Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1843 Page 3
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I H"!!?i?WWIIII Df the frJcQui of the IduJson RifeC RiilroaJ and the , claimi ol that Road will be luflicient to aatitfy all intalli(eat and diilnterrated men. Wo have from the beginning to tha premnt time mado very e/Fnrt in our power to have both route* thoroughly investigate.! by an impartial rommittOH, while thois in tho inteioat of tlio NewYork and Albany Company hare put foith all their energies to prevent auch inveatigation They ear tho light became they are aware that it would bo latal to their purpooea. We a*k nothing but juatice,and that all the facta bearing upon thia coatroreray may he understood by tho cornraunitv we address. We then ahall obtain that jaatice, and no ho ieat man will impugn oar motive* or question our aincerity. M. VA88AR, Chairman of the Hudaon Rirer Railroad En-Committee. BY THE SOUTHAuft MAIL. Stbamboat Explosion.?As the steamboat Cutter was leaving our wharf, the rush oi passengers to the larboard side, caused her to list to that side till the guard was under water While in this position, tiie flue of her starboard boiler collated. The second engineer, who was shipping the starboard wheel, was killed instantly. His name is Andrew McLellan. The first engineer, Joseph Hughes, was so severely scalded that he died shortly after. They were both from Cincinnati. Five of the firemen were blown overboard, three of whom were picked sp, aad the others were drnwaed. One was a negro from Cincinnati, the other a Frenchman, called Jo Isem. Seven or eight emi grant passengers on the lower deck were scalded severely but nst dangerouslv. A large niniher of deck passengers were blown overboard and drowned, supposed to be ten ot twelve ; the names are not known. The Cutter iB one of the new line of beats running between this city aid Cincinnati, and was owned in the latter city. She was commanded by Capt. Collins. Total, 3 killed, and 10 more or less injured.?Pittiburfh Sun, March 17. alas of Stoelu at Philadelphia Yesterday. labs North American Bank, 27?j; $600old County 6'a, 1860, 80; Mi3 Camil"n and Amltov bonds. 76; 6 aha Commercial Bank, 37; Sdo Louisville'lank^l; I do do 60. Aptkr Board ? 12 aha Farmers' arid .Mechanica' Bank, 161; $ City b\ 1816, 03; 21CI I'enna i's, 87; 600 do 6'a, 42); Idahs Western Hank, 30. LATEST SOUTHERN'SHIP NEWS. riilLADEi.rHiA, tVJatcH 2 ?Arr Bub nr, Bangs, Piovidetiee; c.'hariat- Ainsnd , Te I, N Y?ik. Baltimore, Maicu 26? Arr o.i'i Branch.Watta, Baltimore. Bid ludu.try, Cosfciaan, N*w Bedford. Alexandria. March is?At Chief Sachem. Eistport. Below, hiiaiid tin, Edw I'reble. 8'd <'olumbia, Boa>ou. Charleston, March 17?Old Blake, (Ma) Liverpool; La Peiuc, (Kr) Havre; Ar.ibiao, Hav*na. IXJ- BRISTOL'S 8ARSAPARILLA?The Meaara. Tuttle, Newa Agents, No. 4 Aun atreet, having severally used this Coiopoaud in their families, pronounce it all that la claimed lor it. They have used it in caaca of at. lection of the liver, pain in the tide and impuritiea of the blood. Thia medicine ia one of the mildeat and yet nioataure and effectual of any remedy diacovered for scrofula, rheumatism, cancer,dyspepsia, accretions of the liver, glandular affection*, in all of which it has proved a aovereign remedy. The public should guard against impoaitiona in the ahapeof similar articles, get up to deceive the unwary ? whereat Bristol's Sarsapai ilia has been before the public the last seven years, and fully answers the expectation of its inventor. See a remarkable cure of recent data in another column. Wm Burger, wholesale and retail Agent, 60 and 62 Courllam street, and IIS Greenwich atreet, uad druggitta generally. fit?- PROCESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED SPECIFIC PIL LS. for the cure of Got.orrLse, Gleet, and all unpleasant discharges from the urethra, is now the only remedy uaed in Europe for those distressing complaints. So great has been their success in Paris, that they have caused the astonishment of the whole medical pro easion ; and Professor Velpeau, their celebrated in ventor, now bol Uy asserts that he can cure the worse ca aof gonorrhir. with these pills in loss than half the time occupied by the old, and now obaolete remedies. The College op Medicine and Piiaemact op the Cite op New Yoke, ainoe the introduction ot thoie Pills into the United States bv them, have sold more than FIFTEEN HUNDRED BOXES ; and they defv a single instance of failure to be produced. Aggravated rases of upwards of a year's coiitinuaaco, have been speedily cured by them, without coiifiueanant, tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or any ot the disagreeable effects oi the old treatment. Caution?As those pills arc now known to be the only specific for Gonorrhoea and Gleet, persons requiring them are herein iti'orroed that they ere ot ,y to he had fenuine at the Offtceot the College, 97 Nassau street, N. 'ork. Trice $1 per box of one hundred Pills. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal cfflce ot the College ot Medicine and Pharmncy, 97 Nassau street. N B?Persons living at a distance can obtain a chest, eontaining a suffirient quantity of the above remedies, with full directions, guaiautecd to eflect a euro in all OSies. Price $3. lib*!al discount allowed to sountry practitioners and druggists. ft?- JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIKUGE?Some medicine* warranted to " destroy worms in children," arc very well calculated to destroy the children too. This is not the case with Jay no's Tonic Vermifuge. It doos not contain a single ingredient which cau harm the most delicate Intent, and yet it expels worms from the system with a facility and certainty, p-rfectly astonishing. Nor is this its only suasative property : it is a line stomachic, and in remittent end intermittent fevers has betn administered wivii must grniiiviipc reauiis. YMMninuiu can*! Ol riles have yielded to it* iefluence, and it* tooie qualities render it an excellent medicine in the convalescent stage of all disease*. It 1* exceedingly I lea?ant to the taite. Prepared and told at SO* Broadway, New Tork. (?- "THE CRY J9"8rTL"L~THEY COME." to 128 Fulton atreet, for Peter*'* Vegetable Pill*, Medicated Lozrngea.and Vegetable Plaster, and every day the long face* of the *i*k who come there for relief, grow broader and ruddier, their atep firmer and morn elastic., and thus they ro on impreying,until the work of regeneration ia complete. The dry est cough ia loosened by a single box of Peter*'Congh Lozenges, and three or four always efftct a radical cure. One box of the Worm Lozenges give* the reptiles a quietus, and a second ex pel* them from the system nolens volens. No complaint of tlie stomach or bowel* can retaia it* hold uader a coarse of Peters' Ve. getabie Pills. Rheumatism and all its trihe varnish under th? influence of th* Vegetable Pla-ter, and in shirt, there iaaoarcoly a disease that flesh is heir to, which cannot be removed by one or the other of Peter*' nreparmtions? Principal office 135 Fulton street, corner of Nassau *t. Off- MR BOWEN, THE BLIND ORATOR? Our readers ahould not forget Mr. Bowen'a Lecture thia evening at 7 J o'clock, at the American Inatitute. They will have the double satisfaction of being entertained and contributing to the cause of humanity, as it is his only means of aupport Tickets, 35 ceuta, admit u gentleman and lady. OfJ- A CASE AT HOME?Mr. Bi owning, a baker of Danliuty.bas a child which suffered terribly with worm* and found no relief until they procured Comstock's Vermilage from Mr. A. B. Hull, whan one bottle, at the cost of 34cent*, brought away more tban4i> worms, and cured the child immediately. Who will ri>k their dear children's lives or a large doctor's bill, to save a quarter of a dollar. Thia i? but one of manv case* in this neighborhood. had only in New York at 71 Maiden lane. 09-BALM OF COLUMBIA FOR THE HAIR? Tbu i: the Ixst and cheapest preparation for the hair ever ottered to the public?discovered in lr-21 by the late John Oldndge. One bottle of this Balm will preveut the hair troin falling off in forty -ight hours utter application; and is three r< eks application will cause n~ tine luxuriant Iftewth of hairte start on her.ds which have been ball lot twenty year*, it alee prevent* the hair rroai turning grey, makva it look* bright an 1 glossy, and fret * it frum (land, rati'. There ii no preparation tor the hair that hai over been Introduced in this country, that hne proved half as popular or valuable,and the consequence Is that numerous ceuatnifeits have sprung up, so ttiat thoso who wish to purchase the genuine ut ricle must be sure to call at 71 Maiden lane only, this city. (O- WHO CAN OAIN*AY IT* SUPERIORITY? NOT ONE I?A Itpre of only four years has passed away since the first introduction ot that Cough remedy, now known throughout the whole Union and the world, for the cure of all those pulmonary complaints, which end in Consnmption. 't his com|>ound, so celebrated ns Peoae's Hoarhonnd Candy, has been the cause of euro to a whole natina, who liava been troubled with those s\ m toms which denote aa earlv death tbreugb rompl lints of the lungs. T is a melancholy fact, th it u large majority of those who die in the United States perish through neglect in regard to proper attention at the early stage of attack For instance, the fir it intimation of those com plaints, which signalise, the approach ot Death, are ot po cnliar character. 'I hey coma with u certain pace?slow, lmt sure, uniess stepped. Tease's Compound Extract ot Hoarhonnd Candy is certain to do this, and will do it ef fectually, if used in time. All such attacks as colds, ci ugha, asthma, croup, whooping cough, btonchites, and lnng complaints, wiil find by its use a certain oure. il taken in time. Ills also a valuable mediciae for purify ii g the blood. No family should be without it. It it gold at 44Division street; 10 Astor House, and S Ledger Buildinga, Philadelphia Qn~ LISTEN TO THE TESTIMONY OIVEN TO THE CELEBRATED BALSAM _ F.i.iCABKTn Tows, Feb. 30, 184.1. Mr. Editor?Will you not give the subjoined statement apiece in your columns, in order that it may fhereb meet the eye of aome who may ba sintering from a like complaint, end thus placing the meant ot cure within their reach. About two month* ego I was seized with s violent cold, accompanied with a racking cough, which soon canted raiting of Mood. I tried various remedies, but none did any good ; but on the contrary my cough increased, pre. venting me from having a whole night's sleep in better than two week*, during which time I was unable to attend to my business, and which it wsa feared would ri. milt ia consumption. By accident, Dr. Wistar's Medical Family Guide met my eye, which recommended Balsam of Wild Chorry. I immediately purchased u bottle, and uaed it according to direction, and at the expiration ot ft week,my cough and cold had entirely disappeared, ami 1 was enabled to attrnd to my bnaiaoia, being as well as usual. Youra, JAMES W. WOODRUFF. Sold by Isaac Butts, M. D , 131 Fulton at., N Y , Bad. gar, Newark OOP- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, IS guaranteed to rvire ?ll forms oi second irjr syphilis Ps tieuts effected with pains in the bonea, cutrm-oua erup tiona.aore throat, and every at her symptom Indicative (u the existence of veuereal taint, shenld use this specific withont delay. Sold in bottlca at $1 eatch, in caoaa of hall a doxaa bottle*, go, (forwarded to any eddrea.) W. 8. RlCHARDBON, Agent. Principal Ofle* of UoCollago VI Naoeou street the rounr or bkauiv i When the lilies aru drooping, and flow. t? all fade, , Oh bleat and reviving'* the warm summer tain ! So thtu to the eheek, where each charm has decayed, Wifl tha ' Wateraf Beauty" briDg beauty again. Tia the " Water of Beauty" that Oonrand prepares, Which lovclineaa add* to the feature* of Love ; EtTace* the impress ot time-nourished carea, And makeatne angel* of earth like the angels above. Ye fair, whole faces are freckled er tanned, , U?e the " Water of Beauty," and ye shall be fair ; , You'll be courted and kissed, aad in time he well manned, For the sake of your charm*, and the attractions you I wear. OOURAUD'S " WATER OF BEAUTY," (saya the Boston Unele Sam,) is far more hiithly prized by the ladies than any aimilar preparation. Every bottle that ia disposed of leads the way to a greatly increased demand; for in no single instance has it been known to fail in removing tan, freckles, and all unseemly blotches and yellowness from the skin." Tube bad ia New York only, st the original office, 67 Walker street, one doarlrom Broadway. $1 per bottle. (J9- METALIC TABLKT?This is the most perfect article for the purpose destined ever invented, having the wonderful power of producing the keenest and smoothest possible edge to a razor, in a tenth part of the time that is required on a hone, at the same time doing away with the unpleasant use of oil and water. It is the same size of an ordinary strop, and as simple in its use. With one of them the means is ever at hand ef keeping razors in perfect order. The first cutters of England and France have them in constant use and recommend them. The celebrated M. Miilikin, cutler to the Royal Navy, 301 Strand, after using one five year*, sent a certificate ol ita superiority to the invontor, where it cam be aeen with many others from the moat scientific gentlemen of this country. O. SaUNPKUS, Inventor and Manufacturer ofthe Metalic Tablet, 163 Broadway' fa- THI PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS PRERAredby the Collage of Medicine and Pharmacy, are guaranteed to care the worst cases of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, or any unpleasant discharge from the urethra, without tainting the breath, or disagreeing with the most delicate stomach. To purchasers of these chests, the College bind themselves te give medicine gratis, if not cured. Price $3 each. By authority of the Collego of Medicine ana Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street, N. TW. a RirHAROSOV. Arnnt JHONKY MARK.KT. Tuesday, Blarcla Ml?41 P. SI. By tha arrival of the Columbia, at Boston, the commercial dates are again brought down to the 4th inst. The general features of the msney and commercial markets were the same as at the dateof our last advices, with the exception that they are more marked in their character No revivals in trade had taken place; on the contrary, the depression was greater than belore if possible. Cotton had again declined }d from the rates by the Great Western, and one penny per lb. or about $7 per -bale lesa than was ever known before, and is selling at an estimated loss of full 16 per cent en the eost of production, a state of affairs that jnust inevitably mvelve failure and return of bill*. In ail departments of trade and busiaess the same terrible depression exists, and produces its inevitable result, a greatly increased abundance of money, so much so that 3 per atockl had risen to 95jj, and the late Canada loan to 111 per ct. The Bank had issued its usual notico to make loans, reducing the rate to 3 per cent, half per cent lets than at the previous notice. The actual value of money in the open market on first class commercial bills has been under 3 per cent., or from 1 te 1J per cent lower than the standard fixed by the Bank for loana. There is a deep fettled conviction that thp r.ntiiM that hnrn nrnrliiApd thp rlpclinn in (hp ra^ nf profit on production are of a permanent, and not of a temporary character ; and benoano Hidden transition in the alue of money it anticipated. Thia feeling ia so deeply seated that few persona can be found that have acquired property who will risk anything on speculative objects, so that the business of the country, as far as it opplies to the sale and purchase of commodities, is more strictly limited to the current consumption than at any form r period of commercial and manufacturing history. e general state of the currency is as follows, as compared with the former returns Paper CnnRvncv or Krglard. Sepl 17. Dec in. Jan 8 Feh 4. F.nglaad.Bink of 19,91,nno 18 fill wo 18.2 3 00 2i.inR.nns Baths, 5,193 Z59 5(185(100 4.912.0 0 5,021 (00 J.)in> Strck Ba'iks, 2,819,519 3,011,000 2.B39 U00 2,998,000 Sco lnii'l Pi' va'- aud J lint fiock Blin, 2,513 549 3.091,0(10 2,770,000 2.6"9,(00 Ireland, do 1.683,012 2,'0I (00 2,093,000 2,1(7(00 Bank of 2,300,025 3,138 (.00 3,112 000 3,197,000 Total tirru'atiou, 34 9.9 591 55 , 63 100 34.0(9.>,0 1 36 ( 85.000 13it lion in tPe Bk ofCoglinJ, 9 816.910 10,511,000 l'.0<4,003 10 931,000 The increase of the Bank circulation arises from the payment of the dividends. The aggregate circulation of the Kingdom, is within a fraction of that of November. The bullion in Bank is diminished in influence in somede gree by the American demand. The demand for this quarter is of a very different character from that of for mer yean, it u not narrowed to oe sent oaca at tne I>eb est of the Bank, hut Is the result or produce sale*, and will remain in the country. The Chancellor or the Exchequer has also adopted the resolution of reducing the [ raieor interest on Exchequer bills, from 3d to lfd per cent, to take place on all bills issued in lieu or those | called in on the 17th March. This is an additional evidenceol the universal baliol, that the present abundance of money is calculated on as permanent. The propriety of reducing the rate of interest on the floating debt to too low a figure has often been set forth as the cause of great mischief in the vicissitudes to which the money market has been subjected. When the credit bubble of 1836-7 was approaching its culmination, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer was repeatedly and duly warned that the rate of interest on the floating debt was too low to maintain the credit of Exchequer bills against the rising storm. The council was not attended to, and a very great advance in the rate of interest was subsequently necessary to restore the credit of the Exchequer bills and save the revenue. The abundance of money does not, however, produce a reaction in the feeling on American credit as a matter of course. A memorial addressed to the United States Minister, Mr. Everett, has been prepared by the leading holders of American securities iu London, and in this the hardship of their case, and the injustice which they have suffered at the hands both of those' states which, professedly, "repudiate," and of those which simply abstain from paying without declaring for any doctrine, are earnestly set iorth, particular care being taken to enforce the idea that the m -jerky of holders in England are by no means large capitalists, hut persons of small income, who have inveeted their property in atate securities. Mr. Everett is requested to send copies of this memorial not only to the Presid* nt, but also to the Governors of each of the States. The preparers of the memorial aro chiefly exerting themselves to obtain the signatures of the smaller holders. The following are some quotations of American stocks : Msti.m-i stg 5'? |t58, 65 Looi<inn* Unio > 5V M Indians s>g 5't IB61, 21 do J'?. 1844, 50 Illinoisil|| 6'? 1170, 23 Msrvlaud *rs5's 1851, <8 N York 5 1858 , 8) OhioG's, 1660, 67 8 Carolina 6' 1M6, 87X -N Y City 5'j, 1(60, 79 U 8 Bank, 10i The stock market wus more buoyant to-day. Salos were larger at the Board, and prices in somu eases were better- Kentucky was heavy at yesterday's rates; New York 7's rose J; Indiana 6*s J, Delaware and Hudson j. The operations were similar at the new Board. The news from abroad was considered as promising better fer the future. Some Mercantile letters state that the Bank oi England held ?5,080.000 depositee from hankera,for which there was no employment. It is also stated that there is actually a good business doing in Manchester, and were it not for the immense crop, cotton would undoubtedly rise. Ureal inaprovementwas anticipated with the opening spring. There are advices of sales ol $40,00# Pennsylvania 6's at 46, at which rate they could he replaced at a profit ol 14 per cent. The present prises at Philadelphia bting 37. It is a remarkable fact that the prices of all the dishonored stocks are higher in London than here, while with the sound stocks the price is much lower thara than kere-This arises probably Irom the (act that the (ailed States are precisely those which are mostly held abroad ; as for in* stance, Pennsylvania 5's are held thereto the extent of near $40,000,00S, aad holder* cannot direst themselves of the hope of ultimately getting their money. In relation to the state ol Americas credit, one letter from eminent authority, relate* the fact that a company of gentlemen, on appplying for a loan to some eminent Bankers, whose only business is to lend th# money of others en good security, aud pocket their commissions, received for answer that the security tendered was undoubted, but in making the lean it would he a tine qtie nan that the money should not be used in the United States or on American account! This st a time when money is worth 1| percent, speaks volume* for the deep rooted discredit attaching not only to the dishonored States but to th* whola Union. The assets of the N. American Trust, sold to day by the Receiver, brought little or nothing. 6 Arkansas Bonds sold at 97 without the two coupons past due, which ware subsequently sold (or $1?. James Watson Webb's note for $9000, secured on Illinoialand, hronght $900. The opening of the Wabash and Erla Canal, from Lake Erie t j Lafayette, Indiana, will tend to market 60,000 bbls nf pork, whirk have been packed during the winter, and are now waiting (heopening. An immense quantity of other produce will also he forwarded. Th* Illinois Canal, when aompleted, will pour forth similar Hoods, and the incomes of all the aanals will be iramanaely diminished, aa well as the ability of the producers to pay klgk loll*. By thejredticad ]*rica* the immaiue *uj?i?ly muat | ciih. , 1*1 at tb* Stock Kxeh?ng?. ' lln.wo V Torlr 7*?,1849 l'l 3000 01*?0 6'? l?P *3 69k c 2 (n Indiana 5'a 2lk 6000 do G9H , 1000 Ho >30 2t 40 >hu Mechanic*' Bk 87k r 1000 do *45 24 k M Chemical lUnk 87}, 10'*0 d" 23 3 Drl St 'dudtau 09 J IU00 Kcului y 6'a, 83V 10 <IO 18V t t'lO do *30 B-.V 15 Marh Bkg Arno'a 73 , 100(( do 85V 190 k'vinrr*'I**a 14k < J.tow do ansh 85?} 20 Ohio Lb Trust S* | Bfxitio Ohio 6'*, 1860 too 6) 8 N Miv.-r lot II" i '000 do aw 10 l'JUiicak Thanac'r 114 < fllHXI do *30 64 7 A'ltiu u St Kach 9iS I 8-00 do r G9k 10 C uton Co 20 | 1000 do *3 6!*k 23 do 2"S I 0000 do b60 6'*k 30 Lolb hit lid 68\ ( 1000 do *30 69 h , t'oouil Board. ' 33 tints Dry Dock Bk ;o 50 Mohawk *60 28 k ! Commercial SImIi Kacfcangc?18 Wall at. ' $4000 NYork 6'?,lP63,op? 101V 1600 Ohio 6'* 1860 *10 69V < 1080 Ohio 6'a. 1860 but* C'^7 1000 Kentucky i'a 85V I ??"# <j" 6?>* 2010 llliuoi* 6**, IIT0 2i>* i ' ?>? do 69 9000 do 21V 4 1000 do 6(t>{ 1000 do b10 2IH j 50M do bow f,9V 50 *haa H ohm HR (6 1 M0 do auw 64 100 I 0U( IilandRR all 48* MM d" 69V 10 New Jeuey 87* 1 80O0 do ,3 69 V 30 I'.tcrsou K R 44 4000 do bnw 69 ?J Second Board SIMO U Statea ft,1161 IOC',' 5,000 Ohio ?**,1?60 13 649, 10 000 do 1*._V 1,(00 da 69V 10 (*00 do k SO 106V 6,1100 do 13d G'*V 10.080 da blOd* K6V 10,1(0(1 do 69 ?} 5'?? 'lo KGk 4,1180 do bnw 70 1 000 Ohjo 6'a, 1U0 ?9? l.o 0 K.ntuekrO'a 8 k '*800 ?1? 13 69V IllO aha* L 1*1*1**1 HR btw 48,S 3,000 da 69,\ Mfttt <if TriuU, The Cotton markat was very heavy to-day under the < influence ef the aewi, and hut littla waa dona. A real 1 eatate aala at auction raaulted aa (allow*:? Executor*aala of valuable Broadway Property.?The 3 atory brick house and lot No. MS Broadway, oa the BE I aomerof Broadway and Walher atreet.with a large brick atable au the rear, at $19,000. Died. ' On the 9lit March, after four week* painful i inllerfng with measles, Manatee, ton of Richard and 1 Winifred Raleigh, aged 3 years and one month. The friend* of hi* parent* and the family ara reaped- ( fully invited to attend his funeral on this (Wednesday) altrrnonn, at half past tl o'clock, from 43 Cherrv timet. I The Friends,relatives aad acquaintance* of Charles G. Corlia, and those af hi* brother Robert, are raspectlully invi'ed to attend the funeral of the deceased from hi* late residence No. 103 Leonard street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. I Pssiengcrt Arrived. I attorn*?Packet ship Ontario?F 1 Htephenson, E Bannis'er, I Philade phis; Madame Berniaa, Paris; J Young, Loudon?13 in steerage. HsMnuRo?Barque Washington?Mr Ahrenburg, and 9 iu th- ?t- er ge. 1 New Obi.eiixi?Shin John Minturn?Mrs Teck ami child, Mrs and Miss Stark, W B Hull, Id D M.IIory?and 9 ia the steerage. At Boston?In the Calnmhi'. from Liverpool?Rt Hon Sir < Charles Metialfe, OCB, Gov ral of Canada, and suite, coiuisting of I 'apts Rowring and Bslfonr, Li-nt Carnphell, J ' M Higcinvin, Or (VShaughnctv, Howell Esq, and male servants; B E Morse, Mr Skolielu, S T ppan, Win Bontt, of Boston; r'eurv Russell, New York; Mr L ngevic, H O Knight, ' S B Isaac, ('.has .i Chslmvrs Captain W K SpetiC'r USN and servant. Mi Mc'~aw. Lt Oillira U S N, Mr Oiwtnn, Mr Lorn- < hast J Couiite, W M Richards, Mr and Mis Wols'enholme, Mr M"ldiun>. Mr Bcnz iu, Mr Pitteit n, W I) Macl fan, Dennis i Nicolav, Mr Miiinlty, Mr Wernrar, J A Pirn-, W M Steele. Mr Itilliard. Mr Stanley, Mr Desaoules?45. Fiom Live-pool I ro Halifax?Capr W. I.'oul, Mr* Cauuonand child. Mi Black, Mrs Lnhlnnan. Mr McLc*. Mr Port' r, U O Dwyer, Hi-niy Mc(tullougli?9. F'om H lif-x for Boston?Jaa Cochran, John Tobin, Michael Coolcy, P Riley?4. Passengers Snllc<Is Livr.avooi,?Packet shin Montezttma?Or Anthony Hsstahle, Chas Booth. Geo O Jexty, Dr Pattison, Hn ry Haslet, of Kng'aed; Kev Hichd Mar. A J C'priant and ltdy, Geo Hvde, A Willi ma, Jaa Moicland, R Waters, A Robertson, cf New York. I.voHoEit? Brig Effort?9 Hotchkiu and lad;, New York; C F Sharp1' s?, Pnilad-h hix. New OaLr ans?Ship Louies?Olieer H Perrv, of Brooklyn, LI: E Buck, Mr Tweed. New York; Mra M Faulkuer, Mill M kaulkurr, John Faulkner, New Orleana. Foreign Importation a* Loixdoix?Ship Ontario?(Reported yetterday)?1 pk( 8 L Mi chell?I J Hnosds?I Birh? r It Brothers?1 H L Mouth?1 T O iver?t Cary It Hot?ij Gr'rie?I Paton It Btewsn?I J Towu?1 K B Marnh?1 DrYergwson? I Mra l.npton?I Btrbcr . It Brothera?I D Ai pletoii?I Jonea It Co?1 fh'iterlt Clark?t R L M'iiland?I Mouu' It ro? I C U'ins? 1 Wright It c ?I L Adams?2 chronom ter. A Stewart?6 urindstn-es E H'Bander- , o. ?7 i Uk? E Bu I?7 do Parson It c ?2 M Werckineiater?8 , Thorn It UoeU w.-;!?150 Geo Mt-Vt r It ami?t 4 Arnold It co? ' 5 Lorsrhigk It Wiiendom k?3C Lor t?^ Sill It co?3C Stanton , ?1 O C Tunburn?7 W I! Dow?I W Vyse-2 Lews It Fair- I man?2 Ool'< ctor?5 Goodhue St '?"MO \ L-unitt?117 Dodt-e It' unming?iHa'gmaFr tti rs It ro?fo J fiaiatow It co?2 J Isaacs?lt>3 U B Moiewo d?2 P A Mesier. ( Domestic Importation*. ! New Orleais?"hip Louisville?410 bMs 187 kega Reed It Scln tinerhorii?337 do 112 bhls tj hhda I' H roionv It eo?I hale F l)'jon?7-t htii? a C M Cootnbs?1 Smith St Graves?29 J Van Allen?3 bbla Marsh, t |,a. i It en?<3 Uo 9 hhda J Mc1 hstr?20 k-g? Small St Willnms?29 hbla 38 kete J S Brown?903 kegs 980 bhls 91 hluls G W Edwards?2 bhls Gre-nwi- It Heurj?2 ca J A Nrwbohl?350 hidea 53 pkgs 70 bale? J Reed?I box Allen St Paiaoo?1 bol 17 kega I'll 'pa. Dodge It co?201 balea cotcottnu 12 do in- as * A'eriM St co?317 bbta 238 krgi 1 cheat I bx 22 ska E K Collit.a It CO?60 halea 60 bis In order. New Or lea is a ?Ship John Minium?(Reported yeaterd.iy) ?245 bales A Averill It co?17 bb a 0 krgi S Van Atikiun?66 bales cotton R Itxia?170 AI-on St Chauue-y?102 b -'a W It J J imea?204 War en It Brenimll? 11 ra Lev-rand It Urlmolte? 133 |? gs 'ead A Aveii'l?14 hluls SooOord It Tile.ton?17 bhla >7 hhda Poirier It co?109 hhJa W Barnwell?33 do Binatle,u, K >op Ik co. ArALACHlcm.a?Brig J Cohen, Jr?69 halea cotton HCoi'lt ro? 41 Sailers & eo?1| Bahop, Swift It err? II Tarn lee, Kilburn It Kogeia?19 J H Talinan?;9 Spofford It Tileatou?42 to order. MARITIME HERALD. ] Ditaji inuicn ana Agnnu. W? ihall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Sii.vkt, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left 't the rort whence they sailed, the Vessels 8poken on their Passage, a List of their Carso, and aa* Foreign Newspapers or News iliey may hare. He will hoard them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, wil > also confer a lav or hy sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OP FEW YORK, MARCH 93. UK RISES 6 3 | MOON RISES 1 8 SUNSETS 6 12 | HtOIS 2 8 j > - i Cleared. 1 Ship H-ndrek Hudson, Moore, London, John Griswold.? Brigs .Mends, Matthews, L abon, Foster k Niekerson; Science. Faulkn-r, St Cr is, Neamith k Leeds; Zephyr, (Br) Ilmkman, St lohas, NF. J H Braine; Moon. Hayes. Charlest n, Dnnhsm k Dimon.?Sehrs Ontario. Vinsll,. Onmcoa, B Giaves kCo; Cottage. O'-rrish, Yucatan, Uinterliill k Vic Kirsley ; Danube, Rich, St Marks, R P Back; J Wsmwriglir, We?eott, Franklin, La A H I'ooley U I o; Dtmsl Baker, Baker, Richmond, do do: A F Johnson, Tayler, and Lady Clinton, Craamer, Philadelphia, do do. ArrlTsd, Ship Lnaisville. Hunt, from New Orleans, March 3, wiih cotton, fcc. to E. K. Collit s k Co?16 sleetage psasengers. Eipe'iepc d the late gale ofT Hitteras. Barque Louisa, Woodhouse, (of Portland) 18 days from New I Oilc t,s. wnn molassea, to master. _ I Brig J. Cohen. Jr, Moore. 17 days from Apalse'-icol*, with RBtmn, to John OgdiSi Experienced the late gale, but sustained no d tmage. Bn* Choctaw, Miller, (of Boston) from New Orleans. Msrch t 3, with j.VI hints molsssrs to Clsik k Co Experienced the late gala off Hatteras. _ i Brig Tom Psine, Anderson, 18 days from New Orleans, with molasses, to order Eipariei.Crd the tategal* iu 1st 37 30. I Srhr Beraev Richards. Brcdlev ?i litis f om it ciln Nt. with fitli ami aeal ?o Dawvy kt ?'o. Krperieured ttif ar vera weather, having been blawn off aa far the Bank* of Newfoundland?loar aaila. galley, lie. Schr Wm. Thomion. 4 daw Irora Wilmington, NC. with nn- i ra> form, to maatrr. S tiled in co. With brig Belle, Myeia, for NYork. Schr Judge Hitchcock. Hathaway, 6 diva from Netvbern, N''. with naval atom, to K Bloaaom. Hailed in co. with aclir Alabama. Caaey, for New York. tape named the gale off the Capea of Virginia. Schr Bally Millar, Maraball, from Williainaton, NC.with na'al atorea. Sloop Helen, Perry, New Bedford. Sloop Pomona, Sherman, New Bedford. Below. Ship Camilla, from Hh p Mari, oaa, Shu'r, from Hie da Janairo. Alao, I barque, 4 bnga. Ballad. Ship Loaiet, Learnt, NOrleana, and othera. Herald Marine Corre?|?ori<tenca. Mraciii.aTa' ElcHiaar, > I PoaTon, Monday, MachSO?-1% p. m. y Arrived?Brig Edw klaae, Ad.mi, Hit n-a Ayrea Jan to ? | Lefi al ip L>dU, Herron, ol Salein, anld; B ii'ua, Adam* of , and for NewYork, dog: harqnea King Philip Wiiha, ol and for j Salem, idaya; Three Brorhera. Welah, for Boaton, Idg; Maaon Barney, Se nt, for N York, in all J oi, 4'omo>'??'ry, Mmtn, of and for Boaton, Sti; America, Trra'well, NYork, do; A'Cturua, Bu'len, from Boaton, diag. Brig Kiank'iu. Walker, of | Portland, parted her rhaina on the mgnt of me 25th Dc, in a gale, and went on akire?cond-mnrd-nd *nld. Arr at Mon'e- ; video, no date, brig Vintage, of Saltm, 59 diya paaaigr; Orlea' a, n( ll-ltimne ( Alao arr, brig Diaeo, Seara Mobile. Spoke 9th itiat. off Halterm I mailed achr Hannah, Tavlor, Mobile lor Bos'on. Brig k'alco. Carter, Mobile. Waa in Uarna abl? Bay daring the atorm of Thnraday night laai, and ia conaeqnence of thn diaabled atate of her ere w, waa unable to get her anchora unt.l , yeaterday pm. Brig Sea Mule, Smiih, Portau Prince. Below, Shriga unknown. Orrrcs ep thi Rhode laiakDil.) . Newport, March 21. till. { ! Arr tl'h, Monrano. Witherell, Providea. e for Norfolk; Joy, (Jige, Boalon lor New York; Ueloln, Cook, Proriurelowu for , Norfo'k: Druailla, Taylor, NYork for Boatan. with forranil and jib aplit. Capt M ?ay< bp taw the schr 1'iui, lienre llthlorrhe Delaware, laying to on the l'th. i ll'h?Art Calculii, Reelman P oeid-nce for Philadelnhia; , Clint. n, H Tiling, Boetm lor N York The C. err in ihe ffnl Bay lGih?Capt H ? ding teporta achr Spy, from Philadelphia for aa aid Iroin the Wait Bey this morning. AI?o arr, . Council, Bik.r, ?m Hyannia for a Southern port, IntTing been h'ownoff in ibe Tate gale, and loet brat amigalley; Peaobacot, Thnrber. 1'royideiioe lor N Vork; Juno, Hturget, do do; Aoioi . Krilill, Birilaa'l, Virginia. IShh?\rr IVnirian, Waiaun, Provid, nee, to go on the rail- 5 w i>; Victory, Penfteld, of'lid from NYork 16 n. for jaleiandrin, with h"* of boat and jib, had galley atorr, jibitay criltd nwa , and 6 bble molaaaei at. re on deck?itove , Inilwa.ka on . the atarbeaid nde to let the water off deck. Alio arr, Richard , llnah, Bray, Proridenee for Philadelphia. prrriottl to lam, all the opt ward bonad eeneti in . port, eicept Caatlda, Victory, Constitution, and Otenln. Wind 1 W, and light. , A It tier receired in town, repnrti th>t achr Oen Cobb, Hammond, returned to Nrw Orleana in cnua.qoeiice of her pump* , heint rhoaked wuh com?her eanrowua out very Utile dam- . ajrd and alia would sail ag iiu for Wilmington tu a day or . two after the 6lh. ..... .. - _ At Nrw Orleana, 6th. fcclio, Meaaer, Idg fo> Providence. tlnieral Heeoid. , ParaaT ihip HtetiKic* lluDiotr, for Loudon, will soil te j da,. Her letter haga are at Uilpin'a News Room, in the Kichange. PacstT imp OwTAltn, Bradiah, from Lnudon,rUportiK-10ih < Keh, l.t ?H 4t, Ion IT Ml, waa bea'ded hy the ship T.gonto, Oen Deuglase, Irom Charleston for Loudon, having he.-* dtamaaied < a then time previous while layiac te la a gala from NW. tlh '<* - I wit. lit 3330, loo 3? 10, wis tniirdriJ by schr Ion, uf Nuts Sco* it. from Grenada for Hahfai, with lot* of stilt anil thnrt of iroviatons. Tt? O hit b?ii iu thw wmwtrd of the Grand )sek since l|tli Feb. and rii?nrucnl wry heavy waa.her. SsaqUK Wssmisoa on, (llaintr) Kroger, from Hsmburg, littl oonnual gales aud head winds en the passage; hit baen four veeks no the coa-t, wot blown elf twice; sprnug foreutst, .tod cetved other damage. Moil tr Tin Stosm? We letrn by the Hehecet, Copt. Lise, from Lithe r git H trb"r, which arrived li'ie Itst Mod- g ity ingot, that the irhooocr Louisa, Itulter. of aud for Tuck' ton, M.J, from Vi-ginia, with w<<od. pat iu there tt the 0 iCuimeocemtnt of (h- late gale, too anchored. At it t M tr'ra both liar C'b'et, tml wentatbore on tbe p< int, and otrtly ent ro pieces. Wheu the wind shi'led.the drifted off. ihr 'tptaio and crew cliuriHg to the wreck C-nt Winter had t| ila ton, a,ou h'tnl au-l in e udeaeoring to safe him they f >olh peri?li?d The crew, tkite iu number, gad the body of u he boy, were taken from ihe wreck neat eeening at en"set , lh- m-n nearly perished by tlte cold) bv the s hoouer F.rie | >iFiirha?en, wh cli sailed fr m Kgg Harbor the neat day in r leaich of ill wreck. f'.|.'iiriK ir|i< rta Ih't during the ira'e , he schooner Silvia lligby. fur Virginia (light) drsgg-d hor c mcho s and wnt ashore en the meadows, t grille- wi'h two 'her light tckuo Itrs. All of th-in, ha thinks, wi I be got "if k Toe fore tud af, schooner tshore attires' Kgglltrborhaa a :aigo of mo'ss-ea and hnwey. He did not learn her riaitin hup- q mar the it 'rom the Writ Indies 'I he aehoouer Daty Ch-ae, ahich arrived here ou last, spoke three oi our davg nncr. a fore and aft schooner, uuterslnod from Ponce. P R. ror Ntw York. Her nami wsilr Hwa . or Foam. Aa alio issnotarriv d. the schooner aaho>e is no doubt the ?-me. a Ship mannas (of Mewhurr ort,) Lout, hum Bottou at i Hi vain, was earned on the Bimiui islands by for.-c of the tarrrut, and was I'nu d it ouch injured that it will be kecesa-rv to leave out -ml coi par her j Ship G*t?. Williams ?There is $8000 insurance at N. Bed- ^ oril, on th General Willi nits, of Me w London, dismaa'ed in Yinrvagd 8 Mind Asuofe ?Captain Robinson, of the Corsair, at Norfo'k. epTts that on tth inst. saw i fell rigged hiig ashore on Old Wa'at tnnno, (H W of I'arvs'ord R-et.l She had all sail aet iml wta apparently ei dcavmiLg . o drive over. T ere were t 'o"rorfive w-ecUe s n arlie-. ( 8i 'iinoMcn Hrss r I inn in Captain Fitzgerald, from Sarani ,ili fr Hmm, w hi le I mg at .met,or u srTybee on Itth a nst'Dt, was ran font ol bribe bri? Couint?rce, IromChirlea- a on. bound i". Th - H. J. had h r forrchiiuoels, loreiiggmg j lud squaiesail yard carried a aav, but her null fortunately re- a teiviur no damage, rhe went to set yesterday. The brig parted her cables, or the ac< ident wonl-i not have happened. r Whalemen. I Arr lit Sag Harbor 16:U nut. Columbia, Kdwarila, New Zealaud, 2200 wli til# ap. ' Arr at New Bedf rd loth iuat. Zephyr, Gardner, from Pacific c Ocean.Oaliii Oct 38. 2100 ?p. Heporta aid from Gaho Oct 26'h, , lava. Price, of anil lor St John, full?UOO arm 1600 ah. Spoke, 1 lat 14 S, Ion 73 W, Phcnii, Baaiett, of and 37 da fin NB, clean, ill well. * A 1-ttar from Capt Taher,of the Bramin, NH, dated Valpaman. Lire 2, atatea that he left Ian ahip off Maaaafuero, Nov 13, in cnuartpience of ill healih. The .hip wia ei|?ecled in, iu a I weka. wli*u He would rejoin her if hia hea tit w u d permit. if not, (vtiiirh waa moat prnbanle) ha would 'eave for home in llie | Chile, af Boaon. to tail in about two mnntha. Wade, 9 wilt. N B. at l'a> ta Au? 20, 23 tnoa out, 930 ap, bound , to the Coait f Chi i. Jaa Muunv , Cuahman, FH, off Maaaafuero Nov 12, 33 moa, < 1400 apaud 130 hlkliah oil. ? Spoken. j E'iaa Attn, Very, from New Yotk for Hobart Town, Dec 26, ' lat S N, Ion 22 W. , H'ary Leeda, Marahall, from Havre for Mobile, Jau 25, off Stilly. Tamerlane, from Liverpool for Savannah, Feb 2, lat 46 59 N, Ion II. j Sylvarua Jenkins, fiora Liverpool for Mobile, Feb 7, lat 33 ' 29. Inn 75 29. ' Cernrt, ol Bermuda, from New Orleani, Feb 23, lal 19 25 N, on 61 25. ' Milton, Dickson, from Mobile for Liverpool, K. b 10, lat 32 ' 14, Ion 60. 1 Marieune, Wietitig, ol aud for Bteniau, irom Baltimore, 31 ' Live, F*'k 28. 1 W>>< it Elizabeth, from New Orlsaui for Liverpool, no date, ' at 31 30. Ion 31. Josephine, of Beaton, for Antwerp, Feb 25, lat 47 30, Ion 10. Cruauler, ( Br) from Savannah lor Liverpool, out 32 daya, Fell 14. l it 30 59, Ion 17 23. Talleyrand, Mealy, from Chirleaton fur Liverpool, Muck 6, iff Ci|ia Clear A ahip allowing Noa II 45 (ao reported) March 5, in the Channel?by steamer Columbia. _ A ihipaleeriog W, ah wing No COO under lat distinguishing pennant, M ircli 12, lat 46 15 lou 39 'ill. Sterling, Si mmea, fom B tatnii via B hia, for Manilla, Nov ?, iu the northern entrance to the Struts of Bauca. Foralgn Porta. awtwkhp. rrn it?Arr .Martina, Audreasen, VirRinia; 28th, BnrlinKion. Kit's, NOrlev'i Brai'Maaia Fi b 7?Md Rnht Isaac, Sherman. Savannah liEi.raaT, K b IV?" Id Hcanstria. M'Kruzie, Sivanuah; 25th, Luiy Coir brook. M'Clcr?, Mobile. Bristol Feb 19-S'il Berwick, Hardiog. NO.Irans. BuRiiEtHX. F?b a?Arr Talma, Oat o', NOrleans. Bai.Mii. Feb 6-Arr Maria Album, Spill*, Ohail-ston. ? ahuarvoi, Feb 5?Sid Royal William, Fraocia, Ntw Orleana. CLYnit, Fob 14?Pl?l Superb, M'Millan. Savannah; Elizi he'h, Moaea, New Orlrana; 12th, Casaandra, Hoeera, u?; 17th, Abercrnmbie, Lootlil, Mobile; 83d, Caledonia, Gardner, New Orleana. Cork, Febt5?Arr Wellington, M'lntyre. Charier ton, with redder damaged; Ontario, NOrleana. 8ld 22d, Walter, Boyd, do Co ware March 2?Arr Aleato, Whiting, Matanza*. Cadiz. Fi b 15?Arr Bnenoa Ayres, Luacomb, NYork. Chri?tiawsaivi>, Jan 25?The Melitta, Jarohaen, from Gottenburu for New York, liaa put into Maniahl leaky, and moat discharge. March I?Sid Joseph Cunard, K:dd. Mobile; Modreal. Tinker, New York; Hoht Watr, Johnson, Apalachicola; 1 Id. Sharon, Lucas. Boa'on. Off 2d, Pomona, NYork for Am- 1 it?ri)arn Arr Feb 12, Prince Regent, Moody, and Sophia, from J the Ri?e- and aid for Savannah; 17th, Volutia, Chi'ita, d'and ] tld for N'Orlraus; 2lat. Carthage, Knapp. do and a d (or Vitgijia; 2">rh, Columbine. Walsh, do and a'd for Charleston. Falmouth. Feb 19?The Huiatiiiih, from Olonceater far Charleston, hia i ut iuto Pzrt Lrven, having struck on a run' en rock bet ween ihe L>z ird anil Mullein WUti I; two thirds of her rarRO diarliarired in a good coudilion. Sid 17lh, Trent, (si B 'ter. Weal Indies Gaari a nd, F b 12?Arr S -Iway, (a) W ln li a; 24 h, Gl lliat 't, Owen, NYorlt; 26th, Trident,(?) W Indies. Sid !lth, Medo-n, Uniitirts, I .main ; prince Hruent, Moody, Savannah; 20th, 8' James, Scbor-NYork. (Jr.aoi, F>U7?ArrH t ninny Ma-ndnc1', NYork; 5th, Maid ,.r t\ 1. ?... u u.l. r.i l ?. Or ran*; ll'h, FU?i>, Jour*, NYwk O'B 'altan, F. b 4?Arr Lincoln, F.llis Baltimore. Havm:, Feb2?Arr Lona Phili|>|>r, Cuioff, NYork. 28'h ?Off port, ?u Amriieair 3 insa?d rnirl, nime unknown. Sid 34'h, Albiny. Wm?n 1, NewYorlc: 23d, Ville He B irdenux, I'rr ranll, NOrleans; Rowland, Rlanchard, Sivanuah; 2'st.Ktiro|ie, Birkr-, NewOrlr'n?; I8th, H'uover, Urmniroud, do: Megini'icook, Mavo. do; Hiiroi, Foster,Caen; Timoleon Drvei, M.>* hi|e; I7tli H'gar:h, Rrdm n New Orleans; 16th, Uii'a, Hewit'. N Vmk; 15th, Alexandria, Turnrr, n I Statesman Oiirhrist, NOrLaus: ll:h, Mississippi, Rossiter. whding; Mauto. L it e, P.lrimo; Pla'o, Oh tse, NOrl aru; 13th, Prentice. Ho;>kiua. d >; Yarmouth, Matthews, Savnuuali; Peter Mattrick, Post, vohile; Cona'i'utiori, Penbod", Charleston; 12th, Sabattis, Smith, do; Tag'ioni, Rogers, NO l.ana; Vi'le He Lyon. Stoddard, New Yotk; 8ih. Oawper, Huffiugton, Mobile; Creole, Murray, New Orleans; 7 h, Diadem B'mow, do; N mag .naet, Oritrhecho, In; Taikiua, H|>enci r, Mobile; Brontei, Curtis, Savauuih.? Vessels ui-Oregon, O iddon. New Orleans, ?oon; BvleiedOratte, Thoiui* m, N York, March 1; Louia Philip|>e, Cutoff, do. 8th. Hamilton, Brrmnda. Feb ?5?Cld Oleaner, Ode, MobileReported nntwaidt, W-llitigiou. Foster, Savannah. Arr 21st, Oaz'lle, Hurst, Martinique and St Thomaa. The Hel. n Maria, Herr-tier. froin N York, arr at St tl.-org.i ve-terd'y. Alao arr. United Statea, NYork, r.nd waa to tail for Bal i jiore ah. ut 1st mat. Halifax NS. March 16?Arr Diadem, Maratera, Drmerara; I5tn, Amh.ssador. Aresirup, NOilraoa. Jr.nakV, Feb 11?S'd D Iphin, Cements, NYork. Kingstown, Fi b 27?The Coraair. Daly, from Liverpool for Ha i'av, has been tewed in heru with loss of topmasts, head of mainmaat, Ac Kinsalr, F?b 14?The Hewea, Hanson, from New York lor Hull, ?? bich |.nt in here yeaterdar, almost in a sinking stale, has been smveved. and mnst discharge part of her cargo to rrpair. March I?The Hrwes, already reported, it undergoing [he necessary repairs, aud will be ready to tail in abnnt a fort night. The neater part of hereargo, turpentine, ia landed and pored Klfti, Jan T?An Helena, Asatider, from Stockholm for NYork Litkbpool, Feb 17?An Calrd^rna. (s) L-tt, Boston; li h, Formosa, ttrawlord. Apa'achicola: Tiger, Baker, Savannah; 28*h, Abbott Lord, Vr?rll, New l)rleana; Sheridan, Cornish, NYork; March 4. Aldebiran Nichols, tio. Off port 4th, a, n.aune, liom NYork, bonnd in Sailed lllh, Ammo, Barrheider, ?m S mth Carolina, Oweus, NOth mi: Sro'land, Carson, NYo'k; Wallace, Main; Cuis'snliue, Wo.dswnrth; Antolgc.n, Cow. P, and Lanark, lUti.hriJ M.ihilr- IU I, Am*. R..rd R.llim,,... <1.... Phijlipi Mid J . Perkins, Vl ill, Charleston; Clifton, Iwersoli, | Huron. Payne; Tyri>n J cksnn; Nereid, (lrant, and John i'amnmii Tli i ?r, NOrl?a*?; M'h, Sid inns, Cob1', NYuri ; i lilh, Stubo, Shoof, Vtat riz s; Am-rie-n Buige<s, end Braditmw, Young Sartanab; Victoria, \1r.Miknn: Octorsri, Smith and IstOBV. Scudd-r. NO bans: (J-n Pi-rHnll, H*J t, N York ; Jefferson, Msaoci, Ci'y Point; Napier. S it :ford, Baltimore, Ifih, Leoanra, O'lycs, Havana; Co'mnbit, Kobinsuu, uil O-'ean Qu ea, NOrleaus; Pont-re, Parker, Mobil-; |Tth, Fortiuile Litib v; L rd Sea ton, Fit'iimmoni; Lnchmvar, We tn|i; Dumf'b shire, Giwan. and Princes* Howl, Morris, New Or'eans; Henry. Saber, St M?rk?; Knscot, Williams, NYork; III h, <). taei'K, Colburn; Norfolk, Sit w, and Crmhin'. Mmihv. New Orl-a**; Almira, Tnaver, Havana: Mary, Sullivan, Vobile; Chioora. Rogers, Charl (fou; 10'h, M ira, Prleraon; Met ka, MrLv?n; Birk uh-ad. Brown, and Rnin'inlm.Nasnn, NOrleai.s;Oimb nlge, Ba'atow, New York; Dorchester, Cabl- , veil, B nt n; 20th, Ji-iilli.i Michaels, 'banes ton; 22J, f? od win, Devi , NOileana; 2 M, O u Wiltshire, Leslie, di; 2(rh, Nina, Eden, Charleston; 2fi'h, Ashburmn, Hu ll-son, N , York; I he Duke, B irhanan, NOtleats; Minerva, Duck, Vlnile; 28 h Cl\de?dile Biltnn. de; D agl (, Br-wtrer. Savan- j it ill; March I, Arno Disey, H ivana; Planter, Ma shall, NO ( leana; 2tl Stephen Wliitner, Thompson. New Yoik; Piinci of , (Vange, D'a, NOrleaus; Hv Pnncan, H dl, Motiile; 3d, Ab- | botts'nrd, Kver id, riiil-rlelp'eia; Tiger, Baker. NOrlesns. ("Id end ready for sea 3 I, Anne Armstrong, Bolton, New Or- j leans. Loading York?birr, Bsche, New Orleans: Hebe, Wright: S >nth America, Bailey; Chest r, Doyle, and E>gle, LaDg, N < Y"rk. lint for Idg 2d Jupiter. Roae, Mobile and NOrleans; It ckihi e, J i-Usoii, Mobile; otnr, Wnton, N'Orl ans. LstrcsiTie K, h It-Bid Liyinia. D wn.g, Swaaoali. Liuami*. Feb 15 ? Arr India. 8- by, Phil idelphia. l.onnnangaRT, Feb 9? Bid Marquis of Aberrant, II garty, NOileans. I Malta Jan 17?Arr Nautilus, Lincoln, Boston, and aid (7th ' ror rtl uno. I VsatKli.Las. Feb I?\rr Ob b?, Hilla-d, NewOrlrana; 12th, 1 Prudent, I eg nt. NYork; I3'h Anne, Taylor, Boston; Jacob J S Wain, Mstth w?. MOrleanr; lith. Courier, Doggan, NYork; ' (Jit, Cant hi, Oiis, NOfleant., Jsn 31?S,d Juiio, Wahlman, Tranani and New ' York. MortTnost. Fib 2>?A hile of co't >n, which had apparently 1 teen on foe, has been picked up off the Newarp. Several ' livers of American limber hive been wished aabo-e in the . leighborkoodsi Jnhuah.ven a d l.'svn dnring the late gales. ( Ore Near* Font i.aiso, March 2?Sid .Montreal, .London i ror N York. ^ ? .... V..U..U, 1...MUII, r a. PoaieMouTH. K?b II?Arr at Jinri, Hebor, London, and ild for NYnik; llth, Wraimiaat'r, At wood, do do. I Pi tMouth, Feb 14? Arr Caledonia, Vartiev. NOrleana, and il.l 28'h lor Havre. Arr 21th, Columbia, Tiuaacll, Loudon; Ibtto, Whin.jr, Cowri. Panaawca Feb 21? Arr off, Neva. Beaton for Antwerp. I I'nanaMmtco, Feb9?In port, Globe. F.a'inf from I'hiladel- j >lua lor lno Janeiro, diagd; Sterling, Vming, from and lor Boa- | on.dn. Hhiki or. Fab 11?Hid Abeona, Caaon, NOrlraua; llth, Inlunria, Adxlew, NYork. sioL'THawrToi*. Feb 21?Arr Trident, (a) M'Doofal, Weat Hiri; .Mar I, Clyde, (a) Siinoua, do. Tair irx, Jan 31?Arr Girard, Rairrten, New Orleana; Fab I, ' 'am, H in*, Button; 9>h, Marcalla, I lagan, Charlcaton; Gnf in, Blalia, Savannah. I Home Porta. I'ortimoi'TH, Marrh f??81d Talleyrand, Knowlton, Mo- 1 ilia. ' NFwaitRTronT, March t??Rid Vultura, Virginia. Borto*. March til? hir Columbia, (a) Jadau a, Liverpool rh m?t. I |> m, Tia Halifax, where ahe arr at I'W p m 18'h, and 'd -i (I p m?caina into the heritor ai l<a; Cenb. Nick* raon, rrnxillo; John Brouwer, Sutton. M< bile. ("Id Morea, Flan- [ f i. ta, Mobile; Ten Biothcra, Cnwford, NOrleana; Com Mull, ' ?inal', Tohaaco; Siletme, Hardy, .a|ic Hayiien; P. inaylrana, fi Juon. Philadelphia; Albany Packet, and Victor, Gould, New d Ifork. L Gi.ouciiraa, March 15?Arr Delta, Norwood, Boaton lor 1' [Jruierara. U Nr.w Bcnroao, March II?Arr Cornelia, and Republic, N p PaoTinaacr March I*? Art V ictory, and Moaea Eddy, N y.nk -Id <M ulla, Phil idclphia; linh, Hn rrr. Haraunah; "] Vrurian, fir a Souther. ptirt; Uniou, Baltimore; Richd Kuah, i 'haiiTOL. March 19?S!d Ongilda, Ooodell, NOrleane. ( Pmii ??> rHir. Mart 21?Air Br.ndvwin?. -ma-li, Per- h I .inOnci.; \l...... 11 a S -man, fm Sclm; Ikill ride to load for *l . I i.o \B; I I, v hite, Roger*, NVork. ] Faaotaioaanirno, March IT?Cld Kenhawa, and Morea ' VoaruLE. March IT?Pilot boat Baltimore t|>oke yesterday, ^ iff ihe FateeCape, Napoleon,froaaMeaauaa (or ilaltunnre.? I I I, r. iacrriarn e, from Baltimore for Autlfui, loat both an- ' here Oil Wedaeedav laat under New Point. Piauaau. Mareh 4?Cid W E Bird, Cornea, NTetk AUCTION SALES. ^mmbtfjsar I lieraa /Vj?. IS .Awn mil IIS j'lUion tf eel.) WKUNKHDAV, At 10 1-1 o'? look in the aalee room. Large extetieive end valuihle aaeortmeut of now end aecond end honaehold end aabioet furniture Alio 14 epring and tailed seat* iirfu, iu (he r niton itore, by rder ofa receiver. _ THUABDAY, At 10 1-inVlock at the auction room. 8al? of Furniture?Will b* mM ilia fu ni'nre contained in he lower mrt of ihe bnme sK Broad wajr-'h- property ofa ?mil < going war?comoriiiiiK carpet*, I" nglirh oil el illi. tieant cnrtoini, looking alt Ma, handiome miiiomny rlnin and nckrra, a?rret aty, book rate, a aidebdid upright grand piano, firth, Hall It load; lea cirri, aota and work tah'ee; eotn* bed imm fnrniturr; a few trn'v ea'uahlr ancient paintinga: plated rare; rliiui, cut g'laa ami other do ne keeping irticlei; an exe 'ent let of kitclieu u etiaila, in goo-l order. The a note c impruea die tumi.ure of J pailora, bed room and UUlien. Ala> aofa, aofa bad, li t at nd, 1 baga mnikrat, coffee,* u unity of prime aegara. FRIDAY. At 10,Ve o'clock. in the aalr ronmi, Alternate Sale ol Dry Uooila, freah and teaaonab'e. Alan, the continuation of the ail- ef the eatruaive atock of a aholeaale anil retail dry cooda atore, clotlia, caasimerea, yealliita aheetinifa. hi.icry, lie Alan, 4 tml.ka e'egaut clothing. Alao, a large addition il lot of I <niy gnnda, 0<I0 vardt extra aeler Wi-a- of K-g'ain broadclotha, J aupmb platea, d ob e fligeilet and tome jewelry. A'ao table linen, alieeting. ahirting. fce. i ne civtri* win dc to o iu lot* ro aim purchaser*. i SATURDAY. At If o'clock ii 11m sales too?. Second Hals of splendid cirv madr Cabinet Furniture, by II* bear inannfaetnrcra in tb? city, at 10)* o'clock, in the large onins 3i Aun, 113 and III Ful'ou at. Thia aale will nffordtu opportunity fo' citizen* and olhera >o upply themaelees whh nneiceptiouoble, elegant nml nat-lnl rtic'ea in tha, comprising llu celehraird inanlactore ot Wm kl'taiider, K St J Voung, Uoonnle, HchalTer, Lindsoy, Walters inl olhera. Fyery article will be mid without reaertre aud warranted all nade of tne beat seasoned materials, highly finished and latest aehion, 1'he furniture will be arranged by catalogne on Friday for 'lamination, and the sale wiM take place iu the aaine order, inminencnitf at 31 Ann at Thrra are are also 6 piano fortes, which will be arraigned in 1o ill Fulton at. The public mty W? assured the sale will be perfectly nnestricted and honorable. w a.CARTVR. Auctioneer. I uriVF.S, BRANDIES (UN, WH'SKKY. It SEGARS? *v ( Ait i r It It (H) will aell on Thoraday, 2ld rut., at ')? oe'ock, at tUi'ir "tore No. 10! Bioadwny, a aery fin- asorioieut of eh dc- wines and lienors, in bitilra and den ijohna, lonaiaii'C ofB'ickbirn. Olivero, and aip?r'ora uth aide M le is. Duff Gordon it Co.'s pale, g dd oil brown sheirv, nl i|d L mdou p rl superior old Scotch whiakev, pine I'oilaud in, tlenn a y .ml Olard Dili ii v brand., ?uper or old Conine, I ?m>ict and I* . ("roix mm, >lu cat w inc. anchor chain ague, livana anil Principe sera's, assorted cordials, anuiaette Str. J The .it'ention ?f dealers aud pi irate (ami'iea is pa'ticu'arle ie- \ pleated. in22ins1t*r U H WILLId, Auctioneer. A S?iavEKH HALF O- Ne,W AND ELEGANT t*. FURNITURE ar 372 Ureadway.?Wilt ke sold at pubic auction hv or-ler of the assignors, a large aaaortin-nt of luioture couaiatinr of snf??, aofi bedsteads, aideboirda, born us, French beds aids, withstands, taarbh-mti centre tables, touches, ottomans, dirans, secretary' and book cases, chaws of ill d-scrip'ious, mail iitniv and odier rocking chairs, a Urge variety of ladies work tabl-s, in isic ntools, loot "enches, Ike , nil >1 which will be sold wi'liout nseire. Sale to c inm-nce ?t it I0X o.clock; Catal gue ready ou the d iy cf s.t e Hoods at it- eoamined snv dsy prey ions. rnjl 3t*r R H I IMI'SON. Anc'b.u-. r [TARDWARE. ' UTLERY, PLATED AND MERMAN "* Si'v rWtr- Fancy Art'elet, O 't Ji wrlr ,Us mm and French H irtlware it'- ?wAi'Oil S PL ATT'SO h s,,rii g Trade I. .... c a >! Jill mill Mia Will IUBC piltCV UII9 Jav it 10 o'clock, at No. 21 1* all street? Consiitinir of many of the iu mr desirable Goods in the market, ?ir :?Cla*ii?, vrry nupi riot; pati-nt metal Teak V lea an I S are Pido b ? rati-nt b.osd and rnrrow Iiuii Huig?s; do loose Join' Parliament tl.ngna; A'woril'a Midget anil H inmrra; Wi!kinmoii'a Anvili. Kl well's Khor-la and Snades. Coil Cliaini, 7-iti, k, 9 16, m l ya inch, Povell's Carolina Hne>; C'a k'sp-'eut r.nimel'1 Hollow Wire; J nnea it Nettl fi?M'? ?' oil Screws; Leonard! (it Andrew's Shovels; do no Died h oilea; Mieffie'd grace and Bitts.Miokc Mllies,plated Squares, Wa^iu Boxen, Brads, Kpatrow Bills, 8c. Also, 20 p icksges assorted German and French Fancy Hardware. Also, Trb'e and Pocket Cutlery, in sreat va-it ty, viz: Knives and Forks, Scissnri, Pociet and P n K ives. 8tc. For particulars sen under suction head in Journal of Commerce an I Courier nd Knquirer in22 I *r AUCTION NOTICE ? Beautiful Parlo' Plants. Cain.lias, Pruwhridge k Cs. will soil Tnis Morning, at 10*4 o'clk. in the Urge store,comer of Bruidway and Du.ine street, a hue collection of choice plinti, including cainelias iu bloom, orauge ;,Dd lemon trees. iu Ir it aud flower, S'.nudanl flowtring almonds, rsry beautiful and entirely new, the s imn in p" for parlor growth, white and red moss, yellow tea, yelfsw H irnsor, Russell's cstrage, an 1 other i ho ce roses, c >pe calamines, pittospomms, eiras, rilas, tubornsrs. It,:. From I he Misery ol a c> le irated florist ia this city, and well dererviig thn atteution of huvers. mi>2 It* ism WAN 1'ElJ?A situation es Gardener, by a steads, active young m n, who is perfectly >tc |U miled with tlio man sgenieni of G-eeahousei aud care of tnem, pronuratuit o-namr ntrl gardening; a g -oera I koo "ledge of the bu in- as; ran produ :e rood testimonials IVotn his list era lovers. A 'ew lines dirrcfeu to J. NICHOLS, at th< office of this paper will be pnn-tuilty attended to. m22 3t*r DRUG Sr-'UK WANTED?Thi advertiser wishes to purchase a good stock mid stand for s retail drug store Any one having such to dispose of, with a good run of cu torn, mi v address W. H at this office m^2 2t' tc LOST?Ou Monday Eve ing, SO.b, betwee Mercer st and the Broadway Tabernacle a O dd Brae- let with hrir band, having the initials J H. 11. The finder will be suitably rsw-rded ud receive the l o.liof the uw.tcr by Laving it at 43'J Br adwiy. m 2 lt*r FOt'RTFE NTH WARD A GREAT MEK I IVO OK TH?'. SUBTERRANEANS, In iJ ?t ill" " Korrtet H inae." Spriu* street, o Tuesday evaing, M ircti 2l*t, in nin iiin, Ti nithy Di'v, Esq., was caHed 10 the chair, and D B Tsvl9r, appaiut--d Srcretiry The objec of 'he m-e'mx having breu stated, ou motion, a committee wai npp..iut" I tj tlrafi re*'>la'i?a< expressive of the set. s * 01 fe in -et tug* wlu rrport-d the folio mag, which Were oa uimonlv idop el Resulted, Tint ill1 time hnx now arrived when the treat mm of the People ?Won <1 Hike a lilow lor thanue'ves ia d?fe-ce of their own political rights, a id thu every well w.alnr of hi? co nmu c mu'rv. ev ?ry tine beli?*er in the principles of deinoc arjr. every sincere advocate of th- doctnre that man it capable of tell" government, it itiperiou ly eillrd to testify to the linearity of hit pro'ettion, aid to vxnrcise hit unceasing and niitirin,'rnerxiet in the in iport nl th-ie great principles ol trntn, eijndity ani jot'ic-, lli-ongh tie m ilium of the billot fox, w rb the iimn' ?ul devo ion which actuated the fooadcri of tbs Republic, wh.-n they perilled life, 'ortn ne and ho. or, at the c tnuon'i inomh, an J k 1 inonnly achieved that pu-e rnd free form of government. w-ueh in their opinion wu the greatest and moit vtlabla l=gtcy th a; mm could bequeath to po'terity. Resolved, That to prove thu w- love and appreciate the value of a representative form of itorem neut, rli rectly aceonntihte to the ie iple, where the l<rgest lincr'y is iroaranterd to all?we mutt r member that itt preservation will depend on the c imtnit and unceasing watchfulness of the. in uses, and a determination ? their ptrt to entail in the bud all anil evert attempt ih it may be made, either in onr National, State, or City couaetla, to to trend r to the few the right* of the many, in any form orthape, that corrupt aud uuprtnciplrd party leader" mtv invent. Resolved, That the iu errata of the laboring cla-srt and mechanic* are so perfectly blruiled with the democratic Party, that their true welfare and aucc-aa depruda maiuly upoq iu proper organization and punly, aud that it it the imp rattle dutvof all good drmoca'a to attend and take put in the piimartr orxatiiz* i id of th nartv. and thu* nrrvent low and d. signing unrt brinies. woli nnJ tinuica from cooslilmitig the h ad and front of our party, to the sxclmtion of real taleut and honest m ril. Remised, That we base no faith in mere party le>ders; men Whnae bnri eas it it. through l|ing ar.d every apeciea of deception. no matter how base, to ohta n poss-ssion of Nominating Ci numtt-ea, and 'hna rhmat haforr the early candidates of the.r own km. mou'ded to aeit their peculiar yiewi and inureata, who art all-e iteitnnl of moral honesty and ttlent, and h are no feeliugs iu common with the max* of tr.a people, and who, afl. r they have taken their aeati iu the hall* of ligialaI en, h. come the waiting and anhaerriiut toola of the l> ackheirteil wi'epnliera who wrre instrumental in i'l.icing them their.and thai w? will ne longer submit to iliia organ<<eH ayatt m f fraud au<l decep.iou upon one of onr deareat and m?>t iin.ior an' preiog .ti?e?. Reaolv d, Thu tin! u got and h.gli handed outrage com* milted upon the interesia i f the la'ur g c aasea *nd mrchrnirt uy c iriupt oartv inimpt,, if procuring the dele if of their talented and eloquent aduncate ai d tm* and faithful friend Michael We ?h, men a with our uuqa liti.d deteetaiioo nnd c .ru, and teat we will not ce ae cu otf .n?, until our oouar and ii'.hts in ihia b half are properly, and that we p'eege < u'selvti to uae all proper tarsus in , ur power t a aleeate nim 10 that place in the cou icila of thn M ate, for whieli h ho raty an t locor.up'i le ludgmeut ao eminently qu dify li:an, belioviag, at we d >, ili't the tine intairata of the maaaoa rnu'd not br an ab y at? hoiiratlv, and a,, learloaaly Tepees ?nied an I advocaud in the cer?ou <f mv n.lia' mm 3a h being uur teatimenis. we call upon *ll h"lieat and i.ue lovers of pure free,l <m, to r ll y "torn d one who cinuot be united wrh ttie Co iu< ting spoilt or olfica. Resolved, Tint in y.ewof the app'oarhipg charter election, It behooeea democrats to cai.raaa well the cl urns ol the candi intra tor their tuflfrag *, and to i e mil no man to receive tie moeratic eotea who ia ant only a demoiral iu theoiy, but in practice, and known to he ftendiv to the canae or the maaa-a. Resolved, Tha' the pioceeiliagi of thu mvetiug be pnoliihed In't e Aurora and Loon a id H. raid. The meeting wis elo>iuently aldr. ated by Aleaaudrr M ine, Ir ? J. M. B.eodgOod, Win. Sutler, A U.Davis and D. B. Tar lor. On motion, the mceliug adjourn-'1 TlMOTHT DALT, rhirman. D T*. TAYLOR. 3 cretm. n,22 t'gc MR PA'tKe.K With a t' t'lnonne- to hia r ? nda and the pontic, ihat Ina Ornml A> nual Exhibition B >1, will taka'-o-e ii Monday E?emnMarch ITtn. and lie aastir-s them hv ho has a great-r *? -ety of new dtcces than he his ever baa forward. Throuih the kiodnraa ot Mr Blm|?oi , h i nncn ailmirrd | anil, Miaa W .Iter , will a-pear n two d ncia, he i-acnueha and a n?w B dero, w.lh Miaa I'aik-r. The nami rof Dancea brouili, fm wa d will be t wentr-'errn. For fbrher part ru'ara, tea 'utn-e a iTeitiiementa and bills. Tickets or adm:aai> u 5', to adm<t n p. tnlrma . and two ladies; aitri lilies' ticke' '0 c?nta; whn h r. ti b obtain d at the h II. Mr. P. aa>urea the pnhl c tint h- will not mora tickets than :sn h?: c mf .rtably at enmmod ateil. m2i Itia- r P? RAHA.Va'rt .VI AtaAZI N'K for April. t ontribuU t.ra? VV ('.. Bryn', J F. Cooper, N P. Willi., H. W. Ilernert, Mrs Emma C. ICaihurr. Mra. Srlia Smith. Mra.Marv Jlavar, Mr* Aun S Stephen*, Mr*. Kraaci* A. Osgood. Km?elli*hed with the fallowing rnperb eigraving* Kir*' Affection, by W U. Jtcksou, on Meet, from a picture >y C.J Pit is. The Life Latter, by Welch k Walter, on steel. Fashion*. f om tn# la'e?t report* from L m Ion aid P.iri*. Term*?$1 per annum, in advance "male number* 15 rem* *nHi-hed mnnthlv and delivered in *av piri of the n'y and Brooklyn, and aeat by m*il t *11 part* >' the United 8 ate*, >y BKADBUKY, sODLN k CO. 127 >a??an ?tr*et, New Fork, mt2S(*r and 10 bchnol at'eet, Bo*t?o. BAROAIN*? BARGAINS. ' ' . TUHT RCCEIVM), a ipleiidid l"t ef new and detirakie J Mich Dry (*oo.'a, and a wo rderfnl low price*. All parion* >n want of (nod* will find (hi* an eicellent opp jrtnnitv to nreha**, aa the goods are tcnilrt nn ommnnly cheap, and will tr *old for a very *m*M profit. All (ood* nut proving to be vhat ihrv are represented to be, may be returned and the nouay will ha refunded. On* riri-e only aaaa remember. DUNN'S CHEAP iTORt, tw> O and a'reet, corner of Columbia. A Clerk W?iit*d?None but good talesmen need apply. m^f lw it*rc_ k/fEOTTjCn AT PF.N TR)N?T*Tk~ of th- *ulphar oath, "I w <rm bath, aaah rthing, and eh mgc of c'imate, as n cure >r chronic, secre',>nd marcunal r iteate*?ill moonshine, hotw rfarred, and cans in despondency. The only in re c inr*e to nr.ue, if yon wi*h a thorough core, i* to apply to the Medical roorietor of the Hnu'criau Di*i?t?arv. No. t Division *rr?et, ?< h a botanic rem-lie*, and follow hi* 'jr. etinus, w> ich are lain an maplo, and v oi will soon he |.la< * <1 in > r"ndui >n o anaiau a pO'e and healthy ? aiitn'ioB to your off*i nti?. inlead or entailing o. them a short and miserable enatunca. This ia the "U > pUcn iriltnacit. or a ate, where kenowia noes Hu let's Red Drop ean I e . bt rilled A counterfeit of tin* B '4i"? i* ao.d ia B ?'on. M ?j 'harlvt'ou, 8 C ;, N Y. Lai lh? ' KnoWi t "? ware "fit m2< If m CMCltM sHll I.UUItVlLLIt. roin New Oneaaa, i* di CIO ilia ?t Orleans wharf, foo of Wall .rreet. t 'ln* ignar a will please atiead to the raaaiptof iheirgoods iminelately Si/*- i r *A kU?IM batik* and rU kr?*~pri"** Ohw Lard landing ' L. from .hip ^?W*^VcoLlIN8* m-| M BowBl MMtik I?? AMI SEMENTS. P4HK TIIBATHK. THIS EVENING. will buMrftn^. _ TOM AND JKRRT '""'if.. Abbelt | Jerry, PUeuie Klt?. Mrs Henry Hoot To rnn-loHe with (be M , PRETTY OIRI.9 Ob" STIf.BERG. V* * . Mr? Kmeht I Amine, Mrs Lorell Hnnfu . n Mr Hhew | Jnles, Andrews _Boies, J0cU; Pit, 14 rts; Gallery, 1J* etl. CHATItA i> 'fit b.e I'Rlt, Dr?r.,,1. ?"DU?;tion oy i'Kices. THI?"!vV V" It* Celt I HIS * "NIVi* wi'l hr n?rfnrtitAdl WOMAN'S LIFE. f*ii Utlr with 8PKCTUK IILOT Doors open it Oi oVir, ? 4n<t u? f, wilJ .... enicc It t prrnielT WUJ aiTCHICLL'll l)LYWPuTT??iATlt^ 441 BrrieiiwiT, New York THIS EVENING. will i, pirfermad FRA DIAVOLO. FrsDiselo. MnTunm ^Bjppo, M.uh.t HUMPBACk. T'i eoK-lnde with HAPPY MAN iXT' The Doors will oe .irwusd at half-seat ?, u4 lh, ,a, ormtiiic* commence st 7. ?rr/y eseninir AfflKRIVAS TilICATKK~WALN(iT-Hl. ' PIIII.ADKL.HU I A. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C CUSHMAN THIS EVENING. March ?!, will he perform.. rniuti a udiibinna * fter which OAT AFTER THE WF.DDINQ. T(1 con-lode With BORN TO UOOO LUCK. 11. A VAKHHALL, U<?? AtlP.KICA* MUMCUfe. Maitle Building, corner of Broadway and Am (Heat, P T BAKNUM Mibww. The Manager, grateful for the anpreeed?"ttd Ntrouu to* towed nnmi thu i itahlnhineat, and being determined met at all timei hit eierliona ihall at lea*t ba ad'qnate >9 the snppori rivenhim''y the pnbhe, 11 harpy ta announcetke arrival and firit appetranc- 10 Americ.i of miss Mary darling, The beanlifal auJ churning F.nsliiti Euckanfaaa pup.l of H rr Def. uug The O aar Magician. Tha celebrity of thia Young Lady throughout Ktiropa '? kn >wn to all travellrra and ihefavovaI h'ennticr* of her P'r'oim m^ii which lnv- aim-are I in the 1 London Times and other Kng i?h Pt era o( In rh needing, the 111a icer 'mati will bo luffi hint to introduce her ta vhe kind n tice of ih? American 1 ahl c. No ?d> unite d. aeriiirlon cao be given of her waadrrful Magical P-rfiirmanc-ij ih?v muat ba aeen to be appreciated. Alio engaged for on - w elt OHANO KONU. The ce'ehtared Chine*- juecler. C. D. lenkin* the I i?1.1v t' pul<r Comic Drnlteriat. Teaor Singer, Benin PWver. Ethiopian Hmger and F.irravaginiil. wilt appear In hia Ccmic [)ri|ucilioni of *ce-iit*ie c'mractar M11 Hood will unit nnnr of her moit Popular Bongs. La P t"! Crlcite will dauce tha L* Bayadere and other fa I rorite D 'reel. The MELOnIAN, en invnrni* end magnificent Mnalcal Instrument,play* itself the lineit Overturei, Fantaaies and Weltaei, and REPRESENTS A FULL ORCHESTRA. PHRKNOLOOV 1 Ad Eminent Profnior atte"d? daily and irwr radical e* imitiitnnu nndCharti, Developments and CnnmCTrr at a Ui Him* eitra charge, Juet id led to tha Mmenm TWO SUITS OK ANCIENT AR.Vt'H ' II. mule end wo n KMl y**?r? ego OIUNI) COHMOHAMA-ALBINO LADT. Fancy (II in Bl witir. The free liit ii <u*iiendcd. AN EX PERI ENt. ED TAXV'DERMISt is engaged, and periom having |iet birdi or >inaorii|>eda they wiah reserved, cen have thein inountrd iu th beetatyln. Day viiirois edinntrd tame evruiug FREE. Evening performance! at h ill past 7 o'clock. Day I'erlorinaucea every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon ai '* o'clock. Admniion to ell accents? Children half nore tndl PBALK'H hKW VOKK nildttUlll ' NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY IS NOW RE-OPENED ! C. H. DEVOE. Manager. The ettahkahmeut contains an almost -ndleai number of RARE AND CURIOUS WtJRitS OF NATURE AND ART: Neatly and tastefully displayed in three apacioot halla.aud hoeata of a very COSTLY It ELEOANT OALLEKY OF PORTRAITS IGMcedimi in extent and ?alue any other iu America. The manager haa engaged. for ehort time only,the aoblime mi hemtilal exhibition of THK TRIAL OK CHRIST! Thil impoting acetic in not repieee.nted b? ? pointinchot by GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OK LIKE. Thia eolrmn and impreati*e acene repreaenta Our Savionrar reigned aa a Pruoner, with a Crown of Thorua npoo Hie Heed before Caiphaa, the High Print, end tlie Court of Pontin Pilate. In addition to the a bore, the Manager haa engaged the MYSTERIOUS A.VD ASTONISHING GirSY WOMAN, Krem England 'She wiihea not to impoae ei>oii the pub Be,by making them believe her a Witc h < r FORTUNE TELLER! Ponened with aopernatnral power?but on the eontnry. elaima publicly to be able to luetrnct othera of (geod intellect and mention their leading trs aictiooa of PAST TIMER. THE PRK.SEN f. AND THK FUTURE. She will tell peraona whether titer are married or net, an what kind of huth tod or wife they will g-t, deeeribe their own characters and give a hoat of facta and correct eonc<naiona fonnded on her knowledge of the immutable acieoeea of phrenology, phyiiagnomy.heurology. philosophy, be. A? proof"ol the cnrrectneaa of her aaaertiona. ahe it at liberty to reler te hnndrrda o'our tint eititena, including clergyman, judgea,attorned, phyaiciaua, end many of tlie moat enligh tenedladiea in the city. IC7"Admiaaion to the Mnacnm, 2Soenta; Children hall mice An extra eharge of HK centa to those who couault the tfcpay Wnohii. mfr MR_KOSSOWSKI'S OR AND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, "fXflLL take place on Wedneadsy, Marc i 3M, IMS, at ' N Itlo'a Sa'oon, on which oteaaion he wilt be aaaiated hy the following miueot artijta? M .d unr Maroucelli. Madune One, Sig. Do Begnit. 8ig. Martini, Mr Salomontki, Hia firai appearanae. Big. B-nrdid, Mens. Chatal, hig. C iupa, M'.Auoie, Mr. K)le, Mr Timm, who will preeide at lha piano forte. PROGRAMME. Vaut I 1?Grand Kantaaia on "Gailleume Tell," Mr. Koeaowaki, Dohler J?G and Aria, "11 bnccio mio conqwiae," M'me. Otto. Nieolo J?Aria," Meco dch yieai o raiaera," from La Strnniera Big M irtini, Bellini i.-'.niiM .-MVIWITI >?l oil *|K||U, ? I I 111 VI14I , 1/1 OIIIOI 5?Du'tti, "Schelm, halt feat," from the Opera of Iter Kreyachatz, M'uic Otto and M'me Maroticell', Weber 6?AnaRafTo, "Be ho le dirla.harrei molto placate" Big Do Brgnii, Fioratuti 7?Fantasia on Meyerbeer's "Valae Infernale," Mr Kosaowaki, Liaat PAHT II. I?Grand Duo Confer-sure, " Loa tloa amigoa," Meiara Benedid and Conpa. Sor 3?Aiia, "Piemli |i"r me art libero,'' written for M'm? lYniani, M'meMaroucelli. Donnitetti 3?Variations on a faeorite air lor lbs liute, M r. Kv.e. 4? Knmanzv ''Una furtiva L'-rima;" frrm the opera "L'lCluird'Amore," Mr "alomouaki. Donnizettl 4?Variation* on me Air " Quaint ja qaittai la Nop mandie Mr Koasowtki. Henaelt 6?Soto, Cornel a riatnn, Mr. Annick. 7?Terzetto, M'me Otto, M'me Maroncelli and Mr . . Salomomki. Bellini '~~7' Tickets F fly Cents, to be had at the principal Mnaie Store*, and at the door ol the Saloon. [T7~<aince.t to commence at t o'clock precisely. Trir Piauo Forte it f om the manufactory of Mr. Dnboia. m22 Itr Cl OTTldH .vWHICAi, >.N'1'fc.HT/TI if FN I Mr ' ' I lio hiigti and tin-Mine* Cnmmiog. fared fully intimate 'k r tb. y will give/mother rtcoltnh Vnsral fcutrrtammem on W-dnevjay. the 3tth mat Tot Programme will'. in an entirely new and choice aelection of SONOB, DI ETS AND BALLADS. F'om the Ancient and Modern Mi ludi. t ol -.cor'aad There will be a limited uuioher of t cketa itaard, an ae to prrveut the disco* fort wlncli attended tr,eir flrst entertainrneot. Tickets to be had at all the mnsic atorta, and nt Mr. Cluw hugh'a 205 Broadway. Iri.aramn.ei w.ll be iaanid immediately. "P ? ? GRAND CONO RT-.M . W A. kin* beg* to inform hi* Irieiib* .irid the public. ihut hi* Wr?nd Am ml Concert will tike place at lh? Apolle R >01111, en Turxdxy Evening, Much ah (T^Ticaet* Fifty Ce?t*. Fall p ricular* will h- duly announced. mil i*Jl*r HARI fill * BHOT HERB ANNOUNCE AS N >W Rf ADY, I ART-ONE OF MARTIN CHITZZLEWIT, WITH TWO 8PLKNDID KNORAVINGB. PRICK SIX CENTS. BY CHARLES DICKENS, ESQ. Thi* work will be iubmI in Seven Pert*, each P?rt eontiinirg throe Number* of the Knfluh edition and too Steel Etching", *> S *p nc*. makii.g the coit of tne entire work Three Shilling* aud - njrenre. WILL BE READY ON THHR?DATNUVBKR SIX OF ALISON'S EUROPE, To be completed in Sixteen Nua-berx, at Twenty-flee cent* each. WILL BE READY NEXT WEEK, _ STEPHENS'S INCIDENTS uF TRAVEL IN YUCATAN, ILLUSTRATED WITH 12. ENGRAVINQ9. * LHO, NI'MBKR FIVE OF AN ENCL'rCLOP.*i>IA OK H IKNCE, LITERTURE AND ART. Crnnprieing the Hietorv, D'amption, and Scientific Principle* of eeerr Branch ofllnman Knowledge: with the Deny* lion end Definition of all the T r ?? in U*e. Illustrated by Engnvinie en Wn?d. General Editor W. T Brando, F.Rs. I , e E.ofher Mejeitv'e Mint ; Pr f **nr of Chemistry and Materia Medi-a in the Apotheea-iea' Company, kc Now Publishing in Twelve number*, at Twee y-fiy* Ccai* each. tr>22 2l*in 'I'O CAHTALlSTA.?A eaniul wanlad of $30, 0 > on fin*' a mortgage ol a I irg* tract ol land sitnated on i'cun?vlvania, m which are a con*id?rebla camber of bnildinn. Pleeec to direct letter* to F. li., po*t office, Utter box $30 Philadelphia. m2' Jl'ic TU-T eUfcLlftHM. ..j to i...eJ tvny Tnridiy? Too A rue lean Spoiling Chrontclr, Snbicnptiou for on# ?* ' copieedJd erala, to be had at the office of 'he Mjtnf of the Timn, No. 1 Baiclay it,or of ihr Nr*i Afrnti and Boat. mtt lt*r WHRAT?Ml barreliand 73 tacki whrit, leading from ihip ?r L,ooutiU? and for sale by fe It. C0LII1VS fc CO , nijt, M South Ureal PNOLISH WHITK LKAD-V krga >'Tlupenor quality hng'nh Whi.e t rail fnrnlr hv vrvrimvo WOODHuLL k M'NTUHNS, mtlr <7 Booth ? reat.B c x OLISH riMB BHII Kt-nmw raiwnor Hnfford and iSj Stoaibridga birr ^^HULL k MIVTURN8, mt3i >7 Sou th itreet. -w USUAL IVSTKI i IION.-M,. MeDOUALL bag! iVl to ml na be frieude mid tha nnblie, that iha rontiauaa to girt laairtiC'iviu on the Piano Torta at her own randauca or that >f hrr|Wi ill. Trrmi moderate tl Writ Broadway fig m ML ,X:? XhIV ?TK F.\vir IK* AND HOAHDTNO (W llOllhli. KBH PKh tlouie to lat, with immediate 1,'iJHi l"'?-rmnu, nd lurui are fir >ala at Auction Pricaa.? aiiMCrllaut opimrtuuity prcaeata 'tialftn any peiraon deiroue of commencing hmtirbrej mg ruber ai a boarding Sanaa or nherwira. Tha home u mode rn built, hendeomele finished and ) stories. with baaainenr, containing II roonia?'ha furniture * of a interior qui?it? and in good ordar, and will m raid ? bargain. Apply at 1? City Hall rlaaa. N. B ?Tin whole or part of tha furniture My be bad. nllMi'i

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