Newspaper of The New York Herald, 17 Nisan 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 17 Nisan 1843 Page 2
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NEW YORK HEJiALI ' %f?v lork, !Oiiiiila)'< April 17, IH43, . i <.1(1 Literary Drpot. AH the new nn.1 chrnp literary pnl lications oi the day re for rale, wholesale anJ retail, at the Hkrald Officii, north went romer of Xas?nu anil Fulton street. Ml! WMM ANB nknaMRT QuMTION. W( , h ; ihr intention of the American public to our r< -rf of ihc deeply interesting proceedings which t ok place at the rooms of the Historical Society, on Saturday evening las', relative to the innp recently discovered among the papers of the late Peter A. Jay, Esq., throwing a flood oflight on the Boundary Question. The discovery of this map explodes all the fanciful theory of the supposed Franklin map brought to light by Mr. Jared Sparks, on the authority of which British journals have accused the I'nited States Government of unfairness * and dishonorable conduct in the recent negotiations. By this discovery we are enabled to cast back the imputation with contempt upon the British writers and British journalists. The eloquent sneech of Mr. Webster is a reply most conclusive. In fact and in truth, instead of dishonor on the part of our Government towards the British, there is a much stronger appearance of giving in to the assumptions and claims, without foundation, made by Lord Ashburton. It is evident now, from this curious development, that in the treaty of Washington, the United States Government clearly gave up their undoubted right and title to a huge portion of the territory in question, without receiving any equivalent. Rend Mr. Webster's speech, and then deC111e. As the InrtQ nnu-* 111 m r* id mm li more reason lor the American people to be dissatisfied with their own Government, than for the British Government or the British press to cast any imputations ol bad faith upon the authorities of this country in the Ashbutton negotiation. PoLrriCAt. Sions and Movkmevis.?Mr. Ritchie of the Riclimond Enquirer, asks the reason, why the resolution, offered hv Frank Waddell at Tammany Hall in favor of holding the National Convention in May, 1844, by the district per capita e ?fltem, was suppressed in certain papers here Tt" "Evening Post" and "Plebeian" can tell? if they do not, we can. That resolution was approved by a portion of the meeting.?the larger portion, however, saying nothing. It was withheld from publication by the Chairman,'Stephen Allen and the committee, because they did not conceive it appropriate for the occasion to have been offered. Those who oflered and supported it, were the friends of Mr. Calhoun, but the friends of Mr. Van Burea insist that they are the most numerous in this latitude. We learn further thnt the legislature before their adjournment this week, will issue an address and resolutions.developing the position of the "democracie of York" in relation to the next Presidency?and it is probable that they will recommend to this State the old time and mode *>f organizing the National Convention?at Baltimore in December next?Mr. Vanx n.,w^ *! - _ ? II . - Mcmuunit-. xnis win oeconrtrmea i by a meeting at Tammany Hall, and the line ofdi- ] vision made between the houses of York and Caro- ( Una?Lindenwold and Pendleton. Great changes are taking place elsewhere. We t see that in Philadelphia the wh ig papers are beginning to abandon Mr. Clay and a Bank, and to look ' towards Calhonn and free trade. In this city there is a warm feeling for Mr. Calhoun among a small portion, but the bulk of the " democracie" is unquestionably for Van Ruren first, and Mr. Calhoun afterwards. It is best to tell the truth, and to let Mr. Calhoun know the exact state of things here.? The Hon. lb H. Lewis at Washington has exulted very much at Frank Waddell's Tammany resolution, and thinks that, like a clap of thunder in aclear sky, Mr. Calhoun can get along and make noise enough without the newspapers. He will find out his mistake by and by. That resolution was merely the premature explosion of a percussion cap?the Legislature fire off the big 40 pounder this week.? These are truths?we care not who hear them. We don't care a button for all the politicians that ever will go to the bottomless pit?we publish a genuine newspaper?price two cents?cash in advance. The Somkrs Case Revived.?The astounding fact which we recently published, that the recent court martial held on Captain Mackenzie, stood seven for proven, or guilty of murder, to fire for not pro ,.ia> >uc luiur-jim opinions or tne ca- I binet were all against Mackenzie, except Secretary Upshur, has created a great deal of sensation among the silver-pitcher people, and some of the Wall street j pupere. i The "American"' has the folly and silliness to deny ' the accuracy of the statement,because, lorsooth, the ? members are sworn to secrecy, and even it the fact , is known, it should not be belipved or published, i The members of a Court Martial, after the trial is ' ever, have a perfect right to state what their votes ! or opinions may have been?but the conduct of the American is only a piece with the usual impudence i and arrogance of those who have sought to stifle all the truths and all the facts in this lamentable cnse. In- , deed, some of these prints, not content with the sup- < pression of truth, even go so far as to do acts that ! look like forgery, or what is called in gentler phrase, i "interpolation." It is well known that the first announcement of ? the decision in McKenz'e's case was made in the a " Courier <fc Enquirer." They received it from Phi- jj ladelphia, from the same source which communi- t rated it to the "United States Gazette," which I published it on the same day in that city. In the ? " Courier's"publication, the language was "honor- j ably acquitted," which appears now to have been a , forgery or an interpolation;? ' [From the Unite<l State* Gazette.) 1 x m k. nyntB-> ? nv nmiCR in HfviTRl papnrB TPp?rt? ol the finding of the Court Martini in the care of Cotnmancl?r McKenzie, in which the term " honorably ' acquit," ha* been interpolated. The report publi*bed in our paper, which we believe to be correct, stated simply "do acquit." We notice this discrepancy, because we are of opinion that there exists this distinction:?An " horiorable acquittal" means a unanimous acquittal: an " ac- ( qnittal" may proceed from a disagreement in the Court, , and may be the verdict by a bare majority. We infer irom the terms of the finding that Commander Mckenzie has not been ' honorably" acquitted; that is, there are some ol the members of the Court in favor of his conviction. j We call now upon the " Courier tfc Enquirer" to < state whether they knowingly or ignorantly, publish- I ed this forgery or interpolation? It isof much impor- | tanc in order to understand rightly the opinion of , the Court Martial on McKenzie's conduct. In this ' cuse the diflerence is most essential, and truth should ' not be trifled with in matters of such grave impor- J tance. | Nr.w Rates of Postauk?^Cheap Literature ? Instructions were received at our Post office on Saturday Irom Washington to charge pamphlet postage on ail the cheap publications of the day, issued as extras. For the iuiure, therefore, the postage on \ the extras of the Brother Jonathan,and New.World, * will be cents a sheet. These DOblieatiaM mom t to be shut out from Canada on the first of July next This will aflect the circulation of the cheap htera- ! lure very much, and give a great advantage to ihe | cheap publications of the Harpers, Appletons, and i such 'ike booksellers, over thoteof the New World, ' and Brother Jonathan offices. The |<ostage on the weekly papers remains the same?the new regulation only affects the extras. steam suir britannia is out thirteen days this noon. She will brintwelve days later intelligence. It will be interesting frsm Kngland, in the shape of important debate* in the British Parliament on the Treaty ol Washington, which was to have been led off oa the- 21 ?t ult. hy Lord Pdlin^rston. ]( will also be interesting from China, in nhowing tli** (.roaresa ol democracy uHtnn? the Crlentialn, nnd the incrennc of bitterne?H HRmnut the outride barbariana. From other part* of the world the ewe will he worth reading, a*d that'? all. Ku?rttfn Days Later from lturoi?r?Arrival | ?? t it * uvrrUnd Mall?I pa and Uowiii of tkc Krt'iu It Ministry?State of the Map* krlt?The Comet In Europe?Earthquakes lu England?Terrible Revulsion* all over the World, Ac. dir. Ac. Another packet, the Columbus, Captain Cole, has made n quick passage from England. She arrived last night, with advices from Liverpool to the'22d till inclusive. Captain C. received a card of thanks Irom his passengers, which we shall give to-morrow He deserves it?and no mistake Lord Palnierston was lo have brought the subject I of the Ashburton treaty under the consideration of the House of Commons on the night oi the 21sl ult. We shall be curious to hear what Sir Robert Peel has to say in defence of that treaty. The motion in the French Chamber to turn out the Guizot Ministry, has completely tailed, having been rejected by a maiority of 45, and the original motion carried by a majortty of 89. The Rochester and England, hence, had arrived at Liverpool. Our accounts from Madrid are of the 12ih ult.? They are, however, destitute of importance. The Comet lias been seen in Europe. See Her schel's letter. No change in American cottons. Foreign descriptions had fallen ofl ^ a 4d. Market heavy. The Acadia arrived out on the 13th ult. The overland mail had arrived. Nothing later from China. The news from India is favorable to England. It will he seen under the head of China, that the news from that quarter was considered unfortunate in Englund. It had no bad effect on the markets, however. There had been a turn out and riot at Middleton. The turn-outs were supported by the operatives at Manchester, and other places. Shocks of earthquakes have been felt all over England. They were'quite sensibly felt at Liverpool. The Chartists'trials have ended in the conviction of Fergus O'Connor, and twenty or thirty others. No ( sentence at the last accounts. A letter dated Vienna, 4th inst, states that a serious riot had taken place ^between the students and 1 the military, in which one student was killed,!and ] several wounded. The fare by the Great Western to New York is ' reduced to thirty guineas, and one guinea steward's 1 fee; and lrom New York to one hundred dollars, ' and five dollars stewaTd'B fee. James Stevenson, a native of Scotland, has been ] taken before the Lord Mayor charged with using < threatening language respecting her Majesty and 1 Sir Robert Feel. The prisoner was given into cus- J tody in consequence of his often having stated, | during his voyage from Scotland, that he was going i to i,ondon to nave an interview with Sir Robert Peel, whom he intended to shoot. Her Majesty and Prince Albert have returned to Buckingham Palace from Claremont. The marriage of the Prince of Saxe Cobourg Gotha with the Princess Clementine of France will take place early in May. The King and Queen of the Belgians are shortly expected in Paris to assist at the marriage of , Princess Clementine of Orleans with the Prince of i Sobourg. * The celebrated Colocotroni died at Athens on t he 20th ult., of an attack of apoplexy. t The French ministry have met with a reverse. a They were lately defeated on a local question. Parliament.?Lord Monteagle moved for a c select committee to inquire into the operation of the corn law of the last session of Parliament in ( connexion with the distress which prevailed < throughout the country. I Lord Asiibcrton attributed much of the distress , of the country to the failure of the marketsof Amer- \ ica, and was glad that there were already symp- < toms of improvement manifesting themselves. i Their lordships divided, when the motion was | defeated by a majority of 200 to 78. i Mr. Gladstone, in reply to a question from Lord WoriJey, said that he did not believe nnv duty was paid on live stock imported from the United States into Canada. ' Sir R. Peel laid on the table papers relating to 1 the treaty with the United States of America. American State Debts.?The reply of the Earl of ? Aberdeen to the holders of the North American i Stocks, who have been endeavoring to enlist the . British Government in their favor, removes all hopes ! of any interference. Indeed, it is a ques'ion of i so private a nature tnat it hardly comes within the province of Government interference.?London , Globe. The American vessel Wukona has brought into i Havre the crew ol the Lotus, English vessel, Cap- t tain Shiel, bound from Charleston to Hull. The ? crew were forced to abandon her on the 25th.? i Havre Journal. j Numeroi's Arrivals?On Sunday last, the wind 1 shifted to the westward, and we have had immense rrrivals of vessels from all parts of the world. The lumber on Sunday was 37, and on Monday, 85. Of 1 hese, no less than 84 were ships laden with cotton, 1 wringing at the least 130,(KM) bales. Should the J wind continue favorable for two or three days Ionjer, it is expected thai the arrivals of cotton during < the present week will be greater than were ever < known since cotton was first imported unto Liver- i pool. The arrival of this immense amount of ship- c ping and produce will give abundant employment to all the labori'ig population for several weeks.? Liv- T trpool Courier, March 15 Great Comet?To the Editor or the Timer?Sir: I p wish to direct the attention of your astronomical readers t] lo the fact, which I think hardly admits of a doubt, of a c tometof enormous magnitude heiDg in thccou-seof its 0 TOgress through our system, and at present not far from 0 ts perihelion It* tail, for such I cannot doubt it to he, *a* conspicuously visible, both last night and the night j lefore. as a vivid luminous streak, commencing close be- ? teath the stars kappa and lambda, Leporis. and thence i tretching obliquely westwards and downwards, between g pimnsa and delta, Kridani, till lost in the vapors of the q torixon. The direction of it, prolonged on a celestial ;lobe, passes precisely through the place of the Sun in p he scliptic atthe pre.sent time, a circumstance which ap- c >ears conclusive a* to its cometic nature. As the portion ol the tail actuallg visible on Friday tvening was fully 30 degrees in length, and the head nust have been beneath the horizon, which would add at east 20 degrees to the length, it is evident that, if really a omet, it is one of first rate magnitude ; and if it lie not >ne, It is some phenomenon beyond the Earth's atmoiphere of a nature aven yet more remarkable. I nave lue nminr to iib, oir, ^ Your obedient servant, ' J. F W. HERSCHF.LL. , Colling wood, March 19. P. S.?Had there been any post last night, thia commu- , nica'ion would havn been made a day earlier. s P. M., March 19.?The tail of the comet, for auch it J mint now assuredly be, is again visible, though much ob- { rrurrd by haze, and holding very nearly the same posi- , tion! r France, s A new incident occurred in the Chamber of Deputies on the 16th ult. which it was deemed pos- ? lible might tend to restore the vote by ballot to favor. Dn a proposition of Ministers (by a bill prepared and { iresented to the Chamber) to grant a sum of * to the company which had constructed ] he railroad between Bordeux and La Teste to assist t hem to complete the work, the Chamber voted '' '/xir asus ct hrfe" (a show of hands) the eight nara- 1 trapbs of the bill. When, however, the House a :ame to a vote on the rruttmhlr of the hill ("that ' his bill do pa?s,") and which is always done by jallot, there appeared? ^ For the bill 161 c Against it 166 1 Majority again*! Ministers and the Bill... 2 t The principal ariicles of papers of the 18;h refer o the occupation of the Islnnd of Otaheiie by i -'ranee in virtue of a treaty with Queen I'omare, I tn otnctal copy ot wnicli his readied lio-deaux l>y * he Melanie. 0 The Paris journals find a theme in a letter, writ- i en by M. Dupin to his electors in the Miernois. 1 Fhe aim of this letter is to recall people's minds mm the expensive excitement of foreign politics, e lo the imperative necessity of economy. The defi- * l it of the debt haBfrnucli increased since 1830, and * with it every item of exjienditure, whilst the Fi- " nance Minister, unable or reluctant to issue more J" of his loan, leaves a floating debt of 700 millions, to be added to the tVKi millions due Irorn the savings' , banks. 1 he first object to wlncli M. Dupin would ? apply his economical viewa is Algeria. h? limiting ? occupation there merely to the coast. N?> organ ot n the press darst applaud such ndvice as tlua ; and, as P yet, the Chamber itself is not Sufficiently cooled r' down to entertain it. s The vote in ihe Chamber of Deputies ton a peti- f, tion presented on the- ffjtfi that tfie head' of Nspo- B Icon he again placed on ihe cross ol the Legion of t! Honor, and which was unopposed hy Minister*, T can > a nearly universal satisfaction. The Three |>er Cents, were done at the Caf(t <U ' I'uria on Sunday at H2f. 15c., the closing price ol Saturday. . , ? . ?. \ The New Comet.?A letter from Fans says?"A j most extraordinary change has taken plat e here in ( the weather. We have been for the last two days j pwr r??????M??w? favored with the warmth of July, but the extraoidinary thing is the sudden, and it appears, unexpected, appearunee of h Comet yesterday evening, the largest, savsthe Univers, ever known. I dia not see it myself, nor have 1 met any person who can say he has seen it; but a singular appearance in the.neavens was'noticed by hundreds. According to th" 1 Tn 1 v#?r? tK? Hnmpf u/aa o# with a tail extending over a space of <?0 degrees viz, one fourth ol the heavens. It proceeded Irom the Constellation of Orion, which it crossed at angle of 40 degrees. If the moon had not risen so early, or the daylight had been leas, probably a brilliant sight would have been witnessed by all Paris. Several gentlemen, astonished trt the statement in the Univers, as they had no suspicion of the appearance of a Comet, went to M. Arago this morning, at the Observatory. He was in bed, but he had charged a member of his family to inform all who came to make inquiries, that the account in the Univers was substantially correct;and that he intended, with his colleagues, to watch its appearance closely this evening, and publish an account of his observations. The nucleus of the Comet was not visible, on account, as is supposed, of its immense distance." Portugal? The Lisbon mail of 1st March brings fresh proposals to Lord Aberdeen. The decided stund that England has lately taken upon the commercial treaty has induced the Portuguese to offer a reduction on Newfoundland cured fish from sixteen to eight testoons the quintal, and upon woolen goods cenerallv an average of thirty-five per cent ad valorem. Drawbacks and bounties upon the native li-ilisries will he allowed hiumlil nn?? r?l mitR#.!?ni importance justify such a measure. The project of the Finance Minister fcr raising 900 contos upon I he tobacco revenue was carried hy n majority of fifty. The inundation throughout every district of Portugal had been considerable, and had done greut damage. Algiers. Accounts from Algiers of the 10th ult. announce that the celebrated Marabout hi Zerdout, who last year excited the Eastern tribes to revolt against the French, and ever since held the field, had been lately killed in an engagement in the province of Bona. The Governor General intended, in order to facilitate his operations next summer, to establish several new camps?one to the southwest of Teneit el-Hard, another on the OuedKouina, a third at El Esneub, and the fourth near Tenez. In the meanwhile all the disposable troops were employed in the construction of the road between Blidah and Miliunah. Turkey. The firman for the amelioration of the condition of the serfs of Bosnia, given in the b iter of our correspondent at Constantinople, will be rend with interest, as a proof of the wishes of the Turkish ministers to consult the interests of Christian subjects. 1'he difference respecting Syria, between the Porte and the ambassadors of the Powers, have not, however, been all cleared away. China. The overland mail brings intelligence from Uong Kong and Macao to the 1st of January, from Calcutta to the 23d, and from Bombay to the 3<1 of February. The intelligence from China is of great imlortauce, showing, as it does, that hostilities in that juarter may be renewed at any moment. A numaer of shipwrecked British subjects have been massacred by the Chinese, and a serious riot, which seems to have been provoked by the misconduct of some Lascar seamen, had occurred at Canton. The news is any thing but satisfactory. These events, we fear, will have the effect of retarding materially the formation of settled habits of commercial intercourse between China nnd England, though we do not apprehend, after the experience the Chinese have had ?f our power, that they will lead to a renewal of actual hostilities. Thp nrmimprninl aprnnnfa f mm flhino am on iKo whole favorable. As yet not more than 150 chops ) if the new teas have been shipped for England.? t ?ince the first transactions which ojiened the mar- c tet, very Jnile lias been done, and prices are decli- 1 ling; and although confident expectations are en- r ertained by many (owing to the very large crops) ? hat congous will go down to 15 taels, yet shipments ! ire now making to the United States, and many ^ hips despatched. Exchange, 4*. 9d ; Mexican dollars, 5 1-2distount; Syce, l 1-2 premium. " The accounts Irom the north afford very encour- a i^ing prospects for British manufacturers. The v Singapore market has been cleared of cotton goods i or the Chinese buyers, who have sent a vessel di- v ect from Singapore to Chusan. II the treaty and ? ariffturn out as expected, a vast development of * our commercial relations with China cannot but re- J suit. We would, however, wish to see matters car- J ried on with all proper caution upon the first of any , apparantly great improvement in trade. India. i The accounts from India are favorable. The ' lamp at Feroiepore, consisting of 35,000 men, had ( Seen broken up. , From Cabul we learn that Akbar Khan had de- t icended from the mountains, and taken possession ^ jf the place without resistance. The Kuzzilbashes * lad joined him, the Bala Hisar had fallen into his f lands, and the young Prince, Shah Poor, whom jj he British forces had left in possession of the fort, J lad fled to Jellalabnd, on his way to India. {, The intelligence from Scinde is to the effect that i he Ameers, whose doubtful policy and intriguing t :onduct had during some weeks kept up the alter- f r i > ? * laiiuu VI nai nuw |'catc, uavc UCCll IllllUCIICfU Uy ? lie presence of Majcr Outram, with whom they are r ill personally acquainted, to enter into terms, which ? will, it is expected, establish a system of good ! ntelligence between them and the Government of , udia. ? Markets. 1 Losdos Moxet Market, March 30.?The Conscl mar- t lot has presented r (inner appearance to day. There verc a few purchases in the earlier hours o! business, vhich caused altogether a better position to ndairs in the English securities. Consols for money left o(F 90} sellers, md for the account 96} to J; New Three-and-a.hnlf per ' Jeuts closed 102} to 5 ; South Sea Stock, 108; end Dank f" Stock for the occount, 1S3} to 194}; Exchequer hills did ? lot quite support previous values, their premium at the dose of busiuess being fi -s to 70s. C There wss a degree of tlitnin in the foreign securities j| ot at all counti-rbalanced by the extent of transactions ntered into. Mexican in this respect stood very promi- ' ent, the official announcement from Lizurdi it Co., the n gents, in answer to the inquirirs from the committee of lie bondholders, beingtbat they have not at present su Hi- 11 ient funds to meet the April dividend Hence the value r f that security has receded to 29J to 30}, and has been at ne period of thn day low as :9}; Colombian stock elosed B( to ; Spanish Actives, 24} to {; and ditto New, 31} to f In Spanish Bonds the fluctuations were rather ireuent, and they closed with a tendency downwards. Belian Bonds were finally quoted 104} to 106}; Brnzillisn, 0 to 81; Danish, 97 to 89; Dutch Two and n Half per lents, 65J to 6}( and Portuguese Converted, 39} to 40 jA point relating to the imposition of the Income tax, has r cen started by a shareholder in a joint stock banking i ompany. is well known, is to tax the ntire profit of joint stock institutions, and the amount is hen deducted Irom the dividend of each individual share- f lolder. In the present instance the entire income of the harchohl'T is tinder ?160, and ho therefore has some e lotion that he is entitb 1 to a drawback. This case must ( lot b'-confounded with that of the holders of government ( reunites, who, if their incomo is under the required f imoiint, invariably obtain a return of the amounts detected rom t'leiripvidends. The holder' of public stocks ire separate creditors, but in the case of joint stock comtanies the case is that of tasing a large mercantile body; ( ind the question that is raised is, whether each individual 1 ihareholder has a right to separate himself (rom his Co. 1 lartners, ai.d claim a return in consequence of the small I imountof his own particular inc.-me. The question is r ine of great interest in the commercial world, sine i not inly does i! aftect the shareholders of joint stock rompa- ' lies?a large body?but may even be found to apply to ome of the members of small private firms. A numbor of a paper called the Mik!issjppian, published ' II jut-awn uil Mir *<\ ill wrr.i'Tiinrr 1 HI, Jiai HPCI1 Rfllll Willi 11 he > iew of showing ! o?' the stale of private credit sym- f' lathiwi with that of public faith. Two entire pag. g of tl his paper, which is published twice a week, are filled t< rith notices from bankrupts, bring in all 112 in number. (" I is fair, however, to the Mississippians toobs'rve that hey are extremely anxious tocast from their own slioulera the shame ot having first broached the doctrine of 'repudiation," and to ascribe its origin to individuals who '' re not natives of the United Statrs. This very restless- ' less shows that all good feeling is not extinct. (I I.oisdois Tradk Ilreoar. March 'JO.?Tea?The trade v vait lor the public sales fixed to t?ke place to-morrow, e fallow?fhe stock is stated at 10,413 casks against 27,230 ft a>ks this time last year The delivery last week was a ,69."> casks, and the arrival 1,30.t casks. The price of V. n 1. tallow on the spot is 43t ti l, and about the came quota- ., ion is made for delivery. Town tallow is 45s. (l Til* Tic* Tutu;, March 20?The deliveries last week f. sere dftft.ftOO lb, being a lolling off as rnmpnr"d with our ,, .receding report. The public sales of Tuesday last went fl flatly and at lowir rates, nor hns the maiket been at II buoyant since, r.s no lessthan 7(1 0IK1 packages ire to be Ifered to morrow, a large proportion being young livson. ' Jp to December 16 the exports from China were ft,489,263 II b. a Loudo* Com* Eii.HAitor, March 20 ?In the early patt f' .1 last wnk the supplies of Grain to this market were ti cry small, hut towards the close several vessels arrived, r rid the report this morning shows a fair supply of every g eseription, and a large oneol li i-h Oats The trade dn- JJ ing the week was of a languid character,and no improve- n lent could tie noted either in demand or price with the ingle exception of Barley,which met moreinquiry. The upply of English Wheat fresh up this morning was j. hor*. and the demand beinr limited it has been i i';v to ' ?irc)in*p nt the price!ol tnis day week. Barley Unit met into inquiry. and fine milting hm made rather higher rieea, hut diatilllng qtinliMe* do not move off quite ao eadily although fully anpporting the quotation*. Fine tl Oati have met a fair aale, hut light Iriah deccriji- ,i oni comm ind hut a llow trade; the quotation! generally or thia dram are without alteration. The aupply of '' iean? and Pen! come goft to horet, and move off' *lowly lit c tie quotation*. The trade for Flour continue! tin varied, 'he Seed trade for all dercrip'io ? ia ottcefdingly alow nt C ait week'! currency. In Hptlng Tnrei orother Orain or (1 leedi we ran notice no alteration. arooi. Cotton Market, March 22.?The imiiorta hia week have been tinprece leuti illy large, aay about p SH.IJB tings; the trade, however, have purchaned to a m air extent; tmt a much hatter aaiortment of American lave been brought forward; previoui ratea are barely iuj>- n The bu*iness Mount* to -je.SOO bale*, of which 3,300 American are on speculation, ami 400 for shipment, and comprise I HO Sea Island, 8d to 14d.; 7,040 Bowed Georg. at Old. to ft^l., 0,740 Mobile, Alabama, and Tenessee, 3Jd. to A)d'; 13J60 New Orleans, at 3Jd. to 7d. The sales to-day amount to about ft,000 bags at very steady prices, of which 1,&00 are on speculation, and 300 for export. n. Estimated stock at Liverpool, 649,000 against 603,600 last year, of which 460,000 American. March 13.?The import this week has been large; but vw -? ?D -i?" ?" wino ouTnio, me oum ul l,?? expected supply is (till kept out. The demand for ordinary and middling kind* of American hai been good, and on these descriptions are not offered freely they have a little improve d in value; in other kindi, as well us in Burnt.

there is no change; hut Brazil and Egyptian remain difficult of sale nt former rates. The sales of the week nmount to 22,630 hales, (of which 4.IKI0 American are on speculation, with 350 American and 150 Madras foi *h'Pment.l and comprise 120 Sea Island at Hjd to 17d, with 80 stained tit 4jd to 8$d?6,920 Bowed 3|d to f>jd?3,220 Mobile, Alabama and Tennessee 3Jd to 6.1?9,170 Orleans 3|d to 6J1?590 Pernamhnco and Psraiba 6}d to 6J- 330 Bahia and Maceio 6Jdto6}d?320 Maranhsm 4Jdto 6J 1?60 La Guayra 6d?340 Egyptian 6d to 6Jd, and 1500 Surat 3d to 4d per lb The nyirKet is rather quiet, not more than about 3,000 hags having been sold, but at quite steady rates. The arrivals since tno close ol the week are very large, not less than 140,000 bales American. On Saturday the sales were 8,000 bogg. Li\kbi'OOi. Corn Market, March 21.?Our import list again shows large supplies of Oats and Oatmeal Irom Ireland ; those accepted, the arrivuls of Grain, Sic., for the week are ol moderate amount. Since Tuesday last two or three parcels of foreign Wheat have been taken lor shipment to Irelnnd, hut we have lacked any demand from the interior, and, the local millers and dealers continuing to purchase only for their present necessities, the business or the whole has-been limited. Prices have undergone little or no change ; the fresh imported Wolgast Wheat has been held lor 7s 6d, at which, however, very li>il.,S,. {...... I * ? - 1 ? ? * ...... ..... ......... i, j n. in iuti iiiu principal irsusuciions have (alien upon good Polish Odrssa at (is 2d per 70 lbs. HoI.Iits of Irish have taken (is 4.1 to (is 6J lor best re.I, Us to 6s 3 1 (or fair runs. Flour is not quoted cheaper, but lias met a dull sale. Under the increased supplies, Oats have lurlher given way in price by fully Id per bushel? the best Irish mealing have beeii sold at 2 s 3d ; fair samples at 2s Id to 'is 'id per 45 lbs. Oatmeul has barely sustained our last quotations. A few small parcels nfKiglish Barley have gone into the hands of the raalsters ut previous rates. Henna are Is per qr cheaper. No change in the ralue of Poos There was very little passing to-day in any article! of the trade?that little mostly In retail and at j reduction of Id to id per 70 lbs in pricus of Wheat, fully Id per bushel in these ofOats, and 6d per sack in those of Flour. Oatmeal too was sold on rather easier terms. Statu ok Tradk, March IS.?The receipt of the China and India news has given a lurther impetus to the cloth market, and most descriptions, suitable lor the Fast, have necome scarcer and dearer; in printing cloth there is title chance, whether as to demand or price. The yarn market is buoyant, and business on the increase.?Afunzhtittr Courier. Prices and demand were much the same at Bradford last week as on the preceding day. Buyers were not so numerous; scarcely an average attendance. There have been more inquiries for yarn, but which did not lead to any exensivp sales, and prices remain us low as they have been or come weeks past. Wool?Dull sale and the turn low:r in favor of the spinner. But few buyers attended Rochdale market last week ind very few nieces were taken. Those manufacturers who have sold have been under the necessity ol submiting to a reduction of price. In wool there has been a vc-y limited quantity sold, with declining prices. Maikets continue dull at Halifax, and without any irospect of change. Prices have a downward tendency, ind things cannot well look more gloomy. In wool no thange. The two last markets at Leeds, have been, as of late, sxceedingly dull and dispiriting. Little, if ncy, cloth ieft the halls, except by the hawking manufacturers, and is these aru doing business to no profit, but, doubtless,to a loss, all reasonable hopes of improvement seem to tic gone lor thu present. Paris Bouasc:, Saturday, March 18.?The market has leen very brisk, and much businessdone. For the Ac. tount, the Three per Cents opened at 82f. 35c.. and closed it S2f. 4">c. The Five per Cents opened at 120f. 95c , exlividend, and closed at 121f. Sc.; both stocks have thus improved 10 cents. For Money, the Three per Cents ore tlso 10 cents higher, and the Five per Cents 15 cunts, lank of France Shares and Lalhtte Bank 6,OOOf. Shares lave not varied, and those of 1,OOOf. have declined at 21. i0c. Belgian Old Five per Cents J, 1840 Five per Cents f, 1 ind 1842 Five per Cents J higher. There has been more | luiioess than usual in Spanish Actives, which has imiroved 1 percent; from 29 it advanced to 30, and closed ' t 20J. Passive is | better. Neapolitan Bonds as yesteray, and Roman I lower. Rouen to Havre Railway iiarrH hhtp miut-u 101.; ivrurn, vi. ouc. urieans nave mproved3f.75c., anil St. Germain 21. 50c. i Bombay Msrbkt, Feb. 2.?During the pait month our ] larket lor imports has exhibited an active appearance, nd although the transactions have not been so extensive 1 in the previous month, a large trade has, upon the rhole been done, and hotter prices have in some instances >eun paid. Grey goods have been sold extensively, and irices are slightly in alvnnceof former quotations, owog chiefly to holders being more Arm, and less anxious to eslise and press sales thau heretofore. Bleached goods lave been in better demand than for some time past, and ransactioas in them have been effected with less ditfiulty, and to a fair exten*. Low priced mulls, jaconets, lti-1 long cloths, have experienced a slight advance in trices; the finer descriptions are less inquired for. Coored goods are also in more request, and the sales which iavf been IT.icted in plain Turkey red cloths are in adrance of our Ins'quut itions 4 to 8 annas iter jdecr. A few ( lales in Turkey red twills are reported at from 8J toP} upces. Yarns?there has been a moderate inquiry for he lower numbers of water and mule twist, hut tiie highir numbers are still dull of sale. The following are the ales we have heard ofTwist, 20 bales water, 4001)>s. aeh; Nos. 19.20.23, and 24, at 7 annas; IPO hales water, , Mtbisms) No.20, 6J Qnni-; No. 30. at 7] annas; No. 40, 'J, and 2 pies. Woollens- the improvement in demand and ' nice, reported last month for these continues, and sales j >re effected to a moderate extent at fiom 1J to 2rs per yd. jead?We are still uuable to report any improvement ither in demand or price; in the various assortments triling sales are now an 1 then made at our quotation*. ? freights have advanced sinceour last 20* to 30s, and may low he quoted at from 60s to 60s for London, Liverpool, ind Clyde, at which rates, however, there is not much of- ' ering. Our harbor is still filled with shipping, and as 1 here are 46 transports on their way from China to India, ind more arrivals looked for from all ports, we do not see iny immediate prospect of the rates we quote advancing. 1 To China 13 rupees to 14 rupaes to Macao, and 5 rupees o 6 rupees additional to Whampoa arc the quotations. - r L.vrn and Important from Havana?Fi ll Ac- s ount of the Insurrection of Blacks and its ' oppression.?By the arrival of a packet at Btlti- ' pore from Havana, we have just received afullacount from our correspondent there, of the recent , nsurrection of the blacks at Cardenas, Cuba, in that , land, together with an account of its entire sun- . region. Our accounts come from the best and i uost authentic sources?and will be the first to , each England and Spain, where there is much inteest felt in the tranquility of Cuba. This statement nay be depended upon for its accuracy. (Conetpondencf ol the Herald.] Havana, 30th March, 1K43. ' As unfounded and exaggerated accounts may each the United States in regard to the late insurection of the negroes in the vicinity of Cardenas, send \ou a correct account of the whole affair, < vhich 1 have been particular in obtaining from an ] luthentic channel On the night of the 26th and 27th instant, the laves revolted, belonging chiefly to the plantation ' >f Count Penalver, and numbering about one bun- t Ired of both sexes, in the district of Cimarrones, , leventeen leagues from Matanzas ; they sallied out it the sound of two drums, which served them tor 1 heir dances, and proceeded to the plantation tailed Louisa, the slaves whereof joined hpm, as did also shortly afterwards the aboring slaves employed on the Cardenas [ (aiiroad, constituting altogether, without exaggeration, about three hundred men and females, ( 11 armed with mnchttu (hatchets for cutting cane) I nd clubs. In this state of the affair, the captains ( f the above district and that of Marcurijes, col- t cted the white inhabitants and a few soldiers, aide two attickl on them, killing thirtv-five to ? arty, without sufTeting on th*ir side farther loss c lian three slightly wounded. The slaves then fled |. owards the mountains of Remba, wliete they were nrtunately surrounded by the infantry and cavalry ' if tlir line despatched from Matanzas, and com- r minded !>y the Governor ol that place, and also by t he detachment sent in advance from Cardenas. VItil fh- 1 .1 - * i.oun n uiiu uir it-ciiunoiire wun Iocs amongst the hushes and underwoods, which r vas to tal;e plies yesterday, not one of the revolt- i rseou'd escape, and must fall into the hands of the uthorities. Notwithstanding the certainty of the hove narrative, the Captain General in this city, to uiei the anxiety of many planters residing here, nd who have estates in that district, immediately ' espatched n steamer of war to Matanzas with four J ompames of troops, to proceed to Cardenas, if ne- ( essury; his aid-de-camp also depaited with sixty t uvalry, reconnoiterint; the plantations on the route t i> said place, and to-dav a company set out from r latalmiio to Cienfuegos, hy the steamer, to reinforce 1 lie detachment at the latter place ; hut these, 1 Hay ^ gain, are merely precautionary measures, having J ?r their object merely to quiet and traiiQntkin the iinid, for occurrences of Uie nalure alluded to, are 4 ommon in this island, at the present season of ( rinding an 1 miking suga^ when the labor of the t lave is increased, and of which lie is free thereminder of the peer As the puhiic pmrnals abroad generally ex.igge- t ?n- ami aiarm in?- world ahout insurrection*, the " oregoing correct state rnent will he useful to many 1 t Importation from London.?There was a very t ensc fog on the rivers on Saturday night. It was J fie thickest ever known in ihp recollection of the nlde t inhabitant." There were several i evere olhsions between the ferry boats and the docks. In ? oil .r.j if nre of thi? and other fogs, the ferry master* j 1 t the Fulton ferry are in the habit of stopping run ? in* one of the two boats at half past nine in the ' venin*. This is to accommodate not only the pas- ' sogers hiinlte captains and hands of the steamers, n nd exhibits the greatest kindness towards the com- r inters and others. j IsJksbk Hoyt a DErxn-tkr !?Tins important question is now before the U. S. Circuit Court, and will probably occupy that bench for a fortnight or three weeks. The allegation against Mr. Hoyt is,that he is a defaulter for the amount cf $200,000. In the course of the trial twenty cart-loads of books have to be examined, and about 70,000,000 ot entries or items to be overhauled. During his Collectorship #H0,000,000 of revenue passtd through his hands. These immense amounts and figures can be only parallelled in magnitude, by the length of the recent Comet's tail, as calculated by the astronomers, although they are hardly so clear end bright.? Whether Jesse Hoyt is a defaulter to the Government,or the Government a defaulter to Jesse for the minute sum of #200,000, or one-fourth per cent on the whole amount, would seem to be a question of as mucli doubt and incertitude, as the exact orbit, perihelion, aphelion, and nucleus of the recent brilliant luminary that spread half across the heavens? to the admiration of the astronomers and the general dread of the Millerites. Heaven have mercy on us. In this wonderful case, only five Counsel are engaged on one 6ide and two on the other. They ought to have a score on each side. We shall nore its curious nroirress each dfiv. City Intelligence. New Counterfeit.?On Saturday evening a woman entered the bakery of John Donnolly, 11 Forsyth street, and offered a $5 note on the Calso Bank of Maine, in payment for a loaf of bread. Doubting the genuineness of the note, he requested his wile to detain the woman until he ascertained that fact. No sooner was he out, than the woman followed, and in a few minutes afterwards another woman entered the store, and enquiring if a woman had left the note described, teaid that she had been run over by a cart, and taken to the city Hospital, and had sent her for the note. Donnolly handed over the bill without a thought, but hie wife, more prudent, beckoned him to keep it. The woman refased to deliver it up,and on being searched had so effectually disposed of the note that it could not be found. She was taken to the Police office where she was recognized as the notorious Betsy Campbell, well known as one of a gang of counterfeiters that inlest our city. A Child Killed by a Drunken Mother.?The Coroner held an inquest yesterday on an infant child,named Margaret F Glapford,aged six months, the daughter of Hugh Glapford, Jr. It appeared in evidence that the mother was intoxicated, and while silting in a chair the child fell from her lap and was found dead upon the floor, lying upon her face, and 'he mother dead drunk sitting in the chair. Verdict accordingly. The Age of Chivalry and the Age of Bronze.? Thursday being one of those splendid days that are vouchsafed to us poor men and the ladies in particular, we strolled through Broadway and Maiden lane; dropping into friend Cox's furnishing store, we were feasted with one of the richest and rarest sighis, in the shape of chandeliers, lamps, candelahrjs vnapg mnnf#>l rlnrbo trnva tuhlp piitl?rv Am ? ?? ' > J "? ?.vv?..>.,rvv, (see advertisement,) unequalled in splendor by any similar house in this country. Aladdin's palace was not more beautiful than are these two warehouses of the useful and ornamental. Such of our fair readers as maybe under contract of matrimony, are advised to call with their lords in embryo, and spend some of their money here; at least they should drop in and view their rich mantel ornaments of "Joan of Arc," supported by two Christian knights in golden armor clad. Strangers may not miss a visit to these stores as lions of the city, of which we feel proud. Though they be not i' the vein to purchase, they will find themselves amply repaid with a kind reception by the Messrs. Cox, both of whom are " Fine old Fnglith gentlemen, alt of the oldsn time." Buy flowers?buy flowers.? Old Song. Flora's First Offering.?Messrs. Trowbridge & Co., 304 Broadway, open for sale this morning one of the most s|?lendid collection of spring flowers, that ever " lovely ladye" locked at, since the time when Eve took her first spring promenade in Paradise. These flowers have been reared by Mr. Jrove, of Hartford, Connecticut, whose genius as a florist is among the first in the country. We advise the ladies fair to take a look at these gems of vernal beauty. Warm Weather.?Yesterday, for the first time mis season, ine grass in tne Bark, ana on the Battery wore a green livery. The weather was warm, "uhduing, and Sabbath-like. It was so warm that ilades of grass were actually seen 10 shoot up. Oqj- Remember that Mr. Bee gives a Concert, vo al and instrumental to-night, at Concert Hall, as listed by several aspirants, who will make their detut before a New York audience?See advertisenent. Sound Steamers.?The steamers from Boston, Ine yesterday morning, did not reach here till aftertoon in consequence of the fog. The Mohegan, we mderstand, broke down. Wc are indebted to Adams 3c Co. for Boston papers several hours in idvance of the mail. Grape Vines for Siring.?Now is the time to iurchnse your Grai>e Vines. It will be seen by advertisement that Mr. Franklin, 15 Broad street, will jell this day at 12 o'clock, 1000 Isabella Grape Vines. Also, 000 English Gooseberry Bushes. Welch's Circus in Baltimore ? We have already noticed Welch's departure from Philadelphia to Baltimore, where he will open to-night, and conlinue for a few evenings previous to his departure for China. The Emperor Ching Tong Boo has sent sut a special edict for Mr. Welch to hasten his visit. He goes out by the way of the Mediterranean and the Bed Sea. Chatham Theatre. ? Benefit of Mr. Fobrest. ?Mr. Forrest takes a benefit to-night, nnd it being lis last appearance, the house will doubtless be trowded to excess by his numerous admirers. We erceive that Mr. and Mrs. Brougham co i mence an ngagement on Tuesday evening. It is unnecessary o speak in terms of praise of these excellent perormers. They have performed with marked sue:e?8 at all the principal theatres in the Union, and lave established (or themselves in this country, ns hey have already in Europe, a firm and lasting eputation. Mr. Thome has done well in securing heir services, and we hope he will be amply revarded for his untiring nnd liberal exertions in nnintaining the character of the legitimate drama n this city. U. M. Circuit court. Present the Circuit and District Judges. Arali. 15.? United Slain vs. ,/uw At 10 o'clock heir Honors took their seats on thehench, ami railed upm Mr. Hoyt's counsel to proceed with the defence. Mr. tutting whs proceeding to show that the accounts in the 'ustom House were mode out by the clerks and pi esented o Mr Hoyt for his signature, perhaps the day previous to heir transmission to the Treasury Urpartmi nt. Counsel ontinued to say that from the multiplicity of the Colrotor's duties it was impossible for him te examine them. The errors in those accounts (if any) must ha considered he errors ol the clerk, Isr which Mr. Hoyt cannot ho ' luld aeeountaMft. The learned counsel then cited the wo (allowing eases: ? Pane vs. Cotten, 1 J Moil. Henor Is 1 7J, 477; Whitfield v*. Lord L? Dmpohccr, Cowper, 7ft4, o *how thnt tho hem)* of department* cannot be held aconntalde for the art* of auhordinate*. Judoi. Thompiox ? I do not disputeonc word yon havo 1 aid, htit I daulit the applicability of tlioae c aaea. If it ap- ' >enr? in the progre** ?f the trial tiiat tho erroi* in thoie t iccounl* nro error* of the Cu?tom Home clerk*, Mr. I loyt will 1m* entitled to the benefit ol it. ? Mr. CttnvAi.ADF.a. on hehnllof defendant,ottered Blotter < if the auditor in the Custom Home to the Secretory of t he Tre**nry, dated March, 18)0 he next proceeded to < >ff> r a ?erie* of the collector'* quarterly Recount*, fur* liihed to the Treaanry Department. William Hoanp. wii* called, and ottered on the part of j lefendant with a view to ?how that the mode of keeping t in I Inrnishing the account* was according te the trea- t nry regulation*?that tho?e regulation* commenced 111 ? Hjl?that they were impracticable and tended to creato 1 :onfu?ion and irregularity in keeping.the Cu*tom Hou*e i cronnt?,and that bon<l* for upwar I* of $30011, with which dr. Hoyt wa? charged, found their way to Switxerland, i he amount of which he never received. Thi* evidence wa* objected to by the District A torney c * too vague and general. The remaindrr of the day wa* i onvumed in ero?* (Ire* between thecounael on both *i.le? t to the admissibility and relevancy ol thi* le?timony ,and ( udge Thompaon ruled It out. < BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. OCh The Democrat* of Si. Louis, Missouri, have elecled their candidate for Mayor. The Whigs have I elected a majority of the other city oflictrs. LATEST SOUTHERN SHUFNEWS. Norfolk, Aprit lJ?An Danirl Vr?reii, Small. Bo.lou for Richmond. Hid hidiirv. D.irrard, We*t ladies. Late from BaA/ir..?The Courier arrived last night from Rio, with papers to the 2d ult. No political news. Trade dull. Steam Ship Great Western left Liverpool last Saturday for New York. QO- TAMMANY SOCIETY OH COLUMBIAN ORDER?Notice?The Annual Meeting for the election of officers of this Society will be held at Tammany Hall, This Evening. By order. New York, April 17, 1843. {K7-WI1AT WORKS ITSELF??Dr. Ransom's Hydraulic Fire Engine, to be exhibited this day at the City Hall, 3$ P. M. Go see it?go. Washington Hall, Broadway, 15th April, 1943. I To the Ihishmkw ok Nkw York :? Mr Fellow Count hvmkn? In the beginning of the present winter, at the suggestion of s few friends, I undertook to bring the entire history of the Irish race before our invaluable friends, the citizens of America. This I undertook to do, though conscious of my inahili ty, for the purpose cbielly of letting tlio American people, the proverbial friends o( the oppi essod, know,through the press, the real nature of the ancient and present con. dition of Ireland, and the nature of thet " union" which at present subsists between heruiul England. I have now nearly concluded this arduous task?a task never before attempted by any one in Ireland er here ; and I cannot but feel my full share of pride th3t my buuiiirjf iiinuiry wioruen niauer 10 interest this intelligent community, to the unprecedented extent of seventeen lectures. Although this triumphnnt success has attended my couiss, yet, owing to peculiar circumstances, known to the gentlemen oi the committee under which 1 acted. I have incurred a liability ot expense which requires n little extra exertions to clear off For this purpose I call on you, in the name of the cause 1 advocate, to attend my next lecture on the life and death of Robert Emmet, which takes place on Tuesday evening next, at Washington Hall, Broadway. I appeal to every true Irishman to stir in my behalf,and bring his fiiends with him on this occasion, so as to enable me to pass from this city with eclat and credit, on my journey ot agitation far Ireland's freedom. I am, fellow countrymen, your faithful servant, THOMAS MOONY. {d7-BRT*TOl/3 S ARSAPAUILL A.VRR8U8 SAND'S SARSAI'AUILLV?This article which has wroughtsuch signal cures within the state and city of New York, has brought from A. B. & D Sands the following certificate of its superior efficacy?of its unequalled virtues in eradi. eating all diseases for which it is sold. New York, April 30, 1942. Mr. C. C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y? Dear Sir?We have been selling during the year past considerable quantities of your Extract of Sarsapanlla. and think from the account we hear of its virtues from those who have used it. that the sale in this city mny be much increased by paying it more attention in advertising. Our arrangements nre such with the different papers that we can have advertisements inserted on much better terms than most others pay, and more conspicuous. If you would litre to make an arrangement with us lor selling it more extensively, we think it coul.l hn made of advantage to us both. We have now <onr different stores, three of them in best locations in the city for retailing, and one for wholesaling, and our facilities are such as will enable its to dispose more of it, perhaps, than any other house. Wo shall be much pleased to hear from you on this subject, or if you visit New Ytrk in the coarse of a month or so, to sen you at our store, 79 Fulton street. Yours very respectfully, A. B. & D. SANDS. Certificate. Testimony of Phyaicians. [From the entire Medical Faculty of Buffalo ] We are acquainted with the preparation ol Sarsapariila, manufactured by C C Bristol, a d having made use of it more or less in our practice, believe it to contain an active principle ef Sarsapariila, in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, we esteem it the best wc have ever met with. J. Trowbridge, M. D. Charles Winne.M. D. Josiah Barnes, M.D. J. E. Hawley, M. D. A. Miller, M. D. Cyrenins Chapin, M D. Moses Bristol, M. D- J. E. Marshall, M. D. A. S. Sprague, M. D. F. L. Harris, M. D. H. It. Stagg, M. D. Grosvenor St Chase, General Agents for the State of Rhode Island. For sale, wholesale and retail, by William Burger, Wholesale Druggist, 60 and 61 Courtlandt street, and 198 Greenwich street, wholesale agent, and by all the respectablu dt uggi?l? lit the City. c1?- THE FRIENDS OF'TUE CITF MISSION ARE respectfully informed that the Indies of the Mission Church oi the Holy EvongeliMs, will hold a Fair for the benefit of the church, in the Granite Buildings, No. 217 Broadway,to commence on Monday, April 17th, inst., at 0 o'clock in the evening. {tlT- ELIZABETHTOWN. N. J. Feb. 20,1943?About two months ago I was seized with a violent cold, accompanied by a racking cough. which soon caused raising of blood. I tried various remedies, but nonedidaay good: but,on the contrary, my cough increased, audit was f.-ared it would result in consumption. By accident, Dr. Wistar's Family Medical Guide met my eye, which recommended Balsam of Wild Cherry. I purchased a bottle, used i'., and in one week I ceased raising blood, my cough entirely disappeared, and my health was completely restored, enabling me to attend to my business as usual. JAMES W. WOODRUFF. We, the undersigned, are acquainted with Mi. J. W. WoodruIT, and can assure all who do not know him, that his statement is entitled to full credit. Where he is known his word needs not our t ndsrsemrnt. APOLLOS M. ELMER, J. P. for the county of Esses, N. J. CHARLES WINAN9, J. P. for borough of Elizahethtown, N. J. Trice $1 per bottle. Sold only by Isaac Butts, 126 Fulton st corner of Nassau; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn; Badger, Newark, N.J. Of?- CEREBRATED GRAN'DJEAN'S HAIR COMPOSITION.?Ri ad carefully the directions?Anoint the hsir every evening with Orandj>an's Composition, (tho oft..r I,it I- tl.? -c ,w- 1 J 1 ?/ > woiniuu Wl IIIC uaiiun in the came way ax other pomades,taking care to rub well tkc root* or the hair, as there are many composition* for the hair which nre retransmitted through the porea.ou the ascension of the perspiration, which is more abundant during slm p. It is for this reason that the paste composition should lie used on retiring to rest. The liquid composition is to be employed in the morning. It is comjtosed of thejuic* ol herbs and astringent roots,which strengthen the pores; and in using it freely it fills the bulbs of the hair, and causes a slight and salutary irritation. The conducting vessels, from their sensitiveness, are thereby nourished, and by repulsion liiriish to the bulbs a more ahundant aliment. The paste must, therefore,be used at , night, and the liquid composition in the morning. The ] paste in the evening has an assuaging effect. and nausea a i more generous nourishment, which saves the bulbs from 1 a too laborious action, that would fatigue them, dry them I up, and detach the small nervous vessels above alluded to, and lead to alonecio. pry- A VOICE EHOM LOUISIANA ?New Orleans, j April 3,19t3. Above I send you a draft lor $300. I have just received the last shipment, six boxes ofthe Hon houad Candy, each containing $100 worth, making $800 in all. I think that this nmnunt will not last long, although we i are about entering into the dull seaaon and it is very dull, but your article is always on the move. 1 have advertised, and am confiJent that next fall and winter I shall be able to do an extensive business in it. I calculate to tell some I thousand dollars of it. 1 would mention that several of my personal friend* have tiaed it and been cured of obstinate coughs, some of long standinir. and recommend it as invaluable for all pulmonary complaints. Respect fully, J. C. MORGAN. To Meaira. J. Tease & Son, 43 Division street, New York. 07- DEATH EVADED?A Dialogue between Two Friends. Fnrn. What's the matter, my friend T You look siokly and sallow, And duller than lead Is your late brilliant eye; it m uuvv "'I'"'/ ** nil*: li* uipi llinr II Willi yeilOW ? Why, Jack, my dear hoy, sure you ain't going to die 1 Jack Well, Fred, I don't know ; my whole system'* dorder'd? Dyspepsia, Pile*, Jaundice ! ?I'm a martyr to all! And my colli n, I guess, will hare soon to he ordcr'd, Unle?? upon ?ome plan of cure I can fall. Frfp. " I'la.i of cure My denr fpllow, just listen to me now. Atcnee go to Fulton street, One Twenty-Five ; There huy rater*' rill*?say two hoxe*?and ice.nnw. Mow toon you'll n gain your good look*, man alive ! Jack. D've say so, my hoy 1 A mountain of trouble You lake from my heart with your soul-cheering speech. I'll co fast as weakness permit* mo to hobble, Though I'm told my complaint'* beyond medicine'* reach. Tho?e friends met again?jiut a month had passed over? Jack, rosy with hraltn, fully cured or hi* ill*, Declared that the sick man who hoped to recover, i Mint be sure to use PF.TF.U S' INFALLIBLE TILLS. {K7- WE SEE MANY ARTICLES ADVERTISED or the hair, which from the fact of their containing oil* which always engender dandrufT and other impurltie*, i hereby destroying it* life and healthfnlness, should never 10 used. The only article that can he relied on with lafety isthe well known genuine Balm of Columbia, from Uomsto.'k A Co , 71 Maiden lane, which net only keep* ho head free from grease and tilth, hut is the only arti. 1? which will positively rottore the hair - llrrald. (1,7-NF.HVF. AND BONK MNlMF.NT AND INDIAN VKdF.TABI.K KI.IXIR ?Thia combination of n trnfriable application "" Internal apecific, wotkt like a iharm incnaoaof ihrumatiim, (jont, contracted mu'cle* mil pnrBlyai'. Meaara. Omatrnk & Co., 71 Maiden lane, iare in their poMeMion a certificate tiom F.than C. Cora reapoctahle citi?.on of Quebec, rtatintf that after laving bom n bedridden cripple for upwnrdaof fourteen eara, ho was enabled to ri'e up and walk by applv inffthc iniment to hi* rhrunkon limba, and tnkinn tho F.lixir in onformlty with Ihr direction*. Tho cure appear* tnborleron th? mirartilonn, hut tho attcntatinn* rannot boi|Uc?. ioned. In c?*c? of (rout ami contraction of the muaclei iml ligament*, tho l.inimint anil Klixlr h arc prove J qually bcnoflcial.?[Expre**.