Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1843 Page 3
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(K?- DIIISTOL'B SARSAPAHILLA. VI. SANDS'! SARSAI'ARII.L A ?Th? V'blic nre referred to an adver tiai ment now being inserted in various city and country papers, in which it Is gravely assarted that one Mr. Pu ley, 114 W11 let street, after having been nigh death'i door, is now "enjoying a good appetite," "sleeps natu rally," and Is " at work at his trude," Ac., when tliis very mania iu fact steeping the sleep of death! Kurther. th? certificate In uring his name, is attested by Alderman Hat IihI 1 ana Manion Day, two ol our worthy citizens. In jus tice to them, we tree them from a shallow of connivancr ot this palpable Humbug, to deceive the unwary ; but it should serve as a caution to tho afflicted ?ho may be irn posed on by an array of nnmi s, by individuals who scru jile not to use such u mask to deceive, and who have trier inelfectually to imitate Bristol's Sarsuparilla. Caution?See that the written signature ol C. C. Bristo is writteu across the cork ot the bottle ; none other is ge nuine. The public are referred to the advertisement o Mr,Turner, headed " To the Tublic," in this day's paper Sold wholesale and retail by Win. Burger, druggist. M und A3 Ceuttlamlt st, and lt<8 Greenwich street. $J- IT IS AS BAD AS IMRACY FOR AN 1GNO rant empiric to foist bis chance-compounded nortrnmi upon a confiding public, thereby compelling hundreds fr "walk the plank," who but for him and his trash, migln have lived to a good old age. The inventor of Dr. Peters Vegetable Pills and Medicated Lozenges, was not ol this class, and yet, though a physician himself, he would not offer his preparations to the public until they had received the sanction und warm approval of the best medical science in the country. Let it then be borne in mind thai Peters'Vegetable Pills and Cathartic Worm and Cough Lozenges, have been pronounced by members of the faculty, who have used them in th< ir practice, to be MM* cifics tor the complaints to which they are severally adapted. The thousands of cures they have performed attest the accuracy of tho opinion formed by scientific men to whom they were submitted for analysis. Be cau tious and purchase thu genuine Peters' Lozenges, and not be imiiosed upon by any of the worthless imitations ? Several have tried to palm oft their worthies! trash by saying their medicine* were as good as Dr. Peters', but believethem not; they will cheat you if they can. Principal offico 125 Kulton, corner of Nassau street. ft?- RHEUMATISM AND GOUT, CONTRACTED CORDS AND MUSCLES.?Every cripple who would rid himself of his crutches and lameness, we need only say, go to 71 Maiden lane, and procure a bottle of Hewes' Nerve and Bone Liniment and Indian Vegetable Elixir, which we gunrantce will cure any case of years standing. Numerous c< rtificates of persons who have suffered for years, and tried in vain a remedy until they procured the above named remedy, and found a permanent and lasting cure. It is to bo found only at 71 Maiden lane. ft?- OLDRIDGE'S BALM OK COLUMBIA.-A11 those who would prefer a handsome head of hair, free from scurf or dandruff, we would recommend to use the above preparation as a strengthener, preserver and restorer ol the hair; it is not equalled by any other preparation. It will positively prevent the h iir from falling oft, and is a rare perfume, which every person ought to keep oa their toilet. The genuine may be loutid only at71(Maiden lane. ft?- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, is guaranteed to cure all forms of secondary syphilis. Pa tients effected with pains in the bones, cutrneous erup tious, sore thront, and every other symptom indicative ol the existence of venereal taint, should use this specific without dclav. Sold in bottles at $1 each, in cases of halt a'dozen bottles, $4, (forwarded to any address.) W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office ot the College 07 Nassau street. ft?- HAIR?GRANDJEAN'8 COMPOSITION?An important discovery for the treatment of the hair; a preservative against baldness ; and an intallible cure in all nflections of the skin on the head, as dandriff, &C. 8tc? Multitudes of chemists, apothecaries, and perfumers have successfully attempted to treat of that part of the human body, without having sufficiently studied the subjectBy spreading ostentatious reports of an exaggerated fame, they have fatigued the public with the wordsWonder !?Pradigy ! "Only make fair trial of Grandjean's celebrated Composition. If people would adopt this method there would be no reason to complain of humbug. Prinr.inal ntKrp No. 1 Hnrrlnv street. Particular room for ladies. N. Y. ttCf- PROCESSOR VELPE AU'S CELEBRATED SPECIFIC PIL L9. for the cure of Gouorrhts, Oleet, and all unpleasant discharges from the urethra, is now the only remedy used in Europe for those distressing complaints. So great has heen their success in Paris, that they have caused the astonishment of the whole medical profession ; and Professor Velpeau, their celebrated in venter, now boldly asserts that he can c 're the worse caseol gonorrhre with these pills in le-s than half the time occupied by the old, and now obsolete remedies. The Colls:ok or Medicine and Pharmacy of the City of New Yore, since the introduction ot thore Pills into the United States bv them, have sold more than FIFTEEN HUNDRED BOXES ; and they defy a single instance of failure to be produced. Aggravated rases of upwards of a year's continuance, have been speedily cured by them, without confinement, tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or anyot the disagreeable effects ol the old treatment. ' action ? As these pills are now known to be the only S] , rifle for Gonorrhoea and Gleet, persons requiring th' in are herebv informed that they are or .y to he had genuine at the Office ol the College, 97 Nassau street, N. York. Price $1 per ltox of one hundred Pills. W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine and Phar macy, 97 Nassau street. N B.?Persons living at a distance can obtain a chest, containing a sufficient quantity of the above remedies, with full directions, guatantecd to effect a cure in all cafes. Price $3. ftT- A lib.unl diMinnt allowed to eonntrv riraeti tionrrs and druggists. ^ IHMUBV KiAHKVT. W?-tlneii(l#y, AUrch 9n ? - The Stock Market i?? "iK'T heavy, and the busi. ne^s merely nominal with the exception of Ohio and Kentucky, in which most ol the operations are made. Ohio roan At the new Board there is more disposition to do huai. neas, and the market is more buoyant?Mobile funds ure dull at 18 to 30. , The Banks of New Orleans are represented as declining to i'SUc any more of their own notes, " being anxious to ascertain, positively, their liabilities on that score.' The trua reason for their curtnilnieut is the strong opposition on the part of the public to take them The psople of the country uniformly receive silver for the proceeds of their crops , and the same, or as much of it as remains, alter purchasing the usual supplies, is conveyed in boxes to the residence of the planters' Hard money is thus likely to become the only currency in Louisiana, out of the limits of New Orleans. This feeling may ultimately force all the Banks into liquidation It was this that cau?ed the Commercial to stop, the Carrollton to liquidate, and the Canal " to curtail its affairs within a small cotnpa?s, with a view to go on," as the stockholders daintily express it. It will take a long time for corporations to outlive the odium which their bad conduct has brought u|>on them. Wo have repeatedly cautioned the public against the movements ofthe Slateof Ohio To every impartial ob. server, that State is within the vortex ot bankruptcy, which is only a declaration of insolvency. Nothing is more indicative of its weak positiou than the flimsey letters written in various papers, and hawked about hy brokersin Wall street, impeaching our remarks. The folly of the letters carries their antidote with them, and requires no other remark than to point to them as showing how low a sovereign State has fallen, when such are its means of maintaining its credit. We annex to thix article the law lately enacted to pay thedomextic creditors. On a former occasion we published the law to complete the Miami K.Tti<tiainn R, fore remarking unon that law we will republish an extract Iron a letter of Auditor Brotigh, puhlished in the last week in November in the Journal of Commerce, probably .with a view to assist the payment of $200,000, then due by the State to the Ohio Bank*, which payment was made in Ohio stock, at SO pet cent discount. The letter remarked as follows "An act was passed in Vlarch, 1842, authorizing the Kurd Commissioners to go into the market and sell so much " foreign stock," at thu "best |tos?itile term?," as would produce the sum of $600,000, after which " no more alork on which the intereat it payable out of the Siale wat to he itaued or told " The same act also authorized the Commissioners, hi order to pay contractors, and complete the uutinished works, to negociate a loan, principal and inti rest, 6 per cent, payable tit the State Treasury; and in default of thn negoclation of this stock, to issue instead 0 per cent bonds to the cantracto s. * * ? The ill successor these measures induced at the extra si ssion the pro|Misition to issue a 10 percent loan, interest and i rinc.ipal payable at the Statu Treasury ; and in addi lion, to allow the Commissioeera it they deemod it neces. snry, >o go into the foreign market on the best possible terms . thus contravening the pledge under the act of March, 1H42. On this ground the bill would hare keen defeated had the Amiss vol prematurely dissolved. And oa this ground will il kt defeated if again kroughl up before the new legialature " Now the 17th section of the annexed bill provides that the $1 608 000 shall he payable in New York. This, ac. cording to the auditor's admission, is n violation of the mute faith nli'.lfrod in ! he ur1 of March. 1842. We mou ??f r- '-B - now f>um up the new loans authorised in these laws For Rate. Payable. Red'hle. Jimnunt. M isin i I ?tml, 6 |T t Six I * Treasury IBM Wi7,(H)0 Domestic credits, 7prct " '*51 1,500,000 Ttimpikr, liCo. 6|> ct " IM' 517,162 ToUl, $2,114,162 The 17th section provides thtit the 7 per cent atock ?hnll flrst he offered in New York in the following form, within tiOdayafrom March IS Rat' Payahte. liedermahle. l)ome?ticcir?litor?,7 prct City ol N.Y. N Y. III ! 1,500,000 this ?even per cent foreign slock not to lie sold less than par for cash. If thia atock in not aold at par in New York, it la to he given tothecnntractera, who may then aellit na f-?Bt and as low n? they please. Thua, within sixty days, nn Ohio a -von percent stock lor $1,600,000 will be upon the market,backed by the domeatic. issues, which will all he here. We mayinow sum up what thu State has to pbj between now and July. I he above stocks to be realized and paid over, '2,41 t lli j To Bank ol Chillicnthe, May I, 261,000 To Franklin B ink, May 1, 060,000 State Interest, July 1, 600,000 Temporary l.onna, Ike., -200,000 Repairs, tec., ol C.mels -200,000 M,m46.UV2 1 o To meet these'payments the Stattftaaa a balance of taxes ; on hand of perhaps $100,000. The gross toll* last year were $476,031. If they amount to $ >00,000 the coming i year, and one half is received before July, the State will have,of toll anil taxes, $360,000 to meet $700,000 of State interest nnd Canal repairs,to say nothing ol theti -mporary loans. In relation to the Canal repairs ami interest, the Canal Commissioner's Report, pages 22 and 23 has the folt lowing :? "the repair* upon the works recently finished, will, probably, he heavier than in any future year: nevertheI less there must he a very Inrge increase in the amount of net receipls from this source. In the fund to pay the inI terest iiue, upon the 1st of January ensuing, there will he a deficit,unless the/unif be enlarged Ay a further prtivieion, f with u vit w t? that purpose." The backward spring and severity of the winter must decrease the tolls and innwnco iv.? mnnira. tMnw this "further provision" was proposed in the Ohio Les gislattiro, in the shape of a bill to authorize the Jluditor to > levy a tax upon personul property, which passed the \ Houae and was defeated in the Senate, for a reaatm given , by a citizen of Ohio, who sold his stock in this market, viz: "il passed the Auditor dare not levy it." The State ' fund mongers pride themselves that the Legislature did not deprivo the Auditor of the power of levying taxes. Their refusing to do so is virtually repudiation. The whole responsibility is thrown upon the Auditor, who well enough knows that he never will be held accountable for net taxing; but an imposition of $474,000 increased taxas this year to meet the deficiency would destroy him. The following were the payments of the commissioners last year, and the corresponding payments this year 1812. 1843. Interest on foreign, drbt, 779,719 OR 1,7"9 " domestic debt, 145,123 253,8211 Temporary loans, 718,589 890,800 Krsuklin Bank, 191 8)4 25'',000 < hillicmhe, 68,818 281,000 B ink of Wooster, 190,242 ? Contracts, repairs, &c. 523,032 304,816 Other purposes, 67,041 70 000 2,691,450 $2,934,350 Meant of Payment. Tolls, ike. 578 431 600.000 Tuxes, 298 395 500 000 Borrowed. 1,788 836 1,814,350 Total, $2,665,662 $2,934,350 In estimating the receipts for the coming year yenr we have supposed the tolls to increaso $20,000,although there is every probability that they will be less than last year. The state ol" the exchanges nnw is rntfleiunt cri Uni>, mo! hut few goods, which yield the greatest revenue, will puss over the canals. The taxes we have supposed the Auditor will increase $300,000, or seventy per ct. If these estimates are correct, and all the money is collected, an event that never yet happened, there will still he a deficit. There is then $1,834,350 to bu borrowed, besides the $3,414,163 of stock authorized, making $4,348,613 to he obtained. This explains why those interested are so feverish about the credit of the State here. They are afraid that the money cannot bu got, unless capitalists are deceived into false confidence. We recently published a synopsis of a law of Ohio for the completion of the exterior of the Miami Canal. We will now give a synopsis of the law for the payment of the domestic creditors, as follows Ohio Loan to Pav the Domestic Creditors or the State, March, 1843. Sec. 1. The Canal Commissioners are authorised to borrow $1,500,000 for the payment of arrears to contractors, with interest at 6 per centSec. 3. For this purpose the Commissioners to issue stock bearing not more than seven per cent interest, payable in May or November, at the State Treasury. The stock redeemable in 1861, or at any period prior to that time, and not to be issued less than par. Sec. 3. The faith of the State pledged for the interest, the surplus United States revenue, and all lands belong. I ing te the public works, not otherwise appropriated. Sue. 4. The bonds to he receivable in payment lor lands I belonging to specific works for which they are issued, and to bear upon their face that they are receivable for all debts due the surplus revenue fund except the interest. 8r.c. 6. From and alter January, 1850, shall he applied to the redemption of such of these bonds as are then outstanding. Skc. 8. During 1843, may provide for the collection of the surplus revenue loaned in each county, 10 per cent annually. S>:c. 7 All the money thus collected to bu retained in the State Treasury. Sec. 8. The Commissioners to receivethe stock authorized by the act at pir, with the interest for payments due the surplus revenue. Sec. 9. All bonds received for liabilities to the State to be given in to the Auditor, cancelled and fileu. Skc. 10. Provides lor the delivery of bonds and money in the hands of the Commissioners to the state Treasury. Sec 11. Provides for paying the interest of the surplus revenue collected, to the school fund Sec. 13. No bond issued under this act of a less denomination than $100 The holder of the Commissioners' checks may obtain bonds for the amount. Skc. 13 The bonds issued te tho State Treasurer and moneys disbursed shall lie in accordance with the low of March, 1840. Sec 14. Money received into the State Treasury from land sales, or for the surplus revenue, may be applied by the Commissioners to the purchase of bonds issued under this act, at not more than par. Sec. 1.1. The Auditor shall registar the bonds issued. ne'Vece'ived for csdun '? Sec. 17. The Commissioners within Oodays shall invite bids in the city of New York for the stock, bearing not mor>-than 7 |>er cent, payable semi-annually, in the city ol New York, redeemable In that city alter 1851- If bi4s are madr at par the stock may be issued. Skc. 18. If the stock is so sold, the money shall be paid to the contractor pro rata, according to their claims upon the :-tate. Skc . 19 If not more than $600,000 can be borrowed in New York, the Commissioners may issue to the contractors an equal amount of 7 ner cent stock, intei est Disable semi annually in New Vork, pro rata, according to their demand", and the balance made up by the iiane ot domes, tic l>ond?. a* before provided Se?. -JO. The same pledge* shall apply for the redemption of those bonds as are provided in this act for the domestic bonds. No stock to be issued or sold at a less rate than par. 8*0. 31. The Auditor shall publish on the 1st of May and November oi each year, the amount ol bonds issued under I his act, and that of Maich, 1HU, the amount rcdiemcd or cancelled, and the amount outstanding unpaid. Sec. 33 The Commissioners shall issue to companies in which the State is a stockholder, 6 per cent bonds for all outstanding warrants, with interest since the warrants were dishonored. Src. 33. Th" Auditor,on the request'of any company, shall immediately investigate and re|>ort to the Commissioner the amount due by the State to such Company, and also the amount the company owes for labor. For these amounts the Auditor shall issue his warrants, which warrants shall be redeemed with bonds, as above provided. Nales rat (tie Stuek Kictiuiigs. S3C00 Ohio 6's, I860 f.01-; $1000 Ki n'ticky bnds slO S.'> 6000 do s30 M'4 10 K) do >3 8'< 9000 do s30 69"i 20 ?h?s L*tlier Man'rs Bk 97 2000 do *3 S9X 10 Ohio L! AT 55 1000 NY 7'. 1849 103>J Ifi Svr A L'tio Tor 000 Ohie 6'?, 1850 69 50 Canton *30 19V 1000 Kentucky bods b6fl 85V 25 Mohawk 28*. 5000 do B51, 50 Pateraon 43% 3000 do 85\? 125 Harlem IfijJ 5000 do a 30 85 75 8'oiumr'on boo 18X 3000 do 85 Second Board, 50 thai Harlem Railroad Company, b( "OX Commercial Stock Kxchange?lH \Vall it. 51 1000 Ohio 6'a, I860 69>,' *1000 Kentucky 6? alO 85V 2060 do caah 69',' 4000 do 85>? 1000 do 69', 3000 d > *3 85 3000 do an* 69', linn do b3 85 1000 do nw 695a iooo NT6V, 1862 opg I0l?? 3000 do 69f, 1000 do 5V>, laol ?|.ir 95 7000 Illinois 6'?, 1870 cah 22 100 ?ha? H irlrm K ?3fl lb1* 8(.00 do a!5 21 \ Saroiid Hoard. JIOOO Ohio 6V, 1860 I5d 67 SlO'fl N Y 6'a, 1862 org 101V .000 IllinoiaO'a, 1870 22 10o0 Kentucky 6'a si 85)J IOOO do 2lV 1000 do 8'dty 85 7000 Ho nw 21 % 2000 do 85 1000 do h3 22 1000 Ohio 6'a, I860 60 1000 do a30 21V 4001 do a3 69X 1000 do ?1 2IV 6000 do h7 6'.>i4 1000 do b30 22'i looil do al? 69 1000 do >20 21 *4 3000 ?'o nw 69 1IHI0 N V 6 a, 1862 OI'B l#l? 2000 U 8 6'a, 18 2 107X 50 >h <a Paimc a Ln I3X 10 b.u lilt of America 90 25 Stnniugtoo It 1 bio 19 10 ('anion Co b3 19X 25 do alO IS'i State of Tra<le. A tea sale to-lay reaulted aa follows. Terma?Notea at in monins, payame in mis cny ?to r>e mane suinnaciory to sellers. Hyeon?10 chest* 45 cents; (30 withdrawn.) Young Hyeon ?35 chest* 50 cpntl, 10 hf do 45J, '11 do 43$, 18 do ?4, 14 chest* 374, 10 do 37; 36 do .76J, 17 hi (lo 30, 61 do 36$, 00 do nnd 11 Chest* 35,40 do 30, 111 do and 60 cherts 98$, 148 chert* 48, 100 hi do 13$, 104 do 15$, 601 do 14, 50 13 lb boxes 41$, 50 do 41, (446 cheat* 104 hf do and 400 13 lb boxes withdrawn!. Hymn Skin?9 chert* 49$ cent?; 141 do 48$; 50 do 10$; (400 ite withdrawn.) Pmoehong- 47 48 lb boxes 30$ cent*; 51 do 36;97 do 35$; 106 do 36;33 do 31$; 177 do 34; 139 do 33$; 744 do 33, (105 do withdrawn.) Coffee?Terms, note* at four month*, payable in the city ol New York, to bo made satisfactory to siller*. Java, 40 haft* at lljc per lb, [460 do withprnwn;] Rio, 74 baa* at 7*. with 09 do 7$; 414 do 7|; 480 do 7$; H3 do 7$; 040 do 7, [317 bag* withdraw n.] The market it dull, and price* one quarter of a cent per lb lower., at 0$ a 8$ cents; Lagnayra, 7$ a 8$; ino Cuba, 7$ a 8; 450 green Java, 8j|; Sumatra,7$, 4 mo*; St. Domingo, 6$ a 6} cant*, cash. Cotton?1 he market firm. Heady, good demand for export, and price* are well maintained. Fair ami qtialitie* above fair continue scare*. The transaction* embrace 4100 bale* Upland and Florida at 4$ a fl] ct*;70O Mobile, 5 a 7$; and 350 N Orleans, 5 a 7$,?together 3150 bale*. The total ?ale* of the week ending Friday evening last, weie7000 bale*. Foreign Market*. Havasa, March 16.? Coffee ha* been taken freely the last week, at 0 ! 0$ lor second*. The market 1* now llrmer, with but trifling shipment* to thu L'n'ted States. s . i* a trifle lower. owhm to 1?* *a?? f?? St. Thorns bringing 110 Kuropran correspondence. I (|Uot? Ciicuruchos at 3J a 1 r?; brown* 4 n 4$; whites si a 10; and It a 11J lor Floretes for the Hpnnish market Rirea'ill continue* low, with a good stork oil hand? Inat sales 8J a 9J. frtighti arc maintained, with no arrivals lor the last few ilar s. Rxrhangt~Ot\ bond" u 1; Nc York, parr IJ premium iHrrleil, ^ On Taeidijr, 28th inat. liy the Rev. Mr. Fi?her, Ai.ri n andnh Lraikd, to Kliza Wood, daughter of Thomas Al? V sop, K?q. all of flii? city. 1 Died. lt In Freehold, Monmouth county, New Jersey, on Toes- j, day mornii'?, 3Sth inst in thc JSd year ol her age, Sahah NV, wife of ilarbarie Thr ckmorton, and eldest daughter t< of Philip Orandin.ol New York 'J On Wednesday,'.!9(h inst. tig, .1 6 months, Kobkkt Rir, j son of Henry A Auid and Marion Rae, t, The friendsol the lamily are requested to attend the funeral, this mternonn, at 4? o'clock, from No. 378 Brooute \ street, without further notice. t On Monday morning, iSih inst. aged 47 years, the wife ,, of Noah Tompkins. si Tholiieudsol the family are particulailv invited to at- ci tend Iter funeral, from her lute rrsiduncu, No. 49 Norfolk " ?treet, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock. 1 11 Pnssrngerii Arrived. ^ CitASi.riTorr?Biitr Mailisou?Messrs Haywood, Hunt, J W.. u, \V Atwdl?is in the steengo. '/ Attakasas?Brig Wui Osiris, n?Miss Juliet Knawlss, Mrs _. Tilu erro, of Liuuiaua | PusseiiKers Stilled. t>| Livf rpook?Packet .hip Koseius?Thomas D Wayne, M B Fieln. Osgood Field, Win Hilchie, Lewis C t'ullett, William P Mali. Mis. Jane Andrews, of New York: Aaron B Mvttry, , ''ainliridire. Mass; Kilwjrd A Miles anu lady, Philadelphia; ' Dr (1 Barttdlotte, Fiance; Win Byrne, (.'auatta; Win Stewart el and lady, Liverpool. r ?!<.... .mcu' 'ih.i. a MaTanzas?Bri* Rupert?3M lihtla 0 tierces 8 libls molasses I 20.(100 oranges Brett & Vine. ci M llomestlc Importiit lonu. ]fl Mobile?Briir Ann Kliza?53 hales cotton Oreenway, Henry & co?05 Wood, John.1 II St Itiirr 1 tt?27 iiruwu Broitiers St ro? K 20 Wisner, (i le Si co?'18 K I) Hurlhiit k en?39 St> (Tord. Tilesion Or eo?6 Birds ill St Jiftqlies?32 lleiirv tito Idon fc co?41 J '1 H Talman?III Willis St Brotlicis?15 pkc> W J Raymond St co ?2700 staves (rr order. Savannah?Bri:; Msdnon?22 cks riee B rstow St rope?1R "" bales i otton (id. dims?22U Boorm in, Jonuston k e?i?21 ('has ( a'vill k co?III I) Better?103 J k S So ne?30 Wood k Mount / ?9 lit b*? tobacco Hawkins St Loiran?100 casks 25 tif do rice to * ord.-r <r ????in M ARIT IM E HER A L D. ? Ship Hutfiri and Agent*. We shall esteem it n favor, if Captains of Vessels will give r~j to Commodore Robert Sii.tky, Of our News Meet, a He- J port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the fj Vessels Spokeu on their Passage, a List of their C>nt<i, and m auv Foreiltti Newspajiers or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Aitents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, wilt also confer a favor hy Qi sending to this Office all the iMarine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any hind will he thankfully (J received. POUT 0*f NKW YOKH, JtlAltCH 30 rJ b atrj* rises 5 4!) I new moon 7 5 T UN sets 6 21 | mltlh water 9 7 | Cleared. Ships St Lawrence, Yrnng, St Petersburg, D H Robertsou; _ Wash ma ton, Snanklaud, Havana, do; Cruioval Colon, Smith, do, Spofford, Tiles'on & Co.? Basques Eugenia, Biscoe Vera t Cm*. Haritons Brothers Ik Co; Louis i. Klaiicliard, Havana, N F Blanehard; Eliza, Talbot, Mobile, J Aitkin it Co.?Brigs John r, II Gardner, Kohsoti, Belize. Hon. K Alesandre; Porto Rico, Cottrell, Point Petre. liuad. nud a inkt, Badger 8t Peck; Jane, w Driukwater, Cub t. Nesmilh, Leeds it Co: Snow, Snow, New n Orleans, do do?Sclirs Mary Elizibeth, Buzbet-. W ltliingtnu, | NC; Union, Ballance, Plymouth, NC. Rtau it Maitland. Arrlred. Brig Rupert, Rankin. 16 days from Matanz s, with molasses, to BrcU (k Vose. Left brigs Caspian, Arev, fur Baltimore, I.Vh inst; Granite, Hodgden, for Philadelphia, do; schrs Lariuia, Staples, from Havana; Convert. Skoltield, for NYork, Itth.? t, 2'ith inst. lat 31, Ion 71 30, saw brig Ohio, of Boston, steering k North. d Brig Ann Eliza, Mallory, 11 days from Mobile, and 7 from c. Key West, with cotton, to E. D. Hurlbnt It Co. Experienced li \erv severe weather on the coast. b Brig Wm. Garrison, Brooks, 20 days from Atlskapai, with 232 casks molasses to A. Eaton. Sailed in co with brig Harriet t Hrown, for N York, and schr Only Sou, for Norfolk. Left schr J Henry O King, Lvnmire, for NYork, soon. 22d inst. lat 33 35, j, Ion 7j, snoke sclir Snltana, Irons, hence, standing S. \ I Brig Madison, BulUley, 9 days (roin Susannah, ? ich cotton, to Sturges Hi Clearmao. u Schr Althea Cornelius. Kalkenburg,6 days from Wilmington, v NC. with 2i 901 fret lumber to R. tit G. Boick. , Schr Regulus, Hawkins, 6 days from Wilmington, NC with J naval stores, to K. 8. Powell Schr Nortn State. Roberta,5 days from Ocracoke, with naval srnr's, to Miiehell St Co. L Schr Maria, Hopkins, t days from Baltimore, with mdse, to ' Johnson v Lowden tr schr Win Biowd, Phrnens, Irom New Bedford, with oil and w iron, to otder. fe Sclc KITort, Spear, 9 days from Thomaston, with lime, to master. _ ci Schr Hornet, Bradfotd, 3 days from Tanston, with nails, 8tc. ci to order. |* At Hiker's Island?Schrs Wyoming, and Wave, Irom to Dennis. Hslletl. th Ships Koscius, Collins, Livci|>o?l. Librrty, Norton, do; Bur gnndv, Wotton, Havre; St Lawrc ice, Young. Amsterdam; i b<nine L'ln ocenre, (8w ) Klsinorr. briits Amelia Mulhollaud, r Mimngtnu, Kiode Janeiro; filiza St iaaan, .Mobile; Me.'amon, c| Apalachicola, .and otbrrs. 31 Herald Marine Correspondence. _ Office or the Rhode Islander,) 1 Newport, M?rch 27, 1813. S f Arr 24th, Banner, King, Boston lor Norfolk; llal ?nce, Nick- J' eraon, do lor Ball'niore; Republic, Sonic, New Bedford for vs N Vork pr 2Vh?Arr Klizabeth, Brsgd-m, Attakapas for NYork: Moses K-dy, Blivt-n, Providence lor do SI.: Richmond Portland; (J / Ward, Newbotyporl; Pontiac, New B(dford; Oov Arnold, II Boston. *f" 2f>th?Arr Star, Prince, o( North Yarmouth, from Tobasco for l ' NYoik, in distress, cargo o( logwood?his experienced severe weather ill the coast, split sails, parted bobstavs, loat torn- ? deck load, is leaky, anil her crew are all frost bitten, cud much, *h justipl^ligs .'pro, i leilce fo'r PislsiisllSsm Vie rv, Fiench, and Jas L Long. Haas kins, do for NYork; Ksset, ho Durfee, Vail River for do; Oscar, Presby, New York for Tauu- f*' t.Ol S( 27th?Sailed, previous to 8 a m?wind NNW, light?all the ah outward bound vessels in port, comprising about 10 sail, ezcept is Peruvian, Star, Oseola, and Albion, the latter is ashore on the W South Point of Goat Island?she will he got off without lb (image. nenera! Recnrd. J Ship Sapphire. Tracy, from Salem for Apalachi tola, on the 8th insr. at midnight, 12 miles aonih of Orange Kev, while going j at the rate of 5 k..ots. sfnek something on the starboard bow, fl which made so great a breach in her hull as to reudc r it impo-si- Jj hie to stop the water, or with their efforts at the pumiw to keep 4,, (he vessel clear. She rapidly filled, a ad up to b 30 p m, neit ai day. had made 15 feet water, wh-n fortunately, the O.owler, an Uficer, fr">m Boston fell in with the ship .anil took on board the Bc captain and crew. The Growler arrived at Mobile on the 19th to inst. jl. The Wrecrs at Kft West ?Ship Marion, Weeks, from eo Portsmouth for Apalachicola, reported yesterday, stiuck on the on 12th inst. and lighters were seen alongside of heron the 17th, tai stripping her olsails, rigging, lie. She is reported as a very old vessel. In consequence of the absence of the Judge the casr i of barque Kverton was submitted to arbit-atiou, anu JVKi awar- ? ded tothe wreck- rs. It is eipi eted thatlhc vessel will proceed to this port in ballast, and the cargo shipped in some other ves- A sel. Brig Di borah, of M ttapoisrtt, from New O'leans, has at had her bottom ezamined, which proves to be very open, and de' will require cauHing throughout. Brig Frances Aanby, which ca; was abandoned hyh r captain on her voyage from Matanzas for fa: N York, had hern repaired, and was taking in her cargo on the to 18th Brig Isaac Mead, was undergoing repairs, and would he di. ready to receive cargo about t' e 1st of April. The Judge, who I./ h:ul been a long tim- absent, ban retime I, and all the wrecked ?ta cases would he immediately adjusted- _ sai I ewes, Del. March 2: ?Brig Stranger, in going ashore again, th received more damage, and most likely will not he got off She li i is fill of water, and the balance of her cuigo rntirely lost ? rai Surveyors have gone to her. Schr Charity is on the bar. and ihi as ill go off first full tide Smack Franklin still ashore on the Ba beach. 'hi Brki Juno, or New Bedford ?The account ol the loss of ha this vessel l as luen confirmed b? the ar ival of two boys at Bv i hia, wheie ln?*v hau bt*eu ?**nt by the American <Joo?nl from Sf Francisco Tnev state that the brig sprung a Irak in the head JJS during a ga'e, and went down at the mouth of the Francisco Hivei, about the middle of January. The cai tain and crew W|| took to the boats, and there is no doubt iliey all reached the shore in safety. r>, Spoken. August, from Mobile for Boston, March 15lh, off Cai>e tin Florida. no Foreign Porta. "V Poi:?t Pktrk, Gnad?The following is a list ol American hu res.el. lying here at the time of the earthquakePilgrim,Was- hi son, lliral, John Hill, Orleans, Saiah k. Louisa. John Hill, th anil Orleans sailed on the 22d Kf h. for 8t Thomas. The oilier mi vessel, were in port when the Globe sailed. Immediately af- du fer the esrthqnake an embargo at 5 <la)s wa. Iiitl on all vessels =in port. Wave. Sut'on, slid Eclipse, Dillingham, arrived soon j alter tne earthquake. Home Porta. v* Salkm. March 26?Arr Geo Henry, Merrick, Georgetown. DO; E H Hi rnck, Wilkins, NYork. Old, / hnsv,, w' Hu ms, Sid Oregon, Howe, Africa; Elitiherli, Wiley, Phil.v [" dtlphia. I BosTorr, March 27?Arr Columbia, Kent, Alexandria; Shrtland, Frost. Itichmond. CH Fra fclin, Qibbt, Trinidad; J .hn !i!r Brnuwer, 8uttma, Havana; Kensington, Gotham, do and En- " rone; Hokomok, Johnson, NOrleails; Tyro, Adams, Nassau, *1' NP; Love, Niekerton, Savannah; Compliance, Patterson, New York ! ' New Bkoford. March 26?Arr Union, Paine, Richmond; 17 Helen. Perry, NVork ''j Pnnvinr.iscE March 15? Arr Good Hope, Riley, Charleston; , Mobil ; Time. Garrison, Suffolk. Jn" Va; Vigilant, Heath. NYork; Henry Gibbs, Oibbt, do. Shi ?fitli. Olivia 8c Viininia, Rollins. Fredericksburg; Sisr, Kirwin, J Bilrimore; J is L ' ong, Hawkins; Victory,Frenrh, slid Motes Eddy, Bliven. NYork. Bhistoi., March 25?Arr Diadem, Liscomb, Vermillion Bay '"V viaNYoik. Old Empress, Pitman, Havana Arr 24ih, 'Ccn- .. voy,* (probably Darius) Nickerson. Providence, to load lor Boston. ''' Warrkiv, Kl. no dan?Arr Chsppnll, Sawyer, Wilming- "'i! ton. NO. PHii.adki.rHis March 214?Old Vandalia, Wall, NOrlears; Catharine Ainsnda. Teal. New Ycik; Emerald, Snow. Provi- rp deuce. Arr in the Schuylkill, J T Hatfield, Ingersol , Brock- t Ivn LI wh Norkolk. March 25? Sid M irgaret Balfour, Clarke, Liver- ri-1 i ool; Canton, P< Itiugill; Sophia, Kinney, and Sarah Jane, Gill, fon West Indira: Caribbean, Allen, Boston hr Moraii.ii, March 19?Arr Growler, Ulmcr, Boston; New 3' England. Welch, do. Old Republic. Lace, Liverpool; Carroll gat of Oerrolllon. Bird, do; Greenock, Fleck, do; Odron, Nicker- r il son. b ston; Hano'er, 8to< kbridge. New Orleans; J is Brown, nil Read. Havana IT.h? Vessels in port:?Ships Lane .shire, L\- " 5 ou; Hcolii, Welsh; Brug?l, Gnrhatn; Aren't*, Lincoln; H.irin, T Robinson; Cineinnafi, WiLnn; Deln Walker. t'ondry; J f id- del inns, Blauchaid; Win Ooddard, Pot"*r; British ship* Speed, . . Kills, Helen, Hunt r; Allan Ker, M'Kechme; Shrrbmoke, I) Gray; hnlumbaft,<<> wing; Greenock, Fleck; Ann Hall, Hubert; Jni, I'orter, Wilson; Klituhr h, Ne l?on; C Hart num. M'ln- ekl tyre,and C Hnmbertaon, K ist*n*u, ell for Liverpool; Amy, Ber (Br) Charle*, Ofrenock; Monument, Marshall, Glasgow- Lo? V 11 re na, U ran hart; Iowa, Lines; Trenton, Manion, ind Uncas, J! Luhain, II vre; P..rwell, F irwell, Trieste; AUIvtmiftn. Lane, . 1 Genoa; Newark. Merwm. NY??rk: Harriet Rockwell, Brian!; , Brunswi' k, Mr Manns; S l ammini?. Salfer; S Jenkins, Saymoor and Parthenon, Woodbnrv, freight; b*r<jues Science, f* !J Klliot, Liverpool: Mearna, (Br) Oryinoie,do; Ol*>f Wyk, Meacom; r Stanton, Lefayonr, and Shannon, Pike. Havre; Doc d'- m ' < trleans. Hood I ess, Ganoi; t 'oosa. Moore, Philadelphia; John ; Odlin, Hanover, Boston; Chief, Creesy, do; Z-nohia, Rrmiug- V ] ton, Providence: Mary Smith Lewis. freight; Dibdin.(Br) ' ,fl Hugui, do; N Lindaiv, ( Br) Hitching*, Glasgow; brirtEuro- foB tat, Crosby. Liverpool; Augusta, Sherwood; Frances Auii, Wl Green; Sullivan, Brown; Empress, Heavy; Sterling II ainiltnu, ^t c and Grand Turk, Norton, lor New York; Harriet,AVoo.'bur? , 'VJ B it;on; T P II "t, Pendleton, < hirlesttn; II W Brown, Ke lly, ' Bichin?<t)d: M Laa, B "iris, ring; Bt ruard, (Br) Oa'cR, Ores n- " ' ok; Gnlielma, Herring; Siroc, Osborn; Savannah, Hawley; 11 M? rea, Edg*'; f,*roline, Sherwood, and Senator, repper, for ) > freight; E inboth, ( Br) King, I n or chtr. ? I "IK I' MLLMl L V, X* \ L M >rl?h ')0>U IQ11 IMI1TY1 . f "b|A sY ' AM KK- Lett' ri l it I Colombia htr.imor, whirli will tail from Bowon oo I'lOfiliy noil, tho lat April, 1 will ho roroivoo at ili? Uijit anil Lower P.<?t nfliora in ihi? arc I. nnt'l 4i intunh a |>uit font o'clock. P. M.. on K'iday.tlio 1 :il?t iiMiant. Al1 letter* >o doii>at''hfil will bo nnilor the chaffe ofthe Poumeator at B< it >11, who wi I are tliom dnlf f rewarded } m?*r JOHN LOHIMUH UrtAHAM, P. M. AT ANTIi U?A Vi unr inuu acquainted with the business of 1 Waiter, hrairitale family. Arply lo A. B ?? thia f mill lt*i>i> AT ANTKD?A ?it? ,'101 a* G rdeitcr hy Julius W. Paalwa, * n marred aim, witla a small family, who waa lor four l ira Kardeier to J A ('? rri. Esq., at Brooklyn. H?Tinir c teu ye<r? |.ist in : le the niMiae. mem ami architect're of i?' n - <1 fnrim- u,cs Ira particular sun.", ha reroir.u ticla Ins left i ilh r tl a ,'ontlimau despoil < of erecting t r ' w jrc n hr in j i r v> li reach ice rolleet'on ol exotics ta i re en Iti rated II i, Iso a renetable gardener For refei 1 . ur-a a,ij lyio J A. IVirv. Esq , No. !(1 Broadway, or flnmti.-l tr?< na, y M| , e Will atieet. A few lipes addressed to W. P? L'i.iKN. < arc of the German Society, 10', Fulton ' i?" t, wi'l mart with strict atfrili'M m30 2w* r ^ ITANTKO?bim iKKEE PER8 ?Two you k nu n a-e caa '* uihdfo ... .a1, I,,,q?. a in iloa city?Irom the coun- w t yprl- r., - tibepi," rrd lit FINN'S otfi < for ho kkeen A I., l.'.n l|ou?t?u aim I 'I'll. 111>, riiu or a. eels of a lively mei r iis trade.: o be clearly seen at pr, sent in many l>a*ta ol ' or wil Ity, more parlii ularly at l ie abeve office, from which vouiir n o ar. d nly j. u> into rt ap- ctabls employment on at od ,ala ra. L N. B?Smart calculates, and good telerencca will lie rt- aud mi mso 11 r . ' ATET NU BSE ?Wanted by a healthy young married wt.- j','".1 ' nun, who lia?j"at loi h-r child, a situation ill the ahoy.: ipiei.y (Jo d irlereucrs givru. Address boa 139 Upper Boat J mic mM 3tr a OST?On Tn ad ay evening, Mlb inaiant, at Niblo's Sa- A -a loon, a Whit. Hair Tu sr. Tile posa. a or will be welcome i its < ..iitciita, if lie irturii the rurie to t o* 312 Lower Post inee. iii30 2; r E 0 KWhTA'iRIKK^ ATTkNTION ! Newt Car V'} ' ri-r? wanted t.? rircnliie the VIAL OK WRATH, or "ne unk B.Xllv ol Destrurlion?a Nrw Ail cut Journal illnstrat1 w (li sevcnt-eii fine engravings on wood. A liberal din- . ~ mi allowed at the office, southeast corner of Nan>au and JJ '* niton streets, opposite the Sun office Entrance third door nm N i???u. m30 3l*r trzr >UBLIC DEBATES AT THE TABERNACLE.? M The discussion r ftl.e ollowin* question (the hut of the inrae) will becornm uc d on Fiiday evening of 'lit- present A)" eek "to l " O Thomas W. Dorr, the Legal Governor ol Rhode li- ?"/' ad ?" o'h< Aft. Hon. ELI MOORE ; Neg. HORACE GREELEY, ?'ot Doors open a: 7? Debate to commence at 7X oVlock ? ln 'ieket* I2>a Cents, fr r .sale lit Saxtou end Mi'rs, 2'4 Broadway. "p L Gentlcnun with Ladies admitted atanv liine alter 6 o'clock J-s ! 0 ". * I till . IRISH KM Kill ANT SOCIKTY. !!,"> I NNI'AL MEETING?The annual Election of Officers ,t0I, Y ofthis society, will he held on Monday, the 3d April. 18-13, chai om 12 o'clock at noon to 5 o'clock in the a Item iou, at Wash- (,|ai iglou Hall, corner of B nadwas a'd Keide st pier ANNUAL MEETING. A And at 7 o'clock of the evening of the sunt* day, and at the will roe place, will be held t..e annual meeting of the membeis a iii friends - f ill! society. 8 Pi Om. LKitm, Secretary. Broi in31) 4'*ee ROBERT IIAGAN, President. OYLEK MEETING. ?The Democratic Hepuhlicau i | L Klector.s ol the Sen-nth Ward, who are in fiver of the ecliou of John Tyler, as Presid-nt cf the United States in 1|t 1( 44, are requested to attend a Public Meeting, to be held ft . 0 'G E-si Broadway, (between I'ike aud Hutgeis streets,) 1 Thursday evening; the 30th iistiul, and litlf past seven a clou. ??.i ai orrises ircm several dii.'nr uished nidi liduals may be tpected. ^ By order ol the W?rd Comm'ttee. m2?3t?r AAKON HWA1UZ, Chairman. pOBACCO?\ lot of sup nor Havana Wrapperj, Segar Baas, and Spenish Paper, for sale at 95 Neisaii si, Herald 111 nilditigs. "*30 3t*ec D K K' II K8? J us I received, per si e mi t'.ip t .luinbia , I ease ' J ol flue healthy Leecl-'S. ana for sale by wuj O. F. MOUNTAIN, Importer of Leeches, c<"> Cor. Fulton St Ad i us sts, Brooklyn. L. I. '""I n?30 6t i??r or H. T. CHAPMAN. 77 Fulton at. N. Y. eh* HAIK CUTTING A"Su SHAVINO. " I ILL, the inimitable Hair Cutter, takes this uuihod of in- ' lormiux hit friends anil the public in general, that he has talcu his Old Hiani, 86 l'?ail streei, immediately adjoining i, le Pearl Street House, which has been newly fitted up, and .i ' i.ere he will be | leased to wait on all who may favor him ' ilhthrill p*H?MM. I* hla neat **d skillful sty e, at the fol- a wiiik mode rate prices H'll'a inimitable HairCutiiug, cents. , Curhng, 12^ " . f Shaving, fi'a [c77* u iu'i ferget the number?No. 86 Pearl street. XX n>30 I in * rn J BOAR 8MOKER8 who desire a good segir at a low price, * cm obtain, at th* Segar D pot, No inn Nassau strret, nest m'' oor to KI ton's, some warrarue i genuine old Hahanas, it 31 'ills p-r bardie ol tSMgWf, superior to any offered the put- 'ctj c Ht douh'e the jrice; an assortment of the most choice Y.] rands on hand, for sale, who'esale anil retail, as above. , in30 It*in 'ur ?AT BKKK?KAT BKKK ? A hesutiful pair ol twiu cat- JJJf, lie rosed by ,Vlr. Newhold, of Orceurid e, N. J., will ,j|, e offered at prices to suit the timet, ?i stall No. II, Centre ? larbet They are as line a pur of cut le m base been off?-ed I i any market in the city this season. Also, fiv> splendid ~T beep, raised b- Mr ''lincli?dsn, a very superior article of 'ral My Irietnls anil the public in irrneral, wishing a rich .cl0| eM, ami ai a reduced price, are respectfully invited to give ,ot 1 ice call. *?" m3i)3i*r n raiTHAVrp van pi UK ! k'lKK ! FIKE !?The enire slock ol Dry O uods in- lot f iured hy the late Fire in Cha liani street, Ins been removed w,|| > the store, three doors above Canal street, in Broadway, and stori ill he op-ned This Day, Tnnrsday, 30th tost, and be offered m r?ale on this and ladlowingdays. The stii k consists of silks, sa'ins, and velvets, linens, lawns, online handkerchiefs, a large lot of hosiery, muslit s, cali Cr c?,cloths and kerseymeres, diapers, crash, oil cloths, car- 3C tings, li' iukels, mulls, en,bronhii fancy handkerchiefs? igetner with a choice variety of small articles. this The above Hoods .sill he offered at piics that will aafou'sli land e public ! L-dies are requested to rail andjkdite for them- o'clt Ives. tn313t r boat ?OV\l Mail FOB livekpool? L. t'rr Baits for v Kurope, to ffo from Boston per steamer Columbia, will ?jr ore at Harndeu & Co'sF rcian Letter Ofhee, on Friday, M st, at a quarter to 3 o'clcck. P M. WK mis fit r HABNDEN 8t CO iWdht. |f^ Wad TO LK'l'?I he House No. 14 Frankfort reet, suit- ^ .'? able tor n I'll',he House, list bsMMM having b en . M JhiL csnfedo? Mr some time, ml the situation is ve-y ad- Ikj iin t, eojs, and the bouse already established. Apply oil the f i mi es, up stairs, in the bsck room mil 4l*r fB1 *4 TO OAK UK N EIIS?I'., I,, t, tli-ee mil, s from bj"-? iffl, dicientgrsund for a market maki UdL Oa-dett. including a lame gr-?u house of crape vines. [>a p-rson of snnll means and good character, the rent will ow. A pi r t > | pei mW 3t rod" ." J. WJN'SLOWH, 30 Booth street. hron .{\Q.Vs,tHY beAT"L*,r.lWJKA a. j. o re Si,-- Hot IPC Asylntn. The dwelling is a double At use, wrll calculated for the permanent res.deuce of a genteel n<Iv. Th-gvuutids consist of a flower and kitchen garden. JNmi icked with grape vines, fruit, ami ornament il trees?in all will out three acres. At <om distance ftorn lit* dwelling there pissr a larg- building, well ail-pted to any kind of miuufactnre. coin! 'ater excellent. Hourly conveyance to and from the place "'J'1, rough i he day P" i'o s responsible t; uant the rent wil' b- moderate. Apply to " 1 m29 3r is"r t JOHN MILH*U 181 Broadway. tons, OYSTER BAY. I I rtf?' 4 VILLAGK HOTEL TO LET, for one or more p^., tvw vears. The prem'ses ol ih- late Towusend Parish, pj, '^JL' onsi tilik' ol two buildingi, each two stories high, one |y as ny 31 feet the other 33 hy 45 feet, aud cotinrc'.ed tog. ther by liizza. Also barns, c.rnage house and horse sheds, a large fjj d very superior kitchen garden. ami orchard, and twelve res ofesi. II-nt laud. Tli steainb at A meric in Eagle runs ,^| the village three times nerweek: staaes twire ner .1 iv to ickvillc, the railrnad depot. The rovlii iu the vicinity are SI, oil nid nceut-ry unsurpi.Hiuxly romantic. The bay it a noble p.,, e in crtry l ariiiular. Any fu thrr infir nation can be ob- earl; lied by applying to 8 H TOWNSKiVD, near the preiiitet, v iiM.-odJt-r or of K LUDLAM. (2 Suffolk tt. N. Y. Brit' HEADS OF HAIR. ?,aIcl' BARRY, Ar'i.l in, from London.?The import- ri! mire Whifli ill aitet h iye to the head of hair, in a clear inI o| the tnlue II t npon I rraonal future, and when by aorrie L"?" iriciout freak of na'.nre, the human form it deprived of it. r i>iO|niriion. art ii retorted lo, in order, by artificial m- niit. Jjjt tuppli the deficiency. Hence haee ?rn-ti rhoae wonderful m ,Cnve?icH wl ich hnl nature defiance. BAKHV'jI VKNTf- JM ATI NO AM) <?OH?v\MKK VVKJS AND SCALPS,Mill wiTl tad pie-eminent ibove all nttier? Their peculiar Ii^hr fos- Ko iht anil renttlattiK character?their beintr shaped e*?ctly as comr * na'tiral hair grow*?their elasticity and their superior mate- Bnili I ami wornm uship. as well as their *t\le of nn*ih and ar _jnJ iffemi it.i h i to! rat rack| rrfect iMtdt ol balr, tlMit xJi , maitm ten i" be fa|h i preeiited Ao inepectiM of nrj irry'i real heail?of hair will satisfy the most fastidious that i th? be?i ad diM n it ta tM ity, which can nl| ha o Kt d Ml Broad* y,Mmrol Libmy it vp stair*. Tl o&30 Imeod'm cabii OA OR is not deininiled bv ihe proprietor of the Hun- wy i ter an D spensary for curing a timpte case of disease. hod' ifm tmmr solfistj eddoci n do, by rooreaentinf * very JJJif npie case to d-* very cant; licated one and thereby trull ihe w,ilj tieut out of his money, when a vial of Dr. Hunter's Re I of o top woald?in the * ime out ii aboat tan ?l lyt,at tot trifliif penseoffl. We wish it perfectly understood that unless i it- d Droi i ii 11' 1 100 'v'- will ?( mi * to saj av c?? -, ' matter wh it form o nteut, or l ow deeply seated m the ?the stem, we will make no charge. The Hunterian Dispensary Jut it : i?i\ i s. si street, with t private rattiicii Tim wholi JjJJJ ildiif ia devoted to Duaiosss if no person nay fear cosine earn cwtract with another. S'rangeri sad seamen are at prised fl at this medicine is nnt up in pirk*gf s, with a little book Kir- ,? ' r "rery particnlar airectiou, and a complete history of these f' 1,1 '?? ?-? i rice *i tniu it*r i?* -It. CHURCH'* V\LUa.HLE HKMKDIKS^' ooghs r? ' Colds, &o ? Dr. Church's Cough Drops will he fund 4 Cop| luable remcdv for coughs, colds, a*ilun's comnmotion, ]<?tu toopiaf u.h ?iil mIb hi rh?* br-a*?. This medicine is II known fothe public, Invi-g been uted in this ?itv for JH ?r?' than foity yean w iih great success. flold at .V) cents p? r Jjjy[ tt lien mat ism, flic.? Dr. Church's f heinical Essence of Met- J ' '* d.? I'he tin- nmp!H sncccss which h*s attrndd the use of srerrod7?s? run cd it t) We eagerly sought lor hv thou>dsofi*airidusl? suffering ni derthe rorttires of rheumatic rtions ; the relief afforded by its applications is sj?rrdy nd ~ st effect-ve It is also rf equal ?ffSc cy in c ?*es of ?j r nn?, iser, a'iff joints, swollen limbs, ct iibUms ai.d nnm ness. ImM Id in ho'tl' n at *?0 cents each. JBH 'impl-s . n th* Face.?Church's Vegetable Lotion, an rffrr- ?"3 i cire for eruptions on the font such at pimples, blotches, ter, tan, sunburn, ringworm, and scorbutic and rntanrons kAS prions. The use of the Loti n for a short time will trans- flbC in th? most si I low c >ni}>leuon ni'o r tdisnt whiten* ss, rrn ing harsh aud rough skin soft and smooth. I*iice75 reuti mt bittle, m' Irh! Itch !?Scutch ointment, for the tore of tint trnu. ?'jt .ome diieate, Tin mn,t inreterate itch cured by* tingle &7 l.cttion of Clutrch't Scot :h ' hutment, which for plraaant- JrJ* ia, rafrty.caa* and certainty, atanda without a rital. * rh" above valuable remrdiet -ay be found ?t I'htieli'i J," iiciiitry. 188 Bowery. 00 me'ol Sprintttreet. rnKI U*m wl" HK VKKN *L Kl^L'INOX, with, and galea, and on'bi eaprieiont r hinge. of weather, it a trying time for pertont cte lung, are drlic t . (Jongh. and coldt, the 'urau' cru- Jthi r." of Cnnaurrplion, are extremely prevalent, and the mom udation of i any a fatal catc ol inflammation of the lungt, [?a. 11 (lit11, Ruenmalic fever, pleunay , fcit n?W being lii.l. Wall t why thr.nld there dettjuctivr di.eatta be allowed to thip i her I ead, when they can be nhdu?d in their incip eocy, (or Mtn iier wh'U the rfT-ctlon. of the rer piratory organ. a Inch le id cd, it hein, can be tnbdned) by the tin. of Javnc'i Kipcctorant 7 t,..,l Ve r> u e for a reply." . 'repired be Ui D. JA VNK, at ! Month Third atreer, Thila- a . i>hia, and No IIJBawd""?, Now York. m30 3t*r If lot .AFNJtSS I' I Kf.D - Sc.troa'a Aconalie Oil lor the mi e J1 of Orftfui??, p ill a, and the discharge of matter iom the "!* i;a'?o all those disag eeatde tinta-a. like the bur.7. ng of iy ta, filling; of w. iers, whining of steam, Sic., which are JS m l "ui <>l approaching dtafnesa, and alio acne rally attciii wi!h the disease. will lead the following moat extraordinary care. If any have ,pi, I douhta, they inaf now iliimna thein, and t le moat incredii- nme may conilditt dtafnesa aa curable. Numerous caaea of ra, wml in in v if them very tewarkahle. by the uac ol Icarpa'a Oil," have been pibliahed, bnt thiicapa th* cli- n,f(i v Young oro'd. you may yet recover your hearing. L lady in Mmithlii ld, Pennsylvania, ami now about eighty M, jra ol age, had been gradually prtiintr deaf for note than wAW ly yra'a se th u it waa i en to impoasible to make her hear .Tmmu neriation in the loudeat tone of voice. Leaf win rr ah- The t i induced to Uy " be iffnla Oil for Deafni ai.' It ii only "Bar i ai iry to add, that ahc haa need two hottlea, and that her will b niog is iierfect'y reatoted?aha ta cured. . mnia raluible oil ii prtpiredbr Dr. H Bell and la aold on ney bv Dr. D J iyue, 3jJ Broadway. Price $1 p> r bottle. a30 '>t*r "vST l'U OL.I> t OUN IKV Mk.V?IIMI ... II A ll.VDf : ' ( will draw at their K tprots and Koreiirn Iter Office, Vi 3 W II tl'ret.sinall bills of exchange lioin M? f.? JtlOi in sums lo suit, piyahle at sight, I'm the tecumui ion of persons wisIiiiir tn remit to .Weir frietnls in R .ulnnJ, ,,,10 laud, nr Scotland. ' " I'he letter k?M for the Koyal Mull Steamers fork r t ool . .j ) also m ide op at their office. " ' I i'or fuithsr information apply to 11 HARNDKN k CO., 'rilJ 1 us in London? MA?XRAN, MAURIS k * ' ' '1-J Lieerpool?WILMttR k SMITH AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BKl.1.. Auctioneer 11V IJKU. & HOWAHD. Not. ft Jtnn r.iii 115 brtlton ' " ? THURSDAY. At 1?X "'clock .it No ?Church st t'ra sile of Pi in? Fortes, Sofia,Cham, &c. St".?3 a perosewood piano forlc-., 13 apiiiu am ' tufcil sofas Kreurh "I S French mahogany chain, polished and i lain Kiench tceUs na>his top anil plain drsaing bureaus, bookcases, k.. T i .i _ i... _ i _ _r i ? in* Mini w.monr rrmv, oy ura? r 01 ui *?-? FRIDAY. A f !r>^ o'clock in the sales room. vt'rsivo sale of seasonable dr> goods, London cloth* and mi. res, f,\ cy .?n<J pledged articles, guns, cutlery, jewelry, rites, &c. '*?) inuvitiry of pledged good* severe1 lin? mnsical instrui?s, splendid llutts, Crernona violit), double flageolet, fine chei, &c. SATURDAY. Af 10>a o'clock in the sale* mom. arge ?a'e of elegaut furniture of all descriptions, both new secondhand. otnprising Ktiptrh humans, *ofis, chairs, wardrobes, all < I of piani polished and marble top tables, sidebonds, new e parlor arid rocking chuir* cotirhcs ottomans, divans, sofa ii. eovnt |honsi leski u i \ Alto irge variety of aernnd hand furuitu'r of all descriptions, ' ft which the sale will commence. Iso, I y order of the shcr rt. uc valuable piano forte. MOV'DAY, Aril 1 At 10 1*2o*? lock in th - sales room, itrasaleof fancy g ode?4 trunks clothing, dry goods, i 1 vnlu vblc assortment of articles from pawnbrokers, cloths, us,f ilks, trinkets, See. TUKSDAY. April 4. Ml tee I Furniture?At 40 o'clock will be sold^ the entire 4 ds ine furniture c- iitair.ed its the house No 7 Chamber it, r Chatham. OTFCE?By virtue of a ILaudloid's Warrant, I will n? rose for sile *t Public Vendue, on Saturday, the 1st of il ncit. at 12 o'clock at n on, at IHih street, between the tn 7th Avenues?I s'eam engine. 2copper boilers, 2 stoves pipes, 1 clock, 2 carfuitn's, carts, I charcoal wagon, one T cart, conrer dinners nod nines, wht-cl furrow* I irrind ie, barrels, hogsheads, 8tc AJ.t'KBD ROA?'H. Ton t*M*. 'ill 1! ? r t > H'-rb 111 III nf n'i-1. iF.OANT FASHION ABI7R F" li . I I UIt K AND PIANO - ?A. B. i HOWUKIDOK k < <>. will .11 morning at i'1? dock, in the .mrr "I'-i Mmr'way. comer nr-. tre< t, nu elegant assortment of fashionable furniture, tiding'Q flu** so'.is, spring, tufced till cushion imii; 10 pq naif, th-ee quarters ana fall Fin ch and ?wi en back irs map'e,c<iu tent do, mahngsnv ro? krra, dressing and , 11 bureaus, French bedsteads, patent manic do, washstandi, I oid breakfast tables, ingrain cirp-ting, k%. ' iso, a lot nf second hand furniture, with which the Rale eeinniencf. I ho, in vards new rag carpet. j ano Forte?Also, one first rate Piano Forte, Dalies and thcrs, makers, wnle absolute^ m3fl lt*m HKV.IAVIN MOONKY. Auctioneer , UCTItlN NOTIfK-Oai'i, Kifles, Pistols, Cu*l?ry,&c. i ? H. MOOMKY k CO. will sell ou Thursday, 30th ius\. I o'clock, at the store 69 Maiden Lane, a fin* a?soitmeiit ol i, rifles and pistols; together with an invoice of superior 0 and d 'rhti knives and forks, stagguard carvers, Bee. ike 'so I cask, 100 gross, a superior article of fore buck knives J forki. Also 200 pocket and pen knives, carded cut- j , &c. No, bt\ invoice of swords, trifle ho rns, powder llasks, per- j lion c tps, A" fa. ataloznes a-e now reidy. m?92f*m W A. I)AItTEM, Auctioneer. 1 CATALOGUE?Kstensive Sale of Elegant Furniture, to pay A' taccui?CARTKK k CO. wdl sell on Thun, 30th in it., at 10 1-? o'c'ock. a* their store, No. 10? Rroad\ a large and elegant assortment of city made Furniture, stating of I t cushioned, iufted and spring sear solas. 16 dor. logauv and rose r ood I*a)I, three-fo? rths, and full French irs/of very elegant patterns; 16 tufted and spring seat roc.k2 nurse chairs, 8 ottomans, 4 divan*, 4 work fable*, 4 brraktahle?,6 d<>uhte and single enclosed w <sh stands. 3 imita i ro*ewood French bedsteads, 6 mahogany French h dtds, 3 marble top eeatre cables, i elegant work t&bli with , i iiialio^aiiy burc nh, l elegant drcssmp bureaus, 2 ver stands, 1 book case, 4 elegant card tables; I rosewood ?...?.i.i . 'he styie anil liniili of the articles ate equal to any in the Hale positive, nnil without reserve, atalogue* r?ady, and the furniture can be examined on the I* revolts to the rale. m2S 3 is*r J ATt' 11 KH A S P JEW ELLKK Y lower than ever.? As the subscriber is constantly receiving all descriptions of tl anil siliei watches, of tile newest styles, direct frotn the iiniactnters, in Kim laud. Kiauce, aud Switaerlaiid, he is ib'ed to offer a larger arsortrrent, and at much le-s prices, at ail, than any other house in the city. Gold watches as low Il5rach. Watches aud jewellery eschanged or bought. I watches warranted to keep rooiI titne, or the money relied. W'ati lies, clocks and jewellery repaired in the best nner, and warranted lower than at any ojher place in the O, C. Allen, importer of watches ana jewellery, whole Jtnd retaif SflWalf street, up stairs. in<Min ins'ec OtiK AT THIS?Joat received lot liuehdkls, at only 4 Cents, lot fine double width changeable Pirisines at only 3j lot table linens, ? yds wide, at only 4s 6d; lot liue hroad!hs at only 7s (id; lot fine double milled cassimeres at 6s 6J; ! lestsattinels at oulv 2s fid; sbirtitiR muslins ar 4 cents per 1 I; lot line book inuslins at Is; lot cambric muslini at'tl per I; lot superfine double tidth alap<cca Instrcs, cheap; lot ea' collars at 61; lot men's tine orange canes at only ti its; ine new tie lames, cheap; Rood silk at 7 c-uts per skein. It pay any one tn enme 20 mites to WlLLKT HAWKINS' ?. 501 Greenwich street, 5st store below Spring street. ' 10 linis*m | asai ( hanuk ok starting place- . -rJH?w3?NeB Arrangement to Albany and Boston, via t s^JKnXLHtiiwatouic Railroad?The strainer Mutual I tv will roinmra'e miming for freight aud passnncera daily I niortiiuR at 7 o'clock, from foot of Liberty st, near Courtt. Ninth Riser, ts Bridgeport Leaee (or ffsw Tcik at I >ck, P. M., or on the arrival < f 'he cars from Albany. This is the only one miming in connection with the Railroad, sr farther information apply at the office, foot Liberty at. v York. ni2r U- ALL THE REGULAR PACKE I S? Steam amp* . Ffy steam boats, and other passenKer vessels, carrying ; wfis iug "Krancu' Patent Life Boats," hare the word tent" plaiuly Stamped or painted on the aide. f 19-tfr ? g- FOR LONDON?Regalar Packet of the 1st of H^^Aoril?The very su|?-rior last railinR packet ship r bONTAKIO, Capt. Bradish, will sail as above her reroav. v it oik very superior accouunod itions for rahiu, *r< onil ea tl an<l steeragi passeORers; |tersuus wishing to embark shnnld > early application. a JOSEPH McMURRAY, I 100 Pine street, corner of Sonth street. \ rsous wishing to send for their friends, can nave them k'ht out by the above^ship, or any of :he regular packets, by p HP- KOK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?Regular i Packet of 25tb April.?The Spleudid Packet Ship MB^hIDDONH, Captain E. B. Cobb, of 1000 tuna, positively sail as above, he' regular day. Kor freight or <; ige, having aecommodations unequalled for splendor or ort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street. K. X. COLLINS St C O. 5fi South street. 7 ce of passage, 4100. ic Packet Shin Sheridan, Capt. A Depeyster, of fcr'O f will aneeeetl '.he Siddons, aud sail the ojft, ?fMay, lar g :sr day. ?. ttrr.s for the ships of this line will only he received st Oil- si an 1 Hale's News Iloom. fi isengers mny rely on the ships of this Im* sailing rnnetir. I- n advertised. m26 c ii it l LD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKET if I^^SHlPS?Pacaet of the lit of April?The well known n fefirst clsss packet ship EUROPE, Capt Furher, will * searched Mabort, her regular day f, e has ricellent aarnrnmodations for cabin and steerage u iigers?ih <se wishing to secure berths will require to make n J application to JOHN HKKDMAN, ii 61 Booth street. I , B.?Those sen'leg for their friends residing in rtreat h aiti or Irelaud, cas arrange for their paisigr by the regular ^ rt ships sailing weekly from Liverpool, at the lowest i. afts fuiuished as nsnal tor any aroouat, payable in all the :ipal towns throughout the United Kingdom. Apply as e. m2lr Hh THE NEW LINE FOR LIVEHPOOL?llTgiTtar Pickr' 16th April. Th* nee splendid packet kBfaisliip LIVERPOOL, John Eldridie Master, llldl tons, sail as above, on her regular day. r freight or pass-rue, having elegant awl m.snri assed arnodations, apply to the matter on board wrtt side Hg Slip, or to WOODHULL It MINTL'RN, $t Hrmih srreet. t jt BLACK BALL, in Old Line ol LIVERPOOL Psrkets ? Kegnl ir Preket of 1st ol April.?The Balne fist s itii it picket ship EUROPE, Cipt Eriwaid < ni'-r. I sol positi-el v as ahoii e, h?r ri gul ir day. (. ic accommorl <[i ma ol this magniticent packet, in cahin, 2d I in ! (Mt Pi Will on inspection he toiind unequalled hv easel afloat. Those retoriiing to the Old Country will t to their comfort and advantage to st lect this conveyance, is a number of her berths are already engaged, person ing passage, should make early application on board, foot eedtman street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS St CO., 16 Fulton st, nrit door, to the Fulton Bank. 9. The Europe nils from Liverpool onthe I9ih of May, ise sending for 'heir friends, can have ihem brought in her, or in any of the Packets of this magnificent , which sail from there punrtu'lly on the 7th and 19th of month. afts on the Royal B'lik of Ireland, and on Messrs. Prescott e, Ames It Co bankers, London, which will he paid free scount or any charge, in every town throughout England, nil. Hemi in ' and Wales. >r p usage, Ike , apply as above. E ^ The picket ship New York, bunlmii 1000 tons. Captain v?r. will succeed lh? Euroiw, and sail for Livrriool on the of Ai'iil, her regular da v. mllr Kf PASS A i IE Full ilVKRlnOL-P.rket of ihe ^ kt April?The splendid fa<t suing P <- et ship El, l!( I >;. ( 111' in h orher, Wl'l sol positively i r, rcr regular day Havoc splencid ac omm dalions for i, second cibiu ai d sr< er igc passengers rpas>age, early applic ilnoii 'hnu'd be made on board, I 1 /trsiyu i , !.? rrrK *uj?t 11 (ornfi Mood Btm+t ,, PAt HET FOR HAVKK?["rcond Line 1?The ? fy .1.1.. UALTIMORK, K.lwaid F.. ik. master. s ill ? Wmm 'til < m (hi- 411? ArriS. ? r BOVI) > HIM KKN. 9 T inline B?iMiim. Jj ? ^OK MAKBMLLhH?Ro-iut l.( A|.nl?Tl..1 thin IjV-CUWIOLANI.'B, I'spr. \pn|y !o Nh H. BHOOM h CO. or to BOVD 8c IIINCKfcN, ' 9 T opt Mir Building. 1L . MM< NEW OKLKA.Nh?LOUIBIANA ANll ?rV ^ k.W VIIRH LINK?Poiitinl* First Regular 0C. I irkrt?'1? receive freight until 2 o'clock, ami sail at r I, True Day. 1 e' St ".UK racket ship LOUISVILLK, Cant M. Hoot, positively sail as aoovevliii ilay. For frenrht T having handsome 'linn :!ie<l aeeosntnodatioi ?, api ly . >\rd, at Orleans wharf, of IVali ?u or to K. K UOl.LIM* 8t CO W fonth ?t. ' prera will please send in their bills of lading early this ing. sniyers will please be oil bonid at Orleans whaif, foot of afreet, this aflcruoou at 3 o'clock, at which tine the f'J will sail. 11| per a mayrely upon having their t m.ils correctly in'asurid that the ships of lies line will sail pnijctnally aa adyerAny gnarauiee in that effect will be given and fun IVd . nay be reunited. _ ,, mts III y. Orl. ius, Hiillin 8c Woodruff. who w. I P'Ouv t- * ward all goode to their address ' . e paekn ship Cincinnati, Captain Barslow, will soeec d ?? .ma vilt?. an I an* 'h> IQ'h April, her reynlar day inlW' anv PA08AGK FOR NEW ORLKANH-Onlv cr. I ?I'.ieker list March'?The anlendid fiat |jL miliiu I""1 Wrt thiii Hunt, th' TTT i>.??iti?elv aa .Bore, her rryular day, having did accemuio 'ationa for cabin, aecnnd cabin and ater raye H'era. nvaaafe, early application ?h nd be mule on board nr to W.fc J. T. TAPS? OTT. r 41 1'eck flip. POtMT Smith afreet t B YKUK WANTKD?One or two"Barges wanted, ] that wilt parry I'rotn I to UO tona, for winch country Ba or k'"> I improved city pr> prrly will lie eichanned. 10 M mnal be aounil and in pctfect ordpr. Addrera a linn He," to this office, stating axe and full parlicnlirt, wliicli < rrgulaily att -mled to. in to 2w"m ? KKMiTTANCKS fO IKKI.ANI), lie., He.? 10 VV'1'1 iiIm ni l > oootinnes totruant money, in uw >i (fclaryi.-or mull, to persona rending in any part of irehi i V ?nnp m niiiPi u h?, and his predecessor 'u iiu.i- , hare doue for the lart thirty years, and more; al?o, to any >f Kwland or Scotland r nev remitted bv letter (postpaid) to tho aubeenber,or Hi nnfly dennsitod with him, with the name of the peraon or ,, na in Ireland, Kncland or 9t >tl ind, to whom it ia to ' iud nearest post town, will be immediately tranainit'ed f,. aid aocorf iugly, and a receipt to that pflect gieenorfer ed to the tender, <a ike manner money withoi claims on per oua in anr ra t C v id, Enftand or Scotland, < -< . or persona residing in any r | da, anil will be paid to them cordi.. I UKOfUJlL McBRiDh.. Jr . u t e.iai at AMI SEMENTS. imhk tiikatiik. Till* KVKVINO. Wilt b.- performed, KKCRUITINO OP'ICKR u'T*'. Barry I Cept Brazm. Abbelt M'ltnla, Miw Bulnid Mi , ... After whieh n* Julia TsnihnU wi'l .wwr n KL BOLKHO. T?? oonr'niif w 'h, Viae mm .V i ,P\VIH AMI LONDON. iaV?U". ' M' H'r'Y I Lvlv Vol.t.1, Mr. H Hont I'n. j', U?IUrv. UH ru , . W?Wtt4< THKATHk. Wl" 3,| o( A, rj, w|(h , ?,w pjee? l ' UbM iltilFu I'ilKATUr.. '? Hrriailw.v New 'V.irk THIS " lv will ?rfi)Tlll*'4 KHA UIAVI.LO! Kn Dinvoln, Mr. Timin I He wo, Mitchell Ti> rniielmle wirh PET OK THE PETTICOATS. HT* The Uooi? ? .! c<)|- nil -.t 1.?!!-?*?. ,a<! ,h? j*ui.?oi ? eommenrr V 7. pit rem '. AfflKKK'AN TIlKA'l KK-VVAI.*IT-ST. PI 111, A I) WljHIlIA, UNDER THE DIREf'Tin " of VIA* C. CU8HMAN MK. BOOTH THURSDAY KVf'N'IN'i M irch 30, will b? performed KINO LKAR. Goberil, Mi?? Cusliman. * ftrr which 1NCHCAPK BELL. - A '"A Kj HALL. I.?t?ea AflKRICAW '.I'lKbS. KflMa I allying, comerof Broadway and Ann street,' ( T BARNUM. Manager. The Dehut on Monday nighr of miss mary dak lino, Tin* beautiful nnl charming Queen of Viatic* was marked with the most triumph c t lurress. Mil* D irliug ia a pupil of HER It BKFHONO, The Great ^ Magitiau The celebrity of this Young Lady throughout Knrope is known to ill travellers and the favorah'e notices of her performances which h we appeared in tha London Times ?nd other Kna i?h Pi ors of high standing No adequate description c in h.. given of her wonderful Magical Prrfnrinaiiecs; lliey musi he seen to he appreciated.' Also engaged for mi w. < !' only, the mrentric UK. VALENTWE. The highly popular Comedian and ilflin. unr of Kicentric I'haracfers, will appear ill Ills parlor eutertainmenta and table conversations CHAVO-K'INli. The celebrated Chinese Juggler. La Pctile Celeste will dance the Ls ll.ivsderennd Highland r iihr. The MELOI'IAN, an immrmr and magnificent Musical lnitriiinriit.pla ys nsrlf the linesi Overturn, Fantasies ami Wallies, and REPRESENTS A FULL ORCHESTRA. PHRENOLOGY All Eminent Professor attends daily and gives practical Ki lminations anil Charm, Development! ami Onancter at a trifling ntra charge. Just added to the Moaemti TWO SUITS OF ANCIENT ARMOUR, marie ami worn mo years ago ELECTRO GALVANISM. Ju?t iddul to the Museum two powerful Electro Galvanic Batter es. GRAND C08M0RAMA?ALBINO LADY. Eaucv'Glaia Blowing. AN EXPERIENCED TAXVDERMIST is engaged, ami peraons having pet birds or ()tntiirii[icdi (hey wish preserved, can have thetn mounted in the hnt style. Day visitors adnii ted same evening EREE. Evening performances at a quarter before R o'clock. Day Performances every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at Si o'clock. Admission to all K cents? Children half price mX6 PKALE'S 1KW YORK MUtlKUM NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY 18 NOW RE-OPENED ! C. H.DEVOE, Manager. The establishment contains an almost endless number of RARE AND CURIOUS WORK.8 OF NATURE AND ART Neatly and tastefully displayed iu three spacious halls,and boasts of a verv COSTLY fc ELEOANT UALLf HY OF PORTRAITS Eiceedinir in extent and value any other iu America. The manager has engaged, for short time only, the sublime and beautiful eihihition of THE TRIAL OK CHRIST! This imposing scene is not repiesented by a painting hut by a GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OK LIKE. This solemu ami impressive scere represents Our Saviour sr reigned as a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorns upon His Head before Caiphas, the High Priest, and the Court of Pontiu Pilato. In addition to the ahove, the Manager has engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN, ,krnm England. She wishes not to impose upon the pnbie, by making them believe her a Witch, rr FORTUNE TELLER! Poss*ssed with supernatural power?but on the eoutrary, :laimi publicly to he aide to instruct others eft brood intellect and mention their leading tra tactions of PAST TIMES. THE PRESENT. AND THE FUTURE. She will tell persons whether they are married or not, an what kind of husband or wife they will get, describe their own -.hnracters and give a hoat of farts and correct conclnsions Tounded on her knowledge of the immntahle sciences of phrenology, physiognomy,neurology, philosophy, Jtc. A? proof ol the correctness of her assertions, she is st liberty to refer to hundreds of our firil citirena. including clergymen, judges, atlorueys^physicisns, and many of the most enligh tened ladies i inerity. ir7-A.lmii.ion :o the Mn.enin, 23nenta; Children half nne. An extra charts cf li% cent, to those who cnn.ult the (finer Woman. Wfr \ifH HENRY RUSSELL purpoee. giving hii Seconal IVl VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT on Monday Evening jert, 3d of April. He will .itig icrrral of hi. new >nng<?The *hip <>n Fire : Newfoundland Dog ; The Drram of the Reriller ; The Oeueral'. La.t Battle ; The Launch ; If I had tut a thont.nd a year, Ac. Tickr'., 50 cent, each, to he lia.l at Hewitt', and Atwill*. nu?ic .tore". Mr l(ui.e:l take, the liberty o' tuugrtting, that hi. friend., riahina to | nrchaee ticket., wott'd (Tod it h convenience to hemvelve. to do .? at the .'ore., in.lrad of the .atom on the vrn tig of 11. e im i r mH Jt*r ijpc WW X II MIFK.' BKItti Een leare to inform hii *A friend, aipl the public, thit. he will aire a Conceit of focal and In.tiuuieut i', at the A|h>!Io Koomi, on Fritf Eviiting, April 7th oil whi-h occa.ion he will b" asinted V sever I eminent A/ti.'a ,avd b,v ?o ?lr/-ha?".a<\f ocvr-vTH-.n/ >'rw York riiilhinnonic Society, under the direction of U. C. fill, K <jr. Particular, in future Bill.. Ticket. One Dollar each, to be had at the principal 'i n - m2l 3t*i SINGING. " UfADAME SUTTON, pupil of the late Adolph Nonrrit I and Marco Bnrdogni, bey. to rcnnaiut the Oillettantt of v'.Vork that until her return to Italy in Aug. next, .he viuit fiNt.hinit Icon. in the l'"lian, Krrncli, and Knglt.h atyle f Singing, at her re.idvnee. If-r m-lhod of incrruing the creiorth and comp.u. nfthe vote.- mil to parting (he atvle and mah of the modern I'allanar.d French ?chool?, i. preei.ely at. iil?r to that pur.n-d by Bnrdogni and Vicc.i, rh? tint muter. I Europe, .ecurioK to her pnpile the like ra. id t rogrc that at-nded her uwn atndiei. The | ractice. for the pupil., anlike le rntnoion Snlfeagio., are uumeroui eir. arrmged from the io.i favorite Italian opera., ma' mtt the v.ndy a pleasure u rell a. improvement ; and thereby facilitating the .inning oin opera*. Her pupil, w ill have the advantage of her linglg with them, which can he tnccraafnlly puraned alone by la.ter. who have been emio-nt ".tiger., a great ts.i.tance in pro.itint 'he voice a d a'taniiug .pncklv the etyle and fini.h. ,adie? will be rrceived .epir-tely 01 in claue.. Term, may e a.rertained by applTing at Madame Sutton', re.idence. No. 7 Chamber. .t-ect, betvrreu the hour, of 9 and 2. mia tm rt? Xt"Wholesale I'kh k,. : f.NDIA RUBBER SHOES 13 Maiden Line?Selling offat I whole.ale rticea. geutlr* en'? Over Shoe., with leather ;ole.,hoih .heel and cloth ruW ?r, are now .riling atthe nnparilelled low price ot S1..10 Ll iie. over vhoea of every variety ml kind at erpially low pri The.- good* are the more lurahle and elvir iDt Rrticle. u he found, and in all cues waranted. Tho.e w no have nor ?een our good, are partienlarlv nvited to call and ev.imiiie before purchasing. Don't forget :he number, 11 Maide" l.n ? . in2 Imii'er 11ITTCH IWSO.V A KUNYON LI/MIIIWU SLAI KS.-A lot of t.ngiuh made doable ? ? Wiitii k Slates, or differ? nt ffiz**. for ml* by ?n?93- r JOHN HKHDMAN, 61 Soaihsf. ")FFICE COATS, TlfA VKLLINtl FROCK8,~5e!7Vt J $6 50. A Convenient ga.-eert for huaineaa men. For eale y W. T. JENNINGS, 221 Broadway. mrg|in*ec Opposite the Fountain THE " ~ New York College of .Virdicine urn! Pharmacy, direct th? attention of the public to their new and hightv concentrated Extract of SAK8APAR1LLA, which haa been prepared at great egpenae by a novel r rnceit, never aa yet attempted in thia' Country,ami which they have effected by an appartua' fiom Panic. In. Braivdr, the editor of one ol the moat valuable Dictian ariea ol the Materia Medica, apcaka of thia article in 7., the moat u:if)n->lified term a ot approbation. He asatrtathnt iu the treatment of iheumatiam, diaeaaea of the akin, dyapepaia, debility, acrofula, svphilis. and all derangeinenta of the ayatem, t da remed\ poaic-va elrtuea notobacrved in any other article of the Materia Medica. rhe tale of i' durn g The laat yrar baa been imairnie Cnrea f a Ivery remarkable character here been iffrcted by ita ae, and aome of the caae? hare been pa bliahed in the medical inrnala It iv gitarautecd to be tmide from the choiceat South km?rican var*ai a ilia, and free Irotn all mineral prepartioua.* bottle romain* f<ren timet the nn inrit? ?>f the rlif* priDCipl* contained in i pint of nay tnc ordinary preparationi. Hold in tii'jrle bottle *t 75 cento each. CIntel of half-a doicn. $1 50. I naea?r one d* ?* ?.$* 00. W. H. Hf< MAHDHON, Aitent. )Occ k Consulting Knomi or tin- College, 97 Nassau ?C, N.T in 20 I mi. (JEW YORK MK.IIH AL AM) SIHOICAL IN8TI.7 Tl'TE, No. 75dumb. street, established tn rrnder lo ie adhered sonnd anil Scientific in* dieal anl. All kind of ditun will betrealed, and mnncal ormtimn of everydeicrip. "(1 performed ru the moat carrfnl and scientific m inner Our i" the first ocoplists in the city will attend to the treatment of I disease* of the eye -id ear. Pirticnla attention ii paid to . ol all female complain'!. Ven* great sncceu is attended the treulint ut of diseases of the akin. Fatienti Ii. deiire it will be ui'.-d at their houira. Those whose Bans are limited will only be nquired to pay for their mediles. Three or f mr roomi are proTnled for private ronanlta in. 'I be dime departmeiit IS attended by an apothecary of cat et| enence, mid * I oar medicine# mav he rel.ed on ? re and genuine. Cupping and leech nut will be done at the ortest notice. Open d.iv and uight UR. HOMER B08TWICK, Attending Physician and Surgeon, 75 Chambers at. 2d limine writ ol Broadway. Thin invitation ti under the patronage and commendation ol e following gentlemen HK V. OK. ED. Y. HIGBEK, REV. OR. W. C. BROW.NLEK, REV. Oil GEO. POTTS, REV DK O. SPRING. REV. DR. HCHKOEDER, nil 4 I mil *ec an DKUOUiSTS A.MJ iiTHEMw i on the South imi Welt?T. ROBERTS St CO. of London, nropneto r? ol c celebrated and popnlar medicine, "Parr'i Life rills, "bee g eitabliihed ? depot lor the ?a'e of the line in New id being now prepared to inpplythe inarketto t.w onld rcspecifullv call the attention of druggists vna , . e tridc to their popular medicine, of which there* il now Id hi Europe more hen 30,000 boire Weekly, and aitnough it ii been icarcely ut niontbt in the United States, the iaJei iv? rapidly eitended throngli the States of New York, Penn Iv.lma. New Kllirlllld Statei. . tirft f' in.iila Ala fimilr metli Be. it i* nn?qualled, beins |>erfectly free from any r insral cpamtious; it it also eicerdingly eflrctiee id the enre of hnti* complaints, ilys{*paia, cniianaipti"ti*, and til <lt?ea?e? tsnnt from impurities of tne bl'K.d; oeiiiy ?cry mild in it* irrations <)? the system, it may ho taken hj' the mest delicate male and small children. ? . The abosc may he h?d wholesale at the diet o! T. Huberts (In.. hi(i .mm Clarendon Hons* corner fdnaim a Brnaoirstfloe ml? Imi.'tr ' I ,? < .">"! ,0",lm' * ,d, bv h I'ULLINB fcJ- O MBom H street

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