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April 5, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. in.?w&uii Sfc. 29 T? f he Public. THK NEW YORK HERALD?dally new?paj>?r?published every day of the year except Now Year's day and Fourth of July. Prioe 2 cents par copy?or $7 ifl par annum-postages paid?cash in advance. THIS WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 8J cents per copy, or >3 13 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. Tt hag the forged circulation of any paper in tkie city, or the world, and is therefore, the beet channel for butinesi mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, pnofriktor sr thk Hksald Establishmbist, Northwest corner of Fulton snd Nossan streets a HOUSES TO LET AT YORKVlLLfc.?* targe houses ou the comer ot 8U'> street and 3d avenue; either ol them is calculated foi a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises is t line stable, fowling alley, a nl a fine garden, consisting of 8 on, with at ape vines and fiuil trees thereon. For terms, inquire ol JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., *' TO LET OH LEASE?Ths modem built thue r it ,forJ' dwelling house, No. 32 h'ity Hull P ace, in pc tfrct I'Vw t'-~ with couu e cell*', m iliog my doors. If . Tm L'oodteiiatit it ? i I be let on reason ib'e t' rms. Posses-ion inay he li id uefoe M<y If required. Its locatisn is convenient lor the Poll Office anu the Park. a2 l >?'c CHAHLKS O. BTOPrANI. slU TO LET?The upper put ol the store No. 7 Now pi atreet, a few deora from Wall (treat; the second story h'aJI h.. two offices, and it is adapted for a merchant or lawAlao, the three story house 31 Wa'ker st, between Broadway am! Church it, an excellent situation lor a genteel family, ocein it cl hy Mr. Verplinclt. The brick stole comer of Pike and Cherry streets, occupied by Messrs. Vnletitine It Co., as a leed store, a desirable situaiion. The convenient two story house with attic rooms, basement and counter teller. No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. Week* The two story brick house, No 73 Gold street, one doorfrom Spruce st, formerly owued by Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The rents w ill be moderate. Aup'y to MR. DELAPLA1NE, 68 Wall street, m6 lm*r in office No. 9, cor. of Water st. Aeojl TO LET?The fire prom brick store. No. 103 *ou h TfvTW st, with immediate i os?- s-ion if reunited, app'v to I'-Liifl- WOODHULL It MIN tUKN, in ir 87 "tooth street. "S* To ET=Th7 two sloy brick House and premises, pa No. H5 Wooster street. finished in ihe mmt modem JLJ3l?tyle, with rm' 1)11 mantel-nirci ami folding doors tSrmnhout Apply to JCHEPH McMUHRAY, mC5r 100 Pine street. jbgA TO LET?A Bail Loft nstole No. 61 South street, frvM on leisouable term*. Apply to JrlJL JOHN HEUDMAN, in Ir Ou the premise*. M A "FKICKS TO LET?In store No. 60 Booth street. f J Apply to JOSEPH McMUMKAY, X' MM Tuie street. i I lee SPACIOUS A D FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PHILADELPHIA. MTHE fashionable Hotel, Marshall House, capable of accommodating <60 persons, situate in Chestont street, bet wen Gtii mil tih streets in Philadelphia,having been re< eutl much improved and repaired throughout, is to be let at a reduced tent, for a term of te>% Apply to SAMUEL POWEL, 207 C*estuul street, or to JOSEPH B. TOWNSEND, bB Nnw lm*r 3OT Arch street. "Ayi PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL?This cirrllent h use ]vT.1h is uow to let. It is situated on the cor> er of Washing| "diil ton an I Liberty strut*, and will be leased to any g >od from the lirst of ne*i May. It has lately been muc'r en1 d and improved, nod ia con'ism us to the Jersey Ferry, A lb! tiy boat Pier- si d Western R ilroad Depots. F r tuilher t uiianUrs, emiuire el E. KUCKM AN, No. ICO Wasliingi )) str-e'. New York. m3 lw?m ryfaa FA N M FOR SALE cont.iniiig 33 acres, tne greater HMinrt of which is meadow- and plough land, with a good Xew.'oong epole orchard, with a, pea/*, and plumbs, and other fruit. The buildings, consisting ol a I good bars cite house, carriige house, corn crib, and shedaL lor cattle, together wi.h a good dwelling liouar and wtll ol water at the door; a ?nfficieucy of firewood; there it a neyer failiu? itream of water in uning through the'and. The above farm ia aitaa'ed about three milea from Elizabeth town, M.J., on the main road to Weattirld, and within two hundred yards ol the at-ii ping place of the E'izibethtown and h'omerville ltailr.iail CM* Any further deacription ia net ncceaaary, aa p. rsoua warning to purclnae will view for themselves. For price tin! p'mcnlata, apply to John I). Murdoch, on the pre mi* a, or June D ff, Vn. 148 Kivington alreet, N Y. N B ?Tln? would bs a desirable location for a perron doing buaiiieie iu New Yo It, bring withm two honra ride of the city. Mar' li ig'h, 18 3. rn"0 2w?ec MATS. r* 8PRI NO FASHION NOW UKADY.?The auhseriber respcitfully iuforrnahia fticuda, cuatomera, and the prthlic in, that they cau pnrch tie at hit atom a Mnthuir,ic Short Nap 8 lk Hat. a neat and durable rlresa hat, at the low pi ce of S3 M Alio, elegant Molerltin Silk Hati at $V, fine Nutria Fur HrtaatS.l 5-?equ?! iu appearance, and but little idTerior, to inosr k? it- rally aold at 84 .VI Aire, a general aaaortmrnt of caps, of the neweat patterna. WILLIAM BANTA, an5 lm*r 190 Chatham itreet. MR A. N. FURLONG, 461 BroadwayT una door anoie Grind street, and I'iH Bowery, I 8ucctaaor to A. J En gel, 'ornierly A. A. Mutt,) will open P?ris Millinery on Tuesday. Apr I 4n mil 6t*r MISS QUIN No. 4!9 Broadway, (three doorsbelow Grand) rhn lad lea that ahe Wl 11 open r er ani te of r loma fo F Ml h .tliliturry, on 'ihuiadty, April 6th, when the mutt retp-rtf lly lolieti their kia. attention and coninnnd palroii-'tr at 3t* r AASH PA ID Fl?K ( LU I HliNU.?Gent cl? hin| scorned, v dytd, pressed and repaired. LtVIK, nt ,w i 130 N???-n street. GENTLEMEN'S FASHIONABLE FURNISHING STORE. PARSICLLS A AOATK, Old Kstablirhed Manufacturers of K. ady-made Linen, Storhs, SntpeD-'er?. Ac., Ac., offer a rirh aud Ttried aatoitmenl ol the following fashionable goods ?Seal ft ol rich figoied aatio, milk aDd m lhatr; plain Id-ck and bin k fun red of aailn. tilk, mohair, arapraanJ banatieu. eravat? of rich tiauied and plain English >ilk aad aa'iai: i ich tig plnm and plai la of Fiench and Italian tilka; poi ket 'keichiefs of Spilt Ifeld Inidia aud Turin hom'd. for immediate aie; readv made linn and romlin tlnr'a, made in the inoitfuhiomhle and fai.hfal m ,nn-i; >tnck, of English mode taliu aud "omit line; jctrf,erarat ties,full frontt, ac, in great variety; gloves of kid, goat akin, site, linen a i l cotton thread of all d-tcripliont. Bvrp'tid-ia of Acglish, French, Gaiman and American manufacture ; genilemem's drrssttg gownr, hosiery, linen cellars, dress fionta, ailk and cotton night cr pi, panes, urn hrellsi. ctnea, money bePs, "nd under garments of siU, marin-\ I mbs'-wool cottouc, A Ac P A A would paitii nlarlv recommend their improved article ihe grnil-inan'i Kutaia riding belt. Their eatabliahmrnt hat bren favourably known for the last fifteen year* at the emporium of f anion, aud by cnct and ut divided attention to the inierr-it ai d t.ittet of their cmtomen, they hope to merit a continuation of their patronage. PAR8ELLS A AOATK, at In'rc 737 Bri-adwav, corner of Park Pl?ee. OF FRENCH MILLINERY GOODS. 0 TUNING of the Soring Faahiooaat ihe Magaxin dm Model, 60 (.anal street. MAD. D. BF.HRviAN begs to inform lier uumeroua friends and Ihe publ e that the has just received fmtn Fiance, an entire new and beauti al style ol Silk material lot i -diet hati, and along wilh it tome cases of Paris tilk hats, which for novely and elegance of style never vet was pr. tea ed to the public before! among which it moit pre-eminent a tilk ha', called Capotte d'F.ltnora, which it indeed tmMe malic I of Paritian taste. Mad'me B. hat ju-t opened tevera I catrt of French impor'ed f incy whalebones and straw hats of the choicest stylet; alto a i-r?o tsaortment of Tuscans and fine Ouiiatap'es; alto a I-rge and varied assortment of French laWH halt from inf mta tixet np ta ladies?ihe whole of which Mad B. h-a determined, in order to meet the exigence of ihe times, to offer at tuch low prioet, at inuat en-urn her the con with tlirircommniida, truiU to obtain the preference of tli we whote patronnse she now solicits. Au early call i* requei'rd at the old French estab'ishmt nt, Masann de Model, 60 Canal itreet. Mad. B. ha? al?o receive d au naaortmrnt of Paris dower* anil ribbons, which for variety and styles, miy be called complete. m ?>lm*t AM IMPOKTANT CONSIDERATION FOR THE LADIES.?MRS. LOV E, Coraet Maker, No. 66 Lispenaid at. calls itie a teution ot ladies to her important invented Abdominal Supporter for the preaervaiion of the health and *tr> i ttt't during pregnancy. 1'his AbdomiO'l Snrporter has railed lorth the fullest approbation of the most eminent Mriiic? m ii from thu satisfactory results totb ise ladies who have used them. It is perfect in its applicaiion, acting as a support I ml preventing allstiain ujion the muscles. end ,he conaeonent Isnrne ami ez suiu.ionof the wholeaystem dur.nR pregnancy Nothing ih?t h<s ever betn invented, oilers so many decided adt->nt*ges < " Hi'igoreiing the system ngauist every ac.Cideul at ihe pciiod "t ge>ta<inuat the same time prea< nine the natural form. Country merchants and city retailers sU| idled on advantageous ti rms Mra L ve at the same time calla their attention to her improved Shoulder Elastic Braces, for misses, as bring thi long required drsideiatnm lor the expansion of the chest. .Mtr?. L. h?a secured a patent. She begs 10 refer in relai'oii to thi shove, to the tolj wing eminent mru of the Medical Faeu'ty ? Dr Francis, Dr F. U. rontl. Dr. McDonald, i rolesenr (lillin to M. D., PndV saor Parker, M. D., Dr. Nslson, A. C. Cast e. M D , Dr. J. W. Moore, J. Neilaou, M. D . J. W. Francis, M. D. m20 Imr ? ( HEAP CASK TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 82 John street, (near William.) rpHF. aubarriher r-apectlullv announces to hiafrirnda and the A public generally, that he has opened an Establishment on 'he Cheap Cash System, where geurlemen will always find a Nsw and F-is'iiouihle Assortment of Cloths, Caaaiinerea and Vesting*, which will he made np to Older in a style of fit aud workmanshi|i, not lurpsaaed bv any other establishment in the city, at the following low pticea ? Fuw Diets or Frock Coats, any color, from $11 to $16 MuperAne do do do 18 to 23 Panta of Wool Black, or Fancy Caaaimerea 5 to t Veals of Hum, Silk, Valenlia, Velvet A<- J to 5 Joit received, a splendid aasnrtmeollof Spring aid Summer goods, at eitraonlinary low prices. ItT- 0?nrlemen Inrnishing their own gnoda can have them maun and trimmed, at the lowest possible priees for Cash, mt linee_ JAMES LACY. LONDON ANlJ \IANOH"ESThif. INUIA lUJfcHER GOODS. IIT HOLES ALE AND RETAIL. No. I Wall street. Th aob?rnber Has received aaj offrn for Mil a Unte Attert* m-r.t Of imp+rUMI lotta Rnbb?r Wntiif Proof Qoodi, ritf OAtatBfJ apM, OIIMMIM LttH, f^alimere I,.una. M;nnonnd ftTS,in4. '* f mum nuuim, "run i inn!, npei umn, Laroa re* anil Cotton, prepared for tailor*. ilia Rubber Wabbino for *u*p*uder*, entente. Itc. CHAW ABWAHAMIION ft It i i N ' A C A .** II T A I E (Hi 1 N 13 T A H L I 3 II M E N T . l.U to illiam Sir ft, Cornm ?f Jinn Strut, deeidnlW the rheajmal in th* city. Th*r* i* Mwayi ot tnrt aarle rtafock ol'aenrniiabla sootta, pnrrhaard for rnah th will be ineile tip to order in the atyle of make, fit, trim r,ke.,th? Itaa given aneh general aatiafaetio* dnrin* thi (on ye ii a,*ml at * positive ihiik ol W per eem. lutleman nra mi|iiratro to call and aTainin*. Thota wh ah th'eirown *<>oda, ran have lliem MAnr AMD TRIMMED, ineaa C. rati, made and trimmed."* *fT HtillM Froek Coat*, do do * 00 to 9 50 Sab and Vacta, ...* 17# to IN Over' <>au. I H to 11 N 9"" Tarma?Caah oa dellvary, U t* MICHAEL E. MARTIN :e ne NE1 XXTANTED?A situa'iou as tirdeoer by Julias W. Paulsen vv a Hiarr.ed miu, with a small family, who wa? for four yean gardener to J. A. ferry, Esq., at Brooklyn. H?viug these ten ye?rsp?st made the management and aichite?t"re of green and ftrciug-hoiiies h's particular atuav, he recommends his seirices eilh-r to a Kelitlr inau desirous of electing tew green-boutes. or where a choice collection of exotics is to be cultivated. He is also a reyt table gaidener. For refen I nces apply to J A. Perry. Ks<| , No. 10 Broadway, or Samuel Stevens, ksq.. No. 2 Wall stiert. A few lines addressed to J W. Pre Ui.SEN, care of the lierinau Society, 105 Knlton street, will meet Willi st'ict aiieit.i m in30 2w *' YAliU W ANT* D?Any |i?r?oii hieing a s nail yard t let, at a reasonable r- ut may near << a te- ant by addressing a line stiln K terms ?nd i< Caliou, lo Box 139 Upper P >*' O ne ? loeai inn ueir the East river, be ow Lhatuoiil at, would be preferred. School Furniture for sale at 195 B iwety, oppoute Hp iug rt. Tervous in w int nf mch may hear of a bargain by applying as above. "ft A HARK CHANCE-To DruKffi U Mid Pfiync^iu.?A Drug Store, of tv*?uty y e .1 r? establishment, is offered for ssle Vrrylow It i* (Hunted in oue o<" the most nouishiux towns in the (Jolted Slates, about one hour's tide from the city <>' New Yoik. The presrut OCi u apt Willie? to einc me in aUother business; and to auy one wishing to engage in the above business. ihii would be a inre change, it the le ma will be mttie ve-y modrinre. h'orfU't or particular!, empire D E., Chronicle office.JOJ NasviUj^. m3l lw?tc XTOTICE?The Co puiliierthip heretofore rusting between LN the auiacribeia n,.derilie firm of W E 8 R It ALLEN. ii thia day dissolved by mutual conaeut The afT iranf the linn w II be h.juida ed by either ol the subseri eraat their late place of buiinni, corner of Lewi* and uev>uth its,, Knit liver. The business which comisti of bni din; anil ep.vrinv ve?st Ii, will be continued at the same 11 tc, hv William H. We' b, on his own account. WILLIAM H WEBB, JOHN ALLEN. New Yo It. April lit. 1843. al 3t*ec \TOTICR?The Copartnership her tofore eiistiug betweee ' Eilia h Vi .ddlebrook, is fiis day dissolved New York,(February 1st, 18i3. K. 8. ELLIS. 8 MIDDLE BROOK. 8. MIDDLE BROOK re?pectrullv informs 'he customers of the late hrm and the i nulie, itiat he ca lie n Bookbinding on his own N t. 'ill Fulton s'reet, New York. N. B.?Orders r.soeeifully s tliciled. Cloth covers made promptly and cheap for country boot- sellers. at lm*eo C1 It AN ('IS H. CllUMI', Chronometer, Watch a*d Click f M'ker and Jrwtler, formerly with S J. Tobiis for nearly six years, anil recently witb Mar.jUinds & o.. Br nd.say, npwaids ol thr-e yeais.hrgs to tic paint Ins friends and the public, ilnt he has token a store a< 2l8 (Lent street, whne he lnti-nds to practise the a'-ove business and tr lit* lr'>tn his ionx exaerieDce and known ability, to meet with that share of p>tr iu ye rn which his abilities entitle h m. In reiu nine thauss lor nil past favours, he wonld remind his friend i lis at he rep lira every ihircrtnrimi nf YVarch..s H.nrnrsri. mid Dili.lev. the most comp'icaled that c<n be procured Also, Jewelry and Diamond wnrlc s*t ; Pearls rc--tmug; every arti In fifty iter cent iheaper than any ocse in the city, beiug enabled 10 do the whole hi true 11', and not trn?t tj th- in- I exi eriei C'of others. Glasses and kt ys iu pioiorlwn. Cash paid for old gold and river. n3 'm* r P;T\n fAlK OF GOOD DOUBLE AND 81 v GLK SOLE 0\J\J BUSKINS, of all colon, lro.n *s to 6s and $1, warranted good L tdirs'. Misses, and Children:s Oaiteis, black, bronze, g-?en ?nd light colors, of the latest fashion, $t 37 to $1 71, at d Si- G.-tit's fine Freuch and nvtive calf dress boou. prim-caif dress quarter boots, shoes eid gaiters; mens', boys! and childr-n's; ( ion low priced boots; prime mens', boys' ana children's, cf all sorts aud sizes, the cheapest you ever saw. Largest assortment, best quality, and lowest prices in the city. J. S. Walker, 4.9 Bioadway. I h-ve sold out my other state, and will nay all attention to accommodate my friends and the pnblir. G >od sVoes at low prices. (Joed gaiters, 12s. al lm?r NEW 8EE0 BTOHE.?Early ash leaved Kidney Potatoes all who have tried them nronounce them th* earliest and "driest ones known- Enrly Crdonullti, Esrly Washington, Esrlv Waiwick, Early Charlton, Fall aud Dwar'" Marrowfat Peas; Early and Late Beans; Early York, Early Battersea, Early Ox Heart, O'ttmhesd, Savoy, and Red Pickling Cabbages: Early nnd Late Cauliflowers; White and Puri le Cape Broccoli; Kadisn, Carrot, Beet, Parsnip, Onion, and all other Vegetable Seeds; zn.O'JO package s ol r hnice Anuual, Biennial aud Perennial Flower Seeds; Asparagus, Rhubarb an Globe Artichoke Ron's; 30,000 Giecnend Hot House l'lauts,pf every description, suitable for parlor or conservatory; Fiuit and Oraaineulal '1'rees of every description, warranted true to their names. A liberal discnuut to lh"se who purchase in quautity Bouquets of the most fragrant and delicate Flowers put up at the shortest notice, by calling a' ihe large Green Houses on 8:h avenue and l mil succt, or a: me r.onsi rv.tro y, lours t?mien. a2 6l*r N1BLO St DU> LAP, S76 Broad way. CHEAP UPHOLSTERY?Wltou, Brussels and Ingrain Carpers, made, altered and repaired, and warrai tea to fit in the neatest manner, and at a moderate price, b; an experienced Unholslrcss. apl In'r MKS. BOLTON, 360 Monroe street. LINdEED OIL?23 casks ?u erior English Linseed Oil, ntloat, lor sale in lots to suit purchasers. Iiv _m3^ WOODHULL & VIIN I'URN, 87 Bonth st. /gal FOR NEWBUHQH?The sleamhcat -3**!. - W* J A Vl K 8 MAuIsJON, Cantain Charles jCodtCSL Halstrad. havifgbeeu thoroughly overhauled ei d ,?..l iii < > inplete order, w I'l leave I lie |ner loot of Warreu street, on Wedntadav morning, Apiil Stn, ft 9 o'clock. Fni or passage en,aire of the Captain on board, a I 3t*in _____ OA CHANGE OF STARTING PLACE? ^ "* .ri?d*New Arrangement to Albauy and Boston, via X?.S??rf_Hon-atonic Railroad?The steamer Mutnal M.i'itv will coiiunrn' e running for freight and passengers daily this morning st 7 o'clock, from foot of Liberty st, near Conrrlaudi. North River, to Bridgeport Leave for New York at 2 o'clock, P. M., or on the arrival of he ears from Albany. This boat is the only one running in connection with the Railroad. For further information apply at the office, foot Liberty st. New Vn k. m2r HIOHlv I VI PORT AN 1'. AI)A.vis A CO'8 New I ork and Bust n Daily Package r.ip ess, n i Norwich an I WorJiaBllM carter Railrr ad.?1 he subscribers respectfully .K've notice lhat the .'amsg-s u> the Na-w ichR itd, occit.oned by the laie sto m, hive b-en repaiief, and thatthrir cars now pass over 'lie entire route,thus ,iff rdiug to merchan's, brokers huiI olheis, having valuable packages to he trsnt|>oned, lh? safrsl and most ?IP' ditums mode of co vryance;av idi g as it does the dangers and delays of a piss ge r nLd Point Jedhh. ADAMS ft t'O, a36t?c 7 WsllsfeetiffR SCWNO PILOT. Until I nbsiyui i, rnot tor nm uemoro, muiinciPi Shoal*, B.nron, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck, anil o'her port*. Office at Krye fc Shaw'* Nautical Score. 2i! Water,coruer Beck man street, N. Y.?Vice ruraa Adams' Exfiresa, Boston, throe data before wanted. Charge the same as rnni (Jay Head. m4 Iter ALL THE HKUULAK PACKE 1 S-Steam snips kJHIjTV steam boats, end other passenger vessels, carrying jWDUKa ing "frauds' Patent Lite Boats," hare the worn " Patent" plainly lUnuird o> painted on the side f Ih-tfr xiFOR LONDON?R-u'.lar Packet of the lOih April lJHWy?Tie fi-st tailing packet ship TORONTO QHMbCapuiii O iswold, will s-til as abose, her regular day. Ha* superior necomtroil tions for cabin, 21c bin a-id steerage pmeugcr*. Those wishing to ?m^a k, ahoull m 'ke early application to JOHN HEHDMAN, a(r 61 Booth street. fiJ- FOR LONDON?Regnlar Packet of the 16th of April.'?The eery anterior last sailing packet ship flBUKpTORONTO, Capt. Or is wold, will sail as above her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin, and steerage passengers; persons wishing to embark should make early application. JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. Persons wishing to send for their friends, can have them brought ont by the above ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, if by letter, post-paid. a* r PASSAGE FOR LONDON?racket 10th April. w**y.?The splendid fast sailing nackefship TORONTO. 4M&Btni Captain Oriswold,will sail positively as above, her regular day. Having splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, for passage early application should be made on board, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, ap r 1? Peck Slip, car South st. Sd^ FOR LIVERPOOL.?Regular packet of the 7th WjCTW April ?The very superior, last sailing packet ship flBugHfalNDEPENDENCK, Capt. Nye, will sail as abore, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make early application, on board, foot < f M>iden Lane, or to JOSEPH Mc.VIUnKAV, 100 Pine at., cor. South. Parsons wishing to send for their friends residing in the old country, can have them brought ont by the above ibipa, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter. postpaid- m2T r FOK LIVERPOOL?First British vessel?Ths iBflW fid* well known fast a.-iiI 11k Bt. ?t.i|> CHESTER. JWyUL Captain J ?'? Dm le. early eipee'/d to arrive, and will hare immediate drapstch for ihe above port. Those wishing to engage freight, will pleaae make early application to the subscn?ers. KOCIIK, BROTHERS It CO JJFnltonat. mil r ' ett door to the Foltnn Bank. .A,*- THE NEW LINE kOK LIVERPOOL?Remilar P.iekc 16th April. The uew aplendid packet jPMflMship LIVERl OOL, John Eldndge Maater, 1150 tens, will aaii h? above,on her r< giilsr day. For freight or passige, having elegant and nnsnrrassed acrommodaliotia, apply to the master on board, wttl aide Boiling Slip, or to WOODHULL A MINTURN, m i<)Pe *1 South atreet. xaf- PAt;a ETToTinfTAVKK-fieeond Line]?The WtMV thip BALTIMORE, Edward Fnak. master, will JMMHfa sail on the 4ih April, ml, i lltlVlf fc niNrKEV.t Tonne. BmMing tllf j- Mill NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA A> H JiMK NEW YIIHK LINE?Pmitively First Regular Packet, to sail loth April. The fast sailing i a< kei ship n. AI.LKN Captain Wilson, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For Ireigrn or passage, having handsome furnish* d accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall ?L or to K. K COLLINS fc CO. if. Sonth at. Skippers mayrely upon having their go ids correctly measured.and that the slops of this fine will sail punctually as ?.lwp liscd. Any auaraiiiee to that effeet will be givrn and fa I filled that may bo reunite <1. Agents in N. Orleans, flnllin It Woodruff, whowill prompt ly forward all irnnda to their address. Tht pack" sMn Huntsville, Captain O R. Mumford, wi'l a-treeed the H. Allan, and tail tha roth April, her revnlar day. alec ~i?- Vessel* WANTKO-a numhrr ol veasels, ifHV drawing not over five leet water when loaded, will JNMKs find constant employment in frriglving wood and eh? coal to ihi? city, by apply ng at No. JO Plait street, op stairs, immediately. apl lw*'f A**- WAN TED-A ship to load f >r a southern port. riFfgy Apply to K. K COLLINS CO, BUHfa 16 Sooth street. B24>is rc _ B \ROE WANTED?One or two B>rgc? wanted, iMhWV that will carry from I to 2J0 toua, for wh ch ccuut'y WMKs or good imprnrrd city pr< p.-rty will he rtrhsinrd. Thehn tr must he anand and in peifnct order. Addresa s line " Barge," rn thia office, atiting age afid loll particul irs. which will he rrgnU'ly ntt ndea to. mM tw*i?i 4a - REMITTANCES TO 1IRELAND, Ac., Ac.jf^ffi^The subscriber cominnes to transniit money in .nr,.. ot iinnll, to persona residing in any port of Ire am], 111 the same manner u ha, and Ins prederrasai in bum irss, have done for the laat thirty years, and more; alto, to ana iart nl Kugland or Scotland. Money remitted hv letter (postpaid) to the anhaenher. At ersonally deposited witn htm, with the name of the person o> m Ireland, Kndand or Scotland, to whom It ia to b> ient,and nearest post town, will be immediately trnuamittei md paid aororditiKly, and a receipt to that effect Kiren or for aardud to the sender. In like inimner money with or claims on persona in any part ?' Ireland, Ktifland or Scotland, ean lie collected by the atihicri oar, for persona raaidina In any part of the United States, at Canada, and will be paid to thara acgordlnaly. nil ! *? UEORUk. Mr.BRIDE. Jr., MCedar at. ;w Y( IV YORK, WEDNESDAY Sew Orleans. [Correapomltnce of the Herald.] New Oklkans, March 25, 1843. State of Society and Morale?Bala Maaqui?Dr. Ixtrdmr? The Comet? Politics?Ballt?Fashion? Trade. James Gordon Bennett, Esq.: Of all the great cities in this vast republic of ours, there is in my mind no place where there is more fun. frolic nncrntinna Arc an'ina on than , 1 ? here, and I do not believe but the inhabitants of this city think less of cares than almost any people under the sun. Friendship here is of the warmest order while one lives, but the moment dead, he is forgotten. One lives here but to enjoy life, and as we cannot have enjoyment with the departed, we allow our affections to be entirely controlled by the living. By many, I may say very many who have never had the pleasure to visit our beloved city, it is said th t we are a wicked people, (jiven much to sinning in various ways and forms; from robbing by night, to insulting ladies by daylight. Now this is a great mistake, as all those who have ever tasted of' oar hospitalities can vouch for. From the hour that the eight o'clock gun is fired (which is a warning for all negroes to make for thtir resi>ective homes) scarce a person is seen in the streets; it is so still that one would think it a city without inhabitants, witnthe exception of a small space in the neighborhood of the ball rooms, where your northern young and old men go every evening (Snndays not excepted) when here, and are the entire support of j those establishments, as it is very rare indeed that | you will meet a regular resident of the city in those I dens of dissipation and crime. But a truce to tins now; some other time I shall take occasion to sav more on this subject. The weather thus far in this month has been extremely cold, more so than it has for the last twelve years it will put our sugar planters much back in planting their next crop ; also the lower cotton plantations. Judge Waggaman diod on the 23d instant, Jrom the effect of the wound he received in his late duel with D. Prier, Esq. His funeral was attended yesterday by most of our military companies. We are without anything very important from Mexico or Campeachy, though the next news is looked for with much anxiety, as there is a iumor that Santa Anna is about to offer terms of peace to Texas If so, he will, without doubt, push the war hard against Yucatan. That are comet, as it is called here (since Dr. L<ardn?r hassaid it was one) we have the pleasure o( Beeing every evening. By the way, the Doctor's lectures had a great run here, and 1 understand that^ie has concluded to repeat them, many not being able to attend the first. Our election lor Aldermen comes off on the firsi Monday ol April, which will be a pretty animatec time. I apprehend, as the moderates of both parties are determined to have a reform of the present fi nancial doings in the second municipality, and tc this effict called a large meeting last week at th? Arcade, and made their nominations. This has pu the ultra whigs in a great rage, and they know noi what to do; they dread the examination that thej win pe orougiu to 11 ine moderates suouiu gain tn? day. It ia quite in vogue here now for our military companies to give balls in memory of some great mar or saint, and the one given last week on St Joseph's eve, at the St. Louis ball room (in the St. Louis hotel) by the Orleans Guards, one of our oldest and best companies, was a splendid affair. It was entirely an invitation ball, and of course select. The company began 'o assemble at eight o'clock, and continued to pour in until past twelve. I noticed tut few what is termed American or northern ladiei present, but ol Creoles or natives of this city anc State there were plenty. Among some of the most prominent present, I no ticed the enchanting Miss , and as she whirle< through the waltz, it was impossible for one to kee| their eyes off of her. She will make a charmini wife for some gay young man, with a pocket full o Mexican castings. Miss , all! what shall I say of her mon than that she was admired by every one, and th< queen of the evening; that wreath looked exceeding ly becoming. Miss never looked to better ad vantage, I think, than on that evening; every mov< and motion was perfect grace and ease; and ther her broken English sounds so solt and musical, j had wished to dance with you again, but lo! yet were gone. Miss never looked better; I think she has that young fellow well tangled with love'i silken cords. Miss was all life and animation and drew a troop of admirers about her. Miss oh! you are too bad to keep that young fellow ir hot water so long. Miss looked more beau tiful than ever, if any change could be discovered Miss and Miss of the same street. Yes they were there, and what, ye gods, 6hall I pen tha will not diminish the charm thrown about tneml might say that thay are very modest, entertaining intelligent, accomplished, and to my taste and no tion, beautiful. Business fair to middling; cotton ranges from 4 t< 71 cents per lb , but most sales are made at 5 a 6 sugar 2i a 4j; flour $3} per brl.; pig lead. 2| per ten Exchange on England, GO days, 1 a 2^ premuim: Paris, 5tr. 60a 5fr. 65; New York at sight 3 i?er cenl discount; 60duysdo,4? per cent discount. In haste, My best respects to lejcune editeur. Yours, <tec. L. 11. Norfolk* [Correepondenee of the Herald.) Norfolk, March 31,1834. Particuiart of the Anauination of Gardner?Arret of Cook?Liberation. Mr. J. G. Bknnktt? Dear Sir As you seem not to have a regular correspond en in this place, I propose to give you the details of i horrid affray which occurred in this borough yes terday. The origin of this fatal rencontre is as fol 'ows :? At a meeting of the locofoco party, in Ports mouth, a few weeks since, Bernard O'Neil was no minated and elected a delegate to a Convention ti be held in Suffolk for the purpose of nominating i suitable candidate to represent the party in the nex Congress. It seems that some remarks made b O'Neil did not accord with the views of a portioi of the party, and another meeting was called an< his name was stricken from the list of delegates but as he is a man of some influence over a certaii portion of the community in which he lives, ih< more knowing ones of the party called another meet ing, and again elected him as a delegate. At tha meeting Vtordecai Cooke, Jr. made a speech in hii favor, and in couise of his remarks made, allusion; to Mr. M. Gardner, editor of one of their papers it the same place Mr. O. was not present, but heart of the attack and replied through his paper. At thii Mr. C. took offence, and armed himself with a pisto and cowhide tor the purpose of chastising him when he should meet with him. He sought him both in Norfolk and Portsmouth, but did not succeed ir finding liim until yesterday, when they met ncei centally on the ferry wharf. Mr. C. accosted Mr G. and demanded au apology , or retraction of what he had said, which he positively refused to do. Mr C. then raised his cane to knock him down,and Mr G. drew a pistol, a scuffle ensued and in it Cooke ob tinned possession of the pistol and c eliberately shoi Mr. G. through the heart?he lived about threr minutes and then expired. Cook immediately weni to our worthy Mayor Miles King, nnd deliverec himself 1111 sfnlimr the rirrnmsfhnres nnnn u/hiet. he ordered the pistol to be safety lodged iu the bo rough jail, and told Cook to go home, that when he wanted him he would let him know it. However, another Justice of the Peace issued a warrant foi his arrest, gnd he was safely lodged in jail until thii morning, when he was brought before a Magistrate, and after much and eloquent pleadings of John Miller and T. Taylor, Esquires, he waa fully discharged Mr. Cook is a young man of hi^h wealthy and influential connexions, and Mr. Cardneris a perfect stranger, not having been here but six months, and a very poor man?he has left a wife and three helpless children, dependent on the community. It is rumored here this evening thai his wife is dead, and if so it is a double murder. The citizens of Portsmouth subscribed this day and paid #500 for the benefit of the widow and orphans, which is very creditable to them, inasmuch as they are, as I before stated, slraiigeis in this community Here then we see the difference between the poor

and the rich. 1 am satisfied in my own mind, had it been just opposite, thatihe poor man would now be in prison in spite of all the counsel he could obtain. I have never teen so great an excitement in this place in my life. The reason that I write yon is that the papers here have not independence enough to state the facts as they transpired. A. B. C. Aoain.?Adams <te Co. waa again far ahead of the mail vasterday morning. 5RK ] I MORNING. APRIL 5, 1! Mr, Dner'i Lectare on Insurance? Failure of the Course. Mr. Duer gave Ins first lecture on Monday evening at the lecture room of the Library Society, Clinton Hall, on the law of Marine Insurance. The audience, although not numerous, was very respectable Amont those present we noticed Chancellor Kent, J udge Kent, Judge Vanderpoel, George Griffin, benjamin F. Butler, District Attorney Whiting. Ogden Hoffuan, and several other distinguished members of the New York bar. The learned gentleman commenced by saying, that the law of insura ce is not to be regarded as municipal .law : it boasts a nobler and a more universal origin. It is lounded on the law of nations, and it depends in a greater or less degree on universal law. The law of nations upon questions arising oat of maratime laws, such as freight, bottomry, sea prizes, shipwrecks, hostages, See., is adopted by the common law. There are no other principles by which such questions can be decided. The lecturer then went on to describe t le law merchant, and to draw a distinction between it and the law ot nations. He said, tiiat the tormer was not a branch of the I itter, in the sense that BUckstone used it. To illustrate this view, he said no people could alter the law of natious to suit their own convenience; hence litis law could not be applied to the law merchant. But every nation can make laws to regulate its own commerce; hence, he said, the law merchant at all events can only be an imperfect branch of the law of nations They resemble each * other in the sources from which both are derived, but they differ in the obligations they impose, and the rules by which such obligations are enforced. Mr. Duer continued to say, that whether the law of Marine Insurance was, or was not known to the ancients, is a problem not yet solved; but it is admitted that contracts of bottomry and respondentea were well known and extensively used, and are mentioned in the code of Justinian, and in the Roman pandicts He said that it was the opinion of Park, Marshal, and some other eminent jurists, that marine insurance contracts were unknown to the Romans. Those opinions, he said, were founded upon the fact that no trace of this particular contract could be found in the Roman code; that ancient commerce was limited; that their voyages were coastwise, and necessarily short. He then took an historical review of the cammerce of Tyre, Carthage, Rhodes and Alexandria, a rtrt PAnfpndpH th?l it wxft i mnnvsi hlt> thuf nutinrw trading with all parts of the world then known, could he ignorant oi the contract ot marine insurance. He also contended that coasting voyttges were the most dangerous, and that tne bravest and most skilful sailors were nursed in the coasting trade. . He also showed from historical records, that voyages were made by the Romans, to Spain, to India and other places, and that the customs upon merchandize imported from Egypt to Rome in one year, 1 amounted to one hundred and thirty millions of dollars, which was more than the whole of the comr merce of Europe at the present day. He then pro' ceeded to account for the law of marine contracts ' not being mentioned in the code ot Justinian. He " said it was not intended by that code to abrogate or ' supercede all local laws, and it was probable that all 1 questions arising out of marine contracts, were de' cided by local courts specially established for the ' decision of those questions. Hence it was not to ' be concluded, that the marine contract of insu' ranee, was unknown to the ancients. At the conclusion of the lecture, Mr. Duer stated that a sufficient number of subscribers not having 1 been obtained, he could not proceed with the 1 course ; but he said that he would either return the | subscriptions, or proceed to give f ur lectures, ' which would cover the amount he had received. He then left the room, after which a meeting was ! organized, and Chancellor Kent called to the chair. ' Tt wim mnvprf iin?l uepnnrleil that Mr. Duer be re ' quested to give the four lectures, and that in the ? mean time measures would be taken to have the ' subscription list filled. j Movements in Mexico.?It is said that Santa Anna has sent an agent, in the person of Judge llob? inaon, one of the San Antonio prisoners, to Hous ' ton, to treat for peace between Texas and Mexico. . We think this very probable. Santa Anna is one of the clearest headed men in his country, and he - sees the folly of continuing a war against the Anglo I Saxon race, in the prisent unsettled,anrachicalcon\ dition of the Mexican people; and he sees too that in [ attempting to recover both of the lost Pleiads, 1 TexaBand Yucatan, he will get neither, and perj chance be overthrown at home. Very wisely, t therefore, he has concluded to let Texas slip, and , devote his whole energies to the recovery of Yu1 catan, the inhabitants of which are the most enterprising and energetic of the Mexican race. , This movement is very favorable to Texas. She J is in no condition, either financially or physically, to go to war; and if her independence will be ac. knowledged in a quiet, peaceable way, she must consider herself the most fortunate of nations. > i City Intelligence. The Prize Fight Trials will be continued at [ Bedford, Westchester county, on Tuesday of next ,* week. De Forrest and Lewis's line of stages will be the most convenient mode of conveyance from this city. They leave the corner of Broome and Bowery from the railroad hotel by the 9 o'clock train of cars. Remember " De Forrest and Lewis's line." f Joint Meeting.?Both Boards of Aldermen meet this evening in Joint Ballot. Several important appointments are to be made. The Attempt to Break Prison?The burglar t John Moffatt, who succeeded in escaping from his t ceil in the city prison 90 Sunday night, but not from the prison, was examined yesterday on the charge. He implicates Isaac Rice, Charles Mureden, ChHS. or Phiiip Green, and John, the white washer in the prison, as accomplices in his escape. He had been , supplied with a gimlet, marling spike and knife, by Green, and Rice was to have aided in his escape " after he had obtained egress from the prison. This 0 was to he effected by seizing the pistols belonging a to the night keeper, and then forcing him into a cell and close the doer until he had time to make his ' exit. Wehaveolten wondered why Col. Jones 01 V Mr. Homan, his deputy allowed old convicts to } enter the prison on any excuse or reason, and they 1 have now learned a lesson that may prompt more ^ strict rules at the outer gate than have been formerJ ly practised. ; Attempt to Drown Herself.?A woman named ' Mary Holland attempted to drown herself on Monday evening, by jumping into the East River, from ' whence she was rescued by a city watchman. She 4 was taken to the Ciiy Hospital, where she lies danI gerously ill 1 Hnporlor Court. I A lull Court present ! Apsil 4 ?A. f A- Lawrence if- Co. vs. Mayor, fe., City , of S Kvrti.?This wat an action brought by the plaintiff, against the corporation, to recover $l,l7ft 09, the amount of seven nales of rugs consigned by plaintiff, to Stone, Hwan, and Mason, which wore destroyed by blowing up tne store of the W:ter, by order of the then mayor of.the : .city of New York, to prevent the progress of the g'eat (ire o' 1B30. The deelaration contained eightconnts, to six ol which the deferdants demurred, and the demurrer was allowed , [ on the two last counts an isiueol facts was taken. The plaintiffs gave in evidence the olllcial commnnicn . tion of the mayor to the Common Council, ill relation to the lire, and the proceeding thereon. ' They alio gave in evidence to show that an art of 1906, 1 uuih rizing the destruction of property to resist fires, hii passed in consequence of a resolution of the Common ! Council to apply to tho Legislature for an increase of , powers in relation to the extinguishment ol (Ires, to be r rested in the hoard ; that the act was drafted by the Coml mon Council, and the memorial for its passage was introduced into the Senate, as a petition to amend the city 1 charter. Here the plaintiff's casealosed, and Mr. Orahawi mored for a nonsuit, on the grounds that the ee dence was not sufficient to connect the corporation with the aots of Mr Lawrence, the mayor ef 18-td, or ta show that they I sanctioned or recognized his acts. The case was elaborately argued by counsel on bo'h sides. The court took the same riesr of it as defendant's , counsel, and directed a nonsuit accordingly. Mr. Van Waggener for Plaintiff*. Mr. P. Graham for defendants. Circuit Court, Bdore Judge Kent. April 4 fYnncn ifartinrz vs. Henry K. Mnniearing? j This was an action ol assault at.d battery, alleged lobe committed by dctendant on plaintiff on board tti e brig K.mi'llne. on her vovare from New Orleans to New York Thedamng' a were lai>! at $.\0<)0. The piHintitt'acaae waa atily conducted by Mr. Dreater. Mr. Cutting niniifnl the defence. It appeared Irom the evidence that plaintiff entered in to an agreement with Taptain Sawyer, o' the brig, at New Orlrana, to work ni* paaaage to New York aa atuw ard. It further ap|>eared that on the arrival of the brig at the quarantine ground, ahe wa* iletaine<l in ptiraiianrr ol the quarantine law?; tome of the peaaengara were going on atioie, and plaiutitf aaked leave of the captain to erf with them. The latter refuted, but told him he would let him go in the next boot. On the return ef the boat, HJKKA *43. I tha plaintiff .isk1 tlu> captain again for Icava te go aahore, I I hilt wnl rofllUHil r?u Ik. ..I it... U.| it,.. thir.l I time, the plaintiff jumped into it; the captain ordered him out; upon which plaintiff jumped ovei board, intending to wim to the shore. The cuptam ordered the aecond mate to take the boat and go niter h.rn. The defendant, who was first mate, interfered, and said lie would go, and ac cordingly jumped into the boat, followed, and overtook him. Pi'alntifTcaught hold of the boat, and wanted is get in ol his own accord; the defendant went forward and caught him by the hair of the head, and dragged hun into the boat; after which he caught him by the throat, and struck htm twice in the face. They afterwards got a rope round his body and hoisted him on board the bug; after which he was knocked down and tied with a rope. This was the plsintitf's case. The defence was that the voyage was not ended; that the plaintiff attempted to leave the ship without leave, and that defendant only aoted in obedience to the cap tain's ordirs in securing the plaintiff, and bringing him hack to the ship, and that in doing so he used uo unne cessary violence Judge Kent, in charging the jury, told thsm that the voyage was not ended; that the captain had a right to detain plaintiff until the end of the voyage, ami that the defendant was justified in obeying thycaptuin's orders; hut, in doing so, it he used an unnecessary degree of violence, h? rendered himself liable to un action. His Honor left it to the jury to say whether unnecessary violence was usrd or not. Verdict for the defendant. (Inneral Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmadge, Judge Lynch, and Alderman Purdy and Leonard Tuesday, April 4th ?7Vi'af of John Mtrn for Emhexilement.?The trial of John Ahern, late Mayor'* Clerk, on a charge of embezzling the moneys ol the Corporation ol this city, while in the performance of hi* duties in that office, wa* called for trial this day. At the opening of the court, James T. Brady, Esq , counsel for accused, presented an affidavit signed by Ahern, in which he alleges that Wm. H. Robinson, of Utiayama, South America, was a material witness in his behalf, and therefore desired a postponement of the trial until he could either procure the attendance of witness, or obtain his testimony by commission. The District Attorney objected, aad the Court decided that the application was denied, as the defendant had hud sutticient time to obtain all evidence desired, he having hevn indicted in Novomber last. The Clerk then proceeded to empannel s jury, as follows : ? Jabez Brown was called, and stated that he had expressed an opinion nstothe guilt of accused?set aside. Eugene Brown has not expressed any opinion, and was sworn?1. Daniel Riley had formed no opinion, and was sworn?3 Samuel J.Tobias had read the account, but had lormtd no opinion?sworn?3 Albert Gilbert hail read and heard of the prosecution, but expressed no opinion?sworn?4. Peter Oelsey hail net read or heard ol the chargesworn? 5. Bernard Smith had read of the charge, but had not expressed an opinion?sworn?6. Thomas C. Waters had formed no opinion?sworn?7. John J. Hall had rend and heard of the charge, but expressed no opinion?sworn?8. Henry Key ser hud heard of the case, but expreised no opinion? sworn?9. Charles Curtis had read and heard of the prosecution, but formed no opinion?sworn -10. John Fowler ha I formed no opinion?sworn?11. Frederick A.G.iy had read the statements in the newspapers, and he was atraid it had left un unfavorable impression on his mind against accused?set aside. Peter Bogert hud read the account, but could not say that he had formed an opinion?sworn?12. The Jury having been empsnnelled and sworn, the District Attorney opened the case for the prosecution and stated the accused was indicted for embezzlement under the following s< ction of the statute of the State " Article 8th, section .89 ? If any ch rk or servant of any private person or of any copartnership (except apprentices and persons within the age of eighteen years,) ar if any officer, agent, clerk or servant of any incorporated company, shall embezzle, or convert to his own use or take, make way with, or secrete, with intent to embezzle or to convert to nia own use without the assent ol his master or employers, any money, goods, rights in action, or other valuable security or effects whatever belonging to any other person which shall have come into his possession, or under his c.are, by virtue of such employ mont or office, ho shnil, upon conviction, be punished far feloniously stealing propert. of the value of the articles so embezzled, taken or srcreted,or ol the value of any suai of money payable and due upon any right in action so em nezzieu " The Disthict Attornhs alleged that the accused wai indicted lor embezzling the moneys charged, as the clerk and servant of ItMilX Willi*, then clerk of the Common Council, which facts would be lully proved belore the jury. A stipulation that had been previously proposed by the delence, was then agreed unon by the counsel. The effect of this was that no evidence should be introduced on (he part of the prosecution relating to alleged defalcations or embezzlement of moneys paid the accused for other vessels than the barquus Nahellu and Johan Oeoige. The prosecution was conduct) d by the District Attorney, and David Graham, Esq. counsel of the Corporation, thpn called Hamuli. J. Willis, who was sworn?This witness stateil (hat he was clerk of ihe Common Council from June 1810, to May, 1841, and that it being the previous habit to allow the Mayor's cleik to receive the commutation monies paid into tha Mayor's office, he allowed Mr. Abern to continue to receive the money during the wholo term ol his clerkship. That on the first day of everv month Mr. Ahern was in the practice of making a return to witness, of the number of passengers, the name ot the vessel and the rate of commntation which was delivered to the Comptroller. The funds were paid to witness, who hen handed it over to the City Chamberlain. [A paper was here handed witness containing the returns ot passengers received in November, 1841, which was in the haml writing of the accused ] Witwkss?The smennt pnid to me that month for commutation was $441, and (or license fees $41. [A return for the moath ol December w as here handed witness, which contained for commntation fees $.104, Mayoralty lees $136.] WiT!*sss?There is no return in the month ot Novetn her tor the barque Isabella, nor for the month ot December for the Johan George. No moneys were paid by Mr. Ahern to me for these vessels. [Two receipts were here shown witness forthe amount of moneys paid Ahern forthe commutation and mayoralty ?? ??o ?uw?o " '??? tcmcib. mo urni wan uaieu Nov. 17, 1841, for the barque Isabella, for $34 15, and the second dated Dec 10, 1841, for the barque Johan George for $67 18 1 Witness?Thaaereceipt* are in the hand writing of John Ahern, the accused. Cross examined by Mr. Bat nr? I have no other knowledge of Mr. Ahern'a making these retnrna to Mr. Bolton, the previoua clerk, except in aeeing him deliver the returna. Q? Did you ever employ Mr. Ahern to receive theae moneya? A?I have no auch recollection. H?Did you ever promiae him, or did he receive any compenaation from you for the reception of thaae mo. ney a 7 A?I did not. Q?Whoae moneya are theae 7 A?They belong to the Corporation of the city. By Whitixh ?The only oonveraation that paaaed hcI twren Mr Ahern and myaelf waa when 1 called upon him on the drat of the month, after I waa appointed olerk ol the Common Council, to obtain'he commutation moniea. I do not diatinctly recollect the precise time, but when I went in, Mr. Ahem told me that he waa in the ha. kitof paying Mr. Bolton, the formerclerk, on the Aiat of each month, and aaid that he preaumrd that I would adopt the same coarae, to which I assented. Sometime af'erwarda, on the flrat day of each month, he would bring them himself; aometimeo I would go for them, and I aometimea Mr. Valentine ; nothing waa ever aaid by liirn to ma about anv compenaation for auch service ; John Ahern wax then mayor'a clerk. Ei-atca Plums c U< d and aworn ?I am clerk for Oelric.xh and Kroger; I went to the mayor'a office with the retnrna of the barque Ixabella and Johan George, here presented; I paid the commutation money to John Ahern, and took hia receipta tor thu money?theae are the receipts. Cioia-examincd.?I know 1 paid the commutatipn money on these returns, as I paid nil the commutation mo. ni?s of the firm ; 1 recollect this circumstance from the fact that Mr Ahern put thexe figures on the hnok ol this return for the Ixabella, at the time I paid him. Q?Have you any recollection ot paying those sums on (h it piper, from your usual practice in paying the commutation money, or from other causes 7 A ?From my uiual practice, anil the reasons stated. Q ? Have you any recollection of paying theae particular amount! to Mr. Ahcrn 7 A. ?Yea, I have. H?Do you know that the check, if you gave one at the time to Mr. Ahern in payment for th? commutation money, win paid at the bank? A?No, I do not; no other peraoti during that time paid any commutation money for our firm, <1? Did yon ever hand these chi cks to any other peraon than Mr. Ahern7 A?I think 1 <lid once to Mr. Ward, who aaid he would receipt it t^? How do you know that that waa not the vessel here alluded to7 A?I know it waa not. a? it waa in 1339. I do not recollect that I ever paid any commutation money to Mr. Robinson during thoac two yrata aud a half. i homai Bouto* called nnd sworn?I was clerk of the Common Council from Nov. 131#, to June 4th, 1349. I succeided General Morton, who is now dead; during that portion of the time Mr. Ahem received th" commutation money. Worm alter I went into theotli'-eof Clerk ot the Common Council, Mr Ahern called upon me, and ottered to pay me *1,133, partly for commutation money, and partly tor Mayoralty feea. ) told Mr. Ahern that I moat have a detailed atatement correi|>onding w ith the moneya paid, which he altcrwarda gave me, and I then reci ivrd the money and paid it tothoCity Chamberlain; he then atateil that lin hail been in the hahit ot |>a> iog in the aaina way to Oeneml Morton. Ho generally paid me monthly. [Several reeeipta were here ahown witneaa, which he atated were in the handwriting ot the accuaedj. I Mr. Ba tor ohjectrd to their reception, on the ground that the atipillation between the cotinaol at theopenin* of the cmiae, waa auch that no evidence wa? to he intro duced except auch aa related to the two veaaela above > named. . Mr. Whitivo atated that their only object waa to ahow that the accuaed, by hia own acta, had admitted that h? r waa In the practiaeof reoeivih* theee moneya aa thaCIerK pr aerrant o( the Clerk of the common Ceoecll' ^ LD. vwt C?at? fThete reoeipt? were signed 'lTket. Bolton, Ree.'r. Clerk?John Ahern, Clerk May or'i OIRre."] The court li.lmitte I the teitimony, with the exception of the counsel lor defence, not only on the ground of the stipulation,but alto that it wan illegal, Crotseiamined ? Q?Did Mr. Ahern ever recene any conipentation for his services in receiving th??e mooeytf A?None that I know of) that it, none beyond lm utntl salary, a part of which f suppose wat for that at well at i ther clnt mt. By PaotKcuTioi*.?Q ? Wat there any coinpeu'etion for the e services included in the salary paid Vlr Ahertil Mr. B??nr ohj'ete,. to thequestion on the ground that the duties of J-hu Akern, Clerk of the Mayor'* Ottlce, was prescribed by law, aud therelore no prool cou'd be ottered of the dunes incumbent upon him, lurtbar ib*n egpressed in the law. After a reply fiom Mr. Whiting, aud retponta by Mr. Brady, the question wat withdrawn i nr proancution here reated.aud Mr. Brady commenced nn argument to the court in behalf of hn client, en tha validity ot tho indictment under thit atatute guveruing embezzlement Hi* contended that the allegation in tha indictment that the money charged na embezzled waatho property of Samuel J. Willi-, waa latal to the indictment; na the money waatlie money ol tho Corporation of thia city, and had been a> proved-, alto, that the atatute gov truing the indictment w?i not autAcient to cover embezxlement of any public offt -er, but applicable to peraons engaged in the employ of private indmduala alone. Ha continued in a very able argument, and cloaed about 4 o'clock. David Orahum, E-q will reply thia morning, and Diatrict Attorney Whiting conclude, when the caae will ho auhmitted to the jury under the charge of tha court aa to the law bearing upon the caao. Court Calendar. Circuit Court-5?. 79. 78, 80, 84, 89, 93,94, 96, 90, 10#, 101. 106,39,107, 109, 110, 113, 116, 1,9, 3, 99, 67, 91, ft), 46, 93,35. Scrcaioa Court?94, 34, 16, SO, 37, 38, 40, 43, 44, 44, 40, 47, 48, 109. CoMMon Pur at?19, 94, 60. 47, 69, 31, 0. S, 36, 44. TO TAILORS. PARIS, LONDON N'U vfc.VV YORK REPORT OK F4SHI *N9. rPHI8 rrpoit will bo pub idiid about tho middle of the moo-b. Aith- lite i< in the haiula o a (iinerior artia, and *a I h ve the In n-lit of .ill tho prrvieu i publicali*iua on the anbjaet. whethrr i aurd iu b'eropn or Anirriei it will not be de ?? uueipie eel r unua ial if i niilnh a mine areu Ate ?'? ralitli e i Ii ii miv i.ih -r v hi h can be ufferv d 'n t? e Tiade of hiaeiiyoro the U e n. My Americin Rep-ut la nnivmally am n wlrdg d. even ia the juiLm lit. f i a uemira, o h-.v? h en uu'tvailed for'via m I rle tauce. Therafurr lo al1 m*-iw i iiers-iirie ir lemi'y" who would h ire a ><n i i w, nil l?a Ilium ii lion ot Eit'one and Am tie< upon Fa hiuu. lha sotseri. tr a<?!sis -in i x imiui'i >u of Ins To thcoiiuug ,u?>lic?lion ba fo e they imicli si el-eulie e. l'r.ce of the Cans, Lou u and N-w York Raport of Failiiou, I a. copy? colniad. $1 (0 (11 Go do pUi i, 4# * UKNIO C. BCOTT, *4 lldy Itwy^ea 1<( l.onlwiT. EHlE canal COMI'A nY?CAPITAL 16 o M -In pup> suance of an ac' of the Irgislature o Penut 1l? mi' it'sd "an act toanthoiita the One tour to 1 n" r,i tale the Ens Canst Omiany." B .oka will be Oi en> d far h ?oh cmii on ? tlia cad ut a' ck i f ?ai I company, so Mood ?, h a?k d yofMsjr I'll, Hi th following Ida' es to w t: at the lleed Hons- i 0 I ha b ouugh oi E if; at ih hou't of .tgnpp Maui . in O'rsd, and hi the hnus* ol D T H O Webber in JacVsoefille, E if c Only, At ha house ?i J, hn hoaor in (. nue> u i> i'lr, -I the hum- of rtsinul (I R m y, la Kendville, at d n the houaa ol Martia la tail', ii li ir'alowu, Cr.wfunl run ily At lhahoa a of J tun a M Power,iu U rei f ill at >he hou e rf Jama-Hit warf, in ?eive', a d at the pub ic h ute of Chiiitie, in Nrwc<a le, in tie Cer cjuut). A' tee hi<u>a ol Ro art I ownaeud, ia B iic? ton, ami nt t'te fit a e ? f Daniel Ag i w. iu Brarer.Baaxex county. At Die Ii iti?e oi William Be ill), in Bmlrr, Bo Ifr Cuuwy. At iR?> Monoi g lie a Hnu e. in the city of 'it tb "|h .Hid at Ii Marchaelt' *.iclu ge ia iii-city . i rhiladel. ha. 'I lie Books wi I be kept open at leatt six hours for tan eon-aeuii>e j diciii d va or u til the ram ai stork of ten t?>. usand tliates sh.ili h. Ij.Iw snh.j. it.. j ft - ? t u i u. V 11- III Ullliu II' 1113 V'lll Ui 11*" unuera, appointed by *nid act, wnl attend at the time and pla* c<a iiKB ioue l, lor tna |iari' m* n tec ??itig the luoacriplioa. tllAHLr.8 M. BE? U. 1 J. UN AfHAITH. > Cflm'n. WILLIAM KKLLY, S Kr-e, M-vch 34, 1841 ml Iror * SWAN'S ATMOSPHERIC SODA FOUNTAIN, * /\K Ml EHAL WATER APPARATUS?United Stats* \ ' ' Letters I'.i tut, Nut. 3, 11118?Mduufa. tnitd by L 0. bwan, slmmht, N. V The alt mum of Drugipa'a a d other Ten ten of Soda Water i i> solicited to thia uieful a<d rcoi'micnl substitute f >r the ax pensive, complicated aud troublesome app.ra.m heretolora in me. The advant igea of the Almost her e Fonntaib oaer the old m- thud, me, the rc n my o' ill apptntus, 'lie urigiml cut tu ih -pinch se* bring less ih ui one quarter th t of the old foot* lain, i simplicity of c mat ucliou Or init such that auv oae of ordinary cipac.ity can readi'y unit *r> t?ud it" operation aid inai aittmeui; the intl ngi t enae of mveriala fur anpplyii ( It, lege Iter with the an ml .mount of labor re inired aud i.a conpact form It ia now in me in raricui paria of tl e Unfed Statea, Caoadi, the Writ ludiea, and S >uili America; and, aa may be ?een from c*111fic tea 111 ihe hauda of the pro, rietor and hia agents. gicee tnti'O aiitiafection. Lint i! ata a d other* iu the South* n Statea and Weat Indies, will hud tins fountain p nliculv oln i to thtir cluna'e, aa in* ay'in a will nit it uncut or injure 1 i iu w<iine>t seasons. Kull dirndi itu (oi putting up auo triig the apparatua, rrrparii'K tiled ffe em fane.let I ivruii, tic , accompany each. Kale arle by the pr iprittor alio by Uto D. Ucggeahall, I" Pearl itreet, New York, General Agent K Lieae, 102 L hit atreet, (np run ) Lawrence cr Kerae, <21 M iileu Lane. Kitbinion It Wait), i4t " '* Wtlliaiua.Mabe It t.lapp. 83 Maitlea lane. H adl* 7 I'h lp, U C i , 142 Water at. A. B It D. -at -la, 7!) Kulion at. 1T7"UaUT10N?All neiaoua aru cautioned agiinat mannfactum g or a.i g any tolling ement upon thia app?r tna, ai lie Patt ntre ia duieuniuad to protect hit inteteata . g mat the least encroachment. l 0 SWaN> hi ini'ic HULL' T USSES NOTICE TO Be. PTU9KU peksons PERSONS a'Dieted with rap r?? may rely npon the best instrumental aid (lie world affo da, on application at the office, No. 4 Vesey street, or to eilh n of the agent* in the principal town> in the Untied Htates Be careful to eiramine the hack pad of Hall's trusses, to sec i) the j are endorsed by l>i Hall, in writing. None are tannine or to be relied upon ?j i 'od, withonl his signature Many persons hare tmdrrtakeu to rec. uiuni isef Hall's elebrated trusses, and thouaauds are impose a ion in .:ovuseiiueiicc. These itnitalious cannot be relic < ro?i ; toey are made hynnskilOil mrcheyics, and orr no berr?> tb?- > rdi nanr trasses. ltooms hare been fitted ap at No. 4 Vesey street, eteiusirely for ladies, hanim a separate entrance from the bu?u,?s? department, where a female is in -onst-iO' attendance rn wait upon traale rulichU si Iwr TO THE LADIES Oh HULL'S I/TKHO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTS* rPIII8 new liuirua.em for the radiral eure or Prolapsas Ulerl a or Killing of the Womb, by external application. superseding the nse of the obiectioual Pessary, is confidently recommended to the ifflicted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it never nanny failed of performing a eat re, even adder the raoet aggravated eircnnistances. The Sapjxirter has attained a very high ekaraeter its Europe aa well as in this country, It is adopted te the entire disuse of pessaries,and all other painful surgical the Lyiuiria-Hoar.ipils of London and Paris, and is nmreraally recommended is Europe by medical men of the highest rank In this country i Ms sustained br the leading members of the faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, tnd by all the eminent prirate paaeMtm. Rooms hare been fnrntslied exclasirelr fer ladies, at No. 4 Vesey street, harm* a separate entrance from the business department, where a lady it in constant attendance, to apply Trusses and Supporters to female patients. si l tnr "UKANCI8' TATENT LIFE BOAT,' Office No. 7 r Wall i-ree' mil TO HOTEL KEEPERS. TIT ANTED?By a p-rsou wel1 ex e i need in the basinets I' of a hot-1, an em; g me it in the offire or bar of a rrtprciable esiablisliment. O >od can be , iren. Address 9. P > II,. I'rinlilin Hi U I LK.K' HE8?lust reesiy.-d, per ? Ju> ship Columbia, I cane ol fine healthy Leec ??. ?n i forby O F. 'lOUNTAIN, ImiKirter of Leeches, Cn>. H'o'ton !k A4 i hi ?u>, Brooklya L I. my fit is'r ? H T f'H AP >1 A N, 77 Fnl'ou ... N. T. WATCH KB AND JEWELLERY lower ilun aser.-Aa toe subscriber u en rtautly reerising *|l descriptions of gold and sileer watch"!. of ihe ikdiiI styles direct from the manufacturers, to England, F *nce, ind Switser<snd, he ie rtuib i d to offer a larger usottineut, and it much le?s prices, it etui, thill tut 1 ther h"me in the citT. Gold w-oches 11 low *sSl5e*ch. Watches iod jewellery eichinged or "ought. All witrbei wirriated to keep good time, or the money returned. Wst-hes, clocks ind j?wellsrv repaired in the oe?t maimer, .ind warranted lower linn it anv other pfiee in the city O. C. Al'en. importer of watches and jewellerr, whole ill" ami retnl k> Will ureit. no if jet. mA-tm ine'ec HAIK CUTTING AND HHAVINU. HILL. the inimitable Hair Cutter, takes thii method of into tni n hi* friendsind ihe ioblic In *?nenl, tint he has r-uteri hi* Old Mtent, Ml i irl itreet, itnm-dutely idjioiu* ihe Pc itl St -? t Homo, which ho* b"t-ri iewly tilted no, ind w ere he will he i d to w*lt on all who may f*?or him withthei. | ilrou*ge, in hie ucat and skillfhl ity e, it the fol lowing iiiodrr-t" prices H ll*i mimitiolc Hair Catling, 11)4 c uts. I nrl ng, U? " Blisi'ig, 8*4 " [nr- D n'' f rget the rn uber?No. n PentI itreet. in*8 lin*m THE NEW VORK iMEDICAL AND SURGICAL I N?TITUTK, No 7* ' l amber* street, Established to render to the afflict ED sound nuil Sen otitic M-dical Ad, All kind ol diseases will he treated, and surgical opemtioua of eTervdesenp ti n performed iu the most carelul and tcirmilic mau ier. One of the first ocoulitti in the city will attend to the treatment of all disease* of the eye and ear Partcnla atteulion ia paid Ui the treatment of all female eompl iin i. Verv ereat ineceae has attended the iteatim nt of diseases of the skin. Patients whe desire it will be *isi*ed at th-tr houses. Those whose means are limited will only he tef|u>red to pay for their medicines. Three or fonr rooms are pmynled for pri*ate consults lion. Thed ng department it attended by an apothecary of great eipcnei ce, anil a I onr medicines buy i ure and genuiue Capping and leeching will be done at me shortest notice. Open d is a"d aight DR. HOvir ft BOBTWick, a ttruding Phisicisn and *nnreon, 75 Chambers tt. ?d house wetl uI Broadway, riiis infifntien ia nod. r the patronage aud commendation o the following nenrlemrn^j ^ y HIOBKE. |) b? V nif 'v. u if rkv uk oko. rorrs, RKV OK (? SPHIVO, mil lmi? HKV ?'< -' MKO^OlU rlNSKKD ( lL-Vl<-n?k?<"l"r'?r<,u?,Uv Enfli'h LiaMcd j <>,! now or the whi'f J[er inlr tii loU to ?uit nnrehncerc, j uii, now WOODHULL It MlNTUR "?8, ,4r IT Snuih ? r?et. A<' KBT HHIP fiOBONS from Lie rponl?f on?i*r.?. in ihii ?h;p w II plena* tend ih i . mit. on bonrd, at Or|r,,,, whirl, foot of W .11 ?t, withi i All Kiioile Dot pel imtleil iu fife day. will he lent to the public i orei. '*> JTThl A I"ffl N(J PAPilR?ji ol mry ?ui*t'?or i??*hty ^ tnitiibU for r.?oU of hou?i * nntl j^un boilom, for ?ile Hr ml* K r.Ot.LIN* k CO * PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. pilKAp, far lamed and celebrated Pille, frun J^lifll. Wi * ? pciceiea, to hn obtained m thi* country. Sra.adeafti ?l mm on the lent mImu. lonrth pane.

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