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April 12, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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*1 <1 - ' ggggggggggggg TH Vol. DC.?No. 101,?Wtoole No. 3314. To tho Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubUihed every day of the year except New Year"* day and Fourthef July. Price 3 cents per copy?or $1 3? per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or #9 13 por annum? postages paid?cash in advance. * Atrnr.miaFna Informiul Httt th? CiTCUlatiOQ Of f\JJ V IL2B 1 lOBilVO mw Jinv?...v? ? ? a the Hemld ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaing ast. f! hoe the largett circulation of any paper in thil city, or the world, and ii therefore, the beet channel for businett men in the city or country. Price* moderate?oaah in advance. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the most moderate price*, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraixTOB or thb Heeai.ii Establishment, North weal corner of Fulton and Nassau atreet* a HOUSES TO LET AT YORKV1LLB..-2 large houses on the corner of 24th atreet and 3d avenue; either of them i* calculated for a public houte, grocery or private residence. On the |irentiie* u a line table, cowling alley, and a line garden consisting of a .ota, with grape vines aud fruit tree* thereon. For.lerms, inquire of JOHN A. MOKKILL. Eaq., m* twr No. ll Chamber* at. JUL TO RENT?The extensive Bnilding erected the pre'misers n b, ibe ?uhscri"er, for hi* o*n reaideace, on jisUL he mart,iu of he E-*t River,a* Gowanu* Heights, tyro and - half mi'e* from South Brooklyn Feiry, commanding rulmdiil view* f the Bay and Jersey shore, the ctte* of New Yoik aud Brook I' n S'atea Islaud ard the E-at aid North River*. 1 be H use is b ick. a superior buildiug, five atorie* h kh. covered w:iheoppei; tries ball ard s""irsi.f inaiblr; the Water fion'ab u' one ihon>ai>d feet, aud the ba'hia*: wthiiia f* w ea-dsof the door, eicetle. t fiahing aid fowling in'he im medivt*viciuitr. Th- drive from Ne? York ia abontfifteen miuu'es, and the prrmi<*s are not excelled by any i union near this ei y One hundred peisoas can be accommodned.? Potseaiiou iinmi d aiel<. Ap vlv to JOHN F DELAPLAINK.68 Wall at. ALSO TO LET, ihe three storv brick Houae, 31 Wallcer at'eet, heiween Broadway aid Church street, occupied by Mr*. Veri Unck; and ihe two >torv briak Hou'e No 229 Nineteenth atreet occupied by Mr- C. W. Feeka?Rent* moderate. all lm*gc JgR TO LET?The upper part ot the atore No. 7 New If; * atreet, a few door* from Wall atreet; the aecond atory XllA.h.u two oAcei, and it ia adapted for a merchant or lawyer. A l?o, the three atory honae 34 Walker at, between Broadway and Church at, an excellent aituation for a genteel family, occupied by Mr. Verplauck. The brick atnir corner of Pike and Cherry atreeta, occupied by Meaars. Valeuune It Co., aa a teed atore, a desirable ituation. The convenient two atory honae with attic rooms, basement and counter cetier, No. 229 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. Weeks The two atory brick houae, No. 73 Gold street, one door from Somcr at . formerly ownea bv Mr. Miles Hitchcock. The reuts * ill be moderate. Appiy to MR. LKLAPLA1NE, 68 Wall meet, ni6 !m"r in office No. 9, cor. ?fWiirn ?t. iumk TO LET?Fi'itoi Mey, the modern bai t three story ffTjl tense, No 16 Green s'reet, wiih marble mante s, grates j .i ?... plaiting thioughnut. For terms, apply to Aitkens brothers, 122 Fu'ton street, or P. Shtirsten, corner Green and t>rap l street*. a8 2w*r AsfL TO LET?The fire proof Drick store, No. 165 "ou.h pr-fll it, with immediate row-sunn if reunited, app'v to JiiljjL . WOODHULL fc MINlURN, n)'<r 87 4<'ath street. TO i.ET?The two sto'y trick Hoose aud premises, No. 145 Wooste' street, finished in the moat modem style, with tumble mantel-pieces aad folding doors hunt. Apply to JOSEPH McMBRRAY, m?3r 100 Pine sireetMTU LET?A Sail Loft n store No. 61 South street, on reasonable terms. Apply to JOHN HF.RDMAN, mllr On the premises. TO LET? A small, neailv fini shed lodging room, for a gentleman. Terms mode'a'e. Appl ait 3t 164 CANAL STREET. Jtak TO LET OR LEASE?Two three sto'y hou-es in fv!w B oomo. near Woosler sr, with neat CoU't vards iu front. XjH 8 s'ore house No 78 Laurens st. The two stery ho 46 iiid 48 6th a>enue. The two store rot see known as the Wash i"? rori 11 a'l. comer of Fourth and Thorn p. on streets, opt mile Washitigrou 8 |0*re. The above are in perfect order, and were lately Tainted throughout. Will be rtn'.ed low to good truants. Apply to J. A. FKi,L, 4 Bond at, before 9 A. M. or between 4 and 7 1*. M? or ?t 30 Wall at. an 7tend* m JmA OFFICES TO LET?In store No. 6h South street, ffifc Apply to JOSEPH McMUMRAY, Pjm. ICO Fme street. O WANUS' HEIGHTS, BROOKLYN Cotffom t<.g? H uie to Let, co t iuiu tw Ive r.-euis two pinJUHL'ti-s a vault, wood hone. aud lame ga-den all in good order The house is in a beaut ful ami herfthy locifon, and comuioadt ?n uninterrupted view ofthi B?y, Stalen I land. New York, ke., uec. A stage passes the Mid > f the steet seser 1 times daily. Enquire of R. MARTI .N k CO., ?7 lw"ec. >6 John str-et, N. Y. ml ftNNS?LVAM A HOTEL?This excellent house pTw isuiw to let. It i< situated ?a the corner Washi gj^JL on ami Liberty street, and will be le wed to any good teuai.i fiom the lirslofmxi May. It has lately been much en Alt K'i*t P.era ami Western Railroad Depot*. Foi farther pirticulars.enquire of K. RUCK MAN, ?I0 6t*r No 160 tVaahiogino it. N. Y. AA FOR HALS? I ha tease, tt ck and fixtures ol 'he old mW esublis ied iu4 we I known Bar Room, 101 CLath-m ^iiu-st door to the Thesus. Apply on the pre mises from I ( > .. n'rhck al0 2?#r yi~ Foil HAD-" ., OK LKAni-'The pleasant Count y at, si'naied on high gruui.d, ovei^ Linokinr Newtown, four inilva from Williamsburg!!.?i get pass 'he door ihree timer diily,from Peck s'ip; conaiuing m-ar 16 aett. pert handsome wood, m-mio.' hni?e. two i">ry, pi xrss front and rear four room* on ? fl >or, hall ihrough he rent e. ration, folding doora, Russia grati a, painted walls, tnd finished in a handsome and substantia manner, convenient ti'chen, oven, dairy, ?ad ice house filled .with ice fiom a fish wind ou the place: well and pu" p nod brick cistern, spacious tosch h nae and baiu. O-ape arbor rear of the honse, fronting he road a hand omr lence extending to the gard net's house. A nop may he seen, and terma liberal.n Apple to, 1, la. ssCHIbk h KLIN, ailw'r lid Can-I street. bPACIOUS AND FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PH1LAD '.LfHlA. THE fashiau ble Hotel, Marshall Honse, capable of SB -teeominnd.iting 'SO peraons, situate in Chesilnnt street, J&hetween 6th and 7th streets in PhiUdelnhia.having been entlv ranch improved and repaired throughout, is to be let it s reduced rent, for a term of rears. Apply to SA.llUtL fOWEL. 207 Chestnut str-et, or to JOSEPH B. TOWN SEND, mtt Jtaw 1m*r 309 Arch atreet. M ftOR I I' ULTUBE inlaid, Roses, Perpetual, I Moss, the Bourbon, Tea, Bengal, Noisette, and other Jbm fine new varieties. Also. Camelia, Khodndendrum, Axa'ia and other grernhonse 'aula, for .ale a' th? gaidro of Li. BOLL, Florist, corner of 9th snset and Bloomiugdale road. Moore's state leaves dailv |rom corner Trion Row and Chstam sireet, at 9, II, 1,2 and 5 o'clock. a8 lw*rc msf GARDENS 1,AID (JUT aud'amis ed in the nr.test le on reasonable'erms. Oreera by post or eft at the Jk) Ace of the Pondiette Company, lit N?ss?n at'e* t, will e pnuctu Ily attended o WM LAIRD, Seventeenth fr?et and Kouith Averue. Warned ?s above, a grind prnc'i al gardrner. all ?t?r d hPi.KNDID ASSORTMENT OF PEAR TREES, M ln.? > .! (J uiaherir.hmli.. f.,...l? KCF-ultou tt '1he aboye treea, kr , wrre selected by Wm ^HvTo fio? SkuTing'a celebrated nmaary in Liverpool, and Hr warranted to he ol the be?l quality and tine ton-me. W frieea to ?u t the timc?. all 3'*rc DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. ^HfHE SUB&CRIBKR eapeetfnlly invites the citizens of ^HL New Yo k awd iipuei vintine the city, to call at H? FULTON 9TRK.ET, ^HmI eaamine a larce aaso't'nei r ?r Dhess Boots, made iu the ^Htest fashion, and "f the finest French calfskin. ^ O-nt emen can ht*e boo's made to ord-r in the best manner, sis dollars per pit, and footed at four dollars, warrantet ^Htnal to any manufactured in the city at from seven to eight ^B'l rs. .... ^ iT^ Persons having tender feet, or being difficult to fit on sc^Hinn of lumps. bottions corns, tic., cau hare boots ma<<e t? as he easy yet hand oaie, by the snbscrthe 's method of taking ^ dratrin.- of >1m foet and fitting np and keeping a pair of las s t e-cb customer. ^ hlrttigvis leayisg their measnrea can, by writirg, hare boots ^Hndt anil forwarded tot; en. without delnv H cois$taisti.y en H -ndsome Buou, ftom $2 on to JR 00 Half B'"ts, 2 50 to 3 10 O tilei Boots, 2 0(1 'o 2 51 Bht'cs, I J0 to 2 fO Slippers, ' JOto Id rnmns, fce , Itc . equally low. H Tsasu, Cash < v Dci.itsrt JOHN L. WATKIN*. ^Wlm*r 1M Fnlron at, b?t?een Nassau and Dafh a'a WHO wants BOOTS k 8HOKS 1 TH V. O eateat Reduc'iin in Prirea ever known. Onlv think of Uentl men's fin- dress calf stitched ^KTts, ofthe moat f .ahtonable s'lape St.75 to f 3.00 Fashions t egg-d Won la SIM to aJ.OO a pair. Ladisa fancy colored ^ riu'i. and city still* Oaiters tor $1,35 to $1 20 s pair And all ^Hs la hi " ? for Iftt for lieutlemen, l.adiea *nd f'hildrsn.frnm (forty mi ceatcheaper llwi ??/. *l tll O Tt.wich it, Barclay. JAB. WIOOINS. r DOUBLE ACTION HARPS RQWNK k CO., Mann'actnren London and New , be* to call 'he attention of the admirer* of thu eery and f i?hi?n*blr inatrunent. 'o ih* very snperor Harp* r rale at Mi Broadway. 'lhrir imnnn'rntnnr noa the moot approvrd p*inrr. lei, with all the modern nrnts, are oneqna'led in brilli.wicy ofloae, lichtuea* and perfeetnei* of m'ehannin. neir* lear# t> ado, hi* ar "i.sement* areinrhaato un to tntaact btuin at at Euro eon price*, thereby L fiienda the h'lh dntiee impoaed bv lai iff on th*ae it*. I end r rofeiior* are parlicnlarlv invited, and will find rd of transae inn btuinet* adr*nl>aeoin. J K BROWNE, dt fcwy^?ee JUS Broadway ?nd -3.H ' hamberi ?t. :*HKS LoWFR "TBan 'KVKH ?rnoiniwou k her, SSI Broadway, formerly S7I Pearl ?treet, are ?'eh*? and jewelry I 'Wrr than any other rlace in the Id walchea a* low a* fiom $1} lots'! earh. All warchea || to keep good lime,or tlie money rt fumleil. Watchea, inaie hoy*'* and jewelry repaired in the beat manner; nd wniehea ami old cold ana ailrer taken in eichau*e, t for cash. AMOS R. THOMPSON. ? RICHARD VISHKH. Jr ?amverTand for a?l - low. to dealera ami oihera, 0# different nae# ol Redaah Coal. Apply to PKTKR CLINTON, Comer Kiue and (Ireenwieh. |T<5. MOKFKT. Ill Prince *i? New York, hn'a ah on hvjd nrd offer* for *!* by wlioleiale aed retail, at ?t ma ket pric-a. *i* nan Silver of different thlckne?*ea, a very inperio, ar la : t Brat* ; Plat*'* do; ??' Bra** ; Pail Kar* and Kireta ; irella, Parasel and Shade Furniture. i he warrant* in quality equal to any in the Uuit?d nd of hi* own aaanofactnr*. fold, BUvar, and ail kind* of metal, tolltd at the abort ?. mil la*?r ( :e ne NEV THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW YORK, iN CONNECTION WITH TIIE PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, BTAT-N I8LANB. ' |'HE GLOBE HO I'EL, at New Ynik, his for wrefnl years be?n advantageously known, unt oulv lo the American, but to the European tmv? II r, it having teen he rranit of inauy of ihr divliuiimshed netsius w|?n have visited thi-United Etatea. Tile pmprieloi o.flhe eittnlithiuriit it untefgi lor th liberal support he has received from tr Vellers o' all nations, and feels assured that the arraiiKfiBebtt he is now making,will secure a coutinuance ol their pitrooaire. Manv improvements nave heeu made in til - in'eii anl the H net nreinrarniv tn he commencement of i nrw season; and to meet the eitgvue -ei of the present times, the charges f r apart in nls/or meats, aud for wines, hare been redmed and tlj uot exceed those of hotels ot the ratn? class throughout the Union The frequenters of the Globe have '-n advantige orer ^hosc ol almost every othe' house?they e?n limit their expenditure, lu the llestaurant, every thing is supplied a la carte, the price being affiled against each dish, so that a traveller can either sit down to a fe i?t worthy of Apices, or repast as frugal as an Anchorite's. The vi.iuds ate pgeptrsd according to the most approved system of Koropean cookery, by experienced French cookr, xud for vs iety and sim lence may challenge comparison wit" those of the best Parisian rea'snrateurs. The domestic arrangements are of a very superior order; every thing is conducted with the most miunte regard to the comfort ot the guosu The waiters and other attendants are respectful know their business, and go this ugh it without bustie or confusion The ulnne, in fact, combines all the comforts of a print* re-idence with the idvaulages o a lint-rale hotel. Tliere are apartments in it capab'e o' acc.immt dating the most numerals families, with splendid drawing rooms attached?ottiers lot smaller families, or separate bed rooms for aiogle travellers. In addition to the above, the O'obe possesses an excellent Ba lung Kit-tblishmriii, supplied from the Crotou Aqueduct, where hot aud cold water baths may be had from rem in 'he moruiug until eleven at night This is luxury w'>ich every traveller knows the adviutige of; aud it is steady euhtueed by being able to obtain it in the house in which he stays. C I1 be more rclreshiug than a warm hath, alter tin- fatigue of " long and uncomfortable sea vovace, or even a laud j .nrn?y i The hathinv establishment is fitted up in the b?atPari?i\n style, and the uaibcgs ate ktiDtliod Wwi^rge wrappaaawowns I l'etgnuirt) and sir anuiiilaaBS of Atfi rmieu. The local position of the Globe is one that will recimmend it either to the man a' f'anion or the mau of husiuess; it is situated at about anrqnal ditlauee from the F.xchaoge; in W ill st, aud the Batteiy.that de tjth'ful marine promensne. which commands so magiirliceut a view of the Bay ot New York. The proprietor of-he G'obe has just conclndcd arrangements for tax tug that splendid buih'iug. "THK PAVILION," AT NKW BRIGHTON, and i* fitting it up in a superior style of elegance and comfort. Those who have not visited the Pavilion, may form tome idea of the extent of the establishment, wheu thrv are informed that two hundred aud lifty petrous can be comfortably accommodated witluu its wa'lt. Along the priuci pa frent, which it upwards of two hnadred and thirty feet iu length, runs a noble piavxa, formed by lofty columns. The piazza fronts the Bay of New York, aud com......i. ,r,? ?...? ?r ,i.. ii. ?r New York and Brook'yn the Hudson and Kan rivers. Lour Island, and the coast of State n Island, nearly as far as the Narrows. Thegrand dating room, which is one of the largest and hest proportioned in ill- United Stales, can comfortably accommodate three hundred and fifty guests, and as a ball roam, is altogether unrivalled. There is a covered corridor, which traverses the centre of the establishment, about fifteen feet in width, and of the same length as the p'azzi, whieh torm an admirable promenade for the ladies aud ehiliiren, either in wet weather or when the sou is loo powerfn to permit their venturing abroad; this commnnicates with the wioas, in each of which 'here is corridor of 136 fe-t in length, also under cover. The whole building is well ventilated: the rooms are loftv, spacious and light. The wa'ks and drives in Ststeu Island, a<e varied and beautifn'. F>om the Pavilion, there are excellent roads leading d >wn to the Narrows, the Light I ouss, round Ainbov Bav to rtichmondaudthe Kills, and through the centre of the Island, by the Clove road. S'aten Iilaud, in f ct, possesses advantages superior to thoie of any s ot in the Union; and die sea bathing is excellent The Proprietor is making arrangements for a daily supply of the waters, from the priucipal "Springs at Saratoga, ?" tn it the frequenters of the Pavilion, will have the advantair- of diinking these waters, wi hout the incon enience of performing a la tigniugmnd disagreeable journey of 200 miles. There is a rerding and amoving room for ihe gentlemen, in a building altogether detaehrd from the Pavilion. The distance from New York to New Brighton is under s:x miles, and duiing ihe. whole of the summer season, g od and well appointed steamboats will le-ve Pier No. 1 on ihe Nonh River, and New Brighton, regnWrly everv honr. from hill-past J in the morning, an il 8 iu the evening. The distance is generally performed iu twenty-five mil utes. r BLAV'CARD, m2l 2tw 5w _Globe Hotel, 66 Broad way. '. TO A ME It 10 A N T K A V E L LEK S GOING TO EUROPE. X\T J. MARK WELL. Proi.r.nor of LONG'S HOTKL, *' New Bund street and Clifford street; also, the LONDON FA V.L Y HOTEL, Albemarle street, h \s the houor to acqnamt Families and Gentlemen visiting LONDON, that those Honses have undergone a comt lete revision, with new and appropriate Furniture; the Cellars are tilled with WINK of men a clas that is rarely to be met with, being selections from private stocks tnst hare beeu gathered together b? various Noblemen and Gentlemen who prided themselves on their judgment; more man MOO dozen in bottle is now congregated, beside a vast auanrity iu wood W. J. >1. has also the honor to call the a'tention of Me rchants aBd Gen'lemrH to his Establishment iu the City, under the management of his Son, THE NOKTII AND SOUTH AMERICAN COFFKK HOUSE,COCK TAVERN kSUBsCRIPTION ROOM, Vis-a-vb the New Koyul Exchange ; the whole ii in the must important position in the City, nonessing every information, as rcgaids the Subscription Room, from si I parts of the world, the proprietor having pledged nimself to procure the earliest intelligence. The charges are on the most moderate stale consistent with the respectability 01 the house. The Fnrnitnre it entirely new, the Sleeping department replete Willi com'ort ; in fact, no establishment in the city can surpass this in iis general accom-nod itiou. It is admirably situated as regards tne Northern, Eastern, and 8 Eastern KailWays. being out a few minutes drive >rom their various termini. A Porter is appointed to at'.eud through the night, for the benefit of t'-ose arriving or departing t'T the train in 15 iw igb UNlTfcD STATfcS HOTEL OF PH1LADELPHIA ALL travellers wlie have passed the days and nights of their toiourn in Philadelphia at this fine establishment, speak in terms of unqualified praise of its accommod itous, its table and management. The arrangemen'spf the hnnse are admirably systematic, aud there are substautinl comforts to be f~und in this Hoirl that will be appreciated by mote persona, such as a clean, qniet, and well-lnruuhed hnnse, a well-supplied reading room, aad a host whose constant efforts are di-ecte I to render this mansion a highly agreeable resort for respectable traveller". Mr. Kea, by his polite and affable deportment, and his unremitted personal attention to the tables, and the general comfort of his gnests, wins favor from all who freqnent his honse. Those who in the morning prefer to indulge in the "tweet ristorer bsImy sleep," instead of attending to the breakfast snmnious, find at toe hoar which sous their own convenience, a table set lor their especial nse, with several servants in attendance to consult their wishes, and have any delicacy which tne honse affords, prepared with celeiity for their gratification. The dinner is served in a light, airy, and spacious dining r"ora, overlooking a vsrden. and is a repast that would do credit to any Hotel in the ronuiry. The situation of this honse is decidedly the best in Ph.ladelphia, b?ing on Chesimt st, oprwsite the Bankof Uuited t! tales? the very centre of fashion and business of die city. mil lm*r CLINTON HOTEL, NEW"YORK" ff^HE PKOPHIETOK of this well known and v? rv popular I Hotel, avail" himself of tbc occrsion, to tender his sir,cere thanks to the ruh ic, and to its patrons, I >r the patronage and kindness (hey hue for a series o> years to warmly and liberally bestowed. Actuated by a sincere detiie to me-it and rec.-ive the appr rbation of the publtc, au * acting in accordance wiih the exireiiries of the limes,ht hii reduced hit rates to the followmg prices Table de Hole $1 50 per da7 Private Parlor 12 On per day Board in Pallor ft 00 p r day In making ilitsauuui>CMti'>n, the proprietor begs leave to assure the public and the pat out of the establishment, (hat there shall not be auv ilimilllliou in 'he attractions of the Clinton Hotel. But, that, on the contrary, no effort tha'l be Wanting, on his p- rt to maintain the high reputa ion the House has at all tiin.s enjoyed, aud to obtain which he h i at a'l limes studied. ? *w-r WASHINGTON TEMPFRXNUE HOTEL, re PEARL ST , FRANKLIN SQUARE, N. Y. T FOWLER k SON rrspecltullv inform their friends and ? the public, thatthev have o|*ned the above well known Hotel ox atrict temperance principles, and pledge themsrlves to conduct the same strictly iu those principles. The ice?m modati ins Deed no com mem , as they are good aud comfortable. Permanent and transient Boarders ny the day or week. Private apartm- nta for families on the moat reasonable terms. The I'c ition is conveuienr to the London and Liverpool Packets, ami the Albany, BnfTklo, Boston and Philadelphia boats. Every inf rmaiion given 10 persona travelling; also the brat and rhevpe. t way of conveyance to all paila of the United 8r*tes ar d Canada Toe Heading Room will be supplied with English and American nspers, and all the Ti mpeianee periodicals. Terns?Booking per week S3; per day 75Cents. Tea.coffe< c, ki'S, kc. always ready. We, the undersigned, would cheerfully recommend the above Hotel to the none of our Waihiuglunitu friends, and the travelling public generally Hon Aaron ('lark Hon. <Jro. Hall, Preiident Parent Society, Brooklyn. Jnmrs Van Dy ke, President of Wallibout T. B. Society, 'aim s H t|ier, Pre?iuen' o iha Frankliu Temp Society. Wtn. V. Lesg> t. Vice President Broadway ociety. A C Flanagro, President of Pro-pect Society. Rev. Isaac ' overt, rresisent Washington!*!) T. B. Society. Nich"l's UulT, Pies dent of Ander?on "ociety. A 13 Willon. M, D. President of Marshall T A Society, apl lai'ec CROTON HOTEL, 142 BROADWAY. BY IVES k MOtlRE ?This e.tshl.shment. pleasantly located on th-east side < ( Bro il "av. het -een Miiilrll Lane and Wall street, w I be arened on the first of Anvil by the sn> senhers as a Temperance Hotel, for tne reception ol visitors, in a style inferior to t one iti the city. No expense has been spared in fit ing np and fnrnish'ng the pn mites, wi'h a view tn thr comfort and convenience of >heir guests; and ihey iiteud that tneir table shall be surpassed by i one in New York. The rooms are clean, light, and airy, and their parlors ate wollarra grd for fainil es. They belt-ve the liine hat rrrivrd when a first class Hotel ill be well instaniiil en str.el 'I'e r,,,?rBi,re milicinlrs. and they hop* by aaaiduitv to hnainraa and attention and ceurteay to tlieir Riietu, to m-rit a a hate of i nhlie patroeage. Chaiaea to cnnfo, m to the etnle nf 'h- 'i "' i Oh OIIOK 0 IVKS, JOHN L MO' Ilk".. New Vorh, ZTth March, 18'3. alOe <U?fc?twy EHIK CANAL COMi'ANTi-CAPITAL ?K>0 00 ?In pursuance of at) act ofthe legislature o' Penuay I1' am t.entit'eJ "ail act toanthoriae the Oovrrnor to 'nenrpnrutr theKrie Canal Company" B "oka will he o| en. <1 far 'h-* anbacrtptintl o the eapi al amok of Mid company, an Monti iv, 'h" *?h il iy of M .y lit II, at I lie following pUeea. to w>t: at the Bred Horn- i n the borough ot Kft?; at tha hnnte ol Agr.ppa Martin in Oirml, and it tlir lime- ol 0 rid O. Webber in lachsootillr, K ie c. Unit At the holMt ot John Coaler in Cotiaern uille, tl thi linear el Samuel II R>m?y, in Mradville. and at the housenl M artin Mntr.M, n Hartatown, Crawford county At the I on e tf J.ino a M Power,in (liremill , at the Hon e ol Jmnr Stewart, in Metre',a d at the pnbltc houae of ?? t'hrialie, in !S< wret'le, hi .lie err enmity. A' the houae of Ro eit Towtuend, in Bi ig> l III, ami a' C I" U'e of Daniel Ait t w. in Bea> rr. Beaver < onuty. At the h 'tiae ot William llratlv, iti Boll, i, Bo ler county. At the Mnnnegahe'a Hnnae. in the city of fit ?lni'gh anil it th? Meichanu' Lichat go ie the city ol t hiladeh h a I h< B la aa i'I be ke| t open .it leaat an hnura for ten con ecu ine | .thcial d <va or o til the capnal atork of t-n I" iia.nd aoatea al.all lie fully anbac ibed. One or morn ol the coinirieliouera appointed hy said act, Will attend at the time and place men. loued, l?r the pimW ,, .er i,,,,? the auhaeriptton. CHAKLr.H M. HKal). ) juilN nAI.BRAITH, 5Com'tt. WILLIAM KKLLY, > trie, Maich ?t, IW I. _?S lmr_ uyj, ? M Booth street iW Y< V YORK. WEDNESDAY TYPE AT REDUCED PRICED TYPES, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CONNER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Corner or Naijau and Ann Streets, NEW Y (IK CAN BE H<*D AT KI?HTEE V PER CENT DE. DUCrioN KKOM ULD PUT'TKA THE undrr-unrd iesne< HuUy luio ins tl e < >!< Patron' of 'he Type ?ud Strrenupa Foudoilornudi known as James Conner s, and mote recent'? a< (Van> H ti Coons'*. ami the public 1u general, that "'f'" are pre ia>nl in - xc ulc older* for PRINTING TYPES, PRESS'S, CHAHEti, CASKS, IMPOSING STONE". INK, KRAMKS, and crrprother arto-'- MCtMvrr "> f"m Complete Printing Establishments, nu -a favorable terms, and o' ss good a duality as any other aatdb iahweai in the United State* new price*, per pound. old prices, per pound. Agate, , 8U cants. Agate, 108 cent*. Nouiareil, 66 ? Nonpareil, 84 ? Minion. 31 ,, Mimon, 66 ,, Brevier, 46 ? Brniier, 34 ,, Bourgeois, 40 ? Bourg'eis, 46 ? Lonir Primer, 36 ,, Long P imer, 41 ? Sm ill Pica, 34 ? Sin ill Pica, 40 ,, Pies, 33 ,, Pica. 38 ,, Borders, Cuts, Bmss Rule, and all other articles manufactured si this establishment, at the same reuuced rates. New Aitides got up to order, on being furnished with pat'erus. I'he Type cast at this establishment, is, both iu the s'yle of Face and ne materia' ol which it is made, paiticularly adipled for service iu Nrv\so?|>er P iu'iur. All kin's of Hte eotvping 'urni >hed to order. \ B ?"cch Newsiiane-s as will copy the aboie th'ee times, will he entitled to pay ill Type, on unking a bill of lour times the amount of the thiee insertions at TO THE LADLES^ INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERSON 1 At BEA' T V, considered in cwiuirction with DH. FELIX OOURAUD'S POUDKKS SUBTILES. The sculptor whose study is to iinilate the atquisite worlcinauship of nature, portrays iu his model ol the huiuau lorin.a broad and elevated forehead. This develoi mem is not only consonant with, hat sometimes neresicsrv la it.. niuuMimi nl* u high order of mental faculty. If a fine forem-nd is a mark of intellect, it is no leu an essential element of personal beamy, and it is of importance to those, and there are many such, possessed of this proimneut feature, though obscured by the encroachments of a too luxuriant growth of hair, to remove that portion^irl an excresceuce which tends, in their case, only to deform. This can he done safely, speedily, effectually, and, if used in accordance with directions, without the least tuconvemeuce, by Dr. Felix Gouraud's Toudre Subtile. The furze ol the hp, wheu annoying, or the short hair on the back of a ladies' neck, when too apparent?the hair of a mole, or the oeard, when nigh upon the cheek may all be removed, and eventually the roots destroyed, by the use of this preparation. OOUKAUD'S EAU Dr. BEAUTE, OK TRUE WATER OF BEAUTY: Fur removing freckles, tan, pnnples, blotches, sores, burns, and a'l cutaneous eruptions, realizing delicate white bauds, neck and arins, and eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance.? [Lr" $1 per bottle. OOUKAUD'S /EOKTABLE ROUGE! Composed materially fioni Bowers and simples, imparts delicate carnation tinge to the cheek, immovable by perspira lie n or rubbing with u handkerchief or a linen cloth. 30 cents I bottle. OOUKAUD'S BLANC D'EBl'AQNE! An excellent preparation for imparting a pure, life-like whiteness to the complexion, free from the injurious properties genesally entering into combination for this purpose. Tut up in elegant boxes, at 23 cents each. Aoeivts.?A. S. Jordan, 2 Milk itteet, Boston : New York?Albany, Outhrie, 4 Maiden Lane; Poughlieepsie, Jared Gray; Utica, Wade, druggist: Hamilton, M. Co. Gregg & Grants; Loaisstlle, Louis County; W. A.Chase; Goshen, Elliott. Conn., Myers, Chapel si. New Haven; W. Faulkner, Norwich; Wells It Humphreys, Hartford; CharUi Dyer, Jr., Providence; Thomas, Newport; Clowes, hair dresser, Springfield; Greene & Co., Worcester; Burt, Lirtlr Falls; Coggcshall, South Second st. New Bedford; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston; Lowell. Carleton It Co.; Salein, Ives; Newburyport, Hodge; Portsmouth, Presfu; Portland, Parker, Kichauge st; Bangor, Guild: Hallowell, Scamniou. New Jersey?Newark, 1 rippe; Princetou, Dr. Scab rook. Pa.,Phila., 76 Chesuut street. Lancaster, Heiuitesli, druggist; Harrishurgh, Kobiuson. teriodieal agent; Pittsburgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, Thomas fit Co., .Main street; Ya., Richmond, Mm. Frayxer; D. C. Washington, Selby Parker: Alexandria. C. C. Berry; Md., Baltimore S. 8. Hauce, lie. etc Wiiliin a lew yaarx this remarkable and useful chemical invention for completely eradicating superfluous hair, has attained the hit best pitch of celebrity, and consequently excited the cupidity of a nest of base counterfeiters, who r.'teinpt to snatch from the inventor the just recompense for his labor. Purchasers should tlieirfore 'e on tlieir guard snd sre that every bo <le of the Pondre Subtile is sqnure, and F Felix Uourand, I'oudre Subtile, N. Y., cast in e ich bo'tie.and the Doctor's fac simile engraved oa the outside wrqqier. Directions, French and English, accompany each bottle. Remember, the only office in N. Y. for the above celebrated Cosmetic* is 67 Walker street, one door from Broadway, mfl Im ni TNGiK^OLL'S GREAT BOAT BAZAAR FOK IM3? a Rememb-r I ue and oak boat is wor h twenty l ine aud white wo'd ones. Flie subieriber mien ? iluiiug I he c mitiK 'f"?"U to lully silisfy t"e world of the dill 'fence between good bo<U aud t ad out s Therefore every hott fioin hu eslanhshint ut warranted will be?r upon it the stamp of C. L Iugcrsoll. During the past season the subscriber tits produced that i-tintitable 10 foot sailing DioVev Trouhler, which rrcrive ' the challenge from the Ainciiem Iui'ltnte and took the gold intdtl ; she is now ready to show her stem to any sailing boat, no matter where built or who by, lor any vtlutb t tro'hy.?Also the tow boat Henry Stork, which won ilir.e races in sm cession, with ?se Also the triumph tut (J. VV Chapman, which wf 'cut an effort, made the quickest time unou record. However, during the coming seat' n he intends leaving all his own former effor's in the shade. He will tsum te for auy kind or desciptiou of boats, from one to fi'ty tons burthen, r u I wherever his stamp may be found there will be a boat that can't be beat. C. L. INOKKSOLL, Boat Biz-tar, 406 and 4I4 Water st. and I2l Cherry Jt?. W. Halk, Sole Ay nt, 58 Wall st. P S ?Rar e, mil, r'uh, litV, and plni?o-e bo"t?, may always be found at Ingersoll's Bazaar, cheaper than llicy cau ba ourchased elsewhere I pi lin*r OKKl'E OK J -.b b EHrtO.N l."> fUitArvcit. t.tioil'A NY?Office 36 Will street. This Company eoutinne llieir bussuess of insurance against loss or damage by bra, ou goods, wares and merchandize aud also, on vessels and their cargoes against loss by inl-nol navigation. DIRECTOR*. Thomu W Thome Klisha Kii;;v? Thomas T Woodruff Bnujamiu it Kobsou John K Davison Krauns P Sage Thomson Price Joseph Allen J?hu H I r e John P Moore Moses Tucker James K Holmes Caleb V. Tunis James R Whiting Auson Baker] Win K Therti Joseph Drake Irad Hawiey John C Merit! Thomas Mot re II THOMAS VT THORNK, President. GEO T HOPE. Secrerarv tnl3vjgb PAPER. OEKSSE It BROOKS, No. <l Liberty street,'.have (or sale A the tollowiug? I' 0 renins news printing 33 by 50 200 " " ' 32 hy 41 250 " ? " 31 by 46 500 A " " 26 hy 37 300 " " ' 28 >jy 42 250 " " " 24 by 36 500 " " ' 21 by 31 Also, hook paper, 19 by 24, 24 by 29, and 24 by 38. They have alio a large assortment o( writing aud'wrapping paper, of different sizes and qualities, which they offer at the lowest market prices. ml ec PL TKRrs ki Hvlti'l UN'S Trunk Repository, ISo. hi WiI inm street, corner Maiden lane, manufactures and keeps constantly on hand, wholesale and retail, al! kinds of Travel liny and Pi ckiug Trunks, (Jarpet Baca, Hat and Bonnet Case*. Merchants and others arc rrs|>ectlnllv invited to call and examine mrr slock, belore purchasing elsewhere M nml .etere. 140 B'oad street. Newark. N J. ml2lm#es HAIR CUTTING ANU 8HAVTNOT" HILL,the inimitable Hair 4'uttcr, takes this uuthod of inloirnius his I'riendsnnd the public in general, trim he has retaken Ins Old .Stain ,86 t?arl street, imtn-dialdy adjoining the Peart St'eet House, whirli has bei n newly titled up, slid wnere lie will be ideas* d to Wilt on sll who may favor biro with theii patronage, in his neat and skillful sty e, at the fol lowing moderate prices :? H ll's immitaole Hair Catting, 12)ie*nu. Cnrhng, 12)2 " sfhaving, 61% " DT7" Don't fjrget the nntnber?No. 86 Pearl street. m30 lm*m JOHN M. DA V IKS Sc JON Kb, 106 WILLLAM STREET. CORNER Of JOHN, HAVE inst received from recent importations, and of their own m uiulacture, a very superior assortment of SnnnK Goods, consisting of every thing neat, tasty and fashionable in the gentlemen's furnishing line, which added to their former <tork. comprises an assortment of Roods rarely if ever belore found in one store, among which arrt? OATH? In every variety, for geutlemeu, youth and children. CKA"ATS-Of plain and figured satin, rto grains,cambricks, tic. Sf'AH KS?Of resting latfa, brocoe.

GLOVES?Of kid, silk, brown and cIicbc linen, lule, spun si'k, Sic, HOBIERV?Of cotton, merino, wool spun silk, ttc, UNDER GARMENTS? Of nliaker knit merino, woolen, ilk, cotton Sir. LINEN COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualities and shapes. 8IIIKTS?Of linen,muslin. Krench cambric, plain anJ with nidi's, hr SUSPENDERS?Of gum el tic. silk. cotton, &Ce OiLKD *ILK*?*)f white and fancy color*, warranted not tn nilhc.'r in nnv riuu^t*? Tht ?kni? CumpiiiVi iinly part of their assortment. and purchasers will consult their own intrre-i bv eiamiuuig this splendid aasori ment of goods belnrr purchasing. WHOLI'ALE AND RETAIL, at then old established Can. Slock. Linen and Oiled Silk M iiiufisctory. NO. 106 WILLIAM HTREET, CORNER OF JOHN. mJSm'm BILLIARD SALOON. NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THE A Vie. RICA N HOTEL. PRICK REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from ? A M. to J P M.?The tnhsenher informs hit friends and the public in general, that tie his Five N-w Tables, iu separate apartments?two in the ui per front saloon?two in the rear saloon, and one iu the front room?all hi first rate o-dcr. Each gei tleman visiting the establishment will br furnished with a private Cue,'or his especial usi?the tablet being in dillereiit apa inents tlie proprietor thinks it will rrndrr it more select and re-able to gentlemen visiting his house. ALSO, TWO FINE BOW LINO ALuEYS IN THE BASEMCyr. His Bar will always he sine rd with the choicest Wines and Liquors and the heat Segars to lie had?ills i Sherry Cobblers. Mint juleps. Punches; in >de in a m 'liner not to be suriwsssed N B ?The apartnieut.s hare undergone a tho.nuuh refilling ?newpaper,painting. ?o. [C7"(lentlrmen will plrase to coenntiuieate agv neglect of ilutt of tile alteud nils, at the bat. FRANCIS MONTI VERDE. mcbllt 1m*r S Bare ay street. I M PORTA > T?UE KM AN SILVER! GERMAN olE I VER.?JAME.s (} MOkFEP, 121 Prim..'?tr-et, N Y., offers for sale, wholesale and retail, IVlO lbs ol Merman Silver, at the lowest market prues ... [lii consequence of manutacturing the eitic'e himself be can wa rant it t?t superior to my eser betorg maiiufactnrsd in this country, and fatly tqu il to the imported. TO CEDAR WARE COOPERS t JAMES O. MOPPET Mauul'actnrer, 131 Prince street, N. Y., offeis for sale, wholesale and ret?il, a sotierior lot of Coo pgra' Brass. Pail Ens and Rirets, at the lowest market prices. TO UMHRKLLA MANUFACTURERS, *c. t JAMES G VIOFFE I , Manufaiturer. I3i Prince street. N Y., offaia for aale, wholesale a d retail, a superior lot <f Um bielia, Parasol and Shade Furniture, at lha lowest market pri caa. in IB lm*r OLUK SMALTS?N casks suia-r Saxony B ar Smalta.lor D tale by PEKSSE k BHOOKS. d*f No. 6I Libert) street, )RK ] MORNING, APRIL 12, 1 LKOTUKK* ON ANCIENT EUYPT.?Mr. OEOKOE 11. OLIDEON,of Egypt, will commence tUollric of Five Cectitrna, ou Karly Egyptian Hiitoiv, Ar Ine ilony, and olhtl anfjee'a conn.-cn-il with Hi. r,i?lyi hica' Lilrr? urc *cinmpau:r<l hv npprnpria'c Px inrivl lllaitratioua, at Nibl *'* He* i M.iinay Kveuiuir. lutli April, at halt-put 7 o'clock.? The L'C'rrc* will be coati u-doii I'lnirv lay, 1 ?h ; Sitnrjay, lit! ; Mb ?Uy, 17 ill ; mil Ti.ur.clay, yoili April, al the ftinir i.lai' ft d In nr. The Ptogr mior.f.u lecta to he -luo d'ted n tliia Coir*' inty be foni d >11 ilie tus I. nr ill Mr (}'. work on Aucieul Krvp' jui (nibl -h il S' ih \ew tv..r ,1 pr,? , at W A'ni?' T he L? tur a take ut> Egyptian A cine dog y, where that work CO'C uler ? e. II. C UHI Thil I.mures ? l b > u-idald >y i ciiuo'ii and heaoti'ul aer>ea of I ir;e Pc >rnl II miration*, tuat hare hen pr> p r <1 with ifinrh ore, and ai g-e t eeprnae, by levrral eminent A't iin ? Pwl idrli lii i Tlur cgoiKt oi II ormlyuhir I, Hi ratio anil Dm to PaOleU, I'* i'i, and G i*i iir* a tog I T >b e.?( llri| nologic'l Tablra from * cie I and Profane rfiatory?Facaimile cop'r* of t*?er I of'he m . t tnagn fi > ui Tableau* exiting in the Toiabsand Trmjilri of Kayiii?Purtr-it? of the ihtraoha in then ch iriota or in their toy I rntn-a?Q>t. em ni Egypt from tiie Mod m ull, in llisir va u d and elegant cnatiitnra?Likeneraea ?* irty-etg'il Nov.-reigna of Egypt, from Amunoi'h lat, H C. ttt9?do ?n to the celebrated Cleopatra, R b d, tilien finm lb* sJeulptorea?Kingj, Pnncea, and nival Frmrlee, offering to the Deitiraol' Kgypiim Mythology?Full length figures, and noai-rnui beada of Aaiatic nstionaol autiqnty, dating prior to B C I)"0?Negroea and other Afric in uanona, in all poaiiioua, and uader vanoua ciic nnatancea?Iatarealinr -canea that areauppoavd to reU etnihe Hehrew captivity?Proceaaion of ranoua Aaiatic nd African Nations, li in ? tiihute to the Pharaohs of Keep-?with m inv oilier rnbjtcia, too nutnerout far present pacific torn, anil a Mmuf ne Valmv ol the Nile, colored ao at to ourey a correct idea of ita amgu'ar pliyaical aapect Tic seta may he hid a' the b ok?' t of 15 trllet- (it W, If >r?i, 22 Br'odwavi Cairn k o, MI2 liroKdwuy, sud T.J Crowen. G33 Brtiadwav; *lao ut t' e otlice of the Glob Ho.el. or the office of the New World, 30 Auu at; and at the door ofNiblo'a Ba'ooti. G-iitleutou'a Ticke', Two Doll ira< Lady's, One Do'lai. for the < uu sc. Kor o- c tn uing. Kiftv Cents. _ uti 101 A/Ot VIV A IIll_ iirun sumvuv i... - k. s|h,wv.r?/vr edNsiih lll'.*en Mm itiilTi) dul'drt b?l?ni(ia2 to th<i Union Bulk of the ct'y ol Ncw'Yo-k, aud said bink hcrebv oll'crn h itnil of Two ThMHMtl O liars lor llirr-c vny *f the nm" oiu rateable amount lor such part tbcieolhi miv lie returned to the Bank. Sbipiua i itabou' live eeteleveu llirhei in height, ng <1 about '*5 years, brnid shoulders, square Stoat built, light suidyc inpltxion, heAvv sandy beard. small ?ainlv whi'krrs andhair, light grey eves. R man no<e, I >rge mouth, ihoit upper lip, aud has a rem<rkab'e dimple or bole i " hi* c> in He was last seen in Philadelphi a, and ii eappoeed to have taken ih'i western oiH(%to Trias. Shipmau is wellbuownas the cn> fideuMa travelling agent of banks an i broken, beiwer u New York aud Philadelphia. Rditon ot. Journals throughout the Union will promote the cause o( justi e by copving this. ?9 S'*r PACKET SHIP 81D . <IN S, fro nXi?etDool, is djsiha Slug uud-f general ordtr at Orleans whaif, foot ol Wall st Consumer will please attend to iliv receipt of their go. d<. alii NibW FUiuNISMNG STORE' WHERE the ruh oribri is now op* rung I esh Pi'isau' Lond in O md 101 he I - test sly le and b si qti .li y, constat lug in part of <-ravan, Sea ?, ploiu and embroi l, red. St cks an I Stoclt Ties. Olives, Hosiery, Driwrrs a d Shirts, Braces, Linen and *ilk Han.ikeicluefs Ready Made Linen, he., Sic , and sncb oilier ai t c en as are n quired for senleinena wardrobe, either at liotn* or while travelling, at CH t FFKN'S a9 lm*r No. 17'i Broadway. ~ SOMETHING NEW IN BEDSTEADS ! I! rpHE attenli n of lintel, tavern and boarding house keepers a is rript sled to a new and -it >eri .r d sertpttqii of bedsteads, comhiuiug all that is considered detirahle in this indispensible articleuf furiinure, viaeimp'icitv, economy, durm-'Uty aud entire absence of any tiling liae harbor for that most noii.-ua of all insects THE ABOMINABLE.BED BIJO The esse a d short space of lima wi h w.ich WILLS'S PA1EMT PREMIUM BEDSTEAD can lie pit upor taken down is almost i die and tee a great vaiiety at Wouilrnffs D pot forth above, 71 Gold street, between Spiuee hui Betkintu, New York. Shop righ t and nuchiue's lor sale on application as above. a8 I n*re UPHOLSTERY," WINDOW SHADES AND PAT EE HANGINGS. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING our u-uyl handsome and large assortment Of the above goods, einorncing everv de scriptiou of curtain material, trimming* and ornunents. win dow lit e .from Ihr lowest pr ee I" the, which we uniiort f am Pais. Also, the MM St fashionable Paoer lliuguigs, iu> lu ling French, Fnglitn nnJ Amencin. fiom the cheapest to the most eot'ly decnp.inn hea'le- Beds Mttrrssei, Pilliast'es. he... of wa ranl'd pute maieiials and whico, witn every o:her article in tie above line are off red at Lwer prices than at an other est .liloh unit in the city. SOLOMON St HART, Impnters and Manufacturers of Upho'S'rey irood, 187 Broadway, o.inoiite John st. N. B.?The trade, both city an 1 cuuutiy, supplu 4 as usual at who'rssle or rrtail n4 eoBlin* r sHEAP UPHOLSTERY?W I ton, Bru?self~aud lugr iu v Car.e's, mads, altered aud repairs ', and warra. tea to fit in the neatest mauuer, and at a moderate p ice, by auti ieticbcod Upholalress. ..i > ? . Mus nrti/rrtv am \i? FU R V [SHINGT^AXfiHOtJSE. WORAM StHAUQHWOUT, 5il Broadway, near Niblo's, h ?ve i ust rccei?i d? Ch uit?li. 11 4 fo 24 ir ta, silver, nrmo'u and bronze, fur gas awlcandhs; liiebtire u> w patterns jutt opened, tiir mil li s cu de'abr i.tu w patterns (is min'tl liyh s. bracke s, peed inrs, laments, Sic , by fir the m 'si superb as. rluietit wr have exhibited in six ye irs. Hall lauierus lor gas or Oil, in g'ea variety of style and pit terns. !?olar'amps, a most complete assortment of the bestimpro Ved i a'terus; seve-at s n ire new patterns; wiih rveiy othe- ar ic'e ihit is rerjin ed f.u the | urpose of g vug light; tOBe'h'-r wi b full assurtmcutof the finest quality of cut glass, ofevery deseii.ition. Fine table entlery in sets, in mahogany cues, and in dozens. A (tie I variety f | lated urn . b sbets, irsys, waiie s, castors, toosi ricks, c ind'esticLs. liqu'r ft * mn forks, s vnUt Slc. I A'so a c ,mpi?te nssoitment of fi ie j ipam ed 'at tr ys, Brits ni i tr i sets, s*eel lire 1 ona I.tarid itnl br *ss stnir r dt Wiiiie snd tto'd dim"*, les, and tui'er ware and every other artic'e in <he liu , wh cb we will p siutely sell below the m trkei prices N. H ? A b iff ciic'e stair esse for ceiling, 13 feet high with mahogany rail &e., for sale cheap nit2w*r <JRsAT HfcDUC i l'?N IN' THE PBI"R f F CLUfEHUUH'B VENTILATI VO AND GOSSAMER WIGS aMl S AuI'S 'PHESF. ce'chratrd art cles hive for many years held siipreL n.aeyovc ell others in this rt.unlrv as well an in Europe, In shape they are made to fi' as th? natural hair grows They a e I.trlii elastic, and fr e from a l d sigiseab'e pressure By st| |ud ies an-l weareri th^j" have been haractensrd as 't'erfeet He alt of Hair," and tauit be a-e i to be apnriciateil. The characte of Clirehugh's work is established for ita superiority, and having a Itnte atoclt ou hand, he h?s, according t> the lim-s, reduced the prtcea to the very lowest reinuueratniii profit. In the Hair Cat inir Department, Mr. C. wll he found alwai a "at home." a d w,ll i ive his aide and undivided niteinioii to a'l who wish to change countenance under the msglc ef Ins t' nch. s8 4t*isr <*Tj'RANCI8' PATENT LIFE BOAT," Office No. 7 r Wall sieee* ; m?l WINDOW SHAH <9?'The subs riler offers f r sale at his a ore No. 273 BleeeVer a iret, a gen-'al assortment of beau iful irans aim I aliau and Flench Window Sha lis, at pr res lowri th 11 ^t any place in this city And also a tasteful asso iment ol Dry Gm da. s8 3w? c DANIEL, E. TOOKER. P-flAf I'l PA V A HLh. AT SltsHT ou all paits of Knit and, IreMr.d and Scotland, 111 sums ot *5 11, ?15 f n lo any amount, for sale at S. J. 8YLV F.STER'S, n8r 77 Wall *t erf and 13ft Bio dway. DA GUERRE* >TYPE TO THK PH 'TOORAPHIC ARTI8T8. FX. AKi'AlJLT aCOi iflH falUn ttratl oj?p>n*ire 8t. Paul's church, ic iKMifnll in oun the j hofovrapbic artist*, i and e?erv pt'ion engaged in d gup rtotypr bn mesa, that they wi I receive hv p?Cirt ship* Km rVd and V?l'r de Lvo? ? '000 Fren b ?l gne?re >typc l?tes, 6H inchet by 8H, N'?. 30; 12 Freuch ?C om ,f c lenses,3!4 mchea d?amecr, in de by L?*rebnu'aard /\lf Qi;oux; 8 Kreu-h ?cr? ma ic lenses,. 4^ inches di-imete', prci er?*d by < he*alier, for 'aking Inrve Miei of ?H?rtrait*; 50 ounce* b otnine: 50< utic s chluidi of iodine, ai d all th? eh micits necess rv lor the dtguTTuotyre. *8 ini*r BROWN k rO 'S Oue Pr.c* Hu Store. 178 Chatham J^^sqnare, co'Der of Mott St., where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are cutniiucd fo *do:nthe head. 'I he p?o* prj? tors hive the pleasure now to offer a new style of, ihe inii'.it on of b?aver, which closely resembles those formerly sold for $5 and $6 at the low fifed price of Si; those who from inchnari -n or necessity are induced to study economy in that indispensable article of dress, have now an opportunity of doing so. and still keep up th?* appearance of the most fashionable.? Browi; k Co in pre fining this hat to the ruotic, think they have reached th ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, neatness, durability and comfort to the wearer. All Biles are for cash, therefore no good ensfoe ff nay* the to>s?-s incurred by the bad. BROWN k CO. 178 Chatham sonare, aH 1m* corner of Mo t sr SPH|\0 FASHION FOR ORNTLKMKN'H HATS Thf undersigned nspecifully inforrrs pis enstomers and the , ul> ic generally, thet he his now reidy for inspection and sal**, the inueh admired so'ing style < f temlem ii'i flats, which for he uty of fin* h and and symetry of form, exceed auv forrt er eff rt, in this r any othe- coy. To the economist thev are a d'SirahV article, as they com bine cheapness, dnrihil tv *nd elrgmce, warnn'-d eij ia't? any and inferior to none. In the munifict ire of Hifslec'allences r< inn noti; fh- refore solicits a s are ? f uh'ic patron eg ; he wi n d a ?o call ih-ir a?teu'on to h*s la ge a**orinent of Meu^a. Youth's,andcv ilriren't eap , of cfaib.veiset, kc. all of his own manufacture, which for tarie v of patterns canuof he qv alls d. Also, h s n* w style ofchiVdreD9* drab ond pearl colored fan"V ha?a innmed with velvet i f various patterns, f ?r?priuv and summer wear, f?ry much admired. A call w.ll e?nvin e t^r n?ost ice| iire 1 <?t the rut e??c rity ol the bi.*e n-euiu ned articles, nuw rtedy for sale at the o <1 st <b'l?r<i d " res ? f ISA At M AW II -:H, linv r0i ?n.l 0 o h sr. v. v. express for cleveland and detroit. rpHK mbifrihfr. will send an eti-rrw through Iroin tnis city, -k ti the shore named and intermediate placet, on the tnoruinn ol'thc 9lh mat, torthe trapsporfnlion of specie, oank not. ., bundles in.I packages ol goods, collection of drafts, bill, note, mid accounts,aud all such other biisiu as may he entrusted to them. POMKHOT k CO.L 2 Wall at., N. Y N. D. Iirtmcilistely ou the opeuing of lake uavisntiou, the nho.e riprrn line will be extended to Chiemto, Ciucnibnti. Sic , mitl couvinntd ihronnhont the entire aeaaon, ine nnexiou witii their New York, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily exiweit m6 r a DA MB ? l.U.'P -Nc.VV IIUKK AMU NKWAHK ?. \ 1 I'ltK.BS ?The pnblic are rearcctfnlly tulbrrncd that t r nbteiibt ra hue eitabliahetl an K.xpreta netweeD New Yo t and Newark, N. J , (or Ihe tnin,mlaaion and .peeay delive i ol'peka^ea, bundles, mouoy, Sic. ike.; tli? collectiou of mil at'd bills, and all other business anpertaiuioij to nn Uxprcss Ordeat fnr articles to be reMrue.l hT the Express will -e deliaevrd frr' of rlMrfl. Oflice in New V orh at No. T Wall street, and in Newark, ai S" I'TH'B Neivs|w;ier Depot, No. Jill Droail at. J.e .re New York at lll< A M nd I* T M. Naw-ik at t A. M. ami I'f r. M. ' tlrr Oiiirr V , 11, "T| " 11 "i?" > K ? ~ ' * ' ?NM - I Ai? " "-"' "Sweat / "Msasaas?g;: HAHNUKN ? t!i) I ' '2!lWEa?(;?S I A NOtlitiUtfim ? HKRA 843. Important News.?Late from Mexico?Right of Search ?We received ihc Annexed interestini? letter !>y yesterday's southern mail. It came Irom Vera Cruz by the way of Penancola, the shortest land and water route to Mexico. It reached the latter place iu the sloop ol war Falmouth, t uptaui Mcintosh, and is iniii li laier than any new* receiv ' ed by (lie way of New Orleans This intelligence is important just at the juncture 1 while the right of search question is under dincus Eton. It is clear by this that our cruisers can do ' nothing towards suppressing the sluve trade. U. S. Sine Vr.vcKNNKa, > Vkra Crc/, March 20. 1813. $ Cruise of the Vincenne*?Capture tint/ Reltate of a Slaver?Right of Starch?Oar Difficulties with Mexico, 4*c. Since leaving New York in January last, we have been actively employed cruising along the south side of Cuba, from Cape Maise to Chi* Antonio, thence across the Gulf to this place, visiting Santiago and Trinidad de Cuba. When off the "Jardines" a cluster of islands to the eastward of the "Isle of Pines," Capt Buchanan despatched a boat expedition, consisting of the Launch, First Cutter ami Whale boat, under the command of Lieut<-nant Mitchell, accompanied by Lieutenant Wuinwriuht, PurserBryun, Ass't Surgeon Henderson, live Midshipmen, and forty men, for the purpose of making | a thorough search ol the "Isle of Pines," and the > keys in its neighborhood. a L While engaged on this arduous duty, on the alter- ? ( noon of the 2 )th offebruary then off the River Gu- i bum, they discovered a vessel whose mis icious I movements induced them to give chase to. I have t i....... ??i;,ui.. r..r..i.i,?.i ni .i,? ,.ir.,...... I the following sketch of the affair:? "On clearing Point Carina, we discovered a sail beating up on her starboard tacks, hauled our wind to cut Iter off, made her out to be a taunt rigged brignntme, sitting b -autifully on the water and Bailing very fast; a chase was immediately ordered, and while in pursuit the brig tacked, and stood off to the westward, at the same time cuBttng off a small sloop she had in tow, with two men in it.? Having ascertained from the mmi in this boat, that the brig was a slaver, the chase was continued, At 2io'clock,came up withund hoarded her?on taking possession, we found three Spanish Custom House officers on board, who claimed the vessel, as under their colours. The Captain was then ordered to produce his papers, which, after a carelul examination, were found to be correct, viz: a Spanish Register, Sea Letter, and nn authentic list ot her crew and armament Lieut. Mitchell having satisfied himself, that the brigantine could not he seized, informed the Captain that he was free to pursue his course. The hatches were now removed (t>v the officers ol this vessel) and we saw the lower decks filled with negroes. These poor wretches were miserably stowed, being closely crowded together, but th *y seemed healthy, wellfed and quite clean The men, women and children were all placed in separate apartments: and they snowed no marks ot personal cruelty ; indeed their condition was far better in every respect, than what we would suppese from the description of English writers. The traffic is horrid. Everyway atrocious, but akiugthis as a criterion, most of the accounts we have heard ol slavers, are highly exaggerated. The brigantine is a beautiful vessel, exceedingly taunt, and very neatly rieged ; her present name is "La Constantia," built in New York in 1835-6, sent out and sold underthe name of "La Bolandra," (The Flyer;) alter four or five cruises, she too a the name of "La Scor pian," and this cruise assumed the present one of '"La Constantia." She is 242 tons burthen, commanded by Capt. Juan Antonio Zavala; her crew consisted ol 44 souls,and her armament a long twelve pounder, muskets, blunderbusses and cutlasses; was last from the Portuguese Isle of St. Thomas, coast of Africa, out '28 days. There were on board w hen she left, 550 slaves; thirty-four had died, and two jumped overboard in delirium.'' It is possible that this affair may give rise to many (perhaps invidious) temarks, particularly among the Abolitionists in the United States, who will maintain that the Constantia should have been made a prize ol, and the slaves liberated- There can be no question as to the r< suit had the officers of the Vineennes, who hoarded her, possessed the right to act, but they could not, for we who have so strenu uuaiy i/wiiicijutu \<uia |'iuprnj av; ??iaiuai uic ii'^ni of search, must not forget that the rights of other nations are also to be respected. I am fully satisfied that under existing laws and treaties it is impossible for our cruisers or officers to break up the African slave trade. The slavers are equally well versed in a knowledge of the statute book, and never fail to be provideu with colors und papers to suit any emergency. The Boat Expedition before refeired to, returned, to the ship alter an absence ol thirteen day-", during which time the Vincennes visited Capea Corientes, 8?n Antonio, and the adjacent coast. We arrived here on the 9th, and found the U. S. shin Falmouth, Com. Mcintosh, cutler Woodbury and the Spanish brig of war Patriota. The Dolphin sailed a few days since lor Pensacoht It is reported here on good authority that the Texian prisoners captured by Gen. Woll, at San Antonio, amounting to 120, are to lie shot. Several of these men were taken ut Santa Fe, and subsequently liberated, but having been again found in arms against the vlcxican government, have been con denmed to die. _ There are various reports here touching our affairs with M?*xico. One is, that Santa Anna has refused to pay the first instalment of the indemnity due the United States, and (hit war is inevitable; othersstate positively thaleverv thing will he amicably setiled. The Falmouth sails to morrow for the Hslize and Pensacola with despatches from Gen. Tliotiqwon, our minister ut Mexico." Philadelphia. [Correspondence n( tlie Herald.] PHii.aom.rhia, April 11, 1843. | James Gordon Bennett, Esq. Sir :? Let the people of New York he on the alert for counterfeit ten dollar notes on the Western Bank of this city. Five or six men have been arrested and are now undergoing their examination before our excellent Mayor, charged with counterfeiting and parsing them to a large amount. Don't despair of their conviction. We have not yet abolished our laws altogether, as some people think. Although Alexander was not convicted of murder for a? foul a murder as was ever perpetrated, we have a new Court, in which justice will be dealt out, without f ar or favor. It has the confidence of the community, and deserves it. Our new Judge, Parsons, is likely to become a favorite?let him learn from the experience of Judge King, from whom no voting Judge, or few old ones, need blush to learn. There is a feeling of distrust of the laws taking hold on our citizens, which has been brought about by recent events. A murder, cool and deliberate, has been glossed over, and a jury of twelve men under their oaths, have said it wa* no murder, and discharged the offender against the la ws trom puni.-hment, and endorsed his conduct. Who can he surprised after this, to learn that on Saturday last in the eapilol of our State, in the hall of the Legislature, while that august body was in session, one of its members spat in the fac? of, and stabbed the publisher of a pap--r, forsome Hrticle he had inserted that did not please the gentleman member! Truly these are strange times when publishers of newspajiers shall not fie allowed to earivass the ennduet of mililie offiera or do might but praise them. j The carrier or agent for the brokers and others I between this city and New York, Lias absquatulated I with a large amount of funds. He is crasy, of course, and yet may be convicted of larceny and punished ; but if he hatl assassinated (he owner instead of taking Ins money, or even hung three nl Ilia fellow-citizens or their children up at the yardarm, without judge or :ury and without the shadow ot law, humanity, or justice to excuse, much less justify it, in some places lie would have been esteemed worthy applause or preferment. Whatever sins poor old Pennsylvania may have to mourn over, thank God she has neither ot these to answer tor X - shall the violator of her laws hereafter have ihese pr> cedents to cite for his excuse More anon on this subject. Cato. F?tsi iinKCTioN in Cuba.?We have received Irom the Boston Merchants' Kxchange, the following im port'int piece of intelligence, show-ng the progress of philanthropy in Cuba. News of this nature is to be expected from that quarter: VIatan/.am, March 29th.?An insurrec'ion broke out on the 25th at Bemba, about L 80 miles from this mongst the negroes on t wo su?ar estates, and tfie first reports respecting the destruction of lite and property were truly alarming, hut fortunately proved much exaggerated, as only three white persons were killed, and the estates hut parti illy injured, except inthe. loss of negroes, of whom many were killed, I ^ and those alive will be lost to their owners. All I ? quiet again. j "> LD. Prte? i wo c?nta. Km* Orl<-nna. f0orr??p?n<1f nc? of th>- Hmlil.] New Orleans, March 31, Mynteriou* fVtather?The I )e.rngc?S,tout ?lj: to tirr/ve feet i/ety? It men?Tkcutritah Ekrtiont ? A /Juu I. DliAU i 'KN.VKTT? I he iline iti IhM approaching wh' n the ' bird* ot lassnge," wliu h ive been hibernating in the uiiuy ^outh, (have noi seen his Solstitial Mighnesn tor the last thirty days!) will he seeking "(all timber," cither for the pursue of avoiding Yellow Jhi k, or the expected deluge, winch must inevitably be upon us as soon an the warm weather seta in in the upper Country You in.iy readily perceive the certainty of this result, v\hen I inform you that the whole suriacc ot ilie country in covered with snow nt thin time Irotn \ ickshurg to the Rocky Mountains on the on a aide, and the Allrghanie* on the other. A gentleman, lately Irom Weston, Mo., informed me the snow in that neighborhood w..s from six to twelve lV?et in depth, and turth'T up the river ,t was from twenty to thirty tret deep. When all o! this melts, and finds us wav, in a liquid form, to this latitude, succeeding historians may possibly speak ol the ' Crescent City" us a place that was Our spring races term mated yesteieUy, and before night the owners of ihe noble steeds, together with thi trainers, stable boyH. and followers til the Camp, will be en route for their homes, with ihe exception of some two or three stables, which will leave to morrow for Havana, on board the steam ship Alabama, there to contend for the large purses offered by the llabnneros. Theatricals is riz since Caldwell left the stage, and ceased to cater lor fits own instead of the | ublic taste. Ludlow and fSniith have done a tremendous business this winter. The celebrated Dr Lnrduer has been lecturing at their theatre to well filled houses. Mrs. Sefion is doing a very fair business at the American, at which house the Italian Opera Company are engaged to open on the 15th of next month. We shall sadly miss Rossi and Salvutori, who are at this time, I believe, in Italy Foster and Robtnson have been doing a jam up business at their new Amphitheatre. They get up their pieces georgrously, and go through them like clock wmk By the way, speaking ot theatricals, your old friend Bill Dinnelord had a short lite and not a verv merry one, at the American after Caldwell closed it; lie would have succeeded, it he Could have found lrieuds to back liim the first nionili atfer he opened. Me is snug, however, lor the present, huving found a friend in a wenlthy old planter named MeDonough, who lias given hint charge, rent free ot his splendid garden and bowling saloons opposite the city. Our municipal elections commence on Monday next, i. e. for Recorders, membersnl the Ueneral Council, and Aldermen The Tylerites and Locos havr'made u coalition to put our the Peter's clique in the second municipality, but they Cclimit effect theirobject?"King Sam" lias too riniuy "subs" to fa'l an easy victim. We Imve bad but one duel during the present week ; it was between two young lawyers ; two shots were fired but without r fleet. 1 lie best ol the joke was, one of them expected to be arrested on the ground, but the oflicers, unlwrtunaiely lor his nerves, did not arrive until the altair was hauled by the intervention of the seconds. Fuller particulars in the next from the Gentleman in Gkkf.n 1'. S. Since writing the above, 1 hnve beard of two more duels The first came < fl at Carrolltnn, witfi pistols loaded with rk balls; alter the first fire one of the parties was taken into cu-tndy by the police, who had just arrived on the ground, the other escaped to parts unknown. The other was between h fencing master named SShltonelte, ai d a Mr. Manias, with small swords 'I he 'ormer was wounded in three places so had thai hs lib- is despaired of. Yours, G. I. G. Ft.tGirr op a Financier in Mississippi ? We see it stated in the Vieksburg bentmel ol ihe 28th ulf., that Graven, the Treasurer of the State of Mississippi, a firm advocufe of repudiation, has run oft with a large sum of money belonging to the State Annexed ure the particulars:? [From thu Viclntairg Sentinel, March 43 ] Yesterday Mr. Galloway, the Secretary of State ami several others from Jack-on, arrived m our city with the Governor's Proclamation, offering jjJl.OOO reward for the apprehension of < iraves il taken out of the Stale, o: #5<io if caught in M iesissippi. Ii appears that he made his escape on Sunday eveni"g just before dark,thouiliguarded by five men. He ask* d ihem to let him take a nap with Ins w ile, an J tne guard permitted, but alter they thought he had s'ent long enough, and went to wake tiirn up, they found a lady in the blankets, and the " Treasurer"of the State of Mississippi on Ins way to Texas or parts unknown. If Governor Tucker had pimped the chasm at the proper ume, W'hen he was pressed to do so by Governor McNhII, he would have saved more to the State than lie lias by failing to advertise murderers and robbers, lest he might be suspected ol bribing the press. The State will lose one hundred and forty odd thousand dollars by the ignorance and imbecility ?l Governor lucker and his legal adviser. We admit our share ot the blame in saddling the country with men so destitute of intellect and " oral courage to discharge such important duties. We knew hut little of either. Governor T. had been honored with important trusts by the peop e ; and we thought he possessed common sense to do his duty. _ U. S Circuit Court. Present Judge Thomosnn. Ai bii. 11.?Narrii va Thr. Corporation?This WHS an ar'ion fur the infringement of u putent obtained hy plain, tdffor a machine for tioring, tapping vml running water or other pipes, wliile under hydrostatic. pressure, and for attaching thereto lateral or service pipes. It Hio>eured by the statement of Counsel that tho plaintiff was employed hy the Corporation to operate with his machine upon tho Cmton water pipe", which he continued to do for some time?*iihs?t<|uently a rumpus occurred lift worn himself and defendants, and he was dismissal from their > mployment. He now alleges that the defendants caused a machine to he constructed on the same principles an his, und went to work with it on their own hook. Alter plaintiff's counsel hail stated his client's case, DavidGhaham. E?ij moved to adjourn the Court. He stated that this wan the dav for the election of city officers, and that all good men and true, should go to the poles and record their rotes fir honest Bub Smith, the whig stone cutter and the mechanic's Irieud. Mr. Kt?pi.s.s said it the Coutt sat an hour lenger they would make considerable head way with the cause, and they might ail then go and record their votes. Jimnn THoap.os ? I always wns and evrr will he an advocate for tint riiht of suffrage. Gentlemen, I will therefore adjourn the Court. Caira?Hear you all men, this Couit is adjourned to 10 o'clock tomorrow morning (this day). All you that have business there, anil will attend shall he hesi d. Mr Cutting, Vlr. Graham and Mr. Foot exchanged nods and their tilaudrst smiles with each other. His Honorthen left the Bench, and the learned counsel separated, plea-ad with themselves anil with tbewbole world iiilv the harirain. Court Calendar Common Pi.raa-07, 74, .70. 8, 14, 10, M, 40.00, 09, 04. 17, 47, 13. 3'J, M SvrrmoN CotfNT-71. 10,38,74 70. 7T. 78.79. in. 8|,?J, S3, 90, 84 80. 87, 8S, 97, 89. 90 01. W, 9.1, 94 .>, 08. 98. AO. n ull LIVMir(?>L?NfW LI SK-JUgui?: foelret ,?( April. ? Th- S?'ruiliil P.irltn Ithip MK>>ill)UON8, CnpMi'i K. 1). CoM>, ol o.,:> tor*, n i II positively ti I ?a ibrire, her rrfnlar rfnr. for freight or le-.anue, b.inn* s* lona nurijiMllril for splendor of loinfort, .ipply on Orleans whorl, f^ot of Wail rurfi, ir to K. k. f'OLf.nVS It CO. M South street. Price of MMan. tiM. 1 i-f Piielref Ship Sheri 'an, Cart. A. Depeyster, of joso >ori?. will succeed Snldmis, and aril the 20th of May, hat r.'nl?r <|a?, I -Hera fur the ships of Ihia luje will oiUt be received fit (illpir an.l Half"! , onm. ? [ST r#lT ?" "" ,h,M ",th" Uo? ponetou? -? ?7c AdfcfiT .BULK Ball, or Olil Line ol li V KHI'IIOL *TTJV I'ttolmt*.?Kognlar P*cki-l of '8"> ol Ai>ril ? Thi.iMwK.lVio flit niiig packet ahip Nfe.W YOltK. hnr'ht-u OSfl In**, Cant T'-cinai B. Crntp*r, v*i,I nil poiitivelf *? ibnv >, h?r ti itul >r day. The accommodttntu of thi* tnngnifWent pai ki-t, in f?Wn. ?d mIiib mil liter.i|(e, will oa iitapeclmu be found unequalled by my verrel afloat. Tlume rrttirning to the Old t'.-uion iml it to their cunlort and ad*-ntup to % loot th' fin1 1 >< '. itid nt t iiatnbe of her berth* *n- -lr? "It nt - - per*'"" nriahinc plumage, ahnitld m kr early opplirntion on board, ('"'t >i Bi i'Hinmi street, or to the ?iih.rrinert ,, not lit; HKoTHk-R" * ' ? v 35 V niton ?t. neit door loth. "Iron "ink P. 8 The Cntnb*id? ? ii* -n m Ui??r?woi on.* I t or 5-ay. -thn.e milling In, their frn mlrn, n,fi..rtlI ,M ?* J/rvrvriMW '?-Wire ,!'di?..? "t or efctrtre. m -v. I ti.wa tliionghoni Ktitrl nd. X1 ;"":! - ^ ? _ _ pn/. i Vt.Ki OOl. ~Hr*iiinr , .ebai of tho Ink AJjV - I ho iter or ' ?. miliar packet ?hi{) ^ ,jr??riK tlKlO, ' ti hi Allen, w.ll Mil u above or n fcufit doltft inpr - ii*. no.' " -ot ein.n,*?eoinl eabiu Ml Ilrtntr |?u.tlH-r>, per?oiiii wishinu to nHtrk ihonld ..L. rorlv application, on oootd, fool f M rdnn Lane, or to JOhr I'll Mr 4lHK,U. lilfi Pine it , eor. tlonib. IVtoii* Mti-liniu to ot d for their ln?ndi lanidinn m tho dconulry, can have thein brought nnt by tl.e above *lupa, or v of the regnWr packet*, by rppTyptd *? iboia ; if by letter, at paid. all

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