Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. ?3.? Wholl No. 3300. To the Public. ' THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publUhed every day of tha y ear except New Year's day and Kotirlh #f July. Prica 3 cents per copy?or $7 16 per annum?paid?rash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday uiorniaif?price 6J cents per copy, or $3 11 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are iriformod that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is therefore, the hest channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in ad THnre. PRINTING! of mil kinds, .xacutid at the momt moderate prices, ami in the most ?l?ir int style. JAMEt* GORDON BENNETT, Prophiktoh er the Hiiilu Establishisicivt, Northwest cornet of Fulton and Nnssau streets STATENISLAND FER11Y. 'out of Whitehsll street On and slier Dec. 3d, tiie steamer STA1 ENISLANDER, will run as follow*, nnril further uotice Lis. WE 8TATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. ?XA.M, 9 A.M. 1? 11 J P. M IX P. M, dl r S NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ?*????} -iSfillS1 i^^?j Fare reduced to US cents. Frra tne lout of Cenrtlaadt street, New York. I Every day?Snndsy stt.repted.) Leaves New York . . Leaves Newark 9.t ?tv * M. At 1 P. M. At 7X A. M. At IX P. W. 11X do. 4 do. 3 do. IS do. sM do 9 do 6 do. 7 do. 11 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Kioin the fool ol Cuartiandt street. Leave New York. Leave Newar*. At ? A. M. and l?P. M At IX P. M. and 10 P. M. NEW YORK, ELUABETH TOWN. Leave New \o;k Leave Elixe.beth Town 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 3 P. M. ?X A. M. I* " 10H A. M. t5 P.M. 9X " The trains for Wenfold. Plainfold. Bouudbrook. Somerville. kr., couuect with the. A "?1, 2 r.nd 1'M trains *rom New York, daily, Sundays escorted. Kate between New York and Klixabeth TowuZS cemi. Fare between do and Somcrville. 75 cents. NYW YOKK. RAHWAY AND NK.W BRUNSWICK. Jt'are reduced. From the foot ol Court landt s:reet,duUy. Lease New Ycrk. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. A = 9 P. M. On Sundays (he Sji and 7X A.M. tiipa from New Brunswick and 25< P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Kare between New Yo'fc and New Brunswick, 75 cents. Hahway, 50 eeuta The fare in the 5H and 7}$ A. M. trainfrom New Brunswick, and 2V and (Xf- M. train from New York, has been re duced. New York and New Brnnawick, to 50 ceuta. " and Rahway to J7>i " faaaengera who procure (hrir tickets at the ticket office, re ceiae a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con duetor only on the day when purchased. fll Sm* PULLEN^& COPP^ S Wall street. -JQnP-wer-AJ m mwfP NK\TYOIUL ALBANY. TROY AND MONTREAL EXPRESS. Menii. Harnden A Co, having disposed of their route from New York to Albany and Tioy, the subscrihera, the old conductor! of Harndrn A Co'e Northern Kspress, from New York, trill continue to run ai heretofore,lea?ins; New York, Albany end Troy, Daily , and connect at Tioy with Jecohi' Montreal Express, and will forward Specie, 8ank Notes, Packages, Bundles,Cases of Ooods. Ac., to any place between Naw York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada'!. Alio East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and Wert from Albany to Buffalo. All business en trotted to their charge will be promptly atteadidto. Particular atteutioo will be paid to the collection of U' ics. drafts, acceptances, Ac., and prompt returns made for the svne, FULL EN A COPP. OflSces?Pnlleu A Coop, 3 Wall street. New Vork. Thot. Ooogh, IS Exchange, Albauy. A <1. Kilkins, 728 River street, Troy. H. Jacob's Exchange Ceurt, St Paul st, Montreal KEKKHKNCE8. Niw York. ALBatvy. Taoy. Prime, Ward A King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, A Co.. Thos. Oengh. P. W ells, John T. Smith, A Ce? 8 K. Stow, Pepoou A Hoffman, C. 8. Dong lass, Carpenter A Vermtlyn, K. Leake Hniiuhtou A Co. Drew, Knhinann A Co. n24 WINTER ARBANUKMEN1. NEW Yt'BK AND P^LAt)KLmiA RAILROAD LINK DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Buriiugtou. THRMUOH IN MIX HOURS Leave New York,from the (ool afCourtlaudt ?cieet,daily, at} A M ami i\ P M. The tuoruiDg lih proceed* to tferdentown, tram thence by aleamDoat to rmladelpma. The brentuic Line proceed* direct to Camdsu, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of car*. Pa*seugers will ptocore their ticket* at the office foot ol Conrtlatidt itreet, where a commodious teamboat will be in read (tease, with baggage crate* on board. Philadelphia baggage Crete* are conveyed from eity to city, Without being o|ieurd by the way. Kaeh train ? provided with a Ladie* Car, rn which are apartment* and drawing room* expressly for the Ladies use. f Keiurmng, the lines leave Philrdelphir from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at9 o'clock A M.aud 5 o'clock, P M. The Liar* for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at A M, being a continratioL of the line* from New York. dM lni**r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, CMP Itiiiit New^Stm^?ieo^^lrae great ipense with the most approved and heaviest H rail, to secure a tali and ei|* diiiout coaveyance between New York and Morristowu, will commence running two trip* daily, Sundays etcepted, on and after Monday, Jan, '/I. First Train from Motristown will leave al7)f A M. Second Traiu from Momttown will leave at lk P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at MA M. Second Train Irom New York will leave at 3k P M?New..k .. iu p u I'uaeugera by the Morning Train from Morriatown will arrive At Newark in time for the 9AM Train to New York, or the moraine Train to Philadelphia: by tlie Afternoon Train they will arrive at Newark ia time for the 3Jg P M Train to New York or the Evening Train to Philadelpi ia. Pasaeiigrn by the Morning Trai from New York will airiva at Morriatown in time to dine and take any of the Stage* runnine wrat or north from that place )1G liw*ee KOR LIVERPOOL.?Regular packet of the 7th April?The veiy anpenor, faat Bailing packet ahip HCafcfclNDEPKNDE.NCE, Capt. Nye, will tail at abore, her regular day. Having veryauperior accommodation* forcabin,aecond cabin and tteerage paaiengera, neraont wiaknw to embark ahonld make early application, on board, foot of M'idrn Lane, or to JOSEPH McMLnKAY, 100 Pine at., cor. Sooth. Paraooa wiihing to aenil for their friend* residing in the Old country, can have them brought out by the above ahipe, or any of the regular packet*, by applying aa above ; if by letter, PO*t paid. _ m27 r BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROVAJ, MAI) BTViU U1IIPU Of IJMjtous mid 446 hone power each. l)nd?T cr>ntract with rite Lordi of the-Adminlr*. dfiap HlBEKNIA, C. U. E. Judkina, Commander BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, K. U. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrw do COLUMBIA. E. C. Millar, R IS do Will aail fron. Liretpool and Esateu, via Hahfai asfnilowi: r*om Li?aarooL. rnoM aoiToa. Acadia, Hyrie. K'b * Mar 1 Colombia, Mill?r, Mar 4 Ap?| j Britannia, Hewitt, Apl 4 May 1 Hibemia. Jodkma, Apl 13 Ms. |? The accommodations lor paatengers are auperier. The ri-vaali arc screm|ianted by etpenenoed surgeons, and amply supplied with prances Patent Life Boata. passagr redussd i? $120. No Bertha seemed until paid for. For further information, apply ta D. BRIUHAM. UARNDEN k CO*8, No. 1 Wall-et in* FOR NEt KLKANH. LOUISIANA AND NEW 'UK LINE OK PACKETS Mk Koitn^rctter an ominoualioi^T ahippera, it isuitciiord ta deipa'ch a ship from this norl on the lat, 5th, 10th, IJth. 20th, and 23th ol ench inouth, com i ennng the 10th October anil continuing nnlil May, when regular days will be appointed far the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will lie j relented during the summer months. The following ships will commence this arrangement t Mtnp V A/OO. Captain Cornell. Bhip OC ONE fc .Captain Jarkenn. tlhyi MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISV ILLE. Captain Hunt Slop SHAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. b1111' vinpiiin, < aiwain t,atham. tfhip HUNTSYlLLr., Captain Mnmford Ship iHIMUIiOKK, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASII VILI.K, Captain Dickinaotv Ship MEMPHIS. Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships werr all limit ill the eity of Ntw York, ftp ni for parketa, aie of light draft of water, hare recently beet y wly ema" red and put iu splendid vrdrr.with aeeoinniodatinnt lor pajaengi r* univ|?alle<l lor oomfort. They are commanded by eriieiiriired master*, who will make erery etertien to yi?r Seneral satstl tenon. 'I hey will at all tunea be towed up imi own the Missiasipiii by; steamboats. Neitlier the owners 01 esptains of theae ships will be reaponai ble for jewelry, bullion, preeiom atonea, ailter or plated ware r for any Utters, parcel or isickage, sent ty a rpgt on hoard o lliem, nnl-aa regain ? i"a M ladinR are taken for the af n.c ,arthe ralne theteon eipriisaeil. Tor freight 01 passage, apply F.. K COLLINS It CO.,M Sonth at., or HULLIN It WOODHUKF, Agent in Nee Orlaana. who will promptly forward all gooda to their addreaa. The ships of thia line *" warranted to anil pnnetnally aa ad yartised, and great care will be token to have the gooda correct lg inraanred. mt I I [E NE I PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND H \y I NO eompWt-d eitensivr ami >mi>oriani arrangements fur bringing 0111 passengers from the old country, the subscribers Can ?> ith confidence u.foi in those who m IV wish to setlie for friends to emigrate the present season < IM3) that they will find It their mtuvt t > nuke the uecrssary armi'g'inents with llus li ie; being th? oldest or loni{est established out of this port, it is well known that that the arrangements are comp'ete?the ships of the first class suliog weekly, ?ud the accommodations fitted upespressly for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Should those settled for decline coming out, the passnge money will, as usual, be refunded to the party from whom it was receised. without deduction. , , A free passage |?-r steamer from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured il desired. Ap P'y l? SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl at., Or to 0. OR1M8HAW 8t CO. 10 Goiee Pianas, Liverpool. Drails on Loudon. Liverpool, the Naliousl Bank of Ireland. Northern Co. -lid National Bairn ot Scotland, ai sight. and for any amount. Ainilv ai above. " I lin r "> 1 HOUSe.8 T?> LET AT YORKVILLI!..?2 large ff? house* on the corner of Mlh atreet and 3d avenue; either ?.'JlLof them is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. Ou the premises is a line >table,' owliug al'ey, j jd a flue garden c insisting of 8 .olt, with grape vines and finil trees thereon. For terms, inquire of JOHN A. MOKKILli, Esq., m8 2wr No. II Chambers St. TO LET OR LEASE?The modern built three lei? story dwelling house, No 32 ' ity Hsll P'ace. in perfect iijlorder, wi'h eeuuer cells', in r hog ny doors, 8tr. Tor good tenant it ? i 1 be let on reasoiiob'e terms. Pusses ion may hehidoefoe M-y if reonired. Its location is convenient lor the Post Office ana the Park. a2 lw?cc CHARLES O. STOPPANI, | TO LET?l he upper n?rt ol the store No. 7 New I r? Streea, a f-w doors from Wall street; the second story j^iB.has two offices, and it is adapted for a merchant or lawyer. Also, the three story house 31 Wa'ber at, between Broadwav and Church st, an excellent situation for a genteel family, occupied by Mr. Verphnck The brick stoi? comer of Pike and Cherry streets, occupied by Messrs. Vnlenttue h Co., as a teed store, a desirable ituation. Tne convenient two story honse with attic rooms, basement and counter ccllrr, No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr Weeks The twoatory brick house, No 73 Gold street, one door from Spruce st , formerly owueo by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The renbi will be moderate. Appiy to MR. DELAPLAINE, 68 Wall afreet, mf, Itn'r in ffice No. 9, cor. of Wafer sf kmA TO LET?In Dean strut, near Smith stree , UrnokffrTw lyn, the splendid three story bon-e, finished in the heal manner, with two lots ol sr- unci attached. Also, roach house, arables. &tr. A variety of the most choice grape viurs Also, several Iruit treers, with a wall and pump of excel'rnt spring water on the premises This property is well calculated or the accommodation of a rsnrectahl,- family, to whom it will De lei lor uue year or more ou accommodating trrnu, by applyJOSKPH McMURRAY, In6 r 100 P'tie ?'reet.. 'JO LKT?V pleasant two story house containing 3 jT!? bed ro ms. an open ganet, two sitting toomi, frout and J?j? basement. 1 ood cis'ern o( water, grass platt Irunt ami iear. Inquire at 95 Kldridgt- at AU?. to lei, t"wo r-ionit, baaement and cellar, enquire at 241 Division at m2? 2w*ec TO LKT?The fire pro-"! orick store, No. ICS -ou h TTttW at, with immediate i os.- anon if reonirrd, app'v ro WOODHULL k MIN I URN, m''?r 97 Honth ?trect. kagT TO ' ET?The iwono'V hnclt House end premises, plNo. 145 Wooater >treet. finislieJ in the most modem JLJUitvIe, with maible manrel-pircea aail folding doora llironi hout. Apply to JOdKPil McMUKRAY, m23r 100 Pine aireet. TO LKT?A Sail Loft n store Na. 61 South atreet, ff? ou reasonable terma. Apply In JdB. JOHN HKKDMAN, mtlr On the premiaea. OFRICK8 TO LKT?Inatore No. W Snath atreet. Apply to JOSKPH McMUKRAY, XJJL 100 Ftue atreet. f llec MTO OARDKNKItS?T.I L-t, three mile, from Boston, a Coti?ge, with aulicieut grcund for a market Garden, including a large gr-en house of grape * l n*. I on peraon of small meaua anu good character, the rent will be ow. App'yto m* 3t eod" re J. WjNSI.OWH. 30 South atreet. OYSTKRBaV. I f Aryl ViLLAGK HOTKL TO LKT, for one or more f?T?? rears. The premises of ihe late Towuaeud Pariah, J^Lconsiitibf of two building., each two stories high, one lu ny 3D feet the other 33 by 45 feet, and connected together by api-tzzi. Alsohirni, c .triage house and horae sheds, a large au-lTrrv superior kitchen gea^n and orchard, ami twelve acres ofe.i ell-ut land. The Pmb at Ameiic;n Kagle rnna to the village three times per week; stages twice per dry to Hickville, the railroad dspot. The roids in the vicinity are co?d and acenerv nn.urpi snugly romantic. The bay is a nonle o?c ir ev.ry |-arfi:ular. Any fu ther information can be obtained by applying ro S H TOWNSKNO, near the rretmae., mjo eod3t*r or of K LUDLAM, t2 S-ifFolk at. N. Y. ull ,"|7iTu i \ n i.-y .U I O V . u I L ' ilOTL-l ITsi ' C1 1U U>7 A L? rnnni Vi'AtlUrj nv/l bli III PHILAD <LrH IA. >p4 THS fashion 'ble Hotel, Marshall Hnnif, capable of accommodating 'JO persons, situate in Chestnut street, between 6ln .m l Tth streets in lhil idrlnhia,having beeu rectDll* much implored anil repaired throughout* IS to be let at a reduced rent, lor a term of tears. Apply to SAMUEL POWEI.. 2H7 Oestnui street, or to JOSEPH B TOWNPEND, m?3 raw Im'r 309 Arch ?treet. ~Jlf~ TO LET?The two three story Brick Dwelling ff?W I ou?e? N'os 33 and 35.Front street Brooklyn, te"iM tween Fu'ton and < atherine Keriies. Enquire of JOHN BEN*ON, 37 From at, Broo-I. n or 81 Waier'treet, New Y"ik Also, store No. 314 and 1C Wa'ersjtet. App.y as above, mil 3t* r a PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL?This ri ellmt h u-e is now to let. It is situaiert on the cor- er of Washing ton an i Liberty strert', and will he leased to any g od . nam 'torn the lirst of nrvi May. It has lately been mcr > enlarged and improved, and is coD'igiv us to the Jersey Ferry. Albany boat Pier? at d Western R ilroad Depots. F.>r further t articular*, et quire ol E. KUCKM A N, No. 160 Washington ttrre\ New York m3 Iw'm egi THr. UXDEU-I"NED egatn off r for sale a large TrJJ portion of heir rseal Essie in the citv ol Brmkl.n. Citcnirstatic a ove. wh'ch they could erercise no control. prevented the a le advertised to be had on the litli Decern berla? Ti e Estate has been finally di*tdtd, and each patty in interest wilt sell separately The undersigned intend to I uilil a number ol buddings rn the tea ai'.ing part of their i ro|>erty du ing the ens iug summer. a< d will engage with yurchuers for unifoimity, sgau s nuisances, he All the Lots in the vicinity of the East river, and on the Heights, ajr* of gres' val ie. in* n'feite-a ' comprises upwtras 01 s'>o ion in t"e 8e?euth Ward, in the centre ol, and low becoming the mitt imn it*'t ill the coy. This sac will be positive. on the days to be advertiied thirfIf, and will Commence on or about the 25th d,y of Apiil next. K IIII abstracts of the Title*, with *ecrt* to original searches, will lie furnish'd to each purehaier fir a small amount Maps are now exhibitei at tin- Metclip Is* Exrh<ngr, and a' the office of the auctioneers, Wilkius (k Rolnua, and William Da moot. Parties wishing ?o putchaae, are in?ited to visit the [ remises; and for further iuformatoo are teferred to ihe mhscribe s m iheirre?'de c*, I?5 Columbia st. Bro ikhn, or to Max* ell St Magher, E?qr* , No. 3 Nassau at; Ch-rlea A. Griffin, Eiq., IB Mm liauta' Exchange, or to Clarence D. Sickett, Eiq., ho. 12 Pire street. Brooeltn, March Kth, 1313. vakria jackson, cornelia a. jm kson. hamilton h. ja' kson. William peter* m29enil3t?r christiana a. peters. MKa. N. bUKLONtJ] 461 Broadway, on* dour aboie Of and afreet, and i"6 H Bowery,(Succt ?aor to A. J En gal, larmrrly A. A. Mutt,) will open Pari* Millineiy on Tue*day, Apr'l 4th. mil 6l*r BILLIARD SALOON. NO. i barclay street, three door8 below THE AMERICAN HOTEL. ORICE REDUCED to Oue Shilling per Hundred, from I ? A M. to i I' M.?The subscriber inform* hi* friends and Ihe pnhlir in geueral, lhat or hi* Kive New Billiard Table*, iu rparate apar tine lira?two in theui per front *aloon?two in the rear *aloon, aud ou? in the front mom?all in first rate otder. Each gextlemau nailing th< establishment will be furnished with a private Cur,'or his especial use?the tahler being in different apartments the proprietor thinks it will render it more rlert and agreeable to gentlemen visiting his house. also. two une bowlinu alleys in the basement. His Bar will always he stocked with the choicest Wines and Liquors and the best St gars to be had?also Sherry'Cobblers, Mint Milepa, I ouches; made id a manner Dot to be surpassed N B ?The apartments hare umlrrgoue a thorough refitting ?new pa|H-r, punting. *> . [C7"?eulleitieu will please to cimmunicate a?T neglect ol duty of the attendants, at the liar. FRANCIS MONTKVBRDK. mchlfi 1m*r 5 Barcay street. METALLIC KAZOR STROP WITH FOUR 8IDB8, inveuted by O 8AUNDKR8, for keeping Razors always in order?it produces a atnooth and thiu edge to a inzor in a tenth part of the time required on a hone, withont uaitift oil or wa'er. No other artic'e of the kind has ever been ao unitersally known and anprored of, liaru,; been (or the laat twenty-live years in coiutant uae in Dearly all the cutlery establishment in Kuropr.aud there acknowledged to have no equal. In New York, where it wm luvented, it received firat premiuma at the American Inatitnte every time it waa presented for competition, and gr dually (withoutthe aid ef puffing,) eatabliahed a reputation in all parta of America, ef being Ike only Razor Strop that will keep ragnra in perfect order. Certtficatea are n the poaaeaaion of the inventor from the moat scientific gentlemen of both eountriea, speaking highly ol their superiority. When taking into consideration that those geutlemen have no interest in the sale of ihe article, and gi?e their testimony without solicitation, speaks volumes in its ficor. It is the only Strop that has been deemed worthy ol imitation and counterfeiting. The great nnniber of those alone *Tuli! '' * being the climaz ol iierfection. I rail it may bemoie satisfactory to tbe public, the names ol nose gentlemen who have gilen certificates as to ihe merits ol the ntrmt nrr h<r?. m. ki ......i < .. i 'l'.n... ?i?.. i> dent of the American luatiinle ; Prof. John Qfiatain. lit- Vaeutine Mott, end Mr. Millikni, cnllrr to the Royal Nary, 301 Sir Mi.I Msunlartory 16} Bio.-dway, Nm Ynrlt int 1 in "* r LONDON AND MANCHESTER TNDIA RUBBER iXX)DS. WHOLIC8AL1C AND RETAIL, No. 0 Wall atreet. Th anbamher hat received and ulfrn fo; ante a large as?"rtin-ut of imported India Kahbcr Water Proof (iooda, air: Coataand Capes, ofsaoenor Lama, Caahmera Lama. Persian Merino and Cotton, of all colora anil aiaea. Cloth?iDdia Robber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lama Pef aian ami Cotton, prepared for tailora. India Rubber Webbings for tuapeudets, corsets, Ac. liHm'r flHS A BRA I*. A MdflN. DEAL HAVANA SKOARH.?The losers of a genuine IV Havail i 8-gar wnnld do well In call at HO Broadway, nndei t'-e ( afe Tortoui, between Liaerly a'il atteeta at which place they can hud the Ijigr.t am.rtmeat in the city of th- -hove turned l.n'ry. Call and ke aari.fied tnlf Im' A wtii | tCMKYe.H. TO THE LUVKMH OK tlUI'EHlOH BLACK TfcA| ;,,va .lira's Miitnre?Tlnaeitremeiy and unp.irai ( led Te-, a.? highly celebrated in I hina and Europe jaat in purled. li ow for 111- at the ( anion I ea <-ompai.y . hrnrr, T-a h.stabltshrm nt, IJl Chaihamst New Yi? i?tn Chinea pvk ||.. . miT Tm?? I i -K! I) (iTC^ia cakkiaapenor quality Kn?lia ? Linsucd *rto*VUOobHULLlk M11STVRM. 67 Soutl, at :w yc VEW YORK. MONDAY Mi | . . TOD ~ I HmuniRrsue. nivin* takeu tltw Ma-shall House, eorHer j of Broadway and Hood strain, and fitted ii m> conimo 1 hourly for the r-oep ion ol h larders. would mott re?|iectfully U umnuisce to the Itrxehties iu the United Mates, that he h? impy arro'ninodation for a large tmn'itr of gentlemen, with or without their wives, doting the Pasnte' Holidays. Per- bi ?ous feeling desirous of in <kiug the Marshall House their home ei for any period, will hud th?C no alteD'n u or eipense shall be hi tpirrtl to reader thein comfortable, and the prirei moderate to in <uit the times. mgl lw*t at EXCHANGE ON LONDON.?Bills of Kichauge attoTlo, " 15, 7 dits, and at sight, on the old eslah ishrd banking house of Mi ssn. Prcscolt. (irote, Anita ik Co., Loud.iu, at all limes l." for sale by KOCHK. BROTHERS It CO., V> Fulton ?t? " mil r Neat door to t' e Fulton Bank. TYPE AT K.EL>UCED~PRICES. '? ui TYPES, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATERIALS MANUKAi TURED AT O CONNER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, JJ Corner or Nassau and A ism Streets, NEW Y'iRK, CAN BE HAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DEDUCTION FRO VI OLD PRICES. d 'PHR u id-r igned lesnenlu ly inloims the Old Patrons of the " ' Type end Siereon it Found-i, lonneilv Itnown as James m Cotsmi*.a s, and mote recent' - ai i nam k Si Coosa s, and the 1 putilic iu grurral, that inei are pre.,areil to ? xerule oidrrs for PRINTING TYPES, Ql PRESV8, CHASES, CASES, IMPOSING STONE", ? INK, h ItAMES, and ev ry other art cle necisstr/ to form el Couplet'. Prilling Est hln lun-nts, on as favor ib e terms, and o as guod a qualit) iu any other eiiab'i.hiueut in the United V States. J. isew pricks, per pound old prices,irer pound. () Agate, 86 csuts. Agate, 108 cent*. O No* I Sltfl) (6 ? Nonpareil, 81 ? F MINI.Ml. 34 ? .VI llllMD, 66 ,, 0 Hr-vier, 46 ? Brevi-r, it ? J, Bourgeois, 40 ? Bourgoia, '6 ,, jf Lou? Primer, 36 ? L nig P iiner, 44 ? VI SimllPici, 34 ? >mill Pica, 40 ? \ Pica. 3! ,, Pic*. 38 ,, K Burden, Cut*, Bnn Hu'e. and ell fiber artie'ea niauufac- J, tuied at this establishment, at the same rruueed rates. _ 75 N'ew Aiticle* not up to Older, ou being furnished with |{ ptPeiM,' T I he Type ea?t al this establishment, is, both in the style of [) Face and he material o fwhich it is made, particularly adapted M fur service in Newapiper Pin'ing. All kin Is ?l Stereotyping lurnUhrd to order. in N. B ?Such Newapape'i as will copy the aboie three times, ii< will be entitled to nay 111 Type, on unking a bill of lour limes c? the aaiouut nf the thire insertions al re 4THEAP CASH TAILORING EtiTAHUSHMENT, $ 62 John street, (near William ) q, 'PHK subscriber respectlully anniucei to his friends and the (j, 1 public gvnrrally. tliai he has oeeued au Kaiahlishuient on the Cheap Cash System, where gentlemen will always fiud a NVw and Fashionable Assnrtinrut of Cloths, Caeaiuieres and Veilings, which will be m .lie up to Older iu a style of lit and ? workmanship, not surpassed by any other establishment iu the city .at the billowing low prices Fine Dress or Frock Coars, any color, from $14 10 $18 "hiperfiue do do do 18 10 33 P'ius of Wool B'ark, or Fancy Cassimeres S to 6 Vtsisol 3a, 111, Silk, Valeulia, Ve'.yer If., 3 40 6 rl Just received, a splendid assorimrni|of Spring a id Summer ' goods, at extnordmary low pricei. cs BTT" (Jenrlemen luruishing their owu goods can have them m tnade and triinined, al the lowest possible prices fur (?ash. Si mB lmec JaMKS I.At'V. lil MARTIN'S r. 1 a U Tail 3i k r si 11 1,1 "est a blTshmenY."1 *' 164 H i Sft eel, Comae of 4nn Strutr, ? 18 decidedly the cheapest in the city. There is slways on w r hand asrle rtatock 01 seasonable Roods, purchased for rash, irhich will ho made op to order in the style of make, fit, trimming, Sc., (Ii ( has given surk general satisfaetioa during thr n| last font year s,aud at a positive suving oUti par cent. (leutlcnen are requested to rail artil sraminc. Those who famish lb "en own goods, can have them j, MADE AMD TRIMMED. T Onesa Carats, cisdo and trimmed, >$7 00 to $1 M 4 rock Coats, do do * 00 to 9 50 ' Pants and Vests, 1 75 to 2 00 Over Cools, 9 DO to 11 M IT"7~ Terms?Cash ondelirery. iv!6 Hp MICHAEL. K. MARTIN *' mATCHES LOWKR THAN EVKK.-Thomp.ou & re, v" Kisher, 331 Broadway, formerly 371 Pearl street, are t,? selling waiches and jewelry lower than any other place in the 'ol city?Hold watches as low as from $15 to $25 each. All watches ',n warranted to keep good time, or the money rt funded. Watches, clocks, music b' and jewelry, repaired in the best manner; second hand watches and old gold and silver taken inexelian,e, or bought for caslu AMOS R. THOMPSON. Bi m?lm*m RICHARD kI8HEK, Jr. ?*i OF FRENCH MILLINERY COOLS. 0TENINO "f the Siirine Fashions si 'he Magazin d? Modes, lie 00 ( aimI street. MAD D BKHRviAN b?(ts to inform cs her inimerous friends and the publ c that she hu just received lo from France, an eutirr new and beauti ?1 style ol Silk mate- T rials fi r ladies hat t, and along with it some cases of Parii silk an hat", which for novel y and tlegaoce of style never fst was tic pri-sen I'd t<> ilie t'Ublic before t among which is ruoit pre-emiue?t a silk hs'railed Capotte d'EI-UO'S, whi-'h is indeed em- it bleinatiCrl nJ^Parisisii taste. Mad'meB.has ju't opened sevc- at ral cues ol French unpor ed I mcy wialeonnrs ami draw hits an of the choicest styles; nlao a l>rg* assortment of Tuscans and 01 floe Duiistaplrs; also a I urge and farird assortment of French '* wh hala from iuf-uts rizet no to ladiea?ilie whole of which fo Mad. B has determined, in order In meat Ihe exigence of the times, to offer at such low pr'0?t, as inii'l en-u a her the conti mar cr cf her pawns. who l >r rn iny year* hv c lionoted her \> ith their cj'nm?ndi, ard trusts to ohldin the preference of ?,r' h 'te whose eatroiM 'e ahe now solicits An enrly call ia re- *. MMM at the old French eatebishmrni. Mavnaui de Modes, *' Ail Canal rtieet. Mad B haa alio received an assortment of hjM tlowers and ribboua, which lor variety .".mi st> lea, miybe called comp'ete. in'3-lin?r ! an AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION FOK THE ?' LA DIES.?MRS. LOV E, Corset Maker, No. 6* Liapeiwd tn at. calls tin a tendon ol ladies to her important invented Afe> d >minal Sopiairter lor the preservation of the health and I" atr. ugtn during pregnancy. 1'hia Ahdoinin'l So-porter haa N. called loiththv fullest approbation of the moat emiiient Medics m-n from the aatiafaeiory rcaolu to those Udlis who have I" uaed th-m. It ia tierfect in iu applies ion, aering ai a ?u,i|>ort d< and preventing allslMin niton the n nicies. and he fonari|m'Dl Kr lattyue and n amta.'ionot the wholes; stem during pregnancy. Nothing hta ever been invented, otters 10 many decided ea advantages for invigorating the system acatnit every accident at the |wriodof go>ta ion at the tame time preserving the natu- 'h ral form. Couutry merchants and city retailers sui plied ou ad- is vantageous ti rins Mrs L ve at the same time calls their at- n* tenlton to her improved Shoulder Kl istic Braces, for misses, as 13 being the long repaired desideratum lor the eip<nai<tn of ihe vc chest. Mrs. L. his aecured a pate. t. She begs to refer in relat'ou to the above, to the loh wiug emiii' in men af the Medical fu Faenitv?Dr Francis, Dr F. U. Pond, Dr. MeDnnud, ' roles- to tor (jillmau. M. D., Professor Parker, M. I)., Dr Nelson, A. C. rat Caatie, M D . Dr. J. W. Moore, J. NciUou, M. D . J. W. Cn Francis. .VI. D. m30 Imr au qsHE rUBLiC a e re?oectfolly mloimetl (hat Mia, M.r.oi.a I a and Mr. II iyt, late Pupili nlthr New York lu tuution t >r the Blind, wnl give their Concert on Monday evening, April 3d. at Coucert H'll <08 Broadway. Mr. Hoyt wilt tiug Kussell'a Urand descriptive Beeni of the , f Hir Ml Firk. Tickets ay cent!?to he nail at Ihe door apt 2t end'r l)n JOHN M. DAVIKS Sc JONb&, 10* WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN, mi LJAVE just received from recent importations, and of their * H own mtuuiaclurc, a very superior assortment of Spring R' I foods, consisting of every Clung neat, tasty and fashionable in J the geutlvmen's furnishing line, which added to their former ge stock. ciimiiriaes an assortment of ironda if ?.r found in one tote, unonn which are:? CAPS?In every variety, for gentlemen, youth and ehil- . dr-n. A CRAVATS?Of plain and figmed latin, gro strains, cambricks, fcc. SCARFS? Of vesting iatin. broche. ! ULOVKS?Of kid, silk, brown aud cheae linen, liile, ipnn M ai'k, fee, I HOSIERY?Of cotton, merino, wool span tilk, fcc, l.e UNDER GARMENTS? Of bhaker knit nenno, woolen, aj tilk, cotton, kc. da LINEN COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualities and ,,r shapes. SHIRTS?Of linen, mmlin. French cambric, plain and with an ruffles, fcc. I SUSPENDERS? Of gum el>ttic, aBk, cotton, fcc. OILED SILKS?Of white and fancy colors, warranted not te adhere in any climate , The above computes only |iart of their aitortmeui, and purcbatert will consult their owu interest bv examining this splrii- . did aitoitrarnl of goods before puichasiug. P WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at their old established ... Cap, Block, Linen and Oiled Silk Manufactory. 1 no 106 William street, corner of john. ,rc mllm'm Prl IN I HA.Nt'EK Y ? Belore the Vice < hancrlloi of the First tin 1 Circuit.?Hr ury Wurrall an<< Noah Worrall vs James Gregg of Wjlson. of Notice is hereby giv-n, that pursuant to the d rect'on' con- eal tamed hi the oecree made in this ciuae, and by virue < f an ra- w, sigimeiit nerutrdt'i rre by tin* above named defendant. I Mi wil cause lo be sold at lh? Merchants' Esrhange, in rlie city be of New York, tu the seventh 'I iv of April id it. at >2 o'cli ck, ,jr at noon of that day, by E U. Bulling auctioneer, all the right, mi tit le r nd interest which ihe sari delenaant has. in thai crrtaiu wr weekly public<tioii called the Brother Jonathan. r,| Infoimation as to the nature and extent m such inicrest can Mi be hid eu application to k.DMt ND 8. DERRY, 8'dicitor lor tifi the complainant. 51 Wall srr*ei. Ma CHR18TIA S. SLOAN, Receiver. em mU ta-vrAoril 7thec wh |N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the Conn- **" * tv ol New York, IIOIire u herrtiy given t all prisons having rlatins aasinst Peter Murphy late of the city ol New York, gentlernali, oeceased, to piesent the same with the vouchers CI"' Iherenf. to the subscribers, nr ihe office "f Edmund S. Deiry, "r N'. 51 Wall street, in ri e e tv of New York, on or before the "" eighteenth day of September neit ]?" Dated New Y orb. the I5ih dav of Mirrh. lit3 ? JAt;OH HAHVKY, JAMES C BELL, ,h* m16 Iaw6m r "Administrators with tlie will annexed. "j!, PIANO FOR T ES AND !'J NEW MUSIC. lhV THE Musical Worl'i is invited to elimine the new aud ele gant -ssortmrnt of superior toned Tiano Fortes now lor sale at ihe Mu-ic Sal" u. 201 Bro-dway, below St Pail's ? Church, sign of the tjnldea Lyre Amu g the Pianos for ale ar many with elegant usahog<uy and toiewood, inus-e and ta- , > . hl< t corners, h.vp stop, grand action, ettra keys, It:, fcc. Pii- v,r cis >ers low for cash. New and Popu'ar Songs, Dnetts, Marches, Waltzes, and pie- Q, ces ; daily publishing and receiving irom ivrrv store i? the I r. mutry Among the last publicstioni are?The Shin o" Fire, a ri comiHiaed ami sing by Russell Indian Hunter, Old Clocs, ?8 I ase ymtr time Miss Lu^y O, Blind Boy, O sail with me The hla< ><ee and the Inly, Laud < f ill- Mon tain. Stale Street Q lick vat Step, Church Brl a, Chili* nml ill' Ji'W d-n k,Spirit of bnu(?, plat hverlan. Bygone yeara. Oenlle (J'tetu of flowera, I ?m a pom off Shepherd m* d. Poor man'a friend, IN V. City Uunrila' March. imi N. Y, CJuadnllM, Review quick atep, kr. tie. Me (>, Klutr?. S('ii>k>, Mc coiutantly n i hand. hit Mime Saloon 201 Broadway, aigu ol the Qildeii Lyre. < f I ml7 ?taw lint lion A DAMS k CO.'8 NEW YORK AND NEWARK e"d' a rH EPS?The public are reapcctfully informed that t t tire uhacrjhera ha?e eatnhliahed an Kxpreia hetween New Yn I rjntud Newirk, N. J., lei Ibe tranainiiainn and apeedy delive t p it miOtagca, bnmller, tnouey, &C. lea.; the collection of not >i He 'lid hilla, and all other hutmeu appertaining to an Kipreta hat Ordera for articlei to be returned by the Kaprraa will n rm, lelivered free o( charge. the Office in New York at No. 7 Wall utreet, an J ie Newark, a COu MITH'8 Newtpaprr Uipot, No. !U0 Broad it. Leave New York at I ltd A. M and aid P. M. . Leave Newark at a A. M. aed I'd T VI. ? d:?ee ADAMt ? CO. I*' DILl.8 Ok KACIiANoE, ou all > aru < . r iiulaml, Ireiant "and Scotland,in miai of ?.1.Hil, All and CW,i# any mount I payable at aignt without macoent. roonideairona of remit i i tieuto their frtenda will and thu a-ale nrthol Apply to I I 8. J. MIL if IF VI Kit, u,? u'4 <* WtUatteet and lid jdiMatdway. ? ? >RK ORNINL, APRIL 3, 1& TO THE LADIES. NTELLECTUALDEVELOPMENT AND PERSON At. B E A' TV , considered in connection with DK. FELIX KIUIIAIJD'H POUDKE4 SUBTILES. The .sculptor whoso study i? to imitate tile aiquisite work taiiahip of nature, portrait in tin model nl (lie human form, a oad and eleealed farcin ol. Thia develo meut ia not ouly inaonsnt with, but sometimes necessary to the |iosseaaiou of ? Kri order of faculty If a fine Inrrhe id is a mark ol celled, it la uo lea* an caiential element of personal beauty, id it ia of importance to thoaa, and there are mail ancli.iHia -aaed of this prominent feature, though obacored bf the ell oachinints n( a too luiuriaiit a row ill of hair, to remove 'h?l irtiou ol au eicreaceuce which tenda, in their ease, only to derm. Thia can he done aafely, speedily, effectually, and, il led in accordance with direetmna, without the least inconaeence, by Dr. Feliv Gounod's Poudrc Subtile. The lu-vr ol e lip, when annoying, or the abort hair on the back of a laotet' *ck, when too app rent?the h ur of a mole, or the oeard.wtieu tth u|ioii the cheek, inay all be re mo? ed, and eventually the iota destroyed, by the use of thia preparation. OURAUD'S EAU DK BEAUTE, OR TRUE WATER OK BEAUTY! For. removiuit freckles, tan, piuiplea, blotches, aorea, burns, id a?l cutaueoua eruptions, realizing delicate white bauds, ck and arms, aud eliciting a liesltlry javeuile appearance ? 7" $1 per bottle. GOURAUD'S VEGETABLE ROUGE! Composed materially from flowers aud aimplea, imparts licate carnanou tingi to the cheek, immovable by pcrspira >n or rubbiug with a handkerchief or a linen cloth. AO acuta ir bottle. OOURAUD'S BLANC D'ESVAGNE!. An ete.ellenl preparation lor imparting a puie, life-like whitens to the completion, free from the iajurious properties geaally entering into combination lor this purpose. Put up in ecant botes, at 2.V cents each. Aokkts.?a. S. Jordan, 2 Milk atieet. Boston : New ork?Albany, Uuthrte, i Maiden Lane ; Poughkrepsie, .red tfray: Utica, Wade, druggist; Harntltnu M. Co. rcgf ill Grants; Lnuisitlle, Louts County; W. A. Chair; nslien, Elliott. Conn., Myers, Chapel si, New Haven; W. tulknrr, Norwich; Weill Ik Humphreys, Hartford; Charles yer. Ji., Providence; Thsmai, Newport; Clowe*, hair esser. npriugtield; Greene Si Co., Woroilrr; Burt, Li'lie illi; Coggeshall, South Second it. New Bedford; Jordan, 2 ilk street, Boitou; Co well. Carletnu Ik Co.; Salem, Ivei; ewburyport, Hodge; Poriimoulli, Preit-n; Portland, Parker, xchange it; Battgor, Guild; Hallowrll, Scainmo*. New rsey?Newark, 1 ri|ipe; Princeton, Dr. Peabrnok Pa., Pliila., Chesnui arreei Lane liter, Hcinitexh, druggist; Harrisburgh, nhiuvnu periodical agent; Pittsburgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, lioiuaa Ik Co., Main street; Va., Richmond, Mrs. Krayxeir; . C. Washington, Selliy Parker; Alexandria. C. C. Berry; d.. Baltimore S. S. Hance, kc. kc Within a lew years tins remarkable and uxef'il cheical invention for completely eradicating superfluous hair, . attained the hi,heit pitch of celebrity and cniiaei|ueutly cited the cupidity of a neit of base coonterleilers, who atnipt to snatch from the inventor the just recompense for Ins bor. Purchasers should therefore ' e on their guard and see at every turtle Of the Puudrr Subtile is square. and K Kelii tmraud, Puudte Subtile, N. V., cast in each bo'tie.aud the oclor's f&c simile eugraved on the outside wrapper. Direeins, Krruch and Kuglish, accompany each hottle. Ri member, the only office in N. Y for the above celebrated asmrtic, is 67 Walker street, one door from Broadway mA I m m THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW-VORK, iN CONNECTION WITH THE PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, STATIN ISLAND. "'HE OLOBK HOTEL, at New York, has for several yean been advantageously known, not only to the Amerin, but to the European tr?Vell-r, tt baring been 'It resort of any of the dotiugnished neisons who have visited tlieUipt'd tales. The prnprietoi o/the rstaulishment i? grateful lor [liberal support he has received from tr vrllert ol all nations, id leels assured that the arrangementi he is now making,will cure ncontinuance ot their pttronatie. Mauv iinprovoinenti tvr heeo made in th'iilteii >r ol the H Pel pri tnratniy to he mmenceuienl of new season; and to meet the eiigeue es ol >e Pesenr times, the cnarg' if r aparim oti.'or inea's, and loi iuss, have been reduced end da not exceed those of hotels ol le rame class throughout the Union The frequenter' of the (JI ihc have n adrant ige over'hose ! almost every othe' house?they r?u limit their expenditure, t th- lleitauraut, every thing is supplied a la carte, the price nig affixed against each dish, so that a traveller c in either sit iwutoa feet worthy ?.( Ap cus, or a repast as rugal as ait nchorite's. The vi tods a;e prr ptred according to the most anover! system of European cookery, bv exoerienced Krerieh n w it" those of the belt Parisian res'iuctcurr. 'I he d imetlic arrangements are of a very lup. rior order; ere thing it eooductrd with the mott muinte regard to the nrort ot'h" goesta The waiters and other attend inn are pecMul know th-ir business, and go thr< ngl it witnout boai or enufuliou The ulone, in fact, comh'net all the coinrtaof a nriv oe re idetic" with the -dv images o a lint-rate tel. There are apartment! in it capib e o nee?mmi doing e moat tiumeroaa fam>liei, with apleudid drawing rooina atrhed?ottirra lor smaller families, er separate bea rojioi for igle travellers. In addition to the above, thn O'obe noisettes an excellent i h'lig Kit blithmeut, tap, lied from the Ootou Aqueduct, here hot and cold water hath? reay be hid from >evrn in the online until eleven at niaht This it luxury w ich every iveller kuowt the advantge of; end it is gustily tnhineed by ing able to obtain it in the house in which he ttaya. What u be more reireiliitut than a win in hath, alter tin- fatigue of nir and uncomfortable tea vova-e, or even a land j urn*y he batlini eitab'ishrwvnr ? fitted up in the hestParijiin style id the oa hers aie inpt lied ?t h large wrapping gowns (Pe'gi t) and su abundance of oth r liuen. Ti e local on,tii u i f the Glob" is one that will reci mmenil either to th" man o' f anion er ihe man of business; ii is situ ed ul ahout ail i qiial di tuu-e fro n the Kx hinge; in Will at id 'he B iiie>y,tiiat de iiili lul inariue pnnueuvde whicli coinsods so magnificent a > i< w of the Bay o' New York. The proi rir tor of lie G'obc; lias juat concluded arrangements r taxing that tp'endi i building, "THE PAVILION," AT NKW BKIUHTON, d it fitting it up in a ati etior style of elegance and eomfo t. hose who hare ?ot?mt?d rh" Pavilion, may form some idea the e xteut of the est ahliahment, when I hey are uifermeil th it 'o hundred and fifty persons can be comfortably accoinmoda1 within its wa'ls. Along ih principal frerit. which it upwardt of two hundred d tlnrry feet in length. Mint a n' ble piarn, formed by loly luons. 1 h.? piiT.ts (ri'ii'i th-B\v of New Vork, and com indsthe moil splendid views nf the Jersey shorn, the cm-a >ew York and Brooklyn the Hudson and Ksat nyera, Long 'and, and the coast of Slaten Island, nearly as far at the irrowt. The grand d ning room, which it one ol the largest and best n port loot-d n th-United States, cau comforiably accommote three hundred and fifty guetu, and at a ball roam, is altother unrivalled. There is a covered corridor, which traveraet the een're of the tiblishment, nh int til tec u |e?t in width, and of the same ngth ei the p-STZi, which lonn an ado irahle prom -nade lor e ladies and < htl ireti. either in wet weath-r or wuen the inn too powerlu to permit their vrirurmg abroad; this comma caret with tlie winga, in e-ch of which here It corridT r of S fis-t in Isngth. alto uiiHt cover. The whole building it well ntilated: the rooms aie lofrv. soaeinns ami light. The wa its end diivrs in Stafen jrland, a-e varied and beantiK'om the Pavilion. there are rmllcnt roada leading d^wii the Narrow*, the Light forise, round Amboy Bay to Rich' indandihe Kills, aud through the centre of the IiUnd, ny 9 Clove road. Siaten Iiland, in f?ct, possesaea advantages (>er or to thore of any * ot in the Union; aud ihe aea hat hug nce'lent I'ne Pioprietor is making arrangement! for a daily soeply nl r * atrra, from the principal Springs at Sarttoga, an that the iinentera of the Pavilion, will have the advantage of diiaku g ?e watera. wi bout the inconvenience of performing a (a uing and disagreeable joornev of 200 milra. I here >a a re rding and amniing room for the gentlemen, in a ildtng altogether d< tar h> d from the Pavilion. i'he diitauce from New York to New Brighton ia under sx lei, and dming th> whole of the rammer aoaion, g oil and II appointed rt'emboaii will le?ve Pier No. 1 on the North er. end >? Brighton, rrgul*rly ererv hoar, from h*lf-paat in the morning, tin tl 8 in the evening. The diitauce is nrrally performed in tweuty-five inn ntes. F BLAvrAHD, nil 2tw Jw Globe Ho'el. 61 Bm*,' w?v. VIKKICAN OOLD KOR SALE?Bank. of England - Notes and Donhl on*. hong t an sold at 8. J. BYLVe STERs, ti Wall street, ipl It t an I 130 Bmadway. drOKTANT TO OLD COUNTRYMKN.-.VIKSSKB H AKNDKN it C.O will draw at their Kxpreas and Foreim tier Office, No. 3'Wsll street, small hills of etehange (rotn to ?100, in sums to snit, payable at tight, for the aceomm > tion of persons wishing to remit to (heir frienda in England, land, or Scotland. The letter hags lor the Koyal Mail Steamers for Li' spool ITor further information apply to HARNDEN k CO., 3 Wallitrs * Agenta in London-,MACLEAN. MAKRIS k CO. Lirernool?WII.MKH fc HMITH lU I)LIC NflTI' E ?An article hrdrd "I'm the,Public'' haa recunlly appeared in rea'eral i f ihe city iiaprra. agird rhomaa Turner, ' relmee toa cure ellrcted upon h-in by Hi il'a Saiaapar Ha. and denying a statement m de i ublic in the nta previously, Coat ne ?? cured by aeoil'i Siiup>r'li il Hheieiii my Dime ta biongiil belore th- imhlic in each "f -ar articlra.I feel it my duty to m-ke the fo'lnwing stair tneni fa- ta a? f r <a I - 111 c uireieJ. Ab nit tbe laat of luly or fiat August, 1842 Mrs. Tureei, the wife < ( " Ilium* Turner," led on me, r aural in a certificate from ine that u.ey re ueede, and pio. er peraona to rec it? the b-nrli nice nf a?ra. bauds, *a ihev had adeerfiaed that " the poor would fu Iliahed with thrii Sara pa-' l< by a recoeiierwlatioD front her the Aldirman ol ilia Ward in which ihey ti?e. or the map r of the Church where they aawe attendants " I fiee'y ote auch certilic.te, epon wh eh I una subs- qnentlv informtliar the inrdicie had been ohuiiied On ihr 23d of Auguat a Turner call d on me ?gain, wishing me to write a eer?ate for them of t e cuie tint foil bam effected by d'a Saraapan'L u|m>u har huahtnd I wrote auch certitic ite, bracing two factaaa I aiipp >aed: ih- our of the diaeaie wrh iich he had barrn afT 'Cted. and the u fier of ih* cure that li d n made She aaid that her butba d hao tikrn the Saiarilla ahnut ihrre wi ek>; that hia p una hid all left him, h> d hod goue to hia wok; auu th it be w,a aery th nkf ,1 fur the re th ah d been effected. On lit) evfuiug! ol the If th of toher I a-, lied af Mr. Turnei'e reaide.ire, and fi ll a fr w nutea eoorer.ation w Ith hm in re I ti III to hia health; he told tha it wra very good. I iiniuired of him relative to the rf. ra of Siudi'a Sar>a wrilla u|aro hiir; wan he told met lut h~ wauled was more arre> (th. and ih t with' is exception Haraaparilla hid curel him. 8n< h a e the faca in ti e e?a> ; I I mu tcon'eaa, I felt utterly *a nnithed at the appeaianre he ar.ic'e in aereial pipeia denyiut he atatcn eut which , ... lir ?l. , i'l *-11111 I IUII> urilCT u M inr and horn ? Tornei" lud testified to a auniUr atatemeul Before M .jror ul iIn city. (H it rd) SEYMOUR VAN DU8EN, Put >r 01 the v'ethr iliti Cpiaro, al Chunh, Duane at. lew Yo n, March 3<, it43. a2 lm*cc WTLE.MEN'S FASHIONABLE FURNISHING STORE. tHSIf,l,LS k ArtATK, Old E.tahlirhed Manufacturer, of K ailv Itiolc Linen, 8t?,ka, Suaprm era lie., he , off, r rh and Taried aaaoitnieui ol the Pillowing lathinnnblr aootla eaifa o| rich figured aatin, *illi mu<I m hni'; plain blrck end -kfuurrdnf Htll. ailk, m hair, IruriUH lirrttitkl eye i of rich natlrcd aiid plaiu Kuulieh ulk end ea'in*: nrli hy n and plni la rf h'lcuch and I'alien <illu; to krt 'knchiefi Ipirit lt'e'd, Inidia end Turin I em'd, lor imin-diate * ; Iv made linen and iru iin -h f i, made mi the nn<| fa?hion i andfai manner; ?tnck, of hngliah mode aatin and -om iOr; rear', cravat net.full front*, fcc, in treat variety; ylorra li I, to it ikin, ail*, iitian t I cotton thread ol? all u.aennii. M'irprtd rt of t.t giiah, French, Herman and Amen *a*i infar'ore ; tenilemrn'a drrunt Hi"", hoaiery, linen ara, dreaa fimiti, auk and copon night e pi, puraea, uin Il ia, cini'i, m -nev hcl'a, 'nd under K iriaeiui of llh.mei.Tinbe'-fool eottone, It he . St A would paitn n'arly r, rommend their impmyed arti he tenil-inan'a Kuaaia riilmit belt. Their ratahliahment brt'U favoarably known Ian the laat fft*'n yrare aa thr mrium ol f anion, at d by a'rict and u divided uttr nfi-n to intereat ai d 'aatea of their rmtonieia, they hope to merit a tinualion of their patronaye. PAR?ELL* It AOATR, I | m#ec ?37 Ptoedwty, corner of Park PIMfc 1 DLL.r.< 1 IO > ? .in nil ul Hit Uniieil 8iaI?? mict o: Iht motl h*uf?Mt ttrtiu by ^ j HrLVV VTI H, 11 ?#* 'ifl AMNDKN H'O.'rt KXrRk.8rt.-UD and nrnr Thnn <1 ?v, ili? I6tli. HuruJ'P k Co. will tunijlheir Kiirrntc. ton, ? ? rtioningioD , Duly. ' * ! UJkwi UAR*NWJt>kCO. iWiUil, HKKA 13. London. I Correapoiuleuce of lh? Herald. 1 Ixjndon, March 3,1843. Demoralization in England?Repwluition in America?France?Holcl* in London?Hotel? Fanny Elttler again in Trouble. There id little ot exciting interest here or elsewhere to communicate at this moment. The entire Hurface of the political sea is sufficiently calin and undisturbed, breaking, it id true, in sullen murmurs on the whore of public opinion?but a solitary ripple? here and there, is all that now bubbles for notice. Hut there are overshadowing indications about the horizon, of a fearful storm, that will come " like a thief in the night," to overwhelm and destroy?nothing can prevent it, and time, and time alone, will allay it. 1 wasstruck with absolute horror,on reading frightful details of depravity among the lower orders of the manufacturing towns of England as presented to the House of Commons two days since by Lord Ashley. All London is amazed, and foreign countries will not be less so. I refer you to these appalling statements, that really contain information much too disgusting for personal comment. The most shocking feature of these abominations is the paintul immorality among the very young. Who could have believed that in virtuous, steady, religious England such things could be, that whole multitudes of children ot fourteen or filteen years of age in all the manufacturing towns, are in the habit of abandoning themselves in the most shameless manner to the most degrading forms ot dissipation, drinking, gambling, and beastly sensuality. Who would have brought himself or the world to believe in such a Htate ot things in this country, it one of her own distinguished sons had not furnished the most conclusive and unansw erable proofsf There they are, statesmen of England, turn and twist them us you will, they stare you steadfastly in the face, .urn ii vim are wise huh iinnrsi, set 10 worn earnestly to abate these evils, and esca|>e, if you can, the dreadful consequences. Whilst it is equally a subject ol painful contemplation to regard such degradation of the human family, whether near or lar, yet is it |>eriiiitted any niHn to thank God that his own country is not cursed with such misery, wretchedness, and degradation. Hut whilst we boast that we are not like " any one of these," that we are free from suck* a canker, yet we have a heavy burden of dishonor to bear, trial ought to sober our rejoicings at our admitted suite riority and purity over other countries. We are still holding in the eye of all H urope the same degraded position that our thoughtless extravagance betrayed us into?that we became debtors a thousand extenuating circumstances may explain; that we became "reputkatore" nothing can justify. Oh, let our recreant States rouse themselves from the piti' ful dentil they have tailen to?let them redeem the character of the confederacy they have dishonored, and let America still point with honest pride, i to her stars and stripes, as the emblem ot her glory, and the guarantee of her stainless honor?let us still remain what we have hitherto been, the " pillar by I day, the cloud of fire by night" to the enslaved nations of Europe; their young, but gigantic pioneer in their toilsome ascent to the heights ol freedom, virtue and renown. I recommend, Mr. Editor, these repudiatory doctrines to your able supervision. You see too acute not to perceive tf e justice of European condemna tion, and too honest to deny it. Your fearless advocacy of right against might, without regard to your temporary interests, a popularity has given your journal the circulation and notice it boasts of?lend a hind, then, to those unlucky States that have pitched intosueh a slough of dishonored debt; once more on the high road to honor, they will recover fast their boasted credit. t What are they doing in France you would like to know?nothiug worth telling. Guizot still remains ' firm at his post. Long may he do so. His wily, ! deleated adversary, Thiers, whose talents and baseness make him equally famous, is einnloying every I rlirtv art ni intri vn#? In iindpat him W>11 h- ;.t I \oua vtrron*. Crermany is, as usual, quiet, though she heaves forth now and then an impotent sigh, as though she yearned for deliverance from the incubus of despotism that weighs her heavily down. The death of Metternich, and he is failing fast, will be the signal far strange events in that phlegmatic, but enlightened land. But let us come back to London?smoky, noisy, but dear, delightful London The "West End" is peopiing fast with her fashionable denizens.? The country seats and winter resorts are giving gradually up their gay occupants; and who that frequents the houses of these nobles, and admirestheir vaslness Hnd splendor; who that partakes ol their rich and hospitable feasts, apd listens to their playful and unconcerned chat, could believe that bleareyed want was staring in at the lolly door, and unrelieved misery groaning in thestreet. Ia?rxiremtt Umrhtnt. What a comfortable thing life is in a London hotel?how quiet and smoothly the machinery works. It is no wonder that Englishmen are confounded at the hurly burly of that granite village, the Astor House Lord Morpeth described most ! ludicrously the drolLeflects ot it the other day?but i here in a crack house I ke "Long's," or the "Lon- 1 don Hotel," the wheels turn without sound or ob- , servation?every department is officered by an ex penenced domestic, and whether you apply to Richard, head wader, or John, the head porter, the . same attention, civility and satisfaction is given, as from all their subordinates. How admirably their hotels are appointed; how abundantly supplied with every comfon and laxury. Who would dip deep in these creature enjoyments must have a deep pocket as well as a strong stomach; but rational folks may live even at "Long's," or the "London," us moderately in diet and exnense aa at th#? Aatnr ,.r Globe. I went down the other day with the wealthy proprietor, Markwell, to look at his vast granaries, to use a dry word, of wine in the cellars below It is a pet sight of his, and really I never saw anything 1 more curious and novel?long, well arched arcades of glittering black bottles piled up to a giddy height with care and taste, all lit up with gas, spread themselves before my wondering eyes on every aide. ( Why, there is a fortune bottled up there, and brittle as the investment is, Markwell would not exchange it for State stock of any kind. There's repudiation for vou. Well, who do you think is in London, Mr. Editor? A favored acquaintance ol yours, as a thousand pretty things about her in your columns, have frequently testified. Yes, the "divine Fanny" has come to London, and altera good deal of droll ma iiu2u>iruiK, ib mil uk it> nppem hi mr vpera rinuse. She engaged herself to the famous Bunn, of Covent Garden, but by one of those treaka of caprice that are thep?ivilege of the sex, she has pirouetted ovrr to Mr Lumley and left the other as much astonished and enraged as -the poor Dr in "the Tarentule " The luckless manager is obliged to sing with the rhymester that "Artistes are deceivers ever ; One loot on land, One loot on sen, To one thing constant never." But I am afraid this breach of faith will cost Fannv dear. Suit has begun, and damages laid at j?3,000, ($15,000) but if-he comes the Cracovienne over the jury, they will let her oft for less it is to be h?i>ed. She can well afford to pay, though, notwithstanding all the queer rumors about her property, and naughty people bringing claims against it.? ' Managers thai have been duped will be paid?other folks, much more duped, may have threatened in meir anger, nui never meant ro execute, However just their cause l*et all such be consoled, for a , treasure is a mind at rest. "Mens sibi conecia recti." , And though Art is lorelv, its priestesses are not always what they seem to be, but you losk mystified, Mr. Kditor?you are not the only one That brilliant receptacle of fashion, the Italian Opera, opens next week. A new Opera with delicious Pen-iani, the Tatentule and the divine Fanny, are announced for the first night. F have got a glorious "stall" for j the season, and shall see all the tun. I will let yoa i have a glimpse of it now and then. Adieu. A Looker On. Wot folk. f (Correspondence of the Herald.] Norfolk, March 30, lfM3. Qrtat ExriUment?Melter Gardner, the Editor of ' the Chronicle, thot by Mordtcai Cook Jr ,a lawyer. Our town has never witnessed a scene like this xinra (hp finva nf \1 vppu anH Unil?n Yonv will no doubt we the account copied from the Norfolk papers, but for particulars they will look in vain, aa our editors cannot possess the independence, liv- ^ inn in a small community as they do, so requisite to *ood morals. J; The facta are these :?The editor of the Herald published a communication from a workman in the Navy Yard against employing black laborers in the yard. Gardner took up the subject also. Persons ,j came forward and made the editor ot the Herald drop his first position, and publish some comnm pa i iucaUuu aftuMt Umduer. Xlus BAWtctl Utiu. 'u u? r/n w* TWO OtBla, ply; hence a newspaper war with the Herald Barney O'Neill, an Irishman of tome wealth, who owned slaves and entployed theni in the yard, lelt his interest touched by Gardner's remarks, and as he was a stock holder in the locofoco party, he took occasion to insult Gardner in the theatre, and Gardner published him. A laditical n eeting was held to Portsmouth, in which Mordecui Cook abused Gardner, and the article published on the 22d appeared. Now tins attack made in the meeting was wholly uncalled tor, and Gardner was justified by all who know the lacfs. [So you say, but how do we kuowtj Cook has been hnnfing Gardner for the lust few days to give him a caning, but Gardner's family are sick, and he was necessarily confined to lus house a greater portion of the time.? This morning his business called him to Norfolk, but before lie came over he told a friend that he was tearful ol an attack from the Cooks, as thfcjr had been hunting him tor the last faur days; and he did not wish to have a fight, hh his wife was in delicate health and he waa tearlul of the consequences. However, he came over, transacted his business and stood on the Ferry wharf waiting the boat. Cook had been to Portsmouth and was on the boat as she landed, lie stepped on the platlorm and demanded an apology from Gardner, w ho said that when he would retract wliHt he had said at the meeting, he would with pleasure make the apology. But Cook said lie would not retract?" neither will I," said Gardner. Cook then advanced upon Gardner with his cane, and made an assault. Gardner drew a revolving pistol Cook dropped the cane, grasped the pistol, wrested it from him, turned it, and shot Gardner to the heart. Gardner fell on his face, but never spoke. Conk walked ofl with the pistol as a trophy of his victory, saying as he went, " let turn lie there?I ?m .! ' He <ualke<t his f-trther's residence without moleslation and then Marled into the county. Thm happened Hbout one o'clock, and no writ was issued until al'erlour. Cook came back after dark, and delivered himself up, and wan put in jail. The examination will take place to-morrow morning, but there is a small chance of an imi artiul trial. PllVsit)I.O(>|('At. M VS I'K.It 1 H.S AND REVELATIONS |M LOVE, COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE. A'i inMlible (iuuli' Bonk Tor Mo iril no > 8rgle lVmr i, in mall r? f ill inm'tai im.mtancc 10 the human lira Amongst the m-tte duly c naide ed in 'hn> w< rk, are " Mattrri ofI*. riuna imiiortauie l' single and youi g warned nersms " ' The csn<ea of, and certain cure fur liainnuesa" "The (its of tmiuiyand courtship." " The d >ugi r ol solitary rr alters and hoar thehabi mav b- removed anil ila effects cured." "The < of lore andjealou-y. ? uli m ail bl* remedies for eradicating Irom the mind the reeds ol a hopeless or ut,hippy passion " ' Offspring. well ngwly discorded m-dea, k'seil on iC" atiAc i ril.ciidea, lo the prevention, or propria ion thereof." "1 rirs for knowing the at lea of tinhorn children, with hint* for proen ri .a either areordii g ro choice." " liitcrm >rriage." "Drea?, wuh the f tmi and i olora "oat becoming to the yartoaa lisp a si d cooipletiona." The moat auarie < ua seas< n lor we-'lnck * ''And mmt thcr ma lera of irt-real in aingla -i d narried life, ai iel< tea to tna pnntinle anbieeta above noted." Bv kugm - B'rkliirM I). Traiielsied fr in the third Paris edition, by I hillip M. Howard, M. P. A i u-t paidii'd-*. ncloamg one dollar.'directed to HOLLA N D It ULOV ER, New Wk ritv. will pmcure a eory of I lie woik being ee ut to (BV pert of ihe I'oiled mates, or tha ' snidaa, ?r three repies will he tent for two dollar'. Tbo trade lutipli'dat MIX Nss an -fr-e', N Y. n II |m dt??r KHEUMATISM?OREAT Ct'REb I HATE luffered severclv from ihearnai'am lor a length o| time, and have been entirely < ur?d hy 8. J. Tobias' VansuauLiniment. LEONARD OOHLIN f6 N aaaas stieetThe undersigned haa been afflicted for apwarda of It tears with ehrouic rneum-tism, and has tried aeteral yenu dies wibanut DCCnsa, uutil sains Mr Tohita'Veiictian iment. asd ho e.onaidera he ta only doing hia duly toihepuhlie by reconimoud ug it. V 8. Bt TLER, IS MsiJen Lane. Mb. Tosue? Bin ? I hate seed two bottles of yoor l.irnment and ana ow completely cured of tha rhettmatiain, which h?i troihlad me for two years ao that I could not sleep at niaht; and having promised to let yon know how I sot along, I have the pleasure lo inform yon of the ancceaa of your invaluable remrdv. SAMUEL HWAIN80N, Boston, March 1, 1813. Washington street. This Liniment is for ?ale at Roshtnn fcCo , 10 A'tor Hoaso apd 110 Br'sdway; B.M.Siina, MX Urdsri'reet; W. H, Asnin >all, Bti William street; John Mcakim.ill Broadway,and 71 Maiden I .sue. Price (I per boitle. ml 1m*ee SINGING. HA OAM SUTTON, hating arranged io retnm to Italy the beginning of August, purpos- a rerei* I'f i a 'ils until th't time,to give finishing b isons in the Italian, Er- neh and English tyle of Hinging Her metl od is 'ha' purau d by Uordogni sad V ccai. the first masters m Ear n e, iiirressiag the strength sod rompsea with estoi isliing rapnlity. Her t npils will hava tha ilsintng- nl In r singing wi ti them, which can be pnrgned hy masters alone, who hate been eminent a,tigers. Ladies desirous of avai nig theinaeltrs of Madam Hmton's bmited stay, may rarer!* in errs, Icc , by application It 77 Chambers at sat. ....... w.. . m ... q _ mi" ?in r Mrt. vv \HFfiiTbERO bryi teaxe to iufo>B hi* frieuda and the public, tint he will lire * Conceit of Vocal anil lusttumeat i' Mine a' the Apollo Room., on Frill it Evening,aApiil7th. ou whi h occasion he will beaesisted hvae.ri- I eminent Arti* a, and by ti Onh-atra of npwa'da of lif.V p?rfonne'i.eoinpos'd principally of the merrber? of the vrw York I'hilh rmonic Society, utitler the direction of U- C. Hill, E qr. Part cmart in fnlnre Bill.. Tirhett One O.liar each, to be had at the principal Marie 9t -tea. m3l lw*re TNH iR> OLL'S OH EAT BOAT BAZAAR FOR 1M>i Remennb-r > lie c-dar and oak hoat i* wor'h twenty pi"* and white wo d onea. The robirriber inten dot in* the e- m> mg ar.soD to lullv satisfy t' r world of the HifT--ience between .nod boita <nd tad oo?. Therefore e.rry bo it from hi. tats* hliahnunt wa ranted will beer upon it the .tamp of C. L. [ngrrsoli. Iluouy the past season 'he *"b-enber h is rmdufed that iaimitable 16 foot aailing D ntey Troubler, which received the hallenve fmm the Ameiicin In. i'ute a< d took the go'd me1 -I ; ahe i. 11 "* ready t" .how het ate'n to any tai<i: g boat, n* natter whore built or who by, tor any *'lu<b a tro"hy ?Aleo 'e 10* boat Henry Siork, wh|-h w in'h"r-acea in an-e-aiion, wi'h ? *" Also the triumph iui (i W Chapman, which w t I u' an effort, m ide tue quick. ' time noon nen d H iwi-yer, duri--g the coming ?ea? n he intrnda I* ring all ai? own former effor'a in the .'i ole. H? will r at .m te fop any kind or dear iptiou < I boats from on" to fi tv ton. burthen. ?n I hia lump m iv he fouud '"ere wilt be a boat that isn't be beat. C. I. IVQEKSOLL. B *?', 406 \i.d 411 Water at. and 111 Cherry ta. Jii. W. HaLC, "ole Ay nt, SB Wall at. V 9 ?Rai e, .ail. e'nh. life, and ph ?au e boara, may alwaya he fontid at l-nrer*dl'a Baaaar, cheaper than they caa be purchased elsewhere ' pi lti*r EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. THE aubacribera will aend an eiprraa through from t' la city, to the aboee named and intermediate places, on the monw nig of the 9th mat., lor the trti-ipnrration of apecte, bank notee, bundle* and parkarea nl good*, collection of drafts, hilla note* mil accounts,and all snch other buaia' as aa may be entreated to them. POMEHOY h CO.. t Wall at, N. T N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the ibo.e express line will be rxlenSed to Chiesgo, Cineinnati, kr , and conlinnrd throughout the ent-ra season, ta e- nnaiion with their New York, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily exire aa m< r WASHINGTON TEMPFRANCE HOTEL, 3 6 P"'.A H I. ST.. K< A N KI IN SQUARE. N. T. T FOWLKR 8t SON I'lptct'ull' ml nm their fri?od? end ' the puh'ir, that thev hive opened the above well keowa Hotel on ?trirt tempeiarc* principle!, and pledge themee'vee m em duct the aame strictly in t'oee pr DC nice. The acc-'m modati >na need no e> mtneni, aa they are rood ai.d c< mfortab1". PetSfn'Dt au<l fras?i?nr tJoamere hy ti.edyir week. Private a parr in nta f r f.miliea on the oio?t reaaouable errna. The I cition ia convenient to the l-ondon and I ie?-ps?l Paeaeta, and ihe A'bany. Dnffilo, Boat m and Philadelphia hoau. Kvery inf rma'ton giv. 10 peraona travtllior; alio the heat and < heape t way of conveyance to all paiu of the United St tea at d C >na 'a Tne Heading Hootn will h* toppled with Engt'ak and Aineri-?o "apem, and all the Tempeiance permdieala. Te m?B >i'k'Oit per seek $1, per day 74 centa. Taa.eoffe" c,ket,fcr atwti a ready. We, the uideriigned, wonld eheerfqlly reeotrmend the ahovr Hotel to th-no ic of oar WaihiugUDiin, and the travelline puMe generilly Hon Aaron t'larS H"n. 0*o. Hal , President P?rent "oeirty Pmrk'yn. Jamea Van D? he Preanl-nt of .|| .h-^irf P B. Society. PI 'eoira H rper, P/e inent o 'h- Fianhlio Ten p Society. Wm h\ Lerg. t. Vice P evident Broadway - ocirty. A C Flamitan, Prraident of Pro-p> ct ?oc etv. ea Het haae I nvert, rienaent Waahingtonian T. B. Society. Nick' l*a llnff, P/ea dent of Ander'on Society. A II Wilanti, M, D. Preaidenl of Marihall T A Society, apl Im *'c VdAli riN V I OU.rA (loiter Maonfa-ttirere, No. U3 I'M Brofi'lwpiy, up Mirv h ?v#? *utlV Oil ni"d I 'I'M i rtment oMJui'Ars. m i ufietti rd (rrnn llw Wit niitriiU ? ?n[>*fi?ir lone nod , e*r'ect 10 rtery retptcc. Msffin k Coup*. having mud- ?nth# inanuf ofriring h ?tnrh i'* riiiblrd to ntfri th?n iBidnmcoti oBkrr fli?n?nv och?*re?t?b'i?lini^Dt ?o lh? city. M ?ng-i? bHorr muHii g tbe-ir parc^M** will ftnl it to th#if ?'U ntdKp to r.i i snd limine thnr fuaortmroi which u thu .irge*r in 'He U"i'fd Stile*. N H ?The Guitars trr warranted to stand toy ebange of ilino'r. 9t Id wWlndf ipd rt ui' M 39'? Broadway, (up i tMis ) No ooiifffon wnhihr inn?i? grrre ow. *f 1m*r acaia^vjj^n) OBNBILAL VMNTINO ESTABLISHMENT, I. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU STB. a aupplicd with every material neceaaary for the pn-wipt, neat, and economical raecution of efety deacnp'iou ol SfrJSQTS ms> IPiMaiffMJ'S. U 'lic atteunon n reqneared to thia rerabltehmmf.'n the w uranrethat ample aatiafac ion will he given?ea regarde typo:taphy, preaa work, and rhargee?to ihoee who pglireJapcy or ommou, large or email work rcheaply and enwditionaly aeened. LABELS. ? "{V, 5?? waybills. h. 1 "MOW B'LLS, ...W; ,r linAn S'l'KAM BOAT BILLS, BL^iitiyiw*4 blint ' RAILROAD BILLS. BUSINESS G \RD ' pTA'ir BILLS. CATALOGUES, PA MI'MLK TS. ILL HEADS, HANDBIL'S. ^^ ^ ^NOTfeJI. "" * fok ^ rilEATRKS. (MRCUSEs, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, >r snv oth^r i ?'**? where the Ur?e?r description o* printing it s.iui eH The facilities for tins work arc nor equalled brasf ffiee m fhitcitf, tot, besides the larire assortment of AlfliE) ?WflrAj&liiflVAiL VVWI, Thia aatablfahmant Hiu tba LARUEST PRESSES IN THE CITT. raat paint have baen talian to proaida aaary maianal thaa n ro??>bly ba of iei?iea,and tharefore peraont baton* oeea)ii If.i Sbowbilla, will find it arreatly to ihatr adaaata*# t? ttomia this cat ibiiahiDi pt. ,r" tiii or form of Bill c.ui ba furuiiheu at rary thotl iU??, .am - XJi

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