Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1843 Page 1
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Jl MM I I || Ml | Ml TH Vol. IX.?No. 63.?Whole Ho. WTfl. To tlu Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub. lished ?very day of tha year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Prioe 3 cents per copy?or >7 30 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing alt. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it therefore, the best channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiKToa er the Herald Establishment, Northwest cornet of Fulton and Nassau streets. a COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-Iolh^ village of Hanover. Morris Comity, New Jersey, 13 miles from Newark, on the turnpike leading to Morristown ,a large two story noose, conislntug eight rooms and good cellar, with good well of water near the do>r. Also good coach home and at tile, with three acre*of rich land, all fenced and in good order. II the above it not sold at private will be offered at auction on Wednesday, Sth of March, all o'clock, on the premises. For further naiticularn enquire of JOSEPH BOOTH. Hauover N. J., or > AHminialrator* WIL SON J HUN T. Weat cor Fulton, N.Y. i Administrators. fg lm* r jm TO LET?Tha h juae and a to re No. 78 Lalght street, hltl corner n( Washing"!!. The store is at present occupied J'IMP a* a srocery, and the occupant would am out immediately. Three dwelling li- uses in the same row, and some parts of house* Inquire at Rl Lvg-ht *t. 25f 2w*r MOFFlCfi.8 TO LET?III store No. an South street. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street. 11 lee JML to LET? From 1st of May neat, I he modern built ff?W two story brica honse, No. 11 Third *t, with attic, baseXjJLmriit and cedar, and mirble mantles throughout Kor further particular- inquire at47(K Pearl st I5f 1m* "BTTok sale or exlhanor fok city proPERTY?A Farm of one hundred acres, situated in JlJB. Koch land County, ten miles by the New York and Erie Hailroed or sis milc? Ir? Ny*< k Landing. Handsomely situated, plenty of fruit, well watered aud wooded, aud easy of access at any day in the week, by the above road,in three honra For further particulars enquire atl>7 Oouveneur srrert. where a andscapw view can be seen. 171 lm*r A|A TO LET?The "fire-proof building corner R< ae uud T^W Duat ests, well calculated for any kind of mauulactu ing XJflL business Thi rc it a steam eugme on the premisrain comidete oider, which ma/ he u ed by the occupant free of charge. Kent low. Apoly at the office 233 Washington st. mt 3t*t am B'*AKDINt< HOU aE. No. 3B0 p.- il street, to let, couttiuing over thitrv roon s, wi h a diuiDg room 3D feet XJflLlong on the ground floor. Rem r. duce-i to ?uil 'he times. Enquire of S. St 8. HALS 1 ED. mi Iw'ec No. 14 C'd-rsireet. 1 pf THE'cVrT?O^NE\VAva^ble Firn ^gka.of about to acres in Scarsdale, West Cheater County, two miles belewWhite Pluius and twenty-five 'roon New York on the main road leading to and from said placet. On the premiieal* a spacious double two storv dwel'ing house, with a kitchen attached; a bar*, carriage and ont housea, all in fine order; 2 bearing apple orchards, mostly gr fted fruit, peaeh, eheiry and near trees, a good well of water and cittern holding 40 hogsheads of water; Rb..ut twelve acres of wood land The whole farm well fenced and mostly with stoue wall and in 8ood repair. Tne Bioii River crosses the rear, along which is railroad runt, now nearly completed, to White Plains. Persous desirous ol seeing the pre i.ises will find it oue of the most des.ruble places in West Chester County. Enquire of J. J. TRAVIS, on the premises, or d. brush, esq. i tr.3r No 9i Fulton it. CHAPMAN'S MAGIC STROP. XRTR THE UNDERSIGNED, Importers and Wholesale '* Dcale rs, having used and aold L. Chapman's Metallic Rszor Strop, do freely recommend it as being superior to auythiug which has hitherto come onoer oar notice of a similar nature. Signed? A kt S Willets, importer! of hardware, No M3 Pearl st. A W Spies k Co, do do 216 do Willis It Brothers, do do 314 do Oakley It Lex.mis, do do 62 do Sheldon k Phelps. do do 25 and 27 Sooth William. Haisled It Brothers, do do 151 Pearl at. V. rt lr Inn.. > An 228 do Spelmnn k K razor. importers of Tansy Goods, 136 Pearl st. Posts k Main, importer of drags, G Cedar st. Tield, Thompson It Co. importers of Dry Goods. 35 Cedar it. Fellows, Van Arsdale It Cooper, Watches, 11 Maiden Lane. D Hel fe Co.. importers of Stationery. 345 Pearl sr. Wm R Gonlding, Surgical Instrument mannfactnrer, 35H Chatham at. For Hale at 202 William street' To he had hy th dozen at the manufacturer's prices of the above firms, and at retail, at the principal fancy scores throng hout the city. Mide at 102 William street. fl 1m*in TTNITED STATES HOTEL. NEW YORK.?This well O known establishment has been leased lor a term of years by the um!er.igned. who are adding to the already extensive accommodation a large Retiring Room for gentlemen, where they will And all the principal newspapers of thia country and Europe; a Dressing Room and Barber's Shop, not surpassed by ar.y Hotel in the conutry; Baths, hot and cold; Minor's Patent V per Baths always in readiness, end can be giveu on three minutes notice. An Ordinary for the accommodation of citizens and strangers not residing at the Hotel, will be opened on a magnificent scale; and bent up from 6 A. M. till 13 at night. The interior of the building is undergoing a thorough repair ?refuting and furnishing, cleaning and pa rating. The ceiebratedCrv ton Water is introduced throughout the Honse.which renders it not only hsakhy in the extreme, bnt perfectly secure against lire. The location is such us makes it more convenient for merchants, travellers and business men than any other iu the city, being cqni-distant from most of the eastern, western and southern steamboats, and in the immediate vicinity of all the Atlantic Steamers and Packet Shirs. The tables are supplied with the boat our market affords; tke wines of the choicest bra <ds. and selected by our best coonoi seurs; the servants clean, orderly sod attenOTe?end Die public may depend on the unerring efforts of iu proprietors to make the United States a* comfortable for them as any other hotel la the Union. 18f Imr BRA18TED It JOHNSON. TX7ATCHES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW-As the vv subscriber is constantly rtcsiviag all descriptions of Gold and Hilvei Watches, of the newest styles, frow the mannlactorers in England, France and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger assortment and at much less prices, at retail,than at any other house hi the city. Also, Gold Chains, Keys, and Gold Pensile Gold Watches as low as 33 to 35 dollars each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warransed 4a keep good time or the mooay returned. Watches, Clocks and J welrj rejwired in the best manner and warranted. <3. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watchee aad Jewelry, l?*M Wholesale wad Retail, SS Well at., upstairs TAEAKNEBS CUKED? SCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL? *' For the e in* of Deafness, Paim. aad the discharge* of miner faun the Can. Also, all thoee nisagreeihle noises like thahaastaa ol insects. (alias of water, whining of eteam, kc. fcc , which are aymotoma of approaching deafoeaa, and alao esse rally eleudeat with thediaeaae. Many persons who hare beea deaf for ten. ftft'en, and twenty yew, and were obliged to oae eat trmnpeta, hare, alter naiag one or two bottlea, thrown aeide their tramiwta, being made perfectly well. Phraiciana and a mat eons highly recommend ita uae. Bead the following editorial from the Timet Diaraut Cobkd ?We hare heard a great many apeak of the rittneaof Scarpa's Acoustic Oilaa a remedi for Deafness, and we ? r aaaarrd that it la nnaarpaaaed by anything known fhr the pnrpoaa. One or two inataneea of ita cnratire effecta hart been pointed oat to na. and they are really aatonisliing. ? Prepared by Dr. B. Bell, and told on agency, 305 Broadway, Mew Fork. Price |3 par bortle fll I in pHKONO Uh-TEK HOH BALE?An eight day Lircrpool V Chronometer fnra?le low. la in charge of Mr. Stewart, M?rch m a' Exchange, who will shew it to poschuara. lYlr FOB ALBANY?Moor chauged-Qn and I r"B* 'rf Monday, 13,h inataot. and nnril farther - Jwjui. notice, passengers for Albany, ria Honaatonie RailnwT will leave ihn city hy Steamer Croioo oi Nimrod, daily, (Sundays excepted) at 7 o'clock. A. M. from Catherine Market Blip, East Hirer, arriving in Albany tame rrcniug. I Ilee rOMEHOY fc CO.. ? Wnlfst. 1 - . - KAIL BOA') LINK OK STAOBS ia?mFROM NEW YORK TO BEDFOKDWES^^MKSt Ou and after Tuesday, January 3d. 1(43, tha eubsrnhera will raaa line of stages from Bedford to New York three times a week, aa (bliowa:? Laaros SeelyV Aleniioti House. Bedford, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nvirniug at IH o'clock. Leaves the Hail Boad Hotel, comer of Bowery and Broome Its, New York, every Tuesday, Thnuday and Saturday morning, by (he 9 o'clock cars, jiaasiujr Vlarhle Hall, East sswsa.""'" Bobbins' Mills, Mile Square, Newcaa HIRAM DEFOREST, O C. LEWIS. , Proprietors, /the "V-d B^mlLineoc S'agei will continne to run during the wniwr iroro wnur ! iw^P cv*ry uay ai i u u?u, nuu York it t o'clock, i* ki8?ridays ricuteri. HIRAM DErORESX. fMm* m Propria tor. - ||J^' | ~ WINTtK AHHANOEMKNT-8. M (yKf-.jl*,, (E T"*1 P*1 ' '"*' nl li'Vi for Yonkera, mawf^s*,,w Tiobh. Ferry,Tarry Town, Sin,Mine. Sodom acil i&ninr.e . in cnmMciioa with the Harlem Railroad. Thi? line will leave New York ai I o'clock daily, by the Mailman vara for williamihndge. and will cimvey paeaengera aa faraa Sing Sing and Peekakill. And on Taeaday, Thnraday and Sajirday, the line will be extended to Sodom. On Mrmdaya, Wedmadaya and Frtdaya from Sodom to New York. _ , fetf.- TOMPKINS. P roprielor. The Railroad Fare from Wi Ilia ma bridge to New York ia U ceute. f 10 0w*r - vVlNTERARRANGliMlLNT?for Ooahen ratJ&tfTI *ia New York and Erie Railroad.?Fare to GojBMflDBjLalien $1,50?Tniner'i $1 ,15. On and after Monday, Miypn jlnl,ntd. iw |, he car of the New York and kj-ir Railroad ?ill inn in connection with the a'eamboet Utica, Cam A H. Sclioitx. daily, Scndaya excepted. F..f aril,era- Leaae Duaneafreet pier at # o'clock, A. M.j la?*e Orahrn at quarter paat 8. A M. For Fioilii?Leave I'uaue atreel pier at S P. M.( leaea at half-baat 0 A. M. ^ Q gEYMOUR> Snperintendi.nt and Engineer. Toe imaaengera train connect* at Tnmer'i with Beachh Mail Stneeafo; Newbargh, New Pali/., Kiegaton, Catakill and Albany, aud atOoahen with Uie Cnrbondale and other Weatern Line of S'age?. **' r a** FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-.Reguiai JrfVW Packet ol Utf March.?The Splendid Packet Ship JBIlabROdCIUS, Catitam John Collina, of 1100 torn, will pnaitively eail aa abuae, her regular day. For Ireight or paaaue, having aecommodaliona nnennallcd for aplrndor or comfort, apply on bamrl, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, erto E. K. COLLINS k CO. 40 South atreet l'ric* ol paaange, (100. Ine Packet Shir Siddona, Captain K. B. Cobb, of 1010 rona. will anccaed the Roaciua, and aail the 2Mb of April,har reamer day. Lrtte, a lor the ahiiw of thii line will only be received at Gilpin'. and I lale'a New. Room. Vaaaangers may raly on tha ahipa ef thii line aailing punctually aacdTcrliaed. fffr ?6* PASSAGE FROM LfVKRPOOL?ThiT~yeiy ?h'P MEMPHIS. Capt Knight, will from Liverpool early ip March. Frrton* wi^iHH to trad for their friend* cto hare them brought net in bar or %uy of thn regular packeta by applying pertprnlly, or if by letter, pott I*id, to JOrtfcPH Mr V1 IT TIM A V * .pr"r,tai2;^.k: - * "?* iV&a irtir ' E NE NE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r? atlfrora New York ou the 25th and Liverpool on the 11th of each mentk. M. M. Infill NawToSir* Ship QARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th February. 8hip R08CIU8, Captain Jahn Collim, 23th March. 8hip 8IDDON8. Captain E. D. Cobb, 23th April. Bliip 8HEK1UAN, Captain F. A. Depcyaler, Ulh May. FaoM Livp.aroet.. Ship 8IDDON3, Contain F,. B. Cobb, 13th February. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Repeyster, 13th March. 8h|p GARRICK, Captain Win. skiddy, 13th April Ship ROSCIUS. Cujilain John Collins, 13th May. . These ships are all ol the lirst class, upwards ol 1IM tons. "JS"' sCthe city ot New York, with such improvements a acombiue great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has becu taken in the arrangement m their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by etnerieiieea masters, whs will make every exertion to give general aUafaction . .... Neither the captains or owners of tl. tsh wwill be responsible for ar y letters, parcels or package sssn tby them, unless regular bi lis of lading are signed therefor. * ?'e.V TcbWi ^South st., New York, or to WM. A JAS. tROWN A CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12% cents per single he* t; 50 cents per onnce, and newspapers 1 cent each. 13 r /HE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M # I 1 To Mil trom New York itiih, and from Liverpool 3th ol each mouth. Ship RO< HESTER, 800 ton., tail, g.,Vrr Philip Wondhoute, 1#t" Keb rT" Ship HOTTINUUER. 1030 tons, ,6,K Much New ship LIVEKPOdL, 1150 tons, i?,n a,,r;i John Eldriege, : ,16th April. New ship , If J tons, ,6th May These substantial, fast sailing, first class shins,all built in the city of New York, are c mmauded by men of experience and ability, ana will be despatched punctually on the 16tti of each nemih. Their cabins are elgant and commodious, and are furnished villi whatever can cuuduce to the ease aud comfoitof passengers. Neither t e captains or owners of these ships wilt be responsib'e for any , arcels or packages sent by the in, unless regular bills ladiug are signed therefore. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL A MINTURN8, 87 South street. New York, ofto FIELDEN, BROTHERS A CO., f 7 y r Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. L despatched iu the following order, excepting that when the li?W saf* saslin. foliar ran Q #T. .I.I.W. w:il ...II saw. ? L A . r v c- r-.. s, A. me day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, {June 1 July 19 616 tone, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. G. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mai 19 The ENGLAND, {June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B.L. Waite. f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, {July 1 Aug 19 900 tone. ' Nor 1 Dee 19 J. Kathbone, i March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, {July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, . Nor 19 Jan 7 E.G. Marshalli Mar 19 Mar T The NORTH AMERICA, ilAug 1 Sept 19 619 tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber. i1 April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, ( Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, '.Dec 19 Feb 7 S. B. Cropper.I April 19 June 7 )OE, i! Sep. I Oct 17 950 tons, 1. Jan 1 Feb 17 W.CBarstow.i May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, i|Sept 19 Nor 9 790 tons, Jan 19 Mar 9 G.A.Cole. (May 19 Jnjy 7 Punctuality, as regards tha day of sailing, will be obterred aa heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores efeverr description n>1,1 be prorided, with the exception oi wines and liquors, which will be famished by the stewards. GOODHUE 9t CO.. 61 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-elip, N. Y. je24 lyii BARING "WOTHFRS h CO.. L'pool. FOR NE\ RLEAMS LOUISIANA AND NEW RK LINE OF PACKETS Forth^etter actum modano^of shippers, it isiutended to despa:ch a ship from this nort on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th. 20th, and 25th ol each month, com i eDCing the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delayi and disappointments will be i resented during the summer months. The followtng ships will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO, 1Cantain Cornell. Ship OCONY.E, Captain Jackson. Shu. MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAK8PEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Shiji HUNTSVILLE. Captain Munifor.C Ship OOMULGEE, Ca|<uin Lcavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickiuior. Sliip MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulfonl. Thean alups were all built in the city of New York, express for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been ji wly cigvpered and pat in splendid erder-with accommodations lor passengers nneqaalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all lunea be towed up an.) gown the Misaiaaippi by.ateamboau. Neither the ownara or captaina of theae ships will be reaponaible for je welry, bullion, preeioua atones, ailter or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package, sent by e rput on beard ol (hem,unless regular bills af lading are taken for the same ,and the ralne rheieoo expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South ah. or HULL1N fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, aad great Care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. mt tapscotps general passage office", 48 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. m* The subscribers beg to call'the attention.of their friends and the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out passengers from, and remitting money to, any ptr* of England, liclapd, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent P'"NEW'ClN^OF'LfvERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:? Ship ROSClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS.CaptainCobb. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain Depeysler. Ship GARRICK, Captain SkidJy. New shir HOTTINOUER, Captam Boxsley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Capwin Wood house. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL. Captain Eldredce. Sailing twice every month; and with the " UNITED LINE," composed of superior first clam American ships, sailing every tan oars, will make five ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby prevenung the posai bility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New Vnrlr A Ian from f.ivrmonl to New Orleans. Mobile. Savan nah, Charleston. Philadelphia, Button and Baltimore, and the vario parti in British North America, can at all times be engaged on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to tee the advantages to be derived fiom selecting this line in preference to an; other, and they may rest assured that unusual care will be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ships being lilted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In all cases where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured. The regular tickets for which the subscribers are agent*, tail as follows, vis To and from London on the lit, ltth, and 20th of each month. To and from Liverpool oe the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and 23th of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, an a Charleston, weekly throughout the season. remittances. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends byenclosir.g thesnm they wish sent, with the nsme and address of the parties te receive it, m.y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt mere of, and an acknowledgement for the aame returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amonnt, are payable on demand, without discount or any othr r charge, at the National and Provincial Banka of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bait, Son k Co., Bankers, Londen, Eichauge aud Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal lowu of Great Britain ?ud Ireland. Fnrther particalars made known un application, if by letter, ^*d3yT<l't<W, h J. T. TArSCOTT, <1 Peck Slip. N. Tork. 4ft 4ft itfft PASSAGfc^ROM GREJ^THTTAIN ANDTRhLAND BY THE BLACK HALL OR OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7th and ltih of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country fortheir friends can make the accessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come out in this sui>erior L.ine of Packets, tailing from L iverneol unctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. Tl ev will also have a lirat rate claaa of American trading shipa, tailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm ( Mr. James D. Roche) is there, te tee that they shall be forwarded with care and Jet(Mtfh. Should the parties screed for not come ont, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any rednc tion. " , The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool rackets, comprise the folio wine magnificent Ship^rii >? ^gTCpfrtos. fl" , w" rSSuf' EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and uneqnal'.ed airarigrmsals, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which luu been attended to them so many yoara, for whies tliey are irratelbl. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can stall times obtain Drifts at sight for any amount, drawn direct ou the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, aleo ? Messrs. PRE8COTT, OROTE, AMES fc CO. Baukera, Loudon. Swhich will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their ranches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Iread. Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post paid.) ROCHE. BROTHERS fc CO. kJ Fulton street. New York, ? _ _ nest door to the Fulton Bank. . Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail Irom this port (t?r Liverpool on the 1st and loth of each month. Parlies returning to the old country will And it to iheir comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line lor their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r JB9flfaii!ar Line of Packets?The sutxicriber continues to bring ont persons Brora any part of Great Brits* and Ireland, who may be engaged by their friends here, hy the regular line of packet ships, ??>ling every six days from Liverpool. Persons sending lor 'heir friend,. m,y rely that jnst care will be taken to haiethem despatched without delay in Liverpool,and will always endeavor to merit a continue ire of the public patronage which has b*en so liberally bestowed for many years post; and those remitting money can have drafts payable at all the Banks aad br inches throughout the United Kingdom. M'iffi,'*1 ,UA"D" "IMaVttiMC*? files ?l Liberty s?. W YC W YORK, SATURDAY ] SPRING ARRANGEMENT7FOR 1848. jE iE iE OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. DAS8AOE to find from Groat Britain and Ireland by the re* gular line of packets, tailing oa the lit, 7th, 13lh, 19th and 25th of each month. The old Black Ball line of packets are as follows}? Shjp NEW YORE, Captain Cropper, ' CAMBRIUGEJ. Captain Bar.tow, CP.jaUMBUS, Captain Cole, .. '''"'i '^aj^ain Furher, AMfcllC \, Captain Bailer, NORTH AMERICA. Captajn Lowbcr, Rjj01*AND,Captain Wiiite, ' OXFORD, Captain Rathbone. The Cpinmrrcinl Line is composed of lorty snperior. fast sail nigships, all commanded by men of great experience. First class ships will alio he despatched Irom Liverpool to Bo?tou, New Orleans and Mobile, three times per mouth; to Baltimore, Charleston and Savannah, twice a month; to the different ports in Butish North America weekly. The Sffbscriber, in malting known his arrangements for the year .1843, begs to call the attention of those persons residing in the United States and Canada, wlio wish to send lor their friends to come Iro n England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, that they can always be accnmmcd&ted by tne line of packet ships sailing as above; and in order to give more facility and quick despatch to the emigrant, Unit class well-known American r.hipa, comprising the Commercial Line will, in addition to the packets. I>e despatched by his Liverpool agents, every three or four days during the season, thereby avoiding any detention. Those sending for their friends may rest asm red that every thing con necred with his business will lm executed with his nsnal promptness. With these arrangements the subscriber hopes to I command a preference for this line, and a continuation of the public patrouage which his been so liberally bestowed for many years past; and in all cases when parlies decline coming I the money is refunded, as customary; a frve passage can also I be secured by steamboats from the different ports in Ireland | and S"otland to Liver|<ool. : Remittances and Drafts?With regard to his arrangements for the payment of his drafts, they are such as to warrant every satisfaction, and are paid at all the banking houses on demand, throughout Great Bntain and Ireland. Those persons, therefore, throughout rhc United State, who wish to remit money te their Iriends residing in nuy part of the United Kingdom, will please notice on the receipt of the amount hern, with name and address of the i?arty to receive it, a dr ilt for the amount at . he rale of ?5 per pouuu sterling, will be forwarded per steam ships or by first packet ship, and a receipt or duplicate of same returned through the POBt office For further particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HKRDMAN, CI South street, or J. ft W. KoBINbON, Gotee Piazzas, and Neptune si, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. In Scotland?Messrs Daniel Wright k Co., Glasgow. In Ireland?Diunis Delanv, Esq., Dublin; Messrs. Joseph Allen k Co., Belfast; Mr. Wm. Cairns, Londonderry; A. Mur. ray. Esq , Cork. dale* tA^ ^^^CKtiTS The undermentioned shins will be icgularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the 1st of each mouth during the year, thumbsrom New York. Marseilles. MINERVA,CaptBrowu, N-?vl. Jan 1 H'RYTHOMrsON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRE8COTT, Capl Lawrence, Feb 1. A|>l 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adanu, Marl. Mayl CORIOLANUS, Cap Halle, Apl 1. Jun 1 They are all coppereo ad copper fastened,and have excellent accommodations for passengersThe price of cabin passive will be $100, exclusive o ' wines andliguors. Goods addressed to BOYD A H1NCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other tharges than those actually paid. For treiitht or passage apply to G. BROOM It CO.. or to ottr BOYD A H1NCKEN. Agents NEW JERSEY itAlLKUAU ANL? TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ? ^wr.. Par* reduced toito cents. From the foet of Cenrtlandt street, New York. (Every dav?Sunday stnrepted. I Leaves New York Leaves Newark Al 1 A. M. At % P. M. At 7* A. M. At 1H P. M. UK do. 4 do. I do. 3K do. 4X do 9 do. f do. 7 do. 11 14 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the toot of Cenrtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4kP. NL At IK P. M. and 19 P. M. 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dlr 4* NEW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ROAD LINE. Via Norwich atin Wrucisxix Ran.Roans. Composed *f the following superior steamers running in connection with the Norwich fc Worrestet and Worcester Ik Boston Bail Roads? WORCESTER, ('apt. J H. Tauderbilt NEW I1AVKN, Capf. J. K. Dnstan. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On and after Monday. Nov.list,this lino will he run tri-week It. leaung New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays ouly, at lr. M. The new and iplrndii! steamboat NEW' HAVKN, Captain !. K. Dnatan, will Irav* every Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Piute num (in Boaton will he forwarded immediately on tha arrival of tlir above boiu at Norwich, and will ptocaad without change of enra or baggage. Wot farther Information, enquire at tha otBre ad D. B. ALLLN, 19 Pack alip, up enure. All pereone are forbid meeting any owe oa account of the above boata or ewnere. n?r )RK I MORNING, MARCH 4, 18 The IQlller Examination. Before Justice Stevens. The Court assembled at 10 o'clock on Friday morning, and the testimony of John A. Miller, sen. was then read to him previous to receiving his signature. On coming to the following question and answer, Mr. Miller stated that the words here inserted in brackets, if said by him, was not what he meant, and he wished them strickenout. The following is the question and answer :? " Q?May she not, on your giving such or liko advice have said that she would be as lenient as possible to Charles, or some expression of liko kind 7 " A?I do not think she did, and then I will tell the rea* son; 1 understood [from hor] that she had not made up her mind to be reconciled ; therefore she would not have been likely to have made that expression ; 1 also understood as a further reason, that she could not have made such expression, that she had said she meant to be guided by her friends in the course she should pursue." Mr. Joaosx objected to the words being struck out, but admitted that he might correct it at the end of his testimony, by making an explanation, if ho desired. Mr. K.vahts replied that Mrs Miller was allowed four days alter she bad given her testimony to alter and correct any portion of it, and he therefore contended that the witnesses lordefenco were entitled to the same privilege. Mr. Johdix said, that legally speaking, none of the witnas-es had such a privilege, provided opposing counsel objected. That the counsel for defence had not objecteJto Mrs. Miller's exercising such privilege, and therefore it was admitted , but ihat he now objected to such alteration, and it could not therefore be allowed. He then asked the reporter of the Herald for a copy of that paper containing the testimony ol Mr. John A. Miller, seii, whiuh was presented, and the answer found to be as above giveu. Justice Stevens then decided that the answer could not be altered us received, but witness could explain at the conclusion of the testimony. The clerk having concluded the reading of the tcstimony, Mr. Jordan asked if witness wished to inako any amendments or alterations. The witness here stated that he wished to correct the answer given above by striking out the words " from her," mony. He also said that thii correction would have been made by him, had the testimony been read the same evening it was taken, or tno next morning. Q by Mr. Jordan?From whom did you understand that she had not made up her mind to be reconciled, as you have stated in the foregoing explanation 1 A -I think from Mr. Coles. Q?Did any person or persons from Norfolk after Mrs. Miller had lett the brig, state to you, or in your preseuce, that she could not go to the West Indies unless with her own consent ? A?I do not at present recollect any such conversation, although there might have been ; 1 myself did not intend that she should go, except by her own consent?never. Q?Do you recollect that one of the naval officers, or sonieother man, met jou and had an Interview with you at a late hour on the night after Mrs. Miller left the Drig, in one of the halls, or passages, or entries of tha house? A?I have stated before, that I did recollect it, and I do recollect it. 1?Who v as that ? A?I think Lieutenant Oreen. Q?Did Lieutenant Oreen open the door of a room at that time, in which there were several gentlemen, and ask you to walk in 1 A?1 think he did not; 1 do not recollect any such invitation. Q?Did you at that timo go into a room where Captain Oreen and several other gentlemen were present? A?I think 1 did not. Q?Did Lieutenant Oreen at that time, tell you that he u?u Iiv lwuuuduvv xjibuv* ill J VI VI /wui Dvu, hiiu lum iuc officers had made up their minda that Mrs. Miller should not go to the West Indies unless by her consent, or any thing like it 7 A?At the time that I have before alluded to, when the conversation took place about " skinning people," some such views were expressed by Capt. Green, and I considered him an impertinent scoundrel so far as applied to me; and consider him so yet, for my conduct had never instilled any such insinuations from any gentlemon at Norfolk, er any where'a else. I told him at the time, that I had no disposition to take her, or have her go contrary to her will, and did not mean that she should. By Evarts for defence?Q?Was there not at Norfolk on the part ot third persons, a great deal ot id e and impertinent conversation in relation to your family affairs, and those of your ion 7 Mr. Jordan objected on the ground that it would set Mr. Miller up in judgment as a witness as to the conduct of the officers of the Navy at Norfolk. The question was admitted. A?I should think there was. Q?Did you charge your memory with these remarks? A?1 did not. By Jordan? Q?Which of the officers at Norfolk conducted themselves in the way you have last mentioned! A?Lieut. Green. Q?Any more, and if so name all. A?So far as I was concerned, tho other two gentlemen, Capt. Gardner and Lieut. Hunter, treated me in a gentlemanly manner,yet from what I heard, 1 thought they were very offiaious in this matter, unwarrantably so. Q?What did you hear they said or did that you considered so 7 A?1 do not recollect the particulars of the conversations more than I have before stated in my examination. Q?Can you recollect the substance, or any part of what you heard was said by Capt. Gardner or Lieutenant Hunter? A?I do not recollect that I can, further than I have stated in my examination. Q?What was the fact referred to,further than stated by you already on your examination as justifying the opinion on your part, that Capt. Girdner or Lieutenant Hunter were guilty of impertinently interfering in your family affairs? ' A?No particular fact further than before stated, in reeard to their interference. Q?Do you conti.ler yourself as having testified to any ! fact either within your own knowledge or of which you i were informed, authorising you to say that in your judgI ment the gentlemen last mentioned were guilty of unwarranted officiousness? [ A?I do not, though this was the opinion that I have formed of them. Q?Did you know or understand that Captain Oreenor any other of the Naval officers at Norfolk said or did any thing except with a view to prevent Mrs. Miller from being taken off to the West Indies against her consent? A?I think I did understand so. Q?What was it you understood in relation to it? A?I understood that after they went on board the brig as I supposed, with her free will and consent, that soma of those officers went on board and intimated that they wished to prevent her going. Q-D d you understand that they wished to prevent it unless there was reason to suppose that her consent was gained by some stratagem or by some promise that would not probably be fulfilled. A?From what I heard of their conduct I had reason to suppose that they were using unwarrantable influences to endeavor to get her to alter her course after she had determined to go. Q?What did you hear upon that subject that gave you such reason, anil from whom did you hear it ? A?I heard that some of thesa officers who I cannot name, went to the brig and intimated that they intended to prevent their going. <i?Did your son tell you that they had tried to prevent her going, if it was by her own free and voluntary consent ? A?I did understand so from him j he told me that he told them when they were so interfering, that any course she wishe lto pursue of her own voluntary will she should pursue, but a contrary course he would protect her against. Q?Did he tell you that any of those naval officers attempted to prevent her from going or persuade her not to go against her own free, voluntary will or consent, which consent was obtained after it was made known to her that there was anybody there that she could look to for protection agsinst being taken off by force ? A?I understood they did. Q?Which of those officers did your son Charles tell you bad interfered in this way? A?I do not recollect in particular, but 1 think f.ient. Green was one of them, and I think Captain Gardner also. 1 The examination of this witness was here closed, and Mr. Miller's affirmation and signature then affixed to it. Mrs. Vsihti Mills* was here oalled by defence and deposed as follows (J -Are you the mother of Charles F. Miller I A?I am. tl-Have you been acquainted with his wife since his marriage ? A? I have. (J?Have you ever had any conversation with Mrs. Charles F. Miller respecting a $?0,000 note which she professed to hold, made by her nncle Wells T Mr. Joans* objected, as the Justice had decided yesterday that all matter not appertaining to the point at issue, should be excluded. Mr. Hill renlied. that Mrs. Miller hail positively testi lied before the justice, that (he had not spoken to any one ofihe $30,000 note before the death of I.emnel Well#, and that they had proved yesterday by Mi?a Caahmere, that (he had often (poke of the note before that period, and that thay now .therefore, wiahed to (how the tune facta by this witness. That be ahould prove by witneaa, that Mn. Cliarlea F, Miller had had threo several converaatlona with witneaa relative to the note before the death of Lemuel Wella, in which aho (poke of her proapecta arising from the note, kc lie therefore thought that all testimony tending to ahake the credibility of Mrs. Charles F. Miller ahould be received. Mr. JoRnsa replied, that he had no objection to the admiaaiou of the teatimony, provided the Justice felt dispose ) to receive it. Mr. Hall. replied that it was his intention to attack the credibility of Mrs. Charles F. Miller, in many material points, and for that purpose he had obtained the presence of Mrs. ami Miss Baldwin and other*, to confirm the teatimony of Mia* Cashmere** given yesterday. Mr. Joan**replied that hedesired to makeno objections to tiie admission of the teatimony, if the Justice thought it should t>e received. Justice Srivisa admitted the question. A ?I have. <4 ?Whan was the first conversation held 7 A. - Almut three year* sine* at our house. ?How long had Mra. Charles K. Miller bean at your house and from had she come. A ?She had been on a visit to her uncle's, and a few days after her return this conversation ensued. vl ?Please state the substance of thst conversation sc far as you can recollect it 7 A.?In conversation with Martha one day she said tome, her " uncle ha<l done something for us now." she spoke of what bar uncle had done in giving us a not* for $30,000 IERA 43. and remarked that it waa not aa much as she expected from a man of hia wealth , I replied it wm a handaome sum.? I thon naked Martha who waa present when this note waa given .' she replied " no one present but themselves." I then enquired whether her auat knew it 7 she said she wan not preaent?she was at home but not present Q?Do you recollect any thing further at this conversation 7 A?I don't at preaent. Q?Who do you refer to, in your last answer but one, by the word " us 7" A?I understood she meant herself and husband. 4?At the time of this conversation, had you seen this note 7 A?I had. Q?What were the contents of this note, as near as you can recollect I Mr. JoaDsia?We had better have the note here. Mr. Evabts?We will prove it last in Mrs. Charles F. Miller's hands 7 The question was withdrawn. Q?Did you havo any other conversation with Mrs. Miller 7 A?I did. ti?How long after the first conversation was that., and what was it 7 A?A few months?in tho summer afterwards?the t conversation occurred at th?J breakfast table, after tne I amily had retired. We were in conversation on dilleren t subjects, ami something ri-lativ to the note was mentioned, but what I do not definitely recollect. I recoile- ;t her asking me if she should not mention it to her aunt ' Veils. I replied, " if Mr. Wells had not seen proper to do so, I should not if I was her,"or soraetliing to that effect. Q?Had any thing been said on this point at tho first conversation 7 A?There had?she asked me the same question us the first conversation?if she should not mention it to her aunt. I gave her about the same answer as before. Q?Was this all that you remember as having occ urrad at the second conversation 7 A?This is all that 1 can recollect. Q?Did you have any othor conversation with her on tho subject of the note; if so, what was it 7 A?Martha, one day in conversation, asked me il 1 didn't think that Chailes ought to settle that note upon her 7 1 replied that I thought it was probable he would: and 1 thought it would be well to do so. She remarked that her family thought that money given to the wife ?Ksa*>? that WB1 thu lllbSi&IlCG Ot" this conversation; this was the last conversation that we ha>t relative to the note. <4?When did this conversation take place, and about what time 7 A?In the breakfast room, in the summer previous to the death of Mr. Wells. Q?Do you remember whether you ever had any other conversation!) with her on this subject; or if you had, do you remember what they were t A?I do not; there were allusions made to the same subject, but I recollect nothing particular; 1 heard that subject touched upon the same as other conversations, but cannot recollect any thing definite. Q?Did you see Charles and his wife live harmoniously together previous to the death of Mr. Wells 1 A?They did, as far as I know. Q?Were they much at your house during that time 7 A?They spent much time there. Q?Bid she ever complain to you in regard to his treatment of her 7 A?She did not. Cross-examined by Mr. Jordan, for prosecution. Q?What time in the winter was the first conversation between you and the wife of your son CharlesT A?The latter part. Q?Can you tell what month! A?I don't recollect. Q?Do you recollect whether there was sleighing at thattime7 A?I do not. Q?Where did they live at that time7 A?They were staying with us at our house. Q?How long was it before that first conversation, that you had seen the note 7 A?A lew days. U-Where did you sceit7 A?1 saw it in the breakfast room. <4?How ca'T'e you to see it7 A?My son, Charles F. Miller, showed it to me. Q?Who was present7 A?There was no one present. <4?Did you ever see that note more than once 7 A ?But once. Q?Did Charles over talk with you about it, o xcept at me umi! wuen He snowed 11 it you r A?He did Q?Did ho frequently ? A?I heard him (peak of it two or three time*. Q?WhouT A?I don't recollect. (i?What year? A?Idont recollect. Q?Where 1 A?It was at our houae that I heard him apeak of it; I never heard him apeak of it any wheraelae. Did ne ever apeak of it at your houae in prcaenee of any one elae but youraelf, to your knowledge ? A?I don't recollect at present. 4?Do you recollect that he ever spoke of it to you in the presence of hia wife ? A?I don't recollect at present. Q?Do you recollect that she ever spoke of it in presence of unyoneelse except yourself and hrr? A?We were alone when the subject was spoken of; in all the conversations I mean?I can't say positively that no one entered the room while we were in conversation; 1 think there did in one of the conversations. Do you recollect which of the family I A?I do not. Q?Was it male or lemale ? A?I dont recollect. Q?Was the person who so entered near enough to hear your conversation, in your opinion? A?I don't know. Q? Do you know that any body did enter while you were in conversation with her about the note ? A?I think there did. Q?I ask you if you knew ? A?I am not positive, but I think there was. Q?Is th-re any date or event by which you are able to any what time that first conversation was with Mrs. Martha E. Miller, or within a month of it? A?It was a few days after her return from Yonkera from a visit to her ancle. Q?Can you tell by any date or event, or in any other ? ?1* ??as V* I** astiA pAitieno/l f mm ilin visit in her uncle's? A?It wai the latter part of winter. Q?Can you tell witnin month oi the true time? A - It waa the latter part of winter, toward* spring, Q?Can you *ay that it waa previou* to March? A?I think it wo*. Q?1* your health bad? A?My health i* delicate. A?How long ha* it been mo i A?Tor a few year*; for several year* my health has been delicate. Q?1* many a* four or five year*? A?Yes, my health ha* been delicate a* long a time as that. Q?Has it been *o a* to confine you to your bed or room for any length of time? A?My health ha* occasionally been so interrupted by colu* a* to confine me to my bed at time*. My general health i* delicate, and ha* been for some yeara Q?Did you ever read th*t $30,000 note? A?I did. 4-When) A ?Soon after it was given. Q?When was it given; what was the date of it, if you know? A?I dont recollect; I read it over, but 1 could not tell when it was dated at this time; I recollect the amount of the note. Q?How do you know when it waa given, if you <tanot recollect the date? * A?I know it was a few day* after they had returned from Mr. Well* with the note, or a short time after.* Q?How do you know that they returned with the note at any time, or how can you tell, except from the first time you saw the nota? A?My son gave me the note to read. Q?Do you recollect whether Mr* Martha E. Miller aver allowed vou the note or hid it in her hand* to vour knowledge 7 A?the did not ?how me the note. Q?Had ?he ever it in her hande to your knowledge T A?I never ?iw it in her hand* to my knowledge. Q?Do you recollect what time ElderKnapp waa preaching in Mulberry atreet Tabernacle 7 A?I de not recollect definitely what time--but I recollect that he waa preaching there aometlme through the ' winter. q?Do you recollect when your eon, Charlea F. Miller, professed to be under religioua exercise of mind during Mr. Knapp'a preaching there 7 A?I dont recollect definitely?1 know he attended and waa intereated in the roeetinga. Q?Do you know whether that waa before or after he ahowed you the note firat 7 A?I cannot tell. Q?Can you tell how long it waa after he firat ahowed you the note that yon converted with Mrt. Martha E. Mil ler the firat time 7 A?A law daya. Q?About how many daya 7 A?Perhapa two or three. Q?May it not have been eight or ten daya. Al-1 think it waa not so long?it waa a very few daya. Q?Who firat introduced the firat conversation between you and Mr*. Martha E. Miller al>out the note7 A?She mentioned it?the introduced it. tl?Are you clear in your recollection at to that? A?I think I am Q?What did ahe first say 7 Anawer aa though you were (peaking in her person. A?She aaid to me, "Uncle has now done aomething for us In giving us a note " The snm waa named, and ahe spoke of the sum as being $20,000. She stated that it was not (o much aa ahe expected trom her unci*, trom a man of hi* wealth. I replitvl it wax* handaome aum of money. Q?Can you give ua her . nguage in the fliat peraon, or can yon not? A?1 give it aa 1 recollect. Q? Did ahe, after aha aaid "Uncle haa now done aometing for u* in giving ua a note,'' add "for $20,000?It waa not aa much aa I expected from a man oi hia wealth." Were theieher worda aa near aa you can recollect? A?They are, aa near aa 1 can recollect. <4?After ahe apoke thoae worda, and you replied that it waa a handaome aum of money, what next waaaaut between you? i A?In thl* eonveraation 1 aaked Martha who waa pre , aent when the note waa given. She replied, "There waa no one prevent hut onraalvea:'' that ia, aa near aa 1 can re- i collect. I enquired where Mra. Well* waa? She aaid *ho I p waa not preaent, although ahe waa at home. I <4 Are you aure that aha made uae of the word* or ex | a LD. Fill TIN CmU, preuion "ounelvet," or ' them?elve? .', can jou tall which word she usodT A?I cannot. 4?Can you not recollect anything mora that pwaNI in imiTOii'iiw"" ?KUUI me nuieA?Martha at this time asked me if ah* had not better mention it to her aunt Wella. I replied that if Mr, Well* hnd not teen proper to mention it to her aunt, I ihould not, or to that effect; that waa the aubatanea of that conversation. . .. , , Q?Do you now recollect any thing more that occurred at that conv nation * A?1 do not Q-Do you know her object in aaking you whether she ahould not mention it to her aunt, from any thing that aha aaid, and ifao, what did ahe say in explanation I A?There waa nothing said about an explanation; I don't know why she naked the question. I Mr. Joaoata asked that the Court should he-,* adjourn until tomorrow morning, as he had been u-jW#u during the night, and had eonaidered it douD?.,ul whether he should have attended Court or not. The Court then adjourned to 10 O'clook this morniag, when the cross-examination of ^rs. John A. Miller, senr., will be continued. (wWsRai r&xsrrxxra ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CO'ANEK OK EULTON AND NASSAU STS. Is lUtut' eU with every material neceuary for the preinpt, past. a lid economical execution of uvety description of VuMir attention is requested to this eslabliahment, in the assurance that ample satisfaction will he given?as regards typography, press work, and charges?to those who rrqmre fancy or common, large or small work t'htaply and eipeditiously e seen tad. LABKL8, CHECKS, WAYBILLS, CIRCULARS, 'SHOW BILLS, BALL flCKXTS, STEAMBOAT BILLS. BILLS OF LAD I NO, RAILROAD RILLS, BUSINESS CARDS, 8TAOE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PAMPHLETS. BILL HEADS, HANDBIL'S. NOTES. ? _ ' THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Or auv other places where the largest description of printing is required. The facilities for tins work are not equalled by any office in thia city, for, besides the large assortmest of l-->:LAJW AW? ?kwagmjottail wwj. i n? establishment has the LARGEST PRESSES IN TDK CITY. (J--hi pains have been taliwu to provide every materiel that cau py.sibly be of service. *.nd therefore persons having occasion lur Showbills, wilt and it greatly to iheir advantage to patronize this establishment. ITT" Any size or form t>f Bill can ba furnished at very short notice. f t booyvs fottthe"people " rPHK following r oblications are for sale at the HERALD A OFFICE, 'sorth West eornsr of Fnlton and Naasan sta? where all the C'?eip Publications of the day can be had as soon as issaed, at th ? publishing prices. FOREST DAYS, by O. P. R. James. Jost ...-?PB'jIisheo. THE "joOK OF THE NAVY, comprising e general History of the American Marine?Co be embellished with a number ot Knf ravings. No. 1 now ready, at the low price of 25 eta. ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY Of EUROPE, in IS Numbers. The I, II, III and IV Nos are now ready, each 25 em. COOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to be completed in S Not. No. 2 now ready IS prising a complete description of the earth, to be completed iu 24 parts, a part to be issued every two weeks, each M UKE'B DICTIONARY of the Arts, Sciences, fee, to lie completed in 5 monthly nnmbem. Price tl each. No. J now read v. THIEHS'S HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, No 11 now ready. 15 THE H1STWRV OF THE REFORMATION in Germany, Ac, in the Sizteenth Century, by J 11 Merle D'Anbigne, No 1 and 2 now MA9TERMAN READ*-by Marryat. Just published, $1.12* YOUNG ISLANDERS-by J. Taylor. 75 THE FARMER'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, and Dictionary of Rural Affairs?By C W John on, 36 SPAHKd' LIFE OF WASHINGTON, Q numbers, each . . b JACK HlNTON, SO fcfl 00 HANDY ANDY. 50, $1 It tl 25 SECTOR O'HALLORAN, No.?, 11* UMPHREY CLINKtK-By Sroollatt. Cem TOM JONES,orJbe Hutory of a Foundling? complete.hv Fielding, _ it JOSEPH ANDREWS, by, Fielding, complete in one number, 35 NOVELIS'TS~UBRAJlY. Thie Library will be completed in ten weekly cnmbere. VIVIAN GREY?by l)'I*raeli?complete in one volume, 35 VENET1A?byD'Uraeli?complete in one vol erne, ROMANCE AND REALITY?by L E mplete in one volume, 1} THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'I?raeli-w tbeportrait of the euthor, 15 FRANOKBCA CAKHAKA-bv L E Landon, 35 HENRIETTA TEMPLE?by b'Lraeli?complete in odp volume 35 PETER SIMPLE, by Marryat, complete in ene number, 35 CONTARINI FLEMING?by D'ISRAELI?complete in one number. 35 MONTHLY MAGAZINES. GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for March, 3S GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 35 LADY'S COMPANION. 35 THE ARTIST, for MircV 35 SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, Feb number, met published. 8 MISS LESLIE'S MAGAZINE, February number, juit pnblieheil, 15 THE LADY'S WORLD OF FASHION, for March, M WAVERLY NOVELS. IVANHOE?by BirWalur Scott?complete in one GUYI,MArfcNERINO?by Sir alter Bcotb- * complete in one number, 35 THE ANTIQUARY?bv Sir Walter Seotteomplete in one number, 35 ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one OLDnMlOR*TALITY-by Sir Walter Scott? complete in one number. 15 HEART OF MID LOTHIAN?by Scott?complete in one unmber, _ 35 BRIDE OF LAMM f.RMOOR-by Scott?complete in one Dumber, . 35 KENiLWORTH?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one nnmber, 95 WAVERLY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete m one nnmber, _ 8 THE MONASTERY?by Walter Scett-ccm plete in one number. 3S THE ABBOT?by Walter Srott?complete in one I number 19 THE LEGEND OF MONTROSE, by Welter Scott, complete in one number, 19 THE PIRATE?by Welter Scott?complete in one amber. 19 LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS. Beautiful Uniform Edition of Balwert Novell. Tweaty-five Cente eeeb. PKLHAM. DISOWNED. DEVEREAUX. PAUL CLIFFORD EUGENE ARAM.' LATT DAYS OF POMPEII. TK1-: CZARINA. KIENZI, The Lait of the Tribnnei. SELF DEVOTION. or Katharine Randolph. NABOB AT HOME, or the Return to England. ERNEST MALTRAVER8. ALK'E; or. l'he Myiteriee: Seqnel to MeHrevers. THE LAST OF THE BARONS, * It will alio be puMiified thia morning et life COOPER'S NOVELS. RED ROVER, in two numben, price 30 HOME AS FOUND, atele ml voL. 50 CHARLES DICKE"NS? (BOZ) WORKS. All the woiki of the above writer, will be pe bin bid in reenter rote'iou. K8&&SS MHBV."" "3 OLIVER TWIST. a PICKWICK PAPERS?Complete in one nam THE CARIOSITY SHOP, complete in one nnmber. ? BARNABY RUDOE, complete in one number, M PUBLISHED IN~QUARTO FORM. ROSINA MEADOWS-rHE VILLAGE MAID -OR TEMPTATION UNVEILED, n Story of City Seenei and Every Dey Lile? by W B. Enelieh. JuM peblivhed, ISM THE BIBLE IN SPAIN?By Geo. Berrow. Hirl. It if a beautiful picture of teetory lift. FRANClfi OF VALOIS.or tlte CURSE OF 8 ' VALLIAR, by k. Fl??-a tale of the Middle Ace*. I>H 2IJRSK Hiatorv of the Ptswivui Wti, iOumiid with Fortt-Thr*b handiome Engravinc*- H bianca CaPPKLLO?aa HistoricalRomance by Ladt Ltttoh Bui-wer. ltV BRNTLEY'8 MISCELLANY, (a republication.! 11* BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE?a republication No J. jn?i published, _ II* PAULINe-hi Tale of Normandy, by Alexandre Da- ^ THE^EIOHBORS-Fron the German, by Mary ^ CHEMIb't'RY?applied to Agrienltnre ami Phyalol- ^ ThF wtsTeR'n captive?Or the Timee ef ^ let mary queen of scots? ^ viicv oirs* of'the'qukknb of france ^ ** "x CHUZZLKWi r. by DicktM (2d No. jaet pebrTDBoVfeun?LoMmh Heir. All to, 1(BVENTUKES OF'ARTHUR 0?LEARY. . A discount >u all the atx>re work* to affantf ufeacripttotif for all tha abof Mafaiioti w ill bu reeuired a I rhiaorfW. and pnuctu illy atteoded to itfrc -potfffc LoVKits _o> sortkior BlAck TLa1 Howqna'a Mutnra?Tnia ettremelv d?iicu.a? ami anparal.le.l T*a. in kifklv aaUKrateil in i anil f.MrnM lilt mf >ort?d. i* now (or uli ?t the Cnnton TtnC ompnoy* Un**"*! [>i? 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