Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1843 Page 1
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TH J . m,_ ? Vol. IX.?No. 01,?WhoU No. SStl. To the Public. THK NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub. llilied every day of the yeer except Now Year'a day and Fourth of July. Prioo a centa per copy?or f7 aO per annum?poatagaa paid?r.aah in advanca. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahedevery Saturday morning?price centa per oopy, or $8 13 per annum? postage! paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are infurmed that the oiroulatioe of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaalng aat. It has the largest eirsulation of any paper in thio city, or the ?oorli, and it therefore, the beet ohannel for business man in the oity or country. Pricaa moderate?eeah in advance. PRINTING of all kinda, executed at the moat moderate pricaa, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiCToa or the Herald Establishment, Nerthwaat corner of Fulton and Naaaau atreeta ^4 HOUS-.S TO LET AT YORKVILLK.?2 large INT? houses on the corner of 81th street and 3d nvriiue; either "JBi"' th?in is c dculnted for a public house, grocery or private residesce. On the premises is a line itahle, r owliug al'ey, and a tin* gnrdcn e iniisiiua of 8 ol?, with grape vines and fiuit trees thereon For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORHILL, Esq.. m? ?wr No. II st. JuA TO LET?The upper o?rt of the store No. 7 Now pi street, a f w doors from Wall street; the second story Ji^d&has two offices, aud it ia adapted for a merchaut or l&wr?. A Iso, the three story house 31 Wa'ker at between Brosdwav and O urch at, an eicelleut situation for a genteel family, occn: ird by Mr. Verplrnck. The biick sU'f comer of and Cherry streets, occupied hy Messrs. Valentine A Co., as a teed store, a desirable situxiion. Tne convenient two story house with attic rooms, basement end l oauier cellar. No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. We. ki The two story brick house. No 7J Gold street, one door from st . formerly owuea bv Mr. Milai Hitchcock. The rents will be moderate. Appiy to MR. DELAPLA1NE, 68 Wall street, m6 lm*r in ffice No. 9, c"i. ef Water at. ~~,as< i(l LET?In Dean street, near Smith stree , Brooklyu, the ipiendid three story hou*e, finished in the heat JUJl manner, with two lota ol gr-und attached. Alao.eoach house, stables itc. A variety of the moat choice grare vines. AI?o, several fruit treets, with a well and pump of eseehent spring water on the premises This property la well calculated for the accommodation of a respectable family, to whom it will be 1st for one year or mors ou accommodating terms, by applyijWt? JOSEPH McMURRAY, mg r 100 Pine street. - u~"TOT LET-aYO ARDINO HOUSE-One oftim moat desirable stands in the city, haviug been ocsnpied Xji is such for a number of years, with a good rnn of bnsi ueaa Enquire of James T Barns-, 235 1 earl street, in the same building, or of Sanderson. 211 Pearl at. m6 lw*tn wm To LET?The hruse and store No. 78 Laight street, p? corner of Washiugon. The store is at present occupied ("|P ss a grocery, and the occupant would sell ont immediately. "Three dwelling houses in the same row, aud some parts of houses Inquire at 84 Lvght St. ?3f2w*r TO LET?Krom 1st of Mot neit, ths modern built two story briek house, No. 11 Third st, with attic, basebjlin. nt and cellar, and marble mantles throughout hor further ps'ticnlars inquire at 47tK Pearl st lif lm* "55 OFFICES TO LET?In store No. S9 Booth street. % Aaply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, JyJL 100 Pine street. I lice a,, HOTEL.?Kor sale, lease or let, the well established Hotel, sirustad on the corner of William and Dunne sta, ?iljJi?New York, known as the Shakspenre Hotel, is now to be dispose of nud on very advantageous terms. For particulars inquire on the premises, or to AdKAHAIVI A REM SON, Esq , tVallabout, Williamsburg, or bv letter to J. A. CKO-IS Erq., Toal-^fficc. Brooklyn, #r to P Y.RBMSEN, No 8 Wall St., between the hoars oi 11 aud 12 o'clock. Bin6lw*ec . FOR ?ALt OR EXCHANOR FOR CITY PROPERTY?A Farm of one hnudrad acres, situatsd in XJflL Hock land County, ten miles or in- new iuii nun Erie Railroad,or sit miles lr"m Nyark Lending. Handsomely situated, plenty of fruit, well watered aud wooded, and easy of access at any day in the week, by the above road,in three houra. For further particulars enquire at S7 Uouvenenr srrect, where a andsctpe view can be seen. 171 lm*r COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?Id the village of Hanover. Morris Connty, New Jersey, 13 miles fiom Newaik, on the tnropike leading to Momstown ,a large two story nouse, containing eight rooms and good cellar, with good well of water near the door. Also good coach honse and subl', with three acres of rich land, all fenced and ingood order. II the above is not sold at private will be offered atanction on Wednesday, 8th of March, at 1 o'clock, on the 5 re inm-s. For fiiriherparticulars enquire of OHEPH BOOTH. Hanover. N. J., or ) ij-j.:,,,.,.. WILSON J. HUN T, West cor Fulton, N.T. \ ft lm*r FOR BALK OR EACHANOE FOR PROPERTY THE CITY OF NEW YORK-A va nable Farm ajkm-ef about go acres in Scars dale, West Chester Connty, two miles belewWhite Plaits and twenty-five rom New York on the asset r.twd leading so sad from said places. On the premises is a spacious donate two attfkv dwelling honae, with a kitchen attached; a bam, earriage und oat honses, all in line urdei;2 heuriug apple orchards, mostly gr fted fruit, peach, cherry and pear trees, a good well of water and cittern noldtng 48 hogsheads of water; about twelve acres of wood land. The whole farm well fenced and mostly with stone wall and in good repair. Trie Cross River crosses the rear, aloug which The railroid rnns, now nearly completed, to White Plains. Prisons desirous ol seeing the pre ists 'vili find it one of the most des.rable places in West Chester Connty. Enquire of J. J. TKAV1H, on the premises, or D. BRUSH, ESQ. trSr No 92Fulionst. EX PRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT rPHt subscribers will send an exi real through Iroin tut city. X ti the above named ado intermediate place*, ou the morningoftheDtli mat, lor the traraportation or specie, bank uolei, handles md packwret ol goods, collection of dralla, bill? notes an.I account* .and all luch other buaia.?? at mar br minuted to them. POMEKOY It CO.. 2 Wall at, N. V. N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the above express line will be extended to Chicago, Cincinnati, Ac. , ami continued throughout the entire aeaion, in c nnniou w><4 'heir New York, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily exI rem r Ui.ENCH STYLE SWEET CHOCOLATE. made w"i7h " a French machine, at 467 B -oadway, Nh'w York,?FELIX EFKRAY re tar. i hia gr.telal thanks to the cnatomera who pttrouiae him forh'S aweet chocolate, and he takes thia opportunity to inform the public that he has at work a machine in his store to show how nicely the article is made K. Effray'a French style Sweet Chocolate, made with a French machine, can be had at the wholesale price, either in boxes of 21 pouuds or in large cakes, at the factorv, 46? Broadway. New York. Dealers are earnestly invited to try the article. N B ? Hot Chocolate and Coffee served np in the Saloon. m6 lm*tc TOOLS?TOOLS?TOOLS. ALBERTSON'S, Conger's, Heriou'iand Clifford's warranted Cast Steel Coolers. Carpenters and Shis Carpenters Edge Tools, can be had at wholesale and retail, of OSBORN Ik LITTLE, S'J Fnlton atrret. New York, (It per sent allowed to merchants) and who keep on hand a fall assortment of Coope-s' Tools, Iron Rivets, Truss Hoops, Stave Jointers, Stork Howelhi and Crosea. Also, Imimrlers and CJeneral Dealers in English, German and Ainsrican Hardware, Cntlsry, Naila, lie. Ac. CHARLES OSBORN, f IMm ee? CHARLES 8. LITTLE. METALLIC RAZOR STROP WITH FOUR SIDES, invented by O. SAUNDERS, lor keeping Raxors always in order?it produeea ...,1 ,|,T? ..I... t? . . t.n>k r...f ?f !.. time required on a hone, without using oil or water No other artic'e of the ki"d h i tear been 10 universally known and approved of, haei A hern for the laat twenty-five yeari in comtant una in nearly all I hi cutlery establishment in Europe. and there acknowledged to have no equal. In New York, where il waa invented, it received first premiums at the American Institute every time H was presented for competition, and gr .dm illy (withoatihe aid of puffing,) established a reputation in ail oaru of America, of being the only Kaxor Strop that will kef p razors in pertucl order. Certificates are n the possession of the inventor from the moat scientific geulh-meu of both countries, speakiug highly of their superiority. When taking into consideration that those gemlrmrii hare no interest IB the sale ef , he article, and ^i?e their testimony without solicitation, speaks volumes iu its .avor. It-is the only Strop thst has been deemed worthy of imitation and counterfeiting. The great number of those alone would stamp it as being the climax ol perfection. That it may be moie satisfactory to li e public, the namet of hose gentlemen who have given certificates as to the merits of the Strop are here published?General James Tallmadge. Piesidone Of As Ainertr n Institute; I'rot. J.iIiii Grisrnni, Dl Vaeniine Mott, and Mr. Millikeu,cutler to the Koyal Navy, 301 Strand. Msnulaoioiy It, ) Broadway , New Y..rk tnl liu*r pHBONO 'IETEK VOK SALE.? An sight day Liverpool V ' hrouometer for sale low li in charge of Mr. Stewart, Me returns' Exchange, who will snow it to lmschasers. VIT . .MBM ?g| FOR ALBANY?Hoar Changed?On and 5?^?after Monday, 11th inatant. and nmil further paasengrra lor Albany, via Houaatonic R.nlro id will Uava thle city by Steamer Croion or Nimrod, daily (Bundava excepted) at 7 o'clock, A. M. from Catherine ??? " VBSfi. - Mib.Ataa.AMl tA.klA^? t in and after Tuesday, Jannary Id. lit], the iuii*erti>rrr will ran a line of atagea Irom Bedford to New York three timet a week, aa follows:? Leases Seed's .Vansion Houae, Bedford, terry Monday, Wednesday ond Friday mormu* ar 1)40 clock. Leases the Had Koad Holei, corner of Bowery and Broome ta, New York, everv Toetday, Thui.uay and Batnrday morning, by the 9 o'clock cars, poaaing Marble Hall, East Cheater White Plaias, Robbina'Mills, Mile Square, Newcaa tie, and Bedfortl HIRAM DEFOREST, (i. C. LEWIS. Proprietors. The Red Bird Lice of Stages will eontmne to ran during the winter from White i' eeery day at I o'clock, and New York at 1 o'clock, f M., Sundays excepted. _ HIRAM DEbORRRT. f7 Im'ee Proprietor. WINTER AKRA NOEVi R'.NT?R or Ooaheu dPjgMMn via New York and Erie Railroad.? R are to OnJuBaHMkahrii $1,19? I'uiurr'a $1,37. On and alter Monday -WgCSElJ ,unary 3d, IBtJ, .nr car. of the New York nil k.u ' ltn.. ol ill iun in connecion with the a'e imboat Utica, I apt A H. Sennit*, daily. He 1 day a excepted. R r f'aiacngi ra- Leare Duaneatrret pier at 9 o'clock, A. M ; lore Qvalicn at quarter peat I, A M Rot Rn .lit?Leave imaue atri at pier at 3 P. M.; lean Uoahan at half-beat I A. JV1. ^ c ggYMOUR, Haperimendtint and Engineer. Toe paaaengera train ronnecle at Tnruer'a Willi Hrach'a Mail Stageafor Newburgh, New Paltt. Kingston, Calakill and AI ban v, mil at (ioahen w ith toe Carbondale and other W eateru Line of B'agea. " ,MI Ktil Vott 11A V A fc?drronri I , ...111 h jfiStui'Mwih ' Jt,"M F?"k' maJt*r> win <"' "n (he BOYD k HJNCKEN. Aertitt. nmi'i*,|ln? !;?&. ?*A>HAOK >uk Stw UML1a,\"h.I , HsMtV ?T('? I>|i-Iirlll f?( Hilling ,?r'fcrl ,h J *?ifc?VLWN> ' "HI I'MUiTH ''' f' VVL ' r '.I? 5* iuvm* ?| Ifuilid nccommodai jiom fi?rr?biiit iTon<i c?bin nu<i pn?trtiK?ra,for |i?^. turly ap, licitM)ij ?!toul<l I>h Bh| on board, OF 10 . W. klT. tAYSCOTT, ' 41 Blip, Mru?r Bovih E NE~ NJ SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1848. jjSfc llfR' OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PA3SAGE OFFICE. No. *1 SOUTH STREET, N. T. DASSAOE to and from Great Britain and Ireland by the re's gular line of picket!, tailing on the lit, 7th, 13th, 19th and 35th of each month. The old Black Ball line of packets are as follows*? Ship NEW YORK. Captain Cropper, " CAMBRIDGE. Captain Barstow, " COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, " EUROPE, Captain Furber, " south AmERIC\, Captain Bailey, " NORTH america. Captain Lowbor, " ENGLAND, Captain Waite, " OXFORD, Captain Rathbone. The Coinmercial Lma is compoaeil of forty superior, fast tailing ships, all cominamlod by men of great experience. First cl tis ships will al o be despatched from Liverpool to Boston, New Orleans and Mobile, three times per mouth; to Baltimore, Charleston and Savannah, twice a month, to the differ" ent porU in Bntish North America weekly, laie nhbscriber, ill making known his arrangements fur the year 18-l't, begs to call the attention of those persons residing in the United States and Canada, wno wish to send lor their friends to come Iron England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, that they can always be accommodated by tnr line of packet ships sailing as above; and in order to give more facility and quick despatch to the emigrant, lirst class well-known American ships, comprising the Commercial Lint will, ill addition to the pickets, be despatched by hit Liverpool agents, every three or four days during the season, thereby avoiding any detention. Those sending for their friends may rest assured ihat every thing con aected with his business will be executed with his usual promptness. With these at range meats the subscriber hopes to command a preference for this lino, aud a continuation of the public patrouage which Ins been so liberally bestowed lor many years past; aud in all cases wheu parties decline coming the money is refunded, as customary; a free passage can also be secured by steamboats from the different ports in Ireland and Scotland to Liverpool. Remittances aud Drafts?With regard to his arrangements for the payment of his draffs, they are such as to warrant every satisfaction, and are paid at all the banking houses en demand, throughout Great Btitaiu and Ireland. Those persons, therefore, throughout the United State, who wish to remit money to their friends residing in any part of the United Kingdom, will please notice on the receipt of the amount here, with name am) address of the party to teceive it, a drdt for the amount at 'lie rateof per pound sterling, will be forwarded per s'eam ships or by first packet ship, and a receipt or duplicate of same returned through the Post office For farther particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HERDMAN.Sl South street, or J. fit W. RtiBlNsON. Gone Piaxxas, and Neptune st Waterlao Dock, Liverpool. In Scotland?Messrs Daniel Wright fit Co., Glasgow. In Ireland?Dinnis Dtl'uv, Esq., Dublin; Messrs. Joseph Allen 3c Co., Belfast; Mr. Wm. Cairns, Londonderry; A. Murray. Esq , Cork d?3 e? undenw^i^^ed thiiis will be regularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the 1st ofoach month during the year, thus? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA, Caut Brown, N it 1. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester. Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER Capt Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRESCOTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adains, Marl. Mayl COR10LANU8, Cap Hails, Apl 1. Jan 1 They are all copperas and copper listened,end have excellent accommodations for passenger*The price of cabin passage will be $104, exclusive wines and liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD ft HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other harges twau these actually Daid. For freight or passage apply to G. BKOOM St CO.. or to o22r BOYD A H1NCKEN, Agents. NEW JERSEY RA1JL.RUAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. S06I mrrTr Fare reduced to fio cent*. From tne loef of Ceartlaadf treet, New York. (Every day?Bundaystucepted.) Leave* New York Leave* Newark At 9 A- M. At * P. M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. M. 11X do. 4 do. B da. J>6 do. 4X do 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. 11 14 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the feot ot Cetutlandt itreel. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4K P. M. At IK P. M. and ia P. M. NEW YORK. ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 3 P. M. IK A. M. 316 " 18* A. M. 48 P. M. IK M. 1 P. M. 9K " The train* for West&eld. Plainflrld. Boandbrook, Soinerville, Ac., connect with the 9 A M, 3 ma 4j? P M trnina from New York, daily, Sandaya ezcepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents. Fare between do and Somerville. 75 cents. NEW YORK, RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced, f rom the foot of Coorrlandt street, daily. Leave New York. Leave Naw Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 5K A. VI. JSf ' & : 9 P.M. On Sundays rhe 5K and 7K A.M. trips from New Brunswick and 25? " M. train from New Y irk, are omitted. Fare between New Ye-h and New Brunswick, 75 cents. Railway, 50 ceDts The far# in the 5H and 7% A. M. train from New Bruue r ! amu - "a auu 11 r? m. i r un irom new i ora, nil D?eo re ML New York end New Brunswick, to 30 cent*. " an J Rah way te J7J< Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eei?e a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket! are receded by the con laetor only on the day when purchaaed. fll 3m* PULLfiN k COPP, S Wall street. NE "albTsTI "T EXPRESS. Mima. Harnden k Co. haying diipoaed of their rente Irom New York to Albany and Ttoy, the inbieribert, the old conductors of Harnden k Go's Northern Kit res*, from New York, will coutiuue to run ai heretofore Jeering New York, Albany and Trey, Daily , and connects!Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Espress, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Tackages, Bnudlet.Caset of Goods, ke., te any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany te Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, ke.. and prompt returns made for the same, PULLgN k COPP. Offices? Pullca k Coop. 3 Wall street, New York Thos. Go ugh, 13 Exchange, Albany. A U. Kilkins, 328 Km r street, Troy. S. Jacob's Exchange Court. 9t rani st, Montreal. REFERENCES. N*w Yon. Albany. Tbot. Prime, Ward k King, E.J.Humphrey, Jno. Pavoe, Jacob Little, k Co.. Tkoe. Oough. P. W ells, John T. Smith, k Co., S K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffman, C. 8. Dong lass. Carpenter k Verrailye, t. Leake Honxhton k Co. Drew, Robinson fc Co. n34 MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD. New RH^Hug bl^rrSxt great expense with the most approved sad heaviest H rail, to secure s sale sod expeditions conveyance between New York and Morriatowa, will commence running two trips daily, Sundays excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, Vt. KirstTrain from Moiristown will leave at7>( A VI. Second Train from Morriitown will leave at lkP M. Kirst Train from New York will leave at 9 A M? Newark at WAM. Second Train from New York will leave at 2V P M?Newark at 3X P M. Passengers by the Moraing Train from Morristown will arrive at Newark in time for the 9 A M Train to Ntw Ydk, or the morning Train to Philapslphia; by the Afternoon Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the 33< P M Tram to New York or the Evening Train to Philadelpi la. Passengers by the Morning Tiai from New York will airive at Morristown in time to diue and take any of the Stages running wrstor north frnin that place. jM lm'ec WINTEK ARHANOEMKN'l. NE YO AN 'DIRECT. 'NK Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordea town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York,from the foot of Coarllandt street,daily, at I A M and P M. The morning t,ine proceed* to Horde mown, from thence by steimhoat to Philadelphia. The Keening Line oreeeed* direct te Camden, (oppoaiU Philadelphia) without change of cart. Passenger* will procnre their ticket* at the owtee foot ol Conrtlanat itreet, where ? cemmodion* steambost will be in readiness*, with baggage crates on board. niiladelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, without being opened by the way. Enrh train is provided with a Ladis* I *r, in which are apartmenu and dressing rooms expressly for thy Ladies use. Returning, the lines leare Philadelphia from the foot el Chestnnt etrett by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and ? o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, lear* Philadelphia at It A M, being a continuation of the hues from New York. dMIin'r ^ 11!(^ LAND Foot of Whitehall street On and after Dec. M, the steamer 8TA1 EN ISLANDKK. will run as follow*, until further notion ? LKAVK *TAT|!N IBLANV tflCW YORK. MA. M, 9 A.M. II 11 di. ,P M ?X t. M. dl r j NK^ YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ROAD Ll*h,. Vis *i"> WoncnsTn* RaiLnoans. (,omiK>seilef the toHowing superior steamers running in connection with the Norwich k Worcester and Wo-ee*t*r k Bor ton Rail Roads? WOHCKSTr.R, < apt J H. Vanderbilt 11/1 t rMi| a. uaiwu. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On nnd alter Monday, Nev.Jlet.thie line will h? rnn rri-we.h u^y'aY'VNawVork, 1 ueedaye, Thnrtday. and Saturday. ^<^3 tofflto flUMft ALI! 5canc TE 5HESHE. r mm Peca Slip, Km Hirer. The new and aplendid Keamboat NEW HAVEN, Captau J. K. Dnataa, will leave every Turtday, Thnraday aid Satnr day afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Paatenijera for Ronton will be forwarded immediately on ih? arrival or tlx almre boata at Norwich, ajtl will proeead with out change of care or baggage. "or fnriher iafonnatioij enottire at tha oHloe of 0. n. ALLEN. N Peca alip, up ventre. All Mreone ere forbid Weetiag any one oa acoontit of the above beau ey ewuere. meg W If <J EW YORK, THURSDAY NEW LINE OE LIVERPOOL PACK STB. "*"? ailfruui New York 011 the 25th and Liverpool on the llth nf each tatnlh. tik Mt ?& tit ( 'hum Nfw Yohk. Ship UARRICK, Captain Win. SkiJdy, 25th Eebraaiy. 8hin KOSCIU8, Captaiu John Colliui, 25th March. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th April. Bhip SHEIIIUAN, Captain K. A. Depeysler, 25th May. Ehom l.ivrarnei.. Ship 81DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Eebruary. Ship SHERIDAN, Captaiu E. A. Ditieyster, 13th March. Ship UARRICK, Captain Wm. skiddy, 13th April. Ship R08CRJS. C-ipUiu John Collins. IStS May. These-, hips are allot the lint class, upwards nl ISM tons, omit .nthe city of New Yo.k, with sach improvements a scomhuir ?reat speed with unusual comfort for j-asseinters. Every care has been takes in the arrangement of their accommodations The puce of passage hence is (100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by ciiieriencef masters, whs will make a very aversion to sue geuersu atisfaeton Neither the captains or owners of C Ml nwill be responsible for at y letters, parcels or pachas t <ieu tby them, unless regular b< lis of ladiiig are signed therefor. Eor I might or past.igfc, apply to E. K. COLLINS it CO.. 54 South St., New York, or to WM. it JAS. BROWN It CO., Lieerimol. Letters by the packets will lie cl urged UH cents per single she't; 50 cents per ounce, and new.papers 1 cent each. fS r /HE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKET*. mv My Sk M To nail irom New Yurkltiih, and IrouiLiverpool 5ih of each mouth. Ship ROCHESTER. 800 ton., J 1R(h uyh?rv Phi I to WonHhouse, i I6"' *eb ry' SIrip HOTTINUUEH, 1060 tons, Ira Burselv, 16tl. Maroh. New ship LIVEKPOOL, 1150 torn, ...l ?,lrii John Eldriege, 16th Apni. New ship , 1200 tone, 1#th These substantial, fast sailing, first class shins,ill built in the titjr of New Vork, are c inniaoded by men of esperience ami ability, ui4 will be despatched punctually oo the 16th of each ill.null. Their cabins are slgant aud commodious, and are furuished ? ith whatever eau conduce to the ease aud comfort of passeuSera. Neither t e captains or owners of these ships will be respouSible foi auy . arcels or packages seut by then, unless regular bills lading are signed therefore. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL Ik M1NTURNS, 87 South street. New York, or'to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., f 7 yj_ Liverpool. OLI) LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M M, efegy 'UHK Liverpo(^^^^Sr<-aCter be a despatched in the following order, excepting that when the lay of tailiug falls on Sunday, tne ships will sail on the succeedng day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, t Jun. i T?u. io $16 tons, {Oct i Not 19 D. G. Bailor, r Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June It Aug 7 7S0 tugs, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 SOU tone, Not 1 Dec 19 J. Ratbboue, i March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, Only 19 Sept 7 610 tons. Nor 19 Jau 7 E. G. Marshall I Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, 'Aug 1 Bept IB 6 IS tons. Dec 1 Jan IS A. B. Lowber. i April 1 May 19 The NRW TOKK, Aug 19 Oct 7 900 ton*, Dec 10 Feb 7 T. B.Cropper. 'April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, Sep. 1 Oct 17 860 tons, Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barstow. May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, Sept 19 Not 9 700 tons, '. Jau 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 Jn|y 7 Pnnetuality, as regards the (lay of sailing, wrtl be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now filed at One Hundred Dollars, for whicn ample stores of ever* description wi^l he proeided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished bv the stewards. GOODHUE it CO., 64 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-tlip, N. Y. jeM lvh BARING "BOTHERS St CO., L^pool. FOR NE\ RLEANh. LOUISIANA AND NEW >RK LINE OF PACKETS For the better accommodatiou of shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this nort ou the 1st, 1th, 10th, 15th. 20th, arid 75th of each mouth, com i ciiciuk the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular days will be sppoiuted for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will be | resented during the slimmer months. The following ships will commence this arrangement r Snip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard Ship LOUISVILLE, Caidam Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. hip HUNT8V1LLE. Captain Mumrord. Ship OCMULGEE, Captain Lcavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Slop MEM PHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mnlford. These ships were all bnilt in the city of New Y^irk, cipiMS for packets, aie of light draft of water, hare recently been v ?ly Coppered and (ict in splendid order,with accommodaiions ! -passengers unrqaalled for ooinfort. They are commanded by eiperi nccd masters, who will make rrrry eieriien to give federal satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by sleamnoats. Neither the owuers or captains of these ships will be responsible for jeeelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package, sent by rpxt on beard of Ihera, iinl-sa regular bills sf lading are taken for the same .and the salue theieon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS A CO., 56 South it., or HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The shipe of this line are warranted to sail nanctually aa adTertised, and great care will be taken to hare the goods oorrectly measured. ,n< ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA, ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATERLAND, PRINCIPAL. THIS Academy was established two years ago. under lite patronage oi tne former Inteudeni General of the Island, and other aistuiguisned individuals of the nobility and merchants of tniseitv. ft i? eocdoeied on the plan of the German '"gymnasia;" and the metnoc ol tuition is the "mterrogative." All the scholars understand tnc English language, and many of them speak it habitually and nueatly The Principal has the eiperirnce of schools in France, Germany. England, and the United States. His chief aim is to 5ive the youth entrusted to his cars a practical knowledge of lose branches of a polite education, which are required in all actire careers, and are applicable to any. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, French. German and Spanish languages; History,Geogra.dues. Natural Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Drawingsof virions kinds. Professors of di vers nations and aoqnirements reside in the es from the director. Such signal success haa attended this plan of tniiion, that ie reral of the pnpila, under twelve year* of agea. write and apeak two foreign languages, in a perfectly intelligible manner, and those of riper years, correctly and easily. The aeqniaitioa, not unly of the Spanish, bnt alio of other languages, is thns placed within the reach of the youth of the Lhitea States, without its bring necessary for them to relinquish the many adtantaees which accrue Iron* an English education. The object of tne Principal in desiring to receive youths from the Uurted States, is to facilitate the acquirement o( the English accent for his Spanish pupils, which servioe wonld be doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to introdnce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The yentig .citizens of the United States can have nothinf to fear from tne climate, the house bemit spacious and airy, situated la a healthful spot, at a short distance from the city; and containing within its limits, a line bath and coiuplate gymnasium for the preservatiun of the pnpils" health. Two youths, lately arrived from Germany, have passed the summer in the sc.toof in perfect health. As the principal is a married man, and his wife and sister have h*r of the iuniordepartment: children are received a ant attnat of infancy. A vary pupfl enjoys his religions opinions nndistnrhed. 1 ae terms are gaoo per annum, payable three months isuie There are uo extras evcepl clothes aud hooks. References?MKSSHH. CHAS. DRAKE (k BROTHER* ALKXANDKH MORALES. ESQ. nil Hsvans. l)R. MORRISON. M-ORTH RIVER DISPENSARY. MAX Kulton street nesr Uv Greenwich.?Dr. Morrison, Member of the Royal College of Hnrgeons, London, and formerly Surgeon in the British Ni| vy, continues to be consulted daily on all diseases of a delicate nature, and all those distressing symptoms consequent on injudicious treatment, and the imprudent use r Iquacs medicines Dr. M. has had an experience of twenty t wo ysais IP treating delieate diseases in all their various sink implicated forms, and Bscs s mild, safe and infalliblt substitute lor mercury, eradicating the venereal virus with certainty, without subjecting the patient to any risk or restricting him in I isusual diets or pursaits while his medicines are agrssable intaate and smell. Permanent obstructions in the urethra, such as strictures and enlargementof the prostate gland, accrsnoauied with much itnlanou and dull pain about these parts, are some of the eonsegusnces of mal-treatment. Dr. M. treats strictures in s scientific manner promoting absorption of the thickened eitculsr membrane without any pain. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thousands of young man are suffering Irom die consequences of indulgence in a secret destructive habit,andwhose nervfs are further injuredfrom the use of nostrums, at d pretended specifics, whji h stimulate only to induce greate r depression. Dr. M. treats such cases on purely patiiological principles, and never fails in establishing a ear*?the stnetrst hoeor and confidence are observed. Letters poet paid, and containing a suitable fee, will ensure the correspondent full adeice, and medicine to any part or the Union, br his giving e history of biscaeeiD detail. 204 H Ktil onstreet near Greenwich. mt lm*r f AYNK'H K.iTf'K.f '1 OKANT?This Medicine l.aa ,lrc?iv " proTcil itaell to be all thitilhas been recommended, y those who have giveo it a fair t?st in this country, aud the demand for it increases daily. We h ire ust heard of an important rare of Asthma, which has been effected by the use of it, iu a neighboring town?lha case was that of a female who had lor a louit time neea under the care of a physician, bnt had receired no rslief, and her cisc was considered hopeless. Ass last resort she purshssed a h ittle of Dr. Jayue's Klpectoreut, which canard her to rtiiecti rate Ireely, gradual Ir ei ased to Cough, and is rapidly restoring h. r to liealt i. We hare po hesitanou in saying ihal rlus piepiration of Dr. Jsine lor the cure uf roughs, c Ids. itiflue.xs, asthma, con uinpti ms, Itr , is the moat valuable medicine ever ottered to the American pub lie. There is no tinscgery about it?Dr J syne is ore of the moat skilml practising physicians iu Penney IvarJ ; and whet ever his varions preparations have been tlnrou.h'y tested, he s looked upon as a great public beuelactor.?Som erset, Me., "reputed only by Dr. JAYNK, No. 305 Hroad-av, New iferk. 25f tm'm nKAKNKSS CUMRD?SCARPA'S ACOUS I'ltJ OILKor the cure of Deafness, Pains, and the diachaigrs of matter from ihe Kara. Also, til tliosr disagreeable noises like thehu'.xmg nl insects, fa ling of water, whirring of steam. tc kr . which are symptoms of approaching deafness, and also generally attendant with the dnea?* Many pr'i.nn who hare been deaf fur t? u, li.Ven, ami twenty years, and wire obliged to-j" ?",.,rn,nP*ts, Hare, alter using one or two bottle;, throw, Mid* th*ir trumints, being made perfectly well. Physiunns and iiiMrtiu highly re aimmeud lU ue*. He id the foUowine editorial from the Times Ogarnrae tjungo _w* have heard a itrest inanT speak ot .,^|V?ri1r* ? ?,!,'^cob,,ic Oil a* s remedy lor Drtfuess. , ? _ 11 eedthet it is nusarpassed by anything known Lv.L k p,lr,'",,'1; One or two luatauvee of its curative effects KlSamS hCff ?0<,Af. ,,,, V"* Vpf ar* really astonishing. ? rc?f?r wJaar" - " k "O ~T7~ T ' IV IV X MORNING, MARCH 9, 1 RRANDR ETH'S PILL9, Secured hu filters Patent of the United Statu the method ok preparing THE BRANDRETill A V VEGETABLE EXTRACTS. Caveat entered Otk June, 1843? Patent granted to Benjamin Hrandreth, "20/A January, 1943. rT1HE extracts of whic i Braudre'h't Pills are composed are 4- btaiiu 4 bv thi- now patented |iiocfu, without boiling or any application of heat, The active principle of the lierba if thua stcuied, the same m h i. |U the LIVING VEGETABLE. J , j be public should be cautious of medicines recommenced in ml ertixemeuli stolen from tne, iu which the CoKTCMrTIBLC Rorbf.ks steal m v language, merely alle'ing tee name. Time will show tliete wholesale derei'ers ill their true light the medicine ok the people. [T7~ BKANDRETH'S PL LS are the People's Madicine, , prored by thousa-'d. who daily recomineiol them to the afflictI ed. The B It A N l)K ETH PILi.H arc growing every day more popular; their <irlues are extending their usefulness. Tim sick of both sexes are daily deriving beui fit from tliern. No case of disease but they can be used wl'h advan age. Blotches or hard lumps of tlm skin they speedily cure, so with erysipe las. so with salt rheum, so with u.digeuion, so with coughs and colds, so with costiveaess, so with c.nicer. so with hot parched lips an 1 canker in the mouth. Let the afflicted use tins medicine, and they will livid they rtqui e no oiher. hold ?t 25 cents er box. with full direc ions, at 241 Broadway, 274 Bowerv. Hudson street, and at E. H Tripp's, 167 Division street. New York. irP-TO INVALIDS.^31 \C7~ How important ir i. ib ,t von commence without loss of time Willi BUANIIIIKTH PI LS. Theyindd./ but surely remove ml impurities tram the blood, and do ea?e of sickness c?n iffect the human frame, that those c lebrated Pi'ls do not reliev. as inocli as ineilicioe coi "o. Coins and Couohs sre more b -m fi ted by tin- BRaNURETH PILLS than by Lo2 nges end CludlW Very well, parti Ml*, IS palll itivas, hot worth nothing ^as khadiivstors ?f diseases from the human tymcni inc una.i >'I\C< 1 II III Lin L'|inE, lllrv III) Ul)[ merely reli?ve?ih"V cme. L)i,ras*s, whether chronic or ir* tnt, ItftCllOH or "ihetwsr, will ccrirtinlv bi-cured by tinuse of theae nll-snfflciH..t Pi l?. CUKE OK A CANCEKOUS SOKE. Sino Sino, Jauunry 21, 1813. Doctor Blujamin Branoreth : Honored Sir ? Owing lo you a debt of yrat tnde that mouey cannot nay, I am iinl >ced to in,ike a public acknowledgement of ths benefit my wife nu derived from your iiivalu-hie Pills. Abnat three year* ill s winter she was laken with a paiu ill her ankle, which soon became very much inflamed. and swollen, so much so that we bttws much al irmeil, and sen' lor the iloc'or Dniiig his attendance ill - p. in and s velniinr iucreasi d lo an alarming degree, and in three weeks fiom its first commencing it hecatne a run line sore. Shr could get no rest at night the pain was so great. Our firat Doctor attended her for sis mon hi, and she received no benefit whatever, the pain growing worse and the sore larger all the time. He said if u was lie tied up it would be her death, but lie appe tied to be at a loss how to proceed, sod iny poor wi'e still continued to suffer the most terrible tortures We fl etefore sought other a d, ill a Botanical doctor, wh i said when he first aiw i that he could soon cute ihe tore and give hei ease at once To our surprise h" gsve her no relief anu a-knowledged that it quite baffle I all h a skill. Thus we felt after having tried during ou? whole year the eiperienee of two celebntrd physicians in "aiu. in absolute despair. My poor wife's coustitu ion rapidly falling in the prime of her years from her continued suffering. Hurler these ctr< umstsuce. we concluded tnat we would try your Universal Vegetable Pills, determined to fairlv test their curative effects To mv wifi't great comfort the first few dotes afforded great relief of the pain. Within one week to the astonishment ol ourselves and every one who knew of the case, the swelling and the intlsminatien began to cease so that she felt quite easy, sud would sleep comfortable, and sir, after sis weeks' use she was able to go thn ugh the house aud again a'tend to the inansgrmeut of her family, which she had uut done for Dearly fourteen month). In a little oyer two months from the time the first commenced the use of vnur invaluable Pills her ankle was quite sound and her health better than it had b( eu in quite a number of years before. I send you this statement after two years lest of the rure, considering it only an set of justice to you aud the public at large. We are, with much gratitude, Very restiecifully, TIMOTHY St ilLIZA A. LITTLE. P.S?The Botanical Dr. pruuouuc-H thy sort^caiicerr.ui, and imam in" uii jn?u couiu or none, unless an ine nrui was cutoff and the bone scranrd. Think a ki id Prorideuce, this modern resort to vour Pi 1", which ?a?cn us from all further misery, and for which we hope to be thankful. T k E. 8 0~?~ Dr. BRANDHK.TFI'S Principal Office, 241 Broad way, N T.; Ketail Offices 274 Bowery, and 189>k Hudson strce*. Boston, 19 Huiover stre?t. Providence, H I., John Shaw. H' rtford, Oonu , Henrv Benton. New Haven, Conn., 0 W. Crush.. Norwich, Conn.! Wa. Kaulkner. Philadelphia, B Nor'h-eishth at Baltimore, cor. Lnights and Mercer stteeta. Richmond, Va., 195 Maiu st. Charleston, 8. C 95 bast Bay. Albany. N. * ,. at S. Van Schask's store, 44 Market st. Ulica, Bo Oeuesee st. Uochea'er, H. Serautom, opposite Englc Tavern. Buffalo, W. W, wilgiis. New Biunswick, N. J., Hemy Vrooms. Pittsburgh. 126 Wood street, and by over 20,0110 agents in the United Slates. Observe, the Pills, to be genuine, must be bought of a regular Agent?proved by his having a Certificate of agency. Anil further observe, that the b <irs are covered with labels priut'd in both red and black ink, anil that there are sii Signatures of l)r. Benjamin Brandreth on each box, two on each label, one bcingsigued B. Brandreth, and theotheiB njamin Brandreth. Bectreful ami get the TnuK Pills m2 ira?odicttwy?ec LUC I N A CORDIAL; 0? the ELIXIR OF LOVE. In olde* timk, among the Jews, That in hi a second wi 'e might choose? Whose first, by Kate's unkindly doom. No c il.ln n bore to bis ss his home. Afflict d thus, the Roman Prnved to Lucme, thr mid wife's patron; Egypli in wives, in such a crisis. Called to their aid the Priests ot Isis; And even uow, the meek Hit doo? Warm as her c'line, and tender too? If childless twelve montos Irnm her bridal Klies weeping to her srnselesa Idol. \nrlwirh raised hands, in accents wild, Patulous Bumeh (or a child ; For well she knows. Love shuns to bless Tha Hin oobed of barrenness. So much for love in day's by-gone, And savage customs in nnrowu; Put say, even now, does Lure's communion Bless in our lard, a sterile union? No! oft'times con ugal felicity, Is thus disturbed?ay, e'eu in thia city. Yet, may the barren, i( they try The means, ,-ii crease and multiply," With "Love's Ebxir"forhcr Irirnil, The childlesa wife's repinmgs end. But not the pr?cre*ri?e power Alone, it this E'ixir's dower. Consumption's ill* it will prevent? With vigor clothe the impotent; Suppress a gleet whatn'er its date, And all lite a functions renovate. Eruptions from the akin it thases. Ami hringa Dark brauiy and the gtaces: 'Tib woman's trait?and ne'er deceives her; From Fluor Albua it rrlievea her; And each disease, (with proper care, too,) Her fair ad fragile form la heir to. Theic are but trnihs; who calla th> m fiction Shall have item proof in contradiction. I.etlrra?all forma of attestation? From theiavana of every nation, W ith gr >tefu' miaaives Iron all quarter*, IVnueil by Dlsra e and Quackery's martyrs; Thousands who lav. wiio Unite iog braath, Almost within the jawa of Death, Now iu then nightly proven repeat Tha ks to L ile's friend, in Nassau atrcet, Andsomctim-s nime the very number? "Ninety-two N sail"?e?en in their alumber; Or, dream rig i f Ditease's ordeal, Cry oat lor tne "LucnaCordial." Persona ordering thia medicine Irom the country, by tending a remiitance, can have it bnaed an and sent to any part of the Union. Price >1 ist (wile, or 224 per dnr.en m7 lm*rc Vif EDIOATEL) V a l'i ?K BA I Ha, 27 CourrUndt street, eatahlislied 1826?Scarlet lever, colda, inllainrnatory and chronic rhcninatism.kc cured n afew days by the use of J. P. Carroll's Medicated Vapor B itns. Open from 6 o'clock in the morning till nine o'clock at night. Sulphur Baths require one hour's previous notice. Portable baihs sent to any |?rl of the city or Brooklyn. Bathing tnbs gad hip hatha for lure int lwr JOHN M. DAVIKS fe JONfcS, 106 WILLIAM STREET, CORNEK OF JOHN, HAVE just ractind from recent imp >rta:mn?, and of their own minuiactnre, a very superior assortment of So ing floods, consisting ot every thing neat, tasty and fashionable in the gentlemen's furnishing line, which added to their former stock, comprises au assortnser t of goods rarely il ever before found in one store, among which are;? CAPS?In every variety, for gentlemen, yoath and childr n. CRAVATS?Of plain and figured satin, gro grains, cambricks, kc SCA K KS?Of vesting i siia, broehe. GLOVES?Of kid, silk, brown and cheae linen, lisla, apnn silk See, HOSIER V?Of cotton, menno, wool arun silk, kc. UNDr.K GARMENTS?-Of ahaker knit merino, woolen, lilk, cott-n, Ike. LINEN COLLARS?('lain and Byron, of all qualities and shapes. SHIRTS? Of linen, muslin. French cambric, plain and with ru ffl s, kc. 8U8PKN Pe.RS? Of gnm elastic, idk, cotton, kc. (IILKi) SILKS?Of while and fancv colors warranted not to ndhere iu my climate The above Computes only part of their assortment, and purchurn will consult their own luterestby esamiuiu* thii splrndid assortment < firoodt before nui chasing. WH()Le."ALE ANIl RETAIL, at their old established Cap, Slock, Linen and Oiled Silk M unCactorv. NO I0? WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN , m3 3m *m DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. THE Partnership heretofore emting between JOHN OAL LIEK and JaMES MUKPHi, in the business of totnpoaitimi Orn.unent Mauul >ctarers in thetityof New York, was dissolved on the 2lat day of January, 1843, by the mutual couaent of botli turtles. The bnsinssa will r-e eontianed at the old alind. No. Broadway, by John Oallier, who la chimed wi'h the collection of all debts due to the said late Aim, and the liquid ttinn of rhair liabilities, and the said John (Jillier is alao mpowered to uae tne name of the said Arm for the purpose aforesaid. All liaisons indebted thereto will plriaa pay the same without delay, and those having claims against the Arm will pleas* to render their accounia as above. iJOHN UALLIKR. JAMES MURPHY. to architects"builders, and others. JOHN UALLIKR, Composition Ornament Mannfactnrar aud Home Career, No. y>8 Broadway, New York, oppoi.te Lafayette Hall, has on haud at hia establishment as above, specimens of Architectural ornaments of every variety, modelled from ihe heat rumples, consisting in nart ol NyftW lor columns, consoles, unites enriched mouldings, rosettes, paterna, Ac Itc Ac., which he is prepared to furnish promptly ity with the limea A\NLV GIVE IT A FAIK TKIAL-We ask no more of any one than lo u re l>r Javoe'a Kipecmrmt a fair (rial, and if II doer m>( carr the rariou* d>aeaies for which it la recommended, aooner and inure effectually ihnn any other medicine ihat haa e?er been offered to ihe public, the proprietor la willing to nnde-go any penally, however aeverr, the public may are proper to imp-ae npin hnn. It will, and it can core cotigha, r.olda. aathma. bronchitia. bleeding from the lunga or tliroat, whooping cough, crnnp.aud a aery large majority of the u rat hopeleaa caaea ol canaampiinii, wren phyaiciaiia and thru prcacrii tion? fail to do any good Aitiiii we aay try It. It will notharin yon.hui mnal and will do von rood. It ia prepared only by l)r L> JAYNE.No. 20 Sonth Third atrret,Philadelphia,and No my Broadway, New York. Trice f I |>er bottle. |gf Hn*r no Tin invfim (IV Rl ri> limit ni ai ? TH I Howuua'a Vntnrr?Thi? (ittemill nud uup?iwl elrd Tt?, *i> Uiyftlv c* If brAt?d in Chiu* <ind h-uropt, jall im jimud, i? 'iow for tale ?t thr Canton TnComptDv'i U'Dtnl T?? UUbliihat Ill ChathamO ?(?w Vet t?m Chinm pnrkacra Prtre Ml and tl. fl? lm*r BLkAlHl NU POWblHf ?110 Cull9, now |4ii i ing I rc m I hip Ru??iua, 4tid for ) by ' -*?s IT.? rCHMt fc BROOKS. II Libirtr it. IT?R A 843. An intercepted letter Irom an old gentleman to hia niece in the country, descriptive of the complimentary ball given at Taininany llall, on Tuesday, 7th March. " Much yet remain* uniung." " Reasons, big as plums, my dear niece, induced me to go to Tammany Hall last Tuesday, and having then and there seen some wondrous things, I purpose detailing a portion foryour especial benefit and guidance?search lor the moral. Balls are nearly the same all the world over, the only difference being in the individuals?young ladies with plain hair and ringlets, white dresses and colored, well and ill-looking; simiiers, sighs, and I affectation; young gentlemen and old; with all the above, the greatest difference between the two sexes being, that one wears petticoats and the other breeches, embrace the full description of the genus ball geer. To an old man, however, like mysell, who has seen some little of the world, its folly and fal-ity, every p'iblic ball opens a new leaf in the great book of the human heart, useful and saddening too. Entering far famed " Tammany Hall" about fen o'clock, my attention was attracted by the neat decorations of the room Uuon enquiry, 1 learned they were a part of the relics of the ball given at the same place the evening previous, by or to, (and which my informant was ignorant,) the ladies, who so chivalrously stepped forth from their firesides and their homes, to vindicate the insulted honor of tins greHt and glorious republic. The walls were covered with the stars and stripes, banners, dancing nymphs, and the heads of many a " learned Theban," in much gionuus contusion, mat ine oniy apt comparison would be the great Spanish national dish, an " olla podrida," a little meat, a little fish, a little garlie, and n specimen of each ol the best things of the earth. Yet, upon the whole the effect was good, and every one seemed delighted; and 1 thought of the philosophical answer of the drunken woman lying in the gutter, when asked if she was not ashamed of herself?"Veil, vots the hods, so long as you're appy." Let us stroll around the room, my dear niece,and j spy out the beauty as well as the " nakedness of the land." Well, this end of the room seems entirely occupied by the " chosen people of God," an exclu eive set, with not a single contaminating "Gentile." There is one young Jewess there, dressed in spotless white, with dark lustrous eyes, a face not beautilul but comely to be looked upon; oertainly worthy of five minutes gazing upon. She looks aH if she had soul, but these women, as the negro said of the white man," are mighty uusartain." So 1 will not run the risk, by asking who or what she is, of dissolving llie pleasant illusion. Ah, there is a well known, good-natured face?" Dolly Spanker" in propria persona?large as life, and twice as natural? apparently, Dolly is plenum bacci?'tis a thing that has happened to many an honest man. At every step, a young gentleman, with white ribbon and rose depending Irom button hole, flourishes past. Ah, one of the committee?thank you?to them, " this is a great night for Ireland"?enjoy yourselves now, my juvenile and unknown friends, when you be- | come :ih oia ns i am, you will trel more disposed to cry lhan dance. Tnere stands the gentleman in whose honor the ball is given?a friend at my elbow says, " write him down a very worthy honest man, a little passionate though, withal, but naturally kindhearted"?it is done. Can you tell me, sir. who ' that lady is dressed in white satin, (by the bye, a a nuisance to me ia white satin,) her hair plainly dretspd over a noble poetic forehead, a complexion " lair as monumental alabaaterl" Oh, that is Miss , thank you. Not one man out ot ten, perchance, would call her handsome?but they would be no judges, for her beauty ?s ol that etherial expression which no painting can express She has a good head, plenty of brains; she looks unhappy too ?hpr smile is more sad than tears?light words are on her lips, but the restless heaving of that snowy draperysays?sorrow rests beneath her bosom To see young hearts crushed makes me very unhappy? for to me it brings back the memories of the past Perchance she too has lived to learn, that under the sun "all is vanity and vexation of spirit." Could time he rolled backwards some thirty yeHts, restoring to me my youth, hope, and early faith, 1 might be strongly urged to make a pilgrimage to tnat fair shrine, and offer my incense there. But as that cannot be, as an old man, I will, from the interest I feel, advise her. Fair donzell, it I you are unhappy, look closely into your own heart, and see if in all things you find approval there. Perhaps a lover's quarrel, an unkindly word, an act misconstrued, have paled the roses on your cheeks If so, look well to it; trifle not with true affection? though you should try to think him a very bad man, be first sure you are right, or the time mav come when pride is forgotten, that you would lain with tears ot blood wash away the remembrance of past unkindnesses. What, my old friends, E. and S. are you here also! Sauls among the Prophets. Bismtllah, let us dive for some creature comforts, for this comforting young donzells makes my very heart dry as a limeburner's hat. Mysoul calls for a little ministering I'll !? , , | With my two friends, dear niece, I descended, | and as vou well know your poor uncle, like the K ing of the Cannibal Isles, is one of them"?his friends being of the same kidney, oysters, punches, ifec. dec. were in awful demand lor a limited period. My letter has grown so long, that you must wait patiently for a continuation at some future period.? 1 end as I began, "Much yet remain* uniting." Ever dear niece, your affectionate. A Party or Pleasitrk.?Str William Drummond, a wealthy Scotch baronet, is at New Orleans preparing for a pleasure party to the Rocky Mountains during the coming season. An exchange paper gives the following account of him :? Sir William has already made two excursions across our Western prairies, hunting the bufftlo and other large game with which they abound, and visiting the various tribes of Indianswho roam across their vast extent. He relumed to Scotland about two years since, and has subsequently travelled extensively in Euroi** and the East, visiting Russia, Circassia and the Holy Land. But he has now returned to seek out not only trophies ot skill in the chase, upon a scale, too,not known in Great Britain, but to explore the lakes which abound near the head water of La Platte and the YellowStone. The Tropic says:? Sir William will leave here in the course of the approaching month, and it is supposed that the expedition will set forth from WtMN.I point OH tbc Missouri, between the middle of April and the first of May next. The party will consist of some fifty (tersons, completely equipped for the purpose of sucn an excursion. At present it is supposed that they will ascend the Platte river, in the plains bordering upon which the buffalo is found in vast numbers, till they reach its source. Not far from here?siieak inR comparatively, of courw-the Yellow Stone takes its rise in Lake Eustace, which, with other larRe lakes, it is the intention of these voyaRers to explore. They will sojourn for a while among the Crow and Snake Indians, visiting such other tribes as they may find upon their route. Mterary Notleea, Thk Isdioator?The fourth number of this work is before us, and is richly freiRhted with material ol the most sterlinR character. The opening article on the " improvement of the Mind is far above the usual common-place on this subject. Neibhen's celebrated letter "To a YounR PhiloloRion," should be in the hands of every student of composition.? " Character be every thinR to the YounR, 'by Doctor Hawes. is a very able Rnd interestinR'-ssay "Rules for study from the German," " On Decisiveness," "Self-Trust,"and many others,too numerous to mention, are really valuable essays. We can speak conscientiously in favor of this work, as beinR a most useful manual for all persons who know enouRh to wish to know more. Published by Jas. D. Lockwood, 5 John street. I lieult Court. Before Judge Kent. Masch 8.? Pnmtrny v. Cornell.? Thir case was continued to-day. Mr. Lord ia for the defendant, and Mr O'Codnel for the plaintiff. They summed up the case, and the JudRe charged the jurv. He laid down the law. He lurther stated that in makinR application before a Rraud Jury for an Indictment, he has a riRht to make use of all " WW-. ; Hicaii* IU ciuviuai* iuo ? Ifl*n;i,uui l ne mutt not pro beyond. He mutt not aMert what hat not I been proved,that the pernoncharged with an offence isactu I ally guilty. I o ?ay such a person ha* been arrested who I i? charged with lorgery,or with acrime, i* not slanderous. But to ?ay that the per*on ha. been arrested wha has com mited the forgery may he slanderous. In this present case if you ihonlff find that Mr. Cornell went beyon 1 his duty, ami wive a verdict for the plaintiff, then the next I q lest ion is a* to the amount of damages In this you mus' I tie (fni led fir.' by the evtent ot the injury, an I secondIj i by thv malice ol the other paity I'he Judge gave it as hi opinion that in one instance Mr Cornell had gone heyon> ni. duty In ata'ing that tha Individual had hvvn arrestee ' who had committed the forgery But it wat for the jury ( to .ay whether thi. .tatement was made maliciously ot r not. Judge Kent bore ample teitimony from hi. own pri ( vate knowledge, to the good character of Mr Pomeroy, which ladeed is admitted o> all hand.. c LD. Pfl* twi C?ntl. Trial of Commander MrKensle. Thirtieth Dav?March b. The Court met Bt ten o'clock, punuRnt to adjournmeat. The journal having been reail, the orderly officer waa sent to the Somen to fetch Midshipman Tillotaon, on the part of the proaectition. The Jcdor Advocate atated that aa Commander Mo Kenzie had reated hia defence, he propoaed to call Mr. Tillotaon, and that he waa about to make an application to the Court for permiaaion to make the eaamination of I thoae officer* of the Homer* whom he might call for the proaecution in the nature of across-examination. Mr. Hedowice?On what ground*? Ji dok Advocate ? Well, I had hoped you would have granted It without knowing my reaaon, but a* you don't earn inclined, I will give you my opinion*, aa I have prepared them. He then read the following paper;? The Judge Advocate prcpoaea to commence the replicatory teatimony of the prosecution by calling aome of the officers of the Komera who have not been aworn by the uccused, and he desires of the Court the liberty of makiug their examination in chief in the nature ol a rroaa esamlnation. It is a settled principle of Yaw that where, from the circumstance* of the transaction or the relative position of the parties, one side hu* to call a witneaa biased against it* view of the case, this privilege will be allowed. Where a son is adduced ncamst his fa'hrr, or a servant or agent against his employer, are among the illustration! ol the gener al principles of exception to the usual rule put down in the honks. The general Inncuaire of ttiaikie lv iai is, "The Ceurt frequently permits an advene witness to he cross examined tiy the party who call* him," and by I'hillipKon Evidence, 1 v 'JAB, Cowan's Eda , it ia Mat?l 4 II a witness should appear to he in the interest of the oppoaile party, or unwilling to give evidence, the Court will in its tliacretion allow the examination in chiel to assume some'hingof the form ol a rroaa examination." In Roacoe'a Criminal Evidence. 137, a deciaion of C. J. Beat of England ia given " that if a witness stands in a situation which of necessity makea him adverse to the party calling him, the party may as a matter of right cross examine him." The learned labors ol Justice Cowan have assembled the American authorities especially of New York, to tha same elfect in an able note to the above citation Irom Fhillii a, to be found in note 60A to his edition of that author's tientiae. This case furnishes every inci lent to jnatify and enforce the reception. Borne oi the witnesses are the relations and connections of the accused. But above all, the attendant circumstances of the transaction which is the basis of this prosecution, and the mutual position ol the officers ever sinceits occurrence,give a peculiar claim tor the allowance ol the privilege With a view to keep them on the spot, and the duration of this trial not being foreseen, these officers have remained aboard the Somen ever since, in constant association with each other, anil exposed by the influence of natural laws and motives to the exchange of their recollections, commentaries and deductions as to facts and witnesses, as might w ell pre. vent the moat mature minds from seperating fact from opinion and belief, and from avoiding the insensible adoption by each as his own of that knowledge or state of mind which was originally individual and peculiar to one or a lew. It will naturally, under such circumstances, occur, that the several minds, if not made critically to practice self inspection, will not so much be that number of mirror* reflecting one transaction, as the multiplication of the same reflection. In fact there is no plan by which the intercourse of these afficeri could or ought to have been prevented. I am compelled very reluctantly to present to the Court two incidents to illustrate and enforce in a manner tha nbove views. When this case was about being commenced, Mid. liny* was desired to lavormo with an epportu liliy, Ryu vuii, to ascertain ill* urormwiun, wnn a view to the preparation Hud inception of the esse. Ha waited on me, and soon manifested an ingenuous embarrassment of manner, indicating some reluctance to communicate what ha knew. Alter replying to a lew trivial questions, he candidly stated to me that he did not think me entitled, except on the stand, to his information. His mistake was explained to him, ami lie was told that though the law did not compel a witness to answerout of Court, that habit and sense made the right as perfect as if of legal prescription. That otherwise no case could be prepared. But observing his tinremoved disinclination to the examination, I told this courteous officer I would not be urgent witli him. I felt assured he would state our interview and my observations to his associates, and in good season re flection would obviate any future objection. I inferred st tlie time that he was acting on some exchange of opinion with his professional companions, as he had called on ma after notice of the object in view from his visit. This ircident 1 never should have recalled, but Iron a similar declination yesterday from Midshipman Tillotson. Before the Court closed, I sent a messenger lor that officer, and on his arrival desired to know whether he had any objection to aflbrd me in private his knowledge of tha Incidents of the last cruise of the Somers. He pelitely replied he had. I then found my anticipations frustrated as to any change of what I sup|>osed the view of the offi cers in respect to the lelative position and duties ot a Judge Advocate and witnesses tor the prosecution. All the officers and crew of that brig were furnished by tha Department lor witnesses at my selection. With neither have I had any opportunities of conversation. I have never somrht anv with the crew. Mv dutiss to the case compel me to offer these gentlemen, wholly in the dirk as to their disposition and acquaintance with facta, except as shown in the record of the Couit of Enquiry. Under these circumstances, it ia conceived the privilege naked ia but fair ?nd reaaonuble. (Signed) WILLIAM H. NORRIS, Judge Advocate. Mr. Sidiiwici anil that he apprehended that the Judge Advocate had mistaken the authority he had cited. That the proper time to make auch an application waa not when the witnesa win called, hut when a particular question wni put, or when a witneaa manifested a n indiapoeition to tell the truth. TheJuDoc Advocate aaid, " Sir, I do not put it on that ground at all." Mr. 8r.dr.wicE laid that the anthoritiee the Judge Advocate-had cited, all put it on that ground, and on no other. The Judge Aovocate said Surhee put it partly on thi ground of mutual potition, and it waa on that ground he himself based his application, and not out of a disbelief in the disposition of the witnesses to tell the whole truth. Com. Down here said that it would he necessary for the Caurt to have Mr. Sedgwick's objections in writing. TheJuDos. Advocate said he should also require them to ho in writing. Capt. Bolto* said he should have no objection todeciJe the matter first, and receive Mr. Sedwick's objection afterwards, hut if that was not acceded to, he should move that the Court adjourn, which motion prevailed. And the Court adjourned. Court of Common Plana. Beiore Judge [ngraham March 4.? Emilint DilaltuK vt Was. Rtnwick it si ? The verdict in this case was lor plaintiff? $IM damages and 8 cents costs. No busineaa of any interest transacted to-day. uenerai stuioni, Before Recorder Tallmadgs, Judge Lynch, and Aldermen Stewart and Smith. J*wm R. WHiTino, Esq., Dutrict Attorney. Maich 8? Core of Charltt Ptarct?At the opening of the Court Thomas W. Warner, Esq .counsel for Pearce, indicted for an assault and hatter) on the girl Ann Murphy, at the Broadway Cottage, entered a pTea of guilty on the ground that it waa a mere technical aaaault, amounting to no injury of her person. The counael waa allowed time to prepare alttdBvits ahowing the correctness of thia statement. liurglary.?A man named William Norrie, and a boy named Jamea Williams,were tried on a cb irgaot burglary in the third degree, for entering the hat and cap store of Wm. W. Banta, 130 Chatham street, on the night of the J9th of January, and stealing ahout $60 worth ofai'ks,hat Uimminga, Ac. Norris offered to sell a portion of the sto len silk to Mrs. Orr, in Orange street, at a price that induced her to believe it was stolen, by which means he was arrested. The hoy confessed on his arrest the manner in which the burglary waa effected, hut there not being evidence sufficient against him he was acquitted. Norris was convicted, acd sent to the Stats prison for 4 years and 7 months. Stolen Goods mt j1urtion.?A man named John McBrearty, ol 84 Orange street, was tried on a charge of petit larceny, lor stenling tw**lve yards of stair carpet, and other goods, valued at $7,7S.the property of Eliiaheth Morrow, of Broadwav, an the 7th of January last. It was proved that he took the goods to the auction store of Buxon A Ring, 191 Chatham street, whero they were sold. The defence proved by officer Barber that the accused had previously sustained a good character, and by Mr. Kabineatt, of the Bait Water Baths, that ha had been in Ins employ for a number of years, and hail always tieen honest. His counsel also assarted that the goods alleged to have been stolsn were purchased hy McBrearty, as second hand article*. The Jury, in consideration ol his previous good character acquitted bim. Catt of Ihnamy?John McCafferty nm then tried on a charge of bigamy, it wn proved by the Proaerntinn that the accused wax intermarried on the ttth of March, 1841, with Margaret Farrell, hix previous wife Margaret Quii.Un being tiring. The defence alledged that at the lime he married Margaret Quintan,her hnahand waa living, which tact waa unknown to McCalferty, and therefore the marriage with her waa illegal and to bigamy waa legally ahown. The Diatrict Attorney contended that the otf'enee eon'iated alone in marrying tha aecond wila while the llrat waa living. The Court charged that if Margaret Qulnlan'a husband wax deceaaed at the time of McCaiTertj 'a marriage with her, then the indictment w aa void hut if he waa living .villi the accutad knew it. then the jury were hound to convict him. ?a the otfence waa then included in the tta lute Alii r a (hurt absence thejury returned a verdictof guilty and the Recotder sentenced him to the State Prison for two years. On rt reiving the sentence McCaflerty, who waa in tha prisoner's box, slapped hia hands together and aa he hounded out ot the Courtroom with an officer, aaid " O, I'm it broth of a boy, and young enough to marry a third wile at the end of two yearn, an'sure an' I will," which was received with laughter by the epectator*. ForftiUd Rtcognilamti?Samuel Cornwall and Jamr* Lton, charged with stealing a live hog from Mathew Uvrrie.ot 6ti6J Wateratreet, not appearing, the recogni ince of Corn well slgi.ed by Henry Cornwall, ? ere dela ed forfeited. William Sullivan ot dd White Hall, lor ating his wile Julia, bailed by Jamea A. Baiiley, and datthuw Mc Allean and Ann V AUean tor an asaault and lattery oa Vargaret Fullarton, bailed by Charlai O'Nail, lot am waring, their recognizances were declared forfeited. ThelCourt ai(Jouru*d,to Thtiraday morning at aiavew i'oloek.

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