer .binary, 287 Ilroailwav. m2 IW*ec HUNTKR'8 CKLBBRAfi l REIi DM)f.>N<m known to fail. T ",M HiittUwiih venereal di,r?s? are I h-irby informrd ih'.t'i'i v C'ti J i fe, (.attain and effrc'ual cure, ny applvlngai th? T **i. nan Dupi nsary, 3 Division at The nalare of 'h a m hci < 'hit it drives every v-stige ol the pol'on from lliv'valem in a f av da) a, no matter ho * aura* 'edlbe C'ae; in i' .u< ti'ture and certain Rnths.-xes ma> me it witb |u ifri t aslelr without regard ta circnmstancea r aitu I'iou. 01 au, .YSjivt o diet. The wonderful cures rfI < ten t.y t ia eiiiiJtdinary medicine in different paita of the United riiatea. have rendered it celebrattd from Maine to Klor-d i I'nce $1 per vial. No other place can the true article be obtained. A counterfeit is aold in Boston, Mass; alao in Charleston, 8. C. Let the knowing ones beware of it. mt lt*ec ci iRtmrmrs . SCOTTISH MUSICAL KNTH.RTAINMK.NT. TIT'ILL Take |il-cr at iii?. Ai'o l i Concert K>ma, No. 410 * ' Broadway, ou Tu-adav Kv. uii *, 7th o( March. PROORAMMB. ... Put I . (ilee? The B all U iwi, Minei Cummin* Mr. Clirahiih Son*?Draw the Swnr.l Scotland, Mr Clirchnnh Duel? Vlv Am Kir jIH? . Mi?arr Cummin* "?u*?O*a' the ?irt? the w nil ran hl?w. Vr Clirehn*h Ballad?ThouM rare awa frae me, Mary, MitaM A Cummin* S?og?le'uan Brarr, Mii? B O Cummin* Son*?Bonnie Prioce C.harl e, Mr Clirehngh Ballad?Li/* r Lyndiay, Mia* M. A Cummio* Son*?My N annie O' Mr Clireku*h I Duet?Weel may the Kerl Row, Muaei Cummin* Ballad?Mv Boy Timmie PABT Mr C,lirehu*h I Son*-My Tochf rathe Jewel. Mim M A Cuinmm* Sou*?Th. Rowrn Trae, Mia* B <1 Cuminiu* SoBg-Wwi m? for Prioce Charlie, . Mr Cluehwh I D net?We're ?>\ver v>uiir to marry vet* cu mining | iidli in?l.ucy'i Kl"tiuir, " Mill M A Cummin* Hong?When ?h<* Kdome Hune, Mr Clirakugh Ballad?8iw vr my wre thi-gT Miu B la Cumming Billed?John Anderson my Jo, Mr Chrehugh Ourr?Whit'. ?' lh> Steer Kirnmpr, Miiiei Curaini g Ulee?There's nm luck about tlip bouip, Miaaea Cumming and Mr Clirehugh Progamroca. containing the worda o' theleaa familiar mugs, wi'h critical, hiitmiral ami i xplaun'ory not'cea, may be bail w ith p>ch ticket. 'I'ickti 50 cpn'a, to be had at all the Music Storea, at Mr. Clirrhufh's. Cfll Broadway, or at the door on the evening of the etii'Ttanment. Doom open at 7 prrciiely, rntertainmpnt tc commence at! ptwiwlv. mSeodSH THK WWOLK.IVOHlII should Limw it that Dr. Xiyue'a Expectorant i# a certain cure for eithma, and that for coughi, coldi, cnniu'itpti n, whooping cough, croup,Vronchitii.and every other d.ieaie of ihe lungi or tliroar it ia lure to produce the inoit decided benefit. It i* recommended by thonaaudi. who have tried it, ami all ?ay that it ia the heat remedy, without any exception, for a'l pulmonary diaeaaea that hive ever been known, for it a'wayi givea relief, and eurea when every other merna have failed. Prepared only by Dr. Jayee. 20 South Third at, Philadelphia, and Nc. jfl'j Broadway, New York. Price SI per bottle. ml? lm*eo Ml O L KT?The Hire-proof building corner H< ae and Dua> cits, well etlculaled for any kind of mauufncriiiing bnaineta Tilt re ia a Menm engine on the premiaea in complete o-iler, which iniy be ucd bv the occupant free of charge. Heut low. Apply ?l the office 273 Wellington it. mi 3t*r jm BOARD1NU HOU.SK. No. SSO Pearl atreet, to let, ffrTW containing over thlitv roon a, with a dining room 50 feet ll'XS. long on the ground floor. Kent reduced to iuit 'he timea. F.o.iaire of 8. Si 8. HALS'I ED, hi< iw -ei n?o. ?4 t>*o?r TIIE NEW MIRROR, EVE* Y Number Kmbcllishrd with an Original and exquisite Design on Slerl. Edited by George P. Morris. Illustrated by J. (). Chapman,who is engaged exc'usiyely for the work. Terms?$3 per snuum?Single numbers, 6>? cen-s. In the e.onr'e if a few weeks, the uude*signeri willcowmence, on hi* own account, the publcation of a Dew >eri*s of the blew York Mirror, in the octavo farin.ouau entirely novel and orimnal plan, with a-teel engraving in everv number, and at the reduced price of three dnl'ars per annum, or i is and a qu-rtercerisnererpy. _ i The New Mirror will appear with many strikuig ard attractive features, distinguishing it from every 0 her periodical. It will be published with new type, on fine paper, and each num- , ber will contain a heautilul original engrnvii>g on steel,designed | and etched by < 'liapman, illust atiug tne letter-press which it accompanies, and which ir w'll invest with peculiar interest, i Besides the ei litribatious of a l our estensive corps of correspondent*?which embraces most of the talent of this country? we have made arrangements for fresh and early 'ranslatiotis from sotne of the best writers of France. and for proof-sheets ] from several of the p ipular authors of England. Wi'h such materials, and wilh inch able fellow labourers in the literary vineyard, we hoprlto | reseLt to the American reader a weekly journal of great value and unusual eicellence. The parade of mere i ames, will be se.dnlou.?lv a> oidrd. The Mirror will be remarkable, we hope, rather for good articles without names, than for poor articles wilh diitin:;uishcd names. It witi embrace in its scope everv department of elegant literature, nfw prising tiles ol romance, sketches of society and manners, senli mfnt, and evcry-day life, piquant esa<ys, d mestic and foreign corrcspondeoc", literary lulelligetiee, wit ,?tul humor, fashion and gossip, poetry, the line arts, and liteiay,musical and dramatic crilrcisin*. lis reviews of new works will b-careful, discriminating, and impartial It will aim to foster a literature suited to the taste and drsirrs of the age and country. Its tendency will he cheerful and t tilivening. as well as improving. It will seek to gratify every refiued taste, but never to offend the most fastidious; and it will ever eel its duty to be, to "turn the sunny side of things tu human eyes." The work will De published every Saturday, in numbers of sixteen large octavo super-royal pages, with double columns. anil enclosed in a neat ornamental cover. It will lorm, at the ml of the year, two sup-rb volumei, each of four hundred and sixteen pages, filled with the semi of literatuie and the fine aits. The very low price at which It Will he issued, renders it the cheapest periodical iu this or any other country, coimderius the cost and beauty of its Fifty-Two Engravings, and the intrinsic value of its literary coutanti. Those desirous of receiving the paper fioin the commencement, will have it punctually sent to their address upon theii forwarding to the undersigned, at No. 4 Ann-street, three dollars, free of expense. Letters, enclosing the amount of subscription, may be franked by all postmakrrs. Agents, carriers, and newsmen, will be supplied on the usual terms. (t7~The Cash System will be rigidly adhered to, without any deviation whatever.??0 , Such Editors as copv the above, will oblice ine by forwarding a marked caper and by resuming the exchange, which was interrupted, much 10 my regret, by circumstances over which 1 hsd no control. GEORGE P. MOKHlS, Editor and Proprietor, ml 3? is'r No. 4 A?n street, near Broadway. MH. OUSTAVE MELTON, a consignee by shipUfiea, from Havre, in April last, is regnested to call at the office of BOYD It HINCKEN, ml 9 Tontine Bnilding. TO WATCH MAKERS AND JEWELERS?A good stand lor business, with a good r an of customers. Stock and fixtures amount to about $600. The tires- nt proprietor is sic*, and wishes to ro into the country. Address a note to N. M. at tips office. ml lw*r LEARY & l O., OtflLL introduce the Spruig Fasliiou for Gentlemen's Hats, vv Friday, Maich 3-i. 2hf is 6tr NO. 4 * 3 ASTOR HOUSE. AT WHOLESALE PRICES ! TND1A RUB11EK SHOES. 53 Maiden Lane?Selling eff at L wholesale prices, gentlemen's Over Shoes, with leather soles,both sheet and cloth robber, are now selling at the nnparalelled low pric-of tl.50. Ladies over shoes of every variety and kind at equally low prices These goods are the more durable and elegant articles to be (ootid, aud in all catci warranted. Tbose who liave not men our good! are particularly invited to call and gamine before purchasing. Don't forget the ' umber, 53 Mantes Lane. m2 1mi**ec HUTCHINSON fc RUNYON TO DKimOtSTft AND OTHERS .Iron the south and West?T. ROBERTS St CO. of London, jiroprielon of the celebrated and popular medicine, "Parr's Lile Pilla." having established a depot ior the sa'e of the lame in New York, and being now prepared to supply the market to any extent, would respectfully call the attention of dmggis's and others in the trade to their i opnlar medicine, of which there is now told in Eurepe more thin 30.P00 boxes weekly, and although it has been scarcely six months in the United States, the tales have rapidly extended through the States of New York, Pennsylvania, New England States,and Canada. Asa lamily medicine. it is unequalled, being perfectly free froiu any " iueral preparations; it is alao exceedingly effective in the cure of billons complaints, dyspepsia, consumptions, and all diseases arising from imparities of tnu blood; being very mild in its operations on tbe system, it may be taken by the meat delicate female and small children. The above may be hid whoteaale at the office of T. Roberts It Co., No. 304 Clarendon House, corner of Dnane 8t Broadway, lirst tloor. fS |m end is ec American land and loan okkice.?Wiiuam L. Sirnert having above thirty years' exiierieuce in the management of Real Estate, and possessing a large landed property himself, sl-o feeling great confidence from the liberal patronage he has heretofore enjoyed, respectfnlly solicits the attention of the pnblic to the special advantages of the American Land and Loan Office, at No. 14 Wall street, in the city of New York, for the pnrrhase, sale or exchange of Honaes and Lots, Farms and uncultivated Lands, either at private or public S .lc, end for the hiring and letting of Houses, Stores, Parins, &c.; for col'ectiug the rents, and lor taking the general agency and iu|?-ri isinn of Real Estate also for the snperin tendance of erecting and repairing Buildings. Pernors having property to sell, exchange or let, will find it to their advauiageto apply at this office rather than to any other in the city, both in point of economy and detiwteii. All property registered in this office, will, if required, be ad vertiscd in twoor inoreof the most widely circulated journals, and every honorable exer'iou made to dispose of tne same. Shoull trie property not be sold at private sale, it will, if detired, be offered at public auction, thus giving to owners of the property double stUnnluge. ' He will also attend to effecting Insurance on property, obtaining aud loaning of money on bond and mortgage, or other securities, takiug special care to receive ample securgy for i money loaned; and to have titles to prO|ierty examined by gentlemen of the legal profeaaion of established character fo accuracy and reputation. Holders of vacant gronrd that requires improving, will ft., J it greatly to their advantage to apply to him, as his knowledge of Uie kind of buildings which are most productive for the different localities, is of the greatest importance: and his long acauainlance witn the building of honses will enable him to get bem erected on the most reasonable terms at a far lest expense than is usual. He will also take charge of real eaute intended for public ales, aa his tknowledgr from experience in getting up sales, will be of great value to those intending to dispose of their property, he will prepare the advertisements, sec that they are properly distributed and sn|>enntended, and direct the saleuind it will he tomid to be a great saving from the fact that properly for the last three or four years has been frequently sacrificed from the want of proper attention and skillful management. 1.,.i..,:.i_-1. ... ............. ... _ ,? *.k-. of their real estale, may dentin I on having it faithfully and economically managed?and all moneys recrived, promptly paid over. Person* wishing to hire or purchase property, or invest money, can mwt generally be accommodated Iree of MM?aud pMMM residing at a distance deiirons to sell or purchase real rstaie by seodin a tlescriprion of the property, will ireeive immediate attention. Prisons having country seals. I mm, or houses for sale, and wish to have them surveyed and drawings taken, cm have it done in the most elegant manner by applying at this office. Also, Cautrict* and other papers prepared. All letters for the purchase, sale or esrh.tnge of real estate, or forthe loaning or putting ont of money, ninst the directed to WlLLlAM LTSIMER3, American Land and Loan office, No. 14 Wall street, New Vork;andthe postage invariably paid. Those liarieg money 10 loan can have it invested, Iree of aiiwnse, by calling at rhn office ml" !??*> , OODA WATER?BREWERY ?Orders lor supplying ?o I da Water the ensuing season will be received at No. 1(1 Bleeeker itreet. 1 Brewing ( remises to let with fixtures, consisting ol boilers, { vals, mill. pnm|is, lie. A gocd sitnuion for the Hoot Beer bu- ' sines*. Apply as above f?B2w? r BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of IflWytoiii Old 440 horse lower each. I.'nder contract with the. Lords of the-Admiralty. i vdHHHn HlBKRNIA, C. H. E. Judkins, Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. do ! CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Liverpool and Boat**, via Halifax, a* follows : mow nivaarooL. rang soiTan. Acadia, Ryrie, Keb 4 Mar I Columbia, Miller, Msr 4 Ap'l I Britannia, Hewiti, Apl 4 May 1 Hibernia. Jndkins, Apl 19 Majr 16 The accommodations lor passengers are soi>erier. The vesaele are accempanied by experienced inrgeons, and 1 amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats. < r usage lednaed to $IJ0. No Berths secured until paid for. 1 Kor farther information.apply to D. BR1UHAM. HARNDEN k GO'S, No. i Wallet. ^l30e j DAILY PACKAGE EXPRKSH CAR FOR ALBANY, I TROY, AND BUFFALO. ( By C'ty to Albany in Twelve Honrs. j a.r??ee \ i " riai k id me morning. ( Ttie ?nh?.;riji ^h??? in nle arr ihyeiitr ;it? mth the Hooia- r 11?ui Kail Hold Company, to ran an Kiprt-m Car ieicluairely , lor out ow i ;>urno?e) da 'y, nrrr their road with the raaaeii(er train, ronntti? through ?o Albany in twelee hour*, and are now i repared to receire and lorward at low rate*. Specie, Bank Snter, I'ack.itree, dale* mil Caari of Oootla, sc., for any of the abote named or intermediate placet. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notee, drafts and accounta, and anch other bunueai a* may he animated to theitcare. ... dtr POMKKOY It CO.I Walletree*. New Yeik. | AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BKI.L, Auctioneer! BY BKLL ft HOWARD. IM4*rtt Nti.tMnn anil 116 l THURSDAY. At half peat 10 o'clock iu tho aalea room Silo of Valuable Paintinga, aupcrior Piano Fortea nod fnat rate Cabinet Furniture. Conaiarincof 2tanperb original paintinga, rauoua aubiecta, in rich gilt framea; ( tplrmli I roar wood ami mahogany piano lor tea, by celebrate- makera;a gaiutity of beautiful city cabinet furniture, warranted woikinanabip. Alao, a aplrndid conairnment of glaaaware. FRIDAY. At I0W o'clock in the aale rooma. Stock of Dry UooJa, fcc.?An entire atock of elegant aeaaonabte and well ataort'd dry |(ooda, eomnrteing Rnaaia theetinga, Inah lineut calicoa, muaiioa, ginghanaa, de lait.ea camhriea, lacet, ahawla, aatina, collara, rnjtra, yeila, hoaiery, glorea unlinary Alao .Loudon clotlia, caaaunerea, eralinga and aatineta; a ?arietv of ttlfl/MIl' r l.tfl. I inr fanotr anal III. tluuli nrtinlpk IPWI'lfV lie , iu Ion to suit purch 'sera, without reserve. Alto, ?n assortment of line clothing, comprising over, Irock and drett, pants, vests, fir. , H\TU?DAY, At lOkf o'clock at the sales mom. Large ??!? of elegant furniture, comprising the entire furniture of a genteel family leaving the city. Alto, the entire of the elegant cabinet furniture contained in the large itoiei 113 and II) Kulton tt. Alao, a itock of house (itrnrthiug attielet, table ctttlery, he. HKNK V K. K1KLL, Aucfi. BY R1ELL It ARCULARIUs, Rtora Ml Broadway, corner of Dnane streets. R. It A. are now ready to made advances to any amount on consignments, Returns prompt. Sales of retl estate and out door sales of household f urniture attended to in person. Regular sales of Liquors. Secure, Be., erery Tuesday; Fornitnre. Pianos, Be., event Wednesday and Saturday. SATURDAY At 10X o'clock, at the auction room. A variety of new and second hand furniture, comprising the usual articles in the line. Also, one electrifying machine au<l one omuigraph. TUESDAY. At 10)? o'clock at sales room. A fine assortment ol wines, imported and domestic segars. Be., Be. A UCTIUN NOTICE?f^lniceEl owe ring Parlor Plants? fa.' A. LEVY will srll this mo inng. at II o clock, in the sales room . 131 Rraailwav. a beautiful eollecrini, of IiniI'Iic and hardy plant*, mostly in bloom?not having been forced, they are particularly adapted for arlor ornament*. The assortment includes oranges and lemons, flowering almondi, cape jes?a mini-!, bourbon and moan roiei, myrtle*, be. be , and will be found well worth the attention of buyer*. May be examined until the hour of sale. Alio, IS Travelling Trunk* and Ladies' Hat Boie*. iron bound mil bra** nveited?an cxcel'eni article. m2 It*ec TIENJA viJN MOONKY, Auctioneer T?INE CUTI.ERY AND HA11DWAKE.-B. MOONKY f St Ca, will sell this day at 10 o'clock, at the atore No. 50 MailUa laue, a aplrndid lot of Cutlery, comis'ini( of 501 card* nf line porke' and penknive*; alio knive* in dofus, with an invoice of aplendid 1, 2, and 3 blade knives, in lilt boxe* of 12 each, together with a veiieral aaaortmenl of all kind* of hardware; alio 500 pair of fine Damaacu* and bra** barrel pocket and other piatola Alio a lot of tuperior double barrel guns, 5il ana fancy cane*, 10,000 boxei split and ribbed prrcassi-in caps, 2 caies slates, itatia and toilet glasses, cedar pencil*, steel pens, ipeciaclts, needles, razors, copper pump*, hammers, trunk handle!, be. be. Also, at 12 o'clock, under the inspection of the Wardens of the Tort, 1 cate of goods, damaged on the voyage of impoi tation, to be told for account of the underwriter!, consisting of cotton purses and powder puffs. AIso.mii accouut of whom it may concern,50M Russia quills. Catalogues are ready, aud the Igoods cau be tximiued to the hour of rale. ml lt*r JTIOK AT THIS-Ju.tfr om Auctiou.a lot of fine Calicos U at 4 ecu's |>er yaid; lot fine Broad Clotns at 7s 6d: lot fine S.i'ineti at 2s 6d; lot deuble milled ( 'assi meres at 6a 6d; lot flue Shining at 4 cents per yard! Lt Moleskin at Is: lot best black ,.,,1 pi,.. 1. ,:.l . ... |.? i rnn,, m* ii. c.i. lot Gentlemen's nilk Gravels rt 4s 6d:lot good sewing Silk, at two ?nu. Kor sa'e at WILLKT HAWKINS' Siorr, Ml Greenwich rtreot, 5th store below Spring at- CM 3i is*r CITY CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 202 RROADWAY. OWING to faoilitiei afforded the subscriber in purchasing from fust hands, and the liberal encouragement bestowed pon his Emporium of Fashion bv grntlemen or taste .he would inform hisfrieuds aud the public that be is enabled to sell the oat fashionable garments at much reduced rates from former rices, without an; diminution in guality, style and finish, hich has won the enconiums of the fashionable world. f. e would direet attention to his superior style of cutties, having employed one of the best cutters in the country, ami will warrant to fit the must difficult form The subscriber would take this opportunity to correct the erroneous impression that "perchasers in Broadway are obliged to pay more for an article of dress than elsewhere:' a call upou the subscriber and his statement of prices will conviuce the most sceptical that any article of clothing can be obtained at this establishment as cheap and as fashiouable as any other house in this city. A splendid assortment of Ready Made Clothing, superbly made, for sale very cheap for cash. A full suit made up at afew hours' notice. 15f lmis?m EDW'D. FOX. AMERICAN AND FOREIGN NEWSPAPER AND A PERIODICAL AGENCY, No. 4 Anu street, N. Y. li.The subscriber having completed his arrangements,is enabled to furnish to order, to agcats or individuals, any paper printed in the States or England. Illustrated London News, Punch Bell's Li'e; Weekly Dispatch Sunday Times; Satirist Willmi-r it Smith's European Times. Chas. Wilmer's American News Letter And a variety of others are received by express on the arrival of each steamer. Any paper or woik desired may be had by the next return steamer. The Boston Notion, $3 p?r year, 6>icents single Alsn, all the publications ?f the day. H E. B. TUTTLE N.B?The subscribers * ! pick bundles and parcels f'r newsmen of all the publications and newspapers of Philadelphia, Boston, and New York, at publishers' prices, for a small chaise lor services rendered. Any other Agency business will be attended to]with the same promptness as if the pel son were here himself REFERENCES. Messrs. Greeley It McKlrath, New Fork Tribune Messrs. Wilson b Co., Brother Jonathan Messrs. Durness JtZeiber, Philadelphia Ueonre Roberta, Esq., Boston Times Measis. Bradley k Co. Boston Mail Adams b Co. Bosion Mr. George Joan, Albany Mr. Charles Wiluier, Liverpool. C. S. West, Esq. Havana. J, A. TUTTLK. . aifeodlm E. B. TUTTLE. pOVPLIMENTARY INVITATION) BALL to Mr A. C p. Lafurire, on Thursday eveninr. March 3d. at the Tisoli Saloon. Dodworth's celebrated Baud is engaged, and no pains will be spared to make as agreeable " Ball as has b?en this senson. Tickets to be had at Jie Saloon: at Collier's, Merchants' Kxehnnge; Wm. Lcfurge, 179 West Broadway: R Bonn, 139 Washington street; J Carr, Terapin Lunch; Chickering'e, 74 Chambers street: Propers, 172 Hudson street; and at A. P. Lefurge'a, 18GCanal street. Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock prcrisely. 3t* ins r GRAND ACTION Hirpatoo Piano Forte*, Grecian Scrolls extra race metalic plate?ill the modern improvements, warranted to be of llie best materials and workmanship. '1 hose wishing to purchase ere incited to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. Old Pianos taken iu exchanie, and repaired at the factory, 26 White street. I2X Jtis^r pH MONO METER FOR. SALE?An eight day Liverpool G Chronometer for sale low. Is in charge of Mr. Stewart, Merchants' Exchange, who will snow it to pnschasers. f*7r WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND JEWEI.kV, repaireu in * v the best manner and warranted, mnch lower than at any other place in the cit", at O. C. ALLEN'S, Importer of Watehei and Jew*ly, whnleaa e and retail, im'r 30 Wall atrcet, upa'air*. CHANGE OF STAHTINO PLACE? & New Arrangement to Albany and Boaton,*ia Hornet onic Railroad?The atramer Mutual Batrtv will rommeare running for freight and paaaengrrs daily thia morning at 7 o'clock. Irom foot of Liberty at, nearConrtlaud . North Hirer, to Bridgeport Leare for New York at 2 o'clock, P. M., or on the arrival of he ear* from Albany. Thia bo it i< the only one running m connection with the Railroad. ... For further information apply at the office, foot Liberty at. New York. m2r AfALANTA carrieathe "Frarcia'Patent MJHaV Life Boat"that aarrd the officer* and crew from tlie Hkaerecll of tne ate imahip Clarion. 24f str its- ALL I HK REGULAR PACKETS-Steam ehipa, KFr^V bonfs, ?nd other piurnKer icmcIi, carrying JBMflhB ranns* Patent Lif^ Boats," have the word " t'ntrnt" pliiuly n tamped or painted on the side. f 19-tfr FOR CANTON, DIHF.CT?The new clipper kJHMpWhuiU harque CHlLDE HAROLD, to aail from Phil*^HNHpilelphia on or abont the 10 h in?t lor Canton and the Cor at of China, will touch at New York if the talk of tW" handred ton* inraaoremcnt be applied lor preeioua to her aailing. Apply to C. H. TIERS, Bniiercargo, Philadelphia, or WM. O. BULL fc CO., mt Iw'ic 74 Wall aireeL Adfg- FOR LONDON -The Packet ahip PHI LAI)K.L Yfrtfy PHI A haeiog been detained, will be depalehed tor the aMMBwiboee |>oit ou the 4th inat. For pa image, baring *ui>enor arcommodationa, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 6) Month afreet. N. B.?Paiaage from London or Liverpool can aa utntl be aecured by the regular packe ' ahipa, and draft* tnraiahed for any amonnt payable throughout the United Kingdom, on application aa above. miec FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet ISth Maicn. IwfWrVThe auperior, New York onilt, faat tailing packet iK]ftk32e<hip HOTTIN4JURK, Ira Burnley, tnaater, 1020 Kor freight or punio, having cL-gant and commodiona accommodations, apply in WOODHULL It MINTURN, 87 South street. The fun- packet atrip Livarpool, Jpo Eldridgr, master, 1150 to,.a. will succeed the Hottinguer, and aail on her regular day, ltth of Arril. nfr NEW LINK LIVERPOOL PACKKTS-Packet tdCWVlliih March?The aplrndid, well known, fast tailing fitfiftfapacket ship HOTTINUIJEK.CaplBursley, will aail positively aa above.nrrregular day. The ahipaof thia line are all 1000 tnna burthen and upward* tad it is well known that iheir aceominodatioua lor cabin, seeond cabin and steerage paasrngeis, are anperior to any other line ot packeta. Kor paaaage, early application should be made ou board foot Bntliug Slip, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, 4] Peck Blip cor South at. Toe Hottiugner will aail from Liverpool oui'Jt May, affording to peisona wishing to send for their friends a favorable opportunity >'l'htving'hrtn hrouvlit ant iu her, or any of the retuhr line on favorable terms; and thoie drairnna of remitting' money ran bave drain for any amount, payable on demand without discount, in all the principal towns of Ore at Britain ind Ireland. Apply as above. The Roaciu* will anccred the Hottingaer. and sail on the 13th March. inlr ' lifif- PACRETB ffOR HAVRE?Second Uwa-Th ' aJHCTW ahip ONEDIA, James Eunk, master, will tail on the flUlfialat Match. BOYD St HINCKEN. Agents. (Jer Nn. 1 Tontine Buildinga tj+JL t i lit S'i.W OKI. EANrt? LOUISIANA AND JWk N K XV YORK LINE Regale r Packet loth Ul|L March. I'ne tut sailing packet ahip OA8TON, Capt Oliver ElJridge.will positively aail at above, her Mgular dev. Kor freight ?r paaaage, iiaviug handsome I'nrniahvd accommodations, apply >n board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to R. K COLLINS It CO. M Booth at. Shippers rnayrely upon hiring their goods correctly meacarrd, and that the ships of this line will sail punctually aa advertaed. Any guarautee to that effect will bo given and fulfilled .hat may he requited. AgenU in N. Orleans, Hnllin It Woodruff, who will prompt y forward all goods to their address The packet ship (Jaston. Captain O EMridge, will succeed he Oconee, and svit rhe 10th Marrh. bar regular day m2r iffhC- l'A SB AUK KOR .NEW ORLEANS?Onlv Htw!"ilJj'irrT*"* ,fat Miiimrtiiaeket *hui WHbLVI' KHBI KO, (apt. C C Berry, will tail poeihrely 'ii 5 h March, her i.titular day. Having ttlendid icroramodalona (or cabin, accorvl cabin and ateerage ptaaengera.for iwaaage rally application ahould be mai'c on board, or to W. h J. T. TAMtOTT, m?r 4] Peck Blip, comer Hmtth ili'il P HEIGHT POK PENBACOLA. KA.-The Jajjy bnik of about yo I bl? will be ahipped on or aboot ihe 4|HWIbl*i'h tart, to be taken on hoard at the Brooklyn Mary Yard and ilclireretl it the Narv Van', Penaacola. Apply to ROBT. C. WETMORK. Nisr Agent, ml r 57 Waur aireet, ? AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIRODI. AT TUB PARK THE ATOP. I.AHT NIOHT BlfT rOHR. BENEFIT OK MH. TOMPKINH, Police Officer of thu KitAblUhmeut, _CT Very Punirulnr Notice?Ftaeea mn?r be encored IB the Ui'e'pemoinim ',U> p,e"nt "' "PP0""""""** the ma of Iteff M'"~ H R^kwe'Lh Mw^r cssrs. uowi ? wens Perf.irtnAucfjto commence at 7 o'clock. IHlh EVENING UinvirirS'uv'tinl!with a MAGNIFICENT EqosTltlAN MOVEMENT , OLOHIOUS ERA OF THe'VOYAL OUHTAVUS. In which JO Eque.lnins will api*>ii ?? ihrirhigh trained eteede Pasde Ml.. Wells Muter Glrnroy in hi. Art of The Perfection of Horsemanship. VN",h;"u' W, Wl11 Perform 0 r.imie. act Muter W Rior.vV will rule an act rntitl,d Ratlin the Reefer SHEPHERD AND SHEPHERD Ran, By Mr Cadwalladrr anil Mr. Howard. Flying Corde Ki-rcues by Mr. Haggles. Transformations by C J Hogars. O. Stone as the Chief of the Flathaada. Alter which, by particular desire. THE SPRITE OF THE MORNINO. arm thr PLEASING, TEAMING CUPIDS! By Mr Cadwaliader and the three Miaaea Wells. ITT" At this period of the Evening an inumiuion of IS mates will ensue. THE SECOND PAHT will commence with A series of Neirro Hones, Dances, Re^, entitled COMIC. BUT NOT COMMONPLACE. By the J Dark Uneurpuuhles. The whole to eooelnde with A Grand Romantic Legend and Fierie Kolie, appointed With New Scenes, Dresses, Decorations, Mechanical Emeets, and Ontrie <'irrum?t,in<-rs and Situations, entitled the DEVOURING OGRE; THE TKKROH OF THE FROZEN REGION*! HARLEQUIN AND THE THUMB FAMILT. The New Scenery" by Messrs Smith, J Wiser, B Grain, Whealley and nnmrroas Aurstepts. ?he Machinery by Mr Spears and his Various Machinists heDressea of all Nations hy Mr Lewis and AaeiaUnta. The Superb Female Costumes, by Mrs He Sim jugs The Acceisories and Decorations, by Messrs Henry nmer and 'fenrge Hilsey. The Folie invented, written and prodaced under the diieetion of Mr J H Amherst NOTICE TO FAMILIES. The Very Lasr D?v Performance rf the season, will be given On SATURDAY AFTKKNOON, March 4th. When the final and farewell fete will consist of 17 SupeibActs, together with the grand Harlequinade; * combination never before witnessed on anch an occaaion. The Boa Book le now open, in order to prevent disappointment or inconvenience. ir^Bovee, SO; Pit, ii; Gallery 1SX cents.-Cb (I jr Beau can be secured r.t the Box Office, from)* till 1 o'ciooV Jt CIIATIIAn TIIK4TUB. REDUCTION OB PRICKS. Dress Circle, 2} eenu^^t ^S^^en^i^ Upper Tier 1<K crate foroedewil?.' After which, OMNIBUS To conclude with FALLS OF CLYDE. Doors i pen at AM o'clock and the perferraaxce will com mence atT precisely #1 ITCHKLL'd OLYMPIC THKATHlk. ttt Broadway, New YcrX. THIS EVENING will he -rformcd LOVES OF THE ANOECS. To b? followed hv the SARATOGA SPRINGS. After which, ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. To conclude with HOW TO PAY THE RF.NT. (T7- The Doors will be opened at hall-past e, and the par ormacce- commence at 7. every evening BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE, OPEN FOR A SHORT SEASON, Under the Direction of MESSRS. N. b. ft. T. V. TURNER. The public is respectfully informed that this favorite eaU blishment is now open, with an Equestrian Company unsurpassed in this country. The performance each evening will be of a varied and talented description. MONDAY EVENING. Feb. 17th, , GRAND ENTREE. Unequalled Equestrianism by Mr. T. V. Tamer, who will throw two somersets whtle his hors* is in fall speed, a feat never performed by any other man. Messrs. N. B. Turner, Whittaker, fte. ftc. Great Banjo Melodists, Messrs Carter, fte. Hf Iw'r Boies aScts.?Pit HX ARUCK1CAM MIHKIIM, Mi.1.1. D..*i j: n . - - * p""'!"'n aDiJi,iT'i!i,;,.?nr"'lawsT' ?rp??:i? ?? run unaren r 1 BAHNUM, MitMcrr. COMBINATION OF UNEQUALLED AND ? ? UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTIONS. Day Performance at 2 o'clock?Evening Performance at hall,, (mat 7 o'clock. Mait Frank Diamond, Mr H Mestayer, T O Booth, and Richarpson, iu an Erliiopcan Evtravagaaia. a he Manager liaa, with (treat eipenae nod d.iBcnlty, procnr _ ed the stay for one week longer, THE INDIAN CHIEFS, WARRIORS AND SQUAWS, Nerer hare we been visited by ao lame and distinguished a party, and however high curioatly may he raised, the anlicipa Uon rannot come np to the reality. Theae are no miserable, degraded half breeda, but the Wild Warr ore of the Far Weat, terrible in war, in peace full of kindneaa and hoapitality. The company conaiata of li Indiana end Squaws; Baca, Fog ea and lowaa. They will appear in their WHITE BEAR DANCE, Showing their mode of setting oat on Hunting Egpeditione parruing the White Oriely Bear of the Rocky Mountain*. OSAGE WAR DANCE, Aa danced by the Oaagea on their return from Battle. To be accompanied by their own Mnaic. The daneee will be changed nightly. They will appear dreaeed in their peculiar and nniqaa Native Costume! Arariety of Songs hv Meaara.SHKRMANand BOOTH And dancing by LA PETITE CELESTE. ANIMATED TABLEAUX. The mairnificeat Dioramic Scene of the DEPARTURE OE THH ISRAELITES To conctude with the CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW ! Signor Viraldi's decidedly unrivalled Mechanical Fignrae PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Profeator will make Practical Examinatiena of riiitora. No Free Liat dnring the engagement of the Indiana. Day Performances on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, at IK o'clock. Evening performances at 7. Admission to all 2S rrnii-l hildren ha if criee. ec PKALE'S NKW YORK MUSK CM NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY IS NOW REOPENED ! C. H. DKVOE, Manager. Tha aatabliahment contains an almost endlaea number of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART! Neatly and taatelully displayed in three spaciona halls, and boasts of a verv COSTLY A ELKO ANT OALLKKY OK PORTRAITS Exceeding m extent and value any other in America. The manager ha* engaged, for exhort time only .the sublime end beautiful exhibition of THE TRIAL OF CHRIST! Thix imposing xeene it not repirsented by a painting bol by a GROUP OF TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATBARY, THE SIZE OF LIFE. Thix solemn and impressive scene represents Ont Saviour arraigned ax a Pruoner, with a Crown of Thome a yon Hie Head, before Caiphas, the Hntli Priest, and the Conrt of Pootiu Pilate. In addition to the above, the Manager has encased the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GirSY WOMAN, From England. She wiahes not to impose apon the pobl^ by making these believe her a Witeh. < r FORTUNE TELLER! Poeeexeed with tapernatnral power?but on the eeutrary. claims publicly to be able to iDetract others ef| fceod intellect and mention their leading era sactioae of PAST TIMES. THE PRESENT. AND THE FUTURE. She will teH peraous whether they are married or net, and what hind of huabaad or wife they will yet,describe their o<l character* and give a boat of fact* and correct conclnaiona founded on her knowledge of the immutable aeieaeee of phrenology, physiognomy ,t enrol ogy. philosophy, Ac. A* proof of the correctneax of her aaeortious. alio is at liberty ro refer to hundreds of onr first citixena, including clergymen, jndgos. attorneys, physicians, and many of the most enlignteaedladies in the city. lET* Admimion to the Mnaenm, K cents; Children hall pnee An extra charge of I2H cents to those who consult the Oipay Woman. Hn ]\AADAME MARONCELLI has the honor to inform ber I." friends and the public in general, that she intends to give her first CONCERT, since her return from Europe, the Ml o f March next, at the Apollo Hall, on which occasion shs will bo assisted by ihe following talent:? VOCAL PERFORMERS. Mrs HORN, end he-pupil, miss Lewis, MR. PAGE. SI ON OR MAH+INI. Instrumental Performers. Mr. Booehers, Mr. Kusaowsky, Mr. Ernst. Mr. Alpers, and Mr. Timtn, who will preside at the piano. Prices of Admission. Five single Family Tickets A3 se Three single Finn ly Ticket* 2 00 Single Tickets, each 75 Tn be had at (he principal Masic Stores, at Madame Maroncelli's rrsidroce, .No. 50 Lispenatd St, and at the door on the ire nine of perfoi malice. 24 f eodlt'r CLIKKHUUH'S SCOTTISH MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT. will take place at the APOLLO CONCERT ROOMS, On Tuesday Keening, 7th March. Concert to commence at I o'clock, precisely. Tickets50 cents e*ch, to be had at all the Music Stores, and if Mr. O. 206 Broadw?r. rJS ler*r IVfUSlCAL INSTRUCTION.-!**. McDOUALL bags to iniorm her friends .ind the nnblie, that she contiuwes to aire instructions on the Pianoforte at her own residence nr that of her |Wpils. Terms moderate. 61 West Broadway. fit Ins QUSSCHIPtIONQUARTET SOIREES OP INfiTVU MENTAL CHAMBER MUSIC?Mr. U. C. HILL issonnted with Mersis. A. Anetles, O. H. Derwort. and sV II Hegesiud. will giro fonr Quartet Soiiles, consisting of classical productions for stringed instrument*. The first one will take place at the Apollo Rooms, March 4th. To commence at n P.M. The remaining three will take place at the 11me rooms on the 18th March, 1st and 13'h of Apnl. Subecriplion 15 for eight tickets. For farther particulars, see circalars tnd programmes st the music stores. ftSins rod Jt#r VIUTUR iiAKCIA ZULETA, lo eriy df Bogste-7l " this should meet his eye or that of any person who can gire information of his residence, they will confer a great faror en his brother, by addressing PKR88K It BROOKS, ftlmuee No. <1 Liberty sucsC DACiefFSHIPTIDTTIJdOUER?Frois LircrpooP-goo u Bigneea by this ship will please send their permit* on '^" ' s at West side Bailing Slip, or to the odlce or the subscribe*. IS21 mlr * U^nTTjHHFnT MONKY ot all kinda parekiiid ittht vt j Sft- 1vmajSxr "Vfter ? W'U""j ,M Broadway. r-sTTris' l-IlttE 'iil^yolmiet patent Shoe Thread, whileaad S g'e.'o, .n . and Jo. tails. COLLINS k CQ jpfy 6g South sir?C Drslis lion il to any nmonut, payable on demaaa. without discnnnc, on all parts of England, Ireland, Scotland, and 6Val?! for sale by W. Ik J. T 'r APSCOtT, |J7 r <3 Peck slip, corner South ? PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLSI'HKSE far lamed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, I we perceive, to be obtained in this eosmtrr. See sdyeriinei rent oo.lhe lant collate, fourth page. w f \

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