Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?do. 8T,?WkoU Wo. 3300. To th? Pabllc. THE NEW YORK HERALD?dailynewspaper?published every day of the year except New Year'* day and fourthef July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or >7 36 per annum?postage* paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALb?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cent* per copy, or 93 13 per annum? poatage* paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing act. It hat the largett circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for bvtinett men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in ad ranee. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the moet moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiKTOB the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets M HOU8-.8 TO LET AT YORKVILLE.-* large houses op the corner of 84ih street ami 3d avenue; either of them is calculated for a public house, grocery or priTale residence. On the premises is a fine stable, bowling alley, aud a fine garden, consisting of 8 oU, with grape vinesaud fruit trees thereon. Fot terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., m8 2wr No. 11 Chambers st. JM TO LET?The upper_pit ol the store No. 7 New street, a f-w doors from Wall street; the second story JUflLhas two offices, and it it adapted for a merchant or lawyer. Also, the three story honse 34 Walker st between Broadway and Church st, an excellent situation for a gentrei family, occupied by Mr. Verplvnca The brick stoie comer of Pike and Cherry streets, occupied by Messrs. Valentine Ik Co., as a leed store, a desirable situation. The convetdent two story house with attic rooms, basement and counter celler, No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. Weeks The two story brick house, No. 73 Gold street, one door from Spruce st., formerly owuea bv Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The reuut will be moderate. Aopiy to MR. DELAPLA1NE, 68 Wall street, m6 lm?r in effioe No. 9, cor, af Water st. MTO LET.?In Dean strert, neat Smith street, Brooklyn, the splendid three story home, finished in the best manner, with two lots ol ground attached. Also, roach stables, itc. A rariety of the most choice grape rinea. Also, several fruit treets, with a well and pump of excellent spring water on the premises. This property is well calculated f or the accommodation of a respectable family, to whom it will be let for one year or more on accommodating terms, bv applyi ug to JOSEPH McMURRAY, m6 r lOOjhne street. Meg fOlt LET?The 4 story store, corner Hose and ffv? Dnane street,* well situated for any manufacturing JmIBi business, having a fire horse steam engine iu; complete order. Also, the 2story and attic dwelling honse on 12th street, near tth Avenue, and the new 2 ?to?y basement honse on 6th Ave nne, near the corner of 12'h street. Immediate possession ol eitt'ercau be given. Apply at the office, 233 Washington st. m26 3t? i ') O LET?A pleasant two story house, containing 3 ffjW bed ro. mi. an open genet, two aitting rooms, front and JlJJLhvck basement, i ood cistern ol water, grass platt front and iear. Inquire at 95 Eldridge st. Alsp, to lei, two rooms, basement and cellar, enquire at 211 VITItlOn II ? " TO LET?The fire pro-f brick store, No. ICS 'outh ff?W st, With imuediate toss.suon if reqtiiied, apply to WOODHULL U MIN I URN, m'lr 87 South street. TO I.ET?Thu two story brick House and premises, No. ICS Wooster street, finished in the most modern style, with marble mantel-pieces and folding doors hout. Apply to JOSEPH McMIJRRAY, m23r 100 Pine street. jjT TO LET?A Sail Loft in store Ne.6l South street, ffjM on reasonable terms. Apply m I'-iP JOHN HERDMAN, mllr On-lhe premises. ~AaA TO LET?From 1st of May neat, the modern built two story briek house, No. 11 Third st, with attic, bastXjU.ment and cellar, and marble mantles throughout. For farther particulars inquire at 47?K Pearl st ISf lm* OFFICES TO LET?In store No 6b Sonth street. Apply to JOSEPH McMUKKAY, XtfL MO Fine street. f llec a FOR SALE?A desirable country residence at Hempstead Village. Long Island; a large well built House, ine >ttave style, with tarns, Sheds, 8tc.,aurilen acres of first rate land, in hiding a Garden well stocked with shrubbery, fruit trees, Stc.. in a high state of cultivation; it u located on Fulton strrer, less than a half a mile of the New York and Long Island Railroad, whh h has a communication with thi? city several times a dry, and at a rath of tare v-nr much reduced Irom former prices, making it a most desirable resi. ence for a person retiring from the city, or one who may wish to do business iu the city. A portion of the m uey cau remain on mortgage, and the balance can be paid in dry goods or groceries at ma*kel prices. For further particulars, apply to JOHN S. VOOHH1ES, Book Store, No. 24 Ni ?au st. N. Y., or JOHN J. MARSHALL. Postmaster, mg 3w Mamaroueck. Westchester i.o., N.Y. a FOR SALE ?A small plate in Fag Kg-ekatray. L I., siiaa'td on the turnpike between the Toll gale and Da- ' aid T. Jennings', between five and six acres o< land, two acres cleared, and one set oat in worked peach trees, with a small hense uiereon Also 4 Lots on 47th street, 3M feet from the Fh Avenue, For farther paflsrnilnrs. app'y to John L. Not ton, Jr., at Dr, A, L. And tsoy. miist Broadway. m84 6'"r NoMB^TTcaBINET MAKERS-ToLetabrick fr^BHimodious two store House, together with a Win^li in the rear, suitable for a cabinet maker, now occupied as a p ano (or e mtnufactory, sitcat'd at No. 15 Dmb oases street. _ Enquire of Mr. Sk.XTON CHANDLER, oppoei e the premises m26 3t*r SPACIOUS A>D FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PHILADELPHIA. THE fashionable Hotel, Marshall House, capable of TTTfU SCCOHimOflalirK iju rc'KUU, siiusie lu uituiiii inrri, JyUL between Gth and 7ih streets in I hilnb iphia,having bees rerttutl* murh improved sod repaired throughout, is to be let at 4 reduced rent, for a term of fears. Apply to SAMUKt, rOWKI.. 2<l7 Chestnut street, or to JOSElH B. TOWNBEND, ml) Vtsw lm*f 709 Areh street. t|ia VAKM 1FOR BALE containing 35 seres, the gTeater yAk. an of which is meadow- and plough la id, with a s od As' ouiik *pile orchard, with a variety of cncmes, peers, and plumbs, and other fruit. Tl-e baililiuga, consisting of a ?:ooi< bsra c>? houie, carriage house, com crib, and sheds, or cattle, together wi.h a (nod dwelling house and writ of water at i"e "oor, a sufficiency of lire wood; there is a rever failing stream of water <n:>ning thiough the land The above farm i? sitna'ed sbosl three milts from Elizabeth town, N.J , u the main mi' to W'estlield, ml wuh.u two hnudrrd yards ol the stopping place of the E izabethtown and "omcrviile R ilrjsd cars. Any lu.ther description is oat necessary, as persons wishing to purchase will view for themselves. For price snd particulars, apply to John D. Mirdock, on the pre, mil's, or Junto* Doff. No. 141 Hivinglon alreet, N Y. N B ?This wonld be a desirable location for a person doing bnsiness in New Y?'k, being within two honrs ride of the city. March Hth, IS ). m?0 2w*ec noc HWORANOE having taken the Ms'shall Home, corner of Broadway and Reed street, and hired it no commodionsly for the r*cep'ion of boarders, would most respectfully announce to ih* Israelites in the Unitrd Mates, that he has ample accommodation for a large number of gentlemin, with Ol without their wives, during the Pa?ao?er Holidays. Prrlojsfeeling deaironi of making the Marshall Honae ihtir home for any period, will find th>t no attention or eipenae ah ah be spired to render them comfortable, and the prices moderate to suit the times. n.21 ?w*r ENOLIwH ADVEKTIAEMENT?Notice to Masters ol Vessels and oth rs visiting Liverpool on buaiuesa or pleasure?Mrs Oorsoeh. lata of the Washington Hole,, begs fit has removed Irom Saint I'aulsSquare to No. M Duet street, iverpool, * few minutes walk Irom the Custom House, which private house is fitted up with every comfort fci.d convenience, and trusts to be favored with a coutinuance of that support so many rear* afforded to her. mS Imt OEMOVAL.?The office of the Jefferson I usurauce Coin pa tv uo has been thn day removed to 36 Wall street, oppc sit the Ms rchaots' Eichauge. reft ec D EMOVAL ? P. MAE8. Hair Dresser and Wig Maker, has IV removed from 162 to l?9 droadwiy, a few d-ort below the JErenklin Hi use, and opposite John street Haying fined up a new room in the most fashionable atyte, he will continue the name business and will be pleased to see hia old frieoda and patrons and others who mav honor him with a call. He has also private rooms fur ladies hair dressing and jampooiug. This powerful Extract of Jampoony is cousidere I by thousands ( New Yorkers snd strangers as one of the healthiest articles for the cure of dandruff ami strengthening of the hair?approved by the Earulty of Medicine in Paris, and pitentrd at Washington. Nothing is more pleasant and delishu'ul than to go through (hia operation in the hands of P. MAES. ini61w*ec ~~ BILQaED saloon. NO. J BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. pRICE REDUCED to Oue Shilling per Hurdred, from 8 r A M.loSP M.?The subscriber iMIorina his Irirnds and the pnblie in general, that ne hat Eire New Billiard Tables, iu II p irate apartments?two in the upper front srioon? two in the rear saloou, and ona in the front mom?all lu first rate order. Each get lleman suiting the establishment will be furnished with a private Cue,for hitespecial uae?the tablet being in dil_ terrnt aiiartmenu. lb# proprietor thinks it will render it more select and agreeable to gentlemen visiting hia house. ALSO. TWO E1NE BOWLINO ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT. His Bar will alwaya be atocaed with the choicest Wines and I irinuM ><! lhi? Iwit Sriran to he had?Hhnrrv r^hLLaa M l ti t Jnleiw, Punches; made id a manner not to be surpassed N B ?The apartments have undergone a thorough refitting ^emlemrn1 will pleas# to cammnnicate ut neglect of duty of the att.ndanU, ? M0NTKVERDJ? mehU 1m*r S Bsrcmy atreet. METALLIC RAZOR STROP WITH FOUR SIDES, mrented by O HAUNDKH9, for keeping Raton alw?ya in orders-it produces a smooth and thiu edge to a lator in a tenth pari of the time required on a hone, without usiug oil or water. No other article of the kitul has ever bern so uimersally known nud anproved of, havnw been for the Inal tweuiyfive years in constant use in Dearly all the cutlery establishments in Karope. and there acknowledged to have no equal., lu New York, where it was invented, it recasved first premiums at the American Institute every time it was preseuted for competition, and gr .dually (without the aid af pulling,) established a reputation in all parte of Ameiica, or being the ouly Katoi Strop iMhl will keep raaara in perfect order. Certificates are n the possession of the inventor from the most scientific gentlemen of both countries, speaking highly of their superiority. When taking into consideration that those gentlemen have no interest in the sale of ihe article, and gi?r then testimony without solicitation, a|iraks volumes iu its favor. It is ihe only Strop that has been deemed worthy ol imitation and conulrrleitiug. The gn-st nuinber ol those alone Would stamp it as being the ilimsi ol perfection That it may bemoie satisfsriory to the public, the names of Oaosr gentlemen who have gnen certificates as to ihe merits ol ijie Strop are here published?treueral James Tallm.tdge. Presi. ill ol the American Institute; Ttof. John tyriscoin. Dr. Va* ,,mine Molt, and Mr. MiTlikeii,cutler lu the Itoyal Navy, 301 ,'traiid M-inufaelory 103 Broadway, New Voih nil iiu*i _ J*RKitH .VIKAT ? 1 he Proprietor ol the establishment on tho eorner of West and Wairen strreis, would infoim h's C< usti mcrs sod th' public in general, lost owing to the Istenrss I of the sesaou be has cooc'udro to close the above place, bill I will always be ready sod wilting to supply a hop kuepura and retailers with Beef, Pork and Mutton by the qusrter or larger quantity Iro.n his Slaughter House id Mth arraat. Persona wishing to be thus supplied with a first rate article and at a moderate price, are requested to make application as above, or at the rper Bull's Head, c rrner Id avenue and Mth ats. *17 lae*r JOHN W. PRESTON. E NE NE SOUND PILOT. /"VWEN PRE8COTT, Pilot for Nrw Bedford, Nantucket a-/ Shoals, Boetou, Portsmouth, Portland, Keunebeck, and other poru. Office at Frye At Shaw'* Nautical Store, tit Water, corner Beekmau atrect, N. Y.?Vice versa Adams1 Bi prets, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the same as froio (fay Head. 11H liar ~ NBW LINK OK LIVKRPOOL PACKETS. n atlfrom New York on the 25lh and Liverpool on the lath of each month. flfit lit M7t> up IP ^TTJM NIW YMIT _ , Ship OAKRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th Februaiy. Shin ROSCIU8, Captain J*hu Collius, 25th March. Ship 81DDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb. 25lh April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyater, 25th May. From LivxRpoeL. _ . Ship SIDPON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th February. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Bepeyster, 13th March. 8hip UAKltlCK, Captain Wra. skiddy, 13th April. 8nip%R08ClU8. Captain John Collina, 13th May. Theses hips are all ot the Tint claaa, upwards ol ION lent, ouilt nthe city of New York, with sach improvements aaconibine irreai aiieeil with nnuaual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodatioiis. The puce of lussage hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced mailers, who will make every exertiou to give general atisfaction Neither the captains or owners of tl Ml. rowill be responsible for ar y letters, parcels or package ssan tby them, unless regular b- lis of lading are signed therefor. For freight or rwsr.uif, apply to E. K. COLLINS (It CO., 56 South New York, or to WM. & JAS. ft ROW N Ik CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the packets will he charged UX cents per single sbe't; 50 cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. 13 r SjK- OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT FAS JWWSAGE OFFICE, 61 South street. New York?Reg . nfllhulnr Line of Packets?Tim subscriber couuuues to bring out persons from any part of Ureal Britain and Ireland, who may be engaged by their friends here, hy the regular !ius of packet ships, tilling every six days 'roin Liverpool. Persons sending lor their friends, may rely thni just care will be taken lo haiethem despatched wkhont delay in Liveipool.aud will alwaya endeavor to merit a continue ice of the public pataonage which has been so liberally bestowed for many year* past; and thoyaremitting money can have drafts payable at all the Banks and nrincbes throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars, apply [if by- letter, post paid] to 1ST JOHN HEHDMAN. 61 South rt. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ?pHE raH&fa of Lirerpo^^^^^eafter be J- despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of smliug fall* on Sunday, the ship* will tail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. Th* SOUTH AMERICA, (June f July 19 616 tone, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. O. Bailey, r F'eb 1 Mar 19 The HNULAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 ton*. {Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L.Wsite. f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 too ton*. 'Nor 1 Dec 19 J.Rathbone, I March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, ;jaly 19 Sept T 610 ton*. ' Nov 19 Jen T E. 4.1. Marshall < Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, i Aug 1 Sept 19 611 ton*. 1 Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.l April 1* May 19 The NEW YORK, Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, '.Dee 19 Feb 7 T. 6. Cropper. I April 19 Jane 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ! Sep. 1 Oct 17 850 ton?, .Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barstow. May 1 June 19 The COLUMBU8, ijSept 19 Not 9 700 tons, .Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now filed at One Hundred Dollars, for whicli nmple stores of everv description wi|J be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be funnshed?by the stewards. GOODHUE A CO., 64 Sooth St., C. H. MARSHALL, 98 fiurliug-slip, N. Y. je24 lyh BARING "MOTHERS ?t CO.. lVoI. JHE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m. m. M. m To sail from New York 16th, and from Liverpool 5th of each month. 8hip ROCHESTER. 800 ton., .... Philip Woodhouse, i 16'hFebry. Ship HOI'tINOUER, 1050 tons, ]6tS Mar(*. New ship LIVRRPOdL. 1150 tons, jJ lglh April. New ship , 1200 tons, |I6lh May These substan'ial, fast sailing, first class shirs,all built in the city of New York, are c mniaiidtd by men ol experience and ability, an.1 will be despatched punctually on the lfth of each month. Their cabins are elgant and commodious, and are fnrtnshed with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. . Neither t1 e captains or owners of these shirs will be responsible for auy carrels or packages sent by them, unless regular bills lading are signed therefore. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 87 South street. New Yoi%, orlto FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., f 7 y r Liverpool. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. m m 'HAVING couiplet-d extensive ami important arrangements f?r bringing out passengers from the old country, the subscribers can with confidence inform those who may wish to settle for friends to emigrate the present season (1843) that thry will find it their inter?<t to make the necessary arrange mints with this line; being the oldest or longest eslabli.hed out of this port, it is well known that that the arrangem-ats are complete?the ship* of the first class sailing weekly, and the accommodations fitted up expressly for the comfort and convenience of nn-sengers. Should those settled for decline coining out, the passage money will, as nsual, be refuuded to the party from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamer froin the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured if desired. Apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. uiq r.siamisrieu nwsnsr uince, as reari st, Or to 0. ORIM9HAW Ik CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts on London, Literpool. tlie National Bank of Ireland, Northern Ranking Co. ml National mint ol Scotland, at tight, and for any amoni|t. Apply aa above. n 8 lm*t ^A^liTS R8EI Undermm^^ed him will be regularly diipatehed front hence and frotn Marseilles on the lit of each month daring the year, thus? From New York. Marseille*. MINERVA, ('apt Brown, Nov 1. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Dngau, Jan 1. Marl TRE8COTT, Capt Lawrerce, Feb I. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. May! CORIOLAN US, Cap Vliule, Apl 1. Jnn I They are all conperes aud copper fastened,and hare excellent accommodations for passerterrsThe price of cabin passage will be $130, exclnsive e/ wines udliqnors. Goods addressed to BOYD fc HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other hatges man these actually paid. For freight or passage apply to G. BROOM Ik CO., or to oHr BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents. BRITISH AND NOlt I'M AMERICAN KOI At MAC STEAM SHIPS. Of OOOitons and 440 horse power each. Undet csntrart with the Lords of the-Admiralry. HlBERNIA, C. H. E. Jndkins, Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. do CALEDONIA, K. G. Lott. do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, K N do Will sail from Lirsrpool and Boston, via Hahfas as follows: prom LivvarooL. rnoiu sosTsn. Acadia, Kyrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, .Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Hewitt, Apt 4 May 1 Hibermn. Jndkiua, Ap'l It May 10 The accommodations for (vtssenaers sre snpener. The \e-sols are aec*m|ianieil by eipenenoed surgeons, and amply supplied with Franees' Patent Life Boau. Passage rednsed to tIJfl. No Bertha secured until paid for. For further information, apply ' D. BRIGHAM, JR.,at HARNDEN k CO'S, No. 1 Wall-et. J30c FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ship COLUM 81 A, C. H. E. Jud kins, commander, will leave Boston for the above ports on Saturday, Apiil 1st. Passage to Liyerpool $130 Passage to Halifag 30 Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr Agent, m3'ee j Wail street. " are . TL-W 1 u I i Uli L-L-U U V OiAiciii ioiiAi*u rJbnivi. Foot of Whitehall .treet On and alter Dec. 3d, the itenmer STA*1 KN ISLAND KR, Will ran a* follow*, nntil further notice > LEAVE STATIN ISLAND. NEW YORK. ?*A.M, *A.M. 1? 11 IP. M. ?* P. M. <11 r 5 UHENCH STYLE SWEET CHOCOLATE, made with " a French machine, at 457 Broadway. New York,?FELIX EFFRAY retorra hia itrurful thanks to tke cnatnmera who patronise him for hia sweet chocolate, and he takca thia opiiortaaitr to inform the pnMic that hr haa at work a machine in hia aiore to ahow how nicely the article ia made F. Effray'a French style Sweet Chocolate, made with a French maeliine, can be had at the wholesale price, either in noiea of 24 pounds or iu Urn* cakea, at the factory, 459 Broad"*Ti New York. Dealtra are earnestly iuvited to try the article. N B ?Hot Chocolate and Coffee served np In the ?aloon. m5 Im^ce puNfKl / TION AHY ? Notice?The aebscnbr r lir<i leave *-/ to inform hia cn.tomvrs and friernta in (rn<ral'h>t ha Ilia ihiadiy rrdoced the pnea of hia Cniifrr innary, both whols* sale and r? tail, and wialica hia cointry frond. writ as cm, to call and r> amine hiaatook bt fore purchaaiiiR, at he mi* ml. toco trnue to rnanufactum as (ood an ar'icle a. can he Mm.I inthectv. JOHN U. HENKV, m25iU*r 231 4di ati.1 street. Mils I .K'llOI I s OLD KS i \ HI, ISII H.I) \i> L)l ( 4T?D V APOl R BATHs, 35 ( ou tlanot I ??\. ri well known to I c esftemtallj necetaar) m thii teaaon or th< . 1 ? imli f I,i .* .>fl' fh. cuticle icctwnmUled durinn winter, end which, I j remaining mm : It ii In ' ' '".I' "liters M: uiti.iM .1 i mi < 'i v In 1 < \ an iu o| ? t ion 11 in ., I.., u II. lit ill. ni I- n I 9 o clo k I uikilif ulphttr huh reqaiTe one hour'i noti e Port*b e Yawonr Bain* nal 1 aviii( ot flu* r11\ ?r IL k n Huhiug TuImaihI flip I,ir??. ?>H 11 wr QCOTi-'H I'lO IKON?2?0 ?'>!? very r Scotch Pit m Iron Lantlotan brand, lor *\le by iron, WOODHULL k MINTURNS, m2tr 87 South ?trer t. 1W Y ( :w YORK. TUESDAY M( TO AMERICAN T R A V ELL E R S GOING TO EUROPE. WJ. MARKWRLL. Proprietor of LONG'S HOTF.L, New Bciiil ?r<rr mid Clifford rtreel; alio, the LONBON FAMtLY HOTEL, Alh?rmrle itreeL hu thr honor to Acquaint Funities au.l Oentlemeu visiting LONDON, that those Houses have undergone a coinf lete revision, with new aud appropriate Furniture; the Cellars are filled with WI\E of such a clas that is tardy to be met with, beiuz selections from pr?v ?te stocks that h've been gathered together by various NobJemen and Gentlemen who prided themsrlves on their judgment ; more tnati fOOO do*? u iu bottle is now cougre* Kited, beside a vast ouautity iu wood. W.J. M. has also the honor to call the attention of Merchants and Gentlemen to his Establishment iu the City, uudar the ma"*ir?'meiit of his Hon. THE NORTH AN6 'SOUTH AMERICAN CO?EEC HOURS., CO' K TAVERN k SUBSCRIPTION HOOM. Vis-a-vis the New Koyal Exchuuge ; the whole is in the most important position in the City, possessing every information, as regnids the Subscription Hmim, from all parts of the world, the proprietor having pledged niinself to procure the earliest intelligence. The charges are on the most moderate scale consistent with the respectability ol the house. The Eurniture is entirely new. the Sleeping department replete with cointort ; in fact, no establishment in the city can sur^wss this tu its general acconituodltion. It is admirably situated as regards trie Northern, Eastern, and S Eastern Kailways being Out a few ininuies drive 'rom tlietr rurious trrmiui. A Porter is appointed to attend through the uight, for the benefit of those arriving or departing bv ine train mi i5 1w igh Trl^ThD~^TAfEis HOTEL OFTHILADLLPH1A A LI- trarellers whs have passed ihe dtvs and nights of their sojnuro in Philadelphia at this tine establishment, speak in terms of uuiualilied praise of its arr.omm dtt'ons, its table aud m* ngenienl. The arraiigemrn'so' the house are admirably systematic, and there are substauti il c-mlorls to be f-und in this Ho-rl ttia' will be a|ipreciate<l by in ?t persons, such is a clean, quiet, ami Well-luruislied hous-, a well-supplied read ing room, ami a host whose constant efforts are drecte I to render this ii-ausion a highly ag-eeslile resort for re?|>ectahle traveller!. Mr Kea, bv his iiolite and aff iMu deportment, and his unremitted persnoal attention to the tables, end the gstieral comloitof his guests, wins faror from all who frequent his house, Those who in the morning prefer to indulge in the "sweat restorer haImv sleep," instead of attending to the breakfast summons, liud at ti e hour which suita their own convenieBce, a table set for their especial use, with several servants in atteudriice to consult their wishes, and have any delicacr which the house affords, prepared witli celerity fur their gratification. The dinner it served in a light, airy, and spacious dining room, ovrr'uoking a carden. anil is a repast that would do credit to any Hotel in the conniry. The situation of this house is decidedly the best in Pli.ladelphis, b' ing ou Chesuut st, opposite the Bank of (Jutted States? the very centre of fashion and business of the city. mil lm*r _ THK NEW M IKUOIt?Ml the arrangements for the puhli? cation of this new peri dicol beiug now completed, ilir fust uumbgr will be issued on Saturday in-Tiiing the eighth or A pil it-,1 fCaflt niiMilinr vv . 11 V . -.1.. I sdrl l7i...l ou steel, by J. G. Chapman, iilustiating the letter-press, au3 will couiain sixteen xiiper-rnval octavo pun, enclosed in a ueat cover. The*' who wiah to re> eive the work from the commencement of the volume, and iliua secure a comph te set with all the embel ishments (as oulv a limited edition will be printed) eando so by leaving directions at the office of publication, No 4 Ann street, nea- Broadway; or at 1 :M> Nassau street, coruerof Beekman streat. City subacr bers will have the palter left by carriers, and to those residing at a distance it will be forward-dbv mail, with the utmost regularity. Terms Three Dollars per aunu-o, i->ra'i,bly in advance. GEORGE P. MOKUI9, Editor and 1'ioprietor. New York March tl, 1841. m2<t"ApRr pAUTION.?M'CONNETC'S I It ELAND, NATIVE AND B A XON?Oeuuioe Edirini ?From the unprnicitded attemi ts .bout to he n a-'e to crcul ite spurious edi i us of this valuable work, the subs'ribeis deem it OQeHtry lo guard against all imposition, by publishing the follewiug card To Messrs. Casserly and Sons, Booksellers, and Publishers, New York. Gentlemen I h rrbv authorise you to sell my new work, entitled " A Mimoir of Ireland. Native andSaxus }" and I do hereby constitute awl appoint vou the sole puoInhers thereof iu America. No edition whatever lias my sinelion except that published by, and under the firm of "Casserly and Boris." I am, gentlemen, your obed en' servant, Dublin, Jan. 27, igl3. D A NIEL O'ciINNELL. It isbop'd tl at no respectable Bookseller will sail lion so gross a violation of the dis iuguiahed author's expressed with, l>y keeping the spurious edition for sale. CASSERLY St HONS, 108 Nassau st. *? The genuine edition, vol. 1. [the only vol. yet written,] will be ready in a few dart. rn'.'ii 6t*ec TVTI'OKTANT?OKKMAN SILVER! GERMAN SIE 1 VER.?JAMES Q. MOFFKT, 121 Princ-xtrret, N. Y., oir. rt for sale, wholesale and retail, 1)00 lbs of German Silver, at the lowest market prices. [17* IQ couae'iueuce of manufacturing the article himself he can warrant it far superior to any ever before manufactured in thiscouu'ry,and fully e<|ual to the imported. TO CEDAR WARE COOPERS : JAMES G. MOKFET Manufacturer, 121 Prince street, N. Y., offers for sale; wholesal- and retail, a superior lot of Coo pers' Brass, Pail EarsMiul Rivets, at th? lowest market price*. TO UMBRELLA MANUFACTURERS, *c. r JAMES G MOFKET, Manufacturer, 121 Priuce street. N. v r,rr..,. r... ..I- w?...u..i? . -s ? ~ i ? nr brrlla, Piraaol and Shade Furniture, at'lhe lowest market prim!8 lm*r TAMES O. MOFFET, 121 Prince n.. New Fork, hat tils' waya on haud acd offeri lor sate by wholesale and retail, al the lowest rna-krt prices, ?n tl-rmau Silver of different thicknesses, a very snpesio, article j Sheet Brass ; Plate'a do; Coopers* Brats ; Pall Kara and Kli eta ; Umbrella, Paraael and Shade Furniture. Which he warrants in quality equal to any in the United 8'a'ee, and ofhiaown manufacture. fTT" (Jold, Silver, and all kinda of metal, rolled at rhejshorteat notice. m'R <m*r LOHT-Iu the month of February. 1842. berweeu Uudalo and thia city, a letter enclosing certificate N >. 93. dated Jan. 29, 1188, for fifty aharea in the capital atock of the Commercial Bank ?f Manchester, Mice., etanding in my name ? Any peraon having found the ?aine. will lie anirably rewarded by forwarding it to the aubecriber. New York. Feb. 17, I*.J. f l't-toap2 ? r H W HtTl'U. PI- Ettn It Hvlrt 1 U*S?h Tiuuk It I , Oo. Hi Wil iiaui street, cn.uer Maiden lane, mannfacterea and keeps constantly on hand, whoteaale and retail,al! k nda of l'raselling and Packing Truuka, Carpet Baca, Hat aud Bonnet Catea. Merchauta and others are reaprrtfully united to call aud elamine ?ur alock, helnie nurehusing elsewhere Manufactory, J4li Broad arreet. Newark, N.J mil lm*ce OF FRENCH MILLINERY GOODS. Or F. N1N O of the Spring Fashions at i he Magazin da Model, 00 Canal afreet. MAD D BKHRMAN lives to inform her numerous fiends aud th- puhl c that she hra Jusf received from France, an entire new and heauti >l atvle of **ilk materials fur ladies halt, and along with it wbk cases of Paris silk hats, which foruovel'y and elegance of style never vet was presen'cd to the puhlir before! a no ig which u rnoit pr?em neut a silk ha* eatled Capotte d'Eleuora, which u nrdard emblrmattcil mf Parisian taste. Mad'me B. lua ju t opened several ciaea of French impored f nicy whalebones aud straw hats I of the choicest styles; also a large ass rtmeut of Tuscans and flue Unuatap'ea; alto a large and varied assortment of Fo nch lawn hats from lufiuts sites up t<> ladies?the whole of which Mad B. has determined, iu order lo meet the egigencv of he ' times, to offer at such low pr>o*a, as mu?t emu ? her the cou- : tiunatiee of her patrons, who tor many years hive honored her with their c mmsnds, and trusts to obtain the pre erenco of thrae whose tiarroove she uow aolieiia An early call is requested at the old French eatsb ishmt nt, M nun tie Modes, 6(t Canal it ret. Vnd B liaa sin ncened an MMMM of Pans flowers and ribbons, which for variety and styles, inav he citled complete. m 23-lm*r N IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION FOR THE LADIES.?MRh.LOV E,Corset M iker. No. 6* Lispeuaid at calls llir a teution ot la in a to her inipor,ant invented Abdominal Huyqiorter for the preserva'iou of the health and *tr ngtn during pregnancy. I In* olxfoinin I nu'portcr ha* called forthtn. tulle.t approbation of the inosl rniimrut Mnlic* m> ii from ?<ni?U (orv retail* to th ree ladle* who have unci tlinn. It it perfect it ill upwillw, KMC am port and preventing allstniu ujtou the muscles. ou?l he constituent fatigue and ex mi-tt.nni of the who'esvstrm dur u* pregnancy. Nothing I hat h i* err r been invented, often ?o many decided advantages I n tii'iRorating ihr system agamit every sec drut at the period ol go ta'l?n at the tame lime preieiting the natural form. Country merchant* and city retailer* su, plied ou adTaulagron* term*. Mr* L vr at the ?ame time call* their attention to her improved Shoulder BLstic Brace*, lor misses, a* being tile long required deiideiatnm lor the expansion of the cheat. Mrs. L. his secured a |uvte. t. She beg* to refer in relation to the above, to the loll wiug eminent mi n of the Medical Faculty?Dr Francis, Dr F. U. Pond, Dr. virDounld, I rot< taor Uillmau, >1. I)., Professor Parker, M. 0., l)r. Ntlson, A. C. Castle, M. D , Dr. J. W. Moore, J. Neilaon, M. D., J. W. Francis, M. D. m?n Imr CHtAPCASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, ttj John itrr*t, (near William ) rPHK itibaeriker respectfully announces to hi* friend* and thn 1 i ublic generally, f ar he h i* o, eued an Bttablrvhmrnt on t1-* Cheap Cash Syitern, where gentlemen will always find a New and Fashionable A*sortmeut of Cloths, Cassimere* and Vesting*, which will he m <de up to order in a style of lit and workmanship, not surpassed by any other establishment in the coy,at lha following low I rices '? K i oe Dress or Frock t oats, any color, from $14 to$l8 Superfine do do do 18 to 73 Pan's of Wool Black, or Fancy CaMimeres 3 lo 8 Veslsol, Silk, Valeotia, Veivrr. Ite., 3 to i Just received, a splendid ass<iriinenr|of Spring aad Slimmer goods. at eitraorilinari low prices. | O*" Oenrlemen furnishing their own goods can hare them inane and trimmed, at the lowrst possible prices fwi Cash. in8 lmec _ JAMBS LACY. MARTIN'S CASH I A I L O R 1 N t> J ESTABLISHMENT I 164 FPiUtaas Street, Cornsr *f Jinn Strut, 19 decidedly the cheapest in the city. There is always au baud t sele r tstock of seasonable grxKls, purchased for essh, which will b J made up to order in tne style of make, fit, trim- 1 mini, lie., tli a has given suck general satisfaction during the last four year s.and at a positive saving ol 30 per cent. Gentlemen are rerjnesterl to call ami srsmire This* who fusni*lilh>ir own goods, can Imve them MADB AND THIMMKD. 1 Dress C-rats, made and trimmed, -$7 00 te $ 44 * Frock Coats, do do I 00 to 9 Mi Pant# ami Vests, 1 73 to 3 00 f Over Coat*. 9 00 to II 00 J IV/? i inns?>saain on nenviry. ' ivl61m MICHAEL |C. MARTIN } AllAMiK CREAM OANDy.-tVimn. J. Prur k Hod. J, J Confectioners, 15 Lhvisf, n itreel, havi brought forth mother delicmni compound to gratify (he iweet troth nod ,, tickles the iwlstes of those who indalgr in inch "sweetmeats " This candy itouriei the tine flavor of the Havana orsugs, and. we think, cinnnt fail to receive the pnlransge ef the ladies and lovers of confectionary in general.? Aurora. Mfr p_pg_ UKIISSK It BHOOKM, No. II Liberty street, have tor saie A the lollowing? hO reams news printing 33 by 50 203 33 by 4S 330 " " " 33 by <6 1 500 21 by 37 p 300 " " ' 20 by <2 II 350 II by 36 l! 343 32 by 32 r 500 " " '* 21 by 31 Also, nook payer, 19 by 24, 24 by 28, and 24 by 38. n They have also a Itrge assortment ol witting aud wrapping a paper, ol differ ut sties and qualities, which lliey offer at the ? lowest market prices. in9 cc t WA ft IIKS LOWER THA.m EVER.?'Thorn; won 4t pisher, 331 Broadway, formerly 371 Pearl street, ire 1 selling waichn and jewelry l>wrrthan any other place in the * city?(told watches as low as from $15 to$35 each. All watches ' warranted to keep good time, or the money n tun led. Watches, clocks, music b, sud jeweliv, repaired in the he,t manner; second hand watches and old gold and silver taken iii exclmn.e, ' or bought for cash. AMOS R. THOMPSON, Ult'm Rll.HA It 13 HiHIKK, iy, \A7 IfVIHttf Ol.ArtS?40 kari ol till Jit Helens < town ' '* crisis mauulictnrc, assorted sixes, from I4i9 np to 4(sJ9 for sale by WOOUHULL It MlNTURwB, mX2r IT BoaUkxtfiih as V. ???i )RK 1 )RNING, MARCH 28, 184 JOHN M. DAV1ES it JONES, 106 WILLIAM STREET, CORN EH OF JOHiN, LTAVEjmt received from rerent importations, and of their *6. nwn iimiuUcture, a very superior aaaorlmrul of Bp iug ( floods, consisting of every thing neat taaty and fashionable iu thr gentUm-n's famishing line, which added to their former l stock, comprises an assortment of goods rarely if erer belore found in one store, among which are:? 1 CAPS?In every variety, for gent'emen, youth and childr-n. CH A VATS?Of plain and tigared satiu, gro grains,cambricks, Stc I BOAH KB?Of resting iatia, broche. i OL< IVs.S?Of kid, silk, brown and chine linen, liale, apun ( HOSIEK > ??lf cotton, merino, wool ?pnn silk, he, UNDER (HRV1RNTS?{if fthtker knit menno, woolen, ilk, cotton, tic. I LINEN COLLARS?I'lain and Byron, of all qualities awl < shapes. t SHIRTS? Of linen, muslin, Kteneh cambric, plttu aud with , NVi he. SUSPENDERS?Of gum el rstic. silk, cotton. Sic. OIl.r'D SILKS?iJI* white and faucy colors, warranted not I t? mlhrrr in any cliinite. " The above Cumpiises ouly part or their assortment, aud por I chasers will c insult iheir own interest be eiatniniug this splen- c did assortineut efgnods before purchasing. i WHOLESALE AM) RETAIL, at their old established 1 Cap, Block, I.Mien and Oiled Silk Manufactory, ' NO 106 WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OK JOHN J m33m*m ) I OA \ ()? S en lion VI sit THE PAYM~KVr OK ' ON I i-t TRACTORS AND OTHERS ON THE PUBLIC WORKS?I lie I oinmissiouers ol tti? Canal Kund, by virtue ot the act entitled "An art to i rovide for the paymen'. ol Con- , tractors and ott ers on th" Public Works," passed March '6. ISO, hereby give rio'ice, that sealed proposals will he received ismil V1nndn\, the (turd day of A|.ttl n-ir, at f o'clock in the afternoon of thai die, for a loan of Three Huinlre i and Twenty c Thousand Dollars, for which tran?feiaSlu certificates ofstook will be issued, i the name of The People of the St ite of New York, hearing interest at the rita ol sis per cent per auimin, pay ible quarterly^ and the principle reiinhursablc at the pleasore of the Commissioners of the Caual Kund after the year 1861 ft is to be underst ? ', that the (commissioners are to be at liberty lo tike a less sum, if the offers are not such aa iu their opinion aie advant age,,us to the interests of (he State. The proiiosala may he lor the w hole or ativ part of said loan not less lit ill SID (Kill; all proposals to be sealed up and endorsed ' Loan for the Pavmt lit of Com victors nud others on ilnr Public Works," ami enclosed in su envelope directed to theCuinpt oiler nt Albany. The money will be required to be paid on or before the 6th day of April nest, in such Bank in New York-or Albany as shall he designated by the Commissioners ol th a^ laua! Kund Stockholders residing in the 1st and 2nd Sen., ? Districts,and those residing out of the state, will receive the interest on the slock lit Id bv them, quarterly, at the Bank of the Manhattan Conqwuiy in the city of New York; all other stockholders, at the New York Sr-te Bank in the city of Albany. Dated Caual Department. Albany, March 16th, 18-13. A. C KL * (JO, Comptroller. 8. Y'lUN 3. Secetaty of State. GEO. P. BARKER. Attorney General. NATH'L JONE*. Purveyor General. THOMAS KAKKINU TON, Treasurer. , m2ltnar,2r D. 8. Dlr KlNSflM I.ienl Governor "TTtRANClS' PATENT LlFK BOAT.' Ortice No. 7 ! r Wall street. mJI HATS. PI SPRING FASHION NOW READY.?Tha subscriber respectfully informi hii friends, raitnnn'ri, and the public in general, that they can pnrchaie at hia store a handsome Short Nnp S'Ik Hat, a neat and dutable drea* hat, at the low price of S2 50. Alio, elegant Moleskin Silk Hati it ft; line Nntria For Halt at $3 50?eqoal in appearance, and bnt little inferior, to thoie generally sold at St 50. Alio, a general assortment of caps. of the newest patterns. WILLIAM BANTA, Im"! 130 Chatham street. ^ LOtlK AT THIS.?Selling off that rich and splendid stock of boots anil shoes. 75 per cent below cost. to close the store on 1st of April. So Indies and gt ntleineo, that are in want of those articles, please call belore the Istoi* April, fo you will sare all o' 50 per cent. Do not forget the No., 92 Canal street, corner of Wooster street. in 11 to a I * r GREGORY A CAHlLL. ~ TOOLS?TOO LS?TOOLS. ALBERTSON'S, Conger's, Hnrton'saud Oi(ford's warranted l ast Steel Cooiiers, Carpenters and Shin Carpenters Edge Tools, can be had at wholesale and retail. of OSBORN 11 LITTLE, 33 Fulton street, New v ork, (It per cent allowed to merchants) anil who keep on nand a fnll assortment of Coopers' Tools, Iron Kirets, Truss Hoops, Stare Jointers, i Stock Ilowells Mid Croies. Also, Importers and General Dealers in English, German and Atneticaa Hardware, Cutlery. Nails, lie. fee. CHARLES OSBORN. 1 f II 3m ee* CHARLES 8. LITTLE. 1 WORAM fe HEATHER, ! No. 577 BROAD WAY, IIPHOT.STKR K?S 1 tlJ lid H. reaped fully inform their mends anH the public, * ' ih itt' cy attend to the abn.e bosincai iu all its branches, sod make np carpets in the neatest and best style on moderate ! terms. Estimates and eoti'racts given at the shortest uotice. 1 N. B ?All kinds of old work attended to with punctuality. , n-11 lra*r OKKI'JE OK JEPPERSON INdUHA.NCt GOMPA- < NY?Office 36 Will street. This Company continue j tin ir hussinv.i o| nisurnice against loss or damage hv tire, oil (MM, wares and merchandize and also, on vessels alia their esr^ccs again*: loss by inland navigation. DIRECTOR*. t Thomas W Thurne Elisha Kiitrt c Thomas T tvoodmff Beujamiu It Robson t John R Davianv Kraucis I' Ha,ye ( Thomson Price Joseph Allen . John H Lee John P Moore Moses Tucker James E Holiues 1 Caleb C Tnn'i James R Whiting Anson Bakerl Win K Them r Joseph Drake I'.id H iwley t Johu C Merritt Thomas Morrell THOMAS W THORNE, President. \ fJEO. T HOPE. Heereranr m!3y iitb J TROUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN ?VA8R?This eitraordi , nary discovery ... the art ?f chemistry, for the immediate eranication of daidrtff, without the aid of the comb, is Irr sale II ky the iIIreIItor P. l ease Idn, IT Park Hoar. us>fTieaey and i snperiin y I as barn tested by thousands. its application im |; mediately deatroy< d ludriff. and eultiratea the hair. 0 Price ll|?r bottl-, or ii centa for a single w i the shop, , IT Park Row. New tfork P P' SSEuDU. 1 mil l-i?' * FLi MBE DAUUKItKIAN OALLEKV Ob PATE s T v COLORED PHOrOOHAPHd, cimer of Broadway ? and Munav street, (uril door 'o Pc de's Vlusenm.)?Plnnsle C Talent Colored D utueireots |? Likenesses taken daily, iu a g su|ierior atyle to any thing ever seen in New Yerk, at $3 each, and a duplicate gratis. Plum be Piteut Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatus, and Pluinhe Patent Electro Oilding Ap.mratns, with inatnn tioua and Patent Rights, supplied to order. Also, plates, cases, Ac., t eery low. , Caution?The east su[ieriority of the Patent Colored Photo i graphs, having thrown toe old kind entirely into the shade, serenlot the Photographers in New York are alternpting to imi>oae npo- the puiilie by advertising their prod net ions as ' 'patent," whereas the only patent ever granted by the United States for an ifnprov-ment u Dnruerreotepe Portents, is , 'Plumbe's,"?dated Octoher tt, Its'.'?surf fhe only piece id New York where the patent one can be obtained, is the abora istahlishment ml lin*m [ VTOTICC I'O DEALERS A \U < .1 IN N<ll!s?KII Htt 1 iN IN MADEIRA WI IN IS.?WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Commission and Wii? Merchant, No. J New stint. Nc* York, Sol* Auent id llit Uintt*4l Ku'ri lor the celebrated ShwIm Madeira tVincs, otfrrs fur sale, at m -derate |>ri n inJ in mixntit ra to please hovers,hie entire stock oOhat brand. I'O half pt?e, ami smaller casks, (under Custom House lock.) , i'he Hotnelino wines are f otn the Sou'.h Side; they have a high and peculiarly rich flavor, tli* vintage* ale from I Hi 3 to lEM.and be iu justly ce ebrated in tiTDpl, the Erst ImmMM United otates. Aauther opportuniry my not occur in many yeara to obtain old wise* at aerv I >w pneea. W. A. rAKTCivaatitia IM th* public and hia (rieiida a continuation of their Kb-eai aaolsn. as hi* wiuea and Iniuora in wood and glaaa,a-? !??* selectedfrom th* heat in market. It i m r N OTICE 'I O DEBTORS?The late Ana ot JOHN P DELAPLAINE h CO of the city of New York, merchants, lo close the vaiinua debta, bonda, notes, judgments. Itcdiie tin in. will gladly receive tall payment, and in inauy caaea cnmprnmiae foi much leaa than actually dae, and they invite their debtors kindly to aitnid to this notice, as many may not draire publicity; na it ia their iaieatiou to dispose at public IHiwidl the Ml returns' Exchange,of all debts, he. not aeitled by oaymeut or cotniirotuiae prevpma to the first day of May !|l It A list of those that do not settle will he published, bnt as far as convenient, notice will he sent to the gentlemen debtors. Apply to JOHN V. DKLAPLAINE, '? Wall at. New York, llrh March, 1243. ml2 Im'gr TO THE LOVERS Ok 8UPI.KIOK BLACh IEAHowqua's .Misture? This ettrrmely and unparallaled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, just imported. ia now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's ireneral Tea Establishment, til Ckathamst New Yet?in Chinese naeksgra. Pore \0 eenta ???! SI rnl7lm?r I)AGUEK REOTYPE LIKEN ES*ES Till S, WIT ALL THI SKaUTICS OP NATURAL COLORS, AND ON A LA HUE SIZE.' DOCTOR L."TM. CYRUS, 231 1HOADWAY, UP RTA1K8. r (T^Likenesses taken every day, from early m the morning ant a' 3 o'clock. P. M m S lul*r U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. r(?ST OFE'ICE, New vork, 26th July, 1141. HOI RS of Delivery each day, (Sundays eicepted) at lb* U per and Lower Poat Offices}? settersdepotiled before Mali i ast I o'clock, AMI " U " " I " r M Will be teal out lor do Itallthe Sutiousbefore livery ( 9 A M, end 1 n T 0 clock. A M tad I o'clock, P M. tt '? P M 1,1 Letters to he sent Kree, must have "Free Stamp" affiled to hem, otlierwite three eente will be collected of the part? to " rhom the letter it addrraseJ. No money mnit be enclosed in If ntert unlets rendered tt t it I noeipel offices. Lists ot the t< lotions (st til of which "free stampa" may be purchased tl ai i,50 per 100. tod every informalion teay be obtained an ap- ,, lieatmn at the npper or lower post i ffices. Stomps issued by he Lite City Despatch Post will be received. It is indispensable " hal the number of the residence shoal I be luted in all letters T 101 throngh this Post. at The Post Master solicits the earliest information shonld any a rrenular.tie. oecnr. JOHN LORIMKK OKA HAM ;i anil It re Post Master ~ UNITED STAT Kb J, TEA EMPORIUM. A 121, lalt 129 Chatham ifrrrf, iVrte York. oi Aoawcy lit BnaccggR street. rl WMOI.ICSALtt AND HKTAIL. ht T'Hr. CANTON TIC A COMPANY continue to offer for A sale new and i: lgrant Trms of atery variety and styla. riisir assortment ?i?cially includes the most delicious and ow-rful grades of Oreen and Black i>ery package hears the *" tairi of neatness and elegance, and tha Teas therein are so ati a,iroughlv secured from right and air that th ir i|uality and in ,,w.t will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system |0( f , n culin [ buiineri is perhaps scarcely to be eicellcd. It it :iii'lr,1 np ..i the utmost regard to the rights ol ihe customi asprcially >?ith rearssl to weight ana ijnality.and unri- A< ailedchrat n-ta. All purchasers are called upon to return eny rticlcs which I il to give thesi the fullest sstisfaci on, which lei he ui iucy will " cheerfully and promptly refunded. Conn- |)t i / merchants. public establishments, be ids of families, and ,, litpm."iters will lind it a decided adiautegs to supply thenselves from thi? establishment. " Coffee r aated every day. Orders from all peris of the United ntntea eiecnled with fa' Hiiptiiude ipd despatch. ly The ouls warshnnse in Amenea, for the tale of Hon ni'a celebrated HUek Tea. ml? lm*r MVtRI'OOlTTrHKb.LL COAL?loo tuna, warranted, a wry superior article, on board ahip Hottingurr, wast side 7 D) lurliug Mlip. r ,*1,^OODHULL k XINTURNP, mTr 19 South an ?C " IKRA ii! ~ I hk Trial or Youno Mkrckk.?We take the folowing from the Philadelphia Chronicle of yeBterJay. It la a sort of beginning to the trial of young Mercer, and will. Lw %in?K inip. rest i? TFrom tho Philadelphia Chronicle, March 27.] We rod* down to Woodbury , N J , on Saturday last, or the purpose of reporting the trial of Hingletou Mercer, charged with murdering Hutchiniion Heberton.on he 10th ol February lust. ? ? 5n every hand we were greeted with evident delight. 1'hev were giad to see their frieuda in Philadelphia muniestilig ao much uniuty in the result of 'he important a?e about to lie tried. There was a general and very enhusiastic feeling in lavor of young Mercer. ' Any thing we can do, we will,'' was the prevailing exclamation," if fou will but clear Mr. Mercer." ' But," said we in re. ily, " your State is proverbial for hanging." "Ah! jes, io it in, but thit case is very ditierent from any ever tried Ur. Mercer was eruzy at the mortification ot the wrong | lone to his sister and his family, aud if ho did kill him, le was light, for it was one of the most aggravated cases ve ever heard of. Everyman, and woman too, in New lersey, will interest themselves with the Governor for lim should he be convicted; of one thing wo are certain, le will never be hung in this county." ? ? ? ? ? From tho Court Hou*a we passed roun 1 to the prison in vhicb Mr. Morcer is confined. The Sheriff, Mr. Ware, with his family, occupy a part if the prison. The lady of the Sheriff was remarkably tind We were usheied into the sitting room and there net other branches of the family. All the ladies, and ve think there were some six or eight, appuari d to be nucb interested for Mr. Mercer. Wi re ho a son or bro. her they could not be more anxious for his weliare. By a rule adopted there, no person is allowed to visit ilr. Motcer without previously sending in his name. We :oniplled with this. ? ? ? ? Wo ascended the staircase, and foutid standing in tho argu hall a young gentleman in conversation with one nueh his senior, both in appareut good humer The ignt hand of the youug gentleman was extended to us, aid in answer to our inquiry to see Mr Mercer, ku aniwered ho was tue parson,and ushered us into his roomiota cell?and we were then introduced to Doctor Lip >incott, of Wooilhury, Tor wh >se attention during our ibort ttay wo are under obligations. After a lew momenta, Mr. Mercer Joined us. He conrented freely upon matters in thiscity, and inquired closeiy about some topics he had seen mentioned in the papers, which are dailv furnished to him by the good people ol Woodbury. Almost every thing was talked over, excepting the important matter iii issue, which was only lelerred to, in connexion with some slanders published in a few of the papers against him as also, in relation to letters laid to| have been written in Woodbury, the writers of which must have seen miles from that place. One of the counsel retained lor the case, was present, and talked more directly to the prospects of the trial, telling Mr. M. to nerve himself, as the time was near at hand. Mr. Marcer replied that he would behave as well as possible. He then stated, that when called upon by the Sheriff to uppear and plea I, alter the finding of the true bill by th ) Grand Jury, he was taken by surprise, as he had expected some previous notice, and was consequently nervous when he entered the court room. Mr. Mercer, we were surprised to see looking so very young. He does not appear to be more than eighteen or nineteen, though he told us that he was twenty years old last December. There is but little color in his countenance, owing, probably, to confinement. In stature, be is about 5 leet 10 inches high, is slimly built and has a gentlemanly bearing. The expression of his face is remarkably good; clear bright eyes, rather prominent Roman nose, high foieheadand mild fea'tures. He was dressed in a full suit of black cloth, with black satin vest, and a black silk cravat, tied carelessly about his neck. We will here remark, thut he asked as a particular luvor >f the press, not to have a drawing of him taken and published. # ? ? The room which Mr. Mercer occupies, for he is not confined to it, having the free use of the whole range of .he bnilding and yard, is about fifteen feet square, on a turner ol the building, at the first landing?has two irontiarred windows, one of which looks into the court yard, the other on an open field, It is not a cell, hut as comfortable a room as could be desired, and reminded us more ?f a ward in a hospital than any thing else. The floor is sovered with ingrain carpet (though not by the ladies of Woodbury.) A feather bod occupies one corner, and every article necessary for comfort is there. Books, papers, Sec., were strewed about on the table. The trial will positively commence to morrow, at two a'clock P. M., at which time the empannelling of the jury will begin. It is feared that the whole venire will lie exhausted in challenging, without obtaining a juror, as ill et tlivm are supposed to have expressed an opinion on hecase. And the process of obtaining talesmen, is also onsidered doubtful, there not being a man in the conny oi Gloucester, who has not committed himsell. We rust this may prove untrue, but or one thing we ore Coram, taking of testimony will not commence before Wedtesday. * * * * Of the large number of witnesses, who could be of use, tot more than one half, it is thought, will go down to teaify, it being optional, not compulsory, with them. There vill be, in all, about fifty witnesses present. Miss Harah dercar, the sister of Mr. Mercer, and the victim of Helerion, will positively attend ami testily on the part of lie defence. Mr. M. regrets the meeting with her?he ias not seen her since the fatal occurrence, and says "seeng hvr will be the worst part of the whole affair." He las been visited every day since placed in the prison, t y ne or more of hia relative*; his married sister had been a see him on Saturday morning, and by her he had learnd from his family. Mr Vandyke, who was in company villi Helierton at the time of hisdeah, will be the principal witness on the part of the Commonwealth; the chares! man and several others who weie on the boat, will ilso appear and testify fer the prosecution. Common Council. Botinor Aldirmas, Monday, March '.17.?The Board n -t at 6 o'clock, P. M. Present, Aldermen Balis, Undervood, Martin, Joaes, Crolius, Smi'h, Uednev Leonaid, 'urdy, Hatfield,, Bunnell, Stewart, Davies and West?14 The President bdng absent, Alderman Daviks waa callid to the chair. Petition presented by Alderman Maanx, for the remo ral of the | oil of the Swcon.l District ot the Fourth Word, rom No. 41 Madison street to No. 25 Janus street, with a esolulion to thatetfeot. Adopted and sent to the other loard for concurrence. Communication from his Honor the Mayor, transmiting a law received by him from the Secretary of State, a relation to lo4th street. Ordered on hie and to be rioted. Another Message from hia Honor the Mayor, vetoing v Ordinance regulating the opening of the Croton wa. >r pi|ies, on the ground that the Aldermen, Assis'ants, nd Croton Aqueduct Commissioners, were allowed to pen the pipes., <he Mayor could not do te under a penaly of $15. Onlered to be published in one of the daily iaper? for the usual time, anil placed on Ale. Communication from the counsel to the board, in relaion to the petition of A. N. Huffman lor relief from tax. Alderman Puanr moved to take up the report of the 'ommi'teeon Assessments, which is adverse te the petiion, and asks that the Committee be discharged from fur. her consideration of it. Alderman Lkonard moved to lny thp whole subject on he table, which, alter considerable discus.ion, was lost ly a voteofayes 4, nays 10. Alderman LiositD ?lt red a resolution that the personil assessment of A N. Hoflman be reduced from a sum on 17.6,000 to a sum on $10,000, and that the balance be ohargid to errors and delinquencies of the tlth ward.?Lost? lyes 3, nays 11. The Report of tl^o Assessment Committee, with the reoln'inti asking to be discharged, was then adopted. Report of the Ferry Committee?In favor of leasing the "athvnne and Main street Korries to .Messrs. Robert Is lamuel Bowne,for seven years from the 1st of May, 1840, shen their present lease expires,at an antial rent of f 3 MX), rovided they put a new boat on the line, the first year of heir tense, 4c. Adopted. Communication from Comptroller, stating he had exmined the account! of Jefferson Berrian, late Superin ndant of streets, and found when they were audited, rat there was a balance of $107 81 in favor of Mr. Berlen. Ordered on file. From the aama?transmitting the bill ol William Rntpp tr $310 |0, for removing snow and rubbish ftons the uirth Ward. Referred to Finance Committee. Resolution, instructing the Counsel to Corporation lo utsin the (iiitot Charles Coke, Jr., against the Manhat in Company, for the loss ol a horte.caused by an obstrueod in the streets, unless they settle the same. Adopted The Committee on Assessments made a ler.gthy report n (hi>anliisiis? nfthn tui.laninir wroiimw ami a ?w sewer in Chapel street, kc. Ordered to lie on"he ible. be printed and made the special order for the neat leetin*. The Committee on Finance reported in favor of leading te two piers loot of Pike atreet anil the nier foot of Rutera street to the Sound steamboats, on the following rma v?The south aide of pier between Pike and Rutgers ip tor five year* to the New Jersey Transportson Company, for their steamboats navigating te Sound, at $2,000 per annum, payable quarterly.? 'he entire pier at the easterly aide ol Pike slip, for the ima term, to C. Vanderbilt, and Corlies, and Stone, for 1,600 per annum. The pier at the westerly aide of Pike ip.for the time term, to Elijah and Curtis Pock, at MatM) hat no permission shall lie given by the Common ConnI during said term to any steamboats navigating the ound north of Huntingdon,on the south side of the Hound, r Haw Pitts, on north side, to occupy a herth below Pike ip. That the ci y shall causespriug piles and gates to i erected at the piers, to he kept iu order by the lessees? rlopted. The same committee reported in favor of leasing the uth side of pier foot of Cedar street to the proprietor of ;amhoat Weatchester, and sloops Othello and Perseveice, lor one year from May next, at $1000. Ami the pier >t ol Hubert street, between West and the Red Koit, or rrth Battery, to A Barmore, for one year,at$kiO? topted. 7 The Joint Committee on markets reported in fivor of ssing Greenwich market for three years, to George M. tel, at an annual rent ol $X-2A,Ue being compelled to rerve a apace at the end to accommodate two butcher rnds.and a flvf) stand?Adopted. The Joint Committee on Fire and Water reported in vor of allowing a H->-e Company to occupv that formerused by No. -27?Adopted Also for a Hook and Ladder Comp any in Beaver street Adopt, d The Finance Cammitti-e reported adversely to the apicetioa of paying an award to Abraham Cross?Adopted. Hamn Committee reported in lavor of paying Bernard cCaley lor use of hi' room loreleotion purpose*. LD. - ??eaaa? Plica rwo Cccti. Some committee reported in favor of selling the lot No. 44Chatham Itreet to Roger P< -gg tor f>8 &00, he paying the ium in 8 percent atock*? A'lopteii. Same Committee, in levor ol granting the uie of the clip between Cedar and Liberty atreeta, to Peri fir Id Day, fur one year, lor the use of atenmboal Washington an.) freight boat* Star, Rip Van Winkle and Pratt. Dtmiiiert ih? prietor of thr slip consent*. Adopud. The committee to whom was referred the claim nf Marian Mender lor injury to her property in Ti-amus street by overflow of water, wan referred to the Fiiiam> Committees ol both Board*, with power to aettle it in an equitable manner. The game committee reported in opposition to the appliration of John llaggerty for relief from pemoral tax, on the ground that he had moved into Queen's coanty Alderman Puaor presented an ordinance giving the lame power to the Mayor ai to the Aldermen to op- n hy dranta whenever he pleaaei. The report of the Committee on Charity and Aim* Home of the other Board waa presented, in which a resolution was appended,calling upon theconnael of the Board to prepare u memorial to the Legislature to allow the Common Council to reorganize the Alms House Department without Legislative action. Adopted. The petition ol Henry Storms and other citizen* for a pertruit ofDo-hum-me, the Indian girl who recently died at the Ameriean Museum, to lie placed in the City Hall, wn referred to the Committee on Arts, Sciences, and Schools. The report of the Committee on Police, Watrhes and Prisons, ol the other board, in fitvor ol establishing a water station bouse in the lith ward,at the corner of 37th street and 8th avenue, was concurred in, and the watch and police committee were authorized to rent such buildI I A resolution to chaDge the place ol hold ng Ihe polls in I the second district ol the 14th ward, to No 9 Spiicg > street, and that of the third district to 174 Mulberry street. I Adopted. ! A'so, to remove the poll of the 8th district of the 8th ward to 300 Washington street, and the 7th district ol the same ward to 360 Spring atre?t. Also, the poll af the lit district of the seventh ward to 120 East Broadway. Alderman Puudt offered a resolution calling upon the afreet inspectors to endeavor to clean the street! through which the temperance precession is to pass. Referred to superintendent of streets, with power. He also presented a resolu'ion against the emplovment of Stale prison convicts on mechanical labor, hut t-.ging upon the legislature to adopt the hill now before them to OCCUPY convicts in nuarrvinir and minins Adnnted and ordered to be sent to' tho legislature. The Board then adjourned to Monday next. Fort Kent, Maine. [Correspondence of the Herald.) Fort Kent, Me., March 18, 1848. War on the Frontiers !?Trementioue Excitement ' ? Trouble Ahead ' Dear Mr. Bennett Although your valuable paper thread with avidity, even in this distant region, (a few miles south ot the North Pole,) yet no one lias ever contributed to your columns. Nothing but the urgency and vast importance of the occasion .could induce one so little skilled in newspaper articles, to write for the one hundred thousand readers of the widtly circulated Herald. You must know, Mr- Bennett, that the officials of New Brunswick claim as perfect and entire jurisdiction over the Disputed Territory as before the late treatv; and do still make arrests lor civil and criminal offences. A few days since the English authori tics did forcibly seize and violently carry away one Daniel Savage, an American citizen, on American soil, as acknowledged by the late treaty; the said Savage protesting against the outrage, in the name of his State and tint United States. That evening a civil officer of the State of Maine, made a requisition upon Captain Webster, commanding United States troops at Fort Kent, for aid in recapturing the prisoner. Captain Webrter sent a young officer withaeqiiad of soldiers in pursuit of the fugitives. The party pursued all night during a severe snow storm, and succeeded in overtaking and recaj turi?g the prisoner about 7 o'clock next morning. Major Coombs, an English magistrate, ordered it#arresting officer to resist until death, and he did resist until a pistol was placed to his head, and a soldier's stern voice told ium that a moment's resistance more would cost him his life Roth English and Americans are fearfully excited?along the whole frontier the cry is 44 to arms!" 4,to arms!" Fort Kent presents the appearance of an enraged beehive, which some ruthless intruder has disturbed. A battle is daily expected. Both parties have sent off for more troops. Such, Mr. Bennett, are the plain (acts of the case, however garbled they may be by other paper*. A Reader. TO THE LADIES. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PER80N1 AL BKAI'TV. considered in connection with DM. KELlX GOUBAUD'S POUDRES 8UBTILES. The sculptor whosr study is to imitate the exquisite workmanship of nature .portrays in his model ot the human (orm, * btotid snd eleealed forehesd. This develo; ment is hoi only consonant with, bat aometiinea necessary to the possession of a high order of mental faculty. If a fine forehead t* a mark of iiittllect, it is no less an csr-nttal element of pe-sonal heeury, atiditisol importance to those.sud there are mane sur-h, |?>asesst it of this prominent feature, though obscured by thr encroachments of a too luxuriant growth of hair, to remove that portmu oi en excrescence which tends, in their case, only to deform. This can be done safely, speedily, effectually, and, if used in ac cnrdance with directions, without the least iiicouvrnience, by Dr. Eelii Onuraud's Poudre Subtile. The liiixr ol the lip, wlieu annoying, or th? short hair on the back of a ladies' neck, when too apparent?the hair of the oerrd.wheu nigh upon tha cheek, may all be removed, and eventually the roots destroyed, by the use of this preparation. GOUHAUD'8 EAU DK BEAUTE, OB TRUE WATER OF BEAUTY! Eur removing freckles, tan. pimples, blotches, sores, hums, and a I cu'aueons eruptions, realitiug delicate white hands, neck and arms, and eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance ? IE7" $i i-er bottle. UOURAyU'S VEGETABLE ROUGE! Composed materially fro-n flowers aud srmides, imparts delicate carnation liugr to the cheek, immovable by prrspim > ?? or r>,f out, s h,. ...Ik.- re I, .ef ... linu, rln-h Ulo.,,1. I per bottle. I UOURAUD'S BLANC D?K8PAGNE! An esceKent prepuration lor imparting a puie, life-like whiteneaa to the completion, free from the injurious properties generally rnteriuc iuto combination for this parpoee. Pot up in elegant botes, at 2i cents earh. Aokrts.?A. M. Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston : Neve Turk?Albany, Outline, 4 Maidep Lane; f'uughkeeime, Jared Oray: Utica, Wade, druggist: Hamilton. M. Co. Uregg k IrraiKj; Louisiille, Louis County; VV. A.Chase, Ooahen, Elliott. Ci nn.. Myers, Chapel st. New Ilaren; W. Kaulkner, Norwich; Wells Humphreys, Hartford; Charles Dyer. Jr.. Proviilrure; Thomas, N*W|>ort; Clowes, hi r dresser, Springfield, Ureeue It Co., Woreisler; Bart, Li'tle Kails, Coggeshall, South Second si. New Bedford; Jordan. 3 Milk street, Boston; Lowell, Carletoa It Co.; Salt-in, I set; Newbvyport, Hodite; Portsmonth, Presh n; Portland. Parker, Exchange si; Bangor, Uttild: Hallo well, Icimmas. New Jersey ?Newark, grippal I'tinceton, Dr. keabrooh. Ps.,Phila., 76 l.hesuot streev Lanrisler, Heiuitesh, druggist; Hanisbtiryh, Kohiuson periodical agent; Pittsburgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, Tliouiaa St Co., Main street; Va., Richmond, Mrs Kiaysrr; 0. C". Washington, Selhy Parker; Aletaudna. C. C. Berry; Mil. Baltimoie 8. 8. Haucr, hi. lie. within a lew years this remarkable aud useful chemical intention for completely eradicating sunerfluoua hair, has attained the hi, he.1 pitch of celebrity, and consequently eiciteil Ihe cupidity "I 1 nest of base eonuh i It iters, wh uIrmpt to snatch from tlie inreotor the juat recommits' for his iahor. Purchasers should therefore ' e on their guard and sen that erety ho'gle of the Poudre Subtile is sijnare. and K helis (Joursud, Poudie Subtile, N. V., cast iu each bo'lie.tpd the Doctor's fac simile engraved on the ontaide wrapper. Directions. Sreuch and Euglish, accom;>aiiy each Iwittle Remember, the only office id N. Y. for the those celebrated Cosmetic, is 67 Walker street,one door from Broadway ml 1m m EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. 'PUK nbMriben will tead io ctpiwi llMoaib from I ii < 1 t> ihe sh?)Tp named nod iutrrmedi*te plwpi, ou the mori*i n k of the 9th lor r he t? utportalion of specie. luik uotet, haudlet and package* <?4 good*, collection of draft*, bill. n>te? lud tccouuu,aud all tuch other buiia< IhcDi. rumtnv'i * v?#.L iW.llat , N V. N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake i:a. iaatiou. the abore express line will be extended to Chicago, Cincinnati, Sic., and rouuburd fhroo^hout Ihr fntde ***'>' m c uoniou with their New York, Albany. Troy, and B. il. lo daily expreae nit r T~OAMS k'U'H NfcW VOKK AND Mi.VtAKK fc C g* rRESS ?The public are respectfully informed that ( in been her* hare established an Kxpre** between Sew Yo a and Newark. N. J., let ibe transmission and *p??dy delito r of package#. handle*, money, fee. fee.; the collection of not and bill*, ami all other basinets amertaiuiug to an fcxpacss Order* tor artx lei to be relumed by the txpr?aa will ? delirrred free el charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall etrert, and ia Newark. ?l SMITH'S Newipaper Depot, No. 72* Broad ?r. Lease New York at UK A. M. md lis T. ?. Leas* Newark at A.M. and IK P M dIOee ADAMS fe CO. HAKNDtN fc CO.'S KXPB.K8S ?On and a let Thnrm day, lha 16th, Haroden fe Co will tun their fctprrssto Boston. *.a Stomngton , Daily. m 17 Iwr HARNDKN fe CO. 1 Wall.-; I MrOKTANT TO OLD COD MAY MfcN.?MKSHIU) a H ARNDICN fe CO. Will draw at then Eaprea* and Foreign I etier Office, No. 3 Wall *ireettsmall bills of r?. t.aoge Irom hi to ?100, in tarns to tail, payable at tight, for the irroiam odation of persona wishing to remit to their friends in England, ueland, or Scotland. The letter bag* tor the tloyil Mail Steamer* for Lir ? rpeul are aDomide up at then office. Yor further luforinalron apply to flARNDKN fe CO., 1 Wallttra e Agent* i n Ltmdoo?MACLKAN, MAKRIS fe CO. Livr-n-ool?WILVKH k SMITH ? r\ L. AHN A >1, "t' Watei street. New k or a, Btmiie1/. tnrer ol averv tp -cua of Hydraulic apparatus. Fire ftogine*, >( eteiyaite, lor cities, ullages, fact< t m, nlantaliona, fee Uaideu Engines, Fire Hook? Fire Bncket* and Fire C'; a. Hemp Ho*?, Leather any aire ret; tired Sncnon Hpae, t il pi i up, Stuwi, kr.. Lift oid Force l'uuipa. to lift and forr*watei auv Jia'tnc", hron 10 to 100 gallons nminnte Wind Mill*, Horse Powers, Wa'a? Wheel*, if., for workon pump*. Ship md die unbolt Pumps for Siting boilers, fc." , to be nwi u case of fire. An Pemr* for eacuum or emidt.usatioo. of toy reqeirnd ?*e. Lead sad lion Pipe, Bits* Cock*, fee Cast Iron Kuuntaius, of yarion* furore* >nd deuce* N The pumps of my menofactore are double actien, of (real mrength, andverr simple in their conatrnctioinbcing w acttlarly well ea enla ??l fbr the Southern and Wsst Indln ditrke:*. dlllm-re'

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