Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1843 Page 1
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TH Tol. IX.?No. 104,?WIiol* No. 3317. T* th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published ry day of tha year except New Year's day and fourth ef July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or 97 30 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALb?publishedevery Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or $8 12 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation oi the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and it therefore, the beet channel for butinett men in the city or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the mo?t moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pbopribtob or thb Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street* M HOUSES TO LET AT YORKVlLUE.-s large houses ou the corner of 84lh street and 3d aveuue; either of them is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises is a fine stable, howling alley, ami a fine garde n. consisting of a . ots, wi th grape vines and fruit JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq.. m8 2wr No. 11 Chambers >t. M SHADES IN ANN BT ? I o let, from Uc of May. 'his valuable and old established >ta "d Tor a tavern; rent $600 and taxe>. Apply to Mr. BARNn.8, t< B-rkman street. i\I4 4 jgb M WANTED T/> rtJffiTlASft?A substantially built [* ; twesiory and attic ?>r three stoiv brick dwe lip* house, l^ML'l'uated in Willemitiurg or Brook yn. within a f?w muioies walk o'the Peck Blip Kerry .Williamiburg, or the Fulton Ferry. Brooklyn. Any person h*viug snch to di<po*eof, and w'Hirif to tell at a low price, may hear of a crah customs- by addressing a note tuing pr re, (oration, when the piemisca could be L. J. hoi 'MPark Poat OTce. N. B.?A h -use nor yet rented for the ensuing year would be prefeired and ibe price muat he low. alt 3tr JmA TO RENT?The extensive Bpildiog erected the prepTT* rent season be the anbaerioer, for hia own reaideace, on X^ULihe margin of ihe Esit River, at Gowanus Heights, two and a half miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding enlendid views of the Bay and Jersey shore, the cities of New York and Brookhn. States Island and the E'st atd North Rivera, His H-use isbiick, a superior building, five stories hifch, covered wilh coppei; llie hall aid stairs of um hie; the water front ab ut one ihontand feet, and the bathing witnina few ?aid? of the door, eicellc t lislnng at d fowling in 'he im m'diate v iciiilta . The drive from New York >s ab<ut fifteen mtuu'es, and the premi ?a are not excelled byany>i ua>ion near this ri y One huud-ed persona can be accommodated.? Possession imtmd aid*. Ap>lyt? JOHN F DELAPLAINE.6B Wallat. ALSO TO LET, ih? three siorv brick House, 34 Walker y?eet, between Broadway ai d Church street, occupied by Mrs. VeriddiiCk; and >heiwo?torv brick House No 239 Nineteenth street occupied by Mr- C. W. Fecks?Rents moderate. alO lm*gc J|A TOXET?Kiiatoi May, tha modern built three story wB h/mse, No 16 Oreen street, with marble mante a, grates ! [ .;i... plaiting throughout. For terma, apply to Aitkeus Brothers, 122 Fulton street, or P. Shtirsten, corner Oreen and Craml streets. ag 2w?r BA TO LET?The three story house No. 17 North Moore !>>' street corner of Varick. The premises can be seen from 10 to 4 o'clock. Apply to L. J. WHITE, a!2 6i*r 189 Water street. ArA TO LET?The firs proot brick store, No. 105 Souih st, with immediate poss-ssion if required, app'v to JwdL WOODHULL A MINI URN, jt)24r 87 South street. JMr TO LET?The [wo story brick Honse and premises, V No. 145 Wooater street, finished in the most modern JLJ&style, with m&ible mantel-pieces and folding doors throne hout. Apply to JOSEPH McMVKRAY, mS3r 100 Pine sireet. JfcEk TO LET?A Sail Loft in stoic Ne. 61 South street. uu reasons Die terms. Apply to I'i* JOHN HERDMAN, mllr On the premises. TO LET"On LEA9K?Two. three ttory houiea in IvtTW B-oome near Wooster st, with neat cuurt vardsin frunt. JUUL I'he 2 ?'ore home No ">2 Lanrem it. The two itery houu-a 46and 41 6th arenne. The two sturv eot< age known as the Vfashingtnn Hill, corner of Fourth and Thorapaou itreeti, oppoame Washington Square. The above are in perfect order, and were lately painted throughout. Will be rented low to good teaanta. Apply to J. A. PKi^L, S Bond it, before 0 A. M. or between 4 and 7 1\ M.. or at 30 Wall if. t9 7teo?l*m _ MPENNHY LVaMA HOTEL?Thii excellent house is now to let. It la litnalcd >n the corner of Waahi g'on and Liberty atreet, and will be le ued to any good tenant from the firit nfnrx* May. fthailately been mneh enlarged and imurored, a?'d ii cont-g.-ous to the Jerirv Kerry, Albany boat Pi* r? and Western Railroad Depota Koi ferther particular*,enquire of E RUCK MAN, alO 6f r No 160 YVaahiuginu at N. Y. jggL KI'K SALE?I he ck and tixrnrea ol 'lie old established and we I known 9ar Room, lil Cha'h. m it, JlJliii' f' door to the Theatre. Apply on the prtmues from 12 to 2 o'clock alfl i?*r M KOR S^LE?That well kuowu Coach Factory, to F <1 geiberwitVi the dwelling Home, and iwenty-fonr lots JUJL of ground, aimate ai Harlem, ou the 4lh Avenue, between Itflth and 129lh atreeU, and formerly occupied by John h.ei'beueea The (ictorv it a lubarantial two ttory brick buildint, 40 feet by 200 feet _ On 129th atreet the e are five two ?iory baarment and attic brick uilcingi, well fioiahed each 20 feet by S5 feet. Adjoining the dwelling homea u a brick Caniage Home, IS feet bv Si feet. On 28 h atrial there ia >n Engine H uie of brick, 18 feet by JSft'et. Alio, a Bl"kvmith bh >p 1(0 f?et front by 8f<;?tderp, w i-h futnrea, kc The atreeta end ?veuue are rrgnlated, curbed, and guttered, an all aaae?ameDta paid- The premiaea ail in complete order, and ready far immediate occupancy. The lame will be aold cheap Th *ee-fourths of the purchase money remaining o" bond and mor gige fori numb*r of years Apply t" aNDRE W McOOWaN e??rn?r of Thi?d A v* nne md 126th atreet, Hirlem, or to C. W. van VOOR H'S 36 J >ho atreet, where a mip of the property can be aeetr. all iw*r JmA FOR SALE, EXCH \NOOR LEASE?The It!1 pleaaaat Country Seat, ai'naied on high groat d, ovet.inflLlooking Nrwtown, four miles from Williieisburgh.? S, gr? pass the door ihree timet iliily, from Peck slip; coo taming near IS aces, part handsome wood, mmsiou house, two story, pi ttM front and reus four rooms ou s fl lor, hall through the rest e. pariors, foldini doors, Kuasia prates, paiuted walls, and finished in a handsome and snba'antial manner, convenient kiichen, oven, dairy, and ice house filled with ice from a fish pond on tne place: well and pno p and brick cistern, spacious coach house and bain Grape arbor year of the honae, fronting the road a haodsome fence extending to the gardner'i house, A m?P may be seen, and terms liberal. Apply to 1. L. SC111KKKKLIN, ajlw*y 114 Can?l street. JjA FUHUC HOUSE AND OY81 KH CELLER KUR P|1 SALE ?The above rstanlishment is situated en the J^||Lcorn'r of ina and Lmreuce stieris, ia an old r?tablisbi d stand, ana well kn- wo a* the American Houte, and do'Wt a aoosl busit.eis 'I he only re?sou for selling i< the own< r has anoiher honsa to attend to. Err paiticnlars enquire on the premises. al3 ft#r IFACTOUB A^D FASHIONABLE fiOTKL IN PHILAD '".(.fHIA. THE faahiensble Hotel, Marshall H?nse, capable of pTB accommodating I JO persona, aituate in Chestnut street, J^Uabetwi-eu #th and 7th streeuln Philadelphia,hariug beeu irresth much improved and repaired thronghont, is to be let at a'reduced rent, for a term of years. Apply to SAMUGb POWEL, 207 Chestnut street, or to JOSEPH B. TOWNS END, son Ttaw lm?r 309 Arch street. DRESS BOOTS. LATEST FRENCH STYLE. PPHE SUBSCRIBER 'eepeer fully invites tire citizens of A New Yo k sud sirsueeis viunne the city, to call at 114 fULTON STREET, snd examine t large as'ortmei t *f Daces Boots, made in the latest laihtoa, and ol the finest Frearh ealfskio. Uentemcu can have boo i evade ia o?d- r in the bast manner, at six dollars per pair, aad f "*?d s' four d< lla^grarrsntei equal to any manufsetnred n e city at from seven to eight do'l rs. Persons hiving Under fen,as twins difficult fc fit en acc rant ot Inmps, bunious corns. It, . esn have lino's made ?? as t" be easy y" hand-one by ih- seneeribe *s method of taking adrawtmof he leet and fitting ap and keeping a pair of laa,s for racn customer. Stravgers leaving their measures can, by writing, have boots made and forwarded tot em without d.lay _ constantly rw hsisd. Band one Boole, fmm $2 IN) to $6 00 II 8 ott, ' 2 50 to 3 40 GaiterBoota, " 2 00 'o 1 ill Bhnea, " I 10 to i 'I Slipperi, " JO to 1 00 Pnmpe, ke , ke.,eipally low. Tl RMI, C*?H ov DEI.IVFUT. JOHN L. W ATKINS, 21m*r 1 '4 Fulton it, between ^iiiidmiI Dsflt i'? WHO WANTS BOOTS k SHOES 7 THE O eateet Heooctiou Id Piit ea ever known. Ontv think of Gentl-men'e fin-* drew cull atitchrd Bo,ill, oi the mmt fnhionable ahap*. |2,7J to $3.0? Fathioua h'e peggrd boou 81 40 to (2,00 a pair. Ladut fancy eoioretl Fiench and city made (Jaiten tor $I,3J to $1.30 a pair And all 1 the fa<hioi.i for IH3, for Gentlemen, Ladiea -nd Childrcn.from thirty to forty per cent cheaper than ever, at 212 O-r-enwich it, corner of Barclay. J AS. WIGGINS. a') 'm*r AUOLpHE MONDHon, Boot maker , from Pa- I ru, reipect fully informi the iuhabitauU of New York, that he hai ooened hiieitabliiliment at No 123 Broadway, where he > read* to etecnte all ordenentrtuted to him, of the lat?et fathione end beat workmauahip. Gent'emcn wiahinf to hare an elegant fit will do well to call nd eyamine liia work ag lm*r V Double action harps T V BROWNE k CO , Manut aeiureta. London and New J. York, bra to call the atteution of the ndmirera ofthia very beairifnl and fathomable tnalrimcnt, to lha very tuperor Harpa he hna for >ale at 12> Broadway. Theve niitrnmema are eon trncird on ihe moat approved ptinrii lei, with all the modern improv. menu, are ,.nequa'led in brilliancy of tone, lighlucaa of louch, and perfeelueat of mechaniam. 8 J. k. B. ncgt leave to add, lni ar ?ngement? are inrhaa to nable bim to tr-react buttnrat at Euro ean pricea thereby a airing hla fiienda the high dutlea impoaed by taiitl on thaar Dealers and profeaaars ara particnlarly invited, and will And his method of transacting bnsiness advai.t*leoos. J IT. BROWNE. s7mMl d kwy?ec .105 Brnsdway md liambers st. rpo PKA1.KK8 IN CUTLER*,-Wm Wildr~N^7~i?S 1 Division stieet, Mat.nfnctarer ol Cutlery, otfris to the trade, ehesp for cash, lflflfl deien of assorted!. u Dry of superior quality, consisting < f one, two, thire ntid lour blade huiies sir lrr*r 1I7AK I WAR ! WAR !?-Thrs will makers tarn decl'rrd VV hostiln lea against onr neighbor DU. JAYNE, on aecouu of hit IIAiH I ONIC. Which it knocking all their business intoacncU" h't. Ladies and Genllemr n, old and young, are fl cki g U the Doctor's standard. Heads ding diveated of eren the Arat rml innita of hair, after using his Heir Tonic, amu n|e pear With new anil flowing locka, which Absalom hi mas ll might h ve envied. Beardless boys are seen with Urge anil hnahy whiskers, and la.lies smile again through theirown raven ringlets, more beau ifttl and hewithii g than ever. Bahl heads sre doffing their wigs, and throw ing them to the 1 moles and bats.' w ill the w ig ni ike it si mil aghaai as hey heho'd the dt mu iti n of their husinm What will br the onsrqneiier ol tl is war we know no , as the wi giet are outrageous, and the Doctor remains .leclaies that "some things c.n be done as well as otr en," and that bald Hradi m?v as well wear their own hair is the hair ol others.?[Weealy Mess-ngrr. Preps red only by Dr. D. Jayne, No. 30J Broadway, New York, and 20 South,Third street, Philadelphia. Piiea tl par bottle ; t bottles for %i. alt ll't :e ne ivti XI J THE GLOBE HOTEL, NEW YORK, iN CONNECTION WITH THE PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND. THK GLOBE HOTEL, at New York, has for several 1 years bean advantageously known, uot only to the American, but to the European travell-r, it having heru 'h- resort of many of (he distinguished persona who have visited theUmted States. The proprietor of the establishment is grateful lor the liberal support he has received from tr Tellers ol all nations. dDd 'eels Msnred that the arrangemeiits he is uow making,will secure a continuance ot their p-ttrouage. Many improvements nave beer- made in the iuteri rrol the Hl'el preprratory to he commencement of t new season; and to meet the exigencies of the present limes, the cnargrs f r apartrncnts.for meals, aud for wines, have been reduced and do uot exceed those of hotels ol the same class throughout the Union The frriineuters of the Globe have an advantage over those of almost every other housr?they ean limit their expenditure. In the Restaurant, every thing it snpplied a la carte, the price being affixed against each dish, so that a traveller can either sit down to a feast worthy of Apicua, or a repast as frugal as an Anchorite's. The viands are prepared according to li e most approved system of European cookery, by exnerienced French cooks, and for va iety and excellence may challenge comparison witP those of the best Parisian res'aurateura. The domestic arrangements are ef a very superior order; every thing is conducted with the moat minute regard to the comfort ol ih? guests The waiters and other attendants are reapediul, know th-ir business, and go thn ugh it without bustle or confusion The Ulooe, in fact, combines all the comforts of a private residence with the advantages o a first-rate hotel. There are apartments in it canab'e 01 accommedating the most numerous families, with spfendid drawing rooms attached?oU.ers lor smaller families, er separate beu rooms for single travellers. In addition to the abore, the Globe possesses an excellent Ba hing Establishment, sup, lied from the Croton Aqueduct, where hot and oold water baths may be had from se*'eo in the morning until eleven at night This is luxury which every traveller knowx the advantage of; anil it is greatly enhanced bybeing able to obtain it in the honse in which he stays. Wlut can be more relreshiug than a warm bath, after the fatigue of < long aid uncomfortable sea vovaee, or even a land j .urney? The bathinv establishment is fitted up in the hestPorisiui style, and the naihersaie inpyhed wnh large wrapping gowns (Peig uui's) and an abundance ol oth-r linen. The local petition of the Glob' it one that will rect mm end it either to the man o' f>ihion or the man ol' buiinrii; it it situated at about an equal diitaoee front the Exchange; in Wall it, and the Battery,that deigh'ful marine promenade, which commattdt to magnificent a view of the Day ot New York. The prni rtrtor of the G'obe hat just concluded arrangements for taxing that splendid building, "THE PAVILION," AT NEW BRIGHTON, and it fitting: it up in a superior style of elegance and coafo't. Thote whoriiave not visited the Pavilion, may form some idea oftho extent of the establishment, when they are informed that two hundred aud fifty persons can be comfortably accommoda ted within its walls. Along the principa Trent, which is upwards of two hundred and thirty feet in length, runs a noble piar.xt, formed by loty columns. The piazza fronts the Bav of New York, and commands the most spfi-ndid views af the Jersey shore, thecm-s of New York and Brooklyn the Hudson aud East rivers. Long Island, and the coast of Stateu Island, nearly as far as the Narrows. The grand dining room, which is one of the lareeit and best Sroportionrd in the United States, can comfortably accommoate three hnndred and fifty gnesta, and as a ball roem, it altogether unrivalled. There ia a covered comdor, which traverses the centre of the establishment, about fifteen feel in width, and of (lie same leugth as the piazza, which lorm an admirable promenade for theladiesand chiluren, either in wet weather or when the inn is loo powerful to permit their venturing abroad; this communicates with the wings, in each of which ihere is,* corridor of 136 feetiv. length, also und-r cover. The whole building is well ventilated: the rooms are loftv, apacioni and light. The wa'ka and drives in Staten Island, ate varied and beautiful. From the Pavilion, there are excellent roads leading d iwn to the Narrows^the Light houaa, round Ainboy Bay to Richmond and (he Kills, and through the centre of the Island, by the Clove road. Siateu Island, in f <ct, possesses a* vantages superior to thoie of any a^ot in the Uuion; and the sea bathiug ia excellentThe Proprietor ix making arrangements for a daily supply of the Waters, from the principal Springs at Saratoga, so th <t the freqnenters of the Pavilion, will have the advantage of diiukiDg these waters, wi hoot the incon-enience of peiformiug a la tiguiugaud disagreeable journey of MO miles. There is a reiding and smoking room for ihe gentlemen, in a building altogether detached from the Pavilion. The distance from New York to New Brighton is nnder a:x miles, and doting the whole of the summer season, g< od and well appointed steamboats will leave Pier No. 1 on the North River, and New Brighton, regularly every hour, from half-past 5 in the morning, 8 in the evening. The distance ia generally performed in twenty-five minutes. F BLA^CARD, m21 Jtw 5w Globe Hotel, 66 Broadway. CLINTON HOTEL, NEW YORK. 'T'HE PROPRIETOR of this well known aud very popular a- Hotel, avail* himself of the occasion, to render his sincere thinks to the public, and to its patrons, f >r the patrouage and kinduess they h<ve for a series ot years so wurmlv and liberally bestowed. Actnated by a sincere desire to merit aud receive the appr ibalinn of the public, an-t acting in accordance with the exigencies of the times.he has reduced his rates to the following prices Table de Hote $150 per day Private Parlor >2 00 per day U.,^..l ... P ? nn - - J-.. /uiiiu .U Irtiivi-" * VW |f way Id makiuit (his anntinci turn, the proprietor bee* leave to assure the public aud the pat oos ot the estardishment, that there shall not he auy diinimliou in the attractions of the Clinton Hotel. But, that, on the contrary, no effort shall be wautiuK, on his p rt to maintain the hi|(h reputa ion the House has at all linus enjoyed, and to obtain which he h ? at all times stuJied. a4 2w*r CKKsTON HODiir.S. WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 326 PEARL 8T..FKANKLIN SQUARE, N. Y. J FOWLIlR It SON rrspectlullv inloim their friends and the public, that they have opened the above well known Hotel on strict tempeiance principles, and pledge themselves to conduct the same strictly iu those pnncipfcs. The accnm modati jus need no comment, as they are good aud comfortable. Permanent and transient boarders by the day or week. Private apartments for families on the most reasonable terms. The 1 ication ia convenient to the London and Liverpool Packets, aud the Albany, Bu/filo, Boston and Philad-lplna boats. Every informaiion given to persoiis travrlliuc; also the heat and cheape. t way ofcouveyance to all parts of the Uuited St-tes and Cana ls. The Reading Room will b; supplied with English and American papers, sudall the Temperance periodicals. Terms?Boaiking per week $3; per lay 75 cents. Tea, coffee. cskes, lie. always ready. We, the undersigned, would cheerfully recommend the shove Hotel to the noi ics of oar Washingtonisn friends, and the.travelling public generally Hon. Aarou Clark Hon. tfeo. Hall, President Parent Society, Brooklyn. Jamea Van Dyke,President of Wallabout T. B. Society. James H rper, Presidenr o' the Franklin Temp Society. Win F. Legget, Vice President Broadway cociety. AC Flanagan, President of Prospect Society. Rev. Isaac Covert, Presisent Waaniogtoman T. B. Society. Nicholas Osff, President of Anderson Society. A D Wilson, M, D. President o( Marshall T. A Society, apl lm*ec WAVERLEY HOUSE, AinQ *i R. IP BD/ltn IIP A XT I ... ?T?rs se '"PHE SUBSCRIBERS raspTtfullv announce to h- ir friends A and the public, thit id conformity with ihe timia.lhry have reductd the price* ol board, fee., to the following rare*:? Board, per d y, $1 M do do Private Table, 2 00 Private Pailor per day, 200 They take tha ontx no oily alao of sta'ing, iliat they have reDewed their lease for a teim of year*, and that they a'e about ma1 i"tt ex ensiva alterations m the inteiio-1 f the house, which will be orwly Inrni-hed and *uch improvement* added *s to render it a most desirable reaideuce lor strangers and lamiliea vlaifii i; the c ty The situation i* verv pleasant, being in the lower put of Brov way, withi-i a frw minute* walk of the Battery and the ' hi! ulrlphia. Boston and Albauv ateamboat landing*; and also in the immediate vicinity of the bntuie** p irtion of the city Their table will alwaya be anpp'ied with the beat provisions our rrarkea aff ird, to which will oe added every delicacy of the aeaaon, and their winra (in wh:ch a large deduction baa been made) are of the moit choice selection. OrtMSBEK Ik CARTER, aid 3t*m Prin rietora KUhBViLLE BOARDING SCHOOL. &TA1EN ISLAND. HWKSTHOLP rrarectfnlly inform hi* friend* and the public, that hi* acfaool will reopen on the latof May. r.ienta and guardi.iL* are alao informed H W. make* it a point of conacience to guaid in every poaaible way the moral* of children committed to hia care, from Mar to twelve years of age. Heading, writing, orthography, arithmuic, geography and grammar lAUtht. I he locat on is deligh fa I and healthy; the orrhard, gard>ni and play ground are apacirns; a1 out ten minutes walk from the lauding. The steamboat R<inbow leaves Barclay street a verv day at 3 o'clock, lor Koiaville. Terms, for board and tuition, including was.nug, %2'j per quarter, paid in silvan e. Reference* Hrv David More, Staten Island. W. N. Seymour, Esq., d Chith-m "qiare. N. Y Hr-nr- Stewart Segain, F.-q . States Island. Win 1 udlaui, Esq., 121 B ekinan street. John Q linn. Kiq , 3' Muuroe street. Meas'a. Cotvil I nud Fleming. Esq., I* Cedar street. Kapt Edward Fern. E?q Hicks street Brooklyn. Mia. V-rian 21 E'eriiLe street New Yor . aid lm*r THE NEW MIKROH., No. II. EDITED BY OEO P. v?RH1S ? N p. WILLIS. AND ILLUST R VTK.D BV J O CHdPMAN. THE Second Number rf thi* new periodica wil' he ready fur delive<y ou "atmday Morning, and may b- had at the office ol public Uien.No. a Ann atreet; at Atwill'a Music Store ?0i Broadway; and a the office corner of Nassau and Berkii an stre> is, and of the agi-uta aud newsmen generally throughout the city. LITERAY CONTENTS. Last of the Whiti Cravats, No 2, with an etching by Chapman. The ()ipse< ' Star; a tale ol the Ahrur.z.i, 2d chapter. Sketches of the Bar. Ambrose L. Jor an. A Paper on the Origin ol Governments. Cnnc-it Miaeiiea. The Pilgiim's Address to the Deity?a poem. American Arts a. d Artisti. A Punning Dialogue. Recollections of .he late Tyrone Power, No. 2 Leiter* Irons Correspondents Ameiieau Literatnre. Irving'* Li > or Washington, Redeeming Points of au Unsuccessful Comedy. Gaieties auo Gra?i ies. ddema of Polity. WiaeSavp-sof Wise Men. American Wit and Anecd te.kc.fcc kc. 1 he Nee Mirri.r nnhlLhe.l ,?.rv Hilnrillv Morning. Ill the super royal octavo form, and i? intended lor binding. Ifcach number contains suteen Urge closelv p.'intvd r8K?,1 ?0 is adorned with au m al etching on steel by Ohapmin. J nc terms are only three dolla'S a year. Sinelr numbers 6)4 cents. Agenti, newsmen, lie supplied ou the u um t'rfo"Pftl KHAM fc CO.. Publishers, al1*t+r No I Ann at-eft. HIM CA >AL COMi ANV-CAPITAL t^mi OO -lu pursuance of an act of the legislature o* renns>lr?uin,entitled "an act to authorise the Governor to incorporate the Mia Canal Company M Boohs will be ened for th-? subscription o' the cam al stock of said company, ou Mondty, ihe #th diy of May nen, at the following places, to w;t: at tne Beed House in ihe borough ot Knr; at ths house of Agrippa Martin in Girad, and at the hunt** ol Ditid O. Jacksonville, K if comity At ihe house ot John Foster in C<>nue*u iville. at the house, ol Samuel <4 R?rmy, in Meadville, and at the nouseot Martin Mai 1**11, m Hartatown, Crawford county At the home of 11 ncs M Greenvill*, at tk< h. .? . I Jai in Vierctr, aud at the public house of ? i liristie, in Newc. s'le, in Me Cer county. At the house of Konert 1 owtiseud, iti Brighton, and at the m w e of Dauiel Agi ?w, in Beaver, Beaver county. At the house of William flatly, in Butler, Bu let couuty. At the Monouiphela H<wise. in the city of i il shurgh Uidil ha MtrcluuiU' Eifihii|s, i? Ihs i ii> ?.t fhiladeU his I he Books will be kt| I oj n 11 least hours for ton conttcurive Judicial days. or u til the capital stock of ten t*? usand shares shall he fully suhsc ibed. One or more of the commit sioo rs, appointed by said act, will attend si ths iim? cm m?u ioi?d, lor ,h. WlLLiAMLK?LLif Erie, Mi roll >1, 1?U. ?j imr ENGLISH tv HITK* kegevery bUi?>r>oi iiaaiitr kngluh While Letd, for?*le br WOODHULL A MINTURNS. ?' It V? BovuiifMt M I T XT XT ? I ?? I I !W YORK. SATURDAY 1 TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. TYPES, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CONNER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Cuinm or Nassau and Ann Sinters, Ntvv Y RK CAN BE HAD AT r lnHTEEN PER CENT DEDUCTION EHOvl OLD PHI<:E?. ""PHE under- ignrd lesnerrlu'ly lulormi t'-e Old Patrons of the ? Type *ud Stareoivn* Foundri, lormerlv known ai JaMU CoNNtn t. and ipoie recent'i as Conni h k Cooat'i. and the public in general, tbat mev are pre.iarril ( exei ule Older* for PRINTING TYPES, PRESETS. CHASES, CASES, IMPOSING STONES, INK, FRAMES, aud every other article necessiry 10 form Complete Printing Establishments, pn favorable terms, and ol as good a uualit) as any other establishment in the United State* nkw ratcts, rca rouND. old raicgi, per rouND. Agate, 86 cants. Agate, 108 cents. Nonrareii, 66 ,, Nonpareil, 84 ,, Minion. 14 ? Miuioo, 66 ,, Br?vier, _ 46 ,, Brevier, 54 ? Bourgeois, 40 ? Bourgeois, 46 ? Lone Primer, 86 ? Long P imer, 44 ? Small Pica, 34 ? Small Pica, 40 ? PlCII. 59 Pi?e OO Borders, Cuts, Brass Rule, and all other articles manufactured at thla establishment, at the lame reduced rates. New Article! got up to order, cm being furnished with patterns. The Type can at this establishment, is, both in the style of Face and lie material ofwhich it is made, particularly adapted for service in Newspaper'ing. All kin-la of dte-eotyping lurni?hed to order. N. B ? Such Newspaners as will cony the above three times, will be entitled to pay in Type, on making a bill of lour times the amount of the tniee insertions al TO THE LADIES. [ INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERSON I AL BKAI TV. considered in ceimrctinu with DR. FELIX OOURAUD'S POUDRKS 9UBTILE8. The sculptor whose study is to imitate the exquisite workmanship of nature, portravs in his innilel of the human form, a broad and elevated forehead. This develo: meul is not only consonant with, bat sometimes necessary to the possession of a hign order of mental faculty. If a fine lorehrad is a inark of intellect, it is no less an essential element of personal beauty, and it ig of imiiortauce to those,and there are inaav such, possesaed of this prominent feature, though obscured by the encroachments of a too luxurtaut growth ol hair, to remove that portion ol an excrescence which tends, in their case, only to deform. This can he done safely, speedily, effectually, and, if used in accordance with directions, without the least incnnvemence, by Dr. Felix (iouraud's Pnodre Subtile. The furze ol the lip, when annoying, or the short hair on the back of a ladies' neck, when too apparent?the hair of a mole, or the oeard.when uigh upou the cheek, may all be removed, and eventually the roots destroyed, by the use of this preparation. OOURAUD'S EAU DE BEAUTE, OR TRUE WATER OF BEAUTY! Fur removing freckles, tan, pimples, blotches, sores, bums, and a'l cutaneous eruptions, realizing delicate while hands, neck and arms, and eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance.? [T7~ $1 per bottle. OOURAVD'S /EOETABLE ROIJOE ! Composed materially from flowers and simples, imparts delicate carnaiioo tinge to the cheek, immovable by perspira lion or rubbing with a handkerchief or a linen cloth. 50 cents bottle. OOURAUD'S BLANC D'ESl'AONE! An eicellent preparation lor imparting a puie, life-like whiteness to the complexion, fret from the injurious properties geaeially entering into combination for this purpose. Put np in elegant boxes, at 26 cents each. Aokivts.?A. S. Jordan, 2 Milk stieet, Boston : New York?Albany, Outhrie, 4 Maiden Lane; Punghkeepaie, J&red Oray; Utica, Wade, druggist: Hamilton, M. Co. Gregg tk Grants; Lonisville, Louis County: W. A.Chase; Ooancn, Elliott. Conn., Myers, Chapel st. New Haven: W. Faulkner, Norwich; Weill & Humphreys, Hartford; Charles Dyer, Jr., Providence; Thomas, Newport; Clowes, hair dresser, Springfield; Oreeue & Co., Worcester; Burt, Little Falls; Coggeshall, South Second st, New Bedford; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston; Lowell. Carleton It Co.; Salem, Ives; Newburyport, Hodge; Portsmouth, Preston; Portland, Parker, Exchange st; Bangor, Guild: Hal well, Scammotf. New Jersey?Newark, 1 rippe; Princeton, Dr. Seabrook. Pa., Phila., 76 Chesuut street, Lancaster, Heiuitesh, druggist; Harrisburgh, Robinson, penodieul agent; Pittsburgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, Thomas It Co., Main street; Va., Richmond, Mrs. Frayser; D. C. Washington, Selby Parker; Alexandria. C. C. Berry; Md., Baltimore 8. 8. Hance, lie. ?c. Within a tew years this remarkable and nseful chemical invention for completely eradicating superfluous hair, has attained the highest pitch of celebrity, and consequently excited the cupidity of a nest of base counterfeiters, who attempt to snatch from the inventor the just recompense for his labor. Purchasers should therefore 'e on their guard and see that every bottle of the Poudre Subtile is square, and F Felix Uoursud, Poudre Subtile, N. V., cast in each bottle, and the Doctor's fac simile engraved on the ontside wrapper. Directions, French and English, accompany each bottle. Remember, the only office in N. Y. for the above celebrated Cosmetic'is 67 Walker street, oue door from Broadway. ml 1m m TNG '.KsOLL'S GREAT BOAT BAZAAR FOR 1843J. Remember one c?dar and oak boat is wunh twenty pine and white wo >d ones. The subicriber lutein's during the coming season to lully satisfy the world of the dilfereuce between good boats .,nd I ad oues Therefore every boat fiom his establishment wa ranted will bear upon it the stamp of C. L. Ingersoll. Uurin.' the past seiaon the subscriber has produced that inimitable 16 fool soiling Dinkey Troubler, which received the challenge fiom the A.nuiic in Iustitule and took the gold medil ; she is now ready to show her stern to any sailing boat, no matter where built or who by, lor any valutb.e trorhy.?Also the iow boat Henry Stork, which won three races in succession, with ease Also the triumphant O. W. Chapman, which w't'.otit an effort, made the quickest time upon recoid. However, during the coming season he intends leaving all his own former efforts in the shade. He will estim te for any kind or desciptiou of boats from one to filty tons burthen, eu l wherever his stamp miy be found there will be a boat that can't be beat. C. L. IMGEKSOLL, Boat baxaar, 406 aud 414 Water st. and 121 Cherry it. J is. W. Hile, Sole Ap' nt, 66 Wall st. p h u.... ..;i ?i..l nr. -?a ?i? ...... -i be found at lugersolT's Bazaar, cheaper than they can be purchased elaea here. ipltm'r FKl'.K Ob' JuKFEKsON INSURANCE OUMfA NY?Office 36 Well street. This Company continue their bassness of insurance against loss or damage by fire, on goods, wares and merchandize and also, on vessels and their cargoes against loss by inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Klisha Riggs ThomasT Woodruff Benjamin R Robson John K Davison Francis P Sage Thomson Price Joseph Allen John H Lee John P Moore Moses Tucker James K Holmes' Caleb C Tunis James R Whiting Auson Bakerf Win K Them Joseph Drake Irad Hawley John C Mewitt Thomas Morrell _ THOMAS W THORNE, President. GEO. T. HOPK. Her re fare m13 V jeb PAPER. PERSSE k BROOK8, No. 61 Liberty street.'hare for sale the following? ) 0 reams news printing 33 by M 300 " " " 33 by 46 230 St by 46 500 " " " 26 by 37 300 " " ' 26 by 42 256 24 by 36 350 62 by 32 500 " " * 21 by 31 Also, nook paper, 19 by 24 , 24 by 26, and 24 by 38. They have also a largr assortment of writing and wrapping paper, of different aizea and qaalities, which they offer at the lowest market prices. ml er PC rRSH k fiOHTON'S Trunk Repository, No. 64 Wil turn street, comer Maiden lane, manufactures and keeps constantly on hand, wholesale and retail, all kinds of Travel ling and rucking Trunks, Carpet Bam, Hat and Bonnet Cases Merchants ana others are respectfully invited to call and ezannue cur slock, before purchasing elsewhere. Manuf ictorv. 340 Beoad vtreet. Newark. N J. m)2 Im'ee HAIR CUTTING AND 8HAVINO. HILL, the immiiahle Hair Cutter, takes this ui.thod of iuInrinius hit friewlsaud the public in general, that he has retafcii In* Old ttiam , 86 I earl street, immediately adjoining ihe Pearl Street House, which has been newly fitted un, and were hr w ill be pl< as-il to wait on all who tnav favor him with then patronage, in his neat and skillful wy e, at the fol lowing inoileritr pricei :? H ll's mimiUule Hair Catting, 12X cents. Curl'Dg, 12)2 " Shaving, 6>? Don't forget the number?No. 86 Pearl street. in 30 I m in JOHN M. DAVTEa & JONh.S, 186 WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OK JOHN, rjAVE juat received from recent imp irtatmua. and of their 11 own manufacture, a very ?ui>erior assortment of Spuug Goods, consisting of every thing neat, tasty and frshionablr in the gentlemen's furnishing line, which addrd to their former stock, comprises an assortment of goods rarely if ever before found in one store, amoug which arc:? CAPS?In every variety, for gentlemen, youth and children CRAVATS?Of plain and figured aatin, gro grains,cam hnckt, lie. SCARES?Of vesting latin, broche. GLOVES?Of kid, silk, brown and cliene linen, lisle, span li'k, kc, HOSIKHY?Of cotton, merino, wool spun silk, kc. UNDER GARMENTS?Of bhsker knit merino, woolen, silk, cotton, kc. LINEN COLLARS?Plain and Byron, of all qualities and shapes. SHIR i *?Of linen, musliu. Krench cambric, plain and with ruffles, kc. SUBI'EN DKK^-Of mm el istie. silk, cotton, kc. OIL, ED SILKS?iff white and fancy colors, warranted not to adhere in any climate The above Comprises only part of their assortment, and purchasers Will consult fhrir own interest bv examining this splendid assortment nfgoodt before nurchasiug. WHOLE-ALE AND RETAIL, at their old established Cap, Stock. Linen and Oiled Silk Manufactory, NO. 106 WILLIAM STREET, CORNER OF JOHN. mUm'iti BILLIARD SALOON. i NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THKK.E DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. 1 PRICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from 8 A M. to 1 P M.?The subscriber informs his friends and 1 the public in general, thai in has Eive N w Billiard Tables, in separate apaitmeuts?two in theui per fieut saloon?two in the rear saloon, and one iq the front room?all in first rate order. Each gvi llrmao visiting the establishment will he furnished with a private Cue, for his especial nse?the tablet being in different apn menu the proprietor thinks it will render it more select and reeable to gentlemen visiting his house. AL3U, i VIU F 111 Dl'nLI^U ALLiIil 9 IN THK BAHb.MK >T. Hit Bar will alw.iya be atnc.ed with the choicest Winea ami Liiuor* and the beat Smart to be had?also Slierry Cobbler*. Mint Inleia, Punch**; nude in a manner notto he Miri>a*ae<J N B.?The a|>*rtment? hare nnderitoue a thorough refitting ?new imper. painting. tic. 0""Uriillniieu wi'l please to caeimunicale any ueiilect ol dalv of the aiiend iota, at the bar. KKA.NCI8 MONTKVKllDK. mchlfi 1m*r S Bare ay afreet. I M POHTA N T?< h'.KMAN SILVKK! IIKKMANTU 1 VKK.-.MM - U. MOKFKr, HI Print street, N. Y. nrt*. I ?r la- M?. .(? !.* .1.1 f?> f *tl I aim I ha n* I). r.n*e, Mil. it the lowest maii'i prices. (1./-* In come nc" nfnianutacnirins the article hitnielf lie , can wairanl il lar iu, ?na to any ever before mnmifHCtitred in this country, anil in i > inn m the imported. TO CEH.1R trjtRK COOPERS" JAMKS O. MOkKKT Vansfactnrer, ISI Princo street, N. Y., nffeu for ?ale. wholetal .mil retail,a superior lot of Coo pen' Bran. P.ul Kart ml Kirete, it the I o.vest market prices ' TO UMRRF.LLJI MjIXUMCTURERS, fe.i JAMhH o MOD II I, Meiia f*ct?rer, Hi Prince etreet. N. V., offeii for tale, wholesale a< d retail, a superior lot i I Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Fmnitnre, at the lowest market pri- ' sea, mlllm'r gtl) K^iMALilt?J# casks YV:kssV'"!U Bk'Tk*1*' " b No. (1 JLibeity attest, )rk : VfORNING, APRIL 15, 1 LECTURE5* ON ANCIENT EOYrT.?Mr. OEOROK 11. OLtlDEON, of Egypt, will commence Courae of Fife Lecturei, on Early Egyptian Hiatory, Arehae tlogy. and othti suhjecu counecced with Hiero?lyi hical Lileraura accompanied by appropria'a Pictnml lllnatratuina, at Nibl-t's 8aInvn.on Monmy Ereuiug. loth April, at liali-paat 7 o'clock.? The Leeiutea will be coati. ued ou Tlinrnlay, 1 Itn ; Saturday, Uth ; Mo day, 17th ; and Thursday, 20th April, at the lame plan- a?d hour. The Paogr unae of auhjecta to he eluc d 'ted in thia Court*. inay be found ou the laa ptge of .Mr, O'? work on Ancieut Egvpt. juat puhliih d h? the New tv?nd 30 Ann at 7 lie Lectures take up Egyptian Aiclnealog y, where that work coec u lei? . e. B. C '030 The Leciurei will b nlucidal- d hy a copioua and beautiful leriea of lirgr P c trial ll inirali.'Ut, tuat haee been pr- p'Ted withmorh c?re, <ndai great npeiue. by leveral eminent Art Kit at Plnludelrhi < Th. y connat of Hieroglyphic 1, Hieral ic aurt'Dem -t c Tihleta, Texia, and Uinealogical Tablet?Ch'O nological Tablet from IWre I and Profane Hiatory?Factimile eopeaof leeeral of'he m i?t in ign fi.-nl Tableaua existing ill the Touiba aud Templea of Egypt?Porlr uts of the t'h traoha in the'r clrarinta or in their my I rohea?Queeua ol Egypt from the Mom m-ula, in their va led aud elegant coattunei?Like ne?aea of Inrty-eight Sovereigns of Egypt, from Amunopli lat. B C 1829?do ?u to the celebrated Cleopatra, H C a9, taken from ih* Sculptnrei?Kioga, Piiucea, and loyal Females. offering to the Deilieaof Egvptiiu Mythology?full length figures, and no m-rt ui heads ol Aaiatic ui'iouaol antiquity, dating prior to B C I5n0?Nrgroea and other Afric to nationa, iu all poaitiona, and nailer v annua circ imalancea?Interesting *cenea that are aupttoaed to rela e to ihe Hebrew caotivity?Procea lion orvarioui Asiatic .ind African Nations, b-sriug tribute to the Ph?rnohs of Euynt?with in?ny other subjects, too numer ons for present pecinc tpui, and a M IB of lit Valley ol the Nile, colored so as to convey a correct idea of ill singular physical aspect Ticaets may be had at the bookstores of B irtlett 8c Welford, 22 Brnsdwav; Carvil 8t o, 102 Broadway, slid T. J. Crowen. 633 Broadway; also at the other of the (flnb- Hotel, O' the office of the New World, 30 Ann it; and at the door of Niblo'i Bi'oon Gentleman's Ticket, Two Dolltri; Lady's, One Dollar, for the ("on'ie. For Q'e oveuiiig, Fifts- (cuts. a# 101 fl BROWN k CO.'B Oue Price Hit Store, 178Chatl ain j^Btqnare, co ner of Mott si., where lashton, beauty durabtlltv and rcoooini are com tilted to adorn the head, the p'Opri?tors hsve ihe pleasure now to offei a uew style of tial, the imirar ou of hi aver, winch closely resembles those formerly sold for ti and $5 al the low tised price ol $ I; those who from inclinati >n or necessity are tuduced to study ecouomy tu that inJtsiK usable article of dress, have now au opportunity of doiua so, and still keep op the appearauceof the m st fashionable.? Browu It Co. iu preseniitiK this hat to the puulic, thluk they have reached th ultimatum of betnty, cheapness, neatuess, durability and comlort to the wearer. All soles are for cash, therefore no good customer pays the losses incurred by the bad. BROWN St CO. 178 Chatham souare, afl Im* corner of Mo'tst fjl 8PR1NO FASHION FOR OENTLEMEN 8 HAT8 The undersigned rispecifuliy iufirtrs Ms customers and the , ublic generally, that he has now ready for inspection' and sal-, the much admired sp-iuu style I geii'lem n's Hats, which for be ttty of hut It ami and sytnetty of lorm, exceed anv former elf rt, In this r any othe - city. .To the economist they are < tl suable article, as they com bine cheapness, dnrabil ty ind eh g nice, warrntt d eqia'O any and infer or to unne. In the insiiul set ire of Hits i e challenges comp. (ion; le th refore solicits a s are of uoMc patronage. .13 wou'd a so call their a'teoiou to his la ge as-or incut of Meu'i. Youth's,aud children's cap-, of cl'uh.veivet, kc. all of his own manufacture, which lor varie y of patterns canuot be equalled. Also, ha new style of children's drab and pearl colored fancy hats trnnmed with velvet nf various patterns, fir spriuir and summer wear, vrry much admired. A call will convm e the most sce| licul ol the superiority ol the ?bu?o meutioned articles, now ready far sale at the o d stoblishrd stores el ISAAC H ARCHER, ill Im'r 70s ana .60 Gieenwii h at, N. Y. NEW FUltNlSHING STOK.E" WHERE the subscriber is now opening fiesli Paris an I Lon dun (J odsoi he latest style and best qu ili y, consisting in part of Cravats, Sea 's, plain and embr nd red, Hi cks am: Stock Ties, Uloves. Hosiery, Drawers and Suirts, Braces Linen and Silk llauuKerchiels Heady Made Linen, kc., be and such other ait'C es as are required lor genllemens wardrobe either at hume or while travelling, at CHAFFEN'S a9 lm*r No. 17u Broadway. UPHOLSTERY, WINDOW SHADES AND PAlth WE AKE NOW RECEIVING onr umal handiome am large assortment of the above goods, embracing everv de scriptinn of curtain material, trimmings and ornaments, win dow ?hae\fr?ra the lowest pr ce in the most magnificent which we import exclusively f om Paris. Also, the musl fashionable Paner Hangings, including French, English and Amenciii. from the cheat>est to the most cosily description heather Beds Matrrsses, Pillinstres. &c.. of warranted pure materials and whicn, witn every other article in the above line are offered at lower prices than at an other establishment in the city. SOLOMON It HART, Importers and Manufacturers of Uphoistrey Good, 187 Broadway, opposite John St. N. B ?The trade, both city au I country, supplied as usual at wholesale or retail. a4 eodlm'r pi HEAP UPHOLSTERY?Wlton, Btussels and Ingrain Carpels, inads, altered and repure', and warratteu to fit in the neatest manner, and at a moderate price, by an experienced Upholslress. pi lm*r MRS. BOLTON. S60 Monroe street. FURVI3HTNG WAREHOUSE! WORAM AHAUGHWOUT, Ml Broadway,near Niblo'a have jag received? Ch iuiIhIi. is. 4 to 24 ig ts,silver, ormolu and bronze, for gai andevndhs; lt> entire as w pititrns iuat opened. Girandoles and cmdelabr is, 6 11 w patterns Gis m<uel ligli t, kracke s, peudnits, lanterns, Ac , by fai the in vstsuperb assortment we have exhibited iu six years. Hall lanterns for gas or oil, in grea variety ol style and pat terns. Solar'amps, a most complete assortment of ihe best impro Ved patterns; sevr-at more new patterns; with every other ar icle tint is requited fnt the | urpose of g vmg light; toaethri wiih full usnrtmciitof the finest qaality of cut glasv, ufciery desci IpUMk Fine table cutlery iu sets, in mahogany cases, and iu dozens. A great variety of | Isted uru . b iskets, trays, waiie's, castors, toast racks, ctnd'eaticks, liqu*r fr-mes. forks, awns, Ac. Also a c .mpiete assoitmeut of fine j*p<ini ed let tr iys, Brita niv tea sets, sP-el fire iions plaltd and br s* stair vds Whire and gold dininx, tea, and toi'et ware, and every other article iu ihe lint, wh ch we will positively sell below the m trkel prions. N. b ? A half circle stair case lor ceiling, IS feet high with msh 'gany rad. Ac., for tale chvao a8 2w*r HaVE VOU EVER Tltlh.D 1T7?If nut, no not delay auoth'r - ay, hot s ud iminediuely; i' you have been one of the wise anil ptud'nt. a d air ady bought a bo'tle. th tt?n is settled?yon have recovered your hrai iug. SCARPA'S OIL FOR DEAFNESS uever lails. It ia the only edi ine that will rnre. Thousands of deaf pertous will give theii testimony iu its fivor. The beau y of the thing is, that it cures you withon1 producing any pain. Prepaid! by Dr.B. Bell,and it 'old on avency at Dr D. Jayne's offn-e, No 406 Broadway, New York. Price $2 a bott e, all if re DEAL HAVANA 8P.GAKB.?The lovers ol a genuine TV Havana Segar would do well to call at 110 Broadway, nn-'er the Cafe Tortoui, between Liberty and Cedar streeta, a t which place they can find the largest assortment in the city of the above mined Inxnry. Call and be satisfied mis in,'.- A KOtTgWCTTl I AMES G. MOFFET. 121 Peine. .1 New Vork h.. ... J wav- ou haud iu.d offers for sale by wholesale aa j retail, al the lowest market prices, *ix U-rrnan BiWer of different thieknesaes, a very snperio, article : Sheet Brass ; Plate's do; Coopers' Brass ; Pail ICars and Rivets ; Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Furniture. Which he warrant! in quality equal to any in the United States, and of his own manufacture. K7" Uold. Silver, and all kin la of metal, rolled at the short est satbs ?? ? RAMSe-V'S CKLUBKalDo C fcvil al CuS.vrEl'lC oHAVING COMPOUND 'T'O r.n- gmtl?insu who may puii hsae this article, the money i- wi I be refunded if not entirely satisfied, after us tig it one minh To be had of the inven or, at his manufactory and warehouse, 45 .Vtaulcu I in-. ALKXANDVR RAMSEY Certificate of Dr. T E Bon<l Senior Editor of the Christian Adtoc iM and Journal. Mr. Aleaander Ramsey:? Sit?I hive fairly tried your Chemical Cosmetic Sh tying Compear rl aud havi g always been .n the practice of shevi g tnvself. had prrvi iisiv nserl many o' the va i us preparations wh ch h d be?n offered *;i the | nblic as faci'na nig this - per tturn I have no hesnariou in saying yi u.s is the best I have tried The hither is re add? mule, and 01 a prop, r consistence; it is mild, indeed;'wholly inoffensive'o ihe'ace.-ven where ihrreinay he si ght abra-ions of the skin, n ' adheres lensciously aud n to aire the neee saiy atiffuesi to tlffe heard t., render close shaving plras-nl aed easy N< w York, April 12th, 1312. T. E BOND, all lm*?g " PKAM'IS' PATENT LlEE BOAT,' Office No. 7 T Wstl s-reee mil WI*U()W SHAU S?The subs riter offers l- r sale at his s o>e >ro. T71 Hleecver s ,eet, a geu- al assorftneo. of beau rful trans ait n I alien and Eievch Window Sha is, at pr ces lower th n <t auy place in this city And also a taatelul aaao rmeut ol Dry Uo' da. agjw^c niMKL E. Tf'KKH. bRAF I S PAVaBL- A I SiliHT ou all .arts ul e.?a and. Ireland and Scotland, in soma ol s.V CI), CI) f fl. to auy amount, for sale at 3 J. BYL V h.8 I'ER'S, air l1 Wall Stieri and I Jn Bro rlway. EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROI1. rpHEsabtcHWr> will scud nnpiy thfosgh fron tui? city, 1 ti Ihp rthnve namul irifi?rmi?Hnfi? nlar**? r*i? fWw ?r?r??e._ inn ol the 9th nut., lor fhe transportation of specie, o.rnk notes, bnudl. and trackages <>| goods, tollpetiOD ol dratla, bills odea and aecounls.aud all anch other buain. at as may he entnasted to them POMKKOY k CO.L J Will ?, N.V N. B. Immediately on the opeuing of lake uavigatiou. the ahoee eipreta lin> will be extruded to Chicago, Cincinnati. Sir . and rouuunrd hronghout the rnt're aeaaon, in c-'iiuetioi. with their New York, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily ex preaa nl r UAMdVlU. ? NKW KOIIK AND iNLWAHk ?TT PKK8S ?The pnhlie are reapertfully informed that t i uliarriliera hate eatahlianed an Impress between New Yo t lud Newark, N. 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As much has been said and written about the "City Prison and Bridewell," its keeper, deputy keepers, the discipline, tec..during the past year, and as very little of what h-<a heen said or written has been true, or even founded on truih, so lar as it was intended to prejudice the public mind towards the officers pointed at in their official caoacities, I beg leave to solicit the use of a column of your valuable and widely circulated paper to "show them up" as they are, without the slightest prejudice,or the smallest shade of partiality, for heaven knows l cherish neither. What I state may be implicitly relied upon, as I speak "by the card," from a personal observation of several months, and fearlessly challenge the minutest investigation to refute one single assertion?personally, I have nothing to gain or lose by censure or applause. First, then, for the keeper, Col. Wm. Jones, than whom a more honorable, high minded, kind hearted man does not live; he is too well known in this community to render any comments upon his character necessary; suffice it to say, if he errs at all. it is on the side of charity and kind feeling. He has seen much of the world, its clouds and its sunshine, and is familiar with the allurements and temptations which beset the pathway of the young and unwary in a city like this, and while on such he looks with un eye of pity and compassion, the hardened and depraved may not calculate upon exci>ing similar emotions, or receiving the slightest lenity beyond what is consistent with a due regard to their "safe keeping." Such a man is, and ever will be es iccmcu in priviur auu in |>u(m(; me. Mr. Homan, his assistant, is a man of a different cast And why not1? He is one whose whole life, since boyhood, has been spent among felons, debauchees and bawds. 1 allude to his career as a police office That he has been an efficient one, nobody doubts; and he is as familiar with criminals, their whereabouts, their associations, their recklessness and desperation in emergencies, as with his household goods. This very knowledge has had a tendency to harden his feelings, and deaden his sympathies towards every one suspected of crime. The main fault of his character is 111 not ob-erving a marked distinction between the sns;iectcd, or the new criminal, and the notoriously depraved. I believe he is not wanting, naturally, in kindly feelings and proper sensibility- but his habits ol life have, to a great extent, blunted them, and he looks upon the incarcerated with a callous heart, and an eye that says, "fast bind fast find. "This is all very well, Mr, Carpenter," to a certain extent, and no more. Mr tinman's idea of discipline is a mighty hard one for those who require none to keep them within the call at the "couit door." I am tree to admit, however, that if his plan were fully adopted, though some might die, none would escape; his error (if any) is the reverse of the Colonel's, as it leans towards undue severity, and loo rigid a watchfulness. | Of the gate keeper, it is unnecessary to say much; his duty is very simple, and he performs it very well, , I believe, in the main, though from long habit of treating female visiters generally with inoifference or nonchalance, he frequently loses sight of the prompt courtesy and attention due to ladies. This [ fault has recently been more marked. I understand, however, it is mostly to be attributed to his onerous duties in the eighth ward, as secretary to the ward club, the whole responsibility of which falls on his shoulders. It is said, with what truth I do not prei tend to vouch, that Chesterfield formed no part of his youthful studies. This was probably no fault of his; if he "don't know how to make a wagon," he doe$ know how to make a comb, and can spin a yarn a, ?i i.i'.. i At L:_ ui iiir ruiiiuaiKin ui stiuic iuikh, pernaiM. v^i ins keen-eyed vigilance there can be no doubt. The female prison is under the charge of three deputy keepers, two for the day and one for the night. First, comes Mac, the relative ot the gallant hero of Lake Champlain?as amiable,;leasant, good-hearted a fellow as ever broke a crust, or pledged in the wine cup; he will walk farther, spend more breath and time to accommodate a trail unfortunate, than , any man within my ken; an earne-t appeal or modest ropiest from a woman, however degraded or 1 abandoned she be, sinks into his heart directly, and he isotf in a tangent on his pilgrimage of charity ! r God bless thee for it, Mac; no matter, though you may frequently discover that you have done a benevolent act, or performed a thankless office, for an unworthy and an ungrateful object, you are mere than rejiaid when you bring "glad tidings ot great joy" to one whose heart throbs with grateful emotion; their prayers you are sure to receive. Hut with all, Mr. Mac D's mildness and uniform'placidity, he can be and has been roused to desperate means, when desperate characters required it for their subjugation; at such times he is a very linn, and hard to cope withal, though past the summer of life. " Would there were more of such a frame." Next comes Palmer, a quiet, affable, gentlemanly person, always attentive and civil, ever ready to greet you with a smile; he is always at his post, and performs the duties of his station with an equanimity that is rarely met with; he is in fine, a " marvellous proper man" tor the office he fills. But what shall I say of CooperV the guardian of the night;" he is a " lusus natura," and still withal a good-hearted, clever fellow, and a vigilant disciplinarian. He has his own peculiar way of saying and doing every thing, and if that is not the most smooth, polished, or refined, he can at least lay claim to originality. I will pit him against the wotld for telling a story about nothing, or a trifle, a coat or a hat it you please?tor by the time he gets through,you will have at least six biographies of men, twelve of women, and twenty four ot dogs; (he isgreat on dogs by the way,) and it is rare indeed that an unfortunate or abandoned creature comes under his charge, but he soon ascertains her birth, parentage, education, ha nits, and associations, and he incorporates them in his memnrv- hp is h inrt nf his fun unit hi a InL i fm his own way, mind you.) and though an oath.impli cation, or expression of vulgarity horrifies him, he manages to execute the duties of his station, without scarcely ever having the equilibrium of his tern per ruffled ! I believe "his heart is in the right place," and that's saying enough of hirn. I now come to the grourd floor of the " male-prison," where you find Harry Jenkins and Jim Dustan, the formeralways with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye, ever ready and prompt to action ; to the feeling",he adds the manners of gen'lemen, one who combines the suaviter in nuxltt, and the fnrliter in re?a genuine specimen of a good fellow; his heart and his hand go together; when duty calls; he's always thar? quantum stiff Good bye, Harry ! God blew thee, boy ! Jim D alias old Barnes, is one of your bustling, rattling chaps, always rejoiced to greet a friend and a good cigar! Speaks the fclavonian and domestic Spanish with great fluency, and orders his "guards" on duty in anglicised Latin Phoebus! what a jargon! He su|terintends the shipments for Blackwell's Island, Bellevue, itec., with a system and alacrity truly ad mirable, and he gives his instructions to Captain George, ol the "Black Maria," (to whom he condescends to speak English) with a form, and ceremony and an emphasis, worthy of an exjierienced military commander James don't allow a prisoner to escape from his ea^le eye, not he ; thus far, he been a marvellously successful officer; best.lea this, he is a terror to the turbulent and obstreperous who frequently fall to his charge; he shows no mercy to such, while to the quiet and submissive, he endeavors to measure it with equal and exact jus ice ; he is a faithful man, and that is praise enough. I come now to the first corridor, where the criminals of "high degree" are secured, tinder the watchful eye 1 of Mr. Pierce (now " Librarian" also) whose duty if not the most arduous, iscertainly the most respon- i sibleof any within the walls. Mr. P. is a man of , strong and active Irarne, an open, pleasant countenance, and a vigi'ant, as well as a civil officer, with all the responsibilities of his station. I don't think < he, any more than the other deputies,requires much j instruction, and certainly not an overseer from the front office ; he is admirably qualified to preside on that forum, and be proud to say "Hlone I did it."? I Th?? umnnri nnrruIrvr ia iin<lor flip oliuroo nf thuf is*I. ly-hearted soul, Joseph Carlisle; one whose joyous laugh reverberating through the lofty edifice, ex- 0 cites a hearty response from the most lonely, desolate and deiected who hear it ; to look at him is to j. laugh?his love of innocent lun and frdlic is so earnest and hearty, that it is contagious, and he makes the poor devils around him for the time being al- 1 most happy?and as he turns the fatal key upon them, he gives them a pleasant jest and 11 jocund v laugh, that sensibly relieves their otherwise melancholy musings. 6uch a man is sure to please every ' one, even the most grave, it they are not over la.*- 8 tid 1 oils with regard to an audible smile. The third Htid upper corridor is appropriated to f witnesses who are detained on behalf ol the people, j "geminen ol color," rowdies,and loafers; some serv- < ink out the term ot sentence, some tried and await- ' ink sentence,and others awaiting trial;si motley crew c they are certainly! This range is under the super " vision of Mr Bennet, "Billy Bennet," as he is 0 styled by his trtends, an active, sprightly little fellow. ? who is familiar with "bloodshed scenes " Though " young, 1 doubt if either of his associate- has we- I nessed half the slaughter that he has, and vet hie I feelings are as sensitive, apparently, as the best ot I i them. Notwithstanding the multitude of heing* ne i ^ I has seen " strung and quartered," he is to all " I jef ance as mild and harmless as a sucking OJJgj" | ^ ' evident,however, that he has never read B -1? LP. Mm vm C?nU, Anatomy of Melancholy," or lit- would never allow himself to Iret and grieve mtriHIes, nor so irritably dilate upon the extra-arduous duties he lias toperform. He may be sure, if he doe* duty, not only his associate keepers, but every one else, will discover it?"too much vaunting of intexruy, generally juatifies a doubt"?draw the parallel These are but as spots upon th>* sun, however (jive him time, and he will be older, and when older, may be wiser and more philosophical. Huzza ! here comes that Paddy Power faced son of Erin's Isle, the "engineai" of the estahli-hment, "wrench" in hand, and a knowing wick of his eye, which'seemed to say, 44 I'll stop your funning, niy boys." The reception of this functionary !>v the prisoners is hearty and welcome, or repulsive with hisses and groans?depending entirely upon the time of day. In the morning, he opens the avenues of discourse, and is received with cheers and acclamation ; bui at the appioach of evening, they scouf him as their evil genius, for he " puts a stopper" on their loquacity, and that, added to the premature " visible darknesa" in which they are enveloped, very naturally exasiw-raleg them; and what with the yells, gr?ans and imprecations, the luckless engineer 18 fain to ahsullalulnlH in a inllu soul, at all events, and a favorite with females, too?his machinery is, at all limes, in applepie order, and he is great with the " crank." " Though last, not least," comes the Doctor, "shuffling his slow length along" a jovial visage and a "good round belly with lat capon lined were he not a staunch adherent of the temperance ctuse, 1 should say that the ruby of his cheek gave strong de notement of the god he worships; he is a worthy and experienced eon of Esculapius, and is often hailed among the invalids like a bird of promUe with healing on its wings j he has very recently passed an ordeal, and now rejoices in odd fellowship! " Here endeth the first lesson." A few words touching " escapes," " bribes," &c , about which the "Tribune," and one or two other prints following in its wake, have descanted so wisely. What prisoner has made a successful escape 1 I pause for a rei ly. I allude to the time the present government of the prison has been in power. Who has been bribed 1 And for what 1 I know ; and there are many others who know that large sums have proved unavailing. More than one of the deputies had an opportunity of making a fortune witha wink in a certaiu memorable instance, but 'twas no go. They have all, thus far, proved faithlul to their oaths; and it ill becomes the editor of the "Tribune" to permit such false and calumnious "givings out" as have several times apjteared in the columns of his paper. If you will indulge me, 1 will, in my next, give you a few sketches of the lawyers, so called, who hang about the purlieus of the Tombs, to rob (yes, that's the word) the poor, unfortunate and degraded creatures who are brought in, and that, too, under the pretence ol" legal advice and counsel." Out upon them! what a precious convocation when together! Obsxrvkx. Criminal Jostles. New York, 12th April, 1843. To thk Editor op tux N. Y. Herald.? Sir? Allow me to express to you my approbation of your remarks on the case of Singleton Mercer, and the general laxity in the administration of justice in this city, and elsewhere in the United States: and to express also my earnest hope that you will continue these strictures. Whatever aid I can contribute shall be heartily at your service, and it 1 cannot offer ne-v views and arguments of my own, I will at leaet endeavor to enforce those you may yourself present for public consideration I agree with you entirely in the opinion "that our whole system of administering criminal justice is lax, inefficient and defective;" and, as the first step to curing a disease is to find out its cause, will take this occasion to point out what I conceive to be the principal sources of that relaxation ol criminnl justice, which may almost be said to give impunity to guilt, and to have left the innocent without any protection hut that of Providence alone. One of the most extensive and powerful causes of the evil of which you complain, is derived from a misapplication of the humane and christain maxim, "that it is better ten guilty |>ersoiis shoulr escafie than that one innocent should suffer." That this maxim is equally in accordance with the dictates of humanity and the precepts of religion, I presume no one will doubt. Put when it is extruded so lar as to give impunity to crime, and wrest the notoriously guilty from thv hands of justice, it is no longer either a humane or chris'ain precept, because its application to the administration of criminal law, leaves the innocent without protection, and shields the guilty from the consequences of every violation of the decalogue That the guilty should suffer for their transgressions is the law of God and man. It is equajlv in accordance with the principles of eternal justice, as of eternal mercy ; since to leave the innocent without protection from the thief, the seducer, or the murderer, wotrld be the extreme of cruelly, and render the social compact a mere system of restraints on honest men, without affording any projection whatever from rogues. Another growing opinion is, that there is no rightful power in a State, or community, to inflict capital punishments on offenders, let their crimes oe what they may. I shall not enter deeply into this question, which would require more time than I, and more space that you can afford, hut simple content myself with referring to the authority of scripture, and to the right of self defence inherent in all States and communities,as well as individuals The death of the murderer is the only certain and effectual mode ot shielding society .rom a repetition of the crime, and by far ifte most potent in deterring others from his example. Imprisonment, even for me, ib nui a leeDie agent in arternng bad men trom the indulgence ot their passions, because it holds out so many hopes of escape through the avenues ot hypocritical repentance, executive clemency, petitions procured by the importunity of Iriends, the negligence or corruption of keepers, and a hundred various accidents, that this mode of punishment can never be anything more that a mere bugbear to hardened guilt ana long practised iniquity. I know of no instances of imprisonment for life being carried out, unless in cases where the criminal consummated his sentence by a speedy death The alternative of solitary imprisonment has been often recommended by those who call, and no doubt believe ihemselves, philanthropists, and that they are advocating an expedient of humanity. But let them try the experiment, nnd it will be, as ithasalwaya been, only the prelude to certain idiocy or madness. But even il this were not the case, solitary confinement involves a total abduction Irom all the amusements and occupations of life, as well as all communication with our follow creatures. The u urderer, therefore, who hud committed the greatest of crimes against society, would become a dead weight on that society?a iiensmner, clothed and fed at the public exi>ense?while the honest, faithful member, is obliged to work his fingers to the bone or starve. Is their either justice or mercy in this! 1 will not intrude on you furiher for the present. You shall hear from me again, unless you should indicate your dissent Irom my opinions by declining to publish them. Yours, Jcc., An Old-Fas?ionid Fellow Literary Notices. Histortof the Emfkror Napoleon ? Appletnn k Co. have commenced thei-sueol De L'Ardeche's History of Buonaparte, in fourelegant volumes,with numerous pictorial illustrations, engraved in the first style of art. The merits of this history are well known and esteemed, and the present edition is one jl the most elegant works we have ever seen. The irice is 50 cents a volume. For sale at this office. Mcrray's Encyclopedia or Geography?Pubished by Lea & Blanchard.?Part A is out. American in Egypt ?Appleton flc Co.- Part 5 is lUt. Harper's Family Library ?VoL 2 of Milman's fistory of the Jews. The Navy's Friknd ? Baltimore? Published for he author ?A very curious and by no means unineresting rrf>o*f of the conduct of officers of the nary, written by a seaman. NFe presume ii is for sale mhiscity, and are sorrv we cannot tell where, as he pamphlet is deserving of general circulation ind perusal. ? Pkrkira's Matkria Mkdica ?The great medical ublishers. Lea Sc Blsnchard.of Philadelphia, have ust issued a splendid and enlarged edition, in two >ctavo volumes, of Pr. I ppeira s g^eat wort on \la eria Mc.'icn. Dr. Or-on. or rnilaUeIphia, lias dis harged hisdu'y as editor., with great atnli ' nade many important additions. A great uumtter I beautiful engravings ol the medicinal piants ere iven. The volumes nave been brought out at imien.-e ex|ie?ee on the part of the publishers, a id it in together one of ihe moat important medical nrks ever issued in this country. No physician or othecary can t>e properly acquainted with the va>ua articles ot the Materia Medica, and the prent improved state of the science ot pharmacy, unis they possess these volumes For sale in this y by Wiley Je Putnam.

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