Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. a,?Ho. 103.?Whole No. 3310. To tho Publle. | THE. WEW YUI1K HEKALli?auiy UDw?|??p.??r? Uihed every day of tha year except New Year** day and Fourth ef July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or f7 3? per annum? portage* paid?caih in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahed every Saturday morning?price SJ cent* per copy, or $3 13 per annumportagea paid?caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and incroaiiag ait. It hao the largett circulation of any paper in tte$ city, or the world, and it therefore, the hett channel for hurineto run in tho city or country. Price* moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the moat moderate pricee, and in the moct elegant ityle. JAMES GORDON 1ENNETT, PaoraiiToa or tii Hbbald EiTABLisHMitrr, North weet cornel of Fulton and Naiaau itreeta. hd HOUSES TO LET AT YORKV1LLK.?* large pjW home* on the comer of S4th street and 3d avenne; either , l"Jm of them ia calcnlated for a public hon*e, grocery or private reaideace. On the premiaea ia a fine atable/howliaK alley, aad a fine garden, eoaaiating of ota, with grape rinea and fruit (reea thereon. For (era*, inquire of JOHN A. MORHILL, Eaq., ml twr No. II Chamber* at. JML TO RE NT?The extenaive Bnildi'tg erected the pre eutae.*' n h? the inharriner, for hia own reaideace, on JLaaaL'he man,lu of he E -at River, at Gowanoa Heiahta, two and a half mile* from Somli Brooklyn Ferry, commanding rnleridid view* f rhejlay and Jersey ahore, the ctiea of rnrg ttuu nrooiti-n. tvares l.ianu aid im t,?si mu .n'nn hirer*. 1 ha H use ish ict. a superior building. Ave stories h;th. covered whh coppet; the hall ard stair* of mnibls: the water f on' sb at one theu'and feer. and the bi'hinit within a frw i aids of the door, eic-lle t fishing at d fowling in 'he im mediate Ticiuitf. The drive from New York ia about fifteen mii.u'es, and the premiss arc not excelled by any >i ua'ion near this ci y. One hundred peisons can be accommodated.? Possession immediate!*. Annlvto JOHN K" DELAPLAlVE.SlWallst. ALSO TO LET, the three atorv brick House, 34 Walker street, between Broadway aed Church street, occupied by Mrs. Verplanck; and the two ?torv brick House No 229 .Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Keeks?Rents moderate. alO lm*gc JWA RENT REDUCED?Whoever wants low rents will ni n'rase look at the three story brck houses in Union J^iJLCourt, in Uuivsrsitv Place, between llth and 12th sta. Thev will be let at the low rent of fl7u each Apple to JE*8E BRUSH 91 Barrow 'tr?et, or ?t the Hall of Records inth* I'ark. frotu 9 'till 4 o'elrk. Other houses and parts ol houses, at varim* prices, tu different parts of the city to let Apply as above. aJt St* r TO LET? Vitstoi May, the modern bui'tlhree story pjl house, Ho IS Orren si rest, with msrble mante s, grates -LjJLsilver plaiting throughout. For terms, apply to Aitkeus Brothers, 122 Fulton street, or P. Shtirsten, corner Ureen and On a 'I streets. at l??r a TO LET?The three st^ry hone No. 17 North Moore street corner of Varick. The premises can be seen from 10 to 4 o'clock. Apply to L. J. WHITE. al26t*r 189 Water street. TO LET?The Are prool brick store. No. IDS douth at, with immediate ross-srion if required, apply to WOODHULL It MIN fURN, 87 Booth street. jtjK TO I.ET?The two story hnck House and premises, vijW No. 145 Wooster street, finished in the most modern XJULstyle, with tnatble mantel-nieces and folding doors tnrouThout. Apply to JOSEPH McMVRRAY, ?j2It 100 Pine sireet. kd TO LET?A Bail Loft >n store N?. 61 South street, on reasonable terms. Apply to jj. JOHN HERDMAN, m?lr On the premises. hri TO LET OR LEASE?TwoAbree sto>y homes in ptT* B o?me neir Wooster st, with neat court vards in Iront. I'he 2 arorv house No 77 Lsuren* st. The two stsry houses 46and 48 6lh avenue. The two atorv 'Ot age known as the Washington Hall corner of Fourth and Thompson street', oppotrae Washington Square. The above are in perfrct order, and were lately Tainted throughout. Will b* ranted low to good tenants. Apply to J. A. PELL, 5 Bond at, before 9 A. M. or between 4 and 7 P. M., or at 30 Wall sr. a9 7ter>d*m MPENN8V LVA.MA HOTEL?This excellent house isnvwtolet. It i< situs led >| the comer of Washi goo and Libert? street, and will he le ised to any good tenant, from the Arat of next May. It has lately b?en much enlarg.dsnd imuroved, and is cont-g.'oas to the Jersey Ferry, Albaoy boat Pier* and Western Railroad Depots. For farther pirticulars.enqnir* of E RUCKMAN, talQ H*t No. 180 Washington it. N. Y. MtA KOK HALE?I he lease,at'Ck aDd tixtnrea ol 'he old ff!w established and we I known Bar Room, IJI Chatham at, XJ2Laeit dour to the Theatre. Apply on the prtmisei from 12 |.. 3 nVlck ain >??' Aal FOR SALE?That well known Coach-Fftory. to her with the dwelling Hoiue, and twenty-four lota _[*'PB of ground, situate at Harlem, on the 4th Avtnu*. between 128th and 129th atreeta, and formerly occupied by John htenheuaen The (ictory it a >ubstantial two atory brick buildinv, to feet by 200 feet On 129ih street the e are five two a'ory baaement and attic b'ick kailriuga, well finiahed each 20 feet bv U feet. Adjninirg the dwelling nouses tan brick Carnage Home, 18 feet bv 35 feet. Ou 28 h atreet there ia ?n Engine H'u?e of b'ick, 18 feet by 35 feet. Alao, a Bl"-kemith bh"p 1(0 feet front by 8 feat deep, wi'h futnrea, Ite. The atreeta and avenue are regulated, curbed, and gathered,an all ane'amenta paid The prrmiara are in complete order, and ready far immediate occupancy. The same will be aold cheap. Th'ee-fjuriha of the pnrchaae money remaining on bood and mor'g <ge for a numh-r of yeara Apply to ANDRE W McOOWaN om't of Thi<d Avrnnemd 126th atreet, Hirlem, or to C. W. VAN VOOR H'B 38 J ihn atreet, where a map of the property can be seek. all iw'r FOR SALE, EXCH ANG % OR LEAnE?The ffT? pleaaant Country Seat, ai'nated on high ground, overi^JLh'okiiig Newtown, foer miles from Wilfiamsburgh.? 8' gea paaa the door three limea diily, from Peek a'ip; containing nrar 16 ac*ee, part handsome wood, manaioo honae, two atory, pi ztas front and rear four rooma on a fl tor, hall through the cent e. panora, folding doom, Huaaia grates, painted walla, and finiahed in a handaume and substantial manner, convenient kitchen, oven, dairy, and ice houae ft'led with ice from a ftah pond on the place: well and pn? p and brick ciatern, spacious coach h nae and barn. Grape arbor rear ol the kouae, fronting the road a liand-ome tence extending to the gardner'a houae. A map may be aeen, and teraaa liberal. Apply to 1. L. SC111KEFEL1N,. a5 8w*r I <4 Canal atreet. public HOUSE AND OYS1 EH celler FOR ffrw SALE.?The above eataoliahment ia aitnated en tke JaatfLcorner of Hieing and Lanreoce atreeia, ia an old eatabliahed stand. and well kn?wn aa the American Honae, and doing a good business. The only reaaon for selling i? the own-r haa another bonaa to attend to. Fjt patticularn enquire on the premises. al3 '2t*r III I I Hill II \ III I MM 11 I 4 III ll Mill ll I IN philatIBVhia. THE faihiantble Hotel, Mara hall Home, capable of f!T?W accommodating tM peraona, aituate in Chestnut atreet, JllH.between 6th and Tth atreeu in Philadelphia.having been rereutle much improved nod repaired throughout, it to be let at a reduced rent, for * term of tear*. Apply to SAMUEL, POWEL, 207 Oe?iom etrert, or to JOSEPH B. TOWNBEND, mtl *taw tm*r 309 Arch meet. DRhSS HOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. THE SUBSCRIBER respeetfnlly ioyita the citizens of New To k ahd itngre'i viaitinir the city, to call at 114 FULTON STREET, and eaamioe a large aaw'tmei.t ?f Dncaa Boots, made iu the latcel fashion, and ?l the finest French calfskin. Oent emen-can hare boo t made to ord r iu the beat manner, a* ail dollare per p?ir, and footed at fonr dnllare, warrantel equal to any manufactured in the city at from aeren to eight do'l -re. Peraona having tender fert, or being difficult te fit en acount of Inirpa, buniona corna, kc.. can have boors made an ?a te be eaay yt handaowe. by lh? aubacrihe 'a method of taking a drawini of he teet and fitting up and keeping a pair of las a for each cnatnmer. Strai gats leaving their raeaaurea can, by writing, have boots made and forwarded tot em without delay cokstartlv en hard. Hrnri ome B?ota, from $3 M te 16 00 Hall B ota, '' 2 50 to 3 50 Gaiter Boote, " 2 00 to 2 59 Shoe a, " 1 JO to t ? Slippers, " SO to 1 00 Pumps, kc., ka., equally low. Traau, CatH ry Dklitkrt. JOHN L. WATKIN", a>lm*r I'd Fulton at,be'ween Nassau and Dateh a'a. WHO WANTS BOOTS k SHOES 7 .fTHE U rate at Reduction in Prirea ever known. Ontv think of Uentl-meu'a fin' dreta call atitched Boola, or ihe moat fashionable shape. B2.7S to f 3.01. Fashionsb'e regged boola $1 59 to (2,90 a pair. Ladna fancy colored French and city made Geitert for to $1.50 a pair And all thv 4a?hior>a for 1M3, for Gentlemen, L#*diea nd Children,from thirty to forty per cent cheaper than aver, at 212 O eenwich at, comer of Barclay. JA8. WIGGINS. aS lm*r ADOLi'HK MONUKUN, Boot maker, from Pa ^ P^Wris, respect folly informa tha iuhabitanU of New York, that he has opened his establishment at No 111 Broadway, wham he is reads to execute all order,entrusted lohim, of Ihe lac?et faihions rnd bait workmanship. Oent'emsn wishiiiffto hare an elegant fit will do well to call and n. iana hi? work a? lm*r rfilr,\E?r YORK LKOAL OBSh: HVKH.-lust ptrbi.h 1 ad. htndsnmely bound, mice $1 Vol 1 (ft).is work.a nlainiog all ti e leadii g eases in Bank uptey. Ha ports of Caa- a decided in tha A??iat"nr Viae Chancellor's Court, ihe Baprrioi Court, and Court of Common Pleas. Alsoaalact Caaaa in the Hnprere Coi rt and Adm-ralry Sessions. Alao recently decide>i rasas in the English Courts; a "arias nf Articles on tha Doctrine of Uses and T.ustt, Practical Points. Remarkable Tr nl?, An?ado as. Sketches < f tha Bench and Bar, Appoint menu, Obituary, Ac. Ac , wlih a general index and digest of the Class reported. _ . ? _ , for sale at the office 42 Ann street. New York. The usul allowance to bookseller. Terms Cssh^ q K,?lttor tnrf Prophet??. LrOn Saturdxy Dfit will he ptibliihfd^ No. 1 of Vol. 2 of thu work, nrice one billing. The abecnpt'oi ia %S reran num. ort3 n?lf yearly, in ?dT*nce- *11 3t#r POURLE ACTION HARPS T K BROWNE A CO , Manni acture s Loudon and New Tor*, be* to call the intention of the admiirra of tlua tep> hean iful and fashrxuable mati'imenl. to ih- sery superor Harps he has for tale at Mr Broadway. 1 heae luatrnmrnra are e natroercd on the most approTrd princii let, with all the modern improx- menfa, arc nncqnaMed in brilliancy of tone, I ghtueas of looch, and ircrfectncas t f mechanism. I J; k". B ucga Icaee to add, hit sr rngcracnti aresurhaato Ienanie mm rn trmaact buaineaa at Euro ran price. thereby hit ftieL<U the high dutiea impoaed bv ta.itTou Umh imtnimenta. Oealeraand profeaanri are particnl.rly incited, and will find hit method of traiiiaritng bnaineta tdvmt -genoa. J. K. BHOWM, tT'oMl d h?T*ec It1) W .1way -rid' hamherett. \XT A TO HE 8 LOWkK THA,*a EVEtt?Tnompaon It ?? *iahrr, 331 Broadway, formrrly 371 Frnrl atreet, ar? tr Unit waudit a and jewelry lower than any other place in the city?Clold watehet aa low aa from tli tot2.'? each. All watcher warranted to lieep good time, or the money re lauded. Wntchea eloeka, mnaic botea and jewelry, repaired iu the hett manner tacond hand waiehea ami old gold and ailver taken in eichanee r bought for eaah. _ AMOS R. THOMPSON, WirHAHO Vl?H?.R Je TO SEALERS IN HiPl LKRV ?Wm Wil ho. Ijj -l Division stiver, MuT.ofsctiirer of Cillery, offers to th? trade, chesp for cash. 1000 deten of assorted < uilerv of snperioi quality, minuting of one. two. three aid four blade knives, ill i?*r \ E NE r NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWAHK wto m the foot of CourtUadt (treat, New York. (livery day?Sunday t?h<epted.l Leave* New York Leave* Newaik Al 11 A. M. Ai l P.M. AtTMA. M. At IK P. M 11X do. 4 do. I do. IX do. 4jf do 9 do. t do. 7 do. H 10 do. I ON SUNDAYS. From the foot oi Coartlandt itraet. Leave New Yora, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4K P. M. At IK P. M.jnd 10 P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Elisabeth Town. 9 A.M. T A.M. 1 r. M IK A.M. 10^ A. M. 4^ P.M. lX*M. 9X " The train* for We*lfteld. Plainfleld. Bpundbrook, Spmemlle, fcc., connect with the 9 A M, 2 ana P M trains irom New York, daily, Sundays eicepted. Fare between New Turk and Klizabeth Town 26 cents. Fare betweeu do and Somerville, 76 cents. NF W YOKK. RAHWAY AND NEY^ BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot oi Courtlandt *treet,daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brum wick. At 9 A. M. At OK A. M. 9 P. M. On Snnday* the 5K and 7)f A.M. trip* from New Brnnawick and >K P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Fare between New Ye'N and New Brunswick, 75 cent*. Rnhway, 50 cent* Tiie fare in the 5H and 7Jj{ A. M. trainfrom New Brunswick. and 2 V and ?K P. M. train from New York, has been re dnced. New York and New Brnnawick, to 50 cent*. " and Rahway to J7K " Passenger* who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, ra ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the cou doctor only on the any when purehaaed. fll !m* WINTEK ARBANOEMEN'l. fjr NEW YORK AND PH1LADJ4LPH!A HAILROAD LlNE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brnnawick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordeafnw? nri.l R,, rJ, ,.?f THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York,from the loot ef Conrtlaudt meet,daily, at 9 A M and i\ P M. The morning Lane proceeds to Rordentown, Iron thence bT steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Courtlanat street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiuessa, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveved from city to city, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and S o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 6X and SAM, and 4 P M., being a continuation of the lines from New York. dm lm*r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, New Arrangement?This Road having been re-laid at great expense with the most approved and heaviest H rail, to secure a safe and expeditious conveyance between New York and Morristown,will commence running two tripe daily, Sundays excepted, on and after Monday, Jan, '/g. First Train from Morristown will leave at7X A M. Second Train from Mo'rristown will leave at ljt P M. First Train from New York will leave at 9 A M?Newark at 9X AM. Second Train from New York will leave at 2X P M?Newark at IX P M. Passengers by the Morning Train from Morristown will arrive at Newark in time for the 9AM Train to New York, or the morning Train to Philapelphia; by the Afternoon Train they will arrive at Newark in time for the 31i( P M Train to New York or the Evening Train to Philadelp* is. Passengers by the Morntug Trai from New York will airive at Morristown in time to dine and take any of the Stages running west or north from that place. jgfi lm*ec PULLEN & COPP, 3 Wall street. NEWYORK! ALBT.NT; TRSY AND^rff^TkEAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Haruden It Co. having disposed of their route from New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Harnden A Co's Northern Express, from New York, will continue to run as heretoforeMeaving New York, Albany and Tray, Daily , and connect at i roy wun Jacobs' montreai E,ipresi, anu win lorward Specie, Bank Nr.tei, Packiges, Bundles,Cases of Good*, fcc., to any place between Now York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Bnffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, fcc., and prompt returns made for the same, PU LL EN fc COrP. Office*?Pollen k Conp, 3 Wall street. New York. Thos. Gongh, 13 Exchange, Albany. A O. Filkins, 228 River street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul at, Montreal. REFERENCES. New York. Albsitt. Trot. Prime, Ward k King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, k Co., Thos. Go ugh. P. W ells, John T. Smith, k Co., S K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffman, C. 8. Douglass, Carpenterk Vermtlye, F.Leake Houghton k Co. Drew, Robinson fc Co. n24 _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street, On and after Monday, April 10th, the steamer 8TA1 EN ISLANDER will leave as follows, until further notice LEAVE 8TATEN ISLAND. NEW FORK. At I A. M, At 9 A. M. 18 U 1'KP.M 1RP. M. 2? 3m 3 6 All goods shipped are required to he particularly marked,and are at the litk < f ihe owners thereof. *9ec l*f- FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 20th of bM>April.?1The rery superior fast sailing packet ship JKBLWESTMINSTEU, Captain Atwood, will sail as above her regular day. Haring rery superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin, and steerage passengers; persons wishing to embark should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. Persons wishing to send for their friends, can hare them brought out by the above ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, if by letter, nost-paid. *12 r FOR LIVEKCOOL.?Regular packet of thv Kill mHMPV April ?The very superior, fast sailing packet snip JBBfchiSlDDONS, Captain Cobb, will positively tail as above. Haring rery superior accommodations forcnbin.seeond cabin and steerage passengers, nersous wishing to embark should make early application, on board, foot of M >iden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMLttMAk, 100 Pine at., cor. South. Parsons wishing to send for their Irieads residing in the old country, can hare them brought ont by the above snipe, or ut 01 wie regular pacneu, oy Applying as nooTe ; iv oy letter, pott paid. nUrl m HBW LIKE fajeufftm Liverpool? Pnrkpt ig n A?ril?Tlie apleudtd. new packet ?h<p JiiBIh LIVERPOOL, 12 0 ton. hgrthen, Captain John Eloiitlge, will be d etched on lath Apti', her regular day. Thi? m-gnfloent hin i? the target ever built in tVi ci y? he cahin ia e egsnt'y fa'niah-d?tier between d rka re lofty, well lighted thronghout, and With aeveral other imiravementa raakea ner he na> de?trable conveyance for aeeood cabin and terrace paaaeneenof anv nthei al?ip. Pinions a boot (o visit theo'd country, are particn'ar'v invitrd ta examine the accommodation of tai? ruperb atrip, and thos- wishing ti seen e bert a aho Id not f<il t > make ea<ly applies) i n io prevent disappointments, aa a limited kumber only wi>l be taken l> or pameage, apply OU board foot Btrliur Slip, (weat aide,) orto W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, dj Peek Slip cor Sooth at. Toe Liverpool will aail from Liverpool on ihe Jth Jane Persons wishing to aend for their frienda can have th*m brought our in her, or olh<r firat claaa ahi|>a aailing weekly, on lavurable le> ma. Oralta for any amount, pavable on demand without diaeouot, in all the principal towua of England, Ireland, Scotland or Walea conatanily for s<.le ?a above. The Packet aHo Siddona will ancceed the Liverpool, and aail on toe 25 h April. mr9 r gtfgi REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, kc., kc.jyjy The aobacriber continnea to iransntit money, in anma JSHflblnrgr or small, to peraona reaidine in anv part of Ire land, in the aamr manner ? lia, and hia predeceaaar in bnai< nraa. have dona for the laat thirty yeara, and mora; alto, to ana part of England or Scotland. Money remitted bv letter (poat|>aid) to the tnbaeriber, or "eraonnfly denoaited witn him, with the name of the peraon or yeraona in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to be tent, and neareat pott town, will be immediately tranamitted and wtid accordingly. md a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the tender. In like manner money with or elaima on peraona in any part ol Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the anbtcrioer, for peranna reaiding in any part of the United Htatra, or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. el] oar rant* V v-nHinfr l, ?i? FOR LIVKKl'OOL?Regular Packet t#th April Hk?Thaairlendid new piriti ahip LIVERPOOL, jKHMae'ohn Eldndge, maater. IIM tona, will tail aa above, he. leguwr diy. For petaaite only, hiring elegant and nneqnalled aceommodationa, apply to the cepmin on hoard, ,Wcat aide Burling Slip or to alSr WQQDHULL It M1VTURN * r Son'h ?r. MC fVk j> a. W UKLr.Ape- I.VIU l?IA,> A A EW YORK LINK?Pmitively Regular Ticket nth faotli April. The fast aan.uit packet thip HUNTSVILLE.Oap O R Mnm ford, will positively aail aa above, hei reguui lay. For Ireiani ot paaaage, baring handaome rorniiliid aecommodationa, apply no board, at Orieana wharf, foot of Wall at. or to It K COLLIN* h CO. M South al Ukippera mayrely upon haviuii thair gooda correctly nieiior ed, and that the ahipa of thia hn* will nil pnnctnally aa advertnnd. Any Kaanuiee 10 that effect will be given and Willed that may lie requited. Agrnta in N. (Irleaua, Hulliu Ik Woodruff, who will promt!Iv forward all gnoda to their audreaa. The packet aliip Ocmnltee, Captain Peet, will aneeee I 'be Hnntav'le. ?>"? wvi. A , - ? ..i,. a., ,,Jt CHALLENGE TO CKOLIUS THK Sin.en I ml aail boat ' TKOUBLKR" will i yt'TJVatand ready to rail any dialanre, irom t<> to'0 milea JmL3L2Ii6?lUk.i'Ht nnv h ml b.) it tvvr Hi t bv Wm r I r fir* day of Jim- Un il the .lay of Aogn-t ileal ot,e montli'a notn e ben K iren.toaail two *e|urat>- da, a f()r tne'.nm -ft 00, e ich day 1 he aole object ia to leat the axiling qaalitie. of the bo;va. N. B.?To aail withont oarti or tender*. . C. L. 1NOKRHOLL, a7 lm*e? tan *V?ter atreet. OHfcATHINO f'AI'e-K?M balaa ol eery anpenor gaaJity , .'J""*' & W Y( JEW YORK. FRIDAY M( jMfl NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare ^tangrfjaJbgii^B* only 12)6 Cents!?The sf trndid steamer jCPASSAIC, Captain John O.iffy, hu been I put iu complete orde-, nod will commence her trips f r the sra-nn. on Monday the IU1I1 instant, as (o low*, until further ' notice I Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7)6 o'clock, A. M. ' Freieht carried at reasonable ra'ea. all 4tr .Mf) CHANGE OF 8 I'AH 1L\G PLACE? BrwK*p # New Arrangement to Albany and B?at<>u, ria ( RmJULHouaatouie Railroad?The (trainer Mumal Ss'etv will coimnrn e running for freight aud passengers daily ' this mnruiug at 7 o'clock, from foot of Liberty it, near Court- ] laud . North River, to Bridgeport Leave (or New York at 2 o'clock, P. VI., or ou the arrival of he eara from Albany. Thia I boat is the only one rouiiing in connection with the Railroad. . For further information apply at the office, foot Liberty at. 1 New York. mlr ilfi^ _ OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAS ml^SAOE OKKF^E, 61 Sonth street, New York?Reg JMSMbular Line of Packets?Ths suhocriber continues to | brim; out persons from any part of (irrjii Britain and Ireland, who may be engaged by their friends here, hy the regular line of packet ships, sailing every su days 'rom Liver|iool. .Per- ' sons sending lor iheirTriends, may rely that ^ust care will be ( taken to hatrthem despatched without delay in Liveipool.aqd i will alwaya endeavor to merit a continue ice of the public ' patronage which has been so liberally bestowed for many years ' past; and tho?e remitting money can have drafts payable at all i the Banks and brioches throughout the United Kingdom. For fnrther partienlara, apoly f if by letter, post paid] to ifir JOHN HERPMA N. 61 South vt. J Ithjp- ' OR SALE CHEAP? 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He- I companied bv appropriate Pictorial Illnstrationa, at Nibl '? 9a- , loan, ou Mommy Kveumg. loth April, at hal -part 7 o'clock.? The Lectures will be coaiii ued ou Thursilay, 13th ; 9atur?iay, 15th ; Mo day, 17th ; autl Thursday, 20th April, at the same i plac- a?d hour. The Paogramrae nf subjects to be eluc d <ted in this Course, i may be found ou the laai page of Mr. O '? work on Ancient fcgvpt, just publish-d bv the New Worid Prea-,at 30 Auust 1 The Leeturea rake up Egyptian Archaeology, where that work cove u lei? . e. 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Ann street; at Atwill's Mtiaie Store ?fli Broadway; and a- the office comer of Nassau and Berkman streets, and of the agents and newsmen grneretly ihronghost ' *CllV' L1TKRAY CONTENTS. Last of the White Cravats, No 1, with an etching by Chap""' he Oipse' 's Star; a tale of the Ahruxt i, 2d chapter. Sketches of the Bar. Ambrose L. J o'an. A Piper ou the Origin ol Governments, f'.onc rt M1 series The Pilgrim's Address to the Deity?a poem. Am-nem Ar??ai d Artist*. A Pannirg Di'lovne. Beco'lections of the late Tyrone Tower, No. 2. Le.tersfrom Co*reipon 'ents American Literatnrr. Ir tug's Li'eol Washington, Kedeem'n* Pom's of an Unsuccessful Cotnedr. Gaieties son Gtavi ies. tscms of P jetty. Wur Havt-esof Wlie Men. Ameiican Wit and An*cd sc. i no ?i irnir n i"i lanrii r'lry nno u.iv .iiura n/. T the aitprr royal nclav> form, and in intended (or bmditiji. Bach Btmber eontainiaitteao large dowl" pdiKti ?pi, ml ia adorned will' an n,i*n al elchniK on ateel hyChapinm. Th? t> rma are only three dolla-a a year. Simile nun br a 6 if centt. Aeenti nrwainen, Ac aunplied no the u?ml lerma PCtKHiM A CO., Publ aliere, a(1lt*r No. (Ann it w',. rPWINKI-M n.i r< auixr Kn? uh Br.dpoit Via* Twine 1 Ci m> Iiainy a cnmplrlf aae.irtmclt froin J)? to "K pouuda, of m..tmt.iiN.Mdr.iMubriL COLL(MS k co alloc M Sooth afreet . HOT CROSS BUNS. HOT CHObB BUNS >n Good Friday, from? o'clock, A. M. *?ill (renin', at THOMPSON A WILLEN'B SALOONS, 13 St*?c >33 and 379 Broadway. >RK 1 )RNING, APRIL 14, 1843 Legislative Flare Uiv?Excitement in Albany.?Progress or Civilization.?Last evening we received by the way of the Housatonic Railroad and i rom the steamer Mutual Safety, Capt. Fitch, the . Albany Argus ol yesterday morning. < It contains an account of a Hare up, or rather a disgraceful fight which took place in the House of Assembly last Wednesday between William Mac- j Murray, a member from this city and Mr. Lee, the ( member from Orange. It was a second edition, all i cut the dirk, of the recent Pennsylvania outrage. i Aunexed is the account of the affair :? In Assembly, April 12 ?The journal of yesterday i having been read and approved? Mr. McMurray rose to a matter jiersonal to himself. He ajluded to "a card" published in yesterday's Evening Journal, under tne signature of "C- i Swackhamer." With that individual he had nothing to do here, and more especially because he could show that Mr. S. was but a tool in the hands of a member of the House. The gentleman from Orange (pointing to Mr. Lee) yesterday told members of this House that he had got a man to take up his quarrel for him?lalluding to what had occurred in the debate on the Hour bill the oiher day.] Does thegentle van from Orange deny ill [Mr Lee?1 do ] I aver that he stated yesterday, in presence of members of this House, that he had found a man to 'ake up his quarrel for him?and that the result of that arrangement was the "card" that appeared in the Evening Journal of last night. If the gentleman Irom urange denies it i have the names ot gentlemen who were present and heard him. * * * * Mr. Lee?In reference to the charge of the gentleman from New York, I will simply state that the assertions he has made are of very little importance, so far as I am concerned, or this House?that after I had learned that this gentleman was to appear, according to his own declarations, in the Evening Journal, 1 merely remarked that it appeared that somebody had taken up the quarrel between the gentleman from New York and myself. * * * | A Voiob?What is the question! Mr. McMiikray?I intend to make a motion? The Speaker?The motion should be first made. There is no question otherwise belore the house, and this debate isdisorderly. Mr. McMlrkay?My character as a member of this House, and as a man?my standing in both respects has been attacked?my veracity impugned in a public journal?and if it has been thus assailed by a member of this body, by himself, or through an instrument, I claim that the matter affects not me only, but the character of the body of which I am a member. Mr. E. Strong?Here is a debate got up without any motion. Mr McMcrray?It is directly a question of veracity between us, and I call on the gentleman from Queens to state whether he did not hear? The Speaker?This House can't settle a question of veracity between members. Mr. McMitrray?The gentleman from Queens can answer the call 1 have made on him. Mr. Youngs?If this? Mr. E. Strong?This matter has proceeded far enough. I wish we might proceed to the usual business. The Speaker?There ia no question before the House. Mr. Youngs was proceeding to speak, when A scuffle took place in the centre aisle, near the door-Mr. McMurray, when interrupted by th? Speaker, having gone to Mr. Lee's seat, which is on the outer row, and slapped him in the face (as the Reporter understands), when the two gentlemen clinched, but were soon surrounded by the officers anu memtiers near, and separated?tne speaker meanwhile directing the doors to be closed, and the galleries and lobbies cleared. The doors being closed, Th?-Speaker remarked that a gross indignity had been offered to the house?one derogatory to its character in the highest degree?arid he trusted there was firmness enough in the house to vindicate its dignity and character. It was an outrage that he did not supi>ose would be committed by any member, and could not be overlooked. He repeated he trusted the house had firmness enough to vindicate its dignity in the face ol so gross an outrage as this. Mr. Holmes moved that a comuiirtee of five bo appointed to examine into the matter, and to report to the house. The Speaker named Messrs. Allen, Hulburd, E. Strong, Wheeler and Nicoli, as the committee of investigation # # * * # * Mr. Allen here announced that the select committee on the case of McMurray and Lee, were ready to report; whereupon he read the report of the investigating committee, which commences with a recital of what was said and done from the reading of the journal of yesterday, down to the affray, embodying also a copy of Mr. Swackhamer's card published in the Evening Journal?which purports to "brand" Mr. McM. as "a liar"?and concludes as follows: ? The committee are unanimously of opinion that Mr. McMurray has been guilty of conduct to disorderly, a contempt of this hou?e so gross, and a breach of privilege so flagrant, aato render him unworthy longer to occupy eat as member ot this house : Therefore, Resolved, That William McMurray be, and he la hereby expelled thia house. The Speaker announced the question to be on the resolution with which the report concludes, and had put one half of the question, when Mr. Wait expressed a wi-h, that the gentleman charged with this offence miizht have nn <tnnnniinif ir to b<- heard. Mr. McMorray thereupon rose, and said that in consequenceot what had transpired, he would say that for the las' twoor ihree weeks, particularly the last week, he had been quite unwell?so much so, that last night his physician advised hitn to take no part in the business of the house. The excitement ol the last three or four days, and the persecution to which he conceived he had been subjected, had been such that during a part of that lime he had been confined to his bed. In the discussion of this Hour bill, he conceived that a wanton and unprovocked attack was made upon him. * # * Laboring as he did, under much excitement of feeling, and believing at the time, in addition to the foul attack which had been made upon his character, 'hat he had been cut ofl from a representation of his case to the House?under a keen sense of the wrong that had been done him?lie did commit a breach of order which he would reprobate in any man, even under a similar degree of provocation. And whatever might be the result, so far as the House was concerned, he apologised for it, and regretted that he should be so far carried away by his feelings. # * Mr. W. Hall said the subject was one of a character calculated to afTect us all very sensibly. He had, therefore, drawn up a paper which would be satistactory to hiin. It might be so the house. He would read it:? Wlierea?, Wm McMurray ha* been guilty of a high contempt of thi* hou*e in a**aulting a brother member in | hi* place ; ami where**, the laid Wm. McM ha* humbly apologized to thi* home for the contempt of which he haa been guilty and ha* pleaded in extenuation of hii fault, bodily indi*p?iition and comequent inability to control hi* feeling* under great excitement ; therefore Reiolved, That the act of laid Wm. McMurray i* deaerving of the higheat cen*nra of this hoaae ; yet, ander the mitigating circumatance*, that the aald Win. McMurray be, and he i* hereby reprimanded for the indignity to the home, but that he be allowed to retain hi* leat a* a member of thia Hotiaa. This was adopted, ayes 85, noes 27. Thus ended this disgraceful farce, after which the House went to work and passed the New York Criminal Court Bill, as it came from the Senate. Literary Notices. History op tuk Emprror Natolkon, with twenty portraits and hve hundred engravings?By Lau rent De L'Ardeche? New York, D Appleton Jii Co.? D. Appleton ?te Co. have published another of those standard works which is adapted to all classes of readers. The History of Napoleon, by Mr. I)e L'Ardeche, is strictly a biography. In the narrations by Alison, Thiers, and other writers upon the French revolution, the individuals are so encircled hy nil the s'upendous scenea of the French revolution, that they are partially obscured ; but in this work Napoleon and his military comrades, with the civilians of the empire, are depic'ed as lull length portraits, with graphic truth and vivid coloring.? I he whole work will be comprised in tour elegantly printed octavo volumes of about two hundred and Ally pages each. The first will contain five portraits and one hundred and forty seven engraving*. Asa book lor youth, by its narration to instruct, and its pictures to amuse, it is exactly adapted to every family ; while its condensed information and genuine facts render it a valuable book ol reference lor all persons who wi-h to recur to the remarkable events connected with Napoleon's private history and public administration. Frice only 50 cents. Alison's Etjnora.? Number vn of Alison's History of Europe during the French Revolution is this day published by the Messrs. Harpers. The whole will he comprised in sixteen numbers, at twentyfive cents each. The parts, as published, will be for sale at this office. i TKRA Dismissal of Mr. Shoktwell for ali.koidPa*ncipation in Monroe Edward's Attempted Escape.?We understand that Mr. Robert P. Shortwell, the agent employed in the workshop in which Col. Monroe Edwards was employed in the State Prison, has been dismissed from his situation in a manner which appears exceedingly harsh and unust. After the discovery of Edwards' place of concealment, Mr. Short well was taken before the magistrates at Sing Sing, and was held bound in $4000 bail to appear and answer before the Court of Oyer and Terminer for aiding Edwards in his attempted escape. The Grand Jury ignored the bill, as there was not the slightest evidence against Mr. Shortwell. Indeed the whole case bears on its face evidence of the absurdity and groundlessness of the charge against the dismissed agent. He had been two years in his situation, was in the receipt of a comfortable salary, $10 a week, and had a wife, two children, and an aged father and mother, dependent on him for the means of subsistence. The idea of ~L II i;i._ I. dim;ii ? |itibuii aiuiu^ n icjiun iiivc liuwoiun, i\u?wu to be utterly without means, is preposterous. Fvery probability in the case pain's to one or more of the convicts as the abettors of the Colonel, if indeed he had any aid in his attempt, which is doubtful. A brief statement of the facts may help the public to a proper understanding of the case, anil we therefore give them. Edwards conducted himself with propriety from the time of his arrival in the prison, until a few days before his attempted escape. In the workshop where he was employed in stitching boots, there were about forty convicts, and amongst them a carpenter named Davis, who was employed in making boxes for the boots, aud who had been committed for two years for grand larceny in stealing a watch This man Davis feigned sickness on the very same day with Edwards, and went with him daily to the hospital, in company wiih other convicts on the sick list. As the convicts went to and returned from the Hospital, acroes the large yard of the prison, they had ample opportunity of conversation and plotting. In the Sunday school still greater facilities of communication were within their reach. The convicts are there divided into classes of eight or ten, and a ** leader" selected from amongst them on account of superior erudition and intelligence, instructs his brethren. Monroe Edwards was one of these bible class leaders, und we have heard that Davis, the carpenter, was one of his pupils. However, in fhis situation the Colonel could easily communicate with Bitch ot his fellow convicts as he might deem most likely to aid him in any attempted escape. All the particulars connected with the attempted escape and concealment of Edwards have already beenpublished Mr Shortwell had had some time ago a discovery of the character of Edwards which certainly cnuld not be supposed to prepossess him in favor of the Colonel. Edwards had, it seems, requested permission to write some letters and arrange his affairs, and occupied himself in writing for a couple of days. He wrote a power of attorney in favor of a Mr. Willis of New Orleans, authorising him to dispose of alledged property in several Slates, which document was deposited with the clerk of the prison. Edwards then req lested Mr. Sliortwell to obtain this power of attorney and $6, which he had brought with him to the prison, and which was also in the hands of the clerk, lor the purpose, as the Colonel alledged, of getting the power of attorney acknowledged in New York. Short well got the money and the paper,and then Edwards said to him?" tear up that paper?it's not worth a d ma?I only wanted the mon?y,and I beg you to ?;et me some bread, butter, crackers and cheese, or 1 am starving." The transition trom Howard's Hotel to Sing Sing was too trying tor the Colonel Mr Shortwell of course refused, but profiting by this expoit of the Colonel's character, was particu larly cau'ious afterwards ot having any communication whatever with him, and even more than onct requested the principal keeper to remove Edwardi from the shop of which he had charge. We think that the case of Shortwell is a very hard one. Not the slightest evidence has appearec against him. His past character has been altogethet irreproachable. We call on the present Directors of the prison, as an act of justice, to restore him tc his office. If they do not, we are pretty confident their successors will. Thsatiucal and Musical.?Mr. Russell's concert on Wednesday evening, was attended by an oxtremeiy crowded audience. Mr. Russell has in fact become quite the rage, and all the fashionable people flock in crowds to his concerts. This is one ol the most remarkable phenomena of the times. The musicians and other vocalists are in paroxysms of rage. They call Mr. Russell a humbug?a confounded, atrocious, rascally, unprincipled, ignorant, frightful humbug. But all the intelligence, taste, beauty and fashion of New York go in throngs to hear the humbug, and applaud to the skies the exauisite melndv. the thrillinir nnlhos. the flashes of sentiment which characterise all Russell's little dramas, as his songs may with perfect propriety be called. Mr. Russell gave a concert last night at the Musical Fund Hall, in Philadelphia, and to-night he sings that thrilling song, " The Dream of the Revellers," at the great temperance celebration in the Tabernacle. This is astonishing expedition. In this way Mr. Russell intends to traverse the length and breadth of the Union. His is now clearing money at the rate of $1200 or $1500a week. In August he returns to England, and will reap another golden harvest there. At the Park Theatre they have produced an old and most trashy affair, which was damned some years ago in London. They have called it the New York Merchant and his Clerks. It is beneath criticism, and the only redeeming thing about its representation was the admirable acting of Abbot as the maniac clerk. The Chatham continues its career of prosperity. "The Patrician's Daughter" has been eminently successful, and it is extremely creditable to the taste cf ourcitv, that night after night crowded audiences collected to witness a play depending solely for effect, not on startling incident, but on the poetry, pathos, and high toned sentiment which it contains. Four highly respectable and talented art:sts from Virginia produce an African opera at the Park on Monday evening next. They have tired of raising cotton and tobacco in " old Virginny," and have started on a musical tour, which has heretofore been signally successful. They are preparing to sail for Europe, where they intend to astonish the natives. They will give grand Ethiopean concerts at I^ondon?perform at the grand epera in Paris? and then go to Italy and callon Rossini and other eminent composers. Thus we go. Music is decidedly on ihe rise. From the North.?Pomeroy 5c Co., has arrived with Albany papers of Wednesday morning. The tlec'ion in that city resulted in the success of the whig ticket. Friend Humphrey, for Mayor, had 205 majority. The river is open to Van Wie's Point, and above to troy. [From Albany Argua, April 13.] Bai,t, Coai. and Lead.?The bill entitled an act "to increase the revenues of the State, by extending the market* for salt, con! and lead," by allowing a bounty on those articles, was yesterday afternoon ordered to a third reading in the Assembly, without a division. A previous nioiion to strike out the clause allowing bounties on salt delivered at Oswe go and Buffalo, destined for the lakes, was negatived by a vote of 39 to tt). The bill has pawed the Se nate. The hill to abolish the office of Bank Commissioner, and to provide for a registry and countersigning of the notes of safety fund banks, passed to a third reading in the house la?t evening. The State Prison bill, ns it is called, introduced by Mr. Penti, of New York, was also taken up in committee, and afterwards referred to a select committee of eight to rejiort comi lete. This bill provides lor employing convicts in the iron mines of the North. [From Albany Advertiser. April 13 ] Nothing of moment transpired at the afternoon w-wkiii ui inr oenair yes eroay. in the House, contractors bill No. 3 was passed in committee, as also a bill for payment of contractoron the (rlens Falls feeder The first bill appropriates i 8300,000?the last $16,000 The l>ill rel.tive to costs and fees in courts ot law, iVc,. whs lost by a I vote of 54 to 41. 1 i mrrn . m LD. | Mm vm C?nU. I Cltr IktaliUx... Tfn? Prize I1 iuit Triatji.?A compromise hu been entered into between the Court of Oyer and Terminer and the persona implicated an accessories at the Prize Fight at Hastings last fall when McCoy wan killed. By an agreement between the parties and the District Attorney, they entered pleas of guilty and were fined as follows Joseph Murphy, #200; Dr Colwell, #100; John Harris, #300; Jacob Sumerdyke, #100. We understand that nnl/t jno tv/uti will be entered on the other indictments, and also the Governor will soon pardon out McCleester and Kensett, who are in the county jail at White Plains, and Sullivan who is at Sing Sing. Highway Robbery.?On Wednesday morning a man named John Noulan was arrested on a charge ot having knocked down Timothy Mount, boiler maker ot 128 Columbia street, on Monday night, near Avenue A., and robbed him of a pocket book containing #3 in money. He was pursued by H. O'Connor, who caught him concealed in a pig stye, from whence he waa taken to a porter nouse in Houston street, and there managed to escape until Wednesday, when lie waa arrested and committed in default of bail. We understand that he was concerned in the robbery ol Jacob Post with a man named Tracy some lour years ago, and turned States' evidence at that time. Another Crazy Man at large ? On Wednesday night, a lellow named Thomas A. Rlackman, while in a state of partial insanity Irom rum and excitement, knocked down and kicked a woman named Louisa Horton, wife n( Joseph, and then attacked Walter Pearsoll, ol 138 Delancy street, struck In in nn the nork nnrt stabbed him on the thlffh with a knife. The knife fortunately struck a pocket book that was in his pocket, and thus probably mved his life. He was finally arrested and lodged at the upper police in default of bail. BtrRoiARs in Broadway.?Yesterday morning about five o'clock, the clo hing store of Lynde ft. Jennings, corner of Broadway and Barclay street, under the American Hote^ was entered by burglars who broke open one of the front windows and carried a?ny about #250 worth of made up clothing, consisting principa ly of vents. Notice was given to the Lower Police and in a few hours afterwards Clerk Osborn, and officers Welch and Stokely arrested two men at the corner of Broadway and Pino street, and loond nearly oil the stolen clothing in possession of one, contained in a hag slung over bis shoulder. On being taken to the Police Office they gave the names of Allen Burtia and James Hubbell, and were fully committed for trial This was doing the work upas it should be, and reflects credit upon the industry of tne officers. General Sessions. Beiore Recorder Tallmadge. Judge Lynch, end Alder" men Purdy end Leonard April IS?J.W. Straso, Esq, acting District Attorney. A man named John Chapman wm triad for an aMsalt and betiery on Sarah Gansevoort, and acquitted, aa aha wore he had never (truck her. Soil* Protrqui ? A nolle proirqui wai entered on the indictment against William Bartlett, for obtaining goods under fake pretences. Burglary ?Lawrence Cregin.of Jersey (treat, tender to carpenters snd masons, wastiied on an indictment for burglary in the second degree, and grand larceny. In entering the dwelling house of Washington K ng la Uth street, near St. Mark's church, on the IS'h of March, and stealing nails, vies, handsaws. A"., valued at f 10 80 It was proved that the stolen articles were found in possession of the accused, but that the house was unoccupied, and therefore the offence was burglary in the third de. gree only The jury returned a verdict of burglary in the third degree, and the court arntrnced him to the Stale , prison lor three year a. A nolle HrnauniM nria, dnt.r.(l on two other initio! Tnenta ' I for burglary ngninet him, and the court adjourned till a 1 | I o'clock thu morning. r Superior Court. Before Judge Vsaderpoel. Aran. 13?Tuytor, Baldwin f Co. vs Rogeri?This ? was an action ot (rover hmuirhi to rtcoveriht valueol o s quantity ol jewelry, Itoleri iromnn hoard the ihip Yazoo, on her pannage iront New York to New Orleana. Mr. Btiahnell conducted the plaintiffs' cue, and Mr. i Clarke appeared (ordefennant. | In the month of January. 1841, the plaintiff* ithipped on I ward the Yazoo, of Collin*' line, a large quantity of Jew r elry,consigned to abranch ot their firm in Now Orieaua. , Theie good* never reached their destination, and they were subsequently traced to the defendant. In the latter i part ol that year, a clerk in the bouae ot the plaintiffs, in t passing through Chatham atreet. went into a atore, in which he found a ruby ring and bandeau.which herecogniaed u part ol the atolen property. By thia circtimatance the thief waa detected, and the property traced to t the dalendant, to whom it wa* sold by the thief. Mr. Baldwin examined on the part of plaintiffs, testified that he wuclerk toplaintiff* in 1041, there wu a shipment of jewelry made that y ear, conaigned to abtanchof the houae in New Orleans; there were two sat* of ornaments amongst the goods, conaiatiag or a ring and banf deau; one set waa worth $131. and the other waa worth $99; the goods never reached their destination; found some of the goods in a store in Chatham street. RoacaT W. Bowraa, peace officer, examined?Testified that he was called upon by Mr. Baldwin, ons of the plaintiffs, to look after the goods and thief; from information that witness received, he went to a house in street, and arrested Thomas Callander; previous to bis arrest, Callender became penitent, and gave up such part of the property u he had to witness; the property wuproducrd in Court and identified by witness; Callender acknowledged to witness thst he hsd pawned the other part of the property, and gave witness the pawn tickets; witness found part of it in Chatham street, and other ports of it at Mr. Levey's, in Division street; told witneu ho sold pirt of the property to defendant, consisting o> a ruby ring and bandeau; witness called on defendant in conse. quence, and he admitted to witneaathat he had purchued the articles in question. He told witnua that he hod Slven $40 for the ring, and $30 for the bandeau, and that e had sold them to Simpson the pawnbroker, in the Bow oi/ i?r locunriiuam wnni whd wnnrii loinr pnson, and identified Callender ? the person who Mid bins tho ring an I bandeau; Roger*, the defendant, told witness he wished to have the matter arranged; witness told him that Baldwin was a reasonable man and that ha would not, uader the circumstances, exact the whole sum: witness told defendant that Baldwin would tahe 970, and that he, Rogers, would only lose f 00. be haring made 910profit on the sale to Mimpaon; defendant seemed to agree to this proposition, and promised to come to the office and pay the 970; Rogers did not call according to promise; witness called on Rogers afterwards; Roger* told witness that he had taken advice about the matter, and refused to do anything further in the business. Mr. Woooaurr, a clerk in the employment of plaintiff's, proved that Callender was mate of the ship Ysioo. This was the plaintiffs rase. The defendants counsel moved for a non suit, on the ground that the thief was not convicted, and cited several authorities to show that that was the rnleot law in England. Plaintiff's'counsel replied, and cited several Atneiiran cases, to show that the English rule was not recognired in this country. The Court concurred with plaintiffs' counsel in his view of tha low, and denied the non suit. The defendant's counsel then offend a witness to prove that the articles in question were English manufacture, and th-t Callander told him, the witness, that he had bought them in Liverpool. ' His Honor charged the jury in substance, that when goods are bougnt of a party who had sto.ea them the purchaser gets no title except such as the per on from wnona he bought them had, and left it to the jury to sav from 1 the evidence whether they believed the goods to no stolen or not. If they r&me to that conclusion, that i* if they allowed the goods were stolen, they should find for th? plaintifti. Verdict for plaintiff* $90 anil intereat lor two tNTl. Court of Common Pleuo. Before Judge Ulahoeffar. Ann l> ?H"Ughion vs. Wkif, tl ?!.?This was to action ol as?nmp*i' on a promissory not#. Mr. Brail* con* ductal the plHlntiff'a case and Mrstra. Chaae It Dodge appeared for the defence. Thr note was aord In the name ol lionghion, who was the nominal plaintiff. Page, whoae name appeared aa payee, waa the owner, and the auit was brought hjr him in thr name of Houghton Page k Whl'e were partnrra, end carried on bnaineaa together; they auhsequeiitly dissolved. At the time of the uiaaolu ion there waa no partnership property remaining.?Page k White having each put in tome propertv when the partnership was formed. Page at the diea Motion claimed a >um of ViOO. to bedueto him which Whitadenied.? White, in <flA>r to get rid of him, agreed to give him the note in qVTInon, and at the r* queet of White and Page it waa endofted by L*ckwood, the defendant. The note w aa dated the 9Sd December, 1939, for 9900, payable twelve montha after date to the order nf Jeremiah Page It waa endnraedby Lock wood and alae by a peraon of the name ol Hevey The note waa read and admitted. Def- ndant'a countel moved lor a n en-an It on the ground that Honghton waa a mere nominal plaintiff, and that the mit was 7or the benefit of Page, * ho appealed## payee and first endorser, and that he waa not en'rued to recover as against Lor hwood, who waa a aoha?qu?nt ?ndoraer. The Court denied the motion for non Jtut Mr. Cnssr then openerl the defence, and etated that -Oc parties had carried on business together . h partners had put in seme property In.o P? p concern-that' the apec-lanon faded, and they hid lost the entire of the {^'^^/"lated that .her-was. | callerJ on the ot | partnerahip account?that -urn of *^< r'?nht^n.. ?cu>. to see hia frier * end ho :? 'hem .hat he had not loat all. L ^ ihi.rern tenia,ion. they agreed to give him the note In ,,M?lton. 'pen the underatandmg that he waa not to put it m circulation. The defeiidenla then produced evidence to shaw that it an aceommnda'ion ft ana iction, and that no conaidera lion had h.en ?iven lor it. Hk Honor charged the jury that if, from the evidence produced, they come to the ronciueion that the note in .juration we* huaineaa note, the defendants were liable ; 'iut if, on the other hand, you are aati'fled that it wee an accommodation transaction, and no conaideration given, then yon ahould And for the defendant'. Verdict for defeudant*.

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