Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1843 Page 3
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the committee of Ways and Mean), refuiing to advise a duty on tea and coltue, cut down the estimate for 1841to 518,000,000, in order to make it appear that additional revenue was not necessarv The late Congress, it appen", has already appropriated *30,000,000 far 13 months, being 5'20 ooo tea) per annum; so that if the next Cong ess does not appropriate one dollar, there will be a deficiency of $0,000,000, accordirir to Mr,Fillmore's e-timatnaf revenue The estimates of the Seer tary, for the year 1843, were as follows :? U.I ? .. ? - - undine >ui>poi?a on mm, Jamnry, 18-13, 0111.041 nitoms, ]j nno.nnn i.S'hiwo Miscellaneous, 100,000 Total revenue,,000 To be borrowed on loan and notss, 4,883,358 20.4W 358 * Total meant, $23 923,400 F.ineases, civil, fcc. 4 445. '2? Military, 9 286.428 Natal, 7 801 *23 Interest on debt, 1,320,000 22.732.773 Surplus, 390,627 The comrottee of Mr. Fillmore, in examining hi? statement, remark that hit estimate of cuitama and lands it correct. These would make $15,600,000 ; hut they say not one word of the loans. Ttoy then cavalierly reduce the expenditures to $18,176,289. 1 hey then state it as follows Total receipts $23 893 400 Do expenses, 18.175.280 $5,148 110 Now, according to their own showing, the total antual revenues of the government are but $15.000 000, whieh would leave a deficit, even at -their reduced estimate, of $2,600 000, which is precisely what a tax on tea and coffee would supply. The actual assumptions for the 18 months are, It appears, $30,000,000. The revenue is estimated at' $21600,000, showing a deficit of $6,400,000. in addition to all that the next Congress will spend. The estimates of revenue will probably exceed the facts, hut if the amount is realised, the present National debt of $27,000,000, will he raised to $33,600,000, at the close of the term. The new debt is accumulating under retrenchment and reform, much more rapidly than the old debt was paid off. Sales at the Stock Ktchsnee. 0300(1 Ohio ?'s, I860 r.K'-i $1900 Ken'nclcy hond s20 84%f 10 0 , do >30 6n v 1000 dn *30 8l*f de ?3 6Bk? 10 'has Del 8c Hud 90 1000 do s30 60 ' ? Troy bd? 30 j rs 5 pr ct loon Kentucky hond 84T< 60 do 00 1000 do slO $4K 70 Mechanics' Bk 67 SoaamiI Rnnsul $3010 Roiitncky b3 MJ/i 50 shis Harlem b3 16*jJ fomtn#rcl?l Stock Rxrhnnfc?lS Wall nt, $010 NY <! ?. 1803 :60 10tJ$ *'000 Ohio Ci S8'4 4010 On 5^'*. 1801 95 12H0 do 07 V 500 17 8 6V 1862 sJO 107V,' 6i"0 Ho 07V! loifl Ohio fi'j MK innn Kentncky 6's 81V 1000 Ho 9?V? 7000 Ho 84T< loon Ho Mfl ?onn Ho ?nw Bi'-i 15000 Ho fo'jf 7000 Ho 85 1000 Ho inw 68V{ 1000 Ho b!5 85 1110 'to sl5 68 lono Ho 15H 65 5O"0 Ho 68 2000 Ho b20 85 1910 ill hl5 68 V( 1000 Ho h30 05 7000 Ho >15 67X 6000 IllinoiiO'i, 1870 2!ff? 5000 Ho nw 67V. 25 sbw Hsrlsm RH b30 17 Second Board. two Ohio 6'?, 1860 67*4: tlflOO Ken'ueky R's s1? 84j? 1000 do 67*i 1000 do 85 State of Trade. We Ho not notice any material chance In the markels. Waval Store*?North Connty, $2 SO; Southern Spirits Terpentine, 3(1 cents, cash, and SI a 32, 4 mos. Wilmington rosin. $1, delivered. Oil*?Sales of Wha'e, NorthWest roast, ot 30$ cent*, cosh; Linseed, F.ncrlish at 94, 4 mos, 97$, 6 mos; Dutch, 921: Philadelph io, 93 a 95. both cash. Provision*?Price* of Beef and Pork have advanced, and the market is active, the sale* lar^e.R a 700 hhl* Conn tv Met* Beef at $fl 75 a 7; City, *7 50; old Prime. $3 87$ a 4; new $475 a 5; old Ohio Mess Pork, $7 75: 1008 his old Prime, $6 a 6 12$; 700do $6 25; 1000 new Prime, $6 87$a7, 2000 do $7; 434 do Pickled Hams, 4$ct*: 65 hhd* Shoulners in Hrv salt; and pickle, 3 a 3$; considerable quantities Bacon 9iHea,4 n 4$; Citv rendered Lard, 7$; 600 hhl* and 80O keys No. 1 Ohio 5V n5f ; 300 hi* interior 6j; a tew hundred pk^s fair Ohio Butter,6$; and some Herkimer Cheese 7$ cents. Foreign Markets. MATi?ir.AS, March 24 Sugars, Muscovado of superior quaili' y are vpry scarce, and a* our rain* have set in now nnnsiiallv early, it will he impossible to brine them to market for sometime, lnfprior qualities are selling for th'* French market. Rice i? verv dull and the market overstocked. Freiarhts brisks at $3$ per hhd Molassp6; $5 per hhd Su^ar; jjj j per j,ox for t^p u. S.; ?4 5 a 5 per ton to F.urope. Vessels verv scarce?the harbor never *o hare as at present ot American shipping. If these rains continue, the Biitjar crop will fall off to an immense eitent. uita. On flip 8th in?tsnt, Mart Klkawob. daughter of Inmrt and Ontlmrin" McDonald, aged is month" and 2 day*. Th<* friend* nnd acquaintance* of the family are re pertfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her parente, 88 Spruce street. Passenger* Arrived. Bfi.izk. Hond?Btig florida BUnc??Mr Olaiford, Mr Galley and l-dv, Mr Oa?ion. Mr Lanchsvd. New Oat-raisa?Ship Warsnw?Wm K fdgerton, NYork? 28 in the itterage. Passengers Sailed. Havrk?Packet ship Emerald?Oliver Walnh, of Philadelphia; Dr Wm W'lker, Nashville, Tenn; Philippe Veeck.Alphonr# Cormo, Paria. Voraiyn intpnr'atlons. Bri.izf, Hond?Brig F'orida Blanca?$5753 25 tons logwood 02 hic'. a B lllaneo?4 cemo-a ind go Avmar & co?$200 J Bitch?n<n?'7 halea s.rssparilla 1 do indigo I do iniiigo I do cochineal 6 reroons indigo Jlt.non J J Labouivsc?$!800 F F.charte? 16 halet ss-sapar il'a I bM oil copper to order. Sivta Cruz?Brig Reberca?50 bn 333 bbla F d'Kstrada?to hhda tnohv.e. 41 tea 6 bhla honev 11 l"g* matiogauy 26 do cedir 38 hidev 717 bdla grasa 31 top. fnatic J B Laaala. Matavzas? Brig Granite?2finhhd< 30 tea molasses Howea, Godfrey & Hob nson?29 bars coff.e C Stcrenvoo?91 Meyer & Stucken?205 pea lignnm vine to order. Domestic Importations. New Oslka!*??Shin Wariaw?(Reported yesterday)?87 biles R l'?in?197 bhla Wil?on, Bntler & Baldwin?I do 2 keg? Small, Williams It eo?4 bales A H Center ti aou?55 bbla R S Mai'land?58 bs Rnck & eo?14 bbla F, & T Ponpc? 46 tea Merritt & eo?7 eks Pbelps, Dodge It ec?11 bags Wm S Whitney? 408 bbl* Roberts fc Willi,ma?14 P H St W H Ti'ua?1B5 hhda Havens It eo?16t kegs 10 cka Boorman, Jonnaton Itco?3 Ptnrges. Bennett It eo? R J Macy St aon?42 bbla F. Fielder?35 do 5i hhda T P Stanton?741 sks Periae St Brooks?I steam erntiue 2010 ptgalead 83 bales hemp quantity produce to order. MA RI T I M E HERALD. Ship Blasters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to 4_>inmodnre Roskrt Silvft, of our Ntwa Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port wheuce they vailed, the Veisels Spoken on their Postage, a List of their Cargo, and anv Foreign Newipapem or News they miy have, tie will board thrm immediately on their arrival. Agenta and Correspondent a, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office alt the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will he thankfully received. POUT OF NKW YORK, APHIIv 0 am risks . .. - 5 33 I Moots 2 18 ?U!V 6 31 I hioh watts 2 42 Cleared. Toronto. Griswold, l.ondon, J'>hn Oriswold; ?Sntlon, ;**jir>wav, Chsilevon (iro Sutton?Bitqnes General Scott, ,.nnningh*m, St Ptterabnrg, Newbold ItCtuft; Teaxer.Cr^ekett. New O'leana, Stanton & Fro-t?Brigt 4-ho'taw. MeCrillt?, Matanzna, Badger 8t Peck; Mouteznma, Ke'ly, Balinnor?, W W Do Tatask Co{} R Lamm. Swinemann. Savannah. Danham k Dimon; Moit, Spear, Wilmington, C. Neamilh, Le?d? k Co?Srhr, A'hion, Mit'hell, Onaynmii, Neamith Lffis fit Co; N t McCrexilv, Somen, Bay. A B Conley fc Co; Alhea Cornelius Wilmington, NC ilo do; Lodfi'ia k KIix?. Weiherhy. Beaufort. NC. do do; Robt Milla, purlin*, K y W-?t, 8 W Down; Gen Lufivrtte. J rvia. B !timnrev Siurgea k Cleu'man; Chraapeski-, Pott, do, A B I'ool?\ kCo; Semi C Abbott, Limaon, do Johnann k L-iwdeu; Mary J?ne, McAUth, Norfolk. Stu'gea k Clearmao; Amein, T'rry, Wilmington, NC JnhnO-den; David Rialey, Chatlin. Kdrntonand Pfetnonth, NC Williama fit Nnitham; Abbott Lawr nee. Meeker. Bnaton, F. T Siirnitne; Robin Hood, Bvrry, Bath, F G Tliuraton k Co.?Sloop Jamea L Long, Sttong, Providence. Arritreti. Bremen barque Johan Georg, Geerken, from Bremen, and 59 daya from K magate, with mdae, to order. Barque We boaaet, Celling, ID daya from New Orleana, with norli, k'\ to inaater. 2tth ult. off D. H Shot Keya. aaw brig Prince ile J inville, atniidiug SW; 25th, off C*|>e Florida, apoke ah11< Queen Victoiia, Irom^NO'l? ana for Hu e; aame day, ay w a ahip anil brie aaliore on Caryaford reef, lib inat. Cape May bearing WNW. 35 milea diatant, aaw the atern and main boom of a veaael clicking outofthe water?had lettera on her atein, (LOUP) could not make out the o?her letfert?[probably a portion of the wreck of hrig Uuril, before repotted ] ? Brig Florida BLnra, KldrHlge, 13 day" Irom Belize, Hond. with ippcir, to B BUuco 7th inst. :at 38, Ion 7B, exchanged iffrnla wiih ahip Norma. Burton, hence for Havens. Brikf Rebecca, Sillimaii, Ifl divs from Banta Cruz.?Cnbn, with innUfttc* fkc to master. Left no American vessels. 1st ipst. off Crooked Icland Passage, spoke rchr Lady Mary, Knight, ftn Jamaica for NYork , , Big (ir?nite Hodgden. 33 dava from Matauzss, with molastea. to Nesmiih. Leeds & Co. 26:n ult. lat 3! 23, Ion 77 53, sprite ship Middles* i, from NOrlenns for Havre. 28th, in a tr.tle of Wind l.lkf lUr b I aiti <1 ryf ? Brig Rtuwyllj. Jenkhia.from May ague PR with75hhda to 8. W Lewis; 17} do Meyer & Stucken. B if??h brig St. Andrews, Mnlnuey, 19 daya St. Kitfa, with 1900 bbla aa't to Maithtnd &. Kennedy. Left brig , AHen, of New York, for St. Thomis, toon, the only American yeaael. Brig Ratiaom, Brown, 21 daya from Franklin, La with 116 hh'la injrar 130 bbln molaaara to I*. L. Maitland. Brig Tampico. Nragle, 18 daya from Franklin, La with 2600 gallons uiolaaaei to A. Hen ton. Left briga Abby Ameia and Meteor, and achr Merchant, to sail for New York in a few davi. The Tampico etperienced very rough weather daring the ptaaage. Brig Klita, Blake, 18 daya from New Orleana, with augar, to Mlav Brig Philara, Dotne, 9 daya from Savannah, with cotton, to Dunham Hi Dimon?-43 pawengers. Brig George, Hall, 6 daya from Chatleaton, with cotton, to G. Bnlkl Schr Klenri, Feaaenden, from (iuavama. PR March 23. with 111 v. i - . m \ l > Li ft I ' blol fl hr Hio, Onffing, *0 daya fiom Newborn, NO. with naval tori a. Hchr Ann KIim, Townaeud, from Richmond, with mdae, t t I.I Schr Roe, Sncdr cot, 4 daya from Baltimore, with mdae, tn Johnson fk Lowden H r A lei ndria, II tda . 0 ho? a from the Clpll, with md?e, to Stnrgea 8i t learman. Schr Nimih, Deari ??rn, 4 days front Rit hmond, with mi'tr, a ten fc Numi S hr B <ii, Lit er tfr C daya from I 'eterabnrg, with m ire, f iir i Schr J It W. KrncKtOli Smith, from (I 'orgetown, DO.with 11(1111, to W. H. Ik t Hitchcock. Brhr rinoe , Trrry, 3 Jay* from; Philadelphia, with coal, to mailer. Schr Providence, Foakry, from Folly Landing, with corn, to maafer. Srl rJnhn Mirahall, McMiner, from Folly Landing, with com. lo matter Srhr Olive, Coraen, from Windaor, NC. wilh naval storra, I 'O ro-if.r Srhr Planar MrOowri. V'rginia. n, It. Sa?.\h W'obaier, O orgetown, floor. Below. Twobri.-i, unknown. Nailed. 8h[ra KmeraM. How-, Havre; Kdwina, Wet, AmnroUm; brig Faiini ld, Smith, Port an Piinee, and others. Herald murine Corres|?oiideii4e. OfriCK OK THI UHo111 lauaitDl V, ) . ..I o , Newport. April 7, 1*41 \ ? r I' w'.l' <?WA t"'Vr,0!;.0"'" "h,"s'' for orders; I ?|.lpn.';d W,?ta. St Ooorge for New y?r|,. dosamiah. P?l!(.n. C p i r:ny'<i*"r,'> Ho,,.. Brown,nr. B ittnl for I 7 V?[t7"n' 3 " ,n-Wane.,, CVvrl , ,1. of and for War- [ ?1. , , , ; irt-m I\m ur .iRiirir > iwhrre ?np I sold 1300 bl.ln) With 2700 bbl* on board. Hid Pocahontas, At-' lactic Op? n. Sclir Elizabeth, of Kennrbptjk, B-atd-m, which art here 25th nil. from Attakapat, and repert'd by m as sailed for \>w Ymk 3 ?t. 11 still in part. Wo loarn'hat the enpta'n I'll bar on the 3l?t. without informing his mate where lie was going, or when he should return: and that he is uneasy in conseouenee of his long absence. We make this statement for the benefit of all concerned. General Hecortf. Pacggr ship Tohorto, Griswold, for London, will sail tomorrow. Her letter Vfs are at Gilpin's News Room, in the Eichapge. Brio Aurora, Barry, put luck to Wilmington. NC. 3*1 in?t. >n distress, having experienced a succession of gales from 76th March ro \ pril 2d; hore deck load overboard, anil dnrp-g a hurricane from Hoii'Ii, on the 28'h nit. while Iving to, the brig was thrown on bet beam f t d<; carried aw >y foreyard. tore foresail and fore topsail, fore topmast staysail blown off the bolt rope, Slid deck s?eept?wast rd nwsy bulwarks, stanchenns and monkey rails Brio St George, at New Orleans, reports that on the 5th nit. in la'2fi 5 I n 73 19. she fell in with the wreck of alow deck brig, lumber loaded, with masts g-n , bowsprit standing, 1 torn on', and stripped Brio Moor, Haves,hence at Charleston, egperienctd a?ne. ee?sion of heavy gale* from New York to Hatleras. Lat 37, Ion 7t 20. passed a l?r_'e long hoar, bottom up, varnished bottom, n's" a ladder, vessel's hatch, a number ofhirreli, spars Stc. More New Ships.?In addition to the la'ge shin mentioned ye?t. rd .y, as havint been eoritr'c'c'1 by a New York ho"se, with Messrs McKay and Picket, we learn that a abjp of R00 tons is to b? builr by Stephen Jackrnan. jr. two of about ,V>0 'ons each, by John Currier, jr. and a hrig of 250 tons, by Wm Cur- J rier. jr.?f Newbnrvpnrf Her Id, April 7. i Commerce of Chari-estoi*.?Harbor Master's Report! for March;? Ariiva a?15 ships, 7 barques, 20 brigs, 54 sebrs, 0 sloop, 43 steamboats. Clearance*?16 ships, 12 barques, 30 brigs, 71 schrs, 1 sloop, 47 teamboa's In port, 31st ult?11 ship*, 9 barques, 9 brigs, 22 schrs, 1 sloop, 2 steamboats. Whaleman, Arr a' New Bedford 7th !n?t. Orozimho. Barllett. from Pari fir la?r from Bahii Feb 16th, where she sold 1500 bhls wh oil, I wi ll 2100 hb's (Sfflspl oil Also err. Abigail, Cox, Pacific. with 1600 bhls sp. Arrai Edgartown 6th, Bnltic, Gardner. Pacific,with MOO bbls 8 sp and 250 wh. A whale ship was seen cine into one of the whaling porta in | LI Sound, p'ohably the Washington. Osbom, for Sagha hor. | Brio Juno ?The repor ed lots of this vessel is pmb?blv in- j correct. She was reported lost Jniuarv Mr, at the month of Hf j Francisco Hiver. |at 'OS She is reported by the Oroiimho, at ! New Bedford, Dec JOth, in 1st 36 18 S, Ion 49 37 W, all well. J Spoken* Claremont, of Thomsston. 16 days from Boiton for New Orleans, March 19 lit 25 2, loo 85. Neptune, f Boston, from NOrleans for Liverpool, March 26. off Gnu Key. Sardins, from Rio de Janeiro, out 11 days, Feb 12, lat 30 15, Ion 30 49 Saratoga, March 26, in the On'f, lat 25. N'po'eon, Jordan, from for Boston, April 5, Cape Cod SW 10 miles. Nahant, from St. Jagn for Boiton, April 2. We,umpka, standing S, April 3, Cape Hitteras W8W 70 milet. F.lira Jane, from Wilmington, NC. for Antigua, with lots of part of deck load and rails, rnd leaking badly?March 30, no lat, &o given. Boston, 18 days hence for Madeira, March 4, west end of Madeira Islands. Morait. from St Thomas for Apalachicola, March 26th, ofT Hole in the Wall. Taranto, from Providence for New Orleans, March 26, lat 27, Ion 73. Earl rf Durham, ofend from Halifax for New Orleans, 2flth March, lat 26, Inn 6'. Tccumsen of NYork, 12 days from Dunkirk for Charleston, no date, lat 35 Ion 15. St Helena, Flint of Boston, 17 days f-nm Montevideo far George River, Feb 13, lat 31 66 S, Ion 29 15 W. Foreign Port aMataivzai, March 25? In port. Partridge, for Be ton. 28 th; Vandalia. Berrv. for NYork, do: New Kngland,for Providence, do; Rival, for Philadelphia, next dav; Exchange, Leavitt. for Venice, do; Sarah from Boston, arr24th; Stag, from do, disg; Swan, Blanchard,for Europe, unc; Neptune, do,Idg; Malvina, Staples, fer Charltstnn, 28tn; Ceniurioti, Norris. from Portland, arr 23i. Sid Altorf Bngardus, St Petenburg; Port Leon, Lit tie, In port 30lh. Ash itl'ton, Pluuimer lor Rotterdam, Idg; Ariosto. F'bins, St Petersburg, ready. Adelaide, Adams, unc; Riga. Williams, Cowes. Idg; Amos Pattou. Thompson, do do; DnxNirv, Oeddings, St Petersvnrg. do; Cnmberland, H olley. Trieste, do; Wandeier, Prrrv, NY> rk, do; Ellsworth, Homer, Boston, do; Massachusetts, Ptltchard, St Pctershiitg, <1 >; Beisey. Coomhs, from Bath, just arr; Grind Turk, Loud, Frankfort, do; Crons'idr, Hatch, Antwerp, do; Washington, Bishop, Philadelphia, do; Millinoket, Buck sport, do, and others as .above. CiF.ixrrrooa, March 25?In port. Northerner, Hatch, for Hambti-g Idg; Trojan, Bucknam, New York, do; Ihampion, Soute, Boston, disg; Maria, Snonner, Savaunah, uuc; Squire & Brothers. f-nm Philadelphia. ju*t arr. MAVant'rT.. PR March 26?In port, Alphonso, (Dan) P nlsen, from St John. PR. for NYork, 6 dava; Llewellyn, Ca d, fir do, II or 15; Ellen Perkilia?43iipnrTick.Xor d?, wig frt; Velocity. Montgomery do, log: Win Wilson. Bak'r, fordo, 27th; J.-eeph, Pik". do do; Anti, Tar, wtp frt. Tangier, Parka. lor NYork, ?ailcd 2 daya before; John Fairfield, Lrlacd, for do, 3 darn before. St Thomas, Msrch 21?In port, Tiemont, from NYork, disg; Wave. Sutton. re|>g; Importer, wtg: W J Watson, White fill Elizabeth City -disg; Venus Prince, wtg: Maria, Higgins, for NO-lnns: Catharine, of Baltimore, for do. Rahia, Feb 16?In port, Ht ber.of Gloncester, unc. only Am vrssel. Sikrra Lrorrg, Ft b 16?In port, Reaper, of Salem, for leewnrd const, 10 days; Leander, Conway, of do. for windward.? Sid 10th, Kathleen, Taylor, of Philadelphia, for Liberia. Homr Porta, BrrgspnRT. Anril 1?S|d Veto, Coombs, NYork. Salfm, April 4?Arr Dromo, Pickering. Surinam: 5th, Lnl V..1I rs l.i /'l.I m i,..? vi... .?-,.i ,1 Buenos A vrer ami a mkr Boston, April 7?At Forum. Murdoch, Manilla; Samoa, Hfd, Oi'tinruru Signal for a brig Cld Hoscina, Millett, Havana: Boato-iau, Emeraon, NOrleana; Relief, Stronl, Cherry field, Me; Marion. StudioV, SiTsnnaS; Page, Nirkertott; Pennsylvania. Crowell. and Commeree, Lombard, New York. Arr gth, Caroline. Jordan Hawm: Wolco't, Ryder. NYork? was in oo roaferday wirh S A Arnleton. Nickersoo, from New York for B> srnn, a .d parted oo off Rare Point?thinks ?he went info Provinretown. Nkw Bkpford, April fi?Arr Souther, Oibbs, NYork; 7th, Rembtic, Sonle. do Sid Helen, Perry, do. Nantuc?et, April 5?Arr Champion prew, NYork. PRnviOKjrrr., April 6?Arr Jas LanMiar, Kenny. NYork ? Below, a forr and aft schr and a aloop, VMn ar anrhor below Field's Pninr. A ship in the hay hat night, anppoaed a Warren whal-r. Hid Rowae, All> n, Havana; Emerald France' ilie, \ Orleans: Orrav Taft, Alers, Charleaton. Thoi Fenner, Nicker?on, 'delrhia. Ntw London, April 5?Arr Reaper, Crowell, Baltimore for Piovid-nc". Hartford April 7? Arr Velocity, Oaines, NYork. PHii.aPtLPHiA. April R?Art Wm A Caldwell, Horner. Maya-goer; Sophronia, Drayton, Portimonth; Pilot, Crowell, Dennis Citt Point, Va. April 4?Arr Lnrilla, Peaend, Antwerp? ernerienced heavy weather, car ied away foremast, main topsail. lost long boat, and awept the decks fore and aft; Corinth, Smith. Antwerp. Wii.minoton, NC. April 1?Arr Baifiae.Hnnt. Providence? d-maged sails, rigging. Inst boat, Sic; Ja? T Bertine, William Thomp*on,Jnr as Smi h, and Constellation, N-w York; Alev Mitchell, Roswell King, am! Commerce, Charleston. _Cld Halcyon, (Br) Dean, Anlii-na: Tib tins, Oovc, do; Marietta Rvan,Commerce,and A F Thoru. NYork; New Era, Hartford, Ct. Charleston, Aprils?Arr Draco, Seara, Bolton: Merchant, Leslie. Matanras; 4 h. Moselle, Hunt, Boston. Below, < arib, from Boston; Tyh?e, NYork; and Neptune In the "(Ting, Aurora. (Br) Sloan, Cardiff; alao, Superb. Clil Jmie, (Br) Horn, Liverpool. Savannah, April 7?Sid Colombo, Rldridge, New Orleans; Hii|ierb, (Br) Sic Mil Ian. do; ^us-an, (Br) White way, Li"erp'l; .iu . n. L_. n..? P........ ,|? A rr 7d Graee.(Br) Scnrgie. Livewool; Countess of Arran, (Br j Bryan,do; Sesostris. (Br) McKenzie, Belfatt; Saphia, (Br) Dra per, London; E'len, (Br) Whiti>, Hamburg; Ayreshire, (Br) Mackav. Bermuda; Franklin Green, 'Vaper, Havana. Cld Avon, [Br] Masters, Liverpool; Bell-", [BrlBell, Barbi'looa; Ceylon, Crooker, Point Petre, (Jued; North Star, Baker, Bath, Maine. JicnsorsriLi.r Marrh 21?Bid Orozimho, Sargent, NYork. Arr fSth, Sophia, Fnrniat, do. AfAL-arHiooua, Marrh 29?Arr 2?d, Calais, Reining, New York; Aid Kelly. M itanzns; European, Burn*, Button: 23d, W Allen Spald-ng, NYork; 24th. Plvmonih, Fuller. Liverpool; Wanderer, l.ewit, Norfolk; 2Srh, Nile Johnaon. Havre; 17th, Manhattan, Diane New York. Cld ?2d, Mary Phi|lii>t, Pratt, Mobile; Martha Kidman, Drnisnii. Motion; 23d, Whitmere, Lake, N York; A-la, VeAHitter, Mobile; 24th, I'lymnn b. Fuller, do; Caroline, Stnd'ev, Button; 24'h Pei|UOt, New Orleaut. In pott, thipa I 'amberland, White, fur Triea'e; F,li?ha Denriton, Roane; Kuthaehild, (Br) Fell, and Tamlint", Smith, fot Liverpool; Nile. Johnaon, freight; hatunet By ran, Pearton. Liverpool; Commerce. Rogers, Boston; Ov-ndo. Nicholt, freight; hngi Georgians, lledell; Republic, Gated, and Detmlt. Anderaoi , New York; Camilla, ManJettil, Providetiee; Manhattan, D iane, freipht. Mohii.r March 27? Arr Win Badger, Coffin, Porrtmouth; Niehi I a Biddle, Truman, Liverpool; Clara, Penhalluw, do; H"tnilton, Whitney, Botton;Cowper, Huffington, H'VretWm Ladd. Wyman, Ap'laehicola; Luey Bl ke. Horrner. do; Odessa f Br] Vauglian, Kingtton, Ja: H-met. Vinton, N'Yotk: Hed Rover. Arey. Kingtton Ja Cld R W Brown. K--lly, Rich-notid; Tellnt, Tavlor, Piovidkuer. Arr ?* h, Muehioness of Bute, Kemp; VVallare, Main; E gland, Thornna n; V itiilla, Virkert.and Euclid. Davidion, Liverpool; Xvlon. Birrell. Htvre; Wm Penn. Coleinan, Baltimore: Cato ine, Crawford, Greenoek Cld Wm Ooddard, Potter, Liverpool. V'OUNO MEN out of employment would do well to I ratify themselves ?s Boot-Kcepeit at Van Norden*' Writing and Book-Keening Academ-, 241 B oadwnv, second rtoor, a< Mr. V.'a pupils generally'obtain good situations as accountants, through the inflnettca of hit patronr. Mr V ' cnurir in book k-epuig is ttrirt'y practical, at no author1! w.atk it copied in hit tcl.ool, and he endea ors to iinpreta upon the minds of hit pupils by familiar il'iittrattoiia, that the science of tcen-ititt it founded in Common tei te Course of instruction, Wh'dctale, Retail, Commission, Ezehang , and Compound ( o. 9|iecula ion Aceounlt Van Niirdr n'a system ol liutiiiets |i iiminahtp imp-rted toall in an inyredih'e short spare of time _ Terms ez tn'm?ly moderate. Day nu 1 evening claaiea, 281 Broadway, i) lw?*a To THE CITIZENS OF NEW YORK RUSSIAN KKHA SOAr-Tlie luhacnber hat jutt tern*** vcl h.- the ti&rk Rooble fiom l.'ronat.idt nine Cdri ot I'M relab*''tr?1 map, which for ahavtny ami ihe toilette ia nnaornaea* yd. Fur ahivtiiK, it i* acknowledged by ihote who have nted It to lie the moat anpeiior article now in nar. Ii i* now three yenra ?inc? this article waa int'oduc d into tha citv of Boafon, Mid it haiibeno aold to upward* of 8800 prrioll, in every caae with perfret atiafaetmn, nnd u conaiil^rrd the purest end cheapest family eoep that can lie n*ed F r nal- hv t'ir iloton orcak* eery low, by BAMUKl W CKF.UUH. No. it Trmmnt Huuae, Button, I'ticea 37k<, SO and 75 centa, and S3 per cake, according to lit*. The nuahlv of each rate it the tame. N. B.?A liberal diaeouut made to wholeiale rnrchaaer*. at eodis3**r I > K.NTI.KMKN AM) LAWKS' I.K KT OKK W A ltl> vT ltd UK?Gmtl. men or famiiira deairona ot converting heir l. l'1 off wearing aiiparel into ca*h, can obtain for the .rut the logheatraah price. To tjm11< a nud fentlemrn milting the city or changing , ?idrnc?, having any auiiertlnoua effort.* to diapoae of, will old It much to tha ir iKlTaniaga to tend for the uihtrribrr, vho will altrn.l them at their ren.lenre hv em,nit, m?it. H. LRVRTT. No. Ml Varirk ttreer, New Vork. A line throngh the To?t Office, or otherwise, will r. move irompt attention '* im*r [i r l y|l()W SlIAl :l . i aale a, hi ?V , No. 372 Blr.cUer a ivet, a ?en- al aaaortmsn. of iteau ifnl irsnt aren I alim v< Fiench Wmdov Sha t, at pr cat lower th*n *1 any pi < ? t ia y " a efni ?*? men! ol Dry Go, da. . ?( 3w * c ' M.I. 1,1 H lAlAl I. A T I ot. a-id, " I- .1 Old tr ill,in.l.lo ' J.?i 'J" "" mount, for mile *C ' SJYL * ?'.tt I KK 8, Mr 32 Wall atfett and 130 Broadway. <fi?9nnn HKWARD-JACOB SHIPMAN \ 'Jv ed with fifteen thoniand dollar* helonmDK to tha X iion Bunk of the city of New York, and aaid bank hereby . offer" a reward of Two Thousand D illara for the rj e iy*ry llica>in-' or.i rt'i-nhle amount for ?uch part theteof e? ma* b? |*fnr?;ed to the P ink. XPiijMMUi i* about fire <eet eleven inrn?? in oei-iit, ajj d ahout Ji veirs. bro id ?hon'dei?, fijnare a'oot ' o'1', 'iit' f ? Midv cmni'iiiin. In aw -ani'v beard, ?mal' n ,r .. wh'*Kers end li lir, I al't tfrey won. R tn*n n-' I * J1"!.'' vi hint u -I lip, and liv. n re in1 rk nVu di'npte i?r lie 1hia j " in. Hi w ? last ?'in III T'liileilili' I in tuiinoaed to have ' 'ake't ih" western uni< in Teiv. Shtpman is well known as it,,. en* fiden'ta agent of bmili* <ui b'oVr's, between T" N>wY? Uau.i niil ideli. i>. V K.tltlnri of J nuiiah. throughout Ibc LuioD * i.5 promote tile tc enure of jo*tici bv coining this. "96t r $: NRW FUttNlSHING STORE' WHKIt K th- mbrcrihrr '? now opening fresh P.nis an Lon 'X ? * lion G i d Ml I he 1 test stile nod hi ?t ijmli V, consisting 1 in part of Cravafi, Seanlsiu end cmbrii't-red. St chsanl In Stuck Ties, Gloves, Ho Dry, Drawers ami Shirts, Brac-<, lo Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs. Ready Made Li?en. fcc., *c , re and such other it ci'i as are rrgnired for gentleineni wardrobe, either at home ot while travelling, at '' CH A FFF.N'S *t a9 1m*r No. 170 P road way. , dress boot's; iv latest french style. THE 81TBBCRIBFR respectfully invitn the cilir.ana of New Yo It ami stringers visirine the city, to call at T lit FULTON STREET, 1 and ei'inine a large asioitmri t af Dress Boots, made iu the F latest fashion, and "f the finest French rilfsliin. ot Gent'emm can have boo's made toord r in the best mann-r, ct at six dollars per p?ir, and footed at four d?llars, warranted lo ecinal to any inannfactured iu the city at from seven to eight T do'I rs 15 rr^Persona having tender feit, ot being difficult to fit on ac- pi ciunt of lorrps, hnninni corns, k-, ran have hoo'a ma''e ?? as t" be easy y?t hand?otne. by lh? subscribe '? inrthod of taking m a (lrawin- of b-feet ard fitting np and keeping a pair oflass K for e tch customer. T 8tra>'g?r* leaving their measures ca", bv writing, have boots cc mad- and forwarded tot em without delay. corstartlv cis hard. se Handsome Boots, fmm S? on to ft 00 w Half H ot*, ' 2 50 to J 50 is Gaiter Boots, " 2 00 to 2 51 ar Shoes, " 1 50 to J JO m Slippers, " 50 to 1 Ct c< Fnmps, fcc , kc.. ennnllv low. th Trusts, Cash ex |)r.i.msr. in JOHN L. WATKIN?, th a9 1m*r 1'4 Fulton ?r, between Mfiirn and Datch s's ni PUB 1SHKD THIS DAY\ 2 PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS, in the riR?i wrMBrR or m H A it 1 E K. S FAMILY L I K K A It Y . P' CONTAINING "THK HISTORY OF THE JKWS, P' from r'e Earliest Pciol to the P-es<-nf Time." B" the l. Kev. H. H. Milium- Volume One. With fife maps ami other J* Engraving*. "" It The pu'i'hers five notice, that the whole of tvis eete. brated frrin will h,. jtoeH in week volumes. at TWENTY PlVK CENTS KA'"H!Jn?i lia'f 'he price thev here been *' sold at heretofore, end then decided'* 'he cheapest boohs in the ,, market. Tip?f volumes will be illustrated end em belli hed * with numerous engravings, as in the previons editions, printed on pjper equally good, and hound iti fancy French covers. 2' The nnhrrshers feel that it is wholly unnecessary to speak particularly of the merits_ of this Library, so e?'ensi"elv . known, and which has obtained a circulation and a decree of *? I ublic fsv-ry unequalled by any similar collection It comprises work'in every department of science and general liters lure, by the ah'esl writers English and American, in a popular style, and designed far the instruction of all classes in oommu- T ni'v. ? 8 2 is*re HARPERS it BROTHERS, No, 82 miff at. D Tl) THK FKIKNDH Of ' 'air Deling and Honest Princi- J? pies.?O'Conucll'a Ireland, Native and Sason?on y g'nn- tn ioe Kdi-ion?jnst publ shed in f vol 18 me.. 33} pages, well ar, printed, on good ra cr, handsomely hound and I tiered, in style 9 sui'ah'e for the libr ry ovdrawiugroom. pr ce only 50cents By the following card it will be se ti.tnar the only lUTtiss ft tic cditieu saucti med by the illus'riousauthor, is'hgt published by CA-SRRLY & SONS. *' 108 Nassau street, N. V. To Mean, Caiserly St S*-w, "too'cellerj and Publishers, nl Nf.W YORK. E OstrrLuntn? I I hereby authorize you to sel' my n>-w work, entitled "A Memoir of Ire I'n I, Native anil Sa-nn;" and I do her"bv cm- . ritu e and appoint you the role publishes thereof in Ame ica. 1 No edition h?a mv atuction e* cot that pnblish (I by, and uu- i' der the firm of "Casser'y fit Sons." I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant. *J DANh-L OCONNELL, Dublin, January J7. 1883. u 'fr*-Beware of the spurious edition. a8 3tec PROFE8tfOR J~N. M AFFiTT "ill deliver a L<-ciure before the Young Meu'i Ru'gers Total Ab tinenee Socie ,j ty, in the M. thadist K. Church, Mulbery street, near Houston, ? on Monday Evening. April 10, at 8 o'clock. Siibieer?Cold Water, The "ona of the Waters. Hegar and Dh-nael in the wilderness. The First ''iscoverv of Alcohol,Toe Origin of the Wa-hing'onian Society,Temperance in Ireland. Tickets ?5 cents, to fe had at Ste.rhen Barker's No. 281 Grand st, H. & S. Itayiior, 7# Bowery; U C. Root, S7 WaM st; H. Jamison, 803 Mulberry st, anl at the principal book stores. i Also at the door of the Church oil the evenjug ef the Lecture. a8 ?t*ec 'c SOMETHING NEW IN BEDSTEADS!!! h] 'T'HE attention of betel, tavern and boarding house keepers it ? is rrqii' sted to a new ami suiterior desrrtptinu of Bedsteads, a combining all that is considered desirable in this indispensihle it article of furniture, viz simplicity, economy, durat'lity and di entire ubsence of any thing like harbor for that most noxious of vi all insects a THE ABOMINABLE BED BUG. ci The ease a d short space of time wi'h wnich hi WILLS'S PATENT PREMIUM BEDSTEAD can be put up or taken down is alinos' iirdre'iblc, call and see r< a great variety at Woodruff's Depot for the above, 71 Gold si street, between Spruce and Beekmac, New York. a Shop rights and machine's for sale on application as above. t< a8 lin*rc tl A DOLPHE MONDRON, Boot maker, from Paris,respect- 1 fh fully informs th inhabitants of New York, that he has 0 opened his establishment at No 183 Broadway, where he is a read''to execute all orders entrusted to him, of the latest fashions and best workmanship. P Gent'emen wishing to hare an elegant fit will do well to cull L and examine his work a8 lm*t IOtlK AT THIS?Just received lot tinrhtkts, it outy -8 c-nts, lot fine double wi'th changeable P .risiucs at oul> Js r 3d; lot table linens, 3 yds wide, at only 8s fid; lot fine broadcloths at only 7s 6d; lot fine double milled cassimeres at 6s fid; t| lot best sattinels at ouly 2" 6d; shirting inuslins ar 8 cents per yard; lot fine book muslins at Is; lot cambric mns'ins at'd per | yard; let superfine double sidth alapacca lustres, cheap; lot jj ladies'collars at 6d; lot men's fine orange canes st only 6 cts; e in'line new ur lames, cneap; gooa sus at ' cents per sxew. n D will pay any our to enmr 20 mile* to WlLLET HAWKINS' (torn, 501 Greenwich street. 5st store below Spring street, m 10 lmis*m ' DAGUERREOTYPE TO THE PH'ITOOKAPHIC ARTISTS. ; FA. ARTAULT k CO , i6*k Fulton street opposite St. ? Paul's church, respectfull.-in'orm ths photographic artists, and everv peisou engaged i'l d '^tie Tcotvpe bu mess, that they wi'l rcecise hy packet ships Emerald and Ville de Lvoi ? 000 French daguerreotype plates, 6X inches by 8X> No. 30; 12 Freuch scom?'c lcnsrs,3X inches diameter, m >de hy Lorebou'aand Alf Girnux; 8 Freneh scromyic lenses, 4X inches diameter, prepared by I hevalier, for taking large ?i*es of portrait'; 50 ounces b omine; 51 ounces chl >rid? of iodine, and all t the cle tnic-ls necessary for the daguerreotype. ?8 Im*r | FURNISHING WAREHOUSE. I TXTORAM &HAUGHWOI/T, 561 Broadway, near Niblo's, " "" hate jasc laesirsa? T f'hsnd?liers, 4 to 24 lights, silver, ormolu and bronze, for gas and candles; 16 entire new patterns lust opened. j Girandoles and candelabrss, 6 new patterns. ^ Gis mantel listli s. brackets, pendants, lan'erns, 8tc., by far p the most sup* rl> assortment we hare ezhibitetl in six years. g Hall lanterns for gas or oil, in great ninety of style and pat terns. ^ Solar'amps, a most complete assortment of the best improved patterns; seve-al e IP i re new patterns; with every utile-ar j( ie'e that is requited fm the. purpose of giving light; together with a ftill assortment of the finest quality of cut glass, of every ai dcsciiotuip, t) Fine table'eutlery in sets, in mahogany cues, and is dozens. A great variety of | lated nru., btskets, trays, waiteis, castors, toast racks, candlesticks, liqaerframes, forks, snoans, Ike. Also, a c .mplete assoitmrul of fine j spanned ?ei tr^ys, Britania tea sets, steel tire iious plated md bris* stair r ds White IM gold dinine, tea, anil toiler ware, and every Olher article in the Itrn , wh ch wc will positively sell below the m irket prices. >1. H.?A half citcle stair case lor ceiling, 13 feet high with mahogany rait, Itc., for sale cheap. a8 2w,r C\Hi>?J. 9C HMIUThas toe pleasure to iu'nrni his triends 1 and the pnhi ic in gener tl, that he has opened and elegantly 1 fi'ted .ip i WINE "ALOON, in th basement of the Granite e Building, corner of Broadway and Chambers s'rert, where he )r will con'tan'ly keep on hand a ?npply ol the choicest French, d German.Spanish and other Winev, (pait'y importea hy htm- n ell,) which he offers for wholesale and retail- Also, English p Ah ai d Porter, indeed any thing whth ought 10 be found in a n well regulated establishment of this kind. e He pledges himself that all his articles shall he pore and ?l p the first iioality, so as to secure the approbation of those who ti may f?vc r nin, with a ca'l. ft N. B ? Entrance in Chamber street. afl eoi'6t*r GREAT RKDUCilON IN THE PHI' K CF CLIREHUGH'8 VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALPS rPHE8E ce'ehrated art cles have for many years held supre- J ' n icy over all others in this country as well as in Europe. , In shape they are made to fit as the natural hair gr iws. They 11 a e light, elastic, and fr'e from all disagreeable pressure. By all and wearers they have b'-en hancterised as "Perfect ' lie ad< of Hair," aud ssuit be i-en to be appreciated The ? charsete ol Clirehngh'a work it established lor iu superiority, ' ml having a lime stock on liaod, he has, according to the ' tinna, reduced the price* to the very lowest remunerating * p! |V. 1 In the Hair Cnt'int Department, Mr. C. will he found alwan "at home " nud w,ll i i?e hit sole and undivided intention h to nM who wish lo chat ge countenance unier the ufgic ef his r ech. _ a8_ri?j*r_ UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS OK KELLY'S DOU- ' BLE EXTRACT OF 8ARSAPARILLA CANDY. it JUST one month to-d^v hat elat seil sine- Mr Kelly first in 11 iro'urrd his l> utile f.itrai.t if Snmapa ilia Candy to the ri ixent of Yotlc, I e fr im the 7 h < < March to the 8>h Ai rtl; h-has soli'at ven thoniao 1 three ho d-d end nineteen ' packagei, and recived fnrti-fi'e compliim n'ary letters of it t curat ve powers and beneficial fftcli ill ?um?reus disr nans. ' T e follow! t? certificate it fr nn my ma uf C'lireroithe ? Double Ettract of Suratipirilla Cnndy 1 New York, April 7th, 1817. * Mr. ? J Sir-I hare no heriiation in statins the amount of snnar ! ' made in o 8ars?pvt1la t. andy t'lice the 2d nl Mart h np lothis * dale for you?I worked up three and ah'If bines white Havana ' sugir. The average wo ghr nf a hoi of sugar is A10 i-nunds. 1 Yours reapeellolly, \V M. BOli KOo I.N. f New York, March 8th, 1843. * M*. Kill?:? c De?r Mr ?1 hnve been taking your SarsapvrilW Candy, ami I ' have foil ill great relief fr mil, within a few dayt after using produfeil very great effect. I free ound more benefi froti <! one package of your < andy thtnfrom two or three boirlta of * the Syrup I find it soou lives new vigor to lie tyiem, and ' produces g<eat effect, from the putr catieu ol the blood. It * sires If <1 tli to the stnimch and prevents manv of those diseases c iused by the t iaeaaed state of the blood, by entirely cu' ing all ' hnmors and pimn'es in the skin, and has. in my case, given r heaiiha d vigor o the system. It being mm n more conreuieut mil iti mi denial prorertice ttreater thin the ayrnp, muat, aa , loon aa known, do away en'inly Willi the m? of I he Syrup , Vervraepnctfally, f 8. DliHAND, ?7 Greenwich utreet. r Sold in prckayeaof twenty-fire cents each, or five for ooe i dol'ar. To be had at r W. KKLLY'8 OO'lHAM CONKKCTIONARY, aS3t*r S#7 Bmndwav. New Yo k. ,] EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. (k rl 'H K mbsi-ribrM will arnd au eipreea through from tlui city, ' ] 1 t > the above named mil intermediate place*, oathe mornmi; of the 9lh mal., lor the tmuiportalimi of apecie, bank notea, hnndlei and package* ol goods, collection of draiu, bilU, notei r \nd accoitiiU.and all inch other buain<Mn^m^be; entrusted to th?m' ' , 2 Wall at., N'V N. U. Immriliately on the opening of lake naviaatiou, the < ibove eapiea* line will be extended to Chicago, Cincinnati, I <tc and continued throughout the cut-re aeaaon, in connexion '' with their .New York, Albany, Troy, and Bulfalo daily express r 1 UA vlt It 1 o.'H NKw YOHK AND NttWARK J ? I'Bp.MS.?The imhhc ?te . t.crtfully informed that t t ' m'm rihrra hn?e eaLiblia: ed an Kipreaa fetwoeo New Yo * ' , .. It . J., lot the - moo - i' live y i it twrh ?, otiinl'ea, money. Ye. lie.s ih? collection of not ? t- I ' it 11, an-1 II other boainea? apportaininH to an Kti ? ?. ? , prtleti for article* to he retained by tjio Ntpr-aa will t 'elivcred free of dilftl. . .. ' XTiee in New York at No 7 Wall atreel. aiid te Newark, til 'M'TH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 170 Broad at Leave New York at ilR A. >1. end ill P. M. I eyva New-ayfr a* 1 A end 1^ r. M dltoo * 'M I. "'> U AOS? (Ml bale a I' K II St ' > |laks;#f ball* N I I tV bnrua? oraale bv PI.H8MK It BKOOKH, No. 01 Liberty alien IT ANTKD?A ritnt'imi m (i nlenrr by Jtilioa W. Paulsen ? * married mail, with * (mall family, w-o ?ai lor four tare gardener to J. A. IVriT. Ksq., at EruikWu. Haying s= can Irn ye?rap*at mole the management mil architect re of een and fairing-honae-i h>a particular atudv, he rreomcnds hia aervicea eith r to a gcntlrman deairous of erecting w green-hoiiaes or where a chnice collection ol egntiea ia he cultivated He la alan a yeiretahle cordelier For referiera anp'v to I A. Peiry. Karj., No. <0 Broadway, or Samuel f(] [ey<n?, Km] . ' o >. '.Vail alre?t A few Mnea a h'i'aaed to W.PaUi tKA',r?" -f the 'Je-man Society, 105 Fulton , ii rf, wi'l me i w it I. n-1 iii iii in 30 Qw ' nl IT AN KD TOlBO tHOW?Kor a car'ain lam of. a, l'1 ' (6f.(4, r.t ail per cent, ou .1 300 ac?- Kmn limited at tie ir iwu < ( Stamford, I'uicli aa (.Vuuly. New Yi k?na?eaacdat ai Xlieracre. Apply to 3 J. SYLVKSTKK. a8 3'r 22 Wall a'reet 7ARl> WANTr D?Any punou having a anall yanl t" 1> t, I a a rraaoanhlr rriit, mav bear of a tenant by addnaaing a ,| ne at iioi: fet-mind I -cation, to Bui ilt> Upper Poat Olficr? canon the Km river, bi-'ow Chvliain at, would be prtrred. _ . . il Hcho it Kur iiinrr f,)r vile at 195 Bowery, oppoaite Bp-llip ?t. -r?uuj in n tin in men tniy rear ol a Itargan Of applying as y lovt. air I FEW OKTLEMEV of steady hibits can be Bccemieq- c V dated with good bo ik) niiil i lo's <nt rooms in a private tauri- ft , at 20I Fulti u afreet. Alio, a few day borders can he sec. modateil on the moat reasonable term. A parlor ami bedroom let, with or without board a5 ec EOTUHKS on AM IENT EOYFT? Mr. GEORGE d J K. OLIDEO.N. of Egypt, will eminence al'ourae of ive Lectttrea, ou Early Egvptian Hiatory, Archeology, and her aubji r.ra coDiieced with Hieroglyprvea' Literature, actinpanied bv Pictorial Nibln'a Ha- cl an. ou Monoay Evening. loth April, a' halt-part T o'clock.? ii he Lectures ? ill be coatiuued ou Thursday, nth ; Saturday, e th ; Mo day, I7th ; nud Thureday, 20th April, at the ?ame act- and hour. The Pangramme. f ?u'jecta to be clue dited in thie Conree, _ av he found on the lasi page of Mr, O'a work on Ancient I gvp'. just published b the New World Pica", at 30 Ann at he Lecturea take up Egyptian Archeology, where that work 81 I rlu.le'? . e. P. C HSt J The Lectures ill b e'ueidat'd by a copious and beautiful " irica of luge P e'orial Illuitratiuna, tnar have been prepared ith notch care, and ai great eipenar, by aeveral eminent Artta ?r Pnilxdrli liir Th. y conuit ol Hieroglyphic I.Hi-ratic . id Drnvt'C Tablets, Tex 'a, and Genealogical Tab'ei?Ch?o J* ilogtcal Tablea from Caere I and Prolan* History?Faciimile >p eanf a ver d of'he moat magu'fi cut Tableaux ex:ating in C e Tombs and Templrs of Egypt?Portr its of th? i h'raoha / i the.r clt triors or iu titer my4 roh.s?Queus ol Egypt from \ e Mont m-nla, in Ih'ir va led and oleganl coaiumea?Like area of torty-eigbt *ov"reitina of Kgy|tr, from Amuuoph lat, C lti'29?do vn to tba celebrated Cleooatra, R C <9, t'ltcn ~ nm th "dculpt'irea?Kinga, Ptincea, anil toval Ft miles, offer- f g to the Deiiicsof Egyptian Myihology?Full lei gth ligtirca, J id nnm-rt ui heads ol Asiatic tn ioua ot attliq titv, dating ft ior to R. C. I5"0? Ncgro?a and other Africt" naitons, in all i> tsi'ioits, and under vattoua ci.c ttnatancea? I itrrcyling -cenea it lal aie supposed Is re'.i e to the Hebrew captivity?Proeca- a< on of various Asiatic end African Natioua, bearing iribu te to it c rn-ruon# t?t jc-k ?wun m?uy wrier iuiyici?, ion uumer* 11 i> for present pecificitinn, and a M ip of he Valley of the m ilr, colored 10 ailo convey a correct idea of its'ar phy- G cal aspect h Tickets may be had a' the bookstores of Birtlett 8t Welfnrd, d 2" Broadway; Cnrvil It < o, 102 Broadway. md T. J. Crow- tl 1. 633 Broadway; also at the office of the Glob Hotel, or the [lice of the New World, 30 Aim st; and at the door of Niblo's p'oon. Gentleman's Ticket, Two Dollars; Lady's, One Dollar, for < is Course. Forme oruling, Fiftv Cellts. ?6 IQt | TO AMERICAN THAVELLERS 5 GOING TO EUROPE. o VJ. MARKWELI., Proprietor of LONG'S HOTEL, New Bond street and Clifford street; also, the LON- t ON KAV.LV HOTEL, Albemarle street, his the honor to niuai'it Families and Gentleman visiting LONDON, that lose Houses hnve undergone a cotn| lete revision, with new \ id appropriate Furniture; the Cellars are tilled with WI NE " audi a clas that is ran iv to be met with, being selections ; nm priv .te stocks that have been gathered tnueiher bv vaons Nabletneu and Gentlemen wlioepridcd themselves on ? leir jitdrment; more man 5000 dozen in bottle is now emigre I. ited, beside a vast quantity in wnod. |( W. J. M. has also the honor to call the attention of Merchants tl id Gentlemen to his Establishment in the City, under the t Hiiagement of hi* Son, HE NORTH AM) SOUTH AMERICAN COKKKE , IIOUSc, COCK TAVERN St SUBSCRIPTION ROOM, Vis-a-vis the New Royal Exchange ; ic whole is in the most impoi taut position in the City.posscsni: every information, as regards tne Subscription Room, otn all parts of the wotld, the proprietor having pledged him:lf to procure the earliest intelligence. The chargesare ou I ic innst moderate scale consistent with the respectability ot J le house. The Furniture is entirely new, the Sleeping department relete with comfort ; in fact, no establis' went in the city can trpass this ill its geietnl aerom-noda ion. It is admirably t itnatcd as regards tne Northern, Eastern, and 8 Eastern Kail- I rays, ht-ttig nut a few ininuics drive troin their various termini. i A Porter is appointed to attend through the night, for the i enefit of those arriving or departing hy the train m IS <w igb a UNITED STATES HOTEL OF PHILADEL- ! PHIA. \ LL travellers wins have passed the days and nights of their a. sojourn in Philadelphia at thin fine establishment, speak in -rmsof unqualified praise of its accommodations, its table. J iid management. The arrangements of the house are adtnira- . ly ayiti'nutic, and there are substantial comforts to De found i this Hotel that will be appreciated by most persona, such as I clean, quiet, and Woll-lurutshed house, :t well-supplied rrad i ig room, and a host whose constant efforts are directed to renpr this n ansiou a highly agreeable resort for respectable tra- I pliers. Mr. Rea, by his polite and affable deportment, and his are muted personal attention to the tables, and the general itnfortof his guests, wins fivor from all who frequent his aase, _ ... Those who in the morning prefer to indulge in the "sweet istorer balmy sleep," instead of attending to the breakfast lininous, find at the hour which suits their own convenience, table set lor their especiil use, with several aeivauts tn.atrnd.ince to consult their wishes, and have any delicacy which le house affords, prepared with celeiity for their gratification, 'he dinn-r is served in a light, airy, and spacious dining room, verlaoking a garden, and is a repast that would do credit to nv Hotel in the country. The situation of this house is decidedly the best in Ph.ladelKia K?ino nn r.laMimr if Dnnauifp th?? R?mh tif I Inif*?A Htclef? lie very centre of fashion and business of the city. mil lm*r CLINTON HOTEL, NEW YORK. I'HK PROTKIETOH uf this well known and very popular Hotel avail' hirneelf of toe occasion, to rendrr his sincere hanks to the rublic, aud to its patrons, I >r the patronage and indues* they hare for a series oTyears so warmly and Iiberaly bestow rd. Actuated bv a sincere desire to merit and receive heappr rbation of the public, and actios in accordance with the lueucivs of the timen.he has reduced his rates to the following rices, I Table de Hole $1 50 per dar Private Parlor *2 00 per day i Board in Parlor It 00 p-r day i In making this annunciation, the proprietor begs leave to aanre the public and the jinfons o! the establishment, that there hall not be auy diinnitiou in <he a tractions of the Cliuton Intel. But, that, on ihc contrary, no effort shall be wanting, n prt. to maintain the high reputation the House has at all | inn s enjoyed,and to obtain which he h i at all times studied. 1 a4 2Wr ritKfTON HODOES. J WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL, ? 326 PEAHL ST., FRANKLIN SQUARE, N. Y. r FOWLa.R It SON respectfully inlorm their lri?udi and ! ' the public, that thev have oiiened the above well known lotcl O i strict teinreiance principles, and pledge themselves i o eonduct the same s>?rictly ill tirose principles. The accom aodati ma need no comment, as they are ..ood and comfortable, j 'erui'n nt and iranaieut Hoarders by the day or week. Pri- i ale apartim nts for families on the most reasonable terms. The location is convenient to the London and Liverpool , 'ackets, and the Albany, Buffalo, Boston and Philadelphia j oats. Every information givm to persons travelling; also the est and cheape.t way of conveyance to all |?rts of the United Itatri and Canada. The Heading Room will be supplied with English and Lmeriean papers, and nil the Tempeianre p nodieals. Terms? Boa>king per week $); per day 74 cents. Tea.eof- I ie eakes, <kc. always ready. We, ihe uiidrrsigned, would ehoerfnlly recommend the hove Hotel to the notics of our Washinytonian friends, and )e|travrlliug public generally Hou Aaron'dark Hon. Ueo. Hall, Preiideiit Parent Society, Brooklyn. . James Van Dyke, President of Wallabout T. B. Society, .lames H iper, Pre'ident o the Franklin Temp Society. Wm F. Lrggrt, Vice President Broadway -ociety. AC Flanagan, President of P(Or|rrct Society. Rev. Isaac i'ov?rt, fresiaent Washingtoniau T. B. Society. Nicholas Duff, Pres daut of Auderrou Society. J A II Wilson, M, D. President of Marshall T. A Society. ' apl Im'rc jOCKET BOOK LOS l-lu passing Iron Nrwirk ui New I ! - Y#?'k on T??t*?dav the 4th iQ?t. in the 9 o'c'ock train of can. ir (in bnaru of the steamboat, -ros-inr ih? Nor h Hi< rr, I lost ly poc-et book, eontnninir ra'inns vouchers as eridenee of cbts. My imprnion is that the pockrr nnok w-s stole , fr'ir ly porker, on Iwa'd the bo?:in crossing the North Hirer. An , aytnecit of all the roncliera hare been stopped, th*y can be of . 0 n?e to any one but myaelf, and all peraous are h?reby aotionrd egainit recririnR the same A liberal reward will be aid to any person who will maru the norket book unit consuls to ine, at 137 East Market street, Newark, or give me in- i sro-ation where they may be had. i a7 3l*r A. W. KINNEY. DOUBLE ACTION HARPS. 1 T K. BROWNE k t.'O , Manuf accnre'i. London and New ' York, ber to rail the attention of the admirers of this rrry iraiitiftil and fashisneble instrument, to the reiy tnperor Harps ic has for sale at 38i Broadway. 1 heae instruments are controcted on ihe moit approrrd prinei, lei, with all the modem I mpror ments, are unequalled in brilliancy of tone, hghtuesa if touch, and perfectueas of mechanician*. J h". B. i.egs leare t> ado, his ar eugements arc stir-has to nable him ro transact business at Euro can pricea thereby airing hla fiends the high duties impoied bv tanff on those n'truments. Deal -re ?iid orofeaaora are particularly inrited, and will find lis method of tranaac log business sdvai r (eons. J K BROWNE, aT'oMl d k?V^rc_ .1*7 Bro?d ?nv and_3Hj_hninh. rs at. 4*OH SAIjE?Three notes Orawn by the lain vVio ' ".at, tie ceiled on which there n <w da lOont tStb Theeat'.te inppesed ro be solvent, Tail the ho tier being iu want of , nooe<, will diapcse of them at a bargain Apply to aV3t*r IQHV '.'pt (>?K r R. ?H Pearler [I M il's HA I'8 !!!-(), KI8H, F sh'ouihle It. ( |Mms 17 lln.olw.ii, wonUI eauec fu'lv snmwucc'o the I sh- , -ohl public lb it he t? now prei-ared to fumiah a apleiiilid otic e in the Hat ine, fiiiali- rl in the atvly of the -prim; nv< el n'rodiced by h m or the let mst. The popularity or rl favor hicli hat ath'iideded rhi? and previous ah-pes whi, h h re manned f otn h a eat bliahment, ha, b,-< u p-rticu! ?r ? ur nyin; I he subscriber won'd eomm-ud to particular "Otic hi , plenlid article of Black Nutria B-arer Hirs.a'ttM), v-hnh or A s nrsa of miterial, eh stance of furm, and all essential iua idea, cannot he equalltd by any told rt Ja.llb. Alaf. a Hat for the times,being a remarkably close imitat'on ifih-Hoe Mi rra H\t. at the low pr ce of $3 M, nud r trie I le "lint irnliment of " H?trenohmeut," kc. Tina 'r'mle is de:id,d|y lie near economical list of the day. The e ia one fenute is ill nibscnher's llata. to which eaprcia' arfeul no h -a wen I'rcctid; it consists in the reiy uni ju- ai d cracrfnl st\ Ic 1 ifthehrrm. Joined with an ndaptediiess to th- features of rlie re in*, this's point generally little regarded among manufac rsrs, hist npon whicn the subscriber wild challenge compe i n A sir glc inspection only is solicited, N. 3. All ki .de and shapes of Hats made a1 Ihe shortest pos- 1 ihle jot'Cg. n7 3t*r TMth 7 OVS HfNtl WHI M NATURE HAS BE- ! 1 yfrowRD ON THE HKsD OK MAN , it one of Mir I , rinci"! ?f bpnntv. Wlint env be te?? nl?-a I k> look upon till n I bald III-1(17 Evru 111 t c fim of the | *r plet Knaha "then bald head"wa rnnsidi rrd the aupe rlvue I in?l ? en > reproarh; and in modere <1 n a, the deft ft i? u-n , y c ccraled with jealona care. But how mneh belter to rmefy than to eo'Crnl It. A few bottleaof Jayue'a II nr I'nnu will, in almoat all eatea. end. r a wik unnecessary, by l-eortting th- !)< ? trslp with a new growth ol lia>r. If the i ntri<ra line If, r <> matter from what cause,j few applications j >' JV"'' ?f air Tonic will nrrrat the dtlapidat'itg proeesa. I 1 Ph..I f era do not rest np-'O our "aayao"bnt npon teatimonial i if nn<jncitionable respectability. o Prefred by Or. D. (AVNE, at to South Thild street, a 'hii. telplii >, and *11 Broadway, New York. a7 Jt*r t "aTUPsO)-; CHICAM CANDY.-Maaara. J. faaaa k *on, * .' Ibnleeiiooera, tJ Divi?f?n urert, hava brought forth uothrr delieiona eomnonnd to gratify the sweet teeth an l || tthba the i 'UP a of tlioae who indulge in aneh "sweetmeats Pint ' < ly potteaea the lot' tlaYor of the Ifa nn.t oraiisa, nud, ve lllnk, ill mot fail to receiYe the patronage of the ladictaua _ o?.*raof confectionary ie general.?-Aurora Itir vlPhll i'ANT TO Vfi.D COIINTHYMKN-MKHSItS 1 H t K M) "'N s, t () will draw at their ttapwaa and roreii(n ettrf Od'ce, No 1 Wsll street. small bills of eiehanga Irom iff to XI0", in to ma to awit, payable at tight, for the at .mm o- * rtiol ol persons wishing torermt to then frienda in England. "Tb't'fe'l'.e' ca tor the ttoyal Mail Breamara fnrLlr epool i.. vllo made ?p ?t their omee. Vorlurthar information apply to ^ t Wallatr. e ' gents t ond .n-VA?XKAN, V ARRIS % Pr< s , ...'-.V/ILMKW > 7' 11T' S VI ALTS?W reeks an >ri SxnyBu - n lis, lor lr by PEKSMh. ?. BKOdK*. X No. II Libe.ty auact, AUCTION SALK. , THQMA < BKi.j . Anctloueer BT nELI, ft ROWARM. iV??. Si .Ann itttf IIS lultcn MONDAY, A nl W. , T Oen'erl Furniture? A' ha'f-">sit 10 o'eloek, the eleyant furnltfa, 'i-ti' l. rt-, lie. < 11rn'' in the hnte No HCwHn, si" H" w- "d?Co-sistiii( of hsnihoin* pt'lor sud h?droom Oir ifor- in a I i-t t ri?'i->; rosew md niane. mantel clock and or- M amenfs F'cnrh nt,?l orher bedateads, wardrobe, sola..Klenili Ute lonkiov ylnasea, marble top r> ' and centre tables, ortolans, anpcib wnr'i, lea id anil dining Ub'es,carpets, r"r<.fire jtts, kriciien (kc Ui TUESDAY. At !<l>4 o'clock in the sales room. Large tele of innerior sens inshlestaple and fancy dry V'n'qn clothsi, eaaiiinerei, linens, muslins, calico, sniffings. hrctirigs, ehallya, shawls, lacet, hotiery, gloves, pledged no's, jewelry, gnna, cutlery, dtc. Alto, some clinic- rum sud bitn y, by oriler of the Marls I. AI*o, a fine assortment of fecund hand and new jewelry, ratches, trunks, and 'sncv roods Alt ', a stork of hosiery, a quantity of splendid Sheffield 22 ittlery. I Loado" runt, J le?er watches, a? inyoice of beanti tl canes, -liamond pins and rings. *c. WEDNESDAY. At 10X o'clock in the salesrootc. ul Large, rtvni vr and splendid tale of the nest warranted abin-t furnituie and second h ind household furniture of all escriptions. TUESDAY. ISth, At 10 o'clock, at <16 Liberty at. Lame Sale cl K-irnitu.-c? Will be so'd the entire fur itnre of le nb-ire four story honse, nosy occupied as a rented hoa-dIt hous e. cotni rising 15 rooms, parlors, drnwinr rooms, kitch- ? n utensils, Ac. A. MAV\ Aiic ioneer. 5} OKO. 8. MANN, St CO , Stoic 131 Bro?dw?y, c; ru-r J Authrnv.- Monday,Atril lOlli. It I" o'clock, Furniture c ko,?A >atge and gencml assortment of etc llenf neve ?n?l icoud baud rurniture, coinisting of almost evriy article in the o" T Alao, fancy articlaa, a variety of dry goods th WEDNESDAY, at la o'clock,in the atoie. hi Wines, Liquors, ttegars and (Jiocrries?Old win s In dem> L >h?s and boltl'd, many u' which are old rnd fine qnalitv. A'ao, hrai'diea. Hollaed gin, Scoth wliiakey. au rer or im- gj or'fd anil d me't'c scgars. '??, offoe, k , Ire. a*l2t*r I TOAi.?v'n arrived and for sab low to dealer! and otheri, f all the d ifTerent sizea ol Bedash C"*l. Apnlv to PETER Ci INTON, . ?8 <i*r Comer K nt and Oreetiwic1'- . -j W BROWN k rO 'S One Price H>t Store. 178 Chatham ^?5(joare, corner of Mott at., where faahion, heauty. durailitv and economy are combined to sdotti the head. The p'orietora hive the pleaanre now to offer a new aiyle of nat, the da nirar on of braver, which closely resembles llioae formerly aid for $5 and $6 at the low fived price of $1; thoae who from ?ti lchiistimi or necessity are induced to atudv economy in that ea ijispetissble article of dreaa, have now an opportunity of doing o, and still keep np the appearance of the moat fashionable.? Irown k Co. in pre'enrinR this hat to the rublic, think ther ave reached the ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, neatness, urahility and comfort to the wearer. All sales are for cash, herefore bo good customer nays the losses incurred by the bad. BROWN k CO. 17? Chatham square, a? ltn*r corner of Mo't at. a TO LET OK LEASE?Two three stoyhou es in o'j Bourne tie tr Wooster st, with neat Court vards in front. I'he 2 storv house No at Laurens st. The two stary ? ons. s 46 :<nd 11 6th arena". The two in,r' rot age known as he Washington Hall, comer of Fourth and Thnmpsou streets, pposite Washington Runare. The above ate in perfect order, and were lately r?inted hrought ut. Will be leuted low to good tenaets Apply to J A PEleL, '? Bond it, before 9 A. M. or between 1 and 7 i\ M or -?f 3fl < JTallnt. 7f. .? re m HOUSE and S?(5!fE 70 r KT-TI- SSI ?t PjW known and 'nnir e?tabli.<lied ?ii air* hard ware store In^JKLc'ted No. Mfl2 Pearl ?treef, the lubicnber Imtmjk earned ? n the ubrtVe btiaiiieas f r i ea? 13 yenig, himI iu enna* quca< e of 1 rpvii irtbe country wishm to lettre above wit* a four years j ^ case trow first of M-ty ne*t, wi b workup. kI'M ' *. cnuu- ] er and thcr fiitfires. stock, &(*., wbirli is lifht, lie offers for { ale a bargain. Any pennn wishing to commence !? * a^ovr business the pre- I lit i* -?n opportunrv s* Idem to bc itmi wuh. A i nlv in aH 3 r WU.U AM HMGH K' VL a?fO LET? V i atoi May, the modern bul't ih'?" story house, No 16 Green sreft, with msible vvnbfe ?. grates n( jil'fe* pUiting tlwtughouf. For term, apply (n Aifkens Ipjtlie rs, 122 Ku'ton at reel, or P. Shtirsten, corner (Ire^n and 9rtD'lj?trret?L h8 2w ?r CONFECTIONARY FOR SALE-The stibs?ri-er rTjW h-vli tf the who'e ? f his time enggfd at the Atlantic T J1UJL Garden, is desirous or dispjsii g ol his confectionary esablishmot, No. 265 Bnadwut. between Warren apd ChainJerj at The stock, futures, nod tools will b?- s?ld a great har- T sain The premises c^n he had for one, two or three yeB,s at ni i reasonable rent. An introdnction will he given to the whole- hr i?le customers, that giving pr^at sd^mtage to persons wishing Pj o engage in business. B"t a small amount of motley will be reanired to be p<id at the time cfsa'e. Apolv a above, or to the Atlantic Garden, No. 9 Broadway. *8 end ii3t.?r srutt HORTICULTURE?8'andaid, Roses, Perpomal, , pMk Moss, the Bourbon, Tea, Bengal, Noisette, and other "* As hue new varieties. p A'" >, Caiuelis, Khododendrum, Aza'i* and other greenhouse , ilants, f?r tale a? the garden ol U. BOLL, Florist, corner of . iOiIi street and Bloomiugdnle road. Ir Moore's stave leaves daily from corner Trion Row and ChatIMtt HrfttR (>. H, 1,3 and 5 o'clock. a8 lw*rc " " STATEM ISLAND FKRILY ?t of "--VbitehaU stree On and after Monday, Ap?il 11th. the xeamn STAT EN [SLANDER will leave as follow*, until further notice i LEAVE STAT EN ISLAND NEW YORK. " At 8 A. jM, At 9 A. M. l? II ? l'Xp- M 'X P- M. 2X 3 hi i 5 . 6 All amda shipped ?re required to t e particularly marked,and are at the iial< of the owner. thereof. n9ec ^MQ JOk FOR ALBANY, or an far a, the Ice will 1 fl.?permit?The Steatrboat ROBERT L. STE- ' SEaawwSfCS^L VKN8, Ca tain R L. Mabey, will leave t the Bier foot of Murray atreet, thia afternoon, at 3 o'clock, a laming al til. Intermediate Places. 1 Sunday, April 9th, IS43. c For oasaaae or freight, apply on hoard, or to a CHOOKE, FOWK8 It CO., b ap9IC*m Corner of We-t and Liberty ata. a FOR ALBANY. TROY,and Intermedials 5 Om . m Ja P|?cea ?The splendid low preature steamboat SCaJBSehWALLOW, Captain McLean, will leave 1 the foot ot c.uuttlaudi aueet on Monday afternoon. April 10th. ' it 5 o'clock. v The nbovi ii a substantial boat, fitted up with e'egaat State C Boonia, and for accommodaliou ia unrivalled on the Hudson. * r?r jMQ PEOPLE'S LINK FOR ALBANY, and J* 1 itermediate Places?The splendid and snb3KaMBEJE>stmtial steamboat UTIOA, Cap'. J. Scott, I will leave the pier loot nfCourtlandt at, This F.veuirg, at Are * )'i l' ck, (Situnlav April Ith.) a Forpa sage or freigi.t, apply on board, or to P. C. Schu' t< the omee no the wharf. alec ' MA CH ANOfe. OK STAR UNO PLACE? f. New Arrangement to Albany and Boston, via 3ICiw9UK>Honaatonic Mailroad?The atramrr Mutual r, B.i'etv will cofnmea e running for freight and pasaauaers daily this miming at 7 o'clock, (rom foot of Liberty at, near Court- = land'. North Kivar, to Badgeport. Leave (or NrwYorkatJ o'clock, P. M., or on the arrival of'he ears from Albany. This boat is the only one running in connection with the Railroad. r1 For further information apply at the office, foot Liberty St. 10 New To'k. mfr *' ALL I'HE REGULAR PA< Kfc I 9?Sieam snipi J sfAVW steam bonu, and other passenger vessels, carrying lc MUEaiiit "Crancis' Patent Life Boats," have the word hi " Parent plainly stamped or painted on the aide. f 'Mfr ^ Ifih FOR LONDON?Rcgnlar Packet or the 10th April *1 m9vV~The first class.fnst sailing packet ship TORONTO EHUMwCaptaiu O is wold, will sitl as above, hrr regular <). y. rj Has superior oceommod "ions for cabin, 2d cbin and steerage paaiengers. Those wishing to emhi'k, shonM m-ke early apPlication to JOHN HERDMAN, 2J a7r #1 Sooth street. ACTv ?OR?LIVERPOOL.?Regular packet of the I'lh It BI^V April.?The vers sniwrior fast sailing packet ship w BuB&SHEkFIELD, Captain Allen, will sail as above _. rer regular day. \ Having very superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin tnd steerage passengers, persous wishing to embark should *' nake early application, on board, foot < f Moden Laue, or to m JOSEPH MeMLttttAk, ? 10? Pine ?L, cor. Sonth. ,e Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the V ildconntry, have them brought ont by the ibnve ships, or ? tnv of (he regular packets, by applying as above ; if by feller, >ost paid. a8 r mM?- THE NEW LINE FOR LIVERPOOL?Itagn- si ( 99W lar Parke 16th April. The new splendid packet ,, fiaEsb*hip LIVERPOOL, John Kldridge Master, 11J0 tons, will sail as above, on her regular day. _ For freight or passage, having elegant and nnenrrassed ac- t Bni'l'iag'Slip''or to,l"* WOODHULlVm Tst(JRs" J Br 17 Honlh afreet. h BLACK BALL, or Old Lido of LIVKKPOOL r?ckel?.? Regnlar racket of tilth nl April.?The r, ( MKeb"e faat aii'mit packet ahip NKW YOHK, burthen jn 1060 tona, Cap! Thnni.ii B. Cropper, will ml po?iti"rly aa |. above, her regular day. b The accommodatiiut of thia magnificent packet, in cabin. 2d ,) cabin *wr<teeragr, will on inapectioo be foiind iinei|ualled hv w my* veaael afloat. Tlioae returning to the Old Country will 1,1 find it to their comfort and advuit ote in > leci thia r'niir< ancc, ? and aa a number of her heiths aie already enitaned, prr?<>*> < ' wiahmit |>aa?.tKe, abonld in ike early application on hoird. toot ,, ai Bee km an alreet, orto 'he anhacriherr H'H'HK flKflTHF.H* ? CO.. J5 Fulton at, Deal door, tnth? Fulton Bank. r> P. S. The Cainb iiIij. aailafrim Li?er|*>i'l onihc lat of May i t| ?thoar ?r riding for theit frp'TwIi. can h.iie ,hen. brought . >ut in her. or ill any of the P.iokeia >* 'lii? in.tgu>f><r n Line, whicli aail from there puoctn liy on i a? 7th and I nth nf | acti mouth. Dnfiaon the B?uk of Ireland, ami on Meaera. Preacott farim , Ami a Ik Co . hankera, Loudon, which will be paid free , T >t diiconM or any clurge, in every town ihroog on Knitlaml. \ J Ire' nil, Senium mil ilea, e For p aaairr. Ike , m i 'v " above. ?9r ti i-la- I'a~ KT VO'I HaVKK?[ -coud l..p pt~. ? kCTjV rhip HAL I I MO't K, Kdward Funk maatrr, v.ill ., Mil mm - 11 on the CI. April. n. | . j!nyjI h 1 -1 Nt K*A 0 -V Ho dim Piilv Kf)H NEW <) L> A*fH?LOIJISl AN* AND " nS if t> NfcW VIIMK I .INK?I . i.vely H r-.a. c ?5Ws#h? Packet, to anil on Morday, tie I lit la April The last sailing packet atop h.allh.m, t up.ain Wilaon, K will poaitirely a.iil as above, her nular day bor t r. otpa-scye, I avon; haud-Dmi urnialo d ecrown.lOdauoni Iv * n board a". 0*lt ma W >rf, f mt of Walt at. or to X. K COLLI!** Si t o <m < mth-i. Hhii pert will ples?e aend hi their bi la nl ladinir tloa Hav. Pti icneera will i lraae be on b ltd, at Oilvani wbirf, I ill of Wall at, on Monday afternoon, at ? o'clock, at which tuna tl e ihip will nail. akipyara inayrely upon h vin>. their irooda coirectly mraanr id n:id that the ahioi of thia line will v>it i nnem wly <' hover iacd Any imatj'iiee io that effert will be given ned fnl He. ! .1' t iini v he regime,). _ Acuta in Jf. Orl?aua, Hullio fc Woodruff, vho if 'odiM T forward nO drnoila tn the,' addreya N I'he nek't a'to Htmiaville, ? ap'a'n O K. Mumford, will iiim -n-1 the H. Allan, H'lrt ? '' ? SO'h April ? r* aflec ' OL0 K8TABLI8HKD KMIOUANT PAS V, JlUw HAUK OKKI' South atreet, New York?Kru A" wUfcaul'r Lmi of Pnr.kcta?Th? iuhirriber e.murine* to \ into; out uereona any pert of Ureal Brilun aud Ireland j"| vho may be rnifiitted ny rheir friend" her, , hv the regular Inn if packet thii?. tail in* every am daya 'rem Liver pool. IVr oh? aeuiliiiK lor their u iend?, i?,iy rely jail earn will he ikea to harethem despatched without delay in Liver pool,and rill alw*ya endeavor to merit a continue ice of rhe public atrniiaire whreh haa been ao liberally bey towed for many yean aat; and tho?r remirtina money can have draft" pay'hie at all he Bvika a?d brinrh'-a tnronahmp th- United Kic;d"m. k'orlanbei particular*, apply rjf |,j. l?t4..e *? rn J<'HN iif.KO.VtjtS;. f> %xuv *r. 44tw HALKCHItA^ Ihe tpUnd'd iloop f.ich( fHV k AHLK, to feet Iouk, HH Hvain. ueep. cor>pri IMIKi ^triii-il, with atre botrd md a complete inventory A ' At in e fcor*e would h?* taken in p.?rf pigment. Forpnr icu'.r dpi le to N. < OBB, Bio >m ri?datfi wv r **they i ht i?l> eu.orto JA ?1KH bAKNHAM, B.i-nhnm Man- ion Hon ? It mh * 11 VHOK WANtM) () ^)UxV thatwi! trry from t to tM t<>n?, . -r which ?. un' wiMhi or go?nl improved cif\ pr p r y > eeirh I 1 ' ho.iti it0at he nound and in I * * 1 Birif," ro (hit "Ace, stannic sic hh.I '* vill >?. rr-nih 1. ifirrt-l. i ro rSoLUft'TIOffll on all parte of rhe I uile.1 ' .he ?.wt favorable term., by ^ j syLVK TfcJ,f j u WaUitiaet.aad l? Smadway. 1 * v^- SKMJTNT8. " ~~T TH*?1 AihniiEATnB. " if r Ali?r*ii-dii 'ohirw ih?d?'a will ?r?n at aqaar' neiot* y o clork, ?m| t(i, r^ir ain w. It ri??* at HaJI n??t T. rnrea ?< firtl- M ? oU, Swenod and Imd iiera p? , <j,|i#rv viitvrt a."' * " < !?, .J will bw pwrfortnwd PA riM',l*.\'S DMKiHTKH. ordamit. I*. Kurraat | h- iwrlf, Clio* L,dv MabH tyiiir.1 Mi,. J(1.M,hiBe CliftOB Topi ncltirtr if1 DAMON AN? I'YTHIA* tfflOP, "orr?Mt \ 11, Mi?t I C'lifto ""H a." kinca .* n ... 'H liroa< . * "/ MONDAY KVKNINO. AMILIK. Allfr wh rb. CURIOSITIES OK UTKRATURK IV* ronrlnd- wifb THK OMNIBUS ( f rh? D?oi? -.f.ll fcf ithi? it l - itw ? minencc ?f hal' ?* t. e?err * "thi.. , .4.HKHII IIII TMKA'IKIC?1AAAJ?CT-wt. PldLAVK r^HHlA. yde* TM?: DIRECTION <?f visa c cuhhman MONDAY EVENINO An-it '0 wi'l be performed ASK NO QUESTIONS. After which, TWO bab1kh8. To rmrlldl with thumpinq legacy. K A. MARSHALL.Leeaee. AINKRICAS ttrsBOS, ulaibla Building comer of Broadway and AnniMt, p T "<HV|TM lituitr. unrqitai.l'd success or miss mary darlinu. The brnmiiiit nn,| chmniing Queen of Mafic. Mim DiHinit is * pupil oi .HERlt DEKHON.I, he Great Magician. The celebrity of thia Yonng Lady ronghotit Europe u known to .,11 travellers and the faaorae noticea of her performance* which have appeared in the oudoti 1 itnea a nd other KngoahP, em ol high steading No adequate description can he gireu of her wonderful Me eal Performance!; thev musi h? ?cen to he opreei*red art wer It of 'he eccentric WINCHELL whme romie delinettion* aud imitations of Irish. Dutch French and Yankee Character are aeknowh dged a* unanrnusrri. Alao engaged, Maatrr .1. T. Head, known a* Daniel Lambert .the OIANT BOY, 'ho ii but II yeara old ia f Jin 1 igh, and weiaha Mi pounda. CHANO-KONte. The celebrated Chinese Jnatler. Firat week of ih* engagemrn* of L? Petite Canta, wbc aril) nee the La Pylphid* and HwrM nd Fling. The MKLOi IAN, an immense and maaniAeent Musical III rument, plat a itaelf the Aneai Overture*. Fantasies and WaltiJ , and REPKr.SF.NT* A FIJI,I OKCHh'STRA OKAND SCENE OF ENCHANTMENT BY MSS MAKY DAB LINO. ELECTRO OALVANIHv?. iuat added to the Mnaenm two powerful Electro Oelvanie Batter ea. FHKENOLIMjy An Eminent Professor attends daily and gives practical El niii?M?n> and Charts, Developments ami C unrtar at a tri nsr extra charge. Just added to the Museum TWO ?UIT^tOF ANC1BNT RMOIJR, made and worn too ye<r* s*o. Fancy Qlaas Bl wing. GRAND COBMORAMA?ALBINO LADY AN EXPERIENCED TAXVDKRVflBT is engaged, and rsons havinr pet bird* or qmnrtipeds they wish preserved, ii have them mounted in the heal style. Day visitors ailmoted ?auic evening FREE. Evening perrmanrea at a qur.rter heforr 8 o'clock Day Performances every We lured iy and Saturday afternoon * o'clock. Admission to all 35 cents?t hi'dren hat' or 1 att I'h AT7k~? v|CW lliHIf H **,? -rs ATIONAI. PORTHAI'l" . vj> rit'TL'P KG' LLEH.T IS MOW HE-OPEN -'.O ' r. W IIWOK M-,,.,. ?r CAST WEEK Ov THE TRIAL OF CHRIST Tn? taaiishineni '?n",iiia i nle a nuiuo nut oer of HARE AN' CURIOUS woi'rlf* r>v NATURE .AND ART sly and tastsln'ly displaced iu three spar halls, and Sonets of a very OBTLY A ELKO A N T OA1.I h HY OK PORTRAITS Kgceediug m extent and value sriy other m America, ha manager has engaged, for short time o ty.'-e snhlima and heautilul exhibition of THE TRIAL OK CHRIST! his imposing seeue is not renieerntnl hv a printing hat by!t GROUT OK TWBNTY-THHK.K. FldURKB, IN STATUARY, THE SIZE O" LIKE, his solemn and imptessive aeene represents Our Sarionrar igned as a Prisoner, with a Crowu of Thorua npou His Head ifnre Cuiphas, the High Priest, and the Court of Pontiu ilate. In addition to the above, the Manager has engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN. ;Krem Enj;land. She wishes not to imi>ose upon the public, by making the? lisvs het a Witch or FORTUNE TELLER! assessed with tnpettietnral power?hut on the contrary, aims publicly to be shir to instruct others aft *r:ooa itelleet and mcntinu their leading tva sreriona of PAST TIMES. THE PRESENT, AND THE FUTURE. She will tell perron* whether thev are married or net, an that Wind ofhuiuand oi wife they will irt, describe their own harnrte a mid mrr a host of fai ts end correct conclusions minded on her knowledge nfthe immutable sciences of nhrenoiKT, physiognomy,* cumlogy, phi'osophy. Stc. A? proof of the or-ectueis of her assertions, she is at liberty to refer to hnnIreils of our first citisens, includiuit clerrvmen, judges,atterleys ^physicians, and many of the most entigh lened ladies i he city. IT?" Admission to the Museum. 25cents; Children hall pn? An extra charge of I3K cents to those who consult the Gipsy Woman. am SINGING LfADAM BUTTON, having arranged to return to Italy the beginmngof August, purposesreceir ng pupils until that give fintshiug lessons in the Italian, French, and English p ic of Singing Her method is that porsn-d by Bordogni and racesI. th# nr*t masters In Europe, increasing the strength and otnpasa with astouishing rapidity. Her pnpils will hare the dva- tage of her singing with them, which can be pi?ed y masters alone, who have been eminent s>ngrrs. Ladies da ?r , I....... .1 ,.f VI... I I. J -. lay ascertain terns, lie., by application at 77 Chambers st'set, rom 9 o'rloek til' 2 mSe Im* T rtRI'O STORE FOR 8ALE?It is handiotnely fitted up, J and located in a pleasant and thriving nemhborhoodi is rell adapted for a Drargiat or Physician. Will be sola Teat barrain for cash. Enquire corner Delancy and Eldridge tresis, or 201 Henry street, B.cohlyn, near South Ferry. aS lw*r INDIA ttlJBBER GOODS, 53 Maiden Lane. JKNTLEMEN'8 Oyer Shoes, leather soles, f I JO; Ladiss * do d do. leather and rubber soles, 6s to I Or. Also misses nd chi dren's of eeery description. Also hose f>r Creton warr. lile preservers, capes and coats for Nasal Officer, Aremen nd iiersons generally exposed to rest or cold. India-rubber loth for carriage makers, a very superior article, to which the ade are par'icularly inrited, A l>eaat>fnl assortment of idles orer shoes for spring wen, Terr light?wholesale and it'll bv HUTCHINSON fc RUNYON. a? twis*ec 53 Maiden Lane, no DKUtfOISTh AND OTHERS from the booth and I West?T. ROBERTS S CO. of London, propeieiors o f le celebrated and popular medicine, "Parr'sLife nils "bay ft established a depot lor the sale of the sasienNea Tork, id being now prepared to supply the market to ear extent oald respedlhlly call the attention of drnssists and othrrsof e trade to their popular medicine, of which these is now ild in Europe more than 30,000 boxes weekly, and aJtnoufh It is been scarcely six months in the United Slates, the sale# ire rapidly extended through the States of New York, Feaa 'Irani*, New England States,and Canada. Asa family madi ae. it is unequalled, beine i>erfeetly free from any r-iaeral reparations; it is also exceedingly eflectixe in the earn of lions complaints, dyspepsia, consumptions, and all diseases iaing from imparities of tne blood; beiiifl eery mild in its rerattons on the system, it may be taken by the mess delicate male and small children. The above may be had wholesale at the office ef T. Roberta Co., Ne. 301-Clarendon House, comer ef Dnane h Breeday. first floor ml? 1mis?m IfATCHEE AND JEWELLERY lower than ever,-An r the subscriber is cni rtaul ly receiving all descriptions ? >ld and silrer watches, of the newest styles, direct from the anutactnrer*. in England. Fianee, nud Switzerland, hole lab'rd to offer a larger assortment, and at much less prices, at tail. than any other house in the eitv. Gold wutehea aa lew fli each. Watches and Jewell try eichanged or bectfhf. watchr* warranted to keep good time, or the moan rw rned. Watches, clock* and jewellery repaired in tbf beet aimer, ind warranted lower than at any other place in the ty. O, C. Allen, importer or watchea and jewellery, whole I-antl retail In Wall atr>?t up at'ira. mO-Ire ine*ee i n?KA Ni ls' PATENT aLlEE. BOAT, ? Office No. T P Wall ?"eet. mil rSlONO TH-. THOUSAND aed one Mr diet nee edrrrv. tiaed aa ' certain curei lor all palnionary romp'a'ata," i) ne's E perioraul at mil a alone Ita oath to public confidence ta been pared n"t wi'h poffa, hut rurea; and theyonehera for rtTirarv include an array of > ame* which for character ana tpectability, cannot he aurpaased in tin*country. Dr Jayne. nut liimatfra physician, doer not t role** to i erforro phyai at ?po*.ibi'i???lot inrt.nce, to cure a m?n wnoae lonta ate * a lioBt-y comb, completely riddled, i.a it wete hydi?aae, it h- does aa?eit,epd we elie'c he is home oat by well -bI'Oticated farts, that in all diae, ara of he lung* >1 d cheat Inch .ir anaecptib e ol < ure v ithont miraculous llitetfeienc*, is h ijrt maul will re .tote the ,i p lit loPealth, There la no led'Ci'te hefor- th p"lili< which i ?o ffeetivr in rem-yinr rniiha, c dda, bunch t.?. let'ma, hoa aeiiers, pleurisy. croup, itlui Ti.qui' v and t'l di or er cf the n. rh n* y ol n >| naon, * J in". Eli nEr i?r? 1 Dr. t> JAYNE, 2ft Bon'h T* itd street, hila h p'oa, an 1 30j B o dwai , N? w \ <k Piie? >' p r hot e ))* I He. M V~~iTf K MED1CAD AND SUID.SICAL INS I IT* Th. N'l S 11 rhbi '< ?l ef, _ ABLISHED TO HEME : T'? THE AEELH'T 2. ED sou. It I s. I. . M-diial A.I Ap kiueof diewill b* treat* d, and ?ui\.?cm| op?Mti 1 * cWenp oq p*rf >rme*d iu the niott r<ue 4u lacupo'ite w* 1 '*r* f th" lira! ocO"litr<i ?ii the city will tttend t ? ffMrncut oj I! Jhrur of th -v* INr, ri,a ^aunonM pjltdtO ,e tn- tmenr ol .11 fern .1' eoinpl p. > VVr? ?-eat r* at'endi'il thr *re ''in nt of dwr wa ;.f the .bin. I'atmnjft ,h..U..r. i! will b- .... .d at l.ouaaa .H"?' ?n?*e Ir ?rn -re :-ill '*d tt'll'old,' f> I" redtni'iy I'll their rnedtme*. Throe or f xir room arr i>r ruled for private conrolu ion. The d.rr* ije It aMended by an apothecary of reat eiierenee. ai-d a ! our medicine* may he rel ed otjja nre and feeu'U- I nupini: and leech in* will be done at (ft inrteal iiufte-. Open Jivaod iiiuht UK HOMKH BOSTWiCK. attendm* Phyrinan and ^urgeoa, 74 Khambrra at. *1 honae areat of Broadway, fhia ina'itntieu 1a under the patrnnav and commeDdatioa o a fullowiu* trmlrmi n KRV. Dll KD. V HI'IRKK RK.V. UK VV. C RK'tWM LF.E RK.V UK OKI) POTT* RW UK O SPKINO, aiH lm>a_?ec HKV DM ??< HKOK.OgR MONTHLY KKPOHT OF THK KW YOl< K MK.ulCAL AND Ml/RUI' at, IN*TN . TUT-. NO. 74 OitAMBKRH alKKKT. Hf. GOV MINORS ol thia Inifiturion, at ihr r lut meetmi!, ur>. inmonaly adopted a re-' luti'n offered by one of tntmbfM, to wit: hetnlved, That beren/for, it *!>*>/ hr th# tv of 'nt*l'ccordit * htcrtury o* rhf New York Me?Mcil ard tk c\' Iniitutn to ui;ke a correct copy from thee a** book of ? Int'Untr ol" al! ths- c? r* cr? tt d an f rortd. en** ceo?e them be pnblnhcd levera) tin ? to two or three ef the daily new* peril? cihi cm* r> ? Meaaiea. i nK , ? t_. c i il'Hou Cbelic, 1 ' I1) Ain-uorrh. e?. 2 Small IV* " . rrt. ; J?" ? ? * p. AV'^W 21 fjnnorrh ? !?y"ir*iV j lltflirnn reinein, i )i>?rrh^f?. i fliof Al'1"'' <i'Rnir*L re?*Tioi???ii'ccmrrL, 4 Opor?""n* lul 6 Oi*r*ti "!>? for "'.;'iiotiiif, in Ano, 1 Lirje 4di(<o*e Tumor g Srriclum oflhe Urethn, removed lrom in? I A^cn ? ?i 1 0?v IWI for C'nb < F.nevated titirnrt, K it, 7 0|>vralio?< fur Hemorr 2 Hv 'rucilr, hoidel Iiimo'i, 4 11 *i? i<m? for H m n* J OwnlioM lor r.n ?r "d Imr Ift'S-.u. i) H 8rMTw,< < Alt' n il r Hi ' ? '? i WlfcS I OLLIB^OV. ? . M........ Apothecary aud Recordiad Oectetaii ** '

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