Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1843 Page 1
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nn xt JL 11 Vol. IX.?No. an.?WhoU No. ?'479. To the Public. THE NEW Y0KK HERALD?daily newspaper?publijbed every day of the year except New Year"* day and Fourth of July, Price t cents per oopy?or ft 26 por annum? jKistages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALb?publishedevery Saturday morning?price 6} cents j?r copy, or $3 13 per annum? |>ostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ant. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for iust'nest men in the oily or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, ami in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor or the Herald Establishment, North west comer of Fulton end Nassau streets. tea Til I.K.T?The unuer rmt of the store No. 7 New street, af*w door* from Wall street ; the second story |"AB_Ii- i two offices, and it is adaiited for a merchant or lawyer. A Iso, rite three st<?ry house 34 Wa'fcer st. between Broadway end CI urch it, tin excellent situation lor a genteel family, occu i?d by Mr. Verplmck The brick slot-corner of Pike and Cveiry streets, occupied ny Messrs. Valentine Ik Co., as a teed store, a desirable situation. Tne convenient two story house with attic rooms, basement and counter edict No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr, We-kt The two story brick house, No 73 Gold street, one door from Sprue* st , formerly owueu by Mr. Milei Hitchcock. The rents will be moderate. Appty to MR DELAPLAINE, 08 Wall street, mfi ltn'r in i fficr No. 9, cor, ef Water at. I'd LET ?In Deau strei t, uear Smith alree , Brooklyn, the to'endro three story bon o, finished in the best manner, with two lots of itr uud attached. Also, roach . tuples Sto. A variety of the most choice grape viuea. several 'rnrt treets, with a well and pump of excellent -water on the premises This pro, erty is well calculated for the accommirdition of a rrsrectabl.- ftmily, to whom it will bo lei for one yeir or more on accommodating terms, by applyIBK'? JOSEPH McMURRAY, m6 r 100 I'me afreet. MT6 let-a bo ykding HOUSE?Out of tW mostdesirable stnuda in the <*)tv, having beeu cccnpied M tttch for * number of yt|VS. win AgOOd ||D o< bu?i new Enquire of J<iia?k? T Bar*!#*. 255 I earl nirt-et, iu flic mme building r of Sitiflcraou, 211 Pearl nt. n?6 lw*m TO LET?The h ruse and store No 78 Laiglit street jP-.m corner oi Washing' u. The store is at preseut occupied I'HP as a rrocery, and Hit- occupant would sell out immediately. Thrc* .1 well tut ti> uses in the same row, and some parts of houses. Inquire at M L light st. 25f2w*r fed TO LET?Krom 1st of Mgyuext, the modern built p?W two story briea house, No. II Third st, with attic, baseJ^JJLmrnt and cellar, and mrrble mautlea throughout For further pa'ticulars inquire at 479X Pearl st ISf lm* B"AKL)INti HOUSE, No. 3RD Pesil street, to let, pTV containing over thlrtv ronn >, wi-h a dining room 30 feet long uu the ground floor. Rent reduced to suit'he fbnei. Enquire of 8. 8c 8. HALS 1 El), tn2 lw*ec No. 14 Cedsr street. M OFFICES TO LET?Iu store No. 69 South street. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 180 Pine street. f llec Jr. HOTEL.?For sale, lease or let. the well rstaulished rTTW Hotel, situated ou the corner of William and Duanc su. JlJJLNew York, known as the Shakspeare Hotel, is now to be dispose of and oil very advantageous terms. Fur particulars inquire on th* prrmises, or to ABRAHAM A. 1IEMSON, Esq , Wullabout, Williamsburg, or b>- letter to J. \. CROfS. Esq., Post-nffico, Brooklyn, er to P V.RR.Y1SEN, No 8 Wall at., betweeu the hours o 11 and 12 o'clock. Rir.r, lw*eC a rlITaaaIstT:ountry residence?to pi I.tT, a very convenient, well built double Irime L"Ua. H ,nw. roiiiaiiniiir ten ronmi. with five aerea and a half of Ian i, and an excel cnt flower a>d kitchen gsiden. There is a welt ofexipiisitelv good water upon the lire mites, aid which hat never tailed in the drveslseasons. Stabling (or four horses With good out offices. The ouse it very delightful'v situued on a gentle eminence iuimeoiately opposite to the Five Mile Stone on the Third Avenue. It it within two minutes walk of the Rtilroad, andtiie Htrl-m stages pats the door every quarter of an hour. For particulars apply at iho Globe Hotel, CO Br mdway, or to Mr. Vandewatsr, at the Fiva M'le Mansion House opposite the premises. Rent $4i>0 per annum. _m4 3t*r . AaA FdJCSALEORTEXCHANGR FOH CITY PROPERTY?A Farm of one hundred acres, situated in JpJJLKocl'Uiid County, ten miles bv the New York and Erie Kailrmd or six mile" (r m Nya' k Landing. Handsomely aituated, plenty of fruit, well watered xud wooded, and easy of access at any day in the week, br the above road,it, three bonis. For lurthrr particulars enquire at :,7 Gouvenenr srrett. where a andscspe view ctu be seen. 17f lm*r a COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-liTthJ J Tillage of Hanover. Morris County, New Jersey, 13 milc?. from Newark, on the turnpike leading to Morristown ,a | In lie two stfcry nouse, containing eight rooms and good cellar, wilh good well of water near thf do"r. Also good coach house and stable, with three so?, !' net, ?li<*ut*d ?nu ingo'id order. It the above is not sold st private will be offered at *nctM?, mu W.ducsday, 8th of March, at I o'clock, on the premises. F?r further naiticulare enquire of JOSEPH BOOTH. Hanover, N. J., or I Wl LSON J. HUNT, West cor Fnltou, N.Y. { Aduunixtiatora. f8 lm?r FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR PROPERTY iKSlN THE CITY OF NEW YORK-A Tamable Farm I nbout 80 arro# in Scarsdale, Writ Cheater Coantv. * ? 1--1 \X7L.s? PI-.? May. V-.L I ob the mam road leading to and from (aid placet. On the premnea u a spacious doable two ttorv dwelling honte, with a kitchen attached; a Mr", carriage and ont hoaeee, all in Ane order; I bearing apple orchards. moatly gr fted fruit, peaah, herry and pear trees, a good well of water and cistern holding 49 hogsheads of water; about twelve acres of wood land. The wholo farm wrll fenced arid mostly with stone wall and in good repair. Tne Bion Hirer crosses the r-ar, along which the railroad runs, now nearly completed, to Wl)ite Plains. Person* desirous o( seeing the pre -ites mil find it one of the most des.ruble places in West Chester County. Enquire of J. J. TRAVIS, on the premises, or D. BRUSH, ESQ. m3r No 92 Fulton st. CHAPMAN'S MAGIC STROP. TITE THE UNDERSIGNED, Importers and Wholesale VV Dealers, having used and sold L. Chapman's Metallic Razor Strop do freely recommend it as beiiu; aupcrior to anything which has hitherto come BUder oar notice of a similar nature. burned? A V S Willets. importers ef hardware, No 103 Pearl at. A W Spies A Co, do do 3 IS do Willis A Brolhen, do do 214 do Oakley A Louuiis, do do 62 do Sheldon A Thel|is. do do 23 aod T> South William. Halaiedfi Brothers, do do -56 Pearl at. Kissam, Brycs A Jones, do 238 do Spelmai A Vraxer, importers of Pansy Goods, 136 Pearl st. Posts v Mam. importer of drags, 44 Cedar it. field, Thompson A Co. importers of Dry Goods, .15 Cedar st. Fellows, Van Arsdtle A Cooper, Watches, II Maiden Lane. D k el A Co.. importers of Stationery. 349 Pearl st. Win It UuuUling, Surgical Iustrament manufacturer, 34K I hachamst. For Hale at 392 William street! To be had hy th dosen at the manufacturer's prices of the abort- firms, and at retail, at the priacipal lancy scores throughout the city. Mode -t 102 William street. fj lm'm STeTallic razor strop WITH FOUR SIDES, iaseuted by G. SAUNDERS, lor ksepiog Razors always in order?it produces a amo? h and thin edge to a lazor in a tenth part of the time required on a hone, without using oil or wa'er. No other anc t? of die kiml h. s ever bet n so univereally known and unproved of, laYio i been for the last t reuiy-five year* in comtmit use in newly all th. cn lery estabushmen s m Europe, and there acknowledged to have uo equal. In New York, where it Was invented, it received lirit premiums at the American Inslit'ie every time it was presented for competition, aud gr .du ill , 'wiihoutllie aid of pulling,) established a reputation in all raits of America, of being the only Razor Strop that will keep in perfect order. Certificates are ii the pnssesaion of the inventor from the most scientific gentlemen of both countries, speaking highly of thrir superiority. When takiug into consideration that those gcnileiiuu have uo interest ill the sale ef the article, and Jive thei- testimony without solicitation, speaks volumes in its avor. Ii is the only Strop that has been deemed worthy of imitation and coariterleiung. The great number of thoas alone would stump it as beiug the climaz ol perfection. That ii may be moie satisfactory to li e public, the uames of hose gentlemen who h.,ve given certificates as to the merits of the Strop are here publianeJ?General James Tallmadga. President ot the Amcrieii Institute ; Prof. John Griscom, Dr. Valentine Mott, and Mr. Millikoii,cutler to the Royal Navy, 301 Strand. VI'nufactury 163 Broadway, New York ms lnt"r /NHBONOMETER MJK SALE?Au right diy Liverpool V-/ < hranoineter fo( a ile low Is in charge uf Mr. Stewart, li) 1,1 *-sakanae, who will snow it to puschastrs. uiibi< ruwumf-iM ca*?s, dow lauding iroin J >hp Koiciua, and lor (ale bv f37cc PEH>8E It BROOK", <1 Liberty ?t /m 'OR ALBAN V?Hour l/haugcd?Ob and Chf m ?tgr Monday, 19th inalant. and until f arther ZKMMJHHJC^notice, ptueijieri for Albany, ?U Houtmtonic H'ltr, id Will lttTt thil CUT by Htenvncr C?otnn Of NltSTOd| daily, ( Bandar excepted) at 7 o'clock, A. M. from Catherine Market hi i|>, fcaat Kirer, am rink in Albany tame evenini. I nee POMKKOY k CO., I Walfat. KHOMLNE^WRlI'Vt) BEDVOKcTJaMaPiSBS011 f"'1 *fh-t Tuesday, January 3d. 1143, the aui>?critH*r% wit* run a line ofst**cifrom Bedford to New York three timet a week, at follow*:-? Leave* Seel7*t MiMMB MM, Bedford, every Monday, Wednesday a?id Friday morning at SH o'clock. Leavea th** ltail Road Hotel, corner of Bowery and Broome tU, New York, ITITT Tuetday, 1 haitd.iy and Battirday inoritin^, b> the 9 o'clock cam, OMinig Marble Hall, IC**t Chatter. White Plaint, Hobbint MilU, Mile Bquare, Newcat tie, and Bedford* 1 * HIRAM DEKORK8T, tf. C. LEWIS. Proprietor*. The Rrd Uir-I Lid, of <?'<??? will eontinue to rnD during the winter from White Dull every day at I o'clock, nod New York at t o'clock, 1' Al., Sunday, eicepted. HI HAM DEFOREST, fTfm'ec Proprietor. WINTER AHHANUKMENT-Eor Ooehen OQiMiu via New Vork and Eric Railroad.?kare to OoVZSnjflLiHeii $1.5*? Turner', $1,33. On and after Monday, I '""W JnnntlH i?ii ,h. of the Naw York and k,rir ail will run in counecnon with the ,'eamboat Utica, Cart A II. Sehnit*, daily, Herdeye eicepted. | k ..r l\u?*-nireri?Leave Dnanettreet pier at t o'clock, A. M.; leave Oo?h?-n atounnrr patt g, A. M. I Eor Uuane atrret pier at 3 P. M.; leave Ooehen at half-hart 8 A. M. H. C. SEYMOUR, Snperinlendiiut and Engineer. Tne passenger! train connecla at Turner', with Beach', Mail Starrer for Newburgh, New Palt/., Kingston, Caukill and I Albany, and <t Ooshen with tne < arboudale and oilier Western i Linn of S'agvt. __ 181 r_ " jga KOM LIVERPOOL?-NEW LINE?.Kegniai SifyfVI'n'-ket (-1 2i'f March.?The Splendid Packet Ship JK416.KO-I IDS I iptim John Collins, of 1100 tone, will positively tail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or paavige, h..ving aveominodaliou, uuenuallod for splendor or ronifort, apply on boar I. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO. 5* South atreet. Price of naatage, $108. I ae I'.irket Slop Siddona, Captnin E. B Cokb, of loto tout, will succeed ibe Roncin,. and tail the 15th of April, her regular day. Lr ,ier? for the ahitw of thia line will only be received at Oilpin tad Hale's Newe Room. P a t.r ha era may rely on the thipe of tMe line eefting ptmrtnal|y &a advertised. fIT t E NE NI SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1BIA *j$jy i&jjy OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE No. *1 SOUTH STREET, N. T. P ASS AGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland by the re~ gular line of paeketa, tailing on the lat, 7th, ISth, 10th and Jith of each month. The eld Black Ball hue of packets are aa follows;? Ship NEW YORK. Captain Cropper, " CAMBRIDGE. Captain flJantow, " COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, " EUROPE, Captain Furber, " SOUTH AMERIC A, Captain Bailey, " NORTH AMERICA. Captain Lowber, " ENGLAND. Captain Waite, " OXFORD, Captain RatHbone. The Commercial Line is composed of lorty s ape nor, fait sail Rig ships, all commanded by men of great experience. r irsl class ships will alio be despatched Irom Liverpool to Boston, New Orleans and Mobile, three times per month; to Baltimore, Charleston and Savannah, twice a month, to th* different perts iu Bnlish North America weekly. 1'he subscriber, in making known his arrangements for the year IStJ, begs to call the attention ol those persons residiug iu the United Stales and Canada, wno wish to send tor their friends to come Iro n England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, that they can always be accommodated by trie lir.e of packet ships sailing as abuse; and in order to give more fac.lity and quick despatch to the emigrant, lirst class well-kuown American ships, comprising the Commercial Line will, in addition to the packets, bo despatched by his Liverpool agents, every three or four <isys during the season, thereby avoidine any detention. Those sending for their friends may rest assured that every thing coa nected with his business will bo executed with his usual promptaess. With these arrangements the subscriber hopes to command a preference for this line, and a continuation of the public patronage which Ins been so liberally bestowed for many years past; and in all eases when parties decliue coining the money is refunded, as customary; a free passage can also be secured by steamboats from the different ports in Ireland and S-otland to Liverpool. Remittances aud Drafts?With regard to his arrangements for the payment of his drafts, they are such as to warraut every satisfaction, and are paid at all the hanking houses on demand, throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Those persons, therefore, throughout the United State, who wish to re "it money to their friends residiug in any part of the United Kiugdorn, will please notice on the receipt of the amount here, with name and address of the party to receive it, a dralt for the amount at he rate of $3 per pound sterling, will be forwarded per e'eam ships or by first packet ship, and a receipt or duplicate of same returned through the post office For further particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HER DM AN, til South street, or J. 6t W. ROBINSON, Ooiee Fiazxar, and Neioune st Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. In Scotland?Messrs Daniel Wright St Co., Glasgow. In Ireland?Dinnis Delanv, Esq., Dublin; Messrs. Joseph Allen St Co., Belfast; Mr. Wm. Cairns, Londonderry; A. Marray, Eng . Cork d23e' I JtfKL .rffc iilif i4r i&??L ^R^^lcTS I^^^^^TlRSRll'^^S^^The Undermentioned hips will be secularly dispatched from lience and from Maraeillea on tlie latofeacb month during the year, thna? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA,Cant Brown, N-?v 1. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRE8COTT. Cspt Lawienee, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Mar 1. May 1 COKIOLANU8, Cap Haile, Apl I. Jon 1 They are all copperce and copper Outcned.and have excellent accommodations for passengersThe price of cabin passage will be $104, eiclniire o;' winea and liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD A U1NCKEN, the a genu, will be forwarded free of other harges taan these actually paid. For freight or passage apply to O. BROOM k CO.. or to oMr BOYD fc H1NCKEN. Agenu. new jersey railroad and transportation company. new york and newark. wwwlB. Fare rertured Co 29 cents. Fjointne tost of CaurtlaHdntreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday :.w?f cpted.) Leaves New ior? Leaves Newark At 9 A. M. At : P. M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. M. 11K do. 4 do. 3 do 3K do. 4* do ) do. 6 do. 7 do. U It do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot oi Ceurtl&ndt atreet. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At t A. M. and 4KP. M. At IK P. M. end 16 P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York. Leave Elisabeth Tewu. 9 A. M. 7 A.M. 3 P.M. IK A.M. a* " l?K A. M. 4$ P. M. IK M. a p. m. 9X " The trains for WestAeldj Plainficld^ Bonndbrook, Somerville, fic_ coune?i wiui me 'J j\ m, i uu i? r m train* irom ,i?* Vara, daily, Sundays eicepteu. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 2b ccau. Fare between do and Somerville, 75 centi. NfV YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Karc reduced, from the foot of Court laudt afreet, daily, beate New York. Learn New Bramwiek. At 2 A.M. At 5X A. M. ax P. M. 7$ ? i% " iix 9 P.M. On Sundaya the 5X and 7X A-M. tripa from New Brunawick and 3X P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Fare between New Ye-k and New Brunawick, 75 centa. Railway, 50 cenU The Tata in tha ift and Tjjfi A. M. trainfrom New Brunawick, nad 2X and 4X P. M. train front New York, haa been re New York and New Brnnawiek, to 50 centa. " and Rah way to 37 X " Paaaensen who proeure their ticketa at the ticket office, re eetre a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketa are reeeived by the con doctor only on the day when pnrchaaed. fl 1 3m* POLLEN fc CoPP, 8 Wall atreet. guMl NE wv"nr ALBTNF "THRVT^r-S^miEAL EXPRESS. Meaara. Harnden b Co. harintt diai>oaed of their route from New York to Albany and Troy, the aubseribers, the old conductor# of Ilarudrn k Co'a Northern Kxpreis, from New York, will continue to tun at heretoforejeatin^ New York, Albany and Tray, Daily and connect at Troy with Jaevbe' Montreal Expreaa, and will forward 8pecie, Bank Notea, Packagei, Bundlea.Caiea of Uooda. See., to any place between N?w York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada'#. Alao Eaat, from Ttoy and Albany to Boaton,and Weat fr, m Albany to Buffalo. All bnaineaa entrunted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid t? the collection of notea, dmfca, acceptance#, Be., and prompt retnrna made for the aame, PULI.EN k COPP. Office#?Pulleo It Copp, 3 Wall atreet. New York. Tlioa. Oouzh, l'> Exchange, Alhaiy. A O. Kilkina, 228 Rirer atreet, Ticry. S. Jacob'# Exchange Court, St Paul at, Men Ureal. REFERENCES. New Yonu. Albiwt. Tuot. Prime, Ward It King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. I ayue, Jacob Little, b Co.. Tkiw. Ueugh. P. W elfi, John T. Smith, b Ce., | K. 0.ow, Pepoon b Hoffmaa, C. 8. Donglair, Cartieuter b Vermflye, r. Leake Houghton b Co. Drew, Robinaon b Co. n24 MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, M New Arrangement?This Road having been re-laid at great Mmpikb wirK rhr rnDit minrnroH and hi-nvioar H mil m luanr* a fair and eiprdilions conveyance between New York and Morriatown, will commence running two trips daily, SunJayi excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, >1. Kirst Train from Moiriatown will leave at7M A M. Second Train from Morriatown will leave at 154 P M. First Train from New York will leave at 0 A M?Newark at KAM. Second Train from New York will leave at 1Y I1 M?Newark at JX P M. PasseuRrra by the Morning Traiu from Morriatown will arrive ai Newark in time for ine 9AM Train to New York, or the morning Train to Philapvlpliia; by the Afternoon Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the 3X P M Tram to New York or the Erening Train to Pliiladelp1 ta. ? Passengers by the Morning Trai from New York will airive at Morriatown in time to dine arid take any of the Stagea runixing wcat or north from that place. jts Im'ee WINTER ARRANOEMEN'l. N KW v'oRK AND I' Ml I, Al) H, L PHI IllA I LTFO IN K DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brnnawick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York,from the foot ofCnurtlandt alreet,daily, at 9 A M and P M. t he morning Lone poeeeds to Bordentown, frem thence by McittaOoat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden, (oppoeite Philadelphia) without change of can. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Ctmrtlaudt street, where a commodious steamboat will bo in rcsH'ueaaa, with baggage crates on board. rnnxaripma n^UK iKV craici are cuurcyru iiuin cuy iu tii?t without twinp opened by the w?y. Each tnun u provided with & Ladies Car, in whieh ere apaitmeuu and dreisinq room! expressly Tor tiif Ladies me. HemrtuaK, the line! leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Cheatnat street by railroad from Camden, at 4 o'clock A M.and S o'clock, 1' M. The Linei Tor Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at a A M, being a continuation of the tinea from New York. dM lm?r . STATEN ISLAND FEII RyT^ lfoot of Whitehallitreat ^ On and after Dee. id, the steamer 9TA1 EN ISLANDER, r v J&JPjSlXfj until father notice leave state.n island. Sew york. ?<A.M. 4 A.M. dlr 'PM V'M. Y~?*K AWP R08TON kail road line. ranX* i ?r.T[ ?mu *"? Kan.roads. StJ.'jH1w'n* uperior teamen rnnnin* in eonton RaiI Koadi? ' worceitei and Woieeater St BoaWORCESTER, Capt. J. H. Vanderbilt NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K Dm tan CLEOPATRA, Capt "n?tau. On aud after Monday, Novltat.tkis line will be ran tri-week ly* New York, Tneidayi, Thursdays and gatnrdays only, nt 4 r. ivi. iffl The new and iiieiuliii ateamhoat NKW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dinlnn, will Irate every Tneaday, Thnradey and Satnrday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. raeacnifrta for Boaton will he forwarded immediately on the tmval of tli< above bo.U? at Norwich, nail will pioeeed without chnife of rata or hngsafo Kor Outlier information, enjnlre at the oilee of D. ft. ALLKN. J# reot slip, npataton. All lirrsone are forbid tfnetiag any one on account of tbn bore hoata 01 ewnera. nJSr W YC 2W YORK. TUESDAY M BRANDK KTII'S IMI.LS. Secured bv Illici t Patent of the United States THE METHOD OF PREPARING THE BRANDRJS* THIAN VEGETABLE EXTRACTS. Caveat entered 9M June, 184'J?Patent granted to Benjamin Brandreth, '20th January, 1913. q^HE extracts of whic i Brandrrth's Pills ara composed are A obtained by thi< now pateuud process, without boiling or any application of beat. Tli?* active prraciide of the herbs ia thus secured, the same at it i* in the LIVINO VEGETABLE. The public ahould be cautious of medicinea recomissen'led in adeertiremenlistoleu from me, in which the CoffTKMrTiBLE Rohbehs s'rnl in y language, merely alte-iug t?e name. Time will ahow these wholesale ileeeieera in their trne light THE MKOICINE OK THE PEOPLE. !T^ BRANDRETH'^ PI i LS are the People's Medicine, proved by thousanrlr who daily recommend them to the afflicted. The BRANDRETH PI Lt.M are growing every day more popular; their ?irtnes arc extending their usefulness. The sick of both aexea aie daily deriving belie fit from thoin. No case of disease but 'bey can be used will n Ivan age. Blotches or hard lumps of the sl?ln ihev speedily cure, so with erysipelas, so with salt rheum, so with indigestion, so with couirhs and colds, so with costiveuess, so with cancer, so with hc t patched lips au-l canker in the inouth. Let the afflicted use this medicine, and rhey will find they n qui e rn mher. hold >t 2J cents er box. with full direc-ions, at 341 Broadway, 271 Bowery. 189)d Hudson street, aud at E. H Tripp'a, 167 Diviaioustreet, New YorK fT?-TO 1NVALIDS..O How impor'ant it inh.tvon cosimence with->ut loss of time with BRANDHETII PI LS. They mild. 1 but_ surely remove all impurities trom the blood, aud no ease of sickness c<n affect the human frame, that these c lehrateil Pi'ls do uot reliev. as much as medicine can en. Cot.ds and Coughs are more ben< lilted by tbe BKnNDRETH PILLS than by Loxrnges and Candies. Very well, perhaps, as palli -lives, but worth nothing as kfsdicators ?f diseases from the human system The BRANDRETH I'll LS curb, ilu-v do not merely reliese?ihey cu*e. Diieases, whether chronic or receDt, infeciioos or olherw-se, will certainly be cured by the u?? of theae aM-siiffloiant Pi-Is. CURE OK A CANCEROUS SORE. Sing Sing, January 21, 1M3. Doctor Benjamin Bcindxicth : H morel So ? Owiug to you a debt of grautnde that money cannot pay, I am iud iced to make a public acknowledgement of the benefit my wife nil derived from your invalu >ble Pills. About tlirve years th-s winter she was taken with a pain ill her nnkle, which s-on became very much itiflimed, aud swollen, to much so that we b?cime much al-rined, and sent for the doctor Duiii g his attendance thr psin and a veiling increased to an alarming degree, and ill three weeks from i's first commencing it became a running sure. She cnu'd get no rest at night the i aiu was so great. Our first Doctor atteuded her for six months, and tha teceived no benefit whatever, tbe pain growing worse aud the sore larger all the lime. He said if it was heiled up it wouhl be her death, but he appeared to be at a loss how to proceed, and my poor wi e trill continued to mtfer th? most terrrb'e tortures we tl ereforo sought other a'd, in a Botanical doctor, wh i said wheu he firs! saw i that he could soon cure the sore ....i o ov. ? L i? ,..C .i-1 cnc at untc i o nnr suri"-:'e n" give "" rc" lief. ?lla acknowledged ihit it quite bafflel oil h i skill. Thu? we felt after having tried liming one whole year the experience of two celebrated physician in caiu. in absolute despair. My poor wife's conatitu ion ranidly filling in the prime of her year? from h-r continued suffering. Under these circumstances we concluded Put wr would try your Universal Vegetable Pilla, determined to fairly test their curaiire effects Tomr wife's great comfort the firat lew doaea afforded great relief of the pain. Within one week ?o the aatoniihment o( ourselvea aud everv one who knew oi the caae, the swelling and thr inilimmatiou beg into ceaae ao that she felt quite easy, and would sleep comfortable, and sir, after six weeks' use she was able to go thr. ugh the house aud again a'tend to the management of her family, which she had not done lor nearly fourteeu months. In a little over two months from the time she first commenced the use of your invaluable Pills her aukle was quite sound and her health better than it had been in quite a number of years before I send you thii statement after two years test of the cure, considering it onlft an act of justice to yon and the public at large. We are, with much gratitude, V>*ry respectfully, TIMOTHY & ELIZA A. LITTLE. P.9?The Botanical Dr. nrououueed the sore caucerous, aud fiuallv laid no good could be done, utilrss all the flesh wax cutoff aud the bone sennrd. Think a ki id Providence, this m uleus resort to vour Pi1!*, which aaveo us from all further misery, and for which we hope to be thankful. T k E. S. try Dr. BRANDHKTH'I Principal Office, 211 Broadway, N Y.; Retail Offices 274 Bowi-ry, and 189hi Hudson alree'. Boston, 19 H-nover strc-t. Providence, R I., Juliu Shaw. Hutford, < 'onu., Hetrv Benton. N^w Haven, Conn., 0 W. t nifcbv'. Norwich, t/onn., w.-o. Vaulkner. Philadelphia, 8 Nor'h-eiehth ?t Kaliimore, cor. Laights ami Mercer streets. Richmond, Va., 193 Maiu St. Charleston, 8. C. 93 K lit Bay. Albany, IN. V,. at 8. Van Bchaak's store, 44 Market ?t. Utica, 89 Genesee it. Rochester, H. Serantom, opposite Essie Tavern. Buffalo, W. W, Wilgus. New Biuuswick, N. J., Henry Vroomi. Pittsburgh. 126 Woo l street, and by over 20,0C0 agent* in the United Slates. Observe, the Pills, to be genuine, must be bought of a regular Agent?proved by his having a Certificate of ag-ncy. Anil further observe, that the bases are covtrtid with labels printed in both red and black ink, and that there are sis Signatures of Dr. benjamin Brandretli on each box, two on each label, one being signed B. Braudreth, and the other Benjamin Brandrelh. Be careful and get the 'Out Pills in2 unvodltuwy'ec DR.. MORRISON. \J ORTIi RIVER DISPENSARY. 264K Ifulton street near *- * Orccnwtcn.?Dr. Morrison, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and formerly Surgeon in the British Nil ry, conlinnes to be consulted daily on all disease* ol a delicate nature, and all those distressing symptoms consequent on wjndkioas trentment, and the imprudent nse < quae's medicines Dr. \1. has had an esperienee of twenty t wo yeiaia in treating delicate iliseaies in all tlieir various autlc implicated lor ins, and uses a mild, safe and infallible substitute lor mercury, eradicating the venereal virus with certainty, w ithout subjecting the patient to any risk or restricting him iu 1 is usual diets or pursail* while his medicines are agreeable in taste and smell. Permanent obstructions in the urethra, such as strictures and enlargement of the prostate gland, acccsnponied with much irritation and dull pain about these parts, are some of the conaeqnences of mal treatment. Dr. M. treatsstrictures in a scientific manner, promoting absorption of the thickened circular membrane without any naiu. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thonsa-adsof young men are suflcrtna from die consequences of indulgence in a ?e crcfc aeiuncuTe naou.aua wnoic nerves are luruier injureu iruui the use o( d pretefcue<! specifics, which stimulate only to induce greater depreuion. Dr. M. treats such cases on yorcly pathological principles, nod never fails in establishing a care?the stnetest honor Mid confidence are observed. Letters post paid, and containing a suitable fee, will ens are the correspondent rail advice, and medicine to any part of the Union, by his giiang a history of his casein detail. 204 K Kul"nstreet near tjreensvieh ml lm*' I/'ELLY'f DOUBLE EXTK \( T OF^SAKrlAI'AKlTT*? LA CANDY.?One MM of this candy contstus the active principle of two pounds of the Sartanartlla root, and is warranted to be the best remedy in cases of Hhenma<ism, and in all diseases arising from nervous ricitakility, or from morbid humors in the blooil In cases of costiveness, and in those peculiar affections of the alimentary canal arising from dryness and want of a due secretion it ir without a rival. The propiietor lias himself experienced its beneficial effects, and theiefore speaks 'rom experience. In all derangements of the secretions it will be found of im calculable advantage, and where the constitution has suffered from the use of merrury, or from other causes of debility, this Doable Ex ract of Sarsaparilla wiM bring joy and gladness. In scrofula, scurvy, and all other glandular affec ions; in eonghs and colds; in diseases ofthe skin, as salt thenm, erysipelas, and the like, tho benefit will have to be experienced to be depreciated Sold in packages of four ouuees, for 25 cents. Let ihoae who are using Sarsapiri I la give it a trial in this form. To be had at J. W. KELLY'S Uothaui Confectionary, 247 Broadway. m2 lw'ec TAYNE'8 EXPECTORANT?Tins Medicine has .Iready " proved itself to be all that it has been recommended,) y those who have given it a fair test in this country, and the demand for it incrrases dailv. We have dst heard of an important tare of Asthma, which his been effected by the use of it, in a ne ghboring town?the case was that of a female who had lor a long time oeeu under the care of a physn ian, bnt had received no rolief, and her case wai considered hopeless. As s last resort the purchased a b ittle of Dr. Jayne't Expectornnt, which caused her to expectorate freely, gradual ly ci ased to cough, audit rapidly restoring In r to health. We have no hesiutiou in ssying that this preparation of Dr. Javne fur the care of coughs, c>ldi, inline <za, asthma, consumptions, Itc , is me most vaiuaoie meuicme ever one mo to the ramerican pnn lie. Tnere is no qmcaery about it?Dr Jiyn- i? one of the most skillnl piaciuing paysiciaus in Pennsylvania; ami wher ever his various preparjtioo? have been thorough ly tested, he ? look'd upon as a great public benefactor?Somerset, Me , J', unal. re pare <1 only by Dr. JAYNE, No. 305 Broadway, New y?rk. 25f Irn'm JOHN M. DAV1ES Jc JONES, 106 WILLIAM STHE1CT, COHNEK OP JOHN, TTAVE jrial received from recent importations, an I of their 11 own m n<u'<icturc, a very su|>erior assortment of So uif (roods, consisting i>f every thing neat, tasty and fashionable iu the gentlemen's famishing line, winch added to their former stock, comprises an a??ortmrct of goods rarely if ever before lound in on* store, amoug which are:? CAP*? lu every variety, for gentlemen, youth anil childr-n. CRAVATS?Of plain and figured satin, gro grains, cambricks, he. SCAHK9? Of vesting ratin, broche. OLoVkS?Of hid, silk, brown aud cheae linen, lisle, spun ilk. Ike, HOSIER Y?Of cotton, merino, wool a- un silk, Ac, UNlJr.H (JaRMENTS?Of ahaker knit merino, woolen, ilk, cotton, Ac. LINEN COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualities and shapes. SHlK'i'*?Of linen,muslin. French cambric, plain and with nilB-s, Ac. SUSPENDERS?Of gum elastic. s|k, cotton, Ac. OILiED SILKS?Of while and faucy colors, warranted not to adhere in any climate The above Cotnpiisei only part of their assortment, and purchasers will cousult their own interest bv eaamiDiug this splendid aswntment if good. before puichasing. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at their old established Cap, Hiock. Linen auil Oiled Silk Minurict?ry. NO. 106 WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN. ml 3m*m DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. rPHE Partnership heretofore esisting between JOHN OAL J I.I Kit aud JAMES MURPHY, in the basinesa of torn position Ornament MannOcturari in the'ityof New York, waa diuolveil on ihe SIM day of Jautiary, I44J, by the mutual eonicnt of both parties. The business will tie continued at the old itsml, Ne. 392 Broadway, by John Oallier, who it eh'rued with the collection of all ilehtt due to the taid late Ann, and the Ik|Ui<)aluna of their liabilitiet, and the laid John (Killer it alto mpowared to nae tne name ol lh" said firm for the purpose aforesaid. All peisona indebted thereto Will pletse pay the tame without delay, and those harms claims against the firui will please te render then accounts at above. .JOHN UALLIKR, JAMES MUHPHt to architects"builders, and others. JOHN GALLIER, Comjwwitinn Ornament Mannfartnrei and House Uarver, No. 392 Broadway, New York, Lafayette flail, has on baud at hit establishment na shove specimens of Architectural ornaments of every variety, modelled from the best cumplet, consisting in twit ol capitals for columns, consoles, trusses, enriched mouldings, rosettes, paternt. !kc fcc lie., which he it prepared to fnrnith promptli in any quantity, and of any aixa required, at pricea in conformity with the timet fit lai'in 'rilK WHOLE WORLD should know it that Dr Jiyne'a 1 Etpsctount it a cerliin cure lar "sth'i.n, and tint for Doughs, cotdi, consnrapti n, whooping tough, croup, bronchitis, and every other dur.ue of the lungs or throat it is sure to produce the most decided benefit. It is ucoinaiended by lh< utaads, who have tried it, and all say that it is the best remedy, without any etccplion, for i?l pulmonary diseases rtiat luve #v*r been Kiiown, lor it alwsyi gives relief, and riiret when every other means have failed. I'npifed only hy Dr. Jayie, 20 Sou'h Third at, Philadelphia, and No. -,03 Broadway, New York. Price $1 per bottle. mJlinWrc TO THE LOVERS OK SUPERIOR RLAOK TEA? 1 ilowotia's Mtaturc?Tins cvtrenielv delict, us and unoaral I lalnl IV.,; .o rrlrl.r.t. il in CU.jM ami Kurope. >0?t im I ported, is now (or ?*le at I lie ( union r?a Company <?encral I Tu Katahlishrornt, 111 Charhnmif New Y. in I Inm-ae I packages. Trice So ceoU end 91. fU I I ' tl l\ t ORNING, MARCH 7, 184 A Sfw York Fashionable Ball. Laat night I wandered to the Ball, And itood within the lighted hall. Fair ladies smiled, beaux grinn'd and bowed, And begged their pardons,in the crowd, For interfering with their dresses, And breaking through such brilliant meesei. To lead their partners to the d ince Just brought, directly out of France. How many lovely girls one sees, Of rich and ancient families '. And such a host of modern beaux, That where they come from, heaven knows ! And us a stranger in the town, I feel just like same country clown ; But, knowingoneor two lair dames, I went to them to ask some names. I lanced with each, and asked a favor Ql one sweet girl, who seemed to waver, To introduce me to a fair one Who seemed, by looks, almost to dure one'. My damsel, shuddering, looked so frightened, My color changed?my dark eyes lightened, For fear of losing one, they knew Had some advantages, in view. Blie led me to the lovely girl' With ruby lips, and tenth of pearl; I asked her, if with me she'd dance. She looked at me, with eyes askance: " I have already ou my book A hundred I mus' not o'erlook." And gazing with a searching glance, She lisped a " Have you been to France ?" 1 answered, "No the looked to scornful I felt obliged to take a hornful. So sauntered to the other room, To -Tiveaway nay spirit's gloom. Again 1 wandered all about, To try to find the people out; 1 staid in ono place lor a while, AlIU ?*-lJT ..OIL. I l.ICU IU .C. I searched my damsels every where, To ask about tome ladies there. I iound them, in a corner seated: They said they'd danced till they were heated , Dut didn't look so warm I thought, And any how, I wasn't caught. Nice girls they were, with pretty faces, And poor papa's, and O, no graces! But stood quite straight, and very easy, And didn't seem short breathed or wheasy ; But all the girls who danced so much 1 feared would almost want a crutch. They stooped, or seemed to stoop so low, Their backs were bent just like a bow, And then to keep the pain away, They wear a bunch by night and day. Poorthings, 1 wonder how they pack So great a load np?n their back. * I asked my girls if they could tell dVho were those beauties 1 My ! how wsll They looked, and seemed so fat and healthy, I do not think they can be wealthy ; But never mind, such belles they are, The beaux all say they do not care. Some girls were dressed so very light, They flew just like a paper kite ; And if they hadn't taken care To ask tho beaux to hold them there, They must have flown up in the air. Their dresses were so delicate, They sucmed like cobwebs on a gate, Flying with every jork it gives, The insect working while it lives, By trying now to catch a tty, And gazing with its little eye, And Wrapping in its gauzy folds, As by these arts she gently holds The pretty youth, whose rich papa lias promised him a horse, O, la ! And oh, how sweet he speaks to her, That lady dressed in gossamer. What's gossamer 1 1 ask'd of one j O, 'tis a cloth by insects spun ? A weaving, quite industrious bug ; But for the produce, worth, a shrug. In olden time it used to be Entitles wisely, "Tiffany But now the term's so out of vogue, Avoid it as you would a rogue. O, pshaw ! what am I saying now 1 The lights are gleaming on my brow, And as they dance and glimmer so, I feel so sleepy that I know I cannot write another line, Except to tell you what a fine, Nice gentleman was there ! 1 saw Him walk the nlanks without a flaw? A perfect gentleman, and that I ought to know by his cravat 1 I think he is a I?reign king ; He waltzed, and looked the very thing. And then another, fat and pleasant, And ruddy as a Yorkshire peasant ; His grandpa fought long time ago, And aver since, to make a show, His progeny do nothing more Than teil folks what they knew before ; And all the family feel so great, They always of their honors prate : Ashamed to work, and not too rich, I faar their yarn has dropned a stitch. I Raw some people there I knew ; They wouldn't speak, so I withdrew. 1 reckon they were mad with me ; I don't know why; they seemed to be ; But I will tell you what i think, And don't you hint it by a wink? They owe me money, and feel had, Because they think that I am mad. I wonder why they do not pay, Or from such places keep away ; They'd better save their money now, And even learn to drive a plough, Than look like fools, and [risk about, While honost people feel " put out." But 1 must linish?so, good bye ; You never write; 1 don't know why. I'll see you soon, 1 can't tell when. Your loving Iriend and cousin, Bin. Charleston, S. c. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Charleston, S. C Feb. 22,1S13. Progreaa of Sritnce and Literature in the Magnolia City of the South? Mcamerism on Quadrupeda? Great Diacovery. J, G. Bennett, Esq. Dear Sir :? You so seldom hear troru us of the Queen City, that I must, in common charity, furnish you with a short chapter from our ledger of events, in order that you may understand that we are yet amo' g the living, and being so, are still taking lot and part in the great business of human life. The absorbing and engrossing theme of interest among us at present, is Animal Magnetism, in all the length and breadth of its various ramifications, and I feel a pride in assuring you that the discoveries making in that hitherto much abused and calumniated science, are destined to shed no little re nown upon the laborers in the important work, and by consequence, largely increase the scientific reputation of our city. Mr. P. P. Learned has been lecturing and experimenting on the subject tor the last ten days, to crowded audiences, and forcing conviction, nolern volen?, down t.le throats of the most stubbornly sceptical. But you are not to take it for granted, that Mr. Learned occupies the whole field. This is very far from being the case. There are many others who, captivated by the love of discovery, have taken up their arms, and marched boldly to the conflict, though in a less open and public manner. Among the latter of these may be named Mr. R?y, one of the editors of the Charleston Courier, a gentleman who has lately distinguished himself particularly, in a controversy with several of our literati, on another subject, which for the time, engaged quite as much of public attention as Mesmerism itself. 1 mean the reality of the Fegee Mermaid, which is now being exhibited in the United States. But Mermaids, politics, and literature, have all given way before the advance of Animal Magnetism, and that gentleman is evincing his devotion to the cause of truth, by first making experiments, and then converting his paper into a medium for communicating their results to an admiring and astonished public. \\7 IfkAllf inf onriinor Inr & oinolo mom ant to rlafMnt from the merit" of Masmer, Dele use,' or any other of the great name* connected with this surpming principle, I must be permitted to say, that a recent experiment made by our southern editor, far exceeds in itself, and in the phenomenon attending it, any thing that has as yet transpired, and must he productive of the most important consequences. As I have no doubt a m'nute and detailed account of it will in due tune he given in the columns of the Courier, and as 1 do not wish to forestal or anticipate, I shall content myself with simply informing you that Mr Y?? has, after many laudable attempts, brought the Mesmeric influence to operate most powerfully and successfully upon a favorite gelding, a horse of some twelve or thirteen winters, and the operator declares that the animal, while in the magnetized state, gave the most certain and unequivocal demonstrations of the amazing power of the infiaence under whose thraldom he was laboring. Indeed, so signal hits been his success, and so sagacious has the creature proved himself to he, that the magnetizer is no longer surprised that one of the s|tecies should ever have been considered dig-no* honore, and entitled to the honor of a consulship. We Hre looking forward with great impatience fot the particulars of this truly novel trial of that wonderful agent, which is engaging so large a share ol public attention, and which promises to accomplish so much, by enlarging the bounds of human knowledge, and widening the sphere of human power.? Want of room compels me to stop. Yours, Gai.i. i M IERA 13. New Orleans. [Correspondence of the Herald.] New Ori.eans, Feb. 23, 1843. Sayings and Doings?Theatricals?FashionMasked Bulls?Trade? Currency, Sf James Gordon Bennett, Esq ? Dear Sir This is a curious place. Full of fun, finance, and frolic; and T have often wondered why it is, that you have no correspondent from this great depot of cotton bales, sugar hogsheads, beautiful girls, and extraordinary financiers. New Orleans has been very gay this season, considering that the d'argent is not diffused with quite so liberal a hand as in former years. The St. Charles Theatre, under the management of Messrs. Ludlow Ac and Smith, and the American, under your own Dinneford, are both doing a pretty good business. Young Vandenhofl and Hackett have been playing engagements at the St. Charles, and had it not been for the severity of the weather, they would have had full houses every night. Vandenhotfwas very well received, and his acting, particularly in ike difficult character of Hamlet, was highly appreciated. Some of his points in tli.rt character I thought exceedingly beautiful, while others lacked in a great degree, the soul-stirring beauty which is Vandenhofl Haekett has been as popular as ever. His Richard the Third, however, was a horrid abortion, and gained him no credit His conception of the character may be good. I do not myself doubt it; but hie personification of the crook-backed tyrant is very far below mediocrity. Hut pui Hackett into the stuffed habiliments of old Jack FalstalF, and his equal cannot be found u?on the English sfage. There stands before you, girdled up to keep from bursting, the great mountain of sack-fed wit and humor, which lived in the prolific brain of the immortal Shakspeare. At his " d'ye think I did'nt know ye, Hal V the very walls of the theatre shook with roars of laughter and applause from the audience. The new Amphitheatre, under the management of Messrs. Foster and Robinson, is also doing a great business, and making money, as every theatre can under such auspices (horse pieces,) as are there nightly presented. F?>r such is the state of society in this sublunary sphere of ours, in this enlightened nineteenth century, that people prefer to give a dollar to hear a monkey play upon a jewall arp, or see a jackass dance Yankee doodle, rather than to have the strings in the souls harp touched by the master hand of genius. I do not doubt, (and who canl) but what in most men's breasts at this present day, that mighty instrument, the human heart, is sadly out of tune, and for it to be played upon by the touches of by-gone geniu9 makes it discourse, instead of "mo9t excellent music," a horrid conglomeration of the most grating jargon, and bringing a tear of regret with each touch of its strings. "Well, let the stricken deer go weep, The hart ungalled play, For some must watch, while others sleepThus runs the world away." The masked balls at the St. Louis Hotel are very fully attended by all the fashionables of the city; and it is really serious to think what sad havoc is there made among the hearts of our gay Benedicts. Last Friday evening was one of the gayest of the season, and could I but transport you to this scene of joyous revelry, you could not but acknowledge the stars that shone there, the most brilliant that ever shed their lustre in the canopy of your existence. To stand by, as I did, a spectator of this brilliant throng of beauty, and watch the graceful forms, and the merry twinkling of feet, as they discoursed the "eloquent poetry of motion," ana the still more merry twinkling of bright eyes, discoursing in every glance a poetry of a far higher order than that of motion?that of the heart's emotion?a person must possess a soul of adamant not to be moved by the scene. To designate all the beauties that graced this ball would be impossible; suffice it to say thai all were beautiful, only of different degrees?none of the lowest, but many, very many, of the highest. Here comes one now before the eye of my memory, who long riveted my attention by the magic ol her beauty. She wears a dark colored drass, made of the rfrhest brocade, and fashioned with the most exquisite taste. Each wrist is encircled with an ornament of gold, of exuuisite workmanship. On her head is a wreath ol flowers, very tastily arranged, and over a form which Cleopatra herself might have envied, is carelessly thrown a rich and embroidered scarf. She is said to be a rich heiress, worth a cool hundred thousand, from Kentucky. Luckv will be the man who wins that orize. There is the beautiful Miss K., whose intellectual face ever sends a thrill of admiration into the hearts of all who know her. She is much admired for her fine and cultivated mind, and were it not for a little affectation in her manner, she would be called extremelv beautiful The lively Misses Cr., wi h their pleasant countenances, are always brigiit stars in any ballroom. And see,whirling in the airy waltz, the bnght |>articular star of the evening. Miss G. Her form is exceedingly graceful, and her eyes are as black and beautiful as night; and I fancy, by the flashing, playful twinkle of that eye,she is somewhat of a coquette, and that it will require some bold Patruchio to tame her, and bring her into the fold of Cupid. Ah, K., you are a bonny lassie, and you ought not to play with young men's hearts so rudely. Miss il. and Miss K are both beautiful and graceful dancers, and their fine intellectual minds an I refined manners are brighter ornaments than the gilded and fading sceptre of outward beauty Miss S? looked very pretty, and if she would only talk a little more sensible and not laugh so much, she would be a great favorite. Miss B?, Miss S and Miss N all looked exceedingly well,and will, I doubt not, ere long be blessed with the happy smiles of their lovers, asnuabanda. There were, I doubt not,many very beautiful faces beneath the masks worn, but as I did not know them I cannot speak particularly of ihem. But I would give a bright guinea to know who that fairy-like creature was with the wire mask, and light muslin dress. Whole volumes of sparkling wit Howed from her tongue, and the source from whence it came, s *enied inexhaustible. Beardless youth and whiskerandoes appeared to be a good deal puzzled, to know how she became possessed of all her information, for she seemed to know every |ierson in the room. Some Ariel perhaps it may be, from your own sanctum, sent hither to ascertain how highly hearts can beat, and with what devotion young men and maidens bow at the shrine of beauty in this emporium qf the sunny south. Viewing it altogether, this ball was decidedly the most magnificent that it has ever been my lot to visit, and conducted in a manner which bestows much credit upon the managers There is nothing particularly new here in com mercial affairs, although all descriptions of merchandise ar* selling very low; still it is evident that business of all kinds has been gwidually improving since last September. Had we a currency which people could depend upon, confidence between man and man wouldsoon be restored,and a healthy stHte of thingsexist. Rut as we are now sinid'ed, surrounded with rotten banking institutions, it cannot be expected that weshould rise like a phomix Irom the fire which has swept over this once flourishing city. Time only will set things right. One more of our banks, the " Commercial," has, to to use a classical expression, "gone to pot," ana many poor sufferers, who are holders of its bills, are little able to repress the indignation they feel towards those who are connected with its management. Onu or two others may possibly soonfollow the " Commercial." and if they are rotten, the sooner we get rid of their carcases the better it will be for us. Yesterday being the anniversary of the birth day ot the immortal Washington, there was a general turn out of the military companies, and the day was observed in the moet enthusiastic manner. No proud and lofty monument marks the spot where lay tne remains ot Washington. A plain and simple tomb covers his ashes But his monument is erected upon a mere durable foundation than granite. It lives and burns as the great neacon light of liberty and justice in the hearts of his countrymen, and the whole world hows down and worships it. May this nation never forget its father, or the world the virtues ol a Washington. The weather is getting to be quite warm and spring-like The trees are beginning to put on their green garments of beauty, and it will not be long before we shall hear the merry songsters of the sir warbling forth their glad notes of joy. More anon. Yours, &c. Herrn. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Mascii 8.? Qeov ge dibt on v?. Cox Jf Erant.?This is an tctiun Ol nft?limi*it nn turn linfOJ nn? Inr CIOI ni t>,.. other tor In 1841, Cox obtained from his creditors a compromise of fifty cents on the dollar for business claims. Tho second note is for one third part ol the compromise amonn'. He also obtained in 1841, an extension for confidenlial debts, and the first note mentioned is fer the nnc-thtrd due Oibson for the confidential debts due 1 them. The defendant* claim that the last agreement forrsnlidential debts, la a fraud inlaw on the general creditors ^ Evan* is endorser on both notes. ^ 4 For plaintiff Mr. A. Thompson and Charles WelschFor defence, D. Evans and ffm. Gulick. { LD. Pries 'r? n*s*s. Trial of Commander McKentle. The proceedings yeaterday had very little interest. We girethe cro.s* examination of Dickenson, the carpenter's mate, on whoau judgment and opinion* McKenzie and (Janaevoort placed the greatest reliance Croet examined ? Wei not on bad term* with t'romwell; he had threatened my life, but 1 did not think he meant anything; it wai only a way he had of expressing himself, could not tell what he meant until alter nia arrest The morning ofter Mr. Hpeneer'a arre?i, I had a talk with the tint lieutenant about it; he asked me what I thought; 1 laid I suspected Cromwell, and he impacted him too; at leait I thought (o; I oaid / thought CromwtU the mail I dangerous man in the vessel; he was deepest in the plot. Q?Was it you, who on the day of execution, when asked if Cromwell oat innocent, said, he ought to have thought ahout that beforei A?That wa* not the question; it wa* when Cromwell was praying ahout his wife, air [The question wa*, at the request of the witneM, read again to him J Well, I think it likely [Jul; [recollect passing two or three such remarksCapt. Sloat?That was before the execution 1 Ji'uui: Advocate?Just as they were going to hang him, sir Q? Was not that after the Captain had been staggered by Cromwell's protestations of innocence, and by Spencer's declaration that Cromwell was not his accomplice? A?Well?ye*?it waa, I think. Q? Immediately after? A?Yes, I think so. (J?What were the enquiriet Mr. Qansevoort made of the potty officer* before you made your remark*. A -I do not recollect, except that h* naked what w* thought of Cromwell?if he was guilty. The reply we made wua that be was deepest in the plot. j Q ? Dul you speak out your mind hearty and strong on ? the day of execution? 2 A ?Yes, 1 did, air. Q? Did you ever hear of any propoiition to make a rescue . of the prisoners while Mr Spencer wae in irons' J A?.wo, sir, Captain Sands, the commander of the Na?y Yard,being sworn and the record of the Court of Enquiry handed to him, he went again over the same testimony as he teatiSed to before that tribunal. It is fully reported in the Herald of Jan.18th. H M. Hciikell recalled and examined by Jedge Ad vocate. I saw Mr. Spencer on the morning of his arreat. He was lying down on two camp stool* in the steerage,and looking steadily at the ward room door. I afterwards observed him sitting on the Jacob's ladder; my attention was particularly culled to him because I had heard tho statement of Mr. Wales I presumed he was doing the usual duties of his station when I saw him on deek; I dont remember hearing or seeiug him do anything towards carry ing on the ship's duty. I did not see him in conversation with the young officer*-, never heard Mr. Spencer speak disrespectful of the Commander in the steerage-, Commander McKenzie has relations in the streruge; bis clerk was oue ot his nephews-, Mr. Delonde is a connexion of the Commander; I exhibited to the Commander the minutes of the council of officers on the morning of tha day of execution; It was about the close of tha examination. Here the Court adjourned to Tuesday. Common Council. Board or Aldrrmki*.? Monday, March 0 ?Alderman Lee in the chair?and Aldermen Balis, Martin, Jonas, Crolius, Smith, Gedney, Purdy, Hatfield, Carman, Stewart, Davie* and West. Aldurmen Leonard, Bonnell and Woodhull, absent. The following petitions were presented and referred :? Of the New York and Erie Railroad, for lease of a dock.? From a number ot persons, against the union of the several ferries on the East river to Brooklyn. The presentment of tho Orsnd Jury relative to the appointment of a matron to the City Prison, and providing separate rooms for the confinement of witnesses, was referred to the Committee on Police. A communication was received from the contractors lor rivalling the streets, relative to the obstructiena in the trceti'hy the overflowing of the Croton water from the fire hydrants. After some debate, the petition waa relerred to the Croton Water Committee. Reports of Committees.?The Police Committee reported an amendment to tho ordinance regulating the driven and o wne's ot cabs and hacks, by making it a penal offence for any person to solicit passengers to ride in either of these vehicles, unless they are the drivers or owners. After some debate, it was laid on the table. The Committee on Charity and Alms, presented a repoet, as was anticipated in the Herald of laat week, in fa well'* Island, and erecting building* there for that purpone by the prisoner*, and appropriating $26,000 per annum fur such purpose. The resolution authorizes an application to the Legislature to allow the Common Council to select sis commissioners to perform such duties, whose eapense* alone shall be paid. Two ol these commissioners are to Le appointed for one year, two for two yeara, and two for three years. Alderman Pt'snv moved that the report and reaelutiona be laid on the table and punted, which was adopted by a vbt? of 7 to 6. The Committee on Roada reported iu favor of making a road 36 feet wide through the Ninth avenue, Irom 43d street to the intersection of the. Bloomingdale road, at an expense of $1600 which was adopted. The Street Comm ittee reported in favor of regulating 24th street, between 6lh anil 8th avenues and 36th street, between 6th and Oth av?nuea, which waa adopted. The tame committee reported in favor or setting the curb and gutter stones and flagging a apace four leet wide in 23d street, between 6th and Oth avenues, which wea adopted. The Superintendent of Streets reported that he had informed the contractors for sweeping streets of the complaints relative to the bell ringers and horn blowers, who drive the garbage carts, and the contractors bad stated that they bad supplied these men with the necessary implements and supposed that '.hey used them. The Report of the Pulico Committee for the Beard ef Assistants, to appoint a deputy hack inspector, waa referred to Police Committee. " " ? ?"J ici ,iv.i ui llvi 111 IIU> of Liberty street, for use of steamboat. A petition from Messrs. Osborn and Callender, cjerka of the Lower Police, relative to a reduction oi their salaries, in which they allege that their duties require more timo than any other public officer* under the city government. After considerable debate it was referred to the Committee of Police. Alderman Punnv introduced a resolution to inquire into the propriety of presenting a stand of colors to the First Regiment of New York State Light Horie Artillery, which waa referred to the Committee on Artiand Sciences. The ordinance relative to prohibiting any person from opening any of the fire hydrant* of the city except the firemen during fire, and the Aldermen and Aiaistanta of the several wards, under a penalty of $36 for each offence,was adopted after about one hour's talk .that amounted to nothing. A communication was received from the City Inspector giving thn annual return* of the Measurer* of Firewood and Charcoal for the year 1843 They report that during the past year there has been inspected in the city 196 638 loans of wood, valued at $313,830 08$. of which 19.783 were on hickory, valued at $43,003 74: oak 137 960, valued at $203,034 48; pine 47,794, valued at $67,906 77} During the same time, 187,033 tuba of charcoal, containing two bushels each, have been measured, flitted at $M,7f7 39. This does not include any of tha charcoal sold from wagons. Total value of wood and coal, $363,603 87. The Board then adjourned till Monday naxt, at live o'clock. Superior Court. Before a full Bench. March 8 ?Decisions.?Jote M. Lunar vt Atlantic Inturanca Co?The plaintiffs ordered to disclose their real UBIII O, \terchanh' Exchange Co. vi. E. Mirandoli.?Thia re#diet *m ?et aside with coitii. and costs of the motion. Chariot .hlamt. ot al , vt- Mijah Mc Dermott, executor.? Moti n in this caie granted, defendant to pay the coat* and Costs of motion. W F. Haintt vt- M. B Hurt, Sheriff.?Defendant i* ordered to produce order, fcc. George C Miller, et al. vt. N 7 F.rit Rail Rood Ce. ? Motion to aet aside report ol Fnllroi d denied. E- G. Olrrich. et al.,vt. John Haggerty, et al.?Judgment for plaintiff*. L. It Bridge, et al., vt. F. M. Morriton, et al ? Motion for a new trial granted, and nonauit denied. Peter Vanptlt i?. The Richmond Int. Co.?Motion tor new trial denied. Wn. Gihhont vt. Samuel L. OoMtemeur.-rJudgment tor plaintiff. John Ridley vt- IJaniel Winthip.?Judgment for plaintiff. H'm P. Crook, et al , e*. Kaynatt?New trial granted, costa to abide the event S. ,1. Haute, tt al , rt. Wm. C. Picktrtgill ? Demurrer overruled. Michael Saughton vt. William Burtch.?N#w trial den e<f, Juhn M. t.owenj tt. Stephen Wetkt.?New trial denied Gothard Sartt, tan of Leonard, vt. Wm. Walton, taipleadrd ?In tgment for defendant on demurrer, with liberty to deten lant to reply In ten day a after notice of thl* rule, on payment ol eoeta. Jamet Smith vt. Jamti Briggi?Motion to set aaide the report of referee* denied. Roht. Q. Brown v. Benjamin Wilton.?Judgment for plain tiff. Court of Common PImm. Before Judge Ingraham March (i.?John .1. Poll'vs. VtlpMnt Ron Ellon Jo?phint Corntlia Hinbet ? This i? ? action of covenant, under the plea of coverture, growing out of the leas* ot hotifle No. 4P5 Broom* itrert, from tne plaintiff to tho dofendant The defence is, that the dslendan t waa married, and therefore incompetent to make the contract. The question for the Jury, therefore, was whether this fair lady waa a temmr covert,or r /emmo tola. The defence waa the daughter of the late Judge Flake, of Newbnrgh. .the waa married, as it appeared In evidence, aome yeara ?inca to Mr. Er.ra Biabee. They hive not lived together for aeveral yeara, however. Mr. Biabee wiia a portrait painter. Verdict for defendant. Mr. Sullivan forplaintitt ; Mr. Price for defendant. I O^T?In the month of February. IM2 berween Bnjfdq and thia city, * letter enrlanng o?r?i*cate N >. W [an. 2">, 1R8R, (or fifty rharei in the Capital rtoch of the Cni?nrrcial B ink t'T M uirhe'ter. Miaa., ita din< in mrinmtIny perann having fonnd the 'a.-ne. will be amiably re waroaa y rnrw.irding it to tha anbecriber. New York-Kab. IT. lit J. fl>-loap??i U w HATCH.

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