Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1843 Page 1
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! _ TH Vol. IX.?to. 71.?Whole No. 3?8?. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?doily newspaper?publiahed ?vary day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Prico 3 cent* per copy?or fl 2# per anBum?postages paid?rtun in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or f8 12 par annum? pottages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THUUSANU, ana incrranmg sat. It ha* the large*! circulation of any jtaper in thi* city, or the world, and i* therefore, the be*t channel for huiinei* men in the city or country. Price* moderate?cash ill adranee. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the most moderatr prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pbopbietob or the Hebald Establishment, Northwest cornet of Fulton and Nassau street* ^cj HOUSES TO LET AT YORKVILLE.?2 l'r*e houses on the corner of 8UL street and :ld uvrnue; either Jl^MLof them is calculated for a public house, grocer \ or priTate resides ce. On the premises is a fine ; table, owtiug al'ry, and n tine garden c mris'ing of 8 of, with grape vinesaud li nil trees there.>u For term*, luoinre . f JOHN A. MORRILL. Esij . ml 'wr No II Chairh-rs at. pflsat TO LET?the upper n-rt ol the store No. 7 New street, a f w doer* fr.un Wall street; ?''< second storv VlB ' 't two offices, and it is ada|ite<i for a merchant or lawyer. A Isn. the three story house J4 Wr'ker at between Bro?dwa* aud Cl urch st, an eicetlenl situation tor n centeei family, oeeui ied by Mr. Verpl'ueK The h>ick stnt' corner of Pike and Cherry streets, occupied oy Messrs. Valentine fit Co., as a Iced atore, a desirable epilation. Tri? convenient two ?t<"y house with attic rooms, basement and counter cellar. No. 229 Nineteenth atrcet, occupied by Mr. Wcks . , , The two atnry br>ck house, No 7S Gold street, ona doorfrom Spruce st, formerly owned by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The rents will be moderate. App-y to MR. DELAPLA1NE, 68 Wall street, m6 lm*r in ffice No. 9, cor. ?f Water *f. Ml'd LET?In Deau strut, near Smirl* stiee , Umoklyn, the smendid three story hon-e, finished in the best manner, with two lots ol gr>nud attached. Also, coach Hons... ..tables U< . A variety of the most choice ertre Tinea Alto, several fruit treets, with a well aud pump of eieel'fnt spring water on the premise* This property is well calculated for the accommodition of a respertabl fimiily, to whomitwill be let for one year or more unaccommodating terina, bv apply,DBt? JOSEPH McMURRAY, m6 r lb# mrrct. 'tO LET?FromM Mav ne?v, two m< deru two story Houses, in Grand arreet, near Wnoster. Alao, the Store No 89 '"anal at., u?w occupied at a chair atore. It could be made into two very convenient afo cs Apply to JOHN THOMPSON fl9-*lmrc 60 Grand or 27 Wooster sr*. jjT TO LET?A BOAKlilNUHOUSE?On- of the moat desirable stands in the city, having heeu ocanpie d XjflL't* such for a number of veara. with a good run of buai neaa Enquire of Jamea '1' Barn*-. Hi 1 earl street, in the a <me bmldi ig or of Seoderaon, 211 Pearl at. m6 lw*m ~jj? to-Let?T rom lai of May neat, the modern built two alory briea house, No. 11 Third at, ?<th attic, basexJULmrut and cellar, and mirble inanelea throughout Kor further pa'tienHr-. inquire at 179K Pearl ?t I If lm* T'? LET?The ato e No 97fi Nassau erect, in the Herald Building. Applv at the Herald office,cur Naa? and Knlt"n streets, mllr MA KaRK CHANCE?A fi si rate stauu f r a grocer, situate on corner Oelaucy and Cannon at, with a small stock, the present proprietor wistang to go into ihe co.airs. N. B ? Having been long establis' ed, would, with proper atteuti?n, coiamand a tint rate run f business. ml' 3t r HRKHNWHOD COTTAGE TO LET.-This T7T7? beautiful country residence, on Orwanns Heights, Brooklyn, adjoining the Greenwood Cemetery, e0nt*ini g ris good rooms, cellar, wood house, and large garden, R|| in good o der. Du'a"ce from the S.ulh Kerry 1% mil's. An onsuihns pass's the end of the alreet several times daily. It is so adventagrnusly situated as to command an uninterrupted view ofthe Bay, New York, Jersey City, Sic. Inqu re at lae to! I bridge, foot of Ci.u-1 st, of K. Martin It Co, 26 Jonn at. New York or ol Mr. Martin, on the premises.? Heat $170. mil e u3t*rc OFFICES TO LET?In atore No. #9 South street. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, JLtfL lb# Pine street. fllec Aa? HOTEL.?Kor sa<e, lease or let, the svell established Kltt Hotel, situated on the corner of William and Duane sis, JI^ULNew Yoik. known as the Miaksj.eare Hotel, is now to be dispose of aud on very advantageous terms. Kor particulars inquire on the premises, or to ABRAHAM A. RE V1SON, Esq , Wallabout, Williamsburg, or by letter to J. A CKO*S Esq., Post-office, Brooklyn, er to P. V.RRMHEN, No I Wall St., between the hours oi II aud 12 o'clock. in6 lw*ec a KOR SALE?A desirable couutry residence at Hempstead Village, Long Island; a large well built House, ine ttage style, with Bams, Sheds, Sic.,and tea acres of first rate land, in IndiDg a Garden well stocked with shrubbery, fruit trees, Stc., in a high state of cultivation; it is locat-d o? Kulton street, less than a half a mile of the New York anil Long Islaud Railroad, which has a commuuic-tiou with tin cftv ssrcnsl tunes a day, anil at a rate of fare v -ry much reducd from former mice*, malting it a moat desirable resi. ence for a person retiring fiom the city, or oue who may wish to do business iu the city. A porticli of the m ney can remain on mortgage, ?nd the balance can be paid in dry goods or groceries at market price*. For further pa-titulars, apply to JOHN Si. VOOKH1ES, Book Store' No- 24 Na ?an st. N. Y., or JOHN J .MARSHALL, Postmaster. m8 2w*r Matnaroueck, Wei tch? iter o , N. Y. FOR SALE OK EXCHANOK FOK CITY PKOPEKTY?A Farm of one hundred acres, situated ia jLjM,Knckland County, ten miles by the New York and Eric Hailroad.or sis miles lr?m Nyeck Landing. Handsomely situated, plenty of fruit, well watered and wooded, and easy of access at any day in the week, by the above road,in three hours. For further particulars enquire at i7 Gourcueur srreet, where a andscape riew can be seen. 17f lm*r KOK SALE OI( EXCHANGE FOK PROPERTY jgSSlN THE CITY OF NEW YORK-Am uable Farm ^gfe^uf about 80 arret in Scarsdale, West Chester County, two miles belowWhite Pl.u-u and tweBty-five rom New York on the main road Icedinz 10 and from aaid placet. On the premises is a spacious double two sterv dwelnug house, with n kitchen attached; a Darn, carriage and out houses, all in fine order; 2 bearing apple orchards, mostly gr fted fruit, peach, chcry and pear trees, a good well of water and cistern Holding 40 hogsheads of water; about twelve acres of wood laud. The whole farm well fenced aud mostly with stone wall and in go-ad repair. The Broil River crosses the rear, along which the railroad runs, now nearly completed, to White Plaint. Persona desirous of seeing the pre-isea srill find it one of the moat des.rahle places in West Chester County. Enquire of J. J. TRAVIS, on the premises, or D. BRUSH. ESQ. niSr No 92 Fulton St. na FA KM AT AUCTION?Will no offered at public gMtt vend in-, ih* farm late of William Cook, dec a-ed, in Hanover. Morns County, N. J. containing 120 acres amiably divided iu meadow, pasture aud ph-nga land, with a l.rae supply of wood and timber, a c -uveuieut dwel ing house, two barns, aud other out houses. Wi:| t-e offeree together or iu i-aiit, at th? house of t* m. McFailan iu Whi pany, on F. iday, the 24'h of March, imtaut, at 2 o clo< k P.M. Conditions will be liberal, and attendance at t>t tim- of s I- by the subscriben. SILA 4 TUT TLF., CALVIN HOWELL, ui10t?4 *r E'e- nio.? oi slid Deceased. 1 "UNITED STATc-S H<>TEL OF PHILADELPHIA. ALL trsve'l'rs who have passe ihediysa-d nights of the<r op'U'inn Philadelphia at'his fin estihlis^m-nt, speak n to ins of uniualified pr.-ise of iis am mm (I t out, in table ami mi "geinen . 'I he arraugr mt n s o' the h use ere ad in Irani. ... ...... *... ....1 . .... ; i _ ? .... ,., -.. - ?...i in ih.s Ho el tii*^ will b- appreciated ny tn tt p raoua, such *? aelran, quiet, ai d w*ll-iurui.>.e i Ik,use, a well-sni plied lead inc room, and * host whose constant IT ,it. are di ecle 11 > render ihi* I, *u ton t highly ag eeahle 'f-ori tor ruspeitabl* traveller . Mr llea,b> hn i<olitr*nd aff.hl* dep rmtnl, .ml hi* n r.mittd perto it a t<-Dtton u> the tables , n t the guueral r,union of hi* guests, win fivor irom all *hufrequent hu hcUta, , 1 hi ir who in the momim pttfer tl indulge io the itt'ft restorer bs'my sleep,* Instead cf ntie: dim to ihe b eakfsst imn.ona, find it I e hour wi icii u's their owo ciner-mene*, a table ?et l- r th< ir itpeci-l use. wi h seseial le.vanuiuatebd .nee to consult theii wishes, aid have any d.licac- which tne honte affords, trrpa ed wthcelfiity for heir gratification. The dtnm r la carve t> in a light,airy, and simciou* d mug r om ov, r'wokn.g a tardeii. and ta a irpail that would d.? credit to any Hotel in the ouor,. The aitnation nt thi? home it drcidedly the hi it in Mi lad* I phi*, b ing on Ck-suut at, op otite the Bat h of tinted Mites? the very centre tffath.ou and bmiaettol the city, mlt Im'r METALLIC RAZOR, STROP MHTH roUR S.IOKS, invented by O BAUNDKRS, '"if keeping Kaxurs ulw.,v? in order?it produces a trnoo h and thin edge to a team in a tenth part ol the time required on a hone, without usiug oil or wu-er No other ar ic e of the hind h i ever be- n to uuiiertnll} known and anproved ol. Iiavii.; been tor the last t veiny five t ear* in con taut ute in neailv all iht cutlery cttabnahtneu a in K.ornpe, ami there acknowledged to h.*?e uo eqnal. In N.-w York, where it Wat invented, it received firtl pr* inium* at the Am- rican Institute every Urn- it was |ireietnrd for cnmiwtiliou, ami f r dutlly (without the aid of puffing,) rttskli.hi d a reputsti n in ait nan* ol America, ol Being the only Kaaor Strop that will ke* p raiurt ir perfect order. Certificate! are n the potteaaion of the inveator from the moat icieutific gentlemen of both countries, speaking highly of their superiority. When taking into consideration that those gentlemen have no interest in the tale of .he article, and ?;i?c their testimony without solicitation, speaks volumes in its asor. It it the only Strop th*t has betu deemed worthy of imitation and counterfeiting. The great number of those alone would stamp it at being the climax ol perfection. That It may be more satisfactory to tee public, the names of hose gentlemen Who I, ,re given cerlificatea as to the merits ol the Strop are here published? General James Tallmadge, President ol the American Institute; Prof. John (Iriacoin, Dr. Vaentinr Molt, and Mr. Millikeu,cutler to the Hoyal Navy, 301 Rle.n.l 11.e ,r . O , V. ... V...1. ?a >_? ?"" ptHHONOVtr.TKR KOK SALK-Au eight d.iv Liverpool Vy Chronometer fur die low U in charge of >ir. etewart. Merclnn ' Kichange, who will mow it to pttachsiera. f?7r ENOLIHH AD VEKTI8K.VIKNT?Notice to Masters ot Vet?e!? antl o h. ra visituor Liverpool ou business or pleasure ? Mre Uortuch, late of the Washington Hotel, orgs retpecllollv te inform her numerous Americen frienda,that she has removed Irom Saint l a?l?S'|iMr<- to No. 30 l)n*e strn t, Liverpool, a fe w mimitea walk (rem the Custom H >nae, which p.ivate houae i? fitted up Willi every comfort and conn no lire, and ireati to he favored with a coniinnance of support ?e many years afforded to her. r,4 Imr BIRD'! BIRDS'! BIRDS".'.?For lale, a choice i election ol Canaries, ol all kinds. Home are eierllrnt singers Alao, a good t ilking Parrot. Likewis-, an ns'ortinrn: of haiica I'l all Rinds, arhimwle ged by all to be the finest in tin euy k',u<|Hirr at No 313 Pearl street klntiauce 33 Knrv rtrret lront 10.1111, 11 (< stairs. in7 mre pRt)l OHALH WAN I I D hUR SToNfc a"vu"i r a MILNT.?Uraoite or good s.vid atone coning, to cover J0( Mono g feet ol paiaia t *all of Cul'e Williims; coinng fit, feu long and one toot thick, will h tn?y be variable. Toi* ?m ents to he i ici ly cul.ioints ind bed to he tialy dressed Slum to be delivered at tl,,senior's l?und in M iy and June. Piopo aals per cub c foot, say 2*>'>0 cutoc feet. Aiao.lor 1000 barrels best Hydraulic Cement, to he delivered on Uiviruor's Island, ru small lota, aa wants d, and the Kartell taken hack. Address Capt John Sanders, Corp* of engineers, N. York mlO lw*m E NE N SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1848. ?&&&?&?& OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. T. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland by the re^ nular line of packet*, sailing on the lit, 7th, 13lh, !9lhand 23th of each mouth. Th..J,d Black BallI line of'packets are as follows.? Ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper. L AM B K1 L)( ik.. Captain Bart tow. " COLUMBUS, Captain Coif, " EL ROPE, Captain barber, " SOUTH AMKRIC t, Captain Bailer, " NORTH AM ERICA, Captain Lowlier, " ENGLAND.Capwin tVaite. " OXFORD, Captain RathbooeThe Commercial Line is composed of iorty superior .fait sailing ships, ail commanded by uieu or great experience. First cltss ships will al?o be dospaicned from Liverpool to Boston, New Orleans and Mobile, three times per menth; to Baits more, Charleston and Savannah, twice a month, to the different pnru in Bi itish North America weekly. I he subscriber, ill making Itnowu his arrangements fer the year IMS, begs to call tiie attention of those persons residiug in the United Slates and Canada, who wish to send lor their friends to come Iro o England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, that they can always be accommodated by tne line ol packet ships sailing as above; and in order to give more facility and quirk despatch to the emigrant, lirst class well-known American ships, comprising the Commercial Line will, in addition to the packets, he despatched by liis Liveri?>ol auenls, every three or four days during the season, thoreby avoiding any detention. Those sending fir their friends may real assured that every ihinjr con oectrd with bis business will be executed witi, his usual promptness With these airaugeineutii the subscriber hopes to command a preference for tins line, and a communion of the public patronage which his been so liberally bestowed h>r many years past: and in all cases when parties decline coming the money is refunded, as customary; a free passage can also be secured by steamboats from the different ports in Ireland and S olltnd to Liverpool. Remittances and Uralts? With regard to his arrangements for the payment of hi* drafts, thry are such as to warrant every satisfaction, and are paid at all the banking houses on demand, throughout Ureal Butaiu and Ireland. Those persous, therefore, throughout'he United State, who wish to remit money to their IricDda residing in any part of the United Kingdom, will please nance on the receipt of the amounr here, with name and address of the party 10 receive il, a draft for the amount at he rale of 85 per pound sreriiug, will be forwarded per steam ship* or by first packet ship, and a receipt or duplicate of same returned through the post office For further particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HERDMAN.Cl South street, or i b w unrisisllm 11..... p;.. and Neptune sr. Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. In Scotland? Messrs Daniel Wright li Co., Glasgow. In Ireland?Dinnis Delrny, F.s^., Bublin; Messrs. Joseph Allen k Co., Belfast; Mr. Win. Cairns, Londonderry; A. Mur. ray. Esq . Coilt d23e? undenm^^^eo hips will be legulnrly dispatcher! from heuce and from Mar ei'les on tlie 1st of each month dnrmg the year, thus? From New York Marseilles. MINERVA, Cant Brown, N ?v 1. Jan 1 H'RYTHOMPSON, flap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COCKIER, Cant Duiian, Jan 1. Marl TRESCOTT, Capl Cavrreroe, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT. Capt Ailaion, Marl. Mayl CORIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Juu 1 They are all coppcres and copi>ar fastened,and have sxcelleui vccoinmodaiiiius for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive e' wines end liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD & HINCKF.N, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other barges i<uo those actually paid. For freight or passage apply to G. BROOM it CO.. or to o22r BOYD k H1NCKE.V. Agents NEW JEKsKY tt.AiJL.noAu A.xir THAW* PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. jRr? rh'uTe.I tT'iYccntT. From toe loot of Connlaadt street, New York. (Every day?Sunday iwepted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At 9 A. M. At k P. M. At 7X A. M. At IX P. M. J1H do. 4 do. I de. 1H dc. 4M do ( do. < do. 7 do. 11 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Cenrtlandt streei. Leave New York, Leave Newuifc. At 9 A. M. and 4* p. M.. At Ik P. M. ami 16 P. At. NEW YORK, EL1/.ABETH TOWN, Leave New York. Leave Elisabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. r i p.m. aw a.m. 1 2X " low A. M. 4X P. m. 1w m. ' ) P. M. 9k " The trains for WesttUld, FlaniCeld. Bonudbrook, Soinerville, kc., connect with tiie 9 A M, 2 and (X P M trains Irom New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 26 ecaui. Fare between do and Somerville, 75 cents. NEW YORK. RAH WAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot ol Coortlindt iirce'., daiiy. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 5* A. M. 2k P. M. 7W ' (X " ?W " 9 r. M. On Snndays the 5W and 7W A.M. trips from New Brunswiex and 2X P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Fare between New Ye-kand New Brunswick, T5 cents. Rahway, 40 cents The fare in the 4h and 7X A. M. trainfrom New Brunswick, and 2X aud 4\ r. M. train from New York, has been re duesd. New Yoik and New Srunswirk, to 40 cents. " and Railway t# T7J4 " i uarnsfiii wim prucorc nnruckciisi inr uckoc oxnce, to ceive a ferry ticket gram, Tickets are received by tl>* coa doctor only on the day when purchased. fit Jm* PULLEIT& COPP, 3 WalfstreTtr" WKW^VOflK, ALfl A.N V, lit" V ANli TIoNTREAL hXP HK9 S. Mrnn. Harndeu it Co. having disposed of their ronte Irorn New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Harnden b Co'* Northern Express, from New York, will couliuoe to ran as heretofore .leaving New York, Albany and Trey, Daily .and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and w.ll forward Specie, Bank Nwtes, Tacksges, Bnndles.Cases of (roods. 8te., to any place bffiweeu N?w York and Montreal, and throughout the Canadfls. Also (Cast, from Troy and Albany te Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, lie., and prompt returns made for the sams, PULLEN St COrP. Offices?r;ilien k Coop, 3 Walt street. New York. Thos. Uough, 1) Exchange, Albany. A U. Filkins, 221 Hirer street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court. St Paul it, Montreal. REFERENCES. Ngw Yoxs. Albany. Trot. Prime, Ward St King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, fe Co., Thos. (tough P.Wells, lohn T. Smith, k I.e., 8 K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffman, C. S. Dottglass. Carpenter k Vermilye, F. Leake Houkhton U Co. Drew, Hobinson k Co. n24 MORRIS AND ESSEX RAlLpROAD, N-'W Arr III .( ..icmi ?Till i1-' great expense with ihr most approved and heaviest H ra t, to secure ? safe and expedition* conveyance between New York and Motristows, will commence running two trips daily, Sundays excepted, ou and after M inlay, Jail. -I. Kirrtlrain from Moiristown wll learo at 7Ja A M. Second Train from MnrrUiown will leave at 1\P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at ?A M. Second Train from New York will leave at 2k P M?Newark at 3H P M. I'RSMngers by the Morning Train from Morristown will nrnre at Newark in time for itie 9AM Train to New York, m the morning Train to PhiUpulphia; by the Aftemoon Train .hey will arrive at Newark is time for the 3H P M Tiaiu to New York or the Evening Train to Philadelu ia. Paa.coRert by the Morning Tiai I-odb New York will airive it Mormtown in time (o dine and take any of the Stager runnine wcrt or north from 'hat ul.icc. jtfi im#er tVlNTKH AKBASOKMBNT. n B ** > mm i N y DIRECT. V>* Newark, New Brunswick I'riuerion, Trenton. Borden town ami Burlington. THROUGH IN *IX HOUHH. Lrare New Vork,from the (out of Coa.llandt ?'rtet,daily. at 9 k M and i\ f M The morning une proceed. to Ucroen'owu, Ire in thence by teamooat to t'hilndelphia. The Keening Line oroeeeda direct t* Camden, (oppnaite Philadelphia) withontenanve of cars Paaaeugera will procure their tickcta at the office foot ot Conrtlandt atrert, where a comtnodioua rteambor'. will be iD read ueaaa, with baggage crater ou board. Philadelphia baggage cralca are coureyed from city to eits, vithoul being opened by the way. Each train la provided with a Ladiea Car, in which are epert menu and drmMiig room a evpresrly for thy Ladiea are. Returning, the liner leave Phtt'delphia from the foot ol Chestnut rtreet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.nnd > o'clock, P M. The Lineafor Baltimore, leave Philadelphia al I A M, being a continuation of the linca from New Turk. dtttm*r 8TATEN LSLA-NU FKKK>. Koot of Whirehall atrect dj? On and after Dee. Id, the ateamerSTAl EN ISLANDKR 71^ run .. f?Jlower, nntil fin the r notice LEAVE 8TATEN ISLAND NKW YORK. Mi A.M. 1A.M. d,r ,P-M' ?'MNfcW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL KUAU LINK, r ? i !?c.7ICiHu *r,n Wo*9*eTg* Kan.Roane. I ompoeed e! the loHowing euperlor eteamrra rnnning in connection with the Noywiek h Woreeatei and Woicetter It Boaton l\ h 11 Ivmri? 5tf8' ?"P'-J, 5 c"i ^Y?i. Anr a 'r- pC K' Dnatan. , CLKOI A TRA, Capt On and aftei Mendw, Norf'rt.thia line will he mn tri-weete If. leaving New York. Tneadaya. Thnraday. and Saturday. ouly. at 4 r. ot. ) Krura Peei Mi|?, Ki**c. -n.a .no r f... a. aaa h, .? # V L ' ULr LI A If L? ai 1 lie lit- TT IUIII >' f? MA V t, >. I iTTttfll L I I. K. DasUn, will have retry Tnetdfiy, Thnndey Amur lay afternoon, ;?t I o'clock. Pn??? Hicra lor Botlou will h? forwarded iimiiediately on ihr urieal of tlit abort boalt at Norwich, a,id will protend with I >ut change of cara or baggage, i If or farther information. enquire at the office of D. H. ALLEN, ? Peca dip, upstair*. All persona are forbid trusting any ooe on account of the bore boau or owners iKt W TO EW YORK, SUNDAY M( sounuTTlot. AWEN PRE9COTT, Pilot lor New Bedford, Nantucket v-l Shoala, B iimn, Portamouih, Portland, Keunebeck, and other |iorra. Olflce at Krye it ShawN *?antical Store. 2:2 Water, corner Seekman atieel, N. Y.?Vice aorta Adama* Ea |ire?a, Boaton, llirae daye before a ante J. Charge the anme aa fmra Gay ijead. nit liar NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. **o tulfrora New York on the 26th and Liverpool ou the 12th "/ each menlh. nfir iJOt >* > i WL <?&. ?2t ilk i ^haesi nkw yohs. ship uarrick, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th Februaiy. Shin rosciu8, Captain John Collins, 25th March Ship 8iddon9. Captain e. b. Cobb, 25th April. ship sheridan, Captain f. a. Uopeystar, 25lii May. from Livcitroei,. Ship S1DDON9, CanUiu E. B. Cobb, 13th February. ship shf.rhjan, Captain f. a. Bepeyst'r, 13th s'arch. Ship oarujck, Captain wm. akiday, I3ih April. Snip robciu9. Captain John Collins, 13th May. Th< ?e i bins are all ol the lirst claaa, upwards ot iftm '.ens. built lithe city of New York, with sach iinpmveinents aacombmr treat speed with unusual contfnrt for passengers. Every care las been lakes in the arrangement ot their accommodation* The price of passage hence is s100, for which ample stores wit' be provided. These ships ar<* commanded by esneruncef nailer*, whe will make every exertion to rive general atislaraon Neither the captains or owners of t' "-si -iwiil he responsible for a i y letters, parcels or par It at. jsen (by them, noless relularlp'l* of lading ore signed therefor. For i r* ijght oi imuu,nut apply to e. k. collins i; co.. 36 South at., New York, or (o wm tv jam brown k co., Liverpool Letters by the packets will be cl arged 1254 cents persiugl' soe't; 50 cents per ounce, and newspaper* i cent each. f3 r ? he ne.v lin'. oh liverpool packets Tosoilirom new^traifith, and IromL^erpool 5th ul each month. Ship ROCHESTER, too ton., I.,.,. r? Philip wo-wihoase, j ibih feb ry. Ship hottinuueh, 1050 tons, lf,u v?r<j, Ira Burselv, icth maroh' New ship live kpool, 1150 tons, 1 .(h . Juhu Eldriegr, 1#th AP"'New ship . 1200 ton., ,#th M#y These sub*tau'ial, last sailing, first cU?s shi-s.tll built in the city of New York, are c nimavded by men of esperience aud ability, aim will b? despatched punctually on the ISt.i ol eaeh ninth. Their cabins are elgaat and eominodione, end are furnished ? illi whatever can conduce to the cue end comfoitof passengers. Neithert e etptains or owuers of these shirs will be responeib'e foi any arcelsor packages seat by them, ua eaa bills lading are signed then hire. For freight or passage apply to WOODilULL Ik mi turns, 83 South st eet New York, or to f1elden, brothers Ik o. f t y t Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. #&. m THI OLD LINK of Paeket^ru LiverpoolwiTlTereafter be I despatched in the following uriirr, excepting that when the lay of siulin^ fall* on Sunday, the lhips will mil on the succeedug day. For New York. For Litoipool The SOUTH AMERICA, t June I July IS 616 ton* '.Oct 1 Not If D. G. Bailay, f Feb I Mar 19 1'he ENGLAND, June If Aug 7 750 ton*, .Oct 19 Dec 7 B. Li. Waite. I Feb If April 7 The OXFORD, July 1 Aug 19 800 ton*. .Nor 1 Dec 19 J. Rar hbone, i March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, i J July 19 Sept 7 610 ton*. .Nor 19 Jau 7 E.G. Marshall I' Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA. Aug 1 Sent 1C 618 ton*. ' Dec 1 Jau 19 A. b. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK. i Aw 19 Oct 7 900 tons, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.I April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, hSop. 1 Oct )7 850 ton*, '.Jar 1 Feb 17 w7C B&rstow.I Mar l Jnne 19 The COLUMBUB, Sen 19 Nor 9 TOO ton*, ' Jau 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, a* regards the day of (ailing, witl be observed a* Heretofore. The price of passage outward is uow fixed at One Hundred Dollar*, for which ample store* of ere re description wi^l be provided, with the eicrptiou of wine* and liquors, which Will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE Ik CO.. 61 South ?t., U. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-slip, N. Y. 1*34 lyh BARING "MOTHERS St CO.. LYool. FOR HLEANSS LOUISIANA AND NEW RK LINE OF PACKETS For the better accommodation of shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship from thia nort on the lit, 5th, 16th, 15th. 20th, md 25th ol each month, coin i eucing the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular day* will he ap|Hiinled for the remainder of the year, whereby great drlays aud disappointment* will he j reveuted during the summer inonrlu. The following rhips will commence tin* arrsngtaisu'. t Hnip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. Ship 8HAKSrKAR?, Captain Miner. fhip GASTON, Captain Latham binp HUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCV1ULGEE Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. el Ml MIMIs fl r-i-S Ship LOUISA, ?nptain Mulford. These yui? were all built id the city <?f New Yjirk, express (or packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been i'wly eopiiered and put in splendid wider,with accommodations ( r passengers unequalled lor eoinfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every denim to give Sentrsl satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up end own the Mississippi by steamboat?. Neither the owners or captains of these ships wtil he responsible for jewelry, bullion, prucious stones, silver or plated ware, r for any letters, parcel or package, seat ky ipxtt on board ol lhtra, unlets rrguler bills M lading are taken for the same .and the value theieou expressed. (for freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South st., or IIULLIN Ik WOODRUFF, Agent m New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The snips of this line ere warranted to anil punctually as adrertiaed, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly mi-asmcd. m4 TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 48 rECK SLir, NEW YORK. itflv My Sik The subacribera beg to call the attention of their friends ami the pnbltc generally, to their superior arrangements for bnugmg ont passenger* Irom, and remitting money to, aay par of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tna magnificent packet ships, comprising the ^ new Line of Liverpool rackets," viz>Ship ROSClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS.Captain Cobb. Ship SHe-KIDAN, Captain Depuyster. Ship (iAKKI* K,' amain Skidly. New ship HOTTI V(JUER, Captain Bttrsley. Shtp SOUTHERNK.R, Captain Wooilhnuse. Ship KOCH ESTER.Captain Palm, r. New ship LIVERPOOL. Capt tin Eldredge. Sailing twice every month; mil with thr " UNITED LINE," composed of su|ieni>'first class American ships, sailing every ten days, will nnke five ships in each month throughout thr year, (or oue every six days) thereby preventing the posai bility of uuneeeasary detention. Passages dm-ct from London, Bristol and O'eeuock to New York Alsul-otn Liv, riMiol to Nt* Orleans, Mobile, 9ava" n.ih, Charleston, rhiladelphi?. Boston and Baltimore, and (he v.irio s |w?r'? in Britinh North Amariea, can ut all timet ne engaged oti I literal terms. Petaona wishing tc scud for ibeir frieuds, will apt O il to see ihr ativanf sea to he derived from electing this line in preference to any other, aud thev may rest assured that unusual care rill b? takru to make .he passage agreeable, the ships Sting fitted np with en eye solely to the eom'ortof passengers. In all cases whe t the parries sent for decline coming, the money will bs it indt d without any deductiou, as nana). A frrc passage Irom lb< sartous seaports of Ireland and Scotland can also be secured. The rrxnlar ps> keta for which the subscribers are agents, anil ta follows, rig t?To and Irom London on the 1st, lOlh, and 20th of each miHiti . To sod from Liverpool Oo the 1st, 7th, tjtn, fi ll, and tilh of each month New Orleans. Mobile, Savannah, an Charleston, wrrkly ihrnnghom the season. REMITTANCES. [Yisous in the country wishing to ttnd money to their friends hyeuelosi 'g the sunt they wish sent, with the name and addresa of the parties in receive it, m.y rely on a draft foi ihe amount being forwarded per hrst packet, aftrr the receipt tnrreof, and an achnowledgeUHUt for the seine returned pet mail. Draft* at sight, fc.r any amonnt, are payable on ih mand, with ont disconnt or any o:h. r charge, at the National and Pmvin ;inl Banks of Irela d aud branches. Eastern Bank ( Scotland. (Jreenoch, ?od their branches, Messrs. Junes Bull. Son Ik Co.. Baaki rs, Loiid-n, Eschsnge and Discount Bank, Liverpool, aud in tvery principal town of (Jreat Bream and Ireland. Enrther pirticulars m ade knowu on application, if by letter, uost paid, to diy r W, & J. T TArSt OTT. 41 Peek Slip, N. Vork. " d+t> ifflv jdWy PASSAOEVROM iiHK^^JHIYAIN ANDIK^AND BY THE BLACK BALL <?K OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL PA<;KET8. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month ) Persons wishing to send lo the Old Country far their Inends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, aud iiarr them come out in this superior L.iur of rackets, sailing from L iveruool unctually on the 7lii and 19th of every month I'r ev will also have a lirai rate classot American trading ships, tailing every sis days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm ( sir. James D. Roche) u there, In see tint they shall be Unwanted with care and deepatch. Should the parties agreed for not come oat, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without auy rednc tion. Tnc Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool rackets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vii:? The OXFORD. The NEW YORK. CAM BK1DUK, (OLlMbCh. KCKOPK. SOUTH AMERICA. KNOLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled ninuuiemrals, the mb scribe rs coiifidruti y look forward for a conlitiuaner of that au|c port which liaa been eitended to them so many y..-.ra, lur which thby are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to thair relatites, ear. at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, diawu direct ou the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also oa Messrs PRE9COTT, OHO VV. AMICS & CO Bankers, London, which will be |>aid on demand at any of the B'nks, or theii Bianrhes, in all the principal towns throughout KugUnd, Ire land, Scotland and Wales. Andy, or address, (if K K9 * CO. J5 rnlton street. New York, neit door to 'he Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Lirrrpool FickrU sail Irons rhn port far Liserpool ou the 1st and I9(h ol each month. F'sinr. "Claming to the old conntry will find it to th-ir comfort ane 'dvanuge to select this laronts Liua for their eoureyauce, it reference to my oiher. dTT r itNil kb sta ihs (itiv Eli \ v k.n i "Loan - liausfertble stock aDd bonus, hearing # percent per annum iu tereat, for sale in sains of $100(1 and upwaida, hv. n?? ? ? N. Sid X'ARK, II Wall at, >RK I )RNING, MARCH 12, 1& LUCIXA CORDIAL; OR THE ELIXIR OF LOVE. Irv OLDEN TIMK, AHl'Ml? th? lews, That mdn a sccon i wife might chooac? Who r Kate's unkindly doom, Noc il<)r*-ii bore to bins his h >m*. Affln'f A ih.t. th~ Prayed lo Lucid*, the midwife's patron; Eyvptitn wives, in such a critu, Called to th<-ir aid the Priests o' Ina; Aud etrn now, the meek Hindoo? Warm aa her c line, auJ tnuder too? If cnildleti iw lvr uioutoa Iroin her bridal Flics wee,mi* to her sens- let* Idol, And with raited hau.1t, in acctus wild, Petttiou* B - ima'i lor a child ; K"r well the kuow> Lot, ?hu 111 to bl?t? The Hin oo turd nf barieoQett. So much for love indiy's by-*onc, Ana enVdite cuslcms in our owa; Fat tay, er-a now, Joet Lute's coaimaaton Bleu in oar U'd, a tenia union/ No! oft'tnnes coipural felicity, It ll us disturbed?ay, e'en in tlii* city Yet, m iy the barren, il they trc The meant, "n create am' multiply," With "Love'r E'inr"'or her trirnd, The childlett wile t repinitigt end. Bat not the pro revtive power Aioue, li tint E nir's nower. Consainption'sills it wi'l prevent? With vigor chitne the impoteut; Sii 'orett a gleet whste'er it* date. And ail i ?' function* lennvate. Emotion, fr in t e akin it h .tea. Ami Diiugsuack ?i au y nod he giaces: "I'll woman's tiurl?and n-'er dtcr-ieet her; From b:?or Alba., it re lives In,; A d e -eli due it-, (wi h pr per care, too,) Her fair ul fragile in hi u h ir to. Theic an nnt iru lis; who c?l!? th m fiction Shall hav- .stern proof,u coutiaaiuu.>n. 1 elicit?all f' rmaot alteslaimu? Fr on the rai ant oi every uauoo, Wi k gt tefu1 mitt'Vi a tin. i all <jnirtcrt, Penned by L?u-a e aud t^asciery's manyrs; 1 who lay wit. ilutte tug biectb, Almost wnhin the jawi o| Ueath, No ? in ihni uighily prau r? r?|iea; The k. to L lie's friend, in Nassau street, And amnetira t nrnte the vcn number? "Ninety two N'*tau"?rueu in their tlnmhert O ,dienm iig > fDi-ease's orde?l, Cry out l ot e "Luc uaCordial " reraoi.t ordering thia medicine irorn the country. 6y leading a rcini.tancn, can have it Doled up aud teua to any prtofthe Union. Price H prf h"ttle, or %ti nerrlm-n in7 Iw'ic i l/AilS i, i u. r ,tr- w i Unit AL> .> r. tv Attn *. f? PHE88.?The public are respectfully informed that t r subscriber* have established in Eiprcti between New Yo s and Newark, N. J., far the transmission and speedy dclive i of nackugca, bundlet, money, Sc.Ike.; the collection of uni i sua bills, ind all other business appertaining to an Eipteaa Order* for .rticlet to be returned by the Express will > elivered fre, ol charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall Ureal, aud la Newark, t H,*11TH'S Newspniati Depot, No ?Xi Broad tt Leave New York at 11* A. Yl. and iii P. M. Lever Newark n 9 A. M and IK P M. lines U't VP- Si '<> n n h 1 J N ' 15 h ri b ti I a i L h k 1 A u ESTABLISHMENT. ;?n iv iL'ianv Street, Corner of Jinn Street, iS decidedly th* cheaiiest in ths city. There it always o: hand aseia ' tttock of seesimablc goods, purchased for cash winch will'v.; made up to order id the style of make, lit, trur nidu. fcc., th ha* given such grueta'i tatitlacuoa tlurinp thast 1'uui yeai v.auu at a positive savin* ol JO par cent. Gentlemen are rtnueaien to call and eramin* Those wn nrmshta'eir wu aooua, ceu have uiem MADE AND TRIMMED. ./rets t au, made aud inmnitil, - -17 no to ft) 5* Yrock Gnats, do do 8 00 to 9 bO Pants and Vasts, 1 75 to 3 06 ?./vcr * OU 10 11 CO Vf- Terra*?CasIi on delivery. ivl( Imi MICHAEL fa.. MAHTI> 3KIT13H AM) NOATH AMERICAN AOkAL MAI. STEAM SHIPS, OM200.toui *ud 44* horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of tb?-Admiralty. mhSBHLi HlBERNIA. C. H. E. Judkins, Commander, U KIT AM MA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, K. U. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA. E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Liverpool and B#sio?, via Halifax as follows: | mo* Li'KKrocL. raoM mostop. Acadia, Ry"*. Feb * Ma' 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Hewitt, Ap'l 4 May 1 Hibemia. Judkins, Ap'l 19 M?y 16 The accommodations lor pasiieugers are superior. The vessels are,accampiimed by experienced surgeons, and amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats. Passage induced to SI20. No Beins secured outil paid for. For further information, apply ro D. BRIG HAM. JK.,at HAK.SDEN k CO'S, No. 3 Wall-st. j30c PASSAGE FKOM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. j?f&: H V I "O romplrl d t it?n ive a ? import.oil ariancomenls for bringing out passengers fiom the old country, th- subscrihers c u aitli comPUjuci- i foun it?o wliomw wi? i t"irilie for Intrude in ceug.ste ihe i r. s-ut season (1813) that ih y will find it their int-r* tt> nuke >he usees-ary ?ir*,'K.menf? with this li e; h?iii|{th- oldest or si esiahli hed out of this p rt, it is, well known that rh,t the ir rang em uti are comp'ete?the ships of the first class s iling weekly, ai d th' sccommoita'i ms fined nprspressly foi the comfort . nd couveuience t f pas fencers Should those settled for decline coming outj th* passage , mil, u u?iiai, ur rc uiiup.i in [Ik party irom wnom II was received without deduction. A free '<uu(i> per steamer from the various ports of Ireland cud Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured il desiied. Ap ply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office. 273 Pearl tL, Or to C. ORIM8HAW it CO. 10 (iotee 1', Liverpool. Drafts on London, Luerpoo1. the Natiotul Bank of Ireland. Northern Rank As < o. nd National Inns <>l MMMMs at sight, and for ai^amount. Apply as above. ?? Irn't FOR LONDON ?Tin Packet ship PHI LAD ELPTT3\Vr'UA """'ok been detained,-* ill be drpalchrd lor ihe jjkduMfaBiliore p<> t nu the till itisl. For passage, having superior accommodations, apply to JOHN HKKDMAN. SI Sooth street. N. B.?Passage Pom London or Liverpool ran as n?n >1 be secured by the regular pack* ships. <ad drifts tnr ished for ant amount psyaole throughout tLe United Kingdom, on appliesto n as bove. in2--c e on LlVbHI'lHIL? Nltw LINK/?.HeguiT JKjUV Packet ol 25th March.?The Splendid Packet Shij dKfiuB^ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, of 1100 tons will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight oi passage, having aeeominodatiuns unequalled for splendor o comfort, apply on b?arJ. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to t. K. COLLINS it CO. 36 South street. Price of passage, <100 1 ne Packet Snip Siddona, Captain E. B Cobb, of toiO tons, will succeed the Roscius, and sail the 26th of April, lis regular day. Li tters lor the ships of tins line will only be received tt Oil pin's snd Hale's News Room. Passengers mav rel v on tor flops ol this line saitiUf! ounce" >|g as advertised m9e iAw BLACK BAi.L. or Olu Liu. ^TLl V fcMPUOi Packet*?Regular Packet of 9 h fh ? Th> IMslbDi'V snd superb iwekn sh'o MONTEZUM \, burthen 1060 tons, Captain Alfred B Lo?her, will sail potitivels on Monday, he 20rh Much, her regnlar day Thi accoinmodati ius of ihn inagni i< ent packet, >n c-ihin, 2 I cabin and tear ge, w I no imp-'- niu be ouod uioqas.led by any vessel nfl at. Thoae returning to the a ltd Couoiry will tied it to pirn con'an an I adv glut to * ieet this omvev anCi, ami ai a numbs' of her he>ths are already engaged, pertoro wishing p thou'd m-ke early a(iplication on hoard, foo' Ol Bet k .-t , or to ?nh?crih*n? KOCHK BKOTtiCR* & CO., 35 Fulton it. opfiilnnr.tDtlu Fulrnn P S The Mnntu itr.n mil* from Liveri-onl on ;he ".h of May ?thoae tending tor their fnnuda. can have ilitm brnugh our iu her, or in any of the Packeta ol ihi* magmlLnP, which aail from there (.uuctu IIy on the 7lh arid 19th of ear h in'itith. Dralta on the Royal B nk of Ireland, ?"d '?n Meat-*. T-eacoif Ornte, Amra Ik Co . hankert, Lund, u, which will be pii.l f-er ol diacoU'.t or any < (urge. in every towu throughout England. Irrl nil, Scutian i and V* ales. Kor p aaagr, kc , a np * ta ahova. XT" The pack t ship Europe. Capf Edw O Furhar, will aueceed the Minilelom* a. unn Inr m h- lat of April, and wi I ictaru agaiu for hia port on he 19th of May, i ar r.>tlarjhty. n 9 r NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKKTs? Packet InfjWV ' h Mar. h?The aplei did well am wu feat tai'ina kUlNa aetrl ah*p HO I'TI VilliER.Captda.aley, will tail poau.vcty a* ahove.her regular day. I he *hi|?nf tin* line are all 1000 tuna burthen and apwarda II I it la well luiuwn Ih it heir accommodation* for cabin, tecond cabin and ateerage paae-r>get?, areaape,t,>r loeny other li e o pacnert. b ur peaaige, early applicstion ah nl.1 br ma.le on bi rd foot Birhu slip, oil W. It J T. TAMCOTT, 41 Par k Slip n>r Smith at. Hattingn-r will aail from L vert ool mi i h May, afford ing tope.aona wialocg to acrid for their frirmla a laeortbla ui poritiniiy of hai lair rh? rn '-ran/ht ant in her. or any of the re gal r line on favorable ternu; and thoae deairoaa of remittnn money ran hare drama for airy amount, payable on deinam: without diiconiit, in nil the principal owua of Ortat Britain and I ret nd Apply aa liaya. The Ruacitia will ar.ereed the Hnrtingaer, and aail nn th. BPi Marok m'r ifta- TTLLT ESTABLISHED EMIOHANT PAP dHpPWSAOE OKK|f/K, Cl Rontb ttreet. New Vork?Reg tMnHKa'i'ai Line of Parkrta?The itbarnber continue* tn bring nut peraona f>om any part of Oreat Britain and Ireland who may ne engaged by their frienda kere, hy the regular fine of packet ahi|ia, aailing every an daya 'rom Liverpool. Peraona aending lor their Lieu la, mav rely that Jnat care will br taken to hate them dcipair.h.-d without delay in Liverpool,and w II alwiyt endeavor to merit a eontinua ire of the public patronage which hai been an liberally be* towed for many yeara put: and Unite remittitur money can have draft* payable at all the Banlra and brinrhes throughout the United Kingdom. Kor farther imrticulara, ap .ly fif by letter, poat paid] to (6r JIIHV HI- MDMA V CI Sninh it. 44^ PAI KET* Ktllt HAVRE ?Second Liue?Ih I .ivJV alup ON EDIA, Jamwa Kunk, muter, will tail on the jjSUmLltl March. OMVr> ? lll.l?yr\Ml, AsrilU. I ISHj No < Tontin* RiiiMitHN I - IVIN I t KAKR A INOEWNl-^For OhT, he | UiLWa V'? N?w York and trie Katlmad.? pare t? Go- I -wdWrflr '""" Jl.i*?Tnmrrt t',J\ On and after Monday I _M_5K Jtnniry Id, 1941, he ear i of the New Yorli -n<> f.rie Railroad * ill run 111 Conner ion with the ?v mboat Ulica (-apt A H. Scim'tit, iliilv.Dcmltyi etceptrd. h r Pa-a- mr?-r?? L-a?r Onane timet pier at 9 o'clock, A. M.; leave Onaholiata >?rter i-aat 8. A M Knr Krf ilit-U<?f t'liaue ?tr- et pier at J P. ,VJ.{ leav. It.itlmi at half-beat 8 A M. M. C. SEYMOUR, Hiipnintrndnnt anil KnRineer. Trte navar-r . era tiain connect# .at Tnoer'a with Biach'i \4?il Stafeato: Newbers!', New Paltx Kmyaton, l-atakill an. \lhani, and it O.when with tne Carbon laic ami other Wetter '.me ol 3'?t* . II- r ?****"* j?A 1 HA v'Hh "K ft! ait ' I v(J PLAI I- ?. L, ^7?d? No- Arrangement to A11.a y nd B-atn, ?i. ww 'J Hat I road?Tiie tt-amrr Mu a a tt, mhi loiniiiea - nimnt a fir freiyhLaail pnaacucera ilatl t ia morn i ire at 7 n'clorV. Irom foot Mkaity it, otirCmr land , North Itivar, to Bridgeport Lrnra lor >m Ynra at 'clock, P. M., or on ihr arrival i f he earn from Albany. Tin boat i* the only one tnunitiK in connection with tha Railroad. Kor farther lulnrmatian apply at the office, foot Liberty at Niw York. mii M i k it v _ _ Krle, Pa. i* v. i Mp.u.icin oi iBf iipraia.| Erik, Pa , February, 24,1843 Steam Boat*?Naval Architecture?Lake Trade ? Political Animonty? Heading and Humbugging Captain Tyler. James G. Bennbit, Esq ? Nothing new or of any great moment has transpired siuce my last; but, as I have promised to chronicle " matters and things" occasionally, I'll to my task. Winter commenced with a lion-like demeanor, and through December we had Jack Front in all tu? glittering and congealing glory. Good sleighing throughout the month, which was enjoyed by our farmers and frolickers with a "perfect looseness." January went through with a continuation of changes?freezy, rainy, snowy, cloudy, and muddy; but February lias taken part with December, and we are again "in town," with plenty ot sleighing, and the thermometer at Zero. Business is rather did!, but, not withstanding, the merchants and factories are doing tolerable, con sidertng the tinirs Our '* cast iron men" are t'o ins firi rate; and, o tnudy, this business will prove quite n source of revenue to the. place I un der?tand there are several woollen factories, hii< another last and pt g factory to We erected the com ing spring;. General Reed is fining up his line of splendid ?tearn-rs frr the ensuing season. The Buffalo, Missouri, Madison and Jefierson, are all undergoing a thorough repair. The Buffalo, always a eplen did bout, is now coming out hetier than new, under herold commander, Captain Allen ; the Missouri, under that veteran steainboat-niHn, Capt Thomas Wnkins Next in turn is the Madron?this old favorite, which is being nearly rebuilt, ai d to have a splendid new upp r cabin, has made her 26,000 miles ( qunl to a trip round the world.) every sea-on, lot the lust six years, under her excellent commander, "frae the land o'cakes," Captain McFadgen: who. by the by, if not quite ae refined as a French dancing master, is a thorough seaman; and should you make a passage with him, you can lay yourself down to sleep in a stormy night, and be sure a watchful and experienced eye is on the look oui Next, and last, is the Jefferson?she also was long a Itivorite, but lias been laid up in ordinary tor ttev ral years?however, she c< mes out ihis spring in prime order, under the command of Capt. Thomas Kichards This is Captain K's first command, although thorough bred, under the tuition of Captain Wilkins. His known efficiency and moral depor'ment, is a sure passport to public favor. I understand the work, comprising the hull oi the iron steamer, is nearly ready for transportation to this place, and that immediately on the opening ol navigation, it will be forthcoming via Cleveland i-trui. nurrisou, u. o wnvy, was nere a lew uayisince, to im-pect the shot thai had been cast by one of our furnaces, and pronounced them the finest he ever had seen. In financial matters we have something of a change Peter B.-> s?n. Esq , late cashier find ngent "f ihe U. S. Hrancli Bank, made his last discount. He died suddenly a tew days since, universally regretted and lamented. Mr. n. has been in I he service of the Bank for upwards of twenty years; first as clerk in the mother Bank in Philadelphia, and subsequently cashier of the Branch at Cincinnati.? In 1837 he cante to take charge of this Branch, where he hast-ince remained,discharging the duties to the entire satisfaction of the community. Had all the officers connected with the "defunct mortal'-r" been as efficient and honest as this man, there is little doubt but that the institution would now be in a full tide of successful operation. What disposition will be made of the spiendia marble bunktnghouse nnd the other efiects, by the assignees, is not known. They have already patronized the sherd! very liberally; should they increase it, 0|>en rebe lion will be the consrquence. M darne Rumor, witti Iter thousand tongue*, says that General Reed, who is now at Washington to secure the contract for currying the mails through the lakes by steam, intends to make a binl for the debts, banking-house, Are. frhould ihe assignees take him up, it is said he will apply to the Legislature for an increase of the charter of the Erie Hank, to say #500,000; and. as a bonus to the -tate, will loan her money enough to complete our canal?"ay ?300 000. Should this come to pass, and the Bank be properly restricted, it will he a fine thing for the count>y, as General R. is the greatest business man in the westesn country, in any branch of it you can take him. In the political line, we always have somethms spicv. as this is the great mart of whigism in western Pennsylvania. In President making, the wliigs are lor Clay to a man, with the New York Tribune lor a text-book. The locos are much divided, but I presume they will all go in for the nominee of the National Convention, let him be who lie will. We have a.small "guard" of Tyler men also?small, to lie surp, but there are some fine fellows amongst thent. But the most laughable farce on foot is with the office holders. In 18-10, these " patriots in liberty's cause" loathed the very thought of office ; hut now ihey have a wonderlul affinity lor it under any circumstances, and stick to it as tenaciously as a dog to his bone When Captain Tyler vetoed the first Bank bill, theee worthies denounced him in the most bitter terms, calling htm every thing but a gen tleinan and a statesman. But shortly they experienced a v?.ry sudden change of sentiment, as the Captain removed some wliigs in other parts, and put in locos and Tyler men, which made these "coons" tremble in their shoes. Says they?" Something must be done, or we will all he turned out * neck and heels"Well," says (he Postmaster, who | i? by far the most cunning amongst ihMm, "we will keep mum?send an envoy to Washington forepre sent 119 ts good Ty ler men?fake the Madisoriian? petition for the iss cf the Exchequer, and so on " N? hn M Boms couldn't head Captain Tyler, bu iHihm M Watts, whom these worthies employed na llieir envoy, ha? Come so neHr i' as to humbug him most glorious'y, hy making the Captain believe tiiat him?elf mid all these woithy office-holders are Simon Pure Tyler men, and that the Captain's cause is flourishing in these prtrts? a thing about as near being true, as that " the moon ismade of green cheeae"? and the Captain will find these worthies resonnding to him in 1814, much hs Davy Crockett did to his constituents when they refused to send hint back to Congress, some years since?" They mav go to h? I, and I'll go to Tex as" These worthies wi I ssy, "CHpt Tyler, you may go to It?I, and we'll go for Harry Chy " In selecting an envoy, they have been qure fortunate ? Watts i? possessed of more shrewdness and political intrigue, than Bolts, and can give him six in the game, and beat him in heading the Captain, as, in in hta nwn Ko h a a f h*> i nfliini.nti nf |K? II*.n Chrts. B Penrose, Ih**y being of the same political kidnev, and great chump; having both Distinguished ihrm?c|veg in the famous hurk "hot war in Harrisbur?. in the winter of 1837-38 'Tis paid, thai a number of leading whias, have signed a pledg- to defend him against all accusations of political h<*re. ?y hereafter,if he will only head the Captain off irom removing these office holders, and so far he has done admirably, ."iome time since, the " guard" had a Tyler meeting?tfie whig*, hs usual, were on ihe alert ; and when the time came round, the court house was filled with politicians of every complex ion. Capt Dobbins, an old and respectable loco, was nominated by a Tyler man for chairman?the a lues roared out their disapprobation, and Capt. D , tearing a row, refused to serve Watts was then nominated by a whig, and took the chair. Rem 'uiions were then offered, approving Capt. Tyler's course of administration?the locoa approving some, and the whigs opposing all; and, in reality, there was not a single re-no 1111 i n passed. Wa Is was then asked to sign the proceedings for publication, w htch he relnsed ; but. verv deliberately put them in his pocket?started to Washington in a few days? signs them at his leisure, and presents them to Capt. Tyler as prima facie evidence of his unadulterated Tylerism. Oh my! There are scores of such manoeuvres, but for want of spnee I must omit them. However, his friends have got hint into rather an awkward dilemma in his absence, by appointing htm a delegate to the ("lay convention at Harrisburg, on the 221 inst. It was amusing tosee their manmuvres at the meeting, which (it being court uiiinL \ ta/iaa nil I il # fl?II ?l V llffpnds'fi unrl nf cmtruo rhrre were many good olil whig farmers who were not in the secret?his pledged friends opposed liis nomination, but dared not sa-ogn the reasons for so doing?a few of his enemies stuck to it, and in conjunction wiih the honest, elected him. How lie ?ill settle this hash with the Captain, remains to be seen. In the way of amusements we have lo's of fun - halls, parlies, lectures, sleigh riding, etc.: amongst thereat Mesmerism. Dr. Morron, an expounder of i his celebrated humbug,held forth at the Hcd House i few evenings since, and after most eloquently eading his audience into the "mysterious world,' proceeded to magnetize his subject, who, by the bv. I travels with htui; and after he had the i-ubject Isirlv j | rito the arms ol Magnetic Morph-oue, commence' I inndry sayings and doings in "cUrvoyance," to the I y astonisfunent of the audience, more particularly I s several medical and clerical gentlemen who wen I LD. Wm two Oonts. present, when a wag of a fellow in the back part of the room, raised the cry of tif upjumiwd the subject, and both the magnetized and tnagnetner joined in the general rush for the door. VivtU BaqaietU ' Reapectf ully, your friend, 9am willse. Literary Notices. Live or JoHn C. Calhoon?Preaenting a condensed history of political events from 1811 to 1848, in n riant namnhlef nt 7fi mxrea Rv the Harpers. Price one shilling. Prefixed to the life f ihi* great Statesman is a very good likeness of I him from a miniature by Blanchard. The period of issuing this book is seasonable, and will give it a rapid sale. Campbell's Foreton Monthly Mala/ink foi March?Carvill be Co., New York. This select miscellany of ihe periodical literature of Great Bri tain is rapidly making its way to popularity and tame. The Indicator.? \ miscellany of self improvement, devoied lo the dim-tnr-ioii of principles that promote the acquisition ??< knowledge, the culture .nd discipline of ilv mind, and the tortnaiionof charncter My James D Lock wood, SJohnsiteet, tear Broadway. Naval ? The sloop of war Decatur, now ?t Norolk, i< to be fitted for tea at once. She lately arrived from Tue store ship Lexington is to be fitted lor sea as the store ship for the Mediterranean and Atrican -quadrons, tube stationed at Port Praya, Cape de Verds. Oroeos. March 4.?Lieut. w. a. Wurta, nsvy yard, Philadelphia; Lieut. C C Barton, insp.etor of pioviaiona and clothing, Philadelphia; Boaatiwsin J Dunderdale, hip Leram; Mid. W. E. Hopkina, detached from ihfp Vandalia. bth. Litut. T. T.Craven, frigate Macedonian, Norfolk; Paused Assist Burgeon, J. C Palmer, nsvy yard, Waakington; I'urier J. Wilson, detached Irom navy yard, Boa. 'oii.on the 1st April, md furlouglied I i months,at hla own request; l'ur?er R. M Price, order to aloop St. Loular.roked, uad t.i remain attached to the Miaaouri: Frofeaaor J. P. Espy, depot of charta, kc , Waabingion; P. Mid. H. FPorier, arhr Wave, Norfolk; Mid. W. M. Gamble, aloof Levant, Not folk 7th Commander 9. F. Dupont, Lleiita J Lanman, and A B Fairfax, ordnance duty ; Lieut F. Piper and Purler D Fuunileroy, sloop Luvant, Norfolk; Mid F O Clarke, J. , and v1..i i; H Baldwin, aloop Vandalia, New lork| Mid vv D Kovan. Iiigaie Brandy v. ine, Norlolk. df-X Rl'WAHD- I o?t ? r ? la n, a red aeuer dog sniveling qpeJ to tfa name o' Ten., hia a v h ia ira k ou hi* heau and ou ' ell f.e t. while ui d*r the beral, hrBa burnt acar on (he hiad pnrt, and bloi d int.a < ul 01 l.i* piepuee. Hnd a o I'ar w th lha .wuer'i i aine II lJria*Die?, 5 Pla'tstiee'. Who-> i will return .he sa d dog, or w ill i? ll n here he can halm, nd a tar ..rnt tai l, will rernve the -love r?.m mil' 3 *rc mTLLMBE u I.IiEHRI A N GALLERY OF PA 1 Lh I' 1 COLORED PHO I OUK.A PHH, corner of Br?a way <nd Mu'.av sheer. (osSl door to Pcalc's Museum.)? Patent Calmed D gu-ircoM ;>r Liken, area t.k-ii daily, in a superior style to v ihi. g ever seen iu Ne w Vork, at$'t rack, and a duplicate gratia. I'lun be Coloring Dagneneoty pe Apparatus, and Plumbe Patent E retro Gildriig Apparatus, with iualrot t'ona tud Patent R ghu, supplied to oruar. Alio, plaiet, eaara, Ac., rrry l< w. CauUou?Thr vaat rt.prrioriiy of th* Patent Colored Photog'apha, liaMiig thrown the old kind entirely into the ahadt.aarernlof (lie Photographers in New York are attemptiLg to nnpoae upo. the pui.lir by advertising thei. productions as ' patent." whereas (he only patent ever grant.d by the United S'atea for nn iinp'ovrmeul tu Dayner-aon pa Portrait!, ia Plum he'a ."?dried Ortober it, lit!?and Ihe only p'ace in New York wheie the patent one c&u be obtained, t* the above eatab'tshrnent. m 3 1 it. m | U AK. HIT El TH. BU ILLIEHB, AND OTHERbl jam EH MURI'Hi, Coinpo.itino Oroamrnl Mai ufaeurer and Carver iu General, No ill Broadway, New York, ia ..rriwred to exreute, at hit eap'blist.mrnt aa, every deicriptioti of Ar< lute, tumi Omnuid.u, 'or thr interior fit.lining other ba. diuga, vitCapitals lor Columns, and Autae do, to all the oi.h r? ul Arcl.ilec.ura; ;or.ioi s, Truss- a. Enriched Mould, nya, Roaetlea, Pateraa. h rieze Orneintut?, d.c lo ciiy size in ly be rrguirrd Fn m long practical cxiem-ncr id the -ircunuu of Models, Mould", and every dc lariuicut ol this business, J. M. tlaiierf himself, that lor bolduess ot relief, general sharpness and beauty. Ins wink will be found ot a superior character. The most classic designs having been adopted. Architects may rely upon oh mniug enrichments of the beat kind at the bove establishment. Kit paat favors, J. M. returns his sincere scknawledgement*. Te ensure a coatiun inre of that patronage, strict punctuality, first rale workmanship, au< moderate prices will uniformly be ousnlted. fit ltn*e FRENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY-In " with the resoluti-n am.pled at hi amoral nieeliug on the 2fl'li Detemb. r la.t, ihr members ul the French Bern volent Society are hereby invited to arsitl at a G> nerai and Sovcisl met ( Iuk. 'o be held at Mnsii urs Delmomcs's on the IVh iustaut, at f o'clock, P. M , 'o h-ar the report of ihe Ci mmiitee in lelatinn to the French Kree School. Bv order of the Ptcaidenl. ii *>' n r E. FORT, 8eer?urr._ JOHN M. DAVIK8 & JONKS, 106 WILLIAM sTHEbT, COMNI- M OK JOHN, Have iasi received from lec-ot impirtatn us, am ol their own muiu ncture, a vera superior assortment of (foods, cnusisiiug ol every thing neat tasty and lashionable in the geLllvmeii's furuishiug line, which add> d to their lormer -lock. comprises an assortmet t of goods rarely it ever before loan ii in our store, amoug which are:? CAPS? In every vanety, for gentlemen, youth and children. CRAVATS?Of pl.un and figured satin, gro grains,easebricks, tic. Si AMF9-OI vestinir latin, broche. OLt iVi-S?Of kid, silk, brown end ehese linen, lisle, spun si'k kc, HOSIF.KV?Of cotton, merino, wool t;unsilk,kc, hMlhli OaRMENTH?Of ahaker knit meriuo, woolen, ilk, cotti n, kc. LINF.N COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualities and shapes. SHilt 'l s?Of linen, muslin, French cambric, plain and with ruffl. a, be. SUSPEND* R9?Of gum elastic, silk, cotton, kc. OIL.KD SILK A?Ol while end fancy colors, warranted not to adhere in *ny climate The above only part of their assortment, and parcliasert will Consult their own intmeM by eaamluiag this splendid assortment fgnod' hi fore pa.chasing. WHOLK-AL K AND HETAIb. at their old established Cap, Sir.rk, Liu'ii and Oiled Silk Mmn'aetory. NO I0? W It. Li AM ST BEET, CORNER OF JOHN. m3 3m *m f Okl lil I L II A KA11? I nIAL-Wr a.a uo mure of eny one man '<> K'Vc ur MWIMMMIIiaili tnd i' u doc* out cmc (h* r*r out d tea*** lor which il i* itcomn? d--d, sooner aud more elfc iaiily then any other medicine -hat baa erer breo offered to ihe public the pi* pnelor la wii* In K to ende go au> penalty, how?-rer seat re, ih- Mm may ??? proper to imiv se np. a bim It h*s, it will, and it can cara c*>u?ha tolda, aatrim-i, bronchitis, blrcdinc from the longs or throat, whooping r,.u?n, croup,and a eery larva maiority ol tha * *i hopeless ease* of co sumpr u-n an n phyaiciaoa and their P-eteri t-eu* fail to d*> auv good Agiin we sav try It. It will not harm voo hu rnint and w*ll do mi good. It is prepared eulv hv Dr U JAY.NE No M -naih Third I'rret.l hiladelphia,and No 103 B oadway, New Tork. Price g I per bottle, llf 'm*r A I CHr.8 L 'W-R THA.i CVKit.?Ihompeoo * 1-iihn, 331 Br?-dwa', formerly 371 P. arl atrret, era ? llmg w eh* a end >? wrlry I airilmD aoy o h-r place iu ihe ci y?Uold watch a as low a? fii-m $1} to Sly each .atl-atihea wnrauied *t> keep good iimrv-r the wo .?y r Inured. Watch*-*, cloche, n a<iC l>- Ira and jewel.y, irparrd iu the beit maouer; hennd hai d wa c he* and old gold aud ailrcr taaco in (ICtian. *, ot b u*ht lot caah. AMMS H THOMPSON, tnl lm*m H|l HA KD V lAHi.K, Jr. PAPER FERSSE k BROOKS, No. 6i Libeity street, hare lor aala the tol owina? I n re- ma new* printing 13 by SO >01 U by 4* 110 " " " 3t by 46 300 16 '-y 17 10J It by 46 ' 644 >i by 36 341 " " " Ii by 31 II by It Alao, nook parer, '9 be 14,14 by It, and 14 by 31. They ha?- a-ao a I * ge earn*, incut ol writing aud wrapping taper, oldiff rent an a and quiliins, which toey nlf-ru the lowea* mark* t pre**. n 9 cc M Ol 8 I A V c. >IEL I ON. 4 coi*?iki*er by alio- Cuca liou* H *?re, in Aprn aal, i* rrg-*ea ed to- all el ih? --Ace ot lore h 111 > l K K >, ml ** I "111*' Bipl-I'liV. liSTiLioti ictiooL. HAVANA ISLAND OF CUBA CHARLES DUNNE WATKRCAND PRINCIPAL. rHIS Academy waa rauhli.hed two yean agu, uader ibe p*> trounce ol the iorniei Init-udeni tjenerel of ibe island, met ither niaiiiu.-nia'iea mdirim-als of toe nobility cud merchant* e( .-it* city In nocducttdou the pleuof the (ie*man ' gvaina<ia;" and trie iTietnoc ol taitioa ia the tuter-irgatire.^ All the eholar* eod-raiand tne Eonlish language, and many of them ipea* it hibitually uid fioejll/ The Principal hna the e?|wn-iic* of achool* in kranc*. l*er oaiiy, Euitlao-I, uid the United Slate*. Hi* chiel um la to tire thr ynoth cnirosteJ to h'.a rare a prnetiea knowledge of hose branches ol a poli.e ednealiou, which are required in all ictire careers, -ind are applicable to any. The conrae of tody, therefore, comprehends the Eagliah. 1'reach. OcrniAii and Spanish languages; History,ileogra.'hi**, Napirol Philoaophy, the practical pert of Mathematics, and Orawiugtof rarious kind*. rrofeaaors of diaera nations and acqniremeuta reside in tne establishment; aid all the elaaaea teeeire, in rota'.iou, instruction from th* itirppUr Such signal success hat attended this plan of rniiion, that ae feral of the nnpits, under twelve year* of *ces. wnte audspeak two foreign languages, ?? perfectly intelligible manner, and .hose of riper years, correctly and e.uirv. The aojoisitioB, not only of the Spanish, but also of other languages, ia thus placed within the reach of the youth of the tilted States, without its being necessary for then* to relinqt!**h the many advantages which accrue from an English edICatioo. The object of trie Principal in desiring to receive youth* from the United States, is to facilitate the acquirement >1 the h'ugiM.h accent for his Spanish pupils, which service would bo doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to introduce aem the manly spirit of 'he Kuglisa schools, the reus of the United States cm nave nothing to fear 'row "} clinnie, the house being spacious tn?J ?iry, situated ia a health ml ipo , at . short di. am- 0 ?>*. vid cental ning withiuita units, 4 fhl. oath in.' co.-pit ?e gymuae. jn? .orIt* Dreservacien il 'he DUpiJs' hesltl. Two / ?tiths. . ue!y arrived from Oerruaiv have passed the summer in the ae.toel in perfect health As he principal is * married man. a-id bis wife and sister have gear Vhe ?iiniordepe.tment eh tdren ire received \ am irtaat of infancy t vary pnpl en> v* his 'elisnoos opinions undisturbed. . m< trrm* .<r? ?*60 i?f tuuim,, ihiee month* ?I, , rhrrr ir* uo .iTa, rtcejit clothe* ind hook*. ? "Q.HAS DRAKE k BKOTHCIfc t i> t?, vr?itf. mohalkb . olcaiJUM* i*t'VVUf.k* ii* .?*-,. ... i.h I..* fui* ~ h p Ko Ciu?, iu?l loriiir hv rr.-.- rKw<S|i: * BROOK*. ?l tohnrT ?' 14 AT< H BOJt BOAKDii.?40u<i iXMud*. jo*! i?eei??k *a *1 foTMlebr t k BROOKS. i?m ?i Xrfkwty a

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