Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Sale* of Slock* at Philadelphia Yesterday *101)0 Stale t>'u, 1*64, 40; fto ahm Philadelphia Bk, 00; 10 do Kentucky Bk, 48, i do Pennsylvania Bk, 160. After Board?$2300 County fi't, 1960, new, 87. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS. Philadelphia, Apiil 11?Arr Splendid, Shaler, Smybrock, Conn. "altimoak, April 13?Arr P I Ntrin, ( Br) Stoop, St John. NB; Hoht Brace, Morion, Sat Annul); Montaxuma, Kelly: 8 C Abbott, f.Am?nn: Oen L?f*T?i'e, J-rris, and CbeAapeake, Poat, NYork; Kenduskeia, Mitchell, Buckmort; Klin, Sawyer, I nl. r'i.i \i... ? J? Aleiikdiua, DC. April 12?Sid Hartley, Dearborn, Baibid<? ?. Richmond, April 12?Arr Lake, Viual, Boston. 81d Medium. <ln. Wilssiwoto:*, NC. Anril 7?Arr Dirieo, Tncker. NVork; Apphis. s, Boston: Olive Branch, Watts. Baltimore; 8th, Grand Tor*, Nichtds, New York. Cld 6th, Packet,Claik, Sf l.ttcir: Bminanl, Noonan, Malanzai; 11th, Henry Chase, Steelman. CienfueKoa. Mobile, April 7?Cld Huron, Payne, NOrleana , (&- THE SUNDAY MERCURY OF TO-MORROW will ho entirely original. It will contain three original and hnmoroui Engraving*, hv Fitz Squab ; a capital local *tory, called Diggens' Essay at H .uao Hunting, or The Upper Part to Let; Oh ! That Coon! a poetn, by 8poons ; O O.; The fights to come and them as ia to come, from the latoat Bell's Life in London ; Alma Mater ; Low Life in the Village ; Almacks in the West ; The National Academy ; Another Daniel; Coroners and Juries ; a satirical poem, The Stage and Temperance ; Meddling with Politic*; Theatres,the Park, Bowery anil Olympic; Foreign News ; All Sorts of Things, satirical, humorous, critical and witty, by Ladle ; A moral and humerotts Discourse, by Dow, jr.; editorials, police doings, anil the latest local and general news. Office K9 Nassau, near Ann street; price 3 cents per single copy; $1 for eight months, for which the paper will be carefully mailed t? any part of the world. A(ivi>ni?em)-niR cannot do received later than ioo'ciock this (Saturday) evening. (K7- 8AR9APARILLA?The member* of the Collego of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of N.York beg respectfoljy to announce to the American rublic that their preparation of Sarsaparilla, Gentian and Harssfras ia prepared under the fuperintendance of soientiftc medical practitioner*, well acquainted with the medicinal properties and curative*powers 0f each root, and the exact proportions one ahonld bear to the other. The public w ll thus at once ace the superiority of such an article over the common Syrup of Sarsapariila manufactured by the dmgeist who cannot be expected to poa ess sufficient medicnl knowledge to make a really beneficial ex'ract, but depend entirely for the sale of it by puffing advertisements and bartering their mixture for certificates. The genuine Extract of Sarsapariila, Gen. tian and Sarsafras prepared by the College, has now been before the publie for ore year, and the best proof of its efficacy lies in the vast) v increased demand for it and the flattering testimonials of the members ofthn medicnl profession generally. In all diseases arising from impurity ofthe blood,its effect is truly beneficial?such as scrofula, salt rheum,cutaneous eruptions, chronic rheumatism, syphilitic affections arising from the abuse of mercury, enlargement of the glands and all other diseases arising from a deranged state of the system?Sold in single bottles 75 cents each: cases containing hatf a dozen $3 50; do do one dozen $0 W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms ofthe College 97 Nassau st. New York. N. B. A liberal discount allowed to country practitioners and druggists. (fij- BENJAMIN F. GOODSPF.ED, 130 Sixth avenue has used Sherman's Lozenges in bis family for the last five years, and never knew them to fail. The Worm Lozenges are the only specific for worms ever discovered. They are very pleasant and certain to dispel all kinds of them; one or two doses are all that are required to cure any rase; and so of Sherman's Cough Lozenges; one or two doses usually stop the worst coughs or colds, and in 24 hours rffect a perfect cure. Be particular to get Sherman's Lozenges as they are alane knawn from experience to he good. Ilia warehouse is at 10(1 Nnssnii street?Assents 3 I.cdirer Ruildinirs. Phil ndelphia; 4 Stanwlx Hall, Albany, and S State street, Boston. Off- DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM LIVERWORT, 375 Bowerv.?Letallrpad and see that the new label "to prevent Counteifeits" is on thchottle. New Yonx, Dee. 26th, 1942Dear Sir?I horehy solemslv certify (and shall be happy to state these farts in detail to any one who will call on me) that my wife in April last, tookfa severe cold, which brought on a violent coutfh, (with a copious expoctora. tion) preventing her sleeping ntnight. She raised a thick viscid matter, and was so feeble as to be lifted in and out of bed like a child, nit bring able to sot up. She had been attended by two physician, besides Dr. Clinton, our family phviician, who frankly told me they had done all thev could for her during the three months constrnt"attendance, and generously recommended me trying Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, from 375 Bowerv, as he knew something about its character, which I did thrrp weeks since, and am now happy to say that she is up and walks about, rapidlv recovering her health, and 1 confidently recommend it to all affected with consumption, or any disease of the chests or lungs. HENRY DOBBS, 650 Greenwich st. The public are eautioned agninst units tors of this valuable madecine (under other names) as it alone can be relied on, when everything elso has failed. Off- HAIR-GRAND JEAN'S COJIPOSITION.-An important discovery for the treatment ol the hair ; a preservative baldness ; and tin infallible cure in all affeclioui of the skin on the head, as dandriff, &c. Sic ? Multitudes of chemists, apothecaries, and perfumcra have successfully attempted to treat of that part ot the human body, without having sulbcirntly studied the subject.? By spreading ostentatious reports of nn exaggerated fame, they hava fatigued the public with the worda?Wonder! Prodigy '. Only make fair trial of Grand jean's celebrated Competition. If people would adopt this method there would be no reason to complain of humbug. Principal afflce No- I Barclay street. Particular room for ladies. N. Y. Off- DOR* YOUR EMPLOYMENT CAUSE YOU 1U Muur l-ll sn. yon rri|uir? rvi-i; uu? mii n.c. ? gentle alterative. The process ot dig.stion must be in some measure rrlardpd, and tbo circulation of the Mood and the flow of the juice* in rome degree obstructed, by the doubling up of the body which it ot solutely necenary in many aedentary purmit*. From such obstruction*, permanent chronic di*ea*e will arise, unless the digestive apparatus and alimentary canal are occasionally relieved of their impurira, and stimulated to a more vigorous and healthy action. It i* not asaeited that any mcdrcine can wholly (upersedp the necessity of exercise; but we know from experience thst Peters' Vegetable Pilis will kepp the system in a healthy state, in cases where frcah air and exercise are luxuries that are but occasionally enjoyed. These Tills are gently stimulative as well as cathartic. and give lone and vigor to the stomach and bowels at the same time that they perform the work of purification. " Beware ol spurious imitations"?Office H5Fulton corner Nassau street. {ft?- PROFESSOR VALPEAU'S CELEBRATED SPECIFIC PILL for the ra lical cure of gonorrhea, gle( t, and all unpleasant discharges -rom the uretha, is now the only remedy used for those distressing maladies. Their celebrated inventor, Prof. V. in hi? last leoturcs at the hospital of "La Oharite in Paris,"speaks of them in the following terms : ''Gentlemen, I have used these Pills for a considerable tittle with ut a single instance of failure, and alter having tried every remedy known for these diseases, and after an experience of twenty-five years, I have no hesitation in pronouncing them to be the best remedy lor gonorrhse or gleet, at present known to the medical prolession.'' The New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, having obtained the recipe for those Pills from their celebrated inventor about six months since, have cold over twothousanl boxes, and defy any case to be produced where thsy have not (footed a cure. Among the manv advantares thev possess over the old treatment, the (of lowing are worthy of notion, viz : Their effort is certnin, they contain n* mercury. ov any medicine calculated to injure the constitution. They allow the patient to follow hi* ordinary business, without tainting the hrenth, disagreeing with the atomach, or causing the least suspicion that the patient is under nny medical treatment. Sold in boxes containing 100 pills, nt $1 nor box. To medical practitioners and drupgists $9 per dozen boxes. By order of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau ft NY W. 8 RICHARDSON, Agont. MONKY MAKKRT. Friday, April 14?(1 P. M. The transactions at the old boarl seem to he less and less. The operations were small, but prices wrre generally firm. Ohio fl's rosnj percent; Kentucky, 6}; New York State ft'*, J; and Long Island fell off" J per cent from the last sale. At the new hoard sales were much larger, and the differences presented much the samo result. The Ann Louisa, from Vera Cruz, brings $41,000 in specie. Of the public stocks on the market, New York State and City and United States stocks seem alone to command entire confidence. The comparison is as follows: ? U. States 6 percent, 1801, 109 a 100J N-York State fl " l'?i, 194 ? 103 Kentucky 6 " 1871, 834 a Ml Ohio 6 " 13(10, <UJ a 67J These rates present a great difference. The sums to come upon the market arc an follows:? U. mate ? per cent, $11,000,000 N. York 8 " 340,000 Kentucky 6 < 1,100.000 Ohio 6 & 7 ' 4,400,000 Total, $14,940,000 The U.S. State stocks are not influenced by the ium?to be issued at all; neither are the New York stocks. With unshaken confidence in the faith of the States, the Ohio's wonlrt rise to par, but they aro heavy at .11 per cent din" count. This price is neither one tiling nor the other, huk indicates an artificial support ton stock in which capital, ists have lost confidence. In the spring of 1H40, Illinois ant Indiana stood where Ohio's now do. They paid their July dividends by the same means that Ohio is now attempting, and in nine months they fell to 'JO. The Ohio stocks have been continually falling for several months. The State has been K"'l'y of the utmost d.sre Igard for faith and justice. It pni<l thn bsnks in itocki n, 30 per eint discount, nn<l it refuses to give it to it* laborer a at less than par ; onn mau gets 100 per cent for hia debt, another gets (JO per rent. Thoie who receivrd their slock ft low price* have been selling their atock, while those in thn interest of the State have been making dtoperate _ The. A percent stocks of New York arc approaching pai rapidly. They stand as tollows - lutf. 1142. %/ipril, 1843 State J'i. I8S8, 12 in 92 a 9>)i City SV, 18.98 8(1 a 83 !I2X* 93 Kentucky 5'i, pay io New York GO a 61 71 a 75 This is a great advanca in 6 months. The New York City S*s have become the favorites. Under the continued abundance of money and the discredit of other stocks these will go very high. In London the 3 per cent consols are up to 98}, higher then they have hern in fifteen years. We recently made some incidental remarks in relation to the position ot the Merchants' Exchange Company of this city. It is a beautiful ornament to the city doubtless, but it is also a monument of the extravagance of the times in which it was projected, and of the disasters which have siacs overtaken the city, and is now a standing memento of New York repudiation ! When the old Exchange was destroyed by the great fire of Dec. 1835, the present building was projected, and covers a whole squaro, which formerly accommodated many valuable buildings beside the Exchange. The capital of the company was $1,000,000. This was soon expended,and a debt'oi about $88*1,756 contracted to complete the building, which was ready for oceupnnts in 1938. The ofHces were eagerly taken at high rates, but with the decline ol business generally, the rents fell off until the company is Insolvent. The rents for each succrssiveyear have amounted as follows:? Rent. Interest of debt Surplus. Deficit and expenses. 1BSB, 120,000 75,000 45,000 ? 1010, 92,ero 75,Of 0 17,COO ? 1817, 48,0ffl 65 000 ? 17.000 1813, estimate, 40,000 68 000 ? 78,000 This represents pretty clearly the progress of business, and the valued property dependent upon it in New York. On the 20th of December last, a circular was addressed to tha stockholder* letting forth the above fact*, and proposing the appointment of a receiver. Recently several judgments have been obtained against the company, and the building is advertised for sale on the l?th inst. under one of them. In this state of affairs James O. King, trustee of two mortgages, one dated May 1S38, and the other March, 1840, addressed a letter to the board of trustees of thecompany on the 24th ult., demanding possession of the premises in trust as mortgagee, to apply the revenues to the interest in arrears and accruing. This letter was laid before a committee of the company composed of James D. P. Ogden, ChcrlesA. Davis, and Henry Brevoort. This committee requested the advice of G. \V. Strong, Esq., as council. That gentleman on the 3d inst. gave his opinion in favor of acceding to the demand of King as mortgagee, in preference io*tho appointment of a receiver, there being no other alternative, as the company is utterly insolvent. lie then prescribed that the mortgagee should be put in possession of the prcmis es by the President nnd Secretary, in the presence of two or three individuals, who will make a written memorandum of the fact and date of its occurrence?notice to be given to the tenants to recognise the mortgagee as landlord. The President shall deliver the keys, leases, and other indicia of possession to the mortgagee, instructing him to apply the rents and profits to the satisfaction of the liens which he represents. On the 6tli instant, the committee reported to the trus. tees in favor of the advice of the counsel, and King will be installed as mortgagee in [trust. The sale of the 17th will therefore be susperseded. Mr. Strong stated that the mortgagee would not he compelled by law to pay the in terest on mortgages prior to those which he represents^ hut he must do so in self defence, to prevent a foreclosure) which would defeat his own interests. Here is an utter annihilation of $1,000,000, subscribed nnd spent upon this building. That sum represents the difference between the high value of property, and the inflation of prices beyond what the real industry a' dbu Miinu, mn luuiiuy tan ituppun. u was weuiui crcmcu by paper, and has vanished with the bubble. This " highly respectable" trustee is one ef those who helped to rquandi-r the means of the company, and he now comes forward and seizes the whole for the benefit of Baring Brothers,1'to the exclusion of the hard working mechanics who built it. The anomaly is thus presented, that a London broker owns the New York Exchange, and the debts to the Jlmti iron mechanics who built it are repudiated ! In domestic exchanges there is very little alteration, at Mobile the rates have fallen to 10. The rates are as fol. lows Katf.s or Domestic Exchange in New York, June, 18tl Attn April 14. 1SI3. June, 1841. *1pril 14, 1813. Boston, par a H par a Jtform Philadelphia, 4 a4H ? a dit. BalHmore, 4Xa 4H ? a % ft-'ifAnd.' 5Ha 6 1 a lHprm North Carolina, .? > - ?t- iR Asvannah, 3 n 3 '-is ;*du. Angus's, 15 a ? ,*.?a Charleston, I'a's It* t?a 74 A nslachieola, TO a ? lh? a 2 Mobile, 10 alfl 17 a)8 New Orleans, 7 a 7 1 atHrm. Lonisville, R a 9 la IHdis. Nsshville, 12,H* ? 2 a 2H Nsrchez, ? a ? 3 a 3j* St. Lonit, 8 a 8 I Ha 2 Cincinnati, ? a 8 1 a lj. In 'isna, 7 a 7 2 a 2X Illinois, ? a ? 1 a I >4 Detroit, 4Xa ? 2K? 3 Specie continues active, both coming and going, It is in that unsettled state caused by the conflicting currents of business. The;tidoof the precious metals is flowing into the vacuum created by the destruction of paper. If rushes forward, eddying and overflowing b11 channels of business; when they are full it settles calmly, and hence, forth has no disturbing causes to produce violent action. The following is a table'of the affairs of the banks o' Smith f!nrr?li*n. Banki or Socth Carolina, March 1, and April 1. Marat t. .Ipnl I. Loans Specie. Leant. Specie. BinUofSutp, 808,800 120.020 8H,V7? 137,706 Bianch at Columbia, 766,373 8.BID 717/08 8,* 5 " Canul'u, 301,293 1,4 Iff 387,519 1,491 Snuthwrsturii Hit. 500,41(1 08 726 461.906 161,307 Plantcs'lk Mech'i, 741.427 118.157 699,770 110.811 VMOB Bank, 700,520 107,248 672,035 92,227 Total, 3.9P.965 424,438 3,780.222 471,993 ("ire. Drps. Circ. Peps. Bmh of State, 766,927 463.351 768,117 450.213 Branch at Cidumbia, ? 86,916 ? 87,101 C*m<l"n, ? 52,616 ? 41,745 Southwestern UK. 485,372 271,951 4'5,350 287 0'<0 Planters'& Mech's, 231,550 251.985 227,8 0 199 791 Union Bank, 4 151 190,258 8,437 161,314 Total, 1,488,001 1,317,109 1,421,705 1,229,436 By recapitulation, these aggregates give the following results :? Fth. Sipt. Jan. March. April. Loam, 4,229.816 4,077.736 4,053,710 3,917,965 3,780 2-2 Specie, 458 272 419,1 12 414 381 421,418 471,991 Circulation, 1,428,061 1.091,993 1,381 420 1,181,001 1,121,70.5 Depo?itr?, 1,274,72.1 1,660,354 1,364,391 1,317,109 1,223,486 Their exchange movement! is seen in the following table Mar. Sep'. Jan. Feb. March. April. Dom. bills, 418,933 108,272 529,661 729,204 611,469 691,137 Foreign, 174,709 40,651 215,530 244.659 347,293 313,199 621,617 218,915 785,191 973.853 958,765 1,005.034 The discount line of these hanks runi much lower than lost year, while their bills drawn against produce are much higher than usual. They are near 50 per cent higher than last vear. The wealth of the South is great, and In the pursuance of the present system of economy its difficulties as well as its dependence on the North must spredily disappear. It holds in its hands the destinies Of England. On the cash system, Britain with her boasted factories are dependent upon the South, and she must find coin to send for its purchase. Under a high tariff and a national bank the paper aystem places the South Bt the mercy ot Kngland, because through the mpdium of paper the results of Southern industry are obtained without capital, while it is constantly kept in debt for goods. Under cash payments, Kngland, as it is now doing, must send money. The planter, with cash in his hands, wilt then buy of the North or of Britain, as pleases liirn best. His inde pendance will be restored, and his profits become greater, Pennsylvania seems to be gutting out at last. The bill to dispose of the mainlincof State wot ks passed a second reading in the Senate on Wednesday, with an amendment that the company pay $11,000,000, instead of $10,000.( 00, before they get possession of the woiks. The whole sum is stilljlift at $16,000,000. A law has also just passed authoriting three trustees to sell any or all of the hank or company stocks owned hy the State at their market value, and pay over the amount into the Treasury as soon as may be. The following is a list of the dividend paying stocks;? List of Stocks Owsi.d bt thi: Statf, wimcii Taio Hi? , vioKisns lis IRSI. ,V.i. Par .ImT. Dtr'd Prr ? urn I sV?, I'll. 1R4I. fh. f t vn"*v,r?uia, :?.7.'?o ssno 12^ tern rhlU.lrlthiA Jli.nlr, 5,231 ion 523,300 3I.TI8 I JO Farmers and Mechanics' Bink, l,7on 50 s>,ioo 4.768 51 chnylkill Navigation (do. l.oao 50 50,000 3,8i'o 7?i Penn.and Ohio Canal Co. 1,500 loo 150.000 1 500 JO .. I ,, , u""8e Co. 18)0 100 OO.OOO 3,600 SO Harrisliiira Uridge Co. 4 500 Jft oo.imo 4,500 21 m. ,=.300 _ 46 10 Kobbtfown RiuUe Go. 171 50 8 530 r,m 71 Alleghany B.i.liir <>. l/no 15 40,nno 5 loo 83 winlinriih Biid?e Co. 400 50 20,000 400 70 Conemangli Rridn Co. 100 .'0 5.000 371 71 W Ik. ?b rrr Bullae Co, 500 50 20,000 2,(i07 95 Monoiifobt 11 Bridee Co. 2,000 25 5 4 000 4.00 0 37 niitB'tv.i Bri.lop Co, 0 0 !5 13 000 525 17 D?tl< ille BtiiUe l'o 000 25 15,000 450 15 rtehnvlkill B iilRoCo, 120 50 O.001 120 2,1 PliiltimhuiKk Hotq.TViko to. 000 2.7 17,020 2?n 0 Yoik s Ueuyabmg do 408 100 40,000 40O 20 B. Ilrtoute, Aaronabarg and Yonni'iaanitnivu do 1.124 25 20,120 674 12 K ie .V Wite'lord do no 50 5,000 450 00 M1 <1illeI"wti Si Muriuburo do 280 50 44,000 560 411 Loaraattl, KliraSetbtown 1/v ... __ and Middlelnwn, do IfO 100 250 70 Bmqn;hanna & Lehigh do 100 100 JO,000 20O 40 Crnire ,|rt I 6O0 50 80,000 1,600 20 Now Holland do 116 "W I1JW 220 58 Belmont and Kaitou do 350 >0 17,500 262 15 92,927,799 ?? There is also advertised for sale at auction on the 20th, ^ a large amount of stocks owned by the United States hank, ol which there are 230 shares Bauk of Louisville. t Males art ths Block Kxcliuittf*. tlOOO Ohio 6's, I860 ?30 fTX JSOOO NYT'i, IBfiH 'O^t WW do 67 W 7.-00 do 6'n, 1861 102 < 200# do ?2 6712 20f0 do 6H's, 1861, 9S 1000 do b3 67*4 5S00 do i's, 18S0 02 1100 da 160 67 la SHOO do i't, 1805 02 1 6000 do 6" *2 5 SOO do do 0! ( Ifflfl do sio 6.7)2 40 st>as Msnhnt'sn Bk s3 70 8000 Ky 6'?, 30 yesrt 8S!2 SO Mrch Bke A??n, t>3 71 l toco do sis sW 20 Howvo Kira Ins Co 10l?2 1 loon do r3 8S12 2S Syt&Utira MR ?S ' 'ift tli.ia liOiur lilatitl 47^ 1 New York Public Stock Exchange. 1 $1000 U 8 6'*, 1862 1.20 1m $1000 Kentucky 6'* s'5 85% ] 3000 On b20 '00 3000 <lo sli ? '>% 2000 Ohio 6'* c??h 67% 1000 ?lo bl5 i>5% ( 3000 Jo 67 Ja 4000 Jo *iuaw moo Jo b!5 67% loon Illinois 6'*. 1070 224* I loon Jo *20 67'.i 25 ilia* Harlem HH bl5 17 I 1000 Jo 67 m 25 Jo !6;? 1000 Jo 67JJ 25 Jo 11] 3000 do 67% 50 Long Uland KR <7% 70'o Kentucky C'( R'.20 Btonington Kll 111/* 1000 do 15(1 85% 1 Second Board. ' $1000 U8 6'*, 1863 mow $3000 Kentui Uy 6'* 85% 5000 do *30 109*4 11100 Jo 8.5% 1000 Ohio 6'*, 1860 tnw 674. 50 alia* Hirlern KU 15d 17 4000 NY 5%'s, 18G1 95% State of Trade. Owing to tue inclemency of Ihe weather to-day thero wo* but little out door business transacted. Coffee? A* the Spring trade progresses there is more doing in the market, and a slight improvement in Brazil.? Prices are however lower than they have ever hern known before. Private sales as follows .?31100 hag* Brazil, OJ u 9J; 1000 do Lagnira, 7|s 8}; 400 do Cuba, 7|a8; 6"0 do St Doming*, 51 u $1; 400 do Mnracaibo, 7 a 7} Ca/ton-Tliere was ah active demand and large operations at an advance of about | cent. Sales of the week ns follows 6000 hales Upland and Florida, 4jj a 6|; 1400 do Mobile,4j a 7J; $50 do New Orleans,5 a 7|. 1 l'rovialou Market. No change this week in price*. A11 our retail market* are houutilully supplied. Shad are cheap. At the resumption of navigation is now complete, sup- ' plies of every article will increase, and prices stillfurther < decline. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Aran. 13.?Beeves? 814 Pennsylvania, and 286 Ohio offered. 167 Ohio cattle went to the New York market. ' Sales were made at & a6a; extra OJc. 160 leftover. Cows , ?417 cows and calves in market. Sales at trom $19 to 26; _ extra $30 a 33; springers were sold at $16 a 18; dry cows $6 a 8. Calves?Sales at the cow market, at $1,7510 2,50; three fine ones were sold ut $2 80, live weight, amounting 1 to $39,76. Hogs?340 Ohio and 270 Pennsylvania hogs offered. Sale* at from 4} to 4| cents; 175 left over; 200 1 went to the New York market. Sheep?1670 in market. ( Sales at $2 a 2,50; extra $6,60. , Married, ; At New Hochello, on the 13th inst. hy the Hev. Gorhsm 1 P.Abbot, F.dwabd D. Hai.i., of New York City, to Miss ' Mary Jaise Westkrvrlt, daughter of Daniel Westervelt, j of the former place. , , Idled. ! On Thursday, 13th inst. of consumption, at the age oi ( 36 years, Mrs. ArrnABr.LLA F. Limsos, widow of the late | Christopher Livings, of Yorkshire, England. Sho died j as she lived, a meek and lowly christian, ever exhibiting the blessed fruits of faith, peace, patience, resignation and hopeful immortality. Her friends and those of her sister, Mrs. M. E. Camp- 1 bell, and of her brother*, Nicholas, Charles and Duncan, i are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, 69 Hester street, to-morrow afternoon at4j o'clock. On Thursday, 13th inst. after a short and severe illness, Bmdokt, wife of John Smith, in the 27th year of her age^ Passengers Arrived. Havre?Packet ship Louis fhilippe?K Newett, Dr H M Jliuioler?71 in Pe steerage. Vera''an?Barque A"n Looks?Wm James, Jos Pons, Pedro J Tuves. Adam H Crawford. W W Scarborough, Pstdo Vasqu.*, Mercario Vasques, Alfred llobinsou and daughter, Atkiu 8 Wright and lady. Forslgn Importation*. Havre?Ship l.oois Philippe?4 pkgi R St H Ha'ght?1 Itrad & Tav'or?2 D Wood?12 E Kanp??2 Schmidt & Andrea?5 1 iteuard Si co?1 J 11 Ror> ra?I 11 B.abad?I A O Stont Si co?2 T Meyer?1 C Bolton, Fox Si Liting.ton?6 Goodhue Si co?1 '' Carnmsn Si Whifehouse?2 Moran Si Iielin?5 P D Muller Si co ' ?3 A Hewitt?1 H Henn-quin St co?4 F W Schmidt St co?3 P Murrav?3 L Goldsmith?1 Ifi Wencke?4 J A Voitin Si co?1 ' V H P rutou?2 Ahlrs Si Sutler?:! W LachaneSi Fon'he?3 A W Ward & co?4 C Paren U en?1 J M.igniii Si en?3 F.ngler Si Foley?3 G?n De F Brunhaler?3 Joly Frcies?3 Balleu & Sarder?3 J K Hyde?3 Therion, Mai'lard Si en?2 U ( C Porter?I FMelly Si en?2 RenardSi r??3Malm**et Si Smith < ?1 N Lennig?2 Gilliet Frer-s?I E Rebeau?2 C Muller?t J W Hnlberton?I Brtm dc It Rostiere?3 Deiaismes Si Roizird? C T Vtetor?3 W Brewer?2 L I Cohen?7 Loeacliigk Si Wi?entl"nek?2 K Whillioest?I Prime. Ward 8i King?I Nesmilh Si Leeds?1 Prave Ik Ltvermnre?I P Scherrjierhorn?I H Tobias? 1 Wolfe Si Gillespie?1 A Fleming?2 Boireau Si ltu?ch?I E 1 Jou.s?1 DMIy Ik Mnxwtll?I Benkard Si Huttnn?1 J C Haggen?I J C Keyset?I Me' er Si sou? I T Valentine?1 T C Ma'tin? I E B Strang?I T Sheldon?I E M II iris?1 J C A!lispecktt? t K. Bengunt'i?1 E H Sand?2 G Hesseuhurg?1 I! Voiiin?I F Cottmet?1 C W Schmidt Si co?I Derham Si Mnore?26 to order. Havana?Brig Vandaiier?100 begs coffeo 112 lihds molasses T F Youngs?2.30 bxi sugar M Taylor?67 do Grinned. Miuturu Si co?12! pumpkins 20.000 oranges 4 bbls molasses S Berry. MARITIME H EH. ATD . Hhlp Maitara anil Agenta< We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Sh-vft, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Hhipring left at the Port whence they sailed, the Veiaels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and anv Foreign Newspapers or News they may linre. lie will I board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cor- 1 respondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by 1 sending to litis Office all the Marine Intelligence tliey can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, APRIL 15. art* man 5 211 moon 8 42 IJN SKTJ 6 37 I HIOH WATER 9 (4 Cleared. Buiine Adario, Tranh. North of Europe. MeCrackan St Livingston?Biurs James Wil.on, Peckmr, Marseilles, Fitch Si Co; F'.li7.a, Blake, Cuba: riiilippa, (Br) Burrows, ftloctego Bay, Ja. Duuscnmb Si Beckwiin; Win Taylor, Hoey,, Sturoes Si Clea-mau; Tsmpico, Neagle. Franklin, La. A , Heaton: Harriet, Brewn, Bucksville, SC. Badger Si Peck.? , Schrs Van Dure", Si avey, Georgetown, SC. Nt smith. Leeds , Si Co; Juliette. Woglam. Petersburg, J m-s Hunter: Norman, 8h 'clielford, Wi!iv maton, NO. J & Oo? caribndkfi I | n ; it.. i k, \ Rri.r?.. i{,i?,nn !?, rnnlm.! Arrived. Picket ship Loti i Philippe,'"aitnff, from Havre, March 8, with mdir, to C. Rnlton, hox St Livingston. Passed bound . in, baiijne "Ziine," of Portlsn<i, Off Scihv, exchanged sig- 1 n?ls with ship Augusta, botmil up the Channel. In 4''. Ion ' 41, experienced a aer* re gale from the westward?lost niont of the light nil*, Stc. Biniue Ann Louisa, Msrichalk, 13 days frcm Vera Crux, wiih hides,Sic an* J42.001 in specie to h&nnni Brothi r? St Co. , Left U. 8. sloops Vlliceniies destination unknown, ami Falmouth, to sail ill a few <l.iy? for Peinacola; achra Vigilant, captun d bv the Mexican ninudron off Cainpeacky. for attempting; to break the blockade; M seiy, destination unknown; Cnatts- f honchse. f.r NO'leat.a, in il*vs. Francois 4incliez, a native of j France, <liei| on th? 3d mat off Toriuiraa, of cousumptinn. Brig Vaudilicr, Beiry, II days from Havana, with, to . R. P. Ruck. Btig Veto, (voomba, 6 days from Prospect, Me. with spars, : to hhu tar, Schr < J. W Kmc, Spencer, 12 days from Attakapaa, wilh ahiptimber,forthe Navy Yard. Schr Osceda, Holt, 4 days from Newbein, NC. wiih naval J atorca, to mas'er. I Schr Jonas Smith. Mills, 3 days from Wilmington, NC. with | nival strirea, to J Ocdeu. t Schr Louisa, Atwood, 4 daya fr-m Plymouth. Mass with fish, to master. I Schr Convoy, Howe,4 days from Dennis, Me. with fish, to | tnasti r. j Scnr Saml A. Applctou, Nickeraon, front B 'on,with mdse, I I in -iter. I Schr Leo, Farwell.A days from Thomaaton, with lime, to muter. 8 hr Yankee, Uoodrich, 6 daya fiom 1 homaston, with lime, I to nta- t'-r. Stlir Commerce, Lock land, 4 daya from Boston, with mdse, ' to in later. Schr Transport, Nickeraon, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, 10 master. t Schr lltica, Bearse, I diya from Boston, with mdse, to (he mister. ' Sehr Tigress, Lovell, 4 days from Boston, with indie, to the l Motor, i Schr Telegraph, Chase, 2 days from Newport, in Ixllast, to 1 master. t Slnup Rienxi, Darfee, 2 days from Newport, with mdse, to I master. I Herald OTarlne C'orrcapoailriit e. 1 IJrnc* ?r tiii; Rhodk Isi.sxrtFR,} Vtwimrt, April 13, 1813. > , for NVork; Meridian, L'wis, Kail River for do Arr I2>h, Rhode I land, Hull, and Charles, Maaon, Warren . for N York. Hid Clarion, Allien . Sp >ken b y a pilot boa', iu the ( Ifing, 6 p m, Nantask-l, from Boston for New Loudon, chased lor a whaler. nrnrral Record. , PacKKT ihit Liverpool, for Live pool, will sail on Mon- < d .y. Her leiler bigs are at Gilpin's Newi Room, io the Kichange. Packs.t ihip SHtrnti.o, for Lirrrpool, ia defamed in conqu?nce of the weather. r lUnqur Whitmork, arrireil on Wedncadav from Apalarhi" ' col?, put into Key Weat ta undergo soma trillii>K re|aira, hir" iig touched on Florida ir< f Mustn't Vrsntt. ? (Ireenhnry Holt, Captain Oalino, cleared Ironi New Yi ik on toe llth o .March, for Washington, . NC with a cargo of dty goo a and groceiiea. Aa the hat not | s nee been heard f*oin, if ia feared that she w?s loit in the gale i ol the 16th and 17th. The O. H. was aliont 100 tons burthen, t Daltimo'e built, ai,d not insured. k,HcHK WoLCOrT, Owen, of ai.d from New York for Cape ( Hayti, was spokeD, nndate, lnt 22, Ion 62. She had encountercd heavy weather, sprung mainmast and bow< rit, Irak ng ' hailly, thrown overboard 126 bbls p rk, and lost caboose house? 11 was making for 9t Thomas. Ship Noktii htsr, Hkellington, at Philadelphia from Liverpool, ri- erienced very severe weather on the passage?lost the topsail and lorn topsail yard, sprang fore yard, fore and iiiiu " topgallant m >sf, and fore topgallant yard, stove long hoit, hit'warks, he. Wis snpplied with provisions on the 8th iust. by * tii, | ii i h< n v, i ih en,from NYoik for Stettin, Hftir llmcl'M s ?AsnrvrT has been held upon this ve>sel, '1 (reported ashore h- low Mobile) aril she has been condr inned ? I She is ilaet ly embedded in the sand, with 12 (r.i water io her ' brill Persons have her n employed to strip her of eveiy thing that can bs brought to Mobile, vsliich, with the hull, will be sold for account of underwriters. I Whalemen, Arr a' 8'oninglon llth inst. United Statea, Burnhsm, Cronette Island*, with 2<0 bbls elephant and 68 do sp oil. , ^|nmr n. Waaaon, DnuijUni, of Br< k*i'le, from Cape lliyti fur B ?- ' too, 19 (lava out, with coffer? o uifmn, mate and ?ll (inula rtcent out- man, nick?At', il I'. Highlanla bearing WNVV, 125 ' milra il.atant?by pilot boat Phantom. Ko'pat, of nml from Boat on for Bil'imnrc, 11 honia out, A|iril II, Montnuk Point Si 15 tobra?b> pilot l o t plinmmn. J II Chen* y, ( rahtrvr, 41 honn from NYork for Stettin, Dili 1 April, Ut 3*1 20, Ion US 40. ' v-heater, from Poita llico for Boston, April 5th, Int 30 30 N, I Ion M 20. P?MtilUtlon, of flallowcll, March 30, Martcl bearing BK 15 milea. I Alwilila, from NOrleans, April 2, lat 29, lou 79. maBanha*' " ' n Havra, Match g.oll Balit Nautilus, 110 <la,i from N Yoik for Claris, Oct 24, iu HtriiU i >1 Btuci. F.lwil.u in?i.i.\?j?'?" ?L - *?i 1 --- --1; * 'I"":"/ jjua>? iroin oieuitu 101 i--narie*ioii, nrm l, off Tybtc Light. Korelgn Porta. antwrrt, Mart h 3?Arr N?ti, rhirtfil^n. B> acht Hrstr, M rr'i 2?Ofl.|\lariaune.Weiting, Baltimore or Bremrn; Favorite, from New Orleans for do. Bokdcawi, March 4?Arr V-riiou, Robbina. Charleston; *110 Louis i, Lett>aitre, Jo Shi Oreci in, Benedict, Mew York. Ycasels up?Tilma, and Sirih Hand, f t Mew 0'le?n?, toon; 3hi?. Philadelphia, Jo; Grecian, Jo auJ NYork, <h>. Burnos Ayhks, Feb 3?In port, I/>tte, Franlia, Tor Boaton, lOdiys; Three Brother, for Salem. Jo; La Plata, Btrnard. fin Mooter iJeo, just arr: Vint???, Pksppa, for Salem, IJg; Comnissarv, Smith, for N w York, 10: Areturui, Bu'le", unc; Or ana, f?r Baltiiuoif. Idg; Henry, Otit, for Boaton, Jo; Cadet, jore, disic Uawri, March 4?Arr Borneo, Fowkea, Havana. Shi iT.llen, Brown, An'wo'p. Covij or Cork, March 2a 3? Put in, CruaaJer, Liverpool for Charleston. Aid 4ih, Wan J rer, Baltimore. Crookhavrn, March 3?Put in, KJJyatone, Simpson. Mcrile 40 davs, for Liictpool, with cotton?haJ eiperleuceJ very leavy wealht r. Dkal. March 4 a j?SM Amy. White, Savannah , 3d, Mara, Holier. NOrh-.UM. Arr Columbia, Trussel, America. oabtmoiith. March 3?SIJ Vrrun?, Howri, Antwerp. Dovkr. ilarch 5? SIJ Charleston, Catterinole, Bremen; Walao, Bartlett, ll.imburn; 3J, iu the Roads, Italy, New Yoik for Antwerp. Dunkirk, Feb 57?SIJ Lo,.i? Philippe, La horde, Galveston. Gravkikno. Maich I ? S|,| Washington. lirvia. Rntfrro"in. IU, uk. Marcli 2? Shi Silvie Je Qrarte, Bnrrowa, NVork ? Arr 8th. Ducherse (''Orleans. Richardson. Jo; EJouarJ, Lagnoenue, NOrleaos; Apollo, |(fck?,, Mobile. Below, one Ame ican ship unknown. Arr 7th. Warsaw, Hawkina, Charleston; 3rmrra, Wlntnev, NOrleana; Lli/? Thornton, Patterson, Jo; Ith, Abairnti, Wiii;h\ Charleston; BriKhton, Corning. do; Sterling, SannJera, Savannah; Anna. Detainer, Mobile; 4th, 'hat? anbrianil, Laborde, NOrleans: 31. Rochester, Owen, do; Sheffield, Porter, Jo; John Hale, Pcrkina. do; St Nicolas, Pell, N York; Minerva. Know Irs. I'lli'lc?ion;21, Caledonia, Varney, NOrleans; 1st. Belle Creole, Gui'lanniier, Charleston Vetlels ap?St N'eiJas, Ppll, NYork, Mar IS; Ore von, NOrleans, loon: Loo is XIV, Jo; Rochester, Owen, Ho; Caledonia Varl.v for New York vi... ir 1? i-i? II.I IVrkins, for Havinn, <ith; HlwfficlJ, Porter unV. Absgun| Wright; Sterling. Sounder.,: Bri^hton? Corning; Klin Thornon, Patterson; Warsaw, H<wkins; Camera, Whitney. anil D.imarisent'a. Howes, line; Ducltesse d'Orleaus, Richardson, ror NYork. Mar2l; Apollo, in il>? Roads. Isle ok Wight, March 2?Off, Louise, Steenken, Ballimoro "or Br- men London, Mnreli 4?("Id Ayrshire, Mobile. Kut inward 6tha Mediator, Chadwick, NYork Marseilles. KeS 37?At hulrane, Porcella. New Orleans. Vessels up?Prndeot. lor NYork. Mar 1; J S Wnln, Rct'nohls, In, lOlh; Marcia Cleaves, New Orleans, soou; Canton, for do, Mar 111. MaTanzas, April 2?Sid Ellsworth, Boston. Newport, March 4?Sid Ureal Britaiu, Snaxson, NYork; 2d, Virginia, White, V itginia Nanteh Fob 77?Arr Jason, Ouiltard, NYork. Shields, March 3?Sid Mexico, CoprUnd, and Robt Si Ann, Riebsiilson. Boston. Swsnage, previous to March 5?Off, Occidenreu. Petersen, NYoik for Iiolterdain; 6th, Beuj Morgitu, Julius, NYork for Antwerp. Home Portia. PoiitlaND, April 12? At Oxford, Cutter. London; lltli, AbjBthula, Sawyer, NYork: O h. Augusta, Nu kerson. do. Salem, A pi i' 12?Cld H swillon. Fisher, A trira; Mary Helen, Hayinsn, St Jsgo: Aneerettv. and Diana NYoik. Boston, April 12?Arr Almena, Dill, Biltimore; Holder Borlen, Baker, Savannah 1st instant?passed ne t T\bee Light, igronnd, Colombo. Kldridee, Irom Savannah lor New Oil-ans; iTso. Arsto. Snow, from do for Alexindria. Also arr, Marcia, Smith, Wsshirgron, N""; Nile, Cash, Baltimore; H'nrr, Meslerrey, do; Anaconda, Hall, NYoik. Signal for 2 brigs. Id Kazan. Leckic Cop-nli gen aril a nek'; Hunlreas, Oiiffin, Hi rana; Persia, Chandler, Kiggs'on, J ; Rocket, Thompson, Jactpel; Cynosure, Mactoou. Aiialacbicola; Archelaus, Crowell, Charleston; J Cooley & Co, KldnJgo, NYork; Texan. Leighon, Kastport. Art l'tli, Unicorr. NOrleans; Oolilit, Nickerion, Charleston; Kochambrau, Griffin, Havre d? Urasse, Md; A Lawrence. Meeker, and Si.lenilid, llr irse, NY'rk. Philadelphia April 14?At North ?iar, Skellington, l.ivsrrnol; Delaware, Fiber. Boston; Win Penn, Tavlor. do; Hvlph. Nickerson, do; President, Brown, Luhi-n. Cld Pearl, Harding, Boston; Antares, Crowell, do; Louisa, Otis, New York Flizabeth Citv. NC. Ap*il in?Arr Delight. NYork. Wilmington, NC. Apiil 5?Cld Halcyon, (Br) Dean, Anlign i. Newiiern, NC. Arril 1?Arr ("Ian Fisher, Carey, Antigua Cld K W Bradley. Jones, West Indies. Charleston, April 10?Arr Nlalvina, Staples, Matanzas ? Cld 11th. Margaret, Kcr, and O uises, Corkau, Liverpool; Carib, Nirkciaon, Boston; Moon, Hayes, NYerk. Sid Claiion, Pettiitgi'l. Boa ton. Georgetown, SC. April 5?Arr Mars Hill, Clray, New York. New Orleans, April 5?At Eelu"e, Dillingham, S* Thomas; North Bend. Spuks, Philadelphia; North Bend, Sparks, Philadelphia; Ann A Parker, Brigbtman. Savannah; Ontario, Chuichill, Sisal; Lexington. Dickinan, Werr'ii III. '"Id Sea, Delano, and Flavin, Coffin. Liverpool; lohn Crosby,Wheeling, Boston; Pilot, Wilson. Porto Rico and a nikt. PARTNER WAN I"FD?Th* proprietor of on" of the most A fashionable and ropiil-r Hotels inthe neighborhood of New Yo' willing to take as partner a ri spoctible youug man,* ho will devote his time and attention to huai ess. The establishment is now ir complete Older in every rtipcct and in sticeesx'ul operation A cash capita! of$2,MO will be required, without which rum ?nd undoubted reftrtnees of respectability, application will be Ij-lrss. Letters addreised to "Hotel," at toe Bookstore, 4'9 Broadway, S. W corner of Grand street, will meet attention. all 3tis*r rrr A s'Tirn A a. ? .... u?i _. i.. u.:I. '' .nid well finished, with shifts and p le, iron x'ei and Jnuble scan. Anply at 144 Grind street, from tilth' to leu o'clock in the morninir. a!3 3t*r WANTED?A situa'iou as G irdeuer by Julius W. Paulten a married man, with a small family, who was (or four fMIS gardener to J. A. Pcrrr. Esp, vt Brooklyn. EUriBI these ten yews past made the managemeti t and architecture of Itrern and faicing-honses his particular s'udv, he recommends his serf ices eilh?r ta a gentleman desirous of erecting new green-housrs. or where a choice collection ol exotics is to be cultivated. He is also a vegetable gardener Kor references apply ts J. A. Terry. Ks) , No <0 Broadway, or Samuel Stevens, Esq., No. 2 Wall street. A few lines addressed to J. W. PAULSEN, care of the German Society, 103 Knltcu street, will meet with strict attention. mUO 2wkr TO TAILORS ?Wanted a Tailor from New Yoik.aman who h is hid 5 or 6 years experience in a fashionable retail El?*1?? i'o?e^efnr?-',cWW^JS',?.,_'?J?l_^ winch ntnnher imt one hundred. Tlr- si nation will be open until tile IGih Mist Al p! ir .t I inns Mdl ill Person if | otsible o? hy letter post ptt). 'I Me situation will be a p'easant and permanent one to those answering the abive description. None other need arply, at it. T. SHEPHERD'S, ap 13 3t 03 Chvsnnt it. ALL NATIONS HOTEL, No. Ill Broadway, n?xt below City Hotel.?Table d'Hote from 12 till 5 P M.. in the superb Saloons. t huge for Dinner 23 certs. The bill of Ewe iht'l nor be surpassed by any es ablishinent in the eity. Handsomely furnished bedrooms can be procured from S' to S3 per week, or 51 cents ner diy. N. B.?Private Diuirg Hooms for Parties, &c. On the ground 13nor as yon enter on B-. ndwav or Thames street there are lonr benrifnl BOW LING ALLEYS, in perfect ordir end neatly orn?meuted, for which amusement (litharges sre reduced Irom 25 cents to I2}?. Yon sscend the el egatit marble stairs, there yon find D uing and Lodging Booms tint (palled in this conntry for neatness and e ley lice. There is also a Billiard Saloon, unrivalled for beauty, well veitil- tid and lighted, with four elegmt tables, urd-r the direction Michael Fhdan znd Jcseph White, whoare well known as po li e and gentlemanly persons iu their vocition, St-. a!3 3ti**r n'fij LET?The Mansion Hiu>e at Bloomingdale, I known as the " Abbey"' lituit-d i sh irt iiUDC? above . the six mile iton?, insc above Stryker's B iy, ?nd neatly tpposite St. Michaels Church. The p'ace is well known as me of the mo*t delightful situations on the Island, and is renirkahly heajthy in thesnmuier season. The ithifmingd.ile s'ages pass and repass the gate every lost in the day. The gate it new, and numbered 101. .The tent will be in sccoidiuce with the (resent sli'e of the limes. A ply on the premises, or at 132 Chambers street. N. B.?Anan.r nier.t canld he mtd?. il desired, by a ratis"ictory tenar t, to lata pircofthe tnrniiu-e now in the home tmaio, or a put of ihe louse will tc rented separately. i pIS lm*r eft ~ STKAY HOIlbE?The owner e n h r? linn hy I JJSt^.' t roprrty and psyiug cxpences. Apply at 70 LL?l.v ?rcer*frrrt. al.'i n*r I bhoadway baths. DNICKS DEDUCED?*iog!e Baih* 'I cent*; twenty-five 1 tieke ti fm $V?Hot, c >lu. ?aior, sulphur, ileiwcr. medi at?d and aromatic b uhs, ready from sun-'?e until It i'cl icb, ? M H. DIIKKLL, a'5 6tis*r MO Broadway. niJTCIl HERRINGS.?I'O ktiti superior Dutch Herrings t-' for nalr in Iota to tint purchiti r?, at $1 prr kcir. A|i|i|y oil wardship Manhattan, Pier No. 3 North itiver. al.'i it* re rNAOUEHREOTYPE ? L. B BINS9E & to. Iiilorm Le I hoto/riphifts that ihcv hav removed from their old stand No 31 waMtn lam, to No |i Wilnut street, aomliwatewler of Maiden lane, on the fd (loot. Tn.y fare en hand at pr-ieDt a complete assortment of plate*, chetnicala and Irpses, illofeicelle t quality, to which they respectfully invi'.e the ol operator*. Article* are in every iii?t*iice warranted. Tneir chrm cili are from the lahor.itorie* of thfir*r rhrm-a'i in Pnrif, end their plate* specially ? lect-d y their pqitucr the c reaidma, hear their initial* and are In'ly warranted to ?-ve the proportion of silver, which is ?tani,ied apt,n them. Any peiaons who hive their ilou'iti on the *uV.leet. "to rquested to hare th -m relayed ifU la*i ( I!.' I TON BATH-WM. MaDDR.N tetpoetfiilly bm v-* leire to apprise his friends an.I Ihepnb'ic, th t lie las opened a Bit1 me Houa*, at tl.o Notthcat corner of K st Broi'lwiy in . Catharine ?r ert,?It cc mi use* fourteen looms rot Wurtn or Cold and Vapor Bath*, winch adjoin an *irv ipicious sitting room, framing on East Broad war. furnished mi1 ornamented oth* r.?-1 of Dm luarima alt 3f fi- n r UTIAW GOODS?L. BENNETT, laipcitcr and Mtai* a f.clrtrer, respectfully iuf Tina hi< cm-omen that he has rpei ed for 'lie season with a splendid assorttm at ef ladies' "ashionab e Straw Goodi, vi/.?Fancy Srliell and Imperial, of lie most superior quality, Prince Alhert. Orb Mat and French Luce Rata, of various pattern!; white Siberian Hair, Whalei me, Amazon, French Dunstable, i'aliaL, Rutland. Tuscan Bonce's, Ac He also his the pli-a?ure of iufonning the 11 'iei that he has nsi received a beantifnl nrw shaie, the Orleans tl'psev, one if th. moat hcroining (attrrn* that haa erer heeu introduced nto this marki t. N. B ? I he store wi'l he removed from SI John street, on the irst of May nut, to 21 John t'reet. alt Im rc NOTU'F. VfKSSItS. HARNDEN kl'll. haee -b.po.ed of their Phil* Lvi Celpl.ii F.ipre**, to Mesir*. HATCH A CO., who will tot.ticne the bu inesi, and to whom the* woo'd rrcommrnd .heir former patrom, HARNDEN U CO. all 21 r ArviWAL? Via II KIDD, by particular requett will deliver two more l.,ec urea on ill ' vrrv i npor* ut atilut i in Conceit HtU, iu Friday and Saturday Kvriiinn, April 14 li a nil ilih. The * crimelita will bo n>-w and h ahly inli ri sln.if. Ticket* of A-inmioti tfi< cent*. Doora open at 1 and t? co i.incnce at 7W o'clock. nil 2f,rr> Ah K \ V CIKTLlfiMkN "I itriidy h'bita rati be accommoil?t?d with (food boird mid pleas>nt room. in a private farmV, at 204 Fnltfuatreet. Al.o, a few (Jay boaders cin bo acc< innmlated on the most reaa&n tide term. A parlor and bedroom o let, with or without board bJ ec oiTlLD Kt) iTTk' (To LIJ LKAb'?D.ntn'i Koil $26 01 J 07., warranted iq" il to any in the city. AI?o irddl.-af 16/0 per i k full tite, iucliei, for citah, it lint manufactory, IS Keade itreet. J. L. WAUUH. aid lwi??ec i PAPER HANGINGS. txr j? O. CUKTI8, No. It Maioen Lane, have received v" -tin ir new i atlems i f i'ai er Hansings of every quality and i t lower prieeaihan ever be'ore offered. The attention if th- trade and nfc mi try merrluuntv ii rent ated to our asaortment. LtmllorJa and other, wanting r< ntn< air ed. eau h?ve ihi ir work done by the bi at workmen and va'nDled, ou the ni"?t r?aaon?bl" ierin? WINDOW HIIAUKS. \ We have alio received a latao astortment of trtui|iareat tainted window aliad-a.i fevery variety and price. , A'io ehintitea and linena for rhidea, .hade trio mings, Ste. 11AIK MATT11E9SIL8. We have constantly on hand pore curled hair mittieiiei, of !T;tf '"! f..,h , bedi. and ev, rv article in the . leridinr line ' " ' " Kaimlira about toil a to honiekeapirg, ctn procure a fi it t *i e arncle at the mm' p nioti h < pticei. ( Hlen .ihnaii and v ela rnr"-ah?I a' the thorte.t notice U' HO I 8TKRV ARTICLKS. We hare alio on hard erery artole in the l/pholaterv bnai. c??, cou.Hiint in ran of ? tin and worked dam iaki nf all :?lor?; m rerna, furniture chintz, tilt ornament!, pole!, mnri inlpit trimmiim?, frlngei, bimliiui, eoida, ti.iele &e kr w. it <?. ruHfis. "I2 if" ? r , Jt Ma,din Lane -JOLLKI: r/()NH on all parti ol the L ruled State. mad?i^ the moit farnnble teimi, by ~ 'n * u WMI, nud 1)0 Broadway, AUCTION SALEb. TIJOMAM BKI.I. Auctioneer. BY BICLL k HOWAHD. < Biers J Afe*. 33 Jinn hi4 113 fnltonitr?ti SATURDAY. Ktlecaire sale ot furiii'ure of (II descriptions, te the sales rooms. AI?o, the entire handsome furniture of three families giving up lie iiirkeeping; removed for convenience of sale. .. MONDAY, Anrtl IT. At I0)f o'clock at Ifl Mott street. Hnle o( eentrel furniture and splendid paintings, the property of in atnit?ur Tl e Parlor V'uruitnte it handsome?there is a superb sifteeo on ,>1')i:",i"n,ne k'd room furniture, kitnheu n'ensils, Ac. 1... i Lin Mini in-Kerns, anu ?acn ai are raraiv iiibi wim At 12 o'clofk in the ulti room, nr.mediately after the sale in Moot tr. eta Large Hale of PpUndiil second hand and new Piano Fortes? Will be mid bv riialouue ami without reaerve, 13 aurerb urw aud second bird Piano Kortei, by the brat makers in the world. Some take wi li them the guarantee. TUKSDAY. 18th, At 10 o'clock, at 98 Liberty at. Large Sale ol Kaini'Ure?Will he ao'd ihe entire furritnre of the abore four story house, now orcup'. d as a genteel boarding lions e, cumi r.siug 23 rooms, parlors, drawing rooms, kitchen nteusils. Ike Cnmpiising Brussels, ingrain anj other carpets, English oil cloth, pianotoite, a tine seraphim sofa, -<fab..l, Dm k ease, pier and centre tallies, all kinds of parlor and drawing room iaruituro. looking glasses, and curtain i. The bedroom furniture is nf the best quality. The bedding and table lineu will lie sold iu the Uairmeiil, and all will he handsomely arrange.) m time. Almost e icry artiale in the Jioutekecpiug line will here be found. WKDNK9DAY, April 1#. At I0X o'clock, corner nf Oliver and Madiaon au. Fxtensive Sale of Furniture?Th.s en'iro stock of a furniture dealer, comprising a rnirml and valuable variety. THURSDAY, Arril 2? At I'H o'clock, at MtC'iff?t. F'isnitare Sale?Th j nit ire furpilur e ol the above honae. A~ CAItD-S. rHiLlilPo, Auctioneer, respectfully informs the public the' he liua made Ins usual ellicient arrangcrnenls to attend personally to ont door sales of Vnrnituro in any pail of the city. Families breaking up housekeeping, bv leaving their orders at ibe store ol Messrs. Swilt Ik Hiirlhnt, pj W ter St 'I el, will lie immol I at el v alt tided to. '.It It* r AUCTION N' >TI<' K? Fine Marine Hi-lls. D.ihin Roots Ike.?A LKVY will sell on Monday morning at II o'rlork, at IM Broadway, shoot 80 to 100 lots tine Marine Shrlls, selected by a competent judge. Also, large whole roots of Tuberoses, Illadiolnsses. llusssll's premium and Lemon varieties of Dili i i roots. Ainnugtl them are the Mild Of Ball", .'ones' Frnneis, CorqutrorOf tne W.irlil Sr.isti CI,sals, mil, Sf. ?11 I Al-io, imported G'upe Vines, Currant Bushes, Hnni",sufklea, Sugar Beer Seed, Sic Sir And on Tuesday morning, a large lot of KruitTrees, juit received from Skirviug's Nursery, Liverpool. Particulars hereafter. ap15 2i*rc SPLENDID Chines* A/.ileas, <'actus, and i titer'line Parlor I'lnuta, for sale low for carli, at the large Conservatory, 57i Broai<way. Those wishing to purchase, will please call aud esMoitie for thetmelveg. apla :i *t NIHLO Si DUNLAP. 'PHK NK.W YORK LEGAL OBSERVER.?'V< I. 7 No I. k ?Containing?I'ses nd Tiuate, Kcclting Trusts, Law of Cariiers, Practical Points; Circuit Court?United States v Jackson; 'ndirttren for grand larcn y on the h gli s?a<; Juris, die'ion. U. M. District Court?Home and Camming v the schooner Lexington; Dreacu ot Con'ract; Obligation to deliver t 'aruo. Common Pie is?Morris v Ten Eyek; Verdici; Kvi deuce; English C"<es in Common Piers. V. (J. Knight Bruce's Court.and V. C. Wigram'sCourt; Miscellaneous Sir. Terms?One shilling a copy or SI rer annum, in .'tivauce. SAMUEL OWEN, Editor and Proprietor. Just published, vol I of this work, price $1. allowance to hoolnellers. Terms Cash. a14 lt*r BILLS OK EXCHANGE, par able at sight, ou all parts of Euglrod, Ir. Itnd aud Scollattd in autns ot ?'>, .CIO, .CI5,?'-'0 to any anrwuut, for sale by S. J. SYLVESTER, aid titr 22 W?ll street ana I-tQ Broadway. TTNcUKHEINT M"NEY?Of all kinds, botigut and sold? Foreign gold and silver wanted at ?. J. SYLVESTER'S, a'5 G'r ^ 21^ Wall-tr-er, and 130 B o.rdway. heaTis of hair. AC. BARRY, Artist in Iliir, front London.?The real Heads of Hair Still Stand preeminent above all others. Their Peculiar light, gossamer and vru'llatilrg character?their beivg shaped exactly as the natural hair grows?their claat'city mid their superior mnteri il and workmanship, as well as their stale of fni'sh and arrange mult, all combine lo fnnn such perfect heads of hair, that they must be seen to be fully appreciate!!. A new system r.f the art of Wig Making '.unlit in five lessons See a specimen of Barry's Wigs and scalns. which will satisfy the most fastidious that ) e is the best and cheapest ma ker in the city?146 Broadway, corner of Liberty at. up stairs. 12 hvis?m BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. rPHE subicriber l> gs leave to inform his fii rids and the pub -I- lie, that lie has taken the xbeve well known honie, winch has been thoroughly repaired and painted in the best manner, newly furnished thioughout, an I will be open d on the first of M'vneir. The I r use is delightfully situated immediately opposite the stear.iboat landin". nnJ from its cunma-ds a view fx'ending up ike Kills and ovor the h-iy and harbour of New York. To tlnade esirous ?f a |deaaatit residence during the rummer months, possessing the advantages of line salt watet bathieg, together with bvsutiful drives anJ walks, and conve nieiit recess to the city every two hours by steam, the Belmont House offers inrlucenients unsurpassed by any other en the Island. and the subscriber trusts that his former efforts to give satisfact'on as proprietor of the Pivilion, with hi* renewed dctein,iualion to spare do pains to render hi* houie agreeable, will ensure him the continuation of a psitiou of the patronage he ha* heretofore been favored with. OEORGF. PIKR1H, Nrw PniiiHTON. April 12. 1611 an ?3i?tfr OH?ATUIN(l PAPER?20 bale* ot very superior quality C suitable for root* of house* and shins bottoms, lor sale by mil) K COLLINS ii CO 'g; H, nth ?t: fiOk FOR ALBANY. THOY, and Intermediate Ci Place*?The splendid low pr'siure steamboat 3L?Jh?WALLOW, Captain McLean, will leave the foot ol t outtlandt strett tliia Saturday afirrnoon, April I5t'<. at J o'clock. Tr.e i* a substantial boat, f.tted up with < t State Rooms, and for accommodation is unrivalled on the Hudson, ilk .E Y&V.3 ?..WS&ft,, 71 JL>^S??.A VlKRICA, Cart. Ol. H. Truesdell, leaves to> pur lid n< c i the foot of Coiirilandt and Liberty streets on Saturdiy evening, April IS, at 6 o'clock, kor paaiage or freight, e| p y to P. C. Sliulti, at the office on the wharf, or on boa d N. B,?Ml kinds ol piorerty taken only at the risk of the owners thereof. a!5r BLACK BAI.L, or Old Line of LIVERPOOL hyf TV Pickets.? Packet of 18th ol April.?The JHMflEBrine fast so if i ust packet ship NEW YORK, burthen W5fl teas, Capt Thomas B. Cropper, will sail positively as above, h?r regular day. The accommodations of this magnificent packet, in cabin, 2d cabin and tei'ratte, will on inspection he louinl unequalled br any vessel afloat. Those returning to the Old Country will lird it to their comlort ami advantage to select this conveyance, and as a number of her beiths arc already engaged, persons wishing passage, should make early application ou board, foot ol Beekmau street, or to the subscriber*. ROCHE BROTHERS A CO., 25 Fulton st, next door- to the Fulton Btuk. r. 9. The Cambridge soils Irom Liverpool nntlie 1st of May, ?those sendiug lor their friends, can have them brought out in her^ or in ay of the Packets of this magnificent Line, which sail from there punctn illy on the 7tH and 19lh of each month. Drafts on the Royal B*nlt of Ireland, and on Messrs. Prescott (Jrote, AiiW'S A to. hauke^, Loudon, which will he (>.nd free ol discount or any charge, in every towa throughout England, lrcl-nd, Scotlan i and Wales. For pissaur, (kc , apply as abave. altr HAP. FOR LONDON?Packet of 2tlth An-il?The surior and well known packet ship WESTMINdMdbflhaSTKK, Atvvoo.r, Moore, master, will sail as above, her regular da v. Can liamlaoinely accommodate a few more cahin.a-cnnd c rbin anil steerage passengers, if early apolirntinn is rraite on hoard the ship or to JOHN HKHD.M AN, 61 Mouth sr. N. B ?Passage from London or Liverpool, can at alt times be engaged by the regular packets, ami ilraf* furnish d for any ainn'iot. payable tlironghi ut the United Kingdom, by applying as above. altr SOUND PILOT. OWEN rUESCOTT, Pilot, takes chai*e as master of vessels bound to New Bedford, Nantucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck, and otiikr mrti fait oi Now k ork. Office at Ktye St Shaw's, 'iJI Water stieet, corner Beekman. KefereDcr to a number of Merchant', and the sevenl Insurance Cumpaui't is ttrs city, B utnn, and Portland. alt tnnt'r 4LHI k O!v LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular teJT/rW Pnrket of 25th April.?The Splendid racket Ship jKhA.'w^IBDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, of 10-U tout, will positively tail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unruualled for si lenoor or Comfort, apply on board, at Orleaus wharf. f??ot of Wall str?et, or to E. k. COLLINS (k CO. 54 South atreet. Price oi imsiitge, flOu. 1 re Packet '. hip Sheridan, Capt. A. Depevatcr, of IIMIU tons, will anccerd the Siddona, aud tail the 25th ofMay, her regular day. L. tters for the ?liip? of thia line will only be received at Gilpin's and Ha!?'? Newt ltooin. Fassengcrs may r.! y on the ?hip? ofthia liue sailing punctual y at adv.- rtis.-d aTc ?|jh NEW LINK PACKKTS IOR LIVERfOO leak jR*V Packet ID n Aoril?The rp.erd'd, new parget thip wWafcaaBni LIVEHl'OOL, 12 0 tons burthen. Captain John El ridge, will he despatched on Itth April, her regular day This m.guitleent ship is the large, t ever built in this ci'Vher cabin ia e e(antIy furnished?her between >1 eltt -re lofty, well ligl.ted throughout, and with several other improvemrnii m.i'tea her I e rami desirable conveyance for acciiud cabin and ateeragc passe users of any other ship. Per on*ahont f? visit the old country, are particn'arly iuvitrd to examine the accotnnioditioiit ot tni* *upeib ahip, and those wishing to seen e berth? shoal I not fsilti Inake ei ly apnlica'i .n in prevent ilisippoit tmi utj, at a limped nnrnhrr only will be taken Kor passage, a ply OU hoard foot Bnrlmy Slip, (weat aide,) or to W. 8t J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Perk Blip tor Soutint. T'.ie Liverprol Will tail from Liverpool on the 5th June Peracia aa nhirg to tend for the ir friendt ran have ih-in brought out in her, or other firat class ships sailing weekly, on favorable le?ma. Drain for any amonnt. payable on demand without disConnt, iu all the prineuial towns of Kuglaiid, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, constantly for arle as above. *1 lie Packet slip Siddona will aucceed the Liverpool, and tad on the 25th April. a n tr Bfit FOR TitI ErsT K? The aui enor slop SCO I'LA * D KrJraV' "P to bo pr inpily drapati bed K< r freight JKakaNha'ir lor passage, liasiug h.uul.ome acrouunodalions, apply to G T. THIMBLK. ?r Ira a!3ec BOYD Sc HINCKEN, Brokera Jut**- Kt??t M..VV it'll, . \NS- O'.ISIANA AND ttJ9WNKW YOHK LINE?Po-itively hirst Krgu'ar APBdMaiPacket?To sail the 20th April. i tie sailing packet ship iii:.i i 5VILLP.,i sp t? h moiii ford, mill positively sail as ab-ve, her regular day. Kor fremiti or ruurt, hr.viii- handsome famished eri nmmodatioiu, apply oa board, .11 Orleans wbarf, foot <>< Wall si. or to K. K COI.LIMi k CO. St floolh si. Hlsippers mayrely upon luring their goods correctly ineaanreJ. nud that the slops of this Fine will anil puuetually as a?rerlis'il. Auy itu.niuiee to thai effect will bo given aa-l lolfilled thai may be rega-red. Ajiruta in N. Orleans, Hnllin 4t Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. TV P?ehet ship, Captain Pert, will succeed the Honfsviile. sod ??ii *b* sn-b An'il i-sr rsfniai day. altr t, cok JAITKSON ViLCr, A>U TOLA KA, h.ajt hioridi?I'he hoe copper fas'enrd schooner HsMh I'M I KOL.I oj t as 11 Wallace, will Mil on Matntdiv " i tin Iinjt ?:?(? accommodations for eihin and atreriie paaaengera. kor further p.mtcu'nr. amdy nn hoard at the foot of Moa*Tell afreet, or to ?. KNOWLtl 8c SON, _ !!iLL 9_Wa?hineton atreet 1 CHttAP?'8h? apleodid aloop yacht 1* "V h' AOLK, :tit fert Im g, |l){ h-am, SH deep, com ?i i iMMflKai with centre bn*rtl and a complete lurrntorv A'rat ra e hoiaewould be taken in pan payment. Ifor rai licula'a aptly to N. COBB, Bloomoiadalo. w'ere the ya h J can feeaeaii, at to JAMKH hAKNHAM. 18 Iw <e B.l'i lilH' M.itmoti IfniHe, Bloiim'i tfi'ale. I B V Ht > K W A N T li. I) ?< >n, in [ven Huge* wanted, WKjfTV that will carry from I to !be tona, for which count'? <MA4Ki or good improird city property will he rich angeil. The bo ita inuat be aound and in peifect order. Addreaa a line " Barge," to this office, Stating age and full particulars, which will be regularlv altendeil 10. mJO IW*? PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. _ rpiIKBK far-lamed and celebrated Pills, ',"'l * we pareeiTt, to be oblaiued in thia coantrrel9ea4ad?arli>#| MM on,the last eoiamb, loartn page. - ** >< 1 AMUSEMENTS. IMKK TIIKATKB. THU KVKNINO. will he reform--*. inf.W YOHK VIKUl HAVT & HIS* CLERK*. Huish Rrambl.r, Barry | Kit Clambake, Placide Edith Mobray, Miaa Baloid .. Aflar which Mm Jnlu Tom hull and Mix Walter* will aprear in THK PAS RTYRIBN. T conclude with, ... ,, , , PARIS 81 I.ON PON. Vlicnoiint Volatll, Mr B.rry I |.,dv Volatil, Ml* H Hint _Hrc?ea. V) ct?; Plt,W eta; Gallery |tt< rta Cfl ATM AM~Tlilt jPfiTIt; t/" I l,n* Altered?In future thedoon will open at a quarter helore 7o'clock, anil tlic cur am will run at hail Mat 7. Prtcra of A dmiaainn?Tlrr.a Circle ',n out.- Second and Third Tiera 77*; Pit r ; Gtllarv i^onla. THIS EVE N V.) will I,a performed RICHARD III Richard, Korreat | King Henry, ' Harmon Queen Elixabeth. MiaaClifion To conclude with WARLOCK OK THK OLKN. MiTCRiCUi'l OLVMPIC'lIltAllih. ~ 444 Broadway. Now York. B'netit of Mr. Baker. THIS EVENING. W'll he aerfcymedi BEAUTY AND THK BEAST. After which, AMY LICK. To eonelndc with PRETTY SINS AND PRETTY SINNERS. ITT" In* Doom will la opened at 7, ua in* ?? oiaaacae commence at half-neat 7. erery eyentn*. AWKKICAN TIIKATl'.K? WALBL/T-BT. PII1L.AUKL.HHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C. CU8HMAN THIS EVENING Aptil 15. will be perferaMd CHIDE Ok ABYD0S. Selitn, Mr Booth. To conclud* with SMUGGLER OK BOOTLE BAY. Dick Darea'l, Mr Wood E. A. MARSHALL Le?*ee AIIBRICAN SIURKI'B, Marble Baildins, corner ol Uronilway und Annttreef, P T ItAHNUM. Manager. UN EQUALLED SUCCESS O" miss mary darling, Mita Dirlimt i* a pupil ol HBRR nEKHONG, Alao euuaged, Maatrr J. T. Hceil, known ?* Dan,.I Lan.nert Jr. the GIANT BOY. Who it tut 11 veara old. it 'f 2in hlirh. and weiadi* mnnH. | CHANO-hONG, The celebrated Chinese Juggler. ! GRAND SCENE OF ENCHANTMENT BV MISS MAIIY DABLfNO. ELECTRO GALVANISM. Just added to the Museum two powerful Electro Oil van c Batteries. PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Professor attends daily and'gires practical Ei] aminationa and ChartJ, Development! and CnaracMr at a tn King extra charge. Fanev Olaaa Blowing. GRAND COSMORA.MA?ALBINO LADY. Day Performance* every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock. A iltrittj.'n to all U cents?t'hllfiren half price ?2 PKALK'M "IKW VOHK nimWtHI NATIONAL rOKTHAlT AND PICTURE GALLERY IS NOW RK-OrKNED ! C. H DEVOE. Manager. LAST WF.F.K OF THE TOTAL OF CHRIST Tha sntablashinent contains an alinnat endleaa nuuioer of RARE AND CURIOUS WQRHB OF NATURE AND ART' COSTLY & ELEGANT GAI.I.KRv OF PORTRAITS THE TRIAL OF CHRIST! Thi* imposing aecne i? not renieaented Iit a painting bat by GROUP OF TWENTY THREE FIGURES. In addition to the ?l?>ve, the Manager hasengaaett (be .MYSTERIOUS AND AHTONIPHfNa GIPSY WOMAN. F-om England. FORTUNE TELLER! ITT" Admission to the Museum. Zbnents; Children half pnee An extra charge of I2H centa to those who consult the Gipsy Woman. for SOIREE POSTPONE ?. PPHF. Soiree hy Pro'raaor Greenlnnk and M*. Hus*rll which 1 >? as to have taken plac. a at the Tabernacle l?at evening,waa postponed to thia evening (Saturday) at half-post aeren. Tickets f it centa?at the do. r ali If re UAi A NIGHT?PARK THEATRE". A CARD?The or and popular Virrinia Minatrela, conaia ing of Maaari. Emmit. Pi Ibam, Broweraml Whitlock, moat reap-rtfnlly aav thai 'her intend making th? ir l?at appearenep in Ame ica on Minds* Kvenn g n?xt, previous to their departure fur Furore, where lh?y visit 'or the purpose of performing tliei Qaend Ethiopian Concert in London. L:verpool. Dublin and Paria. On 'he occasion of their Far-will Benefit, thev will givn the wh ile of iheir rhaite anil elegant Krhinpean Songa, If frame, Chnurei and Dances^ all n?r GRAND! OMPl I VI EN T A I n ( ONI ERT of V.i? .?l and Iiis((imental Muaic to JOHN ANDERSON - John Anili raon t?apectfnllv intimates that a nntimer of hit old frienda have proffered to him a Complimentary Cnnaert, which will take plan.- at the Apollo Concert Saloon, N'o. tin Broadway, en Friday Evening, April 2lat, lBtl. He has the honor to announce ihttnn thia occasion lie will ba ? si*ted bv the MISSES CUMMINO, Whoae rtecutton ofilie Scottish Duet, (a Melodv rcceutly tiitrodoccd by them with groat success) has elicited the warmest ap. rohation hv crowded assemblies. MR. CI.IREHUGH, The Scotti h National Melodist, haviig nlao in tha kindest manner aro'nnraered hia valeab'e aid, aatiated by Mr. AUSTIN PHILI IPS. Mr. A. J a MIB"ON. Mr. HOFFMAN Mr. HOSIER. Mr. KYLE Mr. N. R. F.UBEV. And several Amateurj,forming a gtl'iy of t tleut seldom offered tn the |uhlir. T7"Door? onen at 7 o'clock; Concert to commence at < o'clock precisely. I(T^Tickers JO centi?To le had at the principal music a'orea; Mr. V. Clirchtigh, No. JOJ Broadway, ard Mr. P. W.Milne-, 17 Centre street. Also, at the Conceit Room. ?H If re MH. HENRY KUH8KLL respectfully announces that his I .lit Vocal Ent'r aionunf will take pla e 011 Tuesday ? xw.i, vl.v- 'til. Aj i'l, (tillo'll OJtMUl, V/DIII^ IV hit last appearance f?r the season, on wiiicli occasion he will have the honor of presenting to the public a selection of hia moat porulnr compositions. I?'r T'Cketa 50 eenta, to be obtained at the Music Ptares of Jas. L. Hewitt It Co , and Mr. Atwill's. Concert to commence at 0 o'cl 'eh. alt 3t*re SIN GIN or TMADAM SUTTON, having arranged to i etmn to Italy the I'l- beginning of Atignat, pnrpns'arereiying pupils nntil that time,to give finishing lessons in the Italian, Ki nch. and English styleV.f Singing Her method is that pursued t y Bordogui and Vacrai, the first masters in Europe, increasing the strength and compass with astonishing rapidity. Her po|ilawill hare the advantage of her singing with them, which ran be punned by masters alone, who have been eminent son. ere. Ladies desirous of avaihng themselves of Madam Hull' n's limited stay, may ascertain terms, Ac., by application at 77 Chambers afeet, from 0 o'elork till 2 mSetm*r SOIREES MUSICALE"- ?\Ve recommend ih ae win ifeaire to p?ss an agreeaa'e evening, to go lo flNTEUX'9 Cafe dea Mil'e Colonnes Baloan, 307 Broad v. ay, to-night?appearance of ilrer new Tyrolaan Binges. alleod 1t*r J. P. CARROLL'S OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS. ARE well known to he ?sientially necessary at this season rf the year, when the vy-tr m rt iniret fin annliars >o throw off the cntic:e acruinnUteil during winter, and which, tiy rema ning on the tarftceof the skin, prod^ices cutaneous diseases, colas, rheumatism, scarlet fever, Ae. Ae. They are iu ojrentiori. at 2i Ciutlrinll street, from I o'clock in the morning till 1 n'clrrk at ni/hr. Sn'phnr Baths -eqniie one hour's notice. Port ihle Vap?n> Baths vents to any part of the city, or Bro' klvri. 11 thing Tnhi anil Hie Bi'hv for hi-e. all 6tiar yTJURO MEN nut ill employment would do well to * qualify themselves ?s Hook-Keepers at Van Norden's Writing and Honk-Keening Acnd-mv, 281 Broadway, second floor, aa Mr. V.'s pupils generaliy ohtain good aitnations as acconnranls, through the iiilluence ol his j atronr. Mr. V.'a course in bonk-kreping is strictly practical, as no author's work is copied in his selionl. and he endeavors to impress upon the minds of hit pupil* hy familiar illustrations, I hat the science of accounts is founded in common sense. Course of inttrue'ioo, Wholesale, Itelsil, Commission, Etching., and Compound Co. Specula'ion Accounts. Van Norden's system of splendid business pinmsnshipimP'rted to all in an iiitrsiiible short apace of time Terms eitremely moderate. Day and evening claa'es, 281 Broadway, ai 2wiv*in WATCHES AND JKWK 1.1.KRY-lower than ever-As the snhicriher is copetantly receiving all deaeriptiona of gold and silver watches, of the n< west styles, direct from the mauni-cinrerv, in p.ngianil, Fiance, and Switzerland, he i* enabled to offer a larger auortmeut, and at mneh leas price*, at irtail, than any other hnoa* in the city. Oold watches a* low a* $15 each. Watches and jewellery eschanged or bought. All watchea warranted to Ueep good time, or th* money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the D#*t manner, and warranted lower than any other place in th# city. O, C. Allen, imrmrter of wurlies and lewellary, whole sale anil retail W Wall aireet npsrhrt. a'2-1m ttu'm SELLING OFF CARPETINGS FOR~CASH AND STORK TO LET BRUSSELS, THREE PLY AND INGRAIN CARPETINO FOR CASH. THE PUBLIC hk*e lire" so o'teii .sle.l ' y advertisements, that it it scarcely possible 10 iliac ire inate thoas which deserve tl eir notr e In this instance all t le ctrreii, kit., adrerUsed, will be Innndin our Ware Rooms, at 440 Petri street K xliali thiee lbread Brussels, of the choicest pattens, I2?. Imperial three pi;r rarpetipga, 0* to 10s Sen chad Emr'iah Brtiaarla, seeord ijna'ily, Otto 10a Donbl# Superfine Ingram Carpetinrs. 70 to |0c Superfine Ingrains good qnility, 5s to 6s Choicest patterns, egtra prices, gro.l article, 4a to 5s llsavy, all wool, Irgrtin*. ]s Sd to 4t I arge assortment Oh Clotha, choice patterns, t># to a* O I Clothl, from 3 to ft feet wide, 4s to 5s Alto,a large assortment atair c<rpetinga, tnithngs, table and piano covert atairrodt. tuftrd.Brttarelt an 'Wilton rugt.apLudia tiaor'men* of tran>ptrent thadea, from $! to $15 a pair Tl> LE 'I'?'The la-ge attl ataeionsaior* No. 140 Pearl street, now occupied as a ca'tet store, potsctsirn given l?t Inly nest. B. T. YOUNG k CO , a!2 6t it?m No t40 Pearl street. HU NTEK1AN DISPENSARY. J D ria ion itreer, cstahlishrd in 1035. fur the tale of th* limnii Hooter's Red Drrp, now known fi r trs nnpar-tlleled cures s'l oyer the United States end Europe, in diseases of a prir*te nature, that i..? k-itt-.. .i? -a-.;.: i.iv" nothing of the hundred* of dec'ors that start up nn?hrooma ill oeer the e< nn'ty Price fl i?er rial, warranted in all rasri. ,Ni> other place in thu city or Stale ran the true article he obtained. This medicine canzot he ohtaitie d in Host >n. Mass , alihcuitlwi counterfort iiipiead all OTerthatcity "'either ran it be obtained in Alb thy ot Buffalo, N.Y , or ht'leeton s C. arli lt*r KELLY'S DOUBLE EXTRACT OK SARSAPAR1LL \ CANDY?Gtief, great anairtiea of miml, much witching, fear, bail food, intemperance, retidrnce pear mrrehr laud, tend in a eery powerful degree to promote impurt'v of the i blood, which loon showe ilaelf in eryitpelas, cotisumi iiod. erii leptic An, apoplrxy, renrry, freer ami ague, derangement of I the itomach and bowela, all which will noon be remoerd he purifying the blood with Kelly's Double Kilracl of Warieperilla Candy. Sold in parka*? of twenty-fire cenri earh, or (ire lor one dollar. To be Tad at J W. Kelly'. Uoibam CoDfjctieoary. m Bioadwav, Vow Yo k al1?is?r THE NEW YORK ? , , MEDICAL AND SUROfCAL INSTITUTE. vrt 7^ rh.imber* nr^^t, ESTABLISHED TO RKS^ii|TAi/ !?| hind C. KD iouoiI and Scicntide Medioal Aid. All kind of di* will be treated, and .urgiMl H-erntious ol every descrtp L.Vi.,,m. .l IB the most earefnl and scientific manner. One ofthefirstoeoolisf. iu the city will attend to the treatment of all diseaars of the eye and ear. Pari rnla-attention is paid to the treatincnr III all female complain a. Vera- great success h?. attended'he ireainn ut of diseases of the skin. Patiente whedrsne it will be at th. ir houses. Those wbo.e I -neanaare funitau wi" <"?V ?e re,|uireo to pay tor their mediI ciura. Three ?r four rnotna are provided for private eonanlu I tiou. The drug d*|inrirmnt ib a'tended by an apothecary of I creat eaierience, and a I our medtcitiea may he rel,ed on aa ruir and genuine. Cup;ma and leech ing will be done at Che ahortcat notice. Open day aid mght. DR. BOSTWlCK, Attending Phyaician and Hnrgeon, 75 (ihaniben at. Id honae wcat of Broadway fhia inatitntion ia under the patronage ami commendation c the following gentlemen HKV. DR. KD. Y. HK'BKE. KIEV. OK. W (5. KKV. DR. <??' <>. roTTS. nil lmia/ec RKV.' OR. BCHHOKD i? i LJt

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