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March 20, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. 70,?Whole No. 3?01. To the Public. THE NT.W Y0IIIC HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of tlia year except New Year'* day and fourth ef July. Price 9 centa per copy?or f7 9<l per annum?pontage* paid?caah in advanee. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahederery Saturday morning?price cent* per copy, or $3 19 per annum? |>ostageR paid?ctuih in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ust. It hat the largett circulate* of any payer in thit city, or the world, and it therefore, the beet channel for butinesi men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING omil kinds, xocuted at me most moderate price*, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor av the Herald Establishment, North wp?t rnrnci of Enltnn nnd N-srrii streets MTO LET?The store No. 97W Nassau s'rret, in the Herald Building. Apply at the Herald other, cor Nats?? aud Pulton streets, rallr JW HOUS- S TO LET AT YOKKV1LLE.-2 l?rge houses on the corner ol 84lh street and 3d avenue; eithrr l"'w itirm is calculated for a |>uhlic house, grocery or private residence. On the premiers is a line stable,' owliag alley, and a fine garden consisting of 8 nl?, with grape viuesaud fiuit trees thereon. Kor tenna, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., m*iwr No. II Chamhtrs st. A|A TO LET?The upiier n?it ol the atore No. 7 New F^W street, a f- w doors from Wall street; the second storv JtiMLhns two oAces, and it is adapted for a merchant Or lawyer. Alio, the three story house 34 Walter at. between Broadway and Church st, an eicellcul situation lor a genteel family, occupied by Mr. Verplanck. The bi.irk store corner of Pike and Cherry streets, occupied by Messrs. Valeutiur b Co., as a teed store, a desirable situation. Tor convenient two story hoase with attic rooms, basement and couuter eeller, No. 239 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. Wnki The two story brick house, No 73 Gold street, one door from Spruce st , formerly owuen by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The rcuis will be moderate. Apn'y to MR. DELAPLAINE, 68 Wall .treei, m6 lm*r in < Ificc No. 9, cor. #f Water sr. b ro LET?In Dean stmt, near Nini'h slree , U-nok. f lyu, the splendid three story hou<e, finished iu the best |")H ?"k ? - grunil attached. Also, coach house, stables. (kc. A variety of the most choice grare vines. Also, several truit trerla, with a w?!l and pump of eicel'ent bring waier on the premises This property is well calculated f or the accommodation of a respectable family, le whom it will be lei for one year or more on accommodating terms, bv applyi PC tn JOSEPH McMURRAY, mS r 100 Pme street. tTOlK r?From 1st May oes,, two modem two itory Houses, in Grand street, neir Wcoster. Also, the Store No. 89 Canal at., now occupied as a chair store, d be made into two very convenient ato-es Apply to JOHN THOMPSON f 19-* Imrc 60 Grand or 27 Wposter ata. Jwrif TO LET?The two three storv brlcS Dwelling Homes, Nos. 33 anil 3J Krout atreet. Brooklyn, pot three jLtLminu'es walk from the ferry, well Aui?h-d in every part icular. Inquire of JOHN BENSON, 37 Front st. Biooklvn, or m!7 3t*r ?'i Water street, N Y. two itory briew house, No. II Third it. with attic, haseJ '< 'f nt and cellar, and mirble mantlei throughout For further pi'ticnlars inquire at 4794< Pearl ?t 1M" lm* ImJi OFVlCtS TO LKT?TiT tore No Ca South street. I Apply to JOSKPH McMUKHAY, J.' im? MM Pine ltreet. I llec tlO LfcT OR L&A8K.?The 3 itory bnrk dw. Iling, withs'oie aitaihed, i oruer of Broome aud Wooitrr ?ts ; the abofe ii a good lituatlou or a grocer, aud Would be lened, at a low rent. Inquire of J. J. AUSTIN. 10 gcuth it., up stairs, ?r ml* 6t*r J 8HR ADY, 157 Kldr dge it. iO MANUFACTURERS AND <?THEK8?To lease or for sale on favorable terms, or for richaoge for a tarm near this ciry, the two fire story buildings, 201 auu all] Cherry street, near Pike. The buildings are very strong, and have deep dry cellars. Apply ai 140 Nassau, 2d story. m'i tl*r TflE UND'iRSIONKD cga-n offer for sale a large flr!? t>ort<ru of their Heal F.stai- in the city of Brooklyn. Circumstances over which they could exercise no conlr?l, prevented the sale advertised to be had ou the 15th December last. The Instate has beeu finally divided and each'party in interest Will s,elTsepar*telv. The uudersiguca intend to build a number of buildings on the remaining part of ihelr property outing the cusnins summer and will wiih purchisers lor unifoimity, against nuisances, sc. , All the Lots in the vicinity of the Etst river, and on the Heights, "re of great value. Tne Homestead" comprises ii-w.\rds of BOS lot* in the Seventh Ward, in the centre of and now becoming tne m >at importan' in the city. This ?ale will be positive, on the day? to be advertised shortly, *?d will commence on or about the 26th day ol Apiil lint. _ Kali "hitraeti ofihe Titles, with nceess to original searches, will be fnrniaoed to euch purchaser for a small amount. M.iiw are now exhibited at the Merchant'* Exchange, and at the office of the auctioneers, Wilkins St Rollina, sun William Uomont. Parties wishing to purchase, are invited to visit .he premises; and for further information are refeire.1 to the subscribers at their residence. 1 < Columbia it, Bronk yn, cr to Maxwell & >>agher, Eaqrm., No. 1 Maaaau at; Chariea A. Griffin, fcsq, 88 Merchants' Exchange, or to Clarence D. Sackelt, Esq., No. 12 Pine street. Bhookltw, March Uth, 1841. MARIA JACKSON, CORNELIA A JACKSON: HAMILTON H. JACKtaON, WILLIAM PETERS, m)?3trod?ec CHRISTIANA A PETERS. MEOH ?ALK?One ol my Oyster Eslablishmeii'i, with fixtures complete. No. 5 Broad ttr'et.or 243 Broadwis. Either of tnese locations are as good as the city can p.oduce. Auy person wishing tn commence business may n?ai' themselves of an opportunity that seldom presents itself I have kept the one in Brosd s're. t for twenty yean, and the one in Broadway since May last, which is new, and is fitted up in a style not to he surpassed for neatness and comlort by auy >n lhi? city. Tne depth ia IP2 feet, and is divided into three apartments? 1st. the bar and Oyster sfaud room. 21, room, b <xes carpeted and tarnished with tables and chairs which makes it more comf'rtable, and are inure pre'eiable than the bench aesis which are rummouly it use. I hr?e box room* are nu each aid-with a hall through the centre that looks into a !ai(e lib tirgealoon ba> k, which lehoth "irv and light, c*r| rted, with arm chaii* and other furniture. Alio a large and commodious kitchen, with good light and oihc ailvanlagea, ai d haa large, advantageous and convenient vanlta. My Broad atreel eetabliahment la aowell known, a deacriptio of ii woald be neediest mHlwrc THOMAS DOWNING. a FOR SALIC?A deswable country reaidencr at Hempstead Village. Long laland; a large well built Houae, ine ttage atyle, with darns, Sheds, lie.,and tea acrea of lirst rate land, in lading a Garden well atocaed with shrubbery, fruit tree*, kc.. in a high etate of cultivation; it ia local* d on Fnltnn atreet, lets than a half a mile of ilic New York and Long laland Railroad, which haa a commnuic'tion with thi - city acveral timet a day, and at a rate of tare r ry much reduced from former prices, making it a moat deairahle real. enc? for a i-eraon retiring from the city, or one who may with to do bnsineta in the cirv. A |iortn n of the m n?y can remain on moitgage, and the balance can be paid in dry goods or groceries at market prices. For further i vtienlart, apply to JOHN K VOOHHIES, Book Sture, No H Na sail at. N. Y., or JOHN J..MARSHALL. Po.tmas'rr, in9 3w Maniaroneck, West, heater o.,N,Y. FOR SALIC OR KXCHANOK FOR PROPERTY JK55iN THE CITY OF NEW YORK-A va uable Farm jAkd'about Ml acrca in Sonridale, Weat (theater County, two miles helowVVhite Plaru and twenty-five rom New York on the mi ii,i road leading 10 and from aani placet. On the preinnea ia a at>aciona donble twi> ats-rv dwelling houae. with a kitchen attacneu; a tmrw, carriage and not lionaea, all iu fine order; 2 bearing apple orchards. mostly gr .fted frnit, |<eaeh, cherry and pear treea, a good well of water and cittern holding <n hogaheadsof water; about twelee acrca of wood land. The whole far.-n well fenced and moatly with atone wall and ia 5Mil repair. The Bum River crovaes the rear, along which it- railroad rnna, now i irlv completed, to White Platna. Pgiaona deairoua of teeing the pre iaca >vill find it one of the m itt dea.rnblc places in Weat Cheater County. Enquire of J. J. TRAVIS, on the prcmiaea, or D. BRUSH, F.SQ. mJr No 92 Fnlton it. , Ff)K Sale CU EXchanOe. for .'duelive real JPyWpc' petty in New York or Brooklyn, a valuable fa-m of a wia h? .ictus, on the head of Litlle Neck Hav. Town of FiUsimm, Li ng Island, 12 inilta Irotn New York. On said larm a neat two story hone- with folding d.iora, ki cheu, and well room aiuehen, coa> h, milk. armYehnua-, St,-.; also, a large double f rmhooee, barn, ahedt, cribe. fcc., in good order, abiiudancu of fon, wild fowl, and oilier game; said farm u in gaod hean, well louevd. may to work, and nenr a; etaget pass daily to and fiom New Tork; few faimi offer ao many IiiiducrvneiiTB 10 gentlemen y\ leisure. Apply to Jaimw T. Van Zsudt, corner of Myrtle srenar and Goto t'Met, Brooklyn, or to K. K. Van Bourcu, on the prennBfn. . m!6 lw*rc ?-gto KAUAI A'l AUCTION-?Will fe ottered at puohc (' ? tare* late of William Conk, (lectsird, iu ^Ihiiovrr. Morris County, N. J., containing 120 acres suiuWydititled in rs'a^ow, psii?T? and plungli land, with a Urge supply of wood aud timber, a c uteinent dwel.iug house, two barns, aod other out houses. Will t,f offereu tog'(her or in parts, t( ihr house of Vr m. MeFarUn in Whi pany, on Friday, the 14 th of March, instant, at ? o clo. k. P. M. Conditions will be Hfcerel, and attendance at rhe time of sale by the subscribers. 8ILAH TUTTLK. CALVIN HOWKLL. m10t2? *r Kse? utois ol said Deceased. "UNlTbD 8TATLS HOTEL OF PHILADELA LL tratellers whe hate passed the d%ya and nights of their A. KMonrmn Philadelphia at this fin* establishment, speak in termnof unqualified praise of its actoDimodations, iu table and management. The arrange me n*4i of the house are admirably yatrin.lic, aud there are .nbauutial e -inloru to be fond in ihu Ho'el that will be appreciated by in wt person^, ?och at a clean,i|uiat, ?o?l w.ll-lnrm.heil home, a wtlraopplied rrad nig room, and a ho.l whoa* conatatit r fforU ore ill ectert to render this a highly agreahle retort lor fetpecttble traTeller'. Mr Hen, hi hi. polite,in.I i(T.i)l? Hep..riineul, and hi. nun mtlt.'d iierto nl attention (o the lablet. i nd the g.ueral cotnlortof hit Rnettt, wmi fator from nil who frequent hit hiutr, J'hi te who in rhe morning prefer t* indulge in the "twett rettoter ha'my ileep,** instead of attending to ihe breakfast r.iinninna, find at tne hour which ?mta their own convenience, a table net for their eipeei ll line, wuh tereitl -aiTantt in attendance to consult thnir withet, aud hare any dtlicacv which tlic tome affords, prepared withcelenty lor iheir gratification. The dinner in terveiniin light, airy, and aparioui (lining r''oni, ovrrlooking t strdcu. aud it a iepa.1 that wtnilil do credit to any Hotel in the country. The attnglioB of thit lionae ia decidedly the In at ill rh.ladtl I hi t. ll' nig on Cheanut at, opntiaite tlir Bank of United k Writhe eery centre offashiou and buitue.a of the city. mil I in - r | AM KB "i SofFEri iil friurr New kork, hat al ' wayton htti'l tu.d offrrt lortile by w.ioleaalt tat retail, &t the lowa?t market pric-a, ?i7. H-rman Silver of different thlckneuet, a very tn|>eriOi article ; Hhret llrast ; PIlte'l d"i I nonert' Br to ; Pail Kan and Rivett j Umbrella, Pnratol and 8ha le Fn niture.' Which ho warrant! in ijtialily e<iual to tuy in the United Rta'et, and of hit own mannf tctnrt. Hold, Hflret, and all of metal, rolltd at the'shorteat nottfe. mil lm-r E ~ N E NE && SOUNlJm,UT. /~\WEN PRESCOTT, Pilot for Nrw Bedford, Nantucket Shoals, Boa'ou, Portsmouth, Portlaud, Keutiebeck, and other ports. Office at Krye ?t Shaw'n Nautical Store, 222 Water.eorosr Beekman atrert, N. V.?Vice eerma Adams' El pre??, Boston, three daya before wanted. Charge the game aa from (Jay Head. m4 liar SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR ISI3. M M.M. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PA3SAGE OFFICE. No. *1 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland by the regnlar line of pickets, sailing on the lat, 7tk, 13th, 19ihand 25th of each month. Tbo old Black Bali line of packets are aa follows:? Ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, " CAMBRIDGE. CapUiu Baistow, " COLUM BUS, Captain Cole, " EUROPE, Cantaiu Kurber, " SOUTH AmERIC\, Capuin Bailey, " NORTH AMERICA. Captain Lowber, wane, " OXFORD, Captain Rath bone. The Commercial Line is composed of torty superior, fast sailing ships, all commanded by men of great experience. First class ships will also be despatched Irom Liverpool to Boston, New Orteaus and Mobile, three times per month; to Baltimore, Charleston and Savannah, twice a month, to the differ eut ports in Butish North America weekly. I he sfThscriber, in making known his arrangements fer the year 1M1, begs to call the attention of those persons residing in the United States and Canada, wno wish to send lor their friends to come from K.mtiand, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, that they can always be accommodated by tne line of packet ships sailing as above; and in order to give more facility and qnick despatch to ; the emigrant, lirst class well-known American ships, compris- , ing the Commercial Line will, iu addition to the packets, he J despatched by his Liverpool agents, every three or four Jays j daring the seasou, thereby avoiding any detention. Those sending for their Iriends may rest MMfM that every ihing con nectcd with liis business will be executed with his usual promptness. With these arrangements the subscriber hopes to command a preference for this line, and a continuation of rlie pnblie patronage which Ins been so liberally bestowed lor many years past; and in all cases when parties decline comiug the mouey is refunded, as enstomary; a free passage can also be secured by steamboats from the different porta iu Ireland and Scotland to Liverpool. Heinittauces and Drafts?With regard to liis arrangements for the payment of his drafts, they are such as to warrant every satisfaction, and are paid at all the banking house* on demand, throughout Great Biitain and Ireland. Those persons, therefore, throughout ihe United State, who with to remit money te their trieuds residing in auy part of the United Kingdom, will ple'sc notice Oil the receipt of the amount here, with name and address of the ;wrty to receive it, a dralt for the amount at he rate of t.'i per rwnnd sterling, will be forwarded per steam ships 1 or by first packet ship, and a receipt or duplicate of same retamed through the post office For further particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HERDMAN, SI South street, or J. (It W. RUBINhON, Ooree Piaixas, and Neptune sr Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. In Scotland?Messrs Daniel Wright it Co., Olaagow. In Irelaud?Diuuis Drlanv, Kk|., Dublin; Messrs. Joseph Allen Si Co., Belfast; Mr. Win. Cairns. Londonderry; A. Mur. ray. Esq , Cork. d23c If SKI hf^^^^he Ulltlrrule 1111,i!:r it ships will be regularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the 1st of each inouih daring the year, thus? Frem N?w York. Marseilles. MINERVA, Capt Brown, N-?v 1. Jau i H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER, CaptDugau, Jan 1. Marl TKE8COTT, Capt Lavvrcrea, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt A claim, Marl. Mayl COIUOLANUS, Cap llaile, Apl 1. Jun I They are all copi>erea and copper fastened,and have uscellem accommodations for pauenxt'r?The price of cabin passage will he $106, exclnsiv* o' wines and liquors. Ooorli addressed to BOYD k HINCKEN, the a gents. wUI be forwarded free of other barges paan theae actually paid. For Irtiyht or passage apply to O. BROOM St CO.. or to o?r BOYD It HINCKEN. Axenu. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. II.aVI.nG co mulct- d extensive ana important arrangements for bringing out passengers fiom the old country, the subscribers Can w llh confluence it.form thoae who may wish to settle for friends to emigrate the prrsrnt season (1843) that they will find it their interest t > mike the necessary airangrmeuta with this ji je; being the oldest or longest established out of this port, it is well known that that the arrangem-uts are comp'ete?the ships of the first class s tiling weekly, and the accominndatinns fitted np expressly foi the comfort and convenience of passengers. Should those settled for decline coming our the passage money will, as usual, be refunded to the party from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamer from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can he secured il desired. Apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office. 273 Pearl St., Or to C. GRIM8HAW St.CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts on London, Literpool, tlie National Bank of Ireland, Northern Co. nd National Uaux ol Scotland, at snrht. anil for stir amount Annlv itthnv- -s.0 imS, NEW JERSEY n/ilLKUAU AND TRAASPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AN1) NEWARK. Fare red need to 85 cents. From the loot of Cenrtlaadt street, New York. (Every day? Snadar MUtepted.) Leave* New York Leave* Newark At A. M. At 1 P. M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. M. UK do. do. k do. 1H do. tX do <t do. i do. 7 do. U It do. ON SUNDAYS. From the loot ol Ourtlaodt afreet. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. aod iK P. M. At IK P. M. and lfl P. M. NEW YORK. KLI/.ABETH TOWN, Leave New York. Leave Elisabeth Yowa. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P.M. tK A.M. Z\ " A. M. <X P. M. l>i M. 1 P.,V. 9X ,f The tram* for WrJtfield, Platnftrld. Botiudhrnok, Som*rvillc, Ac., eiMiUPCt with the 9 A M, 2 and tX F M train* troai New York, daily, Sunday* eicepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cent*. Knre between do and Homerville 75 cents. RKV YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW MRl'NBWICK. Fare reduced. Froiu the Toot of Conrtlandt *treet, daily. Leare New York. Leave New Brunawiek. At A. M. At 5K A. M. ?*> ,% ? ? P.M. On Sundays the 5K and 7R A.M. trip* from New Brumwiek and 2X P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Fare between Naw Yo-V r.nd New Rrnnrwic,, 75 cents. Hahway, 10 cent* The far* in the 5* and 7J)J A. M. trainf mm New Brunswick, and and tit < M. tram from New York, haj been re duced. New Y'ork and New Brunswick, to 50 centi. " and Rahwav te J7K " Pa*?eut:er? who procure their ticket* At the ueket office, re eeire a ferry ticket grati*. Ticket* are eeceiyed by the cod i doctor only oil the day when purchased. fl I jm ? PUL.LEN & COPP, 3 Wall street. KX Ul Mrun Hartideu k Co. hariug diepneed of their route (roni New York to Albany and Ttoy, the ?nh*crihera, the old conductor* of Harnden k Co'e Northern Eipre**, from New York, will eoutume to run aa heretofore, leaving New York, AlhanT and Tray, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacob*' Montreal Express. and will forward Specie, Bank Note*, Package*. Buudle*,Cas?? of ttood*. kc., to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada'*. A!*c K.a*t, from Troy and Albany to Bo*ton,aud We?t from Albany to Buffalo. All baiineu entntated to (heir charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of note*, draft*, acceptance*, kc., and prompt retnrus made for the same, PULLEN k COPP. Offleeu? Pulleu k Corp. 3 Wall atreet. New York Tho*. Uongh, 13 Exchange, Albany. A (J. Yilktna, 23> Kieer *treet, Troy. 8. Jacob'* Exchange Conrt, 8t Pant ?t, Montreal. UEKEHENCES. Niw Yorr. At-narry. Trot. Prime, Ward !k King, K. J. Hnmplirey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, k Co., Tho*. Dough. P.Weil*, John T. Smith, k t 8 K. Stow. I'epoon k Hoffman, C. S. Donglaa*. Carpenter k Varmilye, K. Leakr Honghton k Co. Drew, Robin?on fc Co. nM WINTER AHBANOfcMKN'l. N K. L l N E DIRECT. Via Newark. fM*.w RrnaiwirW Prine^Lnn. Trenton. Rnrdefe town and ftnriington. THRWUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York,from the foot of Cottrtlandt street,daily. at 9 A M aud 4}( P M. . The morning L.ine proceeds to Berdentown, frem thence by fteunooat to rnilnrtelphia. Tlie Kveuiug Line proceeds direct te Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of car* Passengers will proenre their tickets at the office foot ot Canrrlaudt etrert, where a eemm.idums stenmbotl will be in readiaeaee, with burease crates on hoard. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from eitytocitv, without being opened by the way. Each train ia provided with a L ultra Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the Ladies nae. Hataniai, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad froin Camden, al 9 o'fl-H'k A M.acd i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 8 A M, being a emnMtDM of the lines from New York, dlt tm'r MORRIS AND ESSEXRAIL ROAD, New Arrtiige..ienc?'I'lus fL^J "."ng li^^^uTat great expense with Iht most approved sod heaviest II rsil, to secure a s tir nod expeditions conveyance between New Ymk and Morrivtown.Wlll commyucr rnuuing two trips daily, Snndays excepted. on and after Monday, Jan.>?. Kirsl Train from Moiriitown wilt leave nl7K A M. Second Train from Mom slow n will leave at l\P M. Kirst Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at "Second Traiu Irom New York win leave at 2\ P M?NewArk at 3){ P M. Pasniugem by the Morning Train from Morriatown will arrive at Newark in time foi die 9 A M Train to New York, or the morning Train to 1'hd rpelphia; by the Afternoon Prsin they will arrive at N- '.*?rk in time lor the IH P M 1 raiu to New York or the Evening Train to Philadelpl ia. Paasengers by the Morning 1 iai i from Naw \ ork will airtve at Mornstown in time to dine end take any <>l Ihc Htagcs rnn aing woet or aonh from that place J* Im'so IJ M M i-t-L -11- -JSMW W TO W YORK, MONDAY MC BRITISH AND NORTH AMKRJCAN ROkAL MAIL STKAM 'iHII'S. Of IWIton and 446 horae power each. Under contract with the Lorda of the-Admiralty. HlBKllNIA, C. H. K. Judhiu*, Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. do CALK DON IA, K. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryne do COLUMBIA, K. C. Miller, R N do vVill tail IVora Liverpool and lioitoa, v,a Halifax. aa fnllowa I from Livaarooi.. from iioitow. Acadia, Kyrir, Feb a Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Hewiti, Ap'l 4 May 1 H;brrnia. Judkiux, A(.'I 19 May 16 The accommodatinua lor pntengers are aupenor. I'lie voxels are ace inpained by experienced aunteona, nnd amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boau. 1'insane ll-ducrd t? >120. No Berths serum! mil it naiil for For further information. apply to D BRIUHAM. JR.,at HAHNDEN It CO'8, No. J Wall-st. j30c TAir REMITTANCES TO {IK ELAND, he., he ? w^JWTlie subscriber continues to transmit money, in umi drMiilfclarge or small, to persons residing in any part of Irelaud, ill the ume mauuet n ho, ami his predecessor in bustuni, have done for the last thirty yean, and more; alio, to any pari of England or Scotland. Money remitted bv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, Of "ertOHally deposited with hini, with the name of the |iersou or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to be lent, and nearest port town, will be immediately transmitted and imtd accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. In like rummer money with or claims on persona in any |*rtol Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the stibicrioer, for persona residing in any part of the United Stoles, or Canada, and will be loud ro them accordingly. mU lm"r (IF.OitrlE MrBHIOE lr H91 edar ?f A**- OL D EST A B LIS11E D KMKTRANT FAS SkKXVySAOE OFFIt'F.,61 South street, New York?KegMtlMsiihr Line of Packets?Tim subscriber continues to bimn out persons from any part of (Ireat Britain and Ireland, who may be engaged oy tlieir friends here, hy the regular'in* of packet ships, ssiling every si* days 'mm Liverpool. Persons seudiug lor their friends, raav rely that just caru will l>e taken In haielhein despatched without delay in Liverpool.sod w II alwiys endeavor 10 merit a of (he public patronage which has Iwen so liberally bestowed for many years pant; and tlune remitting money can iiave drafts payable at all the Banks and hr inches iriruughoui the United Kiugdom. Kor further particulars, apply [if bv letter, post paid] lo ii.r JOHN IIKROMAN. Si Smith ?t. aJCT- A LL THE REGULAR f ACRE 1 S-Steam shins. wJHNfte steam boats, and ether passenger vessels, carrying JHUkAfie "ig "braucis' Patent Lile Boats," have the word " I al? ui" plainly stamped or painted ou the st-'e f IS-ifr ?Ajj- FOR LONDON?1 acker n' 2oth March?The sir rjMMfW prnor ami w-ll kuown packet ship ttENDKIK MMBfaHUDSON, Moore, master, will sail as above, her regular oa.. Ian handsomely accommodate a few inore cabin,second c ibin aim steerage passengers, if early ap liratiou is unite ou board the ship or to JOllN HEROSlAN,61 South st. N B ? Passage from London or Liverpool, caa at all times be engaged by the regular packets, and draf s furnish d f >r any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom, by applying ss above. im8 ^KOK LONDON?Regular Packet of tlm 20th of fVTvjTNA V " "'i' "? ? nt ...? n.'|r-iiui iisi aamiiK paCKVl BI1H' afiififc, tl b. N D H KK HUDSON, Capt. Morgan, will nil at atiov* ner regular day. Having very superior accommodations for rabiu, ircond cabin, and steerage passengers; peisuus wishing to embark ihuuld make early application. JOSEPH McMURHAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South atreet. Persons wishing to send lor their friends, can have them brought out by the above sh'p or any of the regular packets, by apply tug as above, 'fby I iter, PO-1-lMld. mil PASSAGE KOH CON LION?1 at ket 20th Vlarch WtTjrV?The spl?ndi.i f??t sailiug packet slop HK> D it I ( K jKttahBiHODSON. Captain Muoie, v.ill sail positively as aluive, iter regular day. Haviug splendid accoinmodations for cabin, second cabin and Steerage passeuiters, for passage early application should be inads on board or to VV. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip cvr South St. Persies desirous of sending for their friends can have tern brought out in the above lavorite ship, or any of the regular line ou reasonable terms, aud it oie wishing to renijt money can have drafts for any amount, payable on demand, in all the principal towns of Ureat Britain. inllr fajhw- KOH LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Ueguini Packet ol 2JtP March.?The Splendid Packet ship wwSnSfaROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, of 1100 tons, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, haviug accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on boarJ, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South street.u Price of passage, 1100. racket Ship Siildons, Captain K. B Cobb, of into toui. will succeed the Roscius, and sail the 25th of April,hat regular day. Letters for the ships of this line will outy be received at .GilpiD's slid Hale's News Room. Passengers may rely on the ships nithis line sailing puncta?lly as advertised. mtc xdjg- NKW LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETS-Packat kofSMPV-IStli March?The splendid, well knows, fast sailing JkMuftsw. ticket ship KOSCIUS, Captain Collins, will sail positively as above.her regular day. The shipsof this line are nil 1000 tuns burthen and upwards' and it is well kuowu that iheir accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are superior to any other line 01 packets. Kor passage, early application should be made oil board foot Bnrliu. Slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 41 Peck Slip cor South St. The Rotcius will sail from Liverpool on 13 li Mav, affording to pcisons wishing to send for their friends a lavorubla opportunity of having thrm hroucht eat iu her, or any of the regular line on favorable terms; anil those desirous of remitting money cau have drafrs for any amount, payable on demand without discount, in all the principal towns of Great Britain nil Ireland. Apply as above. The Liverpool will succeed the Roscins and sail on the 16'h April. mlflr sd*- THE NEW LINE KOR LIVERPOOL-ReguKTffW lar Pic'n" 16th Apiil. The uen aplendid packet JHHGkBfaphip LIVERPOOL, John Eldrtdge Master, 1150 tons, will sail as above, oii her r- gtilar day. Kor freight or passage, elegant and uusurraased sccoininodktions, Apply to the m<sier on board, wett side Bailing Slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, m")ec 67 South street. i la- KRKIOHT KOR PENsACOLA. KA7~-The WTjki bulk of about 500 hbls will be shipped on or about the JSMwn?.IVth issr ... I? ?.. I..... I .. .k.. O. -l l- M VM isu/deiiv ered at the Nary Yar<i, Peusacola. Ai ply to HOBT. C. WETMoRE, Nary Agent, ml' A7 Wster arret Ajfir WASTED TO CHaRTER?For the season, vry^Vthr?p vessels, to carry nine wood froin ihr Jainrs Hi JHllfat-r, Virginia, to the North. Apply, lifiarrn llaud 2 u'cl. ck, to T. P. KIR K WOOD, mlfifit'r 17 Dorr's Binld.iiiia. H-norerst. Adiitt- M)K LIVERPOOL ? Regular iwrliei with mip'tch.?The v*ry superior, fast sailing packet alup %uJbbVIl<UINIA, (.iiptam. Allen, will sail as abort, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin .second cabiu and steerage passengers, persona wishing to embark should mika early application, on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOBEPH MeMUHRAY, 100 Pine St., cor. Sooth. Pr S.?The above will be succeeded by the Packet ship Roscius, Capt Collins, to sail "U 'lie <t5th Maich. Pvrsons wi-hipg to send for their friends residing in 'he old country, can have them bronght ont by the above ship*, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter, post pud mil r &SK- fr'011 LIVERPOOL?Old Black Ball Line of VMKjfVP'ckeU.?The legnlar, new p'eket ship MONTEJSfikBbZUMA. Captain A. O. Lowber, upwards of 1000 tons liurilien, will he despatched .,ti Monday, 2l>lh March, her regular day. This elr pant sh,p offers a most desirable convey anoe tor cabin, second cabin, and steerage tiasseugnra. Tlmae wishing to secure berths, will begin to make roll application on board, or to JOHN HERDMAN, t!i South, uear Wall slre't. N". B?rassage frpti England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, can as usual be secured, by any ol the packer shi|>a sailing | weekly fioin Liverpool, and drifts for ?uy amount c u be In,- | liislied payab'e at the National and Provincial Bank of Ireland an i their branches, bvsi'esin all the principal towns throughout England, Ir* land, in,I IcotUiiil ,,n app'iraiion as above intllr EOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND WWNEW YORK I.INK?Positively Kirst Regnlar jVUHkuPacket?To sail at 2 P. M. th'S day. i he laat satliug pacUet snip LOUISA, Captain Leavett, will receive Ireiglit natil 2 P M., and positively sail as anove, i her regular day. Kor Irrighi or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharl, fool ol Wall st. or to E. K COLLINS Si CO. f<A South ft. Shippers will please send in their hills of lading this day. Passengers will please be on hoard at Orleans wh rf, foot of Wall street thu n fining, (20th inst.) at three o'clock, at which time the ship will aail. nnippeis niayre'r u|a>o n.ving their goods correctly measured, and thai the slips of this line will sail punctually as advertised. Any guaiautee to that effect will be given ami fol'illeJ that may he reijuirtil. Age ute in V Orleans, llnlliu At Woodruff, wno will prompts j It forward all goods to their address The par-ket ship Lnuisville, Captain M. Hunt, will succeeJ I *le Loiliaa "lid ? >! 'tit 2h'll March. her ram I*' daw. inlgr ?>&& KOR MARSKILLKS?Pacbel lat April?The ahip wHMfVCOKIOLANUB, Capt Hnit. Apply to tf-* lr i 8 DHOOM k CO. or to BOYD fc HINCKKN, mM 9 Tontine Buililinft. ~~~~~ STATKN ISLAND KKH.KY Knot of Whitehell atreet On mil after Dee. 3d, the ateamer 8TA1 KN ISLANDKfl. will run ? follow*, until further notice LKAVE STATIN ISLAND. NKW YORK. 114 a.m. 9 a.m. Id II ir. m. 1* r. m. dS r J .^3 A(A ' HANliE OF star UNO PLACfe? CW ?jJ* New Arrangeineut to Albany mi.I, via 3t^BaK?HnnHtotiic Railroad?The at'amer Mutual S..'rtt will cummeare running for freight and paaaeuger* daily ttii* moinnig at 7 o'clock, lioin foot "I Liheity at, near CoartI IU'I , North Rivaf, to PfMMPbft Leave for New York at 2 o'clock, P. M., or on ihe arrival of ihr cart from Albany. Thia boil la the only one ruuinng 111 connection with the Railroad for Hither information apply at the office, foot Liberty at. New York. ni2r PAPER. BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty atrcel, have lor ule the follow iim? I 0 ream* newa printing 33 by 50 20J " " 32 by 4? 250 " " " 31 by 46 500 " " " 26 by 37 300 " " " 21 by 42 251 " " " 24 by 36 350 22 by 32 51)6 " " " |2I by 31 A 1*0, book paper, 19 by 24, 24 by 76, and 21 by 34. Tliey li.ive alao large aaitorlinent ol writing niidlvi rapping paper, of different aura and i|ualltira, which they offer at the I,uveal market pneea. ni9ee N_Oill'L IO UK.ALh.MS AND . ONNOISSilfKH IN MADK.IKA WIMLS-VVKLLINU I ON A. CAKTKK, t'ommiaaion and Wine .Merchant, No. 5 New aireet. New York, Sole Agent in th' L uiled Sta1 at lor the celebrated Souielino Madnara Winca, otfera for ?ale, at moderate pn ea and 111 ijinntit ea to pie 11' b.u eri.hia enliie Mock nf|hat brand.

110 hall pip?' and aiuillrr c.nka. (ufder i.iuiom Home lock ) t he Somelmo wiura are f om the Month Side; they have a high and peculiarly rich fla'oi, the vintagea a'e Irom llll o 1634.and he ngjuatly ce ebrated lu Europe, the IL?at a..<l t'niird ntalei. Another opportunity naiy notorenriu many ye tit to obtain old wine* at rare l>w pneea. w 4. fAHTIh aiUi.l iim dm paihlie and hi* Irirnda a canliautnon of Htm ffirH' iigaavt. aa ban winaa and Injnnra in wpod and glnH.nawaiwcya nalneandnaan Iba baat iamarkat. M far RK H IRNING, MARCH 20, 184 THE NEW MIRROR, T7VEWY Number Embellished with au Original and *" -Es quisite Design ou Steel. Edited by (Jeorge r. Morris. II lustrsted by J. (I. Chapman,who iieiiyajinl eicluiivelT for the work. Terms?$1 |?r ,uii"in?Single numbers, l!& cents. in I he course ol a frw weeks, the pndr'SigurJ Wl II commence, on hi* own at-count, the piibl'cation of a new ??rie? of th? Vrw York Mirror, in the octiro firm, on au entirely noyel ?ud original plan, with a ?teel engraving in every number, and at the reduced price of three dollars per annum, or itaeda quarter ce is per copy. The New Mirror will appear with mauy atrik'Pg and atiractive featurea, distinguishing it from every o her periodical. I' will lie published with new type, on fiue paper, and each number will routaiii a beautiful original engraving on signed and etched by I liarmaa, illost atiug trie letter-press which it rcomiiauira, anil which it w'll invest with pecttlinr internal. Besides the e ut'ibutinua o( a.I our estensive corps of correspondent?which einhracei most of the talent of this country? we hare made arrangements for fresh and early translations from some of the best writers of Krance. and for proof sheets from several ol the papular authors of England. With such materials, anil won aticli able fellow-labourers In the literary ? neyard, we hop? to present to the American reader a weekly journal of (r?nt value ami uniiiual eirelleuce. The parade of mere names, will be a> oidrd. The Mirror will he remarkable, we hour, rather for itnod artlclei without uamea, than for poor articles with distinguished names. It will cmbrace iu its scope every department of eleitant literature, comprising tales of romance, sketches of society and inantier*, seuti rncnt, and etery-il%y llle, ptuiianl essays, il mestic and foreign cnrrespoudi-nc*, literary intelligence, wit aud humor, faahiou and gos-ip, taretrv. the fine arrs, and liteiay,musical aud drama tic crilrcisin-. Its reviews of new wo'ks will b. careful, discriminating, aril non otial It will aim to foster a literature suited to the taste and d sires ol the ai{e and conulry. Its tendency is ill be cheerlul and euliveninit aa well at improving. It will seek to (ratify every refined taste, but never to offend the most I istidious; ?i,d || will ever eel na duty to be, to "turn the sunny stile of things to human eyes " The work will Ire published every Saturday, in unmben of sixteen large octavo super-royal paves, with double columns, and enclosed iu a lira' ornamental cover. If will form, at the vtul of th> year, two sup-rh volumes, each of four hundred aud sixteen pact's, filled tsith the Reins of litvratnre and the Hue arts. The very low pric> at which it will he issued, renders it the < hea|iest periodical in this or any other country, considering the cost and beauty of its Kifty-Twn klngravinvs. and the In triusic value of its literary contents. Tho>e desirous of receivimt the |i?|>er from the commencement, will have it punctually sent 'o their ad'lriss upon then forwaruiug to the undersigned, at No. 4 Ann street, three dollars,free of expeuse Letters, enclosing the amount of subscription, may be franked br ail postmak rs. Agents, cariiers, and uewsmeu, will be supjnied on the usual terms. ILTThs Cash System will be rigidly adhered to, witlront any deviation whatever. Huch Kdttors as copy the above will oblige me by forward Iuk a marlte I paperaud by retiimuiK tin- nchauxe, which was interrupted, much to iny reur-t. by etrcumstaue?* over whicit 1 had uo coutrol. UEOKUK P. MOKK18, Editor aud Proprietor, ml 3wi?*r No. 4 Amd street, near brnadway. 1 MrOKTANT TO OLD COUNTKYMEN.-MKHKK8 H AHNDEN Si I.O will draw at their Express and ForeiKD Letter Office, No 3 Wall alreel. small bills of eschanite Irum ?2 to ?100, in mini to suit, payable at sight, Id' the acrommoilatioa of persona wishing to remit to their friauda iu England, Ireland, or Scotland. The letter hags lor the Koynl Mail Steamer* forlaie r< eol are also mode up at their office. For further information apply to HARNDEN fc CO., 3 Wslls'.re e Arrant* in London?MACLEAN, MAHIII8 k CO. ' Liverpool?WILMER k SMITH ? HATS. srRINO FASHION NOW HEADY.?The *ubA* i' aciiber respeetfullv inform* hi* friend*, customer*, and the tinblic in lltMlli. tliat they can purchase at his store a handsome Short Nap S'lk Hat, a neat and durable dies* hat, at the low price of 82 50. Also, elegant Moleskin Silk Hats rt 83; Rue Nutria Fur H its at 83 5b?equal in appearance, aud hut little inferior, to those ceo*rally sold at 81 50. Alto, a general assortment of oat?. of the newest patterns. WILLIAM BANTA, mfj ltn*r 130 Chatham street. ~ JOHN M. DAVIKS & JONLS, 106 VVILLIAM STREET, COKNEK OF JOHN, LI AVE just received from recent importations, and of their i own minutacture, a very superior assortment ol Spring floods, consisting <>l every thing neat, tarty ami fashionable in the gentlemen's furnishing line, which added to their former Hock, comprises an assortment of goods rarely if ever before Ioniitl in our store, among which are:? CAPS?In every variety, for gentlemen, youth and children. CRAVATS?Of plain and figured satin, gro grains,cambricks, Ike. SCARP'S?Of vestinr tatin, broche. GLOVES?Of kid, silk, brown and chene linen, lisle, spun i'h, Ike, HOSIER Y?Of cotton, merino, wool span silk, Ac, UNDER GARMENTS?Of Uhakcr knit merino, woolen, ilk, cotton, Ike. LINEN COLLARS?Plain aud Byron, of all qualities and shant-a. SHIRTS?oriinen.ninslin. French cambric, plain and with ruin-s, Ike SUSI'EN D ERS?Of gum elastic, sf\k, col ton, Sic. OILED SILKS?Of white aud fancy colors, warranted not t? adlieie iu anv climate The above c?inpiisei only part of their assortment, aud purchasers will consult tlo ir own interest bv etamining this splendid assortment I fgoods before puu'lrasiiig. WHOLP:*Al.E AND RETAIL, at their old established Cap, Sioek, Linen aud Oiled Silk Manufactory. NO. 106 WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OP" JOHN m3 3rn"m DR. GREGORY. E has long been accustomed to prescribe lor a certain class 11 of patients who, for p rticular reasons, may require the best of treatment p ivnuly?the Doctor has enjoyed ea'ended opportuuiti s of rri'ically ii,v?ungating and stud ing the vanem morbid conditiona of the living tissues constituting the claat of mala lies alluded to, and by this means h ? obtained the " praeticil" u well as the " methodical" knowledge oi this branch of hit roleasion. The true pathological sym toms of thesr disorders presents the same infinite v.niety iu detail, as we liud variety of form and leature in regard to rhe human countenance ; ihi- bring the cue how anconsistent then are the assertions ?! those who proclaim one remedy capible of ennug all diseases. This theory is false if applied to diseases iu general, and it it still inure so, it is wicked when applied loarertain To cure disease successfully the symptoms must be inquired iuto and carefully investigated so as to distinguish bt-lween cause and effect?di-ease it a tame ami symptoms are tsrffcts ?we often meet pat'ents who complain ol torn* r maining symptoms alterf as they >uptH>-e'l)the d'sease wat cured. Ou iu quiring into the hn'orv and progress of these esse* it frequently turns out that they have all tho while been doctoring for symptoms and totally disregarding the cause whi thought to h ive been the first to attack. YVhrr- a cure has n o been obtained within a reasonable time be assured ihere is a reason or cause that requires special attention. This cause iniy -list pnmaiilv or by continuity?the virus may he subdued and not estitnraished?'t inay be owing to some defect in ih- treatment or peihaps a peculiarity of c institute n, or it may be some hlddr n m< rtud consecutive condition that has heretofore be?n overlooked or misunderstood Per bans it the truth were to he ascertained medicine alone would never effect a cure. This latter remark will especially apply 10 cases ol stricture. On til s subject the reader is referred to th- treatise on private maladie-, written by Or G egory ; the price is .10 cents?fur sal- at' he drug at res. Not. 79 and Ion Fnlt m S'reet, st 61 B iwrry, co ner Walk-r street, and lfB B >wery, corner Spring street ; a- Or. White's, coiner ol 8nff Ik and uelancey streets, aud by the auihor, at his nrivate res deuce, II Barclay street, near Brualwav. He is at home, aud may be consulted privately at any hour of the da) orevening. IT/" II Barclay st. near Broadway. Persons at a distance, by sending SI. post paid, will receive the b wU by the n-*t mail, which ?hall also ne postage paid Dr. Gregory is the proprietor of th# " American Medicimertum," a very celebrated aud speedy enre for the pilis? Price Si. Me irated Vaner Baths administered at all hours. m l tra'ec LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS. IITHOI.K9AI.K AND KKTAIL, No. I WaU street. Th '* subscriber has received and offers for sale a large assortment of uniorted India Rubber Water Proof floods, viz: Coats and Capes, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lima, Laroa Persian aud Cotlo-., prepared for t Mors. India Knl>h?< '.vehhttifs for susi>eudrrs, ci'irti, ke. ?a?tm*t C|IA?. A3RAHAM9QN. MIIS. l^KlloLLH Medicated Vai?>ur Uaihs, n Courtlimit itrret.?Coldi, tore throat, I am bag rheumatism, freer and agne, erysipelas, scarlet feeer, file, fit-., etfrctnally cured tit a free days. The prevalent fear of catching cold detets many fr<>m using the vapour bath, whereas if properly admiuistered, it gives .1 stimulus to th< shin winch enables it to resist cold, and persons who take them become inured to the change froin heat to cold, and bid <h fiance to our variable climate. Open from 6 o'clock in the morning till 9 o'clock at night. Portable Baths sent to any part of tne city or Biooklyu. B tilling Tubs and Hip Batha for hire. miatt r dkal havana sk.gaks.?The lovers ol a geuuiue TV llsraui Si gar wnu'd do well to cull at 1 0 Broadway, under t e Cafe Tortoni, between Ltserty and Cedar streets, at which place they caa find the largest assortment ia the city of the named luury. Call and be si'istied. mtAlin'ec a NOL I EMKYBR. ~~ CERTAIN CURE EOR ALL DEAFNESS. Vf OVS. MAI.LAN-SOUND MAUNIKIKR9?INVI9I dvl BLK VOICE CUMBUCTOKh.?To enable persons instantly, at an advanced age, and of forty and fifty years standing, of 1 itreme deafness, and of those who are only slightly dull of hearing. In join 111 general conversation and to catrh the sound ol a (list nit low speaker at a politic assembly. They are the sue of a sery small gold seven shllliut piece, and when in trie cavity of the ears they are not iu the least percsptlDle, nor more uncomfortable than hat log a small piece of line wool iu its place. And although they are so extremely small, \ et they euable those afflicted wuli extreme deafness to hear, in every respect, ci|ual to those of most accurate hearing. To be had ol Mous Mnllau V ami, Surgeon Dentists, sole agents lor the patentee, No. 972 Broadway, neat to the Union Club. X he above invention has been in use fn Knrope lor some years and is strongly recommended, being oue ol the greatest discoveries ol the age. Persons, Hon-rvsideuts in New York city, 011 the 'remittance off 10, can h?7? a pair forwarded hy post to any parts m'4 im*'c YOU CAN BE CURED. V' K9, isy- ihe deepest research, long study, and untiring persevetauce 1 lies has heeu discovered a specific?a cointu, apon riev. r oeiore attempted oy .my oue, comp uru ol u?*nutfr?li mil poiaraatni; power* fir surpassing anyihiug hitherto employed, or that the imagination Ins ever conceived it possible to employ, in the treatment of Oouoirhma, Gleets, weakness. aud diseases iteurrally of the uiellua, in male or lemale. No matter how long standing, complicated or dangerotia the cue may he, it will yield speedily and naturally to the pleasant and certain curative powers of this new remedy. Many iieryona with g'alilu.a have acknowledged that nothing annuo their experience can njaal thia new an auuin, " Xhoin at a Specific 1' lla." Thtae Than is'a Specific Pilla are notunpleasant to the tvte or tpaassaliug 10 the a omach, aud neither up t, regimen or aba tine nee froin buameaa la tequir.d to aid thi m in eipelliug disrate Irom meaya ein So confident ia tlie proprietor of the anrpaaaing efficacy of thia remedy 'hat he chaljeii tea the whole medical mlent in the woiId 10 produce any lliiiig eijual to it, and canfidrntly maur a all aufTeri ra that if they Will make but oue trial of Thomaa'a Specific I'llla, they will funl speedy and aale relief let theircaae be ever ao complicated mi l severe. Tin I' purely Vegruable, aad actaa \ diuretic andaatnu gent, alao aa po areitul purifiers of the avalrin, aud hy siibs.Uuttag n alinj i .1 diseased lotion in ihe inn paita aiferted, toon restore Hie patient to the full and happy enjoyment o: all hia health and rigor aa in the pnatine daya of unblemished youth and innocence. Price $1 per hog. A genu? "Sard IN k ultoo atreet, 77 East 3roadway, comar Market; J7J Broad way, corner Chamber atreet (Urinite Builduiga.) mil im'r UATaNi' SUk.Arni.NU lAi'EK?ao balea ofa ear) a a perior aiuele, ail' h appioeed of ahd wall adapted fonbot toma of ihipa, rwofa of houaea, tie., for aale by R. k. COLLINS k CO , afr v knijih atr*w I AKU? it h?r*ela prime Onto Lard lor aale by Li t. K. COLLINS k CO., Mm M toattmini, run A L ITCT N A CORDIAL; ELIXIR* OF" LOVE I If oLDKif TtMtc, among the iewt. That. man a second wife might ehnote? Whoie lirsf, by Fate's unkindly domn, No c ildrrti bun* to trtrai hit liomr. Afflicted thut, the Koman matron Proved to Luc in*, ihr midwife's patron; fcgvpti in wires, in ttich a critu, Called to th?i r anl the Pririti ot la is; And r?<-n now, the meek Htt-doo? Wartn at her clime, and tender too? If eiiildlrtt i we I v ? monies troin her bridal Kliet weeping to her ?eut?leit Idol, And with raited handt, iu aeceau wild. Petitions Brama'i for a child ; Kor w?ll the kuowt. Love shuns to bleu The If in <00 bed of barrenness. So much for lore in day't by-gone. Arid lavage ciiilomi in our own; Put My, cvfo now, Joes Lure's cQtnmaainri Blest in iiur land, a sterile union I No! oft'tiirfes coniugnl felicity, l? thus disturbed?ay, e'rn in this city. they try The iiwmiii, ,-n crease and multiply," With "Lore'i K.liiir" for her friend, The childless wife * repining! end. But not the prorreiveire power Alone, it thia E'iiir's dower. Cnnsamption'sills it will present? With rigor clothe the impoteul; Bnpnreii agleet whate'er itt date, And all l|le ? functioui 'emirate. Eruptions fr"m the akio it chite*. Au<l brings osolt hrauiy and the giacos: 'Tie womnn's trait?ami ne'er deceirei her; Kroin K'nor Alba* it relieve! Iter; And each disease, (with proper care, too,) Her fair ad fragile form 11 heir to. Theie are hut troths; who calli th m fiction Hhall have atern proof in contradiction. Letter*?all forms of attestation? Krpm the > avails nf every nation, With grateful umsivra from allijuartcn,Penned by Disea-rand Quackery'? maityn; Th'om n li who lay. witti lliuteing breath, Altnoat within the iawj of Death. Now in ilieu nightly prayert re;>eat Tin .lit to Lite's frieud, in Nassau street, And sometimes name the verv number? "Ninety two N'ssau"?even in their slumber; Ot, dream ug ofDiaeave's ordeal, Cry out tor t"e "Lacna Cordial " I'ersoes ordering this medicille Irom the country, by srnding a remittance, ran have it boxed no and sent to any part of the Union. Price SI |wr hotlle, or S24 per dnxen. m7 lst*ir C.NULI8M HCHOOL. HAVANA, INLAND OK CUBA. (It a HI KM 111 I MM li' WA'I'k'KI.ANII PRINCIPAL. THIS Academy mm* established two years ago. under the patronage ol -.tie former (ntendem General of ton Island, Jini other oisluiguisned individuals of the Mobility iod merchants of tr>ii city It i* encducted on the plan of the German ''gymnasia;" mi<l too inetiioe ol tmtiou ii tho "interrogative." All the scholars understand me English language, and mauy of them speak it hlMllUT ?uil hueaily The Principal has tin esprrieuce of schools ill France, Uer many, England, and the United Stctei. Hit chief aim ia tn Sive the youth evtruite-l to hia rare a practical Ituowledge of mar hranchea of a polite education, which are required in all ictive careen, and are applicable to any. The coane of study, therefore, comprehends the English French. German and Spanish languages; History, Gcogra ,ihtes N itnrul Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, cud Drawingsot varioui hinds. rrufrssors of div*rs nations and acquirements reside in the establishment; and all the elcssei receive, ill rotation, instruction from the director. Such signal succeas lias attended thia plan of tniiiou, that s? yeral cflhe pupils, nn.ler twelve yrars of cees, write and sp< all two foreign languages, in a i*rf?ctly intelligible manner, and those of riperyears, correctly and easily. The acquisition, not only of the Bpanith, but also of othe languages, is thus rlaced within th-leach of the youth of the L riled c'-\tes, without its being necessary for them to relinquish the mauy advantages winch accrue Irom an English education The object of the Principal in desiring to receive ypUths Irom the UbHM Slates, is to facilitate the acquirement ol the English accent for his Spanish pnpils, which servics would be doubly repaid 'hem by by the latter, and to introduce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The youiu, citizens of the United States ran have nothing to fear from the climate, the houie being spacious and airy, situated in a healthful spot, at a short distance from the city; and containing withiuits limits, a fine bath and complete gymnasium for the preservation of the pupils' health. Two youths, lately arrired from Germany, have passed the summer in the scnool in perfect health. As the principal is a married man, and his wile and sister hare ha've of the icuiurdeportment: children ere received a sut intrant or infancy. Every pupfl enjoys Ills religions opinions undisturbed T Re terms are ?400 per annum, payable three months saute. There an- no estraa except clothes and books. Ueferencea-MKSSRg. CHAS. DRAKE St BROTHERS ALEXANDER MORALES, ESQ.. nl) Havana TOOLS?TOOLS?TOOLS. ALBERTSON'S, Conger's, Hortou'sand Gilford's warranted ( .' -.t Steel Coo. ers. '"arpentcrs and Ship Car petit-is Edge Too s.ean he had at wliolr?-,le and retail,of OSSGUN it LITTLE, 11 v niton so act. Now odt, (U Pot cent allowed to in-irh.viits) and who keep en hand a lull assortment of f'oopsrs' Tools, I'on Rivets, Truss Hoops, Slave Jointers, Stock Hcwclls asid Crazes. Also, ('maulers .-inl Gcm-mI Dealers in English, German and An,! re in Hard wart, tcl.r v, ."Nails, ate. m 0HARLJC8 OS BORN, f It:?.,! ~c* f 11A It 1. K S 3. UTT1.K. M A /{TIN'S CASH TAILORING i. :-J TABLISHMENT. 164 - illiMtH Street, Corntr of ,4nn Slrtet, jS decided! r the cheapest in the city. There if always fon I band a sri' ".stock of seasonable goods, purchased for eash, * inch will b midr up to order ill the style or make, fit, trim rung, fen., id . nas given such general fitiifaetion ilarin* the last ioui ycarr.uul ac a positive saving at Hi per cent. (" are reiinested to call and examine. Those who fa fulfil t'i'rir i eg goods, can nave tnem MA UK AND THIMMKD. Jr*" U.jju, made and trimmed, - it at W $1 it rrock Ousts, do do ao to 9 it rant* and Vests, 173 to J CO OverConca, 00 to II ft 117" Terms-Cash oadelivtry. ivlstm MICHACL A. MAKT1M rvo NOT DKSPAIK.?AM who liavr been to uulortuuateaa I o-f to contract a critmn private i'ifraar, and liave become wrsry with unceasing effoits to restore themselves to health and hap iness, but had met with buter ditap|iointmeut in every medicine that i rouiited the desired effect, can now take coursrc and look lorward w th confidence to a jierfeci and speedy restoration ol all their energies. Ur. Thomas' Specific Tills have never yet failed to ore the most a* avatrd and i rotracted esses of (lonoirhoea. tileet.or Stricture, mid they will certain' h cure a rec, ut COM of a mild kind in thirty-sii h tttn. These pills aie e pially beneficial for either set, mild and certain in their eff. cts, irinoviui: like a charm all the iterm of disease from the system.and leaving the ceustuuti >n ill all tne strength and \ Igor of unblemished youth. I'rice$l per box. Agents at 77 Kali Broadway, 79 and 100 Pulton St., and 273 Boadway, Comer C sinb issh n,g 2w*r PLUMHE'S DAUUEKK IAIN UAL.L.C.ltlta, OPi 1 1 0 BROADWAY, comer of Murray ?t., N.Y.; TS L l"w Court aud 123 Washington aL Boston; 173 Chesnut it. (opposite the Bute Housr) Philadelphia, ami Broadway, Saratoga Spring*. constituting the olden and m at extensive e* tabluhmeut oi the kind iu the world, and containing nearly a thouiand pictures. Admittance free. PLUMBE'S Patent Colored f holographs taken every day, by a process confined eiclnsively la the above establishment, and secured by letters patent, dated Oct. 22, 124V Plumbe's Patent Daguerreotype Apparatus and instructions for the production of coloied likruesses, anil Plumlie's Patent Electro Gilding Api>aratu*, and instructions for gilding and pitting metallic articles of every description, supplied to order. Talent Gilding and Silvering done to order in * style never efore seen in ."New York. HT7" l'r"tni" "Petition to ail pust paid Istten ' I lm*ec MKTALLIC RAZOR STROP WITH KOUK SlDLS, invented by U. SAUNDKK8, lor keeping liar ore always in order?it produces a smooth and thin edge to a taior in a tenth part nl the time required on a none, without using oil or water No other artte'e of the kind h s ever hern so nut lersallv kuown and ate prorrd of, havn.f been h>r the last twenty five yean tu coin taut use in ueatly all the cutlery esUbitshmeu s tit Knrope. anil there acknowledged to have no equal. In New York, where it was invented, it received lirsl premiums at the American Institute every tune it was presented for competition, and gr tduilly ( willful the aid of putTum,) eslablishi d a rep i tat urn in ail parts ol America, el bring tlie only Kasor Strop that will kei p rar.ots in perfect order Certificates are u the possession of the invrutor from ths most tcteutilic gentlemen of both countries, ?|wakiug loguly of the ir superiority. Wheu taking into consideration that those gentlemen have no mlrrest in the sale of .he article, and give thrir testimony without solicitation, speaks volumes in its favor. It is the only Strop that has hern deemed worthy oi imitation and counterfeiting. The great number of those alone would stamp it as being the climax ol |ierfrction. That it may be mote sttisfactory to tee public, the uames of hose gentlemen who have given certificates as to the merits oi the Strop are here pubhsnrd?Grueral James Tallm.idge, Presi! dent ol the Aiuerir u Institute; Ptol. John Grtscom, Dr. Vaentitle Molt, and Mr. Vltllikeii, cutler to the Koyal Navy, JOI Strand. .Manufactory IU J Bros.lwav , ~.i w Y r k mt Irn'r W( >RAM vV HEATHER, No. ,*i77 BHOAP WAY, urn ULSTER ERS. W Ik H. rcs;?rrffully infirm the?r irieufl* fh# j t?hlir, | " 111 t a tend t t e aim r hMimn in ni i'i and in ike up carets in the uetiest end best it> le on mo Jeraic ti run Ksmnafrs and contracts given at the shortest not'ce. N. U ? All kiuds of old work attended to with punctuality Bil lm*r OTICK It) I)KB I'OK8.?The iate firm ofJOHN K DELAPLAI.NE St CO of the city of New York, merchants, to close thr various delot, bonds, notes, judgments, lie. due them, will gladly receive lull |>aym?nt, and in in my cases compromise lor much less than actually dae, and they invite their debtors kindly to aiteud to this notice, as many may not desire publicity; as it is their intention to dispose at public the Merchants' Esrhange.of all debts, kc not HIlM by .inymeut or compromise previous to the lirst day of Mav u< it. A list of those that do not settle will be published, but as fir as convenient, notice will be sent to ihe gentli men debtors Apply to JOHN K. DKLAPLAINK, ** Wallst. New York, lllli March, HM3. inU Isi'k ONLY OIVE IT A KAIK TrtlAL-We ask no more ot any one than lo give Ur. Jayne's Kipectorant a lair trial, ind if it does not care (lie various diseases for which it is iccomineiided, sooner and more effectually than any other medicine 'delhas ever been offered to the public, the proprietor is wil11nit to nude-go any |*.noliy, however severe, th- pnblie may ser proper to impose upcu hnn. It has, it will, and it ran care conihs, colds, tstnma, hrouchitis, hle?ding Irom the Inuits 01 tnroat, whooping cough, eroop.and a very Urge mapirity 01 the 1. 1 >t hopeless cases ol consumption, win 11 physicians au l then nreacriptiens fail to do en* good. Agun we say liy u. It will oot harm you but must and will do von good. It is pre|>ared only by l)r. 1) JA YNE.No. M riuutli Third street,Philadelphia,ami \o HOJ Brosdway, New York. I'nce 91 |>er bottle. HI Im'i DL. > AH.^M, its Water street. New I org, tnrer ot every species of Hydraulic apparatus. Kire Engines, of tvery sue, for cities, villages, factories, plantations, kc. Harden Engines, Fire Itooks, Kire Rackets and Kire Caps, llemp Hose, Leather Hose.ol any size repaired. Paction ill we, Cupling Screws, ke. Lift auu hmce l amps, u> lift and force water any distance, from 10 to SoO gallons a minntr. Wind Mills, Horse Powers, Water Wheels, ke., for work UK pumps. whip and Steamboat Pumps for lilliun boilsis, ke., to be used n eSM n lire. Air Pumps for racnnm or eond-nsatioa, of any reqmrsd ass Lead aud Irou Pipe. Brass Cor ks, ke. Cast Iron Knuataios, of various figures sud devices. N. 0 ? The pumps if my manufacture are double MMS| crest strength, ?nd very simple in their construction, being par I ocularly well circulated R>r the Southern and West Inon I uarkets d3l dm* re I 1 DLEAI HlNti PtiTTCfp.He?ISO casks, now lauolig from I H ship Roscius, aud for sale br .. , ., , ftfsu PBK?n k BBOOKB. II LibuitrfkL M LD. w* two c??u. City 1 ntelllgencr, To Bedford, White Plains, Ate ?The travellin?r public are referred to the advertisement of Messrs. Deforest and Lewis, in another column ? These Rentlemen have now completed their excellent line ofstages through Westchester county, and deserve the support of the public, whose businesu may call them on the above route. Marriage of Ann Murphv.?On Saint Patrick's Diy, the 17ih, this girl whose name has been so familiar to the public for months past was married to MitsrAPiiiE Am, a native of Athens, Greece. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Philip Merkle of the German LTniversalisl Church, at his llOLH'* Mi). 22ll Rrnnmp afpppf T'ha* K??oKn?s4 to tliu country about a year sine, and wan soon after transferred to the Tombs on an allegation made by a woman whom he was in the habit of visiting, chirging him with taking a couple of watches from Iwr bed room. He was tried in the Sessions and honor.tbl y acquitted, since which time he has rec-ived the appointment of lamp lighter to the prison, wh-re lie his remained ol his own free will. Ho became acquainted with Ana while she was confined in the prison as a witness, and the result has heeti th? matrimonial engagement referred to. Alt boasts a long line of titled ancestry, and claims the honor ol having served Lord Byron while in Greece, in the capacity of a Hervant. He is about 25 years of age, good looking, intelligent and industrious, and will,without doubt,make this unfortunate girl a good husband. Her sister, Catherine Seabold.we understand, was at the wedding, and after the rites were performed, they returned to the house of her husband in Pitt street, where their friends were ready to receive them, and fun and frolic followed till 'twas time to close the scene. Finn ?Last night about nine o'clock, a fire broke out in the pianoforte manufactory of Carr and Holdredge, in Spring street, near Wooster, which was entirely destroyed. A Black Man KiLlkd.?On Wednesday night. while a party ol colored persons were engaged in fitting ui> with the wile of a colored man named Joshua Toogood, in 22d street, a black man named Cornelius Jackson, who was among the party, endeavored to go into an adjoining room, the door of which was locked. Toogood objected, when Jackson broke the lock, and was about entering, when the former again endeavored to prevent him. Jackson turned and knocked him down and kicked him several times in the abdomen with great severity. He was confined to the house from the effects of the uijories, but called in no physician to prescribe. On Saturday, his situation became more seriaus, and yesterday he died. The Coroner was called in, and a post mortem examination resulted in a verdict of death from injuries received by kicks upon the abdomen Irom Cornelius Jackson. Fire.?The alarm of fire yesterday afternoon was caused by the burning of the cellar of the dry goods store of Justin D. Miller, in Chatham square, opposite James street. But little damage was done. Common Council.?Both Boards meet this afternoon at five o'clock. Relations with Mexico. To Jamks Gordon Bennett? Sir You are no douht aware, that on the 3d inst. ?L? _?* .L- TT_:._.I ?3. .. H 1 . III.- ljciihic 1>I uir- u ii11rii 01 llirM rHllM'"U H treary DCtween our Government and that of Mexico, by winch provision is made lor the payment, by Mexico, of the awards made in favor ot our citizens by the late Commission, acting undpr the Convention of the llth April, 1839, whose labors i eased on the 25th ol Feb 1842. (lis well known that the unfortunate claimants have been subjected to great inconvenience and loss, by the unaccountable delay in coming to a conclusion respecting the payment of their miserable awards; and slill their sufferings are lo be protracted and augmented by the inexplicable apathy shown by those at the head ot the Governtnent who are empowered to tinieh and conclude the aflairs. The treaty lately ratified by the Senate, stipulated that the ratification shall be exchanged at Washington before the 30th of April, proximo. Of course, were the exchange concluded, publicity would be given to the treaty,and this would operate a material amelioration in the value of the certificate or ecript held by the claimant, which, until now, a great many have been form d to sacrifice, by their necessities, and the lardy action of Government in their lltdlHlf Ml ll'MU ftll.ll iinc.niur iT rl fh^ir i.ulnu U..? even this one HCt of justice is denied these miserable sufferers who, first despoiled by a foreign power, then deprived of the greater part of their just dura by a most arbitrary and maleonducted Star Chamfier, called Board of Commisinnera. And now, at ihe eleventh hour,left to pine in misery, are obliged to sacrifice for a mere song, their curtailed and hardearned awards. "Why is this bo, sir! Let me tell you what rumor answers. It 18 whispered that a certain Diplomatist, conscious, that at some time or other, steps would be taken by our Government to bring the one that he represents to a settlement of its debts towards our citizens, has been busily euip'oying agents to buy up, at the lowest rate possible, these certificates, or Mexican scrip, as they are called. And that, even now, he has absented himself from the seat of Government to defer the exchange of this last Treaty, by which means he is enabled to carry on his nefarious trafic at the expense of the unfortunate holders of scrip Is this worthy the Representative of any nation! Should such conduct be tolerated?nay, abetted by our Government! Sir, these who are entrusted with the management of these tilings answer, by speedily making known to the claimants and the public, through the immediate exchange and publication of the long expected treaty, that they at least are not inclined to second and aid in glutting avarice, at the cost of the substance and even lives of their fellow countrymen. 1 have no interest in other matters, other than a desire to make known, and a wish to alleviate ihn misfortunes of those who are entitled, by their long protracted Bufferings, to the sympathy and protection oi every Honest and upright Amkrican. Fast Days ?The people of Maine,' Maes.ichusetts, and So<v Hampshire, are to " fast and pray" on the 6th proximo. TO AMERICAN TRAVELLERS GOING TO EUROPE WJ. MARKWKLL. rmpcetor of LONO'S HOTEL. New Bndairi.t ,nd Clifford meet; alan, the LONDON EAV.LY HOTEL Albemarle alreet, hn the tw Dor to aei|u lint Etini'ies and tie"tlrmrn li'iting LONDON, lhat ihose Honaea have undergone a tnmi leie revision, wph new aud appropriate Furniture; the Crllaraere (Hied with WINE of suchaclas that ia rarely to he met with, being selections fr< m p"Vtte stocks tti-t hive been lathered lugeiher hv various Noblemen and O-ntl'men who prided themselves on their juilsment ; more man IITOO doani in bottle ia now conireI-ted, beside a rait miantity in wood \V T \1. has also the honor to call the ettention of Merchants oiH O-n'lemrn to Ma Establishment in the City, nailer the managemeift of Ilia Son, THE NORTH AND >?OUTH AMERICAN UOKFEK HOURS., CO''K TAVERN It SUBSCRIPTION ROOM, Via-a-?ia the New Royal Exchange; h- whole ia in the moat impntalit poaition in the City, imrsessin r every information, aa reiarda tne Snbacripti. n Room, imm all par ia of 'lie world, toe proprietor bavins pledged nim elf to procure the earliest intelligsPCe. The charges are on 'he in"st moderate scale conaiatent with the lespectability or the house. The Fnrnitnre la entirely new, the Sleeping department replete wnh com ort , in (act, no establishment in the city can aur.iaaa thia in Pa le eral accom-noda'ion. |r ia a'iniralilv -itaatrd 4* regirda toe Northern, Eaaleiu, aud 8 Eiatem Railwaya. buna out a few minoiea drive trotn their -aroma termini. A Porter ia appointed 10 attend thionuh th? night, for the benefit of thoae arii-ing or depaitiug by the train mi) l* i*i> NKW VORK MEDK \L AND Hl'KGM'AL IN3TI TUTE, No. 75Chamber* atreet, aatabliahed to render to the afflicted aonnd and Mcienriftc medical aid. All kind of dneaaea will be treat" d, and auraical operationa ol a eery deecrip ti n performed ia the most carelnl and scieuiilir mm er. One of the iirel oconliata in the city Will attend to the treatment of all dueaaea of th eye anil cat Pari cult attention n paid to the treatment ol all female complain a V'erv cell lOCtrli baa attend. d the treatment of diaeaaeaof the akin. rat lent* *? ile aire it will be vi.i ed at th ir bouaei. The" whose rneana are limited will only Be required to p'y cinea. Three or four room, arr m -led for J"'"'' no,,. 1 be d n? department ia a t-drd hy an warth*c?'j of < re at eaierie' ce.aid a I our"- rnav he ret td on -a uie and genuine. Cupping and i ech .ug ? ill be done at the -ho,teat notice. Opend^yand etg^ BOgTW|CK att nJinit Phi?ician aud "urgeon, Tj Ch-mh r- -t. kd liou-e west of Broadwar. Thu iiia-itntion i- under the patronage aud commendation of the follow me KD. Y. HIGBEE, HKV. DK. 'V, C. HKOWNLKE. ItKV Ull GEO. POTTS, KKV UK G 3PRINO. KEV. DH. SCHHOKDER mil fwire **c I Af\ SPANISH DTJViTuO.N 8 f r,. - \ ... Llnfl Hank loo ol Eiglanu Notea, Drafta on Ph ladeijihia and II laiou, or -ale at 3 J. 3 V L V KsTbH'i, m'Slwr 23 Wal' afreet a d ,B 8ro dwav. LI A UN DEN k tO '8 EXPRE33 -On and a'ter Thar. Ll day, the l?tn. Hamden k t o. will run ichetr. Etpraaa to histon, via Htonmgton, Daily. * ? ,, mlTJwr HARNDEN It CO. 3 Wall all

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