Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. 103.?WNolO No. 3315. To Um Public. THE NEW YOB* HERALD?daily newapaper?pubUnited every day of the year exeapt New Year'* day and vn-th -r t?i? Prio. 4 ritnt. ntr oodv?or $7 30 per an num?postage* paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahed every Saturday morning?price d| centa per copy, or |3 13 per annum? poatagea paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaiag aat. It hat Ike large it circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and io therefore, the he it channel for burinett men in the city or country. Fricea moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all klnda, executed at the moat moderate pricea, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON 1ENNETT, PaoraixToa or the Herald Eitabluhmert, Northwaat corner of Pulton and Naaaau atreeta. M HOUSES TO LET AT YORKVILLE.-z urVe home* on the corner of Mth atreet and 3d avenue; either of them ! calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. Ou the premises is a fine stable, fowling alley, and a fine garden, consisting of 8 iota, with grape vines and fruit trees thereon. For terras, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., mB 2wr No. 11 Chambers st. JUL TO RENT?T?he extensive Building erected the preTjjJW 'entsess* n b? the *ub?crirer, for his o?*n resideice, on v "e E-st River, a* Gowauus Heiuhts, two ana? nun mun irom nonm orookiyn rerry, C'lmmauuini: snlendid view* ? f (lie Bay and Jersey shore, the cties of New York and Bronkl' n, S'-aten Island ard the E??t aid North Hirers. 1 hu H'use is biick. a superior building. live stories h'th. covered wilhcoppei; the hall ai d sirirs of jnsible: the water front ab utone thousand feet, and the bathing within a fe w ea'dsof the door, etcellei t fishing at d fowling in the im mediate vicinitr. Th-dtire from New York it about fifteen miuu'es, and the preaiiet are unt excelled by any >i ua'ion near this ci y. One hundred petsont can be accommodated.? Possession immcd alelr. Ap'dv to JOHN F DELAPLAINE.68 Wall ?t. ALSO TO LET, the ihtee storv brick House, 31 Walker street, between Broadway aed Church street, occupied by Mrs. Vernlanck; and ihelwo?torv brick House No 219 Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Feelu?Rents moderate. alO lm*gc "RENT REDUCED?Whoever wants low renta will pease look at ths three story br;ck houses in Union JuJJLCoait, in University Place, between 11th and 12th its. Tnev will be let at the low rent of $17u each Applv to JE**SE BRUSH 91 Barrow street, or ?t the Hall of Records, in the Park, fro in 9 'till 4 o'cl ck. Other houses and parts ol houses, at various prices, in different parts of the city to let. Apply as above. al2 3t*r TO LET?Kirstoi May, the modern bui't three story fol house. No 16 Ureen street, with maible manle s, grates -UJLsilver plaiting throughout. For terms, apply to Aitkeus Brothers, 122 Fulton street, or P. Shcirsten, corner Ureen and firand streets. al 2w*r MTO LET?The three story house No. 17 North Moore street corner of Varick. The premises can be seen from 10 to 4 o'clock. Apply to L. J. WHITE. a!2 6i*r 189 Water street. Ami TO LET?The firs proof brick store. No. Its ?outh at, Willi immediate poss-siton if required, applv to WOODHULL b Mi.Nl URN, |t)7lr 87 Sunth street. MTO i.ET?The two sto'y brick House and premise*, No. MS .Wooster street, finished in the most modern style, with maible mantel-pieces and foldimr doors hout. Apply to JOSEPH MeMVRRAY, mI3r 100 Pine street. a TO LET?A Sail Loft <n store N?. 61 South street, ou ressooable terms. Apply to JOHN HKKDMAN,' _in?lr On the premises. MTO LET OR LEASE?Two three stoiy houses in B ourne, near Wooster si, with neat court vardt in front. I'he 2 atorv house No It Laurens at. The two aterv nouses 46 and 416th arenue. The two iturv rot'age known as the Washinttnn Hall, coinrr of Fourth and Thompaou streets, opposite Washington Square. The above are in perfect order, and were lately Tainted throughout. Will be rtnled low to good tenants. Apply to J. A. PEi.L, 5 Bond st, before9 A.M. or between 4 and 7 P. M., or at 30 Walls'. a9 7teod?m hgA OFFICES TO LKT-ls store No. 69 South street. Apply to JOSEPH McMURKAY. JLUL 100 Fiue street, fllee JmL PENNsVLVaMA HOTEI?This exsellent house tItjW isu^w to let. It i? situated m the corner of Washi g XiiK, 'on and Liberty street, and wilt he le ited la any good tenant from the first of next May. It has lately been much enlarged and improved, and is conrg.-oas to the Jersey Ferry, Albany b >al Purs and Western Railroad Depots. For further particulars,enquire of E RUCK MAN, al0 6l*r No 160 Washinirnn ?t N. Y. And FOR HALE? I he lease, st cU and fixtures ol 'he old [ B established and we I known lar Room, 111 Chatham at, XVtfLneit rtoor to the Theatre. Apply on the prtmiaea from II to 1 oVh ck ?l?2**r Mfok sale, EXCH\>0., ok LEAm ? the pleasant Oouutry Sent, scnaied on high ground, overlooking Newtown, four miles from WilliaaiaburKh.? ?-? ? . ??!' - ? ' 7--v < . taimng near 16 aces, part handsome wood, mansion house, two story, pi zzas front and rear fonr rooms on a fl >or, hall through the rent e. pariors, folding doors, Kussia grates, painted walls, and finished in a handsome and substantial manner, convenient kiicheu, oven, dairy, and tee house filled with ice from a fish pond on >ne place: well and pun p and brick cistern, spacious coach h use and barn. Grape arbor tear of the bouse, fronting the road a haod.oine If nee extending to the gardner's house. A asp may be teen, and terau liberalscilflfiEFlCLIN ll gw*r 114 Can ?l street. OI'AUIUU 3 A "* V P/lsniU^ADLb nvijbli in PHILAD <Lt HIA. THE fa?hiuu?ble Hotel, Marshall House, capable of accommodating 15# persons, situate in Chestnnt street, J^jAbelw-rn 6th and Tlh streets in Philadelphia,hsring been rereotK mnch improved and repaired throughout, is to be let at a reduced rent, for a term of i ears. Apply to SAMUEL POWEL, W7 Chestnut street, or to JOSEPH B. TOWN8END. m?3 Ztaw lm*r 309 Arch street. HORTICULTURE ? Smndaid, Roses. Perpotual, Kwl Moss, the Bourbou, Tea, Bengal, Noisette, and other fine new varieties. Also, Camelia, Rhododendram, Assha and other greenhouse p'anu, let ?ala a'the gatden of U. BULL, Florist, corner of bOth sneet and Bloomwgdsle road. Moore's suae leaves dailv lioat comer Trton Row and Chitham street, at #, II, t, S and S o'eloclt- a?lw*rc jtm GARDENS LAID OUT and tamis-ed in the neatest MBitTle on reasonable terms. Orders hy post or eft at the ~&m.y (Ice of the Poudiette Company, IIS N?ss?u stee. t, will be pnncta illy attended ro WM LAIRD. Seventeenth s-reet and Fourth Asenne. Warned as above, a good prac'h al gardener. all 3t*r A sPi.ENDID ASSORTMENT OF PEAR TREIcS, fnioera, and Gooeberiy-bushes. for sale at ZIO Water near ^aAw.Fultoa at. 1 he above trees, lie , were selected by Wm. D .si.o from Shaving's celebrated nursery in Liverpool, and are warranted to be ol the best quality and tine to name. Prices to tu t the times. all 3'*rc JKj* DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER ?empeerfnl|y invites the citizens of Nsw Yo k and atranrers visitimr the citv, to call at lit FULTON STREET, and esamine a la'ge as'o'tmei t of Dncss Boots, made iu the latest Isahion, and of the finest French calfskin. Gent emeu-can have boo's maiie toord r in the best manner, at sis dollars per pali, and f>oted at four dollars, warranter equal to any manufactured in the city at from seven to eight do'I rs. OT^ Persons having tender fe?t, or being difficult to fit en acc rant of lumps, benioni corns, Ac , can have boo's ma<te is as to be easy yet handsome by th? subscribe 's method of taking adrawinrof he leet and fitting np and keeping a pair ol las.a for each customer. Stsntigsra leaving their measures can, by writing, have boots made and forwarded to t em withont Hslaw COlftrAlfTLV CR HAIfD. H-ndomr Boou, fioin $1 on to ffi 00 Half Rente, " 2 50 to 1 5# Oaiter BooH, " , 2 00 to J JO Shoee. " I 50 to 2 ? Biippera, " 50 to 1 00 Pumpe.kc, kr\,eonally low. TRAM*, CAIH ox DKLITERT. _ JOHN L. WATK1N", n0 I m * r 1M Folton at. between Naaaanand Patch ?'? wlin wants boots k shoes 1 the o e ate at Reduction in Ptieea rear known. Hi^PNvOnW think of Oeritl tnen'i fin- dre?? call Hitched Boom, oflhe moat f.ahmnahle ahape,$2,75 to$2.00 Kaahiona We I cRg* d boota $150 to 12,00 a pair Ladt. a fancy colored Fieoch and city made Gaitera for $1,35 to $1,50 a ntir And all the feihinni for 1M3, forGentlemen, Ladies <nd Children,from thirty to forty per cent cheaper than ?rrt, at 212 O eenwich at, corner of Barclay. J AS. w1goins. a5 Im't ADOLPHK MONORON, Boot maker,from fV ^B^^^Fria, reapect folly infortna the inhahitanta of New Yore, that he haa o.ened lite eatabliahmrnt at No 1*1 Broadwav, where heiareadt torxreote all irdrraruttoated to him, of the lareat faihwma and beat wotkmanahip. Oent'cmen wi.hin* to hare an eleaant (It will do well to call and eratriae hia woik a*lm*r 'I'H a. Nfttr YORK LEGAL OB8K KVEH. - l?,t nab .i.h a ed. h.ndaemely b .nntl, $1 V I 1 of ttia work.c utainiaa all ti a leadi g caaea id Bank uptcy, Reixiitanf Caea decidfrt in the Vice Chancellor's Court, fhe Snptrtor Court* tad Court ol C<mmoi rtnu. Alto Hlttt Cmi in the Sucre ne Coort and Adm-ralty Seaaioaa. Alao recently decided raaee in the Engliah ContUu t Series of Articles on the Doctrine of Ueea aod Tutu, Practical P iin'a. Remarkable Tri.ilt, An-cdo e?, Sketchea < f the Bench and Bar, Annomt hifdu, woimi'T. ? ?: . wnn a Ifoetil iMkiud uigrai of (he cue* tenoned. Kor aale at the office 42 An? afreet, New York. The nanal allowance to boMiellen Term* Caeh. SAMUEL OWEN, Editor and Proprietor. tC7?On Saturday neit will be nubliehed, No. 1 of Vol. 2 of thia wo t, price one ahilling. The eahacriptiOB i* per an I nam, or (3 naif yearly, in advance. *12 3t*r DOUBLE ACTION HAKP8. JK. BROWNE It CO , Mana'acmrca London and New Yor*, be* v> call the attention of the ndmirera of thia very beamifnl and fa?hi*nable u.ati-iment to th- aety anperor Harp* he haa for tale at 38 > broadway. I hear inatrnmeiita me c natrocud on the mod ai-pmv, d fninri lei, with all the modern imprnv taenia, are , uequa'leil in brilliancy of tone, liglitutia of lonch, and i>rrfectne*a f m*ehaniam. k J h. B I'OWa leave |.i nd.^ hia ar rngementa are aurh a? to euahle him 'n f i aact tumnii at E iro e?n prices thenb) aairnif Me the high dutlea impotcd bv tai id on tha*< instrument!. Dealer* and I rofeaeera are particularly invited, and will find hia method of tranaaeiing bnaineat advent 'gent'. .. . . . ? . J V BROWNE, at'oMI il fcwy'ec 183 Rrnadjuuv and *3X t.hamhera at. WATCHES LOWER THAN EVER.?Thflinpann la Fiaher, 331 Broadway, formerly :t7! Tearl street, are veiling waichea and trwrlry h'wer rhan nay other place m the City?Gold watehei aa low aa rmm ?I5 to $2i each. All watr.hra w ,rranted to keep good lime, ,,r the innney n funded. Watrhea, el c.ka, innate btwel and Jewelry repaired iu the beat manner; aecoiid hand waichun and old gold and ailaer taken iu eichange, or b"Hghl for eaah. AM Of R THOMPSON, rn* Im'm _ H_|t HA HP klHIIk.H. Jr If OK aAUK I'Hk.AI'?I he lurnirure of a r, tin mg houae, ? eanaiating ot a tart' n ahrgany counter, two m?h nnv deaka, clock, oil cloth, copyiog preaa, Ac. The above Will ha anld exceedingly cheap. Apply at 3 William atrret, aeeond floor, where the artielea canbeaeeu. al3 lt*m . ka :e ne NI THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW YORK, IN CONNECTION WITH THE PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, BTATEN ISLAND. T^HE GLOBE HOTEL, at New York, !iu for **veral E year* been advantagenntly known, uot only to the American, but to the European travell'-r, it having been 'h* reeort ol many of the di?tingm?heil neraon* who have yitited theUuited State*. The proprietor o.fthe e?t*"li?hiiirut i* grateful lor the liberal (iipporl he ha* rvceived from tr veller* ol all nation*, and <eel* aanired that the arraiiKer-ient* he i? uow making,will irrure a continuance ol their iiitrooaire. Mauv improvemeiit* nave hee? made in the inreii >rol the H Pel preparatory to he commencement of a new season; and to meet the exigencies of the present times, the cnargrs f r apartm-uts.for meala, aud for wiues, haw been reduced and da not exceed thoae of hotel* ol the aame class throughout the Union The frequenters of the Globe have an advantage over thoae ol almost eaerv other houit?they can limit their expenditure. In the Hcstauraot, every thing la supplied a la carte, the price being affixed against each diah, ao that a traveller can either sit down ton feast worthy el Ap'cus, or a repast as frugal as an Anchorite's. The viands ate prepared according to the most approved system ol European cookery, by experienced French cooke, and for va iety aud excellence may challenge comiurnson wit? those of the best Parisian resranratenrs. The domestic arrangements are of a very superior order; every thing is conduct) d with the most minute regard to the comfort ol the guests. The waiters and other attendants are respectful know their business, and go thr< ugh it without bustle or confusion The Ulone, in fact, continues all the comforts of a private rc-ideuoe with the advantages o a first-rate hotel. There are apartments ill it capab'e o accommcditmg the.most numerous families, with splendid drawing rooms studied?others lor smaller families, or separate bed rooms for siugle travellers. In addition to the above, the G'obe possesses an excellent Ba lung Kst iblishmcut, supilicd from the Croton Aquednct, where hot and cold water baths may he had from rcen in the morning until eleven at night This is luxury which every traveller knows the advantage of; and it is grcstly enhanced by being able to obtain it in the hnnse in which he stays,. What can be more refreshing than a wann bath, after the fatigue of a long and uncomfortable sea voyare, or even a land Journey f The bathni" establishment it fitted up in the hestPurisian style, mill the uaihers aie ?MP| lied wi ll large wrapping gowns (Peigucirs) and an abundance of othT liueu. The local iHitittou of the Globe ia one that will recommend it either to the mail o' f'shion or the mau of business; it is situated at about au equal distance from the Exchange; in Wall at, and the Battery,that de.iglrful marine promenade, which commands so magnificent a view of the Bay o> New York. The proprietor of 'he Globe has just concluded anaUKcments for taking that splendid buildiiiir. "THE PAVILKDN," AT NEW BRIGHTON, and is fitting it up in a superior style of elegance and comfort. Those who have uotvisit?d the Pavilion, inay form some idea of the extent of the establishment, when they are tufwrmed that two hundred aud fifty persons can be comfortably accommodated within its wa'ls. Along the principa front, which is upwards of two hundred and thirty feet in length, runs a noble piazn, formed by lofty columns. The piazza (ronis the Bav of New York, and commands the most splendid views of the Jersey shore, the cities of New York and Brooklyn the Hudson aud East rivers. Long Island, and the coast of Statea Island, nearly as far as the Narrows. The grand dining room, which it one of the largest and best proportioned in the United States, can comfortably accommodate three hundred and fifty guests, and as a ball roem, is altogether unrivalled. There is a covered eomdor, which traverses the centre of the establishment, about fifteen feet in width, and of the same Irnrtli as the piazza, which torm an admirable promenade for the ladies and children, either in wet weather or when the sou is too powerlu> to permit their venmring abroad; this communicates with the wings, in each of which ihere is * corridor of 136 feet in length, also under cover. The whole building is well ventilated: the rooms are loftv,ipaciona and light. The wa'ks and drives in Staten Island, are varied and beautiful. K'om the Pavilion, there are excellent roads leading d >wn to the Narrow,the Light house, round Ainboy Bav to Richmond andthe Kills, ana through the centre of the Island, by the Clove road. Soften Iilaud, in f-ct, possesses as vantages superior to thore of any s.iOt in the Union; aud the sea bathing is excellent _ The Proprietor is making arrangements for a daily supply of 'he waters, from the principal Springs at Saratoga, ?" in t the frequenters of the Pavilion, will have the advantage of diinkiDg th'se waters, wi hout the incon enieoce of performing a fa tiguiuipand disagreeable journey of 300 inileg. There is a reiding aud smoking room for the gentlemen, in a building altogether detached from the Pavilion. The distance from New York to New Brighton is under ?-x miles, and during ihe whole of the snmmer season, g od and well appointed steamboats will leave Pier No. 1 on the Noith River, and New Brightou, regularly every hour, from htll-pasc 5 in the morning, 8 in the evening. The distance is generally performed in twenty-five micutes. F BLA^CARD, mil ttw 5w Globe Hotel, 66 Broadway. "i TO AMERICAN TRAV ELLEUS GOING TO EUROPE. WJ. MARKWELL. Proprietor of LONG'S HOTEL, New Bond street and Clifford street; also, the LONDON FAM.LY HOTEL, AlhemarleT>reet,has the honor to acquaint Families aud Gentlemen visiting LONDON, that those Homes have undergone a comi lete revision, with new aud appropriate Furniture; the Cellars are filled with WINE ofsuchaclas that is rarely to be met with, beiug selections ir-m privier srocas tnar ihv? oeen nnwrrg togeiner ov various Noblemen and Gentlemen who prided themselves on their judgment ; more tnan 5000 dozen in bottle ia now congregated, beside a vast quantity iu wood. W.J. M. has also the houor to call the attention of Merchants and Gentlemen to his Establishment iu the City, nodet the management of his Son, THE NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICAN COFFEE HOUSE,COCK TAVERN ^SUBSCRIPTION ROOM, Vis-a-vis the New Royal Exchange ; the whole is jn the most impoitant position in the City, nossest'rom afl |iarts of ilie world self to procure the esrliest intelligence. The charges are on tbe most moderate scale consistent with the respectability ot the houae. The Fnrnitnre is entirely new, the Sleeping department replete with comfort ; in fact, no establishment in the city can aurpeas this in its general accommodation. It is admirably situated aa regards toe Northern, Eastern, and 8. Eastern Kailways. being tint a few minutes drive Irom their various termini. A Porter is appointed to attend through the night, for the benefit of thoae arriving or departing by the train m 16 3w igb CLINTON HOTEL, NEW YORK. ^PHE PROPRIETOR Or this well known and vrv popular a. Hotel, avail* himself of toe oceision. to render Ms sincere hanks to the pub'ic, and to its patrous, t >r the patronage and kindness they h ve for a aeries o> years so warmlv aud liberally bestowed. Actuated hr a sinreie desiie to me*it and receive the appr ibaiinn of the public, au-< acting in accordance with the exigencies of the times,he has reduced his rates to the following prices Table de Hote $1 50 perda7 Private Parlnr (2 On per day Board in Parlor |t 00 p-r day In makiiig thiaannuueiauin, the proprietor begs leave to assure the public and the pat ous ol the estanliahment. that there shall not he any dnnimtion in ihe attractions of the Clintou Hotel. Bat, that, on the contrary, no effort thai) be wanting, on hit p-rt. to maiutam l>? high repuu inn the Hnnae has at ail linns enjoyed, and lo obtain which he h- s at all times studied. at fw't PREsTO>N HODGES. WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL-, 326 PEARL ST., FRANKLIN SQUARE, N. Y. J FOWLER fc SON rrapeellullv inloim their friends and the public, that they have opened the above well known Hotel on strict tempetanc" principles, and pledge ihrmselvrs to conduct the same strictly iu thoae principles. The acc>m raodati ins need no commem, as they are good aud comfortable. Permanent and transient Boarders hy the day or week. Private apartm-nts for families on the most reasonable terms. The location is convenient tn the Loudon and Liverpool Packets, and the Albany, Buffalo, Boston and Phitadel|ihia boats. Every information given to persons travelling; also the heat and eheape.t way of conveyance to all pails of the United gi.,...,.j rt??,i. The Heading Koom will b- supplied with English and American papers, and all the Tempeianre periodicals. Terms?Bmkmg per week $J; per day 75cebts. Tea,coffee cakei, fcc. alwava ready. We, the undersigned, would eheerfally recommend the above Hotel to the noiic* of our Washiugtunisu fiiehds, and the|travelliug public generally Hon Aarou Clark Hon. O'O. Hall, Pretident Parent Society, Brooklyn. Jamea Van Dyke, President of Walltbont r. B. Society, .lamea H rper. President o ihe Franklin Temp Society. Wm K. Legget, Vice President Broadway society. A C Flaiiagao, President of Pro.peet Society. He*. I>aac < 'overt, fresisent Washingtnniao T. B. Society. Nicholas Uh(T, President of Anderson Society. A D Wilson, M, D. President of Marshall T. A Society. apt lm*ec CROTON HOTEL, 142 BROADWAY. BY IVES It MOORE.?This establishment. pleasantly located on th* east side of Bro.d war. bet 'een M liden l.ane and Wall street, w I be orened on the Aral of April by 'be au> senders as a Temperance Hotel, for the reception ol t tutors, in a style inferior to none in the city. No expense has been spared in fit iog up end farnish'nK the pr mises, with a ?iew to the comfort and con?eniencc of heir guests; and they intend that tneir table ahall be surpassed by i one in New Yotk. The rooms are clean, light, and airy, and their patlors are wrllarra ged for familes. They bcli-Ve the time lias rrriyed when a first class Hotel will he well Mist*toed en strict Te "perance ptinciples, and they hope by ssiidintv to rusincssand attention and courtesy to their guesti, to m tit a th-re of i nhlie patronage. Cha.yes to coulo Ul to the stale of h> i| in Ot- OHOF. D IVV.8, JOHN L MO' RE. New York. Z7th March, IB S alO r dg? IGtwy EH IK CANAL COMPANY?CAPITAL lyiO.MT?ln pursm.nce of an ae'of the iegis'srure o' Penttayl?ann.entitled '?u act toanthonse the Ooi i rnor to 'ucerpmate theKrte Caual , Company" B ok> will be 01 < m d for ihasubieripfton o the espial ?t"r.k of said company, ?u Mondiy, ihr ?tb d ,y of M ly nrsi, at the following pl?. e?, to w t; at the Beed Hons* in the borough ol Kile; at ill* house of Agnppi Martin m Oirad, and at the hnus- ol D <Tid G. Webber,in Jacksonville, E if cotiuly At ihe house of John Foster in Conner 0 the house ol Samuel G lCm-y, in Meadville, and ai the house ol Martin Ma (sail, <n Hartstown, Crawford county At the borne of James M Greenville, at the hon-e of Jame- Slug art, in Mercer, atd at the public house of Chritlie, in Newcastle, in Me cer county. At the house of Ro-wrt I ownsend, in Brighton, and at the of Daniel Ag ew. in B.aver,Braver connty. At the house of William Beatly, in Butler. Bn ler county. At the Motions ihr'* Houie. iu the citv of fit sburgh and at ih* Merchants' Eitharge. 10 the city of fhiladehhia The Books will be kept ei<en at least six hours foetei. consecutive judicial diva or v til the rapnal stock of ten thousand hares shall be fully subsc ibed. One or more of the commissioners, appointed by said act, will attend at the time and places mentioned, for the pnrnose o> receiring the subscription. CHAHLK8 M. BK?D. )? , JijHN t.ALHKAITH, SCobi'iu. WILLIAM KKLLY, ^ , , Kric, March (4. IM1. ni HAVK YOU KV?ff~THIKD ITl-iru..t. no not delay another "ay, bit* lid immediately; i' you have been one of ihe wi?c *nl prodnt, a 4 ?lr-*dv bought * ho'tle. tn 9.**y tinn i? .rtil.d?vo. have rec T.rcd your h-*iibR. 9CAIIPA 9 OIL KOK UKa FNKH4 ?. v,t tail*. It i? ibr only edi ine that rail! "ere. Thouaaodt of deaf perron. will Ri*r their (rati* monv in it* C??or The bmu y of the iIhiir i?. ln*l it cure* yon within rorliiciny any pain. Prepaie" by Di B Bell, and it ?oMon arenry at Or D.Jeyue'i offi ? , No l?y Broadway, New York. Price $2 a hott r, all Jfte WA K I S A it : WAR!-The wig m?T777 ave dacl md against our reighb ?r DK. JAYNK.nn accnnnt of his HAlK TO.MC, which ia k> ocking all their busiueM into a cockfl n *f. Ladies *nd (Jenthuw 11, old and young. are ll ?rkir.K to the Dorfor s namUm Meads 'ong divested oieveii il?e first rudiments of hair, alter usin. his H ttr Tonic, s ? n *il?e?r with new and flowing locks, which Arsalom himsell might h v. envied. Beardless boys are seen with Urge and bushy wl.iakeis, and Utile* smileajiain (hroiigh their own raven rn?i(lr is, hore beau ij'itI nod bew afhit g ih in ? ver. lU'd In *?'? Aie doffing their wigs, *?d th?ow ii g them to the 1 molts and brtfs,* wmli ll"' wig tinkers sHii as hey behn'd the d? moliti no' tha?r basin s* Whai y 1*1 b Mm mm qaafca , i it is war w.- know no , as the wi gi a are om rsg.-oua, nd the Doatqi r?* i s iii in, i -I i acta tea that sons tMsMt he lost at well as act art, tod ihot <-*id Heads maj * well w?ar tkaii own hair rs the hwir of others.?[ Weealy .Mesa nger. Knavoiditf I) D D Jimj. NO. M Broadway, Naw York, and JO Bonth 1 hird street, Philadelphia. Pi ice $1 per bottle ; 6 bottles for $i. tit lt#f iw r< SW YORK. THURSDAY TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. TYrES. AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CONNER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Corner or Nasiau and Ann Streeti, NEW Y RK CAN BE HAD AT M"HTKEN PER CENT DEDUCTION FHOM OLD PKI?:EA. T'H E undrr-iKiird leinertlu'ly lulouit t>'e l)H Nlroni of the Tvi* mid Slnreoivn* Found',, formerly known at Jamei Conner a, and moie recent'* at Connar & Cooek'i. and the public iu Keueral, that incv arc nrenarnl to 'Eecule oid*ra for DUIAITIM/l TV DUO llllilllllU III ClO. PRESSES. CHASES, CASKS, 1MPJ8INO 8T0NES, INK, FRAMES, and every other article uecessiry 10 form I Complete Printing Establishments, oil a* favorable term*, aud of a? good a nudity as any other establishment ia the United i States. NEW PRICKS, PEE POUND OLD PRICES,' PF.R POUND. Aaate, . 86 cents. Ay ate, 108 cents. Nonpareil, 66 ? Nonpareil, 84 ? Minion. 34 ,, Minion, 66 ? Br-vier, 46 ? Brevier, 94 ? Bourgeois, 40 ,, Bourgeois, 46 ? Lone Primer, 36 ,, Lour P imer, 4< ? Smtll Pica, 31 ? Sin til Pica, 40 ? Pica, 33 ,, Pica, 38 ,, Borders, Cots, Brass Hiiie, and all other articles manuiactnred at this establishment, at the same reduced rates. New Aiticles got up to order, ou bring furuished with patterns. The Type cast at this establishment, is, both in the style of Face and he material ofwhich it is made, particularly adipted for service in Newspaper. P. inline. All hinds of Ste>eotyping lurnished to order. N. B ?Such Newspapers as will copy the abote three times, will be entitled to pay in Type, on making a bill of lour times the amount of the ttuee insertions al totheTAdies. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERSON 1 AL BEAUT V, considered in cenutctiou with DR. FELiX CJOIJBAUD'S P6UDRES 8UBTILE8. The sculptor whose study is to imitate the exquisite workmanship of nature, portravs in his model ol the human lorin, a broad and elevated forehead. This development is not only consonant with, but sometimes necessary to the possession of a high order of mental faculty. If a fine lorehead is a mark of intellect, it is no less an essential element of personal beauty, and it is of importance to those, and there are many such, possessed of this prominent feature, though obscured by the encroachments of a too luxnrianl growth ol hair, to remove that portion ol an excrescence which tends, iu their case, only to deform. This can be done safely, speedily, effectually, aud, if used in accordance with directions, without the least luconvenieuce, by Dr. Felix Uouraud's Poudre Subtile. The lurxc ol the lip, wheu annoying, or thu short hair ou the back of a ladies' L, when Inn ? on. ,e I.I_ I l.e k.? nr. ...I. .. ,k. ? J .l.ei nigh upon the cheek, may all be removed, and' eventually the roots destroyed, by the use of this preparation. GOUKAUD'S EAU DK BEAUTE, OK TRUE WATER OK BEAUTY.! Kor removiug freckles, tau, pimples, blotches, sores, burni, and a'l cutaneous eruptions, realizing delicate white bauds, neck and arms, aud eliciting a healthy jnveuile appearance.? O" $1 per bottle. OOURAyD'9 EOETABLE ROUGE! Composed materially from Dowers and aimplea, imparts delicate carnation tinge to the cheek, immorabie by perspire lienor rubbing with a handkerchief or a linen cloth. SO cents bottle. UOURAUD'S BLANC D'ESI'AGNR! An excellent preparation for imparting a pure, life-like whiteness to the complexion, Iree from the injurious properties geneaally entering into combination for this purpose. Put up in elegant boxes, at 25 cents each. Aokwti.?A. 8. Jordan, 2 Milk stieet, Boston : New York?Albany, Guthrie, 4 Maiden Lane; I'oughkrepaie, Jared Gray; Utica, Wade, druggist; Hamilton, M. Co. Gregg Ik Grants; Louisnlle, Louis County; W. A.Chase; Goshen, Elliott. Conn., Myors, Chapel si. New Haven; W. Kaulkner, Norwich; Wells at Humphreys, Hartford; Charles Dyer, Jr., Providence; Thomas, Newport; Clowes, hair dresser, Springfield; Greene St Co., Worcester; Burl. Little Kails; Coggeshall, South Second st, New Bedfo'd; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston; Lowell. Carletnu It Co.; Salein, Ives; Newburyport, Hodge; Portsmouth, Preston; Portland, Parker, Exchange st; Bangor, Guild; Hallowell, Scammon. New Jersey?Newark, 1 rippe; Princeton, Dr. Seabrook. Pa., Phila., 76 Chesunt street Lancaster, Heinitesh, drurgist; Harrisburgh, Robinson, periodieal agent; Pittsburgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, Thomas ? Co., Main street; Va., Richmond, Mrs. Krayxer; D. C. Washington, Selby Parker; Alexandria. C. C. Berry; Md., Baltimore 8. 8. Hance, fcc. lie. Wilhin a lew years this remarkable and nsefnl chemical inrentiou for completely eradicating superfluous hair, has attained the highest pitch of celebrity, and conaequently excited the cupidity of a nest of base couuterleitere, who attempt to suatch from the inventor the juat recompense for his labor. Purchasers should therefore ' a on their guard and see that every bottle of the Peudre Subtile it square, and K Kelix Gouraud, Poudre Subtile, N. Y., caat in each bottle, and the Doctor's fac simile engraved on the outside wrapper. Directions, Kreuch aud English, accompany each bottle. Remember, the only office in N. Y. for the above celebrated Cosmetic' is 67 Walker street, one door from Broadway. in8 ltn m TNUiKr-OLL'S GREAT BOAT BAZAAR KOR 1843J. Remember rne Cidar and oak boat is worh iweuty pink and while wo <d ones. The subscriber mien s during the c< ming season to lully satisfy the world of the difference between good busts end had ones Therefore every boat from hia establishment warranted will bear upon it the stamp of C. L. Ingersoll. During the pnst season the subscriber has produced that inimitable 16 foot sailiug Dintey Troubler, which received the challenge fiom the Ameiicin Institute aud took the guld inedsl ; she ia n >w ready to show hei slum to any ssiliug boat, uo matter where built or who by, lor any vsluab e tro' liy ?Also the low boat Henry Stork, which won ihree races in snccesw'toriniaBeHort/madetbeV|nTclielVtttcYnnNKnC ""*"'" However, during the coming seasen he intends leaving all hia own former efforts in the shade. He will ctum te for any kind or description of boats, from one to fifty tons J wherever his stamp miy be found them will be a boat that can't be beat. C. L. INGERSOLL, Boat Baxaar, 406 aud 414 Water at. and 111 Cherry Ss. Jas. W. Hat-K, Sole Ay- nt, it Wall at. P 8.?Race, sail, cluh, life, and plrasn-e boats, may always be found at Ingermoll's Baxaar, ehenpor than they can be parchased elsewhere ?pi lm*r nrKl'.E OK JEKKEKSON INSURANCE CUM PA " NY?Office 36 Will street. This Company continue tlieir bussuess of insurance against loss or damage by fire, on goods, wares and merchandize and also, on veaaela and their cargoes agamsi loss by Inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Elisha Riggf Thomas T Woodruff Benjamin R Uobaon John R Davison Kraneia P Sage Thomson Price. Joseph Allen John H Lee John P Moore Meant Tucker Jaines E Holmes' Caleb C Tunis James R Whiting Anson Bakrrl Win K Them Joseph Drake Irad Hawley Johu C Me wit r Thomas Morrell THOMAS W THORNE, President. GEO T HOPE, Heererarv ml3 v jgb PAPER DEKSSE k BHOOKS, No. #1 Liberty street/have (or tale A ihe lollowing? I<0 reams newt printing 33 by SO 200 " " ' 13 by 41 250 " " " It by 40 500 " " " 36 by 37 300 " " ' 38 by 43 350 ' " " 14 by 36 350 " " " 13 by 33 500 II by 31 Also, nook paper, 19 by 14, 34 by 31, and 14 by 31. They have alto a large assortment of writing ami'wrapping paper, of different aizet and qaalities, which they offer at the lowest market prices. ml ee PI. : ER? It HOrt'l'ONI Trunk Repository, Ibo. 84 Wit liam street, corner Maiden lane, manufactures and keeps constantly on hand, wholesale and retail, al! kuds of Travel ling and Pa eking Trunks, Carpet Brnra, Hat and Bonnet Cases. Merchants and others are letpeelfully invited to call and claim tie Mir stock, belore purchasing elsewhere. M ?nnf?ctire. 340 B?noil street. Newark. N J. mil lm*e? IIA114 (FITTING A.N u StlAVfNtl HILL. the inimitable Hair Cotter, lakes this m.thod of inIntinint hit friends anil the i ublic in general. that he has retaken his Old iaiaui, K I art street, immediately adjoining the Pearl Strctt House, which has been newly fitted on, and w .ere he will be pleased to watt on all woo may favor him wilh theii patrouage, in his neat and skillful sty e, at the fol lowing moderit' prices ll'll's tuimitaole Hair Cutting, 13)6 cents. Curling, 13)2 " Shaving, 6)% " [fy"" Don't forget the nnmber? No. IS Pearl street. in 30 ltn*m JOHN M. DAVTES fe JONP.O, 106 WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN, ITAVEjnst received from recent importations, aud of their n own manulactore, a very superior assortment of Boring Goods, consisting of every thing neat, tasty and fashionable in the gentlemen's furnishing line, which added to their former stock, compriaes an assortment of goods rarely if ever before found in one store, among which are:? CAPS?In every variety, for gentlemen, yonth and children. CRAVAT9? Of plain and figured satin, gro grains,cambncka, fce. 8CABK9?Of vesting latin, broche. i uijct r,r??\ji kici, sua, oruwu mui crime linen, line, ipno I .ilk, lie, HOSIERY?Of eofton, merino, wool .pun .ilk, lie, UNIIK.K OA KMENT8?Of shaker knit merino, woolen, ilk, cotton, lie. LINK.N COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualitiei and hlpei. 8HIK t s?Of linen, inniliu, French cambric, plain and with mill'., fee. BU8PEN L) EK8? Of goto elastic. .ilk, cotton, Ac. OIL. ED SILKS?Of white and fancy colon, warranted not t? adhere in any rlnri ite The abo.e c?mpii>r. only part of their aaeortmrnt. and purchaser. will cou.ull their own intere.r bv examining toil apleudid ajinriinriit "I good. In-fore nuirhaeing. WHOLE-ALE AND RETAIL, at their old e.tabliilied Cap, Stock, Linen and Oiled Silk Manufactory. NO. 106 WILLIAM STREET. CORNER OK JOHN. m3 lm*m RILLIARI) SALOON. NO. S BARCI.AY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL PRICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from 8 A M. to J P M.?The subscriber inform, hie friend. /?nd ihe public in general, that .w has Ki?e N'W Billiard T.blee, ill erparite a|>ajtinent?? two in theut per (rent .aloon?two in the rear aaloou, aud one in the front room?all in firal rate oidrr. Each gel lleman fi.iting the establishment will be (urnuhed with a private Cue. for hi. especial nae?the table, being in dillerentapa menu the proprietor thinke it will render it more elect and a teeable to geutlemen visiting hi. hon.e. ALSO. TWO KINK BOWLINO ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT. Hi. Bar will^nlway.^be ?toc?rd witl^the^hoiceet Wine, and uniu?? ?ii? ?>? mi or niru?man onerry i.onnicr*. Mint Inlcpi, I'nnchea; m-dr id a m inner nol to he ?uri><r**rd N B ?The *|iartinrnt? have undergone a thorough refitting ?K*wri|>t'i painting. ate. (?7 ( mm will pleaae to communicate aav neglect ol dutvufthe attendant*, at tin- bar. KKANCI8 MONTVVKHDE. inch Hi 1m*f fi Bare ay etreet. 1 Mil Ml I AVr-OH KM AN ImUVhLh! HEItMAN n|E~ 1 VKR.-JAMKS U. MObf-El', 121 Prim ttrret, N. Y, nffi n for > ile, wholewile and retail, ISOO Iba ol tJerm in Silver, at the lovve-t markrt price*. ice of manufacturing the article him** If he rail Hi: rant it far ulterior to any cvrr before manufactured in thi# rnuutry, and fully eiu*l ? the imported. TO CF.n.m WVIKK COOPERSi JAM ES (?. MOh KET M nuUciurer, I3I Trip: r *<rcer, N. Y? effen I'rr ?alc wholrail 111'1 ic ll, a an lienor lot of too i?er?' ilraao, l'a>l Eire ?mt Ki?et?, at the lone*' market pricer. TO UMRRELU1 MJiNUE-1CTURERS, fc. r JAMES <1 MOKIi E I , Manafarturrr. 121 Friuce Urr tl. N Y., offer* for ?ale, ?*hole?ale a d retail, a ?u, enor lot. I Umbrella, Paraaoland Shade Korniture, at the lowetl market price#. J?I8 lm*r DLUiTiiMALtS-2# caali* *ui>er saiotiy Bine hmalU.for O .ale by PKKS8E * BKUOKS. air Mo. tl Ltbarty ?tmt. )RK ] MORNING, APRIL 13, 1! LECTURER ON ANCIENT EGYPT.?Mr. GEORGE H. ULilDEON, of Egypt, will commence a Course of Eire Lecturer, ou Early Egyptian History, Arehmilogy. and other subjects conuecied with Htero?ly|.ltical Literature, aceompanie'l bv appropria'e Pictorial Illustrations. at Ntbl >*k Saloan, ou Mouuay Eveuiug. loth April, at hat-past 7 ..'clock.? The Lectures wilt be coaii. uad on Thurs'lay, 1 ills ; Saturday, 15th ; Mo day, 17th , aud Thursday, 20th April, at the ssmr plac- a"d hoar. The -mote of subjects to be cine d >ted in this Course , may he found no ihe last of Mr. O ' work on Ancient hgvpt. just puhlish d hv the New Woiul Prrs-,at 30 Anns' The Le.-tures 'alte up Egyptian Airhc ?lo?y, where that work C0"C u lei? . e. B. C 010 The Lectures will b etucidal> d by a copious aud beautiful series of large P c oriel II usiratious, tuat have been pr pred with much care, and at k eat espense, by several eminent Art ids at PhiLdelphi? Tip y conust of Hier ntly phic !, Hi' ra' ic aud'Demur, c '1 ablets, Tesrs, and Genealogical Tables?Lheo nological Tables from Sacred and Profane History?Facsimile cop es of sever h of the most nngnfi-ui Tableau! existing in the Tombs aud Temples of Egypt?Portraits of llie Phiraoha in their chariota or in their roy I rones?Qu'-eus oi Egypt from the Mom m-nts in th-ir va led aud elegaut costumes?Likenesses of Iorty-eigut Sovereigns of Egypt, from Amuuopli 1st, B C. 1*29?do vu to the celebrated Cleopatra, R C <9, tiken from th? SenlpWrea?Kings, Piinces,and royal Females, oferiug to the Deities of Egyptian Mythology?Full length figures, aud num-reui heads of Asiatic uviousnt auti<]utty, dating piiorto B C 15 0 ? Negroca and othsr Afric in uations, iu all posiiions, and a ider various ciic imstsuci? I iterestuw -cenes thai are anp|H>St'd to rela e to ihe Hebrew captivity?Procession of various Asia'ic tnd African Naiions, h-*n g tnbu le to the Pharaohs of Egs>|w?with m>ny other subjects, roo unmer ous far present peciiic tp<u. aud a M ip of he Valley ol the Nile, colored so at to couvey a correct idea of its aingu'ar physical aspect Ticaels may he had a? the bookstores of Barlletr It Welf ird, 22 Bro-dwav; Carvil It < o, 102 Broadway, sud T. J Crowen. 633 Broadway; also at the office of the Glob' Hotel, or the office of the New World, 30 Ann si; aud at the door of Niblo's Sa'non. O-utleinau's Ticket, Two Dollars: Lady's, One Dollar, for the C"ou-se._ For tp e Mgmog,, Fiftv'"enta. a8 lOt dhOfinfA REWAHD-JACOB SHIPMAN has hbaeonudhAtV/UV/ ,.il with lift??n tho sand dwl'ars belonging to the Union Bank of the city of New York, aud said bank hereby oilers a reward of Two Thouaaud D dlars lor the rec-very el the same ora rateable atiindnt lor such pari theieof as m av he returned to the Bank. Rhiptnau is about five 'eet eleven inches in height, ag d about 15 years, brn id shoulders, s,pi are stout built, light s-Italy c mpltinm, heavy tandy beard, small saittlv whitlters and hair, light grey eyes, R in tu no?e, I irge mouth, sltoit upper lip, and h.s a remtrkable dimple or hole in his Cl in He was last seen in Philadelphia, and is supposed to have takeu ih? western ouie to Teias. Shipmau is well tnowii ai the em fiden'ia travelling sg> nt of banks ana broken, between New Yoik UH Philadelphia. Editor* ol _ Journals throughout the Union will promote the canao of juni.e by coming tnia. sb<p r VJACKET SHIP SID rUNS, Iroo* Liverpool,fa diaiha glug A uudla: general ordt r at Orleans whaif, f rot ot Wall at Conaignees will please attend to the receipt of their godi. a 10 NEW FURNISHING STORE* YX7HERE the iubtcriber ia now opening I'reah I'aiia an ' Lon '* d m (J odroi 'he latrat at, le and beat go Ji y, emulating in part of Cravatr, Sea plain and embruid* red, St clii au I Stock Ties, Olives. Hosiery, Drawera and Shirta, Braces, Linen and Silk Handkerchiefs Ready Made Linen, lie., kc , aurl auch oilier an'C'ea aa are rtqaim for gentle mens wardrobe, either at home or while travelling, at CHAFFEN'S a9 lnr*f No. 17n Broadway. SOMETHING NEW IN BEDSTEADS !t! rPHE attention of lintel, tavern and boardiug houac keepera * ia rrrjn atedtoanew and iitoerior description of Kedvte.ida, combining all that ia eonaidered desirable in thia indispeusibl" article of furniture, viz.simplicity, economy, durat'lity aurl eniire absence of any tliiug liae harbor for that most noiicus of all insects THE ABOMINABLE BED BUG. The ease a d short apace of time wi h wnich WILLS'S PATENT PREMIUM BEDSTEAD can be pu. upor takeu down ia almoat iI (lie ible, call and aee a great variety at Woodruffs Depot for ill - above, 71 Gold street, betweeu Spruce ann Beekmau, New York. Shop righis and machine's lor sale on application as above. aS I n*rc UPHOLSTERY, WINDOW SHADES AND PA1ER HANGINGS. UfE ARE NOW RECEIVING our mual handsome and ? ' large aaiorlment of the above goods, embracing evrrv de scriptiou of curtain material, triminiuga and ornaments, win which we import exclusively. Pari*. Also, the motl fashionable Pu,?r Hangings, inclu ling French, Knitliah anil American. fioin the cheapen to the moat costly description Kea'her Beds Mairesves, Pilliasfea. tic., of wairant?d pure mairrial* anil whicn, witn every oiher article in the above line are offered at lower price* than at an - other est <bli?hinent in the city. SOLOMON St HART, Importer* and Manufacturer* of Upho'alrey Hood, 1ST Broadway, opposite John *t. N. V.?The trade, both city aul country, supplied as os-i?l at wholesale or r'tail at eodlm'r CHEAP'WHOLSTKttY-W Hot,, Bru.seis and luKr <in Carpets, mads, altered nud re pal re', and warrantee to fit in the neatest tuaiiuer, and at a moderate price, by an expertenced U nholatresa. tpl lm*r MItX. BOLTON. MO Monroe etreet. FURNISH TNGTW Alt LiTToOsfc. TIT ORAM It HAUUHWOUT, V,l Broadway, near Niblo's ** have MM reenwd? ChlaMim,4 10M if t?,Silver, orm-iltt and brnuxe, for|| andcandls*; IK entire in w pattrrut tusi <i|iened. Girandoles and catidelabr is, 6 u w pattrrus. Os inrQ'cl luh s. braeke *, rend nits, lanterns, Sic., by ft the in ist superb assortment we have exhibited iu six year*. Hall Uuierns for gas or oil, in urea vaiiely of style and pit terns. _ $<tlar 'sap*, a most complete assortment of the best impro reel, .... - .. eve i-siurius. ai,|, nfherar ic'e Ih it is requned fin the pnrrose of g vug light; toaefH"i wi-h a full assortment of lite finest quality of cat glass, of every desciiption. Fine table cutlery in seta, in mihogany cues, and in dozens. A gie it variety of | lated urn . b isbets, trays, waiters, castors, toast racks, candlesticks, liqu*rfr*mes. forks, s-vwns. tic. Also, a c mplete assortment of fioe jepaneed 'ei trays, Brita nia tea sefs, slsel fire i<oas plated and br'ss suir f de White and gold dinine.rea, and toi'el ware, and even- oiher article in iba line, wh ch we will positively sail below the mtrket prices. N. B ?A hilf circle stair case lor ceiling, 13 feet high with mahogany ra>l. lie., for sale chaan al 2w*r ORH AT RfcDtTC i ION IN THE PKI''E TF CLIREHUUH'8 VENTILATI vo AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALPS. 'pHESF. ee'ehrated art cles hive for many years held snpret macy over all others in this countrv u w ell as in Europe. In shape they are made to fit at th- natural hair grows They * e iiKru. ei-iuc, uuu nr-e irum 11 a svitieeane pressure. oy II judges and wearers th^v have been. harvcterised as Heads of Hair," and mint be i'eri to be appreciated. The charlcte of Clirehugh's work is established for its mperoritv, aod baring a l ime smck on hand, he has, ac< ordnsv to the rim s, reduced the puces to the very lowest remunerating profit. In the Hair Cnt'ins Department, Mr. O will be found alwaia "at hone," a d Will < ire his sole and uudieided mieu'inu to all who wish to change countenance unuer the magic of his t <och a(si*isr <<I?KANCI8' PATENT LIFE BOAT," Office No. 7 P Wall s'reer mJI WIsUOW HHAI> * 9?The robs rit-er offers l< r sale at hi? s ore No. 272 Bleecker s reel, a gen-al asiortmeu, of beau iful irans artn I alian and French Window Strain, at pr ces lower th'n at auy place in this city And also a tasteful asso 'mi ul oi Dry Ooeds. 8 3w?_c_ DANIEL E. TOQKER, T \K A 8" IS PAY A BI, * AT S'ttsHT on all parts of Kag'aud, L/ Ireland and Scotland, in soma ol <3 CI), t 15 8. to any amouut, for sale at 8 J. SYLVESTER'S, a8r 27 Wall st'eet and 130 Bro-dway. DAOUERREi >TYPK TO THE ph 'Tookaphic artists. FA. AR I'AIILT 8r ("O , .'OS1* Fulton street opposite St. Paul's church, le pertfnjl in mm ti e photographic artists, and ererv |wson engsgsd in d iftie reotvpe bu mess, that they wi'l receive hv pveset ships Km r*'d and V-I'rde Lvov ? '000 Fren h d gue-reMypr l?tes. 6H iucln s by 8\, No. 30; i2 French ?c om c lenses. 37^ inches d.ame'rr, m de by Uwebouraand Alf Oiroui; 8 rreo- h acr. ma ic lenaesv inches divmeie', prerared by t hesalier, for 'akin* lerve-uesof nor traita; 50 ' iinces b mnine; 30 uncrs chloride of iodine, and all tlx- ch- inn- l? ncrcta rv lie dagut- reniypc. *8 lm*r fl BROWN k I O '8 Oue Price Hit Store. 171 Chatham j^?a<|nare, eo'tier of Mott at., avhere laahion, beauty, dnrabilitv mid economy are contained tn adointhe head. 'I'hr p'op'I tora have the |i|eaanre now to offer a new atyle of, the tniitat on of h?aver, which clnaely resrmblea thoa* formerly aolil for Si atiil $6 at the low Cued price of S it thoae who from iiirhnati .n or neeeaaity are induced tn atudv economy in that luJiapenaable article of dreaa, have now an opportunity ofdotnit so. au?l atill keep op th? apt>earauce of the meat fashionable.? Brown k t o. in pre<ruting thia hat to the t nnlie, think they have reached th ulliihatum of heinty. cheai lies, neatueaa durability nod comtort to the wearer. All aalea are for eaah therefore bo good cuatoi. er naya |f-e loaaea incnrred hy the had BROWN It CO. 171 Chatham annate, ag lm* corner of Mn t at f* HP4IVM FASHION FOR GBNTLBMKN'8 HATS ?The und'rsigurd r< apecifullv inforrra l.ia enaiomera and the . ub'ic generally, that he haa now ready for imperii n and aal-. the much admired a.nine atyle f enulrm n'a Hata, which for bemity of flm h and anil aymetiy of form,? a t. ed an* fnmereff rt, lu thia r any othe city. To the eeotmmiat thca are a danab'c article, valley com bine rheapneaa, dnrihil tv no rlrg<nce, warrent-d c<| i?i to any and Inferior to nope. In the m iiiuf ict ire of H?ta I e challenges cntni? lion; rie th*refnre solicits a a are f nnlie patron egr; he wi u'd a ?o call tlfir arte tar on lo h? la gc as or'mint of Meti'a Yonth'a.aud cf ildren'a cap , ol cl?th,vrit rt, ke. all ol Ina own manufacture, which for vatic y of pattema can not be eii'ialled. Alan, h a ne w atyla of children's drab and pearl enlnrrd fancy hatatrmmed with velvei if varinaa patterns, f ir prinv and nmnarr wear, v-ry mnrh admired. A rail w.ll ennvin-e the moat tcei i ice I nt the eat enmity ol the - h..?e (rentnncd articlca, now ready for sale at the o d < at ihlnhrd rra i f ISAAl H All' IIKK, all lm*r ?0i end '6b Girmai hn,^. Y. ! EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. 'PHK eubacribcra will send an eipreaa through from tma city, 1 t) the above named and intermediate placet, nu the Mm ing ?' the 9lli mat., lor the tnuaporialmn of Iperie, Dank oolea, NMN and packages of gunda, tofiwdttl of drills, hiII nofei and accoutita.aud all such other business aa may be rut mated to them. ' POMtHOY It Of).. 3 Wall at., N. V N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation. the above eipreaa line will be egtrneed to Chicago, Cincinnati, kc., and continued throughout the entire aeaann, in eonneiiou with thibir N#?W Vntfc. Alhanv Trntr and Unffi I rt dmalm press m? r ADAMS h OO.'S NEW VOHK AND NEWARK K\ PRESS ?The public ere respectfully informed (hat ( i luturnlw r? hue established an Eipress between New Vo I aud Newark. N. J., lot the transmission end speedy delire < . if packages, nniidles, money, fcc. he.; the collection of not i and bills. ami all other btuineu appertaining to an Eipress Ofden for articles to be returned bf the Kiprest will e delircred frci of charge. Office id New York at No. 7 Wall ittect, and ta Newark, .at SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. J3ll Broad ?t Lcare New York at IIW A. M. jnd 4\ P. M. Leare ">*wuli at ? A. v]. and Hi P. M. dive a ii A ms t t o IV I"' > It I' AM' I o OLD < OIJN I IOMkN-MI-,i>Hx a || AKNDKN St t. 0 will draw at thur Eipr.-ss and Letter Office, No J Wall street small hills of eirhange from L7 to A100. in tmns to toil, payable at sight, for tlir accornm > daliou of person* wishiug to remit to their friends in E.gland. MrUiid,or Sent!and. The (crier b;,^r lor the Itoyal Ma i Steamers forLie tool ate also made up at their office. For further information appl* to HAR.NDEN Jt CO., 3 Wallstre e Agent* in London?MAC I.KAN, VAKKIS h CO. " tieerpool? WII.MEH % HVITH , REAL HAVANA SPOARIS.?The lorer* Ot a genuine Havana Segal would do well to call at 130 Broadway, under toe Cafe Tortoui, between Liaerty aDd Cedar streets at which plaee they can Itnd the largest asaortmeat in tha city of the aboea named lusnry. Call and bo satisfied D lm*M A NOL1KMEYKU HKRA 343! ~ Pltttbaif. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Pittsburg, April 7, 1843. Sayings and Doings at Pittsburg?Sweetmeats and Low?Business?Travel?Hoiiyiies? The Press? Fights. L/BAK DENNETT : Since my last epistle to your honorable self, the sayings and doings here have been somewhat spicy. Among this incongruous display of actions, we find a fair, lectures, sermons, fires, fights and love mixed up in one large pot, and boiled down to a proper or improper consistency by the wisdom and genius of Mr. David Jones. That said gentleman appears to be holding a sumptuous banquet in our nudst, and revelling on the luxurious viands, for the present, with all the ardor of his natural disposition. That fair, in the first place, for the benefit and progress of the Spiritual Kingdom, has come to a conclusion. There, during its progress, you might see in one hour more smiles and courtesies?more looks of love and tenderness?more rouge and pearl-powder, and hear more affected jargon between young ladies with a peculiar "Won't you buy something from me " look about them, and young gentlemen with copious whiskers, fashionable nonchalance, and three extra dimes in their pockets, than you would in a monotonous walk of one week's duration.? The tact is, these relevant marts have become so common that we cannot look U|>on them as any thing but charlatan hucksterings, where beauty seeks to emblazon its charms, and charity, und< r hypocritical colors takes the position of sweetmeats, tattle, and love. The wharf yesterday and to-day has assumed a look of unusual briskness; there is a good stuge ol wairi in me t'kriiiiin, mill uuhib nic mm coming with goods and freight of hII kinds. It is angered by some, that unless Our city does something to check?tne flow of passengers and treight that pass through Wheeling going and coming from the East, our trade will sutler tremendously. It is ?n undisputed fact, that more than two thirds ot the Souihern merchants take that route inst-ad of coming to Pittsburg. Did this people rouse themselves to energetic action about what relates to their own good, they would be up and d< ing, or else they may probably find their city is not altogether in the right place, when it becomes too late lor remedies. But no! there is too much heart and soul yet lingering in old Pennsylvania, to sacrifice her trade and rights to the ambition of neighboring communities. The spirit has already breathed upon the people; a meeting is to he called to take into consideration, and ascertain how tar the public sentiment will concur in the formation of a railroad to Cum berland. This is the only decisive measure, from whence can flow a great portion of that commercial spirit which characterises the cities of the East, and which will drive on the trade of this place, and lilt it tothe most commanding situation m mauiitactu ring power ol any other town in America. It will not do tor me to miss a class nf young rowdies. who make it a portion of their business to assemble on Sunday evenings around the well-known and classically adapted "Brimstone." Here, us il bv magical influence, they form in bold array, each hopeful youth full of "strange oalhs," and noisy declamations about what he ha9 performed. To hear some of these sir oracles tell the wonderful tale of their adventures about cutting, stabbing, and dar ing assassination, it would make " each particular hair" on your intellectual cranium "stand on its end " By a strange fatality, however, these bold spirits of dirks and huge paws, never gel their fame emblazoned beyond the threshold ot their father's doors, or the watch house books?the amount of ! iheiT achievements being a lov.e of whiskey and the ,.r ........ i...ii ..........i .i..,. ...i....i. .i have run against, and which has died a victim for their glory ; together with an assault and battery against some forsaken old horse, left in his age to perish by his unkind and cruel hearted owners , After putting an end to this frail piece of flesh and bones, the valiant Sylvester Daggerwood comes to this arena " with mirthful shouts, and wrathful ' cries," to enlighten and .make glad his simpleton hearers. There is another set, whose genius lies in a differ ent direction. These delight to gather in some door r on any MuUIlt scrcvi, when ilie viituuua trc ening to church, and there display their musical voices by any modern blackguard ditty, that should never be , " mentioned to ears polite," merely to show how far advanced they are in the rudiments of disgusting vulgarity. There is a set of these fellows among us, who lay down every principle of decency and gentlemanly conduct, for no other purpoBe in the world than a wish to gain a little notoriety?a lalse and dirty reputation, at which they clutch like resolute profligates, determined to have evil, if they cannot have good report. The daily and weekly presses are in full operation. Newsboys now hawk them throughout the highways and by-ways with as much ardor as they do in the " land o' cakes," with the exception of that noisy demonstration of str<>ng lungs which characterizes urchins there, and breaks so discordant on a stranger's ears. The only clamorous enemy you swear to have in this corps editorial, is Mr. IVacon White 5 he does occasionally give you an arrow from his bow ol bitterness and gull?but we cannot think you receive much injury from the weapon, knowing you are guarded with strong armor?a lance and a shield?knowing well how you can ride your own white ateed, and iront the battlements of opposing knights. Riddle, of the'American, still coutinuesfat and hearty; in fact he is a clever sort of a fellow, notwithstanding the loud denunciations of brawling and ignorant asses, who think themselves a fit tribunal to judge and condemn, ny harsh epithets and scurrilous abuse, those who have five hundred ideas, where they have but one! I have not time now to review these sneering bovs, but 1 may at some future day take a peep at them and theirs, to show you on what claims they rest the foundation of their souls. Delphi. Literary Notices. TaNNKr's geographical, historical and statistical Atlas of the World ?Part 1 This is a splendid affair, to he completed in 16 numbers, at 50 cents each. The niaiw are engraved with great accuracy and beauty, a ad the numerous t bular views add immensely to the value and completeness of the work. It is particularly well adapted for schools. Pictorial Hook of Common Prayer?No. 3.? This elegant work is for sale at this office. Shakspkark's Dramatic Works?No. 2 of Harper's beautiful cheap edition is out?for sale at this office. American Agriculturist? (Apri')?Published by Saxion Ac Miles. A very useful publication and well "got up." Thomson's Conspectus of the Pharmacopoeias? Edited by Dr. C A Lee. This is a most elegant edition of one of the most useful medical works ever published l>r. Johnson, the editor of the London MriJirn Chirwffiial Rrvitw, and phvsician to the late King, remarks that it and a Stetheecope are his indispensable companions It is produced in beautiful style by the Messrs Langley of this cily. Srars' New Family Periodical.?We have somehow omitted to notice this highly meritorious le-riodicnl which made its'first apiiearance on the commencement of the year. It is a work novel and unique in character, and deoigrted tor family use. It differs from all the numerous periodicals of the dav, in its great leading feature of utility?not a line but conveys some valuable instruction ; and yet so admirably assorted are its varied subjects. I that if we were to seh ct a worli exprrasly adapted to create a taste for reading, we should not hesitate to select this admirable work. It is very cheap, being embellished with numerous plates?price only S2 per annum, and to those who read for information, this work must prove indispensable. (Sears, publisher, 122 Nassau at.) Manuai. or Cathomc Devotions.? An elegant pocket vo.ume just published by Murphy of Baltimore, and for stle by Uunnigan, Fulton at.,.in this city. The Mayflower.?A series of most gracefully written isles, descriptive of scenes and characters imong the descendants of the Pilgrims ot New Kngland. By Mrs iiarriej titowe. Published by I larper <te Brothers. Tiik Skason and iuk Navigation.?This is the most extraordinary season on record. The long continuance of wintry weather, (from the middle of November to nearly the middle ot April), five months ot the year, and the depth of the snow? still lying not only in the country, but in our streets ?are unprecedented. We doubt if the quantity of mow has been greater since the Revolution, The river, we suaped, never opened so late at this city It is now the 11th ot April, and the ice yet remains I compact, but weakened no doubt, above and below the city, as far below as Coeymans The latest opening of which we have on record, since the pre sent century, was in 1819 on the 3d of April, anrf in ( 1836 on the 4lh of that month.?Albnny -Irgus, , , April 11. ? LD. PrlM VM OmM. Court of Common I'leaa, Present, J mine UUhoeffer. Ann. 1'J-?Jiiken f Co. ? . Gotten If ,/enktne.?Thll WW an action of Haitim; alt brought by plaintitta to recover the value of 600 copiea of a hook called ahort atorlei. The ilamaRea were laid at $400 Mr. Lawton conducted the plaintiff'! rue, and Mr. Wheeler appeared for the defence It appeared fiom the eviJence that the hooka m ere not up ay a xir uann-i viaui' y, ? no ? m ineni to 'he defend ant* who are hook hindero to have them hound. Malory afterwards sold the books to a Mr Hamilton, and Kara him an order an the defendant* for the hooka Hamilton transferred the order to the plaintiff 4 in pay mailt for a det.t contracted by him with the plaintiff*. The plaintiffs preaented the order to tho defendant! for the Imoka. they acknowledged having them, and then promised to hand them over The plaintiffs consequently aent a cart for the hooka and demanded them but they finally refuaad to do ao, slating that they latere ao ad vlaed by their li'Kal adviser. The defendant* apt up as defence?Firat, that the suit should he brought in the name of Mr. Hamilton; that the action hy the torm in which it waa brought partook of the nature ol an action brought on a bill ol exchange. Defendant! Counsel cited several authorities to (how that no order hut one for the payment of mor.ey was transferable. The next defence win lien, and tho third that the order was incorrect, inasmuch as it required delendaiiti to hand over hooks in aheets, which tbey were williag to do : whereas the books ri quired hy defendants were hound. The signature of Malory to the order was proved, and the consideration given to him for it, ila presentation and the refusal of the defendants to deliver the hooks-, and also | the co partnership between detendanls. They nextprovtd I the value of the books. Defendant's Counsel moved for a nonsuit, on tin-ground that the party could not sue on the oider. The Court decided that a third party rould sue, hut reserved the quet| tion for argument be fore a full Court, at the requust ol Dt tendaut a Counsel. The Defendant's offered evidence to show that the hook* were not worth more than the binding, and that tliey were always i eady to deliver them in sheet*, aad further that they were ready to deliver them hound it they were paid their lien. His Honor charged the jury in aubatance, that the Defendants had waived their lien bv the acceptance of the written order, and their verdict should be the average between what the different witnesses swore to be the value of the books. The jury found a verdict for the Plaintiff of $178, with interest from January lust, being at the rate ol 30 cents per copy. Farnhnm vt. Pitti.? This was an action of nsaumptit on a promissory note made by one Oeorga B. Blodgett, endorsed by the defendant and passed by Blodgett to plaintiff The facts are shortly these: In the latter end of 1840. or beginning of 1841, Mr. Blodgett determined to become a B nvdict, and to enable him to go through that terrible ordeal with eclat, he had to raise the wind? he applied to his friend, Mr. Pitta, to assist him. Mr. Pitts, who waa a kind hearted, good natured man, and wishing well to the rising generation, could not and would not deny himself the pleasure of assisting his friend on so try. ing an occasion. Accordingly Mr. Pitts made his promissory note, bearing date the 9th of January, 1841, paysble to tne order ol the plaintiff 6 months alter dute, tor $400. Mr. Blodgett endorsed the note and received $300 in cash, and the other $100 was set off against an old debt due by him to plaintiff. When the note came to maturity, it was not paid, and the plaintiff agreed to renew it. In accordance with this agierment Mr. Blodgett made his piomis ory nate dated July 14, 1841, pay able to defendant at B0 days, for $ 100, and the defendant endorsed it. The defendant sought to establish as a defence, that the tlrst note should have been copied on the back of the declaration, and that sufficient consideration was not given lor it. His Honor charged the jury that both of those notes were to be considered as business notes, their exchange having given them that character, and that unless the jury came to the conclusion that the transaction Is as usurious, and that the $100 applied as a set off against the old debt of $900, due by Blodgett. wa* the source of the usury, they should find for the plaintiff tba lull amount which he claimed. Verdict for the plaintiff, $443. Counsel for plaintiff,. Owen k Hone; tar defendants, James H. Raymond. Court Calendar. BurmioR Court?94,93, 51, 43 09, 84, Bl, 3, A, S, 7,10, 13. 16. Cosimois Pi.ias-94, 44. 01, 92,61,64 60. 67, 69. 70. Mill N. 8CHKLTKMA, (r?MET8 Braa-way, will open tr-morrow, two uses < f brant fat Transparent hats, from on? of the moat f *h>ou thle h" iri in Pi is, snr-h aa she rereir d?'e? if Ihs' '-ear,soil wr i? h w. re ?n much in demand; Silk ('apottes f"r c^i'dr-it ; b ry's ' ais. Alio inme hrrDtifnl Bayadere -cirfs and Sh-wls entue new testnre ?ltd?r>lr; so e very new go?ds ror droses f rmonrDUig; trlai k ai d leadcolored rcirlJ and ?h'wl,; h u Iso'i in'ord pat'rro dcri ?s; anpe.ffrie white ai.d black ti k ?u 1 thread h is ; tog. it-,.. with a crest variety of ih-?ri heit and ra"st fash ouafcje style of goods that ire to be kiuurl in the cry. New? osturres fur Dre,s Maki-.g imt received, and tost department suirerirrted. d bv a fi st-rale hand. alt 3t"r [SMl'N <1 VtOFF ET 121 S... New York, has si" ways on hand ru d offer* for sate by wholesale aad ratail, at the lowest market prices, tig German Silver of different thicknesses, a very auperioi ai? tide : Sheet Brass ; Plate's do; Coopers' Brass ; Pail Ears snd Rivets ; Umbrella, Parasel and Shade Furniture. Which he warrants in quality equal to any in tha Uuitad otaitB, and of nisown manufacture. ay Gold, Si I ear, and all kin ts of metal, ratted at th* abort-at wofi ? m.S l?s, srWUl >CWaKK A,\u NtLW YoRK-Fara orly 1JH t ei.ts!?The S| lendid steam, r PASSAIC. Captain John (iiffy, fas been put in c mpletr orde , and will commerce her trips I r the s> aar n, on Monday the Ithh instant, as fo Iowa, until further Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " N.wsrk at 7)4 o'clock, A. M. Freivht carried at reasonable ra'es. all pr aWT/*?T7,?TriATNtTE OF"STAR I ING PLAT; ArsSrvg1 New Arrangement to Albany and Boston. via i ? W now?rnnic Kail road?The steamer Maraal dn'etv will commrs f running for freight and passencers daily this morniiik nr 7 o'clorb, from foot of Liberty at. near Court| !*odr, North River, to Bridgeport Leare for New York at 9 > clock, P. M., or on the arrival of he cars from Albany This boat is the only one rnuniug id connection with the Railroad. For farther information apply at the office, foot Liberty st. New Yo'fc. Bify gdEfr- ALL lHK. HEUHI.AHPAI g.. tt-ft?.. nip. IfRy ',eV7 bowui "nd other paiMnter reeaels, carrying JBImKb iiik k ranris Patent Life Boats," hart the word - Patent" plainly tumped or painted on the aide. f ft-tfr POK LONDON?Regnlar Packet of the Uth of Mjav Af/'!-?The "cry superior (aat aai line packet ahip miabWKBTMINSTKlt, Captain At wood, will Mil aa abn*. her regular day. Raring rery superior accommodations for csbin, secoad cs bin, and steerage passengers; persons wishing to embark ihoold make early application to JOSEPH McMUHRAY. 100 Pine street, comer of Booth street. Persons wishing to send (or their friends, esa have them brought out by the above ship, or any of the regular packets, by applvint aa above, if by letter, nnsr-paid. ait r KOK LIVERPOOL?NEW LlNE-.Hegmar iSVyL Packet of 25th April.?The Splendid Packet Ship JMitsiDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, of 1009 tone, anil positively sail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or >aaa*ge. having aecommodatioua unequalled for aplcudor or omfort. apply on bear Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, tr to E. A. COLLINS k CO. M Sooth street. Price ol passage, tlOO. 'I ne Packet Shin Sheridan, Capt. A. Depeyster. of ]gfg iOha. will succeed the Siddona, aud sail the titn of May, hsr gnlar day. L. tiers tor the ships of this line will only be received st Oiloin'e and Hale's News Room. rasaengeia may rely on ihr ships of this line Miling penctsalr as adverriaed l7r r*P- BLACK BALL, or Old Line of LIVERPOOL sSSM%. Packets.?Regular Packet of i|?h ?f April.?The m?lbliii( fast a>ilii>g packet ship NEW YOHK. bar then 1050 tone, Curt Tboinai B. Cropper, wi,l Mil poaitiealy u above, h- r rrgnlnr day. Thr arcommodati">ua of this magnificent packet, >n cabin, 2d cabin Mil tremgi-, will on inspection be 'band nneqnalled by any vrsarl afloat. Thoae relnrniug to the Old Country will ii?d ir to their contort and adv nt utr to Icet thia conveyance, inil a? a numhe of her bertha are already engaged, peraona wiahing paaaaae, ahould make early application on board, foot 01 Beekman atreet.orto 'he ? ?_ - ROCHE BKOTHER* <t CO., J5 Koltou at, oral door to the Faltno Bank. P. 8 Tha Camb'idge aaila Irom Liverpool on the lit ot May, ?rhoae tending lor their fneuda can have them brought oat id her. or id any of thr r?eiiPti of thia m^gn firent Line, which Mil from there pnoctn lly on tha 7th and 19th of each month. Drain mi the Royal B^uk of Ireland, and on Maaara. Preacou Orote, Arms k Co.. hankera, London, which will be paid free ot iliiconHt or any charge, in every town Uiionghent England, Irel ud, Seotlan i and Mr alea For n stage, kr , apn'y aa ahnee. afr "jWHt- KOK LIV KR POO u?Regal sr Packer ? h April. wJ^V-The ailrndid new p.e ct thip LIVERPOOL, ittflRhb'ril.n Kldndge, matter, M5a tona, will Mil aa above, he, irgill ir div. Kor p a.age onlv, hiving elegant and unequalled accomnaodat orn, apply io the c.p am on board, |Weat aide Barium Slip, or to aIV WQnpMULL It VIVTUBN 8 r 8on'ha?. . rOR LIVERI OOL.-Regular packet of tha l?th nHV April ?The verv aaperoir faat tailing packet ail in BSl&Sti En FIELD, Capuin Allen, will ^r\a above her regular day. Having very anperior accommodatiooa for cabin,Meond cabin and alee rage paaaengera, peraona wiahlne to embark ahnnld make aarly application, on board, foot of M <idcu Lane. or to JOSEPH MeMUitatAr, _ ... . 1M Pine at., cot Soath. Peraona wishing to tend for their Irieada rending m the old country, can have them brought oat by the above hire, or any of the regular packeta, by applying aa above ; if by letter, poet paid. a<r Jrfg KOR NEW ORLEAH^-LOUISIANA jQPWNKW YORK LINfc-Po.ui?elT p*k*' April. ..... 11 ,1 the tut miiiiim mtkei tin, hunts villk.l ?p o k . lum fold, will pmitieely ini v (i *r, (m m"'1 ??>._.y.".'. .11 luuutte, Iihtiuk luiiiH??mr fdrtiMhi-il ecninmodetiotie, eoply -J ioorS. .1 Orient.. whorl. .^^'.TVo tt South .t. :hJ^TuU T^..H?II.o * Woodruff, woo win promptT'J^Wportei*?li,>i''t''!nij', "J* ' T1*10 p"t. wilt or coo*' 'He ILL! NOR TO < uil.ll 8 7Hi Am'? f ?t ?ii'hoot ''troubleh" wil, -??9y .nin.i rndy to ??l any . i t.inco, irofll W to Oni.k. in ?l my ii. I' tiMUt bp Wni CroliM, from t?r ni? d?y of June uii il the f-at day dl Attitu-ti. ?l. on* inO'itli'? ootii i hei'B i?t:u,lo-*.| two > pa-?t- J? ibr It.o urn ft no each iloy The eole riyn t ia to teot the iilio? n 0*1 it?ee ,(the home. N. B.?To Mil without oon or tender* C. L. INOKHSOLL. TlmVt m* ?i?iiii rtrwt JHRATHI.YO Mi*. ol~iery~MP*n<w aonlitr forWS&'? *

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