Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. 80.?Whole No. MM. To tli? Public. THE HEW YORK HERALD?dailynewapapor?publish nd every day of the year ?acep? New Yeaf* day and fourth af July. Prioe 3 eenta per copy?or |J 38 per an num?|MMtage* paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahed every Saturday morning?price 8$ rente per copy, or $8 13 per annum poatage* paid?each in advanoe. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circalation of the Herald U over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaiing aat. Jl hao the largeet circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and it therefore, the heot channel for hutinett wen in the city or country. Price* moderate?cuh in advance. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the moat moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraixTos or the Hiuu> Kitabliihhiivt, Northwest corner of Fnlton and Neaasu streets HOUSES TO LET AT YORKV1LLE.?2 large houses on the corner of Mlh street and 3d avenue; eitln- r l"JW tii< m is calculated for a public house, gtocerv or private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, r-owliag alley, a ad a fine garden ejusu'iacoft ots, with grape vines and frnit trees thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., ma 2wr No. II Chaiphera st. Jg/L TO LET?The upper part ol the store No. 7 New FylW street, a frw doors from Wall street; the second story jJUflkhas two ofllcea, and it ia adapted for a merchant or lawyer. Also, the three story house 3t Walker st between Broadway and Church st, an excellent situation for a genteel family, 00cumrd by Mr. Verplsnck. The btjck store comer of Pike and Cherry streets, occupied by Messrs. Valentine It Co., as a lead store, a desirable situation. The convenient two story house with attic rooms,,basement mid counter eeller, No. >29 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. WWM The two (tory brick house, No. 73 Gold street, one door from Spruce St., formerly owned by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The rents will be moderate. Apply to MR. UKLAPI.A1NE, 88 Wall street, m6 lm*r in office No. 9, cor, of Water st. TO LET.?In Dean street, near Smith street, Urookpjw lyn, the splendid three story hou?e, finished in the best X!mLmanner, with two lots ol ground attached. Also, coach house, stables, lie. A variety or the most choice grape vines. Also, several fruit treats, with a wall and pnmp of excellent spring water on the premises This property is well calculated for the accommodation of a respectable family, to whom it will be let for one year or more on accommodating terms, dv applyJOSKPH McMURRAY, _ m6 r_ 100 Pme street. JM TO BE LET?The t story store, corner Hose and llnane streets well situated for any manufacturing l"im business, having a five home steam engine in complete order. Also, the 2story and a'tic dwelling home on 12th street, near 8th Avenue, and the new 2 sto-y basement house on 6th Ave noe, near the corner of 12'h street. Immediate pnsseision ol eitl ercan be given. Apply at the office, 833 Wasniugton st. m26 3t* r 'I O LET? \ pleasant two story house, containing 3 bed roi .ms, an open garret, two sitting rooms, front and JiJJLhack basement, i ood cistern ol water, grass platt front and tear. Inquire at96 Eldridge st Also, to lei, two rooms, basement and cellar, enquire at 2(1 Division st mil iw'sc MTO LET?The fire pro?t orick store. No. ItJ rtouth st, with immediate ross>siioii if reonired, app'v to woodhull k mIn/URN, m/sr 87 South street. M'fO i.ET?'l hs Two stoiv brick Honse and premises, No. 1(5 Wooster street, finished in the most modem style, with maibU manrel-piecs and folding doors hout. Apply to JOSEPH McMVKKAY, mJ3r 100 Pine street. TO LICl'-A Sail Loft in (tore Ne. 61 South street, on ituoiHHt termi. Apply to iA JOHN HERDMAN, m?lt On-the pteniiiee. JHL 1*6 LET?From lit of May next, the modern built F*TW two atory brick home, No. 11 Third at. with attic, bnaeXjJLmmt and cellar, and marble mantlea throughout. For further pvticulars inquire at 479KPearl at ISf lm? Ad OFFICES TO LET? In atore No. 69 South street, fflf Apply to JOSEPH McMURKAY, J^L 100 Pine street. COTTAGE TO LET?To let on long Island, b.<?-itifully situated on the wafer, about 20 miles h"m the ciiy, a ue tt country cottage, with garden, stable d; a tut'c to and from the isilroad passe* the home every morning and eyenirg; for a, widow lady wishing 11 retire from ihr City, or f>i a ainill family during the summer month*, the situation ti ve y desirable; to a rest ecUblc tenim' the reut wjll J??_moderata. Apply at t? Amity ?t m85 1t*r aFOft SALE?A desirable country residence at Hempstead Village. Long Island; a large well built House, inc ttsuestyle, with lam*, Sheila, Jtc.,and ten acres of first rate land, in hiding s Garden well atoeted with shrubbery, fruit tree*, ?tc., in a high at tte of cultivation; it ta located o? Fulton street, leu thtu a hall a mile of the New York and Long Island Railroad, whili baa a commuiiic lion with tht-city several time* a day, and at a rale of iare r ry much teduc-d from former prices, making it a moat deanahle resi. ence for a person retiring fiom the city, or one who may wish la do businessiu the city. A porti u of the m ney can remain on mottcage, and the balance can Vc paid in dry goods or groceries at market price*. For furthei i-s ticuUrs, apply to JOHN S. VOOKHIES, Book Store, No 2t Na *au >t. N. Y., or a JOHN J. MARSHALL. Postmaster. TOR RALE ?A tm-tii pUeTft r situs rd on the turnptbe between 'he Toll gase ew# David T. Jennings', between fiye and si? acres o' land, two cleared, and one set out in worked peach trees, with a ,mAlUh'taLoVon?<7th iirert, *>0 feet from the 8 h Ar-une, For for he* I articul its. spp y to Jokn L. Noiton, Jr., sr Dr. A L And rvoo, ?s East Br adwvy. n>2? ? 'r VOT1CETO CABINET MAKERS?To Let a br ck teresSc st snETSvstt sati opposi e the premiaea ma> SPACIOUS AYH!KA^ ONA^LE HOTEL IN i?* THE fashion ble Hotel, Marshall .House, capable of accommodating U0 persons, situate in Chestnut street, lull st'n an I 7th streets in Philadelphia,'having beea re. ruil' much improved and repaired throughout, u to Or let at a rtdaced imt, for a term of scats. Apply to BAMU?U POWKU. 3A7 Oeatiiot nrret, or to JOsEtH B. TuWNHEND, mlj ftawjm^r 309 Arcli ?Ucet. KA M KcO. tALK cout-iuiug 3J acrer., the greater part of which la meadow sod plough laud, with a good voung --pile orchard, with a verirty oftherr e?, pern, and plumb*, and oih. r fruit. The buildings, conamiua of a good b.ira. c iw house, enmure house, core crib, and sheds, tor caule, together with a good dwelling boose and well of water at toe door; a sufficiency of firewood; there is a lever tailing stream of water muDing thioogh the aad. The above farm is si.neted about three miles from Elisabeth town, N.J , en the main toa-l to Weitiisld, and within two hundred yards ol the stopping place of the E'izibetMnwn and homerville R ilr.iad cars. Auy further description is net necesttry-. as persous wishing to inrchaae will view for themselves. For priee and particulars, apply to John D. Murdoch, on the pre, misrs, or Jamet D iff, No. 148 ftivinglon street, N. Y. N.B.?This would bo a desirable location for a person driug bnsinets in New Yo k, being within two hours ride of the eity. March 18th, 18 3. m'8 3w*ec JTOD N, HMORANOE having taken the Ma ahall Home, corner of Bioadway and Reed atreet, and fitted It np coinmodionilv for the r*cep:ion of boardera. would moat respectfully anununce to ihe Iirarlities in the United bta:e?, that he has amp',- accommodation for a large ol gentle-urn, with or w ithout their wives, during the Paisover Holidays. Persons I eel ins desirons ol making the Marshall Htnse their home for any period, will find that no attention or espensr shall be span d to readsr the at comfortable, and the pricei moderate to suit the times. to31 Iw'r y pKMOVAL.,?The office af the Jefferson I nauranee Com pa -*1 uy has been ihi< day removed to M Wail street, oppr sit the Nir a-hsuts^Kieluinse. ni 13 ec 1JEMOVAL.?P. MAE8, Hair Dresser and Wig Maker, has -?? removed from 183 to 189 ilro idw.?y, a few doors below the b'r.mlHin H. uae, sud opposite John street Having fu ed np a new room a he most fashionable aty.'a, he w ill continue the same busiuess and will be pleased to see his old friends and pnli.'iia and oilier* who mav honor him with a call. He ha* also private room* for ladies hair drrsaing and jampooing. This powerful Extnct of Jampoony is considered by thousand* of New Ynrkeis and strangers at one of the healthiest articles Cor the cure of dandruff and strengthening af the liair?approved by tio- Kaculty of Medicine in Peris, and patented at Washing ? '* ?L- ?? .wA ,l?i; htVnl tk >n tn ?a rkrniiiin I this operation in the hand* of P. MAM. m '6 8w'*?c BILLIARD SALOON. NO 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE D00B8 BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. PRICE REDUCED to One (Shilling per Hundred, from 8 A M. lo 1 P M.?The aubacnber informs his Iriends snd the public in general, that he has Eire New Billiard Tables, in separate apartments?two in theut per liont saloon?two in tl e rem saloon, end one in the front room?ell in first rate order. Each get tl. man visiting the establishment will be furnished Willi a private Cue.lor hiaespeeiaj nse?the tablet being in different apartments, the proprietor thinks it will render it more select auo agreeable to gentlemen visiting his house. also, two >ine bowlinu alleys in the basement. His Bar will always be stocked with the choicest Wines and Liqimre and the best Segara to be had?also Sherry Cobblers, Mint iulrie, f'unchet; mads in manner not to be surpassed N B.?The apeituients hare endergone a thorough refitting ?-new pa|a r, painting. Sir. J/~Oeutl? men will please to oemmnnicatn nay neglect of dntvoftbe aueuilants, at the bar. FRANCIS MONTR VERDE, mch'fi 1m *r i Barclay street. " " mktali.ic' kazur strop "IiriTIl FOUR SIDES, inreirted by O SAUNDERS, VV for keeping Rarori alwuys in order?it produces a smooth and thin edge to a laaoi in a tenth part of the time required on a hone, without using oil or Water. No other mice of the kind h.s ever beru so uuiieraally known and approved of, having been far the last tweuty live years in constant use in nearly all ilie cuilery estabushmen s in Europe, and there acknowledged lo have no equal. In New Yotk, where it waa invented, it received lirsl premium# at tin- American Institute every lime it was preaeutrd for competition, and gr 'hi liv (wnhoui llie aid *f p ifflng,) eaukllshr d a ri p itallon in an arts of America, el ueiug Uic only h-iior Suop mat will k" |i ratom in peitect order. Certificate" are n the possession of the inventor from ths most sen I't.fir gentlemen of both countries, speaking Inu'dy of iht ir superiority. When taking imo consideration lliat those gentlemen have no interest in tin sale ol .he ariule, and gne iIk it testimony wnh nit solieilation, speaks v. luiiu a in l# l ivor. It is the only Sirup that has be, n deemed worthy of imitation and d uU ' il'ltlng. The an ..i nuiiibr r ol th'si s.lm would si mi ii as i.. nig the i I ma* ol p..I. cuou. 'I liar II may be inoie satisfactory io I, e public, the names of hosrgrath men wh. Ii .ve in en rertiiicnlrs at r . ih, merits id the Htr.e,. are hers published?( luni t Tallin ul.i I' .sidenti>,. Aim.n. i. It mini. ; l -nl. John I rriscom, Dr. V.i tu.i- vlott, an.l Mr Mi.liken, culler lo (lie Royal Navy III: .and M inufacloiy Kid Broadway, New York ml lm*r T^HE-jlT or. A I - lie I l < ipr elof ol tile esn.h 7,1ml" lit u A I leorusrol W. VI id V4 aireu aloeis, would lut ein li s ens: 'nets and th' pub,ic in genua', mat owing to the iai. .a ? el th ?,..,, t.i?c ,i,i. u to ol >,? tiie above , lam bu w ili-iwsya ne r.ady hioi willing lo sunply alio,, keepera and rtiaieia with Uetl, fork and .Motion ny the qu rter or larger qo hi i'y Iro . hit H' nghier House m 28th strret. IV soni wuh ire V be thus suppliedwith a Ant rate article and at a mnder*' t me, ara requested to make application aa above, or at the (icr Bull's Head, e truer Jd avenue and Mth sta. n7 lm*r JOHN W. PRESTON. [E NE .NE ^ =r SOU N 0 FTLOT. OWEIN ntEBCOTT, Pilot lor Nm Bedford, Nantucket Shoals, Bm'uu, Portsmouth, Portlaud, Keuueheck, and , other perts Oicr at Frye At Shaw'* ' .lut eal Sio'e, lit [ Water, corner lultnun itreet, N. Y.?Vice rtrni Atlanta1 K* , it??s, Boston. three day before waui. J. Charae ihe a <me as , ff'lu Pay Head. ma Iter | <>Ll> ESTABLISHED F.MTORANT PAS ' SAUE OKFPvK.dl South street, New York?He* I Mfau'.ir Line of Packets?The suhaniher cout sues to I hriba out persona from any |<art of Ureal Britain and Ireland, who may be rugaged by their friends ker< , hy the regular'ino ' of packet ships, siiiiug every an days 'rom Liverpool, .ret- | sons sending lor theirfrienis, nav rely that juat care will be taken 'o hate them despatched without delay in Liveipool.and will always endeavor to merit a continue ice of the public patronage which has been 10 liberally bestowed for many yea" ' paat; and those remittitur money can have drafts .payable at all the Banks and brineheatnronehout the Waited Kingdom. t For further particulars, aptly fif by letter, post i*id] to iSr JOHN HKRnMAN. si South at. I BRITISH AND KOttlH AMERICAN ROkAL MAI ' 8TBAM SHirfl, , . Of llMAons and 449 horse power each,. J Under centract with the Lords of the-Admindty. , ! emaBBHMHBeet HlBERNTA, C. H. K. Judktne, Commander. BRITANNIA, J- Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACAD LA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Liverpool and Beaton, via Halifax as follows: vsom LivtarooL. from bostok. Acadia, Ryrie, Feb a Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mir 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Hewitt, Ap'l 4 May 1 Hibernia, Judkins, Apl 19 May II The accommodatioui for passengers are superior. The vesaela are accamnamed hv en-eona ?<! amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats. j Passage redneed to SIM. No Benhs laeored until paid for. For farther information, apply to D. BRIG HAM, JR., at HARNDEN fc GO'S, No. S Wall-A. ' jaoc J FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. | The Royal Mail Steam Bhip COLUMBIA. C. H. E. Jud ' kiaa. commander, will leave Boston for the above ports oa 1 Saturday, Apiil 1st. Passage to Liverpool $120 ' Passage to Halifax X Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr Agent, i | U)2'ec 1 Wall street. i I 3TATEN ISLAND FERRY. ' Foet of Whitehall street Ou and after Dec. Sd, the steamer STA1 EN ISLANDER, j will ran as follows, until farther notice i LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. ? IXA.M, 9 A.M. , 1* 11 t 2P. M IMP. M, dl r S TO THE LADIES. INTELLECTUAL DF.VELOPMENT AND PERSON- . A AL BEAI IT V, considered in connection with DR. FELIX ' eOURAUD'S POUDRES SUBTILES. , The scnlpsor whose study is to imitate the exquisite work- , maualiip of nature, iiortravt in his model ol the human form, a , broad and elevated forehead. This develo: ment ia net only J consonant with, bat sometimes necessary to the possesaion of a high order of mental faculty. If a due forehead ia a mark of intellect, it is no leaa an essential element of personal beanty, and it is of importance to those, and lh?re are many anch.poa- , leased of ihia prominent feature, though obscured by the en- c croachments of a too luxuriant growth o< hair, to remove that \ portion ot an excrescence which tends, ia their case, only to de- , form. Thi. r?n h? Ho... ..C.I.. in- -m. n- ? j :< 1 used in accordance with directions, without the least inconvenience, by Dr. Felix Oonrand's Pondre Subtile. The tune ot the lip, when annoying, or the short hair on the back of a latiiea' neck, when too apparent?the hair of a mole, or the Deard.when , nigh opon the cheek, may all be removed, and eventually the J roots destroyed, by the nse of this preparation. GOUHAUD'S EAU DK BEAUT E, OH TRUE WATER OF BEAUTY! v For removing freckles, tan, pimples, blotches, sores, barns, x and a'.l cutaneous eruptions, realizing delicate white hands, I neck and arms, and eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance.? u O* $1 per bottle. . OOURAVD'S VEGETABLE ROUGE! Composed materially from Bowers and simples, imparts r delicate carnaiiou tinge to the cheek, immovable by perspira t| tion or rubbing with a handkerchief or a linen cloth. 60 cenu per bottle. 1 OOURAUD'B BLANC CEBPAGNE! An excellent preparation lor imparting a pure, life-like white- \ nesa to the complexion, free from the iajurinus properties gen- p rally entering into combination lor tliis purpose. Put up in _ elegant boxea, at 26 cenu each. ' AogtsTs.?A. S. Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston : New York?Albany, .Guthrie, 4 Maiden La?e ; PoDghlteupaie, x J .red Gray; Utica, Wade, druggist; Hamilton, M. Co. b Gregg A Grants; Lonisnlle, Louis County; W. A.Chase; ci Goshen, Elliott. Ctnn., Myers, Chapel si. New Haven; W. l Faulkner, Norwich; Wells A Humphreys, Hartford; Charles J Dyer, Jr., Providence; Thomas, Newport; Clcwes, hair tl dresser, spring held; Greene A Co., Worcester; Burt. Little Falls; Coggesnall, South Seceud si. New Bedford; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Benton; Lowell. Cnrleton A Co.; Salem, Ivesi Newbaryport, Hodge; Portsmouth, Preston; Pottlsud, Parker, Exchange it; fiaugor, Guild: Hallowed. Scammea. New Jerrey?Newark, i rippe; Princeton, Dr. Beabrook. Pa.,Phila., 76 Cheunut street, Lancaster, Hrtoiieeh, druggist; Hnrrisburgh, g Robinson. periodical agent; Picuburgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, Thomas A Co., Main street; Vs., Richmond, Mrs. Krayser; es D. /Whr .Bw^wer-Alexandng. 0. C. Berry; y: mieal iuvewiou foe oomplemly eradicating superfluous uaf-, n has attained the highest pitch of celebrity, and consequently . excited the cupidity of a nest of base connterleiters, who at- , tempt to snatch from the inventor the jnst recompense for hia lalmf Pnrek??r. .VinnlH rh.r.fnee >? ih....noil .nd .? P' that every bo tie of tile Poudre Subtile iqnare. and F Felix Bt Uourand, Pondre Subtile, N. Y., cut in each bot.e, and the m Doctor'* fac aiinile engraved on the outside wrapper. Direc- I tions, French and English, accompany each bottle. L Eemember, the only etfice in N. Y. for tbe above celebrated Ji Coemetie, is C7 Walkeralreet, one door from Broadway ni ait lm m A EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. THE subscriber* will send an eanrrss through from tnia city, 1 t!> the above named and intermediate places, on the mora- J. int of the 9th iuat., lor the trant|K>rtation of specie, bank notes, < < bundles and packages of (nods, rollecnon of drafts, bills notes In and aeconnts.and all snch other busin s? a* may be entreated to them. POMRKOY It CO. at 2 Will St, nV N. B. Immediately oif the opening of lake nariKalioti, tbe above express Ime wul be exlenoed to Chicago, Cincinnati, kc., and coiiiianrd throughout the entire season, in c >oneiiou ( with their New kork, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily ex- ? press m6 r h DAMS k CO.'S NEW hORK AND NfcWAKK It I ' PRESS.?The public are respectfully informed that C t tl subscribers hare established an Kx press between New Yo a and Newark. N. J., far the transmission and speedy delivn | n of package*, bundles, money, kc. kc.; the collection of not is ^ and bill*, and all other business appertaining to an Expses# ? r Orders for articles to be returned by tbe Express will * 0 delivered free of eharxe. r. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall street, and in Newark, fai . SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 320 Broad at. s Leave New York at I1J4 A. M aud tif P. M. , Leave Newark at a A. ". and Iff P. M. dive ADAMS k TO. J OAttNDKN k CO.'S EXPRESS.?On and a ter Thirrs t XI day, the I6tli, Darodeu k Co will lun their Express to S Boston, v a Stouiugton, Daily. _ d ml7 2wr HAP NDEN k CO. 3 Wall sf: I P4POKTANT TO OLD COoNTKYMEN.?ME8SHS ' H AJKNDRN k CO- will draw at their ftspress and ForeniB Letter Office, No. 3 Well street, small billa of exchange Iroui A3 to ?160, in snms to suit, payable at sight, for the eccontmo- , dation of persons wishing to remit to (heir friends in Euglaud, < L?!and. or Scotland. I | The letter hags lor tlie ttoyal Mail Steamer* fbrliir a*sol < are alao made up at their office. < For further information apply to i HARNDEN k CO., i 3 Wallstre e I Agents in London? MACLRAN, MARRIS k CO. Liverprml?W1LMEB k SMITH * i LfoibtNijn Ri iiiK Bwi.i.i unui-ub&iE., mauewiin ? r a F ranch machine, at 437 Broadway, N?n York?FELIX EFFRA V returns hu grateful thanki to the cailomera who patronise him forhia aweet chocolate, and he takea this opportanity to inform the public that he haaat work a machine in hia aiore to ohow how nicely the article ia made F. Effray's French atyle Sweet Chocolate, made with a French machine, can be had at the wholesale price, either id botes of 21 pounds or in large eakea, at the factor*, 439 Broadway, New York. Dealers are earnestly invited to try the article. N B.?Hot Chocolate and Coffee served np in the Saloon. m3lm*cc DL. k ARN AM,'449 Waterstreei, New Verk, manolac tnrer of every species of Hydranlic apparatus. r Fire Engines, of every site, for cities, villages, factcriea, plantations, kc. Garden Engines, Fire Hooks. Fire Backets and Fire Caps. j Hemp Hose, Leather Hose,of any site required. ' Snctioa Hose, Caption Screws, kc. , Lift and Force 1'nmpe, to lift and fotee water any distance, ( from 19 to 500 gallons n minnt'.'. | Wind Mills, Horse Powers, Water Wheels, kc., for work > 'IC ami Steamboat Pumps for filling boilers, kc., to be ased I ' in cate of fire. Air Pamps for rscnnin or condensation, of any required ase s Lead and Iron Pipe, Brass Cocks, kc. Oast Iron Fountains, of vanons figures and devices. , N. B.?The pumps of mr manufacture are double action, of great strength, and very simple in their constrnctiomheing par tocnlarly well escalated P>r the Hontharn and West India markets. dii im"re poKFE(J'i'10N"iKY ?Notice?The subsetiberbegs leavs Cf io .nfoim his customers and fneuds in general that he has thisday ridnced the price of his Coufectionary, both whole- I sale and retail, and withes his country friends as well as city, to call and eramine hia stock before purchasing, as he intends 1 to continue to manafactu o as good an article ai can be found ' in the JOHN O. HENRY, 1 m236t*r 273 Grand free'. IVfRS. CARROLt.'H OLD ESTABLISHED MEDIL*1 CATED VAPOUR BATHS, B Courtliuidt street, are well known to be essentially necessary at this season of the year, when the system requ.rrs an auxilia'y to throw off the entiele accumulated during winter, and which, ty remaining onihesuifac, of liea nn, ptodnees cutaneous d si asea, collie, rhcuma'ism, scailei fever, Ac.kc Th?y are in ope ation fr 'in # o'i lock in tlu- morning till 9 o'clock at night sulphur Bslhs require one hour's notice. Porrab e Vapour Bathi sent Pi any pan of the city or Brooklyn. Bathing Tub. and Hip B.vlis for lure. m'43 Iwr OMAKfS ON fit ELAND?At all limea e?o h, ti d tr.?ni iho subscribers, drawing di ect on the R ,yal Bsi k of Irrland, on any amount, which are paid free < f any charge, in nil the principal towns ilioiughoui Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHER.-! Ik CO.. 35 Fn'ion at., N. Y., m2t r Nisi '''nt Pith ' Kultou U isle yXMIANUIC ON LON DON .?Bills ot Exchange si 60, 10. Os 13,7 d ys, and nl sight, oil ilia old estab ishi d banking liouai of ;M .an. IVscott, Orote, Ames A Co., laondon, at all lim.s I'or sa ? by _ ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., S3 Fulton st., m24 r Nest door t' i i h li nR.nk. QC0TCH MS IRoN?too tone yery superior Bcoteh I ii ^ Iron, Lxn;loKQ biai i!, IomiI? by WOUDilDLta k MINTURN8, p,2tr Iff -h uth street. TiTieti Ok EXCHANGE, on ail parts ai Euglsuu, Iralau, and sums of 4.3.LIU, ?15 and &2*,i-< anv -moeui, payable at sight with ml discount. Pesonsdesuous of renut ting to their friends will find this a ?fe method.^ 10 m4 21 Wall strait and 110 Broadway, 1 W Y( 1W YORK, MONDAY M( to amYrican travellers going to europe. WJ MARK WF.LL, Pi.>i.r.?tor of LOVO'S HOTEL. New Bond nnJ Clifford ilrurt; din, tne LON* PON fA M,LV HOTEL Albt>ni?rlf I'rrrl.h^* [hp luinor to irqnvut F mi'iea ami iie'tlein.n tinting LONDON, lhtl hoae Hnuaea l.ave an'erimne a conij lete rati, ion, wi'h new nil appropriate Funiitare; the Collar* are fi'led with WI \E }f iu h-t elaa tilu ia i*r. Iv lo be met, b-iu<r aelectioua ir m |>r.T tc mitlii mat h tr been iiathe'nl uvediet by varolii N 'bJrmen and U nth nn n *h i | ruled thrtnvrlvra on ihei' ju'lauieiit ; more loan fOuO >lnz -u in bottle ia now cougre* l-t>'d, beanie a vail quan'ity in wool. ?? j ?i. nu ?i?o ine nimnr to call the s'tention of Merchants >B'1 Q. n lemento bis Est jMishintiu iu the City, under the mmmmH nf his Hon, THE x OH I'fl AND SOUTH AMETAN COEEKK HOUSE,CO K TAVERN It SUBSCRIPT I O.N ROOM, Vis-a-vis the New Koysl Eich .nge ; he whole is in the mutt important position iu the City, nossesiin* every information, as regards toe rtnbirripti' n Hoom, rum all parts of the world, the proprietor having pledged niinitlf to procure the earliest iptel'uei ec. The charges are on he m ?st moderate scale consistent with the respectability or ;he house. The Furniture is entirely new. he Sleeping department rerle'e with cont ort ; in fact, no rMub'is mint iu the city can lur.raas this in Us ge cmI accoini. oJ ,:ion. It is a'liiirably litaated as regards tne Notthern, Eastern, sod 8 Eastern Kail* ivayi heing Put a few mii;u>ea drive mui tneir varioos irimini. A Porter ,s aiipi inted 10 atteud rhron.h the night, (or the renefitof f ose arriving or drpsrtiny hy the train m l 'w igb ~UNlThD"aTATlc;S HOTEL UF PHILADELPHIA. A LL travellers wha have passed the diys and nigl'ti of their it sojournm Philadelphia at this fuir establishment .speak in einuof unqualified piaise of ita actonim d?t ens, its table iu"l maosgeineu'. The arrangeinrn soi the hi use are admire* >1 y systematic, and there are substantial c mforta to be f and u this Hoel (bat will he appreciated by u >?t p*rson?. aueh as i clean, quist, and well-lurolihed hous-, a well-supplied read M|[ room, and a host whose constant (Torts are di eote ' t renler this man-ion i highly ag eeahlr resort lor respectable tiarellen. Mr Rea, bv him polite and aff ,h!? department, und his lorimilt-d peraoi al attention to the tables, end the gsneral : imlort of his guests, wius favor from nil who fteijueut his muse. Those who in the msrnin? prrfer to indulge in the "sweet estorer balmy sleep," instead of attending to the breakfast u in icons find Mf P.* hrt?r ml i*l> 'I-'-- : i table let lur their especial Die, with several setvanls tu.atendance to conmlt their wishes, a' d have iuy deltcacv which be bonne affords, prepared with celeiity for heir it ratification, fhe dinner is served in a light, airy, and spacious diuiux roa, ivtrUoking a warden. and is a ie|?st that would do credit to ,ny Hotel in the country. The situation of this house is decidedly the best in Fh ladel hia, b> ing on Chesnut st, opesite the Bank of United b taleshe very centre of fashion and business of the city, mil lm*r I'HE.NEW MIRROR?All the arrangement* for the puhlication of this new iwri dical being now completed,'he first nmber wiU be issued on Saturday m <rning the rigtnhoi Ap it text. Each number will be adorned with an ori. lual e clung ip steel, by J. O. Chapman, illiisLuttng the letter-press, and will coniaiu sixteen super-m* al octavo panes, enclosed in a h at cover. Those who wish to re> eive the work from the nrniiicnoement r.f the volume, and thus secure a compUte set with all the embrl ishmenrs (as oolv a limited edition will be irmted) ran do an by leaving directions at the nflice of publieaion, No 4 Anns reel, neat Broadwav; or at 136 Nas-au street, turner of Beekmaa street. City subset b-rt will have the pater left bv carriers, and to thoae residing at a distance it will te (orwartl-d br mail, with the utn>oat regularity. Terms Three Dollars per antrum, iova-i .bly in advance. GKORUE P. MORRIS, Editor and Proprietor. New Yotk March Jl, 1813. m2<t->Ap8r ptAUTIO N\?O'OON NELL'S IRELAND, NATIVE Ld AND SAXON?Oenui e Editio" ? Emm the unpnntioled attemrts bout to he n a-"e to C'rcul-t- spurious edi i ni tf this valuable work, the subscribes deem it rec-'sary to luard avail,st til imposition, by publishing the foil swing :at J ! ? To Messrs. Casserly and Sons, Booksellers, and Publishers, New k ork. Oentlf.mkjv I h n bv eu*ho-ue yu to sell my new work, entitled " A Mfmoir of Irflamd Native ssd Saxin j" an I 1 do herehy em s iiute ai d appoint i ou the sole puoi hers thereof in America No edition whareve' his my s nci, n except that published bv. and under the firm of "t'?.?iv nJ Sons." I am, gentlemen, your obed en' aervant, Dublin, Jan. 27, iSI3 DtNIKb O'lONNELL. It is hop <1 t1 at no respectable Boorseller will san tion so ross a violation of the dis insuished author's expressed with, y keeping the spurious edition lor sale. CASSEKLY k HON'8, 108 Naaaauat. * ? The g?nuine >dition, vol. 1. [the only vol. J et written,] rill be ready in a few dars. m?6 6t*ec Mi'ORTA.MT-OKKMAV SILVKK! UEKMaN elk. VER.-JAME* O. MOFFET, 121 Princ etrcet, N. Y., ff rs for sale, wholesale and retail, 1500 lbs si German Silver, t the lowest market prices. 0L7~ In consequence of manulaemrinrthe artie'e himself he an warrant it far snperior to any ever before manufactured in is country, and fnlly equal to the imported. "O CEDAR WARE COOPERS: JAMES G. MOkFr.T Manufacturer, 121 Prince street, N. ' '., nff--is for sale wltolrsal an I ret-il, a snperior 1 it of Coo ers' Brass. Pail Ears and llivets, at the lowest mar ret prices. "O UMBRELLA MANUFACTURERS, *c. t JAMES G MOFKE I', Vanufnturer. 12 Prince street. N. '..offers for sa'e. wholesale a tl retail, aru erior lot fUrn- I rella, Parisol and Shade Furniture, at the loweit market pri- . tl. m!8 lrn*r ( 'AMES G. MOFFET. 121 Priuea si.. New Kork. basal. < ways on hand and offers for sale by wholesale and retail, at le lowest market prices, viz German Silver of different thicknesses, a vary supsrio, article : Sheet Br?ss ; Plate's do; Hoopers' Bra-j ; Pail Ears and Rivets ; Umbrella, Psiasol and Shade Fu-nirure. Which he warra-it? rn quality equal to any In the United ra'es, and of bis own mmuf tcture. IL,*" Gold. Silver, aad all kinds of metal, railed at the shortt UQtiee m 8 ln?*r siectlully ts iuform bet numerous Amct'n .n friends, that ^ e has removed from Saint Pan|s8qnare 11 if Dure street, e iverimol, a few minutes walk from the lasltm Hnoia, which ? ivate house it fitud up with every comfort and convenience, s id trusts to be favored with a continuance ef that support so t any years affordedto her. 1 OST?In the mouth oI February. 1*42 iierwctu Butl-lo J and this city, a letter enelOMnq eerlilicate N a. S3 dated in. 29, 1888, (or fifty aharea in the capital stock o! the Com- 1 ereial Bank of Manchester, Miss., ata dinq in my name? ny person having found the tame, will be suitably rewarded i ; forwarding it to the subscriber. New York, Feb 17, 18'3. 1 f 19-toapi *r II. W. HATI.H. i )h TEfir k HOMTONta Traufc Hn>ositorv, No. 81 VYTT ' tiam street, coiiwr Maiden lane, manufactarrs ai d keep* instantly on hand, wholesale and retail,al' kndt of Trarel 1 i>K (Bit Packing Trunk*, Gsrpet But'*, Hut and Bonnet Cases. ' Merchants aud others are respectfully invited Lo call and ex- ' n>ne unr stock, betnie purchasing elsewhere. Manul .rtorv, JtO Broad street, Newark. N. J an 12 lm"ee i OF FRENCH~MILLlNEK Y GOODS. i Nl EN)N(J ofthe Snriny Kashems si he M igaz n da Mod"*, ' ' 80 ( aiu.l ?tr?et. -V'AD D BEHRmAN bigs to inform f er titimetona friends sno lh- publ c thu she ha* jmt received " oin F'UUCe an entire new and beau.i I style ol "ilk Ware- t ials O r ladies hat i, and along with <t tome cases of Paris silk e at*, which fit novel y and elegance of style never vet was , r.-sen-ed to ilie public beforea-no ic which I* mot'pre-em - J eut a silk hs" railed Cayolte d Eli'iio'*. which is indeed em* lematicel of Parisian taste. Mad'me B. hya ju t opened sew j a! oses of French imporrd f-ney whalebones and straw hat* s f the choicest styles; also a l-oa* *ts <ttmen'of Tusrsna and , pie Duustaples; also a I-rge ana vaiied assortment of French | a*a hat* from mints rites opto ladies?ih- whole ol wbirh dad B. has determined, tu otder to meet the ezig-ncv of he | imes, to offer at such low pros*, as niu?t eu u ? tier the con- | iniianee of her pa'rons, who for miny yeu* hue hnnoied her | eith theirc minands, aid tiu.ts to obtain the pre erence id' , h ise whose patrooa'e she now sotici'a An early cill is reinrs'rd at the old French est*b'i?hm< lit, M.xsiiu de Modes, ( lu Canal ttieet. Mad B has slto received an assortment of { Parts flowers and ribbons, which fir vr.nety audit*, les. nity be : died comp'ete. m ?lm*r AN IMPORTANT CON M1)EH Al'fO.N FOR THE ft I.ADIES.?MHti.LOV E, Cors< t Maker, No. G? Lispenatd , t calls the a teutnm ot ladies to her iinporiant invenietl r\b- , luminal Supporter for tlie preservation of the health end , itr. Kfttii during pregnancy. Plus ahdomind Supporter has pilled forth the fullest approbation of the most eminent Meoi- , :a m-n Irom the satufi' iory results to those ladies who have ised th*m. It is perfect in iu applies ion, acin* as a support ind preventing allstniu upon the iratcles. and .he constituent atigue and ex au?ta;ionof the whole system dur ng pregnancy. Nothing that his ever been invented, oilers so many decided idvantages ("of invigorating the system against every acc dent it the period of gu>taii?n at the same lime preset > ing the natnal form. Country meruhants and city retailers supplied on adrantageons ti ran Mrs L ve at the same time calls their atenliuiito her improved Shoulder Elsnie Bracts, for misses, as itiug the long reitnired drsideiatnm for the czpsnsioa of the best. Mrs. L. Ims secured a patent. She beg* io refer in rrla'oti to the above, to the full wing eminent mi u of the Mi dical faeu'ty?Dr Fraueia, Dr F.O. Pond. Dr ilcDnnud, i roletor (Jillmau, M. I)., Professor Parker, M. D., Dr. Nslsou, A. C. Castle, M D , Dr. J. W. Moore, J. Neilsou, M D.J. W. francia. M. D. tn20 linr CHEAPi AS1 TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, O'J John street, (near William ) rtiK subscriber ret|iecilully auui n ces to his friends and thu public generally. that he has 0| rued au Establishment on he Cheap ( ash System, where gen'lemen will always find a , New and Fashiouahl* Assortment of Cluths, t astimeres and (Testings, which w ill ht m ile up to sider in t style ol lit and sorktuanship, not surpassed by any other establishment in the :ity,at the following low prices ?nie Drees or Frock Coats, any color, from (14 to (It luperfiue do do do 18 to 23 I 'ants of Wool Black, or Fancy Casaimeres 8 to S feats ol Ssuin, Silk, Valentta, Velvet fce _ 3 to 5 Jnil received a anleiidnl SBSiirtmemlnf Sonne and Summer :nodt. at ritraordiaary low price*. O- Omtlemen lurnithiug their own good* e*o here them naif* end trimmed, nt the lowaal poeeible prieee fxrCuh. m6 liorc J e.MKH l,A**Y. vi a rt in's cash tailoring establishment. 1M \V illimm Striet, Corner ?f Aim Strut, f 8 decidedW the cheaiiett in the aity. Thar* ia ?lw?y? as I hand e*el* ctatock of aeaaonahle good*. parehaaed for e**h, ehieh will be road* ap to order in th? ?tyl* of auk* fit, tnta mug, fee., tli ha* giran rack general antufMtio* daring the atlTonr yean,and atapoaitiea taring ol Mper cant. (ientlamea are raqneated to call and eiamine. Thoae who ' wnah thVir own good*. can haee them MADE AND TIUMMKD. ikreu C.:?t?, made and trimmed. -ITNMIIN Frock Coat*, do do I 00 to 9 M Pant* and Vett*,??? 1 75 to IN Over Coat*. ? 08 to IT M Term*?Cath n? delivery. (via tm MICHAEL K. MARTIN AKAM4E CKF VM CAN DY ? .?h *mr?. J. Pvate n-aou, ." Couleclimiert, 45 Uiritf n itrcrt, hare b ought fortl notlirr deliciout compound lo Rianly the twr.t teeth au< 'ithlei lh< I?lal? t of thote who itidn'g.- in ant h "j* ee'ineau " Thit ra> dy p.w tea ih? line llarot ol the Haiani mau?'e. and, he think, ramml tail t? f ''rite the p'tr.inate ?l the la-he*and loy.-ri of roiitc-iimiart u general.-* Aurora. **f'

PaF?7;. OERSSK, k BROOKS, No.61 Liberty ?trr?l, haeo h.j ?ile 1 tile Ijllowiig? 1 0 r<- tnt nrw* pruning 33 by 50 700 3* by U J,i0 " " " 31 by 4(1 5(10 ' " " 26 by 37 303 28 by 42 ,!>4 ' " " 2i by 3d 35.1 " " " 22 by 32 5110 " " " at bv 31 Alto, no. k pAror, t# by 14, 24 by 2?, aud 2| by 38. They liter *i*o a logs uwhme at ol riling and " rapn na pnper, ol different aitet and gnalitm, which they offer at the I >we*r market price*. m9 ec \XT INBOW lltAto-50 botriTol toe ?t Helen* Crowu ol im *aa**la*turr, ayorted nw?, from 14*9 op to lug (or tale by WOflDHULL. ft MINTIJR1N8, n22r 87 Sonlh *trt*t. )RK ] JRNING, MARCH 27, 18 JOHN M. DA VIES & JONES, If* WILLIAM HTHKBT. CORN Kit OK JOHN, LTAVEjuat rece.rej from recent importationa, and of their a own m tuu'artuie, a verv superior assortment of 8r> >ug Good*, consisting nlevery thiuit neat tatty end fashionable in the gentlemen's tarnishing line, which added to their former (toed, comprises an asaortiner t of goods rarely if ever before tound in one store, among which are:? CAPS?In every variety, for gentemen, youtli and children. CRAVATS?Of plain and figured itcin, gro grains.cambricks, fcc RC-ARKS?Of vestine latin,brnche OL"V?'.S?Of kid, tilk, brown and chane linen, Hale, apnn si'k kc, HOSIERY?Hf eo'ton, merino, wool apnn ailk, kc, UNDER OaRMBN I S?Of shaker knit aarnno, woolen, silk, cotton, kc. LIN KM COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualitiea and ahaiiea. SHIR I'S?Of linsn, intulin, French cambric, plain and with ruffl-?, lie SUSPK.N D RS?Of fun el atic silk, cotton, lie. OlLKD ^ILK--?i If whit-md fancy colon, warranted not to ndhere in anv cliuwte The above Comprises only part of their assortment. and purchasers will consult 'heir own intereM bv eiauiiniuf this splendid assortment f?ood? before naiehasiu*. WHOLK*ALB AM) RETAIL, at their old cctnbliahed flap, Stock. Linen and Oiled Silk Mrnuractory. NO. 106 WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN mllm'm TOA N Or ??n.Ooe VDH THE PA Y ML NT OF ? ON J TRMTOKS AND OTHERS ON THK PUBMC WORKS? I he < ommiasiouera of tin Canal Fuud, by virtue of the act entitled "An art to i roride tor the pay men'of Contractors a'-d other* on the Public Worki," pus-ed March '6.184V her, by tjive uo'ice, that sealed yoposals will b? received until Monde ., the third day of April n al 4 o'clock in the altern"rii of tha'd rv, lor e loan of Three Hundrr t and Twenty Thousand Dollars, for which tran?friahle certificates ofatock will ho issued, i the name of The People of the Nt'teofSew York, b-ar lot interest at 'he rite ol sin per cent per annum, pay ible quarierly. and the principle reimbursable at the plra: ore of ine Commissioner* of the Caual Fuud alter the year 1861 It it to he undent e l, th?t the Commissioners ara to be at liberty to tike a lets amn, if the offers are uot such as ia their opitpou aie advantageous to ihe interests of the State. The pmooaa's maybe lor the whole or an* pa-t of aaid loan not leas ill-u SKI Ol"); all propoiala ro be sealed up and eudoried ' l.oauloi the Pevratut of Contractors and others en the Public Works," and enclosed in an envelope directed to theCompt oiler al Albany. The money will be required to he paid on or before the 6th day of Ai-rii neat, in such Bank in New York or Albany ? hall be designated by the Commissioners ol the Canal Fund Stockholders r-*aidintt in the 1st and 2nd Senate Districts,aud those residing out ul the state, will receive the interest on lha lock held bv them, quarterly, at the Hank of the Manhattan Company in the ciry of Nt-w York; all r-thcr stockholdets, at the New York 8'ate Bank in the city af A'bany. Dated Caual Depart men*. Albsnv, March Kith, 181 J. A. ft I'l.tnn 8. Y^IJN i rtei"et?ty of State. GEO. P BARKER Attorney Genet al. NATH'L JONE"?, Survey >r General. THOMAS FARMING 1'OV. Treaaurer. rati toartr D. 8. Ul' KlNSQN, l.ietit. Governor. ?<T?KA^C ISM'ATENTLIFE BOAT,' Office Ibo 7 " Wall ttrcet. mtl " " rm 8PR1NO FASHION NOW READY.?'Th# ?ub>1* aeriber respectfully inform*hi* ftiruds, customers, and the public in geneial, that they can purchase at hit atore a handsome Short Nap S lk Hat, a neat and durable dreaa hat, at the low price of t) 50. Also, elegant Moleskin Silk Hati at tl; line Notna Knr Hattat t'i 5<i?erjna'in ap|>earance, and bat little inferior, to those L'-u * ra 11 y told a! t l Ml Alts, a general aaaortmenl of cap*, of the newett pattern*. WILLIAM BANTA, wi5 lm*r IK) Charham itreet. > I.O.Ht AT I'nlA?w.-H ibk off ihat rich and I WfglflPY splendid itock of hoot* and ?h?e*. V5 (er cent below co?'. toclose the atore no lit of Atirtl. So ladu* aid c< uilnmcn, thai are in want of lho*e article*, please eai belore the Isiol" April, fo yon will tave all o< M per cent. Do not forget the No , 92 Canal itreet, corner ef Wooster street, mil to al*r uREOORY * CAHlLL. TOO LS?TOO LS?TOO LS. A LBERTSON'S, Cong-r'?, Herton'iand Gilford** warrantrt ed Cut Steel Coo er* Carpenter* and Ship Carpenter* Edge Tool*, can be had at wholesale aud retail .of OSBOKN R LITTLE, It Fnlton itreet. New orb, (10 per cent allowed to merchant*) and who keep ou nand a fall uaortment of Conner*' Tool*, IroD Hiret*, Truu Hoop*, Star* Jointer*, Stock Howell* and Crete*. Alio, Importer* and General Dealer* in Engliah, German and Americas Hardware, Cutlcy, Nails, lie. fee. CHARLES OBBORN, f It tm ee? rHAWI.ES S LITTLE. WORAM & HEATHER, No. 677 BROAD tVAY, UPHOLSTERERS. WCIt H. respectfully inf irm their Inends anil the public, tli'ittnev aitrnd to t ie abo e buainets in all it* bianche*, tnd in ike up carpet* it the uea'ett and beat style on moderate P rmi Estimate* "tid con'ract* given at th? fhorte*t notice. N. B ?All kind* of old woik i.tended to with punctuality, mli Im'r KKI E *)K J - * KKK^ON INSURANCE COMPANY?Office 36 VVsll itreet. Thi* Company con true heir htt**ne*> i f uurauee agniuat lot* or damage bv /ire, in good*, ware* and merchandize and alio, ou Teasel* and their i xxrzutt nit lot* ny ni *? ? n?vnvmn. _ .. DIUJCCTOK^. Thorn a* W 'J homo Klisha Rim Thomas T Woodruff BenjaminR Rebaon John 11 Daeisop Francis P Sage I Thomson Price Joseph Allen . J"**n H Lee John P Moore i Jpeee* T^ker Jsnrt#e E Holme* ^ r> James R Whiltof n AusnuBakerJ Wm K Them P Joseph Drake L-?d Hawley ( John C^Meryy.. Jiwross Mone.ll i-' uary ditcorery in the art of chemit'.tv, for the immediate rafliettton of da-driff, without the aid ?f the romb, ia lor sale it the inventor P. russrddo, 17 "ark Hoar. na>-mciey and uperi art y haa been tested hy thousands. Its application im nediatelv d?airoy> diodriff, and cultivates the hair. Prtre (i per butt!'. orJi cenu for* *m?lc w ish. at >he ?bop, 7 Park Ras?, New Vorg P. PU8HEDDU. f mlt lm*r 4' DLCMBE DMkUKKRIAM GALLERY OK PATENT s t COLORED PIIO I'OURAPHd, eoruer of Broadway md Mur>av street, (nnl door to Peile'* Museum.)?Plamhe i Patent Colored Diguerruotvpe Likenesses taken daily, in a 1 inpertnr style to any thh g ever seen tu New York, at $3 each, ' md a dn plicate gratia. 1 Plnmbe Patent Coloring Dagneneotype Apparatus. and Plnmhe Patent E'eeiro Gilding Apparatus, with ittalrai tioui md Patent R'ghta, supplied to order. Alto, rlatea, cases, lie., tort lew. Caution?The east superiority nf the Patent Colored Photorrapht, hsvtug iltr -wit the old atud entirely into the shade, te- i rapuae npo. the puolic by advertising their productions as patent." where** the only patent ever granted bv (he United hates for iiu improvement >u D<un*?r.eora j>e Fortrsita, ie 1 Plumbr N,n?driv.d October IX, 1142? and the only place in S'ew York where the patent one can be obtained, ia the ahora la'ahliahtnent. mi tm*in \TOTIOE I'O DEALKK8 AMD CONNOI88KUHS L> IN MADEIRA WI.NILS.?WELLINGTON A. CAHrICR. Comnnaaioo and Wine Merchau', No. i New aire, t, Mew York, Sole Agent in the United Stares for the celebrated 1 iomelitio Madeira Winea, offera for aale, at moderate pri ea 1 Ui4 in ouantit ea to pirate buyers,htscnlire atnck of that brand. I'iO half pi pea aud smaller caaka, (ui der Custom Honae lock.) 1'he Someliuo w.nea Arc f out the South Side; They have a iigh and peculiar!? rich fla-nr, tlie vintages *'e from 1812(0 IfJA.and be n. justly ce ebrAfd in Europe, the hi 'at [udiee.aud ITinted otatea. Another opportunity m iy not occur in man; ?eara to obtain old aian at aerv I iw priees. W. A. 'iAHTR tt wil ci'? irera iha pwolie and hi*, friends a continuation of thaae lAh-ra, arpn-wt. aa hra wiu*? and litiuori in wood and glare, mbAlWST-. aaiacta l fm*? (be beai in market. mltimr NOTICE TO DEB I'OKS.?The late firm ot JOHN ? DELAPLAINE St CO of the city of New York, merchants, to cl-ae the varioua debia, bouda, notes, judgments. Ac, line them, will gladly receive lull payment, and in many cases roiupromiae lor inucli Iraa than actually due, aud they invite their debtors kinifly to a tend to tin* notice, as many may not deatre publicity; aa it ia their iuteniou to oispoae at public auction,at the M rchani*' Knhauge.of all debts, Ac not settled by payment or compromise previous to the first day of May ucit. A liat of 'hose that do not settle will be published, but as far aa convenient, notice will be aeut to the gentlemen dehtora. Anrly'o JOHN *. DELAPLAINE, a* Wall at. New York. Ilih March, 1843. ml'2 lm*trc_ TOTHTLuVEHti Ob SUl'EKIOK BLACK TEA? 1 Howona'a Miitnie?This cytremely delicious aud unparalleled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, just imported, ia now for aale at the Canton Tea Company's General Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham*! New Yc't?m Chinear parbeyra VI cents end g I p|17 lra?r DAGUERREOTYPE LIKENESSES TAEIIf, WIT ? ALL THB BEAUTIES OF IN ATU K A Li uuuuna, AND ON A LARUtt SlZh',1 DOCTOR L."YM. CYRUS, 231 BROADWAY, UP STAIRS. token etery diy, from early in the morning in'it 3oVli?"h. P M _ m 1 liO*r U. S. CITk UtuSPATCM HOST. ! P(HT OFFICE. New v?rk, I5th July. 1M3. HOI. KM of Driirery each day, (Snudays excepted) at the < U per nod Dower Peat Office#*? i fatten urpoaitrd before i Halt i ast 8 o'clock, A Ml U " " 1 CM Will be icnt cat for dc* t all the Stttiona before lifery at 9 AM. audi 7 o clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. J " P M Lctteri to be >ent Free, moat nave "Free Sump" affixed to iheui, otherwise three eeuU will be collected *f the party to whom the letter ie addressed. No money moat be encloaed in ettrra unless retistered at t ie r rincipe! offices. Liata ot the itatioua (at all of which "free sumps" may be purchased at 13,50 per 100. and eaery information may be obtaioei* ou application at the upper or lower poat t fllrea. Stamp* iaaaed by [he late OltyReapatch Poat will be secured. It ia indispensable lhat the number of the reaidrnee aheal 1 be atated in all lettera ient through this Poat. The Poat Master solicit* the earliest inloiinatien should any irregularities occur JOHN LOBIMKtt till AH AM sn7S W *e If,,,,, UNITED STATES, rK A EMPORIUM. 121, la'* 129 Chatham afreet, tVeui York. Aoatacr 318 tlncccKKn aracrr. VV||t/|.tCSAL?. A.NI) RC.TAIL. f'HK CANTON TKA COM PAN V continue u> offerfor > rid ft virtual rear of eyery v*ri"ly and ?lylc. f"ei< ,'jMl'mtal -ci,illy includes the list Jelic'out nd ?*. rliil grade, ol Orcrn ami Bluck H>enr parkier heara tl.e tiaiepofne ' ir'l -'eg snathe Teas therein ar? at .hoTOiishlr aeeB'ed -urn light aud air that th ir jn .lily eat . ower will ra -on unimpaired in anv rlimate. Their system i' . i iu- hraineaa i?pefb*|>a scarcely to be excelled Ir , ; ur,.l?d up the almost regard to the rights of lie custom r. niemlly *"h rc'i?t:, to weight and quality,and un/i died eheapBMa All i urcnaaera are called ui-on 'o return AD) rticlri which 1 'I to (five them the frrllest satiofseron, whicf .he money wiP ' ' cheerfully ami promptly refnmlrd. Conn ry ineri'li-lit*. . ublie establishments, beads offai tliea. and ibioiiii?ter.? witl Ijnd tt a decided advantage to aapply theos Hvta from this establishment Coffee roasted tvery day Orders from all parti of the Uuitod Stntai eiecalad wit; iroriii titii'ie and despatch. .... , ,. rjk pi,, .,D|y warehouse in America. Io, th? tale of Hoa ,,V? .ei-h-afe.l tl'scs IVa m ,7 lw?. I'TvTkpOOL ORHIfcLL COAL?100 ton*, warranted, a J aery superior ajturle, on board ship Hottingaer, wuatsid* f Barline Slip. ro*"*^rOODHULL It MINTURNS, Tr 57 Sooth atreet. HKRA 43. GREAT GALA WEEK AT INGERSOLL'S BAZAAR <MAVD 411 WATER ST. AND 141 CHERRY ST. AT in s ??Hbjtsnm?ut rvery tastr ran He *Mtifod?*tha economical dsluhted ami the sportim^n accommodated. Boa's of evory style, form, mould or dtscription furnished it one d n '? notire. ?n order. Ltf B >?i* built with or without rrrera*h iitfimi. in t manner whic h drffea v ini ?ai' on, or if rieiirrd. hu'lt after 'he ??m? I'lor plr or manner at whm ii termed Eratirii* Patent Life Boatc, and ?oM lor the ordinary cou of mh r boau, merely <h> (in* for the ir ?ecti?na and purine th-m in The iiicc-t i.ierit uc d Naral Office of tiie United Ptatea, after yean or |>r\rt<cal experience, htve I ft wild the anbai Tiber the j wri'ten opinion! upon the anhiei't, d-rleriny luxet oll't Lire B lata decide (IIy ?u<i*rior to all ntieri. AH oata Wll *t thia MttblfrhuMIt are byUN i-nced work ...... ...I. ...?C nc iinineiii.tie eye ol t e pieprp tor. (Jedar and oak timber, mil copper and American wronght nai's, are th? only material tiiied at thie rat The lest i r ten years'cxenriice upon upward of llirne thousand mats, hat stamped ihe reputation of the proprietor beyond the reaeh of re prose r?r crlumnr. The reduced pries wrm-h he has ever fu niahed hia work, together wi'h 'he superior ipiahry and prompt manner in who h he lias cond icted hia ettensive hn?inesa, lira called to him a fl >od of customers whieli h? ha? teaami to f-el prolt of. All orders from any part of the world fulfilled with promptness and e?re, upon the ahorteat notice. H? haa ra ide. w.lhin the imst aeaaon, aeveral very important imp'OV'np nil, which he eanesily ca'la the atteution of the a lentific to. Hemember the price, are with the timer, and those who wiah to purchase wi I oe richly rewarded for a visit to this establishment. The scriber is prepared to offer estimates or proposals lor building boats Irem the smallest dimensions up 10 fifty tons burtnen. H- would also here irate that, during the part season, he haa bum tne following boats, which have commanded universal admiration, sit:? The fortv toot race boat Washington, for the officers of the U 8 slop Ohio. The thirty foot nee boat G W. Chapman, which won at the great coiituttd much on the 11th of October, making the I awilteat time >.n record. I '11 e nineteen foot race boat Henrv Stork, which won three , races in ?nci eaaion The sit teen foor sailing dinkey Trnubler, now standing the proud champion of the w.teia 'I'hr twenty-two Toot sail boat Swiftsare, for the rough water of Newfoundland B nks. The twentt fo 'rfoot harge Km"rcss, for Coast of Florida. The thirty fonr loo pilot Boat for pilots of T'm pi CO Bav The tweiitv-eiir ir Inor hrn?. ..... i - ai. for 'h- surveyor of Tampieo Bay. The celebrated thirty-fool race boat Cimbria, which received the premium as aan| etior race boat (no competition beiu* offered) at the American Institute. She ia now exhibiting at the Bittiit. The eighteen foot pleainre boat Faxhion, for an Apalachicola ?rH>r'sm?n He reeeired at th- late Kair a grid m-dal for a faat sa I b'at, a rilvcr medal lor a thirty-f ot fa-t row b iaf, a ail* r medal for n c pta n'r gig, and a silver m* dal for a Wli ie>>all boat. A ?o, the gold medal v hi h th crew f the O. W. Chapman t c> ived, ihey peinlrd to him ax the mperb const a't t'f h r. Alio, iui ume'ible diploma*. Th- jaroprietor ha* received i ? r five iiuudnd lestin oni-U for him akill l om scientific ins irut nns, nautical n tn, vnlui laiy opinions ol the |rresi, a d the umv-rsal approbation of a discriminating cemmiiuiiy. Ail B 'at* warrant'd by the proprietor, ate from tin* date to be branded with Ms name. P. S?During this week hi* B?**r will b- open to the public, wh-re all hi ii >ld M.dils, D'plomni, Neptune, and the races off Castle Garden will b- exhibited, together with his grert c ninet of Bo..ts, Mod. li. lie. he. C. L. lNGa.KSOLL. Sole Proprietor. Jamf.s W. Hall, Agent, 51 Wall street. m?3 St'ec fjlCK'rPATKNTrKLASTIC MfcTALpT 8H A> KH, YJ for Boots and Shoes of Terr d acri|>tt in ?The use of this improvement consist in the following important srivani get over the common manner of m iking Boo-s and Shoes of til d senptions, that it e ually,?n toni the wrichi or pressure of the foo' from heel to toe. giving at ihe sam- t m>- a i l>.n n' elvsnc m tinn in wa'king, and al o keepsth- Boot to it' nrigimlrh p , pr.Tent'ng t ie vh-nk, o hoi.ow of the toot from pressing down, and t ? i ee| <\on turning out bi hind, nlal-o tff. Ctu.llv p I Vr nt? the Par.t loon -t'rpi fn?in evei rom ng in contact with the prvem-nt and Wi arlnir off. Arimhrr great tvil ia rim ivi d b it? use as it pr r- ta th l0"t from workinir fomaid, an I p i eti ng ih- toei. nl cur nr c om. or u timr the ?e aheadv male ; it a'*o bvk-epi g th bo t in thape in the think, prevei ti the upper 01 the uiti p fr m rl awing tight and can ;ng those pain'til lumpi to grow mi t -t p of the ii step. It can be us d with a very low heel m'Ch inore comfoiiab'e to the wearer; a d iftbe b.i u or *1 oe g t th .>ougiiIv watei-soake i thry re'a.u their ship- in th.- ait of puinng th m off which ih- comm in .,ur* w f po' a way? do, but auh re to th- t o'e of I >e foot, ciurii g the ah ink* to br ak. Mam factur- d only by the underiigu-d iu New Yo.k, Jersey City, and Brooklyn. L0H1V B HOOKS, Manufacturer. 1.I8 u ton itriet, N. T. JOHN DICK, I'at-ntea i d Manufacturer, I b Fott n street, t- ird door east if Broadway, m?6'm*r uud-r Lott and Chin n'? naif ?in* N v American and fmkkiun" newspaper and PERIODICAL aOKN< Y, No. 4 Ana street, N. Y. The subscriber having completed hi* arrnnKemetiLa, ? enabled to furnish 10 onlrr, to ate ,ts or individual, iuiy pspcr punted in the S'atei or England. II narrated Loudon News. ranch Bell'# Li'e; Weekly Dttputh SnndayTimrsj "Aa'irat Willmer * SmithN European Tiroes. ( ham. Wiliner'm Amerieau News Letter And a variety of others are received by esptess on the arrival of each steamer. 1 Any piper or work dented may be had by the neit return 1 lie <mer. The Boalon Notion, f 3 per year, <){cents single Also, all the publications of the day. 1 E B. TUTTLE. t N.B? pack boodles and parcels f-r . lewsmen of all the publications an I newspapers of Ptulsdel- ! mia, Boston, and New York, at pubiisheia' prices, for a small huge for servicer rendered. ( Any other Agency business will be attended to with the same 1 rompiness as if the pet son were here himse f RhFICKENrKH, I Messrs. Greeley A MeElrath, New York Tnbnne t WfiMfilr JjYjl.ion k f}o.. Broi hr r Jonathan' ; Mr. Oeoige Jones, Albany | Mr. Charles Wilm'r, Liveroeol. C. A. West, Esq. Havana. J. A TUTTLE. | ISfeod m E- B TIlttLE. THE Gereral Assembly efth- Freoch Banavoletit Bocirty, held on the 22J insl., was adjourned in aecorda ce won tne 2 I a'ticle uf the iJouiti ution: Lh? member* are ihttwoinr^ ueeted to a'tend ?n * 'jouruea gene-al me-ting, "n the 1st of | kprilaeit, at hslf-ptst 7 o'clock, P. M .at 'lessrs D-lmewinols 11 t er to decide whether the school sbali be msiui'ai -ed or ib<~|i h*', which would render n-ce?asry the amend merit or ? Inn of <rt:'l s 6 ind 19 of the Co-si tntiou I Bi order ihe P e?i lent, E. POKfi llectetirfi N'W v.vU VI och ?4 h IS'S m2V'(vAlr VlILiTI V ANDTNTI-MILITI All persoi whThare 1 M ma y wav s ff reillrointh; < pp essive enforcement uf ihe present Militia Law, ei: her by I '-pr son-nent. fines, or exactions in lieu of fine>, will eery m.ateria'ly further ti e exertion now m kin r a Albany, to procure a repeat o that odious anil gal in< law, by addres-i ig letters containing the lacb>v with t' e real name of t .e sufferer, t > J. H H., a'in (lice oi this paper n 2i 3t*jgb TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. GEORGE BRUCE fc On, ly e Foumlrr\ at No. 1J th iinbers street, near the Poet Office, New York, have en hand an m u.-uaily large at ick of their well sown PrintnegTypcs, Ornarnen'a, Borden, Knlea, kc , of the best m tai.rast in original watrixn-, and rery accurately finished, all uf which [hey hare deu rmined to tell si GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, I Piscine ihe Book and Newspaper Fo >tana follows: "i.a, _ at Hcualb. Small Pica at SI Long Primmer at !R Rourgoia, at 4# Brener, at 4? Minion, at 64 N- a,unci, at M Agate, at 88 Pearl, at 178 For approTed i a per at 6 months, or 8 per cent leas fot cash. Wo -il-ir p-, printing ink, presses, issrs, galleys, biass role, comp- sings'icss, h ise?, ami other prtutiug materials, Inrnish ed U'i h Iirnmpiit id nil at the 'owesi pric s. P.i lera of Newspa ens who pub-iili th t advertisement wuh ih s n're three times heme 'he l?t of June, 1611, ml send one of the puiers to he Koend-y, srill he entitled in pay mtut i I thtir bill on buying four umes the amount cf it. mitt st*m LONDON AND VANCHESTER TNDIA HUfct HER GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. I Wall street. Th subscriber his received anil offers for sale s large assortment of imierted India Robber Water Proof Goods, trit: Coats and (.'apes, ofsunerior Lama, Cashmere Lama. Persian, Vlenno and Cot Ion. of all colors and sizes Cloth?-India Robber, Water I'rool, tupcr Lama. Lama Persiau and Cotton, prei^jed fer tailors India Iltibhe- tvebhiugs cpr suspenders, corsets, kc r *tr f VIA * KB?75.IM.0 La I'vneba tt OoO vVoodville O.olo Almtuderaa 20 0"0 do Reditu >0,<fi0 Moro JO Omi I annuel 2'?,<?00 Victoria 50 000 Barrios f'riucipt erired bf Chii tor* I Colon ?nrf H?* icap.oit. Iron ( m' cto <??^mnra?a. lor tt!<> h* 9 t * ? n. m % %r. ? tyATCHKS LoWi-h I'm a ? E~V> . K.?I ht lltpsoti Hi I *" fuller, 3JI Br<->dwaT, formerly 371 P>-arl itrerr, ire (riling wvclies and iewrlry I ?rr rluu any other plare in th<city?(lold watches a? i.iw a* from $15 to $25 each. Alt v>uU h<-? Warranted to keep good lime, <>r the money r. (tin led. Wateliei, clocks, music t* ira in I jewelry, iep* red iu the best manner; leennd hand watches and old gold aud ailrer taken in eicluin.?, t>r bought for cash AMOS R. THOMPSON, ml lm*m HIi HA Kl)_k I3HCK, Jr. BIRD i BIRDS:! BlUUk !!? for sale, a choice election ol Canaries, oi all kinds- Borne are excellent sidk* rs Alio, i food talking Parrot. L' -wise, an assortment of Kane. Piteous,of all ainds. acknowledged by sll to be the Inest in the city. Enquire at No 313 Pearl street Entrance 53 Krrrv street, [rout room, op stair*. m7 1mrr f pOAL AT FIVE DOLLARS PtH TOM?Bast feaen I ^ Orchard Hed Ash, broken and en ami sto si s, selling it $5 per ton, delivered from the yard cor nif and Greenwich streets Also, a good qu ility of Oray-aih Coal, suitable for stovis, at $4,50 per ton, deuvtfed. PETER CLINTON tn5 Sm*ee PACKET 8HlFCOlJIsVnXE~rom New Orleana, u a- di chafing at Orleans wharf, foo: of '-Vail rtreet. Con ignecs still please alieod to the reeeipt of theirgoodi imme lutely _SPUA' KET SHIP SOUTHERNER irom Literp ol - oot so; e s per tni. .h p will please send thei psmult on Hoard t w st side Bun tut 3 ip, or M rt.e officr of the h cr.l*>s All goo i< nor permuted id 5 dayi mult unavoidably be sent 0 ik?* i ublic sio.r. ' WoODHULL fc MINTURNS, m23r W -s' mil liteet. SHIP BAuTI.M FRi. FRi> ? haVKE?< sign s bv ti i shi wl p i ll >e:ij their prrmtt ou kjatdn pier 6 N, rue , wii.c unlslu. O' odi no mooted by the 2"th inst, W.I mucoid h'y In i hi t i n die st.of, .u23-e HEAIHIVU I'At'r.R?.0 bifeT ot very super.or quality I ~ s iiubiB fM h)dfi Of mil ihi?i Hoii ms, for * 'j hv mIO __ E K COLLI NS Hi Co 'g> Aont* sr: LAf D-30 barrels prime Leaf Lard ei ship Oileans Irom New Orleans, for sale bv E. K. COLLINS X ? U , r?2lr > trsi"' sr?ef I' A'tSTRs? rtto b?ie? ta*M ll>iil|<iilSail, Htiw, lltn a 1 and (till Net I'wi Mt MnpraiQi iii I :?fT'rtnt aid ail <*1 ?rrv a a Dehor utitlit aud late iinpnt o< Cisilehr V|)WD K COLLINS l> CO mill v kfppi' , UATPsIMi 9HfcATi)i>U i AtfcR?iO bain of rrry tu1 penov articla, aiarh approved of nhH well adsotod for hoi toms of ship*, roots ol houses. Ac., for sale hy E. K. COLLINS R CO., itfr 5* Duiih tueM. L D. P*1?< Two Cents. Letter from an * nglUh Cotton Spinner to the Working-men of the United States. O ? OKtlTIIKK JONATHAN: ? I perceive by my weekly newspaper,(for which I pay on every number a heavy tax,) thai there are some things now going forward in your country that are very interesting to both you and I am one of those who have to work to pay for a great debt of about 8OO,O0O,O<iO of English pounds; and your papers report that you may shortly be put to work to pay for a debt of about 200,000,000 of dollara. I don't know whether you are up to it all, but I take it you are, for they commonly think here, that you are a very knowing chap. But if you are willing to work to pay such a debt, then methinks you are not so quick sighted as we suppose you. I see that your papers say a great deal (as well aa ours) about American roguery. But our papers don't say much of the roguery on this side of the water, and yours are nearly as silent Uf on that subject. I should like to know it you Yankees are all aware of the exact cause of all your new debt lhat is to be. Yoti report that the Hon Wtn Cost Johnson has proposed lo you to make a great national fund of the matter, and to undertake to (my the whole off, and some of tlieni here are talking of sending over Lord Ashburton again, to get this tiling settled. He would jerhaps like to do that very well, a* it is said that he is a creditor for more tliHi) $100,(MX) Hut if you. Brother Jonathan, should come into thin happy scheme, it is to be hoped you won't do that without being aware how both you and John Bull have been swindled. One writer tin this sirle, who calls you " dishonest," tells us of the deht that was established upon you to pay off the paper of your Revolutionary War ; but that writer does not mention aword about the dishonest tratfiokinc among your legislators, when they put that debt on your country's shoulders. Hut to come to the point. How was this last debt contracted, and how came our tine mercantile gentry to have so many ol the "bonds" and" securities" of your fine gentry of the same class 1 How far your gentry may have made good use of the money sent you from England, 1 know not ; but 1 can say this, that a gre it deal of that money was obtained here hy as downright swindling as everwns Now some of your English " creditors" are great rich men, who had a lot of "loose cash" on hand, end hearing of the " Yankee bonds," ihey could get a good interest out of Brother Jonathan by buying those bonds, instead of more properly employing their superfluous wealth in the improvement of their own country. This is a class of patriots who deserve to lose all they have in the world. But there is another class who deserve much pity; those who have been robbed by our swindlers of their money, and with whose money our swindlers have purchased your "bonds" and " securities." Innocent people, with both large and small fortunes in this country, have been prevailed on to sink ilieir money in the schemes of our bankers, (lor we have bankers, as well as von. and a rare set are ) Those bankers, it now turns out, have been playing what ta called "ducks and drakes" wiih the rash They have got what they can " capital" by this means, and with a great part ol the capital so obtained, thev have speculated in your prime ''securities." When the day of reckoning with these gentry came, the poor deceived |*>opIe found that they had fallen among thieves, and had been robbed. Small people in trade, as well as Urge, simple minded people of independent pro|ierty, widows, orphans, clerks, &c ?of such kind, there have been crowda and crowds so swindled! And who, now. are you, Broiher Jonathan, to go into a great new debt for I Is it to repay these unfortunate pco| le 1 Not so indeed, for their cash was sunk and gone, long ago ! Your n< w national dent will be put on vour back to nay your chsIi to the very class, who have dabbled m the "securities" anu " hnnds," to the ruin of their English neighbors. You might wonder how it is, that such things ;annot be duly punished by the law here It is not, indeed, for want ol law, for of that miicle we have piite a superfluity, especially in the criminal detriment. The crops of wheat with us are someime.' good, and sometimes but midnling, but the ict of Parliament crop is always superabundant. IVe Imve something new every session, for the surer latching of small offenders in the swindling way. Jut it is true, however, that the law here, never luys ts claws on the great swindler! No doubt there is i good deal of this kind of equality with you also. ?o it would annearl'rum vour being forced to use your " whigs," talk of the horrors of Lynch-law, rs a proof that republicanism is a tyrannical thing, while in our country things are at last come to that very "conservative" state, that peace cannot be kept without shooting the people down in the Btreefs, as you would your wild turkeys. Our punishments tor a wretched fellow, who " obtains by fuls- pre ences," as it is called, the mm of Sd, or a loaf of bread, are most " impartially" severe. Put the same law never catches ihe man of great false pretences, who may have "pretended" five hundred families into beggary It is, indeed, nearly the same way of making public example, as the private example for the naughty young L.ord, mentioned by Scipio in Oil Bias. Scipio (ine poor hoy) was sent to school along with the young Lord, and whenever the young Lord deserved a whippins, Scipio was whipped for the example I But I fear 1 shall grow tedious. I wanted only to remind you of this, that the principal, as it is styled, of the capital paid for your " bonds," has been got from John Buil by swindling, and that the interest which yon are to pay fortt, is to he paid to a set of swindlers; and that our swindlers mean to have? not yonrpa|>er. Brother Jonathan?no, they expect to get something better ihan your rags and flimsies. They mean, if they can, to nave a large sum of your hard cash, or produce, the fruits of your own earnings What say you to this? We call ourselves a " most thinking people," and I understand that you have a bit of conceit in your own wisdom, too But we have been "done neatly, have we not T I am suspecting that your doing is to be abont as neat! It is well for you and John Bull, that you are not near enough to see one another's faces. I do not know which has moat reason to be ashatn-d of this cheat on both sides ! 1 am, Brother Jonathan, Your sincere we|| wisher, Jerkmiaii ^pindlr. Manchester, Old England, Match, 1843. P. S ?I perceive that you are getting on a pace in imitating us manufacturers of the old world. But some extracts 1 have read from the siwecheB ol the Hon Z. Alien, and the Hon. Dun. Webster, made a few years back, were all the other way. The former gentleman said, "God forbid that there should ever be a Manchester in the uew world," and Mr. W. was nearly ol the surne way of thinking then. I suppose, however, that you will be going on, as others have done, and find it all out when it is rather too late. If you were to ( av a H tie more attention to the advice of yi ur Old General at " the Hermitage," J dunk it would be the better for v?>u in the end ?bW jc.ii.~r i i h.n>->PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. from roe loaf of Ceurttaodt ?treet, New York (Lvery dar?Handa* nwrepted.) Leave* New Y?im Leave* Newark Jiit f A. M. At 1 r. M. At 7* A. M At IK T. V. u* *> * !!0- 4?- ** <?? iH do ? do. ? d. 7 do. It M do. ON SUNDAYS, from the toot ol (Jeartlaadt atreet. Lea**: New York, Leave Newark. At ? A. M. aed tWp. AL At IK P. M.and i* r. M NKVV YOMV, KLIr.AHF.TH TOWN. L??\e New Yoik. I.*av? Klmhnh Taw* ? A. M. 7 A.M. ? P. M. IK A.>1. 2M " loj* A V <* P. M. IK M. ' Vn? crnina for Weatfleld. Plaiut.eld. < ??," i','o<"?. H. y lcn';^rt the A M t J rC: f ? tenia UOQ N.W Yirk, dairy, Suod?,? eaeeftea. Kare NvYfrFTj Nr^? * * - tiwibcio Tov.*u4S waj. Mr i/ vv?u?? uAd?? i "<* > V.UU. N*W VOMK ?V \KUr EKCNdWirK recced, r row the foot r Courttaodt .r.n du|T !4 - ' ft 9 p V| On ?nnd*r* 't>* 5.K nud 7K A M. rip* from NVw He.. . rod 2*1'. M.trair rom Now V >fk .,, Br""* " 5r;r"a 'Nnw v" J T^> **n??. lite fare m the Ir* and nt a. M i-uinf .,-. Si-.I\e"'u ucer)?V '"d '* e' M "r"n fro,u N*w 7"' "o New York and Ne w Bnioawick, to Se eat-' lUd Rah way U> 17 K " t^ateiigeri who procure therr ticket! at the ticket oir.? e FOTSrlSiSr&yL' ?f'? Klo7r' -^ttr.e.oe^m mi?r E. MTCOLLINS fc CO.. ? S.?tk .t.

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