Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1843 Page 1
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i TH Vol. IX.?Ho. 70.?Whole No. lW8a. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publinhi'1 every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Prioa 2 cents per copy?or f7 2fl per annum?postages paid?rash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALb?published every Saturday morning?price cents per copy, or $3 12 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISER8 arc informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. II has the largsst circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it theref ore, the beet channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderate? oash in ad rtncfi. PRINTING ofnll kind*, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoratCToa ar the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets jfelk HCJUS-8 T<? LET AT YORKVILLE.-J l?r?? |< |T h<>use< on the comer o< t>li'? street ami 3d >vrnue; either J'JJC."' lb- m is calculated for a public house, grocery or |irirale rrsid ce Ou th- prrm'srs is a fine i tahle,' owrliug sl'ey, ami a floe Harden c rasiaiins of 8 ot>, with crape vines aud fruit trees there >u For lerms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL. Esq., mt'wr No. II Cliamh, r* st. Awl TO LET?I he uoiier n-rt of the store No. 7 New ffT? street, a f-w doors from Wall street; the second story Ji^JUns two offices, aud it la adapted for a merchant or lawrtr. i Also, the three story house31 Wa'tier st between Broadway end CI urch st, an esce'lcnt situation lor a genteel fsmily, occurled by Mr. Verpl>ucK The b'icksu i' comer of and Cueiry streets, occopi-1 ed oy Messrs. Valentine St Co., as a teed store, a desirable situation. Tnr Convenient two story house with attic rooms.. bs?em?nt and counter ctlier, No. 220 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. Wet Its , The two story brick house, No 73 Gold street, one door from Spruce it-, formerly owubo by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The rents will lie moderate. Appiy to MR. DELAPLAINE, 63 Wall street. iu6 lni*r ini ffiee No. 9, cor. ef Water at. jhni I'D LET ? In Deau alrist, near Smith stree , BrookP? lyn, Che sp'endiil three story hou e, finished in lhe best '"fE. manner, wiih two lots ol itr unil sttarhed. Also, coach hous?, arables fitC. A variety or the most choice glare vines Also, aeverd 'ruit treels, with a well aud pump of escel rnt siirinu water on the uiUHsM Thu|irt{MT i- wallcalculated for the accommod iliou of a res ei tabl family, t? w hom it will he lei for ??uc year ct more on accommrdati f trims, by applylllff tfl JOSEPH McMLRRAY, m?r _____ _ 100 P'Q* airret. >*L TO LET?The modern hunt, two atory brick house, TT.TJI No. 533 Hmitaii street, finished at ic ami ba?eJ|hMLincut, inarele mantela, mi l mahog'n> doors throughout. Will in' reutedlow to a good tenant. Apply to m9 3l*ee_ J. M. POST. 108 Amity at. krf TO LEI'?From lit May urii, two m< dorn two atory Houses, m Grand street, near Wcoster. Alao, the J^JjL Store No. 89 Canal it., now occupied at achair store. It could be made into two very con'cnieut itn es Apply to JOHN THOMPSON f 19 linrc 60 Orard or 27 Wooator ati. 'TO LET?A BOARDING HOUSE?On- or the tvtTB moat desirable atanda in the city, having been occnpied J,'J&. t. >>>ch for 1 number of yeara. with a good run of buai nesa. Enquire of Jauiea T Barce . 255 I earl street, in the siroe building. '>r of S ?nl>r?on. 211 Pearl at. m6 lw*m M'l'O LET?From 1st of May next, the modrrn built two atory briea home, No. II Third at. wr-th atlic, baaimcnt and cellar, and m irbln innmlca throughout For r pa'ticulara inquire at 479K Pearl at 15f Im* ifcgl OFFICES TO LET?Inatorn No 60 Sonth atreet. fT? Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, f'JB 100 Pine atreet. Mire Jf HOTEL.?For sa'e, leaae or let, the well established Hotel, situated on the correr of William and Duaue ata, .cJJL New York, known aa the Shakspeare Hotel, ia now to be distaise of aud on very advantagenua terma. For part'Cit'ara inquire on the premiara, or to ABRAHAM A. REMSON, Esq , Wallabout, Wiliiamabnrg. orbv Utter to J. A. CKO-?S Esq., Post-office, Brooklyn, er to P. V.RRMSEN. No 8 Wall at., between the honra oi II and 12 o'clock. ni6 lw*ec _ a FOR SALE?A desirable country residence at Hempstead Village. Long Island; a large well built House, inc ttaje style, with darns, Sheds, Ike.,and ten acres of first rate land, in ludiug a Garden well stocked with ahrubb-ry, fruit trees, &c.. ill a high state of cultivation; it is locat. d on Fulton street, leas than a halt's mile of the New tfoiM antl Lent 'sir'ih niiiru?i, win 11 nw * Linninuijic iiuu with till citv several times a day, mid at a rate of (are v ry inuchieduc-d Iroin foim?r pi ice*, making it a moat desirable resi. cue" for a erson retiring fiom the city, or oue who may wish to ?1<> business in the ci v. A porti-n of the m oey can remain <n moitgage, -nd the oalauce ctn be paid in dry poms or groceries at market prices. For further paticuUrs, apply to JOHN S>. VOOKHIES, Book Store, No "U Na ?au ?t. N. Y , or JOHN J.MARSHALL. Postmaser, mS2w*r Matnaroueclc, W?t hisfer o , N, Y. J^ FOR 8ALE OK EXCHANGR FOR CITY PROf c? PKItTY?A Farm ol oue hundred acres, situated ?i C4jLRockland Comity, ten miles by the New York and Kric Railroad or sis milei (r m Nya' k Landing. Handsomely situated, plenty of fruit, well watered ?ud wooded, and easy of act ess v any day in the week, by the above three hours. For iwrticulars euquire at (.7 Ooureueur srreet, whole a and?ctp? vit w ecu be ?e. n. 171 lm*r ?~aa TOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR PROPERTY 4#&t.N THE CITY OF NEW YORK-A va uable Farm ?aSkw. >( about W aerea in Scarnlale, West Chester County, two miles below White Plains and twenty-five rom New York en the mam rosd leading to and from said places. On the premises is a spacious double two steiv dwel ids house, with a kitchen aft tclied; a oar?, carriage aud out houses, all in fine order; 2 hearing apple orchards, mostly gi fted fruit, peach, ehe-rv and pear trees, a good well of water and cistern holding tfl hogsheads of water; about twelve acres of wood land. The whole farm well fenced and mostly with stone wall and iu good repair Toe 6 on River crosses the r. nr, along which the railroad runs, now urarly completed, to White Plmua. Persons desirous ol seeing the pre ises will find it one of the most des.rable places in West Chester County. Enquire of J. J TRAVIS, on the premises, or 1). BRUSH, K8Q. mJr No W Fulton St. FARM AT AUCTION-Will offered at public ?Vq|*eudiie, ih? farm late of Willi-m Cook, dec ved, in Wi I' Morns County, N. J. containing 129 acres amiably divided in meadow, pasture aud ploug i land, with a large supply of wood anil limber, a e nveaienl dwel lug bouse, two larns, and other out houses. Will he offereu together or iu parts, rt the bouse of W m. MeFsilan in Wni pauy, mi Fiiday, the 2l'h of March, iusUat, at 2 o clo k. P. M. Conditions will be Itoeral, end attendance at the time of i lr by the subscribers. SlLAH TUTTLE, iinw k l.l. ,1.10174 *r Eteruto;* ol said Deceased. A" "MTKICAN AND EU REIGN NEWSPAPER AND PK KIllDlCAL ' GENC Y, No. 4 Ann street, N. Y. The iiibscrioer having completed his arrangements,n enabled to furnish to order, to age .U or individual, any paper printed in the S'airs or England II nitrated London News, Punch Kelt's Li'et Weekly Dispatch Sunday Triors; Aatir'st Willmer x Smith's Kuropean Times. Chat. Wilmer's American Nsws Letter And a variety of others are received by expiesson the arrival of each steamer. Any piper or work denied may be had by the next return str iitwr. The Boston Not on, $1 per year, cents tingle Also, all the publications of the eay. E. B. TUTTLE N. B ?The suttcrihers w.,1 pack bnmlles and parcels f>r newsmen of all the publications ami newspapers of Philadelpma, bi.etofi, aud New fork, at pablishcrs* prices, for a small charge lor service- rendered. Any other Agency business will be attended to! with the same promptness as if the person were herr h rinse f REFERENCES. Mrim. G'relry Ik McKlrath, New York Tnbuna Messrs. Wilton k Co.. Brother Jonathan iMtnri. Biirgess kZciher, Philadelphia George nob-rts, Esq., Boston Times Mr rsrs Bradlev k Co. Boston Mail Adams k Co. Bos on Mr. George Jones, Albany Mr Charles Wilm?r, Liverpool. C. S. West, Esq. Havaua. J. A TUTTLE. Mfeod m >' B M'TTLK. METALLIC RAZOK. STrt-OF WITH KOUR SIDES, inverted by G SAUNDERS, *v for keeping Harors slw.vs in order?it taodures a smoorh and thin edge to a istoi in a tenth part ol the trine required on a hone, tvitliool usiig o 1 or w i'?r No otltur ar:ic e of the kind h a ever ber n so universally known and approved of, ham. x been far the last twenty-five yeu? in comtant use in nearly all rhc cutlery establishments us Europe, and there acknowledged to have no equal. In New York, where it was invented, it received first premiums at th" Atn-rican Institute every lime it was preseiiied for competition, aud gr mi illy (without the aid of puffing,) established a rep-rUli oi in all twris ot America, of being the only heiior Strop that will ke? p rax-?rs in perfect order. Certificates are n the nruuulm, of ike inventor from the Imnti scientific grnl l-men of both countries, speaking hignly of their superiority. Whrn taking in(o consideration that those gentlemen have no interest in the ?ale of .lie article, and ape their tea'imony without solicitation, apeaka yolnmea in its favor. It ia the only Simp that haa bet n deemed worthy of irritation and counterfeiting.. The neat number of thoae alone would atatnp it aa being the climaa of perfection. That it may be mine satisfactory to toe public, the uatnea of hose gentlemen wh" have given certificatea aa to the merita ol the Strop are here puhliahed?f leneral Jamea Tallmadge, Prrao dent ol the America luatitnt* ; Prof. John Oriaeom, Dr. Vaeutine Mott, and Mr. Milliketi,caller to the Royal Navy, 301 Strand. Mannl o torv 163 Broadway . New York ml lia'r J"lHHONOMETER FOR SALE?An eight dav Liverpool V> Chronometer for aile low la in charge of Mr. Stewart, Merchant' Eichange, who will anow it to pnachaaera. A T an adjourned m.eilng helit at the Howard Home, laat dl evening, it was unanimously ... Heaolveu, To ten ler Mr W P. Denman, proprietor of the Tivoii Saloon, a complimentary Ball, t*v be given at the Tivo* li Saloon, Friday evening, Mirch )7, 1841. COMMITTEK. Col. Thoa. F. Peera, Chaplain Dunham, " O o. Smith, Sttrg. C. H. King, " Devoa, I.nut. Tlamer, " rhiibrnok, ' Coy, Cant. Vamlenburg, Mr. John Crawley, Car rieau, " John Collier, Cairns, " A P Lelu'ge, "'ay, " J. L. Palmer. " Purity. nipf p.MILIaH AUV r.H l ISK.VIKNT?Notice to Ma?l?r* ol Xg Veaae'a anil o.h ra viailinK Liverpool on bnnneaa or pleasure?Mrs (Jorsnch, late of tlie Wa-hiiig'ou Hotel, beg* rtapectltilly to iulorm her numenm* Ameriean friends, that lie haa. uio?ed from Saiut rautsSqnaie to No. J6 Duke street, Liverpool, a few minntea walk from ihe Custom H>nse, winch pitvate home I* fitti d up with every comfort ki.d convenience, end linst* to lie farmed with a continuance of that aupport an inany year* afforded to her. ?i4 iv, SOUND PILOT. f|WEN PRKSCOTT, Pilot lor New Bedlonl, Nantntket a' Shoafa, B icon, Poitsmowh. Portlaud, Keuuclvuk, and o'licr port*. Office at Frye .V Shaw'* >ant r.,1 Store, 2:2 Water,noruer Jleekman atieet, N. Y.?Vice veraa Ailama' El I re-a, 6 ?*r?a, three data before wanleJ. Charge the avtne a* [mm (lay Head. m( linr |> HI) ' HlltUS : Bi IfLIS'!!?For aale, a choice ieleit . ?i , I' Cauai lea, oi all kinda Some art eacellent aingeia AJto ?g.)i.d talking f'airot. Likewise, an aa oil,nun ol' Kami Pif nona, of ail am )a. acknowledged by all to be the finest in the city Enquire at No 114 Pearl street. Entrance M Ketry itrtel, trout room, np ataire. m7 imre EN E NE1 LUCINA COR DIAL; It the ELIXIR OF LOVE. Its olden time, among the lew*, Thai man a second wife might choose? Who e firs), by Kale's unkindly doom. No c ildrru bore lo bless Ins home. Afflict d thus, the Human matron Prayed to Lucine, the inidwife's patron; Siir 1 pti in wires, in such a crisis, Called to their aid the I'rtrMa Ol laia) And e?i u now, (lie meek fin doo? Warm aa her rlime, and tender too? If childless twelve mout.ra from her bridal Kites weeping to her .euselera Idol. Aud with raised iiauds, in accents wild. Petitions Brainah for a cldld ; For well she knows. Love shuns to bless The Ilia on bed of barrenness. So for love in day's by-gone, Acdsavave imi-nn in our own: Put say, civil now, Joes Love's cotnmualon Bless hi our la'd, a sterile union? No! oft'tiwes con'Utral felicity. Is thus disturbed?ay, eVu iu this city. Yet, miy the burcu, il they try The means, "it crease in1' multiply, With "Love*. Elisir" "orhertriend, The childless wife's repining* eud. Dut not the prnrretstive power A'oue, i? this Eitir's cower. Consumption's ills it will preveut? With vigor c'otlie the impoteut: Suppress a gleet whate'er its date, And all nte's funetious >enov:te. Eruptions from the skin it ihues Ann bungs nack hauiy and lliegiacet: 'Tis womai.'s trust?and ne'er deceives her; From FIho'Alhns it relieves her} And each disease, (w i'h pr per enre, too,) ller fair ud fragile <orm u hrirlo. These are but tru'lia; who calia th m fiction ! Shall hav- steru proof in contradiction. Letters?all foruisoi att-stcliou? From thesavaus of e>ery nation, With grctrfa' missives (to n all quarters, I'euued by Diset ? and Quiet cry's martyrs; Thouituds who lay. witli finite icg breath, Almost within the jaws of Death, Now in their nightly praver* repeat Ths k? to Lite's friend, iu Nassau street, Andsnmctim"s name the very numbei? "Ninety two N'sssu"??veu iu their slumber; O., dream ng i f Di tease's ordeal. Cry out for tic "Luc ua Cordial " Persons ordering th>s medicine trom the country, by sending a rrmiitance, ran neve it bosed un and sent to any p >ri of the Union, nbu tt M bottle, or |f4 perdoueu. niT Isi'-c PROPOSALS Wavi h D HOR SIU>E a "s L) IfMEN T.?Orauite or goml si d sionr curing, UrnverSliO ru' ii eg feet' ! parap-1 s-all of Cnt'e Williams; coo in.' five feet |oub a;..t one 'no' thick, widih may be V ?riihie. Top- an I ends to he nicely cut, joints nid b: d to he truly d'cssed Sto. e to he dcli-ere'l at U.v?riur'? Island in M <y aud June Pio;osals per cubic f"ot, say 2 P 0 cubic frrt. A Is", for 000 barrel* be?t Hydrmlic Cement, to he delivered 01 O ivernor'. Island, iu small lots, as wanted, and the kariels tak, n tiack. Address Capt. John Sanders, Corps of Engineers. N. Yoik. mlO 1w*m GRAND BALL AT TTVOLI -ALOUN.?lu honor ??f (be Indian Chiefs of the far Wi-it. will be given under (ho patronage nl Brig Gti. Storm* and his naif This ball will take place on Monday evening, March 13th, 18 3. ? , . Maj Oen. Llnyd, Brig. Gen. Halted Brig Gen. Morris. Brig. Gen Hunt, Generals Storms. Mather, and O'hen, wi 1 honor the nrcaiinn with pretence XtcUe'i $l each, can be procured at the Aitor House, American. Citv, Franklin, Howard's, Carlton, Niblo'e, ml other pnncii al horeli. mIO II 3 *m THE NEW MIRROR, EVEe Y Number Fmhellished with an Original and exquisite Design on Steel. Edited bv George P Morris. II luatreted by J. G. Chapman,who ia engaged excltiaiyelv fur the work. Terms?$3 per snniini?Single numbers, 6M cell's. In the rour?e ol a few weeks, the uo<le> signed will commence, on hit own account, the publ-catiou of a ne w seri.pi of the ^ew York Mirror, in the octavo form, on an entirely novl and original plan, with a steel eog-iviug in every number, and at the reduced price of three dollars per annum, or is aed a qu*rter coria oer copy. The New Mirror will appear with many strik'ng aril attractive features, distinguishing it from every o h?* periodical. It will be published with new type, on line paper, and each number will contain a beantilnlonginal engraving on steel,de signed and etched by ' harman. illust atmg tne letter-press which it accompanies, and which it w'll invest with peculiar iut- rest. Besides the e< ntributiotis uf a.l our citensive corps of correspondents?Which embraces roost of the talent of this country? we hare made arrangements for fresh and early 'ranslatious from some of the best w Iters of France, and for proof sheets from several of the popular authors of England. With such materials, and wills such able fellow-labon.era in the literary v neyard, we hope to preset. I to the American reader a weskly journal of great value and unusu al excellence. The parade of mere r ames, will be sedulou-lv aioidcd. The Mirror will be remarkable, we hone, rather for good articles without names, than for poor articles with distiuxuished names. It will embrace in it? scope every depar'mcul of elegant literature, comprising talrsof romance, skerrh-sofsociety ami manners, senli meni. and every-oay life, piquant cgssysj a incst.c and foreign correspond-nc*, literary intelligence, wit auc hum r, fashion and gosrip, poetry, th? fine arts, ?n-J liteiav.tnusicil and drama tic c-itrcism . Its reviews of new works will b. careful, discriminating, ard impartial It wll aim to foster a literature suited to the taste and d tires of the age aud country Its tendency will be cheerful and en'ivening es well as improving. It will seek to gratify every refined taste, but neuer m offend the most I lstnliout; a..d it will ever rri its duty to be, to tarn me tunny side of things to Hnm?n eyes " The work will be published very Saturday, in Humbert of sixteen large octavo super-royal pairet, with double columns, and enclosed iu a neat ornsmi nt <l cov?r. It will form, nt ihe lid of th? year, two tap lb volumes, etch of, four huod'ed and titteen pair*, filled with the Re mi of literatu e and the fine arts The very low price at which it will b? itaued, render! it the chct|icit periodical iu this or snv other conntry, comidrring the cotr tud beauty of its Fifty-Two Kiuromuks. and ihe In Iriutic value of iti literary route lit a. Tho e dr?ir?u? of receiein* ihe p-per fr?ui ihe commencement, will hare it punctually tent >o I heir ad I rets upon theii forwarding to th' undersigned, at No. 4 Add street, three dollars,ftee of expense Letters, enclosing the amouut cf subscription. may be franked bv all P<?im<k rs. Ayrute, MWI, at:d ucwtineo, will be supplied on the usual terms, t/*The Cash System will be ligiuly adhered to, without any devi.itj. u whatever /T Such Editoia at copy 'he ebove will me by forwarding a marker, rm-er -ud by resuming the exchange, which wat iiiterrupred, much 10 my regr-t, by creumstsnc-s over which I hadno control. OKOHOK P. M'lHKlS, Editor and Proprietor, ml J?i?*r Nq. 4 A n street, near liroadwayBLEACHING POWDe.HS?IliO casts, now lauding from >hip RosCius, and lor tale by fore PELHSK Si BROOK1*.*! Liberty tt BRITISH AND NUR J H AnEHICAN ROVAJ, ll.'..l STEAM SUM'S, Of l?00itOTt and <40 horse i>ower eacii. Under cintract with the Lords of the-Adin'raiiy. HlBERNlA. Commander BRITANNIA. J, Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, E. G. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will tail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax at follows: raow Liviaroot.. prom aotTcu Acadia, Ryne. Feb * Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Alar 4 Ap'l I Britannia, Hewiti, Ap'l 4 May I Hiheraia, Judkiut, Ap'l 19 May II The accommodations for passengers are superior. The vessels are accsmpamcd by etpeneuncd surgeons, and atnnly supplied wiih Frances' Patent Life Boats. Passage icdueed ta $120. No Berths scored until paid for. For further information, apply to D. BR1UHAM, JR., at HARM DEN It GO'S. No. I WaM-L J30c DAILY PACKAGE EAPRESS ' All FOR ALBANY TROY, AND BUFFALO. emm ggm By the Honsatouic Rail Road, rnnning through from this C'ly to Albany in Twelve Honrs. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangement! with the Honsatoul Rail Road Company, to rnn an Express Car .exclusively for oui own purpose) daily, oyer their road with the uasaenyer train, running through to Albany in twelre hours, aim are now prepared to receive and forward at low rates, Specie. Bank Notts. Packages, Bales and C net of Goods, fie., for any ol Hhe above named or interim di .to places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and nccouuu. and such other business as may be entrusted to their rare. d?. PflVFHftT b f'O 2 W.Hs.reel New Vei-h iViN i rtt iHRtMir.virijT ir?, fiJSMSKil via New York and Erie Kail rued.?Kara to OoJgdfluMa.?>? n fl.Vl?Tn-urr's On and after Monday, "^ y "Jarnm* 8d. IMI lie can of the New York end Eric Railroad ?ill tun in connection with the ?*e tmboal Utica, Cant A. H. Sehultl. daily, Scnday* eieeptcd. fin Pa*srngr;s?Leave Dnaueslrcrt pier at 9 o'clack, A. \l.; leave Oosheu ate >arter past I, A. M. For F'reight?Leave liuane atrret pier at 3 P. M.j leave Ooahen at half-bast I A. M. H & 9EYyll)yjfL and Engineer. Tne passengers traiu connecte at Tut jer's with Beach's M"il Stages for Newburgh, New Paltr.. Kingston, Catskill and Albany, and alOothrii with the Carbondale and other Weitern Line of 8n?i. W f " . uaTl roar line of siaueb ,^-ti idHIOM NEW YORK TO BKUFOKD.W*f#y*Hjpy On and after Tuesday. Januatv 3d, lB43,thc itihvcrmei? will ran a line of states from Bedford to New York three timet a week, aa follows:? ... Leave* Serlv't Maaaton House, Bedford, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morniug at IH o'clock. Leave* the Kail Road Hotel, corner of Bowery end Brootne rta, New York, every Tnoaday, Thni?d*y and Saturday morning, by the 9 o'clock cai?, passing Vlarble Hill, Kaet Chester, White Plain*, Robfcin*' Mills, Mile Square, Newea* tie. and Bedford. HIRAM DEFOREST, U. C. LEWIS, Proprietor*. Tha lied Bird Lice of Stages will continue to run during the winter from White fla.-is every day at 8 o'clock, and New York at 2 o'clock, t' >1., Sunday* etcepted. Til RAM DEFOREST, rnm'rc Propneter, rOR H\VltR<*TRAW AND VKR POINT?The steamboat M All ?JLnaaJHCdE?HKN, 'Jnp'RID J. Mr'HcII, Will trAVe N?'W V'/ra, iuo< im Vpiii itreit.fwr the above named phcea rTt r> Itiraday, Thtir?drv and Saturday, at 12 o'cluck Returnm* Irom V? rplnncb'a Point onir e IoPuwidm; uays at lOo'cl ck, A M., touching at alt the nsual landings, the ice permitting Ii9 1t re CHANUE ~UK SI ATTITNO I'LAI KCW . * Ariangenieiit to Albany > nd B.-st- n, ' * Xhaea^Bi^K-Hoaiatouie Hailroad?The (hauler .Minimi B* rt? miii colonic*. e ruining for freight and pas.fiigeis daily t-is morning ei 7 o cloeb, from foot nl Liberty st, ut.irC erLudt, North Ilivsr, to Bttdgepoit Leave (or NcwYorkatl o'clock, P. M., or on the arrival of he rar* from Alhany. This boat i* tha only one rnnmng in connection with the Railroad. Forfnither information apply at the office, tent Liberty St. New Yoik. rn2r A&t PACKET* FOR USTkik-AMut.* Line?"l Mn ship ON EDI A. James F unk, matter, will ?niI on the SULlst Match. BOYD h HI NCR EN, Aj. nt*. I?ee No_a^T n-Miua Bmldrnsn. HFAeSAUE Mjit NEW UHltANii^Oi^ flJnkVW Recnl ?r Liut?'The ai'ktiuid faat sailing packet atop W.UA.V10.N, Captain Kldndirt, will sail i*>ntitrly on Ttuh Marrh, Her leiiular day. H11V1114 ip Undid acorn mod* tiona fer cabin, iecoiui cabin -nd steerage paaaengera.tor 1 aaa*re early applierton rkould be nWe^on boatdj or^ti B,y, 4) Peek Slip, corner Sonth K-ett, W YO VV YORK, SATURDAY JV Trial of Commander McKenxle. Thirty Sicond Dat?March 10. The Court mi t at the usual hour, when the Journal was read, auil after that ceremony, the Judge Advocate and Commander McKenzie weie occupied in putting on the recoid a statement in the form of a dialogue, which included the admission of Commander McKenzie, with which our report of Thursday's proceedings, closed, viz : "that Philip Spencer did tell the accused what to wri'e." Subsequently an addenda was made to it, to the effect that the Judge Advocate proposed to lie sworn to the truth of the conversation between himself and the accused, but that it was rendered unnecessary by tho iccused, iu open conn, aumiumg 11 to Do true. Subsequent to the record being agrood on, Captain McKonzie submitted a paper to the Court, in which he itated thai on reference to his oltirial report he found that no offer was made by him to Philip Spencer lor the latter to write to his fri-nds, but that lie dictated to the accused a message, the purport of which was included in his otticiul rejiort to the Secretary of the Navy, as the most delicate mode of obtaining tUu object of the deceased oeitr.a H. IVhhy e as th*ii recalled by the Judge Advocate?Alter the topgallant mast was curried away I was sent for by the Commander, who asked me why I did not attend better to my duty, and he told me I must attend to it bett. r lor the future (4?What did he allude to? A?To my inuttention to the brace when Small was hauling on it. Q?Bid be not say to j ou this is all your fault, or words to that effect? A?I do not recollect ; I think I said I understood the order to be, " haul on the main weather or main ruyal brace." By the Accujf.d?I was on the forecastle when the mast was carried uway attending to the fore sky sail, and I understood the ordr to be to haul on the weather royal brace. I passed thut order und turned to attend to the lore sky suil, when I saw the Commander jump oil the round house in soma alarm, und call out May ; I went to the braces to cast them loose, but by that time the must had gone ; 1 was then called aft j I think Mr. Hpcacer was as intimate with thecrew us with his messmates ; I think tho Commander reproved Mr. Spencer, when wc were exercising the guns at quarters. It was for not speaking to the man in Mr. fepencer's division loud enough. By Judoe Adtocste. <4-Did you hear Mr. Spencer u*k any questions about the rate of the chronometers ? A?1 did ; he Asked if it was a good one ana how it went, Ac. Q?Did you not think he wanted the information forthe purpose of Calculating the distance io St. Thomas, so a? to > I wiu a bet hfl was iroiliir to make, oc had nude with Mr. Ro. I gers 1 A?I cannot tell. Adrian Dn.osot examined for pros'-rut ion. Q?Did you go with Lieut. Qausovooit to hold a con. ' vemtion with Spencer 7 A?Yet, I think oil the 39th of November, about ten o'clock in the morning ; I was told to write some name* down as Mr. Spencer dictated ; I do not remember tho conversation between Mr. Gaasevoort and Mr. Spencer ; I was present when the former showed the latter a paper , the iirst thing I heard was for Spencer to go on and dictate the names on his list to me ; I do net think Spencer said any thing in reply, but went on to dictate. Q?Did not Sp-ncersay to Lieut. Oansevonrt, " Oh yes, certainly, sir," " To be sure, sir," or words to that effect? A?He might, but 1 cannot recollect. Q?Did not Spencer seem willing to comply? A?la telling the names, he was. Q?What questi ins were he first asked I A?To translate some paragraphs; at first he seemed disinclined to comply, but was willing to confer with the first lieutenant in private. He said, " I've no objections to tell you, sir " He was asked the meaning of some stenographic looking characters at the head of a column; Spencer said they did not mean anything; I not remember of his alluding'to any conversation on the beams. Q?Did he not say that he had no idea of any mutiny, but was talking foolishly or lightly to Small and Wales.' A?I do not remember. Q?Try mid recollect. Did not Spencer say that it was a kind of foolish talk?that it was a way lie amused himself with some of the crew on board ol the John Adams and Potomac; it was a sort of wild notion he used to be talking and idling the men with? Q?He may have said to?but I do not remember to have heard him; me first day ho was arrested, I heard him say what he had said to Wales was all in joke; he did not explain how it was a joke; he told Mr. Gausevoort that there were names on that list he had not sjioken to; I do not remember who he said; it was just as 1 was leaving. Q- How were Spencer's objections to translate the paper in your presence removt d 7 A? Mr. Gausevoort aid that I knew it and nearly all the officers knew tho contents of the papers, lie said he need not fear to make the translation. I can't tell why he was willing to tell the matter to the senior officers; I do not know that it was hurtful to his pride to expose such a matter to tl e junior officers?When he said so he appeared willing to tell the First Lieutenant, but not to tell me. Q?Was he in griel attha time? A No, but be looked more melancholy and gloomy thun usual, f the First I.ieutenunt as talkies- t?i one willing to answer. Q?lias Green ever printed India ink into your arm ? A?Yes sir; about the 26th oi November; I think the same day that Mr. Spencer teas arrested; it was dune aloft, in the/uretop; I wasuloue with Oreen; heard no talk about mutiny. Q?Had you any further conversation with the prisoner.? A?I waa by when the fate oi Cromwell was communicated to him, and he asked me "to atk the officers to overlook this." Q- Did'yoii ever see Spencer make a sketch of a brig,and was it tike the Somen? had it a flag? A?Yes I did; i* was tiat like the Somers; it had no flag Daphil VIcKinlut called by the Prosecution. Hi* testimony was not ol much importance. General Sessions, Before Recorder Tallmadge, Judge Lynch, and Aldermen Gedney and >mith. Jamfs R. Whitiuo, Esq., District Attorney. March 111?Wis. Kairuriftk, a barber,was put upon his trial on an ind ctincut lor an assault and battery on and rcbh'ng the person of a roan named John McLaughlin, on Sunday, Feb. 1-Jth. Th" complainant testified that he met Fairgrieve in the street on the evening in question, and knowing him formerly in Londonderry, the latter asked him to take a drink atid then endeavored to obtain lodgings for him?that not succeeding he went to Fairgrieves' shop, and showing eight dollars, Fairgrieve tnok it from him and refusal to return it in the morning The defence. COIlUUCmi UJ TT M. OM.U.MI, r-MJ [Iiuvru I M Hi ITICiiMU^nUU was taken, while intoxicated, into bis shop, out of pure charity, and that instead of having money in his possession to he stolen, Fairgrieve bait loaned him some small change to pay lor his lodgings. That he came to the shop the nest morning, and charging Fairgrieve with robbing him, he knocked him down and forced him out of doors Several witness' ? were called who testified to the general good character of Fairgrieve. After a short absence the jury came into Court, and Mf. Shaler requested the Court to charge the jury that i' they intended to return aver diet of assault and battery, tbay must be satisfied that the assault took place on the ta re evening that the money was alleged to have been taken, and that it had been proved by complainant himself that it occurred the following morning. The Recorder chatgad to that etlect, and the jury retired to their room asecoud time, and returning soou after rendered o verdict of petit larceny. Thomas Williams a mulatto, and Bkimamu* Jackson, a colorcdboy, were tried on a charge of burglary in the Sd degree,in entering the stable ol Theodore Moulton and Wm. T. Hemmingway, corner ofCherry and Rutgers sis , on the night of the 6th ol February, and stealing harness and tools valued together at $39 Williams was recognised by a witness, named Josiah Aims, as having been lound in poa-etsion ol the stolen prop?it\, while in company with another black l)oy, both of w hom escaped at the time.? The witness not being sble ;o identity J icksnp, he whs no quitted and Williams convicted. He was immediately an raigned for sentt nee and sent to the State Pi i<on for three y -ars, and one month. As be was .'earing the Point be was heard to say ''the Recorder and Court may go to h?II after that sentence V Enwiiip Halks, a fellow without a home or place ol ro sidence, wan tried on a charge of burglary in tnr fliat degree, for entering the bouse ol Frederick Hullman, 39 Suffolk atreet, 011 the evening of the 14th of February, and stealing clothing valued at $3A The hinges ol the outer door were broken open, and the prisoner was seen upon the premises by Mr Hullman, in the ant of making his escape, and a |>ortion of the stolen clothing was found In his possession alter he wan arrested The defence conducted by C. W. Tsshvsk, Esq contended that aa Mr Hullman was not in the bouse at the time the hurgl try was committed, he conviction could only be for burglary in thosecond degree. The Court charged the Jury tolhst effect, and they returned a v-rdict of guilty of burglary in the second degree only. The Court then sentenced hini to the State prison for nine years and seven months. In delivering the chaige, the llecorder remarked that the prisoner had not been out ol the State pilsonbut a few weeks, and they should learn him a lesson by sending him hack for n period of time that would prevent him irom further depredations upon the community On receiving the aentenco he said with all tho recklessms* of a hardened villain," I hope I shall live to get out, and I will do the same thing over again." A nolle prosequi was entered on another indictment agairst the prisoner for hurgla ry in the second degree, in entering the store of John Major, Na. 1 Renwick street. At Ron Hlowpbst, was tried for keeping a disoiderly house at the corner if Sheriff and Stanton streets, making it a resort all night and all day, lor drunken blacks and whites, of all sexea. Capt.uu Benjamin Blonck, oi the flilh 'district watch, appeared as complainant, and the evidence being very natislnatory to the minds of the jury, he was convicted instantly. The Court, after animad verting on the immoral tendency of such rum holes, sen tenced him lo confinement in the city prison for one month, and a fine of and to stand committed until it was paid. Forftilti Rtcocnitancn.?The following persons not appearing for trial, their recognizances were declared forfeited :-Solomon Lanzenberg, ol 78 or 78$ Chatham street, for false pretenses, in obtaining a bill of goods valued aa $JOO from Foulds, Htoho k Co., ol 10 Dominick street, bailed by Raphael Meyer. Elizabeth ( use, for passing a >3 counterfeit note of the Exchange Bankol talent, Mass., on TVleg B. Sandlnrd, ol Houston, corner ol Eldridge street, bailed by Hetiry Hhiels. Tho as Hatfield, for grand larceny, in stealing a lady '? watch ftom rrtdeiiek 8cherpe,ol 1st Houston street, by thltow ing black pepper in his eyes, bailed by Susan I Dumas. Augustus Nichols, for burglary in the third degree, bailed by John N- Sharp and Jaseph Aldrett, and impleaded with Edward Hales, convicted of burglary in the iRK I [OttNING, MARCH U, Lb Arst decree. George Oliver alias Halliday, alias Roberts, .m<l Jami'i Uibbs alinu Ribbons, in entering nit robbing the itoreol John Major,ol 1 lien wick street, of clothing valued at $334. Luke Layden, on two indictments for receiving stolen goods, taken irorn the house of Mt-jor by the above burglars, bailed by Frederick Schmidt. Mary Mullany.for petit larceny, in atesling a fresh ham from Char lea Sienck, haileil by Peter Mullany. James Uptos, lor an assault a ul battery on Sam'l Brown and wife?-hailed by Thos R. Tanner. Sent to the Homo of Rofnge.?A little Knglish girl, named Sarah Redmond, aged 14 years, who hud resided as a servant with Francis Fish, or 13 llivington street in Fe bruary last, who was indicted lor stealing bank notes and Jewellery from her employers, valued at $179, was sent to thl! House Ol RelilVi-bv the Cnnrt ??|. limiiiii nnntKinil to taking the money and a part oi' it having been (bund in her possession. Arnault on a Magistrate ?A young man named John Qrittin, who had huen indicted lor striking Justice Matsell at a riot among firemen in Centree afreet on the 24th oi Janu.ii y, while the magistrate was in the performance of h a duty, entered a plea ol guilty, hut through the intervention of the Justice and othei a,the Court ordered him 10 he diseliarg- >1 after a reprimand for his conduct The Whip Indicted?The Grand Jury returned into court with an indictment against the publishers anu editors of " The Whip" lor i-suing an obscene sheet. They were arrested and held to bjil to answer the charge. The Court then ndjourned till this morning, at eleven o'clock, to he:ir some casus ol affiliation. The jury was discharged until Monday. Army Intelligence. General. Orders, ) Headquarters or the AhMv, Adju> taut (funeral's Office, No. 19. ) Washington. March 8, 1843. Promotions anil appointments in the Army of the United States, by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, since the 1st of January, 1843. I. Promotions. Sixth Regiment of Infantry. Brevet 2d Lieuut Rudolph F. Ernst, to be 2d Lieut., Feb. 9, 1843, vice Emory, resigned. Brevets. Capt. D D. TompKins, of the 1st regiment of Artillery, to be Major by brevet, for gallant and meritorious conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from Sept. II, 1836. Capt. H Brown, of the 4th Regiment of Artillery, to he Major by brevet,for gallant conduct on si veral occasions, an l general efficiency in the war against the Florida Indiana, to date fiom Nov. 21, 1936. Major J Harris, of ihe Marine Corps, to be Mnjor by brevet, for gallantry and good conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, particularly in the affair of llatcheo Lustre, to date from Jan. 27, 1887. Capt. B. L. Brail, of the 2d regiment of Dragoons, to be Major by brevet, for gallantry and successful aervicea in the war against the Florida Indiana, to date from March lft, 19S7. Capt. G. W. Allen, of the 4th regiment of Infantry, to be Major by brevet, for gallant conduct on several occasions, and general efficiency in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from Dec. 2ft, 1837. Capt. J. Munro, ofthe 4th regiment ?f Artillery, to be Major by brevet, for conduct uniformly meritorious and efficient during three campaigns against the Florida Indiana, to date from Feb. 16, 1833. Capt. 8 Ringgol-I, el the 8 1 regiment of Artillery, to be Major by brevet, lor meritorious conduct, in activity and efficiency, in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from Feb. 16, 1838. Cap ain Sea well, of the7th regiment of Infantry, to lie Major by brevet, lor meritorious and successful services in the war against the Florida Indiana, to date Irom July 13, 1811. Captain R. D. A. Wade, of the 3d regiment of Artillery, to be Major by brevet, lor gallantry and successful services >n the war against the Florida Indians, to date from Novembcrfl, 1841. Captain G. Wright, of the 9th regiment of Infantry, to be Major by brevet, for meritorious conduct, in 7.aal, energy, and perseverance, in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from March 16, 1842. Captain R. H. K Whiteley, of the Ordnance Department, (late 1st Lieutenant in the 21 regiment of Artillery,) to be Captain by bruvet, for gallant conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from July 19, 1936. Captain T. B. Linnard, of the corps of Topographical RtKhuetTs. (late 1st Lieutenant in the 2d reeimrnt of Ar tillery,) to be Captain by brevet, for gallant conduct, ar. tivity and enterprise, in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from September 30, 1838. First Li-ut J. VV. Anderson, of the 21 regiment of In fantry, to be Captain by brevet, for gallant and successful conduct in the waragainst the Florida Indians, tedate from August 23,1941. Brevet Captain W O. Freeman, 1st Lieutenant in the 4th rtgtment of Artillery, July 7, 1839. and Brevet Captain in the Stall', December-J, 1941, to be First Lieutenant by brevet, for gallantry on several occasions, and uniform food conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, to at? fram November 21,1830. First Lieut. G. Tavlor.ot the 3d regiment of Artillery, to be Captain by brevet, for gallantry and meritorious services in the waragainst the Florida Indians, to date front M 'rch I, 1942. First Lieut. J. T. Spragne.of the 8th regiment of Infantry to be Captain by brevet, for meritorious ami successful conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, to date Irom March lb, 1842. First Lieut. P. N Barbeur, of the 3d regiment of Inian try, to be Cnptain by brevet, for active and highly merito riotis services in the war tgainst the Florida Indians, te date from April 1ft, 1842. First Lieut. R. A. Arnold of the 2d regiment of Dragoons, to be Captain by brevet, for gallant conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, to (late Irom April 19, 1842. First Lieut. O- H. Talcott, of the Ordnance Department, (late of the 31 regiment of Artillery,) i?t Lieutenant, September lft, 1136, to be First Lieutenant by brevet, lor gallant conduct on several occasions in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from December 31, 183ft. First Lieut Horace Brooks, of the 2d regiment of Artillery, (1st Lieutenant, February 8, 1837,) to be First Lieutenant by brevet, tor gallantry and good conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from December 31, 1934. Firat Lieut. W. H. Fowler, of the 1st regiment of Ar tlllery, (1st Lieutenant May 1, 1939,) to be First Lieutenant by brevet, for gallantry and good conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from January 14, 1938. Second Lieut. George H. Thomas, of the 3d regiment of Artillery, to be First Lieutenant by brevet, for gallantry and good conduct in the war against the Florida Indians, to date from November 6. 1841. Second Lieut F D Callender, of the Ordnance Department, to h* First Lieu'enant by brevet, tor active and highly meritorious services in the war against the Florida Indians, to datelrom May 1,1842. II.?Arr.nitTMESTS. Military Storekeeper attached to the Ordnance Department J. M. Oalt, of the State of Virginia, December as, 1842 III ?TimssrrR > Brevet 2d Lieuts. O- T. Mason and T. C. Hammond, of the late 2d Dragoons, are transferred to the first regiment o( Dragoons?the first to Company (K,) the second to Company (G.) which they will join without delay. The Supernumeraiy 2d Lieutenants will take precedence in the regiment according to their academic rank. iv?rksioisatiov. Second Lieut. J. R. Emory, flth Infantry, Fobruary 9 1843. By eommandof Maj. Oen. Scott : R. JONES, Adjutant General. Another Island Destroyed by an Earthquake We learn from Captain Means of the Lucy, arrived yesterday from Mayaguez, P. R., that a slight shsick of an earthquake was felt on thp 8 h of February, doing, however, no daniHge. It whs reported that th? hi and of Antigua tea* drttroyed, and Nevis and Si Kittu considerably injured. [From the Savannah Republican ] The British steamer Tay arrived at Havana 20th February and reports having experienced a severe shock of an earthquake on the 8th February, ofl the Island of Antigua. It was so severe as to retard the motion of the vessel, and on looking to the shore, the lulls ap(ieared to be in motion ; one it/and ditnpptarrd altngfthrr. It will be recollected that Captain Driacotl, of the British barque Severn, arrived at this port about ten days since, reported that he experienced a shock of earthquake ihe same day mentioned above, at which time he supposed lie was Hbout one hundred and fifty miles from, that island. From Yt catan.?The Coral, from Campeachy, arrived at New Orleans on the 2fith ult., witli a few days later intelligence from the beat of war. The C. sailed from Campeachy on the night of the 7ih, hut before she got out ol the hay, the next morning, she was boarded by the officers of the Mexican schooner Campechano, and the brig Yucateco, and detained three days, the 8ih, 9th and 10th of February. All the newspapers he had were taken from him, and the brig's papers were also taken,but were returned before he left. About 11 o'clock on the 10lh instant, the Mexican steamer Guadeloupe made an attack on three Yucatese gunboats. An action ensued, which lasted tbout two hours, when the steamer was compelled o make off. The gunboats kept up a heavy and well-directed fire on her, and as she parsed under the stern of the Coral, she looked as if she had been roughly handled. The gunboats escaped scot free, not having received one shot from the steamer, or, as far hs could be discovered, sustained the slightest injury. More than one hundred i'aixhan balls were discharged at the gunboats, but not one hit the mark Martial law was declared in the city ofCampeachv on the 7ih, and a rumor prevailed that it would he proclaimed throughout the province The YncHte cos were in fine spirit-*, well supplied with the munitions of war, and ready to see the city razed to the ground sooner than surrender?confident of their ability to hold out as long a? Mpxico can keep ii| the siege. M IERA U3. City Intelligence. Manhattan Hanu Forobr Akiiested.?Officer Relyea, with ihe assistance of officer Kelhnger, hns by several weeka* ingenious mid industrious application,effected the arrest of one of the most cunning and dextrous fnrRers that has graced our financial circles for years part. A few weeks since, it will he remembered, that three forged checks purporting to have been drawn by Sinutm Ifraptr, jr., auctioneer, i for $6,600 together, had been presented at the Man. ' hattan Bank and paid. A young man named Abraham J. Morrell, wits arrested by Upper Police officers at the time, as an accomplice of the person who committed the forgery, he having obtained a check lor a small amount from Mr. Draper a few days previous, from which it wns supposed the signature of the forgeries |iad been traced. After being detained at the upper police for several weeks and not being identified as the person who presented the checks, Morrell was admitted to bail in the sum of #5000, which wasenlered by Thomas Morrell, in bis behalf, it .being evident from the circumstances tlmt Morrell was not the principal in the business. C*eve ral officers of the police of the city were put upon the alert to arrest him, through the agency of the bank From certain developments made by a cer tajn Wall street financier previous to his release from prison on bail, officer KeiyeHw'nh the assistance of a person well acquainted with Franklin s Burns, the supposed forger, undertook his arrest. After reconnoitering the field of action, Relyea traced Burns to Newark, N. J., where he ascertained thai he had been conveyed to Philadelphia in a covered wagon by a man named Josiali Baldwin,who resides on the Camptown road near the former place. llelyea andKellinger then went to Philadelphia and traced Burns, who had assumed the name ol "John B. Dickson," to a boarding house at 64 North Eighth street, where he had kept himself secreted sevetal weeks in his own apartments by representing t? the family that he was "an obsconding debtor" and bis creditors were in pursuit of him. From information thai had been communicated to Burns by a person whom he had engaged to obtain his valise and clolkijpg in this city, (that had, unknown to him, been put under charge of the police) he had changed his quarters two dayH previous to the arrival ol Relyen, and bis whereabouts was then unknown. Officer Relyen, not discouraged, however, by this break in the link of discovery, followed up iu pur suit, and found that his man had engaged the ser vices ot a girl of the pave, and taken lodgings at a large and fashionable boarding house iu Market, near Tenth street, passing the girl off as his newly married wife. The assistance of Mayor Scott, of Philadelphia, ami Postmaster Montgomery, were called in previous to this, aud several letters, one of which was antionymous, written by Burns from Philadelphia, to the address of his assumed name, were intercepted in this city, and taken Irom the cost office bv officer Ustroin. before the persons for whom they were intended had obtained possession of them. On Wednesday night at a late hour, having become satisfied that the gentleman was in the above premises, Relyeu sent lor officers to aid him in the arrest, but was not able to obtain their assistance at that hour of night. Finding the uncertainty of delay, he resolved to Bpring Vis man at once, hit or miss, and obtaining the assistance of a person who occupied the store below the boarding house, entered the dwelling in the evening about 11 o'clock with his pioneer on the lead. This person, who knew Burns, was directed by Relyea to go up stairs in the parlor of the boarding house, and if Burns was there to return ar.d report immediately to htm, and he would follow and secure him at once. He went up, opened the door, and looking Burns directly in the face became so excited that he shut the door with sucn lorce that the suspicions of the forger were instantly excited that all was not safe, and he must be wide awake As quick as thought the rogue smelt the cat, and without waiting for his hat, followed immediately alter the pioneer, who by this time had carried ihe information to Relyea that all was right Burns in .the meantime rushed into the yard, and from thence into a hack court, and escaped. Relyea, on receiving the answer that his man was up stiirs, made a rapid ascent, but on entering the parlor, to his astonishment found that the bird had flown! He started for the vard, thence into the street, but was too late, a3 the darkness of the night eluded pur suit. Burns, soon after leaving the house, it has since been ascertained, stopped a cab driver 111 the street, and it being about the hour of night that pas sengers arrived trom New York, told him that he had jujt come on, and having lost his h>t on the way, he wi.?hed him to drive to a hat store, where lie could obtain a cap This being accomplished he discharged the cab driver, and made good his escape Relyea was here again thrown off the scent, hut by due diligence obtained information the next day that led him to believe, that the object of his search had taken quarters at an assignation house kept by a Mrs Smith, in an alley in the rear of 368 Vine street. He there engaged the assistance of a shrewd girl acquainted with the town, who was let into as much of the secret us whs necessary, and who on Thursday night, after ofli cers had been stationed at the front and rear of the premises, was directed to go to the front door and knock for admittance This was refused, and with such a reply that gave no doubt that Hums was secreted in the house. In a few moments Relyea knocked at the door, which was slightly opened af ter considerable delay, and being relusod admission, he gave it the impetus of his Dutch shoulder, when open went the door, down went Mrs. Smith, heels overhead, and there stood Hums the lorger, with his knees knocking together like Belshazzer of old at the handwriting on the wall. Relyea gave him a stop on the shoulder, a hearty shake of the hand, Hnd with "well, my old boy, I've got yru at last," clapped a pair of forged bracelets on his forging wristers.and landed him sale in the city prison yesterday morning, on the arrival of the cars from Philadelphia. Allersecuring the signature of Simeon Draper, jr., whose name was used to obtain the money on the lorged checks from the Manhattan Hank, and preparing a check lor #2000, his manner of accomplishing his object was as follows He took lodgings at some private hoarding house, and in Ins walks about town during banking hours, made some small purchase of merchandize, which he ordered to be sent to his lodgings. When the boy arrived with the goods he represented himself as short of immediate funds, but requested the bearer of the articles to go to the Manhattan Bank and obtain the money for a check, which was immediately consented to. To avoid detection he then would follow the boy, and Wiiich nm return irom me dm/ik, nun as no one was wen to be in campany with him he would return to his hoarding house before the boy hud arrived, receive the money, Hnd if the notes were large pnv the amount o( the bill in other lunds rhat he had discovered in his pockets after the boy had left. An immediate removal from that boardinn house followerl this successful opera!ion, and the next day, in new quarters, with anew purchase at a different store, and another boy; the next check for #2000 wa? cashed, and the succeeding day the one for #2,000, when the forgeries were discovered by the account of Mr. Draper having been overdrawn. Hums has been recognised by vacli of the three boys who obtained the money for the checks, and will be indicted, tried and in all probability convict ed without much delay. A small portion of money, a handsome gold watch, and other jewellery, were found upon his person, which have been placed in the police office to abide the result of the trial, when, if convicted, it will fall to the share of the (tank, but if hot, to the lawyer that defends him. The superior cunning of the fellow in obtainine the money for the checks, shows him to he one of the most shrewd of the numerous body of forger? that have found their way to ^inaSing and his arrest, under tne circumstances, reflects much credit upon the ingenuity and perseverance of the officers concerned, and particularly officer Kelyen. Hoarding Hoiisk Snoozrrb.?Through a notice .n the Herald yesterday morning, several persons came forward before the Justices of the Lower Police, and recognized the two soaplocks who have been boarding round, and stealing as they went, under the names of S inuel Norton and friaries Williams It ap|iears that on the 2ftih of lust month, Ih'se genteel and accomplished rogues, whose career has now been shortened thtough the perseverance of officers Stokel.-y and Maker, engaged board at 72 Walker stre<t, and during the first night of their resident ! on the premises stole clothing and other articles valued at 50, amldecamiied the next morning before daylight. On the 2d instant they obtained an introduction to the proprietor of boarding house 141 b-ighlh street, and during the first twenlv-four hours stole clothing and jewellery valued at #09,00 t'om Thomas Rounday, jtin.. Homer Morgan, and N tthaniel Hloodgood, boarders in the premises When arrested on Thur-dny, a black cloth coat and men silk cravat, s'olen Irom Mr Ogden, of N<> 72 Walker street, was found on Hie person of Norton, and in his coat pocket a handkerchief stolen Irom Mr. Hloodgood, of 141 Eighth afreet. On the back of Williams a coat w?a found that had been taken t \ V LD. PrtM Cent*. from Mr- Rounday, jun., of the wmf house. Other persons who have lost property, while these scoundrels were in their premises, will obligs the Police by giving such information during the day. Norton is a native of Albany, who was " peeled" some time since hy officer Jo, of the Fourth ward, and Willtama, who bears an assumed name. U from Boston. Horned in an Au.iy?Notwithstanding the numerous times that persons from the country have been cautioned through the columns of the Herald, to avoid the seductive arte of the rogues that mlest our city, yet thev sometimes get entrapped aa David E. Kitchell, of Hanover Neck, Morris county, N. Y., did yesterdny. Stro ling about, and looking at the strange sights in town, lie was accosted by a man who appeared very anxious to call in his judgment to decidr a bet between two of his friends who were tip an alley near by The proposition rather flattering David's vanity, he walked up and there found two other men shullling cards, who induced bim to bet on the result and place $5 93, in silver, in the hands ol one of ihe party who acted as stakeholder. The cardH were turned and David was declared a loser, as a matter of course He denied the soft impeachment, but the stakeholder made tracks carrying the stakes with him David gave chase, but being out winded entered complaint at the lower police, and in a short time alterwards officer J. L. Smith lodged the rogue in the Tombs, who gave the name ot John Morrison. His partners in iniquity have escaped. A Cook locked up.?A black fellow named Wm Crapper, who had been engaged as gook on board the Hchooner Constitution, ('apt. Lawson, was (ally committed yesterday, for stealing two silver watches, valued at #20, a coat worth $10, and a cap and watch key. One of the watches was found in possession of a man named Charles Henderson who alleges that he received it from James Adams for the nilPiuttitt nl liinrinrv if i ii *?r nurJ P.vnnnwv ? ru,r"?v ? ??"?? ?" rested,acknowledged that he gave one o| the watches to Adams,to take to a|>awn-broker'sahopto raise funds. WlIKRE ARE THE WATCHMEN OF THE FlFTH WAKDT Wr uixlt-ifianrt ttmtth" niuht before last, the knob ol the belt oi the house 99 Franklin street, recently strongly screwed in the side of the door, has been carried away by some industrial,who must have been occupied at least half an hourin forcing it out. This robbing of bell knobs is practised to a very great extent about town, and our Charley's, if awake, which we confess is doubtful, ought to see to it. ialterary Notice* National Sono Book ?Songs, Odes and other Poems, on National Subjects, compiled from various sources, by W. M'Carty, Philadelphia.?The first volume is patriotic?the second naval, and the third military. These volumes are purely an American collection ot songs and ballads. They were originally scattered through filea of magazines, newspapers and other periodicals, common song books, and stall ballads. Files of newspapers from the period of Braddock's defeat to the death ol Presi ient Ilnrrison, have been ransacked. Many songs of great popularity at the time they were composed, are here published, which are no where else to ue louna i neec voiuriles noi omy contain an the well know po ular American songs, but they also contain many valuable historical facta and reminiscences connected with them? among which will be lound the origin of the national air, " Yankee Doodle, of the national song, "Hail Columbia,"See. <fcc. Not as a fair specimen of the volumes, but as a bit of doggerel curiosity illustrative of the trjrrit du jour, we give the following ;? COUNTRY ODE FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY, ar H. TYLCR. Squeak the file, and heat the drum, . Independence day ia come Let the roHiting pig tie bled. Quick twist ott' the cockerel's head, Quickly ruh the pewter platter. Heap the nutcukea, tried in butter; Set the cup* and beaker glass, The pumpkin and the apple *auce ; Send the keg to ?hop lor brandy ; Maple sugai we hare handy, Independent, staggering Dick, A noggin mix ol swinging thiak ; Hal, put on your ru*aet ak irt, Jntham, get yourhoughten ?hirt, To-day we dance to tiddle dindle. ? Here comes Sambo with hi* fiddle ; Sambo, take a dram ol whiskv, And play up Yankre Doodle frisky. Moll, come, leHve your witched trickl, And let u* hare a reel of *ix. Father and mother shah make two ; Sambo, play and dance with quality ; Tins ia the day ot I, bat equality. Father and mother are but men, And Sambo?ia a citizen. Come foot it, Sal?Moll, figure in, And, mother, you dance up to him ; Now saw ai fast as e'er you can do, And, father, you croaa o'er to Sambo. ?Thus we dance, and thus we play, On glorious Independent day.? Hub more rosin on your bow, And let ua have another go. Zounds ! as sure as eggs and bacon, Here's Ensign Sn< ak, and Uncle Deacon, Aunt Thiali, and their Bets behind her, On blundering mare, than beetle blinder. And there's the'squire too. with hia lady? Sal, hold the beast, I'll take the baby. Moll, bring the 'squire our great arm chair, Good folks, we're glad to see you here. Jotham, get the great case bottle, Your teeth can pull its corn cob stopple. Ensign,?Deacon, never mind ; 'Squire,drink until you're blind. Thus we drink and dance away, This glorious Independent day ' Theatricals.?Forrest is at present in town, very busily engaged in some literary pursuits, connected with the drama, that will burst like a meteor upon the world one of these days. Wait far the zodiacal light It is said that the management of the Bowery Theatre, is about to pass into new hands. It ia full time that the stockholders made some effort to revive its fortunes. During the last few years it has been goirgdown?down?down It cannot pomibly go lower, unless it goes below altogether. ilacket was at New Orleans at the last dates, preparing to wend his way to the North. We have not heard of his success. The celebrated Tom Flynn is in town, aa large and as round as life. He plays to night in a favorite piece at the Chatham. His very face ia worth a shilling to look at, by any newsboy. A new drama, from a celebrated character, ia preparing to be brought out at the Chatham. Mr- Sutton, it is said, is negotiating with the manngement of the Chesnut street Theatre, Philadelphia. Pete Richings is the diplomatist on the occasion. We have not heard the result. The Seguing are singing south towards Charleston. They failed in Baltimore,inconsequence of the prevalence ot religious revivals and Mtllerism?that go?d city being now devoted to pietv and temperance. We wish wc could say as niucn of Philadelphia, which apjiears to Ije the principal theatre of ail the atrocious murders, 'assassinations, seductions, and crimes of the age. Niblo is looking through the very hues of a glare of old sherry, and trying to catch a glimpse of next furrmer' . . . i >imp*on lias nm twnttB mrusi i? mr uwiviu <n uw empty pocket.*, and is thinking hard what he will do next week. MADAME OTTO'S GRAND VOCAL A^D INBTRU .MENIAL. l UM KKT ? Madame Otto hit the honor r<. inform her trienda rut the public, thai ahe inrpoui 10 (irt * Grind Vocal ami tueirnm-mal ? onc*'t. on Endue eTuninx, 'h< Pth of March, *' the A' OLLO ROO MB, on which occasion ahe will be aaaietnl by the IoIIowidk celebrated artii't.who have iinhr.taiinviy rolonteered their vera ra'uablu .art icea ? MONOR t)b BEONIS, SKJNOR M A HTINi. *ION(>H MILQN. MK m H A RE* N 8E HO, A.r^teAN. ?&w,wBKt' MR ^.LR'ha'N?CN, MR" U U HILL< D"",0r : T" t'ha Orcheaira will be truly grand. More than Flk'TY in iintnhrr, in incipally compoaed ot the me inbera i.l the Phil harm nic Anqiety, who hire kindly offered their aid. The piOKramrne will be inaer cd hereafter. m' Jtend'rc pONCERT ? MR. BRNt'DID rcanectf.illy informa hie Vy friei.daauil the public frne'allv, that hia oncerf will take placer n the ijth in?l-, at the Arollo K>< ma. Broadway. He will he aa.iaie I by the beat in the r|ty. V.a*al?Medim Mao nee I i Miaa Jjlia Pom?roy. Inairii'i.enial?Mna Julia Pom-rut', Mr. A (fjowaei, Mr. K'liat, Mr. Ciapu, Mr. Johnroo. >lr. Hill. Mr. Koaeier, Mr. Dewort . m9lilL_ cr, HI'.WAHD? I oaf T a'clcn. a red eerier do* ?M?eriw to tie nam. o Tom. h?? a wh t. ma k on hi. headi and on eVcb fo-r. white nnder the h cut. h.aa burnt acar on the bind pait, and blood ru?a cot of hi. preP<-?; wfe. V1* I I IIP fl l)pr??lli*?i 5' rli't'Mfif. Whotvtf Will rTurn ,h . a d dog"" will tell where he can be found. . ter Will receive the .bore award nlU're T T Nl Tlf 0 IkllH REPEAL ASSOCIATION,?A reaular U'monlhlr l-ieei|e?ol lhe l/niled Ir ak Re i-eal Aaaoeia'inn if the City of New York will he b. Id at Waahin?toa Hail, Broadway, M nd<? e?-i,inir. 11th in?t. at 7 . o'tloek. Th f ir II ' i iat"e A'd ennal tiahta, a I who taka an inter, at in lolim'a i re a. I a'ro.ale for Irgiaiat're indenendeuee. r,- n.rited to ntten.1 The front aeata will be reaerv.d for ladiea. By order, I B tVCONNCE. ? ?> ITNI1 EO STALKS GOV ERN VI?NT LOAN.?Trenoae1 atock anil honna, bearin* ? percent per annum m 'eraat, for aale in anma of $1000 and upwarda. he. in so )|*i N. HIST ARE. U Wall at.

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