Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1843 Page 3
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oQ- PROVE ALL THINOS-HOLD EAST THAT IS GOOD.?We should almoit despair of arresting the v attention of our (ellow men, and earning them to enquire into the truth of what we from time to time state in regard to the remarkable cures performed by Bristol's Sarsaparilla. in cases of scrofula, and impurities of the blood, wore it not the fact that no cases are published but such sis will bear the closest scrutiny. Besides, those stay cured who are wise enough to gat Bristol's, which has had the unbounded confidence of the Faculty in town andcountrc. Asa purifier of the blood it is unequalled; and although efficacious in renovating the system, may be given to tender infants with safety and good effect. The reader's attention is directed to a Card of Mr. Turner's on the last page. Bold wholesale an-' retail, by Wm. Burger, druggist, 50 Cortlandt street,an 1 188 Greenwich at, N. Y. Of?- IMPORTANT REMEDY Dr. Elderkin's Egyptian Balsam is warranted to euro the most severe eases of burns, also piles and fistula, in a few hours. In order to save expenso in advertising certificates, the prico is made near cost, which is only 25 cents for small, and AO i-?im8 tor iarg<> hoitiffl. bo hi can uw mw *w; discovery almost without cost, for worrai, either in grown persons or children, it# eflects ore certain; for sprains atid weakness in the hack or limbs, and rheumatism; it is guaranteed to cure, nnd supercede entirely the unpleasant use of all kinds of strengihening plasters, opodeldocs, liniments, &c. It gives strength to the muscles and tone to the nerves. It is a pleasant, diifusable stimulent, whether used internally or externally. One case of most excruciating and painful rheumatism was cured in three days. For caked or swollen breasts it never has failed to immediately relieve, and is now for the first time, at the request of others, put up in this popular form, so that all have the benefit of it. It is no nostrum. It can be had only of Dr. Leeds, wholesale druggist, 197 Maiden Lane. {gy- ESCAPE ! F.SCAPE !?Who does not feel anxious to escape when disease has grappled with hiR vital organs, and is draging him swifllv to the brink of the grave? But how to escape-there is the difficulty. Many a sufferer, in his nervous fpar of death, catches, like a drowning man at a straw, at the first vile compound pro sented to him tori/norunt pretension?and dies,perhaps,not of the disease, hut ef the remedy. Beware of these impositions. Flee to the ^refuge which science has provided, experience tested, and the testimony of thousands approved. In Peters'Vegetable Pills ana Medicated Lozenges you will find that refuge. The Vegetable Pills strike at the verv rootsot disease, because the v reacli tbe sources of the blood, and purify every fluid in the human body from tbe acrimonious particles which, when incorpora ted wltn the vital stream. generate disease. ThoCathnrtic Lozenges have a similar effect, and either of these preparations will effectually remove all obstructions, or other causes of disease, from the stomach, bowels and liver, while the cough and worm lozenges are sovereign remedies for the complaints which they arc intended to remove. These celebrated medicines con be obtained at 125 Fulton corner Nassau st. Jfl\C*- SARSAPARILLA?The members ofthe Collego of Medicine and Pharmacy ofthe city of N.York beg respectfully to announce to the American public that their preparation of Sarsaparilla. Oentian and Sarsnfrns is prepared under the superintendence of roientific medical practitioners, well acquainted with the medicinal properties and curativefpowers of each root, and the exact proportions one should bear to the other. The public wdl thus at once tec the superiority of such an article over the common Syrup of Sarsaparilla manufactured by the druggist who cannot be expected to possess sufficient medical knowledge to make a really beneficial ex'ract, hut depend entirely for the sale of it by puffing advertisements and bartering their mixture for certificates. The genuine F.xtract of Sarsapsrilla, Ocn. tian and Sarsafras prepared by the College, has now been before the public for one year, and the best proof of its efficacy lies in the vastly increased demand for it and the flattering testimonials ol the members ofthe medical profession generally. In all diseases arising from impurity oftha blood,its effect is truly beneficial?such as scrofula, salt rheum,cutaneous eruptions, chronic rheumatism, syphilitic affections arising from the abuse of mercury, enlargement of the glands and all other diseases arising from a deranged state of the system?Sold in single bottles 7? cents each; cases containing half a dozen $3 .SO; do do one dozen $6 W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms ofthe College 97 Nassau St. New York. N. B. A liberal discount allowed to country practitioners and druggists. QO- THE GIP9EY OF THE HIGHLANDS?A Romance, by Professor Ingrnhnm, author of " Lafitte," "Tho Quadroon." ite.. being the adventures of Duncan Powell and Paul Tatnall Single copies 12} cent*. Redding and Co., Publishers, Boston. Thi* wild romance ii laid in the Highlands on the noble Hudson. " Where the moon look* down on old cro' nest." "To give a critical notice of this original tale wo hare not time, but commend it to onr readers as the chef (Toner# of the popular author. "The Night in the Highlands," " Kitkwood and the Rich Miser,"" Paul Tatnell," " The Hawk and the Pet Rabbit," "The Fight," "Duncan Powell." "The Maid of Rock Hall," " The Gazelle," " The Storm,"" An adventure on the Hudson," " The Danger and Rescne," "Paul and the Beauty of Rock Hall," are the contents of the first chapter. It if neatly printed, and will sell beyond precedent."?Literary Gazette. J A. TUTTLE. No. 4 Ann street, New York. Price $8 per 100; single copies 12} cents. ft?- DAGUFRREOTYPE?L. B. Binsse & Co. inform photographists that they hare removed from their old stand, No. 34 Maiden lone, to No. 83 William street, south ^ west cornerof Maiden lane, on the second floor. They m have on hand at present a complete assortment of plates, v chemicals and lenses, all of eacellent quality, to which ' they respectfully invito the attention of operators. Arti clc* are in every instance warmnted. Their chemicals are from the laboratories of the fi -st chemists in Paris,and their plate* specially selected by their partner there miding, hear their initials, and are fully warranted to have the proportion ef silver which is stamped upon them ? Any persons who havetheir doubts on the subject, are requested to have them essayed. ft?- ONLY GIVE IT A FAIR TRIAL.?If people would take this method there would he no reason to complain of humbug. A. Grand jean's Celebrated Consultations for the human hair, No. 1 Barclay atreet. A. Grandjenn appreciate* and combines with circtimanccti-n all the lirrsr.rmtinns iriuen on the host anthers Firing no preference to his own remedies, except where the case requires it, and where, moreover, experience for ao many years confirms its efficacy. Cf7- PUBLIC CAPITAL PUNISHMENT SHOULD be abolished, and so should the wearing of wigs, for they breed humors and impair the health ; so lay them aside, and produce a fine luxuriant suit of natural hair by using the genuine Balm of Columbia from Comstock & Co., 71 Maiden lane. This cannot be used without restoring the hair, and if all persons would use this article as a prefer, vative of the hair, we should never see a bald person.? You mav use oil, and other so called hair restoratives, but they will do you no good. The true balm of Columbia .a the only article that never fails to keep the head perfectly free from dandrufi and scurf, and to reatore the hair. JESSE COWAND. ESQ., TOBACCO INSPECTOR, has had the rheumatism for two years, and at times so severely as ta bo nearly distracted with pain, and has been entirely cured by using one bottle of Hewes' Nerve and Bone Liniment and Indian Vegetable Elixir, from Comstock and Ross, 25 Magazine street. All the tobacco inspectors know of his case, and will give verbal assurance to all who inquire. Let nil who are so prejudiced that they will not tise this article, continue to suffer rheumatism, gout, swollen limbs, Sec., to their heart'J content.?[New Orleans paper. The same may be be had of Comstock Si Co., 71 MaiJcn lane. Cf7- THE TRIAL OF CHRIST, NOW EXHIBIT 1NG at Peale's Museum, leaves the city after to-morrow. Everybody should see it. The grouping is fuperh, the attitudea excellent. As a work of art, it is truly splendid; and what a lesson it teaches us? what a doctrine it enforces?what an admirable precept it enjoins. No one can witness the sublime scene without being benefited by it; for the very thoughts it inspires are of a holy and reverential nature, nnd after calmly contemplating it, one rise* a better, if not a wiser man. To-day is the anniversary of the Crucifixion of our Saviour?a more appropriate opportunity for a visit could not be selected. 0(7- THE EAST INDIA HAIR DYE WILL NOT only color the hair, hut is warranted not to color the skin. I It in done with ?uch surprising facility and accuracy, that ita presence cannot be detected. The shade may be left at brown or he made perfectly black, at the pleasure of the uaer. To be had only at 71 Maiden lane. MONEY MARKET. Thursday, March l.'l?0 P. M, The packet ship (South America has arrived Irom Liverpool. Her cargo is a general one, and she brings $133,<250 in specie' lor R. Wethers, and Brown, Brothers and Co. The news is unimportant. The overland mail from India had not arrived. Nothing material had taken place in commercial affairs. Cotton tended down^ wards. The state of the affairs of the Bank was as follews Basic or EnnLsan. Oft. 8. Nor. S. Off. 3. Jan. 23 Frh. 2V f'irculatioa, 211,004.noo 10.901.noo 19,592,000 19,739.1am Deposit's, 9,309.0110 9,072,000 8,977,000 10.4 7JOM II 20.7,000 Seruiilirs, 22,373.010 21,934,000 21.210,000 21 078,000 22 095,'10 Bullion, 9,633.000 9.789,000 9,994,000 10 705.000 10,943 000 Bsil, ? ? ? 2,618,000 2,696,000 The bank, it appears, has increased its securities AAQ AAA V tTAirvr if nrn cltnu a on inrrrnin. I The transactions at the Board were larger to day, with very little change in rate*. Ohio declined i ; Kentucky firm j New York 7'*, 181S, fell J ; do, f?'? of 1S8J \ ; da 6's 1868, J ; Ohio Life and Trust rose J ; Harlem fell J. At the new Board the operations were large, and price* about the karne. The attendance of spectators was very large to-day, and altairs went on more smoothly under the new arrangements. Less inconvenience was felt from the echo of the dome. There is no dilliculty but what can pe obviated. The following is an ofllcial description o( the United Btates Treasury note* issued tojthe absconding Treasurer pfthe State of Mississippi, R. 8. Graves, #nd against the Negotiation of which the public have been cautioned I List of Treasury notes, drawn in favor of Tlichar l S. braves or order, dated severally on the# h October IM'J, knd deli vered the same day, signed by W. RsUn, Treasurer of the ITniti d Htati s. and count, runt np.l h. Ifourae, acting R< gift?r of 'ho Trnaaurcr. ?i7. On warrant Noi 3011. No. 1 to No. 100 ?100 notoi of 1*00 each. . On warrant No. 3014 No. 1 to No. 60-80 notea of $000 On watrant No. 3014. No. 1 to No.SO?30 note* of $100 ich. On warrant No. 3014. No. 1 to No. 23?43 notea of $?0 acU. On warrant No. 3014. No. 1?one note of $64. On warrant No. 3013. No. 31 to No. 00?20 notes of "" On warrant No .1013. No. 3?1 note of $91 M. On do do No. J4?1 note of $60. It ia well known and admitted on all aides, that the Jvrie Railroad oi iginated in a violation of the constitution of the State of New York, which prescribes that a vote of twothirds shall bo requisite for the appropriation of public moneys for local or private purposes. Notwithstanding those provisions, $3 000,000, for which the citizens of this State are now taxed, was loaned to the Erie Railroad by a bare majority. The late Governor, Wm. II Seward, frequently urged, in his official capacity, the construction ol the road, with the alleged design of benefiting his own personal speculation in Chantaque County, at the terminus of the road. He stands before the world charged with tho fact. l<e London;Timfs has held the lact of the charge and the abasncu of any contradiction of it up to its numerous readers. A hill is now before tho Legislature to release the road from its debt to the Slate. Ex. Governor Seward's opinion on the question whether this bill requires a two-thirds vote under the constitution, has been solicited by the Company, of which he is the father. Tho opinion is marked by that wire drawn 6ophistry,that smearing over of the subject, instead of explaining, which always characterise the productions of the individual to whose speculations the Chautaque County farmers owe their difficulties. The opinion contends that the bill does not require a two-thirds vote, because it does not create or renew a charter. A large portion of tbe document is speii* upon this point, which has nothing at all to do with the subject. The original violation of the New York consti. tution was in lending money for a private and local purpose. The present bill is, in effect, to convert that loan into a gift; yet the sapient land speculator contends that the original fraud renders the constitution inoperative in relation to a contemplated ono. He next asserts that the road is not private because the public use it. The same plea would euthoriso a gift of the people's money to churches, theatres, or any other place or thing used by ILa UAlhan sarslliatr nro >iaI hoeanoo ll.nif IUC JM1UUU. I1C llltiil no/?.i.c7 u.u uui i?"/ ore used by the public, and this in particular, because it is a long one. For this reason Bamum's snake cannot be called local, being very long. The State lent money to the Long Island Railroad and the Delaware Canal?are these works local or not 7 If local, how long must a road be, or what direction must it run in, not to be local 7 The Erie Railroad is not only local in its character but injurious to the line of the Canal ; yet the citizens of the northern section are obliged to be taxed to build up a competition to themselves. It was this injustice that the constitution intended to avoid. We have never seen a more ridiculous ond flimsy apology for an attempt to wrench money from the many for the benefit of the few, than this thing of Ex-Governor Seward. All the losses and 'misfortunes that have overtaken the public through financiers and bankers, lias been through their pertinacious attempts to put a false coloring upon their affairs, misrepresent facts, and exaggerate their means, in order to obtain money from capitalists. The little accumulations of industry, and the sums amassed by the wealthy, have been sucked up to enormous amounts by needy speculators ond State agents ; and, finally, when bankruptcy overtook them, it lias been discovered invariably that they never were worthy of credit. Venal prints have been employed to puff credit, and wheedle people into trusting the sharpers. Mercenary editors have lent themselves to the nefarious schemes, under the specious pretence of " sustaining confidence;" and those who caution the unwary against the traps laid for them are denounced as " profligate prints," " destructives and incendiaries. Long and loud, amidst a tempest of vituperation, both here and in London, we proclaimed tho insolvency of the United States Bank, while the Wall street press, with the Express at their head,"were using every art and argument to seduce innocent people into the snares of the monster. Bank after bank went down under the same circumstances. States soon followed.? Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Arkansas, end Louisiana, have followed each other in succession to a common bankruptcy. Each one, n* it tottered to it* fall, sent its agents to this market to fill the Wall street prints with their specious tales, to brag of the " resources of their State." of their small debts and large means;" "of the ability of the people to pay. and their high honor and unbroken faith." This has been the common story, and has in all sections Of the country been followed by exactly the same result, viz : failure and refusal to pay. The State of Ohio, with liabilities far beyond its means has now reached the same stage. Her officers era endeavoring to make pomposity answer for payments. To make thetheory of 8tate faith answer for the production , of the money. Why should we not learn by experience? Every State, even Pennsylvania has failed as soon as its debts swelled beyond the measure of its means. What is there in Ohio that should exempt her from the common fate of all other States? The Express, the most loathsome of all fund.mongers' organs, has the following admissions " Iteport". however, recentlr made by those whoso duty it was to Investigate, have heen recently pnhhshed, giving very *?Hsfiictorv statement*, a* to the ahiiitv and resources of Ohio, to meet its interest ; and their is no question, iftliese Slate* and their slack* were let alane, and their means and fidelity were not dnilv traduced an 1 villified. that they would meet their interest with perfect punctuality. ? ? ? * " It i? now alleged that a very large amount of the stock of the State of Ohio has been sold tinder par. to raise money to pav interest, and therefore, that the people of that State never received a dollar of advantage from it. Admit it to he true, that a narrifire wa* made ; was it not for the benefit of the Stntp to *n*tair> it* credit, and keep its honor sacred ? It is aFSPrted thaf the people of that Ntnie win ne unanie io pav tnoir taxes. nnn in at tne rovenues'ofthe State from tolls, &.C . arc eroatly diminished. It may hp true that, 'he revenues Unve fallen nfT. hut there is noproofthat the people are nnahln or tinwilling to pay their taxes." This i* called morality. If the State " ii let alone," it can pay its debts. That I*. If It in allowed to (to on borrowing?if a venal press lulls the suspicion* of capitalist* ?if the fund monger* can continually thrust their hand* into the pocket* of the unsuspecting public, they can go on to pay th ir interest*. So could Anthonv Dey or Peter Reiersen. To caution the public i* called cruel. Look at the thousands of ruined orphan* and widow*, whose mean* were robbed from them by tha trick* of financier*, and tho pufls of a corrupt pre**. To whoso cruelty are their sufferings to b? a'cri d I t is the duty of the press to Investigate and expose every public act. If the matter will not bear investigation, it ought not to ?xist. It i* admitted that the people of Ohio hove not received an equivalent, for what i* claimed of them, that tho revenue is decreasing. The history of the past few year* show* conclusively,that under these circumstances the people are both unable and unwilling to pay taxes. The people of Ohio have had no part or lot in the waste, fill extravagance with which her debt has been incurred; and their recent lcfusal to be taxed on personal property, is aproofthat t'.ey will not pay. They have left those that created tho debts to get out of them as best they can Balea at the Stock Btchange, SVOO Ohio ?'?, I860 07 V $'000 NY 5'?, IRIS tj 9* SOOft do *80 07 500 d-1 1858 911$ 4000 do i3 07 V 40 shss Mechanics' Bk (W 1000 aciuncsy Or, 30 vrs B1\S lit n* i em scrip :*>H lOOstiai Pafersou blO 42 V 20 Ohio I, Tm St Tr 53 V 40 do 42 31 lllinrii 8t*t? Bk 3V 124 IlarVm 17V 10 Msnhs'ton Kiro Ins 101 ',0 do 17,V M Auh & Koch Bk 03 10 Sfonicton b'O 10 SO do 92V sinoo 7)8 Treasury notes If IS 35 Mete's Etc Co, V of 1 l> c 1000 N\ 6's, 1862 102 Second Board. JI000 Ohio 67V 50 ehas Hsrlem 163 17 50 shs* Harlem ?3 17V New York Public Stock Kxcbange. *'000 U 8 6'?, 1802 blfl 100 *1000 Kentucky 6's 13 85V IIIOO do s30 Iflfi-S 'Oil <1" 8')1* 1000 do cub 108V 4000 Illinois 6's, 1870 ell 22;V 2000 do 108?% 2000 do 22V 5000 NY 6's. 1862 '>'2 HfO do sl5 2 V icon Ohio6'?, 1860 3fld 67'% 1000 do j20 22V 1(100 do June 1 67V I# slias Manhattan Bk 70 7000 do 67 V 50 Harlem KR 17V 2000 do ?1fl 67 50 do ?5d 17 2000 Kentucky 6's bl5 851% 50 do >31 17 4oon tin s 15 85 150 Lona Ill and RH >30 47 V 2600 do a20 8? 50 do cash 47 V 3000 do 85>? Scrnnil Board. 15000 U S 6's, 1862 1085,' *1000 Ohio 6's, I860 67 V 40110 Illinois 6's, 1870 s20 22V 30<in d i 67 V 6000 do ?30 2'V 100 abas HoiUm RR Sl5 17 1000 do Tnesday 22?% 150 LonK Iiland sl5 47V State of Trade. The spring trade advances slowly. Prnriiions- Mess beef, 7 n 8; Ohio pork, 8,7ft; new,8. Lord hos improved; sales of Ohio at ftj aOc. Sugars?More doing in New Orleans; sale* at 4 n5]c; brown*, bo*,6} a 7*. $* Grain Wheat, if hero,would command a dollar; New Jersey corn, 66 a ft6c meaiure. North River barley, 44; oat?, North River, are down to 37 cent*. Rtar-Tho market i* very firm; (fenasee selling at *5 3'J- Very little Michigan or Ohio here; (ale* at $V36 The stock of New Orleans i? getting low; sales at $5,-.'6 n ft.37J; Howard street, $4,63; Alexandria and Richmond country, $4,87}. Brighton Celtic Market. Mosoav, A| ril 10, 1843.?At mm ket, 350 beef cattle, 300 <heep,and 1700 "Wine. 3o beef cattle unsold. raits.? ?IStcf Ca(ll*?Last week's price* were fully rut'iined, ntiu wo 0'tote th? same, >iz : a few extra at $6 09} I'rst ()tiality $4 J.? a .<.00; second quality $4,60 a 4 76; third quality, $4 a 4,60. Shrrp? Male* were made at $7,76 to $3 76. Stain*? Lot* to peddle for3Jc for lows, and 4|c for harrow*; old b, now* 4}c. At retail from 4 to 6}c. Married, n tlio 6th in?t. by the Rev. Itaac Leaser, B. Likrkr. to Rachki., youngest daughter of D.Cromelien, of rhllaacl. phia, Fa. OM, On Thursday, 13th iust. Elisabeth, wife of Ludavich llarjiel, in the 00th year of her age. His friends and acquaintances, and those of the family, are res|>ertliilly invited to attend her funeral, without further invitation, from her late residence, 107 Allen street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. On Thursday, 13th inst. Mr. Tuosus Kielly, aged 39 years. The friends an<l acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 4 Ou Thursday evening, 13th init. Groans; Eun??, only son of James D. and Maria Waring, aged 5 months and 14 days. . Passengers Arrived. Livr.RpooL?Packet ship South Americs?S F Train, Boston; W F1 Panne, O C Casswell, of Knyland; Julius Myers, of ijerlin; iter <? Morris, Philadelphia?and upwards of 120 in the steerage. i'orsign linportatluiit. Carton?Ship Splendid?36 chts 21 hf do 481 13'bins 731 6lb do hvtou4l8chts44i9 hf do 300 I'ilb bxs 500 I3lb do yonuu hvsnn 890 chtst6 hf do by.on skill Win hf do twsnkay 177 hf do 28 7lh hss l"0 121b do 500 0|b do 200 I2lb camusti-rr tunpnwder 3 hf rhts 200 13 b bis lf>0 I2lb canuislers imperial 717 hf chts bohea 28S hf do souchong 720 b?s 418 hf chts pouchmig 262 hf do 90 bv? Congo SO J piculs cassia 14 bis h'litons 20 rs silks 9 bxs lacquered ware 2 do indse 1 do sundries N L Si O Griswold. I. iv icr pool?-Shin Booth America?2 pkgs John Wallace?70 J M iry b sou?12 11 N Peck h co?3 II Aguew?I Carmichaal k Siience?I A Kobsonj~ I Homer.Fouhi* k co? I B Hicbards ?I F Tomes St son?17 w Whitewriglit?I H Ifiwiug?3 A O Peck k co?11 Brown, Shiplev k co?4 Thompson ken?I Worrell, Wood b Coat*?9 Lewis kco?21 tinnerk co?9 R Tinsou 8tco?25 Jno Uihon k co?11 logins St Scott?10 Barclay fc Livingston?2 James Wood senr?1 Stone k cc?3 C AkOK Kverson?3 Coffin, Bradley boo?12 Adams. Homer k co?2 J K Howland b sons?3 >' W Churchman, c( Philadelphia?I J Hood?3 A Kuss-H?12 Orant b Barton?1 A W Spies k co?5 J A New bold?I W Barton?37 Godfrey, Pattisoii b co?1 Thus Mellor. riuladelp'iii?7 Fletcher k Leach?7 Tooker, Mead b co?2 D Madden b sou?9 Webb b Douglass, Albany?3 Nnvina b co?' J Connan?I Thus Mottram b co?C Foulds, Stobo & co?24 Sands, h'oi b co?2 (1 H Swords?0 W W Clies'er b co ?27 Suydam, Sage b co?4 J Robinson itcn?7 <1 K Bill.Claik k co?1 Medatead b Dash?3 pkgs 11 anvils Townseiid b co-6 ( kits Shrldon, Phelps & c??2 Harvev b Slagg?II J Robinson b co?1 J B Klliinaa?13 Uiitterfieldlb Fisher?I J Napier?12 Richardson b Watson?1000 bxs lin plates Phelps. Hodge b co? 1 pkg Balei, Tuiuer b co?2 J C Ilowe kco, of Boston?I O Howe, do?2 11 't Kendall, do?1 Alinv. Pattisoii k co, do?111 T Chapman?17 F. Boker k co?4 Lewis Atterbnry?3 Watt b I Itnaeiiciai u?1 W B Bond?6 J Gihon k co?4 J Nicholson?4 I J W Chsnncey Js co?9 J C J-ckson?1 L Sh rry b co, J Warren?I W Kcmhle?I Hall Bros?4 W F H.sradeu be ? 2.J Owen?2 Hasluck b ci ?1 Garner b co?2 T Swanswick? 2029 bars irou Boorinau, Johnston b co??11,670 in gold R Withers? 2.7,000 sovereigns Brown Brothers b c i?70 tons coal BtB sacks salt C II Marshall?lundry plsgs to order. (PSisal?Brig Forest?550 bales licmp 30 tons logwood Underhill & McKiuley?200 bale* licuip Bouchaud til Thebaud?(i do deer skins A I'atrullo. M A RI TTMEHER AL D. Ship Masters and Agenta We shall nteem it a favor, if Captains of Vcueli will give to Commodore Robert Silvkt, of our Newt Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, the Vcttelt Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Canto, and anv Foreign Newspapers or Newt they may hare. Me will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they cau obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, APRIL II, Itm 5 25 I FULL MOON 9 45 turr sets 6 3G I hioh water 8 21 Cleared. Rhip Liverpool, Ehlridge, Liverpool, Woodhull & Mintnrn. ?Basque Clarissa, Luiu. Nantes, Bulger lit IVck.?Brigt Purilin, Ulmer, Hamburg, W Weissrr; Roarer, Corning, Maranham and a market, E Coining It Hon; Olive, Jeffrev, St Jobn?. NF. Tbo? Winnictt; Triumph, Harding, Mobile, A Ok AW Bt h?on; Voltaire, Sleeper, New Orleans, J El well & Co; E D Wolfe, Renton. Franklin, La do do; Cornelia, Patten, Bath, Me. do do.?Schtt Weymouth, Conch, Richmond, Allen Ik rasson. Arrlrcd. Ship Splendid, Land, from Canton and Macao, Dec. 30, wiLli teas. etc. to N L. Ik G Oriswntd. Ships Prohus, Sumner, and Caroline. Kabent, and larque Valparaiso, Lockwood, sailed for New York 3 days before. P-cketship South America, Bailey, from Liverpool, March 8, with milte, loC. H. Marshall, aud Uootlhue U Co. The S A. hat had a pleasant voyage of 3i days. Nothiug of rmimrtance to report, not having seen a ship boned to the westward since leaviug Liverpool, and only one bound to the east. Has her n 16 days from the Benks of Newfoundland, where the weather was sever*. I'aeket ship All)my, Watson, from Havre, Feb. 24,wiihmdse, to Wm. Whrllock, Jr. Barque Sardius, Liudscy. from Montevideo. Jan. 1, Rio de Janeiro Feb. 3. via Pernainburn. in ballast, to D. 8t 8. Bokee.? Left at P. whale sbi(> Java, of New Bedford, 560') bills oil. tat iust. lat 27, l?n65 40. passed brig Eliza. 4th, lit 31 40, Ion 70 30, passed brig S >| hia, of North Yarmouth, steering 9. Bremen barque Constitution, Thotmann, 88 days from Gottenhnrg, with 200 ions Iron to Oelnchs Ik Kruger. Sailed in co. wi h brig Jdelstta, for NYork. fli boreal, Olmsread, from Sisal, and II days from Havana, w<;li hemp, &r. to Underbill St McKiuley. Left at Sisal, tchr Te>as, ldg. At Havana, shin Hellespont, di.<g. 30tk ult. otf LMC i-iuiv, uanjuc vunicas, If ua>l ll'flll 1JUSIUU, UUUI1U to Havana. Sclir Bophrouia, Farnhatn, C days from Lubcc. with platter, lo mas'rr. Schr Splendid, Birch, 8 days from Calaia, Me. with lath, to mailer. Below. One (hip, unknown. aeneril Record. Schr Paul. Jonks. Swift, from NYork for Nortli Carolina, (pinUK a leak on the 8 h, ami had to ruu ailiore 4 mile* South of Cape Henry lisht, to keep her from link. LrioAshore?A biiit was driven aihore near the Wailiwoodi, btlow Cape Henry, in the tijuall on Monday. Whalemen. The Flora, at New London 7th inst. brought 2200 bblj wh and S0? *p oil. The Geo U Mary, at Edgaitown 10th, ssw Ian 14th, a ship showing a s-gna' blue, white "ml red, with W W in the middle, ( apposed the Win Wirt, of Fiirhaven ) Off \'e* Zealand Oct 2J, Mt Vernon, Shearman, NB, with 2200 Mils wh an>l 30J in. Sailed from Bay ol Island* Oct 24, Henry Tuke, Wataon, of Warren, HI. for Port Nicholson. Spoken. Liberty, Norton, from New Vork for Lirerpool. no dtte, lat 39 30, Ion 67 31. She had experienced rough weather. Porelcfri Ports. Liverpool, March 6?Arr Geo Hallet, Howea, Savannah; Gen Washington, Madinry; Ontario. Holmes; Rappahannock, Druirnnond; Ville de Paris; D iltf, Kairley; and C.ilrdonii Brsiidrr, New Orleans; Constitution: Bintiey, Thomas, and BrookIvu, Kichardsin, Charleston: Alhamhra, Fuller, and Gleudower. Parson*. Motile; Na'hl Hooper. Candler, Stvannah. Jth?Arr Geo Washington. Burrows, NewVo-lt; Memphis, Knight; Columbia, llalley; Windsor Castle, Oloyer; Charlotte, Teriy; Claiborne. Burgess; Saul Hicki, Barker, and Etpindola, Barstow, New Orleans; Alabama. Fuller, Savannah; linger Sherman, Nichols,sua G-nev?,ColTio, Cliailesion; Lsiisauue, M.irev, and Dtmatcm, Bliss, New loik. Sid Formosa. Crass lord, Apajachicnla; Jupiter, Hose. Mobile 4, h?Air Splendid, Crocker, Savannah; Geneva, NOrleans.? , Shi Ann Armstrong, lloltou, do. The Geo Washington, from New Voik, reports thst oi the j 2till Feb. in lat 48. Ion 19 spoke the Balius and the St Domingo. which had spoken the American slops Clarissa Andrews and Taroliota, and reported, that the caplnin (Smith) of the latter had been washed overboard some days before, while lay- , ing to. i The Geo Hallet, from Savannih. reports that ou the 2d, in lat 48 Inn 10, spoke the Wiudso- Caitle, from Bombay for this | poit, disrrasied. having been ill contsct with the Berlin, from New Or'eans for this port. Tne lat'er had only received Hilling damage, and was keeping company with the Windsor Castle. Deal, March 2?Sid Joseph Cnnard, Mobile. Ouriins, March 4?Arr Mediator, Nidi, Off St Alhak's Head, Marcn 1?Marianne, Baltimore for Bit men. r>. , M....I, i c.. v.,,., ra.i..... c . i Br. me* Off Sahdoai e, March 1?Ncrio, from Charleston for Ant- ' werp. 8.n?8!d Hebe. NYotk. Off port, Columbus. Cole, from N York, anil United Slates, hound in. In port?Binuey, Wind?T Castle. Kspin lola, Spleudrd, Ahbolt Lord, Damascus, Oc- 1 tavia, ( harlotie, < ornnc |iiHalcyon, Ontario. Sheridan, Geo Washington, Arab. Lotus, Orlando. Gazelle, Alhambra, Ville de Puis, Potom ic, Morning Star, Aldebtran, Ca'edonia Brander, Minerva, Rappahaanock, Oondo'a, Lausanne, Claiborne, Roger Sherman, Arethusa, Delhi, Memphis, Samuel Hicks, Amethyst. Macao. Dec 29??ld AUbar, Dumarerq, INYoik; Caroline, Fallens, do; 28th. Prohus, Sumner, do; Oscar, Evrc, do Arr 28 Is, Bashaw. Niautic, Hepburn, tor New Yi.ik, was nearly ready when ihe Splendid left; also. Panther, Lockwoed, destination not mentioned. Whasitoa. Dec 30?In port, Mary Ellen, Henry; Ora'ton, Gardlu r, and Calumet, Leach, for United States, Idg. Arr27tli, Jessore, Walker. Hataisa. March 2fi?Arr Piince de Joinville, Gardner, Savannah; Confluence, Bailey, Newport. 3ld Cslcntta, Parks. Boston. Arr 27th, Natcher., Lindsry, from Boston; Czarina, Gray, Charleston; 30ih, Frances Loniss, Wehh, Btili; Poland, Smith. ( Savannah. Sid Cordelia, Crockett, Portland; Benjamin, Lnnt, Ballimor-. Pont all PnnvcE, March 2'.?In port. Win Neilsnn, Morri?. 6 diis and 23 hours Ijoin N York, the shortest passage ever mail*. A Mublrhrad schr also had arrived. A Bctlan brig was to sail in about a fortnight. St Jiiii.v, April c?Arr Fiiendship, Malian, New York; i Magnolia, Seaman, Philadelphia. t Home Ports. h n askfoht, April 8?Arr Charter Oak, ( ) Howes, Boston. 1 Sid 7th, Tamerlane, Hproul, Martinique. 1 PoHTi.arvd, April 10?Cld Tallmadge, Waite, Surinam. Sid c Larch. ai.d Financier. Boston, A' ril 12?Arr Brenda, Swett, Chesapeake Bay.? i Signal for a slnp. Cld Nahant. Winsor, N'Orleans; Christian, <1; Geo Ryan lC geis, Amsterdam and East Indies; Venezuela, Randell, G. not; Palm, Howes, Philadelphia; Ciuderelli.Croweli, do; Oscar, Baker; Wnlcoit, Ryder; H A Ai>pletnn. Nirkerson. and Florence, Lovrli. NYoik. Arr llih, H Si R'dgeley, Prinole, Weymouth for N York. f EoriABTowtt, Aptu 9?Arr Freeman, 8|iear, N York, and rcm-ilied llth. with 7 or 8 others hound F.. Hoi mas Hole, Apnl 10?Arr Hoanofce, Baltimore for Ban- r gor; llih.Commerce, Besinsi for .Nlfoik, and sailed, together with all the t este's in |i irt. Providence. April II?Arr Henry F'rsnkiin,Wright,Georgetown, Si ; Gtlasv, Urightann. and June, Doane. Btltimore; Motto. Rscki It. H iv River. NC; Moses Eddy. Bliven. and 1 Midi*. Denn-a, N York. n HagTrniap, April lit?Arr Cabot, Stuart; Mary Elizabeth, v Strickland, do; Tryall, Turner, do. t' PniLAnn.rHiA. April U?Below, Lawrence, Curtia, from X Havana Arr Thomas Ireland, Sonera, Boston; New Convey- 'J, Turner, NYork. Cld bather Eliza, Kier, 9' John, NB; . Cnili vine Amanda, Teal, NYork: Michigan, Allen, do, 1 kitervTOft, NC. April ll?Arr Albemarle, Long, Writ ladae*. P CllARI.eiTOIV, April 10?Arr Nej ide. (Ham) Toggenhrock. Vera Cmt; Eagle, ruller'nn, Beaton. Cld Harbinger,Tliomp- ?. aon, Oltiitow; Honerrd, Bnr'er, Weat Indiea. 1 SavanvaH April B?Arr Robert later, Sherman, Liverpool; " Hanover, Martin, Prrvitlrner; Clinton, Lyon.NYork; Billiniatale gwift. Boiton; Love, Niekrraon, do. Cld Alliance, Tncaer, Liverpool; Nelaon Vill'gr, ( Br( Oillira, do: Commerce, Lull, Kingaton, Jam; L Baldwin, Bnlkler, NYorlt. 81d Caro- i line, Mwaaey, Matantaa; Ann I), Bedell, NYork. I, Moan.v., April 6?Arr Peter Hafirirk, Port, Havre; Huron, ^ Payne, Liverpool ( Id Lorenv Urquhar', Hivre; Win Badger, Coffin, Havana; Science, Kllioti, Liverpool. New ORLr.aina, April t?Arr Tynan, Jackaon and Hercn- S Inn, Hotmi-a, Livei.ool; William. Bacon, New York; Unraa, Si Thomi aon. Havana; Selim. Perritt, Kingitnn, Jam; Leiingion, Uickm-n, Wairen, HI; Metallic, Hirnonaon, Thomaaton; Bil- , low, ( Uil N ill, Ue'izr, Hntulmaa; Sage, Knhy, Charlearon; I Vclipae, Weldn . lioaton. Ilelow, Vicioiia, ( Br ) C'd Ohio, Hatch, Mobile; B nw')*. Gay. Liverpool; Hudaon, Burkmiii ' B-l. too; T Street. VcCouili'll, llav ma; Lion, Peteiaoo, New Yi-'k; A: dr acogain, Uavia, do; Veimillion, Jonea, do via Bit- f S?mIi Ann J mi, C->(lin, Brli*o, Uon. Arr 3d, Crrole, Murray; % Plato. Cli ue, a n! Alt uml'tl'nrnfr, Havre; Monaonn, H?i- h< left, Antwerp. Jonltli Kinlni, Wilrnr. Philadelphia; VVnknlU, Johnnon, and Demerara, Blnrchard, New York; Hoy 11 'Shini, Krctir, Qradalnii|>r; Pro*j, Bradford,Ht Thomn; (Jt n Wayne, | Kobnieon, Chnrlcatown, Anna, Pout, Cnmneachv; Jae Franr.ia, 1 Payne, Vtrn Crnr. Cld Paolhen, Denuia,New York; Tarittii, e B.iratow, and Echo, Sill?J.iv*ri>ool; Edward. Jannev, London; < Attakaiwa, Ha; ilni; Amethyat, Wooatrr; Loretto, Hendrraon, * and lliohinonil, Heavy, NYork; Larkin Mnow. Preaay; ('avion, Smith; B H Field, \ an Uolder, and Yallialla, Hayuea, Phila * delpbw. a WANTED TO PURCHASE?A substantially buil twsstory aud attic or three storv brick ilwellittK ho??? situated in Williamsburg or Brooklyn, withlu * lets iniiioirs w.ilkorilia I'n U Slip Ecriy,Willninrburn, or the *ui tin Kerry. Brooklyn. Any person hiving ?urh to dispose ot, and w Him to sell ?t i low price, may l.evrof acish customer by sdlrrssing a noti attting price, location, ? hen the premises could be seen, fcc.ti L J hogtjePark Post Ofee. N. B.?A house not yet n n'ed for the ensuiug year would be prefeireil. and the price must he low. al4 3tr DAH fNKH WANTED?The proprietor of on" of'lie mosi I fnhtonsble and |ioful?r Hoteli'in the neighborhood of Nr? York,!* willing to lake as partners respect ,Me young inni win w>H devote his lime end attention to hnsisess. The establishment is now ia complete Older in every reepeci end iu successful ncera'inn A cash capital of$t MO will be required, wilhout winch suit and undonb ed referrncei of reipertability, application will b? useless. Lifers addrctied to "Hotel," at toe Bookstore, 4S9 Broad wit. 8. W corner of G/aud street, w ill meet attention, alt 3ti?*r WANTED?Employment by a coin|ietent person to distii bote circulars or t>ost bills. A Id,< si L. M. at this office altltr H7-ANTKD-A fir t rate ttockswav wagon, stront Iv Rll ?* and well finished, with sh'fls and p le, iron nx'es am double scars. A-ply at ltl Grand street, from eight to tet o'clock in the morning. all 3t*r WAN'i'KU?A silus'lon as Uirdener hy Julius W. Paulser a married man, with a small lamily, who was for foni years gardener to J. A. I'errr, Esq., at Brooklyn. Havini these ten yens past made the insiiagrmen't and architecture ol green and forcing-houses his particular study, he recom mends his services eith'r to a gentleman dpsirous of erecting new green-houses, or where a choice collection of exotica ii t? be cultivated. He is eUn a vegetable gatdener Kor refer ences apply to J A. Perry. Esq., No. to Broadway, or Ramue Stevens, Esq., No. 2 Wall struct. A few lines addressed tc J. W. l'A Ul,SEN, care of the German Society, 103 Kultoi street, will meet with strjrt attention. rn30 2wkr ripo TAILORS -Wanted a Tailor from New Yoik.amar ' who liasliad 3 org years experience in a fashionable retail clothing store, who is a good coat cutter and salesman, tit must be capable of overs,eing the putters and wnrhhatuli, which number about one hundred. The situation will he open until the 16th iust Arplications made in person if possible O' by letter pos* pai I. The situ itinn will be a pleasant and per mauent ens to thois answering the above d-scr>ption. None other ured arply, at it. T. SHEPHERD'S, ap 13 3t 95 Chesout it. CROTON BATlf?WM. MADDEN respectfully begi lusvo to apprise bis lYicioli and the public, lint he MM optued a Battling Hons-, at the Northeast corner of E?s Broadaviy eed Catliarim; st-ert,?It comprises fourteen tonne for Warin or Cold aud Vapor Baths, which adjoin an ?iri spicious sitting room, fronting on East Itniadway. fiirnislii'i Mid ornamented to the taste of I ha luxiiri )U?. a 14 3t*fsi m i QOTKIK AT THE BROAUWAY TAB!EtNAOLK b'ridty, April 14 h. 7 P M-PROFESSOR GREEN BANK AND Mil. HENRY RUSSe LL. i nwun MTiiMi1. 1? Divine Invocation, bv Rev. Dr. Dc Witt. 2?Oration by Professor Gre> nb-uk, of England. 3?Sacred Melodi?"The Pilgrim's Address to the Deily,"? Wrilten by H'-nty John Shaipe, of New York, ami sum by Mr. Hemy lluisell Thou rcignest. O God, iu realms of Light, Majestic, solemn, an i alone; In adoration to thy might, Creation bauds beneath thy throue. The thunder's roar, the lightning's glare. The murmuring of the boundless sea, Are but the universal prayer Which nature offers up to thee. 4_"The Genius of Universal Temperance,"? a Nations Anthem, written hy Henry John Bharpe, of New Yorli The Muric brlienrv Hussell. Kesprctfully (Indicate by the Author aftd Composer to the Americin Tern peranee Union. In the strength of yo >r might, from eat h mountain and valley Frieuds of Temperance, arise! the time is at handAround its broad standard, we'll rally, we'll rally. While the stai-spangled banner lloats over our landThen let the proud eagle sp-ead his wings wide aaunder. And break from the trammels which strive to enchain; If we tire in our strength, it we rtiealt hut in thunder The Gcnina of Temperance will tl-nrirh again. If we rise in our strength, it we so* ak Inst in thundet The Genius of Temperance will tlourish again, Stc. Surg by Mr. Hnsiell. 5?SCKNA?The Dream of the Reveller; or the Three Ilnnsei Hung by Mr.Russell at the Great Temperance Meettue held in the long ronm at Evelcr Hall, London, iu th prea-nc of over 3000 persons. Words by Charles Macbav, Eaq Around the board the gnests were met, the lights above then beaming. And in their enpa, replenish'd oft, the ruddy wine was stream ing. Their cheeks were llusli'd, their eyes were bright,their hearts with pleasure bounded. The soug was sung, the Mast was given, and loud the revel sounded. I draiu'd mv bumper with the rest, and cried, "Away witl sorrow!" Let as be happy for to-day, what care wa for to morrow 7" Bat as 1 spoke my sight grew dim, and tlnmber dtep came o'e me, And. mid the whirl of mingling tongues, this vision pass'd be fote me?Ac. Suag by Mr. Russell. 6?Recitation?The Ram Maniac. By Prof. Greenback. 7?SCENA-The Gambler's Wife; Words by Dr. Coats. Dark is the night! How dark: No light, no fire! Cold on the hearth the last fain' sparks expire! Shivering she watches by the cradie'a side, For hitn w ho pledged her love' Last vear a bride. Hark! 'tis his footstep*! No,'tis gone! List: l ist! how wearily the time rolls on! Whv should he leave me tliusl He onee was kind; And I believed 'twould last! How mad! how blind! Rest th^e, my babe! Rest on. *Tis hunger's cry! r? eep; ior wiere-s no i iou: mo louni is ury . Famine anil cold (heir wfiivinn work lave done! My heart innst bieak! and itioa!?the clock strike! one. Sunn by Mr. Hussell. 8?CANTATA?"The Maniac." By Mr. Huuell. Borne years since a gentleman of fortune was ronvcyed to lu 11 at in asylum, and there confined. The persons that accon panied him took an oaili to those entrusted with the care of tl establishment, to the (act of hit being a maniac. The moi the unfortunate gentleman implored to be released, the moi forcible were the keepers couvinced ol the fact of hit being ii sane. The treatment he received soon affected hit reason ; h became frantic anil died. The strangers that carried him to tl asylum were supposed to hsvs been hired by some relative to whom his property would revert after his decease. 9?Centals?"The Drunkard." By JVIr. Russell. a!4 lt*i MK. HENRY RUSSELL respectfully announces that h last Vocal Knt'rtainiaent will take pla e on Tuesda evening neir, the 18th April, at Niblo's Saloon, bsmg posit n ly his last appearance for the season, on which occasion he wi have the honor of presenting to the public a selection of hi most porular compositions IC?" T'ckrts 50 rents, to he ob'ainrd at ths Mntic Fteres o Jas. L. Hrwiit tt. Co , and Mr. Atwill's. Conceit to commence at II o'cl .ck. all 3t*rc M" AUTICAL, M'tin-matical and Commercial Academy, no I a-' opened, at No. 27 Cherry st. near I'earl, opposite Mating in Yard?Nnvigatinn LunaiOt,serrations,praciical use ofChrononi eters, complete at reduced prices, by a practical teacher fur thi last 20 years, claiming the attention of seaman; an obaervator with instruments,and large globes,for astronomy.geography,sni knowledge of heatenly bodies. Practical surveying,architecture bridge huildH.g and engineeiing in the fields, with the initru ments, by an old practitioner. Arithmetic by a very vain abb treatise, the foundation of all the mathematics, worthy mbln attention. Writing in |< lessons. Ladies and gentlemen stteni different hours. B ink-keeping, mensuratiou, gnaging with ths rods, with a full course of practical matheinatica, 8tc. t?URh both in day time and evenings, at accommodating prices, in ai unusual short time, perfectly with a facility. The public art iuvitrd. By Capt. M. T. II AND, Professor A- R Co. a!3 3teod#r UTRAW GOODS-L. BENNETT, Impeiter and Maau kJ ficttirer, respectfully informs his custoineis that he ha: opered for ihe season with a splendid assortment of ladies fashion,able Straw Goodj, vir.?Fancy Schell and Imperial, o the most superior iiuality, Prince Albert. Ori, ntal iud Kreucl Lace Hats, of vanoni pattenis; white Siberian Hair, Whale Ii me, Amazon, French Dunstable, Italian, Rutland, Tuscat Bonnets, Stc He also has the pleasure of informing the ladiet that lie hsi iiut received a beautiful new share, the Orleans O'psee, oti? of the most becoming patterns that has ever been introduced into ilrs market. N. B ?The store will he removed from 78 John street, on the first <T M iv hi vr, to 21 John ? ret t. a 11 Itn' rc " llOSHViLLK BOARDING SCHOOL, bTATKN " ISLAND. Hwesthoi.p respectfully inform his friends and the public, that his school will reopen on the lit of May. P.ienis and euardiats are also infnimrd H. W. makes it a l>oint ol conscience to guanl in every possible way the morals ?f children cninmit'ed to his rare, from Inur to twelve years ol ije. Heading, writing, orthography, ari'hmatie, geography liid grammar taught. The location is delightful and healthy; the orchard, gardens and play ground are spacious; ahont tea minutes walk from the landing. The steamboat Rainbow leaves Bar'lav street ??erv d?y at 3 o'clock, lor Kossville. Terms, for board and tuition, including washing, $<5 pel luartrr, paid iu advan-e. {Inferences Hev. David More, Htaten Island. w. N. Seymour, Esq., 4 Chatham Square, N. v H-nrr Stewart bream, Eiq , Staten Island. Win I mllam, Etq., 121 Brekman street. John Q lian. Esq , 3" Monroe street. Messrs. Cotvill aud Fleming. Esq., 14 C?dar street. Kapt Edward Ferb, Esq.. Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs. V' rian. 21 E'drilge street New Vors. s!4 lm*r NOTICE. MESSRS. H \RNDEN ken. hace disposed of their Phils I'elphia, to Mesirs. HATCH Ik CO., who will coiilinue the Iris iness, aud to whom they wouM recommend tbeir former patrons, HARNDEN It CO. ill 21 r ANiviAt, magnetism. MR. H KIDD, by partirnlar request will deliver two more Lecinres on this verv i nportant snlyect, iu Concert Ha'l, oil Friday and Salnrdav Evenings, April 14 h and 13th. The * eriments will he new and highly interesting. Tickets of Admiision I2X cents. Doors in en if ~ .nd I > ni'"in'rrr at 7"< o'clock. ?11 2f rn DK. GREG* >RY?Rooms for confidential consultations, at aD hours of the d.av and ereniig, at N . II B wcl ly street, tear Broadway. Dr. O h is published a small bo k on sertain nivate dii< aset, that will he ol great advai Uge to those who na need tin-b# st advice privitely. The mice is'0 cent-,at the Joctors honsr in Barclay streit, ami a'so, at the Drug Stores No. 70 and 103 Fulton st; Not. 43 and 188 B'wery ? No. 77 East Jiosd'?ay, corner Market st, aud No. l4ti Dclancy sf, corner >1 SufT Ik s . Dr. Gregory's pl'ti of treating his patients is to rare them borough1 v and as snerdy as possible, and for all this to eharge inly a moderate compensation. See Dr. U.'s advertisement on the rutsidc of the Herald. a'4 lt*r w/ houh:, NOS ft 8r '6 BROADWAY, NErV YORK. rHE SUBSCHIBEKS rsip-ctfiilly announce to hi ir friends and the public, that in conformity wiih ihe times,they have educed the prices of board, fcc., to the following rates:? Board, i*r d'y, (I M) do do Private Table, 2 no Private Pailor per day, 2 (0 Tlicy take (lis mipcrtuuiiy also of staling, that ihsy have rer?i d thi ir lease for a teim of yea's, .and that they are about aasi'ig e* cnsjre alterations in the interior cf ihe house, which rill he newly furui'hed and such improvements added as to ender it a most desi'sble residenct for strangrts and families isiiit g the cty Thr situition is Very pleasant, being in the lwer part of Broadwiy, within a few minutes walk of the lattery and the Philadelphia, Boston and Albany steamboat Hidings; ami also in the immediate vicinity of the huiiness irtion of the city. Their table will always l>? sopp'ied with the best provisions nr markcis affiird, to which will nc added every delicacy of ae srason, ami iheir wines (in wh'ch a la'ge deduction has een made) are of the most choice selection. OHM8BEK ?t CARTER, *W3t*m Proprietors Jt \ FEW OET1.C.MEN of steady litints can be accnmmo"V. dat'd with good boird and pleaa int rooms in a private lame r, M "/in r am u arrrei. /\m>, n irw nay noim-rs cau oc rte.cominland nn (he mnat reaaonthle term. A parlor aud bail room > let, willi or without hoard aj rc bC REWARD Wi I ba p i I to auy prr-on who will re)" rum ili? Dm) taken fiom 113 Houaloa atreet, aiid noipueimi* naked. ?I3?C JUR8K LOST?% ifraao [Orae, containing thraa hank nnlaa, a til), ti 'liil $1. a'ld mma i hinge. The fi d rwillb? ni'ahli" rewarded mi ie?loriu|t it to the owner, at S'i O-eenfici <ireal. all >'*?c JOLD FOIL k GOLD LEAF?D.ntnn Foil ??s in par T or, warranted iqnl to any in the city. Alio Bi'd leaf 0,' li;. r | k full ii/r, 3,t? mrhea, fur caah, at ill- ma uficlnry, I Head- rlraet. J. L. WAUU11. alJ lw_i?#ec MILLIARD TABLES FOR SALE AND ROOM I'D ' LET, at a low rant, conta mint four tahlaa and ererv ihirg omplete, diuntt a (food buainaai; for a.ila cheap, together or riwrinlv Ifii I ?oid *1 priiate ?ale by the J5th inatant, the rnole wiil ba mid at public aala. For p irticu'ara arqnira at the pramiaaa, corner ol Bioadway ml Leonard at, A limn arum Hotel. N.JL?Onu very Hue Slate bad Table. a!3 ii3t*i i AUCTION SALES. [ THOMAS BKI.' .Auctioneer. BY BKM. 8c llbWAHD. 5BirrNoi.tS -Ann mi! US hiltenilrtit.) i KKIDAY. > At l?K o'clock in ihe aalearooie. Tti? uiual exteuaivr snl? of choice dry irooUa, fancy and I nlrtJttcd uooda. of all deaeriplinna. in cotitiuaatioti. 8ATUBDAY. t Katenaive aale ol furniture of all dMcrijitinna, ie the aalra ' Al?o, Lite entire handeoine fnmiture of three families git ion iiii housekeeping; renrYfd for convenience of aale. MONDAY, Annl 17. r At 10>< o'clock at 16 Mottatreet. H.ile ol genteel furniture anil splendid paintings, the property , of an mnuleur Tt.e Parlor Furniture it handsome?there it a mperb s iteen barrel organ, tome brd room furniture, kitnhen utensila, me. Tlie Panning* an- gems. aoil tech ea are rarely met with At 12 o'clock tu the tali t room, luinietliately after the tale to Moot street Larue Sale of Pplendid arcond hand and now Piano Fortev? I Will be sold be catalogue and without reterye, 13 attretb uew anil second hand Piano Fortes, by the belt makers in the world. . Some lake wi It them the guarantee. TU K8D A Y, llth, At 10 o'clock, at 96 Liberty at. Large Sale ol Fnrniture?Will he ao'd the entire furrittire of the aliore lour OtOry MOM, BOW OCOOpiad >s a genteel boarili ma lioua e. comprising M rooms, poliora, drawing noma, kttchr en uteuaila, Ike. t WEDNESDAY, Arr.l 19 I" At KlK o'clock.^ corner of Oliver and Madiaon sit Fvtensive Sale of Furniture?The entire atnek of a furniture r dealtr, comprising ? general and valuable van. ty. i THUHBOAV, Anil 2o At l''H o'clork. at R6tCltlT<(.' I Fmiit'nre Hale?The entire furniture ol tl,? ahom houm. ' A ' AHI)? S. PHtLI.II'P, Auctioneer, ' M'rolluiiy nit nr na I 1 A the public tba' he baa made hia usual ethcient arrangement* to attend personally to out door aalei of Furniture in any put , of the city. Families breaking up housekeeping, by leaving I their orders at the atore of \l?aara. Hwilt St Hurlbu', 173 Water afreet, will be mnifonii I v attended to. all It'r | BENJAMIN MOIINEv, Auetioneer. Auction notice.?Perfutney, Faacv Oooda, ic.-ll MOONKY St CI), will sell this day at 10 o'clock, at iJ M tidan Lane, by order of manufacturer's agent, a superior as' aortment of a'l kiudsaf perfumery, eitracts.l'aucy goods, soaps, Ste.. well wortliy the nitration M the trade. Alan, the three aetts of Ma-a1- St Shepherd's sample carda uu, sold on last tab?with which the tale will commence, i Alto, a fine lot of cutlery. t Alio, oue itonsafe. all lt*r 1 ~ ~H7?OVJ>,p9QN. AuctioreerT^ I AU'-IJU'V i1"'J,|I;K.-!*AUIjKKY ANI> niAUH I 21 HARDWARE Auction Sale?JACOB -I. l'LATl will r sell this day,at Id o'clock, at 21 Piatt it (a catalogue oflu psges) nu entire stock of bnsi and silver plated and j ipaned sadlerv, h'rness aod coach maket'a hard ware, at. I all other goods tu the me. in nHtult lots for tin- trHcl?. Also, English No 10, C alioy thr-ad. A'sn, an invoice of Kugliih bridles. Alto, Patent tnail axels, saddletrees, cotton, worsted, aud str lining webli. . N. B.?Catalogues arc now ready aud the sale will be peremptory aud without reserve. alt lt*r BELMONTHHOUSE, NKW BRIGHTON. fTMlE subscriber begs leave to inform his friends and the pub A lie, that lie lias taken the above well known bouse, wtncli Has been thoroughly repaired aud painted in the best in tuner, newly furnished thiouttliout, anl will he opened on the first of M>v nest. The bouse is delightfully situated immediately opposite the steamboat landinv, and from its piar/.u c unma-ils a vi-w i xI tending up ike Kills aud over the hsy nu l nubou'of Mew York. To th'isde esirous of a pleasant residence during the J slimmer months, possessing the advantages of fine silt watel r bathing, together with beautiful drives and walks, am1 couve nient access tc. the city every two lionrs by steam, the Belmont , House offers inducements unsurpassed by any other on the Island, and the subscriber trusts that his former efforts to give satisfaction as proprietor of the Pttiltmi, with bis renewed determination to spere no p.litis to render Ins house agreeable, will ensure him the continuation of a psitiou of the patronage he has heretofore been favored with. UEOROE riKHlH, Nv w HmoHTON, April 12, 18t3 in !Si?tfr A LL NATlOMrt HOTEL. No. Ill Broadway, usgt below TV City Hotel.?Table d'H te from 12 till 5 P V.. in the sitperb Saloons, (huge for Utuuer 25 cei ts. The bill of Kara t shall not be surpassed by any es ablishmetit in the city. Hand:, somely furuisbed hedronms can be procu-ed from to $3 per e week, or 53 cents rer tl >v. N. B.?Private Dining Rooms for Pa'ties, Sic. On the ground floor as you enter on Bread way or Thames l stn et there are lonr beiuiiful BO W LI NO ALLEYS, in perfect ordsr and neatly oruamented, for which amusement th" charges-re reduced Irom 25 cuts to I2'4. You ascend the el rgant marble stairs, there yon find D'liiug and Lodging Booms I uur<|ualled in this country for neatness and (legat ee. There is also a Billiard Sslo iu, unrivalled for hsintv, well vcatil-,ted and lighted, with lour elegant tables, under the direction oi Michael Ph lati and Joseph While, who are weM known ss po li lite suil gentlemanly persons in tl oir vocation, Ice. al2 3tis*r M SHADE* IN ANN BT.?1 o let, from 1st of May, this valuable aud old established sta"rt for a tavern: rent $600 and taxes. Apply to Mr. BAHNe.S, 31 li-rktnan street. all I *tgb ??? BLACK BALL, or Old Line ol LIVERPOOL WPyaFV Packets.?Regular Packet of 18th of April.?The JaagMusftnc fast sailing packet ship NEW YORK, burthen 1059 toes, Capt Thomas B. Cropper, will sail positively as above, her regular day. The accommodations of this maguificcnt packet, in cahin, 2<l cabin and steerage, will on inspection be found unei|uallud bv any vessel ntloat. Those returning to the Old Country will find it to their comfort ami advantage tostlect this conveyance, and as a number of her berths are already engaged, persons wishing passage, should make early application on board, foo' "ct"'"a" w hocHB^BKOTHEHS k CO., J.'i Fulton it, next iloor to the Kultnu 11 ink. P. 8. The Cambridge sails (roni Liverpool on the lit of May, ^tliote sending lor their friend*, can have them brought " out in her, or in any of the Packet! of thia magnificent Line, which anil from there puuctu illy on the 7th and 19th of each month. a Drafta on the Royal B?uk of Ireland, and on Meaars. Preacott v Orote, Ainea k Co.. baukera, London, which will be paid free le oi d recount or any charge, in every town throughout Lug laud, re Ireland, Scotland and Wales. e For p usage, lie , apply aa above. alfr ?* FOR LONDON?Packet of loth An'il?The anie and well known packet ship WESTMINIC -SSflfiaSTKR, Atwood, Moore, niaater, will aail a* above, her day. Can liandiomely accommodate a few more cabin,second cabin r ami steerage |vusengers, if early apulirati'in i* trade on board j the ahip or to JOHN HERON! AN, 61 South at. |* N. B.?P mage from London or Livrrpool, can at all tunes he engaged by the regular packet!, and draf'i furnished for any li arnuuut. payable throughout the United Kingdom, by applying ^ a* jibove^ alfr j m| FOR ALBANY, 'I'HOy, and Intermediate if CV 4* Pl*ec* ?Th" aptendid low pressure steamboat ^CwBJEL^lvAl.LliW, Captain McLean, will leave fo- foot oi t ourtlaudt itreet this Friday ufternoau, April y lft"'. at 5 o'clock. v Tne abovi ia a substantial[boat, fit'ed up with State .. Koorca, and for accommodation ia unrivalled ou the Hudaou. ? a II r i; -a Picufle's link for albany CU. ''VVd*Aiiil the intermediate places?The au"st*niinl SE__lk_uxL>trHinbo*( ROCHESTER. Cipt a P Sail t John, will leave the pier beiwreu Conrtlaudt and Liberty ata, thisaftemoo i, at 6 o'clock, Friday. April If ' For naaaage or fieighdaj ply ou board, or to P. C. Scliuhz, at 1 the office on the what I. > Passengers taking tlua boat will arrive in Albany ill ample t time to take the nmrniag train i?i cara ca?tor weat. alf Itr ; ~ >m sovVufTlot. CiWKN PRKBCOTT, Pilot, take* charge as master of vra " sels bound to New Bidlord, Nantucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmonlli, Portland, Kentiebec.k, and otiii.n forts ea t ' ol New Sork. Otfice at Frye k Siiaw'a, 2t3 Watrr street. 1 corner Beekman. Reference to a number ol Merchant', and the aeveril Insurance Campauiea iu this city, B"Stou, and ' Portland. alf linis*r KORTiVKRI'I hTLT?N E VV UN K? Regular wflifVPacket of 25th Apiil.?The Splendid Packet Ship i *WJS*.HI)IH)NS, Captain E. B. Cobb, of 10J3 tons, will positively sail aa above, her regular day. F'>r Ire.yhtor passage, having accommodations nueqnalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at (>rl?ari* wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. k. COLLINS k CO. 56 South rtrcat. Price of passage, $190. 'I ne Packet Ship Sheridan, Cai t. A. Depcyatcr, of 1090 sous. win succeru me ninnon*. ana ??:l the gSlh ot May, her regnlnr day. L. ttcrs tor the ships of this lino will only bo received at .Uil. pin's and Hair's News Hoom. Passengers mar rrlr on tlir shirs of this line tailing puticta styes ailve rtised a7c , ~old blaJTk ball, mnk ok packet wTjfVsHll'H?I'acvn of the l'r'> A">?jl?The woll known jBpMLtf>ret class packet shio NKW YORK, Oapt Cropper, will br despatched as above, hrr regular day. She has eicellent neenramodatoms for rahin ami steerage pass-'ngrrs?those withlUK to teenre hoiths will require !o make early application to JOHN HEKDMAN, 61 Month street. N. B.?Those senling for their friends residing in flreat Britain or Ireland, can arrauge for their passage by the regular picket ships sailing weekly from Liverpool, at the lowest rates. Drafts famished as usual lor anv amount, payable in all the principal towns throaghout the United Kingdom. Apply as ako'e. s7oc lAg- KOR 'i'MIKaTK?The superior ship HOOTLAN D I NfJJV' '> l,:i , to be pr mplly despatched K-rlreight JUUUmOi lor tustagr, having hand-omr ?crn;rim?datioiit, apt lv to O T THIMBLE, or ti allec BOYD St HINCKr.N. Brokers. Mkor Jacksonville and tola-Ka". East F l-irnli?The fine copper fas'ened schooner ONTROL,Captain Wallace, will ml on Satuidsy a liret lale acruinmodatioiis for cabin and s'err-ge passfpgers. For further pjrticu'ar* apply "ii board at the foot ol Itos' velt street, or to F. KNOWLES Jt SON, all ii*r II Washington street UKKAT REDUC I ION IN TUB PMIUB VV CL1REHUOH8 VENTILATING AND UOSSAMEK WIOS AND S'lALI'S. ce'ehrateil art cles have for many years held supremacy over all others in this country is well as in (smh In shape they are inidr to fir as the natural Inir grows. Tan a-e light, elastic, and fr'e from all disagreeable pressure. By all judges an>l wearers thc,v have been i liar icterised as 'Perfect lleuls of Hair," and mint he s'en to he appreciated. The character of Clirehugli's work is established for its superiority, and having a large stock oa hand, he has, according to the times, reduced the prices to the very lowest remunerating pr-'tit. In t'.e Hair Uniting Department, Mr. C. will be found alwai s "at home," and Will t ive his sole and undivided attention to all who wish to change countenance under the magic of his t-'in'li alt>t*tsr TO THK CITTZKNS OK NKW YORK RUSSIAN KKSAn SOAP. The subscriber his just received b<- the bark Ronble from Uroiistadt nine cases of this celebrated soar, which for shaving ami the toilette is nniuritas?ed. For shavmc. it is acknowledged bv those who have tut d il 10 be the moat superior article now in use If it now thrre ] > vara since this *rticl? was introduced itto the city of Boston, nil it hu been told to upwards of 8U00 persons, in every case . witli perfect satisfaction, iind n considered the purmi and cheapest familv soap that can be u?ed. r ;/ tale hythd dozen or cake verylow, by SAMUEL W. (HEEOH, No. 'J Tremont House, Boatin, ' P/icff 37X. 50 and 75 cent*, and SJ per cake, accordion to sir.*. The nuahtv of each cagr ii the same. N. B ? A liberal diieount made to wholesale pnrchaiera. nli i mli?3w?r " pa pick hangings. W& O. CUHTI8, N>'. 52 Mainen Lane, hare received the ir new i atterns of Paper IIai.kings of every nnality and at'ower prices lhan ever be'ore offered. The attention cf the trade and of country mere hannta ii re- 1 ,(noted to our assortment. Landlords and others wanting rooma jiarered, can have their woik done hv the best workmen and wa'nuted, on the 't reasonable ierm?. WINDOW NHADKH. We have also received a lai*e assortment of tranv(<arent painted window shades, fevery variety and price. Alto, chintzes and linens for shades, shade tnmmiuk's. he. HAIK MATTHE^BKB Wr have constantly on hand pure curled hair mattresses, of every size. Also,most mittreiies, featli'.t Weds, and evrry article in the 1 beddinjr line families shout going to honsekrepirg, csn rrocure a II st ra' c article at the moai r asonsb'r , rices. I ?ten*7iboats and viieU furnished at the thnrteit notice. I , UmOLBTKRY ARTICLES. |< We hire a I to on herd e.ery article in the Uc'" latery bo.'- I oe?a, conaiauug in part of a tin and worsted dainaaka, rf all I colore; n >reene, fornitnre chintz, tilt nruamcnta, poire, mbk?. I pulpt iriramiiiRi, filDitei, hindiujta, eoida, tuaela, lie. Ac. I W. A O. CURTIS, I _ >18 lwii ec M Maiden Lane- I ( lOI. Ll-.llTlNS onallnaila of the I lined St.lea I ^ the moatffavneakle term., by s j I 1 ft MjWelJ WHI, ?nd 1J0 Broedwar. * "AMH^MKNTS. F?HI( TIIKATKK. " THIH#EVKN|NO. wit| he r-rfof~ne-? Nr.W yoHK MEKCHANT k HI* CLERKS. Huah Br imblrr, Barry | Kit C lain hake, P'acnla Edith Mobray, Miaa Biloiti ? After which MY YOUNU WIFE AND MY OLD UMBRELLA T rnnc'nde wth, ... COUSIN LAMBKIN. Doct Lambkin, Placid. | Caut Bantam, Abbott Mr? Bantam. Mim BhIohJ. Boae?. Mi eu. l'n. rt?- (inllerv. UK eta. try-T V." V*" ** T'n^Al rTBT: . fJTf'lm* <?t?re thedoo* will open at a qnarP .? ? ?i ?* i" ' JT fur'ain will rtae at hall Mil 7. XhirS^ie/. ni K^Sa" rl*?!* ' 'irr'" M Second and THfe Bvwwrvsiyvsin-M , "-'MIM?S * '?i?in?r, .mil trillion 1 i) r.ourluHr with I THK SECRET. ixcuiclT/ ?7VL\ ni'ii; -rnkt"i ? 44' Drn* lw?T New York. B-nelU cf Mr. BakuTHIS HVKMIII) Will h. ".efr.Iraei CATS IN THK LAliDKU. Af'rr which, AMY LEE Toconclode with UKVOLT or THK POOH HOUSE fTf Tht Unrff will be opened at 7, tie u> ? i.ruuD.t< commence af heU-??t 7. encrr eTcninc, "AMKHICAS THKATKKwWALNtT-S 1. PIIILAOKLPHIA. UNDER THK DIRECTION OK MISS C. CU8HMAN THIS EVENING Apiil 14. will be performed BKIDK OK ABYDA8. Heliin, Mr Booth. To courhidtt with SMUGGLER OK BOOTLK BAY. Dick Daren'l, Mr Wood . E. A. MARSHALL. Lotece AHKUICAA MCNKUn. Marble Bnil tiug,comerol Broadway and Annatreet, ,,? * T BARNITM. Maumier. UNEQUALLED SUCCESS Of miss mary darling, Miai Darlinu l> a pupil oi HER It DKKRONO. Alio cleaned, Maitir J. T. Heed, known a* Daniel Lambert Jr . tho GIANT HOY, Who la hut II yrara nlil, ia.'f Sin huh. and Wviiiha nounda CIlANO-fcONw 1 Tlic celebrated Chim><e Jmrirler. GHAND KCKN'K OK ENCHANTMENT BY MISS MARY DARLING. ELECTRO OALVANIKV. Juat added to the Museum two powerful Electro Gtlramc Batteries. PHRKNOLOOY. An Eminent Profeiaor attends daily and itikes practical Ki] animations and Charts. Developments and Cnaraceer at n tri fling eatra charge. Faney'Olaaa Blowing. GRAND COHMOHAMA?ALBINO LADY. Day Penormancea every Wedneadny and Hattwday afternoon a! I o'clock. Admiaaion to all Ueenta? Children half price. a2 ruALio-8 mkw yuKH nttaiun NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE UALLtCHY IS NOW RE-OPENED ! C. H. DEVOE. Onager. LAST WEEK OK THE TRIAL OF CHRIST Tba riabiirriuient eoalaina an alinoat rndlaaa an inner of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART! COSTLY k KLKOANT OALI.EHV OF PORTRAITS THE TRIAL OK CHRIST: Thia impoaing acme ia not renieaentnl hy a painting bat by a GROUP OK TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, In addition t'i the above, the Manager haa engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING OIPSV WOMAN, hrnm England. FORTUNE TELLER! (T^1 Admiaaion to the Muaeuin, ?-euu; Cloldren half price An eflra charge of I2K ccuta to thoaa who ronanlt the Oipey Woman. yrr SINGING. VTA DAM SUTTON, having arranged to i ctnrn to Italy the oI b? ginning of Auguat, pnrpoaea reeeit ng punila until that tune,to give liiiiahing leaaona Id the Italian, Hi ncli, and Engliah atvle of Singing Her method ia thai purrii-d I y Bordogni and Vaccai, the firat maaiera in Europe, increaainii the atreueth and coinpaaa with ealouiahing rapidity. Her puiilawill have the advantage of her aingiug with them, which can be punned by mnaten alone, who have been eminent a,m en. Ladira deaironaof avaiing themaelvea of Madam Hntii u'a limited aray, may aacertaiu termi, dir., by application at T7 t.'hambera at eet, from 9 o'rlorlt lilt 2 _ m2* lm'r COIHEES MUSICALES?We recommend >h ae ?h? Heaire to paaa an ngrerntj'e evening, to go ie PINTEUX'J Cafe dea Mil'e Colorn?a Halovn. 307 Broad.' ay, to umht? appearauce of th ee new Tyrolean Singe a. attend 1t*r JTp. CARRT)LW OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS. ARE wellknnMii to be eaientiallv neceraeiy at thia araaon of the year, w u the ayat'm rrqnires an auxiliary >o throw off tin- nticle ireiimulued duting wiii*?r. and which, remaining n the au;l ce of the akin, pr > loicea cntaneona ' < !,' Ida, ill 'umatiain. -cadet lever, kc. ke. They are r,I '..n. l i n t idt atrert, from 6 o'clock in the i i tig nil 9 o'clock at ineht Sulphur Balha require one hour'a e. Portable Vapour 14-dn rcnla to any part of the city, or oklvn. B 'thing Tuha a>. ' I lit H a'lia lor hire. alldtlfr M^NYHLV REPORT QK THE " K.W YORK MEDICAL AND SUROV'AL INSTITUTE., NO. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. cpHE GOVERNORS of thia Inrtitutinn, at their laat meet1 iug, uiiauuuoualy adopted a reaolutiou offered by one of the members, to wit: Reaolved, Tl at hereafier, it ?hall be the dntv of the Recording Secretary of the New York Medical aril Hnrgical Institute to make a correct copy from the care book of the institute of all the circa treatrd and cared, end cauee them to he nublilhed several Llitier in two or three ui the rUilv ?? mm. papers!? cash cuikd. 6 Measles. 3 Gleet, 4 Scailet Fever, 5 BillouiChalic, |2 Small Pox, 19 Amr norrhoea, 9 Inturaittiug Fever, 4 Gastrins Agate, 2 Goat, C Disease or the Heart, 19 Rheumatism, 2 Q tincey Sore Throat, 4 Krteulioa of Urine, It Pilri, 12 Inflammation of the 8 Syphilis, Kyee, 5 Constipation, 21 Gonorrhoea, 9 Dyspepsia, 4 Pelinnm Tremeni, 4 Diarthoes. 5 Fluor Alhoa, sunniest. operations?succKssruL. 4 Operation! for Fiatulae 6 Operations for Hqnioting, inAno. 1 Large Adi|ioae Tumor 8 Strictnrea of the Vretl t," removed Irom the 4 Abcesirs, ^ aide. 1 Opera'ioua for Club 4 Encysted to mora. Feet, 7 Operation* for Hemorr 2 Hydrocsle, hoiflal tumors, 4 Operations for Stammer- 3 Operations for Enlarged iug, Tonsils. DK. II. B03TWICK. Attendioic rhyaician and Surgeon. JAMES COLLISSON. Apothecary and Recnrdirg Secretary. a4 lwis*ee VrOUNO .MEN out of employment would do well to qialify themselves ss BooS-Keepera at Van Norden's I Writingarid Book-Keeping Academe, 281 Broadway, second floor, as Mr. V.'a pupils generally obtain good situations as accoumants, through the influence of his patrons. Mr. V.'s course in hook-k?eping is strictly practical, as no author's work is copied in his school, and he endeasors to impress upon the minds of his pupils by familiar illustrations, that the science of aecoouts is founded in common sense. Course of instruction. Wholesale, Retail, Commission, Exchange , and Compound Co. Speculation Accounts. Van Norden's system of splendid business p-nmanihipimparted to all in an incredible short space of time. Term* extremely moderate. Day and evening classes, 281 Broadway. a'i 2wi?* m "IX7ATCHEK AND JEWELLERY lower than ever.?Aa * ? the snhsrribrr is corrtantly receiving all descriptions of gold and silver waiclu s. of the newest styles, direct from the mannlactnrers, in England. Fiance, and Switxeiland, he is molded to offer a larger assortment, and at mnrh less prices, at etail, than any other house in the city. Cold watches as low as 115 each. Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All watches warrauted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the bevt manner, and warranted lower than at any other place in the c.tiy. (J, C. Allen, importer of watches atiu jewellery, whole sale and retail. 3n Wall sireer. up s"irs. a'2-lm ms*m SE L LI NO OK F~: A111'fit I NO 8 FOR CASH AND" STORE TO LET. BRUSSELS, THREE PLY AND INGRAIN RRPKTINO FOR CASH. vpHK PUBLICbve l?ceu so often misled ny advertisements, J- that it is sweety pnsaible to discriminate those which deserve tl.eir In this instance all the carpets, kc., advertised, will be lonnd in our Ware Rooms, at 440 Pearl street, v..,,11.1, I. ft... -i,? Imperial three [>lv earpetwgs, 9s to 10* Sco-ch ,t <1 English Brussels, second quality, 9? to Its Doable Superfine Ingram Carpetings, 70 to tOc Sn|H-rfine Ingrains,good quality, 3s to 6s Choicest patterns, rxtra prices, good article, 4a to 3s Heavy, all wool. Ingrain*. 3s 6d to 4s I anrr assortment Oil Cloths, choice patterns, 6s to 9s O I Cloths, from 3 to 6 lert wide, 4s to 3s Also,a large assortment stair cirpetings, m-t'ings, table?nd piano covers srair r <ls tiiftcd.Brussels an ' Wiltnw rugs.spWu?!(' aisortmetii of trail-parent abides, fr m Si to >15 a pair TO LE I?The 1a-g? anl s|a< inassiore No. 44(1 Pearl street, now occupied as a car. et store, possession given l-t Inly neat. B. T. YOUNO h CO., al2 6'is*m No. 44? Pearl street. HEAUiTuF HAIR. AC. BARKY, Anist in Hair, ifrom London.?The real Heads o< Hair still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, gosaameraud veniilaiing character?their being ihij-ed evirtly as ilie iM'ural h,ir grows?tlinr elasticity and their rii|irriiir material and workmaiislnp, as well aa their stair of liipsh auil arrangement, all comhiue to form inch perfect heads of hair, that they must be sem to be fully appreciated. A new system of the art of Wig Making taught in five lessens See a specimen of Barry's Wigs and scales, which will satisfy the most fistiilinns that he is the best and cheaoest ma ker in th-- city?14* Broadway, corner of Liberty at. up atairs. sl2 lwis*m KELLY'.* DOT RLE EXTRACT OK SAR-A>ARlT7LA CANDY?Onef, great amieties of mind, marh watching, lea*, had fond, intemperance, residence near marshy laud, lead in a very nowcifnl degree to promote impnri'y of the hlooil. which soon shows itself in erysipelas, cnnsumi tion, epileptic fits, apoplviv, scurvy, fever anit ago*. derangement of the aroinarh and bowels, all which will soon be removed hv purifying the blood with Kelly's Double Extract of Sartaperil la Candy. Sold in parkagvxof twenty-five rents each, or five for one Ho'lar. To be had a- I W. Kelly's Uo'.ltam Conf- ctionsry, 267 Broad wav, New Yo k HVti??r LOOK AT THIS?Just received lot Hue tiosis, at ouly rents lot fine double width changeable P trisinei at only 3a hi; lot table linens, S yds wide, at only 4s 6d; lot fine hroadcloths at only 7s 6d; lot line donble milled eassimeres at te td; lot best sattinels at ouly la 6d; ahirting raualiaa at 4 cenu per yard; lot line book mnslina at la; lot cambric muslins at *d per card; lot superfine double sidth alapacca lustres, cheap; lot idni s' collars at 6d; lot raeD"a fine orange canes at only 6 tts; ot fine iMw de lames, cheap; good silk at * cenu oer skein. It will pay any one to come 20mi!ee to WlLLKT HAWKINS" uurs, jui vareeawicn litem, Ml atore Dclow Spring afreet, min Imia'm the new york MEDICAL AND SURGICAL institute, No. 71 Chamber* atrTt, Established to render to the afflict? ed ooiid (ind Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of diaeaiea will he treated, and anrgieal operattourol ecerydeacrip lion performed iu the moat rarefnl and acieutilic manner. Uue of the firit ocoiiliata in the city will attend to the treatment of all disease* of the eye and ear Part'eola'attention la paid to the treatment ol all female eomplnntt. Verv great ancceaa haa attended the treatment of dieeaaeeof the in ' atienta who done It will be vu,ted at di'ir Thone ?h?M meanaare limited will only be required t o pay for their medicinet Three or loot tiioma are provided for pri.ate conanlta ?? The d. ug department ia attended by an apothecary of ?.i ,riei ce. and a I onr medicine* may he relied on a* ore anil genuine. Capping and leeching will be done at the ihorteal iiotiee. 0p"j)rT 111)>ltR BOSTWlCK, Attending Physician and Surgeon, Ti Chamber* at. 2d honae weal ol Broadway. rhu iua'itntian ia under the patronage and commendation o he following gentlemen h" 0 I1K.V. DR. ED. Y. HIUBEE, III V llll VI/ O mlllluvi L'V ??.?. / >1. V/. UllC TT J LT p.. HKV. DH. GEO. POLT9, REV. DM. O. SPWNH m!4 lmn *rr RKV. 1)11. srilllOKD^.R PORTUGUESE FEMALE PiLl S. rMIKRK.far-lamed and oolabratcd rill*, ft** l'< rra**J. aro, we perceive. to bo obtained is thi* country* . S**M?erM?*J MM oolite 1?K fowlll PWt. m$

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