Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1843, Page 1

March 30, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. U.?No. ??.?Wholt No, 3309. To the Public. THE NF.W YORK HERALD?dailynewspaper?published every day of the yew except New Year's day and Kourth of July. Price 3 cunts per copy?or $7 30 per annum-postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HEJlALD-puhlishedevery Saturday morning?price cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postage* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald i* over THIRTV THOUSAND, and increasing nut. /( hat the. largest circulation of any paper in iMi city, or the world, and ii therefore, the hett channel for businest men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaornieToa or the HraAi.n Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets aHOUSt-.S TO LET AT YOKKVlLLft.-s urge houses on the corner of 84th street and 3d avenue; either of d ew is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises it a fine stable, rowliug al'ey, sail a line garden c muslins of 8 ois, with frnpe vine*and fruit trees thereon, h or terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORKILL, Esq., m8 ?wr No. H Charrhars ft. M'l'O LET?The uptier p-rt ol the stere No. 7 New street, af-w doors from Wall street; the second story has two offices, and it is adapted for a merchant or lawyer. Also, rhe three storv home 31 Walker st between Broadway and CI urchst, an ricellent situation for a geuteei family, oceui'itil by Mr. Verphnclt. The brick slot' corner of Pike anil Oerry streets, occupied by Messrs. Valentine St Co., aa teed store, desirable ntuitiou. Tlir convenient two story hotiae with attic rooina, borinrnt and counter teller, No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. We# ka Tiie two atorv brick house. No. 73 Gold street, one door from Spruce st , formerly owned by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The rents will be moderate. Appiy in MR. UELAPLAINK, 68 Wall street, mi; lm*r iu cilice No. 9, cor. of Water st. MI'O LET ? In Deau stre? t, near Smith strec, tlrooklyo, the splendid three story hour*, finished in the heat manner, with two lots ol ground attached. Also, coach , stables. 4tc. A variety of the most choice trraiie vines. Also, several Irnit trrrts, with a well and pump of eicel'ent spring water on the premises This property is well calculated or the accommodation of a resreetablr fimily, to whom it will be let for one year or more on accommodating terms, by applyi ng to JOSEPH McMURRAY, mR r _ 100 Pine sireet. JmjL 'I O LffT?\ pleasant two story house cu'itniiuiig 3 bi d ro. ins. an open qariet, two sitting rooms, front and ''iiftft'1 . v ""I 01 wner, i|nn pian. iruut and rir Inquire a' 95 Kldridge it A's<>. to lei, two rooms, biuement I i liar, enquire at 241 Division ?t mll2w*sc MTO LET?The I'm 1 irk store. No. If5 couth *t, with immediate t ? i ii r> mired, app'v to V MillULL St MIN iUHN, m''?r 97 iSontli street. Tti . RT i. H II. Mil s, I No. 145 W ..iter -ireel, J m lie must modern ..JJBlst.le, witli rouble mailt. pieces and folding doors throu.hout Apply to JOSEPH Mc.MURHAY, >o?3i 100 Pine street. Mil) LET?A Stil Loft in store Na. 61 Souch street, ou reasonable ter m. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, ui lr On the pieniiaes. dl'KH L T?In store No. (.9 Sooth street. Apply to JOSEPH Mc.MURHAY, I' lB 140 I'.ue street. I llec a FOR ?AL outry residence at Hempstead Vi d; a large well built House, inc ttajt ><nus, Sheds, Ac.,and ten acres of first rate land, in Otrdeu well stocked with shrubbery, fruit trees, fcc.. in a high state of cultivation; it is located or Fulton street, less than a half a mile of the New York and Look Island Railroad, which has a communication with tlii' city several tunes a day, end at a rate of (are v. ry intich reduc-d Irom former pi ices, making it a most desirable resi. euce for a person retiring from the city, or one who may wish to do business iu the city. A portini of the m ney can remain on mortgage, sud the balance can be paid in dry goods or groceries at marker prices. For further pa>tirtiUrs, apply to JOHN ?. vuukh1b.9, doob siore. No 24 Na via at. N. Y., or JOHN J.MARSHALL. Poalmaifer. m8 3w Mamuoneck, Weslehtster o., N. Y. a FOR SALE ?A small place in Far Kockaway, L I., sima-td on the turnpike between ilie Toll sate and David T. Jennings', between fits and mix acrea of land, two ac<r? cleared, and out aet out in worLed peach treca, with a am?ll h"nae ihereon Alto i Lola on 41-t aireet, 3J0 feet from the S'h Arenne, For tor hci i irti-ul ira app'y to John L. Norton, Jr., at Dr. A. L. 4nri rson. . Knat Bnadwiy. tr24 6'*r si'A~foTsA^D KAMIIONABLE HOTELTN 1'HILAD-Lt HIA. Jf.t 'f lie! f>ahi*n hie Hmd, Marshall House, capable of arc'iiPinoitatit g ISO persons, ailnate in Chestnut afreet, j-'.'JyL hcfw rn fitii and Tih atreeta in I hiladt-lphia,having been re cutlv much improved and repaired throughout, is t? be let at a reduced lent, far a term of \rare. Apply to UAMUtib POWEL. 207 Oesluut ltrcct, or to J0SE1H B. TUWNSEND, ^ni*r 30"} Ajbh tlreet._ jjy? F \' M Foil PALE com Mumg 35 acrca, the greater JfJJflll it ii wl.uliu toe i 'f " d plough la d, with'a good ,*i J i it na, f of nlA'r IvuiC"* - eC Willi Jfl uiKSr* c< oil turn c ? home, carriage hnnar, com crib, and sheds. Tor carle, '.raeiher wiJi a good dwelling house and well or y\ Iter at' < < oor; aaofficiency of firewood; ihere is a terar taihng rparn of water lUuiiing ih'Ongh the 'and The above f.'rin is'ed abooi three teilea from EUz ibrth town, VJ , on the main mad to vveillirld, and within two hundred yarda ol tie top ping place of the E'ir-abriht'iwn and bomerville Hnlroad e;rs. Auy lurtlier description it nut necessary, as persona wishing to purchase will view for themaelvea. For pri'e and psriicn'aia. at>ply to John D. Murdoch, on the pre mia< ?. or Jame. Doff. No. 148 Rivington aireet, N. Y. N H ? Th.? would be a desirable location for a pcra"n doing lnsine<a iu New Yn k, beiog witbia two honra ride of the city. March llth. It'S. mtO 8w*ec TOD TT MORANUE having taken tlui Ma'shall Houae, corner i l. of Binadwav and Reed atreel, and fitted it uu commodions'y I"." die rrrep ion of boardem, woald moat teapectfnlly anoeunca to the f iraeiitiui in the United btalea, that he haa ample arcomniodatiou fc a large number of gentle ncu, wiih or will out their wives, during the reenter Holidays. Pip tons feeling desirous of making the Marshall Honae ihctr home for any period, will find th?t no attention or cx|ienae shall be ap ted to reader them comfortable, and the pricei moderate tc mil lire limes. m2l >w*r E.\OLI?H ADVERTISEMENT?Notice to Masters ol Vessels and oih ra visiting Liverpool on business or plem are?Mrs tiors-ch. late of the Washington Hotel, Dega respectfully t? iCform her numerous American (tit V thai rhe hasreinored Irom Saint PanlaSqnare to No. 56 Duke street, Lirerj mil, a few minutes walk Irom the Cnstnrn Honae, which private house it lilted up with every comfort Mid convenience, ami trusia to be favored with a contiunancs of that sgpporl ac many years afforded to bar. ml Imr RfciMUVAU.-l lie omcc ! mr jruriMj > a vv.'.,. hi baa Item ihi< day remjred 10 36 Wailtlfaat, oiipc >il the M rclistm* t.icluuac. "'13 ec T) EMOVAL ?P. MAEB, HurDreuer mil VVi| Mtkfi, hai *V r> mi ?ed from 162 to 169 dr > idw > , a few diori belnw (hi t'renblm H"u?e, and opposite John street Hating fined up i w? mom i> .he momt fashionable "ty'e, he will continue th< i-mf tiuaineas and will be ideated to lee hit old friendt am puiotu and others who tnav.honoi him with a call. He ha? alti prit.K" rooms f>r ladiet hair dressing and jauipooiuft Tim powerful of Jampooiiy it coutidere I by thousands m New Yorkers and ariangers at one of the heallhiett articlei fo th< cure of dandruff anJ strengthening of the i.air?approval by the Karalty of Medicine in Paris, and patented at Washing l pi. Nollm.* it more pleasant and delightful than to go ihrougl iliia operation iu the liandt of P. .VIAE 8. mi6tvt*ec BILLTAKU SALOON. NO. i BARCLAY STREET, THRK.K DOORS BELOW THY. AMERICAN HOTEL. pllICK REDUCED to Oue Hkilliot wt Hundred, from r A M. P M.?The subscriber inforuit his Iriendt am the public iu geueral, thatne hat Kite N'-w Billiard Tablet, n tepirale apartments?two in theut per Irunt taloon?two in tin ret. tiloon, am) one la the fiont room?all in firtt rate order. Each net lb nut visiting the ettablithment will be lornithti V .ill a i.r.vai. i ti^ .air hit raurcial nte?the tablet being ID dll Iitrent a|M/tuir?ta lii? |tr>'i't><tnr ilimk&t will rtldtr itmon ?i lert an' avrreahle to geiith an visiting ins house. ALSO, TWO ?INK BOWLING ALLEYS IN THIi BASEMENT. His Bar will always be ttnc.ed with the choicest Wines am Liqu<>ra and ihr best Sonars to be had?"If. Sherry Cobblers Mint Juleps, faucliai; made m a manner uotto be surpaaasa N B ?The apaitments have undergone a thorough rrfituni ?new tmper, painting. iie. (r^Grntlcaseu will please to communicate aay neglect o duty uf the attendiut>, at the bar. KKANCIS MONTKVERDE. mrh't 1m*r 5 Bare ay street. metallic" razor^trcJF WITH FOUR SIDES, inrrnted by O SAUNDERS V> lor keeping Razors nlw*y? in order?it produce n imooih and thin edge to a tar,or in a tenth part of thi tune required on a hone, without using oil or Water. No olhe at c'r of the kiyd lias erer been so universally known and an prorrd of, harii.i been fur the last tweiuy-tire yeais iu cotntan use in in aily nil the cutlery establishment iu Europe, am there acknowledired to hare no equal. In New York v.'here it was invented, it received first premiums at the Amen can limtitnte erery time it was presented for compelitiou, am Itr dually (without the aid ?f puffing,) established a repitatioi in all i aru ol America, ?f being the only Kazor Strop that wil ketp razeus in pcrlcct order. Certificates are n the possession of the inventor from thi mmt scientific gentlemen of both countries, speaking highly o th. anteriority. When takiug into coosntrrauon that thot. geullemrn have no interest in ihe sale of .he article, am gi?e theii testimony without solicitation, speaks volumes in it fr.vor. It is the only Strop that hat been deemed worthy o imitation and ounutrrlei'iBg. The great number of thoae klom Would at unp it as beiug the dims* ol perfection. Thai it may be mine satisfactory HI ti e public, the names o hoar gentlemen who have alien certificates as^o the merits o the Strop are here published?General James Tallmadge, Preti dent ol ihe America liistiluln ; ftof. J. hu Griscom. Dr. Va eiitme Mott, and Mr. Millikeu,cutler to the Royal Navy, 30 Bound vi inii.icioiy 103 Broadway, New York, mt lia?r r| "HE Gceeral Aatumbly al iheTi'rench Baaevoleut tiri u ty * held on He 13,1 inst., was adjourned in accorda re wilh tn. 32.1s uclr of the c onsti.uuon; the members are there ore re i;octled to attend au a jcuriied general meeting,on the lato uesi, at hall-past 1 o'clock, I'. M ,at vteisrs Deltmnito' I in on er to decide whether the achool abali be maiutan rd o ab'li?h i, which would render mcetaary the amendment o eni'praealonof artic.l, .6 and 19 of the Cot atitutton Bv onltr ol the I'rrairtetu, K. KOK'f, Beeretary. New > oik. Much V41h, 1843. in2> i.'Atr LilNiKlW ANu MAfiorthaTEK. INDIA RUB HER (H)ODS. WHOLESALE ANU RETAIL, No.| Wall ?treet. Th *? mbacnoor hu rnccieed and often for tale a larne airorl raent ol imported India Hnbbar Water Prnol Uooda, ?i?: Co\u .4 t' ipea, ol anperior Laum, Caahmera Lama, Fenian M'nnn and Cotton, of all colon and aitca. CI >th~!ndia Knhher, Water I'rool, auper Lama, Lama Pet atari and Cotton, orepejeJ tor latlon. In.ha Rabbrr WabBtncr for iraoendeia, coroeta, tic. JC lm*r CHAI* A ?I'A H A M *4IN UKAL HAVANA 8lOAIl?,-Th? loreri ol a enniui XV h.ivhiii Megar won d <lo well to call at CO Bmanw.iy n r'a> I' ? ' ife Tortoui, between Liaerty and Cidaiatreeta lat ww?h p! c? they can find the largeat ata..rtinent in the citl ot the nb. ii named luvorv. t. ill and he aatiafied m to I p. ee A NO|. I CWKVKII. T I V*F.F.D OIL?83 raakaauperior quality Kntliah Linaeei j Li Oil, atioat, and for aale by mttr WOODHULL:?t MINTURN, r South at. m n i NE iHSSOU N If I'TLOT. fXWKS_ PRKSCOTT, Pilot lor Nrw Bedford, Nantuck Shoals, Bos toil, Portsmouth, Portlaud, Kennebeck, ai other ports. Office at Krye U Bhaw's Nvuical Store, 2 Water, corner Beekman street, S. Y.?Vice* *ersa Adams' ? press, Boston, three days before wauteJ. Charge die same i from Gay Head. m4 Mar m M M M PACKKT8 KOK MARSK1LLKS?The undermentioni tbii's wili bo lepuUrly diipatched from hence and from Ma aeilles on the lit of each month daring the year, thnv? From New York. Marseille MINKRVA, Capt Brown, N'.v 1. Jan 1 H'KY THOMPSON, Cap Sylreitar, Dec 1. Fob 1 COURIER. Capt Dugan, Jau I. Mar 1 TKKSCOI'T. Capt Lawwrea. Feb 1. Apl I, Marl. Mayl CORIOLANUS,Cap Hiule, Aril. ,, Jun 1 They are all coppered aud copper fastened,aud hare excelle accommodations for pause intersThe price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive 01 wini and liquors. Uoods addressed to BOYD 8c HINCKEN, the a gents. wi bo forwarded free of other hiu-gea tonn thoie actually |>aid. For lreighl or passage apply to G. BROOM k CO., or to o22r BOYD & HINCKEN. AgcnU. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN KOkAL MAI STEAM SHIPS, Of I20?ltou* aud 440 hone power each. Under contract with the Lordi of the-Admiraltr. g HlBERNlA, C. H. K. Judkins, Commander ? BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, K. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Hyrie do I COLUMBIA. K. C. Miller, K N do Will aail froui Liverpool and Buatoi., via HaUfav at follow rnoM Livaarooi.. ruoM boitob. Acadia, Ryrie, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia, Hewiu, Ap'l 4 May 1 Hiberuia. Judkius, Ap'l 19 May 16 The accommodations tor naaawnatl an- superior. The ve>sel* are nccempanted by experienced surgeons, ai amply aupplird wiili Frances' Patent Life Boata. Passage reduced to $120. No Bertha secured until paid for. For further luiormatioti. apply to D. BRIUHAM. JR., at HARNDEN k CO'S, No. J Wall-i jaoc __ FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ship COLUMBIA.C. H. E. Ji kins. commander, will leave Uoalou for the ahoae port* Saturday, Apiil lat. Passage to Liverpool $120 Passage to Halifax 20 Apply to D BRIUHAM, Jr Agent, m2'ec 3 Wall street ~ STATEN ISlaANO i*'fc'K.K.Y. Foot of Whitehall street On aud after Dec. 3d, the iteamer STA1 i?N 1SLANDK will ruu \i follow#, until further notice LEAVE STATIN ISLAND. NEW YORK. aL A.M. 9A.M. ID U ar. m se p. M, dj T 5 NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRAN PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. aaaga gasaya inr-"^rsK!L Fare reduced to '4a cents. Kr .tn Die lout of Ceurtlindtstreet, New York. (Every day? Sunday i?ia< epted.) Losves New York Leave* Newark At 9 A. M. At t P. M. At 1% A. M. At IE P. 11E Jo. 4 do. 3 da. do do 4 do. 6 dc 7 do. 11 10 do ON SUNDAYS. Krotn the Dot ol Courtlaiidt itreet. Leave New Vork, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. tud 4K P. M. At IE P. M. aod It P. M. NEW YORK, ELIEABETII TOWN. Leave New York. Laava Elizabeth Town. 9 A-M> 7 A.M. J P. M M A.M. 2% " 10E A. M. <g P. M. IE M. i r. M. " The trains Tor Wetliieid, Plainheld. Bonudhrook, Smr-rril Ice., connect with the 9 A M, tend 4X P M trains Irom N York, daily, Sundays excepted. Kare heiweeu New York and Elizabeth Town Vt cents. Kara iw!ween do and Somerville. 75 cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BUUNSW1C Kare reduced. Kroui the toot oI Courtlandt atreet, daily. Le?i e New York. Leave New Bruuawick. At 9 A.M. AtiKA. M. ft*'?' ? " 9 P.M. On Sundays the 5,E and 7E A.M. trips from New Oronswi and 2\ P. M. train from New V irk, are omitted Kare between New Yo-b tad New Brunswick, 75 net Railway, iO cet w!ck, t?wz t. mf tAih tW Ssw/flW* Br" duccd. *|4U ***>? Wti? V/irlr ntu( N?? l*!niti?wiok fn (vnfi. *' and Railway t<? 17X " Passenger* who procure their tickets at the ticket office, eeire a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* nrr received by the c doctor only on the day when purchased. fll 3i.?* WlLEN &i COPPTSWaFstreeT. xKvr'JoiW A LflT^rTiiyv u &/ Meaars. Haruden Ac Co, having disposed of their rot from New York to Albany and Tioy, the anbac ben, the old conductors of Haruden it Go's Northi Express, from New York, will continue to rnD heretofore .leaving New York, Albany and Trey, Daily ,a connect at Troy with Jacobs' Moutreal Express, and will f ward Specie, Bank Notes, rack agex .Bundles,Cases of OoOi Ate., to ar.y place between Nvw York and Montreal, a throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany Boston, aud West front Albany to Buffalo. ' All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly i tended to. Farticnlr.r attention will be paid to the collect! [ of notes, drafts, acceptances, See., and prompt returns made , the same, , fullen k corr. Offices?Fallen k Coop. 3 Wall ativet, New York. Titos, trough, 1) Eichangr, Albany. A. O. ftlkins, MS Hirer street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court. St ran! at, Montreal REKERENCEB. Nnw Yoag. Albany. Tbot. rhae, Ward k King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, k Co.. Thoe. (Jeogh. P.Wells, John T. Smith, k Co., 8 K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffiasa, C. 8. Dougl; Carpenter fc Vermdye, V. Leake Honshton k Co. Drew, Robinson k Co. n& WINTER ARRANGEMENT. 1 NE A. H LigjEj^ ( 11 , Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princelou, Trenton, Bon] town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Lease New York,from the foot af Conrtiandt street,daily. I ' a. m auu < m. The morning ctne pr-ceeds to Dordentown, tram thence g steamboat to Philadelphia. j The Evening Line proceed! direct to Camden, (oppoi , Philadelphia) without change ofcars. ? Passengers will procure their ticket* at the office foot Conrtlandt itreet, where a commodious steamboat will be 1 readiness*, with baggage crates on boarJ. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to ci without beinp opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are api 2 meols and dressing rooms expressly Tor the Ladies nse. Kelnrmag, the lines leave Phili-delphi* from the Toot I Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M,t i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at ( A M, beiu r continuation of the lines S on New York. <118 ?m*r ' MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, -gasp mW-wW lilt , New Arriiiiteoient?This Koad having beeure-laTTat gr expense with the most approved and heaviest H rail, to sect t a tale and eipeditiona conveyance between New York a r Morriatowu, will commence running two trip* daily, Snnda - excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, >1. t Kirat Train from Moiriatown will leave at 7X A M. 1 Second Train from Morristown will leave atljd P M. , First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark - 9* AM. I Second Train Irom New York will lenve at P M?Nc 0 ark at 3X '' M. 1 Passengers by the Morning Train from Morristown will rive at Newark in time for the 9AM Train to New York, s the morning Train to Philapelphia; by the Afternoon Tr. f they will arrive at Newark in time for the 3H P M Train e New York or the Evening Train to Philadelpt is. i Passengers by the Morning Ttai from New York will air a at Morristown in lime to diue and take any of the Stages n I ning west or north from that place. liSlm'e' EOR LIVERt'OOL.?Regular pncheiof the r m99V April ?The very superior, fast sailing packet si JESablNDKPENDRNCE, Capt. Nye. will sail as abo | her regular day. [ Having very snperior aeenmmodatinna for cabin,second e.\l . and steerage pataengera, persons wisbinv to embark shm make early application, on board, foot of M?idrn Lane, or t IllUk't'll \ e Vli Hg a v . IOC Pin* it., cor. South s Prmona wi?hing to aend for their Iriend* residing in I old errantry, can have tlieni MMMOM hy the above *hi|ia, hv of th* regular pocket*, by applying a* above ; if by Ictl post pud. m 27 [ poNFKcTIONAKY ?Notice?The anbaeiibt r beg* lei VV 10infoim till tMMMn anil fneii'la 111 general that lie I thitdiy rranced the price of lire Coufeononary, both who rale aud rettil, and wuhe* hi* country friend* * well a* ci to call and evamine hi*itoeli before ptuchaiing, a* he inteii to continue t<? mmufactu-e a* good an article * can be fou JOHN O.HtNRV, m*3 <tt*r _ _ 233 Grand *'r?et t- LMtKSll ,vtEat- i he rrnpnetor ot the **ubli?hini'Ut r tho comer of We* ana Warren atreeti, would luform i r.uatnincra and the public in general, that owing to the latrn ' eftheaeaaou he ha* eoneluded to cl.iae the above place, I a will always be ready aud willing to aupply ahop keeper* a retailer* with Bert', Pork and Mutton by the ipi-rter or Ian quantity Iron, hi* Slaughter llouae in 29tn atrtet. Pcaon? wn HI to De tnui miipiicti Willi ? urn rj*ir aruun- ai a mod ate price, are rrqueited to rnakr ft plicati n a* above, or at I e putt Bull's Head, c >ruef 31 avenue Alul Mth ?t?. nil? |m?r JOHN w it,K,-TO\ i?\( han-.k on Condon n.iuoi kvinm- u6n Fj 13, 7 fl,y. and at on th- old established hank in* hoc of M sen. Preccott, Otote, Amrc & Co., London, at all tin' , for Mir by ROCHr BROTHERS k CO.. M Knlton ?l m!4 r Niit door to th# Fulton Bank !W YC :w YORK, THURSDAY M< TO THE LADIES. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERSON1 AL BKAl'TY, considered in cnmuction with DR. KELIX OOU BAUD'S POUDRES 8UBTILE8. et The scnfocor whose study is to imitate the exquisite workid mauship of nature, |>ortravs iu hu model ol the huinau form, a 23 broad and derated forehead. This drveloi ment is wot only X consoumt with, but sometimes necessary to the possession of a is high order of mental faculty. If a line forehead is a mark of intellect, it is no less an essential element of personal beauty, " and it is of importance to those, and there are mast such, possessed of this prominent feature, though obscured by the encroachments ofa too luxuriant growth ol hair, to remove that peiliou ol an excrescence which tends, in their case, only to desd form. This can be done safely, speedily, effectually, and, if J- used in aicordance with cireciions, without the least incouvenituce, by Dr. Keln Uonrand't Poudre Subtile. The lutte ol ?. ihe lip, when annoying, or the short hair on the hack of a ladies' neck, when loo apparent?(he hair of a mole, or the ueard.when ugh upon the cheek, may all he removed, and eventually the roots destroyed, by the use of this preparation. OOURAUD'S EAU DE BEAUTE, OR TRUE WATER OE BEAUTY! . Kur removing freckles, lau, pimples, blotches, sores, burns, and a'l cutaneous eruptions, realizing delicate white bauds, .. neck and arms, and eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance.? 1T7~ $1 per bottle. UOURAyD'S /EOKTABLK KOUOE.! Composed materially from Rowers and simples, imparts delicate carnation tinge to the cheek, immovable by perspirn tioa or rubbing with a handkerchief or a liucti cloth. JO ccuta pay bottle. _ OOURAUD'S BLANC D'ESP\ONEI t- An oxecRent preparation for int|iarling a puie, life-like whiteness to the compleiiou, free from the injurious properties generally eulering into combination lor this purpose. Put up iu elegant boxes, at 21 cents each. Aoents.?a. S. Jordan, 2 Milk stiect, Boston : New York?Albany, Outline, 4 Maiden Lane; Puughkeepsie, Jared Oray: Utica, Wade, druggist; Hamilton, M. Co. Oregg St Orants; Louistille, Louis County; W. A. Chase; Oosheu, Elliott. Ccun., Myers, Chapel it, New Haven; W. Kaulkaer, Norwich; Weill St Humphreys, Hartford; Charles Dyer, Jr., Providence; Thismas, Newiiort; Clowes, hair dresser, Springfield; Oreene St Co., Woro ster; Burt, Little Kalis; Coggeshall, south Second st. Now Bedford; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Buxton; Lowell, Carleton St Co.; Salem. Ires; Newburyport, Hodge; Portsmouth, Preston; Portland, Parker, Exchange st; Bangor, Guild; Hallowrll, Bcamraon. New Jersey?Newark, i'rippc; Princeton, Dr. Peabrook. Pa., Tliila., 76 Chcsuut street, Lancaster, Haiuitesh, druggist; Harrisburgli, Robinson. periodical agent; Fillsbu-gli, Turtle; Cincinnati, Thomas St Co., Main street; Va., Hiclnnoud, Mrs.; D. C. Washington, Seiby Parker; Alexandria. C. C. Berry; id Aid., Baltimore S. 9. Hanct, fcc. &c. Witliiu a lew years this remarkable and useful chemical invention for completely eradicating superfluous hair, has attained the highest pitch of celebrity, anu consequently ?c excited the cupidity of a neat of base counterfeiters, who attempt to snatch from the inventor the just recompense for his ~ labor. Purchasers should therefore 1 e on their guard slid see that every bo'.tle of the Potidre Subtile is square, and K Felix Oou rsud, Poudre Subtile, N. Y., east iu each bottle, and the I Doctor's fac simile engraved on the outside wrapper. Directions, Krench and English, accompany each bottle. ^ Remember, the only office in N. Y. for the above celebrated , Cosmetic, is G7 Walker street, one door from Broadway ml tin m on ? TREASURY DEPARTMENT, ) Washington, 16th March, 1S13. ) CK.ALEI) PROPOSALS will be recived at this Deputk?meut until the 17tli A,nl next for building the hulls of one, two, cr tnree Iron Strainers, to bu used as Revenue Cutteis 011 ? the sea coast, of the followiug dimensions, say one hundred aud forty (MO) feet en deck, twtuty-lhiee (23) feet beam, and J ten (10) feet hold Drawings and models lor building lobe furnished by thu Department. Unexpected that these boats E. will he built in reference to Hunter's or Kiiess n's propellers. R, The iron used iu construction must be American, aud of the very brst quality, and is to be painted, with two good coats of red lerd, (one before the work is put up, and the other after.) The whole of said iron work shall be weighed after it is wrcught and fitted to its appropriate place, aud previous to its being tut together. Payment will be made according to th;s net weight per pound, inclu ling coal bunkers, water tanks and u gallejs. The chain p ncs, bobstavs, and all iron wmk ueces lary to the hull, spars, t'ggiug, sails end guns, will be included iu the proposal ; ai.d the price for such work will be separately stated. A spar deck of ? hite pine 3 by f. un lit s to be laid, secured from underneath with the " wood screw bolts,"caulked and planed; berth deck >.f ash or yellow pine 2K ii ches by ti. spiked and bolted te the berth deck beams, alto can'lied ami planed; ceiling of white oak to the llnoriog heads 5 inches thick, thence yellow pine 4 inches ihick to the lower deck clamps, all of whi' h will be estimated by the squ -re superficial feet. The matcria's and weight used in construction to be approved, and ihe work to be inspected by such officer as the jyj Becritaryof the Treasury may apeoiut, aud the work to be ' vessel* to be completed within six months from the day of tieliveritg the moulds and jilans ol building. The workmanship ' to be inspected prrricut to delivery by two competent judges, one to b^ chosrn by each or the parries of the contract, who, iu the errntof their disagreement i hall relent a third, who are to determine whether the work has been executed in all respects accoidiug to the proposal and agreement. J. C. SPENCER, Secretary of the Treasury. mZ3 to A17 r TREA9URY DEPARTMENT, I waahinotsn, 17th March, 1843. J SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Department, lint. 1 the 17th April next, for s'x begins, Bailers and Pn pollers, constructed op the plan known as "Hunter's "* plan." Two of said k ngines. Boilers and Propellers to be ilekW iivcred oi> Lake Eiie, aa designated by the Sicretary of the Treasury ; the others at anch place or places on the sea coast as the Secretary may direct. Also, two Engines, Boilers and Propellers, upon the plan Itnowu as " Encssnu's plan," to be delivered tt some place on the s-a c >ast, as the Stcreiary may direct. The Eugene, Boilrn and Propeller* to be made o( the very best maierials, to bear the proof and inspec ion of su-h l>ersou or pc'sons at may he selected by trie Secret uy ot the Treasury. The Boilers to have not less ihau seven hundred (700) feet fire surface, each ; working pressure eighty (80) pounds te the ?i}Uiie inch ; Proof two huodred and fortv (240) ; eight (81 eighteen (18) inch Cylinders, with three (3) feet "f* stroke. The wlole to be delivered as directed, within five months Irom the Lime of receiving the drawings and i lans for ttj* building. ;ta The Proposals will slate the price for which the Engines, Bnijeis a id Propellers w ili he d< L> tied, aud put, into coin pit te Tr either of the aaid plans, laa patent I !g (it, tiie proposals Will alro stale the price asked, including the authority ro use the patent right, and alao the pries exclusive ol said anhmity. ' J. C. SPENCER, pn m23tol7a r Secretary of the Trrsaury. ? yivENCH STYLE SWEET CHOCuLAlE, made with " a I* tench machine, at 457 B roadway. New York,?KELIX EFFRAY returis his grsteloi thanks to the customers who patronise him for his sweet chocolate, and he takes this opportunity to inform the pu?lic that he has at work a machine in his siore to show how nicely the article is made. LL k. E(fray's French style Sweet Chocolate, made with a French machine, can be had Rt the wholesale price, either in ite boxes of 21 pounds or iu large cakes, at the factory, 459 Broadri way. New York. Dealers me earnestly invited to try the rn article. as K B ?Hot Chocolate and Coffee served up iu the Saloon, ud tu5 lm#ee dl" OF FRENCH MILLINER Y GOODS. nri /""YTENINO of the Spy ng Fashions at ihe Magaxin de Modes, I to 00 Canal street. >1AD. D. BEHKVlAN b? gs to inform her numerous friends anil the putil c that she has just received it- from France, an entire new and heauti el style of Silk mateon rials for ladies hati, and along with it some eases of Paris silk for hats, which furnovel y and elegance of style never vet was presen'ed to the public before' a no ig which is most pre-eminent a silk ha* ra'lcd Capolte d' Elenora, whirh is indeed emblematic* I of Psrisiau taste. Mad'me B. has juit opened several eases of French imported Imey whalebones and straw hats of the choicest styles; also a urge essortment of Tuscans and fiue Uunstap'es; also a large and varied assortment of French la wh hat* from lufmts-ilea np to ladies?the whole of which Mid. B. has determined, iu oiticr to meet the exigency of ihe times, to offer at inch low prioes, at ii.usleie.u-t her the continuance of her ps'rons. who for muiy years hive hmioied her with their commands, aid trusts to obtain the preference of u. those whose nitronaee she now solicits An esrlv call is re quested at the old French estab'iahmt nt, Mairaxin dr Modes, 6<i Canal meet. Mad B. has also received an assortment of I Paris (lowers and ribbons, which for variety and styles, may be ? called complete. in t3Hm,r IN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION FOR THE CADIES.?MRS.LOV E, Corset Maker, No.68 Liapennd it calls the a teution ol ladies to her important invented Abdominal Supporter for the preservation of the health and SE strength during pregnancy. i'his Ahdoiniti'l Supporter has called forth tin fullest approbation of the most eminent MediIn ca'men from the satisfactory rcsnlts to those ladies who have used them. It is perfect in iu applicaiioa, acting as a support and preventing all attain upon the muscles, aud the consequent st 9 fatigue and ri nn-tann of the whole system during preguaucy. Nothing that his ever been invented, offers so many decided by advantage* foi invigorating (he system against every accident at the period ol ge> ta inn at the same lime preseiv ing the natulite ral form. Country merchants and city retailers supnlied on advantageous tr rms Mrs L .vc at the same time calls their at; id tentionto her improved Shoulder Elastic Bracea, for misses, as in bring the long required dcsideiatum for the expansion of the chest. Mrs. u. h?a seenred a patei t. She beg* 10 refer in relary, I'on to the above, to the foil wing eminent men of the Medical Faculty?Dr Franeis. Dr F. U. Pond.Dr McDonald, I roles* ut- aor Oil/man, M. D., Professor Parker, M. D., Dr. Nslson, A. C. Castle, M. D , Dr. J. W. Moore, J. Neilson. M. D., J. W. of Francis. M. P. mZfllmr lDj CHEAP CASH ga TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, lii John street, (wear William.) 'T'HE subscriber respectfully announce* to his friends and thn f public generally, thai he hnsnprued an Establishment on Cheap Cash System, where gentlemen will always liud a New and Fashionable Assortment of Cloths, Cassimerea and Veaiings, which will be made np to order iu a style ol fit and workmanship, not surpassed by any other establishment in the city,at the following low pricci ? eat Fine Dress or Frock Coata, any color, from $l< to $18 ire Superfine do do do 18 to 38 mil Pauls of Wool Black, or Faucy Caasuneres b to ? iys Vesta of Satin, Silk, Valentia, Velvet. 8te 3 to 5 Just received, a splendid assnrtmenlfof Spring aid Summer goods, at extraordinary low price*, fty- Gentlemen furnishing their own goods can have them i at made and liiintned, at the lowest possible price* fur Cash. ing tmer JAMES LACY. M AItTIN'8 CA8H TAILORING " ESTABLISHMENT. am l'rd fy tiliam Sit eft, Corner *f Jnn Sireet, t0 fS decidedly the cheajwst in the city. There is always en I hand a scle < latock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, jT( which will bo made up to order id the style of make, fit, trimminx, fce., th ? has given s'.ich general satisfaction during the last lonr yoai i.and ai a positive saving ol 30 per cent. ? Gentlemen are requested to rail arrd examine Those wh

7th famish th'eit own goods, can have tnem hit MADE AND TKIMMED. ye. Drers Coals. made sjnl fnuoed.... -$7 OS te $8 Frock Coin, to <13 8 00 to 9 60 t?iu I'anta and V??U, ITSto 2 00 tild Over Coats * 00 to 11 (0 d Term*? Cash oudelirery. iris 3i.? M^CHAICL g. MARTIN |j,e flIIANOK CREAM CANDY.?Messrs. J. Pease IkSon, oi >J Confectioners, 46 Division street, hare brought forth rj toother delicious compound to gratify the sweet teeth and V ' iitkles the palates of those who indulge in such "sweetmeats " ? This candy posaesea the line tlavor of the Havana orange, and. l?t we think, cannot fail to receive the pal/ mane of the ladies and "l" lovers of confectionary t.s general.?Aurora. Mft iv, PAPER. I('' pEKSSE & BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street, have lor sale id i tlte follow in*? 1 0 re'ms news printing 33 by 60 _ JCI3 " " " 33 by 44 ot 1M 33 by 48 his 600 " " " 26 by 37 ess 301) " " " 28 by 42 >ut 354 ' " " 81 by 38 lid 350 " " " *2 !>V 32 ter 600 21 by 31 ih Also, book parer, 10 by 24, 24 by 28, and 21 by 38. er- They have also a large assortment ol writing and wrapping he paper, of different sises and qualities, which they offer at the lowest |iiarkeljnice*._ n?9 ec PI-TCRn .V is?vrt't 4>VS *1'iiti?h Kepotiiory, i>o. M \^il lltm street, en; nvr Mnida.i line, n.snnlaclares and keeps ise constantly on hand, wholeialx and retail, al k nds of Ttat el' s ling and Packing Trunks, Carpet lUiis, Hal and Rontiet Ca<aa. Merehnnts and othera are respertlnlly invited to call sndeiam ne sin stock, helore nnrchising elsewhere, MaanUctory, Ssa Broad strnwt. Newark, M J. salt ln.#M )RK [MINING, MARCH 30, l: THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW YOKK, |N CONNECTION WITH THE PAVILION, NEW BHIUHTON, STATKN ISLAND. '"PHE GLOBE HOTEL, at New York, ha* for several k yean been abvautaceoutly known, not only to the American, but to the European traveller, it having been ihe resort of many of ihe diitiuguiihvd persons who have visited thelTuited Htates. The proprietor of the eat anlishuient it grateful lor the liberal support lie iiaa received from tr .vellers ol all uationa. and leeL assured that the arrangement* he is now makinir,will secure acoutinu im-e ol their p itron ure. Many improvements Hare been made in III" iu'eii irol the H t'el preparatory to he commencement of a new season; and to meet the exigenc e* of the present tunes, the rnargraf r apartm-utr.fnr mea's, aud for wines, have been reduced, aud d i not exceed those of hotel* of Ui??ame elas* throughout the Uiuoti The fri quetiter of die (slide have n advantage over *ho*e ol almost every othe- house?they r?n limit their expenditure. In the Ite'laur.iul, every tioug is supplied ! la earte, ihe price being afTised sg.uiut each dish, so that I traveller c in either sit down to a feast, worthy ?I Ap'Ctis, or n repast as frugal as an Anchorite's. The si indi are prepared ercordiog to the most approved system ot European cookuty, by eioerienced French caoke, and for ya i"ty and eire lence inay challenge comparison wit* those of the best Puisi in res'-auiateuri. The domestic arrangements are of a very supirior order; every thing is conductsil with the most minute regard to the comfort ol ill" guests. The waiters and other attendants are respectful know their busiurss, and go ihri ugh it without bustle or confusion The Globe, in fact, combinea all the comforts of a priv ate re-idtnc" with ihe id vantages o a first-rate hotel, Thnre are apartment* in it capab'e 01 acrommodstiug the most numerous families, with splendid drawing rooms attached?others lor smaller families, or separate bed room* for single travellers. In addition to the above, the Globe possesses an excellent Ba hmu b it iblisbnient, supplied from the Crotou Aqueduct, where hot and cold water hath* tray he hid from te'ui in the morning until rleven at night This is luxury which every traveller knows the advantage of; and it is greatly enhaueed by being able to obtain it in the honse in which he etays. What can be more retreiluug than a warm bath, after the fatigue ol a long and uncomfortable sea voyaee, or even a tandj >urneyl The bathin- establishment is filted up iu the bestPari*i in style, and the Pat here aie sttpi lied will large wrapping gowns (Peigticiii) and an abundance ol ofh-r linen. The local position of the Globe is one that will reei tnmend it either to the man of f'srnou ortlio man of business; it is situ alcd at ahout an < di laucc from the Exih uige; iii W ill it, and the Batteiy.tliat de ipli ful marine promenann. whicti coinm?nd iao magniticeiit a view of the Bay oi New York. The oroi rittor of he Globe has just concluded ariaugemeuti for ta*iug that splendid building, "THE PAVILION," AT NEW BKIUIITON, and is fitting it up in a superior style, of elegance and comfort Those who hare not visited the Pavilion, may form some idei of the extent of the estibliehment, when they are informed ilia two hundred and fifty pervous can be comfortably accoinmoda led within its iva'lj. Along ihe principa' frent, which is upwards of two nundrei aud thirty feet in length, tuns a noble piazza, formed by loft' column*. I he piazza (rutin the Bay of New York, aud coin tnmdi the mo.tsplendid views nf the Jersey shore. the citie "f New York and Brooklyn the Hudson nod Knit riven, Loin Itlnnrl, and lite coast of Staten Inland, nearly an far astir Narrows. The grand dining room, whirh is oue o( the laritcst and bes pioportion- d 'it th? United State*, can comfortably secomtnc date three hundred and fifty guests, and as a ball room, is altc gcthor uurivalled. There is a covered corridor, whirh traverses the centre of th estihlishtneut, ab tut filleto lect in width, and of the asm length as the piazza, which lorm an admirable promenade fc the ladies and ilitl iren, either in wet weather or when the su is loo powerful to permit their venturing abroad; this comma nicates with the wings, in each of which there is corridor < 13d feel in length, also under cover. The wliole building is we ventilated; the rooms are loftv, spacious and light. The wa'ki and diivesiu Stlteti Island, ate varied and beaut ful. Krointhe Pavilion, there ate excellent roads leading d aw to the Narrows, the Light l ou.e, round Amboy Bav to Hie niotiil and the Kills, and through the centre of the Island, I the ('love road. Siaten I tland, ih fact, possesses advantage superior to thoie of any s.iot in the Union; and ihe sea batliit is excellent. The Proprietor is making arrangements for a daily supply the Waters, front the principal Spimgs at Saratoga, so tn >t tl frequenters of the Pavilion, will have the advantage of dtinkit thise waters, wi hour the iiicoti-enience of pcnbznthtg a I tiguiugand disagreeable journey of 2U(I miles. There tsa reading and sinowiug room for the gentlemen, in building altogether detached from the Pavilion. The distance from New York to New Brighton is under s miles, and dating the whole of the summer season, g' od at will appointed steamboats will ie*ve Pier No. i pa the Won Rtwer. aud New Brighton, regul?rly every hour, from half-pa 5 in the morning, uu tl 8 in the evening. The distance generally performed in twenty-five mini tea. F. BLAVCARD, In21 !tw iw _Olobe Hotel, HO Broadway. TO AMERICAN TRAVELLERS GOING TO EUROPE. WJ. MARKWELL, Proprietor of LONG'S HOTEI Now Bond street tnd Clifford street; also, the LO> IDON FAM.L Y HOTEL, Albemarle street, hns tbe honor t acquaint Families and Gentlemen visiting LONDON, thi those Homes have undergone a comi lete revision, with ne and appropriate Furniture; the Cellars are filled with WIN nf cii.'h a p|j? thil it rstr, !u ft. Kh met with. hfinr selcctioi from prime stocks mat h we been gathered together by v rtoui Noblemen and Gentlemen who prided themselves c thei- judgment; more man ,'0i>0 doz -n it) bottle is now Congo gited, beside u V*<t quantit) in woo l. W. J. M. h?a also the honor to call the attention of Merchant and Gentlemen to bis Establishment in the City, under th management of hi< Hon, THE NOR I'll AND SOUTH AMERICAN CO KEF] HOUSe., CO'iK TAVERN St SUBSCRIPTION ROOM, Vis-a-vn the i\ew Royal Ext lunge; the whole is in the must impnitant position in the City, possei sina every inlortnation, as regttds tne Subscription Rooo from all parts of the world, tf>e proprietor l"viu? pledged niir relf to procure the cailiest intel'igence. The charges are o the most moderate aeale consistent with the rcapectability c the house. The Furniture is entirely ne w, the Sleeping department r? piete with comfort ; m fact, no establishment in the city ca fitpsud as regards tTf Wor,tlier"'""Wi9iU!dVlVs.- tt a^tnirahi; ways being uutafew. iniiiuies drive Irom their aaroms termin A Porter is appointed to attend through the night, for th benefit of I'msr arriving or departing by the fain mii 'w ig UNITED STATES HOTEL OF PHILADELPHIA. A LL travellers wha have passed ihe days and nights of thei TV soinum in Philadelphia at this fine establishment, speak r terms of unqualified praise of its actummmlat jus, its tabl and management. The arrangemrn'sof the house are admm bly systematic, and there are substantial c robots to be f un in this Hotel thai will be appreciated by roast persons, such .1 a clean, qnivt, and wr||-|.iriiislied house, imlljMM read ing room, and a host whose constant c fforls are di'ecle I to ret der this mansion a highly ag-ecable retort for respectable tr. vcllen. Mr. Kea, by his polite and RffVilu deportmcut, and hi atiriinitted personal attention to the tables, 1 nd the genera comfort of his guests, wins favor from all who frequent h home, Those who in the morning prefer to indulge in the "swei restorer balmy sleep," Instead of attending to ihe breakf.u summons, find at tne Hour which snus their own convenient)" a mint sri i it uirir especial use, wirn several uitanu id 9 Md ince to consult Mtf wishes, unit have my delicncv svhic the home affords, prepared with celtiily for 'Heir gratificatwi The dinm r is served in a light, airy, aud spacious diaing roots overlooking a sardrn. and is a repast that would do credit t any Hotel in the <ooti'ry. The situation of this honse is decidedly the best in Ph lade phia, b>ing on Chesnut st, opposite the Bankof United itstesthe very centre of fashion and business of the eity. mil lm+r T'HE NEW MIRROR?AH the arrangements for the puhli cation of ihis new peri dicsl beiug now completed,the firs number will be issued on Saturday miming the eighth ol Ap-l lieir. Each number will be adorned with an criminal e'chim on steel, by J. G. Chapman, the letter-press, am will contain sisteen snper-roval octavo pages, enclosed in neat cover. Those who wish to rei eive the work from th commencement of the volume, and thna secure a complete se with all the embellishments (as only a limited edition will h printed) can do so by leaving'directions at the office of public* tion, No 4 Anu street, nca- Broadway, or at 136 Nassau streei corner of Beekman street. City snbscybers will have the pi per left by carriers, and to thna* rending at a distance it wil De forwarib d b/ mail, with the utmost regularity. Terms Three Dollars per annu o, inva'i ibly in advance. GEORGE MORRIS, Editor aud Proprietor. New York March >1.1813. m2tt"Apgr CAUTION?'XONNELL'S IRELAND,' NATiTi ANL? SAXON?Genuine Edition? Krom the unprru cinled attempts .bout to he n a^e to ctcuIh- spurious editim of this valuar le w ork, the subscnheis deem it necessary t guarrl all imposition, by publishing the follewiu card 1? To Messrs. Casserly and Sons, Booksellers, anl ruhlisherr New York. GbntlkmkivI h-rrby au'horice you to sell my nei work, nulled " A Mrssoia or iRSLarsn. Nativic akpSai o."t an i I no hnteby eonslitule ai d appoint von the sole pu' Ir-hcrs thereof in America. No edition whatever has mv aim tion eicepi that published by, ani under the firm of "Cusserl ant Sons." I am, gentlemen, ycnr orort on' servant, Dublin, Jan. 27, is?3. DaNIKL, O'ltiNNKLL. It is hop <1 t at no reportable Booiseller will tun tioii gross a \ lol.ition o' the dis inguishrd author's expressed wis! t.y keeping the ipuiious nliti n lor rale. ('ASSKRL.Y k SON'S, log Nassau st. The genuine rdiuiin, vol. 1. [the only vol. jet written, will be rrolv in a few davs. m26 6t*ec TSTPORTANT-OKKMAN SILVKK! OKKMAN SlU. 1 VKR.-JAMKS O. MOKFKT, 121 Prince street, N. Y offers for sale, wholesale and retail, 15(10 lbs of German Silvei at the lowest market prices. djp" In conse'inenee of manufacturing the article himself hi ran wairant it far superior to any ever before manufactured ii this country, and fully equil to the imported. TO CEDAR }VARB~cbOPERs7 JAMKS O. MOkFKT Manufacturer, 121 Prince street, N Y.. "ffru for sale, wholesale and retail, a superior lot of Coo liars' Brass, Pul Kirs mil llirels, at th- lowest market prices. TO UMUREI.LA MANUFACTURERS, *c. : JAMBS Ii MOFFK I', Manufacturer, 121 Prince street. N Y., olfcis for sale, wholesale a< d retail, a superior lot of Um hrrlla, Parasol ami Shade Furniture, at tl.e lowest market pri res. in 18 1 in * r_ IAMKS O. MOFFKT, 121 Prince it.. New York, has at J ways on h lud ai d offers for sa'e by wholeaale and retail, a the lowest market prices, sir. (4 rnnn Silver ofdifferent thicknesses, a very anperioi ar ticle ; Sheet Br?ss ; Date's do; ( copers' Brass ; Pail Ears and Hivets ; Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Furniture.' Which he warrants in quality equal to any in the Unitec Stares, anil ofhtaowti manufacture. \(fold. Silver, and all kinda of metal, rolled at (he short est notice. n'l lie'r LOST?In the monrli of February. 1HI2. betwern OnrlaT. and this city, a letter enclosing certificate Nr. 93. dstet Jan. 29, lima, lor lifty shares in the eapital stock of the Com mrreial Banli of Manchester, Miss., ata'diiw in my nameAny person having found the same, will be suitably rewardei by forwarding it to the tuhacriber. New York, Feb 17. till, f 19-tnan2 *' (J. W. HATCH. WXTCFTRS l.tiWuR THAN KVKM.hihfr, 311 Broadway. formerly 371 P?-arl atrect, an city?Hold watchca a? low *a from $1} tnflj each. All watihri warraulrd lo keep good time, or the money rr fouled Watcher clocks, ti.usic bi i.rt anil jewelry, repaired in the beat manner arroinf hand watchca and old gold and ailn-r taken in caelum, r or bought lor eaali. AM(>? R, THOMPSON, mllw*H> HU HARD KI9HKH, Jr WlSDOVV OLA.19?50 boi?a of tfie St Helena Crown lei ai in inuUclure, aaaoilrd aiaea, f,nm 11 a 0 up to <0i J1 lor ail< by WOODHULl. It MINTUR si, m?2r I' Homh tivcet CCOtCH PIG IRoS?20(1 torn aery auperior Scutch Pig Iron, 1, naltnau b and, lor tile by WOODHIjLl, k MIMTURNS, mflr IT Smith Mfee t. FOK'fuv.1 Ifcttfc. FKMALK PILL.! THKBK far laiord and crlebr-.ied Pilla, from PorttK?l,tr? VI c perceive, in ba obtained <u ibia rountry. See.advei me an mi tha laat coIuiiil, loerta tag# ml HKRA 843. City Intelligence. Illumination ?The office of " The Organ," corner of Ann and Nassau st.Teets, was brilliantly illuminated last evening, in honor of ihe anniversary of the Parent Society. The procession yesterday numbered several thousands, and marched through several 01 me principal sir?-eis ni me city, mere was a " Hare up " by the '* Reformed Drunkards," who refused to march in I he procession,from some cause to us unknown. Democratic Nominations.?The committee of the Ninth Ward have nominated Wm. D. Waterman, the present assistant, for Alderman, and Isaac B. Smith for assistant. David Vandervoort has been or wiil be nominated for Alderman in the Eighth, and Charles P. Brown, the present incumbent, for assistant The committee of the Sixth and Fourteenth meet this evening to make their nominations. William Shaler will in all probability be nominated in the Sixth for Alderman, and Abraham B. Davis, for the same office, in the Fourteenth. Convicted of Arson.?Benjamin Slater, the colored man, was convicted yesterday in Oyer and Terminer, of arson. The punishment iR death. The Boaro of Assistant Aldermen met last 1 evening, and passed a number of resolutions and ordinances that had been previously ucted upon in the other Board. Effects of Millkrism.?A German was brought , to the police office yesterday in u state ot settled lunacy arising from a belief in Miller's doctrine that , the. world is to come to an end on the 23d of next month. Hp was sunt to the LuntiUc Asylum, a perfect idiot in mind. Throat Cutting.?The story relative to a husband cutting his wife's throat, oh Tuesday evening, in Brooklyn, appears to have originated as follows: ?The young wile of the person alluded to had been absent from her young and lovimg spouse for several weeks, and returned on the before named evening, in company with her brother. The husband, happening to pass at the instant, observed her, and running soldy up behind her, clasped his hands around her neck, and implanted a hurtling kiss upon her rosy lips. Supposing it to be some one else, she screamed a terrilic scream, and fell into his arms. Our informant, who is a petulentold balchelor, observing the conduct of the man, supposed that murder was in the case, and communicated the fucts as published yesterday, with all f the gravity that would have prompted him in a [ real murder. The husband and wife, it appears, have been recently married, which may account for the warmth of feeling evinced by him in thus ac. costing his wife in the open streets. The Brooklyn r papers, after seeing the notice in the Herald, were on the fiui Binrnt an enrlv hour to ascertain mirti '* culars, and were much mortified that nothing else of could be made out of the " horrible murder." ,g Killed Herself.?A woman named Susannah a- Shaw, who 1ms resided at 36 Mulberry street, died on Tuesday evening Ironi negligence in disobeying a ihe insiructions of her physician. It appears that t she has been in ill health for several years past, and ,d 011 Saturday last, went to the Medical Institute in Broadway for uid, when Dr. Revere ordered 16 pills is to be prepared for her use, one of which was to be taken each night. Directions were given her when the pills were delivered, and instructions written - upon the box containing them. The pills contained al6th of a grain of strychine, halt a gram of which is sufficient to destroy life. It appears that on Sun' day ana Monday evening she took a pill according ;o to the directions, but not operating as she exacted, at on Tuesday evening she swallowed fm, and in a " few hours was a corpse. The coroner held an inquest, and a verdict was rendered in accordance. n' Sly Rogues.?On the morning of the 11th iust., when Mr. James Adams, of 83 Wall street, opened his store, he found that h gold watch, valued at $70, '* and a breast pin worth $&, had been stolen therefrom. Officer Horn was put upon the scent, and E yesterday arrested two Germans, named Henry Ickard and Jonn F. liliedorn, the former of whom confessed that they secreted themselves in the store i, belore it was closed, and stole the watch and breast nin, the former of which he gave to Ickard to sell. ? The watch was found in the possession of Ickard, and th^y were both committed, j," Arrest of Mrs. Concklin.?This woman, who J 8Wifc?'Verron Monday evening, without the'asvisf tance of Prince John Davis. Henry Neal, who stepb pedin to Httempt a rescue of the woman, was also cribbed by Bowyer, and both lodged in the Tombs. The woman, who is a perfect virago, not only made fight with her claws and teeth, but also drew , a double edged sword to defend herself, which was sharp enough to carve a piece of beef. Florence, tCorreipoailence of the Henld.] I Florence, (Alabama) March 19, 1943. Singular Time* in the South?Cotton?Comet?HailSt or me. Sfc. Deae Sir? t Cotton, the great staple of this country, is a worthless drug in our warehouses; 1 say worthless, be! cause the planter is not repaid the actual expenses incurred in its cultivation. Every arrival from En! rope gives it a "Paddy's lift," and it is now selling - in New Orleens at 3? cents a pound. Here, in our depreciated currency, it will command four and four i- and a half cents. { What eflect this state of things will have upon I the country it is impossible now to determine.? n One thing is certain, we must husband our ret sources and trust to coming events. We must pray * for a deliverance from the greatest curse of the age; t't a depreciated paper currency, and if we are not a i- docmed nation, we shall eventually burst the II shackles which now bind down the energies of the State, and become a Jirosperous, if not a happy, people. But the future looks gloomy?the signs ol the times are indicative ol great events, some of which |? are even now foreshadowed in the Heavens in chaii meters of light alike brilliant and portentmus. ? Our W. western sky lias been illuminated lor several 8 evenings by a resplendent Comet, careering through i, the planetary regions, with a tail of light as bright as Hesperus, though not as sparkling, and an outline * as strongly marked as is the circle of the moon.? Whether it be a fortrunner and a witness to ihe : prophecy of Miller, or a fragment cast off by the y Great "1 am," to run its course through space, unchecked by the laws that govern the planetary world, is a problem which I will not pretend to ,? solve. Whence it came or whither it will go, nre questions which I do not leel disposed to examine. If the stranger will show hia colors and give us Ihe J windward berth, we shall keep on onr course re joicing?happy that we have seen a world?a new , world too?far greater than our own; and happy . that that world has passed us by without deigning to lotili luuiilli Ihu ftorir fail ii But I spoke of signs, other than the Heavenly visitant. We have been transferred by some t-frange process to hyperborean regions?to a land . where Irost and snow and chill winter's winds reign 1 predominant over all things. We are now in the midst of an Iceland winter The earth in covered to the depth of twelve inches with snow, and the iJ piercing winds of the CanadaH are sweeping over us, i. and actually freezing up the very vitals ol the people. The thermometer on the morning of the 17th wns down to zero, and now it is 20 degrees below freez> tng point. Such n state of things was never before known in this country I have conversed with those who have lived here (or rather in this country) forty years, and they all aver, that they have never known such J I a season as this. What does it mean ! Is parson f Miller's prediction to be reversed, and are we to be , frozen instead of being burned T fsthe world to fie - broken asunder by frost, and the fragments thereof ] J to be formed into a constellation for a new comet 1 , If so, "where will we go V If the fountain be de. I : Stroyed, what will become of the beings who drrive their existence from it I Parson Miller should examine these ipiestions. and give the result of his i investigationsto the world It we are to be called hence Irom tnn raoianwy spnere, 10 net in anniner | capacity nnd tor Kiiother end, let that fact be made known to us?let us be prepared lor the great event s Hut enough of this Were I to continue, I should ' soon find myself wandering in the labyrinth of polemic theology. I write, as heretofore, under a nom dt g\urrt. Your?, Laodkrimlk. Naval?The U S. brig Jeflerson, H. B. Nones, Connnander,from Key West, arrived ut CharVaton on Friday. The following is a list ol her officers: ' H. B. Nom s,Captain. Lieutenants?N. L Cosie, < Blyden fledge, J (?. Brealiwood, E C. Kennedy. ' W 11 Robinson, Captain's Clerk Mr J K. Cooke, , ' United States Consul at Xibsra, Cubs, came pasaenger in the J. 1 *4 LD. PtU* TWO Coots. Literary Nntlcti, IrtciDKOTt of Travsi. in Yhcatam?Hy John L. Stephen*, illustrated by 120 engravings. '? vol. 8vo. Harper A; Brothers. These beautiful volumes add an immense amount of authentic information respecting the history and condition of the primeval inhabitants of this continent, and will be of essential service in the prosecution of the important investigation in which many of our natwtt.t are now engaged, relative to the people and events of a period, respecting which even the tongue of grey tradition is silent. It is impossible to speak of the mechanical execution of this work in terms of exaggeration. The engravings arc executed with a skill, vigor and effect, which we have never seen at all approached in any American publication. All the drawings were made by Mr Catherwood, and we have therefore every reason to depend on their accuracy. Mr Stephens exhibits gratifying evidences of a great improvement in his style; ana the tokens of a more judicious skill in the selection and preparation of his materials, than that heretotore displayed by htm, are equally apparent. None ran give greater credit to Mr Stephens lor industry, powers of accurate observations, and graphic description, than we, but we havp equally good grounds for entertaining the opinion that Mr. Stephens is not yet competent to draw correct and philosophical deductions from the valuable tacts which he has accumulated. He wants the extensive erudioon,the enlarged vision and tnepnuosopmcai iicvnnan wn:cn are inuispensably requisite to enable him to turn the materials which he collects to the threat purposes for which they are chiefly if not solely valuable. So far as we have been able to judge, Mr. Stephens has fallen into some mistake when he has undertaken to settle disputed iiuestions, or deduce conclusions from his facts. But this is obviously not the place in which to enter on a formal review of the workWe only make these remarks in a spirit of friendship to Mr Stephens, and for the purpose of reminding him that it is not prudent lor him to venture, at least for the present, from that appropriate sphere in which his labors have been so useful to the world, and creditable to himself. We cannot refrain, on closing this brief notice, from again expressing the gratification which we have derived from the splendid euzravings?the graphic descriptions?the vast store of laboriously and industriously accumulated facts, which th"?e magnificent volumes contain. The work must have an immense sale, boih here and in Europe, and there is little need to offer any aspirations for the due reward of the liberality and enterpriz-of the publishers, seeing that that is a sequence which must of necessity follow the publication of the volumes. The work is for sale at the Herald Literary Depot. Blackwood's Magazine ?Bubmn University Magazine?Christian Observer. We have received Mr- Mason's elegant foe *imile reprints of these standard periodicals for the current month. The style in which they are got up, and their low price, commend them to the public's es|iecial favor. The Last Day of the Condemned.?This thrilling narrative, from the French of Victor Hugo,is republished in an extra of the " Christian Family Magazine"?n work n( *terling character, published by Newell & Co., 132 Nassau street, New York. The Catholic Expositor, (April )?This is a good number. The contents are varied and interesting. It contains a well-engraved portrait of Dr. Pise, which does not strike us as u good likeness. The Southern Literary Messenger, (March.) ?A eery attractive number. It contains a poem by Mrs. E. A. Taylor, of Virginia, for which a prize of a silver cup, offered fcv the late lamented editor, has been awarded. It is entitled "To a New Pen," and contains several stanzas of great merit. The American in Egypt.?Part 4 of this amusing and elegantly got-up work has just been issued. For sale at this office. The New York Lkoai. Observer, (March )? Published by Samuel Owen, 42 Ann street. This is a meritorious publication, and the present is a good number. Tak Pathfinder.?By P. Godwin, 25 Pine street. ?This is a weekly newspaper, devoted to the cause of moral, political and social reform. The leading articles are not without ability, but they are too metaphysical, transcendental and monotonous to produce much effect. The editor has a great horror of cant, but there is a cant nnw.?.ds>? ol your 4icn>->igiu reformers, which is at least as sickening as any ott>er. The literary and critical reviews are verv gracefully written, but are somewhat puemle in their tone, and smack of a little egotistical pretension. The best things in the numbers we have seen, are the theatrical critiques These are writtaa in an elegant style, discover a refined and cultivated taste, and an earnest love of the drama as it ought to be. Thr Pictoriat, Hirtort or tt?e United States, Vol I. No. J ?This is a new candidate for public patronage and favor, and in, we think, destined to stand hitch amongst its numerous competitors. It is intended to supply a condensed history of > he United States, and to occupy a place between that of the elaborate work of Mr. nancrolt,and the abridgments used in schools. It istobe embehshed with three hundred engravings on wood, in the hret style of art. The letter press is from the pen of Mr. Frost, Professor of the He Ilea Leitres in the High School of Philadelphia, and a gentleman of acknowledged ability as a writer and an historian. From the specimens in the part now before ua, which are twentyone in number, we can pronounce the highest opinion of the merits of the engravings. In design nnd execution they will bear comparison with tne best productions of London artists; and we are proua in seeing such a work issue from the press cf this country. The work will be completed in twenty monthly parts, and will be regularly for sale at tfie Herald Literary Depot. To '1 UK PUBLIC. XTfHEREAS my name tu rn i uhluhrd to I he world, as W being cured by SANDS' SAttSAPAR ILLA. sod whereas the statement a* publish I hy Mr. Sand* is Dot my statement. but one of hi* own, a'i<* itirely different from (he one lie obtained from mc, 1 feel it my dere to itete in a pltia manner, how the staicm-nt of my case hy Mr. Sands, was brought before the public, also to Mate by what means to great a cure as mine eras effected. 1 was taken tick in September, 1811, with thst aflbcting disease. Scrofula; I was attended by medical gentlemen, who treated my caae i tha usual way wi<h rations preparations ol' mercury, unnl my ysrem was tilled with it, and Chrome Rheumatism in its must aggravated form se- in. I then had recourse to various ri meiliet recommended hy physicians and others, but with little or no benefit to m? in effecting a cure. In this situation, 1 t oinineiic* d using Mr. Sand.' ts-rsaperilla in August, III}. 1 h id taken five Dottles of it. The operauou of whit h was as follows :? hnon alter I commenced taking it, my whole system became hennmbed and stupifird, leaving me cold and my tl-ah drprit ed of all naturl! feeling. In this condition I was enabled in Icsre my brd and go out. Tha change, although m- me mar v. w?s very pleating to me, and Mr Sandg imimda-rly applied to ine for a certificate of core, which I dic'ined *i?ing. u I did doc conaidrr myself cured; out Mr. Sands continued h:a appocaiioca to me for a certificate, end would rife up- no rr?t until I ga?o him oo? about one-rjoartrr or one-third the leoath of tne ene published by him, the whole of which I did not then under land fully, not being myaelf in 'eelinir, for alihouah my peine ?rrt greatly benumbed, I wna still antferirg mn^h fioin my efflietionaat timea. After a few days thu oumbneaa left me. an I iny diatreaa became more teeere than before, ar d. if poaaiM., I was worae than eyrr I hid been. I waa ?rain cotrtued to me bed, from which I nreer eipected to rue, for I wis fasr m kmc ? My whole system seemed to give way; I had taken in all eight bottles ol Saudi' Sars-ipsrilla, In this condition. a friend eal'ed in to ?ee me, and adrined me to con'inne the harsapaiilla i had been taking, bat aa I wni fast failing under the nae ol it, f determined not to oav aav more of it, i h'd done me no good wli?t??cr. Mv frii nd then Stated that if I ? at determined not to Ui Saudi' irticle anv more, he would gire me a prep ration of Sarsapanlla ih I he kn -w wonid[cure me I then . ngoired what it was?die told ine it war B II IS I ' >L d 9 A RSAPA Rl LLA. I thro rami mkerr d hearing of BR (STOL before, and of the gri t; curea it had perfoimrd. I th- n and I would re glad to hare it My friendetated rhtt he did not wnh te i trrfera wirh Mr. Sanda in aoy way wh?W?ei; but aa I had pireioua to thia determined n t in me any inure of Mr. Saoda' article, my f.ietid ' fu,ni'h'd ine wnh a hople of Briatol'a ^araaparilla; thu waa-bout ihe ihud week 1,1 we Hembet, iMB I ronnnuid ihe nae of it, until I waa satiart d it h d produced a thorough cure in mc.and now I am able ro perforin at moeh labor ill a day, a? I e r? r aid iu man, yeara. I . m free from Scrofnla, Rhrumatiam, aa alao a moat tflicting complaint, he I'll.a, With which 1 waa long alflie'ed, and a aey, re couah if eight yeara a I-tiding |, therefore, declare to -he world, and in rhe preeenco of hun, who ahall ndge the w or'd.t^it my cure, great u it haa been, wwa eff cl d by Priam1'* Saraaoaril'a alone, under the blessings of God, lUtemrn with the Key Mr. Van Uuwp'i name atiarhed ro it )i being conreraanl with my rue, lai not trne , that aentlrman rterer law thr article published until hr aaw it to print with liia u rae attached to the tame. Alio the name of Mr. Brown waa tired without hia ronam.t; alao Mr. Pordy ml others; thr wi olr atat mailt waa an ran, har ng nrvrr r?cai??il the aatcliou of the pe'?oua whole nano-a err at'ached to tlia lama aa tab'iahed by Mi. Manila. rel-.iyr In ma I make thi? itrtrwent without thr know'edae of Mr. Bristol o- hia agent", or fro ? any reon-st fTorn 'lirni I do Ithrcti'r I h?|iere it 10 be iny duly. I lhare lore hrrrin'lv atate whrt la tin?, nei'hnr courting the faaoort nor fearing ihe frowra of any. and in doing itua, I do do mora 'hmwha* i.iaree dem?nds of me But lor tne to attemet 10 una B'iitol'a Seraaparilla the prai r It destrses. would be ointlhiM mora than I Coa'd arrompliah. t co'cluds jy aayi it, th*' it "iy one denrrato know more of Bria'ol'a Maraapaiilla I will be pleaaed, a- any time, to fife all the infnrma molan able, at my residence, No. U Anthony i treat. New in jV I m m THOM AS TOWN VK. td?Tk N i 11 A K 1 Ik ICIAL h LOW It MS?b HUN It CO , MJ I William atrrct, foru rrly Bmu Laioiaiic A Co , b??e ra> ivad ky the lla?re naeke a K meruit, Hhoue ami Baltimore, oid re uow . p illule a mil and ?lugat assortment ol tba newi-t and nu at Irahioi able Tianc'i \ tirtciil Flower", arlectee ailh the jrrati at cireby th'ir own hnaae in Paiis, w ich will inntiuue to forwaid them by er?rv packet the naweaf itylea u they apt ear in thie cantrr of laahion. Dealeia willhnd it to their adynnraje to call and taamrne ha atoek before purchasing ,w m

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