Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1843 Page 3
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Board of Public Work* have now made a great redaction, aa follows t? TTpou merchandise, there is a general reduction of 20 per cent, and upon produce 19 percent. On flour,provisions, wheat, whiskey, cotton in bales, and coopera' ware. First 109 miles, per 1000 lb*. 9 mills per mile. 31 " " 9 " ? Over two hundred miles, 4 " ? But oa wheat, flour, beef, pork, lard, lard oil or candles, manufactured in Ohio, and tobacco, not manufactured, and seeking a Northern market, (with tho exception of the Miami extension)? For the first hundred miles, 7J mills. " second " " ft " Over two hundred ' 8 " onm, ground or nngroand, first hundred mile?, 6 mills ; second hundred miles. 4 mills; hut if transported towards the lake, (excepting on the Miami extension.) 6 and 3 mills. And no 1000 lbs of flour, wheat, heef, pork, lard, lard oil, or othsr oil or candles, manufactured in Ohio, shall pay more than $1 '46 toll ; corn. SO cents ; Whiskey, $1 60 ; tobacco not manufactured, $1 00 ; pig iron, $1 00 ; and raw cotton in bales, $1 26. To observe the effect of this reduction upon tolls, we may take from the report of public works the merchandise received on the oa al; the flour, wheat and pork shipped from it and the nett toll far three yean, as follow* Merchandise. Flour. Pork. T\tlls. 1 18411, 1(1.783.514 813 361 33 ?'7 331 620, 1841, 15.161,747 661 625 20-07 28>,5'8 I 1842 10,091,803 6?3,011 53 272 219,225 j Taking Into consideration the state of money affairs in is highly improbable that as much merchandise will be imported as last year ; we will estimate, howevpr, that there will be as much. Now, the export of produce in 1842 was about equal to that of 1841, consequently the tolls were nearly the same; a falling oft of 30 per cent in theanerchandise reduced the tolls 12 percent. A general reduction of 28 per cent this year, will reduce the tolls $60,00*) on the Ohio canal. The gross tells on all the canals in 1942, were $476,631, the expenses and payments $248,310;d'ducting 20 percent from the gross toll* leaves $380,436, which,minus theexpense, is $132,116, applicable to interest. The taxes of last year were2j mills, amount ing to $303,946, and netted to the interest fund $298,396. The auditor says he has laid 2$ mills new tax, which, if the collection is as good as last year, will net $224,126, making the whole tax $622,620. This, with the net tolls, are the whole resources for the interest. The interest for the year, and the revenue to meet it, were given in the late circular as fallows, which we compare with the true state of affairs:? Trial interest pay itl-. in <843, $1,055,239 Auditor Corrected statrm't. statement. Net proceeds of toils, wir<-r rents. fcr. co miMic w"Tk?, SliRj.nno 132,1 IS I'm fioi 5 mills on * 131.000,000 , 670,000 Deduct, 32 000 838,000 623,520 Tr?i?f?r of general r?venne now in the Treasury, 75 000 Nil. 664,63. Total, _ t',008 000 D'firit to be raise ! by borrowing on stock $400,59.1 These are the figure* of "the StatP officer* Their gnei?es anil surmiae* go for what they are worth. There was a deficit last year of $290,000, which wa* railed by selling stock at a heavy discount, consequently that there Is a real balance of $76,000 in the treasury is a mere pre. tence. The tax for the aupport of government wa* reduced at the late session, so that there can be no surplus from that quarter. Taking into consideration the state of money in Ohio, it is fair to cinclude if the taxes are levied in good/citA.that the proportion paidwill he much le*s than usual?and if paid, none of it will be realized before December next. It is reduced to a mathematical certainty, that if the July interest is paid, it will only be by borrowing on or selling stock. In the above estimate of revenue the auditor reckons $76,000 in the treasury. In another part of the circular, he etatas he had ordered " $100,000 of the amount to be sent to this city." That was under date of March 31st. Where is the money 7 How long does it take to come from Cincinnati ? The following table will show the aondition and value of the railroads of Great Britain, the number of shares, length, market valae of the stocks, and receipts for the second week in March:? EisolisB Railroads. Weekly receipts 2d Length Jlm't Lost week in No. of in Per Shares. prices March, shares, miles, share. Railways. pr share. Total 860 8 108 Bolt..11 k Lngh, ? 641 ? 25 Do do shares, ? 7,8<tfl 14 50 Ro'tou k P"Sten, 19 9,500 55 100 Birm nV'm & Oloueerter. 53X 1,609 9 7 7-6,380 48 1"# Birminf'm k 1>eiby 77 1.056 10 10 5,(win 14 50 Birk'he >d fc Chester 17V 317 11 6 5.000 ? 25 Do Vthtret 9)4 7.50O _ 50 Do newtharrs 3.16 15 000 76 100 Bristol & Kx-rer 52V 7 5oo 42 100 Chel'ri,*m k O. W. 74 64 0"fl 26 25 K?steri> Co uties 9*4 903 13 11 36.000 ? 8 6 8 Do New shares 13)4 64 0*0 ? 8 6.8 Do Deb nln-es 11V Ml,000 46 50 Edinb'g k Olasgow 495; 1,827 19 11 18.000 ? 12)4 Do Qo?rfr shares 7)4 5,000 2)4 20 Kdiiihurth Lem It Nw*h ?e 3)4 11.500 51 50 0K?&Pr^*^ 9,3176 16,000 22 25 O'a-Knw. Psisley k Grernnck 14V 647 18 9 8/00 ? 12)4 Do Now 7*4 1?,918 80 100 Or nd Junction 201 6.833 9 6 10 9'8 ? 50 Do X hare- 101 5,000 ? 50 Do Crewe )4?hr? paidn^ 50)4 17 627 ? 2.6 Do)4?h?r-? 36 10 / 00 74 100 44re*t N o( Ksu'd 61 1.362 4 1 25,008 118 100 Grew Western 96 10,668 11 2 26 800 ? 50 Do X timet 70V 37.500 ? 20 Do 5t!i shares I8a? 8 000 31 50 Hull & v?'hy 35 891 15 7 ? ? ? Hasre k Rouen 3)4 5,000 20)4 50 I ancsst'r k Preel'n 3' 5,000 ? 37)4 Do do V ew 19)4 2,000 16 50 Leicester k ~w\lmngton 47 X 800 ? 50 Do do new 53 5. no 31 100 Livet'l k Manch'r 205 3475 ? 9 P 021 ? 25 Do V .hares 49)4 Z 7.968 ? 50 Do Vsharrs 97 7.6 000 112 100 1 on'n k Birming'an 214 13,003 16 1 25 000 ? 25 Do )4 shares 54 31,260 ? 32 Do ?32 Ho 69 ? ? 32 Do New ?32 do 37J4 45.600 92 A?>e, Lon'u k South W, 66 4,099 15 1 36.000 W 50 Londou k Brighton 36 2,i76 14 6 96 000 ? 18 Do Loan notes 10V 21 000 4 25 London k Bl'ck'll 6H 497 16 7 6.201 10 100 M?neh> tier, Bolton and Bury 51 596 3 8 13/00 50 100 Mancbt.'r fc Leeds 73V 4,110 2 2 13 080 ? 50 Do )4 tin res 32* 19/00 ? 25 Do new 5 50,160 40 70 Manche-tdr k Birmingham 19)4 2.290 10 2 36/00 ? 70 Do do extension 43t 7/00 40 loo Mancnet'r k Shef'd ? 1.6.680 57 100 Midland Counties 66 2.081 16 II 10.(8 0 ? 2? Do New 17 ? ? ? Do 1 filh 2 13-6 12,000 30 100 Northern k k'ast'n 45 1,168 16 6 15,000 72 100 North Midland [69)4 3,609 10 2 15,000 ? 40 Dj V shares 34 15 000 ? 33.6 8 Ds *1 do 23 V 6.(81 22 100 North Lnion 74)4 UK 7 1 3,000 61 100 Newcastle kCarl'e 98 1,360 16 10 3 0 0 ? 25 Do V shares 27)4 721810 ? 20 Paiis k Honen 27 37 775 87 50 X. Kastern k Dorer 21V 1 294 13 9 37,775 ? 25 Do new shares k5V 17.000 36 50 Ulster 20*4 391 6 11 6.7nn ti 50 > era ? >. vnoianu vi 1 hm> 5 3 6.700 ? 25 Do do % iharei 48% 864.154 #70 ?70,076 3 2 *Kx Dividend. Males at the Stock Eichange, $1000 Ohio 6'?, 1162 68% WOO N York 7'?, 1848 105 6300 do 68% 1500 do 114% 1000 do >30 68% 1650 do 104% 50(0 do >2 68% 1500 N York 5'?, 1058 94 1)000 do 68% 3500 do 94% 3000 do >60 68% 50 >h?a Cn .ton 18% 1000 do >30 (.8% 140 New Jcraay )i3 67 20(1" Km '? 6'a, 30 ) ? t60 87 KHI Moh .wk >10 29% 5000 di d3 87 100 Hir rm 17% 8000 do 8% 50 (omnrton 19% 4000 Ohio 6'?, 1856 68 5o Bk Commerce 94 6090 do 68% 350 d . acrip 96% 2400 N Y W Loan, 1170 94 15 Uiic Si Schr ut e y 116 6 >li * Bk America 92 45 Aiih k Sy most 92 Second Board. $17000 Ohio a3 69% 1000 KriitllCky 87% ""in (j0 h3 69 75 ahaa New Jvraey R R 67 2000 do 115 69% "(w York Public Stock Kxchange. $1000 Ohio 6'*. I860 68% loon Kentucky 6'a nw 87 WViO do anw 68 2000 do anw 87 HOOO do 68% 3000 do Mon'y 87 1000 do >15 68% 3000 do tw 87 |40(0 do >15 68% 1000 do 87W 1000 d? >14 68% 1000 do tw 87% 1000 dn ca>h 68% 5000 do >10 86% 1000 CO tw 68% 5000 U 8 6'>, 1862 *6inai|n% 1000 do >15 68% 1000 N York 6'>,I862 >60 10 % 3000 Kent u ky 6 a 86% 20 0 do >30 1031, 2000 do 86% -5 ahaa Maeh Bkg An 76 3000 do 87 150 Long la and H R 47% Hacond Board. $1000 Ohio 6'a, I860 15d> 68% KiOO lT Staler 6'a, 1862 III 10 0 do >3 69% 'OHO .61 ||t % inoo do hnw 69% 40C(i N Y"rkfi'> 1862 a 10 IH% 1000 Kentucky 6'a >30 87% 25 at aa Hail-in It H 18 1000 do >15 87% 25 Kitrmera Laau 14% 9000 do 87% State of Trade* The opening of the river haa inoreoaed the activity of the produce marketa as far aa receipt" go, hilt the inclemency of the weather retanla operation!. At auction aome Nairn wrre mane aa lOUOWl Shanoery Sal? - Tht> unexpired tarmcf 21 year* lea?e from lit of May, 1927, of the lot ol ground known n?No 11 Second atreet, being in front 20 feet, in the rear 20 Irrt 6 inohaa, on th? eaatarly aide 5S fppt 8 inche*, and on the we?terly aide 49 feat 7 inchea?aold lor $800 Taharco?71 hhda n? w crop K'y, merchtble, 2j n 6jc, avenge 64 03 : 20 hhda old crop do, common and part unmerchantable, 2| a 3fc, average $2 91?all 4 month*. ?The atock light. Sale* of P?ta at $6 Iff a 6 25; Pearl* $6 60. Sard?sale* of Clover at 8c, which la an advance ; Timothy, 16 a 17: j Tallow?Sale* at 6} a 7c. Hay?Sale* at 60c. Honey? Hale* of Cttba at 40o. I- (iratn?Corn i? noming in <|Uitc freely from the North river; aaloa 9000 bu?hel* at 64o weight. Corn 'I rade, dw. There wa? an at rival down Hie river yeatnrday. No le?* than S.46S hla of flour were received. Thia came from Albany, and w*? of the qimntity left over at the rln'.e ol navigation. There i? bu'little more in that city. Along the lino ot the canal, however, there i' conaidetable deatlnad far thia and other ooeat market*. \ There have alio been a few arrival* trom New Orlean*. Some Ohio reached here by the way of that city,and conconstitute* the only stock of that deacription in this market. Of the above, sale* have been made of Oenneiae at $.V J/J >0 ou, ?nu unio m 7>o if a 7>o .o. riiver noiir, in which there ii a mnall atock, fetches from $4,78 to $4,87. Receipts of this kind ore very few. There is no wheat in market. The article would fetch $1,00. Rye is high. It sells at 68 a 70 cents a he hij. In consequence oi this, rye flour is up to $3,1'2 a $3,'25 Stoi k mall. Movements OF Brk?DSTUFF?. 1812. 184' Bhls. Bushels Bbls Bushels Markets, Flour Grain. Flour. Grain Ntwy.irk. UII icttd, 1,040.360 2 735,318 ? ? Buff do, shipments, 640,777 1,623.858 648,686 1,42',Of C evf'and, srri a s, 492,711 1,563 445 44'.025 1,844 808 Sandntk , xpnr'-r d, .5,472 527,317 22,457 492 785 'I o'eds, >1 Ipiueul', 37,280 116,730 45 781 I2',808 Baltimore, inspected. 5'8,28? ? 6J8 974 ? Pro?idrnce, impelled, 88,683 6'8.000 85 8'0 681,757 Bns'ou, iin i orred. 609 460 2,'59 482 574,733 2,437,806 (.?icaio, rinor'rd, 42,419 579 710 ? ? Milan, e*|K>rted, 5,163 400,900 4,774 233,540 Plttsbuig- , shipoed, 114,103 200,000 ? ? Mimroa, shipjied, 18,340 80 055 9 302 26,219 Calais, Mr. received, 10,650 47,338 ? ? Port'snd, Me., imnortsd, 53,376 160,687 68,874 251 421 Matsillou, cleared 42,406 653 377 30 244 494,306 Vlaumer City, exported. 7,059 47,566 ? 214,860 Zvnesvdle, cleared, 80,441 ? ? ? Detroit, exporta, 180.2 0 99,923 180,000 50.000 O' wrKO, ri ceipta, '55,693 752,754 147 000 756,827 Alien, cleared, 142.818 ? ? [ VicliigHU City, ahipix d, 8,807 213,245 4,200 82,800 Albany, inspected, 313,308 ? ? Canada, exported, 311,000 674,693 367.834 1,728.425 Above ia exhibited but a trifling increaae in 1842 over 1841 Notwithstanding this, it ia seen by the subjoined, that the crop of last year in the United States was much larger than that of the previous one. Production of Breadstuff* 1840. 1842. Pepu'ation, 17 069,451 18 712,09 Wheat, b (labels 84.823,72 102.3(7,740 * Barley, " 4.1M.504 3,871,622 " Oita, " 123,071.341 150,803,611 ' Kve, " 18 645 67 21 762 952 " uucKwneai, Indian com, " 377,5S'I,875 441,829 248 " Potatoes, " 108,291.' 80 135 883,38' This show* that there ia a great deal yet in the interior to come forward. In Indiana alone, we understand that there are one hundred thousaud bushels of wheat uwait ing a market. It is, therefore, clear that the quantity now in farmer's hands will, when sent forward, cause amewhat of a decline everywhere. Died. On the 12th instant, at West port, Conn., of Consumption, Mr, H. L. Lure, printer, aged 29 years, a tiative of this city. On the 17th instant, of consumption, Sarah Eliza,wife of Wm. A. Allen, aged 30 years. The friends ami aequaintances ol the family, and those of her brothers Wm. J. and John Imlay, are requested, without further invitation, to attend her funeral from her late residence No. 44.3 Fourth street near Avenue C, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock. 017- New Orleans papers will please copy. I On the 18th instant, Mrs. Mart Moore, in her 70th year. Her friends and acquaintances and those of her sons John C. Edward, William and Robert, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this (Wednesday) alternoon, at 4 o'clock, trom her late residence 181 Stanton St. At Rochester, on the 10th instant, after a severe and protracted illness, Thomas Elliott, Esq., aged 64 years, brother of Mrs. John L. Hiltman, of this city. 017- Southern papers will please copy. Weekly Report of Interments In the City nnd County of New York, from the 8th day of Ap'il o [he i5lh day ol April, 1843. ' 3G Men ; 34 Women ; 46 Boys ; 48 Girls. Total, 164 DIIBASKt. Abscess, 1; Apoplexv. 1; Burned or sealded, 1; Cachesis, 2; Caec r. 1; Caries, 1; Consumption,41; Convulsions, 15; Croup or hives, 4; Cong' stion of Drain I; Congestion of lung', 1; Delirium tremens. I; Dropsy, 3; Dropsy in the head, 7: do in the chest, 2; Dei-ility, 3; Deipapsia, 1; Eisypelas, 1; Fever. 1; do puerperal, 2; do remittent, 2; do scarlet, 7; do typhoid 1; so putrid, 1; Hnopi'g ''ouch, I; Infirm ttiou, 1 ; lnfl.immalion of brain, 3; do of bowels, 5; do of lungs, 17; do of stomach, 2; do of throat, 4; do of liver. 1; losanilv, I; Lues Veuera, I ; Marasmus, 5; Measles, 8; Old Age, 2; Organic ilia ease of the heart, 4; SmallPos, 3 ; Spinal diseare. 1; Softening of brain, 1; Ulcers, 1; Unknown, 1; White swelling, 1. AGE, Under 1 year, 33; 1 to 2 years, 21; 2 to 5, 20; 5 to 10, 11; 10 to 20, 5; 20 to 30, 18. 30 to 40, 2': 40 to 50, 8; 50 to 60, 7; 60 to 70, 6; 70 to 80, 6; 80 to 90,2; unknown, 2. PI.ACKS or ISAriVITT united mates, IZ3; Ireland, 27; jLngl.iml, 4; Scotland. 2; Wales, 1; G rmany, 3; Franc, 1; Switzerland, 1; Unknown, 2. Of the above, were from Aim* Hou?r, Brllevue, 1; Hospital, Brllevue, 9; Blackwcll's Island, 6; Citv Hospi'al, I ; New Jersey, 1; Siatrn Island, I; Loiik Islaud Fa'ms, 1; do Hospital, 4. Colored pemo- 9 JNO. H GRI8C0M. M. D. City Inspector. Citv ImiH'CtorV Office. Apiil 17. 1843. Hauengen Arrived. I iverpool?Parhet sl.lp A*hh?rton?Geo H Lamson, Henry P Oral tun, David Twiname, Hichd Harrison. Liverpool?Packet ship Sheridan?Major Watson and lady 0 H 'Ill-day. J Hallcdav, J L Perreu?22(1 in the steerage. Liverpool?Ship Genl Parlthill?Saml Boult, Felix Chouqnct?8'j in steerage. Ket WrsT?Brig Franci* As'iby?U H Levy. ' l;p|iort?tl?l.?. Liverpool?8hip A*hbnrlon?25 000 snvereigrs Brown Bros k co?23.000 de K Withers?690 do H fc J B Mnrray?280 do Cooper k Gerard?1300 do '"ami L Mitchell?1500 do Pillot it L Barhier?882 bars iron A Congdon?115 tons coal J C Cobb? 20 Cs cop-'er I L Phippa?7.00 tnni iron G B Morewood It co?14 pniichn* Wood hull, Minturu k co?44 nkgs John Gilion?60 (4 Myers & son?9 U 1 adde" k son?13 Ricnardson & W >tson?I Foster k Brooks?7 Bi'd 8t Gillitan?5 W B Terry?400 bis tin Grinned. Mintnrn fc co?25 bag* nails Dk B Isaacs?1080 bars iron Newbnld kCruft?I i kg S Broom?7 Smith, 'I'hurgar k co ? 19 Cameron k Br mil?I Harmer, Foster k co?65 WChinn cev k co?5 L Smith ir?2 chains f ratt k Burr?5 pkgs Peabndv, Kigg* k co?3 C B Le Baron?3 Mariner k McOowan ? I Wil sou Woodhnrv?I C H Kel oggk co?3 J Low k co?7 E Bilker k co?1 W G Hunt k co?I Ad >n s k Horner?1 Dexter k Bush?1 W B Bend?7 Watts k Kosencrantz?2 L A Harbnry? 1 Plait Brother?I J A Newbold?1 H Audr. ws?10 Garner k co? I HP Brown?9 John Kooinsnn?13 A Mitchell?1 C G S'mp'nn?12 Dorr k Webb?29 J Hunter?2 Hughes, Ward k co?3 J Cnnnah?1 Griffin k Pullman?13 Adams, Homer St co? 14 Pierce k Kellogg?31 Blambate k Brower?18 Inglis k Scott ?9 Smith, Thnrgar k co?13 John Gilion?5 Wm McKee k co ?2 J Wood?11 Hutchinson k Tiffany? 5 Garner k co?I Chas Adst ead?2 fcJ Thomas?1 Carr fc Hall?2 J A Newbold?5 F Tomes k son?25 Tooker, Mead fc co?II J D Wrivhi?3 J k J Stewart?3 J Hudson?2 Corlies.Haydock St ro? 11 ButterficM k Fisher?30 Oedfrev, Pattisnn k co?5 Hatch fc cn?I J Misters?66 E Cald well k co?'0 Bill, Clark k co?5T Marcott k aon??3260 bars iron Woodhull k Minturn?32,005 do Cooley k Smith?1555 sacks silt Grinned, Miuturn k co?58 cs i9 bales 22 cru 17 cks to order Liverpool?Ship Sh-ridan?500 sacks salt E K Collins k co ?5 bis 1 pkg gold B'owu Brothers k co?3 pkg* Thompson?11 Gorton, Hodges 8i co?4 L J Wyeth?7 Cripps k co?23 Under hill & co? 6 W a & E l. Mcintosh?78 Ureiiori?I I'eabodv, Rwe? k co?1 Worrall, Wood k co?I A O Ptck?2 K Rdtiiik ?2 Garner k cn?| N Van Nest?2 R Hyalop k son?7t Wm Ch.iunrer?1 DO<kcyksnti?600 GB ,Monti?I \ C PirkerakiII?1 A W Spies?1 Smelly k Meld in?I R A Cork?81 B A Mnmford?12 H Wonk?P J M Slitw?2 K Bollamorr?40 Sands, Fot k ~o??3 Lewis fc Atlcibnrv?7 Walt k Risencranlz?1 boi gold J Macy k son?104 rkgs J Oihon?2 J Ni-b olson?13 I iir I is k Se >tt?I S Cochran?1664 ban icon D'll k Wilson?I boa gold Sampson k Tappan?21 pkirs J W Harris?1 Hareey k Slang?1 H B ivlis?8 J A Ncwhold?2 Kriss Brothrs ?28 Godfrey Pa'tison k co?4 J Cotinab?4 G Hastings? 1 J Rhodes?60 M Brown?2 Gould k Stnbto?1710 Phelps, Dod.-e k co?3 O Peaice?6 McKee k c >?16 Cameron k Brand?I VV McKee?I J B El'imsil?30 J Macy k am,? I J W Holheriaon ?2 Bccar, Benmink co?4 Mesisuger Brothers?I Newetadt k Burnett?22 J Robson?I J Reynolds?I R Hudson?15 Butlerfield k Kisher?I D Oakey?12 Smiih, Thnraar k co?10 J Ferguson?3 T Honl? 2 Forrest k Drummond?1 J C Howe k Co?2 J k I Stewart?1 I" Re> nold?3 Netius Sa ton?II Richardaon k Watson?3 A M Karlan?729 Cunningham k Buchanan ?30 J B Errickson?6 Tooker, Mead k co?4 c"iea 3302 b>ra iron Cooley k Smith?16caaca 4 lihda 161 ciat< a 16 bdla mdae to order. LircarooL?Ship Genl Paikhill?484 hampers potatoes Mu?prati k McHenry?3 pkga Titos k Cortilyou?66 F Cablwell k co?1 S Thompa >n?3237 hart iron G B Morewood k or?8 pkita J Hadden k ton?7 Thompson fc r??6 W G Bnll?50 Bacon k co?2 Coffin, Bradley kco- 10 A W Clement k co?5 L Atterbnrv k co?I Van 'efoortfc Hay ward?9 J A Newhold?4 Sheldon k Phrlr a?3 D Oakey k aon??3 J Rohiu?on k co?163 H Winkley?6 J P rirnmmond?11 Richardson k Wataon?8 rti'd, GiMilan k co?259 Phelpa. Dodge k co?22 J Moss?2 J T Jones kco?13 Newbold k Russell?12 casks I chest 105,300 slates 180 tons coal 660 ska salt S Thompson?54 erts 11 cks B A Mtimf ird ?61 crates 3 calks W 8 k E Macintosh?sundry packits mdsa to order. Domestic Import ntlons. Kkt West?Brig Francis Aahhv?5 has sugar 7 oka I keg old copper Dunscomb k Beckwiih?887 ba?s co(T> > 216 balea tobic ro i 001 insist .u? ic# J Di)i? nooey 11 vmiii'iki?iu nnus noRir r H Jnnc*?8 rk? and * lot of old r iiriciviK ?iul tails Athby & Pools-?a fjn MMty of chnin cable AIUii At Paiton. Mobil* ?Br k Morca?(Repoit# d yesterday)?422 bales cotton II M i u N oo h < o? MNH - i?m toordi r M \ R I T I M E H E R \ I). Ship IHailcn atirt Acrnti. Wo iihftll iiteem it a favor, if Captmna of Vr??el? will give to Commodore Kobeht Sm.vkv, of our Newi h'leet, a Manor! of the Shipping left at I he Port whence they railed, the Vc?tel? Spoken .>n (heir P aa.age, a Li?t of their Carlo, and ativ Foreign Newapupera or Newt ihey m y have, lie will hoard rhem immediately ou their arrival. Agenta and Correapondents, at home or abroad, wih alao confer i favor by ending to thru Office all the Marine Intelligence liiry can obtain. Nanttcal Information of any kind will hi th oikfiilly received pflllT <?K 1KW YORK, APHIL 1W ?.'!* 5 iii | moon 12 t lltrr 6 II i hiok w*tk? 12 0 Clrwrecl. Ship Vrw York, Cropper, L verpool, C H MarkhnIL?Rnge ' mm W .it, Mai caibo. Rniirhan-' St Thenaud; II rriet. rote, St Croii, N- mirth, I,rede St I' a;, Clark, (leoryilow it, gC ? Help* Ami Maria, Bail r Newborn, \( -. S I, Milehnllt Peter T mniani, O ilfr. y, Williainibuig, V*; J W Smith, Jarrii, Philadelphia, A B Cooley St Co. Arrived, Packet >hip Aihhnrton, Huttlea'on. from Liverpool, Krb. 2fi, with milic, to Orinnell, Minium Ik Co. Packet nhip Sheridan. Cornith, from Liverpool, March 15, with mdae, to K K. Collint St Co. Ship Qoneral Parkhill, Hoyr, from Liverpool, Keb. 15, with indie, to Saml Thomson, flaa been off the Hook .1 dayi, in the fog Brig Norfolk, Kelly, If, d aya fro n Sr. Jago d Cuba, with 1611 hag? coffee to Duiitcnmh St lf> rkwilh. L- ft. 2il nutant jnan [ni notion, lijf Tiira'e. I !><; P'TTnrt, ol 110, loi Tiinnlad <le ('.una. err 27th ult: brig* Vt'drt Now I an, for New Y'ork.aatnc (IdiHn; in, pjatarr Imm St Maryr; tchra W?rca aw, Vincent, for 1'hiladrlpt.i*, aatne da\ ; Monannn. of Boat'<ii, iiin', Brig* Angola, fell, of N York, for Man<?nilla, aid 39rli nli: and Oaiduer H. Wright, Unit a, of and for Nrw York, in the ?StIi. Brig rnHC.ii Aahby, Randall, 8 day* from Kry Writ, with coffee. Ac to order. I.rft ling I i?r V ad, Sin llev, lor Now ')r eana. 16th. No date, lit 31 ti Ion 77 JS, paaaed i lull rigged iirig Willi painted portt, atamling NNR. nndcr I iury I'oremaat Hriltlh hr g Lldv Hareey. MrJ)nnald 28 dnyt from St. John, \B in billaai, to Diiniromb A lleckwith Brig Kmprea*. Seavry, 19 day* fiom Mobile, with ewtton and are* to maa'rr. Si lir Tbo?. Wytint, Donchty. i iltya Irom Waahington, NC. with naval atom, bound to Boaton, put in on account of he-d ?|pda Sailed III CO with ichr M M Huh in, for NYork ? apt. D aialet that liner he Irft Hatter ta he haa h. d continued f.g all the time ? . , ... Schr'I wo Brother*, T. 1 h unto t ? :?? naV!"'W.d?rttl. Ban r, I <> "! < , t? tl a , al| a App'tlou, hici. . II, from Boat II with indto, n Oacar, Baker, i day* Itom Boat on, with indae, to th# miller. ? ? 8< hr Brave, Whitmore, I dayi from Middletown, Ct. mdsr, to mailer. Below. Brig Trojan, Bnrkuam, 17 days from f'ienfuegos, with mgar, to ord*r British brig Index, Coaltleet, from Jamaica. Alio, 2 brigi unknown The Kngluh frigate Wanpite n itill outiide the Hook. Ganrra: Kerortl. Kn*Kion Lvttk* Okficb.?The Liverpool, Sheffield, and New Vork, for Liverpool, and Kh nie.for Havre, will Mil today. Their letter bagi cloie at Gilpin'i, in the Merchants Exchange. Smr \ilb, Johnston. from Havre, lying at the Eait Pan, Apalachirola. w?i struck by liehtiiiuc. and her maiutnait was so much damaged at to require a new one. Wtinlemm. Off Triatan d'Acnnha Nov IB, Atlantic, of clrnii; Nimrd.^H.ilo; 2Wh, Phoenix, NL, 600 wh aud sea elephant; Di'c 12, Dove, do, 100 sp. Spoken* A Britiah barque mppoard Hebe, from Liverpool lor NYork, Aprils. In 11 Ion 39. Alwihla, Tnlman, from New Orleans for Martinique. April 2, lat 20 20, Ion 79. New Kngland. from Matanzaa, of and for Providente, April 13, lot 27 6, Ion 72. Oenrgiana. Davit, from Bovton for New Orleaui, April 11, no lat. fee. Iluorreta, Griffin. 20 hourt from Boaton foi Havana, April 16, R-ce Point diatant 10 milet. Uncle Sam, from WilmiiiRton, NC, for Domerara, March 28, lat 29, Ion 58 PorrlRn Porte. Matanzai, March 30? In port. Orb, Caleb, from Portland, and Airiira, Hunt, from NYoik. juat arr; and othera aa before reported. Bamhadou, March 23? B'd G?n Humane, Buah, Havana. Bordeaux, March 3?Shi Kevin, Brigea, NOrleana. HkLvotT, March 2?Sid Hollander, Bvver, Boaton. Home Ports. Nfwsi'Rtport, April 15?Arr Pern, Allen, Porto Rico via NYork. Salem, April 14?Cld Nautnkrag, Towne, Arcaty, Brazil, and a mkr; I5lh, Ltthec, Campbell, Guadeloupe; Berry, Seara, Philadelphia. Boston, April 17? Arr Cervantea, Tiifta, NOrleanv; Victoria, Allen. NYork. Cld Radiua, Dunbar, Surinam: Tuacan, t'oggins. S? Thomas and a mkt; Turk. Rldridge, Philadelphia: Harriet, Woodbury. Porti on! Arr 16th, Kl'aworth, Homer, Matanzai, Cld 15th. Home, Howea, Philadelphia; Increaie, Mandarin, Hinckley, NYork Nr.w Bkoford, April 15?Sid Sachem, Kiiby, NYork; 16th, Cornelia, RieUelion, do. Hoi.Mi.a Hole, April 15? In port, Herald, H T Hinckley, Alias. Fair Play, Oscar, Wolcott, S A Apple ton. and Chariot. The we'tern bound veisela are ready to sail aa toon aa the fog cle.ra away. Provipence, April '6?Arr Kliaa B Caldwell, Lake. Phi I adeli hi,i. Sid Pandora.Tillinvhaat, Savannah; Mary, Howland nun, * rowni ii ii i ini irt*; a ts Johnson, Tavlor, and J Brick, Reeves, Philadelphia; Caledonia, Si>elman, Albany; L Spicer, Molt, NYork. Brutol, April M?Sid Monarch, Taylor, New York and Albany. Hartford, April 17? Bid Kliza Meterole, Woodside, New York; Despatch Arnold, do. 7* Philadelphia. April 18? Arr Globe, Irons.Addison, Me.? Cld (.' met, (Br) Veaav, Port Spain, Trin; Robert k Rowland, Uilchriat. Boston; Albany, Nave, NYork Baltimore, April m? Arr Howard. Rldridge, Buckspnrt: Ellen. Noves, N'-wburynort. ('Id Roanoke, Smith Rio and a mkt; Poultoey, Monati, do; Canada. Bishop, West Coast of 8 America. Ns:whehn. NC. April 8?Arr Sarah, Coombs, Mariegalante; TC Mucin II, Moss. Sr Tnomas: Capitol, Brookfield, Antigua; Geo Pollock, Beaufort. Martinique; Select. Johnson, NYork; Booniy, Darlinir, do. Cld Pollock, Casey, Boston. Charleston, April 13?In port, ships Vesta, [Dan] Eliiigiua. for North of Europe, ready, Persia. Johnson, tor London, Idg; Hercules, Madigau; Maranh in, [Br] Fleming; Catharine, [BiJ Baird; Frince, Marshall; Chirora, Rogers; Richard Anderson, Bennett; and Tri'on, [ B-] Wilson, for Liverpool. Idg; Junes Pel kins, Hall,for Havre, lag; Mosrlle, Hunt, from Boston, di'chpg: Tecnmaeh, R plev, waiting; barques Lanark, shire. [B-fCarmichael, undergoing repairs; Apollo, Hunt for Nor'h i f Europe, Idg; Devereuz. (Brl Rirton; and Ganges, [Brl Cork an, Inr Liverpool, readv; C)in,T B ] Lockhait; Clyde [Brl Ilalcrow; Ladv of 'h Lake, [Br] Jim'son; Neptune, [Br] Reichenherg; Superb [Br] McMillan, Chistiaoa, Simpson; and Aurora. [Brl Sloan, lor do dc; Oleanor. [BJ Henderson, for Honburgh, Ida; Lagrange, Porter, from Boston, wtg; brigs Julia, [Bremen] Dannamann, fur the North of Europe, 'dg: Dante, Stoddard, tor Jamaici, readv; Stephen, [Br] | Gadsbv; Matador,[Brem] Ballaer, for Bremen, ready; niwhattau, Sanders, for a port in France; Laucet, Krus-. from Ono'to, wtz; La Fayette, At wood, from Turk's Island, disc; | Poit L'on, Little, from Matauzas di-c; Draco, Sears, from Boston, dis: Vetitrosn, Div's; and Eagle, Fullerton, do, wtg; Tvbee, McCotmick, f"r NYork, Idg; Alwina, [Br-m] ArenfeId, for Brem. Iilg: Emerald H"dgcden, from Providence; H well, Morris, lor Hav-pa, Idg; Chapman, Thompson for N Orleans idg; Trcmont, Chase, from do, i|i?c; Tln mas P. Hirt, Pendleton, from Mobile, disc; Naja.le, [Ham] Taggeubroek, for the North of En'ope, Idg. NEW YORK. April 17th, I8t3.? "-'c, the undersigned, paa si ngers of [he packet ship Silvie ile Oraste, from Havre, take this method to return thanks to Captain Thompson, tnr his k lid and gcntlrmanlv ireato eut daring the passige. and the able nautical skill with which he conduced his ship duriug the violent gtles whi h prevailed oathe passage. WM. BIJBDOK, GEO. L. BKVAV. JN T. BlfO*E, U. S. Navy a'9 lt*go J. B. FOSTER. Nil KD ANCIENT ORDER OF DRUIDS ?The members nf rhe Order ?re i fumed that P. A. Vale will deliver a Lecture in the Waahington Lodge Room, This Evening, on tlm mi ans of promoting happinesi by association? ad .p ed to the cireumstaHces of the Society J\8. HOLFORD, N A Jas Anton, Secretary a!9 lt*m SntiT SHIP SHE RID AN FROM LIVERPOOL.? Consignees by this ship will please send their permits on board, at Orleant wharf, foot of Wall street All goods not permitted in live days will he tent to the public store. al9r PA KET SHIP HllNTHVlLLE FROM NEW OR LEA^S, ii d'tcharuing at Orleans wh-rf, loot of Wall it Cons'gmes will please attend to ti receipt of their goods immediately. al9r C1HIP 1ITICA F 'OM HAVRE?Consignees will nle... ^ send their permit? on board at the foot ol Morris street, NotiIi Hi er All Goods not permitted by ihe 2??1 inst. will be sent to the n t < ?r? .?!' If. SHERMAN'S LOZENOEST ENORMOUS ouantities of these popular medirine are sold during the year, and dill the demand is constantly increasing. lt> five year* the Doctor has gone Irom a few pounds '>p to 57 tons 111 a yaar, and where it will stop we cannot conceive. Whi'st She f man's INMM a e so pleas ml ih it "children cry for thfin,"they are wonderfully efliciar.t, or they would not he ratronir.ed hy our worthisst citizens. as f. r instance?Et-Mayor (' ark, j. Sherman Browuell, Esq . Reeis'erof the city, W. H Bunn. Esq. d?pntv register He?. M'. Dunbar, of the McDougai street ( hnrcn, Her. Sebast an Streeter, ol Rost n. Rer. Mr. Anthony, of the Oneida Conference, Hon. Senator Archer, Col. J. C Zihiiskie of New Jersey, and hundreds of others of the like high r-spectability. Sherman's Worm Lozenges?Vested in over a mi'liou o( .cases, and acknowledged bv the medical faculty to be the only 'safe anderrtaiu worm destroying medicine in the world. They are prescribed r'aily by neatly all our physicians. Hheimsn a LsMMtei alone hare ary reputation?lhe Doctor is a member of the Medical Society and a skilful practitioner. Sherm'n's Camphor Lozenges?Headache, sea sickness, palpitation, Inwuess of spirits, and despondency, cared in a few mirnt's hy them. They hare netn fully proved in a multitude of cases and n?ver known to fail. hhermim's Cough Lozenges sllav all tickling or irritation of the throat or Inogs, promote eipectoratiou and cure the most hairaasini: cough or c< Ids in one day; also asthma ana whooping cou?h, and tightness of the rhes>. Consumption has repeatedly been not only relieved hot effectually cured by She rman's Cough Lozenges, when all other means failed. Sore .Nipples positirrly cored by Sherman's Pap llary Oil. Warehouse 106 Nassau street Agents, ltd, I13 and s59 Broadway; 10 Astor House, 277 Hudsou ?t ; ins Bowery, 77 E-st Broadway; 139 Kolrou St. BrookIan; Redding. 0 State street. Boston; Dyer. 42 Westminster si. ProndeLCe, Guthrie, 4 Sianwiz Hall, Albany; 8. F Urq"hart, Toronto. I sundi;3 Ledger Buildings. Philadelphia; and O K. Thomas, 14* Mam at. f lueinn-ti, Ohio a>9 Imr HUNTl- R'S CKLKBHA I'ED RED DROP.?Never known to fail. Those atll'eted with venereal disease are hereby informed that thev can find a safe, certain and effectual cu-e. by applying at the Huutrrian Dispensary, 3 Divisional. The nature of ihis m- dicine is ?uch that it drives every vestige of the poison from the system ill 11 few davs no matter how aggravated the case: in its cure it is sure and certain. Both seies may me >l with perfect safety, without regard t?> c.n umslances or situ aiioD, or any respect to diet. The woudetful cures ef(ecrcd by thi? i itraordinary medicine in different parte of the Hnilid State*, ha?e rend'red it celebrated from Maine to Florida. Pn e $1 p-r rial At no other place in this ciiv or State ctt) the true article be obtained. A connlerleit is told id Boston. Matt.; also in Chailestou, S O., and in Albany, N. Y ? Let th* knowing ones beware of it. al9 If r J AM its (i. MOKKKT. 121 Prince si.. Mew York, has always on baud and offers for sale by wholesale aid retail, at the lowest market prices, ?iz Clermau Silver ofdifferrnt thicknesses, a Tery superioi article : Sheet Brats ; Plate's do; Coopers* Brass ; Pail Kars and llivets ; Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Kurnilure. Which he warrants in quality equal to any in the United Srntea, and ofhia own manufacture. ' O" Gold. Silver, and all kin Is of metal, tolled at the shortest notice. a 9 're m IMl'OKTAMT-GKKVIAN SILVKK! HEHMAN Sll 1 VEH.-JAMB* G MOFBET, 121 Prince street, N. Y., offers for sale, wholesale and retail, 1500 lbs ol German Silver, at the lowest market prices. 17s" In consequence of manufacturing the artie'e himself he raM w.i'vant it (ar superior to.iny ever before manufactured in this country, and fully equal to the imported al9 I in* in MEDICAL AID n!'. GREGORY may be consulted confidentially at all hoursnl the day or evening, at his private residence. No U Bairliy street, tear Broidwsy He has Inen eminently snece.sful in the treatment of those "h?If cured" rases, whicn iesn!t fiom concealed canse*. >r may be from mistaken or erro ens practitioners. Dr. O's in-dicinee are powerful in their enraiive effects. III nigh mud iu their opperation. Another im|iortaut consideration, which has not bet ti overlooked, is the adapting of remedies to the convetiieuce of patients, who for ih? moat part n Mlii torn lopstan a ctn aa priyatcly aa poa sible al9 1t*m [JAI KKP SHIi' LIVERP(K>L7TOK 1,1 VERI'OOL.? * This ship having bceu d-tamed by the weather, will sail this morning at in o'clock precisely. Passengers will please be on b-iard steamboat Hercules, Whitehall Dock, at f iat time, The Letter Bag* w ill he eh sed at a quarter before 10. a i!9 It ec WONDERfTJL DISCOVERY C I'RIK EH'8 solution for the hair, which will change grey O hair to its original color in a few minntes This solution inn; nil oth?T? It in hiirhlv elUr icimii, mid txtsnt'saeft thw itrral n?lv iritnsrr <v brnotifyiDR the hair, * ilhf.tit tMnrioft its growth Those whodu .hi ili rirtiles .1 re rqnr*t?4 to hate thoir hair rhangnd hr fhre p%> ii?f tlfir -nnnr' If heiobnu* wnnl'l tiV# this rnelhMd fherr would In- 40 * <? * < coiepltiti One trial will j.rovf ih?* f ?et. Sold wholrnlR sad retail, aim! plird, at !No. 5 Chatham at, ' opposite the Hall of Rern-d*, Nf." VorK, np?t*ir? h19 lm*r h emovalTpHARLKS COX, TAILOR *>..1 DHAPKR, lire 61 NatVy I1U street, ret >ect(n!ly inform. hit patrona Aud the com mnnily. that I e Iran if moved to No, 33 Maiden lane, near Nhs hi street, in connection with Oalley Ot Kiting*! Cloth and Triminim: Store (ii-ntleinr n de?iron? ofobterrirg fathion with economy, are inrited to call '.rid rt'mine a la ir?- aud fathomable aasmtment i! tine and medi m i lotha, c, aaimerej, w oiteoitingt. drilling, fcc., which the subicrther'a facilt V for obtaining at the unpoi i t i"a pucei, erablm to make npat an immenae redaction , rnm ntual charges (for rath ouiy), ( the tame time gnartntre UK a lit inn u.ce ol hit lomt known superior ttyle, fit, end ele gauee of wothminahip. Making and irimmmir on iiroportiou at- I w leruw. Particular attenl toil paid to uniforms of every description. 1 0 B. Babcochcontirnet m'hecnting d-psrtm?nt. ("HAHLKS COX, No. 33 *laid?n Irne, #17 1m Iw iniri third door below Naaarn at. \AT A t CIIK.K AND .IKWKLLKKV lower (ban ever.?At '* the tnbtenber la eo riantly receiving all deaeriptiont nl '..Id ti.t .iiver wiirh, a. of the newett atvlet. direct from thi nanu'art-irere, in ICtiittind. K.ince, nnd Switzerland, hr 11 nnlped to offer a larger aaanrtment, ami at much lex pricai, at ictnil, than any other honae ill the city. Gold w itchea aa low n $15 each Watchea and .ewell ery exchanged or bought Ml watchea warranted to keep good tune, or tha money re '"rneil Walehea, rlorkt an.l jewellery repaired iti the !> *. nanner, uid warranted lowei than it o-.e other place in the ity O, (' Allen, importer of watchea md jewellery, whol. ate mil retail. to Wall atreet, ip at < ira a'Urn ma" rjf'Pfi it?lOOcaa.i Knfllili pp-r fr m 14 t . II nr., maim v-/ 'arinred from the beat or. ami avi h an .t i re f rai, I K. K. I'OI.LI VS * i j, ? ; *'$ee. M South etreet. a ^ 0 Wn^ ?*" iJ iWnratire Eitobliihmtot of William lit been ,54 8 Pearl street, nea^ Broadway, a young man who hu h?d considerable eirtriaoca in thenar cabinet milters or carpenters' tools Toasnitihle Kraon thia would be a permanent situation Alto, an opeiiing for two or three hoya wh?se parents an* ab'e to support them during the firat i?art cf their apn entirea? te. /Mm ly as above. PAVERS?Wanted 'onfrrrrar* for the pirr<B of the treef Mtwifn Dowr and Ro?erelt, in Front street, so at to anawer the ri y tnapeetiotk Any one deairoaa to talia tlir I I Ob?to b<' uono with aperd?will apply at 367, 368 ami 28< Krotit N>tTtt*M T** Ij^T?Th?1i(?ry hriek store N? KB Writ ?. fTS? in lie vicinity "f tin- depot of ihr IN. Y & Erie Kill.'IiP,rnad and it-nmh.-m. and sloops, plying betwe-u West point, ' old opting, Peekskill, Hius Sing, lie. file A good Inra'ioo for a g'ooerv, ship chandlery, llcjnor or flour store.? Rent modern ? nu good tenant Apply to B. COSTKI. I.O, rnrnrr (^iinlii'Ti and Writ ata. or to OWEN Cm|.(?AN J ,,n.-a at Brooklyn. ?!<> ?'*' TO Let-PAYILIQN HOTEL. ?t Saratoga ffTW Borings, together the Furniture. To popular VM 1 suitable pertou. r will he reined n? For further particulars,apply to ALEX*K L. MeDONALD, a 10 3t*r No. J. Im street 3d story. tTO I.K.T?The two-story~Roiisee, No. 17 Greenwich street. No. 7 Oliver atreet, Nor. 116 and 118 Bank street, No 15){ Thames atreet, No. 101 Cedar atreet, the IK I>art or No. 18J Chatham atreet, and No. 63 Beach at. with a stable. Also, a very pleasant Country Kesideuca. about 5 miles from this city oil the west side ol the Hudson, at a low rent to a good tenant, Apply to J. O DYC'R^AN, 19 5tia*r 139 Folton or 114 Bunk at HAFPk R * BROTHER*". I'UBM H THE PILGRIMS OF THE RHINE. BY SIR E L. stULWEK?An Edi'nsn in 1* mo , printed on large type, and uea'ly hound with muslin backs, it now ready? PRICK. TWENTY-FIVE CENT*. And an Edition in 8vo, uniform with " ''he Last of the Bar. ns," Ac., will be published to-morrow morning, the 18th instant, PRICE ONE SHILLING. a* This enchanting novel "is .distilled hv the critics to be one of the most beautiful anil imaginative of the productions of Bu'wrr's highly imaginative intud, and has the merit of em bodying no sentiment nr mnr-l by which the purest mind could be offended." I he present well printed ?ud neat editions are placed at so low a pri e, thai thousands will enjoy the pleasure il-rived from the perusal of this beautiful story, iu addition to the thonaauda who hare already b<en delighted with it. N B. These editions comerise the whole work as originally prepared by Mr. Bulwer. The newspaper sdition just pnb'i?h-d doe* not. al8 2tis*r books for the people. rPHK following Pnblimtinni ?re for tale at the HERALD A OFFICE, North Wett comer of Fnlton and Naataa sts? where ?ll the Cheap I'ublicationt of the day can be had as toon at issued, at the publishing prices. THE BOOK OF THE NAVY, M be completed in 4 numbers. No. 2now ready. ALLISON S SPLENDID HISTORY OK EUROPE, in '6 numbers?.el numbers are now ready COO LEY'S AMERICAN IN EOYPT, to he completed in 6 numbers?3 numbers now ready. BHANDE'8 ENCY CLOPA^OIA.t Nos now ready. THIERS'* HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, No 13 now ready. THE FARMER'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, and Dictionary ofRnrsI Affairs?By C W Johnson. SPARKS' LIFE OF WASHINGTON. 8 numbers ready?to he completed iu 14 numbers. AM f the above 26i cents a number. D'AUBIONE'S HISTORY of the Great Reformation of the 16th Century, iu Germany, Switzerland, Ac. 3 volt. for $1. URE'S DICTIONARY of tha Arts, tkc, to he completed in 6 monthly numbers?Price $1 each?No.'4 now ready. JACK HINTON, 50 cen's and Si. HANDY ANDY, 60 cents. $1 and SI 26. LIFE OF JOHN CALHOUN; presenting a condensed History of Political Events from '811 to 1813. ,-i2? cents. HUMPHREY CLINKER, ami the ADVENTURES OF FERDINAND COUNT FATHOM, hv tamollett?e eh e nuplete in one number?26 cents PEREGRINE PICKLE?lly S Hen?60 cents. POM JONES, or the History ol a " niindliuK?complete, hy Fieldiuit,60 cents JOSEPH ANDREWS, and AMEI.IA-By .Fieliliint, each complete) iu one number, each 2> cents. NOVEL LIBRA RY. This Library is completed io teu i iimherr, esch work com pleted ill one volume at 26 cents each. VIVIAN GREY, VENECIA, I'HK YOUNG DUKE. HENRIETTA TEMPLE, and CONTARINI FI.KMINtJ ?hy D'lsraeli. ROMANCE AND REALITY anil FRAN CESCA CARRARA?by LI Ludni., PETER SIMPLE ?bv Marryat. monthly magazines. THE ARTIST, for Mareh. published at the Herald Office, 26cents. OODEY'H LADY'S BOOK. Tor March.26 OKAHAM'S MAGAZINE. April. 23. LADY'S COMPANION, d<>, 26 SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, April. 25. THE LADY'S WORLD OF FASHION, do, 16 waverly novels. Under this head will be puMinedall the Works of Sir Walter Scott?asd will be coini leled iu '6 semi-monthly numbers, each liorel will be complete in one number, each number 26 cents?16 numbers now ready JLJBK.AK.Y UP SKL.KUI NUv fciLeV This will i mnprisr ?1I <ft Bulwer's, and Jain<-?' Novels, together with the Novels of the best authors. Knelt Novel will be complete in one number, 25 cents each. COOPER'S NOVELS. All of Cooper's Novels will be published in two volumes, at 50 cent* each novel. CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. All the wo ks of the above writer will he published in regular rotation. NOTES ON AMERICA, for general circulation, 12V Sketches of Every Day Life, 37h? cents PICKWICK PAPERS The CURIOSITY SHOP BARNABY RUDOE, and NICHOLAS NICKLKBY, each complete in oue number, 50 cents each. PUBLISHED IN QUARTO FORM. THK ODD FELLOW?By J H Ingrahem?I2K < t?. THE CO VIET?Bv M Amgo?121-, cts EUGENIA GRANDET, Kdw S Gould?12* cts. THE OIPSIES IN SPAI>?By (j Barrow?25 cents AMARANTH A, or the Dailr Eyed One? By H N W.ld-12K THE BIBLE IN SPAIN?Bv Geo. Barrow, price 25 cts LIGHTS AND SHADOWS OK FACTORY LIFE IN NEW ENGLAND?Bv* a Factory esirl, I2H. FRANCIS OF VALOIS by Flagg THE LIFE AND EXPLOITS OF THK DUKE OF WELLINGTON. tUANCA CAPI'ELLO?by Ladt Ltttois Bui.wkr, 18V. BLACKWOOD'S SlAGAZINe.?(a republication) No. 3, I8ji-? CHEMISTRY, applied to Agri nlture and Physiology, also ANIMAL CHEMISTRY, a stereotyiw edition, by Liebeg, 25. THE WESTERN CAPTIVE, 18fc. LET fERS OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS, 25. MKVOIKS OF THE QUEENS OK FRANCE, 25. THE NAUTILUS? s collection of Sea Tales?Also an account of the SOMERS' MUTINY, 12?. cents. CHUZZLEWIT, by'Dickens (3d No. jnstpeb- ' lished) TOM BURKE OF OURS. L. S. D or Accounts of Irish Heirs ! All for WINDSOR CASTLE I 18X ADVENTURES OF ARTHUR O'LEARY, A dlicouul on sll the above works to agents, Subscriptions for all the above Magazines w ill be received at thisoHrr. and punrtn .11 v attended u>. i28 re ALL NATIONS HOTEL, No. Ill Broadway, u?it below City Hotel ?Table d'Hote from 12 till 5 P VI., in the superb Saloons Charge for Dinner 25 ce> ts. The bill of Fare hall not he surpassed hy any es'ablithmeul in thecity. Handsomely famished tedmoms can be procured froinV' to $3 per week, or 5'> cents ner day, N. B.?Private Dining Rooms for Paitiei, Sic On the ground floor as you euter on Brnadway or Thames street, there are lour beauiifnl BOW LING ALLEYS, in perfect ordsr and neatly ornamented, for which amnsemen t the charges ?re reilaced trom 25 cents to I2.V You asceud the el egaiit marble stairs, there you find D'liiug and Lodging Rooms unequalled in this country fur neatness and elegance. There is also a Billiard Saloon, unrivalled for bsantv, well ventilated and lighted, with four elegant tables, uudrr the direction oi Michael Phrlan and Joseph White, who are well known as po lile nd gentlemanly persons in their vocation, It-. a 18 fitis'r JOHN COTTF.R. T BROWN, STONE SEAL ENORAVER has re moved to 233 II toad way. opp site tha Park?Coats of arms, ere ts, rypheis, Sc., engiaveu en stone L.udies'seals, pencil ca-es. signet rings. & .. engraved with coats of arms. names or aay deviee. Coats of arm* foaud and painted Bi> ks ofheraldry liept. with upwant* "I 100.000 names all 2t*r BREWERY APPARATUS. UOR SALE CHEAP?If applied for iu a few diyi, ai (ha " inmr will have to be removed.?A copper kettle of the tapacitr of fifty harrela, with tub?, rat .cooleri, uialtmill, copper pimps, barrels, pa-cheons, kc. Apply to Mr BOWKN, 161 Bleecker street. al?6'*r FIRE TROOP IRON RAPES -See what the committee ay;?The lollowitig respectable committer of merchant* were lelerlert to superintend a trial to te*t the different kind* of lr"ii ' heat* which hail the beat repntation in market, wi'h one of Wilder'* Pattnt Salamander*, and they *ay in conc'u* on;? The above wai a fa'r trial, and wa* to n* a convincing proof of the superiority of Wilder'* Salamander Safe over all other*, and cnusulering that it wa* eipnsed to an intrme heat for a period of noire than e-glit linn'*, while each of the other* were destroyed by the same heat in less than two tmuri, we have o hesitation in saying that we consider Wilder'* Salamander Safe nearly fire proof, and affording iierfect security- to books and papers incase of tire. Wetheref retake much pleasure in making this statement to the tmb'ic, and in recommending to them Wiloer's Patent Salaniauder Pire fn of Safe, as fully en'itled to their coufidetice. Charles H Marshall, MinturnitCo. Wadswo-th k Smith, Baldwin It Co. Hundreds ?l other respectable merchant* witnessed the above trial, and have added their testimonials bv availing themselves of one of ilice property preservers. They can only be ha I by applying to the Iron Safe and Safety L-'ik Ware hi u-e >f al il3r-sw I tec SILAS i l|>- HRINtt. tm W.ier st. RKIsVIONT HOKSK, NOW MRKJMTON rPHP. subsciher b gs leave lo inform his irimds and the pub s lie, that hi- ha* liken the ah' re well known house, wlpeh li is been thoroughly repai ed iud paintvd m the beat mim. newly luruished thiougliotit, and wit' h* open d on the first of Miy neit. 1 he l ouae is delightfully situ-ted immediately opposite the steamboat Undine, and from its niarzas commands i view ?itending up ike Kill* aud ovor the bay and hsrbou'of New York. To thosde esirou- of a pleasant residence during the summer months, possessing 'he advantages of flue salt water njvnn K. mtjerner wun neanntui anvrs nno wiiKi.ann conee nient ?rc?itr the city every 'wo hour* by steam. the Belmont House offer? inducements u surpissrd by *nv other rathe Is ' a nil, a ud the ubirrib'r trust? th<t hi? former efforts to satisra< t?on s proprietor of the Pavilion, with hi? renewed ?! ** termination to spare no pains to render his house agreeable, w ill ensure Hira th- continuation of n portion of the pitroiisfe he hs? heretofiMe been favored with. GKOROR PI I HIS, Niw Bhowtoii? April IS? IKS at- rfr HBADs OF HAIK. A f BaRRY, Ar'iit in Hair, from London.?The real A. ||>?adi of H iir still stand pre-eminent above all others Their peetllir light, gosMunerand ventilating character?thuir baine fliaped eivctly ai the n oval hair growe?theii atieit md than iaperiot material ind workmanship I is wel tvie of Aniah and arrangement, all combine to I ran a | ' nc v tniiit Ki ?een fo bf Inlh || | I A new system of the art of Wia Making taught in five le?ffi? i pacimeq of Bvnk Win tnd ac Ipa. which will i tigf) tht moat fastidioms that he * thi bui md cheapest m ? .ter in tlM < i v ?!4'? BvOMWI) . tOVMI ?! Libert f at. up itairs. all lwia*m CHKA!' ' I'HOLS TKHV?W Iton, B"iorh .<nd Iiiki m vpita, made, altered and repaired, ami warranted to nt in the neatest manner, and if a moderate price, bp asei if ir 'd I ' "?!Sfr > ? ? ' 1 M ' '<>!. ' ?% tfiO M r \;OUN(l MK> out of employment would do wrll to gatil themes lata at Book*Kaeperi Tan Pfordi * i Keeping teadein . SSI Btotdwiiv, lecend > Mi V '? upils ^* ?*!!- oht in titnati oa is mta i, th iph the inflect ee of hia \ ati m? ,vir vsconrsr in dcmik-h'opinx is strictly practical, u no mthor's w ok i? copied inhia school, and ho nndeaors lo impress upon the niunls of his piipila by familiar illustration, hut tlif ?i ihich of aeco'inia it I hiri Inl in common set so nufse ?f instruction, Wholrsalr, Krt.ijl, Commission. R'.tchaiul , Compound t o. Hprcula'ion Accounts Van Nordrn's system ol splrud.d business p -nmnrship imP>rledtoali in in nitrnditile short spur* of time Tonus slit mely moderate. Day -snil evening classes, ?tl Broadway. .v4 2wi?#m BHitMiWAY B A T M h r|i K.H MKDUt KD? Single Baihs 5 cents; twenty-five tickets for $ >.? Hot, cold, vapor, sulphur,-hower, mediated and aromatic hiths,ready from aunri until I cl ok, P M. H. Di Mk LL, v IS St i?#t W> Bro.-.'m y. [}ILtw cY fcX'TlANUK, pavable st sigh' 01 TTr"ts IJ Kill lr-1 - < ?''d t* otland hi snifsor ? , ?|?, ?15, ?jo o am amenul, lotsM' by R. J. aVl,VEM n, all btx I*.Wall stisnl and l?i Broadway. AU( o SALES r- ">* >' v T. L,L % HOW* HO. ' "* -] ? 1 nri Its V p? I0S< o rlork in rhe<al*g room. """* 4 *mA nakin?i t uc 111 prrm ?f Tandy ui fun itnre of all deserip'iens. Also, thr rnMre rnmiinn of I inttcl family remoTcd from Willi,imsburg for convenience of sale. THI'HBn A V. Arrtl 2(1 At l"W o'clock, at Ml Cliffrt. Fnsmtnre Hale?Th- enfi"- furniture of the aborc house. FRIDAY. Large S ile of V?lnsh|e Dry floods. fane*.and pledged articles. guns, entlety, hardware, and aav quantity of fiiraiftire, a: 10W o'clock at the tales room. HAT' RDAY. Fitersrse and trulv valuahle saV of the *erg best teeond hand and n<- w 'tirnituie of nil deanictiont in the tales rooms. MOVDAY. Ha'e of Talnaele Paintings? At 1l>W o'cloek in the first floor of the dwelling 100 Liberty si. will be to d the choice collection of-are origins) paintiniri by the best piasters. This co'l?c'i"n has been telceted with great care by the well knswn eonioissenr Dr A Hp inner. Catalogues in time. T'ue paintings will be arranged for e?hihitionon Saturday morn'tig TURHDAY. Furniture Hale?At I0W o'. lock will he sold the entire handsome Furniture contained in the l.onse 100 Liberty st. FHIDW. (eenfeel Furniture at '0 l-tn'-dork at 103 Houston si. IV B?The sales of Bell k Howard will take place rain or shine. BY F. J BR A" VS. Auctioneer. (130 P\tlton tfreef ) muirnai\ a v -a.v. A* 10 o'clock at No. I# City Hall 'lace. Flegant Furniture?The entire furniture of the above home, the property of a 'amily breaking np housckee ing. eonaiat'ng of the peat <]n"lity Wi'ton, drawing room, incain, b'd room and Venetian ?f*tr carpeting, mahogany French shape chaire, patent sprng aofai. mahogany ton centre table*, mahogany tea and dining table*, pi-rgUaea, diyan*, elegant dama?k window cn-tain* nn l ornameit*, ?et of ?ieh girandole*, candlestick*, plated caatora. cake haakat*,steel fire seta, rug*, rich China tea and dinner sets, cnt gl-aa tea tray* and waiter*, mahogany hat land, hall lamo feather beds, hair maitretae*. bedding mahogany washsrand*. looking glasses, dressing hoream, chair*. French edircad*,lie, together with a fnll aiaor'ment of eieellent kitchen furniture, with which the sale will commence AI?o. 1 high'y fimaheil fine toned piano forte Catalo-tie* will be ready ?ne day previous to the aale, when the arliclee can be examined Auction noticf, hifLl.F.Tfn <Wbf.lL It HOWAHD'd SALF.S. 12 Ann and PIS Fulton afreet*. THI" D A V?Furniture at 10 1 2 o'clock at the corner of Oliver and MadWnn atreeta, the entire stock ol a fnrnimre dealer giving iin ihe hnainosa Also in the sale rooms, the valuable fu rui'si e of several families giving lip housekeeping. THURAD AY?Q?nteel Fnrni'ure ai (6 Cliff at FKIDAT?Kxtensive sale of D>y Oonds, Pledged Articles, and any nnan'it* ot 'nmitnre in I'm sale rooms. SATURDAY?The most extensive assortment of elegant Furniture of all description* offeied for some time. MONDAY?The splendid Oa'lery of Paintings own'd by Dr. Rpooner, at his house No. ICS Liberty street, at 10)< o'clock. TUF.'D i Y?The handsome Furniture contained in the house No I0R Liberty s' WF.DNF.LD AY, 26th inst.?Genteel Fnrnitnrc at No. 4*1 Houston *t O'her sales will be announced in order. Sales to take place tain or fair weather. al9 l?i**m THOMAS BKLL, Auctioneer. UCTION NOTICE.?Second"Ssle of~~F F'ui* T 'row Hkirvii'1! nnnorr, Livrp^ol.? A. LRVT will tell on TbvTNAf mornfoff* at 11 'dock, at 131 Brou 'wy, in cntitiuatio choice md e*tens fe lot or Fuglish fro if *r?es, ornamental shrnbs. roses of various and best sorts, rooseberrirs, currants. &c. Just receive', And fleeted with n-i', from SlnrrinAiertbntcd mnrstiy, LitivdmIi ?ll in fine op't Also, dahlia root* rare sorts, sugar \ eef seed, with other i hint* and need, by catalogue Sale positive and ?irt y public ittentiop. a19 ft*m W \ ( \ R TIR Aoetiont c BY TAT a L'lGUK?Klugant Furniture?Carter Ik Co. will se'1 on Frida , 2lat I0S o'clock, at the atom No. 102 Broadway, very eitenstve assortment of city made Furniture, to repay advance*, eonaiati^.r of elegant sofas, cushioned and spring seat, parlor rockers: \ and full French ehair?;nnrse and sewing chair*; elegant breakfhst and tea t bits; French >> dttead ;nta bit ind mahoftu I pe ntre tables: work do; plain bureaus; s<|n*r?- ottomans; en id tables dressing bureaus, with and without nv-irble tops: common French bed*teads;bonk cay; piano stools; plush rockers; double enclosed washstands, n i*h marble and mahogany top, lie The furniture is aM m*deof 'he very best materials, and in fh< mo<i fashionahjf style. Catalogues readv on Thursday when the liirniture mil be examined. Sale without reserve. a!9 3t;sr uko IB. ROLLINS Auctioneer NEW AND WARRANTED CABINET FURNITURE ?O' Friday, Ai r I 'l<t, at HI o'tlocY. will be ?nlil the entire ?tcck of the well known cihinef manufactory, 51 Beekman street, consisting of ottoman*, divans, conches, sofas, arm chair*, French bedfeads. and French chair* Also, every arti ele in the line of rbe latest and moat fashionable *tvle, and made egprestly or city me. Catalogue* may be obtained at the w re rooms. al84tis*r W|I,KIN'S Si ROI.fJVS. Auctioneers W A I'AI'TK;!, Anct ELKO ANT FURNITURE?CAKTKH A f'O. will ?ell on Wrilneadar, the l#lh iuatatit, at I0)k o'clock at their ?tor? 102 Brondway.a very extensive-assortment of fashionable ciiy made Furniture, comprising several handaome sofas; 5K and full French rosewood and mahogany chat ; parlor rockers, aewinjt and nurse chairs; elegant ottomans and dressinn bureaus; wink table; plain bureaus; marble and mahogany top cen're tables; douh'e enclosed washslands, with marble and mahogany to ?; elegant card and h re i It fast table*; maliogany and imitation rosewood French bedsteads, hair matrasses Ac. The articles are all made of ths very best material*, and in the most fashionable atyle. Fvry article offvred will positiiely be sold to the highest bidder. ap!7 3t*r WM H. JONE8 Auctionerr ELEGANT FURNITURE. Silver Hate, Piano Plants, Ac. a' Auction On Wednesday, Aoril 19, at 10 o'clock, at No. K \V irren itieei?The entire Furniture among which a-e rich d-inask curtains an 1 ornaments, mahogany eiteasion dnriu- r ihi". marble toe pier and cen're do: rich French dinner se vice Brussels and ingrain caipets.atair ca:pets and rods, rich"Ormnla" mantel Minis, extension rocking chaiis, cut visas deciliters, sallad dish, frail dishes, wines, tumblers, champaign, lemonade and dinger glasses; Sheffield plated urn, fruit and cake baskets, fine French rnehoganv chairs, mahorauy four cost and miple hedateada, bedding, tab'e linen, doyas, napkins,cloths, towels, sheets, Ac. maple cine bottom chairs and settees rugs, spitoons, hall stove, oil cloths, pier glasses, sua refrigerator Silver Plate?Two tea setts, four pieces each; tea, table and dessert spiKins; drsscrt and tahle forks, ladles, cream jug, figured salts, butter knives and cream iug. Piano?Fine ' oned, made to order by Smdart, Worcester 4Dd Dunham?4 months?(490. Statnary?Two bnsuand pedestal*."Pivigaid Terpticore." Plains?A rariety of rich plants, worthy attention. Also, a l?rge assortment of excellent Kitchen Furniture, in good order. Catalogues now re*dy at No. 55 Lib rfy it. apI7 3t is'r pABINKTURMTURK?The public are respectfully kJ infumed tha- the subscriber intrnds selling off at unction, about the first of May, his entire stock of splendid Cabinet Furniture. B> ing ofhis own mannfactnre, all is warranted to be of first rate workmanship and materials. Persons about Surghastng are requested to call and examine. The particu lar ay of sale will He made known in a future advertisement. SAMUEL WA i EKBUKY. al7lw*ec No. 60 Beekman street, cor. (lold. \T AN KEEN COTTON-10 bales, for sale by PKR9SE A BROOKS, *p!7 ec No 61 Liberty atreet IBs SOVTJTHW3T. fiWEN PRE9COTT, Pilot, takes charge as master of ves" sels bound lo New Bedford, Nautocket Shoals. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck, and OTHER PORTS east of New York Office .1 KVe. i Hh.e'. )M Wit.l ,t,ccl corner Bee km an. Reference to a number of Merchants, and the several Insurance Companies in this city, Button, and Portland. alt lmi?"r <|R ALL THK REGULAR PACKE J 8? Steam anipe ifffVy ateam boata, and other passenger vessels, carrying JMHKh in* "brands' Patent Life Boata," hare the word Patent" plainlr a tamped or painted on the aide. f 19-tfr MF- fOK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Reeular iCWV Packet of 25th April.?The Splendid Packet Ship flfifctMDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, of 1000 tone, will positively tail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or paaaage, having accommodations nnequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on baar.l, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreet. or to E. lC. COLLINS It CO. SB South atreet. Price of paaaage, SIM. Ine Packet Ship Sheridan, Capt. A. Depeyeter, of IMS tons, will succeed the Siddont, and sail the 25th of May, her regular dav. L> ttera for the ahipa of this line will only be received at Oilpin'r anJ Hale'a News Room. Passengers may rely on the ahipa of thia line ir ,-ng rnucro -l y at advertiaeil. aTc BLACK BALL, or Old Line of LI~VKHPOUL ifyfV Packeta.?Rails thit day, Wednesday. at 12 o'clock. jhUKwI't"' uew and magnificent packet thip NEW YOHK, burthen 1060 loaa, Capt Crot<i>er, can accommodate a few m ire c.ibin and steerage p.iaaengera if application ia mule by lit o'clock to Iks anbacribera The accommodations of this magnificent packet, in cabin, 2d cabin md steerage, will on inspection be found unequalled bv any veateI afloat. Those returning to the Old Country will find if to theireomlort am) advantage to trivet tint conveyance, and as a nu in be . of her bertha are already engaged, persona wishing passage, aliould make e irly application on hoard, foot nf Bceltman street, or to the siihtcrincrs. HOC HE BROTHERS St CO., J.'i Kultou at, neil door to tip Kultou B nili P. S The Cambridge aiilafrom Liverpool on the 1st ol May ?those tending lot their friends can have then, brought out in her, or in cny of the Packets of rhia magnificent Line, which ami from there pnnctu lly on the 7th and 19th of each month. >..r.. ... , u.. as ... .i u ...l .r i i i ...i .... vi .. . p.. Grot?, A met k Co.. batik* p, London, which will be paid free ?l discount or any cL irjre, in every town throughout hugland. Ireland, Scotland ami Wales k*or nuiaAtff, km, apply as above. al9r v W I.INh l,|V-t: 1)1) \ K - I - ' . . April?The splendid, f at vailing packer *h?i j||MHSibS |)|)()Ns | attain f B Cobb will tail positively i- !> v 'vnlt' ?11, Tm ih * 011 has lino 1 rc ill 1 on dapvrard tioni s eond cabin and f-eeragt* paa??ngerH it is well known, are superior to in\ other line of packets l'bote wishing to i?rnrr ) ertht shoald cot fail to maur early application mi boird. or to W k J. f TAPHCOTT. alflec 43 Peck Slip cor Booth ft M l) Bl.-. K BAl.U '.INK Oh l'A< KK'l lI'S?Pucpef of rhe I9'b A il?The well known JKBlMLli'it cl its packet thu MKW Y'>RK.Capt Cropper will be despatched as bo?e, her regular day She has rireHenf loconunodatiou* lor cabin and steerage pats ng'r*?th f wishing ti< secure berths will re.iuir* to malt< ear' 1, .mr .i-.? m IOHN 'KKDVIA.N HI M uth street. \ |( 1 d . 1 &T* ' Brifairj or Ireland, eaa arrange lor their passage by the regolai pocket infl - 1 Ui 11 m rates Drifts faioiihi 1 1 mi 1010001 1 il Ins princ il ?.i * ??? throughout the unitod Ku^ioOi Apply ? a^o* e. w7cc kolt ftavhh?(stcoi. I LmZ j-fh? ,,?p i ftiJfffV C V rr tie rick Hrwrtf, uns'e * il ail .nth-. 1st JbAMKb of Mir. BOYD s. HI 1 -KKX. ? Or No 9 Tontine BoiMirics. H>H TKI KSIK- I hp )nr?!inr ?hi| <?,?? I I,A b D 1 WfJlV' "! ?"> . to be promptly dpapolchod h rlrnght fmmmtrn"' lor pftaaxyp, hauio, hmd-inn* accoinm- 1ntt> na -Ti I 'O T THIMBLE, or us 13 ? BOVD fe HIM He N Br i< ,-iM. KOH IIKi \NH^i.<?t|MlASA A<U pkLU' VOUK '.INPrwitivplv Firit Rr?.a *hA4? Packer? To tall the 10tt April fJd H"NT?VILLfc,Cap0RMam ord. *ill jx'fjrirrl? tflti a* bft r#Vn>M day Vor freixM n'h^T ,V?" tarnuhed accnmmndatipiu a. r K,,rr? at Odevia wnarl. loot ..I W?H at. or to It. K COLLINB Si i f), if: Aoolh at " T "lT" h 'he,T " "d* '0" t.v n. *?.. ai the op. - ( .hi. mo* will v. r i,r . . . S' \ .? Mime- . .. -rlpr wM i lit II . bp rp<|HMPd A**uu io N. Orlp are, liull.n k M 1 rward all ?n?da frMhcir a ldrr I ' " 'i Oeo>?l pp. ' I . I I'lnt.v tr. ' . . . 'I I n hi, w \ r i,-o I . .rry I'ro . Iliiaii n, ir>r wh.c1' .uut.y I ' I good unproved city pr..prrt> will hp *?rn .. > d. I I'O.ta ..mat ha aound and in parte t ordpr. Ad'* I B?ikc," to tkia oAm. ataridc **p and full pnrtreu. a which I will ba raowUHy attaadail ao. _ in??w?m * SEMEXTS. P?KK TIIK ATII PC. THia KVKVIVO wiH h<-' i ? JONATHAN IN ENOLAND olomon Sw?n H*nk?tt | Knnnv, ^,l'* Mih Wtltfn will 4pf>e'-*r in EL BOLERO. Alu whi?h THE KKVTWKIAN. Ta conr'gilt with. Hn?. ^ , THE ATT!r aTORY. _5!??O0ru^J'.' (hlhrv, IIHrta TR-T.W TMBATHIB. ?r hffnn?nhtel. Jn l""" 'W"# "ill open ? (|0?f n 1? r'r*. 'ii* < ?, w,ii ? h',ii ,,..i T TVnr?irTi?~ r a"; Hceond an 1 Third TimiJV Pit iiw,. u i.rv ,,u?nta TH18 E will he performed _ . _. ,thrwonder Cal. Bntton, Brougham | Vi.dan'e, Mra. Brougham To conclude with HIH LAST LEO*. ITCHRLI/B OMflHPM Tlir.ATKft, 444 Broadway, Ncw V r? THIS RVRNINO, w'l - .4 BEAUTY AND THE BEAHT. Afltr which, AMY LEE. To conrlnda with HIVAL PAOK8. TCK Tha Doora will ba opened tl 7, tod th? a< or>t . can commence at half-?a- 7. erery canning. A.HKHICAR THEATRE?WAIjBUT-H't. PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MT?S <\ CU8HMAN MH. BOOTH'S BENEEIT. THIS EVKNINO April 19. will per'ntm*' KINO LEAR. ... King Laar, Mr Booth | Ooneril, Mlgg Coalman To conclude with THE MAYOR OE OARHATT. ? _ Jerry Sneak, Mr. Bnath K. A. MARSHALL .-a. a. AISERICAS mWEr*t. ?fblr Heildina, comer of Broadway and Ann ?treut, PT BAHNUM. Manager Re engagement of I T it?d, known at DANIEL LAM BERT.Jnnr the tndrrlkl (fl A MT nr?v He is bat II rear* old, i?feet an4 1 inches high, tad weieh < no tin l? Engagement of MISS ADELAIDE PHILLITB. the hill of A yon, ?ged only nine Tears. Mr. T. J. WINCHELL, the inimitable f'omic Drollerm MISS VARY DARLING. The celeb ated Knglish Kuchantieea. CHANG-r ONU, The celebrated Chinese Jngrler. ENORMOUS SNAKE*. BOA CONSTRICTORS, ke. Which hare jesf arrived in this con"try, together with Mr. T. NATHANS the Greet Serpent Tamer. rlectr6 oalvavibm. Jut added to the Moseum two powerful Kleetro Galvanic Barteriee. Fancy Olaet Blowing. ORAND COSMORAMA?ALBINO LADY. Day Performances erery Weilneeday and Setwday afternoon all o'clock. Admiaeion lr? all Id cents?Children half price a la PRALR-M NICW VOKH NINRDB Broadway, opposite th' City Hall. Mr. H. Bsnnc't. Manacer, T"^ Rrspertfnl'y announces 'hat he haa resumed the direo lion of rhe ahovcitabliihm*nt. which will open an Monday, April 17th. He i? happy to inform the public that he haa effected an I'tiKaitement with the celebrated DR. VALRNTINE. who will introduce hie much admired sketchee of Comic f 'haractera. The manacer haa much pleeaore tn era ong that he haa entered info in arrangement with SIGN'OR BLITZ, The greatcat Magician and Vcntriloqniat 'hat erer yiai'cd tliia country LA PETITE OBR1TO, the mnch admired Diuaenae, will appear in twoofhei moat popular dancea Signnr BI it* will perform 'he wonderful feat of Dancing Sir Dinner Platca on a I ommon Table. Fancy H|ae> Blowing hy Mr. Oweiia. Admission t"> cent*; f'hildren half price. IfT The OIPSV GIRL can he priya'ely ronai'lted da*" and eretling. Performancea iii the Lecture Room to commence at H to g ?Afternoon entertainment* on Wedneaday and Saturday at o'clock. Day viaitcra admitted the aime eyrinng free of charge A splendid 'elf Playing Melodeou to he ?rm alAcc MR HENRY RUSSELL '?pec'fnllv annnnuee* to tli? lidi-a and gentlemen of Brooklyn, tint, ?t 'he aoliei'ation of his friends, he will positively iv his I ?? Vor I Eme-taiu men' a' the Brooklyn Lve,,.,,. on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 19fh April. "II which occaaioo he will hare the honor of pfeaentipir selection from hit moar admired cornp.niriona. Mingle Tirlcela SO eent?. Tickets adinit'itig a family of fife persona '< to he had <i M-a?r . VVil er'? St Crilvcrwrlf'e bookafore ("oncer' o commence at g o'clock. aH lt*m GRAND' OMPtlMKNTAHA COS' KHT of Vocal and Instrumental Music to JOHN A NDERSON - John Anderaop reapectfnlb intima'ea tliat a iinmner of hi? old ffieuda have proffered to trim a f'pmpl'itient iry Conact. which will take place at the Apollo Concert Saloon No. 41. Broadway, on Friday Evening, April list IMA ' sisted bv ili>MISSKH CUMMINO Whnie FirenhOD of -he Scnttiah Duet (a Melosl* recently inttodneed by them with great success) has elicited the wanneat aprrohati'tii bv crowded isaemhlirs. MR. t'LIRK.HU?)H, The Scottnh National Melodist, bariti|t alio in the kindest manner vn'uti'sered hii valaahle aid, assisted by Mr AUSTIN I'HII.' I"S, Mr. a. Jamison, Mr. HOFFMAN. Mr ROSIER Mr KVLF. Mr. N. R. ERBKN. And several Amateurs,forming a gahgy of t i lent seldom offered to the labile. PROGRAMME. Past I. Olee?Hail Snulinr Morn,?Menr?. Roeier, Morgan, Phillips a (I Kyle, Spoff rtb flnnv ?By the pnre liiiht o love?John Andersen, Hlspp Dnett?To diitan' lands?Misses Cnmrai.ig, Bishop Bong?The l,ra Riv?Mr. t" irehtigh, Burns Carstina?Should he unbraid?Mus M. A. ' aminrnr, Bishop Duett?l arbo rd Wstch?Messrs. P illtpe and Morra-i, L Wdliems Ballad? Lome o'Bnchan? Miss B. Camming, O Hacket Bong?The L'ss o' Oowrie? Mr Cireltiigh. Duett?I know a ank?Misses Camming, IC E Hern Paht II. Dnetto Vinlino? Spe-d tie Plough, with Variations?Messrs. Aleiander Jamieson and K. Hoffman, accompanied on the piano lorte by Mr A Philli|?. Bong?The Irish Emigrant's 1 ament?Mr Clirehngh, Dempster 8eeg?Oh. Whistle and I'll come to son, my Lore ?J Anderson, Bums Ballad?Aald Robin Gray?Mist M A Camming,LsdyLin'aay Bong? Mr Morgan Dnett?Row weel my Boatie, row wee I?Miss's Camming, R A Smith Song?A man's a man, for a' that?John Andereon, Barns Song?Mary o' Castle Cary?M Clirehngh, McNiel Dnett?What '? a'the steer bimmer?Misaes Camming. A Lee Finale?Anld Lang Syne?By Miss M A Cumtning Mis* B O Camming, Messrs. Clirehngh, APhillips. Rosier, " yle, J Anderson. Mr Anstin Phillips will nres d> at t* e pianoforte. IpPDooia open at 7 o'clock; Concert to commence at o'clock ttrecisely. rr7-Ticket? 50 cents?To he Hid at the principal malic s'ores; Mr. V. Clirehngh, No. 205 Broadway, and Mr. P. Milnes, 17 Centre street. Also, at the doer on the evening of the Concert. *11 <tis*r THE LAST QUARTETTE BOIREE will take place at the A poll. Saloon. OS Wednesday evening, 19 h mat. On this occasion will be performed Spohr's Double Quartette, Ne. I, fir four Violirs. two Tenors and two Violoncellos Also iBeethoven's celebrated Septet, for Violin, Tenor, Violoncello, double Bast, Clarionetts, Fogotlo, and French Horn. At the solicitation of several friends, half sabaeriptions of $7 4# will be received, entitling the subscriber to lonr tickets. apply lor ncaru at nr. tioyera, J"i oroaaway; ntnaan, Worerater find Dnnham'a, 361 Broadway, or of the under aimed, \o. 63 franklin atreet. an)T 3fcc U. C. HILL. SINGING. Vf ADAM 8UTTON, h??in? amnird to i etnm to Italy the beginning of Aaaoat, pnrpoaeareceiving popila nntil tha< time,to ?ive fiaiahing leaaona in the Italian, Fi-neh, and Engliah atyle'of Pinging Her method ia that punned l>y Bordngni and Vaccai. the Ant mastrra in Europe, inerenaina the atrength and compaaa with aatoniahmg rapidity. Her nuiilawill have the advantage of her ainging with them, which can be punned by maaten alone, who hare been emiaeat ami. en. Lauiee deli ro 111 of availing themaelvea of Madam Sntton'a limited atay, may aaeertain terma, fcc., by application at 77 (.'hamben atreet, from 9 o'clock till 2 oaM *m#r OOLD FOIL k GOLD LRAP-Dentiata Foil tM 00 per VT ox, warranted eqnal to any in the eity. Alvo gold lead' S6/0 per pk. full aiie, 3H inchea, for caah, at the manufactory, M Keade atreet. J. L. WAVOH. alJ lwia*?c Tuy V L'W Vntil MEDIC All AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No 7fi Chambers street, ESTABLISHED TO RENDER TO THE AFFLICT ED sound and Scientific Medical Aid. Ail hind of diseases will be treated,nd nrvietl omitioMOi mryiwerip ti'?u performed in the most carefol and scientific manner One ?f the f'irsf OCOVllStS hi the city will atteod tO the treat ineut "1 ill diseases of M9TI tod ?-ar Parfcnli IttSDtKNI IS pSM 10 the trMtnmt ol all female complaints v#tv great success has attended the treatment of diseases ?f the skin. Patients wi?. dsSlfS h will be viti . t| 11 fli? ir booses. Those whose mm koi are limited will only be required f,> pay Tor their medi* eioss Thro tr i on rooss m provided wr private consolu tkiOe The drag dei irtmsol is i tended by so ipothssory of rrsai intrwnet, nod s l ear medialpes oar be i-'-' ed "i > nrc mm fSBoiai Coppios fend leechno willbsdoos at the shortest notiee ( pen J ly lyd eight DR. ITOMKR BOSTWlCE. A trending Physician and Borseon* l'j Chamhexs sr. 2d hoase west of Broadway This institution m under the patronage and commendation of 'he lollowinit ?euH. i;,rii :? RKv DR F.D* Y HIOBKE. ru v dr. w c bhdwnLke, RKV Dl< OEO. POTT*. 11 ia * v nu a sfPivii a 16 lm? ec RKV DR. WI MHOKn>.H rrn DRUGGIST* AND OTHKH* from the Sooth and 1 VVett ?T KOBEHTS h CO of London, prnpneto i of the celebrated and ixipttlar medicine, "Pirr'? Life rillt. ' ha* ug etfehlUhed a depol lor the i*'e of the tone in New York, and heing now prepared to tiipplythe market to ?o? eatuit aronld retpertfnllv call the mention of draagmra and other* of the trade to their ponnlar medicine, of wnich there 11 now old in |f.iire|e more that xi.oon boira weekly, and although it I? been tearrclv *it month* in the. United Sow** thr tale* av? rapidly egtended hrootrh the *r?te? of New York. P?oa i New Knehind Srarei, and Canada A* a lamilr tti"l i cue. it if unequalled, bein* perfectly free from any ' i*er?) preparation*. it it alto exceedingly eflecti*e in the core of htlioa* complaint*, dv*p?p*ia, Comnmptinn*. and all hie met .nam* from impnritie* of tile blood; being ?ery mild in ir* iperation* on the *y*tem, it tn?y be taken hy the me*i delicate female tiM imall children. The ahoee may be had wholeaale at the office of T. Roberj* ft f'.o Ne. 3fM farendon Monte. corner ef Dntne k Bmadeay, firat floor ml? imi?#"' f K.AD?205 pig* aoft Galen* ? id. ex thip Hintaril e, fjmm I ' New Otlcan*, fo t.ile by . It* K rof.LIVSli CO. alSee s? tooth ?'re?t. ta" I OW??I0 barret ham L"n'. tie m M /*" " toritr brand., .? th.p Hi. t. ,U-. f- m v - Orl*.o*. for leby It K < C'LLI>^*a' UL I RffC . mt.l.Ki n:>'Vt? " raiwJeoo J the mom ftwwmbto t?rm?. t>> _ J. ?YLVE?TK.R ^ 7 ^'?|| IW Ytrn?4w*r UvrTjRhF*T~\f~NEY?Of ill kitxli bongiit and wild? V ?,.iwn unlit ???t WKlltr.1 it K..,r.*n*niii' g. J. SYLVESTERS, ,tj y W-ll vylnnit 110 g ii?d?<T ,1 |, f?YoS?7?i t*t<int idb??i*f TPclt. i "(.. nor kitiekTWr ?hii>V bortoBM. rooft of h u.??. It , for hv 1 K IVMINHICO. 11 urf '4 ?||| !| ,iTT')K THRtiAl - i ' <> ?'?bi ?r?fn '? '?* ' i H?, a srielr. in' f. f t?lr ?' wM* .ir?> * k l 'l ,,g, v ?" ORTl iOITKSE K* Al K P'? ' 1 ?ud c*l?f -t?d W"? " " ?ftm, to h? obtiu?4 in '' ' w i tfca IM mtmmm. fiwtt ma* ?*

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