Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. lor ?- Whole Ho. 33 XO To tb? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily nnwipsper?pub timed every day ol tint year except New Year'* day and Fourth af July. Price 3 centa per copy?or $7 39 per annum? postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published evooy Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postages paM?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol tho Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. Il hat Ike largest circulation of any paper in Ikit city, or the tctrld, anil is therefore, the best channel for business mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. 1 PRINTING ofall kinds, executed at tho most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PanraiaTon or thk Hksslu EnitLiiHNiTr, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. jM HOUSeS TO LET AT YORKVILLE.-s large ffyj* house* on the corner ol til1' street and 3d avenue; either JijSLof ihem L calculated for a public hnuae, grocery or private reside see. On the premises is ?fine stable, t-owliux nRey, and a fine garden, consisting of 8 .ols, with grape vineaand fruit trees there on. For isrnu, iaquire of JOHN A. MORRILL. Esq., mS gwr No. II Chambers st. i jtet TO RENT?The extensive Building erected the prejlejW sei.l ie.? u he Ihe subaeriuer, for his ?n residence, on Xi'uL'be trarsiu of be E st River,at Gowanns heights, two and ? lialf miles from South Brooklyn Ferry, commanding splendid views < f the Bay and Jersey shore, the c-ties of New Y"rk aud Bro' kl-u S'rten Island ai d the E??t ?sd North Rivers. '1 lui H use is b icV. a suiwrior building. five stories h vh. covered w:'h eoppei; ine ball aril si-irtof msible; ihc water f on1 ib ni one thousand feet and (he bi'hinv wthin a fi w ; a d-of die door. etc? He t fishing ard f iwlinit in the im mt diet* vieiuitv. Th- drive from New York abent fifteen mil u'ea, and the prewi ?? are not excelled by any i ua'ion near ihL ei y One hm.d'cd iwsoiu can be accommodated.? rossaasiou immid ate'-. Apolvto JOHN F DELAPLAINK.CS Wall ?t. ALSO TO l.ET, lh? ihre- ?torv brick House, 3] Walker rt-ret, between Broadway ai d Church ?tr?ft, occupied by Mra. V'vi l-ii'Ck ; and be wo-ton hricb Iloit'c No 239 Mneteriitli ?lic< t occupitd by Mr- C. W. Feeka?Rents moderate. a 10 lm*gc ^ ni w Lfti ?ine mansion rrouie ai Bionmingdale, k'i,,wu as the " Abbey" siiuatr d a ih rt i tanc? above . ih lit mi'e alone, just above Sinker's Bav. Mid nearly opposite St. Michsels Church The p'sce it well known ai rn <il the noil delightful aimations on the Island, and ii rem<-k*bly heathy in thesnmmer season. T ? Hloomiagdale stages pass and repass the Rate every hoar iu the ear. The gate ii new, and numbered 101. Theieutwillbe in eccordance with the present stale of the i timet. | A plv on the premises, o? at 172 Chamber* street. N. B.? Ansn. t ment could be made, if driirrd, byasatiifactory tenant, to let a par; of the furniture now in the house remain, or a |>artol'the boose will be teiiltd separately. ?p!5 lm*r | MTO LF.T?A twoitory llonae, No. 0 Lafayette I'lace, n-ar tth street. Iui|uire i II the premises. ap!7 3t*cc | JtjV 1 O LET? I he handsome btaeinent House and irrge ?e?2 O'rilen with Iruit and ornamental tree* and thru bbe-v, r.t th? corner of Pacific and Clinton streets sooth Brooklyn. three mi-'urrs wilk from the Ferry. Apply on the premisrs, rra' No. M Wall street. New Vork. I Also TO LET iu th'i city, the mug two story Honrs, No. lot ard 107 Mercer street, near Prince street Possession may be Ivad iintnedi't ly Also, a small frame House, and store and starle No. I'8 Ridge it ect. Alia a house and store iu Ma- j run street?the house and sto-e t he come* of 7th street and the B wery?several pari* ofhouiei in Madison and Kivimrtou s're ts Auto' the above Will he let law ti respectable tenants. For further psr iculars apply at the American La-d Md Loanodde. No. u Wsjl nrrrt apIT6t*r Jfcl TO LET? Kirstoi May, the modem bui't three story h-use. No 16 Oreen s'reet, with mtible insnte s. grates < JJdSLsi'ver plaiting throughout. For terms, apply to Aitkens i Brothers, 122 Fulton street, oi P. Bhtinten, corner Ureen and 6ran-l streets. ag 2w*r MT<> LET?The lire prool Drtck store. No. 105 -south 1 It, With iihtuedlAte j oss-is ton if requiied. apply to WOODHULL fc MiNIURN, 1 inner >T Aonth street. ^ TO l-ET-The two sto'V hrtck House and premises, No. I4J Wooiter street, finished in the most modern lityle, with maible manrel-pircei and folding doors n.hoat. Apply to JOSEPH Mc.MllRKAY, m23r 100 Pine sireet. TO LET?A Sail Loft m stote N?. 61 South street, on te isoitable terms. Apply to JLjH. JOHN HERDMAN, m' lr On the preniiiei. TO LET OR LEASE?Two-three story houses in B oome lie tr Wooster si, with neat cvurt vards in I rout. The J s'nry house No 77 Lanrens sb The two story ho-.r- < <0 <nd ti 6th avenue. The two sure eot age known as the Washington HaM corn-r of Fourth and Thompson streets, op Ml Washingyiu Sqtture. '1 he abovs are in perfect order, and were lately painted through, ut. Will b? ri nted low to good tenanu. Aptdy to J. A PKl.L, A Bond it, before 9 A. M. or between t and 7 P. M.. or ?t 30 Wallat. al7teo<l*m tKOR HALF.?'I he lease,stock nod fixtures of the old eatnhlia'ed and we I known Par Room, 151 Chatham at, n-?r do r to the Theatre. Ajiply on the prtmises from oVl -eh al? i?*r l;<i FOR SALE?That well known Loath Factory, to T;?)f K*iher with the dwelling House, and twenty-four lota JVlaa i.f ground, situate at Harlem, on the 1th A?i nu?. between 128th and 139th atrreta, and formerly ocenpied by John hleiihenaon The I ictoty ia a substantial two atory brick bnildin", 10 feet by 20d fret _ On 119ih atreetthe e are five two s-ory basement and attic brick "nilning*, well finished each 20 f et by 15 feet Adjntrii g the dwelling houses ia a brick Canitge House, 18 feet bv :i5 fretOn '28 h atree1 there is ?n Engine H n?e of b'ick, 18 feet by S5 fer. AI?o, a B1 kamith Vh"p 1(0 f?et front by 8f etdeep, wiili figiirref,Re. The street'and ereune are rrgul.ted, curled. aMgw.tterew.lae all asse-aments paid. The prcmiies are in eontplcie oriler, and ready f?r iMn diate occupancy. T' e simrwill be sold ckean Th-ee fonrtha of the purchase money remaining on boi.d and mor'g'ge for ?t number of | years Apply to AN OREMeOOWAN cortjrr of Tfii>d i Aeenne nd I2f>th street, Htrlem, or to C. W. VAN VOOR HIS 3r< J hu street, whete a mip of the property can be iteis. all iw*t Jul El IK SALE OR TO LEI'?a n-w two st.iry and nltid bOeaw. US R>ale a'reet, second ilmr ahove J"fW (ircnwirh finished in modern style thronghcut, with motile mint-Is aul grip s, sliding aid fo'dng doors, csuuter 1 c 'lar, an'1 even tt'irg incomplete ordrr Errfur her purlieu araa' ply at ISAAC II. ARCHER'S hit and capa>or . 2t.nOroaaWMn st. ap.7 iw*r MA FOR SALE, KXCHANtfOR LEAai-The ffo plnssPt Count y Seat, si'nn ed on high grout d, oveiJ^jLl'Mtkiag Newtown, four miles from Williaaislurgh.? fUges p?ss the door ihree times d?ily, from Peck a'ip; coutaiaii'g mar '6 aces, part handsome wood, mansion house, two aiory, pi zzas Iron' and resr fonr rooms on a fl >or, hall through the rent e. pariora, ft ldiug doors, Koaaia grates, painted walls, and finished in a handa< me and substantial manner, convenient kiichcn, oven dairv, .nd ice house fi led with ice from a fish pond on tne plac-: well and pu. p end biick cistern, spacious , coach howac and ham. O ape aihor rear of the bouse fronting 1 the toad a handsome trace extending to the gardner's houie. A j m-p may be seen, and terms liberal. Apple to 1. L. SCHlEEEKLlN, aA3w*r 111 Can*I street. j M PEN Na V L V A M A HO I EL?This nci lie-1 house > (*" is naw lo Ir t. lc |? sitnaird ?u ihe comer <d Washing- t XmL on and Liberty street, and will be le taed to any good teuai.i fiom the first of next. May. It has lately been mach enlarge d a. d im roved, and is cont g.-ous to the Jersey Ferry, Albany b >at Pi> rs and Western Railroad Depots t Eor further pirticulars,enquire of i E RUCKMAN, ? alO I7t?r No 160 Washington at. N. Y. i ?I'AclOU8AND FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN l PHILAO-'.f.l HIA. THE fashion blr Hotel, Marshall House, capable of . flrvB accommodating 50 persona, situate in Chestnnt street, , 6th and Tlh streets ia Ihiladelphia,having been ! reirutl in tip h improved and repaired i hronghout, is to be let It a reduced irtit, for a term of seat*. Apply to SAMUEL POWEL, 207 Chestnut street, or to | JOSEPH B. TOWN8END. mW >? lm*r MM Arch street. ! i?w? 9 A Tfmnr^ncTT^& foriy anes, thirty- I ' PBkS live nudtr cultivation aud the InUncea good growth of JLVODII. ... ( 11 the premises is a liou is in good repnir, s new coach hnu<e , md a large bain lu front o( the house is an excellent wrll ol rater, secured from the weather hy s new well house, and a ine lawn in front of the home. On he sbave described I rm | f nit in abundance, soch as apples, cherties, |iears, quinces, lorrents,gooseber ies, ?c. I The ?b f?nn is two niles from the itesmhoat landing, I r ne fr m the town of Rye.onlhe North street road. A full i iew ?t the 81 und ; can see two light h uses when lighted; s in every respect a desirable locatinn for a gentlenan's resiener. This firm is in Westchester County. Call on the premises, ion Mr. J. II VVtLCH, 35 L-onard street, , aid lm*ec ora' the Police Office. ] DRfcSS HOOTS. ! LATEST FRENCH STYLE. PHE 8UBHCH1BKR 'espeerfuMy invites the citizens of . I New Yo k and atraneeis visiting the ci'y, to call r.t 114 FULTON 8TRKKT, ' nd examine a large ae?o>tinei.f ?f Dnstss Boots, made iu the it'*st isshion, nnd of the finest Frerich cvlfskin. Gent emen-can have boo's made to ord r in the best manner, t sit dollars per pen, anil footed at four dollars, warranted anal to any inann factored iu the city at from aeren to eight 1 o'lara. ?7" Persons having tender fert, or being difficult to fit on acsuntol Inn ps. bunions corns, .can have boon made to as lit easy y?t hand'Ofne. by the anhsctthe ^ method of tubing I d'* win .-of he lest and lilting op and keeping a pair ol lasts ir f irh nisfDllifr. I s 11I. their me*?nr?? can, h7 frilir*. hare boon I ^kadr nod forwarded tot' cm without iI?1av COWHTAWTLY <x MIND. H H?nd<otne Boom, from $1 (in ta fo no Mull ? ou, 2 M to 2 60 < (hitriBootli 2 00 lo 2 63 Mhori. 1 60 to 2 10 I 8i.pp.rt. _ " 60 to 1 00 rampa.fcc.. fcc.,roo"lly low. TrRttt, Cahh o> Dr.LiTKi.T. JOHN L. WATKIN*, | ^Hto 1m*r 114 Fnlton tt.bftwe.n Na.iao And Dafh ft m~ WHO WANTS BOO I 8 * 8MOtB I J 1 H K U rslrtt KcHiic'i'iii in PrW? .r.r known. I Ottlv think of Gentl* meti't fin* dress calf stitched ^^Bo.?, c>I [he most f shtonahle aha|>e, $2,75 to $3.0*. Fashioia f ^^He 11 eg*d hoots $150 to V2,00 a pair. Laditt fanc y colored ^^Benrli and city midv Gaiters for $1,3j to $i,50 a par And nil 1 ^^Be fa<hlO's for 1(11, f< r Gentlemen, Ladies *nd Children,from ^Hirtv to forty per cent cheaper than aeer, at 211 Greenwich st, rnrr of Barclay. JAB. WIGGIMB. ^Ma5'm*r , ADOLPIifc MONDHON, Boot maker,from Pareaped fully informs the inhabitant* of New 1 ^^B>rk, that he ha* opened hia establishment at No 183 B. id 1 where he is read? to eiecnte all ordersentmsted to him, ^^B'ne lap it fashions erid best workimnahip. ^Ptni"l inr,l .. inhiriv to hare an elegant fir will do we'l to rail ^^Bd etnmtwe his wont ?R Im + r ' hlT3FAUl.KS TN~~cTilLhKV;-Wm Wild, No7T?2 1 Dinuon itmrt. Mai nfiirtnrn ol Catlrry, offrrt to the h (hMpfer Mtn. ir(K) Hotrn of?,?rrtrH l n l.rv of aapmoi ^ nltv. ro'iiiuiiiK i t one, two, thir. tuil lour bltd. kni>?. ^ni' l?r*r ^m>|N|)OW SHAD- 8?Thr snh.^rtl rrofTr71>7TI?uriulii7 i ore No. 272 Bleeder i irrt, A gen-al Atiortmrn. of ^^Bnu till . r.i < IttM ltlllt Atid Ktrurh Wimlow Sbt If,, it ^^Bc.i low.t th?n ?t Any plttee in Ibit city And nlio a tutd'al ^Bn tmeulof Dry lleili. c DANtKL R. TOOKEB. i ,,"er,*w qtttilttv Kimlith Lineeed { Blil't' ?W' ^OODm'uZi. II aiNTUSJN, I toMh it E NE NE XYLOGRAPHFC PRESS. +1!fD ORNER.1T. J011 PRISTIHG OFFICE, 66 gold st., hk* r fulton. (T'HE Subscribers respectfully ml nn dnugit's, perfatnars, A nimiufcctu'ers, ifrowii ad others, that rhey havt- just completed the lageat and moit aplt mltd assortment nf Xylrirraplic Lsb-ls eve, publish-d n this country or in EuropeDealers rnu he furtii.hed with aiy quan ity of labels, suited to tneir use,at a* low prices at ca Dc 1 und New designs and plates, suitable mr all kinds of business, usee ited in 'be fi st style ol the ait, aud printed in broiz , vi lieuated, plain and fancy colon. Containers a e invird to examine onr assortment before purchasing. > -'ens veadditiata are cow making, ?luch will be publish)d ill oily. Job Printing?'I heir office is also sup-lied tlith e??rv vtrie- i ty i f type recestary lor ihe 'X cu ion cf every description of Fancy Job Printi it. Circulars, handbills, bill In ads, bills lading, and all kluds of Men aulile Prin iug, executed o? re now able terms. Orrutl's Patent Card Prrsa?This machine is pirticuls ly adap'etl to lite Printing of Cards, which it ex cutes with goat facility and beamy; one person Deing aale to p tuta pack of the best eti'melled cards 1 i t ?o minutes, with ea .e. Superier Ivory Surface ard<, (mat ufactu-e I xpessy fot Ibisestablislunent,) furnished and ptiuied at the following p ices:? iro ca ds fur 50cts. .'(to cards for $125 500 do lor $100 1(03 do for $2.00 (Vmn on Ca<-ds at less prices. . Variig sled Show Caids?300 different kinds, sui'able for all kinds ol business. BHOWNSON lit CO., alt tw*?c 56 Oold St.. near aulton. r|M) WATEK TAKER*, and persons making use of Eire a. Hsdranu.?Ana geineuls b.isiug been ni de by the Water Commissioners'o empty the Croton Aqueduct, oo April 18th, for the purpose cf au cximiuatinn of the inn nor, and as there will be no additional iu iply loth* R-s-iynirs for me sveek after thai dale, it is very m cetsary 'h. t iio waste of waiershonld occur during that peiiod. All citizens are therefore earnestly u quested to cootrol the use of water as ar as po'sibb-, and t specialty not to al'nw any fire hydrant to remain open, or 10 be opened in their neighborhood I oi s'derations ot public ssfrtt as well as convenience equally call for a Stricr Ottcu ion 111 this nolire. "nifl 3(*r HORA 1() ALLKN, I" Tic Cro. A(| WorVs. Double action harps T K BFOW.NE Si CO., Mauu'acture s London snd New J Ynr", be< to call 'lie attention of the admirers of tin* very beau iful and f tshtunable li.s'rtniut, to th vety supetor Hat|i he tiaa for tale at 38) Broadway. 1 hete instruments ate c uitructed on the mo-t ai proved ptinri lei, withal! the modern improv. menta, ar- i nt gua'led in brilliancy of tone, I ghtiiiss of much, and perfectuess f m-mhaii'Si.t. J. ?. B. i.e<t? leave t? adit, lua ar rngrmrnti a'esurhasto ruble lum to t"tsacl Lustur-ss at Euro can prices thereby aivutg his frienda the Irgli duties imposed by tautf ou these io'truineuta. Dealers aud professors ara ptrticnlarly Invited, and will fiud his method of iransac.iug business adv it t 'genus. J K BROWNE, a7'oMld Si?y"ec 38V Broadway -nd '3)4 liamhers at. Rust'ton* cos compoundkcuio g-XiKAcr SARSaPaRICLA-A remedy or all utaeaaes <f the b'ood, am h as scrofula, ulcers, utatieous eruptions, Ike, ad r.)f run .v ins all those d se ises otig.n tin r in ihe eicrnsivo use or abuse of inercuiial remedies. It has also been proved to be nf g eat efficicv in ibe malic aff dions ei'. er chronic or iutl.initiator), and i rliri nie ol the liver lu the Compound Km).I K x'.ract ofS rs peril a, at prepared bvtliesu ac tiers :or seviral > e'rs pa?t. is contiiaed all ihe valuable medicinal (|Ua'lties ol Stisapari la, uunedwith those nf several other vi grfanlc i em. dirs woici h i'c b?en f iinl etfic*cin >s in similar diseases It rns esses tinny auvaii aies liver the unmer Us preparatio'( of S trsaparilla n w in u>e,aad his hern used wi h the grea est sue iesa bv rnauv iliV'icians in this cnv of the highest respectability; also ill theU. 8. Navy, where it his met with I e general approbation of the most ru,ikentiurieons in th? service. It is put up iu bottles nenr'y doable the size generally sold, II d is w -rra ted t., h at good a preparation HI any .ii use P,ice $| per bottle ; or a libeial discount made when pur chased bv tne it nantity Prewar'd and sol J, w hols Pe an ' leiaii, hv Itnisli'o.. St Co , Drug's t and Chemists, II" Broadway, nil 10 Astor House, New York, Where may alio be h.d Hand's, Bristol's and Carpenter's I lira, t of Sarsapaiilla. a!7 lns*ec LMlEbH .VI EAT?Ihe Proprietor ol the establishment on " tbo corner of West and Waireu streets, would info tin his customers and the public in genera1, thai owing to the 'ateuess it (he season he has concluded to clnsv the above plane, but will iiwsyii ne ready Mid willing to supply shop keepers and I*unlets Willi Beef, Fork and Mutton by the qn rter or larger jujutity Irom hii Slaughter Houae n? 26:1i street. Petom wishing to be thui aunplied with a first rat* article aud at a moderate priee, are requested to make application ai above, or at the pper Bull's Head, cjruer 3d avenue and 2dih tts ml7 lm*r JOHN W PRESTON. TEN CENTS PK CO POUNDS. F"EI 5HTS NEW YOi.K 'lO BALTIMORE. Shi i>eis of go uls B ilnmore from New Yoik are respe t lul'y nformed that fundi cr- <i?n-d to the >u scrib-r, agent of lie PhiUdelp) ii Wi'mtug'on U Biltimore Railroad Line, will be forwar 'ed from Plii'*il< Iph a to Baltimore at the rate of ten c" t> p-i I0U lbs. eith r by steamboat or ta I ro-d O 'od.d? lined lor *ny point sooth or west of Baltimore,will t e I or warded fr< m thenee at the low* st rales, and oar arr ugeme' ts are such as w II ensure "espatuh. Formtth r information apply to O. H HUDDKLL, at the office of the Uno-H Transport ilton 1 in- Pier No. 2. W. L. ASHMiAD. Agent, _al8 St*r Philadeli hia. passage to MSSBXUamBB pittsburg. THE subscriber has comuleted arrangements for the ol Passt ngers and Merclnnd'se ro I'ttt.burg and intermtdt te p'are", on the most ieaionat!e tetuis, per' Cilizeus Portable Boat Line " P-oj>le abont to proceed to the Westward, will find it much to their advantage to mail" their arrangements fy this d?sir?bie conveyance a the siricttst atteut'on will at all tiinrsbe pa d to the co foit of ihe pa-senceis, na well as lite punctuality of i di et convey ante with desptteh. For fuilher particulars app'v to JOSEPH McMURHAV, sl9ec too Pinestnei, cent r if South. ~~~ STATEN ISLAND PEH.K.Y Foot of Whitehall street. "Or^ntTailerMoiiday, Ap'il 10th, the steamer STAI EN ISLANUF h a >11 leave as follows, until further notice LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW tORk. At I A.M. At 9 A. M. 1* II PJdP. M. iKf.M. ?)* 3>a 5 6 All goods shipped are required to be particularly marked,and ire at the tisk t the owners thereof. a9ec rilALLENOE TO CitOLIUrt lllk fiitsen f'jot sail boat ' TKOUBLER" will w'lrJfVstand ready to'.oil any di tanee, lr?m 2e to 0 miles. HHflHMagamst any sail boat ever fa t by Wm Crnlins, from the tirs day of June unit the fi'st day of Augn-t nest, ore month's uotiee belt g i if en, to sail two sr pa'ate da s for t tie mm jf S 00, each day. The aole object ii Co teat lite silling qualities if the boa's. N. B.?To tail withont oara or tenders. C. L. INOEHSOLL, aT 1m*ea 4(*> abater street. .Mfl jgm TO TH"' O VVKH rF THE 8?ILP. ?jL?-3?POAT TK- UBLKH The owner of ZaaJ^MeLihi- a i boat " Tionbl-r" h.tvi'g r ceived .re. fh llNWI 'torn boa's bnilt fcy Wm. Cwliua within the a t-i* months, and not hi* nr yet a-cep'ed the same, it i? iresuimd that in iub''th>g hit < h'l'rntt'te tail rgiin?tany aoat eeri built bv Creliua, hi<'"we.i g i agination han taken i flight from the terra firms of Water slieet to those my.t c je[iens? " Where rite man by m?nv odds, Obiaina receipt" <rom n?i..g go a." As aoon as convenient f'er It he haa go' if a more of theae eaeipta, and de> c n'rd from ill it ar nal innnuf .c'oiy of honoia, t ii honed thai lie will c ndocrnd to notice some one of the :ha'leng*j alreaoy gives l lai a th't"hi? to'e object of teat>t tne ati'jug qua ttiea of th-boats" inty be obtained? fter uhich.if I i? boaa'ad" 1 ronn'er'*does liot prove a inflict nt foubler to him by rap izioc hia epoiat'Ui. asatie Ii a dene tet-elf, he ih-ll tin uliavr the optiortunitv np,mhit own ter?s, I 00 pa r day fir twodava,"f rgain aet ittg Ins vaui< e<l nami fo'lowing i i ihe walre of Win rol'Ui, ai Hie icrpec'ful rate jfthree mi ea m eighteen, ?a it did last 'pri-a nls-tm*m 1 r.VR.NI \(1 LINK FOP ALBANY". Cw An withmtlandi g ? F'om the ront of B .relay jMmmmmjtrn tW strut north aide 'lie splendid commndi"tis Steamer DIAMOND '"itita n A Flower, w II lea*e a? above very I Uraday, Thu aday, and * atu dcy, at 6 o'clock, P M. For Pa-a tge or to the Captain onboard, tr at :he office of laid Bo t, foot of UarcUr it. The ithove boat will leave Albany the alternate dayi, foot o( fiimilmn street an'6 r 0M NEWARK AMD NEW YORK?Fare EL . only 12*4 enta!?The it lendid steamer ImJCJEL PASSAIC, Captain John Oafly, h? been '?( iu u?in|iirir orner, auu wm commerce ner trips i r cne leason, on Monday the 10th instant, as In lowt, until further iot.ce :? Leave New York at 4 o'clock, P. M. " .Nr wark at 7? o'clock, A. M. Freight CTtier) at reasonable ran. alt Omec .MM Ma P&OFLK'* Li NTT OV HTi. A VI BOATS K0B ALBANY DAILY?Through direct N" zee r? at 6o'clock P M , "uudayt ricepted, from h~ steamboat pier between Conrrlandt and Liberty street*.? lhe?tea"T KOIJHK81'KH, C'pt A H nah'on, leavca Vondty, Wednesday, and Kridt' rveui g*. at 6 o'clock. The steamer SOl'TlI AMERICA, Cant. S. W Uraiuard, leaves Tuesday, Thuraday, and tvimrgi, at 0 Tc'ork. The above Btataarenew and stibstantivl, are f?rn'ili?d with . It g'nt a tate Kootpa, and in all respects are ntitnrpaaaed among the Hudson Hirer Ste'ineia. Kor twssrge or freightapply on board, or to I\ C. Srhnl'x, at '.he office on lhe_whajl. till ft FOR LIVK.UI OOL.?Regular packet of ths Mth |J9|I^V Aptil ?The very superior, fast sailing packet stop BQNbMDDON#, Captain Cobb, will positively sail as tbovc. Ha*ing rery snperinr accotntnodAtions for cabin,second cabin ind steerage pasaeugers, MKM wishing to embark should itilte early application, ou board, foot t f M>idrn Lane, oy to JOSEPH McML itttA V, 100 Pine st., cor. 9onth. Persons wishing to tend for their (rieuds residing in the >ld country, can hare them brought out by the above ships, or uiy of th? regular packets, by applying si abnre ; jf by letter, mat paid, alt r itr FOR LONDON?Packet nt 20th An-il?The anSfXy SpPSssai"' Wt " known packet ship WESTMINVtatabSTER, Atwoou, Moore, master, will sail as above, ser regular day. Can handsomely accommodate a few more eahin.serond crbin mo steerage passengers, if early sn ii made on board ,ne ?mp or to JOHN'HEKUM AN,61 Somh at. N B ?Paaaaar from London or Liverpo >1. can at ?lt timea be lugagrd by the regular lackela, and dtaf ? I -r any mount payable throughi ut the Ui>iti <1 Kingdom, by applying ,a above. aUr FU5 lAINDUM-Hernial I'ackel ul Ihr Jhiuit U9VArrll.?'The very anperior (aat Militia packet ?hi| tifaW ESTMIN8TKII, Captain Atwoon, will anil at Ihote her regular day. Having very ?n|ienor aeeommodanona for rabin, aecond ea ?iu, and ateeragr p.iasengera; peraunt wi-huig to embark thonld make early application to JOSEPH Me MURRAY, 100 Pine atreet, corner of South atreet. rera-ina wialnng to arnd (or thetr frienda, can have them Stonitht oat by tbe aboae ahip. or any of the regular packrta, by mid vina an above, if by letter, poet-paid. ?,2r "XSl OLD ESTABLISHED KMItlHANT I'Ata JStWSAOK OEM' K, 01 South atreet. New York-Reg AG^fanlar Line of ParkeU?The aubacriber rotitiuiiea to mifet out iieraont from anv part of Ureal Britain and Ireland ahoinav be engaged tiy their frienda here, hy the regular lint ?f packet tint .a, . ilina every an daye 'rotn Liverpool. Per lot the.rTrien le maV rely that jutt care will be \ken to ha. Ahem deapalnhed without delay in Liver pool,and will alwava endeavor to merit a continue ire of the pnbli. paiaonaar ?hich haa been ,o liberally bratowfd for mane yeara putiand tho.e remitting inouey can have " * die bank a and brinchea throughout the UaKedKingd m. jKor farther particular., at. Amems? :w y( W YORK. WEDNESDAY CLINTON HOTEL, NEW YORK. fTHK PltOPHlKTORof lh;? well kuown anil very popular I Hotel, avai'a himself of tbe occrstnn, to n-nder his sincere thanks to the tublic, au<l *o its rat ons, I >r the patronage and ki dnrss llt-y h ve (or a sern-s oh years iu warmly and liberally bestowed. Ac'na'ed by a sincere desire to me-It sun reC'i?e the appr 'baric ri of ihe public, an rijr.u m eccordaace wiili 'he ni.'f - i?i of the times,he h n reduced hit rat- to the following prices Table de Hote $1 50 per day Privte Parlor t2 oo per day Board in Parlor-" $MiO p r day In makiiiL- <!? anuiinci itl-m, the pre prie'or beta leave to assnf Ih. public and >hc pat oris ol the est mlithnu nt, that there sba'l not be any iLiuminon in h- attractionsof [hr Clinton Hotel, But, that, on the contrary, no effort sha'l be wanting, on liis p rt to mtiiitaiii I'm- high renuu ion the House has at all It hi a enjoyed, and to obtain which he h * a' a'l tiinrs studied. M 3*?r rKK-TON HODOKH. WASHINGTON TEMPIRANCE HOTEL, 3'6 PWAKLST, Fi'ANKl.IN SQUArtK, N. Y T FOWLH'.R tit ^ON reaprctiullv ml ,nn their friends and o the puh'ic, that the* have opened the above well krowu Hole I o-i atriet trinpetarc-- prinriples, and pledge themse'ves to conduct tlie same strictly in those pnnC'ldrs. Tlie acc-m modati mis Deed uo cnmtnen., as they are -tood and comfortable Permanent and trtasieuL Boarders by the day or week. Private aparrm- uts for families oti ill- ino't reasonable lerms. Tlie I -cation is convenient to the London and Liverpool Packets, autl the Albany, Bnfftlo, Boston and Philadelphia boats. Kvery inf rtnaiion giv. a to persons travelling; also the best and < he ape t way of conveyance to all parte of the United St-tes and Canada. Tlie Readmit Room will be supplied with English and Aineiieau napers, and all the Tempeiauce jieriodiculs. Terms?B raikms per wiek S3, per day 75 cents. Tea,coffee cakes, Stc always ready. We, the undersigned, would cheerfully recommend the above Hotel to th? no ic-of our Weshinuluuiin friends, and il? ,...11...,. ....i.i ii.. Hon Aaron f*lark H'?u. Uro. Hall, Pre?ident Parent Boriety.Brooklyn. James Vail Dyke, President of tVallsbont T. B. Society, .fames H ri er, Pre-iden'o ihe Franklin Toip|p Society. Win V. Lrvgrt, Vice Picsideul Broadway oriety. A C Flanagan, President of Pro>|irc! SocetT. Kev. Iraac ov> rr, 1'ieinscut Washingtouiau T. B. Society. Nicholas Duff, Pies dr-ut of Andrr'ou Society. A U Wilton, M, D. Pretuleul of Marthall T.A Society, aol lm*'-c KuSSViLLE BuAHDlNO SCHOOL, sTAlK.N ISLAND. HWF.8THOLP respectfully inform hit fnrnilt and the ptblwi that hit school will re open nu lor ktof May. P. en's and guardians are alto inforiiird H W. irxkot it a ia<iiit of conieience to tua'd in every possible wav the mortis of children committed to his care, from 'our to twelve yeart of a?r Reading, wri'iug. orthography, ari'hm?nc, geography aud grammar taught. 1 lie local on is drligh'fiil and healthy; theorrliaul, geid-ns and play giound are spacious; a' oiil tell miuatrs walk from the landing. The steamboat Rriubow le 'Vet Ban lav street t?erv dav at 3 o'clock, lor Kottville. Terms, for boa'd and tu'ti >n, including wosuiuR, $"5 per quarter. p id in ad van- e. Mefereucrt "rr David More, Staten Island. W. N Seymour, Esq., 4 Chith m aqmre. N..Y H-nr- Stewart Seanio, E-q , Sta en Id ind. Wm. urilam. toq., 121 B> ehrnan ttreet.< J.din Q linn, Esq , :r Muuroe street. Metsrs. Cotvill iud Flrmin*. Esq., IS Cedar street. Faptkdwsrd Kerb, K?q Hicks street. Brooklyn. Mis.V?rian 21 E 'ridge street New Vor . alt Im^r RAMSEY'S CEI.EBIIATEO CHEMI*'AL COSMETIC oHAVING COMPOUND TO an* gentleman who may pnrchunthtg aiticle, tha money wi'l he rr landed if not entirely satisfied, after us ng it one m-i'th To he had of the iuven.or, at his manufactory and warehouse, 43 Maiden I an-. ALEXANDER RAMSEY. Certificate of Dr. T E Bond, Senior Editor of the Christian Advnc ite and Journal. Mr. Alrgander Raimey:? Hit?I have fairly tried your Chemical Cosmetic Shaving Compound and havi g alway s been m rhe prai rice ol shavii g murlf, h?d pr< vi mly used many of the va i us prepir itioi.i wh'ch li d been offend';> the public as ndliil'illf this '.NN* tion I have no hesitation io trying youit it the best I have tried The lather it teadil? made, and oi a prop< r consistence; it it mild, icdeid, wholly inoffentiv- to the face. veu where there may be si ght abra'ions or the skin,>n 'vlnt^et tenaciously nud closely,so f.s io i ive the oeciriy sliffut'ts to the beard to render close shnviDK ph-asaut and easyNew York, April 12th, 1812. T. E. BOND, al2 lm*e: <<1j,RANCT8v PATENT LIFE BOAT, ' Office No. 7 " Wall s'reet m2t A FEW OKTLEMKN of steady hrbits cau be acceminodat'd with good board and pleasant rooms io a private family, ut 2(14 Kallcustreet. Also, afew day boaders can be acctm moilated on the most reasonable term. A parlor and bedroom to let, with or without hoard a5 ec BROWN (It CO.'S One l'rico Hat Store, 178 Chatham J^?sqnare, cii'Der of Mott tt? where fashion, beauty, durability aud economy are combined to adoin tile head. The p-o p I- una iiarc mr pleasure rmw 10 oner a new liyie 01 lial, lllr mural on of braver, which closely resembles ibosa formerly old for $5 and $.0 at 0M low fixed price of $1: those who from inchuati >n or necessity are induced to study economy in that indispensable article of dress, bare now an opportunity of doing so, and still keep op the appearance of the most fashionable.? Brown b Co. in pre-euliug lilts hat to the public, think they have reached th4 ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, neatness, durability and comtort to the wrarer. All sales nte for cash, therefore no good customer nays the losses incurred by the bad. BROWN b CO. 17t Chatham sonare, a8 lm * rortier of Mom at Hi SPII!NO FASHION FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS ?The undersigned r<spectfitlly informs his customers and the public generally, that he has now ready for inspection and talc, the mekMsind spring style i f gentlemen's flats, which for beauty of fiuohaud aud symetiy of form, exceed any former eff rt, in this r any othe- city. To the economist they are a dituah'e article, as they com bine cheapness, dnrihil ty nd elegance, warrant.d erjial fJ any ami inferior to n ine. In the inuiuf <clure of Hats I c challenges p..nip. ; ae therefore solicits a s are of i nblic patronage. he wou'd a so ca'l their artent-on to his I* g- as-orment of Men's, Vo'th's. and children's cap-, of cloth, relict, be. all of his own manufacture, which for varie y of patterns canuot be equalled. Also, h t new style of children's drab and pearl eolored fancy hats trimmed with velvet if various patterns, for > prion ana summer wear, y-ry much adtnirrd. A call Will eonvtn e tbe most seel l ice I it the i ttperiunty ol the-bove ineuiii ntd articles, now rtsdy for sale at the o d -st iblisbed stores of ISAAC H ARCHER, si' Im'r ?0t ?nu'60 (j > ni? i h st, N. Y. VAt-UABLK BOOK.?Rat motd's Cop of Outins's Do meslic .Mi diciue?Tuis boos w s written by Dr. J. C Oun.i, sgr-eablyio tbe most approved practice of m- diciue for tbe use ol families 8 nee it? first i uhlication. m"<c than 100, CO'I copies have been lold in tbe Son h and West. It h\s iin-h rRunr a revision, been rnlttRsd toDifl pages, and e m he dished wilhcost'y n'atrs and elrir n'lv bom il and tolii at a mu h lower price tha.i any oilier Family Slrdical wnik npprovetf of tbe regular lacu'ty. It is dear, concise <u'l inrtructii g on the art of preserving heal h, and poiuia out in pl.t n lingular, free from m -slier I tr mi, the diseases rf Men, W men ?nd Children, with the lues'aud in ist approved mens und in their cure?in it wil be round a uvlul catalogue of Medicin??, with their dosesand pro|ieiries Aloalnlld scrip'ion of tbe Medical Roots and ria:i s of our Country, is lib the necessary iiireetioDS for us ur ihi-m. The w rk is stringed ou a veiy simple pl >n. bv the practise of medicine is reduced to pr.acipies of common sense This work is now ready for delirery and can be furnished at wholes-ie or retnl, by RAYMOND b COMPAN' , ] '8 Maidr u I ine op s'sirs, aiid the boot store ot Ballon b Miles Broadway, and A. V Blake. 77 hulnst ei6 <t*r J RANGE CKKAM CANDY.?Messrs. J. Prase <a rsou. Confectioners, S4 Divisfoo street, have brought forth snoiher delicious compound to gratify tbe sweet teeth and (tables the palates of those who indulge id such "sweetmeats " This candy possetes the film flavor of rhe Havana orange, and. we think, cnuiim fail to rece.vr (be ratronage of the ladies and invars of ronfeciior-arv in erneral ? Anrcra ttfr DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THK I'll TOURATHIC ARTISTS. FA. AR FAULT A CO , J68H Fulton atreet. ppp??''e St. P.iul't church, ie peclltijly in orm the photographic artitta, and every pt'*mi riiKKtil in <1 L_ 11 r rrolvpr bit iu<*>, that they win receive by picket ship* Km-rVd and V'lvde Lvot? 1000 Fren 'h d'gne'renlype ph.tre, 6X uirhi ? by 8H. No. 30; 12 Fieuch ?c om ? c le'n?e* 3X inchra dtame er, in dr by Urr h< uni and Alf Ui.-oux; 8 Kreii'h icr. ma ic lenses, inrhei diameter, prepared by I hnalier, for raking Inrye site* of nor train; 50 ounce* b nrnine: 50 ounce* chloride of iodine, and all the chemical* nere**arv f??the dagwe rentypa. "8 i m* r EXPRESS FOR. CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. '( "HE aubsrriber* will *rud an express through from tin* city, 8 to the above named and intermediate place*, on the morning of the 9th in?L, lor the transportation of specie, banknote*, buudle* and package* oI goods, collection at draiu, bill* note* and accounts,and all snch other business as may be eulrusted to thein. POMEKOY k CO.. 2 Wall *t., N.Y N. B. Immediately on the opening of lake navigation, the above express line will be extended to Chicago, Cincinnati, he. and comiuurd ihroughout the ent're *ra*on, la connexion with their New York, Albany, Troy, and Buffalo daily eipre ?? m6 r Adams k co.'s new yoiik and Newark ki PIIESS.?The pohlie are respectfully infiirmed that t a subscribers have established an Kxpre** between New Yo t and Newark, N. J., for the traninuaaion and *peedy delive r of package*, bandies, money, kc. kc.; the collection of not w and tnlla, and all other limine appertaining to an Expreu Orders for articles to be returned by the Expects will t? delivered free of charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall itreet. and ta Newark, "at SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 120 Broad at. Lesre Hew York at 11K A. M. and 4\ P. M. i .... v l, .. r, A as -..1 iw n sr d??ee_ ' AOAMW It I'd I MTOItTANT TO OLD COUNTRYMKN.-MK8SH8 1 II MIND EN Si CO will draw at their Ext"**** aud Foreign Letter Office, No 3 Wall street, small bills of exchange Irom M to ?IOi>, in snms to ?nit, payable st sight, for the aecoinm odstion of persons wishing to remit to their frtcuds iu Enclaad, Iv land, or Scotland. The letter lugs lor the Royal Mail Steamers forLir st ool are also made op at their office. For further information arply to HARNDKN It CO., 3 Wallttre e Agent, in London?MACLEAN, MARRI8 k CO. Liverpool?WILMKH % SMITH SOMETIIINO NEW IN BEDSTEADS !! I THE ittenli ti of betel, lasrrn and boarding boose keepers is reqn sled to a new and superior description of bedsteads, combining all that is considered desirable in this indirpensible article of furniture, vir,.implicit?, economy, rlnrntrlity aud entire absence of any thing line harbor for that most noiicns of all insects TUB ABOMINABLE BID BUO. TJie ease a d short space of litre wi h wnich WILLS'S I'AIKNT PREMIUM BEDSTEAD can be pU' up or taken down is almost indie ible, call and see a great varieiy at Woodruff's Depot foi the above, 71 Gold street, between Spruce ana Bei kinan, New York. Shop i ighn aud uiaclnnt ' lor sale on application as shove. a8 Cn*ic FURNISHING WAREHOUSE. WOIIAM St HAUOHWOUT, 561 Broadway,near Nihlo's, hare just recened? < hsndnlit IS, 4 to St ig ts, silver, ormoln and bronze, for gas and candb s: 16 entire nt w patterns lust opened. Girandoles anil eandelabr <*, 8 ? w patterns Us in>uii:l lij,h s, bracke s, pendants, lanterns, he., by far the moetsvprrb rsaortment we hare exhibited iu m yean. Hall lantern* for gas or Oil, in gien variety ui ityle and pat term. Holnr '.imps, a moat complete assortment of ihe beat impro veil I'ftlterna; seve-al eniru n?W |>attrrtii; with eveiy other sr icle that i? requt.ed foi the t urpoao of gvmg light; toceiher wiiha ftill assortment of ilie tiiusl quality of cut glat?, ofevery description, Kmc table entlery in **ta, in mohogauy cases, end in dozens. A gte it variety i f| lalt d nrti . h tbets, Inys, waiie a, canora, tonal rack*, eand*eslck?. iiqn*rfr tnea, forks, a <o?n< die. Also u c ,nip el,- aaaoitmrut of j ipan. ed te i tr * ye, Brita "'Jtea sets, steel lire i.ons plaudand braes amir f da hite *od gold dining, tea, and toilet Wire, end every other "tide in iha finr, which we will positively sell below tfie mie t prices. ?.iw' half circle stair ease lor ceiling, II feet high, with mahogany nil, ha., for sale cheap. al tw*r J K IV I MORNING, APRIL 19, 1! TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. TYPES. AND ALL OT?>^K PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CONN E H * S < UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, Corner or Nassau ?n:> Ann Streets, N K' v Y KK. CAN BE H?n AT ?I"HTKKN PER CENT DEDUCTION FROM OLD 1*111' KS. THF. u nd*r? H'lird resnerflip I y informs (' n Old Pitroni of the Tvi"* "ill Ht-reotvoe Found'!, lormerlv known ai James J Conner l, and mo-e rerrntl. til cionld'ooic'i, and ihnublic iu ifcueril, that rrwv art prr.mreil to-se.iilo orders for PRINTING TYPES, , PR ESS*'S, CHASES, CASES, IMPOSING STONES, j INK, FRAMES, nod i v?ry other art cl? uicessiry 10 f rm [| Complete Printing Ei'abllsiim-uU, on favorable terms, and o' ss good a nniliry u any other establishment iu the United r States. L nrw rmrrs, per pound old prices, per pound. Airate, , ??> rents. AKtte, 108 renta. v Nnnrareil, 66 ? N'unareil, 81 ? A1|i inn. 61 ,, Minion, CI ? p Br-vier, 46 ,, Brevier, 51 ? Buurgr'MS, su ,, nourg'ois, "> II Lone Primer, 36 ,, L n.g P imer, 41 n Hm ill Pica, 31 ? Small Pica, M .. Pi's, 31 ,, Pica, , 31 i, C Borden, Cun, Bona Itule. and all other artic'ei manufactared at this estab .(aliment, at Lhe nine rednc d ratea. IN New Aiticlea not up to order, on being furnished with paterus. " I'he Type rait at this establishment, i?, both in the style of n Fa'e and lie materia' ofwlncli it i> made, particularly adapted for aervice in Newipipcr Pooling. C All kin 'a of Steeotvping 'urniehed to order. N B ? Bnrh Newapni e's as will copy the nhosp three timet, n will be entitled to pav ill Type, on maims a bill of lour turn a the amount of the thiee insertions al ______ I ' 'HB f'rot*n Aoii'dnct Hoard rei pectfiilly ca'l the attention 2 i rf fhei- fel'ow cinT.en< to 'he Ordinance of the Com? >n |i Council, pub iilpd below prohibit ng, under penal i?* of line r or imp iiouinenl, the unau horned I'leMDit of (he Hydrants erirt d/or the rxt'lig Mah.neiit of ti'vs. lit i he absence of such H an Or'iii'iire hgtetORNre,all tht effort* of lhe it nn of 'he i: AoUL-ilnct D par mnit have failed to corrert an alarming evil, j( which i' ii 'he due - afwnfmd Mm to assist iuiupniis i"g Many of the Hydrauts have b.-,-u br< ken and rendered unfit f r te rice, in rourequrnee of the c rrlrssness or iueipr- II ienee of. eia ir.s who liave opened thetn : thu c*u*>nir great |, e?p-nte to lie my?and bv destroying lb - uoftlhiets (if the , Hylr-n's iu ca e ol lire, h<rardiuK ll,e safety of tba neighbo- " ins buJdings In conn mience of the w aut"ii wste from Hy- R drnnts improperly opens<1. and k# pt open, 'hronghonr the c,lv, p the head of w?t r at the dis'.nbuting reservoir his bred much dimmislied ; and should li'ea occur, an efficient action of ihe Hvdrama ennn t be looked for unless strict nbrdience to tba 8 Ord'nauce now pasaed, shall be yielded or euforced. Tne Cro- o tOe Aipieiluct B ard therefore ram silyaali the acti"e ro-oprlation of In ir rellnw cirxens in i ff cling <lie important object which ihe Ordinance of the Common Couucil is intended t to accomplish. t JOHN L. LAWRENCE, M. VAN 9CH All K, J. fit LLIPS PHOENIX. B CRi NKLII'H W LAWUKNCK, d SAMUEL B. HUOGLEV. 1 New York, April 15th, 1813. ^ AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN ORD1 A. A V' K TO REOULATK J . THE WATER WORKS OF THE C1TV . OK NEW YORK, raised Svpn mb-r'ith, 1812. " SrcTieis 1. No p-isoD cr persona < x-ept the M tyor, Abler- f m?n or Ars's'anls of the r< eper.tive wards, sha'l eih'ii pre- j vions pe'ini-sion ill writing from the Orel m Aqueduct Boird, UBrcrew or open any hydrant belong ng or attaclied t?'he Cro, | lm Water W" kseiic , d for the ?? iu<uiihn>ei"l ,f firea, except in c-re of fi in the n-ig'iboihvd nor aball leave such ( lire nylraiit op- u lor a loi g r !" e ih in iln-li bu limited in an h nefUl'aaion nor almll uae tne ? ater for o'ber pu-poses than may ] he mentioned in s?io per nisaiou, under the penalty ot t seuty- ' five dolla a lor each ortei ce. ( St o 2. No person or |'-rsons. except aneh as may be licensed by the Crotou A u-du't Boa.d to sell water to shipping. ha'l take th* w iter from any hydrant ere ltd or to be erected ill the city < f New Yoik and attached t" the Crolon water , C-- .1... L- -:J ? - ' I' i m me t>uiui ariiuiK nr. ?m<? w nrr or ournuu itJnT rata, uLcl *i ihe penalty of twenty*five dollars for each 1 oflrMice f 8ec J. Any pensliy herein prescribed shall be imposed on , he offi-ndrr in like manners* it provided in the firtt section of the seventh ti In of the Ordinance hereby emended, in respe t ' to the pct-alry tin rein |i-escribed. And in default of the p y- I ment. the < ffei der >ha>J be subject to the like luuishineni by ' imprisonment. hs it in the said section prescribed. 1 Sec. t It >hali he the dufv of the Street Impectort, Ton 1 ttablfi, Marsha's, Police Officers, and Watchmen, to ei force \ the observance of ihit Ordinance to the uimo-t cf th irehi'i- ( tlea, a> d to mate complaint of any vielati -a thereof to the pro- . per authority Adopted by the Board of Aldermen. Marrh ?7'h, 18 3. f Adopted hy th- Boa-d or Aa rirants, M itt h 27th, 18<3. ( heceived bom h > H 'uor tl e Mayor, April 13, 1843, without hit approval or objections thereto. Therefore, uml > the i rovniona of the emended Charter the fc lime becrnie a I <w. (Signed) J09. II. TAYLOR, i apl6 2w r Clerk.' C r nn P^IH (IF UOOU DOUBLK A MO ?|NuLe ?Ol7E 1 OyJyJ BUSKINS, of all color.., iron- fa to 6t. and $1. war- I pitted good Ladles', Mimes, aid Children's Outers, black, j bronze, g't en and light color?, ol the latest fashion, tl 37 to ( $175, Alio 32. Gent's line Kreuch ai d native calf Ureas boots, prime caif dresignawer boats, shoe* and eaiteis; mens', boys! I nil childr-nfs; g od low p-ir^rd boots; prime mens', boys'mid ; children's, of all sorts and s izes, ijm cheapest you ever saw. , Largea' assortment, best quality, uiflo west prices iu the city. 1 J. 8 Wslker, 419 Bioadway. I hare sold out my other store, and will nay all attention to accommodate my friends and the ( public. Good sbovs at low prices. Good gaiters, 12*. tm*r V UI'HOLsi Li: k, WI.MIHW SHAUKS AND 1'AI Ett i HANGINGS. 1 WK AKE NOW HKI El VINO onr nsual handsome and I large assortment of the above goods, embracing everar de- u scriptiou of unrtam material, trimmings and ornament*, win dow sha e>, fr?tn the lowest pr ce to the most magnificent, s>hch we import exclusively f om Paris. Also, the mogr C fashionable l'?n-r Hangings, tm lu ling brooch, h'oglish ami p American, from the cheapest to the most cos'ly de>rrip:ion u bes'l ?' Beds Mturesara, Pillnstrc*. tkc.. of warranted pure material-, and vshien, witn evny oiiier article in th-above line tl are ofTere at lower prices than at an other est hli-hniriit in the r city. SOLOMON ?t HAKT, _ Importers and Msnufac urers of Ui>ho strcv Good, 11 187 Broadway, oppo.ite John St. f N. B.?The trade, both city au I country , supplied as nsoal at p wholesale or retail a4endlm*r , LEECHES ! LEECHESJ? t kooo fine healthy sweedish leechesjh t recei?"d. Also a near mi eisoitirent ol Drugi, , I'a'Lti, Oili, UN Stuffs, Itr.. Ike For lie cht ap at 20<i GREENWICH, NEAR VE8EY. N B?Arrangements hay* heeD marie for fresh n|>ply from v 8wrrden sereril daring the s<asn, Mid ?ill tr put 11 i . that ihev can be it lit to hut Part of the United States with prrf.rr ?af.-fy all imFH ANCJS H. CRUMP, Chronome'er, Watch mui Clock ' Maker and Jewslt-r, formerly with S. J. Tobias (or nearly t tit years, and recently with Marjutnds It' o.. Bro<d.vay, npw arils ol three yesjs.brgs to acquaint hit friends and the public, I ih at he ha* taken a alore ai 248 Grand atreet, whrre he iutrnd> to practise the those business and trists from hi* long esperi- P ence and kuown ability, to meet with that share of pet/on ge rn || which In* abilities entitle h'm. In retn nin?r thanks inr all past favours, he would remind hit friends thai he repairs every description of Watches, Kepe.-qe-s, Musical and Uapltx, the mod complicated thai c?n be procured Also, Jewelry aud Uiara <ud work aet ; Pearls re-trung; eterynrti le hfty tier cent ihesper than any I 01 se in the eiiv, being enabled to do the whole hunat If. and not tnist t> the ineipeiieuCe ol others. Glasses an keys in proportion. Cash paid ror old anlil and aieer. j TNO'.RhOLL'S GREAT BOAT BAZAAn FOR 1843* Rememb-r onecidar and oak boat is worth twenty l ine and white wo <d ones. The subscriber lutein's during the coming ae?son to fully satisfy t''c world of the difference between good boata and had ones froaa his eitahlishinrnt warranted will bear upon it the stamp of C. L. p lamnoll. Dunng the past season (he subscriber has prodnced that inimtUMa IS loot sailing Dini-ev Troubler, which receircl lite . challenge from the American'itute and took the gold me- ' dtl ; she it 0<<w ready to show hei ilviu to any sailing boat, no ,, matter where built or who by, lor any ? ilutbie trocfiy.?Also the lots boat Henry Stork, which won three races in sneers- if siou, with ease Also the trinmphint (J. W Chapman, which W't' out an effort, made the quicks*r time ninin record. 'l However, duriitg the coming sea" n he intends leaving a'l ? hit own former efforts in the shade. Hs will eitimste for auy kind or description ofltoal*. from one to filly tons bnrlhen.snd || wherever his stamp may be found there will be a host that . can't be beat. C. L. IMJEU80LL. Boat Bazaar, tl 406 and 414 Water at. and 121 Cherry as. l Jst. W. Hale, Sole Ag- nt, 58 Wall st. n P 8.?Race, sail, c'nh, life, ami pleasure boats, may alwsyi j| be found at I overtoil's Bazaar, cheaper than they can be norchased elsewhere. epl lm"r y HAIR CUTTING AND SHAVING. a HILL, the inimitable Hair Cntter, lakes this method of inloriniiu hit friendtaud the public in general, that he has a retaken his Old Hlam , 86 l\earl street, immediately adjoining f the Pearl Street House, which lias been uewly fitted up, end whrre he will he pleased to watt on all who may lasor him t( with theii patronage, iu his neat aud skillfnl style, st the fol low iug moderate prices :? H'll's tnimitanle Hair Cutting, I2X cents. a ktfjs :: h BT7" Don't forget the number? No. 86 Petri' atreet. ** iu30 Im m C BILLIARD SALOON. ? NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THK AMERICAN HOTEL. 0 PRICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from 8 v A M. to J P M.?The aiihrrriher inform hit frienda and the |>tiblie in general, .it- ho Eire N> w Billitru Tablet, iu ae parile apartment*? two in theut per front ailooii?two in the ll rear nloou, and one in the front room?all in firit rate order. 11 Each irt tletnan riaitinR the eaubliahtneut will be furnished witlia |>riv.tte Cur,'or line?the talilei being iu dil- w lerent aim menu trie proprietor thinka it will render it mora aelerrandi reeable to grutlrmrn viaittng Ilia honae. ? ALSO. TWO IT INK BOW LINO ALl.KYS IN THE iV BAHK.MENT. I' Hit Bar will alwaya be toc.ed with the chnicrat Winea and |>l Liquor* and the beat Segnri to be had?alan Sherry Cnhhlu/a, p| Mint Iulrma, Puncher; nude in a manner not to be rnrpaaaaa . N B ?The apartment* hare undergone a thorough refitting , ?mew pa|ier. painting, *e. tl !ir7"(>eiillemen will plenae to communicate at* neglect of fj date of the attendant!, it the bar. KKANCI8 MONTEVEKDE. ' nehie trn*r .6 B.ire'ay atreet. n FURNISHING STORES, cj 16 AI>n den lane, and 349 Uraadway. Jfc I. COX |,a?e JOat opened a ne w aarortuient of Ifoure 'H h iirniahiiik Omnia, emulating of girandu'rr, and lainpa in Mi.. tTi.l.l unit ItinmiorUiim . le.l a? r. 11 Irrttichra, urns, w tert. tei #t , cans! e.licks, siiufrers an J tray, 'oi at r?ca?, i a craokera. dec dec cf Table eutl-ri in ? H, or by the d r.en; also, reliant pOrk't lh knives, r*r.or?, he ; hall lanterns, ?l*r. d wiih plain, pi ne, cur, er or it? > nl ifla s at very r ducesl prices; in mt*i clocks in *ieat variety, japthned lea trays, bead baakeia, ki.ile traya, spree h i. s, Jc- M' ; Ois n dc -oil's Shelfi Id, Bmannit tea sets ami hf c lfftr iims, O rmin itlver inoors forks, ladlca, Mirer kniv, s, (jr dir.; block I n mab coven,coffee urns, and aleak dishes, po- .. I nl, ,1 ,r, , | I, ,, Ul'.aa ware, wi e?, chainpasnea, tnmblera, drc<n:rra, lemon- ?V adea, mirror disli-a tor preaeives, water bo ties, ce lery bowls, cc pitchers, dt bi vrr Ware, alw lyi on hnml or mad- toordr r. i I'ea, deasrrt, and table apoms. f.irlia I'd't a. hutt-r knirrs, t, a aeta, r ffeo po'a, pitebrra. rbililreiis' cups, dt-. The imp-over! TO ratint 8olar Lamp, of K?*l>>h ami American maBiifactuic. SV Penan* fund Iiuk ate rsapectfolly invited to call. , , r|7 In. end*c ______________________ II\8KtO <?IL?/'y eaaks lupr not ipMlity kiiiillsli t.niaerd 'l* -d Oil. thrtv ot< tile wharf IVr aal? iir lota to suit i nrchaaera, "1 by WOODHlfLL Ik MlNTUK.MJ, adr in Vnn'h snoot ? NO LI Mi WHIT* L d. AU?J" keia a?ry aupenor quality n?j himlish While Lead, loraale by , WOODHULL It MINTURNR, ,0 llr 97 8outh ?tr*#u y< m IKR.A 343. Lexington, Ky. (Oorr?>|>uii(lciice of the Herald.] Lexington, April 12,1813. Ircat Revival of Religion? The Millenium Dawning ? Transylvania University rising?Its Officers and Students?Tom Marshall's Account of Himself and of ( lay?Garrett Davis nrrt ftrr Congress? Clay's Address ? Aj/pointmints. )ear Bennett:? Never within my recollection have rvligion, poliicH and finance created so much excitement in Lexugton as during the past few months. A most gloions revival, attended with the happiest results, has een in progress in the Methodist Church for six reeks, during which period more than one hundred ersons, many of theni our very hardest ca?s, have been hopefully converted, and peruaded to express their faith in Methodism and the Ihristian religion, and yet the work goes on.? leetlngs are held every night, and Christians are wake to a sense of their responsibility, and mourers constantly crowd the aliar, soliciting their ounsel and an interest in their prayers. Surely this rust must be the dawning of the Millenium, for idtich we look with interest most intensu. Our Church certainly merits much credit for the eal we have manifested in this great work More articularly for our untiring and successful efforts to esuscitate Transylvania University,which vou have Iready been informed has been in a very depressed miditton for many years past, but is now beginning ii arise like the Phenix from its ashes, being the reult of the co-operation of our whole church, and he verv judicious management of the most intel rctunl and learned faculty in our country. Look ur a moment at President B?, what cannot his ionic name accomplish! "llow gorgeous, dazzling nd brilliant" in all his actions, and Professor A. ritb the tuning black locks, lof.y brew, military pint and extremely modest deportment?a single lance at hint in the pulpit is sufficient to convince ny unprejudiced mind that he is destined at no disant day to shine forth the very personification ol he Apostle Paul himself. Though we have had the management of the fntitution but for a few months, the number of stulents already exceed 200, and is daily increasing ? Phe benefit to Lexington is consequently incalculaile; and yet, 1 regret to say, a large portion of the (immunity are becoming quite jealous of us, the 'resbyterians particularly; simply because a few of hi. ir members have left th" old, crazy, worm eaten md leaky Calvanistic vessel, and hnve resolved to mil with us in the gallant vessel of Free Grace, nto the haven of eteriul rest, shouting, singing and iraving a? we go. It is really gratifying to nee how happy the lads if the University appear, dressed in uniform, with yellow badges of distinction on the shoulder; and with wuat grace and modesty they strut the streets, conscious ot their own impoitauce. Do you recollect Lx-Congressman Tom Marrhall, who, sometime ago so cruelly bored Col. Webb, id ihe Regulars'? Well, Tom lias reached home, where he is resolved to remain in spite of all opposition. Immediately upon reaching Lexington he called together the public, in order to render an account of hisstewardship; which was done in a rnHnlei sufficiently sophistical to satisfy his best friends, rooi aseured us that Mr. ('lay anil h s j?arty had ulogether abandoned whiggery; and that he,Tom M , was the only true whig in the land. A very modest idmissii n. What a pity bis friends will not believe his to be the only ground of his hostility to Mr -lay. Marshall's political career has closed, and liirrett Davis has taken the stump, and doubtless will be our representative in the next Congress. 1 .hall speak of Mr D. again. On Monday last Mr. Clay addressed, nt the Court aouse, a large concourse of people. He stated Inlly and clearly tiis views upon all the lending whigdoeirinee. His remarks gave general satisfaction; mid it is said to have beeu one of the most powerful speeches lie has ever delivered. He complained ruuch of the "barking of pups" at him, from nilquar tepj? Tray, Blanche, and Sweetheart. Whether ibis was a cut at Tom or not, I cannot say. He also complained much of tf, e treachery of lapt. Tyier, and C. Wickliffe, whose recent conflict towards the people of Lexington has been p?>s lively outrageous. I allude to the removal of Mr feddtrom the Post office, and apiHiiniing Jns..|>h hcklin in his place. The former is young, attentive, ind competent, rendering general satifaction to ihe vhole community.without distinction of oartv. The mly objection to Mr R consisted in his Iriendthip o Mr Clay, though he had been sppomted to office iy Mr. Tyler himself, not two years Hgn. The iewly appointed Mr. F. held 'he office duting the ntire reign of Jackson and Van Bur<n, and is tiie nost viole nt democrat in the State. AII parties spear shocked at this outrageous act of Tyler and his ools. It is, however, the opinion of many here, hat this change has been brought about through he influence of R. W., Jr, of Lexington. We hall bear this as patiently as possible, knowing the lay ol retribution will soon come. I have much to say on the subject of finance, vhich must be reserved lor a future letter. Yours, reppectfully, Sali.y Anne. P. S. There has been much complaint ot late about he long srlenceof your correspondent, which will erminate from this date. Millersm is beginning to spread in Kentucky at ast. The vood brother D g himself, has exressed the belief that it is impossible to prove from be Bibje that the end of the world will not termiate this year. < Cincinnati, Ohio. [Corrcspcsilenre of tke Herald.] Cincinnati, 8'h April, 1813. Vtnthtr 8fC.?Charter Election in Cincinnati?First Native Mayor?Supreme Court of Ohio?Murder Case?Political Movements?Postmaster at Cincinnati? Curious Dtvelojiments. riend Bennett? The news is not of the most interesting nature in us city just at this time ; thinking, however, that ou might like to take a bird's-eye view of the doigs in Cincinnati in these " latterdays," I will ventre to communicate. I trust, however, that you rill be indulgent to the paucity of my topics, and le leanness of my letter, when I inform you that te cold, gloomy, dismal weather, we have had ere, for four weeks past, instead of the lovely wealer we were wont to have at this season of the ear, has not only seriously impaired nty physical bilities, but thrown my wonted energies into " pi," nd Ifeel as though Father Miller's predictions, so tr as youi humble servant is conceined, were soon ) be verified. Our charter election lias just closed, which was a item in our municipal affairs that was taken in and by the "sovereigns," and exercised with enrgy and activity. Three of our most prominent i'l/.ens took the track, and went through under diip and spur, for the Mayoralty. Marcus Smith, isq , the Hon. Henry Morse, one of the Judges oi ur Common l'ieas. and Henry F. tspencer, Eh|., tho, by the by, are all staunch whigs?but a fiercer ontest I never saw, not among those who were potical opponents, than the friends of each exhibited i driving the claims of their candidates, to gain the fished for goal. The contest terminated, however, in favor of pencpr by some 70 votes, and on the whole I heeve he will fully .eahze the most sanguine anticiationsaud wishes of his friends ; and with his haracteristic nuiviUr in modo, will soon win the ind regards of his enemies Mr. Hpencer isn genemail of fine abilities by nature, polished by educaon?affable and gentlemanly in his deportment? about forty years of age, and the first native Fayor we ever had?and, withall, hasjust been de eeda bankrupt? merely, however, for the purpose "keeping pare with the lime#, being one of the ( hioaable and (lite of tfie land. Jamea LaHin, Esq , was re-elected Marshall, and filliam Disney, Epq was elected Treasurer The )nlest was not a political one, but T believe that e twenty-nine Councilmen wer' chosen about pially from the two great political families. The Supreme Court of the Slate began its session Me on the 3d instant, and wul remain until the *t of next month. rl he Hun Reuben Wood and e Hon. Nathaniel C. Read are on the bench.? re have a docket of some six hundred cases for this innty, and in order to work them ofl as fast, a nd r as possible during the term, the Court keep the ill in motion Irom 8 in the morning until flat night, ith two intermissions of one hour and a half ich ! Thus you see that Justice is in labor aniang i twelve hours out of twenty four; and we brat e workies. out and out, two hours every day. I Don't marvel at ihie, sir, and think that all parties I innot have their proper portion of righteousness I Iministered, when the sedate goddess is thus urged I euch long and arduous sessions; fo?.l*li ??ure >u that she keep# th* scales most admirably baJ lLD. w* wwm OraM, a iced no that none go away dissatisfied except euch as practice upon ihe HndiHrulic maxim " rogue e'e-lelt the halter draw, With good opinion nt the law," which, bv the wav, calls to mind a cause we. had here on Friday last of a trial lor murder, and was to tia ol the hack woods a mailt r "f no srnall interest But to our stater ciiien ot the East, where deeds of tins kind are perpetrated,as per steam jaiw-r, where bloody asaaasina, aimed rap-a pir, stalk boldly ihrodd, unabashed, and in the eyes ol the world lake the lives ol their victims, we expect ihe relation of it would be flat, insipid, and rather common place. Therefore, I will mrrelv say in the premises thai Andrew Walton, a man about 25 years of age, was arraigned and tried in our Supreme Court on Friday last, for the murder of John Carroll, on the 23d ot August last, a man of about 45 years, by inflicting two wounds in the abdomen of the deceased with a dirk knife, at the landing in thiH city. Cause?a quarrel on the subject of abolition?the deceased its advocate, the murderer the reverse. The jury, after hearing the proofs and allegations, the pleas of counsel, and charge of court, retired in the evening, and came into court next morning with a verdtet of guilty ol murder in the first degree. Walton will be executed the firat wee k in May. The political atmosphere is not a little disturbed hereabouts just at this tune. . The movements of Captain Tvler in relation o lus removal?, and ,u.. ?1 -* ?1 ' Uir- U? aui nil u*gir- nc ia iiihk ui^ i?? iJlI IIIll in O in? &1 lections of the democratic parry, carry alarm and dismay mm the ranks of Ins enemies. Every whig in tliis section, who holds office under the government, feels himself called upon in a language not to he misunderstood, to repent in dust and ashes of the error of Ins ways, and to come out from among the goats and lake the right hand ; otherwise he is so n to he made to feel most sorely that the wages of sin is death We are expecting, every mail that comes from the east, to hear that our postmaster, W. H H. Tay lor, who was nephew and son-in law to General Harrison, has been officially decapitated. Friend Taylor is a gentleman of limited dimensions, but mighty smart, and withal rather non-committal at d close-mouthed. The Captain can't souidhim. but mistrusts that there is something " rotten in Denmark." Some time since the Prei-idem, through an oh) political pack horse and informer, asked alms of him in ready rhino, lor John Jones, to be appropriated lorMadisonian purposes. To this Mr. Taylor relumed a peremptory refusal. The " poet laureate" took fire, the President sympathised, Chp ain Hol? interfered with kuid and timely adv ce, but the liltl - Buckeye held his grip. Next came a mandate through Captain Bob. for Taylor to dismiss two of his stiff-necked anti-Tyler clerks, and fill their places wiih an old superanuated political hark and Ins son. To thin the postmister entered his protest, and issued his veto ? Next, Sir John Tyler Jr interfered, as a kind of mediator between the offended creator and the sinful creature, and knocked at the door of the stubborn postmaster's heart, until the nib of his pen was worn tip ; still the independent functionary refused to let old T. meddle with Ins mail bags. Here the matter rests, and in the mean time the postmas'er stands erect, and is preparing himself for a bloody shock from the removing guillnlipe, when his doom shall be sealed by a voice from the White House, "depart ye cursed." The mail goes this morning. Yours, quickly, D. V. B. P. S.?The readers of the Herald hereabouts *t tern mt tu i.uiiniiiiiiiv.aic iiicn uuiciguru maims iv its reporter for throwing life upon the canvass e<>admiralty in his living, moving, speaking reports. B. Literary Notices. a orot.cgicat. history op Manhattan, or New York Isi,ant>, with numerous colored plates, N. Y.f 8vo, 1813, pp. 111.? Under this tit'e, the nuthor, who has long been known in this city as an excellent practical chemist and mineralogist, has furnished ua with an exceedingly useful work. The map illustrating the geographical distribution of the rocks on this island is one of great interest, and the other eight maps illustrating the various regions about the city, will doubtless excite much attention. Aside from this, the author, who, if he be not identical with that highly respected individual, "the oldest inhahi'aut," most certainly belo gs to that venerated class, has inter-persed with his geological s|iecu at ions many interesting anecdotes of the city in the olden time The rurtouB in such matters will |e.trn from this hook how the city corporation endeavored, sixty years ago, to raise water by first raising the wind in the shape of |>aper money?how the veil in the Swamp sunk through an antediluvial tan yard, (or some other more equivocal deposit n?*t yet named by geologists), was resorted to and drank by all our citizens as a valuable mineral spring? how Ranker Hill and Rirnmond HiH, with all the other (tills except FUlterihrtrrar.h Hill, were successively undermined and scattered about until the city has become as flit as a pancake, or Horace Greely's wit?how they used to catch minks, muckrats, and cat fi-h, on the very spo> where the Egyptian Tombs now contain more noxious vermin and still Queerer fi.-li ; with many other curious and instructive matters, lor which we would reler to the hook itsell. Tits Pulpit ? Biographical Sketches of the most popular Preachers in London?New York, D. AppletomV Co. This is another of the extraordinary cheap volumes which D. AppletonAt Co have lately issued? containing a biography ol fifty-three Preachers in London, whose names are very familiar to us; but of whose history we know little. This book will satisfy the desire for information. It is full of life? I the portraits are well drawn?and the narrative is fresh and racy,discriminating . nd instructive, and not less amusing in anecdote. >h in beneficial by the examples it proposes to our imitation. It is a solum' of lour hundred and sixteen pages, for thirtyseven and n half cents. Fer sale at this office. Bulwkr's Pilorjms of thk Rhine.?Harper 9t Brothers announce to be published rhis morning, Bulwer's beautiful fiction, "The Pilgrims of the Kh'ne," in uniform style, with "The Last of the Furors," "Pelham," ?.Ye , at the very low price of 12$ cents Their edition is perfect, and is for sale at this office. Judah's Lion?Avery interesting and instructive tiile, hyCharlotte Elizabeth. It is'in lact one ot the best things shw ha t ever written It tspubli-hed in an eleaat form, by Dodd, corner of Park Row and Spruce street, and is offered for sale at the low price of 25 cen's. No better work of fiction could be put into the hands of young people. Thk American Jot-rival or thk Medical Sciences ? This standard and well known periodical,published by Lea Ac Blanehard. Philadelphia is rapidly extending its circulation It is edited by Dr H?yg, with greHt ability?contains a perfect concentrated record ot the progress ot the medical sciences?the contributions of our most disiingnrshed physicians and surgeons?extended critical reviews ol nil im portant new publications?and a condensed summary of the contents of all - he foreign journals It it published quarterly at 85 per annum It is now we believe, the only American medical periodical quoted aoroad, and itence it iihs Deeome a most desirable medium of recording the experience, viewa, and practice of American physicians and surgeons. Tit* Laoy's World?(May).?A very excellent number.?Posr, imblisher. The Rover, No 4?Contains several good selected tales and a rather scratchy engraving. Tuttle, Ann street, publisher. New York Legal Observer.?Owen, 42 Ann street. Farmer's Register?(March) ?An excellent work?the present number is very interesting to agriculturists. Published by Pleasants <fc Stabler, Petersburgh, Va. Th* Magnolia?(April).?This is a very respectable and well-managed receptacle of the literary productions of the South and West. The pre-ent number is varied, agreeable and instructive. Published by Burgess Jr James, Charleston, 9. C. Alison's Europe ?No. 7 has been issued. For sale at the Herald Literary Depot. The Pilgrims op the Rhine ?This admired novel by Bulwer lias just been issued by 'he Harpers. For sale at the fTeial Literary IN < H A N?; E M V -Be lore t r>? V ifrHi tiicelI or ofthe Pi r*t ' ' i,cult.?H' ury vynrran a*-- >< .. Wi|,Dn Notice ia beiehy m*?n, that pttraaant to th? d-reetiont contained ill the Ioi" in ule m thin c im?, and by tir<n- in 'It 'll""' .-tefui-.l t' "II hv the .bote named defendant I ff,|l , ,u?r I.I br 'I at the M-Ichnnu tlehAJ,-, inthenf* ,, N. w V-.rb, rn the "eventh d v of April n-it ?' 1 oVInelt at noon of that day, by' L O Bailing anetionrer all the whr' title n.l lu'rrr.t ah ch the at .1 drlVn 'ant haa in ihat reTfa.n ?e. klv ptih'ie 'Hon called "he Brmhe,J^ihm Information ta to the u iture ,?o.t extent o auch inlereat r?? he h ,d hi a.-plieatinn to KDMlINDn nkim? J ? (hacomplainant, U Wall arj 9 "(CRR?, ? '...tor for m? la.tAunl 7*?? TIA 8 8LOAN. Reeeirtn. ?' ?'* "Perior aoali ty

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