Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1843 Page 3
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r ctly, when the worthy hRnded them hack, siying npoi ths whole, he would take a irlan of prog instead, which he received, swallowed, and was walking off. The shop mnn demanded pay. " Pay for what ?" " Why, that drink " " Didnt I glre you the crackers for the drink "P" Then i>av for the crackers." " Kavnt you pot 'em In the barrel 7 Do you want pay and the crackers too 7" This seems to he the position of the Ohio slnkm.r fund. The commissioners are continually talking of the "money on hond" in the Treasury applicable to the interest When or how was the money obtained? The amount on hand in March, 1341, was $00,000, and last year fioo.nw In 1841, when the canal tolls were near $100,000 greater than last yew, and the debt much leas, there was a defl. cieucy of $08,578 in the interest fund. This was borrowed ofthe sinking fund, and $39,037 of the school fund on interest, which Is to be repaid. In 1842 the deficiency was $234 379, yet we are continually told that no money was ever borrowed to pay interest. In 1811 the interest fund had absorbed all its means and run in debt. Where was the deficiency of last year obtained? and what are the "ihnda in tho Treasury" to the $800,000 due by July for interest, &c.? Are these 7 per cent stocks to Dtp/edged, not told! The law creating the stock,<loes not authorise tbem to tie pledged. Arkansas, when tottering to Its fall, pledged $500,000 State bonds, with Holford and Brancker for $325,000. The debt was repudiated, because the pledging was nnnuthorsed The interest fund owes the school fund, according to the late circular, $1,471,084 bearing interest $89,301. It also owes the sinking? fund $2,000,000, and is heavily In debt to the gaupral fund. It will hp asked how these debts were contracted. Why, examining the former reports, shows that stocks are sold on accsunt ot other funds, and the proceeds borrowed by the in'erett fund, yet no stocks are sold directly tor the interest fund. Another item of the commissioners,to make up their interest, is $70,000 excess of tax for State purposes. That tax has been reduced, and the assumption that there will bo an excess is purely gratuitous. The tnxes of Ohio last year were as follows, with the estimates for 1943:? IR42. tR43. Cans' tsx, 561,915 670,000 StUe 2711.24)8 200,000 "OS" 150,066 150,066 Courty and school, 592,019 625,000 Tnwnshin and poor, 191,524 19',524 Corporation, fcc. 184,900 181,900 I* vnic.'ans. Jtc. 16.944 16,914 .V-l'-nqueDcies, 113.495 113,195 - . - 1,890,105 2,1.51,223 The government expenditure is $200,000. There was an. excess lest year, which was lent to the interest fund, and for that reason the tax was reduced.? Most of the connties have,'however,'been authorised toincrease their local taxes. The gross canal tolls are esti mated at $600,000 by the board of pnblic works, which will make $2,751,223 oftaxes'to be paid by 300,000 farmers ot Ohio. I he canal tax ol last year was very onerous, ro much ro that JO per cent Tof the tax'waa unpaid. In 1843, the prices of produce will yield no profit whatever. $4 to $8,000,000 ofloans aro to he called in by banks in liquidation, and the canal tax doubled. Ifthe delinquincy was 90 per cent last year,how much, under these circum stances, will itbe in 1848, if levicdl It was publicly hinted in the Ohio Legiilature that there was no intention of levy ins; the tax, that the reputation of it would raise stocks sufficiently In Wall street to make stocks available without it. Mr. Bartley, in his place in the Senate, stated ns follows:? "He (the Auditor) can go into Wall street now among the brokers, with allthn influence of twenty millions of State stocks under his mani-gement, and three millions more ready to he told, and sav to the stock sharks, tha* in order to sustain the credit ?f Ohio, keep up the price of dec let. and tell them to advantage; he. had, just before he left home, ordered hit clerk to double the canal tax on the devoted people of Ohio; and like good and loyal subjects, they would certainly pay up well, for they had, through their Representatives, conferred upon him the discretionary power of taxation." This is the true secret of the movement. The deficiency in the interest fund last year, it was stated,was "owing to too high an estimate in the canal tolls.* The estimate of the present yenr may produce the same results. It must bo considered also, that the power of levying taxes is diecretionary with the auditor, not imperative. When a State passes a tax law, it must be levied; there i? no recourse. In the case of Ohio, the auditor may or may not levy it, at his supreme will and pleasure. K borrow, ing will answer, taxing may at any moment be remitted. Oled. On Sunday morning, 9th inst. Mr. Pstricx Sxiffimgtox , aged 36 years His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, 18Canal street. un nnn.iay morning. win in?t. arter a lingering nines, William, son of Samuel and Catherine CSillia, aged five years and ten day*. The friend* of the family are rpanectfully invited to attend the fuuerai, from the corner of Houiton and Ooerck streets, this afternoon at 4} o'clock. On Sunday, 9th in*t. Harriet, danghterol CharlesT. and Jane S. Willis, aged four years. The friends of the lamily are invited to attend the funeral. thi* afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 190 Church street. On Sundav morning, 9th in*t. Harriet O'Brien, only .laughter of Charles T. and Jane S. Nillis, aged 4 years and 10 month* The frirnd* of the family, and the memhers of Colnmnan Lodge, No. 1.1. O. O. F., are respectfnlly invited to ittend his funeral, from the residence of his father, 190 Church street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Latest Advices RECEIVED AT THE NKW YORK HERALD OFFTCK. Africa Feb. 16 Macao Dec. 8 AusCvyes Feb. II Madras Dec. 54 Antigua Jan. 29 Manilla Nov. 18 Bombay Jan. 1 2 Montevideo Feb. 15 Batavia Nov. 50 Mtntilivin Feb 20 Bermuda Marrhlt Maianras-* Mareh24 Bonaire April 9 Mayagnea March 26 BnVnos Ayvrs- Ian. It Maracaibo March 6 Bahia Feb 16 Matamoraa March 13 Beliie. Hood. March 20 Mesieo March 9 Barhadoei March 4 Neuvita* Vlareh 16 Bogota--*-* Dec. 24 Naasait.N. P. Feb. 5 Berbice Feb. 20 Oahu,S. I. Dec. 7 '.ape Town, C.O.H-Jan. 15 Paris Ma eh 2 daraeoa reb. 28 Port an Prince March 10 'ienfnegsa " Ponce, P. R. March 15 darthagena Sept 15 Para March 6 daraccai May 17 Pernambnco Frh. 28 dhagrrs July 1 lauania---- Sept. 29 dallao Scut. 7 Hi >de Janeiro Feb. 19 Calcutta Dec. 2? Singapore Dec. 9 Bemernm Jan. 30 Bym-ey, N. 8. W. Seat. 7 "aval Jan. 29 St. Helena Fen. 12 Jinraltar Jan. 9 St. Thomas March 24 Jnayaouil Oct. 16 Sr. Bart* Jan. 9 in.rimi P R . . . . VI * r?l, 10 Bl I .1. I ' n l,r> Mj,nh ? kmaivea Jan. IT 8t. Johns, P. R Feb 19 Jalreston March II St. Croit March 18 >ivre March 1 St. Martha Dec. 2 'avana Match 25 St. John, N. B. March 20 ayti March 12 Surinam Keb. 21 lalifat April 2 Tampico March 9 eremie March 3 Tobaaco Jan. 20 acmel March 10 Tnrlu Island Feb. 8 (inxaton, Ja. March T Trinidad de Cuba - March II ondon March 4 Talcabnana Dec. 75 .isernool March 4 Valparaiao Dec. IS a i inavra Fab. 27 Yucatan March 10 ima No*. 6 Zanzibar Not. 25 Panengen Arrived. Loispois?racket ship Westminster?Saml Phillips, of New ork; Thoa J Con, Cincinnati; Elisha V Ashtnn, Boston; Mrs I homaaon, Manr J Thomason, Philadrlphia; Mi?s E Cot, ihas Unmpsge, Encland?32 In the steerage. Fnra'ip ltnp irtatlo.ia. Londou?Ship Westminster?110 pkes Williams 8t Hsrrimm -T Wm Vyae?4 N> yiiu It co?1 (J Blalte 8c co?2 J Owen?5 k A Lowe?4 J M Haywood?2 R Maitin Ik cn?2 M I. Lemnn -3 J W Holherton?2 L I Cohen??5?r0 Mondhne St cn??5n?0 'rime, Ward St King?110 pk(a K Dntilh?1 O C Tllorhntn? 2 r. It,l.inn,?loo 8 Biratow fk co?4 D H tdden V snn??5000 in oTerciRlis Merchants' B ink??500 H D Cot hen I & Co? I nkg C ).iril?I F It D Samn-I?3 Maj R Delafield?I Morron St IJro ? B <rclav It ro?I J Martin It co?1 A R Van Ne?'?1 Maitland t ro?1 Barber Brothers It co?I A Briahan' ?1 Firth V Hall?I Vlntr Ik Sheffield?1 C.aiey It Hatt?250 tons chalk J (Jriswoltl -119 pkgato order. SaRTaf'nvt?"chr H Lawrence?14 tea 90 bbla houav 1800 alls palm leaf 35 lots cedar 4 e? aeitara 17 hidea 45 tons fustic lolt Ik Owen?33 cks sugar Danl Cnrris. MaTaotitt?Hrhr Wm Wilson?40 lihds sugar S W Lewis? I hhds molasses 25 do sugar A Koaaiere. Domestic Importation*. IJasiKM?Bchr Clia h-a E Thome?40 hidej ] bl| .kins R M )emill?6h les cotton Perkins 8t Hopkins?115 j Ik S Stone? 17 Barstow It Pop?140 M R (Jrono *?15 tierces rice Rich Ik Si k I T I VI Y. H IS I! \ 1,1. Hhlp ItlMUri and Amenta. hall rateem it a favor, if Captaina of Venaela will cite imodore Bohk*t Silvht, of our Newt Kirn, a 11* ihe Ktaippiinr left at Ihe Purl whence they aatled, tlx i Spoken on their PaaaaK*, a Liit of their t <r?o, and reiicii Newipapera or Newa they may have. He will hem iimnedialely on their arrival. Ay'lit* and Corlenta, at home or abroad, w.l' alao roofer a lavot by I to thia Office all the Marine Intelligence they ran Nantiral Information of any kind will ha thankfully d. 'OUT OF MtW YORK, APRIla 10, 5 it I Moon '2 51 t m|hi<ih warm- 1 10 Arrive <1. I ahip Weatininater, Alwood, from London and PortaFrli. 12, with indae, to John Oriawold. Arkanaaa, Bttriteaa, 10 ilaya from New Orleana, with Ac. to ffm, Nflaon. ien hriR Itolanil, Steermroaae, 77 daya from Hamburg, dae, to J C. Mtiiler. Mairh 20lh, lal 30 10, Ion 10 10, hip Pauline, Wachter, Irom Un int o for N York. Cornelia, Patten, 18 daya from <?tt ivama, (PH. with 67 olaaars 170 do itijar to B. Dc Kore,t k Co Veaaela Ufl reported. Fr.tnrea Amy, Niekeraon. tft daya from Ponca, PR. to roole, Willi Welch fc Manu'a Cirrna Company on T'raier, Puk. II daya from Vlayacner PR. with 300 hfa ra 50 haaa coffee to A'aop k tannery. Veaaela left Ipinrt* rrporiuu. Bohr H Uwt?nc?, Br ! ?. 20dnv* Buito I'mt, Cat riIh ?nijor, lo mm, r. Srhr Win Wil* B '? r, TI il?v> fr. in Mwnfl m w, t, nc>r,?"B, 1)1 Hint, t-t Jl I?n TJKI, , loti !?? . ?i4? lo.? nl v?H nnrt |ll>. tor 'firs W Srlir Ml ? |H I , K t III rl y? from ?4rW OrVnn'ii l-ii It 300 hliiU mo iin ci ? IS lull t rotl ii t.> Do f'otilor St V hil??r?li. 2*tli "It Im Jl SO, loo 71, in ? gulo of wind, limt d?<k Mid of Mhhd* mnlsMci. Schr Charlea K Th<?rne, Smith. 9 diy* fiom Darien, with cotton, to R. M. Dinill. Wehr Rnieoe, Kifoii, 8 day* from WHnftniiion, Nr. with nv vnl atnrea, to matter. ? . ?? Schr Rr|?ateij Krnicit, 8 day* frow WilmingtoB, NC. with naval tfore*, to IP 3 Po^i-ll. . ? S.-hr Man- Priuhr. BriitM, from Havre dt Qraair, with indar, to rjovtll ft Mnrdnck. Srhr Prraideut, Woottor, J days frrm Norfo'k, wilh corn, to mattrr Uchr (itend Itlmid. H<H, a? h"H'? from Virgin's 'vlth com to Wood, Johtwton ft Bnrritt. Srhr VI ivy Arm, Holt, ? days from V itltinia, with hark*, to Order. SchrW. H. Gibbon,, Perry, day* from Folly Landing, wit! corn, fo nmticr. Srhr Omco Heed. 2 day* front Philadelphia, with md- i. to A n ool?t ft ' St' r Wm. I Knur, rrt wi II, 5 d.ty? from Bottoo, . il, m |.c to 'da- tor. Heroin 'Murine Corr<,H|Hiiiilt'iU'e. Of kick nr thk Kiionr Isi.awpkr, ) . Newport, April 8. IRI3. \ Arr7th. Rival, (-lark. Matvnzas for I'rnvdt tire; Rii'riL Dur* fee. ami New York, Mntni, f-om Providence f >r N Ynrt. . Cant BraRdon, of achr Eliz<beth r< turned last night. having heen home <m a vi -it?he sailed ihu morning, but returned at msht on account of lieail wind. (Jetiernl Ka-r-ortl. I'al-rf. r ship Toronto, Oriswotd, for London, will tail today. Her letter Vga are at Gilpin's News Kooin, in (he Kihanga. Bain Adamant.?'The Holmes Hole from ft Jatto tie Cuba, reports? March II, lat 2t .10, Ion 71 30 tell in with th* lonvr boat of brig Adamant, of New Vorlc, which vessel had been diamrated 1)6 hours before, and took from it Capt Lelaud i and crew 8hip St. Clair.?From a flip on the bulletin of the Boston I Merchants' Exchange,it appears that a correspondent entertnins suspicions of knavery in (he loss of the ahip St. Clair, which vessel wis wrecked aad subsequently destroyed by fire in OctobT last. He insinuates thaf the ship waa abandoned by the master and crew wheu aome fisherman at Neuvitaa, the scene of the catastrophe, offered their assistance to pilot the vessel from among the breakers . Rark?There is bur one registered in port, and she arrived on the 7th, from Manilla ?[Boston Transcript, April 8. Whalemen, Arr at New Bedford 7ih inat. Alto,flofllii, from Pacific Oeean, with fiflfl hbls ap. Left at Talcahnana Pec 2Jtb, Cherokee. Ad .una, NB, 21 mns fnll. for home; Isaac Rowland, 8w?in, do, <3 miH, 2700 sp, for home; Franklin. Ber th', do. II mns. 900; Zone, Hiller, Nant, 43 mos, 2400; America, Wiehmoud, Bristol, 21 ma, 000 sji 3 rt wh?; Alexander, Dormn, NB.4X ui"g, 30 ap; hc^us ror p isnrr, oo,.w mm, sin i.rr nome 111 co. ai tuuimii lu a/ct, ( Chili, Delano, NB, SS mos, 1950, to cruise 4 mos. unci home.? > Spoke Ang ?9, lat 1 42 S, Ion 135 W. Wilmington St Liverpool 1 P>ckrt, nice, NB, 8 mo?, mo. Off Massafuero Oct 22, James Munrop, Cnsbman. FH. 22 mos. ISM sp; Marfb<, Binter, Naut, 16 mos, 660; Nov 26, Eliza A<laini, Hollev, NB. 5 mos, 3(1 sp; Thule Coleman. Nant, 5 mca, clean; Dec 20, Virginia, Ltice, NB. 28>? mod. 2700; no (late, about Feb 1, off River Plate. Inga, Cuvlworth, Warcham, 8 tun, 700; Tylcaton, Brown, Nant. 4 trod. 70; Sim' & Thomas, So|>er, Proviucetown, 13 mos, 700; lit 37 N.lon 73, Byron. Boston, oil not stated, bound home. Oroiimbo, at New Bedford from Pacific, reports?Stroke 26lh 3648 S Ion 49 30 W, Zoroaster, Seaburv, NB, 12 mos, 180 sp 30 blkfish; 30th, lat 34 6, Ioh 43 37. Juno, Spooner. NB, ll^ mod. 230dp. who reptd sneakini( 29th, ConnthiaD, Easter- I brook Bristol, 50 days out, all well, no oil, bound to Pacific; I Intra, Cndworth, Wareham, 6 mos, 500 sp. Abigail, at do. reports left at Oahu Nov 17, Wm & Eliza, Ro- | trees; Frances, Hussey; Nye, Sm'th: Bodman, Whittru?all of NB: Elizabeth, Hedire. Salem: Bart Qnsnold. Knsscll, Fal- ' month; Fortune, Alray. Plymouth; with oil as before rep rted. i George, Cash, (late Lake) of NB, was iu nort, awaiting the re- I covery of her crt w to proceed home. Alio in nort. Tnscaloo- j ss, T^ber. NB, <8 mos on', 1 r00 hbls; Benj Tucker. Worth, do, | 36 mos. 1850 (repfd Oct. 20rfl;) Martha, Hammond, FH, 27 mi, 056. John Howland. Whiifie'd, NB, touched at the end of the | leeward sandwich Islands Nov id, ami landed some mensirk, and sailed for Tahiti to recruit for home with full cartro oil.? Spoke Jan 16 Is'26 '6 S. I on 79 8 W. Washington, Sand ford, (late (lshorn) SH. hound home, oil not stated; Feb 8, lat 31 30, Ion 33 10, Geo St Marv, Ceffin. Edrnrtown. 1900 bhls and a larue sp whale alongside?Capt Coffin rrpM speaking off Cape Horn, no date, Maty Mitchell, Lawrence, Nant, 4K mos out, 160 bhls sp nil. _Arr at Sag Harbor 4th inst. Thames, Hedges, NW Coast, with 320(1 hbls oil. 80 do sp, and28.10' lbs bone Arr at Warren Ctb intt Warren, Cleveland, Pacific Ocean, via Kin Janeiro, where she sold 1350 bb's wh.witb 2650 bbls oil, 600 sp. Baltic, at Edgartown Irotn Pacific Ocean, reports?Nov 18th, Milton. Lewis, NB. 100 sir 100 wh; Navy, Atkins, Newbnrvport, 600 sp 900 wh; Dec 14. Helveti a, 100 sp 360 wh; March 2d, Oco & Martha, Smalley. NB. clean; Oct 2, Henry Astor, Pinkham, Nsnt, 1700 sp; Jan 7, off coast of Chili. Rousseau, Brayton, NB, 500: Mt Willa?t n, Rose, Salem, 460 sp 1900 whale; Nivigstor. Fisher, Nant, 500 sp; Enterprise. Cannon, do, 800 sp 3rtwni: Catharine, Hunter, do. 856 so Irtwh; Com Morris, Downs, Falmouth, 400 sp; Wade. Swift, NB, 1050; Coivo, Pendleton, SOOjHemy, Manchester, Salem, 259 sn; America, Richmond. B'istol, 560sp;C.nnrier, Marchsnf, NB. c'ean. At Talcahuana Dec 2, Zone, Hiller. Nant, 2200 sp; I Howland, NB. 2600 Heard from at Pitcairn's Island, iu Sept, Christopher Mitchell, Keen, do. 400 sp: Hero, Chase, do, 300 sp; in Dec, Z*nas Coffin, Bailey, do, off Mocha, 2700 sp. At Massafnero in Deo', Congress, Pitman, 1200 sp. Left for home iu Dec. Richard Mitchell. Gardner, Nant, and Columbus, Gardner, do, each with 1200 bbls sp. Spoken. Taranto, from Providence for New Orleans, March 26, lat 27, Ion 73. Foreign Porta. Havana M?Tch 25?In port, Hamburg, Larrahee, from Beth 'or Cowes .and a market, Idg; Saab Parker, Codman, from Boston, disg; Tioga, Ricker. do. wtg to disg; Marv Frances, just arr; Bnrmah, Ford, for Cowes .and a mkt, Idg; Hellesiont, Ellis, from and for New York, disg; Disuthe, Shorey, from Boston for St Pelt rsbunr, to sail 28th: Merchnnt, Boss, from Lisbon for Cowes, wtg: Arab. Crosby, from London for Hamburg, Idg; Gibraltar, Jordan, fiom Lisheu for Russia.Idg; Finland, Nason. fr rn Boston for St Pctershntg, Idg; Hardy, i nompaon, iro i it ? orn, as ig ireisni: America. .vi aniens, imm Bath, <h?g; Oyhele. Edmonds, from Portland, frt or chtr; Junius: Pike, for Falmouth. ldg; Uncaa, Thoinnson, (mm and for NUrleaoi. iliw; Lima, Naaon, from Baiti for Hamburg. Ida; Adeline, Lippincou, from Baih. diig; John Allyne, Collins, for Apal -chicola, disg Oft the Moro, Priuco He Joinville, (m Savarnah. Mataovke. PR. March 2B?In joir, Alphonso, (Dan) P **!?eB. from St Joi n, PIC for NYoik, 6 dart; Llewellyn, Ca'd, for do,3d,;a; Ellen Perkina, Gilpatrick, for do, wig frt; Velocity, Montgomery do, 8; Joaeph, Pike, do, na t day; Anti, Tar, wti: frt; Hope. Mitchell, just err. St Jaoo, March 23?In pop, Paleitiue, of Salem, unc.and others. P?ns, March 6?Id port, Kagle, Wheeler, for W Indies, 15? only Anfiirau vessel. MaHatham darch 1?In port. Boxer, Dewing, from Salem, Urc; Washington's Barge, Appleton, disg. Oahu. Nov 17?In port, Victoria, for NYork, 2tl dava; Chenamua, ("ouch, for Boatou, I; Nereus, Chapman, lbr New Zealand. SirtoAFoBK, Dec 9?No American rcisela in port. Hai.ivax, N8 March 30?An Wellington, Scott, Philadelphia. Home Port*. Wiicasset, April 5?Air Milton, York, Tiitidad. Portland, April 7?Arr Galen, Sweetser, and Peioacola, Killgot,-, Boston. PoRTaMOt'TH. April 5?Arr Cordelia, Pendleton. Havana April 8?AnaRonna, Conway, Para. Below, Bro. kline, from Manilla Bostot, Aori' fl?Arr Baltimore, fcldridge, Philadelphia; Ella. Whelrten. do; locrea- , Warren, Georgetown. DC; Veaper, Freeman. Nmticoke, V.a: Spariel, Dill, York River. Va; Auio'a.Woodbnry. Richmond; Caribeau, Allen, do; Kanhawa, Howard, Fredericksburg; 8 A Appleton, Nirkeraou; Reeaide, Langley; J Cooley St C", Crowell; Trio, Chamberlain, and Lexington, CroweII, NYork. Telegr?|h?d, Mary Stanton, fm Baltimore Signal for 2 biiira. C'd N antaskel. Smith, of and for New London; Niagara, Scuddrr, London; Nimiod, Wise, Havana; Sea Facie, Smith. St Petersburg; Montilla. Bartlett, St Thomas and a market; Borodino, Tr.nt, Maiaosaa; Alpine, Nickerson, do; Georgian*, (eld 31st ulr for Mobile) Davis, N O'letns; Cameo, Jarvia. do; Niger, Baiei, do; Ocean, Kldridge, Ballimnre; Wm Penn, Taylor, Philadelphia; Empire, Kelly. BathiClio, Muwick. Porland. with part of her inward cargo; Dnni Francis, Small, Richmond; Pamlico, Stoddard, do, via Norfolc snd City Point; Saisau, Bray, Philadt-l|>tiias. Arr 7th Napoleon, Jordan, Matanras. Holmes Hole, Apni 7?Arr Nahant, St Jago for Boston; Veto. Coombs. Burksport for New York; Engineer, Whitlen, Elizabeth City for Boston; Jasper, h dgartown, < :_JI a ;.i - h.. RlV...L iai.i Metanior\ Boston; Rowena, Young, from Kri dericksburg, for Boston. PiioviDKrtrE, April 7?Ar Reaper, Crowell, Baltimore. Below, Susanna, Pullen Fredericksburg; Chase, Potter, Bullimore ih NYork; Emerald. Snow, Philadelphia. Lorelt went master of the Orrav Taf'.sld 6ih for Charleston. Wiumimoton, NC. April 1?Arr B ufine.Huut, Providence? damaged nails, rigging, lust host, Ike; J.ts T Bertine. William Thompson-Jonas Smrh, and Constellation, New York. Ckl Halcyon, (Br) Dean, Autii na: Tib run, Gore, do; Marietta Ryan, I'tinin rcr, and A F Thorn. NYork; New Kra, Hartford, ft t. . t CHsRLrsTOW, April 5?Arr Neptune, (Br) l.eirhenberg, B rmnda; Canb, Nick-raon, Boaton; Sii|erb,(Br) McMillan, Saiaio'Hh; Tvb-e, McCormick, NYork. 6th?Below Christiana, ( Br) fimpsou, Livcnioiil. CM Shenandoah, Writ, do; Msiehant. Jordoti, do. Sid Calhonu, Mj era, NYork; ( aliforni*. (Br) Anld, Glasgow. VfOUNG MEN out of einplovment would do well to Y laalify themselves ?i Hoob-Krep-is at Yin Norden'a Writing and Book-Keeui g 6w4tttt, 261 B'o.irlwav, recond floor, at Mr. V,Y pupili generally obtain good silnations as accountants, through the influence ofhia patron'. Mr V ' course in book-k-eping ia strictly rractical, a? no author's woik is copied in his adiool, and he endearors to impress u|miii the minds of hi' pupil' by familiar illustrations, that the science of accounts is founded ia common sense Course of instruction. Wholesale, lie mil, Commission, Elch*ng< .and Compound Co. Specula ion Accounts. Van Nordrn's system ot splendil business p timinship imported to nP in an invredihle short space 0f time Terms extrrm. ly moderate Day nn l evening clastcs, 261 Broadway. aA2wi-*m _ to Tin: r.mzi-:xs i>i- >:i;w yokk. TjUS^IAN KKltA "i SOAP?The jobaenher has jnst recite v>'d b ' the hark Ronhle from rcnsrult nme ijises of tl is eeb br iled ?oap, which f"t sharing ?pd ihe toils Ite is nnsurpassed. F r sharing, it is acknowledged by those who have nsed it to be the most superior article now in sc. Ir is now three yean liter this trticle was introduced Into the ei'.v of Bnstou, eid it lia? beer sold to u .'Wards of RuOn persona, in every cue with pelf* ct satisfaction, and is considered the purest and cheapest family so p that can he n'ed. F r tsl he the dozen or cake very tow, by SAMUEL W CHF.EGH, No. 9 Tn mont H 'Uir, Boston, Prices :rTH,-'0 and 7.) cents, and !>2 per cake, accordiug to six-. Tin rpialitvof gsch e ,ke is the same. N. B ?A liberal discount made to wholeinle pnrchasers. f"KNtI*KMKN \M> LADIKS' !>] I" OKF v. vliu VT KOBK ? Gciitl. men or lamilira drtirout or coiiarriitiR iheir lefi ?(T wearing ap|>arel 10I0 taah, cau obtain for (lir name the highest c.uh price. To lamiliea ?ud gentlemen muting the oily or rliengmR letidenre, having any anpertluoua rffe'ia lo iiapnae of, will find II much to their advantage to tend for the eubaeriber, who will lttcnd tliem at their reeideuce hy aiH>oin*M?nt. H. LEV r?i T No. H4 Varick etraet, New York. A line through the Pn?t Office, or other*i?e, will rreeive prompt attention "? ln>*r \171\0OW ?HAl)*i=Th? auha 7u er off. ri b r aale at hie ?Y a ore IVo. 373 Bleecker 1'irrt, a |jcn-'al aaaortmeni of heau >IiiI imix arrn I alien anil Kieneh Window She l??, at |ir;cea lower th'n at any piece in thia cily And nlao a taete<"ul ??| "nenl el Dry Oonde. ??3w*c DANIKI, E. TO"KK.H. T ;KAf i S PAYabL*. AT SlttHT on all parti of tail, u Inland and Scotland, in anmaol ?i. Cl>, dli, f'0. in any amount, for tale et S. J. 8YLV KSTF-R'S. "*r ?1 Well attect end 13* Broadway I OOlt AT THIS?Jaat received lol Hue hdfcta, at only i iC'nUt '"'hoe double width change \l>le Pi riamea nt only 3a 3d; lot table linen,, yda wide, et only 4a fcd; lot tine hroadrlntha et only 7a 6d; lot flue double milted reaannerra at ?a 8d; lot heat eettinala at oulr 3a bd; alortinv inualina et 4 renta per yud; lot fine book inualina et la; lot cambric mnalina at*d per yard; lot abptrfiiM double aidth alapncca Inatrea. cheep; lot tallica enllnra at Sd; lot men a fine orange oanea et only d i ta; lo' line new d? lemea, cheep; food tilk et ? centa par akein. It will pav env uue to come 30 mi lea to Wll.LKT HAWK IN*' tore, SOI ' Ireaawich atrcet, Sat atoia below Spring afreet. MM Mla"m DA'iVEHRl?(>TYPE 10 THE PM" TOUHAPHIC AHTI8T*. I? A. All'!' \ lXT & ( O , Fulton Hirect. o|?po*itt St. ' PiUil'ietwrch, reM*clfV?l? imorm tbr photographic artist*, rid ftery pcfou ii nguc-rrotvp^ bnituM. ihat thry will receive bv psebet shir* hnvYi'd *nd Vifi*. de Lro*.? 000 H-tvn h d Hypo id? !? ,?>< inchra by 8Ha No. 30; it Fr#nfh "r .<?? <* web** diameter, m ?oe by la*reird Alf Oiroui; fl Prcn b .cn.innc lensaa. inches disifte'e , prepared by/ h **lier, f.T vikipt? rre i/iwr.f i*>rtrait"; 50 f'ttncoi b omiu**; ^' ii <*b ' i *? "* 'i t"> in*? ni d all ? rh ?t.i< ' t npfis r1 doi.PI ri Iv i? n i i. i t i i\" V vf' ? ilwi I?' hot kd .. iu bid';. ? si n ..u .N I, re i.r i i , ir ') rdi i uC'U- i (' l? ni, of fh. In ' U?hio s tid b workiu imflip. ii .a (fomifmen wmhii'k' to have an rlfgantfit will uo well to call *nd aauimt Ina work. a? im#I et^ar-vr. ^ mnr ,r A 'i.^ LAUOK and rcapacubt* Meatiug of the Deo?r*ratic r ??"&?? ? Kltotora ofth. Pint Wad, held at tha hoa?? of Mr. H BilIi, oa guard*? Kreaiaa, Aotll ?th. inat, it wiu uti ui'inoucl? retolved (hat ih?* fallowing geatlean-n be rtcom40 'TPOti'd u Charter OAcrr nt thi? elontioo, F?r Ald-rnut?HENRY MI' OLL. For Ami.nut d? ANUK"W H. MICK I.E. 'orCollector?PKTVR m PAVAKD For A.{JOHN <1 tIRTMCDT. A ' >"""? J vVM A DKOK \I!W, ... { Hl.'OH MAHCIKH bl ""ilKIIU 'IT CKC V ainttfr M"(>TiCK_Th. rtrKu>. o.-s iHSro hlyu lke?t it w;? <tit i" m. 1 y*? r'o-t're.i Hull, nil Moud-u cvriiini;, Al'r" 10th for i! . iiu.po.e of Inrmti: r o City Prdc Bo nrlrr of 'he'.u:, DAVID PRICE. "r. r (nryJOHN F. I.LOYI). itO !'*m THE CALEDONIAN W A Mil I \ OT' IN i AN t. BTI01 CIETY ?meet in'ho National Hi'l, Cant ?tre?t, lhi? (Mnnd.iv) evening, tilth Apiil, at 7 o'clock. 'PheaHon. Aarou Clark, ox-Mayor, ha* Irindly -.cceittdau Urlittlnn In mAAr?mM the mot ting wlii.-hwitl aluo lit* ad.(ro??ed bv Mr. Couusellor Kay, mil Mr. Bums, of the New Yoiti Daily new*. Tin liiiuiiiK bo M? ??r?. Poolo, Kyil audi ' lit-u, Mr. Browcr, and the L.idv ' alcdoniin Teitipe nice < lioir. Native* of HcnlLirl are cimemly iuvili d to attend, at well a* 4 nitric ma ami other*, ami they am usiirej that excellent order shall he sustained, wbilat care slitll he ttkeil that the speeches shall be unexceptionable. W.Vl. FIVL&Y. President. W\1. BOWIE Secretary. alO-ll'ec LECTURES ON THE CIVIL GOVERNMENT of the Hebrews, ennsidrrad ill its poi t? of Coutrait with other Ancient Political Copstilutigxs, ai d of analoKV wi'h oar own, at 'he Ledum room of the New York '-"ociety Library. Professor E C Wines proposes to repeat, in this oitv, his lour lortureaon this subject, receutly d"liserrd in Phiadelphm. The first Lecture will bexiven on Monday Evening. 10th inal. Subject? Review arH Analysis of the Governments of the teamae Nation* "t AMMWty other than the Jewish?War. aws of Aucient Times;Contra*t hetweeii'lavery at it existed in Gentile aud .nnux the Jews. Lecture in commence at 8 o'clock precisely. alO lt*in CfToTON HOTEL, 1 4 J BROADWAY. BY IVES k MOOHE?This establishment. nleasanUv located ou the east side of Broadway, between Maiden Lane and Wall street, w 1' be opened on the first of Anril by the subscribers a* a Temperance Hotel, for the reception of viators, in a style inferior to noue in the cilv. No expense has been spared in tittioc up and furnishing the pr> misea, with a view to the comlort and convenience of their uneats; ami they intend that their table shall be surpassed by none m New York. The rooms ara clean, linht, and airy, and their parlors arc well arra- ired for families. i They believe the time has errived when a first das* Hotel | will he well sustained on strict Temperance principles, and thuv hope by iisiduitv to business tnd attention aud curtesy to their guests, to merit a share of public jiat outage. I i^nKri,t's id rnniuim to me siaie oi uir lines. OEOROE D. IVES, JOHN L MOORE. .New York, 27tli March, 1RI3. all) eodawlrttwy PACKET SHIP SID DONS, from Liverpool, in discha-ging uuile- general order. at Orleans wharf, foot o( Wall at. Cnosiyntes will please atteud to the receipt of their goods. | *10 i (fconnn BE WARD-JACOB SHIPMAN has ubscouuj opAiV/\_rv/ ed with fifteen tho"sand dollars belonging to the Union Bank of the city of New York, aud aaid bank hereby offer* a reward of Two Thousand Dollars for the recovery ( the same or a rateable amount for such part thereof as mav bc returned to the Bank. Shipmau ia about five feet elggen inchea in heir lit, aged about 35 year*, broad ahouldera, a?iuare a'out built, light sandy c..tuplexion, heavv aandy beard, small satplv whiskers and hair, light grey evea. K .man no?e, large month, short uppsr lip, and has a remtrkable dimple or hole in his chin. He was last seen in Philadelphia, and is supposed to have taki n iho western oute to Tesaa. Shipinan is well known a> the eotfideii'ia' travelling agent of banks am! brokets, between N'W York ami Philadelphia. Editors ot_ Journals throughout the Union will promote the cause of justice bv copying this. a9 6t* r NEW FT'KN18HING 9TORE* WHEKE the rubserihet is now o|>ening fresh Paris an I Lon don CJ.ods of 'ho latest style and b.'St ijuvli y, consisting in part of Cravats, fjca 's, plain and emhroph red, Sp.cUs Hnil Stock Ties. Oloves. Hosiery, Drawers nod Shirts, Braces, Linen and Milk Hanulterchiefa. Ready Made Liaen, 8ic., kc., aud auch other .articles as are required for geutlerneus wardrobe, either at home or while travelling, at CHAFFEN'S a9 Irn*r No. 179 Broadway. DRfcSS BOOTS. An LATEST FRENCH STYLE. CPHE SUBSCRIBER respectfully invites the citizens of " New Yo k and strangers visiting the city, to call at 1W FULTON STREET, aud eiamine a large assortment ?f Dress Boots, msde iti the latest fashion, and of the finest French calfskin. Gent'emim can have boots made to order in the best manner, at sis dollars per, aud footed at four dollars, warranted equal to any manufactured in the city at from seven to eight doM?rs. Persons having tender feet, or being difficult to fit en acciunt of Inmps, bunions corns, Ac , can have boots made en as to he easy yet nandiotna, bv the subscribe's method of taking a drawing of ihe feet aud Atting up and keeping a pair of las's for each customer. flk? li ovintr fh??ir msisnrei Mil hv Writinff. kflVP hlHltl made and forwarded to f em without delay. cowstaiftlt 01* hand. Hsndsome BooU, fiom $3 110 to $6 00 Half Boots, '* 2 50 to 3 50 Gaiter Boots, " 2 00 to 2 50 Shoes, " 1 50 to 2 fO Slippers, " 50 to t CO Pumps, fcc . &e , equally low. Terms, Cash nx Deliverv. JOHN L. WATKINH, a91m*r 114 Fulton st, between Nassau And Dutch s*s PUBLISHED THIS PAY, PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, THE riRar NUMBER or HARPER'S FAMILY LIBRARY. /CONTAIN I NO "THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS, (rom the Earliest Perm I to the P'??eut Time." Be the Rev. H. H. Milinau. Volume One. With fife maps and flther Krgravings X~^ The pu'ishers give notice, that the whole of t*>is celebrated ??ri- will be saned in weekly rolnmea, at TWENTY HVF. CENTS EACHjn?t half'he prire thev hare been eold at herrtofoTt, and then dtcided'y the cheapest books in the market There volumes will be illustrated and embellithed with Domermn engravings, as in the previous editions, printed oujwtist equally rood, aud bound in mmc> French covers. The cnhlrshers feel that it is wholly unnecessary to speak particularly of the merits of this Lihrary, so eitetisivelv known, aud which has ohtsinrd a circulation and a degree of tublic fav r UUC(|II illetl tv any similar collection It comprises works in every depari.nent of science and general literature, by 'he ab'est writers English and American, in a papular style, and designed for the instruction of all classes in commapitr. ?8 t>is*rr HARPERS it BROTHF.KS. No. 22 Cliff st. TO TdE FftlENUS of Fair Dealing and Honest Principles.?CConnvll's Ireland, Na'ive end Saion?on y g-nnine Edition?jast puH-shed in I vol. 18 mo.. 315 pages well prin"d,on good i a er, handsomely hoard and l-tiered. in style sni-abln for the libreiy ordrawingroom. pr ce only 50 cents By the following card it will he se u.toa' the only authentic edition taucti-iii-d by the ill??'ri<us author, is'hat published by CA-^ERLY 8t SONS, 108 Nassau street, N. Y. To Messrs. Casserly St Sa-'s, tooirsellers and Publishers, NEW TURK. Grist i. emeus? I hereby authorize yon to sell, my new work, entitled "A Memoir of Irel'nd, Native and Savon;" and I do hereny eonxitutc tixl appoint you theiolc pnhliiher, thereof in Ameiica. No i dition ha, mv miction ex ent that published by, and under tlie firm of "CmmHj k Son,." I am. gentlemen, Toar obedient xervnnr, DANIEL OC6NNELL, DnMin, Janafirr 27, 1843. T> Beware of the ?i>orioti* edition a8 3lec SO M K T HI NO NEW IN BEDSTEADS !!! 'T'HE attention of lietel, tavern and boiljlll hottae keeper, * ii rrjpatated toa new and aunctior de.cnption of Beditradi, combining all that t, considered deairahle in this indi?)>enxible article of fnrnitare, vl?eimplicltv, economy, durability and entire abvence of any thing like harbor for that moxt noxir-n, of all inaert, THE ABOMINABLE BED BUG. The eave a-dihort apace of time wi'h wnich WILLS'* PATENT PREMIUM BEDSTEAD can be put up or taken down ? almo,t indrerfihle, call and aee a great variety at Woodruff', Depot for the above, 71 Oold treat, between Spruce and B'rktmn, New York, Sh <p righta and macliiue'x lor aale on application ai above. f#|ji*rr FURNISHING warehouse; OTftKAM&HAUOHWOUT, Ml Broadway, near Niblo'., r* havfl iu?r received? ("handalirra, 4 to 24 lig'ntf,iilver, onnoln and bronze, for gag andeandh IS entire new pattern,, iuvt opened. Girandole, and candelabra,, 8 new pattern,. Oa? mantel Itth a, bracket,, pend inu, lantern,, kc , by far the moitiuperh aaiortment we nave exhibited in ?ix year,. Hall lantern, for gaa or oil, in great variety o! style and pat tern.. Solar !|mp,. a moit complete vsorttnenr pf the bert impro veil pattern*; enure new pniierii*^ wmi ?-?ny vmei > 'iclo thiti* reqiiiicd forthe purpoac of giving light; together withe full naaortmentorthe quality of cut glaat, ofevery dcaciiptien, , ... Fine table cutlery in nets, in mahogany caaes, and ia dozena, A great variety of plated urn , baaketa, tray*, waitera, caalora, tout rack*, enndlcatieka, litjner framea. forka, apoena, lie. Alao. a complete aaao'tmrnt of fine japanned fe? tray*, BritaDta ten acte.atecl fire iron* plated and breaa atair fed*. White and gold dining, tea, md toilet ware, and even- othtl article in the tin , which we will poaitirely aell below the mirKet price*. N. B.?A half circle atair case lor ceiling, 13 feet high, with mih 'gaiiy rail. &c., for aal? cheap afl2w*r C\Rt>?I. Si HfolDT haa the p'eaanrn to informhia friend* and the mihi ie in geoer 'I, that he haa opened and elegantly fi'lcdnpa WINK saLOON, in the haaemen of the Granite Bii'hlinr. corner of Broadway and Oh nnht ra atreet, where he will eonttanlly keep on hand i ?o|iply ol the choieeat French, O-rmin, Hnaniah and other Winea, (patt'y impnrtea by him?rlf,) wl.icn he olfera lor wholeaale and retail. Alao. Ed*hah Ale ai d Porter, indeed any thing which ought to be found in a welt rrgnlated eatabliahm *ntof thia kind. fie pledge* hnnaelf that all hia article* ahail be pore and of the firat nimlity, ao aa to teenre the approbnlii n of thoae who may favor nip? with a ca'l. N. B ?Entrance in Chamber atrert. aleoiHt*r (Tltr A'f"RtDUC I I"N IN THE I'Rl'E OF CLIREHUUH'S VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND scalps. THESE ce'ebrntedart clea hava for many ycara held anpremacyoycr all other* in thia country a* well aa in Europe, In ^hrpe tl cy nre made to fit a* the natoial hair grn wa They a i light. elaatie, anil frre from all diaagieeable preaanre. By all jnd<ea and wearer* they have been rharaeteriard aa " I rrfect lie'da of Hair," and naitat he fen to be appreciated. Thr ciiaracte' of Clirehngh.% work ia eatabliahed for ita auperioritv, and having a large aiock on hand, he haa, according to the timra, rrdnoed the rueee to the very loweet remnnerating profit. In the H nt ("nttin* Department, Mr. C. will be found alW?1 a " .1 home," and w.ll ; ive hu aole and undivided attention to nil who w iah to change cnnnienance nmier the magic of hi* inch. _ _ agnt?itr ITNPRECKDENTED SUCCESS OK KELLY'S DOU BLE EXTRACT OF 8ARSAPARILLA CANDY. Jl'ST one month to-d?y haa elaraed aince Mr Kelly firat iniroanccd hia D uble Eitract cf flaraapn ilia Caniiy to the a* of New Ymk, i e ft-mi ihc 7ih el M.t i ti to the Sib Apnl; he Net aolil aevrn thouaao 1 three hmd-d aud uuuiaeu package* atidrrceivid foil -fire complimentary letter* of iti curat vc imwera and hrnelicial effect* in numrmna dita.oaea. Tor I'oilowi ig ceitificate i* from my matuftotarer of the Double Extract of Saraaparilln Candy:? New Ynrk, April 7th, IMS. Mi.Kai.Lt:- .... . ? n.e? I have no heaitatiou in atatiug thq amount of augai I Ill ide III.O 8ara>parilla andy liuee ihc 2.1 of March u|i lo thu dale forynO? I worked up three and a half bniea white Havana aiiK-ir. The average we ght of a boa of augar ia 430 pound a. Youra reapectlnlly, WM. BOll KG (j IN. New York, March lth, 1M3. Mn. Kai.Lt:? Dear Mr?I have been ttkiog your Saraioarilt a Candy, and I li.vve i'oun I great relief fr mil, within a Tew daya after naing prndurrd very ureal eff-ci. I li'aa 'ound more benefit from Mirk.iai of yniirt .ndy th?n from two Or three bottlra o I the Syrup I find it aoon girta new rigor to the aytem, and producea g-e<t effect, from the | un"eiri?u of fh> Wood, ft ;ivea health to the ?t ,mrrh and prevent* many of tlira* dioeaaea e maed by the i laeaaed atate of ihe hlood. hy entirely cuting all hnmota and |,im. lea in the akin, and h i?. in my eat*, uften heald, a d vigor o the ayatein. It Peine in.ich more convenient and ita mid cinal pruertiea greater thin the (trap, mnat, aa loon at known, do away en'trrly with (he me of the Syrnp Ven reapectfnlly, 8. DlfRAND, 97 (iteenwich atreet. 8 hi in p ek if e? of twrnt -five eenta e.arh, or fire for one dol at. "J'o he had at W K hi LET* On HAM iV 'V.CTtONAKV. j 6 B d New V I "FKir;S.V1M '"ATlLNf Llkk. BOAT,' Office N?.p | * Wallauoot. mil --y ... . . . wbw \I7 ANTRD?* At Second Ward Hotel, 87 Nassau tt. * vv ibodt 14 ?t N? yvais old, to do hoOMWOwtl^l to make hiintelfgenerally useful He will probably lit required to assist at the btr, should he prove sufficiently W*H qualified. Unquestionable reference* as to character will be reqaifed. Alto wanted at above, a middle aged man, without family encumbrances, perfectly well qualified to act ai an askiitlot to the proprietor. He mutt briny the best testimonials of honesty and general good character, and he prepared to make himself generally useful, as hit.duties will he or a confidential nature and p quire a w*>d?raf?-lv good education. . A pply at the Second VV1 d Hotel, from 12 to 1 o'clock this day. A mo derate tala v, with \ comfortable home o 17, will be offered It' r ANTKD-A iini.-i.ih a. by W. Pvuii. t. n married mart, with a small family, kbo was for foa v ,"i gk*de?ier to J. A Perrv, Kiq., at Brooklyn- lineiUK ti < ?? tea vesrsjyisf made the management and architecture of green still forcing-houses h;t (particular siudv, he recommends his services eith-r t) a gentle uiau desrous of eroctinpi \rw green-Hornet or where a choice collection ol eiotics ? to be cultivated He it also a vegetable csrdrorr For refcj # ii-i t apply ti J A. Perry. Ktq., No. to Broadway?or wainnel >i vent, Iriq.. No 2 Wall street* A few lines addressed to J W. PaUhSKV. care of the fleruuu Society, 105 Fulton street, will me, t with strict attention. ?n30 2w? r WAN I'RD TO BOItKOW-For a certain term of ve rs. $6000. at si* percent, on a WO acre Farm, situated at the town c f Stamford, Pmcht m County, New Vwl^jmseMed at j IU n j. a I L. V r,n i r.n, <8 3if 22 Wall street. YARD WANTED?Any person lia"iug a small yard P< let, at a reasonable rent, may Pear of a truant by addressing a line stuirg term* and location, to Bos 158 Upper Post Office? location near the East river, bc'ow Chatham >1, would be preferred. School Furniture for >ale at It) Bowery, nppoiite Siring Persons hi w int of tuch may hear of a birgain by applying aa above. *4r to hotel keepers. TKTANTED?By a person well eiperi?nced in the hutiness v ? of a hotel, an encasement in the office or bar of a reapectable ??tahli?hiiietit. Good references cnn be i iveu. Address F. P. at the Franklin Home _ a4 4lis*rF AKViW UETLKMICN of iteady hibiti can he accommodated with good bo ird and i leaarnt moms in a private family, at 204 Fn'ti u street. Alio, a few -lay boader* cau be seer mmoilated on the mnit reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom to let, with or without hoard *5 ec NEW FRENCH FLOWERS. EB STRANGE haareceiv-d, per ships Rhone, Emerald and Baltimoie, a lartre assortment of the newest styles of French Flowers, and will continue t > receive all the novelttea of the season aa they appear in Pari", by everv Ke.vre packet. Large dealer* will flud a stock wnrthv of thet' attention, at 181 WALKER STREET, One hnuie Went of the Bowery Alio, to Fto wer Makers?Au assortment of New Materials. al0ll*> C PROFESSOR J. K :V1 AFFiTT will deliver a Lecture before the Yoituc Meu'a RurueraTotal Ab tinence Socie ty, in the M thodiat E. Chinch, Mulbery street, uear Houston. This Evening, April If, at 8 o'clock. Subject?Celd Water, The Hons of the Waters. H?gsr and Ishmael in the wilderness, The FirstOiseoverer of Alcohol,The Origiu of the Wa-hi ngtouinn Society, Tempi-ranee in Ireland. Tickets SJ cents, to tie had a: Stephen Barker's. No. 281 Grand st, H. fc 8. Ravuor, 78 Bowery: R C. Root, S7 Wall it; II, UI1 Mt,lL,rv,r n? I .1 lh. nrmr-ir-il hnnk .tnM. Alio at ths door of tile Church on the evening of the Lecture. u? ?fcc LECTURE* ON ANCIENT EGYPT.?Mr. GEORGE R. GLIDEON, of Egypt, wilt commence a Course of Five Lectures, on Karly Egyptian History, Archeology, and othsr subjects connected with Hirroslyphical Literalure. accompanied by appropriate Pictorial llluatratloua, at Nibln*s 8aloen.ou Monuay Evening. loth half-past 7 o'clock.? The LerlUffS will be coa'ii ued on Thurailay, nth ; Saturday, 15th ; Mo day, 17th ; aud Thursday, 20lh April, at the same place and hour. The Programme of subjects to he clued vted in this Course, may be found on the last page of Mr. O.'s work on Ancient Kgypt, just published bv the New World Pres?,at 30 Aonst The Lectures fake np Egyptian Archaeology, where that work conclude*?:. e. B. C. 3030 The Lectures will b-etucidali d by a copious and beautiful series of large Pictorial Illustrations, tint have hern prep>rcd with tnneh Cite, nod at great espruse, by several vmiueut Art ists at Philadelphia Tliey consist of Hieroglyphic,!, Hieratic aud'Dem"H'c Tablets, Teats, and Genealogical Tables?Chronological Tables from Hncred aud Profane History?Facsimile copies of several of the most magnificent Tableau* eaistiug in the Tombs and Temples of Egypt?Portraits of the Pharaoh* in the r chariots, or in their roy?l rohes?Queens of Egypt from the Monuments, in their vs'icd anil elegant costumes?Likenerses of forty-eight Sovereigns of F.gypt, from Amunoph 1st, B.C. lO&?down to the celebrated Cleopatra, R C. at), taken from the Sculptures?Kings, Princes, and roval Fern ilea, offeritig to the Deitiea of Egyptian Mythology?Full length figures, and numerous heads of Asiatic nations of antiquity, dating piiorto B C. I5"0?Negroes and other Afric in nations, in all positions, and under various circumstances?Interesting scenes that are supposed to relate to the Hebrew captivity?Procession of various Asiatic and African Nations, bearing tribu le to tfcc Pharaohs of Egypt?with many other subjects, too numerous for present 'pacification, and a Mipof the Valley of the Nile, colored so as to convey a oorrect idea of its singular physical aspect Tickets may be had at the bookstores ofBartlett k Welford, 22" Broadway; Carvil k t'o, 102 Broadway, and T. J. Crowan, 633 Broadway; also at the office of the Glob* Hotel, or the office of the New Worhl, 30 Auu st; aud at the door of Niblo's Saloon. Gentleman's Ticket, Two Dollars; Lady's, Oue Dollar, for the Course. For ore evening, Fifiv Cents. a6 lOt THE LONDON LANCET" London, February 11, 1X3. (Reroblishe I st New York, April 8, 1843.) "ll/JR. w. WHIGHT mentions to us a c?se iu which a hy Wl dropathist at Malvern prescribed for a young lady the P aciug the back of her h. ad up to the ears in a vessel of cold ! j? e? ... i i r . ?- - e , r,i, ing, in ?d 'ition, that her'luxuriant' heir should b? 'pat up'in its nsunl form, to dry'at leisure.' Mr Whright interfered,aod prevented the treatment, bring of opinion iha' habitual writing of the hair, whether aa a remedy tor dea'neaa or for other diseasei, 01 to give a handsome appearance to the head, is very in jnrioua It ia not necessary to insert the notices of instances which Mr . Wright citea in ...netting this opinion." Kor more evidence re -d what Orandjeao hints- If say* in hta plmnplct, pace 1 and I7-? ' I have obacmd, and my pmfeation compels me to deprecate thr usn ! and err. Mi nus arplieations rrsorte I to in th? treat' etr. of ll e heir Iwillm.Ue a it mine nt in the case of children; they reaernhle the tender pl.ut, which inrretsesiii strength and In auty according to the degree of care or cultivation it receives in early growth. The cu<tom of wash ug the heads ol children in cold water, with whiskey, hrridy eatt-decologne, ruin. Sic , is most injurious p. the hair. They require the occasional are of some generous composition, in preference to spi licatious of such corrosive and spirituous liquids Water, the mildest, and perhaps tee least likely to effect the hair, is very injurious. It dries the hair, and turns it red; it makes It coarse and causes it to fall, and likewi?e destroys the roots; lastly, it crettes rheumatic pai is; in a word, water, and all spirituous ('quids, are extremely deatmrrive to the hair. ? "I again repeat that the haii should be washed as seldom as possible so I whi never this operation is performed, particular evre must br taken t > rub it perfectly dry \ considerable quantity < ( Oraudjrsn's Coinpositi n should he afterwards ap1 lied, especially to the roots By omitting to do this the hair will turn either red ?r gray, and the pc sou may feel himself I. tppy it he escape rh"nmstic pains, Sic. k'n. th advantage of those who are unwilling to forego the I ahit ol washing the hair. Treatment of the Hair by GRANDJEAN, __alO lire No. I Barclay N Y. sjgi FURBISHED ROOM TO LET-A" large furnished PFj renm to one or two iiagle grntlernen, "ithnut b>ard,at ...U. 66 G-ernwic i it, in a private family where no boarders arc taken. Apply oil the premises. a2Qr jjmA ' I'unui; HOUSE AND OYSI EK CEL.LER FOR ffKB SALE.?The above <sutiliilimeiil is situsled on the JVJJLcorn.-r of Sp-inc and Laurence streets, is an old established stand, and well Lmwu as the American House, and doing a good busitiejs The only reason for selling is the owner has another hous" to atte'ld to. F-ir pa-ticulars euqnire on the premises. at0 2t*in JffjL KOR HALE?The lease, st ick slid fixtures ol the old T.".";U established ami well known Bar Room, 111 Chatham at, J!o|&neit door to the Theatre. Apply on the premises from 12 to 3 o'clock. sin ts'r mCfaNal LVa MA HO i'EL?This excellent hotue is ii aw to let. It i? situated . n the eoruer of Washiag. 'on and Libert? street, and will be le ised to any good tenant from the first of next May. It has lately been much enlarge ( improved, and is contiguous to the Jersey Ferry, Albany boat Pi rtand Western Railroad Depots. For fur'her partic iVirs,enquire of E. RUCK MAN, al0 6'.*r No. 160 Washington at, N. Y. TO RENT?Tim i Ttensive Bnilding erected the preent season by ihe snbserieer, for his own residence, on 'he ir-argiii of'he Eut River,a' Oowanns heights, two ai.JThalf miles from South BroikHn Ferry, c > win muling eil. ndiil vi>>wi < f the Bsy arid Jersey shore, the cities of New York toil Rrooklt n, Stateu Island ard I In- E?st at d North Kimii Th? II use isbiick. n superior buildiugj five stories li.gli, covered wilh enppei; tlie ''.ill aid srsir of tnaihl*: ilie water f'on' abnii one thousand feet, end the btilling within a frw va'diof iho door, excellc- C 'fishing 11 d fowl ion in the im ii i o ill ir viriinn. Th>'diivo from Nov York is about fifteen minutes, and tho pretai ?a ro not exoolled by any riiua'iiin near this city One hundred persons can be accommodated.? Possession immcdatelv. Apntv to JOHN F DF.LArLAINE.68 Wall ?. ALSO TO LET, (he three etorv brick Houte, 34 Walker treet, Ee'ween Broadway and ("hatch ttrcct, occupied by Mr?. Verplanck; and ihe two ?torv brick Hooio No 239 .Ainetoi nth trort, occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeka? Routs moderate. alO lm#gc JmA TO LET OK LEASE?Two three story houses in flaw Broome, no ir Wonster st, with neat cunrt yards in (runt. I'J^The 3 storv honse No M Laurens st. The two stary ho.Ilea H anil 48 6th avenue. Tho two st. rv cot.aye known i? the Washington Hall, corner of Fourth and Thompson streets, opposite Washington Square. Ihe above are in perfect order, and wrre lately Tainted through'lit. Will b? rented low to food tenants. Apply to J. A. PEL.L, S Bond >t, before 9 A. M. or between 4 and 7 l\ M ., or ?t 30 Wall sr. a9 7trod*m M HOUSE AND STORE. TO I.Kf^-The we I [!TrB known and lony earthlt-hed tin and harJware -tore. Ini^ipLc'ted No. 387 Pearl street, ihe subscriber basing carried on the abase business f r near 13 years, and in .consequence ol leasing the country wishes to let the above. with a four years lease from first of May next, wiih worksh p. gl'sseirri. ccun ter at d other fixtures, stock, Ac., which is light, he offers for tale a ha gain. Any |ierson wishing to commence the ah?ssc business he pr'-sent is an oppoitnnity seldem to he met with. Arply to a8 3i*r WILLIAM HMOH,mftgrisr..W T. JMA TO LF.T? Kiistoi M ty, the modern bniiTDnea story paw h"Uic, No 16 Oreen street, with msrble inante s, grates .Ulsilver plailifg throughout. For terms, apply to Altkens Bri tliers, I2J Fntton street, or T. Fhiirs'en, corner Oreen and Brand streets. altw'r t( bNFKUTiONA'WV FOR SALE-The ...hs". ri'-'t I. SI. K Ihe who'e . f his time et.g sfed at the Aflantit Otidcn. is desirons of disposing ot his eonfeetlonary ea merit, No. 363 Broadway, between Warren and Cham ! hem st The ltoek. fisfnres, and fools will he sold t great bar gain. The premises csn he had for one, iwo or three years, a I a renaonakle rent. An introduetioawtll be giren to the whole. s?le customers, thru giving great aMpitage to persons wishiny . to engag" in business. Bat a small Miotret of money will bs requited to l>e psid at the time ef ss'e. Apply V shore, ot to the Atlantic Harden, No. 9 Broadway r 8 rod is'it*r jw HOR'I Il'ULTURE?8'andaid, Roses, Perpetual Jpogl M.tss, the Bourbon, Tea, Bengal, NoiseUa, and othei fine new varieties. Alt ), ' aintdis, Hhododendrum, Asalia and other greenhouse plants, lor ?ale a? the garden of 17. BOLL, Florist, comer o< 30th street and Bloomiagilale road. Moore's stage leaves dailv liom corner Trion Row and Chatham si reel, '19, U, 1,3 and S o'clock. at lWrc WATCH EE AND JEWELLERY lower than ever.?As IPs snhafrther is eonrtantly receiving all description* o( gold and silver watches, of (he newest styles, direct from the Iiianolaepuere, in England. Fiance, and ftwitterland, he is enabled tooffor a Irrger assortment, and at miteh less pnees, at letail. than any other honse in the eity. Hold Watches as low as 111 each. Waichea and jewellery exchanged or bought All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money rein med. VV a tehee, cloelu and jewellery repaired in t be be*t manlier, and warranted lower thaa at any other place in the city. (4, 0. Allen, importer of watches and jewellery, whole nil' 1111(1 ret ill. I" will nrrri. "n m-eim ; m Bill I W.N -v 1 O.'S <> ?' Hat Store, I7h ( h.itham tfkn.uire coiner of Molt at., where faahion, heautv. dtira(Tj.iv rcouoinv are combined to adorn I he heart. I he pro. prratora hate ihc yleaaun uow to offer new alyle of hat,the iinitaPon of b. avet, which .;lo?ely ree.mble. tho.e former^ 1?M for IS end 16 at the low died price of i-l: thoae who from inehnation or "c?ailv are iadaaad to at?dy economy in .hot ;'!j!.?. .|.ihle article of ire... hare ndw an opportunity ?[*>?<* n ?tiII kft'i* ttp ih?' App^antnceof thr m? ?t fH?hn?ii4nlr. Hi .no k I'd iii pre.onlinir thie hat to ftie punlio, think thet " Trefei . d ih^Vuimat'tn of chea,,ne?, niatnea., Iimhihtv and romtort to the wearer. Ail tale, are for oaah. litraniiiiy matoirer P*V? the loaaaa incurred by the had therefore mi ?m>.1 cn?n.rc^Tfc c{) |7?rh,,hl ? rr, J !)>r roThct' I Mil 1 >r. , ,Y L'.'/flUNB OB all parta olile " ilSiM ? . di Jm I L> ilie moat ftffwabte term., hj ^ } i,YLV?>ThK. | l|r '.a Wall atreel, and 1)0 Broadway. AUCTION SALES. THOMAS ii \Auctioned. BY Br.LL A tlWABD. ' Jfnn tnu 11' ruliom! e ^ MONDAY. Annl 10. U> u'e<-l h'Mrnnnrc?-Ai kalfW>n?( 10 o'clock, the rlernDf fornh fiire, in mini rt?, Ac. contained in the houee No. II frothy it, i ' ?t H/)v* ircl?I omitting oi hindinn |>arlor end bedroom for , i.lture in .IJ in rtnriI; roteW .id piano, mnnt?l clock mid ornim.nitk'r-nrb -nd orb. r hedtt-idt, war'robo, eofav (Trench plntc loi hiiic ulnin noirli1 top i icr centre mblct, o'tom mt, ?U|ieib wotk, tei, ent ! mi l iliiiitti.' f ih'cg.rafpeti, ngt.flrr tetlt, klichen utennli Ac. TUKSDAY. At Ititf oYlnek in the inlet room. I.HM6 inlr of > ||M- m <e it..nthl* I'aple nud fancy dry Rffodt, l.p lion cloth* rumnem. Iiiiem, iiiutli'it, calico, ehirthiffi. tli* rtuufa, rnnllye, sMwIa, hot, Ii aiery, icIoTfs, Hedged gco.'s, jewelry. anna, cntlery. fcc. fhvl >0?? flhoiei rum aid brandy, by order of the MirAlao, a tine ftaanrtrnent of aerond hand mid new Jewelry, - *'iinlie artel taiitttr vtwwla Also, a stork of hosiery. a quantity of splendid Sheffield f uM? ry. fi Lot do 1 anna, a lever watches, IS invoice of bririti ful noes, diamoud puis and rings. *c. Alan, a number of thuya (Chatham Tl estre Stork, int*rest all paid; original cotl #2 3neaoh To by told without metre WKDNKHDAY. At IS* o'clock in the tales runic. ! Larva, extensive and aidcndtd sale of the ?o warranted cabinet furniture and second hand household fnrnitine of all descriptions. An eatenti*e cauloyie tale of truly elegant city 10-de cabinet liirnltnre, by some of the best manufacturers in the rity, in the lama "?ni 82 and 3t Ann sts nnd 113 and 113 Fulton iu, computing the greatest varstrty oul hest furniture offered to the public for years. The rale will commenre with a fine as so ttnent of trcoud hand furnitor* and house keeptnv articles ganl rally. Also, a splendid t srie'y of the hent second hand furniture, removed from Brooklyn for ennveuie' c of sale. Including two splrndid piano fortes. Also, I piano by order of the sheriff. TUEBDAT, l*h, At 10 o'elock, at *6 Liberty St. Larvn Bale of Furniture?Will be sold the entire fbrriture of the above four story h?oise, now ocenpieil as a genteel hoardinar house, comprising 23 rooms, parlors, drawing rooms, kitchen utensils, Ike. By R. J TODD, Auctioneer. Store#* Fulton street. Brooklyn. Ill the Vaults. 171 Water street. New York. Sale of choiie old Wines?It. I Todd respectfully $ives notice to hot?l keepns and the public generally, that he 'S instructed to sell by auction, without reserve, on Wednesday, April 12, *t l2 o'clock, in rli - Vaults 171 Water street. New York, a 1 hoice lot of niparior o'd vsi es, imported fiom t' ? London docks iu IttOaud '41, by K hotter & so The wines consist of brown, gold sad pale sherry ill wood and bo'tle, very choice old port, several casks of l.aoieionk So'.^ double refined Ch mpsgw, several cks ' elgnettv's and o her brands choice old Brandy, lie. Catalogues ready morning of sate. THURSDAY, Ar"l 13. At 10 o'clock, at <14 Seventh ', near the Boweiy., Furniture?Will lie aold at anciion, the entire furniture of aid house, from cellar to attic, which were all i'ade to order, bntaihort time in u?e and well taken eare of. Particulars he real tor. MONDAY. April 23. At lOo'elock, at No ? Tillery at, Biooklyti. Furniture?The furniture contained in ?aid I ou?e. Partial la a in time ale 3t*m UCTION NOTICE?ol a celebratedQallerv ot Oil Paiutitigs?A LEVY will aell on Weducsdiv morung, the 12 h mat. at 10 n'c'tick, at No 12 Park Place, the rcrv eh,.iee gallery of oil pnutiags and workaof art, enllecieil by William Franqniuel. Eaq., which collection Mr. Fr-oquinet haa been selecting for iiuny years both in Europe and thi? enunfrv As anartinnl laale Mr. F. stands eminent v hiph The collection it now ready for examination, with catalogue, at hii a-eiidence I ara Place, where the public are rcipectfnlly invited to call and judge for theinaelvea. a'O 3'*tn WNeST LIQU ORSTT F AS 7 SV.GA tCS. ke ?trow hriilge k Co. will aell Tina Morning at 10)$ o'clock, iu the ?tnre 104 Broadway, corner Dunne ?r, 150 ileniunhna London D ck, Cojtuacand Chainpsg >e Briudy Swan and Pioe Apple din. lamaici Kuin, Pure Jntcu Port. Sherry and Madeira Winea kc. kc. Al o, 15 11 pnund ca'ty boxes Young Hyaon Tea, 5 b-xra extra bar Soap, 35 bnxea olivrs, capers and anchovies. Champagne?Also, 50 baskets champagne, various brands. Segars?Also, 50.0M Regalia, Havaiu. L* Norma and Principe Hugos, including 5,000 geHunine warranted miortsd PrinciO's; 10,000 do do Havana La Flora, and 7,000 do Perex brand. Sab ab?olnte. ilO lt*cc AUCTION NOTICE?Will be sold atauetion this day, at lOo'ch ck.the furniture ol several families giving op hr usekeeping?comprising almost every article in the line, which have been iu use but a short time,and wel1 worthy he atteution of buy ns. Also, immedia'el y after the sale ol fu nitnre, a variety of fancy goods, staple articles, kc. kc. ny GEO. 8. MANN k CO.. aid lt*m 333 Broadway, cor. Anthony st. A. MANN, Auc iodeer. BY GEO. 8. MANN, k CO, Stoie 33J Broadway, curat r Anthony.?Monday, April lOtli, at JO o'clock. Furniture, kc kc?A large and general assortment of excellent new and second hand furniture, confining of almost exciy article iu the line. Also, fancy articles.a variety of dry goods, kc.kc. WEDNESDAY, at in o'clock, in the str te. Wines. Liquors, Hegars a id i Jiocrries?Old wiu-s In demijohns end bolllrd, many t which are old smBm quality. A'so, brandies, Hollar d gin, Scoth whiskey, superior imported and d mestic stgnn. teas, coffee, k . *c. a'l 21 * r BEACON COURSE. TROTTING The following stakes *ra now opened, to come off the last werk in April, or the firel week in May, three or more to make a race. No. I. Brake for horses never won a r urse over $100, lub.flOO, h. ft. two mile heau, iu harness. No. t. Stake same as No. I, under the saddle No. t. Steka for horaes never trotted fir money; Sub. $100, h. ft .two mile heats, in harness No. 4. Stake sam- as No. 3, undur the saddle, No. 5. Stake for horser never wnu a purse, (wagon aod driver,'? weigh 300 ponuds,) Sub $10', h. ft., mileneats, best 3 in 5. in wegnns. No. 6. Stake for fonr year old's, this spring, Sub. $100, U. ft., twoir.i1' hsats, in harness. No. 7. Stake fur matched pairs ol hor'es, to go in wagons, Sob. $loo, h. ft., two mile heats. No. 8 Stake free for all. Sub. $2'0, h. ft , three mile h'ate in harness. Ain*ncn> aod Hipton will not enter for this stake on account ol their engagements. The above stakes close on the 10th April, by 9 o'cloch I* *Mat R SMITH'S. 31 Park Row. The resnlarpurses will be given in Mar. alO lt*r INDIA RUBBER GOODS, 53 Maiden Lane. GJENTLKMEN'S Over Shoes, leather soles. $1.50; Ladies * do d i do, leather and rubber soles, 8a to 10s. Aim misses and children of every description. Afso hose fir ? roton wv l.i- eitie, and mats for Officer.. firemen and iirmmi teuerally eiposed to wet or cold. ludia-rnbber cloth for carriage makers. a eery superior article, to which the trade are pamcnlarlj invited, A b mtifol assortment of ladies over shon for spriug wear, very light?wholesale and retail hv HUTCHINSON St RUN VON, a! Iwia'ec 33 Maiden Lane. Ttlt Mk-w vnlik ~ MEDICAL AND SURGICAL institute, No 73 Chambeia street, Established to render to the afflict ED aouud and Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of dueaaea will be treated, and turcica! mMM of every den rip tinn performed iu lha moat carefal and scientific manner. One of the tint oconliau in the city will attend to the trcttmeur ol all diaeaaeaof the eya and ear. Part'cnla' attention ia paid to the treatment o( all female conipl.tiira. Verv irreat success haa attended the treatment of diaeaaeaof the akin. Patients whs deaire it will be visited at their houaea. Thoae whoae meana are limited will only be required to pay for their medieinea. Three orfnnr rooma are provided for private consults lion. The diui: department ia attended by an apothecary of great eipeneuce, and a I oiu mediciuea mav he re I ed on > pure and genuine. Cupping and lurching will he done at (he ahorteat notice. Open day aud night du homer bostwick. Attending Physician aud Surgeon, 73 Phambcri at. 2d house west of Broadway. This institution is under the patronage and commendation o the following gentlemen rev. dr. ed. y. higbee. rev. dr. w. c. brownlke rev dr. geo. potts, REV DR. O. SPRING, m!4 1 in ia ?: REV I) It HCHKOKDEK jMQ A0I E()K ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate CL . yg Pisces?The splendid low presanre steamboat WALLOW, Captain McLean, will leave the foot ol Couttlandt street on Monday aftcnioon, April 10th, at 3 o'clock. The abovi la a sub* tantial boat, fitted up with e'erant State Booms, and for accommodation isnnrivalled on the Hudson. 1 atr .MM 0* CHANGE OF STARTING PLACE? ' ArMngement to Albany and Boston, via 3EZ>JHQE>Hon'tatonic Railroad?The steamer Mutual Aa'ety will commenre runinug for freight and passengers dally thia morning at 7 o'clock, from foot of Liberty at, near Courtland-, North Rivar, to Basdpeport Leave for New York at J o'clock, f*. M.. or on the arrival of he cars from Albauy. This bout i? the ?aly nr running in connection with the Railroad For Inrtbcr luformatiwn apply at thr office, foot Liberty it. New Votk. mtr ALL THF. KlCOULAH PA< KK I S?dtcun amp* ate in boat*, and othrr paiienger rarryiit, jkHUfa in* " brnnrii' Patent Lile Boati," ham thr wotd " Patent" plainly lumped o? painted on the ?t?lr f lb-tlr FOR LONDON?Hrcular Packet of the 10th April Th' ftrit claaa. fait lain, a tuck t ship TORONTO Q89h' aptiiu O ianoi'l, ?<il aiabore. her rrgnlar Hi' . H-ti?uperior ecom'Tiod"'ioui for cabin, 2dcibin ana iteerage paurnger*. Thrie ?iihiuii to embark, ihoalH mike early ap | plication m JOHN HEHDMAN, a ~t 61 Month atreat. arfjp' ~ FOK'LIVKKl'OOL.-ll'ttnlir i'achat of the Oil, JHWWAi-il-Tlir vrr, enprrmr flit inline packet shii XQNLRHEKFIKLD, Captain Allen, will nil it abnre her rmlar day. Hieing eery nperior accommodationi for cabin,tecond whin . and atcrrnfe paa<cngera, penon* wiibinr to embuh ihonlil make ear|r application, on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to . JORePff MeMDMHAr. j 100 Pine it, cor. Sonth. Peraoni within* to lend for their frieadi resiling in the old cnontry, can naea them broaaht oat by the abnee snip*. or any of the regular packet*, by applying aa aboye ; if by letter. poet paid. f THIt NKWLIaNC KOH LIVEHPOOL? IUpPacket J6th April PHe new ipleiidid JNttb*hip LIVERPOOL. John Kidrioge mmi, r will Mil aa above, on het regular day. Kor freight or pua^itr. harnii elegant *ad ooaarraeeed accommodation!, nppljr to (he m'?le' M_kwo,, ??tt tide Bnilmn Slip, or to VVOODH^LL fc MINT! RN, |r ________ *7 Honth itreet PACKET KOR HAVKE?[Neeond Liu?}?The klH^ tliip BALTIMORE. Edward Kunlt, nuaur, will jHEkfatafi on the tlh April. HOVI> I HIN( KKV.9 Toamu: Building. ISSb KOR NEW OKLKANM?LOUISIANA AND ^VLnKW YORK LINE?Poaitiyely First Regular MBbPachet. to receive freight until I o'clock, and uil at I P. M. thit dayTha fail Miling packet thip H. ALLEN, Captain Wilton, will poauirelr taif o above, her titular day. Kor fhenrht or paaaage, having handaome fumithed accommodation*, ap, ly CD board, at Or la am wharf, foot ol Walt it. or to K. R COLLINS A (,0. pi Anntli n Shipper# will ideate tend m their bi'la ol lading tint morning Pattern.ara will pleatr be on board, at Oileana wharf, Cot ol Wall tticct, lint afternoon, at J o'clock, at wlrch trine the hip will ml. (iMipiwia uiayrrlr apni h-vuig their goody eorr-ctly nettii"d, and thai tha ahip? >1 lliit lim will tail puuc.j illy a? mv#' tiled Any tWtUItt to s* at rffrct mil he pivrtt vial ill1' ' > that may be reqn t .d Agentt in V. Orlciut. Ilul v. k l I .ward all g,iodt tn then id Ir "hi arket ahip Honltvillr, I "i ' tb? H. Allen, and aai* ih? n * """* "PuKTUOTTESE FEmau i' '!' ilr'.ME far-laaaad and calebrdeil Pillt, * we perceirt, to be obtained in thii con I ant oo the laet eslaaui, lovtb page *' I I AMIHSTRMPNTS. ~ THINK VE,N|?<ro w'|"|^* Perforra"' v. Bonth | ?i?if Henry, Barry Qihtii Kltbi) i ft?, * Mr* H Hoot [ !V'i" J?''* ?nd^luii wa|trr*' will appear m THE P \<4 ftTYHITN. f ' ?... I " <*onr'niJ?- wifh, , r..-<nM -pTH,!MP,*-9 LKOACY. i >*?. *> Tj PI'. ' > < IxTlrrp, I'm PU ZlZ. CHA-TlfAM fiik ATTTiT l ??*?* , '? flUMP* 'i*-r|.,Or? Wl'H HI#D *1 * 4)?AT ( rb*for<* 7o cUrk himI 'he eur*ni , wil' n<** "Ml r*jt ? rMC<*% ol <i(Jini!?i 'i?Orui f'lrcl** Ml P ,ffa Heoonri kb4 .Third Tier* 37*; "it 1 0.iII*tv lWr",?. M?? BeHrfit pf Mr K.?r'p?r. MONDAY J ^ -Nl wiM hp performed PATH1CIANJS DAUttHTKft. Mbrdonar, EJFortwit | Hvtwrll, riina LiHo MaIipI fiVtitPinp. VI i?? Inert hm? ( lift.? . Tn conclude wir?> DAMON AND I'YTHIAS. Donrnt. Eor'e.r | H*rinionr. Mim i Cljfi o M/i'CHniii.'Ji HI. vn ' ! r'iKAriti^ m Uku'w- Nm" YnrK. MONDAY IfiVENlNO. iv I ir iwrform*: A Ml LIE. After which. CURIOSITIES OK LITERATURE. To conclude with THE OMNIBUS. t~e- Tilt Dnor? will b? open* I At T, x?4 IIm ?? miiwi commence a? lialT. e*f IT ?'rami . A "KKICA.1 TiIka FkK?VVAlJlUTHrr. PHlLADKLPrilA. UNDEtl THE DIRECTION OK MISS C. CUHHMAN MONDAT EVENING Ai?il 10, will be nerfornM* ASK NO QUESTIONS. Alter which, TWO BAKBKHS. To i'ooi Indu wlrh THUMPiNO LEGACY. E. A. MARSHALL. Lmm?. \ vi k hi t * si mink.rn-.. 1 Marble BnH iiiu corner>>l nr?.iilvr.iy sn>l Aanatreet, I T RMtNUM ManagesUNEqUALLKD SUCCESS OF MISS MARY DAK LINO. The beautiful am) eharming Queen of Mngi<. Miu Dirliug is a pupil o( HERH DEFHONO, The Great Magician. The celebrity of this Young Lady throughout Europe n known to all travellers and the favorable notice! of her performances which hare ipp^srrd in the London Time! and other English Pa, en of high standing No adequate description can he given of her wonderful Ma gical Perforin luces; they must he to he appreciated Last week of the eccentric WlNCHELL, whose eotnie delineations and imitalious of Irish. Dutch, French ind Yankee Character are acknowledged as nnsnrnassed. Also engaged, Master J. T. Heed, known as Daniel Lambert Jr. the G(ANT BOY, Who is but II years old. ist.f 2in high, and weighs Mi pounds. CHANO-KONts. The celebrated Chinese Juggler. First week of the engagement of La Petite Cent#, who will dance the La Sylphide and Highland Fling. Tha MKLOIHAN, an immensa and magnificent Musical lal strnment, plays itself the linear Overtures, Fantasies and Walts I es, and REPRESENTS A FULL ORCHESTRA. GRAND SCENE OF ENCHANTMENT BY MISS MARY DARLING. 'ELECTRO GALVANISM. Jnst added to the Museum two powerful Electro GaJrame Batleres. PHRENOLOGY An Eminent Professor attends daily and gives practical El animations and Charts, Developments and Coaracter at a In fling eatra charge. Juat added to the Mnsenm TWO SUITS OF AN LIE NT ARMOUR, made and worn 300 years ago. Fancy Glass Blowing. GRAND COSMO RAM A?ALBINO LADY. AN EXPERIENCED TAXVDKRMIST is engaged, and persons having pet birds or qnanrnpeds they wish preserved, can have them mounted in the beat style. Day visitors admitted same evening FREE. Evening performances at a quarter beforr I o'clock. Day Performances every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Adtniaaion to all 13 cents-?Children half price. a? PKALK'H N BW YORK fftUHKUHl NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY IS NOW RE OPENED ! C. H.DF.VOF.. Manager. LAST WEEK OF THE TRIAL OF CHRIST The establishment contains an almost endless number of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART". Neatly aud tastefully displayed in three spneions halls,and boasts of a very COSTLY k ELEGANT GALLERY OF PORTRAITS Enceeding in eitent and value any other in Amerien. The manager has engaged, for a short time only, t'.e sublime and benutifnl rihibition of THE TRIAL OF CHRIST! This imposing acene is not represented by a painting but by|l GROUP OF TWENTY-THHBE FIGURES, IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OF LIFE. This tolemti and impressive scene represents Our Bavioaret raigned as a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorns upon His Head before Caiphas, the High Priest, and the Court of Ponnn Pilate. I . .L - _, ,|u M YBTK.HI OU8 AND AIT L)N ISHfSHI GIPSY WOMAN. IKrom England. 8he wishes not to impose upon the public, by making them believe her e Witch, or FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with supernatural power?but on the contrary, claims publicly to be able to instruct other* eft Jtooa intellect sod mention their leading tra (notion* oft PAST TfMRS. THE PRESENT. AND THE FUTURE. She will tell person* whether they ere married or net, ?n what kind oI huso&nd or wife they will art, describe their owa charade a r rid aire e ho?t of (acta jpd correct eoiiclniions founded on her knnwlrdgr ofthe immutable sciences of phrenology, physiognomy,oeitrolngy. philosophy, fcr. A* proof of the correctness of her assertions, she i* at liberty to refer to hundred* of onr tint cirireni, including clergymen, judgee, etterney?, physicians, end many of the mo*t enligh trued ladies i the city. (T7"Adini**inn to the Musrnni, 2,'ioents; Children hall price An extra chanre of UX rent* to those who conxni* the Gipsy WouiVi Mir SINGING. AAADAM SUTTON, having arranged 10 retain to Italy the lvl beginning of August, iinrposr* rereiri ng pupil* until that time,to give finishing lessons in the Italian, French, and English style'nf Singing Her method is thai pursued by Bordogni and the first masters in Europe, increasing the strength and compass with astonishing rapidity. Her pupils will hare the advantage of her singing with them, which can he punned by masters alone, who hive been eminent singers. Ladies desirous o' availing (hemselvtt of Madan. Sniton's limited stay, may ascertain 'er-e?, Sic , by pplication at 77 Chambers st'eet, from 9 o'clock till 2 sap* 8m* r M~ R. H. KUSSELI. will gire bis last (nut one) Ccneeft for the season at Nibln's Saloon, on Wednesday evening. April 18th, on which oer,tinn be will ring the Gambler's Wife, Phipon Eire. Newfoundland Doe, The Hero and Pflilomr her. Hnhin Huff. Horkaw; v. Mr bather's Old Sons. The Ornm of Temperance, The Dream of the Keveller. """"^Ticketa 50 rent*? rn 0e had at Hewitt*k aodAtwiilS Mliit Store*, and at Nihlo's Saloon. lllt*H P I A N 6 F OKTES AND NEW MUSIC. rPHK Maiieal World i* invited to citmipc the new and ele J. ?ant aaaortmrnt of inperior toned Piano Forte* now for ale at the Mu>ic Saloon, Ml Brn?dway, below St. Paal'a Church, lien of the Golden Lyre. A moot the Piano* for iole are many with eh gant mahoit'ny and roaewood, inuare and tablet comer*, ha>p (top, crand action, eitra key*, fee. fee. Price* very low for c*?h. New and Popular Song*, Duett*, Marches, Waltzes, and piece* ; daily pnHlithint and receiving rom every More in the country. Awoug the laat publication* are?The Ship on File, compoaed and tung hy Russell t Indiau Hunter, Old Clock, Take your time Miss Lu'y O, Biind Boy, O rail with me. The hee and the lilly, Land of the Moui tain. Stale Street Quick Step, Church Bel'*, Chi'd and 'h? d- w drow,Spirit of beauty, Kverlan, Bygone yevri. OcntV Qnren of flower*, I am a poor Shepherd mad. Poor man'a friend, N . Y. City Unarda' March, N. Y, Quadrille*, Review r|uick step, fee. Ire. Guitar*. Flutes. String*, fcc. constantly on hand. Mn*ir Saloon 201 Broadway, aign o< the Oolden Lyre. mil 2taw Imr HTTn TK HI AN DISPENSARY,1 Di ri.ion.treet, e.ubluhrd iii 1835, for the sale of the famou* Hunter'* Red Drop, to* known tor it* nnp-raileled curei all over the Unite! Urate* aid Europe, in diseases th*t bare named trie sniu 01 oot'* <>r the moit eminent | hvsicians; say nothing of the hundred* of doctors that Mart un like inushroo e* all oventhe ootin trv Price $1 per via', warranted in all clies. No other place tlti* city or State can the troe article be obtained. This rnedp eine cannot he obtained in Boston. Ma**., although * counterfeit i spread all oyer that city. Neither can it be obtuued iu Albany or Buffalo, N. Y.. or ( harleitoa, M. C. alO It'ui a vifiNO tH?. THotTsANTTTid < ne Mtdiciues adrcrft tiscd as 'certain cnre* lor all pulmonary complaint*," JayneS E- pectorant stinds alone. It* path to public confidence has been payed not wilh puffs, hut cures; and the youthen for it* efficacy include an airay of nam** which for character and respectability, cannot he surpaased in this country. Dr Jayne being himself a physician, doe* not iwofrasto perform physi *1 itapossibilict?u for instance, to cure a m?n wnosa lung* arc like a honey comb, completely riddled, at it wove, by diaraau, bnt he does usen.siid we believe he is borne out by well anihenticated fart*, that in all ^isessea of (he lungs ?od chest which arc susceptive ol cure without mirscnloua interfrrenue, his Kipectorant will restore the oatient to health. There is no medicine befors th- public which is aoi ffeetive in removing conghs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, hoarseneea, pleurisy, croup, inffnenra, ijuinrv.aud all disor ers of the m>ch usry of respiration, n Jayue's El pec tors nl. Pr pare' oulv tv Dr. D. JAYNE, 20 South Third street, Philadelphia, and 305 Dioadway, New York. Price tl per bo* tic. itl'r fTttlTo STORE FOR sale-I'is hunliouiely fitted up, *-/ and located in a pfeas-ni and thriving n? ghborhood; is welladipted for a Druggist or Physician. Will be sold a great bartain for cash. Etiqnir* comer Dulency and Eldridgs streets, or 201 Henry street, B ooktyn, near South Ferry. a5 Iw't r"rg"DKtI(MriSTS AND OTHERS from the Bout" and 1 West?T. ROBERTS k CO. of London, oronriet.irs ol the celebratrd and popular medicine,"Wr Lira nils haw log established a depot lor the sa'e of the same in Nee work, and being now prepared to supply the merkettoaoreytcnt would retpec'fully call tho attention of jniggists snd others of the trade to their pupnlar medicine, of which these is now sold ID Eurupu more 30,600 bouss weeMr. MdI aitoongh it has been scarcely sia months in the CaiW^ljatrs, th.?jj?? hart rapidly extended through the Uratesi o( .New \ orl, Pens ylrania. New Kncland States, and Canada, .^a family medi nnmuailed, being from any mauya^ Dfcmmtional iTis ?l?> eireedinalT eneetire la ui? can ox bilion. romplaiou,. dyspepesa, eeaetmpoeiis, tad (II Aimm miiic from imparities or tne blood; being Terr mild in ita operations oa the system, il may be tab en by the raost delicate female and small children. The abort mny be had wholesale at the ofllre of T. Roberta A Co.. No. 394 t larendoti House, comer ef l)aane St Broadrrae. nrst door mT7 tmis*m MONTHLY RKPO?T OK THK. NEW YOHR MEDICAL AND SUROI'AL INSTITUTE. NO. 7i CHA.MBK.RH STREET rPHt GOVERNORS of this Inititulion, at their las- meet1 in*. niiHUimoBsly adopted a roaolatioa offered by one of the in mi> ra, to am: Resolved, That hereafter, it ehafl be the dnty of tor Recording Secretary of the New York Medieslard Hnraieal Institute to make a correct ropy from the cue booh of the Tostitate of all the caars treatrn and enred. and cease tasm to be pasblished several times to two or three ef rhe dedy news papam? casts rrsi o n Measles. J CHeaf, 4 Scarlet Keser, > f'to-'ChcMc. 12 Small Pox. '? Amenorrhoee, a l?.s? mi,tin* if.v.r 4 i tasrririe Anate, | lt???imituiist Kevsr, ( u?,?f the heart, * x Qaiaeef Sore Throw, 15 Hhtfovn/iCiam. . ... n i.a 4 Heteatioa of Urine. " 12 Inrtammittoa tf ih? i f oastipuioa, 21 (fononhoeV ? I Delirium Tremens, 4 Uiatrftoes. ) Floor Alt** luMCAi crKRBTioni-?uoi:mruL. i Onen.ious for Kistul.e ? Ot orations for SquiDUOf. ,1, anii, ' Lante Arfitose Tnanr ? Sfrii inr>-? of the Utetbe, removed fiom the i a hi rs sice, t O . t'iotis for Club t Km vstod tumors, K f, 7 4>, erationi for Her or I a ||v r houlal t in. I i .. l imn 1 4) rei is > r d T ml., i) , ii i n* ' 1 h Attend i PI i . e a. ; JA^'P.S OLL1S.-.ON, . .. { Apcthccarv and Recordicf HscteWi i. I mis se

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