Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1843 Page 3
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to large an amount of capital iuto banking. The tide ii now turned j buiineaa ii done on a caah basis. Hence the large banking capital ia earning nothing, end will be gradually be withdrawn, and put into more profitable employ menta. In the mean time stocks will be the me bum of iu temporary investment. Thia appllea peculiary to New York, became it haa been the great centre of a trade now cruahed. The capital heretofore employed here in trading is gradually seeking other quarters, for the stimulation of productive wealth The first year of the completion of the Boston and Albany Kailroad, the receipts were $874,000 The first year's receipts of the Erie and Champlain canals was 465,000 The cost of the Ohio and Miami canals is 7,did,551 The nett tolls per annum are 8 per cent of the cost, or 217,078 The money to construct them was borrowed by the State at 6 per cent, consequently there ia a yearly deficiency of $440,078. The Massachusetts Railroads were built by private enterprise, cheaply, and with a view to private advantage ; the consequence is the general good, while in . - -t 1, 1. nnn,4,,(nn vmiu inn iroun ? jcuu.- "I'l" Male* at tile Stock Kxc-liunge, 180110 NY 7'., 18<8 opg 10'W 2008 Ohio?'?, I860 (3 70^ 1000 do I03S 7000 do 70W 2000 do 10334 2000 do 70>? 1000 do 1819 b90 104 2000 do *30 70 1000 do 6'?, 1862 10314 2000 do b4m 70V 1000 Kentucky C'l b3 8634 2800 do i90 69)2 Cotton Trade. The late accounts from abroad hnve greatly cheeked all disposition to operate in the ma-ikets. The continued large receipt* of cotton at the south seem to warrant the highest ligure yet quoted for the crop. The following are the stock receipts and exports this year as compared with last From Sept. 1 to March 10. 1842. 1843. Inc. Receipt*, 1,088.391 1,637,826 649,134 ? sport to G. B. 112,428 768,641 346,113 " F'RBce, 193,627 201,983 8 366 " Other port*, 51,992 75,916 23,953 Stock, 388,581 504 400 115,869 The receipts thus far nearly equal the whole crop of the previous year, and the state of the money affaiis at the South compels it to come promptly forward. At the leading ports of the South prices have declined. At Mobile tor the week ending March 6, the sale* were 13,600 hales at a fall of 1 a J, and prices were 1J a if c below the higheat points of the season. At New Orleans the sales of the same week were 34,300 bales at a fall of J a jc, under the advices received per Acadia to Feb. 6. New Orleans. Mobile. New York. Inferior, 3H*? ? a? ? ?? Ordinary, 4*44-4 ? * 5 446a 5 Middling, 4Ka 434 5)4? b* 534* 5K Middling fair, 5)4* 644 6 * 6)4 ? *? Fair, 6),a 7 7)4a- 6ka 7 GooHfair, 7)2.8 - a 734 . 744. 7)4 Good and fine, 834a 9)4 ? a? 7)?d? Corn Trade. There is no demand in this or any other market, but to meet the immediate wants of consumption. The supply is more than equal to the demand and prices are consequently very low. We givu quotations in several market* Pricks of Flour per barrel. New York, March 16, 4 60 a 4 75 Charleston, " 3, 4 06 a 4 95 Norfolk, " ?, 4 00 a 4 96 Baltimore, " 13, 3 3 87J Philadelphia, " 14, 3 76 a 3 81$ Richmond, " 0, 3 69ja 6 00 Savannah, * "4, 4 75 a 6 74 New Orlestns, "4, 9 SO a 3 60 Alexandria, "6, 3 40 a 3 SO Milan, Ohio, " 9, 9 70 a ? Cincinnati, " 3, 9 S3 a 9 56 Chicago, Feb. 97, 9 60 a ? Winchester,Ya. Mar. 9, 3 00 a 4 00 Mobile, " 4, 4 00 a S <K> Fredericksburg, "9, S 25 a 6 60 Pittsburg, " 14, 2 61 a a 63 In thia market the business in breadstuff's haa increased -so rapidly tnat it baa become tbe great Atlantic Corn depot. And it is to be aeen that the prices current here regulate the pricea in all other ports of the country. Inspection in New York Citt snd Kings County for Fifteen Years. 1810 312,887 1825 385,799 1&36 1,188,669 1819 450,621 1929 727,S90 1839 1,263,999 1920 329,007 1830 904,728 1340 1,950 600 1823 306.344 1832 885 843 1841 1,629 957 1822 386,799 1836 944,490 1842 1,638,377 The increase,as exhibited in the above table, is hut a single instance of the increase throughout the Union.? Taking thia into consideration, we cannot refrain from denouncing every measure that tends to prevent the surplus from entering foreign markets. In the annexed statement, showing the movements ef flour and grain in twenty markets. The immense quantity of these steEles seeking an nutlet, is seen. Is it right that a small ody of manufacturers should be protected to the injury of the produoera of so much solid wealth Movements or Drkaostupfi. 1842. 1841. Bhls. Bushels Bbls. Buihtls Markets. Flour. Grain. Flour. Grain. New ?oik, eiportcd 326.069 ? 311.321 ? Buff do shipment-, 640 277 I 623,858 64 8 686 1.477.032 Cleveland, errivals, 492.711 1,563 446 411 125 1,8'4,8 8 8 udiuhy. eiported, 15 4 72 6 7 317 2* 457 4 92 785 Toledo, anlrm en H, 37 280 116,730 45.781 127.898 Bslti?ore, inspected, 658.281 ? 6?U 974 ? Plot d nee, im|HirteJ, 88 683 678 000 85 1:39 641 757 Boston, imported, 619 160 2,159 482 575 733 2.437,806 Ch cago, e*|>ort> d. 42.410 579,740 ? ? M Ian. eip- r?rd, 5 161 400.00 4,774 233,540 PitL-burir, shipped, 114 IU3 200.0(0 ? ? Monroe, shipped, 18,340 80,055 9.303 26,249 Calais, Me., received, 10 650 47,3-8 ? ? PoitUnd Me..imported, 53.376 110.687 68,874 231,4'3 Ma.slllou, c le.ueJ, 42 406 655,377 30.221 491.306 MacmreCitv, 5,267 23,713 ? ? Z?n> S'ille, VIcarcd, 80.441 ? ? ? l)eT? it, eiports, 180,210 99 973 180.000 50,000 OsWrao, receipts, 155,693 752 754 147 000 756,887 Akron, cleared, 142,848 ? ? ? There are plenty of facta, in addition to the foregoing, to prove that the agriculturists should not be trampled upon for the sake of the few. According to the report of the Board of Public Works, 14-2.949 barrels of flour were cleared at Akron, on the Ohio canal in 1342. A portion of thia was received from the Pennsylvania and Ohio canal, but nearly all of it was manufacturedbn Summit connty. The mills in that town alone made 90 000 barrels last vear. and for the coining y tar will exceed 100,000 barrels? There are about 87 rnn of mill stones in operation in that county?moat ol them grist mills, which make very good flour, nut about M run are in merchant mills, the flour manufactured by them being equal to any in the United States?Akron and Summit county flour being among the beet brands in this market. These 67 runs made not lass than 200,000 barrels during the year ending 1st of January. To make this quantity of flour it will require not less than 900,000 bushels of wheat. Summit county will probably furnish from her own soil one half of this, 450 000. The returns made at the late census for the crop of 1839, was 33.1,833 bushels. It is probable, therefore, that that return was somewhat below the mark, and as the cultivation of wheat has rapidly increased in the county during the past three years in consequence of the very superior market afforded by our mills, it is not too much to ssy that the crop of 1843, will be 4A0,000 bushels. The remaining 440 000 bushels come by canal and wagons. Again, we ask, is It right to enact a high tariff for the protection of a lew individuals, the manufacturers?not the operatives?to the serious detrimedl of the great agri cultural mass of the country 7 LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS. Philadelphia, March 14? Arr Madrid, D -niiell, Trinidad dp Cuba; I aiacai, Whrrler, Porto Cabello; Vesper, Loflmd. Si Johns, PK; F.meline, Nirholi, Cirnfueiros; Norrts Sianl- y. Rue. Turks Island; Washington,Thnmjnoii, NOrlrsns; Emily. 8mi; Signal, Wa'ion. Pon e, PR; Ec'ipse, Sinith, N< w V'-rk; Berry. Sears, NBedf od. Below, Frances, 8?ul> , from New Orleans. Clil Washington, Bishop, Mat inzat; Kinrline, Llavid on, Tampic >. Richmond. M rch 12?Sid Win Mnwry, Troy; Win Young, Athain . atirtland, Boston; Olivia Br c keif, Jamaica. Noi fole, March 13?Arr Planet, Terry, N Vork for Petersburg; Nevis, Kinney, NewOrleans tor Kichmond; Zion, Ellis, Naiilirokr for N Haven, in distr ss, h vin been run into by lb B ichelor, sud sustaintd considerable damage. Ar 12th, bachelor, Hortan, New Orleans lor Richmond; Sarah J tne, OtH, St Jo ns, I'H; Amelia. Krisbie, Boston In Hampton Holds, Zealand, Coombs, NOrleaui for Kichmond; Parthian, Allen, Richmond for \Orleans. Arr 11th. Sarah Ann, McFarl.ind, Mobile; H 8 Hinckley, Sanudeis, Prospect. Slil H W Handy, St Marys. Spoken. Wsmpanoag, 5 dsys hence for Nevis, Cuba, Feb 27,1st 32 1ft, Ion 71 *0. Envoy, 15 days from Mobile for Boston, no date, off Cape Hsttenu. (K^ BRISTOL'S SARSAI'ARILLA.? fhis wonderful medicine is daily growing in favor with the medical faculty, which is not the case with similarpxtracts. We call the attention of invalid* to such statements as we shall offer from time to time, of its all powerful hculing inflii?nr.e. iNcwr Yoiik, Jan. 19, 1843. M*. C. C. B*i?tol? 8ir--The hanpy effect produced upon my son, six years of age, through the use of j our valuable preparation of Sarsapariila, induci s me to offer to the public ray cheerful recommendation of the same. My aon has been afflicted with an obstinate scrofulous affection, attended with extensive ulcerations about the head, both internal and external, having been more or less afflicted with this disease from his birth. I am now pleased to inform jou that he is now enjoying good health. Perfectly cured by your Sarsapariila alonu?after Iruitless attempts of other medicines and remedies hy the profession. It would afford me pleasure at any time to confer with any who may desire to knew of the nature and effects ol Bristol's Sersapanlla, at my store,'JOS Stanton street, or at my dwelling; 66 Suffolk street, New York. Yours, respectfully, J.L.BURNETT. Sold wholesale and retail by Wm. Burger, 50 Courtlandt street, and Druggists generally. {R7- DR. JAYNE'9 VERMIFUGE.>Ki.rHiA, Feb. 3, 1848. Da. D. Jarnt:? Beak Sin : ? I have used in my family several bottles of your valuable medicine lor the destruction of worms, and would recommend it to others, as being one of thn best and safest remedies now in use. Yours, respectfully, FRAS. PREVOST, 148 Catharine St. Prepared at 305 Broadway. (&- TEMPERANCE FOLKS CAN GET A GOOD remedy lor Coughs, colds, headache, worms, lie., where there is no Alcohol used in the combination, hy going to Dr. Sherman's, 106 Nassau street, or any of his authorized agents, and getting some of the genuine Sherman's Loxenges There is nothing like his camphor lozenges for relieving the d. pression following a life of dissipation. They are the friend of the occasional dissipator as well as the daily imlulger, and can be Ireely taken at all times ; persons attending crowded parties and travelling will find these lozenges will give life and vigor to both mind and body. Dr. Sherman has agenta, S Ledger Buildinga, Philadel- I phis; 4 Btanwix Hall, Albany, and 8 State street, Boston. i MOII1CV MARKKT. Wednesday, March 1J?0 P. M, The sale* were mull, aad price* very regular. Obio 0'* fell J per cent. The Appropriation Bill hai passed the Senate by a large vote. Kentucky fell Mohawk Stonington roae At the New Board the aalea were aa uaual without variation New Orleana fun<la are dull at 1 a 1J per cent. Molt housci prefer aending specie to buying at -i percent premium. Sterling is more in demand, lor remittance. Uati.i or Korkion Bills ii? Niw York. i Sept. 28. Jun.M. Frh. 28 March 15. I l>ondon, 8 a 8 V 5V a 5V 10* a 106 V i0iVh105V France, 5 30a6 3I,h? lt> ii6 Hi'.( 5I2.V*5I3 543 a ? Airutord ? a39V 38)8 8 38}, 38}ja 38 V 38'4 a V Hamburg, 3SVa35'a 34V a 34 V 31 ha ? 34 V 31), Bremen. 76 a 76.V 75 a 75V 75'4a 75V 75 a 75V 1 American geld is at a premium of J, mostly for western I circulation. The delay of sending sovereigns to Philadelphia, for coinage, is a very serious evil at thiajuncture, and will be a great bar to the free circulation ol specie If the mint was situated in this city, probably 5 or6,000,0H0 dollars of gold, now in the btnks, would be coined, and pass into circulation at the west, where the population is less ac({tiainted with foreign gold. At the tea sale to-day, the term* were extended to seven months' notes payable in the city, instead of the customary terms of six months. ine unio Din, making appropriation ior me year i?-Mf passed the Senate of that State on the 10th Instant. The following is a table of the affairs of the Banks of New Orleans to the 1st instant Banks or New Orleans. Feb. 1, March 1. Hanks. Cir. Dep. Cir. Dep. j? Bank of Louisiana, 4%.328 1,637.563 621.826 1,OB1),337 S Caual St da>'k<URCo. 54,915 20,860 42,760 13,110 Carrollmn Kailioad (k C Bankiuit Co. 4,483 4,383 ? ? g {City Bank, 180,170 364,463 121.420 277 f.33 5 Louisiana State Bk, 71,022 363,214 41,067 334,133 ? Meehanies' St Trai ders'Bauk, 398,930 1,183.720 338,355 1,076 Of 5 6 LUnion Bauk, 149,345 335,170 106 655 307,701 1,335,215 5,991,714 1,272,083 4,016,619 In liquidation. Ciiiie. s' Bank, 370,789 344,200 261,335 322,831 Consolidated Asso'n, 233.765 15.031 206.390 38.456 Commercial, 152,195 108,735 195,010 40,661 756.749 467.906 632,765 401 148 Total, $2,111 960 4,489,680 1,934 848 4,417,767 _ Assets. Specie Assets Spetie ? Bank of Louisiana. 7,003 299 1,821,134 7.786 417 2,249,666 5 Can si St B I'kins: Co. 5,150,770 29,054 5,129,762 23,803 ao Carrollfnu RailroadSt "a, Banking Co., 2.326,372 21,266 ? ? 5M City Bank, 3,295 506 454.813 3,125,143 335,690 v Louisiana State Bk, 2,666,504 361,181 2,606,030 338,741 'Z Mechmi s' St Tia? ders' Bank, 3,729,645 1,216,464i3,487,438 970,595 L Union Bank, 10,040,175 366.680 9,852,4bO 245.086 31 212,271 4,573,622 31,987,380 4,164,783 Citireas' Bsnk, 8,791,176 686 8 976,351 780 Consolidated Asso'n, 2 801,166 2.0 2,762,051 162 Commercial, 3,691,217 13.5,188 3,588,151 30,714 15,286,889 136,182 15,327.6.56 31,656 Total, $49,199,160 4,709,701 47,314,336 4,196,439 The Carrollton Dank has made no returns,for the reason that the managers consider it in liquidation. The Canal holds out, and will probably get through its difficulties. Thus all the weak banks that made a forced resump" tion last tall, hare again stopped, notwithstanding that $5,900,000 of specie has arrived at New Orleans during that period. The Car-al Bank received assistance from its stockholders here and in London, which has been re paid. That the public have little confidence in it, however, is evident from its return, having very little depositee or specie. The aggregates of the specie paying banks compare as follows Nov. 26. Jan. Feh. March 1. Loans, 38 281,665 34,628,623 37,903,548 31.987.280 Specie, 3,805,763 4,596,787 4 708,8 0 4,164,783 Circu'stion, 1,197,890 1,216,237 1,507,410 1.272.083 Deposites, 3,774,099 3,420,2)2 4,100,449 4,016.619 The quantity of specie which had arrived at New Orleans on the dthJFebruary, from September 1st, was $5,289,924; during the month there arrived $463,100, making the whole $5,772,000. Notwithstanding this the specie in the vaults of the Banks has decreased $544,027, making $1,027,127 gone into circulation, while the Bank circulation has decreased $235,000. The circulating medium has therefore been increased by $792,000 af specie, the actual property of those who hold, and not the promise of property from insolvent bankers. The conduct of the Commercial Bank has given a fatal blow to what remains of bank credit among the planters. The New Orleans cotton lactors, after selling the cotton of the planters, were shrewd enough to deposite it on the planters' ac count in the bank. The infamous swindling concern then stopped and refused to piy the deposites. This conduct is not more infamous than that which the banks have always practised upon the people ; but the put lie have now got thwir eye* open, ami see the glaring robbery of tbu poj.op lyitem. Notwithitandiag the great influx of specie into New Ot leans, there is no demand lor paper securities for invest ment. United States 6 per cent Treasury Notes are abundant at 2 percent discount, while here they command lj premium. Sterling bills have been as low as 2J discount, and are now at par a J discount, 0 to 10 per cent under the real par, showing that money finds real investment, and is slowly but surely producing an immense change in the trade of the interior,wh "re it spreads slowly in the winter months. With the opening spring, a northern current will flow from Boston over the railroad,and from NewYork up the Hudson,disseminate itself into all the channels of trade, raise prices, and confer the greatest prosperity upon the great bulk of the producers. At Cincinnati over $3,000,000 worth of produce, pork, lard, flour, Ac., are waiting the opening of navigation to come forward. A large portion has already been ordered for the French and English markets. In all the lake ports produce is on the rise. Its abundance is such,and prices so cheap, that for a long time it will command the marketsoflhe world, axd continue to extract specie from tke vaults of London without possibility of control. It is not a credit operation, which can be cheeked, but the irresistible impulse of a ash trade. The powers of the west are,as yet, but little understood in their capacity to produce. The northern parts of Illinois, in particular, are composed of a soil inexhaustible from its nature, and so prolific, that an averare of forty to fortyj five bushels of wheat to the acre, weighing sixty pounds, with scarcely any labor or cultivation, is a usual crop. Such a country can and will supply the world. It is not the scanty yield of serf labor, but almost the spontaneous production ot an inexhaustible soil, which places at the command of its owners the specie of the whole world' The 8 to $10,000,000 which will be drawn this year from England, is nothing compand with v hat will hereafter be extracted from the same source, if wanted. Prices will then inevitably bear a higher money value, because specie will depreciate from its nbundance, giving the farmer and planter ample means to buy goods, and to pay taxes and debts, if they shall decide the latter to be just, and not otherwise. Sales sit the Stock Rxchange. $105(10 NY Sta'e 7'?,18t8 103V lOtlfl do 85K 10110 do 6's, 1862 103l4 in Del It Hud 87)i 1000 d1 do 10) M Bk Commerer 9t IftdO Ohio 6's, H60 50 do scrip 96I4 I20nfl do 70ft 12 Lnna ls'and 85 lflflO do ?3 70Vi 15 Anb tk Hi oh 97 300(1 do 70>4 50 Mohawk 30 3000 do 1856 70 75 Pate'son ttbi 20(10 Kentucky 6's 85j? 50 Stonington 18>i IflOfl do 85Jti Second Board. $3009 Ohio 6%, I860 >3 70% $3000 Kenfncky b60 86% 1000 do >3 711% CommrrclRl Stock Eichan^e?18 Wall at. tinon Kentucky 6's buw 80 $inoo Ohio fi'?. I860 I6d 70 mill do 87% 1000 W'r l. sn, 1868 blO 9i 4000 do 86% MOO NY 6'*,'863 hlO 103% 3 00 do 15d 86% DthaiNYLkT s!2m 68 1000 do s'W 8.6% 2.6 ' aiitoti Co b .6 '0% 3 00 do c*?h 86% 110 .o ol6 2"% lOoo Illinois 6%, 1870 ?'5 20% 86 do tw 2fl% 3000 do h3 21 30 Dry Dork Bank 10 2'iflO Ohio6%, I860 blO 70% IHlHsrlrmKK cash l?% 2000 do 16 70% 26 do bl 16% 000 do ?3 70% 26 do b!6 16% icon do >16 7> % 200 ? Island KK b30 49 3000 do cash 70% 26 do rw 48% 4000 do 70% Second Hoard. 310000 Gov 6fs. 18r2 106% $1(1000 Oor. 6's, 1862 rvr lf?% 2*1(1 t? in 6's. I860 s3 70% 20M Ohio6%. I860 ?10 70% 1000 Krnturky6'i (16 86% State of Trade. A Tea dale took place at rales showing tome improvemeata. There it a mir <1< mand lor the trade nnd the terms are extended to seven months instead of the customary ?ix months. The results wc re as lollows :? Terms? Notes at seven months payable in this city to he made satisfactory to sellers. Hyson?J2 chests, 72$ Cants; 42 do 70; 32 half do US; 22 chests 4.6; .37 do 43$; 80do42$; 100 Hid t>oxeS42$; 100 1311) 37 a 37$ ; ftOdo 36$; 300 do 36. Young Hyson?21 hf chts .63$ cts; 30 do M1J; 30 do 40 a .60; 138 do 47$; 60 do 47, II do 46$; 202 do 46$; 3.6 do 46; 276 do 44$; lOchcsts 42$; 42 do 40$; 107 do 40; 66 do 30; 4U do 39$; 60 do 3 (; :i0?lo37$; 80 hf do 37$; 120 do and 36 chests 37; 100 do 16$; 28 do and 225 chests 36; 20 |>o 36$; 245do 3.6; 262 do 31$; 626 do and 82 chests.14. (M0 cheats and 1353 hf do withdrawn;) 200 201b boxes 46; 100 18 do 11; 10(1 do 86; 100 do 34; 200201b do 33$; 100 18 do 32 J; 200 12 do 25$ a 26; 400 do 28. Hyson Skin? 61 chests 36 cts; 21 do 34; 80 do 30 a 34, 29 do 38; 90 do 32; 83 do 30; 130 do 29. Twankay?1396 hall chests withdrawn; 38 cents offered. Uiin|>owder?4 half chests 68 cents; 11 do 63; 96do3l$; 16 do 46; I0do32j; 122 do 32, 30 cases 21b canisters 63; 70 do .62; 100 do 2$th do 46 a 47; 14 l4lb boxes 66; 600 6ln do 15$, 476 I3tb do 43; 20(1 do42$. Imperial?7 half Chests 62$; 68 do 63$; 26 do 61; 16 do >0; 6do .33$; 14 do 33; 29 do 32; .31 case. \)lh cani-ter* 60. 86 do 49; I (HI do 46.) a 49; 12 I2lb boxes 66; 700 Blh do 42; 161 13lh do 41, 609 do 40. , Powchoilg?25 30 pound boxes 51; 18 do 42$; .60 hull Chests 43. Souchong?34 half chests 36; 60 do 38; 739 do .32$. Cassia?1800 mats 19 cents; I500do 18$. ' tons Oelgi.ii:. 1'he last ftale 01 Liverpool ?>, rell was at $7,4 mou. Cotton?Some sales made have been oa rather easier terms. 800 bales Upland and Florida, at 4j a 8J Ctaj 300 Mobile *4 a7J; and 160 New Orleans, ft a 7*? together 960 bales. The week's sales, ended Friday evening last, were 4360 bales. Coffee?Sales are 3 or 400 bags Brazil, at 7J a 8ic; 160 I,agu,iyra,S{; 80 Cuba, 7| a Bj; 60 Java, 13; 60 do 84; African, 7 J, some greeu Manilla, all 4 months; and 160 St Domingo, 6] a Oc, cash. Foreign Markets. ( Correspondence of the Herald.] Havana, March 4, 1843. J. G. Bknnkt r. Ksq:? Dkar SIH? During the nast week our market has remained rather inactive, and the uccumulating stocks of produce have cutiseil print s again to recede. Sugars- Half un,l half, 4$, 8J rs.,7 11 rs., white alone 9all rs , yellow 6ja7 r?., brown 4]aft ra. The demand for Ruisia lins kept whites up,but as it is now falling olf, a further reduction will probably take place, and the demand for browns for the north of Europe will now sustain the rates for these latter qualities. Coffee?Very little on hand, and no demand, prices are nominal at 6^a$9 Molasses?Very little doing, at prices which will not bring the article to market, and since the new taritf with you the exportation for the United States has de< creased more than one half. 1 Imports?Out supplies continue fair, and prices withI out variation. Beef, prime, 7?$8; pork $16; codfish $4; candles, tallow, $15; sperm $32; potatoes $61 pur bbl.; flour $14; lard 12a$l4); hums $|-i; lumber, whitn pine, 20a$41; sugar, box. shook" $1; hhda 7 ra; hoopa $30. Freights?There has bean little doing during the past week, and we have only to note two engagements, one for Riga at ?4, 7s. 6!? and one for Trieste at ?4 Ss.? There is but little shipping in port, and masters are holding on for an advance, which they will doubtless obtain. Exchange?As produce goes forward rates decline? Some large masses were thrown on the market, and the rate on London touched 7 per ceut, but us the packet day is now at hand they rallied a little, and we (junto 8 per centprem. A further reduction will no doubt take place after the packet closes. New York and Boston la3 per cent prem. Little offering, and rates drooping. Yours, LUC IAN. T nrrled, On Tuesday evening, 14ih inst. by George Potts, D. D , Mr. John Thomson to Miss Jane Eliza, daughter of John Phyfe, Esq. all of this city. * At South N'orv.-alk, Conn., on Sunday evening, 6th inst. by the R-v. Mr. L C. Cheney, B., of this city, to Amelia Esther Taylor, of South Norwalk. * Died. On Wednesday, 16th inst. after a short illness, aged six years, John, eldest son of Michael Conroy. The friends and relatives of the parent of the deceased are hereby requested to attend his funeral, whirh will prcceed from their residence, 15 Gold, corner of Piatt st. this afternoon at 8| o'clock. On Wednesday, 16th inst. Margaret, daughter of Jnraes and Jane Robinson, age! two yvars, two months and nineteen dsys. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her father, 134 Second street, this afternoon, at 4} o'clock. Hsusaeiigera Arrived. Carthagena? Biig Chaircs?H Beekmau, C Tilton, Miss M L Course. Havana?Ship Norma?O Manran and servant, E Burckle, J B Diaii. Mobile?Brig Mobile?D McDnugal. foralgti Imiiortatliiiis, Amsterdam?Ship Aiigeliqar?lf8 empty oil ranks 152 pipes gin I!)cks 3 ins indse 14 bags coffee Sehuch rdr, Kavia Hi en? 10 pi s nil f 00 kegs J Dur.uul?12 cs 160 lings J Desarls?1 cask 1 bo* 3 pkgs I hamcr rOC Thorburn? 3 bis A Lean. Palermo?Brie James Wilson?10 r >k> cream tartar 20 bales 10 bags aim nils 16 bass canary seed 510 bo* s lemons 1150 do orauvi s Fitell & I o?4 rues Iilitirs t l.lul .1 II Rntwer?22 timet oranges 10 <Jo h-mon* 6 tubs leeches j I'eckner. Carthadkna?B ig Chairtta?6343 hldra 48 ton* fustic 2501 lbs old copper 5 hairs sarsaparilla $200 K.?ei?ll 1( Butte'lt?(0 hides J M McLewl?II bbls G Vlarliurz?311 hides 4 bbls $552 Murray 8c Lanman?$1672 E Jarrosaav?530 I.a Gianja?$133! Geo D-inincnez?$480 H rgous Bros 8c cn?$240 VI. nay 8c luff It-?$i;3G D T Lamnaii?$700 H Betkiuan?8(9 hides $204 to order. Havana?Shin Norms? 27 let honey 9 bales tobacco 3 ban specie JO do coffee M Taylo ?21 bus I case B Blanco?1 cs 140 bn W H Thomas?670 baffi coffee Cih-stelain 8c Ponverl?2 bis hosier 8cco?1 ba'e A Foster Sc son*?5 P A Horu?4 cs Grosheim 8c Scbreibcr? tOO Ins Lilli 8c Kasin-s?3 do 10 tcs Mason 8c Thompson?719 hoses sugar Woo'sey 8c Woolsey?4 cs J Conejs?922 bis 9cs PAH Ketiauld 8c ro?1 R Hogan 8c co?4 I R Kodiiieiirz?41 L Brousou?5 Hoicean 8c Kiuch?t OHF Waring?.'> ics 1 case Aymar 8c co?39! cs Picahia?200 J Manzanedo? I O Rozat?1 K N'oltemus 8c Paiensledl?121 J Des Arts?I Ball, Tompkins 8c B irk. 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New Orleans?Brig Wisconsin?32 bales 2 boies Spragnc 8c Robinson?II bbls J Alsop?25 do 417 k- gs Poitier Frere??15 bbls 15 h'gs li Blydeuburg?51 kegs Reed, 8eh rmerhoro 8c co ?133 J S Biowu? li'O I Smith k co?25 hi< R Kiu-a'and?109 Kilcli & c<i?215 bbls Began ill Kneeland?43 hhds (i > Schermerhnrn?70 bbls Ri>' errs Hi Williams New Orli:im-Br-g Ntufitu?160 bhl? J S Brower?500 do 168 keg? Reed Si 8chermeihorn? I hi d Havens It co?16 tcs S T Tisdale?31 hhrfi Lee.Hater !i Miller?37 8 Tilton?32 Lord, Ph Hips k co?II9do 18 bbls (J W Kdmouui. New Orleans?Brig Lime Rock?25 rthls Chandler k Howard?30 E k T Pop. t?4 lis I ki lt T B B hi e?344 kegs 100 bbls 8 Wo.dsey?94 C Osboin?19 do 210 kegs J A Kukd?190 bbls 50 bin's 89 bales to order New Orleans? Brig Orn.d Tuik?188 hhds 113 tcs 34 bbls molasses J 8 Taylor Nr.w i )?i.vam??8ehr F.cho?180 hhi's engar 50 i bis molasses A Brown?90 do Mr II irr>s<n. Mobile?II ik Sir.ili Brown?258bales cotton Brown Ik Dimock?32 I) A I 'osbnian k ro?13 J K< ore?124 P? rsse k II reeks ?55 Pn rp t k Phillips?105 Oii?er B> i n?3 |{ KuiKsland k co ?8 W D M?hbir ? 26 SiBrgrs k Clraimao?45 Smith, Mills k co?38 d i 9 bales deer skins Sp fford k Till st in?I case Emanuel k Van K'eek?3 J Si Muliioii?I D B Crane?I cask copper W R Kols'on. Mobile?Br k Mobile?171 bales cottou Persse k B.'ools?14 Pierpout k Phillips?10 Williams k Oa'dine'?VI May k Hnldr'd8e?5l (I Reyniirn?;9 Wolf k Bislioie?21 Bngarl k KneeIsiid?45 Mas'ers, Marko" k CO?59 W Lester?43 Heuop k ro? 38 Perk-ns, Hopkins k White?16 Willis k Brothers?8 WJ II stn ?25 to order. Atalachicola?Brig Florida?21 bales eot'onGale k Croshi ? '07 n B >iiim<ti. Ji nuston Is 'o?112 W H Mowlam ?8 J H Tallinn?23 Smith, Mill* k Co?21 Parnn lee k P, ck?60 C Ilomh k l.elin?81 piss S| elu r Van Wi Kner k Tucki r?61 slicks ced r J Edel. Aeai.achicoi.a?Bri8 Metamora?143 bales coiton W 11 H w I ia|?Id'iB sari k Knee la1 n?"9 JUT Imm? 61 G Collins?2i I) Ju son?I W Brown- II?21 De Peysli r k V5 bum irth 2 Boornian, Johnston k co?21 A U ns?1 bos indse Post k Phillips mTritlm k he ka i7d~ Ship Masters and Agenli. We shall rsteeni it a favor, if CAptAins of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Silvev, of our News Fleet, i Report of the Shipping left ft the Port whence they sailed, ihe Vessels Spoken on their Pissage, a List of their Cargo, and rtnv Foreign Newspapns or News they in.iy have |]r will hoard them nnniediaiely on their arrital. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, wil also confer 1 favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they ran obtain. Nantical Information of auy kind will be thankfully received. PORT OK NKW YORK, MARCH 10 l!!? ft 13 | FCLl. Moot" I 1J It'N *rT? 6 li I HIOH WaTKIS 8 JO Clrarnl. Ship* Francois l?t. Aiosworth, Harrr, C Bolton, Fn? 6c Livingston*. Louisiana, Dewl urat, Rio de Jaueim and a mist, A Foster it Son; Louisa, Husrll, \ Oilcan* Win Nelson; Alalania, Raymond, Apalacliirnla, S W Sloriim.? Bsiqnr Lome, 8chn*ivei, St Ppifrjihuw Bnuehaud 8c I heb oid?Bng M ' y Aveiill, Hatch, Ponce, PK H Snnthmayd 8c Son ?Scbrs Two I'ollies, B .Itiinore, J St N Brute*; Kc|ic?tcr,, Wilmiucton, NC. E 8 Powell. Arrived. Ship Angel'que, Edwarda, 17 days from Amstenl?m, with mdse. to Schucharclt. F.ivrr Sc Co. Left ft h nil. (hip Colchll. Knight. for NOrleaut,ready, the only American Ship Cristoval Colon, Sinilh, from Havana, Marrh 5, with sugar. See. to Spoff.ud, Tireston St Co Ship Norma. Bar'on.20 d ty* from Hivm.a with sugar. See to Moses T it lor. Hull out. l it 34 28. 'on 71. spnk>* brig Snow, ol Thmnaatoo, Snow, 33 day a from Lagtina for NYork?snpplir.1 her with provisions Ship St. Mary. Koater, Ifi day a from New Oilcans, with c it ton, to Stanton St Kroat. Ship Kienr.i. Clarke, 17 day* from New Orlraua, with mdae, to I'oat Sc Phillips. Bnipo' Whilton, Cnrtis. 12 day a from Ponce, PR. with 132 lihils ft" bhla sugar 10 oka molasses 8 linear ffee to R.P Buck Left barqnt-a Condor, Wise I'orNVork. I0:lt; Magnolia, (Can ins, wilt carfo; / W Cater, D ivia, of Phil aVIphis; hrig Electro, Packard, f .r NYork, ft daya; sclir New Union, Cliaae, w Ik cargo. barque Teiidor, Lockwood. 13 days from (Jnayama, PK. s-ilh I 3 hhds 18 liMs sugar 100 cks mola?aei to B Dc Form 8c Co. Left ha:que Josephine, lor NYork. ft il >vs. B oiiuo Cbinoi llor, Moiilthrop, aatli d for New Havou day previous. The T has experienced heavy NK. and N W. galea on thecoaat, to the northward ot lat 33 Barque Mailory, Brown, 20 day* from Apalachicola, with cotton, to master. Bug James Wilson. Peckner, 74 days from Palermo, with frmt.fci' to Fitch 8c Co. Brig Chaircs, Chapman, 22 days from Car hngrua and Barraugnilla, with specie, 8c. . to Everett 8c Bsttelle. Left do American vessels. 8|*ike 5th inst. off 0. H. Shot Keys, ship Paoihea. Iftdays betiee for NOrleans. ling Kin*. Corkwood, 16 diys from Quay-ami, PR with 242 hhds sue .r 1 r isk old copper to B l)r Fores' 8c Co. Bog Montevideo, Procter, 63 daya from Rio de J^neiio, wi h coffee, to J FoulkStRon. ? , , ?. Biitish brig Philtppa, Burrows, 28 days from Kingston, Jam with logwood, to IIilnscointl Sc Berkwnh. Left barque Orb, ol Phiia'dp' ia, to sail sum- dav '.Till nil. lat 28 "4, Ion 74 6 poke lieique St. Lawrence, of B .ton, Oiliys fin Apalachicola Bng Andicw King, Thuilow, 28 days from Trinidad de Cuba, with ?, to Breti St Vos.-, Brig (frail I l urk. Nich Is. 2i> days from New Orleans with inolatat e, to Neamith, Leeds Sc Co. 1st Hist, lat 29, Ion 79 30, p. ke sebr Julis, Irom Apalaelneola lor Philadelphia. Brig Ntnvitaa, McFwtan. 20 daya from New Orleana, with l poik,8ce to N'eainith, LeedsScCo. Brig Wiaconain, Sullivan, from New Oileana, SW Pasa 17 daya, with mda*. to maater. < Brig Lime Rot.k, Auld, 20 days from New Orleaus, witn mdse, to Dunham it Dimou Brig Shamrock, Smith, S3 daya Iroin New Orleana, Willi 760 nbls flour to order. No dale, off Torlugas, spoke brig Ksgle, from Havana for NOrleena." Brig 8ar?h Brown, Nortnu, 16day* from Mobile,with cotton, to Srurgra at Clearman?5 steerage passengers. J n. 13, on the passage hence to Mobile, Ileury Hanson, seaman, a native of Denmark, fell or -rboard au<l waa drowued. Brut Mobile, Williams, 12 daya from Mobile, with cotton, to Sturges & Clraiinan. Brig Metamora Ashby, li daya from Apalachieola, with colton, to K. D. Hurlbnt it Co. Brig Florida, Crocker, 18 daya from Apalachicola, with cotton, to Post A Phillips Brig Leonora, Collins 5 days from Wilmington, NC. with nav al stores to J. Ogden. Schr Loch'el, Lnfkiu, 2n days Irom Mayaguex, PH. with 157 hlids sui-ar ''0 do molasses to R, P. Buck. Left barques New Haven, Downs, for \ew Haven. 2 ilavs; Seboois, Hopkins for Cowes anil a mkt, 3; brigs I Jiraft-, Eldridge, of and for N York, 6; Russell, Jenkins, of Philadelphia, wtg cargo; Cocheco, Mr.Crillia, lor New York. 3: Win H Talman, Matthias, for Norfolk, 5: Old Colony, Chase, tor NYork, soon; Adamant, Lelaml, for do, do: Llewellyn, ( aril, wtgfrt; Sidney. Barnard, for Norfolk. I rig; Hytler All. Uen-h. IJg; T'ngier, Park, wtgfrt; schrs John FairfieId, L- dyn-d, do; Robin Hood. Berry, for Baltimore, log; Win Wilson, Baker, dug. No date, lat 21 15, Inti 67 30, pasted a fore aud aft schr, supposed the Susan Taylor, Grindle.for Baltimore. Schr M oning Star, Cornish. 30 dsvs from Jaemel, with 1365 bags coffee tons logwood to W. F. Wells. Left lianiue Manchester, Jninati, of Philadelphia, Idg; schr Novemlier, Ellis, for Boston, Htli. Schr Hurd, Rogers. 15 days from Aut Cayes, with 743 haga coffee 26 do cocoa III c?s<w mdae to J Msrien. Left achr Daly Chrae, Dowues, from New York. 2d inst. off Cape St Nicola Mole, anoke schr Ostrich, hence for Port an Prince. Schr Echo, Robiuaon, 16 rays from New Orleans, with sugar aud molasses, to A. Brown. Schr Alpine, Ballaid, 26 days troin Frank'in. La. with Hit lids sugar HO bhls molasses to J. Peck. No date, off Cape Henry, spoke schr Franklin, ol Thomaslon Schr Bouuty, Totten, from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores, to marter. Schr Sarah Wales, Jay, from Newbern, NC. with naval atores. Schr Weymouth, Couch, from Richmond, with mdse, to Alien A Passim. Si hr Helen, Rogers, from North Carolina, with staves, to Williams A Northern. Schr Ca"dace, Urightinau, from Baltimore, with mdse, to T ada'e A Boideu. Schr Chase,30 houis from Norfolk, with mdse, to J II. Baker. Schr Emetine, Hoffman, from Alexandria, with flour, to Hitchcock St < <>. Sclir John Collins, Clark. 2 dav? from Dover, Del.with coin, to B. N. Fog. Schr Two ilrothera, May, from Philadelphia, with mdse, to A U Cooley k Co. Schr Thomas Ireland, Thomas, from Philadel|ihia,with coal, to master.

Hclir H. Walker, Dty, J daya from Virginia, with oysters, to matter, Hclu Augusta, Nickeraon, Boston. Herald ,11 urine Correspondence. Or rice or thi Rhode lauaoKi.) Newport, March 11. 1843. \ Arr 13th. Tilum|ih, Klliot, Fredericksburg for Boaion; Tarrier, Welltfeet for the In laware; Vantic, Stewart, Fall Kiver for NVork; a'ao. 5 fore and aft aehra and 1 topsail do. Mill?Wind VV. and blowing heavy. Sid Triumph, Boatou. Genera: Kecord. Foreign Letter OrrieE ?The picket ship Virginian, for Liverpool, sails to morrow. The Franco's 1st, for Havre, aaila to-day at 12 o'clock?her letter bags cloae at Gilpin's, in the K* change, at I alf-past 1. 8chh Mailt, Pillabury, fiom Thomaaton for New Haven' loaded wih lime, went ashore on the N K. part of Muakek -t, t, Ik I It of G h iuat. where she now lies. The crew are at Tu keruttck. The vessil w.ia tight at last accounts, ami will probably be got off w tthout rereiv'iig much damage. Brio Washoe Outerhridge, Irotn New Orleans for Philaphia, was lost 22d ult. on Toitugaa. Ca|itain and crew saved.? Vessel ai d cirgn total loss. Brio Sarah Jake, (sill, at Norfolk (rom St Johns, PR reports?28th nil l-t 27 30. lull 7J W, at 1 a in. came tu contact with the hull of a Virsrl lying even with the water, had uo spa a standing; which canlt-d the cutwater, and injured some of planks around the bow uf the S. J. Whalemen. Barclay, Brings, for NB. ont 33 mos, lull?March 9,150 miles S by K fr> m Cape Henlo, eu. Mary Frazer, Smtih, NB ar sea Nov 24, 4 mos out, 200 hbls pun?oouuu iu on i ayin, w wuu 9 sn.? uuu, linn im uic nuc 10 cruise. Spoken* A brig from New York fur New Orleans, March 1, lat 28 Ion 72 30. Vorelgn Port*. Havana March I?In port, Clinton, Mason- Neptune, Kayton; ? tnlo, Lambert; Gibraltar, Jordan; Finland, Nasou; llnrnt <h, Ford; Ariosto, Fattens; Arnn, Patten, 'I hoinpson. aud Dianthe, Slioiey, frt or chtr; Rapid, Ward, fur NYork, soon; Hamburg LarraWee, abotu disg; Tioga. Ricker. do; Wind<or, l.mnell, uisir; Mason, Endicolt, for St Petersburg, do; Meilora, Luuf, Ironi Boston arr 21; Constellation. Jackson,di g; Baltie, Osgood, for Mariel, nest nay; Henry, Means, far St Jago de Cuba, do; Dnnl Webster, I'arker, from Charles'ou, arr 3d; Excliange, Leaeitl; Creole, Wymar; Fns Norton: Cyhi le, Kdinnnd; Partridge, Merryman, and Ch sTh inas, Doughty, disg; Lima, Nason, irt or cldr; Canary, Baker, for, clu; Howell, Motris, for Charleston, do; Henjamiti. Lini', Cabanas, next day; Lawrence, Curtis, une; Wm Crawford, Means, for Lacuna, eld; Duulap, Oordan, for Matauzas. nest day; Caaco, Wyman.abt diag;Cumberls1 <1. Hldley, in ouar; C- rdelia,Pendleton, for Card, ins, eld; Eliza KHeii, Buckman, for Lagtta la Orande, do; Hoscius, Pierce, from Portland, arr 3d; Leonnlas, Evans, Savannah, do; Franklin Ureen. Draper; Betsey, Oorhain, and F A Browne Hobby, di g; Hero. Sahater, for New Orleans, uext week: Vandalia, Dewey, Key West, next day; United, lugrabam, for sale. Trinidad dk Cuba, uo date?In port, Ellen, Copeland, for NYnik; Casilda, Hall, for Europe; Betsey Jane, for Pli ladelnhia, big: Delaware, do do; Sea, Allen, Idg for Cowes; Adelaide. Biker, for Boston; Taugisr, King,for Europe. Sid Madrid Philadelphia. St Johns, PR. Feb 2??In port. Triumph. Harding, for Boston, 10; Water Witch, Fly, uuc; Geu Bolivar, Thomas, for N Orleans, via Turks Isl <ud, 7 or 8; Helen Eraser, Fish, for New York, soon; Peru, Allen, for do, Idg; Alnhonso, (Dan) Paulsen, wtir cargo. Susan Tav lor, Randall, sailed for Arecibo to load lor Baltimore,aud Lorhicl, Lufkin, for Mayaguez to load for N Yoik. Porto Carvllo, Fi h 19?In port, Pedr^za, Hutcl inson, for NYork; Ann Ehzi L, O'lver, une;Com Warrington.Gatrhell, Wig cargo; R Adams Godfrey, uuc; Charlotte, Fuller, for N York: Forest Kin . Com Mi Thomas The Hopewe'l, for New York, sailed 18th. under charge of the mate, captain Whelden having lied at La Guayra 13th Fab. Home Port*. Portland. March 12?' Ontario, Hamilton, Mitanzas; Tallinudge, W.nle, Nickene; Zebra, Thomas, Hirana. Sali m, March 12?Arr Tracer, McK- nxie, Ltibec for Baltimore; Pennsylvania, Bacon, Sal, in. NJ. Boston, March 11?Cld Bowditch, Emery, Cienfuegoi. Arr 13th, Mores, Flanders, Mobile. Ni.w Bihford, March 13?Arr Sophronia, Drayton, Ports moum iur inuauni nia a snip was ieeu yesteruay, on me mouth of the hay, beating in. Edoartown, March 9?Sid Granville, Bryant.Philadelphia; Fraiikhn, Kellar, Thomastoo; Antilles, Stanley, Boston. !n l>orl llth, Dodge H?aly, Camden for Fredericksburg; Witchman, Jameson, fur New York, also 2 senrs, which came in last night. Hoi.mki Home, varch 10?Ait Pandora, Adams, Provincetown for Norfolk; Waldemar. Hoi brook, and Aveuel. Hi< km an, Boston for NYork; Tiara, Atwood.Wellfleet for Delaware ? Sid North Star, Norfolk; Oread. Bilhrnore; and those reptd abovk. a htm kill w< at ism Ti rpaalin Core last night. tap* nosed the Joseph Bslch, from Baltimore for Boston. 12th?Arr Tuscan, Ring, which mien hence lsr inst. for Boston, having been blown off, rvierituffd verv sever** weathrr, ami los? deck load of 60 hhds m*da*ses?will proceed first fair wind. Passed by, Southerner, Mobile for Bos'on: Condor, Cahoon, Boston for Baltimore. Passed down Nortn Chnun* l.a herm brig from St Domingo for Boston, said to be the. 'Eiotn i.' 13th?Arr Delphi, Cook, frn Boston for Norfclk. Returned on account of head wind, Southerner. Franklin, and Dml Francis, for Boston, and remain at 9 a m, with Tuscan, and Rei own. PaovinccTowrr, March B?sld Esrpiunaui, Cook, South Atlantie. Providfnck, March 13?Arr Calcutta. Steelman. Philadelphia; Gen Hrainard, Potter; Kmily, Fowler .and Yankee,*'base, N l oik. A barque inward bound, was off Sand Point this affernood, probably the Kinpn-sa, from New Orleans of and for Bristol. 1'Hii.ADtT.pHia. Much '5? Arr Fame, Crowell, New York. Below, Caracas, Wheeler, Porto Cabello; Washington,Thomje son. NOrteau?; Frances Soule, do. Nokriu March n?Arr O hello, Ryas, At taken* i Cuhoi, Pettingill, N York; Osceola, Boyuton, Bucksport; Eagle, Frrnail. St lohns, PU;L L Stinges, B <k-r, Al*-iandria for New Y rk Direct, Bnggs, Baltimore for do. Below, put back, Thaddeua. Drisc -ll, h*nce,and President. Pe.field, from Alei mfria for New York, had proceeded to ine noithward of H g Idand In Hampton K ?a<ts, Metamur, Lowe, f om Amsterdam; also, a B at?n pa ket from Bait mora , supposed to be the Chatham. 1 here are a large uumb rol ?n>*lml tained at the several anchorages Uowi dsoi JO sail ?re lying between the Pfvinsylvaiii and Crsne I .la d light boat. Cmarlkstoft, \I urli o- Ar.- Tiberius, Wise asset. In the offi g, St Stephen, (Br) from 8t Andrews, NB. and 2 shits uuknow n. Mobilr. March 3? Ar* Kurotns. Croaby, NY??rk. Cld John Dunl ip, C ho ale, LiV*-r;?<nl; Robf Kerr. Agnew, do. MADAME m TO'S OR AND VO< %L AND IN8TKUkiKNTAL CONCER'l ?MADAME OTTO has the h inor to inform her friei d? and ?he pu .iic, th? she will give a Grand Vocal a d h stmmen al Concert, on FRIDAY, March i? at the Apollo R om,on which occasio akt wii1 be a?aui* ed by lh- followii g crlrb at?d Arfi tes, wh > have kindly volunteered their valu ible ?*i% r> s ccal PF.RFORMKRS. SIGNER Oh> 0. S1G. MAlUIM. SIG. MILON. I HI THIMtSTjl, MR. K RAKK.MAN, MR. ALPF.RS, MK SCH AKFKNBEUG, MK il.MM. MR. BOUCHER, MK U t. HILT., I e der ?nd Conduct r. THE ORCHESTRA VV ill be powerlnl and II etive, umo'iiniiiR to abore Fifty in ntimher, rri euihlli cur poerd of the MrmV-raol the NEW VOKK I'll ILH A KM O.NIC SOCIETY. PROGRAMME. Part I. Overture?" Oberon " Weber Gra1 d An ?Vit n Hi letlo, from thp Opera ' I Purloin," M'ule Orto. Bellini Cone' rtino?(F' r the ri inn Forte)?" The Three Belle," Willi Qu.irteito accompaniment. Mr Scharf. nhrrR, Piiie t'.natii a?" Delia Vita in 1 Seutiero,"?Sig. Martini, Merc idante Sn'i?VioIoiicp''o, Mr Boucher Aii i Buffo?"Seholadola hai hi iroltn piiccre," lie. (Iir?t lime u New Yo k) ?i h Ore i air laccnnipainmeiit?u Dp B it: ia?( ' B ehelor'- lefli eliuue on hia ci icp of a wife and ihc poe.ect <f Mutrimon\"?Fur tranal. tion, tee Piogramme ol thriveiiiiilt ) Kioratanli r*aT II. Grand Ooiwetto Con crtanti ?f r Flute, Clarionette, Ob e, F<mtit> and Kieu< h Horn, with orcheerra reroinpanniuii'?P incipal ix rf rin- re, n,,, Lehman, Ciionrvelt, vVieee, Hi g lund end Wohuiuir. Kinoainter The celebrated Duetto Buff- Cogpizienca Sonportinmo palled 1' The Uentnn in ^iuarmg," Irom the ojiera"|l Kaniticope la Mueici"? .'mi On and Slit De B. irnie?(For Trauelatiuo of thii Duett, eei Programme "f the ev?nine ) KioraTanti Gr lid Overture?from ilie Onna'" Anacreon,"?Two 1' anoe, lour per'ornier ?Mr ear*. Schar'enburg, F. Kkiinai. Al|ier<and Tim m. Cherubini Duetto?'rom tne OiMtra " Atmide,'*?M'tne Otto and Sin. Milou. Roeeini Bravura?Irom the opera " Xauber Floete,"? M'me Otto. Moxert Oteitnre?" Der Freiechutr. " Weoe Tieketi One Doll , to he had at the nrincipal Mneic Storea, ltd at the door uf llie A|miIIo ,n the rreeniK of performance. m!6 2i r / HAND COM ERT.-Mre. EDWARD LODKR bege to ' 1 lilt rill li r Hid III I nil IP that lu-r Hunt onccrt in A neriea will lake place tt the Apnlln Saloon on Monday neet, March 2 ith, 1643 Vocal PenroRMrna. MRS. C. K HORN. Mim?4 WATSON, end MISS HAHHIETTE WATSON, I'iiiiiU nl 6i re E. Coder, their Drat appearance. MRS. EDWARD LODF.H, MR. MAssKTT, and MR RAYMOND. IriTM'MCHTAL. SIG K A PETTI, MR a LPK.ns, MK H C II MM. MM. KVLK F u e. Mr MARKS Violin. MM. MAsON Tmmpec MK. GttOr.NV- CUT, MR. (4. LODF.R. C a*l>oilte I ontr.i Baeeo. MR MU8GRAV , Vialoncelto. N1 It W A Kl NO will pretide at the Piano Forte. Si . Haoetn will i r formtwool hie moet papula'Soloe. Mr. Turin will play i D >et wuh Mr. Alprr?, end llummel'e Gi nd Duet in A Flat wi.h Mr W A. King. Aleo Hainmel'i G.and M.litary Septette?being tlie tint tin' thr ae pieeee hare been |>erfornied in New York. Admieaion M rente. Tiri eta to he had at tlie principal mline etoree, end en M re. Loder'e reeideoce.i Amity etreet, three loore from Broadway. ' mlb lt*ec I^ANTED-?A youus ibm, id ( Imll'lul p-lalillilitii ti : > ** drive a w*gou, flic. He irMt be I'nnl and ?f e ?0?1 addreas, ami have tied mine riivrnio in receiving money. Addreaa J. P , Herald office, staling how laal employed. mlfl li*r df'QfrrW'V WANTED at # |M*r ceut interest for Sond tud Mort Ine ou productive, uniucumhercd city property wor'li more than double the amount Apply I" -m 6 it,c J A MK<? k CO. W Wall at T O AMERICAN TFTA SELLER S GOING TO EUROPE. WJ. MARKWELL, Proprietor of LONG'S H?TIUj. N.-w Bond street and Clifford street; also, the LONDON FA M.LV hotel. Albemarle street. h?s the honor to acquaint Families ami GentlemeD visiting LONDON, Hut ihov H uii*i I are undergone a coini lete revision, wi'h iiew and appropriate Furniture ; the Cellars are filled with WI>K ofiurhaclaa tint ia rarely to he met with, being[selections from peivite stocks that hive been gathered together by varion* Noblrmi'ii (r-iitb men who prided themi?lvpi on their judgment ; more loan !OOU dozeu in bottle is now congregated, beside a van quantity in woo l. W J. \1. has also the honor to call the a'tention of Merchants and O-ii'femen to Ida Establishment in the City, under the management of hia Son, THE NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICAN COFFEE HOlTRE.CO'K TAVERN At SUBSCRIPTION ROOM, Via-a-vis the New Royal Kiclnnge ; the whole is in the moat imp-ut tut position in the City, posiesiin? every inforination, h? regaida the Suhai-riptn.n Kooin, lioin all parta of lie world, ti>e proprietor having pledged nimrrlf to procure the earliest intelligence. The rhargea are on the most moderate scale consilient with the leapectabilily of the house. The Fnrnitnre it entirely new, the Sleeping department replete with comfort , iu fact, no est abbs' ineut in the city can surpass this iu its general accoinmodition. It i. admirably sitoated as regards toe Northern, Eastern, and S Eastern Railways. being nut a few minutes drive Iroin their various teimim. A Porter is appointed ro attend through the uighf, lor the 1- C. c .1 ? .1 I... ,n_ ...... ...i", ?i. I'fiirnv ui i"u?c aiiivin* ur iir|iiuui* i?y iuc nam , DOAmO WANTKI)-I'i a mp/ctible ninto (uuly? -D wli' re thfra are not and will 1101 be any other boardca. by a yourg gentleman, two sisters ami brother, two under fourteen years of age, lor one year or longer?the gentleman will diu* <>u Sundays only, and will famish the aptr.ment?desire , to lire in a nlain and economical manner. Address box 733 upper P??il Office, staring terms. Kefrrence exchanged. m !G 3t*ec -t T?BKB"750NCV KTh Every Evening, at the Climax oon, " JXAuii street and *49 Fulton street.?MF8SK8. FOB SHE*. Si BEND ALL, hive the pleasure of announcing to their numeioui friru-U aud the puttie it they have taken the ab? ve baloou for the purpeseof giving Free Concerts. Several first rate Vocalists ate engaged, and the subscribers will ensure those who inay pirate to visit ihrn?, ai plessaut an evcuing as can be spent in any simitar establish ment Ales, Wires, &c., of the chocesl qualify. m 16 3t#eo KMOVA L?I* M A E S. H or Dreader n I W |- M >ker, h ? XV retn? ved from 162 to IMJ Bmdwy, a few d ?or? b-low rlitKr?nWi?n H u-e, and opposite John s'reet llavin/ fi ed up i new room n Ik mo*r fidiionitde tv'o he w i I coii'iuue the s me husi 'ess ?n ? will he ideated to?ee his old fiend* oid pat-nns and >rher who inav honot him with a call Heltts^'so privat** room* f* r ladies hair dressing mil j impo" i g. This powerful Kxtr ct of Jawtpoony i* coiri'lere ' by tho- siud* o? New Ynrkeis and *??angers as one of the healthiest articles for the cure of dandruff ant strengthening of the I air?ai?pr? ved by the Faeu'tv ? f Medicine in Pari*, and patented at Wshington. Nothing is more pleasant and de'i litluI th m to go through this operation in the hinds of P MA KB. inif?lw*ec VfOTICK?St. Matthew's Chu ch?Whereat the wants of d-^ the English Ev angelical Lutheran Congrega'i ?n of *t. \i ittl sw1!( hnreh, nodti thspat oralebw of tin EUr Chas. Murti/i, demands that tliev shou'd have a pi ice of wor-hip for mon it k service, 1 he Bo?rd of Vea'ry hereby give notice that they h ive en/aged the large room of National H'jl, Noi. 29 and 31 Canal street, ne-r Broadway, where their services will commence "ii next Sab tilth morning. 19thinet?et naif past ten o'clock 'I he aficrnoo.i s? rvic?-s will be continued as usual in St. Matthew's Church at ' o c'nclr. AUG 9. F. CAMMEYKB, Hec'ry. New York, March 14, 1IH8. m'6 3t j b T H K umiers gu? il ' ?or?iinltee "t tin* Boa id I Trust* ? ??i the X Fire Orpaittnent Fund, desire tu take this opportunity to retu*n th# ir sincere thanks to the many patrons and frie ds of the department for iHeir liberal pitrcuage ro 'he O a'o/io, on tie 61 ol February wit which bat enablrd ih Co I mitfee to a,I,I ... I -?r.> I In ??.? ur th.. i no' .. ... ,l ...a .in A I.I .III# many coutr l utorn, it wou d be iti?i?l ojs to i)<rtirufa?i7r<"? cur ihttiniri dai Itlretosli?< th? Editors 01'ha folio wiuc pt pew^orth" ha damn notice th-y y re i he Oratotio,our lb inks a e alike hUo due, via : Mor? in1. He aid, Courier Ik Knquirer, Journal of Comnteice Commercial Atfvi rtist r, Evtuing Post, I *;iii> k)ipRM< TrikiMj u Plehe! n. MARTI \ W EMMONS, FOKSYIHKLABAUGH, JAM - H PflYKR, Committee on Dotiatioua ??| the k ire Department Fund. Tbt Ti utirirof tba Fire Dtp*'intent Food, wtth t n^irf grra'tfieat >on acknovrletlgea the icceipt ol Ktaht Huudri?*l-k. iahtv F-ur 5.-100 Dollars by the hand* of Martin W Kmmous, K'i| , hen u cue netf proceeds of the On'ono ar th? Taheruacle, i-eb 16th. 1813. JOHN 8. GILES. in Hi Hi Tn a-nrer Fir. Department Fund. DAGUERREOTYPE LIKENESSES TAKKK, WIT., ALL THE ttlVTin OF NATURAL COLORS, AND ON A LARGE SIZE, BY (DOCTOR L. M. CYItUS, 231 BROADWAY, UP STAIRS. ICT"Likenesses taken every day, from early io the morning until 3o'clock, P. M. m G lin*r IN PURSUANCE of an order of the Snrro/ate ot the Coou . ty ol New York, notice is hereby given t - all persons having claims against Peter Murphy, late of the city ol New York, gentleman, rteceaied, to present the tame with the Touchers thereof to the subscribers, at ibe I.dice "f Kdmund 8. Ileirv, No. 51 Walt street, in the citv of New York, on or before the eighteenth (lay of September neit. Dated New Yorli. the I5tli dav of M?rrh. 1*13 JAtiOH HAKVEY, JAMES C BELL.* inH, lawGin I Administrators with the will annexed. HAVE YOU A tOUOll 7?Do not urglectit : thousands have inet a premature death for tlia want of a little atteuti m to a common < old Have ycu a Or ugh I?Dr. Jayne's Expectorant, a safe medical pres riptian, conta no g no poisonous d-ngs, and us? d in an exienuve practice for several year , will nioir n osi'ively a (foul rrlief, ud save voii from til it awful diseue I'nlinouaiy Con * mption, which atu.u illy sweeps into the gr-,ve hundreds cf tin* s oiim*, the old, trie lair, the lo?tiv aim the g iy. Have yon a Cough l-U? par-uadetf to pur, liaa* a bjttle of the p.(iwctoraut. To day, *o-mo row, may be too late. Have yon a Cough '?J yne's Ki, eoiorant ia toe ony remedy yruslnuld lake t < rum y u or this plain re'son, ,ini in no one of the thousand can i where it lias been i aed Irs it failed 'o relieve. P.rpared ami ao.d b, Ur. Jayue, 305 Broadway, New York, n.16 3'r KHUP'I IONS ON THE K ACE OK SKIN, or ? |,a, t a. d Tend r Flesh Cured n? the I alian Cneoiieat Soap?To jiilire of the wonderful qualities ol >hia rtad th?op'Dlini of the Medical C"uneil of Pa.ia, by whom it was Mated " We consider Mr Vo-prinl aa the greatest pbilinihropitt ot the age, and hia chemical s"ap as amir cle, a wonder nnd a b'eiaing to cure any ernptiouor disfigurement, ami to change dark or vellow skin to a flue healthy clearness; it will prove a blessing to fii'ire ages." This frem ,i scentilic ai d eulir. teiied body ol men, proves s? ore its qualities than all we can say?give it ODe trial, then judge, iu, treeklea, salt rheum, scuir y, tan, scorbntic eroption*. 8tc. Iu fart there are many phi aieiana who now prescribe (his in caaea that have baffled their skill. I myself have seen it cure eruptions after p-ranna liase tried inwaid and outward remedies in vain, ad ee't?i"ly it git *s discolored akin a delicious healthy, clear look. It is solo at JO cents a c tk? by the proprietor a' the sign of the American Eagle, S3 Chatham atreet, New York. Anpninttd Agetila?Kiebi r, id and Dork sis. Phita, or neat to the American Hotel .Washington, D C; ft State at. B 'ston; 57 State at. Albany; 139 Valton at. BrooWyn; 207 King street, Charleston. * C. K Bsilv, Moriialown. N.J herre. Mam st., Middlelown. Ct. Agents wintrd mall ether cities. rnl6 1n*ec IM THE UNDERSIGNED again offer for sale a large ff?T? pot to u of their Heal Estai- in the city of Brooklyn. J'.ljJL Circumstances over which they could eieicise no control, picvented the sale advertised to be had ou the Uth December test. The Kstate has been finally divided and each'i aity in interest will sell separ Mil The umlersigueu intend to build a number of buildings on the remaining pirt of 'heir property ooritig the ensuing imiirner end will rug ge wrh purebase.a for unfujinity, against uuis *nr? s, aic. AH rh* L >r? in the viciuity of t ie Kill river, aud ou the He ffhts, *reof (treat value. Thf " Homestead'' comprises upwards of iMI lots in ihe Kesei th Wa'U. in rh centre of and now becoming the m -at imp 'ftin the City. 11,ia s.?lc w?ll i?e positive, on the days to he advertised ahorfl'\ a tl w II C'tiiiiueLce oa or about the S5lh day o! Apiil in t. \ oil ;?b?tracti of the Titles, with access to orig'ual srt'ehts, w il he urnis e? to .. h urcli ??-r fo ? s all - in unf. M i* "t- now it ibited at th?* Merchant's KlchaORe and at ti e .Afire ot t ie auctioneers, Wilkins k Rollins, auo Wi h.m Dmm i r rto s wishing to purchase, ire invited to vi'it ?he premise*; and for further infoim* ion are rc lei red to the subscribe!* at their res deuce, I ? Columbia at, Ero ?k yn, t r to M iiwell k ViAgher, Ksori., No. 3 N until st; Chane* A Griffin, , 8ft Mcrchuits1 Kichaage, or to Clarencv L). Sackett, klsq , No. 12 Til" t r? * f. bnooELTN, March 15th, 1843. MARIA J AC K i OKNKLIA A JACK*ON; H \ MILTON H. JACK-ON, * ILL!AM I KTKRS, m163tcod?ec CHRISTIANA A IKTKRS. jk&\ I O LKT OR Lfe.ASi*.? I he 3 stoiy brick dwrlling, TT.njf wrm ore arfavhed, turner of Urooine ano Woosree ?ts.; J Jjiflg'he above is a go? d stuatioo or a grocer, aud j?culd be iv. v i eased, at a l? w r. nt. Inquire of J J. At'8 I iN ?6 u?h St.. Bp fUirf,i r ml 6f*r J SHHAUY. 157 Mdr dip- st yjs FOR NALK OR EXCHANCII6, for productive real XMl'r pfity in New Yon. or ttro klvu, a va'a^bir fa m of AiU. 18 icms, ou the he. d of Li'tle Neck l*av. Town of Piu*nuw, L? ng Isl.iud, 12 milts from New York. Ou said t urn i neat two st try bouse with folding d on krebeu, and wed room attache*-, coa? h, inok sin kehouse, fu*.; tlso, a lame douhh f rmbonse. birn. sheds, cribs, lie.. in ffood order. ibandia ?ef A it. wild fowl, - h . ftm . Ntc f*r hi in Hixxl h??r', w* II fenced. easy t > wi?r?f, ?nd mar a I ?rnl ut; la* sm pa ? ilaily to and I om >r w Yoik; few farm* offer to many induct men 10 g-n b mm rf tenure Ar. lv to Ja*ne? T V u Zmdt, ?omer of Myrtle avenue and 0 nil ? r? f. BioohI> n, or to 11. K. Van Betirrn, on the prem t? p. _ in 16 ' w r*' dkQA Kh WAliD LCMT OK STOLEN?A t lutirr tjpOU Bp-mi pin, c?n?i?mig of n n?? liimamida, an lo?t by or $ o ?n from ihe tub c fiber, *?n Monday the I2ih March ?n t. A tm i Iff pin w *t ml tched by a chain Pawnbruh* ra aid jew llifi r> rtqatittdto itop the mm if offcrad. Tn lirtvr pio it ol iriiiaiixibV lite. 'Ihe ah ve tew rd will be pa d on in rentor *hon to Mr. DEL AI'LA INK, 68 Wall urevt. m 4 6t*it NKW YOHK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No 75 <-hambera tir'et, ettablitbed to rentier to the affl.c'rd ?ound aud ticii litiAc m*dical lid. A'l kind ol daeaat ? will be trt at? d, and turgical ope rati ont ot every deacrip ti n performed in the moat caie ul ami scientific inau jer. One 01 the firat oco tiata hi the city will attend to tbe treatinent f all disease* of th ? ye ml tar Part tula trentmn ia paid to the trt ttiren' ol all femal> compl tina Vm* treat tocceaa baa attend* <1 the rievnuulof dis?.%<tsof the akin. Patient* whndrme it wi'l be mi ed at th* ir houaea. 'I h ?e whote mean* are limited will only be irqmred to pay for their mediciura. Three or four room* are pr v ded for pmate couaultat ioii 1 he d u? de< arrmmt ia at-id.d by an apothecary of art at ei( cnet ee, ni d a I oar medicines may be rel ed on a > tire and ft-nuin?. (/UppiuK snd eeching will be done at the shortest notice. Open day and night DK. UO vi e || B09TW1CK, attending rh,sic?#in and burgeon, 75 Chambers at. kd houae weat of Broadway. Thin ina'itatinn it under the patronage and commendation of the following gentlemen REV. DIl ED. Y. HIOBEE. REV. UK. W. C RKOWNLKE. REV DK GEO. POTTS, REV DK O SPRING. RKV. DR. MCHHOItDfcR I 14 I Mil * ? I OOK AT THIS?Juit received lot fine h.lkls, at only 4 " c Dta, lot fin* double wi ith chtuge >lde P names at only J. Id; lot taole linens, .yds wide, at only I. S I; tot fin* hr,.adcloths St onlv 7i fill; lot Rue d nbl* mi'led cs aim.ret at 6s Sd; lot bet .anuria at onlv 2a 6d; shirting musli.a ai 4 crnts p? r yard; lot fin? bonk tnn.liuaat ia; lot camhnc mualina acd per ytrl; lot sup.rt'n.f double sidth al.pkt.i Iiisi ', cheap; lot ladies' collars at 6.1; lot men's fine orange caiiea at onlv 6 eta; l?r fine new de Ian es, chc i| ; good nlk at * c Ills o?r <k'in. Ii , will |uiv any one tn rome im ra to WtLLKI' II* store 501 (irernwiafi atrert, Jit itore below Spring street N liwii*M Bli.Litt ur RXCHA.NOi.. on all i aru o e ual.o.l. lrel.n?l I and atims of ?.5.?10, ?U-ndfJO.'o an* payable at sight wilhon' discount. Peaonad'tiroiis ol remu I ling K. their friends will find thu Sl'fcR I * Dl? ? WalTstrt.! and l? Uroidw*?. J amusements. ? i.i' ? i a PAMK TIIKATKIC. THIS EVENING, March i?41. A New r.timrik 111 lire act", I'OW perlnrmma ui*htly, at Co?*nt Garden Theatre, with <tiarinirtii?h-d ?urreae, enroled MO rtlKKtl A D DAUGHTERS. Willi a powerful oaat, new .celery, decor?tion? IM appointLord VI.,n Mr. Barry I Mr Handford. Mr Abbott Emily Manifold, Miae Buloid To be followed bv the ?NERVO\JS MAN AND THK MAN OF NERVE. r.U; I'll, J', C; (i.llrry, lascw. ' " A'I'll ? H| Trth A I It*.. r, r-i . iiKUU( TlON OF PHICEM. Dreaa Circle. ? rent. .'.i a* emu; Upi*' Tier 1JN r m 1 HIVui'uNJ,>' Wl" h* performed THW SPY OF PARIS. After which, the K-niurlj y Mmatie will appear. Tub followed by THK EXECUTIONER. r.? rnticlaHp w<*h MY YELLOW CLKHK. Tactic, Mr Thayer | Juliet Hunok., Daff troori open at tM o clock and the perl.rmeaee .m ?, laeoee at 7 preciaelv NITCHELL'H Ola* J?PIC TIt 16ATHtC 444 Broadway, New York. THIS " VKNINO, will b? nerformel ORANDKATHEH WHITEHEAD. ,, n-.i 117. ?i . UIIUUIIlllCI TTIIIlDHTd-, Mlicneil After whichj WHITK CAT. To conclude with CAPTAIN OK THK WATCH. IT" The Own will ba opened al half-pad a, and tha an orraance* eotrmence at 7. every eveniaa AMKHICAN THKATKK-WAXJIUT-BT. PIIILADKU'IIIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C CUSHMAN THIS EVENING. March 16. will ba performaa BLANCHE HERIOT. Kate Poynet, with Songa, Mtaa S. Cnahmaa. Blanche, Miaa Alaiina Fishar To eouolnde with BLACK HAVEN OF THK TOMBS. E. A. MARSHALL. Laa-ca AMKIIICAN MUHKirK. Marble, corner of Broadway and Annitreet, l' T HAHNUM, Manager. THirB8niV, March i?th, BENEFIT OF OLD COSTJIR I C. D. Jenkni* the hi.'hly popular Comic Drnlleriit. Tenor Sinter, Bauio Haver, Ethiojiiaa Sinter anil Eitravagantal, will anprar in lua Comic Delineation* of eccentric character, character with hia ruri .n? acquaintance on boaid a teairbnat, with lini'arieiia of term diff.renl peranna?Min Tahitha Twiat, an old tn ml of (3?Dick Ho|iele*a, the wiae idior.wnh ininv nrher eonnc character*, and Soma in m ten. Miaa Honil will an t ' v rietv of her moat Popular Hot ir?. I, < P tee Celeite will dance the La Bayadere aud other fa vol it e D Mtcea. The whole to c mclcde with Banjo Melodiea hy Mr Jenkini, ncco penie.l with the Old Wifginuy Braakdowoa of Mnater Sttckney. The MKLOl IAN, au itntnenae and matiuilicent Muaical Inatriitneiit,pU>a itaelf the fineii Overturea, Fautaaica and Waltz ra, and REPRESENTS A FULL ORCHESTRA. PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Profeeaor attenda daily and givea Practical Etntniuatiotia and Charts, Development* and Character at a trifling ezfra charge, Jnat added to the Muaeum TWO SUITS OF ANCIENT ARMOUR, made and wo'ii 30(1 yeara ago (JKAND COH.MOIIAMA?ALBINO LADV. Fancy Otaaa Bl win/. The free Mat ia aimwnded. AN EXPERIENCED TAXV DKHMISTia runted, and peramia having pet hirdi or qnaorupeda they with preaerved, can have iliem inoiinted in the bea' atvlu. Day visitor* adini ted aame evening; FREE. Evening per lorm.uiret at half fnst 7 o'clock. Ill) IVrlniiiMUcus every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at i. oUoUi Admusn.n to all cents?Children half pyi-f. mfd PKALK'M rvidW vunTrnttthtm NATIONAL POHTKAIT AND Pl? TURE GALLERY IS NOW HF.-OPKNED ! C H. UKVOKi Miiiaici. The esrablishmeut contain* an almoet endless number of HAKE AND CURIOUS WORKS Of NATURE AND ART: Neatly and tastelully displayed in r'urre spacious halls, and ho'ute i f a verv COSTLY Ik ELEGANT GALLERY OF PORTRAITS Kiceediiui in extent and value any other in America. The manager has engaged. for a ehort time only, the sublime and hrautilul rihihitioi' of THE TRIAL OK CHRIST! Thia imposing scene it not repirse ntcd bv a painting but by a GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OF LIFE. Thie eolemn and impressive scene re i re sen's Our Saviour ar raiunrd as a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorns aj*>n His Head before Cdiphas, the High Priest, and the Court of Ponlin Pilate. In addition to the above, the Manager kaa engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN, .From England. She withes not to impose eieiu the pnbSe, by making them believa her a Witch ir FORTUNE TELLER! Posaesaed with supernatural power?but on tha contrary, clairna publicly to be able to instruct others ( Igeod intellect and mention tlieu leading trs aactioni of PAST TIMES. THE PRESENT. AND THE FUTURE. She will tell iwrsons whether thry are married or net, an what kind of husband or wile they will get, describe their own chsracters end give a host of facts and correct conclusions rounded on her kuowledge ofthe immutable sciences of phrenology, physiognomy,! eurology. philosophy. Sic. A? proof of the correctness ofher assertions. she it at liberty to reler te tiundrrda of our timt citizens, including clergymen, judges, sttornevt, physicians, and many of the moat enliRh tened ladiea in the city. IC7" Admission to the Mnseiim, 25oents; Children hall price An eilra chaise of 12K cents to those who consult the {tipsy Woman. ?lr 'T'O LET?The Old Etta lohed and well known Franklin * Tlnatre, aitiiatnl in Cha'ham iinure, in the city of New York Tlie Ircition 01 tins l?h at" ia the best in the city. For parti uUrs, inquire of Mrs. SCHOLDS. Wallabout, Dear Cross ? B che't Di.hllrri. inldvis'ic RUHPICI.C'B PLANETARIUM AT MILO'8, Monday, March U?The public arr resp. cifully informed that this ritraoidienry m chine, eilnbitiiw the lieatenly b< dies in mo tion, will remain up lor a few days If niter prrtious to its removal fir Europe. It will lie > ihihit- il Irotn III nntd 4 o'clock, during t e ilav, nil vpena at halt pa?t 7 III the evening. Admission 25 ceiin?Male aud Female Bi liool, admitted during the day at half price. m 13 6ii*r MUhlCAL INSTRUCTION/?Mrs. McDOUALL begs to inlorm her Iriends and the public, that the continues to give iBntructiwua on the Pianoforte at her own tendance or that of her|*pils. Terms moderate. 51 West Broadway. 110 lm TO DHUOUISTH AND OTHEHS from the South and Weft ?T. KOBEIlTS St CO of Loudou, proprietors ol the celebrated and popula medicine, "Parr's Life Pilkf. haying established a depot tor the ss'e of the sane iu New and being uow pre|iared to supply the market to t # would respectfully call the attenponof druggie's imf> ' < . the trtde to their popular medicine, of which there m now old ill Europe inure than 30 000 boles weekly, and although it hai been (carrely ?n moiith? in the United States, the sales hart rapidly eilended through the Slaie?of New Vork, I'enn sylvania, New England Slate*, and Canada. A* a lamily medi cme. it i? unequalled, beina perfectly free from any t ineral me pa ration*; it i* alao eiceedingtv effective in the cure of kilioos coiiiplainla, dy*p*|isia, conauinptp ns, and all disease* ariainit from impurities of tne blood; being very mild in its operations on the system, it may be token by the msst delicate female and small children. The abuse mny be had wholesale at the office of T. Roberts h Co., No. 304 Clarendon Honse, corner ef Duana It Broadway, hrst lloor. mIO lmn*m Df'.NM \N BALL ?Th. fnudersictud Committee haee ten. dered to Mr. Win. P. Deutnan, a complimentary military and Civic Had, to he gnci, at Tivoli Saloon *n Knday Evening, 17th March, 1813 Dodsworth'a celebrated Band la engaged. 'I 'Chet" one dollar each?can be had of the Committee Col Thoa. K Peeia. 0 Broadway " Geo. Smith, 95 Thonmson street. " Thns. K Urvoe, LIS Oieenwich lane. " Pniibrick, Maj.K. F. Lewis 20 Marketfield street. Cant. Cams, 33 Kivingtou street. VandenhesR, o Clarkson street. " I'urdy, On d street. " Cook, 56 i Bowery. " Car neaii, rmnri - f Wall and WaterfsL " Brady, 7| Wall strert. Lieut. ('Itimer, corner Wall and Water at. " Cos. Hohofen at. Chaplain Dunham 20 Nats'u at. Surgeon King, lf'2 Wooster street. Mr. J I hi l oilier, Meichants' Ktrhanze.l " J I, ra'mer, Crist m House Liehange. " A P Lefurge, IMCamlst. M John Crawley, A-sin Office. " Win Wi 'Is 112 King ?i- mU Vis*r WANTED?As tuatinn by a rispectable young woman, to do general honse work plain enokirg, and washing and ironing?oo nbiretmn to hamner wo k. A so, a situation wanted tor a young girl to take rare of children, and woulo be w llitig to make iiorte'f generally useful? good city references given, if riquired. Please apply 2i* Elm street. m!3 It* rc AT WII' l|, h SAL E PKH ES INDIA RUBBER SHOES, 53 Maiden Lane?Selling off at I wholesale prices, gemIrmen's Over Shoes, with leather soles,both sheet and r loili rubber, are now se I ling at the unparah lied law price o'$ I Ad Ladies over shoes of every variety and kind at equally low prires These gooda are the more durable and elegant articlea to ne found, and in ell eaeee warranted. Thoae wno have not seen our goods are particularly invited to call and eiamine before purchasing. Don't forget the r umber, 51 Meidea Lare m? Imis?ee HUTCDINSON It RUNYON LIVh MPOOL OHHLLl t t'AI ?'(hi -out, warranted, a very snpeiior article, on board ship Hottiuguer, weatside t Burling blip. For sale hv WOODHULL fc .VINTURN8. m'i 17 South atreet. n e\Tova L^-Th^ rffc?: of lh? j If^riO'i i nsUMDCC toiti in n?? ii'in ?i<*y rt in ?ru 10 jo vri'iiircvi,^)* mi III r \1 f. "I >1.111 ' . f n rr 'I'n I'AI'KK liA N(.h K\-U oik or two j- umey I in li i nper h*inr- r? for our month. A line a 'dietsrd to H. and left at the H- ralil office, si nu? where an internew me he had,"Will heart' t iled to ^ml3 3t*e aTL \A I ION* HOTEL. No. Ill Bmedwey.?This klsA i Ijehment, I'" erto known as the Kremlin, the enfre III which hmldilic ha'till fallen 'Dto the hands of IOHN f 'OTTl* H, In w n in ii h ? been handsomely refuri i.lied, ie this day o, eu for the reception of gentlemen tak>ne their neals down tnwti ; sud ? here elena-tly furnished ch <inhere may be pn cored, leaving it opiir nal with gentlemen occupying ihem to take their meal* or not in the tpletdid Breaa last and Din ii g Saiom ? of thir K tab'ahmeut, and at charges that will in>11 'e th- i> a m o'" inn m 13 6ti?r WA1CHK8 AND JKWk'LLKRY lower than *T*r.-At tm- sn'scnbei la Co. tantly receiving all description* of gold and nilvrr Watch's, of the newest styl'S. direct from the nitnafact'irers, in bugland, F ance, and BwiigerlamJ, he is rnab'i d to offer a large asao'tn.eiit, and at much le*s prices, at lefatl, thau suy ' ther Iv ns? in the city. Gold watches as low sstijeach. Wachea and jewellery eithangcd or N.ught. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned Wstthes, clocks and jewellery repaired in the he?t manner, and warranted lower than at any other place in th* city (#. Allen. imjioTler of watchrs and iewellera, wholesale and retail 3? Wall street tip st irt. m?lm ins'ec SPRING IMPORTATIONS OK CARPETINGS, FLOOR CLOTHS. Sec. CW SMITH Ha CO Jit Broadway, haeitr* made new and splendid iinprofements in iheir eitensire and itnri ailed Carpet Wa>lthou?e, are now teceniug a frs'b a'T'> mgsand Floor Cloths, of the most rlegaut designs, from the most apprortd Kuroprau manufactories, designed expressly fo 'h|n adlimon m the abore a choice election of hearth rags, WOr door a d lamp mats ; hrnich. knglish and Oermani table snd piano coecr. ; In na ! finish matting ottoman uborets aed div.n. f .match any kind oflurnitnre I.I short their stock contains a complete Tanety from good in'l ulwtautittl ailicles allow prices to those of the finest f?()ur object is to sell only such g -ods as will give entire satisfactioo to ths i tire baser, snd by this mcgas ssenre public coufiMerchants, housekeepers and others will find it to their ad in'-ge to call before purchasing elsewh* e, as onr eips pence .id facilities are luch at to enaiile us safely to d-fy ninps ii n. mil I wis* ec jkTIHK OUAUK TWINE?Ok bale Bridport Wi s Onega r? | wine, for sale by min h- * cof.t.thin k rn wsosthst. Ki.S boCl SU.Water Casks, tor sal* Cheap by Uf A J. T TAP9COTT. Dtn 41 Peck Hip.