Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1843 Page 3
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mj ______ ?m??. nUNKV ItlAUKh.T. Saturday, March 4? SP, M. The Stock Market wee rather heavy to-day , Ohio #'a improved i per ct; Kentucky O'i declined i ; Harlem A.t the New Board the tranaactiona were amall, but the atateoraffaire much more fcreriah than at the other. Kentucky 6'a w^re higher than at the old board, and Ohio A'a 1 per ceat lower. The following ia a llatof the proteated paper of the Com. mervial Bank of thia city. The amount of money due the concern, without intereat, ia $671,691. Notea under proteat $388,388 " renewed, 13,4-24 Stock Loam, 116,068 Overdraft 71,966 Defalcation of Redfield, caahier 60.0(H) Due from Banka, pending auit 39,-238 $671,691 It will be obaerved from the liat, that thelNorth American Banking clique got poaaeaaien of the vitala of thia Bank. Davia, Strong. John L. Graham, the Poatmaiter( Redfiel't, the defaulter, Quackenboaa and Tylee, are the conatantly recurring namea. Quite a conservative coterie. Bills Discounted, under Protest, or the Commercial Bank, New York, Feb. 1843. drawers. endorsers. amount, See. Scott Si Co OP Morris $100 00 Flora Foster Matthew Duff 06 00 Samuel B Campbell W W Campbell 103 Oo HFTallmadge P R Wyckoff 1,800 00 R Van Oieaon J C Parsella 8,700 00 Elisha Mills C De Forest, D R Burns 669 96 do do do 300 00 Pollard Si Qreen Elisha Mills 367 83 C De Forrest do 737 9o Elisha Mills Thomas Darling 3,619 92 do RW Red field, caahier 3,160 00 do Thomas Darling 4,6-20 64 do Thomas BurlocK 187 60 John S McKibbin J M Furman h Co 1,400 00 do John S McKibbin 940 00 (do Charlotte Marshall 900 00 do John S McKibbin 3,013 00 do Charlotte Marshall 460 00 do John 8 McKibbin 713 00 do do 7,600 00 Eliiah Ward do 3.090 00 AC Baardaley do 986 00 Wm Coulter do 0,304 00 do do 466 00 Ely ah Ward do 460 00 AC Beardsley do 906 00 John 8 McKibbln O D Strong, executor 3,700 00 O Woodruff do do 3,400 00 do do do 2,600 00 do do do 3,060 00 do do do 3,060 00 do do do 3,600 00 do do do 1,360 00 do do do 3,060 00 Wells Phillip* do do 1,760 CO O D Strong, executor J L Graham 716 30 do do H J Quackenboss 3,060 00 do do John Bell 1,860 00 Strong fc Ballagh H J Quackenboas 6,900 00 do Quackenbota kCo 6,300 00 H D Quackenboas Strong fc Ballagh 4,976 On do do 0,000 00 do do 6,100 00 do George D. Strong 6,600 00 do do 7,636 OO LO Clark ? do 101 16 W 8 Jonea do 613 90 Daniel E Tylee do 3.0*7 94 George D Strong R W Rati field, oaahler 3,337 63 John Lorimer Graham William G Wood 1 do do I do de J 6,136 90 do do 1 W G Wood Jehn L Graham j John Lorimer Graham William P Hallett 1,036 00 do John Morrell 2,043 09 do Henry Wyckoff 300 00 do Wm K Strong 300 00 do do 300 OO John Morrell John L Graham 366 69 W G Jonea Elbert Herring 972 00 do do 973 00 John Garread J W Bell, E W Daries 100 00 C J Buckingham Endorser discharged 763 13 H liiman John Inmnn 250 00 R W R< J field John Redfield 360 00 do do 600 00 do do 360 00 J W Gerard Robert Bogardus 376 33 n,v? a, r.?a w?ll? Phill.r,. rra on do do 660 00 do do 1,300 00 do Well*, Phillip* k Co 225 00 W Phillip* It Co Well* Phillip* 1,13ft 00 do do ft49 14 ? C Palmer do l,7ft0 oo do do Baker k Lott 1,360 00 W Phillip* It Co do 670 00 do do 3,726 00 D M Merrill It Co do 460 00 Weill, Phillip* It Co do 1,838 78 Wall* Phillip* R W Redfield, cathier 746 00 H Anderson Well* Phillip* 3 940 00 Clark It Co GW Hunt, Oliver Taylor 638 00 Oliver Taylor GWHunt 1,147 AO do do 1,147 50 Joha J Barker F E Houghton, Agt. D R Downer 89 61 John Kierated It Co John Kurated, H 1 Quack en bom 700 00 ?-raai>?. Xiaritod k Co Qnwkmtm at Co 4,300 00 do do 6,600 00 . do do 6,500 00 D G Quackenbou k Co John Kiersted k Co, Quackenhoa* It Co 1,960 00 Qaackenbos* fc Co I M Furman k Co 2,676 no do do 3,676 00 E M Dodge Joseph Webb 60 00 ? It 1 Griffith k Co PR Wyckoff, Cah* Rolfe, 1,100 00 David Hind* McCheiney k Moore 3 50 ? Eaenwein It Co M llaler 439 jg W P Tallmadge K Jenkin* 1,919 31 W W Lyon Hoxie k Sutphen, J Hoxie 360 00 D T William* Jno Sutphen, J Hoxie 176 00 J a* AOitrom Jno M Furman k Co 3,876 on J M Furman It Co Ja* A Ortrom 1 760 uo Simeon Hyde T 8 Hyde 61 76 Do Do 314 00 G P Scott It Co G P Morris 3,996 00 Say re, Converse k Co Pond, Converse k Wadsworth, D W Gantley 2,363 60 Joseph O'Connor M O Connor 297 00 lid ward Bimll WeU* Phillipa 1;294 00 Buibworth Mihd H A Simon*, J B Taylor 840 00 E Muneon C Chamberlain 376 <10 J P Arcularin* I C Bergh, Tuenii Bergh 660 00 L O Clark S D Dakin, Jaa F Dean 206 0? Wm Gardner (dia'd) IC Paraella 160 00 N Tamblingwn Do 100 00 John 8 McKlbbin R W RedSeld, caahier 330 00 T P Shattnck It Co DR Dow.ier, T E Houghton, agent 307 31 R Dawaon Do do 281 00 Robbini, Painter kCo OS Robblni 860 00 ChM Oakley JR8atterlee 2 600 00 R Shipley A Co R W Redfield, caahier 730 00 C I Gayler Do 406 31 Geo Field, Pt. No endorier 300 00 Ogden E Edwarda F Tyler 60 0C Evert A Banker Elbert Herring 1,696 00 Jno Hillyer 11 Weaterrelt 49 00 P B Byron J 8 Haibrouck 166 00 W Chamberlain C Chamberlain 100 00 Do Do ?86 00 Do , Do 436 00 Abm Le Foy Do 360 00 W W Campbell Huntington A Campbell 2,300 00 Huntington AC amp be 11 Endoraer* diicnarged 380 Oo Do Henry H Elliott . 1,000 00 D C Caie Noah Shaw 36 99 Do Do 1,733 96 Thos Wadilton J C Paraella '690 00 W B Burnett Elijah Ward 106 00 Elijah Ward Charlotte Marihall 660 00 David Hindi Elijah Ward, lec'y 1,300 90 Elijah Ward, lec'y R W Redfield, caahier 7,600 00 ThoaBurlock Dikeman k Milli 771 40 Do Do 600 00 Do Do 816 31 Dikeman k Mill* Then Burlock 760 00 Do do 330 no ElamHOihbi R W Hedfield.caihier 3,6'>0 00 John Morrell Edmund Froat 180 00 Henry Anderaon H Dn ten bury 3,660 00 do do 2,170 00 Ward A Newman Henry Anderaon 4,376 00 John Inman F W Cammann 100 00 Samuel Jonea Samuel Jonee 4,609 46 Jaa L Graham Samuel Jone* 4,009 46 W W King Endorier discharged 110 60 JaiP Allaire RW Redfield, caahier 1,610 00 John Bell ju a Oitrom 2,060 00 CC Rice Jai McNeipie 200 00 John Bell R W Redfield, caahier 1,676 00 A B Totten Elam H Oibbi 1 360 <10 Elam Oibbi j0 g.jd )(0 Edmund Froit Henry Maiga 900 At ? . 'I ~ R WRedfield, caahier 2,960 00 N Am TrABkgCo Certificate* 14,337 63 Andrew* kLamphur QBetufc Clark 10134 do do 95 78 JWDavlen R W Redfield, caahier 798 71 N Am Tr k Bkg Co Certificate 3 913 OO Geo Mount M I. Caulk.? r ?? ? ' ? ? invuiii w w IvH kCo Chat Poatler 160 38 A Birlwck k 9oo Bioknsll k Co kia u C Del Voochio J P DM Vecchlo HO ?, Ambrose Mercer H P Robertson mi no E A Bancker O W Bancker 200 ^ do 400 00 Hy Wyckofl BtCo Endorserdischarged i Henry Wyckofl do ( S(jjl a# do do J ' Charles Ouyer ChaaOuyer 600 no IVTelyon C Coles It Co AO on _ ? do do 100 00 * E Glover 8 E Glover 13A 05 JnoMeGloin Jno Foote 131 A3 _ do do QSI 63 Townsend fc At anion Robt Smith 1,100 00 W Wyckoff H Wyckoff k Co 760 00 J D St ev eh son M ^ quackenhou, W Pearce 3IA 00 do do do I1A 00 Van Viojt fc Hart Chaa Burkhalter 400 On J 8 Lobby J Lovejoy, John Hill 70 00 Jonathan I.ovejoy John Hill 70 00 D Marvin W W Campbell 40 <* H Abenfeldt 8 s Parker, I H Bockover 117 40 Griffiths k Co I M Griffith, Isaac Newton *07 44 $188,11 Q 60 Commercial Stock Eichanfa-ll) Wall at. wiriiu.iwouiws , * HWII Kentucky Ga 841 S?l Ohio 6 a, I960 69H 1090 do el* $\ ?1I2I 2? u . ?J 'J *?? Mohawk RR ,3 / * J <j" ^ody JL 'M Hail*a. RR cth |*i, 1900 do Mnov M* W do rw ll?* JWO <lo T.<ty m? 500 do bu 7 If** _ do eaali Ug 50 d. hM? 17 ?V>99 Kentucky H10 95 2lifl do a3 iki iSo do bM M M 9tOC'"*,OB KB bS0 '?* ^ Bales at tits Stock Exchange. $3000NY Bute 6'*, 1862 ISOO Cii v *'*, IBM 188% ri/u 101% -'(I (ha* D- ' Sc II il *00 66 MOO do 101 % 25 ?! *60 06% 2000 do 101 21 I'htiiu Dk 78 2000 do .! Li30 lul% 50 Fa-nter.' 12% 2000 do 015 101% 5 Aub Ik U. Hi 90% 10000 do 5'*, 1656 91 70 do % 10000 US loan, 6'?, 1862 104% 75 Mohawk 29% 10000 Ohio6'*. I860 69% 25 do *30 20% 1000 do *5d 69% 150 Hailem 16% 1000 do *30d 69% 300 do 16% 6000 Kentucky 6'*, 1871 84% 10 New Jinny 69 1000 doanortbond 86 25 Paleraou 43% Second Board. $3000 Ohio 6'?, 1160 69K $4000 Ohio 6'?, 1*0 b) t>9V 1500 do 69% 250 (has Harbin s3 I6\ 2000 do 69H Stat* or Trad*. There ii generally a hatter feeling in the market, but the severity of the weather will probably make the spring business backward. Cotton?There has been a steady demand for cotton,and prices have improved and in some instances f cent per lb; 4100 bales Upland and Florida have been taken at 4$ a 7 cents per lb.; 7U0 bales Mobile A a 8, and 000 bales New Orleans at 6a8 cents per lb?total 5400 bales; we quote Upland, very ordinary to middling, 44 a 54 andO cents per lb; fair,to good fair and good, 6? a 7| and 7J cents; Tennesseesand Alabamas, 4f ad cents; Mobiles, Louisianas, kc. ordinary to middling, A a 6| cents; fair to good fair, ) a 7 J cents; good and line, 8 a 8J and 9 cents per lb. Sugar?New Orleans sugars continue in fair demand. 550 hhds. sold at 44 a 6] cents, with a lot of strictly prime at 6^c per lb; 60 hhds Porto Rico at $5,76 a 6,37f; 20 do St. Croix, djc; 650 boxes brown Havana, 64a7c; an.) 1000 boxes white brought 9 cents?all 4 mos. By auction, 36 hags brown Havana sold at 44 a 6c, cash; 64 hhds. PortoRico at $6 a 6,37}; 60 do $6,66 a 6,76, and 25 do at $6,37 J a S,4i?average $6,87^ per 100 lbs. 4 mos Spirits?Advanced rates are demanded by holders of loreign spirits. Sales at $1,65 a 1,70 lor Pellevoisin and A. Seignette brandy; $1,16 lor Im|>erial Ragle gin; a few pipes Wolfe's Swan sold at $1,164; Hercules Cologne at $1,40; and 16 pipes Scheidam on terms not made public; domestic whiskey remains inactive at 19c. in drudge casks ?New England rum brings 24 a 26c per gallon. Died. On Saturday morning, 4th inat., Robert Wtllie, infant son oi Robert and Almira Rogers, aged 6 months and 16 days. The friends and acauaintances of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at hail past one o'clock, from their residence, 109 Laurens street. Latest Advice a RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Aftiea Nov. 11 Macao Oct. 24 4ui(!AV01tM DFF 1/1 MS/IM. W?.. OO Antigua Jan. 23 Manilla Sept. 20 Bombay NaT. 1 Montevideo Dec. 21 Batavii Oct. 7 Maranham Nov. 26 Bermuda Jan. 13 Matanzas Feb. 13 B..naire April 9 Mayaguea Jan. 21 Buenos Ayrea Dec. 27 Maracaibo Dec. 7 ?8ahia Nov. 12 Mntamoraa Jan. 14 Belize, Hond. Feb. 4 Neuvitaa Nov. 10 Barbadoes Feb. 2 Nassau, N. P. Feb. 5 Bogota Dec. 24 Oahu.S. I. Nov. 3 Berbice Feb. 20 Paris Feb. 3 Cape Haytien Jan. 23 Portau Prince Feb. 9 Cape Town, C.O.H-Dec. 3 Ponce, P. H. Feb. 4 Caracoa Feb. 7 Para Jan. 27 Cienfnegos Jaa. 27 Pernambuco Jan. 22 Carthagena Sept 15 I nnama Sept. 23 Caraccaa May 17 Ki r de Jaueiro Jan. 5 Chagres July 1 Singapore Ort. 13 Callao Sent. 7 Sydney, N. 8. W.?. June 14 Calcutta Nov. 6 St. Helena Dec. 30 Demerara Jan. 30 St. Thomaa Feb. 12 Fayal Jan. 15 St. Barta Jan. 3 '.Jioraltar Jan. 9 St. Jago de Cnba- Jan 14 (inayanuil 4)ct. 16 St. Johns, P. K. Feb 15 Uuayama, P. R.* Nov. 7 St. Croi* Feb. 1 Oonaivea Jan. 17 St. Martha Dec. 2 Ualveston Feb. II St. John, N. B. Feb. 23 Havre Feb. 3 Surinam Dec. 22 Havana Feb. 15 Tampico Dec. 6 Halifax Feb. 20 Tobasco Jan. 6 Jeremie Nov. 20 Turks Island Feb. 8 iacmel Dec. 25 Trinidad <le Cuba- Feb. 8 Kingston, Ja. F?*b. 3 Vera Cruz- ? Feb. 5 London Feb. 4 Valparaiso Oct. 22 Liverpool Feb. 5 Yucatan Feb. 4 La Uuayra Jan. 31 Zanzibar Nov, 25 Lima Nov. 8 Passengers .Sailed. Havre?Packet ship Oneida?Julius Chun, Geo F Gerding, I, Chevrier, lady and five chi'drrn, of New York; Horace H Williams, of Boston, bearer of desiiatcbes to U 8 Legation at Paria. Uomaatlc Importation*. New Orlears?Brig Mars Hill?(Report-d on Friday)?237 cks molasses Dawes fc Caiy?134 do J VV Aliop?5 do 230 kegs I ird to order. MARITIME HERALD. Ship Masters and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Silvet. of our News Fleet, a Re port or the Shipping lefl at (he Port whence they sailed, the VeueU Spoken on their Panose, a Liot of their Cargo, and aav Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, wih also confer a favor by send)iiB to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nanucal Information of any kind will be (liankfnlly received. PORT OF NBW YORK, MARCH 5. suw xises 6 31 I moon sets 10 20 stm isti i it I missis water 11 33 Clearest. Ship Mary Frances, Hnbbaid, Mobile, S'nrgos Si Clearman. ?Bamae Falmouth. Davis, New Orlema. E K Collins A (Jo.? Brits Lincoln. Wooster, New Orleans, N'esmith, Leeds A Co; Selms, Prav, on K Kiehardson A Co; Manhattan, Doane, ApaI -cl icola, K D Hurlba'ACo; Statin, Bahbidge, Port I.eon, Center A Co: Sopl ia, Kenny, Norfolk, Nesmitn, Leeds A Co. ?Schrs Admiral Colpsys, (Br) Smith, Weat Ind'es, Middleton A Co; Elixa Ann Thomas, Baltimore, A B Coaley A Ca; ^ R Payntcr, Holland, Elizabeth City, NO. dodo; Aun Eliza, Townaend. Noifolk and Richmond. J Hunter; Oneco, Kelly, Fredericksburg, S W Wright; Lewis S >icer, Mott, Rappahannock, A B Cooley A Co; Abbott Lawrence, Meeker, Boston; Homer, Eldridge, do. ArrlTsd. Schr Tionet, Snow. 10 days from Washington, NC. with naval atorea, to R. M. Blaekwell. 2d ioat. while laying at anchor o(T the Hook, wis run into by the schr Anthriconhia, hence for Virginia, which carried away flying iibboom, bobstays, bowsprit stays, Ac. The A. had all her sails torn, and put back to repair damage*. Schr Nicholas Biddle.Walton, from Philadelphia, witbmdse, to mailer. Below. One barque, unknown. Sailed. Shipa Philadelphia, Hovev, London; Sutton, Galloway, Charleston; brigs Tonqoin, Norton, Neuvitas; Crusoe,Tucker, Gilvestoe, and others. WindNW. Herald Marine Correepoadence. Refuslican Office, ) Savannah, Geo. Feb. f7th?noon ( An Ann A Parker, Brighiinau, Havana. Below?A brig and schr, coming up. Cld Lochliho (Br). Taylor, Chatham, Eng. Hid Alexander Ed-nunda (Br), S'tang, Liverpool; Howard, Callan, l iverimol: Ocean Que. n ( B ), Wilson, do; Agenoria, An.lro. Unhil.. lJli??. I ? V V..L General Kn-orrt. Brio MtR? Hill, Gray, from New Orleans. experienced very svTere weather on the coast?had been 14 days north of Delaware Capes. Barque Sarah fc Esther. m built r? Salisbury. Mate, in 1R23, 7* feet 7 inches long, hieadth 20 feet inche*. depth 10 ft 8\ inches, tonDSge 159 25-95lh, together wnn ell that she hat ?u board of her. consisting of whale boats, whaling gear, casks, stores, Ac.was told on Friday last, at the Merchants Exchange, for 22 000. Brio Franelin, of Portland, ashore at Baenos Ayres, was not eipected to be got ofT Schr Ann D, from New York for Savannah, was at the De'aware Breakwater at tne last ac-onnti, with both masts carried away. Launched?Brig Maxeppa,of 200 tons bn' Belfast, Me. last Thursday. She will be commanded by Capt Geo. W. Colson. Spoken, Nicholas Bidille, for Liverpool, Jaunary 24, lat 42 12, Ion 24. Huron, London for N Orleans, 12 days out, January 12, lat 33 18 N, Ion 19 It W. Speed, from London for Mobile, February 9, lat 17 36 N, Ion 74 19 W. Whalemen. A letter from S li Blsekler, E?q. U 8 Consul at Tahiti, reports art there from Oct 1st to 20ih. Mars, Brownell, NB 10 inos "at, 400 spon board?we learn from another sotnce that all the officers, nd all but 4 or5 of the crew of the Mars left the ship at Tahiti, and that Capt Brownell had shipped the second mate nf the Cadmus, late of K.iirhaven, as mate, and ihe third mate of the I 'ailmus as third mate. At do, Atlantic, Hoag, Nant.41 irioi, 1500 (rep d same date and place, 1600); Drico, Ray, FH. 38 mot, 850 (reptd same date 800.) The Draco reptd speaking in Jnue, America. Bristol, lino sperm; July, Minerva Nmtth, Biownell, NB WW; Sept, Ocean, Nant. 800; Ro?eoe. Mct.leve, NB 29 mot, 2050; Harrison, Smith, do, 11 n as. 6<0 ? The Mars reptd in June, at Rotumah, Ln Orange, Stetson, FH. 15 nios, 510 sp. At Tomb, t Oct 16, Lafayette, Howland, NB. ail unknown; A relic i, Ricketson, NB. do. Foreign Porta. St Thomas, Feb 12?In port,'New York,' of NHaven, for NYork, next day, Trinidad de Cub*, Feb 7?In sort. Franklin, O'hbs, for Boston, soon; Lev no, Hall, for Philvdelphis, do; Everlnu, Mavo, for NYork; Cssilda, Hall,dug; 8ea, Allen, ("owes and 1 mkt, Ifl'h Match; Andrew Ring.for N York, next day; Albion, Mitchell, for do; Androscoggin, Davis, wig fit; Eastern Star, Denning, disg. S?tt Dtroo, California, Dec 19?la port,'Alert, Phelps, lor B is'oe, 6 or 7 ds; California, A'lher, nuc. Trade ou the coast very dnll Canton, Oct 4?In port, Mary Ellen, HenrT, from; Boston; Calumet, Leach, do; Mnr.eppa, do. Home Porte. Portland, M*rch I? 4 rr American, Adie, Trimoad; Bama ri. 'ion m, vnwafE - ... _. iskwitiRfport, M.rrh 1?9ld Anti, Tirr, Torto Rico. S.lehi. Mmrh 2-Arr M'rv fUlcn, H?ym?n, Cayenne. Hid C H Hrrriek. Wil-.n ?, N Y?ik. _ Boitoi*. M rch 3?A' I,c?ilcr, Ramtdrll. St ThoinM. Below, Patriot Rich IromAinlichicoU; Anur*., Philadelphia.? Arr d. Effort. Homy. Ch.rUrtoo; Ottawa, M'Ni-m, New O'Icmu. Cld 3d. < xa ina, Gray, Harana Kdoahtowj*, Feb 22?Sid Champion. Drew, NY orb; Lurani, Wilson, rorunttth. Aniii^t, Lawry, do. March i pftVMNI in t ort this mornintt. ,, Nkw L?roiW, Feb M?Arr Smith 1 tittle, Bu?h, NewH^vrn f >r SefWdOOO* n Phii ahu run, Mmrh # Itlow, Home, Howes. DOiton; I .ion, Bak* r, ?i<i; AiUmv NiekifioD, Prorideiiw. ( hi 8 wan. Snell, Orange Qmvi, L i, Hoje, si ort, Wilmington, Del; D B Ream, Bum, Boston. pRtttuA March t?In port, Sulla, W A Cain well, and Thoa renner, win oit dklawarr Brkaiwatfr, Marchf?The iteamer Hudson from Philadelphia, has arrived here after the achr Ann D, which has been lying here for several daTf n at, with both mwthooda ktone, and expert* to leave for Philadelphia the first fa* orahle iime. ('arr. Island, March 2?Pearl, and Wm Pitt, for Boston, and Henrietta, for the West*'Indies, went to *r.i yeaterd v Ph?Shenatnh'nh, foi N Yoik; Or-un, l<?, | ,a < <in \ ra, and Orti War,, n. for Havana, wrm It sea to-dav. Ai.KXAiSDRia, March 1-?Arr L L Httirgc*. Baker, NYork. Richmond. March I-Am Richmond, Chester. NYork. \oi goi s. rib A? i Har li i ft Hanuah Basitl . N Y" 1 md \ii lim * Kliw Hopbica; O da I reishton, < I l! ward Janttef for N Orlea . and Soon, fn Mobih , Gal in 1?ry, Comu_ for Ppftojieo Vltwi U IB ol i.. n? th HIV. In nmnpioti K .(la, < *n<lair, ? . . ?n no 'Of N Vmh(*Uo, i ibr . C, viVl t 'it " I aV n?.?. ?ad mlti Arr.VI.och i. Adrian. hit.' Hi. hm..,,.l ? , " iw 0rican?? ut b<irk fron wa, n/ivi,. |,?( b()u . tam. i oh i dimMr in? hravy u, r ?? ih.Wd mi. Ali.iar I > UriKiil, Briuhl.Ncw Yoik; JuL Morn., Nur.n |,|.|.(i' Kenluwn, Prnudeucf Satanwah, Feb _'5?Sl'l Atfeuotia, Androa, Mobil., Clinton Lyou, Bafauaah. ILLINrtlrt, MI<JHI<<AN AND?INDIANA LA.sU TAXES OP IMS. NON-HE8IDENT owners of lands iu the ibon BtitM, are informed that the taxes for the year l(*t, arc dor and should be paid immediately, so aa to avoid extra expenses T?l salra so Illinois will be held in the months of Marrh April and May msuimr. and the rosl of red-eminti is doable me ainoant of taxes. Michi?au chaws K< p -r cent interest on od after the lir.tofMiy each Year ; and I iJiaua 10 per cent "ii anJ after th? first o* December earh Year Apply at the Nooth A m k a i c a is Latso Aoctscy (establish id iu HIT,) mo. 18 Wall street New Yora in'< it*r 8. MK1.VIN, successor to M. Myera. pOAL, AT FIVK D0LLARS~PKH TON?Beat teach Orchard Bed Ash, broken a >d egg aud stove sixr. srltine t SO I*"' ton, delivered from the yard corner ol Kin* and Ore< nwieh streets. and is now under cover in yard, and will be delier 3 lu gowJ irdrr. PETER CLINTON. ml3m*e<! FoENCH STYLE SWKKT CHOCOLATE made wiih a krench machine, at 45T Broadway. New York,?FELIX EFFRAY returrs hia gr tefal thanks to tk? cnstomert who , patronise him for ho sweet chocolate, and he take* (hia opportunity to inform (ha puMic that he haaat work a machine iu hia nore to ahuw how nicely the eiticle ia made K. Effray'a French atyle Sweet Chocolate, made with a, French machine, can be had at the wholesale price, either in hozea of 31 pnunda or in large cakes, at the factor*, (39 Broadway. New York Dealera are earnestly invited to try the article. N B ? Hot Chocolate and CoflTae aarved up in the Saloon, ad lm*ec ~~ HATS. SPRING FASHION NOW READY.?The subaeriber reapectfally iuforma hia ftinuda, cuatomera, and 'lie public in geneial, that they can purchase at hia atore a handaome Short Nap 8 Ik Hat, a neat and durable dreaa hat, at the low price of S3 50 Alio, eleiranl Molerkm Silk Hata "t 32; due Nut'ia Fur Hatsai $3 5"?rqua1 in appeaiaucr, and but little inferior, to ihoae geu> rally void at S< 50 Alto, a general aaaortinent of capa. of the newest patierna. WILLI AX BANTA, ir5 lm*r 110 Chatham atieet. HAIR CUTTING AND SHAVING. HILL, the inimitable hair cutter, takea thia method of informing l.ia friends ? d the pohlic in geueril. that he haa -etakeu hit old ataud, 89 Pearl atreet, immedinelv ad oining the Pearl Street Hnnae, which haa been iiewjy fitted up, and where he will be pleaa. d to wait on all who may faynr him with their pitr >uaae, in hia superior aud akilful atyle, at the following moderate pricer :? Hill'a Inimitable Hair Cutting 13% ceuls Curlii g 13% " Shaving .% " Don t forget the number, 86 Pearl atreet, up stain. m5 3t*rc RHEUMATISM-GREAT CURES. I HAVE suffered severelv from iheuinatiam for a length of time, and have been entirely cured hv 8 J. Tohna? VeuetiauLiniment. LEONARD GOSLIN, 66 N iiaHUstiret. The undersigned haa been afflicted for upwards of 12 years with chronic rheumatism, and haa tri?d aeverul remediea with out .ncceaa, uutil uaing Mr. Tokiaa'Venttiau Liniment, aad he conaidera he is only doing his duty to the politic by recommending it. F.S.BUTLER, II MaiJeu Lane. Ma. Tobias? Sih :?l have used two bottles of your Liniment and am now completely cured of the rheumatism, which has tro .bled rne for two years so that I could not sleep at night; and having promised to let vou kuow how I lot along. I have the pleasure to inform you of the auccesa cf your invaluable remedy. SAMUEL sWAINSON, Boston, March 1, 1813. Washington sliest. This Liniment is <or sale at Hushton fkCo., 10 Astor floaae aud 110 Bread way; B. M. Seisi a, 89% Cedar street; W.H.Aspin vail, 86 William street; Johu Meakim,5U Broad way,aud TO M 'ideu Lace. Price >1 per bottle. mt lm*ec BILlS. OF EXCHANGE, on all i>arts oi England, Ireland aud Scotland,in sums of ?5.?10, ?15 and ?38,to any amount, payable at sight withou' discount. Pesons desirous of icmittingto their friends will find this a safe method. Apply to S. J. SILVESTER, If 4 22 W?ll ?nH IV* Rr?>a''w*t TlVF.RPOOL ORRELL COAL?100 ions, warranted, a Li vr ry superior article, on board ship Hottingner, west side of Burling Slip. For sale by I WOODHULL k .YINTURN8. m7r 87 South at "ft. CITY CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 202 BROADWAY. flWINO to facilities afforded the subscriber id purchasing " from first hands, and th* liberal encouragement bestowed pon his Emporium of Fashion gentlemen of taste,he would inform his friends and the public that he is euabled to sell the ost fashionable garments at much reduced rales from former rices, without any diminution in quality, style and finish, hich has won the encomums of the fashionable woild. e would direct attention to his superior style of cutting, having employed one of the best cutlers in the country, and will warrant to fit the most difficult form The subscriber would take this opportunity to correct the erroneous impression that 'i* chasers in Broadway are obliged to pay more for an article of dress than el .ewiiere;' a call upon the subscriber and his statement of prices will conviuce the most sceptical that any article of doming can be obtained at this establishment as cheap and as fashionable as any other house iu this city. A splendid assortment of Heady Made Clothing, superbly made, for sale vers cueap for cash. A full suit made up at afew hours' notice. 15) linit'm KDW'P FOX. . AT WHOLESALE PRICES ! TNDIA RUBBER SHOES. Si Maiden Lane?Sellmg off at A wholesale prices, geutleaieu's Over Shoes, with leather soles,both sheet and cloth rubber, are now filing at the nnpar at. lied low price of $1.40 Ladies over shoes of every Variety and kind at equally low prices. These goods sre the more durable and elegant articles to i.e found, and id all cases warranted. Those wno have not seen our g rods an-particularly iuvitrd to call and aytamiue before purchasing. Don't forget the number, 53 Maidet Lane m2 lmis'ec HUTCHINSON It RUNYON PAYNE'S tXPECTOMANT?This Medici re has Iready I " proved itself to be all that it has been recomsnended, by those who have giteD it a fair test in this country, and the demand for it increases dad v. We have utt heard of an important rare of Asthma, which his been effected by the use of it. iu a ne ghboring town?the rase was t> at of a female who had for a long time been undsr the care of a physii iao.diut h..d received no relief, and hi r case was conridced hopeless. As a last reso.t the purchased a bottle of Dr. Jayue'a Expectorant, which cau-eil lier to npccti rate freely, gradual Iv r? used to cough, and is rapidly restoring hi r to healm. Wr. have no I if yiiik thai thi? iwrp-rntt?.:, 01 ui J?vuc hi( ik. cuie < f coughs, a Idi, influe xa,asthma, con-umpliom, fcc , u ihe Ml Tamable mcdiciue tVff offered 10 the Ameru an puh lie. Tnere n no gn?c?ery about it?Dr Jiyne is ore or the moat akillnl practising physicians in Pennsylvania; and wher ever his varhms prepar-tiona have been thoroughly (rated, be ia looked noon aa a great public benefactor.?somerset, Me , Journal. Prepared only by Dr. JAYNE, No. 303 Broadway, New York. 23f lm?m DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. THE Partnerahip heretofore existing between JOHN GAL A . LIER and JAMES MURPHY, tu the baaiueaa of coin- I poaitiou Oruament Manuf-cturers in the city of New York, was diaaolved on the Slat day of January, 1813, by the mutual conaent of both parties. The buameas will he continued at the old atand. No. 392 Broadway, by John Gallier, who ia ch trued with the collection of all dehta due to the aaid late firm, and the liquidation of their liabilitita, and the aaid John Gallier ia alao empowered to uae tne nmnc of th- aaid firm for the purpoae aforesaid. AH peiaona indebted thereto will pleaae pay the eame without delay, npd thoae havmacl ima against the firm will pleaae to reader the>r accoun'a aa ?Tiore. JOHN GALLIER. JAMES MURPHY. TO ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS. AND OTHERS JOHN GALLIER, Composition Ornament Manufacturer and 11 oiiac Carver, No. 392 Broadway, New York, Oppos.M Lafa.ette Hall, hat on hand at hit establishment as above, specim- na of Architectural oruameuts of every variety, modelled from the beat examples, consisting in part of eapitala for columns, consoles, truasea enriched mouldings, roa-ttea, MM,lU1 kc lie., which he ia urei?red to furnish promptly id any quaul<ty,and of any aixe required, at pricea in conformity with the tiuiea fll lm*in f OdT-Iu the month of February. 1842. bcrween Buffalo La audlluscitv, a letter enclosing certificate No. 93. d\ted Jan. 29, I8S8, k>r tifty shtrea in the capital stock of the Commercial Bank T Manchester, Miss., ata ding in my name ? Any peranu having found the tame will he suitably rewa-ded hy forwarding it to the subscriber. New York. Keb 17.1813. I 19-toap2 *r O W HATCH. (SINGLE HKNThBMEN can have pie isant apartim-uts and to'good hoard in paivale family, at 281 Ful ou near Green wieh ai. N. B. Day bosidera admitted on most reasonable term* Igfec THE WHOLE WORLD should know it that Dr Javne'a A Expectorant is a certain cure for asthma, and tbH for coughs, colds, comampti tn, whooping cough, croup, bronchitis, and every other df,ea'e of the luugs or 'nroat it is ?ure to produce the most decided benefit. It I* recommended by thousand!, who have tried it, and all say that it is the best remedy, without any exception, for all pulmonary diseases teat have ever been known, for it always gives relief, aud cures when every oiher means have failed. Pr-nsred only by Dr. Jayee, 20 South Third at, Philadelphia, and No. 306 Broadway, New York. Price $1 per bottle. m2 lm*ee KELLY'S DOUBLE EXTRACT OF 3ARSAPARILLA CANDY.?One pound of this candy contains the active principle of two pounds of the Saraaparilla roo ,and is warranted to be the best remedy in cases of Rh-uma ism, and in all disease* arising Irom nervoui excitability, or from morbid humors in the blond In cases ol cos'iven-ss, and in those pecn'iai srtect'ons of the alimentary cmal arising from dryness and want of a due secretion it ir without a rival. Tha proprietor has himself experienced its beneficial effects, and therefore speaks 'rom expt neuce. In all derangements of she secretions it will be found of incalculable advantage, and where the constitution has suffered from the use of mercury, or from other c 'Uses of debility, this Double Es'rtct of Saraapirilla will bring joy and gladness. In scrofula, scurvy, and all other glandular affec ions; in coughs aud colds; in diseases of the skin, as salt rtie urn, erysipelas, and the like, the benefit will hiye to be experienced to he anpreciatt d Sold in packages of four ounces, for 26 cents. Let those who are using Sarsapirilla give it a trial iu this form. To be had at J. W KELLY'S Gotham Confectionary, *T Broadway. m2 Iw'en rpO MANUFACTURERS,. MACHINIST*, Ac. A Wanted, a situsiion by the inveutnr ol a pow rr loom for weaving piano and table covers, which, lor their superior style and efe, II, lit WOrkjAMshlpobtainsd It he last rlhi itwa Ol the Frai kliu Institute, Philadelphia, the premium ofa silver medal. he inventor will cuter into OB ei gggement w til any rea|iocUhle Concern to aiiperiuteud and give mstructioua in the manufacture, hy the same inodc, of all kirn's of damasks, figured delanes, do eatinetta, Marseilles vesting.bureau covers,skirting and b< d ouilts, Ac. Ac. Address, posi paid, to 'A. B.," No. 60 Br- ad st. New York. N. B ?No patent has yet been taken out for the same. m 33'*r DLUMBE DM1UERRIAN OALLERY OF PATENT I IIII.ORED PH(? I fM?R APHS eoru.r of Rroaiwiv anil Munay stiert, (nest door 10 Peile's MoMiim.)?Plimbt Patent Coloird Dagnri irOl\ pe Likrin lies t ik'ii daily, ill a Uju ri ir ') !> to ?<y thing erer seen in New York, at $1 each, and a dn pi irate gratia. I'lu'i'ln- Pi'ent Coloring Dsgnerreotype Apparatus, and Plnmba Patent K'ectro (hiding Apparatua, with iuatruitioua tud Patent Rights, supplied to order. Alao, plates, cases, he., eery low. Caution?The raat superiority of the Patent Colored Photographs, htriug 'he old kind entirely into the ahaile, aeverilol lh'- Photographers in New York are attempting to i in [Mile ii po. thn pontic hy ndrertising their produ'iinn* as 'patent." whereas the only patent erer granted bv the United S al's for an imp'orcment in D igaerreon |* Portraits, is Pliimhr'a,"?dated October 22, 1842?and the only place in New York where the patent one can be obtained, is the shore I alahlialiment. m3 Im'in | KFFEHBON INSURAiNCK COMPANY-No. 47 Wi ' atreet, coiner of H.iuorer street. This Company eon Inues to insure against loss or damage by Are ou buildings oods, wares, or merehandiie generally; alao, on yeaaela and targoes against loss or damage by inland navigation, on as ' irorsble terms as any other office DIRKCTORR Thomas W Thome Klitha Riggs fhomasT Woodruff Anson Baker ff-mamiD H Robson Martin Hoffman lohn H Darisor loseph Allen lokti M L'r loseph Drake e'lanci- P Si.-e Bonnel lliid.rh.l Thomson ''ris- James P WSiti ? t Turker Jim r M?? Tnltn < Mtiiii jV# K Thorn Caleb'' T in ? UUP* *- Holm#. t UOW.*f W, THORIVk. <r ) I H' 'Pr - ' ' i'T ? " 1| .w t T Urol- from lit to Mty tni.inr, n?v <ble on U tn?uo without uuonni on ill part. of Kiiflanil, IrrUiui. ttcoil .ml, uul >V?le., fo, .ax by W *7 T ITAP9c6TT. W r It Pack .Up, cvimi Hoath LKARY&iO., WII.L introduce Me Spring Kaahion for (ieotl?Mn% Hattt . Friday, Much 3n. Mfu#tr NO. i h s AMTOH HOUSE -pOnffROJOIHTlTANb OTHER-* from the ftonth ami ? Waal?T ROBBLT8 V CO of Loudon, proprietori ol lli# celebrated and popula iiiedirine, "Parr'a LiK rilla " hav ii.g eatabliahed a depot ior thr aa'e of the aide in New York, aud brine now nrrpared i? tupply thr markrt to any extent vionld reapecifully call theat'enl-unof druggia'a and other* in |lr trade to tlirir popular medicine, of which there it now j told tu Europe more than 30.0#0 boxra weekly, and although ii haa been acarcrly an montha in the United Btatea, theaalra have rapidlv extended through the Stale# of New Yoik, Fennaylrania, New England Statea.and Canada. Aaa lamily medicine. it ia unequalled, bein* perfectly free from any literal lerparallOlia; It ia nLo r?r?" in the mre of bilious complaints, dyspepsia, cousnmpli ns, iud ill diifuci ! sriaiiiK from impurities of toe blood; being aery mild id ita operations on the ayairm, it may be taken by the msat delicate 1 female aud ainall children. The above may he had wholesale at the office of T. Roberta It Co., No. 304 Clarendon House, corner efDuane k Broadway, brat floor. f6 I in cod la ec PNOLI^H ADVERTISEMENT?Notice to Meters ol Vessels and o h ra viaitina Liverpool on business or plealure?Mrs Ooranch. late of the Washington Hoie'. begs respectfully ta inform her numeroua American frieuds, that she has removed from Saint PaulsSqnare to No M DuSe street, Liverpool, a frwMiinutrs walk from ihe t.'natom House, which p-tvate house is fitted up with every comfort and convenience, and truats to be favored wi'h a continuance of that support ao many years afforded to her. m4 lair THE ANNIVERSA\ DINNER nF THE OILMAN k 804.1ETY will be celebrated ou Friday, 10th inst, at the Astor Houae Tickets t?|l>e had of the following Stewards Gem Christ, #5 Beaver arreet. W. V Kichthal. 3 S race street. I)r U' srleidt 127 Bioon'c street. Dr. H.'iuhel, I3g Clumber street. C. Y. Hoyer. 30' Uro'dway. J C Jf. P i |>e 9! P?arl street. A. R ill-a*.Id '6 B.-oad street m4 3t*r SOUND PILOT. f)WEN PRESCOTT, Pilot lor New Bedford, Nantncket " Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth. Portland, Keuueheck, end , " her |M)rta. Office at Krye & Shaw's ^aut cal Store, 2'2 , Water, corner let kinan street, N. Y.?Vice versa Adams' Exore's, Boston, tlueedi)s before uauteJ. CHkrge the same as , from Oty Head. m4 liar MEDICATED VAPOR Courtlandr street, est?bli?h< I 1826?Scarlet lever, colds, inflammatory and rhrouic i; cured :n a few days by the use of J. P. . Carroll's Medicated Vapor Baths. Ol en from 6 o'clock in the morning till uiue o'clock at night. Sulphur Baths rrquiri one hour's previous notice. Portable hatns sent ao .->uy (iart of the city or Brooklyn. Ba'hing tubs I aad hip baths for hire. ra4 Iwr t 'A PLEASANT COUNTRY-RESIDENCE?TO , T.ET, a very convenient, well built doutile 'r ine < H 'ins, conraiuuigicn rooms, with five acres and a half i , and an excellent flower and kitchen g<rdeu. There is i a well ofeiquisitelv good water uptu the iiremises,ai d which i has never failed in the drvesiseasons Sianling for four horses i with good out offices. The i.r.use is very drligntfnMv aituited i on a gentle emiuence immediately opposite to the Five Mi'e I Stone on the Third A veuue. It is within two miunies walk of 1 the Rsilro d, and the Htrlem s'ages pats the door every quai- i tcr of an hour. For particulars apply at the Glohe Huel, 66 i Broadway, or to Mr. Vaudewater, at the Five Mile Mansion i House opposite the premises. Rent $400 per annum. I m4 3l*r _ CODA WATER?BREWERY.?Orders for supplying So O da Water the ensuing season will be received at No. 161 RltiPflkpr street. ? Brewing premises to let with futures, consisting of boilers, i vats, mill, pumps, kc. A good situation for the Hoot Beer bu- I siaoss. Apply as above. f28 2w* i i BRANDRETH'S PILLS, Secured bu filters Patent of the United State* THE METHOD OF PREPARING THE BRANDRETHIAN VEGETABLE EXTRACTS. Caveat entered 9th June, 1944?Patent granted to Benjamin Brandreth, '2(Hk January, 1848. rPHE extracts of .w hie I Brsudreth's nils are compound are 1- obtained by thi now patented ptoceia, without boiling or any application of hear. The active principle of the herba ia thus accural), the aame aa it ia in the LIVING VEGETABLE. The public ahould be cauliona of medicinea recommended in advertiaemenla arolen from me, in which the CoriTCMrTintR RonaKHt ateal m v language, merely altering the name. Time will ahow the?e wholesale derei?era in their tiue light THE MEDICINE OK THE PEOPLE. BRANDRETH'S PILLS are the People's Medicine, proved by thouaaida who dailv recommend them to the afflicted. The BRANDRETH PILlS are growing e?iry day more popular; their virtnea are emending their usefulness. The sick of hoth aeaea are daily deriving beurfit from ihem. No case of disease hut they cau be used with advan age. Blotches or hard lumps of the skin they speedily cure, so with eryaipe las, so with salt rheum, so with indigestion, so with coughs and eolda, so with costivenesa, so with cancer, so with hot jiarched lips, and canker in the month. Let the afflicted use this medicine, and they will find they reqni e no other. Sold at 26 cents i er but. with full directions, at 211 Broadway, 274 Bowery, 184X Hudson street, and at E. H Tripp's, 167 Division street. New York. (T^-TO INVALIDS.^O O" How important it i?that von commence without lots of time with BRANDKETH PIt L8. They mildiy but surely remove all impurities from the blood, and no ease of sickness can effect the human frame, that these c lebrated PiMs do not relieve as much aa medicine can ?o. Colds and Couohs are mere bemfii ted by the BRaNDRETH PILLS than by Lozenges end Candies. Very well, perhaps, as palli'lives. but | worth nothing as eradicators "f diseases from the human system T^he BRANDRETH PII L9 cure, they do not merely relieve?ihey cuie. Discas* s, whether chrouic or recent, infections or otherwise, will certainly be cured by the use of these all-siiUcienl Pi>la. CURE OK A CANCEROUS SORE. Mao Sirto, January 21, 1M3. Doctor Benjamin Brandreth : | Honored Sir ? . Owing to you a debt of gratitude that money cannot pay, I am iud iced to make a public acknowledgement of the benefit my wife iiaa derived from your invaluable Pills. About thrse years this winter she was taken with a pain in her ankle, which soon became very much inflamed, and awollen, so much so that we became much alarmed, and sem for the doctor Duiii g his attendance the psin and a a elling increa-1 d to an alarming degree, and in three weeksftom its first commencing i' became a running sore. r*ne cnu'a get no rest sr nignt the pain wa? to (Treat. Our first Doc'or attended ' er for tiv moD h<, and sh? received no benefit w1 a?rv?r, the pain grow-ng worse an ' the tore larger all ihr time lie ?ai<J if It war he .led up it would be her death, hnt he appe <ied to be at a loia how to proceed, and my mor wi'e arill contiuned to suffer the moat ternb'e torni.*i We tl erefoee aoeg. r other a;d, m a Botanical doctor, who aaid when he firar aaw i that he conld aeon cure the aore ami give hei eaae a' once To onr surprise he gare her no relief ami aeknowledt'ed that it quite baffle I all h't akill, Thtia we felt after having tried duiiug one whole year the ezperienee of two celebrated phyaiciana in vain, in abaolute de-pair. My poor wif. ' conatitu ion rapidly filling in the prime of her yeara from her continued suffereug. I'uder these circumstances we concluded that we would try your Uuiveraal Vegetable Pills, determined to fairly teat their cur oive effect" Tomv wife's great comfort the first lew doses afforded i great relief of the pain. Within one week to the astonishment | ol onraelvea and every one who knew ol the case, the swelling | and the inti imm.non began to cease ao rhatshr fell quite easy, and would sleep comfortable, and air, after sit weeks' use ane was abla to go thr. ugh the house and agaio "'It-lid to ihr , mauagt metit of her family, which she had nor doua tor nearly fourteen mnn'hs. In a little over two montt.a Irom the time she fint commenced the use of your invaluable Pills her ankle ] was quite sound and her lie-lib better than it had been in quite a number of years In-lore I send you this statement after two years tear of the cure, considering it ouly an act of justice to < you and the public at Urge. We are. with much gratitude,* Very respi-etftilly, TIMOTHY It > LIZA A. LITTLE. P.S?The Botanical Di. pnnouuc d the soie cancer' us, and finally said no go?d could be done, unless all the flesh was I cutoff and'he hone ser-p-d. Thins a kind Providence, i his made us resort to voir Pi I*. which s*?eo us from all further misery, and for which we hope to be thankful. T fc E. B O"" Dr. BRANDHETH'S Principal Office, 111 Broadway, N Y,; Retail Offices 71* Bowery, and 189X Hudson slrre'. Boston, 19 H-uover srre-t. Providence, R I., Johu Shaw. Hertford, e'onn., Henry Benr?n. New Haven, Conn., C W. Crosb... Norwich, Conn., W?n. Faulkner. Philadelphia, 8 Nor'h-eighth at *'.!:imore, c -r. Laights and Meicer si-eets. Kirhmond, Va., 19J Main at. Charleston t*. C. 95 K ut Bay. Albany. >. y,. at 8. Van 8chaak's spire, 44 M irket at. Utica, 8U Oen see st. Hnches'er. H. Berautom, opposite Eagle Tavern. Puffalo, W. W, Wilms. New Rmiitwick, N. J , Hen-y Vrooms. Pittsburgh. Iso Wood street, and hy over JO,(I'll agents in the I'nitea Stales Obseive, the Pills, to he genuine, must br bou-ht of a regular Afnt-proved by his hav- I mga Certificate <> ' g ncy And fun her obeerve, (hut (lie b in are covered with labelsjirint'd in bnlhrtd and hl-ck ink, a?l ill it thrrr are an Signatures of Dr. U*nj itnin Br indreth on each hoi, I wo on each label, one being signed B Draudrelh, and d the oilier Beiuamin Braudreth. Beeaieful and get the Truk ? Pills. miim. dlt1twy,ec . MS] RE WARD?Lo?t, a white pointer tint, with 1 yellow epnts'on her side, and her ears yellow with a white st. ineon her lights; auawers to the name of Bet. u returning the same to the corner of Roetevelr an I ' Oak sneeit, or 273 Houston, shall receive the abose rewnid. I ni3 3 ?i HE ^ RY CORMtLL. J THE NEW MIRROR ' TPVEhY Number Kmbellianed with an Original and ex-Es quisite Design on Steel. Edited by OeorgeP Morris. II Inatrated by J. O. Chapman,who is engaged exclusively for the J work. Terms?$3 |ier annnm?Siugle namberm, cents. ' In the coarse of a few weeks, the undersigned will coos- 1 menee, on hit ow>< account, the publication of a new seriis of ' the York Mirror, in the octavo form, on an entirely novel and origin tl plan, with a -teel engMsiug in every iiusiIht, and at the red?cr d price of three d d'ars i>er auiiuin, ur > ix and a qu riercc a oer eopv, Th? New Mirror will appear with mauy strik'ng and attractive features, distinguishing it from every o her peiiodn al. I' ( will be published with new type, on hue paper, and each uiim- ( ber will contain .. heautilul original e'igrsviiig on steel,designed and etched by r hapmaa, illust ating tne letter-press which it accompanies, sad which it w1!! invest with peculiar int-rest. Besides the r ntiibntions ol a I our esteusive corps of corirs- , poudent-?which embraces most of the talent of this connliy? ? we have made a.-rangemeuta for fr.-sh and early 'ranslationa t fr-sm some of ihe best writ-rs of k'rance. and for prnnf-sheela from aeveral ol the p qiular authors of England. Wihsuch materials, |gd with such able fellow labourers in the literary v nryard, we ho|ie|to present to the American reader a weekly ton ran I of great value and unusual excellence. The parade of 1 mere names, will be sedulously ai oided. The Mirror will be remarkable, we hopt, rather fot good articles without uamea, thau for poor art cles with distiuguiiticd uaoi's. It will embrace ia Mr scope every department of elegant literature, < ompnsiug tales ol rumanre, sketrh-s of society and manners, seuti meht, nod esery-d.v life, piouant esa <ys, 0 inest'C and foreign t rorresp,>nd-irc-, literary intelligence, * It and humor, fashion ' and gossip, poetry, the tine -rca, and liteiay,musical and dramatic c itreiam-. Its reviews of new works will bv careful, dia- I crimi. atiug, aril impartial It will aim to foster a literature J suited to the taste and desirrs ol the age and eouulry. Its ten- p dene) will he cheertul and enliveniug aa well aa improving. It wtllseik to gratifv every retuied taste, but never to offmn the s most lastiiiions; and it will everteel its duty to be, to "tnru the r. sunny aide of thiuga to tramsn eyes." Ii 'ihe work will be publiahed every Saturday, in number* of sixteen large octavo super-royal paves, with double columns, [ 41.u CUCKWVU III It uc?i <UU 'inruiai cy?^|. li win iwrm, at mt nd of th? year, two tap. rb volume*, each or lour huudrcJ Mid aitteen page*, Ailed with th< Rem* of literataic aud the Aoe i art*. . li Th? very low price at which it will be i**ued, render* it the u ch.*|ie*t periodical in tin* or anv other country, coii*ideriii( i, the coat aud beauly of it* Fifty-Two Engraving*, and the In- * triuaic valne of it* literary content*. Tho.e dc.irou* ofreceiv- * his he p.per from the commencement, will have it punctually *-nt to their ad'lreaa upon theii forwarding to the nnderaifned, | at No. 4 Ann afreet, thiee dollar*, free of ripenae. Letter*, euclming the amount of aubaeription, may be franked bv all poaim ik re. Agent*, car.iera, ami newameo, will be . aupplied on tr.e uaual leir.i*. 4 C?" The Caah Svattm will be rigidly adhered to, without any deviati u wbatever.^3) <)uch Editor* at copy the above will obliite me by forwarding a marked raiwr aud by returning the exchange, which vrn* interrupted, much to my regret, by circumatanc-a over which I hadnecontrol. OEORUK P. MtiKKlS, Editor aud Proprietor, d m!3wia*r No. 4 A"n atreet, uear broadway. o PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rpHESE far-famed and celebrated Pilla, from . 1 ?e perceive, to he obtained m thia countrv. *-e -dverii c ... .1. i.-e ' ... r I 11/ A I CHi "* CI O K AND JE*E HV, -r.aireo in , ' * ib. tit > t in iiiii. i and wai autcd, much lower than at auy oner place iu the cat- , at O. t'. A LI. EN'S, Im; orter of W>t he* and J< wel , ?h-. i n e and -etail, * . . yi IV.I vruet e- - -if P >V I s o? . ii E nil* b- -ipi't hail, Seine, H. mug. and 44*11 N- I or.-ie*. eiig, name lu I a* erine- ' i' llfferaut ai?ea, and ah o' *?'i ?u -r ir |U 'it aud lait v.-rtgle V Kl)wri K I Ml.LIN* fc I'O I Itt V South aleee IjHiTC i'IX BANK, herb*t"*u M aa; Nt wburvpon Btr.h ' 1. whurvport. .ind Lngni'tinen'a Biuk, War?-u, IViina. I * eania, bought at S. J. 8YLVI8 l'h H'8. o V.t, M Wall and lie ?? AUU'liOlN bALi^o. TtmmRdmnr I9ttr?t ff-r " us fuau?.?.?< ? MONDAY. At 10>{ o'clock at th* room Kitra tale oI choice furniture of all Ueaenirtioua.33 beat Teaher brda, bolatera aod pill^wa, hair maUraatea, Kreoch b*d .^inf?<l IkliiuU. mAiiAiurt* ahiua. alaaa ware, cnrf ina kc. Alio, 1} larga mihofto^boinU, l^to IT feat Ions, At H>X o'clock in the sale rooms. Stock of Drv Oooda. he.?An entire stock of elegant scasonible and well assorted diy goods. comprising Knssia sheetings, Irish linens calicos, mualma, ginghams, tie lai es, cambrics. Iters, shawls, satins, collars, ea|?s, vails, hosiery, glores mill* nary Also London cloths, cassimeres, settings and satinets; itsnety ofelrgan* clothing, fancy and pledged articles, jewelry, he .in lots to tun purrh sert, without rrs?rye. Alto, an assorimr t ol tine clothing, comprising over, (rock Biol dress, pants, vests. he. A'to, one English patent lever watch, splendid movement, has been used hut s short lime, and two rtrn diamond pins, to p*v advances; logerner with an assortment. ( jewelry, he. Alto, several demijohns suicior old wines WEDNESDAY. At I0H o'clock in the tales room. Large sale of elegaot furniture, comprising the entire fnrnitnre of a genteel lamily leaving the city. Also, the entire of the elegant cabinet furniture contained in the large ttoiee 111 end 111 Kultonst. Also, a stock of house lumrthing articles, table cutlery, he. Also, a splendid consignment of alsttware. Also, shoot WO leet of mahogany boards, suitable for piano forte or cabinet makers. THURSDAY. At I0H o'clock at the auction room. Large sale of be<utitul yam-nigs and splendid piano fortes, snd a varietv of chiore fniiiiiure* HENRY K. HI ELL.Aucri. UV WELL h ARCULARlUtt Store M4 Broadway, cotner of Duane streets. R. h A. are now ready to made advances to toy amount on consignment*, Returns prompt. Saleaof real estate and out loor sales of household fnmiture attended to in person. Regular sales of Liquors, Segars, he., event Tuesday; Knrlitn'c. Pianos, he., everv Wednesday and Saturday. TUESDAY. At I0>f o'clock ?t sales room. A fine aasortmcut of wines, imported and domestic segars, kc., he. ft. A. CARTER. An- tionecr (NATALOGUK SALE f'K Et.' OA*T FUR^ 1TUHE v to p?y advances?< ARI ERkC i will sell on Tuesday, rth March, at Id o'clock, inthestoie 02 Broadway, an eitenii*e assortm nt of rlexant city made rnr- i ure to pay adrances, consisting of 15 dor. H. X and lull Fri nth mahogany and iusewood C'taits; 26 elegani cushion*" and -piing seat sofaa; :I2 ufted and plaiu seat mahogany rockers and sewing chairs; 8 sxex, 8 elegau'. nrtoinans, d vans, and foot benches; 4 piano itool, 9 work lab'es 12 ceulie tables with marble top, 5 mahogi.iy ton ci ntie tables, M e'e.nutcard tables, 7 mall..g my breakfast tables, 10 mahogany French bedsteads of various sizes, t> bureaus, 5 dressing human*, rnahognna and marble topdouble ?nd tingle wathatanda, hook caae, maple chairs, 82 yrrls ingrain cariiet, and 3 Preuch china lea lets. The workmanship, style, Mid finish of these articles are not excelled by any in the city. Bale poxitire.and catalogues ready the day previous to the sale. m4 It iut*r FIE PROOF IRON SAFES It is a well known fact that Wilder't Salamander Safes sre I sure protection against fire, they never having failed to preserve whatever have been i ntrusted to their keepiug, though frequently exposed to infariia liaat in Kliaait liirtiaiv>>a and I liaa tin riuna nf axil anal nan. jir, drug, and other (tore bounce, when other safes noosed to the ?ame hest h?*e been totally destroyed Wilder'. fire pro. f' ctn only be had at the Iron Sale and Safetv l.ock WareLome of SILAS C. HERRING. N.B.?Old f shi m Knob Safes, such as hare been taken in part payment for tha Salamander, for sale at from JO to 75 per Cent lets than first cost. ml Iw dykttwyr OTKAM POWER, with well lighted rooms to let,in "Hoe's hs buildings." Noi ? and 31 Gold street. Kuouire on the premise,, m4 I wr JOHN M~DA VIES & JONES, 106 WILLIAM STREET. CORNER OF JOHN, IJAVE just received from recent importations, and of their li own mauulacture, a very superior assortment of Spring Goods, consisting of every thing neat, tasty and fashionable m the gentlemen's furnishing line, which added to their former stock, comprises an assortment of goods rarely if ever belore found in one store, among which are:? CAPS?lu every variety, for gentlemen, youth 'nd childr-n CRAVATS?Of plain and figured satin, gro graiua, cambricks, Ike. SCAR FS?Of vesting i atin, broche. GL< IVES?Of kid, ailk, brown aud cheue linen, liala, spun silk, he, HOSIERY?Of cotton, merino, wool spun silk, kc. IMIKH GARMENTS?Of Shaker knit merino, woolen, silk, cotton kc. LINEN COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualities and hapea. SHIR IS?Of linen, mnslin, French cambric, plain and with ruffles, kc. SUSPENDERS?Of gum elastic, silk, cotton, kc. OILED SILKS?Of white aud fancy colors, warranted uoc te adhere in any climate. The above comprises only part of their assortment, aud purchasers will consult their own interest bv examining this splendid assortment if goods before purchasing. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. at their old astablished Cap, Stock. Linen and Oiled Silk Minulactory. NO. KM WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN. m3 3m 'm BLEAt HING POWOr.K!- ? !#0 casks, now lauiing Imm ship Koicins, aud for sale by fY7ec PEK?SE k BROOKS,f | Liberty at gWBM. CHANGE OF STARTING PLACE?-M.,. Jw New Arrangement to Albany 1 ud Boston, via !Kia_ilE2E.H(>aaatonic Railroad?The atramer Mutual tta ity will rummrnre running for freight and passengers daily this morning at7 o'clock, from foot of Liberty st, ne. rConrtlaudi, North River, to Bridgeport Leave for New York at 2 o'clock, P. M., or on the arrival of he cars from Albany. This boat is the only one ruuuing in connection with tn* Railroad. For I other inlormatieu apply at the office, foot Liberty at. New Yorb. m2r BRITISH AND NOmJH avimucaN KOkAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 12Mstous and 440 horse power each. L nder contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. HlBERNIA, C.H. E. Judkins, Commander. t.KITANNlA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. G. Lott, do auauiji, n. nyne do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, It N do Will aail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax as follows : 'rom liverpool. prom bostow. Acadia, Kvrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l I Dritaunia, Hewjti, Apt 4 May I Hibrruin Judkiut, Ap'l 19 May 14 7Its accommodations for passengers sre super isr. lie 1 assels are accampanied by experieuoed surgeons, and imply supplied with Frances* Patent Life Boats. Passage leduaed to $120. No Berths secured until paid for. For further information apply to D. BKIUHAM, J11.. at HAK.N DEN It GO'S, No. I Wallet, jaoc DAILY PACAAOE EXPKKBB I AH FOR ALBANY TROY, AND BUFFALO. WRl TfflPfffrlifl By the Honsatonic Rail Road, ruuniutthrongh front this City to Albany ia Twelve Honrs. Leaves at 1 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Honialoni Rail Road Company , ro ran in Express Car (exclusively for out own purpose) daily, ovi 1 their roail with the passi uper train, runmug through >0 Albany in twelve hoars, and are now prepared to receive and forward at low ralea, specie, Bauk Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of Ooods, ktc., for any of the above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, not/a, drafts and accounts, aad such other business as msy be entrusted to tpoirearp. dfr POME ROY It CO t Wall street. New York. ij^ ALL THE REGULAR PA? *E 1 B-Bieam ships, hRpgy steam boats, sud other passenger vessels, carrying fa log " brands' Patent Life Boats," have the w >rd ' T'alt nl p'siu'y stamped "T painted on the sn'e fld-lfr iAfiT ~~ KOK LIVERPOOL-Paikrt of th- 7th of March. ffTJY The splenoid 'a>t ssi.'iuc vhip AT AI.A.NT A, Cai*. HUUlbRlVn Ollll. UOW laadlUff It ni?r Nn 141 V. H istiii hs I lesiach >1 as above. ( Thi? ..ell I iidwii (hip hu eleaanr noonuamoda*ions lor abont I ,1 lussei pen in house on deck,who will be taken at (he lowest I aie. Her c?j!I1 accommodations are also first rate. Apply to JOilN Hit ROMAN, til South street. N. B ?Pat age from Great Britain and Ireland (via Liver- J , root) eau as usu I b<- t cured at the lowest rat* by 'he rggrf# achat st.ipa, sailing weekly, and drafts furnished for any issoUut. : ayable in all the principal towns throughout the 0inied Kinitduin, on apnlinatinn as above. ir) r FOR CANTON, DIRECT?Tin- new clipper built barque < HILDE HA HOLD, to tail trim PhilaiKHMpi'lelphia on or about the 10 h intt (or Canton and the ,oa.i of China, will tnnch at N-w York il the tulk of tw hunIred tons measurement be applied (or previous to her sailing, kpply to C. H. l'tKKs, Supercargo, Philadelphia, or WM O. BULL k CO, mi lw*ee 74 Will street. gdKf- FOR LONDON ?The Packet ship PHILADEL flHMFW PHIA iiaviug been detained,- ill be dr patch- d lor the gafeaftfeabove po t on the 4lh inst. For passage, having interim aeeooimodatioDs, apply to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South street. 1 N. B.?Passage from London or Liverpool can as utu il be setured by the regular packe ' ships, md drafts tori iahed for any imount payable throughout the United Kingdom, on applicaien aa above. mice 4*^ ~ FUR LI VEKPOOlr?Krgnlar Picket Ulh Maren. kJJRVVThe superior. New York bnilt. faat sailing packet BSIbship HOTTINGUER. Ira Bursley. matter, 10D6 out bu'theD, will aail as above,her regular day For freight or passage, having elegaut and commodious ccommodations, apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN, 17 South struct. The fine packet thin Liverpool, Jno Kldndge, master, 11)6 out, will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail on her regular day, 6th of April. Flfr NEW LINK LlVk.KPOOL P ACKETS-Packat hMW I6(IlMarch?The splendid, well known, fast tailing iSfiftL. -ietet ship HOTTINOI 'KK.CaptBursley, will sail aMii<v?ly as above.her regular day. The shipaof thia line are all 1060 tuna burthen and upwards nd it is well known that their accommodations for cabin, renod cabin and aleerage passengers, are superior toauy other i e ol |>ackew. For passage, early application shonld be made ou board foot Inrliug Slip, or to W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT, 43 Peek Slip cor Southst. Tire Hottinguer will sail from Liverpool ou Sth VIav, affording to persona wishing to tend for their friends a favorable op- i crtuuity of having them hrousht eut ru her, or any of the reul tr line on favorable terms; and those desirous of remitting i noney can have dralrs for any amount, payable on demand vilhout discount, in all the principal towns of Great Britain | nd Ireland. Apply as above. , The Roscius will succeed the Hottingaer, and tail on the , 3th March. mir | A***- rACKKT rUH MA v ttm?Oecoud l.ine? i n I tKP^^ahip ONK.DIA, James Knnk, muter, will sail on the I SblLl't March. BOYD k HINCKKN, Agents. IVe No (Tontine Buildings. KOK NEW ORLKA"Ss?LOUISIANA AND JfPWNKW YORK LINK?Positively first Regular mBkCsPacliet?To sail the 19th March. T'is fast sailing packet ship GASTON, Capt Oliver Klridge.will positively sail as above, her saanlar day. If or freight r passage, having handsome fnruislisd accommodations, apply u I oard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to K. K COLLINS fc CO. M Sooth it Pisitively no goods received after Thursday evening, 9th larch. shippers nay rely upou having thair goods correctly measn i i. and it at the step', of this line will sail i normally as edvei sett. Any anat juiae to that elfeet will be given anil fulfilled at ma> he 'eqo n il Agents in N. Orleaus, Huliiu k Woodruff wnowill prompt !'>rward all goods to ihe'i address. The oaehet s"u L oi??ille. Captain M. Hnnr, will v?reeed . Oeonee, tod t?'l n Ml h March n .. ., . |a, mV til nrrnrpn" ><tk ten" a t?Ta~ tx. -c . Tf"ym\ buh of n' ? at V o I bl will h. shipied <>n or ab ni >b. Mflbdti *' I" In talieu on board a' b B?o Im ><?' 1 aril atil delivered it I Navv Var . Pen acola. Ai'idvto ROBT C. WKTMOHK. N ?t Agent 4\ r " LfR. GI'STAYh MKI.roN si. - > ' ? ' VI from Hsvrs. .u April I Sat, is ml (Tonus* Building. .. A.UUOC. HC.-N I WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIBODI, PARK^THfcATRK ?? POSITIVELY THE i.A"T NIGHT Of THE GRAND ItqiJKhTHlAN PKREOHMANCICS AT THIS OLYMPIC CIRCUS. BKNtUT or MK. RUM!! WELCH. Proprietor and Director. THE IND'An CHIEFTAINS. rromih? Wfium Wwill >ppr)' oo thit omiimi Also, by |tu '"' if*. ?Hs M'lrn.lid and rxpeusive COMIC PANTOMIME, will be repeated ihtt evening. IT7"Very Particular Notice? risen ?u secured in tho morning. in order to prevent dia-nipomiineuts daring tho ran of the Pantomime. Equestrian Director! Mum H. ft irkwell It CtdwalladeiClowns to the Circle Messrs. Oossin It Wells' Performances roronimenes *t7 -'clock. MONDAY EVENING. The iroaiie will c mmcoce with i MAGNIFICENT EQU8THIAN MOVEMENT Katitled THE WAR SUMMONS. Pas de Diuce. by Miss WellsMuter Glenroy i" sn Act entitled the Tyro of the Arena. Mrli'SC s?ert will iutrodnce his wonderfol dog Veipueins. A French Mrs Oossin and Mrs. Howard H E Conorer in s series ol new and origiiisIC irpnscnlar Keats Shah < pear.'s Heroes by C J Rogers. Bignor D*Capaano will play "Casta Di?a, 'on tnsCometa Platen PRINCIPAL ACT. by Master W Kiscsde Mr. O'Conuel. the Tailored Man, wilt ai pear in a his Bailor^ Hornpipe end Wooden Shoe ' 'ance. Mr Ceil wall '<? r will "upear in sn ac'entitled THE CH NE8E ENCHANTER. The poor UUdia-ors. ^"7" At this period of the Evening an lntermisaioa of II initiates will susne. THE SECOND PART will r.ommsnce with A series of Negro Bongs, D nieae, mc^ entitled comic, bu i" nop rom mjini'lace, By the 1 tlsrh Uusurps*.aides. Col Devoe and M'jir Au'ie* hare fur ti n occasion, In COB pliment to the b?n? ictsre, pr as- ted the seiTiees of the OKh AT HEA6S<)R CHIEFS Ol the noted S c, Fog ami low i Tribes, who will appear in vaiioua cerruiiuiies, dm and in their wsr costume. The whole loconclada with A Oraud Romantic I eg? Dd and Fierie Folic, appointed winr New Scenes, Dresses, Decorations, Mrchnnical Effects, and Ouirie Cirmmsum e? tud Situation-,entitled the DEVOURING OGRE; THE TERROR OF THE FROZEN REGIONS! HARLEQUIN AND TH'F. THUMB FAMILY. The New Scenery by Messrs Smith, J Wiser, B Oram, Wneatley and numerous Assistants The Machinery by Mr Snears and his Varioua Machinists TheDrcsscs of all Nations by Mr Lewis and Assistant!. Tho Superb Female Costumes, by Mrs He minings The Aceeisories and Decorations, by - Messrs Henry Palmer and < imnrrn* HiImw The Folic invented, written and produced under the direction o( -Mr J H Ainhrrat *T^ Boxes, JO; Pit, 25; Gallery 12X cents.? rr*5- Seals era he secured at the Box Office, from 10 tiH 3 a'tlerV .1 (JUAI'IIAM VliJiit'lHffi. REDUCTION OF PKICKS. Dress Circle, 35 cents; reuu; Upnei Tier HX aukts MONDAY EVENING, PROMISSORY NOTE. After which, COLLEGIANS. To eoucl'u:. with MY FELLOW CLERK. Duors opeu st t>.% o'clock iud ths pan nmtucs will com rcence lit 7 preciselvi SIITCHKLL'I OLYMPIC TIIKATK.K M4 Brosdwav, N?v> York. MONDAY EVENING, win be perfo.ined HUMPBACKAfter which, BEAUTY k THE BEAST. To h followed by ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. To cone',ud- with LUCKY STARS. 077?? The Doors will be u;*nc I at l.oif pest 0, end Lie net fo maores commence at 7. every eveumn AMERICAN TIIK.ATKK?WALSIT-IT. PIlILAOELPtl I A. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MIHH C CUSHMAN MONDAY EVENING March 0, will he performed BRANDY WINE SPRINGS. T" be followed hv BLACK RAVEN OF THE TOMBS. K. A MARSHA I.L. Leasi m. AMKK1CAN ittliSEVm, " Marble Building, corner of Broadway and Ano street, I' 'I B v HNUM, Manager. RICH AND SPLENDID ADDITIONAL ATTRACTIONS , AND CHANGE OF PERFORMANCES. First week of the Grand Scriptural Moving Diorama of ITHE DELUGE. Firat week of the entirely new Dior time Spectacle, entitled THE LADY OF THE LAKE. Meau'iul Diorama of the FAIRY'S PAR ADISE?INDIAN WARRIORS froot their Western Wilds, including Chiefs of the Sac. For and low Tribes mav he seen dnring the DAY TIME ONLY. The MELOI IAN, an immense and magnificent Musical Instrument,plays itself the finest Overtures, Fantasies and Walixet. and REPRESENTS A FULL ORCHESTRA. Vivaldi's Italian Fantoccini? H. G. SHERMAN,the Ballad Singer?T. O. BOOTH the Singer?i,A PETITE CELESTE, the dauseuse?Mist HOOD in Comic Raaita tions. PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Professor atte ds dai'y and giyes Praetiaal Eg a initiations sad Charts, De relopcngiits and Character at a trifling extra charge, just added to tbi Museum TWO SUITS OF ANCIENT Alt.PUUK, mailr and won, 300 ye rs a?o GRAND COSMOI'AVIA?ALBINO LADY. Kanrv GUs? Bl wiu The 're.- Ii?r is vu-i-endrd. AN EXPERIENCED TAXIDERMIST 11 engaged, and persons hiving pet bird- or i|tiaurupeds tliey wish preserved, can have them mounted in th brat style. Day visitors adinh ted same evening FRKE. Evening performances at hall past 7 o'clock. Day Pertormauces every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at I o'clock. Admission to all M cents?Children half price. m6ec PKALB'S NEW YOHK MUSEUM NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY 18 NOW RK-OPENED : C. H. OEVOE. Manager. Ths estabhahment coalains an almost endless number of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART: Noatly and tastefully di?|Jayed in rliree spacious halls,and ooasts <>f a vers COSTLY It ELEGANT GALLERY OF PORTRAITS Exceeding in extent and value any other in America. Th* manager has engaged, for a abort time ouly.iha sabfcmo and heaubful exhibition of THE TRIAL OF CHRIST'. This imposing scene ia not repiesented bv a painting but by GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES. IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OF LIKE. This ?ol? mi and impressive see a represent# Our Saviour ar raigned as a Prisoner, with a Ciown ol Thorna upon Hig Head before Uaiphaa, the High Prirat. and the Court of Foatia Pilate. In addition to the above, the Manager baa engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN, b rum England. Bha wishes not to imi-ose apou the pukS^ by "skiag their believe her a Witch r KOHTUNE TELLER! Possessed with supernatural power?bat on the toatrary. elaima publicly to lie able to itwiract others ofi Stoou intellect and meuiiou their leadtiw us suctions ol PAST TIMES. THE PRE HEN AND THE KUTtilE. She will tell iwrsons whether they are married or not, an what kind of husband or wile they will g.-t. describe their o g a characters ai d give a hoal of lacta and correct cooclusious founded on her knowledge of tin. immutable sciences of phreno logy, phyaiugii<-oiy.< urology, philosophy . he. A? proof of the correctness of i,-r i .sertiona. she is at liberty to refer te handseds ol our first citizens, including clergymen, judgaa, attorneys, i-hysiciaun, and many of the most enlightenedladies in the city. OTP* Admiseiou to the Museum, Kcents; Children hall price charge of UH 'enta to those who consult the Oijpay lVfUb1CAL INSTRUCTION ?Mrs. McDOUALL begs cva to inform he friends and the public, that she continues to give laatructions ori the Pianoforte at her own residence or that of her papils. Terms moderate. }1 Went Broadway. fit la VICTOR OARtlA Zl LKTA, formerly o( Bogota-H " tins should meet hit rye or that of any person who can a** information of his resideuce, they will confer a (real faror oa hit brother, by addressing PKKBBC k BROOKS, f4 Imis ec No. 41 Liberty street. AMERICAN LAND AND LOAN OFKlCr.-Wiihiun L. timrrr hwiug above thirty year >st|ie'ience iu the management of Real Estate, .' ml [MissrsekSW a large landed property himself, al.o feeling (rent confidence from the liberal patronage he has heretofore enjoyed, respectfully solicits the attention of the nnblic to the special advantages of the American Laud and Loan Office at No. 14 Wall street, ia the city of New York, for the purchase, sale or exchange of Houses and Lots, H arms and uncultivated Leads, either at private or aiblic sale, and for the hiring tnd leitroa of Houses, Stores. Farms, kc.;for collecting the rente, and lor taking the general agency and supervision of Heal Estate, also for the super in of erecting and repairing Buildings. Persons having property to eelL exchange or 1st, will find it to their advanisge to apply at this office rather than :e any other in tha city, both in point of economy and desparco. All property registered in thie office, will, if required, be at* veriised in two or more of the most widely circulated journals, and every honorable etertion made to dispose of Che mmt Should the property not be sold ar private sale, it will, if detired, be offered at public auction, thus giving to ownera of tha, property double advantage. He wiH aleo attend to affecting Insurance oa property, obt Minna and loaning of money on bond and mortgage, or other securities, taking special care to receive aaapla security for money losoed; snd to have titles lo projwity examined by gentlemen of the legal profcseiou of established character fo accuracy and reputation. Holders of vacant gronpd thai requires improving, will find i greatly to their advantage to apply to him. ae hie knowledge of the kind of boildiuga which are most productivt for tha differ cut localities, is of the greaigst importance: and his long ae Jiiaintanee witn the building oi houses will enable him te gel the in erected ou the most rea'ouablu terms at a far lass expense than is usual. He will also take charge of real (state intended fer public Kirs, as his knowledge from aapeneueu in getting up sales, will h? ol great valna U> those intending to dispose of their property, he will prepare the advertisements, sue that they are :>roperljr distributed and superintended, end direct the aaleiand it will be lound to be a greet saving from tha fact that property lor the last three or four years has been frequently sacrificed r. ,m the want e< proper attention and akilllul management. Individuals or compauies that require as agent to take charge of their real estate, may depend on having it faithlully and economically Managed?and all moneya received, promr*Jv paid over. Persona wishing to hire or purchase property, or invest money, can moat generally be accommodated Iree of fipenie??oa person* resitting at a distance desirous to sell or purchase real tstate by sendin: a description of c^JMP*rtY. will receive immediate atteutiou. Persona having country vests Mrms or house, fors.le, s.d wish to b.v. ^"' ^.rvd auj drawings uken, e<*n hare it done in ihs moec elegant manner b* 'M',VI^<^mc?u'"^ othar oarer. prepared. AlHetters fo, lb. purchase. ?le American L* and Loan office, > o 14 Wall Street. New t ofk;and the postage iivarieblv pa,. , SeJ' k?,, u atonev to loan can nave it lavtsleo, Ires l bTc.l"'? ??' ' THE LATE CAPT IRA MOODY?Should 'his meet the I "? f|-e legal heirs ef the bova nameg. they may He .r - I' tu theirs vii. sue hy calling on the suoaenber,24 -Tni M "k" Ptaes New Y.ok. mi ? " L D?f ORE"T I'll WA ICH >IAK>.R* A>L? IE Kl.KK'- o? I ?muiI I r hu?in??, ? ii i a ?<i ..I m , of CKmmna. * ok ,il fix.urat Kino-nil i , <bou' fAOO Thn pto? ni piopri ? o* t d ?uhn 10 o into ihe country Adiiieaa * no i M.'huoften ml " < OLLfXTIONk on *11 part* of thnliitoil "kn'i-i nun oo J the most fnTniablo term* by a. j urufP"" 1,11 St ^*J1 ?^n? cW .,d l/moW4j.

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