Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1843 Page 3
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large party, composed of men who see that neither Van Burenism or Clavism has conferred any service upon our country. The past ten years have taught many the lolly of carrying politics to extremes- beyond principles. The r 'action in the minds of the public is in favor of President Tyler Very lew ot the late Congressmen front this State will be refamed A committee appointed to examine the accounts of certain printers and binders to the Legislature, report, that in three sessions tltev had sverdrawn $11,404 51J McKinly & Lescure in a bill amounting only to $.4,165, are reported as having overdrawn #1,214 52J ! All those who are report* d having overdrawn are candidates for State printer ! An honest servant is very desirable. Yesterday, a paper setting lorth that members of the House signing it, cannot any longer put up with the disgraceful conduct which occurs daily on that floor, and that the Speaker must preserve belter order, or they will not set there, was circulated, and signed very generally. It is a strong intimation to Speaker Wright that lie had better resign?that he is net tit lor the station he occupies. It was carried round by an excellent man, and one who had been acting with him on some subjects, which makes it the more bitter- It he has a particle of self respect left, he will resign. To-day it wus presented to nim, as a document for his private consideration. It was signed oy a targe majority 01 memners BThe appointment of Judge Wythe, Collector at liladel-phia, has made Pres'l Tyler many friends Thejudge was a volunteer in several battles last war, behaved very gallantly, and i? highly respected by a very urge circle of acquaintances. Millerism prevails here to a great extent, und was it notgfor the Legislature being in 'esston, we should have a continual Sabbath ; though we are us void of true religion as they were in Sodom. Yours, Spky. From Vera Cruz.?'/era Cruz papers to the 18th ult. have bee a received at New Orleans, via Havana, which state that the coast was visited on the 14th ult by a gale winch destroyed several Mexican coasting vessels, and the American schooner Minerva, from New Orleans. Gen. Menon, the commander ot the Mexican forces at Campeachy, had been removed, and General Martias Pena Barragan appointed in his place. It was reported that the American vessel Samuel Ingham, which sailed from Vera Cruz for Tatnpico on the 14th ult. was wrecked. Tnere were several passengers on hoard, including an equestrian company. Whether they were lost or not is not known. Texas ?Galveston dates to the 4th instant have been received at New Orleans. The President has appointed Wm. H. Dangerlield, Esq., who not long since resigned the office of the Secretary cf the Treasury, to he Charge d'AHhires to the Netherlands; Louiv rousaet to be Consul at Marceilles; and Joshua J. Crooswyck, Consul at Rotterdam, Hon. Pivrce M. Ilutlir, U. S Agent to the Cherokees, has been appointed to attend an Indian Council to be held ut the Waco village on the Brazos, and is authorized to make the United States a party to the treaty proposed to be formed between Texas and the tribe of hostile Indians. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS. Baltimore, March 17?Arr Mary Elizabeth, Applecath, Provitlrn'r; Drear), Bibber, Easlpurt. NoaroLR, Ma ch 15?Arr North Star,Boiton. Chi Itoialthc, Writ In'liea Arr 16*h, Denmark. Mataur.u; Corsair, (Br) Hi H iiio.Ja; Kinilv Knight, NOrleana. Below, jNotiiiareil, Skinn r, Ponc.e Cor Baliim.oe. At Seawrll's Point, Wauktnco, Fall Mirer lor Rallimme, anil a Co ton lo.nled briit belonging to Phdadeh hia, bouinl to New York A briir supposed tlie Wafer Witch, from Porto H ico, and the Quadruple, ( Br) fin Bertnud i, have g me up the bay, bound lo B dlimore Chahi.kston, Mar h 11?Arr Ann Stille, Well", Mohi'e; Sage, Kiib .do; Victori', Crocker, Atrakapas for NYi rlt?in distress having experienced a heavy gale ?f wind on the 6th iuat. latlfli :tfl. Ion 79 during " Inch hut mainsail and firenvil, aud injured the other s.nlv. carr ed awae rigging,was c-mpelled to rut awav part of rail end nlvnclieons to throve over a portion ol rh ck load, caused the rchr to le k badly. In the oflii g, Devrr. aux (Br> from Liverp ol, and ? stjutre rigged vni. li ? Arr 13th, Matador (Brem) Ballaer, Bremen. Sid Echo, (Sw) Akerion. North of Euro e; Tyhi e, Ogdi n, New York; Good Hope, Riley, Newport, III; .Mathilde, (Dan) Claussen, Copetihagen. MavauixaH. M'ich 13?Arr Caroline. (Br) Crawford, Clyde; Ceylon, Crocker, Barjroi; North S'ar, Baker, Bath, Me; January, t'ahi on, Boston Below, a lierm br g, aground inside Tybee Light?supposed to be witboat a pilot. Sid De'aware, Fisher, Boston. Spoken. Camil'a, M.indenil, 9 days henc-for Port Leon, FU. March 1, off Hole in the Wall. THE comet: the comet: ILLVSTRAATKD WITH I t.l VI N r NClltvVINOS. TH" MORNING, u .-shall issue 10m the OFFICE OF THIS PAPER celeb' ited workef M. Aro.o, ihegieat French Astronorai r. entitled THE COMET. Together witih Scientific notices of Comets in general, and in particular the Comet of 183J, to which is added an account o( THE extraordinary comet NOW lll.A7.INn THROl'ftH THE HEAVENS, And the opinion of eminent astronomers oa the INFLUENCE OF COMETS ON THE EARTH. Tuis v.-ill be the moit interesting and scientific, as well as the most complete, work on the subject of comets ever published. Trice 12$ cents?$8 a hundred. ft^THE BOSTON NOTION.?This paper hiving been delayed by the s'orm, is now for sale nt No. 4 Ann street, illustrated with etchings on wood. Contents? I. Continuation of Lady Alice, or the Noble's Daughter, by the author of the Gipsey'? Vengeance. II. Ellisieriiana. by W. T. Moncrief. HI. The Polish Student, by the author of "Latitte," Ac., origi; al. IV. The Signet Seal, original. Illustrations?"Bear Civility," "A bride on a Ride,"' His capital in the Stock, with news of Ihu day, tales, Ac. Also, just received a few copiesol thu "Odd Fellow," a nouvellette by Pro! Ingraham. Ottice, No. 4 Ann street. E. B. TUTTLE, Agent. THE COMET!THE COMET! ILLUSTRATED WITH El.I VI IT SNOStVINCI. MONDAY MORNING, will be published in an Entia New World, the celebrated work o1 M. Arago, the great French Astronomer, written by order of the government, in tit led THE COMET. Scientific notices of Comets in general.nnd in particular the Comet of Ml <o which is added an account of THE EXTRAORDINARY COMET ROW BLAIINU THROUGH THE HEAVTKnS, And which may be seen every fair evening ; and the opinion of eminent astronomers on the INFLUENCE OF COMETS ON THE EARTH. This will be the most intert sting and scientific, as well as lho most complete work on the subject of comets ever published, giving the history of the most celebrated comets which have appeared in ancient and modern times. Trice 12} cents?a hundred. 3t J WINCHESTER, 80 Ann street. EIGHTH WARD To the Editor or the Hehald :? 1 take the liberty of writing you a few lines in relation to the disgraceful meeting of'the Whigs of the Eighth week, to elect Charter Officers, lie , to be supported at the ensuing election. The meeting was principally composed o( non-resident* of the ward, a large jiortion of whom were foreigners. Many of the actual voters ol the ward were prevented irom voting, hy the hired bullies present on the occasion. The writer trusts that the respectable voters of the ward, merchants, mechanics, lie , who are interested in thecity taxation, will be present when this self elected committee make their report. If a " Hurl"?Oizzar.l, or other substance, is to be crammed down their throats, let those who will have to "suffer some," And no fault if they are absent at that meeting. The honest whig electors of the ward should he present tn matte, and, by an expression of virtnous indignation, put dawn this corrupt system oi dicta'l >n. VfNCIT VIRATAS. FOR BALK AT I HIS OFFICE, THE ODD FELLOW, or Thi Sscacv Association ; Also, LAME DAVY'S SOX. With the hmh, ediica'ion and career of Foraoiwo Petsr, By J. H. 1 Vli n AII A St. Both for 13} cents. (Vy CAUSTIC OR THE KNIFE WA9 FORMERLY resorted to in all cases of hurne, scalds, ami woundi, where mortification was apprehended. The necessity ler such sharp practice exisls no longer. The Magical Tain Extractor, from Com?tocfc;7l Maiden lane,is afar m rc efficient preventive of mortitication than cold steel, or nitrate ol silver. The application ol this wonderful compound instantly removes the local pain, and if the wound, scald, bum, or bruise, ha* not injured some vital or Iran, so as to render cure im|x>a*ihle, it will in a very Short space of time restore the part affected to a aound and healthy state, without le.vingsny cicatrix behind. This preparation is also a certni" remedy tor inflamed eyas, ranoi rous aores, ule.ers, broken breast, sore nipples, and nil abrasion* an I eruptions of the skin. Its successes a cure for piles is unpnralleb d, and the vouchers for its on rative properties are from the mo*t respectable and en. lightened sources. QQ~ NO QUARTER! NO QUARTER! I? OIVF.N to worms Ivy Kolmstock's Vermifuge. It expels them Iremthe intestines vi et armi*, and hy sweeping away the mucus in which they are engendered, effect* a radical and permanent cure. Kolmslock's venniliige contains no mercury or other mineral substance, and children of the most tender age may take it with perfect safety. (H/- THE ARISTOCRACY OF NATURE?That is men of science and intelligence have endorsed Peteis' Vegetable Pills and Medicated Lozenges as the only reliable remedies for the several diseases,to the cure of which they are adapted Tliu Pills and Catharic Lozanges, act upon the fluid* which compose Ihe blood, mi l thus pui go the vital sin .ini ol all impurities at it* source. In all pul monary complaints, where Ihe lnnga urn not absolutely covered with tubercles, Peters' Cough Lozenges speedily restore the organs of respiration to a healthy state.? Peters' Worm Lozenges extirpate worms, thoroughly clc in*' the intestine*, and give t?ne to the d p tlve appnraui.j and Peters'Vegetable Plm'er, in rmiui l rhatimsti; a, weaki ' a* of tb" n i ill ir *v ?eti "llnse! the htick, breast, or loins I ' ' i- i lel'HIhl", tVh<"h';r?h' p * < . mad hy ihe "Nohilitv or F, , but \.? know that ! the) are pitioni-i u nv II. in,in .n y ol Number*. Prim cipal office PIS Fulton, corner ol Nassau at | PUBLIBHED An<t for Male st the HERALD OFFICE, A Natitk Romanck hutitlid AMARANTHA, or Thk Dark Et? d 0"?:t by H. N. Wild Full of the most startling adventures and romantic incidents. founded on tacts. The woik is printed in pamphlet lorm, and ILLUSTRATED WITH SPLENDID WOOD CUTS. Price 12$ cents single Copy?a hundred, KJ- UNCLE SAM LITERARY, NOT POLITICAL ?There has been published in Boston lor some months, a smart, spruce, neat little sheet with the ti'le of Uncle Sam. 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M> At Boston there were $5000 sales of Massachusetts 5 per cent stock, payable in 1867, coupons attachod, offered at auction, and $1000 sold at 94 cash, aid the balance withdrawn. New York 5 per cents, redeemable 195:?, are selling at 9J, interest off, tqual to 93J, before the shutting. A bill has passed the Legislature of Illinois authorizing the repayment to Stebbins and McAlister $330,000, borrowed of them in the summer of 1941, by Gen. Whitesides, on the hypothecation of $900 000 Illinois 0 per cent bonds. That transaction was briefly as follows :? The new Illinois commissioner, on arriving in this city found a state of things existing lietwcen the former commissioner and Nevins & Townsend, who were the former agents, that caused him to make a transfer of the business from their hands as speedily as possible. They accordingly placed the agency with Stebbins and McAlister. That house then, in order to enable the commissioner to meet the July interest, loaned him *333,000 for *ix month', on pledge of $934,000 State 6 per cent bond*, created for that purpose, and redeemable in 1805. This Ioju win at the rate ef 40 cen'.a on the dollar, und the market price of the bonds at that time was 55 per cent. The homo then immediately turned round,pledged these bonds, in various amounts, with different brokers and banks, in order to raise the money. There appears to have been no special agreement for this; but the commissioner could not have supposed that the house could, from their own resources, lend $330,000 at the legal rate, when money was worth 14 per cent, and probably, if the State had been able to pay the loan when it came round, the question would nover have been rai&od. The loan (ell due, however, and the State could not pay. In the mean time, the price of the I onds fell to 20 percent, leaving the lenders short $163,000. Accordingly, Stebbins and McAlistcr were unable to meet their engagements, and the instalments were not paid to the State ns agreed upon. Gen. Whitesides immediately enjoined all the bonds pledged by Stcbbins and McAlistar, claiming them as the propertyof the State of Illinois. The com. missioner then calh d a meeting of the bondholders, pleading the non-linhili y o!' the state or the bonds in conse misinrit of fhi? ruin 1 ulfilmfiit of thi? nriorinnl rontr.irt in regard to payments anil ultimate arrangements, and pro. posing to return the bond*, and receive from them an ovidencc of debt for the money actually received by the State to be divided among them pro rata, when the State wa? able to pay. This was declined, hut is substantially what the new loan now proposes, viz: that Stebbins and McAlister ihall return all the hypothecated bonds, and receive certificates for the amount actually loaned the State, pay able in instalments alter IS44. The benefit of this law is not so apparent. The bonds were nearly all pledged to difierunt parties, from whom they cannot be reeovrrcd without an outlay of money for several years, greater than will ultimately be received from the State. The Mechanics' Banking Association is an instance ? That institution loaned $41,600 to Tracy 8c Gould, on pledge of $40,000 of the bonds, heing at the rate ol 40 cents on the dollar As the bonds fvll in value, they were required to Increase the deposits, and it is now, we believe, $40,000. These bonds were enjoined, ami the bank then released Tracy 8c Mould, and took Stebbins' guarantee. These bonds of lStlfi are selling from 3 to 4 per cent It ss than the other bonds of the State. The law was psssed by one vote, under the vigorous lobbying exertions oftlie interested parties. Anew Legislature will meet before the instalments are payable, nnd the plea of forfeiture for non fulfilment may bo yet enforced. It is Htaton that the Canal Bank of New Orleans has not gone into liquidation. It has been long settling its outstanding affairs in order to bring its business into small compss'. It recently sold the arcade,on which it held a mortgage ol $124,Hud,for $1 J.I (Kid?has disclmrged most of itscleike.and is gradually paying up the assistance which it received lart fall from its stockholders in this quarter, who, believing it to be in sound condition, propose to go on with its liHsim I as scon as itean be done advanlageoua y After sit years of unin'rrrnptert prosperity, under the lou ra'es ol the compromise t >t iST, th" manufacturers at the K ' ate discovi rie lb V, destroying the buslneaa ofiV e . ii m is,if ,i '.i.j i. 1 .i high tnnfr,they havo out thru own throats. Th>' property of the Brunswick Manufacturing (.'ompany, including the mill*, water ]>ower, and dwelling house*, which originally coit f 190/ 000, was sold at auction at Boston on Friday,by Whitwell, Heaver k Co , for *33,400?lo*? to some peraon* $160,000. The auction sales of Lowell goods in Bolton during the week, ho* been at rate* so low that many of them were taken hack to Lowell to bu resold. The leason i* obvious, i duding foreign goods, prevent* purchases ot surplus products; the surplus remaining on the market, sinks the money value of the whole production so low as to leave no money in consumers hands to buy domestic good*. Of States which continue to pay their de'ts, Ohio stands the lowest on the list. The prices are comparative, ly us follows;? Population. Whole drht. Pricts. U. S ?' s. 6 per cents, 25,eon <100 106 New Y?ik 6 " 2,OR,991 25,300,000 103 K* ntucky 6 " 779,828 3,980 000 85V 6 " 1,519,467 16,743,885 70V NYPnte 5 93l4 " GitV S " 92 Mas?acha's 5 " 94 The Ohio debt is nbout the same per head as that af New York,and although she has never failed to discharge her interest, yet she has never actually paid it because a largo deficiency is always to be borrowed. Her position is very similar to that of Pennsylvania, because she is in the hands ot a clii/ue of brokers, who are driving her to j destruction,precisely ?* the United States Dank did Pennsylvania In 1839, when the U. H. Bank was staggering to its fall Pennsylvania created $6,00(1,000 worth of stocks, to forward her public works, which were constantly pushed under the sarre cry that is now heard in Ohio,viz: that when completed they will yield a revenue to extricate the State from debt. Of the $6,000,000 created in that year by Pennsylvania $5,000,000 ore bow in pledge for the debts of the United States Bank in London. The stocks were issued at her instigation, under the favorite cry of her emissaries. The debt of Pennsylvania is near $40,000,000, all spent for public works, which are a bill of expense instead of revenue. In Ohio, a class of men, connected in Wall street, are pursuing precisely the some J course as did tho United States Bank in Philadelphia.? Mr Byington, in the Ohio House, characterised these men as follows:? In defiance of all the precautions rdopted by the last General Assemhly, the public debt of the State has augmented, in the last year, upwards of two millions of del. lars?and this too, at n shave of about forty cents upon the dollar! Your Fund Commissioners, with that arrant political knave and financial quack, Alfred Kelley at ] their head, have laid their lawless ?rasp upon every ! fund?sacred or unrestricted? appropriated or unnppro j priated?which was within the range of their pilfering ) hands?have subjected your bonds to poblic sale by ven due, amid the derision of Shylocks, until there is not a ; Jew in the world who will advance you a dollar u)>on j them?have exhausted all tho means of the nast, seized | upon all of the present, and anticipated more than can be j extorted from the future. I This Mr. Kellev, is ho who wrote letters in the Journal of Commerce, a few weeks since, putting the State stock. The public works of Ohio have cost upwanls at $14,000,000, and their financial position is as follows, according to the report of the Board of Public Works :? Ohio Public Works. TolIi in Kirprwtrj Cost. 1812. andpay'ts. Ohio Canal, 4 695,103 387,112 13R 217 .Mi urn, ) , 58,460 23 5M " Extension, S 3'4,086 1? 672 Mushinsnm Improve'!, 1,581659 15 3a5 26,368 Hocking Canal, 940.359 3,712 21.131 Wabash and Erie, 2,714.373 5,1166 5,110 Walhonding, 600,727 610 14,221 Total, $13,676 071 $475 531 348.310 Western revenue, 216,093 6 82 1 6,727 National Road, 32.339 31 705 Total, $13,922,167 1611,(91 386.732 la'crest, 877,000 NeStlol's, 127,962 Here is an undoubted deficit of $749,038, between the nett proceeds of the public works, and the interest on their construction during the past year , and yet the people, whose business it is to borrow for that State, say gravely that the only deficiency arises from " the tolls falling below the estimate of the commissioner." Ho may put any estimate he please-; upon his tolls. They, the estimates, will not pay debts. It will be observed, that not one of the works ever paid the interest on its construction. The Ohio Canal is the best, and the deficiency between its nett tolls and interest, is over $30,000. The Board of Public Works make the following estimate for the year 1943 Aggregat- lolls and water rents, $600 000 expenses, 200,000 Nett receipts, _ _ 400.000 Amount of interest paid in 1812, 931,840 Interests on $2,000,060 of new stock, 120,000 1.054.810 Deficit, $654,910 . u.i ...IUI ???. nu,? in I , uc i aiactl 11 u111 llll* pvupiC "V IUXation, for no good purpose whatever, merely to afford some dozi n individuals good pickings out of the negotiations of stocks. It requires un increase of $366,445, over the canal tax of last year. The following is a table of the taxable property and taxes, omitting fractions, paid in Ohio for two years :? 1841. 1842. Taxable proper! ie?, 112,037,8(1 128,357,637 Stat- hmo Canal tax, 562,993 642,'53 County mil school tax, 557.9t0 592,019 Road III, 168 623 150,066 Towpshin and poor, 16'.083 191,5'4 Corporation, Sic., 130.493 181,300 Physicians St lawyers, 4.889 6.008 School hou?e tax, 17,207 10 935 Delinquencies, 146.603 113,495 Total, 1,749 840 1,890,405 Canal tax increase for 1843, 356,415 Total, 2,216 015 Add Canal tolls and waler rents as above, 600,010 $2,816,845 This is a pretty round sum for *393,600 agricultural families to pay per annum, when pork is one cent per lb. and flour $3,60. It is equal to ten hard dollars per head, and the facts are indisputable. In order to humbug the farmers, the parasite stock-jobbers cBdeavor to persuade them, that the tolls on their canals are net paid by them, but by the consumers. The good sense ot the farmers, however, will |ioint out to them, on a little reflection, that the Ohio tolls are not only paid by them, bnt as much of the ErieCsnal and Western Railroad tolls, as is derived from Ohio produce, is also paid by them. The fallacy of the commissioners was partaken in by the late Secretary of the Treasury, and arises from considering internal tells, as of the same operation as import duties. The case is, however, widely different. The valley of the Genessee, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Witc.onsin, Maryland, and Virginia, all compete with each other in the New York mar ret; ench State can raise a sufficiency to supply the market, hut they all raise quantities that produce a surplus. Nearly all they raise is destined for that market, and that alor.c. Hence the price in New York is not governed by the cost of production,or the expense ot getting it to market, but entirely by supply " and demand. In the present state of afairs, if Ohio produced no flour, the price here would not change materially,because there would still be sut flcient in the market here. Hence the Ohio farmer knows that flour is here worth $1,80, and to sell it at that price, he must pay the freight on the Ohio Canal, Lake, Erie Canal and Hudson River, all of which will be deducted from the sale of his floflr, and the remainder will perhaps not leave him the cost of production. The N?w York market Axes the value of flour in Ohio. In imported goods, the case is reversed. The American markets do not tlx the prices ol English goods, but the price here is made by the cost of import and manufac tures For instance, England exported in 1140, of cotton cloth yards 7!>o,ooo nop England consumed 437,000,MM) Total manufacture yards 1,4^7,000,000 Of this vast amount, the United States took 34,018,000 Now, it is clear that the small amount which came to this countrv, did regulate the value of the whale production. On the contrary, when the price here was such that it would bear the cost of manufacture, with freight and duty superadded, it came here, and only under such circumstances Ohio depends upon the New York Now the Ohio farmers, must pay in 1843, 1,000,000 bhl?. ol flour for taxes, of which 300,000 bbla. arc for the interest on the coat ot the canal*. The building of tbi> Miami estension was an enormous humbug. When completPil, it is estimated to yiplil $70,00(1 nett revenue, while an annual charge of $140 000 waa incurred in 1941 and 1343, to raiae the money for ita completion. Thna $1,000,000 of bonda, bearing $110,000, were iaaued last year lor $1/100,000 In money, and $'1000,000 likewiae bearing $WO,000 intereat, have been authorized, making $ 140,000 of debt incurred for the chance of getting $70,000 cash. This the State stock jobbers call finnn. cicririg ! Ohio ia the only State that ever came to thn Merchants' Exchange, and shamelessly put her six per cent promises up under the hammer to sell lor what they would bring, and bid them off at fifty cents oil the dollar ! The people of Ohio nevar authorized such candnct, and its authors have yet to meet their punishment. married, On Thursday evening, 16th instant, by the Kev. Dr. Oribbs, Aiiih Wai.kkr, Esq., merchant, of this city, to Miss Maria* Pu-MaRionr, of London, England. Died. On the 19th instant, a ter a lingering illness, J?*?, daughterol Pvter Smith,aged lft\eais. The Iriends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend the funeral tbi" nftrrnoon at hall pint S o'clock, from the residence ol her Iriends, 149 East Broadway, without further invitation. On Saturday, 18th instant, at Staten Island, of croup, I K.nwnx Julius, eldest son ot Oeorge and Dorothia Dal I chen, aged 1 ysais and 9 months I.afeet Advices received at the new york iierai t> office. Africa Jan. 7 Macao Nev. 19 Aux ''aye* Dec, 30 Madras Dec. 24 Antmua Jan. 21 Manilla Oct. 10 Bom nay Jau. 2 Montevideo Dec, 29 Batavia Oct. 7 Maranhain Nov. 26 Bermuda J.iu. 13 Matanzaa *eh. 21 Bonaire April 9 Mayamiei Feb. 10 Buenos Ayres Die. 27 Ma.acaibo Dec. 7 Biliia Ian 7 \ia:ainoras Feb. "? Be lire. Hotid. Fell. 4 Feb. 10 Rtrbailoes Feb. 4 Neuvitas Nov 111 Roeora Dec. 11 Nassau, N. P. Feb. 4 Berbice Feb. 20 Oibu.S. I. ?,?,r 3 ( a,ne Haytien Feb. 21 Paris *? ' ?? Cape T own, C.G. 11-Jan. 3 Port an Prince f * ' 21 Caracna Feb. 12 Pouce. P. R. * ' * t lenfuK'oa Feb. 16 Para I">- 27 Oaitbigena Sept 14 Peruambneo Feb. Caraccaa May 17 I anatna "' I1'- 21 t. hairres July I Ki > ue Janeiro Jau. *1 ' all. Sect. 7 Sipxapore Oct. 1J C alcutta Dec. 23 Syiinev, N. S. W. Heft. 7 Detnerara Jan. 30 St. jieiena J?n- .J7 Fayal Jan. 29 St. Thomas P<b. ? Gibraltar Jan. n St. Jab- , ' Cinayaouil Oct. 16 St. Jairo ile Cuba Jan |? (?u ivania, P. H..-.. Feb. 17 St. Johni, P. H. Feb 19 Oouaives Jan. 17 St. Croix feb. I Galveston Mnrch 4 St. Martha D/rc. 7 Havre Feb. 7 St. John, N. B. March I Havana March 4 Surinam Dec. 22 Halifax March 3 Tampico Dec. 6 Jeremie Match 3 Tobasco Ian. 0 J acme I Feb. 14 Turks Island Feb- 8 Kiurrstoii, Ja. Feb. II Trinidad ile Cuba* Feb. 18 1, Feb. II Talcabnana Oct. 27 Liverpool Feb. 10 Valparaiso Dec. 14 Latiuavra Feb. 23 Yucatan Feb. 14 Lima Nov. 6 Zanzibar Nov. 24 PuiniFeri Arrived. At PnnriDKiscs;?lu the Howie, from Havana?Mrs Mary Lewis, of New York. Worslgn Importations* MataRZas?Brig W?ww?51B hoi sugar HO hg. roffee 1 b* arrowroot I writing do> k to .1 8 Taylor? 1 loitf 'lio 1 huii ram i 2 hnisrgns M Tny'or?2 bo* do Kobinson & Wanl ?I do K Mallow?13 001 oranges lo Ackerly & Acker?12 luiniles baniiau ?s I raw bafa to order. Aui CAVK.-Sclir Datv Ch ise?600 bat:* off. r AC Ho.sicm l"t!? mahogany 32(1 h'gs coffee S W Lewi*?100do W W Do For. .1-1(1 II II Solieffeli .. St Croix?Sclir Comet?25 puncheons rum 0 bbb sugar 20 do orange* I do y ima It Do Forest. M A R 1T I M K~ H E R AT O. lallliig Day* of the Steam Ships. FHOM FNnt.ANI). FROM AMERICA Col ambit, Miller Mar. 1 April 1 Hibernit, Jiiilkiiu April 4 May I Britannia, Hewitt April 19 May 10 G Western, Hoaken April 11 May 11 Jackets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. FROM 1.IVKRP00L. FOR I.IVF.KPOOI.. New York, Cropper, Feb 8 Montezuma. Lowber, Mar. 2(1 Siildons, Cobb, Feb. 13 Ho.ciim, Collins, Mil 15 Cambridge, Bestow, K. b. IT Europe, Furher, April 1 FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. Switzerland,!'hadwick, Jan.2n ll.Hudaop, Moore, Mar. 20 Ontario, Bradish, Feb. 1 Swil/.e laiid, Chadwick, Anr 1 Toronto, Uriswold, Feb. 6 Ontario, Br.a.lisb, April 10 FROM HAVRE. .FOR HAVRE. Baltimore, Fuwck, Jan. 18 Burgundy', Wotten, Mar.2l Villede Lyon, Stoddard Fob 8 Baltimore, Funck, April I Ulica, Hewitt, (VI). 16 Kinotnld, Howe, Aprils Ship masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains o? Vessels will gjve | mm r. it r oii.vkt, 01 our rscws n<ei, a lieport of I hi' Shipping left ft I hp Port whence they sailed, the ] Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and anv Foreign Newspapers or News they may hare, tie will hoard them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at hnine or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence lliry ran obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will he thankfully received. POKT OV TOW VOllK, MARCH ?0 lit!* risks .....6 6 i moon rises 12 0 un sets 6 111 i Hion water ii 38 8rrly?rt. Brig Warsaw, Koopman, II davs from Matanzas, with sugar and coffee to M Taylor Left b-ig 8wi<s Bo*. |dg tor Russia; New Ergaiul, (.ringer. dofor Providence: brig Rupert, Hankiu,'or NYork iu 5 ds: biig Cbarloite, MrCerrrii. s'd day helore for NYnrk No date, lat I3({. long 76, spake brig Gazelle, ol Portland, 6 ds fm Havana blowing fn sh at the time could not luar where bound to. requested to be reported. Schr Datv Chase, Downs, 17 days from Auz Cayes, with coffee. to 8. W. Lewis. 8rhr Comet, lrelaud, 18 days from 8t. Croix, with run, &c. to B. He Forest Ik Co. Left sclirs Orleans, of Orleans, Mr. wig: Foam, disg. Schr Southerner, Conklin, 3 days from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores, to J. Ogdvn. Schr Sterling. Taylor, J days from Wilmington, NC.with naval stores, to K. 8. Powell. Schr Sallv Miller, 5daysfrom Ocracock, with naval stores, to master. Schr Osceola, 22 days from Attakapas, with live oak, lor the Navv Yard. Schr Juli' ttc. Woglim, I days from Petersburg, with tobacco and iron, to J. Hunter. Schr Samuel El well, 10 day i fiom Suffolk, with shingles, to master. Schr Edgar Laug, Turner, 12 davs liora Swansboro, NC. with naval stores, loK 8. Powell. Hei r Marv Ann, Matthews, 1 days from Folly Lauding,with oats, to H. P. Hivens. Schrs Time, Pierce; Hiram Dixon; W. 8. boff, and George Edwards, all from ihe barque Isabella, ashore at Elm Tree, with sugar and molasses to Alsop & Chauucey. Below One ship, one brig. Herald Marine Correspondence. \lrini.<i,'V,ni?n,' M.rol, 10 Arrived?Brig Knleotter, Collins, Apalnchicola 2flfh ult.? 2Eih, patted T. .rtngas, md saw a large ship ashore nn the wnl reef.with her loaer mas't gone,and several wreckers alongside, l?tin<t Hand Krv VVNW SO milei spoke ship ' Viola,'30 davs from NYork for Mobile; 2d, passed Gnu Key. ?iw aahip ashore about 5 miles south and several wreckers taking out notion; 7tli in?t. lat 3?, Ion 71, spoke 3 rnssted schr Han nan, from Mobile for Boston; 9th, lat 31 23,Ion 71 30, spoke brig Draco, Sears, fin Mobile for Boston. Experienced heavy weather, split sails, Sic. During the rale on Tlmrsday night, Irom the E off Cape Aun, was obliged to carry all tail to keep off shore. [The Teste It teen ash lie by the F were do doubt the Emporium and Algonqniu, before reported ] titnera! Hernia. Bsttqcr Iitnrt.Lt, lately ashore at the Kim Tree, Stateu Island, was got off yesterday afternoon. Foartnia LltTTra Orrtcr.?The Mou'emtru, fur Liverpool, and Hendrik Hudson, for L?ndon, will tail to-day. Their letter hags will close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, at the si an I hour. Schr Constitution, Martin, of anil from Marblehead for NYork, put into Newport !5 h inst in distress, with boat and water casks (tove, Jihstty carried a way, aud damaged in all her stilt, having been driven into the Gulf Stre im in a gale fioni N'W, which last-d six days. Schr OtexoLt, Holt, of Bin: Hill, 21 days fmm Pivmonih. NC. for NYork, pat into Newport I5tli, its distress. Has hail very severe weather; is damaged iu sails and rig'.'ipg, leaks about 1000 strokes per hour, and her crew are much exhausted? hat htd a New Yo-k pilo' nn board3 days Brio Iohn llsacocx. Kempton, f-om Harannah for Boston, wrnt ashore on Tinker's island, off Marblehead, in the snow storin of Thursday night Krtday morning at daylight, five men had lauded fioin her, Ihe rest were taken off in the afternoon, wht n she had partly gone to nieces Bum Ins ?('am P,,lm\ of the Pnnilora nl Holmes Mole Cm Msvagtu z, heard from Oouaives, that the Ida, of Boston, had hien condemned. On the 5th in?t. saw a large brig m Crooked lalmd I' asage, ashore, with five wreckers alongside, seeding down yard* and tn*?i?. Bmr OanrKii, Willumi, Captain BaiUv, be ere reported, anchored near ihe Light doit on Cartlef'a Keef, with both anrhors Th?rad*y night. Sh- then dragged about 12 milaa,and dniing that tloie h?-r ma'n and mir.en masts w. re eat away. The Captain and seven men then left in a boat for Say brook, to obtain n'listance. The boar ri h r struck or u"sct on the bar, and went to nieces. l)ne mail only WM aavrd ODi|MMM t e boat Tim ship was t-wed fo N. L. oil Svnrilay liy the Revenue ''niter. All were saved thai were 011 h"ard the ship. She was from the Pacific. and had 1300 bb's. ef nil. Bhio Thkmovt. of Boston, from Charleston, was ashore, (jirrlinps sgionnd) st Pas L'Otitr , at ihe Balize, 3d imt?no particulars. Notice fo Iflnrlncra. The Dob hins (stakes) on Connimiout, Bnl'ock's and Sibm'.s Poinis, in Narragensett Bay, have hvencurieil away during ihe winter, by ice Vessels bonnd to Providence will do well to take pilots at Newport, until thev are replaced, as it leave* the most diffi 'iilt part of the Bsv without a mark to point out the channel. Aa the heavy ice is now done running, we hope they will he rei laced as soon as circumstances w:ll permit Whalemen. The George, at Stonington, baa VIO sn and 15)0 wh. Left at San Carlo* Dec 9, Kagl?, Perry. FH, 170(1 wh 300 ap. to sail in a few days "n a cruise. lle^rO from, Dec 13, lat 4 110, Ion 79 30. Helvetia. Hire, N L, I05rp and 5 rt wlds. Spoke Dec 27, lat 52 41 8, Ion 5411 W. Pheh*. of and '<0 ds Cm Nant. etc >n. Lo f from on hoi'il the Parachute, June It, 184 I.Walter Westetvelt, of Pougt.keepsie, aged about 23, kitted ny a wimle. John Wells, of Newark, July 36, on NW Coast, with 1350 bhls oil. At Tacimas, in June, Herald, Sandfotd, NO, IS ism oui 700 hh a ap oil; Isabella, Rowland, do, oil not stated; Russell, Iliy, Dwtaofuks do. Spoken. Sea, Delano, of NVork, 35days from Liverpool (or New Orient a, Feb 28. I it 26 31. Ion 64 25. Chnain, of Boston, for New Orleans, Feb 27, lat 33 10 N, Ion 7n '0 Aid. from Apalarhicola for Matinzas, March I. Pan of a SW 10 leagues. Kugine, from Belfast for Charleston, Feb 29lh, lat 35 N, Ion 75. Pocahontas, of Baltimore,steering NK, Feb 18, Cape Hatte viv 'h . i - - foreign Porta. Jr.Rt.atiB, March 1?No American veatela in port. Iloiitr Porta. Kh (i?rn?T, March It?Hid Hope. Arey, Nrw York; Hio Orau 'e, Holm, ilo (and both wer. below Portland iimr <liv, I Or R tr reported lor Philadelphia. I PoBTLARD, March IV-Below, ashore on Hoe [aland. Oil. n, Swectaer, from Mataiir.?a. Arr 13th, Mechanic, Hawyrr, BontliD.av for Richmond. NgwBi'Rrronr, March 16?Arr Win Schroder, Bayley, from Bo.ion. Marc|, n?Arr Clinton, Bart II, Ptiw Hitli. Halkm. M irrh IS?Cld Anaerctta, Crowrll, NYork. Boa-rov, M-rch 18?Art Elir, Warwick,' Daria Liverpool; Ken mvton Unrham New Orl-ana. Below I hirijcr and | bug. Alan below, Fa'emirf, fm Apalachicola. ('I'd, Me lm. Ooodhne, Havana; K'ira Bnrgea* Bow. ia, I lenfnc|?OBS Nc|e InriB, Fnater.JTiinid.1d, ' nht: Wm, Wn.era, Harding, Pliili driphia; llnhy, M'K'nri?, l.nHec; l.irhtfoof. Ulrner. Mobile, 17th ? Arr dlearier Kldndit" (( rgetuWn, DC., win loir of lib; Marie ta, Brown, New York. EDnAnTown, March It?Arr (live, Jeffrey!, New York for Kia'porr, Kliiahelh.Wiley on for Sa'rm Sid t.Altl.rhe above. Arr I lint, Roland, NOrlr n .a for Bni'on, an ' remaina 16th IIolmu floi.i, Mareh 16?Arr Paiplorr, I'aaton, Vay >aurr.; Tnn.ilei n, Blivetn, Apalachicola; Bolivar, Nantnckct for WaabiiigtOD. DC; Sylph, rhiladt Iphi 1 (or Bnarnn. Paaa>d by, Sea Ea<t'e, I'oi! an Pnnee for Boaton. Sid DeInhi.l Bolivar ? In port, 2 pm, Peconie, Timolenn, Pandora, Friendship, Hi nowu. Panvinvncr.,'March IS?Atr Emerald, France rille, NrwOr earn; Peruvian, Watann, Apalachicola; 16th. Itowre, Allen, I'ardeuaa and Havana; Thoin, Elwell, New York; Measeiigrr, Har.lcgrove, Fredericksburg; Star, Kiiwin, Baltimore Clj Hanov r, Mirtin, Savannah. Hid Emerald, Hodfdnn. Chirleatonandamkl; Montano, Wiihrrell, Norfo'k. ITlh?Nothing ailed from the city, wind SHW. 'reth, wnh an nncommon high tide; aficriiooi, NW. fresh Emeiald, for Charleston, ihl tiom be'ow in th * alternoon. Nkwport. March 16?Arr Maaaaaoir. Brown, and Independence, Siinrt, Kail l.ivcr for NYork; lYiiniyl v.inu, NBidford fordo; Rhode Island, Providence for do; Eicel. Fall River lor do, Sid Elliot, Boiton. ALE NATION'S HOTEL, No. Ill Broadway.-Thti E?r, liihire 1, hit ertokuown aa th, K' mini, the nCre of which I iililm, having I'rl'eii into the hands nl JOHN < I IT l'K It. hj w h- in 11 his heen hatidaomely re fnm ihed, 11 t hi a day o en for Ih reception "I gentlemen liking th? ir "it a la ilow i nrnn ; a? l whe e elen.iMly fnriishr j chambe 1 o y Imj pro, oe I le'ivr ilopti'iial with gentlemhii oeenpyn g tin m ile ill'o ip' r ot in the splendid B-eaaC 1 d Din II g Snoons of I 11 Establishment. anil at el argaa 1 it will in tire their approbation inlSotiar AUCTION SAL:>. rlJOMAH Aietimm BV Bk'.I.L k IIOWAIt!1 (I'.m'ia H ^Hn m<j 115 An/' Monday. ? . At IdN o'clock, at 2 James street, near' hatham, St' ck f Oroccrica?A ainall stock off sally grocenes.winea, liquors, filiate*, stand caaki, counters, fcc. By order of ?u as signee Alao, 21 demijohns line winri, hiandy nnsi gin. 11 tuoi .mil firkins excellent ) utter. TUESDAY. At 10 o'clock ill the aatesroo Extensive ill- of elegant sessouahle Ory goods, London r lo'hs, caaaimrrrg, vestings, shirtings, sheetings, tab'e dainaik, hosiery, l.icea, shawls, tilka. muslins. kc , comprising ill c hitimiHtion the ?al<- of the is'iiable stuck of awholesa'e aud retail tor- in the aboTe line; sold in lots to suit. Alto, numerous articles |dedited, jewelry, watches, music'I instruments. Ike. WEDNESDAY, At ID 1-2 o'. lock in the sales room. Large exrensiye and sain .hie assortment of new and second hand household aud . line t furniture TUUllSDAY, At 10 1-2 o'clock it the auction room. Sale cf Knrtiitnre?Will b- sold the fu'iiuure contain il in the lower part of the bouse S26 Broadway?'h? property of ? family going w*ai?comprising carpets, Kntlish oil cloth, elegant curtaina, locking glasses, haudsoinc mahogany chairs and rockers, secretary, book case, a splendid U|oight gr ind piano Kirth, Wall k Pond; tea, card, aof.s mil work tables; tome heil room furniture; a few truly valuable ancient paintings; plated ware; chilli, cut ulaas and other douse keeping articles; an ex ce'lrnt lot of kitchen utrnsi's, iu good order, The above comprises the fumiHire of 2 parlors, bed lonnand kitchen. Also sofa, sofa bed, hat stsnd, 3 hags rnu-kraf, coffee, a quui' iry 01 prime THE New York College of Vledicine and Pharmacy, direct the attrition of the public to iheir new and high'v concentrated Extract of XARSAI'AIIILLA. whirli has been prepared at great expense by a nox I procaae, never as yet attempted in this countiy,and whichth?y have effeefetl by on nnpartus rmm P*nn. Pr. Prawdf, tha editor of one ol the mutt v.tlusble Pirtienai-s ol the Materia Medtca, speaks of litis article ill the most it ji|u dilieil terres n* .<pprohatiou He asn rts that in the treatment of iheumatism, disrate* of the skin, dyspepsia, debility, scrofula, syphilis, and all derangeincuts of the sysein, t be remedy possets- s virtues not observed in any other article of the Materia Medica. The tele of i' duru it iPe last year has been immense. Cures of a very remarkable thirstier have been i fleeted by its use,and seine of the cists have been published 01 the medical journals. It is truarauleed to be mule from the choireat Si uti| \ioeric?n harsaparilla, and free from all mineral piepaiti ids. One bottle coni aim seven times the ouiutity of the alive principle coutainnl in a pint ol any el the ordinary preparations. Sold in single b ttles at 75 cent* each. Cases nI half-it dozen. 91 50 Cases ><f one dozen 90 on. W. s. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office A Consul'ing Rooms of the College, 07 Nassau nt, N Y. ml I in is OW .\ EllS W ANTED for s'isnoveli, stopped, supposed to he stolen, which the owner ean have by proving property ami pavingehargr-. Apply at 161 Wrter at. MO lt*tC SINGING. MADAME SUTTON, pupil of the late Adolnh Nouitii and Marco Bordogni, begs to acquaint the oilletiann of N-'W Vork, thai during her stav in the cue, she parpns-agivuutSauhinc lessons in the Italian, fWDoh, and English style of Singing, at her resid-ncc. Her method of increa ing the arryusth and compass of the vuic.-. and imparting the style and finish ol the modern Dalian and French-chools, is precisely si indar to that pursu- d by Uordnvni and V erai, the first masters in Europe, securing to her pupils ihe like rapid pmgr; ss that attended her own studies. The indices for the pupils, unlike til" common Solfoagios, are numerous airs arranged from the | most favorite Ita'ian operas, making the a udy a illoasure as well aa impovemeut ; and thereby facilitating ihe singing from operas. Her pupils will have the advantage ol hersinging with thein, which cm be successfully pursued ulone by masters who have been emiu-nt s.ngera. a g-rat assist ince in nn roiieg 'he voice a d attaining ijtiicklv the style and finish. Ladies will be received ?epsr>tely or in classes. Terms msy h- nseertsined by applviog at Madame Stilton's residence, No. I 77 Chiiribers at e, r. between the hours of 10 ai d 2 and between :| and (i ''clock i?2' Irn ris j P It AN L) CONC ETFT.-Mrs. Eli Wa K17 UTBE JTbegT rh aT inform her frirnds and the puh'ic that her First Concert ill I America will rage place at rnr Apoiio tiaioon, inu r.vciiiug, March 2Cth, 1843. VoCAL PcnroRMERS MRS. C. r. hokn, MIhs watson, and MISS harriette watson, I'unils ?l sirs. K. Loder, their Krst appearaare. MRS EDWARD LODEK. MR. MASsE+T, and MR. RAYMOND, (By peiitsission of W. Mitchell, Esq.) Instrumental.. SIO RAPRTTI, MR. Al.PERS, MR. HO. TIMM, MR. KYLE. MR. MARKS. MR. MU8GROVE, ( Bv permission of W.Mitoho'l. Esq ) MR. MASON, Ml -MUK, MR. O. L"l>ttlt. MR. W. A. KINO v ' pre ; ! at th Piaor Fort.-. Big. Rapetti will perform two I" his m <t popolar 8- >s Mr. Timm will nl v h Duet w h Mr. Alptra, iud Hninmel's Grind Duet in A Flat wi ll Mr VV A. King. Also Hurnmel's Grand Military Septette?being thy first time these pieces have been perfor"-cd ID New York. PROGRAMME. Part I. . Can/one I te?"My Mother l>H? me bind iny hair,"Mrs. K boiler, Haydn Duet?Piano Forte?Messrs Timm r.nd Alpers, first lime in this city. Thalberg Aria?" Noti pin Andrai," Mr M ssett. _ Moxart Dnef?"Deli conte," Miss Watson and Miss Hariiette Waison, Bellini Solo?Violin, Themes from "Sounambu'a," (by par ll-nliir desire) RlfStll Grand Aria?"In I'ndiane," from "Tcn;uato Tbsso." .Mrs Horn, Dmnaety Grand Sreua?''.ii mighty mon .ter" (by paiticnlar desire,) .Mrs R Loder, Carl M eon Weber Solo?Flute, Themes "The At gel's Whisper," and "Rorv O'More," Mr A Kile, George Loder Trio?"Nights liugi ring sliaor ," from " ksorand Zemite," Mrs e Loder, and t lie Misses Watson, Louis Fpohr Part II. Grand Mili'arv Sei.teite?M. ?sis Timm. Varks. Kvle. S.iur, Mason MiisgroTe and Lndrr Hummel (Fir>i time in New Vork.] Billarl?" Muiihtnd Willie,"?Mrs Horn, Highland Melrdy Duett?" 'I he S.sters," M'-aci Wntsoo, written arrl compuned rxorraaly for them by H C WattOU Dun?Violin and Piano* Six Riiet ti and Mr WA Kinit, Ballad?,' Blick Kyed Susan," Mr Raymond, Dibdin Dnrt, in A flit?Piano, Men a Km: and Ti-mn, J N Hummel Canz niette?" Bow thy head," Mrs E Lnder, by de airs. Rauzzini Finali?" Orer the D irk Bin- w it is," Ob ton?MrK Loiter, Mi-a Wi-soti, Mr M-iaai-tt, Weber Doors ojien at 7?Concert will commence at 8 (.'clock. Admission V> cents. Tic*ets M ' e had a' the principal r otic stores, and a- Mrs. L' det'a teaidruce, S Amity street, th ee doors from Broadway. 111I8 "t* r THE Tteaanrcr of the Fire Deiartment Fund, with m-ch pleasure, sckliowh (lit-* the teceil t of < 'lie It" I.dre d Dotlas by the bands nr Peter K. Wa nrr, F.ti|., aa a dotm'i jn fr rn the North Hivrr Fire Insurance Comp?ns JOHN 8. OILES Treat ursr File Department _>ew York, March 17. 1813. mVl Ur tpilF. REAL, OENUI.N HUNTER'S RED DROP hat L was first brought out before the ( ublic in ' hiladel) lu-?, iii 1832 by the 1 ropric or of tin lliintrrmn Di*penaa'y, No 3 Di viaio-i sr. eatahliabed A. I). I8T>, that to mmy iinprincip'ed |>eraoea bare tried to irnitae and OOiBtirfait. cm be obrnn-d ai no other place in the city or stare, but the ariose No This in- dicme is low so well known aa being the only [ rompt, permanent and safe cure for seeiet diseases wi'hout diet.arant or hindr ncc f-oui huaimi-a, ilia' we d;ern it lin-weea ary to tav a-1 tb -jg, lurtbertbau it is 81 per bottle, w 1 muted to cure, or no cha ?e. m20 It* rc rpHE CARDINAL fOlNT Of CONTROVERSY be1 tween the Church ot R im and the ProtsitantHieM hurch. On Friday morning next, will be published "An Inquiry into the Me til a of lire Reformed D-ctrnie ill' Imputation, aa con crntT'-ii witn tnnse 01 ? nuiouc inijui'mmn. w, , wnn .?l(s cellnnenui Ks ay* on Catholic Faith: by Vn??brugh Living ton Esq., recently a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, pieced-d by an mtrodacti ? wiitten tipre.sly for the w rk, by the Right Rer. Bishop Hugh*?. CASSEKLY St SONH, 108 Namu street. AN IMPORTANT t ON*! PER ATION FOR THE LADIES.?MKJ LOV E, Corset Maker, No. 63 Liipei trd ft rails the attention ot ladiis to her important invented \b , dotntnal Suppnit?-r !<<r 'li- priH. -y. i n of ill- i * ? a I f 11 ? ?I su>i*gtfi during pregnancy. Phis Abdominal Surporter has railed forth the fullest approbation of the inost eminent .M clic in !? from the satisfactory results to thuse ladies wh?* h ive tased then. It is perfect in it ipplieatioM, acting as a in port ml preventing all strain uj?on the muscles, and die consent? *rit f'ttyne iiHti anstati noftho wbofo system dorwf prrgoot cy. Norhitg that has ever bet u invented, offers bo many decided advantages f r in'igorafnig the system tgitnat every *cc dent J at the |M*riod of g.tA'ion at the same time preserving the n-Ui- I ral form. Country m*-rch?nta and city retailers siii idled on advantageous t? rms Mrs L ve at the same time calls their at* tention to her improved Shoulder Khsiic Braces, for misses, m bi it g th Ions > jHi reii di sidki itvtn for the n ot th< elieaf. Mrs. L b * sec?lred a pate t. She begs o refer in r-lattoti to Rn ibove, to the fol vaioo ovt-1n*tit men of th< Medical F.teti'fv?Dr Frincn.Pr F. O. Pond Dr virD?nsid, rnfessor 1 tillin in. M. U., Professor Parker, M. D., Dr Nt laon, A C. Caet i M i> Dr. J Wi Mi ore, I, N ileoo, M D J w* Fiancis, M. D. n ' in BEWAR E ' >r C( IUNTBR Ffc I i P E M A L E M ONTHLY PIL LS. OAUTlOiN TO FEM il.ES ?The j itifnl and contem;>ti w bU attenpta ma ? by some dm 'gists to impoie itpotittn us pt cti> g or cr? duloos females, by imitating and c- unterh it ng 'Female Monthly Pills" must convince the public that such drui'gists will not scruple to afeinpr any imposition, if the ' by a few paltry dollars can he made. If. is well known that he Fcina e Monthly Pill* were n at introduced into this r .in rry about seven years ago by Madame Resre'l, ind in consequence of their (neat rei ntatii n f nreflh icy tod rait dm - in ill cases el menstrual obstruction or irregularity, every conceivable quack nostrum has been sty led F male Monthly Pdls," and the bettei io ot vii tbo Imj i on, issomcd to be fin ??rr??i Boot) trickery is too contemptible. To guard egaiisi itnjtostrinn femalesare cautioned to purchase only at Madame Reste I's Prii cipal office, 148 Greenwich st. and igenta by appointment, I 120 ('I crrv sr. near Catharine. and 231 ffrandsr. COriifrof Al len, N V.?Boatoi office No, 7E?rui. Fctnilc .Mont111 y I'i U tdierii itdrlirtthtrp ttv touurtrftil. See that Madame Heal. ll'i ?ig nature it written on the cover, in20 tin* ii? r SFV'M FOR*ALK courainirg 35 ncrei, fhr gretitev put of which it rneidow * ?! ploogh l i d, with a Ki nd oung apple orchard, wi'h a ?.iri ty of cherr>ea, pe r?, and plninhe, an I othrr frail. T ? buildinge, routining <.ft boo I hirn cur homo, urmp homo, corn crib, and aheda, for entile, l< aether wiih a good dwelling tiuuic and willed Water at tne door j a enlflriencv of firewood; there ia a lever failing alrram of water running ihmngh the land The above farm ieaitaa'ed tbottf three nulla from Klir.tht th town, ?. J , on the main toad lo Weatlield, ->nil within two hiindred yatda of th* 'opping place of the Kiraberhtwn and *omervillr K ilroad cam. Any further deicnption ia r.?t prmona to purchase will view for theimelvrn. For price and iitrncii'aia, apply to John D. Mvrtlock, on tl.e pre' miaae, or James D iff. No. I4B Hivington alrret, N V. a B ?'l'h ? would be a demablc location for a peri"n di i ig bimnca in New Voik, ln-iu;: within two honm ride of the city. M "( h ib s, ihi.1. mtosw'ec tVN* H()AI? LINK "F ATAtlKB fffeSrN^xv YIIHK TO BEDFORD uYGnr wgaqfc lln mil aft-r Tuiaday, Jmnary 31, 181T fi inttacriPefe will nnu line ofatagea Iro.n tledford to >?w V> rk three time* a week,aa follower? Lcarea Senly'a Manaion House, B'dford, every Monday, Wedn-aday, ami Filciav morn nr, at HH nek. I>eneeath? Railroad H tel. comer of Dowerv and Broom atievt*, New Vork, every Turailay, Thuredav andI Belnririy in nine, by tlie 9 o'clock iar? paean g Marble Hall e. i?f I h.aier. V\ hit I laiua, Hobbina'Milia. Mi'? re, Newetatleaml feedlnid HI HA VI l?M- OKK *1. f (? C LMVI'I S i Pmprietoia. i The Hi ?l Line of St g < w.ll con'Mif toru ' (i?nngtl?# , w ?t?*r (run White Plain* #**? '>' t ? , >?t K 1 ' ' V .1 at 3o'clock, P. M , i | utMlwe Proprietor. . AMUSEMENTS. " NHK TIIKA ' ltK. * Tfi IS KVKNIMII, ?|M li. re r fo r ine H, ~ AND JEKKY. om'1, Abho't | Jerry, Placid* Kate, Mi? Henry Huat To fiui'lnd* with rh, rnETTV Mil. SOKSIILBEHO. ir' Mr? Kii* 't I A'nim, Vr? Loetll I a?_. 5I . n 1 >* | Jal't, AirdreWi J|0I'.?. W CU; r,t, V,r<, i i ' I lery , UK ct.. vm r?, s , II <' I R^DUi.riON OK ICE8 "MONnvo'" MONDAU . ! V,. W,|| br ,rm#d WOMAN'S LIKE. T" r ur'ndr W|lb OUT LA ' OK COHSICA Doorr open at tiX .o'clc li and the tl-, ie? ? 11 ,.01 . aeiicc at 7 preneelT IflTCIIKLIi'H (iLVflPit; T?r . AtilK 444 IJnn lmr. New Vor? MONDAY KVKNINO, will be erfo-me) A MILIK. After which, HAMLKT TRAVK8TIK. T" ow?lwl' wi'li LUCKY STARS. he O lfl will p* opened at ha,f p:> > t, -na ! t o'tin'i * ei? ? irenoe at 7. ever>-ereDiiw a i KHICAN TIIKATKK?V?V AX.NUT-SI l?FlfL.AUKt.FrfVA. UNDPK rilR DIRECTION or MISS C. CUSHMAN THIS HHIENINO. V1.trrh n, will be irrfornea MACBETH Macbeth, Mr Booth I Lady Macbeth, Mia? Cnihrniu To cnnclnile with JNCHCAPE BELL r a viaumiar i.. AMERICAN nV?EV.V. . .'3|ttlo 1'uil n*. corner of Broadway ami AiduimI, K T BARNUM Mansger. The Manager. grateful for the iinpreeedei.ted oatronage bsstovSed npou this ? stablis'imecr, and being determined that at all times ills exertions sball at least be adequate to tba support sivenhim by tlie public, is happy t<> announce the arrival and lliat appetrtucc in America of MIS8 Mary darling. Tin* b-autiful and chair in.' English Knchant'eaa pupil of U- rr Drl'roiig The Ore?' Magician. The celebrity of this Young Lady throughout Enron ' i? known to .ill trarelli ri and the favorah'e noticei of her perfoim incrs which have appeared in tb? London Time* and other Knit oh Pa. era n! high itaading, the ina aaver trnata will he siilli -ietit to introduce her to the kind notice of the Anininu iuhl c. No ndrunale description can be given of her wonderful Magical Performances; ihev mint be seen to be appreciated. Alan engaged for one week CH A \ O-KONU. The celehrarnl Chineie Juggler. V. I). Jenkins, the highly p' pulsr Comic Drollariat, Tenor Sieger, Banio Player, _ Ethiopian Singer and Kf travagamal, will appear in Ins flomic Deliui itions of tcaentaic character Mos Hnml will sing variety of her moat Popular Songs. La Peine Celeste will dauce the La Bayadere and other fa vnrite I) icces. The MELOf IAN, an irnmenac and inaguificent Musical Inatrumeut, (days itself the finest Overtures, Ksntaaies and Walttei, and II REPRESENTS A FULL ORCHESTRA. PHRENOLOGY.I An Euiineut Professor attends ilai'y nntl g'v ractieal Ex amiuatious and Charts, Developments and CnaricVr at a tri thug eslra charge, Just added to the Museum TWO SUITS OK ANCIENT ARMOUR, made and worn 31)0 years ago. ORANI) COSMOIIAMA?ALBINO LADT. Kaney Glass Blowing. The free li?t is suspended. AN EXPERIENCED TAXVDKRMI9T is engaged, and persons having pet birds or qnaurnpeds they wish preserved, can have thern mounted in the beat style. Day visitors adiniited same evening' KIIK.E. Evening perforinaiieet at hall pavtT o'clock. Day Prrlonnancus every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at? o'clock. Admission to ad Si -ml?Children half .< i e. mlti I MCA I.ES ~ E W VOUK 0IUSMUUH NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY IS NOW RE-OPENED! C. H. DEVOE, Manager. Tbs as'-abhshment contains linost end!' ?s number of RARE AND CURIOU.d WORKS OK . NATURE AND Alt! Neatly and tastefully displtved in spacious halls,and i. ,.r? COSTLY k ELEGANT GALLERY OK PORTRAITS Kicrcdinif in estrnt ind aln?- any other in America. Tht manager hat engaged, for a short time only, the sublime nd beautiful eihihition of THE TKIAL OK CHRIST!. Tliii ictprmiiiar scene is nut repiesented br a paintimrCut by s GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATUARY, THE 9IZK OK LIKE. . This solemn and imprruirr aceoe represents Our Savionr ar rniyned as a Prisoner, wirli Crown of Thorns ti|icu Hia Head before Caiphas, (he High Print, ami the Court of Fontiu rilate. Inaildirion to the above, she Manager haaengaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING Oil'sY WOMAN. JKroin England. She wishes not to imtoae upou th? vub5e? by making thsm b-liers her a Witch. < r FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with supernatural power?but iM the twt'ary. claims publicly to be able to instruct oth".s btood intellect and mention their leading trmsaclioni ol PAST TIMES. THE PKESK.N t, AND THE FUTURE. She will f 11 ;veFR"tii whether tiier xre mArri^d or not, id whs* kin*1 f! isb^o*' ?r '-i? t.liey will n describe tkeir ?w chan i; i ' f! ? * i ? H <\ corrupt conclusion! fonnHsili" Ui *? I v ,. ut^Mi's le- vet of DhrenoInjrp, phy*< >n , i ,j ,;|? ophy, s . A-proof of the corrector* of er % i .in he .1 it liber*. > t<> refer to hondrcdi ofowr f> t ?iti; 11*, ij;? lu? m .Jentyn.i n, judge*, attoruey*iphy*;ci? s, and m iy of the most en'igh tcned ladies in the City. II/-Admission to ?hr Museum, 25cents; Children HaVf price An extra charge of 12)fc cents to those who consult the Gipsy Woman. *)ir Musical instruction.?m . mcdouall begs to inform he 1 friends and the public, that she continues to rive instructions on the Piano forte at her own residence or fli'i of her pupils. Terms moderate. 51 W Bio m * iy. f 19 1m Nt {I I I II If I " " " 1 r'" "" ??? yso.ii r nil* ?jpijv7|in House. Broad w <y, New York. m!0 Jt*rc ~ KTU.IAR I) SAI.(M >N ~ NO. D BMtUAY STREKT, THREE OOORS BELOW Tt'K AMHUCAs HOTEL. PRICK REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from I A M. 10 S P M.?The subscriber infnm* lua fiiruds and the iiublir in general, that he has Eire N' u II Hi <r?l Tablea, in eparate apailiimirs?two in the hi per fiunt saloon?two in the rear saloon, anil nn? in the front roinn?ill in tint rate order. Each iter, visiting the establishment will br furniihed with a private Cur, lor his especial u?e?the tablei hemic in dillerent apirtment*. too proprietor think* it will render it more select and agreeahle to gentlemen visiting his houae. ALSO. TWO MNK DOWLINO ALLEYS IN THE BAfKMENT. Hi* B?r will a!way* he stocked with the choicest Wine* and Liquor* and the h'*i S tear* to be lud?al*o Sherry Cobbler*, Mint lulers, I'liiiehe*; made in a manner notto be suriustad. N. B.?The apartments hare undergone a thorough refitting ?new paper, paint inn. ur. [f^Oentleineii will plea*e to communicate aur negloet of duty of the attend lit-, at the liar. EKA.NCI9 MONTR VERDE. mchtr, 'im#r i Bariay aireet. :FTpkiv .tk. kamilikh and'boakdinu HOUSE KEEPERS.?House to Irt, with immediate possession, and lirnitu e for i.ala at Auction Prices.? AueiceUentopportunity jr. ?ent* (selfto any person denrou* ol coinineueiiir housekeeping eittier ni a boarding heuie or o herwiae. The ho'iM1 is o.odein built, hauihoinel finished, and it i'orir* with basemen', eontlining 13 room ? he furniture i*i t a sup rmr qn vil ami in good older, and will ue aold a bargain. Ape's at 16 City Hall Plane. N. B.?The whole cr part cf the toruitnre may he had. mlS6ti*' r EW YORK SAC RED Mil SIC HUCIKTV-Thiro Pohlic Performance for ilia Season.?HAYDN'S Celebrated Oratorio of ihe Cm-< inn, will he performed 'Ulirr.on Mondai evening m 11, the 20th intt.uit, at the Tabernacle. Performer*?Mrs. Srrouc, Mr. .Maaaett, and Mr. Come*. The aaje of Tickets being now strictly | rohibiteo, yearly subscription* sic rcipertfillly a< lieited. Term* Si, who hen titles the tu i ncnber t<> three tn ki ti i I auiui?ai')ii to each public perfnrmsuce for ?'lr' year. Sub*criptinn. rrct i?rd by Kitth St 'tall, Krinklm Square ; J. I. Hewitt 4 Co. aril SiitoQ St Vilei, Broadway ; J. A. Spark*, Secretary, III N tsstu or by either of the Mauadrtab mIS ?ol 3tr n OR AND CONCERT. MR. KOsSOWSKI rt *|>ectfilly iBforma hi* friearf* and'he public, tint bi? eran'l roe I and iiijtrume.ital concert will tike place on the Jtil of ibi* month, at .Vililo'a Halron, on which 01 ea*i n he will he aancted by the following emioent ar'i'ta? M i?! une MaronreU:, Mont- Chatel, Madame ()ttot Mr. Has?o, Sin. foe Begum, Sin. Beundid, Hi*. Martini, Sig. Coups, Mr Kile, M'. Auric, And Mr. Timm, w ho will preside at the pianoforte. Mr. Solomons i. a voung Pole, pupil of Mr. Maroucelli, wil l r, ike his first I pearapced IBllJt GHAM) ITALIAN i ON( KMT, . tin Stathi of ? Italian Benevolent Sot ir-ty.?The Com mi'tee of Arrangemen's appointed hy the abov Societr, take pleasure to announce to th'* pnblic in general and their compatriots 'ii i??trticular, 'hat tbev hare succeeded in rnaaiciux the ch?&rit<blt atsi stance ?>i several worthy Artistes, such s Signers Fant?iii Suit ?n. Sigiiora Maronrelli, an<l Sunor Do Beirut* M?rtiui, Hai etii. and others, who will be mentiooed in the programme, to t tke place on Mt nday evening, ihc 27th mst , at Niblo's Saloon. T'Clr r? 50 rents t? be hsd it all the music itorei. Silt K<irefti will f**d a trill and ? ffective orchestra m'Or I) I< K e.!) I ' I it In stort of lit Broadway, en Saturday * I nt a K*aiitlern in's prhafe diary, or memorada boob, no doubt of some service to the owner. The looser can have it by apply ii u at 'he derk of fliis office. WlOtec TO DRU< JGIBTH AND OTHER from the South ami West ?T. ROBKUTM Ut CO. of London, proprieto rs of the celeb.*, o d and popular medicine.4 Parrs Lifo Pill-s b*Y iug established aderot or the sa'e ol the itme in .%r w and being now i.r?|>*re<J to supply the mirkclto ? / would rtmpectfu fly call the attention of i!itig*itr? and t j: the trade to their popufar medicine, ?f which there tsnow told in Europe more than 30.000 bones weekly, and although it las been scarcely si* months in the United Smt?*s, tie tales i. .v?f r milK' i-?repdf-?| through the Slates of New York. IVnii tylvania, New b.uyl ml States,and t'jni<h. Asa lamily m<-di ciae. it i* aaequilled, beiiic perfectly free (row any meral iirriiemtioin: it is al*o eacerdinalv effective id the are of Kifions complaints, ilysprpeia, ennanmptp-na, nod all Hi era tee ansiiu from 'mpu itiea of lue blood; beinn verv mild in ile opciatloue I * the ?y? em, it may be taken by the men delicate f-in ill diid small children. Tha abpec may be h?d wln.lrt.ile tt the office of T.Hoberta St Co., No. M4 f.'huendon lioti-e, earner nf Dunne is B" ed?'?, brat floor. mlil lima* i AT WHULKSALK PRICKS! I NDIA Rl'BBKH HllUKS, 53 V nileu l.nie?Selnne od et 1 wholesale prices. yeiiUraien's Oicr Sh- n, wth lea'ber soles.boih ?h"et m;il cloth ruhh< r, air now t> II104 el ti>> nopare'elleil Mw rrice o? $1 50 La iet over thou of ever- etnrir ?n-l Itind nf equally low pikes. These |. >.ls >r the more dorithle and elegant articles to be found, ai i in all e**ee warranted. Those who have not tern our 41 not an pirtie-nlarly invited to rail a-id examine before purchasing. for;e'. ti-e number, 53 Maidea L: r . . u., vu/>?j rri2 lmi?*ee tll.'TCCI NSON A HCMYON 1 (IliK AT T(Iin?Jilt' r. ee.' H lot no. bdkls. at only 4 Li Crult, lot line e , nh chaiuteabb- Par..slow1 et ooly U Id- lot tsf> e linens yds wolr. it onlr * 6d; lot line broadcloth! at oiilr 7.6dt lot lis. do.iMe mi'len eeteimerye et ?. ?d; lot t.Mi u.f.i,.), ,r niilv L'S lid; thirliiiH mnsliue et 4 cents p-r yeid; lot Use book mm In" a IW lot cambric inualin* at d 1 of yard- lot ttnierlioe double ?id;h alipicca lustre*, cheep; lot ladies' collars s' 61; lot mm ' "m- !} n?? at only 6 Is; lot line new de In ?. ct-e ir; |P '?d silk 1*' ? Centa iier 'kern. It w.ll pay anv one 10 com.-:;o mtles to WlLLET HA WHINS' store..Wl Urecawicli strert Ait store below Sprint! street. mio Irni* * m ... 1 1 r \ I i 11 8 ?D IKW, I.I.KIIV lower than ever ? ,11 VV 1 tie *w' <?' ' r IS c 11 stintIV rec iviuK all descriptions of Hold and silver watch a. of Ihv in-west attics, direct from the 01 nulectnrcrs, in Kmr'and. K ance, and 9wnr.erl.ind, be la t-iiab'i-d to offer a laryt-r assortment, <nd sr much le>a prices, at letall, ih 111 any other h um in t ie city. (|old w.tehea is low 0 tijrii '. IV i ci.i-i and jessell ery en I ? < d or boinht. All warrinicd III k <|> a' <1 time, r the money ret ir ril Wat . In s, cl*fHsa"d I en epe -ed 'n the beet maun - Hid Warranted Iowa ihin e> any other plsce m the tiiy. <1, ' Al'en.iraporter of walehri and lewrM-rv, whole uh an l retail, in Will airret. up at-vs. n?lm ina*nc_ I'OKtT r,UE*K FKMALK PILLS. b limed ind c -lebr 'te l ; 11 la. Iroai 1 mtn.-al. ra, 1 >ei?er. va. 10 be obl.i.aed 10 chu cotlutrr. l?r iilri us?| mt .it ou.ttie lael aoluwo, loarth pane. aaa

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