Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1843 Page 3
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yers, or thu log-rolling of 'peculator*. The "Express," with its usual boobyism, has the following: "In ordt r, however, that the public may know how much and how little respect is paid for the opinion of Mr. Young, and with what utter contempt he and his fellow laborers are held in at Albany, it will only be necessary to state, that alter the promulgation of the foregoing opinons yesterday, the stocks which he denounces roie to a point that they have not attained for many months " It is only uecessary to say that the stock fell lj per cent. The $5 00(1 not) illegally issued has imposed a tax ol $300,000 upon the people of the State of New York, in orderto enrich a few individuals at Piermont. Of this cum, $160,000 has been imposed upon the landlords of the city of New York this year, when large portion of the houses are standing empty, and rents have fallen until the owners ol real estate are taxed by State and County full 15 percent of their income ! All this because stock was issued for " private and local" purposes, in violation of a constitution adopted by the people to protect their property! This is a matter that requires prompt remedy. Thcdomestic exchanges are now on a basis which admits of very little fluctuation, with the exception of Mobile, where, singularly enough, the people still persist in using the promises of a bank in liquidation as currency, sxvwl thoU dk.i ? It at f.a or Domestic Exchausk in New York, June, 1841 end March 24. 1843. June, 1811. March 34, 1813. Boston, par a % par a )4 I'h'lsuii-lphia, 4 a la ? a )4 B iliiinort', 4 3<a 4)4 - a W Kichmnnd, 5)4* 6 1 a Hi North Carolina, 6 a ? J)4v jl? Savinnnli, 3 a 3 Ua ft A?Kua'a, 15 a ? 1)4* % Charleston, I,1*'* 1)4 l a \ AjuUchicola, 30 a ? 1)4 2 Mobile, 10 alO 18 a20 New Orlrani, 7 a 7 1 a 2 pin. I.oniivillc, 8 a 9 &a 1 Nashville, 12)4* ? 3 a ;)U Nafchez, ? a ? 3 a 3)4 St. Louia, 8 a 8 1)4* 2 Cincinuati, ? a 8 1 * 1)4 In-liana, 7 a 7 2 a 2)4 Illinois, ? a ? la 1)4 Detroit, 4)4a ? 3)4a 3 The uniformity of the t?hle is great, and the supply of bills on New York at all the great internal commercial centres is abundant, with continually falling rates. At Cincinnati, on the 19th, good New York hills were plenty at ? par cent. At all points the same features aro apparent, although the channels of communication hare nop yet opened. When the large volumes of produce in the interior come forward on a cash basis, the exchanges will in all probability be every wherein favor of the interior, and against the Atlantio cities, causing an irresistible current of money to set inwards It has been the case heretofore at the South, where the bills of suspended banks formed the currency, that all calculations of a fall of exchange consequent upon the movement of produce, have proved fallacious, and for an obvious reason. When the crops aro ready for market the banks begin to discount, and thereby push out their irredeemable bills in large quantities. These immediately found their way to New York, and the supply increased their depreciation, and nominally raised the rate of exchange, instead of lowering it. When specie is paid out this cannot occur, because the precious metals cannot depreciate. Kales at tire Stork Kxr hangs, $1(100 N York 7's ova 103% Jnnn Kentucky 6'a 85% 1000 do G's csh 101% 1000 do 85% 1000 do opg lot's 10 ?ha? Bk of America 80 li'OO Ohio 6's, I860 69% 10 Bk Commerce 93% 16000 lndispi 5'? 25 25 Mohawk 28% 1000 Ohio 6's, 1860 h30 70 25 do b60 29 1000 do 70 50 Pa'erson 41 550 do 69% 250 Hsrltm 169 16% 1000 do tl9 70 50 do 16% 2000 Kentofcky 6's, 85% 75 St on ins ton 18% 3000 do 85% Second Board. $2000 Kentucky 6's 85% 3000 Ohio 6'* h3 70% 5000 do ?3 85 100!) do ?30 09% 20 shai Mutual Ins par 1000 do t20 70 Commercial Stock Exchange?18 IVall at. a-innn W V?.L c?- loco intm Ol.i.r'. 1 left on RI00 do 10?% 51100 ?lo 15iU 70 30CO Kentucky 6's 85% 50 ?hai FnrintTj Loin 14% 1000 do ilfl ?5>. 50 do 15 JOOO do h20 65% 50 do ?30 14% 1000 do *10 fc.'? 25 Tan toil Co 30.1* 20% OO'O llliuoi* b'n 1870 c*h 22% 50 Hmlem Railroad *30 16% 1000 d> >30 22% 50 do cnali 16% 2000 do cash 22% 50 do ?3 16% 19500 do *30 ? % 1'0 do *30 16% Hon Gov't 6'*,1$62 b30 107% 100 do rw 16% 1000 do "1-30 107 % 25 Pr.lorvoa R R ca?ti 44 (00 do >12m 106% 25 do rw 41 10000 do *10 107% S?K-un?l l!o"id, $?< .. Keatock , fl's (15 05% lOOOfl U S 6'*, 1862 1.30 107% I'M do 85% 500. do h30 107% 1(11.0 d. t>3 85% 25 :.Ims Hariri.i Rll buw 16% 2.4.0 do b3 8.5 50 do 16% 10.41 do b30 85% 25 Aub 8t Syra'e KR blO 91% 1 i.OO d > ?5% 25 Cmton Co bJ5 20% 2 .AO U. S ?'s,1862 bow 107% 25 do 20% 1000 do "30 108 25 do *15 20% btat? of I'rade, Some Real Estate sal us took place a* follows :? Th- building known as National Hall, in Canal street, s'andin* on one lot in fee, and another on lease, having two years to run. The lot in fee 29$ feet oa Canal street and 10.3 leet on Courtlaudt alley. The leased lot 28$ feet iront.25 'eetrvar, 99 feet one side, 96$ feet the other, $12,. 400. RjLot on 1 fith street 23$ feet by 92 feet, $800. Frame home and lot No. 172 Hester street .between Elizabeth and Mottstreets. Lot 22 by 61 feet, $1,650. A Ten tale resulted a* follows :? Imported per ships Commando, Narragansett, See? Terms, notes at 6 months, payable in this city, to he made sntiiluctcry to sellers. Hyson?1.3 chests, 48$ rents; 5 do 46$; [67 do wi'hd'n;] 1* do 44$; 25 .In 44; [219 withdrawn, and 91 ottered but no i.i,n. 1 1% HI. lu.vx no Younn Hvson? 10 half chests 61$ cents; 40 ilo 60; 40 <lo 49'; 19 do 49; 00 do 47; 60 do 46$; 529 do 46, 223 cherts 45; [.73otfered at same price and withdrawn]; 16 hf do 42$; 39 do ami 9 chests 40: 21 do and 23 chests 39, 20 do 39; [334 offered at same price, and 310 do and 63 chests at 36 cents, and withdrawn.] Oun|>owder.?40 I3ib boxes 40$ centst f4'J0 do withdrawn ] Imperial?219 131b lioxes withdrawn. Souchong?43 chests 42$c ; 10 half do 39; [90do withdrawn.] Powclieng?38boxes 39 cents; 20 do 35$; 00 do 36; 60 do 34; 36 do 33$; 439offvrel at 31, and withdrawn]; 32 catty boxes 36$. Cofftt-KK anction to-day 1055 bags Rio Coffee. Terms ? Notes st 4 months, payable in this city, to be made satisfactory to sellers?12 bat's at 8 cents; 61 do 7$; 48 do 7} 119do7|; 225do7$; 440do7j; 162 do 7$. The sales ol the week have been as follows ;?1300 bags Brazil, 6$ a 8$ ;900 do Laguayra, 7] a S$; 1000 do St Domingo, 5] a 6; 660 do Cuba, 7J a 8 Cotton ?The news by the steamer had no influence on prices. Manufacturers have come into the market freely. The sales have been from 800 to 1000 hales a day at praviotis prices : 3600 Upland and Florida, 4$ a 6); 1600 Mabile, 5 a 7$; 960 New Orleans, 6 a 7$. Provision Market. There has been a slight alteration in the priceaof some meats this wpek. Veal is down to 7 a 8 cents a pound. It is in great abundance and of the finest quality. It comes principally lrom Philadelphia. We notice-l in the Washington market a fine fat sheep weighing 178 pounds, which was raised by Governor Bouck. It was for sale at ten cents a pound. Smelts ara cheaper than they have been. They now ell at 12$ cents a quart. Fish of all kinds are very abundant. Apples have gone up to $3 to $3 60 per bbl. Prices of Provisions. Apples, bbl $3 00 a 3 50 Hlckorv Nuts, bush, 1,50a? Berf, per lb 6 a 9 Jowls a 3 Beef, per cwt- $4.50 a fr Lamb, per lb 4 a 5 Beef, corned 6 a 8 Lobsters, 8 a ?;..l. ** , m VI..**.... o *T Beet*. 1 a ? Onions, per bush 40 a 50 Butler, fresh, per lb 12 a 15 Par?ni|>?, per doi. , -37Xi? Butter, firkiu. per lb 12 a ? Porter House Steak* 9 a 10 Cellery, bunch 6 a 1?X Pork, per lb 4 a 5 Crab*, ilor l?Xa ? Pork, per cwt $1 a 55 Chickens 37>?al 00 Pigs, roasteft ? a $1 Cabbage* 5 a K Potatoes. bu*h 25 a 37X CI a in*. 100 25 a 37X Potatoes, Swt.hf pk.? a 31 4luliftiwr* 12V?a ? Sirloin, lb 10 a 12 [luck* tier pair 62Xa 75 Smelt*, 12 a ? Dried Apple*, bW- ? a $IX Striped Bass, lb* -1# a ? Kelt S a 10 Sausage* ? a 8 Kick*, 8 for ? a I2X Turtnpe, per bushel,-25 a ? Fresh Cod 3 a 4 ? a 4 kloiiiideri,. ? a 5 Turkic* 1,001 91.50 <?ee*e 75 al 00 Vial 7 a 8 Honey, new comb--25 a? Venison, 7 a 10 Philadelphia Cattle market. March 22.?Becvea?026 Pennsylvania and 113 Virginia in mat kit?.363 ol which went to New York, including the 113 from Virginia. Sales were made at M, extra 8Jc. Cows?337 cows and calve*; sales were erected at Iram $17 to 26; extra, $30 a S3; springers were sold for $13 a21. Dry cows $4a 11: Calves?Sales were made at from $1 60 to $4; extra, $6. Jersey Ctlvas?On the Delaware, by live weight, 31 a 4c. Hogs?247 in market. Sales were made at 4J a 4||, all sold. Sheep? 876 in market Sales were male at $2 24 a 4 60; extra $6,60 a $ ?by live woight, 6J a 7c. Foreign markets. Havana, March 11?The price of Rice continues to iule low, though supplies have been rather moderate of late. Since our last, we have the following sales tore jiort:-per liowoll, 00 casks sup at f?J rs; D Webster, 100 and hit sup at PJ, and 166 and 11.7 bags at 6}; Leonidas, 246 and 66 bag* V}; at Mataiuas, Caroline, 137 at sj; Diehard, the whole cargo, at 0 rs,2 mos credit; La Cabtlera, 40 sop at 10 rs, intended for exprort, and the duty to be deducted from that price. The stock in first hands consists of 100 casks, per La Cabalern, and a small cargo on board the Hayne, Just arrived. Our dealers are well supplied tor the present. A cargo of very good Wilmington P P Lumber wn sold a few weeks since at $21. The *clir Samuel, from the same quarter, arrived yesterday, but the cargo has not been sold. Kxchange on London, 8 a 0 prom; New York and Boston, 2 |? r ct prem. Freights to U. States, $.1 a :tj per hogshead.; 10 a II is. pi r box Sugar, With but little offerlog. i elfue, 2d and third quality is dull at ftj a 6J: Muscovado Sugars hue been sold here at ft r?., some of handsome \ qualities, at Mutate/.,is, at 3$, and it is said at 0J r?.; Molasses, at fijc per galDM. At WilliumsUtirgh, L. L, on the 24th inst, of Diahetea. Jacob Btaxes,formerly of t atskill, N. V., nged about 3l years. His friends and a qonlntnnri s are requested to attend hts funeral, from St -larks Clmrcb, oorner of Fourth and South Finh street, Willianuo irgli,nn Sunday at 8 o'olnek f. M-, without furihar invitation. I I * " Latent Advices RECEIVED AT THE NEW yoRK HERALD OFFICE. Africa Jan. T Macao N?v. 19 \ua Cayes Dec. 30 Madnw Dir.. 24 Amimaa Jan. 2a Manilla Oct. 10 Bombay Jan. 2 Montevideo Dec. 29 Batavia Oct. 7 Maranham Nov 26 Bermtula F<h. 21 Mutanr.aa March 10 Bonaire April 9 Marairuea Keb. in Mueuoa Ayrea Jau. It) Maracaibo Dec. 7 Bania Jan. 7 Matamoraa Feb. 16 Belize, Hand. Fell. 18 Mctldo Feb. 16 Barbauoei is v nov ll> B"2ota r)rc. 24 Nui.m. V. P. Keb. 5 Ber'oice Feb. 30 Oahn, S. I. Dec. 7 '/;* Haytien March 5 Paris Ma ch 2 Cape Town, C. 4J.H-Jon. 3 Port an Prince Marcli 7 ( urania Feb jj Ponce, P. R. Feb. 4 J ^ ifiii octroi Keb. 16 Tam hit- 27 lartliajfena Sept 15 Peruambuco rib 9 aiacrat May 17 Panama Sept. 2.1 Ih.ufoa July | Hi ule Janeiro Jan. ;9 J,a Ian Sent. 7 SinaaiHire Oct. 13 Calcutta Dec. 23 Sy.i:,ev, \. 8. W. Sept. 7 Peine run Jan. 10 gt. Helena Jan. 27 Jan. 29 St. Thomaa Keb. 21 liibraltar Jan. 9 St. Harts Jan. 3 (ruayaonil ... Oct. 16 St. Jaco de Cuba-*-Jan M J.iiavinia, P. R. Ktb. 13 Ht. Johns, I*. It. Feb 19 ( Jan. 17 St. Croiv March 1 tillve?ton .March 1 St. Martha Dec. 2 March 1 St. John, N. B. Marcli 13 Marehll Surinam- Dec. 22 Halifax March 16 Tarapico Dec. 6 Jcremie March 3 Tobuco Jan # J acme I Feb. 17 Turka Island Feb. 8 Knurs ton, Ja. Feb. 22 Trinidad ile Cuba Keb. 18 London* March 4 Talcahunua Oct. 27 Liverpool March 4 Valparaiso R"c*. 1J La tmayra Keh. 23 Yucatan March 3 Lima Nov. 6 Zanzibar Nov. 25 Korean Imporf.ntlaim* Mahsshill*?Sclir Julia?'50 loci mahoiranv 50 aticka cedar 50 bbla honey 60 balea tobiccn 800 up palm leaf 10 bbla wax 14 I kfs mdie 14 bbls tar 5 cast s D Curlia. MjWUTJ Mj[_H ER A LD. Ship Nuterv and Agenti. We ahall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Veasela will jrivs to Commodore Roseht SiLVCTj of our News Fleet, a He lion 01 tne snipping leu at me rort whpiicn they ruled, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, ind a?iv Foreign Newspspen or News they may hare. lie will hoaril thein immeilulely on their arrival. Agents ami Correspondents, at home or abroad, wib also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OF NICW YORK, MARCH SI5. sun mtski 5 58 I moo!* risks *3 12 sun 6 lJlHIOH w4iks 4 45 Cleared. Ship Bnscius, Collins, Liverpool, Kdw K Collins & Co.? Barques Hercules, Dunbar. Mobile, S Thompson; Malloiy, Brown, New Orleans, Nesmith, Leeds 8c Co.?Brnts Eliza St Susan, Dyer. Mobile, Badger It Peck; Grand Tnrk, Nichols, NOrleaus, Nesmith, Leeds 8c Co; Marv, York, Portland, do ? Schis Alnine, Bullard, Mobile; Bounty, Darling, Newhcrn, NC. De Bevster & Wnitmarsh; Oacdjce, Brightman, Baltimore, A B Cooky 8t Co. ArrlTsd. Schr Julia, Polliafer, 85 days from Mansanilla, with mahogany, fcc. to D. Curtis. Left brigs Belief, Slrout, of Cherryfield, for B?ston, Ing; K.meline, Jordan, of Portland, wtit frt.? An American brig, for Vera Cruz, put in for a pilot -5th inst lat 22 42 Ion 81 47. snoke Caledeuia. of Halifax, fioin Kingston, Ja. for Havaua. 221, Highlands bearing W. 50 miles, spoke, schr Matilda. Snatrs. of and M ?l?,-? lr?m Vmnn., r... m..i. delphia. with lot* <>t bulwarks and part of Jerk load?supplied her with water, &e. SchrWm. E Brd.Corson, 19 dais from Pensacola, with cotton and hides, to Robsrts ? Williams 9th inst. lat 36 31, Ion 81 32, spoke brig J. Peterson, Oreen, from Providence for NO. leans. 8chr Hish Prieit, Bur.-es. ftom North f'arolina via Delaware Breakwater 21 hoars, with uaval stores, to J. Ogden. The H. P weut ashore in the Delaware during the late rale. Brig Stranger, (before reported) had bilged. Schr Charity, of Brooklyn, from NewYork for Virginia, before reported ashore, will be got off. Schr Richmond, Chester, 4 days ftom Richmond, with ilonr and tobacco, to Allen U Prison. Schr Empire, Powell, 2 days from Norfolk, with mdse, to Stnrges 8t Clcarman. Schr Whig, Houseman, 2 days from Virginia, with oysters, to master. Schr S. B. Robinson, Pngh, from Newbam, NC. with naval stores, to master. Schr Union, Ball&nce, from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to m->sler. Schr Albany Packet, Hotchkis?, from Boston, with mdse, to Koster k Nicserson Schr Abbott Lawrence, Hale, from Boston, with mdse, to order. Schr Trio, Nickerson, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to order Schr Benjamin Bigelow, Banett, from Boston, with mdse, to order. Sloop Eicel, Dunning, 2 days from Newport, with mdse, to master. Sloop Rhode IsVnd, Hull, from Proi idence, with oil, &c. to master. Herald Marina Correspondence. Republican Office, ) Savannah, Oeo. March I9-h, 1843 3 Arr Rliodi'Islsud, Church, Liverpool; Hero of Acre, (llr) Joti's, do; Caroline. S was1 y, Mstanas: Leouidas, Evam, Havein. Below, a British ship, comini; up. C:d Hichd Taylor, Robinson, NOrleans. Genera: llet nrd. Packet snip Roscius, Collins, for Liverpool, will sail today. Her letter bags are at Uilpiu's, in the Eichange. Ship Florian, w2;ich went ashore at Prince's Bay in the gale, tus neen got on mid brought up to the city. Pilot boat Witkb Witch, of C harleston, picked up on the I7lh iu*t. about 20 in ilea east of Charleston bar, a hale of eottou marked [V] and No 3962; it was packed up in gnuny bagging There was a larite quantity of it adrift. Spoken. Monument, Vininit, from Surinam for Boston, Feb 16, lat 8 Ion 57 J i. Mary Frances, from Boston for Havana, March 9, lat 29 10, lou 67 North Carolina, of Brth, from Havre for NOrleans, Feb 28, on the i orth side of St Domingo. Foreign Parts, TIatars, March9?Arr Factor, Handy. Providence; Adeline. I.inscolt. Bath 8ld Tecuun-h Urals, Boston; F.dnardo, (Hp) Forres, N? wOtl> ans; Franklin Green, Draper, ami Her >, N> w Oil) sns. L'r?Albsrt, Sfplest Lawrence, and Rapid. Ward, for NYork; Kmiarevario, NewO leans. Sid 10th, Lincoln, Mc Lei Ian. Po tland; Elba. Purkis, Providence. **T J too Dr. Cuba. M ren I?In port, Palestine, ham Salem, for leeward soon; (tenl Brooks, do do; Albertina, Joyce, from Bos'on for Trieste, repg. F.meline, Jordan, sld 2 days before for Mansanilla; Herle-pont, Kandall. from Wt'inington, sld 7 days before for leeward; Aldehtran, Comery, sld 6 days before for leeward; Hector, sld same day for Trieste. SirspvAM. Feb 10? In port, Dromo, Pickering, for Salem, 10 days. Sld Garnet, Hodge, anil Monumeut, Vinirg, both for Boston. Home Port*. Fraukfort, March 16?Arr Battsia, Uilkey, Prospect, to load lor Cuba. Bath, March 21?Arr Planet, Baltimore. Old 16th, Kosciusko, Hollina, M stanzas Owl's Head, March 18?Sld Hero, Curtis, from Prospect for Charleston; Yankee Howland, from Thomaston for New Y >rk. Boitoiv, March 23?Arr Lagrange, Porter, Savannah llOih inst?einerieuced i.rv heavy wi alhcr, lost sails, and other damage; Oprnam-o. Vose, Havana; Palm, Howes, Mobile; Col Toyloe, Cook, Washington. NC; Ocean, Eldridge, Charlest n; Home, Howes, Philadelphia; St Th m is, Brewster,Ouayama?16th, while lying to in a the heavy gale from K9K, carr ed away rudder and head of tiller; Thomas, Kendiick. Swamli rn, NC* Forest, Eldndge, Georgetown, DC; Arkansas, Tyler, Philadelphia; Grecian, Chase; Meliown, Lovell; Phebe B irrr, I 'ro*i II; Vict.t Bpsett; Dinulla, Taylor, ind Henry, Niikerson, NewYoik. Arr 7 'd, H Allen, Wilson, Charleston; Inno, Dicks, NOrleans; (, Fulton, Apalachicola; Borodino, Trott, Newcastle, Eng; Grand Tu'k, Parsons, Surinam. Gloucester, March 19? Sld Delta, Norwood, Demerara. Holmes HoLIl Vlarrh 2G-Arr < aitdine, Pratt, Newbern, NC. for Boston; Shetland, prntt, Norfolk for do. 22d?No arrivals *t 111 m In port, Persia, Gen Hrnry, Linnet. Sheffield, Ntmahnng, Sen 'tor, Ieanhn- and Carolina. The only damage eh' Jaaper received was the lota of rmldcr, and will reload as toon ai a new one arrives. Ettntiriiwa, March 10?9Id Ma'ze, Pillsbury, NYork. Arr 20:h, Her , Sleeper, NYork for Thotnaaton, and remains 21st, w ith another trhr which arr 2(>th. Philadelphia, March 2<?Arr Ktnily, Beruadon, St Jaco d<-Cnhn; Homer, Watts, New Orleans. Cld Fame, CrowtTl, Hslifix. Alhisdku, March 21?Arr Deal, McNamira, New York; Talm, Hall, Halifax Kichm mi), March 20?Arr Zealand, Coombs, New Orleans; Texts, Kmerson, Lnhee, Me. Sid Kooert Bruce, Dorothy, Boston. Noaroi.E, March 21?Arr James Butler, NYark. Sid Kmpire, do. OEoaOKTowtr, SC. M .ret 17?Cld Cambridge, Hall, New York. Nr.w Orleans, March 1.1?Arr Sea, Delano, Liverpool; Scotland, Merrvmaii, do; Isabella, Bruits, do; Salms, (French) Ouinnu 'Gii-d'loupe; Toskar, L.ivell. Boston; Monitor, Oortiiris, StThsmas; LewellvD, Rogers, Mobile; Rob Roe, Minor, Apalschicola; Melissa, Farnham. St .Marks; Anna Maria, Peters, Lagma. C d Rome, Dean, Boston; Pollock, (Br) Frazer, Liverpool; Amrth'st, (Br) Doane, Hal fas; Radios, Pluinmer, Burton: Kideout, ' ook, Alexandria; Watchmen, Murray, Mltamons; Wariior. Griffith, Charleston. 1 AMF.S O. BKNN'LTT, Eh Q..?Sir? In yme jnper of > yesterday, 2lth inst, umler the head of Democratic Ward Meetings, you say that. " Samuel Osgood, K-q , of the 12th vard. Assistant t'onutv ( lerk, carried the nominating committ-e in that ward, and wonlel probably be arlecred at a catulid tr." Will v ru have C e kindness t it1 er to inrr in run: nu i hnrit \ fir such statrinenf, orr >rr<et it hy sating 'hat Mr. Oag ami's committee was defeated by aclesr ms orily of over 220 u ii moitl rTi\v voifi, W. II HIW' UIV/P, in 25 ltfr _ Or.r of t>i?* ln?pT.i.ow. cast off clothing. p KNTLKMGN flrhmiliii dnino* oi converting left off vT wearing Apparel into cash, cau obtain for the *nme the highest ca?h price To l.adie* and gentlemen who may be leaving the city or changing rr*idmea, hiving any *ii|ierllnou? effort* to dispose of, will lint! It much to thetr advantage to aeml for the ?uh ncnber, who will attend them at their residence hv nipoin.tnent. A line addreaied to H. LK VKTT. BOX 444 PAKK POST OYFICK, Or order* left at hil re*id-nre, P.O. 144 Vartck atrtrt. New York, will meet with prompt attention mM If r type at reduced prices pKOHHK BltlJCK fc CO , Ty, r Founder*. at No. 11 vX I h imbera atreet, uear the Poat Office, New York, have on l and an m.uauailv large stock ol their wr'l nown PriiitingType*, Oinamen'*, Border*, Millet, &e , of the be?t m*tal ea?t in miginal matrtaea, and very acenratrly Untitled, all I which ihay have deo rm.n'd to aell at OKKATLY REDUCED PHICES, Placing ihe Book and Newspaper k'o ,t*a* follow*: Pica, i t it eta a lb. Minall Piea at II Long Primmer at Id llonrgoj*, nt 40 Urevier, at 48 Minion, at 54 Nonperiel, at Mi A??<e. at to Pearl, at 1 ;o For approved paper at 6 month*, or 6 per cent leu for eaili. Wood-tv p?, printing ink, tireavca, r**e*, galley*, biaat rule, composing sticks, rhisrs, and other printing material*, Inrnuli I'd with prompt Itid and at the lowest pric *. r,i ten of Newipapera who rnhiiah tin tdvertist in. ni wnli ill note Ihtee time* before ihc lit of June, 1811. will be entitled to payment of thnr bill on buyiug from time*'he a noui.t of it. nili It'in GYMNASIUM. 1 f'lIK Hnbjcriber inform* hi* friend* and the public, that he I I..tend* opening a Ovninasinm on * large *calc on the lat May nr?t. bor this p irpoae he ha> ranted the large nom I itely naed a* a drill room, by the Wtale Keombte* and other military eomp?niea, bring titarlv 60 fe*t iqnare and 18 f?et in ijit at No. 17 en I 14Canal ?'tcrt?, between Klin atre-t ami Na.ional Hall, winch will be tKoinnghly fitted up with every article riiyunitr forathl. tie rgerctse*. The location it central and convenient, being near the two vreatthotonglifare*, Centre ?t and Broadway. Uei.t'emrn wishing to siih'cnV or to gain any further infermaiion will please call m> the '.ah*-riber at h'1 reeid- no-, No. it W .rren *t mtiftl* 3t?*r JA?. P. ROUfcHH. VfK HENRY RU99ELL ( o ?n? jnu reiurvd lij?? ESirope) bega lenvv t imo.n c*. tb it his fir?t Vt?c*l Kijtrrtaiuiueiii will take placa ou Tuesday Earning near, tin: J n Maieh, at Niblo'n Saloon, on which occasion lie Will ha.o tne , honor of i .e.eulirg to the public, irttrd of his new composi- , UOUi, which h tve elicited approbr.tinn abroad. i I'HOOKAMME. , t ' I flONO?Some Lose to Uoain o'er the l)ark Pea Foam Word* hv Chart s Markv. Es-l. I HONG ? A Life ou the Orrau Ware. SOKNA?1 11" Dream of it.- Hufrllrr: w ih? Thrre Hoaw i Sui'tt Ir, M'. at the (Irrnt T inpetauce Meeting, held in iho I n.g roi in ir Esetor Hall, London, in the pres nc of < vi-r 1 00 ptri'Un. Word; t*y Charles Mackv, Ktcj A'ouuil the biardtlie gnesu tfr'e meS, the lights above them beaming. hud in their cops, rrp'rniah'd oft, the ruddy wine wai streaming Their rhecls were lluih'd, iheir eyes were bright their heart* wiih piaarata bots&ued. The toutr wn sung, the tnist w is gitrti, and load the rerel sounded. I d'H'irM me bumper with the rest, aud fried, "Away With sorrow!" ( I .at as he hippy for to-day, what care we for to motrow?" Bjt as 1 spoke my grew dim, aud slumber d op came o'er me, Aud. inid ihe whirl of mingling ton. ues, this vision pass'd befoie ine?he. A HI A COMICO?Sono Staneo. Composed hy Maestro General". MO.N'G?The Hunter. A Son* of the Far Wast?Word* by Klin Cook. Ob. why does the white nun follow my path, Like the hound on the tiger'* track 1 Does the Ilush on inv dark cluek waben hit wrath? Dees he covet the how nt tnv hark? NE WFOTJNDL AND DOO. Words by K. W. N Bailer. Lifa-taver!?Wave steminei !? Deer-direr!?aw?y! Niaht's shadow* ars rinsing "l'h' portals of day: Ort th* breast of the billow We hear I is low wail? We have put up the ludder, And furl'd up the sail. . No siputl from Heaven * WiUshow where he be; And where erlie he driven We men cannot see. Ho. Carlo! Newfoundland ! Oo follow his cry, As it jtupiiigl* answers Tlo- sea-moaner's sigh?See., fee. The above will be illustrated witli a few remarks connected with the incident ujo-' which the song is fouudtd. CANTATA?"Ths Maniac." paut ii. SCJENA?The Gambler's Wife; Words by Dr Coats. Dnrk is the Iiirht! How d irk! Vo light, no fire! Cold on the health the lust fanr sparks aspire! Shivering ?he watch's by the cradle's side, For him w ho pledged her love1 Last year a bride. Hark! 'tis his footsteps! No('.is gone! List: List! how wranly the lime roots on! Why should he leave ine thus? He once was kind; And 1 believed 'iwoold last! How mad' how bli lid! r-.f il... .... I,.l,..i ii.... it;, i........ i 8 c-p: for thcre'ii no food' tbo fount is dry! Famine and cold their wes.yit'it work haVe done! My heart must hrenb! end thou! the clock itrikei one 1 8 ON'i?I'm Atloa , I'm Afloat. i ' Words bv Kliia Cook i RCF.NA-The Ship o? Fire. Words by l.'.harlet Macky, Esq. The storm o'er the ocean flew furious and fast, And 'he waves rose in foam at the voice of the blast; And heavily labor'd the gale-bea'en ship. Like a stout hearted swimmer, the spray at his l:p, And daik was the skv o'er ti e mariner's path. Kicept when the lightning illum'd it in wrath. A young mother kueh in the cabin below, Aud press'd her fond her bosom of snow; She pray'd to her Ood, 'midst the hurricane wild, "Oh, Father, have mercy, look down on myrhild!" This Act us isj intended to depict our feelings of passengers who Imd to contend with the terrors of a tempest that hurst over the ship in all its f?rce and fury, at the moment they were returning to their native laud, buoyant with hope, and excited by the diiticipa'ed del it ht of being welcomed by frietida, from whom ihey h id beeu lotis separated. After the ceasiug of the storm, the ship is discovered to be m flames, and the cry of lire awakens the moat aeou zing fears in every bosom They are lost to hope, hat'at leuitth. in the vei y midst of their despair a sail appears in sight, and ihev are saved. NATIONAL AMERICAN SONG. Our Native Song?Our Native Song. Our native sour, our native song. Oh, where is he who loves it n tl The spell it holds is deep and strong? Where'er we turn, where'er our lot. SONG?"The lvv Green." Written by C. Dickens, Esq. Oh! a dainty plant is the ivv given, That crecpelh o'er rttius o'd. FINALE?"Let's be Gay"? A Laughing Chorus. From an unpublished Opera. fl"^Csrds of Admission 50 Cents mSjtt'isr MIL W. A. K1 NO hegs leave to inform his friends and the nnhlic, that his Oram! Am.ual Concert will take place at thu Apollo Rooms, en Tuesday Evening, March 28th., to commence at 8 'cloak preciselv. Vocal performeri?Mis. Edward Loder, Mis. H>rn, Misi Watsou and Miss Harriet Watton, (their secoud appearance in public;) Mr. Saloniouski, his second a pe-ranee; *lr. Raymond of the Olympic Theatre, by permis'ioa of W Mitchell, Esq.. and Mr Masseit. Instiu cmtal?Mr .Mail's, violin; Mr. J. A. Kyle, flute: Mr. Musg'sve, violin; also, by permissiou of W. Mitchell, Esq., Mr. Alason, trumpet; Mr. Sattr, tlarionette; Mr. George Lcdrr. contra basso; pianoforte, Mr. H. C Tnnm, Mr. W. Alper and Mr. W. A King In the course of the evening will be perfo-med for the second time in New York. Hutnmell't ur?u i military Seiilelte, winch was received at Mrs Loder's Coin ert with such universal admiration and delight. Mr. Mirk* will day a Solo on the violin; Mr. Kjle a Fantasia on tli- F'tttr; Sir. 1 imtn will play a Ora .dUuett with Mr. Alpert; alao. Viriat ona Bril'ia'ite, by H*ry, wfib Mr. Kiini; who will pt'fonn slant is,a with variations on lie pianoforte. Mr K;n< will preside at ihe pi ami rte. [[ /""Tickets Fifty Ceuts each?To .>e had a' the music stores, an I at Mr King's reaidence. No. M l.iapeiiard at. u.25 If r rPHE General Assembly nfthe French Beocvnlcut ttocifty, * held on ihe 22J mat., was adjourned iuaccorda ce with the 32 I a-licle of the Couvtrution; the members are therefore re nested to attend an a 'jeurneu general meeting, on the 1st of April liest, at half-past 7 o'clock, P. M .at Messrs D*lmoni--o's in order to decide whellier the school shall be maintained or ahi li lie 1, which would render in ceasary the amendment or sop, esslcti of artie.l- s 16 and 19 of the Cor st'totlou. By order ol ihe President, K. FORT, Secretary. New Voik, .March 2Jth, IH13. m25toAlr ILITIA AND ANTI-MILITIA.?All persons who have in any way suffered from the oppressive enforcement of tin' present Militia Law, either by lirpr sonmeni. finca, or exactions in lieu of tinea, will very materially further the exur- , tions now mtkiiw at Albany, to procure a repeal of that odious j and galling law, by addressing'lettera containing the facts, with the real name of the sufferer, to J. H. H., at tli* ' ffice of this paper in25 3t*jgb rI"flTK~fS[ lenilid Hjlver Gilt Vase, presented to Mr. Henry ' A Kumu, the Vocalist, by his friends in London, and As ( Sill at ilver, presented to Inm by Messrs. Ki km ID anil Mas, can In seen at the Music Store of Mevsrs. James L. Hewitt Ik Co., 239 Brindwiy. m25 lt'in NIVER-ALISM?The ?'ev. Mos'?, B illou. ,>( Portsmonth, N. H., w 11 preach in rhe Fott th Universalist , Cnuich, Eliialieth street, near Walker, to-morrow morning, at half past ten o'clock; at 3 P. M., and 7Js m the evening, , Sir tigers ire invil-d to attcud._ m25 lt*m O EGAR SMOKERS who desire a good segar at a low price, L7 can obtain, atllie Segar Depot, No. 100 Nassau street, i est duo to Ellon s, some war ranted genuine old H i'mms, at 31 cents tier bundle, of25 segars, snp-rior to any offeri d the public atdmihle file nrire ; an ?V.? ?? ) brands on hand, for sale, wholesale and retail, as above. I m25lt*r ( T OST?Ssptioied between Cellar street and Exchauge J J-d Place?k'ight Ten dollar Bills, believed to be on the Bank of America. 1 The finder will bo handsomely rewarded by returning the same to Walker aud McKenzie, 22 Cedai st. m23 3t*r /NONKEcTION ARY ? Nutire?The subscriber bens lease Ad ro .nform his customers and frienils in general that he has this day ri ouced ths price of Ins Confectionary, both wholesale and retail, and wishes his country friends a< well a* city, 1 f call and examine his stock before purchasing, as he intends ' to i oi.tinu* !o m'nufsctu e as good an article as can he found I in the JOHN O. HENRV, m23 6fr 233 Orarid a' reet. I nfin TT> $|c,imh iniyb invested in a permanent ' ?]PeJjV/v/V/ ud perfectly safe ca h business in the city, and be hi e of a fair profit a' the co-nin-nn incnt, and a gradual increare io a large amount of quarterly income. The business is or? pleasant kind, and it is desirable that the |>eisn:i furnishing the rash si ould devote I is personal attention to it tlisconneetrd with cay ot'iet occupation. Adlrrss Iron,at the Herald office. ir>25 eod3t*r 1 rnHE NnvHroUK LEOALTOBSERVER orhTT-dTv < contains Judge 11-tts' o; inion in t'^e case of McKi iizie and Oar.sevooit?L-tier four ol au Eugn?h Studen*, Practical | roi its, 8cc. On vtond.av, the 10th April, will be ready for delivery, price $3, vol. I, of ibis work, containing the lea ling ras-s in Bankruptcy? Reports of D?cisl i s in ihe Assistant Vice ( It n c-lbu's Court: 8tn? rior Court and Court of Common Pleas? | Selections from D cisions in the Supreme Court and A.lmi- , ralita Court? important decisions finm the English Courts? (recent)?A seritsof Articles on the Doctrine of Usii and Trusts as settled hv the Revised Statutes?practica' Pom's? Remttkable Ttiils?Legal Bi graphy?Appointments?Obituary, It o. Orders therefore received at the office, 42 Ann street. New York. The usual allowance to Booksellers. Terms cash. SAMUEL OWEN, Editor and Proprietor. m25 lt*r Mrs. Carroll's old es tablished \TeT)iCATED VAPOUR BATHs, 23 Courtlandt street, are well known to be essentially necrsaary at this reason of the year, when the system requires au auxiliary to throw off the cuticle accumulated during winter, aud which, by remaining on the rurfar- of the skin, pi odutes cutaneous diseases, colts, t rhfttma'isin, scarlet fever, tke.Stc Tnry are in operation from 6 o'. lock in th< morning till 9 o'clock at uighr. t-ulphur Bulls I require one hour's notice. Portab'e Vatiour Baths sent to any I part of the city or Brooklyn. Bathing Tub" and Hip Baths for 1 lore. mtt Iwr i KV r.n i ni'.viAri nunc 13 ? neiiret inw, with innuinnnble ramifications of the arteriex br inch talon* hi inner surface. Throuth there vessels the blood, which imparts vitality 10 lb* hair. circulates. abcl when Irom obstruction* hi por'i of tht IB lip, i hi* supply of Mood and Mia tare it rut off, the huir loses i'i it!- is, bi'Comri dry xud harsh, aad falls off. Now i' it ' i brioni ihat nnli'ii the porn of th" ie?lp be or>rned.;h? capil ' It v act on of tne hloo restored, and theieurf and dandruff proceeding from suppressed pernor. Ion removed, hnldu, it I moit speedily ensua Jiyne's Hnr Tonic wi'l produce all 11 etc effects?nay more, it will -e-clothe the bald placet with vigorous and luxuriant treuei and ruin re a healthful and rednndant growth of |0B| ?a it ii (ml IB Mlfcnillr with the printed direc'iois* which accomp uv each bottle, ami to which are eppeudrd ntiir.erotii (sstitnoai.xls of lit# ffi acy, front lome of our moat dittitigotihkd clergvinei, and phynciXDi. ro213t*r f'llf. till If- I'HfiA 1 Idf..?i li'i u a uitle aniuiiic cp , I cetlaiu disc'set, m vhirh ihe raoit cnuveuiettt and private | means of cure are italed in the plr iuei? p>?ssibie manner. Ami not only are direction* given tor the more simple xtxl recent -?rs, but those which have faH?u into improper hit till and | 'luiiuna on from month u> inomh, are particularly dwelt on.? | 'Jueh nareons will ?ee iramediA'elv thr diffieuliiei which imn-di their, wha'cver they may be, as well at tht plan to i he punned in e.acli particular rate. It ti obtained out* of pie a . I hi. i, Dr. rtalph, 88 <ir*env.ich ?t. Price $1 Dr, ifiilph ilsotakes this opportune of saying thai he mar be consulted on l'r? peculiar disease* xbuve reienred in, aijhir private reaidenca, et any liour. Aware, however, of the deep stid jaet solicitude which toanr 1 ol integrity u well aa riperience ii I ,ieie peculiar enmplainw, the author deema it prai er to give |, ilow I'iu abort ah etch of the opportunities he has , xd to fit ueelf far Inia tiust. And tliii he ia the more inclined to as ' i any have man red him that, for want of informatiuu of llua iirud , they havs aelectcd front a liat of advertising people the one who hail bo.aaie J rnoat of xxoode-fnl cum?hut not wi'honl 1'ie bittcnst repentance Mr therefore hega to state that, be ' nd? l.ia rank at graduate ?i KMnbr.ruh, ke. tkc. kc. he haa I ecu watching thaae diieaiet, both m hospital and city practice, for more than thirty yeera, and has published two editioni of a irk cri)T''i?ly oo ihem. Alio that IM h n icatimoniiil lettert " ii . the in * eminent physician* ol Knrope. to the nroat einictatin Awanca?ii SveAatley Cooper to Dr. Mott, of N. V. od Dr. Phfiick of Philadelphia,, and ethers; and fhrther, t tat he hai the pnvili go of referring to almost aver* phase cinn of eminence in trie city. Nothing can he staled, he cociv: a,?a battel gronrd of ctmndene* t? tbova who are atrerueratohici. . , , V inxultatiai's m*J be mad* by povt. and for such he hie a ittlernvaM cheat, eontahiipg every thing necessary for a eci'r i ' pri xt? eta ''ii forwarded as nav br oiret utf, fvicaft? . _rn,< ,n ' 1/1,1 Ml It- In. hurt I S l< flhio Floor, e< alup Orleans from New Orleans, for sale ' V _ m2ti b'. K. COC1.INH It CO.. M Booth pOaTWFii K. New i rt, Myrrh tl, IM3 ?h". altera Mail. ' ? From and afltr this day (until fntlh. r notice) the K.asli rn . lail by the At 'Olngton and Noiwich boits will clote at this office, dxilr. ditndavs excepted, at 30 mil ulcs paat 3 o'clock, P. vl. JOHN LofilMRR UHAH AM, hi if 3tr Pi at Matter. TO TUL i'UiiLlO. WHKRK \9 my t *mu h it b.> n i uhlished to tin* worlJ, as beiug cured by !S\\|IH' SA it SA I'A" ILL A. and when as the statement as published ny Mr. Hunt* it not inr itateini-iit. but one of hi* owu, 111J t ntirely different from tissue lie obtained from me, I feel it my duty to itate in a plain manner, how the ittli mi ut of my case by Mr Sands, w u brought belore tin- public, alto to state by what mean* so treat acure as mine was effected I was taken .irk in Hep. [ember, Iflit, with th*t afflicting disease, Scrofula; I was at tr tended by medical tenth men, who treated mv case i. th- rc usual Way wi'li nrmn preparations of mettury, until mv lystem iri tilled with it, and I lironic Rheumatism in Its ?i most aggravated form re' In. I tin n lt?d recourae to va ai rious remedies recommended bv pllvaiciana and Others, A but with little or II,I be. el'it to nil III elfecNng a cure In this i liiuation, I romint'iiced using Mr. Sand.' S-?rsaperl'U in AhLMiit, 1812 I bad taken lite bottlea of it. The optraUou of n which *?) a, followa f' Soon afte, ! fooimeticrd taking it, mv whole system became hrinimhed and stupitiru, liaving me cold and my Ilcsh deprived e of all natural feeling. In this condition I syas enabled to leave c my bed -nd k? out. change, although mnmenjurv, waa very pleasing to me, and Mr. Sandt immediately applied to uie C for a certificate of cure, w bich I dcc'ineil oivimr, a? I did not consider myself cured; but Mr. S mils continued his applications ' to me for a ceitlficnte, and would tire me no rest until 1 tavn him one abnut onv-quarti r it t nc-thtrothr length of the cue published by him, tie whole of which f did not then understand fully, not being myself in feeling, foi abhonth ttry [talus were ? treatly benumbed, I ii n still iuftcntit much tiom my afflic* t' lions at times. Alterf-w days this numbness Irft me, an I my I distress became more severe lhaii before, and, if possible, r WSS li worse llisu ever I li id been. I was again coufined to the bed, from which I never expected to rise, for I waJ fast sinking.-- * Vy whole system seemed to give way; I had taken its.Ill eltht I bottles of Sands' 8 irtap inlla. Iu this condition, a friend called c in to see me. end advised ine to continue the Sarsapanlla I had been taking, but as I was last fa-ling uuder the use of it, I determined n it to use- any more o." it. as ii lud done me no good whatever. i>lv fin uu then stated that if I wis determined not tn Ose Sands' article aitv more, he would give me a preparation y of Harsspanlla th t he knew wmi'd c ire in.' 1 then enquired ' what ir was?lie tnl.i wr it was BRISTOL'S SaRSAPAHILLA. I then remembered hearing of BRISTOL before, and of the great cures it bad par fanned. I then said I would be glad to f hate It. My friend slated that he did not wish t? interfere c with Mr. Sands ir> any way whatever; but as I had previous to this determiued uoi ro '?se any more of Mr. Sands' article, mv friend -? furnished me with a bottle of Bristol's Harsaparilla; this was about the third week in WcnCnnber, 1842 I i rontinnvd the use of it, until 1 was satisfied it had produced a thorough cure in me, and now I am able ro perform aa much labor ill a day, as I ever did in many years, I Mn free from j Scrofula, Rheumatism, as also a inost afflicting complaint, ihn c Piles, with whicti I Was long afflicted, and asevtrecough |, of eight years standing, f, therefore, declare to the world, and in the presence of him, who shall | judge the world ti>at ray cure, treat as it has heed, was rff cted by Fristo'"s ssrsanaril'a alone, under the blessings of Qnd, j and not by Rand's Ssrsimrilla a? has been published The itateinen' With th" Key. Mr. Van Daren's name attachrd to it 5 as teingconversant wi.h frry cajic, is not true ; that gentleman never saw the a?tirle published until h" saw it in print with , his n BM attached to the same. All., the name of Mr. Brown was used without his cousent ; also Mr. Pnrdy and others ; the whole statunrnt was untrue, havin* never received rhe sanction of the persons whose names are attached to the saiou as [ub'ishril by Mr. Sands, rels.ive to ma I make this statement without the knowledge of Mr. Bristol Or his agents, or fro-n any reuuest from rhem. I do it because 1 believe it to be my duty. I therefore 1 heerfu'ly state whet is true, neither courting the favours nor fearing the Irowns of any, and in doing this, I do no more than what justice demands of me. But for me to attemrt to give Bristol's Sarsaparilla the prsiie it deserves, would be something more than 1 conld accomplish. Icouclude by say i g, that if auy one desires to know more of Bristol's fsarsapaiilla, I will be plessed, at auy time, to give all the information I am able, st my residence, No. 43 Anthony street, New Viol. 1 in2'i THOMAS TURNER. ' LI \8EED OIL?23 casks superior tvality English Linseed Oil, atloat, and for sale by m25 r WOODHULL Ik MINTURN, 87 8611th st. OYSTER BAV. L. I. JbA VILLAGE HOTEL TO LET, for one or more |"jar years. The prem'ses of the late Towusend Parish, ^ILcouslitlng of two buildings, each two stories high, one iii hy 30 faet the other 33 by 45 feet, and connected together by apitfia. Also hams, carriage house gnd horse sheds, a large and very superior kitchen gardi u. anil orchard, and twelve acres of eycelltiit land. The sleamb at American Eagle runs , to ilie village thrie times per week; stages twice pi r dip to Hickvilte, the railroad depot. Tho roads iu the vicinity are , good and scenery unsurprisingly romantic. The jiay is a noble oae in every [articular. Auy fu-titer information can be obtained by applying to 9 H TOWV9END, near the premise*, m25eod3t?r orofE LUPI. AM, 12 Suffolk st. N. Y. M COTTAGE TO LET?To let 011 Long Island, beautifully situated 011 the water, about 20 miles from <*>4Lthe city, a tie 11 country cottage, with gaiden, stable ana sh-<j; a stage to and from the lailroad passes trie house every morning and evening; for a widow lady wishing 10 retire frnm lliP nr V. nr f .r n email (giiiilf dnrinc I fio amnm..r inmitlis the situation n ve-y desirable; ?o a respectable tenant Che rent 1 will be riKnter'.ttf. Apply nt IJ2 Amity *t. m25 3t"r M 'TO PRIVETK FAMILIEI AND BOAHDING HOUSE kekpk.KS.?House to let, with immediate INi-iessiou, and furniture for sale at Auction Prices.? Au excellent opportunity presents itself to any person d-sirous of commencing housekeeping either as a boarding hnuse or o her wise. The house is modern built, handsomely finished, and 3 stories, with basement, eontaimuir 13 rooms?iie furniture is '<f a superior t]u i'it* and in good order, and will oe sold a bargain. Apply nt 16 City Hall Plsce. N. B ? The whole or j*rt of llie furniture may be had. tuitions' r PHILADELPHIA BOTANIC GARDEN To JftN$LEl?well known as the McArann Garden, situ 'ted on was^Arch, Filbert, Schuylkill, and Sixth streets, in the city of Philadelphia, containing about four acres of ground, with dwelling house, bar, lummer houte, extensive gteen and hot houses, small theatre, scenery, transparrncirs, illnmiuatmg lamps, he. The Gardeu ist'stefully laid cut i i travel walks ah rubbery, and oruupeutil shade trees. To a g <od au I suitable tenant, the premisen wou'd be let on reasonable terms. Possession inav lie had immediately. Apply 10 john W. FKaLER. No. 79 North Tenth street, Philadelphia. m2l ins 6rr TO THE PUiJLTC. \fR*- H., iust srrived fro n Paris, wishes to engage in some k'A family i u udersunds ironing and | lairing to perfection, aD(j is Mso an excellent seiinstrrss. A note left at this off-ee ad , dre?se-l as M-ove. svill meet v- irh due:srreption. 171 Im^in pACKKT SHI/ ROSCIU8. FO|T"lIVKKPOOL.-r<s- i -t s m-ers h-this ship will ple'se he on bo rJ tlie steamboat I Hercules, at Whitehall, on .Monday, 27tli icst., at 12 o'clock, ! at w hicli lime (lie al'ip will sail. s I n. - _:11 ..I /in..:, t I u.i.i. kt o at 11>i o'clock, at whicli place* ouly letter* will be receh ed. m2i r PACKET SHIT lOUhVILLE, irom New Orleans, , diicharHuit at OrVans wharf, IbtK of Wall street. Conlixuecs will pltaseattend to the receipt of iheirgoods imtntI lately. m22 DA' RET SHIP SOUTHERNKit from Liverpool?i.on siyi.e jier this ahip will please send their permit* on board it w.-it aide Burlmic Slip, or to the of.ce of the subscribers. All goods not permitted in > day* must unavoidably be sent :o II | iitilie stote. . WOOD HULL & MINTUHN9, I m23r R7 South street. " SHIP BALTIMORE FROM HAVRE?Consignees hv this " shiu will p'ras-solid tin ir permits on kOMK)Mllfl<lS . river, win.oat delay. ; Goods no < rm lied by the 2,th mat, will unavoidably he , lent tu public at.ite. m23ec p NOTICE TO DEBTORS.?The late lirm of JOHN K * DKLAPLAINE & CO. of the city of New York, mer- 0 chants, to close the various debts, bonds, notes, judgments, Ike. due tbem, will glud'y receive lull payment, and in many cases . compromise lor much less than ictuallv due, and they invite their debtors kindly to attend to this notice, as many tnay not desire publicity ; as it is their intention to cisimse at pnblic the .Merchants' Etchauge.ol all debts, Ike not settled ' by usymeut or compromise previous to the first day of May i belt. A list of those that do not settle will he published, but as far l? convenient, notice will lie sent to the gentlemen debtors. ArrIy to JOHN V. DELAPLAINE,?? Wall st. j New Vork, llth March, IMS. ml2 lm*irc i AT WHOLESALE PRICES ! . fNDIA SHOES. 53 Maiden Lane?Selling offal ' I wholesale prices, gcmlraien's Ovtr Shoes, Willi leather j ml. t.holh sheet nail cloth runtier, are now selling at the unrar ilelled low price o( <1.6(1. Ladies orrr shoes of every variety j tub kind ap equally low prices. These goods are the more Jurable and eh gant articles to be foapd, and in all cases warranted. Those woo Invc not seen our goods arc particularly j invited to call and i-xamiue before purchasing Doa't forget r the number, 53 Maidsa Lane . in? lmit'ec HUTCHINSON Ik KUNYOX ,, pAT BEEF \ Fa I' BEEF '.?The suhscnlier will otter for * I sale at the Fourth Ward 51 irket, corner of Hosevelt and a I'ak strrr's, the Meat of two snlrndid Fat S errs, on Satnrday he 25th ilavol March. These Steers were fatted by Mr. John I Merrill, Esq , of Westchester ( ounty, New York, at d will be lold at prices so low that it would be to (be interest ol all tliose . a ho love the good things of this life, to give him a call. J mil If r HENRY CORNELL. * TYRAKT9 ON IRELAND?At all times cau he hid from Lc the subscribers, drawing di-cct on the Royal Bank of Ire- f. land,'or auy amount, whieli are paid free nf any charge, in all the principal towns tnmuahouT Ireland. Apply to IIOCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO., 35 Fulton st.. N. Y., n?2t r Next door to tha Fulton B ink I XCHANOK ON LONUON.-Bills of Exchange alii), 30, j 15,7 diys, and at sight, on the old established hanking house of Mi ssri. Prescott, Orote, Ames Ik Co., Loudon, at all limts f for sale by _ . ROCHE, BROTHERS 8t CO.. 35 Fulton it.. 1 m2l r Next door to the k ullon B ink . WATCHES AM) JKWiCLLKRV lower man ever ?as *v tpe snhsrriher is co suully receiving all descriptions of i gold and silver watches, of the u-west styles, direct from the manufacturer*, in England. Fiance, anil Switzerland, he is ( enabled to offer a larger assoitment, and at much less prices, at i, than any other house in the city. Qold Welches as low \ is 115 each. Watches and jewel) ery exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the motiey returned. Welches, eloeks and jewellery repaired in the best manner, nod warranted lower than at any other place in the " Sty. O.c. Allen, nniorter of watches ana iswsttsri, whole 1 isl -anil retail. 3il Wall street, np st <irs. in^ltn ins'i c NEW FRENCH GOODS. ? EJ1 B. STRANGE i? now reciving from the p-rketships Rhone and Emerald. part ofhu supply ot line Krrncii Arii ici>I Fiowtrs. which tbuMMoa will be minlly Urge and ( will comprise a'l the novelties which are now appearing in Paris He would invite an inspection of Home very new tiimmitigs [or ladies halt; alao, to hit varipiira of cap and lace tlowera. Large dealers will find a ttock worthy of their attention, and * will be dealt with liberally, at , No. 181 WALKER STREET, , One home writ ot the Bowrrv. AN", in w materials for Flower M rkera m2 tint*r ( T OOK AT THIS?Just received lot line lidlila, at only 4 ' Li cnit. lot line doable width changeable I'.trisiues at only 3a ' M; lot table linens, 2 yd* wide, at only 4a 6d; lot fiue broadi loihs it only 7s?il; lot line double inilleil r uminerri .it fit fid; lot beat aattinela at only 2a fill; shirting mualina at 4 crutt per ' yard; lot fine hook matlina at la; lot cambric mntlint at ?d per 1 yard; lot auiirrtiiie double sidth ftDpacca luatrra, cheap; lot I ,dies' rnllart ar Ad; lot men'a tine nramte canea at only 6 eta; ot fne new de lainea, cheap; good silk at ' cents per item. It , will |iav any one to come 20 inilee to WlLLET HAWKINS' itora Mil Greenwich afreet, 1st atore below Spriug itreet. min lmit*m B tRUAINS?B 4 RTTAINS. Tl/ST RECEIVED, a aplcudid lot of new and deairahle , 'I liieli Dry Goo.'*, and a_ wonderful low prire*. All pah ioea in want of good* will find tlua an excellent opportunity to inch ite. at the goods are bomht nuroinmnnly cheap, and will >r aold for a very small profit. All go?da not provinit to he what they ar- rrpi-arntrd to he, mi; lie returned and the monry will be refunded. One priee only aaae ', remember. ' DUNN'S CHEAP STORE, 1 4ltfi Grand atreet, corner of Columbia. A Clerk Wanted?None but good aaleamen need apply. ' m22 Iw is*rc LONJiON AND MaNOHKSITISK 1 Nidi A ttl/H HICK GOODS WHOLESALE AND RKTALIi, N?.t Wall atreet Th < VV nibn nber has rei i'i?9(I and offera for tale a large aasnrtm-nt of imported India Kobher Water Proof Gooda, ?it: ' Coataaud Capea, of superior Laura, Caahrnera Laira, Peraiaa, ? Merino aud ''often, of all r.oloia and sizes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, sunn Lama, l.ann *rtsian and Cotton, prepared for tailors India Rubber Wabbiug* for auipendrra, corsau. Ate. ,714in*r CHAS. A BHAHAMSON ENGLISH KIRK BRICKS?10 mm superior Kufford and Stourbridge t ire Bro ha lor aale by WOODKULL fc MINTURNS, m2Jr S' uth alreet. , Mr. (TTis lAVe. MELTON, a consignee by alnpCiira. I from Havre, in April Nst, la reouesied to call at the oA. e ?f BOYD It HINCKKN, ml oToujisw WrilJi-ig. j L-nTJLISH WHiTE LEAD?J" kega very aU|>cnor <;oalily "a English While Lead, for sale by WOODHULL It MINTURNS, in22r U South atreet I AUCTION SALifij TUO.vl Auctioneer Bk BKLL & HOWAllD *l*rtt ?1 Jirnt ami ll'i fulton rtr ns?.. HATURDAyi At 10 o'clock in the sales room. Second Sale of splendid citv m?d? Cabinet Furniture, hy le best manufacturers in 'Hi? city, at ink o'clock, in the largo > on* 13 Ann, IIJ?m! Ill Fnlfon sf. Thu aalo will iffordan opportunity fo'citiarm ami others fi> ipply themselves with nueicentinnablo, elegant ami useful rtioles in the, comprising the celcbraied ultnllrtart of Win tl? x ui'lrr, It k J V ouug, <Joo dale, Hchalfer, Cimisny, Wallers nil other*. r scry article will be aolil without reserre anil warranted all 11 ile of the brat seasoned materials, highly finishud and latest ishiou. The furniture will be arranged by catalogue on Friday for lamination, ami il,* ,*|,. will take place in tho same orde", | unmeueing it j-j Ann ?t There are are also ? piano fortes, which will he arraigned ill so ll:< h'nltou at. The public may he assured thesiV will be perfectly uucstrtcted aud honorable. MONDAY, At In 1-3 o clock in the >ali s room Bitra Sale ol Upholsterers stocli, beds, mattrassea, bedding te?Comprising the ba'sur of stork of an upholsterer. Hoe rather beds, bolirrrs aud iallows, hair and other mattrasses, illasters,cushions, bed tick, curtaini, and other articles in the ine. Also, same time, by order of a recei?er, the following choice rticles of supr furniture, vn: 13 mahogany French bedsaeads, } spring and cushion ae*t now style sofas; G marble top en ( losed washstands, 7 bureaus. 8 rocking chaairs, he TUESDAY. At ink o'clock, in the sale rooms, I Bstrnsire Sale ol Dry (Jooda, fresh ami seasonable. I Also, the contintpstion of the sale of the ettrnsive stock of a rholesa'e and retail dry goods store, cloths, cassunercs, Testngs, sheetings. hosiery*, Ike, Also, I rmhks elegant clothing. Also, a laree eddilional lot of fancy goods, 30n yards ?strs soar West of Buglauu broadcloths, 3 supctl) plates, double fl igeilrt and same jewelry. A'so. table linen, sheeting, shirting, (kc. Tin cloths will In- so'd in lots to suit purchasers. Alto, a lot or pledged geous. BENJAMIN MOONEY, Auct. * A HCTION NOTICE?CUTLERY.?U. MOONEY St -1- CO. will mil This Day. .it 10 o'clock, it the more 59 Ma'ilD line, 1500 dozen table mil ileiert knivei and fork*, asserted Uterus and of superior 'Utility. Also, GOO dozen buck, learl, ivory and huff; 1,2, 3 and 4 [<latle pen and pocket knives. Also, 100 cards well issorted fiuo pocket and pen krives from tO I ''lades. I Al'o, fine ivory balance handle knives and forks, in sets of 1 piece' each. Also, 60" pair stag guard carvers, assorted patterns. To be old according t) catalogue. Catalogues are uow ready. iii25 it* TTTE New York College of viedicine and Pharmacy, direct the attenllon of the public to their new and highlv concentrated Extract of sarhapariLla, which has been prepared at great egpense by a novel process, never as yet attempted in this oountiy.and which they have effected by au appartua from Paris. )n Brands:, the editor of one ot the most valuable Uictiou arirs of the Materia Medica, speaks of this article in the most inquilined terms of approbation Hr asserts thai in the treatment of rheumatism, dismsat Of the skin, dyspepsia, debility, scrolula, syphilis, and all deruigeinruts ofth* ays'em, t 'is remedy possesses virtues not observed ia any other article of tin- Materia Medica. The sale of it during the last year has been immense. Cures of a very remarkable character have been tffected by its Use, and some of the cases have been published in the medical journal*. It is guaranteed to be (made from the choicest South American Sarsjpa ilia, and free from all mineral prepartioua. One bottle contains seven times the ouantity of the active principle contained in a pint ot any el the ordinary preparation*. Bold in single bottle* at 75 cents each. Cases of hall'-a dozen, $3 50. Cairsaf oue dozen SO 00. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office 8t Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau st, N.I. in20 Imis T>p DKU<K1ISTH AND OTHERS fmm the aouin ano 1 Wei! ?T. ROBERTS,8c CO. of London, proprietor* of the celebraied end popular medicine, "Parr's Life Ml*. iinr established a depot itrrrhesa'e of the same in Ne? and being now prepared to tu.-rlvthf market to an" would respectfully rail the attention 01 ifriunris's.ind h < the trade to their popular medicine, of wroth tliern' 'snow sold in Europe more than 30.000 boxes weekly, anil aitnrn-nh it fas been scarcely sis months in the Cuited Slates, the safe* have rapidly extended thronxh the States of New York, I'enu svlvauia, New England States,and Canada. Asa lamily m'di ciae. it i.i nneqiiailed, bein* perfectly free from any e ititral preparations; it is also eiceediiiulv effective in the cure of aihons complaints, dys|>e|isia, consumptions, and ail diseases arising from impurities of tin* blood; being *crv mild in its o|,er trioiis on the system, it may be taken bv tbe m?st delicate female and small children The aboee may be had wholesale at the office of T. Robert* ic Co., No. 304 '"la.eudon Home, comer af Dunne tk Bmadway, first llinr. mil Imis'rr NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SUROICAL INSTITUTK, No. 7i Chambers itreet, established to render to the afflicted sound and Scientific aid. AH kind of diseases will be'reated, and surgical operations of every descri|i lion performed in the most careful sudscientific maimer. One of the lirst ocoolists in the city will attend to the treatment of all diseases of the rye and ear Part-'cula' atteutmu is paid to the tre.itmeu' ol all female complain'*. Verv sreat success lias attended the treatment of diseases of the skin. Patients who desire it vrill he visited at BSD bouses. Those whine mectus '11 lll'lllvu will limy |>C inflllf,, " |m.) iui uivii mruieines. Three orfiur rooms are provided Tor private consulta ion. The d ug department is attended b- an apotheca-y of trt at experience,and a I our medicinal my be rel ed on ai lire and genuine. Cupping auil leetli iug will be done at the hottest notice. Open day and night I DH. HOMEK BOSTWICK. Attending Physician and Surgeon, 76 Chambers st. fid house west of Broadway. This int'itatiou ia under the patronage and cotninruJation of he following gentle man , HEV. DIt. KD. V. HIUBEE ' RKV. 1)11. W. r BKOWNLK.E. REV. DR. (JEO. POTTS, RKV. DK. <i. SPRING. RKV. DR. SCHKOEDKR mil Imit *ec 4At all THE KKOUI.AHTa' KE 1 8?Hiram imps, I itfWPV s'eam boats, and offr passenger aeaaela, carrying WaHkniK " brands' Patent Life Boats," have the wmd 1 Pan lit" plainly stamped or painted on the aide. f Ift-tfr AHb KOIt LIVERPOOL?.NEW LINK?.Regular Pirk-t of 26th Mareli ?The Spleuditl Packet Ship K^ijiSwROSt JUS, Captan John Collins, of IMA tona, rill positively sail as above, her regular day. K?r freighter usage, having aeeommodattons nnc<iuilleil for splendor or i.iio'oit, r, ' / r:, ,. i r 1, at Orli-? wharf, foot of Wall street, , rto 'E. k. COLLINS fc CO. 6# South street ?f 1 Price of passage, $100. . Trie Packet Ship Siddotis, Captnin K. B Cobh, of fcttO DM. Will WIlCMgM Roscius, and s.-il the 21th of April, t ?r J egrtlar day. Li tters for tlie ship* of this line w ill o-dr be reeeived at Oillin's and Hale's News nil Pasaengers inay relT on the ships Mthir line sailing punctualV as advertised. mOc JJg- NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKKTS-Packet kiKlWW.26ih March?The splendid, well known, fast sailing HHlMMI'acki't ship KOSC1U8, Captaiu Coll-ns, will sal xisitively as above.her regular day. Th> ships of this line are all 1000 tuns burthen and upwards' md it is well known that their accommodations for cabin, ?elouil cabiu and steerage passenger*, are superior to any other ine ol packets. Kor passage, early application should be trade on board foot lurliug Slip, or to W. It J. T. TAPSOOTT, 42 IVrk Slinror South *r. Tiie Kotcitis will sail from Liverpool on I3ili May, affordrig to persons wishing to aend for their friend* a favorable op ortunity of having them hreuaht out iu her, or any of the re alrr line on faTorable term*; and those desirous of remitting totiey can hare drafts for any amount, ixyable on demand rithout discount. in all the prion pal town* of Urn t Britain . nd Ireland. Apply as above. The Liverpool will aucceed the Roscins and *ail on the 6ih April. ro>2r , jtdx- THE NEW LINE KOK LIVERPOOL?Ren ifWV lar Packei 16th April The nets splendid packet MMKoslup LIVERPOOL. John Elilrnlge Master, 1150 tnus, I rill sail as above, on her regular day. Kor freight or passive, having elegant and itnanri assed ae- I nmmodatinns, apply to the matter on board, wett nidi tailing Blip, or to WOOUHULL fc MINTURN, I mi9ec _ 87 Southitreet. I full CTTMfrOQL.?fUnlar wdw of the 15th . iflffW Much.?The very superior fast aailing packet ?hip 1 Ba2n?KOH< IU *, Captain Collins, will tail a* above, er regular day. I Having very *ui>erinr accommodation* for cabin,teeond cabin red lU-erage pissengen, MOM wishing to embark iho'ild i nake early application, on board, or to I JOSEPH McMUKMAY, lflfl Pine it., cor. South. i Pr 9.?The ahove will be ?ucceedrd hy the Packet ahip Roiciua, Cape Collin*, to sail on the 25th M arch. Persona wn-hing to send fnr thru Itiends residing in the -Id country, can have them brought ont by the above ships, or inv of the regular packets, by applying >t* above ; if by letter, mat paid. m2l r BLACK BALL, or Old Line of LIVERPOOL grfurV Packsts ?Regular Packet of 1st of April.?The wMtttfafioc fut nilivg picket ship EUROTE, Capt Kile aid T Km tier, wi I sail positively at shone, her regular day. The accornmodati ma of this megnificeut packet, in cahin, 2d Itki*and f Issrsg*, Will on I?pSCUon bs touud uneiiualled by iny vessel afloat. Those returning to the Old Country will led it to their c-union and ail vintage to select this conveyance, mil as a nnmbe of her beiths are already engaged, persons vishing passaye, should make early application on board, loot ii Bookman street,or to the stihsenoeri. ROCHE HKOTHERS It CO., 35 Kolton st, neat done to the Kulton Bank. P. 9. The Eurojie tails from Liverpool on the Jlth of May, -[now semilog lor uicir incuvi-, *:*? noic incut ukiukiii >al iu her, or in any of the i'tck'ts of Itiia magnificent Line, which sail from there puuctn lly on the 7th aud l*h of ach mouth. Drafts on the Royal Bonk of Ireland, aril on Messrs. Prescott frote, Ames ft Co., hiiukers, Loiuh n, which will be osid free >1 discount or sny charge, iu every town throughout hits I >u?l, ret ml, Scotland ami Wales. For p usage, Ike , app1 v as above. ?I0* The packet ship N- w York, burthen 1000 tons. Captain oiiper will succeed the Knrope, rind sail for Liverpool on the 19th of Apiil, her tcgnlar dav. lllr ' Mlb PACKKT FOR HAV KK.-H Second Line)?The )MVk Ship BALTIMORE.. Kdwsrd Kmik, master, will WtSUHm ? "'(,n the 1st of April. BOYD ft rillVCKK.y, m?3ec No. 9 Tontine fluildimt, ] " tdas- FOR MAK9K.ILLfcS-PM k. u7t April- i lie ship , ^^COKIOLA.N' ^.CHJ ^ BOVD ft HINt.KKN, , mi ( 9 Tontine Building , as mJk BKLIZft, litiNDl l< i lie superior JfK fail sailing, coniwred end coiper last, ned brig.JOHN | fihub^L'C lAHl'M* ?. W. II. Robsoi,. master, will be div utlmerHii a lew ilnys for the above port. F >i freight or pissige. h iving sii|ierior accommodation, at ! ily to the capuio on board, I'ier9 hast Hiv^or^^^ mil 5t*rc 28 South street. lag" FOR NhW OKLKANS?LOUISIANA INT) ^^BWNKW YORK I,INK?Positively First Regular fiMLPaeket?'t'o sail 31st iust. Pne last sailing packet ship LOUIV1LLK, Cape M. Hunt, rill positively s?' as abovevher regular day. For freight ir passage, having hindsome famished accominodatious, appi v .a boars, at O-leana wharf, foot oi Wall st. ot to K. K COLLINS ft I O W South it. ^kippers may rely upon h iviug their goods corrrrtly measur d, and that tfce ship* of tins me will sill puuc'.uallv as a-lrer scl. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and folrllf hat may be reunited. Agents in N. Orleans, 'liillin ft Woodrui?. who w II < mm Y forward all goods to iheir address The packet ship Cincinnati,Captain B.irstow, will sneeee* | he Lonwville, anil ! ihe lath Apri 1 1 ' I'ASSAtlh Kill NhW Cittl.r kNS-O I. MWWK.g.'., Line?The splendid fut sailnu packet ship j MlMfalOti v MINTL'RN.Capt l? Stark,will sail pmiilveon iVh latch her regular aiy, having splendid icceinmo'at in fir csnm, ittsml cabin and il-i rive passenyeft. For p'taege, early application ah u'd hem. i _n bo?rsl or to W.ft J. I TAPS' OTT. aallr 41 Peck slip, corner South street - - . . AMUSEMENTS. IMHK TIIKATHK. THIS KVKNINO. will be iwrforiued, KKCRUITINU OKfl' lCB >>?pt Plume, Bxrrr | C*pt Brum _ , Abbott Vl'linda, MiM Bulntd After which BOVHASTK* l-UHIOSO. To oorirltifle w th, THK 11(1 H TUTOR. civ. IV. . . . 11. . , |>jLfr rt?. ctivriVftVi. hi/. . i i( K.. RKUULTION OK PRICKS. Urrw '/irclc. lj en.,,, (,<* f Upper Tier HX e?tt 5' "efitol T RCIine. 1 HIS K - MN will ha performed BI.A1 K ANIIijf. Alter w hich FAMILY JAMS To conclude wuh TOHRKNT Ob IHK VALLKV J)?or? open *i h* o'clock tad tho p?rt>,m,u. . will com men.:* "I ? precitel* HIT IIRLL<8 Of, V JIPIC TlitGATKK <44 Broadway, w Vorlr THIS K. V K.N I NO. will .? -r. mTd PKT IN PKTTiroATB After which.' OIOVANNI IN OOTHAM. To conelttde with omnibus. VT7" Th? Doors ar il be ipcned at l.alfpstt I. sad tht irni-ar e? rnmnie ire at 1, every evening AMKKICAN TIIKATKK-WALNUT-N'l. PHILAI>KliHf!VA, UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C CIT8HMAN THIS EVENING. Marrh >5, will be performed IRISH AMBASSADOR. After which TOM AND JERRY. K. A. MARSHALL. Lease* AftlKKICAN IlINKl'ir.. Mai I' Cnililing, corner of Broadway an<l Ann street, ? P T BARNITM" Manager. 1 he Manager, grateful for the anpreeedented parsonage be towed niton this establishment, and being drrenniued that at all times lum etert'otis shall at least be adequate to the anpporC atveu htm by the pnblir, it happy to announce the arrival and firxt appearance in Ameriraof miss Mary darling. The beautiful and chaining Knuluh Kuchantreaa pupil of H'ri Defrong The Great Magician. Tbe celebrity nf thii Young Lady throughout Europe it known to all travellm and the favorable notice! of her performance* which hav- appeared in the London Timet and other Kng ish Pa, ert ol high ttanding, the iriaoager rruiti will be sufficient to introduce her to the kind notice of the American public. No adequate deacriptiou can he given of her wonderful Magical Performance!; they ntuat be teeu to be appreciated. Alto engaged for one week. CHANG-KONG, The celebrated Chiueae Juggler. C. D. Jenkin*. the highly popular Comic Drolleriat, Tenor Singer, Bauio Pliver, Ethiopian Singer and Extravagant*!, will ap|iear in hit Comic Delineations of ecceutiic character Mitt Hood will ting a variety of her inoat Popular Souga. La Petit* Celeste will dance the La Bayadere and other fa Vorite Dances. The MKLOfFAN, an iminenae and magnificent Musical Instrument, plays itself the finest Overtures, Fantasies and Waltx? , and REPRESENTS A FULL ORCHESTRA. PHRENOLOGY.! . au r.minent rrolCsaor attends daily ami it's racneai p.* aminatinns and Charts, Developments and CnancRr at a tri (ting extra charge, Jmt added to the Mmenm TWO BUIT8 OF ANCIENT ARMOUR. nude and worn 300 years ago GRAND COSMORAMA? ALBINO LADY. Fancy Ola** 1)1 wnu The free lint is suspended. AN EXPERIENCED TAXVDKR VIST is engaged, and |M-rsoui having pet birds or i|o aorupeds they wish preserved, can hill them mounted III the beat style. Day viaitora admitted same evening FREE. Eveniug performances at hall pait 7 O'clock. Day Performance* erery Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at i o'clock. A drniation to all 2.1 cents?Children half |if' c mlH PF.ALIC'8 NICW YORK MUSK, (J 91 NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY IS NOW RE-OPENED ! C. H. DEVOE, Mauager. The eatabfeahment contains an almoat eodlea* number of RARE AND CURIOUS WOPK3 OF NATURE AND ART: Neatly and taatefully displayed in three apaciona haHi.aud boaata of a vers COSTLY It ELEGANT GALLERY OF PORTRAITS Exceeding in extent and value any other in America. The manager iiaa encaged, for . abort time onfy, i.e aublime and beautiful exhibition of THE TRIAL OK CHRIST! Thia imposing acene ia nut repiearuted by a naiutinir hot by a GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OK LIKE. Thia aolernn and iinpreaaire acene represents Oar Savionrar raigned aa a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorns upon Hia Head before Caiphas, the High Prieat, and the Court of Pontio PiJate. In addition to the above, the Manager haa engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN, ;Kroin England. She wiaheg opt to impose apou the pnhfec,by making them beliavt her a Witcn. < r FORTUNE TELLER! rouetsed with aupernntasg! power?hut On the contrary, claims publicly to be able In inatruct otlirra efj |g?od intellect and mention their leading Dv auctions or PAST TIMES, T.HE PRESENT, AND THE FUTURE. She will tell peraona whether they are married or not, an what kind of huahand or wife they will get, deaerihe their own characters and giTe a boat of facta and correct couclatioue founded on her knowledge of the immutable acieucca of phrenology, physiognomy,m urology, philosophy, ttc. A" proof ol the correctness of her assertions, ahe it at liberty to refer to hundreds of our first citizens, including clergymen, judges, attorneys, physicians, and many of the moat euligh tened ladies in the city CI7"Admisaiou to the Muaeuui, J5?n'?i Children hall price An extra cherge of lJjtf cents to those who consult the Giray Woman. 30ft pioNCERT.-Tl.r ITALIAN BENEVOLENT SOCIETV, with the Professional ami Charitable Assistance of :1,m lollowilitc inn Heuilemm will give llit-ir Loueert MONDAV EVENING. March 27. JIT NIBLQ'S SJiLOON, Mad E. F. Siittim. 8'iinori MaroureHi. Siguo'i De Begins, Rapetti, SlamnitS. Milnn ; Me??r* EtirBPe; Boucher, Ern;?t, L. Witters, Hirt7.UK. Hegeluitd, U. C. Hill. Resirr, L)<> daworth, ten. Knvivn, H. Dodwotth^ Johnson Wood, K. Rakeman. Anpich, Hansen. Olio, HeifT, Mhnli, Loder, A. Dodworth, Pell, G l)i Luce, C. Doowortli, Signors Lobiauco, Trojai. Rallo, Henia, Undone, jr. With the addition of several other Artists engaged for Che occasion, N'l'he Oroheitra, complete in trery Depaitinen', will be conducted by Bignori Rapetti. Mens Ktienne will pr siae at the I'itno Foitr, the n?e of wSieh internment beinit obtained by the favor of Mr Pierce, manufacturer. PROGRAMME. Papt I. Overture?From the Oper?, " II Pirati," Bellini llomin.-e?" Be II E?o delta Scotia," Sienori S Milou with Cortietto accompaniments by Modi Onie, Tadolin i Grand Fantaaia?For thi Kliite, " L'.angelus," Mods Erneat. Tnlon Cavatina?l>i Saffo, Signora .Maroncelli, Dell Opera, " La Btlfo," del Maeatro, # Paccini Fantasia?For the Violin, by Signer Rtpetti. Davalina?" Sopra il ton 11 man mi iioaa," Mad Sutton from the Opera La -term imhula. Bellini Aria Bnffa?" Be ho da ditle, aviei motto piacera by Simior De Betptis, Fioravanti Papt II. Overture?from the Operant'' La Norma," Bellini Layatini?" Dell t vita nell S'uliern," Signor Martini Mercadantp Variationi?For the Flute, on a melody of the Opera I . a ?>...! . V.11.11., Riinnana Seen* ed Am?" Noite Tremeoda," Signor Marnncelli, with Harp aecomi auimru , by 1 hibault Moricchi Futuin-Forthe Piano Foite, by Monsieur F. Hakrm*n Talberght Scena > d Aria?" Casta Diva," Madame Simon, from 'he Opera La Norma Bellini Duetto?" Bulla Balrna <1 -1 Fra'ello." by Signori 3 MiIon and Martini from iliu Opera La Btrnniera Bellini Ticket*, 50 centi, to he had at a'l the prmci|>al Moaic Btores in Broadway,and at Niblok O.arden. Concert will commence at A o'clock m25eod ttr COTTIBH MUSICAL kNTKHTArSrftNTT?-MY Clirrhogh and tne Misse* Cumirmg. reieectfnlly intimate hat they will icire another Scottish Mimical Entertainment on Wednesday, tne fttn junt The Programme will contain an entirely new and choiee seection of BON OB, DUETS AND BALLADS. From the Ancient and M-dern Melodies of Scotland. There will be a limited uuinber of pekets issued, so as to irevent the discomfort which attended their first entcrtainnrnt. Tickets to hi'had at all the innate stores, and at Mr. Clireingh's 205 Broadway. Programmes will he issued immediately. ran 3tr GUAM) ITALIAN ( (ini K.HT. for the Benefit ot the Italian Beneyoleni Society.?The Committee ol A'rauge men's appointed hy the aboye Bociet*, take pleasure to aniionucc to the pnblic in general and their compatriots in particular, ihat they hiye ancceedeil in engaging the charitable assistance of sereral worthy Artiste*. ?nch as Signora Fanloni Button. Bignora M irourelli. and Bignor be Begnis. M*rtini, Rapetti, ami others, who will he mentioned in the programme, to take place on M'.nday evening, ihe 27th inst .at Ninlo's Saloon. Tickets 50 cents to be I ad at all the mnsic stores. Big. Rapetli will lesd a loll and effective orchestra m!9r SINGING. YfADAME BUTTON. pupII of the la.e Adolnh Nonrtit and Marco Bordogni, begs to acquaint the e,[lettanli of N>-w VotIi, that doring her stay in thg nty, she pnrpos'i giving finishing lesson* in the Italian, French, and English style ol Bingiug, at her residence. Her method of increasing the strength and compass of the roiee and imputing thg style and finish of the modein I'allan and French schools, is pr?cisrly si its>I -e t'> that pilrsu- il by Bordogni and V rcai. the first masters in Europe, securing toner pupils ihe like ra. id progress 'hat attended he' own stndi's The i raetieei for the pupils, uni'ke ihe common itolfeagios, arc numerous air* arranxed Irom trie most favorite lta"an operas, making the stony a measure as well as imp'Orement ; ami thereby facilitating the singing from operas. Her pupils will have the advantage of her singing With them, which cin he successful! pursued alone by m-strrs who have been eminent s.ngrri a great assistance in imeroi ing 'he voice a ,I attaining quickly the style and finish. Ladies will b. received separately or in classes. Term* may lie ascertunrd hy ipplviog at Madame Button's residence, No 77 Ch-mhers ?feet, between the honrs of 9 and 3. mis tin* ris P I A N O FORTES AND NEW MUSIC. THK Musical World i* invited Co eiimiue the new and rle i nit 'nortmrut of anperior tnusd Piino Korte* no. lor ale at 'he Mu cSalo'u. 201 Broadway, below St Paolh Church,*i?n of the Gulden Lyre. Am<n,( the Pianos for 'ale ire many with elegant mahog-nv and rosewood, tous-e and talilet corners, harp atop, grand action, esrra Iteya, ice. Ac. Prices >er? low for cash. New and Popular Songs, Dne'ts, Marches,, and pie;cs ; daily publishing and receiving from i eery More i" the ouutry Among the last publication* me?-The 8' nnri Fire, rnmposed and ?nng hy Rnxell : In.iien Hnnier, Old Clock, I aie your time Miu Lu-y O, Blind Boy, O sail wnh me. The Sce-and rh* lil'v. Lane of ihe Mon tain, Stale Strret Qiick Utep, Church B-l a, Chi'd and 'h Hew dro w, Spirit of beaut* , Kvrrlan. Bygone year*, Oeut'e Queen id flowers, I am a i>oor (Miephrrd ma d, Poor man's friend, N Y. City tinirda' March, N. Y, Quadrille*, Reeiew quick alep, ke. Me. (initar*, Klutea.Sr ings, lie. eon?tatitly on hand. Music Saloon 201 Broadway, sign ot the Oolden Lyre. all 2taw Imr _____ HOB ROY BALL. WILL be givcu at the AihiIIo Saloon, ou Monday Evening, March 77th, IMJ. A full representation of the coatumes of the sanous Hig..l nd Claus will bu h'tescuton the occasion. Tickets 10 be had at The Apollo Saloon, Broadway. Hewitt lit Co., Music Store, Broadway, tjeorge Moreten, comer Or ami and Mm streets. Joseph Craig, 141 Pearl street. Th"S W. .VcLeary, liH Blvecker street. Joseph Bruce, corner 8th Avenue and 17th street, m'1 I**"' /" s(IN e| nN h K. of a 70, D I I and S ;t.i hi lei cotton t? . rdcr. ' tier ?hip Louisville, will please attend to their rece irt unmcdi rtaly. ulnc I i(iLLM;|'IONS on all parts of 'Hv tinned f?-sr?s mad? ou ' the most f.yo, R j. RYLYRSTICK, *11 vn<ar,ll ?tr-ef - ?< > " 1 ''-owdwav OLEACjBlNO P(>WI)?.Rh-ih'' c t ow lnw? ,rtr *rnmn'' PKM>*SK a, BH..OK8,.. V.L

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