Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?Ho. 88,?wool o No. 3301. To tike Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publi^hed every day of the year except New Year'# day and Kourth of July. Price 'J cent# per copy?or |7 'M per annum? postage# paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishedevery Saturday morning?price tty cents per copy, or $3 l'J per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of tho Herald it over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it therefore, the hett channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnomiETOB or the Hebald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets HOUSES TO LET AT YOKJCVlLLE.-a large houses OH I he corner of Mill street and 3d avenue; either of ihtm is calculated for a public house, grocery or privale residence. On the premises is a fine stable .fowling alley, and a Que garden. consisting of 8 .ot?, with grape vines and fruit trees thereon, t or terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL. Esq., m8 2wr No. II Chambers st. MTO LET?The upper oart ol the store No. 7 New street, a few doors from Wall street; the second story has two offices, and it is adapted for a merchant or lawyer. Also, the three story honse3l Walker st, between Broadway and Church st, an eicellent sitnation for a genteel family, occupied by Mr. Verplanck. The brick stole corner of Pike and C'-erry streets, occupied by Messrs. Valentiue It Co., as a Iced store, a desirable situation. The convenient two story house with attic rooms, basement and counter celler. No. *29 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. Weeks The two story brick house. No. 73 Qold street, one door from Spruce at, formerly owned by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The rents will be moderate. Appiy to MR. DELAPLAINE, 68 Wall street, m6 lm*r in office No. 9. cor, r?f Water st. MTO LET.?In Dean street, near Smith strec, Brooklyn, the splendid three story lionte, finished in the best manner, with two lots ol ground attached. Also, coach house, stables, lie. A variety of the most choice grapevines. Also, several fruit treets, with a well and pump of eicel'ent sprint; water ou the premises. This property is well calculated or the accommodation of a respectable family, le whom it will be let for one year or mora on accommodating terms, hv applyJOSEPH McMURRAY, m6 r 100 Ptne street. kk TO LET? \ pleasant two story house, containing 3 ffjw bed ro. nts, an open garret, two sitting rooms, front and J.'.smLbick basement, t nod cts'ern ot water, grass platt front and tear. Inquire at93 Eldridge st Also, to lot, two rootni, basement and cellar, enquire at 841 Division st m*l 2w?ec jjgA TO LET?The fire prool brick store. No. 163 "outh T777W st, with immediate i oss'ssion if required, apply to WOOD11ULL It MINI URN, nr'Sr 87 Booth street. "jffik TO i-ET?The CwoVorv brick House and premises, fS? No. 143 Wooster street, finished in the most modern JSJ&stylu, with marble mantel-pieces and folding doors throughout. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, m23r 100 Pine street. TO LET?A Bail Loft m store No. 61 South street, ff? on reasonable terms. Apply to J;jJL JOHN HF.RDMAN, mllr On-the premises. ~fcsk OFFICES TO LET?In store No. 69 Booth street. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 'jff WO Fine street. ~fUec FOR SALE.?A desirable country residence at Hempstead Village. Long I.laud; a large well built House, iuc ttage style, With llarus. Sheds, lite.,and ten acres of first rate land, in-lading a Uirden well stocked with shrubbery, fruit trees, Ac., in a high state of cultivation; it is located on Fulton street, less than a half a mile of ihe New York and Long Island Railroad, which has a communication with ttn* citv several times a day, aud at a rate of lare very much reduc- d from former prices, making it a most desirable resi. enee for a i*mm retiring from the cily, or one who may wish to do business in the city. A portion of the money can remain on mortgage, and the balance can be paid in dry goods or groceries at market prices. For further particulars, apply to JOHN 8. VOOBHIES, Book Store, No- 14 Na aan it. N. V., or JOHN J.MARSHALL. Postmaster, ml 3w Mamaroneck, Weateheater < o., N, Y. MKOH BALK ?Asmall place in Far Rockaway, L I., sitna-ed on the tnrnpike between the Toll gate and David T. Jenuingi'. between live and ail acrea of land, two acrra cleared, and one aet out in worked peach trcea, with a amall home thereon Also t Lotion 4 lit street, 300 fee t from the 8th Avenue, For further pvrewlat*. apply to John L. Notion, Jr., at Dr. A. L. A nd num. f Kaat Broadway. mil 6t?r spacious And kamhi onable hotel in PHILAD V.lfhia. Awl THE fashionable Hotel, Marshall Home, capable of [ accommodating 1M persona, situate in Cheatnnt street, J^ifLbetweu 6tii and Tth streets in Philadelphia,having been recentlr much improved and repaired throughout, is to be let at a reduced rent, for a term of vears. Apply to SAMUEL POWKL. 107 Chestnut street, or to joseph b. townsend, inlt ' taw 'm?r Areh ureet. _ Hj^a FAffM FoA SALE conuiuinr Ji icltr, tbr greater KHparl of Which is meadow and plough U'id, with.'a good ^aihK.roung apple orchard, with a varir ty of cherries, pears, and plumbs, aid other fruit. The buildings, coneistiug of a good barn cow bouse, camsge house, core crib, and sheds, lor cattle, together wilh a good dwelling house and well of water nt the door; a mtficieucv of firewood; there is a never tailing stream of water tunning through the 'anil. The above farm is situa'ed about three miles from Elizabeth town, N.J , on the main road to Weatlirld, itid within two hundred yarda of the stopping place of the Klizabethtown and Somerville Railroad cars. Any (uilher description ts net necessary, as persona wishing to purchase will view for themselves For piiceund particulars, apply to John D. Mcrdock, ou the pie! mis.s, or Jsmei Don, No. 148Rivinglon street, N Y. N B ?This would be a desirable location for a person doing business in New Yo'k, briug within two hours ride of the city. Match 18th, 1813. m?0 lw*ec TTOD HMORANUK having taken the Ma-shall House, corner of Broadway and Heed street, and fitted it up commodionsly for the reccp'iou of boarders, would most respectfully anuounce to the larselities in the United States, thai he lias ample accommodation for a large number of gentlemen, with or without tbeir wives, daring the Paisover Holidays. Persons leeling desirous of miking the Marshall House their home for any period, will find that no attention or expense shall be spired to reader them comfortable, and the prieei moderate to suit the times. roll 2iv*r ENOLISH ADVEMT1SEMKNT? Notice to Masters or Vessels and oth rs visiting Liverpool on business or pleasura?Mrs. Uonueb. lats of the Washington Hotel, begs respectfully to inform her numerous American friends, that she has removed from Saint TaulsSqnare to No. M Duke street, Liverpool, a frw minutes walk from the Custom House, which private house is fitted up wich every comfort sud cnuvt uienoe, i ZL C A w,M. . Mul^nsM shea ... I IT vesr* afforde J to her, m< lm SMOV'AL.?'The office of the Jefferson I usuraDce Coin |? nv has born thi? day removed to 36 Wailatreet, oppc *jt Merchants' Eichange. mil ec iMOVAL.?P. MAES. Hair Dreiser and Wig Maker, has removed from 163 to 189 BroAdw.iT> a few doort below the akliu House, and opposite John street Having fined up a room ? the most fashionable style, he will enmiuue the e business ami will be pleased to ?ee Ilia old friend* and on* and oilier* who mav.nonoi him with a call. He liaa al*o atr room* for ladie* hair dreasinit and j impooing. Tin* erfnl Extnct of Jampoony ii considered by thousand* at Yorker* and stringer* a* one of the healthieat article* for rare of dandruff ami strengthening of the hair?approved fie Faculty of Medicine in Pari*, and patented at WsskingNoihina i* more pleaaant and drluhtfiil than to go through operation in the hand* of P. MAE8. ini6*w>ec BILLIARD SALOON. .5 BARCLAY 8TKEET, THREEDOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. LICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hut'drcd, from 8 A. M. to 3 P M.?The *ub*c.iber informs hia frirnd* and inblie in general, thatne ha* Five New Billiard Table*, in rate apartment*?two in the upper (rent saloon?two in the aaloou, and one in the front room?all in lirat rate order, icli get tli man r luting the establishment will be furniahed i a private Cue, for hi*eipecial u*<-?the table* being in ditat apartment*, the proprietor think* it will render it more ctaud agieeable to gentlemen visiting hi* hon*e. SO, TWO riNE BOWLINO ALLEYS IN THE EASEMENT, i* Bar will alway* be stocsed with the clioiceit Win'* and or* and the beat Srgart to be had?al*o Sherry (Jobblys, t Julen*, Punches; made in a manner not to be surpassed B ?The apartnienti hare undergone a thorough re lilting w paper, painting, he. e-Ueutlrmru will pleaae to csmmanicate nay neglect of r of the attendant!, at the bar. FRANCIS MONTK.VERDE. :h!6 3m*r 3 Barclay street. METALLIC RAZOR STROP ITH FOUR SIDES, invented by O SAUNDEHS, lor keeping Ratora always in order?it produce* nooih and thin edge lo a tazor in alenlh part of tha required on a hone, without nting oil or water. No other < V of the kind hna ever been to nniverully known aud tried of, having been for the laat twenty-five year* in comtant in Dearly all the cntlary establishment* in Europe, and * acknowledged to have no equal. In New York, re it waa invented, it received first premiums at the AmenInstitute every time it was presented for competition, and tidily (without the aid of pulling,) established a reputation I paru of America, af being the only Kacor Strop that will p rarer* in perfect order. . rtificatrs are n the possession of the inventor from tha : scientific gentlemen of both countries, speakiug highly of superiority. When taking into consideration that those - - *?" i??i* r*>*f m tlip s>i11* rtf lhs Artirld*. anil ne their teatimony without aolicitntion, apeaka roiamea SoTu " or. It i* the only Strop that haa been deemed worthy of r> nation and mmnterleiluig. The great mi in her ollhoae alone "nlrt atamp it a* being tl<e climax ol |>erfection. l'hat it may he more aatiafietory to the pnblic, tho namea of owe gentlemeu who hare giten rertilicati a aa to the merita of e strop are here publiahed?(> Jamea Tallnudgr, Preai nt of the American Inatitnte ; Prof. John (inaconi. Dr. Vautiue Molt, and Mr. Mtllikrii, eutler to the ltoyal Nary, 301 Mannlantory 163 Broadway, New York, ml liu^r . i Aaaambly of the ('reach Benevolent Society, a.o!?tOI1f?^ ^ WM adjourned in.tccorda ce with the ..Mil ..J i "V"""1"' th" """ibera are there!oie re **1 j??. *.IJfmeeting, on the latof or. ^r .V. .1 H?L .wc,0?ki P M.-?? v'?"? Delmentco'a oli.het .Wh.oui achool aliall be maintained or ODmJIlon^f artieh^^ i*.IS"?ere"J0e!f*ry th<? "" "'Imeut or M , n r>' * '? *nd of the ( or tittlliot) jfcrtegfc?g|>.c jNoo? AND inuia m? /HOJLK8ALK AND HKTAIL.Ni.o w^l Tk aobecnber haa reeeirert and offer* for anle a ... , oauinJ V""1 Iu,lr" Kuhb*ffW?*? froof <?ooda,^ir MUftnd .?( ?tiperior L*in*. Cashm?ra 1 .1Ti. p' . wino and Cotton, of all color* ami " L""u o n?India Knbber, Wafer Proof, acper Lama I am. a. n and Cotton, urrpejed for'l?ilora. ' ?' nr.I* Rubber W, hbini t foi uanendera, coraala gr "has ARH^V'AMrtO^ KAL HAVANA BKUARS?The l iver* ol a l-h ?" Havana Regar would do well to call at 1'OBro.nler trie I afe Tortoni. between Lit.erly and Cedar iir?r.T' h '?!' '? ^ f"' fi"d atar-rtinent in the < itv he above named Intury. Call and be , """"rlty '.V^. A NfM TfcMKVKR ,o".E^t?1.In7^r.:]ekrP,ri<,r """'"V K"?H.h Cuiaeed i?r WOOCHUUalltMlNItilN.riJouthai. I :e ne NEW sounTTHLot. AWEN PRB8COTT, Pilot lor New Bedford, Nantucket v/ Shoals, Boiton, Portsmouth, Portland, Keuoebeck, and other ports. Office at Krye Ik Shaw's Nautical Store, 212 Water, comer Jleekmau street, N. Y.?Vice versa Adams' Mispress, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the same as from (say Head. ml list ML m. M. fife rTm-.TS I^^^^VRSEICT^^^?fhe undermentioned ships will be irgnlarly dispatched from hence and (rom Mar eillei on the lit of each month during the year, thus? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA.Capt Brown, N?irl. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Duitan, Jan 1. Marl TRESOOTT, Capt Lawrercn, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adaius, Marl. May 1 COR10LANU8, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Jon 1 They are all coppers* aud copper fastened,and have excellent accommodations lor passengersThe price of cabin passage will be $108, exclusive oi winea and liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD k H1NCKEN, the a Rents, will be forwarded free of other charges tnau those actually paid. For freight or passage apply to O. BROOM St CO., or to oJJr BOYD k HINUKEN. Agent*. BRITISH AND NOHTH AMERICAN tiOVAL MAii STEAM SHIPS, Of I200stous and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. H1BERNLA, C. H. E. Judkins, CommanUer BRITANNIA, J.llewitt, do CALEDONIA, ?. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, K. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as follows : FROM LIVERPOOL. XHOM UOSTON. Acadia, Ryne, Feb 4 * Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, M ir 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Hewitt, Ap'l 4 May 1 Hibernia. Judkins, Apl 19 May IS The accommodation* for passengers sre superior. The vessels are accompanied by expeneuoed surgeons, aud amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Bouts. Passage reduced to $120. No Berths secured until paid for. r or inriuor iniormation. apply lo D. BR1UHAM, JR., at HARNDEN ta OO'S, No.l Wall-st. jaoc FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. MU The Royal Mail Steam Ship COLUMBIA, 0. H. E. Jud kins, commander, will leave JUo?lon for the above porta on Saturday, Apiil lit. Passage to Liverpool $120 Passage to Halifax 2fi Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr Agent, mJ'ec 3 Wall street. STATEN ISLAND KERRY. Foot of Whitehall strrei On and after Dec. Jd, the steamer 8TA1 EN ISLANDER, will run ai follows, until further notice LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW VORK. IMA.M, 9 A.M. It 11 IP.M IX P.M. <13 r 5 TO THE LADIES. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PER80Na AL BKAUTV, considered in connection with DR. FELIX OOURAUD'S POUDRES 8UBT1I.E8. The sculpior whose study is to itnitale the exquisite workmanship of nature, ixiriravs in his model ot the human form, a h,.?.l .,,.1 .lU?.l<..l f? r.h,.J Th.. m.nt I. ..... consonant with, but sometimes necessary to the possession of a hi|[h order of mental faculty. If a hue lorehead ia a mark of intellect, it ia no lesa au earential element of peraoual beauty, and it ia of im|ioitatice to thoae.and there are many ouch, potaeaaed of thia prominent feanire, thotuth obscured by the cncroachmeuta of a too luxuriant growth ol hair, to rrmore that portion ot au excrescence which tends, iu their case, only to deform. This cau be done safely, speedily, effectually, and, if used ill accordance with directions, without the least inconvenience, by Dr. Felix Uouraud's Poudre Subtile. The ftirze ot the lip, when annoying, or the short hair au the back of a ladies' neck, when too apparent?the hair of a mole, or the Deard.when nigh upon the cheek, may all be removed, and eventually the roots destroyed, by the use of this preparation. UOUKAUD'S EAU DE BEAUTE, OR TRUE WATER OF BEAUTY! For removing freckles, tan, pimples, blotches, sores, bums, and ?'l cutaneous eruptions, realiziug delicate white hands, necli rod arms, and eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance.? [C7" l1" bottle. OOURAyD'S VEGETABLE ROUGE! Composed materially fiom flowers and simples, imparts delicate carnation tinge to the cheek, immovable by prrspira 'ion or rubbing with a handkerchief or a linen cloth. SO ceuta per bottle. GOURAUD'S BLANC D'ESPAGNE! Au excellent preparation for imparting a pure, life-like whitenesa to the complexion. Ires from the injurious properties generally entvriug ioto combination for this purpose. Put up in elegant boxes, at 3S cents each. Aorists.?A. S. Jordan, 3 Milk stieet, Boston : New York?Albany, Oulhrie, 4 Maiden Lane; Poughfteepsie, Jared Gray: Utica, Wade, druggist; Hamilton. M. Co. Gregg Ik Grains; Lotiisnlle, Louis County: W. A.Chase: Gosj^cu, Elliott. Cinn.. Mjyers, Chapel stViNew Haveu; W. r auntsT, n'lrwicn; vr ens at itumpnrcys, rxaruom; t- ti.arp s Dyev, Jr., Providence; Thomas, NiVpon; Clowes, hair dresser, Springfield: Greene & Co., Worctster; Burt, Little Kails; Cnggesnall, South Second si. New Bedford; Jordan, 3 Milk street, Boston; Lowell, Carleroo ft Co.; Salein, Ires; Newburyport, Hodge; Portsmouth, Preston; Portland, Parker, Exchange st; Bangor, Guild; Hallowed, Icammoi. New Jersey?Newark, Trippe; Princeton, Dr. Peabrook. Pa., Phila., 76 Chesuut street, Lancaster, Heinitesh, druggist; Harrisburgh, Kohinsou. periodical agent; Pittsburgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, Thomas It C?., Main street; Va., Richmond, Mrs. Krayter; D. C. Washington, Belby Parker: Alexandria. C. C. Berry; Md.. Baltimore 3. S. Hauee, lie. kc. Within a few years this remarkable and nsefnl chemical inrention for completely eradicating superfluous hair, has attained the huhest pitch of celebrity, and consequently excited die cupidity of a nest of base counterfeiters, who attempt to snatch from the inventor the just recompense for Ins labor. Purchasers should therefore 'e on their guard sud see that every bottle of the Poudre Subtile is square, and K Kelix Goo rand, Poudre Subtile, N. Y., cast in each bottle, and the Doctor's fac simile engiavrd ou the ontaide wrapper. Directions, Krrnr.h and English, accompany each bottle. Remember, the only omce in N. Y. for the above celebrated Cosmetic, is 67 Walker street, one door from Broadway mB lin in TREASURY DEPARTMENT, ) Washington, 16th March, 1S43. j QEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Depart 3ment until the 17tli Aeril next for building thehullxof one, two, or three Iron Steamers, to be used as Revenue Cutters on the sea coast, of the following dimensions, say one hundred and forty (140) feet an deck, twenty-three (33) feet beam, and ten (10) feet hold. Drawings and models ior building to be furnished by the Department. It is expected that these boats will he built in reference to Hunter's or Ericsson's propellers. The iron user! in construction must be American, and of the very best quality, and is to be painted, with two good coats of red lusd, (one beforr the work is put up, and the other after.) The whole of said iron work shall be weighed after it is wrought and fitted to its appropi iate place, and previous to its being |at together. Payment will be made according to th;s net weight per pound, including coal bunkers, w iter tanks and galleys. The chain pistes, hobstavs, and all iron work neces sary to the hall, spars, tagging, sails and guns, will be included in the proposal ; and the price for such work will be separately slated. A spar deck of white pine 3 by (ImIim to he laid, isecured from underneath xviih the "wood screw bolts,"caulked and planed; berth deck,, I ash or yellow pUM 3H itches by 6, spiked and bolted tu the berth deck beams, also caulked and planed; ceiling plank of white oak to the flnoriug heads 5 inches thick, thence yellow pine 4 inches ihick to the lower deck clamps, all t.f which will be estimated by the square superficial fret. The materia's and weight used in construction to be approved, and the work to be inspected by aueh officer as the Secretary of the Treasury may appoint, and the work to be done according to the direction of the superintendent. The vessels to be completed within sit months from the day of de nvcrirg tne mounts anu plan* n| building. The workmanship to be inspected previous to delivery by two competent judges, one to be chosen by esch of the parties of the contract, who, in the ercntof their disagreement shall seleot a third, who are to determine whether the work has been executed in sll respects according to the proposal and agreement. J. C. SPENCER, Secretary of the Treasury. m23 to A17 r TKEASUHY DEPARTMENT, ) Washington, 17th March, 1843. S OEALF.D PROPOSALS will be received at this Department, until the 17th April next, for six Engines, Boilers and Propellers, constructed on the plau kuownaa "Hunter's idan." Two of said hjiginra, Boilers and Propellers to be delivered on Lake Etie, as designated by the Hrcretary of the Treasmy ; the others at snch place or places on the sea coast as the Secretary may direct. Also, two Engines, Boilers and Propellers, npon the plan kuowu as " Ericsson's plan," to be delivered at some place on the aea c >ast. as the Secretary may direct. The Engine, Boilers and Propellera to he made of the vety best materials, to bear the proof and inspection of sn> h person or persons as may he selected by the Secret try of the Treasury. The Boilers to have not less than seven hundred (700) feet fire surface, each; working pressure eighty (80) pounds to the sqaars inch ; Proof two huudred and fortv (240) ; eight (lleighteen (18) inch Cylinders, with three (3) feet stroke. The whole to be delivered as directed, within live months from the time of receiving the drawings and plant for building. The Proposals will state the price for which the Euginet, Boileia and Propellers will be delivered, and put into complete operation. But as the application of the Engine working to either of the said plant, is a patent right, the proposals will also state the price asked, including the authority to use the patent right, and also the price exclusive of said ainhmity. J. C. SPENCER, m23tol7a r Secretary ofthe Tressnry. UHENCH STYLE SWEET CHOCULATK. made with F a French machine, at 4J7 Broadway, New York,? FELIX KEKHAY return hie gr.itefal thanks to tke customers who patronise him for his sweet choeolate, and he takes this opportunity to inform the public that he has at work a machine iu his store to show how nicely the article is made F. Kffray's French style Sweet Chocolate, made with a French machine, can be had at the wholesale price, either iu boxes of 34 pom,Us or in large cakes, at the factory, 4.V) Brr ailvray. New York. Dealsrs are earnestly invited to try tke article. N B.?Hot Chocolate and Coffee served up in the Saloon, ml lm"ec CUNF KcTIONARY.?Notice?The subtciibrrhegt leave lo >nioim his customer* and friends in general that he has this day reduced the price of his Confectionary, both wholesale and retail, and wishes his country friends as well as city, to call and examine his stock before purchasing, as ha intends fo continue to m?nnractU'e at good an article as can be found in the civ. JOHN U. HENKV, 6t*f 333 fit and street. FRESH MEA P?The Vropnetorof the establishment on tho corner of West and Warren street!, won Id inform hit customers ami the public ?u general, that owing to the lateness of the season he has concluded to close the above place, but will always he ready and willing to supply shop keeper* and rstailei* with Beef, Pork and Mutton by the quarter or larger quantity from his .Slaughter House in 28th street. IV sons wiahing to he thus supplied with a nr<t rate article and at a moderate price, are requested to make application us above, or at the pper Bull's Head, c trner 3d avenue and 24th sts. ml7 lin'r J"ll N W I'IOCS TON 17 x( iianuf. on london.?Bills of Eachange at ho, Ml, Pj 11,7days, anil at sight,on the old establish! ri banking house of M. ssri. Preaeott, Orote, Ames St Co., Loudon, at all lim. s for sale hy ROCHE, BROTHERS 8t CO.. Si Fnlum it., gMl \e\tdonrl Ine Fulton Rank OCu|i;n I'iO IMON?200 tons very superior Hentrh I ig C7 Iron, f.angl 1UII brand, lor Bile by WlNoDHllLi. <k M1NTURNH, mill k7 South strut. 1 ? :w yc T YORK, WEDNESDAY IS TO AM E It 10 A N TRAVELLERS GOING TO EUROPE. \tT J. MAKKWELL. IW.etor of LONG'S HOTEL. ? Now Bund ilroor nod Clifford ?treot; also, the LON- . BON FAW.LY HOTEL, Albemarle street, his the honor to J acquaint Families and (Jeutlemrn visiting LONDON, that 1 those Houses have undergone a cont| lete revision, with uew J sod appropriate Furniture; the Cellars are filled with WINE 1 of such a clas that is rarely to be met with, beiug selections from private stocks that have beeu leathered together by various Noblemen and Geutleineu who prided themselves on their juJginent; more tn&n 5000 dozen in bottle is now congregated, beside a vast quantity in wood w.J. M. has also the honor to call the attention of Merchants and Gentlemen to his Establishment in the City, under the management of his Hon, i nr. 1UHHI AMU NOUTll AMERICAN lUKKMi 1 HOUSE, CO'.'K TAVERN 4SUBSCRIPTION ROOM, Yis-a-vis the New Royal Kichange ; the whole is iu the inost imputaut position in the City,possession every information, as regards the Subscription Room, Irom all parts of the world, the proprietor haviug pleitited liimaelf to procure the earliest intelligence. The chargesuc on the most moderate scale consistent with the respectability of the house. The Furniture is entirely new, the Sleeping department replete with comfort ; iu fact, no establishment iu the city can *j surpass this in its general accommodation. It is admirably situated as regards tne Northern, Eastern, and S. Eastern Rail- . ways, being but a few minutra drive (rotn their various termini. ; A Porter is appointed to attend through the night, for the 1 benefit of those nrriving or departing by the train gil5 3wigb UNITED STATES HOTEL OF PHILADELr ] PHIA. 1 ALL trave'lcrs who have passed the days and nights of their r sojourn in Philadelphia at this fine establishment, speak in t terms of uupialifiril praise of its accommodations, its table I and management. The arraugemen's of the house are admira- J hly systematic, and there are substantial c unfurls to be found r in (his Hotel that will be appreciated by most persons, such as a clean, (juiet, and we!!-lurmsheil house, a well-supplied read- l ing room, anil a host whose constant efforts are directed to reli- 1 der this u ausiou a highly agreeable rasott for respectable tra- | vellers. Mr. Rea, by his politeaud alf?bl? deportment, said his uurciniitrd personal attention to the tables, and the general I cotillon of his guests, wigs favor from all who frequent his honse, I Those who iu the morning prefer to indulge iu the "sweet c restorer balmy sleep," instead of attending to the breakfast summons, find at tne hour which suits their own conveuieuce, i a table set lor their especial use, with several servants in at- ' tendance to consult their wishes, and have any delicacy which 1 tlie house affords, prepared with celeiity for their gratification. I The dinner is served in n light, airy, and spacious diuiug room, overlooking a warden, and is a rei?st that would do credit to c any Hotel in the eonntry. ? The situation of this house is decidedly the best in Ph ladelulna, brine on Chesnut sr. otinAsire the Rnnk of United Utiles? I the very centre of fashion aud business of the city. s m 111 m * r _ < THK NEW MIRROR?All the arrangements for the puhli- ' e it ion of this new periodical being now compleied, the first unmbvr will be issued on Saturday morning. the eighth ol April next. Each number will be adorned with an original e'clung on steel, by J. G. Chapman, illuslialing the letter-press, and will contain sixteen super-roval octavo pages, enclosed in a neat cover. Those who wish to receive the work from the commencement of the volume, and thus secure a complete set with all ihe embellishments (as onlv a limited edition will be 1 printed) can do so by leaving directions at the office of publication, No 4 Annstreet, near uioadway; or at 136 Nassau strret, corner of Beekmau street. City snbscfbrn will have the paper left by carriers, and to those tesidinii at < distance it will be lorvrard"dby mail, with the utmost regularity. Teims Three Dollars per anrum, invariably in adt'uee. GEORGE P. MORRIS, Editor and Proprietor. New York March St, 1843. m21toAp8r /NAUTIOfT?O'CONNELL 'S IRELAND, NATIVE A-7 AND SAXON?Genuine Edition?Krom the unprnicio'ed attemrti about to be ir ade to circulate spurious editions of this valuable work, the subscribcis deem it necessary to guard against all imposition, by publishing the following card To Messrs. Casierly and Sons, Booksellers, and Publishers, New York. Gentlemen I li reby au'hoiize yon to sell my new work, entitled " A Memoir or Ireland, Native and Saxon and I do heiehy constitute and ap|Kiint vou the sole publishers thereofin America No edition whatever has my sanction except that published by, and under the firm of "Casserly an J Boni." I am, gentlemen, your obed'ent servaut, Dublin, Jad. 27, 1813. DANIEL O'CONNELL. It is liop-d that no re<|>ecLable Bookseller will sen- lion so gross a violation ol the dis inguislied author's expressed wiih, by keeping the sputinus edition for sale. CASSERLY & SONS, 108 Nassau st. * #* The genuine rdilion, vol. 1. [the only vol. yet written,] will be ready in a few davg. m26 6t*ec TMI'ORTANT?GERMAN SILVER! GERMAN Sll 1 VER.?JAMES O MOFFET, 121 Prince street, N. Y., offers for sale, wholesale and retail, 1300 lbs of German Silver, at the lowest market pricea. CT7" In consequence of manufacturing the article himself he can warrant it far superior to any ever before manufactured in this country, and fully equal to the imported. TO CEDAR WARE COOPERS: JAMES O. MOEFET Manufacturer, 121 Prince street, N. Y? offers for snle. wholesale and retail, a superior lot of ( oo pert' Brass, Pail Eirsiaud Hi veil, at tli? lowest marliet prices. TO UMBRELLA MANUFACTURERS, ?fc. t JAMES O MOKKET, Manufacturer, 121 Prince street. N. Y., olf.'is for sale, wholeiale and retail, a superior lot of Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Furniture, at the loweit market prices. m 18 lm*r TAMES G. MOKKET, 121 Prince si., New Kork, has alJ ways on hand und offers for sale by J retail, at the lowest market prices, viz German Silver of different thicknesses, a very superio, article : Sheet Brass ; Plate's do; Hoopers' Brass ; Pail Ears and Rivets ; Umbrella, Parasel and Shade Furniture.' Which he warrants in quality equal to auy iu the United States, and of his own manuf leture. OCT" Gold, Silver, and all kinds of metal, rolled at the sltortest notice. ml8 liw*r T Off?In the month of February. 1842. between Buffalo U and this city, a letter enclosinit certificate N ?. 93, dated Jan. 29, 1888, tor fifty shares in the capital stock of the Commercial Bank of Manchester, Miss., standing in my name ? Any persou having found the same, will be suitably rewarded t by forwarding it to the subscriber. New York, Keb 17,1813. I I 19-toap2 *r G. W HATCH. I ur.TKSn k Hdtl'l'ONH Trunk Repository? Ro. 81 VVsi 1 I Iniu street, eo.nur Maiden lane, manufactures and keeps constantly on hand, wholesale and retail, all kinds of Travelling and Packing Trunks, Carpet Bays, Hat and Bonnet Cases. Merchants and others are respecltully invited to call and examine eur stock, befote purchasing elsewhere. Manufactory, 310 Broad street, Newark, N.J. ml2 lm*ee i OF FRENCH MILLINER. Y GOODS- , OPENING of the Spring Knshioosatihe Magazin da Modes, 90 Canal street. .MAD. D. BEHRMAN b,gs to inform her numerous friends and the public that she has just received j from France, an entire new aud beautiful style of Silk mare- , rials for ladies hats, and along with it some cases of Paris silk 1 hats, which fornovel'y and elegance of style never yet wis presented to the public before ' among which is most prr-emi- . ncot a silk ha', called Capotte d'Eleuora, which is uidted em- , hlematical of Parisian taste. Mad'mr B. his juit opened seve- j rai c uri 01 p reucli imported lmey whalciiones and straw hats i i f the choicest style*; alio a lares assortment of Tuscans and < flue Duustaples; also a large and varied asaortmenc of French lawH hats from infants fixes op to ladies?the whole of which [ Mad B. has determined, in Older to meet the exigence of ihe , times, to offer at such low prices, as umit emu i her the con- ; tiuuance of her patrons, who lor many years ha?e honoied her with their command*, aid tiuats to obtain the preference of those whose patronase she now solicits Au early call is rer)iies'ed at the old Freueh estab'ishmeut, Manaziu de Modes, 60 Canal street. Mad. B. has also received au assortment of Paris flowers and ribbous, which for variety and styles, may be 1 Called complete. in2>lm*r J N IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION FOK THE | LADIES.?MRS. LOVE, Corset Maker, No. 60 Lispeuttd , st. calls Ihe a.tcution ot ladles to her important invented Ab- | domiual Supporter for the preservation of the health and , strength during pregDaucy. Plus Abdominal Supporter has called foith the fullest approbation of the most rinineut Medi- , ca mm from the satisfactory results to those ladies who have , used them. It is perfect in its application, action as a support aud prevention allstiain upon the muscles, and ihe consequent Intijrne and ex1 uuita.ion ol the whole system during ptennancy. Nothing that his ever beeu iuvenied, offers so many decided advantages I II in'igoratiug (lie system against every accident ' at the period ot gestation at the same time preteiving the unto- ' al form. Country merchants aud city retailers supplied on ad- ' vanlagcous trrms. Mrs. L >ve at the sauie time calls their attention to her improved Shoulder Elastic Braces, for misses, as ' being the long required desideratum for the expansion of the , chest. Mrs. L. h is secured a patent. She bens lo refer in relation to the above, to the foil >wiiig eminent men of the Medical Faculty?Dr. Francis, Dr F. O. Pond. Dr. McDonald, I rofeasor Uillman.M. D., Professor Parker, M. D., Dr. Ntlson, A. C. ' Castle. M. D , Dr. J. W. Moore, J. Nrilson, M. D., J. W. Francis, M. D. m20 Imr CHEAP CASH 1 TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, , 6'i John ttretl, (near William-) , THK subscriber respectfully snuounces to his friends and the <1. public uvnrr.ilIy. that be has o|a-ned an Establishment on i '> Cheap Cash System, where gentlemen will always find a New and Fashionable Assortment of Cloths, Catsimeres aud Vestings, which will be made up to order in a style ol lit and workmanship, not surpassed by any other establishment in the city,at the following low prices ? Fine Dress or Frock Coats, any color, from fit to f II Hu|i?ifiiir do do do II to 2J Pants of Wool Black, or Fancy Casiimeres & to I Vests of Satin, Silk, Yalenlia, Velvet, fcc., 3 to i Just received, a splendid assoitment|of Spring sad Snmmcr goods, at estraordinary low prices. r rf Gentlemen fnruishinx their own goods can have them made and trimmed, at tha lowest possible prieei f?r C 'ah. mS Imrr JAMKH LACY. , MARTIN'S CASH T A 1 L O HI N C? J K8TABLISHMENT. ' 1M iy illiem Street, Corner ef Arm Street, IB decideiUy tha cheaj'Sit iu the city. There if alwayt an * hand aeele ttstock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, , which will b.? made np to order in the style ol' make, lit, trim mine, he., tli a has given auch general aatiifaetioa during the last Com year a,and at a positive saving ot SO per cent. Ueotlenien are ran netted to call and stamina. Those who fhtoith th'eir own aomls, can l..ivr them , MA DP. AND TRIMMED. ' Ureaa Coals, made and trimmed,-" -(7 no to fl J? , Crock Co.It, do do 1 00 to 9 10 _ Pants and Vettt, 1 75 to 1 00 m OverCoat*. (00 10 1100 " xy Terma?Cash on delivery. ; ivUfm MICHAEL ? MARTIN { AHANUk CREAM CANDY.?Messrs. J. Pease It Hon, I a ' Coufrciioners, 45 Diviifon street, hare brought forth toother delicioua compound to gratify the aweet teeth and i inkles the palates of those' who indulge in toch "sweetmeats " This candy poaseses the line flavor ot the Havana orange, and. we think, cannot fail to receive the patronage of the ladies and kiveri of confectionary in general.?Aurora. 2Sfr "Pap ER.?~ pERSSE k BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street, hare for sale t the lollowing? HO reams news printing 33 by Jo r 200 " " " S3 by 48 250 " " " 32 by 46 1 500 26 hy 37 , 300 28 by 42 t (36 " " 24 by 36 U 350 " " " 22 by 33 p 500 " " " 21 hy 31 o Also, hook |W|ier, 19 by 24, 24 by 26, and 21 by 36. ? They li.ivc also a Urge assortment of writing and wrapping e piper, ol different sites and qualities, Which they offer at the v lowest market puces. mO ?c ? IXTATCHICS L<IWKIT TITAN"" TVTTiT^-Tn^m i?. > n ? ?v (iaher, 331 Broadway, formerly 371 Pearl street, sre 1 selling watches and jewelry lower than any other place iu the * city?(fold watchra is low as fiom (15 toS2"> each. Allwatihes warranted to keep good time, or the money rr lunded. Watches, clocks, innsic br and jewelry, repaired in the beit manner; second hand waiches and old gold and silver taken in etchanx, 0 Or bnnght for cash. AM(?H II THOMPSON, ml iin'in Kit RAMI) ClHHC.K. J i YV^INlJuW (JLASS?50 boles ol tlie Si Helena Crovtn ^ *v ul Its manulacinre, assorted Sire., fri'in I ItO lip lo t0?39 E for sile by WOODHULL k MINTUH vH, n22r If South sucst ^ . >RK I IORNING, MARCH 29, 1 JOHN M. DAVIICS & JONES, 106 WILLIAM STREET. CORNER OF JOHN, LTAVE juil received from recent importations, mid of their I J- own iiiiiiufacturr, a very superior assortment of Rpiiug I foods, consisting of every thine neat, tasty and fashionable in he gentlemen's furnishing line, which added to tlioir former I tock. comprise* an assortment of goods rarely if ever before . outadin one store, annum which are:? CAPS?In every variety, for gentlemen, youth and chil- { dren. CRAVATS?Of plain and figured s*.tio, gro grains,cam- < bricks, he , SCARFS?Of vestinr intia, broche. GLOVES?Of kill, silk, timwii mid cheue linen, lisle, spun silk, Sir, HOSIERY?Of cotton, merino, wool spun silk, lie, UNO Kit OARMF.N I'M? Of shelter knit merino, woolen. ilk, cotton, Sic. LINEN ('OI, LA KS?Plain and Byron, of all qualities and shapes SHIR'i'8?Of linen, muslin, French cambric, plain and with ruffles, Sic. SU8PEN I) KltS?Of en in el ittic, tilk, cotton, lie. OILED SILKS?Of white and fancy colon, warranted not to adhere iu any climate. The above Compriiet only part of their assortment, and purhaters will coutiilt their own internet by examining this sphnid assortment rfgoodt before puichasiug. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at their old established 'ati, Stock, Linen and Oiled Silk Manufactory, VO. 106 VVILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN m3 3tn*ra r OAN Of frao.oon FOR THE PAYMENT OF CONLt TRACTORS AND OTHERS ON THE PUBLIC IVO RKS?The Commissioners ol the Canal Fund, by virtue if the act entitled "An act to provide lor the payment ol Conractors and others on the Public Works," pasted March 16,1843, ' reby give notice, that scaled proposals will be received until ilnnday, the third day of April next, at 4 o'clock in the afterlOon ol that day, lor e loan of Three Hundrea and Twenty I'housand Dollars, for which transferable certificates of stock trill he issued, i.. the name of The People of the Stite of New fork, bearing interest at the rate ol six per cent pet annum, layable oitsiterly, and the principle leimlmrsable at the pleaore of the Commissioners of the Canal Fund alter the year 861. It it to be nnderst ?d, that the Commissioners arc to he at iberty to take a lesa sum, if the offers are not such as iu their ipitnou ae advantageous to the interests of the 9tate. The proposals may be lor the whole or anv part of said loan lot less than Sin.OilO; all |iro|iosals to be sealed up and eudorsed Loan lor the Payment of Contractors and others an the Public iVorks," and enclosed ill an envelope directed to IheComprioler at Albany. The money will be required to be paid on or before the 6th Isy of April nest, in audi Bank in New York or Albany as hall be designated by the Commissioners o( til. ^Cann' Fund. Stockholders residing in the Island 2nd Seua,e Districts,and hose resnliug out of the state, will receive the interest ou the tock held by them, quarterly, at the llauk of the Manhattan 'otnpany in the city of New York; all other stockholders, at he New York State Bank in the city of Albany. Dated Canal Department. Albany, March 16th, 1843. A. C. FL?GG, Comptroller. 9. YOUNB, Secretary of State. (JK.O. P. BARKER. Attorney General. NAl'H'L JONES, Surveyor General. THOMAS FARRINOTON. Treasurer. ni21 toap3r D. S. DH'KlNHON, Lieut. Governor. KTj'RANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, ' Office No. 7 r Wall street. m2l HATS. SPRING FASHION NOW READY.?The subscriber respectfully informs his ft lends, customers, and the public in geneial. that thev can purchase at his store a handsome Short Nap Bilk Hat, a ueat and durable dreu hat, I at the low price of $2 50. Alto, elegant Moleskin Bilk Hati at $1; fiue Nutria Fur I Hall at $3 50?equal in ap|>earance, and bnt little inferior, to I thou gen?rally aold at S4 50. Alio, a general aaiortment of caps, of the neweit pattern*. WILLIAM BANTA, m& lm*r 130 Chatham street. LOOK AT THIS.?Selling off that rich and ipleudid stock of boou and ihoei. 35 cent below cojt. to close the store on lit of April. So ladiei and gentlemen, that are in want of those articles, please eall belore the 1st of April, fo? you will-save all of 50 per cent. Do not forget the No., 92 Canal street, corner of Wooster street, mil to al*r GREGORY it CAHlLL. TOO LS?TOOLS?TOOLS. A LBERTSON'S, Conger's, Hurton's and Gilford's warrant a*. ed Cast Steel Coopers, Carpenters and Shin Carpenters Edge Tools, can be had at wholesale and retail, of OSBUKN A LITTLE, 33 Fulton street. New 1 ork, (10 per cent allowed to merchants) and who keep on band a full assortment of Coopers' Tools, Iron Kivets, Truss Hoops, Stave Jointers, Stock Howells and Crozes. Also, Imi>orters and General Dealers in English, German and American Hardware, Cutlery, Nails, Ac. Ac. CHARLES OSBORN, f U3rn re* C.HAKLES S LITTLE. WORAM & HEATHER, No. 677 BROADWAY, UPHOLSTER ERS. (IT IA H. respectfully inform their Inends and the public, " thatthcy attend to the abo.e business in all its branches, and make up carpets in the neatest and best style on moderate terms. Estimates and coutracts given at the shortest notice. N. B ?All kiuds of old work attended to with punctuality, mil lm*r OKKK.E OK JKKFEKSON INSURANCE COMPA" NY?Office 36 Wsll street. This Company continue their bussness of insurance against loss or damage by fire, on goods, wares aud merchandize and also, on vessels aiiu their cargoes against loss by inland navigation. ' DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Elisha Kiggs i Thomas T Woodruff Benjamin R Kobson I John R Davison Francis P Sage , John H Lee John P Moor* ' Mmi'I Tucker James K Holme* ' Celeb (' Tunis James 1< Whitiug ( Auhiu Bak?i| Wm K Thorn Joseph Drake Irail Uawley : John C Merrill Thomas Mwrell THOMAS W THOKNE, Presidtnt. GEO. T. HOPE. Seerelsrv. m!3 V iltb ' PjOUBLK EXTRA ITALIAN WASH -Tins ntraordi 1 U nary discovery in the art of chemistry, for (he immediate rraoicatiou of danuriff, without the aid of the comb, is for sale ky the inventor P. I'utseddu, 17 park How. It*effic tey and mpMloriiy has been tested hy thousands. It* application im | mediately destroys dmdriff, and rnltivatrs the hair. Priee ft pir bottle, or 2'j cents for a single wish, at the shop, 17 Park Row, Now ork P. PUijSEDDU. 1 mil Ira'r PLUMBE D<\GUERRIAN GALLERY OF PATENT A COLORED PHOTOGRAPHS, corner of Broadway 1 and Murray street, (next door to Peale's Mnseum.)?Plumbe I Patent Colored Daguerreotype Likenesses taken daily, in a i Itil>eriar sty If to say thing ever seen in New York, at fl each, , and a duplicate gratis. Plumbe Patrut Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatus, and Plumbe Patent Electro Gilding Apparatus, with instructions ind Patent Rights, supplied to order. Also, plates, cases, Ike., rerv low. Caution?The vast superiority of the Patent Colored Photo t'aphs. liar nig thrown the old kind entirely into the shade, sereralot the Photographers in New York are attempting to mpose npe. the public by advertising their productions aa 'patent," whereas the oaly patent ever granted by the United Slate* for an improvement in Dagucrreotvpe Portraits, is 1 Plumhe's,"?dated October 21, 1842?and the only place in Sew York where (he patent one can be obtained, it the above atabliahment. ml lm*m OTICE TO DEAFER 8 AND CONNOI88EUK9 IN MADEIRA WINKS.?WELLINGTON A. CAKPER, Commission and Wine Merchant, No. 5 New street. New York, Sole Aeent in the United States lor the celebrated Soiaeliiio Madeira Wines, offers for sale, at moderate prices in J in ouanlitiea to please buyers,his entire stock of that brand. I'.O half pipes and smaller casks, (under Custom House lock.) The Soinelino wines are f om the South Side; they have a oiirh and peculiarly rich flavor, the vintages are from I8l2 to IBM,and b? na justly celebrated in Europe, tlie Erst Indies,aud United Stales. Auother opportunity may not occur in many years to obtain old wines at aery low prices. I W. A. CARTER aaliait* tram the pmblic and his friends a outiiiu uion of thew liberal sapfwrt, aa his wines and liquors n wood and glnsa a79?itvnyssal?cledfrom (lie best in market. m 11 iinr ATOTICE TO DEBTORS.?The late'firm of JOHN K DKLAPLAINB Sc CO. of the city of New York, mer- < "hunts, to close the various debts, bouds, notes, jadKtneiiU, fccJnethem, will gladly receive full payment, and in many cases compromise for much leu than actually due, and they invite Lheir debtors kindly to attend to this notice, as many tnay not , lesire publicity ; as it it their intentiou to dispose at public suction,at the Merchants' Kxr.liange.of all debts, lie. not settled ' by ttaymeul or compromise previous to the first day of May uext. A list of those that do not settle will he published, but as far u convenient, notice will be sent to the gentlemen debtors. Apply to JOHN K. DKLAPLAINB, f8 Wall st. New York, llfh March, 181.7. m!2 lm*gc npo THB LOVERS Ok SUPERIOR BLACK TKA? A Howqna's Mixture?Thu extremely delicious and ut>i>araleled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Knrope, juy imported. it now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's General rea Kstablislunrnt, 121 Chathatnsl New Ye t?iu Chinese ( vuekairns. Price 40 eente arid tl. ml7 Im't DAGUERREOTYPE LIKENESSES TAEkPf, WIT I Al.L THE BEAUTIES OK I NATURAL COLORS, I AND ON A LAKUB SIZKJ I DOCTOR L M. CYRUS, J 231 1ROADWAY, UP STAIRS. O""Likenesses taken every day, from early in the mcming iiitil 3n]cloc.k, P. M. m 18 im*r U. 8. CITY DESPATCH POST: POST 0PK1CK, New York, 25th July, IMA t [TOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted)at the t IT l) per and Lower Post Offices:? ^ettera do posited before . Halt taai I o'clock, A M\ M u .. .. I " P M Will be sent eat far daIt ill the Stations before livery at 9 A M, and 1 , 7 o clock, A M snd 4 o'clock, P M. 11 I t " r m ? Letters to he sent Free, inusthave "Free Sump" affiled to hem, otherwise three cents will be collected of the party to I chom the letter is addressed. No npiney most be enclosed in sitrrs unlets registered at t te | rinci pa! offices. Lists ol (he lad,ins (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at 12,SO per 100. and every information may be obtained on a|>- ' lication at the upper or lower post s ffices. Stamps issued by c he lale CityDespateh Post will be received. It it indispensable hat the nmnber of the residence ationl 1 be stated in afl'letters ; ui ihronah this Post. The Post Master solieiu the earliest information shonld any rreicnlaritie. occur. JOHN LOKIMKit (JllAHAM antS I* ee Posl Slester t IGNITED STATES . TEA EMPORIUM. 121, late 129 Chatham rtreti, Nno York. Aoarrcr 311 Bi.aacua* stbkct. WHOLKSALK AND Kk-TAIL. 1'HK CANTON TEA COMPANY continne to offer for 1 sale new and fraarant Teas of ovary variety and style. Dteir assor'inent specially includes the n.oet delicious and mwerfnl grades ol Oreen and Black E?ery package bears the A tamp of asatnets and elegance, and the Teas therein are ae si horoutfhly seen red from fight and air that th.-ir quality and merer will remain uuimpired in any climate. Their system if prosecuting hnsinou is perhaps scarcely to be excelled. It I founded upon the utmost regard to the rights of ihecnstomt. especially with respect to weiaht and quality,and nnriaJleif cheat nc All purchasers are called upon to return any rtir.les which l*i! to give them the follest satisfaction, which he money will he cheerfully aud promptly refunded. Counry merchant., public esUblislime;iU, heads of families, and hipirmster. will find it a decided advantage to sarpty "?etneli <-n from tins establishment. t'olTee mailed every day. , Orders from all parU of ths United States executed with lomptitnde md despatch. .. , , ? (T'r1, The only warehouse in Amene?| for the sale of Hoe p. . relehr.r.d Tea ml? lin'r iVItttPOOL OKHKLL COAI ?too tons, warranted, a 1-a wry superior article, on board ship Hottingner, west side f ., lurlinc Sop. '"^OUDHULLfclWN-HillNB. b mil *7 South iimL IERA 843. Aasatslnation of Cor]la. The investigation before the Coroner wascontinled yesterday afternoon, at three o'clock, in the Uourt of Sessions. All the jurors were present, and he Court room was comfortably filled Ion* before he hour of meeting, and hundreds were unable to >btaiu admittance. It will be seen that Mr- Joseph Jooper, the gunsmith, who gave his testimony on Vlondav, and then stated that the pistol found in Leonard street was one that he had aold to an e|lerly gentleman in 1889,appeared on the stand again tad contradicted his previous statement in all its naterial points. The person to whom he sold a pisol at that time, called at his store yesterday, and ihowed the pistol then purchased, which resembles he one found in the street almost precisely. Thus Mids all the testimony, as to the identity or trace of he pistol with which Corlis was shot. A woman tamed Redding was also called as a witness, who estified to passing down Leonard street on the night >f the murder, and seeing a woman cross the street n a great hurry, immediately after si e heard the eport of the pistol. She did not see the dead man >n the pavement, although she alleges that she passed directly by the spot where he wus found. The Jury being called, and answering to their tames, the first witness called was? Noah Dillon, who, being aworn, deposed as follows ! stay at the Exchange Office, 3.T1J Broadway, and sleep here nights, I knew Mr. Charles (J.Corlis; 1 hare known lint for atiout six weeks to the nearest of my recollection; ! never worked for him; I became acquainted with him it Mrs. Tucker's in Benson street; I have been acquainted it Mrs. Tucker's bouse all last summer and this winter; have seen Corlis there several times; I hav'nt seen him hern since they first shot at him; I saw him once at the Carlton House, corner of Leonard street, but I dont re. collect the day; I think it was on the day that he was killed; about the middle of the day; I had some conversation with him; he told me to tell Rebecca Hays that he son Id not come there on the evening that he was shot ut, as he * as near being killed; he asked me if I was going home; I told him yes; and he told me what I before said, and atso that he had just come from the Tombs. Q? What day was he killed 7 A?1 don't know. Q?What day was it you spoke to bim?was it the day that he was shot 7 A?No, I did not see him that day; the day he told me to tell Rebecca Hays, was the day after he had been shot ' i-i -r.? ?i.~, :.....i.ri.i. ?'l 1 IIIIUUHVU OHO HlOV tUIIIUIg Ulll VI UU house in Leonard street ; that was one day before he whs killed; I had no conversation with him then ; he never told me he was afraid of being killed; he did not say who had shot at him. Q?Where were yeu when he was shot ? A?I cannot tell exactly where I was when he was shot, hut 1 was at the Exchange Ottico, corner of Broadway and Anthony streets when 1 heard of it ; I went up to the Carlton House and saw a urowd around it; I there learned that he had been shot, and taken into the reading room of the Carlton House: I then went to the house in Benson street, No. 3, and went into the front door and told thrm ol it; the first person I saw was the chambermaid, ir. the parlor ; I told her what had happened; I then went down into the basement and called " Miss Rebecca;" I asked if she was alene, and being told she was 1 went into her room which is in the front basement; 1 saw her there; she was standing up, and hail on her night clothes; I told her that Charley was dead; then, says she, his a?s is cold; (laughter); she did not appear to believe it; she then said, what do you want to lie for? I told her, il she did not believe it to send Mary, the chambermaid, to see; her and Mary then both started out, and Mary went up to the Carlton House and enquired, and 1 went about my business) Mary went back to the house; that is 4bout as far as I know about it. When I told her, she said, how could 1 tell such a story, as she had seen him that afternoon at 360 Broadway in the carriage door. I was not in the house again that night. The next time I saw Rebecca Hays she said, " well, Noah, they've killed poor Charley at last;" I think this was the next day. Q?Bv Jiihoh?Noah, did vou ever carry any letters from Rebecca to Mr. Corlis? A?I have several; they were sealed; I do not know whether his name was on it or not; I never carried any other letters to Mr. Corlis; when I told Rebecca that Mr. Corlis said he conij not come, she asked if he said he was coming that evening. The names of Joseph Cooper and John Rust were callBd, but they did not answer. * John Hunt, calle 1 and affirmed?I reside at 4:1 Leonard droet, and am a cartmun by occupation; I knew Charles 3. Corlis by sight, but was not particularly acquainted ivith him; 1 cannot recollect when I last saw him; I never heard Mr. Corlis say that he was afraid his lile would ib taken; I am not acquainted with either Mr. or Mrs. Jolton. SI?Do you know anything in relation to Mr. Corlis beng shot? A?No, I do not; 1 suppose I was brought here in relaion to somu conversation that passed between myself and Jerky Hays. Q?Do you know Rebecca Hays? A?I do. Q?Have you ever had any conversation with her relaive to this affair? A?I had at one time?it was ahout two weeks ago tonarrow?after Corlis had been shot at.* Q?What was the purport of that conversation? * A?She asked me if I knew Charles?I told her I did? he asked me if 1 had heard of the muss?I told her I had; >he then asked if 1 knew what it was about?I told her I supposed it was for being with Mr. Cotton's wife?then ihs said either " Jlamn him, or God damn him, that is the reason thai he don't come here," and then added, " I hope lo God Collnn will shoot him." 1 believe that was all the conversation 1 ercr ha I with her relative to this matter? shu made no threats herself. Jnsrrii Coorr.n, : uiismith, was re-called (J?Have I learned anything since yesterday, relative to the pistol? | A?res, ?ir, l nave, a genuem?n caiieu on inu inn morning, and said that he was the person to whom I had old the pistol that 1 described in my testimony on Monday, lis then took a pistol out of his pocket and showed it to ma, which resembles the one shown here yesterday verv much. He told me that the young man that was with lira had gone to Trinidad; 1 did not ask him his name; I im satisfied that I was mistaken yesterday, and I cannot tow tell who it was to whom I sold the pistol ihat was ihown here then; I think I am certain that I put the band in that pistol shown me yesterday. [Witness wos here requested to point out the man in iourt if he saw him; he said he could if he had his hat on. lohn Andrews, of the Knickerbocker, who was said to lare resembled the elderly man that purchased the pistol, lei e stood up with his hat on, but Mr. Cooper said that he was not the man ] Johis Asdrf.wj called and affirmed?I reside at the Knickerbocker, in Park Row. Q? Did you ever purchase a six barrelled pistol of Mr. Cooper, in Broadway? A?No, sir, 1 never had one in my hand. Q?Are vou acquainted with Mr. Colton 1 A?Yes, sir; I have known him for three or four years; [have never seen him with a six barrelled pistol in his hand; I am not particularly intimate with Mr. Colton. [The pistol was here shown witness, who said he had never seen it before. | have not seen Mr. Colton for lour weeks previous to seeing him here in Court; 1 have had no conversation with Mr. Colton relative to Mr. Corlis, nor did I know Mr. Corlis. JohisRust was here again called and sworn?I live at 197 Spring street. Q?Were you in the neighborhood of Leonard street and Broadway on the night that Mr. Corlis was murdered 1 A?I came down Broadway, on the right hand side, a >w minutes past seven o'clock; I saw a great number of People collected around the Carlton House, corner ot Leonard; 1 made no enquiry, but passed on; on the block letween Leonard and Franklin, before I arrived at the darlton House, I picked up a small handkerchief. Q? Have you got that handkerchief ? A?I have. Q?Please present it. [Witness hero gave it to the Coroner, and he handed it o the Jury. It is a lady's gauze neck handkerchief, of orlinary size, with a yellow and orange border.] by Juror?Did you ever find an owner for that handlercluef ? A?No, sir. Euzsiiicth Reddish called and sworn?i live at 07 lannon street. Q?Were you in the neighborhood corner of Broadway ind Leonard street on Monday of last week? A?I was about seven o'clock, I crossed Broadway and ..eonard street at the Carlton House. H? What did you see and hear? A?I missed down bv the side of the Carlton House and lesrd tfie report o( a pistol; I then saw two men come nit of the Carlton Heuie. Q?Did you nee a man and woman standingand talking n Leonard atreet. A?No, I did not. , Q -How far was yon from Broadway when you heard he reiwrt of the pistol? A?1 waa a few >teps below Broadway, in Leonard j treet. Q -Did you proceed on I A?Yell did; I went straight down Leonard atreet. ' Q?Did you see any person lying upon the walk? A-No, I did not. (d_Pisiiug down Leonard street did yon see a female? 1 A? Yet, / iaw out running aerott Leonard ttrtot tnwardi ?/m; it appeared at though the had come nut of Btnton ' 'reef: ?Ae/?msd down Elm itreet. q? Did you meet any one coming down Leonard itreet? A-No,Idid not. I (4 ? Did this woman run very fast? A?Yei she did, across the atreet. q?Which way did ihe go? A?Hhe turned down Elm street anil ran very fast. 4?Did you notice whether she was a largeor email wo- 1 an. I A?She was not very tnllj not as tall ns 1 am. J Q Did ytU notice her dress? ! A ?Y?s, she hod on a light hat and a dark veil. 4?Did you notice the trimming of the hat I A - No, I did not?1 think her veil wns thrown up 14- Did yon notice any other part of her dressl A I think she hail on a short cloak hut I could not ray ' oaitire?it was ofdark coUr. I did not notice her dress, ' ut I think it was dark. q? When you was passing down Leonard street where LD. Ww VWI Mall. aid you hear the report ?t the putol-hefore you or behind you 7 A?It wai before me. Q?Did you hear any outcry 7 A?I did not?I did net know that any taely ? ?? killed until after I went hack?It might have t>?eu half an-hour or perhana three quarter* before I returned.. Q? Did you *ee any man run alter the report of the piatol? A?No, I did not; I law two men on the itepa at the bar. room door of the Carlton Houae a* I paaaed down; I do not know whether they had their hat* on or not H?How near were you to Broadway when you heard the report of the piatol f A?Not more than flvivMep*. fly Jituoa?What made you notice the woman crouing the street? A?Became it was to strange to Me a woman crossing thiough the snow. Q?Diil you see a man lying on the parement when you ppssfil down/ A?No, I did not. Q?Old you meet any black woman on your way down? A?No, I did not; I was not more than thirty feat from the woman when she crossed the ntreet. Q?Did not the pistol alarm you so as to make you walk fpjter I A?NO) K did not ; I did not 'think anything about it. Q?Did yotl see that woman's face T A?No, I did no(. Samukl. A. Sutdah W#s called and sworn.?i raaide at 31 Courtlandt street. Q?Are you acquainted with Mr. Colton T A?Yes, sir, intimately. Q?Did you see Mr. Colton last Monday week 7 A?Yes, sir. Q? Did you see him more than once? A?Tes, sir. Q?When was the first timet A?About noon?I was with him nearly an hour. Q?Where did you see him at that time 7 A?At 74 Vesey street, his place of residence. Q?Did he go out with you on that day ? A?He did not; I think not. q?Did you leave him at the house about the middle of the day ? A?I did. Q?What time did you next see him on that day t A?About fifteen or twenty minutes past six o'clock. Q?Where did you then see him ? A?At 24 Vesey street. Q?What part el the house did you see him in 7 A?In the front parlor. Q?Did you find him in the house when you went there 1 A?I did. Q?How long were you with him at that time 1 A?About ten minutes. Q?Did you than leave the house 1 A?I did,sir. (i?Did you see him again after that on that evaning 7 A?T did not, air. Q?Was there any one else there besides you and him7 A?I think not; Mr. Parsons may have been there. Q?Had you any engagement with Mr. Colton that evening? A?I had not, sir. q?Were you back at that house that evening? Q_No, sir. Q?When did you last see Mrs. Colton previous to her arrest? A?On the 8th day of March. Q?Did you not see Mrs. Colton on Monday week. A?I did not. Q?When did you last see Mr. Parsons previous to the day of Corlisl death 7 A?I saw him on that day, and was in the habit of sac. ing him frequently, almost every day. Q?Can you recolloct the latest hour you saw Mr. Parsons on that day? A?I cannot. Q?Did you see him after Mr. Colton had been arrested on that (lav? A?No, s'ir. <4? Have you ever had any conversation with Mr. Colton relative to hit difficulties with Corlis7 A?I have frequently. Q?Have you ever heard Mr. Colton make uae of any threatening expressions towards Mr. Corlia? A?Never, nr; 1 believe I heard Mr. Colton aay once that he had better not; I once told Mr. Colton that Mr. Corlia had told me that he would have Mra. Colton, and that Mr. Colton eould not help hiraaelf, aa he would take her; Mr. Colton replied that it would not be good for him, or he had better not try it; that ia the only threatening ex. preaainn that I have ever heard from Mr. Colton. Q?Did Mr. Colton carry a piatnlt A?I have seen him carry a pis ol. Q?Hid he carry oae generally 7 A?1 do not know. Q?When did you first see him carry one 7 A?About the 17th or 20th of February I aa w him have one at 24 or 26 Veaey street. Q?Had he pistols in his honse 7 A?He hail. Q-What kind if r's'-l- "rr * A?Twelve inc h Q?What kind i A?Single bar Q?Have you ? witness the six h A?I have not I loM By Jraon?Ha ' *i ?t yi>? * A?Never tint r iQ?Were Mr. Colton ano Mr. corlia intimate i A?1 do not think they ever spoke together. <4?What were the purport of the conversations between yourself and Mr. Colton relative to the intiaaacy between Corlia and his wife 7 A?I intimated to him about the 14th oi November last that Mr. Corlia was the man. Q?He asked me how I knew > A?I told him that I had been to see Mr. Corlis and charged him with it and he had acknowledged it. f ? iak In rulala vaiip AnnvArihlinn with Mm Corli* ami also with Mr. Colton. A?I charged Mr. Corli* with the abduction of Mm Colton and also with the property-, Mr. Corli* aaiil he woulil justify it. Q?When you told thii to Mr. Colton what did he tay t A -He wept. (1?Did he make use of any threatening e*pre??ion* 7 A?He did not Q_Wa* the tenor of the conversation of Corli*of a threatening character toward* Colton 1 A ?I deemed them such. Q?Did you hear him make u*e of anv poiitive threat* ?inch as he would kill him, or he would shoot him ? A?No ; never. Q?Did Colton ever say to you that he would he revenged upon Mr- Corli* 7 A?He never did, *ir. Q?Did he ever intimate to you in any way that he meant to be revenged for tha injury that Corli* nad done him? A?He never did. Q?Where were you at or about seven o'clock on the evening that Corli* wa* killed ? A?1 was at the corner of Park Place and Broadway at seven o'clock. It?Were you at the corner or in the house ? A?I was in the house. Q -Where did you first hear the >eport of tha death of Corli* 7 A?At Florence's?at about eleven o'clock that evening. (The slug was here shown witness.] Q? Have you ever seen slugs of that description in the hands of Mr. Colton Y A?I have not seen any so large?none but those for his duelling pistol. Q? Have you ever seen such slugs with any body else) A?I do not remember ; I think not. nay? you c?n uou wuut?ii<?iuii nnu ,tu?, Colton relative to her intimacy with Corlia T A?I have, air. Q? Praviouato her aepaiation 7 A?No, air ; I do not know what von mean by a aepara tlon , I have no auch knowledge; the laat time I aaw her waa on the 8th of March. Q?Did yon then have any converaation with her? A?I did; 1 thought aha waa then living with her huaband. Q?Did yon ever hear her uae threatening expreaaiona towarda Corlia? A?No, I never did; I heard her aay that he waa prow, ling about the door of the houae. Q? Did ahr apeak of it aaoffenaive. A?She did. Bv Juror?Waa eleven o'clock the first you heard of the death of Corlia f A?It waa, Dr. Ai.ktaivdkr E. Hosacr re-called?The conrae of the ball was diagonally with the hemiaphere of tha brain. ... ? Q-Do you think it waa poaaible that Corlu committed auicide? A?1 think not. ?)r. Mivrvan Post recalled?I read tha notaaof Dr. Honck, a* given in hia teatimony yeaterday, and concur with him. Mra. Rrddiivo waa re called?Waa it vary dark whan you waa in Leonard at, and when yon paaaed through it on Monday of luat week? A?It waa; a man might have been on the aide walk, and I not have seen him; I ahould think the Carlton honaa waa twice aa long aathia room. VV in.1am Nibi.o, a young man, called and a worn i live at No. 70 Spring street; I waa peaaing up Broadway in Monday evening of laat week, about aeven o'clock, near the Carlton Houae ; it waa about a quarter past aix tuhnn I arricAil at thft rorniir of Rmalatv and LAonard itreeti; I did not (top there: I (topped at 300 Broadway, at the ?tairs of Mr. Corlla"* Saloon, and was talking with Mr. Charles Corlis; I remained thorn about five minutaa, and then went home up Broadway; I waa not down town again during the evening; there waa no one present with me during that conversation with Mr. Corli*; I was in the habit of seeing Mr. Corlis at hia Saloon; 1 have hoard him make u?e of apprehensions of- danger when ho has been spoken to about it; I oannot recollect that ha mentioned any names. By Jraoa?Did you see afemal 1 backwards or forw ards, while vou were talking U .r Corlia 1 A?1 did; it was just as I was about leaving; I made tha remark that a lady was there and 1 would not interfere; ihe ha.I on a light hat and veil but it waa thrown aaida From her face; I did not aee her race; I cannot any whether he recognised the lady or not wkilo I waa talking to him. WtTsas wai^ealled but did not answer. The Coroner here stated that he had hnt a few more vitnesses to examine, and theaenot being here,be thought t beet to take a recess until seven o'clock, when-lhey s onld re assemble and cenclude the inveatigation tolight. Kvuffinn Sssetoo Tha layaatigativu was resumsJ at 7 o'clock. Mra. Ctl*

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