Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1843 Page 3
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Q(7* RHEUMATISM?-The moat efficacious re me. I) for rheumutic affections la found in the com|>ouud ami highly concentrated Extract of Sursaparillu, prepared b) the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy 01 the city of New York. Many caaea of the moat diatrea aiug and inveterate character have been permanentl) cured by the use of a few bottles of this i>omilur medicine Dr. Brande's Dictionary of the Materia Medica speaks ol this preparation in the most unqualified terms of approbation. It is also of infimi .-'errice in all scrolulotis diseases. cutaneous* eruptions, inu thoic affections resulting from the ubuse o< mercury. Sold in single bottles at 75 cent* each j canes of half a dozen bottles, $3 60 ; do ono dozen f<?- W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 07 Nassru st. monev maukkt. Monday, March 6?O P. M. There is some anxiety for the uewa by the Great Wes tern. Her news is expected to have some influence upon the market. The sales at the stock board were very small to-day, and prices a little worse. Kentucky 6's 1 per cant; New Jersey fell 1 per cent; Paterson J ; sales of Mechanics' Banking Association were made at 74, and after the board at 74. At the new board, a better business was done, but tho rates presented nearly the same results. CityA'sof 1848, are in demand. The Kentucky Bank Bill has been Anally killed in the House, by a tie vote. 11 they pass a requisite tax bill, and can collect it, after it is passed, the State will be out ol danger. There is a great difference between a valuation or relief law, and increased taxes. Mobile funds are at 18 a '10, to-day. Statement ok tnr. Manhattan Gas Company, Fab 1, 1843. Liabilities. Capital paid in [except $6 as below] 33 per share, $330,000 00 luv ited as fol'ows R?-al est te, ??> 25 per cent loss, 60,319 59 Main and service pipe, 125,810 98 Meters, 15,8 <6 76 Apparatus, , 67,113 31 Gas Fu niturc on rent, 30,329 77 Do on h ind, 8,378 18 Lamp posts, 379 90 Horse and rart, 139 87 r Contingencies, 9,092 80 325,396 16 Uninvested capital, due stockholders, $4,603 04 Other Labilities. 41ity snd State tax, 1,345 10 Bills parable, (including bond and mortgage " W for $2000) 4,73614 Interest on bond, 106 00 Sundry small debts, 399 50 Unclaimed dividends, 875 88)VM* ?? 7,459 62 $12,063 46 Atitlt. Instalment of $3 each on 2sha stock unpaid, $6 00 Cash iu Chrmieal Bank. %'> 8.'.fl ni " Bank of New York. 2 !W>7 01 " on hand in desk, 149 03 8,566 03 $8,556 88 Corporation Gas bill due this dry, 1,70j i 0 Gas and laborers bills to 1st Jsn'y, unpaid, 3,030(0 " " to lit Feb'y, 4,550 00 JO,210 00 Interest on church bonds, Stc., 75 00 Bills received esteemed wood, 4,216 63 Value of coel on hand, 6,749 51 " of materials for repairs at works, 923 90 7,673 41 $30,827 91 Surplus $5 68X per cent, $18,763 45 Market value, 72 psrct. A person calling himself Myers, and one of the directors of the Kinderhook Bank,says they bought their Michigan stock of the State, and not of the Morris Canal. At New Orleans, on the 23d ult., $220,000, in specie, arrived from Matamoras. The Illinois Legislature, by resolution, have agreed to adjourn on Monday, 5th March. The bill reducing the taxes fifty per cent, has become a law. The Canal bill, having passed both Houses, will become a law. The Senate passed a bill, authorizing the reception of this State's distributive Bhare of money under Mr. Clay's Land law. Within the last week or ten days, a large amount of individual obligations have been transferred by the Union Bank,of Florida, to the agents of the foreign bond holders. The Ban* of Columbus, Geo., and the Ocmulgee Bank, have notified their creditors and bill holders, to attend and receive the assets of the concerns in payment. I He opening 01 inn spring is now rapiuiy approacning, and the indications arc that it will be good and more profitable to the agricultural producers, than ever before. All the agricultural produce now on hand, and it is immense in volume, has been raised and held at low prices, lowcr perhaps than ever before ; arising from two circumstances. viz.: quantity ot supply, and scarcity of circulating medium. For the last year, the country has been going through the process of transition fram a paper to specie currency This naturally left a temporary vacuum, during which, produce, for the most pert, was unsaleable. This was not the fault of specie, but that of the use of paper, which drove out specie, end then breaking down, left the vacuum to be resupplied. This has been done to the extent of Sto $10,090,000 of specie imported from abroad, which has been accumulated on the Atlantic border during the su pension of inland navigation, when it could not perform its legitimate I unctions of purchasing produce to the full extent. Slowly, however, it has found its way West, and prices are on the rise. In Chicago and other lake ports, wheat has gone up 10 cents per bushel, a rise of96 percent., at which 96,000 bushels sold for the first vessel. This is a most important fact, and like the first ripple of water through a bank, which dams a flood, it marks the channel through which an overwhelming torrent of business is to pour. Let us come at facts. The census gave the productions of the States for the year 1839. Mr. Ellsworth, of the Patent office, has estimated the products for 1843, with appsrent accuracy. We will give the products of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, for both periods, with the value at present dates :? Pkopuots and Value or Ohio. Illinois and Indiana. 184?. 1842. Price. Value. Wheat, 23,187.487 39.687,143 42 cti. 20.437,313 B rley, 301,623 349,746 30 117,923 Otis, 24.427,470 36.079,690 11 CtS. 3.908 763 Hye, 1,004,494 1,334.(29 20 267,024 Buckwhtat, 794 966 883,711 20 176,742 Potatoes, 9.131 861 12,777,773 ii 1.404 777 Cora, 84.('78,810 103,809.276 18 cis. 18.684.678 Hay, 1.376,821 2,813,492 8 00 22,868,736 i'th, 914,418,400 1,440,000 000 1 00 a 2,25 31,000 000 Woollens, 4,443,444 7,180,240 24 Cts. i,794,f60 Total value, $100,422,211 Wamsy estimate that SO percent of these articles, or $80,100,000, are surplus exported. By the distribution of 8 to $800,000 of specie, aa a circulating medium, the value has been raised $10.000,000,in a lew weeks before the navigation is open. A continuance of the same process now going on, will make a difference of $15,000,000 to the far* mers of those section* alone, which will evince itself in the Atlantic ports in the increased demand for goods, be cause they will have the means of paying for them. This process of supplying the channels of circulation with spa ?a in Krinfli nmeoa it n bra 5 la a ?*> ! h>kane<> 81% a? ?ma*a *%*% a turally depressed, owing to the absence of that specie.? A future rite mutt depend upon the foreign outlet for the agricultural turplua. Pricei mini inevitably rule low, and for the reaten that owing to the t xtension of the meant of intercourse, all agricultural section* are brought into competition with the aamemarkit. Tho position of affair* in New England is un ir?Ucic? K rin :i ly the Boston market was supplied almost entirely .Yo.n the adjacent New England fitates, except with a pottton of flour and pork, which came from New Yorka.tJ N.w Orleans.? The opening of the Western railroad has wrought a change, which will be best explained by the following fact:?A larmer in the neighborhood of Boston raised liOO bushels of potatoee, for which at usual he expected to realise 40 cents per bushel in Boston. While preparing (er market, his neighbor accosted him?"What are you going to do with those potatoes 7" " Carry them to market." "It wont pay." "Why?" ? Why 7 why pota. toes from Chenango county, New York, are selling there at 3d cents." " The Devil! Well, then, I'll give mine to my cattle." He did so accordingly. The Chenango potatoes will soon be supplanted in Boston by the Chicago production. In the same way, Ohio beans sell for $1 per bushel in Boston, where the regular price was formerly fl. Thus it is, that although rapidity of communication benefits the whole country, and places the whole wealth of the country more immediately at the command of the whole consumers, yet localities which before enjoyed a species of monopoly, are ruined. This is a great and leading cause of the revolution going on in the value oi property. Everything is in commotion, and seeking to adjust itself to the specie standard and changtd groKraphical position. All these tre elements ol a vastly improved trade, be cause not only is the grsat west getting a specie circulation, but is getting rid of its accursed banks, and its products coming more into requisitions Precisely, however, as facilitated internal intercourse gives the means to the border of getting produce cheaper, so does free trade give to the interior cheaper manufactured goods, and high du ties de?tr"ysftheirmtereits. The following is a table o' vuo nil|9 ! iiv.111 I1UI11 I1HVIB IUIO INBW ?orK lor 1843 ! ? CimrD tivit 8r*TrM*i*t or the Quantity orC??n or thk iS woirii. Mr.?<:h*nni?k SHirrrn by thi P*cbki? brom I n?r to Njry* yotk, dbhino the ykah >842. Jlrnrnflt ?n > J?r Comparnlir jlmount<>/ K"<ti ' 18*2 1841 1840. in i*. S'l* * .ol , 6,212 18.124 10,034 16.778 WcoTWiy 'ail wonted I,Oil 2 513 1,476 1,450 Worth d I hi ailk, 2.124 3.381 2 1,37 1,871, Co lon 4 it, 1,633 3,311 2.791 3,773 Bilk nude Bod, 079 M49 935 1,378 Snodritt, 8,618 14.740 10,150 18.783 Total, 21 418 41.82? 28,225 45,740 WiMt. I ' 22.278 37,290 Wttr.lwt a? Ytlue, 1,238 ,14 1,363,45.3 850,348 2,109,934 | I I Sales at the Stock (exchange. J'WO U 8 Loan 6's, 1844, 10'k lfi shs Merchants' BU >? low N Y Slate 6*?, 186!!, 10IK 20 Mechanics' 64JK M 0 Ohio 6's, IU60, 'Ik 100 Mrch Bka Co 71 TOOO do do st w 69)4 49 N Y Uu Light Co 103 2000 Kentucky 6's, 1171. 8l4? 50 Har'em 16k *000 i'o do slO 81^4 40 do 16* 0,0 Water Loan 5, 1870 M 10 N Jersey 68 2 ills Del It Hud 87 12 Patersou 44 Second Board. 33 shas NY Gas 103 240 ahss HarL-w blS 16k 22 Illinois Stale Bit 5 Commercial Stock Ktchniige?18 Wall at. t 000 Ohio G's, I860 6<t* $6000 Kentucky 6's bl5 85 1000 do . stw 6(114 7000 do 8ik KK0 do . nw 6'j14 1000 do 81k 4UO0 do G'i'i 5000 do 647k 6000 do 69* 80 ?has Manhattan Gas 72 30011 Kentucky 6's h 10 84 1 >0 Hailrin UK hli 16* 1000 do t>20 84 40 do bl5 16k Some sales ot real estate were made, as follows :? The house No. HI Franklin st $5,900 Do 63 do 6,066 Do 65 do 6,10o The three story brick dwelling and lot No. 126 Liberty st, bought in at 7,400 Six lots ou Greenwich and Washington sts, Leroy and Morton sts, bought in at 14,400 Sugar?16 hhds i'orto Hico, at 5i a 6j. Spiett?10,000 lbs. Nutmegs sold at 87$ cents. 500 bags Pepper sold at 8 cts. Sugar? New Orleans dull. Sales at 4^ a 6$ cents lb. Brown Havanas 1200 hhds at 6} a } cts. Tobacco?90 hhds old Kentucky sold at 6j a 6l. 112 bales St. Jago sold at 18 cts.; a lew at 20 cts. 60 St. Domingo at 12J cts., and 300on terms not public. Cattle Market. There was the usual supply of cattle in market this morning. All told, there were at least nine hundred tieeves, one thousand sheep, and ono hundred cows and calves. We do not notice that any particular hange has taken place in prices. Beeves fetch from $4,60 to $6,50, and $6,75 a hundred weight; sheep from $1,26 to $4,60 ; and cows and calves from $18 to $35 a head It appears by the returns that 1124 beeves, 340 hogs, 165 pigs, 128calves, and 36 sheep were consumed in the city of Houston, Texas, in 1842. In this city this quantity would be consumed in one week. Foreign Markets. Havana, Feb. 18 ?Hoops, per M. 30 a 84; boards, Portland white pine, 17 4 a 19; other eastern ports, 22 a 23; P. P. lumber, 18 a 22; shingles, 3 a4; hhdshooks, with heading, 0 a 6r; beans, white, 4 a 6r; beef, No. 1 and 2, prime and mess,4a7; butter, Am. 16a20; candles, mould, 15 a 16; sperm, 30 a 31: cheese, Am. 10 a 18; codfish, 50 lbs, box $24; flour, Philadelphia and Baltimore, 13 4; hams. Am.9 a 11; lard, N. O 12 a 12 4; onions,4 1 a84; pork, N O and eastern, and mess,9all; clear, 14 a 16; potatoes, barrel, $1 2 a 1 4; rice, 4 S a 4 4: soap, yellow, 7 a 8 4; tallow, Am. 9; honey, gall. 2}r; molasses, kegef 6} gall, J a J rl; sugars, assorted, J white J brown, 6 9 a 00 10; white :ilone9all; brewn alone 4J a4{; yellow, 6a5}; segars, $8 ii $25. Exchanges?London, 60 days sight, Halite premium; New |YorK 3j a 4 prem; Boston 3| a4 prt m; New Or leans, 3 a 4 premium, short sight; Spain, 3 a7 premium; Paris, 24 a 4 disc. Freight!?To France, 60 a 80 francs ; and to United mates 91 per dox sugar; 4 rs. per bag coftee; $3} a 3 hhd. molasses. Married, By the Rev. M. Schoolmarker, Ml. O. Hazard, of the 3d avenue, to Myrinda Kolburn. Died. On Sunday evening, March 6th, Mrs. Jane Hilton, widow of the late Jonn Hilton, in the 66th year of her age. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 3J o'clock, from her late residence, 93 Gold street, without further invitation. On Monday morning,Oth inst. John, sen of Henry W. Chrstie, ajjed 4 years and 9 months. His remains will be taken to Orange county for interment. On Monday afternoon, Oth inst. of a lingering illness, Bridoet, wife of Bartholomew O'Conner, aged forty years. Her funeral takes place to-morrow afternoon, at 3} o'clock, from 113 Walker street. On Friday, 3d inst. in the Hospital at Bellevue, of consumption, Samuel Morgan, printer. LRteit Advices received at the new york herald office. Africa Nor. tl Macao Oct. 24 AnxCayes Dec. 30 Madras Nov. 22 Antigua Jan. 23 Manilla Sept. 20 Bombay Nov. 1 Montevideo Dec. 21 Balavia Oct. 7 Maranham Nov. 76 Bermuda Jan. 13 Matanzas Feb. 23 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguez J?n. 21 Buenos Ayres Dec. 27 Maracaibo Dec. 7 Batpa Nov. 12 Matamoras Jau. 14 Belize. Hond. Feb. 4 Neuvitas Nov. 10 BarbaJoes Feb. 2 Nassau, N. P. Feb. 5 Bogota Dec. 24 Oaliu, 8. 1. Nov. 3 Berbice---. Feb. 20 Paris --Feb. 3 Ca|>e Haytien Jan. 23 Port an Prince Feb. 9 Cape Town, C.G. H-Dec. 3 Ponce, P. R. Feb. 4 Caracoa Feb. 7 Para Jan. 27 Cienfuegos Jan. 27 Peruambuco Jau. 22 Caithagcna Sept 15 lanatna Sept. 23 Caraccea May 17 Ri 1 tie Janeiro Jan. 5 Chagres July 1 Singapore Oct. 13 Sent. 7 Sydney, N. 8. W. June 14 Calcutta Nov. 6 St. Helena Dec. 30 IVmerara Jan. 30 St. Thomas Feb. 12 Faval Jan. 15 St. Barts Jau. 3 Gibraltar Jan. 9 St. Jago de Cuba Jan 14 (taayaouil Oct. 16 St. Jonns, P. R. Feb 15 Gnavama, P. R.- Nov. 7 Sl Croix Feb. 1 Oonaivei Jan. 17 St. Martha Dec. 2 Galveston Feb. II St. John, N. B. Feb. 23 Havre Feb. 3 Surinam Dec. 22 Havana---- Feb. 18 Tampico Dec. 6 Halifax Feb. 20 Tobasco Jan. 6 Jeremie Nov. 20 Turks Island Feb. 8 Jacmel Dec. 25 Trinidad de Cuba- Feb. 8 Kingston, Ja. Feb. 3 Vera Cruz Feb. 5 London ---Feb. 4 Valparaiso Oct. 22 Liverpool Feb. 5 Yucatan Feb. 4 La Gnayra Jan. 31 Zanzibar Nov. 25 Lima Nov. 8 Foreign Importations, .Rio de Janeiro?Barque Cornelia?3548 bsgs coffee W C Pickersgill (t cn. Vf A DTTTltfl? u E n a r rv :u a iv 1 1 1 iu n Ti a A L JJ . Sailing Days of the Steam Ship*. prom enoland. prom america G. Western, Hosken Feb. II Mar. 16 Columbia, Miller Mar. 4 April 1 Critanuia, Hewitt April 4 May 1 ft Western, Hoaken April 15 May II Hibernia, Judkins April 19 May 16 Britannia, Hewitt May 4 Jane 1 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. New Yolk, Cropper, Feb. 7 Patrick Henry, Delano, Mar. 7 Siddons, Cobb, Feb. 13 Sheffield, Allen, Mar. 13 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Switzerland, Chad wick, Jan.20 Switzerland, Chad wick. Mar 10 Ontario, Bradisli, Jan. 20 Ontario, Bradiah, Mar. 10 Toronto, Griawold, Feb. 3 Toronto, G.iawold, April I from havre. for havre. Emerald, Howe. Jan. 24 Argo, Anthony, Mar. 8 Baltimore, Funck, Jan. 16 Francois I, Ainsworth, Mar. I Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will Rive to Commodore Robert Silvey, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shippinir left at the 1 ort 'Thence they sailed, the Vessels S|Kiken on their P.issatte, a List of their Cargo, and anv Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will hoard them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, wil> also confer a favor by sending to this Office alt the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OK NEW YORK, MARCH T. sun rises 6 27 I moon sf.ts 12 28 un sets 3 16 I hioh water I. 33 Cleared. Ship Vicksburg, Berry, New Oilcan". Wm Nelson.?Brigs Leone (Brl Harvey, London, Thoa 8 Winslow: Hope, Drrsenl>, Gibr?|tar, John Ogden; Dcmerara. Blanc hard, run) British, Merrill. New Orleans, R P Back; Larch, Abbott, Pt rlland, Nesmith, Leeds It Co. Arrived. Barque Cornelia. Young, from Rio de Janeiro, Jan. 12, with coffee,to W. C. Pickeragill. Left ahi|>s John H. Gardiner, Neil, for New Verb, 13th; Roanoke, Smith, for Baltimore, de; ha-que Inca. Conklio, for do, 4 days; brig Kentucky,WiMIs, for >'oa?t of Africa, soou. Ship Franklin sailed for N York, was ou 10 days, and rammed leakv?w .uld have to discharge cargo. B'ig Mon'evideo, Bearae, for New York, sailed 6 days before. Markets for all kruds of A me r ran produce very doll. The C. has ezperienced very severe weather on the coast?crew r'I frostbitten. Below. Brig Agnes, Wilson, 20 days from Port Leon, with cotton, to Sailed. Ship Mary France*, Mobile; barque Falmouth, NewOrleans: brig, anil others. Wind NW. Contiderableice in the Nor'h Hirer. Herald Marine Correspondence. Boston, March 4. Old Klla, Whcli'on, Philadelphia, ,1th? No arrival. General Record. Liang Caroo.?The British ship Queen of the Ocean, Cap; Tilley, cleared from Mobile on the U i alt. for Liverpool, with a carlo of 3335 bales cotton. weighing 1,633,104 inlands, and veined at SI05.I26 35. This vessel cleared last year in May, with 3301 bales, weighing 1,396,440 pounds. SmrriNo at C'harlrston?Harbor Master^ Report for February:? Arrivals?10 ships, 13 barques, 28 brigs, J3 schrs, 1 sloop, 42 steamboats. Clearances?32 ships, 16 barques, 20 brigs, 61 schrs, I sloop, 42 steamboats. In pert 21th nit.?12 ships, 14 barques, 18 brigs, 29 schrs, 6 steamboats. Whalemen. The Massasoit. before reported an'd it Bath, is ashore on a 1>r j '"'J *nd w'" Probably not he got off. She bilged on the 3d, and had 7 fret water in per. A survey was held upon u' V'i 'J "*M understood that she was condemned. ?? ' ? Isle of France Hept 30th. Israel, Little, NB. 15 mo,,,2S, ? ?"b 13 sp, for 9t Paul's; Cossack, Delano, Sipiiean, 900 wh 300 sp, lor do. Foreign Parts. A?Fidin7r'.D *?"' Bird, Grant, NVork, Idg; H.ITi^ Vlh io i" ,nd""Vi Manelu ster, rernamhnco. WJt, Norma, Barton, for NVork, in 3 tV^0,l7a.l^.UiUrt," f?r idg; Josephine. Robinson, f<>r d*v; 1'oRTO CaRKLI.O, Feb 14?In rxirt P.A.... ._.i r>_ ? ...? ur.|?iirri, uncertain Home Porta. Wi?rA??r.T, March 2?8I<I Pern, Ornm, Havana. KraSkvokt, M irch I?Atr Alhinn, Belcher, Norfolk; FYb >8. I nittiri' II. t'nrii*. Priiapect, inloail lor Cubi. Po?ti.aWD, Marih 3?Arr Sharniock, Carrell, Frederick! (*i.oocr?TT*, March 3?Cld Amaroo, drover, Surinam; Mri-can, Koiterv do N .? Ni w Bminiau. Maicli 4?Sid Wave, W.iloe, ( owe. and a "'llo'i.iira Hour, March l-Arr fcnvoy. Thomaa Ht Marka for Biutoii. ad-Strii,gK>let froin NW Arr Martha Urker, i Baltimore for Bolton 3d?Arr Pearl, Harding, Philadelphia 'or Boston;* Concert, Jacobs. Kappihumnrk for do; Trio, Chamberlain, NYork for do. In port at noon, Ensoy, Martha, Pearl, Concert, Trio. Euoshtown, March 1?Arr Eairfield, Bnrr, NYork for Sv 'em; and two other Teasels from westward bound E. 2d?In port, the shore. Alexandria, March 3?Sid Archibald Oracie, Kingston, Jamaica. Norfolk, March 3?Arr Heroine, Coals New York; Union. Paine Boston-Oslaiv, Briuhtmin, Newport. Cld OW Irifford B rowti, Wp*f Indira; Orion, Peeper, do. Wiv.sciivoTOif, NO. Frb 2fl? Arr Hyl ?, Kna'ia. St John*. PH; Huilaou, Martin, Cuncn* ?uatain?*d much damacc in mdapirs; Alaric. Purnell, NYork; Sol RosevHt. Jamea,do; Peruvian, French, Portsmouth, NH; Col Mmaon, Grant, N**w York; J-maa Smith, BrowneH. do; Sterlinx. T*Tlor, do. Cld S>Vm, Union, Surinam*. I' iuoia, Huttl**?on, Gape Havt?; A F Thorn, Sauford, NYork; Leonora,Cellius, do; Jane, Robinion. do; Bal'imort*, WoiUw. do. Savannah Mai. ? 1?Arr Henry Chase, S'celman, NYork. Cld I a C?b ll**ra. FPivcrald. Hsiv na St mima Feb ii?Sid Agnea, WiUo i. NYork; Oem, do; clarion, Pettiugill, of Rllsworih, for Ap lachicola to repair, hiving been on ahnre. In port, Ciariwa, Lunt, muc; Si Mark*, for Bo?'on,3d?; J H Cheney, Crahrrec, NYork, 3; Kmclinc, tin'J D Noyea.fordo. Ida; Hallow**!!, and Christian i, not commenced I 'ir?former for NYork. Imrr* r or R<>%rmi rpHl BEITIgHrONfllHTK u rniMivrdJ.) No 32.V1.TL chants' Evchang,-, in K.ehange Pine*. m7 't*r C()HPOIt\L GUAIIO.-A meriting of the UaK.Heiltbe held lit Milinry Htll, Kow-ry, ou Thursday Evening, 9th iu?t., at half-past seven o'cl-ck. Bv order JAMK8 L ' "RTIS, Esq . Ch'u. AAROV SWAKTZ. J W WARD. SSec'ti. m7-3t?r AZEL FREEMAN. S THE HON. LEVI WOODBURY will" lecture"at 'he Broadway Tabernacle, he I ore the Free Trade Association, ou Friday Earning, March inrh. at half past 7 o'clock Suhjet? " The general Principles of Free Trade." Tha' all may have ei opportunity of hearing thia dis'inguished charm ion of Free Tia e. the Ro od of Director* have de 'ermined to put the tickets ofadmisaioti at ONE SHILLING. Thoar who desire to be present, would do well to aernre tickets early. EDWARD SMI < H, m7-4tisr Recording Sec'ry. A M ERICAN INSTITUTE?March 7. " 180-Th# luatif* tute ake pleasure in aiinooncunr to the intelI ijent ruhhc, that they li've obtained Russell's celebrated Planetarium^ for eihib'tion at the fla'oon of Niblo's (Ja'deu, *'ora few evenings. After having had the aatisfar tion of exhibiting many thousand models of earthly machines, to the testification of '.it ,000 citizens, at the last Fair only, thsy now pres. nt a model of the Solar Svstem, produred by a native Amer.can citizen, which is an honor to our country. Several interesting addresses will be delivered. Open this evening:, and during this week, at half past 7 o'clock. Ticke's 25 cents each. m7-'t*r " I bring yon a nosegav of called (lowers, With nothing of my own, But the string that ties them together." La Fontaine. AyfH. MOONEY has the honor to announce, that he will de "A liver his thiitrenth Lectu-e on the History of liela d, at Concert Hall.40fi Broadway.on Tuesday ['his] evening. March 7th?the p incinal topics of whi li will he ihe reigns nfEdwaid VI., Queens Mary, Elizabeth, Mary Queen of scots, James I., &c. lie. Previous to, and at the'conclusion of the Lrcture. several o( 11 it beautiful melodies of Ireland will he snug by a Lady, who will also preside at the piano?amongst which are the following airs-?" K He Kearney." "She w- re.a wreath sfHus.* Thsy have given thee to another." Mr Caitwright will ting " The Hireling of the waters,"" Green Immortal Shamrock,""Farew II to Eim," composed for him by J. B Sli-ys, Esq Several o'her melodies will also be iutroilnced, and at the conclusion, the grand Americ ill Anthem, "the Star Spangled Banner." Admittance, to deiray expenses, one shilling. O* Ladi- s take seals at seven. m7-tt*rc. TV A ADA ME OTTO 81TRAND VOCAL AND INBTRU1V1 MENTAL CONCERT.?Madame Otto has the honor to inform her friends and the public, that she purposes to gire a Oranil Vocal and Instrumental 4 oncert. on Fndav evening, the 17th of March, at the A''OLLO ROO MS, on which occasion she will he assisted by IMfollowing celebrated artis's.who have unhesitatingly volnnteered their verv valuable lervices:? 8IONOR n K B EON IS, SIONOH M A K'l'INi. MR. BOUCHER, MR SCHARFENBERG, MR. K RAKKMAN, MR KOSSOWSKl. MR. ALPkiR", MR. T1MM, MR K. R. HANSEN, MR. u. C. HILL. Director tT7-Th? Orchestra will be truly grand. More thaw FIFTY member* ol the Pliilharmonic Socie'y have kindly offered their aid. The ptograinme will be inaer'ed hereafter. m7 Steod'rc TNOD WORTH. BALL.-The following Committee would respectfully inform the numerous friends of Vr. Allen Dodworlh that they propose to give a ball, in comrlimeut to that gentleman, at the Apollo, on Friday Evening,March 10th, 1843. Tickets can be obtained atOne Dollar each, of either of the Committee. COMMITTEE. Capt. Helme, 121 Norfolk st. " Cairns, 33 Rivington st. " Smith, corner of Front and Dover. " Yaudeuberir. 10 Clarkson it. " Mayh'r, 195 Front St. " Schwartz, 44 Chatham st. " Prudtiomme, 31 Reade st. " Cazneau corner Water and Wall. " Parker, 170 Greenwich st. " Brennan, corner Pearl and Centre. " Mason, Armory, City Guard. Surgeon Ring, 102 Wooner st. Lieut. Hendrickson, 7 Sullivan at. " Keeler, 220 Wil|i-ns st. " Thomas, 10 Centre st. " Burr, 43 Am st. " Kiel, 41 Fulton st. " Kuapo, 53 Houstan at. " Ferris, Armory. Fnsileers. " Bloom, Armory, Independence Guard. Mr. Henry 44. Lsngley, 57 Chatham St. " Samuel W Peters, 87 Walker st. " Charles W. Vultte, 116 Chatham St. " David B. 8pence,4H Suffolk st. " Donald Campbell, V4 Fulton st. " William Walts, 136 Macdougal st.' " Tristam Allen, eor of Suffolk and Rtvington. " James C. Fredericks,'72 Hudson st. " James N. Crow, 401 Broadway. " Isaac n. Lowe, 85 Grand st. m7 4t*r C. H. RING, Secretary. BIRD.-! BIRDS'! BIRDS'!!?For sale, a choire 'election of Canaries, of all kinds- Some are excellent singers. Also, a good t .lking Parrot. Likewise, an as?ort'nent of Fanev PiScons ol all hinds ackimwle ged by r11 to be the finest in the city. Enquire at No 313 Pearl street Entrance 53 Ferrv street, front re.,m up stairs. m7-'mrc Cloths: clothing, itc., for sale a RTruaIn". ?New and of good quality. Apply be ove 10 o'clock A.M. or 4 o'clock P. M., 22 White st. R. M. GAW. m7 2t*ec Office of^t'.ie N Y, Bank Note L'at, 1 No. 12 Wall at., New York, March 7, 1843. } SUBSCRIBERS are hereby notified that the following counFJ ttrfeit is in eir -nlaticn in this city ;?Two dollar bills on the Agricultural Bank, Herkimer, N. Y? No 220, dated January 10, 1843, altered from the Agricultural Bank, Montreal, L. U.; the vignette a re male in sitting posture, ou farm produce; the French word " deuk," nt the upper left hand coruer, by which they m y he retdily detected EDMUND CHARLES It SON. It Wall at. 1^7" With the eicenlion of the broken Commercial Bauk, New Orleans, all bank paper remaini at the quotation* of the ]a?t numberof the hew York Ba k Note Lilt tn7 t*r ARCHER'S FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS, SPRING, 1S43. Are now ready for ll>|ll?l and rale, at ?04 AND ?00 GREENWICH STREET. mT *t*r THE LAW REPORTER for March. 1813. is this day pubA lished by Bradbury, L >der & Co., No. Ii7 Nassau street, N York, and No. 10 School street. Boston. Content ?Review of the Latimer case; opinions in bankruptcy, by Judge Ware, of Maine, Judge fnravu-, of M osachusrtts. Judge I hompson, of New York, Judire Judson, of Cnnurct'rut; dei Lions of the Supreme Court of Masstchusers in the f.Mowing cases, (furiiishcd bv the statu reporter.I?Oriental Bauk vs. T'rm-nt lusur nice Co.; Stone vs. Denny; Foole vs. Kpowles; Claflin vs. Beach; digest of American cases: notices of new books; Htorv on Bills of Fgchargr; rules and rtgnlafions of Etisl'sh Admiralty practict; M icelf's repo-ts; list of bankiupts in Massachusetts and New York; obituary notices of Peter O. Allien, of Maine; Peter O. Thatcher, of Boston; Peter A. Jay, of New York. 1 his work receives contributions from seme of the most distinguished Judaea in the country It also entaius digest" of all the leading Kug'i hand Amnion Reports, together with notices of new books and miscellaneous articles of in'erest to , he lawyer. Published monthly st S3 rer annum. m7-i*3tr , PACKET SHIP HOTTINQUER?From Liverpool?Coi . I signers per this ship will p ease take notice, thit she will I be disc* atgirg under general order this day, at west side Bur'ing Slip. All goods not permitted, mint he sent to Public Store. WOOD HULL It MIN TURN, m7-r 87 South street LUCINA CORDIAL; or the ELIXIR OF LOVE. Its olden time, among the Jews, That mau a seconu wife might choose? Whose first, by Fate's unkindly doom, No c ildreu bore to bless his home. Afflict d thus, the Roman matron Prayed to Lucine, the midwife's patron; Egy pti tn wives, in such a crisis, Called to their aid the Priests of Isis; P Ande?i-u now, the mret hii.uoo? Warm as her clime, nud fender too? If childless twelve from Iter bridal Klies weeping to her senseless Idol. And with reiaed hands, in accents wild. Petition! Brainah for a child; For well she knows. Love shunt to bless The Hin. on bed of barrenness 9o much for love in day's by-gone, A'ul savage customs in our own; Put say, even now, Joes Love's communioi Blrsi in our land, a sterile union'/ No! oft'times coniuiral felicity, l< tl us distuibed?ay, e'eu in this city. Yet, miythe barren, it they trv The means, '"it crease an ' multiply," With "Love's Ehair'Torher friend, The childless wife's repiniUKt end. But not the procreative power A'one, is this E'ixir'a oower. Consumption'sills it will preventWith vigor cloine the impotent; Snporess agleet. whate'er its date. And all li'e's lunctions lennvate. Eruptions from the skin it < hues. And brunts Hack heamy and the (races: 'Tis woman's trust?and ne'er deceives her: Krom Kluor Altins it relieves her; And each disease, (with proper care, too,) Her fair ad fraitile form is hrirto. These are but truths; who calls ihrm fiction Shall have stern proof in contradiction. Letters?all forms ol attestation? From the savans of every nation, With grateful missives from all quarters. Penned by Dises-e and Quackery's martyrs; Thousands ajhn lay, witn tlntteiiiiR breath. Almost within the jaws of Death, Now in theii nightly pravers reiieat Tha ks to Lite's friend, in Nssaan street, And sometime* nsme the verv number? "Ninety-two N-?sau"?even in their slumber; Oi, dream n( < f Di tease's ordesl. Cry out lor t re "Luc ua Cordial." Persona ordering this medicine trom the country, ny sending a remittance, ran hive it bnied up and sent to any part of the Union. Price >3 per bottle, or >?4 per m7 fir Q EC RET CORRESPONDENCE ?The proprietor of the t-5 Hun t rian Dupenaary, No. 3 Division street, warrants a peril ct and tailing enre in all cases of secret diseases, no matter what lorm on vtvni, in a few Hays, by ihenseof that we I tiled and nevsr failing remedy, Dr. Hunt.i's Red Drop, which has stood the test of all climsres, anil cured thousands of cases indifferent parts ol the United Stales. Prior SI per vial, with a lull treatise onthis disease, giving its origin, effect and cure. In this cnv it can be obtained only at No. 3 Diviaion street; all offered elsewhere is a base counterfeit. N. B.? The private consulting rooms attached to the Dispensary are at all times open for the accommodation of patients. m7 llr KAh NESS CURED?s< AKPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL? For the cut" of Deafuess, I'aina. and the discharges of matter from the Ears. Also, all those ilrs.agreesble noises likn the I'umug ol insects, fa ling of water, whirtiug of steam, ?... ?... .. I...1 1 ?rnm,riijrlilii> ,?J ,1.. grnerally attend mr witfi thediaeaae. Many peraona who hare t? en deaf for ten, fift-etl, and twenty yeara, and were obliged to uae em trumpet*, have, alter luiint one or two bottlea, thi owl iaide their trmniiet*, belli* made |<rfect(y well, Pliyai.iaiia ind auKeon* lnghii re oinmend itl uae. Head the followm. editorial Irom Ihe 1 imea Drimrai CliacD?We have heard a great manyapeak ot the virtnca of (trarrt'a Aconatic Oilaa a remedy lor Deafneva, and weir.- aaaured that if n nnaarpaaaed by anythin* known for the pnrpoae. One or two initancea of it* curative effecta have been pointed out to na, and they are really aatoniahin*. ? Prepared by Dr B. Bell, and aold on agency, JOJ Broadway, New York. Price $3 per bottle (11 Im LEAKY Ac IX)., WILL introduce the Hpriug Kaahion fur Uentlemetili liars. Friday, March Su. ttf i??tr NO. i * i AHTOR HOUSE CLIREHUOH'S SCOTTISH MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT, I17ILL Take place at the A|h>IIii Concert Kooma, No. 4Id '* Broadway, uu TurnUy Kyeiiiua, Tth ul March, PROURAMMK. Olce?The B ialie Rowi, Miaae* Cummm* 81 Mr. Clirehavh 8oo??Draw the Sworfl Scotland, Mr Clirehoiih Duel?My Am h'ir-iiile, Maaert uinmina "ouir?O'a' lie airti the w ad can h|rw, My Clirehuah U illad?ThouVt gaue awa frae rnc, Mary, Mi>'M A Cutnmiut 80III!?I., nail Br lea V... R (1 Cm. ?? Sow?Bo 'iiic Prince Chgrl:e, Mr Clirehugt U,r!lid?Lirr a Lynlaay, Misi M A Cumming Song? Vy N'ju .ieO' Mr Clirei ui/h Dnel?Weel nay it e Keel Row, Miaar* Coinmiug Ballad?My B >y Tininie, Mr Clirehpgh Song?My T. irriilic lewel, M'*a M A Cummin* Sou*?Thi Rnwau Tree, M.aa B O t uminin* Song?Wei nie for Prince Charlie, YlrClirehush Duct?We're nwer youug to marry yet, M'??? a Cunnninx Ballad?l.ucy'a El'triiiy. Miaa M A Camming Sung?When ihe Kve l.iimr llynie, Mrt'lire' ugh Ballad?Saw ve m wee thog I Miff B O Camming B allnd?John Auderaou my Ju, Mr Clirahugh Duet?W|? it's a'ihe Steer Kimmer, Miiiea t'umirii K Ulee?There1* tiae luck about the house, Miaaea < uinming and MrClirehu*R Prog ammra. containing the worda o* the lea* familiar aonga. with critical, hiatorical and r xplsnatory not-cea, may be had with erch ticket. Tickta fO cent*, to be had at all the Muaic Storea, at Vlr, Clirehueh'a, 201 Broadway, or at the doorou the evening of the entertainment. Door* open at 7 preciaely, entertainment to commence at I precisely. n.3eod3!r QTOLBN from the veatry room of St Palrick'a Cathedral, kJ on Sunday between the hours of II and 13 'clo k, a Silver Vaae and a ('loth Cloak, for the recovery of which* reward of twenty do lars will be given. The vaae ia of plain silver ab' ut nine iuchet. h gh. wuh c irviiig atcenirr, and at top aod bottom with hale handle. The clu k ia new, of ulue elotn, aith small cap- and telvet collar. Pawn-brokers and Jrwe'era are aqueated to detain the a^ove aiticlea, offered for sale, and giv- uunce to James Hart, sexton, at the Cathedril. at 2 ?nn pNOLISH ADV EK'I'fsE V1ENT?Notice to Ma?tera of I-t Vcre'a aud o hv-ra viait ug Liverpool on businea* or pleaanre.?Mra. Uoraoch laie of the Washington Hole-, negs respectlnllt to inform her numerous American friends. I h it ahe ha* r> ino'eil froga Stint PauUSipiare to No. 36 Out r atre> t, Liverpool, a few minutea walk from ihe Custom llouae, which p-ivate huuae ia 6tt? il up with every comfort kud convenience, end tin?la to be favored with a continuance of that support *o mauy year* afforded to Iter. mi Imr SOUND PILOT. OWEN PRE8COTT, Pilot for New Bedford, Nantucket Slioala, Bos'on, Portsmouth, Ppnlaud, Keuuehcck, and o'her port*. Office at Kiye it Shaw'a Nautical Store, 313 Water, corner Beekman sited, N. Y.?Vice veraa Adams' Expre ?, Boston, three day* before wauteJ. Charge thcaaine aa fioi.i (fay Head. in4 liar MEDICATED VA POR BATHS, 31 Courtlandt atreet, established 1826? Scarlet lever, colda, inflammatory and chronic ihetim?tiein.fcr. cured iu a few dayi by the(nse of J. P. Can oil' Medicated Vapor <>i en from 6 o'clock in the morning till nine o'clock at night. Sulphur Baths rnjuire one hour's previous notice. Portable b*lh? sent to any |>art of lite city or Brooklyn. Bathing tubs and hip hatha for hire. int I wr CODA WATER?BREWERY.?Urdu rs for supplying Mo t' da Water the ensuing season will be received at No. 161 Blrecker itreit. Brewing premises to let with fixtures, consisting ol boilers, ran, mill, pomps, tec. A good situation for the Root Beer business. Apply as shore. f282w* r THE NEW MIRROR, EVERY Number Embellished with an Original anil exquisite Design on Sieel. Edited by George I*. Morris. II Instrsted by J. O. Chapman,who is engaged eicluaiyely for (be work. Terms?S3 |ier auuom?Single numbers, GX cents. Ill the course of a few weeks, the uudeisigiie>1 will commence, on his ow.. nccouut, the publication of anewseriisof the Nf w York Mirror, in the octavo form, on an entirely novel nud oriental plan, with a 'teel engraving in every number, and at the reduced price of three dollars per annum, or sixauda quartei corns oer copy. The New Mirror will appear with many striking and attractive features, distinguishing it from every o her periodical. It will he published with new ty|ve, on fiue paper, and each number will contain a beautiful original engraving on steel,designed and etched by < hspmau, illust ntiug trie letter-press which it accompanies, and which it w'll invest with peculiar iut-rest. Besides the e< nttibutious of a.l our exteusive corps of correspondents?which embraces most of the talent of this country? we have made arrangements for fresh ami early translations from some of the best writers of France, ami for proof-sheets from several ol the popular authors of England. With such materials, and with such able fellow-labourers in the literary vneyard, we hopetto present to the American reader a weekly journal of great value and unusual excellence. The parade of mere names, will be sedulously atoided. The Mirror will be remarkable, we hope, rather for good articles without names, than for poor articles with distinguished names. It will embrace in its scope every department of elegant literature, com^ prising tales ol rotnauce, sketches of society and manners, seuti ment, and every-day life, piquant essays, domestic and foreign correspondence, literary intelligence, wit and humor, fashion and gossip, poetry, the line arts, and litstay,musical and dramatic critrcism>. Its reviews of new works will b>- careful, discriminating, ard impartial It will aim to foster a literature suited to the taste and desires of the age and eonnlry. Its ten aency win r>e cneeriui ana enlivening as wen aa improving. u will seek to gratify every reliued taile, lint never to offend the most fastidious; and it will everferl ita duly to be, to "tarn the sunny side of things to human eyes." The work will oe published every Saturday, in numbers of sixteen large octavo super-royal pages, with double columns, aud enclosed iu a neat ornamental cover. It will forin, at the snd of the year, two sup- rb volumes, each of four hundred aud sixteen panes, filled with the gems of literature aud the fine arts. The very low price at which it will be issued, renders it the ch< spent periodical iu this or anv other country, considering the coat and beauty ol its Fifty-Two Engravings, and the Intrinsic value of its literary r untinm Tho-e desirous of receiving the paper from the commencement, will have it punctually sent to their address upon their forwarding to the undersigned, at No. 4 Ann street, three dollars, free of expense. Letters, enclosing the amount of subscription, may be franked by all p.istmak. rs. Agents, carriers, aud newameu, will be surallied on the utujil terras. ft5~The Cash System will be rigidly adhered to, without any deviati"ti wliatever.^/^l Such Editors as copv the above will oblige me by forwarding a marked paper and by resuming the exchange, which was interrupted, much to my regret, by circumstances over which 1 had uo control. UGUHOK P. MOKKlS, Editor aud Proprietor, ml 3wis*r No. 4 A"n street, uear broad way. EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. tyHE subscribers will send an express through from this city, J. to the above named and intermediate places, on the morniag of the 9th inst., lor the transportation of specie, banknotes, bundles ami packages of goods, collection of drafts, bills notes aud accounts,and all such other business as may be entrusted to them. POMEKOY & CO.. 2 Wall ?t, N.Y. N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the above express line will be extended to Chicago, Cincinnati, !kc . and coMiLU<d lirouihout the entile season, iu connexion Willi their New xork, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo dailv express m6 r ILLINOIS. MICHIGAN AND INDIANA LAND TAXES OK 1842. 'M'ON-RESIDENT owners of landrin the above States, are should be iaid immediately, to as to avoid extra expenses. Tai sales m Illinois will be held in the mouths of March, April ami May ensuing. and the cost of redeeming is double the amount of taxes. Michigan charges 50 per ceDt interest oil and alter the lirit of May. each year ; and Indiana 10 per cent on and after the fir.t of December each t ear. Apply at the North American Land Agency,(established tu 1817,) ivo. 18 Wall I'net. New York m5 3t#r S. MELVIN, successor to M. Myera. F" hEVCH STYLE SWBKT CHOCOLATE, made with a French machine, at 457 Broadway, New York,? FELIX EFFRA Y retur a hit gr teful thanks to lire cualomera who patromae him forhia sweet chocolate, and he takra thia opportunity to inform the public that he hoaat work a machine in hia tore to ahuw how nicely the article la made K. Effray's French atylc Sweet Chocolate, made with a French machine, can be had at the wholeanle price, either in boiea of 21 p"unda or in large cakea, at the factor^*, 459 Broadway. New York. Dealera are earneitly invited to try the article. N. B.? Hot Chocolate and Caffee aerved up in the Saloon. m5 Im'ec HATS. r* SPRING FASHION NOW READY.?The aobacriber reapectfully informs hia ftichds, customers, and tna public in general, that they can pnrchaae at hia store a handsome Short Nap S Ik Hat, a neat and durable dress hat, at ihe low pr<ce of $2 50.. Also, elegaut Molesk'n Silk Hats at S2: fine Nutria Fnr Huts ai $3 51 ? equa' in appearance, and but little iufcrior, to kioae f rit'nil v sold at Ski". Also, n geneial assortntcut of caps, of the newest patterns. WILLI AM BANTA, m5 lm*r 170 Chatham street. CITY CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 202 BROADWAY. fYWING to facilities afforded the subscriber in purchasing V' from fust hands, and the liberal encouragement bestowed pon his Emporium of Fashion by gentlemen of taste,he wonld iuform his friends and the public that he is enabled to sell the ost fashionable garments at innch reduced rates from former rices, without any diminution in quality, style and finish, hich has won the rncoiriutns of the fashionable wnild. e would direct ntteutmn to his superior style of cutting, having employed one of the best cullers in the country, and will warrant to fit the umst difficult f rm The sobsenber would rake this opt>oitnnity to correct the erroneous impression "perchasera in Broadway are obliged to pay more for an article of dress than r I ewhere;'a call upon the subscriber and Ins atatemeut of prices will conviuce the most sceptical tlmt any article of clotning can be obtained at this establishment as cheap and aa faanionable as any other house in this city. A splendid assortment of Heady Made Clothing, superbly made, lor sale vert Cueap for cash. \ fall snit msdc np at a few hoar*' notice. I5f Imis'in F.DW'D FOX. at wnni t'sit v pirtr'h'w i INDIA RUBBKH 8*tlI)"L"s763 ~Maide u" Lane?9eII'ng offat 1 wholesale prices. gentle aieu's Over Sh in, with leather soles,Som sheet and cleth rubber, are now a-lling at tin- nnpar aMIrd lew price o* $1.50. Ladies orvr ahoei of every variety an I K'ud at equally low prices. These goods are the more durable and elegant articles to be foaud, and m all eases warranted. Those who hare not seen our gnods are particularly invited to call and qaatnme before purchasing. Don't forget the number, 53 Maiden Lane. _mJ Imi.'rr HUTCHINSON It KUNYON. VJINOLE GENTLEM K.N can base pleasant apartments and k ' good hoard in a piisate family, at 201 Fulton Dear Green wich tt. N. B Day boarders admitted on most reasonable terms ICfee _ TOOLS?TOOLS?TOOLS. A LBKRTSON'8, Conger's, Hertou'sand Oifford's warrantA , ,| Cast Steel Cooi era. Carpenters and Ship Carpenters Edge Tools, can he had at wholesale and retail, of OSBORN tt LITTLE, 33 Fulton street. New York, (IA per eent allowed to merchants) and who keep on hand a fall assortment of Coo pets' Tools, Iron Rivets, Truss Hoops, Stars Jointers, Stock Howelhi and Croies. Also, Imixirtrrs and Ueuaral Dealers in English, German and Americas Hardware, Cutlery, Nails, kr kc CHARLES OSBORN, f |1 3m ee? CHARLES S. LITTLE. PLI'MBE DAUUERRl AN OALLKRY OF PATEN I COLORED PHO I OGRAPHS, corner of Broadway and Munay street, (uell doof to Peale's Museum.)?Plun be Latent Colored D iguerreoty pe Likenesses taken daily, ill a superior s'yle to asv thii g ever seeu in New York, at $3 each, and s duplicate gratis. Plumbe Pitent Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatus, and Plnmbe Patent Electro Gilding Apparatus, with instrnctions ni.| Patent Rights, supplied to order. Also, plates, cases, kc., yery low. , Cantion?The rast superiority of the Patent Colored Photogiaphs, harms thrown the old kind entirely into the shade, seyrral of the PooiogMphers in New York are attempting to impose upo. the public by advertising their productions as "patent." whereas the only patent ever granted by the United S'atea for an improvement in Haguerrtotvpe Portraits, is " Plnmhe's,"?dated O tober 22. 1342?and the only place in New York where the patent one can be obtained, ta the abore establishment. ml lm*m TJHCKNIX BANK,Charlestown, Mass; Newbnryport Bank I \?.wl?ur\ port; and Lnmnermen's Bani, Werrrn, Pennsyl "?Ught 11 S. J. SYLVESTER 9. 2Hfr *>2 WmI ?rr*?t una I*) Bro?<lw%r v *V INKH?? "bale* Knglmh Bridport Bail. Hern*. Hinim. I anil Mill Nft r?ni?-?. comprising a fall luortmeut of jsstsss cr"1 iffwVlr cwbsfi star* Mr M Sou tli struct ? n f'(:TiON >SA lfl'V A I ) M A H 1SKLL, A m 'i meet LY BKLL h HOWAKU. t JU#t a A'^#. 22 Ann and 116 fulton ik4 i.* Tl'J&HlM Y. At 10^ o'clock in the sale rooms. Stock of Dry Goods, Ac.?An entire stock of elegant seasonable Hud well assorted dry poods. comprising Kni?m shr 'mm, Irish linens calico-, inu-lius, ginghams, de lai es. camonft. lace*, thawls,*tatius, collars, capes, veils, hosiery, gloves rariIIAT\ Also, London clnrhs, rasttmere?, vesting* and satinets; a vsnety of ulegan' clothing, f.iucy and p'? dgt'd articles, jewelry, Im . lots oi porch serst vimai r - m Also, *it km rime .t of line clothing, com prising over, frock and dress, pant* vests Stc. A's>, one Kogltsii pat* nr lever wafoh. splendid movement, has been u ed hut \ sho f fi?nt. and two ricn liainond pins, to 1.4V I* l V.. i .v.. i. .... ... ............. I .-vt^lrv it". AUo.M?ir?l demijohn* ?u cicr ohf wtnei. W* l)Nfc>D\Y A* lflV% oV'ork id t?.e saI#? room. Large ?*le ol ?legint htrnrurr*, computing the entire furniture of a urut. el family leaving Mv city. A'io, ths intire ol tl u c furnituj* coDtiinid il lh?* large kdvri II I ml |h Fulton *?. AJ?o, a took oMinnw turnrsh-ng aitirle*. table cutlery, tic. Alto, n splendid consignment o< *i its s?ri Also, about 500 feet of mahogany boards, suitable for piano forte or cabinet makeis. thursday, At 10^ o'clock ur the auction room. 8%le of Elegant City made Cabinet I* urn,lure ? In the w*r<room. 5 6 11 oadway. near Spring street, a splendid variety of cabinet In mture, comprising a general ansorunent of Mipenor article* of all d< sciiptions in the line. Particular>t \v|i| appear in the daily papers Cifalofuet reudy on Widuridiy, when the f in iiinirc cin beinBkifd, BBMAVJN MOOVKV, Audio. Auction moticr?.rich gilt / nd whitk FRfcNf h PORCKLAIv ?B. MOONKY & C'V, will se'l ihn fay, at 10 - 'clock, at the i to ? No. 59 Y'aiden Lane, a ' spletidi.. rsiortment of French Poreelvn and China Ware consitting '0 part oi places, mortcn sli a, plain white tad gold band; oct uon an 1 oval dishes; coflT e and teaenpa anci s Hirers, oapiu een* suear and cutanl st nds; fruit bask'tn, roo eu. d'uuer sets, Ac Ac. T? be so'd to large and soul I ts. All the good* are unpacked. C-talogue* are reatly, and the goods can he eiamined to the hour of sale. iii7?lt*r "h.'h. ti'mp'son, auctioneer Auction no i d . -laiujk hardware hale ?JACOB S. PLAT'i will sell this day. at Id o'clock, at 21 Piatt streer, 371 casks, cue* a d lots It rdwar', cntle-f, heavy gixids, guns, piatols, N. B. Thi? srle embraces 'he eniira siock of a wnoleaale hour, retiring front buatnnss ai o, many goo s just imported. Also, American goads, viz: hay an I mm ure forks, hollow wait*, shovels and spade*, wrapping, cap and letter taper, pocket hooka and wallets, nruahes, wool and horse brushes. Ac. Ac. Hale peremptory and without reserve. N B Catalogues nre now ready, and the goods can he ewam ned till the kourof sile, in7 U*r JAMES W~HAVKN, Au'tioncef. BV virtue of n lan<l'or<l*a warrant, Thorn'* It Idcr Ji Co , 107 Fit'ton street, will sr II, on Wednesday, Much 8ih, at 10 , o'clock, a'l the remaining Ooods and htote Furniture, in the lore, 704 Broadway, en iter ol Dunne, emitting ol handsome itiniiture. Panning* wiues, se?ar?, fixtures, fl. or clothe .chain, table", mirror*, lie fee. I'. HhNRV MARSHALL, m7-lt*ie 142 Fulton itrret. AOCTTON NOTRE?CAMKLIA8 ANo OTHER FINK PLANTS?A. Levy will tell on Tursdav morning, at II o'clock, at 151 Brosdway, a beantiful collection of Plant*. Consisting in part of choice Camelias, Alliens, Khododenilrotis, Pittisporuins, Moss. Tim, Bourbon, Agrapena. and other roses. Orange and Lemon trees, in fruit, with other varieties. These tdauts are from the garden of Mr. J. B. M intel, and sre mostly in bud and flower, worthy public attention. m6 2i*m W. A. CARTER. Auctioneer. pATALOOUK WALK OK ELKJAN.T FURNITURE to p.y advances?CARTER k Co will sell on Tuesday, 7th March, at 10 o'clock, in the store 102 Broadway, an extensive *s.ortm?tit of clcesnt city made fnr.ii'ure to pay advances, consisting nfltfdnz. \ and lull French mahogany and tose woou cnairs; zo ririjhit ruKiiiniivo unci spring scni ?ui is, m tufted and plain seat mahogsny rocker* and sewing chairs; 8 exes, 8 elegant ottomans, divans. and foot benches; t piano stool, 9 work tab'rs. 12 centre tables with marble top, 5 mahoga.iy top or litre t lhles, H e'c rant earn tables, 7 inalig Uf breakfast table*, 10 mahogany French bedstesilaof various sizes, 0 bureaus, 5 dressing bur*au<. tnahoftnnv and marble topdoubje and single washstnnds, book case, maple chairs, 82 yn's ingrain carpet, and 3 Prench china tea sets. The werkinanship, style, and lintsh of (hilt articlrs are not excelled by any ill the city. S?le positive,and catalogues ready the day previous to the sale, mt 3c ins'r FlIfE PKOOF IRON SAFES ! n?It is a well known fact that Wilder's Salamanil-r S.fcs are a sure protection against fire.tbry never having failed to preserve whateverhave been entrusted to their keeping, though frequently exposed to intense heat iu blast furnaces, and the burning of oil and candle, drug, and other store houses, when other safes exposed to the tame heat have been totally destroyed. Wilder's fire proofs can only be had at tbp Iron Sate and Safetv I.ock Warehorueof SILAS G. HERRING. N.B?Old f>shinn Knob Safes, such as have been taken in part payment for tha Salamander, for sale at from 50 to 75 per cent less than first cost. ml Iw dyfc2twyr OTEAM POWER, with well lighted rooms to let,in "Hoe'a k-r buildings," Nos. 29 and 31 Gold street. Ennuire "n the premises. mt Iwr Drafts from IjC to any amount, payable on demana. without discount, on all parts of England, Ireland. Scotland, and Wales, for sale by W. Ik J. T TAP9COTT, 127 r 43 Peck slip, corner South s MU. GUSTAVE MELTON, a consignee by ship l/nea, from Havre, iu April Itst, is requested to rail at the oflTue of BOYD It HINCKEN, mt uTnntinr Building. WATCHES. CLOCKS, AND JEWELRY, tepaireu in v ? the best manner and warianted, much lower than at any other place in tha city, at O. C. ALLEN'S. Importer o( Watches and Jewely, wholesale and retail, 26f lm*r 30 Wall street, upt'airs. PORTUGUESE FEMALE FILLS. 'T'HESE far-lamed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, am A wa perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertise rrenl nn ibe lest cstauir f ti-ii. DAILY PACKAGE EXPKHHS CAR FOR ALBAN\ TROY, AND BUFFALO. By the Honsatonic Rail Road, running through from this C'ty to Albany in Twelve Hours. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have inailc arrangements with the Hourstonic It.ul Road Comi?iiy, to rnu an r I 111 If Car .exclusively lor urn own purpose) daily, over their road with tlir MMN|er train, running through bo Albany in twelve hours, anil are now prepared to receive and (oiw&rd at low rates, H|iecie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of floods, Ac., for nny of the above named or intermediate placei. Will attend promptly to the collection aud payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and soch other business as may be entrusted to tbeircare. Itir POMKROY A CO.? Wall street. New York AM CHANGE OF 8TAKII.NO PLACE? gr?"PA.;, jm New Arrangement to Albany and Boston, via 3I^^HaflEsS?Hotuatonic Railroad?The stramer Mu'iial 8, <Cy will commence running for freight and passengers daily t "is morning at 7 o'clork, from foot ol Liberty at, uearConrrlabd , North Kivsr, to Bridgeport Leave for New York at J o'clock, P. M., or on ihe arrival f he ears from Albany This bo>t is ihe uuly < ne running in connection with the Railroad. For f uther mlormatiaii apply at the office, foot Liberty at. New Yo'k. tn2r ???- ALL THE REGULAR t'AI KK i B-8 eam snips, steam boats, and other passenger vessels, rarrying JWkMfai ing "Francis' PateDt Liie Boits," have the word ' l it. in nlaio'y stamped or painted on the sr'e f 19-if KOll CANTON. DIRECT?The new cltin-r sJMp^y hoili h.rque CHILDK HAROLD, to sail from PhilsftMr.-'-'r" on or about the 10 h in-t for Canton and the Cocs if China, will tonch at N-w Yi rs if the 'nlk of tw hundred inns measurement be applied fo- previous to her sailing. Aiplyto C. H. TIERS, Supercargo, Philadelphia, or WM. G. BULL A CO., m7 lw*ec 74 W ill street, adhkr- FOR LONDON.?Regular packet ol the 10th March. ?*atW?The very tnperoir. fast sailing packet ship (|UKAs?nCiBEC, Captain Williams, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Hiving very superior accommodations for cabiu.second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make early application, on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUnRAlf, 100 Pine at., cor. South Persons withing to send for their friend* residing in the old country, can nave them broaucht oat by the above ships, or any ol the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter, postpaid. in6 r FOR LONDON -Tha. Packet ship PHILADKLwfyfyrHIA Having been detained,will he depatched lor Ihe JgkMHbnbovti po.t.ou the 4lh 'ust. For passage, having superior accommodations, apply to 1 JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street. N. B.?Passage from London or Liverpool can as usud be secured by the regular prcke ships, snd drifts tun ished for any amount payable thioughont the United Kingdom, on appliestu n as rhove. rnjec 11^- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet Itiih Marcn. M^jWrVThe superior, New York built, fast sailing packet j|ftkifi.ship HOTTINGUER, Ira Bursley, mister, 10,0 tuns burthen, will tail as above,her regular day. For balance of frrithr or passage, having elegant and roomy aceoinmoiiationt, apply to the captlin on board, west side of Burling slip, or to WOODHULL A MINTURN, 87 Sonth street. The fine packet ship Liverpool, Jno Eldridge, master, 1140 to,.i. will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail on her regular day, 16th of Arril. ,n7 r ???- FOR LIVERPOOL-Packet of the 7 h March.? wjfl^The Splendul last satin g s'.ip ATLANTA, Captain JtMMHfaKaynioii.l, now loafiraai Pu r No. 10, K. K , will he det. atclied a? above. This well kunwii ship has elegant a< will he taken at the lowest rstes; her cabin accommodation* are also first rite. Apply to JOHN HKRDMAN, til 8 inth street. P. 8. Passage from Great Britain end Irrlanl via Liverpool, can, as usual, be secured at the lowed rites, hy the reirular pa? ft t ships sailina week y ami those wishing to remit money can have drafts foi any aim nut, |?t ahle oo demand, without discount, la all the rrinejpal towns in Great Brifajn and IreHod, on application a? ahove n ft r XJJ- NKW LINK LIVKKI'OOL I'At KKTrt? Packet kKjMPW 10 h Man h?The splendid, well hunwu. fast sail mil JSuHaLi acket shiii HOTTlNOUKR.t'apttJursley, will tail positively as above.her regular day. The 11i|<sof this line are all 1000 tons klvtbis tnd upwards and it is well known that Iheir aceommod tions for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are superior to auy other line of packets. Knr passage, early application should be made on board foot Burling Slip, orto W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peek Hlipcor South at. Tim Hottiuguer will tail from Liverpool ou 5th May.alfordiiik to prisons wishing to send for their friends i lavorable opportunity ol having ih> i.i hroneht snt in lier, or any of the regular line on favorable terms; and those desirous of remitting money can have tlralis for any amount, payable on demand without discount, in all the principal towns of Great Britain and Ireland. Apply as above. The Roarins will tncreed the Hortinguer, and sail on the >3tli March. mlr pALKKTa KOR HAVKK?Second Line?Th |Mfhship ONKDIA, James Knuk, master, will sail on the flUK.1st March. ? . BOYD It HINCKKN. Agents. IJrr \o 'I To' 'Hie lloildintl .dl* rnjR \K.W mtl.V A N"?LOUISIANA AND NKW YORK LINK?Positively first Regular jMyfctPacket?To sail the 10th March. The fast sailing packet ship GAS ION, i.spt Olivor Kldridge,will positively sail as above. Iter regular day. Kur freight or passage, having handsome lurnishrd accommodations, apply on board, V Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. or to K. K COLLINS St CO. Sonth at. Shippers msyrely upon having their goods correctly measared.aud thattbc slops of 'his line will sail punclnally as advertised. Any gnarjiuee to that effect will be given sad fulfilled that may be required. Agents in N. Oileaus, Hollin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Th* p i aet smp Louisville, (laptsin M. Huut, will succeed the Qciiin-e, ml a-il ill. m l, March. I i-r reantsr dar m7r Mf- PAiSAOB KOR NKW ORLKANs?OiTiy (^n> Regular Lille?The srilendi I last sailing packet ship JnHmRA's TON, Captain V.hlridge, will tail poaitively on TO h March, her regular day. Having splendid aerommmUtioua for rahin, second i ahm and steerage passengers,for passage early application ahottlu be marc on board. or to VV. t J T l AI'SCOTT. rn"r II TVck.Shu. r<>hit Sonrb *tr??r Tjf fRElOfPF FOR" PKNSACOLA, KA.-TrtMWWbalk ofiibout J??hblt will b*?hipprd<m ornbonitho JSHbiMb i??t, to br ukcn on board nt in* Brooklyn r*??r VarilaiH' delirerod nt th? Narv V?rd, Ponjncol*. Apply to Mi KOBT..C. WKTMORK^NW*ur"?u??' AMU8KMKNTS. CHATHAM THKAlI'lL. REDUCTION OK PRICES. l)r?M CucU, 26 ccuu; t> c? Tier 1IH oei u Weathercock,' AfW whi-h, collegians. To four lode itli uhe jealous? Donn op?)i u(^ '< lorlr w>?J 'h? ti .?'-rr *3?? Will ? .j*ncf if * orHi*?w#. / H ? < M .M.-.. ;U. V mi* 11 TH * ATM ntii'iini'v B,.?<.!?,,r. New Y"f*. TUESDAY l v(i ?n| t,o .lerfo met! humpbackAft. I BEAUTY ?. \ Hfe. BEAST. ...... 1 " b t by ANTONY ANl) < l.KOPATRA. I roiu !u?l? with HOU-E OK LADIES. : *" Tit# Doors w II .1-U.I.I u mil I ,oa |ll# fa nai r.'lill KM'fdl > ? A?uuca? ?> TriiK-w al.*I i-?r. I'll I L A lil>. LI'<1 ?A. ( NP"K THE DIRECTION OK >HSs . CUSHMAN TUESDAY iVY N'INU. M.rrh 7. wrill b? twrformad THK. SKNTINeL Ltndn, wi'ti Sorgi, MuiS.Ctuhmw. T" h<' f'lllfirfnd hv SHAKSrERIAN TABLEAUX To roudud. wnh BLACK HAVEN OK THK TOMBB. _ K. A vl AHnHA I.L. Lew? AHMH1CAY MlUkKLII. " Marble Building corner of Broad way and Ann street, f r Manager. RICH AND SPLENDID ADDITIONAL ATTRAC1 IIINH .AND CMANO? OK PERFORMANCES Fi ? week of (lie Grind He.ipiu il Mori UK Diorama of THE DELUGE. Kuat wn-k <>f tli?- rnti > ly new Ui<>r>mic Spectacle, entitled THK I.ADY OK THE LAKE. Reao'iul l)i?>in? ,1,.. K GIIY'S PAR A DISK?INDIAN WAHBIOK8 fto i thr'r Writ. riiVV'Ids, including Chiefs of tin- Sir Ku- and low TrWi hm be i'rn during the DAY '1 IVIa ONLY. The NIKLO IAN, an immense and tnaruifi* cent M'l to) lnstiiim?nt,pla,a im li the finest Orertures, Fantasies mi I Wil r. i and HK.l'RKHK\T? A KULI. ORCHESTRA. Viralc' I'a li linn Kantoreioi?II (i hHKRYIAN,the Ballad Singer?T O. BOOTH the Comic Hi.,get?i,A PETITE CELESTE, the drtuieua* ? Miss IIOOI) in Comic Resit* tiona. PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Professor attr-Ha il?i y anil gires Por.tiaal Ki emulations ami Charts, DerelopuicuU aud Chacacter at a trilling eitra charge. Just ail<led to the Museum TWO SUITS OK ANCIENT ARV.OUH, made and worn 300 ye rsaso G It AND COSMOIIAMA?ALBINO LADY. Kanrt Glsss 1)1 win The free liat la ananeudrd. AN KXPERIE.NI ED I'AXV DERMIHT is engaged,and persons having |iet Inrdi or i|iianrupeds Ihey wish preseryed, can have lliein mounted in thi best style. Day nsirma adtnnted same evening FREE. Evening performances at hall past 7 o'clock. Day Perlorinancea every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Admission to all 23 cents?Children half price. miec PEALK'S NEW YORK B1USKUM NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY 18 NOW HE-OPENED ! C. H. DEVOE, Manager. The eatahhahment contain* an a I moat endless number at raRk and curIQUb Works of NATURE AND ART! Neatly nod tastefully displaced io three spacious holla, and boasts of a re it COSTLY It ELEGANT GALLERY OK PORTRAITS Exceeding in extent mid value any other iu America. The manager has engaged, for a ahort time only, ti e anblime and beautiful rxliihition of THE TRIAL OK CHRIST! Thu imposing acrne ia not repiesented br a paintiogbut by a GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATUAH V, THE SIZE OK LIFE. Thia aoleinu and impressive acene represents Our Styiourar r aigned ua a Prisoner, with a Crown ol Thorns upon Hit Head before Caiphas, the High Priest, and the Court of Pontic Pilate. In addition to the above, the Manager has engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING OIPSY WOMAN, From England. She wishes not to impose epou the pnbRoi by making them believe her a Witch. < r FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with supernatural power?but on the contrary, claims publicly to lie able ro luatruct others ef geod intellect and mention their leading tra s actions ol PAST TIMES, THE PRESENT. AND THE FUTURE. She will tell persons whether they are married or aet, an what kind of husband or wife they will get,describe their o da characters and give a host of facts and correct conclusions founded on her knowledge of the immutable sciences of phrenology, physiognomy,neurology, philosophy, ate. A* proof of the correctness of her assertions, she is at liberty to refer to hundreds of onr first citirens, including clergymen, judges, attorneys, physicians, and many of the most enlightened ladiea in the city. O*" Admission to the Museum, 25cents; Children hall price An egtra charge of I2K cents to those who consult the Gipsy Woman. 2tfr MUSICAL INSTRUCTION.?Mrs. iMcDOUALL begs kvj. lo inform her friends and the public, that she continues to give instructions on the Pianoforte at her own residence or thai of her pupils. Terms moderate. 51 West Broadway. fl9 In M ERIC AN LAND AND LOAN OFFICE.?William L. Siinert having above thirty years' experience ia the management of Real Estate, and possessing a large landed property lumaelf, al.o feeling great confidence from the liberal patronage, he has heretofore enjoyed, respectfully solicits the attention of the public to the specisl advantages ef the American Laud and Loan Office, at No. 11 Wall street, in the city of New York, for the purchase, sale or exchange of Hooses and Lots, Farms and uncultivated L* ads. either at private or public sale, and for the hiring arid letting of Houses, Stores. Farms, Ac.; for cnllecrriig the .ents, and lor taking the general agency uid suiiervision of Ileal Estate. al io for the snperini tendance oI erecting and repairing Buildings. Persons having property to sell, ex< lunge or let, will find it to their advantage to apply at this "dice rather than u? any other in the city, both in |?iint ol economy and despatch. All property registered in tliia office, will, if required, be sd{ vrrlised iu twoor more of the inos: widely circulated journals, and every honorable exertion made to dis|>osc of the same. Should the property not be sojd at private sale, it will, if desired, be offered at public auction, rime nvmr to oWnars property double advantage. He will also attend to effecting Insurance on property, obtaining and loaning ol money on bond and mortgage, or other securities, taking special care to receive ample security for money loaned; and to have titles to property examiaed by gentlemen of the legal profession of (established character fo accuracy and reputation. Holders of vacant ground that requires improving, will fiui i greatly to their advantage to apply to him, as his knowlsdge of the kind of buildups which are most productive for tke differ eur localities, is 01 me greatest importance; and hit long acquaintance w'ln the building of houses will citable him to get tnrni erected on the most rea-ouable tcrma at Ii far lata eipenae than 11 usual. He will alio take charge of real estate intended for public inlet, as his Inowleilgc ('mm e(|ierienee iu getting up sales. Will be ol greet rslue to those intending to dispose of their property, he will prepare the advertisements, tee that they are properly distributed and :<up. rintenrled, and direct the saletand it will he lound to be a great saving from the fact that property (or the last three or four years has been free.nently sacrificed from the want of pro|ier attention and skillful management. Individuals or companies that require an agent to take charge of their reni estate, may depend on having it faithfully and economically man ged?and all moneys received, promptly paid over Persons wishing to hire or pnrchaae property, ov invest money, can most g nerally be accommodated free of expense?and persons residing at a distance desirons to sell or purchase real rstaie by sendin.'a description of the property, will receive immediate attention. Persons having country seats, farms, or houses for Sale, and Wish to have them surveyed ana drawing* taken, c >u have it done in the most elegant manner by appl v ing at this ofTice. Also, Ceuf tacts and other pspers prepared. All letters for the purrh use, sale or exchange of real eatate, or for the loaning or putting out of money, mast be directed to WILLIL. S1MKUS, American Land and Loan office, No. 14 Wall street, New Voik;and the postage invariably paid. Those havi-g money to loan can nave it investeo, free of expense, hv c.lln y It th'? r.fBeo. l(f lssl**r TO DKHOOISTh AND OTHKHS"from the Sooth and West?T KOBEIlTS St CO. of Lnndnu, proprietors of the celebrated and popula medicine, "Parr's Life nils " having established a domrt 'or the sa'e of the same in New York, and being now prepared to supply the market to any extent, would respec'fnlly call the sttent onof druggists and others in the tr'de to their popular mediciue, of which there is now sold in Europe more than JO 000 boles weekly, arid although it has been scarcely sit mouths in the United Slates, the sales [ hav* rapidly extended through the States of New York, Pennsylvania, New England States, and Canada. Asn family medicine. it is unequalled, being perfectly free from any r iueral preparations; it is also exceedingly effective in the cure of bilious complaints, dyspepsia, consumptions, and all diseases arising from impurities of tne blood; being very mild in its operations on the system, it may be uken by the meet delicate female and smell children. The abore may be h*d wholesale at the office of T. Roberta It Co., No. 304 Clarendon House, comer ef Diana k Broadway. first floor. fg lm eod is ec rvOAL AT FIVE DULLARS PER TON-Best Peach w Orchard ted Ash, broken and egg and stove sue, selling at 95 per ton, delivered from the yard comer ol King and Ore nwirhstrerts ' 'I is coal has been afloat and under hatches during winter, and is now under corer in yard, and will be delier-n iu goosl order. PETER CLINTON. in5 3m" _ _ VII I (lit i.AHCIA ZULETA, formerly of Bogota- ll thin should m< ft hn eye or (hat of any person who can give information of hia residence, they will confer neat fayor ua hia brother, by addressing PKKSHE It BROOKS, ft Iron ee No. SI Liberty straeC " HA I fTCUTTfN G AND SHAVING: HILL, the inimitable hair caiter, takra thia mtthod of in forming i.ia Irimds a- d the pn' lie in irroeral. that he haa retaken hit old aland, (t> Pearl meet, immediately ad oinioa the Pearl Street Houae. which haa been newly fitted op, ana where he will he pleas. d to wait on all who may Payor him wiih their puirnnage, in hia tupenor and ikilfal at) la, at the Pollowinii moderate price. :? Hill's Inimitable Hair Catting I2J6 ceuta Curling -It* " Shaving 'A " Don t forgyt the nnmber, 86 Pearl meet, up ataira. mi it "re RHEUMATISM-CHEAT t l'RKM. T HAVE snffered aeverelv Prom rheumatism for a lengtn ol inn>, iri?1 hard btentntirf I / ^ by 8 J. TnhiM V#b#tian Liniment. LEONARD GOBLIN, 86 N aaaau street. The undersigned haa been alBieted for upwards of It yeara with chronic rheumatism, and has fried teyeral remedies without ?ncee?v. nntil uaing Mr. Tobiaa'Venetian Liniment, and he considers he is only doing hit duty to the public by recommending it, ?. 8* BUTLER, II Maiden Lane. M*. Toaua? . , Sr* I hare nied two bottles of your Iiinimeot and am now completely cared of the rheamatiim, which has troubled me for two yeara ao that I could not sleep at night; and haying promised to let you know how I got along, I have the pleasure to inform you ot the aucress i f your invaluable remedy. SAMUEL MWAIN90V. Boa'on. March I, 1813. Washington street. This Liniment is 'or sale at Hnahton ItCo., 10 Astnr house and tin Bm ad way; B M . Belli I, 09H Cedar street; W. H. Aspin .all, (6 William street, John Meakira,ill Broadway,and 70 M 'iden La e. Price $1 per bottle. rot lm*ee iLlsS OK EXCHANGE, on all narusi kHglnd. Ireland and anma of ii.tlO. ? H and 6*,;- any amount, payabl# at tight without diaconot. Prion?d^8iroo? of ting to their friends will find this a wife rnelh^d* ^RPaT 1 9. J. 91 LVfcSliolta ni 2J Wetl *tr~t *m*t ft> ?ww<ww _ [ 1VERPOOI. OKKKL'i r IJ very superior article, on board ?hip Hottinguer, West tide t Burling Slip, for"l,,^oPffl;LL * ^INTURNS, m7r _ 87 atreat. r|-HK LATE f APT'IH^'CODV-Shouldjhm meet the I ..fthr It lfa hi?irft ' inr "vuww: ummnm9 uny may nrir ??i tome thing to thtiraiiT4ii ?? by calling on th? ?b?crib?-r. ? *r^r P'^ NfW Y?rk- L DK KOREfT. ,,,n Wvri'HMAKK.RS \N0 JK.W RLKRf-A *ood I ?t*nJ lot htniwM, wild x rood rut uf ctntnmerc. Stotk aimI rtnorei imonul l.i aboni $600 Theprei nt proprietor ia nri.iind wiihee to ko into the country. Addteii ? note to N. M.etthieoften- ml >?' flOUttGTlONb on ill parti of tlie United iftiten to?ie <" 1/ the moat fiTornhle termi by ? J BVIAJCSTKK, (II n.Wall ttieeiilrirfN Broadway

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