Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1843 Page 1
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^ TH Vol. IX.?-Flo. ?U.?Wholt No. 3914. To the Public. . I THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspiper?punlished every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of Jalv. Price 3 cents per copy?or $7 3d per annum?pontage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 8J cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald is ovor THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or 'he ictrU, and is therefore, the best channel for business men ?n the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING ofall kinds, wxecutcd at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PsoraisToa or ths Heeald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets >rl HOU8>.8 TO LET AT YORKVILLE.?* large frv9 houses ou the corner of 84th ilreet and 3d avenue; either .iiJciof ihrni it calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises is a hue stable, bowling al'ey, and a line garden c insisting of 8 ots, with grape vinesaud fruit trees there,>n. For terms, mouire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., ml) ?wr N?. II Chambsrs st. if TO LET OR LEASE?Tha modem built three TT -rory dwelling house, No 32 City Hill Place, i . perfect XjULorder, with coun e'cellar, mshog'UV doors. &e. Toj good tenant it ? i I be let on ' t-rms. Posset* ion may Peh'Hoetoe Mjy if reouired. Its location is conrenieut for the Post Office ana the Park. a2 I 'v*-c CHARLES O. 8TOPPAN1. AmR 'I O LET?The upper put ol the store No. 7 New street, af-w doors from Wall street; the second story J^j?a.has two offices, and it is aduptcd for a merchant or lawyer. A Iso, ihe three story house 34 Walker st. between Broadway and CI urch si, an eicelleut sitnatiou for a genteel family, occni'ird by Mr. Verplapck. The b<irk store corner of Pike and Cuerry streets, occupied by Messrs. Valentine fc Co., as a leed store, a desirable situation. "i Tne convenient two story honse with attic rooms, bsaement and counter o iler, No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. Weeks The two story brick house. No 73 Gold street, oue door from Spruce st , formerly owuro by Mr. Milas Hitchcock. The rents will be moderate. Aniny to MR. DELAPLAINE, 68 Wall street, mti !m*r ineffioe No. 9, cor. of Water St. a TO LET?The firs prooi orick store. No. Its -ou.h st, with immediate i o?? shoo if reonired, apply to WOODHULL & MIN lURN, J rn 'tr 87 Sooth sireet. JmA TO ' ET?I he two story hpck Hnuie and premises, T. " K No. 115 Woo?ler street, finished iu the mom modem with inaible manrel-pir res ami foltlmv doors throu.hout Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, n>C3r 100 Pine street J'pet TO LET?A Sail Lofc u store N r. 61 South street, ^3 tut lenotulilo terms. Apply to JjflL JOHN Hr.KDMAN, nt'-J i _ On the premises. tro OFFICES TO LET?In store No. 60 Snath street. ffTf Apply to JOSEPH McMURKAY, JLJJL 100 fme street I llee O WANU8' HEIGHTS, BROOKLYN CotrTvW t")fr Hrn-e to Lst, co. ttiniu* twelve r??ms two|nni"/fl s a vi'ilt, wo >d hcwr. and Uree ua'den all in good ordrr The house is in a beast ful and heilthy locit'on, and communis an uuiuterrunted view of th i Bay, Staten I land, New York, ftc..itc. A stage passes the eud rf the steel sever I times daily. Enquire of R. MARTIN It GO , i>7 lw*ec. 36 John stmet, N Y. haA FOR SALE. EXCH4NO-., OR LEA bK?The I hlrssaut CouotiySrat. si'natednn hiith from d, overJ?mLlooking Nrwtown, four miles from Williamsburgh.? Si ge. pass the door ihree time* drily, from Peck s i|>; contaming urar 16 act s, part handsome wood, mansion house, two story, pi zzss front and rest- four rooms on a fl >or, hall ihrongh the rert e. nanors, folding doors, Mussia grates, painted walls, and finished in a handsome and substantial manner, convenient kitchen, oren. dairy, and ice house filled with ice from a fish pond on tne piac*: well and pu'-pand biick cistern, spacious coach h use and ham. Gupe arbor rear ol the house, fronting the rood a handsome fence extending to the garduer's house. A m?p may be seen, aud terms liberal. Apply to I. L. SCllIEFFELIN, i12ii*i 114 Can*l street. SPACIOUS AhD FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PHILADELPHIA, MTHE fasbian ible Hotel, Marshall Home, capable of accomraod.iting IJO persons, situate in Chestnnt street, brtwrn 6th and Till streets in Philadelphia,having been rei entl- rrurli improved and repaired thronghcnt, is to be let at s reduced rent, fir a term of years. Apply to SAMUEL POWF.L. 207 Chestnut sirret, or to JOSEPH B. TOWNHEND, ui23 Ttaw lra*r 309 Arch street. ?yg- Foil SALE?The F-irm formerly occupied by wi?^w5d'>iv Cue, situated iu Rimipn, Rockland couiiiy, runt iin?Se> mix 19 usres of excellent laud,.meadow an I tillable, with a good two storv dwelling house, aud o'he-- cut houes; also, a young apple orchaid of grafted I nut, alto fruit of different kinda; an ex elli at well of never fai'ing water. It is situated within 3 miles of the New York and Erie railroad, 9 milra from Nyack, A from Haverstraw: also wiihin X of a mile of s Presbyterian c nich, and 1)4 miles from a Dutch Reformed church. It has been occupied as a store for the last 20 years, and is still s first rate stand lor buainesa. For terms apply to EDWIN COE. No. 90 Bowery, or of Ahr.hain Hogrriksmp, Clarkswrwu, Roekland county. _?? 81 mT WHI> WA.N'1'tJ BOD I S It 8HOK8 1 THK O tittil Redgciini in Priori ever known. wtfinOoW think ofOentl-men'a An' droit call stitched B'l. u, ol tlx- moat fashionable shape. $2,7} to $3.01. Fashions Ide |egg-d boota $1 SO to 02,00 a pair. Ladita fancy colored French and city made Gaiters for $1,3} to $> 30 a i>air. And all the faihioi.a for 1(43, for Geutlemcu, toadies nd Children,from thirty to forty per cent cheater than ever, at 212 O-eenwich at, corner of Barclay. JAB. W1 (JOINS. a} im*r GENTLEMEN'S FASHIONABLE FURNISHING STORE. PARSEI.L.8 Ik AGATE, Old Established Mannfaetnrera of K- ady-madr Liuen, Bloclia, Snspeneers. fee., Sic., offer a rich and v Tied aasoituienl ol the follow ipg laihionable goods ?Scuf, ol rich figured aatio, silk and mohair; t lain M?ck and blai k figured of aatin, ailk, mohair, scapesand tarlatien; cravat* of licli li:nredand plain Etmlish >ilk and sa'ins: rich tig I p'ain anil plai la of Fieuch and Italian silks; porket 'keichiefa of H| ill llie'd Inidia and Turin hem'd, lor imm-d .ne nan; read % made linen and mu .1 in ahir't, made ia the mint fashion tble and faithful minner; stock of English mode aatin aud i-om b'tine; actrr.crarat ties,fall fronts, *c, in great variety ;gloTca of kid, goat akin, siU, linen and cotton tbraad of all deacripliona. Suspend. ra of English, French, German and American manufacture ; gentlemen's drrsaitg gowns, hosiery, linen collars, dreaa fioma, ailk and eotton night capi, pnraei, am brellsi. canes, money bel'a, and under garments of ailk, merino. I imba'-wool cottonc, St Sic i P Si A would partirnlarly recommend their improved article the gentleman's Russia ridiag belt. Their establishment hat been favourably known for the last f ftrrn years as the emrorinm ol f anion, nod by a'riet and nodiviiled attention to the interest at d taatns ol their enstomen, Lhey hope to merit a continuation of their patronage. PARAELL8 St AGATE. |n*re $37 Broadway, corner of Park Pltcv. urFHENCH MILLINERY GOODS. NINO of the Spring Fashi'>os?t 'he Magazin dn MoiIm, < anal ?>rret. MAD. D BEHRvtAN bigs to inform rnerotis friends ruid the publ c that the has just received 'rsi.ce. an entire Dew and beauti'nl style of uilk marer I'diet hatt, and along with it some Cases of farit silk 'hieli fur novel y and elegance of style uever vet was rd to the public before I among which is most pre-einiiillc ha-called Cipolte d'Eleno-i. wl irli is indeed emncal el Parisian taste. Mad'mc B. has ju-t opened severs of French impor'ed fancy whalebones and straw hats choicest styles; also a urge assortment of Tuscans and instaplrs; also a l-rge and varied assortment of French >*it from uif'nts sizes op to ladies?the whole of which i. has determined, iu order to meet the egigrocv of 'he to offer at such low prices, as must eieu-s her the conce of her patrons, who for many years have honoied her irir commands, and trusts to obtain the prarerenc? of vhose rstrona. e she now solicits An early call is red at the old French estsb'iahment, Marazin de Model, lal street. Mad B. has also received an assortment of lowers and ribbons, which for variety and stylet, may be complete. m i>lm*r IMPORTANT I ATION KOH THE %D1E8.-MKd.LOVK,Corset Maker, No. tl Liepenard a ihi a tcntion ot ladies to her important invented Ahal Sepimrter for the preservation of the health nnd :n during pregnancy- J'hie Abdomin-I Burporter has li iththv fallest approbation of the moat eminent Medtn from the satisfactory reeulta tnth.tae ladies who have irin. It is iierfect in its applicaiion, acting as a support eventing all attain npon the n-nsrlrs, and .he rouseipient and ea au-ra.ionof the whole system during pregnancy. ?g ihat h s ever bern invented, oilers so mtoy decided "ge? insigorating ihe sy stem agamit every acc dent period of giv ta'ion at the same time preset v ittft the natum. Country merchants and city retailers aui nlieil on ad??" t> ruis Mra L vr al the same tunc culls iheir ati to her improved Shoulder Elastic Braces, for misses, as Lhe loi p required desideratum lor the expansion of the Mrs. L. has sernred a patent. Hhe begs io refer in relarhe alrove, to the foil wing eroin-nl rut u of the Medical >?I)r Francis, Dr F. ti. Pond. Dr. vfcf). ntid, t rolesllmsu. M. L?? Professor Parker, M D., Dr. Ni I son, A. C. , M. D , Dr. J. W. Moore, J. Neilson, M. D , J. W. a. M. D. ___ m30 Imr l llfcAT l AlH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, M Jchn tirett, (near William.) IPHK. tobsriil er respectfully anuonnees In hiafVimdt and the I I nblie ?; :. jrially. thai he h.ta opened an Kaiahlishme at on ?*Cbr;ii>i a.h System, where gentlemen will always find a lew and Kaah'onabla Aaaortmeai of Cloths, Casaimerea and reaiiiucs, wlnrh will be nude np to order in a atyla ol fit and lorkman hip, not anrpaaaed hv any other establiahmant ia the ity,at the following low rrieet fine Dteae or Frock Loata, any color, from $14 to $11 perfiue do do _ do II to 23 ama of Wool Black, or Faacf Caaaimerea s m I Teataol Hniu, Milk, Valenlu, Velret fce., , 3 to J Joat receired. a aplaiidid aiaoriment.of Spring aid Summer ooda, at eilriordinaiy low prieea. IT7- (knitleineii famishing their own sooda ru hare them (id# ana trimmed, at the lo weat poeeible prices her tnli, . ml linec J AM KM LACY. K>NL)ON ANLI MANCHESTER. INDIA KUbBEH GOODS. hfTHOLKSALK AND RETAIL, No. I Wall street. Th r? auharnbei has receired end .iflera for salr a l.irtre assortlent ol imi oried India Rubber Waten Prool (Joods, vix: [Coe.ta nod Capes, ofannenor Lama, Cashmere Lime,Persian, penon and i lotton, of all colors sad aisea. [Cloth la 'ia Rnhhrr, Water Prool, anper Lama, Iagis rerun and t lottai, StSlWtd for tailora. ' [India IVibler Wabbiu** foi auapendera. eoraeta. kc 1st* ?m*T (HAS A HHAH A VAON. 6 A~JL TIN'S GASH 1 A 1 L U it 1 N G | ESTABLISHMENT. I 1M ivtllitm Str fft, Garner ?f ?7nn Stnel, I* de-'ilrdky the cheapen ia the city. There ia always OB i hand a-elo ?latock of aeaaouable sooda, pnrcheaed for eaah MaWflfW made ap to order id the style of make. fit, l-im Sins, ke., th a has giren such (enenl satisfaetioa daring thlit four year a, and at a poiiure aarina or 3d per corn. [<4enile o#u are reqneeteo to eWI and etamine. Those wh< lanh th >,r ow?Q, ViilM M EU. I [beat C.ratt, made and trimmed M te $1 SI I frotl Cmu, do do I oo to ? si I 'ants and Vesta, 1 75 to 1M I )rer Coats. to 11 M IK martin ^"ilATHINO I'aP&H?20 balea ot very anpennr onility I itable for roofs of houaea and ahirs bottoms, lor tale by I . K. COLLINS k CO- M SottU at: , E NE NJ NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. u < 1 Jfr.-ro tne (cut of Courtl.uoJt itrert, New York (tverv iby?Sunday ?<n< eidod.) a W7* L-fivrs Newnjh H? A. M. At> P.M. AITJ( AM. AilKP.M. <lrt 1 do. 3 do. do. <l)i 4.i 9 do 6 do. 7 u 1* do. ON HUM)AYS. > ;i?in the foot ol Cenrtlandt street. Li- it-r New York, Leave Newark. At ? A. M. and IK P. M- At IK P. M. and 10 r. M. MCW YORK, KLU.ABETH TOWN, Leave New YotV Leave Klisnbeth Town 9 A.M. 7 A. M. 2 P.M. IK A.M. 2K " 10K A. M. t? r. M. IK M. i r. M. ?K " The trains for WestfUld, Pl&infield. Bouudbrook, Somerville, kc., connect with the 9 A M, 3 nd <X P M trmus from New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare betwoca New York and Elizabeth Town 26 cents. Fare betwecu do aad Soniervillc 75 cenu. N.vw VOUK. HAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. Fioui the toot of Courtlandt strect^daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick At 0 A. M. At 5K A. M. 9 P.M. On Sundays the 5K and 7K A.M. trijw from New Brunswick and JK P. M. train from New V rik, are iniitled. Fare between New Y -fc and New Brunswick, 7'. eenu. Rah way, 50 ceDCs The fa,# in the 52t and 7K A. M. trtiuf row New Brunswick. and IJf and 4JK P. M. tr'.in from Now York, has been re dure'. New York er.J New Brunswick, to 40 cents. ' and Railway to }7K " fiuseriiicrs tvho procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket uratis. Tickets are received by the ecu doctor only on the any when purchased. fl I Jm* WINTER AIIBANGF.MEN'l. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA UAILROAITLINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown aud Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York.frora the loot ef Courtlandt street,daily, ncy A M and P M. The mornum pi iceeds to Hnrdentown, Irurn thence br steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars PAUAIiffsn will ntOPlirA tltssir nt ?K#J rtffi,... I Courtlaudt street, where a commodious steamboit will be in read ueiaa, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia biggage crates are convejed from city to citv, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expresslv for the Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.auil i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 6X and 8 AM, and 4 P M., be i up a continuation of the lines torn New York. il tg lm?r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, ijlffiSS? iHA New Arrihgeuienl?TnisRoad having been re-laid at great espouse with the moat approved aud heaviest H rail, to seenre a safe and expeditions conveyance between New York and Morristowu, will commence running two trips daily, Hnndays excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, */8. First Train from Morrittown will leave at7X A M. Second Train from Motri(town will leave at 1\P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at IliAH. Second Train from New York will leave at 2V P M?Newark at 3X P M. Passengers by the Morning Train from Morristown will arrive at Newark in time for the 9AM Train to New York, or the morning Train to PhiUpelphia; by the Afternoon Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the 3H P M Tram to New York or the Evening Train to Philadelpi ia. Passengers by the Morning Tmi Irom New York will airive at Morristown in time to dine and take any of the Stages running west or north from that place j26 tni*rc PULLEN & COPP, 3 Wall street. N hi mmMM, EA L EXPRESS. Messrs. Harndeu k Co. having dis|<osed of their route lron> New Yprk to Alouuy and Troy, the snbscribers, the old coudnetors of Harudeu 4 Co's Northern Express, from- New York, will continue to run as heretoforeJleavin^ New York. Albany and Trey, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes,Packages. Bundles,Cases of Goods. Ac., to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albauy to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention tvi'l he paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, Ac., end prompt returns made for the same, PULLEN tt COrP. Offices? Pollen k Coop, 9 Wall street. New York Thos. Uough, li F.iehange, Albany. A O. Filkins, m Hirer street, Troy. S. Jacob's Exchange Conn, St Paul st, Montreal REFERENCES. New Yorb. Albert. Tho*. Prisne, Ward fc King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, k Co., Thos. Gongh. P. Walls, John T Smith Si tin.. fl K S,nu Pepoon & Hoffman, C. S. Douglass, Carpenter It Vermilye, F. Leake Honuhton k Co. Drew. Robinson 8c ('.a. n2< HIGHLY IMPORTANT. ADAMS fc CO '8 New Vork and Boston Daily Package tiniest, via Norwich an I Worenter Railroad.?The subscribers respectfully .5SHC.I!ivf nonce that the .'amagrs to the NerwichRnad, occasioned by the Isle aioim, have been repaired, and that their can now pass over ihe entire mute,thus affording to merchants, broker* and othe-a, having valuable packages to be transported, th? salest and most ospiditious mode of conveyance; a* idn g as it does the dangers and delays of a pun ge r-mnd Point Judith. ADAMS it'O. *36t?e 7 Wall street. soimrruiT. OWEN PRESCOTT, Pilot lor New Bedlord, Nantucket 'J Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck, and other ports. Office at Frye Ik Shaw's Nantical Store, 221 Water, corner Beekman street, N. Y.?Vice versa Adams' Ksprets, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the same as from (lay Head. tn< Imr FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 10th of mfhAprit .?1The very superior last sailing packet ship JBIllEnTDRONTO, Capt. Griswold, will sail as above her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin.taod steerage passengers; [wrsons wishing to embark should make early application. JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Tine street, corner of South street. Persons wishing to send lor their friends, can have them btorlght ont by the above ship, or any of the regular packets, by apply tug as above, if by letter, post-paid. av r ???- PASSAGE FOR LONDON?lacket ]0th April. hfflBfW?'The splrndi.t fast sailing packet ship TORONTO. 4Mbbb Captain Griswold,will sail positively as above, her regular day. Having splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, for passage early application should be made on board, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, ap r 41 Peek Blip, cor South St. 4**- KUft LlVKKrUOL, NEW LIN K?.Regular J&JWV Packet of J3rh April.?The Splendid Packet Ship SflK^SIDDONB, Captain R. B. Cobb, of 1009 Ion., will positively Mil u above, her regular day, Kor freight or passage, having a-ieomniodations unequal led for apleudor or eomfort, apply on board, at Orleau. wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLL1NB It CO. 36 Sontb street. Price of passage, $109. 1 na Packet Shin Sheridan, Capt. A. Depeyater, of 10M tout. will succeed the SiJdou., and mil the J3th of May, her regular dev. Letter, for tlie ahipa of this line will only be received at Oilpin's and Hale's News Ileum. Passengers may rely on thr ships of this line sailing puuetaalv as advertised. a7c tdf- NK.W LINK PACKETS FOR LIVKRPOOF.Parser 16 n Aoril?The splendid, new packet *h>p ?hCmKs LIVERPOOL, 1? 0 tops huinini. Captain John Kl" ulge, will be d '.patched on litli Apri', her regular day. Thu m gn firent bin it the large.t ever built in this ri y? he' cabin ia e egant'v famish-d?her between (1 cks 'relofty, well ligt ted throughout, ami with srvrral other im..pavements inakea her he mos desirable conveyance f??r second cabin and steerage paasengets of any othei ship. Perron* ahout lo visit the o'd country, are particn'arlv iovitrd to eg.imine the accommodation) ( this superb ship, and thoa-wishing to secu e bert's sho Id not ftil tu make emly aprdicati n 10 prevent diaappoiutmttitf, as a limiied aumber only wi'l be taken For passage, apply ou board foot Berlin* Slip, (west side,) or to VV. It J. T. TAP8COTT, (I Peek Slip rnr South St. Tiia Liverpool will sail from Liverpool on the 3th Jane. Persona wishing lo scud for their friends ran have th*m brought nut iu her, or other first class ships sailing weekly, on lavomble te-ms. Drafts for any amount, payable on demand without discount, in all the principal towns of Kngland, Ireland, Scotland or Walas. constantly for tile as above. The Tacket ship hiddons will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on the Bib April. _ _ in't r FOR LIVF.RPOOI First British vessel?The (m well known fast sailing Br. ship CHK.STKR. fH*Captain Jopu Don le. early evpecvd to arrive, and wifThave is?meJi*ie deimtch for ihe above L?ort. Thnee wishing to engage freight, will please make early application t? the subacrinrrs, ROCHE, BROTHER* h CO JJ Fulton at. t311 i en door ro thr Eolfon Bank RKMiTTANCKS TO IKKLAND, lie., kc. jfyflit anbacrtbev continue* to trnnanflt money, in anma CBHtltne 01 anall.tapcnoui iriHlini in any part of Ireland, in the taine manner la ha, and hia predeeeaaer in bnaineaa, have done for the laal thirty ynara, and aaora; alao, to any part o( Km:land or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (pott paid) to the anbacrtber, ot erionally deposited witn him, with the name of the peraon or periods in Ireland, Kngland or fteotland, pi whom it la to be aent, ind nearest post town, will lie immediately transmitted and paid aoeordinitly, and a receipt to that effect given or for warded to the vender. hi like manner money with or elaima on persons in any part 01 Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, ean be eollected by the anbierioer, for persona residing in any part of the United Htatea, or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly, mil ln*r . M-PnitrV. Ir . teCeda, .t CHALLtNuh. TO CHOLIUS rfg. 1 Ilk Slatern loot aail boat ' THOIJBLKK" will vJjAW.tiud reidy to.all ?nv di.tance, irom M to. 0 mile. Jni?AE^.ig.ut:*t atiyaail boat ever t.n t by Wni. Crolius, from toe lira day of June un it the first day ol Angnat ueit, one mouth'* notice ben I niven, to tail two ae paiate day* lortheanin of 1100, each day. The aola object la to teat the tailing qnalitiea of lha boata. . B.-To .ail without oar. or L g7 im*e? to? Water sueei. ,W Y( EW YORK. MONDAY M m> m. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liver pod and Lordnn. hy the regular packet*, lading weekly to and from Liverpool, and to and fin 111 London on the 'at, 10 li and 20th of each month. The uihsciiber hat made ex euiive %rrahgement. to oriue nut emigrant*, and can, with great cnndfence, at ure thote prrtonv *ei din,- or the r frimda.that every due and it icni attention vtill be ahnwn ttirui and al'.w'o emhurk with thent. acaae can aleo be eng ige'l from Liver pool 11 ect to New Orietnt, Vtomle, Sa.annati, la nmmr, fhi'adi lphu, B > ton, and to the i fferent porn of tlie Brilith Provinces. with these arianuementi, together with the ?dviutage which hit 1 iverp ol c^respondents potteta, being la ge shion wnem.nnd exteniivel * engaged in the rrighting namen?having I at year despatched upwards of 100 fir>t class ships to ill- various ports of the United States. with fr emhl. and pasengrrt. The facility offered by this rstabliihme t is unsurpassed, and from the large uomber ollirst cliu ?hip? employed iu the line there can be no d-trniou whatever, w hich will be guaranteed The prce r( passage will be at the loweal rate*, an should any of those sent lor ecline coming, t he pas sage money will Us rammed as customary. The s'e-rnboat faie Iroin the iliffr re't ports to Liverpool, an, as usual, be seemed. Those lemitring mon-y to their friends can have drolls to any amount, t arable in m*I the p<inc pal towns, without div cou I, throughout Giea' Britain and Ireland, au arrangement who li haa given the greatest saiisfactiou. The subscribe' bm es to r. < eive a couiiuuat on of the public patenoage, which h s hteu so liberally bestowed for many years past. For further partieulars anplv, (if by Inter post paid) to JOHN South at,N Y, or J. It W. ROBINSON, No 16 Ooree Piazzas, George's Dock, and 1 Neptune at, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. <,E\T8. Th> s J Timmins, Es , No. 166 South Front st, Philada. Patrick VI Iton. Esq Biitfilo. N V. Jos,:, li Kir |Mtric>, Pittsburgh, Pa. Miehl McQ ade, Utica, N Y. J. A Noooiaj, IVIilwaukie, Wisconsin, Ty. Chs McCotkcv, Dubuque, lows Ty. J. K Kiliott, Detroit, Michigan. Cop elius Cnhiil. Peru, Illinois. J >hu R vn-y, Roches er, N. Y. N. B ?The subscriber is also a enl fo? first class packet ships sniii' gevery few diy d-vs Ir on New Yoik lo New Orleans, Mobile, t'lurleston. and Savannah, by which passage i a i be secured at the lowtst idle. mS'r TAFSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. m m as> The subscribers beg to call the attention of their Irieuds and the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing ont passenger* (rom, and remitting money to, any par* of Kuglaud slielaud, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet shins, comprising the " NEW LINE DF LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VI/.:Ship ROSClUS, Capt. Collins. I Ship 8IpDON8vCaj>lain Cobb. amp antniuAS. uapum liepeyster. Ship GARRICK, Captain Slcidly. New ahin HOTTINOUER, Captain BiujIctShip SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ihip LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice every month; and with the" UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class American ships, sailing every tun tiiiys, will make fivo ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby presuming the poui isluv of unnecessary detention. direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New Abofiora Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Sara" Heston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the. vano ' <vi in British North America, can at all times he engaged on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fill to see ihe advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual carc will be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ships being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In all cases whe'i the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be rr mded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are agent', nail as follows, viz To and from London on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7lh, 13th, 19th, and 25lh of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, an i Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishiug to tend money to their friends by enclosing thesnm they wish sent, with the name and address of die parties to receive it, m.yrelyon a draft for the amount being forwarded per lir*t packet, after die receipt thereof, anil an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Drafts at tight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any otht r charge, at (he National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank ( Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. J.irnes Bull, Sou It Co., Bankers, Loudon, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, aud< in every principal towu of Great Britain aud Ireland. Knrther particulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to u5y r W. & J. T. TAP-?COTT. 43 Brr'ing Slip. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAS JkJrVWSAGE OFFICE, 61 South street, New York?Reg XHOafeSnular Line of Packets?Tha subscriber contiuuev to bring out persons from any part of Great Britain and Ireland, who may he engaged t>y their frieuds here, hy the regular lint of packet aliips, sailing every six days 'roin Liverpool. Persons sending lor iheirfiiends, may rely that just care will be taken <o baiediem despatched without delay in Liverpool.and will always endeavor to merit a coutinua ice of the public patronage which has been so liberally bestowed for many years past; and those remitting money can have drafts payable at all the Banks and branches throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars, spoly fifby letter, post imidlto j?r JOHN HhfnnVMN. 61 Roulh tAir OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKET uflt^VSH IPS?Pncset of the 19 b A < il?The well known JKUKsfirst el'sspacket shin NEW YORK. Capt Cropper, will be despatched as above, her regular day. She lias eicellent aucoinmodatious for cabin and steerage pass-ngen?th >se wishing to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Snoih sirert. N. B.?Those sen'ing for their friends residing in rtreat Britain or ireiana, ra? arrange lor their passage Dy the regular packet ships sailing weekly from Liverpool, at the lowest rates. Drafts famished as usntl lor anv amoaat. payable in all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom. Apply as sio'e. a7ec FOR LIVERPOOL?Il.gul-r lacker 16rli April. ?MWW?The splendid new picket ship LIVERPOOL, jflUlBfe'olin Eldridge, innter, 116V tons, will sail as above, hei irgai-ir d>v. Foriieiyht of the bnlk 500 b les cotton, or passage, hiving elegant and unequalled accommodations, apply to the capain, on board, West side Burling Hlip or to ?5r WQQDhULL fc MI MTUHN8. 87 Sou'h at. kOR SALE CHEAP? ? lie splendid sloop yacht yffV EAGLE, 30 feet long, MX bum. 6X ueep, cooper JBMMKn'aitetied, with centre board and a complete inventory. _ A est ra e korse would be taken in part payment. For particulars apily to N. COBB, Bloommsdale. wkere the can be seen, or to JAMES iiARNHAM. at |w*cc Bamhair Mannon Heme. Bloomirgdale. B \RGE WANTED?One or two Barges wanted, that will rarry from I to 250 tons, for wh>ch country MHbs or goo<) improved city property will be etch,amird. The bo,ts mutt be sound and in peifeet order. Address a line " Barge," to this office, stating age and full particulars. which will be regularly attended t i m30 2w?m _ STATEN ISLAND FERRTf Foot of Whitehall street, On and after Monday, Aptil 10th, the steamer STAT EN ISLANDER wll leave as follows, until further notice LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. At 8 A.M. At 9 A.M. 10 11 1'XF.M IX r M. 2X 3* 5 6 All goods shipix-d ire required to he particularly marked,and are M the i i>k f ihe owners there if. ?9 t enn P*,H GOOD DOUBLE AND K| ^OLE SOLE cJV/V/ BUSKINS,of all colors, tro.n is to 6s and $ I warMated good Ladies', Misses, and Children's Gaiters, black, bronie, g'-en and light colors, ol the latest fashion, $t IT to $175, and $2. Gent's line Kreuch and native calf dress hoots, prim" caif dress quarter bouts, shoes and caiters; mens' hoys' and childrm's; good low p-ir ed hoots; prime men', boys' anl children's, of all sorts and s ites, the cheapest you ever saw. Largest assortment, best quality, and lowest prices in the city. J.S.Walker, 419 Bioadway. I have sold out my other store, and will pay all attention to accommodate my friends and the public. Good shorn at low prices. Good gaiters, 12s. V 1m* r VfOTICE?The Copartoership'her'tofore eiisting between Ellis It Mvddlrbrook, is this day dissolved New York.lFrbruary 1st, 1143. K. 8. ELLIS, S. MIDDLEBROOK. S. MIDDLEBROOK respect'ully informs 'he customers of the late firm anil the rnbli". that he ea tie> n Bookbinding on | h'n own N?. <21 Knltou afreet, New York. "V. B?Orders respectfully solicited. Cloili covers made promptly and cheap for country booksellers. ail lm'ec FRANCIS H. CRUMP, Chronnn.e'er, Watch and OM M'ker and Jew.ler, formerly with H J. Tobias for nearly ail years, and recently with Marjmndi fc ' o , way, upward* nl three yeara.hegs to acquaint hia friends and the pnhl'C, that he has taken a store at 2ll Grand street, where he intrnda to prartiae the a' ore bnainraa and tr iita I'i?di his rone ezoerience and known ability, to meet with that share of patron ge to which his abilities entitle turn. In rem uinu thanks ler all I fayoura. he would remind hiafiieuda that he rep-.irs every dwacriptioai of Watch, a, Krpraters, Musical and Implex, the moat cooip'icated that en be procured Also, Jrwelry and Diamond woik set; Pearls re-trung; evrryarti le fifty nrr cent iheaper than any ' ocae in ihe chy, being enabled to do the whole himself, and not trnst to the inexperience of others. Glasses and keya in proportion. Cash paid for old gold end aiarar. s3 lm*r EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. tpBlinbacribeni will sehd an evpreas through from tnia city, a to the above named and intermediate places, on the morning of the <irh Inst., lor the transportation of specie, banknotes, bundles and packagea of goods, collection of dralts, bills notes toil acconnta.and all srch other buainras as may be entrusted to them. POMKHOY It CO.. 2 Wall at, N. Y N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the above express line wul ha exicuded to Chicago, Cincinnati, Stc . and continued throughout the entire season, in Connexion with their New Yotk, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily exprexs ml r AUAMtJ si CO.'P NCW VI)UK AND NKWAHK It I. PHK8K ?The public are respcctfnlly informed that t s subscribers haae establisliad an Kxpreas between New Yo a sud Newark, N. J , for ibe transmission and speedy delive r >f packages, bundles, money. ho. fcc.; the collection of not is ana bills, and all other business appertaining to an Kxpsess ? Orders for articles to be retained by tbe Ktptesa will jo delivered free of charge. Office in New York at No. T Wall street, and in Newark, (si SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. S2? Broad st. heave New York at II* A. M. ?nd ?% P. M. L ei re Newark at A. M. and IK T- M. ditee ADA MS h CO

FmPOHlifVNT TO OLD COUNTRYMEN.?MESKHS t 1) AKNDKN Sl 1.0.will draw at their Express and Foreign I.Ptlrr Office, No. 3 Wall itreet. amali r>uis 01 cichaogi (rorn K1 to X lOt), in romi to init, payable it light, Tor the acfomui >datum of permnt wiahiug to remit to their frienda m England, i. eland, or Bcotlaud. The letter kngi lor the Royal Mail Steamen for Lie rrool are alio made np at their office. For further information apply ? HABNDKN fc c J Wall.tre e Areata in London?MACLEAN, MARRI8 h CO. Lieerpool?WILMKR ? SMITH < DEAL HAVANA JtEOARSC?The loten ol a genuine ** Harana Begat would do well to call it ? Broadway, nnder the Cafe Tortoni. between Liaerty and Cedar itreeti, it which place they ean find the larteit ajaOTtment in the city of the above named luxury. Call and be iitiified. n?l4 im*e? A NOLTEMEfER. )RK ] [O.RNING, APRIL 10, 184 TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. TYPES. AND ALL OTHER I'KlNTIVO MATERIALS MAN VVAOTURED _ AT I ' KJ in L, It ' O UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Corner or Nimu imi Ann Ht hurts, NEW Y"RK. CAN BE HAD AT M'HTKKN PER CENT DED0CTION FROM OLD PRICED. 'T'H K und*r i*nrd lesoer'ln'ly laloruit t1 e Old Pitrnnt of ihe Type "lid Btereolvue Koundr. , loimerlv known At J&MRI CoRNKR s, aud mine rereiill at I 'unnk R at Coot! I, and lh* public m Ktueral, th4t tn*i are pre >ared to aeculr oidur* for PRINTING TYPES, PRESSES. CHASES, CASES, IMPOSING STONE'S, INK, FRAMES, ?ud every other artici" neceastry lo form Complete Printline Establishments, on as favortble terms, and of aa good a audit) as any other establishment in the United Statet. nkw rRicKi, rr.R rouND old rniCK*,'rKR rowRD. Auate, . 86 cents. Agate, 108 cents. Nonrareil, 66 ,, Nonpareil, M ? Minion. 54 ? Minion, 66 ? Brevier, 46 ,, Brevier, 34 ? Bourgeois, 40 ,, Bourgeois, 46 ,, Lonv Primer, 36 ? Long P imer, il ? Small Pica, 84 ,, Small Pica, 46 ? Pica, 32 ,. Pica. 38 ,, Border*, Cute, Bras* Rule, and all other article! manufactured at tlilv eatabiUlunrut, at the aame reduced rate*. New Aiticlea not Hp to order, on being furnished with pal'eruv. I'he Type cavt at this establishmi u', i?, both in the ?<yle of Face and he materialofw'iich it it ramie, particularly adapted fjr icrvice in Newspaper. P.inliug. AllhmUnf Ste eoti pilig hirniihed to order. M. B ?Such Newsiianer* .u will copy the abuse three timea, will he entitled to nay ill Type,on in aliiug a bill of tour limes the amount of the tniee insertions *1 'rr i Tu L' i a iVi L'li INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERSON I AL BE A''T V, considered in cmiuectinn with DR. FELIX OOUBAUD'S POUDRE3 SUBTILES. The sculptor who?e study ii to imitate the exquisite worktnaii?lii|i of uatnre, portrars iu hit model ol the humau form, a broad and derated forehead. This tlevelo ment is Hot only contou tut with, but sometimes necessary to the possession of a high order of mental faculty. If a fine forehead is a tnatk of intellect, it is uo less an essential element of personal beauty, and it is of importance to those, and there are many snr.h, possessed of this promiuent feature, though obscured by the encroaehmeuts of a too luxuriant growth of hair, to remove that portion ol au excrescence which tends, iu their case, only to deform. This can he done safely, speedily, effectually, aud, if nsed ill accordaiics with directions, without the least inconveuienee, by Dr. Felix Gour&ud's Poudre Subtile. The furze ol the lip, when annoying, or the short hair on the back of a ladies' neck, wheu too apparent?the hair of a mole, or the Deard, when nigh upon the cheek, may all be removed, aud eventually the roots destroyed, by the use of this preparation. UOURAUD'S EAU DK BEAUTK, OR TRUE WATER OF BEAUTY! For removing Truckles, tan, pimples, blotches, sores, bnrns, aud a'l cutaneous eruptions, realizing delicate white hauds, neck and arms, aud eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance.? fT"7" $1 per bottle. OOURAJJD'S VEGETABLE ROIJOE ! Composed materially from Bowers and simples, imparts delicate carnation tinge to the cheek, immovable by pcrspira 'ion or rubbiug with a handkerchief or a linen cloth. 60 cents per bottle. UOURAUD'S BLANC D'ESI'AGNE! Au excelleut preparation lor imparting a pure, life-like whiteness to the complexion, free from the injurious properties genemlly entering mlo combination for this purpose. Pnt op in elegant boxes, at 26 cents each. Anv.txTs.?A. 8. Jordan, 2 Milk stieet, Boston : New York?Albany, Guthrie, 4 Maiden La?e; Pouglikeepaie, Jared Gray: Utica, Wade, druggist; Hamilton, M. Co. Gregg it Grants; Louisville, Louis Comity: W. A. Chase; Uo3htu, Elliott. Conn., Myers, Chapel st, New Haven; W. Faulkner, Norwich; Wells & Humphreys, Hartford; Charles Dyer, Jr., Providence; Thomas, Newport; Clowes, hair dresser, Springfield: Greetie Ik Co., Worcester; Bart, Little Falls; Coggesnall, South Second st. New Bedford; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston; Lowell, Carletou Ik Co.; Salem, Ives; Newburyiiort, Hodge; Portsmouth, Preston; Portland, Parker, Exchange st; Bangor, Guild; Hallowell, Scammon. New Jersey?Newark, i rippe; Princeton, Dr. Seabrook. Pa., Phila., 76 Chesuut street, Lancaster, Hciuitesh, druggist; Harrisburgh, Robinson, periodical agent; Pittsburgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, Thomas k Co., Main street; Va., Richmond, Mrs. Frayxer; D. C. Washington, Selby Parker; Alexaudrta. C. C. Berry; Md., Baltimore S. 8. Hance, fcc. he. . Within a few years this remarkable and useful chemical invention for completely eradicating superfluous hair, has attained the highest pitch of celebrity, and consequently excited the cupidity of a nest of base counterfeiters, who attempt to snatch from the inventor the just recompense for his labor. Purchasers should therefore ' e on their guard aud see that every bottle of the Poudre Snbtile is sqnarr, and F Felie Gonrsud, Poudre Subtile, N. Y., cast in each bottle, and the Doctor's fac simile engraved on the outside wrapper. Directions, French and English, accompany each bottle. Remember, the only office in N. Y. for the above celebrated Cosmetic* is 67 Wnlkerstreet, one door from Broadway. mfl 1 in m TNUiKeOLL'S GREAT BOAT BAZAAR FOR 1843A Remember one cedar and oak boat is worth twenty pine and white wo id ones. The subtcriber intent's during the coming season to fully satisfy tm- world of the difference between good boats and had ones Therefore every boat from his establishment warranted will bear upon it the stamp of C. L. Ingersoll. Ouriu - the past season the subscriber his produced that inimitable 16 foot sailing Din'ev Troubler, which received the ' challenge from the Auietictn I nutate and took the gold medal ; she is now ready to show her stvru to any sailing boat, uo matter where bnilt or who by, lor any valuable tror-hy.?Also 1 the row boat Heurv Stork, which won ih'ee races in succession, with esse Also the triumphant G. W. Chapman, which wirnout an effort, made the quicktst time unon record. However, during the coming season he intends leaving all his own former efforts in the shade. He wills sum te for any ! kind or description of boats, from one to fitly tuns burthen, sn-J wherever hie stamp m ly be found there wilt be * boat that can't be beat, C. L. INGEKSOLL, Bust Bazaar, 406 and 414 Water st. and 121 Cherry St. Jss. W. Hang, Sole Ag- nt, 68 Wall st. P 8 ? Rice, vail, c'uh, life, and pleasu e boats, may always be found at IngersoM's Bazaar, chea|ier than they can be purchased elsew hero tpllm'r OFKl' E OK Jk.KKEM.sON INSURANCE COMPA NY?Office 36 Will street. This Company continue their bussucss of uixurauce against loss or damage hy lire, on goods, wares and merchandize snd also, od vessels arid their cargoes against lost by inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome hlisha Higgs i nomas i vv nuunin ireujirniu ? saousou ? John 11 Davisoo k'ranris P Sage Thomson Price Joseph Allen John H Lee John P Moore Moai'! l'uckar James E Kolmra Ctleh C Tuni? .hum's K Whiting Anarm Bakrrl Wm K Thern Joseph Drake 1 rod Haw ley John C Mecritt Thomas Moirell THOMAS W THOKNE, President. HBl) T. HOPE. Serrrfsr* m!3v]gb PAPER. pEKSSE k BROOKS, No. <1 Liberty streetjhave lor sale the following? I' 0 reams news printing 33 by 30 308 " " " 33 by 40 230 " " " 32 by 40 300 " " " 26 hy 17 300 28 by 42 230 ' " " 24 by 36 330 " " " 82 by 32 500 21 by 31 Also, hook paper, 19 by 24, 24 hy 28, and 24 by 38. They have also a Urge assortment of writing andlwrappiug paper, of different sues and qualities, which they offer at the lowest market price*. ml ec PL t'ERH U HOrt'lUN'3 Trunk R<i*>?itory, No. 84 Wil linn street. corner Maiden lane, manufactures and keeps constantly on hand, wholesale and retail,al! kinds of Travel ling and Packing Trunks, Carpel Bans, Hat and Bonnet Cases. Merchants ami others are res|ieciltilly iuvittd to call and esamine auraiock, belore purchasing elsewhere. Mspaf-ict"rv. 3411 B'oan st'eet, Newark. N. J. ml2 lm*ee HAIR HUTTING ANII 8HAVINO. " HILL, the inimitable Hair Cutler, takes this mi thod nf informing his frienrisnnd ihe i ublic in general, that he has r* taken Ins Old Slant, 86 I 'nil tireel, immediately adjoining ihe Pearl Sl eet House, which has been uewly fitted up, anu w .ere he will be pl-ased to wslt on all who mar favor him with theii patronage, in his neat and skillful style, at the fol lowing moderate prices H'll's inimitaole Hair Cutting, 12U cents. Curlmg, . 12H " Shaviug, 6*4 " O" Don't forget the number?No. 86 Pearl street, in30 lm*m JOHN M. DAVIES to JONEis, 166 WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OE JOHN, LI AVE just received fnim recent importations, and of their 14 own manutacture, a very superior assortment of Spring lh\ttile ennsisrinff nf everv thine nest, lasts and fashionable in the gentlemen'* furnishing line, which added to their former stork, comprises an assortment of goods rarely if erer before found in one store, among which are:? CAPS?fn every variety, for gentlemen, youth and children. CRAVATS?Of plain nnd figured satin, gro grains,cambricha, flic. 3C A B KB?Of veatinr i arin, hroche. OLOVE9?Of kid, silk, brown and chrae linen, lisle, span ai'lr. Ac, HOSIKIIV?Of coiton, merino, wool spun silk, lie, VNDKK GARMENTS?Of Shaker knit merino, woolen, ilk, cotton, Ac. LINEN COLLARS?Plain aud Byron, of all qualities and she pes. 8111RTS?Of linen, mnslin, French i arabrie, plain and with ruffl-a. Ac HU8PKNDKH8?Of gnm elsstir. .Ok, cotton, Ac. OILED SILKS?Of white and fancy colon, warranted net to adhere in any climate The above Comprises only pari of their assortment, and purchasers will consult their own interest hv eiammint this splendid assortment ofgoods before purchasing. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at thetr old established Cap, Stock. Linen nud Oiled Silk Manufactory. NO. 106 WILLIAM STREET. CORNER OF JOHN. rn3 Jtn " m biluard saloonNO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THK AMERICAN HOTEL. PRICK. REDUCED (o One Shilling per Hundred, from I A M. to J P M.?The suhaenber informs his friends ami the publte in geueral, that tie he* five New Billiard Tables, in separate apaittnruu?two in the upper front saloon?two in the rear saloon, and one in the front room?ell in first rate order. Each get tlemau visiting the establishment will be famished with a pnrnte Cue, for hit especial rue?the tablet being: in different a|? meats the proprietor thinks it will render it more select and a reeable to gentlemen visiting his hnnse. ALSO. TWO bINK BOWLING ALLEYS IN THK BASEMKVr. His Bsr will always be stoc-ed with the choicest Wines and Liijuors and the best Srgara to be had?also Sherry Cobblers, Mint Iolepa. Punches; made in a manner not to be surpassed N B.?The apartment* hare undergone a thorough refitting ?new paper, paintine. ?c. (E7"Oeutlemrn will please to communicate uy neglect of dntv of the atteud.iHts, at the bar, kranci8 montk.verde. mch'S ^m^r 3 Barc'av arreet. T M POKTANT-OKRMA N SILVER UK KM AN 8IK | 1 VKR.?JAMES O. MOKKKT, 121 Prince street, N. Y., offers for sale, wholesale and retail, 1NH Ihs ol German Silver, at the lowest market prices. |?7- In conseinence of manufacturing the article himself he can warant it far superior to any ever before manufactured in tliia country, and fully niual to the imported. to CEDAR WARFTCOOPERS t JAMES G. MOKKKT Manufacturer, 131 Prince afreet, N. Y., effeia for sale, whole sal-ana retail, a superior lot of Coo pers' Brass, Pail Ears ^nrt Hivcts. at the loweat market prices. to UMRREI.Ut MANUFACTURERS, c. i JAMES O MOKKKT, Maun far tnrsr, 121 Prince street. N. Y., offna (br sale, wholesale n- d retail, a anpenor lot r.f Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Knrnitare, at the lowest market pried mid lm*r BLTTE SM AI TS?* rasks super Samny Bine *m*lts, lor ,je ty PEK88E * BROOKS, tic No. 01 Lioeity suoot, . n i ^ = HERA 3. Norfolk. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Norpoi.k, April 7, 1843. Murder and Mob Law in Norfolk?Cute of Cooke awl Gardner? Sudden Death, of Mrs. Cooke from Fright?Terrible Times J. Gordon Bennett, Esq :? Dear SIR? I have lately read in your" high'y valuable paper, two letters purporting to be from this borough,which were undoubtedly written by minds strongly tinctured with prejudice towards M Cooke, Jr., who is represented as being high, wealthy, &c ; all of which is said lor effect. And it you can spare the room in your extensively circulating journal for a few remarks, you will confer a iavor on impartiality. The origin of this melancholy aflair has already been stated correctly in your paper?and M. Cooke, Jr had carried arms for several days, in order to claim satisfaction, and protect himself in case of emergency; but the day on which this affray came off, Cooke hud been to Portsmouth on business,and went unarmed, except a stick, which he is in the habit ol carrying, and was returning in the ferry boat, when on landing he saw Metzar Gurdner ? He went up to him and demanded an apology tor the insult offered through his paper, which G. de- | clined; when Cooke was in the act of raising Ins | stick, Gardner pulled a revolving pistol out of his breeches pocket, which as soon as Cooke perceived, he dropped his cane an I seized hold of, and while both were wrestling for it,and when the muzzle was toward ('ooke's breast, one of the caps exploded, when with all his strength C reversed the pistol, and in so doing it went offt and Gardner was no more. Cooke immediately delivered himself up to the Ma/or; and shortly after, it being currently reported (talsely) that the Mavor had dismissed htm until the morrow, one ol the Magistrates issued a warrant lor his arrest, ^nd Cooke went to jail about 4 o'clock. Next morning he appeared belore the Acting Mayor (the Mayor being sick) and after all the evidence was given in, he was very justly acquitted, for every thing went to prove that he did not fire the pistol.? This acquittal created great excitement in Portsmouth, and they had Cooke as well as the Acting Mayor hung in effigy, and on Saturday a procession of two or three hundred men and boyB, from Portsmouth, paraded our streets with a banner, on which was inscribed?"The workingman's friend murdered in defending their rights;" and on passing the Deputy Sheriff's house, a few doors from Cooke's, there being great confusion in the ranks, and some few running into the Sheriff's yard to get water, there was something said about pulling Cooke's house dewn, and the servants misconstruing what they said, ran in and told iheir Mistress they were going to pull her house down, which caused her to faint, and after being brought to her mind, was taken very ill, and died yesterday. They certainly have blood on their heads. Next day (Sunday) a committee from Portsmouth catne over and succeeded in procuring another warrant for his arrest, on the plea of further evidence, <Xec , and Cook was again committed to jail about 8 o'clock P. M. So you see he had abundance of time to escape?but no: knowing his innocence, he preferred a just trial, which comes before the Court of five Magistrates on Tuesday next, the 11th instant. Some two thousand dollars have been raised for (rardner's poor widow and children, the most of it from this place. B. O'Neill's house, in Portsmouth, has been very much injured by the mob, and they have given him seven days to leave the place. Superior Court. Before Judge Vanderpoel. Amu. 8.? Chester et ?/. vs. Madame Seignette.?Shortly after 10o'clock on Saturday morning, his Honor toon his seat on the bench, and directed the clerk to call over the numec of the iury empannclled to try this cause ; after wbich, he called upon Mr. Mulock to proceed with the defence. Mr. Mulock then rose and said>~Gentlemen of the jurv,this is an action of replevin brought by the Messrs. Chester, to trv their right to retain certain property seized by the Sheriff of the city and county of New York, by virtue of a writ of replevin issued In this cause, and by the Sheriff delivered to plaintiffs Gentlemen, belore I proceed to lay before you the circumstances, which have givon rise to the present action, it will not be impertinent to the question you have to decide, and more egpe cially alter all you have heard touching the character of this much abused lady, to atate to you who she is, and the position she formerly occupied in society. Gentlemen, I do this with the more pleasure, because 1 had tbw honor of knowing her in the lifetime of her husband, when she sat at the head of her own hospitable board, surrounded by a happy and interesting family, dispensing happiness and comtort to all who came within the aphere ol her in fluence, and moving in the first circle* of the society of this city, of which aha was the grace and the ornament. It is true, however, gentlemen, that 1 have lost sight of hor for some years. It is unnecessary for rae to tell you, wha are men of the world and men of business, that the pleasurable pursuits and social enjoyments of our juve nile days, are incompatible with the gravity of the legal profession, and of that application anil industry so neces. sary to acquire such a knowledge and mastery over this abstruse and intricate science, as will enable the advocate to discharge his professional duties in such a man. nor as to give satisfaction to those who entrust him with their business. Gentlemen, having made these few prepar tory remarks, I will now tell you who Madame Seignette is, and state to you briefly all the facts connected with this action. Gentlemen, Madame Seignette la the daughter of the late Mr. Hazard of your city,a man well known to you all, or at all events to same of j ou. He was possessed of all tkose qualities that adorn our nature ; he was a good father, a good husband and a ?'orthy citizen, and as much beloved for his social and private virtueaas he was admired nnd respected lor his stern and unbending flrmness in the discharge of his public duties She is also the widow of the late Monsieur Seignette, a French gentl< man of the most poli-hed and fascinating manners, for many years well known to the mercantile portion of Ihis community as one of the first importing merchants in this city in his day. Gentlemen, Monsieur Seignette was considered, some years previous to h s death, (and really was so) a man of considerable wealth; but by the convulsions and revulsions brought about by the blighting genius of locofocoism, he, in common with the great mass of our citizens, was stripped of his property. He died a lew years ago in very emtiarassed circumstances, leaving the defendant, his widow, and fonrchildren, without any means ol support. Monsieur Seignette, from the rank he held in society, had many friends amongst his own countrymen, and from having formed a connexion with a respectable American family, he also had mRny friends atqongst native citizens. Those friends, to the number of 100 or ISO, in the spring of 1041, advised the defendant to establish a club at her house in Mercer street, to ha called the Alcibiades Club, to enable hur (n muintmn Karaull anil familv Th?v nrnmisa.l tn become member* ami pay an imation lee ol $10 each.? Thi* advice she gladly took, but before she could accomtiliih her wai lound necessary to furnish her house suitably Tor such an establishment Her lirst step was then to procure suitable furniture. She applied to the defendants, who knew and visited her in her prosperity, to supply her with the carpeting, lie, which is the subject of the present action, on credit. She, at the same time, ottered them a person of the nameofPnyne as ber security, who ha I been introduced to her as a man of propert y, who was to be a member sf the club, and to board in the house. She gave thsm a reference to Payne himself, who kept his otticc in Water st, and to the other respectable gentlemen whose names you have this day heard in order that they might make the accessary enquiries in relation to Payne's solvency, (tenth men, from the evidence, it appears that the Messrs. Chester and two ol their clerks, made those enquiries, and that the result must have proved satisfactory to them there can be no doubt, ot* else they did not use due diligence and caution in making those enquiries?if the latter, they had themselves to blame. Oentlem?n, lam the morv particular in impressing those facts on you, a* the main ground upon which the plaintiff* rely is that the goods were Obtamed from them by fraud and false representations. Now let ma ask you where are the fraud* and false representations, and in what do they consist! These gentlemen knew thia lady, and viaited her for upw arda of twenty years. They knew her husband, and that hedied in embarrassed circumstances. She explained to tham her situation, and the purpose* for which she wanted those goods. She gave them a reference to Payne and to others to satisfy them'elvea of hi* solvency. They made the necessary enquiries, and the fair presumption is that those enquiries were to them satlafactory. otherwise they would not let h r have their property. Mr. Mulock then reviewed theevldenee adduced by plaintiffs fo throw diacredit on the defendant's house, and commented with 1 much severity outhe prejudice and axcib-ment of plaintiff's witnesses, and on the decrepsncy between the evidence of Thomas L Chester and his son, and concluded an able speech of two hours, by calling on the Jury to renders verdict for his client, lie then proceeded to call the witnesses for the defence, the material part of whose testimony follows : Chiuu HiiroHiissors examined?Knows Madame; met at her house in April last with a person ol the name of r?yne,to make an arrangement with Pay ne, that he,Pay ne, should t>< como her endorser; wa* acquainted with Payne about three months; Madame did net knew Payne helore the meeting. rniB* raamined?Saw Martin at hi* house in Suffolk Ireet two or three week* ago ; *aw him within a year in the ?treet, perhaps one hundred or fifty time* ; first ?aw Ma. I am in April last; she lived in Mercer street last fall ; does net recollect to have met any persons at the hnu*n except Payne, Martin and Lawyer nturtevaat, of Wall street; met a party of gentlemen there on one occasion, does not recollect the names of any of them except those already named. Streets JoH-rsois--Knows Madame about ten years; wa* stry intimate in the family; sontinued to go to the home ; in Mercer street during the time Madame lired there, the : house was frequented ny gentlemen when the door* were v. | oprtiedj the gentlemen h red d * UttCS* their cards, whir t wtiuosa beaded ut to MtuWjc, U?/ tl?eu weiked ?"fo e * f LD. Ww Two OMM. parlor; gentlemen who had no cards wero ihown into the toa room; there were a great many gentlemen who had card*. Cross-examined?Madame hail a daughter residing in Hudson street; her daughter is married to Mr. Oakley; was nt the house in Mercer street on other evenings than Sunday evenings, but It was not witness' particular duty to he there on any other evening than Sunday , there were two ladies there ; one was married, thu other was not ; did not think they were particularly handsome, would not if she was a man chooae them to he ifandneme , they were generally well d'eased ; the hoaoms of their frocks wore cut very low ; the married lady's name was Mrs. Catharine Mclntyre: does not remember the name of thu other. Madame spent her evenings In the parlor; three or lour generally called on Mummy evenings mat naa no cirri*; they were received in the tea room; cannot aay with which of the parties she spent most of her time; does not know how the parties in the tea-room amused themselves in the absence of Madam; Madam kept no boarders but Mr. I'ayne; the house huri three stories and attics; the chambermaid was a tall yellow woman; has no acquaintance with her; does not know where she is; does not know the names of any ot the gentlemen, except Mr. Payne; the house was opened in April; she thinks no laaies ever came there with the gentlemen. By the Coirh-r?Did any ladies come separately f A?Nat aa 1 know. Q. by Mr. Mulock?How many parlors were in the house 1 A?There wero two parlors, a tearoom, and smoking room; the smaking or card room was up stairs, an.l was exclusively for the gentlemen; ? ayne had a iied-roem the two ladies had a bed-room, in which they both slept; Madame bad a bed-room, and her sons had a bedroomdoes not know of nny other furnished bed ruoms but those, except the servants'. The witnesa a terwards said there were other furnished bid rooms. One morning she saw two gentlemen come out ef a bed-room; Mudame's ro..m was on the third story, backwards; Payne a was the front bed-room on the third story; waa acquainted witlfcMadame tor ten years, acquired aknowledgeof Mudame's acquaintances; they visited her in Mercer street, as they did elsewhero. Cross-exaraiustion resumed?Knew a lady et the name of Brom, and another of the name of Burchard, that visited Madame; cannot give the name of any gentleman of Madame's acquaintance that visited heri the room over the hall wusfurnished; does not believe tnere waa a bed in it; does not think there was more than one bed in each ot the rooms over the pur lor; Mrs. Brom was the wife of Captain Brom of the Navy. Mr. Sturtivsnt sworn and examined?Does not recollect the color of Martin's hair; witness advised Mr. Stoims to get a mortgage on the furniture lor his debt; the proposition to give the mortgage proceeded from Madame herself. Cross-examined?Madame's house was called the meeting place of the Alcihiades Club; witness was not a member ol the club; does not know the name of any gentleman that was a member of it; vince the furniture waa sold out witness heard the house spoken ot as a house ol ill fame. Alter the examination of the witnesses had been closed, counsel o.i hoth sides summed ui ind his Honor charged the Jury, who retired, and nLw1 ly after returned a verdict (or plaintiff*. Literary Notice). The Philosophy of Reform.?A series ol lectures by the Rev. Mr. Chapin. Published by Stickney, 130 Fulton street. They are eloquent, liberal, and eminently characterised by a spirit of christian forbearance and truth. Milman's History of the Jews?Vol. 1.?The first volume of the new series of Harper's Family Library, to be issued at one half the original cost, or 25 cents each volume. For sale at (his office. Kinne's Quarterly Law Compendium ?-A truly invaluable digest of cases reported in this country and Great Britain. The New York Legal Observer?Published at 42 Ann street. A work of acknowledged utility, and well conducted. Macaulay's Miscellany, (cheap edition)?Vol. III. For sale at this office. The Rover, Noa. 1. 2 and 3.?A very neat weekly magazine, published at 162 Nassau street Each number isembelhshed with a beautiful engraving, by Chapman. Tiie Honey Bee ? A ehe*p and very well executed edition ofDr Berrain's celebrated and highly interesting and instructive work on the " Bee. ' The Farmer's Encyclopedia, No. 4 ?This is an exceedingly useful and meritorious publication, by PhV <V. Mnrr Ph ilnht n The Book op tiik Navy? Appleton ite Co?The fourth part of this elegant publicttion has been issued. It completes the work, which should be in the library ?t every citizen who loves and respects the navy of his country, and desireH to transmit to his children a faithful record of ths heroic deeds of our Decaturs, Jones, Perrysand a host of other brave men. O'Connell's Manuel on Ireland has been issued in a very elegant aud durable form by the Messrs. Casserly,who are the authorized agents for the work is this country. TKKASUKY DEPARTMENT, { Washington, Mfc March. US. I SEALED PHOPOSAL8 will he ire-i?tit it this Dfpvtweui until the 17th Aeril neat for huildios tl-elml'sof una, two, or tnree Iroo Steamers. to be used A< Hrriioe Cutters on th - sea < out, of the following dimension', uy on* hundred and forty (IW) feet deck. twenty-three (23) fret beam, and ten (10) Irrt hold Drawings and mndeli lor building to be furnished b" the Depir'nu-nt. It is expected that ihrse hosts will be built in reference to Hunrert or K'icsa n'a propellers. The iron used in construction must be American, and of the rrry best quality, and ia to be painted, with two good coats of red l??d, (one before the work is put up, and the other aftur.) The whole of said iron work shil) be weighed after it is wrought and fitted to its appropriate place, ana previous to its being i at together. Payment will be made accordion to thm net weight per pound, including coal bankers, water tanks and galleys. The rhain p?tes, hobstays, and all iron work neens sary to ths hull, spsis, tigging, tails nod gnus, will be included in the proposal ; and the price for such work will be separately stated. A spar deck of white pine I by ( inrhes to be I aid,seen red from underneath with the " wood screw bolts, caulked and planed; berth deek of ash or yellow pine 2)4 irehes by g. sinked and bolted te the berth deck besots, also esutked ana platted; ceiling plank of white oak to the flooring heads 5 inchee thick, thence yellow pine 4 inches thick to the l-.wer deck cl imps, all nf whii h will be estimated by thesqn-re superficial feet. The matrria's and weight used in conatrnction to be ippr >ved, and the work to be inspected by snch oiler as the Secretary of the Treasury may appoint. and the work to be done according to the direction of the nrerinrendrnt. The 1 esse It to be completed within sis months from the day of daliyerr g the moulds sad plans of building The workmanship to be iu-|ierted prrvioui to delivery by .two competent judges, one to b- chosen by each of the panic, of the contract who, iu the errntof their ditagreeme it shall seleot a third, who are to determine whether ttie work has been eiecuted in all respect! according to the propotsl and agreement. J. C. SPENLEK, Secretory of the Treasury". in23tnAl7r TREASUHT DEPARTMENT, 2 Washington, 17th Mancii, IMI.) SEALED PROPOSALS will be received st this Department, until the 17th Ayril iirtt, for s<s Engines, Boilers and Propellers, constructed on the plan known as " Hunter's iilsn." Two of said engines Boilers and Piopellsrs to be delivered oa Lake Erie, as designated by the Secretary of the Tu asary ; the others at such place or places on the sea coast as the Secrutary may direct. Also, two Engines, Boilers and Propellers, upon the plan known as " Ericsson's plan," to bo delivered at tome place on the sea coast, as the Secretary may direct. Toe Engine, Boilers and Propellers to be made of the very best materials, lo bear the proof and inspection of surk person or prnou s< may he select) d by the Secretary of the Treasury. The Boiler* to have not leu ihati seven httndred (700) feet fit* surface, each; working pressure eighty (M) pounds I* the <qlin inch ; Proof two hundred and fortv (240) ; eight (I) eighteen (10) inch Cylinders, with three (J) feet stroke. The whole to be delivered as directed, within five months trom the time of wiring the drawings sud plans for building. The Proposals will state the price for which the Engines, Boilers and Propellers will he erred, and not into complete operation. But as the application if the Engine working to cither of the said plans, is a paten' right, the proposals will also slate the price ashed, including the authority to nse the patent right, and also the price riclnsive o' ?.itd aa'hotitr l C. SPKNCKR, m23tol7a r S,. r ury of the Treeeoiy. IN CHANrFeKY?Before tlic Vict < ?nuc?lJor of ihs First tiry Wi?rrai! no'* Noah WorraJI Janies Oregg Wilson. , , Notice Is hereby riven, that porta tut to th* direct'odi contlined in the dfcrrti mide id this ovate* md hy nran asligament etecutriTto toe by the .bore itemed defendant. I will 'to" to be sold at the March-nta' Eirhange. iu I he city of New York, va the seventh dtvol April ne it. st l o'cl'wk. at noon of that day, by E O Burling anciioneer. all the light, title end interest wkrch ihe aaol defrnoant bee. in that cerwin we.kly publicition call.dthe Brother Jonathan. Information as to Ihe nans" u'nJ'n*?" he h?d en application to ICDMUND ?. DKIIRY, Solicitor lot ih? tomVlsinsnt, ?' Wall str-er. the compia n CHKIBTIA 8. SLOAN, Receiver. mil lawfAmil 7th re JN lUHfHfANCE of an order of the Snrroyate ur the f'onn? tv of Nfw York, notice it hereby given t > ell ler.ons I .ring claims against Peter Murphy, late of the citv ol Ne~ York, gentleman, deceased, to present Ihe same with the T< u. her* [hereof to the subscribers, ar ihe office .f Kdmned d Uerrv, No. Jl Wtli street, in the cits of New York, on or before the eighteenth day of September oast Dated New York, the lilh d.?v of Marrh. mil JACOB MAMVb-V. JAMES t BELL. ml 6 lawgm r v : i ii>- ? " fueled. DOUBLE ACTION h \ >< P> T J* BROW NIC It CO , Maou sctu'e ? Loudon ?nd New y Tor*, Iti? call the arieuti ?u of ih? wK? ii?n of f*?u ??rf nf auiiful -iD'l fl?hi suable inatrirnmr 'n rh very ?ai>eror H*ij>a he haa for tale at 38? brat?J?av. ili^r (M .-mw **? ?* rtrncted o? ihe mo*t arp^vfd p ;n un I h? modern impiOTr menu, are <-or qua'led .n bnll' n?-> ?>* *v>ne, I fhtutas of touch, ao<l prriifCtnca* f mu .lamcia" ?. J b.B unties* C? "dhia ir lyementa %'f lurhuto enable him ?o tnsaact l>u<iurM at Biro mo pr?p#i ihav>br tifinf hUfiitodalhe hifH dutiea imposed bv u. iff oa thaaa '"^rr/nd proffer* ara pmicu'arly In tiled, and will Had hi* method bntir.ei* advjnt-?eouv _ __ . hhowne, aTtoMI <1 Itwy'ee Brmdway ?nd *3)ji hauibori 11^ AKANOK < HKAVt CANDY.?Maaara. J. Pease ft Son, Oafeeliooer*. ?? Diviafon atxeet, have b,ought forth mother dclieiom compound to gitttfy the taelh and i tlilr* the palate* of thoae who indulge in inrh "tweetmeat* " I'hn candy |Hi*i*ir? the tin* liaeor of the Havana orange, and, rr think, cannot fail to receive the patronage of the ladieeand tt-ri of confectionary in general.?Aurora. nfr -iOAL-Noj arrived and for *ale low. to dealers aad other*1 y all the different tier* ol Redaah Coal Api'Iv |o PKTTR CLINTON. *tHmi tdUHJ ivntg aad Of*wtwi?.