Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1843 Page 3
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SIXTH WARD. Ata Meeting ot the Democratic KepuMlrah Nominating Committee of the Sixth Ward, held laat evening, at the Ol I Hickory House, comer cf Klin and Anthony, WILLIAM SHALER, Esq. being pro|>osed as candidate for Alderman, was carried unanimously. For Assistant Alderman, THOU. 8. HENRY, receive! the Nomination as above. The following Nominations were also unanimously made For Collector. PATRICK KELLY. For Assessors. SAM I EI. WADDEL. OWEN KENNY. For Constables. MICHAEL PHILLIPS. PATRICK BYRNES. THOS. STEPHENS, Chairman. A. Hast, Secretary. [From the Albany Argus.] tjtj- HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD ?In relation to the card of Mr. Leonard in Saturday's Argus, and his misunderstanding of Mr. Vossar, as to the conversation had in New Yark, I would beg leave to say, that the controversy between them cannot in nny degree affect the inte rests of the public or enable them to judge which is the most judicious and proper route of the railroad between New York and Albany?the river or the interior route. The Alderman will discover a very essential difference between what the Aldermpn said before the Common Council and what Mr. Vassarsays he said to him. Before the Common Council the Alderman says, "That Mr.Vassar had recently told him that they had no intention to cons*ruct a railroad along the river, but they merely resorted to this movement in order to protect their own property along the river, but that the river was enough for them." Mr. Vassar says he toldthe Aid. "that the lriends of the Hudson River Railroad would probably not have moved in making a survey of a route, had not one been in progress some twenty or thirty miles east,the construction of which would seriously impair the value of property on loo river towns ; nor inueea was a grade lor a road deemed practicable on the eastern margin of the river till the fall of 1841, on account of the Highlands, when a preliminary survey was made around those promontories, and on being found perfectly feasible, the Iriends immediately set to work and made a survey of the entire line from New York to Albany, and if the same be correct, and a road is to be built, they believe it will be to the interest ot the stockboldersto adopt the river route. At all events they only asked (and that at the request of several wealthy citizens of New York) an impaitial investigation by a committee of the honorable Common Council, of the merits of their road." The Alderman considers these versions as identical; the most careless reader will discover the difference. I have no doubt Mr. Vassar told the Alderman as Mr. Vassar says he did; and I have no doubt the Alderman honestly supposed he was giving a true version of the conversation. But be that as it may, it has nothing to do with the merits in question ; for neither Mr. Vassar's opinion nor Mr. Leonard's opinion,tend in the least degree to demonstrate the merits of the respective routes ; this is a matter to be established by surveys and estimates of honest and competent engineers. Such survey and estimate have been produced of the river route ; responsible contractors have agreed to construct the road according to those estimates, by adding thereto the duty on iron which Congress has imposed since the estimates were made. It is conceded the river route is five miles shorter than the other, and can be run over an hour sooner than the other, and with heavier loads ; the elevation on the river route being only 315 feet, while the elevation to be passed over on the interior route is admitted to be 769 feet. " To pass these elevations requires on the inner road 55 miles of arradintr at the rate nf SO feet tn the mile and tt>o nil.. er, as surveyed, only 60 miles graded, and that at 16 or 17 feet to the mile?do grade in tho whole distance rising higher than 17 feet, ana the line from New York to Fishkill Landing being almost level. The lowest curve required on the river line, and that at a single point, will not be of less radius than 3500 feet, while on the interior line some of the curves run as low as 1350 feet radius," and those mostly at the end of descending grades of 30 feet to the mile. With such ascertained facts, application was made to the Common Council of New York, (as the estimate of the cost of constructing the river road was doubted by the advocates of the interior route,) for the appointment of a judicious and competent committee of investigation to go over both routes and report which route upon the whole was the best, and could be constructed at the least expense ; and it was ultimately proposed that tha expense of this investigation should be borne equally by the friends of both routes, or that that party should pay the expense in whose favor the report was, or that the expense should ha paid as the Common Council should direct. The friends of theinni r route vigorously opposed the application?they wanted no such investigation?and Alderman Leonard was decidedly opposed to the investigation: the reasons why, he has not condescended to state to the public. It is hoped that Mr. Yassar and Mr Leonard will cease these personal altercations, which amount to nothing ; and that they will devote their time and talents in advocating their favorite routes, as that only will succeed in the confidence of capitalists, which shall he most clearly and satisfactorily shown to be best. H. R. R. R. Albany, March 16, 1643 tyj- NOTICE.?NORWICH AND WORCESTER Rail Road ?The train of cars over this road run regularly. The whole detention is not to exceed thirty minutes at a place near Pomfret, where passengers have to exchange cars and walkabout twenty yards. The above information ii correct. I) HAYAND, April 1,1843. Agent for N. & W. St. Bt. Line. There ia no doubt but the damage will be repaired by Monday next. Q&- THE BOSTON SPECTATOR.-Loms F. Tasistho, editor.?A new literary and critical journal, neat, ly printed, has just been Issued in Boston, with the above title. Ofthe ra'rits of this new aspirant to public favor the reader should iudsre for himself thnso who bnon and appreciate the superior style of Mr. T.'a caustic art.clcs.wili hail this sew paper as a pjwerful aid in abating the nuisance of inferior literature. CONTENTS; I. The Sport of Fortune?A Fragment from Schiller. 11. InKias-Li; Or, the Two Cousins?A Chinese Romance. HI- Extracts from Jarre's History Sandwich Islands, illustrated with five engravings. IV. Salutatory?Editorial. V. Reveries of an Enthusiast, No. 1. VI. Eminent Boston Characters, No. 1?Orestes A. Brownson. VII. Arts and Sciwnces?the Comet. VIII. The Drama. IX. Critical Notices of Jarre's Sandwich Islands?Sala thiel, The American Qardner. The Better Interests of the Country?a Lecture, by C. Matthews, Esq.; Chas. Mary S. Dana, Angela, Ac. Tor sale by E. B. Tuttle, Agent, No. 4 Ann st; Axford's, 169 Bowety, Greene, Fulton St., Brooklyn. Terms?$3 per annum; 6 cents per copy; $4 per 100 to newsmen and boys. 00- BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA.?This celebrated compound having grown into favor with the American public for the last seven years, has created considerable enquiry in the old world. Accordingly we find in Brand's Practical Dictionary of the" Materia Medica," the following This article has been prescribed in chronic rheums, tism, in obstinate cutaneous eruptions, in indolent ulcers, in glandular affections, in diseases of the bones, attended by dull a;hing pains tumors and nodes, wasting of the flesh; and it has proved a valuable remedy, and has some, times effected a cure where other alteratives have be?n long administered in vain, and when the diseased state of the system has been of many years duration. In the alter treatment of syphilis, and in cases where mercury has injuriously affected the system, it possesses powers not hitherto observed in any other article of the Materia Medica." Sold wholesale and retail hv Wm. Burxer. druffcist. 60 and M Conrtlandt street, and'188 Greenwich street, and druggist* generally. (W- 8ARSAPAR1LLA.?The highly concentrated andnctive preparation of Sarsanarilla, prepared under the direction of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is new universally prescribed by the medical faculty. Dr. Brande, in the last edition of his invaluable work on the Materin Medica, speaks in the highest terms of approbation of this elegant article. He state* that in obstinate cutaneous diseases, und in the sequelae of syphilis it " possesses virtues not hitherto observed in any article of the Materia Medica." Such a favorable opinion from such a justly respected authority does not require a syllable of added recommi ndation. This compound ex tract of Barsaparilla, is sold in single bottle at 7ft cts. each. In casus with half adezen bottles *S,ftn , l dozen W. 8 RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 97 Nassau st. N. B. A liberal discount allowed to country practitioners and druggists. Of/- HUMANITY.?What must be the feelings of thi friends of a person lost in the following manner, If with the knowledge of the now universally admi'ted fact that a Salve has been discovered that is a perfect antidote in nny such case where the vital parts are not absolutely destroyed. Distressing Casualty?The wife of Mr. Isaac Hine, of Orange, an old lady, aged 64, while sitting by the fire yesterday, by some means hvr clothes came in contact with the flames, and burnt so rapidly as to envelope her body in a sheet of fire. She survived the accident but a few hours.?[New Haven Herald. At 71 Maiden lano. N. Y. at Comstock k Co."s mav be found the Halve, (Dalley's rain Extractor,) ?uch a cure for burn*, In'., to. a? ban never been before known, let thoie who can rlak their families without keeping it on hand, reflect on what weukl be their anguish ahould an accident of thia kind happen. 0(7- THE BOUNDAKY LINE BETWEEN LIKE and Doath ii easily overpassed ; but those who ateer their caune by those great land-mark') of health, Petera' Vegetable rills and Medicated Lozenges, n.-ed have no more dread of the encroachments of disease, than the Citizens of Maine had of the incursion* of the New Brunswickers. Thia i* thc*?ason of all others, when tin foundation of deadly eomplainta are laid. It i* easier to destroy disease in the bud, thHii when it has, like th< pm aonoua shadow ot the upas tree, infected the whole ay-Mem of ita victim. ('ough, ronaumption, and Death, are three atepa in the path of destiny, which follow ea h othei with mrrvellouss|ieed, You can arrest the first, and prevent the laat two, by the use ol Peters' Couch Lozenges Habitual coatlveness lea Is to hundreds of fatal diseases Peters' Vegetable Pills cure it immediately, and by regulating and invigorating the digestive system, remove th> aauses of disease from tbe great organs of life. The Ca thartic Lozenges are similar In their operations, and the Worm Lozenges destroy and expel worms with electric rapidity. The public would be on their guard, and an that Dr. Peters'signature is on each boa. All others are spurious imitations, and will do yon more harm than good Pi itif^inol nfflna IM f bUm oAmflr ftf Vaaaaaa ?? .?? Iqq- the Parisian alterative mixture, m guaranteed to cure all forma of aecondary ay philii. Pb tienta effected with paina in the bonea, eutrnrotia rrnp tiona, aoro throat, and every other aymptom indicative o! the tmiatenc.e of venereal taint, ahntlld uaa thia aienflr without delav. Sold in hottlea nt $l each, in can of hall allo/en Iwttfna, $A, (forwarded to Rny addrtaa.) W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office of the College #7 Naaaati atrai I. OQKTHRKK ORIGINAL AND HUMOROUS KV GRAVING8 The Sunday Mercury of to morrow will contain three original and humorous engiavings by Kitz Squab, the author of The Comet, 8tc. These engravings are no miserable conies from English publications, but were drawn expressly for this paper, to illustratethe pretty story of Beauty and the Beast. Two or three will he published every Sunday until complete. This will make the Murcury the best embellished, as it is now the most original, pungent and humorous of the Sunday papers. The Collegiate Life of Jonathan Green will be continued. It will also contain a fearless articleon the subjict of the Corliss murder or assassination; Phrenology and "Pictors;" Stephen's new work; Spoon's Machine Poetry ; The viercer case, or Philadelphia Murder, latest particulars; The French Press und American Republicanism; Terrific Combat; The Foolosophy of Names, (positively;) all the Police doings of the ween; chit chat, &c. and editorials on all sorts o( subjects; Lady Bulwer and her husband. Office 109 Nassau street. Price, 3 cents a single copy, one dollar eight months. Subscriptions can lie remitted from any part of the continent free of postage, nnd the paper will he mailed regularly in a wrapper. Advertisements received till 10 this evening. 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Think of this, young gentlemen and young ladies, whose caputs are decorated with fiery tresses wliich }ou vainly endeavor to mistake for auburn. And you on whose heads the snows of prematureold age ar? clustering?try this preparation ami be rpitivenilfl. H?mpmh?r if rl.onffoa the hair, "but never tinges the skin. It may be round only at 71 Maiden lane. Oq- "THERE IS NOTHING LIKE LEATHER," IS an old saying, and that there is nothing like Sherman's Lozenges, is a new one. Ho who has a cold, cough, or headache, should use Sherman's Cough or Camphor Lo. zenges. They are very pleasant, and cure sooner than any other remedy. Few of our readers, we presume, are unacquainted with Sherman's Lozenges; their reputation has spread over the whole civilized world, and those who use them once are sure to use them ever alter. Ask for Sherman's Lozenges. Ilis warehouse is at 106 Nassau street. Agents?247 Hudson street, 77 East Broadway,and 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn. oq- DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, 376 Bowery?Diseases of the throat and lungs are readily cured by that healing balsam, Taylor's Liverwoit, made only at 376 Bowery. Bronchitis, sore throat, catarrh, inflammation of the throat, and all those painful and dangerous diseases, yield at once to this mild vegetable remedy. If mercury has been taken, this Balsam will counteract its effects and restore the organs to their proper tone. It is daily curing most important cases. Coughs and colds should not be allowed to settle on the lungs, as it sows the seeds of that felltdestroyer. Consumption. One of the very best remedies ever discovered is the genuine Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, from 375 Bowery, which has within the last nine years established for itself a reputation never before known. Coughs which have been allowed to run even for years have been cured in two or three days, where this excellent 'vegetable remedy has been used. Beware or counterfeits?The genuine ban a steel en graving around the bottle.?Jllbany Citizen. Buy only at 376 Bowery?mind the number?or of Dr. Leeds, Druggist, wholesale agent, 1-37 Maiden Lane. PROCESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED SPECIFIC PIL LS, for the cure of Oonorrhte, Gleet, and 11 unpleasant discharges from the urethra, is now the only remedy used in Europe for those distressing complaints. So great has been their shcccss in Paris, that they have caused the astonishment of the whole medical profession ; and Professor Velpeau, their celebrated in ventor, now boldly asserts that he can cure the worse case of gonorrh? with these pills in lees than half the time occupied by the old, and now obsolete remedies. The College or Medicine and Phabmact or the C.tvofNkw York, since the introduction ot those Pills into the United States by them, have sold more than FIFTEEN HUNDRED BOXES ; aDd they defy a single instance of failure to be produced. Aggravated cases of upwards of a year's continuance, have been speedily cured by them, without confinement, tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or anyot the disagreeable effects of the old treatment. Caution.?As these pills are now known to be the only specific for (ionorrhoea and (Jleet, persons requiring them are herehv informed that they are or ,y to be had genuine at the Office of the College, 97 Nassau street, N. York. Price $1 per box of ana handrail Pills. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street N. B.?Persons living at a distance can obtain a chest, containing a sufficient quantity of the above remedies, with full directions, guaranteed to effect a cure in all cases. Price $3. {yj~ A libei al discount allowed to country practi tioners and druggists. MONEY MARKET. Friday, March 31?0 P. M. The operations at the stack board presented the usual leaturcs. This morning, sales were small. Ohio 6 per cents fell | per cent. Kentucky rose J, Stonington fell J. At the new hoard the transactions wero nearly the same. Ohio fell Kentucky rose Government loan declined J; Illinois rose The price of Bank of Orleans money to-day is 15 per cent discount. The demand for foreign bills by the packet is very moderate, and prices continue at rates which allow of the import of specie at a profit of 1 a 1J per cent; consequently moat of the leading houses decline drawing, but the number of persons who draw to settle balances, close accounts) be., is sufficient to supply the limited demand for remittances. The prices are as follows:? Ratks of Fokeioi* Bili.s ix Niw York. Sept 28. ,/nn. 31. Frh. 28. March It. Condon, 8 ? 5X a 5*< 106 a I06>i I05?al05* Kmnre, 5 30a5 3l'i 46 ?6 48^ S42Sa543 5t2l,a54ll4 Amsterd. 3?Ka3RK 38^* 38\ 38l?a 38 S Hamburg 35)$ a 3.6)4 34>?a34H 34M? ? 34>$a 3t?B Bremen, 76 a 76*$ 75 a 75)$ 75'4a 75X 7514* 75H This being the state of afiairs, the import of specie must continue to be very large. Nearly all the outstanding credits will be sent home in specie. It is continually increasing its disposition to find its way into the channels of business. The arrivals at New Orleans from September to March -JO, from all quarters, amount to $0,109,122 The state of the exchanges with the interior indicate that with the opening spring, when produce moves, the influx west will greatly increase. The exchanges are as follows:? Ratks of Domf.itic Exchaxgf. its Nkw York, Juxk, 1841 AND M arch 24, 1S43. June, 1841. March 31, 1847. Boston, l>sr a % P<r a Philadelphia, I a Of ? a 7* '!'? Baltimore, 4)$a l)$ ? a X '.ehrnond, _ 5>sa 6 I a 1)41 rm North Carolina, 5 a ? l)$i I* Sivanuah, 3 a 3 l^a )? <li?. AnKiiiia, l.? n ? ?j.? 7% Charleston, IM? IX X* X Apslschicoia, .10 a ? IX a 2 Mobile, 10 atO 17 alR New Orlean*, 7 a 7 I a 2 jm. LonUville, { a a 9 I a lVdis. Nashville, l2Xa ? 3 a 3X Natchez, ?a ? 3 a 3X St. Lonif, B a A iXa 2 Cincinnati, ? a R 1 a IX In liana, 7 a 7 2 a 2X Illinois, ? a ? I a IX Detroit, <Xa ? 2Xa 3 The rate, on New Orleans is 1J a 2, and maintain* that rate hecauae most of the houses prefer to send specie to buying at '2 per cent. For an obvious reason, Harndeu's express goes through promptly, and carries specie safely and cheaply. Ue recently pissed through Cincinnati with a quantity, reported at $330,000 The true amount was $80,000. The whole expense of going through by that route is about one hundred dollars, which is 1-1 :th of 1 per cent on a sum of $100,000. Insurance and other charges will raise it 1 a lj per cent, which lixes the price of the exchange. Very large sums have gone, and are going w< st and south in oil directions. This state of attain is necessarily temporary in its operation. It indicates the formation of a broad and stable basis for future business, hut gives little encouragement for an immediate start- Many millionsof spaciemust yet be drawn from England, which never can return to her vaults until driven thither hy the recreation of banks, and the awelling tide of their paper issues. We are now the bona fide possessors of the specie; it is not borrowed, hi fo-merly. On Thursday we published a table showing the reduction which ha* taken place in the bank capital of the aouth and weat,finco IhSB. The amount waiover f 100,000,Otto The paper money baaed on that capital ia to be aupplied by apecie, before price* are reatored to their healthy leael, which will atill bo low, owing to the exhuberance of production. This will give aome idea of the quantity of the precioua metala actually required. The old theoriea of banka, exchequer, and other payer regulatora "to regulate the currency," anil " rqmliir i xch.ingea," have vanished before the immutable law? Of trade. The Sub- IYea?ury law, notwithstanding its re peal by the JTtli Congress, ia at this moment in . in. cient operation than even when sanctioned by statutoiy law. The reason is obviou*. The principle* contained in it arc those of the laws of trado. It provided for thr collection and disbursement of the governnm nt monryi in gold and silver. At the time it wag legally in operation thia wag impo?nible, from the aacendencv of bank power. Those hanks have perished, their paper vanished, and the current ot events and the law of trade re-established the Snh-Treasury, in spite of its repeal by Congress. The stock market is by no means buoyant; pilces gene, rally, lor the last two weeks, have fallen, United Htates government loan, New York and Kentucky stocks form exceptions. To all other stocks in this market a taint is attached. Thr movements of Ohio are particularly suspi. cioiis, for reasons given in our paper of Wednesday. Last year she created a foreign stock, pledging her faith not to increase it. She ran in deht >1,400,000 to her contractors; and now, in violation of her laith, has authorised the funding of their claims in a 7 per cent foreign stock. The Legislature has adjourned, after refusing to pass a bill to levy a tax upon personal property, in order to supply port of the large deficiency in the interest fund. The Ken. tucky Legislature, on the contrary, has rejected all relief lnws, and levied an additional tax sufficient to coverall the liabilities of the State. The following will show the rates of stocks in this market. The New York quotations are,dividends off, the books being now shut:? Prices or Stocks in the New Vohk Market, Dec. 15 1811, and Feb. 28 apci> Mirch 16, 1843. Redeem? Kate. able. Dtc. 15. Feb. 28. March 31 United 8'ates,5X 1R11 97 a 99 100 aino'i 101 alOI'i 6 1811 99 alnn llil aim lOl^alMK ?.r" ? . 6 1862 inn aim Kit al05 107 a 107 7 1818-19 I03^a,ni I05>{al05tf W3V? 101 ? 6 1850-51-60 96Va 99 102 a!02li 10l>ial03 6 1861-62-67 96*a 98 101 al03l4 WlKalOS 5X 1860-61-65 88 a 90 OO'ia 97 95 a 96 ? ? 5 1815 92 a 93j? 96>*a 97 91 a 95 J HMH-/-8-9 HB S VHI "Jl a 95 92 8 91 ' 5 1859-1-3 85 89 92 a 93 91 a S3 5 1855-58 84%? 86 9l%a 92 90%a 91 5 1859-60-61 85 a 86 92 a 97% 90 a 96% 4% 1849-58 79 a 82 84 a 89 85 a 90 Ohio, 6 1850 74%a 75 71 a 75 681*4 68* 6 1856-60 72 a 72% 68%a 68% 66 a 67 5 1850-56 60 a 65 60 a 65 60 a 65 Ki-ntacky 6 78 a 78% 81%a 83% 85%a 85% " 5 62 a 69 73 a 74 68 a 70 Illinois, 6 1870 18 a 18% 20 a 22 22 a 22% Indiana, 5 25 years 20 a 21% 23 a 21 24 a 25 Arkansas, 6 28 a 30 28 a 30 28%a 31 Alabama, 6 65 a 80 60 a 65 60 a 65 " 5 65 a 75 55 a 60 50 a 60 Pennsylvania 5 ?'? 38 a 39% 10%a II 37 a 37% N. Y. City 7 1857 106%al08 107 alio 107 alfl9 " " 7 1852 105 al06 ? *107% 106%al07 " " 5 1850 85 a 87 92 a 93 92%a91% " " 5 1858-7(1 8l%a 85 91 a 91% 92 a .12% Bk of Coin. N. Y. full 82%a *3 ? a 9! 91 a 93 Do acrip 9i%a 92% 96%a"" 96%a 97 N. Y. Life Ins. % Trust Co. ? a ? ? a 55 62 ? 69 Farmers'l oan St Trnst Co. 13 a 15 ? a 42 13 a 14 Ohio Life Ids. St Tiusl Co. 60 a 65 54%a 55 54 a 55 Bank of U. 8 in Ptnn. 2 a 2% 2 a 2% I3%a 2 Boston St Providence K.K. 87%a 90 87%a 91 95 a 96% N. Jersey R.R. St Trans Co. 66 a 68 68 a 70 68 a 69 Mohawk & Hudson H. R. 30%a 31% 30%a ? 30 a 30% Utica St Schenectady R.R. 117 al20 115 allu 116 alio Syracuse St Utica R.K. 99%a1(lfl 100 alu0% MlHalOS Auburn St Syracuse It R. 81 a 83% 90 a 91 98%* 91 Auburn St Rooheiter R.R. ' 0 a 92 95 a 95% 97 a 97% N. Y. Gas Liitht Co. 99 alOfl 109 a ? 104 al05 Merchants' Kxchauge Co. ? a 10 ? a? ? a ? Since Deaember it appears that Kentucky stocks have risen 7 to 8 per cent, in common with other stocka that are considered undoubted. Ohio, in the same time, has fallen7 percent, making a ditfereuceof llper cent,arising from want of confidence. Tho Commissioner! of that State are now here, endeavoring to get bids for the new issue of stock. The stock of the Federal Government is very high, notwithstanding that by a late law of Congress, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorised to fund as they fall due, all the outstanding Treasury notes, amounting to near $11,009,000, in a 6 per cent stock of the same date and tenor of tho present 6 per cents. Illinois 0 per cents have something improved under the judicisus movements of that State to settle its debts, by giving up ;ts works as far as they will go, and providing tar the remainder. Maryland has attempted a similar movement. This is becoming th# favorite measure with the people. It will supersede all chimerical ideas of relief by paper is. sues, or disrepvtable attempts through assumption, to throw ofi'dehts contracted in felly, on to the shoulders of Hie Aiti7nna nf nlVior Qtnloa wVinsa frn<voli*? on.l cahvx.1 judgment led them to avoid debts. Sales at the Stock Eichangt. $1500 Ohio 6's, 1860 60 1(100 Kentucky bnw 85% 6000 do 08V 1000 do 85% 2000 d) s3 68% 2(00 do a'.1,' 8000 do 68% 1000 do b60 &5,% 1000 do 68% 10 shaa Del & Hudson 91 5000 do aw 68% 126 Am Ex Bank 70 8000 do auw 68 30 do 69% 4000 do a3 68% 27 Farmeri' Loan 14 2000 do b3 68% 150 Harlem R K 16% 5000 do 1850 68% 125 StoninRton t60 18% 7000 do 69 125 do 18% 11000 do 68% 25 do a 30 18% 1000 do 68% Second Board. 50ahaa S'oniugtou b30 19 $1000 Illinois b3 22 25 do b30 19 Commercial Stock Exchange?18 Wall at. $1000 Ohio 6'a, 1860 b3 69 3000 Kentucky 6'a Mo'y 85 6000 do 68% 1000 do anw 84% 1000 do c>h 6R'4 1000 do rw 85% 3000 do >10 68% 3(100 do bl5 85% 4000 do 68% 6000 Illinois 6'a, 1870 22% 3000 do 68% 6000 do >30 22 3'00 do uw 68% 1000 U S 6%, 1862 107% I0C0 do b3 68% 1(0<I do 107 3000 do 6R% 5000 d> >30 107 1000 do MonV 68% 50 >ha> Harlem R K 16% 3000 do >10 68% 300 do b30 16% 4000 do 68% 50 Pattr raon R R b30 43% Second Board. $1000 Ohio 6'a, I860 nw 68 1000 Ohio 6'a, I860 bow 68% WOO do 6 8 300 ahai Harlem R R >15 16% 2000 do bow 68 100 do >3 16% 1000 do anw 68% 100 do 16% State of Trade. Statkmkkt or Tonacco in Nrw York. Kr.nt'y. Virg'a Total hhdt. On hand March 1,1843, 1,820 -330 2,0.5.3 Received since, 406 1 6 421 2,225 261 2,476 ueuverea in Marco, una 14 so/ On hand April 1,1843, 1,971 137 3,100 Cotton Tradt. The accounts from Now Orleans and Mobile are to the 30th instant, at which time the adverse accounts by the Great Western had not reached there, and some advance in prices had been obtained for the week ending on that date. The receipts of the crop continue very large, and the aggregate growth will doubtless be greater than ever betore, although some portion of the crop will doubtless be withheld from market by the more wealthy class of planters, as the price is so low as to preclude profit. The situation oi the crop is now as follows Receipts, Exports ash Stock or Cotton in the U. States 1812. 1843. Inc. Receipts, 1,?>0,012 1,941,661 691,649 Export to G. B. 521,116 9'9,5I9 398,103 " France, 228,794 228,814 40 " Other ports, 131,742 87,604 26,862 Stock, 371.046 497 167 126,121 In estimating the quantity of Cotton yet to come forward, we may look back Rt what has been received in former years subsequent to this time. The following is a table of the cotton record to the 18th March, and subsequently, for several years:? Rrc.'d to March 15. Siihnnjurntly. Total crop. 1843, 1.787 559 538 000 2 350,000 1842, 1,205,390 478,820 I 684 211 1841, 1.14' 420 493,525 1,634,945 1840, 1,389,606 788,229 2,177 815 1839, 968,817 391,717 1,360.532 The 638,000 bales we have estimated to be received after March 16, is the average of the receipts in that time for the last four years; but 36 per cent of that amount has alrea dy been received. The transactions at the leading ports for tbe week previous to date have been as follows :? Stork. Salt*. Prices. Remark*. N. Orleans, 172,985 25,300 4 1 9^ advance fg Mobile, 110 109 11,000 5 a 7>4 do \ Savsnneh, 31,098 2,895 4 a 9 firm Corn Trade. Trices arc up a little in this market. There has lieen no great demand, however. Oenessee Flonr is held at $6,00; Baltimore, $4,60; Georgetown, $4,60; New Orleans, $4,60 a $4,81 ; and Brandywine, $4,60. Jersey Corn is held at 66 cents. We hear of no operations ia wheat. In Baltimore, on the 39th instant, Howard street Flour had further advances in price, ami sales of several parcels of good mixed standard brands had been made from store at $4. We quote the wagon price at $3 87$. Wheat continues scarce and wanted. We quote fair good to prime reds at 75 a 86 cents, sales. Sales of white Corn to-day at 48 cents, and of yellow at 60 cents. The last (ale at Rye was 48 cents. Sales of Oats to day at 34 a 36 cents. The only change we have to notice, in Rochester on the 36th, was an advance of 18 cents upon Flour, making the price at wholesale $1,66. Wheat remained at 76 a 77 cents. In Chicago, on the 16th, 60} cents cash was the highest price paid for wheat. Flour ranged from $3,60 to 3,76 Oats are in demand at 16 cents, none in market. Corn commanded 19 rente. According to our last advices fram Cincinnati, the 'otal receipts of Flour were about 3000 his per diem, or 1 5 noo weekly. A steady sale was going on at $3 43, and the shipments to N Orleans were heavy. A lot of City made destined to Nash ville, brought $3 76bhl. The price of Wheat and Flour is pretty uniform en the lake shore from Pennsylvania to Detroit?the former being about 66 cents, ami the latter $3 76 to $.1, wholesale prices. Flour at retail about 3s higher. At Milan, Ohio, one of the most stirring places on tne lake, the commission merchants had settled down upon 64 cents for Wheat and $3 76 for superfine Flour, and the storehouse-there, which are not tne smallest, were literally crammed with Flour anil Wheat. Them wax hut little Hour anil Wheat stored at Cleveland, hut the difference ie to he found in the fact that produce is brought to the latter place by canal navigation, and to Milan in the winter hy team*. Oat* are M |cent? in Detroit, and wo understand there were not 100 hnshels lor sale in the city. Flour wan higher in the Northern counties than at Detroit, and thii mint makan material difference in theguantity to come forward from that place on the opening of navigation. Provision Ularket. Wp ore glad to see that our licensed meat sellers are exhibiting specimens of very superior Beef, which they bring into competition with the regular market butchers. We saw at Porter's, in Chapel street, two superior beeves tatted nv Aonny. 01 pnnmu, weiRxing O^n, irr.nmChnlceoutiof these arc sold at |h rent* a pound, which is comparatively very cheap. In addition, he ha* *ome fine Philadelphia veal There has hern a lot of sonthrtn Shad in market. The price* therefor ranged trum 31} to ftO cent* each. Trick* ok Protiiiois*. Apple*, bhl on a 1 .VI l,amb, twrlb 4 a 5 Beef, per Hi 6 * " Lobster*, 6 a ? Beef, pet ewt*?.$4.50 *1 Mutton a 7 Beef, corned S a 8 Onion* per hnsh 4? * VI Blsekfish," ? *10 PirMiip*, |>er do*. , 77)4*? Beet*, I a ? Petti r Hou?e Steak* 5 a 10 Butter, fresh, per lb 12 * 15 Pork, per lb 4 a 5 Batter, firkin, per lb ,2 a ? Pork, per ewt it a is Cellery, bunch ? a |?>4 Pi**, roa*ter* - a Si Crabs, do* 12)4* ? Potatoes, bash 25 a 37)4 Chicken* 75 at On Potatoes, Swt.hf ph.? a 31 t *hba?e? j ? * Sirloin, lb 10 a 12 Clam*, mo Sin. lt*, I* a ? USa - "had, each 31 a .',0 lined Apple*, bhl * $04 Striped Bus*, lb... 10 a lI* *' a 10 Sausages ? a 8 II for ? * 12)4 Tnrnlps, per bushel. *25 a ? Presh t od J ? 4 Tri|ie, Ih - a 4 Flounder*,. ? a 5 Turkie* I.OOif ,5i LI'e1,1 00 K""1 * 7 Hirkorv Nnl*,bn?h, 1,50a ? Veinaon. 7 * 10 Jowl* * j I Married, March 3A#h hv ?l>a u,.M n. n c?i.i. T . - B. ('Barren, of packet ?hip New Yotk, to Mi?? Roxina mix, all of this city. Died. March 13th, 1843, at Perinton, Monroe County, New York, alter hv days severe illness, from an attack of the Pakey, Mn Lvun Cady, mother Ot Jease t'ndy. "I tincity, nearly ho yean. She wa? an exemplary, a kind and uffcrtionate mother ; lived and practiced the precepta of Christianity, and died in the faith of her Redeemer, in full and confident hope ol a blessed immortality. In Norwalk, Conn., on the '22nd March, daniel starr BARTHUM/agcd (57 years. I.meat Advices received at the new york iikrai.i) office. Africa Jan. 7 Macao Dec. 8 A ii x<'ayes Feb. 11 Madras Dec. 24 Antiirua Jan. 23 Manilla Oct. Ifl Bombay Jan. 2 Montevideo Jan. 2n Batavia Oct. 7 Maranhain Feb 20 Bermuda March II Matauias March 12 Bonaire April 1 Mayairtiet March 13 Buenos Ayres lau. 10 Maracaibo Dec. 7 Baliia Feb. 15 Matainoras Feb. tfi Brlite, 11 Olid. Feb. 18 Mexico Feb. 16 Barbadoes Feb. IB Netivitas Nov. Ill Bogota Dec. 2t Nassau, N. P. Feb. 5 Berbice _ Feb. 20 Oahu, 8. I. Dec. 7 Cape Haytien March 6 Paris Match 2 Cape Town, C. (J. H -Jan. 6 Port an Prince March 10 Cnracna Feb 2:1 Ponce, P. R. Feb. 4 CienfueKOa Feb. 16 Para Feb. 26 Caithagena Sept 15 Pernainbiico Fib. 9 Caraccas May 17 faiuina Sept. 23 Chagres July 1 R, i de Janeiro Feb. 19 Callao Sept. 7 Singapore Oet. 13 Calcutta Dec. 2? Sydney, N. 8. W.?? Sept. 7 Deinerara Jan. 30 St. Helena Jan. 27 Fayal Jan. 29 St. Thomas Mareh 9 Gibraltar Jan. 9 St. BarU Jan. 3 Gnavaouil Oct. 16 St. J ago de Cuba March 1 Gnayama, P. R.- Feb. 13 Bt. Johns, P. R. Feb 19 Gonaivea Jan. 17 St. Croix March 1 Galveston March I St. Martha Dec. 2 Havre Match I St. John, N. B. March 20 Havana March 19 Surinam Feb. 10 Halifax March 16 Tainpico Feb. 23 Jeteinic March 3 Tobasco Ian. 20 Jacinel March 10 Turks Island Feb. 8 Kingston, Ja. Feb. 24 Trinidad de Cuba- March Ji I ucn i i.ucanuana uet. 27 i Liverpool March 4 Valparaiso Dec. 15 La Guavra Feb. 27 Yucatan March in Lima Nor. 6 Zanzibar Nor. 25 Koralgn importations. Maracaiiio?Brig hides 26 bhls balsam Murray St Bunman?2177 begs coffee J Holford?13 G Dommgues?8 M Dewro?19 J H Browvr?116 Bouchauil St Thehaud. Km pk Jaagoo?Brig Montezuma?8610 h?gs coffee J L Fhipps St co?400 Grinoell, Minium St co?112 H L Kmdall St co. Providence?3'5 Siffltin St Ironsides.

Ponce?Baniue Condor?5 hhds sugar 95 do rum J W Archibald?93 do rr.oGsses A O Thorpe?31 do sngar 56 do molasses H Sonthnsayd St ?on. Poise E?Brig .tolas?50 lihds sugar Aymar St co?1 casks molassei Thompson St Adams. Matanzas?Schr Convert?246 hhds molasses J J Taylor? 15U bags coffee Bpofford St Tilestoti?2% tons ligiiumvitie De Pevster 11 Whitrnarsh?30C0 oranges to master. Gonaives?Schr Normau?95 logs inahogaDy Dc Pcyster St Wliltmarsh?30 do 25 bags coffee A C Rossiere?41 logs mahogany 46 bags coffee 46 hides 35% tons logwood la quantity old rigging to master. Domestic Importations. New Orlf.aiss?Ship Cincinnati?231 bbls 41 hhds pork E Happirk?IBB hbls pork 58 hhds 1 tee J Van Brnti'?296 h o's 33 bhls W Kdmondi?84 hhds sugar Goodhue St co?96 tea 100 hbls Churchman & Roberts?R7 tea 10 bbls J Harper?110 kegs butter K Peilrick?II hlnls 11 bbls tallow H O Andrews?21 cks IB hds Merrill It co?36 hbls hams Brush St co?14 pkgs 11 1* Buck?I ck 1 tee 1 bbl J H Hawthorn?20 has W Clawsnn St co?5 do J Haggerty St soil?5 bss J Cohen?222 bales cotton A Aveiill St co?400 kegs lard Small, Williams St co?14 bales J R Milbsnks ?5 bbls oil to order. New Orleans?Biig Flora?23 bags rags Abbott St co?57 bbls |>orW J McChain St co?662 do 36" no hams 13 hhds shoulders 5 kegs lard Began St Knerland?10 hales cotton 5?0 bbls llour Suydam. Sage St co?56 bags rags K.lliott St Babcoch?44 slumb ers G W Kdm"uds?55 ck do G Douglass?10 bales hemp Wilson, Butler St Baldwin. New Orleans?Schr Delaware?211 hnds 119 tierces 30 bbls molasses J S Taylor?18 bhls Alsop St Chauucey. Mobile?Brig Wellingsley?151 biles cotton Smilh, Wright St co?112 Holbrook St Nelsen?30 Brown Brothers St co?20 O Co'lins?33 S Juuson?85 B W Gray St co?8 bis S Thompson ?3260 staves Goodhue St co. Mobile?Brig Acton?33 bales cotton Thompson St Adsins? 116 Greenw.ay. H?urv St co?10 Townsend St Brothers?26 Perkins It Hopkins?13 K D Kites?71 Po?t St Hopkius?II Barstow St Pope?26 Kno St Ph?li??14 J St A G Trash?18 H Sheldsn St co?41 L 1 mcadcll?28 Bngut 8c Kihtland?6 W S Hastie?2 biK Wolff & Gillespie?23 b il#?s to order. Mobile?Briff Quluffre?55 bales cotton E D Hurlbut 8tco? 100 Parmelee, Kilburn & Holers?50 J Evaus?96 H )lbrook 8t Nelson. Apalachicola?Schr Ph<eoii?31 bales cotf*n G Collins? 50 North, Manning it Patrick?9 Hicks it co?50 Brown Bros fk co. M A R I TIM E HERA LD. Sailing Dnys of the Steam Ships. from eltolsivd. from smfrica Columbia, Judkins April 1 Britannia, Hewitt Arril t May 1 G. Western, Hosken April IN May li Hiberoia, Juiikitia April 19 May 16 Parketa to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool* for liverpool. Siddons. Cobb, Feb. II Europe. Furber, April I Cambridge, Birstow, Fi b IT Independence, Nye, April 7 sliburtnn, Huttlesou, Feb. 2ti Liverpool, EMridge, April 1G from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Switzerland,Chadwick, Jan.20 Ontario, Bradiali, April I Westminster, Alwood, Feb. 12 Toronto, On.wool, April 111 St James, S.bor, Feb. 24 Switzerland,Chadwick, Apr 20 from havre. for havre. Villede Lyon,Stoddard.Feb 12 Baltimore, Fauck, April 1 U'ica, Hewitt, Feb. 16 Emerald. Howe, April 8 Albany, Wataon, Feb. 21 Rhone, Johuaton, April 16 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Kudkiit Silvey, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shippiug left at the port whence they vailed, the Vessels Spoken on the ir Passage, a List of their Cargo, and anv Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will board ths m immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, wil' also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence thry ran obtain. Nantiral Information of any kind will hr thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, A PHIL. 1. UN RUE 48 I MOON SETS 8 21 UN ARTS 6 23 I HIOH 10 5 Cleared. Shins F. a rope. Furher, Liverpool. C tl Marshall; Baltimore, Funck. Havre. Boyd & Hincken ?Barque loui.t, Wheeler, N Orleans, John klwell Ik 42n.?Brig.* New Yo-k, .Merrymsn, St Thomas, Neimi'h, Leeds k Co; Ch rlntte, McLellan, Mateu/as, F O Thnrstnn (k Co; Jeff rson, Mill*, N Oilcans, Nesmifh, LecdskCo?Schrs Alaric, Purn'll, Wilmington, NC. KS Powell; Wm Yonng, Adams, ilo, A B Cooley k Co; Henry Chase, ateelman, Washington, NC. Arrived. Ship("liarleston. Harlow, from Canton and Maraii, Dec. 8, via St. Helena Feb. 7, wit* tees ami silks, to Talbot, OlyphaM & Co. Left at C. ships rrobu?, Siiirner; Delta, Cole: Levant, F'oulk; Ann McKim, Vasmer; Uraltnn, Gardner; Calumet, Leach; Mary Helen: hari|Ue V dp.iraisn, LockWON, At Macao, ships A It bar, Dumaresq; Amulet, anil I'snther, ami two unknown. Sailed in co. with Congress, Hayes, for Valparaiso Spoke Jan. 3, lat 61, Ion 24, ship Forum, Murdoch, of Boston, 4!> days fin Manilla. Left at St. Helena, whale ship Mentor, Chester, of New London. 100 Ibis si ni and 2800 do wh, to sail for hoine in |0 days. Died on board. Win Whitmore, leamm, of Lowell, Mass. He was sent on board by the American Consul. Ship Cincinnati, Barstow, 13days from New Orleans.Jwith cotton, to K. K. Collins & Co Ship H. Allen. Wilson, 3 days Irom Boston, with cotton and molasses, to (J. Sutton. Birnne Condor, Wise, 18 days from Ponce, PK. with sugar, to A. (J Thorpe. Barqne Lilins, Smaller, 30 dars ftorn New Orleans, with 3.12 hlids sugar 134 bids molasses to Havens k Co. Has experienced severe weather on the passage. Brig Kmmd, Wait, 16 days from Miracaibi, with hides and coffee, to Bouchaud k Thebaud. S uled in co with bng Union, Hiucnn. f ir New York. Left barque Cora, Warner, of and for Pi iladelphia; schr Tnomns Hoo|>er, Bearse, of Baltimore, lor Boston; also, F. glish brigs Ulster, and Wm Sortie, for Liverpool, soon. March 22d, passed Cstlle Islaud, and saw two ISrecks on the rocks?was boarded hy a boat from an Knglish wrecking schr, and was informed that they were two BriPsli brigs, both from AnxCayes bound to Falmouth, F.Dglsnd?one called the 'Jane Hasken.' (probably Jane ?r?kine, neforr reported)?name of the other not recollectel. H id saved about 800 bags coffee from both vessels?the remainder ol the cargoes, together with the vessels, lost. Br.g K'ertio, Packard. 26 days from Ponce, PR. with III hds molsssea 1*0 do sngsr to Howlaud k As' inw all. Ilrnf Minil-fnma la.lie i\ .lie. C,. ?n It,,, ,1. T rn v.lh coffee, to M Smith. S;>oke March 3, Ut 3 Si, Ion 3(1 18. whale ship Warren, 26 day* fm Hie de Janeiro lor Wifttn. Kl 17th March, lott overboard Char'e* S. Adams, seaman, of Buffalo, New Yoik. 23th, lat 3! 37, lou 70, pasted ship Louisa, standing EMI. Brie jKoIdi, II tlrv, 27davt from Pour*, PH. with aiienr, It* to order. I9th March, Ut 36, Inn 71 47, (poke whale ship ft (Jeoig-. from the Pacific for New Bedford. O.i Wednesday hut, off Bai tit x tt, in thr blow, wat knock- <l down on hrr brain radi?-Piled ear*o?itove In hhut of molasses, when the rightrd without dam ft, Bite Oceola, Williams. t9 diys from (liuy-ama, PR. with Nratriln. Lrtdt 8t Co. I.rft banjoes Josephine, Mitchi II, lor N Yoik, toon; T. O. B.own. k rarier. do, ISth; brief Samuel N. Oott. Oiyent. (or do. Id*; K anklin, Pat ton, do ilo: It beroa C. Kisner, do do; Kowlatid, Adams. uur: Cornelia, Pattou, to load for NYork; PIinter, cottdrinnrd and told; spins Columbia, Dennis, for P' tladrlnhia, Ida; Uordon, Lessitt, waiting rarito; Jehu Hill, do; Kirnr.i, to lead lor Nrw York IJ tit Voltfirr, Sleeper, (of Thomaaton) 18 day* from Nrw Otlrant, with 23t blida sugar 69 bbla mtdaatri to Kobrrtf St Williams Br<s Klora, McNrar, I6dayt from New Orleans, with pork, to mast*'. lias bren 8 dayi north of Hallera*, and wat blown off on Wrdnrfd ay, in the NW gale Brie Hirrirt, Brown, 22 daya from Attakapas, with thin timber, for ih* Nary Yard. On the 20th March, off Cape flattrraa, loft oeriboard from the fore to|>aail said, H> nry Smith, a>. a man?erriy rirrtion wat matle to favr him, but in rain. Brill Oeorg ' *, Baker. 23 dart from Fraokltu, La. with I68 hhda sugar 90 Mill mnlatira to C P. Leer rich. Brig Wrlliuyalr*, Coriugton, JOdayt from Mobile, with cotton, to H H.inland. Br.k Acton, Lambrrt, from Mobile, March i, with rotlon, to Dunham 8t Dimon. Brie Onlnare, Tibbrttf, 22 daya from M:bde, with cotton, to Nrtini'li, Lrrdt St Co. Brie Harriet. Prte, (of North Yarmouth) 18 dava Irom Attakapas. wrh Iter oak. for the Navy Yard. Brie Belle, Myers, t iliya from W Imingtori, NC. with uaral store*, I" F.. S Powell Bri ith brie James II i-, Wi<eman, 7 days from St. John, N B with fnh, to P. I. Neville It Son nelir i o.itert, tarnon n. ID nay* irr m w nan/. ia, with inolaairl,to H, V Buck Sailed in Co w >lh brim * aa. un, for Binmore, and Cm ir>, fir Philadelphia. Lef br.g Sew r.ncUin1, for Tr- Tiilrnci , 4 da a. sctir Nnrin n, Stiicklefoid, It day* from flnnaitrra, 9t D"ininir<\ with ma'oaany, to 8 W. Lewi. L ft briar No-pnml. Pop' , for B" ton, too ., Hen M rion, Sylrnttr, for NOileaua, I. ; .la, of Bi tiino-e, cond. IButd and "old Si nrPrrn All n, IS days from St. Johua, PK wlh molaaeea, to JoIiii K. Huilao . Schr D laware, Ornfton. 25 d.iya from New Orient, aailh B dgcr & Peck. ?<chr Abbaihnl , Sawt rr, 31 daya from New Orleana, with 700 hlila potk KR lilnla hama 26fi kegr lard to (1 Dmglnaa. Schr I odoima It Rl i\ Priuce, 15 dnafiom At'akapar, woh 150 lilnla angar 150 do inolaaaoy to C. Barataw St Pop*. No data lat 24 25, Ion 79 30, ipoke b.i* Aldobaran, from Trinidad lor N York S nr Phmni*. Roger*, (ol Nor h Va mon h) 22 day* from Apalarhiroln, yy ith oottoti, to Noamith, l.o d St Co Schr t. am'ridge, Hall, 14 d .v* Irom Ci org town, SC with n,to(J 14 On Tneily l?-t, w.ia off tli Hi?hl-lid? i ltd wyy blown off n rho N 'V.ip r S, h I hannet, Sen*. 2 daya from Baltimore ? bomnl I" P rt'aml Schr Chaao, Smith, I daya fiom Baltimore, witn radae?boond to Portland. Srhr Win Henry, Baker, 2 daya from Baltimore, with corn, to mMlti. i i . m ?ww.u???? Schr Auroia, Woodbury, 4 dave from Hichun id, with mdae to muter. Schr A B Cooley, Camp, from Philadelphia, with mtlie, ti A B Cooler. Srlir Knterpriec, Koea, Idaya from the Delaware, with <;uer citron ti 11k, to B V Fox. Schr S| I. mli.l, t'rowrll, J days from Boxtou, with mdae, tr muter. Schr I .ornel ia, NickersoD, 24 lionra from New Bedford, wit! oil. to order. Schr Homer, Heed, 4 day* from Boaton, with mdxe, to K H Herriek. Schr !Me?aenc*r, Ha/.tcitrore, 2 day* from Providence?bonnil to VirvuiM. Schr Olivia k Virginia, Kollina, 2 dayi from Providence? bound to Virginia Below. Cue barrpie, two brio. Wind KNF.. Herald Marine Cnrreaimnilenre, Orricu nr thk Kmodv. tai.annua,i . _ , ? , , ? Nv weeaT, March 10, IMS. i Arr 26lh, Pennsylvania. Bacon, Boa-mi for Philadelphia; Htir, Kirwiu. Providence for U iltimore : Viilnir.. V4... .11 M..?l,.,re. port for Alexandria, with fore ^aft oml ma*nhnom carried away in ihe NW Mow of Saturday tight. '7th?Arr Ysntic, Stewart, NYoik for K ill Hirer. Hemmed ?P M wind SW, light, with snow?Ant-res Win M Kmrraid. Elizabeth, Klin, Constitution. Esit, Olivia Ik Virginia. Sophronia. Dolphin, naliuiv, Messenger, Ilillow, Star, Mariner, Pennsylvania, Vnltiirr 29th?Arr Charles, Heath, NYork for Providence; Vigilant, Heath, ProviHenr. for N York. 30th?Arr Good Hope, Hilev, Providence; Albion, Chase Mobile for Providence. SM Emerald. Charleston; Aniarea, W M Kogen. Soiihrmim, l)nl Inn, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, ami Albion, Philadelphia; Peruvian, a Hon'hern port; Manlier,St ir and Bal'nce, Brhimore; Olivia fk Virginia, ' lid Messenger Fredericksburg; Elizabeth, and Eliza, NYoik; Pilot, f -r the Delaware; Vulture. Ah samhia; Kilt, B-liner, and Bethel Norfolk; Ilillow, Waahingtnu, NC. Star, Oaeola, and Consti tutiou, remain, the two former repaiiing. Passed by, 9 am, Ktnpreas, Pitman, Bristol for Havana. Uencral Iternrrl. Fomtiot* Lkttkr Offick.?The Havre, Liverpool and Lnn don packets will aail to-day. Their'etler hags arc at Gilpiu's in the Kxcbange. Ship LtwugrrcK, barque Eugenia, brigs Sea Bird. Edward, Clinton. Neuvitai, and Grand Turk, were all at ancbor yestep d it off Quarantine, bound not?detained by In ail winds. Brio Avilps, in be?ting up yesterday morning, run ashore on Oyster liland, on the rncki. Sleainr r Samson went to liei assistance, succeeded in getting her off, and towed her to the city withont damage. Brio Laurfl, Wilbur, of Providence, was run intoand sunk on ti e 2?d mat. >iv miles cast off ape Hcnrv light, at iii esi. by the Elizi, (Br) Warwick, from City Point for Bristol, Kng ? After getting clear, Capt Warwick sent his boat immediately to assist iu getting tin captain nd crew on board his ship. He laid to twenty hours, iu the hope of meeting some vessel to send tlinu iu, lint having no opportunity, and the wind blowing a gale at the time from the northward, and his vessel not seriously damaged, he bore away for Bristol, Kng On the 25th, the Eliza fell in with scbr LodemiaSt Eliza, Price, from Attakapaa for New Yoik, which took the captain, mate and two men on board; me others heing foreigners, taiil on bonid the hanpie ? t'aiit Wilbur, m He and crew of the Ij fee' v# ry grateful toCapl Warwick for assisting them nu board bis vessel, and hia hoa| itable usage; likewise to ("apt Price, who did all in hia powe' to make tlieni comfortable while on board hia ves-el. A slip from the office of the Norfolk Herald, atatea that the Laurel was from Boston, laden with ice. Both of the masts were carried away, how stove in, and the anchor carried from off her how, which bromtht the brie to an anchor. The Lcdemia & Elizi arrived at this port. [The Laurel ia no doubt the veaael retried bv the Water Witch, at Baltimore, as having been run into hv an English vessel in the lat oft'ape Henry 1 Bohr Montano, from Boston, that was capsizi if in the gale of the 16th March, waa towed to the city yeaterday. Si nn Nrw Yohk , of Boston, Collins, from New York for Krankfort, Me. with flour and com, went aahore ou the HW. nait of Gay Head 21th March, and bilged. The tlour bad been landed; veaael broken up anil corn loat. 8chr Wanpoeaaao, at Kali River Irnm Charleston, picked up 17th iust. about 2(1 miles from Charleston Bar, 19 bales cottnn marked as follows?6 bales D. Ham; It do diamond V; 1 da P. Whalemen. Arr at Nawport, Rl. 30th March, Bowditch. Sowle, of and (or Providence, from NW Coast, Auk l.via Rio Janeiro Jan 9, and last from Baliia Keb 16, with '1600 hhls oil (190 aperm) oti hoard?sold 6011 bbla at Bahia?baa been absent 20 monlhi and 10 d i vs. At Payta June 12. Awaalintika, Peaie, of Kalmonth, with 10' 0 ap anil 60 hlkfish on board?sent home 85 sp. At Mani Nov 3, Peruvian, Arthur. Nam, 27 mos out, I'100; Nov I, Mouticello, Nant. 15 linn, 900; Nov ?, Win Lee, Newport, no oil this season, (last teptd with 500); Hydaspe, Post, NB, 150 sp. At Cape Town Dec 12, Kenelon, NB, clean?put iu to land J DM sick?would sail neit day. Heard from, no date. Sic. Dartmouth. Wimpeuny, NB, 850 ap, bound to N W Coast next season. Hpoken. Eleanor, from Boston for Philadelphia, 20 miles KSE of Barnegat?by pilot boat J E Davidson. Meselle. 3 days from Boston for Charleston, March 16, lat 31 30. Ion 71 20. V ietor, 4 days from Mobile lor Boston, March 17th, off tin Isaacs. Foreign Porta. Macao. Nov 19?Arr Oneida, Swift, Singapore; 20th. Delhi Cole, Manilla; Oscar, New York; 22d, Akbar, Dumaresi), Ma niila. Mstanzas, March 14?Kntered, 1 American. Berry, Amstei dam; Malvina, Stall's, Krankfort. Cld 16th, Caspian, Bait more; Swiss Bov, Riga; 14th, Uranite. NYork; Hth, Canary Philadelphia; 13th, Convert, Boaton; llth, G Warren, do; Be Hard, Boston. Mayaoufz. March 12?In port, Tangier, Parks, wtg caret Gallant Maiy. C( fllu, arr 9th, dug; Joseph, Pike, from Newbt rynort. arr loth. Hki-voet. March 1?Arr Hollander, Ewer, Rotterdam ft Boston, and probably sailed same day. Home Porta. Pobtcano Mwch 27?Arr Ami les, Stanley, Thomaston ft NYork; Perseverance, Eldridge, Krankfort for a mkt; Helei Fogg Bath for Bnston, 28'h. Gazelle. Witerliouse, Boston.' Cld 27th, Mary Pease, shit Ids, Tiimdad. \'s wni'HvroRT, March 26?Arr Ivanhoe, rost. Philadelphii Sid 211 li. Writ Schroder. Bavlt V. Porto Rico. Arr 28th. Mien Noyes, 8 Inmore. Salkm. March i>$?Sid Fclinse, John?nn, Havana Boston, Msrch 3^?Arr Win Peun, Tavlor. Baltimore Mi Juno. Dick* Havatn; Bohemia, Nason, do; Quinnehaug, Fa! ton Matanzia; Chatham, Divis, Baltimore. Warkham, V)arcl?27?S'd Charles, Bene, NYork; Eleanoi Bum, io; Pacific Swift, Norfolk. Gloucester, March 27?Arr Herald, Goodwin, Philadel I'hn lor Riaton, with loss of bowsprit. New Bkoforo, March 28?Arr Pacific Swift, Wareham fo Norfolk; Klrwor, ud ChaHu do for N \r >r k. Holme: Hulk, March 2.'i?Arr Richmond, Ames, NYor for Portland; Hydaspe Thomaston for NYork. Arr ami sl?l T'Wl. New York for Port land. Sol Balai.ct, Baltimore. Ai 96 h, Equator, Card, Norfolk for Portsmouth; Eagle, do fn Boston; Kobt Bruce, Kichineud for do. fTth?Arr . frot Georgetown, IJC. f?<r Bos'on; Wm Prim, Tavlor, and Clucks saw, Keiidrirk, from Baltimore for Boston; Mores, Frederick" burg for do; Fair Lady, N York for do Sid Chickasaw, W? Pen*Ciditn, Richmond. Hv?*aape fn port n am, Tntt ii Hellespont, Equator, Eagle, Inert ie. Kobt Bruce, F?ir Lady T Ue Jasper Im* got hei rudder, and will proceed to Edgarfowi to repair bottom. The Friendship is nearly ready for sea. Providence March 27?Arr Providenc , Brown, and Neu York, Muuro, NYork; 28th, Charles'on Packet, CroweII, Phi ladclphia. Sid 29tb, wind W to NW. Win & Jimes.Shephrrd Mobile; N L M'Cready, Sonera, NYork. Charleston, March 26?Air Um ed. luvraham, Matanzas Diamond, Hillock* Niofk; fncinc, smith, Now Onmh M Lapwing. Liverpool. Savannah, M'rch 24?In port, ships Rhode Island, Church for Mobile, Idg; Egl iigton, (Br) Muir, Greenock, do; (^ueeri ( Br) D'ckson, from Liverpool, disg; Alliance, Tucker; Avon ( Br) Mas'ers, and Leander, (Br) Phelan, for Liverpool, Idg Lady Falkland, Smith, for London, do: barones Hero of Acre ( Rr) Jor es, from Li* erpool, dug; t aroliue, ( Br) M ?rsh; Susan (Br) Whitrwav; Sevion, (Br) Cann; Nelson Village, (Br Oillts; Severn. (Br) Driacolf, and Covenanter. (Br) Patterson for Liverpool, Idg; Mimpi?, ( Br) Qninn. from Bermuda, wtg brigs L Baldwin. Bu'kley, from N York, disg; Phifura, Doane for do, Idg; Helen, < hsce , f'rnm Wise tso r. vs rg ; l.oht Rrtire Corson, lor Baltimore, Idg; Commerce, Lull, for West Indies do;ichrs Francis Hillet, Rogers, lor Boston, Mg; January, Ca boon, and Holder Borden, 6<brr, do do; Wi'liam, Russell, fo West Indies, Idg; (Caroline, Swasev.from Mafanzis, disg; Le oriida-. Evans, Havana, do; North Star, Smith, for Bath. Idg J hn Rpofford, SpofTonf. NOrleans, do; Oregon, Crowell, do wtg. Frank, Lewis, f>r NYork, I<1*. cl1rehugit9 slui lion jiimii'AL r. ^ i i AL.^iTir.n i REPEATED. ]\,TR CL1RKHUGH nod the M-ssii I'ummnig respectfully J-'I-in'.imate that, a' the instance of several families in the up. rr 1'irt < f the city, their lest en'ert.ii"nimt will be repeated ?r the STUYVESA.NT INSTITUTE, on Tuesday e veiling, April 4th The Programme routain* a new and choice selection ol Song#, Ballads, Doers and Uleea, from the ancient and mo de'? Mrlodiea of Scotland TickeU 50 Genu each , and Programme*, containing tht word* of the new and less familiar Songs, wiih critical ant historical notice* of each, may be had at all the Masic ato es and at Mr. Clirtliugh's. 2(1.5 Broadway. It/- This mint positively be their last Scottish Mut cal en trrMiameut this season. A limited nnmber of tickets will be itsned as on the last oc casioD apl 4t r rPHE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Miss Marion * and Mr. Hoyt, late Pnnils of the New York Institution fo the Blind, will give their Concert on Monday evening, Apri 3d. at Concert H*ll 406 Broadway. Mr. Hoyt will sing Russell's Uraud descriptive Sceua of tli Shit ore Era*. Tn-ki Is 25 ci r,t?to lie ,1 ul at the door 'pi It eml'r rPHE RIGHT KK.VKUKND BISHOP H I < 111ESMUM 1 TURK ON HOI |AL SERVITUDE.?fcstra Copi. of the New York Truth Teller containing th? whole c( ih above eloquent Lecture, will be issued tn s morning at th office, 7a Bayard stre. r. Price 6 cents. They will he lor sal also at the atore of Measrs. Catserls Ik Sons, No. I0H Nassa stre#l; Diinnigaii, Knlton St.; Lloyd, Mulberry s'.; ami at th other city agents. al It* PROPOSED ELEGANT BATHING ESTABLISH MX NT IN BROAD VAV-We Warn that Mr. Cha>le O. Stnppam, formerly, for many years, the atten'ive lessee o tht Chambn street baih*. ti s r ism the largr end # on*# nice premises of the lain Peter A. Jay corner of Bro-dway an Walkers'rert, which is to be immrdivtely fitted pas a bath irg eatahliahmrnt, in the most convenient and elegant mannri apl 2t*r TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. TYPES, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATERIAL! MANUKA! TURKD AT CONNER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Push or Nassau asp An* Sirukts, IN IC W Y' ' K K CAN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DE' DUCTION FROM OLD PHl< E?. THE undersigned -csoei rliillv inlorms the Old Pilront of the Tvp* mid sttrfotvp* Fouadrj, former! v known a* Jamm Oovui e ?, and more rerrntlr ai f nanra * t non , ami ine public iu iinrnl. that fncy are pre,.*rrd t? eiernte ordrre fill PRINTING YYPES, PRKS'KS. CHASES, CASKS, IMPOSING STONES, INK, KHAMKs, and rn ry mlin article tirci-ae.rv to f rin Complete I'rietiiig KitihluhmiBIl, no i favnr.hte term*, and o ji n .nd a i? .lit} *eiin> oth.r eilah'nhinmt in the United Slate*. me entree, rr.n Mf d old rnicge, run romp. Agate, 86 cent*. Aitt'e, 100 rente Nnmareil, 46 ,, Nonpareil, 81 ,, Miiipn, M ? Minion, 66 ,, Br-?ier, M ,, Brevier, 54 ,, Pourgeu*, 40 ,, B.i'irg"ia, 46 ,, Lnu Primer, 36 ? L g P inter, 4 Smi'lPica, 34 ,, Mmill Pica, 40 ,, Pie*. 3" ? Pica 4g Border*,Cute, B ?* Hu e. and .It ether article* intntrac tared ! thl* e*t.ih uhioem, at the tam- reduced rate*. N. w Aiticlee got up to oidir, on being funnelled will paterae I he Type ca?t at thi* **t*bli*hmenr. i*. both in the etyle <> J a''#' ami he material o f which it u made, particularly adapter I ?r acme* in Newspaper I* inline. AllkmUaf *te eot\piua urni>hed to order. . Y B ?^rrh Newapaica m will eoiy the abnt* three tim? ?, will b* entitled to ravin Type, on making a bill of tour 'iinea the mount ft! e trnre mm >' pHRAP I'HOhSTKKY-W It n. Brmaela ind In*' Jj Ciri?'i, made, al'ered and rep*ire , ami wumi te-i to nr id the ueatetr aimer, and at a mode rite p'ice, by an r* enenced Urhofstreaa. ?|.1 'm r VIM BOL rON '' M ?S UK ?HOI'l r> Br .. Mrr.'f >. til*, ih? i onnt'rpart " WOMAN* * ?h?- *h"tild "' ? \ Lecrnre ht fhr Hit v Pr f. M iffr f?? be del v?.?d in Ki? ?'th *? ? ' Me hi dht N'pur - 'd t.hnrch, neat vinnd*v rem w. A |>f i' 3 I, at hi'f r7o'doiI iclrefn it een 4, l b h-d n iM' Bo U lio in, ;00 VIii'beri v r ?f; atfh ffieet of toe ( nminercial Adver rand N.-w Y r I ?n un ; 4t S Tuttle'i, I9I Chatham at.; S H rlter, 18 (i.fttid ? r-.-f; VUrkrl: and ftim|Mon, 127 Broadway; U ?rbei and Towlea? 71 Catherine atreet.aod at the d^or vl the Choich. apl It eod*f e . _____ W ? I ii Mi B> P ^ f ?.r? I r?ii | l | ! I *i \.vl' i-.MK.MTS. PMIK TIIKATKR. THIS KVKMNO will K. perfornad. COUSIN LAMBKIN, i Hqnire Mn I berry, V r Ki?h*r i w? m~?? ' ?*" in? Julm I lrnbiiU wiM m. L \ H MoLe.N8KA. . ATi*r wtv?h ... PAR 18 AND L()Nf)f)v Vucoonat Volatil, Mr B.r.y | Urfv VoUui, Mn H u,Dt Tnuoucmli ? !) I A THl'MHVO LEGACY Bo?m, SO cti; Pit, ?tiii <>ol|. i- ntn ,.f, CII A I 'lA n T(l > VI : Will "pen on Momlxv, t><.- >.! o' Ai ril with * ww pi,C(. qiT( l!KL.I/N OLV UPIt THKATK*, 44? Broniway, N*v? Vntk. TIU9 EVENIvn ?,m , ,mr. WHITE i AT. Jingo, Mitchell I Count Coincide, Oreliaa A ftrr #hir^. HAMLET TRAVE9TIK. i T" eoneluil* wi'h MRS. NORVIEtt. Polony, Mr Duoii | Mr* Noriaer, MnTimui . ' Hit Door* will b? opeu?<l tt iiail past I, ,n. tt or mai.r. commence at 7. err jy eremnv AIKHICAN TIIKATKR-WALNUT-BT. I'll 11, A DKL.PI1I A. i UNiiir.U THK DIHK' TION OF MISS C. CU9HMAV I SATURDAY "VKNINO April I will h? performed the race course. Culpepper, .Mf Burton. ___ After which PP. TER BELL. THE WAOONKR. K. A MAWHHALL. Lqcto AMKKH AN MI'NKCir.. Mari.le Building, comer of Broadway and Annstreet. n , SARNUM, Manager. I he Debut on Monday night of miss mary darling, 1 The beautiful and changing Queen of Magic wan marked with the moat tnumj^antj.uccen.^^YDss Darling i. a pupil of The Great Magician. The relehrity of this Voung Dade throughout Europe 11 known to all traveller! and the favnrahle notice* of her performance! which hare appeared in the Loudon Timei and other English Papers of high (landing No adequate deicription can he given of her wonderful Magical Performance!; they muit he lecn to he appreciated.' Alio engaged for one week only, the eicenttic DK. VALENTINE, The highly popular Comedian and delineator of Kicentric Character!, will appear in hu parlor entertainment! and table converaatiom. CHANG-KONG. The celebrated Chineie Juggler. La PetittiCeleite will dance the La Bayadere and Fling. The MKLOPIAN, an intmrme and magnificent M itriiment.plara itself the finest Overtures, Fantasies at es, and REPRESENTS A FULL OHCHESTRJ PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Professor attends daily and gives prac animations and Charts, Developments and Cnarociei tling eitra charge. Just added to the Museum TWO SUITS OF A^ ARMOUR, made aud worn 300 years ago. ELECTRO GALVANISM. Just added to the Museum two powerful Electro Batter es. GRAND COSMORAMA-ALBINO LAD a KancylQIaas Blowing."* AN EXPERIENCED TAXYDKRMI8T is enga persons havinr pet birds or qnaaruiieds they wish pi can have them mounted in the best style. Day visitors admitted same evening FREE. Evei formances at a quarter beforr 8 o'clock. Day Performances every Wednesday and Saturday a at I o'clock. Admiaaion to all 3S centa?Children half price. PEALE'8 NEW YORK HriEUll NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GAL IS NOW RE-OrF.NED ! C. H. DEVOE, Manager. The establtihment contains an almost endless tram RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART'. Neatly and tastefully displayed in three spacious hi boasts of a verv ' COSTLY It ELEGANT GALLERY OF PORT! Eiceeding in eitent and value any other tu Ameri The manager has engaged, for a short time only, the I i > and beautiful exhibition of THE TRIAL OK CHRIST! This imposing scene is not repiesented by a painting but by t GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OF LIFE. . This solemn and impressive scene represents Our Saviourar raigned as a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorns upon His Head before Caiphas, the High Prieit, and the Court of Fonda , Pilate. In addition to the above, the Manager has engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING OIDUV urnMiM IK ram England. She wishes pot to impose apon the pnbKe,by making them believe her a Witch, cr FORTUNE TELLER! Pout tied with supernatural power?but on the contrary, r- claims publicly to he able to instruct others *f< (good i- intellect and mention their leading transactions of r, PA8T TIMES, r- THE PRESENT. AND THE FUTURE. >; She will tell persons whether ther are married or net, an i- what kind of hmbnnd or wife they will get,describe their own characters and give a host of facts and rorreet conclusions >r founded on her knowledge of the immnuble sciences of phrenology, physiognomy,neurology, philomphy. Ike. A? proof ol the coriectness of her anertioui. she is at liberty to refer to hundreds ofour first citirrns, including clergymen, judges.attorneys^physicians, and many of the most euligh tened ladies i h the city ~ ? T~Admisaion to the Museum, 23 cents; Children hall price An eilra charge of I2X cents to thoss who consult the Hiray J* Womau. Jefr MR. HENRY RUSSELL begs leave respectfully to anion"ce. that his s.cio.l Vocal Knteitammenf will take 1- place at Niblo'a Saloon, nil Monday K.'eunig April Id, 1811, OB which occasion h'; will hay. the honor ol presenting lo the r, public, sever .1 of his new con>|M>sitioris, which have elicited approbation abroad. |. PROC.HAMME I'aBT I ir BONO?When the T. mp*st? fly o'er the Clondy Sky. When the tmip. sis fly o'er the cloudy sky, k And the | ipiog masts sing wearily. I, ' Oh. sweet h th-mirth of the s c<a! hrarth, r When ih* flamrt ate blazing cheerily. " ' BONO?The Launch. " A hundred hands are plied to hnt'H a vessel, stoat and good, >" Her strong anil solid ribs they hew from stoat old lorest ' wood ; n They saw the imn-heartcd oak to frame her giant sides, 1 That soon shall buffet gallant' (he tempest> ud the t dea , ' A hundred stalwart shipwrights they make the air rraouod, u Th-re's nerve in evety blow tiny strike, ihere'a freedom in thesnnnd ; ' Beneath their sturdy strokes, behold the Tassel stems to grow, Whose nod spntea realm shall be where'er the billows How he. SCENA?The Dream of the Reseller; or the Three Houses, i'- Snug by Mr. Rn-sel at the (treat Temperance Meeting, held in the I h.i room at Eieter Hall, London, in the presrnce of ever 3000 persons. Words hy Charles Mseky, Esrj. ' Around the board the gnesla were met, tne lights abore them ! beaming. And in their caps, replenish'd off, the ruddy wine was stream' trig, j Their cheeks were tlnsh'd, their eyes were bright,their hearts wilh plesspte bounded, ! I The sung was snug, (he tosst w u given, and load the revs I ' I ..... ..i. i ' I d'ain'd mv bumper Willi the rest, end cried, "Away with ' aorrow!" ! Let in be hippy lot to-day, what cere we for to motrowT' r But aa 1 ?|Hilte iny an hi crew dim, end alamber dtcp cent o'er me, And. mid the whirl of mingling tongnea, thiaviaion peaa'd be ' foie me?Ac. BALLAD-Thc Old Bell. For full C"e hundred veira I'ae awonr ! In my old griy tnriet high : And miiiy e d.fferent theme I'ae aung,1 Aa Ihe lime went steal ng bv ; I'ee pealed Ihe chaunt ol a wedding morn ; E'er mailt I have aadly toll'd, To aay that ihe bride waa coming, loaelorn, To alecp in the churchyard mound. liiug dong, ding dong, he. he. BONO?The Indian Hanter. [ A Bong of the Far w??t?Worda by Eliza Cook. Oh' why don the white man follow my path, Like the hound on the tiger'a track? , Doea the flush on my dark cheek waken hia wrath? i Doea he meet ihe how at mv hack? NEWFOUNDLAND DOO. ' Worda by F. W. N. Bailey. Life-saver!?Wave steinmer!? Deer-direr!?away'. Night'a ahadowa are closing The portala of day: On the breast of the billow ( We hear tit low wail? r We hate put up the .udder, | And furl'd up the aail N?> aurnal from Heaven e Will ahow where he bo;' And where'er ha be driven Wp men cannot see. , Ho, Carlo! Newfoundland ! On follow hia cry, Aa it gaspiugle answers The aea-moanet's sigh?he., he. The above will be illnatrtied with a few remark* connected with the incident uno? which the song ia rounded. CANTATA- The Maniac." Borne years aince a gentleman of fortune waa conveyed 'to a lunatic asylum, and there confiped. The persona that accompanied him took an oath to those entrusted with the care of the establishment, to the fact #f hia being a maniac. The mora ihe unfortunate 'gentlrio 111 implored to be releated, the more forcible were the keepers convinced of the fact of his being insane The treatment he rrceived soon afl'Ctcd hia reason ; ha J I ?a- C. *,?. n.e.l '1 I.* gfrnfllfiTI CATI ic<I hi 111 tf) t h? '* aayluw were arrpvacd'? have been hired by tome relative*. ' to whom ui? proprrty would revert after hie deceaae. Te NT If. CANTATA?The < hrnerel'e L??t Beetle. Worda b, Charlee Markv. E?.|. 4 Von aak me to t-tl how our General died :? ' Ah ! well hnnld I know, for I rought ly hie tide ; And thoueh memory faila me a? age rreepeth on. I thill neeer forget whet e battle he won, 'Two m cold winter weather, ah, long long ago, We had initch'd all the day, through the niat and the now : And at night by our watchfirrt in tlumher we lay, And dreamt of (he morn and its in i tial array. But thoit <eaa our tleep?e'er the morn'a lateat a tar Wat dim'd in the light of the dawning afar. And we heard the alarm hear loud lithe dram. And a cry of the foe?" They have come, they hare come '."?etc. etc. etc. SON'J?I'm Afloat, I'm Afloat. Worda bv fclita Conk I'm afloat, I'm "float, on 'he fierce rolling tide, I The ocean'a my home, aid my birk ia m? bride, Ac Ac. NEW BONO?If I had btr a Tl.ou.aud a Vear I If I had but a thonaaud a year. Oitfer Oreen, If 1 had but a thousand a >e r 7 Wh t r mm would I be, and what arghta would I aee, If I had bat a th uaai d a year t?el r. etc. Ml K N A?The -h'J' nn_ Kire. Word* by IMl'e* r.?,. Thy form < ' r the run njrtmii end Ibjt, A id -he w re. roue m f ?m at the eoire of the blastA?? h??ilv lahor'dib. ,?lc-W?u .hm. ! , ??t h -fed *wimmer the apwnt hit lip, And del* wa. [he -hv ? ???* i Kicept ?h- i In liahtnirt illtwn'd it in wrath. A iiiaol "1 ther knell ill 'he cabin below. f And i>re?'d her f nd ba'-e in he- bosom of anew; I She rim'd to her Und, 'mid?t the hurricane wild. Oh, k'lther. h *e merev. look down on my thild!" f'hii Seen* H lite *'? d t depict our feeling* of presenters who had to contend ?ilh ilie terrors ofatrmpest that bitrei o?et h- .hip '",e* d"'1 *"V. * lhe moment they Were returning to then uatier land hum a I with hope, and escited by li ii.iii ipa ed dell ht of being welcomed by friend*, from whom In y h d been Intl. separated After rhe reawintf of the norm, ih hipi- disc y. ed l. be in flam-s and the cry of Are iw.k n* the motia.on r.1. frvrs ineTery ho?om Thev are ?t to hope, but at len.ih in the ?* y midst of their deipair a til appear* in nyht, and il.ei re t* d N A I I'iV'AI AMk KICAM HOMO. Onr Son,? ihtr Satire Song. Onr uaiiee vone, < ?r natiye ?on?, Oh where i* n*- who lore* it n f I The II it Ida i? d< -p and trout? Wherr'er wi tmn, wiieie'er -or lot. FIINALk?Largo ,il Ftctottun Lll'i'iu. (jmm the Open 'ft ilvrl iere di Seville.") Tic.ken JO f.'enla each. to he had at Hewitt'* and Atwlll's .Milvie Stores. and at Ninlo'* Saloon. To coutmfiKy a( v