Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1843 Page 1
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T H Vol. XX.?Ho. 83.?Wbolo No. MVS. To (bo Public. THE NEW YNRIC HEEALD-dailynewipajor-pttb. liehed every day of the year except New Year'* day and Fourth af July. Price j cent* per copy?or $7 M par annmn ? postages paid?cash in advanoa. TBS WEEKLY HERALt)?publishedevery Saturday morning?price cent* per copy, or $3 1J per annum? portages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ot the Herald is over TH! RT Y THOUSAND, and increasing act. It hat Ike largest circulation of any paper t'n this city, or the Iootid, and it therefore, the belt channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the moat moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnorniKToa or thi Hebald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets art TO LET?The store No. 97X Nassau street, in the p;B Herald Building. Apply at the Herald office, cor NssXJgLns aud Fnlton streets, mllr HOUSES TO LET Al' YORKV1LLE.-2 large houses ou the corner ol 81th street end 3d avenue; either of liirm is cidcuUled for a public house, grocery or private residt ace. On the premises is a line stable, towlisit alley, and a tine garden. consisting of 8 .ot*, with IrHI.<* vines and fiuit trees thereou. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., ii)8 2wr No. II Chambers St. MTO LET?The upper part ot the store No. 7 New street., a fe w doors from Wall street; the second story has two offices, and it is adapted for a merchant or lawyer. Also, the three story house 31 Walter st, between Broadway and Church at, an excellent situatiou for a genteel family, occupied by Mr. Verplanck The brjck stoic corner of Pike and C'-erry streets, occupied by Messrs. VaJeutiue 8t Co., as a ieed store, a desirable situatiou. The convenient two story house with attic rooms,, basement and counter celier, No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. Weeks Ilie two story brick house, No 7J Gold street, one doorfrorn ? -e st., formerly owueu by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The .. .its will be moderate. Apply to MR. DELAI'LAINE, 68 Wall street, ml, lm*r in office No. 9, cor, ef Waler st. MA TO LET ?In Dean street, near Smith stree', Brook , Sill J IChe TTT7W lyo, me ei>irnam mrvr Biury Iivu.c, ... Xj?, manner, with two lots of pr"nud attached. AI?o, coach him**, (tables, he. A variety of the most, choice itrspc viues. ! Also, several fruit trerts, with a well and pump of excellent spritm water on the premises Tins property is well calculated r or the accommodation of a respectable family, to whom it will be let for one fear or more on accommodation terms, bv applyi uu to JOSEPH McMURRAY, int r_ 100 Pine street^ TO LET? A pleasant two story house containing S T^W bed ro .mi, an open garter, two sitting rooms, front and J.'jyLbsck basrment, i nod cistern ot water, grass piatt front Hiiil irar. Impure at 95 Eldriilge at AU", to let, two reotn*, basement and cellar, enquire at >11 Division st tn3I2w*ac MTO i.ET?l bs two stoiy brick House and premises. No. II) Wooster street, finished in the most modem style, willi marble mantel-pieces and folding doors hciut. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, m"3r 100 Pine street. MTU LET?A Sail Loft m store No. 61 South street, on leasouable terms. Apply to JOHN HEKDMAN,. m 'lr On the premises. TO LET?From 1st of May next, the modern built pj* two story briek house, No. 11 Third st, with attic, bascJUHLment and cellar, and marble mantles throughout. For further pairicnlara inquire at 479k Pearl st lif 1m* just OFFICES TO LET?In store No. 69 South struct. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, Xil. M> Pine street. f lire UmfL FOR SALE?A desirable country residence at Hempstead Village. Long Island; a large well built JLaA Honae, ine ttage style, with Bains, Sheds, lie.,and tea acres of first rate land, in lading a Garden well stocked with shrubbery, fruit trees, Re., in a high state of cultivation; it is locrned on Fulton street, less than a half a mils of the New York and Long Island Railroad, which has a communication with thi? city several times a day, and at a rub of lare vary mneh redaced from formsr prices, making it a most desirable miience for a person retiring from the city, or one who may wish to do business in the city. A portion of the money can remain on mortgage, and the balance can be paid in dry goods or groceries at market prices. For farther particulars, apply to JOHN 8. VOOKHIES, Book Store, No. 24 Na sau st. N. Y., or JOHN J.MARSHALL, Postmaster, ml Sw Mamaroneck . Westchester to., N. Y. SPACIOUS AND FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PHILADELPHIA. AjA THE fashionable Hotel, Marshall Houie, capable of pTCm accommodating IM persons, situate in Chestnut street, 6th and 7th streets in Philadelphia,having beeu rereutlv much improved and repaired throughout, is to be let at a reduced lent, for a term of years. Apply to SAMUEL POWEL. 207 Chestunt street, or to JOSEPH B. TOWNSEND. mft 2taw lm#r jitj nren urcet. UMgg FAHM FOR BALK containing 23 acres, the greater KM part of which it meadow and plough land, with a good aJknvoung sppl- otch'td. with a variety of cherries, pears, -dumbs ut vther IrllL 4'he Mildiui, cousisti ng of a };ood barn. e?w boose, carriage hoosr, coni crib, nrf she-tn, or cattle, together wiji a good dwelling heose and Well of water at toe door; a snflcieucv of firewood; there is a neeer failing stream of water running throngli the land. The above farm is titna>ed about three miles from Elizabeth town, N.J., en the main road to Weatfisld, and within two hundred yards ol the stopping place of the Elitabethtown and Komerville Railroad cars. Any further description is net necessary, ns persons wishing to purchase will view for themselves. For price and icirucii'ais, ai>ply to John D. Murdoch, on the pre misvs, or Jaine< Don, No. HR Rivington slreet, N Y. N.B ?This would be a desirable location for a person doing business in New York, being within two hours ride of the city. March lgth, IHS. mfO 2w*ec FARM AT AUCTION?Will be offered at imblic JPyVveudne, the farm late of William Cook, deceased, >u .aJbm- Hanover. Morns County, N. J., containing 129 acres suitably divided in meadow, pasture and plough l.ind, with a large supply of wood and timber, s c>uveuientdweliing house, two barns, and other out houses. Will he offeree logi Iher or iu paits, at the house of Wm. MeFarlan in Whmpauy, on Friday, the 24th of March, inatant, at 2 o'clock. P. M. Conditions will be liberal, and attendance at the time of sale by the subscribers. SILAS TUTTLE. CALY1N HOWELL. m10t2t r Eiccutors of *a:d Deceased. AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION FOR THE LADIES.?MRS. LOVE, Corset Maker, No. 61 Lispeuaid st. calls the attention ot ladies to her important inveutrd Abdominal Supporter for the preservation of the health and strength during preguaney. This Abdominal Sucimrtrr has called lorth the fullest approbation ol the moil IWMI ivteiiiC*' Ben Irom the satisfactory malts to those Indies who here ui.-d them. I) in perfect in iu application, acting a? a support and preroutinH aftstiaiu upon the tnnielet, and ihe consniuent (etigue and es ausuiouof the whole system during preituancy. Nothing that has ever been invented, offers so many decided advantage* I <r in igoraung the system against every accident at thr peiiod of (mtaiisn at the same limr presetting the natural I'orin. Country merchants and city retailers supplied on advantageous terms Mis L ive at the same tune calls their attention to her improved Shoulder Klssiic Braces, for misses, as bring the long required desideratum lor the ripiniion of the chest. Mrs. L. he* secured a patent. She beg* 'o refer in relanon to the ahove, to the following einiii?nt men of the Medical Faculty?Dr. Kruiei?, Dr F. U. I'oLd, Dr. McDonald, ' rolesaor trillirun, M. D., Professor Parker, M. D., Dr. Ntlson.A. C, (as tie, M D . Dr. J. W. Moors, i. Ntilsou, M D.J. W. Fianris, M. D. m20 Imr UNITED STATES HOTEL OF FHILADELruiA. A LI. traeellera win here passed the days and nights of their sojoarmn Philadelphia at this fine establishment, speak in terms ol unqualified pt use of IU acrommrdsuons, its table and msuag-ment. The arrangements of the house are admirably systematic, Slid there are substantial c onlorls to be found in this Hotel that will be appreciated by m ist |iersous, such aa ncleau,i|uiet, and wcll-luruuhed house, a well-supplied read ing room, and a host whose constant efforts are directed to render this mansion h highly agiernhle resoit for resectable travellers. Mr. Kea, by his i-olite and alfible deportment, and his unremitted personal atteuliou to the tables, sinl the general corulort of hi* gnesu, win* favor from all who frequent kis nunse, ... Those who in the morning prefer to indulge in the ?we*t restorer balmy sleep," instead of attending to ihe break fust summons, find nt ttio liour which soils their own convenience, a table set lur their especial use, with srveial servants in attendance to consult their wishes, and have any delicacv which the house affords, prepared withceleiily for their gratification. The dmnsr is served in a light, airy, and spacions dining reona, overlooking a garden, and is a repast that would do credit to any Hotel in the country. The liluation of thia house is decidedly the best in I h ladelphia, be lug on Cheanut st, opooaite the Bank of United States? the very ceutre of fashion ami business of the city. mil Im*r lrvsk.-i? KAIL KOAD LINK OK STAGES fl?WEsfr=*>FHOM new york to Bedford nreHr'dtf ash iin ?nrl ?fr?t Tuesday, January 3.1, 1813. the inns, libera win ron a line of stages from Bedford to New York three times a week,as follows:? Leaves Seety's Mausion Hotue, Bedford, every Monday, Wednesday,'slid Friday, at RH o'c.ock. Leaves the Hail road Hotel, corner of Buwery and Broome streets, Naw Fork, every Tuesday, Thursday nud Satn'day morning, by the 9 o'clock ears passing Marble Hall, ILut Chester, White I'lains, Kotibms' Mills. Mile ffoiiair, Newcastle aDd Bedloid. HIRAM DEFOREST,) G. C. LEWIS. J l'roprietois. The Red Bird Line of Stages will continue to run during the winter from White Plains every day at S o'clock, and New York at 3 o'clock, P. M , Mondays race pled. HIRAM DEFOREST, m?0 Iwc ProRwietor. GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE for April. Original Contributor*?W ('. Bryant. J. K. Cooper, N. P. Willis, H. W. llerbeit, Mrs. Eintna C. Embury,Mrs. Seba Smith, Mrs.Mary Clavrr, Mrs. Ann M. Stephens, Mrs. Krsncis S. Osgood. Embellished with the followiug superb engravings Kim Affetliou, by W. O. Jacksou, on steel, from a picture by C.J. The Luvc Latter, by Welch Ic Walter, on steel. Fashions, the latest reports from London and Paris. Terms?$3 per annum, in advance Mingle numbers 2J cents. Published monthly snd deliveied in any part ol the city and Brooklyn, and seat by mail to all parti ot the United States, by UHADBUKY. ?ODRN (k CO, 177 Nassau turn, New Vork, infs 3l*t and II School street. Bos torn milliard saloon. NO. i BARCLAY STREET. THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL1JRICE REDUCED to One Shilliug Hundred, fiom R A A M. to 3 1 M.? The subscriber informs his fnrnris and the public in geuersl, that he his Ktve New Billiard Tables, in s>-|>ar*u> apartments?twit in theiii per fmut saloon?two in the rear saloon, and on? in the I rout room?all ia first iste order. Each geith Diau risitiug the establishment will be furnished Willi a private Cae, for his especial use?the tablet being in dillerent apartments, the pr qwirlor tluiika it will render it more srleti and agr?eahle to gentlemen visiting his lions* ALSO. TWO FINE BOWLING ALLEYS IN THE basement. His Bar will always he stoc-ed With the choicest Win<s and Liquors and the best 8. gars to be had?alto Sherry Cobblers, Mint Juleps, I'nnchea; nude in g manner not to be surp.isssd N R ?The ajiartmsnts hare undergone i lho<ongh refilling ?new paper, painting. We. irrOantlemen will please to eammnmratd aar neglect of dut/ of the attendants, at the bar. Was FRANCIS MONTKVERDE. ? iachl?,lm*r 6 Barclay street. E NE N SOUND" PILOT. OWEN PREBCOTT. Pilot for New Bedford, Nantucket V/ Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Krunehcck, and other |ioru. Office at Krye fk Shaw's Nautical Store, 221 Water, corner Beekinau street, N. Y.?Vice sersa Adams' Ki ureas, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the same as Corn Oay Head. m4 liar BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN HO VAC MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 12Mitons and 44# horse power each. Cadet contract with the Lords of the-AdmiraltT. HlRKIiMIt r. K Judkina. Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Eewitt. Jo CALEDONIA. E. G. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie Jo COL CM A LA. E. C. Millar, R N do Will sail froiu Liverpool and Bastes, via Hahfai. aa follows: s rom LivaarooL. from mostou. Acadia, Kyrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 A|>'1 I Britannia, Hewiu, ApT 4 1 Hibrrnia, Judkms, Ap'l 19 May 14 The accomuiodatioua for passengers ara superior. The vessels ore accempamed by etperietioed surgeons, and a mill y supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats. Passage seduced to <120. No Berths seemed until (gad for. For further information, apply to D BKIUHAM. JH., at HARNDEN k CO'8, No. 1 Wall-st. j34e __ FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ship COLOMBIA. C. H. K. Jnd kins, commander, will leave Uoaiou for the abov e ports on Saturday, Apiil 1st. Passage to Liverpool JIM Passage to Halifas 20 Apply to D. BKIUHAM, Jr. Agent, in2'ec 3 Wall street. tlfty ifffy vM tJjjyT ^r5flW'.T8 I^^R^dAKSElldflBP^Phc Uoderuienlioned ships will be legularly dispatched from bt nee ami from Marseilles on the lstofeaeb mouth during the year, thus? Fram New York. Marseilles. MINERVA.CaptBrown. Nov I. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Bylveates, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Dugnn, Jan 1. Mar I TRE8COTT, Capt Lawrerce, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. May I CORIOLANU8, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Juu I They are all coppered and capper fastened .and have excellent aeooinmodatums lor passengers- ^ 1 ne price "1 mum liuatKC will uv tun, nicniMia o hiiwi and liquors. Goods addressed to BOTD ft W1NCKEN, the a gtat*. will be forwarded free of other charges lhaa these actually paid. Kor freight or i?ssage apply to O. BROOM ft CO.. or to >22r BOYD ft H1NCKEN. AgegW. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. mm.rn.rn. HAVING completi d extensive anil important arrangemenu for briuging out passengers fiom the old country, thesubscriber* can with confidence lufotm thoie who may wi?h to title for friends to emigrate the present seiuou (1843) that tlicy will find it their interval t? make ihe necessary nrrangeinvuts with this liue; bciug the oldest or longest established oul of this port, it is well known that that the arrangement i are complete?the ships of the first class stiling weekly, and the accommodations fitted up expressly for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Should those settled for decline coming out. the passage mouey will, as usual, be 'refunded to the parly from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per ateamer from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured if desired. A|e P'y l? SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 271 Pearl St., Or to C. GR1MSHAW ft CO. 10 Goiee Ibarras, Liverpool. Drafts on Londoa, Liverpool, the National Bank of Ireland, Northern BauEug Co. <nd National Dana of Scot land, at sight, and for any amount. Apply aa above. rot lm*r FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 1st of kJMWvApril.?The very snperior last sailing packet thip jHUkbONTAKIO, Capt. Bradish, will sail aa above her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabinjand steerage passeugsrsv persons wishing to embark should make early application. JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. Persons wishing to seud for their friends, can have them brought oat by the above ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, if by letter, post-paid. m24 NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. iibAiaffn iWiAUrth JBBgtub vt*V?l From trie (o*t of Cenrflandt itreet, New York. (Every dav? Bandar aenrrptrd.) LwiMnrw rotk Lravn Newark At 9 A. M. At 4 P. M At 7\ A. M. At IK I. M. 11)4 Do 4 do. I do. 1)4 do. 4)4 do 9 do. do. T da. 11 M da. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Conrtlnadt etroel Leave New York, Leave Newark. Al * W *?o&c/ EL 1& 1& TH1 "KM'N. M' Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. A.M. 7 A.M. ^ I P. M. IK A.M. ? " 10)4 A. M. Sr.*. ,SV 9)4 " The traine for Woilfield, Plauifield, Bonodkrook, Soroerville, Ac., connect with the 9 A M, I and 4)4 P trutia from New York, daily, Sonday-i excelled. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town It rente. Fare between do and Souierrille, 7S cente. NEW YOHK. KAHWAY AND NEtf BRUNSWICK. Fare reduceJ. Frota the foot of Conrtlandt ?"eet, daily. Leate New York. I,ea?e New Brum trick At 9 A.M. At 5)4 A. M. 2U P. M. 7X " fS " ia>tf " 9 P. M. On Suudayx the 1)4 and 7)4 A.M. tripe from New Bronawick and 3)4 P. M. train (torn New Fork, ere ountted. Fare between New Ye-k and New Brnuewiek, 74 cente. Rehway, 10 eente The fate in the 1M and 7)4 A. M. trainfrom New Bmnawick.and 3)4 and 4)4 I . M. train from New York, hai been re dnced. New York and New Bruuewiek, to 10 eenta. " and K.ihway to J7>4 " Paaeenvere who prornre their tioketa at the lieket office, rc ecire a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchased. fll 3it>? PU LLEN & COPP, 3 Wall street. twp NBWYTfitlTAUTv^ T.vffTtfTflThK AL EXPRE99. Meun. Haruden A Co. having disposed of their rouie Irom New York to Albany and Tioy, the snbtcribera, the old conductors of Ilarndrn It Co's Northern Emms, from New York, will continue to ran aa lieretoforejeatiun New York, Albany and Trey, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Moutrral Kaprt-aa, and will forward Specie, Bank Notea, Packages, Bandles.C.iaei of (foods. Ac., to any place between New York and Montreal, and throng boot the Canada*. Alao Bast, from Troy and Albany to B<?tou, aud Weal liom Albauy to Buffalo. All buameaa rntruated to their charite will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will he paid to the collection of notea, drafts, acceptances. Ice., and prompt retnrns made for the asm*. PULLBN A COPP. Office*?PulleB A Copp. 3 Wall street. New York Thos. (Jnugn, 11 Kichangr, Albany. A O. Kilkina. 331 Rivet atrect, Troy. 9. Jacob's Kicnance Court, St rani at, Montreal. REFERENCES. Nkw Yore. anaawy. Trot. Prime, Ward A Kmg, B. J- Homphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, A Co., Thoa. (tough P. Weils, John T. Smith, A Ce.? 9 K. 9tow, Pepoon A Hoffman, C. 9. Douglass, Carpenter It Varmilya, F.Leake Hoovhton A Co. Drew, Hobinaon A Co. nM WINTER ARRANGEMENT. n N K V>* Newark, Mew Brnuawick, Pniicelou, Trenton, Borden town > ml BnRington. THROUGH IN SIX HOUR9. Leare New York from the loot ef Conrtlandt ?treei,dailr, at) A M and <\ P M. The morning L,<ne proceed* to Berde utown, Irem thence by ateamtmal to Philadelphia. The Kveuing Line proceed* direct te Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of car* Paueuger* will procure their ticket* at the office foot ol Courllandt rtrcct, where a noinmodioo* Meamboat will be in readioriai, with baggage cratei onboard. Philadelphia baggage erate* are conveyed from city to city, Without being opened by the way. Karli train 11 provided with a Ladir* Car, in which are apartment* and dressing room* eipreuly for the Ladie* me. Reluming, the line* leave rhilailelphiw from the foot of Che*tout atreet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and t o'clock, P M. The Linea for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at I A M, being a continuation of the linea from New York. dtt I m " r morris and essex rail road, NewArrahgrnient?Th!?TLMidnuving"bvri^eTui^t great eipcnae with the moat approved and hravieit H rail, to ?ecnre a *ale and expediliona conveyance between New York and tnorriitown,will commence riiuniug Iwo tripe daily, Sunday* excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, ' ?. E,r*t ,rS!n 'ro,'" Moiriatown will leave at7X A M. Second Train from Momitown will leave at Ik P M. AM *" 'k ' *Ve " * A ^'Newark at ark aMH P Min 'r01" N'W York wUI '**Te " JX r M-NewI aaiengen by the Morning Train from Mnrriatown will arrire.u Newark in time for iie t A M Train to N?w York, or the meriting 1 rain m Phllapel|di at by the Afternoon Tram they will arrive at Newaik in tunc for the 3H P M Train to New Y"ik or the Kvening 1 rain to Philadelpt Paiaenger* by the Morning Ttai from New Y',rk will airiva at Moiriatown inl'nie ro dine and take any of the Htagea runiinif west ??i it .ri? I rout that place imerc Jl*Q Av,:H ANt'K "K HP AH UNO I'L A< K? CL id- v-~ Arrangement to Albany and H<?ion, via 3k^HUE>H,.naalonir Railroad?The atramrr .Vlniq.,1 ria'rty e ill ,-ommr n e running for freight and pnaaenger* daily ft II inn Him* III 7 oVln? li. ("un fo-it <>( l,ih?r( V ?1, DfAY t tmrihmlt, North Riftf, to Briofepoi! Leave for Now YorkjU I n Yl.u k, r. M.. Of OB the arrival of he Mil Irom Albany I Mis boat ia the only one Tannin* in connectioniwittrth* Railroad! For farther iniormatieu apply at the office, fbot Liberty at Now Yoik. mMr W Y( EW YORK, FRIDAY MC ENGLISH ADVKKTISKMKNT?Notice to Masters of Veuels and oth n initio* on business or plea ore.?Mrs. Gorsoch. late of tlin Washington Hotel, beg* respectfully te inform her numeroas American friends, that she has removed from Saint Pault8<|tiare to No. M Duke street, Liverpool, a few minutes walk from ihe Custom House, which private house is fitted up with every comfort and convenience, and trnsts to be favored with a continuance ef that support so many years afforded to her, mi bar f OHT?In the month ol' February. 1*42. between BuRalo and this city, a letter enclosim; eerliticate N). 93, dated Jan. 39, JIM, Ipr fifty shares in the capital stock of the (commercial Bank of Manchester, Miss., sta diug in my uaine Any person having fonud the same will be suitably rewarded by ferwarding it to the subscriber. New York. Keh. 17, ISO. I 19-t.iapa ?r G. W. HATCIJ. LI L . fcfla kt HvlttThNIi Trunk Hepisitory, No. Bi Wil i tin street, cornur .rlaideu lane, manufactures and keeps wuiitiiu ) "II nsnil, nnuil'Mir mill retail, BP KIUUS 01 1 Tirei ling aa<l Packing Trunk?, Carpet Baca, Hat and Bonnet Cases. Merchants and others are respectfully invited is cull and examinr our Mock, befhre purchasing elsewhere. Manufactory, StU Broad street, Newark, N. J. Bill lm'ee LOOK At i'H 18? Helling off that rich and splendid stock of boots and shoes. 25yer cent below cost, to close the store on 1st of April. So ladies and gentlemen, that are in waul of those articles, pie.lie call before the 1st of April, fo' yon will save all ol 51 per cent. Da not forget the No , 92 Canal street, corner af VVouster street, in 11 to al*r GREGORY Ik CAHlLL. COAL AT FIVC DOLLARS PER TON?Bast Peacn Orchard Ked Ash, broken and egg aud sto si e, selling at ti Iff ton, delivered from the yard ear iuf and Greenwich streets. Also, a good quality of Gray-ash Caal, suitable for stores, at $1 ,50 i?r ton, delivered. PETER CLINTON milm*se TO THE LADIES. TNTKLLRCTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERHON1 AL. BK.AI 'TY, considered in connection with DR. FELIX OOURAUD'S P6UDKES HUBT1LES. The scolptor whose study is to imitate the exquisite workmanship of nature, |ioriravs iu his model ot the human forin, a broad aud elevated forehead. This development is Hot only conanuant with, bat sometimes necessary to the possession of a liigu order of mental faculty. If a fine lorehead is a mark of intellect, it it no Irai an essential element of persoual beauty, and it is of importance to those, and tln rc are inanv such, possessed of this promiucut feature, though obsCNred by the encroachments ?f a too luxuriant growth ol hair, to remove that portion oi au excrescence which tends, iu their case, only to deform. This can be done safelv, speedily, effectually, IN, if men iu nccnruunce witti Directions, without (.lie leut incoiiveliieuce, by Dr. Felix Uouraiid's Poudre Subtile. The furze ol the lip, when annoying, or the ?hort hair en the back of a laiiiea' neck, wheu too apparent?the hair of a mole, or the Deard.when null upon the cheek, may all be removed, and eventually the roola destroyed, by the use of this preparation. OOUllAUD'S KAU DK BEAUTE, OR TRUE WATER OF BEAUTY! Fer removing freckles, tau, piuiplcs, blotches, sores, burus, and a'l culaucoes eruptions, realizing delicate while hands, neck sad arau, ana elicitinK a healthy juvenile appearance.? O" ' per bottle. OOUKAyD'S /EOETABLE ROUGE! Composed materially from flowers and simples, imparts delicate carnation tinge to the cheek, immovable by peispira tiou or robbing with a handkerchief or a linen dolli. Ml cents |>er bottle. OOURAUD'S BLANC D'KSVVGNK! An excellent preparation (or imparting a puie, life-like whiteness to the complexion, Ires from the injurious properties generally euterius into combination for this purposa. Put up iu elegant boxes, at 26 cents each. AtiKNTg.?A. S. Jordan, 2 Milk atieet, Boston ; New York?Albany, Guthrie, 4 Maiden Lane; l'oughke*|?ie, Jarod Gray: Utica, Wade, druggist: Hamilton, M. Co. Gregg A Grants; Louisville, lorn is t .oouty : W. A. Chase; Goshen. Elliott. Conn., Myers, Chattel st, New Haven; W. Faulkner, Norwich; Wells A Humphreys, Hartford; Charles Dyer, Jr., Urovideucr; Themes, N?W|>ori; Clowes, hair dresser, Springfield; Greene A Co., Worcester; Burt, Little Kails; Coggesnall, South Second st, New Bedford; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston; Lowell, Carlrtoe A Co.; Salem, Ives; Newhuryport, Hodge; Portsmouth. Preston; Portland, Parker, Exchange it; Bangor, Guild; Hallowell, Bcamnaoe. New Jersey?Newark, grippe; Princeton, Dr. Beabrook. Pa,, Phila., 76 Chesuut street. Lancaster, Heinitesh, druggist; Harrisburgh, Robinson. periodical agent; Pfttsburgh, Turtle: Cincinnati, Thomas A Ce., Main street; Va., Richmond, Mrs. Krmyzer; D. C. Washington, Selby Parker; Alexandria. C. C. Berry; Md., Baltimore S. 8. Haacc, Ac. Ac. Wiihin a few years this remarkable and useful che lirsl invention for oivnnlsolv arailirltitiff ,nnarfl?nn, hale kas attained the highest pitch of celebrity, and consequently excited the cupidity of a not of hue counterfeiters, who attempt to <natch from the inventor the jnat recompense for hw labor. Purchasers should therefore 'e on their guard and see that every bottle of the Poudre Subtile is square, and F. Felix Gonraud, Toudre Subtile, S. Y., cast iu each bottle, and the Doctor's fac simile engraved on the outside wrapper. Directions, French and English, accompany each bottle. Remember, the only office in N. V. for the above celebrated Cosmetic, is 67 Walker street, one door from Broadway. m8 lm m IMPORTANT TO MERCHANTS AND CLERKS. DRIBTOW'S WRITING, BOOK-KEEPING 'AND o SHORT-HAND ACADEMY, No. 23J, near Park Place, continues epru Day and F.vening, for GkktlcMvrr or all soks. GREAT REDUCTION, FROM TWELVE TO SIX DOLLARS! Mr. BRISTOW, of Loadon, guarantees to reform ANY WRITING, however bad, illegible, or eramiied, into a beautiful, free, expeditious and finished Msrcaulile S:vie. as adapted to all thr pursuits of life and business. In TWELVE EASY LESSONSWor only Six Dollars! Aauktmu No. 235 Broatiway, near Park Place. The LADlES are tasght an elegant, graceful and fashionable Running Hand : they assemble daily at 11 o'clock. !TT" VISITORS in Now York can take a course in Three Days^l Mr. B. is to be seen from f to 1 A. M., or from 4 to i'lNN^nci C?i STENOGRAPHY. Or the amusing art of Short Hand Writing, taugat by Mr. Brietow in twelve lessons, for taking down Sermons, Lectures, Trials, Ac. Ac. y fast as any person can speak. N. B ?A work of the author is presented to every pupil. \ty~ FOR SALE, at the Academy, np stain, a "Guide to dhort H-ud." ?flm*ec RHEUMATISM-GREAT CURES. I HAVE suffered severely from rheumatism for a length of time, and hava been entirely cured by 8. J. Tobias' Venetian Liniment. LEONARD GOBLIN M .Nuuuitrrrt. The nndersigned hu been afflicted for upwards of 12 year* with chronic rhenmatism. and hu tn?d several remedies without ncceM, nutil mi nit Mr Tnbiu'Venetiau Liniment, and he considers he u only doing his duty to the |>oblic by recommending it. F. B BUTLER, li Maiden Lane. ma. TobiasSir ?I hare nscd two bottles of yonr Liniment and am ow completely cured of the rheumatism, which hu troubled me for two years so that I eonld not sleep at night; and having promised to let yon know how I got along, I have the pleasure to inform you of thesoccesa of your invaluable remedy. a. HAMUKL SWAINSON, Boston. Mareb 1, IMS. Washington street. This Liniment is for tale at Roshton It Co., 10 Aator Hons# aud 110 Broadway; B. M. Bents, 80S Cedar street; W. H. Atpin.iall, K William street; John Meakim.Ml Broadway,and TO Maiden Lane. Price Si per bottle. mi Im're EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. rPHE suhscrihers will send au eiprest through Iroin this eity, JL t> the above named and intermediate placet, on the morning of the 9th intL, lor the transportation of SMS, banknotes, bundles aud |*ckages ol goods, collection of drains, bills, notes and aceouuta,and all inch other buaineaa as may be entrasted to them. POMKKOY It CO.. a Wall St., N.Y. N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the above espresa line will he viiended to Chicago, Cincinnati, lie., and continued throughout the entire season, incnnueiion with their New York, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily espreas m6 r UltENCH STYLE BWKKT CHOCOLATE, raadewiih " a k'rench niachiue, at 4J7 B roadway. New York,?KELIX ! EKKRAY returi s his gr.tefnl thanks to the customers who patronise bun for Ins sweet chocolate, and he takes this opportunity to inform llie public that lie has at w .rk ainaclnue in his lore to aliow how nicely the article in made K. Effray's Frrnch style Sweet Chocolate, marie with a Krench machine, can be had at the wholesale price, either in boxes of 24 pounds or in large enkns, at the factory, 4)9 Broadway, New York. Dealers are earnestly invited to try the article. K. B.?Hot Chocolate and Coffee served up iii the Saloon. in) lm*ec THE WHOLE WOKLD should knew it that Dr. Jayue's Espcctoraul is a certain cure for asthma, and that for concha, raids, consumption, whooping conch, croup, bronchitis, and every other disease of the luucs or throat it ia sure to produce the most decided benefit. It is recommended by thousaads, who have tried it, aud all say that it is ths heat remedy, without any exception, for all pulmonary diseases thai have ever been knowu, for it always gives relief, aud cares when avery oilier means hava failed. Prepared only by Dr. Jayae, 20 South Third st, Philadelphia, and Nn. 10) Broadway, New York. Price SI per bottle. m2 lm*ee MKTALLIC RAZOR STROP WITH FOUR SIDES, invented by O SAUNDERS, lor keeping Razors always in order?it produces a smooth aud thin edge to a mil ntenlli tuirt of the time required on a hone, without using oil or water, No other article of the kind has ever been so universally kuown aud air i rag of, liaru. r beea fertile list twenty-fiva years in constant nae in nearly all tin- cetlery rsiablishmeips in Ettropu,mad there acknowladged to have no equal. In New XO(h, where it was uiTented, it received first ixeminms at the American Institute every time it waa preseuted for competition, and gradually (withoetthe aid of pulling,) established n rrp'itatinn id all parti of Atnarica, af being the ouly Kator Strop that will keep raxers in perfect order. Certificates art n the lansession of ths iavenlor from tha most scientific gentlemen of both roaatries, s|ieakm( highly of their suiieriority. When lakiug into consideration that those gentlemen have no interest in the sale af ihe article, and cue their testimony without solicitation, s|ieaks mlaines iu its favor. It is the onlv Strop that haa hern deemed worthy of imitation and ooauierfritiac. The gn .it iismlirr of thoae alone would stamp it as bring the climax of perfection. That it m.ty he mote satisfactory ta the public, the names of hose gentlemen who have given certificates as to the merits of the Strop are here published?General James Tallmadge Prrtidrni of the American Institnle ; Piof. John Griscom, Dr. Vaeiitme Mott, and Mr. Millikeii,cutler to the Royal Navy, 301 Strand Mipnlncloty HI Broadway, New York. m4 lm*r WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND JEWELRY, icpair??iB v v the best manner and wariaatad, mnch lower Shan at aay other place in tha citv, at O. C.ALLEN'S, Importer of Watches and Jewely, wholesale aad retail, I I in * r M Wsll street, no stairs pbPi'lto-A compute aaaortmeut of extra qnality Eugliah v Copper, from 14 te 12 ox. inst reeeivad per late arrivals, for (>i*fcT * 14 I'OI I.INK k l'4t.u hoath It IVERPOOL ORRELL COAL?l~M ToMTwnrrnntedTa very sO|ieiior article, on board ship Hottingner, West side I Burling Slip. For sals by WOODHULL k MINTUJtNB, mTr IT South street. B"TlLs OK EXCHANGE, on all parts at England, irelsnd aud Scotland,10 sums ol A).?19, All nod Caa.te any amount, payable at sight w ithoat uisconnt. Prions desirons of remit tins to their friends will find this a safe method. Apply to B. J. KILV El l hR, n,4 1M Wall el eg# ssxl lie Bwsituav SHOE THREAD?20 hales patent Hnee Thread, white and green, in I aud 2 ox Haiti, for sale by " ' E. K. COLLINS k CO.. TflfY * bnntb stiual. PORTU(HJESSE FEMALE PILLS. THIESE far f.imvd ami celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, A we perceive, in be obtained in tins country. Hee.nfve tie* ?nl or the i?w -ve'^^wlono'^J^e Sy p(IPFKK-Ai saSMS ef eWta %?soT7ty Rugiish eoppyr. G from 14 te It ea, jwgt reeaieedl pet ryeeat arrivals, and for sajemlou to )RK 1 >RNING, MARCH 24, 184 TO AMERICAN TRTAATELLERS GOING TO EUROPE. WJ. MARK WELL. IWieior of LONO'H HOTEL. Now Bond atreet nut Clifford street; sleo, the CONDON KAM.LY HOTEL, Albemarle street, hu the honor lo aeqnainl Enniltea and lieatlemen suiting LONDON, that those Houses hare undergone > complete tension, with urw end appropriate Knrniture; the Cellars are filled with WINE of such a else it ran I v to he met with, being selections frnrn private stocks that h ,*e been gathered together by varioua Noblemen ainl OriilLmeii who prided themselves on their judgment; more man .'.OUO iloxm in bottle is now congregated, heaide a rut quantity in wood W J. M. has elan the honor to call the attention of Merchants and Gentlemen to hit Establishment ill the City, uuder the management of hia Hon, THE NOKTfl AND BOOTH AM EHIC.AN t'OKKKE HOUHft,COCK TAVERN fcHUBsCRIPTlON ROOM, Vit-a-rit the New Royal En-lunge ; the whole is in the moat irapoitsut |>oaitiori in the City, uossra inu every information, aa regaids the Subscription Room, Iroin all parts of ihe wotld, the proprietor baring pledged nimtelf to procure the earliest intelligence. The chargesare on the house. The Furniture n entirely new, the Bleeping department replete with comfort ; in fart, nu e?t iblis'metit in the city can surpass tliis in it? general areomiandalion. I' is admirably itaated as reuaida tne Northern, Eaiteru, and S. Eastern Kailways. beiug but a few minxica drive from their various termini. A Porter IS appointed to attend through the night, (or tlm benefit of those arriving or departing by the train ml5 Jw jgb THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW YORK, IN CONNECTION WITH THE PAVILION. NEW BRIGHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND. rPHE GLOBE HOTEL, at New York, lias for several A years beau advautagemisly known, not only to the American, but to tbe European tiara Iter, it having been the resort of many of the aliiliagtiished persons ta ho have visited theUuiled State*. Tl>e proprietor of the ettaolisliuit lit is grstef ul ior the liberal support he has rsceived from tr v. llers of all nations, and leels assured that the arrangements he is uow making,will secure acootiuuaace ol their pitronatre. Mauv improvements have been made in the interi >rof the Hotel, prenaratory to lite commencement of a new season; aed to meet the exigencies of the present times, the charges f r apartments,for meals, and for wines, have been reduced and dj not exceed those of hotels of the saine class thrnuglinat the Union The fri nueulers of the Olobe have en advantage over '.hose ol almost every other house?they ean limit their expenditure. brum allised against each disli, so that .1 traveller cau either nit down to a fesat worthy ?( Apicus, or a repair aa frugsl aa an Anchorite*!. The viands are prepared arcordiuK to the moat approved aystem ol European cookery, by experienced French c >oka, aud Tor va'ietr and excellence may challenge compartaon with thoie of the hist I'artaidt) restaurateur!. 'i he- domestic arrangements are of a very superior ortler; every thing ia conducted with the most miuute regard to the comfort of the guest*,. The waiters and other attendants are respecrlul. know rb-ir biismeas, aud gn lhr< ugh it without bustle or confusion The GloDe, iu fact, continues all the comforts of a private residence Willi the advantages n< a first-rate hotel. Tlierc are apitrtmeuta in it capable ot accommodating the most numerona families, with splendid drawing rooms sttaclied?others lor smaller families, or separate bed rooms for single travcllera. In addition to the abova, the Globe possesses an excellent Ba'hiog Establishment, supplied from tne Crotnu Aqueduct, where hot and cold water hatha may he had from seven ill the morning uutil eleven at night This ia luxury which every traveller knows the advantage of: and it is greatly enhaneed by being able to obtaiu it in the house iu winch he stays. What can be more refreshing than a warm bath, aftertlie fatigue of a long and uncomfortable sea voyage, or even a land journey? The bathing establishment is fitted up in the bestPiirisi in style, and the nattier* me supplied wnli large wrapping gowns (Peignoirs) and au abundance of oth-r liueu. The local position of the Globe is one that will recommend it either to the man of fashion or the man of business', il is si lusted at about an equal distaune from the Exchange; in Wall at, aud the Battery .that delightful marine promenade, which commands so maguiiiceul aview of the Bay ot New York. The proprietor of <hc Globe has just concluded ariangeinetits for taaiag Hint splendid building, " THli PAVILION," AT NEW BRIGHTON, and is fitting it up in a superior style of elegance and comfort. Those who litre not Tinted the Pavilion, may form some idea of the extent of the establishment, when they are informed that two hundred and fifty persons can he comfortably accommodated within its walla. Along the principal frnnt, which ia upwards of two hundred and thirty feet in length, rant a noble piazxa, formed by lofty columns. The piRzza fronts the Bay of New York, and commands the most splendid views of the Jersey shore, the cities ef New York and Brooklyn the Hudson and East rivers. Long Island, and the coast or Staten Island, nearly as far aa the Narrows. The grand dining room, which is one of the largest and best Sroportioncd in the United States, can comfortably accominoate three hundred and fifty guests, and aa a ball roam, is altogether unrivalled. There is a covered corridor, which traverses the centre of the establishment, about fifteen feet in width, and of the same length aa the piazza, which form an admirable promenade for the ladies and chilarea, either in wet waather or when the sun ia too powerful to permit their venturing abroad; this communicates with the wings, in each of which there ia * corridor of 136 feet in length, also nnd-r cover. The whole building is well ventilated: the rooms are lc.frv,spacious and light. The wa'ks and diives in Staten Island, are varied and beautiful. Krom the Pavilion, there aie excellent roads leading down to the Narrows, the Light house, round Ambov Box to Richmond and the Kills, and through the ceutre of the Island, by the Clove road. Staten Island, in fact, possesses advantages _.. .1 r l.. sr..: I .1.. i,.,. ii excellent. The Proprietor i* making arrangement! for a daily supply of the Waters, from the principal Springs at Saratoga, ?o that the fregncntcra of the Pavilion,will have the advantage of di inking tlieae watera, wiikont the incon'enience of performing a latiguiugaud disagreeable journey of 2U0 milea. There ra a reidiug awl amokinc room for the gentlemen, in a building altogether detached from the Pavilion. The diatauce from New Vork to Mew Brighton ia under ail milea, and during the whole of the summer aeaaoa, good and well appointed ?teem boats will leave Tier No. 1 on the Noith R(?er. and New Brighton, regularly every hour, from half-past i in the morning, 8 iu the evening. The distance is gear rally performed iu twenty-five minute* V. BLAVCAJID. m2! 2tw Sir Globe Hotel, 66 Broadway. THE.NEW MIRROR?Ali tie arrangement* for the publication of this new peri rlieal being now completed, the first number will be issued on Saturday morning, the eighth ol A p-il neat. Each number will be adorned with an original etching on steel, by J. O. Chapman, illustrating the latter-press, and will contaiu siiteeu snper-roval octavo pages, enclosed iu a neat eover. Those who wish to receive the work from the comineuactnrul of the volume, and thus secure a complete set with al! the embellishments (a* only a limited edition will he priuted) oan do so by leaving directions at the office of publication, No 4 Ann street, near Broadway; or at ldfi Nassau street, comer of Beekman strest. City subscribers will have the pa?rr left by carriers, and to those lesidmg at s distance it Will e forward'-d by mail, with tne utmost regularity. Terras Three Dollars per aotiiiii, inyari ibly iii ade?nce. GEORGE P. MORRIS, Editor and Proprietor. New York Mareta 21, 1842. m24tnAp8r TMPORT A NT-GERMAN SILVER! UEK.VIA.N tslk* 1 VEK.?JAMES O. MOEFET, 121 Princ- itreet, N. Y., offers for sale, wholesale and retail, 1M0 lbs *f German Silver, at the lowest market price*. ir~7~ Inconsequence of manufacturing tha article himself he ean ww rant it far anterior to any ever before manufactured in tliia country, and folly equal to the imported. TO CF.DAR WARE COOPERS: JAMKS O. MOKKKT Mannfactnrer, 131 Trinee a tie el, N. Y., oll'eia for aalr. wholeeal- and retail, a anperior lot of Ooo pcra' Braaa, Pail Kara and llivrla, at th? loweat market pricea. TO UMHRF.I.LA MANUFACTURERS, +c. t JAMKS U MUWK I , Manufacturer. 121 I'riuca atreet. N. Y., offeia for eale, wholesale and retail, a anperior lot of Umbrella, I' traaol and Shade Kainitnre, at the loweat market pricea. in!8 ltn*r DAGUERREOTYPE LIKENESSES TAKKIt, WIT'I 4LL mi ur.AUTira or NATURAL COLORS, AND ON A!LAHOB SIZE,' DOCTOR L"TM. CYRUS, 231 BROADWAY, UP STAIRS. It^LiW'-noaaea taken every day, from early in the mominc an til 3 o'eloek, P. M. m '6 lm*r D EMOVAL.?The office ef the Jeffcraoti I nauraoee Coin pa TV ny hat been tliia day removed to 36 Wall street, *>pnc ait the Sir rchatita' Exchange. mffwc REMOVAL.?P. MAES. Hair Drearer nud Wiu Maker, lina removed from 162 to If-'J Broadway, a few deora below the b'ranliliii liotiae, and opposite John atreet Having tilled up a uew roonri'Bihe moat fiahionahle atyle, he will continue the anmu bnaineaa and will he pleased to are Ilia old frienda and patrona and when who may honor him with a call. He haa alio private room a for ladiea hair droning and jamponing. Tliia powerful Extract of Jampoouy ia considers.! by thousand* <>l New Yorkers and strangers aa one of the healthiest article* for Uie cure of dandruff and strengthening "" hair?approved by the Kaculty of Medicine in Paris, and patented at Wsahington. Nothing ia more pleaaant and delightful thui to go through thia operation in the li until of P. MAES. in18tw*ec TAMES O. MOKKET. 121 Prince at.. New York, ha* atJ waya on hand and otferi lor aale by wholeaaleiaud retail, at the loweat market pricea, vix U-rmnn Silver of different thicknraaea, a very auperioi article : Sheet Braaa ; i'lale'a do; Coopers' Brava ; Pail Eara <uid Rivet* ; Umbr*lla, Paraaol and Shade Eurnitnre. Which he warrant! in qnality equal to auy in the United Staler, and of bisown manufacture. OCT1* Hold, Silver, and all km la of m-tal, rolled at th? abortrat notice mi i tm*r raliv nil uvaT i i? ,u' v. I ._i.7i... tho corner of West and Warren streets, would inform hi* customers and the public iu general, that owing to the lateness uf thr IFUIIII U-ht? cnicUdrtl to rl hi the above place, hut will slways h? ready and willing to supply ? hop keeper* and retailers with Beef, Pork and Mutton by the qa?rt<T or largrr quantity from his Slaughter House id JOtn street. Persons wishleg to he thin aupplied with a flrat rate article and at a moderate price, are requeued to make application at above, or at the Upper llull'a Head, c truer 3d avenue and 24th ita mITJro*r JOHN W. PHKSTON. UNITED MATES HOTEL, NEW YOKE.-Thiswell known eatahliahment Mi becu leased tor a term of yi ars by the undrraigurd. who are adding to the already eitrnaire arcotiiinodalion a large He tiring Room for gentlemen, w here tkry will find all the principal newspapers of thiaceuutry and Europe; a Drcssiug Hoomand Bar her'a Simp, not aurpaaeed by any fflbtel in the country; Bathe, km nod cold; Minor'a Patent Vapor Batha alwaya in readiness, and can be given on three minutes notice. An Ordinary for the accommodation of citr Trns and atrangrri not rending at the Hotel, will be opened on a inagmlicent acale;and kept np from A.M. till II at night. The interior of the building ia undergoing a thorough repair ?refitting and furnishing, cleaning and painting. The calebratedCrotou Water is introduced thronghoat the House,which renders it not only healthy in the elexeme, bat perfectly aerure against lire. The looation is aneh as makes it mors convenient for merchants, travellers and husinsss men than any other ia the out, being eqniilistniit Irom most o( the eastern, western and southern steamboats, and in the immediate vicinity of all lite Atlantic Steamers and racket Shirs. The tables are Supplied with the best onr market affords; the wines ol the ehoicest braude. and selected by onr best coouoi seurs; the servants clean, orderly and attentive? aad the public may ilep< ml on the unnriug effort* of its proprietor! to make the United States as comfortable for them as any othei hotel in the Uaion. IHf tinr IIHAISTEl) It JOHNSON. niltl) . BIHUS ' BIHUB'!!?For sale, achoie lect on o D Canaries, of all kind*- Soma am aiaalvana lingers Alto, s good talking Parrel. Likewise, an assortment of Katiei Pigeons, of all aitpls. ackiiowlecged by all to he the finest in the city, koqnile it No 311 Peiulstreet Entrance Kerry street, front room, npitairs- mr-iir.ts OCOTCH PIO IRON?200 tout very sniiennr Scotch Tig Iron Langlonn brand, fnr 1 tie by iron, uingi u. w^oDHULlj ? VIINTUHNB, m??r_ IT 'outh StfCCt. \riNttoW 01 /ksS?SO hoses or the St Hcirna Ci >n W ulast manufacture. Mtorterl site., from 14J9 tip to 40131, for sale by WOODHULL It MI N IUH,\8, m2g, 07 South atraot. ETKRA 13. Trial of Couunniidcr M?Ken?le. Fortt-Third Dat?March !WDefkncr of Com. McKknzik. Afuy it yleait Iht Court: '1 he (lrst three charge* under trial and on which you are to pain judgement, have (or their common auhject the execution of Midshipman l'lolip Spencer, Boatswain's Mate Samuel Cromwell, and Seaman Klisha Small, ou board the United State* brig Homers, on the l?t day of Decumbur, I84J. It will be louud that the*e three charge* are but variation* of one and the aamo identical charge which is, that auch execution was directed ami carried into effect without justifiable cause. To the fourth charge, alleging that taunting and unothcur-liko language was used to Mr. Spencer by the accuseil nt the time of the oxr. <?II..SIIh sknriei i> I l..a i n ir that tllu emi.tlirl of the accused towards his crew was cruel end oppressive, nothing is required to be said. The defence to these charges is respectlully, yet confidently, submitted on the plain, full, anil conclusive evidence before the Court, without a word of comment. In judging of the necessity of the eVhcution, it is of vital importance to ascertain preliminarily, whether a mutinous conspiracy in fact sxisted on board the Somen, and whethar the penons executed were parties to that conspiracy. That such conspiracy existed; that it had for its object the conversion of the brig into a piratical cruiser; that such object was to be effected by the murder of the officers and faithful of the crew; and that Mr. Spi near and Small were not only parties but ringleaders, in the conspiracy?appears from their own repealed and solemn declarations, and from unequivocal documentary evidence. Mr. Wales testifies that on the Jftth of Novombor, Mr. Spencer took him aside to a place ol secrecy, and cominunicuted to him the whole mutinous scheme, lie told him that he was leagued with about twenty of the crow to get possession of the btig, murder the voramander and officers, ami commence piracy. Mr Spencer detailed to Mr. Wales the plan oftho operations, was systematic, and evinced much deliberation. That this communication waa a trolic of boyish fancy, ns has been sometimes suggested, is clearly disproved by .Mr. Wales, and by the intrinsic circumstnnces of the case.? The appearaucu tnd manner of Mr. Spencer were earnest ami grave; before he would make his communication, he bound Mr. Wales by an oath of secrecy; and previous to parting, told him that if he betrayed the secret he should be murdered. ? I pass over, at least lor the present, many other parts of the evidence, tending to show the existence of the conspiracy, aad the guilt of Mr. Spencer and Small, and proceed at once to the final scene just before the execution.? i nuiu mr. dpencer hiiu smiihii, who men nying i?i?? tv?untarily romessed their gailt in the presence ot the officers and crew, and acknowledged that their punishment was just} Mr. Spencer adding tnat ha had attempted a mu. tiny on board the two nntional vessels in which he had last sailed, anil that his piractical propensity was quite a mania. Surely no innocent mass ever confessed himself guilty ol a felony orothpr heinous crime, uuless the confession was extorted from him hy the rack of somo other instrument ol torture. To condemn a inun out oi his own mouth, it is a rule of evidencu which the Judge of all the earth has condescended to tell us he will hitnsell adopt in that great day when judgemeat will nat he based on any fallible proof. Tile guilt ol Cromwell is not less manifest. 1 lie badness of hiH general character and conduct-, the sudden change of his demeanor towards the apprentices, ceasing ta treat them with harshness as he had been wont, and affecting towards them popular manners, as he tnund their aJliesion to the conspiracy needed; liis repeated and proiane declarations ol deep hostility against the commander and officers; his threat to tho carpeuter's mate a little beloio the discovery of tha plot, when thrown off'his guurd by sudden patsion, that his time was short; his intimacy with Mr. Spencer, receiving gifts from him in money and other articles,and spending with him hour alter hour almost daily in deep and secret consultation, an intimacy made moru suspicious by the difference in the rank of the parties ; his being asked by Mr. Spencer in private conversation, whether he could disguise the brig so that she would not be known, and hie saying that he could easily do it; his advising Mr. Spencer, in another private conversation, to hare the booms of the Somers cut aw ay, and her launch thrown overboard, with a view to render her more lit for piratical service, in singular coincidence with the subsequent declaration of Mr. Spencer to Mr. Wales that he meant *o have those things done; his being overheard to suv to Small that they would soon be able to see the Isle of Pines (a noted rendezvous for pirates,) also in strange coincidence with another statement by Mr. Spencer to Mr Wales, that he intended to carry the brig thither; his withdrawing his money just before the disclosure ol the conspiracy, from the petty officer in whose hands hu had placed it lor safe custody, with no possible motive but his wish to keep out of harm's way when the work of destruction shoubl ensue; his abBenco of mind tor days before the arrest of Mr. Spencer, seeming to be brooding over desperate thought; his secret and repeated conversations with Small just after Mi. Spencer's arrest and before his own, betraying by his looks and manner deep emotian and revengeful feeling; his willful disobedience ol a standing ordor of the ship on the morning preced ng his own arrest, Rnd which order having been repeated to him by tha lit lieutenant on discovering the default,he again stubbornly omitted to obey; Small's declaration the day be | lore bis execution, that if any one was leagued with Mr. i Spencer, it was Cromwell; the cotemporaneous, united and solemn opinion of all the officers that he was guilty, founded, at least in part, on their occularview of many little incidents and appearances which, though colleetively oarrying home to their own minds a just and sure conviction, cannot be adequately commauieated to others in all their nice, and sometimes faint,though forceful imjiott: are all circumstances in evidence before the Court, aud which leave no reasonable doubt of Cromwell's guilt. But if further proof is needed, it is found in the controlling tact that Cromwell was the very person to whom Mr. Spencer had tieen seen privately exhibiting and explaining the Oreek paper some days before the revelation nf the In Mr Wains From th.. rlnsn infi. macy that subsisted between Mr. Spencer and Cromwell, it might indeed be inferred, erna without external proof, that the latter could not have been a ati anger to that paper. Its secret was designed to be divulged within certain limits; for a single arm could not have achieved the conquest of a national ship. A confederacy was necessary; mnl a band of conspirators could not have been formed without disc losing to them the object of the conspiracy. If to Mr. Wales, with whom he was not on terms of special intimacy, Mr. Spencer divulged the existence and coutents of the Greek paper, it would have been strange had he withheld it from Crom. wall, the companion of his secret hours, the sharer of his bosom thought*. But there is no need to resort to inference. Three witnesses have sworn before the Court to the exhibition of the paper by Mr. Spencer to Crom well, on three different occasions; ami that Crom well, on having the paper explained to him, expressed his concurrence ?nd satisfaction. These three witnesses could not have . been mistaken as to the identity of the paper, marked as it was by tho peculiar form of the Greek characters.? They say that tns letters were not common English letters; and one of them states that they looked like crosses, and that the paper had on its back geometrical figures. The testimony of these three witnesses amounts to demonstration that Cromwell was not only a conspirator.but a ringleader in the conspiracy. His knowledge ami approval of the Greek paper, utterly precludes the possibility of his innocence. By knowing and approving the paper, he in effect subscribed hi* name thereto; he virtu ally affixed his owa proper signature to the treasonable and murderous league. Wo need not pnuse to inquire whether he uw or liad rtad to him both pieces ot the paper; for each part, and every sentence of each part, l>c. treyed the existence of a conspiracy, having for its object murder and piracy- That the name of Cromwell does not appear on the Oreek paper, snbtracts nothing from the pioof of bis guilt. He was too adroit and waty to have his own name registered without disguise on the guilty record. He wanted the benefit of the omission of the name of Cromwell, in case the paper should be discovered. Doubtless the name of Andrews, no where to be found in the ship's papers, but standing in the Greek document next to that of Mr. Spencer himself, was intended to designate, not a fictitious person, but his own real and etfii nil' lieutenant in guilt. If Cromwell had been by turns a pirate and a slaver, it was probably not the first time that he had found it convenient to have two names in use The averment of Mr. Spencer that the name of Andrews n the Greek paper was intended for Small, was manifestly a mere pretence. If it hail been designed for Small, the insertion of Small's own proper name afterward* on the paper, would bare been a needless dropping the disguise so warily sought; and the HMIlUM that Andrews might have keen his true name, and Small only an assumed one, is repelled hy the unimpeached witness who has sworn that he knew him from bis infancy, and his father and grandfather before him, and that he never went by < the name of Andrews but alnr.iys by that of Small. That no particular post in the meditated massacre was assigned in the Greek paper to the person designated ua Andrews, while Mr. Spencer, Small, McKce, McKinley and Wilson had spcoial stations assigned them by name, strengthen* the conviction that Cromwell, and no lees a character, was the raal person thus designated. Ctomsrell w as the eldest, the strongest,and the most canning of th" conspirators, and their policy required thHt he should not be circumscribed, when the outbreak should occur, by anv particular limits ol place or of servico. He was to be not only elbcerol the Heck, where the main struggle was expected, bat wns to act throughout a* the master spirit of tumult eadol death; and, clothed with a aort of evil ubiquity, was to interpoee hit malign counsel ami giant strength wherever they should most be needed. His persisting in the declaration VI III* lunoocnco line inner VI IUV rAtvuwvu,?v , that he waa a more hardened offender than either Mr. Spencer or Small. Much their senior in year*, he had been longer educating in the various achoola of rice Be idea, hia own name not being on the Oreek paper, there waa, he knew, no record evidence ol hia gnilt. It ia a well known fact ia the hiatory of crime, proved by all the hooka on criminal law, that veteran* in iniquity have ael dom or never thoae " compunction* Ti*iting?of nature," whioh often extort contention* ol their guilt from younger and lea* disciplined offender*. The declaration by Mr ftpeacer that Cromwell waa innocent might have been owing to aim* dcaD pledge, like the oath of a bandit on hi* drawn dirk, winch Cromwell had adroitly exacted, that, iu cane ol diacorery, hi* adheaion to the mutiny hould, under all circumataucea, he kept secret ; or it might have been owing to a hope grasped at by Mr. Spencer that Cromwell, if *et at litnrt* by h'a meana, would rouse hia associates, and reacue turn even at the la?t moment. What mnkeait moat probable that this declaration was caused by the motive last mentioned, is the remai k i lilt: twet that, during tlie half hour preceding his b-nth, when ull hope of escape had vanished, Mr. Spencer ceased , to say any thing nl Cromwell'* innocence He waa col- | lected and tranquil, aeemingly earnest to make In* paaci i with < bid, and with ?uch ol hi* shipmate* a* he had ehisff) i wronged Of Small, whom he had ?educed from duty, he i pathetically implored pardon, saying that he could not t die composed without it; for Mr. Wales he anxiously In- ^ quired, and, when he came, begged to be forgiven by him lor tampering with hia fidelity. But to Cromwell, hi* bo LD. Prtee v?i Oaatf. *"fn associate, who, ii|>oii th<- supposition of hi* innocence, wan the individual ol all other* most injured?who had been involved bv hi* treacherous friend m unfounded suspicions and fallacious proofs, Just about to consign hiu to the gallows?whom blood at the dread tribunal above would nail louden for vengeance against hi* destroyer? who*e forgiven)'** wa? to t? inatanlly and eagerly sought by tear* and prayers a* the only expiation that could be made?to him Mr. 8pencer opened not bis lip*. He asked not forgivene** from Cromwell, though they calmly met faceto face, and paused n* they met, alraoat touching each other in their way to the execution, because he well knew that C torn well, instead of being hi* victim, had been hi* prompter in guilt. To hi* willing aaaociate in crime, he had no apology to make : Irom him, no pardon to supplicate. * * * * * Between the arrest ol Mr. dpencer and the execution, the mutinous indication* were unceasing. Yet were they deep rather than loud. The lire beneath the surface which causes the earthquake, teeervea lor the hour ofthe explosion, it* more palpable and awful demonstration*, In this instance especially, the mutiny bud now been taught by its own briet history to he circumspect and subtle. Nevertheless the flume, covered hut not suppressed, gava ceaseless and sure signs that the time of It* hunting lorth was near at hand. The general <li*oh*dieuce of orders when first annonnced, and the stern defiance with which they were afterwards obeyed when more peremptorily repeated?the frequent gathering of the older and stronger of the crew in groups lor sucrat consultation, and their stealing away at the approach ot an officer, or else changing the discourse to some indiftemnt subject, and raising their voice* to the ordinary key?the carrying awey of fUmain allunf mailt nu thu mi.l/lun ?? i ?1 ?* * ...v ....... ?F ? - --?v . . .... ?'WU!UI J?jia ol the weather royal hrare hy Small, who hn<l ju.t left the side of Cromwell, evidently hy ill sign, and with the intent to throw over hoard thn boy on the loyal yard, that con. fusion und a chnuce for the out'/i k might thence emue; the simultaneous mustering ol tb'- chief conspirator* at the main top-mast head on thq^f occasion, w atching thn moment for notion, to which i oint was also directed tho lined iirid anxious gaze of Mr. Spencer?the relnsalof the men to come aft at first whan ordered there to aid in .ending up the new top gallant mast, and then tho tumultuous rushing thither hy nearly all the crew, stamping with their feet, an outrage made more suspicious by its happening alter dark?the repetition of tha same seditious conduct on the loliowing evening when the crew were called aft to the main try-sail sheet, with the further circumstance that the rushing aft was continued even alter thetraw had been distinctly ordered to return forward? the repeated missing of the muster without excuse by those named in the Greek paper, in defiance of the government of the ship?the mysterious removal of the hands) ikes, heavers, and holystones, so as to make them accessible to the conspirators at the moment of need, and the shai pen. ing of the African knife ami battle-axe?tha a'calthy glances of tho conspirators towards the places in the ward-room and steerage where the officers off du(y kept their arms?the declaration by one ol the i on.pii atota that he would like to get tliu African knife into the hands ol Mr. Spencer, and that the knife would yet have to do a great deal ol slaughter?the. raising of a handspike in a threatening manner by the same conspirator against an officer, whom he sought to take unawares?the. ceaseless efforts of those named iu the Oreek paper to steal aft under pretence ot some call ot duty so as to he near the prisoners, watching an opportunity for communication with them, and the frequent interchange ef significant glances between the prisoners and them?the sulli lines, and mo roseneas ol the crew?their whisperings?the s-ditiotis expressions which were occasionally overheard?the insolent ami mrnaciug tone assumed hy them?their ominous expressions ot disph asure at the prisoners being kept in irons?are among the numberless circumstances which, collectively, forceou the intelligent and experienced observer the lull conviction that the mutiny wus rapidlymaturing for its final outbreak. Add to these the dark and portentous looks of the crew, which, like the lowering sky presaging a tornado, a seaman's ere could detect and appreciate, but which nseaman's tongue cannot adequately describe. The sullennsss and moroseness, the violent and menacing demeanor, and the portentous looks of the crew between the arrpst of Mr Spencer and the execution, are not the creations of fancy. Every officer and many of the seamen have sworn to their existence. All these witnesses would not league together to deceive you; and they could not have been themselves deceived. They are nautical men, well acquainted with the usual man. ners, demeanor, aad looks of seamen, and were aye-wit. nessaH of what they state. They observed tho ominous appearances from hour to hour and from day to day, and watched with care their feartul progress. That one witness might be mistaken in such a case is not very unlikely?that a number of witnesses should be so mistaken, is against all probability. To reject their united evidence as fabulous or imaginative, would be to des.roy that laith w hich man, from his social relations, is bound to place in the testimony ol his fellow men. * . To enable tho Court tun better to judge of the necessity of the execution, permit mo to bring the case to another teat. Suppose that the execution hail not taken place; that the unconfinad malcontents had risen and released the prisoners; that tho mutiny had triumphed, ami the brig been ! turned into a piratical cruiser; that the faithful ol toe officers and crew had been nil mnsaacred,except the commander alone; that,from a refinement in cruelty, the piratea had spared his wretched life, and sent him en shore that h<> might be lorced to wend home his solitary way, and become himself the disgraced narrator of what would then indeed have been the "tragedy of the Somera.' With w hat a burst of Indignation would the country have ra ceived his narrativeHow would the American press, with ita thousand tongues, have overwhelmed him with exclamations and interrogatories like these:?"You were seasonably urged,bj the unanimous voice of your trusty othcers, to save their lives, the live* of yonr faithful seamen,and the honor of vour country, by the timely execution of these malefactors, who deserved to die, and whose immediate death was imperiously demanded by the exigencies of the case. Why did you not heed the coun jour constitutional advisers?wilh whole opinion your own too concurred I You di<l not, beoause you dared not. You taller* <1 in the path of known ud acknowledged duty, because you w anted moral courage to tread it. On you, in the judgment of conirience, devolvei the rsspon ibility of tboie murderi, which van might and ought to have prevented. On you recoil! the disgrace of that flag which never stained n blot until It wn* committed to your charge." To finish the picture, permit me to fill up another partof tbaranvas*. Suppose that the Momeis, now turned pirate, while cruising otl our coast had 1>< en permitted by heaven, in an ?vil hoar, to capture same vessel plying between this and Europe, freighted with the talent and beauty of the land. The mea are all murder ed, and the females, including perhaps the new made wife snd maidens jast blooming into womanhood, sre forced to become the bridts of pirates. A universal shriek ot agony tiursls from the American people thioughout all their vast domains; and the wailing is echoed hack from the whole civilised world. And wrhcre than could the commander of the Semershave hidden his head, branded, as it would have been, by a mark of infamy as indelible as that stamped on the forehead of Caint The case of the Somen may form aa epoch in our naval history. Should the course of the Commander be approved by hie Country, mutinies in our ships of war will probably hereafter, lie of rare occurrence. But should this Court, or the high tribunal ol public opinion, pronounce sentence of condemnation on tbe course which be felt himself bound to persue it is respectfully,yet solemnlv an' mi.ted that the sentence will be the signal for the gener prevalence of insubordination in our navy. The means and subjects of mutinous excitement are always at hand. Killed with men of mixed national character^ crowded w ith spirits as turbulent as the element on which they dwell, the ship's birth-deck ever abounds in materials at combustion, which a single spark may ignite. Tbe commander must quench ihe dame, even il it is sometimes done by the sacrifice of life. He must suppress a mutiny in his little empire by the application ol all needful force- No degree of (orce is superfluous or unlawltil, that is necessary for the supprea { ion. F.ttertnal suppression is the only point at w hich he can rightfully stop. He must move to that point with cautious, not with a faltering step. He must employ gentle means, if they will reach the evilj if not, he must resort to severer measures, aud if need be even to tbe se vi rest. He may give such time to mild vxpedistits as ths safatv of the shin will allow . not a moment lonirer Rut if hi* Country's Reproach is to be the meed of Tiis fat*hfulness, other commanders will take warning from his example. They will suffer the rage ol mutiny to nilrsue its fearful course, rather than arrest it by the sure sacrifice of thoirown character. They will risk therbance of being closrn down at sea by the wea|>oni of the mutineers, leasing to them the rhoice of time, place, aad mode of attack, rather than incur the certain late of perishing at home by the daggers of calumny They lose their country : for their nativo land they would cbeerfnfty die ; but they cannot esen for that beloved country, wil ir gly lose lor ever their own moat precious character 1 he lose of character is not the least of the raotises which have infh-uced thewi to relinquish their peacetol hearths, anil make their homeon the unquiet seas And to saci ce their good nam"?the immediate jew?lof their aonla? esen on tha altar of public weal, require* a sublimity of patriotism beyond the flight of oidinary men.? Discipline is the first and second and thin! virtue in the naval cede. It was discipline, perhaps more than even courage, which, during our test wai wun bcigiand, enabled our little navy work it* miracle* on the lake* and upon the ocean. Of ?he*e glorious achievement* tho commander of the Somen may (peak without egotism, lor he whi not then of an age to participate in their dan. grrs or thdir fome. The electric ahock then communicated to an tutoanded world can never be forgotten ; for it ha* passed into tha Immortal page* of hiftory. The great Britieh historian ot the praient century (peak* of it in heae glowing term* t?" When, therefore," he *?y?, " it was seen that in repeated instance* of combat* or tingle eaa-do ot the same class against each other, the *hip* oP he United State* had proved victoriou*, the English were itiirnwd a* by the thock of an earthquake ; the America** were immeasurably, ?nd with good reaaon, elated; and he other nations in Europe thought they discerned at lait he tmall cloud anting over the ecean which wit to involve the Britiah maritime (tower in deatrnction.'' And ;he canae of these discomfiture* the same author more h in hint* at in the next page but one. lie there *aya? ' Experience had now proved, that long continued and unexampled success had produced ita wonted effect in relaxing the band* ot British naval preparation ,- and that they ha<l much need to recollect that, in the language of the ancient conqueror* of the world, the word for an irmy was derived from the verb to exercise." It wen, th< n, the Spartau discipline of our navy, no leaa than it* Sparten valor, that enabled it to triumph over the proud :ni*tres? of the ocean. Let discipline for ever be regarded is it* sheet anchor ; anil let it never be forgotton sub irdinatioti i* tho life, and mutiny the death of discipline. In this view *f the subject, tho nominal party here sink* nto comparative unimportance, and the American nation n ars its Hiiguat form, entreating that her j onngest, her avorite offspring may be saved from its worst enemyhat it may he saved from the demoralising, ds strnctive principle of insubordination. All of which is respectfully eubmitted. ALEXANDER SLIDELL MoKENXIE

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