Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1843 Page 3
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FOR SALE AT THIS OFFICE, THE ODD FELLOW, or Tub Skcbit Association : Alio, LAME DAVY'S SON. With the birth, education and career of Foraoino Pat a h , By . J- H. IlSdRAHAM. Both for 13| centi. CC7- BRISTOL'S 8ARSAPARILLA.?This preparation of Sartaparilla surpasses anything heretofore offered to the public ai a renovator of the human system. It? recommendation by the medical profession i? ?uch that those afflicted with diseases of the Blood or Nerves, cannot fail to be fully convineed that it will perform all that is claimed for it. The numerous testimony of those who have successfully tried this article, plaees it beyond a doubt, that Bristol's Sarsaparilla is a Bafe, sure and effectual remedy for all diseases ef the Liver, Cancer, Scrofula, Salt llhem, Indigestion. Rheumatism, he. he ; the various nervous affections which is the unhappy lot *1 many to be heir top There ha; not appeared before the public, in our estimation,an a* ticde so well calculated to purify the system as Bristol's Sarsaparilla The experience and standing of Mr. B utnl is a sufficient guarantee to all disj>osed to try this etticacious remedy. Sold, wboleaala and retail, by Wm. Burger, 60 Courtiinat. retail at Rnfthton & Asninwall's. Milhau'i. 183 Broadway; Syms, Bowery; Tripp's, 187 Division at, and 211 Kulton at. Q&- THE PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS PRERArod by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, are guaranteed to cure the wotat cosei of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, or any unpleaaant discharge from the urethra,without tainting the breath, or disagreeing with the most delicate stomach. Ta purchasers of these chests, the College hind themselves ta give medicine gratis, if not cured. Price $3 each. By authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street, N. V. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. ?7- NERVE AND*"BONE L1NAMENT AND IN DIAN VEGETABLE ELIXIR?This combination ol a local apnlication with an internal specific, works like a charm in cases of rheumatism, gout, contracted muscles, and paralysis, Messrs. Comstork & Co., 71 Maiden lane, have in their possession a certificate from Ethan C. Corn, ing, a respectable citizen ot Quebec, stating that after having been abed-ridden cripple for upwards of fourteen years he was enabled to rise up and walk by applying the Linament to his shrunken limbs, and taking the Elixir in conformity with the directions. The cure appears to border on the miraculous, hut the attestations cannot be questioned. In cases of gout and contraction of ttv muscles and ligaments the Liniment and Elixir have been oqually beneficial. COM9TOCK'9 EAST INDIA HAIR DYE metamorphoses red, white, or sandy hair into a fine brown, or glossy black, with marvellous rapidity. A man may lis down at night with a head as red as the insideofa volcano, and rite in the morning with his locks as dark and glossy as the wing of a black duck, or if the first application should not render the color deep enough, a second or third will ensure a perfect black. Think o*~ this, young gentlemen and young ladies, whose caputs are decorated with fiervtresses which eon vttinlrpmlnvnr to mistake Tor auburn; and you, on whose heads the snows of premature old age are clustering, try this preparation and be rejuvenated. Remember it changes the color ot the hair, but never tinges the skin. It may be found only at 71 Maiden lane. 0&- PROCESSOR VELPE AU'S CELEBRATED SPECIFIC PII L8. for the cure of Gouorrha:, Gleet, and all unpleasant discharges from the urethra, is now the only remedy used in Europe for those distressing complaints. So great has been their success in Paris, that they hare caused the astonishment of the whole medical profession ; and Professor Velpeau, their celebrated in ventor, now boldly asserts that he can cure the worse case of gonorrViae with these pills in le*s than half the time occupied by the old, and now obsolete remedies. The College or Medicine and Phahmact of the Citt of New York, since the introduction ot those Pills into the United States bv them, have sold more than FIFTEEN HUNDRED BOXES ; aDd they defy a single instance of failure to be produced. Aggravated cases of upwards of a year's continuance, have been speedily cured by them, without confinement, tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or anyot the disagreeable effects of the old treatment. Caction As these pills are now known to be the only specific for Gonorrhoea and Gleet, persons requiring them are hefebv informed that they are only to be had Genuine at the Offlceof the College, 97 Nassau street, N. 'ork. Price $1 per bo* of one hundred Pills. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street N B.?Persons living at a distance can obtain a chest, containing a sufficient quantity of the above remedies, with full directions,- guaranteed to eflect a cure in all case*, i nee . (W- A liberal discount allowed to oouatry practitioners and druggists. Ct7-THE FRENCH ANTI PHLOGISTIC MIXTURE or the cure of all discbarges from the urethra?sold in bottles, at $1, and at 60 cents each. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, 07 Nassau street ttj- DOCTOR TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, No. 378 Bowery.?The following certificate is from a gentleman of the first respectability, and is perfectly conclusive ; we therefore insert it with pleasure, and advise all to see that the new label is on the bottle "to prevent counterfeits " This splendid engraving has hceihdesigned and execnted by Messrs. Rawdon, Wright and Hatch, at great expense, in order to prevent the public from the imposition, falsehood and fraud practiced upon them by persons whose motto is" all is fair in trade." The genuine Balsam of Liverwort can always be depended on, and we earnestly hope all who have coughs aid colds will resort to thTS sure remedy, so that they may be cured in the incipient stage. From the large quantity in a bottle, it is the cheapest medicine sold. I certifv that my wife, a year and a half since, was severely afflicted with Cough and Raising ol Blood, aad was curej bv one bottle of Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, from 375 Bowery, (Signed) GEORGE D INGERSOLL. Tarry town, West chaster Co., N Y.Dec '21,1841. For sale as above, and by Dr. LEEDS, Druggist, sole Wholesale Agent, 127 Maiden Lane. Otf- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, is guaranteed to cure all forms of secondary syphilis. Pa tients effected with pains in the bones, cutrneous erup tions, sore throat, and every other symptom indicative ol the existence of venereal taint, should use this specific without delay. Sold in bottles at $1 each, in caoes of half a dozen bottles, $6, (forwarded to any addrtsa.) W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office ol tha College 07 Nassau street. nONEV NAHKK'l, Monday, March MO?6 P. M. The bulk of the transactions to-day were in Ohio 6's, which fell 1} percent, and Kantucky, which fell}; Mechanics' Banking Association rose 2 per cent. At the new boord the same features were apparent. New Orleans bills are lower, say 1 a 1} premium. The Commissioners of the Canal Fund have given notice that aealed proposals will he received until Monday, the 3d of April, for a loan of $320,000, at six per cent per nuum, payable quarterly, and the principle reimburse ble after 1801. The proposals may be for net less than $10,000. The money will be required to be paid on or be fore the tth day of April next, in such bank in New York or Albany as shall be designated by the Commiasioneii of the Canal Fund. This money is for the payment oftbe contractors and others on the pnblic works. The following is a list of part of the assets of the North American Trust and Banking Csmpauy, which are to be old by the receiver. The name* are those which appear n nearly all the aiiets of broken bank* NCBTH AuSIRISAN TRUST AND BaNRINO CoMSANV AslKTS. Jimnunt. Samuel D. Dakin, bonds, June, 1840, $110,075 George d. Strong, bonds, Nov. 1999, 40,000 Peter Stuy veiant, check, Feb. 1870, 10,000 James Watson Webb, note, Nov. 1899, order of T. Snowden, 3,000 Jama. Watson Webb, | ^"ui^i'ti.nof.'lFOnd., \ ,0 ^' T. L. Servoss, note, August, 1841, 3,500 Alired Horner, note, Feb 1830, 6''3 John Sandford, notes, Oct. 1839, 4,600 E. M. Morgan &Co., note endorsed Dykers A Alstyne, 8,95(1 Root A Leonard, notes, May, 1839, 9 <>01 Southern Life and Trust, notes, O'J.10" H ItL Thompson, notes, 1,033 45 shares Now Washington Association, 4,600 0 Arkansas binds, 391,399, 393, 394,396, sis per cants, 6,000 80 sharas Lockportand Niagara R R. 4,000 Nath. Berry, bond, Oct. 1840, 9,000 Alexander It Sales, note, 319 James It Wilson, draft, July, 1839, 310 William R. Cook,draft, April, 1841, 1,130 Veader k Little, draft, gnu W. Cunningham, note, July, 1839, 1 941 H. E. Eaatman A Co., note, May, 1840, 817 Sidney Ketchum, note, Feb. 1840, 968 Warren Ctirtia, note, July, 1839, 3f,6 William Stebhins, nota, Nov. 1939, 316 Robert P. Desilver, note, Sept. 1839, 178 Jamea H Ray, note, Sept. 1839, 889 Charlea T. Bunting, note, 790 Jamea Belknap, note, June, 1840, 480 White A Richards, note, 900 Brown A McCutoAina, note, Dec. 1838, 896 One coupon for ?5 198.6 I., being half years interest on bond No. 189, (Indiana Improvement Lean) due January 1,1840, signed "J. Coe, CommY." The Virginia House of Delegates haa again emitted aomeraysof the ancient glory of the " Old Dominion," so long obscured by the foul vapors that arosa from the festering rottennesa of her banking system. They have pasaed, by a vote of 74 to 48, the bill to pay their debts by taxa'ion. Through want of vigilance, the State expenses Vmtran its means ; until at the opening of the present se-sion, tho credit of the State was tarnished, end claim* for 31,099,463 waa presented at the State Treasury, which could not he met. In vaia her pettifogging lawyers and Qorrupt financiers, with their pnrasite organs, cried " all'* Well." They prearhnd that the State credit was sound and that therefore shp should pay her debts by borrowing The true ("tends of Virginia, in blunt language, told hei her true position, and the unshaken honor or her citizen* has promptly applied the proper remedy. Mr. Randolph, n the 14th inetant, clearly stated the condition of the tate, as lollews: 1/ VlHOINIA KlNtHCU ?'0R 1813. Demands on the Treasury/or . Means prmsided by bill. the year 1843. Lsan Iruin biukx. 275,MIO Interest en bt, 433,960 Licensetix. . 75,0Co ?x peases of the (Jov- Bypayireut in stock rri.mrut, 457,000 of ceitain emageDue to banka, 350,000 men's for Internal Due on public works. 51,703 Improvement, 51,703 lulerr<t old James Ri- Increase of tax on vrr Cotnpauv, 41,800 lands, be., 78,367 Due July lat, 1843 , 50,000 Increase on uuw tubChirges of Internal jeeta, 67,000 laiprovament, 5,009 Existing taxation, B-8,0 In B 'j;ia $1,389,463 $1,415,100 ' '? $25,637 To meet coDtiugenciea estimated at, $30,000 Mr. Randolph remarked as follows:? The loan made in December of the Bank*, to meet the pruning exigencies of the Treasury, was viewed abroad as a step towards repudiation, and was ao declared in the New York papers, and increased the discredit of Bank and State. The of this hill, so long discussed and considered, will go trumpet-tongm d to our sister States as adding another to the black list ol dishonored Republic*, This appeal to Virginian* was irresistable, ond the bill passed by a majority of 29, increasing the taxes near (226,000. Virginia refused to take her share of the pluadprof the national treasury?refused to Join the troops ol canting beggars that seek to throw their debts upon tha auuiuers 01 other States, through the larce ot assumption, under the hypocritical cry of saving the national credit? hut as soon as she was convinced that taxation was necessary, she puts her hand in her pocket and pays the money. That is the only method by which national, State, corporate, or individual credit can for a moment be sustained. There are indeed,many',8tatos]whose debts have become so accumulated that tho people are unable to pay. The only ceurso for them to adopt, is to sell their werks, and pay as much as they can. Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania have pretended to do the same thing, but they ottered their works under such restrictions as were tantamount to repudiation. If they owe debts, and are possessed of property, that property should be disposed oi at its real value, and the proceeds, as far as they will go, given to the creditors. If they otter to sell their wotks at rates far above their cash value, and compel the bondholders to take them at those rates or nothing, what is it but bare, faced repudiation of the difference between the real and nominal value? State creditors and the public generally have been painfully obliged to examine into the true state of atfairs, and the truth is self evident, that if the debts are paid at all it must be by taxing the people, in whose name they were contracted. No shuffling, scheming, nor borrowing, will answer the purpose. Tho people now understand the difference between actually paying and giving new promises to pay. In those States where money was borrowed for bankiig purposes, it has been lost. In those States where it was spent upon|public works, it is worse than lost; because all those works are a bill of expense instead of revenue. This is the case in Ohio, Pennsylva tion, Illinois, and Maryland; consequently there is no property really available to reimburse the debts. The proceeds of hard laher are the only resource. Salca at the Stock KxrhMtisra. $11000 OhioVs, 1860 70)4 25*has Pheuix Bank 97 ilWO do S3 7o>? 23 D> 1 Hud <>n 60 ds CHS 3 >00 do 70 20 National Bank % 5<>ft0 do 69V 25 Mech Bke Ass 75 2000 do snw 71 5 F^nkl o Bulk 51 2<>00 do snw 09V 10 Howard ins 100 1000 do 69V 15 Utica & Schenectady 116 6000 do G9,V "0 Auburn &. Roch 96 2 00 Kentucky stw 85V 5 do 95V 2000 do i3 8 V 25 Mohawk 130 29 1000 do b3 85V 30 do 59 6s 00 do 85 V 50 do s30 28V 2000 do s3 85'4 25 Patersou 4lV Second Board. lOshas Kar's Loan Co 14 Commercial Stock Exchange?18 Wall at. $'000 N y 6's, 1862, s30 101V 1000 I linois 6's, 1870, a 321 \ 1"00 Ohio 6's, 1860, s3 7"V 1000 do 21V 1000 do >3 70V 6000 Kentucky 6's 83V IHOO do 70 V 1000 do bnw 83 V 2000 do btw 70V 1000 do 1)30 85V 1000 do b3 70V 10?0 do bw 85V 1000 do b3 70.V 3000 do sl5 85'.i 2000 do bnw 70 2000 do tw 85V 2000 do S3 70 50shs Harlem, cash 15V 1000 do tw 70 50 Pat erson s60 43V 240110 do 69V 25 Canton Co bl5 211 1000 do 69v 25 do >30 19V 1000 do b3 70 10 do 20 2000 do bnw 7?V 25 Meek Bk As, k30 75V 3000 do bnw 70V Second Board. S1000 Ohio 6'?, 1860 f9? 3000 Ohio 6's,1860 blO fin1* 10(10 do fi'tji 2000 do 60 1000 do 69?* 300* K Mucky 6'i 85 8000 do 69 M 5"O0 do s20 <5 1000 do b3 GOV loco do b3 85hj 1000 do i3 fiW 6000 do btw 1 * .1(100 do 60M 10(0 do tw 81 1(100 do btw 69>4 1000 do ill 81 3 '00 do btw 69 25 shas ('anion Co blO 20 2000 do 30th 69 25 do bit 20)4 Stat* of Trad*. The following is a comparative table of the export* ol produce fiom Quebec for 1843 a* compared with some far. mer year*:? 1831. 1810. 1811. 1812. Allies, Pcarli, barrels, 6.095 11,385 7,319 9 59? Pots, (to 23,013 13 ( 85 14,6 3 18,073 Beef, do 3,524 4 057 3,829 9 752 Biscuit, cwt. 5,7(5 3,131 1,840 I 013 Butter, lbs. 61.607 476 2 38 217.351 54 3 75t i heese, do 3,537 3.761 16.841 6,303 Fish, Cod, ewt. 69,902 55,573 49,013 98,9(6 Heiriugs, barrel*, 412 387 772 170 Msckeiel, do 388 24 178 102 Salmon, tierces, 436 36 1 380 503 Flour, barrels, 88,565 330,082 357,831 311,4X0 Oiain, Barley, minots, 882 78 4,662 867 Oats, do 3,681 1.471 776 2.904 Peas, do 1.682 63,559 128.610 79,089 Wheat, do 57,367 151,3.0 562 862 207,7^ Hams, lbs. 7.464 8.631 17,024 68.456 Lard, do 15,155 142,451 496,326 161,903 Meal, Cora, barrels, 61 2.185 76 663 Oat*, do 68 6,181 JT6I7 7,564 Onions, do 127 317 285 492 P ik, do 7,255 14,732 33,557 42,550 Tongues, ke. kegs, 117 193 76 232 This shows a great falling off for the last y ear in wheat and Hour, but a great increase in ashea, butter and port. ?9sAej?1The market is quiet. Pearls are at $6 75. Cotton?Holders let their cotton go at a small reduction for low qualities. Sales 600 balea a day, lrom 6 to 7 cent*. Flour? Genesee firm at $4 75 ; Ohio, $4 62}; New Orleans, $4 50 a 4 62}; Richmond Country and Petersburg. $4 12: Georgetown, $4 25. Grain?Illinois to arrive, at 90c. Cern, 51 a 52c i* the price. Rye 57 a 68. Barley 47 a 48. Oih?Salea ot crude sperm at 32 a 33c. Tatlow? Sales Wiatern at 7c. Proviiiom?Barrel lard at 5j. Trade In Dry Uoosla. There appears to be a slight increase in the businesa in this city. More strangers have arrived, and aales are larger. Yet the trade is comparatively smallTransaction* indicate some health in the business of thi country, ar.d the operations for the season w ill tinqnes tionahly he upon a specie basis, and not upon the in lute, credit system of formerdays. Those who purchase do sc with an eye to their actual wants. They do not hu) largely, in the hopes of a greatly augmented trade; the) take such goods us they want, w ith the intention of pay ing for them. Thifl has ffivpn a h?oI(hv fond M ?nr morb-rvt and mar chants have laid in fresh itock* of geods to meat th< wants ol comumori. The dealers from the interior wh< have already made their appearance, have given a sligh impulse to trade, and let thepricea at a point that wil probably be regular, for the aeason. In most cases, frest foreign goods have advanced a little, hut not enough t< cover the increased tariff ; yet by a decline an the othei side of the Atlantic, there is margin sufficient for a fan profit. Manv kinds of old foreign goods have (alien ir prices, merely because they have gone out of date, anc there fore out of fashion. In domestic manufactures there has been no Improve IMBt in prices, and it is not likely that there will be anj this season. The raw material is so very low, with a great crop not all brought forward, that the manufacturer article can be atforded at never lower prices. It appeari that the raw material which our manulacturera u?o tr make coarse cottons, and thence up to No. 40 costs but 3^ to cents a pound, and when the prices of the raw arti cle tire so much depressed it is not to he expected that ma nufacturad goods will range higher than they now do. It might a? well be stated heie as any where else, thai our supplies of dry goods, of foreign and domestic menu facture, are of excellent selections and worthy the inspec tion of purchaser*. Cattle Market. The storm preveated the supply ol cattle from coming forward to-day. There were not more than six hundred Beeves, five hundred Sheep and one hundred Cows and l Calves in market. Cows are down in prices while Beeves and Sheep hnvr advanced a little. The range for the latter is now from $4 50 to 6B7J a hundred weight. Cowes and Calvei brought from $17 to $34 a head, Sheep from $1 60 to $4 6C each. The quality was generally good. Foreign Markets, Havana, March 5.?Beans, white, 4 a (1 rls; Beef, No. 1, '1 Prlmi- and Mess, 64 a 74; Butter, American yellow, 24 s 00; Candles, mould, 16 a 10 0; Sperm, SO a 31; Cheese American, 16 a 17; Codfish, qql, '4 a 4; do hhds 4 3 alt Corn, Indian shelled, 3 a 4 4; Flour, Philadelphia and Bui' titnore, 13 4 a 09; ditto New Orleans, 14 4; Hams, 04 a 10 Herrings, smoked, 6 a 7 ; Lard, N O, 10a 14; Mackerel No. 8, 8a70; Onions, 6a0 0; Pork, cargo Fastens and Mess, 9 a 11; do N Orleans, 9 a 11; do clear, 14 a IS; Pot a toes, 1 4 a 4 4; Rice, 4 3 a46, Coffee, 1st quality,9 a 10; 3d and 3d qoality.6 a 7 4; ditto, triage, 3 a 4 4; Honey,31 a o Molasses, keg 5} gallons, do a 0; Sugars, assorted, 4J n rt 10; ditto white alone, 8] a 10; do brown, 4J a 4}; d yellow, 6 a 6; Segars, 6 a 45; Lumbvr, hoops 30 a 34 hoards, Portland W P, 17 0 a IB; other eastern ports, 401 441; ritch Pine, 18 a 40 0; Shingles, 3 0 a 4 9; Shook* with headings, 6 a 11; Sugar box shook*, 6) a 7. h.Trhante.? On London,60 days sight,8 a 91 pram; New York. 1 a 3) prcm; Boston, 1 a 3$ prem; N Orleans, shoil sight 3^n IJprem; Spain, 3 a 6J pm; Paris, 4 a 6 dis. Fi sig6/ ? Po the United States, box sugars 41 a It Coffee, 4 a 4; Molasses, $3 a 3$. 9t nrrleil. On Sunday,th# 19'h instant, at St Peters' Church, bv the Rev Mr. Andrade, Mr. ALrxAisnrn Wiohtor to' )4<v so a a O'Svllivas, only daughter ol James O'Suilivtan noth ot this city. i DIsmI. At Somen, the 7th instant, Sarah Ann, daughter oi F J. Collin, aged 46 years. At Somors, th* ltth instant., wife of John Mead. ag?3 *0 yen" PuMii|?n Arrived. London?Packet ship Toronto?H P Hnlbert, lady, two children and aerrant, New York ; Mrs A Johnaon, Montreal;Mrs '"hard and child Buffalo; E Buruaud, Switterland; H Pratt, London? IJ in the steerage. .... , , LirrnrooL?Packer ship New York?Ree Chaa Wor*1'"' ?' Canada; O L Shaw, Brooklyn, LI; H Sparry, D Maranall, ol N*w York?56 in the ateerage. u Hio dk Jankibo?Bar,joe Hothaclidd?Captaina Hanry Howa d, E Nirkrr.ou, R Swain, and Griffin. m , , Chasi.kiton? Biig Tybca?Mra S Stow, F A Roaard and ladv K i Johnaon. Dr J Lehroaier, W H Wright, T Suowden, T Blancy, K W igtlelder, W Farehrd?and 4 in the iteerage. foreign Importation a, Liyrarooi.?Shiii Now York?28 pkgs Thompaoa h CO?5 Pntyn, \V ilson (k Vvaaburgh?I Fellows, W.nliwotlh 8c co?13 H Tin'on?4 S'eldou ik Siniih?I Kennedy 8c May?I Wetmore 8cco?1 Gilleapie ik co?29 Garner 8c en?I Pe hody.RutKJ 8c rn? I G Harmer?3 C H Kit stinger 8c co? I LJ Wyetn? I R K Wing?10 I) Fry?4' R Hy?lo 8c >on? IE M Sale?139! b?ra 65' b-ils iron Newb dd 8c Cm i?12 |.k* Warren. Hart 8l Leales? 3 Blaclcler Sc Boyarl?1! O Qmun, Troy?1 G H?uford?I J 8 SrgraTf?1 W Baitou?43 Sam's. Fox Sc cn?I Ihhoiaon. Pearce 8c co?4 C Mo r< II?8 Moore, Baker 8c co?fi J 8c C Berrian?5 R Pitrirk 8c c.o?I Collin, Bradle\ 8c eo? 3 T W Cnit?1 J Contiali?3 C w Co it?1 \. Vina 8c co?18 Engler 8c Scott?13 Siniih, Scott 8c co?2 Walt 8c Brother?I J (ijhon 8c co?J Po?t 8c Main ?6 A Mitchell 8c co?:6 Tooker, Mead 8c co?3108 b-tra iron I) ,via. Brooke 8c co?2 i ka Bird, Gillilan 8c co?4 J J L?gra?<? 2 B Whitewrigbt?I Walton 8c TownaeDd?1 G llaatitiga?I Haletead 8c U tah?3 Patrick He co?5 W, lib li Mallory?3 J A Newb Id?I Bill, dark 8c co?I K Gruudv?t Hall Brolliera?2 Denuiatou 8c Ditbrow?9 J M,Call Sc co?1 L Atteibiny?I W Van Antweri ?I (1 H Kellogg 8c co?4 N Pri e 8c co?3 T Halt ? I W Carr?3 (4 C Thoiburn?4 Fletcher 8c co?1 J B Ellinan ?10 Peariou 8c co?570 t-dla hoop 1010 do iron G W Sbielda?33 pka Underbill 8c co?1 W B Bend?30 Kichardinn 8c Walton? 7rc bara I9'2 b Ha Newbold 3l Cial't?28 halea 14 bkta 35 crti 11 ca 4 bis 4873 hara iron to order. London?Ship Toronto?,'aipkai Pirkerigill kro?4' George Meyer 8c ton?5 Beukar.l 8c co?33 Dodge, Camming 8c co?4 U Biteg 8c co? 2 O H'tirv? 5 Wm Vvn?3 J K lleuck?10 L J Cohen?3 Caffe 8c Melbera?34 C 11 F Waller?13 G B Morewood?3 J Bruce?4 J M OppenhaiNi?3 O M Mayweed 8c co? 5 Wiley & Putnam?89 Uarstnw 8c co?22 M G linan?2 Hill 8c Sherman?J J Cnnuah?11 Birlow 8c Brothers?5 O Lott?II Prime, Ward 8c King?53 ct 34 lihda 117 ck? to order. Hio dk Jankibo?Bar,pie Until child?so bags coffee Brett 8c Voae?9I00 Orinnell, Miuttirn It co?800 E Fled! r?14# 1' L Brett?80 Wm Ballard?12 (1 W Stap'ei?194 C Nickeraon, Moment Ic linportatloiiu. Darikn?BrigJVew Jeraer?267 ba'ei cotton II R Oravoi?37 ? ofc"iic-? n */?m ? i:?j? i<1 nmunK :?iiiip?1\ y\ y\v#?rin i & c?>?18 'I M Dnnill?100 otter akint 1 hbl bf?*?wa* 11 S Wil- I liamt?-82 hid?'? G5 bbl* ol?j copper I <1? bcfiw^i J Cats?10 ck? J rice & Foril?31 hi<!e*3 half? cotrou Doe & Hoi'att. ' Charleston? Britf Tvb**e? IJfc let ncc Pillot 8< Le Baibicr ?01 Boyce & Adams?10 Thomson L Adams?30 J Rich?31 J M Present'?HO W H Kimball?10 Tisdale 8t Borden?39 hales cofton 3mith. Mills 8c to?2 cs L Watson Ic co?30 h*?i inbtrco ArUins 8c Brothers?I I do wine Hoi' 8i Owen?15 000cocoa nuts W Anderson?I boi J P Staitu?I W H Smith?2 Towmend fc Brothers?45 tcs rice O BulkUy?25 bales cotton 20 b*s mdse to orilrr. MAR IT I ME HERALD. Ship Maitcn and Amenta. We shall esteem it a favor, if Cnptaius of Vessels will give to Commodore Kobkht Sii.vkv, of our News Fleet, a Heport of tlie Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and auv Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. tie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, wih also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, MARCH 21. St'* RISKS 6 4 I MOON Rist:a 1? 6 SUN 6 II I HIOH WATKR 12 21 Cleared. Brig Linden, Oiiftilh. Mahile, 8tmg?s St Clearman.?Schrs Madison, K< I'ar, New Orleans, Brett St Vose; Viiginian, Walpole, Norfolk. Siurges St Cleannati; Maigaret, Woglam, Petersbnrg, Jas Hunter. Arrived. Packet ship Toronto,Oriswold. from London and P< rtsmonth, Feb. (1. with tndse, to John OrlsWold, Tlie T, has been 28 d '\ s this side of the Bulks, with one cont'nual gale from the NW. On 'lie night of the 1st inst. in a tremendous hurricane, was s'rnck hy lightning, passing down the foremast, knockiugdown all hands, ami lie tanlly killing a boy na-ed James Collins, of New York; half an hour later, was again struck, passing down tne iniinmas*. and bursting ten (cet above the deck with a tremendous explosion, covering the Iwholo deck with fire, but causing no damage. Packet ship Ontario, Bradish, from London and Portsmouth, Fch. 5, with indse, to Grinncll, Militurn Si Co. Packet ship New York, Crooner, from Liverpool, Feb. 8, with muse, to M. Marshall anil Uoounue at La. Hu experienced very hea?y weather dnring the passage, and lost a number of tails; Ins been 10 days off the Hook?in ihe late NE. gale was in sight of the light boat, and was obliged to earry a carrv a rerv heavy pre-s of sail to keep off the land. Feb. 23, lat 43,1 n 57. Inst overboard Robert Mercer, seaman. 9th lost. I it 35 45, log 63, spoke British brig Diadem, from Denterara for H-llfl*. Ship John Mintnrn. Ptark. 14 days from New Orleans, with cotton. Ste to Wei. Nelson. Barque Rothschild. I.awry, from Rio de Janeiro, Jan. 30, with coffee, to Brett & Voae. 12'h nit. lat 18, Inn 38, saw ship Frat.klin, K-n edv, frum Rio for NYotk; 5th inst. lat 27, Ion 73, snokr. ship Sarah St Artilia, from Havre lor Apalaclucola, 80 davs out. Hamburg barque Washington, Kruger, 63 days fm Hamburg, with md<e, to Schmidt St Balchen. Barque Oenl Scott, Cunningham, 8 davs from Boston, in ballast, to S. W. Lewis Brig E. D. Wolf, Renton, 24 days from New Orleans, with sugar and molasses, to muter. Brig New Jersey, Brown, 7 davs from Darien, with cotton, to R. M. Dtmill. No date, lat .7 21, Ion 73 40, spoke sclu Potomac, hence, steering 8 by W. The N J. encountered the gale of the 1-th, off Hatteras, and was thrown on her beam ends. Biig Tvbee, Ogden, 5 davs from Charleston, with cotton and i rice, to O. B'tlkley. The T. experienced the late NK gale in lat 38. Ion 74 30?lost two bales cotton, store bulwarks, split sails be. r Schr Thus. Wvnns, Oiskill, 18 days from Wilmington, NC, via Little Kgg Harbor, where she rode out the late gale, with naval stores, to master. 8rhr Paul Jones, Smith, from Newborn, NC. with shingles, to master. Sclir Isaac Townsend, Carr, 5 days from Georgetown, DC. j with IlourMo W.R.JtC Hi'chcock. i Sclir T. B. Odel', Smith, 6 days from Bnndywine, with corn Ml, to Allen b Pas-on. 8chr A'mira, .Merrick, 3 days from Philadelphia, with mdse, to A B. Cooley. Sclir Iodine, Blew, 3 days from Philadelphia, with mdse, to m itler. Schr New Jersey, Bell, from Philadelphia, with mdse, to muter. Schr Joseph Nichols, Smith, from Viiginia, with mdse, to master Sloop Thos. Davis, H rkman, 7 days from Braadywine, with , corn meal, to Allen It Paxson. UCIOWt | One ship, unknown. Herald Marine Correspondence. Rio de Janeiro, Jin 29. In port?Onlnare. Gibaon, from Baliia, utic; Paris. Hoffman, | put hack leakv; Holder Borilcu, (wh)Pill, from Fall Hirer; Warren, (wit) Cle'eland, from a cruise, unc; Pioneer, Claik, from Baltimore, nnc; Col Howard, Prentiss, from Kicnmoud, for Baltimore. to sail in 4 uayn; Hortensia. Lambert, fm Ca> it., disg; Duan, Foster, from and for Anirola, 20; Susan, Newcomh, from and for New Yoik, to commence Idg in < diys; J nes, Nirkerson from Purnambuco, sold; Odessa, Gallagher, from Bahia for NYork.t; Tuscany, Prince, fm Ceire.unc, Sardius, Lindscy, from Moutevideo for Peruarnbuco; Trenton, Pnman, and F.scalus. Stanhope, from B.hia, diait; Montezuma, Killy. and Z,ine, Wilkius from Baltimore, do; Chipola, Lane,' from Perinmbnco, do; Tweed, H ' inn. Montevideo, doi'Rosarw, Taylor, Pernamtwco, nnc. Alsoiu poit, L' S ship Delaware, ! Irom Montevideo. Merchants' Kicharoc, > Boston, Sunday, Match 19?I r. M S Arrived?Barque John Brower, Sutton, Mobile; brig Timoleon, Bliveus, Apalachicola. No clearances yeaterdav r M. We last evening received the following letter from our corres|<ondeiit at Hyannis, dated 17th iu?t:? " This morning .he wind blew a severe gale from tha HE ! which lasted about six hours, ami then changed to bW. and is , now blowiug hard from that quar'er. There three vessels in harbor when the gate commenced?Schrs Mail. Croweij, from Boston for Norwich; Marion, Gould, do for New Bedfonl. and sloop .) C? Myers, Lovett, da for New York. The Mail is at an hor, and considered sale The Marion has drifted ashore | half a mile to the w?sl of Ihe harbor, among the rucks, hu' it reported to be tigh , and if the gale abates soon, may not re. reive much damage. The I O Myers has goae ashore not far ' Irom the M and is in a very bad condition. The captain hat ' iusl left her. and reporta her foil of water. Both veaseli are laden with frnit ana men liMolise."' Ai Salem, 17th inat. tclir Deposit, Kendrick, from NYork for Boston. Kvr West. March 6. 1817. Inconsequence of the prolonged absence of the Judge ol our > D sirict Court, the cases of brigs Isaac Mead. Frances Ashhy, t and Herald, libelled for salvage, have not yet been heard. The 1 mechanics v nt nut by the underwriters on the Is lie Mead, are , rapidly fi'titig her for sea, and ahe will mall probability be on J her voyage again in a month or ait weeks. The case of the Frances Ashhy is here emphatically called a "hard" out?snd will doubtless develope some bung'ing attempts at fraud upon p nuderwriieri. She was run on ?h"rr by the master within I twenty five miles of this place, to save the cargo, and was nlI leged to be sinking A great portion of ihr cargo was ssved, and (he vessel was atrpi and abandoned by his ordi r Since lh'-n. however, narlica not int?ie*rcd in these transactions pumped the vi eeel out and brought hrr to thi< port, when a number of angor holes were fouud m her bottom An agent f ' the underwriters i. here looking on nnd taking. notes. You I (ball hear of the matter as it progresses. i Schr Palestine, from New York lor Mobile, came in thii , evening. xm Office nr thf. Rhode Islander,) ! -?*i Newport. March 16, 1811. S Arr 14th, Oen Brnnard, Pottf r, ami Riva1, Prrsbv. fin Providence for NYoik; 15th, Thorn, NYork for Fort Adams. Ifith?5 sclira air last night, one of them a h'ge lore and after from Baltimnief"r Doston. Kid Yankee, (_? n Brainard, and Rival. NYork. Elliot, lor Boston, is looting her sails, and the arlir from Baltimore for Boston is under way at 8 a m?wind WNW, light. Oaneral Record. raciit snip IIlnurick Hudson, for Loudon, will not sail till Wednesday. Pat kf.t ship Liver pool, is now at her betth at Burling slip. ' She sails for Liverpool on the 16th proximo. Ship Montgomery, Constant, 9 dayt from Boston, bound to M uirttius, with an assorted cargo, anchored in Mnrray'a ani choraae, Autnua, on 'he 4rh inst. in distress, being leaky, and i loss of bulwarks, soars, Ike. which injury was sustained in a I heavy gale of wind from SW on the 4th and 5th nit. to the NW. of Bermuda. The M.has 300 tons of ice on board, and an ice house coinpl. te, ready to erect at the Mauritius on her arrivsl there. Ashore.?Capt. McFarland. of the Harsh Ann, at Philadelphia Imm Norfolk, reports having seen on Saturday last, at 4 p m, a herin brig, panted bhrk, with a while s'reak, ashore on ' ihe Pilch of 4'apr Hcnlnpen, also, two schrs ashore inside the Beacon Light. SchrCoi. Hsnson, for New York, was driven ashore at , Wilmington. NO. in the late gale. St-hr United States, from New York for rhilsdelf hn, was driven ashore in the gale at llerrysford. Vessel a total loss. Pot of cirgo saved. : Sens Lucia, of Tncker'on, NJ. was sunk at Little Eve llaroot in the g de of Thursday. Ship Orient, at NewOrleans, reports?In lat 24 30, Ion SO 51, I passed a. ship bottom upwards, copper bottom?apparently about : 300 tons. , Lapnch ?The fine ship Lady Arbella, was to be launched at 111 If ist, vie. Oth inst. She is of beautifn1 proportions, and anp, rmr model and workmanship, about 400 tons burthen, built principally of white oak, southern pine, juniper, fcc and copper 1 fastened. She is to be commanded by Capt Joaiah Simpson. ' Whalemen, New LoNtieN, March '5?Arr Julius Cesar, Oihhs, 41 days fn Kt Helena witn 2?()0 bbls wh. Spoke Aug 8, Prtocion, NB ' il mos, lOnil wb *ro -p; S. 11 10, Cass rider, Pp videuce, 300 sp, I2tb, lat 31 30 Ion 59, J ho A F lies, \ L. I whl; Messenger, do, 200, Cb'rles Drew, NB, 1st 35 12, Ion 10 18 todays our .lean, Niis 7, M ntpitier, do, p0; 1.1 , Me rr,iry,Sfnningloii,4l<, 4 whs: I6th, I ieorgia, NL 1709 bbls; I'haa Henry, do, M0; Sro nington do, e .0, 17'H. 1 'hsvlestou Packet, N It, 4 whs; s|, re?tor, In, 1500 wh OOOsp; 20th ?ronanl. Mystic, 6 wlis: D c 13. J? e 4, ii,eisei, 1.1 mi>a, 800 bbls Hi r ui.e, tor KH, sld lin St Hele na, 3days b fore. Al?o air, White Oak, Fitch, Rio Janeiro, with 100 bbls oil, 0,000 lb- bote , 100 lia'r sell sk lis. Arr tOth, Fro nits Brown, trnm South Co*st New Holland, St Helena Jan 17 3000 bbls wh, 300 ip ami 15 000 Ibv houe. Reports, July 24, Leander, mystic, ,14)0; Iris, NL, 710 wh 40 spin; Cervantes, do, 400 wh 110 sp. Spoke Nov 22, off ape Icewin, Chelsea, NL, 1680. Heard from, Oct 0, Pal'adinm, Prentiss, do, H50;in July, Pernvian,, 1600; Montezuma,Baker, do, 1550; in Nov, Mentor, Chester, do, 2500 wh 120 spot?Stiles Liudeey, 2d oScar, waa lulled on the 4th July laet, by the acei | dental discharge ofaguu; Hamilton, Bishop, Bridgeport, 1600 I bbls oil. ..A1 Pori Lincolu. Sept 15. Martha, Whelden, Hudson, 800 wh 500 ?p. Mr date*, of the Georgia, died at Delagoa Bar, time net atated. Spoken. Elliot. 8 day* from Boston for Philadelphia, 65 inilee E8E of Study Hook?by pilot host Phautnm. C jlurnbns, 7 days trom N?w Orleans for Liverpool, March 5, 40 miles \V ot Tortngaa. Win Giddard. 78 days from Liverpool for Mobile, Feb 83, ou the Bahama Bauks. Ooeilie, from Brcmeu for Baltimore, March 15, off Smith's Island. A small sclir, nam,-not recollected, from Bermuda for New York, no date, off H illerav Foreign Porta. Bat its', Hon. Feb IB?No American vessels iu i>ort. St Hklkma, J.IU 23-814 Massasoit, Webb, from Calcutta, for Boston. or Good Hops:. Dec 23-In port. Moslem, French, fin NYoik 3d Nov. lor < alcutti?Mr and Mrs Stiath passengers, and one in the steerage. Jan 6, Kobt Pulsford, Caldwell, from Boston. Ba ravia, Nov 30?In port, Kobt Kulten, rei>g. Home Porta. Bath. M?. March ??Arr Kosciusko, Rollins, Wiscasset, ta load for W Indies. Postlaivd, March 17?Arr Motto, Williams, Havana; Larch, Ahboit, NYorlt. Portsmouth, March II?Sid Talleyraud. Knowlton, Mobile. Gloucmtcr, March 15?Arr Dells, Norwood, Boston for Demerara. Marhlkhkah, March 17?Arr Clinton, Bartoll, Ca|>e Haytien. Salkm, March 15?Old Angeretta, Crowell, NYork. Phii.adki.piiia March '0?Arr Pearl, Prarce, Ooayatna ? Below, Braiirlywine, from Pernambuco; Mailland, do. 'II Wellington, (Br) Scott, Halifax; H Westcott, Vance, Wilmimc'on, NC. UaLTiMons'. March 16?Arr Harrier, Tihbets. I.nhec, Me; James, Hall, Boston; Win Henry, Baker, New Bedford; Ahiandria, Hudson, NYork. Cld Maria, Atwell, St Augailnia; Michiean. Trry. NV ok. Alkxandria. Mar, 1, M?Arr Thorn, NYork. KicHMorri), March 13?An Ann F.liza, NYork. WiLMtvrrroiv, N'C. March 15?Arr Sir Jamea Kempt, ( By)

Cole. .Cm lica. Cld Aurora, Barry, Uuadaloupe; Kiaiicea Ellen. R< rry, do. Waihi>oto.,v, NC. March 14?Arr Globe, Gaakill, West Indies. Charlfsto*, March 15?Air Clareudon, S'oddard, Liverp'l; Deverea'ii, (Br) Barton, do; St Mark, Bntman. Savanuah ? Cld Andrew Scott, Emery: Hihetnia. Buutii It; Marathon, Brown. and Wonditork, (Br) Taher, Liverpool; Susannah, ( Br) Chapman, Conenhageu. Cld Ifitli, B rrlow, ( Br) Fe II, Li?< rpnol; Howell, Morrn, II ivaua; Col T Sheppaid, Cooper, Wed Indies. Savannah March 14?Cld St Mirk, Bnlmaa, Charleston; Vest", Lane, Dan*n. Sid Calcdnni?. Alexander, Liverpool; Abigail, (Br) Vnlpev. do. Arr 14th, Quern. (Br) Dickson. Liverpool; Miuapia, (B-l H linn, Bermuda; Democrat, Howes, BosMn; Commerce, Loll.I.liarleslou; John Spofford, Spoffu d, NOrleans; Roht Bruce. Cnrsen, Baltimore?sorke 7th iust. lat 3140, Ion TOM U 8 schr Orampu., on a cruise. Cld John Ben'lcy, ( Br) Dishrow, Liverpool. Apalalhicola, March 4?Arr Eltslra Dcnnison, Doanr, N York; Whomore, Lake, do; Comberl.i'd, White, Boston; 4'herokee, Usher, H rvana. Cld Feb 27, Q'linnebaug. Hulton, Bosto ; Eliergv. Selle*, NOrleans; 2mh, Win Ozinair, Murphy, Havana; Mar 1. J Cohen, Jr, Moore,NYork; 2d, Mazeppa, Srni'li, Havre; 4th, Cyrus, Currier, Liverpool; Pioneer, Smith, Boston Mobile, March 8?Arr John Odlin. Hanover NYork; Sarah. Robinson, Portland; Shannon, Pike, London; Frances Ann, V Ysrk; Odeon, Nickerson, Boston Air 9th. Mearns, (Bi) Drymore, London; J Brown, Head, Havana. Cld 4'oitou Planter, Doane. Havre. Arr 10th, Lorena Urqnhart, Havre: Monument, Marshall, do; Ciucinna'i, Wilson: Savannah. Hawlcy; Grand Turk, Norton, and It W Brown, Kelly, NYmk; Alice, Tnrr, Portland; Vesper, Smith, Sr Thomas. Cld Louisa, Snow, Liverpool; Augusta, roil, Havana; Anton, Chase, Providrnce. New Orleans, March 7?Arr Bombay, Gay, Hio Janeiro; Florence. Cashing, do; Arkansas, Burgess, New York; Orient, Bailey, Gibraltar; Vir.iorius, (Fr) Yslloir, Bordeaui via Sisal: Alhann Boston, Noifolk; Porto Kico, McOilverv, Porto Kieo; Uocas, G >ldiug Havana; Gleaner. Katon, Berhadoes; Prince Al'ert, Flint, St JjUfo de Cuba; Warrior, Griffiths, Havana.? Cld Persian. Bobbins, Havre; Or'eens, 9>'ar?, NYork; Convoy, Carney, Bosten; Forrest.O mstrd, Belize, 11 .n; Maigitet Ann, Holmes, I ait una. Arr 8th, Newcastle, Ad tins, St Croix; Baltimore, Haskell, Boston. '*'d Genesee, Jack; United Stat>s, Decan; Oakland, Barry, Viola, Jameson; Massaehuseits, Wilson; Id me*Coward, W. bsier, and John 'ai vr r, Pendleton^ all for Liverpool; Alobaina, Harriett, Marseilles; Orleans, Smith, Richmond; Caucasian, Sprague, Philade'phis; C?'ih, Porterfield, do; Cathariue. Vesper, Brliimore; Aruares, Hatch New York; Mary Maria, Ulmer, City Point, Vi; Ssran, Anthony, Cape Hayt'en. Arr 9th, Spring, Hamilton, NYork; Tacitu , Birstow, B wton; Tiger, Look. Charleatnu; Vespasian, Cutter, do; Seaman Wrstoir. NYork; Titos Cutts, P. rkins, do; Manuelita, (8|>) Fexreras, Havana; Edwin, Hineklev. do; Fanny, Pat'erson, Kingston; Wellinaton, Brown, a- d William, Baker, St Thomas. Below. Edna. Cld Natchez, Snow, Nantz: Damascus, <;hase, Hitnbnrg: Rocket, Thompson, Boston; Oneco, Itut'er; Amanda, Lermmol; Brazilian, Hickboru; Alexander, Robinson, and Pom fret, Hiegms, NYork THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW YORK, iN CONNECTION WITH THE PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND. T^HE GLOBE HOTEL, at New York, has for several J- years -evo advantageously known, not only to the American. but to the European frav?ll-r, it having bean the resort of many of rhe distinguished persons who have visited theUuited Sl?re. The nroi.rrel.i. nflhr r. r .hi I, li ,??nl i. ur,refill lor rh . liberal support he has rtceirrd from tr sellers o( all nation*, hiii] led? <MM that the arraugeincnts he is now making, will secure a continuance of their patronage. Mauv improvements iinve been made in the iu'eii irol the H >*el preparatory to he commencement of i new season; and to meet the exigencies of the promt timei, the ciiargesf r apartm*nU,for meaia, nud for wiues, have been reduced mid d > not exceed thoae of hotels of the rame class throughout the Union. The frequenters of llie Globe have an advantage over 'hose nl almost every other honse?they een limit their expenditure. In the Kestaurant, every thing it supplied a la carte, the price being affixed 'gainst each dish, so that a traveller can either sit down to a feast worthy ef Ap'cua, or a repast as frugal as au Anchorite's. The viauds ate prepared according to the most apt roved system ol Kuropeau cookery, by experienced French cooke, and for va iety and exce leuce may challenge comparison wit" those Wf (he best Parisiau res'aurateurs. The domestic arrangements are of a very superior order; every thing is conducted with the most miunte regard to the comfort ot I li-guest*. The wnt?rs and other attendants are respec'lul know th-ii business, and go tfcn ugh it without bustie or roufutiou The Olooe, in fact, combines all the comforts of a private re idence with the ?dvintages o a first-rale hotel. IVmus snrtasMi in it mwt'i oi'iwwuliriiii the most nuine.-ous families, with splendid drawing rooms attached?otheis tor smaller families, or separate bed rooms for single 'revellers. In addition to the above, tli ? O'obe possesses an excellent Ba hoig Kstsblishment, sup, Ind from the Croton Aqueduct, where hot and cold water baths may- be had from teveu in the morning until eleven at night This is luxury which every traveller knows the advantage of; and it is greatly enhanced by being ulile to obtaiu it in the honse in which he stays. What can be more refreshing than a w.ann bath, after the fatigue of a long and uncomfortable sea vovaee, or even a land j lururyl The liathinv establishment is fitted up in the bestParisisu style, and the tia'her* aie sup; lied wnli large wrapping gowns (Peignoirs) and sn abundance of oth-r liueu. The local position of the Globe is one that will reci mmend it either to ihe man of f>sbiou or the man of holiness; it is situated at shout au rqual di-lvnee from the Kxchangc; in Wall st, and ilie Battery,that de igh'ful marine promenade, which commands so magnifo-eni anew of the Bay ol New York. The proprietor of'lie O'obe has just concluded arrangements for taking that splendid building, "THE PAVILION," AT NEW BRIGHTON, and is fitting it up in a superior style of elegance and comfo t. Those who have wot v isited the Taviliou, may form some idea of the extent of the establishment, when they are informed tint two hundred and lifly perrons can be comfortably accomm >dated within its wa'la. Along thepriucipa-frput, which is upwards of two husdred and thirty feet in jengih. runs a noble piazza, formed bv lorty columns. The piazza Irons the Bav of New York, and roup minds the most splendid views of the Jersey shore, the cities of New York and Brooklyn the Hudson and Kast riven, Long Iiland, and the cuast of Slaten Island, nearly as far as the Narrows. The grand dining room, which is oue of the largest and best proportioned -n the United States, can comfortably accommodate three hundred and fifty guests, and aj a ball ro ?m, is altogether unrivalled. There is a covered corridor, which traverses the cen're of the estsblishmeut, shout fifteen feet in width, and of the same lengih as the ixarzi, which lorm au admirable promenade for he ladies aud thilaren, either in wet Wi ath*r or when the sun istoopowerfu to permit their veniuribg ahioad; this communicates with the wings, in esch of which there is corridor of 136 feet in length, also uud- r cover. '1 he whole building is well ventilated: the rooms are loftv,spa-tons and light. The wa as and drives its Stalen Island, aie varied and beautiful. From the Pavilion, there are excellent roid.s leading d iwn to the Narrows, the I ivhl mist, tumid A in hoy Bay to Itichinond andihr Kills, aud through the centre of thst Island, by the Clove road. Siateu Iiland, in Get, possesses advantages superior to those of any s ot in the Union; and the sea bathing it i icellent. The Proprietor is miking arrangements for a daily supply of ihe Waters, froui the principal Springs at Saratoga, to thst the frriineuters of ihe Pavili-jii.will have the advantage of diiuking thrae waters, wi hoat the inconvenience of peiformiug a latiguingan l disagreeable j uirney of 200 inilei. There it a re -ding and smoking room for the gentlemen, in a building altogether dela-hed from ihe Pavilion. The distance from New York to New Brighton is under i i miles, and during th- whole of ll>? summer season, g o<l and well apiHiiuted ateemlioats will leeve Pier Vo. 1 em the Noith River. fuel v rw Br ghtori, rrgul-rly every hour, fromi hill-pas' 5 ill lke morning, un it 8 in the evening. The distance ia generally performed in tweuty-firc inn urea. F. BLA^CARD, m2l ?tw 5w Globe llo el. Mi B unlw >v. WASH1 N( i T() \' IA N C K L H K ATI (> \ ~ " TK..MPKHAN('Hi SOClKTI u' A iii llna cny ami rieility, wlio iuf- II I j lining ill the Proceta na nn ihe "9th, are r? jiictis-l >o furnish me, (nrihwiili the date or their org in rat inn, the number th at will probably parade, and the name ol their m<rthal in order lhat Uieirtegular pl'ce may be aaaiened tliein iu the line. JOSEPH ELLIOTT, mil lt*?c Grand M irahal af the Linn. HOB KOV BALL. WILL be giren at the Anollo Saloon, nil Monday F.vening, March '7''i, 1"4J. A full representation of ihecosluinet of the vaiioua Iln;. I .nd Clans will ha piearnt on the occasion. Tioke'a o bo had at The A|>< llo Saloon, Broadway. I|( wit! Si Co., Mnsir St re. Broadway. George Mnrefi n, corner Oi and and Kim itreeti. Joaeph < raig, Ml Pearl street. Th a W Mr Leary, 16 Blsecker itrect, Joseph Bruce, curuer 8ih Avenue aud I7th street, in'I 1w*iit CANARY BIRDS?A large lot of very fine Canary Bird* of Ihe ehoiceat kind, for aale cheap at 12 Dutch itrcet, Nrw Vark mil Jr*rc <7rsKANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT,' Office No 7 " Wall street. m2l FLY WHEEL WANTKU?One of about l.aOO to ziuii lb?. Apply at 159 Maiden Lane m2l It*re CONYEC I IONARY. FRUIT kSEOAK STORE FOR HALE?The anbarnher hemg ahuut t" remove to Horn's, nff-rs for tile the fixtnrea, atork, and busineaa of lua atnre. I it eligibly located , aud th-chsapsat rent in be atreet A a rn > 11 capital would ouirbeae the whole. For particular?, enquire" on the premnea. No 476 Broadway. m2l 3t*iC C KDMOf'. H. ( OLTON will deliver a course of hve leevT tiiryt, inthe Chanel of the New York University,on tbe Nonh American Indiana, their history, characteristics, genius and icl'gioua faith. First Lecture on Tuesday eveuiug neit, March 2l Subject?The first meeting of the American and Europnau. Tickets for the course $l; single tickets 25 cents. To he h id t ih- hook stores of Messrs. Wilev St Putnam, Bartlrtt 8t Well'ord, and Roe Lock wood, and at the door on tne evsuing ofthe leetii'ra. in2l lt*r no d UVOIIAMIR h'ving taken tha Ma-shall House, corner of Broadway and Bead sirael, and fitted it up commndionslv for the r- cep ion ol boarders, would most respectfully announce to the Iirselities in the United States, that he has .mple tcco-nmodstion for a I-r<? mm' sr ol gent'e nrn, wi li or witl out t^eir wi>-es, during the Pa-snser Holidays. P>rsous lee ling desirous ol m iking the Marshall House their home for uiv pari".I will And th?t no alt-u'n u or ei > nse sh ill he s|iar'd t.i render them comlortahle, and the pricei m'deralS to suit the times. is?2l 9w*r TAYNE'9 EXPECTORANT.?This is undoubtrdlv ' the most saluahle. (is it is d-cidiillv the most popular) medint e of its hind star introduced iato this Sme The ib maodfir t has heeo constant and in-resting, Iroin the fio.e it was lust offa ad to' sale here, (last Jsn'y)'olhi present tide) iinrarr Us testimonials of i t rsal worth and usefulness fynm very many of ur ritir.eiis might bo pioducsd, but a tri I will satisfy all that il is a tpesdy cure for coughs, eolds, inflnenra, asthma, b.iarseni ss. ?<ul ail kinds of pu inonary affections ? U ngorf Me) I ailv Whig. 11 it urei ared only by Dr. D. JAYNF., No. to So ith Thirl st, Philadelphia, aud lot Broadway, Nsw York. Pries, $1 p?r bottls. mil tt?? AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BELL, Auctioneer. BY BCLL k HOWARD. (X/eraa Sot. 13 Jinn ami ID Fult<>n tit ?1 > TUESDAY. At 18 o'clock in the aatearooie. Kvtenaive aale of alegant aeaiouable dry gooda, London eloiha, casaimerea, veatinga, ahirtingi, aheetiuga, table dainaak, honerv, Urea, hawla, ailka, muilina, kc , eninnnaiiig in cmDonation the ialr of the valuable atock of awholeaala aud retail itur* in the above line; void in lota to auit. Alio, Diimrroua articlea pledged, jewelry, watchea, muaical iBatiumenta. ke Al'O, a large I it of'gooda of all dearriptiona, depoaited in { ledge over 12 uiorthi; inclining a?me aplendid jewelry and aiicy articlta, oiiul al imtrnineiiri. Ike kc. WEDNESDAY. At 10 1-2 o'. lock in the >alea room. Large eitemive and valu ible niaortinent of ncwandaecond kand hoaaehold and Innf furniture THURSDAY, At 10 l-Io'clock ut the miction r"om. Sale of Furniture?Will b- aohl the fu ui'ure contained in the lower part of the house jyfi Broadway?li* property of * family going weal?comprising carpets, English oil cloth, elegaut curtaini, looking gloiea, hanilioin- mahogany ehaira and rockera. aecrct aiy, book eaae, a ?|>lrubid upright grand piano. Firth, Hall k fond; tea. card, aofa and work tahlei; mm* bed room furniture; a few truly valuable ancient paintingi: plated ware; china, rut glaaa and other dome keeping articlea; an race"' nt lu' of kitchen u'rnaiU, in good order, The abore compriaea the furniture of 2 pailora, bed room and kiti lieu. Alao, aofa, aofa bed, hit atmd. 3 baga inuakrat, coffee, a quantity of prime legara. BENJAMIN MOON'KY, Auci. AUCTION NOTICE?Watchei.Je welry, kc?B Mooney k Co. will aell tl.ia day, at ID<k o'clock, at the atore No. 19 Maiden Lane, hy order of ciecutora, an eaaorinient of gold and silver English and Krecch watchea, comprising Paten' Le ver. Dun'es, Anchor Esc ipement and oilier watches. A'. u. invoice of jewelry, "is, bneelets, breastpins, broaches. guard chains, finger aud ear rings, Ikr.. Also, ebony 4 col clocks. m2l lt*rc _ __ Loan oe t^ for the pavmknt Ok onTRACTORS AND OTHERS ON THK I'UBl-IC WORKS?I he f nmnnssionrrs ol tie Canal Fund, by virtue of th? act entitled "An act to i rovide lor the pay men' ol Contractor! and othert on th? Public Work*," pissedMarch 16.1*11, hereby give no'iro, that seated proposals will he received until Mondav, the third day of April n"xt, at 4 o'clock in the altern""n of that d iv, lor e loan of Three Huiidreo and Twenty Th uisaud Dollars, for which Iran ferable cettificatea of atork will be taaned, lo the name of The People of the Stite of New York, bearing interest nt the rite ol si* per cent per annum, payible ouarfetly. aud the principle teimhoraable at the pleaanre of tFie Commissioners of the Caual Fund alter the year I Mli It is to bo underst od, that the Commissioners are to he at liberty to tike a less sum, if the offers are not such as la their opinion are advantageous to the interests of tie State. The pro'iosa's may be lor the whole or an* pa-t of said loan 1 not less ih ill SIO Out); all proposals to be sealed up and endorsed "Loan for the Payment or Contractors and others on the Public Works," and enclosed in an euvelope directed to IheCouipt oiler at Albauy. The money will be required to be paid on or before the 6th day of April nest, in such Bank in New Ynrk or Albany as shall he designated hy the Commissioners of the Canal Fund Stock hollers resoling in (lie 1st and 2nd Senate Districts,and those residing out of the state, will recciee ihe interest on the stock held hv llo in. quarterly, at ihe Rank of Ihe Mnihattan Company in the city of New York; all ether stockholders, at the New York State Bank in ihe cilv of Albany Dated Caual Department. Albany, March IHtli, 1843. A- C. KL (JO, Comptroller. S. YOUN3, Secretary of State. OEO. P. BARKER. Attorney General. NATH'I, J ONE "4, Survey r O-neral. THOMAS FAHRlNU I ON, Treasurer. in2l to ap3r D. S. PI' KlNSQN, Lieut, Governor. T'HE PHYSICIAN in charge of the Hunterian Dispensary, 3 Division street, is one of hn.g experience aud ao'e capacity, who inquire* into the constitution and habits of nis patients and then directs the celebrated Hunter's Red Diop in suuli a manner as to insure a peifect and lasting cure, or no chirge will be exicted. The doctor does not advertise lo gam ? newspaper notoriety, hut simply to inform inn tilird aud diffident where there is one they can approv h wi-limit fear, and not ho imposed upon because they are in trouh'e. Price $1 per vial, which is warr uled in all casus,; mil Mr SINGING. MADAME SUTTON. p?, || of the late Adolnh Nounif aud Marco Bordngni, begs to acquaint the iiillet'auii of New A ork, that during her Slav in th? citv, she purposes giving finishing lessons in the Itilian, Hr-nch, and English style ol Sineing, at her residence. Her m-thod of increasing the strength and compass of ihe voice and or pirting the stele aud finish of the modem Dalian and K'curh schools, is pr< cisely si in I i ,o llisl IInr.,i .1 1.1- II...a.,.,,.. ....I V 1 .1.. fc~. ? in Europe, securing toieipupiU the like ra,.itl prgr.-ss that atteMed her own studies. Tne | unices for tha pupils, nnliko the common Solfaagios, are numerous airs arnuged from tlie most favorite Ihliu OftMi mating the s'udy a pleasure as well as imp'oveinenl ; ana thereby facilitating the sintiig from operas. Her i;upils will hare the advantage ot her siugintc with them, which cm be successfully punned alone by in is), rs wli have been eminent s.inters, a grrat assist nice in i in >ro\ing 'lie vniee a <1 UHWat quieluT IhO style and linisli Ladies will be received aepir 'tely or in classes. Terms may be ascertained by apply init at Madame Sutton's residence, Mo. 77 (.'lumbers steer, between the hours of 9 and 2. t*2t Im'ris M T O LET?\ plrnsaiit two story house containing 3 hed ro. ins, au open gariet, two sitting looms, front and birk bisemvnt OOd Cistern ol water, grass platt Ironl and iear Impure at93 Kldridge st Also, to lei, two rooms, basement and cellar, ennui re at 211 Divisiou st m2l 2w*?c JO TO MATTERS OK sTA IIONKKS-a Store to Let on W ill sire t, with n (our of five doors of the corJllULner n<" W i|ti im str. et, at a very low rent. It is a very central ai d dcsir-ble stand; aud offers great inducements to a new beginner or a dawn town branch For 'u'l n *r' icn'sra, apply to PADDOCK ?t VANVI ECK. m2' 3 *rc Nr. IB Wall street. a TO LET?A Hail Loft u stole No. 61 South street, ou leaaonablc terms. Apl'ly to JOHN Hf.KDMAN, ill fir Ou I lit- premise*. NEW FRENCH GOODS. EB. 8TRANOE i? now reciving from the packet ship* Rhone ami Emerald, part of his supply ol fine French Arti icial F'owerr. wliich this season will bo unusually large aid will comprise all the novelties wliich arc now appearing is Paris He would invile an impaction of some rery new t immmgs for ladies hats; also, to Ins varieties of rap and (are flowers. Large dealt rs will find a slot k worthy of their attention, and will be dealt with liberillv, at No. 183 WALKER STREET, _ Ono h' u?e west of tli Bowt ry. Also, n-w materials for Flower Makers mil Utis*r KOll HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ship COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R. N., commander, will leave Boston ou Saturday. Apiil 1st. Pisaaae to Liverpool $120 Passage to Halifax 20 Apply to D. BRIUHAM, Jr Agent, mt'ec S Wall street. ALL I'HE llEOULAK I'At. Kfc 1 8? Sieam shipn, WtTtV steam boats, and other passenger vessels, carrying jKaA^lnrr krsiiriV Pile..I I.,I. It,, .t. " t. it,, -...r.l " I'm-iil" plainly stamped or paioiril on the side. f IIMfr KUIt LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK?Regular J?, Packet ol 24th .March.?The Splendid Packet Ship flMM^ROdCIUS, Captain John Coflnia, of 1100 toot, will positively Mil n? above, her regular iluv K<>r freight or passage, having ascominodatinus unequalled for splendor or eoi.ifort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall >lreel. or to 'K. k. COLLINS k CO. 46 South street.^ Price o( passage, $100. 1 lie Packet Ship Siddoua, Captain E. B Cohb, ol 10(0 tout, will succeed the Roscius, and sail the 24th of April, her regular day. Letters for the ships of this liuc will only be received at .Oilpin's and Hale's News Room. Passengers mar rely on the ships olthts line sailing punctual lv as advertised. rnO c SAP- ? I.D BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKET MJPJW.SHIPS?Preset of the 1st of April?The well known MMB^firtt cl'?? |>acket ship EUROPE, Capt Furber, will be despatched as above, her regular day. She his etcellent accommodation. for cabin and steerage pass tiger*?those wishing to secure berths wi.l require to make eirly application to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 Snath street. N. B ? Those sen'ing for their friends residing in flreat Br.rnsn or Ireland, eas arrange (or their passsge by the regular packet ships sailing wsekly from Liverpool, at the lowest rates. Drafts furnished as usual lor anv amount. payable in all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom. Apply aa a6o*e. m2lr THE NKW LINE FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Picke 16th A|iril. The ne? splendid packet JlNMflbshin LIVERPOOL, John Kldridge M-ster, 1140 tuns, will sap as above, on her r> gular day. For freight or passsge, having elegant and unsurrassed aeeotnmodalions, apply to the master on board, witt side Bmling Blip, or to WOODHULL St MINTURN, BUsc B Soulh street. ?AA- PASSAGE FOR NEW OHLEANA-Onlv MT93W H-gumr l.nif?Tin aplendid f i?i tai'iiu p.n k-iah p Jb?bmIOHn MINTURN, Capt It Mark,will sail p??mv>ly mi vj n March, h-r r guMr diy, hat log ap'eiidnl accenunoJatnnafir canm, arcend cabiu ami ateerage |MWli(iii, Kor paaaige , early application ah ii il b<- mule > n board ortn j W.fc J. T. TAP8COTT, in?lr 43 Perk alip. corner Month atreet. KOK BKLIZe., HONDU HAM-I be .monor Wrjt^V 'aii amI m cnpjniMand cn per leal m4 Mt JOHN JGlMfaH. D AHll N r H. VV. H. Itohaou, iniati r, will be dupitro. 0 n a lew oaya lor the above port. Koi freiuht or p<as ige, hating aii(ierior accommodation, ai? ply to the captnn on board, Pier9 Kaat Ri?. r, or to r. ALEXANDER, in?! At*re ?8 Month atreet. FKKKIHP KOR nNsAUOLA, FA.?The kTyWy bulk of aN.ui Jot) bbla will be ahipped on or about the vWajwIfclMh laat, to be taken on board at in> Brooklyn Naty VwRanTdelir ered at t'e Na?v Vard, Pemacola. Apply to ROBT. C. WKTMOKK, Navy Agent. ml v A7 W?rer atreet jjEF WANTED TO CHARTER?For the aeaaoo, V_Tj^k'hree veaaela, to carry i me wood from the Jimea Hi JMMBEiaTer, Virginia, to the .North Apply, b-tw.rn Hand 2 o'ti .K to T P KIRK WOOD, in it", fit #r |7 Dorr's Buil'lnuv H on ?er at KOR NEW ORLKAN-4-LOUIHIANA AND A^NKW VORK LINK? Positive, y Kirat Rrgnlar IMkfefa Packet?To aail at 3 P. M. tb ? day. I'he laat aailine packet aiiir LOUISA, Captain Learett, will receive Ireikht until 2 P M? and poaitivelv aail aa above, her regular day. Hor Ireiithi or paaaaite, bavinir handaoine furnished acconitnodatioua, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot ol Wall at. or to tt. K COLLINS V CO. J6 Month at Mkippert mayrely upon having their goods correctly ineuured.aad that the shmiof tbiahne will anl punctually aa a.lyertiaed. Any guaraniee to that effect will bo given aad fuHilled that may be rc.imrrd. Agents in N. Orleana, Hnllin k Weodruff, won will promptly forward ill goods to their addreaa The packet ahir Lomtrille. Captain M. Hmit. will anrreed he Louisa. ?od aail ihe 2nih March, her regular day. mttr FOR MARSEILLE*?Packet lit A, nl-Tbe ahtp rfjrfVCOHIOLA.Nl'M, ( apt. Hsilrv Apply to JLCi? M BROOM It CO. orto BOV D k HINCKKN, mil 9 Tontine Bnilrling. fiff- REMITTANCES TO URKLAND, fee., fccJHWWTue iiibacriber contiunea to trananiit money, in auma jnfMfalarge or small, to persons residing in any part of Irelanil, in the aame manner ss he, and hia predecessor in huaineaa, hare done for the laat thirty yeara, and more; alio, to any part ol England or Scotland. .Money remitted bv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or -ersonally deoosiled witn him, with the name of the peraon or persona in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ta to be | lent, and nrareat poat town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or for warded to the lender. In like manner money with or claims on peraoua in any pert ol Ireland, Kuglaud or Hcellaad, can be eollected by the anhtcri oer, for persons residing in any part of the United Mtatea, or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. mlilm?r nV.OHflE M. HHII)V. ), <,*? eder et 3TATKN ISLAND FEtEY I (r?ot ?r wk"wh^1 |tn*1 ArV.Tp "^Sm^^??5ec. 3d, the ateamer 8TA1 C KB? will ran aa follow*, nntil further notice :? _ e LEAVE STATIN IBLAND. Sew rORK. WA.M, ?A M ( If 11 IP. M Wf M, d? r * AMUSEMENTS. PAMK TIIBATHK. THIS EVENING, will be nerformed. TOM AND JERRV Tom, Abbott | Jerry, Plaaid* Kite, Mra Heary Hao( To rr>n?lnde with tb? __ PRETTY OIRI.S OK STILBKRO. Margaret, Mr* Knigbt I Amina, Mra Lorall Ert>?it, Mr Shaw | Jule?, Andrew* Boaea, M eta; Pit. ? m; Gallery. 11* Cta. L ?I AT llt .1l TH t A I It*.. reduction ok pricks. DraaaCirele r. rem*; t'.. 6H?go: Upper Tiar 11* ! FHla KV'vp. will be performed MAN OF-W a R. Tobl* f'l|l"W?"t by rip van winkle. T" enac'adr wnh THE COMET. Door* open at 1* i'o'cIo* * *nd the ref.rtnut* will comment** at 7 preciael* MITCUKLIi'S OLYMPIC TltKATRki. <44 Broadwar. New Vor*. this EVENING, will be perurmed amilik. After wh'fh, HAMLET TRAVESTIE To roneloil' with CURIOSITIES OF LITERATURE. IT7" The Uoor* will be opened at hail-peti * >nd th? ki onnaot e- eommenre at 7. every erenma AMEUICaI TIHCA'IltK-WAi**UT-M. PIIILADKLRUIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CUSHMAN THIS EVENING. March ?l, will h* performed IRISH AMBASSADOR. ? fter which V A L'Tl'D rflUI-1 L.A1 nr ir.n I nL nr.UI/mU. To minflnilr with BORN TO OOOD LUCK. K. A. MARSHALL. Leasee. ankkil'ai humbua. " Marble Building, corner of Broadway anil Annitreet, V T BAKNUM. Manager. Tli.- Manager, grateful Tor the unprecedented patronage be towed upon thi? .itablnbrnrrt, and being determined that at all tim.-i liia etertinna ahall at leait be adrqnate to the support virenliitn I'V the imb'ie.ia liari.y to announce tbe arrival and first appearance in Americaof miss mary darling, The beautiful aud charming English Kuchanfeea pupil of H?rr Defrong The Oreat Magician The celebrity of thia Young Lady throughout Europe ia known to nil trarelleraand the favorable tiotic.-a of her perform meet which have appeared in the Loud in Tiutra and other Kng tali I' i, era of high auading, the maaatrer 'ruati will he iiilfi-iriit to introduce her to the kind notice of the Amoiionn puhl.c. No >di juate description can he given of her wonderful Magical Performances; ihev mint he lern to be appreciated. Alto engaged for one wek. CHANG-KONG. The celehiaied ('hiuete Juggler. C. D. Jenkins. the highlv popular Comic Dmllariat. Tenor Singer, Benin Plaver., Ethiopian Singer aud Extravaganisl, will ap|iear in his Crmic Delineations of rreentaic character Mi>? Mood will aing * variety of her moat Popular Songs. Lt Petit* Celeate will dauce the La Bayadere and other ft rorite Dineea. The MKLOPIAN. an immenae and magnificent Muiical Instrument, plays itaelf the fineat Overtures, Fantasies and Waltars, and I I REPRESENTS A FULL OKCHESTRA. PHRENOLOGY.| An Eminent Profeaaor attenda daily aud gir raerieal Ex ammatioui and Charta, Derelopmenta and CnarnTUr at a tri fling eglra charge, Jnat added to lha Mn.eum TWO SUITS OFA.NC1ENT AKV.OIIK, made and worn 3MI years ago. GRAND COSMOIIAMA?ALBINO LADY. Kanrv Ola** Bl wing. The free liat t? impended. AN EXPERIENCED TAXVDKRMI8T ia engaged, and peranni having pet hirdi or i|nanrupeda they wish preserved, can have tlicin mounted in the heat style. Day visitors adiniited ?ame evening FREE. Evening perforinanrea at hall pa.,t 7 o'clock. Da; Performances every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at. o'clock. Admission to all 2^ cents?Children half n?ir? ?is fKALW'S NKW YORK HIUSKUAt NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE OAL.Lfe.RY IS NOW HE-OPENED ! C. H. DEVOE, Manager. Tho ostabbshment contains an almost endless number of HARK AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART: Neatly and tastefully displayed in tliree apacioai halls, and boasts of a per* COSTLY k ELEGANT GALLERY OF PORTRAITS Eaceeding in eilent and value any other in America. The manager hai engaged, for ? abort time only, the sublime and heaufilul eihihition of THE TRIAL OF CHRIST! Thil impoaing arene la not repine nfed be a painting hut by a GROUP OF TWENTY-THREE FIGURES. IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OF LIFE. Thia solemn and impressive scene represents Our Savionrar railroad as a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorns 0|>ou His Haad before Caiphas, the High Priest, ami the Court of Pontio Pilate. InadditioD to the ?bo?e. the Manager has engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN, .From England. IShe wishes not to impose upon the pubkc, by making them believe her a Witch it FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with supernatural imwer?but on the contrary, claims publicly to he able to instruct others ef, Igaoa intellect and mautiou their leading trio sactiona of PA"*T TIMES. THE PKESEN f\ AND THE FUTURE. She will tell persons whether they are married or net, in what kind of husband or wife they will g?t, describe their own characters tnd give a host of facts and correct conclusions founded on her knowledge of the immntable sciences of nhreno logy, physiognomy,neurology, philosophy, kc. A? proof of the correctness of her assertions, she is at liberty to refer to hundreds ofour first citizens, including clergymen, Judna,attorneys, physicians, and many of the most enligh tened ladies in the city. (T7"'Admission to the Museum, ?> cents; Children half pries An eitra charge of I2K cents to those who consult the Gipsy Woman. No Musical instruction.-:^. mcDouall i??? (o inform her frieuda and the public, that ?he eontinnaa to tire. iBttructivu* on the Piano forte it her own reaidanee or that of her |*mlt. Termi moderate. 51 Weit Broadway. fit In THE " New York College of .vtedicine and Pharmacy, dirrct the attention ol the public to ihair new and highly coneen'rated h'ztract of MAKHAI'AHILLA, whirli hat hern |i'e|iared at great eipenar by a norel rroceta. never aa yet attempted in thia) connity.aml which thry have effeeted by an aiiputua from Paaie. Da. Baaiani, the editor of our ol the moat valuable Dietienarira of the Materia Mrdica, apeaka of thia article in the moat unqualified terma of approbation He aeaertathat in the treatment of rhenmariam, diaeaara of the akin, dyape|ieia, debility, acrofula, arphilia. anil all derangemrnta of the ayatrm, t >ia remedy poaaeaara virtuea notobaerved in any other article of the Materia Mcdica. The aale of it duru g the last year baa been immenae. Carea of a very remarkable character have been rffected by it* uae, aad aeme of the caaea have been pnbliahed in the anedieal jonruala. It i??uataiitrrd to he m tde from the choiceat Month Amertcan Mariapaitlla, and free Irom all mineral prepartiena. One bottle eontaint aeven timea the onnntitv of the a-tive principle contained in a pint ol any ef the ordinary p'eparationa. Bold in am tele bottler at 75 centa each. Caaea of half-a dozen. $1 50. Caaea af one dozen S6 00. W. 8 RICHARDSON, Agent. Office k Conanltiug Rooma of the College, 97 Marian at, N.Y. in '0 Imia 000 WANTED on^reaa No.ll Frank ~ ~ ~ nn nousr uroailwsy, INew York. m20 Jt*re AH I <> I'HIV >TK ' A Oh IK.-T AND ROAHDlNA ffjW HOUSE KEEFEI 8.?House to lei, with immediate and fun itu e for sale at Auction Prices.? An eicellent opportunity pr. scuts Hie If (o any person desirous ol commencing housekeeping either as a boarding house or lierwise. The house is modern hmlt, handsomely finished, ami 1 s'oriee. with basemen', containing 13 rooms?'he furniture is of a superior qn ilit? and in good order, and will De sold a bargain Apply at IB City Hall I'laae. N. B ?The whole or part of the furniture may be had. mlBBtis* r p HAND ITALIAN CONCERT, for the Beueflt ol tha LY |ta Beiiesolent Society.?The Committee nl A'range men's appouiled hy the above Hoc lets, tak? pleasure to annonnce to the public in general and their compatriots in particular, that thev h ise succeeded in engaging the charitable assist nice of several worthy Artistes, such as Hignora Fautani Sutton. Hignora Msrnncelli. and Siguor Be Beams Martini, Ka| elti, and others, who will be mentioned in the programme, to take plare on Mt nday evening, the 27th uist , at Niolo's Saloon. Tickets 10 cents to be bsd at all the mnsic stores, 8ig Hapelti will 'ead a full and > ffective orchestra m19r MM) DHl'itUlSTHA ND iiTHUta (mm the South and I West?T KOBEUTH St CO. of Loudon, proprieto rs of the celebrin d aud papula' medicine, "Parr's Lite nils, " Iist ing established a depot tor the sa'e of the sane in Nets and being now prepared to supply the market to r.av would resp'-C'fnfly call the atteul>onof druggis'aanii t>, .< the tride to their popular medicine, of which there- tsnost sold in Kurspe more than 30 Otlfl boars weekly, and aitnough it lias been scarcely an months in the United States, the sales h-ivs rapidly c funded through the Slates of New York, Penn vlrania, New England States, and Canada. Asa family medi cine, it ij unequalled, being perfectly free froui any i"ineral treparations; it is also exceedingly effective in the curs of limns romplaints, dyspepsia, consumptions, aud all dissasea arising from impurities of toe blood; being serr mild in its <qwrations on the system, it may be taken bv the msst delieats female and small children. Ths ahose may be had wholesale at ths office of T. Roberta ? W.I itv. mi i/wiciiuuy nuiur, corner VI uniac R DroaOway, firat tloor. mIO HEAL HAVANA 9KOAR9 ? The lorer* ol i genuine V H???m Scttr wonld do Wrll to rail at PO Broadway, nder Dm Cifc Toftoel. between Liarrly and Cedar alreeta, at wbirh place they eaa find thr lai|rtt atai.rtment la the city of th- ahnye named Inxnry. Call and he .ariaficd. alt Im'ee A NOL fKMEYER. NKW YORK MEDIC A L AND SURGICAL. INSTITUTE, No 75Chamber, atreet, ritahliahed to render to the affl.r'ed tounH and - leroific mxlteal aid. All kind of diaeaaea will be trrated, and itirmcal Migration* ol eyery dearriptmn performed iu the moat careful and cieniifir manner. One of the lirtl ocouliata in the city will attend to the tren mental II diaeuei of the eye and ear I'art cula' attention i? paid to [he treatment ol all female complain *. Ver treat ?ocre?a baa attended the trealm.ntof dneaaei ol the tkin. Tatienta whedeaire it will bn viaiied at thrir hontet. Thna. whee# mean* are limited will only be required to pay for their medicine*. Three or four roimu are prornled for private ro unit* lion. 1 he d.ut department i* attended by an apothecary of treat experience,and a 1 our medicine* may he rel ed on ?* l ure and genuine. Cuppiut and leech in* will be done at the horteat notice. Open day and night. DH HOMER BOMTWiCK, Attendint Phmeian and jurteon, 75 Chamber. .1 2d hon.e weal ol Broadway. Thi. in.'itutien it under th* patronage and commendation ol the following gentlemen REV. DR. ED. I REV lilt C. BK0*VNLEE. KIi'V DM GEO POTTA. Rh V DM O 9PHI sO, REV DR. SCHKOEDER mlllnu'ee ...?__ trvrt SPANISH DOUBLOONS f r aal??Alio. ?J0O Slug Iv/U ol E tlanu Note., Draiia on Ph lade'nhia and B wton, f.r rale it 9 J. SY I. V ESTER'S, m * iwr 27 W lit irreet and 132 Broadway. MAHNDEN fc < O.'S tXrRE9"-Ou and a ter Th"r? daT. the ?t". Harnden k Co will inn their Kxpraaeto it.t aSiouington, Dany. ml7 2wr H ARnDEN k < o. J Wall it.POKTUGU KSfc KKMAUS PILL?. rll EAR far-famed and celebrated PtII*. from Portugal, aro. we pereatve, to he obtained m thi* coui ,ry. See,ad?#riiee. fTti th# l??t "fi'nmn p#tr# ? * "hOPPp'.IV? La uMMM a eaaauawniHT Enghah aoppar, J from 14 ta It aw.W aanaie.d pea meant arneaia. aid lot iKi""^rSbuii.a*?o-Rw?*?