Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1843 Page 4
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Pact and Pancy.j Wr\~r*R A*p flrrow m Wiiwiwin ?The Milwaukie Sentinel of March 29th, says -Never within the recollection of the olriwi inliabitanta of Wisconsin, has there beeneo much snow on the ground a* st the present time. In the cou"try the cattle are Buffering for the want of food and shelter. In Illinois the cattle are dropping off very fast. On the 26ih of March, Inst year, the steamboat Chesapeake arrived here from the Lower Lakes. This year it is doubtful whether one will [be here by the 26th of May. itoi.p Mink.?A Oold Mine has lately been dis covered in the neighborhood of Fort Gaines, Georgia. Economy.?Tobacco which has been chewed once, may be rendered fit for chewing a second time, by dipping it in vinegar and water and drying it in the sun. A colored gentleman in this city sella hundreds of pounds per week, which has been renewed in this manner. He can safely recommend it, as he has chewed it all himsell, and knows it to be genuine.? Portland American. ^tranoe Disappearance ?Solomon Perkins, of , Rndgewater, left his home 3d inst. for Boston, on business, was seen there by several persons on that day hut has not since been heard from. His friends are exceedingly anxious to hear of him. He is a stout man, 53 years old and is blind of one eye. Dkstrt'ctivk Fire.?The Grand Raptda Enquirer states that the large flouring mill in the village of Grandville, was entirely consumed on the night of th" 17th March, together with a large quantity of grain, flour, and other property, makiug a total loss of 950.000. There was an insurance on the above of 95,000. Weather in Michigan.?Snow is 12 to 18 inches deep here, and three or four teet 50 miles west,where cattle Hre dying ol starvation. There is some apprehension, too, of a deficiency in bread and meat. The weather is yet very cold, and men's hearts are failing for fear of consequences ? Marthall, Mich., Paper, March 30. ? From Port at Prince.?The abdication of President Boyer and his flight to England on board of an English man-of-mar, is confirmed by an arrival here yesterday. A letter of the 21st gives this information: "The Government is now administered by a council of twenty-five men, appointed for that purpose, until a new President can he elected. To-day the Patriot armv, consisting often or fifteen thousand men, entered the city, and took possession. Taylor vs Fin:*?In the District Court, before Judge Stroud ?This was an action upon a promissory note endorsed by the defendant The principal defence was, that the note was endorsed bv the defendant in blank and on Sunday, and that there- | fore ih- note was not valid, and that at the time he signed the paper he was not aware of the character of the paper The Judge said that il the note had been given and endorsed on a Sunday it would have been invalid, but as the note was alterward filled up and signed by the drawer and sanctioned by the endorser it was good Verdict lor the plaintiff tor i $591 21.-17. S. Gazette. From Vf.ra Cruz ?Bv the Jane Frances, which arrived yes'erday from Vera Cruz, letters have been received as late as the 22d of March. Gen. Santa Anna arrived in the city ol Mexico on the 5th The export duty on the precious metals has been increased to four |>er cent?the former duty was two per cent A ronducta with $700,000 in coin, arrived at Vera Cruz from the interior on the 7th. The revenue cutter Woodburv, for New Orleans, via Tarn- i pico, has on board $90,000.?N. Orleant Bulletin, April 4. Latest from Texas?By the Texian papers, we learn that four battalions trom Eastern Texas, were on their march towards the Mexican frontier, and General Rust expected to be joined by many vo untrers from the middle and western counties. He calculated on 3000 or 4000 men for the expedition across the Rio Grande. Sailors for Commodore Moore's fleet were recruiting in Galveston ; and they i were ext>ected to join in all this week. It is probable some landptnen have also volunteered. The 1 Mexican steamers must look out for boarders before another fortnight. One of the Texians who was i wounded at the battle of Mier, returned to Austin I about two weeks ago If a wounded man has sue- ' ceeded in effecting his esca(*\ why could not his J unharmed comrades do as much! Gen. Santa i Anna's overtures of accommodation seem to find ? but lit le favor with the Texian press. Deidrich j Hermann Klainer has been rooiuyniTprl tiv ibc Prp*i d??nt 88 Consul at Galveston lor the city ol Bremen. 1 JAMES G. MOFFET. 121 Prince 11., New York, has hiwav? on hand m d otfrrs tor sale by wholesale and retail, at the lowest market price*. ?n G"rman Silver of different thicknesses, a very auperior article : Sheet Br?s* ; Plate'* do; < oopera' Bra-* ; Pail Ear* and Rirct* ; Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Fnruirure. Which he warrant* in quality equal to any in the United 8'ar<V and of hi* own manufacture. Gold. Silver. and all kind* of metal, rolled at the short tt nnrie* e't l?#r Yd ILlINERH?A gr-ai chance is "Itcreo you lu the uio*t 1*1 eligh'esi nation in Broadway. For particulars enquire at 35' Broadway. al2 t*rc KA.VSe.Y'8 CELEBRATED ChEMl' /aL COSMETIC &HAVING COMPOUND. TO an- qr-Dtleman who may purchase rhu article, the money will he refunded if uot entirely satisfied, alter us mr it one mmih To be had of the invenvor, at his manufactory and warehouie, 45 Maidru I an*. ALEXANDER RAMSEY Certificate of Dr. T E. Bond. Senior Editor of the Christian Advocne and Journal. Mr. Alexander Ramsey:? Sir?I have lairly tried yonr Chemical Cosmetic Shaving Compound, and havi' g always been in ihe practice of shaviig mvself. had previously used many <> the va i us preparations wh eh n d been offered ?o the | nblic as faci'ita'iug tins ' pention 1 have no hesitation in saying yonr* is the best I have tried The latner u readily made, and oi a propi r consistence; It is mild, indeedJwholly inoffensive to ihe face. Ten where there mav be si ght abra-ion* of the skin,' n'< adheres tenacious- . ly and as to give the oeccssry stiffness to the beard t? render close shaving pleasant and easy. New York, April 12th, 1312. T. E. BOND, al21m*ee 1 4 417RANCI8' PATENT LIFE BOAT," USce No. 7 P Wall ,?raei m2l I liflvLlOW BHAL)' S?The sub* riter offer* Icr sale at hit ' ** s oie No. 272 Bleecker a leet, a gen-'al assortmeu. of beau iful iraua aren I a'ian and French Window Shales, at i j>r (<; io*tr in u -.1 any place in una city Ana alio a taatelul I tun 'mentol Dry Uords. a83w*c DANIEL E. TOOKER. DRAf 18 PAYaBL". AT SlUHT on all pails ul bai and. Ireland and Scotland, in nimi ol *6. CIS, ?15. f'0. to any amount, for aale at 8. J. 8YLV KBTER'o, atr n Wall street and 13" Broadway. ^ DAGUEKREUTYPE TO THE PH 'TOORATHIC ARTISTS. FA. ARFAULT AGO, I68H Fulton atreet opposite St. Pdul'a church, re nectfnllv in orm th* photographic arliata, and every prraon engaged in d gue reotypr bu ineaa, that they wi'l receive bv packet ships Krn rVd and Vil'ede Lvot? 1 1000 Frrn-h d -gticnylype plates, 6H inches by 8)<, -No. 30; 12 1 French ?c nm-'e lenses, 3Sji inches d.ame er, m de by Cere- [ boo'aand Alf Girnux; 8 French acr mi ic lenaea, <>? inchea ' di ime'e-, prepared by chevalier, for'aking laree fixes of nor ' tram; 50 uncee b amine; 58nuocea chloride of iodine, at d all the chc mic l? neceaatc for the dagueTeoiype. ?I lm*r \ ^ BROWN A GO'S One Price Hat Store, I78Chaiharn j^E.rjnare, co'ner of .Mott at., where laahion. beauty, dura- . Dilitv and economy are comaiued to adorn the head. 1 he p o- I Pi-ton have the pleasure now to offer a lira aiyle of r,at, the irni'ar on of braver, which cloaely reaemhlea rhoae formerly ' an d f o t'j and $6 at the low tiled price ni $1; thoae who from " incl'uati n or ureeaaity are induced to atudy economy in that 1 India eu-able article of dreaa, have now an opportunity of doiug ' an and alill keep op the gppearauce of them at (aahionable ? Brown kt o. iu pre-enring thia hat to the i uolic, think they ' have reached th ullin.atum of beanty, cheapueaa, ueatneaa, 1 durability and comlort Pa the wearer. All aalea are for caah, therefore no good cuaton er paya the lovaea lucnrred by the bad. BROW.N A CO. 178 Chatham square, a8 lm* corner nl Mot at 8PKINO KASHIOV FOR OKNTLEMKN'S HATS ^e?Tl e undrraigued napecifuliy luforn a Ms euvtoinera and the , ublic generally, that he haa now ready for tutpecii u and aal-, the much arlnnred Sp-inu style ! uen'lem n't Hata. which for he my of fiiinh and and aymeny of lorm, exceed an? former eff'Tt, iu tbia r any other city. CiTo the eeonnmiat they are a d.suable article, aa they combine cheapneaa, dnrabil tv snd elrgince, warrint-d equal to aoy and Inferior to none. In the manufacture of Hata I e challenges rompe Hon; ne thrrefore solicits a ai are of, ublic patron ... . _...ia.'.? ?n .a-:. ?.? - ?... i_ - ... .?? u i n u.i mitii kilcuii uu iu ma 1a xr at-or mem of .weuYYonthVand children*! cap-, ol cloth,veliet, kc. all of lna own manufacture, which for variety of pattern! canuot be equalled. Alao, h i newityle of children'! drab and pearl colored fancy hat? trrnmed with velvei u vanoui pattern!, for >print; and inrnmrr wear, vrry mn;h admired. A call Will convin e the , nx it icei Ileal 01 the turenority ol the above menncned article!, now ready for aale at the o d ' itabliihed ?iorei <1 ISAA< H AKI HKH, a|'lm*r "Hi ?uo :#0 Otreuwi> h at, N. Y. EXPRESS FUR CLEVELAND AND DE I KOll ! rP HK aubacribera will aeud an expreaa through Iroin tlua city, 1 -I O the above named and intermediate placea, on the morn- 1 log of the 9th mat., lor the tranaportalion ol apene, Dank noiet, bundle! and package! ol gooda, collection ol dralu, bill* uotea ' and accoaula.and all inch other buiiu< aa a> mat be entreated to them. FOMLKOY k CO.. t Wall at., N. V N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the above etprraa line will be extenaed to Chicago, Cincinnati, Ac . am! continued throughout the entire leaaon, in connexion wnh their .New lurk, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily ex- I pre?! m6 r DA.WR X bU. a Nf. W kOHK A NO NV.WAKh ?. V I'KfcHH ? The public are respectfully informed that t t subscribers hate etlablianed an Kipreai between New Yo a aud Newark, N.J., for tbe tranamiaaion and speed) delive t ol packages, bnndlea, money, kr ke ; th? collection of no! ta and billa, and all other buameaa appertaining to an Lxpseaa m Orders for article! u> be returned bv the Expreaa will te delivered free of charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall itveel, and is Newark, it I S.VMTH'S Newapaper Depot, No. 120 Broad !t. I Leave New York at Ilk A. M.andttf T. M. Leave Newark at ? A. jil. ami IK I' M. I gISee ADA VH b CO |MrOKl>AT TO OLD COUNTRY.YlhN.?MbbttiKb 1 H AK.NDKN k CO. will draw at their Lxpreea and Foreign ' -I.ri Office, No 3 Wall atreet,aniall hilla of lithe?a Irotn ?.? to A. 10(1. in umi to (Oil, payable at ukm, loi the accomm odan ol raoua wlading to remit to ibeir friends iu Knit laud, I,'. ?ud. or Scotland. Ttie letter tv\gs lor ti>e Koyal Mail Steamara for Lie Moot ar- also made up at thair office. Kor tanaer information apply to HAE.VDKN k CO, I Walla. ? e knanum London?MAC LK AN, MAKRIb k Co. ____ Li.eri..H,l?WILVifcR k SMITH < r , SOMK i HI.NO NfcW I.N BKHS TKADS ! ! ! I He. atteutii ii ol lintel, tafrru and hoarding nouae keeper iffiMjn Krii inn iit? ant *u "Mi (1 ffrripli *U <?f rrdfttfddft, 1..7!. 1 " ' "" "'ernl driiraile in tl la tlnliaprualblantral larniinre, ?i? imp intv, ecouoray, duraolity and rn I f A iar iCr (>l ? > v 11 ... . ' all miftu ? hiour lor uui most noil. u? 01 Th* ?UO. WILLS'* I'AUNT AKM U BfcDgT|fAn r?n b* P?l ?1> or l.k.n down ,. Mm,.' ijd,"!",hl? ,?ii ... *i*?t witlTII Woodruff. L>. i?t foi ihi ?! .tr-?, t*?we?o Spite. Mid B?.km^ 71 001,1 *ch,De,,"" -* - .boM. ??i????5 .WORAM & HEATHFK, 1 N*. #77 BROAU^AV, UPHOLSTERERS. 1 tU k H rwpeetfuMy inf. rm thai* Ineada <- >* *jf P"*?'*?' , * th?l t he* attend to the abo.e boaiue-m id *11 ita o'anchea, 'lid mtke up car|*ia id (lie neateat and baat atyle on moderate ^ t: rm* Estimates nod contracts given at the shortest notice. ' N. B?All kind* of old work aiteudrd 10 with punctuality- ' m|i Im*r J TO I HE runLic. t WHEREAS hit name has hern published to the world, as I ha i uk eared it BANDS SAUSAPAK1LLA, and < whereas the statement as imblished bv Mr. Sands is uot rite I statement hnt one of his own, aod eotirely different fr"m the I one he obtained from me, I feel it my d*tt to state iu a |>Uio < manner, how the statement of my case Le Mr. Sands, was I brought before the public, also to state by what menus so I greai a cure as mine was effected. I was taUen sick la September. MM, with lh?t afflicting disease. Scrofula; I was at ' tended bv medical geullrmrig, who treated mv case ii the I usual way wi>h various preparations ot nianury, ami) mv i system was filled with it, and Chronic Rheumatism iu its I awl aggravated form se' In. I then had recourse to vs I rious remedies recommended by physicians and others, but with little or no benefit to me in effecting s cure. Iu this situation. 1 commenced using Mr. Sand,' SsraatMrilla in Asgusl, l(t] I had taken five Dottles of it. The opTalian ot which was as follows Soon after I commenced taking it, mv wl.ole system became benumbed and stupititd, leaviug me cold and my flesh deprived of all natural feeling. In this condition I was enabled to leave mv bed ud go nnt. This change, although momentary, was 1 very pleasing to me, and Mr. Sau<'s immrdiaiely applied to me for a certificate ol cure, winch I declined giving, as I did not consider myself cured; hut Mr. Sands continued h:s applications to ine for a certificate, and would give ine no rest until 1 gave him one about oue-quartrr or one-third the length of the one published by Ua, the whole of which 1 did not then uinlcriuud fully, not being myself iu feeling, for although my pains weie greatly benumbed, 1 was still suffering mueh ftoin my afflictions at times After a few days this numbness left me. au 1 my distress became more severe thau before, ant. if possible, I was worse than ever I h-ul been. I was again coofiaed to the bed, M which I never npected to rise, for I w?s fast sinking ? My w hole system seemed to give way; I had taken ill all eight bottles of Sands' Sarsaparilla. In this condition, a friend called iu to see me, and ailviaed me to continue tht Sarsapaulla 1 had beeu taking, but as I was fast failing under tl.e use of it, I determined uot to use nay more of it, as it lisd done me no good whatever. Mv friend then stated that if 1 was determined uot to Bse Bands' article anv more, he would give me a preparation of Narsaparilla that he knew wou'd cure me ; then enquired what it was?he told me it wis BRISTOL'u RAR8APARJLLA. I theu remembered hearing of BRISTOL before,aud of the great cures it had performed. I then said I would be glad to have it. My friend stated that he did not wiah Is interfere with Mr. Sands in any way whatever; but aa 1 had previous to (his determined nm to use any more of M-. Sands' article, mv frii-ud nuaMMd me with a bottle 'f Bristol's Sarsaparilla; this was about the thud week in uecirmbvr, IM2 1 continued the use of it, uutil I was satisfied it hid produced a thorough cure in me, anil uow I am able ro perform at much labor in a dav, as levtr did in tnauv years. 1 em free from Scrofula. Kheumatism, as also a moat i-fflieurg complaint,'he I'll* s, with which I was long afflict d, and a sevtre cough -i ngui j riui ki.uiuiiig. I, meiei re, ueciare 10 I lie world, and in the presruce of niiu, whs shall judge the aarWiM my cure, ureal as it ha? l>eel>, wni elf elcd by Bristo's Sarssiiaril'a alone, auder the blessings of God, 1 end Dot by Sand's SarsipTilla ai has been published Tne sUCemin' with the Ilea Mr. Van Duzen's loin t* atiarhed to it as tie my conversant with my case, is Dot true ; that geotleman never law the article published until he saw it in print w<th 1 his u<iae attached to the same. Alio the name of Mr. Brown was used without his consent ; also Mr. Purdy aud others : the w! olr statement was untrue, having never received the sanction of the pe'eoDt whose mmes a>e attached to the same as ynb'ished by M,. i Sands, rel?.ive to me I make thi? statement without the . kuowledur of Mr. Bristol or his agents, or fro " any reou'it from hem 1 do it because I believe it to be my dnty. I there ' fore i heerin'ly stale whet i? truv, neither courting the favours j nor fearing the Irnwns of any, and Id doing this, 1 do no more 1 th iuwha' lost ce demands of n>e But for me to attemrt to I gi?e Bristol's Sarsaparilla. the 'praiie it deserves, would be j something more than I oould accomplish, i conclude by say- 1 i-ig, that it any one desirrsto know more of Brisiol's Sana- 1 pan 11 a, I will be pleased, a' any time, to give all the informa- j tion I am able, st my residence, No. 43 Anthony street. New V ork. m2T lm*m THOMAS TURNER. W. CROLIUS, BARGE, RACE, CLUB AND SAIL BOATS, , NO 4i0 WATER STtttKT, four doors KastofCatheiiue i Maiket, New Yoik?Builder of the Sultan of Muicat's ( Pleasure Barge, the Kace Boats W ve, Oazellc, Vietoiia, Atlantic Wakoua, Brooklyn. Ann of Pe ktkiil, Washiugtou of i Pourhkeep le, Duchess oi Hyde-Park, Sylph and Ware ot Mobile, George Stewart of Li uisville, Madame Celeste of Ni w Orleaun, kc Also, the suit noa's Wi'li?m Croliuk, Fashion, Euieka, Z?noui, S ar. Edeir Forrest, ke. ?H lm'ic TOOLS?TOOLS?TOOLS. ALBERTSON'S, Conger's, Hortou'sand Gilford's warranted Cast Steel Coooers, Carpenters and Ship Carpeutr rs Edge Tools, can be had at wholesale and retail, of OsBORN k LITTLE, S3 Fultou street, New i ork, (Ik per cent allowed to merchants) and who keep on nand a fall aisortment of Hoopers' Tools, IroD Kivrts, Truss Hoops, Stave Joiuten, Stock Howella and Crazes. Also, IiniKirters and General Dealers in English, German ind Americas Hardware, Cntlery, Nails, kc. kc. CHARLES OSBORN. f H Sm ee? CHAKLKS 8 LITTLE. f)ICK*8 PATENT ELA9 11C M&TALiC SHANKS, L-f for Boots and Shoes of tverv description.?The use of this mprovemeiil consists in the following important advantages >ver the common manner of making Boon and Shoes of all l-scriptions, that it en ua 11 y. sustains the weight er pressure of ne 1001 uom nrei 10 toe, giving at ine lame time a pltai'DC Lstic motion iu walking, aud alio keep* the Boot to it* on- j pual *h pe, preventing the shank, O' hollow of the foot from . ressing down, and the heel from turning out behind, *nd also b iffeciuilly prevent* the Pantaloon straps fiom ever coming in ? :oulact with the pavement and wearing off. Another great b rvil i* removed by it* u?e, a* it pr (? t* the loot from work- " lug fo-waid, aud pu clung ihe toe*, end causing coin*, or ' urt- " inc th< ?e a'readv made ; it alto, bv keeping the bo"t in shape J iu ihe thank, prevent* the upper on the uitrp from diawiug ' tight, and earning tho?e i atu'til lump* to grow on the top tif ' the instep. It can be u*< d with a very low heel, much more ? comfortable to tlie wearer; a d if the bo >t or ?hoe get- thorough- K ly water-soaked they leiaiu then *h-pe in the act of pulling I them off. which the common oue* will not a way* do. but ad- i here to the aolr o| the Lot. causing the *hauk* to break ' Mauufactun d only by the uuderaigued iu New York, Jersey i City, and Brooklyn. i LOR1N BROOKS, Manufaciurer. 138 h u ton street, n. Y. I john dick, Patentee ai d Manufacturer, j loo Fulton street, third door east of Broadway, , m26 trn*r under 1-otr aud ( diapiu's Boot ?tote, n. Y. DLi MBE D AGUEKRI AN GALLERY OF PATENT A COLORED PHOTOGRAPHS, corner of Broadway and Murrav street, (ueit door to Peale's Museum.)?Plumbe Patent Colored Dagurireoty|>e Lrkeuesse* taken daily, in a 4 upenor style to any thing ever seen in New York, at $3 each, ' and a duplicate gratis. Pluinbe Patent Coloring Daguerreotype Apparatus, and ; Plumbe Patent Electro Gilding Apparatus, with instructions ( and Patent Rights, su[iplied to order. Also, plates, cases, Ac., . eery low. V Caution?The vast superiority of the Patent Colored Photo- J graphs, haviug thrown the old kind entirely into the shade, se- , vera! ol the Phmographers in New York are attempting to ' impose u|io. the paDlic by advertising their productions as , "patent." whereas the only patent ever granted by the United States for an improvement in Daguerreotvpe Portraits, is "Plumbe'*,''?dated October 22, 1842?aud the only place in New York where the patent one can be obtained, is the above 1 establishment. ml Un*m Notice to dealeks and connoisseurs * IN MADEIRA WINES?WELLINGTON A. CAH- , TER, Commission and Wine Merchant, No. 5 New street, ' Sew York, Sole Agent in the United Stales lor the celebrated ] Somelmo Madeira Wines, offrrs for sale.nt moderate on es uid in uuaulil c* to please buvert.his entile slock nlthat brand. 150 half pipe* and smaller casks, (under Cnslom House lock.) i'he Somelmo wines are f oin the Booth Side; they have a high and peculiarly rich flavor, the vintages ate from I8l2 to IP.44, and be*ng justly celebrated iu Europe, the East Indies,and United olates. Another opportunity may not occur in many years to obtain old wtaea at *erv low prices. W. A. carter solicit* iroa* the p?h|ic and his friends a continuation of Ifliii bh'SI *spf>.->rt. aa km wines and liijuori in wood and glaao,ar?al??*lodfrom (he best in market. m 14 'mr _ I NOTICE TO DEBTORS.?The late firm of JOHN K DELAPLAINE k CO of the city of New York, mer- 1 chaou, to close the varioai debu, bonds, notes, judgments, lie- c due them, will glatllr receive lull payment, and in many cases c compromise for much less than actually dae, and they invite their debtoia kindly to attend to this notice, as many may not 11 Jrsire publicity ; as it is Uirir inteniion to disimse at (inblic * the .Merchants' EscbaiiKe,of all debts, fcc not settled >y payment or compromise previous to the first day of May 11 lest. A list of those that do not settle will be published, but as far . is convenient, notice will be sent to the (emitmen debtors ' Apply to JOHN If. DELAPLAINE,s? Wallst. New York. 11th March. 1M3. all Im'gc FRESH MEAT?'I he Proprietor of the establishment on " tho cornrr ol West and Wairen streets, would infoim his :astumers and thr public in general, that owing to the 'aleuess if thr season be has coucludro to closa the aborr plare, but mil tlwsys be ready and willing to supply shop ker|iers and I retailris with Beef, Pork and Mutton by the qu>rter or larger I juantity Iroro Ins Slaughter House ip 26th street. Pe sonswish- t ng to be thus supplied with s first rate article and at a moder tie prirt, are trijuestrd to make tpplicai i"n as above, or at the pper Bull's Head, c truer 3d avenue and 24th sta. m 17 In.* r _ JIIHV W PHY.^TON ( DAGUERREOTYPE LIKENESSES THIS, WIT SLL THE BKsl'TIV.l or i NATURAL COLORS, i AND ON A LARUE SIZE J DOCTOR L"TM. CYRUS, 231 BROADWAY, UP RTAIRS. (T7* Likenesses taken every day, from earlv in the morning , until 3o'cloek. P M _ m 6 lm*r UNITED STATES j TEA EMPORIUM, 121. lalt 126 Chatham itrrrt .Yon Vnrk i aoghct 3is blekceee tteket. whouhalt and ki-tail. the canton tea company continue to offer for a sale new and fragrant Teat of every variety and style. Their assortment anecially includes the most delicious iuo ' Dowerful grades of Ureen end Black e?ep-package beer* the itarapof nealDe** and elegance, and the Teas therein are to j1 hornughlv aeeured frem light and air that th ir quality and ' ?ower will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their svitem , if prosecuting hreineu ii perhape icarcely to be eicelled. ii a founded upon tiie utmiat regard to the right* ol he ruitom , rr, eineciallr with respect to weight and quality, and unri railed cheapness. All purchaser* are called upon to return any article! which tail to gi?e them the fullest satisfaction, whicl * the money will be cheerfull* and promptly refunded Conn try ineichanta, public eitahliihmcnli, headi of familiei, aur ihipmaiien will find it a decided adrautagi to tupply then lelvei from ihn eitabluhineut. Coffee roaited every day. Order* from all pert* of the United states executed with ' promptitude and despatch o*" The only warehouse 10 America for the sale of hoe |Ui i eefehrar-d B'ari. Tea m 17 lm#r Notice? The Copertoerahip heretofore enating between Kiln fc v.ddlebrook, is this day dissolved. ' New York, February lat, 1841. ' k. 8. ellis/ i 8. middlebrook. | 8. middlebrook respectfully informs the customers of the 1st' firm and the public, that hecs'tiesin Bookbinding on j his own No. '12 Eel ton s'reet. New York. n. b ?Orders rrs|iectfully solicited. Cloth corer* made 1 promptly and cheap for country bnosseller*. *2 lm*ec_ 1 diiam is k. crump, Chronomeirr, Watch aad Clock , " m-ker and Jeweler, forinrrly with 8. j. Tobias for nearly ii vears, aud ircently with MnrqUands It o., Broadway, up- | ward* ot three yeaia.hegt to acquaint his friends and Ihe public, t that he ha* taken a store at 248 (fraud street, where he intrndi i to piartiar the at ore business and Ir ist* from his long eiueri i ence and known ability,to meet with that ahareof |wtron<ge to i which hi! abilities entitle fern. In retu uiug lhauaa lor all i past favours, he would remind hiafiiruda lhai he iepaii*e>er> lesi nptiou of Watches, h. peaict, Musical aud Duplex, the i inoat complicated thai c-n be procured < Alto, Jewelry and Diam md woik a?t ; Pearls re- trung; every article hfty per cent < heap, r than any ouse in the cuv, ? hong enabled to do the whole him.elf. and noi trust to the in- i rxneiif eeol others. Olasses aui keys in proportion. Cash |i?l?l 'in old gold end ?l-?r. elm-r jkanue ckeam ca i ton. j. , eT t^oi.lei tioucrt. 4i L) ai?i?t t. - ? uoihrr .'.rliciou. coinpouut to niitily the i? in ' I hi. candy power. ihc ho. rtavor ol the wethiiik, count to .he pairoue*e ol Uw ladie. an J . lover. of confectioner. in irm ? An for. tit, ' p ()!TiMiin7iniiAp^7 hr IllOllUtP Ol acuuillltli houK I' ' MIUI.UIIK Ol a large mahogany counter, two mahogany 1 tick., clock, oil cloth, copying pre, lie. The above will bo old nreedinuly cheap. Apply at 6 Williain.atreet, aecoud tloor, where the article, can be eeep> all u*a f rwmm???? ??NTLEMEN'S FASHIONABLE FUR.N1SHING STORE. DAKSlLt! k AGATE, Old iLstabluhed Manufacturers l Linen, Stocki, Suspenders. be., lie., olfer inch and esrird woitmtal ol the following lashionablegoods -Scarfs ol rich figured satin, silk and mohair; plain bl?ck and Hack 11*0red of s*uu, silk, mohair, arnpei and batralien; emrats of nch luiured and pisiu English silk and aaiins: rich tig i ilain ami > , I. ?f k*.-...i. .?i l ? i: : > i 1, L..r. >f Spin Ifield limits a Lid Turin hrm'il, fur immediate u<; eadv made liucuiiud mutlin shirts. made in the moat fashiousue and faithful manner; stock. of English mode unit and kom >J*fhe; ac?rf,craiat ties,lull fronts, sic, in great variety; gloaea >' aid, goat akin, silk, linen and cottoa thread of all descriptors. suspenders of English, French, Oerman and American nanufactnre ; geutlemrn's dressing gowns, hosiery, linen .ollars, dress fiens, silk and cotton night cepi, purses, urn I rellss, canes, money bel's, and under garments of silk, meliiin, Lmha'-wool rottonc, 8c Sic P 4A would particularly recommend their improved srti,le the gr uil-iiiau't Russia riding belt. Their establishment lias bien favonrably known for ihe last fifteen years as the emporium ol f'shion, nud by s'rict and uudivided attrnli"U to [he interest and tastes ol llieir cnslomets, thsy hope to merit a continuation of their patronage. PARSELL8 It AGATE, at I m're 237 Broadway,comer of I'ark Place. t REAP i ASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 61 John street, (near William.) I I'HE subscriber resiiectlully anuounces to his friends and the public generally, thai he has oi>ened an Establishment on die Cheap Cash System, where gentlemen will always find a New aud Fashionable Assortment of Cloths, Catsimerea and Vestiugs, which will be made np to order in a style ol lit and workmanship, not surpassed by any other establishment m the city,at the following low prices*? Fius Dress or Frock Coats, any color, from $11 to fit Supeifiue do do do 18 to 23 Pants of Wool Black, or Fancy Casaimcres 1 to S Vests ol Sauu, Silk, Valentia, Velvet, lie., 3 to 3 Just received, a splendid assortineut?of Spring aad Summer goods, at extraordinary low prrcea. ffT* Gentlemen luruisliiug their otvn goods can have them made and triinuied, at the lowest possible prices for Cosh. tn8 lmec JAMES LACY. VI A R T i N ' S~C A & u TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 154 If iilium Sheet, Corner of Jinn Street, IS decidedly the cheapest in the city. There ia always on I hand tsele (tstock of seasonable goods, purchased fot cash. I which will bu made np to order in the style of make, fit, trim- i mug, Ac., th a has given suck general satisfaelioa during the i est lour year a,and at a positive saving ol M per cent. Gentlemen are requested to call and STamina. Those who 'aasiish th'eirewn goods, can have them < MADE AND TRIMMED. < Dress Coats, made aud trimmed,". $? 00 ta $8 5t < Frock Costa, do do 8 00 to 9 30 I ants aud Vasts, 1 75 to 3 00 | Over Coats, 9 00 te 11 t'O Terms?Cash on delivery. ivIt, im MICHAEL K MARTIN i LUNIXIN A Nil lVi A N G H EST b K INDIA RUB- | BER GOODS. UTHOLK8ALK AND RETAIL, No. I Wall atreet. Th *' subscriber lias received and offers for sale a large assortment ol imparled India Rnbber Water Proof Goods, viz; Coats and Capet, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama. Persian. \le nno and Cotton, of all colon and size*. , Cloth?India Hnbber, Water Prool, mpcr Lama, Lama Pef , uan and Cotton, prepared for trilon. India Robber Webbinaa for suspenders, corieta. fcc. t.HAS. ARKAHAMSON. , UK FRENCH MILLlNEKY GOODS. 1 OPENING of the Sluing Fashions at he Magaziu da Modea, 60 C anal street. >1AD D BEHRhAN begs to inform Her numerous friend* ami the publ c that ahe has |uslreceived froui France, an entire new and beauti ?l atyle ot Silk malerials for ladies halt, and alone wilh it Vime cases of Parii silk rats, which for novel y and elegance of style never vet was ' iresen ed to ihe public tefore! smo'j( which is most pre-eimleut a silk ha*, called Capolle d'Elrnora, which is indird emDiematical of Parisian taste. Mad'me B. has ju-t opened ae?e- ' al cases of French impor ed f incy whalebones and straw hats if the ehoiceit styles; also a large assortment of Tuscans and , IM Uunslaples; alto a large ana varied assortment ol French lawn hats from tufvuts sizes np to ladies?the whole of which . Mad B. hrtS determined, in Older to meet the engeucv of he ;imes, to offer at such low prioes, as mast eu?u'? her the couiuoance of her patrons, who for many years have honored her with their commands, aid trusts to obtain the preference ol :huse whose iMtwasis she now solicits An early call is rejuestfd at the old French cstab'ishmeut, Maeaziu de Modes, 10 Canal street. Mad. B. has slso received an assortment of Paris flowers and ribbous, which for variety and styles, may be :alled complete. m Z3-lm?r IN Ivtl'OHTANT I ON-IDtKATlON FOR THE LADIES.?MKs.LOV E, Corset Maker, No. CO Lispeusid it calls the a.teution ot ladies 10 her important invented Ab luminal Supporter lor the preservation of the health and itreogtn during pregnancy, t'tus Abdomin'l Supporter has stilled lorth ttu fullest approbation of the most einiueut Medi:a' men Irom the satisfactory results to those ladies who have isrd them. It is perlrct in its applica ioa, acriug as a support lud preventing allstiatu upon the trusclrs. and .he consequent lipur and ex austa.tonof the wholeayslrm durog pregnancy Notiiiac that has ever been inveuted, offers so mauy decided idvautages for in?igorntnig the system against every ace.dent it the period of geitaiouat the tame time preserving the natu j al form. Couulry merchants and city retailers supplied on ad- | aulageons urms Mrs L ve al the tame time calls their al- , entiuu to her improved Shoulder Elastic Braces, fur misses, as , teing the long required desideratum lor the expansion of the ( lirst. Mrs. L. has secured a patent. She liegs to refer in rela- , ion to the above, to the loll wing eminent men of the Medical . faculty?Dr Francis, Dr F. U. Pond, Dr. .vlcDousid, I roles- : or Uillman.M. D., Professor Parker, M D., Dr.WN'slson, A. C . astle, M. D . Dr. J. W. Moore, J. Neilsou, M D . J. W J 'rancia, M. D. mJO Itnr JANKRl'PT SALE?The entire atock of a tailoring estab ? J lishmcut, about f<500 worth of ready made Clothing, mutt I e sold without reserve, at the creditors with to close the conern. The goods will be sold id lots to salt purchasers, either J v wholesale or retail. The a ock couaisu of about 300 cats t f almost e'ery style and fashion?the average prices are Irom t to $M M for superfine; 600 pairs of pantaloons of varions < mils, fiom Si to it JO; iOOv.ats, assyrted, from Ti cei ls to .2 M); a large quantity round jackets; buys' clothing, together inn a quantity ol summer rioiniiig ot all kiud>, which * *<>1(1 without reserse, at 20J Caual st. N B? |f any of the oods should h limn a't? r a 'e* weeks, they will be told at I while auction i > th sture 20y Canil ?l. *7 2w*r <E.NTLKM~EN AND LADIES' HKT OKK WAKD 1 KOBE ? Oeiitl meu or 'ainilits lesiront ot convening ' heir left off wearing apparel into cash, can obtain for the ' laine the highest cash price. To lamihes and geiit'cmen nmttiug the city or changing eiidrocn, having snv superfluous effects to ihspose of, will ind It much to their advantage to send for the tubsenber, arho will attend tlietn at their residence by animin ment. i H. LEVETT. No. 144 Vand street. New Vork. A line throngh the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive irompt attention a8 lm*r 'NASH PAID FOR CLOTHING.?Genu do hing scouied, dyed, pressed and repaired. LKVIE, at lw*r ml Naasm street. "lAHiJ?J. SCHMIDT has trie pleasure to lulorin his lnend> ?' aud the pub, ic in geoer >l, that he has opened and elegautly ittedupa WINE aALOON, in the bate mem of the Granite Inilding. comer of Broad way and Chambers street, where he will constantly keep on hand supply ol the choicest French, Ji-rman. Simniili and other Wines, (partly nnimrteo 'yhm.ell,) which he offers lor wholesale and retail. Also. English k!e and Porter, indeed any thing wh ch ought lo be found in a veil regulated establishment of this kind. He pledget himself that all kit articles shall be pare and ol he first quality, so as to secure the apptobalion of those who nay f?vcr njm with a ea!l. N B?Kn'ra"Ce ir Chamber street ag eor'6t*r SWAN'S ATMOSPHERIC SODA FOUNTAIN, OH MINERAL WATER APPARATUS?United Sutet Letters Patent, Nov. 3,1818?Mauufactuied by L B. Swan, Rochester, N. V. The titration ofDmrgis's and other Trnders of Soda Water t solicited to this useful and economical substitute for the e* peuitse, complicated aud tronblriome apparatns heretofore in lie The advantages of the Atmosrhenc Fountain oser the old i method, are, the economy o' its appiritus, the original cost to he pnrch'ser being less than one quarter th it of the old founlam, irs simplicity of construction being such that any one of < lrdinary capacity can readily understand ii? operation and nai agi nieut; the trifling r acense of materials for supplying it, ogeiher with the small amoont of labor required and its com act form. It is now in esc in rariens parts of t'-e UnHed States, Canad i, ' he West Indies, and South America; and, as may be seeu from ertificates in the hands of the proprietor and hit agents, gives Dtire satisfaction. Urtu^sts ami others in the Sontheru States and West Indies. nil una tins MUulaiii pwtirnly adapted >o their climate, Hi trie 1 yrnos will not ferment or injure in the wannest seasons. I Full direction* (or patting up and o-u g the apparatus, prepar 11 the different sarie,ies ( siMM, Itc , accompaay each. Faletsle by the pr iprtrtor, also by I tiro. I) Crggeshall, 421 Pearl street, New York, OeneraJ kgent. K Lieae, 102 Inhn street, (nn stairs ) Lawrence at Keese, '21 M nlen Lane. Knbiuson It W aid, i4) ' Williams.Mrbe-- It tfiapp, 83 Maiden lane. H> adl> 7 Phelps It Co , 142 Water St. A. B It D. -anils. 79 Fulton si. _ (T7"' aUTION?All persons are cautioned against mann acturn g or o?i g an> infiingement upon this apparatus, at the 'atentee is d'teimiued to protect his intelests ; g mist the Irasi mcroachmeut. L. B SWaN. "1 2nt*ec TREASURY DEPARTMENT, T~ WasHiiaoTon, la#> Match, lo4S. J SEALED PROPOSALS wnl he rrOirtil at this Depatt Jinei.i until the I7ih A,ril neit for building tlenul'snf one wo, or tnree Iron Steamers. to be naed at Kevrune Cutters on Jle tea coast, of the following dimension*. say one hundred and forty (140) feet at deck, twenty-three (23) fret brain anil ten (10) feet hold Drawmrt and model, lor building to he furnished hr the Urpariment It it expected that tin se bo its will be built in reference to Hunter's or Erirs* u's propellrrs The iron used iu construction mast be American, and ol the rrry best ijualiry. and is to be painted, with two good coats of red Itad, (?nr beforr the work is put ap, and the other after.) The whole of said imo work shall he weighed after it it wrought and fitted to its appropriate place, and previous to Its icing t ui toge'her. Pavmeut will he maue aceardioc to th.s Mt weightper pound, iiirlu ting coal bunkers, water tanks anil [alleys. The chain p ?tes, bobstays, and all iron work neees ary to the hull, spars, t'gging, sails nnd guns, will be iiiclmleo n the proposal ; and the price for such work will he separately talrd. A apar derk of ts lute pine 3 by 6 inrhrs to be laid, se I nred froin underneath with the "wood screw bolts," caulked nd planed; berth deck nf ash or yellow pine 2)( it ches by 6. { piki d and bolted tu the berth deck beams, also csu kctl anil ilaued; eeilmg plank of white oak to the flooring heads i inches hick, thence y?llow pine 4 inches to the I wr deck lamia, all of she h will be estimated by the vjn 're superficial eet. The mati rta's and weight nsed in construction to he ippnerd, and the work to he inspccied by such officer as the tecretary of the Treasury may annoint. and the work to be lone according t the ill return of the superinis Dileul. The easrla to he coinplrtrd within sis m"Dths from the day of de. isert' g the moulds and plans of building The work in nalii| o be lurpectrd prs ricui to delivery by two comi etent judges, me to b' chi si Ti ky each of the parries of the enn rart who, n the eTcntol their disagteeme t shall seleot a third, who are o determine whether the wt.rk has been executed iu all respects recording to the proposal and agreement. J. C. SPENCER, Secretary of the Treasury. mOtoAU r ' TRKA^UKV Dr.PAKTMK.NT, ) WiiHinoTon, I7ih VlaaiH, 1843. i SKALK.D PROPOSALS will be received at (hi* Department, mil.I the ITih Anril neit, for ( I 7 onion, B (tiers nil Propellers, constructed no Ihe plan kuown aa " huuler'i ;ilaB." Two of fid Kngines Boilrra and Projwllera to be deivrrert on Lake Kne, aa draiKoated by the Secretary of the , I'rraaBi v ; the othera at such place or placea ou the aea eoaat la the Secretary may direct. Alao. two Knginea, Boilers and , Propellers, ii|kiii ihe plan known aa " Kricaauu'a plan," to be lelivrred at ?ome pi are on the aea c >aat. aa the Secretary may | iirecl. Tne Kng-ur, BoiIi r? and Propellers to be made of the , rery beat materials, to bear the proof and in?|iec.ion of an< h ?-rsoii or peraona at may be (elected by the Secretary ol thr | Preaanry. The Boilera to have not leaa than aeveu hundred { '70ft) feet fire surface, each ; working preeaore eighty (80) : roumla le the aquir* inch ; Proof two hundred and forc? (240) ; ight (8) eighteen (18) inch Cylinders, with three (3) feet ilroke. The wtole to he d-livered aa directed, witluu live , nnuiha I rum the tune of receiving the drawinga and plana for , railding. The Proposal! will atate the pnee for which the Knginea. S liters a d Pro|?e llao* w ill he d* lieeied, and pur into comph t< ifieration. 3u' aa the application of the t-ngiue wort n g to il'her ol the aaul plana, la a l atent right, the propoaala will also tale the nrice asked, including the authority 'o nae the patent italic, alio alao the prion eicluaive 01 aarl au h'i ity j. C. SPKNC&H, in?3tol7a r Secret tv of ihe Tn-.ianry " r w \ Pair OF GOOD DO I tit A 51? ol OLk. ooii JKjyj BUSKINS ol all colon, Irom Ss to 6? and $1. war anted g< od L idles', Misses, and Children's (iattera, blaot, I ironge, g<en and light colon, ol ihe laieat laahioa, S. J7 t< |l 74, aod ti Gent's line Krench aud native calf ureaa Ooou rime rail dreaa quarter boots, ahors and gaiters; mens', boys, ind children';, good low pricedbooU; prime meue', boya and '.hildrru'a, of all aorta and a ilea, the cheapest you evar saw Largest aaaortmvnt, Ireat quality, aad lowest prices in the city. J. 8. Walker, 419 Bioadway. I have sold out my other store, ind will pay all attention to accommodate my frieude and the public. Oood shoot at low prices. Good gaiters, Lis. lm*r MKDICAL. GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. Da desideratum in dentistry. R. A.O. OA STLE, XT Broadway,Dr. A. C. C.wiU remoee 10 Ml Broadway the enamug lit of May,baa a Paato for filling decayed hollow teeth. It can be put tuto the most leader teeth without any imn or lueonyenience.with which it beeomee impacted tute ONE bard to! id body.thua rei tori rig anu preserring (hitherto painful and oaeleaa teeth) artificially sound, and perfect iu all tlieir reapecli. a uaea foe life?preventing IN ALL OASES, the necessity of extraction. Ladies the most diatiuguiahed in aociety^otler their leatimoniala in the most ri rid term*, u to t'? elMMT. The y.uiior 01 ine evening rwn, uyi It ia admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervous persona, and Dr. Castle operate! on the teeth with (teat care aud ability." 1 he New York Aurora, aayi " It make* the teeth in all reepecta perfect for life." The Son, aaya :? " Dr. Castle has obtained muck celebrity for hiseieellent mode of filling the teeth." The most eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty, have personally tried ana recommend Dr. Castle's Paste for filling the teeth. Tooth-ache Pills, one ol which pat in the aching tooth, will effect a permanent core, [from the Journal of Commerce ] DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. A. C. Castle has replaced by a most ingeuioas piece of deulal mechanism, the lost portions of the upper and lower jaw boues, shot away in the case of Lieut. 8 . of the U. ft. N.. who met with (hit terrible and severe casualty, while in nuranit of the Indians in Florida. We hare teen letters from L.eot, S confirmatory of this extraordinary care and its entire snccess, that the loss of these nnportaut organs to skillfully replaced by Di. Castle it uow no more a sonice of regret to the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion bv atmospncric pressure. D' A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French anu English Ambassadors, Mr. Stoughton. the Spanish Consul,Hear Admiral Walton, Lord Morpelh.Gen. MeCarty, Gov. Mason, Dr. F.U. Johnson, President of the Medical Society, 8. N. Y.; Mrs. (Jen. Gaines, J. B. neck, M. D.,Dr. J. A. Smith Dr. E. Delaaeld, Dr. Beadls, Dr. Boyd. Dr. Bnger, Dr. J. C. Cheetman, Dr. A. H. Stevens. Dr. J Torrey, iDr. Baylies, Dr. Win. Grayson, Dr. Derring, fcc. lie. Office 297 Broadway. m'7 lmr DHUPTIONS ON THE FACE OH SKIN, or Cliapt and j-J Tender Flesh Cured bv the Italiau Chemical Soap?To judge of the wonderful qualities of this read the opinion of the Medical Council of Paris, by whom it was tested " We consider Mr Ve<prinl as the greatest philanthropist ot the age, aud his chemical aoap as a mir cle, a wonder and a blessing to cure any eruption or disfigurement, and to cheuge dark or vullow akin to a Cue healthy clearness; it will prove a blessing to fntare ages." This from a sceuiitic aud enligntened body of men, proves more its qualities than all we can sjy?give it oue trial, then judge, in piruplea, freckles, salt rheum,scurvy, tan, scorbutic eruptions, Ike. In fact there are many physicians who now prescribe this in cases that have baffled their skill. I myself have seen it cure mptiout after p-rsons hare tried inward and outward remedies in vain, anil certainly it gives discolored skin a delicious liealthy, clear look. Ir ia sold at SO cents a cake by the proprietor, at the sign of the American Eagle, 02 Chatham street, New York. Appointed Agents?Zicber, Sd and Dock sta. Phila, or next 10 the Auiericu Hotel .Washington. D C; State at. Boston; 17 Bute at. Albany; 1S9 Kultou at. Brooklyn; 207 King street, i"harlest?-u 8 O.; C. F. Bail?. Morristown, N.J: Ferru, Ma'U it.. Middletown. Ct. Agents wanted mall other cities. ml6 lin'cc Jf LIBPENARD STREET. * IVfADAME COBTELLO, Female Physician and Graduate WE as Midwife, offer* her imifessionil services to the ladies if this city and country. The anatomical and physiological I*cnliaritiej which distinguish the lemale Irom the male, im,???e upon her diseases and functions altogether her own ? Many oj these diseases are exceedingly complicated and ob icure, requiring an accurate knowledge of the female ayatem to treat them with ancreaa. Madame Costrllo having had long experience and anrprtaing incceaa in the treatment of diseases incidental to her arx, apprises ladiea on the point of confinement, or those suffering rum suppression, irregularity, ohairucuona, &c. tie. (no matter from whatever cause) that ahe will be happy 10 afford a comfortable temporary home at her reaidence. where they can al waya have the beat medical treatment and the meal matronly care and nuraiug, or if preferred, will wait on and attend them at their own henaea nutil perfectly recovered vladame C. particularly bega to impress en the tninda of the delicate, that ahe officiates personally in evary caae, ao that Imitation or dread need never be apprehended. N. B.?MadameUestello would inform ladiea reaiding ont of :he city, whoae health wonld not admit of travelling, that ahe would devote her peraonal attendance npon them in any part of die United States within reaaonable distance . Madame C can be conanited at her reaidence, 34 Liapeaard itreet, at all tunes and with tne strictest regard to secrecy A 1 communications aad letters must be postpaid. ml6 lm*ec MADAME COSTELLO FEMALE PERIODICAL PILLS?Guaranteed in every 1 caae where the monthly periods have become irregular from colds or ether causes. Their certainty of action has long been acknowleaged by the medical profession, and hundreds that have uselessly tried various boasted leme lies? sure are these Pills in the rr effects, that can a sometimes necessary to their use; though they contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advise given gratia to all those who use the Pills, by Madame Coatello, U Lis penard at, where the Pills era sold genuine. Price $1 per box mit Im'tf CERTAIN CURE FOR ALL DEAFNESS. IVA ON8. MALLAN-BOUND M AUNIP1ERS-INVISI1Y1 BLE VOICE CONDUCTORS.?To enable persons instantly, at an advanced age, audof forty and fifty years standing, of extreme deafness, and of those who are only slightly dull of hearing, to join in general conversation and to eaten the louudof a distant low speakerata public assembly. They are he size of a very small gold saven shilling piece, and when in :ue cavity of the ears they are not iu the least perceptible! nor more uncomfortable than having a small piece of fine wool in ts place. And although they are so extremely small, yet they >nable those afflicted with extreme deafness to hear, iu every espect, equal to those of most accurate hearing. To be had of Mons. Mallan St won, Surgeon Dentists, sole igents for the patentee, No. J7J Broadway, next to the Union Jlnb. She above invention has been in use in Europe tor some rears and is strougly recommended, being one of the greatest hscoveries ol the age. Persons, aou-rvaideirts in New York city, on the remittance if$10, can have a pair forwarded by post to.anr tart, mlf 'm?-c DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE & EDWAKDS, AURTST3, 297 ^or many yea s attended lo the -an. Their ireatmeut is bised on the rational principles of cience and practical knowledge. The New York bun. is ineakmg of diseases of the ear mantioo. that Ur Caatle It Edwariia have oblaiued a hivh srauding as ace* mplisheu AuristaACOUSTIC DROITS, A sere care for incipient deafness, earache, pains, bnxzings. or singiug sounds in the ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated ecrt tions of the organs. 1 heir Acoustic Oil has been a popular rented? as a curative in all diseases of the ears tor apwards of twenty years. Offices 297 Broadway, (Dr.Castle it Edwards intend removing to Ml Broadway, the ensuing first of May. ml9 lm*r U Kit is iUUTit WABll?J're pared irom Uie original re cipeatNo.i Oold street, New Yrok? The Urns Tooth Wash is parely a vegetable preparation, possessing the properties o cleaning the teeth and mouth restoring the gums to a Healthy state, and preventing any nnpleasant taste or odour in die mouth, whether arising from decayed teeth or from a dot auged state of the stomach. It is designed to be Ased with a tooth brash, and will be (onns to supersede the necessity o fa powder .kceptog the teeth clean nd preventing the wearing away of the gums ft m the teeth It is particularly useful in cases of spungy gums, restoring them to a healthy state, and causing them to contract around the teeth. In painful affections of the teeth and gains, arising from eipoiure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is par ucularly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash atmght jusi before retiring to rest. This method is recommended By rmisent dentists, as by so doing all particles of food which seen ma late daring the day are entirely removed, and the montb sept through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthv state. Bound teeth and while teetn are the most reliable portions of poor humanity; but how many neglect the attention netrssary for their preservation, even when ausronuded by all the neans needed Among these we know of none more pleasant uid effectual than the Urns Tooth Wash -it cleanses and whi tens the teeth, strengthens the gums, pu fies the mouth, and sweetens the breath. We recommend it. use to all, young and Id.?[Boston Morning Poet. The Orris Tooth Wash is the nest detergent we sued en tnrenamel.?[Boston Transcript, for sale by tbe principal druggists in t!? city mi t WIDOW WELCH'S FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. rPHI9 MEDICINE, to celebrated in England and over t Europe, has for the first time been introduced into the United States Its wotiderlul virtues in curing Iemale complaints,and removing obstructions and d<iorderamore especially incidental to the female tei are well knowa to all ier>ignera; and assn-w as ihvy become as well known here as Ihey are in Europe, no f> male will be without them. To pre rent I heir being counterfeited, the owners, "ho reside in LooIon, hate leucted but oue place in this country whr re the genuine pills can be oblaiued. Price St per box. All lettera must be inrist paid. Kor sale at The New York Medical and Smgical Institute, m!9 Im ec TSChari he house west of Broadway. THE HAIR FORCED TO GROW, STOPPED FALLING, AND DANDRUFF CURED. BY a fifty cent bottle o( Jouee' Corel Hair Reetnrative There can be no doubt (among the teneible or ecieutific) that 'hie it, without eiceptiou, the moet efficaciooe article ever lormtd by iciencc fir the purnoee We have lately offend aeveral unmet of peiaona who, af er naiug I his, have found it all lepreaentrd. Let p raoua give it one trial, *ti? but halfa dollar?we aa?urr thrrn they will he w? II aaliafird You mm t b-lit re whvu iheae pe-a ua give their tiamea, nad certify the above are the uuali tra of Jonea' Corn1 Hrir R etorative. Mr. W Hopkina. 92 Kiug at, New York. Mr. f hillipa 498 Broome, cor. f Wooateret. The Hon. ludpe Kdwaida.if Philadelphia. Mr. J Penraon Nave Yard CharleUown. T. Power, aroca , Fulton at, Brooklyn. We could offei fifty olh r nimrr of |iers*ne who have found lira all it a repreieut-d; but if (he above it not enough,uothing will coaaice r icept one mal; it it aold at the aipn ol trie American Katie, 82 t.hntliam at, N. Y.J aud by ttreae agenta? id Philadelphia. by Zieber. cor Third and Dock ata; or m it to t' e Am-ricau Hotel Waahirrgtnn, D c.; iu Bnatou, I State at; id Charleston, S. C? 17 King a'; in Alimuv, ti7 Sta'e at; in Brooklyn, 139 Fulton. Agenta wauted in all other citiea. n4 I in* in BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT FEMALE M.ONTIILY PILLS. PtAUTION TO KKM aLK8 ?The pitiful aud contrmptiL-r ble altemp'a ma le by tome druvgiata to imi oae ii|>on uiiaua[acting or errdulo'ta femalea, by iinitnting aud counterfeiting 'Female Monthly Pilla" tnuat convince the public that audi Iruirgiata will not acru|ile to attempt any iinnoailion, il thereby t few oaltry dollara rnn be tnade. It la well kuown that the Female Monthly Pilla were li at introduced in'o thia Cbuutry iboutaeveu yean ago by Madame Reatell and in conaeqnrnce if their reputation for efficacy and mi'duraa in all caaea of menatrual obat'iicti m in irregularity every conceivable quack nnatrurn haa beeuatyleil "h?m*le Monthly Pilla," and the betterm e ver the im|>oai'iou, aaanrnrd to be 'married Such trickery ia roo corilvmt't'b'e. To gurrd agaloat imixia'tinn fern lea are c'utiarn d 'o purchaae only at Madame Reatell'a Prucipal office, Ml Orrenwich at, and agenta by appointment, 12(1 C er-y at, nenr Catharine, and 2 M If rand at, corner of Allen, N V.? Boaton office No. 7Kaaetat. Female Monthly Pilla adaertiaril claew here are cnunterlert. Bee that Madam# Ueatrll'a argnature ia written on the cover. m20 I in 'iter * certain disrupt, id winch the moat convenient and private 'Henna ol cnre are alated in the plameat pottible maunet. And not only are dirertiona riven (or the more timple nod recent rases, but those which have (alien into improper bands, anc continue on from month to month, are particularly dwelt on.? Koch pcraona will see immediately the difficulties which impede their enre, whatever they may be, aa well aa the plan to >e pnrencd in each particular care. It ta obtained only ol the tutnor, Dr. Ralph, U Greenwich at. Price t) Dr, Ralph alaotakea thii opportaity of saying th it ha mar be consulted on the peculiar diaeaaea above reierrod to, i >|hi> private reaidence, et any hour. Aware, however, of the deep and jnat solicitude which many feel to consult a person of integrity as well aa etpertenca it these recnli&r complaints, the author deems it ptoi er to girt :he following shovt sketch of die opportunities lie hae t ad to 111 nmself for this trust. And this he is the more inclineu to ai latiy have assured him that, for want ol information ol thn siud , they have selected from a list of advertising ireople tha >ne who had boasiel moat of wonderfol cures?but not without he bittereat rt|>eiitance. lie therefore begs to stata nde hia rank aa graduate ef Kd'nbnigh, ke. kc. ke. he hat eeii watching these diaeaaea, botli in hospital and city practice, 'or more than thirty years, and has published two editions ol worl, eaprcaal r on thetr. Also that he has testimonial lttur> 'mm the most eminent phyaiciru* of the most erni eat in America?as Hn Astir* Cooper to Dr. Mott.ol N. V ad Dr. Physir.h o( Philadelphia, and ethers; aad luruiei, hat he has the privilege of referring to Almost every phvn lisp of rminence in tfiis city. Nothing can be stated, he cm. rivet, at better grot ud ol confidence t4 thoae who are at/an ten to mm. Ouiitaliiiioii* may be mane by poet, auti for such he lui ittlei mate cheil, containing e?ery thing iieeaeeary for a weedy t ud private ear*. I tie forwarded ? may he directed. rn?>>11. m2< lm?r TO ThtL LOVKH8 Olf BUI'fcHIOH BLACK TKAHowijoe'e Mutiirr?Thie eitremeiT delieiom end tfniaralleled Tea, eo highly celebrated iu China and Ku/opa, juet imported. ie new (or aale at the Canton Tea Company % Orneral Tea k-atabliahmeat, 111 Chatham at. New Yer i?in China** I package#. Friw M epnu and SI. mlT lm*r 1 FRANKLIN HOI THE PROPRIETORS bit Imn to uuotMi to tb date, reduced to One Dollar ami Fifty Ceou per day, id b? For the boner accommodation u< many of their parrona, tb naeali >DIP Gentlemen's Ordinary, Ladies' Ordinary, From the locality of the house,being aituated injthe moat c neaa portion oftne city, the proprietor* iraat, that with renewec tenliona and facilny reqniied for the comfort and conTonionce ot New Yoke, March 11, 1143. __ BRISTOL'S 8AASAPAR1LLA.?Head the following letJ-' ter froip one of our moat reanectable ci'iren*. which was inven MDMoncicated, bat from a coivicuou that the whole hamui family would be benefitted by it?then read the other from a highly reipcctable drug houae in thia city, and then, not only mr, but recommend tnia highly and important medicine to " ALL THE WORLD " ? New Yon*, March 13. IMS. Mr. Wm. Bdiom >Deai Sir?Feeling it a dnty, which I owe Mr. C. C. Briitol and the whole human family, I lake the liberty to addreaa him through you, to make my case known, and the benefit I have derived from the uae of hit Compound Extract of Saraaparilla In September, 1836, 1 waa taken lick, and had the beat medical advice from that time until November, 1842 in the rourae of which time I have been under the ca>e of twelve diff-rent phyiiciana, aud all to uo effect, until I waa induced to try hi? Sa aaparilla. When I commenced the uae of il, (which waa about tlic firat of Drcrmhet laat) I had a lever aore of the m -at malignant kind, and alao aaevrre cough, attended with a pain in the aide and apitting of blood, and the chronic rheumatiam, ao that 1 could uot aleen niuht or day, and my anfferiuga ware be you I com eption. My frienda had all given me up aa baiug beyond aaaiatance, and aaid I could live but a abort time, when I waa induced to try Ilia Compound,and I row enjoy better health than I have for aeven yeara, and all through the uae of it and the help of Divine Providence ; and my improvement haa been ao rapid that I am looked upon aaone risen from the grave. Aa an ina anoe. aince the middle of December, I nave incrraaed in weight to the extent of thirty-four lionuda. which ia gaining very rapidly for three montha. You may refer aryperaana to me, who may hare any acruplea, or diabelicvn the above, and I think lean aoon convince them ol its qualitiea. I remain Your obedient aervant, WILLIAM 8 HOLBERTON, , No. CO Maiden lana, up ataira, New York. BRISTOL'S BARS A PARI LL A. VERSUS BAND'S SARSAPARILLA.?Thia article which haa wronvht auch aigual cuiea within the State and City of New York, haa brought from A. B. 8t D. Saudi, the following certificate of ita mlienor efficacy, of ita unequalled virtuea in eradicating all diaeaaea for which it ia aold. New York, April 20,1812. Mr. C. C Bmitol, Buffalo, N Y.:? Dear Sir?W. have hern veiling during the year paat con aiderable quantitieaof your Extract of Barsapanlta, and think from I he account we hear of ita virtuea from thoae whe have j uaed it, that the aale in thia city may be much increaaed by paying ii more attention in adve-tiaing. Our arrancementa are auch with the different paprra that we can have advertiaementa inaeUed on much better terma than moat othera pay, and mon- conapicuoua. If yon wonld like to make an arrangement with ua for selling it more extenaively, we think it could be made of advantage to ua both. We have now four different uircr ui inrm in oc?i lucniiuna 111 me cuy ior rciaiiiug, and one for wholesaling, and oar facilitir* are inch as will enable at to (impose more of it, perhapa than any other house. We shall l>e much pleased to hear Irom your on thissubj ect, or if you visit New York in the course of a month or so, to see you at our store, 79 Kulton street. Yonri very respectfully, (A. B. It D. BANDS. CFRTIFICATF TESTIMONY OF PHYSICIANS. (From the entire Medical Faculty o| Buffalo.) We are acquainted with the preparation ol BarsapariUa, manufactured by C. C. Bristol, and hating made use ot it more or leas in our practice, betieviug it to contain ,in active principle ol Sarsaparill t. in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, we esteem it the best we have ever met with. J. Trowbridge, M. D. Charles Winne, M D. Jnaiah Barnes. M. D. J. E. Hawley, M. D. A.Miller, M.D. Cyrenins Chapm, M. D. Moses Bristol, M. D.l J. E. Marshall, M D. A. S. Bprague, M D. F. L. Harris, M. D. H. R. Btagg, M. D. OROSVENOR It CHASE, Oeneral Agents fortheiState of Rhode Island. For sale, wholesale and retail, by WILLIAM BURGER, Wholesale Druggist. 60 and62 Courtlandt street, and 188 Green wich street, wholesale agent, and by all the respectable druggists in the city. m!6r HULL'? TRUSSES NOTICE TO KcPTUSED PERSONS. DERSONS afflicted with rup res may rely upon the besl ' instrumental aid the world affo ds.on application at the office, No. i Yesey street, or to eilh et of the agents in the principal towns in the United States Be carefol to examine the back pad of Hull's trasses, to see tl they are endorsed by Dr Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon is rood, without his signature. Maoy persons have undertaken to vend ir.itati jnsof Hull's celebrated trusses, and thousands ars impose, uron income inence. These imitations cannot be relie cpoii ; they are made byunskilfitl mechanics, and are no bettei than the ordinary trusses. Rooms have been fitted np at No. 4 Yeaey street, exclusively for ladies, having a separata entrance from the business department, where a female is in constant attendanct to wait upon male patients. a6 lasPHYSIOLOGICAL mysteries and REVELAr TION8 IN LOVE, COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE. An infallible Guide Book for Minied and Single Persons, in matten of the utmost importance to the haman race. Amongst the matte's duly c inside ed in this work, are Matters of ?enous importance t? single and young married persons." ' The causes ol, and certain enre for barrenness." " The arts of beauty and conriship." "The dangeroi solitary rractices. and how the habit may be removed and ita effects cured." "The c of love au<lie,ilousv. wiih iniall ble remedies for eradica till* from the mind the seeds ol a hopeleM or unhappy passion " ' Offspring, with newly diacovred model, b*seii on scientific principles, fo the prevention, or propi iaiou thereof." "Texts for knowing toe Kiel of unboru children, with hints for procuriui: either nccording to choice." " Intrrm image." "Dress, with the forms sod colors most becoming to the virions shap-s and completions." Th* most anspicious season lor wedlock.' "And most ther ma ters of interest in single -nd married life,as relates to the principle subjects above noted." Bv Eugene BecklarJ, M. D. Translated fruin the third Fans edition, by Phillip M. Howard, M. D. A post t>aid oidrr. eccliMing one dollar, directed to HOLLAND It GLOVER, New work city, will procure a copy of the work being sent to any pan of the United States, or the Canadas, or three copies will be sent for two dollars. The rade supplied at 108 Nassau street. N Y. m31 lis dfcw* r TO THE MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS OF THE UNITED STATES. ATA MEETING OF THE MEMBEK8 of the "COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND P HARM AC if of the City ol New York,"held at the Consulting Kooms, 97 Nassau street, on the 13th of February, 1143, it was unanimously Resolved?That a circular letter be prepared and forwarded to the medical practitioners of the United States, informing them of the objects and design of the establishment of the Cop lege, and inviting their co-operation and support. The following circular, was in pursuance of thia resolution prepared and it now inserted in this paper for the purpose of giving it additional pnblicitv To the Medical Practitioner* of the United State*." OisTLHta :? A boot six months since a number ef physicians in this city, aware of the alarming orevale ce of quackery in this country, and desirous ol contributing as much as in their power to suppress the wholesale ravages of thia system of imposture, associated themselves together for the purpose of opening sn institution for the treatmeul of all diseases, and the tale of genuine Mediciae. This institution was founded under the title ol the "College of Medicine A Pharmacy of the City of New York," and has since the mouth of May, IS42, been in fall and successful operation. In order to convey some idea of the nature and number of the cases which have been nudsr the treatment ef the College several extracts from the case books are herewith transmitted. From these it will be sees that a vast number of those eases which too often fall into the hands of the quacks have been successfully treated, and the patients preserved from the most deplorable results which follow the pernicious treatment of uneducated pretenders. We alluda to the patients snffpring from venereal diseases Theae casea have almost urn versallr yielded in a very limited time to the new remedies introd-iced from Paris, the preparations of which, in this country, is confined exclusively to the College. Our great object in now addressing yon is to solicit your co operation in this great work of reform and benevnlenoa. The huth character cf the gentlemen who alternately fill the oflieea of consulting physician and surgeon in this institution, are well known to yon, and mast ensure yoar cordial appiobstion. By advising such if your patients as may viait New korkforthe purpose of seeking snch medical advice as rlit united skill tud experience of our most distinguished practitioners ean render, we 'rust that you will testify at onee your favorable opinion of our undertaking and yonr regard lor the welfare of your patienta. bv directing them ta our door*. We have united against the common foei of onr profession and of humanity, and we anxiously look to onr brethren in the country for aid in preserving the sufferers from diaeaae. from falling hi to the rocrcileaa hands orcharlatana and nostrum-mongers. We aend packages ot our medicines, accompanied by fall and explicit directiona for nae, to all parta of the Union. ACvery peraon who rranamita an account of hia or her case;Kd the value of the medicine ordered by the Consulting PhyaBan of tne College la aupplied with punctuality and deapatch, and may at any time receive en application, additional advice or medicine. We invite yonr attention to the liat of our tnoat valuable me* dicinea, whith yon iray find in the eolumna of thia paper, Theae preparationa have been made up with the greateatcare, and hare already gained tlie hlgheat reputation amongst onr brethren in thia city Any of them which you may wish to order will be forwarded to yod at greatly reduced prices. A? the College pabliah a medical tournal entitled "The Family Phys'cian," they will feel indebted for any intereating communications, am table for iu eolumna, which you may think propei to transmit. Auoyement, on principle* similar to those on which St. B'lti olome w'a. London, is conducted, it at present in pjogreaa he<e lor the reorganization of Bellrvue Alma Ho nae. trie larges! riispital in onr city, and as we believe alto on thia c nti neut. Thia it in full accordance with onr viewt, and to it we are riving our hearty support. The leading jour nala here are favuiable to the |roi>oted change, and aay that "all theae movement* for the advancemeot of pharmacy, the anppreaaion ol onackery, and the improvement of our public hospitals, under the direction of snch men at Dm. Matt, Revere, Paititon. P.'iker and Oilman, there isevery reason to hope lor a new and belter era in the history of medical science " Holing that yon m <y entertain the same views, and contribute your efficient aid, 1 have the honor to be, Ac. (By order.) M. ORfcOAN, M. R. C. 8. L. Secretary. Coi.i.rnr op Midichvr aivn Pharmacy, 97 Nassau at. New York, Feb. 14, 1143 Extract from the Minnies ef the College. f l?3md twr W H. RICH AH'IRON. Register. DOCTOR HELL. rvOCTOR BELL devotes hia personal attention (daily, unLr t,| 9 p M.) to the removal of private diseases in every ataga. All suffering nnder protracted cases, aggravated or nntnecea??ullv treated by inexperirneed or pietemJed praclitiou?n?rr.p* *. luborini nmlfr th? d??truetiv? effect? of nwenry or tiuacR noafc!lua. and all who tuiwcl the remains of di-eaae lurking in tlie system, may consult Dr. B always with a guarantee of a cure. . . . Persons contemplating marriage, who hays been the mbjeets ef delicate diseases, may ci""1'1' Dr. Bell with honorable confidence. Past-paid letters, describing the case of peiaona at a distance, have his prompt attention it. B.'a treatment never exposes to anapicion, ana is well known to le safe and permaneuf. _ Private offices 4 Courtlandt atreet, two doors from Rroadway. al lm*rc TO THE LADIES. Dfc HULL'S UTKRO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. VPHIS new Instrument for the radical cure of rrolapana Uteri A or Falling of the Womb, bv esternal si nii^aiinn .a wig the on of the objectienal Pessary, ii confidently recommended to the afflicted u the means of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing ? care, even ander the moil aggravated ctrenmitanret. The Supporter hat attained a very high character in Europe aa well aa in thu country. It ta adopted tn the entire drnoae nl pessaries,and all other iiainfnl aurgiral the LyinKin-Hospitals of Loedou and Paris, and n universally recommended in Knrope bv medical men of the highest rank In tine coanlry i u< aaatamed by the leed'ng members of the faculli?? of < olleeea and Hospitals, and hv all the "ninem private preeli (toners rtooriia h ive hern famished rictiiaivelr for ladies, at No. ? Vcsey arrrcl, having a separate entrance from the bnsineaa it* oartment, wnere a lady is in roustant attendance, to appiv frnsset and Hnppoicera to leioalc patients. aalmr KOOn FINE HEALTHY HWKEDWH LEECHE8OUUU J? , r,c??d. Also a general assortment of Drags. Pilots, Oils, Dye Bluffs, fcr. he E"r " m i'Vt Vr.Ha'. V m UHKENWIUH, NfcAH VKHKV. N B.?Arrangements hev? hern made for >5* Sweeden several limes dnring the aeaa<o, and J I s,> thai iliey can be sent to any I** th? Un,wd 7^7, perfect safety. . ? , r INHltEDTjlL?is caalu.opener quality English Liuaeed LijDil, afloat, h JUNTUEN. r Bottth it JSE, NEW YORK *th Lad"-"' !Sd oi* J>l,b,le tiia< th*" P"** '0I b?*"'ftom rtu* id their boon for rNKK. ' 4 ''clock aad Sid o'clock. 3)ti o'cl jck. ?u^*dw17l*nd contiguous to the bn?ith?.r EdLE?: t??T.wilf be enabled to afford every atK"*". *"d """l a continuance of former patronage. fc TREAD WK LL. , mIS fPl PARR'S LIFE PILLS. TH!* '".l" h?? scarcely been introduced 1 into the United Mlatessix months, yet in this short snsCe of time, without any extraordinary exertions on the part or he proprietors, Ms Ule> U the States of New York. PeiSylvaiK New Lngland States and Canada, has increased with such mpidity as to etceed their moat sanguine expectations The public are now beginning to understand and appreciate the superior efficacy of this mild u.edieiue Co the p.i i? rn'nl purgatives that have been hitherto sold them in the snape ol pills which may giva relieffor a short time bat always xt the eipen>e of the system, by enfeebling it and rendering ?l more liable to reseive agate other complaints. On the eoutrary, Parr's Li e Pillsgeutly eradicate diseaae by ramorins all ohstrucrinns in the intestinal canal, purifying the blond, strengthening the system, and creating a natural and healthy actios of the WWy?they also act powerfully as a tonic, and restore to the natien a long lost appetite and a healthy craving for land. As a family medicine <t is unequalled, and may be taken hv every member of a lamily t-om the vonngest to the oldest, being perfectly free from all mineral preparations,giving no pain, and acting mildly as a purgative. Many females who have taken this medicine speak in the highest terms of the great benefit they have had from the use of it, and to all females ofa delicate habit of body ws would particularly recommend this medicine; they will find it agreeable to take, soothing to the system, and certain in its removing the soar and bed humor from the body?in the Spring the torpid and acrimonious fluids that have laia dormant in the body daring the winter, bat are agam brought into sotivity, will be speedily removed by taking Parr's Life Pillg every night, before going to bed. for two or three weeks. The Sroprietors haw alre-dy many excellent testimoniale of the ef^caey ol Parr's Life Pills in bilious and scorbutic complaints. vnrouic cases oi colds, constipation of the bowels. dyspepsia, liver complaints, debility and complaints incidental to Females. The follewihg are the exclusive agents For the sale of Pair's Lile Pills, where may be had gratis the Life and Times of Thomas Parr, with two fine engravings, and much other inter-eating matter James Aspinwall, Druggist and Chemist, M William street; Bushton It Co. 110 Broadway and 10 Aator House ; Abraham 9auds It Co. druggists and chemists, granite buildings. No. 273 Broadway. comer Chamber street; David Sands It Co. No. 77 East Broadway ; P. Dickie, 113 Broadway, corner Litpeoard street-; John B Dodd, druggist, Broadway, corner Blsecker street; N. W. Badeau, Bowery Medicine store, 200 Bowery; John C. Hart, druggist, 346 Grand, corner Norfolk street; Syme's Medicine store, 63 Bowery, corner Walker street; John Syme, comer Fultou and Water streets ; Horace Everett, druggist, 3C7 Greenwich street, next the corneraf Franklin; J. A J. Coddi ngton, apothecaries, 227 Hudson, corner of Spring street; E.L.Cotton, chemist and anotnecary, 253 Bleecker, comer Janes street; J. Wendover, druggist and apothecary No. 141 Eighth avenue. Brobklvn?C. Wells Simons, seed, drug, and patent medil cine warehouse, 184)6 Fulton street, and wholesale at the proprietor's office. T. ROBERT'S 3t CO, Clarendon House, cor. Dt^an< at. and Broadway. Small boxes 25 cenu. Large or Family boxes 56 cents. Persons desirous if obtaining an agency for their tale ;n the country, will please direct their letters, post paid, to T. Be berts It Co. letter box 907, New York. mil lm*e T?HE NOBIL1TT OK ENGLAND USE SHERMAN'S 1 TOOTH-PASTE?Over 2500 pots are sold every mouth. The Doctor defies the whole world to make co good a dentifrice. It cleans and whitens the teeth ; keeps hem from aching and decay, hardenn the gums and sweeteus the breath. The Snltan of Muscat ha* recommenced Shcrn- -nH Lozenges to his subjects as the plessauiest and best med -.ine in use. The Rev. Mr. Dunbar, of the McDougall str-rt Church, recommended them to his congregation. The Co- gh Lozenges cured him of a very had congb in a few hours. Mr. Edward Pha'on, the celebrated hair dresser 214 Broadway , has known Sherman's Camphor Lozenges < are dozens of persons of sea sickness in a few mmntes. They are a perfect preventive and remedy for head ache, palpital ion, lowness of spirits, desnonaency, Ac. Daniel M. Frve, Esq., Clerk in the upper Police Office, has used S-ermtn's Lozsngea in his family for four years, with the greatest benefit; never failing to cure the worst eases of congha, colds, head ache, worms, Ac. Jim Grant, State barber. No 4 Ann street, has found morn benefit from Sherman's Loxenges. than any thing else. He has known more than fifty of his friends who have been cared of coughs or head aches by them. He thinks they are the greatest medicines In the world. The Rev. Mr. Dow, Jr., says 8h?rmaa'? Worm lozenges are a wonderful medicine. They have saved the lives of several of his children, when til other means failed. They are in fact the universal Worm Destroying medicine of the age. He has also found Sherman's Papillary Oil a sovereign remedy. Any lady can be cared by it, no matter how sure her oipples are, without taking the child from the breast. Warehouse, 106 Nassau street. Agents, lit. 273 <ud <59 Broadway; 227 Hudson street ; 186 Bowery; 77 East Broadway; 10 Astor Hons*; 66 William st; 139 Fulton ist, Brooklyn; 4 Stanwis Hall, Albnay; t Stat* ?*rect, Boston; 3 Lcdter Buildings. Philadelphia. mil r VTEW AND IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT-PAR' i* SELLS A AGATE.-offer for the inspection of the public their improved Minerva Shoulder Brace, perfectly satisfied that the vast improvements they have made in the article place it far above any article of the kind heretofore manufactured.? This article it intended to brace the thou'ders and expand the chest, giving at the same time free use of the arms, and full and peifect action to the lungs. It not only beautifies the form of the wearer, but it highly recommended by professional gentle I ... n. >m i >u,u>|icusiuic to persons ol se| dt-nury habits. Parents and guardians are requested to girt this article their attention, as it will be found or infiuite benefit tochildienof either sex, and to all persons who hare acquired the habit of stooping. Persons sending orders will please send the size across the shoulders aid around the waist, and directions will be forwarded with the Braoe, to obnate any difficulty that may occur in the size. For tale wholesale and retail, at 'he old establishment of PARSELL8 & AUA I E, a2 lm'ec 237 Broadwar, corner of Path Place. MARTIN It COUPA, Ouiur Mauufa-tnrrrs, No. 346 Broadway, up >nin, hive cons antly ou ha-id a la ge SOsmment of (iuiiars, manufactU'ed fr >m the best materials of superior tone and ,>erlect in exert respect. Martin & Coupa, hariug made several improrementa in the manuf ctnring branch are rutbled to offn their iastiamenu lower thinauy other establishment in tht city. Strangers belore making their purchases will find it to theit advantage to call and examine their assortment which is the largest in the United Spites. N. B.?The Uuiurs are warranted to stand anvchinreof climate. Bold wholesale and retail at 346 B'oadway, (up stair s i No connection with the mnnesiorc he ot. ?2 1*m"r LINSEED OIL?23 casks superior quality English Linseed Oil, now op the wharf for sale i? lota to ?mr purchasers, by WOODHULL It MlNTUR>9, atr 17 South street. CAUTION TO FEMALES. \fADAME RESTELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would inform ladies who with a proper dmicacy, have a repugnance u the treatment of their couioUiuts except by one of thatt own aez, that in all oases she intends to them personally ,htr ex.' gene nee, psactice and knowledge enables tier to do so. She deems it necessary to sum this, as she does not wish 10 bo classed with the pretenders continually appearing and disappear ing, advertising as "Female Physicians," who too iguorant and incompetent themselves are obliged to get son.y scarcely lets ignorant quack to experiment instead. Consulong parlors and residence 141 ttreeuwieh struct, between CourtUndt and Li bony streets. Hoars of attendance from A. M. to P. M. ml* lm* FEMALE JHONTHLY PILLS, U-? us** w m? c?icotiit, cmeacy, una tnwtnaoie success ol Madame Result's femi't Monthly Pilb in til cams of irregntaiiry, suppression, ?r steppeg* at tkoes functions of na tut upon which the health of every lenaie upends,line* Iheii mtrodnetion into the United States, now stouifoar years, orntertcits and imitations are constantly attempted to he al aiad off for the genui tie. Cheep common pi lie art purchase! at twelve cents a box,pul np in different boves. end called? "I'ctnale Monthly rffls." with the obi eel ol' eel It u?- tnem, if pots.bla, at one or two dollars a box. ffeinaleiere tnerefore eantioned against these attempt! to inmiae U|?u them. It is (efficient here to state that all Female Moothlr.Pills are conn lerfeita, except those sold at Madame Res tail's Pnnc <>?! '.Mice 141 Greenwich street. New Yora and 7 Essex street, boston Price SI. Madame Result's ricnatnre is written on the cover of each box. N. B.?They een be need by named or single, by follow ins the directions enclosed inetde of each box. Sold alto by a* pointment al XX Grand street, corner of Allen, New Vnrk. m A >a* TO MAKiUED LADlEb. MADAME RKSTKLL'S PREVENTIVE ruWUKRb i-'A?These inralnable Powderahaee been universally adopwe in Europe, bat France in particular, lor upwards of thirty rears, as well as bv thenaandain this conntiy, as being the onfy imld safe, and efficacious remedy for named ladies, wnosa health forbids a too rapid incraaee of family. Madame llestell. as is wsll known, wis for thirty ysars fl| sis Physician iu (he two principal Female Hospitals in K?rope?tliose of Vienna and rari??where favorea >j her great experisnet sad opportunities, she ?twined that eslebrity n those great discoveries in medical science so specialty adaptee to the female frame, for which her medicine# saw stand nan railed, as well in this country as in Europe. Hi.r aequototane# with the physiology and anatomy of tha lemale frame, enabled her?by iracing the decline ana ill health of married females, scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable causes which consign many a fond mother to s pre mature grave? to their true source?to arrive at a knowledge of the primary canses ol female inditpoaio?M?especially of married females?which, in !WA, led to the discovery o her celebrated " Preventive Powders." Their adoption baa been the meant of preserving not only the health, bat even the life of many an affectionate wife and fogdmother t a am htiiumi iboiuw m 'inpurmnra 01 mis laoieel, and en timating the viut bene ,t? reroni'iii t" thouwituU by llirir vdi.p lion, woo Id null resi-'-etfuily uronae inn attention of the mat ried' by a" that they hold nc.rr end deer, to tnrir ronnderet'on. la it'not wiaa and yirtnonato preyent eviia to which we are inb- H i?ct by umple and healthy meant within onr control. Every diapluwioneU, yirteoia. and enlightened'mind will unheaitat inciyanawer in the affirmative. Priee Ave dollar* a package. accompanied with fall and particular direction*. The* can be forwarded hy mail to any part of the United Slate*. Ail letter* moil oe poet paid, and eddressed to MADAM K KKBTELL, female Fhyateiaii. Principal office, 141 Greenwich tract. New York. Office nnar? from ? A M.'"4n clock P V leitM office No. T K?ae? at, ie'0 Ira* MADAME R li S T R li ii, H I7EMALE PHYSICIAN, Office and reiidenee, Ml Uraen T Wich ?lreet, between t loorllandt -ud I.retry itreeu. where he ean be (ununited with the (tricteit cunt'ideoee on com plmnu incident to lite female frame. Madame Retteilaeiperienea and knowledge in the treatment of ebetmete case of female irregularity, stoppage, (uppreeaion. Ik., ia inch a* to require bat a few day* to effect a perfect pare. Leiliei desiring proper medical attendance during conAnernentor othei indisposition, will be accommodated daring inch time, with private and reapectabie board. " Preventive Powder*," lor maned ladiei. wl d* lieate or pr?caiion* health torbide ?tor. rapid inereerto taindr, will be aent by mail to any part of the l/oited States. Pries ti a package. All Letter* I poet paid) eddressed to bog tU. New York. Bo*ton Office, No i Eeeea itreet. .. N. B.?Madame RES'l'kLL wonld inforna ladiee matding ont of the city, whose health wonld not admit of trnyelling.thnt he would devote her pereonal attendance a pan*" pat of the United ikatee within reaaonable metance. minima PORTUGUESE FEMALE PLLL3. M DE BOUDELOQl".'Td'TisBON.i-'KTUOAE H ^HEi Ac^orobinauonjf ofwfoeh nice A I ||,v nm |j u la" wa? ? ! * w ~ *** " WIIUPI 'tUU IClDll ration of (He world. They are known all otoi Karoiw to ue the only ore iteration near discovered that haa proved invariably aeriaiu in nrodociM the monthly (area ! >eir certaiuty, in all aasei bain* ?nch tnat thea mntt not be naed daring pregnancy, fbTthonghalwara mild. aafe. and healthy, they are certain to rodnce miacarriage il need (liiring mat period. The ditecnona ere tranalated into Kngluh .and we enaeloped round with the'aeal of the importer, atamped. Kaeh ho* anni aina the aignatnre of M. de Doudeloone, aiid the hlnglit' di eetiona hare tlie aignatnre of Or K wf.I.VEAIT. aa'horiaed agent for the continent of America. They can be trananiittea by mail to any part of tne United At*tea Lettera directed to Dr. If. Yleliean, box 14, New York, will irtet with iinnrdn.e attention. All letteia mail be poet paid. Sold by a?;?n? Irnciil at 110 Cherry, near Catlne rineitreet. T*ri?r $4 n'fVnTfi tl No half hoeea leui by mail mid lm iltrw H -!. ir a FUBLISHKI) DAILY BY .1A ill KS <J4>HlM>N HKNNKTT. N.W.COHNKN PULTON AND ilASHAU RTRKKT8. Thc N?W Vena lUaai.le?A 'iaiTy paper, laaneil every I raorninit nl the week?pure twn rrnh per copy. Conutry nib ecrihera fmnianed at the aaine rate, lor any apae be (ifriod, on a remittance in advance Ne paper aem, nnlaa paid in advnnce I The VVr.MEt.T HnaAi.D? leaned erery Saturday morning at nine o'eloek?price it's and aonerfer ren/t per copy?(arnianed to connlry anbicribera at !,o i"-r anuam, in advance,nr at the lame rate for any ipeciOed period. Coaaaeroenneri are reqnaated to addraoa their letter* te Jawti Ueaeee Iiviitt. Propnaeer tad Hdiier?and ail at. earn ea Mmm mew he WW Mid

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