Newspaper of The New York Herald, 5 Mart 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 5 Mart 1843 Page 1
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nn i t 1 m Vol. I*.?So. 04.?Whole No. 35ITT. To lh? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published or try day of the year excep New Year1* day and fourth of July. Price 3 cents par oopy ?or %1 98 per annum?potfagai paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?puhliahedevery Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or $8 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald ia ovor THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing aat. It hae the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the. world, and it therefore, the beet ohannel for burineet men in the city or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRJNTINO of all kinds, executed at the moet moderate prices, and in the moat elegant style. JAME9 GORDON BENNETT, PitoraiEToa or the Hkrald Establishmiist, Northwest coruet of Fulton and Nassau streets. COUNTRY RF.SlDKNt E FOR SALE?In the Tillage of Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey, 13 miles from Newaik, on tnc turnpike leaning to Mnrristi.wn ,a tar-."' two story nouie, containing eight rooms and good cellar, with good well of water near the <lo"r. Also good coach house and st .hie, with three acres of rich land, all fenced and in good order. If the ahnve is not sold at private will he offered atanction on Wednesday, 8th of March, st 1 o'clock, on the premises. F?r further patticnlars enquire of JOSEPH BOOTH. Hanover N. J., or > WILSON J HUNtf, West cor Enhoa. NY.J AdnunisUators. fl unT Ask TO LET?The h >us- and store No. 78 Lalght street. Iv-jm corner ol Washitignn. The store is at nieseut occupied X'JijB as a grocery, and tne occupant would sell out immediately. Three dwelling h?ute? in the same row, sad some nans of houses Inqnire at Hi Lvght St. l&f lw*r MOFFlCr.S TO LET?In store No. ?9 South street. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY. 100 Pine street. I llee Ami' TO LET?From 1st of May nest, the modern built ff?W two story briea house, No. 11 Third st. wth attic, basej'fff and cellar, and marble mantles throughout. For farther particulars inquire at I79K Pearl st. ISf 1m* "mT for sale or exuhangr row city proffw PERTY?A Farm of one hundred acres, silnated in .iLJJL RocM.iiH C. unty, ten miles by th< New York au'l or six mile- Ir m Ny-i k Landing. H.uidsome|y S'tnated. pit nty of fruit, well watered ami wood, d, aud easy of access >' any day m the wed , bv the above road,in three hours For iurthsr particulars enquire at -7 Uouvem ur srreet. wheie a* view can be se*u. 17f lm*r jam B"ARDTn77 H"Usfc. no 380 P?tlstreet. to let, pr.U containing over thntv roons, ?i h . dining room SO leet U Iff. long on the ground floor. Uent reduce" to ?uit'he Ames. Enquire of b. k 8. HALS i ED, ml lw*cc No. M Qed.r sTect. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR PROPERTY lumyin ur ubi" I unn ?a tj n'nu r arm i itin ' -* -" "" in Scar.adale, Wot Chester Goontv, two miles belotr Whit* Plain aud twenty-five rom New York od the mam road leading 10 and from jaid placet. On the pr'nnscs i-a anacioos doable two stcrv dwel mc home, with e kitchen attached; a our?, carriage and ont hoaaea, all in fine order; 2 bearing apple orchards, mostly g' fted fruit, peach, che-ry and n?ar trees, a good well of wnter and cistern holding 40 hogsheads of water; ah ut twelve acres of wood land The whole farm well feuced and mostly with stoue wall and in 8ood repair. T-e B'olx River crosses the r-ar, along which ar railroad runs, now usarly completed, to Wljite Plains. Prisons desirous of teeing the pre isea'nil 6nd it one of the most iles.'able pl iers in West Chester County. Enquire of J. J. TRAVIS, on the premises, or D. BRUSH. ESQ. ir3r No 92 Pulton at. CHAPMAN'S MAGIC STROP. WF. THK UNDERSIGNED, Importers and Wholesale Dealers, having used and sold L. Chapman's Metallic Razor Strop, do free!.' recommend it asbeitut aoperi >r to anything which hat hitherto come under oar notice of a similar nature. Slimed? A k S Willets, importers of hardware, No 303 Pearl st. A W Spies It Co, do do 212 do Willis ti Brothers, do do 213 do Oakley At Loomis, do ao 02 do Sheldon It Phelps. do do 23 and 27 South Williasn. H'lsied fc Brothers, do do >32 Pearl st. Rissam, Brver k Jones, do 222 do S>>elman It Frazer, imiKirters of Fanoy Goods, 136 Ptaxl st. Posts \ Main, importer of drugs, 44 Cedar st. Field, Thompson St Co. importers of Dry Goads. 35 Cedar St. Fellows. Van Arsdals It Cooper, W?tches, 11 Maiden Lane. 1) " el ft Co., :mpoiters of Stationery. 245 Peail at. Wb It Gonliliitg, Surgical Instrument manufacturer, J5K I hath.ain st. For Sale at 202 William street' To he had by th dozen ?t the manufacturer's prices of the above firms, and af retail, at the priacipal fancy awes throughOUt 'he ciry. M do *t '02 Williain -treci. ft lm*m ME TALLIC R AZOR STROP "VXTITH Ft .UR SIDES, inrei.t. d by O. SAUNDERS, " for krei ioy Raiors *!w?vs m order?it pridu -es a stroo h and thin edge to a lazor in a tenth par ol the lime r-qni'ed on a bone, wnlinni uri >g oil or wa'er. No other a- 'C e oft1'* kind h?s eve'lie. n so nui>ersallv known aud appro*. d of. bavu g bem tor 'he laai t only-five a esr? m c?ui taut use in ueailv ell the culery ealablshmen s in F.ur pr. and there ar* nowl-rUed jo hare no equal In N-w Y'.rk, wh-re i Was Invented, it received lir t pr* tn.ums st th * Am ncan Instil'te every tim- ?t was preseii'ed for competition, and fr du In ( ai h. utlhe aid of p.ififing,) estak'i.h. d a renutjti m lasl. passe of Amrrira, of being ilw only Razor Strop that will he* p rex-13 II' pe' fret order. Ceriifi.-airs sre n the possession of the investor from the moat scent, fic genll -men of both countiies, speaking hig ly of their superiority When taking into consideration that those gen Imien h-ve do interest in the sale of he article, and gj. c theii tt-s'imony without solicit atton, speaks volumes in its Dvor. It is the only Strop that has been deemed worthy of in union and counterfeiting. The great number of these alone wi uld -tainp ii as bring the climax ol perfection That it may be mo.r satisfactory to tie public, the names of the Strop are here pult ianeil?General Jam* Ta11 midge, President ol the Amenc u Institute; Ptof. Griscom, Dr. Valentine Molt, and Mr. Millikeu,caller to the Royal Navy, 301 Strand, .vl-nufait ny 163 Broadway, New York. ml Im'r UNITED STATES HOTEL. NEW YOKK.-This well known establishment haa been leased lor a term ofyean by the underigoed who are adding to the already extensive accommodation a large Retiring Room for gentlemen, where E'ley will find a'l the principal newspapers of thiseountry and urope; a Dreasiog Room and Barber's Shop, not surpassed by a?y Hotel in the country; Baths, hot and cold; Minor's Fatent V por Baths always iu readiness, and can be given on three minutes notice. An Ordinary for the accommodation of citr xens and srr'ngcn not residing at the Hotel, will be opened on a magnificent scale; and kept up from 6 A. M. till 13 at night. The iuterior of the huilding it undergoing .a thorough repair ?refiititm and furnishing, cleaning and painting. The celebratedCrotonWater it intiodnced throughout the Honte,which renders it not only healthy in the extreme, but perfectly aecnre against fire. The location is such at makes it more convenient for merchants, travellers and business men than any other in the citr, being rqni-distant from moat id the eastern, western and southern steamboats, snd in the immediate vicinity of all the Atlantic Hteiswvra and Packet Shirs The tables are supplied with the best our market affords; tea winea of the choicest bra. da. and selected by onr best eocnoi tears; the servants clean, orderly red attentive?and the public may depend on the unttr>ng efforts of its proprietor to make the United States eg comfortsb e for them as any other hotel iu the Union. llf hnr BR AISTED k JOHNSON WATCHES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW-Aa the ** subscriber is constantly receiving all deaeripti- ns of Gold and Silvei Watches, ot the newest styles, from the aunts. turers in England, France and Bwttlerland. he is enabled to offer a larger assortment and at much leas prices, at retail,than at any other house in the city. Also, Gold Chains, Keys, and Gold Pencils. Gold Watches as low as 30 to 35 dollars each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watchea warranted to keep good time or the money returned. Watchea, Clocks and Jewelry repaired in the beat manner and warranted, mncb less than the usual prices. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of W.itchaa nail Jewelry, III lm*ec wholesale sod Retail to Wall St.. op stairs DKAKNEH8 ' URED??CARPt'? ACOUSTIC OIL? Fur th- cui- of D- al'nesi, Psins. aed the discharges of m<tter from ih Ears Also, all 'hose ilitacree b!c noises like tbe'ust'ig ol iusei'ta filing of wrte', whirx'ug of steim. Il<' It: ?inch s e si minora- of ipproschnig iieafrew, aud alae genvr.iliN s trnd-n'w iih the din an. Mauy pr-s. n< wh" have been deaf for on, lift en, mid twenty years, anil were obi gi d to use sai trumpets, havr, alter using one or two bottles, thiuwu aside iheir tiumnett, being made pefeelly well. Phvsii laus aril surgeaus lughv rc-ouum nd its use. Re.ui the following eif>>oria! Iroin the Times * %jurnr.13 VU rni-W ? ? r iichiu |icai nmujr ?(ir m ui It* virion of 8< nrrV* Acoait'C Oil as i rimed? for Dv?fn*M, and we > assured that IT ia on.ur.wssed by anyihint known for Ihp purpose Oor or two instance*of ita curative effects hire eeeu jaunt* <1 out to na, and they tie really astonishing. ? IVepared by Dr B Bell, tin) sold ou ait-UPy, 3n5 Broadway, New Vork Price ?2 per ho'l'e UI Iro f'llhO NO a f Kti pOK. nALfc?\i> eight d y ijkioI * Cho aosberer for a I- low It in charge nf Mr. 8li wart, March in >' Kichangr, who will atiow it to purhaceis. Jar /WH FOR ALB AN V-tlour Changed?Ou and Ufr afitr Monda-, II h insuot, tod fri! further w~ n if, notice. pa-sea** r? lor A'Ohuv, via Hnasatouic R?jif. d v?ill Irav. this cit? by Steamer t'.ro.on o Ninirod, daily. ( .-arrpipii) at 7 o'clock, A. M. from Catherine Market skip, F.ut Hiser, aiming m Albany nm evening. ' ?'*? rOMKROY k CO. 1 Wall at. KOA" LINK ok ttlAULB flML-Jfa?l* HO t1 NEW YORK TO BEDFORD RwTR3i Ob and tfLr Tuesday, J tnn tiy >1, llll.lhe eubai nbprt will ran a Imp of itagealroni Bedford to New York three timet a week, as fojiowa:? Leases Berk's n ant inn House, Bedford, STrry Munoav. Weiluisday and Friday moruiua al 8H o'clock Leases the Kail Koad Hotel, corner of Bowery ami Broome us, New York, every Tuesday, Thaisoay aud Saturday momma, bv the9 o'clock.can, PMain* Marble Hall. ICast Cheater, While Plains, Kobbina' Mills, Mile Square, Newcas tie, and Bedford. Thu Red Bird Lin# of ?'M(M will continue to ran daring the winter from White every nay at 9 o'clock, andNew York at 2 o'clock, r> M., 8undny? ciccntcd. HI HAM DEFOREST. Ofm'ee Proprietor, WIN1ER AKRAISUE.MENT?kur Oo?h7L >f:l via N* w Vork and Krie Kail road.?{'ere to Goalien $1.59?Tiltti* r'j* Ou ami after Mouday* Z-lESELLJ *mi-iv 2d, 184 I nr cart of the New Vork and Lru H u m htl 11 mn in c>*nueciiori with the a*e mhoet Utaca, Cam A H. Schnitt daily. Br.* days ncupied. k * r l*a?s. ngcrs? Leave l>uauet.iri et pier at 9 o'clock, A. M.; leave Goshen ni quarter p*ut 8. A M. For Y !* ht?1 r ive 1 uaut stnet pier at 3 r M.; leave Goshen at liail-haat a A. M. H C 9EY.ICH n, Snpeiulendt ntand Knanieer. The passengers tuin connects at 'Nr el's Willi Heaths M?il hinges fo: Newburitii, New Palis Kitgsto , I .iLknl au,' Albany , and iitGoebeu with li.e G.rboii'iatr an l othei Wptieru Line ol S aitii . It i ibi L K USl 1 Mt''" * V. U .V " ?]! March. ?The Spiciiditi Pack. , Mhi, j^p|fK?ii03C<i1jS. I j >rt<u? John C. >! 11., vi I hi J tour wtTTpiiaUiarlt' 14.1 *? Slxitf, Ser regular i|r* K?r ireiuht or poMP-irc, having ftweommodauon* itnr<<nallcd lor aplcnJor or ootol.iit, apply on boar I, at Ortoaiia whin loot of Wall nrrcl. or to , K. COLLINH It (Jo V. Sooth atrcot. Prica ol ?HX>; 'lno racket shir Sitldona, Capimu hi. B Cohh, ?i imO tnua^ will oaeooorl th? ttowciu*, and tail the SMti ol April, to"Ktura Tor tho ahipo ol thia lino will nalr ho roeeived at (oilptp'i and Hale's News Room. to ad**" TT 1,17 ?" **,tM' ?' ,l>l" *M ~"*Tl1 E NE N NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r? eilfteai New York ou the S5th <uid Liverpool on the lltt nf each wttfk. m jth ^pboii NiwyJIn Ship OAKRICK, Captain Wm. SUidily. 25th Frbruuy. Hhip UOSCIU8, Captain John Coliiui, 15th March 3hip BIDDON8. Cantab. E B. C.ibb. 25th Ainit Slap SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Ditpeyeter, silli May Kbom Livcaeoei.. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. 3. Cobb, Oth Fehruar*. , Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Cirpeystcr, I3tn Match. Ship UARltlCK, Captain Win. skidily. uili April Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 13th May These > hips are all ofthe first class, upwards ot IBM tons, ouili jithe city or New York, with sach improvements a scombiui (real speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every our has been taken in die arrangement of their accommodations The price of passage hence is 8100, for which ample stores will oe pirevided. "These ships are commanded by ?sueneneed toasters, whe will make every exertion to give general atisfac'i?n Neither the captains or owners of f* Ml wwiU be responsiOle for si y letters, parcels or packaa. rssnlby them, unless re rular b' Ms of lading are signed therefor. For lr.icht or pasi.sgk applyto _ , E. K. COLLI N8 k CO.. M South st.,New'York,or tc WM. k JA9. BROWN k CO., Lirerpool. Letter* by the packets will be el urged cents per single *bo" l; 50 cent? per ounce, and 1 rent each. fj r " /H? MfiW lino: OK LIVERPOOL PACKETa. m. ML M Tu soil Iront New Vora 16ih, and from Liverpool 5lh ol sach month. 8hip ROCHESTER. 800 ion., h r Philip Wondhouse, I W'hFebry. Ship HOTTINUUER, 1050 tone, ,filh Mlrct. Ira Bursal y, N,w <"? "" ? ; an sen. New ship , 1300 tons, ,#th Mly These lob-tan'ml, last sailing, first class shins,all built in the eity of New York, us c minacdcd by men of experience and ability, ana will be despatched punctually on the IStu ol each m-nth. Their eabini are elgant and eommodiooa, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and eomfoitof passengers. Neither r e captains or owners of these ships will be responsible for any .arerla or packages sent by them, unless regular bills lading are signed therefore. Fur freight or passage apply to WOODHULL A MINTURN8, 8? South elreet. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., JUl Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M m. m. 'T'HE OLl^LWfE of Facxet^iT LiverpoolwiTniureafter be 1 despatched in the following order, exoeptipg that when the fay ofsusling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the sueeeednc day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (Juno 1 July It 616 tone, < Oct I Nov II D. O. Bailey, ( Feb 1 Mar II The ENOLAND, (June 19 Aug T 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dee 7 B. L.Wails. (Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 800 tons. < Nev 1 Dec 19 S II , Uk ? M k I A ?.I in The EUROPE, i.July 19 Sept 7 10 tons, 'Not 19 Jon 7 E. G. Marshall r Mar 19 Mar 7 The NOHTH AMERICA, ? An# 1 Sept U 818 tons. 1. Dae 1 Jail 19 A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, , Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper, i April .19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, i Sep. 1 Oct 17 950 tons, 'Jan 1 Feb 17 W.C Barstow.l May 1 Jane 19 The COLUMBUS, l Sept 19 Not 9 790 tons, '.Jan If Mar 9 O. A. Coin. May 19 Jo|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as Heretofore. The price of passage ouiwar J is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars. Tor which ample stores of erer* description wijl he provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished bv the stewards. GOODHUE A CO.. 64 South st., C. H. MARSHALL. 98 Burling-slip.N.Y. je94 lyh BARING ?HOThF RS A CO.. LSpool. EOK NEV KLEANft LOUISIANA AND NEW RK LINE OK PACKETS m m && m m Koi the better accommodation of shippers, it is intended t? a ship from this ?ort on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15tli. 28th, and ?H!i ol each month, com . euciug the 10th October aud cohtinaUX until Nlsy, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of rhe year, whereby great delays and disappointments will h# i revenn-d during the MMtMbAl Tin. following <hit? wit! commence tins arrancrmeie I :?ntp YA/OQ.Cai-iahi Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson, Hhip MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliaril Snip LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. Ship 8HAK8PEARE. Captain Minet. Ship GASTON Captain Latham dhip HUNTSVILI.E. Captain Muoi.'oro. Ship OCMULGEE Captain Lcsvitt. Stui' NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Cnptam Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulfinil. These ahips were all built in the city if New York, express for inckeU. me of light draft of water, have recently beei s'wly coiniered and put in .jdeudid erdrrjeith accoui modai ioui lor passengers aneqaalled lor wnnfoti They ire commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give Setieral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up am' own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the ownors or captains of these ships will be response kte for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silser or plated ware or for any letters, parcel or package, sect ty rpttf on beard ot t'm-m, anless repcler bit's :t lading nre taken for the same idthe value theieen expressed. For freight or passage, apply r?. IV. LULLK-NS fii c;u.,^c South it., o/ HULL IN * WOODRUFF, \*rut ?n New Orleans. Who will promptly tor ward all good* to tKeir add raM The snips of thi* lint are warranted to tail punctually ai advertised, and irreat care will he taken to hare the goods correctly mrasnred. oi< TAi-SCuTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. jl&t ?8^ ^ The subscribers beg to call the attention of their friends and the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out passengers from, and remitting money to, any pur* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in trie magnificent picket ships, comprising: the " NEW LINE OY LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VlE.yShip R090US, Capt. Collins. Ship SID DONS, Captain Cobb, bhip SHe. IIIDAN. Captain Depayster. Ship OARRICK.I sptaiu Skidly. New ship HOTTinUUER, Captain Bttrsley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhousv. Ship ROCHESTER,Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Etdredge. Sailing twice erery month; tnd with the" UNITED LINE," composed ofwupenor first class American ship*, sailing erery (en days, will make Gee ships in each month throughout the year, (or one erery sit days) thereby preventing the possi bility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and Oreeaoek to New Yoik. Also fiom Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, 8ava? nah, Charleston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the saiio s ports in British North America, can at all times oe engaged on liberal terms. Persons wishing to seud for their friunds, will not fail to see the advantages to be derivrd Horn selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual care will be taken to make she passage agreeable, the shipe being fitted up with an eye aolelv to the comfort of passengers. In all eases where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage I rem the various seaports of Irelaud and Scotland, ean -uso be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are agestv. sail as follows, vis -?To sod Ironi London on the 1st, lOth. and 20ill of cad. mou*". To and from Liverpool On the 1st, 7th. 'Jth, I9th, and iilh of earl, month New Orleans. Mobilu, Snvaunsh, an Chnilestou. weekly throughout the season REMITTANCES. Persons in (he country wishing 10 send money to their friends bv the sum tlm. wisP sent with rh. nam, ai.,1 ail dreaa of the parties toreccive it, m. > ri-lyon a draft for >b<unount bring forwarded per fir't packet, afccr the reeaij t tnvreof, and au acknowledgement for the tame returned par mail' Drafts at light, for auy amount, are payable on demand, without diseoaur or any o.h. r charge, at tha National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches, KlltlUI Unjik of S< ntlaod, Greenock, and their branchca, Messrs. James Butt, Sou Ik Co., Bankers, Louden, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and id ivery principal town of On-at Bri'ain end Irvlatni. Fnrther inrticulars made knoWD <>n application, if by letter, div r W, It J. T TAPS) QTT, 41 Peck Blip, N. York. PA8SAOK KRO.M tlHK^UttTrAIN ANIMKTT.ND BY THE BLACK -IALL Oil OLD LINE OF Live rpool packets. (Sailing from Liverpool no the fill and Iklh of every month J Pereona wlulling 10 tend to the Old Country forthrir friends ran make the eeceasary armDgemruta with the tahtcnhrrs,and have them come ont in this mi-eriur Line of Parkcta, sailing from L iveroeol unctually on the 7th and 14th of every month. Tt ev will alio have a hrit rate class of American trading thipe, wiling every ill days, thereby afTordiug wecklj coinmuuicatioa from that port. One of the fuin ( Mr. Jamei D. Horhck u there, la aee tnat they ahall be forwarded with aare and dee MM. Should the partiee agreed for not come out, the mouey will he returned to thoee who paid it here, wnhont any rednc tion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packet*, comprise the following magnificent Ship*, vir:? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE, BOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. Witbtuch superior and unequalled ai rangemeati, ihv subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of ihatautr port which baa beau extended to litem so many yean, lur which lliey are giateful. Thoae proceeding, or remitting money to their relative*, can atall timca obtain Drafts at night for any amount, drawn direct n the Royal Bank of Irt-land, Duhliu, also <>u Mcaarv. PRE SCOTT, OHO YE AMES tk CO. Banker*, London, which wil] be paid on demand at auy of ilit Bauks, or thcii Blanches, in all the iirtnciiail town* throughout England, Im land, Scotland and Wales. <" SV5^1TbKoVhKI?8 ft CO. j4 Fnlioi' ?trert, New Ytrrh. pen duui to (hr h ul ton B "k. N. B.-The Old Line of l.imrro.d Picket* mhI iron.'hi. port f> i Liverpool on ih, in end tlh of r??h mouth. 1 ipler mtnri'inR to the old e.ittntry will dml it to th-tr comfort Ml* tdv -.nlnce to .elect ihi. favorite Line lor their conveyance. in tufrrtiwt to pit o'hor d" ' *A*r ''LU I'.' I ' I >..: ? IOIIAM I "A *JK?yHAOK My Kb",K,?i Booth !'* ., New York?HenJlfitiltm" ?i i'iUr ill Puritrir?Ttiv utMOi ibn coiHmnr- ! hris. ul 110rooti I'.nm int part of Uriel Britain end lte'nnil ho may Vc < overd ft, tm-it Ir rndt hen . hy the rctfoln in? of poeki't thi;n, ioi*ni4 ever* ?i* day. 'roin Liverpool. I'er ton* mndimt ior their ftivn la, n? rely th.i jaat Care will hi taken 'o Mitlkrn d??i*tih- d vithowt deity in Livervinol.ant' will .|?ay? ?nde,iror to merit * cnutitiua .et of the pot'lii uatmukyr which ho* liven <0 'ib-rolle bellowed for many yeart peat; "nil ihote remittim money eau nave draft. peyahle at all the Utiikr end bnuche? throne hi.m the United Kin.d nn. Ko, farther ^rniuu.k.^jn ... J'" '? w ro EW YORK, SUNDAY M SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1848. & OLu ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PA3SAGE OFFICE. No. *1 SOUTH STREET, N. T. UA93AU1/ to auu irmn urci, u mm uid Ir?l ml by the re t .pilar 11in- of pickets, sailing on tie lit, Tib, 13th, lilhand 1Mb o'each mouth The old Bla-k U*l' line ol'packets are it* follow*}-* 8hin NIC W VOKK Captain Cropper, " CA MRRIUOE. Captain BiimIow, M COLU VI BUH, Captain Cole, " ELROPI" . Cantaiu l"'utb?r, " SOUTH ERIC t, Captain Bailey, " JJOKTH AMI RICA Captain Lowbar, " K ?t4LAN0, Captain Waite, " OXh OK D, Ca,-tain Kathboue The Commercial L no la composed of lorty snperior, faat tailing thipt, all eominandad by mm of great ttperiencr. Kir*' cl its th>p* will al o he dr?pa cued Iron* Liverpool to Boston, New Orlaana and Mobile, three time* per month; to Balti more, Charleston and Havana ih, twice a mouth, to the different port* in BiUtah North America weekly- I he tUhscriber, in tnakina known hit arrangement* for the year mil, b<-g* to "all the (tteutiou of ihote persona reaiding in the United Stales anil Canada, wMo with l? mud lor fhrir friends to eomr Iro a Envlmd, I re I an I, Scotland and Wales. that (hey can al w*vt he accmnmi dated by tn- tin- ol packet ahi|it tailing a> abase; and in order to give moreftc liry and quirk deuwch to rhe emigrant, nrtt class wel'-knowu American .hint, cotnprising the Commercial Line will, in addition to tt.e pickets be despatched hy nia Liverpool aaenta, every ihree or fanrdays during the tenon, thereby avoiding any detention fkoae tending for their Irietida may rest assured h'tt every thiug coo aer.ted with his bntiueaa will br eieruteil with hit utntl promptBeta With these airaugemenu the tuhtcriber hopes pi command a preference fot this liue. anil a coutiuu "on of ihr public patronage which h is je.n to liberally b'-atowen for I many years past; and in all caret when parties decline coming p the money it refunded, at cattomtry; a free passage can alto Ebe teenred by sleemboati from the different ports in Ireland and & oilaiid to Liverpool. Remittance! and Drafts?With regard to hit arrangements for the payment of his dr ift*, they are audh a* to warrant every satisfaction, and are paid at all the hanking huosct en demand, throughout Great Biitain and Ireland. Those peraoua, therefore, througiiout'he United Stale, who wish to remit money te their Irieuds reaiding in auy part of the Uaited Kingdom, will please notice on the receipt of the amount here, with name and addreaa of the party to receive it, a dralt for the amount at ih* rate of Si per pound sterling, will be forwarded per *'ram ships ?r by first packet ship, and a recetp1 or duplicate ?f same returned through the post office For farther particular* apply, (if by letter poet paid) to JOHN Rottth street, or J Jt W. Ri >B1N *ON, Ooree Piazzas, and Neptune tr Wat-rloo Dock, Liverpool. In 'cotlaed?Mistrs Oaniel Wright ft Co.. Oliegow. lu IrelauU? Uinnis Url nv, Est,., Public; Mrnn. Joseph AIImi It Co., Belfast; Mr Win. Omnia, Loudnndi rry; A. Mur r?y. Kni . Cmh dM?' & PACKETS FOR MARSEILLES?The undermentioned shit* will be legularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on th? lit of each mouth duriua the year, thai? From New York Mariedlet. MINERV A.Capt Brown, N >t 1. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON. Cap Sylvester, Doc t. Fob 1 COURIER. Cant Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRESCOTT, Capt Lavrreneo, Feb L. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Ailaina, Marl. Mayl COUIOLANUS, Cap Hmle, Apt 1. Jon 1 They are all copperea and copper fntteued.and have eicallrtn tcconimodatioiia for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100. exclusive o- wine? andligUora. Goods addressed to BOYD ?c H1NCKRN, the a Rend, will be forwarded free of other harges man theie actually paid. For freight or passage apply to G. BROOM A CO., or to o22r BOVD It HINCKEN, AgenU. NEW JERSEY ItAlDAUALt A NO TRANl?PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Fare reduced to MS cents. k mm uie loot of Conrtlandt street, New York (Every day?Sunday tit., epted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At I A. M. At ? P. M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. W. IlK do. 4 do. I do. SH do. 4JK do do. 4 dr.. 7 do. II It do. ON SUNDAYS. From the fool ol Cenrtlandt street. Lcnve New York, Leave Newark. At ? A. M- and 4K P M. At IKP. M. and 1ft P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Tovru. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P. M. IK A. M. 2Jn " 10K A. M. 4* r. M. IK M. I P. M. 1% " The trains for WettfWld, PlainAeld. Bouudbrook.Someiville ke., connect with the 9 A M, 2 sua 4JK P M trains Irom New York, daily, Saudays eiceptad. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 24 cents. k'.,. k_,?, ,i? ?..i a .?.II virv "YORK. RAHWAV'VND Nife'vfr'BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. f rom Che foot 01 Conrtlaudt street, daily. Le??c New York. Lcatr New Bruuamek. At ? A. id. At 1>a A. M. t\ P. M. 7*2 " ?* ' I2X " 9 P. M. On Sundays Mw 5M and 1% A.M. mps (ion. .New Brunswc" tnd i\ I*. M. train from New F >rk, are Knitted. Fare between New Ye-1- \au New Umnawiek, Tj cenu Rah way, Jn cent The fare in the a* and 7j? A. M. crainfroin New Brum wick, and 23d and ?3d *' M. 'rain from New York, has been rlueeo. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents and Rail w,17 to 37H " Passengers wnu procure their rickets al Che ticket olfioe, r? :ei?e a ferry ticket gratis Tickets trr received hy the en loetor only on the ilat when purchased. fit 7n PULLEN ft COPP, 3 Wall etrrot. NEVTYTTRIT ALBANY* TROY AND THTNTREAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Harndcn It Co. hating disposed of their route Irons New York to Albany and Tioy, the subseriben, the old conductors of Hkrndrn It Go's Northern Express, from New York, will eoutiuoe to ran st heretofore-leaving New York. Albany and Trey, Daily .and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Pack ages. Boodles.Caaes ni Hood? Ac., (a any place between N.w York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Alan East, from Troy and Albany ta Boiion, and Weit from Albany to Buffalo. All bnaineaa entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. ('articular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, Ac., and prompt returns made for the sains, PULLEN A COPT. Offices?Pullen A Coup, J)d Wall street. New York. Tbos. trough, lb Exchange, Albany. A G. Kilkius, m Kieer ilreet, Troy. 8. Jacob's Kichang* Oonrt, St real st, Montreal. REKEHENCEB. New Yoitn. Albai?v. Tuor. Prime, Ward A King, K. J. Humphrey. Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, A Co., Thos. Uotigb. P. 'ft eils, John T. Smith, A Cs_ 8 K. Slow, Peponn k Hoffman, C. S.Douglass, Cari-enter A Vsrmilys, it'. Leakr Houchton A Co. Drear. Rnhiuson A Co. a Is MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, CSiB? fjjSB? tjjfl Nsw Arrangeuieii^^i^i great expense with the ituwt approved and heaviest H rail, to secure imI.and etp>ditions conveyance between New York and Monistowx, will Comtnrticc running two tripe daily, Sundays eacepteiL ,,u and efts r M .uday, JaU. H. Kiral Train from Vloiri-town wll leare at?X A M. Second Train Iroin Motrislown wil. Istve st lis P M. Kirst T:aiu ( orn York will lemve at * A .VI?Newark at Hd AM. Second Train from New York wd! It t^s at ?Jt T M?New irk at 3* P MT Passengers hv the Morning Train from Morristown will arriee ai N-wark in tune for ine 9 A M Train wNis Yo a. or the moruiug Train to Phi'gpvlphia; hy the A>Yernoon Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the Jt< P M Tra'U to New York or the Keening Tniu to f'liiladelp ia Passengers by the Morning Tiai f om New York will airive st Morristown in time to dine and take any of the Btaaes moiling woet or north from 'hat n'ace. jta Im'ec WINTKH AKHA nGKMKN'l. N K^PTT>RK^\*i)'w!7l ad"r.iTl^HI A*i Nil DIRECT. V* Newark, New tjraiiiwict Prnicnoii, Trenton, horde, own itid Bmliuaton. THJBOUOH IN SIX HOUK#. Leave New ?oih,fii>m the font of Cou.tUudl itrert.indy, at 9 A M nod 4 V I M. 'A'lie MKiioior Ltue proceeds to Itoxtc tvnwn, Iron ti??o'r by ?r cam boat to riulnde Iphte. The Evenin* Line proceed. direct to (Jamdeo, (oppoe.te Philadelphia) without change of cm*. Pa*?eu<r<r* will piocore their ticket* at the office foot wl Coartlana' strrel, where * ouintodinat vteambo.t will he id read-net**, with bajtcane crate* on hoard Philadelphia hamate ei-lea are coutered fium city to cite, without heiujt "pencil by the way.

F.nrh tram u provided with a Ladies I nr. id wmch are aperl ncnu aud ilrcum* room* eipreaaly for I lip Ladie* mr. KrtarmiiK, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot el Oheituut *trcet by railroad from C-anideu, at o'clock A M,aud S o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at I A M, beiug a coniionation of the liaea from New York, dtt lm"r 3TATEN ISLAND FERRY. ' " 9'not of Whitehall Hretrt On and alter Dec. Id, the steamer STAT EN ISLA MDXIt wll run ta toll'iwn, iini'l further notice LEAVE8TATEN ISLAND NEW YORK, IMAM, 9 AM. 18 !2)i 9P. M. IS* P. M. _d?e NEW YORK AMI BOSTON KAII ROAD LINE. Via Norwich ?np Woaccrrca lUibtuter. Cotnpoeed of trie IoHowiiik taperior runnitni in connection ?i'h die Norwich A W.irccatei and vy0 .-eater A Boe "tfA&MvZu r... . u n> W HAVEN, ' J K Duttao. CLEOPATHA, Capt Ou aoil aftei Monday, Vov.JUt.ihis liar Will be run tri-we?k t?,lea*iaa.New York, rnofUys, Thuredayt and Satuidayt mly. at 4 T M I'ht iu w <uu itrnml <Li \K*V ||A VKN, ( I. K. Di>*t?n wilt lr?v, i rery Tn'arfry, Thutvbv .rid sSasur Uy aftrruoon. at ? o'clock Pa??i ?l{?r? (or Button will he forwarded timorbiately ou thi rrivnl ol III: tbov, Ixiata at Norwteh, will mooted wub >tu oheune of tart u. baaange For Ainliar in/brmatiuu, n.iairt *1 Lite oAoe <d P-M* ALI.EN. ? r?e? alip, op-Orfr*. All nermiia are forbid tf wttot any one oa arcount of the bor? boata oiewuero i?r >RK I # ORNING, MARCH 5, 184: aSNEHAL PEINTINO ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OK KULTON AND NASSAU 8TS I supplied with n rv in nrritl uec?"??ty for the prompt. nest, sud ecoc -Midi ri'CU'iou nf ee.-ty deserip'uiu Ot SABOT 333 fr&lHTOai?. Pu Ik- iittrutiou i? relocated to this eeiablishment, to ihrasvurence that ample t*li?t.?c ion will be diven? u regards typorranhy, preu work, audcha'gts?lo those who r quire fancy of .-otnmoe, largo or email work choply end expeditiously ilecu ad. LABELS. CHE'KS. WAVBIULS. circulaks. "MOW BLLS. BALL TICKETS. I STEAMBOAT "ILLS, BILLS Of LADING, RAILROAD "ILLS. BUSIN" 91 C \RDB. STAGE BILLS, CATALOGUES. PAMPHLETS, BILLHEADS, RANDBIL'S, NOTES. rox _ THEATRES. CIRCUSES. CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Or itnv oth-r pUrrt where the Urge*! description o' printing it rrjui ed. The (hciltiicte Tor tine work etc uoi equalled bv anj iffice in till-citv, for l>?tid?? the large aeenrt meat of tl&M A/a? ?!3J3AM2:?WI?!L Tint etiblielimriit hu the LARGEST Phi S8ES IN TUB CITY. Great petit- have been riheu to provide ev?-ry material thai can no.sibly Ik-of to. eice, slid therefore i>er?ou? heviiig occation lor Sfinwh-lle. will tind it itreatly to l>e>r advantage to patronise ihir establishment. 1:^7*-Any ene or form of Bill on l>e fnrmeheil at very short ootice^ *' BOOK* FUR THE PEOf'LE THE foil->wiog Publication* ere for eale ?t the HERALD OFK ICK, North Went comet ol Ku<t- u md Nuein Iti? where all tiie Cheap Publications of the day can he had as soon as issued, st the PITBUSHINGPR1CES. FOREST DAYS, by U. 1*. K. Jtnu. Jut pub'iah*... i THE BOOK OF THE NAVY, eomnnung Ktnenl llutoryof the American Marina?to c embelli?hed with a number ot Engraving*. N" I now re*4y. at the low price of 24 eta. ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF EUR'il'E, ia '6 Numbera. The I, 11, III and IV are now ready, etch 2} cti. COOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to be roinple'ed in t Nos. No. 2 now ready 24 It R A N'' r *S F"Ml-VCI.oV/r.niA, Nrw ' t audi, 24 ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF liEOuRAPHY, comp i?in< i c m It le deacriptiou of the e ,rth, to In c lop'ei. <1 in 21 pirta, apart to be i..ued rverv tw werti, each 24 URE'S DICTIONARY of th. Ar??, Scieucee, he, to be completed iu 4 in mhly num-era. Price 21 each No. 3 now readv. THIERa'S HISTORY Oa THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, No II now ready, 24 THE HIST?RY OF THE REFORMATION iu Germany,&e, in the SutemLh Canturr, by J H Merle D'Aubigne, No 1 and 2 now ready, 14 MASTEKV1AN READ*?by Marryat. Jut I, SI,12V YOUNG ISLANDERS?by J. Tavlor, 74 THE FARMER'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, and Diclloitaty of Ratal Affair*?By C W Jjha>on, 24 SPARKS' LIFE OF WASHINGTON, 6 nombi ra, each 24 JACK HiNTON, 40 h SI 00 HANDY ANDY, 50, Si St ft 24 HECTOR O HALLORAN.No 2, 12* HUMPHREY CLINKa-R? By Smollett. Complete iu one number. 24 TOM JONES, or the Hiatory of a Foundling? compleie, hv Fielding, 40 JOSEPH ANDREWS, by. Fielding, complete la one number, 24 NOVELIS'tT"library. Thii Library will be completed in ten weekly camber.. VIVIAN GREY?by D'Ur.ieli?complete in one volume. 24 VENfc I'lA?byD'Iameli?complete in one vol*aae, ROMANCE AND REALITY?by L E mplete in "n" volume, 24 THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'Uraeli?w tht portrait of the author. 24 FRANCES' A CARRARA?by L E Landon, 24 He. VUIET I'A TEMPLE?by Dl.iarli??umpUte VPa.uKKe - i S4 l b 1 on Oiiuiurj, ujr .uauyavi tuui|fictc 1U OUV number, 25 CONTARInI FLEMING?by D'ISRAELI-comnleie iu one (lumber. 25 monthly magazines. OOUEY'H LADY'S HOOK, for March, 25 O H A H A M' h MAGAZINE, " 25 LADY'S OOVH ANION. 25 THE AUI'IAT. forM reh, 25 SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, Feb unmber, init publi-herl. 25 MISK LEHLiE'8 MAGAZINE, February nmbii, juit i uh'iaheil 15 THE LADY'S WORLD OF FASHION, for Mircn, II waverly novels. IVANHOE?by S.rWaller neutt?complete in one timber 15 GUY MAVNERING?by Sir ulier 8 ott? c"inpli'Wiiionr number, 85 THE ANTKiUAR 2?by Sir Walter Seott? ixs twin brr. 25 HOB HOY?bv Sir Walter Scot:?complete in one mmkr, _ 251 OLD MORTALITY?bv Sir Walter Seott? eomp'ete in "O-number. 25 HEART OF MID LOTHIAN?by Seott?comoleic in oor number, 25 BlilDE OF I.AMM* KMOOR?by Scott?complete in one number, 25 KEMLWORTH-by Mir Walter Scott?eom iler. in one number, ZtS Wa Vb RLY?by Si Walter Seott?complete in on mimticr, 25 THE MONASTERY?by Walter Seen?eompl-1* in ">ne number, 25 THE ABBOT?bt Waller Scott?complete in one number 25 THE LEGEND OF MONTROSE, by Walter Sco t rnmc'eir in one number, 25 THE I'lRATtt?by Walter Scott?complete in one number _ _ 25 l1hrary of select novels. Beautiful Uniform Edition of Bui wrr'a Note la. Twenty-Fife Cenu each. PKLHVM. DlsOW.hED DKVERKAUX. PAUL C. IKKORD MJ-JEvt A11 AM.' LA IT DAV* OK POMPEII. TK : CZAKINA. RIKNZI, Thr L-nt of the Trtbnnet. BECK DEVOTION, or Katharine Randolph. NABOB AT HUME, or the He torn to England. ERNEST MALI'HWEKS. Al.l E; nr IV Mviterin; Sequel to Maltrarm. THE LAST OK THIC BAHON8, t? It will aiau he publiah. d thia morning at l.-K COOPER'S NOVELS. RED ROVER. In 'wo nomVn, p"?o jn HO.rifc A3 FOUND, atale in ? eola. JO CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. AII the wo In of tne ebore writer will be published in r?f ?lai i ota-ion. NUTe S ON AMI'.FI A. circoli:ion, 12K NICHOLAS Nl< KLEBY, JO OLI ER TWIAT. ? PlCKAVfCK PAPERS?Complete ra one nan bet. . J* THE CURIOSITY SHOP, complete in one number, JO BARNABY RUDQE, complete in one number, (0 PUBLISHED lN~QUARTO FORM. R09INA MEADOWS,THE VILLAGE MAID -t?K TEV1PTA I ION UNVEILED, Mo.r, of cnv "cenn and E?*ry D*y Lite? bv W B r'.neluh Ju-l i nn'i.'.rd, E3Va THE BlDLE IN SPAIN?By O o. Barrow. rnc 15 A JO LIUHTS AND SHADOWS OK FACTORY LIKE IN VEW EN'ILAND-Bva Kiet-rr Ctrl. It ia i biianulul picture of lactory ife. Trier, UK KRANcH if V ALOIS, or the C'JRSE OK 8 ' . VALLlAK, by K. Flagf?a tale of the A<ra. UK THE I lb E AND EXPLOITS OK THE DUKE OK " ELLINGTON, including a complete Hiitory of to? Pkiinjular W?a, iMutinied Willi KuRTT-Thkek haudiomr Engraving*. 03 B'ANl'A CaPPEI.L'J?an Historicil Hgnwice by LauV LvTTni Bui wm. UK BEN I Le Y'S MISCELLANY. <i republiea" n I UK BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE?* r<-p<ib?iration No ?,jut pub'uh'tl. IiSl PA ULIN e.? .i Tale uf Normandy, by A'eiaudre Doin-ii. UK TIIK. vKIOHBORS?K:oni ihe Mary Hiae-I. UYa CHEMISTRY?applied to Acri nltareanrt PiiyainlTHE WESTERN CAPTIVE-Or th# Timei ef T-rumieh. UK LET TERS OK MARY QUEEN OK SCOTS? b\ Aeii'i Strickland. 2J MKVOiRS OK THt QUEENS OK FRANCE bj Mi. f. Bnih, 2J THE NAUTILUS?i enllrction af Sea TaleiA an-c ount of t'e SOMERS Ml) Tl NY, UK CHUZZLEWIT, by Dicbr-bi (3J No. jaatpebItMrrd) TOM BUKKE OF OURS. L S D or Ac-ou-ti of Iriah Hem All for Wl DAOH CASTLE UK AHVENTURES OK AR1HUR O'LEARY, I A iliac ant on all the above wnrki to ag?Eti Subscription" for ell the above Magazine" w ill be receive-1 at thu "Wee, awl prtnota illv atiended ui. .II- p Til THE LOVERS OK SUPERIOR BLACK TK Al Howqn?'? Vlnture?This extremely and uu;. rah triad Pea, in highly erlebrated in Ckinr ami Europe, jnit im oreil, ia 'iw for lale at thr Canton Pea Company'" On anal Ye Eetr,hli?ltBir nt, UI CSathamrr New Yr- t?in Ch peer paelmgea Peine All i-enta led SI fl? *ir ~~ "17K. moiikTSON. v Dill Ktv-.K DISPENSARY JM* Fnltonatren- ;ner i* Oree.nwiro.?Dr Mormon, Member of the Rural Cr tllcq ;f V ir.t' i ? I, aid 'ortniHy Burr?a in the Brut- h N?| y ; ,, onmltei! Jails on all diaeaie* "I? d' lieeri?. . ... iln'.Toiir, aympvo-iti euiueunrut o: i in,nlie . a .- r.i '. and the i.iii .K'Jr-r.1 or- < fqaacl mad* ciner Dr M ! 'nd ?:t civ-itito of tw ty : wo ; en* " tr tntln* lrli--et? ' in at| trrii reri'im inrl implicated fnm e.ane mild ??'-and infaiiihle inbititute I ?ir racrcur'. er ?l!ref t the ' i.l time with certaintg, v. about luhje-til ?: ihe -( t-mii iiib- I oerriiitin* bi.wurl nninal -Met." o f pnr -u V.I..I. hie-oer iciuei are tcrerahlc tnieereanii amal' i Per h. in i -;i in thr tre*h-r inch - ricturci fid eri", me..I ' the ere'.olr vlanJ au'rearaiiird with gh irner. nil irtml tltrif IWrtl.are 1 .trie of ill t -nlifr?"nt De. ?i treat!(trie n iniaaelet* 1 . irt line ' < til- thieaedec ^reylir ji. a . .1.1 J: onv l'-t.~ - " * ?J nw.' A* oi 7can? ??. . .r. .. ' ruur i.-m ?it-rmi?r<>tirnf*? <>l irjiKii p>ncr ir it Wt??! "'Vf iisi"H"i:w?-w E8IV*? ?re forth' injured f or v ui> n>i"nin? ?i urt*Ml-d iiMitn, w ?,.j, i?lv tn Mrtn.. uret'. "eure??i.>u Dr. M ir?? ^ ?ueb < ? ? or unrdf r.v.Wcwtftl rod nrr?r f?\In i. , ,?,( V <;f|. ftMhonnr *nd < ontVJrncr ?rr ptur I.?u.ri Mil Mud.uKl cootamiugr ruitaMt fee wUJ linn ;1t .wrr.irr.'odriitfnll ?dvic?, rod medicine t , ,D. n?.t ?i 7k. (Jmon, fty nil rimvg * hlouwr of hir?mis d -.,1 u,x w_l ndmttnu (jiHiwlM. IERA =========================== Washington. (CoireaiKMideucr of fhe Harmld.) Washington, Feb lfl, 1813. Mb Bennett i? Elder Knapp is carrying all before him, and will soon convert the "guard" into sain's, and Captain Tyler too. The Elder receives ihe attention of all the clerical ministers in Washington, except the paa tor ol the Fourth Presbyterian church, J C. Stni h, who fro.n motives nl self-delence has hern driven to the painful necessity ol holding tmrallel meetings with the devoted immerser. Brother Smith has both his eyes open, and has succeeded tn procuring the services of Doctor Ely, and it iw hoped th-<t the I latter will succeed in routing Elder K trom Washtngtoii; so far, however, " 'tis no go " The Presbyterian church, on 44 street, and Rev. ChurleH Rich,its pastor, have behaved with marked kindness and attention to Elder K. So that whenever the Assembly rooms are r?quired for the service of the devil, (dancing.) Mr. Rich permits ihe Elder to ofliciate in his church. Dear Sir, will you please to preach us a short ser mon on charity, as a new creed has found its way into one or two of our Washington churches, which admits of love to God and hatred to man! They will compass s a and land to make one proselyte ; and that appears to he the grand motive which impels some of our preachers ol the present age tn labor and toil with such energy, when they tear ih~ succees ol the ministry of a rival brother We have a few sain s in Congress, but they are like on<; grcai man in Sodom and Gomorrah, or a drop ol watci in the ocean, completely lost sight of. Waalllngton. (Correspondence of*the Herald.) Washington, D. C. Feb. 18, 184'. Mai ten and Things in Washington, by an occasional Correspondent. My Dear Bennett T haiia k u eu tnTxea onuiAll u II it rwl tr I A UAI1 nf lllP sayings and doings done and enid in this Sodom of America, and under a conjunction oi leisure and inclination, this is perpetrated for the edification and enlightenment of your wotld of readers. We have here, to be sure, three papers of st me notoriety, the Intelligencer, Globe and Madisonian, better known to our citizens under the appropriate titles of the "Opite Purge and Emetic," with which we are daily dosed. Were it not for the tonic effects of the Herald, which has a circulation equal to any of tnern, our mental, moral, religious and political constitutions would be seriously impaired Your Wall street gentry and our partisan worthies, though they are both fully included in the genus rogue, are. widely distinct in the developments of their common generic idiesyncracy?yours rejoice and flourish under the fiction of brokers, financiers, cashiers and speculators. [N. 15. There is one s too many forfact in that word ] Ours try to persuade the country into the absurd supposition of their being legislators, patriots and statesmen. The one set of bipeds operate individually, swindle in detail, und for want of fresh game, keep themselves in practice by cheating, pour s'amuBtr, eacti other. The other gang exercise their talents and genius for plunder exclusively on the dear, enlightened, long eared soft soapable sovereign people en muttc. Both parties have their peculiar slang vocabularies? flash dialects, utterly unintelligible to stupid, verdtnr, downright honesty. Your operatives, however, have the merit of comparatively going to work openly and boldly?their prey are prima facie, born and bred f?r lhat purpose; necessitous donkeys, who deserve "in course" to be knocked down and flayed alive without the necessity of cloaking such an gular fair business transaction Our workies, on the contrary, have to attain their ends by unbounded devotion and special affection jorthe poor, dear, deluded, long suffering and in'elligent people. The animal, in thiscase, must be well curried and gently patted in order to be ridden. In a word, yours are highwaymen, ours are pick pockets?t'etl a i.. j:AT/. i_ Mr..II .. ...... .1 _i.... _ ii/u c iu uy/c?mr. 111 ??nn o r* rt uirrc ih niau n a sparce sprinkling of integrity, here and tliete an upright merchant?so we too tnjoy the protecting presence of sorne half dozen Messieurs Lots?intelligent gentlemen and honest statesmen, hut lot whom, any successful Guy Fawkes, who woald have the public spirit and philanthropy to bestow his attention on the south wing ot the cupitol, would justly be hailed as a public benefactor A propos to such patriotic pyrotechny . Mr Arnold's 048 pound bomb has at last been fired, and doubtless you have long since heard the report thereof. He never lor h moment dreamt of ohtaiing such success, and has become more alarmed at it ihim most of thos? whose inte; ests the bill, hs it passed the House of R? presentativee, so very unjusily, ungenerously and cruelly afiect'. Mis lears a>e now, that the Senate m iy give iheir assent to the bill, when his own ayrato y peripatetics to and from Washington,at lory cents it mile, will be sadly curtailed. He is satified that hie very disinterested efforts for the cause in the Hou-e (whether they had been successful or not) were quite sufficient to secure his return to Congress, and therefore thinks there is no sort of necessity for the Senate to trouble themselves about the matter It was auite amusing to witness his urgent appeals to the House to take up the consideration ol this hobby for his re election. What burning enthusiae. tic zeal for economy and retrenchment?What holy horror for per die o and rmlenge, tn say no'hing ot books, stationery, franking and ether stealings! What virtuous indignation at all opposition to prove himself an out and out patriot! So good was the imitation that even some of those who know him best, at last actually began to think him renllv in earnest, and it is possib'e, th-it had sufficient time been allowed for trequent rehearsal, he might have finally succeeded in duping himself into sincerity. The dear, good people of Tennessee, Hnd of such Cong-essinnal di.-trics as have yet to elect then Legislative servunis for the next Congre-s, will now forthwith and c.early perceive, what jewels of economy and relf-denying martyrs they unconscious'' possess in the present incnmhen's, ?nH rh- ref'ore what rank injustice, folly, suicide and flit burglary it would he to think of chmging them for oth? rs Sant baddimge. This r- trenclirnent move is the same, old, forlorn, thread bare humbug that has been played oft n hundred times for the special hen efitnndaidof distressed demagogues, only in this i net nice there is compounded with it-venality, h dash of pitiful malice tor the gratification ot those, whose political opponents have already been eleced to the next Coneresp, and whose compensation arid mileage would be thus reduced below what these bare faced Cliarlatd's have heeu receiving lor three sessions That the Senators will permit themselves to be bullied into fools for the assistance of these worthies ol the House of mis-Repr- sentatives is what I do not believe?yet many here suppose thai they will be Hlrain ol acting honestly, because the bill was pawed in the House hy so large a majority, though the selfi-h and base motives of that majority are so well uudi r stood. There are bur lew honest politico in (>' la rhottr* 'btf duloni) who do not favor a jutncious and pi-t retrenchment in the ext?enees ot me g vi-m cent. Rot such economy would not afT-ci the salaries of the members of th- Cabinet, whose presr nt compensation is notoriously inadequate, and "hould, in justice, instead of being reduced, br doulde of what it is. Tlie heads of the departments, like the President, are the hosts ol the nation?their position" force them into social expenditure, which is unavoidable without discredit to themselves and the country, so that nine-tenths ol such officers retire from office much poorer than when they accepted it. The great abilities requisite for such important trusts, merit, in equity and evident (wilicy, a high remuneration, without such wiseacres as Mr. Arnold and his tail, desire to have these offices filled bv ignorant pettifogging dema gogues like themselves. One of them had, the other day. the modesty to trll me seriously that he would undertake either the duties of Judge Upohur or of Mr Spencer for $3,000 per annum. I tolo him that I thought the best plan would he, to pu such placrs up at auction, when, considering the hard times, the President might isissthly be able to procure a Cabinet of constitutional advisers at a daily expense In the treasury of onlv fitly e-ots a head. The lull, in itsellec'son the Cabinet officers, ts a combination of stupidity and injusttce. On the junior'subordinate officers of the civil and military services, there is in it sup-radrte(| cruelty. In the arrnv. die coinpensition of u senior and co i rnunding officer will, in some cases, be less than that ol hi" subordinate. In the navv, liter- are many subordinate officers on duty^at foreign stations, not to return lor three years, who have r> linquished threefourths or lonr-fiiths of their pay 'luring their entire i absence, for Ihe support of their f tmtlies or indigent 1 rnl*fixit hrmir> TK# ms>M9rp niir^iipp thfv hnv? retained to pay their mess tut! and clothing, is, In this act, not only to be t?ib> i: iw<ty, bio in.; much is th* bill is to go into itnnfcdiate operation, it will e.iusr such officers to be debtors to the govrrnm' >' lor the amount received by tlieiit Ironi the d.itr o< ts enactment up to ih^ tune wt>eri the pucer* ??( heir residence ve-'-els receive official iiPorm iti"i ?l the lad, to re'tiod writi h, will be a hnpelees nt lair. On the clriki of the Executive offices here, especially thoea who receive low salaries, ' orti a thousand and under tilteen hundred dollars |>er Ld. PrtM Two Out*, - annum, thia bid will be arowly unjust and cruelly opoppressive; for I am toM, and indeed in iomr instance* know, 'hat such clerical pay m rarely prop# ru< nal in any of the de(.ar menu to i(iel?hnr,> and talent rrqmrrd lor the du'na peih rmed The workies, a* u.oia', get the crumbs, whi e the partizan pelf, pycophsnts. or tutrnly connections ot the heads id departm-Ma and bureaux, or nt the influential members ot Congress, have the least Wnhout the honesty ami intelligence of iheuc men. tha government would lose millions Mort ot ihent hnv families. which, hi their death, are led in uiter destitution, afier the labor ??l a lifetime Yet heir miserable Htilanes, nownicelv graduated (a the bare retention of body and aoul together, ia to be pared down in the name ratio as the higher pay of the drones. Heigho! here I am at the end of my paper, without Haying n word about fifty other maitera, about which I wished, in starting. to discourse you ?particularly of sundry aub-curreata and manoeuvres now in operation in some of the departments. However, of nil that anon. The subject of this -heet is the absorbing topic here now, and therefore it is not wondeiful that, like Aaron's rod. it has devoured all the other varminta. Youra, very thai lesion, S. C. [Corr-TjiiiDdriii-- f '! -H-rsM.l Cu a it i .kk*ton , s. C , F-b 18, 1843 Charleston, its D'bt per Hi nit?A Salaried or JVrm. Salaried Mayor? Folly of Working for A or h in g ?Gov Hammond?Copt Grddts?ihe Ktt iw? The Foil ? Thr Fair James g. bknnitt, Esq.?Dear Sir? Our ancient capital haa almost shaken ofT tha last fluke of the blackening ashes of 1838, and stands renovated in architectural beauty. It were to be wished U had also to boaat of an increased populaiinn. and a decreasing debt. The last atanda 91.059 536 against about 12,000 white inliabitanta, or 990 per head. To liquidate so vast a sum requires a system of economy which, it is to be hoped, we have the energy to udopt. Hence, if we pay 92,500 to a salaried Mayor, it is because no capable or honest man could be found in this city to perform the very arduous and complicated duties of that mysterious office! and if the present worthy incumbent, through sheer necessity, is forced to pocket the money, blame him not. It is upon this ground, that in order to find u show of occupation, he innocently gets rid of t ie useless incumbrances ol " Boards,'* because these old-fashioned establishments are stu pid enough lo work for nothing, and II they worked lor nothing, where'a the use ot him! Foolish citizens, to think that tax payers. Hitting round a table, can know or care lor anything How the deuce can an unpaid officer do riant! It is impossible! Witness Washington and Hancock, or, to come down to ourselves, answer Rutledgr Ac Harry Gadsden, Prioleau and Geddes, and the prool is this, (hat then we had a sparse and starving population! Ixow we have a teeming and prosperous one. Where Gadsden's whatf, which lay at the point where strangere departed Irom, or caught the first glimpse of the Queen city, lorsootb! was a hideous nuisance, filled witli tribes of the reptile race, who floated in the mud and filth of a double diurnal tide, now barriers exist to keep out old ocean, the bo* hits made room for high, clean and K?vd streets ana side wulks; and the fiddler, the polypus, the wharf rat, the oyster, the crab, the wood I ice and Irogs ex- ^ ist only in the memory of *** Alas! that it were so. There are those whose little soula shrink irom the performance of dutieathey intended to fulfil when entering into office, because ot unexpected opposi'ion from colleagues. There are those whose intellects are not equal to the task oi overcoming the paltry, common place opposition of ihat selfishness whose charity begins, and ends at home. Th? re are those who aspire not beyond the miserable achievement of doing nothing; o> such, however, are not our wise bnd independent Councillor*; they know the right, and knowing, they will?do it. In ihe mean time, until this right thing be done, end UB for the use of the said Aldermen, twelve canvas hacked ducks with bills suitable lor consuming all the mud and filth in the approaches to, and at the New York Steam Company's wharf; pay* ment may be expected when our excellent sherifl is elected a lion salaried Mayor, or England gives up the right of mediating lor the benefit of her neighbors. 'I lietroo|? were reviewed yesterday on the Washington rac- course, hy Governor Hammond 1 hey turned out in unusual numbers; the brst companies in particular attracted attention, because of heir trength and good appearance. The Washington l.ieht Infantry sustained their ancient name, ' The Pride ofthe Brigade." It would be useless to tell vou that the Cadets, the II iflcs, the Guards, the volunteers, Arc , looked what thev really are, a noble hand of gallant Carolinians. The French artillery were efficient and mo?e numerous than the compiny ol t?u>f The Scots, in their plaids and bonnets, reminded us ol the Bruce, the Wallace, and the Graeme. The children of ihe Gre?n Isle sustained Hie published result of Professor Ford's exiarriin nts, which stat? d tha' the Irish were the strongest, the heaviest, and the tallest race of men in Europe Bur the Germans were certainly the lions of (h?> day?so numcruui are (his class o| emigrants here, that upon ih>a occavion thev turned out four companies of as fine and as hardy a body of men hsyou would desire tnsre under arma Indeed,it ia Mid, (hat while the native v-uth, ?r,d other citizens are torced to eeek in other lands for employment, we have had, within the last three years, added to our effictent force one thousand Huns from the soil watered by the 1 eiel, ihe Danube, and 'he Rhine Ncrdo we see rauae lor alarm, if all Scythia should come It shows that we are a eongeninl people. A most curious idea is entertained in relation to the N< rwegian division, that they are ever accompanied by an army of rats Now ihe-e gentry, in bvgons days, cnrne to runny lands like ours as 'ore, hut M ?i off-r them no opposition, they are quite contt nt to l>e our friends It is -tranga that the not riou* Meters ibnmn, Brown lee. Bourn, -I'd RrrokenrHge, Jrc should tee no danger Irom rbem, cominc as'hey do from a quarter which ?>/ (era none to their opinions. Governor Hammond stopped at Stuart's, and is of ammhle private character?the architect of his own fortune A widowed mother Rave to her only eon all she could?the benefit of a school in a village m the back part of the State?that son had within him lhe vigor of intellect and the seed of goodness; u.8 the preceptor of youth, he contributed to the support ot hi* patent and sisters, and won his way to the bar. Tue advocate was noticed and honored? the circle of tne Hamptons was lit and adorned by the wit of the young Banister. He there met, and wooed, and w e<'ded the daughter of Fitz?imwns, and touched #100,000 ; nor was he |e?9 wise because he was talented and courteous. It is told of him that he has doubled that lortune since his marriage, winning and retaining at the same time, the character of a good master, a true friend, a useful citixen, a just tnan, and a firm patriot. At the moment of leaving his hotel to join the mounted eecoit under ' 'apt <iti Cieddes, iliat excellent officer's horse reap d and threw hi* rider Li? ut Shrrt (who by the hve. does not w> nr ttie medal oi hi* countrvmau rawer Vint hew, no more than our.-elves, l-u' is a noble look ing,kUshi rig fellow of rlie six feet O'Muily breed) consequently hnd the honor of giving the word "first platoon, wh?e|!" The Governor followed between it and tne second, and was in tine way gaily prancing between the gleaming aworda of 1500 mounted republicans. Geddea was not hurt?he joined the troop almost inatantrr Vou remember his father? the competitor of Poin?ett for Congreaa?for yean the leader of 'he republican party, in that long and uncompromising straggle whtch it waged for power with the federalists The people made him Governor, Brigadier General, <5cc. The son inherits the manly form?the daring courage?the military turn ?the legislative ability?the courtly manners of that popular officer; rich, high born and enlightened?standing well with hiacotemporanes?a legislaor,a planter.) and at the head of the Charleston Dragoons?his position is certainly one that the many cannot fill, and the few might wish for in vain ? The Hibernian Hall ia to be open next week for a "lair," for the exhibition and sale of a countless number of pretty, and useful, and glittering things. Hie proceed* are io be appropriated to liquidate a debt due on the Catholic church of St Mary, and we learn a \ ortion will also be given to the "Sisfera of Mercy." The vender* are the Indies o' the congregation?indeed they ure also said to be the manufacturers and producers of the largest pad ?f 'he merchandize. These ladies are chiefly French, or of French orgtn; a* a commendable zeal xists to emulate a similar concern go' "p some two years ago by those of St Fnibar, we expect to see all that i i lallic taste,and skill, srid indu-try, and elegance can ichieve Often has this hall Wished wi h the blaze ot beaut?, and shone in the rays of fancy Oiten have we heard it echoing the eloquence ot a I,ardnerand an England, and seen radient in the lo ams of intelligence?let we question much,it report forehow* true shadows, il the noble hallever has shone as it will shine, under the maqicul creauoosof those -xcellent ladtrs, (wh >are ?n mi ted in thectu e o ? - ? ?l- ? - ? ? -kick unjplt in I I iiirrvy, uy niir?c iiu^t-b mm * ? ? p. re,a* corn in* tn>m (leaven,) on Monday, and ih? -accecdiiic days of ne?t week The finia of my foom cap compel* me to say, larewell.